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Chat & Greetings 2005

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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:49 pm


haymoni - Aug 25, 2005 3:52 pm (#2801 of 2963)

Hello!! A salesman turning down a family with 7 more potential drivers? Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 793915934

What - an - idiot!

I would buy a van at the other dealer and then send a letter to the owner of the first dealership with a photo of your lot with a cc: on the bottom to Detroit!!! (or wherever the headquarters are these days.)

Went shopping for school supplies for the THIRD time tonight. This time it was book covers. Can't they tell the parents that are moving from the grade school to the middle school that we'll need to buy book covers!!!

We received 1 list of school supplies in the mail, another list on Open House night and my son comes home today with the news about the book covers.

Went to WalMart - nothing. Ended up at Staples. They had 2 bins full of them - 2 sizes!

I think I'm done. Maybe. My daughter rides the bus tomorrow by herself for the first time. I'll be OK. I'll be OK. I'll be OK.


penguin patronus - Aug 25, 2005 4:04 pm (#2802 of 2963)

I read the first Cirque Du Freak. I liked it. I haven't gotten around to reading the other ones however...

Really Azi? I get to choose whatever colors I want. I can even do rainbow.I suppose it's different where you are... Next time however, I'm doing light blue and dark blue for OOTP. (I also have to have mine for two years.) Anyways, has anyone played the HP scene it game? It's super fun. I got it for my birthday. I know some more stuff about GoF now. Like where we first see Harry. Teehee.


Catherine - Aug 25, 2005 4:08 pm (#2803 of 2963)

Hello to everyone (waves to Loopy Lupin who said, "I TOLD you so!" )

It's been a long day. My schedule has back-to-back TWO hour classes, so today, including "break duty" and "lunch duty," I was on my feet for 5 .5 hours. Remind me NOT to wear new shoes that look cute when I'm teaching. I should remember to be the lady in the comfy shoes....

Hayley and Claire went "back to school" today, and both really like their new teachers and their classes. We found out TODAY that Hayley does not have school tomorrow--something that was NOT on the county calendar, the school calendar or website, or in the paper. I think they could communicate more effectively and I encouraged them to do so!

Mr. Catherine asked me what I was going to do about childcare. I encouraged him to use all his considerable brainpower to figure out this dilemma, as his schedule is way more flexible than mine.

I can already tell, though, that some students this year will make everything worthwhile. They are awesome.



Finn BV - Aug 25, 2005 4:10 pm (#2804 of 2963)

Arrgh, yes, penguin patronus, I got the HP Scene it? game for my birthday (Aug 7) too, but the DVD was malfunctional so they're sending us a new one… and it was supposed to come a week ago! By the way, when I get it, would you mind telling me where the GoF stuff is, or will it just come up in normal game play? Thanks…

Denise! How horrible! You should drive by the auto place and honk the horn really loud and…… do some other stuff I shouldn't mention.

I had a great time at the US Open today! I got to see, in addition to the Qualifiers, the real pros practicing! I saw Hewitt, Nadal, Federer, Agassi, Sharapova, Serena Williams, Robby Ginepri, Coria, Dominic Hrbaty, Tomas Berdych, Thomas Johannson, Ai Sugiyama, Younes El Anouyi (sp?), and many others! I got autographs from Coria, El Anouyi, Sugiyama, and Berdych. Sharapova was giving signatures but she got tired near the end and I was at the exit, so I didn't get one. All the other ones I missed because I wasn't in the stadium. I had a really fun time, and it was free! Next week, my family is going on Friday, so we'll see quite a few of the players since they haven't all been eliminated yet.

Edit: Catherine, what's "break duty?" I've heard of recess, lunch, and CompLab, but… Break duty sounds extremely fun! Is it what it sounds like… a break? Anyway, glad the new position's working out fine.


haymoni - Aug 25, 2005 4:19 pm (#2805 of 2963)

So, Catherine - back-to-back 2 hour classes - Double Potions & Double Herbology?


Accio Sirius - Aug 25, 2005 4:41 pm (#2806 of 2963)

Catherine, hope tomorrow is better in that I hope Mr. Catherine takes the hint. Speaking of males and kid duty, we were at the zoo today and we saw the male panda sleeping in his outside den. My daughter asked loudly why he was just lying there and wasn't helping the female panda with her new baby and everybody around us just started giggling. Haymoni--I thought I was the only one who remembered Lidsville--It's the cuckoo-kookiest! Do you by chance remember the Kids from C.A.P.E.R? Or the Bugaloos? And thank you Madame Pince for the picture of the Sleestak. I forgot how much my college freshman roommate looked like one. She had these huge glasses and never went to class and skulked around the dorm shunning sunlight. **Shivers at the memory***


Stephanie M. - Aug 25, 2005 4:44 pm (#2807 of 2963)

Glad you had a really good time Finn! Too bad about Sharapova. (I LOVE her! I'm not sure why though... I like her tennis attire... and earrings! lol Plus she's a very good tennis player and she seems like a very nice person.)

I don't really remember My Brother and Me but I just remember that I really liked it.

All I remember about it was an African American family with an older brother (who was into Cheerleaders) and a little brother who had a teddy bear and he sang, "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?"

That's all I remember LOL.

Edit: Denise, that's horrible! He should get fired for not doing his job!


Marie E. - Aug 25, 2005 4:50 pm (#2808 of 2963)

This may date me, but I remember a show called "The Red-Hand Gang". They were a group of preteen kids who solved crimes. There was a red hand involved in there somehow. Hmmmm...must Google....

I'm almost anxious for this week to end, since next starts "real" school stuff. This week has been mostly doing cutesy art projects and reading books to the kids. Next week...the real world! I can think of one student of mine who's in for a big surprise. She's one of the younger ones and has "sitting still" issues. As in, I wish I could duct tape her to the floor when I'm doing circle time. But sadly my director would probably frown on me duct taping the children.


Julie Aronson - Aug 25, 2005 4:53 pm (#2809 of 2963)


Did you get the salesperson's name? If so, it will be really effective when you send his general manager a nasty letter and a photo of your family gathered around the new van you bought elsewhere. That is truly appalling behavior, but sadly, not that uncommon.

Was anyone else a huge "Sigmund the Sea Monster" fan? I loved Sid and Marty Krofft Saturday Morning, but Siggy was my favorite!

What about the "Banana Splits?" I have their theme song running through my head right now...


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 25, 2005 5:38 pm (#2810 of 2963)

Finn, I don't think anyone has asked this since you've returned, so I will. How did the performance of Shakespeare in Hollywood go? I disagree with its basic premise, and think that Shakespeare would fit in quite nicely in Hollywood as something of a cross between Oliver Stone and Albert Broccoli, but thought it was funny, nevertheless.


penguin patronus - Aug 25, 2005 5:45 pm (#2811 of 2963)

Finn, I haven't seen any scenes from the movie on there yet. What I did was pain-stakingly look through each of the cards and look for the keyword: "Goblet of fire". Took me forever, but i found out a few cool things. Oh yeah, I did see a few new pics, but that was all the new stuff so far...I know there are new scenes on there somewhere!!


Finn BV - Aug 25, 2005 6:00 pm (#2812 of 2963)

Hey, Vlad, thanks for asking. It was superb, probably the best yet! (This was our TENTH production!) It had a little extra oomph than what you saw on the paper, thanks to the great casting and locale… My uncle is an avid Shakespeare nut who runs a two-week Shakespeare camp in Vermont, hence went nicely as being cast as… Shakespeare himself. My cousin is getting married in October, so we had her and her fiancé as Hamlet and Juliet. Also, you may note a reference to a restaurant named "Ming-Tei," that would be the big Chinese place in Fort Erie (Ontario, Canada), a few miles from where my grandparents' house is.

Might I also add that if you find a few factual errors, please note that those were subsequently corrected (hem hem Hamlet's-best-friend line hem hem). But, overall, it was a really great success! And that's interesting that you disagree – I can't say I ever thought of that as a possible look on it, only disagreeing with the brutal slaughter of his plays. Anyway, thanks again for asking and I'm glad you liked it! Maybe I'll put a movie of it up on the web site if I ever get around to updating it. (Which is probably not happening any time soon… )

Penguin Patronus, I'll take a look when we get the DVD in the mail… hopefully very soon.


T Brightwater - Aug 25, 2005 7:59 pm (#2813 of 2963)

Elanor, terrific paper!!!! Thanks!


kaykay1970 - Aug 25, 2005 9:00 pm (#2814 of 2963)

Thanks Herm oh Ninny I will certainly have to get the details. Surely my hubby won't get too upset if we have to drive 2 hours to a book signing we drove an hour to pick up the book. I just got finished reading it and all I can say is I want the last one already.


Ponine - Aug 25, 2005 9:55 pm (#2815 of 2963)

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all the advice on the laptop - I will read through them as soon as I can, but right now I am scurrying around, trying to figure out where I am supposed to be when and why. Already tracked down at least one pottie, though!! Yey me!!

As soon as my student loans make it across the pond (argh ) I will get a laptop, which will make it SO much easier to keep myself updated in here. I have missed you all! Again, thanks for the advice, I will have to read them more carefully and take notes, but right now I must attend to my British Fiction class.... Have a great one, everyone!!! Oh, and Finn, I am in North Dakota


Amilia Smith - Aug 25, 2005 11:26 pm (#2816 of 2963)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Finn. The trick with the corner was what I needed . . . I was able to figure out the colored dots. I may keep asking you questions as they come up, though. Hope you don't mind.

Welcome back, Ponine. Hope you get settled in quickly. And still being on the school computer labs myself, I hear you about trying to keep updated here.

Just got back from my first Storytelling Class. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this class. The prof is a professional storyteller who has told at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, and she is wonderful! It makes up for missing the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival this weekend.



The giant squid - Aug 26, 2005 4:47 am (#2817 of 2963)

Loopy: Lucky for you that I happen to be a comic book geek as well as a HP geek. I really did rattle that stuff off the top of my head...

azi/penguin patronus: I feel old now...not only did I not get to choose the color of my braces bands, back when I had 'em there was only one color to choose from anyway--white.

As for Nickelodeon, I remember watching "You Can't Do That On Television". Alanis Morrisette before she got all angry.

Denise, that salesman either needs to sort out his priorities (I'm sure the vehicle you need doesn't come cheap, and thus would have a nice sized commission) or work on his people skills in explaining why he can't sell you what you want. Sometimes people confuse the heck out of me; even being one doesn't seem to help.



haymoni - Aug 26, 2005 4:49 am (#2818 of 2963)
Edited Aug 26, 2005 5:52 am

Yes, I remember "The Bugaloos" - had a lunchbox & everything - note to self: Look for lunchbox at parents' house - could be worth something!

I also remember "Sigmund & the Sea Monsters". "Jodie" from "Family Affair" was in it.

The Banana Splits can be seen on Boomerang every once in a while.

Edit: Just put my daughter on the bus to Kindergarten. It's her first day all alone. She let me take 1 picture of her standing on the steps of the bus and she disappeared! She didn't care what the bus driver's name was or anything. I am thankful that I have such an independent child, but I know from her brother that I will pay for it later! (Goes off muttering about ungrateful children & birthday parties...)


Madam Pince - Aug 26, 2005 12:42 pm (#2819 of 2963)

Poor haymoni! Well, as you say, it's probably better that she's independent rather than clingy. ***Remembers "The Bugaloos" too, and "Family Affair"!***

I read a poem in a magazine today and thought of all the kidlets going off to school:

The school bus rumbles down the road,

Collecting kids from their abode;

But out of sight and out of hearing,

Multitudes of moms are cheering.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 26, 2005 2:22 pm (#2820 of 2963)

Hey guys! My sisters and I are going to go watch The Brothers Grimm tonight and I am so excited.

Kaykay and Denise - If you do get to go to the book signing, bring your old books with you too! Christopher was signing as many copies as people wanted. Some went up with like 6 books! If I had known this earlier, I would have brought my copy of Eragon w/ me to get signed as well Ohh well, maybe when the last book comes out.

This year has to be my book year! I just found out that the next book in Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events is coming out in October!! First HBP, then Eldest, and now this! <---doing a happy jig!


Penny Lane. - Aug 26, 2005 2:38 pm (#2821 of 2963)

I also recall watching Alanis on "You Can't Do that on Television." But I must say I'm surprised that not one of you has mentioned the all time classic 80's children's sitcom "Punky Brewster." BTW - she just had a baby last week.

I know I'm late in saying this, but congratulations to Denise and anyone else who needs it. I've been very, very busy these past few weeks. I go back to school on September 1st, but unfortunately I'm not going to Hogwarts. :pouts:


kaykay1970 - Aug 26, 2005 2:45 pm (#2822 of 2963)

My 14 year old son really loves The Series of Unfortunate Events. He talked me into reading the first one but I didn't really enjoy it much. He claims that the others are much better, maybe I should try reading the second. He has like the first 10.


Amilia Smith - Aug 26, 2005 4:49 pm (#2823 of 2963)
Edited Aug 26, 2005 5:27 pm

Punky has a baby??? My, she grew up when I wasn't looking. Last I remember, she and her friend were adding their ages together so that they would sound old enough to babysit and earn a little money.

I must agree, Herm oh ninny, this has been a really good year for books. A new HP, a new Jasper Fforde, a new Connie Willis, and soon a new Outlander. I haven't yet read Eragon. My brother told me it was a LOTR rip-off, so I haven't bothered, even though he insists that it is a really good rip-off. But I am starting to feel left out. Besides, as I was just reading in one of my storytelling texts this morning, "Stories lean on stories, art on art. This familiarity with the treasure-house of ancient story is necessary for any true appreciation of today's literature." (Jane Yolen, Touch Magic, p. 15)

On that note, I thought of you all as I was reading this text. Yolen is lamenting that children today are growing up without their myths, legends and fairytales. "Who is Lilith? King David? Pegasus? Anansi the Spider? Apollo? Or the six whose names originally formed the acronym SHAZAM in the "Captain Marvel" spell: Soloman, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury?" (Yolen, p.14) And to think that before yesterday I didn't even know SHAZAM was an acronym. Thank you Loopy and Squid Mike.


Edit: Finn, I am still playing around on the Mac side of the Lab. I just bumped the eject key on the corner of the number pad while reaching for the mouse, and the moniter stuck its tongue out at me! :-)


haymoni - Aug 26, 2005 4:52 pm (#2824 of 2963)

kay - I couldn't get into those books either. The events are VERY unfortunate.

I kept asking my son if anything good ever happens to these kids.

It is so depressing! It kind of scares me that my son enjoys these books. That a lot of kids enjoy these books!


The giant squid - Aug 27, 2005 1:19 am (#2825 of 2963)

Punky has a baby??? My, she grew up when I wasn't looking.—Mills

She was on the last couple seasons of Sabrina (with Melissa Joan Hart) as Sabrina's college roommate. Compliments of your resident TV geek.

Speaking of which, did any of you ever see a game show on Comedy Central called Beat The Geeks? They had four experts on various subjects (TV Geek, Movie Geek, Music Geek and a rotating special guest Geek) and the contestants would have to answer more (or more obscure) trivia questions than the geeks did. I liked the frst season, but then they dumbed it down a bit and replaced teh host with someone geekier looking...but, sadly, he didn't have the right presence for a game show host. I mention it only because a) I often out-geked the geeks and b) you know they would have had a Harry Potter geek on there that we all could have out-geeked!

Eragon may be a LotR ripoff (I have read it yet), but then so is pretty much every "fantasy" story written since 1950. It's just a question of how much is ripped and how much is added/adapted/reimagined. Just think, in 20 years (or less!) people will be referring to books as "a Harry Potter rip off"!

I'm not sure what my point was...


Dame Peverell - Aug 27, 2005 2:26 am (#2826 of 2963)

Hi! Pleased to meet you. I see there are plenty of LOTR fans here so I want to urge you all to read the Silmarillion which is even more beautiful and exciting. It is hard to read but so worth the effort.

There is a story in it about a man named Beren (One Hand) who falls in love with an Elven Kings daughter Luthien (Tinuviel). It is from this love story/saga that the whole Silmarillion, LOTR and other books came into being. JRR Tolkien just kept building around it.

It's an incredible romance/adventure I am sure you will love.


T Brightwater - Aug 27, 2005 6:46 am (#2827 of 2963)

Dame Peverell, it's great to meet someone else who enjoyed the Silmarillion! Actually, though, the first part of the cycle that Tolkien wrote was "The Fall of Gondolin." It's in the Book of Lost Tales, part 2 I think.


Dame Peverell - Aug 27, 2005 8:34 am (#2828 of 2963)

Quite correct - he did sketch out a version of the Fall of Gondolin first. I mixed up first with favorite. But the story of Beren and Luthien is still the central work.

In brief, a Silmaril is a sort of shining, light filled jewel. They were made, before sun and moon, from the dews that fell from the two trees that lit the earth until Morgoth threw down the trees and defiled them. (Morgoth is worse than Sauron, who was his minion) In order to win Luthien, Beren is told he must steal a Slmaril from Morgoth's crown; a task as doomed to failure as Frodo's attempt to reach Mt. Doom. Luthien runs away from her father and follows him into danger.

I also enjoyed Tolkien's biography which goes into his relationship with C.S. Lewis (Narnia) and explains why the Silmarillion ended up to be so, well.. choppy. He wrote it at different times in his life and re-wrote some sections over and over in different styles; as if from different points of view. I thought it was magical.


kaykay1970 - Aug 27, 2005 10:48 am (#2829 of 2963)

TBE My sister is going to buy a horse. She says it is an Arabian. I haven't seen it so I can't say if it has a dished face or the proper neck line. She says she is white with red freckles all over her. I know that Arabians (although uncommon)can be white ,but freckles? Just wanted your expertise.


Marie E. - Aug 27, 2005 10:52 am (#2830 of 2963)

I've read the Simarillion, but admit to skimming all the elven songs.

(Ducks dungbombs)

Punky was also on an episode of Friends as a girlfriend of Joey's who kept punching him. And, giantsquid, I remember "Beat the Geeks". I always rocked the movie and TV questions.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 27, 2005 10:53 am (#2831 of 2963)

kaykay, that's called a flea-bitten gray and a very common color in Arabian horses.


kaykay1970 - Aug 27, 2005 11:57 am (#2832 of 2963)

Ok thanks.


Madam Pince - Aug 27, 2005 1:48 pm (#2833 of 2963)
Edited Aug 27, 2005 3:02 pm

Hope all our Florida/Louisiana-and-thereabouts Forum members are weathering Hurricane Katrina all right! Take care, Ag Hart!


haymoni - Aug 27, 2005 4:24 pm (#2834 of 2963)

Hey! Where's Julia??? Shouldn't she be back from the Land-of-No-Internet by now???

We've been missing a few other regulars since the release of HBP. We've gotten a lot of newbies which is great, but where's the old folks???


Thora - Aug 27, 2005 5:45 pm (#2835 of 2963)

Hello all, jumping ahead about 500 posts to let you know I'm alive.

Our house is on the market, and looks pretty good thanks to the 15 hour days I've been putting in on it for the last few weeks. It doesn't help that my husband's boss is sending him out of town constantly either, so I'm doing most of it myself. Personally I think his boss is mad we are taking the transfer to SC so he's working my husband extra hard.

The open house is tomorrow though so I really hope that my life will calm down a bit, hope being the operative word.

So I guess I need to read up on my history of Charleston SC....



kaykay1970 - Aug 27, 2005 7:28 pm (#2836 of 2963)

Oh boy what a day! I've been helping my sisters set fence post all evening so they have a place to put their horses. I have blisters on my blisters on my hands and my arms are all skinned up. I know I will really pay for it in the morning when my arms are sore.


The giant squid - Aug 27, 2005 8:06 pm (#2837 of 2963)

Hurricane Katrina? Lina, what has your daughter gotten into now?

(I know that it's "Katerina" not "Katrina", but the pun was too hard to resist. )



pottermom34 - Aug 27, 2005 8:20 pm (#2838 of 2963)

Hello all, jumping ahead about 500 posts to let you know I'm alive – Thora

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't been around. I've been trying to get in extra hours and we've had a few free days and after hours events at the zoo so when I've gotten home I just sit on my but and do nothing. Haven't felt much like being on line. Also, after all the wait for HBP and all the excitement I kind of needed a break from HP, although I think it's time to get "Pottered" up again since GOF is only 3 1/2 months away.

I read the Silmarillion also. I agree it was difficult to read, kind of confusing to me anyway. I had to keep going back and re reading things and was afraid to stop reading for fear I'd lose the story, but it was good. You learn a lot about where our favorite LOTR characters come from.

Happy Birthday, anniversary and back to school to those I've missed. I'm lucky my daughter doesn't start school till after Labor Day. Most seem to start before nowadays.
I'm off to catch up on other threads or try to at least. Later "Potter Taters"


Dame Peverell - Aug 27, 2005 8:38 pm (#2839 of 2963)

I've posted a little about myself for you on my page now...ad nauseam.

Every time you re-read the Silmarillion more pops out at you. You lose yourself in it and the "sons of so and so stuff" doesn't slow you down as much. On the first and even second read your brain gets tied up in knots of "which elves where" until the beauty of the stories themselves gets squashed.

If you can, I'd like to suggest you read just the first few pages, the Song of Iluvatar, and put the book down, close your eyes, and just savor it.

Back to Slughorn...


Stephanie M. - Aug 27, 2005 8:45 pm (#2840 of 2963)

Glad to see you back Thora.

My sister had a pretty long day going to Penn (University Of Pennsylvania) and taking a tour with boring people but there were Harry Potter moments!

I'll tell you guys the whole story tomorrow.

Nighty Night!


Marie E. - Aug 27, 2005 8:47 pm (#2841 of 2963)

Thora, I've been to Charleston. It's so gorgeous! I lived near Savannah, GA before moving here to Colorado and once we drove to Charleston for an Eagles concert. We spent an extra day there sight-seeing. My brother whined constantly because he couldn't go. I got him a t-shirt, sheesh!


The giant squid - Aug 28, 2005 2:37 am (#2842 of 2963)

   My brother whined constantly because he couldn't go. I got him a t-shirt, sheesh!

Well, it might have helped had you mentioned the concert to me more than 3 days before it happened! I think I still have that t-shirt somewhere, though...



Puck - Aug 28, 2005 4:04 am (#2843 of 2963)

Hello all!

No big news to report. I was having contractions one night, but they got to 7 minutes apart then stopped. Then yesterday they got to 6 minutes then stopped. So, I've been off the threads in an attempts to finish off a few more pre-baby chores. (Her quilt is done, the high chair clean, and nursery ALMOST ready.) Now I have to get things ready for Parker's first day of school, in case I'm not here. (Though I can't handle the thought of missing it, even if it does mean standing outside in Katarina's remnants at 7:30 in the morning!)

Denise, that story about your car, WOW! Perhaps the sales person doesn't like to get commissions?

Well, I'm off for a nap. Woke up at 4 , by 5:30 gave up on sleep. Took me a while to read through the thread, stopping for breakfast and to feed my girl, who was up early and hungry after falling asleep before dinner last night. At least someone got a good 12 hours!



Denise P. - Aug 28, 2005 7:46 am (#2844 of 2963)

I hope all our Forum members in Louisana and Mississippi are able to get out of Katrina's path safely.

Kathy, before Rhys was born, I had those annoying contractions that didn't go anywhere for about 2 weeks. They would always stop right before I got into the van to go up to the hospital LOL When I had Kierynn, the same thing happened. Hope something gets going for you soon.


Elanor - Aug 28, 2005 7:52 am (#2845 of 2963)

Puck, I really hope you'll be at home for your son's first day at school! **sending you baby-don't-hurry charms**

I've read the Silmarillion once but I don't think I appreciated it as it should be, the reason is certainly that I read the most of it when I had to stay lying down on a hospital bed, it certainly didn't help! I should start it again one of those days.

I survived the first days of school without too much stress. I have a lot of students, for a mixed grades class with young children, but everything went well. I used the "à la McGonagall" glance a few times, making very clear who was in charge in class, and it was enough.

I even managed to finish the editing of the thesis this weekend: I wanted to add a bibliography and some 17th century "potions recipes", some of them are so interesting to read! And I finally re-read a last time the Accio paper, finding typos again of course, and just sent it to the Accio staff. It is a wonderful feeling to know all that is done!

I hope everyone on Katrina's path is safe and that the forumers who live there will tell us soon that everything is ok for them!

Have a great day everybody!

Edit: what a lovely picture Denise!


Finn BV - Aug 28, 2005 8:03 am (#2846 of 2963)

Hey everybody, I was out yesterday at the Travers Stakes (big horse race) with my parents, up in Saratoga, NY. We both drove up and returned home yesterday, although it took up the whole day! Not any of us came out in a winning percentage but we each had some interesting bets and overall it was a fun time.

I've got to go off and get rid of all those yellow new buttons either by reading a whole bunch of posts or pressing a button… I'll try not to be lazy…


Ydnam96 - Aug 28, 2005 8:07 am (#2847 of 2963)

Puck!! Good luck with the whole birthing process! I hope you get to see your son's first day of school.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in the path of Katrina.

Do any of our forum members live in the areas of Europe where the flooding has taken place? If so, I hope that you are safe and that the damage is not too bad. The pictures looked very scary.

Denise, Rhys looks adorable Smile

Yesterday I had a wonderful day at the beach with my staff. Oh, it was wonderful. We went to Dana Point, which is a beach I had not ever been to. It was quite nice. The water in the Pacific is much colder than the water in the Atlantic, but it was soooo hot yesterday that it felt okay after your feet and legs got used to the shock.

Today is my last day of owning a annual pass to Disneyland. So I need to get out there and enjoy it one last time. But the thermometer has been hanging around 101, 102, 103 for the last few days and I'm not so sure that I want to be there with all those people in the extreeme heat. But I paid a lot for it, so I need to use it!

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Marie E. - Aug 28, 2005 10:18 am (#2848 of 2963)

I hope everyone in Hurricane Katrina's way gets to a safe place (it's supposed to go right through Abbycadabra's hometown).

Puck, I remember those annoying "do-nothing" contracations. It's like the Boy Who Cried Labor. Heehee. When I finally did go into labor with Lexie, I didn't realize it for a couple of hours. Then it was like, whoops, now they're only a minute apart, maybe I should wake up Mr. E. That's honestly what happened. He was not happy. Especially when he found out that I had gotten up and showered before waking him up.

I have back-to-back Brownie parent meetings today. Our council prefers that troops stay all one grade, so my daughters are in two different troops. I am a co-leader for both troops. Because I have tons of free time, you know.


Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2005 11:11 am (#2849 of 2963)

When I finally did go into labor with Lexie, I didn't realize it for a couple of hours. –Marie

Thank goodness it wasn't just me -- I was afraid I was just incredibly dense or something! I thought mine were just indigestion pangs -- "Hmmm, there's a little twinge.." (fifteen minutes later) "Hmmm, there's a little twinge.." (ten minutes later) "Hmmm, didn't I feel this a few minutes ago, too? Maybe I should start paying attention..." (five minutes later) "Wow, I really thought you were supposed to be very clear on this and not scratching your head wondering if this is just a bit of undigested tuna fish sandwich?" It didn't help that when I called my doctor, he assured me that it was just indigestion, because "if you're in labor, you'll know it." Hmph. Not so. Anyway, good luck, Puck! Hope everything goes well! And Happy First Day of School to the other little one!

Safe trips to all the kidlets starting school! (It's a good time for everyone to be extra careful and alert -- first-day-excitement and hanging out at bus stops and walking along roads require caution!) (/soapbox)


Marie E. - Aug 28, 2005 11:17 am (#2850 of 2963)

Lol, Madam Pince. Not only was I not sure I was in labor, even though I'd done it once before, but completely missed the fact that my water had broken the night before. Boy, were they mad at the hospital! "Should have come right in, risking infection, yadda, yadda, yadda". I thought when your water broke it was like on tv, great gushes of water. Apparently, not so.

I'll now finish talking about "birthin", to the relief of many I'm sure.

I'm off to the mall to get Shayla's right ear re-pierced. They pierced it crooked the first time, so that the earring back hung down under her lobe. Lexie thinks she's getting her ears pierced, too. We'll see...
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Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2005 11:34 am (#2851 of 2963)

Well, that one was my big clue, Marie. When I called the doctor back with that update, it gave me great satisfaction to ask him "So, do you still think it's indigestion?" (I had called about three times to ask "Are you sure?") He said "Um...no. Better come in. And don't drive yourself."

Thora and pottermom, welcome back! Thora, sounds like your house will get snapped up right away! Best wishes and hope the move to Charleston goes smoothly -- I've always wanted to visit there. We had planned a trip last year but it didn't work out. It seems beautiful.

Denise, the new pic of Rhys is beautiful! What a sweetie.

If anyone gets the chance to read today's comic "Mallard Fillmore," it's pretty funny and reminded me of some past Forum discussions. It's a long poem about the proper use of apostrophes, and it ends with someone telling him he's becoming a "grumpy old grammar crank," whereupon he wonders aloud if the teal-colored awareness ribbon has been taken or not....

Happy Sunday to everyone!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 28, 2005 2:30 pm (#2852 of 2963)

Hey everyone. Hope all those who could get out of the way of this hurricane did. We are stuck here and it's coming straight to my front door. (At least as long as the front door stays there!) Good luck to all. Maybe I'll have a few hours to read posts. Got generator, but when cable goes out so does my internet.


Denise P. - Aug 28, 2005 3:15 pm (#2853 of 2963)

Take care and stay safe, TBE!!

Marie, hope the re-piercing goes well. I had Kaitlyn and Kierynn's ears pierced as babies and they don't mess with them at all. I think it helped that both ears were done at the same time, one person on each ear.

For all that I have given birth numerous time, I don't know nuthin' about birthing no babies!


Stephanie M. - Aug 28, 2005 3:28 pm (#2854 of 2963)

Hey everyone!

It's been raining here a little bit but not too hard.

Well I said I tell you all about the tour at Penn so here it is:

It was very boring (we've been there many times so we basically knew everything) but they started to explain the dorm rooms in the Quad. So they were saying that all of the "common rooms" looked like the ones in Harry Potter. And they started to explain the Quad and they sounded exactly like the Gryffindor common room!

So basically that was it, but I was thinking "I would like to go here if they have Harry Potter esk things! I would like to live a Harry Potter common room!"

Off to watch the VMAs!


kaykay1970 - Aug 28, 2005 4:27 pm (#2855 of 2963)

Be careful TBE and everyone else.


Pigwidgeon - Aug 28, 2005 6:59 pm (#2856 of 2963)

Ditto, kaykay. Man, I just read about Katrina being a category four or five *shudder* To anyone in Louisiana and, well, anyone in the path of this monster, our thoughts are with you.

On an unrelated note, wish me luck! School starts tomorrow, and I'm very excited!


Finn BV - Aug 28, 2005 7:08 pm (#2857 of 2963)

Good luck, Pigwidgeon!

And safe wishes to all those in the path of Hurricane… Thingy.

Kathy, let us know when things get rolling! We will be thinking of you…


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 28, 2005 7:13 pm (#2858 of 2963)

Hope everyone stays safe from Katrina.

Puck my thoughts are with you! Sounds like you have everything ready to go.

Elanor, will you publish your thesis? You must be so relieved to get the editing behind you. LPO


Puck - Aug 28, 2005 8:29 pm (#2859 of 2963)

TBE, our thoughts are with you! Post ASAP so we know you are Okay! (And your precious horses are, too.)

I remember when I was expecting my first lying on the couch in the morning with a stomach ache, and finally realizing my water was starting to break. On the way to the hospital I realized that stomache ache was coming and going every 5 minutes or so, and the pains were 3 minutes apart by the time I got to my room. I had these pre pains for a week or so with my daughter, but now I need to hold off until after the bus comes on Wednesday.

Went to dinner with some friends tonight, a last night out before the little one arrives. Cheesecake factory, yummy! And I FINALLY finished cleaning out the nursery today, so that's checked off the list. (Of course, the hallway is a mess, because that's where I stacked the boxes, etc... that I removed from the baby's room.

Quick thread check before bed. Going on to midnight, yet I doubt I could sleep.



Mrs. Sirius - Aug 28, 2005 10:13 pm (#2860 of 2963)

TBE stay safe. Oh I do hope everyone had gotten out of Katherines's way, or at least found a good dry spot. I will keep everyone Louisiana in my best thoughts.

Here in CT were have frequent loss of power, so I truly feel for everyone in Katerina's path.

For all that I have given birth numerous time, I don't know nuthin' about birthing no babies!

lol Denise, you don't need to know anything to have them, you just need to be there!

Those contractions that you had for 2 weeks with Rhys, I had for 4 months with my first. They were so strong that I literally could not move my legs to walk until the contraction stopped. When the doctor caught one on monitor, he was surprised that I hadn't complained of pain.

Marie I hope the re-piecing goes well. Two of my girls were fine with it. Anastasia, well she cried and was not happy. But she has now asked for earrings again after about a 2 year hiatus.

This weekend was the agricultural fair in our town. You know, tractor pull, best tomato, the first selectman in a cow milking contest, kiddie rides. As NY city folks it's really surprising to us each year that were are so close to this, yet were oblivious to it growing up just 2 hours away.


Elanor - Aug 28, 2005 10:17 pm (#2861 of 2963)

Oh, TBE that is really scary! I will be thinking of you and Phoenix Song in the hours to come, she must be on Katrina's path too. (((((((hug))))))).

LPO, yes it will be published during Fall. It will be called: "L'hôtel-Dieu de Charlieu de 1678 à 1725 ou l'histoire d'une renaissance" (The hospital of Charlieu from 1678 to 1725 or the story of a rebirth), a very alchemical name now that I think about it, LOL!

The publisher is a regional one and the number of copies will be small but it makes me happy just the same! I am indeed so relieved this work is done. I'm going to give the CD of the thesis to the publisher on Wednesday, I hope everything will be ok!

I wish you all a great day (it is morning here!) or night, everyone take care!



The giant squid - Aug 29, 2005 12:58 am (#2862 of 2963)

He was not happy. Especially when he found out that I had gotten up and showered before waking him up.--Marie E.

What, he expected you to spend who knows how many hours in a hospital bed surrounded by all sorts of strangers unshowered? Does he know you?

And safe wishes to all those in the path of Hurricane… Thingy.--Finn BV

LOL! Well said, and I add my well wishes to yours.



Dame Peverell - Aug 29, 2005 3:04 am (#2863 of 2963)

There, aren't I all pretty now with my nice, new picture? 'course it's not near so fine as the Giant Squids! Say, did you hear the one about DD as the Giant Squid vs. LV as the Whomping Willow? I'd like to see a picture of that... sorry, I'll just go back to Hags and Slugs now...


Puck - Aug 29, 2005 5:11 am (#2864 of 2963)

My niece actually had her ears pierced at the pediatricians office. She's 7 and was thrilled to be allowed (still don't know how she talked my brother into it.)

I feel so bad for these news people who actually head into the path of the storm to report back to the rest of us. And we are not nearly through hurricane season yet.

Have a great day all! Off to fold laundry, then it's time for kickboxing. (Likely my last chance to go.)



Marie E. - Aug 29, 2005 5:35 am (#2865 of 2963)

The re-piercing went fine, though she tried to pretend to cry a little for some attention. They did the two-gun approach the first time, but the girl who on left ear was obviously off. The hardest part I think was waiting for her to choose a pair of earrings. Her first choice was $42. After I was done laughing hysterically, I asked her make another choice. Miss Lexie wants to get her ears done this weekend. We'll see. I wanted to do it when they were babies, but Mr. E. said he wanted to wait until they asked for it.

Puck, I cannot believe you are still kickboxing. Towards the end I could barely climb stairs.

Denise, cute picture of Kaity and Rhys!

I've been watching CNN's coverage of Katrina. I hope all of our Gulf Coast members are out of harm's way.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 6:29 am (#2866 of 2963)

I've been watching CNN. Katrina is really scary. I hope TBE and anybody else are safe.


haymoni - Aug 29, 2005 6:34 am (#2867 of 2963)

Madam Pince & Catherine - thank you for emailing me.

Hope all is well with our Forum members in the path of the storm.

Yep - I'm stayin' right here in Northeast Ohio. I'll take snow anyday!


Stephanie M. - Aug 29, 2005 6:57 am (#2868 of 2963)

I hope everyone in the path of the storm are doing okay!

I only needed to have my ears pierced once even though I think they are both a little bit too low on my ear lobe. I got mine pierced with a plastic surgeon. (We knew the doctor because my aunt needed stitches in her head.) I had the gun but they had a really hard time of getting the earring off the gun after they pierced through my ear. And that part hurt the most but I didn't think it hurt at all. And my ears haven't been infected either.

I'm off to the first day of the US Open! (Stay dry everyone!)


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 6:59 am (#2869 of 2963)

We're supposed to be getting 65 mph winds here by 1:00.I'm not sure where Denise P. is but maybe her too.We had a warning not to drive a van or truck.My hubby drove the mini-van this morning.Hopefully the wind will be over by the time he gets off work.


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2005 7:12 am (#2870 of 2963)

I am on the TN/KY border, our weather just flashed an alert to expect hurricane force winds by this evening and it is raining really hard at the moment. Come this afternoon, I plan to stay inside.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 7:21 am (#2871 of 2963)

Denise You are North of me. I'm in the southern part of West Tn. right between Memphis and Nashville.


Finn BV - Aug 29, 2005 7:29 am (#2872 of 2963)

I'm off to the first day of the US Open! –Steph

How many tickets to do you have? I thought you were going next week.

Again, best wishes to all down South. Looks like the weather is headed up through Ohio/PA in a couple days as well, and then… NY!


Dame Peverell - Aug 29, 2005 7:29 am (#2873 of 2963)

One day when I was 14 two of my friends dragged me along to another girls house where at least 10 girls were sitting around, squealing, with ice cubes held to their ears, hoping to freeze them enough so that it wouldn't hurt when they drove a big sewing needle through! No way would I be so foolish, to mar my body and risk infection! I was never so revolted in my life but after about three hours of this I couldn't drag my friends away and I couldn't stand these ninnies anymore so I put an ice cube on my ear for maybe 5 minutes, it hurt my head as I recall, and stuck the large sewing needle with cotton thread on it right through my earlobe. "See, it's not so hard" I said, and suddenly the other girls gained heart and went for it too. Unfortunately, my hands shook so bad it took 2 hours before I could do the other ear and it WAS hard. Two months I had mercurochromed ears with string loops in them! What an idiot! I had to re-do that second one too! Of course Mom and Dad went through the roof. Buy me earrings? NOT. Baby-sit for $ when I'm grounded? NOT.

This was when pierced-ears first became the rage and I don't think they had or used the guns yet. Most girls' parents certainly wouldn't waste money on the doctor for it either. So that was why the girls took matters into their own hands, so to speak.

     Just sharing.


Stephanie M. - Aug 29, 2005 7:55 am (#2874 of 2963)

I'm off to the first day of the US Open! --Steph

How many tickets to do you have? I thought you were going next week.—Finn

LOL! I'm going with my cousins today! (They got the tickets) And I might being next week with my dad. It would be really cool to go everyday though...

And Dame Peverell, all I have to say about that story is WOW! What happened to the other girl's ears?


haymoni - Aug 29, 2005 8:36 am (#2875 of 2963)

I had to wait until 4th grade to get my ears pierced. That would have been in 1976, if the bicentennial cover to my school's yearbook for that grade is correct. We went to a department store. There was a stool in the jewelry department and the clerk had some silver stud earrings with sharp points on the end of them. She shoved them through my earlobes - no ice, no numbing stuff - and then, my mother told her that the left one was lower - so she had to do it again! I can still feel my earlobes throbbing!

I had 1 hole in each ear all through high school. When I got to college, I noticed I had all these really great earrings, but only 1 of some of them, so a girl down the hall pierced my left ear a second time. She had a gun of some sort and it really didn't hurt much. I thought I was being rather practical in not tossing all those orphaned earrings.

Sophomore year - which would have been Fall of 1984 - those long dangling gold earings with the hook insert were in. I have a rather short neck and some of them were so long that they would actually touch my shoulder. So "wise fool" that I was, I figured if I added a 3th hole to my left ear, I would be able to wear the long earrings without the drag factor.

Unfortunately, I came to this conclusion in a bar. My roomate had a "starter earring" - the stud with the pointy end. We figured we were drunk enough, so it shouldn't hurt too much. We must have been VERY drunk because we actually stuck the starter earring in some beer to sterilize it. (It seemed so logical at the time - there's alchohol in beer, after all!)

My roommate proceeded to shove the earring through my ear, but as I already had 2 holes in that ear, she had to do it higher where it really hurt. She had the earring half-way through my earlobe and ran out of the restroom, saying that she didn't want to hurt me anymore. So I had to finish the job myself.

Do I use my 2nd & 3rd holes anymore? Of course not! What a waste!


Dame Peverell - Aug 29, 2005 8:36 am (#2876 of 2963)

Most of them I never saw again so I can't say.

We all had severe setbacks in our social lives from that point on. 2 of the girls I recall just let their ears close up. (Those were the 2 that dragged me along)

Mine got infected and I found I was allergic to anything less than 14k and of course the first earrings I could scrape up money for were only 10. It was a long and horrible "live and learn" experience but I was determined, having gone through so much pain and grief and ridicule that at the very least I was going to end up with pierced ears!

It ended up OK eventually and now I wear a nice pair of platinum stud diamond earrings that I never have to take off except to clean. I do not recommend any one to try it. Ice really doesn't help much.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 29, 2005 10:22 am (#2877 of 2963)

Hello all! I have to say, I love reading all the stories on this thread! It really brightens up my day : OK, now that I have said that:

I hope that everyone in the Hurricane Thingy area is safe and well.

Stephanie - One of my friends is also a starting freshman at Penn State. I wonder if she will meet your sister. She is a Harry fan as well

Puck - I hope that Baby Puck decides to hang out in there just a little longer And I hope the first day of school goes well.

I kept asking my son if anything good ever happens to these kids.- haymoni

For the most part things do seem to get worse from them as the books go along. However, there are bright moments and there is a strong message about family and love throughout them. Hopefully by book 13 (the last one) the kids will get their happy ending.

Dame Peverelle - That scene you described reminds me of the movie Grease when they try to pierce Sandy's ears. LOL

My parents had my ears pierced when I was about 9 months old. They said that when I was about 2 I took them out and had to have them re-done because they closed. When I was 18 I got 2nd and 3rd holes done as well. It was a funny sight. Me sitting at the piercing booth at the mall, clutching at a Teddy bear that the lady gave me to hold while she did them LOL

Eragon is very Lord of the Ringish. The author has said that he idolizes Tolkien and wrote Eragon in ispiration to LOTR. It is a great book. He also wrote it when he was 15!!

OK, on the whole labor issue, you can be in labor and not realize it? That is amazing to me! The way they show it on tv, I thought that it would be impossible not to know it.

Well off to the threads. Have a great day all


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 11:04 am (#2878 of 2963)

Well, it is 1:00 and the weather is still calm here. Now we just have to wait and see what happens. CNN coverage is kind of confusing they say they expect Katrina to follow the Mississippi River. When they show the expected path on the map it is further east and a lot closer to where I am located.

Herm Oh Ninny I have had 5 children, no epidurals and yes I always knew when I was in labor.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 29, 2005 11:10 am (#2879 of 2963)

Kaykay - 5 children and NO epidurals??


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 29, 2005 11:22 am (#2880 of 2963)

Hey everyone. I was down in Jacksonville, NC this weekend and had no internet. Boy do I have a lot of catching up to do!

This weekend was a really hard one. I went to NC to visit my best friend who is a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune. He's going "overseas" (I refuse to let myself say where cause I'm so scared!!) and this was the last time I get to see him before he leaves. I'm so scared and so, spent much of the weekend dreading having to leave, and spent the whole of my travel time back to DC crying my eyes out! Talk about a baby! Anyway, I'm back in DC now for work, and I'm already counting down the days until school starts and I'll be back in Ohio!

Yep - I'm stayin' right here in Northeast Ohio. I'll take snow anyday! -haymoni   Are you anywhere near Cleveland? I'm from Northeast Ohio as well! Just west of Cleveland.

Anyway, it's been fun reading everyone's posts from this weekend but now I'm off to catch up on the threads!

Oh! And my thoughts are with everyone in Katrina's path!


T Brightwater - Aug 29, 2005 11:30 am (#2881 of 2963)

Oh, yeah, I remember that northeast Ohio weather - I went to Oberlin, back in the days when we had real winters :-) I'd still take that over hurricanes, though. Best wishes and Shield Charms to all in harm's way.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 11:54 am (#2882 of 2963)

Yes Herm Oh Ninny and the youngest was 16 hours labor.

Soul Mate I doubt anyone would call you a baby for being upset about your friend. My Dad went to Vietnam 3 times. I was too young to remember the last time and wasn't born the first 2 but I know Mama must have had it rough. When my brother-in-law went to Desert Storm that was really scary.

I am kind of upset. We were going to buy a house from my sister-in-law. She just called to say she has backed out. I can't really blame her. She lost her 19 year old son last year to a car wreck and she can't let go of the place. She calls and says I'm going to hate her because of it. I just told her nothing she could do would ever make me hate her. I said we will just have to start looking again. Glad she called when she did the banker was going to do an appraisal any day. Anyway, she and I just had a good cry over my nephew. It was a rough year 2004. My sister lost her 13 year old step-son in July. My daughter’s best friend on her soccer team died in a wreck in September. Then we buried the 19 year old on Halloween. Imagine what that does to a mother of 5.I have been totally paranoid since.


T Brightwater - Aug 29, 2005 12:33 pm (#2883 of 2963)

Very sorry to hear of your losses, kaykay. (and good luck on finding another house.)


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2005 12:46 pm (#2884 of 2963)

I know what you mean, kaykay -- imagine what it does to a mother of only one! So sorry you had a rough morning -- sounds like you need some chocolate. We heard a bad story about a kid and a school bus on the first day of school (hence my earlier post) -- scary business being a parent. Hope you find a new house soon!

Cheering Charms to Jenn, too -- we keep all the soldiers and their families in our prayers every night! Hope all goes well.

Good luck to all in the hurricane's path! It's amazing how much water that thing has generated!

Pigwidgeon, hope your first day of school went well!

Dame Peverell: We all had severe setbacks in our social lives from that point on. Hmmmm... imagine that!

Herm-oh-ninny: OK, on the whole labor issue, you can be in labor and not realize it? Definitely yes, but only in the earlier stages, I'd say -- technically still considered "labor" but not usually the stage they show on TV shows. Later stages... there wasn't too much doubt, unfortunately. But hey, as I told Mr. Pince, what a great career to be an anaesthesiologist -- not everybody gets cheers and standing ovations just for showing up for work! "Hello, I'm your anaesthesiologist." ***much rejoicing all around*** "Yippee! Huzzah! Where ya been? Welcome! Get the heck in here! Woo-hoo!!!"

I had the same experience as haymoni for ear piercing -- department store stool, some kind of staple-gun thingy, sharp pointed stud earring, no numbing, the whole bit. Mine didn't hurt at all, but one ear made a disconcerting "crunch" noise. Bleah... I guess the good thing about waiting until you're old enough to really really want it and ask for it is that you're probably more likely to suck it up and be brave.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 1:05 pm (#2885 of 2963)
Edited Aug 29, 2005 1:41 pm

You're absolutely right Madame Pince. I guess the reason I didn't simply say mother is because I had to deal with all the childrens' grief first and didn't get a chance to express my own grief. For months, my oldest daughter would stay in her room for hours and cry but we are all doing much better now. She has tremendous inner strength and that helped her overcome her grief in the end. Thanks T Brightwater.


haymoni - Aug 29, 2005 1:05 pm (#2886 of 2963)

Soulmate for Sirius - I am near Kent.

We are very nearly neighbors!


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2005 1:08 pm (#2887 of 2963)

Oh, I see, kaykay! I was being self-centered and thinking about my own "mother's worries" and not about comforting the little ones! I guess that's because my little guy is still too young for me to have ever had to do that yet. Sigh.... not looking forward to that.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 2:08 pm (#2888 of 2963)

Quite all right Madame Pince. When my Dad died in 2001 I was so absorbed with grief that I couldn't help my children as much as I would have liked. When they lost their cousins(knowing that pain myself) I tried to make up for it the best I could.


pottermom34 - Aug 29, 2005 2:25 pm (#2889 of 2963)

Sorry about your losses Kaykay1970

I just saw shot of the hurricane on the news, GOOD LUCK to those in her path, you’re in my thoughts.

On the labor issue, I was in labor 36 1/2 hours with my first one. I got sent home from the hospital and made it to my Dr. appointment the next day. I was awake for 24 hours. When I got to the Dr, he ask what I was doing there I said that's what I want to know. I went back to the hospital about 10 am and had Cassie at 6:33 pm. When I got to the hospital I said I'm not leaving without a baby. My second I was in pre-labor for a week. Went to the hospital and again got sent home. A week later, I went back I was in labor about 24hours. Went in the morning and had Sarah about the same time as Cassie. It didn't take long for Sarah to come out though, she was out before the Dr. had his scrubs on.

I had my ears pierced for a while but it wasn't my thing I lost interest. To me it was just one more thing to have to do. Call me lazy.

Has anyone here ever been to Mackinaw City? If so, are you familiar with the pizza place(Mama Mia's I think its called) in the shopping area by the boat docks? It had the Mackinaw Bridge Museum upstairs in it? Well my mom was just up ther and said it burned down. She said she saw smoke coming over the bridge and that was it. She said the weird thing is there was a bald eagle soaring over it. So much for history of the Mackinaw Bridge. Hopefully they'll be able to save some of the things.

Boy, pardon the long windedness, I have to get ready to go to my daughters open house. They're having an ice cream social. Can't wait. I'm still hungry from supper. Anyway I'll catch you all later



penguin patronus - Aug 29, 2005 2:48 pm (#2890 of 2963)

Tonight I have to go to orientation for my new school. I'm a bit nervous, but I know I'll make it through. I just started reading The Thief Lord. Anyone read that book? So far it's good. I'm only on like chapter ten...Oh yeah, has anyone read Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien?

That was kinda random...oh, well. Smile


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 29, 2005 3:56 pm (#2891 of 2963)

Penguin patronus the Thief Lord is very good. It is my favorite of Cornelia Funkes's. I finished Eldest. It is good. I haven't read Roverandom by Tolkien. Good luck with your orientation.

I got my ears pierced at age 12. One hole is lower because I jumped when the gun went off. That was enough for me. I don't have any extra ear piercings!

Congratulations Elanor! Getting your thesis published is pretty impressive.

Kaykay what a horrible experience to go through. I hope your daughter continues to do better. Good luck finding a house! LPO


Accio Sirius - Aug 29, 2005 5:47 pm (#2892 of 2963) Reply
Edited by Aug 29, 2005 5:49 pm

T Brightwater, I had a very good friend who went to Oberlin and raved about it. She talked about her actor friend who went there--Chris Eigeman, who appeared on one season of The Gilmore Girls and in a couple of Whit Stillman films. Are you really an actor and a potty? Wink

I hope everyone in Katrina's wake made it through okay. It certainly looked awful, although I get tired of how thrilled all the newscasters seem. I told Mr. Accio Sirius that it actually seems like they aren't going to be happy until a news reporter actually gets blown away and impaled on a light post!

As for pierced ears, my father was dead set against it, but was well worn down in his conviction by the time he got to me, the four and youngest of the girls. I got mine pierced the earliest in 9th grade, although before we went to the mall to have it done, he made a big production about it--said he'd do it himself and came down stairs with a nail and a bottle of whiskey. Funny guy! Now I have three holes in my left ear--one done ala haymoni in college, another mall-made.

Denise--darling avatar--and equally darling baby. Congratulations. Love the name! What was the inspiration?


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2005 6:06 pm (#2893 of 2963)

...it actually seems like they aren't going to be happy until a news reporter actually gets blown away and impaled on a light post!

I know!!! What is with that? Why do they insist on having some 90-lb. woman stand in the middle of a flooded street with trees bending at a right angle, endangering her life, just so they can give us perspective or something??? Geez! No news internship in the world is worth that!

Have you guys heard the comedian Ron White discussing hurricanes? He was making fun of a 50-something-year-old man who was bragging about what good physical condition he was in, and he was planning to tie himself to a tree and "ride out" a hurricane just to prove he could physically withstand hurricane-force winds. Mr. White said "I hate to tell you, buddy, but when it comes to a hurricane, it's not that the wind is blowing.... it's what the wind is blowing. If you get hit by a flying Volvo, it's not going to matter how many sit-ups you did that morning!"


T Brightwater - Aug 29, 2005 6:49 pm (#2894 of 2963)

Accio Sirius, I'm not an actor, but I am a Pottie. :-) And I loved Oberlin, too - for one thing, it's where I discovered Renaissance music! I don't remember anyone named Chris Eigeman, but even if we happened to be there at the same time (I graduated in 1980) the place is big enough that one doesn't necessarily know everyone. When was your friend there?

I had my ears pierced by a friend of my mother, and they never healed properly. I finally gave up. Twenty-plus years later they still haven't completely closed, just enough so that I can't actually wear earrings. Oh, well.

If we could just distribute all that rain over places that need it (like the Chicago area)! Hope all you Forumers made it through okay.


haymoni - Aug 29, 2005 6:49 pm (#2895 of 2963)

Accio Sirius - "ala haymoni" - a gun in the dorm or sanitized in a bar???

I don't understand these storm people either.

If I lived on the ocean/gulf/lake, I'd have some of those metal pull-down barricades installed on all my windows & doors - like they have in the mall. You know - like metal garage doors. I wouldn't have the most attractive house, but its gotta beat putting up all that plywood everytime a tropical whatever comes by.

Hope all is well with everyone. Have a good week.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2005 6:51 pm (#2896 of 2963)

Thanks all. Well, other than a little rain and wind we haven't seen anything too serious yet. The weather man said 1:00 p.m., then 8:00 p.m. Now he is saying tomorrow, so the sky will probably open up about the time I get good and asleep tonight. Well, the slower it moves maybe the more it will dissapate before it arrives.

I thought the same thing about the reporters, Madame Pince.T hey are out in 150 m.p.h. winds. I'm planning to run and hide in my sisters basement if the wind blows 75 m.p.h. Oh yeah, I think Ron White is hillarious! My husband has a tape The Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Ron White is the funniest comedian on the tape.


penguin patronus - Aug 29, 2005 6:55 pm (#2897 of 2963)

I just got back from orientation...not what I expected. I haven't met anyone yet and it was chaos...oh well.

This is a bit random again, but has anyone heard of Fiona Apple? I really like her music and I found out a while ago that her new CD is coming out in October. If you want to listen to some of her new songs (I like O' Sailor) here's the site: http://www.fiona-apple.com/

All right. One more thing. Did any of you here about the Hubble discovering "the eye of Sauron"? It's really weird. It's like this newly formed solar system that looks like "Sauron's eye" from the movie. here's the link: http://www.poe-news.com/stories.php?poeurlid=49342


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 29, 2005 6:59 pm (#2898 of 2963)

Wow! I just had one of those great parental moments. I've been reading The Chronicles of Narnia (warning, Book 5 spoiler ahead) to my two children over the summer. We just finished the fifth book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. As we concluded the book I wasn't really paying as much attention to my children's reactions as I should have. It's late and I was ready to see them in bed. My daughter, who's six, was taking rather long getting into bed. When my son asked her what was wrong she mumbled something about Reepicheep. Turns out, she was terribly sad to see Reepicheep go beyond the End of the World into Aslan's country. And when I say sad, I mean tears, lots of 'em. The kid is crying for an imaginary two-foot tall talking mouse! How incredibly sweet. (And there I'd thought she hadn't been paying attention. )

Best of luck to those weathering out Katrina.


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2005 7:10 pm (#2899 of 2963)

School is already cancelled for tomorrow due to the effects of Katrina.

What was the inspiration for naming the boy Rhys.. When we were expecting Kierynn, our boy name was Ewan Reese. I wanted Rhys then because of the traditional spelling over the more common anglicized spelling but Mr. Denise put down a firm NO (Let's not even go into how I really wanted to use Rory). This time around, when we knew we had a boy, we decided to go with Aidan over Ewan and we still wanted Reese as a middle name but I had an ace up my sleeve and decided to play it. "This is my last baby and I think I should be able to spell his name Rhys" I also upped my chances by ordering a personalized blanket with that spelling. Thus....we have Rhys My family originally comes from Wales so it is appropriate that we used the Welsh spelling.


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2005 7:20 pm (#2900 of 2963)

Oh Denise, how very Slytherin of you!
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Stephanie M. - Aug 29, 2005 7:45 pm (#2901 of 2963)

I was 10 when I got my ears pierced. I asked my parents if I could get them pierced when I was around 8. My cousin got her's pierced when she was 8. She's 1 1/2 years older than me but she got her's pierced, and she got the flu and her mom took her earrings out to clean them but by the time she came back into her room my cousin was asleep and my aunt didn't want to wake her up and they closed up over night. So when they were 100% closed up she got her ears re-pierced. When she got them pierced again I was 8 and wanted mine done too. So I asked my mom if I could get them pierced and she said when I turned 16 (she originally wanted 18) and then I asked my dad and he said, "sure why not!" So I went back to my mom and told her that dad said I told get them pierced. (Hehe I was a sneaky child! ) And they came to a compromise and I got them pierced right after I turned 10 (2 years later) I got them pierced.

So I went to the US Open today and I saw 2 really good matches. The Nadal match and the Venus match and I got SOOO burned!!! I am a pale, freckle-y red head (ish. I don't have really red hair. I have blonde and brown highlights.) And my sister said to me it's probably going to be pouring rain. You don't need sun screen! So I listened to her and didn't put on any sun screen and I'm in so much pain right now. Even my KNEES are really burnt! I think I should take a picture of myself and show you guys. I don't have an avatar though, so it might be a little hard.

Some one told me to put vinegar on my burn because it will help the redness go away but I think if I put vinegar on myself my skin will totally come off!

I'm so burnt that I can barely move!! I'm in so much pain!

Any suggestions?


Puck - Aug 29, 2005 7:54 pm (#2902 of 2963)

Another way to get a hubby to agree to a name is to not make any firm decision until you are in labor. Much easier to get your way when he sees you in pain!

My Mom didn't realize she was in labor with me until I was well on my way and she was in the very end stages of labor. I arrived in about 20 minutes.

Mom also pierced her own ears with needle and string. I had a set done in grade school, the next set at age 15, and a third hole done in the left during a student exchange in England.

I can tell you ears are nothing pain-wise compared to belly button. THAT hurts.

So, anyone know where TBE lives? How close to the storm? (In an evacuation area, it seemed from yesterdays post.)

Have a great night! Off to check threads!



Mrs. Sirius - Aug 29, 2005 8:07 pm (#2903 of 2963)

Stephanie, say a-l-o-e, aloe vera and cold compresses. Good luck.


Eponine - Aug 29, 2005 9:10 pm (#2904 of 2963)

it actually seems like they aren't going to be happy until a news reporter actually gets blown away and impaled on a light post!

I saw a clip earlier today of some reporter getting knocked over by the wind and rolling across an alley or a street. Is it wrong that I laughed hysterically at that?

I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 18. The girl who did it had several piercings including ears, eyebrows, nose and tongue. She was not polite. I don't really wear earrings that much now just occasionally.

I hope everyone is doing okay and anyone in the path of Katrina has survived the storm.


Ydnam96 - Aug 29, 2005 9:19 pm (#2905 of 2963)

Wow, so much to comment on. I've been so busy that I've just been lurking for a few days...but I have a short moment to sit and breathe so I thought I'd say hi.

Let's see: on ears- I got my first set done in kindergarten or first grade. My mom didn't even have them then! But I quickly found out that I'm allergic to nickel. So only nickel free earrings for me. I remember that for a while in elementary school I either had to have plastic earrings or I would spent a while with strings in my ears. My second set I got in college. I think my Junior year, my sister was a freshman and we went together to the mall and both got second sets. It was fun. Then three years after college I got one in the cartlidge up on the top part of one of my ears. That hurt! (I want to get a small tattoo but I'm not sure I should if I think that the piercing in my cartlidge hurt...)

I have never been pregnant so I can't say anything about giving birth, except that my mom was in labor with me for 36 hours and without any medication. That's dedication right there. Plus, the hospital was three hours from the house (my dad was stationed in White Sands New Mexico and the closest hosp. at the time was in Texas).

I do hope that TBE is safe, and all the other forumers down in that area (and for all of you it's coming towards). Why is it that they places that do not need rain always get it in abundance and the places that do need it get none? We could use a good rain shower here in LA.

Puck, I guess you haven't had the baby, so yay for he/she (?) to wait so you could see your son off on his first day of school. I hope everything goes well and quickly!

It's been super hot here in Southern California for the last month it seems. I'm waiting for it to cool down some. I feel as if I live on the sun sometimes.

This weekend is the weekend that all of our residents move into the halls and apartment areas on campus, so I'm really hoping it is not so hot. We have to work all day both days and for the students it's no fun to move in the heat.

Anyway...I think that post was long enough. Night and good morning and good afternoon as it fits for you! Smile


Stephanie M. - Aug 29, 2005 9:56 pm (#2906 of 2963)

OMG! I forgot to tell you all about this!! *smacks head into night stand*

When I was at the US Open today I heard this cell phone go off (during a match!!! How rude?) but what I'm about to tell you is going to excuse the person's rudeness! HER RING TONE WAS HEDWIG'S THEME!!! It was soooo cool!!! I must get that ring tone! Except the ring was VERY low and I probably would never hear it. But the person was sitting very close to me that I heard it in the silence of the crowd! It was amazing! I still can't believe this has slipped my memory until now!

Then later on I was sure I heard people scream at Nadal "AGUAMENTI!" but I'm pretty sure I was wrong. I was just thinking about HP at the time... *sigh* That was one good ring tone...


Dame Peverell - Aug 29, 2005 10:00 pm (#2907 of 2963)

T Brightwater - Are those Windflowers? Copy that “send the rain to Chicago” For those of you who don’t know, for the past few years an odd, wedge-shaped dry area has developed that points like an arrow to Chicago. It rains north and south, east and further west, and along the lake, but the western suburbs and farmland has been, like in a shadow, particularly this year. That combined with the West Nile Virus has made times really hard on the wildlife. Rain now would be too late for the corn and tomatoes but my Brassicas would love it.

Penguin Patronus - I downloaded that image last week! Spooky.

Denise P. - I really like the name Rhys. Kaitlyn too. I have an Aidan (grandchild) and while I liked the name when he was born it has become too common. Like Ryan. Or Sean. Great names but not when 30% of the class have it.

Stephanie M. - Aloe Vera. Everyone, especially cooks, should keep a plant of it going on their windowsill as first aid for burns.

On earrings - My holes would like to close up, in the back particularly. If I didn’t wear earrings for a few days I would have to re-pierce the back of the hole. Changing them everyday irritated them too. That’s how I came to getting a really good pair of fairly small ones I could keep in all the time. Also, the backs that are urn-shaped are the best because they stay clean, don’t come off as easily and won’t catch your hair all the time. So for your next birthday make a pitch for some quarter caret diamond stud earrings. Tell him, “When you wear Diamonds, why wear anything else?” I bet I’ve saved a small fortune in earrings, not to mention a bunch of infections, over the years by adopting that attitude so wholeheartedly and they look very nice. Sometimes I add flowers or leaves that go on the post right behind the stone. Best wishes to all.


The giant squid - Aug 29, 2005 11:17 pm (#2908 of 2963)

This is my last baby--Denise P.

Of all the things you've ever said here, Denise, somehow I believe this one the least.

Eponine, don't feel bad about waiting so long to pierce your ears. I didn't get mine done until I was 18 either. Well, okay, I only got the left ear pierced ('cause that was the "straight" ear ) but for some reason I haven't let it close up. This despite getting in trouble a couple times at work for it (or perhaps because of it--we find our rebellion where we can). I just wear a small gold hoop these days--the dangling eagle claw earring is gathering dust somewhere next to my Metallica concert T-shirt--and (almost) always remember to take it out when the District Manager comes by...



dizzy lizzy - Aug 29, 2005 11:53 pm (#2909 of 2963)

My Mum must have been a bit of a dragon then...my sister and I only got our ears pierced at the local Hairdressers when we were 15. And even then we had to prove we had the money to pay for the earrings, the piercing fee, the cleaning guck and enough money to buy antibiotics if the ear got infected.

Like a lot of others on this forum; I got earrings only to find I suffered from allergy problems. I actually wear the brand of earrings used to pierce the ears 95% of the time, and change earrings around for good occasions.

Mind you there are some days where I wonder if it might just be easier to take them out and forget I ever got the ears done...

I've had a good holiday, I managed to snag a cheapish digital camera on special and I've been having fun taking some more photos of the puppy dogs. I think I'm going to have to do more editing of the photos to get them useable as avatars.

Apart from that, I haven't done much at all except sleep in, cook, read and spend time outside with the dogs in the lovely, but unseasonal spring weather. Unfortunately the holiday ends today and I am back to work tomorrow. The day after is the day I go to the audiometrist to be fitted for my new hearing aids and I get them about 2 weeks later whilst I am in Sydney for yet more training.

Have a wonderful day everyone and I hope those who ended up in Katrina's path are safe and well.



Snuffles - Aug 30, 2005 12:38 am (#2910 of 2963)

Hope everyone who is/was in the hurricanes path is ok.

I got my ears pierced when I was about 8. Then I decided to get them done a second time when I was 14 (dad wasn't too happy) then a third time when I was 15! (dad, definitely not happy!), anyway, I am now.. well I'm older and the last two holes have closed up and I have just the one set!

I did decide to get a tattoo at 18, and to this day my parents still don't know! What a coward!

I got my belly button pierced 4 months ago and I agree, that DOES hurt alot more than my ears did, plus it didn't take up to a year for them to heal either!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!

Puck, I hope your baby arrives soon!



Dame Peverell - Aug 30, 2005 12:48 am (#2911 of 2963)

The hot news is R.A.B. IS REGULAS per the Lexicon.


kaykay1970 - Aug 30, 2005 4:59 am (#2912 of 2963)

We had alot of wind and alot more rain last night. The storm traveled further east than they thought and wound up on the other side of us. I don't know if it caused any major damage in TN. So far the news has told of some traffic problems caused by heavy rain in Nashville and a few downed trees. They have flood warnings out for my area and tornado watches for East Tn. I hope all those that were in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana are safe and dry.

I can't believe I have been outside waiting for the school bus. Nashville stations usually air our school closings. They aired the very next county but said nothing about ours. I would have been watching Jackson news except my antennae blew off last night. We even have a phone number to call for school closing and it said nothing but time and temperature. I finally got worried the kids missed the bus and called my sis who did watch Jackson news and she says it is closed.


Puck - Aug 30, 2005 5:53 am (#2913 of 2963)

Kaykay, I have driven my son to preschool and sat in the parking lot to find out school had been closed that day. (In my case it was on the news but I hadn't watched, as I never suspected an overnight dusting would lead to a cancelation.)

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm thinking Wednesday evening or Thursday would be perfect.

Our kindergarten visit went well, and I think it helped calm some of his nerves. He seemed relieved when he realized he already had 2 friends in the class. I got a little misty, as it really hit me for the first time that my "baby" is going to school. I try to think positive, and focus on the fact that there will be over 7 hours a day that he can't fight with his sister. Ahhh, the "sound of silence".



haymoni - Aug 30, 2005 6:13 am (#2914 of 2963)

I'm with you, Kathy.

My husband just called & said that our daughter cried when she got on the bus this morning. This is her 3rd day. I called the school & let them know that she didn't start the morning off well. I'm sure she is fine, but poor Hubby! What a way to start the day!

More on the piercing saga. When I came home on my first Christmas break, my neighborhood was having their Christmas walk. (Translation - everyone shows off how their homes are decorated!)

Anyway, when the crew got to my parents' house, people were really making a point to talk to me and they were all looking at my face. At first, I thought it was just paranoia kicking in or that they were just interested in hearing how school went, but it was really starting to get weird.

Finally, I pulled aside a neighbor that I trusted and I asked her why everyone was looking at me so strangely. She told me that my father had told everyone that I had gotten my nose pierced when I went to college!

My nose is big enough, thank you very much. The day that I would add something to attract attention to it!

My father thought the whole thing was SOOO funny! Now that I think about it, I should have trotted right back to school and had it done!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 30, 2005 8:00 am (#2915 of 2963)

Okay, since we're all telling piercing stories, here's mine!

I got my ears pierced when I was 6. I had just been told that I needed glasses and I was the first of anyone I knew to need them, so I was really upset. My mom took me to get my ears pierced to cheer me up. Boy was my dad mad! That was just the beginning.

I got my second holes in my ears when I was 16. Again, a treat from my mother, and my dad went through to roof! He feels only girls should have their ears pierced, and only one hole per ear period! No exceptions. He didn't talk to me or my mom for the rest of the day!

Then I went to college and on my 18th birthday I went and got my belly button pierced with my roommate! I honestly didn't think that hurt, but I looked down while the needle was still there and thought I was going to faint! Again, dad was livid and didn't talk to me for 2 weeks and took back the check he had sent me for my birthday!

THEN, at the end of my freshman year at college my roommate and I decided we needed a bonding experience before summer came along, so we decided to get tattoos! Talk about pain! My dad's STILL mad about that one and that was a year and a half ago!

And finally, this past spring break, I finally got my upper ear pierced (I've wanted that one since I first got my ear pierced!) After the belly botton and the tattoo, my dad wasn't TOO mad, he was just happy I didn't get anything on my face pierced or another tattoo!

So, that is my long winded story of my piercing experiences!

kaykay and Madame Pince, thanks for the happy thoughts and cheering charms! I've calmed down a bit since I've returned to DC and have been trying to think of happier things, like the beginning of Buckeye football season this weekend!

Okay, so this is long enough, it's time for me to run along and check the threads!!

P.S. I do hope I've got this whole HTML thing down right!!


Chemyst - Aug 30, 2005 8:19 am (#2916 of 2963)

Sorry, no piercing stories. (Well, not that sorry!)

Katrina's outermost bands swept through here. Lots of off-and-on showers. One blink of an electrical outage. 30 mph winds – it is simply amazing how flexible living wood can be. There were tornadoes both west and northeast of us; one hit a poultry farm where thousands of chicks & chickens suddenly found themselves "free range". And the ditzy reporter says they are stuffing the carcasses into a truck, while the video in the background clearly shows they were saving the live birds and putting them into transport cages pulled by a tractor. I guess the reporter was more concerned with how the hair & make-up looked on-camera than what was going on in the background. 'Probably assumed that the chickens were dead because they were being carried upside down by their feet - which is the most efficient way to handle them. They are not lapdogs, after all.

Stephanie, no, not vinegar! And it is better if this remedy is done in the first few hours before the burn fully develops, but: use tea bags! Regular ordinary tea bags dampened and used as a compress. They contain tannins which act as an astringent; after which, follow up with aloe.

we find our rebellion where we can - the squid
You make it sound so totally believable.


Stephanie M. - Aug 30, 2005 8:46 am (#2917 of 2963)

I didn't try the vinegar. (I don't have the guts to do that.) But I put on this Banana Boat Sooth-A-Caine Aloe Vera Spray Gel with Lidocaine stuff that cools off and heals sunburns. My burn is less hot and my arms are a lot better than yesterday but my chest is bright red and my nose is blistering. My forehead and chin are less hot and a little bit less red but my upper cheeks and nose are horrible! Last night I kept waking up whenever I had to roll over because it would hurt so much to move.

Now I'm starting to get itchy but I guess that means I'm starting to heal. I'll try the tea bags. That sounds safe unlike vinegar. I have this bath product that is this one HUGE tea bag and I think I'm going to try that. Maybe Aveeno after that.

Stay dry and safe everyone!!


Herm oh ninny - Aug 30, 2005 9:02 am (#2918 of 2963)

Steph - While on vacation in the beginning of this month, my sisters and I got so sunburned that we could barely move! I am still peeling! A lovely bottle of bright green Aloe Vera was the only thing that helped. We kept applying it throughout the day because our skin was so burned that it kept absorbing it! Hope you feel better!

I took the cutest picture of my dogs! I am using it as wallpaper on my cell phone. For those of you who are dog lovers, here it is

The brown one is Spike and the white one is Princess.

Well, off to the threads!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 30, 2005 12:12 pm (#2919 of 2963)

Herm oh ninny- Your dogs are adorable!! And what cute names! Spike and Princess!


kaykay1970 - Aug 30, 2005 12:16 pm (#2920 of 2963)

I only read one of the Chronicles of Narnia books when I was young. It was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (that was like 5th grade). My daughter borrowed the first one from her school library The Magician's Nephew. She finished it this morning and gave it to me to read. It was a great quick read book. Now I have to hunt down all the rest and read the entire series.

Chemyst your chicken story makes me think of two of my kids. They love to chase my Hubby's cousin's stray chickens and put them in the pen every time we visit him  (for the life of me I don't know why). It is pretty hilarious to watch, though. I swear that man turns a few loose if he knows we're coming. I think he really gets a kick out of watching them.


Stephanie M. - Aug 30, 2005 1:32 pm (#2921 of 2963)

Herm Oh Ninny your dogs so adorable!!!

The people in the apartment below us and above us are doing work on their apartments. They are re doing the walls and the floor and there is so much hammering. I'm seriously going to wind up in St. Mungos if the hammering and drilling don't stop!

You know when you go to a dentist and they drill at your teeth, and if you hear a drill like the one at the dentist it hurts your mouth? Well, the drill from upstairs and downstairs sound like that dentist drill and my teeth are in sooo much pain! I even have a head ache from my mouth hurting so much! Maybe I'll go outside later.


Madam Pince - Aug 30, 2005 1:36 pm (#2922 of 2963)

Thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who was in the path of the hurricane -- wow, what devastation! Hope all our Forum members are OK.

This morning Little Pince and I were discussing the movie "Chamber of Secrets" over our Corn Flakes. He asked about the stuff that Harry drank that "made the skin on his hands bubble." I said "Do you mean the Polyjuice Potion?" He said "Yeah, that! I don't like that kind of juice." "Why not?" "Because it has a crab in it." (Get it... essence of Crabbe?) I was cracking up!


Snuffles - Aug 30, 2005 1:45 pm (#2923 of 2963)

Madam Pince, that is adorable. I love it when they are so serious yet have you laughing with tears in your eyes.

That reminds me of the other week, Olivia came into the kitchen and said to me and hubby that she had poo in her knickers. Hubby and I looked at each other and I said "no you haven't" she replied that she did and would I like to see. I said I would look in the toilet, so off we went. Minutes later hubby came into the bathroom because he heard me laughing. She did have poo in her knickers but it was a tiny pooh bear that she had got from Mcdonalds!!!!!

I was laughing that much that I forgot to ask why it was there!!

I guess that is just one of those stories I will be able to tell her when she gets older and in front of her friends!!


T Brightwater - Aug 30, 2005 2:37 pm (#2924 of 2963)

Dame Peverell, the flowers in my avatar are Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), one of my favorite wildflowers. This summer in particular I'm glad I decided to go native in the garden - the prairie and savanna plants don't mind the drought nearly so much! Are you in the Chicago area too?


Dame Peverell - Aug 30, 2005 4:59 pm (#2925 of 2963)

T Brightwater - I am in DuPage County. I have more than a little too much native in my garden this year. I Googled Bloodroot and enjoyed its Herbology. And Rhizomes! Perfect. You don't have to dig them up and divide them the same as bulbs. Would you say that it's aggressive?


kaykay1970 - Aug 30, 2005 5:16 pm (#2926 of 2963)

I've been searching for a saddle for a niece in a wheelchair and all I found was a headache. I did find one on ebay but it neither looks safe or comfortable.


T Brightwater - Aug 30, 2005 5:25 pm (#2927 of 2963)

Aggressive? Not at all! The flowers only last for a few days in spring, (longer if the weather is cool) but the foliage is lovely too. It eventually dies back later in the summer.

I'm in southern Cook County, near the Indiana border. Did you get to the Oak Park celebrations for HBP?


Finn BV - Aug 30, 2005 6:57 pm (#2928 of 2963)

I haven't really been posting on this thread a lot lately, and I wasn't keeping up a lot, so Cheering Charms and Felix Felicii (is that the plural?) all around…

I played HP Scene It? last night with my parents and to say that I won would be putting it mildly. Dad knew John Williams, and Mom knew something about Chamber of Secrets… I think I'll have to invite Stephanie and some of my other HP friends over to play the game next time… But it is really fun, the questions are cool and the scenes on the DVD are fun.

Dame Peverell, I hope you understand about my redirecting you to this thread on the Tell About Yourself thread. It's just that lots of people crowd up that thread when it should just be an introduction, so I wanted to let you know.


Puck - Aug 30, 2005 7:03 pm (#2929 of 2963)

My joyful ones had a fun joke the other day. We were playing outside and when it was time to come they ran ahead of me (as I am now at a slow waddle.) Well, the 5 year old ring leader thought of locking the front door. They were laughing at me out the window. Of course, by the time I got around back they had that locked as well, and were laughing at me from those windows. I used the key-code to get into the garage door, figuring they wouldn't think of locking the basement, but I guess my children are Ravenclaw material, as they got to that door also. Thankfully, they were kind enough to open the front door for me on my next trip around.

So sad to hear your little one was in tears, Haymoni. Parker was quite elated today when he realized the big day is tomorrow. I'm sure he'll do fine, though I'll have a tricky morning. My baby is going to school!

Kaykay, when TBE gets back you will perhaps be able to get some advice on a saddle. I would suggest finding a ranch that gives lessons to people of all abilities, as they might be able to tell you where to purchase one.

Have a good night/day, whenever you're reading!



Stephanie M. - Aug 30, 2005 7:45 pm (#2930 of 2963)

Madam Pince and Snuffles! Those stories were adorable! And really funny!

I think I'll have to invite Stephanie and some of my other HP friends over to play the game next time—Finn

When can I come over? Wait did you invite me yet? Well, I can't wait to play HP Scene It? so I think I'll come over tomorrow. Except I don't have a car (let alone a license ) and I have no idea how to get to your house. Are you even free tomorrow? Well, if you're not going to be at your house you can give me a spare key and I'll just play by myself... but that might not be too much fun. And I still don't know how to get to your house... hmm And even if you were home we would need more people... Oh I also think I'm busy tomorrow. Oh well... maybe another time with lots of people. (Did I just have a conversation with myself? I think the drilling got to me...)

Off to St. Mungos!


Finn BV - Aug 30, 2005 8:21 pm (#2931 of 2963)

Well, Steph, except for that, it sounds like it would be great for you to come over. Only I'm busy and you would get lost coming to my house and there's no transportation. I'll bring it to school and pop the DVD into my computer.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 30, 2005 9:43 pm (#2932 of 2963)

OK, Finn or Stephanie, My one sister highjacked the living room t.v. to play gamecube and the other one highjacked my t.v. to watch The Nanny on DVD. Due to their extreme rudeness I missed the end of the match.... so can you tell me, who won? Roddik or Muller??? I also missed the sports part of the news. I just have no luck tonight! ( I just know that one of you will know )


Stephanie M. - Aug 30, 2005 9:49 pm (#2933 of 2963)

LOL! Can I walk to your house? How many miles away do you live? 15 miles? I think I should have been on cross country last school year... I like the idea of you bringing it to school more because a bunch of people will be there and I wouldn't have to walk 15 miles to get to your house. (It's probably less than 15 miles but I'll most likely get lost and wind up walking the extra distance. And by the time I get to your house I'll probably have to head back home...)

Edit: Herm Oh Ninny I keep cross posting with you! So Roddick lost 7-6 7-6 7-6. It was an intense match. And as Finn told me it was Roddick's birthday and HE LOST!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 30, 2005 9:53 pm (#2934 of 2963)

Augh! What a day! I spent the entire day combing the whole D.C. area looking for an Ohio State Jersey, or t-shirt, or hat, or something to no avail! The football season starts Saturday and I won't be back in Ohio until Friday night! I finally had to call my mom and beg and beg until she agreed to buy one for me and let me pay her back when i get home. She was not happy! Not that I can say I blame her, I wouldn't want someone calling me up all the time asking for favors! Anyway, I needed to vent, but now I'm off the check the threads!!


Ydnam96 - Aug 30, 2005 10:13 pm (#2935 of 2963)

Jenn, There is a mall in Northern VA, Potomac Mills, in Woodbridge just off of the 95, in Prince William County. It's a big mall and they have a sports store in one of the "neighborhoods" (it's a BIG mall) that sells jerseys and shirts and sweatshirts. My brother was able to get Michigan stuff last year for my father. I'm pretty sure they carry stuff from all the major Univ. & Colleges. If I remember correctly the store is back near the area where the lego store is (or used to be, it's been since last Christmas when I was back home since I've been.) You can look it up online, Potomac Mills in Google gets it. Hope that helps. Oh, the metro can get you as far south as Springfield, which isn't too far from Woodbridge, I think they have a bus from there to the mall if you don't have a car.


Edit: my brother works right across the street from the mall, if you want I can ask him next time he has time to run over and see if the store has any OSU stuff. Just let me know


septentrion - Aug 30, 2005 11:47 pm (#2936 of 2963)

My thoughts and prayers for those who were on Katrina's path these days.


haymoni - Aug 31, 2005 5:15 am (#2937 of 2963)

Puck - the truth comes out!

My daughter's teacher left me a voice mail to let me know that she was fine when she got to school, along with some other interesting news.

Apparently my wonderful child had to spend some time in the Thinking Chair - in trouble on the 3rd day of school - I don't know where she gets it!

Actually I know exactly where she gets it. Every conference my parents ever had with my teachers in grade school was the same: she's doing very well, but she talks too much.

We went through this with my son as well, so the teachers shouldn't be the least bit surprised.

I did speak with my daughter when I got home & I told her that I want her to tell me when she has had to sit in the Thinking Chair.

Yes, Mommy.



Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2005 5:36 am (#2938 of 2963)

That's funny, haymoni! Like mother, like daughter!

My Mom likes to tell the story of going to visit in my second-grade class and seeing my name up on the blackboard with lots of marks beside it -- more than anyone else in the class. Mom was so proud, thinking that I was doing so well. Come to find out, the marks were put up there every time the kid did something wrong (talking in class, usually) and when you got 5 marks then you had to do some punishment. Mom was mortified.

Actually, my second-grade teacher was an Umbridge, so I don't put too much stock in that story. Her punishments included drawing a little tiny circle on the blackboard and making you stand up there with your nose inside the circle, and if your nose came off the board you were punished more. But the worst one was that during recess outside, she would draw another circle in the dirt, about 2-feet in diameter, and you'd have to stand still in that circle all through recess. Now this one my Mom actually objected to, because it was COLD out there during the fall/winter months, and standing still for half an hour vs. running around playing just turned the kids blue.

Ack. I still can't stand that woman.


Elanor - Aug 31, 2005 6:02 am (#2939 of 2963)

Madam Pince, this teacher was really an Umbridge! That is awful! I have second-gradee children in my class and I do write their names with marks besides it too but I would never do something like that! I only give 3 warnings: the first one is for free, the second means to stay 5 minutes sit down next to the teachers in the covered part of the playground during break to think a bit (I guess it is my "thinking chair", love the name Haymoni!) and, on the third warning (that generally comes after several "beware of the 3rd warning" warnings), the child has to write some parts of the "Rules of life" of the class at home (the parts he infringes).

The best is that those "rules of life" are decided by the kids themselves at the beginning of the schoolyear. Together, we list what they can't, but also what they can (ask for help...), do in class. Afterwards, each student receives those rules and sign them, agreeing by doing so that if they don't respect them, they will have to copy them. The funniest is that they love listing those rules, I even have to stop them! Talk about sadistic teachers, he, he... ::evilgrin::

I am rather tolerant with children who talk too much and I usually stop at the second warning, except when it really prevents them from working, but I am inflexible with children who hurt or bully the others.

I also have 4th grade students twice a week (I teach them English) and I make them do lines in English, usually something like "In class, I will behave as I know I should do". As it takes them a looooot of time to write in English, it works rather well...

My thoughts and prayers go to all the people that were on Katrina's path, I do hope TBE and the other members who live there are ok and will be able to give some news soon.


Dame Peverell - Aug 31, 2005 6:28 am (#2940 of 2963)

T. Brightwater - Then you've had more rain than we have. All the grass was brown until last week so at least it looks better now. But the trees etc. are in bad shape. I didn't go to Oak Park. When GOF & OOTP came out I rushed down the first day to get a hardcover and CD's. Not anymore. JKR has made over 100 million dollars personally and I wish her well but I'm a little bugged by it. I had SS on tape. I just ordered my first copy of SS off the internet for $1 plus shipping. Now I am waiting for them to publish HBP in softcover before I buy the book. Now If JKR announced tomorrow she was going back to work almost full time I might have a change of heart. If she got #7 done before... well, sooner, I would probably buy another hardcover. I really do like the cd's and softcovers the best tho.


Finn BV - Aug 31, 2005 6:39 am (#2941 of 2963)

Ack, Madam Pince, what an Umbridge! You sure she didn't have any funny looking quills…?

Too funny, haymoni. "Apparently my wonderful child had to spend some time in the Thinking Chair - in trouble on the 3rd day of school - I don't know where she gets it!"

Herm oh ninny, it was indeed a sad day yesterday. I'm sure you saw Muller come back from down 5-2 in the first set to take it in the tiebreak. Then Roddick had two set points in the second set and couldn't convert. I suppose I'll have to change my avatar now, no?


Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2005 6:46 am (#2942 of 2963)

No quills, but she used to walk around between our chairs and rap us on the head with her pencil if she thought we needed it.


CatherineHermiona - Aug 31, 2005 6:51 am (#2943 of 2963)

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry because I didn't write nothing for so long.

School is starting 5th September and we don't have books yet. We ordered it to come with mail but it didn't come yet.

We had a great time last week when my aunt came here. We went to shopping for school and then my aunt went to buy digital camera so we went to the park after that so that aunt can take few photos. Then something happened. We already bought a ticket for bus last Saturday but then we found out that my mother's sister - aunt is going to Zagreb so my aunt from Zagreb decided to go to Zagreb with my second aunt so she was with us longer.

Now, related to my aunt's trip to Zagreb. She spent two days there and when she started her drive here she came to highway at 8 p. m. That was pretty late but then, when she came she told us why. First, she started her trip from Jarun (lake in Zagreb) where she had to go only around 500 meters and she would come to entrance to highway but no. She went on the other side and came to Maksimir where she saw Dinamo's stadium and that is completely other side of Zagreb. She went back but again she went wrong way and she came to Samobor. That is not even Zagreb. Then she somehow found the way. Now she is thinking of getting herself a job of tourist guy. Her message would be: "I don't know where I'm taking you but you will definitely see a lot of things. Hope we won't go out of Zagreb.".

We were on my cousin's 10th birthday and we had great time. First we were playing cards and then Tino (he was celebrating birthday) and Matko (his 17 years old brother) made a concert with guitars (acoustic for Tino and electric with loudspeaker). That was something amazing. I don't listen to that kind of music (Green Day, Metallica,... rock mostly) but now I decided I'll definitely start. That was awesome. If there is any way to show you that music but I don't have any tape or something like that. Sorry!!!!!!



Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2005 6:54 am (#2944 of 2963)

That is a great story about your aunt's trip, Kate! I used to work for a travel company, and we would tell the bus drivers that if they got lost, they should cheerfully tell the passengers that there was no extra charge for the side trip!


T Brightwater - Aug 31, 2005 7:07 am (#2945 of 2963)

I like your aunt, Kate!


Gina R Snape - Aug 31, 2005 7:22 am (#2946 of 2963)

Hey, everyone. I've been so busy that I'm horribly behind on all my favourite threads!!! Waaaah.

I had a Hermione dream last night that I was in class and I forgot to do the readings and neglected to hand in a paper! As you might tell, classes start next week for me.

I have friends in Metairie who I've not heard from since Katrina and I'm so worried. I heard the whole town of Sidell was flattened. Has anyone heard from Abbycadabra?

For those of you who may remember Phaseoulus, he was in NYC and we had dinner the other night. I made him drink from my slytherin cup.

Anyway, need to try and catch up. Off to the threads...


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 31, 2005 7:37 am (#2947 of 2963)

Hey everyone! I'm slightly more cheerful today!

Ydnam-Thanks so much for the help! I do have a car, so I'll have to drive over there today after work and check it out! My mom would be so happy if she doesn't have to go hunt one down at home for me (although I'm sure she could find an A.J. Hawk jersey, while out here I'll have to take what I can get!)

So, it's really really windy here in D.C. today and it's cooled off quite a bit. I'm not sure if it's the very outskirts of Katrina or anything, but it's a nice change. Speaking of Katrina, my thoughts are with all those in her path!

I'm so excited about football starting this weekend that it seems to be all I can think about. Last night, after not finding any OSU gear anywehre, I decided I needed to do something for my team, so I ran across the street to CVS and bought scarlet and gray nailpolish and painted my fingernails Buckeye colors! That's when I realized that I've become one of those obsessive fans that go all out for every game! (even when it's a pre-season, non-confrence game! ) I just can't wait to get back to school so I can be around more crazy, fanatical fans just like me! Everyone here in DC thinks I'm crazy and wants to know why I'm not buying Terps gear!

Okay, that's enough out of me for now, I'm off to check the threads!


kaykay1970 - Aug 31, 2005 8:29 am (#2948 of 2963)

I was in the utility room this morning putting clothes in the washing machine. My 2 year old totally started screaming bloody murder. Talk about scaring the fool out of me! I ran back to the living room and he and the dog were having a full fledged tug-of-war with his favorite Elmo. It was sooo funny.


Stephanie M. - Aug 31, 2005 8:50 am (#2949 of 2963)

Kaykay that's adorable!

I hope everyone in the path of Katrina are doing well and staying safe AND DRY!!!

Off to watch the US Open.


Choices - Aug 31, 2005 9:58 am (#2950 of 2963)

Hi All - I am in Mobile and we got a bit of Katrina - it mainly hit about 65 miles to the west of us in Biloxi, Gulfport and New Orleans, but we lost power Monday morning and just got it back this morning. My family and I are all fine - our wish at the height of the storm was that we could pop in a Harry Potter movie to take our minds off the howling of the wind and the snapping of trees. If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for those to the west of Mobile who have literally lost everything, including their lives. They are finding many bodies and it is just terrible. I got power back this morning, but there are people who will not have it back for weeks and the temperature is about 94 degrees most days. It is miserably hot and some people do not have roofs over their heads or food, water or anywhere to go. It is so sad. Just wanted to say hello and it's great to be able to get back to the HP forum. I feel so fortunate - like I had a sip of Felix Felicis - and I am thankful for life and no damage to my home.


Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2005 10:49 am (#2951 of 2963)

Choices, how wonderful that you and yours were spared the brunt of the storm. It's so hard to watch the news reports and the pictures of all the devastation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, and hopes that things will get better soon.


S.E. Jones - Aug 31, 2005 11:35 am (#2952 of 2963)

Question: Is anyone here a member of the SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism)? I met with some members today on campus and am thinking of joining my local group, but I'm curious to know what kind of experiences others have had....


Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2005 11:39 am (#2953 of 2963)

Michelle the librarian is, I think, Sarah...


Soul Mate for Sirius - Aug 31, 2005 12:01 pm (#2954 of 2963)

Choices- so happy to hear things are okay for you. My prayers are with everyone in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

So, I was reading my normal threads at work today, and the guy who sits at the desk next to mine leaned over to see what I was looking at and ended up reading everyone's posts over my shoulder for like 15 minutes. He's never read any of the HP books, but he found it fascinating that so many people were so into these books that they'd sit here and discuss theories and everything on-line. I just thought that was really cool!


Gina R Snape - Aug 31, 2005 12:31 pm (#2955 of 2963)

Michelle the Librarian is definitely in the SCA. Sarah, I have a friend from LJ who is an SCA member. If you want to email me privately I can give you his LJ address and you two can chat if you like.


Penny Lane. - Aug 31, 2005 1:34 pm (#2956 of 2963)

...*wonders what SCA does*

and what exactly anachronism means.

Please, please, please pray or whatever for the people in New Orleans. They are saying it could be months before they are even able to start rebuilding.

RE: Piercings - I know this is an older discussion, but I just wanted to weigh in. My ears are double pierced and I've had several other piercings. A few years ago I removed them all, for several reasons. I rarely even wear earrings anymore, they make my ears itch. I don't really like seeing pierced ears on baby's either. Oh, and anyone who is thinking about getting their ears pierced - spend the extra money and get it done somewhere other than those mall stores. You would not believe how many germs stay on the gun, and how much damage the gun can do to your tissue. If you want more information, feel free to email me or catch me in chat or AIM. I'm always happy to try and talk someone out of using that gun thing.

I go back to school tommorrow! Yay me!


Kip Carter - Aug 31, 2005 1:42 pm (#2957 of 2963)

Penny Lane., you can read more about SCA at the following link, The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. .

My daughter and son-in-law were really involved with SCA while at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My wife and I have been to a few functions. It was great fun!

PennsicWar.Org is hosted by the Kingdom of Æthelmearc at Coopers' Lake Campground, one hour north of Pittsburgh, each year in August. This is a huge event annually.


T Brightwater - Aug 31, 2005 1:42 pm (#2958 of 2963)

I used to be in the SCA and still have fond memories of it. That's where I met my husband!


Penny Lane. - Aug 31, 2005 1:52 pm (#2959 of 2963)

Thanks Kip.

While I don't think SCA sounds like anything I would ever do, it sounds like a lot of fun. My props to people who can actually do that stuff.


kaykay1970 - Aug 31, 2005 3:35 pm (#2960 of 2963)
Edited Aug 31, 2005 4:47 pm

I had to stay off the forum most the day because I've been waiting for a call (stupid dial-up).  DSL is not available in my little town. You can't even use a cell phone without an external antennae.

Anyway this story was so heartwarming I couldn't wait to share it. I watched the Nashville news. Apparently there was a news story about some families that evacuated from Louisiana and they wound up in Nashville. Anyway the manager of the Cracker Barrel saw them on t.v. He contacted the t.v. station. He invited the families to his business, fed them all a large pancake breakfast, gave all the children toys and a large care package for the parents. The families have already seen their town on the news and know that all they own is gone. They have all decided to relocate here because of the kindness the man has shown them. So then the man helped them to find a place to live and helped one man find a job as a mechanic.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 31, 2005 4:12 pm (#2961 of 2963)

Does anyone know if Twinkling Blue Eyes came out of the storm and its aftereffects safely?


haymoni - Aug 31, 2005 5:12 pm (#2962 of 2963)

I am actually scared looking at the devastation on TV.

I've never seen anything like this except for the tsunami (2004) and I don't know why, maybe it is all the standing water, but this just seems worse.

I don't have any relatives in that part of the country. I would like to think that if I did, I would have called them here to Ohio.

A co-worker has a cousin & an uncle there. The cousin's company moved operations to Houston & relocated the family there. They have nothing but what they drove out with, but at least he has a job. The uncle left with his wife and drove as far north as they could, but they know that their beautiful home in Mississippi is gone.

I'm watching the children - the babies - I just can't imagine having to tell my daughter that there is nothing.

We are so blessed and so spoiled. Between our soldiers fighting and this hurricane NOBODY should be complaining about anything!

Darn Voldemort!


Kip Carter - Aug 31, 2005 6:08 pm (#2963 of 2963)

I have closed out this thread. I will leave it here for an undetermined amount of time to give those who could possibly be interested in what has happened since this thread was created. Just think 2,963 posts in 87 days. This thread was begun June 6, 2005. You guys are definitely a chatty group. I hope everyone enjoyed having this thread available.

The new thread is -- Chat and Greeting Thread for Members. Have fun and enjoy the Forums!

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Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Empty September Posts

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:28 pm

archivist's note:  There are a few August entries here, but since they start the 8th Chat Thread, it made more sense to keep them grouped here, rather than posting them with the rest of the August entries.

Chat & Greetings 8

Kip Carter - Aug 31, 2005 7:07 pm Reply
Edited Jan 29, 2006 12:40 pm

This thread is established for each of you so inclined to chat on the main discussion threads. With this thread, I hope that all chat-type posts will no longer disrupt the other threads.

This is the eighth thread provided for chat-type posts since September 25, 2003. The first Chat and Greeting Thread (25 Sep 03 to 26 Feb 04) had 2752 messages before it was closed out February 26, 2004. The second Chat and Greeting Thread (25 Feb 04 to 15 Jun 04) had 2912 messages before it was closed out June 15, 2004. The third Chat and Greeting Thread (15 Jun 04 to 2 Sep 04) had 2954 when closed out September 2, 2004. The fourth Chat and Greeting Thread (2 Sep 04 to 30 Nov 04) had 2977 when closed out November 30, 2004. The fifth Chat and Greeting Thread (1 Dec 04 to 14 Mar 05) had 2956 when closed down March 14, 2005. The sixth Chat and Greeting Thread (15 Mar 05 to 6 Jun 05) had 2981 when closed down June 6, 2005. The seventh Chat and Greeting Thread (6 Jun 05 to 31 Aug 05) had 2967 when closed down August 31, 2005. Eventually the seventh thread will join the first six threads in the folder =+=+= Archived Threads: Since Reorganization =+=+=!


Finn BV - Aug 31, 2005 6:24 pm (#1 of 2980)

Woohoo!! First post!!

Just think 2,963 posts in 87 days. This thread was begun June 6, 2005. You guys are definitely a chatty group. --Kip, last Chat thread


I am once again sending out my best wishes to all those affected. Choices, so glad to hear you're okay. TBE, I hope you come back around soon!

Serena Williams noted that she would be donating $100 for each ace she hits for the rest of the year, while John McEnroe is donating a whopping $25,000 to the relief fund. I tell ya, if I had this money, I would be giving it! I think that's great what they are doing.

Off to catch up on the threads!


Dame Peverell - Aug 31, 2005 6:45 pm (#2 of 2980)

I would like to call attention to the fact that the Lexicon has been revised once again concerning "R.A.B. is Regulas" ...drat.

My heart goes out to the thousands of homeless "Katrina" people but I seriously hope they won't rebuild most of what was lost. The place is a bowl with its bottom below sea level. The seas will be rising more and more from now on...More people will die by the hundreds or thousands in a future storm surge if they do.


Stephanie M. - Aug 31, 2005 7:25 pm (#3 of 2980)

It's amazing what all of the tennis players are doing!!! Keep hitting those aces Serena!

I've had a really good day! I was talking to my old science teacher (Finn and I are trying to get her to join the Forum) for 2 hours!

Then I met my mom at her office and we went jean shopping. So we were in the line to pay for our jeans and once we got to the cashier she said to me, "Oh, I have jeans over here that will fit you very nicely." And I said okay. And she took them out and said Here I'll give you them for 10 dollars. So I said ok let me try them on. So I tried them on and they fit me perfectly except they are a little long. And I looked at the tag and it said that the original price was $80. So I came back and said I think I want them. So the lady said, "You know what? I'll give them for you for $8.50." So we bought them and I got a pair of $80 jeans for $8.50. I also bought 5 other pairs of jeans so I think I'm set for the year. And since I haven't grown and my other jeans are in some what good condition I have all of my old ones!

Then I got my choice of dinner. I wanted Japanese and my sister wanted pizza.

And now I'm watching Nadal play tennis in his capris! Oh, and I was listening to Pottercast and Mugglecast earlier.

I wish everyone as much luck as I have been having! Stay clear of Katrina!! I hope everyone is doing alright.


Puck - Aug 31, 2005 7:47 pm (#4 of 2980)

Choices, glad to hear from you! Now, if only TBE could check in (though if people will be without power, I guess it may be awhile.) Thoughts are with all who are out there.

First day of school went well. He was more excited than nervous. I got a bit misty, but managed to hold back the tears. The only problem was the bus ride -it took them over an hour to get to school! I heard from the bigger kids, however, that my boy sat patiently (adverb!). I hope they work out the glitches soon, as it seems ridiculous for him to spend 2 hours a day on the bus when we live only 15 minutes from the school.

I also spent 2 hours at the doctor. Baby had this really funky heart rhythm going on, so they decided to put me on a monitor for awhile. All is well, as her beat went back to a normal pattern (we all have these odd beats from time to time). My other daughter -who had come along with me- was an angel this whole time.

Now, a final question for teachers; If my son just started school, why do I have so much homework? We were sent home with things to fill out and a parent-child project (which took about 2 hours) on orientation, and I was late starting dinner for all the forms sent home today.



Chemyst - Aug 31, 2005 8:19 pm (#5 of 2980)

Does anyone know if Twinkling Blue Eyes came out of the storm and its aftereffects safely? – Kim

Sorry, no. I'm hoping that since she'd have to take her horse trailer & animals that she'd have left extra-early.
~ applepie and Phoenix Song (Barbie of the wedding cake) were also from Louisiana. I guess that would make Bridezilla from there too. They once talked on the chat thread about what city they were from, and the results of my search are:
# Jun 8, 2005   Phoenix song wrote - applepie: What city do you live in? We received tons of rain recently, too, but thankfully most of it has drained by now. But I hear that down in the Crescent City that they're still suffering with some flooding problems. I live on the Northshore. I'm assuming that you may live on the West Bank, but wanted to know for sure.
# Jun 8, 2005   applepie wrote - Barbie, I do live on the Westbank, but I work about two minutes from the Crescent City Connection,
# Jun 8, 2005   Phoenix song wrote - I'm in Pearl River, just a stone's throw from the Mississippi/Louisiana border.
# Dec 7, 2004 TBE wrote - I really need a stop-rain charm here! My poor horse is tired of standing in a nice dry stall looking out the window watching it rain.

I looked up the maps of those locations and they are all in hard-hit areas.

I had an inner urge to email Phoenix Song last week when Katrina was still two days off-shore, but I didn't and I've been regretting it ever since. She was home schooling last year and I know of a group that is collecting money to help replace curriculum materials for those who lost them in the hurricane. If anyone knows of homeschooling families who need assistance, you can email me.


Elanor - Aug 31, 2005 10:10 pm (#6 of 2980)

Choices, it is so great to hear you're safe!

Chemyst, I'm afraid TBE stayed there, as she said (post #2852): "We are stuck here and it's coming straight to my front door". I so hope she is ok and will be able to give some news soon!

But I have heard of Round Pink Spider, before Katrina arrived, who told me Phoenix Song would evacuate if needed, so I hope she and her family are safe.

Take care everybody! You're in my thoughts and prayers.


Snuffles - Sep 1, 2005 12:31 am (#7 of 2980)

Nothing much to say this morning, just that I am glad you are safe and well Choices and I hope TBE and any other forum members who were in Katrina's path are ok too and we hear from them soon.



kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 5:09 am (#8 of 2980)

Puck since you are so close to your due date, having contractions and all that, a funky heartbeat is nothing to be too concerned with. Maybe you'll have some good news for all of us soon. I had all that paperwork on the first day of school X4. Here I am trying to fill it all out and here comes someone else adding to the pile and trying to tell me all about his or her day.

Choices so glad you are ok. Hopefully we will hear from the others soon.


Puck - Sep 1, 2005 5:23 am (#9 of 2980)

I currently trying to find news from the rest of the world. I had on the 2 hour morning news program, and the hurricane coverage is excellent, but they are neglecting everything else out there. A thousand people were trampled to death in the Middle East yesterday, yet the news program hasn't mentioned a thing past our own borders. I find that a bit frustrating. (Not to make light of the horrible situation in the south, as I, too, keep coming here to see if TBE has been able to post. It's just that I think I should hear about any big events that occur elsewhere.)



kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 6:40 am (#10 of 2980)

I just realized that Denise P. hasn't posted since the storm came through TN. I haven't seen any severe damage on the Nashville news. There are alot of downed trees so maybe she doesn't have electricity.Has she perhaps posted on other threads?


Snuffles - Sep 1, 2005 6:58 am (#11 of 2980)

kaykay1970, I haven't seen any posts from Denise P. With a new baby she may just have alot on at the moment. Lets hope everyone posts soon.

Has anyone heard from applepie recently? I'm sure she lives in that area but hasn't posted for ages.


kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 7:16 am (#12 of 2980)

You're are probably right, Snuffles. I googled the area that I suspect is pretty close to where she lives and there are still school closings up there. If all her children are home she does have her hands full.


Ydnam96 - Sep 1, 2005 7:31 am (#13 of 2980)

She did post that school had been cancelled for her children on Tuesday I think (well, I think she posted Monday night about Tuesday). They very well may be without power or she could just be very busy as you all said before. Denise being who she is, I'm sure things are fine! She's probably with her kids and their scout troops gathering money or donations, at least I hope so! No word from TBE?


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 1, 2005 7:48 am (#14 of 2980)

Still no news from TBE? My prayers go out to her and everyone else down south who’s suffering from this storm. Hopefully we'll here from everyone soon.

I posted the other day that a co-worker of mine had been reading some of the threads over my shoulder at work and found our discussions fascinating. Yesterday, on my lunch break I was re-re-re-reading CoS and yet again I found him glancing curiously over my shoulder. It is so cute. He's the kind of guy that reminds me of my father, he's all business all the time, serious, doesn't ever do anything he wouldn't at work (like get on Harry Potter chat forums ) and here he is, trying to read Harry Potter over my shoulder. I just thought it was adorable. To me, it was like my dad trying to read it and it made me laugh so hard.

That's all from me for now. I'm off to check the threads!!



haymoni - Sep 1, 2005 8:06 am (#15 of 2980)

Soul Mate - I think you know what to get him for Christmas this year!


kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 10:13 am (#16 of 2980)

Wow. It is no wonder we fill this thread up so fast. The chat room is deserted.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 1, 2005 10:32 am (#17 of 2980)

haymoni- I think I do!!

kaykay- How do I get into the chat room? I would be in there a lot if I knew how to!!



kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 11:05 am (#18 of 2980)

There is an icon to click on right above the list of permanent threads that simply says chat. You have to have java. I had to download it because I have windows xp.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 1, 2005 11:36 am (#19 of 2980)

I was in the chat thread exactly an hour after you. There was little chance you will be still there but I hoped. Then I tried to return you without any success. Never matter. I'm trying to be there as much as I can but I am pretty busy and I don't see anyone posting on thread Chat Room - Who Is There Now.

My thoughts and prays are with everyone there in hurricane area. Hope they are going to be all right.



Steve Newton - Sep 1, 2005 11:40 am (#20 of 2980)

I just got back from sunny Wildwood, NJ with its one third of a mile wide beach.

On a theme which may resonate with some I discovered that Cape May County has a Shun Pike.  :goofygrin:  Didn't get a chance to drop in on Stan though.


Denise P. - Sep 1, 2005 11:55 am (#21 of 2980)

I am here, we are fine, no damage but thanks for the concern I check daily even if I don't comment.

Tuesday my hard drive reformatted itself and I lost everything on my computer so I have been trying to find lost files elsewhere, lost programs etc. There is no way to get back my pictures so remember to always back up!


T Brightwater - Sep 1, 2005 12:38 pm (#22 of 2980)

I'm getting worried about Twinkling Blue Eyes. Has anyone heard from her at all?


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 1, 2005 12:53 pm (#23 of 2980)

kaykay- Thanks! I'll have to check it out.

Denise- Good to know everyone's fine!!

I'm so excited right now. I just found out that my last day of this awful internship is next Thursday! A week from today! AND, I have an extra long weekend this weekend. Not only do I have Monday off (Labor day! Gotta love it!!) but I have tomorrow off too! So, I have a 4 day weekend, Football season starts, and my birthday is on Sunday. I can't wait for this weekend!

Okay, I'm sure none of you really care, but I wanted to get that out because I'm too excited not to tell someone !

Anyway, I'm outta here to go back to my threads!



kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2005 1:10 pm (#24 of 2980)

I'm glad you're ok Denise.I can't help but worry about TBE either, but she probably won't be able to get to a pc for awhile so we should all just keep her in our thought until then.

No problem Soul Mate.


Lina - Sep 1, 2005 2:26 pm (#25 of 2980)

The giant squid: Hurricane Katrina? Lina, what has your daughter gotten into now?
Now I understand where does the question "Mum, what did you write about me on the Forum?" come from.

Anyway, I saw some reports on tv, they look really nasty and it hurts even more to know that some members like TBE, Barbie and Applepie are in that area. (If I hadn't joined the Forum, I'd know nothing about that but I guess it is too late now.) I just hope we find out soon that they are safe. I'm glad to read that at least Choices and Denise are.

Kathy, I'm glad that your baby did let you available for the first day of school and now I wish you a happy and painless delivery. You asked me about my avatar, so I changed the info in my second line.

I didn't even realize for how long I was absent from here. It seems I was quite busy. We had a great time discovering the mountains near our town. We went even to Gerovo ( to Lupin is Lupin), and we had a drink there, but we didn't meet any bear. We met a tick though, but it wasn't so bad. It was the first tick ever I pooled out of a human.

I had to defy one of my biggest fears today. The house in Fuzine that I have mentioned already few times, we weren't using it for around 10 years. Then 2 years ago, we decided that we should enjoy the mountains again and started coming here (we are in Fuzine right now) again. The living part of the house was not so difficult to arrange for living again. But this year I decided that we should continue coming in the more cold seasons as well and something should be arranged for the heating. So I went to the basement. And in all these years, the basement started to look like the Aragog's residence. So I had to fight the spiders and especially their webs to come to the wood needed for heating. I'd rather deal with bats anytime.

Some prayers for those affected with Katrina again.


The giant squid - Sep 1, 2005 2:33 pm (#26 of 2980)

In a vain attempt to lighten the mood somewhat, I actually had a productive talk with my DSL provider yesterday. They sent me a flier in the mail about how after 12 months my introductory rate was about to end (never mind that I've been with them for 2 years and the intro rate went away after 17 months ) offering upgrades at low prices "with qualifying features". So I called them.

After talking to the guy for about 15 minutes (very helpful...much better than most call centers I've had to deal with) I was finally able to convince him that I was more interested in lowering my rate than raising my connection speed--he had offered me two packages that, while upping my connection drastically would have cost me almost twice what I'm paying now. He finally twigged to the fact that there's a reason I don't have a lot of extras on my account. In the end he upgraded my connection speed from 512k to 1.5M for $5 less per month.

Bottom line: as of next Tuesday (the "effective date") I'll be able to annoy y'all almost three times as fast as I do now.


Edit: Sorry for the confusion, Lina. Sounds like you had a 12GP moment, for sure!


Catherine - Sep 1, 2005 3:04 pm (#27 of 2980)

Hello, everyone,

I've been checking in but have been unable to comment. Teaching middle school Humanities (Social Studies and English) has absorbed every minute of free time in the last week. (Topics covered have been as diverse as the Bill of Rights, the snowcaps of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, and comma splices. So much to talk about, so little time...)

I'm happy to see that so many members have been able to check in and let us know how they are doing.

I've been reading the news with a sinking heart, and have tried to remember to appreciate all that we have. There was a sort of hysteria at our school today, as most of our gas stations in our area have run out of gas, and the few that were open had lines down the street. I just happened to have to go to the grocery store, and there were no carts left. Thank goodness I only needed to pick up something we forgot for dinner tonight.

I hope everyone is safe and well, and I miss the luxury of checking into the Forum during the day.

Take care, and to our US members, I hope that everyone enjoys an excellent Labor Day weekend.


Finn BV - Sep 1, 2005 3:26 pm (#28 of 2980)

Sure hope Ron didn't visit your basement, Lina!

T Brightwater, let's just hope TBE is without power. I'm sure she'll check back in a couple of days, whenever it's restored.

Ha, Mike, I get to annoy everybody the fastest, with Optimum Online!! Woohoo! The fastest internet (and it's not just a tagline, it really is. super fast)!

Well, I'm going to the US Open tomorrow, but the schedule for who's playing doesn't come out until 5PM Forum Time (8 Eastern). I'll update you guys. Look for me on TV!


dizzy lizzy - Sep 1, 2005 4:58 pm (#29 of 2980)

I've been having a pretty relaxing week. I went to my audiologist yesterday to be assessed for the most appropriate hearing aids to match my hearing loss (moderate to severe loss now bordering on severe).

I was so pleased when he said that the "free" Hearing aids now have directional microphones on them. What this means is instead of having to hear everything a normal microphone picks up and amplifies; I can use a mini computer program (inside the aid) to select and use the directional microphones as I need them.

I also am entitled to 5 years’ worth of service. This means for a fee of AUD$33.00 per year I get free batteries, moulds, tubing repairs (or replacement if it is bad enough). I spend AUS$70-80 a year on batteries, about double that on new moulds and tubing, so overjoyed with the deal.

I can't get DSL/ADSL or broadband where I live so I'm on a slow dial up connection. Our phone lines are not the best and I would drop out about 3 time a week. I have friends who drop out 3 times a day, so I consider myself lucky. I have a prepaid home phone line, prepaid mobile phone and prepaid Internet access. I love not getting bills for talking and chatting on the phone

Hope all is well with everyone. I'm pleased to hear you are OK Choices and good wishes to Puck on your impending arrival of the bub.



Finn BV - Sep 1, 2005 6:53 pm (#30 of 2980)

Lizzy, glad the hearing aid deal is going to work out.

So I found out who we're going to be seeing tomorrow. We have special box seats to Armstrong Stadium, so we've got Hewitt and Nadia Petrova. The Bryan brothers are playing Doubles in the Grandstand at the same time, and the Grandstand is literally right next to Armstrong (about 100 yards ). I'll fill you in with all the details…


Marie E. - Sep 1, 2005 6:54 pm (#31 of 2980)

I've been incredibly busy this week. I feel like I could fall asleep right here on the keyboard!

We got a call today at our daycare center from a woman who's stationed at one of our local Air Force bases. Her sister is among the missing down in Louisiana and she's going down there this weekend to pick up the sister's twins from her mother's house (the twin's grandma, in case that isn't clear). She was asking what she needed to do to get them enrolled at our center. My boss called up our corporate office to see if there's some sort of super-discount we can offer her. Poor woman, losing a sister and gaining twin two year olds!

I heard that we shouldn't expect communications with the storm-hit areas for another week or more. It's hard waiting though, isn't it? It's not like we can call the Red Cross for information. "Yes, her name is Barbie, but she goes by Phoenix Song. No, she's a not a relative. No, I can't give a description. I've never met her." We'll have to muster our wits and be patient.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 1, 2005 7:34 pm (#32 of 2980)

Marie I hope the twins mother is found safe and alive. I am glad the twins have a home to go to. My thoughts are with the people whose lives were destroyed by Katrina.

Have a good time Finn! Sounds like you have great seats.

Puck, when you are doing your homework take satisfaction in knowing that the teacher who assigns it has to read yours and however many other students are in the class!

Catherine what a job! Our school started last week. It already seems like we have been going forever! It has been a long week. Only one more day to go. LPO


Puck - Sep 1, 2005 7:37 pm (#33 of 2980)

I just hope those who haven't been able to get in touch with us can at least get a hold of their families.

I had a personal heartbreak of sorts this morning. My precious 5-year-old boy told me before he was even out of bed that in regards to kissing him good-bye at the bus stop that I "don't need to do that anymore." Understand, family, friends, babysitters, no one is ever allowed to leave our home until Parker has hugged them, he insists. So, for him to suddenly say this shocked me. I knew it would come someday, but after only 1 day of school? I did make a deal that I could kiss him before we left the house for the bus stop, then I went to my room and cried. (I didn't want him to see me, as I don't want him to feel bad about growing up.) I made it through the first day of school with only misty eyes, but today packed a punch!

I wanted baby to come today. She didn't cooperate. Perhaps there's something to this "labor" day weekend business. Thanks for all the well wishes!



S.E. Jones - Sep 1, 2005 8:00 pm (#34 of 2980)

Thanks for the responses about SCA everyone, when I get more time, I'll have to sit down and email those mentioned and see what they have to say. It does sound like they all had fun with the SCA, so maybe I should give joining some serious thought. I've always loved learning about medieval Europe and my family and I have always gone to Renaissance faires....

As to Katrina news, has anyone seen this Alivan's promotion mentioned on TLC? They say 100% of the profit goes to hurricane relief, so I'm thinking of buying one.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 1, 2005 8:06 pm (#35 of 2980)

Perhaps there's something to this "labor" day weekend business. - Puck

Wow Puck, you just made me think of Labor Day in a whole new light! Seriously though, I hope that baby Puck decides to cooperate and come out into the world in a timely manner. (I also hope that you realize it when you go into labor!!) LOL

My prayers go out to all who were the hurricane's path. Choices and Denise, I am happy to hear that you and your families are all well.

Finn - You should bring a nice big sign to the match that says "I'm a Potty!" (Actually, you might get in trouble with that one!)

Lina - That is like my worst nightmare come true. I am petrified of spiders. The past couple of months they have invaded my backyard. They are huge and come out only at night. (If anyone has played Ocarina of Time, they remind me of skultallas) They build these giant webs and just hang in the middle of them. Twice this week, when coming home from the theater at like midnight, I almost walked face first into them. The first night, my father happened to be sitting out at our picnic table. After I danced around screaming "Daddy KILL IT!!!!", my father came over and squashed it. The second time I was alone. The little beast was blocking the way to my back door and I swear that it was laughing at me. So, I did what any mature 26 year old would do. I grabbed a shovel that was leaning against our garage and beat the little sucker into submission!!! I then marched into our house and told my entire family that I am convinced that we have a colony of Acromantulas breeding in our back yard.


Finn BV - Sep 1, 2005 8:15 pm (#36 of 2980)

Marie, best wishes to the prospective client. I hope her sister is found alive and well.

Perhaps there's something to this "labor" day weekend business. –Puck

We'll be thinking of you!!

LOL, Herm oh ninny, "what any mature 26 year old would do"…

You should bring a nice big sign to the match that says "I'm a Potty!"

Oh, dear. But where would I stash it when I have to use the facilities? I sure couldn't bring it in with me… I know, I'll bring four of my friends and paint a P on my chest and an OTTY on theirs… Then you'll know it's me.

No really, look for me on TV, we have potential camera-spotting seats!


T Brightwater - Sep 1, 2005 8:19 pm (#37 of 2980)

OK, I have to speak up for my fellow weavers. What's so bad about spiders? I assume these aren't tarantulas or other venomous ones. I'm one of those people who rescues them from the bathtub, and I appreciate the job they do. Besides, their webs are so cool, especially early in the morning with the dew on them.

(This doesn't mean I'd want to encounter one that was as big as a car, mind you.)


Herm oh ninny - Sep 1, 2005 8:33 pm (#38 of 2980)

I know, I'll bring four of my friends and paint a P on my chest and an OTTY on theirs… Then you'll know it's me - Finn LOL now there's an idea! Make sure to set your TV to tape the show. Then you can save it if you do get shown.

T Brightwater - I am now petrified at the idea that I might find a spider in my tub! No more showers for me LOL

Has anyone read the Movies in 15 Minutes spoof of POA? My sister e-mailed it to me yesterday and I thought it was hysterical. If anyone wants to read it e-mail me and I'll send it to you. It has some language in it so I don't want to post the link here.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 1, 2005 8:46 pm (#39 of 2980)

T Bright you may want to read a book called Sophie's Masterpiece. Everytime I read it to my kids I just want to cry. (I am not normally a fan of spiders.)

Oh dear word Marie, I wish you guys the best with this woman and her twins.


Stephanie M. - Sep 1, 2005 9:18 pm (#40 of 2980)

Finn, it sounds like you'll have a lot of fun with a 'P' on your chest. It's really cool that you have a box. Who else is in the Box with you? My dad used to be part of World Team Tennis so he still gets invited to join that box. On the 6th he will be in the box but I'm not sure who is going with him because he is away right now. Have a really good time Finn! I'll look for you!!!

I am very much like Ron. I am terrified of Spiders. I don't mind any other bugs just as long at they are not in my house. If there is a bee outside I wouldn't care but if it was in my house I would freak out. Even if the bee was right next to me I wouldn't care but if it was somewhere in my Apt. then I would totally freak out.

Stay safe everyone!!! Nighty Night!!!


kage - Sep 1, 2005 9:55 pm (#41 of 2980)

Hi, being far, far away from the Katrina area it took me quite a while to realize what has really happened. The papers here are much about rising oil prices and that it happened due to changing climate which is Americas own and only fault (this is report, not my opinion). And my husband and me are quite busy making our ruin of a house a home. So it wasn't before I made the effort to turn on the TV two nights ago and saw the pictures that the dimension of the destruction and what it means for so many, many people dawned on me. Shame on me. It took me another night’s sleep to be able to find some words, so this is the first thing I do this morning.

I know they come late, but here come some more prayers for anybody who's affected by this catastrophe. And some more for anybody who would be able to help, that they find the energy and courage or what ever it takes them to do it.


Ydnam96 - Sep 1, 2005 10:32 pm (#42 of 2980)

I'm excited!

I get to be on the committee here at the University for our response to the needs of the Red Cross for the hurricane disaster. I'm so excited because I really don't have the money to donate, but this is a way I can help anyway. I'm also so happy that our University is being so proactive and helpful about it. We are going to be a major training and staging area for all of the volunteers leaving from the LA area! I know it sounds weird to be excited about it, but I just keep getting so sad looking at it all and being able to DO something is great.

Prayers for TBE!!!!!


Amilia Smith - Sep 1, 2005 11:18 pm (#43 of 2980)

Totally off topic: I got to look at a copy of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary at work today, and "aardvark" really isn't in it!!!

I am also praying for those who have been affected by Katrina.

Remind me where you live, Kage. Edit: Never mind. I went and found you on the Introduction thread. :-)



Lina - Sep 2, 2005 12:07 am (#44 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny, oh I HATE those spiders you were meeting these days. If that is a comfort for you, I heard that they most often move in pairs, so there is a good chance that you got rid of them. They are the kind I'm still able to kill. It takes concentration and a good shovel or a machine gun or anything like that. There is only that jumping kind that totally freaks me out because I never know where will they jump. Fortunately, "my" spiders were simple domestic spiders, they do not scare me too much. It was just removing all these webs and expecting some monster to start crawling towards me over the broomstick any time. *shudders*

There was this programme about brain and the fears that are learned. They have put 100$ in a box full of snakes. If I had the opportunity to pull out that money, I would have pulled out a snake and played with it because I would be sure that for the purposes of the program the snakes inside would be harmless. But if they had put 1 million dollars in a box full of spiders, I would have never touched it. Well, that's me, maybe even worse than Ron.

I understand what you mean, Mandy. I feel so helpless. I wish I had big hands to rescue all the people before anything happened. I heard a story about Cubans throwing tons of olive oil to the sea once, to avoid the hurricane and succeeded in it. I don't know how much it is true, but it sounds logical and as much less waste.


Good Evans - Sep 2, 2005 1:26 am (#45 of 2980)

Hi.. I haven't posted on the chat thread for a few weeks, but I have been reading!!

I am concerned that we have a few forum friends unaccounted for in the hurricane area. My wishes to all of them that it is a loss of electricity and nothing worse. Prayers that they post to let us know they are ok as soon as possible (but of course putting our minds at rest is not quite the most important thing if the house is gone!!- let’s just hope it is not as bad as that for any of them).

with regards Spiders Lina and Herm Oh Ninny, there was a news item the other day that a lady trying to kill spiders sprayed them with hair spray, and when that didn’t work she tried setting light to them... you guessed it, she managed to set fire to the house!!! madness...

anyhow my lovely little brother (6ft 2) is getting married tomorrow so we are flying up to Scotland for the wedding. We are staying the week as we have a work conference for a couple of days and I am playing golf in a "non combative" competition in between. Should be a laugh, straight isn't my problem but distance most definitely is. If I can drive more than 100 yards I am doing well!!!! Protego charms to everyone for a safe week, speak to you all next weekend!

Julie x


The giant squid - Sep 2, 2005 3:37 am (#46 of 2980)

Totally off topic--Amilia Smith

Oh, come on...as if we've got a topic here!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 2, 2005 4:52 am (#47 of 2980)

I have to agree with T on the spider issue. I think they are fascinating. I am a gardener and they provide excellent bug control. Mr. Ludicrous hates them. When I find one in the house I sneak it outside before he can murder it.

The Weather channel showed the lights before the hurricane and after. It is amazing the area of darkness. Nature is the most powerful force on the planet. No matter what we think of ourselves. LPO


kaykay1970 - Sep 2, 2005 5:23 am (#48 of 2980)

Ydnam96 I know what you mean about being excited to do something. My daughter brought home a note yesterday from school. A Baptist Church in Jackson, TN has taken in many who have evacuated from Mississippi. My daughters class is taking up donations of necessary items (toothpaste, blankets, etc.)

Puck Of course this is your weekend! It is too obvious.

On the spiders issue-My sister is terrified of spiders. When we were still children there was a great big fuzzy looking spider on the porch. She stomped it, turns out that it wasn't large or fuzzy. It was toting at least a hundred little baby spiders on it's back. So the babies ran in every direction, including up her leg. It was hilarious watching her do her little dance and screaming to the top of her lungs.


Finn BV - Sep 2, 2005 6:21 am (#49 of 2980)

I'd be excited too, Mandy. Have fun!

Totally off topic: I got to look at a copy of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary at work today, and "aardvark" really isn't in it!!! –Mills

Thank you!! I've always wanted to know!

Herm oh ninny, Harry Potter and the Prisoner  of Azkhaban in 15 minutes (even though it takes more than twice that to read) is hysterical. I was nearly kicked out of the computer lab for laughing so hard. ("Some Really Long Bridge on the School Grounds That Didn't Exist Before This Movie" and Except that you have J.K. Rowling's eyes. and GROOVY NEW DUMBLEDORE: Many thanks to the Richard Harris Memorial Toad Choir for that lovely performance. Too funny! )

We're leaving in less than an hour! Oh, I'll be wearing a hot orange shirt that says US Open on it, so hopefully it will stand out.

Oh yeah, Good Evans, have a good time in Scotland!


Stephanie M. - Sep 2, 2005 6:24 am (#50 of 2980)

I'll be looking for the shirt!

All I have to say is wow! You guys are too funny!!!

Mandy have fun!!!
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Puck - Sep 2, 2005 6:57 am (#51 of 2980)

Lina, if you take on the snakes, I'll handle the spiders! We can split the cash!

I had never seen much other than Daddy long legs growing up, but my backyard here has some beautiful ones. Yellow with black, gray with red, etc.... I like the ones in my garden, as they get rid of the other bugs.



kaykay1970 - Sep 2, 2005 7:42 am (#52 of 2980)
Edited Sep 2, 2005 8:38 am

Dame Peverell- After it took you so long to get into the chat room, your name stayed on the board after you left. Ah-the irony.

EDIT CatherineHermione-I did a search of Nikola Tesla and found quite a few results. Try using alta vista instead of google. www.wikipedia.org Had a very lengthy article about him. When you told me that he invented AC, I was thinking air conditioning(not alternating current.) He is credited with inventing many things including RADAR and MRI. It is sad that the history books have been so unkind to him and that someone that gave the world so much received so little in return.


T Brightwater - Sep 2, 2005 8:39 am (#53 of 2980)

I like spiders and snakes, and I love bats! They're so much fun to watch and they eat more mosquitoes than purple martins. But I guess everybody has to have some irrational fear, and mine is ants. I know they have their place in the ecosystem too, but something about them, especially in large quantities, gives me the creeps. Once when I was on a hike in England I saw a mass of ants a couple yards wide - not marching or anything, just crawling around in a fairly limited space. You could hear them. I'm shuddering just from writing it!


Doris Crockford - Sep 2, 2005 8:53 am (#54 of 2980)

I agree with you, T Brightwater. When you have lots of ants together, they're WAY creepier than spiders. But big spiders and all centipedes freak me out more. Once I saw a huge spider in the bathroom downstairs, so I refused to go into that bathroom for about 5 years. But I'm over that now, and there are only small spiders in there which I feel bad about killing.

Finn, I'll try to look for you on TV today, but I have to finish packing for university, so I won't get a chance to look too hard. But the bright orange shirt should help.

Well, I'll say goodbye for a few days now. I have to pack my computer to take with me to university, so I won't get the chance to get back on until Sunday, when I'm in my dorm room. I hope all the Forumers hit by Katrina have the chance to peek in by the time I get back online. I feel kinda silly worrying about people I've never met, but I really hope they all came through it without too much loss.


Choices - Sep 2, 2005 9:54 am (#55 of 2980)

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts (and prayers - please keep them coming) for the people of this area. I feel incredibly guilty sitting here in my cool house with plenty of food and water when within 200 miles to the west people are dying for lack of water, food and medication. Help is coming, but for many it is not coming fast enough. Gulfport/Biloxi (where I grew up) is just 65 miles to the west and over 100 people are dead there......in New Orleans it is over 1000 and the toll is rising daily. Anyone can help by making a donation to the American Red Cross or similar organization. President Bush landed here in Mobile just a couple of hours ago to go by helicopter for a tour of the area. He said it looked like the coast had been hit with the worst kind of weapon imaginable. I agree - Mother Nature definitely packs a punch when she gets stirred up. New Orleans has become a battle ground - looting, rape and beatings are rampant and military help is needed to restore order. It is hard to believe that something like this is happening in America. People have lost everything and are desperate. Disasters bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. Please keep this area in your thoughts and help the Red Cross, etc. help the poor unfortunate people devastated by Katrina.


haymoni - Sep 2, 2005 10:19 am (#56 of 2980)

I hear folks in the area are opening their homes to evacuees - people with spare rooms in Texas and Georgia are offering folks a place to stay for $1.00.

Yes, disaster brings out the best & the worst.


Madame Pomfrey - Sep 2, 2005 12:06 pm (#57 of 2980)

Has anyone heard from Phoenix song? I am worried about her because she lives in Louisiana. I hope she and her family are well.


Choices - Sep 2, 2005 5:32 pm (#58 of 2980)

I hope all our Louisiana/Mississippi friends are safe. It may take a while to get their power back on - it could be weeks. Until then we will just have to hope for the best.


haymoni - Sep 2, 2005 5:39 pm (#59 of 2980)

I don't know why somebody doesn't just "Accio" some generators!!!

What are these Muggles thinking???


Madame Pomfrey - Sep 2, 2005 6:11 pm (#60 of 2980)

Choices, I just read that you are from Alabama. I'm glad to see you are safe. I have a cousin in Ms. Her house is messed up a bit but she and her family are safe. My prayers to all who have suffered.


Puck - Sep 2, 2005 6:39 pm (#61 of 2980)

It just seems to me the country could have been better prepared to act more quickly to get people help. I remember last year during hurricane season they said how devastating a hit to New Orleans would be, yet a year later seemed ill prepared to deal with the aftermath. You'd think they would have worked out a plan, but instead seem to be winging it.

T Brightwater, have you read "One Hundred Years of Solitude"? I ask because it has an ant scene that is well....gross and creepy. I could see one developing a bit of a phobia after reading it.

Off to check the threads!



T Brightwater - Sep 2, 2005 6:41 pm (#62 of 2980)

No, haven't read that one, Puck. Thanks for the warning!


Finn BV - Sep 2, 2005 7:05 pm (#63 of 2980)

…something about them [ants], especially in large quantities, gives me the creeps.

I think we have ants living on our porch table. I have had to throw a muffin and a full bowl of goldfish out due to the invasion. My dad has developed intriguing methods of using bowls and napkins for our "Ant Protection Plan."

So, I got back from the US Open about half an hour ago. We arrived at 11 and didn't leave until 6:45! It was amazing! Then we went out to dinner. I got to see the most famous female athlete from India, Sonia Mirza, who won her match in straight sets over Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli. I also saw Lleyton Hewitt, Jose Acasuso, Mike and Bob Bryan (US doubles team – they're brothers – they won), Nadia Petrova (highest ranked player, at #9, to have never won a tournament), Laura Granville (put up a good fight but was no match for Petrova), Andy Murray (new Scottish sensation, at 18 or 19 ys old), Ai Sugiyama, and Kim Clijsters! I've got lots of pictures – 142, I think – so I'll hopefully have them by tomorrow. Our digital is in the shop, so Mom borrowed her firm's camera for the day, so they'll have to upload them there, but expect some dazzling avatars.

We had seats in row P but then we went down to the box seats to get some autographs, and two nice women gave us their box as they were leaving, so we had some great seats for the last match. I don't think I made it on TV though. Whatever…

Thankfully, we didn't receive any of Katrina's weather at the Open today. It was great. Thoughts and prayers to everyone down south.


Stephanie M. - Sep 2, 2005 7:58 pm (#64 of 2980)

They only said who won the Clijsters match and they showed about 20 seconds of it. I was looking for you all day but didn't see you.

I did see a kid who had your forehead and was wearing an orange shirt but the kid was also wearing an orange hat and had very dark brown hair. But the only resemblance you had to him was the forehead. So I was 110% sure it wasn't you. (Unless you have an evil twin brother that I don't know about...) I think you would have definitely gotten on tv if you had POTTY on your chest, or at least the P.

It was really nice of the people who gave you their box.

That PoA Spoof was soo funny!!!! Groovy Dumbledore and Remus constantly giving chocolate to Harry!!!

Today there was a power outage and people were stuck on the Tram. (That is suspended on wires over water that goes to Roosevelt Island and Manhattan.) There were around 60 people going to Roosevelt Island and about 20 people coming into Manhattan. But I think everything turned out fine. I'm not sure how long they were stuck though. We can see the trams through out windows but we couldn't actually see the Trams stuck in the air. And we had our power so I'm sure it wasn't a huge power outage.

Hope everyone in the path of Katrina is doing well!!!

Off to watch the rest of Federer's match.


Dame Peverell - Sep 2, 2005 8:11 pm (#65 of 2980)

What I hate are slugs. Ants you can step on but stepping on a slug is just too gross. Don't even think about picking one up with your hand. A spider you can usually swat or get him to move but a slug where you don't want him: ugh ! If you have to pick one up it better be on a spoon because he'll just roll right off a stick.

Slugs come out at night and hide in the day. They eat my seedlings and flowers and destroy my produce.
The good news is: All you have to do is set out fresh saucers of beer repeatedly and they slide right in and drown themselves.

I don't mind having a few slugs now since I learned that Lightning Bugs have to lay their eggs on them.

Anybody need the sure-fire cure for Earwig infestations, just ask.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 2, 2005 8:24 pm (#66 of 2980)

I agree Dame Peverell, slugs are a bother. Though in dry Colorado I don't have to worry about them very often.

We finally had a class in the library today. We have a new automated system that has taken some time to get up and running. I am very pleased with our new sixth grade class. Many Harry Potter fans. All my HBP, OoP and most of my GoF were checked out. One girl checked out the whole series except HBP. She has it at home. LPO


Dame Peverell - Sep 2, 2005 8:40 pm (#67 of 2980)

LPO- You might know this.

     As a child I loved a book about a boy who, among other things, helped out in a donut shop one night when the donut machine went berserk and wouldn't stop making donuts. I think in the same book there was a man and woman who both collected string until the balls were as big as a car. One day they had a contest and rolled their balls until all the thread was gone. The woman won because she wore a knitted dress over a cotton one. She hooked the yarn onto the thread and, as the event continued, it read first: her lovely red dress, then a bit later, her lovely red dress with the white border, then her red sweater with a white skirt and so on.

     Does this ring any bells? I think it won the Caldecott(?) award.

For some reason, reading Harry Potter has always brought this book to mind.


T Brightwater - Sep 2, 2005 8:57 pm (#68 of 2980)

I remember that! And a lady lost her diamond bracelet in the donut machine, so they got people to eat them by offering a reward to the one who found the bracelet.

There were two men courting the same woman, and she finally agreed to marry the one who had the bigger ball of string, but she insisted on competing too, and she won by the stratagem you described, so that she didn't have to decide. Her name was Miss Terwilliger. (why, why, why do I have this stuff stuck in my head and can't remember important things about work??)

And there was another story with a sort of jingle that got stuck in your head that the only way you could get rid of it was to tell it to someone else...

Seems to me the title was a kid's name, and his first name was Homer, but blessed if I can remember the rest of it. (It wasn't Simpson, despite the donut incident...)


Eponine - Sep 2, 2005 8:59 pm (#69 of 2980)

I read that book too! It was Homer Price by Robert McCloskey.

ETA: Dame, your post was driving me crazy. I remembered the book, and I knew the title was the boy's name. I could see the cover of the book, but I couldn't remember what it was called. Thanks for the first name T Brightwater!

Here is the cover art.


Dame Peverell - Sep 2, 2005 9:01 pm (#70 of 2980)

Oh, you are a sharp bunch.

Hugs and kisses to you all.

I have wanted that memory back for a long time...


T Brightwater - Sep 2, 2005 9:29 pm (#71 of 2980)

Thank you, Eponine - now I can sleep!


Chemyst - Sep 2, 2005 9:37 pm (#72 of 2980)
Edited Sep 2, 2005 10:11 pm

Homer Price also had a skunk named Aroma. **wonders if it could have been friends with Blossom the possum**

It just seems to me the country could have been better prepared to act more quickly to get people help. – Puck
I am growing more and more disgruntled at the network news coverage of Katrina. I was reading some of the websites of the relief agencies. They did act quickly but their trucks were stopped at staging areas. Here is a quote: "The National Guard still has the hardest hit areas sealed off in all three states. Trucks are waiting along with other relief groups to be able to move into the disaster-ravaged regions." Some trucks were in the staging area for two days. It makes me wonder about the local officials if supplies are waiting at their doorstep for two days and they don't/can't get them.

Edit: I should add for those not familiar with the US, even though it is called "National" Guard, it is actually the governor of the state who has power to deploy them.


Dame Peverell - Sep 2, 2005 10:13 pm (#73 of 2980)


A wonderfully funny children’s book, (it must be if we can remember it decades later) most especially for those not quite ready for the life and death realism of Harry Potter.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 2, 2005 10:42 pm (#74 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny, Harry Potter in 15 minutes (even though it takes more than twice that to read) is hysterical. I was nearly kicked out of the computer lab for laughing so hard - Finn I know what you mean! I almost dropped my lap to off my lap

Lina - If these spiders do move in pairs, then they must have a waiting list to move into my backyard. Another one made itself a nice giant web on our clothes line tonight! I was not pleased to see it!

Dame - You drown your slugs in beer??? Why?? (<--Picturing a bunch of drunken slugs! )

OK guys! Maybe you can help me too. I have been trying to find a book that I read when I was in elementary school. I have been looking for it for months but I can't remember the name. It is about a young girl who has a younger sister who is perfect. The older sister decides to take ballet lessons and the rest of her family laughs at her. There is also a scene where she buys sneezing powder and gives it to her sister, and she gets sick. I think the title may have ballet in it. Any one remember it, or am delusional?


Dame Peverell - Sep 2, 2005 10:57 pm (#75 of 2980)

Dame - You drown your slugs in beer??? Why?? (<--Picturing a bunch of drunken slugs! )

it improves their singing voices.....they also can't resist it....the whole thing is rather profound


Elanor - Sep 2, 2005 11:42 pm (#76 of 2980)

Dame Peverell: "it improves their singing voices"

LOL! I have actually no problem either with slugs or ants, and I really like the small bats that live in the medieval abbey, just across the street. I love to see them fly when night is falling. I have more problems with spiders, though I'm really making some progress with them (that is, as long as they only are long legs thingies and not big black ones). I can't touch them but I manage to make them climb on my shovel for dust and throw them outside. I pay the rent, not them, honestly!

The only bugs that really makes me freak out are all the kind of centipedes. Yuk! To see all those legs moving that fast is creepy. I used to work as a guide in a Cistercian abbey, during holidays when I was a student, and the tourists’ reception was in the 15th century church tower, which is a huge tower built next to the church. The place was beautiful but, far too often for my taste, we happened to see a huge centipede running from under paintings or pieces of furniture we were moving, despite all the bugs repellent we were using. Creepy. **shuddering at the memory of it**

It has been a very long week at school and I'm really happy weekend has come at last! The kids of my class are great but, as they are numerous, and from two different grades, the start of term is not that easy. I can't be with them all at the same time and they have to learn quickly to listen and ask questions when I'm with their group and to work on their own when I'm with the other one. A real challenge when you're 6 or 7! It also supposes that everything has to be very well organised and prepared for the teacher, so not to lose some precious time. And some people still think teaching is a restful job!

I know we have to be patient before TBE, Phoenix Song and Applepie can be able to give some news but it is not easy. The reports on the disaster are so worrisome. My thoughts and prayers go to them all.


Dame Peverell - Sep 3, 2005 12:29 am (#77 of 2980)

picture: "rub-a-dub-dub...we slugs in a tub"
(I also use the beer because they must be very happy when they die.)

I had the opportunity to be the Administrator of a Montessori Head Start Program for a few years when I was younger. It amazed me the way the Directress (teacher) could control so many poorly-parented young children with confidence and ease. She was like a glue that held them all together in good behavior and happiness. And quiet! It was a very large class and she had one assistant and occasional volunteers but it was her presence that filled the room and brought order to chaos. I could not handle the parents one fifth as well. I will never forget how much it impressed me.


haymoni - Sep 3, 2005 4:33 am (#78 of 2980)

The only thing that bothers me is that we knew this hurricane was coming.

We know the potential for destruction.

Why wasn't the National Guard in place?

Why weren't there barges with supplies in place on the Mississippi?

Why wasn't FEMA ready & waiting in the northern parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama?

Why were all those school buses sitting there? The regular drivers could have done their school routes 2 days before the hurricane hit to at least get the kids out to the schools where they could be bussed out in an orderly fashion.

Whose brilliant idea was it to tell folks to go to the Superdome where there was the possibility of no power?

If all these newsreporters can get in, why can't anyone else?

This isn't the tsunami, where there was maybe 1 person trying to warn everyone. We knew this hurricane was coming.

If you don't have a car a regular day, you aren't going to have a car on Hurricane Day. If you don't have money for food/clothing/decent shelter on a regular day, you aren't going to have it on Hurricane Day.

I don't think that having troops in Iraq is an issue - some folks are saying that those soldiers could be used here at home. There are plenty of private citizens eager to help. Let them in.

I'm not trying to be political. I'm no good at that - I waffle too much. I just have questions.


Puck - Sep 3, 2005 4:52 am (#79 of 2980)

Yes, Haymoni, it was reported that some didn't get out because they couldn't afford the $40 tank of gas to leave (which would now run about $60). My husband’s cousin is in the national guard and is being deployed to Louisiana, but her unit has yet to get there. The lead new reporter was talking last night about how he saw supplies air lifted into a make-shift landing zone in the middle East, and wondered why it couldn't have been done in this situation.

As for slugs, yes gross. In years I bother with my garden I use beer to keep them off my tomatoes as well. My brother, however, used to go on slug hunts at night when we were kids. He'd go into the backyard with a salt shaker and watch them shrivel up as he sprinkled them. Boys!



Catherine - Sep 3, 2005 6:29 am (#80 of 2980)

Homer Price also had a skunk named Aroma. **wonders if it could have been friends with Blossom the possum** --Chemyst

Hmm...I thought Aroma the skunk lived near Denise!

It's so wonderful to have a quiet Saturday morning. I have a lot of work to do this "Labor Day" weekend, but it was pure bliss to be able to sleep until 7 a.m.

I hope that everyone is as well as they can be, given the gas crunch and weather-induced tragedies. Our governor here in N.C. called for a sort of state of emergency regarding gasoline and non-essential travel. Most of my students and friends who planned to visit the beach or go out of state to visit family members have decided to have a quiet weekend at home instead.

Perhaps I should have given my students loads of homework over the weekend...bwa ha ha ha ha ha! I already had a parental complaint that I did not assign homework over the holiday.

Pull---eeeze. Normally, I would assign homework over the weekend, but this is a family holiday, and it's only the third week of school. There are plenty of other weekends to ruin.

Off to check the mountain of threads that I have not read this week...take care, everyone.


Ydnam96 - Sep 3, 2005 6:35 am (#81 of 2980)

Well it's Move In Weekend here at the University. I'll be super busy all weekend.

Puck, good luck this weekend!!

Blessings to all in the South and to all those with family there.


Denise P. - Sep 3, 2005 6:40 am (#82 of 2980)

Let's be very careful in discussing the aftermath of the hurricane and the response of various agencies in dealing with it and getting aid to the victims of Katrina. No one wants to see a political discussion erupt here and then see Kip's font admonishing us

I am hoping that TBE, applepie and any other Forum member in the area are suffering merely a lack of power that is preventing them from checking in. I imagine that the Forum is also low on the list of places to check in with.

I love how Forum members can pool resources to remember titles of books and things of that nature.

Here is one for you: A boy named Loren lives with his grandmother and is considered a geek...he may have diabetes or something too. He befriends a more cool girl at school and they discover both of them like the LotR books. I believe there is an empty house involved in the plot, the kids hang out there and I am pretty sure Loren dies at the end of the book. I probably read this when I was about 11, I know the author's name ends after the letter P since I can see in my mind where on the library shelf it was located (it was a U shaped section and it on the leg of the U near the end) but for the life of me, I can't recall the title. I remember it being good (based on my 11 year old opinion) and I think I checked it out numerous times to read.


Elanor - Sep 3, 2005 8:51 am (#83 of 2980)

I have wonderful news! Phoenix Song and Applepie are ok!

Round Pink Spider just e-mailed me to tell me that Barb called her and she was fine! She had evacuated to Houston with her family where, by a stroke of sheer luck, she met Applepie (who had also evacuated there) at a Wal-Mart! She had never met her before and she had only seen a picture of her once but they recognised each other in that very large store. Amazing, isn't it?

RPS also tells me that she was going to attempt to get back into Louisiana to see if they still have a house and, she hopes, rescue her dogs she had to leave there.

I'm so happy and relieved to know they are safe!


Stephanie M. - Sep 3, 2005 8:57 am (#84 of 2980)

Yay!!! They are safe!!

That is weird how they recognized each other in a Wal-Mart!


Finn BV - Sep 3, 2005 9:02 am (#85 of 2980)

That's amazing, Elanor. Six degrees of separation, I say. Or, as we like to do here, 6° of separation.


Choices - Sep 3, 2005 9:37 am (#86 of 2980)

It's wonderful to hear good news that people we care about are safe. Thanks for letting us know. That is amazing that they would recognize each other in Wal-Mart of all places. :-)


Madame Pomfrey - Sep 3, 2005 9:37 am (#87 of 2980)

Thank you for the info Elanor. That is wonderful news! I am so happy for them. Hopefully we will hear from TBE and Gryfindora soon.


Marie E. - Sep 3, 2005 9:49 am (#88 of 2980)

I just found out that Abbycadabra is ok. She and her family evacuated to an aunt's house in Baton Rouge. Her father drove to their house the other day and it's fine. Missing a few roof shingles and a tree smushed part of their fence, but that's all. She had limited internet access so she wanted the news to be passed on. She'll be back as soon as she can with some Abbyfetti!

Good news about applepie and Phoenix Song. What are the odds that they would meet up in a Houston Walmart?

Here's a book I remember from my youth: A boy is a foster child, goes to live with a family in the Oregon or Washington woodlands, and ends up seeing Bigfoot. I had the book when I was around 10 or 11 years old, so the early, early 80's.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 3, 2005 10:02 am (#89 of 2980)

Great news about Barbie, applepie and Abbycadabra. Thanks for the info Marie E. and Elanor.



T Brightwater - Sep 3, 2005 10:20 am (#90 of 2980)

I thought GryffEndora lived in Minnesota. Delighted to hear Phoenix song and applepie are okay! Continued prayers for TBE and all others affected.


Eponine - Sep 3, 2005 10:47 am (#91 of 2980)

I'm so glad to hear that Phoneix Song, Abbycadabra, and applepie are safe. I hope we'll hear from TBE soon.


kaykay1970 - Sep 3, 2005 10:51 am (#92 of 2980)

I am so glad that Abbycadabra, Phoenix Song and Applepie are safe! That is incredible news in the midst of such tragedy.


Kip Carter - Sep 3, 2005 11:28 am (#93 of 2980)

Just got off the phone with one of the original members of this Forum, W J, who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wendy is now a grandmother. Her daughter gave birth to a son the same day (August 16th) as our Denise P.'s new son, Rhys. Wendy has not been able to be active on the Forum for a long time because of professional responsibilities and computer problems.

W J is now back home after power has been restored; however her community college still does not have power. She did say that there has been no looting in the Baton Rouge area, unlike what some news reports have stated.

She lives close to the LSU campus and we talked about LSU wanting to have their next game at Tiger Stadium, which is within shouting distance from W J's home. She said that there are mixed emotions about the game with some feeling that the game would be a good morale booster where others feel that the LSU campus does not need to divert their resources to football being the campus is a staging area for many of the people who have been evacuated from the troubled areas.

She said that one of the biggest problems facing the education system in Louisiana now is relocating the students and teachers to schools, which are able to function.

She was very happy to hear about all of the good things on the Forum. We talked for about 25 minutes and she sends everyone her best. Enough said right now.


Catherine - Sep 3, 2005 11:45 am (#94 of 2980)

What great news to hear about our members' safety. It put a smile on my face to know that so many members of our Forum family are safe.

Good news about applepie and Phoenix Song. What are the odds that they would meet up in a Houston Walmart?

That's an amazing coincidence--that they would both be there and would recognize one another!

That reminds me of a story my dad tells about his service in Vietnam. During his officer training stateside, he became best friends with a man named Charlie. My mother and Charlie's wife roomed together and taught school together, and became as close as sisters. Charlie and his wife, Ann, became my godparents after I was born. When Charlie and my dad went to Vietnam, they were not stationed together and had lost contact with one another for a bit. Imagine Dad's surprise when he went to Hong Kong on leave, walked down a street teeming with people, and saw his best friend walking toward him!

Charlie told this story from his own perspective at Mr. Catherine's and my wedding rehearsal dinner, and I must say, there was not a dry eye in the house.


Snuffles - Sep 3, 2005 12:57 pm (#95 of 2980)

I am really pleased that Abbycadabra, Phoenix song and applepie are o.k.

Lets hope we hear from Gryffendora and TBE soon.


Denise P. - Sep 3, 2005 1:34 pm (#96 of 2980)

Great news about WJ, applepie and everyone else who has checked in from the areas that were hit by Katrina. Hopefully those we have not heard from yet will be able to check in soon with someone.


haymoni - Sep 3, 2005 1:38 pm (#97 of 2980)

Great story, Catherine!

I am so so so glad to hear that so many of our Forum friends are OK.

Just got finished mowing the lawn, weeding the front yard & cleaning the house - well, for now anyway!

Why is it that Labor Day weekend causes so much labor???


Finn BV - Sep 3, 2005 2:18 pm (#98 of 2980)

This is excellent news. So glad to hear about everyone!

What a story Catherine. Sorry your work's been keeping you away from the Forum!


Amilia Smith - Sep 3, 2005 3:52 pm (#99 of 2980)

Why is it that Labor Day weekend causes so much labor???

I have always wondered that. Opposed Labor Day on that principle alone. Who's great idea was it to have a holiday to celebrate those who work by making them work harder? I had to remember this sentiment when I rode my bike all the way down town to the State Public Library today only to discover that it was closed for the weekend (I thought it would only be closed Monday . . . silly me). I reminded myself very firmly that that is one of the main reasons I quit my chicken frying job and went to Library school: so that holidays and weekends mean Days Off, not Days to Work Harder.

Finn, in reference to my aardvark remark: Thank you!! I've always wanted to know!

OK, I guess I should have prefaced that . . . In one of my all time favorite sitcoms, Black Adder, Balderick accidentally burns Dr. Johnson's Dictionary. Black Adder must rewrite the Dictionary over night so that Dr. Johnson (Robbie Coltraine, incidentally) does not kill him for destroying his magnum opus. The trouble is, he gets stuck on Aardvark. He is up all night trying to think of how to define aardvark. And now you all know why I was tickled to learn that "aardvark" really isn't in Dr. Johnson's Dictionary.

On the bug front: I saw a cockroach crawling across my floor last night. Really freaked me out. I suppose it is all relative; one of my coworkers is from Japan, and he was saying that the roaches here are so small, and slow too . . . but that is not what I am thinking when I see them. These things are huge! Two inches long! Much too big to squash.

Very reassuring to start to hear from our no longer missing forumers.

Unfortunately I am not recognizing any of the books you all are looking for, so I'm no help. ***this does not bode well for my career as a librarian***

There was a new Connie Willis book that came out on the 23rd. So I went down to Borders last week to buy it. They did not have it. So I went to Amazon. I just got an email saying it would be delayed, and I would not get my book until the middle/end of October. :-( I suppose I should not be too put out, as the only reasons I can think of for it being delayed are very good reasons . . . but dang it! I was looking forward to that book!



I Am Used Vlad - Sep 3, 2005 5:41 pm (#100 of 2980)

I'm glad that many of our forum members from the south have been able to check in, and hope those who have not do so soon.

Catherine, I can't help but wonder if your father's friend was the same Charlie that Forrest Gump was looking for in Vietnam.

Finn, why don't you change your avatar to Federer. If you can make him lose his next match, I will believe that you are jinxing the players.
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Stephanie M. - Sep 3, 2005 6:20 pm (#101 of 2980)

Yay! Everyone is doing OKAY!!!!

Finn, maybe you are jinxing the players! Roddick lost... Nadal lost... Maybe Kim is next! That would be really weird if this keeps happening.

I really like Federer!! I wanted Nadal to win though...


Puck - Sep 3, 2005 6:40 pm (#102 of 2980)

Who was it that had that link to the PoA spoof? I'd love for you to e-mail it to me, so I, too, can fall off my chair laughing.

Glad to hear that so many forum friends are okay, and how the world is a bit smaller than it sometimes seems.

That's for explaining the aardvark thing. It's been ages since I've seen Black Adder.

Sorry, I do not recognize any of those books either, though I may have to check out Homer Prince my next library visit.

Night all!



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 3, 2005 7:00 pm (#103 of 2980)

Finn, maybe you are jinxing the players! Roddick lost... Nadal lost... Maybe Kim is next! That would be really weird if this keeps happening.---Stephanie M.

Next for what? ***didn't realize she was standing in line for anything***


Catherine - Sep 3, 2005 7:37 pm (#104 of 2980)

Catherine, I can't help but wonder if your father's friend was the same Charlie that Forrest Gump was looking for in Vietnam. --I Am Used Vlad

I don't think so, but you are welcome to assume so, if it completes your mythos.

My godfather is "Uncle Charlie" and, if my parents met the same fate as Lily and James, despite any irony, my godfather would be Uncle Charlie/ aka Sirius right now.


pottermom34 - Sep 3, 2005 8:07 pm (#105 of 2980)

I was just wondering about our southern forumers glad to see they're all ok. Unfortunately I can't afford to financially help any of the organizations helping but I can at least pray for them and think about them, If any of them start collecting clothes I'll donate thought I have lots of kid clothes I can part with.

On the Labor Day thing, I don't mind working it I get time and a half. My husband gets the day off and I can work without paying a babysitter that day. Speaking of Labor Day anyone doing anything exciting? I'm like I said working. Hopefully we'll be busy but with gas so high we may not.

Well off to check other threads and try to play catch up again. What can I say I'm a slacker.


haymoni - Sep 3, 2005 8:21 pm (#106 of 2980)

Yes - post that link to the POA spoof. I can't get to any of the links when I'm at work - the Dementors have everything blocked - so I have to wait until I get home and then I forget!


Dame Peverell - Sep 3, 2005 9:01 pm (#107 of 2980)

Twinkling Blue Eyes is still missing- with her horse. This was her last post: TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 28, 2005 2:30 pm (#2852 of 2963) "Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking" Hey everyone. Hope all those who could get out of the way of this hurricane did.

We are stuck here and it's coming straight to my front door. (At least as long as the front door stays there!) Good luck to all. Maybe I'll have a few hours to read posts. Got generator, but when cable goes out so does my internet.


Marie E. - Sep 3, 2005 9:17 pm (#108 of 2980)

We can't post the link to the POA spoof here, it's way too inappropriate. I had it bookmarked on my last computer. Maybe someone else can email it to you, haymoni.

My friend Melissa and I are going to collect a bunch of kids’ clothes. A lot of Lexie's are practically new since she's very picky about her clothes and only wears a select few.

Maybe TBE rode the horse to safety. *tries not to worry*


Dame Peverell - Sep 3, 2005 9:26 pm (#109 of 2980)

Marie E. Not to rain on anyone's parade but I have read in several places that when disasters like this occur the system gets choked with old clothes and other cast-offs that the victims can't even use. Heck, with any luck they aren't even there anymore.

It would be a far greater thing to do if you could turn it into a big garage sale and send the money to an organization who is helping those poor people find housing and jobs.


Marè - Sep 4, 2005 3:17 am (#110 of 2980)

And other articles write that money never gets where it is supposed to be going to because it gets stuck halfway through or because the president of the charity company has a salary that rivals a moviestar....
Some say this, some say that, I think the best thing you can do is what you think helps best, and whatever you have in your power to do.
Some of it will help some-one at some point!

Sending lots of good thoughts to TBE and her horse...


Chemyst - Sep 4, 2005 6:30 am (#111 of 2980)

There are charity watchdog groups that do financial ratings on charities. Any search engine will provide lots of choices. The industry "rule of thumb" is that 60% going to the need and 40% spent on administration & fundraising is a 'good' rating, but if you look, you can find organizations that do much better. Many of the higher rated ones are religious based, so I won't offer links.


azi - Sep 4, 2005 6:59 am (#112 of 2980)

Glad to see that some of our members are ok! Hopefully the others will be well also.


The giant squid - Sep 4, 2005 8:45 am (#113 of 2980)

haymoni: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling a little scepticism in the face of all this.

That said, I'm glad our fellow Forumers are coming out OK. Still thinking good thoughts for TBE, GryffEndora and anyone else who may have been caught by the storm.

Finn: As long as you don't put Agassi as your avatar we'll be okay. My wife's been cranky enough this last week as it is...



Doris Crockford - Sep 4, 2005 8:49 am (#114 of 2980)

Well, I'm settled at university, and I'm glad to see a bunch of Forumers have managed to check in. Hope the rest get to soon, as well.

I got to bring all my stuff up to my room yesterday, so I'm already packed, and people are still arriving. I'm going to go and wander around and meet people, maybe help people bring their stuff in.


Elanor - Sep 4, 2005 9:17 am (#115 of 2980)

Yes, it is so great we have heard some reassuring news from the forumers in Louisiana. I so hope we will hear of TBE soon! I was under the impression that GryffEndora was living in Minnesota but I may be wrong, I do hope she is ok anyway!

Yesterday evening, I finally convinced a friend of mine to see the CoS movie I lent him ages ago (he thought it was just a sequel). We were supposed to watch a movie at his (he has a huge screen and a "videoprojector" thingy that is great). I had a plan: I brought one of my specialities: the "Lorraine quiche" and a bottle of rosé from Provence... Unanswerable! I'm not a very good cook but I assure you, nobody can resist my quiche! And we watched CoS... Mischief managed...
Next time I want to see PoA on a big screen, I'll try and make my other speciality: crawfishes in a curry and cream sauce, served inside hot small "brioches"... **evilgrin**

Have a great Sunday everybody!


Lina - Sep 4, 2005 9:36 am (#116 of 2980)

Thank you everyone for the info about the members we were worrying about. It is a relief to know that they are at least safe. I just hope we will get (good) news about TBE and her horses soon.

And thank you about news on W J too, Kip. I was wondering about her because I don't see her posting and I keep using her post for making the smiles

Puck: Lina, if you take on the snakes, I'll handle the spiders! We can split the cash!
Agreed. No news yet?

And I can understand the need to kill slugs, but they don't scare me to death!

So, the vacation is over. This was one of the best summers I can remember. We have discovered some great places that are not even fare away from our home. Tomorrow the school begins. And I'm going back to work. The books arrived. By HP express. Ha? What did you think of? HP stays for the Croatian posts. But when I saw the yellow wan with the "HP express" on it for the first time, I thought "What is this doing on the wan, shouldn't HP express use the owls?" I really thought that.

Well wishes to everybody!


Verity - Sep 4, 2005 11:43 am (#117 of 2980)

I only recently started posting on the HPL forum, and have never before posted on this thread, but I just wanted to say that I am so touched to see how so many of you have bonded with one another and are genuinely concerned for one another's well being. It's very impressive and a testament to the caliber of people in this on-line community. To those of you who are worried about TBE and other members you may not have heard from for a while, stay positive. It's very likely that they are safe, but perhaps can't access the Internet. Or maybe they just have so many other things to deal with right now that they haven't thought or had time to post on the forum. Just keep sending good thoughts and prayers their way.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 4, 2005 1:18 pm (#118 of 2980)

Puck and Haymoni - I have the link to the POA spoof. As Marie said, it contains some inappropriate language so I don't want to post the link. Send me an e-mail and I'll send you the link. (I tried to send them to you guys but both of your e-mails are listed as private)

Finn - Your avatar backfired.... Dent just lost

Lina - If the spiders in my back yard looked like those, they would be more than welcome to stay!

Amelia - The only things that scare me more than spiders are roaches!! *shudders* I can't even go near a dead one!! Your friend is right! When we went to Greece for vacation, I saw a giant (I swear it was like 4 or 5 inches!!) roach sitting on our outside wall. I grabbed a bottle of windex (my method for attacking bugs in the house) and started towards the monster! My father then said "I wouldn't do that if I were you. They can fly!" Flying giant roaches??? *still shuddering at the thought*


Ladybug220 - Sep 4, 2005 2:00 pm (#119 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Sep 4, 2005 2:01 pm

Actually Kelly, there are flying roaches here in the states too, but they appear to be more prevalent in the south. And, they get to be 3-4 inches as well. What makes it worse is that my cats see those as live toys and like chase them around my apartment. Yuck!

As for the spiders, if they are small or the ones like Lina's avatar, then I don't mind them. But when they are 4-5 inches in diameter and have hairy legs, then they must die - after I scream, of course. Since I don't have a husband or boyfriend, then I am the one that has to kill them and I end up doing a lot of little screams and dances while trying to get the job done. What's worse is there was one that was on the ceiling above my bed. I think that I killed and flushed it, but I didn't sleep in my bed for 3 days.


Finn BV - Sep 4, 2005 2:31 pm (#120 of 2980)

And now you all know why I was tickled to learn that "aardvark" really isn't in Dr. Johnson's Dictionary. –Mills

Ah, gotcha. I must say, it was a lot funnier without the preface.

Finn, why don't you change your avatar to Federer. If you can make him lose his next match, I will believe that you are jinxing the players. –Vlad

Well, I changed it to Hewitt but he ousted Dent () in a long five-setter. Taylor saved 3 match points but lost it on the fourth. Still, I don't know why I didn't think of Federer before! Then that would leave room for an all-American final!

Next for what? –Kim

Vlad was referring to Kim Clijsters of tennis, my former avatar.

Great avatar, Lina!

Herm oh ninny, you can always send the PoA spoof to puck@worldcrossing.com or haymoni@worldcrossing.com. Everybody's username is their email address @worldcrossing.com.

So, we've been giving a makeover to our kitchen. Completely unrecognizable now. It's really looking amazing. I've sorta been away from the forum today for that reason.


timrew - Sep 4, 2005 2:37 pm (#121 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny:- Flying giant roaches???

I can imagine being carried off by one, to its nest.........

Best wishes to all who were affected by the Hurricane. It's times like this that I give thanks I live in a city where the worst you can expect is a good soaking.

I hope all our members in the Hurricane area are okay.........


Stephanie M. - Sep 4, 2005 2:48 pm (#122 of 2980)

Okay here is a long story about a spider:

I was staying with my cousins at their country house, in Connecticut, last summer (it was actually exactly one year ago today) and one of my cousins was at a school program so I stayed in her room while she was there. And before I went to sleep I noticed that there was a spider on the ceiling. So I took a chair and "smushed" the spider and I threw it in the little garbage can in her room.(I was soo scared when I was up on that chair!) So I went to sleep that night. But the next night, right after we came back from dinner, guess what I saw on the ceiling over the bed? The little black, very hairy spider! It was the same one too!!! Because I looked in the trash can and looked at the tissue and there was NO SPIDER in it!!! Then I turned around and the next thing I saw was the spider drop from the ceiling, on it's web, and I screamed so loudly that my other cousin (who isn't afraid of spiders) came running in and attempted to kill it for me. But it kept moving because it was floating in mid air so we decided to go look for bug spray but of course they didn't have any. So we found a can of Lysol and we kept spraying it and then it FLEW to the wall and then we finally smushed it and flushed it down the toilet. But that had to have been the scariest spider experience I've ever been in.

Also the time where I found a spider in my history binder and the time where I was half way through my shower when I realized that the entire time I was there  was a huge spider on the wall. Oh and the time our Christmas tree was infested with little flying bugs and had more than a few spiders. But there is one amazing story that I will tell another time about my other cousins (the ones from Buffalo Finn) and a pregnant spider. Those stories were also up there in the scariness factor.

Tonight's CBS movie is Along Came A SPIDER I just felt that I had to mention that.

I hope everyone's Labor Day weekend is going well!!!

Edit: Because I can't spell and type and my grammar is horrible! Well, at least I knew what I did wrong! (School in less than 1 week so I can learn how to spell!!!)


Lina - Sep 4, 2005 3:01 pm (#123 of 2980)

Your stories about spiders remind me of my story with a scorpion. I was with my friend on vacation and we saw a scorpion on a ceiling. I never found out if it was a good thing or a bad thing that the scorpion was yellow. We decided to kill it, but the ceiling was very high, it was a difficult task and the scorpion fell on the floor. When we tried to find it and finish the killing, it disappeared. It was not easy to fall asleep after that, but we eventually did and obviously survived. I know that scorpions are dangerous as well as snakes but I don't get paralyzed when I see them. Sometimes I think that I would be less afraid of spiders if I'd let one of them bite me. Then I might become aware that it is not a big deal.


virgoddess1313 - Sep 4, 2005 4:31 pm (#124 of 2980)

Herm oh Ninny, could you send me that link to, pretty pretty please?

Thank goodness for the good news on our Southern forumers and prayers for the ones we have yet to hear from!

My scariest spider story was definitely the time I was sitting around one night reading ghost stories (I love scary books and cheesy horror movies) and a big spider came running up through the middle of my book! I slammed the book shut and ran for the hills!


Chemyst - Sep 4, 2005 4:47 pm (#125 of 2980)

Lina, I love the avatar! They look like they could be used on boggarts.

 ***drums fingers weighing if I want to jump in to comment on Kim's comment***
.............yeah, I think I will.
Next for what? --Kim
Vlad was referring to Kim Clijsters of tennis, my former avatar. –Finn

Kim has a wonderfully droll and understated sense of humor. I'm about 110% sure she knew the imposter-Kim was a tennis player.

Edit to add: Thanks so much for the update RPS!


Round Pink Spider - Sep 4, 2005 4:48 pm (#126 of 2980)

Gee, all this talk about spiders makes me feel right at home...

I have some information for you about Barb (Phoenix Song) and GryffEndora. GryffEndora lives near Minneapolis, and I'm in correspondence with her, so I can tell you personally that she's fine.

I was in daily phone contact with Barb from before the hurricane until last Wednesday, then she called me again today. She evacuated to Houston Sunday morning. It was a very bad trip. She said it took 11 1/2 hours instead of 5 1/2, and her mother's air conditioner broke partway through the trip. The heat index was something like 115 degrees, so it was apparently pretty horrible.

She and her family stayed in a hotel in Houston until about Wednesday. I think that Elanor let you know that she saw Rebecca (Applepie) while she was there. Then on Wednesday they headed back to Louisiana, to see if they could reach their house, take pictures for insurance, rescue their pets, and see if their family members were still alive.

She called me less than an hour ago. The signal was very poor and I could barely hear her, but I think I got the gist of the information. Her house is more or less intact. She lost part of her roof, but her house could be repaired. All her family members are alive, and her pets are OK.

Her mother's house across the street is probably a total loss -- the roof is gone, and it sounded like there was other damage. Her husband's parents' house is totally gone, just missing except for the front. She says it looks like a war zone.

She commented to me that she knows where TBE lives, and TBE's house would be under about 20 feet of water. But she's quite certain that TBE would have evacuated.


Steve Newton - Sep 4, 2005 5:09 pm (#127 of 2980)

Good to hear from you RPS. I am glad for the update on our missing persons. Their experience is so far from anything that I have known that I cannot imagine what it would be like. I live less than a mile from the Delaware River and can't imagine its waters making it to my house.


Denise P. - Sep 4, 2005 5:44 pm (#128 of 2980)

Yikes, I hope TBE made it out and is safely sheltered somewhere!!


Choices - Sep 4, 2005 5:53 pm (#129 of 2980)

I have to relate my spider story - we have what is called garden spiders or banana spiders. They are yellow and black and huge - probably four or five inches long (legs) with a body that is about an inch and a half long. We have two that have built webs outside our windows and they are wonderful in that they eat flies and mosquitos. Of course, they are named Aragog 1 and Aragog 2 and we have the best time watching them. Other than being huge and scary looking, they are harmless.


Finn BV - Sep 4, 2005 6:10 pm (#130 of 2980)

Kim has a wonderfully droll and understated sense of humor. –Chemyst

I will keep an eye out.

Thanks for the update RPS. I'm sure TBE will be around soon, it's just that getting to a computer is not her top priority at the moment, I'm sure. My prayers.


Round Pink Spider - Sep 4, 2005 6:12 pm (#131 of 2980)

Choices, where do you live? Because I am NEVER going there.


Choices - Sep 4, 2005 6:18 pm (#132 of 2980)

Mobile, Alabama LOL


Stephanie M. - Sep 4, 2005 6:33 pm (#133 of 2980)

Thanks for the news RPS! I'm sure TBE would have evacuated.

I think I totally missed something about Kim. Well, I haven't heard her tell a joke or anything... Yeah, I definitely missed something. The last thing I remember was I was saying that she will lose because Finn had her as his avatar, therefore jinxing her.

Federer is playing now!!! Finn don't jinx him! He did win the first set though...

*Mutters off saying something about Kim having a sense of humor.*


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 4, 2005 6:34 pm (#134 of 2980)

Chemyst, you're making me . Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 1437562208

Choices, where do you live? Because I am NEVER going there.---Round Pink Spider

This is why I live in New England, where it gets sufficiently cold every winter to keep all the bugs to a reasonable size. We have yellow and black garden spiders as well--but I've only seen them get to be about an inch and a half, two tops.

Denise, has anything arrived in the mail lately?

EDIT: *Mutters off saying something about Kim having a sense of humor.*---Stephanie M.

Hey! I heard that!


Round Pink Spider - Sep 4, 2005 7:15 pm (#135 of 2980)

I'm with you, Kim. Here in MN, the biggest I've ever seen were about 2", and that's wa-a-a-ay big enough for me (despite my nickname). I'm not particularly afraid of spiders and snakes, but I don't care for cuddling up with them, either. (Or scorpions... or alligators...) Ridiculously cold temperatures do have their uses.


Stephanie M. - Sep 4, 2005 7:36 pm (#136 of 2980)

I'm soo confused!! LOL.

Oh! Wait! I get it now!!! Wow! I can't believe I was still thinking Kim Clijsters!!!

*smacks head into really hard object and falls over but gets back up because the pizza is here*

Oh! Federer won!!! Yay! Finn, your avatars might not be jinxes after all!!!


Puck - Sep 4, 2005 7:55 pm (#137 of 2980)

Yes, Lina, still here, still no news. I can tell you despite a few old wives tales, neither Mexican food nor ginger did the trick. So, now I'm once again no longer hoping for labor, but wanting to delay it for a few days, as my girl has her first day of preschool on Thursday.

I thought it was funny that "MASH" was on the TV this afternoon, and my daughter after a quick glimpse at the Radar charter asked if it was Harry Potter!

Virgoddess, love the avatar. I have a photo of my hubby and myself in a similar pose taken on our honeymoon. I love Disney!

Time to sleep!



Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 4, 2005 9:49 pm (#138 of 2980)

Denise and Marie I'm sorry I'm not familiar with either book you mentioned. I'll keep an eye out for them.

I'm glad so many Forum members are OK.

Verity welcome to the chat thread! You are right people here are very caring.

Her oh ninny please send me the PoA spoof link. LPO


Snuffles - Sep 5, 2005 12:52 am (#139 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny, will you send me the spoof PoA too?

In the UK last night, they showed Jaws (AGAIN!!) as it is the films 30th anniversary. I am probably the only person not to know this, but the music was composed by John Williams! I really didn't know

I hope that TBE is ok and is able to make contact soon.

Puck. Don't know if it really works, but a spoon of castor oil is supposed to help induce labour! (if you manage to keep it down long enough!!)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.



The giant squid - Sep 5, 2005 12:53 am (#140 of 2980)

Here's hoping "Labor Day" turns out to have a double meaning for Puck after all...


Lina - Sep 5, 2005 6:15 am (#141 of 2980)

Pleasant labor day to everyone who celebrates. We celebrate it here on a totally different date.

Thank you very much, RPS, on your detailed (as much as it was possible) report. It is nice to see you around. I keep hoping that TBE managed to get with her horses somewhere safe.

Puck, my first daughter came into world 10 days too late. I was lucky with the other two not to know the day they were supposed to come, so I didn't have to worry.

Chemyst, my boggart would most certainly be the spider. I'll just have to keep in mind the way to get rid of him in the case I meet one.

Have a pleasant week everyone!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 5, 2005 7:17 am (#142 of 2980)

Hay, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn - Have you seen any Croatian players on US open (Ivan Ljubièiæ, Mario Anèiæ, Ivo Karloviæ)? They are good and I hope that one day they will be good as Goran Ivaniševiæ.

Today was the first day of school and it was pretty good. We get two new students. Melanie came from Germany and finally there is someone as tall as I am. Patrik is from some other school in Rijeka. Only one thing wasn't good. We were making a new plan of sitting and I am sitting with the worst boy in our class. I would so like if I could sit with Melanie because she sits alone. Tomorrow we have Two new subjects which we get in seventh grade (Physics, Chemistry). This is the last day without homework.

Happy Labor Day to all who are celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Denise P. - Sep 5, 2005 7:27 am (#143 of 2980)

Oh, the castor oil idea is not a good one, for many reasons. I know women that have done it and the results are not pretty.

I thought we would have a fairly relaxing day. A friend just called. She is a Red Cross worker and has been called down to a local shelter to help deal with Hurricane victims that are arriving. Her sitter had agreed last night to watch her kids but then called this morning to say she decided to go shopping in Nashville instead. @@ How rude!! Had my friend been told this last night, she could have arranged another sitter. I can't believe the first one (and an adult, no less!) gave her 15 minutes notice that she was not going to take the kids after all. So I am taking her two younger kids for the day while she goes down to work. TN has something like 15,000 hurricane victims here and I think my town is getting at least 1000 of them.

I am off to go clean guinea pig cages...whee!

Oh, Kim....yes...didn't you get my email? I will send it again since obviously you didn't. Gotta love technology!


Puck - Sep 5, 2005 7:53 am (#144 of 2980)

What's 2 more, hey Denise? It's so nice of you, especially with a new baby in the house. Going shopping? Yes, great excuse. That's way more important than helping those who have lost everything.

I've heard the castor oil thing, and didn't try it, as I too have heard it can have nasty side effects. Actually, I am now anxious to not go into labor, as I would not be home from the hospital to see Maya off for her first day of school, which is Thursday. (Baby likely has the same heart condition as myself and my boy, so we will need to stay longer than usual to get her stabilized on meds.)

My first two were both born the Wednesday before their due dates, just before 3 pm. That would mean this Wednesday afternoon if the pattern sticks. I'm hoping not, as it would be so sad not to be there for my other girl. (Of course, I would have a better excuse than shopping.)


Snuffles - Sep 5, 2005 8:14 am (#145 of 2980)

Forget I mentioned the castor oil thing then!! I had it mentioned to me when I was overdue, but I declined to try it, not because I had heard of any side effects, it was just the thought! **shudder**. I had a craving for hot curries near the end so I kept telling hubby that was the way to induce labour, so he kept getting me them. Hee hee I was so crabby by the end he was willing to try absolutely anything!

Puck. Hope you are still at home when Maya goes for her first day at school.

Denise, is there such a thing as a relaxing day in your house?



Marie E. - Sep 5, 2005 9:22 am (#146 of 2980)

I was at Barnes and Noble last night and I noticed they have a display of pirate books under the heading Talk Like A Pirate Day September 19th. Who knew it had gotten that popular? I am going to buy my kindergarteners eye patches to wear on that day. Fun, fun.


Gina R Snape - Sep 5, 2005 10:14 am (#147 of 2980)

Ladybug220, your Firenze bears a striking resemblance to my Nymphadora! Of course, she too loves to make a toy out of any moving insect. But I encourage this, as I'd have to catch and kill it myself. This way she does it for me and then I can just flush it down the toilet!

I'm at work today and still trying to catch up. It's so lovely outside and nobody else is here because of the holiday and I just want to go back to bed or maybe lay in the sun awhile!


T Brightwater - Sep 5, 2005 12:03 pm (#148 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny, I'd like that link too, please. Thanks in advance.

RPS, tell GryffEndora we miss her.


Dr Filibuster - Sep 5, 2005 1:53 pm (#149 of 2980)

RPS, thanks for the update. I wondered why Barb's journey was so awful after her mom's hair conditioner failed (the words "priorities" and "needs to sort out" sprang to mind). Now I just reckon I need an eye test.

Like the rest of the world, I've been watching news on the aftermath of Katrina with mounting horror. All your reports are appreciated. Even with all the pictures on tv it's difficult to imagine what it's like.

The Red Cross have provided invaluable relief, the marines are in at last, but what I want to know is...when will the Extreme Makeover (house) team turn up?

**Toddles off for a butterbeer, thinking about TBE and wishing her well**


Catherine - Sep 5, 2005 3:14 pm (#150 of 2980)

Thanks for the updates on our members, RPS. I join everyone in hoping that TBE has evacuated safely.

I spent most of today at work making copies. It was lovely to have the copy machine to myself, and to be able to connect with the school's server and update some records. I can't wait for my chatty class to come tomorrow morning and realize that I've rearranged the seating chart. Bwahahaha...

I think we shall investigate vector-born diseases in Africa tomorrow. That sounds more interesting than reading Chapter 3 about "Climate and Vegetation." I'm bringing in food samples (No, Kim, I did NOT cook anything myself! ) so that they can try some cassava (tapioca pudding), dates, and cocoa beans (form of Hershey kisses), all of which are grown there.

So, mosquitoes, malaria, and chocolate. Sounds like an interesting combo.

So while we won't be talking about big spiders or flying cockroaches, we will be looking at the Tsetse fly...that's not a bug someone has mentioned so far! The sleeping sickness reminded me of the Draught of Living Death, which proves that everything comes back to Harry Potter or the Forum in the end.

*waves to Kim and Loopy Lupin; it's been an age!*
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TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 5, 2005 3:27 pm (#151 of 2980)

...toddles and wobbles back into the chat thread...

Thank you all for the well wishes! We stayed, are all ok. Been a rough week...but I can do nothing but hurt for those on the Gulf Coast. We were in the outer western eyewall sections, winds sustained at 142 MPH. This almost 100 year old house stood well, shook and shuddered occassionally, lost a lot of shingles, but stood like a trooper. Told the hubby once, wake me when we set down in Oz. My horses are fine, wet, a tad wind-blown, but fine. Family is all safe and fed, though my daughter and 8 month old grandson lost all, house, car, everything: but saved their lives!

Thank you again, all the thoughts and prayers stood us well.

Pam and Family

...toddles off in a daze still!...

Edit: My poor trees didn't do as well, lost the top out of one 100 year old cedar tree in front of the house. Hurricane Andrew got the top out of it's sibling sapling. 150+ year old oaks did the watusi, but stood! Got one on each side of house.


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2005 3:33 pm (#152 of 2980)

TBE!! I am so glad to see that you and yours are doing well and came through intact. Many were very worried about you, very pleased to see you check in!!


Winky Woo - Sep 5, 2005 3:44 pm (#153 of 2980)

Just checking the forum before I went to bed to see if there was any news of you TBE! I'm so relieved to know that you are ok! I know I don't post on this thread usually, thank you for letting us all know that you (and the horses) are safe, you have been in so many people thoughts and prayers.



Lavandula - Sep 5, 2005 3:45 pm (#154 of 2980)

TBE, I'm new to the forum just this weekend, but I have been reading for several months and have sent loads of prayers your way!! I even looked up your city on the map and told my husband about how everyone was hoping the best for you and your family. We'll keep praying for your daughter and the rest of the Gulf Coast.

Lavandula, aka Cathy


Round Pink Spider - Sep 5, 2005 3:59 pm (#155 of 2980)

TBE, I'm very glad you've made it back online! Barb was under the impression that your house would be underwater where it was located, so I guess she might be mistaken about where you live. I'm glad you, your house, trees, and horses made it through!

Barb still has no electricity where she is, and no way of getting online, so I'm acting as her voice on the Forum. She called me again today, and I was able to hear her a little better. Her house lost a bit of the roof, she's lost some siding, and she has some water damage in the house. She's also lost some very large trees, but fortunately they didn't hit her house. Most of her family has been nowhere near as fortunate, sadly.

TBE, I'll let Barb know the good news.


Finn BV - Sep 5, 2005 3:59 pm (#156 of 2980)

TBE, I'm so glad to see you back!! And your house stood? Wow, the damage to you sounds minimal compared to some of the stories I've seen. Glad you're okay!

Kate, I have seen all three of the Croatians you mentioned – there was much talk when they beat the US in the Davis Cup this year – however, I think they've all lost by now! But they're all making headlines – especially Karlovic, who is 6'10"! (2.08 meters!) God, he's enormous. I saw him play once, you think you're about the size of a house-elf.

And how about James Blake! I'm rooting for him all the way!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 5, 2005 4:51 pm (#157 of 2980)

Finn, we were lucky. The shingles and siding on the north side of my house are all but gone, but after this week’s war zone, those are not a bother.

Denise? "I imagine that the Forum is also low on the list of places to check in with." I still can't believe checking in with our "family" is a top priority! We not even going to mention the relentless pull of an HP obsession!

...toddles off pondering live without checking to the Lex forum...still can't wrap my brain around that one, LOL...


Marè - Sep 5, 2005 5:00 pm (#158 of 2980)

Hurray for the good news! So glad that you and your family are okay Pam!

I'm sending some extra strengthening charms to your daughter, sounds like she needs them.


Stephanie M. - Sep 5, 2005 5:01 pm (#159 of 2980)

TBE!!!! You're alright!!! At least your family is safe!! I hope everyone else is doing OK.

I saw him play once, you think you're about the size of a house-elf.—Finn

Finn, I think I'll look like a Cornish Pixie compared to him!! You're at least 6 inches taller than me!!! (OMG that's half a foot! I never realized that!)

I just started to realize that school starts for me on Thursday, and I feel like I still have a ton of things do before then! I think I'll go crazy! (I kinda wish school starts so I can get over the whole "I must do all of this before school starts" thing. But I'll just have to do as much as I can before then.) I can't wait until I get to see all of my friends though!!!

Stay safe everyone!! I hope all of you had a great Labor Day!


Ydnam96 - Sep 5, 2005 5:04 pm (#160 of 2980)

TBE! yay, I'm so glad you are okay!

I went to the Red Cross meeting. It's so overwhelming. The chapter that is in our area, the San Gabriel Valley Chapter, has made an agreement with our Univ. to use us as a training and mobilization center. We will be providing space for them to train and get teams ready to go out to the affected areas. The statistics are crazy, but depressing so I won't share them. Thousands of people will be coming through in the next 6 months for training and being sent out to help. He said that this is the largest disaster that the Red Cross has ever been involved in on US soil!

(For anyone in the LA area, if you are interested in going to help for 9 or 21 days you can contact Azusa Pacific University, ask for the Office of Student Life and mention you are interested in going to help the Red Cross, or the San Gabriel Valley Red Cross. They pay ALL expenses for the trip and training. They need thousands of people.)

Our first big training weekend is the 17th and 18th. I'm happy we can help. Smile

So today was the first "official" day of the academic work year for me. Even though our students don't start school till Weds. We had to be at work in meetings and such all day. Guess it really is "Labor Day"

So Puck, anything yet? Sending happy thoughts Smile

I'm gonna go take a nap.

Prayers for all in the south.


Eponine - Sep 5, 2005 5:08 pm (#161 of 2980)

TBE, I'm so relieved to hear you're safe. We've all been worried about you! I'm glad your house and your horses are okay too.


timrew - Sep 5, 2005 5:17 pm (#162 of 2980)

TBE, from someone who doesn't know you at all - but you must be okay or you wouldn't be on this forum, I'm glad that you're all right!

Not being used to that kind of weather in the UK, I cannot begin to imagine what you've been through; but I'm so happy that you and all your family are safe. Live long and prosper!


Chemyst - Sep 5, 2005 6:13 pm (#163 of 2980)

Wow, it was great to see you toddle back onto my monitor TBE! And to hear that your family, daughter, grandson, & horses also weathered the storm. You described the house and trees, what about the barn?

Denise, your town is getting a thousand victims? I've been assuming you are somewhere near Fort Campbell, and aren't most of the towns around there pretty small? We have about 200 known evacuees in our county. There are more, but those staying with family & friends don't show up on the list. Our county has also sent about 20 male deputies to Louisiana for a week. They were sworn in and given the authority to perform police duties. The female deputies stayed behind to check gas stations for price-gouging infractions. ( OK, that may be a bit simplistic, but not totally inaccurate.)

Tsetse fly trivia for Catherine: The only place where fossil remains of tsetse flies have been found outside Africa is at the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado. (I doubt Marie will add that tour to her forum gathering next summer, but the best explanation of how the fossils got there just might be, "It's magic!")

Mandy, is the training for a Red Cross team as short as a single weekend? And do you know what kind of things the training covers?

Puck, in my experience, the third kid is nothing like the first two, so there is hope she'll break the Wednesday's Child pattern.


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2005 6:42 pm (#164 of 2980)

Chemyst, my friend who is with the Red Cross processed 400 families today, I believe we already had several hundred in the shelter here and there are an unknown number of victims who are staying with family. The local Red Cross is expecting more to arrive still.

I can see the lights from Ft Campbell if I stood on my roof Even though I live in TN, I am on the border (less than a mile from it) and actually, the majority of Ft Campbell is in TN as well...the post office is on the KY side though. Odd facts: a KY marriage license can be used at any chapel on Ft Campbell but a TN one can only be used on the TN side. All babies born on Ft Campbell have TN birth certificates since the hospital is on the TN side.

Clarksville, the town outside of Ft Campbell, is one of the largest in TN. I believe we are the 5th largest in the state and have a population of close to or just over 120,000. But yes, for the most part, most of the towns around Ft Campbell are small and no one has ever heard of them (ever hear of Possum Trot, KY? )


Marie E. - Sep 5, 2005 6:45 pm (#165 of 2980)

I'm not sure how many evacuees we have here, but I know there are a few families so far. One family got a ride with some friends who have family here. This is a family of four who lost everything. One of our radio stations, 99.9 FM, has a DJ on a balcony of a bar called Bourbon Street and he's going to broadcast from there until he gets $99,900 in donations. He's at around $55,000 right now. Anyway, this family calls in and says that the first thing they need is a car so they can begin to look for jobs, housing, etc. A car dealership calls up and says "we've got a car for you". I was listening to the radio when the family showed up to collect the car. It was very hard to drive while crying, let me tell you!

TBE, it's great to hear from you! I'm glad that you and your family (and horses) made through alive and well.

Edit: Possum Trot! I think certain towns are doomed to be small just by their names. My home state of North Dakota has some doozies.


Puck - Sep 5, 2005 7:24 pm (#166 of 2980)

TBE, we were so worried! What a relief. I'm actually amazed you got your internet connection back already, but very glad you did. Best to your daughter and her boy. I hope they rode out the storm at your house!

Well, Labor Day wasn't. Hopefully I can get through a couple more days. Chemyst, hoping your right about #3 breaking the mold.

Goodnight to all!



dizzy lizzy - Sep 5, 2005 7:35 pm (#167 of 2980)

Oh wow! That is good news TBE. I am so pleased to hear you are safe and sound and the Horsies are OK.



kaykay1970 - Sep 5, 2005 8:04 pm (#168 of 2980)

TBE I'm so glad that you and your family made it through the storm!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 5, 2005 8:55 pm (#169 of 2980)

TBE I raise a glass of Butterbeer to you! I am glad you, your family and horses are safe and well. I hope your family gets the help they need to get back on their feet.

Our school is starting a fundraiser for the hurricane survivors. One million people displaced. It boggles the mind.

Puck I hope the baby is good and arrives after Wednesday. Denise wonderful avatar! LPO


Dame Peverell - Sep 5, 2005 9:11 pm (#170 of 2980)

TBE ~ Little tears fell when I read you made it through the storm OK. We were all really very worried about you and your family and having you back safe is bigger than good news, it's warming to our hearts. Do you know yet what the affects will be on your jobs and schools etc.?


Ydnam96 - Sep 5, 2005 9:23 pm (#171 of 2980)

The training for people who are non-professionals can actually be done in one day. If you are a nurse or psychiatrist/counselor they have one or two more sessions they want you to do, but it is possible that the training can still be in one day. They are telling our students, faculty, staff, and community members here that the trips are 9 days (two travel days, 7 working) the training should only be one day. Our chapter leader said he had people processed and trained Friday and on the plane by the afternoon! So I think they are doing things as quickly as possible. If you are interested just call the local Red Cross, I'm sure they are all in desperate need of workers. Even if it is just to help answer phone calls that they are getting.



Elanor - Sep 5, 2005 9:53 pm (#172 of 2980)

TBE!!!!!!!! I'm so happy and relieved to hear that you and your horses are safe! We've been so worried!

**starting to dance in her office even if it is not 7 am yet**

Have a great night/day everybody!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 5, 2005 10:11 pm (#173 of 2980)

TBE, really happy to know you made it through, I will keep your daughter and her family in my good thoughts. From way up here where I live, anything I can do to help, seems so inadequate to the need. Glad that you made it.

During the Christmas holidays, I celebrate the traditional "3 Kings Day". In certain countries the 3 Kings deliver gifts on January 6. My six year old daughter asked my husband where the Three Stooges were (he let them see a video). When he told her they were dead, she looked surprised and asked "but who brings the gifts on 3 stooges day"? I guess I need to do more reinforcement of that holiday tradition.

Tomorrow is finally the first day of school. I was supposed to have re-organized my house over the summer since I start work on the same day. Unfortunately it didn't work. I have bags upon bags of clothes that I am getting rid of, and more bags than I imagined of new clothes. (our entire town participates in hand-me-downs, everything is in piles of to pass down to the next family, new to my kids, and to give to the "Planet Aid" donation box) The house is mess. Heaven help us get through our first morning of school.


Ponine - Sep 5, 2005 11:35 pm (#174 of 2980)

I have a paper due in a few hours, but could not help myself - I had to read on to make sure everyone was safe. I am so relieved and happy to hear that you are all safe. On a personal note I must add that I am also extremely glad to hear that your animals made it! I feel so powerless here, I putz around in North Dakota, worrying about insignificant things such as papers when so many people are struggling and have lost everything - isn't there anything we can do? I feel so useless... Catherine - are you aware of any action the Humane Society might consider taking? Hugs from Ponine


Snuffles - Sep 6, 2005 12:15 am (#175 of 2980)

TBE!! Glad to see you back on the forum and that you are ok. After seeing the pictures and hearing the stories, everyone was very worried.

Is this everyone now? are all our forum members accounted for?



The giant squid - Sep 6, 2005 1:58 am (#176 of 2980)

This almost 100 year old house stood well—TBE

They built 'em well in the old days, didn't they? I'm glad you & your family came through okay.

As for weird town names...Marie, do you remember Hopulikit, GA? (pronounced "hope you like it") I think the whole town consisted of a post office, a convenience store and three houses at a highway crossroads.

I feel so powerless here, I putz around in North Dakota—Ponine

That's a feeling you'll have to get used to, I'm afraid...although very rarely Fargo actually has something worth doing.



T Brightwater - Sep 6, 2005 5:50 am (#177 of 2980)

TBE!!! Thank God! Glad to hear you're okay.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 6, 2005 7:49 am (#178 of 2980)

TBE!!! So glad to hear you're alright!!

Okay, I got on the forum this morning for the first time since Thursday and wow!! You guys had a busy weekend. There are almost too many posts for me to get through! But, my weekend was well worth not being anywhere near a computer.

Friday I flew back to Cleveland from DC and then left right away to drive down to Columbus to pick up my football tickets. Spent Friday night down there, slept on a hard wood floor, and was awoken at 630am by my friends to start tail-gating!! Needless to say, it was worth the lack of sleep, the Bucks wiped the floor with Miami Ohio and now I'm already getting pumped for the big game this weekend against Texas!!!

Sunday I went to the Cleveland Air Show and that was really cool. Then my friends took me to the movies for my birthday, and then I spent Monday shopping with my mom for my birthday.

Anyway, it was great reading everyone's posts from this weekend, and I'm so glad we're learning our friends in the South are okay. For now I'm off to check the threads!



Stephanie M. - Sep 6, 2005 8:10 am (#179 of 2980)

Happy Belated Birthday Soul Mate!! I wish you many more!

I'm glad everyone is doing alright.

Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 6, 2005 8:11 am (#180 of 2980)

Thanks Stephanie!!



Choices - Sep 6, 2005 9:25 am (#181 of 2980)

TBE - so glad to see you back!!!!! {{{hugs}}} Things are getting back to normal here in Mobile. My church is taking in some homeless folks from the hard hit areas and we are going to have two or three cruise ships anchored here to house people - about 7 thousand. Many of our schools were damaged and won't start back until the 12th of Sept. or later. Some lucky ones that were not damaged have started back already and we have many new children who came here from Miss. and Louisiana to go to school. It is still difficult to get gas - long lines and waits of two or three hours sometimes to fill up. That is getting better though each day. Grocery stores are open, but it is hard to get meat, dairy or frozen foods - shelves are just about empty. Everything else is OK though. Every house has a huge pile of tree limbs in front. Don't know when trash pickup will begin, but garbage pickup started back today. All but about 6000 in this area have electricity back on. Things are looking up. :-)


Puck - Sep 6, 2005 10:05 am (#182 of 2980)

Glad to hear your town is managing to get up on its feet, Choices. Any progress that this point must seem wonderful. I saw the president of Tulane University on the news. He said damage to the school is minimal, but reopening really depends on how long it takes for public services (water, sewer, electric) to get up and running again. Made me realize that even if the buildings in an area aren't badly damaged the loss of services can really impact the ability to get on with things.

Massachusetts has an airbase that has schools, etc... set up to take in families, and they should start arriving today.

Mrs. Sirius, I get you on the clothes thing. For about a month the nursery was packed with boxes full of kids old clothes for me to sort through what I keep for baby, what I give away. Plus, my sister-in-law gave me a couple of huge bins full of clothes for my girls, so I needed to sort through that as well. (No way to keep it all, as her kids have so many clothes I couldn't possibly fit all of them into the dresser.) Maternity clothes are going ASAP. I finally got it all done, but it was no small feat. (Of course, the baby boy clothes are in boxes stacked in the basement, just in case our daughter surprises us and turns out to be a son. Once she's confirmed a girl, it all goes.)

Wandering off to the kitchen to make lunch. So quiet here with just Maya and me. Blissfully so.



Stephanie M. - Sep 6, 2005 11:08 am (#183 of 2980)

I saw the president of Tulane University on the news. He said damage to the school is minimal, but reopening really depends on how long it takes for public services (water, sewer, electric) to get up and running again.—Puck

One of my sister's friends was going to go to Tulane and they said that they would probably start school next semester because they can't really start school in the middle of a semester. Then they would offer more classes over next summer to make up for the missed time. OR they would offer some classes this semester and they would make those classes extra long so they can make up for all of the time out of school. I hope that made some sense. I feel like I didn't explain it very well.

I know you want to have your baby after Thursday but I have heard that if you eat a spoonful of salt before you go to bed then it can help induce labor. I doubt it works, but it sounds safer than other methods.


Dr Filibuster - Sep 6, 2005 12:37 pm (#184 of 2980)

Urgh! Eat a spoonful of salt.

Choices, wow your city seems to be recovering quickly. One question though, what's the difference between garbage and trash?

TBE; one of Fred and George's impromptu parties is required to celebrate your safe and sound Forum return. I'll bring the fireworks. I suppose you're low on butterbeer stocks as well?


T Brightwater - Sep 6, 2005 12:59 pm (#185 of 2980)

I think this occasion calls for oak-matured mead, if not Ogden's Old Firewhiskey.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 6, 2005 1:07 pm (#186 of 2980)

Cheers T Brightwater! I think Ogden's Old Firewhiskey is most definitely required for this occasion!



Snuffles - Sep 6, 2005 1:14 pm (#187 of 2980)

I'll have a glass of oak-matured mead, as long as it isn't from Slughorn's stash!

Cheers everybody!


Stephanie M. - Sep 6, 2005 1:37 pm (#188 of 2980)

Well, since I'm only 13 I think I'll have some butterbeer. (Or pumpkin juice.)

Cheers to everyone!


Lina - Sep 6, 2005 2:37 pm (#189 of 2980)

Pam, thank you for letting us know that you are safe! I'm glad that you, your family and the horses are safe. Sorry about your daughter's house and everything else she lost. I wish to all of you affected by Katrina to have your lives back to normal as soon as possible.

I'm happy for all of you who have the opportunity to help. It is indeed a great feeling - to be able to do something to make the tragedy less painful.

Catherine, I thought you were the English teacher, not a Geography teacher. Where did I turn wrong?

I had a moment of panic today. I went to walk my dog and the staircase was smelling badly of gas. It seemed necessary to find out where was this gas coming from, and it seemed that half of the people in the building were not at home as well. I already had pictures of explosions and suffocated people in my mind. But fortunately, we found the source of leaking gas, it was settled and nobody was hurt. Better for these things to happen in the summer than in the winter.

My daughter (Veronika) seems to be quite satisfied with the new school. It is a relief for me. The interesting thing is that her main teacher (classmaster?) in the old school was the English teacher, and her main teacher in the new school is the English teacher, and Katarina's main teacher is another English teacher as well. (Just keep in mind that English is the foreign language here)


Catherine - Sep 6, 2005 3:21 pm (#190 of 2980)

Lina, you are correct that I am quite untrained in Geography and Social Studies.

I teach 7th grade Humanities, which at our school is "English and Social Studies." The course starts with Africa, so hence my sudden desperate immersion interest in non-Western literature and history.

We are preparing to start the young adult novel Journey to Jo'burg by Beverly Naidoo and will also do a series of African fables and myths. I am always struck by how similar they are across cultures. Fortunately, my students have read Greek myths, so they have a basis for context and comparison.

The students have a morbid fascination with the disease aspect, and some awe at the scope of the problem of TB, malaria, and other diseases in Africa, so we may be investigating them more tomorrow. I got some groans today when I instituted an "African Country Current Events" oral report on Fridays, but once the students started reading the African news, they got hooked. One particularly "clowning" type of student is dressing up as a CIA operative and giving us a top-secret report. I expect to be highly amused.

Meanwhile, I still don't have the highly touted Social Studies textbook. We have 33 students in the 7th grade, and they only bought 16 CDs, and are unable to copy them. So I am still "running off copies" of our textbook.

I realized that, as of today, my time in this classroom is 1/3 over. It seems strange to think that I have to turn them over to their "real" teacher in just a few weeks....

Tsetse fly trivia for Catherine: The only place where fossil remains of tsetse flies have been found outside Africa is at the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado.—Chemyst

Now, how cool is that?!


Finn BV - Sep 6, 2005 3:30 pm (#191 of 2980)

While TBE toddles off for a butterbeer, I hope she gets one for me as well. I'll take that in celebration.

Lina, for "main teacher" we would probably say "homeroom teacher" – this is the teacher who you go to parent conferences with, no?

Steph and I go back to school Thursday…… the suspense is killing me! I have the greatest homeroom teacher (speaking of homeroom teachers ) and I can't wait!! (The only thing is, I'll lose time on the forum. But I bring my laptop to school every day and often do work on it… maybe I'll sneak in a trip to WX… )

Jenn, belated happy birthday. And do you mind my asking why you always sign your posts "-Jenn "? Don't make yourself out to be completely stumped!


Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2005 3:42 pm (#192 of 2980)

I'm just back onto the Forum after a brief Labor Day getaway to the mountains -- we visited family and attended our hometown County Agricultural Fair. Little Pince had such a great time riding all the carnival rides, and I have to say that you haven't lived until you've seen a bunch of kids run a hog through an obstacle course!

I am so glad to hear that our Forum members in the hurricane-ravaged areas are safe! What a terrible tragedy that was -- it makes the heart ache to see so many who have lost everything. I feel so humble and grateful for the things we have everyday which we so often take for granted. Here we let ourselves worry about silly little mundane things like the next-door neighbors who let water stagnate in their little plastic pool which breeds mosquitoes, and there are people in the storm-struck areas who are surrounded by a lot more than a pool-full of water, and that water is full of lots worse than mosquitoes. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by the storm, and also to those who are there working to try to help bring back some order from all the chaos. It must truly be a logistical nightmare to try to organize. Cheering and Drying Charms to all!

Those Forum members who are otherwise in contact with Forumers who haven't or aren't able to post here, do please let them know how we were thinking of them and missing them and wishing them well!

A friend of ours is a firefighter who has been deployed down to the hurricane area to help, and his 7-year-old daughter took her own initiative and did all the work to open a lemonade and cupcake stand to "earn money to send to the Red Cross to help all the kids who lost their moms and dads." What a sweet girl!

Jenn, belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a terrific day!

On the creature front -- I'm rather with Elanor on the "number of legs" thing. Something about multiple legs wriggling fast is just plain old icky. Well, actually I think it's a two-fold thing for me -- overall size, and number of legs. Basically, if it's got more than four legs and is larger than, say, a tennis ball, I want absolutely nothing to do with it! (Sometimes even four legs; crocodiles and Komodo dragons spring to mind.) That said, I did see the most lovely black-and-yellow garden spider this weekend at my aunt's house, and I just admired the craftsmanship of his web and left him alone. The webs really are amazing.

We got back late from a long day of driving home last night, and so decided to stop and get Chinese food rather than try to cook at home. K-Mart is right next door to the Chinese food place, so we whiled away ten minutes in there while the food was being prepared. We made the probably-typical-parent-of-only-one-kid mistake of purchasing a Halloween costume while Little Pince was right there and could see it -- he has wanted to go as Buzz Lightyear for ages. So anyway, all day today he has not taken the costume off except in, er, dire need, and also at mealtimes (because "space rangers don't want to spill on their suits.") Apparently he plans to wear it continually from now until he outgrows it. I just hope it holds together until Halloween. I am not optimistic, since it is made out of the cheapest materials imaginable.

Very ironic after all the flooding with the hurricane, but we have had a drought of about two weeks duration. Only three of my outdoor plants made it through our absence over Labor Day, and the grass is now a lovely beige which "crisps" when you walk on it. Oh well, it was almost time to dump out the potted annuals anyway, they were starting to get that "August-sad" look about them. Bring on the mums!

Puck, skip the castor oil and try some turtle-sundae ice cream (it worked for one of my best friends.) And, hey, if it doesn't work, well, it was turtle-sundae ice cream at any rate, so how bad can that be?! I'll try to think about you right before my bedtime so maybe I'll have a dream (it worked for Denise, didn't it!?)


Choices - Sep 6, 2005 5:48 pm (#193 of 2980)

LOL Garbage = Household (Kitchen scraps, etc.) Trash = Limbs, bags of leaves, old appliances, mattresses, etc.


Marie E. - Sep 6, 2005 6:04 pm (#194 of 2980)

I have actually seen a Tsetse fly fossil from the Florissant Fossil Beds! Sorry, got excited about nothing apparently. We had a park ranger from the Fossil Beds come to our daycare this summer and show the kids how to hunt for fossils. They got to hammer away at real rocks. It was pretty cool.

We had a very Septemberish type of day here, middle sixties and rain off and on.

I remember buying costumes early two years ago and Lexie wearing hers constantly. It was this odd Pegasus/unicorn thing. Shayla's was an angel that year and I asked her if she was being ironic. This year she wants to be a mad scientist. *evil laughter*


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 6, 2005 7:46 pm (#195 of 2980)

Choices I'm glad some things are getting back on track in your city.

Catherine check out the new National Geographic. It is devoted to Africa. Do you have access to a networked computer lab? You can supplement your "textbooks" with some very good websites on Africa. The BBC website has a good section on current events in Africa. The CIA World Factbook can give you country stats. Good choice on the book Journey to Jo'burg. There are some wonderful African folk tales. LPO


boop - Sep 6, 2005 7:50 pm (#196 of 2980)

Birthday Wishes for Sept.7th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS.SIRIUS!!!! Have a great day!!

I haven't been around for a while. Everyone have a nice day!!!


Puck - Sep 6, 2005 8:11 pm (#197 of 2980)

It's still an hour early here, but happy birthday Mrs. Sirius!

A spoonful of salt...think I'll skip it. Once I get through Maya's big day I won't be so anxious. It's just the waiting game that is so hard. Just another 34 hours then I'm good to go.

Well, not turtle, but I have been enjoying some great new ice cream; Ben and Jerry's Dublin mudslide. Irish cream with choclate cookies and coffee fudge ripple. Soooo yummy!



Amilia Smith - Sep 6, 2005 9:37 pm (#198 of 2980)

Lina's Daddy-Long-Legs avatar got me to thinking . . .

As a kid growing up, I was told that the Daddy-Long-Legs was the most poisonous spider in the world. However, as its mouth is too small to actually bite you, it is safe. I believed this until I grew up and went to college where I took a course on Plants and Animals of the Desert for my Life Science credit. The prof told us that this was not true . . . and I was not the only one shocked and surprised to learn this. Apparently it is just a Great Basin myth, folklore, "urban" legend, if you will, and no one outside of the Great Basin states has heard that Daddy-Long-Legs are poisonous, but we desert rats who grew up there know it for fact, and pass the knowledge on to our friends and younger siblings.

And on the spider theme . . . have fun with Anansi, Catherine. :-)



Mrs. Sirius - Sep 6, 2005 9:56 pm (#199 of 2980)

Ohhhh boop! Thank you, you are so thoughtful. I was trying to get away with saying nothing. One of the triplets has decided that she should announce my age to everyone she meets. The little -*tyke*- although I have refused to tell her my age for the last 2 years,  she remembers and can do the math *ugh%*$#&$

On the spiders and urban myths, I have heard that on average a person eats 8 spiders in their sleep in their life time. Myth?


Snuffles - Sep 6, 2005 10:46 pm (#200 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius, have a great day.

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The giant squid - Sep 6, 2005 11:56 pm (#201 of 2980)

Just keep in mind that English is the foreign language here—Lina

That doesn't seem too surprising to me, Lina. Having tried (and, mostly, failed) to learn a foreign language, I know that to do so requires learning to think differently. Of course, the percentage of Europeans who learn and use a foreign language is probably a lot higher than that of Americans (we tend to assume everyone either knows our language or should learn it immediately), but is still takes some effort. Someone willing to put forth that much effort to not only learn the language but learn it well enough to teach others is definitely put together enough to run things.

Or something.

This year [Shayla] wants to be a mad scientist.--Marie E.

Every year, she becomes more & more like me...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Sirius, and a big ol' Forum-sized hug for Boop!



dizzy lizzy - Sep 7, 2005 12:40 am (#202 of 2980)

I've been having such a nice long quiet week. I am finally making some progress on the great big pile of paperwork on my coffee table - it is now all over the lounge room floor!! Alas earwax...all that work on sorting the papers has given me a headache - so I came on the net to get away from it all.

Mind you I have to tidy it all up - my tax papers are all hidden in there and I really need to get them to the accountant in order to file my tax return!

Belated birthday greetings to Jenn and Happy birthday to Mrs Sirius!



Lina - Sep 7, 2005 2:34 am (#203 of 2980)

Catherine, thank you for the explanation. Your classes sound quite interesting. Your story about diseases reminds me a time, some years ago, when Kate started to have headaches and didn't want to go to school. I had to find out why. It turned out that they had learned about first aid and handling injuries at school that day, what to do and what not to do. And her comment was: "It would be O.K. if the teacher would just count what can happen and what to do, but then other students start telling how they broke their leg and things like that..." And this came from the girl who already had her arm broken and her chin stitched. I admit I didn't expect that.

Thank you Finn, for your explanation, too. I'll have to write it down somewhere.

I should write down somewhere the difference between Garbage and Trash, too.
Maybe I should have my English notebook so many years after school. That's not a bad idea.

And yes, Soul mate for Sirius, happy birthday! Happy birthday Mrs. Sirius, as well! I wish you a great day!

Mike, your remark about Foreign language teachers is interesting. I assumed that most of the people here have English as their first language, the language of the Forum is English, so if someone reads the name of their first language they might assume it is just the first language. I'm pretty sure I would feel that way. And by the difference between the first language and the foreign language I meant that the first one is held 5 hours a week, while the second one is held 2 hours a week. I hope this didn't sound too complicated. But I like your view on the foreign language teachers. The truth is that Kate changed 4 different homeroom teachers () in last two years and they were all wonderful persons. I considered it a luck, but you might be right.


Chemyst - Sep 7, 2005 5:45 am (#204 of 2980)

...you haven't lived until you've seen a bunch of kids run a hog through an obstacle course!   Madam Pince, you are making me homesick. That is the best spectator sport of all time.

All the spider talk sent me to snopes.com     I did a search on "spider" and found 70 matches, so if any of you ever have too much time on your hands...   but they did cover both Amilia's myth (which is indeed false,) and one similar to swallowing spiders in one's sleep; only without the sleeping part, there was this – Claim: The average person swallows eight spiders per year. – False. In a 1993 PC Professional article, columnist Lisa Holst wrote about the ubiquitous lists of "facts" that were circulating via e-mail and how readily they were accepted as truthful by gullible recipients. To demonstrate her point, Holst offered her own made-up list of equally ridiculous "facts," among which was the statistic cited above about the average person's swallowing eight spiders per year, which she took from a collection of common misbeliefs printed in a 1954 book on insect folklore. In a delicious irony, Holst's propagation of this false "fact" has spurred it into becoming one of the most widely-circulated bits of misinformation to be found on the Internet.

This year she wants to be a mad scientist.  The secret to this costume will be finding a proper pair of glasses frames. The last time my son went trick-or-treating, I'd thought he'd be too big to want to go out. (It turns out I underestimated the lure of free candy.) So we had to put together a costume with about five minutes notice. I had an ancient lab coat in the back of my closet; he was tall enough for it to fit him - more or less. But it was the glasses frames that really cinched the mad scientist look. It was one of his best costumes ever, no money, very little effort, why can't all life be so easy?

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 7, 2005 6:01 am (#205 of 2980)

Happy belated birthday Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Mrs. Sirius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny. Both of you have Sirius in your name.

TBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you are OK.



Eponine - Sep 7, 2005 6:18 am (#206 of 2980)

Amilia, I've heard that Daddy-Long-Legs are poisonous too, and I grew up in Tennessee. My husband grew up in North Carolina, and he 'knew' it too.

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating!

My husband starts his new job today. He's going to be traveling a lot, so I'm going to be home alone quite a bit. I don't mind being alone during the day, but nights are going to be a bit more difficult.

I hope everyone is having a great day!


Finn BV - Sep 7, 2005 6:36 am (#207 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius! Good luck to Mr. Eponine on the new job!

Wow, an update to the Muncher's schedule. I don't believe I've seen one of those yet. I better start posting!

Have a good day everyone.


Stephanie M. - Sep 7, 2005 7:23 am (#208 of 2980)

On the spiders and urban myths, I have heard that on average a person eats 8 spiders in their sleep in there life time. Myth?--Mrs. Sirius

I have heard that too!! But I think it was that the average person eats 8 spiders in their sleep in their life time. Instead of on average... .

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius!!!! I hope you have many more wonderful years!!!


Elanor - Sep 7, 2005 7:34 am (#209 of 2980)

Happy belated birthday Jenn! Happy birthday Mrs Sirius!

Eating spiders while sleeping... What a creepy thought! **keeping my fingers crossed that it is only folklore**

Have a great day everybody!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 8:17 am (#210 of 2980)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. SIRIUS!! (great name by the way! )

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Finn- I sign my posts "-Jenn " just because I like that smiley! I think it's cute. I never really thought about it making me look "completely stumped"!

So this week is my last week at my internship, and I couldn't be happier! My dad got me this job with a company he works with, and I hate it. I really want to be a high school history teacher when I'm done school, but apparently my dad thinks working in the "business world" is a better career goal and has been trying to "convert" me for some time now. I have spent the entire summer away from my friends and family, traveling every week to either New Jersey or Washington DC. It sounds like a lot of fun, but it's not. I have spent more time in airports this summer than anywhere else!! But anyway, all this internship has succeeded in doing is making me absolutely positive that I want to be a teacher. My dad's a little bummed, but such is life. He's already trying to line up another internship for me next summer, but I told him to back off and that I'm going back to waitressing next summer. I'd rather spend 18 hours straight on my feet in a restaraunt then working in an office all summer!!!

But, on a happier note, I go back to OSU in a week and a half! I can't wait to see my roommate again and all my friends. And, as nerdy as this sounds, I can't wait for classes to start again either. I love school. (although, this is probably why I want to teach so badly, and thus is not so much a bad thing as it is a "good career skill" )

My brother (I'd call him "Little Soul Mate" or something since he's younger than me, but seeing as he's 6'3" the term little just doesn't seem appropriate to describe him!) is a senior in high school this year and is starting to think about where he wants to go to college. I really want him to come to OSU, because I know he'd love it (and because I can keep an eye on him I can be a little overprotective!) but he's now informed my mother and I that he's thinking he wants to apply to West Point!!! On one hand, this is something he should've started working on a long time ago, because to get into West Point you need amazing grades, lots of extra activities, a letter from a Congressman, and amazing test scores. The only thing on that list my brother has are the grades, and that won't be enough. So, my mom has decided there's no way he'll actually go to West Point, so there's no need to worry. What worries me is that he wanted to apply at all! I have tons of friends serving in our military right now, and I totally respect anyone's decision to join, but this is my baby brother we're talking about! I don't think I could handle that! So yeah, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until he's safely enrolled in a nice 4-year university somewhere in the Mid-West or Pennsylvania!!

Okay, that's all from me for now. This post is much much longer then my usual posts and it's time for me to run along and check the threads!

-Jenn (That was a one time change just for Finn )


kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2005 9:37 am (#211 of 2980)
Edited Sep 7, 2005 10:09 am

Soul Mate My daughter has been receiving brochures from West Point inviting her to send an application. These invitations are based on her high scores on standardised tests. So there may be hope for your brother. I can't blame you for not wanting him to go there though. My daughter is not the slightest bit interested at all(thank goodness).


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 9:45 am (#212 of 2980)

kaykay- My brother has been getting those letters as well due to his good grades. I got them as well my junior and senior year of high school. While I feel he has the grades (and possibly the test scores) to get into West Point, it's the letter from a Congressman and the "extras" I feel he's lacking. And as much as I don't want him to go, I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't say that I would admire his courage and gain a whole new level of respect for him if he did! I myself joined the Army ROTC while I was a freshman at Seton Hall and was all set to serve after I graduated. In fact, the only reason I didn't continue with ROTC when I transferred to Ohio State was because I didn't have enough faith in my abilities as an officer. If I had continued, when I graduated I would be a 2nd Lt. in the army, and would be taking other people's lives into my hands. While I loved every second of my time in ROTC, I could not willingly take other's lives into my hands when I didn't have 100% faith in my abilities to lead them. It just didn't seem fair of me.



T Brightwater - Sep 7, 2005 10:21 am (#213 of 2980)

Jenn, I totally agree with you about office jobs. The only reason I survived the one I had was that my boss decided I was good enough that she could put up with my idea of office dress (corduroy trousers and comfortable shoes.) My feeling was, if I was the only one willing to clean the photocopier periodically, I wasn't going to wear anything I wouldn't clean the photocopier in, and I wouldn't be able to work if I had to worry about twisting my ankle with every step I took.

What really drove me nuts, though, was the attitude of the salesmen, who thought the whole thing was for their personal amusement and profit. Despite my boss (the comptroller) reminding them periodically that the company had to take more in on a job than it paid out, the salesmen were too busy making "deals" that eventually led to one of the best heating, ventilating and cooling contractors in the Chicago area going out of business. The ones who got screwed were the people who actually did the work, and some of the smaller vendors to whom the company owed a lot of money when it went under. Grrrrr. And every time I hear about something like Enron, it just makes my blood boil all over again.


Madam Pince - Sep 7, 2005 10:44 am (#214 of 2980)

Man, I really hope the urban legend about swallowing spiders in your sleep is truly just a legend! Eeeeyuckkkk!

Daddy-Long-Legs -- as kids, we were told that they are gentle and perfectly harmless, but that they taste like peppermint. Now first of all, I thought that was really stupid, because who in their right mind is going to taste one to find out??? And why??? Second of all, their tiny little bodies are too small to taste probably anyway. And third of all, I don't believe it regardless. (And I am not about to try to find out for sure.)

Chemyst, I'm glad I could remind you of home with the "hog obstacle course." It really was hysterical. That piggy was getting pretty fed up by the end of the whole ordeal -- the squeals had a definite tone of "Leave me ALONE!" to them.

Puck, your ice cream sounds yummmmmy! Ice cream is my big weakness. I am not much of a "snacker" in general, but my dad used to make me some variation of an ice cream treat almost every night, so even now ice cream is as much of a staple at our house as bread, eggs, and milk.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

***waves at Boop***


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 11:15 am (#215 of 2980)

Madme Pince- I don't know who told you that Daddy-long-legs taste like peppermint, but I wouldn't try and find out!! DLL are the most posionous spiders in the world. The only reason they don't hurt humans is because their teeth aren't sharp enough or long enough to puncture our skin, but I would imagine eating one would unleash their posion in you and could be harmful! Just thought I'd let everyone know before someone goes and tries it.



Marè - Sep 7, 2005 12:05 pm (#216 of 2980)

Hihi Soul mate for Sirius. That urban legend went down the drain a few posts a go

Amilia Smith, "-- Chat and Greeting Thread for Members" #198, 6 Sep 2005 9:37 pm

See? you don't have to be afraid of the long legs anymore!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 12:08 pm (#217 of 2980)

Thanks Mare! Serves me right for not reading through all the new posts before I post! On the other hand, I'm from the Mid-West and we heard the same urban legend about them, so Amelia, you guys in the Great Basin weren't the only ones who were fooled!



Winky Woo - Sep 7, 2005 12:20 pm (#218 of 2980)

Has anyone seen Ricky Gervais in his stage show Animals? He claims it was Gods idea of a joke...making it the most poisonous creature known to man then taking its fangs away!

I must admit that I hadn't heard of that until he used it in his routine so may be the Great Basin Myths are spreading...as far as the UK!


haymoni - Sep 7, 2005 12:56 pm (#219 of 2980)

Happy birthday to everyone I've missed!

Thank goodness TBE is OK!

Are we all accounted for now???

Have a much better week than last week everyone!

Go Bucks!!!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 1:00 pm (#220 of 2980)

Yay haymoni!! Go Bucks!!

Okay, I'm done now, back to the threads for me!



Lina - Sep 7, 2005 1:40 pm (#221 of 2980)

Jenn, it seems to me that the internship that your father arranged for you was a good thing. Now you really know what you want and you can stand for yourself and your dad can not tell you that you don't know what are you refusing. I find it good. I'd just expect that a person who think that her father is making a mistake wouldn't act the same way with her brother. I had an interesting situation today at work but I've decided not to retell it here because it would turn out too long (it includes law students because I work on a Law faculty but I am not a lawyer). One of the conclusions of it would be that the most important is to choose the career that you love to do. In that case, everything is much easier and more fun. I wish you the career you will enjoy the most, but the same thing I wish to your brother. As you would say, "Such is life".

Eight spiders swallowed in a lifetime is too much for me. I decide not to believe it.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 1:52 pm (#222 of 2980)

Lina- You're right, it is a good thing in a way. But I still can't wait for it to be over! As to the comment about my brother, I never really thought about it as doing the same thing that my father's doing to me! You're right! But, on the other hand, I don't think OSU or ANY college would necessarily be better than the Army. It's more that I'm selfish and don't want to have to worry about him. I would be super happy for him if he did join, but worried sick!! But yes, such is life!



The giant squid - Sep 7, 2005 1:57 pm (#223 of 2980)

While I loved every second of my time in ROTC, I could not willingly take other's lives into my hands when I didn't have 100% faith in my abilities to lead them. It just didn't seem fair of me.--Soul Mate for Sirius

Jenn, I commend you for having the self-realization and courage to make this decision. I have a great respect for those who willingly join our armed forces, and hope that all of them took the time to assess themselves like you did. Sadly, most of them are in it for the money, the chicks & the opportunities to travel. Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818



Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 2:03 pm (#224 of 2980)

Sadly, most of them are in it for the money, the chicks & the opportunities to travel.  Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818– Mike

LOL Mike! While on some level you're totally right, I pity those who join for those reasons. While they do get to travel the world, the money and chicks aren't what they're cracked up to be. Unless you're an officer, the money isn't really that great at all, especially when you think of what you're giving up to earn that money. And the girls who hang around military bases aren't what I'd call girlfriend material! (Now, before I offend anyone, let me make this clear!! I in no way mean that every single girl who lives around military bases is "not girlfriend" material!! I'm just saying that I've visited a lot of friends at a lot of bases around the world, and at every single base, there's always some "military groupies" who hang around the base giving us girls a bad name!)

On the flip side, thank you Mike for kind words. That decision was one of the hardest I've ever made.



Chemyst - Sep 7, 2005 2:45 pm (#225 of 2980)

Sadly, most of them are in it for the money, the chicks & the opportunities to travel.  Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818 - Mike

'So glad you added that wink – and that I've been reading your posts long enough to be able to put that comment into perspective. If you were a newbie here, I'd probably think you were nuts.


kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2005 2:46 pm (#226 of 2980)

My baby came home really bummed out. She lost her class election. Somebody started a rumor that she was planning a Japanese prom if she should win. Of course she was actually planning to do a class vote on prom themes. She is very into the Japanese culture so the lie was easily enough believed. Also a little girl was going down the hall saying vote for the other girl because she goes to Church of Christ and my child goes to Baptist. Anyway I'd like to think that it was this child that started the lie instead of the girl that ran against her, seeing as how I think alot of the other girl and believe she is above that kind of thing.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 7, 2005 2:50 pm (#227 of 2980)

Hey Guys! First off, Welcome Back TBE! I'm soo glad to hear that you are well.

OK, I sent the POA link to everyone who e-mailed me. But, when I came to the lex, this thread had 192 posts Many of you asked me for the link and I couldn't remember who I had already e-mailed, so, If I sent you two e-mails I apologize!

I had also heard that people swallow 8 spiders in a year. Due to this, and my irrational fear of spiders, I have always made sure that I keep my mouth closed when I go to sleep. This past year I started getting head aches and waking up with a sore jaw. When I went to the dentist, he told me that I clench my jaw when I sleep and, because of this, I had ground down my teeth so that they were becoming flat!! Darn spiders!!

Did anyone watch the US open last night? The Sharapova and Petrova (sp?) match was amazing. (Though at one point Sharapova shrieked so loudly that Princess (my chihuahua) actually jumped up from her bed!


Catherine - Sep 7, 2005 2:58 pm (#228 of 2980)

Catherine check out the new National Geographic. It is devoted to Africa. Do you have access to a networked computer lab? You can supplement your "textbooks" with some very good websites on Africa. The BBC website has a good section on current events in Africa. The CIA World Factbook can give you country stats. Good choice on the book Journey to Jo'burg. There are some wonderful African folk tales. –LPO

LPO, you read my mind. In fact, I have given my students the CIA World Factbook as a link, as well as the BBC and the National Geographic site.

The current events project, due at the end of each week until I leave, does force the kids, despite their objections, to learn about a country that they may not even have heard of before. One student corrected my assumption that a country had been colonized by the French (instead, it was Belgium) and another told me about the astounding national debt of another country.

On the other hand, today was not a total success. One student went home and told his parents that I "made" him eat a date, and that he got sick and can't come to my class anymore. I assured the parents and administrators that no one was forced to eat anything in my class.

Sigh. I also had an hour-long faculty meeting today, of which 90% comprised how to put pictures for the yearbook into an online dropbox and how to share music through iTunes. It was so awful, it should be made into a movie. The only useful information I received at this meeting is that they are installing water fountains on the playgrounds (yay) and how buses probably won't be available for field trips (boo hiss).


Hope everyone is well.


T Brightwater - Sep 7, 2005 3:40 pm (#229 of 2980)

Herm oh ninny, I was laughing so hard over that PoA spoof that my cats took off in terror. THANKS!!!!


timrew - Sep 7, 2005 4:30 pm (#230 of 2980)

Happy belated birthday Jenn, and Happy birthday Mrs Sirius! And anyone else I've missed!

You know, I've been wondering why I'm putting on weight. And now I realise it's all those spiders I've been eating in my sleep! I mean, if you tape up your mouth do they crawl in through your nose, or what?


Catherine - Sep 7, 2005 5:00 pm (#231 of 2980)

And now I realise it's all those spiders I've been eating in my sleep! I mean, if you tape up your mouth do they crawl in through your nose, or what? –Timrew

Hmm...I would've thought you'd LOST weight, what with the Atkins Diet of pure spider protein... Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818

I am winking because I do not want anyone to think that I think that Tim needs an Atkins Diet. Nor do I think that Chemyst or The Giant Squid need lessons on irony, sarcasm, or winking.


Lavandula - Sep 7, 2005 6:48 pm (#232 of 2980)

I love how Forum members can pool resources to remember titles of books and things of that nature.

Here is one for you: A boy named Loren lives with his grandmother and is considered a geek... Denise P.

Denise P.,Could the title of the book you were thinking about last week be Bridge to Teribithia by Katherine Patterson? I've read it and your description sounds quite similar, although I can't recall the characters' names as you did.


boop - Sep 7, 2005 7:33 pm (#233 of 2980)

Birthday Wishes For Sept. 8th: JULIA, ELANOR, and ANBIGIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wishes for a wonderful day!!!!!


Finn BV - Sep 7, 2005 7:46 pm (#234 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Julia, Elanor, and Anbigin!

I start school tomorrow! Isn't this exciting?? No, seriously, I love school, especially because I have a great homeroom teacher, but it just means less time on the forum. Oh, well. I'll sneak in some time.

**remembers "Thank you to the Richard Harris Memorial Toad Choir for that lovely performance" and giggles** Y'all. Are such. Freaks.


Amilia Smith - Sep 7, 2005 7:56 pm (#235 of 2980)

LOL. My prof assured us that she had never heard the Daddy-Long-Legs-are-poisonous myth before she moved to Utah, and that she had traced it as far as the surrounding states, but no further. Therefore, either:
A) I have misremembered what it was she actually said . . . (highly likely)
B) She was mistaken . . .
C) Our fame has quickly outspread our borders . . . :-)



Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 7, 2005 8:06 pm (#236 of 2980)

Catherine I thought my staff meetings were bad. We get professionally developed to death. Sounds like your students are learning things, even if it is don't eat dates.

Finn I am amazed every day by the resourcefulness of people your age. I know you will find time for the forum. However I am jealous you are just starting school and I've been going for a couple weeks. I'm glad you have a great homeroom teacher.

Thank you Herm Oh Ninny! What a laugh.

Happy Birthday to those celebrating. LPO


Denise P. - Sep 7, 2005 8:19 pm (#237 of 2980)

I grew up in CA and heard the Daddy Long Legs tale too. Mr. Denise grew up in MI and said that they have some of the most deadly toxin but its fangs are too short to get through human skin. Of course, I had to google this information to see if it was true (Hush, Loopy!) Daddy Long Legs

Snopes also has the information but apparently, we all heard the same false information and now there are hoardes of children (and adults) who are irrationally afraid of daddy long legs and suffer deep trauma from it.

Bridge to Teribithia is not the book I am looking for but thanks for thinking it could be. I will find the book someday!


Stephanie M. - Sep 7, 2005 8:30 pm (#238 of 2980)

I love school too! But I don't particularly like my homeroom teacher. She is, um, kinda spacey... I guess. NOT like Trelawney though!! And my sister who looks a lot like me has her for her Environmental Science class. I have her for Homeroom and science. So I'm positive she will confuse us because there are a ton of other people who mix us up.

Well, since I'm talking about school now...

I have read 17 books this summer and 6 of the are Harry Potter books!! I just thought that I should mention that.

Have a good night everyone!!


Shannon aka Brammwell - Sep 7, 2005 8:59 pm (#239 of 2980)

Happy big 20th birthday to Julia who turns 20 September 8th; welcome to the adult set Julia and good luck this year at University of Connecticut.

Also all my wishes and prayers to those who were in the path and are now dealing with the aftermath from Katrina.


Marie E. - Sep 7, 2005 10:02 pm (#240 of 2980)

Gosh, I was sure that story about Daddy-Long-Legs spiders being poisonous was true. Guess I need to stop telling it to my kindergarteners, eh?

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Sirius, Julia, Anabigin, Elanor, and anyone else I forgot. Mrs. Sirius, isn't it funny how children's memories only work when you don't want them to?


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 7, 2005 10:06 pm (#241 of 2980)

Jenn, we seem to be quite alike, the shared name, the birthday, the office thing, the reservation about decisions for the life of others. (you do sound more mature than I was at that age). I must say though that "Soul Mate for Sirius" sounds perfect for the character, wish I had thought of that.

Happy Birthday Julia!!! Elanor and Anbigin!!

A new job for Mr. Eponine, good luck.

lol Tim

Edit: oh yes Marie, kids are spontaneous and neat. Anastasia lost a tooth 2 days ago. That night she didn't put the tooth for the tooth fairy because she wanted to show it on the first days of school. She said she'd give it to the fairy last night, so I diligently put money under her pillow. This morning she told her siblings that she got money from the tooth fairy even though she changed he mind and didn't put her tooth in. Kids are neat!


The giant squid - Sep 7, 2005 11:16 pm (#242 of 2980)

Yes, Soul Mate & Chemyst, my tongue was firmly planted in cheek. I do forget sometimes that y'all can't hear me smirking... My dad was in the Air Force for 20 years & both of my brothers-in-law have been honorably discharged from same (what was that you said about "girlfriend material"? ). Just because I don't have the temperament for the military (not to mention the haircut) doesn't mean I have anything against our soldiers.

Tim, I would think you'd have to swallow some rather large spiders to gain much weight. Do you live near the Forbidden Forest? Perhaps the acromantulas are trying an infiltration strategy--take over from the "inside".


EDIT: Forgot to offer my birthday wishes to the lucky ladies! mazel Tov to Julia, and "Yub yub!" to Elanor.


Ponine - Sep 7, 2005 11:26 pm (#243 of 2980)

Eeeeeeeew Mike - Mental images of Alien and Acromantula combos are the last things I need before bedtime!!! ***thinking of her happy place***


septentrion - Sep 7, 2005 11:27 pm (#244 of 2980)

Happy birthday Elanor and Julia ! Enjoy your day, even if it's a work day ! Big hugs !


dizzy lizzy - Sep 8, 2005 2:24 am (#245 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Elanor and Julia!!

I hope you both enjoy your day



Puck - Sep 8, 2005 3:34 am (#246 of 2980)

Happy birthday to all for whom it applies!

Just 3 more hours until Maya is at school! I just may make it! Yeah! Mr. Puck is working from home for now, so he can be here to drive me to the hospital, another relief.

If we swallow peppermint spiders when we sleep, why aren't we all waking up with fresher breath?



Stephanie M. - Sep 8, 2005 4:14 am (#247 of 2980)

Happy birthday everyone!!!

Off to school!


Snuffles - Sep 8, 2005 4:27 am (#248 of 2980)

Happy birthday to all celebrating!

Puck. Glad you will be able to cry at the school gates!!

Good luck back at school Stephanie M and Finn!

Chewing spiders in your sleep! Eurghh!

Happy Thursday everyone!



Lina - Sep 8, 2005 5:09 am (#249 of 2980)

Happy birthday Elanor, Julia and Anbigin !

Soul mate, please, don't think that I don't understand your concern. I understand that it is sometimes difficult to accept the choices of the person we care about, but we have to let them grow. So, you will be welcome to remind me about my "philosophy" when I will be worried about the choices my daughters will make.

Catherine: One student went home and told his parents that I "made" him eat a date, and that he got sick and can't come to my class anymore.
I don't see where is the problem? You didn't make him to eat spiders! Especially not those Daddy-longlegs that are extremely poisonous when eat. Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818

Wow, Stephanie, congratulations on your reading score!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 8, 2005 5:13 am (#250 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Elanor and Julia!!!
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Dame Peverell - Sep 8, 2005 5:37 am (#251 of 2980)

Good morning everybody -

Here's a bit of an eye-opener to go with your morning coffee:

     "Talking Bacteria, and How to Shut Them Up"

Bacteria are more gregarious than previously thought. Not only do they routinely engage in small talk among themselves, but research is showing that many are also multilingual and can communicate with members of other species. For the rest of the article see: LiveScience.com


CatherineHermiona - Sep 8, 2005 6:03 am (#252 of 2980)

Happy birthday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck at your first day at school Finn and Stephanie M. Finn, believe me, your enthusiasm about school won't be too long. Don't you think that I wasn't happy because of school and today I can't wait Saturday. We are having 6 school hours almost every day.



T Brightwater - Sep 8, 2005 6:20 am (#253 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Elanor and Julia!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 8, 2005 8:29 am (#254 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Elanor and Julia (and anyone I may have missed over the last few days!!)

Good luck at school Finn and Stephanie (and Finn, I think it's great you like school so much, that means there's someone out there who's just as crazy as me!! )

Mike-I didn't misunderstand your comment at all and knew you were kidding. I just find it funny because, joking though you may have been, for some guys in the military, your comment holds true!!

Lina-I didn't take what you said the wrong way. You were right, and I know it. And don't worry, I'll be right here to remind you to "practice what you preach" when you start worrying about your daughters decisions.

Mrs. Sirius- Sounds like we DO have a lot in common! I'm happy to hear you like my name, although I must confess that the only reason I picked "Soul Mate for Sirius" is because I had been hanging around the forum for awhile before I finally joined, and I saw that "Mrs. Sirius" was already taken (by you of course!) So, I like your's just as much! And please, don't let the mature exterior fool you! I can be just as immature as the next 20 year old, (and quite often am! ) but I've also seen a lot in my short 20 years that has made me grow up quicker than most. (I guess in that regard, I'm kinda like Harry )

So today's finally my last day of work and normally I would be really excited, but I got some really bad news last night. I talked to my boyfriend (he's back home in Cleveland) and found out that a good friend of his died in a motorcycle accident 2 days ago. So, I'll be driving home tomorrow (it's a 10 hour drive) to go to the viewing and funeral with him. I've never seen him this upset. His friend's fiancée was on the motorcycle as well and she's currently in critical condition at the hospital. Not only will she not be able to attend the funeral or viewing, but they're not sure she'll make it at all. It amazes me how upset this news has made me. I mean, hearing about anybody's death is upsetting, but I have never met these two people, yet I feel like I've lost someone I was close to. I'm just praying his fiancée makes a full recovery!!

Sorry to darken to mood this morning, but I was still upset about it and needed to "vent".

That's all from me for now, I'm off to check the threads!



Elanor - Sep 8, 2005 8:58 am (#255 of 2980)

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes everybody! It really makes that day special!

As I spent 10 hours of it working at school, I thought, on my way back home, that I deserved a treat and I bought myself a piece of delicious cake (a coconut-vanilla-pineapple one) that I just ate reading your posts! It was a bit small for putting 33 candles on it but it was delightful. I'll celebrate it more on Saturday (with some friends) and Sunday (with my family) but you truly make me feel it is my birthday today. ("Yub yub!" indeed!)

Happy birthday too Julia!!!!!! May your 20th birthday be a wonderful day!

Good luck for school Finn and Stephanie!

Have a great day everybody! Thanks again! ((((((hug))))))



azi - Sep 8, 2005 9:13 am (#256 of 2980)

Happy birthday Elanor and Julia!!! **Insert groovy birthday smiley things here**

Argh, I haven't had access to the Internet since Saturday - I'm going insane! Plus there's a lot of posts to catch up on...me thinks Mark as Read will be a nice feature today!

So I'm working hard in my job, (yes, I'm at work now, but I'm just waiting for my lift home, like) it's nice and varied from the mundaneness that is archiving (with nice music on and the fun of organising it's actually quite good!) to taking the old people out on trips to Liverpool and stuff. Currently I'm acting receptionist, which is fine until I have to answer the phone. I hate phones - I switch off completely and miss everything everyone says. Then I'm like, 'Pardon?' 'Can you repeat that please?' 'Could you hold for a minute while I find my superior?' So yeah, I like my job, but need more Harry Potter Internetness.

One thing about living where I'm living - I get the mick taken out of my because of my accent. I don't see what's wrong with it - it's the Lancashire way of saying 'butty' instead of 'sandwich' I don't understand! Some people stand up for me though and say my accent isn't that bad because at least they can tell what I'm saying!

Everyone have a groovyily good day!


timrew - Sep 8, 2005 10:45 am (#257 of 2980)

The Giant Squid:- Perhaps the acromantulas are trying an infiltration strategy--take over from the "inside".

Mike, if I ever encountered an Acromantula in my bedroom or (shudder!), in the bath, I sincerely believe I'd have an immediate heart attack. My arachnophobia is equal to Ron's, although I'd never kill one!

Mind, you'd need a bloody big jam-jar to trap an Acromantula!


mollis - Sep 8, 2005 11:07 am (#258 of 2980)

Okay, first off, I am thrilled to hear the all of our missing friends have checked and are doing okay. I wish you all the best during this difficult recovery time. Here's some drinks on me!

Puck- I hope you made it until today to see your little girl off to preschool. Hopefully the next one will join us all soon!

"Mind, you'd need a bloody big jam-jar to trap an Acromantula!"-Tim

You always crack me up Tim! It's almost worth pushing aside this mountain of work to hear that one. A special gift for all you arachnaphobes:

A hearty Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating one. Best wishes for a wonderful next year.

Well, I think thats the highlites. My life is still crazy hectic with work and no sign of it getting better anytime soon. But I did want to take a moment to share some great news with you all. I had my sonogram a couple of weeks ago and found out that I'm having a little girl! The sono was amazing! We got to see her yawn and sucking her hand. It was just the most incredible thing I'd ever seen. The miracle of life is an amazing thing!

I miss you all tons. Hopefully I'll have time to read an actual topic thread some day soon, but until then, pretend I'm contributing brilliant ideas as you race along solving all the mysteries!


Madam Pince - Sep 8, 2005 11:41 am (#259 of 2980)

Yay and congratulations on the sonogram news, Mollis! A sweet little girl! How wonderful! When is the big day?

Happy Birthday, Elanor! Your birthday cake sounds delicious! Hope you had a great day! And hope Julia has a great birthday too! And Anbigin also, although I have to confess I don't remember exactly who that is... (age does take a toll, ya' know...) but Happy Birthday anyway!

I made arrangements today for a babysitter for Little Pince on the GoF premier weekend. Nothing like planning ahead...

Peppermint spiders -- oh Puck! Nine months along and still cheery enough to make jokes! You're great!


Puck - Sep 8, 2005 2:03 pm (#260 of 2980)

Feeling quite cheery, as I made it to see Maya off. No tears, Julie, as I was just so happy to be there! She had a fun morning and I'm sure she'll be loving school as much as Finn! (Hoping he and Stephanie also had a great day.)

Madame Pince, isn't the movie opening in November? Way to plan for the important events!

Congratulations Mollis! Isn't technology amazing, that you can actually see the baby sucking it's thumb (and aren't babies amazing for doing so well before they are born?) This is your first child, correct?

Well, I should get something going for dinner. Perhaps run to the farm stand for some fresh corn. (Incidently, my Mum-in-Law has a trick of adding sugar to the water to enhance the sweetness. I remember an old discussion about how to cook corn, thought I'd throw that out there.)



Madam Pince - Sep 8, 2005 2:05 pm (#261 of 2980)

Another trick is to put milk into the water when you're cooking the corn, too, Kathy. My sister-in-law does that. Actually, I don't notice much difference if the corn is good to begin with, so to me it was just a waste of milk, but whatever....

Edit: Ack! This is what I get for being happy that I got a T-shirt in the mail today which I'd ordered with a HP theme on it -- just walked back into the bedroom and discovered that Little Pince has been into my jewelry box, and he broke my Time-Turner necklace! Boo-hoo! I'm so bummed -- that was just about my favorite piece of jewelry! It's not repairable, either -- he snapped off the little tiny piece that holds the hour-glass thingy in the middle and lets you spin it around. Wahhhh...

It's a good thing he's cute...


Lina - Sep 8, 2005 2:27 pm (#262 of 2980)

How great to hear from you, Mollis! I was just thinking of you these days. Something about the love for the green color, than about having a baby and drinking the water from the Forum... Started to wonder if everything is O.K. I'm glad that it is and looking forward for a new girl coming to world. I wish you all the best.

You better watch out, Jenn. Did you know that Mrs. Sirius had triplets something like 6 years ago? Would you like your similarities to go that far? I'm sorry about your boyfriend's friend and sending some strengthening charms your way, his way and the friend's fiancée's way.

Madam Pince, your place is most certainly not in the Procrastinators Anonymous.


Dame Peverell - Sep 8, 2005 2:29 pm (#263 of 2980)

I always cook corn right in the husk anymore. Barbecue, oven or microwave. Just remove one or two dirty outer "leaves" rinse and go. The silk is easy to remove once cooked and the corn tastes better. The ear itself should not be showing.


Denise P. - Sep 8, 2005 2:33 pm (#264 of 2980)

it's a good thing he's cute...

Heh, Madam Pince...I have been heard on more than one occasion tell the kids who reside here the same thing. "It is a good thing you are cute and that I love you!" Yes, even my “strike a pose!” boy has been told this already (probably about 3 am one morning when he wanted to stay awake while *I* wanted to sleep)

Mollis, how nifty...a wee girly! (Or course, a wee laddie is nifty too) Keep tags on things...just in case. I was told on more than one occasion that I was having a girl and now HE is about to turn 10. We actually have it on tape when he was born and the doctor announced "It's a boy!" ..you can hear my stunned voice Boy?! It's a boy??!! Glad we had a boy name...just in case.


Abracapocus - Sep 8, 2005 2:37 pm (#265 of 2980)

I have never posted on this thread, but I read it quite often. Hope y'all don't mind if I butt right in.

I could sleep in a bathtub full of snakes but I don't care to touch spiders - regular or peppermint... eeeesh!

I thought of you guys the other night while watching Animal Planet's Buggin' With Ruud. He was showing a Peppermint Stick Insect that looks much like a dead leaf until a preditor gets too close then it sprays irritating fluid that smells like... peppermint. (Hmmm... that was more interesting before I posted it.)

I have heard of the sugar in corn trick, but milk? Is it also supposed to sweeten the corn?


Catherine - Sep 8, 2005 2:40 pm (#266 of 2980)

Heh, Madam Pince...I have been heard on more than one occasion tell the kids who reside here the same thing. "It is a good thing you are cute and that I love you!" –Denise


At our break time today, a conversation took place among the middle-school teachers. There had been announcements about possible clubs, one of which was a cooking club.

One of the "old-timers" said, "I'm all for it. When do I get to bake the kids?" Then a student walked by, and another teacher said to her, "Good thing you guys are cute." She pranced away, feeling pleased by the comment, while we all giggled to ourselves.

As per the "Hansel and Gretel" fairy-tale, I offered to lay the bread crumb trail....

EDIT: Feel free to jump in, Abracapocus! Good to see you here.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 8, 2005 2:54 pm (#267 of 2980)

When do I get to bake the kids?

What I want to know is when are they DONE?


mollis - Sep 8, 2005 3:15 pm (#268 of 2980)

You guys are too cute! Yes, Puck, this is my first. And I'm due on Jan. 7th, Madame Pince. And Denise, I have heard that they can be wrong. They actually printed me a pretty close up picture of the little girl parts. If I end up with a little boy out of this deal, I'm going to feel very sorry for him!

Mmmm...sweet corn. Might have to be on the lookout on the way home.


Marè - Sep 8, 2005 3:27 pm (#269 of 2980)

Hugs to Mollis! A little girl, I'm so very very happy for you!!! (Well off course I would have been very very happy for you if it would have been a boy as well...I'm just very very happy for you!)
When is the planned arrival date?

Buggin' With Ruud
Thats a real tv program??? I'm so going to tease my brother with that! (His name is Ruud...)

:Sending random good news charms to Puck:


timrew - Sep 8, 2005 3:28 pm (#270 of 2980)

Congratulations, Mollis, on your scan, and the fact that you're expecting a little girl.........or boy..........or gloy. Or maybe all three - one of each! Only kidding! Congratulations!


pottermom34 - Sep 8, 2005 6:05 pm (#271 of 2980)

Call me slow or a little behind here but GLAD TO SEE YOU'RE OK TBE!
Glad to hear your town is getting on and doing better Choices! Speaking of long gas lines, what are some of the gas prices in those hurricane areas?
Thanks for the clear up on the Daddy long legs Denise, oh cute baby too. I never heard of them being poisonous either, but I did know there were two different types. I'm glad they aren't because we have them all over here, especially at the zoo. I had one crawling on me today but I flicked it off and said "no hitchhikers". Also on the spider subject, there's nothing worse than having one appear in the car while driving. I was driving when I heard a blood curtling scream. A spider crawled out from the top of my windshield right in front of my 5 year old. I slammed on the brakes and when I went to swat at it, it was gone. Then it came out of hiding in front of me while driving. I never jumped so high. Never did get it, but I haven't seen it since(couple weeks ago).
Ok here's another zoo tale, just a quick one. So I'm up at the camels and we have 4 dromedary (one hump), and this girl (had to be between 17 & 20) comes out of nowhere looks right at the camels and asked "how many humps do they have?" We were nice when we answered. Then she said (after telling what they were) Where are the dromedarys, where are the camels?" She acted very strange like someone under an imperius or something. We just shook our heads and chuckled.

Congrats to all the new babies that have come and are coming. I have to go my hubby is home from a game. Glad all is well with all.


Finn BV - Sep 8, 2005 6:10 pm (#272 of 2980)

We'll be thinking of you, Kathy! I know the date's bound to be around the corner…

Glad to hear of the good news, mollis! A girl… well, that was my other guess.


Stephanie M. - Sep 8, 2005 6:32 pm (#273 of 2980)

I'm sorry about your boyfriend's friend and his girlfriend. I hope she has a smooth recovery!!!

Congratulations Mollis! A girl!!! It also would have been fine if you had a boy too but... I know so many people having boys that I thought it was a good change. (Well, my cousin is having a girl but that's basically it.)

School was really good today! We had an assembly and Homeroom during the first 2 periods of the day so I missed those two classes so I only had one class today. Tomorrow I will have all of my classes but 2 of them. And the classes that I don't have tomorrow are classes that I also didn't have today, so I will have had all of my classes on Monday! (Sorry about the wording! It's kind of hard to follow!)

Edit: I pressed a button on my keyboard (A delete button that I never realized was there before so I decided to press it and it erased everything I just posted... and other things too like all of my saved E-mail's... such a bummer ) and it deleted a couple of my latest posts. So now I'm reposting. (The things were probably deleted because I had my saved mail out and I was on this thread and I pressed delete twice because I didn't think it did anything so I just have to check my other posts are still there.)

I hope I remembered everything! I thought it was longer before... what am I forgetting?

Edit Edit: Yay! This is the only post that was deleted! And I really didn't delete my e-mails after all!!


Dame Peverell - Sep 8, 2005 6:37 pm (#274 of 2980)

How annoying. I know just how you feel. And no "undo" option when you really need it.


Stephanie M. - Sep 8, 2005 6:46 pm (#275 of 2980)

That's like when you are writing an E-mail and you accidently pressed 'Send' when you were in the middle of writing it or if you decided not to send it to them! But you can 'Unsend' the E-mail if the person you sent the E-mail to has the the same E-mail service as you. (Well, at least for AOL.)


Denise P. - Sep 8, 2005 6:46 pm (#276 of 2980)

You know, this evening at dinner, I made a smart comment to one of the kids about being cautious of Daddy Long Legs. The comment really was directed at Mr. Denise and not the kids but you can imagine the giggling that Mr. Denise and I had to stifle when 4 voices started to bombard us with the Myth of the Daddy Long Legs. We heard about the fangs being too short, the most toxic spider (one child explained the DDL is actually a beatle) and a new one to me...the spitting of venom at an unsuspecting person! I asked where they got the information and they could not decide if they saw it on Animal Planet or Mythbusters. We just giggled to ourselves and let it go.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 8, 2005 7:34 pm (#277 of 2980)

Hey all! I'm finally home in Cleveland where I belong. What a drive. I ended up leaving tonight since I got off of work early instead of tomorrow like I'd originally planned. About half way to Ohio I decided that leaving early was a bad idea because I was exhausted, but at least this way I get to spend time with my boyfriend before the viewing tomorrow.

Speaking of the viewing, thanks to everyone who's sent their thoughts (and strengthening charms!) I passed them all on to "the future Mr. Soul Mate" and he was so grateful.

Stephanie glad to hear your first week of school is going so well! (And Finn to!!)

mollis-Congrats on the baby girl, that's awesome!

Lina- I don't think I'd mind all that much having triplets in common with Mrs. Sirius, just so long as they don't come for a couple more years!! But then again, maybe that's just my youth talking and I won't feel that way by the time its time for them to come!!

Well, it's getting late here, and I had a long drive, so now it's time for a quick check on the threads and then bed!!



Marie E. - Sep 8, 2005 8:07 pm (#278 of 2980)

One of my students did the cutest thing today. He was walking around the room pretending to talk to someone on a cell phone. I asked him to do something for me and he said into his invisible phone, "What? Oh, Ms. Marie was talking to me. I couldn't hear what you said." Like I interrupted his imaginary conversation.

I bet Tim isn't near any acromantulas, but when I was living in England I saw some pretty big spiders. There was one that got into our house that was as big as my hand. I admit to screaming like a girl over that one.


Ydnam96 - Sep 8, 2005 9:09 pm (#279 of 2980)

Happy Birthday's to Elanor and Julia!!!

Jenn, I'm sorry for your loss, I hope that the fianc”e heals quickly.

Mollis, I want to join all those who have congratulated you on your little girl!!! I hope that you enjoy buying all sorts of pretty little dresses and such for her Smile

Puck! You made it! I hope that the first day of school went smoothly and that now you can enjoy the birth of your newest family member.

Madame Pince, that's a huge bummer about your necklace. One of the many reasons I am not planning on having children (I have very little patience).

Welcome Abracapocus!! Hope you enjoy the crazy conversations we have here!

On the topic of spiders, I had NEVER heard any of the rumors about Daddy Long Legs. My parents have always told me they were totally harmless. I've had a fear of spiders for a long time, they are the only ones that don't completely freak me out.

Things have been sooo busy lately. I'm up to my earlobes in work. I NEED a vacation...but alas, I have no money so if I took vacation days I would just have to stay at home (which since I live at my job wouldn't be much of a vacation). Oh well...

Looking forward to the weekend. (oh, and I finally got my HBP book back from the person I loaned it too and got to do my third read. I'm so happy)

Night all! Good Luck Puck!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 8, 2005 9:51 pm (#280 of 2980)

Congratulations, Mollis, on your scan, and the fact that you're expecting a little girl.........or boy..........or gloy. Or maybe all three - one of each! Only kidding! Congratulations!

Tim, don't even joke about the triplets thing! I can vouch for the fact that triplets can just happen! Oh, when they grow up, the cute things they say!

To all those expecting, have your doctor double check that you are not having double whoaahhhhh!!!! evil grin::


CatherineHermiona - Sep 9, 2005 4:26 am (#281 of 2980)

Congratulations mollis, that are such a great news. A girl......well, I hope you won't be as my mum.

We are having such a great homeroom teacher. I hope she will be till 8th grade. Well I hoped for every of my 4 homeroom teachers.



Abracapocus - Sep 9, 2005 4:50 am (#282 of 2980)

That is great news, Mollis!

Glad to hear everyone is getting adjusted to the school year again. I always enjoyed first day back... new clothes, new books, seeing friends I hadn't seen all summer.

I am off to help my brother getting his new apartment ready. My brother is 45 and disadvantaged. He has never lived on his own, but I found him a basement apartment in a carriage house on the property of a Special Education teacher which will be just perfect with his special circumstances. He is so excited! The place has been unoccupied for two years and it is full of dust and insects... including about a bazillion Daddy Long Legs!!

Wishing everyone a great day!!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 5:38 am (#283 of 2980)

You think you're going strong
But you're really in a fix,
'cause there's something terribly wrong
About turning 56.



Madam Pince - Sep 9, 2005 6:09 am (#284 of 2980)

Does that mean it's your birthday, Steve? If so, Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!!!! (Don't worry, dirt is really much older than that....)

Jenn, glad you had a safe trip home. I was sorry to hear about your boyfriend's friend -- please convey my sympathy and hope the young lady recovers quickly. I know that this is a difficult time.

Marie, too funny about the imaginary phone conversation! Tee-hee!

Abracapocus, I don't know why my sister-in-law uses milk when cooking corn. To me, sweet corn is sweet enough just as it is, if you get good corn. I didn't ask her why she does it, and I didn't notice any difference in taste. I think it may be just because her mom did it. Which reminds me of a funny story -- young bride tells her husband that you have to cut the end off the ham before you roast it. "Why?" asks the hubby. "Because my Mom always did; I'll ask her." When she asks Mom, she says "Because your Grandma always did her hams that way." So she goes to ask Grandma, who says "Well, your Great-Grandma always cut the ends off her hams, so I did too." She goes to ask Great-Grandma, who gives her a funny look and says "Well, I did it because my roasting pan wasn't big enough."

Well, Little Pince just may get off the hook. I managed (through some miracle) to find the little tiny piece of the necklace that he had snapped off -- it is about the size of a gnat and it was in the carpet, but I found it by using the flashlight. Now if only Mr. Pince can fix it, we'll be all set! ***crosses fingers***


pottermom34 - Sep 9, 2005 6:39 am (#285 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve Newton.
Cute ham story Madam Pince, good luck with the necklace.


Good Evans - Sep 9, 2005 6:51 am (#286 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve 56 is nothing - just look at the age the great Albus reached and he wasn't finished off by age anyway!!!

have a great day



Dame Peverell - Sep 9, 2005 6:58 am (#287 of 2980)

I'd love to have a big party in Godric’s Hollow today and I hope you all will come.

There will be singing and dancing and Cherry sodas with ice and umbrellas for everyone!

It’s because I think we did it, yes… we did it; come and see!


azi - Sep 9, 2005 8:03 am (#288 of 2980)

Happy birthday Steve Newton! 56 isn't that old. If you feel down just dye your hair bright red or something equally as rebellious.

Hope your necklace gets fixed, Madam Pince! It's horrible when nice things break.

Hope your brother likes his new apartment Abracapocus.

Congrats Mollis!

I'm sitting in work eating freshly picked tomatoes. Yummy! They're nice and small and do not have the usual taste destroying chemicals on them. Which is good! However, the weather is not so nice.

Everyone have a great day!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 8:16 am (#289 of 2980)

azi, my hair was mostly white by my early 40s. I like it.

Thanks for the birthday greetings.


azi - Sep 9, 2005 8:22 am (#290 of 2980)

Fair enough! I wouldn't mind white hair when I'm older, it's just grey hair I don't like! White hair looks nice. I suggested hair colour rebellion because someone I know, who is 58, has bright red hair with black tips and it looks ace!


Ydnam96 - Sep 9, 2005 8:35 am (#291 of 2980)

Steve! Happy Birthday!!


Finn BV - Sep 9, 2005 9:28 am (#292 of 2980)

Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. Strengthening charms to the girl.

Happy Birthday Steve!

Good luck with the necklace, Madam Pince.

Steph and I are at school now… lunch hour… in the comp lab. I'm really bored being away from the forum!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 9, 2005 9:35 am (#293 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve!!!

Oh this weekend is going to be so hectic. "future Mr. Soul Mate" and I went to the viewing this morning, and he is now out to lunch with his friends. I'm at his brother's house in Columbus for a bit, then I have to drive 2 1/2 hours back to Cleveland to pick up his youngest brother and then drive 2 1/2 hours back to Columbus with him so that he can be there for the big game on Saturday and to be there for future Mr. Soul Mate. Now don't get me wrong, I totally don't mind doing this for my boyfriend, but it's going to be really really hectic. Tomorrow's the actual funeral in the morning, and then I'm sure future Mr. Soul Mate will want to be with all his friends who will be there, and I won't want to impose, so it'll be back to his brother's house to help the boys get the house ready for the party they're throwing tomorrow, go shopping, and then get ready for the game.

Then there's the game itself! There is nothing more fun and at the same time exhausting as a Big Ten football game, especially when we're playing the No. 2 team in college football! Then after the game I get to play hostess at this party. Then I get to wake up Sunday morning and clean the house for the boys and then drive little brother home while future Mr. Sirius gets together with his friends again, then drive back to Columbus to get him and bring him home so that he and I can finally go have a nice quiet dinner just the two of us!!!

So, seeing as I have such a crazy weekend, I'm off the check the threads before I drive back up to Cleveland. Have a great weekend everyone!!



T Brightwater - Sep 9, 2005 9:46 am (#294 of 2980)

Congratulations, mollis! Hope everything goes well.

Happy Birthday Steve! Wow, there's somebody here older than me! :-) My increasing number of "changed" hairs are coming in a nice silvery white, fortunately.

Just in case I don't get online tomorrow, for those who celebrate name-days, Sept. 10 is the feast of St. Nymphodora and her sisters, so an early Happy Name-Day to Tonks!

Dame Peverell, is this a party for Steve or is there some other occasion?


Puck - Sep 9, 2005 9:57 am (#295 of 2980)

Jenn, I hope you make the guys help out with the cleaning! If he's the "future Mrs. Soulmate" better to train him early. Trust me, I did laundry for Mr. Puck before we were married as I thought it would be nice as he was letting me use the washer at his apartment (mine didn't have one.) He hasn't washed clothes since.

Oh, and I hope you hold up well through the funeral and your boyfriend is handling things as well as can be expected.

Madame Pince, "Necklace Reparum!"

And it better be a girl, as the tags are off, the clothes washed, and the quilt I made has lots of pink! Plus, we never discussed boy names. Of course, at this point it seems like the little one is content to stay put!

Happy birthday, Steve! Men can so get away with white hair and pull off that "distinguished" thing.

My 3 year old is asking about lunch. Suppose I should go feed her.



Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 10:24 am (#296 of 2980)

T. Brightwater says "Wow, there's somebody here older than me!"

Thanks for the support.

Puck I'm not sure that the distinguished thing works for me.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 9, 2005 11:10 am (#297 of 2980)

Happy birthday, Steve Newton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eponine - Sep 9, 2005 11:22 am (#298 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope you have a wonderful day.

I thought you all might get a kick out of this. It's an article about a school in Chattanooga (yay for hometowns!) that is making their principal read HBP on the roof of the school.


Elanor - Sep 9, 2005 11:30 am (#299 of 2980)

Happy birthday Steve!!!! I should have known you were a Virgo too!

And don't worry about white hair: I had my first one when I was 14, got used to rude people I don't know telling me "wow, you have so much white hair!" when I was about 25 and now I rather like it like that. I dyed it when my brother got married in July because my Mom insisted but I don't mind letting them natural.

Actually, I love to be born at that time of the year, don't you? Early September here is a lovely season, with decent temperatures again (about 25°C, 77°F) and a mild, often sunny but somehow muffled weather that foreshadows Fall. It is the season of my favourite flowers (asters) and of all the good things Fall is bringing: muscat grape, fresh apples... Well, each birth date has its advantages of course but I really like September and I think it helps getting a year older, doesn't it?

BTW, welcome J M L (another September 8th birthday to add to your wonderful list Boop!).

Congratulations Molly, these are some great news!

Madam Pince, so sorry to hear about your necklace! Maybe a jeweller could fix it, have you tried asking one about it?

Have a great day everybody!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 11:32 am (#300 of 2980)

Elanor, I also got my first white hair at 14. Right on top in the middle slightly right of center. (I know, too much information.)

I love fall, except for the turning into winter part. And the World Series is right around the corner.[/color]
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pottermom34 - Sep 9, 2005 12:21 pm (#301 of 2980)

Just got my new LEGO catalog in the mail and on the front cover was the new GOF legos. There is a complete graveyard scene. It has voldy ,harry, a death eater and Wormtail. The death eater's head turns to reveal his secret identity which is Lucius. I could tell that by the long blonde hair. Anyway its a 546 piece set and it's only 29.99 which isn't bad. They also had the triwizard things but the graveyard was cooler. It would make a great Halloween decoration.You can probably find it at lego.com. It is awesome looking!!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 9, 2005 1:07 pm (#302 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve!

...toddles off to raise a toast: May you have many more!...

(toasts and birthdays too!)


T Brightwater - Sep 9, 2005 1:12 pm (#303 of 2980)

You're welcome, Steve. :-)

World Series? You mean there's still baseball in October? :-)

Ah well, one of the local teams might get there. Unlike many Cubs fans, I don't hate the White Sox.


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 1:17 pm (#304 of 2980)

I've been a Sox fan for a long time. I actually think that they look very vulnerable this year. Their hitting is poor (smart ball is pretty dumb). Their pitching was great in the first half. So so the second half.

The Cubs, well, when you spend the past 20 years making stupid moves what do you expect. Someone, wish I remember who, once declared that the essence of Cubness was mediocrity under pressure.


timrew - Sep 9, 2005 1:19 pm (#305 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Steve! How does it feel to be 56? I need to know, because that's how old I'm going to be in about two weeks........


Elanor - Sep 9, 2005 1:27 pm (#306 of 2980)

Steve: "Elanor, I also got my first white hair at 14. Right on top in the middle slightly right of center.

LOL Steve! I don't remember where mine was because it didn't live long enough to tell the tale to the ones who came after... In fact, it made my Mom completely freak out then because she realised she had passed that on me (mind you, the probability was high since her hair was completely white when she was about 30) so she pulled it off as soon as she saw it! Fortunately for me she never did that again!

Tim, when exactly is your birthday? **thinking it is time to start stocking butterbeers**


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 1:28 pm (#307 of 2980)

Well, except for the weakening eyesight and the arthritis its great.
Did that sarcasm carry through?


Catherine - Sep 9, 2005 2:01 pm (#308 of 2980)

Did that sarcasm carry through? --Steve Newton

Loud and clear. Happy Birthday!

I just have to have a Forum moment and share this, even though she will kill me. A certain member took the time to make color copies of a wonderful book containing African myths and mailed it to me. I got it today, and it was like having a birthday. It's moments like this that make me SO glad that I found the Forum, and have had the chance to make friends here. :waves in gratitude to "You-know-Who":

I've never been so glad to see Friday come in my life. What a week. :waves to Friday Wayne...:

Mollis, I'm delighted with your news, and congratulations.

Best wishes to all, and I hope everyone enjoys a good weekend.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 9, 2005 3:02 pm (#309 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve!

The first time I heard about Daddy Long Legs was in the movie Goonies. I had no idea what they were at the time and, now that I do know, I hope to never meet one! LOL

Well, my classes officially started yesterday and I had my first one last night. 2 hours and 40 minutes of Climatology! Oohh, my head still hurts! LOL

OK, I have to run now. My sisters and I are going to the Macaroni Grill for dinner! Yummy!!


timrew - Sep 9, 2005 3:42 pm (#310 of 2980)

Steve Newton:- Well, except for the weakening eyesight and the arthritis its great.

Ouch! Who said that? Don't tell me, Steve......those are just the good points!

Elanor:- Tim, when exactly is your birthday? **thinking it is time to start stocking butterbeers**

It's the 24th of this month, Elanor; but I have other things to think about. On the 18th, my son gets married, and I have to wear a suit............all day! Harrowing, or what?!


Amilia Smith - Sep 9, 2005 3:45 pm (#311 of 2980)

At least you don't have to wear heels all day. :-)


Edit: Woopee!!! I just got an email from Amazon saying that they shipped my order today. So I won't have to wait as long for my new Connie Willis book as they originally said I would (mid to late October) after all!


timrew - Sep 9, 2005 4:27 pm (#312 of 2980)

Amilia Smith:- At least you don't have to wear heels all day. :-)

I never mentioned my choice of footwear, Amilia.........


Stephanie M. - Sep 9, 2005 4:44 pm (#313 of 2980)

Hi everyone! I'm back from school.

Happy Birthday Steve!!! I wish you many, many more!

I went to my cousins house after school and then we went to a Sports bar and saw the Sharapova vs. Clijsters match. I was very upset that Sharapova lost... (Finn!!! It was your avatar!!!) but it will be ok. (And you also had Nadal as your avatar!!! )

Off to dinner... will be back later.


Puck - Sep 9, 2005 4:54 pm (#314 of 2980)

Tim, congratulations to your son. I'm hoping you realize that a leisure suit does not count! (Picturing one with platform shoes, which aren't exactly heels.) Well, at least the weather is bound to be comfy. I had to be dressed up at a wedding in June, and it was 90 plus and humid. Mr. Puck actually wore a jacket and tie, though I told him to skip the jacket if he wanted.

Quiet day. I had been running around like crazy for weeks trying to catch up with housework and projects. I've managed to catch up, and now I'm finding things to do while waiting for baby. Today I made brownies. Didn't put me into labor, but it was a yummy distraction. And the kids actually ate all their dinner with the promise of the dessert.



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 9, 2005 5:35 pm (#315 of 2980)

I got it today...—Catherine

Today? Today?! I put that in the postal distribution center this weekend (a special trip, mind you) and payed for priority mail. It should have been there by Wednesday. Two to three day average, my ***.

I'm glad you liked them Catherine. I hope they prove useful. Thanks for the kind words.

Speaking of getting things in the mail, I got a note today from a Forum member who happens to have the tiniest handwriting I've ever seen. I guess with nine kids in the house space is at a premium.


Finn BV - Sep 9, 2005 5:49 pm (#316 of 2980)

I've been a Sox fan for a long time. –Steve

Please, there are other Sox fans in the house.

Safe time in Cleveland, Jenn.

Yup, I guess I jinxed Sharapova. Next is Agassi, because I'd love to see him do stuff but Ginepri needs something to boost his career.

FB and QA finally arrived today! I had never splurged for them, but for my birthday my parents bought me one of the HP soundtracks, which I already own, so I got some credit, and we bought FB and QA! So… I'll be diving into those tonight.


Chemyst - Sep 9, 2005 5:55 pm (#317 of 2980)

Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Spider10

Happy Birthday Steve. I did the math and it is 448! (at eight spider-swallows per year)


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 9, 2005 5:59 pm (#318 of 2980) Reply

I did the math...—Chemyst

Of course you did.


Denise P. - Sep 9, 2005 6:11 pm (#319 of 2980) Reply

Heh, if you thought that was tiny handwriting, you should have seen what it looked like in high school! I thought it looked fairly normal... Oh wait, it is because you didn't have on your bifocals, right?

Yes, I admit it! I sent Kim the note with the tiny handwriting!


Madam Pince - Sep 9, 2005 6:13 pm (#320 of 2980) Reply

Oh! So it was you??? I thought it was the other Forum member with nine kids....


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2005 6:18 pm (#321 of 2980) Reply

Chemyst, what a comforting thought.

Many thanks for all of the well wishes.


dizzy lizzy - Sep 9, 2005 6:42 pm (#322 of 2980) Reply

Happy Birthday Steve!

* **staggers away from the computer laughing at the funny things you guys have said lately***

I got my first white hairs about 2 months ago. I still laugh like crazy every time I see them in the mirror and I turn 35 in early 2006. I've had so many medical problems that I find it hilarious that I have ended up going gray early compared to the rest of my family. I'm desperately hoping they will eventually make me look like the distinguished and eccentric Lizzy I look destined to be .

I go to Sydney next week (on Monday morning and it is Sat. Morning right now...11.40am to be exact!) for more training and to pick up my new Hearing Aids. I am getting excited and pretty nervous over the new Hearing Aids.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Marie E. - Sep 9, 2005 7:14 pm (#323 of 2980) Reply

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Since ya'll have mentioned baseball and the World Series, I will relate one of my favorite stories about Mr E. He was living in Georgia when we were engaged. My Atlanta Braves were in the World Series (this was 1991) and I told him not to call me the next night because it was game 7 of a tied series. He thought I was kidding and called in the nineth inning!! I actually said "Call me in an hour" and hung up on him. I still don't understand how I married one of the only men around who doesn't like to watch sports. *sigh*

I don't have any gray hair yet (knocks on computer desk) but my mother said she didn't have any until she was 40. I guess I have a four and half year reprieve. She also said it was no coincidence that the year she turned 40 I turned 13.

I'm all a-dither about the GoF Legos. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas or not.


Round Pink Spider - Sep 9, 2005 7:28 pm (#324 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Marie, I started getting gray hair shortly before I turned 40, also. That must have been the year my son David entered adolescence...

I'm here with a Barb (Phoenix Song) update. She now has electricity. The insurance people still haven't come by, and she's not sure that she can wait to start fixing the roof until they come. She said that she spends most of her day trying to obtain the necessities. But now, at least she has light, and water for washing (they have a well).

Her husband got an eye infection, and she said he had some nasty swelling with it. They got it cleaned out, but she's been calling him "Mad-Eye." It was good to hear her laugh over the phone today, a real laugh for the first time since the hurricane.


Denise P. - Sep 9, 2005 7:32 pm (#325 of 2980)

Early grey hair runs in my family so I have had grey in my hair since my mid teens. If I didn't color my hair to have red in it, it would probably be mostly white by now. Actually, it has not been colored in ages so there is a load of white. I don't care really but since I like to have a bit of red, it gets colored.

Mike, I don't know if you are still searching for it but there are a few of the original Lego Hagrid's Hut on eBay. One has no bids, ends tomorrow and the price/shipping ($10/6.50 right now) seems reasonable too. I saw a nifty Lego Star Wars pen so was seeing if they made Lego HP pens. No! Drat...but I am watching a Yoda and a Darth Vadar pen


T Brightwater - Sep 9, 2005 8:50 pm (#326 of 2980)

RPS, thanks for keeping us posted. Give Barb our best.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 9, 2005 9:09 pm (#327 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Steve! I don't have any gray, just highlights!

One of my students at school today insisted he read excerpts of book seven on the web. I tried to explain unless it comes from Ms. Rowling it is false. He said Draco disguised himself as Harry and was kissing Cho! I think he must have found a Fanfic site. LPO


Herm oh ninny - Sep 9, 2005 10:08 pm (#328 of 2980)

Hey guys. Well, the Macaroni Grill was great. I am so stuffed! LOL

I got my first gray hair when I was 15 and, now that I am 26, I have to dye my hair because I have so much gray!

After dinner my sisters and I went to the mall to buy birthday presents for our cousin (also my best friend). I decided to buy her her perfume (since it's been a while since getting her one). I couldn't decide which perfume to get her because I hate the perfumes that she wears! And, she hates the one that I wear! So what did I do? I wandered through the perfume section of Macy's and smelled all the different perfumes. When I found one that I really hated, I bought it for her! LOL

Today was a great sports day for me! Clijsters beat Sharapova and the Yankees beat the Red Sox!!

... wanders off to find a celebratory fire whiskey!!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 9, 2005 10:29 pm (#329 of 2980)

Well, except for the weakening eyesight and the arthritis its great. Did that sarcasm carry through?

Ohhh ho ho,sarcasm? I still have a few years before I catch up with you, but here I sit with my pharmacy reading glasses and I have just decided that it is one gray hair too many, I am calling Miss Clairol! (They started out as 3 red hairs at my temples when I was 13)

Happy birthday!

Yeah to the Yankees!!(I'm a fair weather fan)

Edit: Yes Ydnam, I heard it is 8 spiders in a life time.


Ydnam96 - Sep 9, 2005 10:30 pm (#330 of 2980)

Well, I've had a few of what I like to call "silver" hairs since I think around 23...so...don't know what that means for me. I've stopped dying my hair. I just don't care any more.

Um, I thought the 8 spider thing was in a life-time, not a year. That almost made me sick. Bleh.


The giant squid - Sep 10, 2005 12:25 am (#331 of 2980)

Steve: Happy Birthday!

Finn: I warned you about using Andre... If he loses now I'm rescinding my invite to screen GoF with me. Steph, you're still invited.

Denise, thanks for the heads-up. I'll scoot over there now & try my luck. EDIT: The one you mentioned has no bids because it's an incomplete set. With three complete sets up for bids at the same time, I can see why it's not selling. I did bid for one of the others that's done in 4 days, and if I get sniped on that one I'll bid for the one that's up in 5 days If I lose 'em both, it's not meant to be.

Marie, I always liked to point out that Mom didn't have any gray hair until after our sister (aka She Who Fell Asleep During PoA) was born, so it's clearly all her fault. You should be fine until your third is born.



Lina - Sep 10, 2005 1:03 am (#332 of 2980)

Steve Newton! Interesting poem. I wish you to feel quite strong for next 56 years!

CatherineHermiona: Congratulations mollis, that are such a great news. A girl......well, I hope you won't be as my mum.
I just HOPE that you were thinking about having all daughters and not something like as awful as my mum.

How good to read that your brother is going to live on his own, Abracapocus! I have a friend who is disadvantaged and I know that a possibility to be independent means a great deal to him. Those are a great news!

Thanks for the update, RPS. It's nice to see that the living is going on.

We go to a friends' wedding today. I haven't yet decided what to wear.

Nice weekend to everybody!


Madam Pince - Sep 10, 2005 6:23 am (#333 of 2980)

Good morning, all! (Or good evening, depending on where you are...)

RPS, I'm so glad to hear that Barbie (Phoenix Song) is doing better! Yay for electricity! Have they had their well water tested to be sure it's not contaminated? I hope everything works out OK with her roof and insurance and all. It's good to see that things are improving a bit for folks, but there's just such a long way to go -- that is such a huge job facing everyone there. I got my September issue of "Southern Living" yesterday and it had a whole section on New Orleans restaurants, and it almost made you cry to read it. Of course, the articles were done and printed long before the hurricane, so they couldn't know what awaited all those lovely restaurants. I read a quote online from the owner of a place that had recently been voted the city's best restaurant, and he said bleakly that they no longer have a city to be best of. Our friend the fireman who was deployed down there (he went to Mississippi) just returned, and he was truly devastated -- he said it was almost unimaginable how bad it was. We're still sending out thoughts and prayers to everyone affected.

I just heard from Julia, and she asked me to convey her thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, and to let you know that she had a great birthday!

What is the deal with those first few white hairs, anyway? They stand straight up, practically jumping up and down and waving their arms and saying "Here I am! Look at me!!" I think I had my first one in my mid-20's, which I thought was really unfair because there is something very wrong about having gray hair and zits at the same time. One should only have to bear so many crosses. Anyway, Gray Hair didn't start to have enough "friends" join it until about my mid-30's to necessitate coloring. I really hate it, though. It never turns out like my natural color used to be, and every six weeks you start to get this silver "sheen" right at the part and have to do it all over again. Sigh... It's like haymoni's clothing sizes -- it's a conspiracy!

Little Pince is covered with mosquito bites which he got at school because I guess they forgot to put his bug spray on before they went out for recess. So he wakes up a couple times a night because he's itching so, even despite Benadryl. I feel so sorry for the little guy! He just recently moved up to the next class, so they go outside for recess a little later in the day than his old class used to, and I think the mosquitoes are more active then.

All the talk about sweet corn convinced me to pick some up from the farm stand last evening and we had it for dinner -- yummy! No sugar, no milk, just plain old corn. It was good. This morning I think we will have the cinnamon raisin bread that Mr. Pince picked up at the Amish market yesterday -- it is heavenly! Then this afternoon I have to do something with all the apples we picked off our trees when we went to the mountains last weekend. The trees were absolutely loaded, and we've got tons to deal with. I think I'll mostly make applesauce, and maybe a pie.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Elanor - Sep 10, 2005 6:47 am (#334 of 2980)

I just pop in to say hello and wish you all a great weekend! Here, it is my town's annual September festival this weekend (there is a picture of the little "king and queen" who preside the fete in my avatar). It is a very old tradition, from the Middle-Ages, and it is really cute. I will also celebrate my birthday with my family, so it should be great!

RPS, thanks for the information about Phoenix Song, I'm really happy she starts laughing again!

Tim, congratulations on your son's wedding! But you can count on us to celebrate September 24th as it should be too!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 10, 2005 8:13 am (#335 of 2980)

Elanor love the avatar!

Madame Pince your magazine is now a historical document. How sad. I have a difficult time grasping the enormity of it. I can only watch so much of it. My thoughts are with the people who are trying to rebuild their lives and are grieving for lost loved ones, lost homes and lost livelihoods.

I went to a beverage establishment last night with a group of teachers and we all agreed to go see GoF together. I am also going with a group of retired teachers also. It is fun. I have to explain all the finer points to them. This forum has my undying gratitude for making me look so smart! Thank you everyone. LPO


Eponine - Sep 10, 2005 9:39 am (#336 of 2980)

Denise, I know I've seen a Lego HP pen somewhere. I was going to try to find it on the Lego website, but it is not working today.

Oh, I found one on eBay for you.

Eleanor, I love your new avatar as well.


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2005 9:50 am (#337 of 2980)

Oh, thanks! I searched briefly last night and didn't see it so I appreciate you posting that for me. I had a Geico lizard pen that I really like, need to get a refill for it. I am a pen nut and find offbeat ones to have since that way, I can immediately see if a kid swipes it from me. Stationary/Office Supply stores are like a candy store for me.

Speaking of candy, I saw a new batch of Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans at both Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. They have a few new flavors, like bacon and rotten egg...how yummy (NOT)!


Catherine - Sep 10, 2005 11:12 am (#338 of 2980)

LOL, Denise.

My students showed me the new Bertie Botts during our outdoor break last Wednesday. They were pretty gleeful about offering me the rotten egg one, but I declined.

Even though I will not be their teacher in November, they are begging for a 7th grade trip to see GoF. I told them that I would act as a chaperone if someone else organized it.

We are having fall-ish weather today, and it's wonderful. It was great to get some yard work done without feeling like I was going to pass out in the heat.

Off to enjoy the day...hope everyone else is, also.


Dame Peverell - Sep 10, 2005 11:46 am (#339 of 2980)

I have never had any Bertie Botts. Do they really taste like all those things or are they just regular candy flavors?


Stephanie M. - Sep 10, 2005 11:51 am (#340 of 2980)
Edited Sep 10, 2005 12:48 pm

Agassi just lost the 4th set and he is now playing in the 5th set.

We'll just have to see...

Edit: Well, Agassi won! (Finn, maybe Mike will still invite you to see POA.)


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2005 1:51 pm (#341 of 2980)

They really do have those nasty flavors as well as regular ones. Most bags of the Bertie Botts come with a visual flavor guide to help you identify the various beans.


Amilia Smith - Sep 10, 2005 3:37 pm (#342 of 2980)

Here's a book I remember from my youth: A boy is a foster child, goes to live with a family in the Oregon or Washington woodlands, and ends up seeing Bigfoot. I had the book when I was around 10 or 11 years old, so the early, early 80's.

Marie: Might that book be . . .

Boy who saw Bigfoot, The
by Marian T. Place

Author: Place, Marian T. (Marian Templeton), 1910-

A ten-year-old boy, placed once again with new foster parent, becomes involved in a search for Bigfoot.

Dodd, Mead, copyright 1979, 96 p.

I have just come across a wonderful database, NoveList. Among other things, you can search for a book by describing a plot. Check out your local libraries and see if they have access to it. Very cool. Have not had any luck finding your book, though, Denise.



Finn BV - Sep 10, 2005 7:28 pm (#343 of 2980)

…and the price/shipping ($10/6.50 right now)… --Denise (a number of posts ago)

Sorry, but when I read this (I've just gotten back from a six hours at a Bar Mitzvah, so I'm pretty tired) I saw, out of context, a few numbers and the words "price/shipping" and suddenly figured… you now have to subscribe to 'ship?? Just goes to show I am … **zzzzzz**

Okey dokey, so… Mike, Andre's in the final. And I don't think you can blame my avatar if he loses to Federer, because that just… always happens against Roger.

All this talk about white hairs… I must truthfully admit my blond hair is accented by white sideburns…

Elanor, great new avatar!

Spoken like a true new librarian-to-be, Mills!

So, my day was basically school supply shopping and the Bar Mitzvah. Yes, it's that season again. We had most of them last year, and this year all the late bloomers have their Mitzvahs. (ie those people born in May or later; the parties only last through November or so though) I am staring at all the new posts and it is too much to handle. Ah, the duties of school life.

So, Kim Clijsters took the US Open! I'm so happy for her! Poor Mary Pierce… two dismal finals this year! Better luck next year… At least they were very friendly at the ceremony.

***goes off to bed after pressing mark as read button… too many posts… not enough time…***

Edit: Oh yes, I finally splurged and ordered FB and QA and they arrived in the mail yesterday! I am so excited! I read all of QA yesterday and am about to start on FB… now I see the "Irma" of Pince. So many things I was missing out on…


Stephanie M. - Sep 10, 2005 7:44 pm (#344 of 2980)

All this talk about white hairs... I must truthfully admit my blond hair is accented by white sideburns... –Finn

Well of course you have white sideburns! You have pictures of your grand kids to show people who card you that you are over 21!

I'm also really happy that Kim Clijsters won! She has been playing SOO well recently!

I want Federer to win because he is so good and he is in his prime while Agassi has already won so many tournaments! I love Agassi though and I would be so proud of him if he won. But I still want Federer to win! (Well, I wanted Nadal to win because he is so excited and energetic to play but he lost...)

*Off to see if I have any gray hairs!! I am 13 you know... it seriously could happen any minute! *

Edit: Cross posted with Finn's Edit. Cool! Tell me all about it! I think I'll borrow my cousin's copy of each book.


Marie E. - Sep 10, 2005 10:10 pm (#345 of 2980)

Amilia, you rock!! It must be that book; how many books about foster children who see Bigfoot can there be? A copyright of 1979 also sounds right. I would have been nine years old then.

Finn is making me feel guilty for not following tennis better. She-Who-Fell-Asleep-During-POA loves tennis and keeps up with all the standings. I'm more of a NFL fan (Go Broncos!). I do remember when Mary Pierce still played for the US. She plays for France now, doesn't she?

The bacon flavored Bertie Botts beans are truly hideous tasting. It's like eating a mouthful of bacon grease. I tried one because I like bacon and thought it would similar. I didn't even dare try rotten egg.


Elanor - Sep 10, 2005 10:26 pm (#346 of 2980)

OH, I'm sorry Mary Pierce didn't win! I like her very much. Yes, she is playing for France. I've read recently that she has 3 passports: French and American (her mother is French, her father American) and Canadian because she was born in Canada!

I'm happy you like my avatar! The traditional ceremonies will take place this morning. I don't know if I can put a link to my town's site in English (nothing fishy about it, I promise!) so I will just put the address: www.ville-charlieu.fr/pages-gb/voir-gb/frame-avoir-gb.html . If you want to visit it, just add the http: and the // before it, you will have some information and more pictures about the festival and the weavers'guild that organised it during the Middle-Ages and is still doing so (it is the last one in France).

It is 7 am and soon, we will start to hear musicians, horses and the "royal" horse-drawn carriage in the streets who will go and fetch the little "royautés", the kids who will be King, Queen, Dauphin, Dauphine for the day, before the procession in the streets begins. It is really cute!

Have a great day everybody!


The giant squid - Sep 11, 2005 12:05 am (#347 of 2980)

Okay, Finn, you're off the hook. Even my wife, the die-hard Andre fan, doesn't expect him to beat Federer. If you & Steph show up in Vegas on Nov. 18th I won't make you sit in the hallway outside the theater.



Ydnam96 - Sep 11, 2005 12:58 am (#348 of 2980)

Can't sleep. Bleh!

The weather here in the valleys of LA has finally cooled a bit off. It has been in the mid to high 90s for the last month of so. Today it was in the 70s. It was NICE.

I don't follow tennis, so I feel a little out of the loop. Smile

Does anybody know how ebay works if you want to sell stuff? I have something I want to sell and don't quite know how it works. You can email me if you do know. Thanks in advance!

Nothing to exciting going on here except all the kiddies have now settled into college, having finished their first week of college. I can tell they are at home cause they have started being rambuncous

Well, off to read threads till I fall asleep.


Loopy Lupin - Sep 11, 2005 1:05 pm (#349 of 2980)

Even though I will not be their teacher in November, they are begging for a 7th grade trip to see GoF. I told them that I would act as a chaperone if someone else organized it. – Catherine

Mmm. Wonder how the kids guessed that you like HP?


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 11, 2005 1:34 pm (#350 of 2980)

Hey everyone! I'm finally back in Cleveland!

So, I survived my weekend, and it was actually a ton of fun. I picked up "little brother" and we drove 2 1/2 hours back to Columbus, met up with future Mr. Soul Mate's middle brother and got dinner. Then my boyfriend came back and the three of us (middle brother stayed in for the night since he's in TBDBITL (OSU's Marching Band) and had to be up early) went out to meet up with friends and hang out. Saturday we got the house ready for the party that night, (at 630 in the morning mind you, because the boys refused to miss all the tail gate parties) got breakfast, and then tailgated for the entire day. We had so much fun. The game was so so so so so exciting. Unfortunately the Bucks lost a close one (25-22) to Texas, and we left Ohio Stadium with low spirits, but not for lack of excitement. My voice still hasn't come back! This morning we woke up, I made eggs for the three guys, over-saw the cleaning (I took your advice Puck and didn't do it myself!! I just supervised!). The cleaning didn't take too long, because the party never happened (considering we lost the game). Then I dove home while listening to the Browns game! (They lost too, go figure!!)

But anyway, that was my amazing weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to check the threads!

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Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 11, 2005 3:13 pm (#351 of 2980)

Well, it's a good thing I didn't have my wand with me today. I went to our local farmstand (which is putting it mildly, this thing is housed in a brand new post and beam structure and it's huge) and was fighting the crowd when I saw something my 6-year-old knows better than to do. Two boys, approximately 14-15 years old were helping themselves to whatever food appealed to them. One had obviously torn off part of a bunch of grapes (I could see the stem in his hand) and the other was plucking strawberries out of their pint and quart containers. Never mind the fact strawberries are sold by volume not by weight, never mind the fact I don't want their grubby hands on my intended purchase, never mind the fact there are displays of food on platters which you are welcome to sample--has no one taught these two eejits that helping themselves to the food is no different than lifting a CD from the local music store?

I guess no one has because when I spoke up to the boy who was helping himself to the strawberries, he got this stunned look in his eyes.
ME: "What are you doing?"
HIM: Blink.
ME: "Were you raised in a barn?" (Apologies to cows everywhere, who, I'm sure, know better.)
HIM: Pupils dilate.
ME: "Stop that."
HIM: Walks away with a slightly 'Gee, so that's what it's like to be told 'No'' look on his face.


Julie Aronson - Sep 11, 2005 3:39 pm (#352 of 2980)

You go, Kim! Those clowns'll get civilized yet!


Marie E. - Sep 11, 2005 3:50 pm (#353 of 2980)

..apologies to cows everywhere, who, I'm sure, know better

Oh, let's hope so! I would have done the same thing, Kim.


haymoni - Sep 11, 2005 4:29 pm (#354 of 2980)

Jenn - it is a sad, sad day in our house today!

First OSU and then the Brownies. At least the OSU game was close!

It's gonna be a lawwwwng season.


Finn BV - Sep 11, 2005 4:40 pm (#355 of 2980)

Jenn, glad you had a good time besides the fact the Bucks lost… Not a football person myself so I can't say this means anything to me. At least it does to you.

Gosh, Kim, my cow is going through the roof after reading your post over my shoulder. Glad we've still got some morals among us.

Well, Agassi put up a fight. Federer is unbeatable though. And he's such a nice person. I'm happy for him.

Off to the threads.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 11, 2005 4:49 pm (#356 of 2980)

Oh haymoni, I totally understand. What a terrible weekend for Ohio football!! (Unless of course you're a Cinnci fan...)

On the other hand, that Bucks game was amazing! The only problem for me is that we could have won. To me it's the difference between Texas beating us and the Bucks losing the game. Texas wasn't really any better then the Bucks last night, we just made some really dumb mistakes and were handed a few really bad calls. But regardless, I have to say sitting in the student section at that game was by far the most exciting and fun sports experience I have ever had!! I'm just praying the guys are up for the long, hard road to the National Championship instead of the easier one we could have had!!



Catherine - Sep 11, 2005 5:37 pm (#357 of 2980)

Oh, dear.

Kim has realized what happens when you teach 7th grade at a school that does NOT have selective admissions. (In short, "EEEKK!")

For the record, I wish to be "Empress of Universe" and tell the parents of such children how they are SO VERY lacking in manners, decorum, and what-have-you. I "encourage" traditional manners and decorum while "encouraging" a non-traditional curriculum. (this is horrible nonsense speak about doing what is right while teaching what is right.)

My 7th grade boys are, by all accounts, legendary in their rudeness. However, I will say that they WILL, if my presence is there, chew with their mouths closed, open doors for someone with their arms full, and refrain from using certain words, among which are "Stupid," "retarded, and "dumb." I am still working on a "speaking tradition" in which you actually acknowledge someone who walks toward you, and say, at a minimum, "Hello."

But that might be asking too much. Some of the teachers won't do it. For me, it's a pride of campus thingy, and I think that newbies of all sorts should meet our very best face, and that our students should learn that people are watching, and learn to direct them and greet the people who pay for their education.

But, I've learned, I'm too uptight, and among a minority. Ah, well, I like to think that Dumbledore would've approved....


Stephanie M. - Sep 11, 2005 5:44 pm (#358 of 2980)

I'm also not the biggest football fan. Tennis, basketball, and Swimming are my favorites (with swimming being my absolute favorite!!!)

Agassi did put up a great fight! I'm very happy for Federer! He has been playing like a complete All-Star for the past couple of years.

*Off to read the threads before school!*


Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2005 5:46 pm (#359 of 2980)

Popular culture isn't helping us any. I am trying very hard to convey to Little Pince that "stupid" is NOT a nice word and is not one he is allowed to use. Then he sees Woody in "Toy Story" using it (and that's a Disney movie!) and I have to re-explain all over again.


Catherine - Sep 11, 2005 6:00 pm (#360 of 2980)

I hear you, Madame P.

It's a hard thing, and one that, sadly, you address while many of my students' parents do not.

Many of them NEVER acknowledge the janitorial staff, even if they pass them in the halls. I make sure that my students greet them by their surnames and if a student forgets to clean up after him/herself, then they have to vacuum the room and empty the trashcan themselves. At the end of the day, they ALL must put their chairs on top of the desks so that room may be cleaned more easily.

They never forget twice, but then, they will ALWAYS know the name of the person who cleans after them, even if they didn't know it before. They have to stay after and clean the room under that person's supervision, and my inspection. I make sure that I am extra-picky because the cleaning staff always wants to let them off "just this once."

Pull--EEeze...they love knowing that I check up on them, and that I care enough to do it.

I realize that sound like a difficult teacher, but that I do think some kids need structure....


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 11, 2005 6:06 pm (#361 of 2980)

Kim has realized what happens when you teach 7th grade at a school that does NOT have selective admissions.---Catherine

Catherine, I know this isn't what you meant but I have to say this farmstand is in a very tony town, extremely affluent and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if these boys went to a private school (with admission tests) or at the very least one of the best public schools in the state. This doesn't mean, of course, that I think poor behavior is restricted to the less affluent, only that one would think with exposure to the best schools and the assumption that their parents went to the best schools (thus allowing them to earn the salaries necessary to afford said suburb) they would have been taught something approaching citizenship and public decorum.


Lavandula - Sep 11, 2005 6:58 pm (#362 of 2980)

I'm new here to the forum, but had to share a few comments about this weekend's posts.

Jenn and Haymoni: So sorry about the games. I'll send you some of my tissues for the tears!!! I was at a pig-roast for the OSU game, but had to leave before the game was over (kids were way too tired and we needed to get up for church today). They were winning when we left. WHAT HAPPENED?

Elanor: I too love the new avator and am going to try that website you mentioned. Sounds so interesting!!!

Enjoy the week everyone!

PS. Puck: Any baby yet?



Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 11, 2005 7:30 pm (#363 of 2980)

Way to go Catherine! The two most important people in a school are the secretary and the custodian. Without them we would be in a world of trouble.

Lupin is Lupin I subbed for three years and I often found that when there is no accountability the "good" kids would misbehave the most. Often the teacher I subbed for would not believe me when certain students misbehaved. I'm glad you said something to them.

Marie, not a good day for our Broncos! LPO


Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2005 9:21 pm (#364 of 2980)

Welcome, Lavandula!

Elanor, I meant to say earlier but I forgot -- that picture in your avatar is so precious! Those two youngsters are adorable!

Well, has it been about a day or maybe a bit more since we've heard from Puck? Could it be? ***crosses fingers and sends good wishes Puck's way***


The giant squid - Sep 12, 2005 1:08 am (#365 of 2980)

“Gee, so that's what it's like to be told 'No''

I wish I saw that face more often...

Finn, you're right. Andre put up a much bigger fight than most expected of him, though in the last few games it looked like his back had gotten to him--there were a lot of points he could have gone for but didn't. And being beaten by someone with Federer's record(s) is nothing to be ashamed of.

All in all, it seemed like a poor day for my family, sports-wise. Marie's Broncos, my Vikings, Andre...well, at least my wife's Steelers got a mark in the W column.



Puck - Sep 12, 2005 3:26 am (#366 of 2980)

Oh, I'm still here, and Horribly depressed about it! My other babies came at 39 weeks, and was told I'd likely go earlier this time. Well, 39 weeks is tomorrow, today is my date according to ultrasound (calendar date is the 20th.) I've tried Chinese food, ginger, mexican, etc....

There was some excitement here, but we missed it. We were putting the kids in the bath, so with the water running and the dryer on in that bathroom, we didn't here it, but a hot air balloon got blown off course and landed in front of the house next door! The whole neighborhood was outside when my mother-in-law glanced out the window. By then they were packing up the balloon. The kids were SO dissappoint to have missed it, and actually so was I.

When I taught grade 7 for my church I was shocked to discover that they didn't know the difference between "our" and "are"! They were shocked that I actually marked them wrong for such mistakes and made them do the work over again. They complained that it wasn't English class. I remarked that ignorance should not be tolerated no matter the class.

Kim, my kids know that you only take from the samples, and you take only 1.

Soulmate, glad to see you made those men clean their own place! Now, if I could just get Grandma to stop picking up after my kids and make them do it themselves, or else I'll have a lot of unspoiling to do when she leaves!

Lets hope I don't back on for a few more days!



Snuffles - Sep 12, 2005 3:49 am (#367 of 2980)

Oh Puck, I was sure the next time you posted on the Forum it would be to let us know you had had your baby! I hope you get the signs you need soon!! I think it is a grandparent thing, I keep telling my parents to stop clearing away after my daughter too. She puts things away at home but never does at their house!

Lupin is Lupin.Natch, I would have loved to seen their faces, I would have said something too. Even my 2 year old knows never to just help herself to food! In fact I was beaming yesterday. My hubby took the 3 of us out for Sunday lunch at our favourite restaurant. When we had finished, the waitress came to take our plates and Olivia said "Thank you very much for my dinner, it was lovely"! I heard the lady telling the others who worked there about it!

Hope everyone had a good weekend



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 12, 2005 3:52 am (#368 of 2980)

Kim, my kids know that you only take from the samples, and you take only 1.

And my personal favorite, "The first one you touch is the one you take."

I hope that baby comes soon, Kathy. I went past 41 weeks with both of mine--ugh, no fun.

EDIT: Cross-posted with Snuffles. How adorable! I'd be beaming! That's what setting a good example can do for you.


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2005 7:00 am (#369 of 2980)

Giant Squid Mike, you're a Vikings fan, too? Yay rah! So is Mr. Pince. I have actually gotten to like them too, since we've been married. I guess it kind of rubs off or something. Plus I was boycotting the Redskins because Joe Gibbs was gone and I absolutely can't stand the owner of the team (refuse to say his name - maybe I should call him Voldemort!) But now Joe is back so I'm sort of half-heartedly supporting them too.


Dame Peverell - Sep 12, 2005 7:08 am (#370 of 2980)

Olivia said "Thank you very much for my dinner, it was lovely"!  It was a lovely little story too.


Ydnam96 - Sep 12, 2005 8:35 am (#371 of 2980)

Puck, I hope that you didn't eat all those foods at the same time Wink cause I'm sure you would have some horrible horrible heartburn/indigestion. One of my girlfriends from high school just had her first baby on Thursday, she wasn't due till Oct. 12th I think. The baby was 5lbs and amazingly healthy. Still though, I would imagine that having a baby that early is not preferrable. So IMO I would think that having the baby late is a lot safer than early. Smile Of course, I'm a fan of adoption (I'm too lazy for labor).

But good luck Puck, maybe we should all "accio" your baby and then it would come out. But that might confuse the poor child.

Oh, I really need to get up and get going. At this rate I'm going to be late to work...


Abracapocus - Sep 12, 2005 9:26 am (#372 of 2980)

***Accio Baby Puck!***


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 12, 2005 10:19 am (#373 of 2980)

Good morning everyone! Well actually, it's not really morning here, it's almost 1pm, but I just woke up about 30 minutes ago! That was a suprise. I set my alarm for 9am because I wanted to be productive today, but I guess that didn't go so well. I feel so lazy, but at the same time, I'm trying to justify it to myself by saying that obviously my body needed that much sleep to recover from this weekend!

Puck, I too was hoping you'd have news of Baby Puck the next time you posted, so here's hoping that news comes soon!!

Well, since I woke up so late, it's time for a super quick check of the threads before I start being productive!!



Stephanie M. - Sep 12, 2005 2:18 pm (#374 of 2980)

Well, if nothing else works then try a spoonful of salt (Yeah, it won't taste good but if you're desperate... ). Also try walking around or lots of exercise. (Accio Baby Puck!)

I'm off to check the threads then off do my homework and study for my Spanish quiz.

Adios mis amigos!!!


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2005 5:27 pm (#375 of 2980)

Finn, is that a plate of French Fries in your avatar???


Finn BV - Sep 12, 2005 6:36 pm (#376 of 2980)

LOL, yes, Madam Pince, I felt like we needed a change – a drastic one, at that – from tennis stars, so I felt this was about as different as you could get. I took that pic on our trip out West this year, when we earned a free night at a fancy hotel in Sonoma, CA. Since we didn't have to pay for the room, Mom and Dad felt it was okay to splurge for the $3.50 fries, and I signed the bill to the room. It was so exciting taking that pen in hand, and writing my name, and… yeah, so those are the fries. Huge plate. And don't get me wrong. I hate ketchup.


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2005 6:56 pm (#377 of 2980)

Bwahaha, I grew up within biking distance of Sonoma and can't wrap my brain around the idea of it having anything fancy. Of course, that was also +30 years ago and I guess a tourist boom in Wine Country has changed things some. To me, Sonoma will always be a sleepy town (as well as the County I was born in)


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 12, 2005 7:48 pm (#378 of 2980)

Dame Peverell those cows are adorable!

Accio Baby Puck. LPO


Wisey - Sep 13, 2005 3:19 am (#379 of 2980)

G'day everybody, I fairly new to the club. Love reading all your posts. Hope everyone is well.

Anyone watch Aussie Rules, no padding what so ever. My team I support (Sydney Swans) have reached the semi-finals to be played this coming weekend, they haven't won the flag since 1938, so this is very exciting time for all supporters.


haymoni - Sep 13, 2005 5:18 am (#380 of 2980)

Wisey - I am always amazed everytime I watch Australian Rules football. I don't know the rules and the referees make me chuckle, but the athleticism of the players (or craziness of the players) is awesome.

Hope your team does well.


pottermom34 - Sep 13, 2005 5:55 am (#381 of 2980)

It's the 24th of this month, Elanor; but I have other things to think about. On the 18th, my son gets married, and I have to wear a suit............all day! Harrowing, or what?!-- Timrew.

The funny thing about this is my daughter's birthday is also the 24, but her party is the 18th.

Hope the baby comes soon Puck , incidentally here's something that could help, if your local zoo has a camel ride try that . It's safe we had a lady ride the day she was due. You never know the buimpiness or rockiness might encourage the baby out a little faster. Or listen to a funny comedian, my sister saw Jeff Foxworthy and went into labor the next day from laughing so hard. Anyway good luck.

About the legos, I've never seen an HP lego pen but they have a DD, a Hagrid, and a Harry keychain for 3.99.


mike miller - Sep 13, 2005 5:56 am (#382 of 2980)

ARRRR, Me thinks it's less than week 'til Talk Like A Pirate Day!! Shiver me timbers! (sorry - couldn't wait 'til Monday)

Wisey - I enjoy Assie Rules when they show it, like Haymoni I love the signal the officals make when a tema scores!


Gina R Snape - Sep 13, 2005 7:27 am (#383 of 2980)

**pokes head out from behind a mountain of homework**

Hey, everyone! I entered the Pottercast impersonation contest with my voice of Snape. Please go vote for me!!!



Snuffles - Sep 13, 2005 7:37 am (#384 of 2980)

Hi Gina

I have voted. You are currently second!

Good luck



azi - Sep 13, 2005 7:40 am (#385 of 2980)

Hello everyone!

Haven't got long because at work, but just popped in to say hi!

Mind you, the office is very quiet this week, I have nothing to do (and I'm complaining!).

Hope everyone is groovily good!


Puck - Sep 13, 2005 9:16 am (#386 of 2980)

Still here, currently munching on a nice fresh apple. (One of th many delightful things about fall in New England.)

Thanks for the many well wishes. Seems to be this girl is a stubborn one. I may try that salt. Exercise/walking doesn't help, as I did aerobics/kickboxing throughout the pregnancy my body is used to it. I'm just worried now about her getting big. My others were right around 7 pounds, both born a few days before due. If this one waits much longer I may be looking at over 8 pounds. Hmmm, there is a zoo about half an hour from here that does camel rides. Maybe if I don't have her by the weekend. I rode an elephant near the end with Maya. Quite uncomfortable sitting on that back bone, and getting my off after the ride was quite a sight!

Welcome Wisey! Don't know about Aussie Rules, but understand your sentiment, as our Red Sox also went the better part of a century without a championship.

Off to check a few threads.



Elanor - Sep 13, 2005 9:39 am (#387 of 2980)

LOL about the camel ride Puck!

I hope baby Puck won't let you wait too long now! But she will be a Virgo girl, so let's face it, she will be stubborn or, better, persevering: it is the other ones that find us stubborn! The only good thing about her waiting some more days is the possibility that she will arrive on next Monday, September 19th, on Hermione's birthday, wouldn't it be great for a HP fan like you?

Gina, I just voted for you!

Welcome Wisey! I hope you will have some great time here!

Oh, I have some great news! I may have the opportunity to spend 2 (or 3) weeks in Cambridge next spring, for a teacher training course. It is something organized by the E.U. to improve the way languages are taught in school (since the elementary school) and create links between teachers and schools all over Europe. As I teach English to the 3rd and 5th grades this year, I can apply for that training course that includes course at the university and some time in schools of the region. It sounds really great! I so hope I will be chosen for it. It should take place in March. I hope I will be able to meet (or meet again! **waving to the Accio/London crew**) some forumers if I can go!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 13, 2005 10:29 am (#388 of 2980)

Hey everyone! So yesterday was nowhere close to being as productive as I'd hoped. Let's hope today is better!

Puck, I'm sorry to hear Baby Puck is still not with us yet, but I have to agree with Elanor, she is a Virgo, and well, as a fellow Virgo, I must admit we can be a bit stuborn. I myself was two weeks late when I was born and made my poor mother go through 17 hours of labor!! (but don't worry, I'm sure baby Puck won't be quite as stuborn as me! )

Anyway, I'm off to check the threads!!



Denise P. - Sep 13, 2005 10:31 am (#389 of 2980)

When I was expecting Iain in May 2001, the ladies due at the same time as me all swore drinking Code Red Mountain Dew would do the trick. I have come to the conclusion that nothing the mom does, eats or tries will help until that baby is darn good and ready.

Hang in there Cathy, can't be too much longer!


haymoni - Sep 13, 2005 10:36 am (#390 of 2980)

Wasn't there some salad in California that everyone was eating a few years back?

The restaurant was shipping them to pregnant women all over the country. They wouldn't give out the recipe though.


T Brightwater - Sep 13, 2005 11:53 am (#391 of 2980)

Puck, try this: Make elaborate plans to do something special within the next few days. If Murphy's Law is still in effect, the baby should show up at the most inconvenient possible moment. :-)


Gina R Snape - Sep 13, 2005 12:19 pm (#392 of 2980)

Hey, thanks everyone who voted for me!

I hear drinking ginger tea helps aid the process of inducing labour.


Snuffles - Sep 13, 2005 2:13 pm (#393 of 2980)

I have just checked the pottercast! Gina you are storming ahead, you have over 70 votes more that the next person!!



Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2005 2:16 pm (#394 of 2980)

Never tickle a sleeping dragon ain't got nothing on "Don't mess with the loyalty of Lex Forum members." Go Gina!


Joanna S Lupin - Sep 13, 2005 2:21 pm (#395 of 2980)

I knew it!!!

Sorry, guys, I don't think I've ever strayed to this thread and I do really regret it now! I peeked in today in my investigation of the identity of a certain Gina from New York! I could have died! Wow, is it nerdiness or what? Geez, Gina, your devotion to Severus Snape is really mighty if you can inspire people to recognize you instantly by the mere way of impersonating Snape! LOL

Your impersonation was sincerely the best! It was fabulous! When I voted you were at the lead and well deserved too!

Pleased at finally solving the mystery I may peacefully go to bed!

Goodnight to all!


Catherine - Sep 13, 2005 2:36 pm (#396 of 2980)

Gina, I can't wait to check out your submission.

Puck, all I can say is "Accio, baby!"

As for me, I had a bit of an embarrassment today. I had my students for a two hour block of English/Social Studies. In the first hour and a quarter, we had an English test. Then, I put in a National Geographic video that I previewed last night when I was very sleepy before bedtime.

It started out wonderfully--it showed all the natural wonders of Africa and geographic landforms. How I missed this last night, I don't know, but there was a lot of antelope love in the savanna that seemed interminable while watching it with my class. EEEK!

Well, this was too much for the 7th grade boys, who broke out in laughter. One of the 7th grade girls said, "Mrs. Allen, at least you only have them two hours a day. WE (meaning the girls) have to be in class with them ALL DAY."

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.


haymoni - Sep 13, 2005 3:02 pm (#397 of 2980)

Too funny, Catherine.

Well we have a new addition to our family.

We have a black, male kitten named...Sirius!!!!

I won! I actually got to name a pet in our house!!!

Hubby wanted to name him "Angus" - some of you may remember his devotion to AC/DC.

My daughter wanted to name it "Thumbellina" if it was a girl. Lucky for me, she was very excited about calling it Sirius.



Eponine - Sep 13, 2005 3:08 pm (#398 of 2980)

Oh Catherine. It's always interesting to watch kids' reactions to those kind of things.

When I was subbing, we read Their Eyes Were Watching God and we watched the Halle Berry TV movie afterward. The *ahem* okay for prime time scenes seemed rather risque when viewed in proximity with a room full of 16 and 17 year old kids. One of them asked, 'Um...Mrs. Scott? Are we supposed to be watching this?'

I had an interview today for a job at our local library. I really want this job. The interview went well, and I should find out something by the end of the week. If only I had a bit of Felix Felicius with me.

My sister told me that my nephew was playing Dora the Explorer today, when he suddenly switched to Harry Potter because he looked at her and said, 'Welcome to the Knight Bus' and bowed.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Gina, with the support of the forum, you're bound to win! Is there a prize or is it just the satisfaction of winning?


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 13, 2005 3:58 pm (#399 of 2980)

Gina I just voted for you. You are way ahead.

Good Luck Charms to Eponine. I hope you get your job.

LOL Catherine. At least you previewed it.

Haymoni great name for the kitty. LPO


Gina R Snape - Sep 13, 2005 3:59 pm (#400 of 2980)

Joanna, you crack me up! Yes, I suppose my devotion does come through in my recording.

I read Their Eyes... in college. Never saw the film.

Thanks again, guys!!!! I'm off to be very Hermione-ish. I've got about 3 days' worth of reading to do in one night. Oye! The joys of PhD education...
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Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 13, 2005 4:07 pm (#401 of 2980)

Catherine, I'm wondering, will you be giving the children a "quiz" on the video? If you are, let me know if you need help. I'm really good at quizzes.

***wanders off hearing the tune to "Muskrat Love" looping through her head***


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 13, 2005 5:15 pm (#402 of 2980)

That's funny, Catherine. My 8th grade English teacher had us read a short story in class about a kid who always comes home from school and tells his mom about the antics of a bad fellow student. In the end, it turns out that the bad student doesn't exist, and the kid himself committed all the misdeeds. I don't remember what the title is, but it's the name of the fake student. Anyway, one the the offenses was that the kid never wore the proper footwear when it was raining. The boys reacted the same way your male students did when we got to that part.

The only difference is that my teacher was male, and I'm pretty sure he had us read the story just so he could see how we acted when we got to that part of the story.


Eponine - Sep 13, 2005 5:36 pm (#403 of 2980)

Used Vlad, I believe that story is Charles by Shirley Jackson who also wrote The Lottery.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 13, 2005 6:57 pm (#404 of 2980)

Do we actually have to listen to all that to vote for Gina?



Gina R Snape - Sep 13, 2005 7:01 pm (#405 of 2980)

No, but if you want to hear the impersonations, they are in the last 19 minutes or so of the cast.


Puck - Sep 13, 2005 11:09 pm (#406 of 2980)

Hi! Well, if Denise doesn't know how to speed a baby along I guess it's impossible. (Tried ginger tea and even chewing on the raw ginger, Gina, but alas, earwax.) I have a doctor's appointment today and I'm going to beg her to break my water. Let's hope she's in a charitable mood.

Good luck with the job Eponine! (By the way, is your name from "Les Miserables"?)

Go Gina! Do you get a cool HP prize if you win?

Funny stories about kids and embarassing animal moments. (And I can't remember at the moment who's responsible, but thanks for putting "Muskrat Love" into my head. Will now be singing it all day."

Okay, laptop just did this weird beep, think I'll put it away now. It's 2am, a great time to watch T.V. and eat chocolate. (Trouble sleeping, so I'm in the wee hours often lately.)



Ydnam96 - Sep 13, 2005 11:40 pm (#407 of 2980)

Puck, I have heard of one more thing that is supposed to help quicken things up...but it's not family friendly so I won't share it.

Okay, is anybody ready for book seven now?

I've decided, two months is a good break, we need a new book. Or an update on the website. Or maybe Jo could just come over for dinner?


The giant squid - Sep 14, 2005 12:01 am (#408 of 2980)

I haven't got any advice whatsoever for you, Puck. I just think it's going to be funny at your little girl's first Forum gathering, wondering why everyone keeps calling her "Accio".  :goofygrin:

Madame P, yes I am a Vikes fan. It's something of an underdog thing--you know they'll never win the Superbowl, but it's fun watching them try!



haymoni - Sep 14, 2005 4:59 am (#409 of 2980)

Puck - Ydman's advice has worked for many a couple. Can't believe I forgot that one!!!

Our 2-year-old cat, Kelly, is afraid of Sirius - he hissed at her and she's gone into hiding.

The kids won't leave that poor kitten alone. I had to put it in the bathroom and tell the kids "No kitty until after school!!!"

Poor thing.


Finn BV - Sep 14, 2005 5:51 am (#410 of 2980)

Hey guys –– comp problems yesterday, and this is what I typed but was not able to post:

The Lottery! We read that story in 6th grade. Let's not get into it…

My sister told me that my nephew was playing Dora the Explorer today –Eponine

Sorry, have either Steph or I mentioned that a science teacher at our school (Steph's homeroom teacher) is the namesake of Dora the Explorer? Her ex-husband is the creator of the show and named it after her because she enjoyed trekking and stuff like that. Sorry. Had to make that obscure reference.

Denise, although the actual town of Sonoma is not what I would call a hopping town but the hotel was certainly exclusive. It's a Mission Inn, which is a high-class chain of hotels around the globe. It could definitely be described as fancy.

I'm losing so much time on the Forum to school and extracurricular stuff. So I'll try to stay as caught up as I can but it's soooo hard now.

Gina, I voted for you. I love your impersonation. And Accio baby Puck!


Denise P. - Sep 14, 2005 5:52 am (#411 of 2980)

I can say from personal experience that Mandy's non Forum friendly advice (if it is the one I think) didn't work for me nor a boatload of people I know.

Spicy food, eggplant parmesan (recipe found on the web if you are interested), exercise, Code Red Mountain Dew, 4 Wheel Riding/Camel/Horseback riding, eating/drinking ginger flavored things.... sounds great but until you are ready, it just won't help

I am changing my vanity plate on my van. Here are my choices: OBLIVI8, 0BLIVI8 (in case the O is used, the 0 looks okay), ACCIO, LUMOS any other suggestions that are 7 letters or under?


Snuffles - Sep 14, 2005 6:08 am (#412 of 2980)

Denise, you could always have CRUCIO, IMPERIO, NOX, or REPARO!!



Loopy Lupin - Sep 14, 2005 6:10 am (#413 of 2980)

How I missed this last night, I don't know, but there was a lot of antelope love in the savanna that seemed interminable while watching it with my class. EEEK! – Catherine

I'm confused. Why would the boys think a couple of ants eloping is so funny? It seems kind of sweet to me.

Denise, I'd have to vote for some version of "obliviate."


haymoni - Sep 14, 2005 6:19 am (#414 of 2980)

How about some form of Weasley?

I realize that you have more kids than the Weasleys, but WZLYCAR or HGWRTXP or something that conveys the transportation of a number of children.

What was the name of that family-sized flying carpet?

Edit - how many letters? 6, 7 or 8?


Dame Peverell - Sep 14, 2005 6:22 am (#415 of 2980)


I like OBLIVI8 and ACCIO the best. ACCIO is more uniquely Harry Potter.


Madam Pince - Sep 14, 2005 6:26 am (#416 of 2980)

Hey! Rhys opened his eyes! Yippee! What a cutie-pie....

Mike, the Vikings almost got there a couple years ago, didn't they? The field-goal kicker had been like 100% or something, and the kick was only from about 35 yards and he missed it? I don't remember the exact details, but I remember being totally stunned that he missed. That was probably the best chance they ever had...

Yay! I just looked outside and we're getting a tiny bit of rain! Woo-hoo! Our first in over two weeks!


Denise P. - Sep 14, 2005 6:27 am (#417 of 2980)

Heh, we drive an Express Van so I may have to just get vinyl letters to add above that says Hogwarts

Mr. Denise is pushing hard for a form of OBLIVI8 right now.


Dame Peverell - Sep 14, 2005 8:54 am (#418 of 2980)

The Lexicon has come to life! There's an animation of Professor McGonagall turning into a cat you'll want to see along with some other new artwork.


The giant squid - Sep 14, 2005 12:19 pm (#419 of 2980)

Mike, the Vikings almost got there a couple years ago, didn't they?--Madame Pince

Yeah, they've almost gotten there a few times. They've been in the Superbowl 4 times...and lost all 4; a record surpassed only by the Buffalo Bills (0-5). It's almost as though they don't want to win it--then what will they have to look forward to?

Puck, I'd listen to Denise...the lady's got experience in this area after all. Babies, like cats, don't come when you want them, but when they're darn good & ready to. And usually at an inopportune or embarassing moment, to boot.



Chemyst - Sep 14, 2005 12:29 pm (#420 of 2980)

RE: Loopy, on ants eloping, including avatar



Loopy Lupin - Sep 14, 2005 12:33 pm (#421 of 2980)

Thanks Chemyst. I was starting to feel ignored.


Lina - Sep 14, 2005 12:54 pm (#422 of 2980)

Eponine, good luck with the job!

Dame Peverell, great avatar!

Denise, I really like the 0BLIVI8 and REPARO. Maybe NIMBUS or NIMBUS2? And is the baby gorgeous or what?


Catherine - Sep 14, 2005 1:23 pm (#423 of 2980)

Loopy, thanks for the Ants Eloping. I grinned.

Denise, you may not know this, but I have "OBLIVI8!" as my license plate on my car here in NC!

Well, Ophelia is pouring rain on us, and by 12:45 today, our school was the only school holding class in Eastern NC. Needless to say, this decision was markedly unpopular with the 7th graders. I'm so glad to be home. Our road to our neighborhood floods horribly in heavy rain, so it was on my mind all day. Thank goodness Mr. Catherine could pick up the kids from school when their school dismissed this morning.

Just so you can see how everything was closed today, (except our school) I called the doctor's office about their failure to call in a prescription to the pharmacy, and the doctor's office was closed! Grr! I was teaching 7th grade, and they are all at home???


Growling makes me think of lions, which reminds me that Rhys looks very cute in your new avatar Denise.


T Brightwater - Sep 14, 2005 1:30 pm (#424 of 2980)

All the license plates sound good to me! (I might go for MGGLBRN if I ever wanted a vanity plate.) If anyone hears of a "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" bumper sticker, let me know. Also, is there a source for House badges that are not attached to scarves? I've been thinking about putting a Hufflepuff badge on my luggage to make it easier to spot at baggage claim.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 14, 2005 2:14 pm (#425 of 2980)

Hey everyone!!

It's been so busy here the past two days! I'm leaving to go down to school on Sunday so I've been packing and digging out all my stuff for my dorm. I've been realizing that I have a lot to buy still.

I went and got my hair colored and cut today. and the girl who cuts my hair cut my bangs really really short. I'm not sure if I like them yet.

I'm glad everyone's doing well. Gina, I'm going to vote for you right now!! Oh! And **Accio Baby Puck!!**

Off to the threads!!



Denise P. - Sep 14, 2005 2:37 pm (#426 of 2980)

Yes, they do make House patches not attached to anything. Check eBay. I got a Hogwarts crest and a Ravenclaw patch there.

Catherine, yep, I did know you had that. I remember you pacing anxiously by your mailbox waiting for it to arrive.

Brightwater, the miracle of homecomputers means you can make a bumpersticker that says that or scout around and see if any Cafe Press stores sell it.


Finn BV - Sep 14, 2005 3:17 pm (#427 of 2980)

How cute is Rhys, Denise! (Hey, Rhys rhymes with Denise! ) That is such a happy photo! And how often do you change your vanity plates? Is it less than, say, 2 and a half years? Because I would do ACIOBK7. Then again, not that many people would get it. I don't know if you know about it, but you can check out MuggleNet's License Plates plage.

Too much homework… I'll be around to the threads in a little while.


Denise P. - Sep 14, 2005 3:28 pm (#428 of 2980)

I got my current vanity plate, a variation of my online name (not Denise P. though, I actually use my name here), back in 1997.

Thanks for the compliments on my lil guy, I got a picture of him cross eyed and I doubt he will be pleased with it in a few years.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 14, 2005 3:45 pm (#429 of 2980)

LOL Loopy Lupin! I love the ants.

It is raining here. The mountains got some snow last night. It was beautiful this morning. It has been very hot here. Now it feels like autumn. Mr. Ludicrous is going on a river raft trip in Utah. He leaves tomorrow. While he is gone I intend on expanding my garden. Whenever I leave he does "surprise" projects like removing walls in the house. Revenge is at hand!!! LPO


T Brightwater - Sep 14, 2005 4:02 pm (#430 of 2980)

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah...

Thanks for the tip, Denise!


Puck - Sep 14, 2005 8:06 pm (#431 of 2980)

I love rhe ants! Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys such jokes! (When slicing up fruit I always tell my kids I "cantelope" because I'm already married.)

Thanks for the charms. Doctor says they are starting to work. She thinks I should go soon (actually, she was away last week and was surprised to find I hadn't delivered while she was gone.) She did promise to help jump start my labor if I make it through another week, so at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Oh, and I have heard that tale as well, Mandy.

Catherine, hope the water levels drop soon.

Off to bed. Need to bed up early to send my kids to school. Parker is thrilled because he was chosen to be "Star of the Day" in his class tomorrow. Oh, and how cute is this, he had picture day today and insisted on wearing a tie!

Oh, and Finn, I have a 3 year old who would love to meet your teacher, the orginal Dora!

Night! Kathy


haymoni - Sep 14, 2005 8:22 pm (#432 of 2980)

Puck - "You cantelope but oh, honeydew." It was a line from Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Sorry!

Hope everyone on the east coast is OK with Miss Ophelia. I really think that is a tacky name for a hurricane. Didn't Ophelia drown herself? Whoever picked that name should be given a Hamlet assignment - a really long one!


Amilia Smith - Sep 14, 2005 9:23 pm (#433 of 2980)

And then there's Honeymoon Salad: lettuce alone.



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 14, 2005 9:24 pm (#434 of 2980)

When slicing up fruit I always tell my kids I "cantelope" because I'm already married.---Puck

This was a favorite of my mother's growing up (Haymoni, it was around longggg before Aladdin and the King of Thieves ) along with, "Tissue? I don't even know you!"

Puck, your "Star of the Day" comment put me in mind of 11am Sunday mornings and Dave Maynard and Community Auditions--which was the 1970's answer to American Idol.

Star of the Day
Who will it be?
Your vote will hold the key
It's up to you
Tell us true
Who'll be star of the day!

(Apologies to all non-Bay Staters everywhere.)


The giant squid - Sep 14, 2005 11:11 pm (#435 of 2980)

Honeymoon Salad: lettuce alone—mills

That reminds me of my Physics class in high school. Our teacher would always post "laws" from the Murphy's Law books. One of them was "Cole's Law: Thinly sliced cabbage."


T Brightwater - Sep 15, 2005 6:03 am (#436 of 2980)

Out of town for the next couple weeks, see you in October. Happy birthday to those who will be celebrating, especially Timrew; hope everything goes well, Puck; best wishes to all.


Dame Peverell - Sep 15, 2005 6:18 am (#437 of 2980)

I'll miss you, T. Brightwater. Stay safe. I've been hunting Avatars so here's another.

Use plenty of elbow grease... I thought elbow grease was toothpaste until I was 9.


Ladybug220 - Sep 15, 2005 6:41 am (#438 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Sep 15, 2005 6:42 am

Hello everyone! I have been lurking rather than posting. Work has been very busy with lots of deadlines. However, I am about to escape for the weekend, so things are looking up for a few days. I am going to visit friends in Birmingham and meet my friend's 6 month old baby boy. It should be fun.

I just watched the GOF trailer that was released this morning and it looks very cool. I am really looking forward to the movie coming out and I think that it will be the best one yet.

Puck, I have said several accio charms for you, but it seems that your baby has no intention of arriving until she's ready.

Denise, Rhys is very cute! As for the license plate issue, I am partial to LUMOS but then that is what I have on my plate since a certain NC resident already has Oblivi8. Speaking of that forum member.....

Catherine, I hope that there isn't any flooding in your area. Here in Durham, it has been rather dry (thankfully). Also, I had a good laugh about your antelope story. I wish that I could sit in on your classes when discussing Africa as I am going there in Feb/March. My grandmother wanted a roommate for the trip and I was not about to turn down a chance to go. We are going to Kenya and Tanzania and will be visiting the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. I can't wait!

Eponine, good luck with the job.

Happy Birthday for all of those that I have missed.

I hope that everyone has a good day! Time for me to pretend to work....



Mrs. Sirius - Sep 15, 2005 7:38 am (#439 of 2980)

Woa, yes let me catch my breath. November 18, 63 days!

Denise, Rhys is so adorable, reminds one why we have babies. Makes you just want to hold and snuggle him (that's as far as I go down that road).

Gina, because of you I finally tried that iPOd contraption, I had decided that I would not open new media on this but I couldn't not vote for you so listened. I got to hear Steve Van Der Ark speak too.


Eponine - Sep 15, 2005 12:37 pm (#440 of 2980)

I got the job!!!

**dances around**

Just wanted to share.


Detail Seeker - Sep 15, 2005 1:07 pm (#441 of 2980)

Congatulations, Eponine ! Have a good start at it, then.


Catherine - Sep 15, 2005 1:30 pm (#442 of 2980)

Yay, Eponine! Congratulations. I'm happy for you.

::waves to Ladybug!:: It's good to see you post! Thanks for your good wishes for our area. Our basement is wet, but we are just enduring lots of wind and rain intermittently, and our area has done really well. Closer to the beaches and sounds, though, is a different story. I'm still looking out for LUMOS! every time I drive into your area.

Denise, I dare you to get a licence plate that says "CRUCIO" or "THUMPER."

If I can ever convince Mr. Catherine to go with an HP license plate, perhaps I can get him to agree to "SPEW" OR "HORCRUX." The way some people are about cars, you'd think they had part of their soul wrapped up in it...


Madam Pince - Sep 15, 2005 1:44 pm (#443 of 2980)

Congratulations, Eponine! Knew you could do it!!!!

Speaking of cars, Mr. Pince just got a new one today. You would think it was a horcrux, the way he's so thrilled about it. He just sits in it and starts cackling madly and pushing buttons -- "Look at this! Look what I can do! Bwahahaha! And just smell that! Don't you love that smell??!!"

Loopy Lupin, I have a legal question for you, if you don't mind, or maybe you could refer me to a good website. Are U.S. Circuit Court rulings binding on areas outside of their circuit? For example, would a 9th U.S. Circuit Court ruling be binding in Virginia? Or does it just set a precedent which the Virginia area's circuit (is it the 6th?) would then be likely to uphold, or something? Thanks in advance for any help!

Puck, hope that little baby girl decides to join the world soon! ***fingers crossed!***

Mike Miller, we thought of you last night -- we are trying to finish cleaning out the freezer of all the tenderloin from last season to make room for this season, and I made this mushroom/red wine/cream sauce that was divine, if I do say so myself. You would've loved it, I think!

Hope everyone in the North Carolina area stays dry!


Finn BV - Sep 15, 2005 1:47 pm (#444 of 2980)

Yay Eponine! Congratulations! Do another happy dance!

We'll miss you T, see you in October.

**sends hurricane-away charms to NC folks**

Puck, we are waiting!! Any day, now……


mike miller - Sep 15, 2005 2:04 pm (#445 of 2980)

Congrats Eponine!! Wonderful News

Denise - I have nothing to add to the vanity plate search, I think you're on to something already. Thanks Finn for the link to Mugglenet's page.

Madam Pince - I had my boss and his family over for dinner last Saturday as they are having their kitchen remodeled. You guessed it, grilled tenderloin in my teriyaki style marinade along with grilled salmon. I got wind of another Fall event at work being planned and my chili has already been requested.

Off to check some threads....


Madam Pince - Sep 15, 2005 2:13 pm (#446 of 2980)

I have this sudden urge to remodel my kitchen, now.... Yummmmm!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 15, 2005 2:22 pm (#447 of 2980)

Congratulations, Eponine.

Denise, I dare you to get a licence plate that says "CRUCIO" or "THUMPER."---Catherine

I'm sure this has been mentioned but I don't remember seeing it--how about PORTKEY ? As far as the kids are concerned, isn't that what you and the van are?


Stephanie M. - Sep 15, 2005 2:44 pm (#448 of 2980)

Congratulations Eponine!!! That's wonderful news!

Denise, he is adorable! (I love his outfit!)

I haven't really been on the Forum lately! (Gasp! I know! I know!) My science teacher aka. Dora the Explorer gave us so much work to do.

The new trailer is amazing! I'm very happy with it.

Have we been accio-ing Baby Puck with our wands? Maybe we need to accio with wands!

Finn, donde está tu vava? Did he ever calm down after reading that post behind your shoulder?

Ok I have to go do my homework. I'll be back later.

Accio Baby Puck!!! (With my wand!)


Finn BV - Sep 15, 2005 3:23 pm (#449 of 2980)

Finn, donde está tu vava?

Vava voom? I think you meant vaca.

And the only thing about the trailer is that the music is… bad?? Yes, the music was good in the international trailer but this music is really weird. Kinda makes me regret the switch of composers.


Marè - Sep 15, 2005 4:02 pm (#450 of 2980)

Where can I find this trailer?

Oh, yeah, everybody who hasn't done so: go vote for Gina!
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Mrs. Sirius - Sep 15, 2005 4:13 pm (#451 of 2980)

I am not Loopy Madame Pince, but if I may, no, a circuit court decision is binding only within that circuit. A decision made within the 9th circuit does not have to be follow in any other circuit. However all lower courts within that circuit must follow that ruling. My husband (he's the lawyer) and I have been following this.

Congratulations Eponine, great news!!!!

Edit: A circuit court desicion can become binding across the country if the Supreme Court upholds the ruling.


Finn BV - Sep 15, 2005 4:25 pm (#452 of 2980)

Yes, please go vote for Gina! She's now 29 behind Ginevra from Tennessee!!

Marè, glad to see you around again. The trailer may be watched here, or, if that doesn't work, at any other link TLC or Mugglenet gives.


Madam Pince - Sep 15, 2005 6:22 pm (#453 of 2980)

Thanks for the info, Mrs. Sirius! I appreciate it -- that's what I had thought, but I wasn't sure.

When you said you'd been following this, I was a little confused, because I'm pretty sure that what I'm asking about is something nobody else would be following, because it's not very big news. But then I remembered another thing that has been getting some media attention, and I realized that my question could apply to that, too. But, anyway, my original question had nothing to do with the "bigger news" one.

And now that everyone is totally confused, I'll just say "Never mind!" and go to bed.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 15, 2005 6:47 pm (#454 of 2980)

Hey everyone! Wow...what a day. I spent all day running to a million different stores trying to get everything I need for school. Then I had to come home and pack everything. I'm still not done packing and I leave on Sunday. Since there's a football game (of course) on Saturday, then tomorrow's the last day I have to pack!

But anyway, Hope everyone's well...expecially those in NC!!

I'm off the the threads!



Gina R Snape - Sep 15, 2005 6:49 pm (#455 of 2980)

Thanks for your support, everyone. I'm still behind. :sniff, sniff: but there's a few more days left...

Denise, I think you should get RAVNCLW or PORTKEY or SLYTHRN

Maritza, glad to hear I have brought you further into geekdom the technological world.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 15, 2005 10:16 pm (#456 of 2980)

lol, Gina, yes whining and kvetching I am following deeper into the techno world that as a thespian, I thought I'd have no need off. Thanks.

Yes Madame Pince that one is the one we were following, but that circuit is the one to watch, they have the most interesting rulings. Hope folks aren't too confused.


Ydnam96 - Sep 15, 2005 10:38 pm (#457 of 2980)

Baby Puck??? Acio Baby Puck!


pottermom34 - Sep 16, 2005 5:57 am (#458 of 2980)

What?! No baby yet? Well what's the hold up? Accio! baby Puck.
Went and got my daughter's birthday present yesturday, it is a Slytherin robe for Halloween. She is a big Malfoy fan. I'll get her a wand on her actual birthday and I think I'll get a couple of rubber snakes from the zoo to put on the costume or even wrap around her wand. I only paid 10 bucks for it. Such a good price I couldn't pass it up. It was one of last years but I don't care I think I saved like 14 bucks.
Well the zoo season is almost done, the camels go home to Oklahoma Wednesday so I'll probably be unemployed soon, although I'll stay on as long as I can, it'd be nice if I could stay year round but I doubt it not enough business in the off season to work. I had a fun year though. I hear next year we will have swan boats on our pond, that ought to be interesting.
If I could afford personalized plates I'd get POTR MOM.

So I had a hard experience for a parent to face. Some of you may remember my venting on fathers day. Well my dad came over the other day (small miracle) and when he came in, my 3 year old said "Hey it's Tina and Sadie's (my nieces) grandpa". He said "I'm your grandpa too." Then she said "no you’re not." Now I would expect that out of my 5 yr. old but not the 3yr. old. The sad part is he thought it was funny. It wasn't meant to be and I didn't think it was. Hopefully it'll sink in.

Anyway on to more threads hope all in N.C. are ok, birthday wishes to all I've missed.


Marie E. - Sep 16, 2005 6:29 am (#459 of 2980)

I saw a man yesterday who looked exactly like my brother. It was so weird! Now I know what my brother would look like with an eyebrow piercing. *has a giggling fit*

I still can't watch the new GoF trailer because my husband hasn't downloaded all the necessary plug-ins yet. I'd do it myself but one time I tried and killed the computer.

Tonight Lexie has a friend spending the night and I'm going to walk in a Light the Night event. I'm taking Shayla with me so poor Mr. E isn't overburdened by females. Light the Night raises money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Gosh, I hope I spelled those right!


Denise P. - Sep 16, 2005 6:46 am (#460 of 2980)

A very worthwhile cause, Marie! And I know leukemia at least is spelled correctly

I like your avatar LOL


Loopy Lupin - Sep 16, 2005 7:36 am (#461 of 2980)

Gina, I voted for you. You're currently third.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 16, 2005 8:26 am (#462 of 2980)

Good morning everyone!

Still no Baby Puck huh? I think Stepanie's right, we need to use our wands! All together now...1...2...3... ACCIO BABY PUCK!!

I don't really have a lot to say this morning. I have a ton to do to get ready for school still and need to get moving. Plus I have to find time to work out. I made a bet with my father last night. We both have three months to lose 20 lbs. and then we have to keep it off for another 3 months. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well...I'll be healthier for it I guess.

Anyway, I hope everyone in NC is alright, and best wishes to everyone.



Steve Newton - Sep 16, 2005 9:07 am (#463 of 2980)

Avast, maties, remember that Monday is National Talk Like a Pirate Day!



Ydnam96 - Sep 16, 2005 9:23 am (#464 of 2980)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrg! I did remember, in fact I sent an evite out to all my non-forum friends so that they would know about this important observance. Most of them think I've had a little too much rum. Wink

If I were to get personalized plates I would like any of these: HGWTPRF (does anybody get that?); SWS&FLK; PURMUGL; NIMBUS; NITWIT; PREFECT; LNGBTTM; MCGONGL; APWBD; LEVIOSA. Of course, in additin to the ones you all have already mentioned. But I have not a dime to spare...so in my dreams.

(swich) Accio! Baby! Puck! (flick)


Esther Rose - Sep 16, 2005 9:28 am (#465 of 2980)

Goodness! Baby Puck had better arrive soon. The kid is giving everyone a head cold of sorts.

Bless you all. ;-)


Eponine - Sep 16, 2005 9:29 am (#466 of 2980)

HGWTPRF (does anybody get that?)

Hermione Granger wants to pinch Ron's freckles??? :goofygrin:
(Is it Hogwart's Prefect?)

I'm quite excited about this new job. I should be starting Tuesday. Thanks for all the congratulations.

Accio Baby Puck!


Chemyst - Sep 16, 2005 9:47 am (#467 of 2980)

HGWTPRF (does anybody get that?)

At first glance it came out "Hogwart-proof" but I quickly realised the error of my way.  ... but now I like Eponine's freckle-pincher better.


Denise P. - Sep 16, 2005 9:57 am (#468 of 2980)

Hogwarts Prefect or Hogwarts Professor


Madam Pince - Sep 16, 2005 10:02 am (#469 of 2980)

I thought it stood for "Hogwarts Professor"

I really like MCGONGL! How about LEVIT8?

I think NIMBUS and LEVIOSA would be super-cool if you had a really hot sports car.

I have no idea what APWBD stands for...


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 16, 2005 11:57 am (#470 of 2980)

Hmmm, **rolls eyes and takes wild guess...**

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

...toddles off chuckling to self...


Madam Pince - Sep 16, 2005 12:15 pm (#471 of 2980)

Awwwwwww.... duh!

Here I was trying every pronunciation of "AppWubbed" that I could think of.... I sounded like Tweety Bird....


Stephanie M. - Sep 16, 2005 1:40 pm (#472 of 2980)

Hi everyone! It's Friday!!!!

Yeah, I meant to say vaca. Finn, where is your vava voom? In a garage? Does your cow have it?

I like all of the license plates! I have never really thought that much about them before. (I really like the Hermione Granger pinching Ron's freckles one! )

Off to the threads! I have so many to read!!! (And I might grab a snack!)

Adios for now!


Catherine - Sep 16, 2005 2:56 pm (#473 of 2980)

Loopy, I like your current avatar. Good that you can get a laugh out of ants eloping...

I just got home from work and was met by tear-stained children guarding a baby bird who had fallen out of its nest. We couldn't find the nest at all, and sadly, there was a baby bird who didn't survive the fall. After some phone calls, I located a lady who likes to rehab wild birds, and luckily, she works in a Veterinary practice just a mile or two away from our house. So it looks like all will be well--I am just back from delivering the baby dove to her. I just couldn't stand to let that bird be a kitty snack for the outdoor cats who roam our neighborhood.


Ydnam96 - Sep 16, 2005 3:39 pm (#474 of 2980)

Yes, Good Job on the Dumbeldore one Smile And I meant Hogwarts Professor, but it would work for Prefect too! I love the pinching Ron's Freckles one though!


The giant squid - Sep 16, 2005 3:54 pm (#475 of 2980)

Now I know what my brother would look like with an eyebrow piercing. *has a giggling fit*--Marie E.

Funny you should mention that... No, unlike you I don't go around getting random body mutilations performed on myself.

I'm kinda confused what plug-ins you'd need for the new GoF trailer to run. Worked fine for me. Well, it took forever to load (33Mb). but it looked nifty when it got here Then again, I am rather obsessive about updating all my software. Can't fall behind the curve, ya know!

Loopy, there are only two words that can express my joy on seeing your new avatar: "Fire! Fire!!"



Elanor - Sep 17, 2005 7:19 am (#476 of 2980)

Squid Mike, I have sad news! Remember when I told you that the next Timothy Zahn's book ("The Outbound Flight") was to be released next October? Well, I've just discovered it is postponed till February. **sigh** Some publishers should really sort out their priorities, shouldn't they?

Here, Fall is on its way! It is a grey and windy Saturday, almost chilly (no more than 15°C / 59°F this afternoon). I love that!

This weekend is also the "Days of Patrimony" (journées du patrimoine) one. Each year, throughout France (and Europe for the first time this year I think), state or private properties usually closed for the public (such as churches, castles, ministries, etc...) are opened and the monuments usually opened can be visited for free during those 2 days. It is always great! I've been "hired" (voluntarily) to help guiding visitors in the old Franciscan convent of my town tomorrow afternoon. It will be funny to work as a guide as when I was a student again!

Have a great weekend everyone! And accio Baby Puck!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 17, 2005 9:30 am (#477 of 2980)

Still no sign from Baby Puck. When I started to read through this 160-170 posts I already wanted to skip all posts and congratulate immediately. Luckily I didn't and I realized there still isn't any sign of Baby Puck. Accio Baby Puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise, what do you think about PTRONUS? I like LEVIOSA but I doubt that any magic can make a van with 11 people levitate.

Second week of school has finished. We found out that Melanie is moving to Zagreb. And we just became really great friends. We already made a group (Melanie, Miriam, Martina and me) named Die Super Omas. Hope you will realize what that mean because I won't tell you. I hope we will stay in touch. At all, I'm having relatives in Zagreb.

About school, I was the only one that have all correct (29/29) and I was really happy. There is one more thing about Melanie. When I asked her which grades she had in Germany she answered 1/2. Can you imagine my surprise!!!!!!!! How she get to seventh grade?



Loopy Lupin - Sep 17, 2005 9:36 am (#478 of 2980)

Loopy, there are only two words that can express my joy on seeing your new avatar: "Fire! Fire!!" – mike

Hehe. I'll just add that most of my clients are "Breakin' tha' law, breakin' tha' law." Allegedly, of course.


Catherine - Sep 17, 2005 9:41 am (#479 of 2980)

Allegedly...heh heh heh heh....

Somehow, your current avatar reminds me of teaching seventh grade...


The giant squid - Sep 17, 2005 11:54 am (#480 of 2980)

Back in the early 90's, in the midst of the Beavis & Butthead craze, I worked as a cook at an open-pit barbeque restaurant. By the time I'd been there a couple months I had fully mastered my Beavis impression. Strangely enough, I got promoted soon after...

Elanor, that is a bummer about "Outbound Flight". Sadly, though, I'm so far behind on Star Wars novels now that I really doubt I'd have gotten to it before next year anyway.



Detail Seeker - Sep 17, 2005 1:23 pm (#481 of 2980)

Hello, Katarina ! Don´t you think, you have become too old to be a SuperOma ?

As to your friend´s notes: A"1" is the best note you can get in Germany, a "6" worst. So, assuming, she meant to tell you, that she had "1"s and "2"s, that is quite good.


Ydnam96 - Sep 17, 2005 1:30 pm (#482 of 2980)

So nothing new going on here in LA. Bored. But no complaints. Boredom is better than being overworked. I've been watching Alias season one in preparation for season 5's season premire soon. EEEEE. I can't wait for my Season 4 DVDs to come.


Denise P. - Sep 17, 2005 2:12 pm (#483 of 2980)

I have my season 4 Alias DVDs already on order and will be pacing come October 25. Let's hope for more Sark in Season 5!!


Lina - Sep 17, 2005 2:15 pm (#484 of 2980)

Congratulations on the job, Eponine, I had no doubts.

CatherineHermiona: About school, I was the only one that have all correct (29/29) and I was really happy.
Oh, Kate, Kate! Sometimes I can use Legilimency with her and probably it happens with her friends too, so she thinks that she can use just few words from the whole sentence and everybody would understand what she ment. She was speaking about the English test here...

And Detail Seeker, we discussed the mark 6 in Germany earlier today, and came to the conclusion that it stands for Troll, doesn't it? We have only 5 marks here...

Weekend, a nice thing. Quite rainy here, though. A good excuse to stay at home.

I did a check: Kathy (Puck) posted last time three days ago, so it might be that all those Accio charms worked! Now I guess that some health charms would be in order.

Best wishes to everybody!


Marie E. - Sep 17, 2005 4:03 pm (#485 of 2980)

My brother does do a dead-on impression of Beavis. What that implies about him I'll leave to you all to figure out.

At the Light the Night walk we raised over $43,000. Pretty cool, eh?

I hope things are going well with Ms. Puck. My cousin had her twins last Sunday, about four weeks early. I got pictures, sooooo cute! It's a girl and a boy, Hunter and Sierra. As I'm typing this I'm hoping Giantsquid got the pics too. If not, I will forward them. And since she's telling people now...She-Who-Doesn't-Read-The-Books (Aka our little sister Bekki) is expecting next March. I'll be a real auntie this time and not borrow my friend’s children and force them to call me Auntie ReeRee.


Ydnam96 - Sep 17, 2005 4:43 pm (#486 of 2980)

Oh don't worry Denise, I have mine on pre-order with Amazon as well!!!


timrew - Sep 17, 2005 7:15 pm (#487 of 2980)

I know! It's 3am, and I've just got in after attending the wedding of my only son, Matthew, to his girlfriend Genna (now wife, and also my daughter-in-law!).

I had to stay sober all day, because Matt had asked my band to play in the evening, and it wouldn't do for me to go on stage half-cut! But it was a wonderful day, and Matt has got himself a wonderful wife. Like he said in his speech, he felt really sorry for all those guys out there that had missed out; but he'd had the luck to have seen her first!

There's an old Irish saying that I wrote in their guest book, "May you have bags of money, bags of kids, and never die until I shoot you!" Good luck to them both!


Madam Pince - Sep 17, 2005 7:57 pm (#488 of 2980)

Oh, well done and congratulations, timrew! A handsome son and a new daughter! You must be so proud! We wish the new couple every happiness in their life together!

I've got to believe something is up with Baby Puck! Haven't heard from Mama-to-be in a couple days.... I'll try very hard to dream about them tonight! Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818

So, Denise, what did you think of Survivor: Guatemala? I'm thinking that the producers aren't going to rest until they actually kill somebody off....


Denise P. - Sep 17, 2005 8:22 pm (#489 of 2980)

Madam Pince, it sure seems that way right now, doesn't it? I can't say that I much like the "tools" that each tribe was given either. Seems rather unfair for the "tools" to be there.

Congrats to your son and his new wife, Tim! May they have a very happy and long marriage.

Hmm, maybe little Miss Puck has decided to Accio! after all...


Finn BV - Sep 17, 2005 9:01 pm (#490 of 2980)

Congratulations to little Timrew, no longer a little guy anymore, eh? May they live a very happy life together.

A girl in our grade is the daughter of Renée Fleming, world-famous opera soprano. She invited me to the dress rehearsal of Manon today, at the Metropolitan Opera. It was really fun! The sets are just incredible, as are the costumes, as is the… singing! The plot was the only bad thing; it was so unrealistic, but Renée is incredible and just the execution of the production is fantastic. As you guys know I also compose music and I have given her a choral piece of mine. She wrote back and was so pleased to have it; she's really a genuinely kind person. I also watched her on the PBS Jazz at Lincoln Center this evening, benefiting Katrina victims, hosted by Wynton Marsalis. It's just ending now.

And we got the effects of Ophelia today! Gosh, I've never been so close to a lightning bolt in my life! Two hit the powerlines right outside our house! It was really loud and really rainy. I can't imagine what it must have been like in LA during Katrina. I just got a little portion of it!

Come on, Puck Jr.! We're all about to die here!! **crosses fingers hopefully**

Off to bed… it's a minute past midnight here and I am so exhausted.

Did I mention I'm going to Corpse Bride tomorrow? Partly to see the trailer, but I also want to see the movie. It should be really good… but so should the GoF trailer. Nighty night!


The giant squid - Sep 17, 2005 11:00 pm (#491 of 2980)

Tim, pass my congrats on to your son & his missus as well. What sort of music does your band play? EDIT: Y'know, if I'd clicked on your profile to begin with...

My brother does do a dead-on impression of Beavis. What that implies about him I'll leave to you all to figure out.--Marie E.

Heh heh...Yeah...heh heh...cool. Wait....

Yes, I got Sharisse's pics. I also got them from Carol, "just in case". I'm covered.



dizzy lizzy - Sep 18, 2005 12:22 am (#492 of 2980)

Hi all!

That's another week of training out of the way! This time there were only 16 people there (covering 3 states) so I met some more new people. One of the things I like going to training for, is putting faces to people who I have talked to or emailed , and I managed to connect two people this week.

I got my new hearing aids on Tuesday. The difference in the quality of the sound is incredible. It's not quite the same; but think of my old hearing aids being like a radio station slightly out of tune...well the new ones sound much clearer and not so much low level static.

It's not that I can hear more things, it is just that they come through clearer. So I'm a pretty happy chickie at the moment.

I have just found out that my recently engaged brother is getting married in July (winter in Australia) and it's formal wear (black tie) for this wedding. So I've plenty of time to look for something a little bit better than the usual gear I wear to weddings .

Also hoping Puck's little bub has arrived!



timrew - Sep 18, 2005 2:35 am (#493 of 2980)

Thank you to all that have offered their congratulations! Matt and Genna are off on honeymoon to Africa next week - to think that for my honeymoon we went to Cornwall!

Yes Mike, my band does country dancing (a bit like square dancing). But we also have a folk group and we've also dabbled in rock music (when we had a drummer!). But nowadays it's mostly the country dancing...........weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and the like.

My congrats also to Puck on her forthcoming event! It's nice to hear all this good news for a change!

Finn BV:- I also compose music and I have given her a choral piece of mine. She wrote back and was so pleased to have it; she's really a genuinely kind person.

Nice one, Finn! Let's hope you get to see it performed!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 18, 2005 5:54 am (#494 of 2980)

Maybe I am too old to be Super Oma but we were talking about how we will look with over 50 years. Melanie invented the name, of course, and when she told it it sounded nice and a couple of us didn't know what it mean. Only Miriam had a great laugh because she lived in Germany for few years when she was born. Then we decided to have it as our secret name. Well,.....not so secret anymore. I knew that 1-2 is 5-4 in Germany but it sounded nice to write only part of it. But the part with English was accident.

Congratulations Timrew on your son's marriage!!!!!!!!!



Madam Pince - Sep 18, 2005 7:01 am (#495 of 2980)

Yay, Lizzie, on the new hearing aids! So glad you've finally gotten them -- hope it makes a big improvement!

CatherineHermiona, I forgot to tell you yesterday, congratulations on your excellent grades! I don't know how your school grade system works, but I think I understand 29/29! Good job!

Finn, what a great opportunity at the Met! It sounds lovely. Hope your music piece ends up being featured in a world-reknowned production someday!

Denise, I feel so dense, now. I was banging my head against the wall wondering "What tools? What is she talking about?" NOW I figured it out.... Actually I'm not sure what I think about that yet. I thought the "tools'" previous appearance was grossly unfair because they were such good tools, but I see your point about this situation, too. Hmmmmmm.... It's always something new, isn't it?


Lina - Sep 18, 2005 7:43 am (#496 of 2980)

Congratulations to your son and your daughter in law, Tim! I wish them a happy life together, fulfilled with love and peace.

Actually, it is so cool, Finn. One day, when you will be famous, I will be able to say that I used to chat with you on the HPL Forum. Wow!

Great news about your hearing aids, Lizzy!


Stephanie M. - Sep 18, 2005 8:55 am (#497 of 2980)

Congratulations Timrew on your son and daughter in law's wedding! I hope that they have a very long and happy life together! I like the phrase you wrote in their wedding book!

Lizzy, congratulations about getting the new hearing aids!

Finn it sounds like you had a really good experience! I have never met Renéé Fleming before but I have met her sister... LOL! It would be really cool if she performed your piece!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I woke up really early so I could get ready to meet most of the females in my family to go shopping for a baby shower. (The person having a baby lives in California so we are shipping the presents to her husband's office. Then a few people are going to go to their house while he brings the gifts for the surprise shower.) So we were shopping for a few hours but we got stuck in so much traffic coming back because there was the German Parade so then we had lunch and I went out with my cousin to get ice cream. Then I was going to walk home because of the traffic in Manhattan. So once I walked over 1 mile home took a shower, did some homework, had dinner and then met one of my Harry Potter friends so see Cry Wolf.

Now I'm off to the other Threads and then to finish my mounds of homework plus all of the studying I have to do.


Finn BV - Sep 18, 2005 9:39 am (#498 of 2980)

Yes, congrats Kate on your grades!

I have never met Renéé Fleming before but I have met her sister... LOL! –Steph

Erm… you do mean her daughter, right? LOL.

Thanks everybody for the congrats. The point of the sentence, though, was that she is not a snobby celebrity, she is really a good person. Okay then, thread time.


Ydnam96 - Sep 18, 2005 10:00 am (#499 of 2980)

Congrats Tim! A new daughter is always nice Smile

Lizzy! I'm so so happy about your new hearing aids. That must be exciting. Smile

Hope that Puck's absence means what we all think it does! Did she share with us a name for baby girl Puck before? I'm excited. I can only hope that baby Puck is as adorable as Rhys is!

Finn, that must have been amazing. That is so cool!


Stephanie M. - Sep 18, 2005 10:51 am (#500 of 2980)

Nope Finn, I meant her sister! LOL. I am very good friends with her daughter too as you know but I found it funny that I didn't know Renéé but I knew her sister.

I think Puck should have a room with Internet access so as soon as Baby Puck is/was born she could go onto a laptop and tell us the good news!
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Finn BV - Sep 18, 2005 11:59 am (#501 of 2980)

My bad Steph. That's pretty weird.

Come on, Little Puck, you can run but you can't hide!


Elanor - Sep 18, 2005 12:33 pm (#502 of 2980)

Congratulations Timrew!

It is great to read so many good news! We only need some news from Baby Puck to really start the feast!

You would not believe how chilly it was here today: only 5°C this morning (41°F) and 14°C (57°F) in the afternoon, with a cold wind from the North. As I spent the said afternoon in a 14th century Franciscan cloister, opened to the Four Winds, I had all the time needed to realise how much the season has turned, and how frozen those poor brothers of the Middle-Ages must have been there most of the year... But we had more than 300 visitors this afternoon, very interested by the visit, so it was great.

Squid Mike, I do know what you mean about SW, I have a lot of books that I haven't read yet, but this one takes place so many years before the others that not having read them doesn't matter. It is supposed to tell us what happened to the real C'baoth and the other jedi Masters who left with him before Palpatine came to power and how Thrawn became Grand Admiral, all of that written by Zahn... Well, finally I'm glad I still have some Rogue Squadron adventures to read till February!

Have a great Sunday everybody!


Catherine - Sep 18, 2005 3:36 pm (#503 of 2980)

Tim, congratulations on your son's wedding!

Hoping all is well with the Puck family.

I had a rather frustrating and embarrassing Sunday. I went to my school to grade papers and make up a test for tomorrow, and accidentally set off the security alarm. After about 10 minutes, I got it shut off.

That's about when the police showed up, banging on my door and asking me to identify myself. Oopsie.

Then the school server was down, I lost all the grades I entered (they have electronic grades), and the copy machine was broken. Grrr. Not to mention, when I went into my room today, it still smelled like 7th grade boy. I treated myself to a nice big can of air freshener on the way home today. Hope everyone likes a citrusy smell, because I will be using it quite liberally come tomorrow morning.

Then, when I left, it turns out I set the alarm off again in another building. How I did this, I have no idea. The poor second grade teacher who was alone in the building grading papers was a bit surprised and worried that there was an intruder.

I'm beginning to think that today is NOT my day!

At least tomorrow I can Obliviate the sweaty 7th grader smell.


boop - Sep 18, 2005 3:59 pm (#504 of 2980)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SARA!!!! Have a great day!!!

Congreatulations to Matt and Genna, Tim please pass it on. Thank you

Lizzy great news for you.

Hugs Always



Mrs. Sirius - Sep 18, 2005 10:56 pm (#505 of 2980)

The 2005 has a list of the top 10 people they think we will remember 50 years form today. JK Rowling is number 8 on the list. Also listed with her Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates, Pope John Paul, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, James Watson, Paul McCartney,...Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

To quote herself, the company she keeps, some acheive, "great things, terrible, yes, but great"


The giant squid - Sep 19, 2005 12:29 am (#506 of 2980)

Happy birthday, Sara (not to be confused with Sarah, or Sarah, or Sara, or... )!

Catherine, sounds like today would have been a great one for a time turner...



Chemyst - Sep 19, 2005 3:49 am (#507 of 2980)

Ahoy, me hearties! Aye, it's har at last.

Congratulations, Tim, on addin' a daughter t' the family.

Arr, Catherine, don'cha know you ought not work on the Lawd's day? I fear ya riled 'a curse from Davy's locker, ya have.

Aye, happy birthday, Sara. Gar, where can I find a bottle o'rum?

I'll leave you scalawags t' the threads now...


Abracapocus - Sep 19, 2005 4:33 am (#508 of 2980)

Aye, Chemyst. Cut me 'and yesterday... like typing with me rudder!


mike miller - Sep 19, 2005 5:30 am (#509 of 2980)

Ahoy me hearties! It be tha' day we've been waitin' fer. The gangplanks been lowered and we're takin' on crewmates for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Don't be a bilge rat and join us in the sweet trade or we'll be forced to keelhaul ya!

Congrat to Tim and his family!


Denise P. - Sep 19, 2005 5:57 am (#510 of 2980)

Arrr, it be that time o' the year again. Red Bess Flint here, ye land lubbers! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day. If ye be goin' to the page Pirate Translator ye can combine two of yer favorite things, talking like a Pirate (Arrr!!!) and Harry Potter. Ahoy, I nearly laughed me peg leg off when I used it to translate a Lexicon page into Pirate Talk yo ho ho ho...

Here be a sample from the Wot Be New Page....On a staff-related note, it be me sad duty t' announce that Josh Santilli, me stalwart assistant editor for the past year or so, has decided t' take an extended leave o' absence t' pursue 'is schoolin' We're goin' t' miss him 'round here, I can tell ye that Josh, we wish ye the best o' luck Drop by 'n say ahoy when ye get a chance.


Steve Newton - Sep 19, 2005 6:02 am (#511 of 2980)

Avast, Mateys. Its national Talk Like a Pirate Day. How are ye celebratin'?


Loopy Lupin - Sep 19, 2005 7:45 am (#512 of 2980)

Back in the early 90's, in the midst of the Beavis & Butthead craze, I worked as a cook at an open-pit barbeque restaurant. By the time I'd been there a couple months I had fully mastered my Beavis impression. --- Mike

Thank you, drive through. Or perhaps I should say: "Yarr, send ye ol' vessel through yonder mess window for ye grog."

Catherine, did the cops say: "Avast! Ye scurvy teacher!"?


Ydnam96 - Sep 19, 2005 8:20 am (#513 of 2980)

Arrrrrrrr! Red Bess Flint, that 'lil matey be a bit wet b'hind the ears to be loosin an eye!

Blast! Be past the time ta be gettin the deck scrubbed. Me cap'n'll cut of me leg if it be a mess.

Yo ho! A pirates life for me.


Loopy Lupin - Sep 19, 2005 9:13 am (#514 of 2980)

Avast Kim! If ye had waited but a second, you would have seen me on ye ole msn messengarr. Yar.


Good Evans - Sep 19, 2005 9:33 am (#515 of 2980)

ahaaaaarrrr me hearties, wishing all the landlubbers a great talk like a pirate day. shiver me timbers and scrub the decks, I'll take a tot of rum at five bells wi ye all.

gosh, far too hard to keep this up, but have a great day everyone !!

edit: Finn love the Avatar - just seen it on another thread!!!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 19, 2005 9:58 am (#516 of 2980)

Arrrr, Loopy, gold waits fer no man. Arrrrrr.

Can't find me Official Pirate Handbook. Me thinks me parrot ate it. Arrrrrr.

EDIT: Would you believe I spell-checked that?


Denise P. - Sep 19, 2005 10:27 am (#517 of 2980)

Arrr..no fear, mateys. The little pirate's bonny blue eyes are both intact. He wanted t'strike fear in t'hearts o the likes of ye so donned the patch for the day...

Ye know how ye always see a pirate with a parrot (tasty!) on their shoulder? Arrr...there be the reason why pirates wear eye patches right there! Reminds me of the oft repeated advice in A Christmas Story "You'll take your eye out!"

Now, we be having birds in t'house here but the wee pirate doesn't even know they exist. Yo ho ho


The giant squid - Sep 19, 2005 12:01 pm (#518 of 2980)

'Tis Speak Like A Pirate day already? Arr! Snuck up on me, it did. I'll just wish ye scalawags a hearty, healthy h'afternoon!

Denise, yer wee bairn looks quite the fright wi' his patch n' bandanna. Rapscallious Rhys, scourge o' the seven seas (or at least the bathtub)!

..and really bad eggs...



Eponine - Sep 19, 2005 12:08 pm (#519 of 2980)

Yar! IMDB be gettin' in the piratin' spirit today. The links to news stories are in Piratese.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.


Puck - Sep 19, 2005 12:24 pm (#520 of 2980)

I'm back, me heartys, yet arrggh, too tired to translate all this into pirate talk.

The accio charms worked well, as when baby Puck (aka Natalie Grace) decided to arrive she came quickly. We pulled into the hospital lot at 5:30am on Thursday the 15th. It was 5:45 when a nurse brought me to my room. Natalie entered the world at 6:16 am, about one hour from the time I left my house. No time for any pain meds, so I got to experience natural childbirth, even if that wasn't in my original plan. Luckily the ultrasounds were wrong about her being bigger than my other 2. At 6lbs. 8oz. and 19 1/2 inches she's actually my smallest.

Baby Puck has the same heart arrhythmia as Big brother and Mommy, so she was brought up to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) while they stablized her on her meds. She took to them with no real side effects. I'm just tired from running between her room and mine, as we didn't get to room together as is the usual policy. Getting more rest now that we are home. Thanks for the many thoughts!

Congrations, Tim, yee scurvy mate!

Arrggh, Lupin, I, too, remember "Star of the day". A few of me shipmates were on that show.

Shiver me timbers! I forgot to remind Parker the Pirate that it was talk like a pirate day before he set off for school.




Kerstin - Sep 19, 2005 12:39 pm (#521 of 2980)

Congratulations, Puck, and Welcome to the world, Natalie Grace.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 19, 2005 12:40 pm (#522 of 2980)

Ahoy Natalie Grace! Watch out fer Captain Blade McSlain. I hear ee's got an eye (singular) fer the pretty wenches. (Congratulations Puck!)

Shipmates on "Community Auditions"?! I see ye come from fair and daring kin.


Elanor - Sep 19, 2005 12:46 pm (#523 of 2980)

Congratulations Puck!!!! Natalie Grace is such a beautiful name!


Finn BV - Sep 19, 2005 12:53 pm (#524 of 2980)

Ahoy, tis the newest member of the clan who shall be wit' us celebratin' t'day. A hearty bottle of rum to the proudes' mama, Kathy! (…… = Congrats!!! Natalie Grace is such a pretty name! We wish you all the best!)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, mateys, I told me' grade (at th' place named skool) today be such a fine day as it is. Them were prou' to hear it, them were.

Ahoy, vast threads yonder await! (Gosh, this is difficult to keep it up! Do we do it on the other threads too or would that confuse the members who don't read this thread? Should we stick to normal English? T'anks.)


Snuffles - Sep 19, 2005 1:09 pm (#525 of 2980)

Congratulations Puck and welcome to the world Natalie Grace. Woo hoo those Accio charms must have worked!!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 19, 2005 1:14 pm (#526 of 2980)

Congratulations Kathy and Natalie Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great news!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I was in the cinema to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helped me to decide a career. I have all needed skills because I started to train shooting as early as I could and I have plenty of time to make my skills be as good as theirs.

Sorry, I don't know Pirate language so my message is usual English.



Lina - Sep 19, 2005 1:42 pm (#527 of 2980)

I will feel excused from the talking like the pirates, thank you for your understanding.

Happy birthday, Sara! (Is it Saralinda Again or some other Sara? I delayed my post hoping to figure it up.)

Congratulations, Puck! I'm so glad that everything went so well and that the medicines are doing good for Natalie Grace. A beautiful name, I'm sure the girl is going to be even more beautiful.

Now go on, enjoy the rest of the pirate's day!


Denise P. - Sep 19, 2005 1:47 pm (#528 of 2980)

Captain Blade McSlain would leer and say "Hubba hubba" to Miss Natalie Grace, if he were awake from his nap...errr...I mean...Arrrr!

Congratulations Kathy and welcome Natalie! It sounds like things went well, despite the lack of pain meds.


Stephanie M. - Sep 19, 2005 2:10 pm (#529 of 2980)

Arrr! Congra'ulations Puck! Welcome Natalie to your first Talk like a Pirate Day! Don't be crawling off those wooden planks now! Arr!

Denise yee lad looks wonderful with an eye patch! (I like his Pirate name too!)

Finn your avatar is mighty cool. (For lack of pirate lingo.)

I am off to do me homework before me booty gets thrown off me boat!


mollis - Sep 19, 2005 2:20 pm (#530 of 2980)

Well, a very hearty congratulations to Puck on the arrival of Baby Puck! And wow, talk about cutting it close! I guess that's where experience gets you! And here's the slightly inappropriate smilie for you:

And in other news, A most enjoyable Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye all! I couldn't get the pirate translator figured out - I'm not having the brightest of days. But I did find a pirate name generator on the Long John Silver's website. It told me that me pirate name is Cutthroat Prudence the Houndfish

If you want to try it, the website is here: http://www.longjohnsilvers.com/pirate/default.htm

...and really bad eggs indeed!


boop - Sep 19, 2005 2:20 pm (#531 of 2980)

Congratulations Kathy and Hubby to your new baby Natalie!!!! Glad to hear thing went fast for you. Take Care of yourself.

hugs always



Catherine - Sep 19, 2005 3:26 pm (#532 of 2980)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, NATALIE GRACE! Puck, I hope that you have a good recovery, and congratulations on the new family member. Now that I have said that:

Arrr! Ye be scurvy dogs to be pirates without me! Me heart feels like a bucket o'chum, it do.

My students, even if a lot of them "forgot" that we had a test today, remembered that today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." I walked into the classroom and they chanted, "ARRR!!" as one. Warmed me up like a barrel of grog, it did.

It's too bad we had a test, because I could tell that they were more interested in piracy off of Africa's coast than in taking the test. No one had heard of Barbary pirates before today **waves furiously to Lupin is Lupin** but perhaps they will investigate the notorious doings tonight on their own. The bloodthirsty and the lawless appeal to the 7th grade for some reason....  Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 1242194059

I had parent-teacher conferences today. It was a mixed bag. Two more days of them...I think I'd rather walk the plank into shark-infested waters...

Have a good night, all.


timrew - Sep 19, 2005 3:48 pm (#533 of 2980)

Hearty thanks to all those that have congratulated me on getting a new daughter-in-law!

And hearty congratulations to Puck, on her new daughter, Natalie Grace!

And, because it's pirate's day.......Avast Behoind! Where's me Mizzen Mast? It's Missin'!

Thank you, and good night!


Chemyst - Sep 19, 2005 4:18 pm (#534 of 2980)

Timrew today:   And, because it's pirate's day.......Avast Behoind! Where's me Mizzen Mast? It's Missin'!

Timrew one year ago:  Avast behind! Where's me mizzen mast? What does ye mean, it's mizzen!

Aye,  'e's not mizzen a beat, nor a jibe. Nor iz 'e tacky.


timrew - Sep 19, 2005 4:20 pm (#535 of 2980)

Chemyst. Oops! I've cracked that one before, have I? Sorry!!!

I cannot apologise enough for being a forgetful old wazzock! Ahaaar!


Chemyst - Sep 19, 2005 4:32 pm (#536 of 2980)

Arr, I enjoyed it much more the second time!


Marie E. - Sep 19, 2005 9:41 pm (#537 of 2980)

Yarr, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day again. Smartly now, me hearties, before the day be done. Arrrrr!

I planned the school age curriculum around Pirate Day so we've been talking about pirates for a week now. They really enjoyed my talk on How To Be A Pirate, especially #2: Don't take a bath.

Congratulations, Puck. Natalie Grace is a beautiful name.

My sister is thinking about naming her child Cobain if it's a boy, after Kurt Cobain. I'm wavering between thinking it's cool and wanting to slap her.


Ydnam96 - Sep 19, 2005 9:59 pm (#538 of 2980)

I'm too tired to do a decent post. Arrrg. But many congtats to the Puck family. Happy Birthday (a little late) to Miss Natalie Grace.


Good Evans - Sep 20, 2005 4:28 am (#539 of 2980)

many congratulations Puck, Natalie Grace, what a lovely name.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 20, 2005 6:16 am (#540 of 2980)

Oh Tim congratulations! Sounds like your son is very lucky.

Welcome to the world Baby Puck!

Arrg, meh a'cents a bit liate.


Ticker - Sep 20, 2005 9:28 am (#541 of 2980)

Congratulations Tim & Puck!!!!


Madam Pince - Sep 20, 2005 9:58 am (#542 of 2980)

***waves at Ticker*** Hiya! Where have you been? (a la Molly...) How is Aria?

Welcome to the world, little Miss Natalie Grace! Congratulations, Puck and all the rest of your family! We are so happy for you! Wow, 45 minutes at the hospital -- your insurance company must really like you! Good for you! Best wishes and hope both mom and baby are doing great!

Arrgh,... missed Talk Like A Pirate Day! I did wear my pirate t-shirt yesterday, though. It has a skull-n-crossbones on the front, and on the back it says "The beatings shall continue until morale improves."

Whoo-hoo for the Washington Redskins! They beat the Dallas Cowboys by one point last night, by scoring two touchdowns in less than four minutes right at the end of the game! (If you're not a fan, this is a big deal only because the Cowboys have won every game but one in the last 25 meetings or so, and it used to be one of the biggest rivalries in football -- but has cooled somewhat because lately the 'Skins have been stinking the place up so badly that it wasn't even a fun rivalry anymore.)

Mr. Pince went by the KB Toys Outlet on his way home from his haircut this morning, and brought me an authentic, original, Godric Gryffindor sword! It's actually pretty cool -- looks much like the movie one (aside from being plastic, of course.) It even has sound effects if you push a button -- it makes "clanging" sounds as if you're in a swordfight (which is odd, because so far Harry hasn't fought anyone else who has a sword, but anyways... we won't be nitpicky.) Not bad for only $3.88. He also bought Little Pince a different type of sword (because "The Sword and the Stone" is currently the favorite movie) but Little Pince only wants to play with the "Harry one." He told me he wants me to be the snake while he has the sword.


Good Evans - Sep 20, 2005 11:28 am (#543 of 2980)

woo hoo!!! "hail to the chief...." ( closet Redskins fan - but must admit to not keeping up so much these days, but couldn't be happier about last nights score). Thanks for the tip off Madam P, and as for that sword - best check it isn't a Horcrux before you lt little p play with it too much.. tell you what if he starts talking about world domination and his eyes turn red.. that might be a clue!

PS = forgot to congratulate Tim, although it means not that the intention was missing.


Chemyst - Sep 20, 2005 12:05 pm (#544 of 2980)

Madam Pince, What a nice thing for Mr. Pince to do! The only people who would think to get me anything from a toy store are my kids; and of course, I personally oversee their training, so I can make sure they never suffer from not knowing what kind of gifts to get mom!   ** briefly wonders if that sounds too conceited in print, but quickly shrugs it off **   The sword story reminds me of a couple years when we went to the Renaissance Festival. They'd always have plain wooden swords for sale and #2 son turned them into some really cool 'Legend of Zelda' wall art. (yeah, well... most of the time the swords were wall art!)

Welcome Natalie Puck.   I'm glad you are getting more rest now that you're home again, Kathy.

Kate, do you have career counselors or advisors at your school? Have you told them you want to be a world-class assassin? What did they say?
From the high energy and high grades you show on this forum, you'd probably make a very good secret agent, but you must get some funny reactions if you tell your teachers that your career goal is to shoot people!


Puck - Sep 20, 2005 12:20 pm (#545 of 2980)

Hello all!

The babe is currently sleeping, and I'll have to wake her up soon so she can eat. It's funny, at night she fusses unless I have her in bed and won't allow me to put her in the cradle. During the day she'll lay in her own bed sleeping peacefully for hours.

Thanks for the congratualtions. She is lovely, though so tiny! My 3 year old climbed on my lap the other day, and she seemed so HUGE in comparison (and Maya is small for her age).

It must have been fun for all you teachers exposing young minds to pirate adventures yesterday! I actually once heard that modern day pirates are likely responsible for all the strange disappearances in the Bermuda triangle.

Time to go rouse the babe. I may take her for a walk to the bus stop, as several young neighbors are aching to get a peak at her. (Well, the girls anyway. A couple of the boys saw me with her yesterday and merely glance at me without saying a word.)




CatherineHermiona - Sep 20, 2005 12:35 pm (#546 of 2980)

Unfortunately, we don't have career counselors nor advisors. I really enjoy those action movies and I can't wait Mr. and Mrs. Smith on DVD. That's the reason why I like Walker - Texas Ranger. Have you watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Chemyst? And I would like to have something like hobby that would be related to your name. One of my favorite subject is Chemistry (something like that).

Glad things go fine with Natalie Grace, Kathy.



Denise P. - Sep 20, 2005 1:33 pm (#547 of 2980)

Kathy, Rhys was the same way. I finally got him off me a few weeks ago and in his own bed at night by doing the cardinal no-no...he is a tummy sleeper. He would sleep tummy to tummy while I held him but protest when I put him on his back in his bed. About 3 am one morning, I said to heck with it and put him on his tummy. He snoozed until after 7:30 that morning. He sleeps fine on his back during the day but at night, he wants on his tummy. Since I sleep about 8" away from him, it works out for us. He has slept better and longer since I reached the end of my rope.


timrew - Sep 20, 2005 3:45 pm (#548 of 2980)

Marie E:- My sister is thinking about naming her child Cobain if it's a boy, after Kurt Cobain.

Know what you mean, Marie. Over here (UK), we've just had a TV series called 'Footballers Wives', which is a send up of all our Premiership football players who get about £100,000 a week in wages.

They went for a totally ridiculous name for one of the wives, which was Chardonnay, it's a grape used for making wine.

Well, the number of poor kids that have been called Chardonnay by their ill-informed parents ever since continues to grow.

I think if there was a character called Hepzebah Sludgebucket on the TV, then there would be a Christening Frenzy in this country!


boop - Sep 20, 2005 3:50 pm (#549 of 2980)



TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 20, 2005 4:19 pm (#550 of 2980)

Well thank you Boop! You can't imagine my surprise when I read that, considering it is not my birthday. I want to know how you got that Spell Check quill from F&G's joke shop? You know the one that's messing with your calendar ;-)
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Finn BV - Sep 20, 2005 5:04 pm (#551 of 2980)

LOL! Happy early birthday TBE… whenever it is.


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 20, 2005 6:46 pm (#552 of 2980)

I've been busy lately and have fallen behind on posts, so...

Congratulations, Puck.

tim, congratulations for your son's wedding. I think marriage is a wonderful institution. I would also say it is commendable that you didn't get rat-legged so that your band could play, but then I remembered that you quit drinking when you were twenty.

Marie E, slap her.

Happy early or late birthday, TBE.


Denise P. - Sep 20, 2005 7:13 pm (#553 of 2980)

Marie E, slap her.

Sam, don't hold back so much, say what you really think!


Elanor - Sep 20, 2005 11:28 pm (#554 of 2980)

LOL, happy day nevertheless TBE, was it your birthday or not! It is always the time for some butterbeers to be shared here, isn't it? BTW, now you have to tell us when your real birthday is...

Wish me luck! I have a funny mission to accomplish today. A famous miniaturist (well, as famous as one can be when you're a miniaturist) is supposed to have been born in my town, either in 1786 or in 1796. His great-great-great-(etc)-children are willing to give some of his miniatures to his native town if we can give them the proof he was indeed born here. So, guess who is going to spend the morning the nose in the 18th century parish registers... I hope I will be lucky!

Have a great night/day everyone!


Ydnam96 - Sep 20, 2005 11:37 pm (#555 of 2980)

You know Denise...you have had Rhys in your avatar for quite some time...your other children might start to think you prefer him Wink


Good Evans - Sep 20, 2005 11:40 pm (#556 of 2980)

best of luck with those registers and records Elanor!

have a nice day everyone


Snuffles - Sep 21, 2005 12:20 am (#557 of 2980)

Have a sip of Felix Felicis before you start Elanor!

Happy Birthday for whenever TBE!!

Have a good day everyone else



The giant squid - Sep 21, 2005 1:28 am (#558 of 2980)

The bloodthirsty and the lawless appeal to the 7th grade for some reason....—Catherine

Come to think of it, that is when I started getting into the more...interesting myths and legends.

My sister is thinking about naming her child Cobain if it's a boy, after Kurt Cobain. I'm wavering between thinking it's cool and wanting to slap her.--Marie E.

I vote for slap. Hard. Continue until she comes to what's left of her senses. There is something so wrong with that girl...

Congratulations, Kathy, and welcome Accio Grace--err, Natalie Grace! Bummer that you didn't have time for pain meds, but at least it was over quick enough that you didn't have time to worry too much about it.

Katerina, if it makes you feel any better, I thought the same thing after I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith--is there a maximum age for becoming a superspy? I might have missed the cutoff.



Lina - Sep 21, 2005 4:58 am (#559 of 2980)

Marie, let's hope for the girl. I remember inventing odd names when I was pregnant. My parents were quite frustrated by my ideas, so at some point my mum commented "I feel pity for your child, it will be born and you will still not know which of the awful names to give him/her." Then my hubby replied "Oh, we know that since ages ago!" "You do?" "If it is a girl, it will be Katarina, if it is a boy, Ivan (John)." Then my mum sounded so disappointed: "Oh, I like it."

And Mike, since you seem to like her real name, it is Katarina. Actually, Katerina is my sister but that is another long story and it has some relation with my great-great-grandmother that I mentioned hundreds of posts ago whose name was something like that.

Well, speaking of Kate, I can't resist not to comment that she spends most of her energy by watching other people's physical activity on TV! Sorry, it was stronger then me. One could think that she likes to fight, or run, or jump... But

TBE, happy whatsoever! Happy days should never be discarded and every opportunity is good for a mug of butterbeer

Elanor, Accio proof!


Finn BV - Sep 21, 2005 5:07 am (#560 of 2980)

Bonne chance, Elanor! I'm not exactly sure what a miniaturist is, but I'm sure you'll get what you need for the town!

Gosh, giant squid stay up late, huh?

Have a good day, all.


Marie E. - Sep 21, 2005 5:31 am (#561 of 2980)

I'm glad to see that most people share my opinion on the name Cobain. And I didn't even mention her girl name: Dresden. I could call him Coby...

As a teacher/child care provider I've seen a lot of odd names for children. Sometimes they're interesting, but most of the time you just wonder why the parents would want to torture their child.

It's been very hot here this week, in the 80's. This guarantees it will snow any day now.   :goofygrin:  The four wheel drive in my Tahoe isn't working so it will probably snow tomorrow. Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 1242194059


Denise P. - Sep 21, 2005 5:54 am (#562 of 2980)

My other kids do know that Rhys is my favorite...5 week old in the entire world. I also have a favorite 12 year old, 11 year old, 9 year old, 8 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. Of course, they also hear me say, when they whine "Why does X get to do that?", "Because I like X better right now!" I will start to cycle through the other kids shortly.


Loopy Lupin - Sep 21, 2005 6:18 am (#563 of 2980)

Don't you also have favorite 23 and 21 year-olds? (Or 24, 22?)

Yar, I miss pirate day.


pottermom34 - Sep 21, 2005 6:41 am (#564 of 2980)

Welcome baby Puck. Congratulations and happy birthday to all who I missed. Sorry, I missed pirate day, but I wouldn't have been very good at it anyway.
Thoughts go to those in Rita's path. My husband says they're running out of names for hurricanes. I can think of a couple: Voldemort, Snape, Malfoy.  Feel free to add on...

oh well i must go before anyone complains about me being on line too long. Later.


Denise P. - Sep 21, 2005 6:46 am (#565 of 2980)

23 and 22 but I don't play favorites with quasi-adults


Kerstin - Sep 21, 2005 9:29 am (#566 of 2980)

Marie E: Dresden is a city in Germany. Slap her twice (or more if you like), so that she will find back her common sense!


Good Evans - Sep 21, 2005 10:08 am (#567 of 2980)

Pottermom... aren't hurricanes always girls names and tropical storms boys??? oh its something like that... so Pansy, Bella and Cissy are contenders for hurricanes!!!

anyone in Rita's path, (he he, I only just got that connection, which is worse a hurricane or being the victim of a skeeter article?? ) I do hope that the worst fears are not realised. Stay safe everyone!!!

Can I just sneak in and say I quite like the name Dresden as a girl, but I am not overly keen on the use of place names for children... Ottery St Catchpole Evans, come here now!!!


Elanor - Sep 21, 2005 11:23 am (#568 of 2980)

I've got a funny story about people being named after towns. Some years ago, I was working for the summer as a guide in a Cistercian abbey of my region and someday, when I talked with an American visitor who told me she was visiting the region because she had named her daughter Roanne, after the name of a town not far from here. I was very surprised (Roanne having never struck me before as being a beautiful name, let alone a first name! It is even not a beautiful town) and I asked her if she had a reason for that. She told me that she couldn't find a name that she really liked when she was pregnant so she just opened an atlas and put her finger on a map of Europe, at random, and her finger was on the town of Roanne, name that she liked! How weird is that? Poor girl, one or two centimeters left on the map and she would have been called Clermont-Ferrand for the rest of her life...

BTW, thank you so much for the wishes and lucky potions everyone! It worked! I even found it quite easily and not only do we know now that he was born here on July 28th, 1786 but also what was his father's job and who his godmother and godfather were! I love searching in those old registers.

Finn: "I'm not exactly sure what a miniaturist is" Oh, it is only a painter who paints delicates and very small paintings, as the ones people used to put inside lockets. Some of them, back in the 18th or 19th century were very famous. **wondering suddenly if Merope put a miniature of Tom Riddle in hers...**

Have a great day everybody! And my thoughts are with those on Rita's path too.


pottermom34 - Sep 21, 2005 12:33 pm (#569 of 2980)

Pottermom... aren't hurricanes always girls names and tropical storms boys??? oh its something like that... so pansy, bella and cissy are contenders for hurricanes!!! -Good Evans[

Actually I think they alternate, one year female the next year male. Anyway how about Petunia, oh Bella is good too. Although, I think they are past those letters.


Ladybug220 - Sep 21, 2005 1:04 pm (#570 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Sep 21, 2005 1:08 pm

Actually the hurricane names alternate girl/boy through the whole list for the year. Here is the list of names for this year: Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Dennis, Emil,y Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katrina, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rita, Stan, Tammy, Vince, Wilma.

Next year the list starts with a boy name. So there is equal opportunity for the boys to be as bad as the girls.


Chemyst - Sep 21, 2005 1:06 pm (#571 of 2980)

Six year list of of Hurricane Names for Atlantic Storms:  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml

The lists featured only women's names until 1979, when men's and women's names were alternated. Six lists are used in rotation. Thus, the 2004 list will be used again in 2010.   Exception - Names of catastrophic storms are retired.


Stephanie M. - Sep 21, 2005 1:38 pm (#572 of 2980)
Edited Sep 21, 2005 2:19 pm

I vote for the next storm to be Hurricane or Tropical storm Stephanie, but I hope that there are no more storms for a while... but if there is going to be a storm it should be Stephanie. But that is just my opinion.

Or maybe the next storm could be Storm Snuffles or Septentrion or Seeker or Seamus (even though that is a male name) or Severus Snape or...

I hope everyone stays safe from Rita!

I'm off to the other threads and then off to my homework!


Detail Seeker - Sep 21, 2005 1:54 pm (#573 of 2980)

Congratulations, Audrey for finding the proof so fast. Deciphering old writing in old documents can be an interesting task of its own - and if the things you read, interest you, the more.


Denise P. - Sep 21, 2005 2:21 pm (#574 of 2980)

Hey, if there are any font fanatics out there, please look at the link in my profile to help me ID the font. I can't remember the name of it!


Marè - Sep 21, 2005 2:24 pm (#575 of 2980)

Hopping in for a brief moment :waves to all:
Congratulations on baby Puck! What a lovely name, Natalie! Welcome to the world and welcome to the forum (in advance).

And to Lina I can only say: "Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once."
Lovely picture, by the way.


kaykay1970 - Sep 21, 2005 3:05 pm (#576 of 2980)

Comgratulations Puck!!


Abracapocus - Sep 21, 2005 3:31 pm (#577 of 2980)


Catherine - Sep 21, 2005 3:50 pm (#578 of 2980)

Woo Hoo!

I am officially done with parent-teacher conferences. In the past three days, I have conferred with 25 parents, and none of the conferences lasted fewer than 20 minutes. It's a long day to teach the whole day, and then have three hours of conference time. I figure it's pretty good that 65% off the parents turned up.

One conference lasted for nearly an hour. I was quite fatigued by the end of that one. In a way, it seems silly for me to meet with the parents, as I will not be there come the first week of October, but at least the parents have had a chance to meet with me and we are straight on our grades so far, and hopefully that will make the transition easier with the "real" teacher for the class.

One parent berated me because "my kid never knows what the homework is, so you must not be telling him." I had an excellent time referring her to my homework website that has been active ever since school began. She called in her son, and said, "Do you know how to get to Mrs. Allen's homework website?" He then showed her how to do it, and she blistered his ears with a lecture about personal responsibility. I admit to enjoying it a teensy bit.


Viola Intonada - Sep 21, 2005 7:01 pm (#579 of 2980)

Congratulations on the new arrival Puck!

I'm so bummed. I missed "Talk like a Pirate Day". I think all of the companies that print calenders should have it listed. Oh well, maybe next year.


Denise P. - Sep 21, 2005 7:29 pm (#580 of 2980)

I knew I could count on Forum members The font has been identified and downloaded once again.

Wowzer...that is all I can say about Lost this evening!


Finn BV - Sep 21, 2005 7:54 pm (#581 of 2980)

Denise, is the font name Graffiti? I can't say I'm a font expert but… well, the same ones all come in a whole bunch of names anyway, so…

School is making the Forum harder and harder to keep up. I was offered a part in the Middle Division play (yes, offered, because there were not enough boys who were auditioning), but it would be 2.5 hours a day, for three days, which is a lot. So I'm really bummed if I should take it, as a favor to the theater department (all of whom I like a lot) or just skip it and say sorry? The musical is not very interesting, from the title at least – Little Mary Sunshine. I'm a good singer but I'm not sure if this is right for me. Arrrgh! I'm going to talk to the guidance counselor at school tomorrow.

I'm trying my best to stay around my number of posts is down a lot. Nighty night.


Eponine - Sep 21, 2005 8:17 pm (#582 of 2980)

Denise, Lost was amazing. We had to TiVo it since I didn't get home until after 9, but that opening scene...wow. I completely had it wrong. I'm so addicted to this show.

I've started my new job at the library, and so far I really like it. The children's department has one of those life size Dobby statues, and I'm trying to figure out how I can sneak it out under my shirt with no one noticing. I don't think it's going to work.

Puck, congratulations on the arrival of Natalie Grace!

I hope everyone is having a great day.


Ladybug220 - Sep 21, 2005 8:23 pm (#583 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Sep 21, 2005 8:28 pm

Denise, where did you find your font? I have been looking for one myself but can't find it.

Natalie Grace, Welcome to the World!

Tim, Congrats on the new daughter-in-law!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 21, 2005 8:26 pm (#584 of 2980)

Hey everyone! Wow it's been a while since I've had time to get on the Forum. Now that classes have started again, I'm just so busy...

Welcome to the world Baby Puck!

Threre isn't a whole lot new here. I moved into my dorm room on Sunday, and my classes started today. They opened a new rec center on campus, so I checked that out this evening, and it's really cool. The new aquatics center has 5 pools, and as a swimmer, that excites me like no other!!

Anyway, I'm off to check the threads... Have a good night everyone!



Madam Pince - Sep 21, 2005 8:44 pm (#585 of 2980)

Arrrrgh... I missed the majority of "Lost" this evening, most particularly the first part. Little Pince had a very messy major "accident" right in the doorway to our bedroom, right at 8:59pm of all times... So I spent the better part of an hour comforting and bathing and cleaning the rug and all that. Sigh... The good thing is that I had taped it ("Lost," not the accident ) for Mr. Pince, so when he gets home from work we'll watch it together, if I can stay awake!

Catherine, glad your conferences are over and that they went well!

Hope everyone in the Houston area is getting out of the way of the next upcoming hurricane Rita! It sounds like it will not be one to play around with! What Forumers are in that area -- anybody? Best wishes to anyone in the path!

Puck, hope you're getting some rest and that little Natalie will soon start to enjoy her own little crib.

Lina, your avatar is lovely!

Marie, as for the name "Cobain," I'm afraid I would fall in the "slap" camp, too. "Dresden" is kind of pretty actually, but I would forever associate it with "dresden dolls" which I don't really know much about but picture in my mind as being very dainty delicate porcelain dolls, so if Baby Dresden turns out to be a tomboy it would be all wrong...


The giant squid - Sep 22, 2005 1:46 am (#586 of 2980)

And Mike, since you seem to like her real name, it is Katarina.—Lina

I thought I'd be smart & use her full name since someone a post or two before me referred to Kathy & I dodn't want to get Kate confused with that. That's what I get for being smart.

Marie: Dresden? Now I know why she hasn't shared these ideas with me--she knows I'll laugh at her. Now granted, I am slightly biased because a friend of mine used to have a rottweiler named Dresden...but still, I'd be overwhelmed with the urge to call the girl "Stuttgart" or something.

Gosh, giant squid stay up late, huh?--Finn BV

You have no idea, my friend...let's just say I firmly believe it should be illegal to get up before noon.



Good Evans - Sep 22, 2005 4:23 am (#587 of 2980)

I am so jealous of you "Lost" fans in the states. We have only just got it over here so we are on about week 7 of the first series, and I am being good an not watching the sky preview for the next week, just sticking to good old channel 4!!! Well it isn't on until 10 and then the preview starts at 11. I simply cnat stay awake til midnight on a weeknight (call me a lightweight!)

so we are way behind you, can I say thanks for not spoiling plot lines, you guys are very considerate

stay safe Texas....


Snuffles - Sep 22, 2005 4:33 am (#588 of 2980)

Good Evans, I know what you mean, I am dying to find out what happens in 'Lost'. I did cheat and take a look on the website which gives you a run down episode by episode of what happens in series 1.

Just in case you are tempted............



Marie E. - Sep 22, 2005 5:44 am (#589 of 2980)

You all make me laugh so much! I'm so glad I shared my sister's names with you. She says Dresden is a music group, as well as a city in Germany. She used to like the name Jacob Dean, but then found out that Jacob is one of the most common names in the country. I could have told her that. I had two Jacobs in my kindergarten class and two in my Sunday School class last year. She still has six months to changer her mind, so let's cross our fingers. If not, the slapping will commence.

Yesterday was about 80 (forgot how to do the degrees thingy) and today is supposed to be 68, rainy, and windy. Welcome, wonderful Autumn!!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 22, 2005 5:46 am (#590 of 2980)

This is one smile you could put when you found out it's girl, Kathy:

So, how do you like it?



Denise P. - Sep 22, 2005 6:11 am (#591 of 2980)

Much as I would have to slap my sister if she planned to name a child Cobain or Dresden, in the grand scheme of things....those are not that awful. Read the birth announcements in the local paper to see some really awful ones. I will admit to going off the beaten path for names but they are names that are used in English speaking countries by the general population.

I had a friend who was planning to name her daughter Isabeaux (no kidding) She had Gavin instead. Another friend of mine planned to name her daugher Lucy Inthesky (seriously). Her husband put his foot down and Lucy is Lucy Sky. I saw a kid named Dennis in the paper, not bad but his last name was also Dennis! Let's not forget the famous cheese sisters I went to High School with....Swiss and her younger sister Cheddar!


Eponine - Sep 22, 2005 6:31 am (#592 of 2980)

Let's not forget the famous cheese sisters I went to High School with....Swiss and her younger sister Cheddar!

Please tell me you're kidding. Was their last name Cheese?

The little brother of a girl I knew in high school had a girl in his class named Fallen (not sure of the spelling). Her last name? Love.


Madam Pince - Sep 22, 2005 7:46 am (#593 of 2980)

Ha! Cheddar and Swiss! Too funny! The weirdest one I ever heard of was a friend worked with someone who named her daughter Juan, and pronounced it Joo-Ann. Imagine all the confusion in later life when she fills out forms and does NOT check the box marked Male, Hispanic....


Ydnam96 - Sep 22, 2005 8:29 am (#594 of 2980)

Oh, wow. Swiss and Cheddar. I thought it was bad in High School when two of my class mates (twins) were Billy-Jo and Bobby-Jo (girls). Then we had the twins who were John and Johnathan (I kid you not). They were identical and would switch places with each other. They both played football and the coaches had their numbers be 6 and 9 and then (this is bad) on their jerseys they had the numbers on their backs and on their sleeves say the opposite (so the back would say 6 and the arm would say 9). The boys played different positions so the coaches thought that it would be a good "play" to get the other team confused about who was who. They got in big trouble with the conference people. Oh, and their father's name was Jonathan and so was their Grandfather!. Can you imagine.

I've always loved unique names, but only to a point. You don't want your child to suffer at the hands of his/her class mates. So names like Micah (which isn't so unique anymore) are names that I like, or similar to Denise, more common names with less common spelling.


kaykay1970 - Sep 22, 2005 9:07 am (#595 of 2980)

How about this one for the terrible names. When I was young our next door neighbors the Ustink family named their little darling Sofilthy. On another note I'm so thankful that Mom named me instead of Dad. My paternal grandmother's name was Pauline and my maternal grandmother Oleta. He wanted to name me Oleta Paulette. Ugh!! I think I like Paula Kay much better, thank you Mom!


Elanor - Sep 22, 2005 9:32 am (#596 of 2980)

LOL everyone with all those weird names!

Denise: "I had a friend who was planning to name her daughter Isabeaux (no kidding)"
It is very rare but I have seen that name here sometimes, though spelt "Isabeau", which is an old form of Isabelle and also the name of a queen of France, Isabeau de Bavière (Bavaria), daughter of a duke of Bavaria and wife of Charles VI at the end of the 14th century. A very powerful woman, who was very influent because her husband went mad, and who, amongst other things, made the Hundred Years' War getting worse by disinheriting her own son, saying that the crown had to go to the king of England, calling him (her son, future Charles VII, the one Joan of Arc put on the throne): "the so-called Dauphin". Charming woman, wasn't she? I would think twice before naming a girl after her... I'd better stop here, I don't mean to bore you to death with medieval history!

Here, since some years, very old names come back into fashion, such as Jeanne, Louis, Arthur, Victor, Jules, etc... But there are also a lot of very weird ones in the birth announcements: yesterday I saw some people called their daughter Sixtine! I even saw an Aragorn some times ago...

Have a great day everybody!


Ladybug220 - Sep 22, 2005 10:49 am (#597 of 2980)

I went to school with some girls that were named after countries or continents: Asia, India, and Isreal. My friend did Americore and she worked with some twin boys named Lemonjello and Orangejello. I have also seen Candida as a first name for a woman. It's rather sad really.


kaykay1970 - Sep 22, 2005 11:07 am (#598 of 2980)

This world can be truly scary sometimes. A freshman boy from my kids high school was shot and killed at the county fair last Friday night (even scarier because my teens had been at the fair all day with friends). Rumor has it that he got between two rival gangs, wrong place wrong time. Anyway a boy that goes to Lexington High School was shot in the shoulder during the same incident. The boy that did the shooting goes to Chester County School. I was just reading the Jackson Sun newspaper. They had to let Chester High out early this Wednesday because it was rumored that Lexington teens were seeking revenge. These two high schools are facing off in a football game Saturday night. They are going to have a metal detector that you have to go through to be present at this game and added police force for security. It is just sad that something like this could happen and very sad that you can't even attend a football game without fear.


Loopy Lupin - Sep 22, 2005 11:11 am (#599 of 2980)

Swiss and "Cheddar" take the cheesecake. Never heard that before.

Finn, take the part.

Whew, it's been a long week. Is it Friday yet?


Catherine - Sep 22, 2005 12:05 pm (#600 of 2980)


My kids are watching a film about Egyptian temples, so I decided to be naughty and sneak onto the Forum and read chat posts.

::waves to Loopy Lupin:: It so needs to be Friday.

Better run before the kids find out that I'm playing hooky instead of recording grades on my computer.

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Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2005

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:56 pm


Good Evans - Sep 22, 2005 12:59 pm (#601 of 2980)

Cheddar and Swiss - LOL - seriously?????

I came across a couple of good ones a few years ago, we had the traffic light family, Scarlett, Amber and Jade and a chap who changed his name to Clint Eastwood and his two boys were called John and Wayne. I kid you not, I know they sound like urban legends but I swear they are true. In my job people have to put family details on applications you see, I have seen some very odd spellings too.


Denise P. - Sep 22, 2005 1:15 pm (#602 of 2980)

They really were named Swiss and Cheddar. Swiss was a year ahead of me, Cheddar was 2 behind me. I have the yearbook to prove it too. I know they had a brother, not sure if he was older or younger but since he was not in the school, I have no idea what his name was. Monterey Jack, Colby?


Finn BV - Sep 22, 2005 2:26 pm (#603 of 2980)

Hey guys, quick in and out trip here.

The giant squid- Sep 22, 2005 1:46 am (#586 of 602) . . . . You have no idea, my friend...let's just say I firmly believe it should be illegal to get up before noon.

I rest my case.

Loopy, spoke to the guidance counselor today and I agree now that it's best that I not take the part. As I said, I'm barely managing to get everything done – piano practice, tennis, homework, forum. I'm not going to take it but I will try to be in the spring play…  We'll see.

Kate, cool smilie!

I can't say much because my computer is at school. My laptop has some weird thing goin' on inside of it. It freezes 15 times a day, applications quit all the time, and it seems unusually low on Hard Drive space. And the apple key fell out, but I still have it. The incredible computer department at my school is fixing it as we speak, and to put the key back on "takes about 2 seconds." So that will be fixed when I get back to school tomorrow morning! I'm so excited!!

See y'all later… rushing to do too much stuff!


Catherine - Sep 22, 2005 2:38 pm (#604 of 2980)

I have no idea what his name was. Monterey Jack, Colby? –Denise

SPEW! That was a good one, Denise. I'd vote for one of those versus Feta or Gouda.

I am so jealous of my students! They are putting on a production of School House Rock for the school play, and I want a part, too! :pouts:

School House Rock just makes me nostalgic for the Saturday mornings of watching cartoons in my pajamas. Besides, I want a part doing the grammar songs!

Too bad I can't sing, alas earwax, and am about 20 years to old to participate.


Lina - Sep 22, 2005 3:03 pm (#605 of 2980)

Finn, are you saying that your Mac is acting weirdly??? Well, you can't rely on anything nowdays, can you? My husband had a similar problem with his Win computer (but you would expect it, wouldn't you?) and I found something like 6 GB of strange stuff accumulating. Everything went back to normal when I removed some "bar" that he very consciously installed.

There is a saying in my country "The youth of today!" Now Kate is learning at school that old people from Mesopotamia had the same saying something like 4 or 5 thousands years ago. I have invented the new world order: There should be no more elections. The politicians that want to be presidents or in the parliament or things like that, should go to the chess tournament. And the winners get the job. When some country wants to make war with some other country, the presidents should play chess and the one that looses should accept the terms of the winner. Actually, I am not the chess player at all, but then, politics was never in my career plans.

Kaykay, now I have to say
(wow, I must be in a very good mood after the whole day that I was at the edge of the nervous breakdown)
My name is Paula too. And Lina comes from Paulina, so everybody really calls me Lina. So it was just fun for me to read about your name, especially about how thankful you are that your name is not Pauline. My husband's name is just the mail version of the same name. Speaking about names, I have a friend whose dog's name is Rea and I know a guy whose daughter's name is Rea too. Actually, I know several dogs with the same name.

Well, enough of good mood. Some drying and sunny charms to those on the Rita's path. I can't believe it's happening.

Love and peace to everybody!


kaykay1970 - Sep 22, 2005 5:35 pm (#606 of 2980)

Actually Lina. I like your name Paulina it is vey pretty, but Oleta Paulette I don't believe I could have endured. I have a cousin named Pauliana, also for my grandmother. My oldest sister got spared from a far worse name than me. Dad wanted to name her after his two favorite aunts. Marie I think is lovely but not Flossie Marie. haha Mom named her Pamela Jean for my grandfather Gene.


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 22, 2005 6:46 pm (#607 of 2980)

This is not exactly a weird name story but sort of fits in. I work for the post office, and once saw a letter addressed to a Mrs. James Potter. The funny thing was that it was being returned to the sender due to insufficient address. I assumed it was the Fidelius Charm.


Madam Pince - Sep 22, 2005 7:04 pm (#608 of 2980)

LOL! That's great, Vlad! Good to know those charms are still in place!

I got most of the mums and asters planted today. Actually I think I need to go get some more. I always do this -- when you buy the plants it looks like the car is full and you have so many plants, but then when you get them in the ground they look kind of sparse and you have to go get some more to fill in. I need mulch, too, to hold in what little moisture we have. We haven't had rain in weeks. Earlier this week I had thought it was going to start raining (I think I even posted that it was) but it turned out that I could count the number of drops that actually fell. Soon I can start planting cactus and they'll be thriving, I guess! Mike, what do you guys grow out there in the desert?


Thora - Sep 23, 2005 6:20 am (#609 of 2980)

Well I'm not Mike, but in the desert everyone waters all the time. In fact I knew a lot of people who irrigated their lawns, with canal water from the Colorado. The plants that seemed to be in abundance (besides the varried types of cactus) are citrus trees, evergreen shrubs, palm trees. There is a lovely bushy flowering tree that I don't know the name of and it survived without watering quite well.

I had friends with a date farm, but that was irrigated, sa was the califlower field I rode by each day on my way to school.

Man I miss the desert.



CatherineHermiona - Sep 23, 2005 6:28 am (#610 of 2980)

I finally can say:


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 23, 2005 8:27 am (#611 of 2980)

Good morning everyone! I don't have too much time before I have to go to class, but I figured I'd stop in and say hi. I hate having class on Friday! Anyway, things are still really really busy around here. I started classes on Wednesday, and I already have 1500 pages of reading to do by next Tuesday! Talk about being stressed. I have 3 quizes and 2 essays to write on top of that. Plus, OSU's playing Iowa tomorrow, so that's going to take up most of my Saturday. Ah well. I'll just have to spend all of Sunday locked in my room reading.

I must say I got a good laugh reading everyone's comments on weird names. It certainly made catching up on my posts quite enjoyable!

Well anyway, I have to run to my French class, so, au revoir!



Good Evans - Sep 23, 2005 8:36 am (#612 of 2980)

Kate,I couldn't have put it better .... its been a long week!!



Ydnam96 - Sep 23, 2005 9:00 am (#613 of 2980)

Yes Kate, thank goodness it's Friday. All day yesterday felt like it should be Friday...but nope...still one more day to go. It has been a long week.

I caught the end of a Simpson's episode last night and it was a Harry Potter parody. I think it was in a Halloween episode. But it was pretty funny (and I don't like the Simpsons).

Have a good Friday everyone...


azi - Sep 23, 2005 10:08 am (#614 of 2980)

Okies, I just read 190+ posts, so forgive me if I miss someone. Also forgive bad grammar as I'm on a laptop I've never used before...

Congrats, Puck! A lovely name for your daughter!

I can't believe I missed Talk Like A Pirate Day. I hate not having constant internet access.

Good luck to Timrews son and daughter-in-law! I like the idea of the music Tim's band plays as well, seeing as though I used to go to folk dancing class.

Hope everyone gets away from hurricane Rita.

I'm in Liverpool at the moment, it's chucking it down with rain and I'm in a friend’s student accomodation, which isn't exactly nice. However, it's a lot better than what mine is according to the pictures I just found. Bleugh, I appear to be in the noisiest building which apparently boasts the only all day bar on campus. Great - I hate alcohol and drunk people. Excellent place to put me ain't it? Not looking forward to freshers week!

Everyone have a great Friday! I am also glad it's the end of the week, has been very slow.


The giant squid - Sep 23, 2005 12:54 pm (#615 of 2980)

Mike, what do you guys grow out there in the desert?--Madame Pince

Personally, I raise hopes until they're big enough to fend for themselves. Seriously, Thora had it right; lots of palm trees, every variety of cactus you can think of (and a few you hadn't), and--thanks to the ever-growing population of SoCal transplants--the occasional green lawn. Sprinkler companies do quite a bit of business out here. Without a rather aggressive watering schedule the only things that grow well are weeds. Of course, since we're in the middle of a massive drought right now (what? drought? in the desert?? ) the water company places heavy restrictions on watering and even offers rebates on your bill if you use certain low-water plants in your landscape.

Finn--I usually go to bed around 4 AM. I do more thinking after midnight than most people do all day. Carpe noctem!



Good Evans - Sep 23, 2005 2:15 pm (#616 of 2980)

Cheering charms to you Azi, theres always this forum if it gets on top of you


Amilia Smith - Sep 23, 2005 3:09 pm (#617 of 2980)

Without a rather aggressive watering schedule the only things that grow well are weeds.

And rocks. Rocks do real well.



wynnleaf - Sep 23, 2005 3:44 pm (#618 of 2980)

Does Round Pink Spider ever get on here? I wanted to ask her something.


timrew - Sep 23, 2005 4:16 pm (#619 of 2980)

Once again, thanks to all that congratulated me on my son's wedding.

I'm reading about the latest Hurricane to hit New Orleans, and I hear that the levees have been breached again. Is everyone okay?

And how is that log-jam of cars out of Galveston?


boop - Sep 23, 2005 4:56 pm (#620 of 2980)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAPUT DRACOINS, hope you have had a wonderful day!!!!


Amilia Smith - Sep 23, 2005 5:19 pm (#621 of 2980)

Wynnleaf: RPS does get on here, but I am not sure how often she checks this thread. The last time she posted was Sept 9th. You might have better luck over on the "Long Theory About Harry's Family" thread.



Finn BV - Sep 23, 2005 5:34 pm (#622 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Caput Draconis, have a great day!

Well, my computer's running on Tiger, the key is back in (***presses Command key bazillion times***), and…… the computer is still freezing. Yes, Lina, I know, you can't trust anything in the world today, even a Mac! Apparently Apple will replace my computer if I replace the LogicBoard 3 times if the state doesn't improve. It's already been replaced once. How I dream of those next two times.

Well, at least it's a lot faster. Sorry, didn't keep up with this thread in my slight absence, so cheering and wellness, etc. charms all around!!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 23, 2005 6:16 pm (#623 of 2980)

Just checking in here from a storm battered south Louisiana. So far so good, winds blowing about 40 mph, gusting to about 70. Lost electric and cable a couple of times, but came back on. Some road closures due to flooding. Daughter just called, they have lost power. Looks like going to be a LONG nite. Will be online as long as possible. Our prayers are with all those in the way of this storm.

...toddles off to the threads...

Edit: ...toddles off to find flashlight, power went off two minutes after first posting this...


Marie E. - Sep 23, 2005 6:31 pm (#624 of 2980)

I know I'm a bit late on this, but here's some names for you all: sisters named Crimson and Burgundy, sisters named Rainne and Brooke, Cannon, Shade, Temple, and Nevaeh (heaven backwards, very popular here last year). I'm always amazed that Shayla is more common than I thought. I have met at least six other Shayla's just here in Colorado Springs. Mary Lou Retton named one of her children Shayla, as did the syndicated radio personality Delilah (massive misspelling, I know!). We have a cousin who named her son Nash, which I had never heard, then I met two more Nash's here. I doubt Cobain will ever experience such popularity.

I can't believe the horrible luck of those poor people in the Gulf, especially those who were evacuated to Houston, just to be evacuated once again. My thoughts are with all those in the storm's path.


Finn BV - Sep 23, 2005 7:05 pm (#625 of 2980)

Just been watching coverage of Hurricane Rita… wow. My thoughts are with you all. The poor Katrina victims that are now evacuating Houston… what a harsh life. Prayers.


Elanor - Sep 23, 2005 10:58 pm (#626 of 2980)

TBE, I'm thinking a lot of you! Take care! ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))
My thoughts and prayers also go to everyone on Rita's path, this is so scary.

Happy belated birthday Caput Draconis! And since it is already the 24th here, happy birthday Timrew!

Hem, hem...

Hail! King of SPEW!
A good pun is your grail,
And you never fail.
Happy birthday Timrew!
To you, all the best
In that never-ending quest.

Ok, ok, I know I shouldn't try to write rhymes in English before 8 am but I do wish you a very, very happy birthday! Thank you for our past, and future, bursts of laughter on the forum you're responsible for.

Detail Seeker, I'm so sorry, in my last post, I forgot to thank you for your kind words! Yes, deciphering old writing in 17th or 18th documents is really fascinating. With a bit of practice, it is not difficult. Very often, only by seeing the writing you can figure out some details about the one who wrote the document, even before reading it: if he/she was used to write, if the spelling is correct or very "personal", if the writing is easy or seems to have been difficult for the writer, etc... It is really great!

Edit: I almost forgot! Welcome on the forum Pixie! It is great to find another French fan here!


azi - Sep 24, 2005 1:46 am (#627 of 2980)

Thanks Good Evans! Cheering charms do the world of good! If they fail, I'm turning to copious amounts of chocolate. And the forum of course! It wasn't actually that bad last night, compared to another friend who has had fire alarms every night for the past week...eek!

Happy birthdays (or belated birthdays) to Caput Draconis and Timrew!

Elanor, I love your avatar!

Welcome to Pixie also! Strasbourg is one of my favourite places - so pretty!


The giant squid - Sep 24, 2005 1:58 am (#628 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Tim. I'll let Elanor's poem speak for me, because even at 8AM (her time) she writes better than I do at 2AM my time.

Marie, Alexis is a rather popular name, too. Especially here in Vegas--you hear it all the time at, um, certain adult establishments... Or so I've heard...

Best of luck to TBE and everyone else in Rita's path.



Wisey - Sep 24, 2005 2:22 am (#629 of 2980)

Stay safe to those in Rita's path.

My Aussie Rules Footy Team "Swans" just won their final, first time in 72 years - bit of a drought is over finally.

I'm off to browse the threads.


Chemyst - Sep 24, 2005 5:22 am (#630 of 2980)

It a bit past 8 AM here now, and since the first word I thought of that could rhyme with Timrew was “slough,” I'd best avoid attempting poetry as well.

Happy Birthday Timrew. May your day be free from deep muddy holes, swamps, and spiritual low points. I'll wish you a “slew” of laughter instead.


boop - Sep 24, 2005 6:22 am (#631 of 2980)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM AND PRONGS!!!!!!Have a wonderful day!!!

Everyone have a nice weekend.

hugs always



Stephanie M. - Sep 24, 2005 7:31 am (#632 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Timrew!!!!! I wish you many, many more wonderful years of laughter!!

I hope everyone stays safe in the path of Rita!!! I was watching coverage of Rita this morning and it's just unbelievable.

Yesterday I was starting to lose my voice in the morning and once I got home I felt like my head was going to explode. So I decided I would go to sleep really early and I fell asleep around 9:30 PM. (I usually go to sleep around 12 AM.) And I woke up at 10:06 AM, so now I'm feeling a lot better but my voice it still going.

Finn I love your avatar. RENT was one of my favorite musicals. I can't wait until it comes out in theaters (with the original cast!).


Ydnam96 - Sep 24, 2005 7:58 am (#633 of 2980)

Good morning, birthday wishes to Tim and Prongs. (Boop, you are amazing!)

I think I might go back to bed. I don't know why I woke up.


Good Evans - Sep 24, 2005 8:42 am (#634 of 2980)

Happy Birthday to Caput draconis for yesterday, Timrew and Prongs for today, I hope you all have lovely days!!!



mike miller - Sep 24, 2005 9:09 am (#635 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Tim, Prongs, Caput and all those who I have missed. Work is entering the crazy time again, so I'll be more intermitent than usual.

I good friend of mine has recently moved from outside Tulsa, OK (Tornado Alley) to outside of Houston, TX. He was joking with me prior to Rita's arrival about his uncanny ability to choose the best places to live. I have not heard but trust to his judgement about evacuating. It sounds like at least some of the anticipated damage did not occur; however, there is still much rain to fall before this is all over and flooding is a real concern.

All in the Gulf area take care and know that you're in our thoughts and prayers.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 24, 2005 9:56 am (#636 of 2980)

I'm backkk... :-)

Happy Birthday Tim,Caput, and Prongs. Best of luck to those who were hit harder by Hurricane Rita than we were. Still have gusty winds and scattered rain here but the electric is back on!

...toddles off to call family and let them know we are ok...


Good Evans - Sep 24, 2005 10:23 am (#637 of 2980)

pleased to hear it is going ok TBE..our thoughts with other southern states forumers who may be in the path!!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 24, 2005 11:40 am (#638 of 2980)

Happy birthday to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just back from the cinema where I was watching Charlie and Chocolate Factory. That was pretty good film.

My thoughts and prays are with everyone on Rita's path. If it is going to act as Rita that we know from HP, I don't want to be in their skin.



Madame Pomfrey - Sep 24, 2005 1:37 pm (#639 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Timrew,Caput and Prongs.Speaking of Rita,Has anyone heard from T.Weldon?I think she lives in the Houston area.I live 2 1/2 hrs from there.Rita missed us but we sure could have used the rain,Its pretty windy though.Glad to see the storm didn't affect you all too much TBE.


Lina - Sep 24, 2005 1:59 pm (#640 of 2980)

Happy birthdays Caput, Tim and Prongs! I hope you had a wonderful day.

prayers for everybody on the Rita's path! I hope this ends soon.


Finn BV - Sep 24, 2005 2:16 pm (#641 of 2980)

LOL, Elanor. I know you're going to make it as a poet some day.

Happy Birthday, King of Spew and Prongs. Have a fantastic day.

Steph, I haven't seen Rent (which doesn't make any sense) but I can play the theme song "Seasons of Love."

Kate, I liked Charlie very much. It was just too wacky. How did the song lyrics translate into Croatian? Did they rhyme?

My computer's back at the Apple Depot. It will be back in a week. This is depressing.


dizzy lizzy - Sep 24, 2005 2:23 pm (#642 of 2980)

Happy birthdays (or belated birthdays) to Caput Draconis and Timrew and Prongs!

Umm...these new hearing aids took a lot of adjusting to...but now I am happy to have them and they certainly passed their test last week with my workload - they made life sooo much easier!

Rita hasn't made much headway in the news over here...a certain Grand Final match yesterday and its results took up half the news bulletin!

Today I'm off to my Dad's for the day! About 5 hours driving time all up for the entire return trip and the bonus is my brother and his new finance will be there as well.

This post is from another Aussie who is delighted her AFL (Australian Football League) Team - The Sydney Swans (A.K.A the Swannies!) won their grand final **dances**



timrew - Sep 24, 2005 3:20 pm (#643 of 2980)

Thank you to all that wished me a Happy Birthday. With special thanks to Elanor for her poem!

And Birthday wishes to Caput Draconis and Prongs!!!

I hope that everyone is safe from Hurricane Rita. To anyone in its path, my thoughts and prayers go out to you all........


VeronikaG - Sep 24, 2005 4:49 pm (#644 of 2980)

Happy birthday Tim! And Caput and Prongs too!

I'm just stopping by to say that I haven't totally forgotten about you guys and everything HP, I have just been totally busy lately. Since I was smart enough to go back to school for an additional year, and even smarter to make that year English Studies, I have been drowned in reading. But I like reading, so I shouldn't complain. When you first have to read a book that is assigned it's much more interesting to read a classic than "TCP/IP version 5.0" (Which my teacher claimed was a classic, the nerd :-D).

I hope everybody who have rough weather in store will be safe, and I'll check the forum tomorrow. I have a nice, crazy theory on the Weasley family I need to be posting. He he.


Ydnam96 - Sep 24, 2005 5:16 pm (#645 of 2980)

So I'm watching Grease. And for the first time I realized that the actors looked pretty old for high schoolers (I guess when you are younger older is older, haha). I looked the movie up on IMDB and the John Travolta was 24, Oliva Newton John was 30! Stocker Channing (sp?) was in her 30's as well!!!!!! I'm in shock. That would be like me trying to impersonate a high schooler!


Marie E. - Sep 24, 2005 6:14 pm (#646 of 2980)

Happy Birthday Tim, Caput Draconis, and Prongs! Many happy returns!

SquidMike: I know how popular the name Alexis is. In her grade at her school there are two Alexis', one Alexi, and one Lexus. And they ALL go by some form of Lexie/Lexi. It just so happens that Lexie was the only name Mr. E and I could agree on. I wanted to name her Rylie.

I heard from a friend who lives in Houston that she went back to her house despite warnings not to. Everything is in working order: internet, electricity, etc. She has a friend who went on a cruise and parked her car in Galveston. Bye, bye car!


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 24, 2005 6:42 pm (#647 of 2980)

Happy birthday to those celebrating. It's not belated yet where I'm at. Well, I guess it is for Caput.


Stephanie M. - Sep 24, 2005 8:09 pm (#648 of 2980)

Steph, I haven't seen Rent (which doesn't make any sense) but I can play the theme song Seasons of Love." "—Finn[

You can play the theme song... on a piano? Cool! You can play it for me one day because I don't have any musical talent so I can't actually play it for myself. The farthest that I have gotten to actually being OK at an instrument was when my dad taught me how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb (which I actually learned incorrectly!) and I was really good at playing the recorder which I can't figure out now...

RENT is probably one of my all time favorite musicals. I saw it with Frenchie Davis. There once was Frenchie Davis, Drew Lachey (from 98º), Melanie C (from the Spice Girls), Taye Diggs (from How Stella Got Her Groove Back and lots of other things) but he was in the Original Cast but sometimes came back to sub for someone. And Jay Rodriguez (from Queer Eye for the Strait Guy). They were all once in RENT at the same time.

I have another story about my musical skills but it will take too long to type and this will be a very long post.

I hope everyone in the path of Rita is staying safe!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all!


Ydnam96 - Sep 24, 2005 11:02 pm (#649 of 2980)

Wow, we are having a slow night aren't we? I hope it's because everyone is out having fun!! I think I am getting a cold Sad But it's okay cause I can stay in bed all day tomorrow.

I'm praying for all thoe who are feeling the effects (is that the right one? or is it affects? I can never remember which one to use) of the Hurricanes.


The giant squid - Sep 24, 2005 11:20 pm (#650 of 2980)

RENT was one of my favorite musicals. I can't wait until it comes out in theaters (with the original cast!).--Stephanie M.

Well, not quite the original cast...Rosario Dawson wasn't in the stage version. We've had the trailer for the movie running in our lobby for the last three months; I'm quite aware of the number of minutes in a year now...

(For the benefit of those not subjected to the beginning of "Seasons of Love" every 6 minutes, it's 525,600. )

Mandy, it is "effects". "Affect" is a verb, "effect" is a noun. In other words, if something affects you, you feel the effects of it. See Marie? And you thought I didn't pay attention in English class!

Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:58 pm


Herm oh ninny - Sep 24, 2005 11:30 pm (#651 of 2980)

Hey guys! Since school started I have had no time to come and check out the forum. I work full time during the day Mon-Friday, go to school full time at night, and work at the theater on the weekends. I'm getting to the point where I don't know which way is up!!

I know that I am late, but : Happy Birthday Timrew, Caput Draconis, and Prongs! Have a few butter beers on me!

Welcome Baby Puck! A future Potty in the making!

And here are a couple of useful smilies for all of you who are having computer trouble! LOL

I was struggling to stay awake in my climatology class the other night (it runs from 7:50 to 10:30 at night)when the girl sitting across from me waved at me to get my attention. She then pointed to my copy of HBP (I am in the middle of my 3rd re-read of it so I take it everywhere with me) and whispered "I read that already. It was soo good! You won't believe all the stuff that happens in it!" I obviously whispered back "I know, this is the third time I'm reading it!" I had to bite back my smile at the look of astonishment on her face. I guess we all can't be obsessed!


kaykay1970 - Sep 25, 2005 6:53 am (#652 of 2980)

I love those smileys Herm Oh Ninny. My internet is lagging so bad this morning.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 25, 2005 7:07 am (#653 of 2980)

Happy Birthday's to all who are deserving.  Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Cake_w10

Big news....We got a cat! Well, really more of a kitten. She's 6 months old and she's da bomb! She's a total lap cat and is the most mild-mannered cat I could ever imagine. She's a combination between a Tabby and a Calico, which the folks at the humane society said was a Torbie. Who knew? She came with the name Sally which I think we'll be keeping and she's got a brother named......Harry. While I'm not much for the movie reference I think I can pretend that he's named for our favorite wizard. He has an eye infection at the moment, but as soon as that's cleared up we'll be going back up north to fetch him home.

****waves vigorously to Catherine who I know is desperate for a few nice cats****


Finn BV - Sep 25, 2005 8:03 am (#654 of 2980)

(For the benefit of those not subjected to the beginning of "Seasons of Love" every 6 minutes, it's 525,600.) --Squid Mike

Poor, poor you.

Herm oh ninny, good to see you around! I need those smileys!

Congrats on the new cat, Kim.

I still haven't had the time for Corpse Bride yet. I'm just dying to see the trailer (and the movie) (no pun intended ).


Ydnam96 - Sep 25, 2005 8:13 am (#655 of 2980)

Lupin is Lupin, that is an amazing cake! Do you have a bigger picture? Those coins...what are they made of? I'm guessing the necklaces are candy ones. I'm so impressed. And yay for the kitties. I wish I could get another so Chloe (my cat) would have some company.

Denise, I had a dream last night that I came to your house. I was supposed to mow your lawn I think...it was wierd (in that I've never been to your house and would have no frame of reference).

I went to bed thinking I might have a cold and I woke up this morning knowing I have one...but I don't have any medicine. I only have allergy medicine...bleh. I don't want to go out so I'm just goona be huddled up in my blanket on the couch.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 25, 2005 8:36 am (#656 of 2980)

We just won against Russia in Davis Cup. We are going to the finale. Ljubièiæ saved us, as usual. Be happy for me, please. Let's celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I wanted to put this for a long time:


Catherine - Sep 25, 2005 10:12 am (#657 of 2980)

****waves vigorously to Catherine who I know is desperate for a few nice cats**** --Lupin is Lupin

Oh, I think you confused me with "She-who-must-not-be named" aka "Veronicamort."

Congratulations on your family's new additions. Those kitties sound great.

Now, I need the Forum's help. I am desperately looking for the words to a children's story that I read as a child, called "Dr. Goat." It started off as "Dr. Goat put on his coat..." I remember something about a mustard plaster and that he fixed a fox with measles, but I can't remember the rest, and it's driving me crazy.

I would really love to get the words to that story, if anyone has a copy. I don't need a copy of the book; I'd just love to know what the text was.


Stephanie M. - Sep 25, 2005 11:34 am (#658 of 2980)

Kim congratulations on the new kitty cats! Sally and Harry... hmm maybe Harry has secret twin sister named Sally... I think it's time for book 7. Maybe you can figure out a nick name for Sally so it won't be like the movie.

Herm Oh Ninny, I really like those computer smileys! I'm not having too many computer problems besides the fact that whenever I spell check something in an E-mail (usually REALLY long e-mails) AOL quits. So now I don't spell check my e-mails and then people E-mail me back saying, "What were you trying to tell me? I don't know what *insert mis-spelled word here* means."

Too bad about the freezing Finn! Maybe you'll get your computer replaced really soon. Well, at least it's faster now.

Ydnam96, I'm sorry you're feeling sick! I first got my cold on Thursday morning but then it went away until around 8 PM that night, and then I felt horrible. I was fine most of Friday except that I was losing my voice. But then Friday night I felt absolutely horrible. Then I slept 12 and 1/2 hours and then I felt a lot better. Yesterday I still had a cough and my voice sometimes cracked and I sounded like I had my tonsils removed. But today I sound much more pleasant and I'm coughing a lot less and I CAN BREATHE!!!

So you'll probably feel better tomorrow if you get a lot of sleep.

Okay, I'm off to check the threads and do my homework.


Finn BV - Sep 25, 2005 12:08 pm (#659 of 2980)

Oops, wrote "cat," meant "cats." I'm sure you understood anyway.

Yay Kate! I wish they would televise more Davis Cup over here. I only read about it in my Tennis Magazines. Oh well. Good luck in the finals.


Ydnam96 - Sep 25, 2005 12:30 pm (#660 of 2980)

Stephanie, I did just sleep for a few hours. I don't have plans today other than doing some laundry so I'm gonna try your sleeping advice Smile


Madam Pince - Sep 25, 2005 12:35 pm (#661 of 2980)

Yep, school has started, and so here come the head colds, and viruses, and epizootics, and whatever else....

Happy Birthday to Caput Draconis, Prongs, and timrew! May you enjoy this one and many, many more!


Finn BV - Sep 25, 2005 1:45 pm (#662 of 2980)

Ok, this is a little random, but I was reading my science textbook and there is a sentence that reads this: "Astronomers have proposed building the OWL telescope (overwhelmingly large telescope) with a mirror 100m in diameter…"

And I thought, that's almost as good as Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, and that's one step up from the OWLs! Well, I had to make the connection…

**toddles off and knows how TBE feels**


Stephanie M. - Sep 25, 2005 3:10 pm (#663 of 2980)

I think you are ahead of us in science Finn. I never got to that part. And we also haven't done anything with telescopes.

But I was reading in my history reader (bookish kind of thing) stuff about this God with serpents and I kept thinking about Nagini and Voldemort and how he could control snakes and serpents and in the reader this God was able to control its serpents, but this God created the World and stuff instead of trying to take over it... hmmm. Maybe Voldemort will become a good guy... nah I doubt it.


pottermom34 - Sep 25, 2005 3:14 pm (#664 of 2980)

Happy Birthday to Caput Draconis, Prongs, and timrew! My daughter's birthday was yesturday too. She got a Happy Birthday owl from JKR. I signed her up for it at the bloombury website. She was tickled to get it. And she got a Slytherin robe for her birthday so she can be a Slytherin for Halloween. The funny thing is she said "but mom I'm not a boy, I can't be Draco." I told her there are girl Slytherins too. That made her more excited.

Catherine that book almost sounds like a Dr. Suess book, I don't know if it is, nor do I recognize it but it sounds like the way some of his books start. Good Luck finding it.

Reparo charms to your computer Finn. I hate when mine acts up it's a pain in the arse.
Off to check threads michelle


Denise P. - Sep 25, 2005 4:48 pm (#665 of 2980)

I did a search, Dr. Goat is from the 50's and a lot of people are hunting it. ABE has a copy for $75 and two are currently on eBay.

I like your avatar, pottermom!

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition that was filmed here back in June is airing tonight. The infamous $50,000 fish tank will be seen.


Finn BV - Sep 25, 2005 6:21 pm (#666 of 2980)

No, Steph, we were doing something in the back of the book and I happened to catch a glimpse of that. I don't we do telescopes in 8th grade.

Thanks pottermom. I'm on my dad's computer, which is also running on Tiger, but I don't have any of my stuff. It should be back from Depot in about a week.

Wow, Denise, I actually remember that fish tank story! I think I missed the show, though. (Not that I watch it anyway, but… ) I'd still be interested to know how it went! On a slightly unrelated note, two of my teachers once put their names down to go on Trading Spaces but I don't think they got in… Wow, a random story worthy of Steph's telling.

Good night all.


Stephanie M. - Sep 25, 2005 8:32 pm (#667 of 2980)

Finn, that story you just told did kind of sound like my randomness... Which 2 teachers? Hmm this might get very interesting...

I saw Extreme Makeover Home Edition! I was thinking the entire time, "This must be the fish tank Denise was talking about!!!" And it was on the 2 hour season premiere!

Finn your computer is at Depot... the Home Depot? I love that place!!!

I'm off to do about 10 mins of Spanish Geography review so it can stick better over night. I have already memorized all of the countries and capitals of those countries and what the people from those countries are called (i.e. The people from México are called Mexicano(a)). I just have to memorize where all of these countries are located in comparison to each other.


The giant squid - Sep 26, 2005 12:53 am (#668 of 2980)

Egad, I'm slipping...I've been trying to think of something astronomical that I can abbreviate to NEWT to go with Finn's OWL telescope, and I'm drawing a complete blank. I'm sure it'll come to me about 30 seconds before I fall asleep...



CatherineHermiona - Sep 26, 2005 2:25 am (#669 of 2980)

OK, this is a bit weird, but it fits: New Electronic Wireless Telescope.

Season of tests is about to start and instructions with it. That I am doing instructions where they have to pay I would be rich. But I'm not as cruel as Finn. But I can have instructions with everyone every day and they won't stop asking me questions on tests.

I have an idea for nicknames for our Dream Team in tennis:

Mario Anèiæ: The most handsome

Ivo Karloviè: The tallest

Ivan Ljubièiæ: The best player



Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 6:20 am (#670 of 2980)

Oh, fiddlesticks! I didn't check the Forum last night, and so I missed watching "Extreme Makeover:Home" to see the infamous fish tank. Sigh... I really did want to see what a $50,000 fish tank could possibly look like. Probably bad timing for that show to air, huh? $50,000 could repair a lot of homes in hurricane-struck areas. Well, maybe the show will address that issue in upcoming episodes -- I don't see how they could ignore it.

You know that "internet poem" that goes:
"Give me wisdom to understand my husband,
love to forgive his mistakes,
and patience to deal with everything else,
because Lord if you give me strength,
I'll beat him to death."

It came into play this weekend at our house. Last week Mr. Pince put some of my clothes into the dryer that weren't supposed to go in the dryer, so we had a discussion about how this is about the third time for this and he isn't the best at laundry issues, so I asked him to please, please not even use the washer and dryer ever again -- if he needs something washed, please ask me and I'll be glad to do it. So I was feeling pretty safe. I have this blouse, red with some blue trim, that is part of an outfit with the pants and also a skirt, too. It's brand-new, very pretty, destined to be a favorite, only worn once for about two hours, and it needed to be soaked in salt water to "set" the colors so they wouldn't fade upon washing. (I should probably explain here that I am certainly no fashion maven, and so for me to have a new outfit that actually matches across several pieces is a very rare thing. I just don't spend my money that way usually, but this was on sale, so...) Anyway, I also planned to wash it in Woolite to baby it even further. So I put it in the washer and had it soaking in salt water. About an hour later, I went downstairs and opened the washer, to find it .... full of ratty old towels which Mr. Pince had been using to wash the car. Which he had dumped into the washing machine on top of my blouse. With bleach. And washed in hot water.

(insert smilie with head banging against the wall here)

I very rarely explode, but the ensuing scene was not pretty. It wasn't so much the loss of the shirt as it was just that I had been trying to hard to "baby" it -- I was being so careful with it, and we had already discussed him not using the washer, so for an entire set of outfits to be ruined because of some car-wash rags......

I still can't finish thinking about it.


Phoenix song - Sep 26, 2005 7:21 am (#671 of 2980)

Hello everybody! It's been quite a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to thank everybody personally for all of their thoughts and prayers as I'm dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I won't lie and say that things have been easy, but I feel blessed in many ways. I'm pleased to say that all of my family (pets included) made it safely through the storm. That's more than many families can claim. I'm mindful of that as we face the cleanup and rebuilding process.

We're quite fortunate now that our power, water and internet services have been restored. It's harder to do without these things for extended periods of time than I can explain. My phone is still not expected to be restored until December 15, but with the invention of VoiP there's more than one way to receive phone services now. I'm grateful!

Thanks for all of your best wishes and thoughts. They mean so much to me!



Thora - Sep 26, 2005 7:30 am (#672 of 2980)

WOW. Sorry about the loss, M. Pince. That's got to be frustrating.

I never have to worry about my husband using the clothes washer, umm or the dish washer, or taking out the trash... or picking up his socks... hmmm... I'm seeing a trend here.

Ah well luckily I can't start the lawn mower and almost destroyed the snow blower last winter. Hopefully he learned his lesson about leaving his cell phone in his sweatshirt pocket because it won't survive another washing and lets face it I never check pockets.

I'm starting to think we are all hopeless.


Edit: good to hear from you Barbie!


Ydnam96 - Sep 26, 2005 7:53 am (#673 of 2980)

Barbie, glad to hear from you. Let us know if there is anything we can do. How did your house make it through?

Madame Pince, that's a horrible story. Maybe Mr. Pince should take you shopping?

Well, I'm out sick for the day. I still have the sore throat, ears hurting, headache, slight cough, and extreemly tired (but for some reason did NOT sleep last night much and what sleep I got wasn't very good). Anyway, I'm feeling slightly guilty because I could go to work like this, it wouldn't be fun, but I could. But I really just want the day to sleep...so I emailed in sick. My justification is that if I don't take today I might not kick the cold. So it's a lazy day for me, hopefully sleeping most of the day long.

Lizzy, I'm so glad the hearing aids are helping. I can imagine the transition time was not so fun.

Well, happy Monday everyone.


CatherineHermiona - Sep 26, 2005 9:33 am (#674 of 2980)

Barbie, I'm so glad to hear something from you and glad that you ended out safely from hurricane Katrina. Will you stay on this forum or you just came to say that you are safe. My mum told me that on that other forum they didn't say a word about you during hurricane Katrina and you couldn't find a post here without your and applepie's name in it. I have to say I missed you.



Denise P. - Sep 26, 2005 9:40 am (#675 of 2980)

Barbie, glad to hear that you and your family made it safely through the storm. That is great that so many of your basic services are back up since I am sure that will make things marginally easier to deal with.


kaykay1970 - Sep 26, 2005 9:44 am (#676 of 2980)

So glad you are safe Phoenix Song. I can't imagine what people are going through that lost everything. I can sympatize with the loss of electricity, though.We had a bad ice storm here years ago. We lived on 36 acres so our driveway was more of a long gravel road. It had trees down from each side of the road across it. I had 3 children at the time, the youngest was 3 months old.I could not even get my car out. My Dad came and got us and he had one child and some of our clothes.I carried the baby in his carrier car seat and a case of Enfamil. We had to crawl over one tree then under the next. Between Dad and I we managed to help the oldest child through the mess.It was unbelievable. My husband was at work so he joined us at Dad's. We were without electricity several weeks. We were able to keep our food fresh outside because of the bitter cold. We cooked everything outside on a grill. My sister had a gas water heater so I did get to have a bath.


Phoenix song - Sep 26, 2005 9:59 am (#677 of 2980)

Thanks everybody for your concerns. Mandy, my house suffered from wind damage, so I lost shutters, porches, damage to the shed, and (most importantly) roof damage. I'm sure that if my insurance company could get around to seeing me that I'd be able to fix everything up, though. That's saying a lot with the devastation that I've witnessed!

Katarina, please send my love to your mom and to your family. I think of you all very often! I'm afraid that there was quite a bit of information about Bec (applepie) and me on the Rev, but only members are able to access the "personal" threads. The chat and picture threads are for members only to limit outside access. It's a privacy and security measure. I'm sorry that it kept information from you all, though. I wasn't able to access my e-mail addresses, or to really access the internet at all, or else I'd have given you a personal update.

KayKay, I'm sorry for your ice storm experience. The good thing about living down south (to balance out the 2 hurricanes that we've seen this month!) is that we don't have ice storms and the like. Isn't it amazing how inventive you can be when you're without utilities, though! We were using our ice to first cool our drinks and food, then we'd drain the coolers for sponge baths, and then we'd use the dirty water to flush. When you're without water and power you have to learn to make do in ways that you'd never imagine before.



Good Evans - Sep 26, 2005 10:00 am (#678 of 2980)

Good to hear from you Phoenix song and I love your Avator, more people need the green ribbon!!!!!!


kaykay1970 - Sep 26, 2005 10:06 am (#679 of 2980)

I live in TN. Of course that is too far from the coast to see a hurricane, but many times we do see tornados that stem from them. We hardly ever get any snow here. That was the strange thing about this ice storm it was freaky.


Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 11:21 am (#680 of 2980)

Barbie, it's great to hear from you!!! We were all very worried and it's good to know that everyone is safe. Hope the recovery goes swiftly for you! At least wind damage is probably better than flood damage, from what I hear, from an insurance perspective anyway. Best wishes for a quick clean-up!

Oh, and your avatar is hysterical! I want one, I want one!

Mandy, hope your cold gets better soon. That's miserable to be sick all during the weekend! Weekends are supposed to be fun! Well, take it easy and hope you recover soon! Oh, and Mr. P did offer to get me another shirt. Unfortunately it was from a clearance rack which is all gone now. But I'm thinking that the new sterling silver Time-Turner necklace that I saw over on Leaky (or MuggleNet? I forget which) is looking pretty good....

Thanks for the "thoughts" about my shirt story! It's a minor thing, really, especially in comparison with the huge losses people have faced from storms, etc., but I just thought it was kind of humorous. Thora, I know what you mean -- I'm grateful to Mr. Pince for being good about trying to be helpful around the house -- it's just that I'm running out of clothes.... I'm very patient when it happens the first time; still patient when it happens the second time; cordial when it happens the third time; and my "Snapeish-dangerously-calm-voice" comes out when it happens the fourth time...


VeronikaG - Sep 26, 2005 11:31 am (#681 of 2980)

Good to hear you are safe Barbie.


Elanor - Sep 26, 2005 12:38 pm (#682 of 2980)

Barbie, it is so great to hear from you! Round Pink Spider kindly gave us some news after the hurricane but it is wonderful to see you posting again! My best wishes for the clean-up too.

Cheering and healing charms too to everyone needed them! **concetrating hard on the charms**


Loopy Lupin - Sep 26, 2005 1:29 pm (#683 of 2980)

Barbie, I'm glad you and yours (pets included) made it through safely.

Big news....We got a cat! Well, really more of a kitten. She's 6 months old and she's da bomb! –Kim[

Yes, but she's still a cat .


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 26, 2005 1:38 pm (#684 of 2980)

Last week Mr. Pince put some of my clothes into the dryer that weren't supposed to go in the dryer Madam Pince

When I read this, my first thought was "Why, weren't they wet?"


Stephanie M. - Sep 26, 2005 1:43 pm (#685 of 2980)

Barbie, I'm very glad to hear from you! I was wondering how everything was going.

I'm sorry about the shirt Madam Pince! Well, at least he offered to buy you another one. And it's good that he wants to help you with the house work... even if he messes everything up! I also think he should buy you a new time turner necklace.

Off to get a snack and then to the other threads!


Lina - Sep 26, 2005 1:47 pm (#686 of 2980)

Woo hoo Barbie, this one is for you! I'm glad to see you back on line! Thank you for jumping in! Some repairing charms sent! (BTW, great avatar!)

Oh, Madam Pince, that's awful! My condolences. My hubby never approaches the washer, fortunately. Sometimes, I would like to see him trying to be helping as your husband actually did, but seeing the consequences... I guess better not.

Some healing charms for you, Mandy!

Oh, Loopy, your appearing reminded me: there is a place near my town where they have invented the regulation: no more than one pet in a flat and no more than three of them in a house with a yard. I've heard the people there are looking for the lawyer that would show that this regulation is not legal.


Ydnam96 - Sep 26, 2005 1:53 pm (#687 of 2980)

Lina, does that mean if you live in an apartment you can only have one fish???? Or does the regulation only apply to our four legged friends?


Denise P. - Sep 26, 2005 1:56 pm (#688 of 2980)

Madam Pince, I feel for you. I can't tell you the number of skirts that Mr. Denise decided to "help" with and wash for me. Never MIND I told him to leave it alone since it was clearly labeled DRY CLEAN ONLY. ::::sigh::::: I make sure, now, that I don't buy DCO things or if I do, they are kept well out of reach.


Lina - Sep 26, 2005 2:04 pm (#689 of 2980)

Mandy, yes I thought of that, too. I was not listening carefully when they talked about it on TV, people were mostly complaining about the dogs (because you can always pretend that the cat is not living with you, that it is accidentally spending its time in your back yard ) but I'm not sure it applies just to four legged pets. Maybe you are allowed to have at most 4 legs in a flat, so it would mean any number of fish but at most two birds?


Finn BV - Sep 26, 2005 2:20 pm (#690 of 2980)

Maybe Mr. Pince should take you shopping? –Mandy

Ha! We men would never do that.

Madam P, please tell that story to my mom. She is dying for me to help out with the laundry.

It is great to hear from you Barbie! Glad you have made it through so safely.


Catherine - Sep 26, 2005 3:17 pm (#691 of 2980)

LOL, Madame Pince! Mr. Catherine and I have had "laundry issues" in the past. He once WASHED and DRIED a slim wool skirt. When it was done, it wouldn't have fit a house elf. Now, if he does wash something that is "ours" (read, the girls' or mine) he asks, "Can I dry this, or do you hang it up?" I have learned to put dry cleaning far, far away so that he can't touch it, just in case he decides to put things in the wash (which, admittedly, rarely happens).

Barbie, I'm so happy that you and your pets are well. Thank you for checking in and putting our members' minds at ease.

As for me, I am wrapping up things at work, as this is my last week of "flying solo." The "real" teacher will be returning from maternity leave next week, and I must confess, if only to the Forum, that I will miss my students so much. I promised them on Friday that I will bring in food and show them my "Millionaire" tape so that they can get a good laugh at my expense.

I know it sounds corny, but I hope I don't cry when I leave. I think this experience has shown me that I want to return to teaching, and I do think of these kids as "mine" and it will be hard to leave them.


timrew - Sep 26, 2005 3:30 pm (#692 of 2980)

Madam Pince:- Last week Mr. Pince put some of my clothes into the dryer that weren't supposed to go in the dryer.........

What's a dryer........?


kaykay1970 - Sep 26, 2005 3:33 pm (#693 of 2980)

I really love living in the South. My daughter was doing some homework weeks ago. She looked up and asked me how to spell ain't. I said "I S N' T." She said "Oh yeah, I forgot ain't, ain't a word." Tonight she really got me tickled. She asked me how to spell a word. I had no clue what she meant, so I made her put it in a sentence.Obviously she was under the impression that brung is the past tense of bring!


Finn BV - Sep 26, 2005 4:04 pm (#694 of 2980)

I promised them on Friday that I will bring in food and show them my "Millionaire" tape so that they can get a good laugh at my expense. –Catherine

Do I take it that you were on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Or am I completely misinterpreting something?

Tim, I can't tell if you're joking or not (one never can tell), so I might as well explain: a dryer is the opposite… of a washer? As in, one goes to the laundromat to wash clothes, and once they are washed, they must be dried, and thus are put in the dryer.


Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 4:50 pm (#695 of 2980)

When I read this, my first thought was "Why, weren't they wet?" --I Am Used Vlad

What's a dryer........? –timrew

Sigh... I rest my case.

No, seriously, I love you guys! If it weren't for the males in the world, who would go forth and slay the extra-large spiders? Not to mention emptying the mouse traps, and grilling the t-bone steaks, and duct-taping electrical things, and ... stuff like that? I can handle laundry if someone else will handle the spiders and dead mice.

Finn, please do feel free to pass my story on to your Mom! But I'll bet she'd be fine with you just doing your own laundry, as long as you leave hers alone! We ladies generally won't protest anyone doing their own.

Catherine, I hope you're not too sad when your "term" ends. At least you've learned an important thing about yourself, and you may end up taking a new direction career-wise! Chin up! (and I didn't know you were on "Millionaire?!" How'd you do?)

kaykay, that story is so cute. It reminds me of when I used to ask my Mom "Where's the juice at?" and she'd say "It's right between the 'A' and the 'T'." She had a thing about ending a sentence with a preposition or something...

Lina, is that you in your avatar, or your daughter? Great picture, either way!


timrew - Sep 26, 2005 4:50 pm (#696 of 2980)

I was joking, Finn. I know that the dryer is that big, white thing in the corner, next to the w-a-sh-er..........


Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 4:54 pm (#697 of 2980)

Next Tim will ask "What is duct tape?"


dizzy lizzy - Sep 26, 2005 4:57 pm (#698 of 2980)

What's a dryer........? timrew

Hey I'll second that! Whether or not Tim was joking...

Having said that; ALL my clothes get hung out on the clothes line to dry (I don't own a dryer), and in wet and cold weather, the heater is used and I get dry clothes and a warm room at the same time. Not only that I only own two blazers that are dry clean only...everything gets chucked in the washing machine.

We've had a blast of summer here and it's only the first month of spring here. I had to wake up my airconditioner on the weekend and use it.

It was good to see my Dad and Brother. I haven't had much of a chance to talk to my Brother's new fiancee so it was great to get to know her a bit better. We had a really lovely lunch, went and fed the cattle their supplementary feed, went rabbit shooting, got sunburnt and then played a table tennis tournament before tea. I ended up staying the night and driving back yesterday morning.

I also picked up the puppy dogs from their holiday at the vets, they were very pleased to have a good run around the yard...in the rain!

Have a great week everyone!

Good to see you back Phoenix Song and I am so pleased to hear you are all safe and well.



timrew - Sep 26, 2005 4:58 pm (#699 of 2980)

What is duct tape?


Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 5:01 pm (#700 of 2980)

I knew it! :spew:

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Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:00 pm


Finn BV - Sep 26, 2005 5:14 pm (#701 of 2980)

Oops. See, with Tim, you never can tell. FYI, duct tape is……

I was waiting for the smiley to set off the joke but it just never came. I guess I figured it was some sort of American-ism and the Brits call it something or who else. Y'know???

Lizzy, I envy your season switch! ::frustrated:: Glad you're having a good time with the family.

Edit: Madam P, that is Kate in Lina's avatar – I believe she [Lina] used to have herself but Kate didn't like it so the switch was made…


kaykay1970 - Sep 26, 2005 5:15 pm (#702 of 2980)

I forgot this earlier. Another good thing from the South. I am really looking forward to Thursday. My childrens' high school is sponsoring a donkey basketball game. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like for those who have never attended one. You play basketball while riding a donkey! It is sooo hilarious! The little boy across the road always competes and I can't wait to watch him again this year. It is sponsered by the Beta Club which means my 16 year old daughter will again be rodeo clown/pooper scooper(I know she is looking forward to that haha). Anyway I'm really excited because they are raising money for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. That really means alot to me because my Dad had lymphoma for 11 years from exposure to agent orange. He ultimately passed away in 2001 from luekemia caused by chemotherapy for lymphoma.Of course he never went to St. Jude being an adult, but I'm sure he benefitted from the research that they do. Either way it is for a great cause and loads of fun!


timrew - Sep 26, 2005 5:27 pm (#703 of 2980)

No, please, I know what duct tape is...................it's tape............for ducts...........


Chemyst - Sep 26, 2005 5:36 pm (#704 of 2980)

All You Never Wanted To Know About Duct Tape:  http://www.madehow.com/Volume-6/Duct-Tape.html

PS - Great to see you back, Barbie.


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 26, 2005 5:38 pm (#705 of 2980)

At least no one is calling it Duck Tape. That's a fairly common error.


Stephanie M. - Sep 26, 2005 6:00 pm (#706 of 2980)

I just got this weird letter telling me that one of my teachers contacted a program for Student Ambassadors and they want me to go to Australia for 18 days in 2006.

I actually don't think one of my teachers contacted them, I just think they found my name somewhere and sent me stuff so I can pay and insane amount of money to go to a program that is a waste of my time. They also said that I would get credits for any college that I want to go to. Hmm weird. It actually sounds kind of cool though... swimming and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and "getting adopted by a welcoming local family" to see koalas and kangaroos. I think I might try to convince my family that the next vacation we go on should be to Australia.

Duct tape is... very sticky... maybe ducks use it for something.


Finn BV - Sep 26, 2005 6:06 pm (#707 of 2980)

LOL… really, Steph? Bring it in tomorrow… that's really weird.

No, please, I know what duct tape is...................it's tape............for ducts...........

You clearly have to check out Chemyst's link. That is nowhere near close.


Amilia Smith - Sep 26, 2005 6:11 pm (#708 of 2980)

I went snorkeling this weekend. It was really very fun once I got over the Oh My Gosh I Can't Breath panic. And learned how to blow the salt water out instead of breathing it in.

All the talk of Duct Tape makes me miss The Red Green Show, which I used to watch every Saturday night. Don't know if they show it here or not, but as I haven't got a TV . . .



Stephanie M. - Sep 26, 2005 6:42 pm (#709 of 2980)

I went snorkeling in the Bahamas... that was really fun except for all of the fish swimming into you and losing my 6 year old cousin on the beach when my sister and my cousin Matthew were supposed to be watching him. We found him about an hour later... That must have been the freakiest moment that I have ever had.

I'll bring the letter tomorrow Finn. It's really cool. I just realized that it was sent to some people in the New York City area, but I think you still had to be selected because they can't have random people in a different country for 18 days!! I am actually really starting to want to go but I would feel more comfortable if I knew at least one person going with me.


Madam Pince - Sep 26, 2005 7:17 pm (#710 of 2980)

Steph, is the letter you got from the group 'Student Ambassadors' that is affiliated with 'People to People'? If it is, I think you're right -- it's not really an "award," per se, although your name may have been given to them by a teacher. I think it is basically a student travel organization. I used to work for a student travel company (we only did travel within the States, though) and I recall hearing about them -- from what I can recall they are reputable, but I'm sure your parents will want to check them out more thoroughly. I checked out their website very briefly, and it looks like what I remember. Basically, you got it right -- they want you to take a trip and pay a whole lot of money for it. But on the plus side, it does appear to be well-run and if you can get college credits, well that's just icing. If I can give you some recommendations -- check on the following: Be very sure to take out any travel insurance that is offered. All that you can. Also, check out the regular insurance very carefully -- what happens if you get appendicitis while on tour or fall and twist your ankle or something. Also what happens if the company should go bankrupt. (When I was in the biz, there were small start-up companies that did that all the time, and the participants were usually just out of luck.) Lastly, be sure there is a good chaperone-to-student ratio (1:15 or less) and that there will be chaperones and guides with you on your trip at all times. OK, lecture over.......

Mills, your snorkeling trip sounds fantastic! Did you go off a boat or off a beach? What kind of fun fish did you see? Little Pince would be so envious -- to be a "diver man" is his heart's desire, next to being a Space Ranger....


Amilia Smith - Sep 26, 2005 9:21 pm (#711 of 2980)

I went off a beach. It was right next to a power plant, and they pump cold sea water in to cool whatever-it-is-they-need-to-cool-to-make-electricity, and then they pump the now warm sea water back into the ocean. So all the fish like to go by the pipe and the warm water. Unfortunantly, I was panicking so bad to start with that the guys I was with decided not to go all the way out to the pipe where the really cool fish were. Even after I had calmed down and was concentrating hard on Relaxing and Breathing Thru My Mouth. :-( Ah well, next time.

Even so, I did see some interesting fish. Bright florescent colors and black stripes. (So scientific today, aren't I?) I was fascinated by the way the fish would be swept around by the current. I know that shouldn't have surprised me, but somehow I seem to think of tropical fish as they are in tanks: only going where they want, not where the water pushes them.

I am definently going to go again. I heartily approve of Little Pince's ambitions. :-)



Mrs. Sirius - Sep 26, 2005 10:16 pm (#712 of 2980)

Oh Madame Pince, yes the agony of it, and they were just trying to be helpful.

I must thank you though, for telling about the salt soak for color fastness. I have a jump suit, that is purple with bright green trim, (yes it is from 25 years ago, during my punk rock/new wave stage in London) that I just love, (I'll probably never wear it again).

I was about to wash it because it has gotten so dusty sitting in the back of my closet all these years. It is cotton and very color fast, so I soaked it in salt and I think it did help stem the out flow of purple.


Miss Malaprop - Sep 27, 2005 12:11 am (#713 of 2980)

I've finally finished my tax return so I am now allowed to post again (this was self-imposed exile, not some worldcrossing requirement!). I was tempted to go outside and enjoy the warm, springy smells, but my computer won!

Here's a silly question - Tim, is that you or your son in your avatar?

Mrs Sirius - hang on to that jumpsuit; it will probably be back in fashion in ten years time and your daughters will be fighting over it!


The giant squid - Sep 27, 2005 1:43 am (#714 of 2980)

Tim, duct tape (not Duck Tape, which is a brand name) is like the Force...it has a dark side & a light side and it binds the universe together.

[...]duct-taping electrical things[...]--Madame Pince

Yikes!! Remind me to avoid any wiring at your place. Quick tip: duct tape burns...  One should make electrical repairs with, oh I don't know, electrical tape.

While I have repeatedly asserted to my wife that I quite capably kept my clothes clean for years before she even met me, I also understand that her classifications differ from mine (mine: whites, darks, towels, jeans; hers: whites, blacks, blues, greens, light colors, non-dryables, towels...). Since I have to keep asking her "Can I throw this in the dryer? How about this? What about this one?" we've decided it's easier for her to do it. Since this allows me to sit on the couch & watch TV for longer periods of time, I'm all for it!

Welcome back, Barbie! It's hard to feel happy at times like this, but we're all glad you and your family are all right.



Good Evans - Sep 27, 2005 4:46 am (#715 of 2980)

lol - loads of crazy posts last night !!!

madam P - I must take issue, giant spiders in my house, are invited to leave verbally, hubby and teenage boys, the dog and me are all on the sofa with our legs up if one runs across the floor!!!!!!!

Hubby under sufferance will go and get a glass and peice of card, but I have to deal most of the other times - and all flying nasties are left to me........ yuck!!!!!!


mike miller - Sep 27, 2005 9:26 am (#716 of 2980)

Tim - Again we seem to be two peoples seperated by a common language.

Squid Mike - "duct tape (not Duck Tape, which is a brand name) is like the Force...it has a dark side & a light side and it binds the universe together."     LOL, one of the best I've read in some time.

Madame Pince - Sorry about the laundry event. Personally, I'm very comfortable around all laundry related devices, even the electric iron. However, my wife has the nasty habit of cutting out the labels on her garments because they itch. I now place any questionable item on the back of a chair (the clothes drying rack is usually full) and let her sort them out!


Madam Pince - Sep 27, 2005 9:34 am (#717 of 2980)

Good morning, all!

Mills, that sounds so fun! How funny -- I'd never thought about fish getting swept around by a current either! It makes perfect sense, but I'm like you, it never occurred to me before. I've been snorkeling a couple times, but there was never any real current to speak of, and the fish looked like they do in a tank. Breathing while your face is in the water is a weird feeling to get used to, isn't it? It's like some primeval force takes over and is telling you "Are you crazy? Don't take a breath!" I snorkeled once at that very touristy beach in Hawaii -- is it Hanauma Bay? -- and I took some fish food out with me. Talk about panic! As soon as I opened the packet, about a zillion fish swarmed all around me, and that was a real panicky moment, let me tell you! Totally harmless fish, of course, but the sensation was just... weird. And the parrot fish look kind of scary with that beaky mouth -- they won't bite I guess, but they sure look like they would when they're up close! Ha!

Squid Mike, .... ummm..... big "Oops!" with the duct tape / electrical tape! See, I told you that's why we need you guys around! I think you and Mr. Pince are in the same boat -- he says he never had any laundry problems before I came along, either. Very true. All his colored clothes go in wash and dryer, all his whites go in wash (he adds bleach) and dryer, and his suits go to the cleaner. End of story. No "line dry" or "hand wash in Woolite" or any of that stuff. I've decided it might also be part of the "Bill Cosby syndrome," too. Remember that stand-up routine he did years ago? Where he kept asking his wife questions like "Where do we keep the pans? Do we have any pans?" when she asked him to cook breakfast, and she got so fed up she did it herself, which is what he wanted in the first place. He said "Yes, we are dumb... but we are NOT so dumb...."

Mrs. Sirius, glad to help with the soaking thing!

Miss Malaprop, welcome back! We've missed you!

LOL, Good Evans! Now I have this picture of your whole family cringing on the sofa (dog, too!) with a spider waving menacingly...

Edit: (cross-posted with Mike Miller) -- Hi Mike! That's so funny! Mr. Pince does the exact same thing as your wife with the cutting the tags out of the back! It drives me nuts! But then again, as I said, he basically treats all clothes exactly the same, so the tag is sort of superfluous anyway...

Re: putting items on the back of a chair -- I once read an ad in the Classifieds: "Exercise Bike For Sale. Excellent Condition. Doubles as a clothes rack." I thought that was hysterical, and so true!


Lina - Sep 27, 2005 2:03 pm (#718 of 2980)

Catherine, I hope you won't cry on Friday. But if you do, it's still O.K. I can imagine you are going to miss the kids. They know how to be real charming pests, don't they? I'm sure the kids will cry too. And I hope you find the similar job soon!

dizzy lizzy: ALL my clothes get hung out on the clothes line to dry (I don't own a dryer)and in wet and cold weather, the heater is used and I get dry clothes and a warm room at the same time. Not only that I only own two blazers that are dry clean only... everything gets chucked in the washing machine.
I'm with you! Every piece of clothing has to pass the washer test. If it does, that's good. If it doesn't, well, too bad. That's why I never buy something that needs complicated treatment. Thank you very much. There is enough of fabric that looks good and preferably doesn't need ironing.

I hate spiders but I don't remember my husband killing any of them for me. I tried to think of the house work that he does for me, so I had to change my avatar. He is very good in hanging photographs and posters on our walls (preferably made by himself). I feel like I'm living in a gallery because he likes to change them a lot. When I saw the posters that you can see in my avatar, my comment was "Fortunately, it will not last for long." This thing happened 2 weeks ago and it is already looking different.

BTW, Finn guessed quite correctly about my previous avatar. It was a sort of revenge: When I put my image, she said: "You should have put something where you are seen from the back, like with me last time, you would look much better."

Stephanie, if you decide to be Ambassador in Croatia, you can come to our place! We have an extra bed in the all girls' room.

Kaykay, if you want your third grader to have fun while learning multiplication table, there is a nice freeware - here is the description and here is the download. It is 11 MB but you can download it while chatting with my daughter.


Denise P. - Sep 27, 2005 2:13 pm (#719 of 2980)

For those kids who have a harder time mastering the higher multiplication facts (6-9), this program is fantastic!! I post with one of the inventors/owners on another board and got to try it out before they started selling. I was amazed at how quickly kids learned this. Times Tales Most kids can learn it in about an hour and know it. I ahve two that are learning their multiplication right now and I am about to break out Times Tales when we get to 6 (they are on 4's right now)


kaykay1970 - Sep 27, 2005 2:21 pm (#720 of 2980)

Thanks Lina!! Anything to make learning fun is good with an 8 year old. I am dowloading it now. Your daughter is so sweet.I know you are proud of her. She has told me so much about your country. She seems to take such pride in her heritage. She is also so smart. One would never know that English is not her native language.

Edit: Thank you, too Denise. You posted while I was typing my post so I missed you. I will look into that one, too.


Lina - Sep 27, 2005 2:47 pm (#721 of 2980)


timrew - Sep 27, 2005 2:56 pm (#722 of 2980)

Still no-one has explained what duct tape is used for. Is it just for sticking across my mouth so I won't ask any more questions........?


Finn BV - Sep 27, 2005 2:59 pm (#723 of 2980)

**duct tapes Tim's mouth and throws him into the dryer, locks dryer and throws away key**


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 27, 2005 3:08 pm (#724 of 2980)

Now I'm confused. I've never seen a dryer with a keyhole.


Ydnam96 - Sep 27, 2005 3:10 pm (#725 of 2980)

Finn, you have a dryer with a lock? That would solve the problem of the men putting the wrong things in and shrinking them. You should sell those!

But, I think you should let Tim out. You wouldn't want him to suffocate.


Catherine - Sep 27, 2005 3:51 pm (#726 of 2980)

To answer Finn's and Madame Pince's question, yes, I was on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." I filmed it in September 2003, and it aired in November 2003.

I missed the $64,000 question, alas earwax. For those interested, the international bowling hall of fame is in St. Louis, not Milwaukee.

I picked the wrong "beer town." Oh, well....


kaykay1970 - Sep 27, 2005 4:10 pm (#727 of 2980)

Wow, Catherine! It is impressive that you got to the $64,000 question! I would have been a nervous wreck!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 27, 2005 4:21 pm (#728 of 2980)

Hey everyone! I can't believe how busy I am. I had a few free minutes this evening so I figured I'd stop in and say hello to everyone. I also need a bit of help from anyone who can...

My best friend is leaving for Iraq on Saturday. He wants to go sometime this week to get a tattoo before he goes and he wants me to design it. I figured it should be something that means something to the two of us. For the past few months, as his departure date got closer, I've (naturally) been getting more and more worried. Everytime I start to get upset, he always says the same thing to me, "Jenn, nothing's going to happen to me, but if it should, just know not even death could seperate us." I know it sounds really sappy, but it always cheers me up. I was thinking I would design the tattoo to say something like "not even death can separate us" or perhaps even just "not even death" The problem is that I really really want it to be in Latin. I thought about just typing the phrase into an on-line translator, but those things are never very accurate. Here's where the "help comes in". I know there are a fair few of you who know at least a little Latin. Any help I could get in traslating these phrases would be awesome. The exact phrases I want to translate are:

1. Not even death can seperate us 2. Not even death

I am aware that exact translations may not be plausible, but as long as they kept the general meaning, that would be fine. Thanks in andvance for any help anyone can give me!



Marè - Sep 27, 2005 4:53 pm (#729 of 2980)

Hello, I missed a lot, didn't I?

Happy birthdays all around, happy ... congratulations(?) to Tims now extended family. Very glad that Barbie is okay...
Did I miss anything or anyone? Likely. Edit: and congratulations for Lizzy on the hearing device. Great to read that it is going so much better!

Anyway, duck tape (excuse me the spelling, I never got the meaning from either the duct or the duck part so I will keep the one I think most funny) is commonly used to repair leaks in boats after the heavyweights put theirs on the rocks again (braincapacity of a coconut that lot) or to keep together a bike that would otherwise fall apart, or to make nametags what will never ever fall off.
It doesn't work on repairing cracked windows though, which is too bad because otherwise it would be pretty omnipotent. (tip of the day: don't put the barbecue near the window, it cracks the glass.) And it doesn't work to well on ducks either (or so I have been told).

And on the snorkelling part: I'm about to start my second dive course next week. I had a "refresh" moment in the swimmingpool yesterday and next week it will be outdoors again... In october, great idea! :note the sarcasm:
I will be doing some deep diving, wreck diving, night diving and something with a compass. No fish though, because I don't think we will see for more than a few meters. So I guess I will put Hawaii on my list of places to be and see!

So, I'm off to read a bit here and there, have a good night!


boop - Sep 27, 2005 4:59 pm (#730 of 2980)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR SEPT. 28th: Viola Intonada(Michelle). Have a wonderful birthday!!!! BTW I will be out in Ohio in Oct 14th thru the 16th. I will give you a call, maybe we can get together.

Hello Everyone!!!!

hugs always



Finn BV - Sep 27, 2005 5:06 pm (#731 of 2980)

Finn, you have a dryer with a lock? That would solve the problem of the men putting the wrong things in and shrinking them. You should sell those! --Mandy

Alas, you have discovered my secret. Tomorrow Maytag will have them on the market and I will be nothing but a wretch beaten out of a fortune.

1. Not even death can seperate us 2. Not even death –Jenn

Jenn, I will ask my Latin teacher tomorrow if he can translate them as best as possible. I'll let you know! Best wishes to your friend.

Sorry, Tim. **goes out, searches for key, and unlocks no longer secret dryer**

**hears Tim breath heartily**

Edit: Happy Bday Viola Intonada! Best wishes!


kaykay1970 - Sep 27, 2005 5:31 pm (#732 of 2980)

Lina, This program is great! I don't know which language you have downloaded. On the English version the voice that praises the child for correct answers has an English accent. My daughter loved that because she can pretend she is Hermoine while she is playing!


Madam Pince - Sep 27, 2005 5:41 pm (#733 of 2980)

Jenn, I will also e-mail my cousin, who is a Latin teacher. Hope we can find an answer for you.

Happy Birthday, Viola Intonada! Many happy returns of the day! (***and waves at Betty!***)

Catherine, that is so cool that you were on "Millionaire"! Very impressive to have gotten so far! (Milwaukee? Who'd a thunk it?)

Speaking of game shows, tonight is the premiere (in the U.S., anyway) of the latest edition of "Amazing Race." Some of you may recall that Mr. Pince participated in filming one of the episodes earlier this summer -- he's not a contestant, he was one of the background guys in one of the "challenges" (it involved a battle re-enactment from the Civil War.) He may or may not be "on-camera." At any rate, we don't think that his episode is tonight's, because of the number of teams that he recalls having gone through the challenge (he thought there were 6 maybe?) But it might be, because it's a 2-hour episode. Anyway, if you're watching "Amazing Race" and they're doing something Civil-War-ish, look for him! He'll be a Union officer, has a brown mustache and goatee-ish beard, and (according to him) was doing a lot of yelling. He thinks there was at least one very close-up shot of him rounding up the troops, but who knows if it made it in the editing process.

***off to set the VCR!***


Finn BV - Sep 27, 2005 6:10 pm (#734 of 2980)

Oh, completely forgot, Catherine, that is so cool you were on Millionaire! So, you obviously had nothing to lose in the $64,000 question because you had already won $32,000 no matter what… Milwaukee, St. Louis, what's the difference? How many lifelines had you used? And was Regis really cool to meet up in person?


I Am Used Vlad - Sep 27, 2005 7:01 pm (#735 of 2980)

Happy birthday, Viola.

Mare, have fun diving and try to stay warm. I think I mentioned earlier in this thread that I took diving lessons this year. It was fun, but I could never get my ears to stop hurting. Clearing my mask was also an issue. I'll probably never do it again, but I enjoyed the experience.

Madam Pince, I have Amazing Race on. No sign of your husband yet.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 27, 2005 7:18 pm (#736 of 2980)

Good evening everyone. So, my french homework didn't take half as long as I imagined it would, so I now have yet another chance to hop on and say hello.

Finn and Madme Pince, thank you so much for your help. I really appriciate it! Unfortunatly, I have yet another request of everyone. (I know, I'm about to reach my limit of polling this resource ) Can you guys help me think of some symbols for strength and for freedom?

Catherine, that's awesome that you were on Millionaire! How exciting!

Happy birthday to everyone I may have missed recently.

Okay, I'm off to check some threads before bed....



Eponine - Sep 27, 2005 7:40 pm (#737 of 2980)

All this talk about duct/duck tape has made me search out the Duck Tape Prom Dress Contest. One brand of duct tape is actually called Duck Tape, and they make their tape in all sorts of fun colors, not just your garden variety grey. Every year they have a contest for scholarship money. The rules are simple - make your prom dress and/or prom tux out of their product. You can go here to browse the various entries. I'm amazed at these things.

I hope everyone is having a great day!


Denise P. - Sep 27, 2005 8:03 pm (#738 of 2980)

Madam Pince, looks like next week will be Mr. Pince's chance at his 15 minutes of fame. I will have to keep an eye out for him, I was planning to slo mo my Tivo to see if he was in the preview. Of course, it helps that I met Mr. Pince last year and know what he specifically looks like


Ydnam96 - Sep 15, 2005 4:44 pm (#739 of 2980)

Well, I've taken the last two days off from work because I've had some icky cold or something. I absolutely have to go back to work tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'm feeling better. Can you believe I actually got bored with the internet this afternoon? I think it was because I was too tired to actually type things. But I am feeling better right now so I'm praying it stays that way.

Found out some bad news about a friend's baby today; his name is James, he is two and was diagnosed with Leukima. If you all who pray would send up some prayers for him I know his family would appreciate it. But, I am taking Denise's (Thank You!) advice and being positive about it!

Okay, off to watch Gilmore Girls and then the new show about Gina Davis as president.

Hope you all are doing well...make sure to wash your hands a lot, this cold seems to be spreading quickly everywhere! (okay, done being mom-like)


pottermom34 - Sep 27, 2005 8:52 pm (#740 of 2980)

Can you guys help me think of some symbols for strength and for freedom?-- Soul Mate for Sirius
How about an eagle with a U.S. flag.

So Catherine, It's cool you were on Millionaire. Did you do anything exciting and fun with your winnings?

I use duct (or quacker tape as we sometimes call it) for lots of things. It's not just for ducks you know.


Denise P. - Sep 27, 2005 9:34 pm (#741 of 2980)

You can repair just about anything with duct tape and zip ties. hee hee hee


kaykay1970 - Sep 27, 2005 9:36 pm (#742 of 2980)

Ydnam, My family will keep your friend and little James in our prayers. I think I already got your cold. I can't sleep tonight because there is no breathing through my nose. Since you must have passed it to me through the computer it is bound to be a virus. haha


Denise P. - Sep 27, 2005 9:48 pm (#743 of 2980)

Very posiive thoughts and prayers for little James are going out, Mandy. It is tough news for anyone but when it is a child, it makes it that much harder.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 27, 2005 9:59 pm (#744 of 2980)

Still no-one has explained what duct tape is used for. Is it just for sticking across my mouth so I won't ask any more questions........?

Tim, duck tape is that must have for everyday life, and especially slacker moms everywhere. It is perfect for everything. Sure you can repair your duct pipes with it but you can also repair a babies diaper that is not closing properly, the hem on your shirt is out? duct tape it, that leather chair in the den have a puncture? duct tape to the rescue, outlet was removed from the wall and now you have a gaping hole through which your kids are now throwing your silverware? duct tape it shut. See? the uses are just endless.

Happy birthday and congratulations all around to those deserving.


Elanor - Sep 27, 2005 11:28 pm (#745 of 2980)

Mandy, my thoughts and prayers go to little James too!

Jenn: "Can you guys help me think of some symbols for strength and for freedom?"
Maybe I can help you here! The first strength symbol that comes to my mind is probably one of the oldest ones, it is hair (remember Samson whose strength was supposed to come from his hair?). The lion is also a great strength symbol, so a lion, with a beautiful mane, would be a great strength symbol. Birds, them, can often represent freedom. If we look at the virtues, traditionally "hope" can be represented by an anchor, a dove or a small boat and "courage" by a knight's armour, a lion's skin, a sword and a shield or a flag. That's all that come to my (not so awake) mind for now but I have an "Encyclopaedia of symbolism" and I can search more in it if you want. If you also think of other things that you like but you're not sure what they symbolise, I can check in it too.

Happy birthday Viola!

It was great to see you posting Marè! **waving like mad** Good luck for the dive!

I wish I could have some time to write more but unfortunately I haven't, but I loved your TV, duct tape (never heard of that name before!) and spiders stories! Have a great day/night everybody!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 28, 2005 12:00 am (#746 of 2980)

Elanor, thanks for the suggestions. Any others you (or anyone else for that matter) may think of would be of great help as well. This tattoo is really consuming all my free time, but it needs to be designed by Thursday (at the very latest) so I can take Aaron to get it sometime before he leaves on Saturday. I really appreciate everyone's help. I've been looking for symbols on-line, but I can't find too many helpful sites. Most of the symbols I'm finding are really good ones, but not something I can easily design a tattoo around.

I must say I've been greatly enjoying everyone's duct tape conversation, even if I haven't been joining in. With so much on my plate at the moment, I often find time to come in and read what everyone's got to say, but not enough to reply.



Good Evans - Sep 28, 2005 12:13 am (#747 of 2980)

newsflash for the DIGS theorists....and the Dumbledore is still alive theorists.....   http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/photogalleries/giant_squid/

the first ever pictures of a Giant Squid have been taken by scientists, it was on the news this morning, I nearly crashed thinking how careless Dumbledore has been to let himself be seen, but then again perhaps he arranged with JKR to be seen and tantalise us all some more!!!!!


Troels Forchhammer - Sep 28, 2005 1:11 am (#748 of 2980)

Hi again!

Ah, Good Evans, you beat me at it

I, on the other hand, will then include this

This is the Giant Squid, not Dumbledore

I am very sorry, but I don't really think it carries any significant resemblance with our dear departed Headmaster

On a personal note ... what a month!!!

Do you know the feeling that you wish you could just rip the whole month out of the calendar and it would never have happened? I feel that way. My wife has had two gallstones this month (the first was removed surgically, the second passed [I don't know from where to where nor through where, but as gallstones do, I suppose ] but she got a week on public support in both cases [in Denmark hospitals are public, paid for by taxes], and, the two hospitalisations being a week apart, September was nearly done when she got back, at which point I went down with the 'flu that had threatened ...)

Sorry, I didn't mean to tell my whole tale of woe, but I was so encouraged by the warm support I got when the first one stroke that I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, we are now all well again and trying to catch up with everything. I'm not sure I'll have time to go through all that has happened in the time I've been away (not even in the threads I contribute to), so I'll probably just lurk about for a while (making the occasional comment to show I'm still alive) and get a feeling of which direction the debate is currently taking.


The giant squid - Sep 28, 2005 1:55 am (#749 of 2980)

Good Evans: drat, I've been spotted!

Troels, sounds like you had a busy month indeed. I'm glad you're both doing better now, but gallstones--ugh!

Mike M., I can't take credit for the duct tape/Star Wars thing. I heard it years ago from a no-longer-known source. Tim, duct tape may originally have been developed for sealing ductwork, but nowdays it's pretty much used for Everything. Fixing things, hanging things, connecting things...I've seen it used to "repair" a busted car fender once. As Eponine & Mrs. Sirius showed us, the applications are endless.



dizzy lizzy - Sep 28, 2005 2:54 am (#750 of 2980)

Hmmm I 'm now starting to think duct tape is what I call gaffer tape.

Gaffer tape is a tough, fabric backed adhesive tape that has become legendary for usefulness in the movie and entertainment industry. The tape is often black and so blends with the typically black stage floor of a theater; it is also both strong and strongly adhesive, it is ripped by hand along the horizontal or vertical axis easily rather than cut, and (unlike duct tape) leaves little to no residue when removed. Loose cables on a stage so taped down are usually said to be gaffered. From wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaffer_tape

Even if the above defintion means means duct tape and gaffer tape are pretty similar; I've used it on everything. In actual fact I would not be able to connect onto the net without my telephone extension cord being stuck up out of the way with gaffer tape!!! Best use...keeping motel room curtains closed .

And yes I carry a roll with me in my workload box, you never know when it will come in handy .

Now whether it is an Aussie peculiarity that gaffer tape is better known than duct tape over here, I wouldn't like to guess.

Enjoy your day everyone

Lady Arabella
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Denise P. - Sep 28, 2005 5:42 am (#751 of 2980)

Sounds like duct tape and gaffer tape are very similar.

I was serious when I said you can repair anything with duct tape and zip ties. We all become MacGyver...or for the older folks, the Professor from Gilligan's Island.


Madam Pince - Sep 28, 2005 6:29 am (#752 of 2980)

I had an elderly uncle whose wallet had been repaired with duct tape so much that you couldn't see any part of the original leather of the wallet -- it was a completely duct-tape wallet. I wanted to buy him a new wallet for Christmas, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said this one fitted in his hip pocket just perfectly.

I'm sure a lot of people have heard that old joke about how you only need two things to repair everything in the world. If it is supposed to move and doesn't -- use WD-40. If it is not supposed to move and does, use duct tape. (WD-40 is a commercial name here in the States for a lubricant -- I think it's graphite-based, maybe? And as everyone has said, duct tape is usually gray, fabric-based on the back, and extremely sticky on the other side -- is very strong, and can leave a residue on the item if it's left on there too long.)

Eponine, I remember reading a newspaper article about the duct tape prom clothes! Too funny! Kind of puts you in mind of the old colonial practice of "bundling," doesn't it?

Mandy, I'm so sorry to hear about little James. Our thoughts and prayers will go out to him. Also, sorry about your cold still hanging around. Man, that has really kicked your hiney this time, hasn't it? Hope you're feeling better!

Jenn, I vote for the eagle as being a good symbol of strength and freedom, particularly for an American military man. I know it's kind of "standard," but, well, that's just because it's so good! I e-mailed my cousin about the Latin but haven't heard back yet. If he gets the tattoo that says "not even death," are you going to get the rest of the phrase on a tattoo on you? It sounds kind of incomplete on its own, but hey -- it'll be in Latin and who else will know? Except you two, which is what counts anyway, right?

Yep, Denise, it looks like Mr. Pince's episode of "Amazing Race" will be next week. Which is kind of odd, because he really thought there were fewer teams than nine, but oh well. Also, they had been told that the contestants were coming from Dulles Airport, so they thought the contestants had flown in, but as of right now they're in Lancaster, PA, so I don't see why they'd fly to Dulles from that close. But maybe they go to Chicago or something in between -- who knows? It's funny, because the producers and crew had been chatting with Mr. Pince's guys before the contestants arrived, and they divulged a little "insider" info on which contestants were ... um... a royal pain in the arse. After watching last night's episode, I can see what they were talking about! *Think Pink* I was sorry to see last night's team go. It would've been nicer if it had been *the disrespectful Jersey boys!*

LOL, yes Denise it does help that you know what Mr. Pince looks like! I'll try to see if I can't find a picture of him somewhere that I can put on my page or something -- I'm very inept at that sort of thing, but I think there are web pages somewhere with pics of him in uniform. He's on a lot of Maryland state tourism info -- they did an ad campaign to promote tourism to Maryland's battleground sites and he was in that a good deal.

DIGS lives! Whoo-hoo!! Thanks for the info, Good Evans and Troels! I wish there was something in that picture to give us a size perspective -- are they really speculating that it is a huge gigantic squid? How big? (Not that size matters, of course, Squid Mike ) I haven't heard this new squid discovery in our news yet....

Troels, sorry to hear about your horrible month! Best wishes go out to you and your wife that things will be much better in October!

Everyone have a nice day!


Thora - Sep 28, 2005 6:43 am (#753 of 2980)

Duct tape and Gaffer tape are two very different tapes. Gaffer or gaffing tape comes primarily in black and white and is absorbant so that one can paint over it. Duct tape has a thread base on the sticky side but the other side is a reflective plastic. I've used both on many occasions, and can tell you that while duct tape is great for holding things together, gaffer tape is the prefered tape of the theatre. One could put together an entire set without nails or screws if one had enough gaffer tape. The costume mistress would much prefer it, acctually as tape won't rip, snag or otherwise deface her creations. I think it has better long lasting stickiness once painted over too, but that's mostly because the paint soaks through and dries to make a bond of it's own. I love gaffer tape.

We keep a few rolls of duct tape handy in case any of the nuclear power plants in the area have the hiccups and we have to seal off all the doors and windows.

I find double sided tape gives a much nicer hem though, don't you?

Oh and the Elizabethan Gown on that duck tape site was so cool, girl after my own heart there.

The thing about duct tape that makes it so popular is it's immence sticking ability. It will stick to plastic, metal, and dust free wood. It sticks very well to itself to which comes in handy too. Like most tapes it loses it's stick and elasticity with extended exposure to heat, cold, and the elements. It doesn't stick well to wet substances, unless applied before the moisture and then it stays bonded pretty well.

As for symbols of strength and freedom, how about the mountains?



Elanor - Sep 28, 2005 7:47 am (#754 of 2980)

Troels!!!!!!! **waving frantically** It is so good to "see" you again here! What a month you had indeed, I'm glad everything is ok for you and your family now.

I have heard about the Giant Squid this morning too, and thought exactly the same as you did then Good Evans! The journalist said it must be something like 25 meters long, quite impressive isn't it?

Jenn, I have searched a bit more and found those symbols too: some trees are symbols of strength, especially the cedar tree and the oak (its Latin name "robur" gave the word "robust" afterwards). The horse is another one. Another symbol can maybe be interesting, and original, it is the salamander. It is supposed to be able to live inside the fire and extinguish it at will. It was used as an emblem sometimes: the king François the First (16th century) for example used it with the motto: "Nutrico et extinguo" (I support/keep alive and I extinguish). I'll tell you if I find more !


Finn BV - Sep 28, 2005 8:04 am (#755 of 2980)

Just checking in… briefly browsed through the posts… best wishes to James, Mandy.

Jenn, I have three translations for you:
1.  The closest translation: ne mors quidem nos separare potest (not even death is able to separate us)
2. The best Latin: nec mors nos separabit (nor will death separate us)
3. The closest actual Latin phrase: nec nos mare separat ingens (nor does the huge sea separate us)

The last one was written by the poet Ovid. Ok, got to run, more later!


Madam Pince - Sep 28, 2005 8:18 am (#756 of 2980)

Oooo, I like the second one! And you could actually combine a lot of the "strength" symbols -- an eagle with mountains and/or an oak tree in the background, carrying a banner in his beak with the Latin phrase within it... Of course, it all depends on your friend's pain threshold!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 28, 2005 10:39 am (#757 of 2980)

Good morning everyone! Finn, Elanor, pottermom and Madam Pince, Thank you all so so much for your help. I have taken your ideas and come up with a few options for him. I designed one for him and one for both of us to get. The one for him is an American Flag with eagle's wings coming up from behind it. "fortes et liber" is written under the flag. If my translation is correct, it should read "strong and free". Pottermom and Madam Pince, I like you ideas of the eagles and flags for a military man. The other one used a few older symbols for strength and freedom,(ensipred by Elanor) wings and an "s" shape. This one is more tribal looking, and will have the phrase Finn gave me (nec mors nos separabit) over the top of it. I really hope he likes them, because we're going to have to go get them either today or tomorrow. When I finally get a scanner I'll have to scan the designs in so you guys can see them. Again, thank you so much for all your help!

I loved the story about the giant squid. It hasn't been on the news around here yet, but I'll keep checking. All you DIGS activists out there must be excited.

Well, time for me to head to class. Thanks again everyone!



Catherine - Sep 28, 2005 11:14 am (#758 of 2980)

And was Regis really cool to meet up in person—Finn

I did the show with Meredith Viera.


kaykay1970 - Sep 28, 2005 1:32 pm (#759 of 2980)

This is kind of unbelieveable. My child brought home literature on why you shouldn't do meth. It says why would you want to put these poisons in your body? Then it goes on to list the ingredients. Ok don't do this but here is the recipe. That is crazy! Anyway, the pamphlet says your average life expectancy if taking meth is like 5 years. Looking at this list one has to wonder how it you can live through the first try.


Chemyst - Sep 28, 2005 1:40 pm (#760 of 2980)

Madame Pince, You'd wanted to know about scale on the photo of the giant squid?

Well, aside from it being fish, not squid that have scales...  Oh, nevermind. I ran across this on yahoo:
The team led by Tsunemi Kubodera, from the National Science Museum in Tokyo, tracked the 26-foot long Architeuthis as it attacked prey nearly 3,000 feet deep off the coast of Japan's Bonin islands.   More


Stephanie M. - Sep 28, 2005 2:10 pm (#761 of 2980)

Hey everyone! I just read 37 posts and I have to make this quick because I have so much homework!

It must have been so cool to have been on Millionaire!!!

The giant squid looks so cool.

Happy Birthday everyone!!!

Ydnam96, I hope you feel better!! And I'm sorry about your friends two year old! I wish James all the best!

I like the dryer with the key idea!

Madam Pince, I'll keep an eye out for Mr. Pince next week!

Um, I think that was all that I wanted to say. If I'm forgetting something, then I'm very sorry!

Adios for now!


Finn BV - Sep 28, 2005 2:56 pm (#762 of 2980)

I did the show with Meredith Viera. –Catherine

Ah, oh, well. That is still very impressive!

Jenn, those sound like great tattoos. The second phrase I gave you, althought it begins with "nor," is just the way Latin quotes that in English translate to "neither" must start off.

DiGS supporters rejoice! I'm sure when I make it down to that thread the post count will be way up…

Off to homework!


dizzy lizzy - Sep 28, 2005 3:50 pm (#763 of 2980)

Well the news that the DIGS theory is alive and well finally arrived at my local paper today! Yay!!!!



timrew - Sep 28, 2005 3:58 pm (#764 of 2980)

Okay, I now know what duct tape is.............

And when is someone going to let me out of this dryer!?


Stephanie M. - Sep 28, 2005 4:03 pm (#765 of 2980)

I think Finn already let you out. Because I remember you taking a breath.

Off to eat dinner and finish my homework that is going a lot more quickly than I thought it would.


Finn BV - Sep 28, 2005 4:06 pm (#766 of 2980)

Tim, see my post Finn BV, "-- Chat and Greeting Thread for Members" #731, 27 Sep 2005 5:06 pm.

I wouldn't be so cruel.


Madam Pince - Sep 28, 2005 4:07 pm (#767 of 2980)

A 26-foot squid! Heavens! I'd not like to meet him while snorkeling!

Jenn, this is a bit late, I suppose, but I heard back from my cousin the Latin teacher. This is her take on it: (odd that it's different from Finn's teacher's; I guess Latin is pretty nebulous in how you can translate it)

Death = mors or letum (both just "death")...also, obitus ("a going away" or "a destruction") and nex ("violent death"). I chose letum because it sounded better...felt we needed more than a single syllable after the 'ne'...so ne quidem = "not even" letum = "death" seiungere potest = "is able to separate" nos = "us"

Therefore, Ne quidem letum seiungere potest nos.

Don't change the word order from the original quote.

So anyway, don't know if that helps, but there you go.


Finn BV - Sep 28, 2005 4:12 pm (#768 of 2980)

Madam Pince, my Latin teacher didn't translate it directly, he did the best to "go with the flow" of how a person speaking Latin would say it.


kaykay1970 - Sep 28, 2005 4:15 pm (#769 of 2980)

My daughter came home today and said I need to buy her a plastic sand shovel for the donkey ball game. I told her there is no way she can clean up after a donkey with a little plastic shovel. I asked her why they are not letting them use the big metal dustpan on a long stick scooper thingy they always use. She says because they don't want to scratch the gym floor with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 10 donkeys running around are definitely going to scratch the floor! At least this is not as bad as the meth recipe my 8 year old brought home from elementary school. Do you all think this is crazy? Maybe I am exaggerating because I am sick and feverish today.


Madam Pince - Sep 28, 2005 4:19 pm (#770 of 2980)

LOL, kaykay! At the donkey games I've seen, they have the donkeys wear these little "shoe" thingys that supposedly help to protect the floor. I don't know, though -- that was many moons ago!

Why is Tim still going around...and around...and around...???


timrew - Sep 28, 2005 4:40 pm (#771 of 2980)

Okay, Finn. Sorry! Missed that one.........

And sorry, Madam Pince, for going around........and around......


kaykay1970 - Sep 28, 2005 5:05 pm (#772 of 2980)

Ok I figured out a compromise. I let my daughter have my large plastic dustpan if she promises not to bring it back! Anyway I took some Nyquill so I am off to bed. I always have weird dreams when I take that stuff. But I usually feel better in the morning. Strange. Anyway I'm trying to get all thoughts of my beautiful girl dressed in denim overalls and green plaid shirt,pig tails, and painted freckles carrying a little plastic shovel toward a large pile out of my head.


Viola Intonada - Sep 28, 2005 8:30 pm (#773 of 2980)

Betty, we will be home Oct. 14-16. Cleveland Museum of Natural History is having an Archaeology Day on the 15th and the girls have soccer games of the 16th, so please give me a call so we can get together.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I have to say that I think this has been my best birthday yet. (Which reminds me, I will have to update my personal file here) My oldest made me breakfast this morning and dinner this evening, with help from Hubby, of course. The best part of the day is that I am now enjoying visiting the Forum while lying on the couch with my brand new Mac laptop! I'm so excited. Hopefully I will be able to visit more often now. (Previous computer situation: 8 year-old Mac and 5 year-old PC) It is so wonderful not to have to wait what seemed a life time for pages to download, and half the time the pages would error and would have to download them again.

I have missed so many great topics lately!!!

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. Yep, we like to keep things simple in this family. Oldest daughter was born the day after my birthday and youngest was born two days before Hubby's. That is why we only have two children, we are out of birthdays! :goofygrin:

Oh, another thing that made today so great is that normally I have to spend my birthday cleaning the house for my daughter's birthday party the next day. This year we are not having it at home. Yeah!!

Ladybug, do you live in NorthEast Ohio? I have come across the twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello many times here, or have they moved out of Ohio?


Ydnam96 - Sep 28, 2005 11:43 pm (#774 of 2980)

Madame Pince, how do the shoes work...I would hope the have pretty good tread on them so the donkeys don't fall...

My real question is why they do this inside?? When I was in HS we had some wierd thing where you could "buy" a square foot of the football field. Then they would feed a poor cow a brightly colored pocker chip and put him/her out on the field. If the cow "deposited" the chip in "your" square then you won half of the money that was raised from selling the plots of field. I never quite understood who made up that game or why they would subject the cow to digesting a piece of plastic or why people would wait around for hours until the cow did it's business...Strange Strange...


The giant squid - Sep 29, 2005 2:09 am (#775 of 2980)

The giant squid looks so cool.--Stephanie M.

Thank you, thank you very much.

KayKay, I love how their drug "prevention" plan works...if only my Sex Ed class had had similar pamphlets.



kaykay1970 - Sep 29, 2005 4:38 am (#776 of 2980)

Ok. Here's my weird Nyquill dream. Something about a guy named Albus something or other constructing a life-size version of a giant squid using nothing but duct tape and zip ties. Sorry, couldn't resist. Actually I slept pretty good last night.


Ticker - Sep 29, 2005 5:19 am (#777 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Sep 29, 2005 5:19 am

Happy Birthday Viola!

It's way too early for me to be up so I'm going to go do something constructive, like polish my DIGS pin. Sigh... they say when you lose someone you love, you start "seeing" them all over the place.


Marie E. - Sep 29, 2005 5:33 am (#778 of 2980)

Awwwww...that's sweet, Ticker. Now I'll start seeing squids everywhere.


kaykay1970 - Sep 29, 2005 5:59 am (#779 of 2980)

I was browsing a Final Fantasy Forum and they had a link to video footage of the giant squid. Some guy over there is speculating that it is Sin from Final Fantasy X. How silly of him!



Madam Pince - Sep 29, 2005 6:18 am (#780 of 2980)

kaykay, thanks for that link! Oh, poor giant squid! It lost a tentacle while trying to get away! Of course, clearly Dumbledore just pulled a "Pettigrew" and apparated away...

Better watch out, Mike, the article said that those scientist guys are actively trying to capture giant squids to raise them in captivity! (By the way, LOL on the sex ed pamphlets!)

Mandy, I don't really know how those donkey shoes work -- I never got close enough to examine them. I agree, though, I'd hope they had really good treads on them! And I don't know why they don't just put little "diaper" thingys on the donkeys -- they can do that for horses, can't they? (Unless, maybe it's part of the "funny" to have the donkeys "go" on the floor...) I was sure I'd seen something similar on show horses. Where is TBE? She'd know...

Tim, so glad you're out of the dryer. Hope you didn't get too dizzy! (A girlfriend of mine was actually put in a dryer by her brother when they were little kids -- she did it voluntarily because they thought it looked like fun. )

Woo-Hoo on the new computer, Viola! That's a great birthday!

I was watching the tape I made of "Amazing Race" the other night, and I realized I got bonus -- a trailer for "GoF"! It has some scenes I haven't seen yet, but I haven't gone back and slow-motioned through them yet. That will be something to look forward to for this evening!

All I can say about last night's "Lost" episode -- WOW! That is really a good show -- excellent cliffhangers. My hand still hurts, though, from where I punched the chair arm and yelled "Nooooooo!" when I heard the end music and the word LOST floated onto the screen.... Arrrggghhhh! What a place to end it! Can't wait til next week!


Madam Pince - Sep 29, 2005 7:45 am (#781 of 2980)

Jenn, ack! I just realized I messed up my cousin's Latin translation by moving a word! (I missed the top line of her post when I cut-n-pasted, and then I put together my own summary which was WRONG! I flip-flopped the "letum" and the "quidem") Oops! Hope you haven't used it in a design! The correct translation that my cousin gave me should've been:

Ne letum quidem nos seiungere potest =not even death can separate us; and..."ne letum quidem" = not even death


***crosses fingers and hopes tattoo hasn't been done yet!!!***


kaykay1970 - Sep 29, 2005 7:56 am (#782 of 2980)

Madame Pince One has to wonder what part of Dumbledore's anatomy will he be missing! How many tentacles does a squid have? Dumbledore only has two legs. Perhaps it will be a toe!

I am going to be missing the ball game tonight. I am still running a slight fever and don't want to expose anyone. I am giving my ticket to my oldest son. He is in high school and can fully appreciate his friend across road being outsmarted by a donkey. Anyway I wished they could all go. I didn't have enough money this week for the tickets. I don't feel as bad about as I did. My daughter corrected me that the St. Jude fundraiser is a separate project for later in the year. Tonight they are raising funds for Beta Convention. If I have to pay extra for her stay in the Opryland Hotel I can live with that.

If my girl is smart she will pass her scooper duties off to her little brother for a more supervisory job. After all, what are little brothers for.


azi - Sep 29, 2005 8:25 am (#783 of 2980)

I loved that squid story! I definitely think that it helps our DIGS theory considerably.

Latin tatoos sound cool. I'd have one if I could think what to write. I'd probably go for a word like 'leprechaun' or something, knowing me. Simple.

Happy birthday Viola! (Or belated birthday, I lose track of days...)

KayKay, that drug prevention plan is stupid! Good thing most students don't bother to read them, at least at my age. Good to put in the recycling bin though...

Today has been boring on my end. Cold, rainy, windy and cloudy weather, lots of paperwork and only a lemon and white chocolate muffin to eat all day...On the plus side, I get my braces off on the 19th December! Then I have a retainer for at least a year.

I did get over-excited and squealed when I saw the last in the Bartimaeus Trilogy in Ottakars plus a new signed book by Marcus Sedgewick. Naturally, I bought them before Ottakars could take the offers off them. There are also three other books I want to buy, but I decided spending so much on books in one day was not a good idea!

Everyone have a brilliant day!


Thora - Sep 29, 2005 8:56 am (#784 of 2980)

One would assume that losing a tentacle while in animagi form would blacken one's wand hand....

But seriously speaking I feel so bad for the poor thing. You'd think they wouldn't have baited an object that could hurt the animal they wanted to photograph. The video said it was caught on the hook for 4 hours!

Sometimes muggle science is so cruel.



CatherineHermiona - Sep 29, 2005 10:04 am (#785 of 2980)

Oh, what a terrible thing happend today. Terrible, terible, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My homeroom teacher is going away. My English teacher is going away. Two teachers I like the most. We are unlucky class: first homeroom teacher we had was with us first two weeks, second one few months, third one half a year, this one a year. Every single one was great theacher. Oh, you can't imagine how sad I was. I cried and cried and cried and cried......................


kaykay1970 - Sep 29, 2005 10:06 am (#786 of 2980)

If I am fever free tommorrow I will be attending our town's Appreciation Days over the weekend. Tommorrow night kicks it off. My daughter's drama club will be providing various skits for the occasion. Among other things she will be portraying Ricky Lake, a contestant on American idol and a zombie in thier own little Michael Jackson Thriller video. Then on Saturday the adults of our town take the stage in their own Hee-Haw show. Sometimes they have a skit where that rounder bellied men of our town participate in. They wear a huge felt cowboy hat that covers their entire head and paint a large face on their chest and belly. While the theme song of the Andy Griffith Show plays they will continually contract their abdominal muscles to make it appear as though their belly buttons are actually doing the whistling. The description does not do this justice. If they do in fact have this skit I will try to make ya'll a link to the video I intend to take. You really need a visual on this one. I hope that Saturday morning the Ft. Cambell paratroopers will be there. This is always a favorite of my 11 year old son. I haven't heard if they will be able to come this year.


Good Evans - Sep 29, 2005 11:48 am (#787 of 2980)

sorry to hear you're news Kate, poor you. never mind maybe the new teachers will be just as nice????

hope you feel better soon KayKAy - that cold/fever has been hanging around a few days now hasn't it!

Azi - WOOHOO the final Bartemaeus trilogy is out - I shall prod hubby adn remind him it is on my xmas list - so he can go and get it early!!!

Julie x


azi - Sep 29, 2005 11:57 am (#788 of 2980)

Julie - I'm reading it now and loving every minute! I was in hysterics on the bus earlier, think I got a few weird looks! For your hubby's instructions - it's a red colour and called Ptolemy's Gate.

Kate, I'm sure if your next teacher follows the pattern you'll get another nice one! Hopefully you will! I had 4 different tutor teachers in high school when I was only supposed to have 1. Two were ok, because they let the class run rampant instead of making us do reading time and 2 were horrible because they wouldn't let us do anything except what the headteacher said, like reading the Daily Bulletin from top to bottom and thinking about the Quote of the Day. Not nice.

Kaykay, the weekend sounds interesting! I guess you have community spirit round where you live?


Good Evans - Sep 29, 2005 12:05 pm (#789 of 2980)

Thanks for that Azi, oh I cant wait - of course it is called "ptolomy's gate", it had to go back to that time didnt it!! - ooh can't wait - how long to Christmas???


Madam Pince - Sep 29, 2005 12:44 pm (#790 of 2980)

Oh, CatherineHermiona, I am so sorry that you are losing two of your favorite teachers! All that turnaround, it's almost as if it were a DADA class, isn't it? Well, as Azi says, if they follow pattern, then your next one should be good too, so hopefully that will console you some. (((hugs)))

I Googled some sites for donkey basketball. In the photos, I saw no pictures of the donkey "boots" like I remembered from years ago, but one site said the donkeys are shod with "non-marking rubber shoes." There were also several sites which said that donkey ball is illegal in many states because of anti-animal-cruelty laws. They said the donkeys are shipped around from school to school, spend most of their lives shut up in horse trailers, and are ridden by inexperienced riders who are often too heavy for the small donkeys and who may "mistreat" the animals without realizing they are doing so - by pulling too hard on the reins or by kicking or whatever. I hadn't thought of that but I suppose it's possible. Let's hope not!


Good Evans - Sep 29, 2005 12:49 pm (#791 of 2980)

the idea of donkey baseketball - sounds hilarious, but I have to say my concern is for the animals, not a natural past time and probably not that much fun... sorry to be a wet blanket - but I kind of like donkeys, no one would normally put them as a particular favourite animal, I think its an eeyore thing......toddles of to pooh corner....


Finn BV - Sep 29, 2005 2:32 pm (#792 of 2980)

Kate, I'm so sorry your favorite teacher is leaving… I'm sure you'll like the next one just as much, even better!

Kaykay, work on that cold! Have a fun time in your town this weekend.

So… our first Cross-Country meet was today… and… I placed first! I really am still in shock. Last year my best finish was 6th, and on average 13. There were 130 boys in the race (girls run separately sometimes). I started off third, then passed the second place person, and when I passed the person in first place and he didn't try to catch me, I knew I had it! I think I won by about 50 yards. My time was 10:42 for a 1.5 mile race with hills. I am really, really, happy! Off to celebrate…… **does dance**

By the way, anybody seen Dame Peverell lately?


haymoni - Sep 29, 2005 3:31 pm (#793 of 2980)

Congrats, Finn! Good for you!

I've been pretty quiet on the threads lately because I have been studying my hindquarters off for a test.

I am trying to earn my CEBS - Certified Employee Benefits Specialist. It is the equivalent to having your Masters in Benefits Administration. There are 10 agonizing tests. Today I passed my 4th one!

Whoo Hoo!

I get to put the initals "GBA" after my name - "Group Benefits Associate" - I still have to take the Retirement Section and the Compensation Sections - 6 more tests, but I'm happy tonight!

No more pencils! No more books! Until I get the books for the next test, that is!

Does "Happy Dance" w/ Finn...


Stephanie M. - Sep 29, 2005 4:29 pm (#794 of 2980)


I really wish I stayed to see that!!! (I went to the meet but had to leave because my bus was leaving a little after 4 and I left the meet at 4:01 and ran up the hill with my backpack to make the bus. And Finn, you were right it does take 3 minutes to get back to school, except it probably took me longer because there was a cross in the road and I wasn't sure if I should go strait or make a right... I went strait and got to school!!)

I'm so happy for you Finn! (My new theory is that people with the most spirit do the best in the event/game they are doing.)

*Starts doing the happy dance with Finn because he probably is still dancing*

And Finn, we are on the same wave length because I was also wondering about Dame Peverell and before you posted your message I searched to see when Dame was last on. I think it was Sept. 19.

I'm off to finish my homework! (I really should have stayed... *hangs head*)


Soul Mate for Sirius - Sep 29, 2005 4:47 pm (#795 of 2980)

Hey everyone! Wow did this week fly by. I can't wait for the weekend.

Finn, congrats on winning your race! That's awesome!

Madame Pince. Thanks for the translation. I saw your correction in time! We're going tomorrow to get them.

Well...I actually have time to go out tonight, so I'm off to get ready.



Ydnam96 - Sep 29, 2005 11:10 pm (#796 of 2980)


All I can say is WOW.


Good Evans - Sep 30, 2005 12:02 am (#797 of 2980)

**Takes Finn by the hand and dances a happy jig*** that is very impresive, I did the race for life this year in 36 minutes which is 5 km. So i am dead impressed with your time, well done you.

haymoni - I am intrigued, which country are you in? I haven't heard of that exam but I work in benefits in the UK and our "equivalent" is the IRRV (Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation corporate exams) which includes benefits, but I think your exams are slightly more detailed than ours. Anyhow - best of luck on those exams, I can empathise !!!!!


Essidji - Sep 30, 2005 4:07 am (#798 of 2980)

Hi everyone. It's been such a long time since my last post... My job is killing me (but I love it anyway, so it's fine). But I miss you all, I wish I had more time to sneak in...

Just a few words to say that, this night, "Harry Potter et le prince de Sang-Mêlé" will be released in France. It seems a long time to translate HBP, but I believe it's worth, because the books Mr Ménard translated so far are very well written.

All the medias talk about this today. To summarize, they say the series has given (back) the taste of reading to children, hooking at the same time children, teenagers, and even some adults (hey, that's me!).

And I don't know if it's scheduled on purpose, but Yahoo France has also released a new trailer for GOF.

Edit : well, thinking twice about it, two months and a half between the release of the English version and the French one is a pretty fast job! I apologize Mr Ménard...


azi - Sep 30, 2005 5:51 am (#799 of 2980)

I always wanted to buy the HP books in French. I wouldn't be able to understand them well, but it would be fun. I don't want to buy them over the Internet though because I would prefer to visit France and buy them. Like I have with the German version.

Well done Finn! I don't do exercise and the last time I did cross country it was in a thunderstorm with torrential rain and I came something like 116 out of 119. Mind you, there was humour when the two people in front of me slipped on the mud and fell over each other, leaving me to run straight between them.

Congrats Haymoni! My mum also used to work with benefits and stuff, but she never had to take evil exams to do it! The topics don't sound that interesting either, which makes learning it all so much worse!

I was so busy reading my book (Ptolemy's Gate) that I didn't go to sleep until 5.30am today. Then I was up 2 1/2 hours later. Feel fine now, but think I'll be dead by late afternoon. It was a good book though, well worth the reading!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 30, 2005 6:27 am (#800 of 2980)

Edit : well, thinking twice about it, two months and a half between the release of the English version and the French one is a pretty fast job! I apologize Mr Ménard...

Essidji, it is never fast enough when you want to get your hands on a copy of a Harry Potter book.

By the way and early happy anniversary to the Lex, to Steve, Kip, Denise et all. I always remember because you share a date with my triplets.
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Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2005

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:08 pm


Loopy Lupin - Sep 30, 2005 7:24 am (#801 of 2980)

Congrats Finn! Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. The countdown to GoF is clicking down. I'm all a dither!


kaykay1970 - Sep 30, 2005 7:34 am (#802 of 2980)

Congrarulations Finn and Haymoni!!!

azi If you think my town has interesting activities you'll love this. I finally picked up a paper so I could have a schedule of this weekends events. Apparently another town very near here is having their first annual goat beauty contest and antique tractor show! They are giving prizes for most beautiful goat and ugliest goat. Amazing the things we think of to keep ourselves amused.

I am feeling alot better today, no fever anyway. I wonder why we adults feel so bad with a low grade fever and the children run around playing all day with 103 temp.


azi - Sep 30, 2005 7:49 am (#803 of 2980)

A goat beauty contest? Wow, that's weird! I take it the area has a high goat population? The tractor show I can cope with - I've spent half my life being dragged to steam rallies. Where I live there are not many community events as I'm in a small village which comprises of a shop, pub and church. It's not that isolated though, since there are 3 more villages a mile down the road in different directions. No one in the village really mixes so there isn't much community spirit. Ah well...

Nice to know your fever has disappeared!

Everybody have a great day!


Catherine - Sep 30, 2005 8:46 am (#804 of 2980)

Hi, everyone.

I am sneaking on the Forum from school. It's my last day at school being in the classroom with the kids full-time, so I feel a little sad. We had a fun class, though. I showed my goofy Millionaire video, and they really enjoyed it. Can I tell you that the entire 7th grade (33 students) ate 8 dozen doughnuts??? I was amazed at their ability to pack away food.

One of my students in the other class gave me a card and a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. I almost cried at the end of class.

Loopy Lupin--I'm in a dither about GoF, too! :waves:


kaykay1970 - Sep 30, 2005 9:17 am (#805 of 2980)

I do not know anyone personally who owns a goat. I doubt the popularity of a goat beauty contest myself. We already have a category for goats at the county fair livestock judging competition. I doubt the local farmers will think that a "beauty contest" is a serious competition. But who knows. Maybe I will find out next year if they announce the second annual event.


Elanor - Sep 30, 2005 9:38 am (#806 of 2980)

LOL, whenever you come on this thread there is something funny in the air! **hoping we'll see pictures of the goat beauty contest**

Congratulations Finn! That is great! I love watching sports but always hated doing one so I am always amazed to see the others' results! I remember well sports at school, when I was walking instead of running each time the teacher wasn't looking in my direction and the fact that I was always in the last ones chosen when we were doing teams. Well, I didn't blame them! Since the day I received a ball in the glasses I've been afraid of footballs (for soccer), basket or other handballs and used to step aside instead of fighting for the ball...

I have to do a bit of sport now, for my back, but I still don't like it. So, most of the time, I just do some exercise bike at home, chosing carefully the music I hear while doing it so to cheer me up. From my experience, there is nothing better than a good Star Wars battle theme for pedaling at a good rythm, though some HP Quidditch themes are not bad either. In short, John Williams is my personal coach!

Congratulations too Haymoni!

Essidji! That is so great to "see" you again! Yes, we're going to have a very HP night here today. I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear that more than 100 000 English copies of the HBP have been sold in France since July! I don't read the books in French anymore but I'm really happy for those who will discover it tonight.

Have a great day everybody! **healing charms to those who need them too** Weekend has just started here! Youpi!!!!!


Ydnam96 - Sep 30, 2005 9:57 am (#807 of 2980)

Just popping in to say hello. Finn, great job! I hate exercise...which would be why none of my clothes fit they way they used to Smile

Happy Birthday Lexicon. How many years now?

I'm still sick. This is one nasty cold (if that's what it is). It has settled in my throat and I have a nasty cough and a very sore throat. But, life must continue sick or not. Luckily I only have to be at work for 4 hours today (Unlike yesterday which went from 9:15-4:00 then 6:00-9:00). I'm so glad the weekend is here again, but I'm on call this weekend so hopefully there are no emergencies because I'm the one who has to respond. Haha...that will be interesting.

Goat beauty contests? Is that what Aberforth got in trouble for?? Sounds fishy to me. I wonder if there is a Goat Equality League or something that could come in and protect the poor goats who get chosen as ugliest.

So we haven't heard from Puck lately (that I recall) which is understandable....but after all the work we put in trying to get baby Puck into the world Wink I'm hoping she's doing well.

Okay I neeed to drag myself to the shower and get ready for work. Happy Friday everyone. And...happy Alias/Lost season for those of us in the US. It's gonna be great. (I promise not to spoil for those in other countries who get it a bit later than us).


Esther Rose - Sep 30, 2005 11:08 am (#808 of 2980)

I am still tearing over the loss of Joan of Arcadia. =(


Loopy Lupin - Sep 30, 2005 11:38 am (#809 of 2980)

Hey Catherine! ***waves***

Sheesh today is one boring day at work. Lots of waiting around today. I hate waiting.


Viola Intonada - Sep 30, 2005 12:17 pm (#810 of 2980)

Believe it or not, Loopy, I am kind of envious of you for having a boring day at work. The preschoolers this year are really keeping me on my toes. The best way to describe the class is that we have several very boyish boys. There is never a dull moment.

Happy reading to everyone reading the French version tonight! I bought "Harry Potter a L'ecole des Sorciers" when I was in France a couple of years ago. I never got past translating the first page, my French is way too rusty. Maybe someday...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Thora - Sep 30, 2005 12:26 pm (#811 of 2980)

And...happy Alias/Lost season for those of us in the US. It's gonna be great.-Ydnam96

If we don't all keel over from the suspense of Lost. The last two episode endings have left me quite agitated.

I wonder if they'd send me this season's scripts if I told them the wait was bad for my nerves?

Well at least JKR doesn't feed it to us chapter by chapter. Though come to think of it, I would happily subsist upon antacids for a year if she did.... sigh.... waiting.



Amilia Smith - Sep 30, 2005 1:38 pm (#812 of 2980)

Well at least JKR doesn't feed it to us chapter by chapter.

Charles Dickens did that. And now you know why Dickens makes such great movies (lots of cliffhangers) but rather dull reading (always having to repeat what happened in last week's issue).

How are you doing, Thora? Have you moved yet?

I got to go stand behind the reference desk this morning and Observe. It was really very interesting. And surprisingly busy for first thing Friday morning.



Finn BV - Sep 30, 2005 2:42 pm (#813 of 2980)

Can I tell you that the entire 7th grade (33 students) ate 8 dozen doughnuts??? –Catherine

Sheesh! And I thought the 4 dozen for 21 students in 5th Grade was a lot (I only ate one doughnut, of course… ).

Congrats, Haymoni, GBA!

Right, isn't tomorrow the Forum's fourth birthday? **checks top right corner of page** Oops, third birthday. Happy BDay! And tomorrow is Julie Andrews' 70th birthday! How cool! (Julie=childhood (and still) idol ::sigh:Smile

Thanks for the congrats, everyone. I found out today that no Middle School boy from our school had ever placed first before, so I was quite elated the whole day.

It's Friday!!


Stephanie M. - Sep 30, 2005 2:53 pm (#814 of 2980)

That's really good Finn!!! Was that your best time you ever had?

Happy Birthday Forum! (Is it today or tomorrow?) Happy early birthday Julie Andrews!

Talking about people eating a lot of food... I feel like I have eaten so much today! I think it's because I have been swimming so much lately and whenever I swim I usually get really hungry.

I think that's all I was going to say. This week wasn't very good. I have has a ton of work to do and things started to get better Thursday around lunch time. AND NOW IT'S FRIDAY!!! But this weekend will be pretty busy because I have 2 tests and a quiz on Monday.


timrew - Sep 30, 2005 4:25 pm (#815 of 2980)

kaykay1970:- I doubt the popularity of a goat beauty contest myself.

I, personally, would look forward to the bikini section, and the interview...............

Yes, I would like to eat grass; and those trainers; and the entire contents of that washing-line.........Oh! And I'm forgetting my struggle for World Peace!


The giant squid - Sep 30, 2005 5:01 pm (#816 of 2980)

I was amazed at their ability to pack away food.—Catherine

NEver underestimate the teenager's ability to consume mass quantities. I used to eat everything in sight, and still maintain a svelte 100 pounds (I've since ballooned up to 110). My sisters hate me...



Catherine - Sep 30, 2005 5:23 pm (#817 of 2980)

I used to eat everything in sight, and still maintain a svelte 100 pounds (I've since ballooned up to 110). My sisters hate me... --Squid Mike

With good reason!

You are lucky I can't pull an Aunt Marge-esque ballooning charm...

We had a good day today. (Finn, I think my 7th graders "beat" your fifth grade class! ) I received a compliment that I did not expect from one of the veteran teachers, who told me she rolled her eyes when she heard I was "subbing" for the teacher on maternity leave, that she expected that I would never contribute to the department and would just "phone things in" because that is how substitutes act, in her opinion. She told that I had been "a real teacher" and that I had done a very good job. Praise from this person is rare indeed, and it came at a moment when I needed it.

I guess that good teachers can do that, and I learned something else today.

::waves back at Loopy Lupin because it is Friday:: Sheesh, isn't it time for GoF yet?


Madam Pince - Sep 30, 2005 6:48 pm (#818 of 2980)

Awwww, Catherine, that's sweet. Congratulations on a job well done -- substituting or not, you did a great job.

Finn, congratulations on your cross-country win! That is so fantastic!! An athlete who can write -- whoo-hoo!

Essidji, welcome back! We've missed you!

Hope all the exams go well, haymoni! Yuck... I hate exams....

Mandy, have you seen a doctor? If you've felt that yucky for a whole week, you should get checked out. Maybe it'll be something that a quick dose of antibiotic will knock out quickly. Usually my doctor hangs back on doing antibiotics too early (which I agree with -- no point in messing up immunities and all that) but he says if you're sick for more than a week, then you just really need to get better. I hope you feel better soon!

Glad you're doing better, kaykay!

Did anybody hear how Gina did on the vote for best impersonation? (on MuggleNet? or TLC?) Last I heard, I thought she was winning...

Happy Harry Potter Weekend to all of France!


Finn BV - Sep 30, 2005 6:54 pm (#819 of 2980)

Madam P – according to TLC, Gina came in second with 476 votes, behind only Karolina from Poland doing Luna.


haymoni - Sep 30, 2005 8:21 pm (#820 of 2980)

Catherine - never a doubt! You obviously connected with the kids and made a mark with the staff.

Of course, you know what this means, don't you??? You will be the most requested sub at that school! Everyone will want to have babies now that they know you are available.


kaykay1970 - Sep 30, 2005 8:41 pm (#821 of 2980)
Edited Sep 30, 2005 9:20 pm

We just got back from the Appreciation thing. Our drama club did a really good job. At the begining of the night my 8 year old did the cake walk thing. She was so upset that she didn't win a cake. At the end of the events however there was an electric scooter give away. I couldn't believe when they called her name. She is on top of the world! She hopped all the way to the car with a pack of fellow 3rd graders following behind.

Edit: Upon scanning the owner's manual for the scooter I discovered that it is not recommended for children under 12. She'll get there in 3 1/2 years!

I can't believe this. I just walked outside and my chow has totally been skunked again. This is like the 4th time in 3 months.
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Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 Empty October posts

Post  Lady Arabella on Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:31 pm


Chemyst - Oct 1, 2005 5:03 am (#822 of 2980)

WooHoo & Hurray Haymoni !

Kaykay,   dear me... getting skunked seems to be common for members of this forum who live near their habitats. If you see Fred or George, you should ask them if they can't come up with some sort of a fix for that.

We never doubted you were a "real" teacher Catherine. You did one of the tough jobs of getting the routine discipline "launched" at the beginning of the year. Now the "real real" teacher will have a tough act to follow.  ...that was your plan all along, wasn't it? :sinistergrin:

Happy October everyone. Dawn is breaking here and it looks to be a spectacular day.


Thora - Oct 1, 2005 7:03 am (#823 of 2980)

Ameilia- The house hasn't sold yet, so we don't really mind that his boss bumped the departure date for my hubby back to November 1st. So if we sell the house in the next few weeks (not likely) I'll go with him. If not, well we're weighing the unpleasant options. I hate having my life up in the air, but luckily my friends have big hearts and sponge shoulders.

Julie=childhood (and still) idol- Finn   Wow, Speedy Gonzales is also very cool and has his priorities in line. Wicked.

My sisters hate me... - Squid Mike   . . .  and the ranks of your sisters swell. 110, that's so wrong.

Catherine- good for you!

Oh and speaking of skunks I've awoken to that pleasant aroma 3 times this week and was lucky not to be sprayed when I came home last night and startled one in my yard.



Stephanie M. - Oct 1, 2005 7:58 am (#824 of 2980)

You must be a great teacher Catherine! I have had really bad subs in the past. I had a French teacher sub for my math class in 6th grade... let's just say nobody did well on the quiz the day our math teacher came back.


Marie E. - Oct 1, 2005 8:28 am (#825 of 2980)

Yes, we both hate our brother. He was so thin as a teen that he couldn't get into the military. They have a minimum weight. Just so unfair!

Catherine, the validation from the veteran teacher must have felt so good. I get twinges of not being a "real" teacher occasionally since I teach private kindergarten at a daycare setting. It's become quite common here to have kindergarten at daycares. A local daycare, Junior Academy, actually has kindergarten through second grade.

Happy Birthday, Lexicon! I remember that first day there were only about six threads, and one was a Tell About Yourself sort. Is the original Tell About Yourself thread in the archives? I posted on October 2nd, 2002. Just imagine, my girls were three and five back then. Now they're the ripe ol' ages of six and eight. And back then Denise only had seven children!


Madam Pince - Oct 1, 2005 9:02 am (#826 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, Lexicon!

Phooey on Gina not winning. Hmmmph!


Kip Carter - Oct 1, 2005 10:36 am (#827 of 2980)

Marie E., thank you for remembering when the Harry Potter Lexicon Forum first began. I am putting together a new discussion thread to celebrate the start of our fourth year and a review of the last three years.

For everyone's information, Steve actually started this Forum on October 1, 2002; however it was not ready for posts until October 2nd. Even though today is the actual birthday, the celebration will continue for the following week for those who want to enjoy what Lexicon Steve created three years ago.

Please be patient while I put the page together and save your thoughts and ideas for the new thread. I will have it up later today around 6:00 p.m. PDT (Forum time). The thread will be located in this folder. In the meantime, start putting together your thoughts and what you would like to share with everyone.


Ydnam96 - Oct 1, 2005 12:33 pm (#828 of 2980)

So I'm still sick, bleh, but my best friend had her first baby this morning at 4 am Eastern time. Enrique was 4 weeks early and was born with a full head of hair. Mom sounded soo happy when I talked to her. I've got a grin that just won't go away. I'm sad though that I can't be there to share it with her. But still happy Smile

Happy Birthday Lexicon!!

Yay for the weekend Smile


Herm oh ninny - Oct 1, 2005 1:05 pm (#829 of 2980)

Hey Guys! I don't know if I have mentioned this, but my cousin and his wife are expecting their second child, a little boy. I am extra excited about this because they have asked me to be his Godmother!! Well, my aunt just called me and said that Melissa (the mother to be) is having contractions every 8 minutes!!! YAY!!! I am sooo excited I just had to tell someone!! I'm dancing around the house like a crazy person! LOL Well, I'm off to go do my first official Godmother duty! (Shopping for presents to bring to my new little godson at the hospital!)


Elanor - Oct 1, 2005 1:19 pm (#830 of 2980)

What wonderful news Mandy and Herm oh ninny! I'm really happy for you and your friends/cousins.

Happy birthday Lexicon! I can't wait to read the new thread!


Finn BV - Oct 1, 2005 1:34 pm (#831 of 2980)

Great news, Mandy and Herm oh ninny! Congrats and congrats-to-bes to the moms/moms-to-be.

Happy Birthday again, Lexicon. I'm looking forward to everybody's recollections of the first day.


boop - Oct 1, 2005 2:26 pm (#832 of 2980)


Everyone have a great weekend!!!

hugs always



haymoni - Oct 1, 2005 5:25 pm (#833 of 2980)

Who was it that had the friend who was pregnant and going off to be a missionary in South America some place???

Was that you, Mandy? Is this the friend?

Even if it isn't - Congrats!

And congrats to me! Fall baseball is over!!!

Slacker Moms Unite!!!!


Ydnam96 - Oct 1, 2005 5:43 pm (#834 of 2980)

No it wasn't me. I do remember someone talking about it though...

It seems to be baby season!


Amilia Smith - Oct 1, 2005 5:43 pm (#835 of 2980)

Thora, I am sending house selling charms your way. What do you suppose the incantation should be?



dizzy lizzy - Oct 1, 2005 6:04 pm (#836 of 2980)

Amilia: I will be sending you an email sometime today (Oz Time) over your request in the reccomended reading thread. I will send it via my worldcrossing account so you know who it is from .

Happy birthday lexicon - It must be pretty close to my anniversary on the forum too as I remember disscussing "banned books week" on the chat thread this time last year.



Amilia Smith - Oct 1, 2005 7:46 pm (#837 of 2980)

Thank you Lizzy! I might not be able to check my email again before Monday, so I am letting you know now how much I appreciate it. :-)



Eponine - Oct 1, 2005 8:39 pm (#838 of 2980)

I discovered today that I must have a really good 'dirty look.' Mr. Eponine and I went to see Serenity (really really good BTW) and there was this guy next to me who kept laughing at inappropriate moments and talking loudly to himself. It was a key moment in the movie, and I was so close to yelling at him to shut up when he looked at me and laughed as if I should laugh with him. I glared at him with the nastiest look I could manage, and apparently it worked because he was (mostly) quiet after that. I was rather proud of myself.

Happy Birthday, Lexicon Forum!


pottermom34 - Oct 1, 2005 8:46 pm (#839 of 2980)

Good for you Eponine, ther's nothing worse than rude jerks when trying to enjoy a movie.

Happy Birthday Lexicon, I've really enjoyed my few months here.


Finn BV - Oct 1, 2005 9:54 pm (#840 of 2980)

LOL Eponine.

Just got back from a Bar Mitzvah – it's 12:54 AM here. I've posted in the Happy BDay thread. Thanks for the times, HPLF!

Way too tired to say anything now, just good night.


Mrs. Sirius - Oct 1, 2005 11:03 pm (#841 of 2980)

By the way an early happy anniversary to the Lex, to Steve, Kip, Denise et all. I always remember because you share a date with my triplets.

I posted that early because I was away and didn't think I would return in time to post on the day. It's nearly 2:00 am here. The forum has taken me thru so much over these past 3 years. I was so afraid of the vile, nasty, evil, things that I had been warned about on the Internet. Finding the Lex I was wonderful, it was a safe place to discuss something I was passionate about.

Here I have learned about html codes, I've improved my writing and typing skills, I made and met friends and passed so many rough nights. When I first started, I said I would read the Lexicon only, I wouldn't go to the Forum, then I thought I would just read through the posts, but then I couldn't help but to join in some discussions. It took a long time before I worked up the nerve to join and post freely. Thanks guys, you've do good work.

timrew are you talking about whirled peas?


The giant squid - Oct 2, 2005 12:10 am (#842 of 2980)

He was so thin as a teen that he couldn't get into the military. They have a minimum weight.--Marie E.

It's true...I tried to join the Army Reserve between my junior & senior years in high school--for the college money, of course. The minimum weight for someone my height (5'6") was 104 lbs. No problem, right? At the weigh-in for the physical I topped out at 95. Personally, I consider it a sign from above; I'd have hated it in the Army anyway. I'm too independent for the military lifestyle.



Ydnam96 - Oct 2, 2005 1:06 am (#843 of 2980)

Mike, I think my left leg weighs 95 lbs.


Lina - Oct 2, 2005 6:34 am (#844 of 2980)

There have been several birthdays lately, so to all that I've missed and a special (belated as well) one for the Sirius triplets !

There have been several reasons to celebrate, too, so for all of you!

We have some virus problems at home at the moment. We had to go to the hospital two nights ago with the youngest (just on her name day) because of some digesting problems (better not to go into details) and she had to get the infusion. We were quite confused because we couldn't figure out what could she have eat that wouldn't make problems to anybody else. Now Kate is having the same problems, so we know it has nothing to do with food but I'm sure that she could use some of your healing and cheering charms that always work.

Good week to everyone!


  kaykay1970 - Oct 2, 2005 6:47 am (#845 of 2980)

Lina I hope your girls are better soon. And I hope Ydnam is feeling better already.


  Finn BV - Oct 2, 2005 7:45 am (#846 of 2980)

Mike, I think my left leg weighs 95 lbs.

LOL, yes, Mike, I don't consider myself obese at all and I rocketed off 95 lbs. in fourth grade. (Then again, I was overweight then, so I've lost quite a bit of weight since, but… 95 in high school? )

Lina and family, wellness charms to you all.

Yesterday, I came out of the Bar Mitzvah service and I was on Madison and 62nd. I was looking for my mom who was picking me up, and there were big white screens and lots of people huddled around that intersection. So as I was walking and looking for my mom, I heard a woman in charge ask us to keep moving – go across the street or move back down the block. So I opted for across the street and as I was walking I heard her say the names "Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway." I walked past all the director's chairs for the crew, and on the back were the words The Devil Wears Prada, which is apparently now due for a movie.

I found my mom and told her I really wanted to watch them film, so she waited for me and I stood on the corner. Then, when the Madison Ave. light was red, they yelled "Scene #" (couldn't hear the number), "Take 2, Action!" A yellow taxicab (the number of the cab began with 8Z if you ever go see the movie whenever it comes out) drove down 62nd, and Hathaway's stunt double, carrying orange Hermès bags, was "hit" by the cab. Her bags were thrown up in the air and she landed on the hood of the taxi. The driver got out to see if she was okay, and that was that. Cut. It was amazing! If you live in New York, check out to see if you can find the shooting locations, I hear they're all over the place, including Times Square. It was really cool!


Good Evans - Oct 2, 2005 10:38 am (#847 of 2980)

love and charms to kate and her siblings. Hope you are feeling better soon and that mum Lina isnt too worn out looking after and worrying!.

Hubby's birthday today so just a quick pop in. I must say how I laughed at TimRews original user name - Scambledeggs - just so him!!!!

Finn: that sounds so amzing - glad you had a good time


Stephanie M. - Oct 2, 2005 10:47 am (#848 of 2980)

Wow! That's really cool Finn! I should go check it out, even though they are probably not on 62nd and Madison any more. I really like Anne Hathaway... and I went to a swim meet with someone from Meryl Streep's family and Meryl Streep was watching us.

Mike, how tall are you? I weigh less than 95 pounds but I am barely 5 feet tall. My mom who is 5'4' weighed a little more than 85 pounds in college and then she weighed around 100 pounds when she first became pregnant with my sister. Now she is probably at an average weight and she grew and inch since college... hmm maybe I'll grow after college...

Lina I hope all of your children are feeling well!!


Denise P. - Oct 2, 2005 10:55 am (#849 of 2980)

I was 5'6" through high school. Less than 2 years after I graduated from High School, I was (and still am) 5'8". We won't discuss weight changes Razz


CatherineHermiona - Oct 2, 2005 11:16 am (#850 of 2980)

Hi, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so bad and I hardly left my bed. I won't go to school tomorrow and that's the only good side of my fever.

Anyway, let's talk about something better. I was in Trieste yesterday and I bought some shoes and CDs. My aunt had to bought her liquid for contact lenses and there can't be a visit to Trieste without new pair of shoes for her and sometimes for us too. She usually buys some Italian CDs and we are going around the shops and sometimes we buy something little. It was great. My aunt told we should be back until 2 p. m. and we came around 4, of course.

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Finn BV - Oct 2, 2005 11:26 am (#851 of 2980)

Kate, I hope you feel better. I'm glad you had a good outing in Trieste.

Happy Birthday Mr. Good Evans!

Edit: Off to see Corpse Bride (which I never did end up seeing two weeks ago)! I'll tell you about the trailer……


Elanor - Oct 2, 2005 11:34 am (#852 of 2980)

I really have trouble with measures and weights which are not in metric system but, thanks to you all, I think I'm making some progress!

In good old metric system, I am 1.65 meters tall, which, if I calculated correctly, must be something like 5'5", am I right? In high school, I was weighing something like 47 kg (103 pounds?) and, till I was 30, about 50 kg (110 pounds?), which I really liked. But then, I had to wear those awful surgical corsets for months, that prevented me from moving as I used to and brought me a few more pounds... **sigh** But I'm working on it! (a bit: I will never give up eating chocolate, it is a matter of principle, honestly! ). Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 1003735042

Anyway, to calculate that sort of scared me! It makes me feel much slimer to see my weight in kilos than in pounds.

Healings charms to you and your sister Kate! And to everyone else needing some too.


kaykay1970 - Oct 2, 2005 11:47 am (#853 of 2980)

When I was a junior in high school I weighed about 85 pounds and was about 4'11". Sometime in the summer before I started senior year I gained 10 pounds and grew to 5'4" which is my current height. I never truly put on any weight until I got pregnant with my third child. I am not even going to say how much. I had a hard time losing it and in fact never did until I had a really ugly strain of flu. I am generallly happy with my weight at the moment although losing a few pounds couldn't hurt. I will say that I had alot more health problems when I was underweight as opposed to overweight.


Madam Pince - Oct 2, 2005 12:50 pm (#854 of 2980)

CatherineHermiona, I enjoyed chatting with you in the Chat Room! Hope you are feeling much better soon! And I hope that nobody else in the family comes down with it! *waves to Lina!*

Congratulations to everyone who is celebrating the arrival of new babies! Yay! Herm-oh-ninny, you will be such a great godmother -- I'm sure you'll keep your little godchild well supplied with stuffed Hedwigs and Harry Potter books!

LOL on Eponine's icy glare! Are you sure you aren't related to a certain potions master?

Finn, that is so exciting! Movie filming is really neat to watch, isn't it? It so looks like nothing while they're doing it, and then when you see it on-screen it's amazing!

I'm having a hard time picturing you in military fatigues, Squid Mike, so you're right -- it was probably for the best! When I was young, my aunt and uncle kept nurturing the hope that I would attend the Naval Academy for some reason (silly them!) I dutifully went on all the campus tours that they took me on, but they finally got the clue that there was absolutely no way I would make it there -- zero upper-arm strength for one thing, and an inability to follow orders unquestioningly for another. And I wonder why Little Pince doesn't listen to me....wonder where on earth he gets it?  :goofygrin:

I'll go along with you kaykay on the weight thing -- I'm generally happy I guess, although I really should lose a few. I can tell I need to because I am really stretching it to fit into my Civil War dresses for my once-a-year "living history" foray (which is coming up in two weeks.) I've invested a lot of money into outfits that are made to fit your waist like a second skin to begin with, so there is NO extra room in there. Since Little Pince, I can still get into them (well, all except one) but it is something of a struggle, and not very comfortable. Sigh... I suppose I should go check again to be sure I can still fasten the hooks before the weekend comes... ***is NOT looking forward to this test***

OK, so Tuesday night at 9:00pm Eastern U.S. time is when the episode of "The Amazing Race" airs which may have Mr. Pince in it. I have put a link on my profile page which shows his picture, in case anybody wants to look for him! He will be a Union officer, and was standing very near the Union flagbearer during the filming.


kaykay1970 - Oct 2, 2005 4:02 pm (#855 of 2980)

Madame Pince Your living history foray reminds me of some friends of ours. Actually it is my oldest daughter's best friend's family. The father always does these civil war reinactments. He used to be the tour guide/park ranger at Shiloh National Park. They attend some kind of ball every year where they must dress in civil period costumes.

My daughter has a field trip to Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch on Friday. They are visiting the museum. I don't know if they are having their civil war reinactment this week-end but that is generally when they try to schedule school trips. Last time I went with my son Loretta Lynn actually came out and visited the children. Of course none of them knew who she was but we parents really enjoyed it.


Denise P. - Oct 2, 2005 4:51 pm (#856 of 2980)

Since this town was occupied by the Yankees for most of the Civil War, we obviously have a lot of Civil War reinactors around. Fort Donelson is right by here and they have a fairly decent sized "battle" each year. We had a group come talk to our Cub Scouts last year, it was very cool. They brought hardtack for us to try and it was very interesting for the parents to talk to the woman who was with them. Down near Nashville, they have even larger battles during the year.

I have friends active in SCA but their time period is Italian Renaissance.


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 2, 2005 6:32 pm (#857 of 2980)

They do a lot of Civil War reinacting in my area, as well, since I'm not that far from Gettysburg. I know a couple who were into it who got married in Civil War regalia. I'm also fairly certain, although I'm no buff, that the Confederate Army marched right by where I live on their way to Gettysburg. They approached from the north, if I remember correctly.


Mrs. Sirius - Oct 2, 2005 9:22 pm (#858 of 2980)

The best way to see your weight is in stones. When I was in London I didn't mind getting on a scale, I weighed about 9 1/2 stones,(that is the heaviest I had ever been). My height is scary, I think I am either 172 or 176 centimeters.

Oh saw the GoF that aired tonight, no spoiler here but it was really cool. It was a bonus because I just happened to walk into the room and the television was on.


The giant squid - Oct 3, 2005 1:02 am (#859 of 2980)

Okay, for the Metric folks: I am about 163 cm tall (5'6") and weighed about 43kg when trying to enter the military and top out around 50kg now. I normally describe myself as "freakishly thin", although I don't look abnormal or anything. Maybe I just have hollow bones like a bird or something... And yes, the reactions you've all had ar the norm. I usually hear "I haven't weighed that since 5th grade!" a lot. How many (weight) pounds to one stone? I can really mess with people then...

Lina/Kate, I hope you & the rest of the family get well soon.

I've never seen an actual Civil War reenactment (not a lot of Civil War activity in North Dakota...and they don't usually reenact Custer's Last Stand for some reason ). I did however see an old Jeff Foxworthy Show episode where they decided to go "off script" and whup the Yankees' asses for once. That sounds like what I'd end up trying to do...if you're going to all the trouble, why not shake things up a little?



Snuffles - Oct 3, 2005 1:29 am (#860 of 2980)

Hey all!!

Haven't been able to get onto the Forum for a week, and 197 posts to read! I have skimmed alot so I apologise if I miss anything. Happy birthday to all celebrating, and cheering charms to anyone who needs them.

I would like to say welcome back Phoenix Song, I am so glad you are ok and I hope you get your home repaired as quickly as possible.

I did read the posts about peoples weight but I have absolutely no comment to make about my own!!!!

Happy Monday everyone.



CatherineHermiona - Oct 3, 2005 2:09 am (#861 of 2980)

Well, looking at your weights/heights makes me feel tall and fat because I'm 175.5 cm tall and my weight is 70 kilos now (AND I DON'T LOOK FAT!).



Marie E. - Oct 3, 2005 5:40 am (#862 of 2980)

Of course you're not fat, Kate. Don't compare yourself to my brother, please. He is "freakishly thin". Sadly, I was also until I hit puberty. I remember wearing girls size 7 pants when I was ten years old. I didn't hit 50 lbs until third grade (about eight and a half years old). My daughter Shayla has the "thin" gene now. She's eight and a half and only 53 lbs at 4ft 2inches. She and my six year old can almost share clothes.

Finn, I got to watch the filming of the 90's movie Now and Then. They filmed in Savannah, GA and in Statesboro, GA. My brother and I were living in Statesboro at the time. I saw part of the sewer drain rescue scene and a scene where they are riding their bikes up to the lbrary steps. I imagine in NYC you see a lot more movies being filmed.


Ydnam96 - Oct 3, 2005 5:44 am (#863 of 2980)

Oh to have been ever "freakishly thin"...

Alas, that is not my burden. My problem is I like food and I hate exercise. It's okay though. I can handle it.

So I'm up sick, again. (I was feeling better yesterday and went to a birthday party and probably overdid it) Bleh. But at least I have the forum to brighten me up while I'm awake!!

Have a great day everyone. I'm gonna try and go back to sleep.


Ladybug220 - Oct 3, 2005 6:30 am (#864 of 2980)

Hi all! I saw Serenity this weekend and it was really good. And this comes from someone that doesn't normally watch sci-fi stuff. Also, they showed the trailer for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and it looks like it is going to be great! I had seen the trailer online but it was nice to see it on the big screen. That will be one that I have to see in the theater - along with Harry Potter, of course!

Well, must pretend to work. Have a great day everyone!


kaykay1970 - Oct 3, 2005 6:31 am (#865 of 2980)

Kate You are not fat, you are healthy. Like I said before I had health problems when I was "freakishly thin." I was very anemic growing up which caused me to have alot of problems. I only gained about 18 pounds with my second child. I had to take 5 iron tablets a day which was not fun. Then my boy had to take iron supplements until he was 2. He is still freakishly thin, but he is healthy. He weighs 100 pounds and is 5'6".

I am so upset with my hubby. He is diabetic. He really overdid it with the sweets this weekend at the Appreciation thing. Last night on the way home from the grocery store he was light-headed and had to let me drive home. When he finally checked his sugar it was in the target zone at 118 but it had been hours since he had eaten. Today is his birthday so I need to cook a special meal. I am consulting the diabetic cookbook for ideas.


Snuffles - Oct 3, 2005 7:25 am (#866 of 2980)

Just read that in Hello magazine, Alan Rickman has been voted September's most attractive man.

He won with over 5000 votes, me thinks some forum members *cough* Gina, Choices *cough* must have voted a few times!!!! Hee hee!



Madam Pince - Oct 3, 2005 7:29 am (#867 of 2980)

Mandy, your Legos look so cool!

Ladybug, I am so excited to see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! I haven't see a trailer yet -- it never occurred to me to look online (Duh! If it wasn't for the Forum, I'd probably never have see a GoF one yet either! )

Vlad, you are correct -- at the battle of Gettysburg, the Confederate army approached the town from the north, while the Federal army approached from the south. Kind of backwards, but it fits if you follow where their campaigns had been, etc. I used to do about five or six re-enactments a year (I was in a Civil War wedding once as an attendant), but lately I've only been doing the one, although Mr. Pince does more. I love them -- it is so fun to step back in time. Camping out under the stars (well, I do have a tent), cooking over a campfire using only things that were available during our time period, it's all very cool. And wearing a corset really isn't all that bad -- it just reminds you that during your "regular" life, you probably aren't sitting/standing up with your back straight like your Mother taught you to. My back usually aches a little at the end of a long day wearing a corset. Next year we hope to start taking Little Pince. I am toying with the idea of taking him this time, but I'm afraid he still doesn't "Stop!" quickly enough when I need him to, when there are dangerous things like firepits and horses and things around. He looks so cute in his little outfit, though! (***keep repeating to self: "He is not a dress-up doll; he is not a dress-up doll"***)


kaykay1970 - Oct 3, 2005 10:43 am (#868 of 2980)

I shared this story on another web site and thought I would share with you all as well. Bear in mind that this was not funny at the time it happened.I was totally in tears.

My 2 year old son got his head seriously stuck in between the legs of one of my bar stools. This stool has added braces that hook between the legs thus creating an opening that one should think twice about sticking ones head through. Ok. Had he stuck his head into the opening from outside the stool I probably could have pulled him right out. This, however is not his style. He was "inside the stool,"as in in-between the four legs and stuck his head out through the opening. There was absolutely no way to position him to pull him back out. It looked like some kind of bizarre contortionist act gone terribly awry. I lay the bar stool down while my 11 year old held his head in the most comfortable position possible. I grabbed the hack saw which is not ideal for cutting wood but was handy because we had been working on the bathroom plumbing. Besides that it was much safer than the power circular saw that 14 year old son suggested (and people wonder why I don't trust my children to babysit). I started cutting the baby out while 14 year old ran around yelling, "Get the Skill saw, Get the Skill saw." Yeah right, I would like for the baby to come out of this with all his limbs attached, thank you very much! Anyway, once he was free I promptly tossed the bar stools from my home. I kept the little brace piece and put it in his "baby memory box."


Thora - Oct 3, 2005 11:01 am (#869 of 2980)

Oh, man! That must have been awful. I've gotten the kids heads out of tight spots by thinking reverse birth-crown last, but with the kid inside the stool I think i'd have sacrificed the stool too.

My son just broke the lid to the toilet. Looks like it will be cheaper to replace the whole tank than the lid.... and my sister has my car and my husband is out of town.

St. Mungo's here I come...



haymoni - Oct 3, 2005 11:03 am (#870 of 2980)

Kay - that is funny.

My mother-in-law often tells this story of one of my husband's mishaps. She was a teacher and at some point during the day, the principal came on the PA system in her room and told her that she had an emergency at home. (Why they couldn't come and knock on the door and tell her this is beyond me.) The principal said what the emergency was, but it sounded so far-fetched that she didn't believe him and decided to leave rather than clarify with him. (An aide came over until the principal could come down.)

When she got home, she found that my husband, who was about 4 at the time, had gotten his foot stuck inside a bongo drum. The babysitter was an older woman who was just beside herself. Everytime she went to move my husband's foot, he would scream - it was really wedged in there. And she didn't want to break the bongo drum to release the foot in case it was some important family heirloom.

Needless to say, the bongo drum was destroyed. My husband is now 41 and everytime he sees a set of bongo drums, he can hear his mother saying, "Now don't put your foot in it!"


Viola Intonada - Oct 3, 2005 2:06 pm (#871 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Kip Carter Oct 3, 2005 4:15 pm

LOL, I love all of the stories today.

Thora, you are always welcome to join us in St. Mungo's on the Harry Potter Lexicon FanFiction Forum.

Madame Pince, what do you mean by "he's not a dress up doll"? Of course he is. It is one of the fringe benefits of being a parent. At least, that is what I always tell my kids when I dress them up in stuff they don't want to wear. Isn't that one of our main motivations for having children? That and being able to play with all of the toys we didn't have as children (such as Harry Potter Legos).

edit:  Added links to both St. Mungo's and the FanFiction Forum. – Kip


Chemyst - Oct 3, 2005 5:27 pm (#872 of 2980)

Viola, I'm right there with you on the fringe benefits of the dress-up doll stuff – and it includes hairstyles as well as clothes  ... and playing with toys.

We didn't have any civil war battle grounds near us where I grew up in Ohio, but my best friend's house had once been part of the Underground Railroad. (Hm, I never though about it like this before, but it was a little like Harry's cupboard under the stairs.) They had a pantry closet which had a fake back that opened to a little secret room under the stairway. Her mom didn't like us to play there; she was afraid we might get stuck...
(The Underground Railroad, for those of you who may not be up on US history, was not a set of tracks, but a loose network of people who would hide and assist runaway slaves who tried to escape to Canada. A secret room would be a safe place to spend the night.)

Thora, is the broken toilet in the house you are trying to sell? What a bummer. He should have broken it sooner so you could have enjoyed a new throne for awhile.


Stephanie M. - Oct 3, 2005 8:22 pm (#873 of 2980)

Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone who is celebrating the Jewish New Year!

I'm very tired at the moment. This day has been VERY long!

Nighty Night!


The giant squid - Oct 3, 2005 11:22 pm (#874 of 2980)

Kate, definitely do not use me as a guideline...70kg sounds about right for your height. Let me put it this way: my doctor was actually surprised that I wasn't malnourished. I'm getting all my vitamins (without taking supplements), my heart & other organs are healthy and strong, I'm just...skinny. It boggles his mind. Poor doctors, they just aren't happy unless you're sick enough to put his next kid through college. He did say I have high cholesterol, but I think that's just spite.

Thora, it does seem sometimes that it's cheaper to replace the whole thing than just one part, doesn't it? I don't know why, we're saving them the labor cost of assembly... As for toilets, has anyone else notices that the flush assembly only breaks when you really really need to flush something...?



dizzy lizzy - Oct 4, 2005 12:04 am (#875 of 2980)

Hi all! I don't really have much going on. I've been a bit out of sorts lately - hayfever - and it has been quite hot here so early on and I've been a lot more unfortable than normal with the early heat.

I got bored last week and went back to my local library for some books. It looks as though they had been on a spending spree as there were some new books there to read (kids books at that).

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!



haymoni - Oct 4, 2005 5:38 am (#876 of 2980)

Chemyst - where in Ohio??? How cool to have a secret room in your house!

Hope all is well with everyone.

Happy Tuesday!

We government workers have a long weekend coming up, so I have something to look forward to. (Columbus Day - October 10)


Loopy Lupin - Oct 4, 2005 5:43 am (#877 of 2980)

I started cutting the baby out while 14 year old ran around yelling, "Get the Skill saw, Get the Skill saw."-- Kaykay1970

Use the taser! The taser!

Just teasing Kaykay. Look on the bright side, that piece of wood will be worth 100's of stories now.


Marie E. - Oct 4, 2005 5:49 am (#878 of 2980)

Wow, and I thought the story where Lexie stuck Apple Jacks up her nose was a good one.


Denise P. - Oct 4, 2005 6:03 am (#879 of 2980)

I have a good kid story. Years ago, when one of mine (who remain nameless) was about 11 or so, we were on vacation. We were visiting my parents and decided to go to the beach. I told the kids to put on their swimsuits under their clothes before we left the house. We got to the beach and we were wrangling all the cousins from the parking lot to the beach. Now my kids had never been to the ocean before and let me tell you, despite what you see on TV, northern CA water is COLD. The only time it is not is if by some freak chance, there is no cloud cover and the sun is shining...doesn't happen often. I looked out at the child in question, frolicking in the surf, and noticed something odd about her. I asked my mom if she noticed anything odd and we called the child over to us. She came prancing up, wet and with her underwear on top of her swimsuit! She promptly got them off and I asked her what possessed her to wear them over her swim suit. "You told me to put my swimsuit on under my clothes!!" …sigh …  Not the brightest crayon in the box....


kaykay1970 - Oct 4, 2005 8:53 am (#880 of 2980)

That is a great story Denise. I bet you have about a million. Some of my least favorite kid stories include fingerpainting with diaper contents and the dangers of heavy ceramic toilet seats when potty training boys. I do have one other great one though. One of my children discovered that he could now open the bathroom door. He gets in the tub,turns on the hot water which is quickly absorbed into his diaper. By the time my husband grabbed him he was bouncing up and down saying,"Hot boody, hot boody!"


Elanor - Oct 4, 2005 9:22 am (#881 of 2980)

I loved reading your stories everybody! I have one that you may find funny too, though it didn't make my Mom laugh at all when it happened.

When my brother Luc was about 4, he was playing outside with two friends while parents were talking inside the house (there were a lot of people as it was a family reunion). Everyone was thinking that others were actually watching after the kids, who were quietly drawing with marker pens an uncle had lent them to have a bit of peace. But it seems that, after some time, they found that drawing on paper was actually boring and decided to try their skills on a white car's coachwork parked in the yard... When someone finally realised no-one was with them, it was too late: there were little men drawn everywhere on the car amongst suns, trees, etc... They sort of tried to say they didn't do it at first but as they had written their names all around the car too (which was the only thing they knew how to write then)... It took the parents quite a moment before realising the pens were indeed indelebile...

I hope you're having a great day! Here, it is a damp and rather cold one (10°C / 50°F this afternoon), with a chilly mist that would be enough to depress a Dementor! I hope your day is sunnier wherever you are.


PS: I just love reading the posts on the happy birthday Lexicon thread! Each time, it makes me nodding thinking "that's so true", "me too!" or "it's beautiful" and makes me want to hug everybody here. So: ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))


Thora - Oct 4, 2005 9:25 am (#882 of 2980)

Denise, that is too funny. I was about the same age when I had a similar experience. I wrapped up my underwear in my towel so I didn't have to wear my wet swimming suit home. I wrapped it very tight (you know the whole fold in 3rds, roll and tuck the flap thing) but I guess it wasn't tight enough to survive the gleeful "we're going swimming" toss of all the towels in the air. Yup panties 15 feet high for all to see.

Ever notice how redheads blush so powerfully?

Anyhow, it's the tank lid that's broken. I searched and searched for a replacement and the only 3 available in the whole USA are rose, blue, and bone. The original is white..... so I spent the 33 bucks on the bone one.... I mean what was I supposed to do? I just hope it makes it here in one piece or I might just cry.

My son didn't hold the honors of "most aggravating thing done on Oct 3, 2005" for very long. His big sister apparently didn't like him getting all the negative attention, so instead of getting ready for bed she STUCK POPCORN KERNELS IN HER EARS!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. The first two rolled right out. The third took a bit of gravity and earlobe wiggling. The fourth took considerably longer. Thankfully I'm spatially minded and knew we had another popcorn kernel length before her eardrum so we got it out very carefully. But MY LAND!!!

It will be interesting to see if doll house climbing, my toothbrush dunked in the exposed toilet tank, and a cut from the toilet lid are the worst for today... sigh, chuckle. Motherhood.

There is a church about 30 miles from here that was part of the underground railroad. My husband said it had an underground tunnel that spans the last few miles to Lake Erie to catch the boat to Canada.

Oh, and Kip, thanks for your constant vigilance and expert linking.



kaykay1970 - Oct 4, 2005 10:35 am (#883 of 2980)

Ydnam, I have been worrying about little James. Can you give us an update?


Madam Pince - Oct 4, 2005 1:12 pm (#884 of 2980)

Oh, Thora, you've had a yucky time of it! So sorry! But just remember that someday it will seem funny (I hope -- that's what everyone keeps telling me, anyway...)

Elanor, I've heard some pretty bad "kid coloring on inappropriate surface" stories, but I think yours takes the cake. That's an expensive art canvas!

We had a near miss today -- Little Pince decided to get out his paints (which I had thought were safely locked away in the closet) and started painting with bright red. Somehow, the entire paintbrush got covered with paint, along with both hands and a good part of his arm. I discovered it when he had already come through the living room, past the new sofa, down the hallway, and into the bathroom where he announced that he needed to "clean." Clean what? I asked. "Clean me!" So I came running in and found the evidence. But praise be, he had managed to not touch anything on his way to the bathroom, and miraculously nothing had dripped either, although he was absolutely coated. Whew! We were lucky this time....


Viola Intonada - Oct 4, 2005 2:50 pm (#885 of 2980)

This year's preschool class says some of the funniest things. We have started keeping a log of quotes to share with the parents later in the year.

Last week the kids were coloring apples according to our specific directions. Most had finished and gone to the play area, one of the students still working said, "Hello, I need some help here. I'm only 4, not 5." The inflections in this kids voice was just priceless.

This week, one student explained why he was talking when he wasn't supposed to be, "Well, I was talking, because, well because I have to breath." It was taking everything we had not to burst out laughing.


Lina - Oct 4, 2005 3:08 pm (#886 of 2980)

Thank you everybody for your good charms. They worked. Mihaela went to the daycare today and Kate is going to school tomorrow. Hubby is still recovering. Veronika (the "freakishly thin") seemed as if she will be sick too, but she didn't at the end and I don't have the time to be sick anyway.

I must say that some of your kid stories did hurt to read , so I will go back to the weight debate. Lucky you, Madam Pince, you have a good reason to take care of your weight at least once a year. I always delay it and I'm happy if the weight is not going up. Actually, with two kids who don't like to eat, I'm quite happy with Kate. Veronika (11 years, 5'1" - 155 cm, 68 Lbs - 31 kg) is the one who makes the most problems. She has a waist of a 7 year old and legs long as at least a 13 year old. Now be clever and buy her some clothes! It was really cute at the time that everybody was wearing tights and she mostly had the clothes that her sister already used, she tried to persuade me that what I gave her were not the tights. Yeah right! Once she put both legs in one hose and couldn't figure out what is the other hose for?

Yet, I would like to have a white car and wander in the neighborhood of your family reunion, Audry. I've always wanted to have a car painted in flowers. When you get a new car it is a pity to paint it and when the car is old enough, the painting is more expensive than the car is worth. This way I would get it painted for free!

I like your avatar, Mandy!

Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone who is celebrating the Jewish New Year! (even though belated)


Ydnam96 - Oct 4, 2005 3:40 pm (#887 of 2980)

Actually, I was about to do an update on James! I got an email saying he is home, having been through his first batch of chemo and blood transfusion. He is eating tons of food, they think it is a side effect of the Prednisone he is on. He is doing well, but they believe that is because this was the first round. Their spirits are high and they are being very hopeful. He has more appointments this week so I'm sure we'll get another update soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts! They are appreciated.

I've been super busy with work lately, so nothing too exciting to post. Although I can say that as a child I stuck a Kix so far up my nose that my parents had to take me to the ER. Haha. Not so funny at the time I guess.

I'm off to take a nap, I have a night full of work ahead and I'm sure tired. Have a great day everyone.

For all those Celebrating Rosh Hashanah enjoy your apples and honey. MMMMMMM


timrew - Oct 4, 2005 3:42 pm (#888 of 2980)

Ydnam......good luck to James..........

And to all our Jewish people on the Forum, Happy New Year!!!!


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 4, 2005 4:22 pm (#889 of 2980)

Madam Pince, I did some research (which is rare, believe me) and discovered that a town in my area actually surrendered to the Confederate army, which, come to think of it, explains the color of the uniforms of the reinactors. All these years I just thought they were dusty from camping out on a softball infield. Perhaps I will become a Civil War buff after Harry Potter ends.

Denise, you have a lot of kids. It goes without saying that some of them will get their intelligence from your husband.

Giant Squid, didn't you, or at least your wife, hang out with the band Poison at some point. The lead singer happens to be from the same town that surrendered.

Edit: That is meant as a compliment to you, Denise, not an insult to your husband.


Denise P. - Oct 4, 2005 5:06 pm (#890 of 2980)

Not to worry Sam, she is not related by blood to either of us Same child, same trip....we were in a hotel and she wanted to bunk on the floor in a sleeping bag. She decided she wanted to put her head under the air conditioning unit in the window, it was low. We suggested a different space since we saw the writing on the wall. Child disagreed and insisted on sleeping there. Okay, you have to learn sometime that parents do occasionally know what they are talking about. In the morning, we got up and woke up sleeping child. "Nameless Child, it is time to get up" It was followed by a loud THUNK as she sat up and banged her head into the bottom of the unit and then a really, low pathetic crying. (She was unhurt, more embarassed than anything) Same child got her arm stuck between a pew and a wall during church services, right at a point when it is really impolite to get up. I can go on, she hates hearing these stories and yet, every silly kid story involves her LOL I can't wait until she gets engaged some day and we can trot all these out!

Mandy, good news on James. Prednisone will make people eat like hogs and it makes them puffy too.


Carolyne Zurack - Oct 4, 2005 5:22 pm (#891 of 2980)

hey finn! i finally got my account working!!! now can you explain how everything else works? lol jk.....


kaykay1970 - Oct 4, 2005 5:25 pm (#892 of 2980)

Thanks for the update on James. Glad to hear he is doing well.


Carolyne Zurack - Oct 4, 2005 5:43 pm (#893 of 2980)

what is a bezoar?


Ydnam96 - Oct 4, 2005 5:45 pm (#894 of 2980)

Well, it is a stone found in the belly of a goat and it is an antidote to most poisons.


T Brightwater - Oct 4, 2005 5:58 pm (#895 of 2980)

Hi all, I'm back! Had a great time out on the West Coast and three good concerts with the quartet; we're all still speaking to each other after over a week together, so that bodes well. Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 1003735042 Next year in Milano! (and maybe somewhere in Croatia!)

Happy birthday to all I missed, welcome back to Barbie, best of luck to all affected by hurricanes, and welcome Natalie Grace/Baby Puck and all new members!

I'll reach the 4-dozen mark on Monday. I don't feel that old, but I finally figured out what I should have said to the guy in Trader Joe's who asked me for my driver's license: "Oh, I'm not eligible for the senior discount yet!"

Go White Sox! (I'm officially a Cubs fan but I like the Sox too. Both Soxes, actually, but when a hometown team is in the playoffs all other loyalties are suspended.)


Finn BV - Oct 4, 2005 5:58 pm (#896 of 2980)

Great stories, everybody! And some of them a little weird… LOL.

Hey Carolyne! Everybody, this is another friend from school of Steph and mine… there are actually about two more joining just at the moment! Carolyne, please introduce yourself on the -- Tell About Yourself (new) thread.

I see Mandy has answered your question. To get started around the forum, you might want to clear all the news posts by clicking the Mark as Read button in the teal bar, and then start looking at all the discussions!

Edit: Both Soxes, actually, but when a hometown team is in the playoffs all other loyalties are suspended. --T Brightwater

Aha, both Soxes for me too but when Boston is playing is to them I am partial. ::evilgrin:: And with that…… welcome back T Brightwater!


Viola Intonada - Oct 4, 2005 6:56 pm (#897 of 2980)

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw Mr. Pince on TV tonight on "Amazing Race". I have never watched "Amazing Race" before, was flipping through the channels and thought, "Hey I'll watch for a little while" they were navigating around Washington, DC. Before I knew it, they were at a battlefield reenactment of a Civil War Battle. Then the light bulb flashed on and I watched more intently.

Hey, they just showed a close up! Can I have Mr. Pince's autograph?


Denise P. - Oct 4, 2005 7:52 pm (#898 of 2980)

Madam Pince, was that Mr. Pince, right near the end, showed a Union Soldier yelling? It was a shot of just him? Since I only heard Mr. Pince giving me a bad time , not yelling, I can't be sure. I am about to go Tivo slo-mo to take a better look.

And darn I was hoping the second to last team was going to be the ones to be booted.

Okay, I just slo-mo'd it and I would put money on the fact it is Mr. Pince. My Tivo shows it at the 54 minute mark into the show. I put on the CC but it didn't caption what was being yelled... Maybe "Keep it up!!"?

Edit: Since Viola also thinks it was Mr. Pince, I think we are correct!! Way to go Mr. Pince Smile


Finn BV - Oct 4, 2005 8:05 pm (#899 of 2980)

Well I didn't watch it since I don't really watch TV in general, but way to go Mr. Pince!

And do I want to hear the Mr. Pince and Denise story or is that something for another time??


Denise P. - Oct 4, 2005 8:12 pm (#900 of 2980)

No real story At the first PA Gathering, Mr. Pince took in the group and quickly realized that he could hassle me without upsetting me. You have to like that in a person, that they will do that. You know what I mean, good natured harrassment with a lot of humor behind it...Mr. Pince was not being ugly. A lot of spouses at events that are like that feel out of place, Mr. Pince waded right in and had no trouble holding his own. You should ask Madam Pince to tell the story of the pilfered banner....it may still be archived somewhere. Hee hee hee
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Finn BV - Oct 4, 2005 8:35 pm (#901 of 2980)

Oh, dear. "Pilfered banner?" When I am less tired in the morning hopefully I will have forgotten… **secretly goes off to press "search" button**


Madam Pince - Oct 4, 2005 11:15 pm (#902 of 2980) Reply
Edited by Kip Carter Oct 4, 2005 11:57 pm

Ha Denise! Yes, that story is still archived. Finn, if you want to check it out, go to the archived threads, then I think it's called "Pennsylvania Forum Gathering" or something similar. You could start reading the posts from about mid-June on I think (wasn't it June 15th or something that we had the party?) There's pictures on there, too, that Denise posted -- you have to go to the link and it takes you to some photo site. Anyways.... yeah, Mr. Pince is a pretty good sport. And although he wasn't quite as obsessed fascinated by the Potter Universe as most of us there were, he was still pretty interested. And he does love the movies, and pesters me to keep him up to date on the books.

So....yes, Viola and Denise, you have sharp eyes! That was indeed Mr. Pince in tonight's Amazing Race! He was actually yelling "Keep it hot!" (encouraging the guys to pour volleys into the opposing line.) He was in two other quick scenes earlier, too -- the show really did a lot of quick cuts, so it's hard to pick anyone out unless you know what you're looking for (which, of course, you two did!) We were so excited that he got a pretty good close up, and actually got some of his "dialogue" heard on air! We were whooping and high-fiving each other like a couple of idiots. There were a lot of our good friends who got some "face time" too (like the two guys at the mat at the Pit Stop.) It's just so cool to see people you know on TV!! I mean, as long as the show isn't Cops or something.......

Vlad, if you do decide to follow up on your Civil War research, let me know. I'm sure Mr. Pince would have lots of websites to direct you to and suggestions for books. I could, too, but the majority of my research has been directed towards either ladies' clothing and accessories of the mid-1800's, or cooking, or Victorian etiquette, none of which I'd guess is your area of interest.... Living near Gettysburg as you do, you could find lots of neat things to delve into, I bet!

OK, so that was Mr. Pince's 5 seconds of national TV network exposure. As I told Denise earlier, autographed 8 X 10's will be available on a first-come, first-served basis -- they will undoubtedly be quite valuable after next year's Emmys. Chat & Greetings 2005 - Page 8 464751818

Welcome back, T Brightwater! And Mandy, I am so glad to hear James' treatments are going well -- we're still thinking about him and hoping for all good things for him.

 Finn, the story is on the June 6, 2004 post from Madam Pince  and the link for Denise's photos are a few messages later. – Kip


The giant squid - Oct 4, 2005 11:29 pm (#903 of 2980)

Wow, and I thought the story where Lexie stuck Apple Jacks up her nose was a good one.--Marie E.

My favorite "Lexie" story goes like this:

on phone with Marie
MARIE: Lexie, do you want to say hi to Uncle Mike?"
LEXIE: (to me) I swallowed a dime.

She then said she was doing fine, liked school, and handed the phone back to Mommy. Marie & I spent the next 15 minutes laughing at long-distance rates...

Giant Squid, didn't you, or at least your wife, hang out with the band Poison at some point. The lead singer happens to be from the same town that surrendered.--I Am Used Vlad

Yes, the wife used to hang out with SoCal bands around that time. She was more friends with Rikki, though. He was the "normal" one.



Marie E. - Oct 5, 2005 5:49 am (#904 of 2980)

I forgot that Lexie had swallowed a dime. How funny! There was the time she was in the ER for Nursemaid's Elbow (tendon on the elbow that often slips off in children under five) and she kept screaming "Daddy broke my arm!". The summer Shayla was two she had stitches in her head three times. Actually it was stitches twice and staples once. I thought after the third time they would come take her away.

Yesterday it was about 80 here and tonight they are predicting snow. I am so not ready for wintery weather to start. Lexie doesn't even have a new winter coat yet, though it's not because of Slacker Mom issues. She is very picky about what coat she wants. It can't be "puffy". She'd rather go all winter in a thin fleece jacket, but I'm afraid that won't cut it here. We're trying to find a balance between "puffy" and lightweight fleece. She may have to wear last year's coat for today.


kaykay1970 - Oct 5, 2005 6:10 am (#905 of 2980)

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 64 today. I have added my son's 4-H speech that he wrote the year Daddy died to my personal introduction. It is a good tribute to his birthday. I replaced names with a "?" but I think you can get the gist of it. Obviously my son shares his first name with Daddy.

Marie you should definitely keep Shayla away from my son. He has had stitches above his eye 3 times. He broke a pinky at a baseball game and his pointer finger with a basketball! No doubt he would teach your daughter how to skateboard down the slide!


Madam Pince - Oct 5, 2005 6:28 am (#906 of 2980)

kaykay, that tribute to your Dad is absolutely beautiful. And what a great kid your son is to have penned such a wonderful thing! It sounds like he is well-deserving of sharing the name of such a great man. Hope you have a good day today.

Mike and Marie, that is a great story about Lexie and the dime! It's those matter-of-fact statements that are the funniest, aren't they? (Well, I'd love to have seen Marie's face while Lexie was screaming "Daddy broke my arm!" though...)

dizzy lizzy, what breed is your Lucy in your avatar? She looks just like my Annie, who also sleeps in that position a lot too! How cute!

Edit to Finn: I do wear my glasses most of the time nowadays rather than the contacts I had on at the picnic. They look sort of like Tina Fey's on "Saturday Night Live," if that helps...


Finn BV - Oct 5, 2005 6:39 am (#907 of 2980)

I forgot that Lexie had swallowed a dime. –Marie

Excellent. The first step in parenting.

Kip, thanks for the link. My goodness, the images I had of you all before are so different to those of after! I think I'll continue thinking of Madam Pince as glasses and Denise as… all of her children.

Kaykay, have a great day today. We will be thinking of you. Incidentally, do you call your son Skip? I learned last night that kids who are named after their grandfather but do not share their name with their grandfather's child can be called "Skip" (just like somebody who looks just like their dad is called "Chip" because of the expression "chip off the old block"; and somebody who is a "third" of the name (e.g., John Smith, III) is "Tray").

Happy New Year to the Jewish forumers, and thank goodness they go to my school or I wouldn't have today off!


Denise P. - Oct 5, 2005 6:50 am (#908 of 2980)

I can imagine Marie's face as Lexie is yelling her dad broke her arm, horrified stunned disbelief. Now, you can't even joke about stuff like that without it being looked into to be sure that the child is not being abused. After one of my kids fell and bashed a cheek on a stero speaker, my dad encouraged them to tell people that Mr. Denise did it. I gave him a stern talking to about that and said it is not funny and people WILL believe it.

My 8 year old was doing a Black Beauty re-write that she called The Devil Horse. At one point, poor ole DH makes the statement that he thinks his miserable life will end in less than a year. (His mom died earlier, poor Devil Horse). A sub read Kaity's story and the next thing I know is I am getting a call from the school who is concerned about the dark, depressing tone in her story and they wanted to be sure Kaity was not writing metaphorically about herself! She wasn't,  and had no idea why her story caused an uproar. When I explained to her that sometimes people will write a story with characters but they are actually talking about themselves, she looked at me like I suddenly grew an eye in the middle of my forehead. "Mom, if I had a problem, I would tell you or another adult." Ah, so  logical at such a young age but it is good to know she would tell someone.

I do find it ironic that she has easy, free access to read a series of books that are dark and depressing (Series of Unfortunate Events) and it is okay but she writes a story with a single line that is depressing and I get a phone call


Stephanie M. - Oct 5, 2005 7:02 am (#909 of 2980)

Hello everyone! I haven't been on as much in the past 2 days because I have been extremely busy. Monday night I had a Rosh Hashanah sader (I'm half Jewish but I celebrated with my fully Jewish family on my dad's side. I don't have any Jewish family from my mom's side) and that was after school on Monday so I was completely wiped out when I got home. Then yesterday I went to one of my friend's houses and we hung out for most of the day. Then I went home and e-mailed a few people and then went to dinner with my grandparents.

I missed Mr. Pince! I was at dinner and came back pretty late and I forgot to tape it! Well, I'm very glad that he had a close enough shot that you could here what he was saying!!

Kaykay, I hope you have a wonderful day today. What your son wrote was abosultly beautiful!

Mandy, I'm glad James is doing well! I will still be thinking of him and wishing for the best!

Finn, I have only heard of Chip, but I might have heard of Skip too but I know I haven't heard of Tray... weird.

I'm going to have to look at all of those pictures now!

Have a great day everyone!

Edit: Welcome to the Forum Carolyne!!


pottermom34 - Oct 5, 2005 7:24 am (#910 of 2980)

Talk about funny things kids say. Denise P, my 3yr old, just saw your avatar of the baby and said "hey that's me when I was little." Don't know where she got that from.
My kids haven't had any major accidents to give them stitches yet but I think my 3yr old is trying to give me some. She was having a fiut last nght because I wouldn't let her have a snack. It was 11:00 at nite and she didn't need one. Anyway she was screaming and throwing things. I don't mean justtoys either, she was throwing chairs and toys and anything she could get her hands on she even knocked over the tv trays. What can I say she has a temper. I didn't go through terrible twos too badly with my oldest so I'm making up for it with my youngest.

Glad to hear James is ok.

Sorry, I don't watch Amazing Race so I missed Mr. Pince also. But I have friends that used to participate in civil war re-enactments, I don't know if they still do.

Talk about crazy weather it's supposed to get up to 86 here today and tomorrow it's supposed to drop to the 50s. Michigan weather, gotta love it (I guess).

Off to read more threads


kaykay1970 - Oct 5, 2005 9:32 am (#911 of 2980)

Thanks all for your support today. This time of year is always hard. I have been trying to catch upon some of the posts which helps alot. My son goes by his first name. Incidentally,when I told Dad what I planned to name him he told me I must change his middle name to that of my father-in-law. They were friends since childhood. So he is named after both grandfathers. I guess we would have to call him Skip Skip. Speaking of nick-names though.My daughter is a female version of my husband. She is only 5'1". Her "little" brother is 5'6". She had to use a cushion in driver's ed. to see over the steering wheel. My husband often refers to her as Mini-Me.


Stephanie M. - Oct 5, 2005 10:02 am (#912 of 2980)

I find all of these stories about kids very funny! I have never been to a hospital for stitches or broken bones or anything. I was a pretty safe kid. My sister also has never had stitches or broken bones, but she did sprain her ankle when we were in Canada and we were skiing. There was a sign in French (we take Spanish) and it must have said something along the lines of: DON'T GO DOWN THIS MOUNTAIN! THERE IS ICE! So she went down the mountain anyway and wound up spraining her ankle.

Now for me, I have had LOTS of accidental stab wounds. There was one time where I was lying on my parents’ bed and there must have been a pencil in between my legs. So I put my legs together so I could get off of their bed and the pencil went into the side of my knee. You can still see the graphite in my knee...

Then there was another time when I was in forth grade and I was doing my math homework and my sister wanted to check it over. So she comes over to me to check my math and I didn't want her to check it. So once she headed towards where I was sitting (I was cross legged) I untucked my feet so I could run away from her but she came after me and I accidently kicked her while I was getting away from the sofa. So the power of my kick kind of made her fall on me and to break her fall she put her hand with an orange high lighter on the other side of the knee that had the pencil stab wound and stabbed me with the orange high lighter.

I still have the scars for both of these wounds. The high lighter is not that noticeable, but the pencil wound is noticeable.

Since I'm such a nerdy person, and since I have nothing else to do today ... I have decided to read some of my history reader and read Ramayana A Journey for History. I have also decided that I'm going to read and answer all of the assignments I have to do in the month of October for Science. I think I have decided to do this because I have been so busy during school nights that I have to wake up even earlier than I normally do so I can finish my homework. So I'm going to really get ahead today and this weekend. And I'm going to study this weekend for all of the things I have this upcoming week because I'm going to Penn (University of Pennsylvania, not Pennsylvania University. People seem to mess those two up and I can for the life of me figure out why! ) on Monday for my sister's interview. So I feel very busy right now, but it's unstressful business. It's very refreshing after having been very busy during the week!

Okay time to go read some History!!!!


haymoni - Oct 5, 2005 10:11 am (#913 of 2980)

I cheated in a bike race.

There...I said it.

I was about 10 years old and I cut through an alley and wiped out on my bike. I still have bits of gravel in my knee which is badly scarred. Obviously it served me right!

I have deluded myself into thinking that if I confess this terrible crime over and over again the gravel and scars will disappear from my knee and all will be well.

Nothing has happened yet.


CatherineHermiona - Oct 5, 2005 12:33 pm (#914 of 2980)

Oh, this totally freaked me out, haymoni. I have earned a scar that I still have a year after I earned it!!!!!!!!!!! It still doesn't look good. I know I haven't earned it by cheating on the race, but I was trying to do something with a bike something that I knew I can't because I'm not such a good bike rider.

Today rained a lot and I didn't have any umbrella so I get totally wet. Second time in this SCHOOL year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second time in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never happend to me before until now. First time in my life was when I was 12 and a half, second time in my life was 12 and a half. But I enjoy it when I get totally wet!!!!!!!!!!!



haymoni - Oct 5, 2005 12:49 pm (#915 of 2980)

Not to depress you or anything, Kate, but my scar is here THIRTY years after I earned it!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Oct 5, 2005 12:59 pm (#916 of 2980)

Hey everyone! I have been way too busy lately, but I finally found some time to hop on and check the threads! Boy do I have a ton of posts to read! (I may have to cheat and hit "mark as read" for some )

Happy Belated Bithday to the Lexicon, and to anyone else I may have missed the past week or so.

I've loved reading everyone's silly kid stories. I have one from when I was a little girl. Now it's one of my mother's favorite stories to tell, but at the time she was livid with me! When I was about 5 years old, my mother and I went shopping at Tower City center in downtown Cleveland. We were in a store and I guess I decided I wanted to play hide and seek. Unfortunatly, I didn't think to tell my mother that we were playing, but just ran and hid from her. She began looking for me all over the store, and meanwhile, I was standing alone outside the store, watching her search for me through the window. When she finally found me, after minutes of frantic searching, I was laughing and told her simply, "Mommy, you're not very good at this game." Boy was I in trouble!!!

I hope everyone who's been sick is feeling better!!

So Aaron left for Iraq Saturday night. We went and got out tattoos on Friday, and I just hope he's able to keep his clean and moisturized while he's in the desert!! Now begins the scary countdown to May, when he's supposedly coming home.

I went home to Cleveland this weekend to see and concert with my friend Rachel. It was the Nintendo Fussion Tour and it was an amazing concert. There were five punk bands playing (I'm a huge fan of punk music). The bands were Panic at the Disco, BoysNightOut, Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line, and Fall Out Boy. It was amazing. I'm going out sometime this week to buy all 5 bands' CD's!!

Anyway, I think that's about all there is to tell here, so I'm off to check the threads!!



Lina - Oct 5, 2005 2:20 pm (#917 of 2980)

Kaykay, i would say - what does the name "?" mean to me? Something a mother should really be proud of. I bet you are. A great story!

Denise, I find it very comforting that a school is calling you for a depressing story. It would mean that they actually care about the kid. It is good that they don't have to be concerned, but it is even better that they think that the parent should know everything. (maybe I'm just too obsessed with teachers who don't care) I know a woman who decided to have a second child after her first child's teacher showed her the story he wrote about his mum being so thin and not as beautiful as another teacher who was pregnant.

Happy belated birthday Brightwater! May you have a lot of them more (many returns?) and may I see you almost soon!

Strengthening charms to James!

I had an accident when I was a kid and earned a scar at my chin. Kate had something similar when she was six and had her chin stitched. So, I guess it is hereditary.

Kate, I guess that getting the chicken pox right after the scar is not going to help the scar disappear...

Keeping safe charms for Aaron!


Finn BV - Oct 5, 2005 2:30 pm (#918 of 2980)

Wait, Brightwater, your birthday is approaching, not past, right?   I'll reach the 4-dozen mark on Monday . . .    That would be… the 10th, no? Well happy birthday anyway.

I like how Lina put it so I'll just say the same thing… "keeping safe charms for Aaron."


T Brightwater - Oct 5, 2005 3:00 pm (#919 of 2980)

You're right, Finn, it's this coming Monday. Thanks anyway (you too Lina!)

OK, I'm taking the mask off at last...

Here is my group's website, if anyone's interested. Well, it's not my group as such. "We're an autonomous collective; we haven't got a director!"

Hey, my first link! Woo-hoo!


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 5, 2005 3:38 pm (#920 of 2980)

Madam Pince, I just love 19th century ladies' accessories. Clearly you are misreading me. I like watching the History Channel, but I don't think I have what it takes to become a true buff.

There was a sign in French (we take Spanish) and it must have said something along the lines of: DON'T GO DOWN THIS MOUNTAIN! THERE IS ICE! So she went down the mountain anyway and wound up spraining her ankle. Stephanie

Steph, they should have a sign like that at all ski resorts in the east. I had a similar worry when I was in France. I can't read or speak the language, despite the best efforts of several forum members, and, unlike in our litigation happy society, they're not particularly concerned about your safety on the slopes. I was afraid that I would be unable to read a sign that said something like DANGER: CLIFFS and meet an untimely end. Fortunetly, they had a numerical rating system for avalanche danger.


Julie Aronson - Oct 5, 2005 5:26 pm (#921 of 2980)

Thanks to all for the New Year's wishes!

I won't discuss my own freakish weight issues, but I will say that I'm not unusually thin...

We have a lot of Underground Railroad stops in the Akron-Bath-Richfield area where I live.

I think the oddest thing I stuck up my nose was a peanut.

Congratulations, well-wishes, and hugs to all who need them...now I'm off to outline for Contracts!



The giant squid - Oct 5, 2005 6:11 pm (#922 of 2980)

Marie's daughter Shayla  definitely takes after her uncle... There are places on my skull where the scars have scars! I also still have a nasty think ugly scar on my right knee. I cut it on some glass that was in a dirt pile (I was 13, there was dirt, ergo I played). The cut was probably a good half-inch to an inch deep. The doctor on duty (one of the minuses of going to the military hospital) just put some tape and a band-aid on it & sent me home. Must've been near the end of his shift...



I Am Used Vlad - Oct 5, 2005 6:16 pm (#923 of 2980)

So you've suffered a lot of head injuries, Mike. Why am I not shocked?


dizzy lizzy - Oct 5, 2005 7:10 pm (#924 of 2980)

Madam Pince:

Lucy is apparently a Jack Russell/Maltese cross (but I'm not holding my breath on that) I had been waiting for an hour for that shot. Generally she starts sleeping with her paws away from the garage wall, then rolls onto her back and then "tries" to roll onto her other side and the feet hit the wall and there she stays....

She often does this against my back screen door in Winter (it gets the winter sun), but this is the first time I have been able to catch her at it!

Hope everyone is well



haymoni - Oct 5, 2005 7:48 pm (#925 of 2980)

Hey all!

Just finished watching "The Little Princess" on the Family Channel.

I had forgotten just how rich the colors were. Alfonso did a great job.

We have the Shirley Temple black & white version on DVD.

My 5 year old didn't realize that she was watching the same movie until Sarah called Becky's name. She turned to me and said with that wide-eyed, rapture-filled voice, "This is MY movie!"

I held her and told her that she is my princess.

My eyes kept watering up throughout the whole thing.

Miss Minchin = Petunia I think!!!!


Madam Pince - Oct 5, 2005 8:29 pm (#926 of 2980)

Ha -- "Hello, my name is Haymoni and I cheated in a bike race."

All together now: "Hello, haymoni!"

I had a girlfriend who wrecked her bike on gravel and had gravel bits remaining on the inside of her wrist. It was so gross -- when she would bend her hand backwards, you could see the gravel, and then when her hand was normally positioned, you couldn't see it. Yuck!

lizzy, I guess Lucy isn't the same breed as Annie but from that picture she looks like it! Annie is a yellow lab, and she loves to sleep on her back with her legs all splayed in a very unladylike manner. Ha! Right at his moment however, she is curled very demurely at my feet with her chin resting on her front paws, passing some sort of horrible gas.... I love being a pet owner! They have absolutely no shame!

kaykay, glad your day went well. Little Pince's middle name is named after my father, who passed away in 1988. I wanted it to be his first name, but Mr. Pince (who never knew my Dad, unfortunately) had once known a kid in school by that name, and he couldn't stand the kid, and so he didn't want that for the first name. Personally I thought that was a poor excuse, but I settled for the middle name. If we should ever have a girl, (admittedly unlikely at this point) I get sole control of both names! (Oh, and from another thread -- we should ask the Hosts if "y'all" counts as correct English! It sure does where I come from! A very handy word to express "all of the whole bunch of you who are here.")

I agree with Vlad -- all eastern U.S. ski resorts are pure ice. I don't care if I never go again unless I go to Utah or Colorado or someplace where the powder is lovely and dry...

Jenn, we will be thinking of Aaron and hoping he stays safe. What tattoo did you decide on? Did you get one too? (By the way, LOL on the story of hiding from your Mom!)

Belated Happy Rosh Hashana to everyone!


Ydnam96 - Oct 5, 2005 10:10 pm (#927 of 2980)

Jenn, I would be interested in hearing about your experience if you did get a tatoo...I'm thinking of getting one but I'm a little chicken about the pain...

So I finally went to the doctor today because I'm still sick. I'm now taking some antibiotics so hopefully I'll get better soon. (and I know,I have to finish all of them even if I feel better )

I've been so busy that I haven't even checked the other threads but this one...I'm a forum slacker :hangs head in shame: I'm just to tired at the end of the day.

I'm sad I missed Mr. Pince on the Amazing Race. I was working. That must have been so exciting!


Julie Aronson - Oct 6, 2005 1:09 am (#928 of 2980)


I have a smallish (1") tattoo on my ankle and it didn't hurt much at all. To simulate the sensation, pull a hair out of the lower part of your leg (from your shin or something). That will give you a fairly accurate idea about whether or not you'll be able to handle the pain, such as it is.



Snuffles - Oct 6, 2005 2:40 am (#929 of 2980)


I decided to get a tattoo when I was 18. The pain isn't too bad. The part that did hurt the most was the outline which they do first. The colouring in doesn't hurt at all. As Julie says, try pulling out a hair and that is about on a par. If you can stand leg waxing then you should be ok!!! Thinking about it, leg waxing hurts more!!

Good luck!



haymoni - Oct 6, 2005 5:55 am (#930 of 2980)

I don't want to get a tattoo.

I don't want anything on my body that long!


Eponine - Oct 6, 2005 6:07 am (#931 of 2980)
Edited Oct 6, 2005 6:59 am

Tattoos: It depends on where you get it done. The lower stomach is extremely sensitive, so it hurts a bit more there. When I got mine, it felt like someone was poking me over and over and over with really hot needles. It hurt badly but it was over quickly, and I barely remember the actual pain now. FYI, I was told that the top of your foot is the most painful place to get a tattoo.


Snuffles - Oct 6, 2005 6:32 am (#932 of 2980)

That's true Eponine. Mine is at the top of my leg on the side, so it is just visible if I am wearing a bikini! Lots and lots of flesh so it didn't hurt too much!!

My niece who is 17 keeps saying she wants one, but I keep trying to put her off, how hypocritical am I? !!!



Eponine - Oct 6, 2005 7:04 am (#933 of 2980)

I wanted one since the time I was in junior high. I didn't get mine until I was 22, and by that time I knew that I wasn't going to regret it. I don't think a tattoo is something you should get on a whim. You need to be sure you really really want it.

Yesterday, at the library there was a little boy who had printed out his 'memoirs' (he was 10, what memoirs do they have?) and when I pulled it off the printer I glanced at it. He was talking about going to the beach and how he would just 'lowly gag' all day long. I was tickled by it.


Ydnam96 - Oct 6, 2005 8:23 am (#934 of 2980)

Eponine, that's funny. I would love to "lowly gag" too Smile

I have been thinking of getting a small tattoo for a few years. I had set a date to get one two years ago but I got really sick and couldn't. I was in a different state and now I have to do all the research again (about safe places and such). But I keep getting different stories from people about the pain and that makes me not sure, and I'm thinking until I'm fine with the idea that it might hurt me than some other people I should wait.

Plus, I waver about what I want too Smile

Okay, off to work. Have a good Thursday (is it Thursday already?) everyone.


Elanor - Oct 6, 2005 9:16 am (#935 of 2980)

I never thought of getting a tattoo. Some I've seen are really pretty and look great on their owners but I never felt the need of having one myself. But who knows!

As for scars, I have a nicely shaped one but decency prevents me to tell you where it is, though where it comes from is very simple: when I was about 5, I fell on a beach on sharped pebbles.

Finn, you posted that on the "You know you're a HP fan when..." thread: "what's a name day??

I guess it is a tradition you find only in countries where the catholic church is/was the main one for centuries. If you ever buy a calendar here, you will see that on each day there is the name of a saint put next to the number of the day. For example, today: October 6th, Saint Bruno. More than one saint is often celebrated each day. Most of the time the day is chosen because it was the date of death (or birth) of that saint. For example, St Audrey is celebrated on June 23rd because she (is supposed to) have died on a June 23rd I don't remmeber when in the 7th century.

Those name days, or saint's days, are not any more religious feasts as they were once but each day, when you hear the forecast on TV, the journalist will say something like "and don't forget to celebrate the Brunos tomorrow!". You will find it in every paper too like this: "today 279th day of the year - St Bruno". When it is your name day, when people think of it, they tell you "happy name day" (bonne fête!) and it is sometimes the opportunity to give flowers to your girlfriend or chocolates, etc... In my family, we love name days and always celebrate them: we offer small presents and the one who is "celebrated" has to buy a cake and a bottle to drink with. Lovely tradition I tell you!

Some of those name days are very famous: St Patrick's day in Ireland for example and often, in small villages, the village fete still happens on or near the patron saint's day, and that often goes with all sorts of old traditions, sometimes very cute.

It used to have other uses too. Often, in the past, when people didn't know what name to give to their children, they just named the child after the saint celebrated on his birthday, transforming it so that it became feminine, or masculine if needed. The result was sometimes weird... A poor kid born on November 1rst for example ("All saints day", "Toussaint" in French) would be called Toussaint or Toussaine. Same thing if he/she was born on Christmas, though it is prettier, since he would have been called Noël (Xmas in French), or for a girl: Noëlle, Noëlie, Noëla etc...

Does it answer your question?


CatherineHermiona - Oct 6, 2005 9:30 am (#936 of 2980)

And sometimes some people are having name days few times in a year. Mine are: 25th November (the one I celebrate),...... Well, I can't remember of them now.



T Brightwater - Oct 6, 2005 10:18 am (#937 of 2980)

Catherine of Alexandria, patroness of scholars - how appropriate! (And the spiked wheel on which she was to have been executed, which was destroyed by angels, gives its name to a type of firework, the catherine-wheel. See, there's an HP connection to everything if you look hard enough!)

I don't know if they still do it, but when I lived in London there would be a big choral service for St. Cecilia's day (Nov. 22, patroness of music) and singers from all the professional choirs would be there.

The eastern (Orthodox & Eastern-rite Catholic) calendar has a lot of different saints and dates - for example, today is St. Thomas the Apostle.


Elanor - Oct 6, 2005 11:38 am (#938 of 2980)

T Brightwater, Ste Cécile (St Cecilia) is also the patroness of music here and there are special services in the churches with a lot of music for her saint's day on November 22 too. BTW, it is great to "see" you here again! I'm glad everything went well for you!

Catherine, my calendar says the other St Catherine's day is April 29 (it is St Catherine of Sienne's day) but I think that, here as well, Catherines are more celebrated on November 25.

One thing I forgot to mention about saints' days is that, in old times, they were reference points in the year: you paid your taxes by St Martin's day (November 11), you picked your medicinal plants on St Jean (John)'s day in June, etc... There were (are!) also a lot of farmers' sayings about weather and cultivation bound to saints'days such as, in your honour Catherine:

A la Sainte Catherine,

tout pousse et prend racine.
(On St Catherine's day, everything grows and puts out roots). Meaning that, around St Catherine's day is the best period of the year for planting trees. And funnily enough people nowadays still refer to St Catherine's day when they want to plant trees!


T Brightwater - Oct 6, 2005 1:07 pm (#939 of 2980)

Thanks, Elanor, it's nice to be back!

My choir director told me that in southern Germany, they say "St. Catherine closes the dance hall, and the Three Kings open it again," since hers is the last major saint's day before the beginning of Advent.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Oct 6, 2005 1:23 pm (#940 of 2980)

Hey everyone.

Thanks for everyone for the strengthening charms for Aaron!!

As to the subject of tattoos. I agree that the amount of pain depends greatly on where on your body the tattoo is. I did get one with Aaron last weekend, and it was my second tattoo. My first one was on my hip and to be completely honest, it hurt. A lot. But then again, I'm kind of a baby when it comes to pain. The second one I got last weekend didn't hurt too bad. I got that one on my lower back, off to the side. It didn't hurt as bad. The general rule is that the more fatty or muscular tissue in the area, the less it will hurt...

Speaking of the tattoo I got this past weekend Madam Pince: Aaron and I got the tribal wings I had designed with slightly deifferent sayings on each one. Aaron's says "ne letum quidem now seiungere potest" (the version of my saying you gave me) and mine says "nec mors nos spearabit" (the version of "nor will death separate us" that Finn gave me). Aaron really wanted the longer version, but it was too long for my tattoo because mine is smaller then his.

But anyway, I'm off to (hopefully) check and post on the threads (if I don't run out of time this time!!)



Lina - Oct 6, 2005 1:31 pm (#941 of 2980)

Haymoni, I agree with you, what I don't like about tattoos is that they are too permanent. I like the henna tattoos though. They last for some time and then disappear. Then you can do something different. I don't like to have the same hairstyle for a long time neither. If I had a lot of money I would probably have several wigs and several glasses. I read somewhere that Leos like changes, but they don't make those changes all in the same way. My grandmother liked to move the furniture around the flat all the time. I would come home from school and ask: "Where is my room today?" Well, it used to happen only like 3 times a year.

Audry, on the name day, I would just add that orthodox people celebrate it even more than catholic, at least it is so here in "my" part of the world. Name days are even more important than birthdays.

Of course that you would care about St. Cecilia's day, Brightwater!

We decided to name Kate after a known Croatian Lady: Katarina Zrinska. She was very good and caring for the poor. But then her husband got killed and she became poor and homeless. So the people who she used to help before were helping her and her children later. But she never became saint, so we decided to celebrate Kate's name day in a very classical way. There is a song in Croatian about St. Catherine:
Sveta Kata,
Snijeg na vrata
(On St. Catherine's,
The snow is on your doorstep.)
So I don't believe that the people here choose this day to plant the trees. There are some other sayings, something like the weather of one day shows the weather of another day or some other month, but I don't remember what are those days. My grandmother used to repeat all those sayings but I guess I didn't listen to her too carefully.


haymoni - Oct 6, 2005 1:53 pm (#942 of 2980)

Lina - I am a Leo! Maybe that explains it!


Madam Pince - Oct 6, 2005 1:57 pm (#943 of 2980)

Your tattoos sound great, Jenn! I will tell my cousin and she will be very pleased, I'm sure.

Lina, there was a big story in our news not very long ago about henna tattoos. (Mr. Pince got one a couple years ago at the beach at Ocean City -- it's a popular beach-thing-to-do -- and it was fine; it lasted a couple weeks I think.) But anyway, this news story was about a young girl who got what she thought was a temporary henna tattoo at the beach, but apparently there's two kinds of henna -- brown and black. The brown is harmless, but the black can be toxic (it is also cheap, so that is why the less reputable tattoo artists use it, although it is supposed to be illegal.) So this young girl got some sort of nasty infection from the black henna, and now she has this permanent scar in the shape of the tattoo on her. Fortunately the tattoo was at least an attractive swirly sort of abstract design, and not something like Tweety Bird or the Bratz cartoons or something, because it's there for the rest of her life!

A lady I know decorates her kitchen with a watermelon motif, and she decided to be a little "wild" for her 50th birthday and so she got a tattoo of a watermelon on her ankle. She said it didn't hurt at all. It looks OK, but I've just never felt the desire for one. (Squid Mike, while we were at Ocean City Mr. Pince saw a guy with a Minnesota Vikings tattoo on his arm and he really really really wants to get one. I must admit it was very well done, but I still wouldn't care for it, I don't think.)

Mandy, I meant to ask last night how you were feeling -- glad you've seen a doctor and hopefully now you will be on the road to recovery! I was starting to worry about you!

OK, off to "lowly gag" awhile... Tee-hee!


Finn BV - Oct 6, 2005 4:30 pm (#944 of 2980)

Thank you, Elanor, for your explanation on namedays. I see it has sparked a whole discussion now.

Jenn, again my thoughts are with Aaron and I hope your tattoos prove to be untrue, that you will see him again many more times!

Well, I've got to get packed – my cousin is getting married Saturday and we're leaving way early tomorrow morning. Doubt we'll see each other until late Sunday or so.

Oh, and I'm 2 for 2 in Cross-Country… I got first again today! It was a lot more close this time… but I still did it, so I'm quite happy!

Until later…


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 6, 2005 6:31 pm (#945 of 2980)

Good job, Finn. Congrats to your cousin.

I never really thought about getting a tattoo before reading HBP, but now I kind of like that Hungarian Horntail idea.


Stephanie M. - Oct 6, 2005 7:08 pm (#946 of 2980)

Congratulations Finn!!! I wish I was there to see it. Have fun at the wedding!! Wish them very happy years for me, even though they probably have no idea who I am...

LOL Vlad! If you get a Hungarian Horntail as a tattoo, I would love to see it. Maybe I will convince one of my friends to get one done, but most of my friends are only 13 or they aren't as big Harry Potter fans as we are.

Good night and sleep tight everyone!


The giant squid - Oct 7, 2005 12:00 am (#947 of 2980)

So you've suffered a lot of head injuries, Mike. Why am I not shocked?--I Am Used Vlad

Congrats, Finn! I've always been a little envious of long distance runners. I'm more of a natural sprinter, myself--I run out of energy after a few hundred yards....

As for tattoos...I'll leave that to Marie. Actually, I used to have a roommate that tattooed as a side job (very clean and professional). He told me he'd give me one for free just for the shock value, but I chickened out. Just as well, because I now hate what I had planned.



Lina - Oct 7, 2005 12:15 am (#948 of 2980)

Thank you for your warning, Madam Pince, now I know what to check before the tattooing. (Do I?)

Mike, I guess that a squid would be just appropriate, wouldn't it?


Amilia Smith - Oct 7, 2005 12:35 am (#949 of 2980)

Wallace and Gromit comes out tomorrow. :-)

Sorry, that didn't have anything to do with the current conversation, but I'm excited.



Loopy Lupin - Oct 7, 2005 7:01 am (#950 of 2980)

I'm more of a natural sprinter, myself--I run out of energy after a few hundred yards.... – Mike

Very dangerous over short distances are ye? ****Looks around for Catherine*****
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haymoni - Oct 7, 2005 8:02 am (#951 of 2980)

Bad news today.

Just found out one of our employees lost a son in Iraq.

20 years old.

Don't have any details yet.

Keep praying everyone.


kaykay1970 - Oct 7, 2005 9:07 am (#952 of 2980)

Haymoni I am so sorry. I will be thinking about this young man's family.


Esther Rose - Oct 7, 2005 9:39 am (#953 of 2980)

I hate war. I am sorry about the loss. All soldiers and their families are in my prayers. Peace can't come soon enough.


Ydnam96 - Oct 7, 2005 9:45 am (#954 of 2980)

Haymoni, I too am sorry I will definetly be praying.

Loopy Lupin, I was thinking the exact same thing!
Mike, you don't exactly have the build for a dwarf...although I always supsected that Gimli was stretching the truth a bit when he said that dwarves were natural sprinters I would believe that a tall thin guy would be though Wink

It's Friday. Yay. I asked my boss if I could un-officially take the weekend off. See we are allowed to go out of town for the weekend once or twice a month if we want (since we live at our jobs it's a little hard to take off time if you are still here). I mean, we don't actually have to take vacation days but, well it's complicated, anyway. I have no money to actually go away to anyplace so I asked if it would be okay if I just put a sign on my door saying I was "unavailable" and not answer the door or the phone all weekend and he said that was fine. I'm so excited!! If you've never lived at your job it would be hard to understand, but not having to answer the door is a big deal. Yay.

Edit: I just realized that for all the parents out there you would realize what that is like! It's funny cause I don't have kids but I really do...I have over 300 18-21 year olds. It's exhausting (but good most of the time).


kaykay1970 - Oct 7, 2005 10:55 am (#955 of 2980)

I'm sure my children will be as excited as you are Ydnam that it is Friday. They are out of school all next week for fall break! I'm excited myself because I get to spend more time with them. It is hard to have "quality" time when you have to make sure homework is done.


Denise P. - Oct 7, 2005 11:09 am (#956 of 2980)

My kids don't get a "fall break" but they may as well call it that. They have Monday off for Columbus Day and then Tuesday AND Wednesday as well for teacher inservice.

I got some pictures in email that I found pretty incredible. They are newborn babies made out of marzipan. If there was not a size reference and you didn't know it was marzipan, you would think they were actual babies. I have a link in my profile for those who may be interested.

Sorry to hear about your friends loss, haymoni.


Loopy Lupin - Oct 7, 2005 12:09 pm (#957 of 2980)

Hey Denise

Snopes (the urban legend site) is saying that those babies aren't marzipan but rather just remarkable figurines by the artist Camille Allen who apparently specializes in dolls and baby figurines. I'd post a link, but Snopes isn't always forum friendly. So, everyone will just have to Google it for themselves. (Hint: It'll be in the "What's New" section of the Snopes site.)


Denise P. - Oct 7, 2005 1:48 pm (#958 of 2980)

You know, I blast people who fwd me emails about soft drink factors having people put stuff in the cans, dialing help on the cell phone etc before they check to see if it is true....never thought to check Snopes for those. Sorry everyone!!


kaykay1970 - Oct 7, 2005 2:35 pm (#959 of 2980)

I'm on my way to the hospital as soon as Mom gets ready. The nursing home thinks my Grandmother has passed away. Her heart is beating but they think that is only because of her pace maker. They are sending her for a brain scan to be sure.


haymoni - Oct 7, 2005 3:25 pm (#960 of 2980)

Goodness! Disaster abounds today!

Thinking of you, kay!


Madam Pince - Oct 7, 2005 5:56 pm (#961 of 2980)

Oh, I'm sorry to hear the news from both haymoni and kay -- sending out thoughts and prayers to both of you, and a few Strengthening Charms, too, for good measure. (((hugs)))


T Brightwater - Oct 7, 2005 6:28 pm (#962 of 2980)

kaykay and haymoni, my prayers and sympathy are with you.

My condolences also to the Red Sox fans on the Forum, but GO WHITE SOX!! (Good thing it didn't rain or we'd have had Pink Sox...)


dizzy lizzy - Oct 7, 2005 9:43 pm (#963 of 2980)

It doesn't sound like a good friday at all!!

A ((hug)) to those who need them!



kaykay1970 - Oct 7, 2005 11:09 pm (#964 of 2980)

My Grandmother was barely alive when she got to the hospital. They think she had a stroke. Her blood pressure was 50/40. She passed away at 11:00 p.m.(9:00 forum time.) I was holding her hand when she slipped away. I'm so glad I got to tell her goodbye and I love you. Thanks for your prayers. It's going to be a long weekend.


Snuffles - Oct 8, 2005 12:57 am (#965 of 2980)

Haymoni, I'm sorry to hear of your co-workers loss, 20 years old, it seems so unfair.

kaykay1970, my thoughts are with you, at least you were there and hopefully your Grandmother realised that. It has been 5 years since I lost my Grandmother and I still miss her.

Lets hope everyone has nothing but good news for the rest of the weekend.



The giant squid - Oct 8, 2005 1:42 am (#966 of 2980)

My heartfelt condolences, kaykay. My thoughts go to haymoni's coworker as well.

Loopy & Mandy, I was wondering if anyone would catch the Gimli-esque nature of my post. It wasn't meant that way, but as soon as I posted it I thought, "y'know, that sounds like..."

So I've been having trouble with a java-based program running r e a l l y slowly lately and everyone suggested I add more RAM to my system...so I did. I doubled it today from 384Mb to 768Mb. Naturally, the program that started it all is still acting up, but I'm noticing a lot of other things running a lot quicker (including the Forum)! One of these days I might actually realize the full potential of this high-speed internet thing...



Lina - Oct 8, 2005 4:14 am (#967 of 2980)

Haymoni, ((hugs)) to you and your friend. There are no words that can bring comfort when a person looses a child.

Kaykay, I'm sorry for your loss, but you know that you have done everything to make her last years easier and better. ((Hugs)) to you and your family as well. I'm glad you were able to say good bye.

Loopy Lupin: ****Looks around for Catherine*****
I join the search...

Mike, some really odd amount of RAM...?

We are celebrating The Independence Day here today. Unfortunately, it's Saturday and it's raining. I wish it were Friday or Monday and sunny. We had a lot of changing of the festivity days since the independence occurred, actually, so my husband's suggestion was that they should change them every year in a way that they happen always on Fridays and Mondays.


Elanor - Oct 8, 2005 4:38 am (#968 of 2980)

Haymoni, Kaykay, you're in my thoughts and prayers! (((((((((hugs)))))))))

Grand-parents have such a special place in our lives, haven't they? My grand-mother died 5 years ago and she was the last grand-parent I still had. She would have turned 100 on October 10th. She always loved celebrating her birthday and we always had great family reunions on that occasion, especially when she turned 80 and 90 and we were always teasing her by saying that her 100th birthday celebration would have to be even more memorable. So, my brother thought it would be a good idea to have a family dinner for her 100th birthday anyway, even if she is amongst us anymore, in her honour and in memory of all the great time we had with her. And tomorrow, we're going to have that dinner, which promesies to be a happy moment, before visiting the cemetery and bring some flowers there.

Does it seem a weird idea? After all, the 100th birthday (or 200th, etc...) of famous people is often celebrated, and I think my grand-ma, not famous but who was quite a formidable person, deserves it just the same!

Lina, too bad indeed! I hope you will have a great weekend nevertheless.


Marie E. - Oct 8, 2005 7:06 am (#969 of 2980)

I think sounds like a wonderful idea, Elanor. I asked my grandmother once if she wanted to live to be 100 and she said, "Heavens, no. Who'd want to live that long? I'm tired enough now." She was about 80 when she said that.

The only time I've seen my brother sprint is when my girls are chasing him.

I think Lexie may have croup. She's got the barky, seal-like cough. Problem is, we're supposed to go to the zoo day with the Girl Scouts. I'm not sure if I should take her to the doctor or not. I may call the nurse on call to see what they think.

Marie in Colorado where it hasn't snowed yet...


Lina - Oct 8, 2005 7:13 am (#970 of 2980)

Elanor, I think it is a great idea! After all, the grandparents are always a good reason for the family reunion and I think that the family reunions are a great treasure worth cherishing, so what could be the better combination than organizing a family reunion in honor of the grandparents even though they are not among us any more?

Obviously, thanks to the rainy holiday, I have more time for the Forum.


Madam Pince - Oct 8, 2005 7:19 am (#971 of 2980)

Kay, you have our condolences (((hugs))). I am glad that you were able to be with your Grandma for a while at the last - you will always remember that and be glad for that. Hopefully the happy memories you have of her will give you the strength to get through all you need to in the next few days.

Elanor, I don't think that idea sounds odd at all -- I think it sounds wonderful! In Victorian times here in the U.S. (well, even later, too, I think) it was quite common for families to actually hold their Sunday picnics in the cemeteries -- they were nice, pretty, peaceful, grassy places, and you could sort of "share" the family time with memories of your departed ones. So I think your idea sounds great. We used to have a family reunion / picnic for my grandmother's birthday, too -- she was considerate enough to have been born on July 7th, so it was near our Independence Day celebrations and a lot of people had time off from work for that, so it worked out well for those who had to travel from far away. Grandma lived to be 97, and was a wonderful person.

Well, we're finally having rain here -- yippee! It's been so seriously dry for forever, it seems, and now there's some tropical storm moving over us and it's supposed to rain all weekend. This is great for the earth outside, but it's a teensy bit bittersweet, as we had planned to go to our cabin this weekend and paint the shed and go fishing, neither of which can be done in the rain, so I don't think we're going after all. The one weekend we have a long weekend (because here Monday is Columbus Day and Mr. Pince has the day off) and it rains. But can't complain too much as we sooooo needed the rain.

Congrats to Finn on winning at track again!

Lina, that's a very cheery avatar for a rainy weekend that you and I are having!

Everyone have a great weekend!


CatherineHermiona - Oct 8, 2005 10:21 am (#972 of 2980)

Yesterday was the last day that we had class with our homeroom teacher - English teacher. We bought a big peluche elephant and bouquet with lilies and a greeting card that we all signed on. We had an English exam too and you should see us. We asked one each other answers loud and we asked teacher too and she told us every answer. If there will be Fs.................

My thoughts and prays are with everyone who need some.



Chemyst - Oct 8, 2005 10:43 am (#973 of 2980)

Kate, should I be wishing you Happy Independence Day? Isn't October 8th the official date that Croatia severed ties from Yugoslavia? Do you have any celebrations?

Condolences Kaykay.

T Brightwater, I enjoyed the link to your lute group.


CatherineHermiona - Oct 8, 2005 10:46 am (#974 of 2980)

Yes, my mother wrote that already, Chemyst. Thanks! I just feel so sorry it's on Saturday.

And I'm still on chat.



Herm oh ninny - Oct 8, 2005 2:09 pm (#975 of 2980)

Hello all!

Kaykay, you have my condolences and prayers. And here is a ((hug))

Well, last night, after a week of contractions every 8 minutes (is that normal??), my cousin took his wife to the hospital. At 2:28 am, Perry Michael came into the world!! Weighing in at 6 1/2 pounds, he is simply tiny. And sooo cute!! Ahhh, I'm soo excited! (I wonder if Sirius felt this way LOL) Well, I'm off to the mall to buy a little present for his older (2yr old) sister. I don't want to increase her jealousy by not bringing her something too! She has already told us all that the crib and bassinet are HERS, not her brothers!! LOL


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 8, 2005 5:52 pm (#976 of 2980)

You have my condolences, Kaykay.

Congrats, Herm oh ninny.

Today I finally got my copy of HBP back from one of my nephews, who just read the books for the first time. He told me that he thinks Harry's parents might still be alive since Harry didn't see the thestrals until OotP. While he is way behind the times, I thought that was a pretty astute observation for an eleven-year-old. I never thought of that until I read about it here. Perhaps I should have him join the forum.


Stephanie M. - Oct 8, 2005 10:22 pm (#977 of 2980)

I'm so sorry to kaykay and Haymoni.

I just quickly skimmed through a ton of posts in this thread.

I have been very busy recently. Today I woke up took a shower and then met one of my friends from another school. We were going to see In Her Shoes, but it was sold out so we saw Corpse Bride instead. And I must agree with Finn, the previews before Corpse Bribe were VERY good, except they didn't have Harry. Corpse Bride was better than I expected, but I had pretty low expectations. It was good though. Then I went back to my friends house and then I took a taxi back to my house (It was pouring rain and I got splashed my a car.) So then as soon as I got home my English tutor was waiting for me. Then I had her for an hour and I took another shower and then got ready for a Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah was very long and I didn't have a lot of friends there and my feet are about to fall off. So I guess it was and Okay Bar Mitzvah, but I wish I had more friends there. So I just got back (a little after 1 AM.) and I'm not that tired, but I'll probably fall asleep soon.

Tomorrow I'm doing a ton of homework because on Monday I am leaving my house at the latest 6 AM to go to Penn. And I'll probably get home late at night and then have school the next day.

Well, I'm off to bed. Good night everyone! Sleep tight! And I hope that everyone has happy dreams relating to Harry Potter.


 The giant squid - Oct 8, 2005 10:50 pm (#978 of 2980)

Lina, my RAM numbers do look odd, but it all makes sense, honest. I started out with two RAM chips--a 128Mb and a 256Mb (I'm really not sure why). Yesterday I pulled the 128 and added 2 more 256 chips.

When all else fails, divide by 64...all memory chips are multiples of 64.
16*64=1024 (the next step up; 1024Mb=1Gb, not 1000 as one would expect. I can remember this, but have no idea what I had for lunch two days ago )

Marie: I did sprint before you had the girls. I was on the track team in junior high for about 3 weeks, until I fractured my wrist. Never got back into it after that, though.



TwinklingBlueEyes - Oct 9, 2005 12:11 am (#979 of 2980)

Hey all, sorry haven't said much but been extremely busy since both hurricanes. FEMA inspector finally got to me today, (6 weeks later), and declared my home unlivable. No inkling from her what my options are now, all she knew was her job. So, is 2 am, I am going to get in line to see if I can get help or answers from Red Cross that opens at 9am.(As I wait to hear what FEMA thinks I am going to do next). Wish me luck and I'll see you when I can.

...toddles off to join the line to complete idiocy...


CatherineHermiona - Oct 9, 2005 2:51 am (#980 of 2980)

I'm so sorry your home was declared as unlivable, TBE. I hope everything will turn out right at the end.

Three years ago Kids Eurovision started. Our competitor, Dino Jelušic, with his song Ti si moja prva ljubav (You are my one and only) won the whole competition. We were so happy. First year and we won! Second year little 7 years old Nika won our competition and ended up 3rd on Eurovision. This year we are waiting for Eurovision and on our competition Dino's sister won. That family is talented.

I almost forgot to ask: did anyone heard of or read books about Laura Leander, writer Peter Freund?



Ydnam96 - Oct 9, 2005 5:32 am (#981 of 2980)

TBE, so sorry to hear that. I hope that the Red Cross is able to provide you with some answers. Did the FEMA person tell you if you can live in it until they give you options or do you have to move out to a shelter? What about the horses? I don't think that the Red Cross will allow them at a shelter...I hope that you get some answers soon!

Isn't it amazing, the Red Cross that is? This is their biggest deployment ever. In a few months people across America will forget about the needs down South but the Red Cross will still be there. The head of our chapter here in LA said that they will probably be there for at least 6 months if not longer. I am proud to say that several of my resident assistants are going with the Red Cross as volunteers for 9 days each. The university is allowing students, faculty, and staff to go for 9 days to help with the effort. The Red Cross has come to the school, trained thousands of our students and community members, and are set to deploy them all in stages for the next several months. I think it's awesome that the school is allowing the students and the staff to take the time out of their semester and do this...

Anyway...off my soap box. Kate, I have not heard of those books.

Kaykay and Haymoni you both have my sympathies and prayers.

So it's way early on a Sunday morning and I can't sleep...but hopefully I'll play around on the forum a bit and then get some more sleep in. At least I'm feeling better! Got to love those antibiotics


Marie E. - Oct 9, 2005 7:05 am (#982 of 2980)

TBE, I hope things work out for you with your house. Did they say what needed to be done to make it "livable"?

My daughter Lexie is feeling better, but now I'm getting sick. It was just a sinus thing but it has settled in my chest. I'm hoping it's just a sinus infection. I can't go to the doctor tomorrow because we're doing our professional development training. Some of you may remember last February I had to do a training session on our kindergarten curriculum. I thought I'd gotten out of it this time but my assistant director wants me to help her out during her training.

I was supposed to go to a friend's house today to play HP games but they're predicting snow and she lives in the mountains. Now I'm going to a boring potluck lunch with my husband and some people from his second job. They are all crashing boring and hopefully not on this forum.

I don't remember my brother being in track, but I do remember him getting in trouble at school for hitting someone with his casted arm. I was freshman or sophmore in high school then and didn't pay much attention to my little brother unless he was in trouble.


Denise P. - Oct 9, 2005 7:39 am (#983 of 2980)

That stinks TBE, I hope you get some answers that you can actually put into effect.

I finally saw Serenity I really liked it but I am not so happy about a few things and darn it, I missed my theme music!! It neatly wrapped up a few things, left a few things open so there is still room for another movie.


haymoni - Oct 9, 2005 8:48 am (#984 of 2980)

kaykay - Losing a grandmother is very difficult. They are such special people.

Getting ready to watch the Browns and the Bears. I just want the Brownies to win 1 game - please!!!! We really need this!

Things are pretty chilly here - nice fall weather. We may even have a fire in the woodburner today - if all of our wood isn't wet, that is!

Have a great Sunday all!


Elanor - Oct 9, 2005 11:19 am (#985 of 2980)

TBE, I am so sorry! I do hope things will get better for you very soon! (((((((((hugs))))))))))

Thanks for your kind posts about the 100th birthday celebration everyone! We did it today and it was really great: the dinner was very good, the weather perfect and we had a lot of fun together remembering happy moments and sharing that meal. So, it was indeed a good idea!

Yesterday evening, I was watching the TV when something strange happened to me: I suddenly had the feeling I must had somehow used a time-turner without knowing it... Here, on the screen, were the Simple Minds guys, with a brand new album and it was (ok, nearly) sounding like the Simple Minds I was listening to when I was a teenager in the 80s (remember "Don't you" or "Mandela day"?)! I couldn't believe my eyes ears!

It was really good. Any fans of the Scottish band here? They were amongst the bands I was listening to the most then, along with U2 (but they will never get old!), Sting, Depeche Mode, Johnny Clegg or INXS... **remembering fondly when I was writing "Be yourself, no matter what they say" everywhere on my notebooks and had a crush on Bono**

Have a great day everybody!


CatherineHermiona - Oct 9, 2005 11:40 am (#986 of 2980)

I get the call from coacher now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting my trainings tomorrow after school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the reason I was so looking forward to October (that and Croatian translation of HBP). I can't wait to start shooting. I should be promoted and get air rifle with diopter because my results came to 160. I'm so happy!

When we gave our teacher the elephant she told us: "Is it for good luck?". We told: "Yes!" with faces like this:.



Chemyst - Oct 9, 2005 4:36 pm (#987 of 2980)

I can remember this, but have no idea what I had for lunch two days ago. - Giant Squid
Well, unless your wife spent a sizable percentage of her day fixing that lunch, I'd say you have gotten your priorities sorted. This lack of obsession with food goes a long way in explaining the "thin."

TBE- your requested luck charms are on the way. Is "unlivable" better than "condemned" (does it mean it can be fixed)?

Audrey, the 100th birthday celebration sounded lovely. You should make plans for the Eleventy-first one too.

Woo-hoo Kate! Are we going to see you on the Croatian Olympic team someday? Women’s 10m air rifle? ...although I don't think they can use scopes in that event, just regular sights with no lens.
   A 'diopter' measures how powerful a lens is. A 'scope' is a lens (like a small telescope) that is put on a rifle to help you see and "line up" (aim at) the target.


Finn BV - Oct 9, 2005 5:32 pm (#988 of 2980)

Wallace and Gromit comes out tomorrow. :-) –Mills

I have to go see it!! Please tell me how it was…

Haymoni and kaykay, my extreme sympathy with you and the families close to the individuals. (((hugs)))

Thanks for the XC (cross-country) congrats, everyone. We have tomorrow off for Columbus Day, but Tuesday we have yet another meet!

Congrats, Herm oh ninny! Is this the baby you are the godmother of?

Elanor, happy belated 100th birthday to your grandmother. I was listening to Victor Borge the other day who, amid his jokes told a true statement – the other week (this is in the 50s, I guess) he celebrated his uncle's 103rd birthday. No laughs, but good applause. Then he said, "Unfortunately, he wasn't present. How couuld he? He died when he was 27." Anyway, Elanor, congratulations. All people deserve that recognition TBE, great the news on your house is reported to you so soon… Best of luck with finding a new situation.

Kate, great you had a good time with your teacher on her last day. And congrats on your rifle work! Keep telling us how it goes.

Well, I had a great time in Buffalo this weekend. My cousin looked gorgeous, and it was great to see how much her husband loves her. They were off to Aruba at 7:15 this morning! And they partied all night, I don't know how they got up!

Holiday tomorrow but I've got to catch up on the HW I missed.

Edit: **waves to Gabby** Welcome to the Forum Gabby, and all new members! Gabby, I knew it was you from your name even before I read that it was really you!

Edit 2: Happy half-birthday Steph! LOL


Stephanie M. - Oct 9, 2005 5:47 pm (#989 of 2980)

Welcome back Finn. I'm glad you had a good time! My parents went to Aruba for their honeymoon. I have to say that is really weird because my mom is from Buffalo.

Kate, I'm glad you are so happy!!

Well, I'm off to do the rest of my homework before tomorrow.

Edit: I just realized that today is my half birthday. I guess it was a little late to realize because the night it almost over. Oh well.


I Am Used Vlad - Oct 9, 2005 9:40 pm (#990 of 2980)

I saw Wallace and Gromit today. Everyone should go see it. It was great. The cartoon they showed before it, featuring the penguins from Madagascar, was funny, too.


Loopy Lupin - Oct 10, 2005 6:28 am (#991 of 2980)

Congrats to Finn and condolences to Kaykay.

Mmmmm. I wonder if Catherine survived her last day of school on Friday?


Eponine - Oct 10, 2005 7:35 am (#992 of 2980)

Hello, all. It's raining here today, and it makes me want to stay inside wrapped up in a blanket all day long.

I wanted to share a rather humorous link with everyone. It's a video of a dance team. They're all dressed up in Hogwart's robes, and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Malfoy all put in an appearance. Go here to see the video.

I hope everyone is having a great day.


Ydnam96 - Oct 10, 2005 8:31 am (#993 of 2980)

That's a pretty good dance team...to have made all that up themselves. Smile

Ohhhh Monday....


Elanor - Oct 10, 2005 8:44 am (#994 of 2980)

I just pop in to wish the most marvelous birthday to T Brightwater! I hope it full of sun, laughters and love.

Have a great day everybody!


The giant squid - Oct 10, 2005 8:50 am (#995 of 2980)

Good luck on the housing situation, TBE. My wife's family dealt with a similar problem back in '94 with the Northridge earthquake in Southern California. Their house wasn't deemed unlivable, but the "compassionate" response from the adjuster was about the same.

“Your furnace is unusable.”
“Okay, what do we do about it?”
“I don't know, I'm just here to tell you you can't use it.”

I hope your waiting in line at Red Cross was worth it!



Finn BV - Oct 10, 2005 8:50 am (#996 of 2980)

Yes, Happy Bday T Brightwater!

LOL on the link Eponine. They aren't bad for dancers, and from a distance the trio sort of looks like them, as does Malfoy. Although where did they cast Crabbe and Goyle from??

Have a good day everyone. It's a bit overcast here.


azi - Oct 10, 2005 9:02 am (#997 of 2980)

Yay! I got my Internet back about 24 hours after I lost it. That was only after many hours of queueing though. Many many hours. I think I spent most of today queueing and not being sure where to queue next.

My uni room is *huge*. As big as my bedroom at home, and that's the largest room in the house! I found myself some nice geeky guys to hang around with and be unsociable, whilst still being on hello terms with the girls on my floor (who, although nice, are completely different to me on everything).

TBE, I really hope everything turns out ok for you!

Congrats Kate!

Happy birthday T. Brightwater!

Everyone have a sunny day!


Lina - Oct 10, 2005 10:23 am (#998 of 2980)

TBE, it was so good to see you on the Forum but with the bad news unfortunately. I find it difficult to understand that the house was survavable without the evacuation during the hurricane, but it is not livable now. I just hope that the things will get settled and that you will have better news next time.

Mike the squid: When all else fails, divide by 64...all memory chips are multiples of 64.
Says who? I had a computer with 32 Mb of RAM! Then we bought the Harry Potter game and it ran so slow... Then my husband came to the genial idea to put the RAM from the Mac into the PC and then we were proven that every electronic device is working on white smoke. When the white smoke lives the device, it stops working. And that's how we bought a new computer (because of the Harry Potter game). There is a song somewhere on the net about people who went to the Moon with 32 Kb of RAM...

Eponine, the video was great. I didn't even get the conjuring of Patroni, my daughter, who doesn't read the books, caught it! I really love this forum!

Brightwater (again)!

And happy Columbus Day to everyone who celebrate!

Azi, I'm glad that being on the uni won't take you away from us!


 CatherineHermiona - Oct 10, 2005 10:41 am (#999 of 2980)

Happy birthday, T Brightwater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I came from school with grades like this: C, A, A, A. Ofcourse my mum will first ask: "What did you get C from?", never, "What did you get an A from?".

Eponine, the video is great!!!!!!!!!!!



Mrs. Sirius - Oct 10, 2005 11:30 am (#1000 of 2980)

TBE, so sorry to hear about your home TBE. Since the Katrina hit I have been taking calls for the Red Cross. I must confess that when it comes to the Red Cross and FEMA, I am very confused and upset. I sit in my warm comfortable and habitable home in New England (we have heavy rains from hurricane Stan (I think).

I take calls from people who are in desperate need of all types of services. The calls I answer are just for people in search of missing loved ones, all we are equipped to do is search from people by last name first name, or to register someone who wants to be contacted. If they need other services we refer back to the local Red Cross. It is so frustrating to not be able to do more. One woman wanted to get an address so that she could register her child in a school, another lost everything and had medical problems. The list goes on.

I hope TBE, that you don't get to much of a run-a-round. I think of you often when I take calls. Seeing you post gives hope that some normalcy is happening.

(((((((Hugs)))))) to TBE and all the other who have recently post in need of one.
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Viola Intonada - Oct 10, 2005 4:13 pm (#1001 of 2980)

TBE, I hope everything goes better for you.

Eopine, I loved the dance video. It was very creative.

Way back in 1981, we got an Atari 400 computer. It had 16K. A couple of years later we upgraded to an Atari 800 which had 64K. We probably paid more money for it that you would for many computers today. It's amazing how technology changes and gets cheaper. (We bought our first VCR at the same time, a Sony Beta machine.)


azi - Oct 10, 2005 4:39 pm (#1002 of 2980)

Wow, those are really good grades Kate! I got a C in one of my exams last year and had a lot of trouble at home. I just ignored it and improved that grade to an A in my next exams!

Old computers...we had an Acorn at home when I was younger, in the days before the local school even had a computer. No idea what its technical stuff were, but I know it cost over £1000 (apparently over US$1700, but don't trust the currency converter). In contrast, my new computer was half of that!

I just got back from a student event thing on campus, going round all the bars. It took 50 minutes to get served because the queues were so long! I also only wanted a coke...


boop - Oct 10, 2005 4:50 pm (#1003 of 2980)

Happy Birthday T Brightwater, have a great day!!!


T Brightwater - Oct 10, 2005 5:10 pm (#1004 of 2980)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It's been cold and cloudy here, so I've spent most of the day on the couch with a cat, a cup of tea, and a good book (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell). Ah, bliss! And thanks, Chemyst, I'm glad you enjoyed the website!

TBE, very sorry to hear about your troubles. Bureaucracy is just what a person needs after two hurricanes, don't you think? :-/ Hope things work out for you soon.

Kate, congratulations!


Catherine - Oct 10, 2005 5:32 pm (#1005 of 2980)

Very dangerous over short distances are ye? ****Looks around for Catherine*****--Loopy Lupin

Halloooo!!! ::waves to Loopy and the Forum from the distance of time spent away...:::

Thanks for asking. I did indeed survive, and I miss those darn bozos (clowns, for non-native English speakers) like crazy. I took my kids on vacation until today at 4 p.m. We visited my mom, did the museums, and had an amazing time.

Part of my guilty thoughts were....I can't wait to have time to chat on the Forum. Other guilty thoughts were....Woo hoo! No adolescents until the end of the week! (I sub for 6th grade on Thursday and Friday, alas earwax. They are not nearly as charming as the class I broke in for the first 6 weeks of school, but there you go. It takes time to get used to me! )

It's been wonderful to get friendly support the last two months as I took on a new teaching project, and I am so happy to know that my friends are here now that it has ended, and I feel sad.


Madam Pince - Oct 10, 2005 6:10 pm (#1006 of 2980)

Happy Birthday, T Brightwater, and many many more!

Kate, I know what you mean about the grades, but maybe your Mom will surprise you. I know I used to get annoyed with my Mom because often after a day of cleaning up my room or doing some other chore, she would just look around and say "You haven't done the dishes," or something. I was always "Hey, what about the dusting I did? And look, my bed is made!" Anyway, the upshot of it all is that I probably praise Little Pince more than I ought to, because I try to notice all the good things he does and comment on them; I remember how it felt the other way around. (Now, that sounds like my Mom was a terrible Mom, which she certainly wasn't, it's just that she had a full-time job and also had to take care of grandparents and she had a lot to distract her -- I'm fortunate in that I can focus more on just my immediate family for the time being.) Anyway, good job Kate on the grades!

TBE, I'm sorry to hear about your house. It must be so frustrating to be practically starting over from scratch. I will be thinking about you and sending out good wishes for a quick fix to all your housing woes. Hope all goes quickly and as well as possible!


Viola Intonada - Oct 10, 2005 7:13 pm (#1007 of 2980)

LOL, Madam Pince, my husband complains that I am the same way with him!!! (That I only notice the things he didn't do, rather than the things that he did do) My theory is that I don't want to praise him on the things he did too much, because then he will think he did everything he needed to do and not do anything more that I thought should have been done. Matter of fact, just today he did the laundry for me (he had today off, I did not). He put all the clothes thru the washer and dryer, but only folded and put away his clothes. There was a huge mound of unfolded clothes on the bed and he couldn't understand why I wasn't pleased. No rest for the weary.....Alas, earwax.


Lina - Oct 10, 2005 10:38 pm (#1008 of 2980)

Oh, Viola, I'm with you. Yesterday I complained about my husband leaving the magazine on the floor and he asked: "What's the problem, I made you a coffee!"


haymoni - Oct 11, 2005 4:06 am (#1009 of 2980)

Being a lazy government worker, I had yesterday off. I sent the kids to school, vacuumed the family room and living room (again!!!) and then started in on my kitchen.

I went to town - I pulled everything off the countertops, the top of the refrigerator - even the stuff on top of the cupboards. I washed everything down - vacuumed about 3 more times - and cleaned off the oven. (No dragon blood was used.)

Hubby came home around noon and we started building a privacy fence on the side of our deck. I came in and put everything away and made dinner. Hubby went back to work and I washed the kitchen floor after everything was put away.

I ache all over! I need to get back to work, so I can get some rest!


Snuffles - Oct 11, 2005 4:27 am (#1010 of 2980)

Well done on the productive day haymoni! It made me tired just reading it! Lol

I often feel like that after the weekend, let me get back to work for a rest and a read of the forum!!!!

Can't really complain about hubby on the clean and tidy front. He does help around the house as long as its only one job at a time!! Give him a job and 1 daughter and it goes pear shape! Bless!!

Have a good day everyone



Chemyst - Oct 11, 2005 5:10 am (#1011 of 2980)

Your're right Madam Pince. It is hard to balance the amount of praise to give a kid, and every kid needs a different amount and the amount varies with the task and natural ability. My mom was always afraid I'd get a big head, so she gave me so little praise I'd often give up when just a simple word would have kept me going. I used to have a poster that said "I can live for two months on a good compliment."

This got only a minor blurb on the US news, but,
 A pre-dawn fire today in southwest England destroyed hundreds of clay model characters, props and sets used in the quintessentially British animated films Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. Aardman Animations officials said most of the material fronm the recent Curse of the Were-Rabbit were out on display, so not affected. One of the big things that's gone is the pie machine from the Chicken Run movie.

I guess there are a lot greater catasrophes occurring around the world. but it is still sad.


haymoni - Oct 11, 2005 7:24 am (#1012 of 2980)

Chemyst - I caught the tail end of that and, selfish me, all I could think was "Phew! The Harry Potter stuff is safe!"

Selfish, selfish me!


Viola Intonada - Oct 11, 2005 9:22 am (#1013 of 2980)

Haymoni, Are you trying to become Denise? I'm astounded at what you accomplished before lunch. I have a very difficult time getting anything done, other that flipping channels on the TV before noon. I have never been described as a morning person.


haymoni - Oct 11, 2005 9:45 am (#1014 of 2980)

Viola - when I am working, I come home, cook dinner and crash.

I really have to go crazy on the weekend.

Yesterday was unusual because I did the deep, down-n-dirty stuff.

Usually I vacuum and damp mop.

I am a Slacker Mom after all!


The giant squid - Oct 11, 2005 10:19 am (#1015 of 2980)

You know, I knew someone was gonna call me on that "64" thing... Okay, actually, all memory is a multiple of 8, but these days it doesn't go any smaller than 128 anyway so I thought I was clear (you can't buy just 64Mb of RAM anymore).

haymoni, congrats on your productive afternoon. Now I can slack off since you've done my share of work for the day too!



Finn BV - Oct 11, 2005 11:13 am (#1016 of 2980)

Yes, Chemyst, I heard about that fire. Horrible.

LOL, haymoni, please, I can't take that all in at once!!

Cross-Country meet today, everyone… let you know hot it goes…

**rushes off to class**


haymoni - Oct 11, 2005 11:24 am (#1017 of 2980)

Good Luck, Finn!


Stephanie M. - Oct 11, 2005 1:26 pm (#1018 of 2980)

Good luck Finn, even though I just saw you, and you won't get this message until you are back!

Happy belated Birthday to T Brightwater!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you many more happy and healthy years!!

Wow! Haymoni, that's a ton of work!!

I didn't hear about the fire, so thank you for telling us about it Chemyst. It's horrible!

I don't have any written homework, except that I was supposed to have a science quiz first period today but we saw Born Into Brothels instead of having our first period class. So tomorrow I have a science quiz first period then I have a math test and then I have a Spanish quiz. I have to study for my History test next week and my Science test next week along with my Spanish quiz on Friday and my Spanish quiz on Monday. My math test tomorrow is on everything that we did at the end of last week. So I'm really going to have to remember everything from last week with only having one class since then and we learned all new things today instead of reviewing.

I'm off to the other threads and then I'm off to do my homework.


Ydnam96 - Oct 11, 2005 2:20 pm (#1019 of 2980)

Wow, I'm so glad I'm not in school anymore Smile


haymoni - Oct 11, 2005 5:44 pm (#1020 of 2980)

Born Into Brothels???

What class was that for???


Finn BV - Oct 11, 2005 6:29 pm (#1021 of 2980)

LOL, haymoni! All 8th-12th grade students watched it as an essential part of the curriculum. (?) I dunno, we're learning about India in history, but I think they just did it because it's important to know. Our school is a very prestigious school and believes in exposing children to important things in the world.

Incidentally, it is an excellent movie and anybody who's interested should definitely rent it. It won the Oscar in 2004 for best Feature Documentary. The woman who made it is coming to our school next week and all the photograhs the children in it took are on display in the school's gallery.

I had an interesting day today. Well, I won my cross-country meet again! My shoelace came untied about 1/3 of the way into the race, so I was a lot slower, but I still won, which is great, of course. Almost as soon as I got home I had a piano lesson. As I got into the car Mom tried to start it but it wouldn't go on. This is about quarter of eight. Turns out the battery and the starter are dead, so we had to wait for my dad to drive over, then they had to get all the details, and leave it in the parking lot of the conservatory. I still hadn't started my homework or eaten dinner. At 8:25 I started the HW and at 10 of 9 I ate dinner REALLY fast. I am so tired and I have so much more to do!!

**off to work**


Pigwidgeon - Oct 11, 2005 7:13 pm (#1022 of 2980)

* crawling out from stack of college papers and books* Coming out of lurkdom for a bit to pass this on to those in the Cleveland vicinity:

The Great Lakes Science Center will be airing the POA movie in their OMNIMAX Theater, starting October 22 through November 13 on weekends.

The Science Center will host “A Night on Lake Eerie,” Oct. 22 from 6:00pm to midnight on

Highlights are supposed to include:
~ Dinner in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
~ A lantern tour and tales of Lake Erie on the Steamship Mather
~ “Quizditch” trivia contest
~ The magic of science and the science of spells, and
~ The movie (of course!)

Tickets for “A Night on Lake Eerie” are $20 for adults, $15 for kids. Reservations are needed.

Thought some of you might be interested. I'm thinking of going, if I'm not too snowed under by classwork.


Stephanie M. - Oct 11, 2005 8:20 pm (#1023 of 2980)

Great Job Finn!! It does sound like you had a weird night! I hope you have enough time to sleep! We do have Thursday off for Yum Kipper so you can sleep then. I hope your mom's car gets fized VERY soon!

(I like the birdie in the picture Finn.)

Born Into Brothels was a very good documentary! I really recommend for you all to see it! It's very powerful and sends a strong message to really help people in horrible situations like the children in Born Into Brothels.


The giant squid - Oct 11, 2005 11:20 pm (#1024 of 2980)

Congrats again, Finn! Although if you keep this up, we may get jaded and stop heaping you with accolades every time you win. Aw, who am I kidding? Of course we will.



Finn BV - Oct 12, 2005 5:19 am (#1025 of 2980)

LOL Mike. I might start losing purposely so you can encourage me even more.


haymoni - Oct 12, 2005 6:10 am (#1026 of 2980)

Pigwidgeon - How exciting!

I wondered when they were going to put that IMAX theater to good use!

Just kidding - they show great films there.

By the way, do you work for the Sun newspapers?


Madam Pince - Oct 12, 2005 6:49 am (#1027 of 2980)

***waves furiously at Pigwidgeon!*** Welcome back! Hope all the schoolwork/paperwork goes well!

Congrats on another track win, Finn -- and with an untied shoelace, no less! Great job!

Haymoni, you deserve an award for that extraordinarily productive day you had! Woo-hoo! Doesn't it make you feel great when you get lots of stuff done? (Not that I would actually know.... it seems my day is mostly taken by picking up clutter and vacuuming up dried Play-Doh bits; the only "damp mop" in my house is after I wash my hair...)

Viola, we are so alike. I'm not a morning person either. I had to laugh at your post, too. Mr. Pince also does the thing about folding and putting away his own laundry, while leaving mine and Little Pince's in a heap on the bed (or completely faded and bleached away... but we're not talking about that anymore... ) I told him once "When I do laundry, I fold and put yours away as well as my own..." and he just looked at me. Sigh... laundry day is not fun at our house.

Geez, reading back over this I sound extremely lazy... hmmmm... Well, I did make a very excellent and rather complicated beef stew with a side of spoon bread this past weekend, does that help? And I had to do some "spot scrubbing" when Little Pince spilled a large glass of Blue Berry Kool-Aid (fortunately the rug was also blue!)

Nah... doesn't help much... still a slacker!


haymoni - Oct 12, 2005 7:08 am (#1028 of 2980)

I may have been productive that day, but I've been awful this morning.

The alarm went off at 6:15 am - Hubby was already gone. I really thought that I had hit the "Snooze" button, but I must have turned it off, because I didn't wake up again until 6:53.

Of course, my son needs to be at the bus stop at 6:50. I rushed around for about 60 seconds until I heard the bus zooming past our house.

We all got dressed, ate a decent breakfast and I drove him to school with my kindergartener in tow. I was still wearing my slippers!

I put her on the bus at 8:00 and went off to work where I am now waiting for some information on a conference call that was supposed to occur at 9:00.

I just checked to make sure I still wasn't wearing my slippers!

Slacker Moms Unite!


kaykay1970 - Oct 12, 2005 7:16 am (#1029 of 2980)

I have not spent much time at home the last few days so my house is in total chaos. I think every dish I own was dirty. At least I have gotten those clean. Now to start catching up on the laundry!


Denise P. - Oct 12, 2005 7:54 am (#1030 of 2980)

I want an easy button for laundry. You know, where others (not me, who are you kidding?) can put their dirty laundry and presto-chango have it come back out perfectly clean and folded. ::::sigh:::::


Loopy Lupin - Oct 12, 2005 8:08 am (#1031 of 2980)

We do have Thursday off for Yum Kipper -- Stephanie M.

Gee, I think kippers are pretty yummy too, but we never got a day off in school for that.

Congrats Finn!

I am currently covered in burns on .03 percent of my body. I was poaching a salmon and when I flipped it, all the butter, etc. that I was poaching the thing in splattered on me. I'm so brilliant that, after cursing the heavens the first time, I went ahead and flipped the fish again and splattered myself again. The fish was good, but I didn't know trying to eat healthy could be so dangerous.


T Brightwater - Oct 12, 2005 8:48 am (#1032 of 2980)

Denise, I sympathize; maybe Jo will give us Andromeda's book of Housekeeping Spells sometime.

Loopy, sounds like you cook the way I do. Fortunately, the aloe plant in my kitchen window thrives on neglect.


Julie Aronson - Oct 12, 2005 9:34 am (#1033 of 2980)

mmmmm...poached salmon


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Oct 12, 2005 10:56 am (#1034 of 2980)

Loopy, while I praise your dietary intent, I don't know how healthy a dead salmon could be. However, I have no doubt eating them will help you develop a more healthful diet.


Loopy Lupin - Oct 12, 2005 11:52 am (#1035 of 2980)
Edited Oct 12, 2005 1:19 pm

Oooh. Someone is being frisky. Or is that "friskful"? Ahem. I'd direct everyone's attention to the following from The American Heritage®️ Book of English Usage. (Copyright ©️ 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.):

Some people like to maintain a distinction between healthy and healthful. Healthy, they say, should be used to mean “possessing good health,” and only healthful should mean “conducive to good health.” People who hold this view are swimming against the tide of history, for healthy has been used to mean “healthful” since the 16th century. You can find the “healthful” use of healthy in the works of many distinguished writers, with this example from John Locke being typical: “Gardening … and working in wood, are fit and healthy recreations for a man of study or business.” Therefore, both healthy and healthful are correct in these contexts: a healthy climate, a healthful climate; a healthful diet, a healthy diet.

So, if I may say so: Nah, nana boo boo!

EDIT: There you go Denise. Heheheehee


Soul Mate for Sirius - Oct 12, 2005 12:04 pm (#1036 of 2980)

Hey everyone! Wow, has it been a long two weeks. This is the first spare second I've had to get on the Forum at all!! There have been days recently where if felt like if I tried to do anymore then I already was, I wouldn't even have time to breathe!! The rest of month is going to be about the same, so today, since I have some down time, I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the rest of October!

Anyway, Thanks everyone for the strengthening charms and good thoughts/prayers for Aaron. He was actually able to call me a few days ago, which really made me happy. He says right now he's alright over there, he hasn't gotten to his station yet, he's still in Baghdad, I've actually started counting the days until he comes home already, even though it's 8 months away!!

Speaking of soldiers, I know this is a little late but my thoughts and prayers are with your co-worker haymoni. I can't even imagine what they're going through.

KayKay, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. (((hugs)))

TBE, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your housing situation. I hope everything gets worked out!!

Also, Happy birthday to anyone who I may have missed in the last 2 weeks (I admit, I only had time to skim through the posts, as there were so many!!) and Strengthening Charms and ((hugs)) to all who need them!!!

Okay, I'm off to try to catch up on threads...have a great reast of the week everyone!!



The giant squid - Oct 12, 2005 12:33 pm (#1037 of 2980)

So, if I may say so: Nah, nana boo boo!--Loopy Lupin

The product of American law schools, ladies & gentlemen...


Denise P. - Oct 12, 2005 12:53 pm (#1038 of 2980)

It would have carried more oomph if had been at the end of it.


Madam Pince - Oct 12, 2005 12:59 pm (#1039 of 2980)

***is rolling around laughing***


Soul Mate for Sirius - Oct 12, 2005 1:27 pm (#1040 of 2980)

**joins Madam Pince in rolling on the floor laughing**



Finn BV - Oct 12, 2005 1:41 pm (#1041 of 2980)

**first brushes off the floor because it is dirty and then rolls around too**

Gee, I think kippers are pretty yummy too, but we never got a day off in school for that. –Loopy

Ah yes, that was the subject of me teasing Steph the entire day at school today. I seemed to make a pun along the same lines.

It is raining horribly here. The Cross County Parkway was merged from 3 lanes to 1 and unfortunately I was on it. A school bus had crashed into a jeep. The other lanes (going the opposite direction) were also backed up because the fire trucks had to get through, and they couldn't travel through all the backed up cars. Thankfully, now, I am inside, cozy in a blanket. I am not looking to leave the house again today. ::sighs relief::


Catherine - Oct 12, 2005 2:03 pm (#1042 of 2980)

**joins the members rolling on the floor laughing, albeit gingerly, because my area rugs are in the shop being cleaned today**

You know Loopy, I thought I was a bit pathetic because I was injured by a hot Poptart. But at least I learned from my mistake and didn't repeat the injury. Nanny nanny boo boo! (Waits for someone to comment that my 7th graders have influenced me)

Kim, I love your kitten avatar.

I spent the day catching up on house elf duties that were neglected during my tenure as a 7th grade teacher. I'm almost looking forward to substitute teaching tomorrow, except that I have to teach math. Hopefully, the teacher will have something on the schedule that I will understand.

Hope everyone is well, and it feels so great to be able to post on the Forum.

I have to attend a Humane Society board meeting tonight, and I just found out that we are meeting at a restaturant that had some unsavory incidents during its health inspection last month. I'm in a real manners dilemma. I don't want to eat the food there, but I don't want to make other people feel uncomfortable by not eating the food, nor do I want to tell folks why I don't want to eat the food (the story is both true and too icky to repeat). I'm thinking aobut claiming that I am full, sipping a soda, and trying really hard not to think about it....BLECH.

Have a good evening, everyone!


Stephanie M. - Oct 12, 2005 2:33 pm (#1043 of 2980)
Edited Oct 12, 2005 3:42 pm

***Rolling around laughing on my bed because I got the floor really wet when I came home.***

Gee Finn you've really had a lot of trouble getting home lately!

Finn was also teasing me because I said that I hope his mom's car gets fized soon instead of fixed.

I got home around my normal time, but I was sitting next to this really nice boy on the bus and he was in the same grade as my sister so through the entire bus ride he kept saying that I looked and sounded exactly like her. It was extremely annoying, but I'm used to it and he was very nice about bugging me.

I also have this new bus driver to replace my old one and he wasn't sure where each stop was. (We stop every few blocks on an avenue.) So I had to walk 3 blocks and an avenue to my home.

So here is the story of all the times my hair was wet today:

Well, first I had to wait outside for my bus and my hair got very wet. (The bus was REALLY late too.) And of course my sister took my umbrella out of my bag. So it pretty much dried on the way to school. Then my hair was dry until I had swimming. And my hair was more wet than usual. (I have to wear a swim cap.) And then it was drying but I had to go outside and it was POURING!! And then during last period it was drying again. Then I went to my bus and it was drying on the bus and then I went outside to get home, and my the time I got home my hair was so wet that it looked like I had a mop on my head.

But now I'm in my pajama bottoms and a sweat shirt lying on my bed.

Hmm... I think I want a snack now...

(Sorry about the REALLY long post! I just had to tell the hair story because I kept complaining about it all day. But now it's DRY!!! But I'm going to have to take a shower because I smell like chlorine. Plus I only have 10 posts per day.)


Pigwidgeon - Oct 12, 2005 3:02 pm (#1044 of 2980)

*waves back to Madam Pince*

Haymoni -- no, Record Publishing Co. A little further south than most of the Sun papers.


 Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Oct 12, 2005 3:53 pm (#1045 of 2980)

Loopy, I would remind you that in the 16th century there was no such thing as standardized spelling but we appear to have progressed beyond that. And fer thet i em thankefal.


timrew - Oct 12, 2005 3:55 pm (#1046 of 2980)

Loopy Lupin:- I am currently covered in burns on .03 percent of my body. I was poaching a salmon.......

Hey! In the UK, Wayne, 'poaching a salmon' means you were stealing it out of the river. Though, how you got covered in burns beggars belief! Were you stealing them using napalm, or what?

Pictures Wayne............"God! I love the smell of napalm in the morning!", as he poaches his breakfast...........

Only kidding, old buddy!


Ana Cis - Oct 12, 2005 5:46 pm (#1047 of 2980)

Finn, when you get tired of your picture, let me borrow it for a while; or at least tell me where you got it from. It's a really beautiful picture!



Catherine - Oct 12, 2005 6:49 pm (#1048 of 2980)

Hey! In the UK, Wayne, 'poaching a salmon' means you were stealing it out of the river.—Timrew


So much for burns.....


Finn BV - Oct 12, 2005 7:20 pm (#1049 of 2980)

**spews with everyone else and imagines a lawyer stealing **

Hi Ana! I just noticed your premium membership, congrats! I'm tired of my avatar already ( not really, but I'm happy to give it to you), so all you have to do is Google Image Chickadee and it's the third picture.

New picture time I guess! Me running!


Viola Intonada - Oct 12, 2005 7:36 pm (#1050 of 2980)

* wipes tears from eyes from all of the laughing*

Pigwidgeon, Thanks for the heads up for the Science Center. I'll have to talk Hubby into it. Shouldn't be too difficult to talk my kids into it. My only reservation is that IMAX theaters usually make me motion sick.

Denise, do you have an industrial size washer and dryer? Or multiples, as in your own laundry mat?

I can't really get too mad at Hubby for not folding anyone else's laundry, because I actually hate it when he does. A previous girlfriend (that he had probably only dated for a few months) had taught him how she folded laundry, 16 years later I still haven't been able to undo those habits and get him to fold laundry my way. AARrrrgghhh!
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