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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004)

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1201 to 1250

Post  Lady Arabella on Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:16 pm


Ticker - Sep 23, 2003 1:31 am (#1201 of 2955)

Yummmmmmm - you know what? It is soooooo awesome to have s'mores here! To cap it all off, my hubby has a fire going in our chimney right now, so I'm going to go have one at home too - double chocolate AND double 'mallow! There's no prohibition about apparating at St. Mungo's is there? I don't wanna miss out either place.


Gina R Snape - Sep 23, 2003 9:03 pm (#1202 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 23, 2003 2:04 pm

shshshshshshshshshshshsh!!!!!!!!! We can put the Ogden's in these here empty Snape Iced Tea bottles and the staff will be none the wiser.


Carina - Sep 24, 2003 12:33 am (#1203 of 2955)

oops... I think I just gave the last of the Ogden's to the giant squid.


Madam Poppy - Sep 24, 2003 9:14 am (#1204 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 24, 2003 2:14 am

*Madam Poppy bursts out of the broomstick cupboard* "You're in trouble NOW!" It's gruel rations for the lot of you!


Gina R Snape - Sep 24, 2003 5:15 pm (#1205 of 2955)

Why, Poppy? Are you upset about the Ogdens? Or upset there was none left for you?

For your information, I happen to like gruel. *nervously fidgets with the secret stashes of salt, pepper, seasoning and hotsauce in one of the pockets of my robe*


Viola Intonada - Sep 24, 2003 5:23 pm (#1206 of 2955)

Hey! Let's give Poppy a S'more with Lime Jello. Then maybe we won't get into trouble. hehehe.

Don't put Sam too close to the fire. We don't want him to melt or anyone getting any ideas.

Gina, Dora is soooo adorable. And don't worry, I use modern materials for my viola strings.


Denise S. - Sep 24, 2003 11:29 pm (#1207 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 24, 2003 4:29 pm

*struggles in a new straightjacket*

It wasn't me, I swear! I don't even like Snape Iced Tea, why would I have bottles? Can I make a deal? Please? I'll---I'll give you a smooooooore... yum yum!

Okay--here's the deal: you let me free, you get a smore, and we'll make sure no one--not even the Squid, long may he reign--is stashing Ogdens. *eyes last smore hungrily as it's eaten by a random pimply intern* *runs back to ward*

*relief* That was close! Now, where are those Harry Potter books???...

Psssst! Anyone have any chocolate or smores left?

Aww, I still have this stupid straightjacket? Anyone got a pair of scissors?


Madam Poppy - Sep 25, 2003 12:55 am (#1208 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 24, 2003 5:59 pm

I always carry a handy pair of sissors Denise. The real question is...should I set you free? Hmmm?
Be afraid, Be very afraid.(Wednesday Adams)


The Great Abbycadabra - Sep 25, 2003 2:14 am (#1209 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 24, 2003 7:15 pm

*sets Denise free then runs and hides from Poppy--all while holding the scissors!!*

*Giggles at own daring*


Madam Poppy - Sep 25, 2003 3:27 am (#1210 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 24, 2003 8:36 pm

--*Taps foot on the grey stone floor* "I think you all are forgetting I carry a sissors and my wand!" "Rictusempra, Abby!" "Tarantallegra, Denise!" Don't mess with Madam Poppy ladies!

invisibility cloaks...the only item that goes with everything in a girl's closet


Pinky - Sep 25, 2003 1:04 pm (#1211 of 2955)

*sails into the middle of fracas between Madam Poppy, Abby, and Denise on a flying bedpan*

Canary Creams for all! *forcefeeds canary creams to everyone in St. Mungo's*

There now, don't you all feel much better?


Denise S. - Sep 25, 2003 1:35 pm (#1212 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 25, 2003 6:35 am

*tries to answer, but can only sing instead*


Ticker - Sep 25, 2003 3:13 pm (#1213 of 2955)



Ticker - Sep 25, 2003 3:43 pm (#1214 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 25, 2003 8:58 am

*Sheds her feathers & lands ungracefully on the floor*

Hey speaking of flying bedpans, does anybody know where our Activities Director is? I haven't seen Istari in ages! And my calendar says it's a new moon tonight...

Madam Poppy - I'm afraid I've eaten a Ton-foot Toffee. When I woke up, I found my feet looking like I traded them with Aunt Marge. Anything you could give me?


Denise P. - Sep 25, 2003 3:47 pm (#1215 of 2955)

Uhm, lets keep it to butterbeer... There are minors that participate on this thread and we don't want to lead them astray.

*:pings a butterbeer cork off Poppy's hat***


Ticker - Sep 25, 2003 4:03 pm (#1216 of 2955)

Good reminder - thanks Denise!

You know, since our s'more roast, my morning doesn't feel complete without a marshmallow. I've been improvising with my toaster oven, but I may have to get a new one. It appears to like S'mores almost as much as I do & has eaten more than I would have liked it to.


Gina R Snape - Sep 25, 2003 6:34 pm (#1217 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 25, 2003 11:37 am

But Denise. *enter whiny voice* Butterbeer doesn't taste as good with Snape iced tea.

Where's the guard checking IDs at the door? Oh, this is an all-ages hospital you say? Yet they still think it's ok to hand out jello willy nilly?

Viola, I'm glad to hear about the source of your violin strings. But no matter, my cats have so many charms and wards on them, they'll have way more than the alloted 9 lives.


Caitlin McCoy - Sep 25, 2003 9:59 pm (#1218 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 25, 2003 3:01 pm

Now, wait just one bloody minute, I don't want a canery cr...*POP*

*sheads feathers and stands there staring at the Firewhiskey that's been changed into Butterbeer with a bowl of green jello*

Darn it!



Pinky - Sep 25, 2003 11:52 pm (#1219 of 2955)

I haven't seen Istari in a long while either. When she comes back, we'll have to throw her a huge party. *smiles sweetly at Caitlin* You made a beautiful canary - try another cream?


Marie E. - Sep 26, 2003 4:58 am (#1220 of 2955)

*ducks a butterbeer cork*


(darn it...)


Ticker - Sep 26, 2003 7:47 pm (#1221 of 2955)

Well, I could certainly use another butterbeer to wash down my last Canary Cream - two great tastes that taste great to...




Marie E. - Sep 28, 2003 1:08 am (#1222 of 2955)

Gosh, it's awfully quiet in here.

*echoes in the hallways*

No one will notice if I just grab a quick pizza and watch a few AR movies.



Gina R Snape - Sep 28, 2003 1:21 am (#1223 of 2955)

AR film festival in the Snape ward!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

You get the pizza. I'll get the BBEFB and Snape drinks!


Marie E. - Sep 28, 2003 2:43 am (#1224 of 2955)

Now you're talkin'!

Which flick shall we start with? Prince of Thieves? Dogma?


Denise S. - Sep 28, 2003 4:12 am (#1225 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 27, 2003 9:12 pm

Dogma Dogma Dogma!

*regains composure* Just an FYI, it happens to be because I like the movie, not because I am a devoted AR fan.

*smooths apron* (ah, straightjackets do have many uses, do they not?)

We really ought to start recruiting people, I think. There has to be a better way to make people go insane than using Crucio...


mischa fan - Sep 28, 2003 4:30 am (#1226 of 2955)

After Dogma could we watch Galaxy Quest?


The Great Abbycadabra - Sep 28, 2003 4:57 am (#1227 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 27, 2003 9:57 pm

Whoo-hoo! Galaxy Quest! Call me when you get to that one, and I'll be there! I'll bring some popcorn.

*plays Galaxy Quest music on bagpipe*


Marie E. - Sep 28, 2003 5:44 am (#1228 of 2955)

Oh, yes, Galaxy Quest. Excellent movie. I'll send you an owl, Abby, when that one comes on.


Slytherin Prefect - Sep 28, 2003 7:20 am (#1229 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 28, 2003 12:20 am

*contemplative before his toy snake* Do you know what this is, Nagini? It's a potion. I brewed it in my sleep, so I have no idea what it does... I wish to drink it, but it could be poisonous... It could turn me into double-ended newt...

Oh, well, Nagini. Fortune favors the bold, and if I screw up, the meddling little doctors will certainly be by in due time...

*drinks the potion*

. . .The wizard drank the bubbling broth. Suddenly, his innards began writhing around, as if he had just eaten a plate of worms. His robes began a metamorphosis along with his features... His chin grew deeper, his hair began to emit a greasy slime, and his voice morphed into an irritating high pitch. He looked in the mirror before him... The wizard he once knew was gone. In its place, a man with a suit...

*turns to the mirror as if it were a television camera*

Our apologies to those who feel it's in bad taste to advertise for an insane asylum, but...


That's right! Crazy Joshua is going CRAZY with the prices! I can get you in a straight jacket for $199 down and $199 a month! You heard me, $199 down and $199 a month!

Why am I doing this? Because I'm CRAZY! And so are you! And I want to sell you your first straight jacket! Bad credit? No credit? No problem!

Come on down to Crazy Joshua's! The home of straightjackets for $199 down, and $199 a month!

*collapes into a pile on the floor*


Pinky - Sep 28, 2003 10:57 am (#1230 of 2955)

*contemplates force-feeding SP a canary cream but sees Slytherin robes and backs away very quietly*


Denise S. - Sep 28, 2003 2:22 pm (#1231 of 2955)

Denise: *proceeds to die laughing, surrounded by strange looks from curious on-lookers*


Pigwidgeon - Sep 28, 2003 3:28 pm (#1232 of 2955)

Noooo! Denise, don't go! Don't die on us!!!! *thwacks Denise in the head with a rubber duckie* You are HEALED, sister!

Now, did someone mention a sale on straightjackets...?


Gina R Snape - Sep 29, 2003 1:04 am (#1233 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 28, 2003 6:05 pm

*runs to Snape's dungeon quickly* My love! My love! Slytherin Prefect has taken a strange potion. I implore you...find an antidote quickly!

(My dearest Gina. Don't you know? There is no hope for Josh. It's best not to watch.)


*echoes down the empty hallway*


The Great Abbycadabra - Sep 29, 2003 7:00 am (#1234 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 29, 2003 12:01 am

*contemplates playing "Amazing Grace" or "They're Coming to Take Me Away (haha)" on bagpipe*

*decides on "They're Coming to Take Me Away"*



Madam Poppy - Sep 29, 2003 11:51 am (#1235 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 29, 2003 4:52 am

*Poppy glides down the hallway on her Emergency Skateboard and pours Universal Antidote down Slytherin Prefects throat.*
How do you feel now, Sly?


Marie E. - Sep 29, 2003 6:58 pm (#1236 of 2955)

Poppy, I love the mental image of you gliding down the hall on your Emergency Skateboard.

Is the skateboard available for loaning out? All my feathers have molted now!


Slytherin Prefect - Sep 29, 2003 11:48 pm (#1237 of 2955)

*stirs to life* "If you can find... better deal... straightjacket... chase you... steak knife... Crazy... ...for details...

*falls back into unconsciousness*


The Great Abbycadabra - Sep 30, 2003 3:47 am (#1238 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 29, 2003 8:48 pm

*swipes Poppy's skateboard and rolls over to SP, puts bagpipe next to his ear, and makes the loudest, most obnoxious sound a bagpipe can make*

I think my work here is done.


Pinky - Sep 30, 2003 5:21 pm (#1239 of 2955)

*sneaks up to Abby and inserts canary cream into one of the pipes pointed at SP's mouth*


Denise S. - Sep 30, 2003 7:12 pm (#1240 of 2955)

Abby: "*puts bagpipe next to his ear, and makes the loudest, most obnoxious sound a bagpipe can make*"

But wouldn't that be all of them?

*Runs away chased by flying bagpipes*


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 1, 2003 2:38 am (#1241 of 2955)

The bagpipe makes lovely sounds, thank you very much. 'Tis a noble instrument worthy of respect.

*rolls around on skateboard shooting canary creams out of bagpipe*


Viola Intonada - Oct 1, 2003 3:31 am (#1242 of 2955)

Alas, my birthday was two days ago, but I was locked in the no computer for the weekend ward. Did I miss the showing of "Galaxy Quest"? I hope not, it is one of my favorites. *Ducks as a canary cream goes whizzing by*

Straight Jack sale? Ooo, I have to get another one. Do you have any other colors than white?

Istari was my moving buddy, I don't know what happened. Maybe I'd better check my viola case. *Starts looking for viola case*


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 1, 2003 3:45 am (#1243 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 30, 2003 8:48 pm

Happy Birthday, Viola!!!

*shoots Abby's patented confetti {..,.,.,'.;,;.',;,.',;,','.;',;.,} out of bagpipe*

I hope they haven't watched Galaxy Quest yet. I never got an owl.


Viola Intonada - Oct 1, 2003 4:01 am (#1244 of 2955)
Edited by Sep 30, 2003 9:03 pm

Thanks Abby!

Let's start the "GQ" movie over here, in this abandoned ward!

*Looks to see if anyone is watching, takes a TV and VCR into empty room, or at least the room seems empty.....*

BTW, next week I am transfering to the Hospital near Beauxbatons on their new exchange program. It will only be for a week though!


Gina R Snape - Oct 1, 2003 4:10 am (#1245 of 2955)

Oooh, Viola. The hospital near Beauxbatons? Have fun.

Although, I must warn you. I heard scary things about the food there. Seems they regularly serve some weird dish with fish and tomato sauce and ... and... and squid.



Penny Lane. - Oct 1, 2003 2:03 pm (#1246 of 2955)

Well, I'm glad to see that even thought I haven't been out of my room often, the AR film festivals still go on. Now - GUESS WHAT??? Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and some other people are all going to be in one movie - together. Its called "Love Actually" and comes out sometime in November. I got the press release like a month ago, and didn't even look at it until today.. GRRr. NO stills of AR??!!!

*Runs down Hallways Like an old fashioned newsboy**


Gina R Snape - Oct 2, 2003 4:16 am (#1247 of 2955)

Oh, I'm dying Penny. There is going to be a premiere in NYC and I don't know where! I want to go sooooo bad, in the off chance Alan is there.


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 2, 2003 4:20 am (#1248 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 1, 2003 9:25 pm

Yeah, I saw parts of it on Entertainment Tonight a few weeks ago. I believe Hugh Grant is playing the prime minister, which for some reason strikes me as incredibly amusing. heeheehee. Wait, even better, Billy Bob Thornton is the president of the US. heeheeheehee.

*rolls away playing Entertainment Tonight theme song on bagpipe after having shoved a bit of useless trivia down everyone's throat*


Carina - Oct 2, 2003 5:52 am (#1249 of 2955)

darn, I missed the straight jacket sale....

*stuffs her Monopoly money back into her pocket*


Denise S. - Oct 2, 2003 2:19 pm (#1250 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 2, 2003 7:19 am

*pssst!* Carinna! *shifty glance to make sure there are no interns in the vicinity* I might have your, uh..."aprons" -- if you make it worth my while...
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1251 to 1300

Post  Lady Arabella on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:36 pm


Ticker - Oct 2, 2003 4:46 pm (#1251 of 2955)

Viola - Red straightjackets are quite nice - especially the ones (slightly) modified with extra arms & squid buttons & buckles.

(Puts one on a semi-unconscious Josh to demonstrate the lovely features, using two of the extra arms to prop him up against the furniture, one to hold his rubber snake, and one with a spell to slap anyone who comes near to disturb his sleep.)

If anyone in this place deserves a "Squid-Jacket", it's Slytherin Prefect. I just hope he finds the ever-so-convenient inside zipper before he gets wrathful.


Marè - Oct 2, 2003 11:51 pm (#1252 of 2955)

Well the prefect wouldn't be himself, if he didn't find something to be wrathful about, would he?

But I like the demonstration Ticker! Do you happen to have those jackets in greens and blues, I'm not sure if red is my colour...


Viola Intonada - Oct 3, 2003 3:01 am (#1253 of 2955)

Ticker, I have to go with Marè. I look awful in red. It clashes with my viola, but a nice dark green would be good.

Gina, do you by any chance know the french word for squid so that I can avoid it during my transfer?

Has anyone heard anything from Dr. Sam lately? Did anyone ever turn him back into a human after the rubber chicken incident?


Hem Hem - Oct 3, 2003 3:05 am (#1254 of 2955)

Sam has left the forum indefinitely. Check "WWNterviews is Down Please Read," and "Missing Authors."


Carina - Oct 4, 2003 5:06 am (#1255 of 2955)

Denise, do you have one in pink? with a hood?


Pinky - Oct 4, 2003 5:21 am (#1256 of 2955)

*contemplates feeding a canary cream to the killer bunny rabbit*


Marie E. - Oct 4, 2003 5:33 am (#1257 of 2955)

Do you really want to be faced with the possibility of a killer canary?


Denise S. - Oct 5, 2003 5:56 pm (#1258 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 5, 2003 10:57 am

*slinks off to a hidden closet* Alohamora! *gestures for Carina to come over*

If this isn't the shade you want, I can use my wand to charm a different color... For only a few sickles more, I can give you one for your KBR...


Caitlin McCoy - Oct 10, 2003 12:04 am (#1259 of 2955)

*Comes zooming in off the Muggle Train*

Ooh! Ooh!! I want a maroon straight jacket, can someone gimme one, or sell me one or something?!?!?!



Denise S. - Oct 11, 2003 4:15 am (#1260 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 10, 2003 9:16 pm

*cleans Istari's room up and lays a fresh bright yellow straight-jacket on her bed*


Ticker - Oct 11, 2003 1:24 pm (#1261 of 2955)

*piles an exhaustive selection of bedpans in the corner as well.*


Denise S. - Oct 12, 2003 12:46 am (#1262 of 2955)

Dang, St. Mungo's keeps getting quieter and quieter. *sigh*


Penny Lane. - Oct 12, 2003 3:25 am (#1263 of 2955)

*Runs NAKED down the hallway**

Only cause it seems to be deserted. SHhhh don't tell.


Carina - Oct 12, 2003 3:29 am (#1264 of 2955)

*casts a disillusioning charm on Penny before the nurses see her*

Denise, KBR will need an extra small, titanium jacket. He'll break out of everything else.


Gina R Snape - Oct 12, 2003 3:56 am (#1265 of 2955)

Ticker, where's the baby?

You know, I am pretty sure, because of your avatar, if you were in St. Mungo's at delivery time you'd have puppies.


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 12, 2003 5:59 am (#1266 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 11, 2003 11:00 pm

*plays the theme to the old Alfred Hitchcock show on bagpipe, just for the heck of it*


Marie E. - Oct 12, 2003 6:01 am (#1267 of 2955)

Everytime it gets quiet around here, something odd happens.

Maybe we need a good old fashioned Mungo's party, complete with food fights.

Are there any pink jackets?


Marè - Oct 12, 2003 9:51 pm (#1268 of 2955)

with hoodies?


Marie E. - Oct 12, 2003 10:56 pm (#1269 of 2955)

Oh, most definitely with hoodies!

I've been thinking of wearing a pink hoodie jacket to the opening night of POA. No one else will get the joke, though. Wish I lived closer to other forum family members.

*listlessly flings lime jello at the wall.*

*adds some cherry jello and calls it art.*


megfox - Oct 12, 2003 11:53 pm (#1270 of 2955)

I know, I always want to do things that I think are "Harry Potter-ish" and then I always remember that they are more "Lexiconny-ish" and no one will get it. *pout*


Denise S. - Oct 13, 2003 2:30 am (#1271 of 2955)

Maybe we can make it a mass movement like SaveGoF.com! We can get a website and tell all Harry Potter fans to wear pink hoodies to the movies! Or, at least the female fans, I don't think that'd go over well with very many guys, would it??

I hope to have a squid shirt printed off by then. Heh heh.

Carina, I had to transfigure a regular straightjacket to get your titanium one for the KBR. If it's ever confiscated, you didn't get it from me...

Pink hoodie straightjackets? *shudder* Nope, I leave those for individual projects!


Marie E. - Oct 13, 2003 4:05 am (#1272 of 2955)

Excellent! Pinkhoodie.com. heehee.

I am adding Lexicony-ish to my daily vocabulary.


Madam Poppy - Oct 13, 2003 5:34 am (#1273 of 2955)

I saw a pink hoodie yesterday and almost bought it! Then I decided it just wouldn't go with my nurse outfit, *sigh*. I am wearing my Dobbie socks though. Gen-u-ine made by The Elf himself! I do get the occasional odd look though when someone notices that my socks don't match.

Spies Penny streaking and zaps her with a Pinkieous-Hoodieous spell. (Please note students, it's floor length and doesn't have a zipper!)


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 13, 2003 7:35 am (#1274 of 2955)

While in the course of cleaning my room this past week (honestly, it's something I haven't done in three years), I actually found a pink hoodie! Though it was hot pink, rather than pastel, but whatever. It was a pink hoodie nonetheless. I only vaguely remember owning it, but I tried it on, with every intention of wearing it to see POA, but two things changed my mind: 1) A sweatshirt? In June? In Louisiana? As if!! 2) It didn't fit. I haven't worn it since I was about eleven or twelve. Darn growing up. Oh well.

*plays homage to outgrown pink hoodie on bagpipe*


Denise S. - Oct 14, 2003 3:45 am (#1275 of 2955)

Alright, it's time for a party.

Today is my birthday (well, the last fifteen minutes, anyway *shrug*), and since St. Mungo's seems to be rather devoid of doctors and interns to supervise us, I'm throwing a party. Bring your hoodies and your Jello (I can charm the sedatives out of it), I'll provide the party straight-jackets and the Weird Sisters CD (*shh, don't tell the RIAA I downloaded it!*).

For those of you who are still members of JELLO (Jello Eating Leaves Lunatics Oblivious), I can show you this handy little charm for later on, in case you want to protect your fellow patients.


Gina R Snape - Oct 14, 2003 4:21 am (#1276 of 2955)

Happy birthday Denise!!!!


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 14, 2003 5:11 am (#1277 of 2955)

Happy Birthday!!! The customary Abby confetti once again rears its mildly-attractive head: ,.,'.;,'.;,'.,',.;,'.;,'.;,';.,'

*plays the Abby version of "Happy Birthday" on bagpipe*


Marie E. - Oct 14, 2003 5:25 am (#1278 of 2955)

Happy Birthday!!!

*throws birthday cake at Abby's bagpipe, just because*


Sassi Fras - Oct 14, 2003 6:08 am (#1279 of 2955)


*throws ice cream at Marie*

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Birthday Denise!


Lenka - Oct 14, 2003 11:34 am (#1280 of 2955)

Happy Birthday!

How old are you now, then?


Madam Poppy - Oct 15, 2003 1:13 am (#1281 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 14, 2003 6:15 pm

Here's the band... Swing Dance anyone?
Happy Birthday Denise, and have a wonderful new year!
Pssst Lenka, she may not want to tell.


Carina - Oct 15, 2003 1:47 am (#1282 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 14, 2003 6:51 pm

Happy Birthday Denise!

* * * * *
* * * * * * *
* * *
* * * * * * *


Hem Hem - Oct 15, 2003 3:06 am (#1283 of 2955)

It may not be the 14th anymore where you are, but it still is by me, so Happy Birthday Denise!

For a present, I'm giving you a pretty squid windsock to hang outside your window....

And who threw cake at me????? *Evanesco's all the cake in sight* Much better!


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 15, 2003 5:21 am (#1284 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 14, 2003 10:21 pm

*wipes excess cake off of bagpipe and throws it at Marie*

This is a delicate musical instrument!! One must be careful with it!!

*throws extra bagpipe at Marie, while shooting cake out of other bagpipe*


Gina R Snape - Oct 15, 2003 5:07 pm (#1285 of 2955)

Ok, people. Over this way! Everyone head over to the Round Robin thread. It's not getting any attention and everyone can participate.

Penny L. "Fanfiction Round Robin" 10/13/03 7:46pm


Marie E. - Oct 16, 2003 1:39 am (#1286 of 2955)

*wipes off the ice cream and cake*

I need to be careful what I wish for, eh?


Ticker - Oct 16, 2003 6:23 pm (#1287 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 16, 2003 11:25 am

*Walks in the door & immediately gets creamed by cake. Notices the "Happy Birthday Denise - October 13th - 20th" sign.*

Yum! Happy Birthday Denise!

*Picks up the extra bagpipes and plays "The Boys of Blue Hill" only it comes out sounding like "The Girls of Pink Hoodies".*

Gina - I have seriously considered having puppies instead, but the transfiguration is too complicated to perform in labor. Baby has dropped (I think). Hard to tell - people say you can breathe easier, but have to pee more. I have to pee more - but mainly, I have more tummy room & am eating all the time.

*Eats the last bit of cake off the bagpipes*

Man, I love parties with food!

Denise - I hope you like the present I found for you. *Hands over a mini-floating squid with rubber stamps in each tentacle.* The stamps spell out S A V E G O F ! But I should let you know, it still needs a little training in getting them in the right order consistently. Still, I thought of you when I saw it. Enjoy!

*Goes looking for more food...*


Viola Intonada - Oct 17, 2003 12:38 am (#1288 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 16, 2003 5:40 pm

Oh! I hope I'm not too late for the birthday party. Happy Birthday Denise!

I'm back from my exchange to Beauxbaton. I'm sssooooo glad to be back at St. Mungo's.

Beauxbaton was a bit of a culture shock and took a while to adjust. On Saturday, the day before I was supposed to leave, someone stole my portkey. I contacted the MoM, but they told me I couldn't get a new one until Tuesday. The Mom was closed on Monday for a holiday. So, I had to spend two more days there until the MoM opened again. By golly, I was the first in line for portkeys, because I did not want to miss the time for my portkey departure.

Luckily, Grandma could stay the extra two days to watch the children.

By the way, the french word for squid is Calamar, and it was on the menu at several of the restaurants that I went to. Of course I did not order it!

Ah, it is so good to be back at St. Mungo's.


Gina R Snape - Oct 17, 2003 1:33 am (#1289 of 2955)

Bien venue, Viola. But, what dreadful news about your portkey. Nothing worse than a stolen portkey, except perhaps a stolen wand or wallet.

Glad to hear you had a good time, and managed to stay clear of the Calamar.


Carina - Oct 17, 2003 1:37 am (#1290 of 2955)

::shudders as she remembers the dark, dark times when we had Calamari nights::


Denise S. - Oct 17, 2003 3:00 am (#1291 of 2955)

Thank you everyone! The party was great--beat the studying for midterms I had to do here in my "sane" life .

*takes mini-squid from Ticker*


Ticker---Thank you! It's like the Giant Squid--only 1/8th the size! I shall call him--Minisquid! He shall grow to float in the breeze as gracefully as my squid windsock, and I shall teach him to spell correctly, and we will go together into the lake to spread our message to the aquatic beings below (I would have voted to be able to do a bubble head charm! So there! ), and WB cannot ignore us!

Ca-...Calimari Nights? *despair at the mere memory* Let us nevermore think of it!


Marie E. - Oct 17, 2003 4:30 am (#1292 of 2955)

Oh, dark days indeed! That coupled with lime jello kept up rapt for quite a while.


Liz Mann - Oct 17, 2003 10:15 pm (#1293 of 2955)

Hello, hello, hello everyone! I was on the EZboard St Mungo's for a while but never really got involved. But I think a person needs a place to go to be crazy sometimes, where they can listen to bagpipes and play around with lime green jello!

So tell me, what do people do round here? (I haven't read much of this thread as it's, like, 1293 posts long!! )


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 18, 2003 4:24 am (#1294 of 2955)

Ah, a person who appreciates bagpipes. Hooray!!

I don't know how to describe what we do here. We just go off on random crazy tangents. It's usually fairly entertaining, so just join in. I think we're due to have a party at some point in the near future. Booyah!


Denise S. - Oct 18, 2003 4:52 am (#1295 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 17, 2003 9:52 pm

*gives Abby THE LOOK*

Yeah, that's easy for you to say! There's still this last one to clean up!

Pssst! Hey, Liz! Part of the St. Mungo's tradition is to, uh, have your own personal straightjacket fitted when you come in. They seem to have gotten cake on them, but with a little Scourgify they'll be good as new...come 'ere real quick, let's get you fitted...


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 18, 2003 4:55 am (#1296 of 2955)

Oh, that's easy to clean up.

*fills bagpipe with water and sprays it all over St. Mungo's*

There. Good as new.


Gina R Snape - Oct 18, 2003 5:57 am (#1297 of 2955)

Let's not forget to give her a taste of the jello. Oh, and have some Snape fruit punch or iced tea. The first one is free...


Pinky - Oct 18, 2003 2:00 pm (#1298 of 2955)

And here's a very innocent looking canary cream....


megfox - Oct 18, 2003 3:13 pm (#1299 of 2955)

We can also transfigure your wand into this harmless rubber chicken, or in the form of a plastic haddock...They are easier to hide from the medical staff here that way.


Penny Lane. - Oct 18, 2003 4:58 pm (#1300 of 2955)

Quite often, we have Alan Rickman movie nights, where all of us girls coo over what a cutie he is.
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Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1301 to 1350

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:22 pm


Viola Intonada - Oct 19, 2003 1:19 am (#1301 of 2955)

Well Gina, they got my wallet too, I left the wand at home. Thank goodness they didn't get Hubby's though. Since we had seen everything we wanted to see at Beauxbaton, we went to Disneyland (Of course we went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride!) Now that I'm back here at St. Mongo's I have my lovely green straight jacket and my wand disguised as a viola bow.

Abby, shall we play some duets?

I missed the green jello most of all. Can someone pass me some?


Denise S. - Oct 19, 2003 5:09 am (#1302 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 18, 2003 10:09 pm

*takes out wand as she passes the green jello*

Castificarus! *gives to Viola* There you go--no need to worry about nasty little unknown medications!


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 19, 2003 8:22 am (#1303 of 2955)

Sure, Viola. What shall we play? I'm currently actually listening to some awesome bagpipe music, well uilleann pipes anyway (Braveheart James Horner ). I do take requests. Anyone? Anyone?


Denise S. - Oct 19, 2003 4:26 pm (#1304 of 2955)

Can you play Hedwig's Theme???


Liz Mann - Oct 19, 2003 9:34 pm (#1305 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 19, 2003 2:34 pm

Yeah, play Hedwig's theme!!

Ooh, ohh, Denise S, can I have my straight jacket in Gryffindor scarlet and gold, with a great big lion across the front???

A party coming up, huh? Would that be a Hallowe'en Party???


Mare - Oct 19, 2003 10:27 pm (#1306 of 2955)

Now that's a brilliant idea Liz! We can all dress up as our favourite nurse and totally take over St. Mungo's!


Ticker - Oct 20, 2003 3:12 am (#1307 of 2955)

Ooooh, oooh, oooh - I'll come as Griselda the Great - she's the only nurse who has the body build to accommodate my proportions.

Wait a minute.... we aren't in charge? That explains why my rubber chicken doesn't work. Dang.

Hey Abby - I learned how to play the Diagon Alley ditty on my penny whistle - wanna accompany me? (the bagpipes are great for accompaniment, hardly ever drown anything else out...)

And Liz - just be careful who you take lime Jello from - especially if we're all dressed up like the staff - could get a little wierd (now that would be something, wouldn't it?)

Speaking of LJ... who was um, hisers moving partner?

And welcome back Viola! Sorry to hear about the portkey. It looks like you've come back with some lovely new, uh, souveniers. (psssst - great job with the bow - wink, wink - your secret is safe with me...) Maybe you could find me a connection to, um, repair (cough, cough) my pennywhistle - (if you catch my drift...)


Denise S. - Oct 20, 2003 5:25 am (#1308 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 19, 2003 10:25 pm

*drops her wand in shock*

Uh oh...I remembered what I forgot now! o_O


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 20, 2003 7:19 am (#1309 of 2955)

Of course I can play "Hedwig's Theme"! What a silly question. I can also play "Diagon Alley." Whenever you're ready.

*readies bagpipe in preparation*


Liz Mann - Oct 20, 2003 5:30 pm (#1310 of 2955)

Thanks for the warning about the jello, Tinker!

I don't know many of the nurses here yet so I'll come to the party as Peter Potter (a cross between Peter Pan and Harry Potter. Basically Peter Pan's clothes, Harry's glasses, scar and wand and I'll be flying around on wires. )

*sits near Abby and Tinker to listen to Hedwig's Theme*


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 21, 2003 2:08 am (#1311 of 2955)

Oooh, I wanna fly around on wires. Any extra?


Denise S. - Oct 21, 2003 4:55 am (#1312 of 2955)

You know, one of the great things about LJ's hair was that it could be used for such things as Tinker Bell wire. ...Crap, it's gonna be a while.

*goes off looking for LJ*


Viola Intonada - Oct 22, 2003 7:31 pm (#1313 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 22, 2003 12:38 pm

Ticker, I would be more than happy to do some (um, um) repairs (hehe) to your pennywhistle. It will play with a "magical" sound when I am finished, just give me a moment.

Hey, Denise S. Whatever you do, don't look for LJ in my viola case. Okay, he's not there. So, just don't bother looking.

Alright Abby are you ready to play? I am.

(Tunes viola, nasty ugly sounds are heard, then voila, beautiful fourths are heard)

Wow, post number 1313, aw too bad it's not Friday. I wonder what JKR would put in post number 1313?

Oh, by the way, while I was waiting for a new portkey, hubby and I went to Disneyland. The first ride we went on was Phantom Manor, the second was, of course, Pirates of the Carribean. I fondly thought of everyone at St. Mungo's.


Liz Mann - Oct 22, 2003 8:27 pm (#1314 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 22, 2003 1:28 pm

(Thinking to herself) Hm... Viola seemed pretty anxious that Denise didn't look in her viola case. I wonder what she's hiding in there... *looks in viola case* Hey! When, exactly, were you planning on telling us about that stash of chocolate frogs??? And... hey, how come you have blood-flavoured lollypops? I thought they were for vampires. *realisation dawns on her face*


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 23, 2003 4:38 am (#1315 of 2955)

Yep, I'm ready. I just need a chocolate frog. . .


Viola Intonada - Oct 24, 2003 1:19 am (#1316 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 23, 2003 6:20 pm

Oh blast it all! I've been found out. I've been a member of Chocolate Frogaholic's for a long time now. I wasn't going to eat them all at once, honest. They are just in there so I could look at them every now and then and prove to myself I didn't have to eat any.

*fingers start twitching nervously, quickly grabs blood flavored lollipops and hides them *

Alright Abby, you can have one, then we play.

Ticker, How is your penny whistle now? *wink, wink*


Carina - Oct 24, 2003 2:50 am (#1317 of 2955)

Yeah, my family keeps telling me that I'm a Chocolate Frogaholic. they don't seem to believe that I get them just for the cards.


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 24, 2003 4:23 am (#1318 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 23, 2003 9:24 pm

*wipes chocolate from face* I'm ready. Let's play already!!


Viola Intonada - Oct 24, 2003 12:15 pm (#1319 of 2955)

uh 1, uh 2, uh 1, 2, 3....


PyroGrl - Oct 24, 2003 6:10 pm (#1320 of 2955)

*bounces around* SUNDAY THE 16!!!! SUNDAY THE 16TH OF NOVEMBER!!!! I CAN GET MY LEARNER'S PERMIT!!! Because where I live, you only have to be 14!! AND SUNDAY THE 16 IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!


Liz Mann - Oct 24, 2003 7:39 pm (#1321 of 2955)

Hey, anyone want some peanuts? No, they're not really cockroach cluster. Honest...


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 25, 2003 5:39 am (#1322 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 24, 2003 10:42 pm

*bounces around* Whoo-hoo! Johnny Depp's 14!! Oh, or Pyro is. Congrats! I'm 19 and I still haven't done that whole driving thing.

Um, Liz, I'll pass on the peanuts, thanks anyway. I'm crazy, not stupid.

*Looks at Viola, to signal readiness to play, and starts playing "Hedwig's Theme" on awesome bagpipe*


Gina R Snape - Oct 25, 2003 3:28 pm (#1323 of 2955)

That reminds me of a joke!

A bus driver is taking a group of senior citizens on a day trip to Atlantic City. During the drive, some of the elderly ladies keep coming up and offering him peanuts. At first he graciously thanks them. But after about an hour of this, he's had enough and asks one of the ladies why they don't want their peanuts.

One of them replies, "Well, I don't really like peanuts. It was just the chocolate I wanted."


Ticker - Oct 25, 2003 10:29 pm (#1324 of 2955)

Ewwwwww. I am revolted and have a strange desire to eat some peanut M&M's all at the same time. Weird.

*Picks up penny whistle & joins in on Hedwig's Theme, then notices that PyroGrl & Abby are not landing on the floor after they bounce anymore.*

Cool - thanks Viola. This is going to take some figuring out, I can see.


PyroGrl - Oct 25, 2003 10:48 pm (#1325 of 2955)

I would much rather ride a horse -- or a broomstick -- than drive a car, but then I don't have to beg for a ride to the theatre to see POTC and HP3 (when it comes) a million times.


Penny Lane. - Aug 9, 2003 7:16 am (#1326 of 2955)

you know... every time you guys pick up that penny whistle, I get a excited. Then Irealize that you are actually picking up a penny whistle. :-(

I'm 21, and I still haven't really caught the driving vibe.


Gina R Snape - Oct 26, 2003 3:42 pm (#1327 of 2955)

Don't worry Penny. I'm 34 and, despite actually getting my license at 18 after a half a dozen driving lessons, I never really learned to drive and haven't gotten behind the wheel as a result.

I suppose it doesn't help that I live in NYC, where driving is more of a contact sport than mode of transport...


Liz Mann - Oct 26, 2003 7:04 pm (#1328 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 26, 2003 12:05 pm

I'm 17 and old enough to start learning to drive now. My brother is all set to teach me. But I'm not really interested.

Anyway, does anyone want these brown Bertie Botts’ Beans, cos there's no way on earth I'm touching them!


Gina R Snape - Oct 26, 2003 10:36 pm (#1329 of 2955)

oooh, I like the brown ones. They are dirt flavour.


Madam Poppy - Oct 27, 2003 3:12 am (#1330 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 26, 2003 8:23 pm

Here I am, sniff sniff....broke off a part of a tooth this weekend. I plan to check into the "Wake Me When It's Over" Ward.
(It's times like these I wish I had my wand back. No more rock candy for me!)


PyroGrl - Oct 27, 2003 3:23 am (#1331 of 2955)

Consider yourself lucky; ever hear of the woman who got a centipede in her tooth? *Shudder*


Madam Poppy - Oct 27, 2003 3:32 am (#1332 of 2955)

Pyro...as my daughter would say, "Check out some of the Urban Legends Websites. I fell for the Kidney Thieves when I first got on the internet.
Here's one of many places to go and check out odd stories. http://www.scambusters.org/legends.html


PyroGrl - Oct 27, 2003 3:35 am (#1333 of 2955)

You didn't happen to watch "Mostly True Stories" today on Muggle Television in the "Needs a vacation in the Muggle World Occasionally" ward, did you??


Marie E. - Oct 27, 2003 5:32 am (#1334 of 2955)

Madam Poppy, food is more dangerous than we think! Poor you! I hope it's been taken care of already. I once cracked a tooth on movie theater popcorn two days before I was flying to see my husband at Christmas. My dentist had to put a temporary silver cap on it, which was tres chic, let me tell ya.


Madam Poppy - Oct 27, 2003 6:28 am (#1335 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 26, 2003 11:39 pm

No Marie, my tooth didn't start to really hurt till after closing time on Friday. (Of course!) I was trying to hang in till after pay day, sigh. Just what we needed this month, another bill. I knew that I shouldn't have saved that toothache smilie, I jinxed myself!

Missed that show Pyro. There is a new program we saw (on Friday?) that debunks incorrect stories. They were putting silverware and foil in a microwave but stopped short of putting a poodle in. (Have you heard the story about the lady who tried to dry her poodle in her microwave? Eewww)
They also showed how microwaved water can explode. FYI, you have to use distilled water and put a spoon or teabag in the water. It had something to do with the pure water . Dah...can't remember the rest of the explanation. Anyway, I think it is a regular weekly show, check it out.


Liz Mann - Oct 27, 2003 1:02 pm (#1336 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 27, 2003 5:04 am

Have you heard the story about the lady who tried to dry her poodle in her microwave? Eewww.

I don't know whether to be shocked or laugh! Is it true? Cos if it is then probably the first one. Poor poodle. But if it isn't, then it's funny.

Did any of the British people on here see the episode of Eastenders where the budgie got sucked up the vacuum cleaner cos Jim (the idiot!! ) was cleaning out the bird cage with it!! Almost sounds like the kind of thing poor old Neville would do! Let's just hope Ron never asks him to clear out Pigwidgeon's cage! *shudders*

So what's this Snape drink I've heard about, then?


Sassi Fras - Oct 27, 2003 2:32 pm (#1337 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 27, 2003 6:32 am

*sits in the corner quietly swaying to the beautiful sound of Hedwigs Theme*

(I like this site for urban legends http://www.snopes.com/ )


Madam Poppy - Oct 27, 2003 7:50 pm (#1338 of 2955)

Dental Surgeon...out of town...tooth scheduled to be pulled Wednesday...hope I can hold out..

(Thanks Sassi, the Snopes site is the best! I lost my bookmark to it and grabbed the 1st one on the Search list for Pyro.)


Liz Mann - Oct 27, 2003 8:35 pm (#1339 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 27, 2003 12:36 pm

Good luck for Wednesday, Madam Poppy. Hope it's not too painful. *evil grin*

Hey, I found a smilie that looks like Voldie! Well, it would without the... whatever that thing he's holding's called.


Viola Intonada - Oct 27, 2003 8:46 pm (#1340 of 2955)

Oh, Poppy, I know how you feel! I broke a tooth on a Lifesaver Holes. I got chewed out (hehe) by my dentist for eating candy like that.

Liz, he is holding a scythe, I hope I spelled it right. I never could pronounce it though. It was used to harvest wheat back in the 19th Century.

I don't know how everyone survives without a driver's license. I have to drive everywhere. But, Gina, if I lived in NYC I wouldn't drive. Big cities scare me. More than Voldemort does!

*continues playing Hedwig's Theme with Abby and Ticker.*


Madam Poppy - Oct 27, 2003 11:23 pm (#1341 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 27, 2003 3:25 pm

*lying in bed and listening to Fawkes The Phoenix Theme. (song #2 from the CD)*


PyroGrl - Oct 28, 2003 12:16 am (#1342 of 2955)

Lalala...I cried myself to sleep last night after I watched Edward Scissorhands in my own private, hidden away ward. The inventor was so mean: he DIED right in front of Edward!

Anyways...they confiscated my wand. Again. Grrr, why are they SO MEAN? What did I ever do to them?!

*grabs one of Gred and Forge's fake wands and transfigures hands into scissors** AHHH!


Hem Hem - Oct 28, 2003 1:11 am (#1343 of 2955)

Hope your tooth-pulling goes well, Poppy!


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 28, 2003 6:12 am (#1344 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 27, 2003 10:12 pm

Aww, poor Poppy! Feel better!

Hmm, I hope Voldie doesn't start going around with a scythe. That'd be somewhat disturbing.

*ducks as Pyro runs around with scissorhands, then returns to playing "Hedwig's Theme"*


Liz Mann - Oct 28, 2003 5:25 pm (#1345 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 28, 2003 9:29 am

*also ducks Pyro's scissorhands*

Are we still having a party on here on Hallowe'en??

Madam Poppy - I love Fawkes's Theme! *puts it on and spins round on swivel chair with arms in air listening to it*

Abby - I agree! It would be disturbing if Voldie started going around with a scythe! It's just so unoriginal!


Gina R Snape - Oct 28, 2003 6:44 pm (#1346 of 2955)

Hey, Pyro. How good are you with those scissors? I could use a haircut.

Good luck at the dentist, Poppy. I hear the tooth fairy offers special compensation for accidentally broken teeth.


megfox - Oct 29, 2003 3:08 pm (#1347 of 2955)

The reason that the distilled water explodes is because distilled water doesn't boil...tap water boils because of impurities....the energy has to go somewhere...

Random and way late, but there you go.


Madam Poppy - Oct 29, 2003 11:31 pm (#1348 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 29, 2003 3:32 pm

I thistened thu...*takes cotton out of mouth* I listened to my Chamber of Secrets tape while while I had my tooth pulled. The Staff were quite amused but Harry pulled (no pun intended..hem hem) me through. Thanks for all the cheery messages!
Signed, Madam Poppy...taking Muggle Potions for pain and acting the invalid as long as she can.


Penny Lane. - Oct 29, 2003 11:34 pm (#1349 of 2955)

Distilled water doesn't boil? Really? That’s very odd.

Liz - did you ever see the film Urban Legends? I they had a scene about a dog in a microwave. I think I could go my whole life without ever seeing THAT again.

So, if distilled water doesn’t boil because it’s pure, then where does the energy go? Can it freeze? I thought all water could be found in 3 states. Solid, liquid, and gas. Granted, I am failing chemistry, so I need this explained to me in very simple terms.

Is anyone here dressing up as a HP character for Halloween?


PyroGrl - Oct 30, 2003 12:22 am (#1350 of 2955)

*Snips Gina's hair**

I think I broke my pinky.
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Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1351 to 1400

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:24 pm


Tommie - Oct 30, 2003 12:39 am (#1351 of 2955)

I'm back! Miss me?


Gina R Snape - Oct 30, 2003 1:04 am (#1352 of 2955)

What did you do with my hair, PyroGrl?

Stay away from Severus. He'll be livid if you touch his silken tresses.

Liz, as for the Snape beverages... You'll have to go back about a 1,000 posts. One day I, er, made some changes to a Snapple bottle and Snape beverages was born. I do believe it is now the official drink of St. Mungo's!

Sev and I are so proud that the product line took off so well. We have several flavours on offer. Someone (Carina?) even placed an order for a significant supply for the OoP party, which thankfully got re-routed to the fallout shelter in time.


Pinky - Oct 30, 2003 1:44 am (#1353 of 2955)

Tommie! Where have you been? *in best Mrs. Weasley voice* Yes, we have definitely missed you! It's been how long now? Methinks you've put in an appearance at least once or twice since after OoP came out, but I'm not sure. You haven't really been away for a whole 4-5 months, have you?


Lenka - Oct 30, 2003 9:15 am (#1354 of 2955)


*dances around the comp*

You're back, you're back, you're back!!!

I thought you were gone forever, Pyro said you moved away and didn't tell her where..........

And of course we all missed you. What did you think, She-of-many-names!



Carina - Oct 30, 2003 5:06 pm (#1355 of 2955)

Yes, Gina. You and Severus were very accommodating in our time of need.


Gina R Snape - Oct 30, 2003 9:34 pm (#1356 of 2955)

Well, Carina. We were glad to get the order for the Order...


Denise S. - Oct 31, 2003 5:00 am (#1357 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 30, 2003 9:05 pm

*stumbles in once again* I seem to have gotten rather tangled in the straightjackets. *sees a swarm of straightjackets coming down the hallway flying towards her*

Aiiii!!! *throws gobs of Jello at it to keep it away* *accidentally hits Carina*

Carina: "Hey, we've already HAD a lime Jello fight!"

Oops, my bad! *giggles insanely*


The Great Abbycadabra - Oct 31, 2003 6:34 am (#1358 of 2955)

Hey, Tommie!! Long time no type!

*wanders off playing "The Monster Mash" on bagpipe*


Liz Mann - Oct 31, 2003 3:09 pm (#1359 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 31, 2003 7:12 am

* ducks more lime jello thrown by Denise S*

Tommie!!!! Or Kit, or whatever your name is! Haven't seen you around in AGES!!! Glad you're back and hope to see you outside St Mungo’s on some of the other threads, too.

Hm... that Snape drink sounds interesting. Can someone get me one??

And I will hopefully be dressing up like Hermione for a party I might be having tomorrow. If my friends are free because I haven't mentioned it to them yet. They haven't been answering the phone.

Oh, and Gina, you don't wanna know what Pyro did to your hair.


Liz Mann - Oct 31, 2003 4:04 pm (#1360 of 2955)

By the way, are we having a party tonight or what??


Gina R Snape - Oct 31, 2003 6:05 pm (#1361 of 2955)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Severus and I have been roped into a function at the Malfoy Mansion, unfortunately. Dumbledore says we should try to have a good time. . .

So, I won't be joining the St. Mungo's party tonight. Hope you all have loads of fun!


Liz Mann - Oct 31, 2003 8:44 pm (#1362 of 2955)

Humph. Oh well. Hope it doesn't go too badly, Gina.

As for the rest of us... get your costumes on and grab yourself a Snape drink! Abby, could you provide music on your bagpipes??


Ticker - Oct 31, 2003 8:53 pm (#1363 of 2955)

Whoopie! Happy Halloween everyone! I am our house's official pumpkin. Of course it snowed & should only be about 10 -15 F here tonight, so we probably won't get many trick-or-treaters. Just as well since I don't light up like a Jack-O-Lantern. In the 5 years I've owned this house, we have only had 1 Halloween without snow. I'm getting used to figuring out costumes I can't see under all the winter coats. Kids who do make it to my house get lots of chocolate though. Feel free to come by, ya'll!

Hey Tommie! Good to see ya!

Nice avatar Gina!

Good luck with the popcorn balls tonight Madam Poppy - ooooooh, ouch - been there, done that (only without the touch of class with the HP soundtrack - you are such a genius!)

Liz, I don't remember the last party ever stopping. *Grabs fists full of green jello & tosses it around. Then grabs candy-corns & throws them too, just to keep with the holiday.*


Liz Mann - Oct 31, 2003 10:20 pm (#1364 of 2955)

It's just one long party on here, isn't it? And this is supposed to be a hospital!


Gina R Snape - Oct 31, 2003 11:10 pm (#1365 of 2955)

The lunatics have taken over the asylum, Liz!

The party at Malfoy Mansion is starting a little later than I thought, because Severus first has to be in the Great Hall with the Hogwarts kids. So I thought I'd briefly pop in again. :hands Snape drinks to everyone:


Pinky - Oct 31, 2003 11:50 pm (#1366 of 2955)

*flies in dressed like a canary*

Bet you can't guess where I got my costume!


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 1, 2003 5:16 am (#1367 of 2955)
Edited by Oct 31, 2003 9:17 pm

*enters in homicidal maniac costume (they look just like everyone else)*

I'm here to provide tonight's lovely selection of Halloween music. First off, Halloween classic, "The Monster Mash." This is, of course, because it is hopelessly stuck in my head. Second, the theme from The X-Files. Third, my wicked favourite , "Tubular Bells", which, I assure you, sounds quite odd on the bagpipe. Followed by, the themes from The Munsters as well as The Addams Family. And Halloween just isn't Halloween without "Ghostbusters"!!! Also, I'll play "Bad Moon Rising," "Soul Man," and "Stayin' Alive" because they're on my Halloween music tape. And, as always, suggestions are welcome.

*begins playing opening strains of "The Monster Mash" before anyone can stop the rogue bagpiper of St. Mungo's*


Liz Mann - Nov 1, 2003 5:09 pm (#1368 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 1, 2003 9:29 am

How about "Werewolves Of Hogwarts"?

Edit: Liz, I took the link out because it has been clearly stated that what the link contained is not acceptable on this Forum. Lexicon Steve has spoken and we will abide by his rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at NoVeil4Me@aol.com ~Denise P


Sassi Fras - Nov 1, 2003 9:15 pm (#1369 of 2955)

Hey Abby, since Halloween is over how about playing some theme songs....maybe a nice instrumental like the Batman theme or the ET theme...Wait I know. I want to hear the theme from Fraggle Rock. I haven't heard that in years.

I'll start. *looks for tuba*

Hey, has anyone seen my tuba since the move? Did I leave it over at EZBoard? *scratches head*


Madam Poppy - Nov 1, 2003 9:35 pm (#1370 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 1, 2003 1:49 pm

Ticker! Ticker! Isn't your pumpkin due to hatch soon? Be sure and notify us of safe arrival right away!!


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 2, 2003 9:10 am (#1371 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 2, 2003 1:11 am

*abruptly stops playing* Fraggle Rock!! Fraggle Rock!! Darn it! Now it's stuck in my head! Why'd you go and do that? Okay, quick, I'll play E.T.

*plays "Flying Theme" but after about ten seconds it turns into "Fraggle Rock"* D'oh!


Madam Poppy - Nov 2, 2003 5:14 pm (#1372 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 2, 2003 9:17 am

*Madam Poppy tries to play Fawkes Theme on her new instrument* Unfortunately this is almost impossible to do because while she has always wished to play the Triangle, it only plays one note. *Taps the Triangle with her wand....Ding...Ding...Ding*


Liz Mann - Nov 2, 2003 11:18 pm (#1373 of 2955)

Sorry about the link, NoVeil4Me. I didn't think the content was that bad.


Marie E. - Nov 3, 2003 4:33 am (#1374 of 2955)

Ah, everything looks nice and normal here i.e. total chaos. Since I can't play an instrument, I shall hum along with Abby.

Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm


Pinky - Nov 3, 2003 4:44 am (#1375 of 2955)

*tweet, tweet, tweet* I'm having trouble getting this canary suit off. I ate an entire case of canary creams to ensure that I could keep the costume going for all of Halloween, and it seems that it is not wise to overdose on these. Any suggestions?


Sassi Fras - Nov 3, 2003 5:44 am (#1376 of 2955)

Maybe we should pluck you.

*yanks one of Pinky's tail feathers*


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 3, 2003 7:53 am (#1377 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 2, 2003 11:55 pm

*desperately tries to play "Fawkes the Phoenix" while ignoring the squawking caused by Pinky's feathers getting yanked out and with "Fraggle Rock" still blaring in head*


Gina R Snape - Nov 3, 2003 5:51 pm (#1378 of 2955)

Oh, Pinky. That's terrible. I'm guessing you may just have to wait until it wears off. Whatever you do, don't f.....[staff grab Gina and pull her out of the room before she can finish the sentence]...


Viola Intonada - Nov 3, 2003 5:51 pm (#1379 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 3, 2003 9:56 am

* Plays "Fawkes Theme" though it seems to sound more like "Fraggle Rock" with Abby *

Hey, Madame Poppy, let me 'borrow' your wand and triangle for just a moment. I'll make it so you can play more than one note on your triangle. Hehehe

Oh No! Whenever someone gets interrupted it means they were about to say something really important. What was Gina trying to tell Pinky? Hummm, it started with an F. Did she try to say "Whatever you do, don't forget the Alamo?"

What could it be?


Liz Mann - Nov 3, 2003 8:37 pm (#1380 of 2955)

Reading this thread has now given me hiccups from laughing!


Pinky - Nov 4, 2003 3:48 am (#1381 of 2955)

Don't forget the Alamo? What's an Alamo? Oh no! I'm losing my memory! Canaries must have very tiny brains. Aaahhhh.....


Sassi Fras - Nov 4, 2003 5:27 am (#1382 of 2955)

Alas, I still can't find my tuba, but I found this. It's a muggle instrument called a janbo. I nicked it from some poor sap in the musical maladies ward.

*joins in playing "Fawkes Rock" with the others (you know the bagpipe, viola, triangle, janbo mix is quite interesting)*

Swing your partner...


Lenka - Nov 4, 2003 7:27 am (#1383 of 2955)

*yawns* I didn't sleep last night.


Gina R Snape - Nov 4, 2003 4:50 pm (#1384 of 2955)


(St. Mungo's residents look on in horror as Gina is escorted by staff, wearing a straightjacket, her mouth covered to prevent her from speaking...)


Liz Mann - Nov 4, 2003 7:01 pm (#1385 of 2955)

OMG, they really are trying to stop her from saying something important! Quick, everyone, we have to save Gina and find out what it is! Where are they taking her??


Mare - Nov 4, 2003 11:44 pm (#1386 of 2955)

I don't know, normally people who have been "taken" either come back with their memories modified, as psycho-staff member or... they just don't come back at all.

Maybe we need a trick to make sure they don't take her too far (like out of sight) How about we put all the jello in the building on the ground before the door? That way it will get real slippery and you can't pass?


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 5, 2003 5:30 am (#1387 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 4, 2003 9:31 pm

*tries classic diversion of stuffing Jell-o in bagpipe and squirting it at the people trying to take Gina away (haha)*


Liz Mann - Nov 5, 2003 5:57 pm (#1388 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 5, 2003 9:59 am

Gina has escaped! Run Gina! Run! Run for your life!!


Viola Intonada - Nov 5, 2003 7:33 pm (#1389 of 2955)

Maybe Gina was trying to say "Don't fool with Mother Nature" or "Don't fly over the Cuckoo's nest", or maybe it was "Don't fly out the window". Oh dear, what was Gina trying to say?

Run, Gina, run! I'll hold them off.

* Uses bow/wand to immobilize one of the members of the staff. *


Liz Mann - Nov 5, 2003 8:07 pm (#1390 of 2955)

Ern... does anyone know where she ran to? Because she doesn't seem to be around.


Mare - Nov 5, 2003 8:52 pm (#1391 of 2955)

O stress! lots of stress! What if we don't find her, than Pinky has to remain a little birdy for all eternity!


Liz Mann - Nov 5, 2003 10:07 pm (#1392 of 2955)

Is that a bad thing?


Mare - Nov 5, 2003 10:09 pm (#1393 of 2955)

Now Liz, that's not nice!

(But I had a good laugh out of it...)


Liz Mann - Nov 5, 2003 10:33 pm (#1394 of 2955)

I'm just cruel like that.


Mare - Nov 5, 2003 10:34 pm (#1395 of 2955)

I've noticed that on the vote thread...


Liz Mann - Nov 5, 2003 11:20 pm (#1396 of 2955)

Anyway, what are we going to do about Gina?


Mare - Nov 5, 2003 11:36 pm (#1397 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 5, 2003 3:37 pm

Scream very hard:

GINA! where are you? We need you! (Or at least Pinky does...)


Pinky - Nov 6, 2003 12:32 am (#1398 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 5, 2003 4:33 pm

*spu-tweet-er* Liz! (Ok, I laughed!) I think I'm molting very slowly. Gina has to know a way to hasten the process. Gina!!!!!!


Hem Hem - Nov 6, 2003 2:02 am (#1399 of 2955)

Gina has run to Starbucks! Quick, follow her! Hot cocoa in front of the fireplace!


Sassi Fras - Nov 6, 2003 4:56 am (#1400 of 2955)

Oh...maybe that's it! Something at Starbucks will cure Pinky. What could it be?
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1401 to 1450

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:28 pm


Gina R Snape - Nov 6, 2003 5:16 am (#1401 of 2955)

*pant, pant* Quick! Run! Follow me to Severus' lab. He has the antidote!!!


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 6, 2003 5:37 am (#1402 of 2955)

Is it one of the floaty things in a jar? Because that's kinda nasty. I was hoping for some hot chocolate. Mmmm, hot chocolate. . .


Madam Pince - Nov 6, 2003 8:09 am (#1403 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 12:12 am

Um, excuse me, but could you tell me...

er...*looks uneasily at the line of people whizzing past on their way to Severus' lab*

...are visiting hours over?

Sassi Fras invited me to visit... but the person at the information desk just gave this insane laugh and tried to hand me a strait-jacket and a wand with some lime-green slimy stuff on it, and I just wasn't sure...


Mare - Nov 6, 2003 11:36 am (#1404 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 3:37 am

Run along with us to Severus’ lab Madam Pince, and all will be clear in the end! (Well at least, that's what we still hope for...)


Pinky - Nov 6, 2003 12:14 pm (#1405 of 2955)

I have to run to Snape's lab? My legs are kinda short... but ok... if that's what it will take to cure me....


Gina R Snape - Nov 6, 2003 3:46 pm (#1406 of 2955)

It's ok, Pinky. You can fly there if it helps.


Lenka - Nov 6, 2003 4:36 pm (#1407 of 2955)

You can even swim!

The swimming birds... new attraction... dive through air with an astounding ease...


Liz Mann - Nov 6, 2003 7:34 pm (#1408 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 11:37 am

Hey, guys, wait for me! *running to Severus's lab and accidently knocks over a candle which sets a tapestry on the wall on fire, which then spreads out of control* AGH! FIRE!! FIRE!! FORGET SEVERUS' LAB, LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!


Mare - Nov 6, 2003 10:07 pm (#1409 of 2955)

Here let me help with my hose, I'll get it under control in no time!


Madam Pince - Nov 6, 2003 10:17 pm (#1410 of 2955)

Lacarnum un-inflamare! **desperately waves jello-covered wand**

Or...uh....Lacarnum anti-inflamare!

Oh, this thing isn't working at all!


Sassi Fras - Nov 6, 2003 10:20 pm (#1411 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 2:20 pm

*pulls out a bag of marshmallows and hotdogs*

WOO HOO!!! Time for a weenie roast.


Madam Pince - Nov 6, 2003 10:39 pm (#1412 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 2:40 pm

Now, what a wonderful idea! Why didn't I think of that? Could you pass the hotdogs, please, Sassi?

Thanks! **sticks hotdog on the end of the wand and heads for the fire**

Um...is that a fire alarm?


Denise P. - Nov 6, 2003 10:43 pm (#1413 of 2955)

I will pass on the hotdogs, thanks anyway. Here :::passes out graham crackers and chocolate:::: these are the way to REALLY eat a marshmallow over a fire.



PyroGrl - Nov 6, 2003 10:58 pm (#1414 of 2955)

*Stares at a marshmallow and watches it slowly turn brown*

This is quite handy, you know. And there's no fire alarm. *winks*


Liz Mann - Nov 7, 2003 12:28 am (#1415 of 2955)

Hey, count me in! *holds marshmallow over fire but has to keep backing up as fire spreads* You know, it's a mark of just how crazy we are that we're making smores in a burning building.


Mare - Nov 7, 2003 12:39 am (#1416 of 2955)

Great! Here I am trying to do my best to hose everything and save you all, and you're making marshmallows! Well move over, because I'm going to join the fun!

(If St Mungo's burns down and we have to rebuild, then how many versions would that be?)


Pinky - Nov 7, 2003 2:49 am (#1417 of 2955)

*flutters wings so desperately feathers start falling everywhere*

Hey guys, I think the heat from the fire is drying the feathers out. They're finally falling off! I should be better soon. Save a s'more for me!


Gina R Snape - Nov 7, 2003 4:41 am (#1418 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 6, 2003 8:45 pm

*rubs hands together* So, my plan is working! The St. Mungo's staff were afraid I'd tell you not to flee from the fire. They want to save themselves, of course. Not help poor Pinky by letting the place go up in flames. Not to fear. This isn't really Severus' lab. It's a mock lab made in one of the wings of St. Mungo's. *rubs hands together again*

Well, while you were all off making s'mores and roasting hot dogs and losing feathers, I snuck out of the hospital and apparated to the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. Dare I tell you all? I saw Emma Thompson and (sigh, gasp, faint) interacted with the man himself, Alan Rickman tonight. St. Mungo's will have to issue me a sedative tonight, for I doubt I will get any sleep.


PyroGrl - Nov 7, 2003 5:20 am (#1419 of 2955)

When did he get time to do "Love Actually" while he's filming Harry Potter? Are the sets close together?

By the way, my fave actress, Keira Knightley, is in that movie too.

*listens to Chicago soundtrack** He had it coming...he had it coming...he only had himself to blame...


Marie E. - Nov 7, 2003 5:40 am (#1420 of 2955)


Keira Knightley was in Bend it like Beckham, one of my new favourite movies. I am planning on seeing Love Actually next weekend with some friends from work. I will be going to see Colin and not Alan, so he's safe.


PyroGrl - Nov 7, 2003 5:52 am (#1421 of 2955)

Don't forget my All-Time Favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean, alongside my All-Time FAVORITE ACTOR, Johnny Depp.

* listens by door* Healers are talking about taking away our TV/Movie privileges! Madam Poppy! Talk 'em out of it!!


Liz Mann - Nov 7, 2003 6:04 pm (#1422 of 2955)

That'd be terrible if they did that!! Well, so long as they don't take away our computers.

Wait a minute, they're not going to, are they???


Gina R Snape - Nov 7, 2003 6:26 pm (#1423 of 2955)

Computers? What computers? There are no computers in the wizarding world!


PyroGrl - Nov 7, 2003 7:06 pm (#1424 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 7, 2003 11:10 am

Next Sunday, the 16th, is very important to me. I can finally get my learner's license! I'll be 14! On November 16, join me in the Birthday Ward!! BYOB and any party ideas you might have! We'll have our Johnny Depp marathon and, just for Sly Girl, Gina, and the others an Alan Rickman marathon after that. Feel free to add to the "marathon" list. So far, the movies are:

POTC, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Chocolat, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, HP 1, HP 2, Chicago, Ghost Ship, and Wrong Turn.

No presents necessary. LOL. If you have any decorations, feel free to bring them as well.


Liz Mann - Nov 7, 2003 8:56 pm (#1425 of 2955)

A party? Oh goody!

I'll contribute some decorations.


Carina - Nov 8, 2003 1:52 am (#1426 of 2955)

*throws her salamander collection into the fire*

Sorry, but the heat went out of my room.

I'm dying to see Love Actually. I'm hoping it will give me a good British Boost before PoA comes out. I've been watching The Patriot so many times, my video is wearing out.


Gina R Snape - Nov 8, 2003 2:12 am (#1427 of 2955)

Oh, it's a lovely film. You will certainly get your Brit fill from it.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 8, 2003 6:16 am (#1428 of 2955)

Pyro, don't forget my all-time favourite Johnny Depp film (alongside POTC and Edward Scissorhands ) Ed Wood!! "It's not a monster movie, it's a supernatural thriller." heeheehee

*shuts up and begins smacking on a s'more while humming the Fraggle Rock theme*


Madam Poppy - Nov 8, 2003 11:00 am (#1429 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 8, 2003 3:03 am

*Madam Poppy zooms by on her magic skateboard dispensing anti-fire foam......slips and falls.....then begs for a straight-jacket to help her aching back.* "Moan, groan...my sacrifice was worth it...at least the fire is out!"

(I really did fall off our front step yesterday! I sprained my left foot and my back feels like I fell 10 feet not one foot. Stupid - Stupid - Stupid.)


Gina R Snape - Nov 8, 2003 3:07 pm (#1430 of 2955)

Oh, Madam Poppy! You poor, poor thing! So sorry to hear.

Perhaps you shouldn't have put out the fire. The extra heat might feel good on your back. I hope you recover soon so you can enjoy the party.


Pinky - Nov 8, 2003 10:14 pm (#1431 of 2955)

Ha hah! The last feather has fallen. I'm me again! Hooray! Here, Madam Poppy, let me install handrails on your magic skateboard. Were you wearing your helmet?


Mare - Nov 8, 2003 11:21 pm (#1432 of 2955)

Awww I'm sorry to hear about your fall Madam Poppy. But don't worry, you have been such a good nurse to us, we will take care of you now. We will Mollycoddle you...er... I mean, we will take very good care of you.
Yes that's it, that's what I was planning to say, ehem...


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 9, 2003 7:46 am (#1433 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 8, 2003 11:48 pm

Feel better, Poppy. You should stop hurting yourself and getting teeth pulled and such.

*plays nifty get well song on bagpipe, i.e. Fawkes the Phoenix! Ha! No more Fraggle Rock!!* Aaahhh!!! Why'd I say that? *desperately plays CD to get Fawkes back*


Sassi Fras - Nov 9, 2003 9:05 am (#1434 of 2955)

Did someone say Fraggle Rock?

*starts singing, playing, and dancing*

Dance your cares away...


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 9, 2003 9:42 am (#1435 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 9, 2003 1:42 am

*loads bagpipe with s'mores and jell-o, aims at Sassi, and then FIRES!*


Liz Mann - Nov 9, 2003 3:42 pm (#1436 of 2955)


Get better, Poppy!


Madam Poppy - Nov 9, 2003 8:42 pm (#1437 of 2955)

Thank you one and all for the get well greetings. Thanks also to Pinky for the set of skateboard handrails.
I decided to go back to riding a broom around St. Mungos. (I ride sidesaddle of course, since I am truly a lady.) This will keep my sprained ankle off the floor. I can mend broken bones in a minute, but those sprains can be tricky.
*heads off to the Pool Room to see if the new hot tub has been installed*


PyroGrl - Nov 10, 2003 6:43 am (#1438 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 9, 2003 10:43 pm

*pops in Chicago soundtrack and puts it on speakers* And aaaaaaaaaaall thaaaaaat jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazz! That jazz!

I hope you feel better soon, Madam Poppy. We need you at St Mungo's, security's gone waaaaaay down (not that that's a bad thing for US).


Madam Poppy - Nov 10, 2003 2:35 pm (#1439 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 10, 2003 6:35 am

Come on in...the water's fine. Don't you just love the bubbles in the hot tub? I threw in some of Mrs. Filibusters Blasting Bath Bubbles. The bubbles last for hours and tend to randomly shoot around the room.


Liz Mann - Nov 10, 2003 7:18 pm (#1440 of 2955)

Woohoo! *jumps in and sends jet of water over everyone else* Oops, sorry!


Marty McFly - Nov 10, 2003 8:00 pm (#1441 of 2955)

HI! Sorry for not coming for a while. ohhhhhhhhhh! Hot tub!!!! (gets bathing suit on and goes in hot tub.) CANNONNBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!! *SPLASH!!!!!*


Gina R Snape - Nov 10, 2003 9:31 pm (#1442 of 2955)

Oooooh, Poppy. Now this is how to relax and have fun! Can I bring my kitten Nymphadora? She loves chasing after bubbles.


Susurro Notities - Nov 11, 2003 2:29 am (#1443 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 10, 2003 6:29 pm

Was just out shopping and thought I would wander in. No, no I don't need a lovely red jacket nor any green jello (unless it is sugar free). Thanks anyway. I'm sure I don't belong here. I just spend all my waking hours reading Harry Potter, looking up obscure topics for a forum, contemplating fictional character's motives and actions, and thinking of calamari recipes. I'll be going now.

You've gotten me wet! Stop Splashing. The door is locked. Let me out!


Gina R Snape - Nov 11, 2003 2:38 am (#1444 of 2955)

There's no going now, little missy.

You can check out any time you like...but you can never leave. mwa ha ha ha


Susurro Notities - Nov 11, 2003 4:43 am (#1445 of 2955)

I suppose I could stay for a bit but I am not getting into that tub. Are those bubbles in there or sparkling jello?


Gina R Snape - Nov 11, 2003 6:01 am (#1446 of 2955)

Ah, a good healthy sense of paranoia. You must be a Slytherin...


Hem Hem - Nov 11, 2003 6:39 am (#1447 of 2955)

Welcome Witch: Welcome to St. Mungo's, Sussuro. Harry Potter Paranoia-related illnesses, first floor through eighth floor. If you are unsure where to go, incapable of human speech, or unable to remember why you are here, don't fret. The straight-jackets here are rather comfortable, I assure you...not to mention, they come in an oh-so-stylish pink hoody style for your comfort.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 11, 2003 8:16 am (#1448 of 2955)

Yay! Hot tub. *inflates spare bagpipe as floatie, gets situated, and begins playing Fawkes the Phoenix*

*momentarily stops playing to warn little brother* Marty, dear, darling, little brother, glad to have you back on the forum after your extended departure. Don't you dare splash me, I know where you live!! *glares at Marty McFly, while picking up song where left off*


Madam Poppy - Nov 11, 2003 9:35 am (#1449 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 11, 2003 1:36 am

Don't mind me...I'm just floating by with my Cherry Pepsi and Popcorn. Come one-Come all...I'm setting up the big screen TV tonight and showing all my Alan Rickman movies. It's been a couple months since we've had a Movie Night.
Watch out for my Blasting Bath Bubbles! and don't get my nurse cap wet Marty!!


Denise S. - Nov 11, 2003 2:16 pm (#1450 of 2955)

Aw, Susurro, why would you ever want to leave? *heh heh*

And if you're worried about the Jello, you can join my JELLO group--Jello Eating Leaves Lunatics Oblivious. There's no fee, and the only real responsibility it entails is using your wand *brandishes her pencil* to charm the tranquilizers out of it! It's quite simple, you know.

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1451 to 1500

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:31 pm


Gina R Snape - Nov 11, 2003 3:44 pm (#1451 of 2955)

*My kitten Nymphadora prances around chasing after the Blasting Bath Bubbles* Thanks Poppy! This is fun!


Liz Mann - Nov 11, 2003 3:51 pm (#1452 of 2955)

I'm leaving St Mungo's for a bit tomorrow because I have to go see Othello with my college. I'm telling you, the only thing that'll keep me sane is knowing I can come back her afterwards.


Penny Lane. - Nov 11, 2003 7:59 pm (#1453 of 2955)

What’s wrong with Othello?

*Splashes in with a ... splash* Oh how creative I am... Another print day gone, and over. "Yippee"!!!!! NO MORE THINKING ABOUT THE PAPER FOR .... at least one day! Only 2 more issues this semester!!!!

Gina - My cat likes playing with the water in our leaky faucet. she flings the drips onto the mirror, and sometimes she bends down to see where the water is going, and get water on her head, jerks away, smacks her head on the faucet. The funny thing is, she's done it every day for the past 3 years. (She's 3 1/2)

YAY! Alan Rickman movie night! - Don't forget about the new one. I have pictures of him.... Shhh.. don't tell.


Gina R Snape - Nov 11, 2003 9:57 pm (#1454 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 11, 2003 1:58 pm

OMG, Penny. That is soooooooooo funny. Poor kitty.

Yay, Alan Rickman movie night. Should we all try to get out and stampede the box office for the newest release? I must admit, I'm kind of enjoying these bubbles. Thankfully, none of them have floated up into my nose yet.


Ooops, guess I spoke too soon.


Liz Mann - Nov 11, 2003 10:41 pm (#1455 of 2955)

Penny, the thing wrong with Othello is I've never read it and I likely won't understand it. Three hours!!!

Bless you, Gina!


Mare - Nov 12, 2003 12:05 am (#1456 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 11, 2003 4:06 pm

Woohooo I like these bubbles, maybe we can enlarge them enough so we can sit on them and watch Alan Rickman movies when we float around the room!


Denise S. - Nov 12, 2003 1:35 am (#1457 of 2955)

Liz, where are you seeing it? I don't think you're in my area (VA), but my school's doing a trip to see Othello as well; my curiosity is piqued!


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 12, 2003 7:33 am (#1458 of 2955)

Liz, Othello isn't so bad. In fact, it's one of the more interesting of Shakespeare's plays. And, I'll let you in on a secret, I've never read it. Don't focus on it so much and the story will come to you in due course. Especially if it's well done and acted. And if it doesn't, there's always Cliffnotes.

*floats around hot tub some more waiting for the Rickman fanatics to get to Galaxy Quest*


Liz Mann - Nov 12, 2003 5:16 pm (#1459 of 2955)

I'm here! I'm here! Thanks for your positive comments on Othello, everyone, but I didn't go in the end. I managed to get out of it! The trip wasn't compulsory, anyway. I told my teacher that I had a headache and that travelling on the train, especially the underground always gives me a headache anyway, so it'd make it worse. Which is half true because travelling on the train does always give me a headache. Besides, I'm sooooo tired! I probably would have fallen asleep during the performance. Would have been a great way to pass the time, though.

And Denise, I don't know where you are, but I'm in England. The play was on in Greenwich.

*gets back in hot tub and waits for Alan Rickman movies to start*


Denise P. - Nov 13, 2003 1:10 am (#1460 of 2955)

Well, St Mungo's is the closest thing to a chat thread we have here and I just HAVE to share.

Years ago, I co-authored a piece of fanfiction with a buddy and this story is up on several fanfiction sites. It was based on a TV show that is now off in syndication on Spike TV.

I got an email today from someone who just read it and loved it. Naturally we thought it was good, our betas agreed and we got really positive response to it but it is still nice when years later, people are STILL reading it and feel strongly enough to comment on it


Penny Lane. - Nov 13, 2003 2:57 am (#1461 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 12, 2003 6:59 pm

Was that your highlander one????? Congrats!!!!!

I wish someone would write some GOOD NewsRadio ones... or Sliders. I loved those shows...

Liz - I'm dissapointed. Did you actually have a headache??

**Goes and starts "Dogma"****


Istari Jones - Nov 13, 2003 3:31 am (#1462 of 2955)

*A cloud of dust spews from the fireplace*

Man, am I dizzy! I've been caught in the floo network for weeks! *Opens door to find a lovely yellow hooded straight jacket laying on the bed* *Sniff!* There's no place like home!

Hi, y'all! Whoops! *slips on jello, bubbles, and puddles of water, trips over a bagpipe, does a tricky log-rolling bit of action on a Snape beverage bottle, and does a graceless belly flop into the pool*

*Climbs out of the pool with a huge Gilderoy Lockhart type smile*

Wow! Is it good to be back! Happy belated birthday Denise! Welcome Susurro!

Boy, I missed you guys. My computer was down for a while. The first time lightning affected the modem / motherboard. They patched it up so it worked OK, but then the modem went out of it. Just got it back today. It is running, but downloads much slower. I got caught up on St. Mungo's, but will take me a while to catch up on the stories, etc. Hey, Gina, did you really get to talk to AR? I'd love to hear about it! How exciting!


Gina R Snape - Nov 13, 2003 3:36 am (#1463 of 2955)

How cool for you, Denise!

Istari, go look in your e-mail inbox for the full details... And, welcome back!


Marie E. - Nov 13, 2003 3:38 am (#1464 of 2955)

Istari! Welcome back! Now we have to stop talking about y...I mean now we have to throw you a party!!


Madam Poppy - Nov 13, 2003 4:13 am (#1465 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 12, 2003 8:14 pm

.....Ladies and...ahem Ladies? For your edification and enlightenment we have for your shared enjoyment a short little selection of premium movie clips from the next installment of the story of our beloved friend and neighbor, Harry Potter. After which, due to the popular request of...well, never mind. Anyway, we'll be showing a great Alan Rickman movie, Galaxy Quest. Grab a bag of popcorn. Please try to keep the popcorn out of the pool. Mr. Filch, our pool-boy will not be happy if the filter gets clogged again.


Denise S. - Nov 13, 2003 6:07 am (#1466 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 4:39 pm

Oh, Liz. Well, then that was one heck of a scheduling coincidence. My school just did a trip to see Othello today as well. I thought perhaps you were in my area (Virginia, US). Hrm. Ah well.

We can have our own special super-duper St. Mungo's go-to-see-theater night.

*goes off muttering "something wicked this way comes"*

Ooo, Ooo! Let's do Macbeth! Macbeth!


Istari Jones - Nov 13, 2003 11:49 am (#1467 of 2955)

*Snicker* Thanks Marie! "By Grabthar's hammer...what a savings." Funniest line in the GQ movie!


Madam Poppy - Nov 13, 2003 2:56 pm (#1468 of 2955)

..."is there air?"


Liz Mann - Nov 13, 2003 6:48 pm (#1469 of 2955)

Hey, Abby, I have a request for your bagpipes (I mean, for you to play on your bagpipes, not for the bagpipes themselves ). Play Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Welcome back, Istari!

And Penny, no, I lied about having a headache, but I would have had one if I'd gone on the trip.


Susurro Notities - Nov 14, 2003 5:14 am (#1470 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 13, 2003 9:15 pm

So given the lying, Liz - are you experiencing an epiphany regarding "Something Wicked this way Comes"? Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 464751818


Viola Intonada - Nov 14, 2003 2:52 pm (#1471 of 2955)

Save me a seat to watch "GQ". Has anyone seen my viola? I haven't seen it since the fire. :Looks around anxiously:

In college, I had to read the play, the libretto and watch the opera of Othello. Couldn't really tell you a lot about it now.....

Glad to see you back Istari! I thought I lost you during the move. Glad to hear that your computer is working again. Mine doesn't like the World Crossing websites. I can only successfully make it to the site about 30% of the time.


Istari Jones - Nov 14, 2003 5:18 pm (#1472 of 2955)

Frustrating, isn't it Viola? I'm so far behind on the regular forum I doubt I'll try too hard to catch up on reading it. How wonderful how our little home has grown, and that credit belongs to Lexicon Steve, Kip, Denise, and by the way, congrats to all you new moderators!


Liz Mann - Nov 14, 2003 5:29 pm (#1473 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 14, 2003 9:29 am

I think the viola's at the bottom of the hot tub somewhere.


Istari Jones - Nov 14, 2003 5:31 pm (#1474 of 2955)

If the Viola is in a magical hot tub full of hot water, will it absorb water, expand and turn into a bass? (Not the fish, the musical instrument...)


Gina R Snape - Nov 14, 2003 7:57 pm (#1475 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 14, 2003 11:57 am

I think it will turn into a musical fish, Istari. But, if you take it out of the water, it might shrink when the water evaporates, and turn into a piece of wood with rubber bands on it. Unless you use the correct charm, of course.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 15, 2003 5:17 am (#1476 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 14, 2003 9:18 pm

Hey, Istari! Abbyfetti for you! ,.,.;.',;.','.;,';.',;.',;',;,;';,

Yay, Galaxy Quest! "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!" heehee, great movie. I know way too many Trekkies for it not to be hilarious.

Ooh, new John Williams song to play, hooray! *begins joyfully playing "Something Wicked This Way Comes" on bagpipe--ah, the joys of Shakespeare *


Susurro Notities - Nov 15, 2003 5:26 am (#1477 of 2955)

Are we sure this is a hot tub? Cauldron bubble....


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 15, 2003 5:34 am (#1478 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 14, 2003 9:35 pm

*stops playing in paranoid alarm*

Is Grawp or some equally large giant around? And, more importantly, is he hungry?

*plays on to keep morale up*


Sassi Fras - Nov 15, 2003 6:55 am (#1479 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 14, 2003 10:56 pm

*looks at the bubbling hot tub*

Oh, I believe it's a soup cauldron. hmmm...What kind of soup should we make? I think Abby wants squid stew.

*starts slicing carrots, potatoes, and onions and throws them in the hot tub*

Does anyone have any squid?


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 15, 2003 8:52 am (#1480 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 12:53 am

*stops playing to flick an onion off of head and gets out of cauldron*

I don't want squid stew! Let's just order a pizza. Anyone have a phone book? And/or money?


Sassi Fras - Nov 15, 2003 9:06 am (#1481 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 1:06 am

*turns pockets inside out*

I have a button, three raisins, and some lint. Will that buy a pizza?


Istari Jones - Nov 15, 2003 8:06 pm (#1482 of 2955)

I have some gold coins in my pocket....no, wait, it's fake chocolate coins leftover from Hallowe'en.


Pinky - Nov 15, 2003 10:36 pm (#1483 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 2:40 pm

I have an idea! Let's feed canary creams to all the staff here and sell them to the magical pet store. That should earn us enough for a pizza! We'll tell the pet store staff that the magical talent the canaries have is to randomly turn into a human form -- they just need to keep feeding the canaries some of this special bird food (crumbled up canary creams). We'll be free and can run St. Mungo's on our own! Or at least... I'll be free as soon as I get out of this pink hoodie straightjacket....


mischa fan - Nov 15, 2003 10:41 pm (#1484 of 2955)

What would happen if we fed canary creams to a canary?

I just got some Leprochaun gold so the pizza is on me. Anyone want squid on their pizza?


Liz Mann - Nov 15, 2003 10:43 pm (#1485 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 2:46 pm

* runs round corridors in a fit of anger* Ugh! I've been waiting to see Finding Nemo for ages but have been waiting for my friend because we're supposed to see all the Disney films together, and now I've just found out she's already seen it!! Uuuuuuuuuugh!!

Anyway, I have about three sickles and two knuts. Oh, no wait, sorry, they're two five pence coins and tuppence. Where the heck did I get tuppence from??

By the way, if that hot tub is a soup cauldron then I dread to think what state Viola's viola is in. (Viola's viola! Lol! )


Denise S. - Nov 16, 2003 12:42 am (#1486 of 2955)

Abby: "Ooh, new John Williams song to play, hooray!"

Are you sure it's John Williams? I mean, in the directing-shuffle, they could've gotten a new music person as well...right?

*knows she's hoping too much*

Hm. I suppose it's kind of obvious I don't like the John Williams music for the HP movies. Then again, "SWTHC" sounds pretty cool, so I'll keep my hopes up.


Madam Poppy - Nov 16, 2003 2:48 am (#1487 of 2955)

So are we making Stone Soup or ordering the pizza?


Istari Jones - Nov 16, 2003 3:40 am (#1488 of 2955)

I think Pinky has a great (mischeivous!) plan, but don't give any to Poppy, she's too much fun to be a staffer...Anyone who likes Spam on pizza can't be all bad! Smile

Hey, Liz, are two five pence equal to a dime???

I like Tuppence. I use it all the time to keep my macaroni salad fresh. Rubbermaid makes good plastic containers, too ( she says tongue in cheek...)

And in French... Voila! Viola's viola!

Has anyone else noticed that most of our discussions focus on food???


Carina - Nov 16, 2003 4:27 am (#1489 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 8:27 pm

::singing from Mary Poppins:: Feed the squid! Tuppence a bag!


Hem Hem - Nov 16, 2003 6:48 am (#1490 of 2955)

Stone Soup with matza balls!



The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 16, 2003 7:03 am (#1491 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 15, 2003 11:03 pm

Denise, it most certainly is John Williams! A sacrilege to hope otherwise! It's on The Leaky Cauldron and on JWFan.com, that he is definitely doing PoA, and he did compose the music for Something Wicked This Way Comes! So, there!

I'm all for Pinky's plan! Let's go for it! I'm hungry...

*plays "Feed Me, Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors*


Liz Mann - Nov 16, 2003 9:11 pm (#1492 of 2955)

*Singing* Food, glorious food! Hot pizza and squid soup!


Marie E. - Nov 16, 2003 10:22 pm (#1493 of 2955)

I think our discussions focus on food because the majority of us are women. We girls like our food.

I just made Stone Soup with my kindergarteners. It was much better than last years and I think it was due to the cabbage we added. Let's remember to add cabbage to our soup!

The music in the trailer reminds me of the song "This is Halloween" from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was thinking last night "PoA would be a good movie for Danny Elfman to score". Then I realized how that would devastate Abby.


Liz Mann - Nov 16, 2003 10:29 pm (#1494 of 2955)

*Still singing* This is Hallowe'en! This is Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en! In this town, we call home, everyone hails to the pumpkin song!

I think Danny Elfman could have done a good job with HP but I still like John Williams's soundtrack. I mean, after all, he did Star Wars!


Gina R Snape - Nov 16, 2003 11:32 pm (#1495 of 2955)

*steps out of the hot tub cauldron* How did THAT happen?!?!

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! Oooh, let's do an animation film festival next. We can watch 'A Bugs Life' and 'Help I'm A Fish' (which I haven't seen yet, but has Alan's voice, so I will get to it eventually).


Liz Mann - Nov 17, 2003 12:06 am (#1496 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 16, 2003 4:15 pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do an animation film festival next! We have to watch Toy Story!

When are we having this Alan Rickman one, anyway? I've got my popcorn ready.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 17, 2003 8:55 am (#1497 of 2955)

Oh, gosh! Danny Elfman creeps me out! Probably because he does all those Tim Burton movies (except for one of my two favourites Ed Wood), and Tim Burton creeps me out. However, I will admit, that the first time I saw the trailer, my exact thought was, 'Danny?' I have thought of other composers to do HP, and while my first choice for just about everything is John Williams, I could have totally tolerated Danny Elfman. Hey, he did The Simpsons after all. Though, if it weren't John Williams, I'd go with Alan Silvestri. I am though an Alan Silvestri supporter and am horrified with the fact that that man has never got an Oscar. When will those people come to their senses and have me say who wins what?

Anywho, animation-fest! Whoo! We can't forget Shrek!


Liz Mann - Nov 17, 2003 4:43 pm (#1498 of 2955)

Oh, yeah, definitely Shrek! I love Shrek!


Lenka - Nov 17, 2003 7:10 pm (#1499 of 2955)

Woo-hoo. Shrek! Let's pretend it's Halloween so I can dress up as Princess Fiona... *smiles slightly insanely*


Caitlin McCoy - Nov 17, 2003 8:51 pm (#1500 of 2955)

Which Fiona? The ogre one or the human one? I'm voting for the ogre, personally. *tee hee*

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1501 to 1550

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:35 pm


Penny Lane. - Nov 17, 2003 11:03 pm (#1501 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 17, 2003 3:04 pm

Shrek 2 is coming out! Leave it to ... the film companies to not let a good thing just be..

Anyone remember "Aladdin 2", or "Beauty and the Beast 2"? I don't, but I know they exist.

**Decides not to jump in the steamy "hot tub," and goes to make brownies for movie night.***

Edited to add: Caitlin - You got post 1500!!!


Liz Mann - Nov 17, 2003 11:27 pm (#1502 of 2955)


I didn't mind Aladdin 2. And I haven't seen all of the trailer of Shrek 2 cos my computer won't play it properly but what I have seen looks really cool! The knight Fiona had been waiting for turns up at the castle and finds she's on her honeymoon. He is not happy!

Anyway, what Alan Rickman film are we watching first?


PyroGrl - Nov 18, 2003 12:08 am (#1503 of 2955)

My birthday was yesterday. *sarcastically* whoo hoo.


Gina R Snape - Nov 18, 2003 12:25 am (#1504 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 17, 2003 4:25 pm

AR Film Festival?

Hey, guess what? Alan in the 1978 production of Romeo & Juilet has become available on DVD! (He plays Tybalt and he's young and SKINNY). I hope they take galleons. I'm going to order it today.


Oh, and happy belated birthday, Pyro. Did you get your permit yet?


PyroGrl - Nov 18, 2003 12:28 am (#1505 of 2955)

* grumbles* No.


Penny Lane. - Nov 18, 2003 1:19 am (#1506 of 2955)

YIPPEEE!!!!! I"m so excited! Now if only I could get Rasputin on DVD, I'd be happy.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 18, 2003 3:32 am (#1507 of 2955)

Don't be upset, Pyro. Abbyfetti for you! .,;',.,.',;.,';.',.;,.',.;,.

I agree about cartoon movie sequels in general, however, I think Toy Story 2 is classical!


Liz Mann - Nov 18, 2003 6:18 pm (#1508 of 2955)

Belated birthday wishes, Pyro! Here's a birthday cake for you!


Istari Jones - Nov 18, 2003 6:29 pm (#1509 of 2955)

More Abbyfetti for Pyro! Happy Birthday Pyro, and for you... Fireworks! (waves her magical wand with much flourish and abandon) Golden comets! Pink flying piglets! Catherine wheels and flaming dragons! Effervescent stars exploding into waterfalls of iridescent sparkles! But what good is all of this, if the lady of the hour does not have her permit? Viola, mademoiselle! One permit! Having one is a great responsibility, just remember that!


Lenka - Nov 18, 2003 6:42 pm (#1510 of 2955)

* enchants a bunch of wizards’ hats to sing "happy birthday" at the top of their ... lungs? o_O*


Jim the Potty - Nov 18, 2003 8:54 pm (#1511 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 18, 2003 12:54 pm

.*walks in, trips over jello and birthday cake, landing in a pile of Abbyfetti*

Errr...the welcome witch said to go to the room with all of the other nutters...guess I found the right place

Hi I'm Jim and I'm a Potterholic


Liz Mann - Nov 18, 2003 9:11 pm (#1512 of 2955)

Welcome Jim! You know, the first step to curing a problem is admitting you have won. Or in our case, the first step to enjoying it!


Caitlin McCoy - Nov 18, 2003 9:46 pm (#1513 of 2955)

Wait a minute. We're here because we have a "problem"???


Liz Mann - Nov 18, 2003 9:56 pm (#1514 of 2955)

Erm, I thought we were in St Mungo's. Not that I count Pottermania as a problem, of course.


Istari Jones - Nov 18, 2003 10:06 pm (#1515 of 2955)

Obssessed with Harry Potter? Hey! No problem!! Potterholics, Potties, ... I prefer Slytherin Prefect's "Fanamagi" myself! Welcome, Jim, and pull up a bedpan! We're celebrating Pyro's birthday. Who else's is it this month? And last? I missed several since my computer has been sick. Hey, Pyro, remember on my birthday you and John, that "Pyro" guy from X men burned down the Quidditch stadium? Ahhh, we sure know how to party, don't we?


Caitlin McCoy - Nov 18, 2003 10:16 pm (#1516 of 2955)

Ah, you must remember my dear friends that I first came here to get away from my muggle evil godmother while visiting the wizarding world...but now that I've gotten away from her in the "real world" too, I find that I'm happy to remain here at St. Mungo's.


Jim the Potty - Nov 18, 2003 10:27 pm (#1517 of 2955)


PyroGrl - Nov 19, 2003 12:34 am (#1518 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 18, 2003 4:35 pm

Istari, I remember that day well...now, what shall I do for mine??


Istari Jones - Nov 19, 2003 5:44 am (#1519 of 2955)

Anything you want, dear, it is your day! How about a rematch with John, formerly known as "Pyro"? Nah, the outcome is too predictable!


PyroGrl - Nov 19, 2003 7:26 pm (#1520 of 2955)

I know. I will win. Again. LOL.

Er...let's just have a Muggle Movie Marathon. Starting with the Johnny Depp movies, then Chicago, then Wrong Turn...and you all can get your fix of Alan Rickman. Wink.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 19, 2003 11:19 pm (#1521 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 19, 2003 3:20 pm

*rummages in bagpipe*

Hmm, I need more Abbyfetti and popcorn. Anyone have a credit card?


Pinky - Nov 20, 2003 2:38 am (#1522 of 2955)

*looks around* Hmmm.... Lucius' credit card used to be so handy.... wonder where it got to......


Ticker - Nov 20, 2003 7:32 pm (#1523 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 11:34 am

I borrowed it last week - probably maxed it out on a 16-hour labor followed by a cesarean section (complete with muggle stitches and a fabulous thing called an epidural) - not to mention a 4-day stay in Neonatal ICU for the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. We're home now and doing wonderfully.

She weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz, 20 inches long born 11/11 @ 6:41 pm.

The C-section turned out to be a good thing - her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice (I knew she was being active in there) and she was face up which would have been a slower (& more painful were it not for the epidural) birth.

As soon as I can get my scanner to work & the photos developed I'll update my avatar, but she has a picture on the hospital web site if you want to see her. http://www.rcrh.org/Baby/BabyView.asp?BabyID=1118

Hope you've saved me some extra any-flavor-but-lime jello. It's good to be back. Come visit me in the Developing Very Young Potterholics Ward.


Kip Carter - Nov 20, 2003 7:58 pm (#1524 of 2955)

Your baby girl is absolutely beautiful! There are extra bowls of grape, orange, and raspberry jello in the fridge just for you!


Hem Hem - Nov 20, 2003 8:04 pm (#1525 of 2955)

Congratulations, Ticker! I'm so happy for you! She's precious!

I'm decorating the Developing Very Young Potterholics Ward...with something besides technicolor kittens...

How about a squid mobile...? That sounds cute....


Liz Mann - Nov 20, 2003 8:09 pm (#1526 of 2955)

A mobile with squids, broomsticks and nice fluffy niflers.

Congratulations, Tinker! She's adorable!


Susurro Notities - Nov 20, 2003 8:57 pm (#1527 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 12:59 pm

Congratulations! You have a beautiful daughter Ticker. It is good to hear that you are both doing well.
Wallpaper with dragon eggs and baby dragons would look great with the squid mobile.


Mare - Nov 20, 2003 9:31 pm (#1528 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 4:48 pm

O It is so good to hear from you Ticker, and Aria looks lovely!


If you don't know what this is, this is the text that went with it:
Beschuit met muisjes (Rusk with mice)

Traditional Dutch treat to celebrate the birth of a baby: rusks with candy-coated aniseed. "Muisjes" come in pink-and-white (for a baby girl) and blue-and-white (for a baby boy). So, if you are offered beschuit met muisjes, you know that congratulations are in order


Denise P. - Nov 20, 2003 9:50 pm (#1529 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 1:50 pm

Congratulations Mama Ticker! Aria is simply beautiful!


Istari Jones - Nov 21, 2003 1:22 am (#1530 of 2955)

A beautiful name for a beautiful baby! Congratulations! Here's hoping there's a letter from Hogwarts in the future with her name on it!

Oh, yes, owls to go with the baby dragons and nifflers!


Pinky - Nov 21, 2003 1:57 am (#1531 of 2955)

What a cutie pie! Beautiful name, too. Let's take up a collection to buy Aria her first toy broom!


Gina R Snape - Nov 21, 2003 3:30 am (#1532 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 7:31 pm

Congratulations Ticker!!!!!!!

Severus and I have asked Dobby to knit you a whole room full of baby booties. And he has offered to purchase Aria her very own "My First Potions" kit when she is old enough.

Here are some things to decorate the Young Potterholics Ward.

(ok, Sevvie insisted on the baby bat)


Sassi Fras - Nov 21, 2003 5:08 am (#1533 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 9:08 pm

Congrats Ticker, she's adorable!

Dr. Sam says Mazel Tov, what a beautiful baby.


Lenka - Nov 21, 2003 6:31 am (#1534 of 2955)

Congratulations Ticker!!!

. . her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice

Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 793915934 Doesn't sound good. I'm glad she's okay in the end. Smile



The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 21, 2003 6:52 am (#1535 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 20, 2003 10:52 pm

Oh, Aria is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you both are doing well. And, I'm sure you all know what's coming next : Abbyfetti!!!.,';,.,'.';.';.;,.,.,',.',.',.,';.,

Heh, nice purply-pink elephant, Gina.


Sassi Fras - Nov 21, 2003 8:15 am (#1536 of 2955)

It's about time! You can't have a celebration without Abbyfetti.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 21, 2003 8:33 am (#1537 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 21, 2003 12:33 am

Oh, how very true! Here's some more!,';.',.,'.',.',.',.',.',.',.';,.,'.',;.',;.',;.',.;',.;',;.',;,';

And, of course, a bagpipe rendition of "Happy Birthday" and the entire score from both HP films!!

*begins playing while sprinkling more Abbyfetti throughout St. Mungo's*



Joost! - Nov 21, 2003 10:03 am (#1538 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 21, 2003 2:03 am

Congratulations Ticker!

I'm going now, this place really freaks me out...


Nox NotteTorrente - Nov 21, 2003 10:12 am (#1539 of 2955)

Congratulations Ticker!

I've been looking for St Mungo's since the Forum moved back here to World Crossing and couldn't find it. Would have been easier to ask someone for directions, but what can I say? I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.


Pinky - Nov 21, 2003 12:58 pm (#1540 of 2955)

*stands completely mesmerized by Nox's last smiley*


Ticker - Nov 21, 2003 5:09 pm (#1541 of 2955)

Thank you all! The decorations are lovely & the Abbyfetti has mesmerized Aria. Of course the squid-mobile is absolutely perfect.

It looks like there's enough left on Lucius' credit card for a round of Snape drinks - thanks everyone!


Gina R Snape - Nov 21, 2003 7:46 pm (#1542 of 2955)

No, no Ticker. The Snape drinks are on me. Use Lucius' money for something else!

By the way, Severus and I are considering a line of Snape baby formula. I'd be interested in knowing if there was a market for that.


Carina - Nov 22, 2003 2:37 am (#1543 of 2955)

Let's use the rest of the money to buy a bassinet in the house colors of Aria's choice!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ticker!


Susurro Notities - Nov 22, 2003 5:06 am (#1544 of 2955)

I assume the green bassinet with the darling snake design is out?


Madam Poppy - Nov 22, 2003 5:56 am (#1545 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 21, 2003 10:03 pm

Shhh! Keep it down...the baby is sleeping!

So glad to hear that Mother and babe are doing well. I've been anxiously pacing the floor for weeks! Aria is simply beautiful and she has Hair too!

I suppose you had enough Jello gelatin at the hospital? I'm sending instead some Jello pudding via owl post as a reward for a job well done! As one of Aria's Forum Godmothers, I'm also enclosing a box of Instant Night Sky. The package instructions say that it should be "Good for an entire year of gentle Moon and Star light. Guaranteed to bestow peaceful sleep to the most restless infant or senile Senior." The product is even personally endorsed by Albus Dumbledore, so it should be good.
Congrats to you and your husband! Shhh! Madam Poppy


Viola Intonada - Nov 22, 2003 9:15 pm (#1546 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 22, 2003 1:17 pm

Congrats, Ticker!!!! What a beautiful baby! Girls are so much fun, that is why I have two.

As soon as I finish my spell to dry out my viola I will play a nice lullaby.

Ah, there, nice and dry. *looks in horror at her viola*

Oh no! It shrank, now it is a violin, AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! I was never very good at enlargement spells, can anyone help me? I want my viola back!!!!


Madam Poppy - Nov 22, 2003 9:24 pm (#1547 of 2955)

Ohh Gina....Go to http://www.handbag.com/ and cast your vote for which Love Actually star would be you ideal date. So far, Alan Rickman has 35% and Colin Firth has 31%. (All other stars are left in the dust.) I'm afraid I'm a Firth Fan myself...*sigh*...Mr. Darcy.


Liz Mann - Nov 22, 2003 11:25 pm (#1548 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 22, 2003 3:25 pm

Calling all British St Mungo's patients... please vote for GoF in The Big Read if you haven't already done so. You can vote online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/bigread/vote/ or you can call them. I don't think voting online costs anything but best to check first. I didn't see anything that mentioned a cost. You have to be in Britain and you can only vote once. They apparently have ways of finding out if someone's voted more than once.



Gina R Snape - Nov 23, 2003 1:29 am (#1549 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 22, 2003 7:07 pm

Thanks, Poppy! I did just now.

By the way, you really shouldn't have popped in on 'ol Severus on the round robin. He's really ticked off!

(Gina, I edited out a word that is not appropriate for this forum. If you have any questions, e-mail me at pinkylexiconfan@yahoo.com.)


Madam Poppy - Nov 23, 2003 2:23 am (#1550 of 2955)

Oops, well Madam Poppy may be taking a short vacation!

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1551 to 1600

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:37 pm


Gina R Snape - Nov 23, 2003 3:15 am (#1551 of 2955)

awwwww. Don't let him scare you off! He'll surely need your help sooner or later...


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 23, 2003 6:40 am (#1552 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 22, 2003 10:42 pm

Hey, Liz, it doesn't cost anything to vote on the Big Read.

*the technically non-British Abby whistles nonchalantly*


Madam Poppy - Nov 23, 2003 12:27 pm (#1553 of 2955)

I have to ask Abby...is that your living room? You have an interesting decorating theme.


Carina - Nov 23, 2003 5:27 pm (#1554 of 2955)

And Liz, I'm not sure if they can tell how many times you vote...

*joins Abby whistling*


Liz Mann - Nov 23, 2003 9:38 pm (#1555 of 2955)

They can tell. I'm not sure how but they said they can tell.


Jim the Potty - Nov 23, 2003 10:16 pm (#1556 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 23, 2003 2:17 pm

Actually, it seems that they can't

.* tries to whistle*


Marie E. - Nov 24, 2003 1:27 am (#1557 of 2955)

If that's not Abby's living room, it should be. Gosh, I hope those things aren't stolen.


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 24, 2003 8:56 am (#1558 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 24, 2003 12:56 am

*stops whistling nonchalantly*

Honestly people. Where would my television go? No, it's not my living room, though that'd be rather nice. It's a replica of the antechamber in Tutankhamen's tomb. And none of it is stolen! I'm preparing for the 81st anniversary of said discovery on the 26th. How exciting is that? I so need to have a party. Oh, and Poppy, that is the best smilie ever!!

*gets out bagpipe in preparation*


Madam Poppy - Nov 24, 2003 4:09 pm (#1559 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 24, 2003 8:10 am

”Details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues, and gold--everywhere the glint of gold." --Howard Carter

...from the mist In a tomb?? He must have been an author too. That is descriptive writing! No wonder the world went crazy when King Tut's tomb was found.
(I'll send you my Tut Smilies if you want them Abby. )


Istari Jones - Nov 24, 2003 4:12 pm (#1560 of 2955)

Wow, Abby! You live in a replica of King Tut's Antechamber? (she says tongue in cheek...)


Pinky - Nov 24, 2003 5:10 pm (#1561 of 2955)

Good thing Mr. Carter wasn't all that curious about all that glint of gold.... *more tongue in cheek... or has it turned into cheekiness now?*


Viola Intonada - Nov 24, 2003 5:55 pm (#1562 of 2955)

Ooohhh! An Egyptian-themed party, what fun. We will have to invite Bill Weasley. He can tell us some stories about breaking curses for Gringott's Bank in Egypt.


Hem Hem - Nov 25, 2003 1:11 am (#1563 of 2955)

And we can invite a few of the Egyptian wizards who placed the curses on the tombs...!


Viola Intonada - Nov 25, 2003 1:37 am (#1564 of 2955)

* begins to play "Walk like an Egyptian" on the violin *

Anyone remember the enlarging spell? I'm getting desperate!


Pinky - Nov 25, 2003 3:10 am (#1565 of 2955)

Viola, is there a pumpkin patch anywhere near? Engorging spells and pumpkins are connected I think... at least where Hagrid is concerned!


Gina R Snape - Nov 25, 2003 3:25 am (#1566 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 24, 2003 7:26 pm

Viola, I think there might be some device in Abby's tomb that will help you with your little problem. Perhaps that's why she's posted that pic! I suggest you walk into the tomb and bring the erstwhile violin.


Istari Jones - Nov 25, 2003 3:43 am (#1567 of 2955)

Tell Bill Weasley not to bring Fleur...


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 25, 2003 7:22 am (#1568 of 2955)

Oh, if you haven't read Howard Carter's books, you definitely should!! What an incredibly captivating read! What flair for writing! The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen is the first one. It's a trilogy. The three are also available in a single volume, however, it has stuff cut out of it. Silly editors.

*plays along with "Walk Like an Egyptian" on bagpipe *


Viola Intonada - Nov 25, 2003 4:58 pm (#1569 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 25, 2003 8:59 am

The Egyptians must have been very proficient at engorgement spells. How else did they make those pyramids so large? So, Abby, do you have anything that can help me with my "little" problem?


Susurro Notities - Nov 26, 2003 3:51 am (#1570 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 25, 2003 7:54 pm

Calling all Slytherins Cha Cha Cha - Charmin


Carina - Nov 26, 2003 7:25 am (#1571 of 2955)

Try this, Viola... *waves her magic Twizzler over the violin which turns into a cello*

oops... sorry...


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 26, 2003 8:03 am (#1572 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 26, 2003 12:04 am

*rummages in bagpipe* Hmm, Viola. Now I have to shrink it. This may take some time. Just practice being Yo-Yo Ma for the time being.

*runs to get Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Music of John Williams CD in order to play along with it on bagpipe*


Marie E. - Nov 27, 2003 12:36 am (#1573 of 2955)

Magic Twizzler? Mmmm...twizzlers....

The staff is passing out slices of pumpkin pie, but their nervous cackling tells me that we should just say no.


Pinky - Nov 27, 2003 3:44 am (#1574 of 2955)

I have a brilliant idea! *grabs a piece of pumpkin pie and smears it on Viola's cello - then watches as cello shrinks to appropriate viola size* The staff meant to shrink us all to hobbit size! Thanks Viola! Here's your viola back - hope you don't mind the slight stickiness.


Madam Poppy - Nov 27, 2003 4:11 am (#1575 of 2955)

Here, have some Pepsi and popcorn while we watch some holiday movies.


Istari Jones - Nov 27, 2003 4:25 am (#1576 of 2955)

Oooo! We can watch the new Harry Potter trailer several times, also!


The Great Abbycadabra - Nov 27, 2003 5:40 am (#1577 of 2955)

Yay! Popcorn! Mmm... Thanks for catching that pumpkin pie scandal, Pinky. Don't think I'd like being hobbit sized. I imagine it'd be harder to play my bagpipe. And what a loss for all that would be!

*plays goofy Thanksgiving song from The Addams Family Values*

Happy, Happy Turkey Day! Hunger pains will go away! heehee


Carina - Nov 27, 2003 7:46 am (#1578 of 2955)

That's okay. The only reason I eat pumpkin pie is to smother it with whipped cream. *squirts Redi-whip in her mouth*


Denise P. - Nov 27, 2003 3:16 pm (#1579 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 27, 2003 7:17 am

I made our pumpkin pie last night and normally I smother it in whipped cream as well *swipes the Redi-Whip can away from Carina and runs it under hot water* The other half of NoVeil4Me saw that minimarshmallows melted on top looked good so we may try that. I also altered my standard recipe slightly to try something that...Madam L, Susurro or popkin...suggested....putting in some cream cheese. Yummmm! I also have a caramel apple pie.

Who brought the treacle toffee??


Gina R Snape - Nov 27, 2003 5:46 pm (#1580 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 27, 2003 9:47 am

Ooooh, Denise. I'm crashing your feast!!!!! YUM!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(Sorry, that was the closest I could find to a turkey!)


Liz Mann - Nov 27, 2003 6:46 pm (#1581 of 2955)

Here you go, Gina.


Istari Jones - Nov 27, 2003 10:00 pm (#1582 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 27, 2003 2:02 pm

Ahhh! Dressing! Lots and Lots of dressing with gravy! Caramel apple pie? That sounds really good! May I have some whipped cream on mine, also? Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Say, does anyone have any extra house elves out there that can help me do all my dishes?


Liz Mann - Nov 27, 2003 11:03 pm (#1583 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 27, 2003 3:06 pm

Never say that in front of Hermione, Istari!

I don't have a house-elf but my owl's pretty good at helping around the house.

Just keep an eye on him... things always seem to go missing when I let him help out.


Gina R Snape - Nov 28, 2003 5:41 am (#1584 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 27, 2003 9:41 pm

Things go missing? I'll say, Liz! the turkey smiley you posted up is already gone. (All I see is a question mark box).


Liz Mann - Nov 28, 2003 5:29 pm (#1585 of 2955)
Edited by Nov 28, 2003 9:30 am

I know! He must have taken it. Hold on a second...

*series of shouts, crashes and indignant hooting*

Okay, he says it has nothing to do with him and I've decided I'll believe him because the smilie is gone from the site I got it from as well. Unless he took that and all!


Viola Intonada - Dec 1, 2003 8:51 pm (#1586 of 2955)

Pinky, Thank you ever so much for getting my viola back to it's correct size!!!!

Do you think if I lick the rest of the pumpkin pie off of my viola that it might shrink my waistline back to where it was before Thanksgiving? I ate way too much.


Pinky - Dec 1, 2003 9:50 pm (#1587 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 1, 2003 1:51 pm

It's worth trying, Viola! And hey - we're all here to help each other out. I personally was stuck as a canary for several days after Halloween, so I understand how the holidays can be difficult for us here at St. Mungo's.


Viola Intonada - Dec 2, 2003 9:52 pm (#1588 of 2955)

I think someone must have placed an engorgement charm on my waistline, because it definitely seems to have gotten larger over the Thanksgiving holidays. Maybe it was just the entire casserole dish of dressing, pot of mashed potatoes and the pecan pie. Nah! Couldn't have been.

Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year, except I'm not a big turkey fan, but I do love all of the things you make from the byproducts, such as dressing and gravy.

* Licks some pumpkin pie off of viola*

Hum, I don't think it shrunk my waistline any. Does anything look smaller to you?


Liz Mann - Dec 2, 2003 10:54 pm (#1589 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 2, 2003 2:55 pm

Erm... I think that pumpkin pie must have had side effects because you're turning purple and breaking out in big purple spots!!! Madam Poppy, quick!!


Gina R Snape - Dec 3, 2003 1:58 am (#1590 of 2955)

Well, your outfit looks smaller, Viola. *evil grin*

Pinky, did your canary experience turn you off eating turkey?


Pinky - Dec 3, 2003 3:49 am (#1591 of 2955)

Well, I did have an allergic reaction to something after Thanksgiving dinner. We're still trying to figure out what it was. Perhaps there was a Weasley Wheeze hidden in the gravy? But I don't think I'll ever stop eating canary creams. Have one?


Carina - Dec 3, 2003 5:26 am (#1592 of 2955)

Viola, it wasn't an engorgement charm on your waistline, it was a shrinking charm on your clothes. I hate it when that happens...


Lenka - Dec 3, 2003 9:19 am (#1593 of 2955)

So now, just put a nice shrinking charm on yourself and you'll be just fine...


B]Gina R Snape[/B] - Dec 3, 2003 6:47 pm (#1594 of 2955)

Er, thanks Pinky. But I think I'll pass...


Liz Mann - Dec 3, 2003 9:10 pm (#1595 of 2955)

Me to.


Madam Poppy - Dec 4, 2003 10:08 pm (#1596 of 2955)

Now did you want the Shrinking or the Enlarging Potion?


Viola Intonada - Dec 5, 2003 1:47 am (#1597 of 2955)

The Shrinking Potion, please, Poppy. And about the purple spots, do you have a potion for them?


Gina R Snape - Dec 5, 2003 3:16 am (#1598 of 2955)

Hey, I just had to mention. I noticed on the Internet Movie Database today that Hugh Grant's birth name is Hugh John Mungo Grant.

Think he's any relation to our St. Mungo? I mean, it's got to be a family name, right?


Liz Mann - Dec 5, 2003 7:49 pm (#1599 of 2955)

Hugh John Mungo Grant? *snort*


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 8, 2003 7:54 am (#1600 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 7, 2003 11:56 pm

Hey everyone! Just checking in to play my bagpipe on post 1600, heeheehee. And to spread a little Abbyfetti to liven things up. ,';.',;.',;.',.;',;.',.;',;.',;.',;.',.;',;.',;.',;.',;',.;

*plays "Celebration" on bagpipe *
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1601 to 1650

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:15 pm


Ticker - Dec 8, 2003 9:24 pm (#1601 of 2955)

Hey congratulations Abby! Post 1600 - wow!

Mungo? What were his parents thinking?

Viola, if the shrinking potion works, let me know. They say it takes 9 months up & 9 months down, but isn't there a quicker-faster-cheaper way? Am I not American? Pass the Canary Creams & Pumpkin pie please.


Pinky - Dec 8, 2003 10:46 pm (#1602 of 2955)

*tosses a canary cream to Ticker* Hey Ticker, make sure your new little one doesn't lick these - I'm not sure if she would turn into a baby canary, or into an egg.


Gina R Snape - Dec 9, 2003 12:48 am (#1603 of 2955)

Actually, I think if Ticker had eaten it before the baby was born, she would have passed an egg instead of going into labour.

How is the little chick-a-dee doing, anyway?


Blast - Dec 9, 2003 2:13 am (#1604 of 2955)

Can anybody joint the party, or is this a fems only party? I brought some Honeyduke's best chocolate - a whole mound of it.


Marie E. - Dec 9, 2003 2:15 am (#1605 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 8, 2003 6:17 pm

How is the little chick, Ticker? Keeping her warm from the Dakota winter?

I think we are in need of another party. Something with spiced cider. Or something else wintery. And some nice Hugh John Mungo Grant movies.


Blast - Dec 9, 2003 2:40 am (#1606 of 2955)

Wasn't there a famous explorer named Mungo Park? Maybe old Hughey is somehow related to him.


Pinky - Dec 9, 2003 3:42 am (#1607 of 2955)

This is definitely not a fems only party! To be quite honest, I'm not always sure who is female and who is male unless I've gotten to know the poster a little better. I've been mistaken for a guy (and occasionally a canary), but I'm a girl. The only requirement for residency here at St. Mungo's is lunacy.


Gina R Snape - Dec 9, 2003 3:58 am (#1608 of 2955)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Honeyduke's chocolate.

Say, Blast, you're not one of the staff, are you? *raises an eyebrow*


Blast - Dec 9, 2003 4:57 am (#1609 of 2955)

The nearest thing to being a healer is that I er, have dissected a few things over the years. My NEWTs were in astrology, Muggle studies, charms, transfiguration, and care of magical creatures. Snape did not accept me into his NEWT potion class. Something about an experimental potion. He did not look the same with a green mohawk. But I got even a little while ago, what a difference one little letter in a potion can make.


Istari Jones - Dec 9, 2003 12:44 pm (#1610 of 2955)

Hello, 'Newt! Welcome aboard! (Hands 'Newt a flying bedpan). Yeah, green's not quite Snape's color, even though he is head of Gryffindor House. Shocking orange would have been better! Anyway, any guy that walks around with Honeydukes Chocolate is a vital addition to our little St. Mungo's ward (you are going to share that chocolate, aren't you?) I'm interested in which letter of which potion was changed....

Looks like you all were busy here last night, sorry I missed it!


Viola Intonada - Dec 9, 2003 7:00 pm (#1611 of 2955)

Blast end newt, welcome to St. Mungo's. Which color would you prefer for your straight jacket? Anyone bearing chocolate is most welcome!

I think purple would have been more Snape's color. But I would have loved to see the green!

Ticker, the shrinking potion worked great. I highly recommend it, but I would definitely keep it out of baby's reach. (I don't want to discourage you, but it took me three years to get my figure back after my second, (and last) child.)


Liz Mann - Dec 9, 2003 7:17 pm (#1612 of 2955)

Welcome, Blast Ended Newt, welcome aboard!

Hey, what ever happened to that Jello Submarine on the EZBoard St Mungo's? Was it a Jello Submarine? It was a submarine anyway.


Gina R Snape - Dec 9, 2003 9:15 pm (#1613 of 2955)

Have you gone MAD, Istari?!?! My Severus is not head of Gryffindor House!

And, yes, Viola, I agree that purple would be a good colour for him. Hmmmmm, what to get him for a present this year...


Liz Mann - Dec 9, 2003 10:36 pm (#1614 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 9, 2003 2:36 pm

How about purple robes? After all, he can't go on wearing black all his life. Or bottle green? Or maybe bright pink!


Istari Jones - Dec 9, 2003 11:52 pm (#1615 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 9, 2003 3:53 pm

Oh, my golly! Just got done re-reading my post from this morning, and my sincerest apologies to Gina and her dear Sevvie! I'm such a Dunderhead! Of course Snape's head of Slytherin house! And yes, of course I'm mad! That's why I'm here at St. Mungo's. Now if you said "Have you gone STUPID, Istari?!?" I would have had to say well, duhh, Gina, yes! Oh, my . . . I haven't written something that stupid in print ... well,... not since we were writing about ARs attributes and got Kippendoed by Kip several months ago!

Again, I'm sorry, Professor Snape and Gina...will you forgive me?


Gina R Snape - Dec 10, 2003 12:46 am (#1616 of 2955)

I've talked it over with Severus and he says he'll allow you to plead insanity. It is, he says, your only defense.

I don't mind if he wears black the rest of his life. But he does own a few others. He's worn a dark green one to Quidditch matches. But I do think he'll be quite dashing in purple. It will compliment his jet black hair, eyes and appealingly pallid complexion.

Oh, and for the holidays we are marketing a line of eggnog! With or without red currant rum (Fudge's favourite, he's ordered 3 cases already).


Istari Jones - Dec 10, 2003 3:35 am (#1617 of 2955)

Plead insanity? Ohh, gee whiz! That'll be easy!

Speaking of colors, let's don't discount white! ...In years past I've seen the dear Professor in a sparkling white Elvis outfit, complete with a white and silver sequined robe that had all the ladies "all shook up", especially when he did his Elvis Presley impersonation. And I believe you yourself had a nice picture of him in John Travolta's white Saturday Night Fever leisure suit, Gina!

My personal favorites continue to be his ballroom dancing dresses Wink


Blast - Dec 10, 2003 4:03 am (#1618 of 2955)

Chocolate for everybody. I would like a yellow straightjacket with pinstripes. Let’s get some floo powder and play knicky knicky fireplace. Did you know that Weasley's wobble but they don't fall down?


Viola Intonada - Dec 10, 2003 6:12 pm (#1619 of 2955)

Lol, Blast! Ah, a yellow straight jacket, such a happy color.

Liz, the sub ended up being a giant balloon and I think it got popped during one of our moves.

Istari, is it possible that it was your inner seer speaking (typing) when you said Snape was the head of Gryffindor? Were there ever any seers in your family? Didn't I hear something about JKR saying in an interview that someone will be changing houses in one of the upcoming books? Hum....


Gina R Snape - Dec 10, 2003 6:21 pm (#1620 of 2955)

Alas, Istari, that was the now long-lost Diagon Nilly who had Severus in the Saturday Night Fever suit. And I assure you, that was not voluntary. It was pure blackmail.

Severus in white. Oh please oh please oh please let him not have heard that! There will be no peace at the dinner table this evening. Oh the grousing. It'll be worse than after that time Dumbledore made him open the Christmas cracker and the stuffed vulture hat came out.


Liz Mann - Dec 10, 2003 11:38 pm (#1621 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 10, 2003 3:40 pm

Aw, poor Gina.

Whatever happened to Diagon Nilly anyway??


Istari Jones - Dec 11, 2003 1:28 am (#1622 of 2955)

Gee, Viola, there was a seer in the family, of a sort. Uncle Myopia was a peeping tom. He was a little dimwitted, also. Turns out he thought the windows he was looking through were muggle TVs. It wasn't until he got new glasses that he realized what he had been doing. Boy, was he ever embarrassed.

Yeah, where is D'nilly? Did she leave St. Mungo's forever? Please tell me she wasn't cured! She added so much to our little family. I hope she comes back soon!

Gina! Awww, come on now! He was quite the Elvis impersonator - quite dazzling in that white cape and all. But, alas, earwax! I guess it is but a piece of his past he wants to remain hidden. How churlish of me to bring up such a painful memory for him! Please forgive me. It shall never be mentioned again. (unless, of course, I'm feeling particularly mischievous!)


Blast - Dec 11, 2003 3:49 am (#1623 of 2955)

Hey I hear that the St. Mungo's staff Christmas party is this Saturday night. Rumors are that they want to give us sleeping potions to keep us quiet. Jokes on them though, I intercepted the owl booking the entertainment, and booked Weird Al Yakovic instead. He's a squib, BTW. I hope they like polkas.


Gina R Snape - Dec 11, 2003 4:20 am (#1624 of 2955)

Weird Al Yankovic? Thanks, but I think I'd rather take the sleeping draught.

Istari, we all have things from our pasts better left there. I once did an online sorting hat quiz and was happy to be randomly sorted into Gryffindor. Little did I know at the time...


Istari Jones - Dec 11, 2003 4:21 am (#1625 of 2955)

Brilliant, 'Newt! (or is it "Blast"?) Love that Weird Al Yankovic! But the parties we have here won't just be for Saturday night, it'll be party time till New Year's for us!


Istari Jones - Dec 11, 2003 4:23 am (#1626 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 10, 2003 8:23 pm

We must have posted at the same time, Gina, but I guess that just verifies you and Severus are just latent Gryffindors! Smile


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 11, 2003 4:37 am (#1627 of 2955)

Whoo! I love Weird Al!!

*plays "Grapefruit Diet" on bagpipe, forget the accordion *


Gina R Snape - Dec 12, 2003 12:47 am (#1628 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 11, 2003 4:47 pm

Latent Gryffindors? No way!!!!


Istari Jones - Dec 12, 2003 2:47 am (#1629 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 11, 2003 6:48 pm

(If any one's looking for me, I'll be hiding in my room until Gina forgets a few of my last posts........)


Susurro Notities - Dec 12, 2003 4:16 am (#1630 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 11, 2003 8:16 pm

Can I play along on my Kazoo Abby?


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 12, 2003 5:08 am (#1631 of 2955)

Of course you can, Susurro! Get down with your bad self!


Madam Poppy - Dec 12, 2003 6:59 am (#1632 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 11, 2003 10:59 pm

I tell you the granite floors in the wards are killing my feet! I have to work till 11:00 p.m. this weekend, so I will be late for the Staff Party. I'll be the gal in the corner, soaking her feet in a bucket of hot water. I wish I could fly around on a broom instead!


Susurro Notities - Dec 12, 2003 3:06 pm (#1633 of 2955)

Put some marbles and smelly soap in the water Madam Poppy - your feet will be good as new. I will play Canon and Gigue for 3 Violins and Basso Continuo in D Major: Canon for you on the Kazoo to enhance your relaxation.


Liz Mann - Dec 12, 2003 6:02 pm (#1634 of 2955)

I'm decorating for Christmas.

Okay, so I went a bit overboard. Are we having a party on here on Christmas Day?


Istari Jones - Dec 12, 2003 7:22 pm (#1635 of 2955)

How wonderfully lovely, Liz! Will you come do my room? I don't really like to decorate...


Liz Mann - Dec 12, 2003 7:55 pm (#1636 of 2955)

You can borrow as many of them as you like, Istari. And if anyone can find any other decorations, that'd be great.


Istari Jones - Dec 12, 2003 10:53 pm (#1637 of 2955)

Thank you, Liz. I wonder if we can talk Madame Pomfrey into asking Professor Flitwick to do some volunteer work here also. He always decorated the Hogwarts trees beautifully. Live fairies on the Christmas tree would be beautiful!


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 13, 2003 12:22 am (#1638 of 2955)

Ooh, pretty, Liz! We do need to have a holiday party soon. We also need to have a party to celebrate the end of exams!! Yay!! Abbyfetti all around!! ,';.',;.',;.',;.,'.;',.',.;',;.',;.',;.',;.',;.',;.',;.


Blast - Dec 13, 2003 12:51 am (#1639 of 2955)

Just received an Owl from the older little Blast End Newt. She got a NEWT in art at University. Good thing she didn't take after me, all I can draw are pigs, cats, Snoopy, and stick people. What floor are we on anyway? The Owl had a hard time finding me.


Gina R Snape - Dec 13, 2003 2:11 am (#1640 of 2955)

Poor, poor Istari. You can come out now. I promise not to bite.

Here, in a gesture of forgiveness, I give you a cup of our newest drink... Snapenog. Just for the holidays...

Happy Holidays!


Istari Jones - Dec 13, 2003 4:14 am (#1641 of 2955)

Wait...wait, wait, wait, Gina! (See how excited I get about things!) Don't call it Snapenog - call it "Snog" instead! That way we can "snog" all through the holidays! (And you and Severus can "snog" all you want (Ha!)

Mmmm! Yummy! (Hic!)I really like Snapesnog...Snopsnog...Snogging! drunken


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 13, 2003 5:10 am (#1642 of 2955)


*plays "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" on, what else?, bagpipe*


Blast - Dec 13, 2003 5:38 am (#1643 of 2955)

No dairy products for me. How about Snoke,or a Snepsi. Weird Al hasn't done a Potter parody yet has he?


Istari Jones - Dec 13, 2003 5:39 am (#1644 of 2955)

Add a little of Susurro's Kazoo music, Viola's viola/violin and a chorus of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song and we'll be ready to party!


Blast - Dec 13, 2003 5:44 am (#1645 of 2955)

Can we sing “O Potter, you rotter’ from the Peeves’ greatest hits Cd?


Marè - Dec 13, 2003 11:14 am (#1646 of 2955)

Hmmm, you can sing, I will stick to listening. I'm not a very good singer...

Maybe we can all prepare a play! We could do a Christmas carol Harry Potter style!


Viola Intonada - Dec 13, 2003 4:17 pm (#1647 of 2955)

We will have to ask Weird Al to do a Harry Potter song. He hasn't done one yet that I have heard of.

*Tunes up viola ready to play some Christmas Carols*

BTW, I got a temporary pass last night so I could go play in our Christmas concert for my orchestra. It went pretty well.


Blast - Dec 13, 2003 8:06 pm (#1648 of 2955)

Has anybody been down in the basement? It's strange down there. Instead of House Elves, they are developing Hospital Elves. The only problem is they can't get them to work on Wednesday afternoons.


Gina R Snape - Dec 13, 2003 10:36 pm (#1649 of 2955)

Ooooh, I like it Istari!!! A round of S'nog for everyone!

Soy-based S'nog available for the lactose intolerant.


Liz Mann - Dec 13, 2003 11:15 pm (#1650 of 2955)

We could sing “O Come Ye Merry Hippogriffs!” And “Remus the Teenage Werewolf” (Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer). Lyrics to the latter (not by me): http://sekaiseifuku.net/teenagewerewolf.txt

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1651 to 1700

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:21 pm


Gina R Snape - Dec 14, 2003 1:09 am (#1651 of 2955)

Aaaah, Liz. What a great filk!


Istari Jones - Dec 14, 2003 4:13 am (#1652 of 2955)

Ahhh, yes, Gina, and if the Potions Master combined S'nog with a quality Love Potion, well now, that would certainly be something to write home about!


Gina R Snape - Dec 14, 2003 4:57 am (#1653 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 13, 2003 8:57 pm


I, er, don't suppose you've read my fanfiction have you? Above theme (in general) explored. But you have to check out of St. Mungo's to, er, go there.


Blast - Dec 14, 2003 5:41 am (#1654 of 2955)

How about Snog made with goat's milk? Maybe that what Aberforth was charged for, Goat snog.

But back to the fun. Chocolate all around!! “I saw three Wizards come flying in on Christmas day in the morning.” Then there is “Ronald the Red- Haired Weasley.” (sung to Rudolph The red nosed Reindeer.)


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 14, 2003 7:12 am (#1655 of 2955)

Gosh, now I have that Alvin and the Chipmunks song stuck in my head. Oh, well. So, what are we playing?

*readies bagpipe in anticipation*


Istari Jones - Dec 14, 2003 4:00 pm (#1656 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 14, 2003 8:08 am

(*Goat snog!* Snort!) No I haven't, Gina. Can you tell me where it's at? e-mail me the site if need be;) I really dig that Alvin and the Chimpmunk song, Abby! Great job on the bagpipe!


Lenka - Dec 14, 2003 5:47 pm (#1657 of 2955)

Yeah, Gina, you need to tell us where it is in order for us to read it.




Liz Mann - Dec 14, 2003 8:00 pm (#1658 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 14, 2003 12:01 pm

I'd like to read it, too, Gina.


Gina R Snape - Dec 15, 2003 1:19 am (#1659 of 2955)

Oh, dear. I think I may have posted out of step during a particularly jovial moment after too much S'nog.

Lenka (and Liz too, I think), I cannot send you the link for my stories. They are not appropriate for someone of your age.

I do, however, plan on writing something post-able for this site at some point in the future.

I hope I don't get kippendoe'd for this!

2 free rounds of S'nog for everyone on account of my mistake.


Susurro Notities - Dec 15, 2003 6:25 am (#1660 of 2955)

I say we play "Hello I Love You" in honor of Gina. Kazoo is ready.


Marè - Dec 15, 2003 12:21 pm (#1661 of 2955)

Well, you didn't put things unappropriate (I really can't pronounce this word, with or without S'nog!) on this site, did you?
all you did was make Liz and Lenka extremely curious... *insert evil grin here*

But I think they can handle it! Ladies don't tell me you already read all of this site's stories yet. For that matter is there any-one who has been able to read all the stories? How much have the "locals" been able of reading of this vast amount of material?


Pinky - Dec 15, 2003 1:34 pm (#1662 of 2955)

*insert very smug grin* I have read all of the stories on this site. At one point or another, I have read (or scanned when in a pinch) every single post on this entire forum. I can't say that about the main forum - I have almost 9,000 unread posts over there. But, I have managed to stay current over here, and I plan to keep it that way. *is dragged away to the "I read way too much Harry Potter FanFiction" ward*


Gina R Snape - Dec 15, 2003 3:23 pm (#1663 of 2955)

Oh, Pinky. Make room in the "I read way too much Harry Potter fanfiction" ward. I'll just place a revolving door between it and the Snape ward. Especially since I almost exclusively read Snape fanfiction. Hmmm, there must be a way to combine the two.

Thanks for the back-up Marè. I hadn't thought I'd done anything seriously wrong. Living with the Potions Master, one learns the value of holding your tongue. Today, for instance, it is firmly planted in cheek.

Some more S'nog perhaps?


Liz Mann - Dec 15, 2003 3:49 pm (#1664 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 15, 2003 7:51 am

I cannot send you the link for my stories. They are not appropriate for someone of your age.

Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2775603007
Hem hem! I am going to be 18 in six months!


Marè - Dec 15, 2003 5:13 pm (#1665 of 2955)

Honestly? I thought you were 14, or 16? Wait maybe you were 16 in the beginning of this forum? Man, we are hanging around here wayyyy too long!

On another note: I am quit in shock *GASP* my housemates, ate....dare I say it? Calamari! Last night. My continuing threats about how they were dooming the entire world by taking away such a powerful person and how they would never be welcome in St. Mungo's did not seem to bother them at all!


Viola Intonada - Dec 15, 2003 6:33 pm (#1666 of 2955)

I guess I will have to go to the "reads too slow to even consider reading all of the posts" ward. I'm happy if I keep up with St. Mungo's. I have not even stayed remotely current with the main sight since it moved back to WX. I'll comfort myself with some more Snog.


Pinky - Dec 15, 2003 8:26 pm (#1667 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 15, 2003 12:26 pm

It's okay, Viola. I started reading this forum long before you were here. There's plenty of time to catch up.

Marè - tell me you didn't succumb to any tasty aromas and try even the slightest bit of calamari! Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 67191906


Maré - Dec 15, 2003 8:33 pm (#1668 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 15, 2003 12:35 pm

And no Pinky, I didn't eat calamari, I'm one of these goofy persons who have this thing about not eating animals.

O well, I ate some when I was little. Heheheh, my parents gave some calamari-rings (the ones with dough around it and baked in oil) to my brother and me. We liked it a lot. Then my father insisted on telling us what it was that we were eating, I remember that my mother told him not too, and my father thought he could, because we had just said we liked it a lot!

Needless to say, half a minute later we decided it was yuckie, absolutely horrible and we were not going to eat anymore ever again! And you know what, I think we kept our word.

Hmmm maybe I should feed my brother some, see how he likes it... *insert evil grin once more*


Gina R Snape - Dec 15, 2003 10:11 pm (#1669 of 2955)

Aaawwww. You know, not every squid is Dumbledore. Only one. I think the key is to catch the squid when you know Dumbledore is in human form. Then it's ok to eat. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 67191906

And, yes Marè, our forum members are getting older every day. Of course, that does not mean you and I are getting older every day!

Liz, write me in six months if you are still interested...


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 16, 2003 5:59 am (#1670 of 2955)

I'm sorry everyone! I was in a pirate-y Survivor daze. What song should I be playing? Man, maybe I just need some S'nog. Is it better than eggnog? Because I don't really care for that. Maybe I should just get some Dr. Pepper.

*gets out bagpipe and plays the Survivor theme music*


Liz Mann - Dec 16, 2003 3:51 pm (#1671 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 16, 2003 7:53 am

Hey, Abby, play “Something Wicked This Way Comes!”

By the way, that smilie I just posted, is it meant to be looking delighted or sticking it's tongue out? Cos I always thought it was the first one but now that I've got my new monitor it looks like the second.


Gina R Snape - Dec 16, 2003 4:14 pm (#1672 of 2955)

Hey, guys. I had the weirdest dream last night.

I dreamt I was attending a muggle University and Severus Snape was a professor there in the science department. I was his lab assistant or something, and a student who had a crush on him. I stopped in all the time and offered to help out in the lab and I was the only student he was nice to.

So, in my dream I stopped by his office to say hello and see if he needed help skinning shrivelfigs or something, and the Dean of the School was sitting at his desk. I asked her what happened and she said his employment was terminated because of all the strange things in his office. They suspected he'd lost his mind because he thought he was practicing witchcraft and potions making instead of science. (And he wore his black robes at the muggle University).

I went to his refrigerator, because I knew there were some very important samples of things in there and everything was cleaned out. And the Dean came up to me and said "There were so many disgusting things in there, we will have to triple disinfect it before I can keep my lunch in it." I sat down at a folding chair at a work table and started to cry. I cried and cried and the Dean could not understand why I was so upset that Snape was gone. But then I discovered a phial of something on one of the shelves and figured out that he'd left it for me so I could track him down and I knew he would be ok.

Weird dream, huh? I think it's come from all the talk about detention with Snape.


Liz Mann - Dec 16, 2003 6:07 pm (#1673 of 2955)

Cool dream, Gina!


Blast - Dec 16, 2003 11:32 pm (#1674 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 16, 2003 3:33 pm

Gina lay off the snog before going to bed. That was a real nightmare. Imagine Snape teaching at a muggle university, gives me the creeps. Not Snape, the Muggle University. Probably N.Y.U. How's the Snoat coming along? Snog made with some of Aberforth's magical goat milk. Chocolate all around!! *plays Greensleaves on the Jingle Cats.* The only other song they know is, “I like tuna , I like liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver.”


Gina R Snape - Dec 17, 2003 12:27 am (#1675 of 2955)

I'm sorry, Blast. There will be no Snoat...

To add insult to injury, Snape's office quarters were flooded with sunlight. Could you imagine?!


Blast - Dec 17, 2003 3:12 am (#1676 of 2955)

Chocolate all around!! Hey I got the Jingle Cats, any requests?


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 17, 2003 5:57 am (#1677 of 2955)

Hmm, sounds like the dream of someone who dislikes bagpipes. By the way, Liz, I've always taken that smilie to be a tongue sticking out.

*plays “Something Wicked This Way Comes” on the bagpipe*


Istari Jones - Dec 17, 2003 4:16 pm (#1678 of 2955)

Hey, look what I've found...*rummages through an old broom closet* "Stubby Boardman and the Hobgoblins Greatest Hits" *Reads back of album cover* "Stubby and the Hobgoblins rock like an exploding cauldron with their latest, greatest hits. Stubby, renowned for his skills on the magical bagpipes, gets everyone rocking worse than a Tarantellegra spell with his ear splitting chords."

And look! Here's an old Daily Prophet article someone cut out: "Stubby Boardman stated in a news conference today he's quitting the music business. He was hit in the ear with a turnip at his last concert which led to the decision to end his music career."

Pleiades Smythe, a former fan of the group and witness to the incident reports: It was awful! Everytime he played the bagpipes our hair began to curl and our noses began bleed! He just wouldn't stop! We began throwing turnips because we couldn't find any bricks. Someone had to stop him! It was horrible."

So, Abby..."Something Wicked this Way Comes"......do you mean.....you and your bagpipes? *Grins mischievously*


Liz Mann - Dec 17, 2003 4:51 pm (#1679 of 2955)

Poor Stubby! We began throwing turnips because we couldn't find any bricks. Lol!

And Istari, that's not a very nice thing to say to Abby!


Gina R Snape - Dec 17, 2003 6:47 pm (#1680 of 2955)

Poor Abby. Finds out I don't like bagpipes, then gets hit with Istari's story.

I do feel for you, luv.


Istari Jones - Dec 17, 2003 7:57 pm (#1681 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 17, 2003 11:58 am

Awww, come on guys.... At any rate, I didn't write it, I just read it...It was in the Prophet so it must be true!

Sorry, Abby, I am just teasing you:] I actually like both bagpipe music and your music selections. I played several instruments myself. My first instrument was the clarinet, but now I play them all nearly as badly as I play the piano. Believe me, that's pretty bad........


Blast - Dec 17, 2003 8:50 pm (#1682 of 2955)

Never mind, Abbey, you play anything your little heart desires. How about some Eric Clapton. BTW he's half Wizard, half Muggle. Snog with Olde Ogden's Firewhisky, for everyone.


Pinky - Dec 18, 2003 12:34 am (#1683 of 2955)

Hey Abby, can you teach me to play the bagpipes? I've always wanted to learn, but have never had the opportunity. Maybe I'm the wicked thing coming this way as I practice the bagpipes. *evil grin*


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 18, 2003 4:17 am (#1684 of 2955)

Aye, I thought Istari was off to pick a fight. But, yes, that is very unfortunate for poor Stubby. I feel for you, man.

And, not to worry, Blast. People's dislike of my music never stopped me before. What'd be the point if I didn't annoy some people along the way? I don't believe I've ever played any Eric Clapton on bagpipe before. Anything of his in particular?

It's very simple to play bagpipe, Pinky. You just need a simple bagpipe playing spell. Here, let me get my copy of Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Magical Melodies. The proper spell should be in there somewhere.


Gina R Snape - Dec 18, 2003 4:24 am (#1685 of 2955)

Isn't his guide to magical maladies? Oh, well. I guess in this case they are not much different.


Istari Jones - Dec 18, 2003 5:02 am (#1686 of 2955)

Oh, Abby, I wasn't out to pick a fight. Maybe it was all that S'nog I drank. Like I said some place, I do like bagpipe music. Say, can you play any Village people songs? I know sounds crazy, but I just don't think you've really heard "Macho Man" until you've heard it on the bagpipes.....


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 18, 2003 5:40 am (#1687 of 2955)

Ah, Istari. I suppose I forgive you. Macho Man! I've got to try that. And I'm ignoring Gina's comment.

*picks up bagpipe and plays “Macho Man” *


Liz Mann - Dec 18, 2003 8:43 pm (#1688 of 2955)

I wouldn't trust a book by Lockhart if I were you, Abby.

Not that I don't like bagpipes but since they're really loud I think I'll get some of those earmuffs Professor Sprout uses when tending the Mandrakes for when you're practicing Pinky, or I won't be able to read my Harry Potter books properly!


Istari Jones - Dec 18, 2003 8:47 pm (#1689 of 2955)

*Sniff!* *Wipes away a tear* Beautiful, Abby! Now I know it's Christmas!


Madam Pince - Dec 18, 2003 11:14 pm (#1690 of 2955)

Hi everyone! **comes into room, irritably shaking a bedpan off her left foot**

I seem to have been lost in a maze of corridors for a few weeks. I can't really remember where I was, either, except I KNOW I was looking for the Neonatal Ward. And so I see that Ticker and family get congratulations! Your little one is so sweet! And all that dark hair! She could be related to the Potters! Congrats and enjoy this special little tax deduction! Hope you're getting lots of rest!

Gina, your post about your dream reminded me of mine which I meant to tell you about if I ever saw you in chat, which I haven't, so... I dreamed I went to a hotel for a convention or something, and there was a movie set going on, and Alan Rickman was there. (This was right after you met him at the premier so I'm sure that's why I dreamed it.) Anyway, I was jostled by the crowd so that I was up close to the velvet rope, and when he came by I shook his hand and then leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek and told him "That's from a friend of mine -- she's your biggest fan and would never forgive me if I didn't give you a little kiss." (Meaning you, of course.) And, of all things, if he didn't get all mean and nasty and act just like Uncle Vernon -- said "As IF I'd want a kiss from YOU!" and walked away rolling his eyes. I was so hurt and embarrassed. When I woke up I was STILL hurt and embarrassed. It's the oddest thing, but I can't seem to like Alan Rickman as much anymore (which I know is totally unfair because it was just a silly dream, for goodness sake.) So anyway.... But I did try to convey your admiration to him, although I apparently failed miserably....

Where IS that S'nog? I think I need some comfort....*sniff*


Liz Mann - Dec 18, 2003 11:43 pm (#1691 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 18, 2003 3:44 pm

Aw, poor Madam Pince! Oh well, at least he didn't turn out to be Voldie in disguise or something.


Gina R Snape - Dec 19, 2003 2:57 am (#1692 of 2955)

Madam Pince! I am honoured!!! Truly and honestly. Thank you for sharing that.

I can tell you from others' reactions that Mr. Rickman is not that rude and insensitive in person. Perhaps that will help you overcome your feelings a bit. I have read many, many, accounts of his interactions with fans and he has never been anything but charming and gracious and warm. Except once when some bloody idiot asked him to autograph something from Professor Snape, and then his inner Snape came out. And honestly, can you blame him for it?!

So, anyway, thank you so much for thinking of me--even whilst unconscious!

Here is a complimentary S'nog for you.


Istari Jones - Dec 19, 2003 4:08 am (#1693 of 2955)

Awwww, Madame Pince, what a nightmare! Maybe in your dream he really wasn't AR, but a nasty little cretin who had drunk some Polyjuice Potion.


Blast - Dec 19, 2003 5:04 am (#1694 of 2955)

Yeah maybe it was a certain actor from the X-Files who drank the Polyjuice potion. I can't even seem to recall his name now. Guess he had his three minutes of fame. I hear that some professional athletes act like that too. Just like Lockhart said “fame is fickle, Harry.” Too bad all celebrities don't take a page out of Lockhart’s book. Treat them all with respect and you will be loved eternally. BTW let's strike up the band. Abby how about Greenesleaves? It is a beautiful song and was written by someone called Harry! Shortbreads all around tonight. They are all shaped like the Hogwarts express engine.


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 19, 2003 8:22 am (#1695 of 2955)

Well, Liz, seeing as my Lockhart book is signed by the man himself, I'm rather partial to it. Besides, I am in St. Mungo's after all. And thanks for the compliment, Istari.

Oooh, how awful, Madam Pince. I'd say the polyjuice potion is the best explanation for that behaviour on Mr. Rickman's part.

Okay, then. We have a song. Who is with me?


Blast - Dec 19, 2003 10:47 am (#1696 of 2955)

I brought my bassoon and for entertainment some dancing chickens. Play on MacDuff.


Jim the Potty - Dec 19, 2003 10:34 pm (#1697 of 2955)

Psssst...Blast I have 'acquired' some Sn'oat from a guy in a pub who called himself 'Dung'. I swapped it for some cauldrons that fell off the back of a broom. Just don't let the staff know I got it for you- it’s banned due to causing heart failure apparently.

Abby, if you want something to play, try my new and improved version of “ 'Tis the season to be jolly.”


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 20, 2003 3:20 am (#1698 of 2955)

Heeheehee, I must say, Jim, I like that version better than the original.

Now the bassoon is a cool instrument. Anyone else care to join?

*warms up bagpipe*


Blast - Dec 20, 2003 3:36 am (#1699 of 2955)

Gina, Severus could market his own line of Ice Wine, Snice. The marketing tool could be, It's nice just like me, Severus Snape, more than just a potion master.


Liz Mann - Dec 20, 2003 1:11 pm (#1700 of 2955)

Jim, I love your lyrics!

I'm going shopping for some supplies for a Christmas party.
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Istari Jones - Dec 20, 2003 2:54 pm (#1701 of 2955)

Well, Abby, I used to play a Clarinet and a saxophone way back when...If you wouldn't mind a few sour, squawky notes until I warmed up, well, I'd be happy to join in. Gee, a Bassoon, a Bagpipes, a Clarinet, a Viola, and a Kazoo...did I forget anyone? Hey! We've got the makings of an ensemble! Let's play!

Jim can be the lyricist to any songs we play!


Liz Mann - Dec 20, 2003 3:30 pm (#1702 of 2955)

Maybe you lot can be play the Weird Sisters in the GoF movie!


Jim the Potty - Dec 20, 2003 3:56 pm (#1703 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 20, 2003 7:58 am

I should probably admit that my friend, "Comrade Tyler", is half responsible for " 'tis the trolley "


Viola Intonada - Dec 20, 2003 3:57 pm (#1704 of 2955)

I'm here with my viola, let's strike up the "band". Maybe we should name ourselves!

Well, I'm heading away for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone! Hey, may I have some Snog for the road? I'm not driving, I promise.


Gina R Snape - Dec 20, 2003 4:06 pm (#1705 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 20, 2003 8:08 am

Consumer Warning!
Do not imbibe a product named "Snoat" if you come across it. "Snoat" is not an official product of Snape Beverages Inc. It's contents are unknown and may cause damage.

Gina R Snape, Snape Beverages Official Spokeswitch
Snape Beverages, Inc. Hogsmeade, UK.

Quote from Severus Snape "If that effing lying, cheating, stinking near-squib ever tries to imitate one of my products again I'll...(edited for inappropriate content).

Please remember that S'nog is available to all, including Soy-Snog for the lactose intolerant, with or without red currant rum (as requested by the Minister for Magic himself!). All Snape beverages are kosher and safe for consumption.

Be responsible. Do not drink and fly...do not drink and floo... Snog with rum has been specially designed not to have an ill effect on minors. So don't get any ideas!

Blast, Severus is not planning on marketing a line of ice wine at this time. The last time he tried, someone charmed all the labels to say "Swine" Sorry, mate.


Jim the Potty - Dec 20, 2003 4:31 pm (#1706 of 2955)

Uh oh. *hides the Sn'oat*


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 21, 2003 6:13 am (#1707 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 20, 2003 10:14 pm

*plays along with Jim's lovely song while he nonchalantly hides the Snoat*


Blast - Dec 21, 2003 9:08 am (#1708 of 2955)

It's funny - - there is a dairy called Hewlits that specializes in goat milk products, they have quite a large following because some people are allergic or have bad reaction to cow's milk. They make goat's milk cheese, ice cream, butter, and I think egg nog. If we get up to the Dairy over the holidays, I think I'll get some. A little magic, and you never know. So much for reality, Snog and Hagrid's homemade fruitcake all around.


Blast - Dec 21, 2003 12:20 pm (#1709 of 2955)

Hey, Mundungus just tried to sell me a hot wand. Thirteen inches with an enchanted goat's hair for a core. It did some very baaad magic, although it could make a very refreshing festive beverage.


Liz Mann - Dec 21, 2003 5:21 pm (#1710 of 2955)

It did some very baaad magic... Lol!


Istari Jones - Dec 21, 2003 11:42 pm (#1711 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 21, 2003 3:43 pm

Uhhh, 'Newt....when did you start growing horns and a beard? And hooves?

Gee Abby, maybe you can start playing "Baaaaad to the Bone"


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 22, 2003 8:20 am (#1712 of 2955)

Heh, fine by me!


Susurro Notities - Dec 22, 2003 8:45 pm (#1713 of 2955)

I would play Baaaaad to the Bone on the Kazoo, but I am busy knitting earmuffs for those of you who like your music subdued. I was thinking hot pink to match your hoodies and red to match your lovely jackets. I could use a Snog.


Blast - Dec 22, 2003 11:17 pm (#1714 of 2955)

How about some pastoral music, I'm feeling sheepish tonight. BTW, Istari that would make me a Satyr, they're kind of the Centaurs hedonistic cousins. I am long past my hedonistic cycle of life. But let’s party anyway. Chocolate all around.


Liz Mann - Dec 22, 2003 11:23 pm (#1715 of 2955)

I wonder if Satyrs will ever appear in the Harry Potter books.


Blast - Dec 23, 2003 12:20 am (#1716 of 2955)

That would be neat. Scene the students walk into the Hogshead and a bunch of Satyrs are having a dwarf-tossing contest, then they start hitting on Prof. McGonagall.


Gina R Snape - Dec 23, 2003 3:07 am (#1717 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 22, 2003 7:08 pm

Could I get silver earmuffs with green Slytherin snakes on them? I'd gladly offer you a Snog in return.

Edit: Severus just whispered in my ear that he'd like a black pair with the Slytherin snake if possible, too.


Istari Jones - Dec 23, 2003 3:41 am (#1718 of 2955)

Satyr...Satyr....ahhh, yes. That has something to do with irony, right?


Susurro Notities - Dec 23, 2003 5:27 am (#1719 of 2955)

Fair trade for a Snog - You will both look marvelous.


Blast - Dec 23, 2003 10:32 am (#1720 of 2955)

Happy Festivus everybody.


Liz Mann - Dec 23, 2003 9:28 pm (#1721 of 2955)

It is nearly Christmas!!


Blast - Dec 24, 2003 5:09 am (#1722 of 2955)

Gina is Snog cat- friendly? My Cat just helped me drink a glass. He loved it. (Personally I think he's an Animagus he acts too human to be a feline.)


Gina R Snape - Dec 24, 2003 5:24 am (#1723 of 2955)

I'm not sure if Snog is cat-friendly, actually. I know milk can make a kitty congested. I guess you will just have to wait and see. My Fabergé and Nymphadora have not shown any interest. Could it be your kitty is part kneazle?

I hear bowtruckles take a liking to the soy variety. We've had to be careful when bringing some along on picnics.

Severus looks so cute carrying his packed picnic basket and his black and green checkerprint picnic blanket. You'd never guess to see the man that he's fond of sitting under the open sky and munching on fresh bread and a good Wensleydale and some sliced Italian hard sausage.


Blast - Dec 24, 2003 2:29 pm (#1724 of 2955)

If any cat is part Kneazle this one is. He is Mr. personality, he eats with his paw, knows how to suck up, gets into the fridge and helps himself, he can open the door to let himself out, he parties with raccoons and skunks, brings home other cats and animals, I really think that he is reincarnated from a former cat we had. They are so close in personality, just different fur. BTW everybody has a safe and very Happy Christmas.


Gina R Snape - Dec 24, 2003 2:38 pm (#1725 of 2955)

He sure sounds part kneazle to me!

Happy holidays everyone.


Blast - Dec 24, 2003 7:18 pm (#1726 of 2955)

When I was a young lad we had a family that moved to the corner of our street. They were newly arrived from Northern Ireland. There were two boys around my age one the same, one a little younger. They said that their father was a musician and that his band had a song coming out and that it was going to be a big hit. Well some of the neighbourhood kids laughed and scoffed them. The boys were a bit upset about this and did not hang around as much. Well the song was “The Unicorn” and the group was the Irish Rovers. They moved away and a friendship that could-have-been, left too. So Abbey I have a request, Could you play “Grandma Got Runover By a Reindeer?” Christmas is a tight one this year. I had to start a new job because of downsizing at a lot less money, my wife hurt her back at work and got shafted. Instead of giving her a new position, they just stopped scheduling her. She also started a new job but at a lot less money and hours. The kids are still having Christmas, but not like other years. My fourteen year old Katie has a friend whose parents were downsized too, unfortunately they are both out of work. They had to tell their children that there would be nothing this year. Well my kids took this to heart and offered to sacrifice what they would be receiving to give to these two girls. To make matters short we squeezed the budget and came up with gifts for the whole family. The people were very grateful and my children realized what the spirit of Christmas is. Even though it will be a scaled back Christmas, not as much under the tree for the kids, it will be the best one ever. Bless everyone this Holiday for it is not all about gifts or possessions, but about our fellow human beings and how we treat them.


Liz Mann - Dec 24, 2003 9:14 pm (#1727 of 2955)

Hey, is anyone going to be on here Christmas day? I will! Well, for all those who won't be, a very Harry Christmas to you... I mean, Happy Christmas, sorry.


Gina R Snape - Dec 25, 2003 5:19 am (#1728 of 2955)

Sussuro, I just wanted to let you know that Severus is very happy with his new earmuffs. We especially like how you charmed the snakes to smile and wink and slither around.

Blast, what a lovely Christmas story.


Denise P. - Dec 25, 2003 5:20 am (#1729 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 24, 2003 9:20 pm

Merry Christmas!


The Great Abbycadabra - Dec 25, 2003 7:29 am (#1730 of 2955)

Blast, you have some great kids. I hope all turns out well for your family and for your friend's family. It takes some beautiful spirits to sacrifice what you have for others. And, of course I'll play "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"! It's one of my favourites.

And Merry Christmas to everyone at St. Mungo's and beyond!

*plays "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" on trusty, handy-dandy bagpipe*


Blast - Dec 25, 2003 7:58 am (#1731 of 2955)

To quote one of Dicken's best characters 'God bless us everyone' I guess there is magic in the world tonight not just in the Wizarding World. What is nice about the forum is that the most magical thing is everybody’s imagination. Night everybody, aw shucks, snog and chocolate all around. To everybody around the world [ magical and muggle] give an extra hug to the ones you love . Shalom and peace.


Liz Mann - Dec 25, 2003 7:50 pm (#1732 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 25, 2003 11:51 am


I hope Santa was generous to everyone!


Blast - Dec 25, 2003 10:59 pm (#1733 of 2955)

Help where's Poppy? I need a stomach shrinking potion, too much food. But why did I have to eat that one last goodie? Christmas goodies for everybody, shortbreads, brownies, mince tarts, Naniamo bars, choconut dainties, almond crescents, and lots of oatmeal squares all around.


Gina R Snape - Dec 26, 2003 7:50 am (#1734 of 2955)

Good heavens, Blast! You don't want a stomach shrinking potion!!! Your stomach can barely fit all of what you've stuffed into it already. That potion would do the opposite of what you desired.

No, what you want is a digestive biscuit. Not the kind you can get at Sainsbury's, but wizarding digestive biscuits. One of those and your gastronomic woes will be no more. Mind, it only works long enough for you to digest the meal you've just eaten. Were you to try and stuff yourself again, feeling relieved, the consequences would be enough to put you in St. Mungo's. Oh, wait, you already are in St. Mungo's. Another ward, but still...


Blast - Dec 26, 2003 5:16 pm (#1735 of 2955)

Okay it is Boxing Day. Time for more turkey and Snog. The House Elves have the day off.


Liz Mann - Dec 26, 2003 11:31 pm (#1736 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 26, 2003 3:32 pm

Yesterday I ate breakfast, Christmas lunch, Christmas tea, three slices of cake, several shortbreads biscuits (or cookies to the Americans on here) and two bowls of jelly (jello) and I've had no stomach problems! Well, I'm used to eating loads of snacks.


Marie E. - Dec 27, 2003 7:46 pm (#1737 of 2955)

Happy Holidays, everyone! I've been gone for about a week so it's been great to come back and see the holidays treated everyone well. In addition to all the S'nog that is flowing, might I offer my Candy Cane cookies? They are made from white and red cookie dough that is twisted to look like a candy cane and flavored with peppermint extract. It's my Grandma's recipe, v.v. good!


Blast - Dec 28, 2003 12:46 am (#1738 of 2955)

Gina, the Snog was a big hit this year. Severus deserves kudos for his recipe. Although next year maybe he could try to make some Sneep.


Gina R Snape - Dec 28, 2003 9:33 pm (#1739 of 2955)

Thank you, Blast. I will send Severus your regards.

What, may I ask, is Sneep? We are always happy to hear new ideas.


Blast - Dec 28, 2003 9:51 pm (#1740 of 2955)

Sneep is a cheese made from sheep's milk. It's very nice on crackers. (Only kidding Gina.) What's going on for New Years in the ward? I read that Saturn will be very bright and overhead in the sky New Year’s Eve. I wonder what Trelawney would think about that.


Liz Mann - Dec 28, 2003 11:21 pm (#1741 of 2955)
Edited by Dec 28, 2003 3:22 pm



Penny Lane. - Dec 29, 2003 1:29 am (#1742 of 2955)

OH!!! Movie Night!!! Die Hard is on FOX tonight, for all of you Alan Rickman fans. I'll make brownies and bring soda... Someone needs to bring the sour kids candy and some m&m's.


Istari Jones - Dec 29, 2003 2:15 am (#1743 of 2955)

Harry Christmas to All! The Christmas rush is through,, and wish we could hold onto the Christmas spirit a bit longer, as it is such a lovely thing. Hope everyone had a safe holiday.

Harry New Year everybody!


Blast - Dec 29, 2003 2:30 am (#1744 of 2955)

This place should be busy on New Year’s Day, all those people looking for hangover potions. Good thing that I don't drink I'm goofy enough. Although watching people become intoxicated can be quite interesting and funny. Some are even Werewolfe-like in their transformation.


Gina R Snape - Dec 29, 2003 3:31 am (#1745 of 2955)

Severus is very strict on the hangover potion topic. Our friends beg every year and every year he says no. He feels if someone is foolish enough to overindulge, they should face the consequences. But I've seen him sneak a nip or two on occasion after a night out.


Madam Poppy - Dec 29, 2003 10:41 am (#1746 of 2955)

Wow, you guys have been busy! I've missed a lot in the last month. My hours have been cut back from 40 to 15, so I can now do the important things in life like cook meals, clean the house, and come here to visit. I don't mind switching to part-time work, my feet were killing me.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday. I'll be here on New Year's Eve after 10:00 Pacific time with a potion recipe guaranteed to keep you sober! You might want to make sure you're cauldron is clean and ready to use.


Gina R Snape - Dec 29, 2003 3:31 pm (#1747 of 2955)

Welcome back, Poppy! We surely missed you during your store-elf forum hiatus. Here, have a Snog. There's still a few left.


Liz Mann - Dec 29, 2003 5:51 pm (#1748 of 2955)

Good to see you again, Poppy!


Blast - Dec 30, 2003 1:53 am (#1749 of 2955)

Welcome back Poppy. We missed you. My News Year’s resolution this year is to get my guitars fixed and teach my daughters how to play (hopefully better than I do).


Liz Mann - Dec 30, 2003 4:47 pm (#1750 of 2955)

I have lots of New Year’s resolutions. Some of them I had last year and the year before. I never keep them.
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1751 to 1800

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:28 pm


Gina R Snape - Dec 30, 2003 5:15 pm (#1751 of 2955)

My resolutions for 2004 include:

  • To get caught up on the Lexicon Forum
  • To not procrastinate
  • To not fall behind in my laundry
  • To exercise more
  • To finish my existing fanfics and write the ones for the ideas I have
  • To continue having a good relationship with my husband Severus!


Ticker - Dec 31, 2003 3:42 am (#1752 of 2955)

Whump, whump, whump, wham!

OK everyone, my advice for the New Year is definitely avoid the Wonder-wrap & Spell-o-tape combination. I had all my Christmas gifts wrapped, then realized I couldn't find the baby. Fortunately, the box crying in the corner sounded off before I started taking drastic measures.

An unsuspected side effect of asking the Wonder-wrap to re-wrap is that it doesn't seem to differentiate between the original object and anything else touching it (which is probably how the baby got wrapped in the first place). I promptly found myself wrapped up with the baby & the purple socks I got for my brother. Needless to say, wonder-wrap is a superb containment system (should anyone ever have the need).

Just wanted to apologize for my long absence & let you know Aria & I have had a delightful holiday season (above fiasco excepted).

Happy New Year to all! By the way, love the S'nog, the Christmas carols, the dreams & the other crazy stuff ya'll have come up with lately. (Istari, glad you didn't wait ‘til spring to clean your closet - what a classic!)

Talk to you next year when they let me out of the Why-do-I-have-such-a-huge-family Ward.


Gina R Snape - Dec 31, 2003 3:51 am (#1753 of 2955)

Glad to hear from you Ticker! Sorry to hear about the Wonder-wrap. I guess sometimes muggle inventions like wrapping paper are worth the effort, eh?

Happy, happy to you and yours!


Liz Mann - Dec 31, 2003 9:53 pm (#1754 of 2955)

Happy New Year everybody! S'nogs all round!

Let's have a New Year's Eve party!


Madam Pince - Dec 31, 2003 11:25 pm (#1755 of 2955)

Party! Party! Your pre-Christmas S'nogs made me feel ever so much better, Gina, so thanks! I think I just need to watch "Galaxy Quest" one more time and then I'll be entirely over my AR fiasco. (Although I did just see "Quigley Down Under" and I must say I don't feel too charitable towards anyone shooting at someone as fetching as Tom Selleck!)

Anyway...Party on! Sparkling Snape-le?


Blast - Dec 31, 2003 11:46 pm (#1756 of 2955)

I have discovered the perfect hangover cure, don't drink, but if you must, drink Snape Beverages. This spot brought to you by Snape Beverages Inc. Hogsmead.


Gina R Snape - Dec 31, 2003 11:59 pm (#1757 of 2955)

Wow, Blast! Two adverts in one night!

Severus and I are so glad you've all been enjoying our line of beverages. We do have a limited supply of Snapagne (pronounced Snape-anya). The cork automatically pops at midnight. It is magically synched with the world clock and can sense which time zone you are in.


Istari Jones - Jan 1, 2004 12:11 am (#1758 of 2955)

I'll take a double, Gina! Can you find some way to hook me up with a nice young werewolf guy we both know? If you do, then just give me lotsa S'nog! Welcome back, Poppy! We missed you a lot, and you also, Ticker! Glad to see you found your baby. That Wonder-wrap stuff is tricky. You should see how my cats get tangled up in it.

Happy New Year, all! I will be at my brother in law's physically, but my heart will be here also with you. Is Snapagne the Snape version of champagne? If so, then here's a toast: To the most creative, fun, and wonderful family ever: to all of you here at St. Mungo's. May you be blessed with a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Cheers!!!


Liz Mann - Jan 1, 2004 12:11 am (#1759 of 2955)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It is now 12.11am in England.


Istari Jones - Jan 1, 2004 12:15 am (#1760 of 2955)

Already??? It's only 7:20 pm here !


Blast - Jan 1, 2004 12:39 am (#1761 of 2955)

Happy New Year Liz, hope this year's a good one for you and your family.


Marye Lupin - Jan 1, 2004 2:47 am (#1762 of 2955)

Happy New Year!

I'm back! Remember me? I haven't gotten onto the fanfiction forum since before Book 5 came out! I'll try to stay though... I just had to catch up on over 1000 posts!


Pinky - Jan 1, 2004 3:37 am (#1763 of 2955)

Of course we remember you, Marye! I'm still trying to figure out how to pronounce your name. Is is Mary? or Mare-yee? Welcome back - and did you really just read 1000 posts? Get the woman some Snog!


Hem Hem - Jan 1, 2004 4:08 am (#1764 of 2955)

Reading 1,000 posts is definitely an occasion for snapagne!


Blast - Jan 1, 2004 4:43 am (#1765 of 2955)

Party hats all around. If the sky is clear tonight Saturn is supposed to be really bright.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 1, 2004 5:17 am (#1766 of 2955)

11:14 PM Central Standard Time. 31 December 2003. It's winding down. The year 2003. A rather boring year for myself, with the obvious exception of Book 5 further feeding my HP obsession. I'm waiting for the good fireworks to start. I also wanted to share some Abbyfetti with those of you who are already in 2004 and for those of us still stuck in the past. Here you go! ,'.;',.;',.',.;',.;,'.;,;,.';


Hem Hem - Jan 1, 2004 6:10 am (#1767 of 2955)

Happy New Years to you, Abby, and everyone else for whom it is already 2004!

I still have two hours to go.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 1, 2004 6:17 am (#1768 of 2955)

Thanks, Jackie! Here's some more Abbyfetti while you wait. '.';,'.;,'.;,'.;,.,.;,'.;,'.;

My feet are cold from standing outside watching the fireworks, but, wow, what a show.


Blast - Jan 1, 2004 6:56 am (#1769 of 2955)

Someone about an eighth of a mile away had some fireworks going, since I was looking out in our backyard, I got to see the show without leaving the house. Almost like magic.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 1, 2004 7:06 am (#1770 of 2955)

I wish I could have stayed inside, but there are a lot of trees around. As well as the overhang from the roof making it hard to see the sky properly. But, oh well, it was worth it.


Carina - Jan 1, 2004 8:00 am (#1771 of 2955)

A very Happy New Year from California!


Blast - Jan 1, 2004 2:52 pm (#1772 of 2955)

Wake up everybody [as he runs up and down the halls banging a bed pan] time to greet the sunshine. Who needs a headache potion? There is some sort of squirrel war going on outside right now, where's Trelawney, I wonder what this means?


Istari Jones - Jan 1, 2004 4:49 pm (#1773 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 1, 2004 8:50 am

Marye! Carina! Welcome back! Wow Carina, you hit that post exactly at 12:00. Harry New Year, everyone!


Gina R Snape - Jan 1, 2004 7:04 pm (#1774 of 2955)

Yes, that's so cool that you hit right at midnight, Carina! I am impressed.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year and isn't suffering too much today.

Thanks to Blast, I'm really glad I put a silencing charm on my room last night before going to bed!


Liz Mann - Jan 1, 2004 8:02 pm (#1775 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 1, 2004 12:02 pm

Once again, a Harry New Year to everyone! Hope 2004 brings you happiness, prosperity and a really great PoA movie!


Blast - Jan 1, 2004 10:31 pm (#1776 of 2955)

We went to pick up my daughter and her friend today. As we were in need of some breadcrumbs, we stopped at a store to buy some. In front of the store was a girl waiting for the bus. She was wearing a cloak and had a big trunk. Well the bus was a big purple one. If she went to Hogwarts she was definitely a Slytherin. The whole scene was pretty funny. I have also have taken this bus and they have a few Ernie's driving. Life imitating art, you gotta love it. Ran into Mundungus today, sends his New Year’s greeting to everybody and if anybody's interested, he has a few enchanted bed bans to move.


Carina - Jan 2, 2004 12:41 am (#1777 of 2955)

Thank you, thank you... you can tell I have no life...

Now I'm watching the Rose Parade with John Williams as the Grand Marshall. Our local WB station runs it back to back four times (that's 12 hours of parade!)

see... I have no life


Blast - Jan 2, 2004 6:39 am (#1778 of 2955)

Another year has gone by. I hear that they might let us out on a day pass. Something about a fishing trip on a very nice boat, or a trip to the zoo, Parselmouths can't go to the reptile house.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 2, 2004 7:02 am (#1779 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 1, 2004 11:02 pm

*smacks head* D'oh! I totally forgot about John being in the parade. Gosh darn it. Oh, well, I think I slept through most of it anyway. I only got up today to go see my cousins before they went back up to Chicago. Ah, well, I'll be getting a new CD of his soon enough. I've had the POA soundtrack on my wishlist for some years now.


Ticker - Jan 2, 2004 4:28 pm (#1780 of 2955)

Whoopie! Happy New Year! (Now that I'm awake, I can wish you all the best for 2004!)

No, Carina - I have no life. I cleaned house on New Year’s Day - yee haw. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 1242194059

I hope you all ate some black-eyed peas for luck yesterday, if not, please accept one from me as a token of good will. You will find it on your bedside table in a spoon. I swear it's not a diabolical plot from the staff, nor should it be taken with lime jello (or calamari for that matter).



Maré - Jan 2, 2004 5:15 pm (#1781 of 2955)

Happy New Year to all St. Mungo's residents. After celebrating New Year’s in Brussells (don't ask me how or why I got there.. All I know is that on the 30th some-one said: "Let's go to Brussells" and that we did...) it's good to be back with the HP lunatics! And I'll take a black-eyed pea Ticker, if I knew what it was.. Any-one got a picture?


Gina R Snape - Jan 2, 2004 8:32 pm (#1782 of 2955)

They are a kind of curving white beans with a little black spot at the tip, Mare. I don't think you find them in the Netherlands, or in Brussells, either.

Thanks for the spoonful, Ticker. They were yummy. Although, Severus kind of sniffed at them derisively once or twice before I pinched his nose and forced him to eat.


Blast - Jan 2, 2004 11:07 pm (#1783 of 2955)

Gina I think that black-eyed peas can be got all over the world, although they are probably called something else. Thanks for the black-eyed peas, everybody can always use good luck.


Liz Mann - Jan 3, 2004 12:33 am (#1784 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 2, 2004 4:34 pm

I make it a habit never to accept food from other people in case they're some new product from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, but thanks anyway, Tinker.


Viola Intonada - Jan 3, 2004 2:03 am (#1785 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 2, 2004 6:05 pm

After 2003 I can use some luck, thanks Ticker!

Harry New Year everyone! 2003 wasn't so great, after all we didn't get a new Harry Potter film during it, so here is to 2004 and "The Prisoner of Azkaban."

Btw, my hubby and I went to see the "Return of the King" on Dec. 23. I finally got to see the PoA trailer and now understand why everyone was singing "Something Wicked this Way Comes." Well, an hour into the movie, my Mother-in-Law came into the theater to get us, our oldest daughter had fallen and hit her head on the kitchen counter, she needed three stitches. Hubby and I went back to see the late show of "Return of the King" (The manager let us in so we didn't have to pay again!) I was so disappointed when they didn't show the PoA trailer again!!!! I loved the 1st LotR movie, was disappointed with the story changes of the 2nd and the same for the 3rd. I thought they paid more attention to the "artiness" of the film than the story. I heard a movie reviewer say that he loves "PoA" because it is more artistic than the first two HP movies. I am really worried now!


Blast - Jan 3, 2004 5:26 am (#1786 of 2955)

Tinker what a beautiful baby, but those eyes, they're taking in everything you know, and one day they will be used against you when your defenses are down (used against you in a good way).


Gina R Snape - Jan 3, 2004 6:05 am (#1787 of 2955)

Wow, Blast. Aren't you the optimist?


Istari Jones - Jan 3, 2004 2:29 pm (#1788 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 3, 2004 6:30 am

Black-eyed peas for good luck? I've never heard of that. In our area we eat pork and sauerkraut. Anyway, Ticker, I'll take some black-eyed peas also, you can never have enough good luck! And I agree, that is a beautiful baby!

Oh, by the way...can anyone use a dozen eggs? It appears I have an over-abundance of them. I don't mind being a chicken, but I really am getting tired of earthworms...man, what a way to begin the New Year!

Interesting pix, Gina, but somehow I never pictured Snape with such a ...svelte... body figure. I suppose he just doesn't want his body-builder pictures on surface on the internet worldwide! Smile


Gina R Snape - Jan 3, 2004 4:06 pm (#1789 of 2955)

Thanks, Istari. Hadn't you noticed Severus likes to wear his clothing cinched at the waist? His frock coat does the same thing.

Obviously, you haven't seen the Snape angel picture. Alas, I cannot post it here.

Oh, and I'd no idea you had become a chicken. I must have missed that. Here, try this, it might work.

The only side effect is you may wind up with a temporary craving for grain cereal for a week or two. But I think you could put up with that!


Liz Mann - Jan 3, 2004 5:13 pm (#1790 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 3, 2004 9:15 am

The thing is, Viola, film-makers are more interested in making a good film than a good adaptation of the book they're working on. And the reason is that people like a film with loads of excitement and special effects. Possibly the reason Peter Jackson extended the battle scenes. The fans of the books won't be happy but those who haven't read it will be. I know a lot of people who prefer the second film to the first because it had more action in it. People from college and critics. So the book will be sacrificed to make room for people too lazy to go and read the book first.

Luckily, the same was not done to the first two Potter films. The action scenes were not lengthened, storylines weren't added and most of it came directly from the book (true a few little details were changed or added but nothing major like the Aragorn/Arwen storyline). So hopefully future directors won't feel the need to do a Peter Jackson. If PoA is artistic then great! So long as it's faithful to the book, too. Because, quite frankly I don't see why the film can't be appealing to both people who have read the book and people who haven't.

Also, Viola, when you said 2003 wasn't so great, after all we didn't get a new Potter film, you must have forgotten the fifth book! I think 2003 was great because we've been waiting for that for ages! It seems we're to get one Harry Potter thing per year.

1997 - book 1

1998 - book 2

1999 - book 3

2000 - book 4

2001 - film 1

2002 - film 2

2003 - book 5

2004 - film 3

Oh, and Gina, that pic is funny! Lol!


Blast - Jan 4, 2004 12:36 am (#1791 of 2955)

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the potion go down, the potion go down, the potion go down. Well Mary Poppins must have been a witch. Wonder if she knows Dumbledore, maybe she'll be the next defense against the dark arts teacher. Anybody getting any snow? If it gets any warmer here, they'll be growing palm trees on the shores of Lake Ontario.


Gina R Snape - Jan 4, 2004 12:49 am (#1792 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 3, 2004 4:49 pm

Oh, I definitely think Ms. Poppins was a witch. Those muggles never knew what hit 'em! And I bet she'd make an excellent DADA teacher. Perhaps you should start a fic challenge!

NYC had a high today of 51F. But we had our snowstorm already for the season. That was enough for me!

Thank you, Liz. I hope book six comes out in 2005, and not in 2006 (2004 seems increasingly unlikely). If the GoF film and book 6 come out in 2005, it will be a very good year.


Blast - Jan 4, 2004 3:49 am (#1793 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 3, 2004 7:50 pm

Wouldn't it be neat to do a Shakespearian-Harry Potter play. The scene in the chamber of secrets would be fabulous' Vey narrily onto death ye shall go Harry Potter.'


Carina - Jan 4, 2004 6:33 am (#1794 of 2955)


I picked that one because it sounded the most magical


Gina R Snape - Jan 4, 2004 7:27 am (#1795 of 2955)

Brought to you in part by
Snape Beverages, Inc.
Hogsmeade, U.K.


Blast - Jan 4, 2004 10:44 am (#1796 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 4, 2004 2:58 am

Thanks ladies, it's great to have a good laugh first thing in the morning, although note that Harry knows the prophesy, it could go, to be or not to be, that is the question. Or Voldemort as Richard the Third. I wonder if Hogwarts has a drama club or we could have the St. Mungos Players.


Maré - Jan 4, 2004 12:12 pm (#1797 of 2955)

Hey I'll be a part of the stage decoration! I think I would make a wonderful tree!

PS Is anybody else seeing the "subscribe to this discussion by email" thingy down here?


Gina R Snape - Jan 4, 2004 4:14 pm (#1798 of 2955)

Yes, Steffie. I am seeing it too. It must be a new feature of WX. Are you going to try it?

Or.....is it another trap by the St. Mungo's staff. I wonder.

_____________________________________ .

Denise P. - Jan 4, 2004 4:16 pm (#1799 of 2955)

It is something WX is testing out.

_____________________________________ .

Penny Lane. - Jan 4, 2004 6:11 pm (#1800 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 4, 2004 10:12 am

Is there are reason that the font is suddenly huge on this page? It’s not just the posts, nor is it all of the posts. I'm confused.

Oh, if we subscribe by email, can we reply by email too? does anyone know?
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1801 to 1850

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:29 pm


Gina R Snape - Jan 4, 2004 6:39 pm (#1801 of 2955)

Penny, why don't you test it and let us know?


Blast - Jan 4, 2004 11:17 pm (#1802 of 2955)

What about Harry Potter the musical? Snape's solo would be great. Hagrid could do a dance routine. Could you just imagine the production involved in the Voldemort rebirthing scene.


Viola Intonada - Jan 5, 2004 1:26 am (#1803 of 2955)

Liz, I must apologize about my 2003 statement. I have been so engrossed in movies that I *gasp* forgot about book 5 coming out. Oh will everyone forgive me? My brain really messed that one up, but if my brain was working perfectly normal I wouldn't be in St. Mungo's now would I? hehehe.

Mary Poppins as the next DADA teacher, I nearly fell off my chair laughing! What if Mary Poppins was Prof. MacGonagall's alias during the war that Dumbledore defeated what's his name? Hum.

As for the Harry Potter musical... Imagine Umbridge singing! Hem, Hem.


Hem Hem - Jan 5, 2004 2:49 am (#1804 of 2955)

Ya know, there is a Harry Potter ballet coming out in the near future...imagine Draco pirouetting!


Blast - Jan 5, 2004 3:21 am (#1805 of 2955)

Draco pirouetting would be funny, but what about the Dance of the Owls, Errol would be great just flopping around and landing in a milk jug. Provided, by the way, by Aberforth's Enchanted Dairy.


Gina R Snape - Jan 5, 2004 5:00 am (#1806 of 2955)

Oh, Blast. What is with the goats tonight?! These pictures are disturbing!

Now, would this be a ballet of PS/SS? Because I'd rather like to see quidditch on ballet and Snape as referee. Not to mention his sweeping around in the Potions classroom. Couldn't you picture Hermione on point, flitting back and forth between her own and Neville's cauldrons? And Snape swooping in to stop her?


Ticker - Jan 5, 2004 8:45 pm (#1807 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 5, 2004 1:05 pm

Gina, you must find a picture of Snape in ballet tights.

Blast - I think I'm going to have to agree with Gina on the disturbing picture sentiment. Unfortunately for me, it's because the milk-pumping picture hits a little too close to home. I wonder if you aren't enjoying the same balmy weather we're enjoying this week, seeing that you share my appreciation for a higher latitude. The high is supposed to be between -5 to -15F tomorrow (sorry, don't know the C). We have about 2 inches of snow until Wyoming sends us some wind. Too cold for snowmen, but great for shoveling.

I would also like to try out for a tree part in whichever production the St. Mungo's Players choose as I have that much acting talent.

I saw that I was assigned a WX e-mail under my preferences, but I'm not really sure how to access it. I suppose there's a thread or something all about it somewhere. As my brother has been so kind to inform me, my computer problems are mainly PEBKAC errors (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). Ah, sigh. Too bad he happens to be right.

Madam Poppy, if you have anything to help Aria out with the 5 horrible, wicked shots she had to get today, we would appreciate it.


Liz Mann - Jan 5, 2004 10:25 pm (#1808 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 5, 2004 2:32 pm


Staring... Harry Potter as Othello, Draco Malfoy as Iago, Ginny Weasley as Desdemona, Vincent Crabbe as Roderigo, Ron Weasley as Cassio, Luna Lovegood as Emilia and Colin Creevey as the clown.

RODERIGO: Tush! Never tell me! I take it much unkindly that you, Iago, who hast had my food as though the house elf were thine, shouldst know of this!


Blast - Jan 5, 2004 11:57 pm (#1809 of 2955)

Oh oh, the Ministry closed down Aberforth's Enchanted Dairy. I hear they were doing some very strange things there. One of the goats turned out to be Rosemerta, somebody had transformed her. She'll be here for a while for some deep psychological healing. On the good news front I hear J.K.R. is going to do some spots for Snape Beverages.


Ticker - Jan 6, 2004 12:41 am (#1810 of 2955)

Would a Rosemerta, by any other form smell so sweet?


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 6, 2004 2:53 am (#1811 of 2955)

*loud explosion and lots of smoke*


Hey, guys! I'm back! How y'all been???


Gina R Snape - Jan 6, 2004 2:58 am (#1812 of 2955)

*taps foot, arms folded* I told you so... But did you listen to me? Nooooooooo

Do you know what you did, Blast? Poor boop, over on the other side, is sprouting feathers! Feathers! And she hasn't even found her way here yet.

I think what you heard about JKR doing adverts for Snape Beverages is an unfortunate rumour. That nasty little doxy has been saying terrible things about my husband for years. Never has a nice word for him. About the only time she's ever said anything even remotely nice was when she said she knew he wouldn't wear a turban. So at least she's somewhat aware of my husband's exquisite sense of style.

*shakes head and walks away*


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 6, 2004 3:11 am (#1813 of 2955)


It's been a while since I've been here... I wonder if Wilemina is still wandering around here... I was never sure if she got out of the building before the Great Forum Upheaval...

*starts to search around for Wilemina*


Pinky - Jan 6, 2004 3:15 am (#1814 of 2955)

Welcome back, Cliff! Lemme see.... it's been so long.... doesn't Wilhemina come out when you offer food?


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 6, 2004 3:46 am (#1815 of 2955)

Say! How ya been Pinky? It's great to be back. Lost my way from the Fallout Shelter you know. Found myself in a place that was full of... muggles. *shudder* It was awful. But I've returned and feel all the better for it.

And yes, Wilemina does come out when I offer her some food... Do we have anything on hand?


Gina R Snape - Jan 6, 2004 4:00 am (#1816 of 2955)

Welcome back, Cliff!!!! Or is that Clyffe? I never can tell...

Here, I still have a case of Snog left. Take a bottle.


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 6, 2004 4:28 am (#1817 of 2955)

Oh, why thank you!

And no Clyffe is still in his castle. He was far enough away to not be bothered by the Great Forum Upheaval. My, that's a mouthful. Anyway, thanks again, and good to see you!

By the way, any word on a special party in June? Around the Fourth I think would be most appropriate.


Hem Hem - Jan 6, 2004 5:25 am (#1818 of 2955)

It's been about six months since you were here, Cliffy! *throws up a gigantic “WELCOME BACK” banner*

If you don't remember me, it must be your amnesia (or my new screename...I used to be Jackie Fast)...honestly, did you get lost wandering the wards?

Welcome Home!


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 6, 2004 5:35 am (#1819 of 2955)

No, wandering the world... Scary place you know. Wink


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 6, 2004 8:17 am (#1820 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 6, 2004 12:17 am

Oh, no! It's Cliff!

*takes Howard Carter avatar (okay, I know at the moment it's Robert Ripley, but I was planning on changing that soon) and hides*

Hey, nice to see you back!


Carina - Jan 6, 2004 8:28 am (#1821 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 6, 2004 12:28 am

Cliff is home! We missed you so much! *big hug*

OMG, Cliff I was JUST thinking about you last night and wondering where you had gone off to!

(Penny, the fonts are bigger because Gina and I are playing with the size )


boop - Jan 6, 2004 10:57 am (#1822 of 2955)

I'm boop, I was told that this is where I need to be. I'm not sure where I need to be placed. What is the name of the ward for developing feathers? I will say they are rather colorful. I don't know if I will be leaving anytime soon.


Maré - Jan 6, 2004 4:20 pm (#1823 of 2955)

Hi Boop, so glad you made it!

Now there was some-one who had a feather problem a while back, although that was caused by canary creams. Maybe he/she can advise you...
Was it you Penny? Or were you the one turned into a mouse?


Penny Lane. - Jan 6, 2004 4:37 pm (#1824 of 2955)

Oh, no that was my hubby, a Mr. Alan Rickman - he was turned into a mouse by a canary cream, but fortunately, Madam Poppy turned him right again, leaving him with the unfortunate side effect of pink eyes. It was a little too creepy for me, so, we are estranged while I try and figure out a potion to get his gorgeous eyes back.


Gina R Snape - Jan 6, 2004 4:48 pm (#1825 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 6, 2004 8:49 am

Sometimes my husband Severus is called in to assist with magical maladies. But he's being a curmudgeon these days. Something about the kids coming back from the holidays, being forced to eat black-eyed peas for good luck, and his New Year's resolution to say "silly girl" less. Oh, and I made him put on his track suit and trainers and do 15 minutes on the treadmill.


Ticker - Jan 6, 2004 5:45 pm (#1826 of 2955)

Welcome back Cliff!

*----(points at Aria)* Hey Cliff! Look what I found! The youngest St Mungo's resident. Well, OK - I didn't exactly find her but, well, she likes it here - right under the disco ball especially.

Boop - welcome! Don't worry about which ward you're in. Most incoming patients get placed in the Drugged, Damaged or Disoriented Ward & this sounds like where you're at. Just to be sure, you can look out in the hallway and you should see a pair of legs pacing back & forth. Someone's botched apparation - & from the early 1970's by the look of them. The quickest way out of that Ward is to avoid the lime jello. The quickest way back into it is to do this:

*grabs a large spoonful of jello & flips it at Cliff*



Viola Intonada - Jan 6, 2004 7:44 pm (#1827 of 2955)

Welcome Boop! What do you mean by "leave", no one "leaves" St. Mungo's, not that we really want to anyway. It's so much fun here!


Gina R Snape - Jan 6, 2004 8:27 pm (#1828 of 2955)

*hums* ” . . . .You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave . . .


Maré - Jan 6, 2004 9:00 pm (#1829 of 2955)

I am currently in the Alan Rickman movie ward.

It is a bit funny to hear Snape in a movie and see a whole different person. It's an old movie called the January murders (or something like that) but the person he plays is quit sarcastic so it is a bit snapish...


boop - Jan 6, 2004 11:46 pm (#1830 of 2955)

Thanks everyone, I dislike lime jello, so that won't be a problem. Is there any other food or drink to worry about? I did take a peek down the hall and saw the pair of legs. I know now that I am in the right ward. I not only have feathers, but my nose is getting longer. Would red jello help? Cliff, have some lime jello. Oh sorry, I missed and hit a strange looking person - I think it is a person? I'm going to go before I get something thrown at me. *sneaks back to bed*


Gina R Snape - Jan 7, 2004 12:24 am (#1831 of 2955)

Well, boop, aside from the green jello, they often serve calamari.

As for things being thrown, we've had flying bedpans in here before. I think there were some flying fish too. Can't quite remember...

As for the PoA party in June, last time Carina placed an order for snacks and bevvies with us in advance. Luckily, we were able to change the delivery address in time, to the Fallout Shelter. But no one has placed another order with us yet...


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 7, 2004 2:58 am (#1832 of 2955)

Well, then, it must be done at once! Carina??? Where are you? I have no idea what to order.... oh, Merlin bless it....

And thank you boop. I think I might try the red jello. Wilemina should come out eventually...

It's good to know I was missed, Carina. Thankee!

Man, it's been a while. So, anything interesting been happening since I've been gone?

I suppose the jello is safe now? That's good. It was quite a menace when I was last here.

Ok, I'll be right back guys. I've got some... stuff to do... Smile

*sets out the jello and hides around the corner waiting for Wilemina to appear from a nearby airduct*


Pinky - Jan 7, 2004 3:04 am (#1833 of 2955)

Speaking of missing members (like Wilemina and Clyffe -- I always liked the way Clyffe brooded), isn't there a purple sloth somewhere? It's been so long, he's probably blended in with the furniture. Where's Denise S? Has anyone seen her? She was the sloth's caretaker for a long time.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 7, 2004 3:06 am (#1834 of 2955)

Is there a spare bed here for me? I'm afraid that my brain has finally exploded from trying to figure out Warty Harris's logic as it pertains to future time travel.... groan! I still don't get it, and I'm going to need a good strong potion before I make another attempt!


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 7, 2004 3:08 am (#1835 of 2955)

The purple sloth!!! I remember him! Denise made a sweater out of his fur. Or something... Anyway....

I believe Denise is currently in the employ of the WWN. I believe they're dealing with a hostile takeover from centaurs, though from the last broadcast I believe Hagrid's brother made his own hostile takeover. It's playing awful music now. Well, that's where she is. I think. Pretty sure anyway.

You know what's a weird word? Peg. Peg is a weird word. Well, unless you're talking about pirates... -My friend's older sister


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 7, 2004 3:13 am (#1836 of 2955)

Actually, did a little recon and found out that the EVIL purple sloth was originally owned by Tommie. Though I forget what happened after that....


Blast - Jan 7, 2004 3:33 am (#1837 of 2955)

Hi de ho, is boop finally here? Be careful Boop, the hospital elves are thinking about having fowl for tomorrow's menu. On the lighter side I think that the people at Aberforth's Enchanted Dairy are going away for a long time. Not only did they turn Madame Rosemerta into a goat, but they were selling very suspicious cashmere sweaters.


Gina R Snape - Jan 7, 2004 4:10 am (#1838 of 2955)

Yes, LJ the evil purple sloth made a break and wound up in the lake if I remember correctly.

I, for one, would be ever so grateful if he never returns...

Amy, I do believe there is always room for one more. Which ward would you like to be in?


Marie E. - Jan 7, 2004 4:29 am (#1839 of 2955)

And wasn't the purple sloth molting or shedding or something? That's not something I'd like to see, a naked sloth. *shudder*

Welcome back, Cliffy!


Istari Jones - Jan 7, 2004 4:37 am (#1840 of 2955)

Having fowl for tomorrow's menu... Ok, now look. I'm still a chicken. It's stupid, but it's my job and I'm going to do it. However, I refuse to participate in any roasting, broasting, broiling, boiling, baking, frying, or barbequeing. But I will donate some eggs for omelettes or French toast if anyone's interested!

Hooray! Cliff is back! And welcome, Boop! Nice to see more of Maré and of Amy also! Has anyone seen the Killer Bunny Rabbit lately?


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 7, 2004 8:23 am (#1841 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 7, 2004 12:23 am

Hey Amy and Boop! Nice to see you here!

*fills bagpipe with Abbyfetti and blows it out in one magnificent sound*


Pinky - Jan 7, 2004 12:40 pm (#1842 of 2955)

Istari, I left an antidote on the contest discussion thread. Have you tried it yet? There was no label on the package, but the shopkeeper assured me it would help you....


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 7, 2004 2:13 pm (#1843 of 2955)

Thanks for the Abbyfetti! Is there a ward with padded walls? That would be the one for me... a pillow no matter where you looked!


Carina - Jan 7, 2004 4:59 pm (#1844 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 7, 2004 9:00 am

I currently have a lovely room overlooking the lake in the "I Think I'm a Hogwarts Student and I'm Worried About my Arithmancy Grade." ward.

Yes, we will definitely have to have a gala event in honor of the movie release. Formal announcements will be forthcoming.


Maré - Jan 7, 2004 5:08 pm (#1845 of 2955)

O goody, than I can were my lovely green dress again. Hmm, Slytherin colour, maybe not such a good idea..
But of course I could grace it with a stuffed vulture in my hair, I mean flowers are so passé don't you think?


Liz Mann - Jan 7, 2004 8:07 pm (#1846 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 7, 2004 12:09 pm

Sweet Merlin! You don't come here for one day and you get so behind!!

WELCOME BACK CLIFF HAMAKER! I made a list ages ago of the members who disappeared during all the moving around and I can finally take you off the list! Now it's just Dudley, kheshire, Alianora, Eloise Midgeon and kabloink.

Also, a very big St Mungo's welcome to Boop!

What's this about an evil purple sloth? I wasn't in the hospital before we came back after the moving around.

And we have got to have a party to celebrate the release! It's coming out everywhere on the same day right? Some countries aren't getting it before others are they? Well, hopefully I'll be seeing it before June 4th anyway because they should be doing previews. But I'll come on here and make all those who haven't seen it jealous. *evil laugh*


Hem Hem - Jan 7, 2004 11:27 pm (#1847 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 7, 2004 3:28 pm

LJ didn't have a moving buddy in the Great Migration, as I understand. He could be anywhere in Cyberia, but as naked Purple giant-sloths are easy to spot at a distance, I'd say he got left behind....

And where is Denise? I'm starting to get suspicious that somebody locked her in a broom cupboard or something.


Ticker - Jan 7, 2004 11:42 pm (#1848 of 2955)

Liz, you're too thoughtful. Will you really get to see it early?

Man, it's been a while. So, anything interesting been happening since I've been gone?

(Throws her spoon at Cliff & picks up Aria who sticks her tongue out to emphasize a point.)

So Gina, am I to assume you are not in possession of the purple sweater, or socks, or whatever it was that was painstakingly knit from LJ's molting fur?

Amy - nice to see you. Good luck in the time-travel bit. Perhaps you could borrow the time turner from Dumbledore.


Gina R Snape - Jan 8, 2004 12:30 am (#1849 of 2955)

I never received any purple knitwear, Ticker. And frankly, I was not a fan of LJ, so I would not have accepted the gift. I am mildly concerned that we are discussing him it all. I fear it might hasten his return.

In any event, Severus has cast a protective charm on my ward for me. I wonder if our newest residents realise their wands are actually giant pencils.


Pinky - Jan 8, 2004 12:31 am (#1850 of 2955)

I'm almost positive that LJ made it to Carina's Fallout Shelter. Didn't someone follow shedded purple hair to get there? *racks brain* I don't know anymore....
Lady Arabella
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1851 to 1900

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:32 pm


boop - Jan 8, 2004 12:42 am (#1851 of 2955)

FOWL TOMORROW? HELP me find a potion to change my feathers into fur. Where can I find Rosemerta, maybe some goats milk will help!!BTW, who is evil purple sloth?


Pinky - Jan 8, 2004 1:10 am (#1852 of 2955)

Boop, I'm going to ask you to be very, very brave. Take a deep breath. Ok, ready? If you truly want to know who Lime Jello (LJ) the evil purple sloth is, you will need to read all 1800+ posts on this thread. Start at the beginning and read the history of St. Mungo's, it's residents, and activities. That will clear up many questions. It will also occupy all your free time for the next 6 years.

Ok - you can scream now if you need to.


boop - Jan 8, 2004 2:26 am (#1853 of 2955)

OH MY, That’s alot to read! Maybe I could get a resident to read to me, because I'm seeing double. Might this be a side effect? I think I will go check the wards out and meet the other residents.


Gina R Snape - Jan 8, 2004 2:51 am (#1854 of 2955)

I agree. Having a look at the previous 1850 posts will probably go a long way to help your condition AND inform you about LJ. I went back a few days ago and was relieved to see the original Snape Beverages label is still up. I was concerned about our advertising.

As they say when you get the flu shot "This will only hurt a bit."

Oh, and make sure you go to the loo first.


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 8, 2004 3:11 am (#1855 of 2955)

I was trying to get to post 900 or so because I remember there was some crazy stuff happening around then.


It just wasn't happening. Even in the outline form. So, I gave up.

:notices movement from the airduct:

AHA!!!!! *whips out his magical catch-anything-at-all net and traps Wilemina as she grabs for the jello*

Gotcha! *looks at her for a bit* Just makin’ sure you were alive.

*lets her have the jello and strolls down the hall whistling*

It's good to be back...


Hem Hem - Jan 8, 2004 3:49 am (#1856 of 2955)

Hey! Before too long, we'll be at post #2000! Anybody wanna race?

*watches the men in white jackets cart her back into her ward*


Istari Jones - Jan 8, 2004 4:24 am (#1857 of 2955)

Thanks for the antidote for my chick-antrophy, Pinky, but right now I can really use the eggs... (ba-da-bing!...)

By the way, speaking of people we haven't heard from in a while on St. Mungo's, what about WJ and Slytherin Girl?

Oh, and Boop, most of the St. Mungo's posts were actually very funny, so, go ahead! Read them all!


Blast - Jan 8, 2004 6:09 am (#1858 of 2955)

I found some more Honeydukes chocolate, pass it around.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 8, 2004 7:35 am (#1859 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 7, 2004 11:36 pm

*rummages in bagpipe* Look what I found, guys! It's an authentic Aboriginal didgeridoo (Here's a really great website about them: http://aboriginalart.com.au/didgeridoo/music.html )! I have two fantastic instruments now! I'm going to compose a medley of HP music for my bagpipe and didgeridoo. I'll be sure to have it in time for June 4th!

*goes off humming because she finally has completely lost her mind*


Gina R Snape - Jan 8, 2004 5:48 pm (#1860 of 2955)

Istari, Slytherin Girl now goes by Sly Girl and she doesn't seem to be making much of an appearance lately.

WJ on the other hand seems to have gone totally AWOL. I know she was working on cleaning up old threads on the main forum. So, maybe she's too busy to come party?

Abby, I cannot believe your taste in musical instruments. I'll just leave it at that... (and put a strong silencing charm on my room).

Blast, I'd be wary of 'finding' anything round here. Have you tried the chocolate yet?


Carina - Jan 8, 2004 6:59 pm (#1861 of 2955)

I forgot to tell you Abby. I thought of you while I was watching the Rose Parade this year because they had a bagpipe marching band. I kept shouting your name and waving, but I guess you couldn't see me through the television...


Liz Mann - Jan 8, 2004 10:08 pm (#1862 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 8, 2004 2:09 pm

I am tempted to go back and read all the posts, too, but not right now. I'm watching PS/SS while posting this.

And yeah, where is WJ?


Istari Jones - Jan 8, 2004 10:20 pm (#1863 of 2955)

Gee, Carina, I saw you very plainly on my TV. I wonder what's up? Faulty Floo network perhaps?


Denise P. - Jan 8, 2004 10:32 pm (#1864 of 2955)

WJ has been busy with work . . . never fear, she will return


Blast - Jan 9, 2004 12:30 am (#1865 of 2955)

The chocolate is fine - only Honeydukes’ finest. There are some things in life you don't mess with and chocolate is one of them. Has anybody got a headache potion? I've had a headache for two days now and I can't seem to shake it.


Ticker - Jan 9, 2004 1:02 am (#1866 of 2955)

Has anyone seen Nine? With yesterday's full moon & Cliff pulling Wilhemina out of the air duct...

Hey Wilhemina - you didn't eat her, did you?

Uh - good luck to anyone reading the full text of St Mungo's - or as much of it that's here, what with the dementor or poultergeist or whatever it was that caused mass evacuation of the Lexiconing world. They should probably re-open the Don't-Bother-Me-I'm-Reading (DBMIR) Ward if you do. (Previously by reservation only when book 5 came out)

Oooooh I smell pizza - must track it down...


Pinky - Jan 9, 2004 1:35 am (#1867 of 2955)

I'm tempted to reread all the posts again, too. We had sooo much fun, and the fun just never stops! Anyone remember the guardian of the Don't Bother Me I'm Reading ward? It belonged to Caitlin, and was some kind of Amazon woman wielding a scythe.


Gina R Snape - Jan 9, 2004 1:43 am (#1868 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 8, 2004 5:46 pm

So, Blast. You are telling me that you found some Honeydukes’ chocolates on the floor in the ward. You've been eating chocolate for 2 days straight...and you've had a headache for 2 days straight...and there's nothing wrong with the chocolate? Uh-huh. Sorry, mate. No way. I'll not touch it.

Severus has kindly offered some Skepticism Salve to alleviate you of that pesky “trust in found items” issue...

Edit: Oh, yes. I remember the warden of the ward. She was cool!


Marie E. - Jan 9, 2004 1:48 am (#1869 of 2955)


I've gone back and read our old posts every now and again. It's pretty fun. Makes me worry about us though.

We haven't had a bedpan race in a good while. Anyone up for it this weekend?

And Abby, what do you mean “finally?” Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2775603007


Marie E. - Jan 9, 2004 1:50 am (#1870 of 2955)

Is there a ward for someone who has been watching too much Lord of the Rings? I have been developing crushes on all the characters now, not just the obvious ones *cough Legolas cough*. Any minute now I'll be weeping over the Witch King's death.

Maybe some of that Honeydukes’ chocolate will soothe my nerves....


Pinky - Jan 9, 2004 2:23 am (#1871 of 2955)

*lunges for Marie and knocks chocolates out of her hand*

Here Marie, try this nice *cough - canary - cough* cream. It will help you tweet - er - sleep your troubles away.


Blast - Jan 9, 2004 3:27 am (#1872 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 8, 2004 7:29 pm

My oldest just got herself a new laptop, if she ever reads Harry Potter she will be on this forum all the time. She's going to be a teacher and wants to go up to the artic to teach for a few years. Being very cold and dark mostly we wouldn't get her out of St. Mungo's, not that that's a bad idea, but she is so off the wall it even scares me. She would make Luna look quite normal. Maybe that's why I love her so much, she is a person who someday will make a difference in the world. She would also probably be the person to put an end to all the pureblood garbage and free the elves. Long live anarchy!! Gina, let’s break out the Snog, haven’t heard from Boop today, and they're serving chicken in the dining room. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2351571793


Istari Jones - Jan 9, 2004 4:38 am (#1873 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 8, 2004 8:42 pm

It was a blast, wasn't it, Marie? Gnarly Vampire Biker club...Snape in Drag Ballroom Dancing Competitions...Calamari nights. Whose toilet overflowed? Was it Caitlin's? I believe during that time, dear Poppy Pomfrey was the sanest one there. Thank goodness she could care for both us and the Hogwarts students at the same time. Many times I was afraid she would crack and join our side of the side of St. Mungo's as a patient rather than as our nurse, but alas, earwax...she has retained her mental health fairly well considering the hard times we gave her and the other staff members;) I also haven't seen Kip here for a while, unless he visits incognito...or in anything else, like a leisure suit or something. Hope you can post again real soon, Kip!


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 9, 2004 5:21 am (#1874 of 2955)

Gina! You don't like didgeridoos either? My goodness, there is simply no pleasing you. Good thing I'm simply amusing myself.

Carina, you didn't see me? I kept waving back.

Marie, I was only partially crazy before. I'm completely over the edge now. **see?

*wanders away playing bagpipe and didgeridoo*


Maré - Jan 9, 2004 10:16 am (#1875 of 2955)

You think reading this thread again is fun? I read the entire April Fools chronicles again yesterday. Speaking about Wacko's....

Wonder what we could do this year?
I have a very nice idea...


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 9, 2004 3:45 pm (#1876 of 2955)

Do you have a band Abby? I have a Kazoo! Can I join?


Carina - Jan 9, 2004 5:10 pm (#1877 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 9, 2004 9:14 am

Many moons ago, Caitlin actually put the guardian in my care:

You were there, Abby? I think I do have a faulty Floo network...

OKAY! It's my birthday this Sunday! Snape Drinks and Jello are on me!

.*dumps nearest bottle on her head*


Gina R Snape - Jan 9, 2004 6:12 pm (#1878 of 2955)

Uh-oh, Carina. Looks like she slipped out from under your watchful eye. She left a hex mark in her wake, too.

Happy birthday, Carina. A present from myself and hubby is forthcoming.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 9, 2004 7:07 pm (#1879 of 2955)

Happy Birthday, Carina! It's my husband's birthday too!


Maré - Jan 9, 2004 7:27 pm (#1880 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 9, 2004 11:28 am

Happy birthday Carina! I hope you have a very Bunny Birthday!

Here have a BB-cake:

or a Killer Bunny Party!


Liz Mann - Jan 9, 2004 10:25 pm (#1881 of 2955)

Happy birthday Carina!

And Tinker, Nine hasn't been on here since we came back after all the chaos. She wasn't on the temporary forums either.


Sly Girl - Jan 10, 2004 12:17 am (#1882 of 2955)

A little dolphin.. or was that a whale? Anyway, it told me I was being missed around here.. *scratches head* not sure I've even been here. Lots of messy lime green jello, last time. Didn't want to get my Slytherin Robes tarnished, since someone else has run off with my wand.. (makes Scourgify hard to perform, alas).

I'll be in the 'Thinks She's A Perfect Match For Every Hobbit' Ward... Marie? Care to join me?

Also; I play the clarinet. Can I join the band?


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 12:52 am (#1883 of 2955)

Sly Girl! Yippee! Hooray! (Runs up and gives Sly Girl a big hug) Where have you been? We missed you! (Pulls out a Quick-Quotes Quill)Tell us all about what you have been doing for so long....and don't leave out a single thing!


Ticker - Jan 10, 2004 1:10 am (#1884 of 2955)

( Sighs 9 times in honor of our missing friend )

Hey- nice to see you Sly Girl. Sure it wasn't a squid tickling your ear?

Whoopie Carina! Happy Birthday! Since I probably won't see you Sunday (especially with the Floo problem) I'll give you your present early. I hope your KBR likes the every-flavored carrots (now in multiple colors & patterns) and for you, the Bunny-shaped Floo Powder jar. Have a great day & year (and keep up the fabulous writing!)


boop - Jan 10, 2004 2:04 am (#1885 of 2955)

Did someone say Chicken? I must have hidden really well - they didn't find me. I was in the Don't Bother Me I'm Reading Ward. I don't have a wand that works well in speed reading!! I do have 1700 posts to catch up on. What if I offer the elfs some socks? I want some red jello. (sits down with arms crossed) Happy Birthday Carina!!! I also was talking to the headmaster today.(smiles)


Gina R Snape - Jan 10, 2004 2:57 am (#1886 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 9, 2004 6:58 pm

Happy birthday Carina! Here is your present.

And a band for the party.

And a date for KBR


Sly Girl - Jan 10, 2004 4:02 am (#1887 of 2955)

Picks herself up off the floor from Istari's hug. Thanks, hun.

Er... really. Nothing new to report. Same thing, different day. Yes, it's true, I'm the world's most boringest Hobbit fancier and Wizard supporter. Been doing lots of writing though, as always. I'm attached to my Microsoft Word. I think of a word and then my mind immediately thinks of five others, because it's used to me hitting 'thesaurus'.

Surely there's a potion for that? Must consult my Snape Chronicles...


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 10, 2004 5:44 am (#1888 of 2955)

Sure, I was there, Carina. . . Here's your customary birthday Abbyfetti, by the way! ,'.;',;.',.;'.;,.;',.;',.;,';.

Amy and Sly, of course, you can join the band. We wouldn't want my bagpipe and didgeridoo to get lonely, now would we?


Marie E. - Jan 10, 2004 6:14 am (#1889 of 2955)

*joins Sly Girl in the TSAPMFEH Ward*

Though, I think I might choose Pippin. He has the same name as my husband, so there's none of that awkward confusion. The actor's name, that is, my husband's name isn't Pippin.

Happy birthday, Carina!! Capricorns unite!! um, I mean Many Happy Returns.

Jeez, Istari, I nearly forgot about the Gnarly Vampire Biker club. Wasn't Kip a member?

And, Pinky, thanks for the canary cream but I'll pass at the moment. I may be the only "guest" here at St. Mungo's who hasn't been transfigured or anything.


Blast - Jan 10, 2004 8:25 am (#1890 of 2955)

Harry birthday Carina! Mundungus sent you a nice cashmere sweater, by the way it really does sweat. Let’s pop some bubbly - Droobles best - and some of those fine Snape Beverages. Do we have a quiddich team here? If not we should start one.


Pinky - Jan 10, 2004 1:30 pm (#1891 of 2955)

~ATTENTION all members of St. Mungo's! Marie has never been transfigured! Does this mean she is actually one of the staff pretending to be one of us? Perhaps we should all gang up on her, point our wands (er... ok, so they're actually pencils) at her, and do our best to make her into something she doesn't want to be!


Blast - Jan 10, 2004 3:34 pm (#1892 of 2955)

There is a very suspicious looking tweety bird in the hall, I think I'll change into my animagus form, Sylvester the Cat' and check it out. Thufferin’ Thuccotash It's Marie, quick change her back before I get hungry. Tweety birds go great with Snape's white wine, Snape Beverages Hogsmead.


Liz Mann - Jan 10, 2004 4:23 pm (#1893 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 10, 2004 8:24 am

Whoa,, if that's what happens when the members of this place find out you've never been transfigured, I hope no one ever finds out I never have... oops!


Blast - Jan 10, 2004 5:42 pm (#1894 of 2955)

Whew, being a puddy cat can be stressful, that bird had a pretty sharp beak. Is there a Healer around, my nose won't stop bleeding. That bird must have had a poisonous beak.


Liz Mann - Jan 10, 2004 6:02 pm (#1895 of 2955)

Here's some.


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 6:19 pm (#1896 of 2955)

(***Grins mischievously and wrings hands, uhhh... wings.. with deep pleasure**) Marie and Liz have never been transfigured yet!?! Well, now what can we do about that? Change them into the Weasley Twins? A couple of Venomous Tentaculas? (a poisonous plant from the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone video game...and I absolutely hated it! Took me three days to get rid of it!...). A couple of Trolls? How about two winged Pegasi? Or, my personal favorites – fire-breathing dragons?

Oh, and 'Newt... we did try to have a Quidditch team here. We had a lovely Quidditch Stadium down near the lake. Pyro and Pyro John from the X-men movies burned it down last May during my birthday celebration. The fire was great for roasting hotdogs and we made some really yummy S'mores from the fire. We stiffed Lucious Malfoy for the bill to rebuild another...I mean... Lucious Malfoy generously donated a considerable sum to rebuild a new Quidditch field. Never had a Quidditch team though...the idea never really ...got off the ground:)


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 6:21 pm (#1897 of 2955)

Oh, and yes I'm going to cheat...


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 6:21 pm (#1898 of 2955)

And make consecutive posts...


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 6:22 pm (#1899 of 2955)

So I can be...


Istari Jones - Jan 10, 2004 6:22 pm (#1900 of 2955)

Post 1900!
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1901 to 1950

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:37 pm


Liz Mann - Jan 10, 2004 6:25 pm (#1901 of 2955)

AAAAAAAAGH! I have been coming back here every ten minutes waiting for people to post so I can get number 1900 and you go and do that! Why didn't I think of it?


Gina R Snape - Jan 10, 2004 8:19 pm (#1902 of 2955)

Well, everyone here knows I am an unregistered animagus. (I am a cat, and I wear a heart-shaped locket with my beloved's picture in it. He gave it to me for Valentine's Day last year).

Hmmmm, with all the fowl afoot lately, maybe I should turn back into a cat. Might be fun for a change.

By the way, if Marie and Liz don't want to be transfigured, they should avoid that lovely plate of chocolate chip cookies over there. I hope no one gives them a cookie before they notice the warning...


Pinky - Jan 10, 2004 9:18 pm (#1903 of 2955)

Hmmmm.... noticing the post numbers.... let's see how many people can post on the year of their birth. *evil grin* And no, I wasn't born in 1903!


Liz Mann - Jan 10, 2004 9:38 pm (#1904 of 2955)

Well, I've got to wait another eighty-three posts for that.


Blast - Jan 10, 2004 10:58 pm (#1905 of 2955)

What is it with animaguses - nearly every one is a cat. You know cats have it pretty good. A woman I work with said that cats have a great life and if she could come back as one when she died, she said that she would have him cremated and put in the litter box. Here comes one of those birds now, thufferin’ thuccotash and it's a big one too, yummy.


Gina R Snape - Jan 11, 2004 12:13 am (#1906 of 2955)

Ok, I am hereby officially declaring it Animagus Week at St. Mungo's!

If you are an animagus, or if you would like to turn into an animal, please do so this week. If you have not yet turned into an animal and do not want to, well, I don't want to say...


Pinky - Jan 11, 2004 12:21 am (#1907 of 2955)

*quickly puts in a large order for canary creams*

*puts in another order for cat repellant*

(for the newer members of St. Mungo's, the canary cream is my signature item here - I eat them and share them with great generosity)


Gina R Snape - Jan 11, 2004 12:34 am (#1908 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 10, 2004 4:40 pm

Well, Pinky. I hear some of them may go flying...

*-----Warning: NOT muffins!


Istari Jones - Jan 11, 2004 2:49 am (#1909 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 10, 2004 6:50 pm

Oh, great! So I get to spend Animagus week as a Chicken! I could have turned into a Red-Tailed Hawk, or an Eagle, or even a Swan, but oh, no, look at me...I'm a chicken. Well (sighs heavily) it could be worse. I could have turned into a Do-Do bird, or a Booby, or a North American Turkey Vulture... anyway, I need the eggs....

Say, Pinky...do your canary creams transform people into yellow canaries only, or can they turn into neon orange and green ones, too? I wouldn't mind being a canary if I could be one in a violent shade of neon orange.

Yeah, sorry about that, Liz, I was feeling a bit...rebellious. What can I say...maybe I have a bit of a Slytherin streak in me trying to get out:)

Hey 'Newt...did you happen to think Gilderoy Lockhart's comment to Snape during the dueling Match in the HP/COS movie was a bit Sylvester-ish? It's the spot where Lockhart had just been blasted by Snape, and gets up and says"...it was ppprrretty obvious" that he knew exactly what Snape was going to do.

By the way, Gina, please tell Severus that was the best part of the whole movie, and I truly admire his strength of character not to have blasted Lockhart to pieces! A lesser man would have done such a thing.


Gina R Snape - Jan 11, 2004 4:26 am (#1910 of 2955)

Well, I will certainly pass on the compliment. Sev and I weren't dating yet, at that time, but I agree. He showed considerable restraint.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 11, 2004 7:10 am (#1911 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 10, 2004 11:11 pm

*thinks about it, then points wand at self* I'm going to be a Yeti!


*is now a platypus*

Hmm, that didn't turn out right...


Blast - Jan 11, 2004 7:50 am (#1912 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 10, 2004 11:55 pm

Istari I thought he was more like Daffy, but now that you mention it he was a bit like Sylvester. Imagine all that experience doing Shakespeare and he reaches to a cartoon for inspiration. Instead of Finite Incantatum, Snape should of said “Ththththat's all folks.” B.T.W. this is a story I read to my daughters when they were little [see picture] and when I read about Mrs. Figg this is how I pictured her.


Pinky - Jan 11, 2004 8:45 pm (#1913 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 11, 2004 12:46 pm

Istari, I'm not sure about the canary coloring. I got a Jello cookbook for Christmas and I've been looking through the recipes. Maybe if we add orange Jello mix to the cream inside, you might turn into an orange canary. Or a flying orange. Either way, you wouldn't be a chicken. You want to try it?


Maré - Jan 11, 2004 11:09 pm (#1914 of 2955)

Well I really thought I was going to be a dolphin...

But erm well, I think I did something wrong here...
Well this is just great
Bright side: at least I can still swim, or float or whatever turtles do...

Hey Platypus, want to go and have some tea with me down in the "I guess your animagusform truly has a will of his own" ward?


Blast - Jan 11, 2004 11:47 pm (#1915 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 11, 2004 3:47 pm

I really have a soft spot for birds, squab anyone?


Istari Jones - Jan 12, 2004 12:58 am (#1916 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 11, 2004 5:02 pm

Yes Gina, Severus could easily have turned Lockhart into a pulverized pile of doxie droppings without breaking a sweat. Lockhart should consider himself very lucky indeed. (But I would have paid good money to see it!) I do have concerns turining into an Animagus, though...I have a feeling I would turn into a cow, or something really stupid...

LOL Abby...Look how you can now multi-task! Swim live a beaver...lay eggs like a duck...keep warm with a lovely fur coat...Frankly, a yeti might have been ...well, too much. I would have liked to have seen a real picture of you as a Yeti, though. Most scientific magazines would pay big bucks for a yeti picture of you. Guess you'll be missing out on a good money making opportunity there!

Gee Maré, I think you look kind of cute! I better warn you, though, sea turtles are considered a delicacy in some cultures. Please don't get caught! Calamari nights give us enough anxiety. If the staff here ever serves us turtle soup we might worry it was made out of you.

Gee, Pinky, that's a tough choice. On one hand I certainly don't want to be a flying orange, and being an orange canary would be kinda neat for a while, and I have plenty of eggs now, thank you, especially since we have new sources for our egg supply (Abby's platypus eggs and Mare's turtle eggs to be precise!)... I'd kinda like to be a Phoenix for a while... do you have any jello that can do that?

Shakespearian actors motivated by Looney Tunes characters...how intriguing, 'Newt! The last bit of culture I found involving Looney Tunes folk was Elmer Fudd doing an Elvis impersonation by singing "Viva, Wos Vegas"


Gina R Snape - Jan 12, 2004 1:35 am (#1917 of 2955)

You know, when Severus and I were on one of our first dates, he told me the whole story about that scene with Lockhart. Doxy droppings would have been kind compared to what he wanted to do. But oh, the scandal--if you knew what McGonagall wanted to do to him while he was at Hogwarts. She had even less patience for Gilderoy than Severus did!

Anyway, I don't think it would be so bad to be a cow. They are very sweet creatures with beautiful eyes--and four stomachs!

Congratulations to all of you who have discovered your true animagi forms! It's a beautiful thing to be celebrated!!!! Now, how's about a nice omelet?


Marie E. - Jan 12, 2004 5:14 am (#1918 of 2955)

Well, to avoid any nasty incidents (eyes fellow patients "wands" nervously) I shall eat one of Pinky's canary creams and get it over with.

* tweet*

Does anyone have Gamecube? My husband and I are stuck on a level in the CoS game and are feeling quite foolish.


Carina - Jan 12, 2004 6:15 am (#1919 of 2955)

Look at me! I'm an Animagus!

*puts on pink bunny outfit she got as a birthday present and starts hopping around the ward*


Maré - Jan 12, 2004 8:59 am (#1920 of 2955)

delicacy??? Eep!

* starts to try and run away from potential turtlesouplovers*

Running away isn't that easy with these feet/fins/whatever I got now.

And hey Carina, why does your animagus form has a zipper? Hmmm, suspicious!


Blast - Jan 12, 2004 10:46 am (#1921 of 2955)

Don't worry, sea turtles are on the endangered species list and are protected, so are platypi, but on the other hand canaries aren't and puddy tats don't read that much.


Istari Jones - Jan 12, 2004 12:16 pm (#1922 of 2955)

I have a Gamecube, Marie, and have played the COS several times. E-mail me if you want with questions - I'd be happy to help!


Liz Mann - Jan 12, 2004 3:41 pm (#1923 of 2955)

I don't know whether to ask to be a unicorn or something with wings. Hm... ooh, ooh, ohh! I know, I know, I know! A winged horse! A pure white winged horse!

By the way, I'm sure people will have noticed that the log-in thing is giving the wrong name for the forum again. Today it's Jeannes Warm Fuzzy Corner!!! Lol!!


Maré - Jan 12, 2004 3:52 pm (#1924 of 2955)

You can ask all you want Liz, the question is what are you going to turn out to actually be....?

Got the guts to share it with the rest of us?


Jim the Potty - Jan 12, 2004 8:05 pm (#1925 of 2955)

.*creeps back into ward, hides snoat in bag and chucks it out the window*

Hi guys! I've been errr...busy for a while, but the staff caught me in the end and now I'm back here. Animagus week, eh? Give me ten minutes...


Jim the Potty - Jan 12, 2004 8:13 pm (#1926 of 2955)

Perfect! All hail the mighty sloth! Dark Lord of...err...sleep!


Maré - Jan 12, 2004 8:27 pm (#1927 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 12, 2004 12:28 pm


What's that?


Istari Jones - Jan 13, 2004 1:22 am (#1928 of 2955)

I nominate Jim the Potty for the Most Disturbing Animagus Picture Award... anyone care to second the motion!?!


Gina R Snape - Jan 13, 2004 1:53 am (#1929 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 12, 2004 5:56 pm

NO!!!!! I think he's cute!!!!

Then again, I find things cute that most others find disturbing, so...

btw, Carina. You're looking, how shall I put this? A little deflated. Everything ok? Did you have a recent pressing ordeal? Suffer any crushing blows? Life got you run down?

And yeah, what's with the zipper?


Viola Intonada - Jan 13, 2004 1:54 am (#1930 of 2955)

If I were an animagus what would I be? Sounds like a question you would be asked at a "get to know yourself better" retreat. Or a question on a psychological test. Hum, what would I be? 25 years ago I would have said a monkey, I am rather partial to penguins. I guess I will never find out unless I try, huh. Well here goes nothing!.......


Viola Intonada - Jan 13, 2004 2:18 am (#1931 of 2955)

Oh, I can't bear to open my eyes and see what I am. Someone please tell me what am I?

I feel kind of weird. I wonder if I can still play my viola in this form?


Gina R Snape - Jan 13, 2004 3:04 am (#1932 of 2955)

What do you feel like, Viola? Do you have fingers? Fins? Can you wiggle anything? Do you have fur or feathers? It's too dark in here, I can't tell. Someone with a wand please say lumos!


Blast - Jan 13, 2004 3:25 am (#1933 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 12, 2004 7:33 pm

Looks like a chicken in a tux. Although my glasses have mysteriously disappeared. Jim, your eyes they remind me of a person that I worked with. Party party party two hours sleep, party party party. either that or a real bad case of pink eye. I hope that you weren't drinking anything from Aberforth's Enchanted Dairy, that might be your real looks now, not an Animagus form. BTW the Animagus week is being brought to you by Snape Beverages, Hogsmead.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 13, 2004 6:59 am (#1934 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 12, 2004 11:00 pm

Sure, Mare. I'll see you in the I-guess-your-animagus-form-truly-has-a-will-of-his-own-ward. About ten-ish?

Jim, I like you as a sloth. It suits you.

Istari, I wanted to be a Yeti. . .

Viola, hmm, I've never seen anything like that before.

*tries to play bagpipe but claws poke holes in it, opts for didgeridoo*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 13, 2004 1:53 pm (#1935 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 13, 2004 5:55 am

I think I'd be a puffskein, but I'm not sure I like their diet... but with the swell humming, I won't have any problems with my kazoo!


Liz Mann - Jan 13, 2004 3:42 pm (#1936 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 13, 2004 7:44 am

OMG! The reaction to Jim's sloth made me laugh so much that I couldn't stop! And as most of you probably know, when you're already laughing, the tiniest things that wouldn't normally make you do anything more than smile make you even worse. So when I read Gina's comments about Carina's rabbit I went absolutely crazy!

AGH! My animagus transformation didn't come out exactly as I planned! I've got the back end of a lion, the front end of a zebra, the head of a dog, the ears of an elephant, the horns of a stag and the nose of Rudolph the red-nosed reigndeer!!

I hope I can transform back again.


Gina R Snape - Jan 13, 2004 6:01 pm (#1937 of 2955)

Hmmmm, I wonder what that would be called. Canafelazebrastagaphanteer? Oy. How did you manage that?!

Good luck getting back to normal.

Amy, you are a very cute puffskein. Careful, though. You might start getting batted around like a ball, you're so round and fuzzy.

I still think Jim's sloth is cute. It's the eyes...


Liz Mann - Jan 13, 2004 6:22 pm (#1938 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 13, 2004 10:22 am

Oh well, not everyone can say their Animagus form is a Canafelazebrastagaphanteer, can they?


Viola Intonada - Jan 13, 2004 6:58 pm (#1939 of 2955)

Liz, could your animagus form possibly be a result of a multiple personalities disorder? One form for each personality?

Well, as for my form, I can hear everything so much clearer. * reaches up and feels ears * Oh, my ears are pointy. I guess I had better open my eyes now. Wow, everyone else looks so much bigger! Quick where is a mirror, I want to look and see what I am.

BTW, There is an Orlando Bloom film fest in my room tonight. I am starting off with Pirates of the Carribean, then showing two of the LOTR's movies. Happy Birthday Orlando! What are the chances that Bloom might end up as Bill or Charlie Weasley?


Gina R Snape - Jan 13, 2004 7:09 pm (#1940 of 2955)

Viola! I think you're a bat! Coooool.


Jim the Potty - Jan 13, 2004 7:16 pm (#1941 of 2955)

I've wanted to be a sloth for years. Or a bear in a state of semi-permanent hibernation. Blast, I don't think it was the Snoat that sent me like this or I'd be a goat, right? Perhaps its Snoat-depriviation, I've been trying to stop drinking the stuff lately...could have turned me into a bleary-eyed sleep-a-holic. Wait, I was already a sleep-a-holic...

Now my head hurts from all this thinking...perhaps I'll just go to sleep...


Istari Jones - Jan 13, 2004 11:15 pm (#1942 of 2955)

You know Jim, your picture does kinda grow on you after a while. At first it just...well, ...it just reminded me of a scalded poodle...

Abby, I have no doubt you would have been the best Yeti ever. What color would you be? White as the driven snow with silver and gold highlights? That would be lovely.


Maré - Jan 14, 2004 12:12 am (#1943 of 2955)

Woohoo! Tea for everybody in the IGYAFTHAWOHO-ward!

You know I really like the erm... diverse group of animals we have here right now. And it's very nice that Liz volunteered to be over 50% of the entire population.


Hem Hem - Jan 14, 2004 2:07 am (#1944 of 2955)

-*Throws Amy into the tea party* Let's play hot potato! WOOHOO!


Blast - Jan 14, 2004 2:31 am (#1945 of 2955)

Multiple personalities, hmm that is a very interesting theory. It is not polite to make fun of such a serious disorder, but what heck everybody into the pool! If I had multiple personalities I would want one to be Scottish, one Irish, one English, one Spanish, one German, one Jamaican, and one from the Indian subcontinent. Hey maybe I am because I usually do those voices everyday. Sometimes the stuffed animals in the house do them too. Please help me I just realized that I might have a few screws loose. Maybe my kids have been right about me all the time, they don't introduce me to their friends, they just say Dad don't say or do anything stupid. Thank goodness that I am here, anybody for some pizza, there's pepperoni, cheese, deluxe, and a little Greek one, with some fine goat's cheese on it.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 14, 2004 2:58 am (#1946 of 2955)

Ouch! Don't make me lick you!


Viola Intonada - Jan 14, 2004 3:15 am (#1947 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 13, 2004 7:41 pm

A bat! Yeah, now I can hang upside down and sleep during the day, Wahoo!

Jim, I know how you feel about wanting to hibernate (I'm narcoleptic) I love to sleep. So.... If I turn into a bat during the day and back into human form at night, does that mean I get to sleep 24 hours a day?

*Yeah! I finally have an avatar! Wahoo! I finally asked Hubby for help*

I'll play the viola for the hot potato game, when the music stops, whoever is holding Amy is out. No throwing her! Every one ready?


Hem Hem - Jan 14, 2004 6:56 am (#1948 of 2955)

If anybody would like to decide what my animagus form is for me, that would be cool.

I'm all up for it, Viola. *evil grin*

What's a good animagus tune to play?


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 14, 2004 7:11 am (#1949 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 13, 2004 11:11 pm

Istari, I think I'd have been a nice periwinkle blue Yeti.

But, guess what! I've found a much better instrument to use in my animagus state! A sitar! The didgeridoo was hard on my bill, and, like I said, I kept poking holes in my bagpipe (a simple Reparo! fixed it, however.)

*plays "Le Freak" on sitar (Freak out! Le freak, so chic. )*


Viola Intonada - Jan 14, 2004 12:58 pm (#1950 of 2955)

How about the tune "The Animal Fair"

I went to the animal fair, all the birds and beast were there. The big baboon, by the light of the moon, was picking his auburn hair. The monkey he got drunk and sat on the elephant's trunk The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees and that was end of the....

Okay, music stopped, who is holding Amy?

Hem, Hem, how about a squirrel? Think of all the places you could hang out and eavesdrop without anyone noticing. Dumbledore might even ask you to be in the OotP to help spy.

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 1951 to 2000

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:40 pm


Marie E. - Jan 14, 2004 1:39 pm (#1951 of 2955)

*Cannot believe she's listening to "Le Freak" on the bagpipes!*

Jim, I love your sloth. Though scalded poodle does spring to mind.

* tweet*



Istari Jones - Jan 14, 2004 3:11 pm (#1952 of 2955)

Ohhh, Amy...you're so cute! Just like a tribble! I love tribbles, so by extension, I must love puffskeins, too.

Jim, I am finding myself drawn more and more to your avatar...It is quite ...calming...and.......hypnotic....




A-is-for-Amy - Jan 14, 2004 3:32 pm (#1953 of 2955)

Well whoever is holding me now has sharp fingernails!


Gina R Snape - Jan 14, 2004 4:23 pm (#1954 of 2955)

Ooops. Sorry Amy! I had them trimmed last week but I guess they grew back quickly.


Jim the Potty - Jan 14, 2004 5:59 pm (#1955 of 2955)

Hem Hem, you should be a tardy worm!

I might keep the sloth as a permanantish avatar...


Istari Jones - Jan 14, 2004 7:13 pm (#1956 of 2955)



I...(must resist...)...love...sloths...


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 14, 2004 7:33 pm (#1957 of 2955)

Jim, your avatar looks disturbingly like a previous boss of mine... yours is much cuter, though.


Jim the Potty - Jan 14, 2004 9:29 pm (#1958 of 2955)

Yes Istari, come over to the Sloth Side! Mwa ha ha ha!


Liz Mann - Jan 14, 2004 9:57 pm (#1959 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 14, 2004 1:59 pm

Jim, your avatar looks disturbingly like a previous boss of mine Lol!!

I wonder what kind of noise I make as a Canafelazebrastagaphanteer.

*makes Canafelazebrastagaphanteer noise*

I don't know how to describe it.


Pinky - Jan 14, 2004 11:08 pm (#1960 of 2955)

Liz, I believe it sounds something like a roarneighbarktrumpetsnortjingle.


Blast - Jan 14, 2004 11:48 pm (#1961 of 2955)

All right who filled all the litter boxes with lime jello? Cmon it's not funny - puddy tats just can't go anywhere you know.

I like tuna I like liver Meow Mix, Meow Mix please deliver.

Hey I've got an idea, let’s all do the cat chow dance. Gina I found some great catnip, boy being a cat is tough work. Quick everybody hide - here comes Bob Barker with a pair of rusty scissors.


Hem Hem - Jan 15, 2004 1:14 am (#1962 of 2955)

Jim's idea has inspired me, so now I know what I am for the rest of the week...okay, so I'm becoming an animagus fashionably late, and I can't really be an early bird, so I guess my only choice is to be tardy worm. *poof*

*wanders around the floor, hoping not to be stepped on*


Pinky - Jan 15, 2004 2:31 am (#1963 of 2955)

*eats another canary cream*

Ooh.... lunch! Too bad I just ate, Jackie, guess I'll have to catch you next time!


wormsé - Jan 15, 2004 2:46 am (#1964 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 14, 2004 6:47 pm

~*slowly sneaks back inside St. Mungo's... looks around*

Erm... hey guys! Been busy with school and stuff, but this semester seems to be slowing down, so I believe I am making a return! *applause* So, I was watching as everyone transformed, and I decided I should at least ATTEMPT to be an animagus.... and well, I'm not entirely sure what happened along the way.... I must say, it gets a bit nippy with no hair.....


Marie E. - Jan 15, 2004 3:17 am (#1965 of 2955)

Istari, I tried emailing you but the message was returned to me. Is the address in your WX profile still correct? Anyway, we got past the stuck part.


Blast - Jan 15, 2004 3:23 am (#1966 of 2955)

Oh a naked mole rat, they are great. They have a big colony of them at the Metro Toronto zoo. I could watch them for hours, but in my cat form they would be a sensible meal, no hair balls. Who's the highest on the food chain in their animagus form? What about a Karaoke night Harry Potter style. We could have the different characters sing songs. Voldemort could sing My Way.


Gina R Snape - Jan 15, 2004 3:38 am (#1967 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 14, 2004 7:39 pm

Hey, blast. I agree, green jello in the litterboxes is a travesty! Let's get 'em!

Lindsay, you are cute! Glad you could poke your head in for a moment!

I'm so pleased to see how liberating everyone is finding Animagus Week at St. Mungo's! We should do this again sometime...

Edit: Oh no! We need to expand the thread again. And only 2 more posts until my birth year (1969).


Denise P. - Jan 15, 2004 4:37 am (#1968 of 2955)

I just changed the amount of posts allowed, you guys have a little more to go And darn, I missed my birth year!


Gina R Snape - Jan 15, 2004 4:37 am (#1969 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 14, 2004 8:39 pm

Yippee..thanks to Denise for fixing the thread!

Oh, and yippee again!!!! This is my birth year!!!!!!


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 15, 2004 8:10 am (#1970 of 2955)

Still 24 posts until my birth year.

Hey, Lindsay! You make a, er, lovely mole-type-thing.

Marie, I'll play "Le Freak" for you on the bagpipe when I'm a human again. I'm on the sitar until my platypus claws recede.

Bob Barker with a pair of rusty scissors. *snort* heeheehee


Blast - Jan 15, 2004 9:40 am (#1971 of 2955)

Thanks Denise you are a great person. I thought that the men in the white coats had come and taken everyone away. I missed my birth year too. I'll have to put a curse on my daughter's teacher for giving them a project, computers have no business doing schoolwork when there is so much fun to be had. Okay back to insanity, Sirius could sing Who let the Dogs Out. Ron Weasley could sing If I Had A Million Galleons. I’m having problems with hairballs - is there a potion for that?


Blast - Jan 15, 2004 11:32 am (#1972 of 2955)

All right the jello was bad enough, now some unauthorized animagus is using the litter boxes, remember the next person please read the litterbox rules on the top of the box.


Istari Jones - Jan 15, 2004 12:45 pm (#1973 of 2955)

Gee, Marie, I checked my e-mail address and it was right...probably just another poltergeist in the system...

I can't believe how many posts went up in the last day or so! Looks like I missed a pretty good party! I, too missed my birth year.

(Ruffles feathers and scratches at the ground) Did someone say there was a worm around? Yummy!


Istari Jones - Jan 15, 2004 12:46 pm (#1974 of 2955)

Hey! What about posting on the year we graduated high school!

We'll be great for ever more, We're the class of '74!


Pinky - Jan 15, 2004 1:10 pm (#1975 of 2955)

Abby? I think being a platypus has duck-billed your brain. On post #170, you said you had 24 more posts before your birth year. Were you really born in 1994? Because I was almost sure you were older than 9. Hmmmm...


Pinky - Jan 15, 2004 1:10 pm (#1976 of 2955)

How many posts can we have on this thread, anyway?


Pinky - Jan 15, 2004 1:11 pm (#1977 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 15, 2004 5:12 am

Oh look! I just happened to post on my birth year! '77 was the best year to be born! WooHoo!



Maré - Jan 15, 2004 2:57 pm (#1978 of 2955)

Hey Pinky I thought you were a lot older than me?


Maré - Jan 15, 2004 2:58 pm (#1979 of 2955)

Okay now I want to .....


Maré - Jan 15, 2004 3:00 pm (#1980 of 2955)

make my birth year too!!!!


*what sound does a seaturtle make except for "totally dude", Blub?*


Liz Mann - Jan 15, 2004 11:32 pm (#1981 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 15, 2004 3:36 pm

Please can no one use post 1986! It's mine, I tell you! Mine, mine, MINE! I was going to use up all the remaining posts until it but I think Abby's is between then and now.


Hem Hem - Jan 16, 2004 12:48 am (#1982 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 15, 2004 4:48 pm

Since 1986 is also my birth year, we shall have to battle it out! *draws sword*

*realizes that she is only a worm and sluggishly crawls around by Liz's feet*


wormsé - Jan 16, 2004 2:57 am (#1983 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 15, 2004 6:58 pm

*looks around* I SO just posted a couple hours ago... and now it's not there.... *sniff* oh well.... I was just saying that my birthday year was 1989, and that I would probably miss being able to post on it... nothing important....yeah... and...*attention is captivated by a tiny worm battling a strange... erm, dog/lion thingy with a sword*


Istari Jones - Jan 16, 2004 3:06 am (#1984 of 2955)

Would you look at that? A worm with a sword. So, like, how is it holding onto it. Oh, yeah, I forgot... "magic" (Slaps head with hand, uhhh, wing:)


Blast - Jan 16, 2004 3:48 am (#1985 of 2955)

I've missed my high school grad year , the year I got married and the year of birth of my first born, maybe I'll get to the year of my second's birth. Hey, where's Jim? That picture was starting to grow on me.


Hem Hem - Jan 16, 2004 3:54 am (#1986 of 2955)


*puts her sword away* Sorry, Liz...you're probably very asleep right now....

Happy post #1986!


Blast - Jan 16, 2004 4:39 am (#1987 of 2955)

Who let the dogs out, I mean it can somebody call off the dogs I am on top of a cabinet and I've got to go to the litter box.


Marie E. - Jan 16, 2004 5:40 am (#1988 of 2955)

Yay! The year I graduated from high school!

When 87's dead and gone, 88 will party on!

Or the school sanctioned motto: We're the best, we're really great, we're the class of 88.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 16, 2004 9:13 am (#1989 of 2955)

Pinky, I never said I could do math. I meant 14 more years. Don't I feel sheepish. Oh, well, I was born in 1984, but Istari beat me to it. I could try for the year my brother was born (1993) or my cousins (1992, 1995, 2000, and/or 2003). Of course, the year I graduated high school (2002). Whoo! Go palindromes! I believe our class motto, lamely enough, was "Second to None".


Gina R Snape - Jan 16, 2004 3:31 pm (#1990 of 2955)

I graduated high school in 1987. Oh well, missed that one.

I completed my BA in 1996 and my Masters’ degree in 1998, though. Perhaps I'll shoot for that!

Of course, 2002 is when I fell in love with my beloved Potions Master. We had our 1 year anniversary a few months back.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 16, 2004 3:38 pm (#1991 of 2955)

I missed both my b-day (1971) and my High School Graduation date (1989)... oh well, I'll just sit here and hum....


Gina R Snape - Jan 16, 2004 4:35 pm (#1992 of 2955)

You look so cute when you hum, Amy. You kind of vibrate and roll around. Makes me want to playfully bat you around. Don't worry...I trimmed my nails last night.

Blast, I don't know why you are having such trouble with the litterbox. Maybe you should go to the one in the Questionable Dairy drinkers’ ward. It could be your diet upsetting you...


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 7:27 pm (#1993 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 11:29 am

Hem Hem, that was not an equal race because yes, I was asleep! I posted my last post at eleven something at night!!

Oh well, I know another date I'm going to try for. But I'm not saying what in case someone tries to beat me to it!


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:46 pm (#1994 of 2955)

'94.... '94.... Nope. Nothing. I was eight. That puts me in what? Second or Third grade? Nope, third and fourth. Good years. Good teachers. Alas, I am now graduating in five months and Senioritis has started its rounds early this year....

Heck, I just don't wanna do ANYTHING. And that ladies and gentlemen is why they are going to throw me out of college...

Well, yay for '94....


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:48 pm (#1995 of 2955)

Hmmm......... '95. Started fifth grade towards the end of that year. Applied to go to my city's Magnet school. Little did I know.... But I had fun making my poor grades that would come to haunt me in my high school years. Grand time I tell you.

But that will have to wait for the next few posts....


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:50 pm (#1996 of 2955)


Started the Magnet School. Did the Honor Code thing, kinda new, but cool because I was afraid about learning how to work a lock (of all things...) Had a *ahem* flamboyant gym teacher.... :shudder: Oh, and a British lunch lady called Mrs. Marstellar. She was fun. I got a story about her in a couple of posts...


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:52 pm (#1997 of 2955)


Best year EVER! Man, I had friends and I actually DID stuff on the weekends. Those were the times... And a girlfriend. My last so far. Man was she CLINGY. Very bad. So, I've decided to wait. And I've been waiting for 4 years.... But I'm cool. Leaves me open for college......


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:54 pm (#1998 of 2955)


Dang... Realising I messed up the math here.... This year should really be last year. Crap. Oh well... We'll skip this one. Besides, math was never *my* subject...


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 7:59 pm (#1999 of 2955)


OK! My final year at the Magnet school. Still passing... right.... Anyway, dropped band this year, and only this year, to pursue other extracurriculars, such as Drama and Nat. Sci. and Art. The first was great, and I had a lot of fun. I was even in a few plays. (we did a really cool Junior Broadway show of School House Rock... I still remember the songs and they've come in handy too ) And, being the spiteful teenagers we were, decided to mess around with Mrs. Marstellar... Remember, the British lunch monitor? Anyway, on April Fool's day we all decided to take all of our books and drop them on the ground at the same time. Actually, kinda stupid now... But it was hilarious back then.

Oh, and even better! My evil English teacher, who made us memorize the states AND their capitals, along with EVERY SINGLE EUROPEAN NATION AND THEIR CAPITALS...... HOW that pertains to English class I have YET to figure out... Anyway, one of my friends at the end of the year got her a cake that said something along the lines of "Thanks for teaching us grammer!" and asked for grammar to be purposefully mis-pelled... Oh, man. Good stuff...


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 16, 2004 8:02 pm (#2000 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 12:05 pm


First year of high school! Kinda scary but really fun because I was in the MARCHING BAND!!!! And if you have even been a Marching Band Dork or at the very least a Band Dork, you know how much it ROCKS!!! So, I had friends who were upper classmen and they helped out. And I always had someone to talk to. However, this was the first time I had to do the whole "locker room" thing, which I found disconcerting at first. But got used to it. That and I finally was forced to know how to work a lock. Of course I never used my locker, and haven't since except in extreme cases where I had three or four books no less than an inch and a half each to carry around that day. Not fun.

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2001 to 2050

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:43 pm


Gina R Snape - Jan 16, 2004 8:03 pm (#2001 of 2955)

Hey you guys. Just so you know, 3000 is the last cut-off. We'll have to start a new thread after that. We may all be involuntarily discharged from St. Mungo's!!!!


Viola Intonada - Jan 16, 2004 8:14 pm (#2002 of 2955)

Discharged from St. Mungo's!!! What would I do? Where would I go? AAHHHHH!! Don't scare me like that Gina!

Denise took my birth year, Jackie took my high school graduation and I think it was Cliff who took my college graduation.


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 8:29 pm (#2003 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 12:30 pm

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I missed the one I was waiting for!! It was 97 because that was the year HP first went out into the world! VERY important year! Dang it!!

Maybe I should have said which one I was waiting for after all.

Discharged from St Mungo's??????


Maré - Jan 16, 2004 8:47 pm (#2004 of 2955)

Well then I take 2004, for here we are now! All together celebrating our eternal potterness together.

We came a long way didn't we?
*dramatic sigh*
jello any-one?


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 8:55 pm (#2005 of 2955)

What flavours have you got besides lime?


Maré - Jan 16, 2004 9:24 pm (#2006 of 2955)

cinnamon, orange and cola.


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 10:18 pm (#2007 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 2:30 pm

I'll try the orange.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 16, 2004 10:28 pm (#2008 of 2955)

I'll take some orange please!


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 10:30 pm (#2009 of 2955)

Oh and guys, we're having a Johnny Depp marathon in the 'Animagus Transformations Gone Wrong' ward. Pirates of the Caribbean, What's Eating Gilbert Grape and others. Hey, did anyone hear Johnny's signed up for two more Pirates films?


wormsé - Jan 16, 2004 10:57 pm (#2010 of 2955)

JOHHNY DEPP MARATHON??? YAY!!! Oh no.. What's Eating Gilbert Grape makes me cry every time I watch it... I'll bring some tissues for the more emotionally inclined of us. He signed up for TWO more Pirates films? I thought it was only one.... *throws confetti*


Liz Mann - Jan 16, 2004 11:58 pm (#2011 of 2955)

Nope, it's two!


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 12:21 am (#2012 of 2955)

Cannot be discharged from St. Mungo's, the world would not be a safe place. Oh well c’est la vie, maybe we can all go to JKR's place and camp out in the backyard. We could re-enact all the Harry Potter books with puppets. Boy, I am so tired. Somebody put catnip in the orange jello, so all the cat animagi please take note. Hey man - mellow out, birds are friends, not food.


Gina R Snape - Jan 17, 2004 12:55 am (#2013 of 2955)

I'll take some cola jello. Is there catnip in that? Catnip makes me very very active! But then I get sleepy.


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 2:20 am (#2014 of 2955)

Hi diddle dee an animagus's life for me. Boy oh boy it is good to be a cat. What is the next theme week? I wonder what would happen if a pussy cat ate a canary cream?


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 17, 2004 2:31 am (#2015 of 2955)



Pinky - Jan 17, 2004 2:51 am (#2016 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 7:32 pm

*crumbles a canary cream into Boop's jello and stands back to watch the effect*

Oh - and my deep respects to the sword-wielding worm. I promise to never look at you as lunch again while in my canary guise.

Edit: oops - my apologies, Boop - I meant to feed that canary cream to Blast - but apparently everything worked out ok in the end.


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 2:56 am (#2017 of 2955)

Well here goes [ pops a canary cream] oh my I'm all yellow and my voice is changing. I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I think that I'm a tweetie bird.


Istari Jones - Jan 17, 2004 4:55 am (#2018 of 2955)

Well I like that! Go to work and I miss all the fun here at St. Mungo's! Signed on tonight and there were 33 - count'em - 33 posts! (LOL, Granted, most of them belonged to Cliff!) but anyhoo, I'll grab 2005, when the POA movie is supposed to come out (isn't it?)

And remember, we will NOT be discharged from St. Mungo's. Clearly we have not shown any improvement in our current mental status or obsessions, and from what I understand from my friends in the Ministry, there is no current programs established yet to mainstream us into the so-called "normal" Wizarding world.

(Bites fingernails while fretting in the bathroom. Repeat to yourself, now, "Act confident, and you will be confident" Right. I'll act confident, but that doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about!)


Gina R Snape - Jan 17, 2004 4:57 am (#2019 of 2955)

Yes, it's been a week. So I guess animagus week is over. Anyone have another idea? I don't mind staying a cat, btw. This fur coat is quite helpful in the cold weather.


B]Istari Jones[/B] - Jan 17, 2004 4:59 am (#2020 of 2955)

Maybe we could all pass a vial of Polyjuice potion around, and become our favorite characters for a while. Maybe we could all become Professor Snape, if Gina would be so kind to snip a few strands of someone's hair... (twiddles fingers while trying to look innocent...)


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 17, 2004 5:08 am (#2021 of 2955)

I found a hair in my Jello, and voila! I'm Snape! Anyone want to join me?


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 17, 2004 6:35 am (#2022 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 16, 2004 10:37 pm

Geez, 2022. I'll be 38 (I used a calculator this time ). Oh my gosh! But, hey, 100 years since the discovery of King Tut's tomb. 2022 works for me. I'm so having a party that year.

So, is it going to be Polyjuice Potion Week? Because I rather enjoy theme weeks. Once during my sophomore year of high school for School Lunch Week (go figure), we had a movie theme. There were movie posters all over the walls and they played movie scores. And the food had themes too. I believe Monday was Back to the Future Monday and we had Marty McChicken (which, I believe, should have caused McDonald's to sue the cafeteria, but they didn't.) Gosh, I wish I had written down what all they had because it was rather nifty. I remember one day was a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed meal. And one day they played "The Raiders March" from Indy. And that Friday was Halloween so everyone dressed as a movie character (I was Jan Brady. Well, a brunette Jan Brady, but I had the glasses and the walk and the Hawaiian shirt. Ooh, I was the new Jan Brady! ) Wait, didn't I have a point at the beginning of this tirade? I can't remember now.

*goes off and plays "The Raiders March" on sitar*


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 11:30 am (#2023 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 17, 2004 3:50 am

Be careful with the polyjuice potion - Lockheart was running down the hall in a panic, seems he's having a little problem with a receding hair line. Dobby just came by . He collects hair of people he's met and keeps it in a bag, quite a big bag too. We could pass the bag around and see who we get. Well here goes... tastes like cabbage yum. Well it worked. Has anyone got a mirror?


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 12:25 pm (#2024 of 2955)

Hey I'm JKR. Let's go to her house, and We'll download what she's written for book six. I bet we can get a few galleons for that. Ha ha what fun we could have, hanging out with the royals for tea.


Liz Mann - Jan 17, 2004 2:32 pm (#2025 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 17, 2004 6:33 am

Great idea, Blast!

Hey, guys, I might be gone for a while! My brother's supposed to be coming over later and he might be taking my computer so he can make it run better and stuff. Thing is he always takes a lot longer with these things than he says he will. So I'll see you all in like... three months. Just kidding! I don't know how long it'll take. But however long it is, they'll be LOADS of posts to catch up on!

See you all soon!

(I hope!)


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 4:44 pm (#2026 of 2955)

Threaten to hex him Liz, this one is good but it is tricky, FRATERNUS CANUS DOMUS, it kind of means he'll be in the dog house with us if your away too long. Or we could get my wife to pay him a visit, and you don't want to get her angry her animagus form is a very teed off bear.


Liz Mann - Jan 17, 2004 7:29 pm (#2027 of 2955)

Well, it doesn't matter because he came and went without taking the computer. He doesn't have the time to do it at the moment but he might do it next week. So I'm still here for now.


Istari Jones - Jan 17, 2004 8:37 pm (#2028 of 2955)

Hey! I found a hair in my Jello, too. Let's try it...nothing...nothing...Rats. It was just a hair in my Jello...


Blast - Jan 17, 2004 10:43 pm (#2029 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 17, 2004 2:44 pm

Being JKR is great. You can go anywhere and you get treated like Royalty. It is great shopping, just tell them to send the bill to my home, he he. I gave an interview and gave them some facts about the next books, ha ha. Then I told the interviewer that D.D. is really an animagus, ho ho.The only mistake that I made was going into the wrong loo. Let's order out and I'll take care of the bill I also got a credit card today, he he. I think I'm becoming a Slytherin.


boop - Jan 18, 2004 1:12 am (#2030 of 2955)

What was in my jello? My legs are now fins and I have gills too! I need to find water. I'm going down to the lake for a swim, sets off Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-bang (sneaks out window)


Marie E. - Jan 18, 2004 7:10 am (#2031 of 2955)

So quiet here for a Saturday night. Everyone seems to have slipped into a hibernate mode.

I have long learned to be leery of jello in this place. I don't care if it's pizza flavor. No way.

Mmmm...2031...perhaps that's when I'll finally get my master's degree. At any rate I'll be 61 years old.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 18, 2004 8:31 am (#2032 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 18, 2004 12:32 am

*turns back into human form and begins to rummage in bagpipe*

Oh, it's good to be back. I think I have some spare Polyjuice Potion in here somewhere. Oh, here it is! Now, I just need a hair of some sort.

*picks up a hair that was resting on large pile of jello sitting forgotten in a corner and tosses it into Polyjuice Potion*

Here goes nothing. *takes big gulp*

UGH!! I'm Umbridge!! EWWWWW!!!!!


Blast - Jan 18, 2004 10:49 am (#2033 of 2955)

Gina get Snape on extending the time limit of polyjuice potion. I woke up in the middle of the night, and was very confused on which loo to go to.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 18, 2004 2:46 pm (#2034 of 2955)

Who made this Jello? There's hair everywhere!


Ticker - Jan 18, 2004 3:57 pm (#2035 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 18, 2004 7:58 am

(Slinks in fashionably late with baby - not unusual these days - passes mirror & does a double take.)

Dang! Not only did I completely miss animagus week, my sleek leopard skin doesn't carry off the same effect stretched over our cow-calf combo. OK, pass the jello. This is embarrassing.

Marie - I always knew you were a kindred spirit! I too graduated in eighty-eight, eighty-eight, eighty-eighty-eighty-eight!

Bleagh! This isn't lime jello with hair! It's last month’s tuna casserole!


Liz Mann - Jan 18, 2004 4:40 pm (#2036 of 2955)


*drinks some Polyjuice Potion* Hey! I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Where did that hair come from??


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 18, 2004 9:27 pm (#2037 of 2955)

Mmmmmmmm..... cabbage..... *sips some Polyjuice Potion*

Ok....Ok..... We're changing.... Changing....

*looks into the mirror*

Blimey! You're Harry Potter! Oh, wait. No. It's just me. Man, I guess I should brush my hair....

Ok, anyone got any REAL Polyjuice Potion?


Gina R Snape - Jan 18, 2004 10:28 pm (#2038 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 18, 2004 2:29 pm

Well, well, well. Severus and I hunted around in his storeroom playing detective, and guess whose hair we found... Hmmmmm.

I'm afraid, Blast, that Severus cannot adjust the polyjuice potion to last and longer or any shorter than what it is.

Cliff, you are welcome to some of my potion. You might want to find someone else's hair or toenails to use in it, though.


Blast - Jan 18, 2004 11:15 pm (#2039 of 2955)

I found one of Archie's hairs. Anybody want it? I also have a collection of Voldemort's nail clippings, and some of Dumbledore's moustache, and some sweat from Fudge. Oh what fun we could have at Amateur singing night at the Three Broomsticks.


Maré - Dec 17, 2003 4:16 pm (#2040 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 18, 2004 4:02 pm

Hmmm, it looks like my hair is from....'

*takes a sip from her horribly green polyjuice potion...*

Madam Pince!
O this is so great! Anybody wants to check out the forbidden section in the library? heheheh


Gina R Snape - Jan 19, 2004 12:08 am (#2041 of 2955)

Thanks for the offer, Maré. I might just take you up on it later.


Liz Mann - Jan 19, 2004 12:33 am (#2042 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 18, 2004 4:41 pm

The Jack Sparrow potion has worn off now. I'm going to try another one. *drinks potion, looks in the mirror and then faints*

*Comes round* Oh what a nightmare... I thought for a moment I'd turned into... (*sees self in mirror again*) AAAARGH! It's true! I've turned into... a half-human, half...

QUINTAPED!! What the heck was that hair doing around here? Quick, everybody run before the murderous instincts start to kick in!!!

Edit: Oh and wish me luck. I have an exam tomorrow.


Pinky - Jan 19, 2004 3:15 am (#2043 of 2955)

*scratches Liz behind the ears... er... antennae?* I've always loved the story of the Quintapeds! (It's in Fantastic Beasts, for anyone who has not read it.) Check it out at: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/bestiary/bestiary_n-s.html#Quintaped


Gina R Snape - Jan 19, 2004 5:09 am (#2044 of 2955)

Ok, Polyjuice Potion week is weird. I don't recognise myself online! Really. I am going through posts and seeing my replies and doing a double-take because it's Hermione's picture. It's very strange.


Hem Hem - Jan 19, 2004 5:36 am (#2045 of 2955)

More than once, I've thought your posts belong to Hermionefan(#1). Gina without a Snape avatar is really not Gina!


Carina - Jan 19, 2004 7:50 am (#2046 of 2955)

Dang... I knew I shouldn't have used KBR hair...


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 19, 2004 8:25 am (#2047 of 2955)

LOL, Carina

And thank you Gina. I think I will use some of your Potion. Now for a hair....

Hmm... *takes some of Dumbleydore's hairs from Blast*

Thank you! *sips the potion*

Oh, this is weird. I'm OLD! But I can do magic !

Anyone up for some changing of the decor????

*runs down the halls clapping at curtains madly, trying to get them to change*


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 19, 2004 8:26 am (#2048 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 12:27 am

Good luck, Liz! Ribbit, hem hem. Gosh, being Umbridge sucks. Any other spare hairs lying about?

Hey, Mare, er, Madam Pince! Can I come to the forbidden section of the library? There are some things I've been meaning to look up. *evil grin*


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 19, 2004 8:28 am (#2049 of 2955)

*stops clapping for a moment*

Yeah! To see that Carter really WAS a THIEF!!!!!

*runs cackling down the hall*


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 19, 2004 8:32 am (#2050 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 12:32 am

*hops after Cliff*

Urg, that wouldn't be in the forbidden section because it's not true!!! Howard Carter was no thief!!!

Ribbit, hem hem.

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2051 to 2100

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:49 pm


Blast - Jan 19, 2004 11:02 am (#2051 of 2955)

What is going on here? Gina is now some goody-goody know it all and there is a killer bunny rabbit on the loose. Heh, heh, I love mayhem and madness, let the games begin!!

Hey Abby, what about the snake and Carter's canary, sounds quite potterish to me. Let's try a different hair here.

*drinks potion*

Has anybody got a mirror? Hey I'm Aberforth. Now where is that goat gone again?


Maré - Jan 19, 2004 2:22 pm (#2052 of 2955)

O sure, open week in the library for all St. Mungo's patients! Now let's see how we can torment that staff of ours...

Where is the staff, bye the way?


Pinky - Jan 19, 2004 4:26 pm (#2053 of 2955)

Wait a minute! I didn't think this guy had any hairs? How did it get into St. Mungo's anyway? What's this green thing in my hand? Where's my tea towel? Somebody help me.....!!!!!


Maré - Jan 19, 2004 4:45 pm (#2054 of 2955)

Pinky, you got into St. Mungo's because in your subconscious you have always wanted to be here. You know deep in your heart that you belong here....

And as for the rest of your questions.. did you took any of those "Welcome to St. Mungo's" cocktails near the entrance????
Because that would explain a lot.

Rule nr #1. Never ever drink anything when you don't know who made it.
Rule nr #2. Also don't drink anything when you do know who made it. Constant vigilance! Trust no-one!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 19, 2004 4:50 pm (#2055 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 8:52 am

Uh-oh. Sorry, I didn't know the rules, and now I've gone and drunk a potion that turned me into Peeves! WooHoo! Time for some fun!!! Now if I can only get these screws out of the air vent cover....


Maré - Jan 19, 2004 5:03 pm (#2056 of 2955)

Ah well, that would be rule nr # 513: screws always unscrew the other way!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 19, 2004 5:38 pm (#2057 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 9:39 am

Thanks! Now... on to stealing everyone's... nah! Not saying nuffink! Let you all discover it after the deed is done! Mwahahahaha!


Pinky - Jan 19, 2004 8:02 pm (#2058 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 12:07 pm

*makes cool swishing noises with green thing*

Mare, all I drank was an authentic polyjuice potion with a hair that levitated itself into the cup. I definitely know that I belong here, I'm just having an identity crisis. I'm not even sure there's a ward for me. I keep trying to use my elfin powers, only to be stopped by feeling like I should use the Force. My name seems to have changed.... I think it's Doda now. Or Yobby. I'm so confused....

*stands guard over my flying bedpan and waves green swishy thing at hovering poltergeist*

You shall not pass! (Oh dear - now I'm really getting muddled up!)


Liz Mann - Jan 19, 2004 10:10 pm (#2059 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 2:10 pm

Lol! Poor Pinky!


Ticker - Jan 20, 2004 12:43 am (#2060 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 4:45 pm

(Gags down mystery Polyjuice potion while Aria watches wide-eyed...)

Hmmmm... I feel powerful... I feel strangely, omnipotently able to read a million posts per day... I may even be able to influence Peeves...

*Wrestles mirror away from Doda-Yobby*

While I appreciate the creative use of wands in this corridor, to be fair, and quite frankly, to make this a safe environment for others (including Peeves), I must insist that you turn off the green swishy thing. Otherwise I shall be forced to take it from you as well.

Wow! So this is what Kip looks like. COOL!


Blast - Jan 20, 2004 3:00 am (#2061 of 2955)

Hmm an errant hair on someone's cloak. I guess I'll just try it out
*drinks potion*

... okay who went to the zoo?


Marie E. - Jan 20, 2004 3:11 am (#2062 of 2955)

Ah, Ticker, I think it's time the class of 1988 stages some sort of mutiny. Or just listens to Beastie Boys and drink Jolt soda. None for Aria, of course.


Gina R Snape - Jan 20, 2004 3:28 am (#2063 of 2955)

Ick! I never liked Jolt Cola. Then again, I was class of '87. Does that make a difference?


Pinky - Jan 20, 2004 3:51 am (#2064 of 2955)

Just you wait, Ticker - polyjuice potion week is only just starting. My green swishy thing won't be the only prop showing up! *cackle*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 20, 2004 3:56 am (#2065 of 2955)

Put that thing away! It stings! I found a great little closet with lots of packets of Jello mix!

*goes looking for a bathtub to pour them in*


Istari Jones - Jan 20, 2004 4:02 am (#2066 of 2955)

(Gags down Jello with an unidentified hair, followed by a S'nog chaser) I feel...odd. Something strange is coursing through my veins, along my limbs. I feel my body changing...shifting... A strange sense of power has overtaken me. I have an incredible desire to control... to dominate... to moderate... to Kipendo! Ahhhh-ha-ha-ha-haaa! Oh, no! (Runs to a nearby Mirror of Gnikniht Lufhsiw) Oh, man! I've turned into Kip!


Gina R Snape - Jan 20, 2004 4:06 am (#2067 of 2955)

Awww, poor Kip. Seems he's losing his hair all over the place this week!


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 20, 2004 6:56 am (#2068 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 19, 2004 10:57 pm

Pinky! I love it! That is the most amusing thing I've seen all day. And quite possibly the best avatar ever.

As for the snake and Carter's canary, Blast, it was all Voldie's doing. *nods knowingly*


Fawkes Forever - Jan 20, 2004 9:34 am (#2069 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 20, 2004 1:37 am

Wooohoo, with a little help from Joost (thanks by the way), I've finally made it to St Mungos... & I did see a rather fetching dress in the window in Purge and Dowse, Ltd on my way in here Oh I feel like I'm home

Excellent avatar Pinky or is it Doda/ Yobby?

For Polyjuice week, I'm currently assuming the guise of Aunt Pet in the hope that I will find out more of what she knows about the Wizarding World! However I think I will be bored with all this house work soon ... and I'm tempted to buy one of the dresses in the window, oh dear, I never knew that being Aunt Petunia would be so hard! Now where did I put my rubber gloves again ... *faints from smell of bleach*


Viola Intonada - Jan 20, 2004 1:13 pm (#2070 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 20, 2004 5:16 am

Abby, I'm worried about you. Remember Poly Juice Potions only work for human transformations. I'm not sure Umbridge was really human. You may be stuck like that!

Alright! Now it's my turn at the poly juice potion. * grabs a nearby hair and puts it in the potion, drinks then looks in the mirror*

Oh no! I grabbed one of the staff's hair! Now I have become a Doctor.

*Starts thinking of evil potions to put into drinks and jello in order to make the patients do my bidding, * grins evilly


Liz Mann - Jan 20, 2004 3:16 pm (#2071 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 20, 2004 7:16 am

SMASH!! *alarm bell rings*

Mwahahahaha! I have broken out of the Animal-Hair-Polyjuice-Potion Ward and I'm still a Quintaped! And I'm HUNGRY! Hmm... I think I'm in the mood for Healer. *sees Viola*


Viola Intonada - Jan 20, 2004 4:02 pm (#2072 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 20, 2004 8:03 am

*Turns to see what made the noise, sees Liz scurrying down hallway toward me *

PETRIFICUS TOTALUS (brandishes viola bow suavely toward Liz)

Now, now Liz, you never want to bite the hand that feeds you! Wouldn't you much prefer a nice bowl of jello? * stiffles evil laugh *


Liz Mann - Jan 20, 2004 9:44 pm (#2073 of 2955)

Sorry, the human part of me might, but the Quintaped part is stronger at the moment so I'll eat nothing but human flesh! *lunges at Viola*


Emily - Jan 20, 2004 11:10 pm (#2074 of 2955)

Well, after resisting and hiding out with Sirius in Grimmauld Place for months, I've finally been caught. I am Marauder5, I'm new, and I've skipped reading most of the 2,000+ posts here because of my obsessive reading disorder. Yes that's my ward, I spend most of my time there, moving between the PoA and OotP rooms. I spend a month here and there in the Lupin Can Be Cured ward. By the way, I've only read the first 70 or so posts (my obsession...) but is the lime jello still being served? I promise to cooperate.

And do I hear that it's polyjuice potion week? Ha ha, just you wait, I've got a whole stash... No, nurse, that wasn't me...it was...it was...Viola! Yes! She's pretending to be a nurse, but...what do you mean I've got to wear a jacket? I'm not loony! A padded room, hm? Well, doesn't sound too bad... *waves good-bye to her fellow inmates, er, friends, at St. Mungoes*


Maré - Jan 20, 2004 11:33 pm (#2075 of 2955)

A jacket! Cool we all got jackets! In nice colours, look at my... hey! Where is my jacket..?

And oh Marauder5, it is wise to keep the doors locked there is something big, hairy and scary loose right now. St. Mungo's isn't the joyful place it used to be, oh no!


Emily - Jan 20, 2004 11:51 pm (#2076 of 2955)

Big, hairy, and scary? You don't mean that-*gasp!*- Hagrid! Get out! The nice nurse told me I would get to be alone! *sheepishly* Oh, no, I see, you mean Liz. Is that all? A quintaped? I'll just get her with a patronus...oh, where's your wand when you need it? NO! Get off Liz! wand..wand...wher's my wand?...Oh well, I can still transform.

*transforms into a Chimaera, while silently cursing the nurses for labeling me insane and confiscating my wand*

You see, there has only been one successful slaying of a Chimaera. And I don't plan to let Ms. MacBoon cause #2. Oh, nurse, no, I wasn't attacking her, we were just playing. Honest! Not the Jacket.......!


Liz Mann - Jan 21, 2004 12:15 am (#2077 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 20, 2004 4:15 pm

Mwahahahaha! Turn into a Chimarea if you want, Marauder5, but there's plenty of other human meat round here! Uh oh... the staff have found me!

*tries to run but gets hit with a stunning spell*

No! No! I don't want to go back! Must - eat - something! So hungry! Need meat! So many humans! Must eat! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

*is dragged back to Animal-Hair-Polyjuice-Potions ward and locked in*


Blast - Jan 21, 2004 12:31 am (#2078 of 2955)

No polyjuice tonight, I think that I'll just finish my coffee here by my bed. Oh no, it tastes like cabbage. I'm big but not hairy, Hagrid must have got a shave and a haircut.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 21, 2004 1:36 am (#2079 of 2955)

Well my potion wore off while I was hovering over a giant tub of jello and had to eat my out... ugh. Then the very last bite had a hair in it and I'm.... Colonel Brandon?


Pinky - Jan 21, 2004 1:37 am (#2080 of 2955)

Oh no - I've turned to the Dark Side! *Waves red swishy thing* Ooh... the red swishes come out of both sides - cooool.


Gina R Snape - Jan 21, 2004 1:51 am (#2081 of 2955)

Oh, Amy. You look very nice. Care to, eh, share some of that polyjuice?

And, are you sure you're Colonel Brandon and not Anton Mesmer? It's a close call, from what I see.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 21, 2004 2:37 am (#2082 of 2955)

There is as strong resemblance between the two... how do I tell which one I am?


Blast - Jan 21, 2004 2:49 am (#2083 of 2955)

Gina, did you ever think that Hermione's hair was accidently dropped there by Draco, after he had some polyjuice potion? I hear that he secretly enjoys polyjuicing into muggle-borns just to see how it feels.

Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 793915934 Oh if Lucius knew, he might just end up here himself.


Gina R Snape - Jan 21, 2004 4:05 am (#2084 of 2955)

Amy, I'd say the hair, sideburns and attire kind of give it away.

Blast, I do not believe for a second that Draco left those hairs there. I found a few stray hairs in my husband's storeroom. If Draco had been in there, I would have found his hairs too! But I did not...

I would have polyjuiced into Severus, but he expressed extreme discomfort at the idea. Plus, we wanted to find the person pinching his supplies. Draco couldn't have known we were going to do that.

I did read a fanfic once, though, where he polyjuiced himself into Hermione. It was quite an interesting reaction he had! Because he thought he was turning into Ron to spy on Harry. And boy was he wrong!


Marie E. - Jan 21, 2004 4:48 am (#2085 of 2955)

I didn't intend to write Jolt at first, but the beverage I mentioned wasn't really forum-appropriate so I edited myself. Actually, back in 88 I used to drink these flavored seltzers. Does anyone remember what they were called? Was it New York Seltzer?


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 21, 2004 6:17 am (#2086 of 2955)

Viola, I know! I'm worried about myself. That would explain why I haven't changed back yet. I've never seen a hair on a toad before. Maybe I'm just Umbridge on a particularly bad day? *hopeful, yet worried, smile*


Fawkes Forever - Jan 21, 2004 3:31 pm (#2087 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 21, 2004 7:34 am

Wow, the smell of bleach knocked me out cold.... I just woke up in a broom cupboard off the main hall here in St Mungo’s ... oh well, least I didn't have to go home to Vernon

Maybe I'm seeing things... but I could have sworn I seen Draco with a lightsabre walking by a minute ago *rubs eyes in disbelief* Closely followed by a Quintaped .... quick someone send Liz to the Fourth Floor before she eats one of us!

As for 'ol Petunia .... I've haven't managed to find out any of her secrets ... hmmm, think I'll it's back to the lobby for another Polyjuice Cocktail .... there’s only so much cleaning a girl can do


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 21, 2004 3:35 pm (#2088 of 2955)

Hey! If I am Mesmer, maybe I have hypnotic powers! Liz.... you are feeling sleeeeeepy.....


Gina R Snape - Jan 21, 2004 3:59 pm (#2089 of 2955)

Why, Fawkes. That stuffed vulture hat is most becoming on you!


Fawkes Forever - Jan 21, 2004 4:21 pm (#2090 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 21, 2004 8:22 am

Oh dear .... I don't know what was in that last cocktail ....

I'm beginning to like this hat though .... tres chic

Why thank you Gina.... you know, I like being Snape ... it's fun


Liz Mann - Jan 21, 2004 4:56 pm (#2091 of 2955)

Erm, no Amy, I'm not. But I am out of the Animal-Polyjuice-Potion ward and I'm completely back to my old self again! Uh oh... there's another Polyjuice Potion there... dare I risk it...?

Hey, I'm Draco! Excellent, now I can spy on the Slytherins and Death Eaters!


Fawkes Forever - Jan 21, 2004 5:27 pm (#2092 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 21, 2004 9:36 am

Hey Liz is cured ... woohoo... well in a way ...

I reckon we should get Abby up to the 'ol fourth floor now.... or else she really is Umbridge ... on a good day

This Snape thing is fun .... I just growled at a few people in the reception area & they ran off crying .... hmmm .... power ... Maugh haugh haugh *evil laugh*, but thats not very Snape like is it ...

ok focus .. remember to stay in character ... oh dear... my internal monologue has disapeared ... I do belong here after all


Julia. - Jan 21, 2004 10:28 pm (#2093 of 2955)

Hey guys. Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but being a new patient here at St. Mungo’s, how do you decide if it polyjuice, or animagus week or whatever?

*hangs head in despair at having to ask such a silly question*


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 21, 2004 11:00 pm (#2094 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 21, 2004 3:01 pm

Well.... It's actually quite a process.

First, we all vote on whether or not we want to have a week. Then once that vote is voided and nulled by the doctors, we proceed to pick out a week. After half of us are carted back to our wards for "dis-Orderly behavior" (that means yelling at the Orderlies, by the way), a shiny thing dressed in black glides into the room where we've managed to squeeze into. A few hours and an alien abduction later, we find ourselves with no clue as to what happened and vote again on whether or not we want to have a week. After we run from doctors that are trying to get us to eat.... :shudder: Jello of all things, we set our companions free from their imprisonment. Once the Doctors have had their Jello, we all sit down and play Duck, Duck, Goose! to the soothing tunes of the Weird Sisters. When the winner has won, though we aren't entirely sure how that happens and it usually involves a game of Red Rover, that person decides on the week.

And that is how I’ts done at St. Mungo's.

Oh! New polyjuice potion..... hhmmm.........

Oh, THOSE weren't there before.... And I'm feeling strangely narcissistic.... *looks into a mirror*

Wow! I'm Narcissa! Draco, come here this INSTANT!

*storms off down the hall looking for her no good son*


Blast - Jan 21, 2004 11:20 pm (#2095 of 2955)

Hey here's a stray hair , let's see what it does.

All right who was at the Cairo museum picking hairs off the mummies?


Pinky - Jan 21, 2004 11:32 pm (#2096 of 2955)

Yes mother? You called?

*waves two-ended red swishy thing around*

Actually Julia, this week and last week are the first ever "weeks" at St. Mungo's. We often have parties, movie nights, etc, but last week, it was randomly declared to be animagus week. It was so much fun, that this week, it was randomly decided to have a polyjuice week. We can only wait to see if things go back to "normal" next week, or if there is more in store for us.... Oh, and be sure to get your flying bedpan from the supply closet. All pencils found lying around may actually be disguised wands. And do not eat the jello. No matter what.


Ticker - Jan 22, 2004 12:02 am (#2097 of 2955)

...especially the hairy jello... unless served by Dr. Viola...unless you haven't had a nap & need one... and absolutely NO CALAMARI.

OK Blast - you get the disturbing avatar award this week.

Although seeing 2 Draco's running around is also disturbing. I don't know Liz, while I'm grateful your appetite has changed, I'm not sure which is better...

Marie - was it Hansen's? I drank as much of that as I could afford - yum! Ahhh - the rockin', synthesizer-driven 80's...

(Walks around the corner & runs into Istari) Oh man! This is so embarrassing - to show up as the same person. (Pulls out an old concert scrapbook, grabs a hair & slugs down more polyjuice...)

Oh yeah... Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon... Wait... come back everyone... I'll give you free tickets to my new show...


Pinky - Jan 22, 2004 12:04 am (#2098 of 2955)

The Draco mirror-imaging can't be nearly as disturbing as seeing someone else as Snape, and Gina without a Snape picture. I don't know who's posting what anymore!


Gina R Snape - Jan 22, 2004 2:11 am (#2099 of 2955)

LOL. Like I've said before, Pinky, I don't recognise myself!

Ok, it seems there is some other polyjuice potion lying about. I might just have to take a sip and see what happens...


Gina R Snape - Jan 22, 2004 2:44 am (#2100 of 2955)

Oooooooh. Woe is me! Woe is me! Look who I've turned into. Severus won't even look at me now. He refuses to even sit in the same room as me now! Please tell me this stuff won't last very long!
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2101 to 2150

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:58 am


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 22, 2004 4:03 am (#2101 of 2955)

Arrrgh! I'm a Pirate!! I don't know where the hair came from, but in honor of the occasion, here are some pirate jokes! Arrrgh!



Cliff Hamaker - Jan 22, 2004 4:12 am (#2102 of 2955)

Draco, what have I TOLD you about swinging that thing around? And in front of Mudbloods! You should be ASHAMED! Your great-grandfather is turning over in his grave, I know it. And your father under all this scrutiny from everyone because of that AWFUL Harry Potter....

*drops back in a dead faint and transforms back into... Klyffe?!?!*


Julia. - Jan 22, 2004 5:01 am (#2103 of 2955)

Sorry about asking another silly question, but, oh dear, the polyjuice potion I took earlier seems to have transformed me into Crabbe. So, silly question number two is...where are the announcements for _______ week/movie night/party?

*looks for polyjuice potion to turn me back into your friendly UCONN student*


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 22, 2004 6:44 am (#2104 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 21, 2004 10:53 pm

Hey, guys! Look what happened! I'm a somewhat more sophisticated version of Umbridge! I don't know what happened, but I had eaten some jello that was in the corner and passed out. When I woke up, I looked like this! It's interesting.

Hey, Amy! Arr!

Blast, I know that mummy. . .

Julia, like most things around here, such announcements are rather random and are located sporadically about.


Maré - Jan 22, 2004 10:27 am (#2105 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 2:28 am

Announcements? We have announcements? Honestly? That is so definitely cool of us.

O and Julia, this is the one spot in the world where there are truly no silly questions! Okay, so that would basically be because there are no answers to said questions (probably due to a lack of structure) but who cares.


Julia. - Jan 22, 2004 12:24 pm (#2106 of 2955)

Good enough for me. Oh, look, a hair lying around, why don't I just put it in this polyjuice and drink it and see what happens?. Oh, wow. I'm Hermione! Maybe now I can find a way to stay awake through my 8am class


Fawkes Forever - Jan 22, 2004 12:52 pm (#2107 of 2955)

Ms. Granger.... why aren't you in class? .... *scary beady-eyed look*

Hee hee, just kidding Julia .... it's me, Fawkes. Like my new hat?

Must say I haven't found out any of Snape’s secrets, but am enjoying the power trip. Next time I see Darth Draco I'll confiscate that double-ended lightsabre & have some fun of my own.

I did manage to leave St Mungo’s today ... found a secret passage in that broom cupboard when I spent the night in my Petunia guise after fainting from the smell of bleach (that woman must have built up an immunity!) Anyways, I followed the secret passage & found myself in Hogsmeade ... must be magic as it only took me 10 minutes to 'walk' from London to Hogsmeade ... pretty cool actually, unless it was that bowl of green jelly that I found on the floor in reception & ate, quite tasty really.

From there I went up to Hogwarts & did a bit of snooping around Snape’s office, thankfully the main man was out .... I did get a few compliments on my new hat however, Madame Pomfrey even asked to borrow it! Anyways, whilst snooping around Snape’s office, I found a piece of parchment on the desk with a few scribbles on it saying 'SS and GRS forever' & a few little hearts... hmmm wonder what that could mean .... any ideas Gina?


Pinky - Jan 22, 2004 1:05 pm (#2108 of 2955)

*Glowers down at Fawkes and strikes an "on guard" pose* Ahem - just what were you saying about my son?

Let it be known here at St. Mungo's that I have been suspicious for some time about how things are run here. I am here to snoop - I don't recall having ordered a stadium built last year, I never rent movies or order food of any kind (Snapple?) on my credit card. If anyone has any information, stand forth! *waves white swishy thing menacingly*


Maré - Jan 22, 2004 2:34 pm (#2109 of 2955)

Pinky I’m never going to be able to look at Star Wars at the same way anymore.
Lucius is too cool!


Flame Alligator - Jan 22, 2004 3:45 pm (#2110 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 8:11 am

Greetings! Greetings! Well, I had a couple of polyjuice cocktails before I got here. Alas, I'm Draco Malfoy, second nemesis to my precious Harry. I swear there must have been some Gollum hair in that drink. I can't wipe the smug off my face. Keep an eye on me because I'm always up to no good under the influence. I am the apple of my mother's eye and vinegar in all except my fellow Slytherins.

Pinky, you get best potion of the day. Way, way, too, too cool!

Edit: Didn't I just see the other Draco? Oh no! Now there will be double the misery. I'm going to get on my very expensive broom and fly away until this wears off. Although I am vain enough to delight in seeing myself coming and going. OOOO! Two of me and only one Potter. I like those odds. I'm like a schizo here. I love Harry but this potion makes me want to invent new torments for him. Maybe, I will just go and spend some of father’s money.


Fawkes Forever - Jan 22, 2004 4:19 pm (#2111 of 2955)

Hello, hello Flame, so glad to see you could make it....

I ate some jelly off the floor earlier ... I don't advise it... that goes for most edible (& inedible) things round here! However it did assist me in finding a rather nifty secret passage to Hogsmeade through a broom cupboard ...

Pinky.... I mean Darth Lucius, me, Severus Snape bad mouth your boy .... never (we swears - oh dear that’s the Gollum Jelly again)


Flame Alligator - Jan 22, 2004 5:10 pm (#2112 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 9:13 am

Fawkes F. I am all worn out from being petty and mean. I'm going to find Crabbe and Goyle to order them around. This should reduce some of the stress. Or maybe I will go to mother for a quick weekend. There will be lots of servants to pamper me.

Bye for now.

I told you polyjuice was tricksey. Gollum jelly will get us all.


Gina R Snape - Jan 22, 2004 5:44 pm (#2113 of 2955)

Hey, Fawkes. You saw that on his desk? *squeals with delight* See, I told you guys. He's a real romantic in private. Of course, I could never tell him I knew he was scribbling our initials on the corner of a parchment. He'd deny it and get very angry. But I know... and that's all that matters. *sigh*


Ticker - Jan 22, 2004 7:41 pm (#2114 of 2955)

My, my... Look at the wretched business going on around here. It's a pity they let the old punishments die out, eh Mrs. Norris? (I've always wanted to say that...) I'll have the lot of you hanging by your wrists in the dungeons. Bah.

(Whew - I couldn't handle another hour of Boy George - too frightening for the school kids.)


Liz Mann - Jan 22, 2004 10:17 pm (#2115 of 2955)

Hey, Flame, we're clones!


Ticker - Jan 22, 2004 11:36 pm (#2116 of 2955)

Abby - your avatar makes me want to talk out the side of my mouth with clenched teeth & in an unusual accent. Oh wait - I'm doing that already as Filch.

Pinky - your, erm, sons are acting up again. Can I borrow your swishy thing?

Klyffe - big hug buddy - welcome back. Ahh, never mind - you don't want one & this body doesn't bend in that position anyway.

Amy - Arrrrrrrr yourself. Wow, that felt great! (Walks away saying arrrrrr to everyone & no one thinks it out of character...)


Liz Mann - Jan 22, 2004 11:57 pm (#2117 of 2955)

Arrrr back to you, Tinker! Hey, maybe next week can be pirate week!!


Hem Hem - Jan 23, 2004 12:04 am (#2118 of 2955)

NO! By my life, I'll walk the plank afore we have another pirate week! We had one in September, aye. Pirate talk is too difficult, methinks....



Blast - Jan 23, 2004 12:23 am (#2119 of 2955)

Oh being a mummy is hard work, in fact I'm dead tired. Abby I'm not sure who's mummy it is but it does look familiar, they did a fine embalming job on him though.


Pinky - Jan 23, 2004 1:58 am (#2120 of 2955)

Hem Hem, I'll stand by you. No more pirates! *waves blaster in the air* A wand is no replacement for a blaster by your side, kid. We'll keep those pirates at bay. Keep St. Mungo's oriented on Harry Potter - not pirates, or Star Wars, or... er...


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 23, 2004 2:39 am (#2121 of 2955)

Arrrgh! I missed Pirate week!! Shiver me timbers! I'm liking these theme weeks, though!


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 23, 2004 2:39 am (#2122 of 2955)

Man... I didn't know that you could change into your alternate personality after taking some polyjuice... I think I'll go sit in the corner for a while....

*brooding in the corner*


Gina R Snape - Jan 23, 2004 3:19 am (#2123 of 2955)

Yeah, I think there must've been something else in the polyjuice. I turned into Sirius Black and my personality hasn't changed one bit. Even if that smarmy pallid rammy fleabag husband of mine disagrees.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 23, 2004 3:27 am (#2124 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 7:27 pm

Arrrgh!... neither has mine!


Blast - Jan 23, 2004 3:56 am (#2125 of 2955)

Hey, I think I'll try this hair that I got from Gina's robe *drinks potion*, hey Snape isn't a vampire, he's really Batman.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 23, 2004 3:27 am (#2124 of 2955)

Arrrgh!... neither has mine!


Blast - Jan 23, 2004 3:56 am (#2125 of 2955)

Hey I think I'll try this hair that I got from Gina's robe (*drinks potion*)

Hey Snape isn't a vampire, he's really Batman.


[Julia.]Julia. - Jan 23, 2004 4:53 am (#2126 of 2955)

ARR, did pirate week coincide with national Talk Like A Pirate Week on September 19?

*giggles uncontrollably at the thought of Snape talking like a pirate*


Hem Hem - Jan 23, 2004 5:07 am (#2127 of 2955)

How'd you guess?


Blast - Jan 23, 2004 5:50 am (#2128 of 2955)

Arr me bucko how like yur fadder ye --arrr, -- he too -- arr -- tot he was above the rules -- arr.

(Sorry Gina but I couldn't help it.) Maybe the next theme week could be “Take a shot at Snape” week.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 23, 2004 5:58 am (#2129 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 10:05 pm

Blast, I do believe it was dear King Tut's mummy.

Ticker, glad my avatar inspired you. . .somewhat.

Talk like a pirate day was fun!! It was only supposed to be one day, but I dragged it out because it was amusing. Arr! Mad Morgan Rackham strikes again!

*plays "A Pirate's Life For Me" on bagpipe*


Istari Jones - Jan 23, 2004 6:07 am (#2130 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 22, 2004 10:09 pm

I don't believe this! I'm gone 3 days and there are 60 posts! I missed all the fun! (tearfully eats some lemon Jello) And the great avatars! Whaaa! (Breaks out in great, wracking sobs) And I don't wanna be Moaning Myrtle! (*Sniff*) So, Gina, I know this is pretty personal, but is Severus still as romantic with your new appearance as Sirius Black? (Honks nose loudly into a Hagrid size kerchief)

Hello to all you newbies! If you can't find a place to stay please feel free to stay in my U bend.

Hey, can someone point me to directions to place an avatar? All these are terrific!


Maré - Jan 23, 2004 8:55 am (#2131 of 2955)

Go to :Change password or preferences
It's in the teal-coloured bar right under “You are logged in as Istari Jones.”
You should be able to upload an avatar there, you can browse your computer for it and it has to be smaller than 10k.

And it's nice to have you around again Istari! Here - have some jello. Or would you rather have some polyju...er orange juice? :evil grin:


Pinky - Jan 23, 2004 12:49 pm (#2132 of 2955)

Poor Istari. No wonder we can't see her avatar - she's a ghostie. Just so you guys know, I will be posting the link where all my avatars can be found later on. There's 2 more morphs to go.... can I fit them all in before polyjuice week is over?


Flame Alligator - Jan 23, 2004 1:07 pm (#2133 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 5:16 am

It's Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool gulp*) Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool, gulp*) We's be nice to youse if youse be nice to us.

We's looking for a new precious. Yes, a new precious is whats we's wanting. Could Master Potter finds us one? Nice Smeagol, take care of Master Potter to get a new precious. We's love the precious. We's staaarvin'! Yes, staarvin'. We's like meat raaaaaw! Young, tender, juicy and sweeeeeet! (*in a singing voice, spinning around and around with glee.*)

Where's Master? His Weaszy has gone solo. Must tell Master. Yes, I must tell Master. Smeagol likes polyjuice. Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool*) Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool, gulp*) Wherzes everyone? Smeagol's needin someone to talk. Smeagol's beens lonely so long.

Smeagol wants to help Master get rid of nasty house elf. Master's no needing nasty house elf, no. Nice Smeagol. Takes care of Master. We's find new precious so's Smeagol can live long time. Smeagol knows! Ah yes, Smeagol must gets rid of Dobby. Yes, house elf in Smeagol's way. We oughts to wring his filthy little neck. (*gesturing twisting imaginary object with very dark expression on face*)

Smeagol can't do magic but Smeagol knows a few things to get rid of tricksey house elf. Always suckin up to Master. Smeagol's old. Smeagol's round 500 years. Yes, 500 years. What's tricksey house elf know? Nothing. Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool*) Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool*)

Smeagol must drink polyjuice all the time. We's don'ts wants to turn back into Flame. Flame loves Master but we show her. We's keep drinkin polyjuice and never turn back. Yes, never turn back.


Fawkes Forever - Jan 23, 2004 1:44 pm (#2134 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 5:46 am

I said this on the chat thread but I just gotta repost .... It's been going round my head ever since I typed it.... in honour of Blasts latest polyjuice transformation ...

*sings theme to “Batman”*
Na na na na na na na na Blast End!

Yes indeedy, I am loosing my marbles... last seen them in the tea shop on the top floor.... if any one finds them.. please keep them

EDIT : Oh dear Flame... now I know who ate the rest of the Gollum Jelly! *giggling inanely here* ..'His Weazey has gone Solo' .... oh thats a classic


Gina R Snape - Jan 23, 2004 2:45 pm (#2135 of 2955)

Blast, we will NOT have a "pick on Snape" week. Sometimes, every week feels like "pick on Snape" week. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 3276373137

Istari, Severus still says he loves me. But he won't even sit in the same room as me until the polyjuice wears off. *sigh* I miss him.

I'm not sure I can take much more of it. Sirius is starting to get kind of itchy, actually.


Flame Alligator - Jan 23, 2004 2:57 pm (#2136 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 7:14 am

Fawkes F., We's wants to thank Fawkes for inviting us to St. Mungo's. We's loveses it over here. Yes, we's loves it. It's tricksey but never false. Smeagol likes to laugh. Yes, Smeagol likes to laugh. Not much laughter in Smeagol’s world. Mostly, dark and shadow. (*head down sad expression on face*) Smeagol is cold on this winter's day. We don't wear clotheses. Only loin cloth. Smeagol is cold.

Where is Istari? Perhaps Smeagol's Master can help Istari apparate. We's wants to see Istari. If not, we's can still feel Istari. Smeagol has great senseses. Smeagol has instincts go back to the primal form. Yes, Smeagol is primal instinct. Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool, gulp*) Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool gulp*)

Mistress Gina R. Snape, Smeagol would never pick on Snape. No, never. Could Snape help Smeagol find a new precious? Snape is powerful wizard who know the Dark Arts. Would he help Smeagol?

Edit: Fawkeses, Smeagol could not resist a classic. Someone had to say it might as well be Smeagol. Yes, it was us. We's had to say it. (*squatting and looking as if face to face with Fawkes.*)

Yes, indeedy I've lost my marbles...

I've gone Gollum. Please somebody stop me!!!


Fawkes Forever - Jan 23, 2004 3:38 pm (#2137 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 7:42 am

*Fawkes sidles away from scarey Gollum Flame & alerts the healers to her plight!*

Oh dear, what have we done..... poor Flame!

Right! Healers - stunners at the ready! ... *wam bam* ..... whoops missed, but I always thought that we could do with another door in that wall there ...

Quick, someone catch Gollum/Flame/Smeagol, I think she needs a bit of rest up on the fourth floor...

I'll clean up the reminants of the Gollum Jelly on the floor... looks tasty ... no no, must resist .... Scourgify ... hmmm, that’s the Gollum Jelly sorted... now where did Gollum get to?

Gina R Black, I mean Sirius, oh I mean Gina R Snape (whoops), just be comforted by the fact that Severus really does love ya , just wish wizards had zerox machines... then I could have made you a copy of that piece of parchment & kept one for myself as blackmail .... maugh haugh haugh!

I know what you mean about this itching lark... I really should have make Crookshanks wear a flea collar .... & his constant purring is making me ... *yawn* sle..sle...sleepy .... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*


Ticker - Jan 23, 2004 3:55 pm (#2138 of 2955)

Heh, heh waaaah heh, heh.

(Shuffles away down the hallway...)



Flame Alligator - Jan 23, 2004 4:02 pm (#2139 of 2955)

Okay Ticker. Smeagol is scared. Must hide.

Pee Wee! (*loud piercing scream*)


Fawkes Forever - Jan 23, 2004 4:09 pm (#2140 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 8:38 am

Ticker.... now that is scarey that "tequila" song is now going round my head ... think it was in one of his films???

I'm away to hide in my broom cuboard (note that it's mine now) ... still feeling sleepy due to Crookshanks .... Hermy might want him back soon though

Keep an eye out for the elusive Gollum.... perhaps we could use your scarey Pee Wee powers to help capture Gollum & take her to the spell damage ward ....

*opens cuboard door* Ahhhh, Smeagol, what are you doing in my cuboard... it's mine’s I tells you!

EDIT : spotted a spelling mistake, I had originally typed ... "that "tequila" song is now going round my dead" ... hmmm very weird, for obvious reasons I corrected it


Ticker - Jan 23, 2004 4:15 pm (#2141 of 2955)

Oh yeah! That one that goes la, la, la, la, la. Hah, hah.

(follows Fawkes & Flame into cupboard)

Gosh. It's dark in here...


Flame Alligator - Jan 23, 2004 4:17 pm (#2142 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 8:23 am

Fawkeses, Please let us stay in here. We's promise to be nice. Smeagol doesn't take much room. Smeagol needs to rest so (*speaks as Flame for a moment*) I can crawl up to Potions Damage Ward. (*speaks as Gollum again*) Please helpses us!! Let's us hide from the scarey Pee Wee and rest. Nice rest.

HELP FAWKESES!!!!!!! It's the Pee Wee, very dangerous he is. Very dangerous. (*wraps around Fawkes/Severus then clings tightly*)


Fawkes Forever - Jan 23, 2004 4:35 pm (#2143 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 8:49 am

Actually now you two are here I can show you the secret passage to Hogsmeade ... I fancy a butterbeer (oops nearly typed butterbear... hmmm remember the Wuzzles anyone?) well it is nearly the weekend ... Now I know it's here somewhere ...

Lumos! Ahhhh that’s better ....

*knocks on back wall with wand, door opens to reveal a passageway, & starts sprinting down the passageway ...*

Last one into the Three Broomsticks pays for the drinks ...... May I add, Gollum, it's difficult to run with you attached to my leg. Don't worry - after a butterbeer or three, PeeWee won't look so scarey .... then again, should we mix butterbeer & polyjuice? hmmm, I feel a fun experiment coming up


Gina R Snape - Jan 23, 2004 6:06 pm (#2144 of 2955)

Severus will not help Smeagol with any precious anything. You have an ADDICTION problem my dear, beyond our means of intervention.

Ok, which wisenhymer called me Gina R Black?

I can't take this anymore. Why doesn't Sirius shave? It's itchy in here!!!


Ticker - Jan 23, 2004 6:08 pm (#2145 of 2955)

<---Sirius with a shave & hair cut


Flame Alligator - Jan 23, 2004 6:12 pm (#2146 of 2955)

What's butterbeer, Precious? Is it tasty? Whatsit taste like? Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool, gulp*) Gollum! (*choke, gag, drool, gulp*)


Liz Mann - Jan 23, 2004 7:00 pm (#2147 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 11:01 am

Lol, Flame/Gollum, Smeagol! Your posts are funny!

The Draco Polyjuice Potion wore off, so I tried another and it turned out to be Harry.

*hurries down passageway after Fawkes, determined not to be the last one there, as has no money*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 23, 2004 7:41 pm (#2148 of 2955)

My peg-leg is slowing me down, so I'll probably end up paying! Good thing I have plenty of treasure hidden in my hat!


Ticker - Jan 23, 2004 8:45 pm (#2149 of 2955)

Nope Flame/Gollum. You won't like it. Better stick with lime jello. You can eat it raw.

In your hat, eh? Hmmmmm. Methinks you may have trouble ducking through the exit if you’re not careful.

Hah, Hah, arrrrr. Hah, Hah.


Blast - Jan 23, 2004 10:07 pm (#2150 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 2:28 pm

No rush I've got the number of the Malfoy's vault, he's in jail so we won't have a problem there. What with all the movement in the halls? Is there something going on? What is going on for Valentines? I hear that Lockhart is going to put on some sort of show. Scary thought though he is not quite all there yet is he?
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2151 to 2200

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:02 am


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 23, 2004 10:49 pm (#2151 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 2:51 pm

Wow! I mean...Arrrgh! I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of Polyjuice Potion week! Sigh. I guess this means that I'll have to get back to ironing out my writer's block and working on my fic or in my altered book. Is there a potion around here for creative blocks? I could use one!


Pinky - Jan 23, 2004 11:17 pm (#2152 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 3:19 pm

*Points blaster at creepy crawling glob of slime named Gollum and yells "Scourgify!"* There, that should reveal the true Flame... I think... hold on... let me run to the library and look something up....

Oh - and Professor Snape, thanks for taking such good care of my dear Crookshanksie. Would you mind holding on to him for just another day or two? I promise not to raid your storerooms for at least the next week....


Ticker - Jan 24, 2004 1:14 am (#2153 of 2955)

Pinky - your avatars have been quite hilarious - what is your name now?


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 24, 2004 4:23 am (#2154 of 2955)

Hey!! Someone slipped a sleeping draught in my butter beer, and when I woke up there was a tatoo of an anchor on my arm!!! This will go away when the polyjuice wears off, won't it?

Won't it? Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2351571793


Pinky - Jan 24, 2004 4:50 am (#2155 of 2955)

Hmmm, Ticker, I don't know. Hermiodala? Amione? There's one left to go....


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 24, 2004 5:54 am (#2156 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 23, 2004 9:55 pm

*slides down the passage trying to get away from Pee Wee*

Oh, gosh, I hope Sirius doesn't look like that after a shave and a haircut. (That was very funny, by the way, Ticker. )

Pinky, I like Hermidala, myself.

*plays "Secret Agent Man" on bagpipe for no apparent reason*


Flame Alligator - Jan 24, 2004 1:28 pm (#2157 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 5:37 am

Wow! I was like wiggin’ out as Gollum. It feels so good to be uh, who am I? Oh yeah, I'm The Slayer. Let's see where am I? Oh yeah, St. Mungo's. Just direct me to the vampires and demons please. I'm in a hurry I have school tomorrow and I have to do my nails, hair and pick out a cute outfit. No rest for the Slayer. Is there a vampire named Snape here? If he is nasty, I'll just so-o have to stake him in the heart. Unless.....he is, like, cute. Well, then I just might wig out as I have been known to date a vampire or 2 or 3. Hmmmmm? Where is professor Snape? (*walks out of the ward headed for Hogwarts*) By the way, you can call me Buffy.

Hey Fawkeses, I mean Fawkes, Gina, and especially Pinky. Thanks for taking care of me while I was wiggin’ out. That was like so-o exhausting. Now, where is the castle thing called Hogwarts?

Pinky or is it Hermiodala? That Polyjuice outfit is working, girl! Can I borrow it?


Istari Jones - Jan 24, 2004 2:35 pm (#2158 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 6:36 am

*Appears in a puff of smoke with flashes of lightning, clicking heels together three times, repeating over and over, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home..." *

Man, I thought I'd never get away from my work! Hey, thanks for the avatar advice, Maré!

I think I made a mistake when I suggested Polyjuice week (I think it was me...) I really meant Polyjuice Month!!! These posts are really outrageous! ("Sirius Black with a shave and haircut" - *snort! guffaw!*) A truly fine representation of the comedic, creative, flamboyant, and inspired, literarily-talented-psychopaths we have here at St. Mungo's!

Poor Gina! (Rumages through my cabinet containing imported British Potions) I don't have anything to counteract the Black polyjuice effects...wait a minute...Here's something that might help...try some of my "Shirley Temple Happy Juice". Severus could never resist you as cute little Shirley Temple! (At least theoretically...)

You know, Fawkes/Snape...I think you and Flame/Smeagol/Gollum make a great duo! Well, like...like...SpongeBob and Patrick...Batman and Robin...Simon and Garfunkel...

By the way, Abby, just how did you come across my senior picture???

Ge Amy...sorry to hear about that tatoo. It might not come off, unless it's one of those wash-off kind. Of course it's not very piratey to have a wash - off tatoo! But here...*clinking sounds heard when rumages in cabinet again...*

a nice Gilette razor for you, and a gift certificate for a free trial electrolysis treatment...hope it helps...


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 24, 2004 2:48 pm (#2159 of 2955)

Thanks Istari.... I feel the effects of the potion starting to wear off... I'll just have to wait and see what happens I guess!


Istari Jones - Jan 24, 2004 3:00 pm (#2160 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 7:02 am

Did it work? Hey! It did! I'm a computer geek! KnowhutImean?


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 24, 2004 3:08 pm (#2161 of 2955)

Uh-oh this can't be good! Great job Istari!


Flame Alligator - Jan 24, 2004 3:19 pm (#2162 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 7:25 am

Istari, Like, who are you? I can't remember your name. All the vampire slaying has got me wigged out and duh, stupid.

(*mouth open with vacant expression*)

You can call me Buffy. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. I am, like, so wrapped up in myself.

(*does a hair flip*)

Could you tell me where I can find Professor Snape?

(*holding a leather bag full of wooden stakes, axes and other demon slaying weapons*)

I heard Hogwart's is infested with vampires, demons and the like. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

(*Turns and starts looking for the way out of St. Mungo's to find Snape*)

Ooooo! Amy, are you the illustrated woman? Did you, like, have too much butterbeer and wake up in a tattoo parlor with a drunken tattoo artist lying next to you with tattoo gun still in hand.? Oh my butterfly! Come my lady, come come my lady.


Gina R Snape - Jan 24, 2004 4:19 pm (#2163 of 2955)

Buffy-Flame, Severus is taking tea in our study whilst preparing lectures for the week.

It's no problem for you to find him because Severus Snape is NOT a vampire!

Phew, I feel better now. I think it's time for this polyjuice potion to wear off...


Marie E. - Jan 24, 2004 4:55 pm (#2164 of 2955)


I lost my internet for two days a just look what I missed! And now I discover that I can't change my picture so I can't even participate! Well, maybe if my husband can figure out my problem when he gets back then I'll be able to join in.

Gina R Black...*giggle* *snort* Gina, honey, I hate to break it to ya, but those aren't love bites on your neck.


Liz Mann - Jan 24, 2004 6:35 pm (#2165 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 10:38 am

But it's okay, because if he is a vampire then he's a nice one. Well, he's not a dangerous one, anyway.

And Marie, you should be able to change your avatar by going to 'change password or preferences' and clicking the browse button under 'upload a new portrait'. As long as the picture is a jpeg image and is under 10K it should work fine.


Marie E. - Jan 24, 2004 7:21 pm (#2166 of 2955)

Ah, Liz, it's my computer that won't let me change the picture. I mentioned it on the main forum, but will probably have to wait for my husband to get back from Denver. Oh well...


Pinky - Jan 24, 2004 9:13 pm (#2167 of 2955)

Polyjuice week is almost over. And look who is here to save the day...!


Liz Mann - Jan 24, 2004 10:35 pm (#2168 of 2955)

Lol! Pinky, your avatars are great!


Maré - Jan 24, 2004 10:51 pm (#2169 of 2955)

And this would be? Harrykin or Harry Wan Kenobi? It’s been awhile since I saw those pictures....


Istari Jones - Jan 24, 2004 11:09 pm (#2170 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 3:10 pm

(Pssst...I'm Ernest P. Worell, but I'll be changing it in a bit.) Marie, you mean you really aren't an exquisite little fairy tenderly fluttering from flower to flower? Well, I move that we extend Polyjuice potion for another week just because we're having so much fun, and to give Marie a chance to play!

Yeah, uhhh, Gina....I was wanting to ask about those hickies on your neck!


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 24, 2004 11:19 pm (#2171 of 2955)

:rolls over: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :broods some more:


Gina R Snape - Jan 24, 2004 11:43 pm (#2172 of 2955)

uh, huh. Marie and Istari, what am I to do with you two?


Marye Lupin - Jan 25, 2004 1:20 am (#2173 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 5:22 pm

Wow! I'm back...again. Last time I was here (about 300 posts ago) I promised that I would keep up but then... *sigh*... I just finished exams. I'm a senior in high school which means that I am now a second semester senior-- something I have been looking forward to since it means I can relax a bit until next year when I go to college!-- sorry I'm still having trouble believing it.) I'm relieved that it's over because I've been studying all month (mostly for Calculus--Augh!).

I can't believe I missed all the fun! I only skimmed the last posts because I didn't feel quite up to reading almost 400 posts so I only have a vague idea what's going on

BTW-- In response to Pinky's message #1763: My name is pronounced Mary (the E stands for my middle name)


Blast - Jan 25, 2004 1:31 am (#2174 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 5:32 pm

Ah, that Batman suit was nice and itchy, good to be back to normal, but what is normal here? Abby could you please play “Hey Mr. Spaceman” on the pipes? Gina, Severus is definitly not a Vampire, maybe he's just a Goth.


Marie E. - Jan 25, 2004 2:55 am (#2175 of 2955)

A Goth? Oh, yes, and he listens to The Cure and Depeche Mode, right Gina?

Istari, of course I'm a fairy who lives among the rosebuds. Don't let anything else I say fool you.


Gina R Snape - Jan 25, 2004 3:00 am (#2176 of 2955)

Why yes, Blast, he is a Goth. How did you know?

He prefers the Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Bauhaus. Depeche Mode was never really Goth.


Blast - Jan 25, 2004 3:03 am (#2177 of 2955)

Gina, what about the Stranglers?


Marie E. - Jan 25, 2004 3:04 am (#2178 of 2955)

Oh, I'm sorry, the pale skin threw me off. You're right, of course.

*goes off to dust the eighties CD collection*


Blast - Jan 25, 2004 3:10 am (#2179 of 2955)

Goth's seem to be on a comeback, the kids are starting to be dark again. I think that they are really just Snape fans, though. The rest of the family is watching the Lord of the Rings right now. I'll probably watch it Sunday so I can here it properly.


Gina R Snape - Jan 25, 2004 3:13 am (#2180 of 2955)

The Stranglers? Feh. 80's yes, goth no.

So, are we going for another theme week? I can't think of anything, myself. But I can tell you, Severus was getting really tetchy about the Sirius-wear. Can't say I blame him, either.

Funny, but he doesn't mind me in animagus form. I think he's a "cat person." He doesn't like dogs, though.


Viola Intonada - Jan 25, 2004 3:44 am (#2181 of 2955)

Abby, while I'm still a "staff" member, take this potion, it will help you be human again. Trust me..... hehehe.

I think we should really mess with the staff members’ minds and all turn into the same person. That will really raise the number of residents, don't you think?

How about an '80's week? I'll dust off all of my old cassette tapes. Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Journey, The Clash, The Cars, Devo. I didn't start buying CD's until the 90's after I graduated college and could start to afford such luxuries.


Marie E. - Jan 25, 2004 4:11 am (#2182 of 2955)

Or even albums, Viola. I didn't start buying cassette tapes until about ‘83 or ‘84, but still bought albums until 1985.

*rummages around some boxes*

Ah, here's an old Marillion album. And the Police. And...hey! How did Culture Club get in here? That was my brother's album, I swear!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 25, 2004 4:59 am (#2183 of 2955)

Don't forget Duran Duran, the Smiths, the Cure, Roxy Music.... ah the 80's.... life was good!


Flame Alligator - Jan 25, 2004 5:34 am (#2184 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 24, 2004 9:36 pm

Gina, I'm tired of being Buffy but this polyjuice has not quite worn off. I would very much enjoy one more week of Polyjuice Week. Great fun guys. Who said we should all turn into the same person? I like that idea. How do we coordinate it? Who should we be? Of course, we might freak out the rest of The Forum.

Gina, I love your new avatar. That is Snape isn't it? Don’t worry, Buffy would never stake but more than likely she would try to date him? Don't be jealous. I'm sure you are his number one.

Pinky, I love my darling Harry as Harry Skywalker. He is always the hero. Where was he when I was possessed by Gollum?

I'm up for an 80's week. Where did I put those CD's? I will need a lot of hair product. I will need to brush up on my 80's speak.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 25, 2004 8:05 am (#2185 of 2955)

Istari, about your senior picture, I have my ways. . .

Um, *looks around suspiciously*, no thanks, Viola. I think it'll wear off eventually. And I think it'd be incredibly humorous to all be the same person. Who could it be? A HP character? An obscure historical figure? An Egyptologist? Who?

As for '80s week, intriguing, yet scary.

*plays "Hey, Mr. Spaceman" on bagpipes for Blast*


Flame Alligator - Jan 25, 2004 4:40 pm (#2186 of 2955)

I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to FREE YOUR MIND. I reluctantly am The One. (*flies off into the computer matrix*)

How about we pick one HP character a day? Hopefully, each of us picking a different avatar if possible.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 25, 2004 4:44 pm (#2187 of 2955)

‘80's week might be fun, but I think that a lot of "residents" here were not even born until then, so it might not be fair.


Istari Jones - Jan 25, 2004 5:02 pm (#2188 of 2955)

Don't worry, Marye, the fun's just starting. The ‘80's are ok, but they weren't too fun for me. Maybe a ‘50's or ‘60's thing? We could contact Elvis's ghost for a concert here at St. Mungo's...


Gina R Snape - Jan 25, 2004 5:14 pm (#2189 of 2955)

Oh, Amy, the Duran Duran boys were so cute! It's a shame Nick Rhodes feels the need to wear even MORE make-up now than he did then.

Maybe we should, er, have a fandrawing week? All our avatars could be fan drawings of favourite characters. I'll go first!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 25, 2004 6:19 pm (#2190 of 2955)

I like that idea Gina! Of course you can't have one twin without the other! I would give credit to the artist, if I knew who it was!


Marie E. - Jan 25, 2004 7:06 pm (#2191 of 2955)

*pulls on a pair of parachute pants*

Are we still doing ‘80's week? Don't forget the Bangles, Spandau Ballet, Asia, and Howard Jones.

I still can't change my picture, so pretend I have some fanart of Hermione until my computer genius figures something out.


Liz Mann - Jan 25, 2004 10:20 pm (#2192 of 2955)

I don't remember much of the ‘80s, I was born in ‘86. I wouldn't be able to participate much in an ‘80s week. Although, I could Polyjuice into Star from The Lost Boys.

How about Istari's ‘50s or ‘60s idea. I may not have been around then but I know a bit more about them than the ‘80s. Or the ‘70s! We can all wear flairs and disco suits and dance to Staying Alive by the BeeGees! Or if we do the ‘50s one we can all dress up as Sandy or Danny from Grease!

I like Gina's idea but would that be pirating if we didn't get the artist's permision? My favourite fan artist's put a notice on her site saying she's getting sick and tired of people using her work for stuff without her permission (she's thinking about closing down the site because of it!! ).


Viola Intonada - Jan 25, 2004 10:32 pm (#2193 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 25, 2004 2:39 pm

Don't know anything about the ‘80's!!??!! Have you never watched Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Short Circuit, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, the Karate Kid and who could leave out Flash Dance? (A movie I never saw, but influenced my wardrobe significantly) The ‘80's were simple, like, talk like a valley girl, like you know. Like everything you say, like, starts and ends with the word like, like you know. Who could ever forget the ever popular phrase "Gag me with a spoon, Yaah!" Big hair (the heyday of the hair spray and gel companies) ripped, faded jeans (perfect since I was a college student in Chemistry lab, lots of acid holes in my jeans) and baggy clothes. (no underwear showing)

I actually still have a Police vinyl and Depeche Mode vinyl. Someday I may even show my children.

As for everyone changing into the same character, maybe we should all warm up by turning into Madame Poppy. Where has she been anyway?


Gina R Snape - Jan 25, 2004 11:37 pm (#2194 of 2955)

Liz, why don't you ask the artist for permission? And you could give credit in the line of info under your name.

Unfortunately, I downloaded this picture almost a year ago, and the site is gone so I can't credit the artist or I would.


Blast - Jan 26, 2004 1:35 am (#2195 of 2955)

Ah the eighties, too busy with my family to pull in a lot of culture. I listened a lot but no real favourates to think of. Actually I listened to a lot of classical and ‘60's and ‘70's. My prenuptual hobby, BTW, was a lot of music, played trombone in school and a bit of guitar. CD'S are great though, the sound is great. I've been to a lot of concerts in my day, saw some of the greatest, the one I missed was Led Zepplin, I had tickets but the concert was cancelled due to the death of Robert Plant's son. The best fun we had was at a Kiss concert. I sold two tickets to this real nerd, my friend said that he'd probably ask us what to do at the concert. The nerd brought his girlfriend, and after the first song he wispered out of the side of his mouth was, what do we do next. I missed most of the concert laughing so hard that the tears were running down my face. Butterbeer all around, let's put one of Boy George's hairs into some polyjuice potion and put it in the staff's tea at tea time.


Viola Intonada - Jan 26, 2004 2:59 am (#2196 of 2955)

Blast, you need to bring your trombone to our band! I think the St. Mungo's band should give a concert. What do you think?

The ‘80's was just about the only decade that I attended rock concerts. My last rock concert was The Pink Floyd in the very early ‘90's. I'll have to wait until my children are older, I'll go with them just to annoy them. hehehehe


Cliff Hamaker - Jan 26, 2004 3:58 am (#2197 of 2955)

*Cliff shows up from Klyffe's castle and makes him go back*

Ugh, alternate personalities. Hate 'em, but can't live without 'em...

I'm with Lizz. I was born in ‘86. But I still love the eighties cuz my parents were kinda stuck in them throughout most of my early chilhood. Not in a bad way. But they were. And I just have one thing to say....


.....*ahem* Thank you, and I vote for eighties week.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 26, 2004 4:25 am (#2198 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 25, 2004 8:26 pm

The eighties are making a comeback, you know. My six year old is obsessed with Transformers... I thought they were long gone! Next thing you know we'll all have big hair (guys, too) and be wearing paisley big-shirts with leggings and ankle boots!


Gina R Snape - Jan 26, 2004 4:35 am (#2199 of 2955)

I saw a woman on the train today wearing black spangled leg warmers over black leggings, with white high-heeled shoes--in 18F degree weather! That was both extremely 80's in style and horrifying to consider how freezing her feet must have been!


Fawkes Forever - Jan 26, 2004 10:36 am (#2200 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 2:45 am

*Fawkes wakes up under a table, see a pair of glittering heels walk past & realises she's still in the Three Broomsticks ... groan*

Whoops, the after effects of two sips of butterbeer & all those polyjuice cocktails..... hee hee.

Oh & Gina, 'twas me that called you Gina R Black ... appologies but I had eaten a lot of Gollum Jelly that day, some of Severus' personality was beginning to seep through & he was jealous *hee hee*

Talking of the ‘80's, I keep typing butterbear instead of butterbeer, the Wuzzles are very ‘80's... them & Transformers, oh & My Little Ponies.... does anyone remember them.... I loved them. I went into a shop before christmas & the ponies are back *woohoo*.... Yes indeedy the ‘80's are definitely back to haunt us..... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or Hero Turtles as they where known over here) are back too!

Severus is still my avatar... the polyjuice is beginning to wear off however, finding it hard to 'sever' the ties .... plus I love my hat The temp has dropped here too, & I can't find my hat & scarf, so Crookshanks was coming in handy.... will probably change sometime today though... if I get the chance.... work keeps interfering ....
Lady Arabella
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2201 to 2250

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:05 am


Flame Alligator - Jan 26, 2004 1:59 pm (#2201 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 6:00 am

I am ready to go along with what ever we decide on this week. I just turned to the ‘80's music channel to bring up some memories. Will we be changing our avatars for ‘80's week.

I still like the idea of being all being one HP character. Where do I get pictures of Madame Poppy?


Pinky - Jan 26, 2004 2:45 pm (#2202 of 2955)

Fawkes, my sister was into My Little Pony, I was more of a Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears kind of girl. All of which are back now!


Maré - Jan 26, 2004 3:27 pm (#2203 of 2955)

And if we all take the same avatar, how did you want to call it? "confuse all the other members as much as we can week?"

We could also take one picture and add something different to it per person, like for example we take the same picture of Harry, and Pinky could add a nice jedi-sword, some-one might want a hat, or a clownsnose....


Istari Jones - Jan 26, 2004 3:48 pm (#2204 of 2955)

All of looking like Madame Pomfrey sounds good to me! Say, has Poppy been here for a while? She'd get a kick out of coming back and finding her pictures all over the place!!! (Digging through closet to find some really cheesy ‘80's clothes, only to find maternity clothes...). (My kids were born in '79, '81, and '86!)


Gina R Snape - Jan 26, 2004 6:10 pm (#2205 of 2955)

Hee, that's funny Istari.

Well, most people in the ‘80's I know wore leggings and big t-shirts. So, that was not unlike a lot of maternity wear anyway!

And, yeah, where has Poppy been? I hope the St. Mungo's staff didn't take her away. I mean, she belongs on the staff, right?


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 26, 2004 6:46 pm (#2206 of 2955)

Maybe we should start checking all of the closets and cabinets around here... there's no telling what Peeves and Gollum did while they were loose!

She's not under my bed! (her picture is hard to find, too!)


Ticker - Jan 26, 2004 8:16 pm (#2207 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 12:16 pm

Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Dust_b10<--------------------------------

No Madam Poppy under my bed - but look what I did find!


Gina R Snape - Jan 26, 2004 8:53 pm (#2208 of 2955)

Aaaaawwwww. What a find. She's soooooo cute!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 26, 2004 9:53 pm (#2209 of 2955)

You found that under your bed?!?!? I hope Mme. Pomfrey didn't fall into the bell jar!


Istari Jones - Jan 26, 2004 9:59 pm (#2210 of 2955)

Ticker, that's the cutest dust bunny I have ever seen!

Actually, Gina, Poppy is the only staff member I've really seen. We weren't so bad the others just left, were we?


Gina R Snape - Jan 26, 2004 10:58 pm (#2211 of 2955)

Well, Istari. If you read my intro from waaaaaay back at the beginning, I was a staff member until they took my wand away and committed me. I guess I enjoyed hanging out with the patients too much!


Liz Mann - Jan 26, 2004 11:31 pm (#2212 of 2955)

Gina - I am using fan art on my website that I'm making so I will be emailing some people. Also, your avatar is on The Emerald Spellbook. http://www.planetmyhill.com/EmeraldSpellbook/Fanart.html

Fawkes - I remember My Little Ponies!! I had some of them! Still have somewhere. And Care Bears too! I was obsessed with them!


Ticker - Jan 26, 2004 11:59 pm (#2213 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 4:01 pm

Cutest dust bunny - hee, hee...

I could have sworn I was getting treatment here... If we can't see the staff members, what does that mean?!?!? And why is there a bowl of jello floating down the hallway?!?!?

Istari - you don't happen to have one of those T-shirts that say, "You are here" with an arrow pointing to an arm of the Milky Way, do you? (That bowl of jello definitely looks lost.)

Gina - that is a great picture by the way.

Amy - it looks like you've found Poppy, or is the polyjuice affecting my vision?

Regarding ‘80's week - what's so wierd about 5 finger hair, the grunge look, and Duran Duran? (and Pee-Wee Herman or Wierd Al for that matter?) OK, OK -never mind. I know I'm paranoid but you do know it's a huge marketing ploy for nostalgic Gen-X'ers to buy Smurfs for their kids. Scary to think about it all coming back again just because they are being brought up with the same cartoon roll-models. In the ‘80's I swore I would never wear flared-leg pants again, now I'm swearing never to wear tapered legs. I guess I'll just have to wear robes - what a classic look. Yep. Me & Archie... too cool, as usual...


Istari Jones - Jan 27, 2004 12:23 am (#2214 of 2955)

Nah, Ticker, just one that says "I'm with Stupid."


Blast - Jan 27, 2004 1:08 am (#2215 of 2955)

The Wizarding World has always been sort of Sixties in appearence, so the clothes won't matter much. Maybe we'll get Snape a ruffed shirt, a la Prince, me I'm going with plain black robes, with a white fedora. The song of the eighties was Forever Young by Alphaville. But the seventies music will always be in my heart. Best song Werewolves of London, ahooh.


Gina R Snape - Jan 27, 2004 1:52 am (#2216 of 2955)

Well, I went to the Emerald Spellbook. The artist for my avatar had a site, and it's no longer up. But thanks for the lead.


Ticker - Jan 27, 2004 2:35 am (#2217 of 2955)

*Wonders why she always ends up with friends who have the "I'm with stupid" T-shirt...*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 27, 2004 3:56 am (#2218 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 7:56 pm

So should we have a vote? All in favor of an ‘80's week (with corresponding avatar), say AYE! Opposed, NAY!


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 27, 2004 7:02 am (#2219 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 26, 2004 11:02 pm

AYE!! While the '80s--well, what I remember of it--were somewhat frightening, I'm getting some tubular ideas about an avatar to go along with it.

Though, I do still really like "Confuse all the other forum members" week. I'm mean enough to get a kick out of that. I also like Maré's idea of everyone having the same pic but with a personal touch.

*plays "Werewolves of London" on bagpipe* Thanks for getting that stuck in my head, Blast.


Fawkes Forever - Jan 27, 2004 9:52 am (#2220 of 2955)

Ticker : In the ‘80's I swore I would never wear flared-leg pants again, now I'm swearing never to wear tapered legs.

*rolls around laughing*

I know exactly what you mean ... lol. Might get a few funny looks if I came into work in robes however!

Liz.... oh Care Bears, I always wanted one... but never got one.... I liked Grumpy Bear ... so cute.... I did have a sticker album though! Hmmm, gives me an idea for a new avatar. Yes I vote for 80's week.


Blast - Jan 27, 2004 10:30 am (#2221 of 2955)

Being of sound mind,ha ha, I'll go with either one, let the mob have it's say.*sings “Hungry Like The Wolf” *]


Maré - Jan 27, 2004 11:00 am (#2222 of 2955)

Hey, I used to have care bear avatar once, have no idea where I left it though. Probably got lost when my computer crashed.

I already got an idea for a picture, since I was born in 1980, I am very eighties myself (in a way). I'll see if I can get my hands on a baby picture

If not I'll try to refind my carebear, then we can "shine" together Fawkes. (If you don’t mind, I could also find a My Little Pony, I used to have some when I was younger.... hmmm, you know, i might still have them somewhere in a dark place up in the attic, should check that out.)

(Bye the way, what is the english expression for when the carebears all go and sent rays of lights out their belly?)


Fawkes Forever - Jan 27, 2004 11:25 am (#2223 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 3:27 am

Care Bear Stare *twinkly light shoots out in jets from their bellies & all the bad feeling in the world disapears* hee hee.

Oh do try & find some My Little Ponies.... there might be some in St Mungo’s nursery .... that is if there is one here!


Maré - Jan 27, 2004 12:13 pm (#2224 of 2955)

Stare? Never would have guessed that... in dutch it is: "troetelbeertjes... straal!" which means as much as carebears beam or shine.

Why stare? You stare with your eyes, not your belly.


Fawkes Forever - Jan 27, 2004 12:31 pm (#2225 of 2955)

That one always stumped me too..... hmmm, or perhaps I've been getting it wrong all these years... hee hee!


Maré - Jan 27, 2004 12:40 pm (#2226 of 2955)

Could you have mixed it up with carebears share?

(I dunno, share the love maybe?)
*clears throat,* anyways, I think it is time for more yellow, iceberg blue one any-one?


Fawkes Forever - Jan 27, 2004 5:02 pm (#2227 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 9:02 am

Hee hee, in another, ahem 'spare moment' at work.... I Googled Care Bear Stare... seems that’s what exactly what it was....
Each bear and cousin has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy. When they unite, they can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies http://www.80scartoons.net/toons/carebears.html

....hmmm, at least I'm not completely mental....( says she who is currently a patient in St Mungo’s...)

Any staff positions open at present?.... I need a career change..... I could be the completely useless orderly who lets the patients run riot, whilst she surfs the web all day *not too different from my current role* ...


Gina R Snape - Jan 27, 2004 5:53 pm (#2228 of 2955)

Call me weird, but a "Care Bear Stare" doesn't sound like a good thing. They beam good energy at their enemies? Sounds very very strange to me. Wouldn't they want to beam good energy at their friends and family? Or is it some kind of psychic conversion to turn their enemies good? Oh My God!!!! It's the Imperius curse!!!!!! Care Bears are Death Eaters in disguise. Run for your lives!!!!!!


Ticker - Jan 27, 2004 6:00 pm (#2229 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 10:09 am

I knew it! I always thought there was something dark going on under those pastel fuzzies.

Geez - I am paranoid.

OK. ‘80's week? I am voting by proudly wearing the mullet.

(I just downloaded this pic off the web - if you know this guy, thank him for letting me borrow him for the day.)


Ticker - Jan 27, 2004 6:31 pm (#2230 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 10:55 am

Ack! It is just too wierd for words seeing this guy smiling at me when I post. He's going bye-bye tomorrow. This is stranger for me than polyjuice week.

Go here if you dare: http://www.mulletjunky.com/


Fawkes Forever - Jan 27, 2004 6:56 pm (#2231 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 10:58 am

Hee hee, Ticker that guy is “tres ‘80's!”

Gina, hmm, those Care Bears do sound a bit sinister when you put it that way! Beware Good Luck Bear, he/she is green & that means... Green Light Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm scared of Carebears, my childhood has been ruined (kidding!) I'm grumpy bear... purple light .... watch out Ms Granger... maugh haugh haugh!

(hmm, I appear to have taken on a decidedly evil persona since arriving here at St Mungo’s.... I like it .... Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2222139670 )

Talking of St Mungo’s, would anyone like to volunteer to be a reference (referee) on my application form for St Mungo’s staff? However I might not need it, with my new Care Bear powers... I can just 'stare' at the interview panel ..... traa laa laa.

Yes indeedy I'm having a mad day. But remember, we are all insane... just some of us are better at hiding it than others ....


Liz Mann - Jan 27, 2004 9:45 pm (#2232 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 1:45 pm

The Care Bears weren't sinister! They were sickeningly cute! I still have all my Care Bears soft toys in a bag in my mum's cupboard! I have the one in your avatar, Fawkes!

I'm in favour of ‘80s week.

Hey, does anyone remember the Popples?


Viola Intonada - Jan 27, 2004 10:25 pm (#2233 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 2:34 pm

Care Bears were Death Eaters in disguise!!??!! I burst out laughing just thinking of Lucius Malfoy dressing up in a Tender Heart Bear costume and going about on Death Eater business.

I definitely vote for both ‘80's and “everyone alike” week. I have been envisioning Snape wearing neon colors!! And dancing to Cyndi Lauper music. In college I got my boyfriend (now husband) and all of my roommates to start watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My nephew got me started.

Oh! The Smurfs! How could I have ever forgotten the Smurfs! (maybe I performed a memory charm on myself!) Everything was so Smurfy.


Ticker - Jan 28, 2004 12:19 am (#2234 of 2955)

Like smurfy, fer sure.


Blast - Jan 28, 2004 1:01 am (#2235 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 27, 2004 5:05 pm

Smurfs are Death Eaters - wasn't one of them called Voldemort? You can still get Smurfs in Kinder Eggs, although sometimes you need an engineering degree to put those things together.

Fawkes if you need a reference, no problem we can just get Dean to scribble you one. Lockheart will also sign one for you, he knows joined up writing now.


Istari Jones - Jan 28, 2004 1:22 am (#2236 of 2955)

Boy, I'm glad to see that all those countless hours my family and I spent in front of the TV weren't wasted! Yeah, we can smurf an ‘80's week!


Ticker - Jan 28, 2004 3:40 am (#2237 of 2955)

(Pulls finger out of nose to laugh at Blast's post...)

Village People? ...and I thought my avatar was goofy...


Marie E. - Jan 28, 2004 6:29 am (#2238 of 2955)

Just FYI, I saw Rainbow Brite dolls at Walmart last night. My daughter Lexie said, “Mommy this is from your old cartoon.” Thank you dear. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 1242194059 Back in my mom's storage unit she has my collection of plastic Smurf figures. I had close to fifty of the little suckers, including two of the mushroom houses.

I don't remember a Smurf named Voldemort. There was Gargamel and Azriel but no Voldemort.


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 28, 2004 6:33 am (#2239 of 2955)

I'm never going to look at Care Bears the same way again.

Liz, I totally remember Popples. Those were some of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my life. What were they exactly?

As usual when it's mentioned, I have the Smurf song stuck in my head. But when it gets stuck in my head it has words. "Everyone loves the Smurfs, la lala la laaa!" Sigh.

*plays Smurf song on bagpipe*


Maré - Jan 28, 2004 10:20 am (#2240 of 2955)

LOL Abby, I like your avatar. He looks so young there :eep: And yes, the smurfs... but if you say smurfs, you have to say snorks! (Is that the right word??) Those colourful smurfs that live underwater and have this erm.. snork on their heads.


Liz Mann - Jan 28, 2004 11:33 am (#2241 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 3:37 am

I have the Popples theme tune in my head now!

Those were some of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my life. What were they exactly?

They were popples! I just remember they used to have pouches on their backs which they could pull round underneath them and climb into, then hop around. They were cute, though.

I am at college right now. My media studies teacher isn't in and she left us instructions to research the film The Lost Boys. But we're not being suvervised, so blow that, I'm hanging around the forum for a while! I don't think anyone else is doing the work, either.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 28, 2004 1:40 pm (#2242 of 2955)

I don't remember the popples, but they sound kind of creepy! I only know about the Snorks because they still show it on the Boomerang channel on satellite!

Anyone have any more Aquanet? I can't get my hair quite big enough, and I've run out! Extra super-hold please! The bigger the hair, the closer to God, you know!


Marye Lupin - Jan 28, 2004 2:46 pm (#2243 of 2955)

I'll support ‘80s week, but I think afterwards we should definitely do the "confuse everyone week".

I was born in 1986 so I remember very little about the ‘80s but I used to love the smurfs.


Fawkes Forever - Jan 28, 2004 4:09 pm (#2244 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 8:12 am

Lol Liz, I saw your avatar on the chat thread & said... oh cool, a Popple.... so I remember them... I also remember some plastic creatures of sorts with a hollow belly & a keys to open them to put stuf inside, they where called secret keepers (I think) ... I asked around at work, but no one remembers them, they think I made them up!

Wasn't fond of the Smurfs, got into trouble in school once for doing a Gargamel impression, well it was in the middle of lessons however.... perhaps that’s why I don't like them too much.... Interesting fact (well not really), but sometimes in Ireland if someone has the surname Murphy (hmmm, not too common, that one ) They get the nickname Smurph .... don't ask

Abby.... Save Ferris! Woohoo, I'm liking this ‘80's week.

Blast, ta for the reference, & Lockhart was only too pleased to give me an autograph .... got stuck talking to him for ages thought! I will apply to St Mungo’s for a job now.... but I can't see me lasting, I enjoy doing nothing too much Now where was I, oh yes.... Care Bears Stare ..... Tada.... just got a job as an orderly .... no wait.... Staff nurse.... Hmmm, I like this white coat!


Liz Mann - Jan 28, 2004 8:59 pm (#2245 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 1:00 pm

Popples aren't creepy, Amy, they're adorable!

Anyone who wants to see what they were like, click here http://www.mystiesplace.com/popples/popplesvids.html and then on Popples Opening. You'll also hear the tune I've had stuck in my head for a large part of the day.


Blast - Jan 28, 2004 10:41 pm (#2246 of 2955)

What about Cabbage Patch dolls - weren't they something? A friend of mine is nicknamed Patch in honor of the dolls, and has a face only a mother could love. Good sense of humour about it though.


Ticker - Jan 28, 2004 10:56 pm (#2247 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 3:04 pm

If I remember right, Cabbage Patch dolls came out near the end of the ‘70's & survived into the ‘80's (but I could be remembering wrong). Now, Garbage Pail Kids on the other hand... I can't think of one without the other. They were very ‘80's.

“Ferris Beuler's Day Off” was one of my favorite movies! Right up there with Lady Hawk, Wierd Science, and The Last Star Fighter.

Sigh. They don't say anything about remembering the ‘80's like they do with the ‘70's (which I DO remember, just not as well).

Edit: I just looked up on the web that Cabbage Patch Dolls came out in 1982. It just seemed like they were out for years prior.


Gina R Snape - Jan 29, 2004 12:47 am (#2248 of 2955)

*walks around humming Raspberry Beret*

‘80's week, eh? Maybe I can convince Severus to put on a neon shirt for the occasion.


Marye Lupin - Jan 29, 2004 1:16 am (#2249 of 2955)

I was never into “Ferris Bueller's Day Off,” but I must have seen it five times. I don't know why but every time I go to a party and we start talking about watching a movie somebody pops it in. I can't believe it's still so popular with teenagers.


Viola Intonada - Jan 29, 2004 2:20 am (#2250 of 2955)

Liz, you can point out to your teacher that you are researching the Lost Boys by being here with us. We are informing you about the era in which the Lost Boys were filmed so that you can better understand the context in which it was first viewed. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Ticker, Ladyhawke and Real Genius were my favorite films of the era.

Cabbage Patch dolls: I'm amazed at how often I still see those things around. I was too old to want one when they first came out. They were the first "major Christmas toy rush" that I remember. People would pay over $150.00 for one so they could give it to their child on Christmas Day. In 1982 that was a lot of money!

Last edited by Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:09 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : added image)
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2251 to 2300

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:11 am


Pinky - Jan 29, 2004 2:28 am (#2251 of 2955)

Oh - and who can forget jams? Or jelly shoes? I just can't bring myself to actually post a picture of one of those for my avatar! Anyone want to admit they actually wore them? I did! And now I'd rather wear a pink hoodie than any of those!


Istari Jones - Jan 29, 2004 3:08 am (#2252 of 2955)

Now, don't shoot the messenger, but...remember a while back we really got off a little crazy discussing a non-Harry Potter topic about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (*coughAlanRickmancough*) and were thoroughly Kippendoed and told to keep the discussion to HP items because after all this was the HP Lexicon?

Not to kill a great party, but before we get Kippendoed again we might want to consider keeping our theme weeks, well, more HP focused? (Ducks before I get Stupefied...Besides, I'd rather get Kippendoed for discussing AR rather than Popples or Smurfs...sorry, he has a nicer voice...)


Pinky - Jan 29, 2004 3:13 am (#2253 of 2955)

~*promptly hits Istari over the head with a pencil/wand*

I hereby declare this week - for what is left of it - as "Who Can Out-Potter the most Potty Member of us All!"

Without looking in your books or in the lexicon, how many life details can you recall about Harry? You are allowed to check into the Hairy - er - Harry ward just down the hall. Let's each list one detail at a time. I'll start:

(1) Harry has a lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead.


Gina R Snape - Jan 29, 2004 3:17 am (#2254 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 7:18 pm

(2) Harry wears glasses.
(3) Snape doesn't like Harry.
(4) Harry doesn't like Snape.


Istari Jones - Jan 29, 2004 3:27 am (#2255 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 7:36 pm

**Ouch!*** Sorry, Pinky, I know I had it coming, but someone had to say it:(

Harry turned his teacher's hair blue in school.

Harry's hair kept growing back after Aunt Petunia cut it off.

Harry found himself on top of the school to keep Dudley and his gang from tormenting him.

Snape doesn't like Harry.

Harry doesn't like Snape Smile

Ooops, just read "list one detail at a time"...Sorry!


Viola Intonada - Jan 29, 2004 3:36 am (#2256 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 28, 2004 7:37 pm

Hey! How about we turn the discussion into what the wizarding world was like in the ‘80's. Did wizards wear neon colored robes and have brightly dyed hair. Did they use spells to have "big" hair? Were the Care Bears really Death Eaters in disguise? Did the Smurfs leak from the WW into muggle society?

Harry was born in the ‘80's right? Were his parents "yuppies" in the WW?

Harry details: Harry released a python on Dudley


Pinky - Jan 29, 2004 3:54 am (#2257 of 2955)

Viola, your post suspiciously sounds like you intend to actually reason through possible theories. If you want to start a thread devoted to discussing the culture of the wizarding world in the ‘80's, by all means do! But within St. Mungo's please keep as close as possible to complete insanity. We'll all feel much better if we don't have to actually think while we're in here. *forcefeeds a canary cream to Viola*

Harry has no siblings. :-(


Viola Intonada - Jan 29, 2004 4:04 am (#2258 of 2955)

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 29, 2004 4:15 am (#2259 of 2955)

Harry's a parseltongue!


The Great Abbycadabra - Jan 29, 2004 4:50 am (#2260 of 2955)

I don't have to think to draw connections about strange '80s memorabilia and HP. Stuff like that comes to me naturally. Besides, any wish of reliving the '80s seems like insanity to me.

*hands Amy some Aquanet*

Also, thanks to all who wish to save Ferris. It's greatly appreciated. By the way, Fawkes, I had a secret keeper! It was kind of a mini-secret keeper. I remember it was pale blue and had a big purple heart-shaped rhinestone and inside it had the head and arms and legs of a little doll that could be flipped out making the blue part the body. It was very strange. I haven't thought of that in years, thanks for the flashback.

Harry was stuck up a tree for a while because of Aunt Marge's dog.


Blast - Jan 29, 2004 10:08 am (#2261 of 2955)

Harry's favourite is treacle tart. I wonder if Mr. Belvedere was a squib?


Fawkes Forever - Jan 29, 2004 3:08 pm (#2262 of 2955)

Woohoo Abby, so I didn't make those up... yeay, I'm not going mad .... well maybe just a little bit

Harry Fact - ummm, He's a seeker for Gryffindor


Maré - Jan 29, 2004 3:11 pm (#2263 of 2955)

Well actually, right now... he isn't. Ginny is.


Liz Mann - Jan 29, 2004 4:42 pm (#2264 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 29, 2004 8:42 am

Well, ‘80s week or not I'm keeping my Popples avatar.

Harry got whacked around the shins by Aunt Marge for beating Dudley at Musical Statues.


Flame Alligator - Jan 29, 2004 4:59 pm (#2265 of 2955)

Harry cared deeply for Sirius.

I have not been able to get into ‘80's week but I have found everyone's reminiscences entertaining. My favorites were Cindi Lauper (I'm a fun kind of girl.), AHA (one hit wonder), and the Tompson Twins. Even though, I was in my (*gasps*) 30's, I had really big hair. I had not used hair gel since the 60's. What about shoulder pads? Uh!!! I remember not being able to find a trench coat without pads. Now they hang, unworn in my closet because of those ridiculous pads.


Ticker - Jan 29, 2004 6:51 pm (#2266 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 29, 2004 11:01 am

Ooooooh! Remember how cute the guys were in their tight jeans & parachute pants? I'm betting Sirius had a pair or two. Oh yes! Big hair, big shoulders, little shoes, tight legs, button down everything - very stylish. You know, it was quite a relief when styles relaxed & everything didn't require ironing, hairspray, or thick make-up. (Although the dress length button-down shirt over leggings was pretty comfy...)

(Refocuses her reminiscences sluggishly, wondering what was in the jello that could interrupt her overactive HP obsession...)

Harry dreamt on his first night in Hogwarts, that he had been sorted into the wrong house & should be re-sorted into Slytherin. How did I miss that until I just re-read it last week? Must have been pushed out of my mind by imagining Alan Rickman doing the moonwalk.


Liz Mann - Jan 29, 2004 7:09 pm (#2267 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 29, 2004 11:10 am

Alan Rickman doing the moonwalk? *snort*

Before Harry saw the snake attack Mr Weasley, he was dreaming that Cho was having a go at him, saying that Cedric had given her lots of chocolate frog cards and Harry hadn't, and Hermione suggested Harry give her his Firebolt, to which he said that he couldn't because Umbridge had it and he'd only come to the DA room to put up Christmas baubles shaped like Dobby's head.


Madam Pince - Jan 29, 2004 10:15 pm (#2268 of 2955)

Alan Rickman doing the moonwalk wearing a Members Only jacket, no less!


Viola Intonada - Jan 30, 2004 3:04 am (#2269 of 2955)

Harry bought a whole bunch of socks to give to Dobby for helping him in the triwizard tournament.

By the way, who made up that last batch of polyjuice potion? I think they must have put something in it to make all of us have ‘80's flashbacks. Either that or it was just all of the talk of putting hairs in our potions brought back memories of the "big hair" days.

*spits out a feather *


Gina R Snape - Jan 30, 2004 3:26 am (#2270 of 2955)

Alan RIckman could do a moonwalk, wearing a Members Only jacket, then stand on his head and pass gas for all I care. He'll still be wonderful. *sigh*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 30, 2004 3:42 am (#2271 of 2955)

I'd pay money to see that, actually. Can you believe break dancing is making a comback? The POPE had break dancers as the Vatican, and I can only wonder if he had any idea what was going on? I had enough of that in the ‘80's!


Pinky - Jan 30, 2004 3:56 am (#2272 of 2955)

Attention all inmates of St. Mungo's! This is an official request as a moderator on the Harry Potter Lexicon FanFiction Forum to stay on topic! What is on topic for St. Mungo's you may ask? If you don't know, I highly encourage you to read past sections of this thread (you don't have to read all 2000+ posts, but it would make for an entertaining evening!). If you want to discuss the '80's, particular actors, trends, or anything of that sort, there is a great chat thread on the main forum where you are welcome to do so. But please, here in St. Mungo's, keep it on topic! I instituted the "name things about Harry" in an attempt to pull it back on topic, however, even that contest is just a little too organized. Let us return to the uncertainty of knowing who among us is staff, why Clyffe is brooding, whatever happened to the purple sloth, and above all, don't eat the jello!

*hands everyone the new and updated Flying Bedpan 2004 with Autoreverse*
"You never know when reverse will kick in!"


Flame Alligator - Jan 30, 2004 12:31 pm (#2273 of 2955)

Okay Pinky, Now, I am really confused. (*eyebrows knitted, eyes squinting*) What are we doing here at St. Mungo's? Is it ‘80's, things about Harry or something else?


Pinky - Jan 30, 2004 12:59 pm (#2274 of 2955)

Flame, it is most definitely the "something else." A state of confusion helps immensely. This thread is a place to have wacky, insane fun. Try reading the first 50 (or so) posts in this thread to get the flavor.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 30, 2004 1:26 pm (#2275 of 2955)

Looking down at my high tops in shame, I apologize for my part in going off-topic. I think it would be nice to have that 'confuse everyone with the same avatar' week, but I have to say, I have no idea how to change a photo in any way, so that suggestion doesn't work for me. Any ideas on which character or picure we should use?


Flame Alligator - Jan 30, 2004 3:00 pm (#2276 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 30, 2004 7:05 am

How about the same character different avatars?

Edit: I am all for fun and thought I had the gist of things during Polyjuice Week. Then everything went nostalgic and I zoned out.


PyroGrl - Jan 30, 2004 5:48 pm (#2277 of 2955)

Seeing that it will take me days to read the past 707 posts, is there a one sentence summary of what happened? Oh, I have just switched wards. I can be found in the Obsessed-Over-Who-That-Paper-Crane-Is-For ward.


Gina R Snape - Jan 30, 2004 6:38 pm (#2278 of 2955)

*grabs a bedpan and goes flying* WWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's play bumper pans!


Ticker - Jan 30, 2004 8:34 pm (#2279 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 30, 2004 12:39 pm

*Thinks herself cross-eyed trying to answer pyro.*

Best I can come up with in one sentence is: Nope.

I wonder who those paper cranes are from. Draco? And if they are, what wicked thing do they do I wonder?

*Stuffs the hairspray, parachute pants, and other unrelated ‘80's paraphenalia in the bedpan & flushes it before they drag me away in a straight-jacket to a muggle sanitarium where such obsessions are dealt with...*

Woo-hooo! (Bumps Gina into the wall.) Check out the racing stripe on my bedpan. Catch me if you can!!!


Gina R Snape - Jan 30, 2004 8:54 pm (#2280 of 2955)

Oh, that was a racing stripe? *evil grin*


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 30, 2004 11:30 pm (#2281 of 2955)

My bedpan is stuck in reverse! I'm getting dizzy!

If you're referring to the Crane in the movie trailer, it's a picture of Harry getting zapped by lightning, drawn by Draco... he's sending over to Harry's desk.


wormsé - Jan 31, 2004 3:05 am (#2282 of 2955)

*grabs a brand new bedpan and joins in the bumper pan race* Wow!! Who would have thought a bedpan could go THIS fast?? Weeee!! *flys around the room and crashes into Gina knocking over bowls of jello*


Gina R Snape - Jan 31, 2004 3:30 am (#2283 of 2955)

*flies into Lindsay and knocks her into Amy, fixing her reverse-only problem*

You guys, we might not want to let the jello hit the ground. I saw some creepy crawly things earlier and Merlin only knows what will happen if they eat the jello.


Viola Intonada - Jan 31, 2004 3:41 am (#2284 of 2955)

Oh! I will get out my handy-dandy viola bow/wand, consult my Guide On Bewitching Foods by Gilderoy Lockhart, and then I will bewitch the bowls of jello to act as devices for some quidditch. Let's see, ah, there goes a bowl of lemon jello floating past. Just a simple swish and flick and it will become our snitch......


Blast - Jan 31, 2004 4:19 am (#2285 of 2955)

Hey no fair, my bedpan doesn’t work. I see - - - the problem it's a kick start. Vrum vrum, and awaay we go.


Istari Jones - Jan 31, 2004 2:27 pm (#2286 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 31, 2004 6:27 am

My bedpan won't work. It must be out of gas. Please pass the baked beans...


Blast - Jan 31, 2004 3:33 pm (#2287 of 2955)

The only problem with these flying bedpans are people shutting doors, I've already had a couple of accidents. I'm also putting a cow catcher on mine because some of the slower patients cannot get out of my way fast enough, ha ha. Move out of the way slowbies I'm coming through. They kind of feel like speed bumps.


A-is-for-Amy - Jan 31, 2004 3:39 pm (#2288 of 2955)

Thanks, Gina! Now can you help me get untangled from this cow catcher? How about a game of Bed Pan Quidditch?


Gina R Snape - Jan 31, 2004 3:40 pm (#2289 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 31, 2004 7:41 am

Gee, I haven't had that problem. I see them more as hurdles to fly over.

Of course, I might be inducing a few headaches along the way...

Edit: Oooooh, Bedpan Quidditch? What a novel idea! Sure, I'm game. I'll play a beater. I'm feeling aggressive today.


wormsé - Jan 31, 2004 6:01 pm (#2290 of 2955)

I want to be a beater too! That's the only thing I'm remotely good at...

*grabs a gigantic beater stick, then proceeds to giggle insanely*


Blast - Jan 31, 2004 7:07 pm (#2291 of 2955)

How about we can all be beaters except Lockheart, he can be the bludger maybe we can knock his marbles back into place.


PyroGrl - Jan 31, 2004 7:24 pm (#2292 of 2955)

Seeker! I wanna be Seeker!!


Ticker - Jan 31, 2004 9:15 pm (#2293 of 2955)

Istari - snort - here ya go - knock yourself out - hee, hee.

I've been babysitting a 2-year-old. That either qualifies me for chaser (where did he go?) or seeker (where did he put the remote?). I guess since it took so long to find the remote, I should be a chaser.

*flies off practicing her aim by flinging jello at the unidentified squiggly things on the floor...*


Liz Mann - Jan 31, 2004 11:18 pm (#2294 of 2955)

I'll be a Chaser too!

And those unidentified squiggly things on the floor are either fairy or doxie larvae. If they're fairies, that should take care of this year's Christmas decorations. If they're doxies, we could have a serious infestation problem in a couple of weeks.


Gina R Snape - Feb 1, 2004 12:17 am (#2295 of 2955)

Liz, wasn't there a trail of jello there before?

Egads, I bet it's doxie larvae. Someone ought to clean that up before it gets scary in here!!!


Istari Jones - Feb 1, 2004 12:57 am (#2296 of 2955)

OK, we have a couple of Beaters, a definite Chaser, a possible Chaser OR a Seeker, so what else do we need? A Keeper, another Chaser, and a Seeker OR Chaser, (whatever Ticker doesn't want to be...Oh, thanks for the "fuel", Ticker ^_^) So, what shall we use for the Quaffle, Bludgers, and Snitch? Regulation material, or our own creative inventions? (Imagines Bludgers of Jello being smacked to smithereens by Beaters...)


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 1, 2004 1:00 am (#2297 of 2955)

I'll fill in any spot, as long as I don't have to be a bludger!


Viola Intonada - Feb 1, 2004 3:14 am (#2298 of 2955)

I want to be either a keeper or a ref. (My two girls give me lots of practice at being a ref!)

Blast, I was thinking the samething about Lockhart! Great minds think alike.....or is that sick minds think alike?


Marie E. - Feb 1, 2004 3:40 am (#2299 of 2955)

Well, since I'm used to yelling at my two darlings, I could be the commentator. I won't even need the charm to amplify my voice.


Blast - Feb 1, 2004 3:46 am (#2300 of 2955)

Viola I think that girls make excellent Quiddich players! (My daughter, Samantha, got really beat up in basketball today.) She'd be an excellent seeker, BTW, fast with excellent acceleration.
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Gina R Snape - Feb 1, 2004 4:45 am (#2301 of 2955)

Forget the quidditch! Everybody RUN! The doxies have passed the larval stage and are coming after us! They ate the jello, and aren't happy about it either.


PyroGrl - Feb 1, 2004 5:34 am (#2302 of 2955)

Well, at least THEY ate it. Can I be the Seeker now?


The Great Abbycadabra - Feb 1, 2004 6:44 am (#2303 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 31, 2004 10:44 pm

*fills bagpipe with fire extinguisher stuff and blasts all of the doxies*

*wipes hands off*

All in a day's work.


PyroGrl - Feb 1, 2004 6:58 am (#2304 of 2955)
Edited by Jan 31, 2004 10:58 pm

*starts playing with matches. One hits the bagpipe, which ignites** Whoops!!

*ignores it and starts singing**

Please, Mr Jailor, won't you let my man go free?


The Great Abbycadabra - Feb 1, 2004 7:13 am (#2305 of 2955)

Sigh. *pulls out another bagpipe from secret storage compartment and starts playing "Video Killed the Radio Star"*


Blast - Feb 1, 2004 11:39 am (#2306 of 2955)

Watch out for the meal card, someone changed Cornish Pasties to Cornish Pixies. Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 793915934 Nasty little blighters they are too. *gets on bedpan and starts singing Born to be Wild*


Istari Jones - Feb 1, 2004 3:30 pm (#2307 of 2955)

*Follows behind 'Newt on her bedpan singing "Born to be Mild"...*


Penny Lane. - Feb 1, 2004 3:49 pm (#2308 of 2955)

Okay. I will probably be censored for this, as it is not going to say anything about flying bedpans, lime jello, or whatever else goes on here.

I finally caught up today, after just one week of not checking in, I had 350 posts to read. Maybe it was longer then one week after all.

And how could you??? I MISSED ‘80's week! Everyone who knows or remembers me around here knows that the ‘80's is my thing! MINE!


Liz Mann - Feb 1, 2004 4:28 pm (#2309 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 8:32 am

Right, we have:

Tinker and me as Chasers, Gina and Lindsay as Beaters, Pyro as Seeker and Marie as commentator. Viola, which do you want to be, Keeper or Ref? We also need a third Chaser.

Oh no! Abby missed one of the doxies! Gina, look out, it's going right for you!!!


Blast - Feb 1, 2004 5:08 pm (#2310 of 2955)

I'll be a keeper, who's the captain or is it rule by the mob? What's the team name?


Liz Mann - Feb 1, 2004 6:54 pm (#2311 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 10:54 am

Okay, I guess that means Viola's the ref. Still need one more Keeper though.

Hmm... teamname... how about... no, I've got nothing.


wormsé - Feb 1, 2004 7:00 pm (#2312 of 2955)

Blast is the Keeper- we need another Chaser. Team Names??? Hmmm... *mind is blank* I'll have to go and think about this... something that really describes us...


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 1, 2004 7:01 pm (#2313 of 2955)

I'll be a chaser for the team.....St.Mungo's Maulers!


Blast - Feb 1, 2004 7:38 pm (#2314 of 2955)

St. Mungo’s Mind Scamblers would also be effective.


Marie E. - Feb 1, 2004 8:00 pm (#2315 of 2955)

Penny, I apologize for not alerting you to our ‘80's week. And I saw a commercial this morning for Rainbow Brite dolls that come with DVD's. I don't know about you, but I'm totally buying one.

So, if I'm commentating, who are we playing against? Teams from other magicial hospitals? I get to be just as biased as Lee Jordan, right?


Liz Mann - Feb 1, 2004 8:24 pm (#2316 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 12:24 pm

Of course, Marie! We wouldn't have it any other way!

So we have our full team, then! Just to recap:

Chasers - me, Tinker and Amy

Beaters - Gina and Lindsay

Keeper - Blast

Seeker - Pyro

Referee - Viola

Commentaror - Marie


Hem Hem - Feb 1, 2004 8:40 pm (#2317 of 2955)

I call I get to be the mascot!

Now, all we need to know is what should the mascot be?

St. Mungo's Marauders....St. Mungo's Maniacs....St. Mungo's Mongrels....

Pass the doxie-free jello, if you please.


wormsé - Feb 1, 2004 8:49 pm (#2318 of 2955)

Hmmm... St. Mungo's Maniacs seems to fit our personalities....


Liz Mann - Feb 1, 2004 9:17 pm (#2319 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 1:18 pm

Yeah, St Mungo's Maniacs is cool. Our mascot can be... erm... a squirrel. Because we're absolutely nutty! I know, I know, not funny!


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 1, 2004 10:51 pm (#2320 of 2955)

Groan! I do like the St. Mungo's Maniacs, though! When's our first game?


Blast - Feb 1, 2004 11:11 pm (#2321 of 2955)

We can play the MoM, they're a bunch of wimps, we have the advantage because we will do anything to win. Our bedpans are superior to their brooms and we have the jello to throw at them. (Just kidding but if they hear this it might give us an advantage.) Go Maniacs.


PyroGrl - Feb 1, 2004 11:41 pm (#2322 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 3:41 pm

No! We're the Purple Sloths! Or Lime Jellos!


Hem Hem - Feb 2, 2004 12:09 am (#2323 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 1, 2004 4:10 pm

As the Maniac's mascot, I'd be willing to dress up in whatever crazy suit the situation demands. So, what is it? A Squirrel suit, Purple Sloth suit or Lime Jello suit?


PyroGrl - Feb 2, 2004 12:52 am (#2324 of 2955)

Purple Sloth suit. It has to be a Purple Sloth in honour of Lime Jello.


Istari Jones - Feb 2, 2004 1:24 am (#2325 of 2955)

How about the Giant Squid for our mascot?

*sitting petulantly in the bleachers since she didn't get picked for the team*

...It was the crack about running out of gas for my bedpan, right?


wormsé - Feb 2, 2004 1:39 am (#2326 of 2955)

I vote for either the Purple Sloth or the Giant Squid!

Poor Istari! Don't worry! We will find something for you to do!


PyroGrl - Feb 2, 2004 1:40 am (#2327 of 2955)

OK, I just had this image of Narcissa Malfoy going up to Azkaban and singing, "Please, you Dementors, won't you let my man go free?"

Cry-Baby was on again today. Thank god for the Muggle televisions with cable and DVD players. I have certain needs.


Blast - Feb 2, 2004 2:24 am (#2328 of 2955)

Pyro where are you in the Great White North? We have to have a pratice session sometime, I think that Lucius's place would be O.K. because he's out at the moment. We could have multiple mascot's and really confuse the other teams. Gina would Snape Beverages sponsor us? What about team colours? Purple and lime green seem right. If the Quidditch team doesn't work out, we could always form our own kind of Motorcycle gang and terrorize everybody. We could make the Hogshead our clubhouse. People won't be talking as much about Voldielock's as much because the Purple Sloth's will get all the headlines in the Daily Prophet.


Viola Intonada - Feb 2, 2004 3:03 am (#2329 of 2955)

How about we have a warm up game with the staff? Or if we have enough players to create a second team, so that Istari doesn't have to sit out? We are in a mental ward right? Can't we have imaginary players?

Abby, can I borrow your bagpipes to use as a whistle?

(btw, Abby, I received my first issue of Archaeology Magazine yesterday!)


Istari Jones - Feb 2, 2004 4:14 am (#2330 of 2955)

I don't mind sitting out - I was just being whiny. I'd rather watch, anyway. I'm afraid of heights, you see. I like going fast on a bedpan or broom, I just don't like going up!

Oh, 'Newt, we did have a motorcycle gang at one time. It was the Gnarly Vampire Motorcycle club. We had black leather jackets and everything! Kip was the head guy.


Gina R Snape - Feb 2, 2004 5:37 am (#2331 of 2955)

Oh, yeah. I forgot about the Gnarly Vampire Motorcycle Club!

Sure, Snape beverages can be our official sponsor.

Maybe we can play against a team from another St. Mungo's ward. I hear there is an entire ward of witches with satsumas up their noses.


Hem Hem - Feb 2, 2004 5:47 am (#2332 of 2955)

Who are arguing with people who have walnuts up their noses, at that.


Blast - Feb 2, 2004 7:03 am (#2333 of 2955)

Let's do it then! Take no prisoners, show them our superior tactics on our bedpans, we have all sorts of tricks up our sleeves. We want to win the amateur
Quidditch cup. (Shaped like a bedpan of course.) All the while drinking quality drinks from Snape Beverages of Hoggsmeade.


Maré - Feb 2, 2004 2:46 pm (#2334 of 2955)

Hey Istari, want to form the Management Team with me? We could also be the coaching staff. In the first option, we get all the money, with the second we get to drill everybody into push ups and stuff. Heh,heh.
Both sound good to me!

And don't worry, Penny, since ‘80's week never got officially closed, you could pretend we are still having one. I still see (what’s his name? Matthew Broderick) hanging around. Just make sure you have enough jello to throw with and all will be fine.

And I vote for Squid as mascot!


Fawkes Forever - Feb 2, 2004 4:51 pm (#2335 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 8:52 am

I'm back..... yes indeedy! I escaped for a few days, after some of the staff realised that I was not sane enough to be on staff. I slipped off down the secret passage in the broom cupboard & off into Hogsmeade, where I had a fun weekend tip-toe'ing through the tulips seeing as it's spring, or perhaps I imagined those... well I did have some jelly on the way out!

I was apprehended salivating over a tin of HoneyDukes best chocolate in the window of said sweetshop in Hogsmeade. Oh it's nice to be back, I was bored of wandering around without any galleons, sickles or knuts! I do think the lasso was a bit much though... all they had to do was wave some lime green jelly in front of my eyes

I brought you all back a pressie... *opens tin of Honeydukes chocolates* Honest, I did pay for them

Sorry I missed try outs for the Quidditch team, but I'm all set to be the Number One St Mungo’s Maniacs fan.... Go the Maniacs.... *waves a purple & lime green flag frantically & stuffs mouth with chocolate*

But I'll offer my services as a reserve beater/chaser/seeker/keeper However, if I don't stop eating this chocolate..... my broom won't make it off the ground..... or should I say, flying bedpan....


Oh it's good to be back *chomp chomp* oh eating & flying, not a good combo.... please someone... have some chocolate ... *burp* oh excuse me


Liz Mann - Feb 2, 2004 5:14 pm (#2336 of 2955)

Hey, maybe we can have cheerleaders! Anyone want to volunteer?

When's our first match, then? And who's captain, by the way?


Ticker - Feb 2, 2004 8:37 pm (#2337 of 2955)

Liz, you've been the most organized of our bunch. I put my vote in for you as captain.

Welcome back Fawkes! & thanks for the chocolate. It seems to have spread warmth through my limbs (much needed these days) and has helped ease the tension from whatever that bad memory was (‘80's week? - hands Penny the rest of her chocolate & pats her Rainbow Bright - there, there...)

Alas, earwax, Istari! Not on the Maniacs? Do you still work on bedpans? I attached a urinal/jello-shooter to mine and the aim seems to be a bit off. It hit the quaffle Amy threw my way, & has made catching it a bit more tricky.

Push-ups Maré? I assume you're talking about the frozen dessert.


Maré - Feb 2, 2004 9:32 pm (#2338 of 2955)

I have no clue about the frozen desserts, Ticker, I was talking about pain and suffering and sweat and blood pouring down and...

Now that I think about it, those desserts do sound rather nice.


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 2, 2004 10:21 pm (#2339 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 2:22 pm

Hey! Someone hit a bludger my way and I lost the lime jello with pineapple I was saving for bedtime! What are we using as goal hoops? I've been flying up and down the hallway, and can't find any!


Emily - Feb 2, 2004 10:29 pm (#2340 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 2:36 pm

Well, I was gone for five days (Maybe more, not sure), and missed quidditch try-outs. Oh well, I'll be reserve number two beater/chaser/seeker/keeper, plus cheerleader (even though I'm really horrible at it, and #2 fan!

My official title is: Second Reserve Beater/Chaser/Seeker/Keeper, Head Cheerleader, Number Two Fan, and All-Around, Useless, In-The-Way, Un-athletic Wannabe! I like it, I do.

I vote on a purple sloth as our mascot, carrying a bowl of lime jello (mmm..., I think I'm addicted... what do they put in it?), and holding a sign that says 'DIGS'!

I vote for Confuse Everyone Else On The Forum By Having The Same Picture Week! If someone (Liz seems the most organized...) can post a link to a good picture, I'll happily participate! (As long as I still get my jello!)

Wheeeeeeeeeee! I love my new bedpan. Faster than a Firebolt, according to the box! And I hereby challenge Gina to Bumper-Pans! *SLAM!*


wormsé - Feb 2, 2004 10:55 pm (#2341 of 2955)

*watches interestedly as Emily rams into Gina... evil cackle*

* takes off on her bed pan at top speed*

Better watch out!!!!


megfox - Feb 2, 2004 11:00 pm (#2342 of 2955)

Hey! I'll be the Assistant Coach, Maré!


PyroGrl - Feb 2, 2004 11:26 pm (#2343 of 2955)

*Is blinded** OK so should we play a clean game or...shall I...er, enlighten things a bit?


Ticker - Feb 2, 2004 11:56 pm (#2344 of 2955)

I, uh, "borrowed" this enlarging potion from, um, ... never mind... anyway, we could use it on the gaping mouths of the staff for quaffle hoops.

*ducks under pyro's latest enlightened object streaking through the air*

Watch out for Gina - she has a beater bat.


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 12:16 am (#2345 of 2955)

Great idea, Maré! I'll be...a water girl!


Blast - Feb 3, 2004 12:44 am (#2346 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 4:46 pm

We need a song too. My girl's soccer team was sponsored by John Deer. The chant went ”Run like a deer , smell like a John.”

We could have multiple mascots, they could cause lots of mayhem so we could bend the rules just a bit. The goals could be toilet seats.


Gina R Snape - Feb 3, 2004 1:05 am (#2347 of 2955)

*Swings beater bat in a frenzy to block anyone from slamming into me*

Poor, poor Emily. Don't you know we've been flying around on bed pans for a year now? No one's gonna get ME! Ha Ha Ha. You can't catch me.

Huh, whu? OUCH!!! Where did that wall come from?! Now I've spilled all my red jello.


Viola Intonada - Feb 3, 2004 1:49 am (#2348 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 5:51 pm

Istari, isn't it customary to use a water bottle for the players? I think the fire hose is a bit much, but I like to see people who attend to their work so diligently. I think Gina can use some water. hehehehe

Since I am the ref, I will call whatever fouls I feel like. I just want to warn everyone that I have a tendency to chase butterflies around the field instead of watching the game.....but you never know when I will start paying attention again!!!!!


Blast - Feb 3, 2004 1:56 am (#2349 of 2955)

Love firehoses, we can cool down the other team as well. We could be the Harlem globetrotters of the Quiddich circut.


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 2:23 am (#2350 of 2955)

*Squirts Gina with a blast from a powerful water hose.*

Thanks for the suggestion, Viola...Poor Gina.. All sticky - there, that's better!

*Hovers on her bedpan as it begins spinning quickly like a UFO*

Yes, a song would be nice. Something on the order of "Weasley is Our King", perhaps? We can't really have a school song. Hmmm... There's an old ‘50's song that went "They're coming to take me away, Ha Ha!" that would fit us pretty well. Or "Everyone Loves a Nut". Maybe we could make up a song that would fit to the tune of Gilligan's Island...*Shoots bubble bath water through the fire hose at 'Newt*
Lady Arabella
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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2351 to 2400

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:19 am


Penny Lane. - Feb 3, 2004 3:20 am (#2351 of 2955)

OOH! Theme songs!

I can help organize the choir!


Viola Intonada - Feb 3, 2004 3:40 am (#2352 of 2955)

Didn't someone come up with one to Gilligan's Island over on the EZ Boards?

”They’ re Coming to Take Me Away” has always been a personal favorite of mine.


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 3:57 am (#2353 of 2955)

It always sounds lovely sung with a digeridoo and a kazoo in the background!


Ticker - Feb 3, 2004 4:05 am (#2354 of 2955)

Oooooh - toilet seats - yes! I was wondering what you were doing with the out-of-order signs Blast.

*Flies over Istari to clean off the quaffle in the bubble-bath hose & gets blasted into another ward...*


Gina R Snape - Feb 3, 2004 4:24 am (#2355 of 2955)

How about "Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't." as a theme chant?


Marie E. - Feb 3, 2004 4:40 am (#2356 of 2955)

Oh, sorry, I've been neglecting my commentating. Oh well, it's got to be at least a hundred points for Mungo's anyway.


The Great Abbycadabra - Feb 3, 2004 5:08 am (#2357 of 2955)

Ooh, ooh, guys! Look! I have the band!!

*hands an extra bagpipe to Viola*

By the way, congrats on your first Archaeology magazine. It's always been one of my favourites.


Hem Hem - Feb 3, 2004 6:43 am (#2358 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 2, 2004 10:45 pm

*zips up giant squid suit*


*cartwheels with her 10 legs*

Knock 'em out of their brooms if you have to!

EDIT: Abby, are you the one on the right?


Maré - Feb 3, 2004 10:16 am (#2359 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 2:18 am

--Waves to Meg--
Hi Meg, but if you are the assistant coach, does that mean I'm head coach? Why do I have the feeling it was better to turn that around?

Well anyway, let's start the coaching!

Okay everybody we are going to do some laps. 10 rounds around St. mungo's and to make it more exciting - you are suppossed to hit each other of your bedpan!

Last one standing, er... sitting that is, gets a piece of "Snowwhite's most delicious apple pie"(c) brought to you by our sponsor Stepmothers inc.

Okay ten points for every muggle you get to walk into a lantern while trying to figure out what is flying around his head.

Ready for practice? Okay, on your bedpans! Set and....


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 10:46 am (#2360 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 2:54 am

Give me an M... give me an A.... give me an N .... well you get it

Love the costume Jackie.... tres chic

When I think of the team theme, I'm reminded of the 'ol Cadburys fruit & nut advert.... goes a little something like this *uh one, uh two, uh one two three* To the tune of the Nutcracker.... Sing up Everyone .....

Everyone's a fruit & nut case,
The Maniacs are really tearing up the place
Flying on their bed pans
With a quaffle in their hands
Another point a victory is on it's way

Everyone's a fruit & nut case
The Maniacs are really stepping up the pace
Seeker spots the golden snitch
Swoops & grabs it ... that’s Quidditch!
Whistle blows, a victory, we've won, WAHEY!

Think we could call it... the Maniacs Melody

Now wheres that Jello! *Mounts bedpan & gets in way of Quidditch practice....* Sorry Maré


Maré - Feb 3, 2004 10:58 am (#2361 of 2955)


Can somebody knock that cheerleader out of the track? I'm not amused when the cheerleaders are flying better than the teammembers!

Come on guys (and gals) if you can't keep up with her, wait till she comes up to you after her next round.


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 12:09 pm (#2362 of 2955)

Everyones a fruit & nut .......... ahhhhh *knocked off bedpan by 'rogue' bludger*

Who did that ....


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 12:41 pm (#2363 of 2955)

*Singing loudly with Fawkes* "Everyone's a fruit and...OOOPS!"
*Yanked off bedpan because the garden hose is not extendable, sprays Abby, Maré, Marie*

Sorry, guys! *Looks contrite* But HemHem seems to like all that water. Well, she is a squid, I guess! You know, if we were a High School we could be Calamari High.

*Begins flashdancing...* "I'm a Maniac, Ma-niac, that's for sure....And I'm flying like I've never flown before...."

Water...Wool...Gee, Abby, I hope your kilt didn't shrink. Love your Band, by the way!


Maré - Feb 3, 2004 12:59 pm (#2364 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 5:00 am

--splut splut sputtr-

--puts a snork and swimming goggles on--
Okay, whatever happens I'm ready.

--tries to blow the whistle for the second round--
(Hey did you ever try to blow a whistle with a snork on?)

And shrinking kilts? Now there is an image I don't need.


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 1:00 pm (#2365 of 2955)

Let me introduce ....................... Severus... St Mungo’s Maniacs BIGGEST fan


Pinky - Feb 3, 2004 1:04 pm (#2366 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 5:05 am

*sputter* No..... not detention! I'll cheer, really, I will!

*begins mixing cheering potion in bedpan* Cheer.... cheering... same thing, right? *flings cheering potion over everyone*


Maré - Feb 3, 2004 1:48 pm (#2367 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 5:51 am

And the crowd goes wild.....

--cheering--Now where did those lazy players go to? --clapping hands--Don't tell me they stopped at the icecream shop at the corner again!--jumping up and down with excitement--


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 3, 2004 2:00 pm (#2368 of 2955)

I'm here, though I 'm still recovering from shooting lime jello out of my nose when I heard Fawkes Forever's song! Can I get that on CD?


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 2:21 pm (#2369 of 2955)

Oh, Fawkes, that's just not right....Who Let the Dogs Out? (Arf, arf, arf-)arf


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 2:52 pm (#2370 of 2955)

Currently under negotiations to record in Diagon Lane Studios (off Diagon Alley). All proceeds will go to St Mungo’s Hospital!

Backing singers are also needed.... oh & the entire team will have to sing too...

Casting Call - for persons to appear in obligatory video.... During the singing, it will show the 'choir' in the recording studio, ala charity song style! However in the break between the verses, the video will feature several shots of Maniacs swooping & looping, diving & jiving through the air on their bed pans.. with Marie providing a bit of commentry ....

Fawkes goes off into dream world & imagines video
.... Shows Captain Liz Mann leading the team unto the pitch! Shot of Ticker & Amy passing the quaffle & spinning round on their bedpans, Marie’s commentry (MC) "she shoots she SCORES ... & the crowd goes wild!!!" Few shots of Gina & Linsay showing the bludger who’s boss.... MC "Take that you pesky bludgers..." Blast makes a spectacular save.. MC "....and ... He’s saved it, Blast has saved the goal!!!!!" Shots of Jackie leaping for joy in her Giant Squid costume... whilst the cheerleaders Emily, Pinky, Severus & Fawkes wave the poms poms, as Abby complete with tartan kilt, strikes up the band for a quick blast of ‘Cus they’re maniacs, Maniacs on the Quidditch pitch... ‘ As sung by Istari as she sprays the opposition with the water hose... picture fades out & back to next verse of song. Team are joined in studio this time by Severus, as he sings his heart out & winks for the camera...

so then….. any volunteers


Istari Jones - Feb 3, 2004 3:24 pm (#2371 of 2955)



Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 4:37 pm (#2372 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 8:38 am

It was never an option..... you where there regardless Istari... now I couldn't leave the water girl out.... composer of... The Maniacs Chorus... 'cus they're maniacs.... maniacs....'

woohoo... get those Drummers out Abby & 'drum up' some support....


Gina R Snape - Feb 3, 2004 4:59 pm (#2373 of 2955)

Yippee!!! Great song.

Ooooh, our cheerleader looks so good! You know, it was Fawkes' idea, but Severus didn't put up a fight at all. Amazing, right?!

I had to sew that skirt by hand at home. Too bad we couldn't talk him into shaving his legs, though.

::shows another bludger who's boss:: If I knock a satsuma out of an opponent's nose with a bludger, does that disqualify them from the team?


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 5:19 pm (#2374 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 9:22 am

Hmmm, that depends... 'cus essentially you've cured them... so they really should be discharged.... but if the bludger (or ahem Bat ) causes a concusion, so then they would still be a patient ... *dizzy from all the thinking*

Emm, you know, I don't know *checks quidditch rule book & realises there are no rules* Oh well ... just make sure you don't concuss them then

Great job on the skirt Gina, you got the colours just right .... Severus looks a treat!

Sing up... "everyone's a fruit & nut case...."


Gina R Snape - Feb 3, 2004 5:40 pm (#2375 of 2955)

No, no. Don't thank me. We owe it all to you, Fawkes!


Fawkes Forever - Feb 3, 2004 5:44 pm (#2376 of 2955)

Gee... you guys.... (secretly proud in a Hermionesque way)

Right then, who fancys a bedpan race.... last one to the top floor buys the tea & sticky buns.........



Ticker - Feb 3, 2004 5:56 pm (#2377 of 2955)

*The band, the squid suit, the songs, the cheerleaders, the satsuma-less opponent... almost falls off bedpan laughing!!!! Har,har, snort, hee, hee!*

Good thing all I have to do is keep track of the quaffle - I'd never be able to spot the snitch!

*Makes a long pass to Liz behind a surprised opponent holding a tangerine in her hand. It looks like she's debating whether or not to put it back... dang - I thought I was crazy...*


Viola Intonada - Feb 3, 2004 6:54 pm (#2378 of 2955)

As the ref, I say that any of our opponents that get the satsumas knocked out of their noses is officially disqualified. They can't be in their ward without them.

Istari, I want to thank you for keeping this a clean game! hehehe


Gina R Snape - Feb 3, 2004 7:29 pm (#2379 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 11:30 am

*Gina makes it her mission to knock the satsumas and walnuts out of all the opponents' noses to disqualify them from the game*

Snape cheers on:
There Gina goes!
Freeing up the nose
of each opponent on pitch
Watch us win Bedpan Quidditch!


Liz Mann - Feb 3, 2004 8:38 pm (#2380 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 12:41 pm

Man, some of those posts were funny! You go away, come back the next day and there's about 45 new posts to read!! I can't be a captain who's behind on what's going on with the team! Thanks for electing me captain, by the way.

I love the song, Fawkes! And Severus as cheerleader.

Okay, team, I've booked us our first official game, against the the Hogwarts House Elves. They may be small but that makes flying on bed pans a lot easier, so watch out, okay? Maybe if we do well the Maniacs will get into the league!! So get down to that pitch and make me proud! (You might have to sneak out through the secret passage behind the pastrie stand in the tearoom, the staff don't know about this Quiddich thing and if they find out, we're dead). Where's Poppy, by the way? I hope she won't tell on us to the other staff.


wormsé - Feb 3, 2004 9:26 pm (#2381 of 2955)

*Stumbles onto the Quidditch field* Oy! I feel so far behind!

*immediately hops onto her super duper bed pan and flies through the air waving her beaters bat in the air*

Ha ha Fawkes! The song is great!!


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 3, 2004 10:22 pm (#2382 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 2:24 pm

We can also use the cheer my team had in High School...

Rah! Rha! Ree! Kick 'em in the Knee! Rah! Rah! Rass! Kick 'em in the other knee!

*grabs some canary creams from the pastry stand on her way out to practice*


Liz Mann - Feb 3, 2004 10:35 pm (#2383 of 2955)

LOL, Amy!


megfox - Feb 3, 2004 10:57 pm (#2384 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 3:05 pm

Okay, as assistant coach, my job is to stand on the sidelines and look official...I mean, wave my arms like a loon and pretend I know what I'm talking about... Uh, er, what I meant to say was - Let's runs some drills, okay?

*claps loudly* Okay, people, lets fly those bedpans straight, those HouseElves are a good team, but nine out of ten times we'll beat them, let's not let today be that one time they beat us! *clapping crazily* Ready! Everyone grab a partner and find a quaffle..uh, scratch that, reverse it... *jumping up and down, blowing insanely on my whistle as I try to give orders* Now you have to **TWEET** fly in formation like **TWEET** this *shimmies around, arms and legs flapping* **TWEET** Good, people, good! Now just try and hold onto **TWEET** your bedpan...that's right...Now just do **TWEET** some loops and .... SPLAT!

*Meg looks up, slightly dazed* Hey, who put that **TWEET** hose there?


Liz Mann - Feb 3, 2004 11:01 pm (#2385 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 3:01 pm

*points to Istari*


PyroGrl - Feb 3, 2004 11:04 pm (#2386 of 2955)

**Is confused**


Emily - Feb 3, 2004 11:08 pm (#2387 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 3, 2004 3:14 pm

***Soars up to 50 feet (no, I don't know how many meters, I'm insane, remember), tries to stand up to cheer, falls off, is okay, tries to cheer from the ground by waving a team-colors pom-pom madly and screaming at the top of my voice(hint, hint: trying to drown out Meg in case she starts talking about the Patriots). Unfortunately, I'm failing miserably since I've never cheered before in my life and am quite uncoordinated.***

Go, go, Maniacs, go, go! Way to go Gina! Sniv--I mean Severus says he's proud! Keep it up Liz! *CRASH* Ref, ref! Fowl on the Elfs! They are putting the Quaffle through their own goal hoops! Oh...wait a minute...that's good for us...Keep it up Elfs, you're doing good! Now where is that commentator? I can't remember the score.(Pleading insane again.)

**All-Around makes a fool of self, because self is a fool.**

Edit: crossed posts with Amy! Never done it before! Must have been while I was editing in the colors! Hmmm... You know, you're right, I could use an éclair.


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 3, 2004 11:09 pm (#2388 of 2955)

Hey! To win against House Elves, all we have to do is distract them by asking for food.... Just as Winky is about to score, ask her to get you an eclair or some butterbeer.... she'll zoom off to the kitchens, and the game will be in the bag!


Istari Jones - Feb 4, 2004 12:14 am (#2389 of 2955)

Coach! Put me in, Coach! C'mon! I can't fly high, but I can go real fast! Watch me fly to Hogsmeade and back!

Wanna see me do it again?

At any rate, I was gonna save this for a surprise, but, well, I just couldn't keep a secret any longer. Thanks to Mr. Lcius Malfoy's credit card, he has graciously purchased a matching set of gold plated Flush-E-Z 5000 bedpans for the St. Mungo's Maniacs (hands one to everyone on the team) Poo-gardium leviosa!

So, can I play now, Coach? Huh? Can I?

OK, How about ...

Knock'em down~

Swirl'em round~

Flush'em down the drain!


Blast - Feb 4, 2004 12:18 am (#2390 of 2955)

House elves - just ask them to loos, yeehaw! Hey - anybody want a Doughnut? Brought some good ones, just watch out for the ones with jello in them. Butterbeer all around! What a workout. The great thing about bedpans is that you can reflect the light into your apponent's eyes.


Ticker - Feb 4, 2004 12:31 am (#2391 of 2955)

The quaffle is passed from Amy to Liz to Ticker & back to Liz. She's flying circles around Zippy the hospital elf, er,.. wait a minute... something appears to be wrong with her bedpan. Liz passes the quaffle to Ticker and now Ticker is flying in circles. Oh no folks! There appears to be some tampering of some sort going on! Cheerleader Snape is yelling for the ref, who is, yes indeed, still chasing butterflies down the field...

Ticker chooses to hang on to the quaffle while the House Elves begin to follow her. Now Amy is in and has sent Zippy for a butterbeer. That's one down. She sends Panky downfield for an eclair. The Maniac's offence is really throwing the House Elves into confusion - (something these team members are very good at, I might add...)

Oh no! Here comes a bludger. It hits Liz on the shoulder & bounces off. What could that mean? That bludger is flying a little strangely if you ask me. Here's Gina with a huge smile on her face. She pelts the bludger at Jinky who barely has time to react. The bludger breaks in two and 1/2 of it spins towards the House Elf seeker. He reaches up to block and what's that on his hand?!? Yes, it does appear to be a sock!

The House Elf team is in shock. Some of the players are actually tring to be hit by bludgers... Lindsay is back in the game with a great hit towards Boppy. Oooooh - Boppy takes it square in the face, and that bludger apparently is still a bludger.

It's up to Pyro now. The House Elf team's seeker is disqualified with clothes. Pyro looks confused. What is that? Jello in her hand? Oh for crying out loud, which elf gave her that?

A strange play by the Maniac's keeper, Blast, (who apparently is bored since Ticker is still holding the quaffle). He has something in his hand. Is that the snitch? He's flying straight for Pyro... and the hand off... yes! Pyro is in posession of the snitch. The game is over. 170 to 10. The St. Mungo's Maniacs win!!!!!


Ticker - Feb 4, 2004 12:38 am (#2392 of 2955)

Love the cheer Istari! And thanks for acquiring the new bed-pans (snicker - Flush-E-Z 5000 - snort).

I think our team could use a short-stop - whadda ya say coach, er assistant coach, er captain, er, somebody?


PyroGrl - Feb 4, 2004 12:42 am (#2393 of 2955)

Whoo, I rock!! **Eats Snitch**


PyroGrl - Feb 4, 2004 1:04 am (#2394 of 2955)

**Pets Squirt** My Squirt. MINE!! *growls*

**Pets Crush** My Crush. MINE!! *growls*

**Pats Dory** My Dory. MINE!! *growls*

LOL. I love Finding Nemo...I watch it all the time in my ward. If you're bored, come over to watch it with me, dude.


Blast - Feb 4, 2004 1:34 am (#2395 of 2955)

Only if it is on DVD what a difference in the picture. Abby, could you play I Want To Be Sedated.


Gina R Snape - Feb 4, 2004 2:24 am (#2396 of 2955)

Hurray! We won!

Oooh, yes! Abby, play The Ramones!


Blast - Feb 4, 2004 2:48 am (#2397 of 2955)

Has anyone got some essence of murlap? I think that I have bedpan sores. Oh, I know what to do! Accio pillow! Ahh, that's better. Rough game that Quiddich. What happened to the snitch? I think that I left it next to the Canary Creams.


Pinky - Feb 4, 2004 3:05 am (#2398 of 2955)

Er, well, I have a bit of a confession... see, I was just sitting in the corner over there watching the fantastic game, and I got to wondering what would happen if you forcefed a canary cream to the snitch. So, after the game, I used this handy wand I found lying around at the nurses station and charmed a mouth on the snitch, fed it a canary cream... and... well.... I didn't actually see what happened after that, but it was very yellow, and flew very fast....


Gina R Snape - Feb 4, 2004 3:24 am (#2399 of 2955)

*shudder* Sounds very very scarey!


Blast - Feb 4, 2004 3:25 am (#2400 of 2955)

That not a snitch, it's now a very hungry killer seagull! Hit the dirt!
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Lady Arabella

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Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 Empty Posts 2401 to 2450

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:24 am


Marie E. - Feb 4, 2004 6:14 am (#2401 of 2955)

Sorry I missed the match, guys. Guess you can't check the forum every other day and still referee Quidditch.


What in the name of Umbridge's knickers was that!!!


Maré - Feb 4, 2004 8:53 am (#2402 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 4, 2004 12:54 am

Well, I'm not sure that went totally legal. I don't think keepers are allowed to catch the snitch. *Looks in her 3478 pages thick manual* Hmmm, if you don't tell them, neither will I! *thrusts manual aside without looking*

Erm well, I think we can go on vacation together, Aruba any-one?
We could have cocktails on the beach in preparation of our match against the Aruban bedpan quidditch team.Can any-one look up who that would be?

And Istari are you bribing your way into the team? If so.. it worked!

Now if everybody gathers themselves, the canary-snitch, the canary-assistent coach and the rather unconscious Fawkes (I knew I had to get the pocket version of that manual) we are off!

Where were we going again?


Fawkes Forever - Feb 4, 2004 10:48 am (#2403 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 4, 2004 3:06 am

Groan..... *little birdies float round Fawkes head* Hey who threw that & right in the middle of my victory dance.... Ohhh I feel dizzy! ..... *Maré suddenly becomes very interested in the canary-snitch chirping in her hand & hums loudly... la la la!

Right then *steadies head with hands & swats away pesky birdies* where was I... Oh yeah *claps hands & jumps up & down in a very peppy way*.... Victory Pyramid guys!!! *Abby comes bounding over, bagpipes in hand .... "Pyramid? Where where?"

*Pinky & Emily assure Abby that it's not a real pyramid & get her to rope in the remaining band members to help with the pyramid... Pinky & Emily & some random band members then hoist Abby up unto their shoulders.... Fawkes then climbs up... followed by Istari, Liz, Gina, Amy, Pyro, Viola, Linsay, Ticker, Meg, Maré, Blast, Marie & Jackie in her squid costume, each taking their place* Ouch Liz, your foot is in my eye.... ouch Amy.... thats my hair Gina..... watch where you put those elbows... Maré, put the book down... stop poking people with those bagpipes Abby & Marie.... whats with the microphone... *Pyramid wobbles slightly* Woahhhh, this doesn't feel very stable guys......

*Severus strides over, & uses a nifty levitating charm to take his place atop the pyramid.... which gives another wobble & lurches forward a bit ... then back .... Pinky & Emily at the bottom are now going bright pink..... GASP.... Can't take anymore..... Fawkes not quite recovered from the 'book incident' takes another dizzy spell .... & thus the entire pyramid collapses... all except Severus, who's still performing his levitating charm.....*

Impedimentia.... Yells 'ol Sev, but it's too late.... we're falling too fast.... "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

*Boing*..... YEEHAAA, we're saved.... we fell unto the reminants of Pyros jelly..... *Boing*...... so we're all ok.... *Boing*... ok ok, how do we stop this.... *Boing* emmmm HELP! *Boing* Istari (still with hose in hand), turns the water on & washes way the jelly...... *THUMP* Ahhh thats better ... *Pyro tucks into the jelly again as Meg, Blast & Linsay tries to drag her away, but end up eating some too. Marie is too busy laughing to resume post-match commentry.... Viola then blows the whistle to try to restore some order. Marie " Annnnd, *giggle* it's all *giggle* over folks.... *giggle* MANIACS WIN".....

M .... A .... N ..... I ...... A .... C ...... S

Ok Maré.... where are going? An all expenses trip to The Leaky Cauldron with scenic views of Muggle London? Bed & breakfast at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade... or, three nights in the Forbidden Forest.....

EDIT : Whoops my imagination is really running away with me.... this story began to write itself as all the characters started coming to life.... scarey


Istari Jones - Feb 4, 2004 12:46 pm (#2404 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 4, 2004 4:48 am

(*Boing!*) Don't worry about not being able to referee, Marie (Referee Marie, hey! That rhymes!) You might have had to (*Boing!*) penalize us when we used socks against the Hogwarts House Elfs. (Hoses Jello out of hair) What was in that jello? (*Boing!*)


Gina R Snape - Feb 4, 2004 4:14 pm (#2405 of 2955)

I'm FeELiNg WoOzY.


Ticker - Feb 4, 2004 5:34 pm (#2406 of 2955)

Next time all kilted bagpipers on the bottom of the pyramid...(shudder...)

(Bounces past Marie...) Yeah, you did a fine job on that match - in fact, I'm sure we couldn't have done it without you.

(Gets smacked by a golden-yellow, funky-looking canary...) Ouch.

Do you think they'll let us out to play the St. John's Wort-hogs? I hear they're feeling perkier these days.


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 4, 2004 5:45 pm (#2407 of 2955)

I caught the run away snitch! Mmmmm...tastes like chicken!


Ticker - Feb 4, 2004 8:04 pm (#2408 of 2955)

Ah, sigh. That's the 4th snitch we've lost that way this year. Well, at least this one was transformed into something edible first.


Liz Mann - Feb 4, 2004 11:26 pm (#2409 of 2955)

That game was terrific! The next one is against the Aruban bedpan quidditch team and then the St John's Wort-Hogs. Then it's the finals with the Gringotts team. If we win them all, we get a grand prize - a trip to the tombs of Egypt with Bill Weasley as our guide!

So let's get practicing! Get in a circle! We're going to start off throwing the Quaffle to each other. Right, Blast, catch! Good, now pass it on to Pyro. Nice one, now to Linsday... Pyro, get that jello off your hands! The Quaffle's sticking to them!


PyroGrl - Feb 4, 2004 11:45 pm (#2410 of 2955)

ARGH!! **Drops Quaffle** THERE'S THE SNITCH, I SEE IT!! *dives and falls off broom*


*Begins choking and pointing to throat**


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 5, 2004 12:10 am (#2411 of 2955)

Hey! Someone lied to me! This Quaffle isn't cherry flavored at all!


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 12:14 am (#2412 of 2955)




Ticker - Feb 5, 2004 12:29 am (#2413 of 2955)

*Does the heimlich on Pyro & out pops the snitch*

Ewwwww - no, no, you re-catch it.


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 12:30 am (#2414 of 2955)

Hey, everyone. Check out Pyro. She's doing some kind of victory dance on the floor.


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 12:31 am (#2415 of 2955)

Now I'm choking on my Valentine's Smarties--thanks Gina!!


Viola Intonada - Feb 5, 2004 1:14 am (#2416 of 2955)

Great game everyone! Oooo, Aruba! Do they have butterflies in their fields there?


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 5, 2004 1:35 am (#2417 of 2955)

We can charm so seashells so that the flitter around like butterflies for you Viola! Has anyone seen my Hawaiian print robes?


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 1:44 am (#2418 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 4, 2004 5:45 pm

Now, now, Pyro. I hope you brought enough to share with everyone!

Say, that reminds me. Are we going to celebrate Valentine's Day at St. Mungo's? Maybe we should make it Valentine's week at St. Mungo's next week--ending on Valentine's Day of course. Our avatars could be the character you love the most.

I wonder who I'll pick...


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 5, 2004 2:19 am (#2419 of 2955)

That sounds like fun! I would make my own Valentines, but the staff took my safety scissors (and I ate most of my paste). Sigh!


Marie E. - Feb 5, 2004 2:31 am (#2420 of 2955)

*holds tummy to try to prevent more giggles*

Whew! What a match, ya'll. I'm sure we deserve a vacation now. I have a grass skirt in here somewhere.

I have some blunt edge scissors you can borrow, Amy. And I'm sure I saw some heart shaped doilies in the H/G Shippers room.

*distracted by shiny objects*



Blast - Feb 5, 2004 3:14 am (#2421 of 2955)

I can't wear a grass skirt, it will clash with my fur shorts. Ferret fur by the way. Have we got a reserve keeper? I have to spend some time with my little ones, my wife is in the hospital and I might not be able to post very much. St. Mungo's is like a second home but when you are pulling a double shift as Mom and Dad time is a precious commodity. So I'll be here in spirit if I can't be in person. Thanks you folks can really lift a person's spirits.


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 5, 2004 3:37 am (#2422 of 2955)

I hope your wife is okay! Speaking from experience, the kids will love seeing more of you, even if mommy isn't there for a bit. Good luck! I'm sure we can find a stand-in seeker, or hey, maybe you can play in spirit as well!


Istari Jones - Feb 5, 2004 3:45 am (#2423 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 4, 2004 7:48 pm

Hope your wife is better soon, 'Newt. Tell her "Hi" for us from Aruba. Valentine's week is perfect!


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 4:25 am (#2424 of 2955)

Yes, our avatars SHOULD be a HP character we love most...good idea, Gina!!!

*Hands out Valentine's Day Smarties to everyone**


Madam Pince - Feb 5, 2004 8:11 am (#2425 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 12:17 am

Hi guys, I've been enjoying the match...some git in a Wimbourne Wasps jersey out front pulled me aside and sold me some tickets in Row X for a galleon -- was that a good buy? The only seat marked "X" that I could find was on top of the X-ray machine, so that's where I've been. Took me awhile to get down to the pitch after the win. Man, I wish I had better binoculars!

Hey pyro, your avatar totally rocks, dude! I've been watching that movie at least once a day ever since my 2-year-old discovered it. Righteous! "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Oh rats, now my Smarties are all wet.


Fawkes Forever - Feb 5, 2004 9:05 am (#2426 of 2955)

Hey Blast, hope your wife is better soon! *sends her big get well vibes*

If you don't mind, I'll volunteer for the role of reserve keeper in your absense.... but only if you can't make a match.... unless of course, you'd prefer to play in spirit.. hee hee! Besides.... 'ol Sev is making a much better job of the cheers, ra ra's & all the chanting, 'tis putting me to shame & his costume is waaay nicer than mine, AND he's got better legs ....

*Crunch*..... yum yum, lovely smarties Pyro... St Vallys day at St Mungo’s, sounds like fun, we could ask Lockhart to host the party

Woohooo, Aruba here we come.... *packs sunblock, shades, short sleeved robes, & jelly* Emmm, how are we all going to get there.... Madame Pince that same guy in the Wasps robes said he could get us a good deal on an Axminster ... said it would be great as a Team Bus.... they are illegal though... aren't they? Anyways, he never actually stated that it could fly....


Istari Jones - Feb 5, 2004 12:37 pm (#2427 of 2955)

Viola, it seems to me a bagpipe wouldn't work well for Aruba, but a tuba would! An Aruba Tuba!

If we need transportation, should we dust off our old yellow submarine? We wouldn't have room to practice inside, but it does have a cool periscope.


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 2:47 pm (#2428 of 2955)

Oh, Blast. Sorry to hear your wife is in hospital. I hope she gets well soon.

Muggle hospitals can be very scary, with their stitches and "doctors" and the please-men guarding the place.


Denise P. - Feb 5, 2004 3:53 pm (#2429 of 2955)

Attention St Mungo's Residents!!

World Crossing has limitations on the number of posts that any given thread may have. This thread is approaching the limit and will shortly be unable to have new posts added.

This means that this thread will soon be "Read Only" and a new thread will be started.

So if this thread won't accept any more posts, don't panic. We are aware of it and will be making a new one.


Blast - Feb 5, 2004 4:22 pm (#2430 of 2955)

Here I am thinking that I won't be able to post very much, but I have to do something between loads of laundry. A yellow submarine sounds good. Maybe we could check out an Octopus's garden while we're down there. Thanks for the well wishes, it really means a lot. As my wife says, she's the only person in the world who can put up with me. Just because I'm a little goofy, Abby how about some Yellow Submarine on the pipes.


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 4:25 pm (#2431 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 8:26 am

Hmmm, I thought it was a jello submarine. *shrugs*

Wow, Denise. You scared me for a minute. The look of your post startled me! All red and attention-getting.

We posted around 2000 that the thread would be up at 3000, but thanks for the reminder.


Fawkes Forever - Feb 5, 2004 4:35 pm (#2432 of 2955)

Hey Denise... nice to see you are all enjoying Florida...

Jello Submarine... hee hee, 'tis funny how you guys say jello & I say jelly.... *giggles*

Might be a bit dangerous to have a submarine made of Jelly....


Denise P. - Feb 5, 2004 4:39 pm (#2433 of 2955)

Actually, thread won't make it to 3000 since there have been deleted posts. I am mulling over some other options and will present them in a seperate thread later today to the residents about some suggestions. Keep an eye peeled out for that thread this evening (when a screaming 2-year-old is not tugging on my arm)


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 4:48 pm (#2434 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 8:56 am

Ouch. Peeling my eyes sounds painful. Or is that a cosmetic procedure like a skin peel? Part A - St. Mungo's Roll Call Has Been Moved Here! (March 2003, to March 2004) - Page 2 2222139670

Thanks for the heads up.

btw, Fawkes, that jello/jelly discussion comes up every now and again! I think we are all just sticking with 'jello' because most of the forum members seem to be from the States. *shrugs*

It's funny how many words are like that. "jumper/sweater" is a big one. On the chat thread you said "ta" and in the States it seems people don't know that means "thank you" (nor cheers for that matter). "ta" means "bye" and "cheers" is for toasting a drink in the States. I say "cheers" all the time in shops and such, just out of habit, and people look at me funny.

It's confusing enough to land you in St. Mungo's!


Blast - Feb 5, 2004 5:11 pm (#2435 of 2955)

Denise, you’re the best mom in the world, icecream for breakfast. Hope your family enjoys their vacation, after the year they went through they earned it. Bye the way can the sub be made of yellow jello? It would be a bit shaky but we would fit in well with the Jellyfish.


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 5:13 pm (#2436 of 2955)

Hmm...Lime Jelly doesn't have the same ring to it that Lime Jello has. *Blinks and looks around* What? Did I say something wrong?

Well, here I am in my ward, watching "Cry-Baby" and sulking. WHO IS THAT -censored- CRANE FOR?!

*eats Valentine's Smarties** My mouth is very sore. I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and they put brackets on my back molars...OUCH!! I can't talk or anything. It huuuurrrts...


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 5:19 pm (#2437 of 2955)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm going to camp on Friday and I'll be there until Sunday. Whoot!


Blast - Feb 5, 2004 5:20 pm (#2438 of 2955)

Pyro you poor thing, just drink lots of liquids, it will keep you from dehydrating.


Sabotage - Feb 5, 2004 5:24 pm (#2439 of 2955)

I'm brand new, so don't hurt me! I'm already stuck in the Gilderoy Lockheart ward. That man! He wants to sign everything I have! Actually he kind of scares me. Going on and on about some Basilisk! I mean really! I hope they move me into the Peeves room. I could do with some funnies. Does any one have spell repairer? My spells are all wrong and the break as soon as I cast them.


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 5:28 pm (#2440 of 2955)

SABBY!!! *tackles*


A-is-for-Amy - Feb 5, 2004 5:37 pm (#2441 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 9:42 am

You're going to camp? I hope it's warmer there than it is here!!!!

Sabby, your spells aren't working because that isn't a wand.....

OOOOH! I won a muggle auction on ebay for a whole case of Fizzing Whizbees from the UK, and they arrived. Mmmmmmmmm....fizzy!


Ticker - Feb 5, 2004 6:37 pm (#2442 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 10:46 am

Blast, best wishes to your wife & good luck as Mr Mom.

Pyro, I just got back from the dentist 10 minutes ago & let me just say, I feel your pain. Hope camp is a good distraction for you.

Shakes Sabby's hand & hands off a rubber chicken. You might have better spell luck with this. We think it might be a wand. Just stay away from the jello you should be fine.

Oh man, where's my moving buddy - I need a hand to hold. The squid helped me last time, but I haven't seen him around lately. I'm getting flashbacks of Fallout Shelter insanity... there were some pretty good times though...

Hey! Speaking of ordering things, I had this shipped here to St. Mungo's. (Opens a 15 foot tall crate with a life-sized chocolate hippogriff statue in it.) My compulsion to eat chocolate became overwhelming as I re-read PoA and I knew you guys would understand.


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 7:58 pm (#2443 of 2955)

Sabby, when they admit you to St. Mungo's they take your wand away and give you pencil. But some of us have found ways to get around that.

Oooooh, Ticker! A giant chocolate hippogriff? Is it solid or hollow?

I want the head! I want the head!


Blast - Feb 5, 2004 7:59 pm (#2444 of 2955)

A giant chocolate Hippogriff , don't insult it or the chocolate turns very bitter. Save me a drumstick. Is that a chocolate Hippogriff or a chocolate covered one? What would you feed a chocolate hippogriff - suger mice? Blast is getting very sleepy there's something in the chocolate, Gina is Snape missing any sleeping potion? I think that someones trying to sabatoge the quidditch team.z z z z z z z z


Ticker - Feb 5, 2004 8:13 pm (#2445 of 2955)

Solid chocolate hippogriff, Gina.

Blast, you're right about not insulting it (hee, hee - bitter chocolate), but I've eaten an entire foot and I'm pinging off the walls. Do you think it could be the double duty you're pulling that's making you so sleepy? You aren't using a Time-turner are you? I've read all about those...


PyroGrl - Feb 5, 2004 9:39 pm (#2446 of 2955)

**pulls out wand** Don't ask me how I got this. You really, REALLY don't want to know.


Liz Mann - Feb 5, 2004 10:20 pm (#2447 of 2955)
Edited by Feb 5, 2004 2:21 pm

Ooh! The Jello Submarine! I went onto the St Mungo's thread on one of the EZboard forums, and everyone was in it then! At the bottom of a paddling pool! Let's get it out again!

All right, everyone, all aboard! We're heading for Aruba! Who's driving, by the way?

Valantine's week sounds cool! I won't be doing anything for it in real life.

(I've really got to start checking this thread during the day, it's getting ridiculous! Too many posts to read! )


Gina R Snape - Feb 5, 2004 10:39 pm (#2448 of 2955)

I don't know what Severus has in mind for us for Valentine's Day. Last year I got a heart-shaped locket with his picture in it as a present. Isn't he just SUCH a sweetie?


Blast - Feb 5, 2004 11:50 pm (#2449 of 2955)

If the sub doesn't work, we could always take the Durnstrang ship.

My wife is home. No heartattack , but she does have Angina, so we have to clear the house of chocolate, no caffine either, so lets have a St. Mungo's pre-valentine Chocolate-a-thon. If you put some in the lime jello, it makes a tasty and dangerous pudding.


Ticker - Feb 6, 2004 12:25 am (#2450 of 2955)

Ooooh - bagpipes in a submarine - how lovely...

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