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Most Brilliant Moment

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Most Brilliant Moment Empty Most Brilliant Moment

Post  Lady Arabella Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:46 pm

The following is an archive of material originally posted on the Harry Potter Lexicon Forum, hosted by World Crossing, which ceased operations on April 15th, 2011
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Most Brilliant Moment Empty Re: Most Brilliant Moment

Post  Lady Arabella Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:49 pm

Most Brilliant Moment
vball man - Oct 31, 2005 11:05 am

Edited by Kip Carter Apr 19, 2006 12:37 am
This is like the "Most Touching Moment" thread. Except here, let's recall our choices for J. K. Rowling's most brilliant moments. Post your picks: excellent bits of trickery - or red herrings - or planted clues - or things that just make you say, "Wow - people are just like that!"

Have fun.


haymoni - Oct 31, 2005 12:37 pm (#1 of 112)  
I never saw the Barty/Moody thing coming.


Liz Mann - Oct 31, 2005 1:11 pm (#2 of 112)  
Probably the moment when I realised that it was Quirrell who was after the Stone and not Snape. It never even occurred to me to doubt that the trio were right. I thought we knew for sure and certain who it was.

Oh, and Snape killing Dumbledore, and the bouncing ferret (liking that bit goes against my usually kind nature ).


Choices - Oct 31, 2005 1:42 pm (#3 of 112)  
How on earth can I pick just one? These books are full of brilliant moments....at least I think so. Just to name a few - when Harry is told he is a wizard, producing his first patronus, finding out Sirius is his godfather, watching Sirius fall through the veil, watching Snape kill Dumbledore, the rebirthing scene in the graveyard ...gosh, I could go on and on.


Soul Search - Oct 31, 2005 4:14 pm (#4 of 112)  
I would go for brilliant character development: Snape, Umbridge, Slughorn. Maybe Hagrid. Others too, but these stand out.

Strangely, I don't think Voldemort has been all that well developed.


Finn BV - Oct 31, 2005 6:14 pm (#5 of 112)  
Brilliant Moment? When Dumbledore faces Umbridge in the Battle of Trelawney. You know, "the great oak doors had swung open." That is my most favorite passage in the entire book, and the way it's worded it's like "Yes! People do that! All right!"


Mrs. Sirius - Oct 31, 2005 8:21 pm (#6 of 112)  
In the Shrieking shack, when Sirius responds to Peter, I paraphrase "then you should have died, just like we would have died for you". wooo!

In HBP, the very end, Harry thinks -however awful life might be, it will be bearable because he still has one more day to spend with Ron and Hermione.

Both moments are about the same thing, but what brilliant and simple ways to write about love.


vball man - Oct 31, 2005 9:44 pm (#7 of 112)  
One that pops to my mind is in HBP when Harry "spikes" Ron's drink with Felix Felicis. I was so upset reading that. Just when I thought that Harry was growing up, he goes and cheats at Quidditch! I was sure he'd get caught and the victory would be taken away and Harry would get some kind of punishment. Plus - what a waste of the Felix.

When he revealed that it was fake, I thought, "That was brilliant. She got me really upset!"


Elanor - Oct 31, 2005 11:08 pm (#8 of 112)  
There are so many brilliant moments that I can't choose, not to mention the fact that I find new ones everyday while re-reading the books! But I remember well the first moment I found brilliant, the first time I read PS: when I understood that what was written on the Mirror of Erised could be read backwards. I think my HP obsession started then!  


KWeldon - Nov 2, 2005 8:06 pm (#9 of 112)  
I have to agree with Elanor on the beginning of the HP obsession. What a world it opened up for me to realize the depth of the books.

I am so dense that the most brilliant moment for me had to be the revelation of Lupin as a werewolf and Pettigrew as Scabbers. I totally didn't see that coming.

The nomination of the Harry faking the use of the Felix potion is a good one, too. I was certain he had done it and was disappointed in him!


Troels Forchhammer - Nov 3, 2005 12:46 am (#10 of 112)  
I do think that for me the moment came when I realised that PoA contained a self-consistent history loop  

The first two books were nice enough for children's books, but, to be frank, they don't compare all that well to many other brilliant children's books. PoA was different.



Nearly Legless Mick - Nov 3, 2005 1:28 am (#11 of 112)  
I really like the Marauder's Map and especially when we discover the identities of Moony and co.

A very impressive and useful bit of magic which works both as a plot-driver and a neat link between the generations at Hogwarts.

I still can't believe that the POA movie glossed over it's origins completely.


Rare Welsh Red - Nov 3, 2005 5:52 am (#12 of 112)  
Just two of countless moments:

When Hermione explains Cho's confused feelings after Harry kisses Cho, and tells Ron that he has "the emotional range of a teaspoon" - I don't mean the rights and wrongs of the allegation, it's just one of my favourite sayings from anywhere in the books.

And an hour after finishing HBP, when the possibility of Harry's scar being a horcrux smacked into my mind with such force that I had to sit down. Not often do I get that response to a book!

Oh, and like haymoni, I never guessed about Barty/Moody either. Okay, just -three- moments!


haymoni - Nov 3, 2005 6:21 am (#13 of 112)  
I forgot about Sirius in POA.

I thought it was cool that The Prisoner of Azkaban was the very same "young Sirius Black" that lent Hagrid the flying motorbike.


Madame Librarian - Nov 4, 2005 8:22 pm (#14 of 112)  

As much as a lot of readers actually starting disliking Harry in OoP because of his extreme moodiness, anger, utter loneliness, paranoia, and downright terror, and--as much as I felt so lousy for all the awful things poor Harry was experiencing at the opening of that book (dementor attack, the hearing), I must admit that the way JKR developed the character of a young teen going through absolute hell rang so true and was portrayed so honestly that I "got" the fact that she truly understood the whole business of growing up under treacherous circumstances. She took a big risk in making Harry unlikeable, and she pulled it off.

Then at the end of the book, that wonderful-terrible scene in DD's office with Harry ranting, nearly hysterical over Sirius's death, the interplay between him and DD is so heartfelt and heart rending. I almost felt like I was intruding on a very private moment. This is much more than just a clever fantasy epic, I thought to myself. I already had a pretty high opinion of the books as fun, intriguing and original. With OoP my estimation zoomed upward despite the fact that it is not my favorite in the series (GoF is).

Ciao. Barb


Lina - Nov 5, 2005 8:37 am (#15 of 112)  
This one is the first that came to my mind, maybe because it is still fresh:
When DD talks to Draco in The Lightning-Struck Tower chapter and says Well, I certainly did have a drink ... and I came back ... after a fashion.

Just preserving the sense of humor in such a difficult moment, I love it!


Neville Longbottom - Nov 5, 2005 2:33 pm (#16 of 112)  
The chapter "Cat, Rat and Dog" is simply excellent, IMO. And it only becomes clear during the rereading, when all the loyalties are known, how brilliant Rowling wrote it. She managed to mislead the readers without playing unfair.

Similarly, nearly every bit of dialogue from the fake Moody is very good. He rarely lies, but nearly all his sentences have a different meaning than originally thought.


vball man - Nov 6, 2005 11:56 am (#17 of 112)  
I agree, Neville. This section is probably the most brilliant.

When the trio leaves the shrieking shack, there is are several things which are NOT known:
Guessing the answer to these makes a very exciting read:

1: What type of animal was James? “And that's how we came to write the Marauder's Map, and sign it with our nicknames. Sirius is Padfoot. Peter is Wormtail. James was Prongs."

“What sort of animal --?” Harry began, but Hermione cut him off.

So what does "prongs" mean?

2: What is so special about Crookshanks?
We know he was in the shop for "ages." No one wanted him. So why/how did he warm up to Hermione?

3: Did Harry, in fact, see his father make the patronus?

I for one, on my first reading, thought that these questions all led to the same answer:
James (called Prongs) is Crookshanks - there are certainly reasons to reject this. For instance, why would James eat a spider??
But the real reasons why this cannot be come after this point in the story.

What is brilliant about this is that JKR allows the reader wishful thinking. We want a parent to show up for Harry.


Solitaire - Nov 6, 2005 3:09 pm (#18 of 112)  
If Ron was with Hermione in the pet shop--was he?--perhaps Crookshanks realized Scabbers was not to be trusted and warmed to Hermione in order to keep tabs on Scabbers. Didn't Sirius say Crookshanks was the one who took care of his order for Harry's new broom? He sounds like a pretty savvy animal!

I've always suspected that Crookshanks was one of Mrs. Figg's "cats," placed in the pet shop, perhaps by Dumbledore. Could he have tipped Hermione to buy him? Or maybe he just instructed Crookshanks to not let Hermione leave without buying him. Just a thought ...



Diagon Nilly - Nov 8, 2005 9:37 am (#19 of 112)  
My favorite is the method in which Fred & George finally stick it to Umbridge and ultimately leave Hogwarts. Too awesome!


essie125 - Nov 9, 2005 8:18 am (#20 of 112)  
My favorite part in the series is when the trio are asked to fetch some water at the quidditch worldcup. They encounter a ministry wizard and another very old wizard named Archie, who is wearing a nightgown with flowerprint. Now the ministry wizard is desperately trying to get Archie to wear trousers, because that's what muggles do. Archie then replies that he will do no such thing. His nightgown is also worn by muggles, because he bought it in a muggle shop. On which the ministry wizard replies that only muggle women wear them. Archie won't budge. He won't wear trousers because he likes a healthy breeze around his privates. On hearing this Hermione goes into a very uncharacteristic fit of laughter and she can't return to the other two until Archie is out of sight.

Hermione is by far my favorite character of the whole series. I just love her. And I thought this was such a funny part, because I could just see it happen.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Nov 10, 2005 5:07 pm (#21 of 112)  
Oh I love this new thread! How fun!

Okay, let's see...I think when Tom Riddle first shows Harry his "capture" of Hagrid, before we know Hagrid was framed was a brilliant moment. I screamed out loud!

...But I think my favorite part in the series in terms of the way Jo wrote it is when DD, Snape and McGonagall burst into the fake Moody's office. The way Jo describes DD is amazing. They busrt into the room and then DD is described as follows:

At that moment, Harry fully understood for the first time why people said Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort had ever feared. The look upon Dumbledore's face as he stared down at the unconscious form of Mad-Eye Moody was more terrible than Harry could have ever imagined. There was no benign smile upon Dumbledore's face, no twinkle in the eyes behind the spectacles. There was cold fury in every line of the acient face; a sense of power radiated from Dumbledore as though he were giving off burning heat.

...And then again later in GoF when he's arguing with Fudge in the Hospital Wing, Jo describes DD:

'You are blinded,' said Dumbledore, his voice rising now, the aura of power around him palpable, his eyes blazing once more...

I don't know why, but the way DD is described in these passages gives me shudders every time I read them. I think it's because, all the way back in PS/SS, we're told DD is the only one LV was ever afraid of, but we never see DD in that type of light. We always see him as a mentor and a wise, passive old man. It isn't until GoF that we see that no only is DD incredibly powerful, but he can be scary in his own right, and can still kick some major butt!!  

That's all for now!!



vball man - Nov 10, 2005 5:22 pm (#22 of 112)  
Yeah, from that same section in the hospital wing is this gem form Dumbledore: "Fudge's attitude, though not unexpected, changes everything." If you think about that for a while it just gets better.

Then I have to point out the section when Scrimgeour comes to the Burrow to talk to Harry. JKR interposes Scrimgeour's clumsy attempt to get something out of Harry with a gnome trying to get a worm out of the ground. It's priceless. Then, just when you see that Scrimgeour is as ridiculous as the gnome, the gnome find success and Scrimgeour does not!


Choices - Nov 10, 2005 5:57 pm (#23 of 112)  
Wonderful observations. I do agree Soul Mate - Dumbledore is so awesome - I just love him and, like you, the idea of him angry and radiating power gives me the shivers. What a wonderful character.


Mediwitch - Nov 10, 2005 7:12 pm (#24 of 112)  
Another brilliant Dumbledore moment was his "few words" at the start-of-term feast in SS: "Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak". It just reveals so much about Dumbledore's character!


T Vrana - Nov 12, 2005 7:48 am (#25 of 112)  
LV's reaction in the MOM at the moment he says he's had enough of Harry, and realizes they are not alone..

“What...” said Voldemort staring around. And then he breathed, "Dumbledore!"

DD strolling toward LV without a care in the world..

“It was foolish to come here tonight, Tom... “

We had heard that LV feared DD but this is the first time we see them together. LV's obvious fear, DD's total lack of fear or concern, and he still reduces LV to who he really is, Tom.

I love it!


Choices - Nov 12, 2005 9:37 am (#26 of 112)  
I loved that scene too - Dumbledore appearing in front of the big gates - I pictured them as almost like the gates of Heaven. I have always said Dumbledore reminds me of a cross between God and Santa Claus. LOL


hawick girl - Nov 16, 2005 5:26 pm (#27 of 112)  

I wish that everyone used Tom instead of Voldie/Dark Lord/He Who Must Not Be Named/You Know Who...

In HBP, I loved the U-No-Poo scene, that Diagon Ally was so drab and the only light comes from Fred and George's Shop.

GoF is great, especially Faux Moody. He's so bad, yet, he is one of my favorite characters. It has been said earlier that he never lies, but what he says has deeper meaning after we know what his secret is. That is so true. My favorite chapter is the Unforgivable Curses chapter, when he says that they have to have CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Especially from the Dark Wizards, when he is one of the darkest that we ever meet. The broken/schizophrenic dark detectors, it is all good.

S.P.E.W. Need I say More?

I guess what I really like about the series is the little things that get seamlessly worked in to the story and then at the end, they bloom in the climax and you say I should have known. Like Harry talking to the Zoo Boa in PS/SS, Ron's wand being broken in CoS, The Marauder's Map in PoA, Faux Moody in GoF, I can't think of anything in OotP off the top of my head (maybe Kreacher), and the RoR in HBP.


Nathan Zimmermann - Nov 16, 2005 5:35 pm (#28 of 112)  
The train station scene at the end of OotP where Moody tips back his bowler to reveal his magical eye and responds to Vernon's query about intimidation with the response of I thought so!


vball man - Nov 16, 2005 9:56 pm (#29 of 112)  
“Do I look stupid?” snarled Uncle Vernon, a bit of fried egg dangling from his bushy mustache.


Patrick Mullan - Nov 18, 2005 1:41 pm (#30 of 112)  
Edited by Nov 18, 2005 1:43 pm
There are an endless stream of brilliant moments; but one that stands out for me is after Umbridge is dragged off by the centaurs into the forest.

Dumbledore, after his return to Hogwarts strode into the woods by himself and rescued her.

This was quite a brilliant twist I thought, since the centaurs held a particular hatred for wizards, and Dumbledore had no particular love for Umbridge. And after Dumbledore accepted Firenze as a Hogwarts instructor, the centaurs were particularly difficult.

I often wonder what went on when Dumbledore retrieved her from the centaurs.

Whatever he did, or said was obviously something that did not cause the centaurs to hate him, because they showed up for Dumbledore's funeral and gave him an arrow salute!


freshwater - Nov 19, 2005 12:10 am (#31 of 112)  
I agree with Patrick M: "an endless stream of brilliant moments"...but here are a few of my favorites:

...Ron's reaction to Malfoy as a ferret: "uplifted expression" and "Hermione, you're ruining the best day of my life!"

...Fred and George leaving school in OotP, but particularly the bit where Peeves salutes them: priceless! One mischieveous practical joker paying homage to another (pair).

....I love the way that, as the kids approach the Dept. of Mysteries, JKR introduces important items or ideas: the veil, the locked room, the bell jar with "time", etc.

....Harry rampaging in rage in DD's office really took me by surprise and helped to drive home the realization of Sirius' death.

....and I love her incidental introductions of things that later prove to be very important: the chamber pot room in GoF turned out to be the Room of Requirement in OotP, the vanishing cabinet in CoS(or was it later?) becomes very important in HBP.


The giant squid - Nov 19, 2005 2:57 am (#32 of 112)  
Yeah, the "Give her hell for us, Peeves" moment stands out to me, too. It's so great and such a cinematic moment that it'll be a true shame if it doesn't make it into the movie somehow.


João Paulo Costa - Nov 23, 2005 1:56 pm (#33 of 112)  
I'd like to say that for me, it is the whole series that is brilliantly portrayed. I do think that the best moments are when the characters speak, because it is usually when we learn about the characters. The speaking lines are never forced, nor ironic, nor

The moments in which I had a brainwave, and felt completely dumped, were: - Quirrel was, after all, the one trying to steal the stone;

- Tom Riddle had opened the chamber of secrets 50 tyears previously, freed the snake, and kidnapp Ginny;

- The whole explanation/wrapping up at the Shrieking Shrak, at the end of PoA;

- the explanation by Barty Crouch Junior, (GoF, "Verisatum");

(as you can see, I'm a very gullible person, that rarely has the imagination to see beyond the text at first readings...)

- the explanation of what Horcruxes (spelling... sorry...), and therefore why Voldemort had not died;

- the murder of Dumbledore by Snape: I really thought that Snape would hex the DE present and help Dumbledore and Harry;

The most sensitive/poignant moments:

- the beginning of "Chamber of Secrets", in which Harry is aching for his friends and the life at Hogwarts;

- the end of "Goblet of Fire", when Dumbledore makes the eulogy of Cedric Diggory;

- all the representation of Harry's state of mind during the fifth book, "Order of the Pheonix". I know it is not a "moment", but a rather long description during almost the whole book. I just think it was very well portraied. One particular moment would maybe be when Harry shouts at Ron and Hermione, the first time he encounters them at 12, Grimauld Place;

The humorous moments:

- All the chapter in "GoF" about how to ask a pair to the Christmas ball: I think it was brilliant the was JK Rowling wrote it;

- the events just after Fred and George leave Hogwarts, when many students were applying for the job of mescriant-in-chief;

- Luna commentating the last Quidditch match. I just could not stop laughing;


Chemyst - Nov 25, 2005 12:46 pm (#34 of 112)  
Not a singular "moment" but consistently brilliant writing, are the one-liners JKR gives to the normally straight-laced Minerva McGonagall.


freshwater - Nov 26, 2005 4:42 pm (#35 of 112)  
Joao Costa --- I'd never thought of it until you mentioned it: other students taking up the challenge of harassing Umbridge in the absence of Fred and George...gives a wonderful sense of unity, doesn't it?


Liz Mann - Nov 27, 2005 1:58 pm (#36 of 112)  
So many brilliant moments.

-The ferret scene.

-Fred and George - "I'm not Fred, I'm George. Honestly woman, call yourself our mother?"

-"You're dead, Potter." "Funny, you'd think I'd have stopped walking by now."

And so many others!


hawick girl - Nov 27, 2005 8:35 pm (#37 of 112)  
I really like the later ferret related scene when Hermione waves to Moody and scares Malfoy and she says, "Twitchy little ferret, aren't you Malfoy" or something to that effect.

also too many to really say, but every one recounted suddenly is my Favorite -lol


SarcasticGinny - Nov 28, 2005 6:12 pm (#38 of 112)  
I agree with anyone who said the Scabbers/Wormtail twist in POA. I wholeheartedly support whoever said this changed it from a "children's" series (a good one, in my opinion) into a different category completely. I felt like the rug had been torn out from under me. I was every bit as shocked as the characters (I remember thinking "but he bit Goyle!!")


Lina - Nov 29, 2005 5:05 am (#39 of 112)  
I remember that I thought - That's why Ron couldn't change his color to yellow in the train in PS/SS!


Steve Newton - Nov 30, 2005 7:59 am (#40 of 112)  
In OOTP in the confrontation in the Department of Mysteries Harry is sparring, verbally, with Malfoy. He then brings up his wand. Immediately the 5 wands of his friends come up as one. The unity and teamwork in a time of troubles are wonderful.


Verity Weasley - Dec 3, 2005 9:52 pm (#41 of 112)  
One of the most touching lines in the whole series that always brings a lump to my throat no matter how many times I read it - Cedric Diggory's shadow after coming out of the wand - "Take my body back". Heartbreaking!


Liz Mann - Dec 4, 2005 10:42 am (#42 of 112)  
He'll never be gone. Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him.  


frogface - Dec 6, 2005 9:34 am (#43 of 112)  
I'd have to go with the twist at the end of POA, all I could say for 5 minutes was "...wow..." I also think that the endings of GoF and OotP were written really well. Everytime I finish reading them I'm hungry for more. Really annoying before HBP came out, and just as much before OotP did!


Ginerva Potter - Dec 6, 2005 1:01 pm (#44 of 112)  
I'm not sure about brilliant moment..but....definitely an Oh my God moment. I couldn't believe what I was reading when Dumbledore appointed Snape to the DADA post. I kept rereading it thinking what is Dumbledore thinking? What does JKR have in store for us?!



Muggle Doctor - Dec 11, 2005 1:49 pm (#45 of 112)  
OOTP - as they reach the Ministry at the end of the book, and they head down, and the magic telephone booth issues Harry with the "Harry Potter - Rescue Mission" ID card. (Shame it was all a trap.)

OOTP - the fight on the train: Harry is caught flat-footed by Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, and then the compartment full of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws turns on them and saves him.

OOTP - the final scene, with the group of Order members laying the heavy onto Vernon, Petunia and Dudley. Moody is classic: "If we don't hear from you, we'll send someone around." A very Muggle-like threat - has he spent more time in the Muggle world than we know?


Tazzygirl - Dec 12, 2005 8:43 pm (#46 of 112)  
HBP- When Dumbledore is talking to the Dursleys about taking care of Harry and mentions the state of Dudley-

...The best that can be said is that he [Harry] has at least escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy [Dudley] sitting between you. (Will and Won't chapter)

and the shock between Vernon and Petunia that someone would actually say that about Dudley. What I thought right after reading that part in the book was "Finally, someone says something!"  


Puck - Dec 19, 2005 7:02 am (#47 of 112)  
DD's man through and through. "I told him I was." Such a touching moment.

I'm tall.

There are some things you can't go through together without becoming friends. Fighting a mountain troll is one of them.


Solitaire - Dec 25, 2005 8:35 am (#48 of 112)  
From OotP, it remains one of my favorites ...

... And before Umbridge could say a word, they raised their wands and said together, "Accio brooms!"
Harry heard a loud crash somewhere in the distance. Looking to his left just in time--Fred and George's broomsticks ... were hurtling along the corridor toward their owners. ...

Wouldn't you just love to have seen the Toad's face? hehehe



Choices - Dec 25, 2005 12:02 pm (#49 of 112)  
So many brilliant moments, but that's definitely one I would like to have been there for. LOL


TomProffitt - Dec 25, 2005 2:15 pm (#50 of 112)  
I remember that I thought - That's why Ron couldn't change his color to yellow in the train in PS/SS! --- Lina [

That was one of my "Brilliant" moments also, because I thought Fred & George had really given Ron a spell to make his nose dirty.

My favorite "Brilliant" moment was Harry's thought "about the depths a woman would go to for revenge." Just when you think the story will run along a stereotypical "story book" path, Jo throws out the "real life" kickers like that, or the whole shallowness of Harry's relationship with Cho.

That's what makes me say "Brilliant!" Jo could just do the expected, but no, she makes her characters act like people. Gotta love it.
Lady Arabella
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Most Brilliant Moment Empty Re: Most Brilliant Moment

Post  Lady Arabella Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:50 pm


Lina - Dec 29, 2005 3:18 pm (#51 of 112)  
I was rereading GoF recently and I really enjoyed the scene where Harry drops his egg and Filch comes, then Snape, then fake Moody. It is the scene that gets a totally different meaning when you read it for the second (or any latter) time. Moody mentioning some spots that never go away, Snape unconsciously touching his left forearm, Snape mentioning Dumbledore trusting him... Each word is so carefully chosen.


haymoni - Dec 30, 2005 5:02 am (#52 of 112)  
I always wondered about that scene, Lina, because it says that Snape clutched his arm - did Barty/Moody make Snape's tatoo burn?


Puck - Dec 30, 2005 2:35 pm (#53 of 112)  
Ilove the whole scene when we found out who Moody really was in GoF. I mean, did anyone see that coming? The best teacher is really a bad guy -thought to be dead- in disguise? Actually, until that moment I wasn't sure Bart Jr. was guilty, thought he was in the wrong place/wrong time. It was Ludo I suspected.

I think his arm burned as LV was getting stronger.


Lina - Jan 1, 2006 2:25 pm (#54 of 112)  
He would touch his left forearm every time that Harry would mention Voldemort. I think that it is just remembering all the pain that the tattoo has caused him in the past.


Matrona - Nov 16, 2005 9:25 pm (#55 of 112)  
I love the whole description of Mad-Eye Moody when he walks into the Great Hall for the first time in GoF. It gives me chills.

All of Voldemort's dialogue is brilliant, in my opinion, especially at the end of GoF. This wizard, the most dangerous man alive, and the way he adapts to his new body, seizes control over his followers, and playfully duels Harry. I've wondered how Voldemort manages to recover his dignity and regain control over the DE's every time he suffers a major setback, but however he manages it, I'm sure he does it extremely well.


geauxtigers! - Jan 27, 2006 3:13 pm (#56 of 112)  
my favorite part of all 6 books is definitely when fred and george leave. I love how peeves salutes them and I can just imagine the look on umbridges face. Priceless!


haymoni - Jan 27, 2006 8:14 pm (#57 of 112)  
They had better get that scene right.

I was really happy with Ferret Boy, although I missed Ron's comment to Hermione about not ruining his moment.

Maybe they'll be able to capture the essence of "pulling a Weasley".

ex-FAHgeek - Jan 28, 2006 8:36 am (#58 of 112)  
Edited by Jan 28, 2006 8:37 am
---quote--- They had better get that scene right. ---end quote---

Seeing as Peeves isn't in the movies, I'm expecting it to be altered. Regardless, it will probably still be a riot - Fred and George are more than up to the challenge of covering for the poultergeist's absence.


Finn BV - Jan 28, 2006 9:06 am (#59 of 112)  
Maybe "Giver her hell from us, Peeves" will be directed to Harry, or Ron, or Lee, or the DA, or somebody. Or McGonagall! LOL  Maybe I'll take this to the OoP movie thread…


haymoni - Jan 28, 2006 12:56 pm (#60 of 112)  
Or maybe we'll actually get Peeves this time!


Regan of Gong - Jan 29, 2006 2:26 am (#61 of 112)  
We can only hope. Maybe I should post this on the "Things you would like to see happen" thread, or rather haymoni, as she said it first.


haymoni - Jan 29, 2006 5:48 am (#62 of 112)  
I've given up hoping for things in the movies.

It's just easier not to expect much and then be pleasantly surprised at the bones they throw us.


Netherlandic - Feb 1, 2006 5:02 pm (#63 of 112)  
One of my favourites is in CoS, when the then DADA teacher hears about the abduction of Ginny Weasley and gets challenged by Snape to retrieve the girl and defeat the monster. Then McGonagall steps in and seconds Snape's remark. It so much shows the humour within both Snape and McGonagall that we don't see very often but is there non the less.


Matilda the Pygmy Puff - Feb 21, 2006 8:59 am (#64 of 112)  
I think the most brilliant of the dramatic scenes was the end of GoF and HBP. The way she handles the aftermaths of the deaths of Cedric and Dumbledore was amazingly moving and powerful.


Magic Words - Feb 27, 2006 2:19 pm (#65 of 112)  
Where to begin....

The Marauder's Map insulting Snape in POA. I still laugh out loud when I reread that.

Fred and George leaving in OOTP.

Sirius' death was so well done too; I couldn't see the page for crying.

Dumbledore's man through and through -HBP

There's no need to call me 'sir,' Professor. -HBP

Spinner's End in HBP. That Unbreakable Vow made me really nervous, as did Snape's ready answers to Bellatrix. I later convinced myself it was no big deal, because we didn't even know what Draco's task was, but then at the end when it all came together... wow.


geauxtigers - Mar 13, 2006 7:15 am (#66 of 112)  
Best Parts: CoS when Harry gives Dobby the sock and Dobby blasts Mr. Malfoy away! Go Dobby!

PoA with the map insulting Snape! and when Sirius is rescued.

GoF the whole last scene with LV is just awesome, because its our first taste of how LV and the DE operate.

OoP Fred and Goerge leaving and Peeves saluting them, DD vs Umbridge in the whole Trewlaney thing, DD knocking out the MoM in his office and Phineas' comment about how he disagree, but you must admit he's got style!, and then Umbridge being carted off by the centars. They chaos when Umbridge is head of school is funny too and how the teachers are treating her and she can't stop them!

HBP definitely when Snape "kills" DD.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 16, 2006 3:08 pm (#67 of 112)  
OoP when everyone gets to Umbridge's class and she walks in and everyone either faints, pukes, has a nosebleed, or an extremely high temperature!

Of course "give her hell from us Peeves!"

Hermione's excellent charm work on the DA member list!

Luna Lovegood.. no explanation needed, she brilliant!

Flitwick leaving part of Fred and George's swamp as a tribute to them!

Harry and Ginny FINALLY hooking up!! I'd been waiting for that one!!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 16, 2006 3:53 pm (#68 of 112)  
I forgot:

End of OoP when Peeves chases Umbrigde, off the ground while beating her with a walking stick. And McGonagall wishing she could go with him, but can't because Peeves has her walking stick! CLASSIC!

also when McGonagall sticks up for Harry every time he is sent to her by Umbridge. (career chapter was great too!!)


Holly T. - Mar 20, 2006 9:27 am (#69 of 112)  
I'm not sure if this exactly fits here, but I couldn't think of where to post it.

My son is in second grade and he's been reading SS for the past few months. He has struggled with reading and has to work very hard to get through just a few pages. He's seen the movie and listened to the audiobook off SS and knows the plot, which probably helped him when he did read it. He was reading it over Spring Break, getting close to the end, and he looked up at me with a huge, amazed smile and said "Mama, there is SO MUCH stuff in the book that isn't in the movie--it's so good!"

So, to me, that was a brilliant moment, for someone who knows the basic plot, to know what happens (thanks to me reading to him and audiobooks) in books 2-6, etc., to be able to have a completely new experience just by reading the words from the book. And, since he's possibly dyslexic, for him it is never "just reading"--every word and page is a struggle, and yet this struggle was paying off tenfold in the joy he felt by being able to grasp all of the extra little details. He particularly liked the part where the twins and Lee were tickling the tentacles of the giant squid, which of course now is going to have to be my favorite part of that book.


Choices - Mar 20, 2006 10:00 am (#70 of 112)  
Holly T, congratulations on your son's finishing the book!! It makes me so proud for JKR and her books that so many young people discover the joys of reading through HP. I have a friend whose son is learning disabled and he increased his reading level from 2nd grade to 7th grade in a short period of time because he got hooked on the HP books and learned to love reading. It's wonderful!! I agree, picking up an HP book and enjoying reading is a brilliant moment in a child's life.


Puck - Mar 20, 2006 1:15 pm (#71 of 112)  
Holly, I'm all misty, that was so touching!


Aimee Shawn - Mar 20, 2006 8:28 pm (#72 of 112)  
Holly, Your son should be so proud of himself! What an accomplishment! As a reading teacher for 30 years, I'm with Puck, I get shivers hearing such a wonderful story as that! I know many children who became "readers" because of HP books. Inspiring!


Holly T. - Mar 21, 2006 3:10 pm (#73 of 112)  
Oh, good, I'm glad you liked that. I figured it was just making me all teary because I'm his mom. ;-)


constant vigilance - Sep 23, 2006 4:40 pm (#74 of 112)  
The Moody-is-Barty revelation. When Moody took off with Harry to his office, all I could think was, "Nooooo! Moody can't be BAD." Then He was, and then we discover it was an impersonator..and THEN we find out that the impersonater was Crouch jr. who's supposed to be dead. Absolutely brilliant writing! and I loved the jab that the one saying "Constant Vigilance!" was the bad guy.

Harry telling Vernon that his god-father was a fugitive murderer.

Dumbledore's man through and through. "I told him I was." Then Harry stared at his knee to give Dumbledore a private moment.

Fred and George bon voyage, and the school wide (students and professors) assault on Umbridge.

“Am I a professor?” said Lockhart in mild surprise. "Goodness. I expect I was hopeless, was I?" 331 CoS absolutely hysterical. I love the Gilderoy lines.


Die Zimtzicke - Sep 26, 2006 10:03 am (#75 of 112)  
When Hagrid knocks down the door, and picks it back up and just continues on like it's an everyday occurrence is brilliantly done. One change that the film makers made that I liked better than canon was when he said "Sorry about that!" but it's good in the book, too.

And I love the bulletin board scene with Luna, where Harry can't talk to anyone, but he can't get away from Luna, and she winds up making him feel better. That's well done. It's hard for him to think about anyone else at that point, but Jo deftly has Luna redirect him.


Choices - Sep 26, 2006 10:44 am (#76 of 112)  
Edited Sep 26, 2006 11:46 am
Here's an "unbrilliant" moment - I thought of it because I just finished seeing it in the movie. It's when Hermione and Ron and Ginny find Harry by the lake and Hermione delivers Ron's message to Harry about Hagrid wanting to see him. Harry asks her to repeat it and she says, "I'm not an owl." Well, she was just an owl for Ron, so why not be one for Harry? LOL Every time we see that, my whole family yells, "Yes, you are an owl, Hermione."


haymoni - Sep 26, 2006 10:48 am (#77 of 112)  
Edited Sep 26, 2006 11:48 am
MMM....why is she willing to deliver the message for Ron, but not for Harry????

(Ducks from the dung bombs thrown by the delusional H/H 'shippers!)


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 26, 2006 12:30 pm (#78 of 112)  
It always bothered me that she didn't just spit it out. How much easier would it have been for her to just say "Hagrid's looking for you." Why the whole, Ron wants me to tell you that Seamus said that Parvati, said that blah blah blah" then mess up, turn around ask Ron and try to repeat it. I didn't think it was funny, just irritating that she didn't just spit it out! ACK!


Meoshimo - Sep 26, 2006 12:51 pm (#79 of 112)  
For me, anything bad we say about movie four from now on is just a moot point. We all know it was a bad movie Smile

...Except for the Priori Incantatem scene. It was bearable.


Starling - Sep 26, 2006 1:14 pm (#80 of 112)  
Edited Sep 26, 2006 2:15 pm
No, we don't! It was an okay movie. Entertaining enough, nothing special, with a really stupid dragon chase scene. But not actually bad.

The reason that Hermione had such a long list is that she was reciting Ron, who was trying to hide the fact that he cared enough for Harry to tell him about the dragons.


timrew - Sep 26, 2006 2:23 pm (#81 of 112)  
Edited Sep 26, 2006 3:24 pm
For me, it was in The Prisoner Of Azkaban, when Sirius is revealed to be a good guy.

I was totally taken in by JKR up until the time of the revelation. Boy, that lady can write!  


geauxtigers - Sep 26, 2006 8:33 pm (#82 of 112)  
Me too, Tim! PoA is still my favorite of the series, that’s one of the reasons why, but there are so many more.

Let’s see, I have to say that Dumbledore leaving in OoP and Phineas telling the minister, that he disagrees with DD on many counts, but he could not deny he’s got style! All I could do was yell "Alright Dumbledore, take that Umbridge!"

Also the whole graveyard scene was absolutely, well, brilliant! It was so well-written, I love Jo, she is so good at making you feel like you are there. That’s a great scene, its so telling about Harry's character.

Yes, you are an owl, Hermione. LOL I know! I laughed so hard the first time I heard that! Hermione, do not realize you are being incredible ironic!? LOL

Not Brilliant moment would be the dragon chase scene in GoF movie, along with the next scene of "Do you want me to open it?" Harry is sooo not cocky and arrogant, he would've never done that! But this is not the movie thread...


Meoshimo - Sep 26, 2006 9:46 pm (#83 of 112)  
Edited Sep 26, 2006 10:47 pm
There's no need to call me 'sir', professor.

Sounds like something I would've said to a teacher Smile


Die Zimtzicke - Sep 27, 2006 11:00 am (#84 of 112)  
Edited Sep 27, 2006 12:02 pm
Clarification needed: are we talking about movie moments, book moments or both? Because I couldn't care less about the movie moments if I tried, and I don't want to hang out where I'm not involved.

P.S. By the way, I wish we could leave the shipping out of it. The comment about delusional H/Hr shippers was coming across a tad inflammatory to me, and I'm not even a fan of H/Hr. Is that kind of thing necessary?


haymoni - Sep 27, 2006 11:05 am (#85 of 112)  
The "delusional" comment was a reference to the Melissa/Emerson interview with JKR.

I always thought this thread was for the books. Movie stuff is usually kept to the proper thread.


Die Zimtzicke - Sep 27, 2006 11:08 am (#86 of 112)  
I know the comment was from the interview. The term just tends (to me) to cause trouble and lead us even more off topic than we usually go when it is used.

My apologies if anyone was offended by my reaction to it. I'll bow out now.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 27, 2006 7:41 pm (#87 of 112)  
Edited Sep 27, 2006 8:59 pm
For me, it was in The Prisoner Of Azkaban, when Sirius is revealed to be a good guy. I was totally taken in by JKR up until the time of the revelation. Boy, that lady can write! Timrew

Absolutely Tim! Actually she got me when I heard hear read in a radio interview the scene in Ollivander's in PS/SS. (I ran up the stairs to tell my husband he had to buy this book because one day our kids would be old enough and want to read them. He had all 3 books in 3 languages)

When I read POA I was beside myself. Sirius is just the best character and he's brilliantly written.

“Then you should have died. Died rather than betray your friends as we would have done for you!”

Could a more passionate and yet loving line be written?

My other brilliant passionate line is in HBP the very last brilliant paragraph, something to the effect of Harry could face whatever is coming because he knows he has one more day to spend with Ron and Hermione. Boy, that just makes me cry!

Edit: Hey Thom. The H/H shipping I think is encouraged in the movies. In shots of Harry and Hermione together they are often shown uncomfortably close, or she falls towards him and needs to be rescued or helped. Hermione is not the helpless type.


Thom Matheson - Sep 27, 2006 7:41 pm (#88 of 112)  
I'm with you Die, the whole ship thing needs to just sail away. As for brilliant moments, the "You don't have to call me sir" is huge. Also Hermione telling Ron he has the "tact of a tea bag". Not an exact quote.


Meoshimo - Sep 27, 2006 8:43 pm (#89 of 112)  
She's holding his hand in one of the newer pictures from the Order of the Phoenix movie Smile


haymoni - Sep 28, 2006 4:57 am (#90 of 112)  
I agree about the twist in POA being the Most Brilliant Moment.

I also love that a character mentioned in passing in Book 1 became such a force in Book 3.

Of course that also led us to the Mark Evans fiasco....


painting sheila - Sep 30, 2006 9:41 pm (#91 of 112)  
One of my favorite - and yes - one of the most brilliant - is when Hermione smacks Draco in PoA and then goes for her wand! Ron has to hold her back!!

I loved that!! and had to read it several times to make sure I hadn't misread. All of the threats Ron has made and then - wham! - Hermione takes him down.

You go girl!!


virginiaelizabeth - Oct 1, 2006 9:47 am (#92 of 112)  
I looovveed that scene as well, Sheila! It was really shocking, but I think Hermione was under lots of stress and such that year, so she finally just cracked. I'm with you Go Hermione!!


juliebug - Oct 2, 2006 10:28 am (#93 of 112)  
I think it's an absolutely brilliant moment in PoA when after Sirius and Lupin both accuse Ron's pet of being a human, Ron says what Harry is thinking. "You're both mental!" Even though what they are saying does turn out to be true, the story at that point, sounded a little far-fetched (even by wizard standards ) It seemed like a perfectly reasonable response to hearing that a family pet of 12 years was actually a bad guy.


Madam Pince - Oct 2, 2006 10:37 am (#94 of 112)  
(Just for what it's worth, I liked the dragon-chasing scene in the GoF movie -- I thought it was cool-as-heck special effects and the dragon looked awesome. And I am not usually impressed with CGI or special effects, but for some reason I thought that was neat. It was waaaaay better on the big screen, when seen for the first time. Now when I watch the DVD on my little TV, it's sort of "Ehhhh...")

Even though it was horrible, for me the most brilliant moment in the whole series was Cedric's death. It took me completely by surprise -- I was totally floored. I actually said out loud "Wow, she's really serious, isn't she?" (referring to JKR.) It was the point at which I first realized that these books had crossed over from being "kids' books," even though I didn't really think of them as kids' books to begin with (does that make any sense whatsoever?)


journeymom - Oct 2, 2006 11:08 am (#95 of 112)  
Edited Oct 2, 2006 12:10 pm
Madam Pince, yes, that makes complete sense. And I don't think you ever have to explain who She is at this site, lol!



freshwater - Oct 2, 2006 5:19 pm (#96 of 112)  
I agree with you, Madame Pince: I, too, loved the dragon chase scene in the GoF movie. When I first heard about it I was dismayed at the expenditure of time on non-canon events....but when I saw it on the big screen with was thrilling! And even better on IMAX!

As for JKR's serious use of evil in Cedric's death....I thought it was particularly chilling that it was so casual and so swift: "Kill the spare", and moments later he's gone forever. Remorseless evil....that is quite a big idea for a "children's" book.


Choices - Oct 2, 2006 5:30 pm (#97 of 112)  
I agree with you both, Freshwater (waves) and Madam Pince. Then again, I haven't found much I don't like in Harry Potter - books or movies. Each movie, though imperfect, is a chance to go to Hogwarts and spend a couple of hours in a magical world with the characters I love. What could be better!


virginiaelizabeth - Oct 2, 2006 7:04 pm (#98 of 112)  
I didn't really like the dragon chase scene in the movie, mostly because it wasn't canon, and it drove me a bit crazy as I sat there screaming "that doesn't happen in the book!!!" the whole time. But I can see why the director did it the way he did.

I also agree, that the moment of Cedric's death was extremely 'brilliant' in the sense of how shocking and evil the whole thing was. It was brilliant, but terrible at the same time. That was really a wake-up call for me that the books were moving towards a more complex, and serious stage. It really was a brilliant piece of writing.


Meoshimo - Oct 4, 2006 5:34 pm (#99 of 112)  
“How are we getting to King's Cross tomorrow, dad?” asked Fred as they dug into a sumptuous chocolate pudding. "The ministry's providing a couple of cars," said Mr. Weasley. Everybody looked up at him. "Why?" said Percy curiously. "It's because of you, Perce," said George seriously. "And there'll be little flags on the hoods with 'H.B.' on them for 'Humungus Bighead'." said Fred. Everyone except Percy and Mrs. Weasley snorted into their pudding.

What I love about this is that Arthur laughed at this too Razz


virginiaelizabeth - Oct 4, 2006 7:33 pm (#100 of 112)  
Edited Oct 4, 2006 8:34 pm
Ahh another one of the greats there, Meoshimo!
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Most Brilliant Moment Empty Re: Most Brilliant Moment

Post  Lady Arabella Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:51 pm


Columbine Fairy - Oct 30, 2006 4:21 am (#101 of 112)  
Oh, there's no way I can stay out of this thread!! At the moment two of my favourite moments come from HBP - when Harry first kisses Ginny, and when Harry asks Luna to Slughorn’s party.

Then of course there's - "give her hell from us, Peeves!" - "I reckon whoever put your name in that goblet's trying to do you in!"- "caught on, have you?" - "Harry had never before appreciated just how beautiful the village of Hogsmeade was." - "Impaled on your own sword, Gilderoy?" "Sword? Haven't got a sword. That boy has though, he might lend you one."

And the scene in the shrieking shack when about 50 different plot lines all came together and suddenly made sense - writing that lot must have been exhausting!!!

And oh, so many more...


virginiaelizabeth - Oct 30, 2006 7:16 pm (#102 of 112)  
I love the moment when Harry and Ginny first kiss as well! It's soo.......what's the word I'm looking for..? Not necessarily romantic, hmm more like a huge relief that it's finally out in the open instead of struggling inside of Harry. I think it was brilliantly written!


Muggle Doctor - Nov 3, 2006 7:25 am (#103 of 112)  
1) Dumbledore: "I'm not frightened, Harry; I'm with you."

2) "Dumbledore's man through and through" - I told him that I was (Harry).

Their faith in each other is incredible. Dumbledore's faith in Harry is awe-inspiring.

3) The DA leaping to Harry's rescue on the train.

4) The Order confronting the Dursleys.

5) Luna and Neville answering the call at the end of HBP to once again fight well above their weight, against nominally more competent wizards. Okay, Felix Felicis helped, but still, they must have known from previous experience what answering a real live DA callout meant; they were no longer rushing in with the bravery shown by the ignorant. Harry had these two pegged as no-hopers or easy meat just before he went to the Ministry battle("If he could have picked any two DA members, it would not be Luna and Neville" - a terrible indictment, given that students like Hannah Abbott aren't all that crash-hot either), but they have confounded this assessment again and again.

6) Harry and Luna's exchange at the end of OOTP. Here is the point at which I really did think there was a canon 'ship possibility. For fanfic authors who want to write alternate realities, I think there still is.


Steve Newton - Nov 3, 2006 8:22 am (#104 of 112)  
MD, I don't recall that Luna or Neville took the Felix potion. How the others taking it helped I couldn't say.


TheSaint - Nov 7, 2006 2:13 am (#105 of 112)  
Their involvement is even more commendable. Unlike Harry's closest friends, Neville and Luna both reported to the fight without being 'invincable.' They were expendable to Harry, as the rest of the DA, should they have reported. Makes them the bravest of them all!


kingdolohov - Nov 8, 2006 8:06 pm (#106 of 112)  
For me, Dumbledore's actions in "The Centaur and the Sneak" in OotP easily qualify as the most brilliant moment.

“I have absolutely no intention of being sent to Azkaban. I could break out, of course - but what a waste of time... “

“Don't be silly, Dawlish. I'm sure you are an excellent auror... but if you attempt to - er - 'bring me in' by force, I will have to hurt you. “

“Merlin's beard, no. Not unless you are foolish enough to force me to. “

I laugh every time I read this chapter. Dumbledore drops his modesty and treats Fudge, Umbridge, and Dawlish with the respect they deserve (none). Since he's already claiming to try to overthrow Fudge, there's no reason to treat them respectfully anymore, and he takes full advantage of the opportunity. None of them have any idea how to react to him. It's un-Dumbledore-like and completely true Dumbledore all at the same time.

Capping it off is Phineas Nigellus at the end of the scene. "You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts ... but you cannot deny he's got style...."


painting sheila - Nov 8, 2006 10:06 pm (#107 of 112)  
A very sneaky moment for me was in GoF when Neville has just been traumatized by Mad Eye Mooney's class and the Cruciatis Curse. When some one asks what's wrong with him, Hermione says, "I don't know" looking pensive.

How cool is that because Harry later learns exactly what was wrong with Neville by looking in the Pensive.

JKR is a clever woman - I'll give her that!


Muggle Doctor - Nov 18, 2006 7:21 am (#108 of 112)  
Steve, Ginny said to Harry 'without your felix potion we would have been killed - everything seemed to just miss us'. Evidently there was enough for all (at least all of the five Ministry Battle veterans of the DA) to last them through the battle. Harry's one dose appears to have lasted him several hours and brought him success in what had previously been almost impossible. What we don't know is how long the fight went on and who took the potion. Maybe there was just enough luck in each dose to prevent the worst; hence Neville could get hurt and Bill could become scarred and given his taste for raw meat, but they wouldn't die or become full werewolves.

If each of them had had a full dose, who knows? Maybe they would have stopped Draco from getting the Death Eaters through in the first place, but they couldn't take that chance. They had to spread it around as soon as it looked like the fighting was about to start, and hope it lasted long enough to get them through.

We still don't know enough about Felix - whether the dose controls not only the length of time the luck lasts, but just how much luck you have. Remember also that we don't know exactly what trials Slughorn had to get through on his two 'perfect days' - it might not have been much at all - and there is probably a balance between how much you need to take and how lucky you need to be. If you're planning a whole day of fighting murderous dark wizards, you might have to take far more to ensure complete success than if you're just courting a pretty girl or something similarly harmless.


Steve Newton - Nov 18, 2006 10:16 am (#109 of 112)  
I thought, I'll have to check the book later, that Harry told Ron to make sure that Hermione and Ginny got some of the potion. I could be wrong.


Choices - Nov 18, 2006 10:39 am (#110 of 112)  
Yes, Harry hands the Felix to Ron - it is wrapped in a pair of socks. "Thanks," said Ron. "Er---why do I need socks?"

“You need what's wrapped in them, it's the Felix Felicis. Share it between yourselves and Ginny too. “

Yourselves, meaning Ron and Hermione and they are to share it with Ginny.


Steve Newton - Nov 18, 2006 11:01 am (#111 of 112)  
Its nice to know that I have some memory left.


Choices - Nov 18, 2006 6:21 pm (#112 of 112)  
LOL Isn't it exciting to discover brain cells you didn't know you had? LOL That qualifies as a brilliant moment for me.
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