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Chat & Greetings 2006

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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:31 pm


Madam Pince  - Aug 18, 2006 8:14 am (#951 of 2976)

Wow, Nathan, that was some exam! I don't know whether to offer congratulations or sympathies! Hope you don't develop carpal tunnel from 7 hours of typing! Anyway, at least it's behind you now.

Denise, how did you get so lucky as to have five missionaries at once? I've only ever had to feed two at a time. Is it proportional to the size of your family? Good luck on your race this weekend!

Was it Maria HH or Mrs. Sirius who had the maggots in the car? I'm getting confused now...

I listened to the JonBenet Ramsey news yesterday, too. It sounds like such a mess, and I am so tired of the way the media people kept trying to manipulate people into saying comments that they (the news people) wanted to hear. It's disgusting -- they are acting like sharks at a feeding frenzy. I do hope the police are able to keep cool and figure out the truth.

Sad Alzheimer's stories, (((hugs))) to everyone who's had a family member suffer. The worst one I heard was in a support group -- the family had to cover up every mirror and every reflective surface in the house, because the patient was afraid and thought that the reflections were other people. She didn't recognize herself in the mirror and kept telling them there was some strange lady in her house. That must've been so frightening for her. The wandering is scary, too -- thankfully we never had that, either. My aunt did tell me once, at about 11:00pm and in a very conversational tone, "There's a man out on the patio looking in the windows." I was sure she was imagining it, but for a minute I was scared to peek through the blinds lest I come face-to-face with someone staring back at me! The support group said that often they will see shadows and their brain will start a "fill-in" process and just see things that aren't there. It took us a long time to even know anything was wrong, because my aunt and uncle functioned as a team -- physically, he was shot, and mentally, she was shot, but together the two of them managed to get along. It was only when he got very ill that we found out that they'd been "covering" for each other for a long time. That is pretty typical, I understand.

I made the mistake of having a Coke for dinner, and so I was wide awake until 3:00am. Which was kind of good, because I got a lot done. But I decided to sleep on the couch so as not to wake Mr. P, and so then about 6:00 I was awakened by the sound of the dog retching pine cones again. Lovely. I managed to get her out the door after just one fairly small mess, but I can say that it is not recommended to sit bolt upright, leap from the sofa, and sprint across three rooms at top speed only 1.2 seconds after awakening from deep REM sleep... ***woozy*** The adrenaline rush kept me awake for an hour, then I had just barely gotten to sleep when the phone rang, then about an hour after that, Little Pince was up and at 'em. So, not much sleep today, alas... Company will be here in about five hours, so it's off to the store!

Enjoy the RotD!


Holly T. - Aug 18, 2006 8:21 am (#952 of 2976)

kabloink, my friend is due about the same time as you and she is hoping the baby comes early. She also very kindly put me in charge of a church committee meeting that she would otherwise be in charge of since it is 4 days before her due date and she fully expects (hopes!) to not be available.

My husband and I are trying to set up a time to go see "Snakes on a Plane" with some friends at this theater where you can order food (and beer) while you watch the movie. That seems like a perfect fit. Of course, since my sister decided to move to California it is not quite as easy to find a babysitter (sometimes I wonder if that is what prompted her move Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042).

Heard on the news that the temperature has been over 100 degrees every day this month but three, and on those days the high was 99. Whew. You know it's hot outside when you set the AC on 82 indoors and it seems chilly.

My son has been listening to the audiobook of OotP while he follows along in the book. I am counting that for his required 20 minutes of reading for school every day. (He listens to it for more than 20 minutes, but only follows along with the books for about half an hour.)

Editing: Madam Pince, my grandmother was convinced people were coming into her house through the windows. She even called the police on them a few times. She also kept setting plates of food on the table for my grandfather (who had died 10 years earlier) and kept getting mad because he wouldn't eat it. After the third call from the police in the middle of the night my mom finally had her move in with us.


Puck  - Aug 18, 2006 9:15 am (#953 of 2976)

I remember my great-grandmother thought people were spying on her through the lightbulbs, so she would sit in the dark. She would put baby powder near the door when going out and check for foot prints when she returned. She was tough, though. Lived to be close to 100. Fell and broke a hip, but flat out refused to use a walker or even to limp.

Nathan, I meant to comment on that exam! Wow! You must be exhuasted. Do you have any more tests, or was that the last? (I keep thinking that Hermione would be thrilled to sit for a 7 hour exam.)


Loopy Lupin - Aug 18, 2006 9:16 am (#954 of 2976)

I listened to the JonBenet Ramsey news yesterday, too. -- Madame Pince

Today there are reports that the suspect's confession might be a little "suspect." Of course, the fact that a defendant's confession to a crime contains claims that couldn't possibly be true has never stopped anyone from being prosecuted or convicted. I never believed that the parents or the brother were involved. It's a good thing they had the money to hire an attorney and a publicist. Absent that, Patsy Ramsey might have died in jail this past June.


Denise P.  - Aug 18, 2006 9:29 am (#955 of 2976)

Madam Pince, we have a set that are assigned to our specific area normally (2) and then we have a set of spanish speaking missionaries that are in our general area but not assigned to a specific area (2) and add to that an additional spanish speaking missionary who is waiting on a visa (1) so we come up with 5 Since we were feeding the regular two anyway, when it was discovered that the Spanish speaking set was not being fed, we just added them in. Two of the boys will be out camping so it won't be too bad. Generally, different families sign up to feed the missionaries on any given day. Feed them and then push them out the door

kabloink, congratulations! Do you know the gender of the little bloink to be? The last few weeks are usually the longest.


Madam Pince  - Aug 18, 2006 9:40 am (#956 of 2976)

Welcome back, kabloink! ***waves*** Best wishes on the new little one, and hope the arrival is ASAP!

Oh, Holly, that is so sad. And Puck, too -- but wow! what a clever lady! I would've never thought about the baby powder thing! Don't mess with granny -- she's smart!

Yes, Loopy, I must say I have some strong reservations about this "suspect." He seems like a total creep, but he strikes me as someone who wishes he'd done it, rather than that he'd actually done it. Which is almost as bad, really. Fry him anyway! I haven't really "studied" the case, but I didn't think the Ramsey parents did it, either. I had some concerns about the son, though, hard as that is to think about, but I could see maybe sibling jealousy or whatever, and the parents trying to hold on to their only remaining child. It's just a horrible thing to have happened, and if this guy is simply dragging the family's emotions through the mud again just to get 15 minutes of fame, well... that's pretty darn bad.

Puck  - Aug 18, 2006 9:43 am (#957 of 2976)


I believe it's nature's way in the end to actually get you to want to go into labor! Good wishes!

Is it a southern thing? I never heard of this "feeding missionaries" thing.


haymoni  - Aug 18, 2006 9:47 am (#958 of 2976)

I'm guessing this "person of interest" is guilty of SOMETHING - it may not be Jon Benet, but if he's in a confessing mood, let him run his mouth, get the DNA sample and maybe he'll be a match on some other case.

It's bad enough if he is the guilty party in the Ramsey case.

It's 10 times worse if he's not and he lied about it.

Thank goodness Mr. Ramsey is telling folks to hold their horses on this one.

kabloink - I LOVE Arby's!!! Much better than Mickey Dee's any day! Mmmm... Martha's Vineyard Salads....


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 9:52 am (#959 of 2976)

Puck, yes I am worn out. I have no other exams to take in the next few weeks. The final examination paper for the independent study course I am taking is due in the middle of September so I have time to recover before turning my attention to it.


Ice Princess  - Aug 18, 2006 9:53 am (#960 of 2976)

Somebody told me to go hear to talk about Massachusetts..ya. So is anybody hear from Massachusetts?? (besides Lana) I see Haymoni mentioned Martha's Vineyard?! That's in Massachusetts...well off of it as far as i know!! Lol....maybe I am one of the certain few Americans here.


Madam Pince  - Aug 18, 2006 9:53 am (#961 of 2976)

Puck, it's a Latter-Day Saints church thing.

Haymoni, I agree. I once worked with a girl who fit the "blonde airhead" stereotype to a T. One of our co-workers tried to defend her by saying she wasn't really an airhead, she just pretended to be. And this is supposed to be better? I thought that was actually worse!

Welcome, Ice Princess! No, there's bajillions of Americans here! I'm one -- I'm in Maryland. ***waves***

OK, now I really am off to the store...


Denise P.  - Aug 18, 2006 10:07 am (#962 of 2976)

Yep, it is specific to my church. Since the missionaries who go out pay their own way, we feed them to help them out and also so they can still enjoy family meals. It is another way for them to connect with the people in the area that they are working.

There are loads of Americans here, not just a few

I have serious doubts that the guy who confessed has actually done it.


Puck  - Aug 18, 2006 10:13 am (#963 of 2976)

Ice Princess - I am in Massachusetts. There are others as well, and a few more scattered around New England. I'm a tad bit older than 14, however. When I was your age Duran Duran was all the rage.



Tazzygirl - Aug 18, 2006 11:25 am (#964 of 2976)

Welcome back, Kabloink!

Madam P.- I've done that before with the whole lurching out of bed from a deep sleep when the dog decides it needs to up-chuck something. Head definitely swims! Hope you enjoy your company!

Nathan- Kudos to you for the 7 hour test! **is thinking the 3 hour teacher's test was long enough** Enjoy your break!

Ice Princess- I too am American. I live in Hawaii. Welcome to the Forum!

Hope you all have a fabulous RotD/N!



kaykay1970  - Aug 18, 2006 11:49 am (#965 of 2976)

Here's a big ole' Tennessee welcome to the forum, Ice Princess and Lana!


Good Evans  - Aug 18, 2006 12:01 pm (#966 of 2976)

Thanks for the update Lina - I hope that you didnt think I was prying, I thought I had missed a posting! Sounds uber-scary for you and Kate. All the hours I have spent chatting with Kate in the chat room I was mortified that I had missed something very important.

Please give her my love and tell her I expect to see her back in the chat room really soon.

love and hugs to everyone else too. I can't stop - been really busy again this week, hope to catch up properly soon.



legolas returns  - Aug 18, 2006 12:05 pm (#967 of 2976)

Nathan *rocking in chair gently at the thought of a 7 hour exam*-How much can they ask you in a test that it takes that long?

Good luck with your run Denise.

Hi Ice Princess and Lana from across the pond from the uk


haymoni  - Aug 18, 2006 12:16 pm (#968 of 2976)

Do you get potty breaks in a 7 hour exam???


azi - Aug 18, 2006 12:34 pm (#969 of 2976)

Welcome back Kabloink! and frogface!

Good luck on the exam results, Nathan! I wouldn't have survived 7 hours.

Further healing charms to Kate! *healing charms*


Detail Seeker  - Aug 18, 2006 12:37 pm (#970 of 2976)

Welcome back, Kabloink, you were missed!

Good recovery charms to Kate - was it a blocking of some kind ?

7 hours of test is rather tough. I had one such a test at University once - machine construction: 1 hour of knowledge questions, 3 hours of calculation, 3 hours of construction. I was quite groggy afterwards. So, Nathan, I do hope, you passed that test, so that you need not repeat it.


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 12:42 pm (#971 of 2976)

Haymoni, not!   The staff in the testing rooms rarely permits such breaks and only when the instructor specifies the students may take such breaks are they allowed to have them. However, my professor did not include that on the instructions for the exam that were given to the staff of the testing rooms.

Legolas, not all that much the material was quite repetitive and a tenth of the questions were poorly structured on the examination papers.

Puck, Tazzy, Azi, and Detail Seeker, I am not sure what my results will although it is highly unlikely that will fail the course because, the results of my midterm examination were extremely high. I also wish to say thank yiu for the well wishes


Kip Carter - Aug 18, 2006 1:04 pm (#972 of 2976)
Edited Aug 20, 2006 1:23 am

Ice Princess, welcome to both the Chat and Greeting Thread for Members, a part of the Lexicon Forums. The reason that somebody (Mare-, one of our Hosts) told you to go here to talk about Massachusetts is because this is the thread available for Chats, not the Tell About Yourself (new) thread where you had posted initially on Aug 4, 2006 11:27 am. Since that initial message, you have posted an additional two times on that thread, Aug 16, 2006 8:44 am and Aug 17, 2006 2:19 pm, in response to another new member's post. If you will read Mare-'s Aug 17, 2006 2:35 complete post, you will notice she states a lot more, including what should be posted on the Tell About Yourself thread, not just "to talk about Massachusetts".

For our Forums to function where everyone can enjoy discussing both the Harry Potter world and each other, threads are established to handle certain areas of interest with this "Chat" thread being the only one available for chatting. I hope that makes sense. We have a very diverse and large membership of all ages from all over the world with a large portion located in the United States, as well as Massachusetts. I am sure you have already noticed that many have welcomed you to the Forum on this thread and that you will eventually hear from many of members if you visit and post often.

Other members have already responded to your posts in the past and maybe you just missed their comments. After your initial post, another one of our members, Regan of Gong in his Aug 8, 2006 2:33 am post, suggested that you refrain from using Netspeak and to check out the Philosophy of this Forum and the Controversy Originating from "Tell About Yourself" Posts threads.

In your email for Joining the Forum, you stated, "read the philosophy of this forum and will attempt to abide by it." Based on your posts, I wonder if you really read the Philosophy. If you read the two threads above and your posts, I think you will understand my point. In the past, I have often deleted those posts that do not adhere to our standards or have sometimes edited them.

I strongly suggest that you use the thirty minutes after you post to edit your message if it does not follow our guidelines.

What you have done is not the first and it definitely will not be the last. I hope you will take my advice and really enjoy this Forum. If so, you will enjoy the friendship that you will establish.

To Our Other Members: Please do not allow this post to disrupt the flow of discussion. I do not like having to post a message such as this; however it seems that it is necessary every so often.

Added edit at 2:18 pm PDT: After reviewing a number of posts by Ice Princess in other threads, I have changed her status to Moderated. She does not seem to realize she is constantly using Netspeak and uncommon abbreviations with words like "wuz" (was), "...idk" (unknown), "b4" (before) while completely disregarding the rules of proper capitalization, spelling, and grammar. Her posts have improved somewhat; however I do not feel she completely reads posts from other members because many have voiced their concerns. I will change her status back to Participant if she will acknowledge this post with her intent to make immediate changes. She can email me at kip@iglide.net.

My apologies to our other members for this not being addressed before now.

Added edit at 8:54 pm EDT: Regan of Gong, I erred in referring to you as "her". I know that you are a young man in his early teens who lives in Australia. I have been extremely busy today and did not catch the error until I had the opportunity to read some of the posts of others. At first, I did not understand their reference until I reread this post and I just corrected it. I finally had the opportunity to check my email when I returned home tonight. I deleted some 700 unwelcomed emails and that is for roughly the last twelve hours. I still have almost sixty that I need to read and reply. Maybe I can do that when I get up in the morning because I am presently beat and need the sleep.

Added Edit at 1:23 am PDT: I have changed the status of Ice Princess back to Participant after receiving an email from her. She understood my action and apologized for any problems or inconveniences she may have caused. I have released one of her posts that had been placed in the Moderated holding area. The others were deleted being they were either duplicates or were no longer current with the discussion in progress.


haymoni  - Aug 18, 2006 1:07 pm (#973 of 2976)

Oh you poor man, Nathan!!!


geauxtigers  - Aug 18, 2006 1:17 pm (#974 of 2976)


And this is supposed to be better? I thought that was actually worse!

I totally agree! I have a friend who truly is a dumb blonde. I know she isn't faking as I've known her since I was 6 and she’s been like that her whole life. She almost always realizes what she said was completely insane the second she says it. But then there is this other girl who just started do the same thing randomly. It was like one morning she woke up and decided she'd pretend to be stupid the rest of her life. I think its for attention. Anyway, the point is I agree, and you can tell the difference between truly being 'blonde' and just trying to get attention.

I have been known to have my moments, but then again everyone has days when they just 'don't get it'! When I'm tired, my blondeness sometimes slips out...

Ice Princess, I'm in Louisiana way down there! But there are probably an equal amount of American and British here, but also quite a few Aussies and other nationalities. We are very diverse here! Its great, and I hope you enjoy the forum!

Nathan! You didn't get bathroom breaks! I could never hold it that long! I'd stop the exam and turn it in rather than wet my pants! Thats horrible!

The whole JonBennet Ramsey thing, I dunno, it seems odd to me that this guy would randomly decide one day that he wanted to confess. He sounds creepy, but I was only 6 when it happened, I remember hearing about it, but thats about it. I don't know a whole lot of facts on it so I dunno, but you can count on the media to blow things out of proportion.

Alrighty thats all I can remember for now. Get better, Kate!

Oh Welcome Back to Frogface and Kabloink! Though I don't think I was here when you were last as I don't recognize either of your names! Welcome back anyway!


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 18, 2006 1:33 pm (#975 of 2976)
Edited by Denise P. Aug 18, 2006 2:13 pm

Nathan 50 points to your house for sitting a 7 hour exam! I nearly lose my mind during our 2 hour ones at school!

I don't think that guy really killed Jon Benet. I was too little to really understand the case when it happened, as I was only 6, but I can remember watching it on the news. So I never thought that the parents or brother did it, as I had and still don't see any reason for why they would do it. But that buy is lying, the more I think about it.

Edit: Please don't go into any specifics about the situation. Even though it is splashed all over the news, this is still a Family Friendly environment. In this case, not specific is much better. Denise P.

Welcome Ice Princess! I'm from Louisiana, and I'm 16!

My math teacher made me stay after class today. I thought she was going to get mad at me for nearly falling asleep several times. Turns out she wanted to know if I understood everything because I "looked completely lost the entire class" well I was, but I was also on a completely different planet. Anyways, now she wants me to work extra problems for practice.....grrrrrrr

Madam Pince, I tried once to get my cat out my room before she puked. It didn't work so well as my door was shut and I was a bit late. The results ended with her projectile vomiting across my doorway. I think I cried for like 4 hours that night, even after my dad cleaned it up! It was horribleeee! **shudders**

Ok nap time!! YAY

Have a great RotD everyone!

EDIT: I just went to Mugglenet and found a ways down, an on-set photo of Tonk's in the movie. Her hair is really long! I pictured it short and spiky. It's purple though.


geauxtigers  - Aug 18, 2006 1:45 pm (#976 of 2976)

Yes my cat once barfed in my room...I was standing in the corner of my room in tears screaming for my dad. If there is one thing is this world I can't take its throw up. It doesn't matter who is came from, I lose my appetite and get sick to my stomach. Its terrible, this is why I could never be a doctor. I can handle blood and broken bones, but sick people or barf I'm staying clear out the way! I'm really not a germ freak, I just don't do stomach bugs, if someone has a cold, I'll still go near them, otherwise, I keep my distance!

EDIT: I forgot to say Audrey, that website is great! Now I'm looking at all sorts of things I could make! This is going to be fun! I'll let you know when I get everything chosen!


Lina  - Aug 18, 2006 3:45 pm (#977 of 2976)

It is really nice to see you here Kabloink! I'm glad that things are going fine in your life.

And thanks all for the healing charms again. It seems they are working. Yesterday she was dreaming about all the beverage she could drink once that she will be allowed to, and today she started to make orders for the time when she will be allowed to eat. So, i guess that means that she is starting to feel good. She still has a high temperature, but they say it is normal under the circumstances. Yes, Immo, you are sort of right, part of her small intestine went to the colon and she has like 10 inches of small intestine removed. It is not that I mind talking about it, I'm just afraid that some members might not like to read about it, so, hosts, if you think that it is too much, feel free to cut. She gets some extra care because it is quite a rare condition at her age. If the tests will be good tomorrow, she will be removed from the intensive care, although I would really like the temperature to drop down first. She preserved her sense of humor, so I really trust that everything is going to be fine although the doctors keep preparing us for the possibility of another surgery. I hope it won't be necessary.

So thank you all, and sorry for burdening with my problems. She sends her best to all of you.

Tori and Ginny, your dad seems to be a great guy! Be nice with him!

I've never had an exam that lasted 7 hours.


Winky Woo  - Aug 18, 2006 4:25 pm (#978 of 2976)


Please pass my love and best wishes onto Kate, I'll be keeping her in my thoughts, Let her know that we were all concerned on the forum and are looking forward to her return.

Winky X X X


Ludicrous Patents Office  - Aug 18, 2006 4:28 pm (#979 of 2976)

Lina thank you for the update. I hope she continues to recover. Sounds like she is looking forward to real food and drink. That must be a good sign.

Nathan if the immigration law test is that long and confusing no wonder there are so many problems with immigration. Library Science is a piece of cake compared to that. (professional commercial over)

Tori and Ginny, your dad seems to be a great guy! I second that! I hate cleaning up cat barf.

Welcome new and returning Forum members. The weather is great in Colorado. It is raining and 63 degrees F. LPO


Catherine  - Aug 18, 2006 4:46 pm (#980 of 2976)

Howdy, everyone.

I'm just popping in to say hello. Long day, no energy left, meetings that lasted 3+ hours each. Backache, headache, and embryonic ulcer formation.

**Waves to all**


Chemyst - Aug 18, 2006 5:05 pm (#981 of 2976)

Lina, I don't think any of us would consider your problems a burden to us. You and Kate are our friends; we just wish we could lighten your load.

Nathan, was that seven hours all endless essay questions? Or, more to the point, does your instructor have to read seven hours of typing to grade it?   **thinking that reading pages and pages and pages might serve him right for not providing bathroom breaks**

**Waves back to Catherine**


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 5:11 pm (#982 of 2976)

Chemyst, it was only nine pages worth of typed material. Part of the reason why it was so time consuming is because, I have cerebral palsy which affects my motor skills and slows my ability to type. Because I can only use three fingers to type with and because I have limited dexterity and control in my fingers.

The exam paper consist of one-hundred questions that were all short answer or essay requiring at least a paragraph. Had I been able to complete final thirty percent of the test the total number of pages I typed would have been approximately fifteen pages.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 18, 2006 5:13 pm (#983 of 2976)

Kip, all I can say is that I am just shocked : “Regan of Gong in her Aug 8, 2006 2:33 am post. . .”

It's alright, to all those who thought I was of the female species. I've heard of girls named Regan as well, even though it means "little king." – Regan

Oh, Kip, I always thought of you as the 'all-knowing eye'. Alas, earwax. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 464751818

Lina, so happy to hear that Kate is asking about food and drinks!

Chemyst, you were right. Glad to see someone gets my warped humor once in a while. (Olivia gets it - poor thing.)

Thanks, LPO - I think. Madam P, I was the lucky winner of the mutating amoeba award. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

7 hrs. is a long time - Have a butterbeer on me, Nathan. Better yet, have two as you await your results. Though you seem like a bright chap and I'm sure you did well.

When I was your age Duran Duran was all the rage.  - Puck Kathy, how do you remember these things! (Must make a note to take gingko.)


***waves to Catherine***


Marè  - Aug 18, 2006 5:25 pm (#984 of 2976)

I still blame the pink hoodie for Regan’s gender confusion. But I will not make that mistake again, from now on I will address every-one in a pink hoodie with "sir!" Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

And add a few more "get well" charms for Kate to the bunch. I'm glad she seems to be a bit better.


Tazzygirl - Aug 18, 2006 5:27 pm (#985 of 2976)

**waves to Catherine**

Just got back from having some really bad Chinese food. Probably should have warned me about the food from the name of the restaurant- 100 Buffet.... The ice cream wasn't even real.

**More healing charms to Kate (and hugs too!)** Thanks for telling us, Lina!



kabloink!  - Aug 18, 2006 5:51 pm (#986 of 2976)

Wow...7 hours...kudos Nathan. I am seriously impressed.

I don't know, as far as the gender of the name Regan goes, many people suggested it to me for a little girl before I found out I was having a boy. (By the way his name will be Ian Lorne Harvey) Bloink was my maiden name-my hubby might be a bit upset if he heard Ian referred to as a little Bloink. I don't really care though.

It took me a few to catch up on today's posts, and I think I missed whose daughter had the surgery, but healing wishes to her. My sister actually had her entire large intestines removed when she was 21, due to a genetic bone disease that runs in her dad's family. Aside from being loud and obnoxious (she's my sister, I can say that), she does just fine, and can eat whatever she wants, though she does have to anticipate some side effects for certain foods...

And speaking of drinking real drinks...after nine months...wine...beer...anything-PLEASE!


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 6:01 pm (#987 of 2976)

Kabloink!, it is impressive and insane all once I felt as though I had landed Severus Snape's classroom.


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 18, 2006 6:32 pm (#988 of 2976)

Oh, Kip, I always thought of you as the 'all-knowing eye'. Alas, earwax.  LOL! I thought the same!!  Kip, it's ok! Regan is one of those names that works for both genders. Just like Taylor, Jordan, Ryan, etc.Just comes down to what your first thought was!

We just got back from eating Chinese to Kristina! It was really yummy!

Tori and Ginny, your dad seems to be a great guy! Be nice with him! Lina

LOL he's great! Sometimes I feel bad for him, he lives with 3 girls! Even the cat and dog are girls. I'm a lot like my dad, he's really laid back and he's a night owl like me. I get my nerdy-ness from him! And my mom thinks we're all waaaayyy too obsessed with Harry. I think she's right.

**sending more healing charms and (((HUGS))) to Kate and Lina**


Lupin is Lupin. Natch.  - Aug 18, 2006 6:38 pm (#989 of 2976)

My son has been listening to the audiobook of OotP while he follows along in the book. I am counting that for his required 20 minutes of reading for school every day.---Holly T.

****feels hair on back of neck stiffen**** Honestly , was there ever anything less likely to get a child to enjoy reading than to assign a set amount each night? We have always had the children go up to their rooms after dinner (we eat quite late) and read until bedtime. They never have any idea how long they're up there (I don't keep a clock in their rooms) and often read an hour or more simply because I haven't gone upstairs to brush teeth and such. Last year the teacher enacted this foolish rule along with "logging" their time and giving children stickers! I told her flat out we would not be doing this. She was appalled. Of course she was. As she told me, her own children "hate" to read and stickers are the only things which get them to do it. There's a surprise. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

Things I've forgotten to do....

Loopy, thanks for Willie. I've gotten a chuckle every time I've logged in.

Denise, any chance you'd be willing to cook for my family?

Lina, I hope Kate recovers quickly.

Ice Princess (hope you've taken Kip's admonitions to heart ), I'm from Massachusetts.

****waves to Catherine****

We spent a lovely day at York Beach, Maine. There was a breeze, the waves were great and we even brought home taffy (from The Goldenrod for anybody who's family with the area. )

When I was your age Duran Duran was all the rage. –Puck

I was a John Cougar girl myself. ***goes off singing Hurt so Good***


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 6:48 pm (#990 of 2976)

I remember listening to Duran Duran, John Mellencamp and Kool and the Gang as a child and watching Romper Room


geauxtigers  - Aug 18, 2006 6:49 pm (#991 of 2976)

Lina, I don't think any of us would consider your problems a burden to us. You and Kate are our friends; we just wish we could lighten your load.

I second that Lina! More healing charms and prayers, I'm glad she's doing better.

Actually Regan is more commonly a girl's name, I was always under the impression Regan was a guy and I then when he put the pink hoodie of doom up, I was like oh he's definitely a guy. I dunno why, but the pink hoodie of doom + paint = something in my mind that guys would do! So basically the pink hoodie confirmed the little doubt in my mind that he was a guy. **waves to Regan**

Nathan I'm still very impressed! I'm too jittery for that. I can only sit still for so long before I get the overwhelming desire to move.

Just got back from having some really bad Chinese food. Thats funny we just got back from having Chinese too! But our was good! LOL!

My dad is great, but he is so used to it as the last 16 years of his life have been spent with 3 girls...what can I say and it doesn't bother him so...! He's got me for sports and stuff, but I couldn't pay him to go shopping with me, nor would I want that! But he really is great, us girls just don't do bugs and cat barf...but he doesn't do laundry so its even. He shrinks things and has been banned from washing me and Ginny's clothes.

I'm watching the Little League World Series right now and the team from Lake Charles, LA. It made me think of Ungratful Son **waves to haymoni**


boop  - Aug 18, 2006 6:57 pm (#992 of 2976)

Get Well Wishes and Lots of Hugs to Kate!!

Denise, good luck with your run.

Kabloink, welcome back and keep us posted on how you are doing.

I am going to See Snakes on a Plane tomorrow. It looks like a fun movie to watch.

I did see Little Miss Sunshine and its a cute, but funny movie to watch. I love the grandfather.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

hugs always



Lupin is Lupin. Natch.  - Aug 18, 2006 6:58 pm (#993 of 2976)

I remember listening to Duran Duran, John Mellencamp and Kool and the Gang as a child.---Nathan Zimmerman

I had a feeling someone would bring up John Mellencamp (which only goes to show Nathan is a good deal younger than I am). At sixteen, John Cougar was 'all that'; John Mellencamp was simply a poseur.

***still singing 'hurt so good, come on baby, you know you make it hurt so good...'***


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 18, 2006 7:10 pm (#994 of 2976)

Loopy, yes, I admit it I was 10 years old when I listened to John Cougar Mellencamp. So I am about five years younger than you


Puck  - Aug 18, 2006 7:11 pm (#995 of 2976)

George Michael was also quite popular. Though my crush was the other guy from Wham. Can't remember his name. Pass the ginko, please, Maria.

Oh, Kip, I always thought of you as the 'all-knowing eye'. Alas, earwax.  LOL. Always edit those posts!

Lina, so glad Kate is on the mend! ((hugs)) to you all!

I cleaned the outdoor garbage can today. I think I figured out what a rotten potato smells like.

Boop, enjoy the movie!

Tori, you made me think of the Junie B. Jones book I just read to Diva. A kid gets sick in the classroom, and everyone holds their noses as not to breathe the germs. One kid puts a paper bag on his head for protection. Oh, and your dad is great. Mr. Puck would come and tell me about it.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



timrew - Aug 18, 2006 7:15 pm (#996 of 2976)

Hope you enjoyed your film, Wayne!

Happy birthday to anyone I missed.............

Nathan Zimmermann:- I remember listening to Duran Duran, John Mellencamp and Kool and the Gang as a child..........

Ah, yes........I remember my dad telling me about those stars of yesteryear...................LOL............


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 18, 2006 7:29 pm (#997 of 2976)

I have no idea who any of these people are! LOL I grew up on those awful 90's boy bands. N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, all that good stuff. Now I can't seem to understand why I liked them so much or how I ever listend to "OOM-BOP" over and over again. Now if I hear and N'SYNC song, I still know all the words and the dance to go with it! Ahh those were the days! Now I like pretty much everything but rap, which I feel shouldn't qualify as music. **walks away singing 'Bye, Bye, Bye' and wondering how to get it unstuck from my head**


Puck  - Aug 18, 2006 7:34 pm (#998 of 2976)

**thinks it's cute that a 16 year old is telling us what she "grew-up" listening to. **


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 18, 2006 7:35 pm (#999 of 2976)

LOL I didn't know what else to say for that! I guess "when I was little/younger" would have been better!


geauxtigers  - Aug 18, 2006 7:43 pm (#1000 of 2976)

Yay! now I have OOm Bop stuck in my head...and Bye, Bye, Bye. Thanks Ginny!

Yes when we were in third grade, N'SYNC was the cool thing...I also have no idea who any of those people are...

EDIT: I got the 1000th post, cool! Yes I am very OCD and glad I didn't get 999 because I don't like the number 9, I think it should just be 10. For example, if you have 9 Hershey kisses, I either put one back to have 8 or get another to have 10. I'm weird like that...
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Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2006

Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:33 pm

Lupin is Lupin. Natch.  - Aug 18, 2006 7:54 pm (#1001 of 2976)

I have no idea who any of these people are!---virginiaelizabeth

I also have no idea who any of those people are...---geauxtigers

Hmmm, one more comment like these and I'm going to categorize them as 'cruel and unusual punishment'.


Steve Newton - Aug 18, 2006 8:17 pm (#1002 of 2976)

Lina, I'm glad that Kate is doing a bit better. I wish you both well.


Tazzygirl - Aug 18, 2006 8:20 pm (#1003 of 2976)

I love Duran Duran and John Cougar!

Ginny- ...how I ever listened to "OOM-BOP" over and over again.

I also really liked that song (group is Hanson, I think.). Then they played it too much on the radio and my sister stole my CD and played it way too many times. After a month of it, I was completely over it and if I hear it today, will probably scream and have a one-way ticket to St. Mungo's. (That's saying a lot, as I am known to play a cd over and over again without listening to anything else until it plays no more...) I am glad they were only a one hit wonder group... hehehe... I never got into N*SINC or Backstreet Boys or any of the 'Teeny Bop' music. Although I was a BIG fan of New Kids on the Block...

I recorded the The Ron Clark Story from TNT the other night- it's super good! Anyone interested in a true story of a teacher changing lives- this is a goody!



Kip Carter - Aug 18, 2006 9:01 pm (#1004 of 2976)
Edited Aug 20, 2006 1:16 am

Thanks to each of you who alerted me in a veiled way of my error in regards to Regan of Gong in my Aug 18, 2006 1:04 pm post. I have edited that message.

Edit at 1:15 am PDT: Edited part of first paragraph and removed second paragraph of this post. Problem has been cleared.


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 18, 2006 9:35 pm (#1005 of 2976)

and if I hear it today, will probably scream and have a one-way ticket to St. Mungo's. Kristina

My thoughts exactly. As the only words to that song were something along the lines on "ooom bop, bop da bop oom bop, byyyaa ooom bop dap da dap doooo yeahhhh" wow how did that ever become popular??? I mean seriously, I can do that! I was never a New Kids on the Block person. I think you were a little older than me during the days of N'SYNC and BSB, I was in 3rd and 4th grade when I was in love with them. You probably had refined your music tastes somewhat by then! LOL!

We were just looking through our 10lbs box of pictures and found some really cute pictures from when we were little. If only I was that photogenic nowadays!


Ludicrous Patents Office  - Aug 18, 2006 9:58 pm (#1006 of 2976)

I grew up listening to Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings. Yep, I'm just a redneck. LPO


Solitaire  - Aug 18, 2006 10:49 pm (#1007 of 2976)

Greetings, everyone! I've missed the Forum this week, as I've been in meetings and doing class prep out at school. I apologize for not reading all of the messages I missed this week. I just don't think I can stay awake that long. I did do a fast scan of today's messages, however, and I see it has been very lively here in my absence.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to anyone I've missed over the last couple of days. Healing Charms to Kate and anyone else who needs them!

Oh, Tori ... have you finished P&P yet????   I've had you on my mind this week as I have been struggling with lesson plans and wishing I could play hookey and post on the Forum. Knowing I could ask you tonight whether or not you'd finished is what propelled me to the finish line! hehe

Gee, LPO ... I'd never have pegged you for a musical redneck! I'm from Buck Owens country myself--the Crystal Palace is down the road (although I've never been there). I do like a lot of today's C&W--as well as oldies like Kenny, Dolly and Willie--but my musical tastes do tend to be stuck in the mellower music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. I love the Beatles, Beach Boys, Chicago, Eagles, CSN&Y, Dan Fogelberg, Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Loggins, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, James Taylor, Luther Van Dross, John Klemmer, Al Jarreau ... I could go on, but it's too long a list. Besides, you get the idea.

Well, it's been a long day and an even longer week. Adios!



Mrs. Sirius  - Aug 18, 2006 11:08 pm (#1008 of 2976)

A few quickies.... No Madame Pince, the maggots were not me, (thank goodness).

I visited my father's mother when she was well along in years, after having lived abroad for many years. When I walked into her house she imperiously asked me:

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"

We explained that I was her granddaughter come back to visit. She remembered me and greeted me warmly. After a distraction, she turned back to me and again asked "Who are you? What you doing in my house?”  She was a little lady but quite impressive.

Hey Kim, welcome back and good luck with your last 5 weeks.

frogface, I often feel like I have lost my drive to read anything other than Harry Potter.

Denise, on that debunking, perhaps I misunderstood, but last year the state of Connecticut issued an advisory that people must not use their cell phone while pumping gas. Each gas pump has a notice warning of the potential hazard. At the time, I remember all the news stations showed footage of someone's gas tank exploding while filling up.


geauxtigers  - Aug 18, 2006 11:18 pm (#1009 of 2976)

Oh, Tori ... have you finished P&P yet?

I'm still working on it, but you'd be happy to know that I'd read enough to use it as my book of choice for my summer reading essay. I compared and contrasted Mr. Darcy to Jay Gatsby, and I felt like I did really well on it. We'll see! But I've been very busy as I can never remember having so much homework the first week of school in my life. Usually they ease us into it, this year we were slapped in the face with hot frying pan...so this weekend will be my first chance to read some more on it. I tell ya, I have a feeling this year is life the O.W.L. year at Hogwarts.

Well Soli, I hope everything goes well at school with you.

I have a question to the general members. This year we have a new headmaster and she is like a . . .  well,  I won't say what I think as its not forum friendly, but to put it very nicely, she’s mean! She has all the high school teachers doing 'duty' so now the teachers are patrolling the quads and the library and the parking lot so we can't go to our cars. And the place for the students to hang out and relax (could be known as a common room). People normally go in there to sleep on the couches, talk with friends and play cards etc. when they have no work or just don't want to do it. Anyways they are in there too,not letting us lay down and my friend got in trouble for sitting indian style on the couch?! (trust me these couches are not new).

Its like they are taking away all our freedom, we aren't kids anymore, we aren't going to do anything bad. We didn't have any issues before. Its driving us, as well as the teachers mad as we can't go to get help at lunch break because they have duty. Is it like this anywhere else? Am I just over reacting to something I don't like? And I go to a very small school and we have so much to do we have no time to cut up. I mean we have done nothing other than the few miscues here and there to deserve this... I just feel slightly offended that our new head of school thinks we ought to be treated like we are still in middle school.

On a happier note, Its Friday! I plan on sleeping late in the morning! LOL But first I must get OOM Bop out of my head...



Lina  - Aug 19, 2006 12:28 am (#1010 of 2976)

LOL he's great! Sometimes I feel bad for him, he lives with 3 girls! Even the cat and dog are girls. – Ginny

He sounds almost like my hubby. He lives with 4 girls, but we have only a dog that is a girl too. Yet, our first neighbors are my sister and my mum and they have another dog that is a girl too. But he would never clean the things that dogs do on a carpet from time to time.

Sending some reading and doing homework charms to Ginny and Tori. It seems that you need them.

Thank you all for your words of comfort, it most certainly helps.

And Kabloink!, if you are going to breast-feed that baby, I'm not sure that you will be waiting for wine and beer only 9 months...

There is a story about a woman that my grandmother told me. After many hours of labor she delivered a baby and said "Thank God, it's over!" And the doctor replied "Thank God, it is starting!" (can you tell that I like short stories?)

***Waving to everybody***


Laura W  - Aug 19, 2006 1:38 am (#1011 of 2976)

Solitaire wrote, "Gee, LPO ... I'd never have pegged you for a musical redneck!"

Nor any other kind of redneck, LPO. Judging from the tone and content of your numerous posts on other threads, I would have guessed exactly the opposite. (And I know what I'm talking about, myself being as far from a redneck as one can be but living in the heart of redneck country as it exists up here).



legolas returns  - Aug 19, 2006 1:50 am (#1012 of 2976)

Morning all . When I went to bed last night there were no messages in this thread and in the morning there were 34. Different time zone-I shouldn't sleep in order to keep up with the chat .

I did not believe that there was such a thing as a musical redneck LPO.

I grew up listening to the music of the 80s. A-HA, Wham, Madonna etc. By the time I got to high school it was all New Kids on the Block and BROSS. We had rival gangs of girls that dressed in the style of the bands. Hmm.

Healing charms to all that need it. Happy saturday all. Got to go or I will be late for Pilates.


frogface  - Aug 19, 2006 4:30 am (#1013 of 2976)

Ah I love getting nostalgic about really bad music from the 80s and 90s. Anyone remember Ace of Base? God I hated them!


legolas returns  - Aug 19, 2006 4:51 am (#1014 of 2976)

Oh yes I remember them. They weren’t my favourite. Don’t begin to talk to me about the spice girls either.


Catherine  - Aug 19, 2006 5:45 am (#1015 of 2976)

**sings "...Sometimes love don't feel like it should..." while waving to Kim**

We had to dance to that song at Cotillion in middle school.

I recorded the The Ron Clark Story from TNT the other night- it's super good! Anyone interested in a true story of a teacher changing lives- this is a goody! –Tazzy

Ron Clark graduated from the university in our town, East Carolina University. So he's always big news here. They had a great story on him the other night, comparing the TV version to the "real" version of his life.

Hope everyone is well. I'm off to work to rearrange my room. They were kind enough to finally obtain bookshelves for my room, and now I need to move them into position and load 'em up!


Puck  - Aug 19, 2006 6:05 am (#1016 of 2976)

Ginny and Tori, as a parent I'd be happy to know the high school was so well supervised. Sorry, but I feel worse for the teachers who are pulling extra duty than for the students. Plenty of high school students do things they shouldn't -not just junior high kids. This new headmistress may have come from a much tougher school. I've heard news of things -not forum friendly- going on behind the gym or in school parking lots. This is what she is fighting against. I admit, not sitting pretzel style is a bit over the top. Take heart that we teachers are often taught that it is best to start strict and loosen up a bit as time goes on. You may not need the watchful eyes, but sadly many of your classmates probably do.

Oh, and ask your folks who those singers are.

For modern groups I like Train. They are not a Boy Band, as it is comprised of men in their 30's or 40's.

And Kabloink!, if you are going to breast-feed that baby, I'm not sure that you will be waiting for wine and beer only 9 months -Lina.

I'm on month 20. She will be weaned before my next wedding anniversary. It'll be 8 years in November, and this will only be the 2nd time I've had a glass of champagne to celebrate.

Legolas, it's amazing how much happens here while we're sleeping!

Kip, you have been restored to "Wise One" status.

Happy RotD!


edit. *Cross-posted with Catherine.*  Note that teachers go to school on Saturdays. Glad you got your shelves.

Is that Ron Clark Story the one with Matthew Perry? I meant to tape that.


Good Evans  - Aug 19, 2006 6:08 am (#1017 of 2976)

LOL on all the 80's music groups - My youngest step son decided he wanted to browse my vinyl, he announced that actually he quite likes my "old" collection. He then pulled out Whitesnake 1987 and asked if he could play it... I showed him how to use the record player (turntable) and couldnt help but laugh when he asked if to play side 1 did side 1 have to face up!!! I then had the most shocking observance that this album is nearly 20 years old!!!

Still he had a cracking time listening to it, he then worked his way through Quirebours, Circus of Power, Helloween and Bryan Adams. I am so proud that he has some decent music taste, If only I could get him to listen to Def Leppard, but no, its all Metallica!

Really pleased that Kate is on the mend Lina.

I went shopping in Brighton with a friend yesterday, and got a sample of Mango Delirium, definitely will be buying a bottle when it comes out next week, it is glorious. I normally can't wear flowery scents as they small all wrong on me, but this one is lovely musky but light and flowery as well. Most impressed and I recommend it to anyone interested in a new scent.

I'm normally a Burberry Touch girl, which I still love but will get a bottle of the delirium for an alternate scent!

Hubby being a darling - he is out getting the Exhaust fixed on my car as it is "blowing". Normally I have to do my own driving to the garage - but I do think men get better service at the garage so i am happy for him to take it - I am doggy sitting, she has got really big over the last week or so - all legs!


Puck  - Aug 19, 2006 6:21 am (#1018 of 2976)

Julie, Clinique Happy is another light citrus scent -not all flowery. Simply is good too. Mr. Puck doesn't like me smelling too "rosie", as it reminds him of his grandmother. Who puts out the new one you mentioned?


kabloink!  - Aug 19, 2006 6:23 am (#1019 of 2976)

Hmmm 90's music...we just discovered our copy of Green Day "Dookie," that was happiness. Hmm also Jewel, Alanis, GIn Blossoms, Cranberries, Oasis, etc. SOmebody already mentioned Spice Girls as a bad 90's band. I grew up listening to mostly country and light rock. I shunned heavier music until just recently. My husband has been educating me on Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi lately(I know, Bon Jovi isn't that heavy). Ooh, here's a few fun bands from the 90's-Gwar and Korn. Horrible songs-"Barbie Girl". Try explaining to a group of 4 years olds why they can't dance to that song. I mean, it's about Barbie, right?

Mind you here, I'm not talking about binging on alcohol, simply a glass of wine with dinner or a beer at the ball game, and I fully intend to make use of modern technology when I choose to indulge, though I've read that you only need to wait about 2 hours after drinking before you can nurse again.


Chemyst - Aug 19, 2006 6:30 am (#1020 of 2976)

**...runs the calculations for Nathan's test...   7 hours @ 60 minutes each = 420 minutes available. 100 questions into 420 minutes ...that's 4 minutes and 12 seconds per essay-paragraph to complete the entire test...**

**...decides to forego the disparaging editorial comment since the cold compress seems to be needed elsewhere...**

...she told me, her own children "hate" to read and stickers are the only things which get them to do it. – Lupin is Lupin

There, there, dear. Have my cold compress. One can always hope the teacher gets a clue before her kids try to up the sticker price.

Thoughts on geauxtigers rant...
Are you over reacting? Maybe a tiny bit. I can understand not wanting students to put their feet on the couch. So what if the furniture wasn't new? Furniture and equipment should be treated with respect either way. If you are supposed to nap during school, they should provide cots. On the other hand, not being able to get academic help because the teachers have to play hall monitor seems like a misuse of the teachers. Is there some parent's organization that could make a formal complaint? Many schools have lower-pay teacher's aides to monitor the trouble areas.


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 19, 2006 7:44 am (#1021 of 2976)

The whole problem with this started when middle school teachers complained that high school teachers don't have to do duty like they do. So now they are making our teachers watch us, not because we really need to be, but because it supposedly "not fair" to the lower and middle school teachers. The way I see it, you have to watch kids in lower school and you can't leave 11 and 12 year olds on their own either, but I mean really! There are plenty of people who might do things they aren't supposed to, but I can almost guarantee that 90% of the school aren't dumb enough to do it at school. They claim we are going out to our cars in the middle of the day to drink and smoke pot. Well if that's really happening, then it's news to me, and if the teacher's haven't noticed someone walking into class with a dazed look on their face then they have problems. The rumor mill is really strong as there are almost 400 of us and when something happens, everyone-including the teachers- have a detailed account of what went on. I guess it's just frustrating that they trusted us before, and now they still do, but they have to be fair.

Dont begin to talk to me about the spice girls either. -Legolas returns

Hey! I was a spice girls fan!! Not anymore of course because I realize how odd they were. Though I don't cringe when I hear "spice up your life!" hehe :ginr:

But he would never clean the things that dogs do on a carpet from time to time.-Lina

I've found tears work really well in these situations! But he really doesn't mind, and I think he likes killing roaches as he laughs and talks to himself as the little buggers twitch on the ground!

Julie, Clinque Happy is another light citrus scent -not all flowery –Puck

One of my favorite perfumes! I also like Ralph Lauren Romance, it's really light and smells great.

Ok enough said I think! Have a great Rotd everyone!!


Good Evans  - Aug 19, 2006 7:46 am (#1022 of 2976)

Kathy - Mango did another fragrance called "Adorably" in 2004. Delirium is the new fragrance so I guess the label is "Mango" - but I must confess to never having heard of them before. But "Delirium" is definitely worth a try. "Adorably" was supposedly for the younger market - so some of the teens, Tori, Ginny etc may well have heard of it.

Guns n Roses, Green Day's Dookie - OOOHHH memories indeed!

edit: LOL - I just read this post back "delirium is definitely worth a try" !!!!!!! well, whatever gets you through the day folks


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 19, 2006 7:55 am (#1023 of 2976)

Chemyst, I hope the disparaging editorial comment was not about me, and how long I had to write each paragraph. Under normal circumstances such a paper would take two days for me to write.


Denise P.  - Aug 19, 2006 8:13 am (#1024 of 2976)

There are always changing guidelines in regards to drinking alcohol and nursing a baby. Moderation is always the key and it is safe to have a glass of wine or something occasionally without harming the nursing baby.

We just got back from our 5K race. Mr. Denise, pushing Rhys in the stoller, finished in 26:33. Me, not pushing anything other than myself, finished in 35:03 by the clock, 34:54 by my watch. In any event, that is 3 minutes faster than my previous 5K race.


Good Evans  - Aug 19, 2006 8:15 am (#1025 of 2976)

WOO HOO for Denise - that is a really good time, well done!


Marie E.  - Aug 19, 2006 9:01 am (#1026 of 2976)

Well done, Denise!

I haven't been able to post almost all week, so I have been attempting to catch up. Going back a few days, besides Mentos you can also use spearmint flavored Life Savers. You have to get the ones in the roll so that they are small enough to fit in the neck of the 2-liter bottle. I have used the Life Savers with generic red soda so that it looks more like a volcano.

My girls got back on Tuesday night and had to start school on Thursday. I feel a little bad for them, but they did fine. Shayla got the teacher I wanted her to have, though she's upset because most of her friends are in a different class. Lexie didn't get the teacher she wanted, but the one she got is a wonderful teacher. She wanted Ms. W "because she's pretty".

About assigning reading: Not only does Shayla have to read a minimum of 20 minutes every day but she also has to write "a short summary of what was read". The reading is no problem, my kids always read before bed, but Shayla hates to write. I can see this being a pain in my behind all year.

One of my new kindergarteners has the unfortunate birthday of September 11, 2001. What a horrible birthdate! My 9/11 story (feel free to skim): Out here in Colorado we are two hours behind the East Coast. It was already 9am in New York when I was waking up. I was watching the Today show, I think, and the first Tower had already been hit. I had to take Shayla to pre-k at 8:30 (10:30 out east) and then I had a doctor's appointment about my gall bladder attacks. If I remember the timeline correctly, by the time I got to the doctor's the Pentagon had already been hit. It was sheer chaos at the hospital (military hospital). The young airman taking my blood pressure told me that Bush had already declared war. I asked him who had we declared war on since we didn't know who was responsible. He shrugged and said, "I don't know, Palestine?" I now believe he meant to say Pakistan, not Palestine. By the time I got back to Shayla's preschool there were only six kids left. They had pretty much shut down the base we lived on (Air Force Academy) and we didn't leave the base for a few days. We had fighter jets patrolling the air space above the base all that first day. My neighbor's husband worked at Cheyenne Mountains Air Base and wasn't allowed to leave work for three days. Mr E, who worked at Ft. Carson at the time, was about three hours late coming home that night.

Lina, I hope Kate makes a speedy recovery and back to normal in no time!


Chemyst - Aug 19, 2006 9:02 am (#1027 of 2976)

Chemyst, I hope the disparaging editorial comment was not about me, and how long I had to write each paragraph.– Nathan

Oh, not to worry! It would have been about your instructor – and rather pointless since he'd never see it.   I'm a pitifully slow typist too, but my only real handicap is that I didn't grow up with keyboards. So when I learned to type as an adult I reached a comfort zone shortly after I could type faster than I can write longhand, and never pushed myself to get speedy after that. You are sort of inspiring me to improve now. I already have a typing program with speed drills installed here for my son. I should use it on myself. This month though, I'm working my way through PowerPoint.


geauxtigers  - Aug 19, 2006 9:35 am (#1028 of 2976)

Clinique Happy is another light citrus scent -not all flowery.  I love that stuff! Also Ralph, by Ralph Lauren is a fruity-- very summery scent. Its great. Also Dream Angel Divine, by Victoria's Secret is very nice as well. Perfume is my weakness, I could spend all day smelling them! LOL

Thanks for your views on the new "regieme" at school, I can see not putting your feet up, but the teachers reasoning was that my friend wasn't sitting "lady-like" and I'm not sure when indian style became unlady-like... As for the people sleeping, they usually let it slide because its our break time and sometimes you just need to lay down. Its like our only break from the teachers and their's from us, we are being watched like any minute we are going to blow something up. We never had issues before, its like we've done nothing to deserve this but I'll stop there...I just don't like this thats all.

I remember Spice Girls, I never much cared for them. I like Green Day, but I think old Green Day is better than new Green Day, though I still like their newer stuff. Right now I'll listen to anything but rap and country. I do have a few country songs here and there, but in general I don't like it. I like a lot of old bands i.e. Led Zepplin, Eagles, Lynard Skynard ect, that group. Its what my mom listened too when I was little too and its just really awesomely good!

Well we are going to Target to buy photo boxes and get organized for a change! I need to clean my room too, it already has papers from school litering my desk and floor...one day I will learn how to keep it clean!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Holly T. - Aug 19, 2006 11:10 am (#1029 of 2976)

Kathy, Andrew Ridgeley was the other guy in Wham. I saw Wham in concert for my 17th birthday.

Kim, I have issues with the teachers requiring the kids to read a certain number of minutes too. My kids read because they like to. We don't really count the minutes. When my daughter was in first grade they had to write down how many minutes they read each night and my daughter was reading about three hours a day. On the other hand, my son is dyslexic so he has to work really hard to read for 20 minutes if he's just reading. Following along with the audiobooks seems to help him with the books. I sign their forms no matter how many minutes they read. My son did get a check plus on his math worksheet that he brought home where he was supposed to write down numbers about himself--how many pets, zip code, things like that. One was "how many books do you own?" and he wrote "too many to count."

Between planning the Girl Scout recruitment rallies and handing out Boy Scout popcorn I have been working on Scout stuff all morning. And now I need to go to the Girl Scout shop before they close!

Have a great RotD!


Tazzygirl - Aug 19, 2006 11:30 am (#1030 of 2976)

I was one of those people who liked Ace of Base... I can't listen to them now though. **Shudders at the thought of Spice Girls.** I had to take two little girls I was babysitting to their movie that was released. They loved it, I wanted to die. Puck- I like Train too! I also like Richard Marx, Journey, Celine Dion (old, not new album), The Doors, hmmmm I actually have a really long list... not a big fan of country or some classic rock or heavy metal.

Interesting about Ron Clark, Catherine! Incidently- Puck- you can still find it on TNT. They've been playing it in the evenings this whole week.

Ah! There was more stuff I was going to reply to, but I can't remember and I am late to an appointment... so I'll have to recap again when I get back!

oh! Yeay Denise!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Solitaire  - Aug 19, 2006 12:38 pm (#1031 of 2976)

I compared and contrasted Mr. Darcy to Jay Gatsby

Oh, Tori, I would like to read that essay. What an interesting choice of characters. So Umbridge is your new Head this year, eh? Well, at least OotP has prepared you for how to handle her. BTW ... if it helps any, I feel a bit like I've been slapped in the face with a hot frying pan myself!

legolas ... I shouldn't sleep in order to keep up with the chat

Legolas, I have felt that way all week. I have been in meetings and preparing lessons, my classroom, etc., and I've been so tired when I get home that I haven't the energy to set up the laptop. I am so far behind on everything here that I fear I'll never catch up. I need someone to read my favorite threads and send me a summary of key points each week! LOL

Puck: Kip, you have been restored to "Wise One" status.

Did he lose it? I must have missed something on that day I skipped 100 posts.

Mango Delirium ... does it smell fruity? I love musky perfumes, but I can't handle anything fruity. Even mango lotions make me nauseous. I wear Yasitis by Givenchy, but my dream is to have my own personal scent created--one no one else on earth has. I like scents with rose, musk, and more exotic flower scents.

Cinemax Final Cut is on, and Samuel L. Jackson is talking about our favorite film ... Snakes on a Plane. **grabbing channel changer**

Continued healing charms to Kate!



legolas returns  - Aug 19, 2006 12:59 pm (#1032 of 2976)

Well done Denise good time and a really big improvement in time. How are you poor feet

Went to the cinema this afternoon and saw a couple of films. Did not fancy Snakes on a Plane. I still can’t work out why they would transport a lot of posionous snakes on a passenger plane. Doh - -  is that not asking for trouble?  Anyway I saw Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time.

Ahar me harties. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1061862256


haymoni  - Aug 19, 2006 1:14 pm (#1033 of 2976)

Hello all.

I am lovin' my high speed internet. Whoo Hoo! I may actually be able to watch OotP movie clips when they start coming out.

Don't fall over or anything, but I walked a 10k this morning. It was the last event in our Fitness Challenge. I did it in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Considering I did the 5K on June 17 in about 1 hour, I think I have improved.

I am still not running though.

I have lost 2 pounds in the 2 weeks that I have been on Weight Watchers. We'll see how the rest of this weekend goes.

Tomorrow is The Beautifulest One's 6th birthday. She wants a pink cake - surprise, surprise. Gotta get a move on.


geauxtigers  - Aug 19, 2006 1:30 pm (#1034 of 2976)

So Umbridge is your new Head this year, eh?  Ha ha yeah...I just might pull a Fred and George! LOL

I just spent 2 hours organizing pictures! How fun! I'm going to clean my room now and get better organized for school. I can't live like this! Well actually I can, it just drives me crazy I might even dust :shocked: I know scary stuff.

Then I might do some homework, I can't believe I'm saying this...and have to babysit tonight!

Have a great day everyone!


Steve Newton - Aug 19, 2006 2:50 pm (#1035 of 2976)

If memory serves, we are only a month away from Talk Like a Pirate Day. Are you ready?


legolas returns  - Aug 19, 2006 3:19 pm (#1036 of 2976)

Yes I am ready


geauxtigers  - Aug 19, 2006 4:01 pm (#1037 of 2976)

Whats Talk Like a Pirate Day? It sounds fun! LOL!


boop  - Aug 19, 2006 4:15 pm (#1038 of 2976)

Hi Everyone, just got back from seeing Snakes on a Plane. I had a good laugh, it was lots of fun.

have a good rest of the day!

hugs always



virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 19, 2006 4:40 pm (#1039 of 2976)

On MSN Messenger you can do this thing called "MSN Mimic" and type what you want to say and it will translate it into another language. On of the languages is pirate! I guess I'll have to type all my post there first to translate it on Talk Like A Pirate Day! LOL There are some crazy ones, like pig latin. I'm a bit disapointed taht they don't have gibberish on there, as it's a hard language to type. Oh well!


Denise P.  - Aug 19, 2006 5:50 pm (#1040 of 2976)

Woo hoo! I just looked online at the official results from my race this morning, I did make it under 35 minutes!! I was at 34:52:71 I wanted to be under 36 minutes so being under 35 is even better!!

Rhys is already practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day. He hasn't asked anyone to walk the plank though. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508


kaykay1970  - Aug 19, 2006 6:14 pm (#1041 of 2976)

My daughter watched Snakes on a Plane today. She thought it was hilarious. She says that anyone from Tennessee should see it, whatever that means...

My girl is totally loving P&P. She was telling me all about it this morning. Then she started complaining that her friend is reading the Spark notes only. I called her Soli Jr. She gave me a rather odd look. Solitaire, I do think you and my child would get along well. You could discuss Snape together. She likes him almost as much as you do. LOL

I like a wide range of music. We have a radio station in Jackson that plays mostly 70's and 80's music. But I don't mind a little Willie and Waylon now and then either.


timrew - Aug 19, 2006 6:23 pm (#1042 of 2976)

Snakes On A Plane sounds like a 'top' film.

I keep seeing the 'in-flight' meal............."I know this is meant to be sausage and mash, but I swear one of the sausages just moved!"

I await the follow-up with baited breath, "Dinosaurs On A Dirigible"..................


Puck  - Aug 19, 2006 6:29 pm (#1043 of 2976)

I got the cutest cake pan for baby's birthday next month! It's a 3-D duckie! I can't believe she's going to be a year old in a few weeks. Weren't Denise and I just waiting to go into labor? (They do use a lot of "piratey" sounds at this age, don't they? )

What is the date of talk like a pirate day? I was a little preoccupied last year. (see above paragraph)

Thanks, Holly. I thought it might have been Andrew. I just remember his dreamy brown eyes. *sigh*

Laundry, dishes, messy bathroom, or go read a book? Hmmm. Tough choice.

Happy RotD!



Denise P.  - Aug 19, 2006 6:30 pm (#1044 of 2976)

Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 19, 2006 6:33 pm (#1045 of 2976)

That day I will be 30 years old plus one day, an ancient old man.


Solitaire  - Aug 19, 2006 6:52 pm (#1046 of 2976)

I called her Soli Jr. ... She likes [Snape] almost as much as you do.

LOL Kay! It is obvious that you are raising an incredibly perceptive and precocious child. **sigh** Imagine loving P&P and hating Snape at such a tender age. Too bad I can't have her in language arts class to further influence her! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

September 19th ... Hm. That sounds like the perfect day to miss 100 posts, Matey! LOL



Tazzygirl - Aug 19, 2006 7:05 pm (#1047 of 2976)

Can't wait for September 19! LOL

Grey's Anatomy season 2 comes out to DVD Sept. 12... Season 3 starts on the TV on Sept. 21. I've actually started counting down! (and I am extremely proud of myself, I have managed to get three of my friends obsessed with the show! Now to work on LOST. )

When does LOST start?? I haven't seen any commercials for it yet... Does it start in November? (I know we were talking about it briefly a couple weeks/months ago, but I don't remember.)

**patiently waiting over at Potty Five Words for anyone willing to do a posting spree** I have only two more days until school starts (w00t!!), and I feel like I need to post as much as possible...



Denise P.  - Aug 19, 2006 7:39 pm (#1048 of 2976)

Lost starts October 4


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 19, 2006 8:10 pm (#1049 of 2976)

I am sad I missed an episode of Mystery I had been waiting many years to air. I was a fan of the Inspector Morse series, and I had heard that the BBC was producing a show starring Kevin Whatley as Inspector Lewis and I missed it.


Solitaire  - Aug 19, 2006 8:20 pm (#1050 of 2976)

Nathan, as I understand, it will run again ... and there are more episodes on the way! Here is a bit of info on it. Here is even more! BTW, now that I know you are a fan, I'll let you know if I find an airing date. I keep watch for the stories I love!

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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:35 pm


Lupin is Lupin. Natch.  - Aug 19, 2006 8:42 pm (#1051 of 2976)

He then pulled out Whitesnake 1987 and asked if he could play it...---Good Evans

Oh, gosh...Whitesnake. I recently had conversations with a friend and my husband about the debt owed to Tawny Kitaen by then-teenage boys everywhere. (And that's all I can say about that on a family friendly website. )

Holly, I hope I didn't sound as if I was criticizing you. It's the policy that drives me crazy. And I ache for all those kids who are pressured by their parents every night (who are only doing what they think is right) to do those '20 minutes'.

***refuses to give over the cold compress (thanks Chemyst) as it is still needed***

Congratulations Denise!

***waves to Catherine and her books***

I deserve a medal. We took the kids to "Storyland" today. Is there a worthwhile ride in existence that doesn't have a 45 minute wait? I will say the flume ride (always a favorite), officially known as the "Bamboo Chutes", was entertaining. ***wonders if Puck has done her obligatory 'Storyland' visit***


Loopy Lupin - Aug 19, 2006 9:28 pm (#1052 of 2976)

Took two nephews and a niece to "Snakes on a Plane."  Boop put it succinctly: Had loads of fun.

Took them to get school supplies and some school clothes. I never realized how hard it is to shop for pants/jeans for 13/14 year old boys. They're too big for the "Boys Section" and the "Men's Department" doesn't seem to have inseams that match their waists. ****waits for Denise to advise the solution to this problem**** ****waves to Kim and Catherine****


Madam Pince  - Aug 19, 2006 9:32 pm (#1053 of 2976)

I grew up listening to Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings. Yep, I'm just a redneck. LPO

Ah, but did you listen to the above on an 8-track tape player in your daddy's pickup truck? ***joins LPO on the redneck wagon*** ***waits for Ginny and Tori to ask what an 8-track is...***

Woo-hoo to Denise and Haymoni on their great run/walk efforts! You guys have my undying admiration! Great job! (and an extra "woo-hoo" for Haymoni's high-speed internet connection!)

Kabloink, my obstetrician actually advised me to have a beer while nursing -- something about it enhancing the process somehow. Mr. Pince was quite vexed because he feels that drinking a beer is "unladylike", but hey, what could we do? Doctor's orders! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042  Actually, they said I could also drink this non-alcoholic stuff which you find in the Mexican food section of the grocery store, called Malta (made by Goya) because I think the whole "enhancing" has something to do with drinking malt, but that Goya Malta stuff would gag a goat, so no deal on that one.

Still can't believe we have to wait until October for our first Lost episode. I mean, I believe it, but I just can't believe it, if you know what I mean! Grrrrr...

Had a great day today -- we attended a crab feast where we picked and ate crabs for probably three solid hours. Very fun social time; just sit around and chat and pick crabs. Yum, yum. Then we enjoyed a nice boat ride on the Chester River. It was a gorgeous day and the water was smooth as glass because there were hardly any other boaters out (quite odd for a Saturday, I would think.) It was such an enjoyable ride, too, because the Chester is not over-developed with monster-house right on top of monster-house lining the shores -- there were some beautiful homes, but they were all spaced out on plenty of farmland with lots of lovely green in between. Really a nice day.

Tomorrow we're off to DC to show our guests the Smithsonian Museums and possibly Ford's Theater. Should be fun!

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Solitaire  - Aug 19, 2006 10:05 pm (#1054 of 2976)

***waits for Ginny and Tori to ask what an 8-track is...***

ROTFL Madam Pince! Do you suppose they know what "albums" are? My students had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned "my albums" one day.



virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 19, 2006 10:35 pm (#1055 of 2976)

***waits for Ginny and Tori to ask what an 8-track is...***   LOL!!Ok What's an 8-track? I do know what an album is but never heard of an 8-track!

Ahh just got home from babysitting the cutest little boy on the planet. I sat with him until he fell asleep. Then I quietly left the room and about 20 minutes later I went to go check on him. He was sitting up in bed crying, but wasn't making a sound. I asked what was wrong and he said "you left me. I woke up and you were gone and I got scared" I felt sooo bad, so I gave him a hug and sat with him until I knew he was asleep!

I'm a HUGE fan of Grey's Anatomy! I've convinced my cousin into watching it and now she's hooked as well! I can't wait for season 2 on DVD, which I will be buying!


geauxtigers  - Aug 19, 2006 10:39 pm (#1056 of 2976)

Grey's Anatomy season 2 comes out to DVD Sept. 12... Season 3 starts on the TV on Sept. 21. AHHH! I can't wait for season 2 to come out now! That means I can buy it and my cousin can just spend the weekend at my house with us watching it in preparation for season 3!!! I'm super excited now! My cousin has recently been hooked by me and Ginny, she needs to see the 2nd season! This is big news!

***waits for Ginny and Tori to ask what an 8-track is...*** Hey now I know what an 8 track is! Its a music thing that looks somewhat like a VHS tape if I remember correctly! And I definitely know what an album is! LOL! OH and an 8 track obviously has only 8 tracks on it. They were what was used before albums, both I think came out in the late 60's and 70s... **Is hoping I have my facts right**

Okay I really need to clean my room now...might read some P&P or HP french...

Congrats to Haymoni and Denise! I'd never survive that long in the heat, or the cold for that matter. **crosses fingers the pool will be fixed for Monday so I don't have to do dry land**

Night everyone!


Madam Pince  - Aug 19, 2006 10:57 pm (#1057 of 2976)

I am so old....

Tori, you need new facts! (Awwww... cute babysitting story Ginny had! Poor little guy!) Anyway, if by "tracks" you mean songs, then no, 8-tracks did not only have 8 songs on them. I have no idea where the name "8-track" came from, but there were the usual number of songs on them. You are right in that they sort of looked like VHS tapes -- they were a bit smaller but roughly about that size, and they were definitely tapes. They did not come before albums -- albums were being played way, way, way before any type of tape player. But albums and 8-tracks were both played extensively during the 70's, at least. Albums were sort of what you played in the house, and 8-tracks seemed to be designed more for use in cars, basically the predecessor to cassette decks, I suppose.

***is thinking that probably Wikipedia could do a better job of this than I am...***

I'm so tired, but while I was in the bath taking out my contact lenses, the dog urped up roughly her weight in... whatever it is. (she's a 75-lb. lab...) It covers eight different areas of the carpet. I am killing time educating Tori and Ginny while waiting for the Resolve to do its work. Never let it be said that I'm a time-waster....

Tomorrow I'm going to cut down all the pine trees in our yard and be rid of the blasted pine cones once and for all...


Solitaire  - Aug 19, 2006 11:00 pm (#1058 of 2976)

just got home from babysitting the cutest little boy on the planet . . .

You were out here babysitting for my great-nephew and didn't even tell me? Hm ... I'll have to talk to my niece about this! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2281877974


The giant squid  - Aug 20, 2006 12:42 am (#1059 of 2976)

120+ posts! See what happens when I miss a day??

Dirty Harry uses a Smith and Wessen .44 Magnum.--Loopy Lupin

Oops. Or should I say, "D'Oh!"

Backache, headache, and embryonic ulcer formation.—Catherine

So, just the usual stuff...

I'm surprised Marie didn't have anything to say about Duran Duran... Good Evans, to get your son to listen to Def Leppard, start him with their earlier albums. They were a lot heavier-sounding on High N Dry and On Through The Night. Eventually he'll warm up to Pyromania.

And what's wrong with Metallica?

I'm not sure when indian style became unlady-like..—geauxtigers

Well, imagine sitting that way with a skirt on, and you'll understand. A proper lady should sit with her knees together at all times.

I'm sure there's more that I missed, but I have to get up early tomorrow (9AM! the horror!) for work, so I'll let it go for now.



legolas returns  - Aug 20, 2006 1:23 am (#1060 of 2976)

Nathan-Don’t worry about being old on pirates day. You are never too old to tell someone to walk the plank . I was so worried about turning 30 in May I was feeling a bit depressed about being old. I was going to be 21 again for the 9th time and I told everyone this. My Mum/Dad actually sent me two birthday cards-I did wonder why at the time. One was for a nine-year-old and the other for a 21 year old. . Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508 They were really sweet and brought a smile to my face. Turning 30 is no different from any other age. There is no old -  its a state of mind. *Goes off for cereal feeling about 6 years old*


kaykay1970  - Aug 20, 2006 4:28 am (#1061 of 2976)
Edited Aug 20, 2006 5:05 am

Ah, but did you listen to the above on an 8-track tape player in your daddy's pickup truck? --Madame Pince

My dad had a rather large collection of 8 tracks tapes. To add to the list: Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Ray Charles, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis and George Jones. His tape player was a portable, so we didn't have to sit out in the pick-up truck, though...

My mom however was a huge Elvis Presley fan. I remember how upset she was looking for a new needle for her old record player, only to find that they no longer sold them. Her "record player" was actually a huge piece of furniture that we hauled all over the country with us. It had a hinged lid on top that you opened up to the record player and huge speakers built into the front. She finally gave up on a new needle and Dad bought her a new stereo system. She never did much like it though. All of us kids did! One less thing we had to polish!

Sending more healing charms to Kate.


Puck  - Aug 20, 2006 5:46 am (#1062 of 2976)

Oh, we had one of those when I was a kid, Kaykay! I had forgotten all about it! Sometime after I began school it left and we got a "modern" stereo -complete with 8 track player for moms Englebert Humperdink tape.

Thirty is NOT -in any way, shape, form or fashion- even the teeniest tiniest microscopic bit old! I have known this for over 6 years now. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

Happy RotD,



Good Evans  - Aug 20, 2006 6:07 am (#1063 of 2976)

LOL Kathy - I'm with you !!!!

Madam Pince - extreme sympathy about the regurgitation, I dont even know how else to put it!!!

Sorry Squid Mike - really can't "do" Metallica - but I think you are right - start with the first few albums for the Def Leppard coversion (I'll have him on hysteria before you know it - or he will be hysterical - one of the two )

a radiogram - that was what we called the record player - piece of furniture with a front lid and it really was a piece of furniture, it needed a lot of polishing - LOL I remember that!!

and whlie we are still on music - when we lived in US - my dad was seriously in to C&W - our local station was WMZQ (goodness only knows if they are still going!) I can remember the jingles and as for the play list - yep 70's C&W is most definitely ingrained on my brain!!!!

have a great Sunday folks


Chemyst - Aug 20, 2006 6:16 am (#1064 of 2976)

Tori, et al:
An 8-track tape was a continuous loop of magnetic tape so it could play over and over and over ... The tape is divided into 8 tracks, which you can sort of think of as being 8 parallel stripes (even though you can't see stripes) and the 8-track machine reads two of the stripes at a time like a left & right stereo. When the tape cycled around one time, it would go to the next two tracks and so on. It was hard to cue something up because you could not reverse. Eventually though, the tape would stretch and you'd lose quality, and it was as if you were wearing out four different taped programs at the same time, even though you were listening to only one at a time. I have heard that if you attempt to play an 8-track's reel on a 4-track reel-to-reel tape machine, you'll end up playing two songs at once. That makes a bit of sense, but I never tried it so I can't say if it is true.
Just remember, you learned that here on the HP Lexicon forum. Please don't ask me how a DVD works because I can't explain that without pictures.


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 20, 2006 9:03 am (#1065 of 2976)

We used to have an eight track player, machine and an old Beta VCR. I remember as a child that those were among the first three electronic devices that I learned to operate.

I also know how to operate a reel to reel machine but, I only do that when I have aid setting the reel in place.


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 20, 2006 9:11 am (#1066 of 2976)

the record player - piece of furniture with a front lid and it really was a piece of furniture

LOL! **thinking about what an iPod Nano would look like next a record player**

I woke up early this morning! (10:00!) and was very happy to see that my mum had gotten Krispy Kreme for breakfast! YUMMMY! But now I must start on homework, if I want to have any chance of finishing it by tomorrow!

Have a great RotD everyone!


Solitaire  - Aug 20, 2006 9:44 am (#1067 of 2976)

I've never actually had an 8-track player. I do have a nice collection of albums and 45s, though! Now I just need a new turntable, so that I can listen to them! I don't have an iPod or anything like that ... Hey, I didn't even get a CD player until about 4 years ago!

LOL@Mr. Manners! hehehe



geauxtigers  - Aug 20, 2006 9:58 am (#1068 of 2976)

ha ha Squid Mike! What’s really unladylike is how short some of the girls at my school wear their skirts....

Thanks for the info on an 8 track Chemyst!

I remember cassette tapes, I had a few, but CDs were the "cool" thing when I started listening to music! I still have tons of CDs, like tons! They are all just in the car and most of them have been burned by my or Ginny from our iTunes Library! LOL! But I can't study or concentrated without music...my ipod is the greatest investment that I've ever made. It has saved me from countless instances in the car with my parents arguing with us over the radio...

Okay I need to go clean my room and do my homework. Seahawks pre-season game comes on tonight at 7 and its nationally televised!!!! I get to watch it!!! I'm super pumped as I've been football deprived since January! Only 12 days til kick-off (LSU)!! I'm super excited!


Detail Seeker  - Aug 20, 2006 10:45 am (#1069 of 2976)

Speaking of music hearing devices: I never saw such a thing as an 8-track, but I still on a reel-reel tape machine with some 100 hours of wildly recorded music from the early 80s. I did not by a cassette recorder until they were outdated. For my some 100 vinyl albums, I just bought a turntable with USB connection, so I can problemless record them on my computer to store. Those copies will be for daily hearing, then, but the old albums are for keeping.


Good Evans  - Aug 20, 2006 11:05 am (#1070 of 2976)

Absolutely Detail Seeker - there is something about a piece of vinyl that is so comforting! They are definitely for keeping. I have a whole stack of singles, 12" and EP's (LOL - remember them??) in the attic somewhere, not sure where they are but I know they were packed very securely!

LOL Tori about the short skirts!!! I always think "Indian Style" sounds so nice, but once over 35 the knees no longer agree!!


Solitaire  - Aug 20, 2006 11:17 am (#1071 of 2976)

LOL about over-35 knees. I ran into trouble this week during our CPR certification. Putting my left knee on the floor causes a sensation not unlike having one ram an ice-pick through my knee-cap.

I've had several knee injuries, but since I was not an athlete, I was usually sent home and told to ice and elevate. Eventually, that advice stopped working, and I've had my knees drained a few times. I will probably require knee replacements in both knees, but since kneeling is the only real problem at the moment (besides stairs), the docs say not yet. I have to wait a few more years ...



Steve Newton - Aug 20, 2006 11:45 am (#1072 of 2976)

Somewhere in the basement I think that I still have a working 8 track player. Part of one of those cheap portable stereo things. Even a half dozen or so 8 tracks.


azi - Aug 20, 2006 11:46 am (#1073 of 2976)

Ouch, Soli! Hope your knees get better!

I had quite a few cassettes, mostly MeatLoaf songs. My mum has lots of vinyl. I like going through and playing odd Beatle's songs, folk music, Deep Purple and especially an extremely hilarious Monty Python sketch.

I'd never heard of 8 track things before today.

I went to a steam rally today. There was an owl stall for a rescue charity, which had a banner saying 'Welcome to Hogwarts'. The people had drawn pictures of snitches, broomsticks and the sorting hat. There was also a snowy owl called Dobby. I was impressed, even though the drawings weren't very good. I also saw a traction engine with 'Vernon' on the side. I stood looking at it for a while thinking it was familiar, before realising it was the engine my dad helped restore when I was a kiddie.

Hope everyone has a good day!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 20, 2006 11:52 am (#1074 of 2976)

Ouch, Solitaire, that sounds awful! Do you get the same pain if you wore some sort of kneeling pad?

Denise - congrats on the run time! I cut my biking time down by 5 minutes and was excited. Did you notice that if the wind is against you- even a light wind, it kills your pace ?

Lina, when you have time, please keep us updated on Kate's progress.

LOL, I was explaining the drawbacks of 8-tracks to Olivia. . .such as when it was in the process of playing a song, you would hear silence, a click, then the rest of the song would resume. LOL Not to mention how difficult they were to store in the car - and remember when the portables' batteries started to die?? The music sounded downright creepy.

Puck! Your mother sounds a bit like mine - so do you know all of the Englebert songs by heart?? I do.

Thirty is NOT -in any way, shape, form or fashion- even the teeniest tiniest microscopic bit old! I have known this for over 6 years now.

Well, neither is 40 1/2. . .depending upon whom you ask. All in all, I won't gripe because right now, it's better than the alternative. My stepfather said he wasn't having anymore birthdays - and he didn't.

As far as music goes, I can listen to just about anything but do not enjoy hip hop, head banging music or rap. My favorite group growing up was probably Pink Floyd, but I listened to the others, such as the Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc. I also had a Charlie Rich album that my father bought me. I have friends who listen to meditation music, jazz, Christian music and I enjoy it all. Mr. HH likes some no-longer-around groups such as STP and Blind Melon. I like that, too. Hmm, what's in my car at the moment. . .4 Harry Potter movie sound tracks, 2 classical mixes, Green Day (new and old), Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2.

**thinking about what an iPod Nano would look like next a record player** - Ginny, heck, just put it next to my Sony Disc-Man and mine looks and feels like a dinosaur. That is what I use when I ride my bike and it feels so cumbersome - I remember when it felt so much lighter than the cassete-walkman.

Kip, you know you never lost your "wise one" status. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 464751818


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 20, 2006 12:16 pm (#1075 of 2976)

My mum has lots of vinyl.  Azi

Ok here we go again...what's a vinyl?? I keep thinking of the flooring!

Hmmm.. what's in my car right now? Green Day, Switchfoot, U2, Crossfade,teddy Geiger, The Fray, and lots of mixes with Better than Ezra, Oasis, Yellowcard, Eagles..........ok I'll stop! You get the general picture!


Good Evans  - Aug 20, 2006 12:46 pm (#1076 of 2976)

vinyl is what records were made of Ginny. You know those old fashioned things - black with a hole in the middle? played at 45 or 33.3 rpm. 45's were singles and LP's (long play - otherwise known as albums)played at 33.3 . Gosh hope that helps - its as technical as I can get!!


geauxtigers  - Aug 20, 2006 1:02 pm (#1077 of 2976)

Ok here we go again...what's a vinyl?? I keep thinking of the flooring!  Ginny, come on! I'm fixing to come to your room and have a little chat! This is one of those times when I wish it weren't so obvious I had a sister...LOL I'm only joking! Vinyl is a record....**watches Ginny's light bulb click on when she reads this** I think you just had a blonde moment! LOL

Okay my room is finally clean and I can start removing all my stuff from my be and putting it away...then homework...I keep avoiding it...

Ahh Julie beat me too it! But I promise I knew what it was before!


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 20, 2006 1:03 pm (#1078 of 2976)

I still have some old records that played at 78 r.p.m. (revolutions per minute) records somewhere, because several of the records I listened were originally made late 1940's and early 1950's.


Lina  - Aug 20, 2006 1:17 pm (#1079 of 2976)

I know there were some things that I wanted to comment on the chat thread, but my concentration is really low these days.

Anyway, thank you all for your comforting words, they mean a lot. And Kate sends you all her best. She is doing much much better, feeling much less pain, having much lower temperature and possibly moving to the ordinary room tomorrow. Yay!

***waving to everybody***


Good Evans  - Aug 20, 2006 1:21 pm (#1080 of 2976)

**waving back to Lina and big hugs to Kate**


Mediwitch  - Aug 20, 2006 1:40 pm (#1081 of 2976)

Wow - I haven't really gotten online much this weekend, so waaayyy too many posts to comment on.

Ice Princess and Lana, I'm in CT, but I think one of you is in the Worcester area, and my step-son is a Master's student at WPI.

Madame Pince, you never really get used to the whole lurch-out-of-bed thing. It happens here every time the pager goes off in the middle of the night for a fire or ambulance call. Sometimes it takes me an hour to go back to sleep, even when it's not my night on call! (Sometimes I'm really lucky, though, and drop right back off.) We've gotten half-way to a call before I've really woken up before. Winter is better - the cold air always does the trick!

Nathan, have you tried Dragon Speaking Naturally or another voice-to-text program? I know they take some time to train, but it might be worth it! I have some students who use Dragon for a variety of reasons, and they love it, once they get it trained. Marie E., along the same line, can Shayla use something like Kidspiration/Inspiration for her writing? Kidspiration is for younger kids, Inspiration is for older ones.

And Lina, continued healing charms and prayers for you and Kate. She's a remarkable young lady (and you are a remarkable mom)!

Kim, Goldenrod Kisses are the best! We brought home a box when we were there in July. MMMMMMM!!!

Oh, and I loved the musical blast-from-the-past! What fun. I just got rid of my dad's old (working) reel-to-reel player. I hated to see it go, but I never used it and it was just collecting dust. Maria, your car music sounds quite a bit like mine! I have been on an 80s "hairband" kick lately - Def Leppard, Van Halen, all those guys with BIG hair! iTunes has some great mixes in the Essentials collections.

Ouch, Soli! I would have let you put your manikin on the table. If you ever really have to do CPR, the adrenaline will take care of your knee for you (until after, anyway)! Might as well make the practice as pain-free as possible.


virginiaelizabeth  - Aug 20, 2006 2:46 pm (#1082 of 2976)

vinyl is what records were made of

Ohhh I didn't realize that was what they were made of! I never actually thought about it before!

Oh and Tori is just a little cheater! She posted a good 15 minutes after Julie, and it definitely didn't take her 15 minutes to write that!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 20, 2006 3:35 pm (#1083 of 2976)

LOL, Ginny!

Mediwitch, I'd love to get myself a nice IPod and load it up with some favs, but you know - the children need shoes. . .


Mediwitch  - Aug 20, 2006 3:53 pm (#1084 of 2976)

Darn kids! Actually, Maria, I don't download most of it - it's just a real hoot seeing all those songs I used to love! It's a real time-waster, but... My iPod is full of Harry Potter, thanks to my family.


Denise P.  - Aug 20, 2006 4:09 pm (#1085 of 2976)

I ordered a book on half.com on Friday. Normally, you get an email confirming that you have placed an order and alerting you that it will be mailed within a few days. Obviously some glitch is in the half.com system since I have gotten SIXTY-THREE confirmations LOL It has slowed down, I have only gotten seven today. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

I remember 45's, 33 1/3 and 78 rpm records. I also recall Betamax players, 8 tracks, reel to reels and laser disks. I still have the first CD that we ever bought, CCR's greatest hits. (That is Credence Clearwater Revival for those who don't know CCR)

I have a big mix on my mp3 player. I have current songs mixed in with stuff from the 60's.


Nathan Zimmermann  - Aug 20, 2006 4:12 pm (#1086 of 2976)

Denise, isn't Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) the group that wrote the song Bad Moon Rising?


geauxtigers  - Aug 20, 2006 4:12 pm (#1087 of 2976)

Oh and Tori is just a little cheater! She posted a good 15 minutes after Julie, and it definitely didn't take her 15 minutes to write that!

How do you know I didn't have the box of and walk away from the computer? LOL I'm not arguing online with you when I can walk into your room, but even still could've guessed what it meant by looking at how it was used...

Ugg I've been staring at my math homework wayy too long. I need to just make it up and go ask for help tomorrow...I just don't get it! Grr!


Denise P.  - Aug 20, 2006 4:19 pm (#1088 of 2976)

Well, I know that CCR sang it, not sure if they wrote the song.  OK -  I just googled, apparently John Fogerty did write it..1969.


kaykay1970  - Aug 20, 2006 4:46 pm (#1089 of 2976)

Love the avatar, Denise! What a cutie!


Steve Newton - Aug 20, 2006 5:02 pm (#1090 of 2976)

Bad Moon Rising! Maybe the best song ever.


Puck  - Aug 20, 2006 5:24 pm (#1091 of 2976)

Lina, thanks for the Kate update! More charms to you all!

Kim, I have thus far avoided going to Storyland. Haven't been since I was a kid. Perhaps we will make the pilgrimage next summer.

Maria, I have blocked out memory of Humperdink's songs.

Okay, to prove my point about 30 not being old, I will state that I am not only able to sit pretzel style, but can still do a flip on the monkey bars.



Mediwitch  - Aug 20, 2006 6:16 pm (#1092 of 2976)

isn't Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) the group that wrote the song Bad Moon Rising?

Hehe, I have a funny story about that song. My dad loved CCR, so I knew a lot of the songs when I was pretty little (I was born the year after Bad Moon Rising was written). I was probably about four, when my dad had to clarify a line in the lyrics: instead of singing "There's a bad moon on the rise", I was singing "There's a bathroom on the right"! It made sense to me!!

Wow, Kathy! I haven't tried a flip in a while, but I can definitely sit cross-legged. And 30 is not old - I took (and passed) the Firefighter I course at 33! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508


Tazzygirl - Aug 20, 2006 7:42 pm (#1093 of 2976)

Busy day, and the server was being slow this morning so I didn't have time to post.

Met my friend for breakfast, and then we went up to the Pali Lookout. It was hilarious- the lookout is situated between two mountain peaks, so it acts like a funnel for wind. The wind today was so strong, we couldn't keep our mouths closed (so we were wiping drool from our chins... very attractive... ). Tons of fun!

I don't remember the 8-tracks, but I do know what they are- my parents used to tell us about them when we were little. They had a record player up until we moved to California (about 10 years ago), and I loved listening to all their old records! They have it all in boxes in the garage now. I remember when we got a CD player in the house- it was so cool! When my grandmother died, mom was given her old Victrola- now that is one awesome thing! The records for it were old and warped, so when you played it, the music warbled. **Goes of singing Stormy Weather**

Denise- that is an adorable photo of Rhys!

Thanks for the update on Kate, Lina! **more healing charms**

Have a fabulous RotD/N everyone!



Solitaire  - Aug 20, 2006 8:15 pm (#1094 of 2976)

About the knees ... Just walking is not too bad when I'm not in a major arthritis flare-up, but stairs and kneeling always give me grief.

Mediwitch, the instructor did let me put the mannekin on the table, but I still had to get down on the floor to practice rolling my victim and putting her in the recovery position. I tried to just squat down, but those "deep plié" type bends are no longer possible. Even a cushion does not help with that ice-pick thing ... I've tried. It's the pressure, I guess.

BTW, who said 30 is old? **scanning around for insensitive-looking individual** I actually found 35 to be my favorite age. In fact, I loved it so much, I stayed there for a few years! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

Detail Seeker, the turntable/USB thing sounds great! I would love to put some of my old faves on CD. Sometime in the future, perhaps ...

LOL @ Englebert! I remember attending a wedding reception where the bride and groom danced their first dance to--Are you ready for this?--Please Release Me! No joke! I think I'd have flattened the DJ. hehe

I've been having all kinds of intermittent trouble with the Forum today. Some things have refused to post ... other times I can't change from one page to another. Grrrr! I thought it was just me.



Ludicrous Patents Office  - Aug 20, 2006 8:33 pm (#1095 of 2976)

Wow I was gone for the weekend and now I'm paying with trying to catch up with posts! Madame Pince I had an 8 track of the Oak Ridge Boys that I played over and over and over. I Loved Buck Owens and Hee Haw! I grew up on a cattle ranch in western Colorado. I'm pretty redneck. My home town is about 2 hours from the nearest stoplight. I really miss the stars. I had no idea how special it was to see the Milky Way almost every night.

Legolas and Nathan we should have a decade party! I turn 40 tomorrow. To celebrate I get to go to school. Sigh, summer is over.

Ginny and Tori has your new Headmistress ever been a Headmistress before? Sounds like she is trying to put her stamp on the school. Hang in there. We teacher people have nightmares about what unsupervised students are up to.

Solitaire I hope your Doctors can find a way to help your poor knees.

Congratulations Denise! Love the picture.

Hope Kate is in a normal room soon. LPO


geauxtigers  - Aug 20, 2006 8:53 pm (#1096 of 2976)

LPO, this is definitely not her first year. We were hoping she'd be a great one, but she’s really not interested in what the students want and need. She wants to do what she wants and thats fine, but I don't think she is taking our views into consideration. Its only the first week, it might get better.

Okay 3 hours later, I've successfully guessed the right answers to the first 4 problems of my math homework! Yay for me! Only 14 left to go! I also just realized I have a vocab quiz tomorrow too...its not til third block, I can cram more tomorrow too...I'm remembering why I like summer so much...

Night everyone! Glad to hear Kate is doing well, Lina! Send her my best. **healing charms to Kate**

Oh and just so I can brag even though its only the Pre season, The Seahawks Won!!!! Not that anyone cares LOL!

EDIT **does happy dance because there are Tiger fans in Hawaii** Geaux Tigers!!! Only 12 days!! I can hardly contain my exitement!! Gosh I can't wait ahhhh!!!


Tazzygirl - Aug 20, 2006 9:06 pm (#1097 of 2976)

Oh!! I forgot- I saw a huge LSU Go Tigers! sticker on the back of a pickup truck here- thought of Ginny and Tori.



kabloink!  - Aug 20, 2006 11:09 pm (#1098 of 2976)

Wow. SO many things to comment on, but I was smart and took notes as I was reading. I guess I'll start at the bottom of my list and work my way up. Geauxtigers-I'm going to have to guess that we're not fans of the same TIgers, even though I read your profile and mentioned Tiger Stadium. I'm guessing your Tigers have something to do with LSU? Mine are the Detroit Tigers! Best record in MLB right now! Well, for now at least-the past two weeks have put that in danger. THey better play well tomorrow night against the White Sox-We have tickets! Tigers Stadium in Detroit is about to be torn down, though. It makes me want to cry, but its been empty and vandalized since they built COmerica Park. It is one of the oldest baseball stadiums still standing, though. Up there with Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium. I got those names right, didn't I? My husband is only now educating me about baseball. I've always rooted for the Tigers, but up til this year, they didn't give me much to cheer for.

As far as passing Firefighter I at 33, my father-in-law took over a chief's position in a new town and had to do some demonstration or take a test or something, and from the sound of it, he put all the young, in shape guys to shame. Mind you, he was in his mid-50 s at the time, and isn't in the best of shape. He says its all about technique.

Hmm what's next? Oh yeah! Albums. My dad has hundreds of them in our store, mind you this is an optical store. Yet, he has stacks of records and books saying how much they're worth. I understand holding on to certain albums that are sentimental and worth a decent amount, but I never quite understood the point in holding on to things because "they're worth money." THey're only worth money if you sell them, right? If you're never going to sell them, they're only going to be worth the enjoyment you get out of having them...eh my dad is weird. We do have a few fun albums at their house that I love, though. We have Blood, Sweat and Tears' album with "Spinning Wheel" on it-we played this on the marching field in high school, I LOVE it! I remember our old 8-track player, and up til a few years ago our betamax worked just fine when plugged in. ACtually I think it didn't rewind anymore, but played well enough. I hear that the technology of Beta was actually better than VHS, but marketed so poorly that it died.

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, I really enjoyed the montage they did the other night. I never really got into Lost, but my in-laws can't go without it. The fall premier I'm looking forward to is House. I saw the date for it today, but now I can't remember it. I also saw that season 2 is coming out soon. I think I might just have to pick both seasons up for my hubby and stash the for Christmas. I love presents for spouses that are just as much presents for both of you!

Ooh! We saw a license plate today that said Mugls. We got very excited about it. Ok, off to fold laundry and try to figure out a miracle cure for itchy stretch marks that isn't Coco Butter or Benedryl Cream. Knight knight!


Madam Pince  - Aug 21, 2006 12:00 am (#1099 of 2976)

Oh Denise, that child of yours! He is soooo adorable! Too cute -- love the avatar!

Lina, it's so good to hear that Kate is doing better -- hope she can get into a regular room soon as that will undoubtedly be so much more comfortable for her. Please give her my love!

Immo, they have a turntable with a USB connection?!? I must have one of those!! (not, of course, that I would get rid of any of my albums even if I did re-record them, because, as noted above, they are "worth something." :sillygrin) You must learn to have the mind of a collector, kabloink, which is: obtain as many as you can of things as rare as you can, and hold onto them forever so as to catch the market at the peak. Or I think that's what Mr. Pince says he's doing.

His tape player was a portable, so we didn't have to sit out in the pick-up truck, though... --Man, you were really up-town, kaykay! ***goes off singing Harper Valley PTA***

Those big record players -- we called them Victrolas -- I will eventually have three of them because my Mom has two (Grandma's, and the first Christmas gift my Mom and Dad ever bought together), and I also inherited my aunt's, which is a really lovely piece of furniture. I saw in a home magazine recently that, if you don't plan to ever use them as a music machine again, you can rip out the inside part and build an insulated ice box into it, and then you can make it into a lovely wet bar, with storage for wine, etc. down where the speakers were or where the old "vinyl" storage was. Some people are so clever...

Chemyst, I am absolutely floored at the amount of knowledge you have about 8-tracks!! Bravo!!! Never ceases to amaze me, what one can learn here on the Forum!


Snuffles  - Aug 21, 2006 12:49 am (#1100 of 2976)

Wow, so many posts to read!

Soli, I hope you knees are feeling better today.

Denise, that avatar is so cute, Rhys is adorable

Lina, I'm glad Kate is on the mend, hope she comes home soon.

I just love the '80's records. I saw the video to Wham's Wake me up before you go go. George Michael with his bright pink shorts, lovely hair do and fingerless gloves! Why didn't anybody notice anything before! Heh I also loved Roxy Music, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet.

I do remember one song which really got on my nerves but I can't remember who sang it. Ok it went like this "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight"

I think I was about 2 1/2 when my dad taught me how to use our record player. He thought it was safer to teach me how to use it carefully than risk me scratching his beloved collection! I remember my first album, it was all the songs from the Jungle Book

Happy Birthday LPO, hope you have a fantastic day.

I can't believe it's August, It has been raining for nearly 24hours non stop and it's only 12 degrees (54) outside

I hate Monday morning, but I suppose I had better get on with some work!

Lady Arabella
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The giant squid  - Aug 21, 2006 1:30 am (#1101 of 2976)

Good Evans, Hysteria is good, but don't go too much farther than that. Stop with Slang...X at the latest.

Ginny...you're making me feel old. "What's vinyl?" indeed! Vinyl is the stuff those DJs are ruining every night. Then again, I'm probably the only person in the world under the age of 50 who doesn't own either a cell phone or an MP3 player... I still bust out my cassette tapes every once in a while--I have to, since I refuse to pay upwards of $20 for a CD of music I already own.

Continued good wishes for Kate. Hopefully she isn't milking the "poor wounded me" thing too much.

Snuffles, I don't remember who sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", but thanks to you I now have "Oweemaweh oweemaweh" stuck in my head...



Regan of Gong  - Aug 21, 2006 1:53 am (#1102 of 2976)

Yay! I'm baaaaaaack. Albeit illegally...

I've had the ad for Frosties stuck in my head all day. Is it on in the UK? I saw a spoof of it on a website, so I needed to check out the real thing. Terrible stuff. There was a rumour that the kid committed suicide/was killed by hooligans, but that turned out to be false. I suppose that's alright then.

I should go and add a paragraph to this speech I need to write for tomorrow night, as it's still 40 secs short of the required 6 minutes.

Later- Regan


Good Evans  - Aug 21, 2006 4:20 am (#1103 of 2976)

Mike - I dont have anything after retroactive - but I think they peaked with hysteria anyway!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight has been recorded by several groups - but in the 80's Julie it was Tight Fit (a two girl and one boy group), who also had a hit called "Fantasy island". Dont own either, but very weird things tend to stick in my brain!!

It has finally stopped raining - but hasn't august been a wash out?? I'm not complaining as May and June were sooo hot, but it would be nice for the seasons to get back on track!

have a great day all


Marie E.  - Aug 21, 2006 4:50 am (#1104 of 2976)

It's been raining like crazy here, too. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we got 9 inches of rain in July. Our average yearly precipitation is 12 inches!

I was going to say something about Duran Duran, but I was afraid I wouldn't stop talking. From 1983 to 1986 my room was plastered with posters. I have already apologized to my sister since we shared a room back then. She admitted that the posters freaked her out at night. I can still sing all the lyrics to Hungry Like the Wolf and Rio. I wonder what the heck Simon LeBon was trying to say in some of his songs. Honestly, Union of the Snake? Sounds like a Slytherin anthem!

Our parents didn't have an 8-track but when we were very small my dad had a reel-to-reel. Now that's old school!

Denise, Rhys is so cute! Shayla was so dainty at her birthday party she didn't get messy at all. Mike, do you remember my friends encouraging her to put frosting in her hair?


Chemyst - Aug 21, 2006 5:05 am (#1105 of 2976)

Chemyst, I am absolutely floored at the amount of knowledge you have about 8-tracks!! Bravo!!! - Madame Pince

LOL. Unfortunately that says more about the quality (or lack thereof) of the dating pool of my school days. I never actually owned an 8-track, but I've suffered through many male-braggart sessions. As for vinyl albums, the insult of choice was to say they "sounded like someone drove a gravel truck over them." e'nuff said?   On a related topic, I am also of the opinion that one of the best ways to ruin a fairly decent song like Spinning Wheel is to allow it to be played by a high school marching band. (Sorry kabloink, nothing personal; I'm sure it was fun for the bandmembers.)

Happy Birthday LPO


 Puck - Aug 21, 2006 6:03 am (#1106 of 2976)  

Umm, Regan, what do you mean by "illegally"?

Soli -Nathan made a comment about turning 30 and being old.

Snuffles, my Diva saw your avatar and asked "Is that me." LOL, I see why she thaught that, does look like it could be! (The hair, size, eclectic wardrobe. )

Happy Birthday LPO!!

Happy Monday!



Loopy Lupin - Aug 21, 2006 6:05 am (#1107 of 2976)  

Well, imagine sitting that way with a skirt on, and you'll understand. A proper lady should sit with her knees together at all times. -- Squid Mike

Indeed she must although she may cross her ankles if she wishes. Furthermore, men only cross their own legs using the "broken four" formation where the ankle of one leg rests on the knee of the other leg. No one crosses their legs in sight of Miss Manners.

Well, Snakes on a Plane was the #1 movie over the weekend, but with only 15M. Alas.


Holly T. - Aug 21, 2006 7:21 am (#1108 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO!

I think Regan's parents banned him from the internet.

My sister and I wore out our 8-track tape of the "Grease" soundtrack.

I remember my daughter coming home from preschool explaining that Miss Stacy had brought in something that "looked like a really big CD and it needed a special machine to spin it around and play it."

When I turned 30 I had just gone back to work after I had my son. My daughter was 3. I was up five times a night with the baby. I was exhausted at work. One of my co-workers attempted to make a big fuss about how old I was and let me tell you I really didn't care.

Kim, I wasn't offended. My main issue with the required 20 minutes a day is who only reads 20 minutes a day? Why make kids think that's enough?

I have tons to do. Have a great RotD!


kabloink! - Aug 21, 2006 7:29 am (#1109 of 2976)  

Chemyst, I totally understand. We probably sounded horrible (note: I played piccolo in the marching band, so that makes it a hundred times worse), but I gained a great appreciation for the real versions of the music we played. My first band director had us playing rock and roll themed shows, so I learned all about groups that I wouldn't have encountered through just my parents, such as Blood Sweat and Tears, Kansas, etc. Off to do housework, have a great ROTD everyone!


legolas returns - Aug 21, 2006 10:47 am (#1110 of 2976)  

Happy birthday LPO.

The lion sleeps tonight is a cheese classic. Have any of British people been to Reflex on an 80s night? If you have did any of you catch the video for the song? Oh dear-it doesnt even look vaguely like a forrest and the Lion manages to look as fierce as a Teddy Bear.

Talking of terrible videos from the 80s "Raining Men" by the Weather Girls. I have always loved the song but the video has me traumatised. Male dancers in very small speedos and wearing 3/4 length tramp coats. *traumatised shudder*


Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2006 11:36 am (#1111 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO!! Have a wonderful day!

My mother said that I loved The Lion Sleeps Tonight when I was little... My absolute favorite song of all time though, the one that I can never get tired of, is Down Under by Men at Work... I've been bobbing my head to that song since before I could walk! (Just thought I'd share! LOL)

Went and saw Step Up last night. It was good- same old plot though. Someone is a trouble maker yet a good guy and has his life turned around when doing community service at an Art School. I don't know if I'd bring kiddies to it though.

Supposed to be going to the waterpark today, but as it is 8:36 am, and I don't hear any signs of movement upstairs, no one is up yet. Syd and Thaniel are usually up at 6... hmmmmmm.

Tomorrow is the first day of Student teaching for me!!!! Yeay!!

Have a wonderful RotD/N everyone!



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 21, 2006 11:46 am (#1112 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO and Happy Belated Birthdays to all those that have occurred recently.


Lina - Aug 21, 2006 12:36 pm (#1113 of 2976)  

Happy birthday LPO! Have a good time!

Happy first day of student teaching, Kristina! I'm sure it is great!

Quick update on Kate - she is doing great! The doctor is very satisfied with her recovery. The temperature is normal and she is in the ordinary room, all by herself. Her wish list of food is significantly growing, though, I'm totally scared of what is it going to look like by the time that she will be allowed to eat.

The rest of my family is coming home tonight. Looking forward to see them.


Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2006 12:48 pm (#1114 of 2976)  

I'm so glad Kate is doing wonderfully, Lina!!!

Off to the waterpark!



Marie E. - Aug 21, 2006 12:59 pm (#1115 of 2976)  

Wonderful news about Kate!!

Happy birthday, LPO!


Snuffles - Aug 21, 2006 1:17 pm (#1116 of 2976)  

Thanks Julie (GE), I knew someone on here would remember who sang it

Kathy, Olivia always thinks that the baby avatars on here were her when she was younger! boy or girl doesn't seem to bother her

Kristina, aaah memories of Down Under by Men at work. Why don't the songs these days have lyrics like “I said do you speaka my language, he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich” You gotta love that song, you just gotta!

Off to check the threads



Detail Seeker - Aug 21, 2006 1:26 pm (#1117 of 2976)  

Whatever a "vegemite sandwich" is....

Lina, good to hear, that Kate is recovering to the medics´ expectations. I send some more strengthening charms (plus a small anti- appetite jinx, so that she does not eat the hair from your head, then).

Madame Pince, that USB-turntable is actually from your side of the river, try the ion-audio.com website looking for a product called iTTUSB. It is not the most comfortable turntable (you have to put the needle onto the disk manually and have to stop the turntable manually), but it works easily. The software send bundle it with (at least in Germany at conrad.de) is very easy to use, too. At the moment, I record about one album per evening parallel to reading the Forum. (19" monitors are only to be replaced by even larger ones...)

Good luck to everybody !


legolas returns - Aug 21, 2006 1:59 pm (#1118 of 2976)  

I cant get "The Lion Sleeps tonight" out of my head. Its been there for the last couple of hours. Help. Save me. Argggggh


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 21, 2006 2:53 pm (#1119 of 2976)  

How about It's a Small World After All. Is that better? :evilgrin:


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 21, 2006 3:06 pm (#1120 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO!!!

Hey I know that "Down Under" song! My biology teacher is from Australia and he made us learn the song! It's too funny!

I thought The Lion Sleeps Tonight was from The Lion King! opps!

How about It's a Small World After All. Is that better?

**groannnn** I read somewhere that that song is the easiest song to get stuck in your head. Someone did research on it and that was at the top of the list. I think it was in our newspaper a while back. Now the next question is...Do you picture those creepy little remote control dolls singing it?? hehe I do! Thanks Kim!

We got a new swim coach. She is really hard on us. I'm not used to ever working out that hard-ever. I think I can feel my muscles deteriorating as I type this. uggg. But we will finally be in the pool tomorrow! **does happy dance**

Time for a shower and some homework!

Oh and that's great news for Kate! More healing charms and hugs!

Denise, Rhys is too cute!! That's a great picture!!


boop - Aug 21, 2006 3:08 pm (#1121 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO!! Have a great day!!

Lina, glad to hear Kate is recovering well. I hope she gets to come home soon. Hugs to Kate.

Denise, Rhys is just so cute. Looks like he enjoyed his birthday cake.

Have a great rest of the day!

hugs always



Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 21, 2006 3:11 pm (#1122 of 2976)  

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays! So far it has been a great day. I have a date with Mr. Ludicrous tonight. It should be fun.

Mike I do not own a cell phone either. LPO


Denise P. - Aug 21, 2006 3:12 pm (#1123 of 2976)  

No, no! Kim, that is just evil! That song is enough to cause anyone to start to twitch...

We took the kids on that ride when we went to Florida in 2004...never again!

Thanks for the Rhys comments, he is a keeper Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508


geauxtigers - Aug 21, 2006 3:23 pm (#1124 of 2976)  

Wow, Kabloink gave me the idea to write down everything! Hopefully I won't miss anything!

Kabloink!, I am refering to the Fighting Tigers of LSU who by the way kick off their home opener in 11 days, one hour and 47 minutes! Detroit is doing well this season! I'm an Astros fan though :cheesy: I've been a Seahawks fan most of my life, it was only til last year they truly made me proud! I'm sort of a Marniers fan, but we don't pick up any of their games as they are so far away, so its hard. Seahawks are on TV alot more! I feel bad for yall because I wasn't here last football season....hopefully no rants will have to occur here!

Suffles Julie! 54 degrees! I so wish it would get down to 80 here! Its so hot! I love "Do you come from a land down under..." Thats great!

Squid Mike, CD's aren't 20 bucks anymore, they used to be, now they are no more that 12-13, most are about 10.

Marie, on my and Ginny's first birthday, we have it on tape, I dug into my cake and had a party with the frosting. Ginny on the other had was politly sticking one finger on the side and licking her finger ect. That pretty much sums up our personalities to this day! LOL

Denise, Rhys is just the cutest thing!

Its a Small World After All...AHHHHHHH I need to get that unstuck from my head! I picture those robot dolls too! Freaky.

Okay its storming here, I better get off the computer...

Have a great day everyone!

EDIT: I can't remember is I said Happy Birthday to LPO! so Happy Birthday just in case!


legolas returns - Aug 21, 2006 3:26 pm (#1125 of 2976)  

No no no no-Lupin is Lupin you are so evil. I dont want that nasty song in my head just before I go to bed. *Sings previous song very loudly with fingers in ears* "In the Jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps to night...Wimbowayum (sp?) etc.


kaykay1970 - Aug 21, 2006 3:47 pm (#1126 of 2976)  

I'm glad to hear that Kate is feeling better!

Happy Birthday LPO!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 21, 2006 3:48 pm (#1127 of 2976)  

I read somewhere that that song is the easiest song to get stuck in your head.---virginiaelizabeth

News to me! *looks innocent*

That song is enough to cause anyone to start to twitch...---Denise P.
Its a Small World After All...AHHHHHHH I need to get that unstuck from my head!---geauxtigers
I dont want that nasty song in my head just before I go to bed.---legolas returns

Come on now--all together:

It's a world of laughter
- A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
- And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
- That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world

There is just one moon
- And one golden sun
And a smile means
- Friendship to every one
Though the mountains divide
- And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world


Catherine - Aug 21, 2006 4:02 pm (#1128 of 2976)  

Kim, you get to wear the Supreme Evil Crown.


**ambles off, laughing hysterically, though it HAS been a long day**


The giant squid - Aug 21, 2006 4:06 pm (#1129 of 2976)  

Mike, do you remember my friends encouraging her to put frosting in her hair?--Marie E.

Indeed I do. Shay was being very good & eating the cake, and your friends kept trying to put her hand on her head. "No, Shayla, put it here. Mommy will laugh."

Squid Mike, CD's aren't 20 bucks anymore, they used to be, now they are no more that 12-13, most are about 10.—geauxtigers

Not where I live they don't... The cheapest place to buy CDs (well, with any kind of selection, anyway)around here is Best Buy, and the average price is around $18. New stuff is usually $22.99. Note that most new DVDs cost about the same...

**sings along with Kim** Although I was always partial to the Pirates of the Caribbean song myself. "...and really bad eggs..."



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 21, 2006 4:07 pm (#1130 of 2976)  

Ohh My gosh!! I had no idea there were any words other than "It's a Small world after all" repeated 5000000000 times! Greatt now it's stuck in my head too!! And for some reason I seem to know every word and I read that just once.....

I definitely think Kim deserves the evil award for the week!!!


Chemyst - Aug 21, 2006 4:07 pm (#1131 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 21, 2006 4:49 pm

 make sure your speakers are on

I am curious. Is there anyone here who has NOT heard this song?


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 21, 2006 4:11 pm (#1132 of 2976)  

Nice link..I notice they let you listen to the song as well....Like anybody really needs to hear it through headphones! I can hear it inside my head with out the headphones!


geauxtigers - Aug 21, 2006 4:22 pm (#1133 of 2976)  

Mike, thats weird, its been years since I paid that much for a CD! But I also just get mine at Target, that may be the difference!

AHHHH I don't think I'll ever get that out my head now! "its a small world.........bahhhhhhh!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 21, 2006 4:56 pm (#1134 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday LPO!!

Denise, Rhys is just too cute! Lina, glad to hear Kate is doing better, ya'll continue to be in my thoughts.

I have been busy building a porch and a privacy fence. It sure has been hot! I have also been teaching my horses to drive as a team. Anyone know a spell that will give me three more hands?

...toddles off to start cleaning and oiling harnesses...


Mediwitch - Aug 21, 2006 5:42 pm (#1135 of 2976)  

OOH, good luck Kristina! You'll be great!

Happy Birthday, LPO! SmileyCentral.com

Hooray for Kate!

Must...not...sing...that...dratted...song!" *goes off to find something by Gwen Stefani or other angry artist to listen to*

EDIT: Oh, Soli, here's a butterbeer for you, I think you need it! I spent a couple of hours at one of my schools today, and will go to the other on Wednesday. And the kids don't even come back until after Labor Day!


Solitaire - Aug 21, 2006 5:58 pm (#1136 of 2976)  

Soli -Nathan made a comment about turning 30 and being old.

Well, that's just ridiculous! Then again, some people are old at a much younger age!

Happy Birthday, LPO!

Here's an earworm for ya ... in honor of my first day back at school (junior high, remember). BTW, it is 5:57 p.m. and I'm still here!

They're coming to take me away, ha-ha, ho-ho, he-he, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all day long and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

On that note, I am leaving!



Ydnam96 - Aug 21, 2006 6:44 pm (#1137 of 2976)  

Hello all! Happy Birthday LPO!

I was going to try and read the 889 new posts on this thread, but alas it's just too daunting. I'm going to try and keep up on the forum more now that Walkabout is over. I'll post the link to pictures if any of you are interested (it will ONLY show pictures from my trip). I lived through it, although I did get a bit sick the last few days. I got some good antibiotics though and now I'm good to go. The day after I got back I got a tattoo! My first and probably the only for a long while.

I am so excited, one of my new co-workers is a HP fan and we had a 45 min discussion about the end of book 6. It is so nice to have a person around who has a real appreciation of all things Harry!

I hope to be back soon.



timrew - Aug 21, 2006 6:44 pm (#1138 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, LPO! And many of 'em!


Puck - Aug 21, 2006 6:48 pm (#1139 of 2976)  

I remember that song Solitaire! LOL!

Kim, thanks for that wonderful memory. I am not ashamed to say I like that song. Small World was my favorite Disney ride when I was five, and I look forward to taking my girls on it this fall. (Denise, when were you there in 2004? We went that year, and I was most disappointed, as it was closed for renovations and I couldn't bring Diva on it.)

Lina, so happy to hear about Kate. Enjoy having everyone home again!

Kristina, have fun teaching!

Everyone have a great RotD!



Denise P. - Aug 21, 2006 6:56 pm (#1140 of 2976)  

We took our Make A Wish trip to Florida the last week of January in 2004. We were there around Superbowl Weekend, in Florida, not at Disney that day.


Puck - Aug 21, 2006 7:09 pm (#1141 of 2976)  

Ahh. It closed from spring of 2004 to sometime in 2005. We'll get to ride it this trip, though.


Eponine - Aug 21, 2006 7:20 pm (#1142 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, LPO!

Lina, I'm glad to hear that Kate is doing better. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

We used to have a record player when I was little, but most of the records that my parents were owned were very very boring. I do remember a storytime record that had what I considered quite the rocking song about the big bad wolf. I was about 5, what do you expect? I liked to dance around the room to that song, and I don't remember much else about the records.

I tend to get songs from musicals stuck in my head. Shortly after I discovered Wicked, I watched a documentary on Rent by Jonathan Larson, and having songs from those two shows dueling for attention in my head was extremely strange.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Mediwitch - Aug 21, 2006 8:13 pm (#1143 of 2976)  

Welcome back, Ydnam96!


geauxtigers - Aug 21, 2006 9:27 pm (#1144 of 2976)  

AHHHHH I used to like its a small World ride at Disney, but the last time I went...it brought back memories, I just spent the rest of the trip humming it to myself...like I'm doing now! LOL

Guess what? Saints lost go figure...and they started in on Reggie Bush...from USC!! **GASP** the horror. (no he really is a great guy, nothing against him, I promise. I hope he helps the Saints, they need it) They started in on how he is used to playing in championship games since he played in 3 in a row. I almost hit the roof! Its one thing to say they were national champs in 03, which by the way they weren't, but another to say they played in the national title game! GOSH! They most certainly did not! That was LSU, they played OU on January 3, 2004 in the BCS National Title Game- The Nokia Sugarbowl...they WON 21-14 and sacked the Heismen winner 5 times!! Sorry I told yall to be warned about football season. I made myself feel better by printing a picture off of Google that has LSU, USC, and TEXAS, all holding their crystal trophies. It says ONE-PETE as thats all USC did, they won one game and all props to them. It's hanging on my wall Sorry if I offended any USC fans out there, its not so much USC, its the media blowing things up trying to make the it look like the Saints have a great team...okay

And here I was all ready to go to bed early for a change and they fired me up. Hmph!

I forgot to say in my last post...Lina I'm so glad Kate is doing so well! More healing charms to her!

Healing charms to Soli's knees! I'm going to go read P&P now!

Night everyone!


kabloink! - Aug 21, 2006 9:59 pm (#1145 of 2976)  

Hmmm, I'm not a huge football girl, but maybe this year will be different. Always rooting for my Michigan State Spartans, though!

Target is where I try to buy CD's, also-very cheap. Walmart is comparable, price wise. My first CD was Tiffany, the self-titled album, of course. My favorite records that my parents have are the Christmas carols. I had the Frosty the Snowman CD-actually they still have it. Every year while we open presents with my parents, I play through all of our Christmas albums, including Frosty, a Time-Life collection, Mario Lanza, etc. It is happiness.

I keep forgetting to comment on this, but P&P is probably my favorite book, ever. I don't read it too often, as it can be a bit heavy for just a bit of fun. I absolutely adore it though. Enough so that when I worked at Waldenbooks 3 years ago, I actually up-sold it to someone who was just picking up a run-of-the-mill romance. I was sooo proud of myself.

Edit: Sorry this was so choppy. We just got home from the Tigers game-where we beat the White Sox 7-1. It was awesome. Who's your Tiger? I'm torn between Joel Zumaya and Sean Casey! GOOO Tigers!


Elanor - Aug 21, 2006 10:32 pm (#1146 of 2976)  

Happy birthday LPO!!!

Lina, these are some wonderful news about Kate, woohoo!!! Sending her more healing charms and hugs!

Now, reading your posts will make me sing "The lions sleeps tonight" all day long, or rather its French version "Le lion est mort ce soir" (literally, "the lion has died tonight") but it stays in the mind just the same way! Last year, I've had the funny idea to teach it to the kids of my class - NEVER again!!!

Sending cheering charms to all those needing some (hope school wasn't too bad Soli!!! And good luck Tazzy!!).

Have a good night/day everybody!

Audrey **singing Dans la jungle, terrible jungle, le lion est mort ce soir... Arrgghhh... Help!!!!**


The giant squid - Aug 21, 2006 11:52 pm (#1147 of 2976)  

Mike, thats weird, its been years since I paid that much for a CD! But I also just get mine at Target, that may be the difference!—geauxtigers

Well, our local Target's selection leaves much to be desired, most of the stuff I buy doesn't make it past Wal-Mart's sanitization process and our local cost-of-living is a bit higher than average here in Vegas. It just means I have to be a bit pickier in what I buy.

Welcome back, Mandy! 889 posts is an acceptable amount to "magic button" past. Nice tattoo...am I allowed to ask the location on this Forum?



legolas returns - Aug 21, 2006 11:53 pm (#1148 of 2976)  

Managed to wake up this morning with the much better choice of the "lion sleeps tonight" in my head. I to thought that small world was just repeated a million times to make the song. It truly has very irritating lyrics-bit sickly.

If you need them-healing charms.

Does anyone know of a charm that will wake you up?


The giant squid - Aug 22, 2006 12:04 am (#1149 of 2976)  

Does anyone know of a charm that will wake you up?--legolas returns

Not as such, though I find that blasting Metallica usually does the trick. Probably more so if you're not a Metallica fan.


Tazzygirl - Aug 22, 2006 12:10 am (#1150 of 2976)  

ROFL, Kim! But I have yet to get It's a Small World in my head. Sydney has made me immune!

**goes off singing Down Under**

Detail Seeker- Vegemite is a yeast spread that is from Australia. It is super salty- I had some a couple months ago and thought it was good... Most people who aren't Australian though don't like it. It's an acquired taste. Here is the definition from Wikipedia.

I just now got back from the water park- actually, we were kicked out at 4:30 as the park had closed at 4... and then, even though being completely wiped out, I had to run and get one of my nails fixed (the wave pool broke one of my nails... ), and then I had to go to the bank and get groceries for my lunches- won't have time to go out and eat. Which I guess is good! I haven't even put the groceries away yet. Needed to sit down. **tired**

I can report that I have managed to get an extremely funky sunburn- I used spray-on sunscreen, that I have always used. This is the first time I managed to burn a very attractive pattern into my arms and back. I look almost like a cheetah. Perfect for school! LOL

Now I am off to put away the groceries, watch the last part of Jaws and go to bed.

Thanks for all the good lucks and encouragement!! I'll be telling you all how it went tomorrow evening... **so excited**


EDIT: Crossposted with Good Evans! **waves** and Thanks!!
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Good Evans - Aug 22, 2006 12:10 am (#1151 of 2976)  

LOL SquidMike!!!!

Healing charms to Kate - so glad she is feeling better - wont they let her have a laptop in hospital to come on here and ahve a quick chat with us??????? (in UK the telephone / Tv has internet access that is fitted at the bed in hospitals)

Its a small world - AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - thanks for that folks it will be in the head all day!!

sorry about the saints losing Ginny and Tori!

Down Under by men at work - fabulous song.

Vegemite is a spread (for sandwiches, I hesitate in saying sandwich spread as that is something totally different) that is sold in Australia (I think you can get it in UK too but you have to look for it!). I am sure that someone can tell you more about the taste etc, never fancied it myself - did someone once tell me it was like a vegetarian marmite??? ICK!

Happy Tuesdays, i'll be on tonight.

edit - cross posted with Kristina and forgot to wish her good luck - whoops!!! GOOD LUCK .

And Happy belated birthday to LPO


Lina - Aug 22, 2006 2:59 am (#1152 of 2976)  

Chemyst: I am curious. Is there anyone here who has NOT heard this song?

Me. Well, it does sound familiar but I definitely couldn't put the words in the music. Maybe I've heard some translation or a plagiary. Mostly it reminds me of the stuff that the bands play early in the morning on the national holidays in small towns to wake up the people. At least here.

While The Lion and the Jungle, I just like it. I've put the link in my profile, it makes me laugh every time.

Nice tattoo, Mandy! I'm glad you had a good time. And sending some healing charms to speed up the recovery.

The younger girls are back home. Mihaela learned how to swim while her sister was in the hospital. I've put the picture as my avatar hoping that the premium membership will take effect soon. (I'm not complaining, I'm not complaining...) The home is messy and loud again. They were looking their new books for school and I had to remind Mihaela that she is not allowed to solve the problems in the workbooks until the teacher tells her to. Now she is looking for the school to start.

Thanks again for all the healing charms and well wishes, they are obviously helping!


azi - Aug 22, 2006 3:11 am (#1153 of 2976)  

did someone once tell me it was like a vegetarian marmite??? ICK!

It's Bovril that's not vegetarian. That's beef extract. Marmite is a yeast extract and vegetarian. I eat lots of it. By the sounds of it, Marmite is less salty than Vegemite. You can get them both in supermarkets I go to easily, but sometimes it's put with jam, sometimes elsewhere.

I would never go in Reflex on a night out. I hate most 80's music! Although the one near me does have a revolving dance floor...

Continued healing charms to Kate! It's good Mihaela learnt to swim, Lina! Excellent exercise.

Welcome back Mandy! Hope you can be around more!

My university results arrived. My average is below 6 of my 7 module marks because I did so badly in maths it pulled me way down. Shame, but at least it's still pretty high to improve on (this year counts as only 10%). Three modules above 70% (a first), three modules in the high 60's (2:1) and a fail.

I'm going walking with a friend today. I'd better run and get ready.


Essidji - Aug 22, 2006 4:41 am (#1154 of 2976)  

Hi everyone!

Dully day at work today : all the people I was to meet have missed their appointments, so I must work on reportings (I simply hate it!).

The good point is, that I have plenty of time to sneak around... Hehehe.


Puck - Aug 22, 2006 5:52 am (#1155 of 2976)  

Welcome back Mandy! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Nice tattoo. (I once thought of getting a sunshine, but was afraid the sun would set as the years passed.  Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2281877974 )



Holly T. - Aug 22, 2006 7:21 am (#1156 of 2976)  

Welcome back Mandy!

Whenever my son gets too bouncy when we're at Disney we take him on Small World because it completely zones him out. You'd think he'd hate it and want to throw things at the dolls. My daughter and husband act like they're being tortured. But my husband will declare, as our son decides to leap over someone else's empty stroller, or something equally energetic, that it's time for a ride on Small World.

My son starts drum lessons today. He is excited. My daughter thinks this is a Bad Idea.

Good luck at school Kristina!

Healing charms to Kate!

My son came home from school discouraged about the first spelling pretest of the year (he is awful at spelling), where he only got 2 right out of 12 words. He wanted to know if that was like getting a T for Troll.


Essidji - Aug 22, 2006 7:34 am (#1157 of 2976)  

Holly T., when did your children go back to school?

Here in France, it is normally on Monday, Sept 4th. My 5 year-old Amandine will go back to school on that day.

But my elder, Camille, is going back on next Monday (August, 28th), as the school where she goes has special settings : less holidays but no school on saturdays, which we (parents) appreciate a lot.

EDIT : EarMuff charms for the drums practise of your son.


haymoni - Aug 22, 2006 10:12 am (#1158 of 2976)  

My brother rescued an 8-track player from somebody's garbage when he was about 12 - we had 2 tapes: Loverboy and The Michael Stanley Band (MSB for those of you from the MidWest). Hubby remembers driving around in someone's car in high school listening to The Eagles on 8-track. It was a great way to memorize the words!

Solitare - I can't believe you dug up "Funny Farm" - "I know you laughed, I heard you laugh" My cousins had the 45 - it played the song backwards on the B side.

Mike - Blasting Metallica in order to wake up makes me think of that scene in "Back to the Future" where Marty uses Eddie VanHalen (Eruption, I think it was) to wake up his dad. "I am Darth Vader. I come from the planet Vulcan."


Madam Pince - Aug 22, 2006 11:37 am (#1159 of 2976)  

Yay that Kate is doing so much better! Sounds like the Lina household is slowly returning to normal! Woo-hoo!

Azi, I have sympathy for you. Math was always the biggest challenge for me, too. Frustrating when that pulls down your other, better scores...

Immo, thank you for the info about the turntables. I will have to look into that. ***is sooooo technologically challenged*** I think my next "gadget" purchase, though, is going to have to be a digital camera. My old film one is just so heavy! I really got sick of carrying it around on our museum day. Then some guy handed me his little digital camera and asked me to take a picture of he and his family, and I couldn't believe how tiny and lightweight it was -- it was smaller than a deck of cards! So I think that needs to be our next Christmas gift.

LOL at Puck and her setting sun....

Hope you had a great birthday, LPO!

I'm having such problems with WX the last few days (not complaining! not complaining!) It's just that I often post and then go back within my edit-time-frame to "proof-read" things like making sure I got the right person matched up with the right comment, and now with the screen locking up as it's doing, I can't go back and check like I usually do. So apologies in advance if I do something like tell Haymoni that her tattoo looks great, or whatever...

Welcome back, Mandy! Your tattoo looks great! (I think?!)

I actually like the song It's A Small World, too. The one I always get stuck in my head is the TV commercial for Empire Today carpets -- I'll never forget that phone number. 800-588-2300...Empire!

Anybody remember the old record albums (probably from the 50s but maybe even the 40s) that were for kids, and were all the pretty colors instead of black? They are also thicker than the 70's and 80's "vinyl," and probably they aren't even technically made of vinyl. I inherited some from some cousins -- I had Alice in Wonderland which I believe was yellow, and some that were a pretty red color. I didn't like the Alice in Wonderland one because I thought the flowers were mean to Alice...

Yay! The carpet cleaner guy is coming in an hour to hopefully clean up the dog barf! ***fingers crossed!***


Steve Newton - Aug 22, 2006 11:42 am (#1160 of 2976)  

I don't remember the albums but my brother had a smaller disc, 45 probably, of the, gulp, Ballad of Davy Crockett. King of the wild frontier, as I recall it. I thing that it was yellow.


haymoni - Aug 22, 2006 11:47 am (#1161 of 2976)  

Forgot to tell you all - Hubby removed our front porch and revealed a bunny burrow. The cats went crazy and got one of the bunnies. I am now the proud owner of a dog carrier filled with dirt, grass, timothy hay, rabbit food and 3 baby bunnies.

Now what do I do????

They are about 4 inches long, eyes open. They eat the grass and the other food.

I called a rehab place and they said that if we rub grass on the bunnies and put them back in the burrow the mother will only smell the grass and 95% of the time will take care of them. However, I can't put them back because we are building the porch!

The rehab lady will take them, but I don't want them to take them away from their mom.

My plan was to try and keep them alive for a couple of weeks and then release them. I'm not letting the kids touch them and we are going to try to stick with clover from the yard since bunnies don't get rabbit chow in the wild.

Has anyone done this before? How long do bunnies stay with their mother? Is 2 weeks enough?

Obviously I could never do this for a living. Honestly, keeping bunnies so that they can be with their mommy???


Madam Pince - Aug 22, 2006 11:49 am (#1162 of 2976)  

Oh, my, Steve! Don't suppose he still has it and would like to sell it, would he? Mr. Pince would go nuts! He loves Davy Crockett (flashback to his childhood, you see) and we end up with lots of Davy Crockett "collectibles" somehow. (***I love eBay...I love eBay...I love eBay...) He is ecstatic that the entire Fess Parker TV series is coming out on DVD next month!


Steve Newton - Aug 22, 2006 11:50 am (#1163 of 2976)  

He is ecstatic that the entire Fess Parker TV series is coming out on DVD next month!

He has a little problem, doesn't he.


Holly T. - Aug 22, 2006 12:01 pm (#1164 of 2976)  

Essidji, my kids went back to school last week.

Several years ago the Texas State History Museum had a fabulous temporary exhibit on Davy Crockett and the frontier (I think it toured to some other museums afterward). Part of the exhibit featured a huge display of Davy Crockett toys, games, clothes, etc. from the Fess Parker days. My son, of course, loved it. My cats love the souvenir coonskin cap we picked up at the museum store.

Madam Pince, your husband might like to read Sleuthing the Alamo by James Crisp.


Good Evans - Aug 22, 2006 12:27 pm (#1165 of 2976)  

a great big AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW for haymoni, and a little chuckle too


The giant squid - Aug 22, 2006 12:47 pm (#1166 of 2976)  

Mike - Blasting Metallica in order to wake up makes me think of that scene in "Back to the Future" where Marty uses Eddie VanHalen (Eruption, I think it was) to wake up his dad.—haymoni

Yeah, I loved that scene, as I was a huge Van Halen fan (any incarnation). That music was actually written/recorded just for the movie, and has never been released anywhere else, to my knowledge.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 22, 2006 12:59 pm (#1167 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 22, 2006 1:39 pm

Happy Belated Birthday, LPO!

Glad to hear that Kate is in a regular room!

I know you were hoping for Mihaela to learn to swim! Good for her - what a great accomplishment!

I'm starting to panic. . .visitors coming in 2 days and Mr. HH and I are giving them our bedroom suite and moving upstairs with the kiddies. Lots to do. Now starting to realize Madam Pince has houseguests as often as I seem to.


EDIT: Oh, Denise, Rhys looks so adorable enjoying his cake!


Denise P. - Aug 22, 2006 1:25 pm (#1168 of 2976)  

Madam P...we still get the Empire commercials here!

The one I can always remember was for a camera shop when I was growing up. It was in Dublin, Berkley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, San Jose! Denevi Camera


Solitaire - Aug 22, 2006 4:32 pm (#1169 of 2976)  

Two things, haymoni: First, SEPARATE THOSE BUNNIES!!! If you don't, you'll have a lot more than three very soon. Second, I actually remembered those lines from Funny Farm.

The ankles and knees are very tired today. I really don't sit down when there are kids in class. I like to weave through the desks when we are discussing a story or working on a particular task. That way, kids stay on their toes. Also, I find it easier to be enthusiastic and energetic if I am on my feet, because I can use my whole body. That means a LOT of time on my feet ... six periods, to be exact! I guess the feet will be a lot more tired in a couple of hours, as it is time to go and work out. I refuse to stay at school past 6 tonight. I'm leaving ... now! I just wish it wasn't so hard to keep up with posts. I am having a horrible time!

BTW, the principal came in and observed my first period class--kind of a surprise on the second day of school. He got off lucky today. Usually I hand him pencil and paper and make him do whatever assignment we are doing. The first time this happened, he was shocked, I think. Now, though, he realizes that anything could hit him when he walks through my door ... but he's ready for it!

Happy birthday and healing charms to all of the appropriate people. I skimmed really fast, so I apologize if I missed something important.



geauxtigers - Aug 22, 2006 5:17 pm (#1170 of 2976)  

sorry about the saints losing Ginny and Tori!- No worries, I'm not a Saints fan in the slightest!

Well I had a lovely day let me tell ya! It was all good until 3rd block got out. Time to go home and get ready for swimming. We walk outside to fierce thunder and lightning. Then it started to rain...and rain and rain, within 10 minutes the sidewalks and quads became lakes. We decided not to go home before practice because the weather was so bad, I didn't want to risk going to the car. We stayed in the library were I attempted to do homework...Ginny needed to go turn something in to our French teacher, so we went to the next building over. While we were in there talking to her, lightning hit really close by. Then the fire alarms went off...assuming because the school had gotten hit. It calms down enough that we could drive to swimming, (in a very bad traffic area of town, this inconvenience because our pool is a science experiment of greeness). Some where between running to my car, I lost my cell phone. When it all calmed down, me and Ginny went back to see if it was where I thought I left it. Nope, hoping someone found it and gives it back.......

More Healing charms to Kate, and Soli's knees!

Squid Mike, you are probably right about the cost of living thing. there is a show called What you get for the Money or something like that. What would cost to get a condo in L.A. is what some of the most expensive houses here cost.

About the bunnies, yeah separate them. If its hot, freeze two liters of water and put one in the cage, it keeps them cool. Keep in mind that is may not be hot to you, but people used to wear rabbit fur for warmth. But we aren't very good rabbit keepers, both ours died...

I remember a Community Coffee commercial that used to come on the radio 100 times a day. These kids were singing, "Community Coffee's the best, because their beans are oh so fresh! Light and dark and never bitter, how my heart goes patter pitter, for comm---unnnn- ity! and this kid goes "Thank you!" very annoying! I remember one on the radio going to school in france, in my best robot-ish voice, "Cent Dix-hiut, zero, zero, hiut!" Seems short for a phone number, not sure what it was a commercial for, I just know that in the 2 weeks I was there, I heard it a million times! **waves to Audrey, she may know**

Sorry if I missed anything, I didn't really read much of these. I have tons of homework including reading 26 pages of Beowulf. Now let me tell ya, thats on the list with As I lay Dying. It makes no sense what so ever to me. I'm understanding HP French more than this... oh well!

So that was my lovely day! Hope your's was better!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 22, 2006 5:47 pm (#1171 of 2976)  

Le lion est mort ce soir Audrey

LOL picturing a dead lion on the ground! Does it not make sense to say "dor" instead?

This is the first time I managed to burn a very attractive pattern into my arms and back. I look almost like a cheetah.- Kristina

That happened to me at the beach! It was like you could see where the spray hit exactly. **healing charms!** Oh and don't get a spray tan to cover it up! I had a friend do that once and she just looked more ridikulus as the she became a lovely shade of burnt orange!

LOL about the drum lessons Holly! **sending silencing charms your way!**

I'll never forget that phone number. 800-588-2300...Empire!- Madame Pince

LOL I know that feeling. If anyone is interested in bartending they can call "The Louisiana School of Bartending" the number is 1-866-21-DRINK. VERY annoying! They say it about 8 times in the commercial and it comes on every commercial break... The CC's Coffee one is pretty annoying as well.

T'was a lonnnnngg day, as Tori has recaped for everyone. Swim practice would have been really easy if a.) we hadn't done wieght training beforehand and b.) if it was the middle of the season. I haven't swam since freshman year! I'm beat!

Have a great RotN everyone!


Tazzygirl - Aug 22, 2006 5:52 pm (#1172 of 2976)  

I just got back from the school! It was sooo cool!! It was mostly just observing, and I got to watch an instructional video on phonics. I had the name of the program in my head, but I forgot it. For those of you who are interested, I'll write it down and tell you in a week!

Sorry about the Math, Azi! I am really horrible at math- no matter how much I study and try to understand the equations, it just doesn't click.

Awww, Haymoni! Cute baby rabbits! (Ranks up there with the baby-baby squirrel I found while I was in California!)

Madam P.- I know that carpet jingle too!

I know I am missing some stuff... I'm so tired. I think it is time for a nap!

Oh!! Yeay to Mihaela for learning how to swim!! That's so exciting!

Have a fabulous RotD/N everyone!


EDIT: took me forever to write all this and Ginny posted- Thanks! The burn doesn't look so bad today- just my face is super red.


Julie Aronson - Aug 22, 2006 6:17 pm (#1173 of 2976)  

I'm glad your day went well, Kristina!

I'm sorry about the math, Azi, but I stink at it, too. At least you have some other strong skills to help you overcome it!

OK-a question to all you teachers out there:

Since I'm now in an MA-English program and I didn't get my assistantship yet, some people have suggested that I sign up to sub in my local schools. I remember how totally obnoxious we used to be to subs and I'm not convinced that's the best way for me to see which path I should pursue.

Comments? Opinions?

I know they're out there...

Totally off-topic:

I'm writing the coolest paper ever right now. In it, I compare Christopher, from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to Data from Star Trek: TNG. This is so cool! I LOVE English classes! Wahoo!


PS, this is in NO WAY a slam on autistic people. I compare them in a very favorable light.


Madam Pince - Aug 22, 2006 6:18 pm (#1174 of 2976)  

Carpet-cleaning man came -- yay, woo-hoo! Clean carpets! And I didn't even have to call Empire!

Steve -- you have no idea....

The only advice I can give about baby rabbits is: don't let the dog anywhere near them.

Holly, thanks for the book suggestion, but I fear we shall have to wait for the "movie version." Mr. Pince is just like "She-Who-Has-Not-Read-The-Books," unfortunately.

Congrats on school Tazzy! Sounds good so far! And Solitaire, I love your idea of getting the principal's participation -- that should keep him out of your hair! (By the way, I know what you mean about the "icepick in the knee" sensation. I've had that two or three times in the last few days in my right knee. Not fun.)

OK, off to watch more DVDs of Boston Legal; I am sooo glad I started renting these! Now I see what I have been missing -- that show is really a stitch!

***prods HH to get going on the houseguest preparation*** After a great visit, mine went home today, nyah-nyah.

Edit: My, what a colorful, smilie-filled post! Almost puts me in mind of Abby-fetti...


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 22, 2006 6:34 pm (#1175 of 2976)  

Julie, an interesting subject for your paper in the sense that every time I hear this title The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, I immediately think of the short story Silver Blaze in which, Arthur Conan Doyle uses the phrase. I have always found the title of that work to be interesting the sense it convey the mysterious nature of autism.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 22, 2006 6:55 pm (#1176 of 2976)  

Lina wonderful news. Hope things continue to get better.

Kristina I'm glad everything is going well.

Julie I subbed for three years. I really enjoyed it. The trick is to sub for the same few schools regularly. You get to know it and the teachers and students get to know you. Teachers treasure and love a good sub. I learned a lot subbing. I always did the smile test when I went into a school. I smiled at students and staff members. If they returned the smiles I had hope. If not I knew there was trouble.

I got the neatest birthday gift "Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter" an analysis of Books 1-4. I'm looking forward to reading it. LPO

Edit: Soli I love your idea! Get the Principal involved. Since modeling is so important it must work real well.


Solitaire - Aug 22, 2006 7:16 pm (#1177 of 2976)  

LPO and Madam P ... the kids love it when the principal sits down and does the work! I started that at my last school, and it was such a big hit that I've continued it here.

Tazzy, I am so glad your day went well! There is a much nicer atmosphere at our school this year. The kids who were trying to stir up "gang" stuff have graduated, and there really is no one to pick up the banner in the new 8th. **fingers crossed** I haven't even seen any saggy pants so far ... always a good sign. I do have a couple of "resident squirrels" among my new 7th graders, but they are smart kids. I'll take squirrelly over "attitudinal" any day!

Julie, subbing is a great way to find out if you want to teach or not. I subbed before going full time. LPO is right ... a good sub who actually follows lesson plans is worth her weight in gold. If you sign up with 2-3 good districts in your area, you will probably be kept busy full-time ... if you want to be. Once you become familiar with a school's "modus operandi" and get to know the kids, you are considered a priceless gem. We go to into mourning when we hear our favorite subs have accepted f/t jobs somewhere.



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 22, 2006 7:33 pm (#1178 of 2976)  

I remember how totally obnoxious we used to be to subs and I'm not convinced that's the best way for me to see which path I should pursue. Julie

Hehe we are always really obnoxious to those subs who are clearly ding-bats. You know, the ones who you can convince that you really get out of class 30 minutes earlier than what the teacher wrote down, and that she must have written it down wrong...! I think that as long as you're not one of those ding-bats, then the students will act normal and not try to take advantage of you! We always try it on every new sub we have but if you make it clear right away that you don't fall for that stuff, I think you'll be fine. Like LPO says, the more you do it for the same school/grade the less obnoxous-ness there will be! I say give it a shot!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention this earlier... Tatoos. The only tatoo's I'll ever have are henna or the sitck-on one. I;m scared to death of needles! **shudders** I usually hyperventilate before getting a flu shot. I can't imagine more than one stick of a needle! Kudos to Mandy for being so brave!


kabloink! - Aug 22, 2006 8:07 pm (#1179 of 2976)  

I worked as a sub this past year. It was okay for awhile-mind you, I was subbing in inner-city Lansing schools. Those schools aren't pretty, but some of them weren't bad. I really enjoyed it for awhile, and could have worked full time if I had wanted to-I got called about 2-3 times most days. I found that the farther I got into pregnancy the harder it was to deal with the kids. Not so much their fault, really-I'm not a particularly patient person to begin with, and that patience has diminished significantly throughout my pregnancy. The morning sickness didn't help, either. I"ve been thinking about going back to it after the baby is born, though. The money is pretty good, and I'm back in my hometown. Somehow I think subbing in my old schools might be different than working in schools with a demographic so hugely different than my own experience. Serious kudos to people who can handle the inner city schools though. I wish I were a Mr. Clark-I'm coming to realize that I'm not, and probably won't be.

Hmmm, there was something else I wanted to comment on, but I forgot. Oh well-knight knight everyone!


Julie Aronson - Aug 22, 2006 8:07 pm (#1180 of 2976)  

Thanks for the advice about subbing. I do like the lack of a serious commitment because I can always say no...

Nathan, in the Curious Incident... I thought they said that phrase came from "The Hound of the Baskervilles" but I might be mistaken. Since I am not sure, I yield to your superior knowledge.

Oh yeah! Way to go, Mandy! I got a tattoo when I turned 30 (BTW Kathy, it's a sun) I didn't think it hurt that much, but I got it just above my ankle. I guess that's not too sensitive of an area. ---erm, that was eight years ago.


Ydnam96 - Aug 22, 2006 8:20 pm (#1181 of 2976)  

Mike, yes you can ask, it's on my upper right shoulder-blade area It didn't hurt too bad. Actually it has been more painful since I got it done. It aches now but I've been told that should go away in a few days. I was super nervous going in but honestly I was fine.

Madame Pince, I am having a strange glitch with WX today: Nothing was marked new when I signed in. Very odd because there are new posts from last time I signed in.

Haymoni, I wish I could help, we had rabbits when I was a child be none of the babies ever survived. It was sad really. Good luck!

Random fact, I am related to Davy Crockett! Through one of his aunts. My mom does genealogy, it is kinda neat!

Solitare, I hope that your body gets more used to the standing up!

Julie, I have subbed before and it wasn't my favorite job...but I would say that for someone looking to go into teaching it would look better on your resume than a job at starbucks or something. Have you looked in to working for a Huntington Learning Center or Sylvan Learning Center? My sister is a teacher and over the summer she works for Huntington tutoring kids and she loves it.

LPO, that is an amazing book. I loved it. Happy reading


geauxtigers - Aug 22, 2006 8:46 pm (#1182 of 2976)  

Madame Pince, I am having a strange glitch with WX today: Nothing was marked new when I signed in. Very odd because there are new posts from last time I signed in.

Mandy, if you've just marked the whole forum as read by means of the magic button, then it won't show up as any new messages until you've read a few threads on your own. One time usually does it for me, occasionally it take two.

Subbing, yeah we had this sub once the day we had a science test. She had the answer key, left by the teacher, so she randomly called out the answers to a few questions. I can hear her now, "If I were taking the test, I'd mark number 35, A" Well one kid didn't agree, thought she was lying, so he marked the wrong answer. She made him change it when looking over it. Her little "episode" got out amoungst the teachers, she was kicked off the sub-list and my teacher had no choice but to let the grades stand (it was only 3 questions), she was at least fair by doing it to all the classes. This women was physco, she needs an entire floor at Saint Mungos for herself...lol

Okay I have to read Beowulf, its terrible. AHHH!

EDIT:Really Nathan!? I love The Great Gastby! I just have no clue whats happening in Beowulf...


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 22, 2006 8:50 pm (#1183 of 2976)  

Tori, I would prefer Beowulf as opposed to the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald any day of the week. I find Fitzgerald work dry. I prefer Pearl Buck, and Robert Frost

When I was substitute teach I had some students that liked my style of teaching. I had other students that told me I was meaner than my father who is one of the administrators at one of the schools I used to substitute in, and, I had this one student who must have been a Harry Potter fan because he said I reminded him of combination of Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, and Mad Eye all rolled into a single package.

I responded by saying thank you very much, I take that to mean I am strict and you are learning a lot and when he said yes. I told him to use Constant Vigilance to make sure his studies didn't slack off or I would hear about it, and next time substituted for his teacher I would double his work load.


Mediwitch - Aug 22, 2006 9:01 pm (#1184 of 2976)  

Ooh, Holly, I wonder if *muffliato* will work for drum practice sessions? Seriously, I hope he will love it.

Congrats to Mihaela for learning to swim!

Julie, I had to look up The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - now I think I'm going to have to read it! It sounds fascinating.

haymoni, wish I could help with the rabbits, but our domesticated ones were well past that stage when we got them. I've no clue about wild ones.

One of the two schools I work in hires a full-time, in-house sub. That's a pretty cool position, in that you've generally got something different every day, but in one school, so you get to know the teachers, the students, and how the school operates. Lucky her, she also gets to go home at 3:10, when the kids do! *Thinking of Soli and all the others already back in school*


Solitaire - Aug 22, 2006 10:18 pm (#1185 of 2976)  

Mandy, I've been teaching for 21 years. I suppose I am about as used to standing as I am ever going to get! Alas, as I get older, so do my knees and ankles! But I do have a really comfy padded, upholstered stool for when I just can't or don't want to walk around. I use it.



Tazzygirl - Aug 22, 2006 11:18 pm (#1186 of 2976)  

LOL, Nathan! That's awesome about the substitute teacher description- I bet that kid worked hard after that!

I could not understand Beowulf at all. Gave me a headache. I really liked The Great Gatsby though!

I think I am going to head to bed. Head hurts, and I have to get up at the crack of dawn again... I am soooo not a morning person! **I'll get used to it... I'll get used to it...**



Winky Woo - Aug 23, 2006 1:40 am (#1187 of 2976)  

Belated Happy Birthday LPO!

Hello! Everyone's been busy little bunnies! (Pun fully intended!***ducks dung bombs***)

Chemyst, I listened to the song Small World and concluded it must be just from your side of the pond. I can't say that I have ever heard it...however you are truly evil as I now have this tune stuck in my head after just one listen

Soli, I had a heart attack when I saw you write “They're coming to take me away, ha-ha, ho-ho, he-he” Do you know for the the last 32 years I just thought that it was one of my mums phrases'? I haven't heard anyone else ever use it! She just repeats the first line over and and over (usually with a little skip in her step!) especially when we were kids, and driving her crazy!

Had a fun day yesterday, I took my team (from work) to my local Community Centre, where we spent the day changing to junk/spider/cobweb/moth filled outhouses into a baby changing room and storage facility for the Mums and Tots group. It was just like the programme Changing Rooms! Our company donated a £500 budget, and by being thrifty (and asking local DIY stores for donations) we still had £200 left so we all went to Toys-R-Us and had a blast choosing stuff for the kids. It was really fun to see the grown men going silly over stuffed animals and toddler toys! It really was an amazing transformation (the room not just the guys!). I think its cool for large companies to give something back locally, as they donated everyone's time too. I'll post pictures when I get them up loaded.

Going to try on the two wedding dresses to make a final decision later today... ,then its off to the Registry office to officially file all the documents for the ceremony, It still hasn't sunk in yet...I'M GETTING MARRIED!

Lina, glad to hear Kate is on the mend, I am sure that the wish list for foods will get longer and longer...

Cheering charms to all,

Love Winky X


Regan of Gong - Aug 23, 2006 3:05 am (#1188 of 2976)  

Substitute teachers eh? Well, you need to strike a balance between being a tyrant and being laid back.

If you're a tyrant, the class will act as one and be as uncooperative as possible, and probably laugh at you. It happened today, this lady held everyone back from lunch because they were being bad. I pretended to be working so I got out. I went back to rescue my mates, but she was just letting them out. She had these really hairy arms.

Quite a shame, but we've never had an overly laidback teacher.

Your best strategy might be to give as good as you get. If kids are being sarcastic to you, be sarcastic back. It gets people on side when they see you’re not afraid to fight back, and lots of the time, they don't like the people doing it anyway.

Just a thought, our class can and will reduce sub's to tears if we want to. There's that new movie of Beowulf coming out isn't there? I'm waiting for the Aussie version of Macbeth, set in the Melbourne underworld.


Julie Aronson - Aug 23, 2006 3:36 am (#1189 of 2976)  

All wise words about subbing--I like the idea of Sylvan or Huntington, too!

For what it's worth, I LOVE Beowulf. I took a class a few years ago where I read it in the original Anglo-Saxon, and compared it with Seamus Heaney's translation. If you are going to read it in modern English, that's the one to use-it makes all the difference. It's much more fun if you put it in perspective, though...pretend you're sitting in a meadhall and a bard is telling (singing) the story to you.


Good Evans - Aug 23, 2006 5:29 am (#1190 of 2976)  

Beowulf - couldnt bear it I am afraid Curious incident of dog in the night time - loved it!

Your paper sounds really interesting Julie - I like the comparable. its the naivity and vulnerability behind a very logical outlook.

I quite enjoyed "The Great Gatsby" = but I didnt sympathise with any of the characters, they were all ghastly in my view. Other than that (for A level) I haven't read any other Scott-fitzgerald.

oh well happy days everyone, have a nice Wednesday.


haymoni - Aug 23, 2006 5:47 am (#1191 of 2976)  

The baby bunnies made it through another night. They keep knocking over the water cup so I think I have to find something that sits a little lower.

I've given away all my playpens. I was thinking I could pen them in somehow and let them play in the back yard for a bit.

Are rabbits nocturnal? I always see them first thing in the morning. Maybe they are just early risers.

I actually went out into my yard and picked clover for them last night. I must be mad.


Kneazle - Aug 23, 2006 6:52 am (#1192 of 2976)  

Having to hit the magic button, way too many posts! I'm still around, been evicted, not for non payment, for calling the PLUMBER!!! Anyway they sold it more than likely. At work post later! C-YA!


Essidji - Aug 23, 2006 7:11 am (#1193 of 2976)  

Winky Woo, congratulations for your wedding! When is it planned for?

Haymoni : about the nocturnal activity of rabbits , I don't know about domestical ones, but the wild bunnies we have in Europe are definitely nocturnal. It's very common to meet a whole family on the side of the road we you drive at night or even sunset.

I made a Google research about BEOWULF, as it sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't tell what it really was. Now I understand your comments : gave me a headache.... couldn't bear it... that reminds me the time when we were studying Rabelais at high school, though Rabelais is much more recent (16th century). Howewer, the Old French was rather fun when you got used to it.

So, ** bon courage! ** Geauxtigers.


The giant squid - Aug 23, 2006 8:01 am (#1194 of 2976)  

I have to agree with the rest about subbing--kids can be mean, but only to the ones that deserve it. by this I mean if you go in overbearing (as Regan said) they won't warm up to you, and if you're too meek they'll take advantage of you. Make it known right up front that you're to be treated the same as their regular teacher and won't put up with any shenanigans (and use that word--it'll make them giggle) and you should be OK.



Essidji - Aug 23, 2006 8:13 am (#1195 of 2976)  

Make it known right up front that you're to be treated the same as their regular teacher and won't put up with any shenanigans (and use that word--it'll make them giggle) and you should be OK.

Mike, what exactly is a shenanigan? And why is it funny? (I'm sorry, probably being stupid, can't find this word in my dictionnary...)


Chemyst - Aug 23, 2006 8:15 am (#1196 of 2976)  

SHENANIGAN does't sound like it would be Californian, but it is. It means mischief. Fred & George are full of shenanigans.


I love World Wide Words. Madame Librarian, who used to post here a lot, first pointed out this site to me.


haymoni - Aug 23, 2006 8:17 am (#1197 of 2976)  

...won't put up with any funny business.

...won't put up with any garbage from bratty kids.

...won't put up with any high jinks (tricks and such).

...won't put up with any baloney.

...won't put up with anything Fred & George would think of.

...won't put up with insufferable know-it-alls.


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 23, 2006 8:29 am (#1198 of 2976)  

Tazzy, yes the student in question worked hard after that and was never late to class again. As I heard later he graduated with hinors and webt on to attend the University of Texas.


Julie Aronson - Aug 23, 2006 8:37 am (#1199 of 2976)  

Julie GE, that's just what I'm going for!


Holly T. - Aug 23, 2006 8:44 am (#1200 of 2976)  

Ah, the University of Texas, now with the esteemed ranking as the nation's number one party school.

My sister recently quit full-time teaching to work full-time for Sylvan--she'd been teaching and working part-time at Sylvan for a few years. This is also why she moved to California, thus depriving me of a free babysitter, which is essential when you want to do something like go see "Snakes on a Plane" because paying to see the movie is one thing but having to pay a babysitter to is another. Of course, my kids are trying to argue that they are now too old for a babysitter. Ha.

I didn't like Beowulf but I do like The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night. My husband, the English major, does not like Fitzgerald (or Jane Austen, for that matter). However, he does really like Faulkner, which I must admit I do not. I did read a very nice biography of Faulkner, though, by Stephen B. Oates, which made more sense to me than anything I ever read by Faulkner. When I went to a conference in Oxford, Mississippi, I did make sure to dutifully go to Faulkner's home and grave and took pictures for my husband so he could pretend he'd been there too.

Must try Muffliato on my son! He's noisy even when he isn't practicing playing the drums.
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Holly T. - Aug 23, 2006 8:44 am (#1200 of 2976)  

Ah, the University of Texas, now with the esteemed ranking as the nation's number one party school. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

My sister recently quit full-time teaching to work full-time for Sylvan--she'd been teaching and working part-time at Sylvan for a few years. This is also why she moved to California, thus depriving me of a free babysitter, which is essential when you want to do something like go see "Snakes on a Plane" because paying to see the movie is one thing but having to pay a babysitter to is another. Of course, my kids are trying to argue that they are now too old for a babysitter. Ha.

I didn't like Beowulf but I do like The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night. My husband, the English major, does not like Fitzgerald (or Jane Austen, for that matter). However, he does really like Faulkner, which I must admit I do not. I did read a very nice biography of Faulkner, though, by Stephen B. Oates, which made more sense to me than anything I ever read by Faulkner. When I went to a conference in Oxford, Mississippi, I did make sure to dutifully go to Faulkner's home and grave and took pictures for my husband so he could pretend he'd been there too.

Must try muffliato on my son! He's noisy even when he isn't practicing playing the drums.


Lana - Aug 23, 2006 8:05 am (#1201 of 2976)  

yah Ice princess I know where that is... & I'd bet you I'm the only person on this website other than you who knows how to pronounce it haha

it's actually not far from me i'm just north of Boston. =]


Madam Pince - Aug 23, 2006 9:26 am (#1202 of 2976)  

Nathan, that sounds like a great compliment that kid gave you! You must've been an excellent substitute teacher!

Beowulf, ugh...***shudder***

LPO, you will really enjoy the Ultimate Guide book, I think. It's kind of corny, but has lots of good observations. It's written in a very conversational tone and is actually kind of like reading posts here on the Forum! The authors are clearly enthusiastic HP fans, and I'd be surprised if they weren't actually Forum members! The summaries at the end of each section are particularly helpful. I did get annoyed with the constant references to "...the WWP Sleuth-o-scope is whirling madly!" though.

Winky, good luck on the "big decision" today! (not who/whether or not to marry, but which dress to wear! ) You will be lovely, and in a lovely venue!

Haymoni, glad to hear the baby bunnies survived so far! One other thought about penning them in the yard -- do you have hawks in your area? That is one thing you'll need to be cautious of there, unless your pen has some sort of cover over it. ***shudders to think of that awful demise!*** I know, I know, hawks have to eat, too, but still...


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2006 9:36 am (#1203 of 2976)  

The Ultimate Guide is where the Lupin is James theory is explored. **sees Kim start to twitch**


haymoni - Aug 23, 2006 9:44 am (#1204 of 2976)  

Good God!

Worrying about Mommy Bunny, keeping the kids away from them, protecting them from the cats and the dog, buying the right food, picking the right clover, making sure they sleep during the day and get to hang out at night, making sure they aren't making more little bunnies and now I have to fight off hawks???!!!

Maybe I should have just let the cats have their fun!

Hubby is home today. He cleaned out their carrier - they really stink. I've asked him to figure out a way that we can let them play in the yard without them hopping off. We do have hawks, so I will keep that in mind.

Sheesh! This is too much work for a Slacker Mom like me!!


Madam Pince - Aug 23, 2006 9:58 am (#1205 of 2976)  

Poor haymoni! Where did that cold compress get to? ***gives comforting pats***


Holly T. - Aug 23, 2006 10:21 am (#1206 of 2976)  

We have hawks, owls, and coyotes and yet the bunnies who live under our shed seem quite safe. The hawks, owls, and coyotes mainly stay down by the creek or in the field by the creek. Although when our cats misbehave we like to suggest that maybe they should go play with the coyotes. Our cats like to sit in the window and watch the bunnies in the yard. I think the bunnies are just happy they found a yard without a dog.

I think my daughter has memorized those Ultimate Guides. We were kind of disappointed in the Book Five one, though.


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 23, 2006 10:34 am (#1207 of 2976)  

I was not disappointed in them although, I found their continued adherence to the Snape is Vampire theory a bit disturbing.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 23, 2006 10:34 am (#1208 of 2976)  

Sending a bottle full of Felix to kneazle!

Methinks I'd set those bunnies free.

...waves to all as I toddle off to the threads...


haymoni - Aug 23, 2006 10:38 am (#1209 of 2976)  

TBE - I will. I just want to wait until they are a bit bigger. I feel badly that my desire for new front steps caused such upheaval in their lives!

Kneazle - I'm sure a better place is going to come available soon.


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 23, 2006 1:11 pm (#1210 of 2976)  

We had a reading quiz today on Beowulf I think I got 1 question right, but then again I only read to page 8 and we were supossed to have read to page 26. One of the question's was: What is Beowulf's strength? I said he was part wulf. That was apparently the incorrect answer. The sad part in all this is that we went over the book page by page afterwards and the answer to the first 4 questions were in those first 8 pages that I read and I still didn't get those answers right! I understand Harry Potter in French better than I understand this book!

Ok I'm going to go try and take a nap before I have to go to swimming **graooonn**

I'll be on later!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 23, 2006 1:15 pm (#1211 of 2976)  

I quite enjoyed "The Great Gatsby" = but I didnt sympahtise with any of the characters . . .

I have to say, GE, that I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but you've summed it up quite well for me, as well.

Kneazle, don't you have a lease where they cannot evict you until your time is up? I don't understand how they could mistreat a family in such a way.

Regan, for curiosity's sake, I'm wondering how you intended to rescue your mates from this harsh sub?

***prods HH to get going on the houseguest preparation*** Okay, okay - just one more thread. . . After a great visit, mine went home today, nyah-nyah. Well, I'm glad your visit went well . I am fully expecting this one to be quite enjoyable, as my aunt is one in a million. She won't even mind if my house is not spotless - which is most likely.

Lina, send Kate our well wishes! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Off to take the kiddies for their teeth-cleaning.


Enjoy the RotD/N, everyone!

EDIT: I actually typed this post at 8-something this morning and found it did not go through on my "enter" prompt. Anyway, haymoni, though I can't offer much all I can tell you is that "This, too, shall pass".


Madam Pince - Aug 23, 2006 1:19 pm (#1212 of 2976)  

I know the feeling, haymoni. We "unearthed" baby bunnies earlier this summer when I was taking the tarp off the garden area in preparation for my tomato plants, and disturbed their nest which was under the tarp. I felt terrible, even though I had no way of knowing it was there until it was too late. I feel even more terrible now because the dog got at least one, and the tomato plants didn't even make it through the weird flood/drought summer we've had, so it was pointless to begin with.

The bunnies would probably be able to safely avoid hawks if they had Mama to instruct them and could run and hide under a shed or a bush or something. But if they were trapped in an open pen without any cover or shelter, they could easily be seen by the hawks and yet they would not be able to get away.

It's not an easy life being a Mama Bunny...

Yes, Nathan, those authors were really fond of their vampire theory, weren't they? Just didn't want to give it up...

I'm glad to hear that report about the Book 5 Ultimate Guide, Holly. I think Denise had reported something similar, maybe? I never ended up buying it, because it only covered one book and the price was about the same as the one that covered Books 1-4, so I thought I'd wait for the "rumored" arrival of a UG for the last three books all together. Although, after we've read Book 7, will I really care to read an Ultimate Guide? Hmmmmm.... perhaps I should head to the library and see if they have the Book 5 one...

The house has been full of every manner of flying bug today. The drawback to the guy cleaning the carpets is that he had to have the front door open the entire time so the hose could go through to his truck, and since it was late evening, all the buggies were out in full force. Oh well, it was a fair enough compromise I suppose.

Everyone enjoy the RotD!

Edit: LOL, HungarianHorntail! Fortunately my houseguests were very close friends, too -- the kind you can trust to not talk about you even if everything is not quite spotless. Doesn't that make the visit so much nicer?

Edit2: Sorry about your house, kneazle! (I must've missed your post earlier...) I think if I were you I'd dig out that copy of the lease and check it over just one more time... but then again, maybe you'd be well shut of them to just find something else. Not fun, though, to have to do it in a rush. Sympathies, comforting pats, and cold compresses to you, too...


Detail Seeker - Aug 23, 2006 2:22 pm (#1213 of 2976)  

Thanks, Tazzy and Julie for the vegemite info.

Beowulf- I read an old german version of that once- it is to a certain extent like the Edda - you need to have a lot of background information to understand all the cryptic cross references, but once you got them, you really can start the use of language. Nothing for the fast reader.


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2006 2:40 pm (#1214 of 2976)  

Yes, I have the UG for OotP and it is not nearly as good as the Guide for 1-4. It was always said #5 Guide came out in a hurry and the author was going to flesh it out but that never came to pass. I would like to see a Guide that covers all 6 books just to see how many of the things they predict come to pass in book #7


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 23, 2006 5:40 pm (#1215 of 2976)  

I think I may need to get this Ultimate Guide book! It sounds cool.

I just got back from Target and everytime I go I see this really awsome hot pink trunk that I want to buy so that I can be ready for when I get my Hogwarts letter!

I'm realllyy mad. Today in chapel I could see my principle watching me the entire service. He never took his eyes off me! So i was creeped out enough as it was, but when I went to check my e-mail, i found that he gave me a detention! For chewing gum, and sitting"disrespectful" in chapel. I've yet to figure out what the whole sitting thing is... I mean it's not like I was laying across the pew, or bent over asleep. I didn't have my legs crossed for maybe some of the time but it's not like I had them spread wide in front of me. GRRRRR I;m soooo mad! I understand the gum chewing, that is just a rule I break everyday several times a day, but the sitting thing makes no sense. Now I have to be at school for 7:30 in the morning so I can sit in a classroom for 20 minutes and star at a wall. I'll probably fall back asleep.

Ok physics homework, have a great night everyone!


geauxtigers - Aug 23, 2006 5:58 pm (#1216 of 2976)  

Ha ha Ginny has to wake up earlier than me

We had this sub one time in 7th grade. She was a major airhead-major. She had walked out for some reason and a few people got up and closed the door and locked it. When she came back 3 people were holding the door and unlocked it, ran to their seats and we all pretended to be innocent. It was funny, she never found out who did it as we all looked guilty! thats the worst anyone has ever done at my school.

Had a long day, and I'm in for a long night...lots of homework. Time to fire up the ipod and hit the books! I feel like Harry,and Ron during their O.W.L. year. I'm getting behind on homework and it hasn't even been 2 weeks....so I need to go attempt to read Beowulf...maybe... I got 0/6 on the reading quiz, no biggy, only 6 points...

Healing charms and other charms to all who apply.

Wow it just started thundering outside...and lightning flashed through my window...better go!

Have a good Wednesday everyone.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 23, 2006 6:15 pm (#1217 of 2976)  

Doesn't that make the visit so much nicer?

For sure, Madam Pince, for sure!



Ydnam96 - Aug 23, 2006 6:31 pm (#1218 of 2976)  

It's still saying no new posts, even when I hit "read new posts"...oh well...

So my tattoo is really starting to itch. A whole bunch. If only I was a witch I'm sure I could get it to stop. Or even if I just knew Hermione or Fred and George. They could stop it I'm sure!

Haymoni, good luck with the bunnies. If it makes you feel better I think you are doing a wonderful thing! I can't think of anything that you might already own that would work to pen them in. When I was a child I think my dad made the pens we had...They were made out of a metal mesh (but the mesh was not flexible). It was like metal gate material bent in the shape of a big box. The holes were small enough to keep the bunnies in and cats/dogs out. If you had snakes though it wouldn't help then. Keep at it! I'm sure you'll think of something.

Winky Woo: congratulations


Mediwitch - Aug 23, 2006 7:00 pm (#1219 of 2976)  

Kneazle, best of luck on the house mess. I really hope that you will end up in an even better home with much nicer landlords!

Denise P.: Yes, I have the UG for OotP and it is not nearly as good as the Guide for 1-4. It was always said #5 Guide came out in a hurry and the author was going to flesh it out but that never came to pass. I would like to see a Guide that covers all 6 books just to see how many of the things they predict come to pass in book #7

I absolutely agree with you on all counts!


Julie Aronson - Aug 23, 2006 7:38 pm (#1220 of 2976)  


Try Neutrogena hand lotion or plain Vaseline on your tattoo--one of them should stop the itching. If it gets really bad, try some Neosporin with pain relief. It has a topical anaesthetic that might help, and the antibiotics can't hurt...


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 23, 2006 8:04 pm (#1221 of 2976)  

Hehe we are always really obnoxious to those subs who are clearly ding-bats. Ginny It is always the good kids you have to look out for. One of the most powerful tools a sub has is good seating charts. Once you know their names the good kids become good again.

I enjoyed Beowulf. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you will see the influence it had on Tolkien. Along with the Kalevala and the Norse Sagas.

Haymoni with all your TLC I hope the bunnies survive. LPO


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 23, 2006 9:04 pm (#1222 of 2976)  

Ginny It is always the good kids you have to look out for. One of the most powerful tools a sub has is good seating charts. Once you know their names the good kids become good again. :evilgrin: If they don't know your name then what's the point of being good? I think my qoute under my name sums that up! "If you're going to do something wrong, at least enjoy doing it!"


legolas returns - Aug 24, 2006 12:53 am (#1223 of 2976)  

I cant ever remember anyone playing tricks on a substitute teacher. Quite often if a teacher was sick someone from another department would come in and sit with us after we had been told what to do for the period. If the teacher was off due to maternity we generally had the substitute teacher for a while. I guess we were all "angelic students" .

I am supposed to be packing and tidying the house before I go away on holiday today. Funnilly enough I seem to be Lexiconing instead.

I am going back to my parents in Edinburgh for a few days first for a bit or rest and relaxation. At the weekend I fly to Rome for a week with my oldest friend . yeah. How will I cope no Harry Potter for a week . I will have to store up all my thoughts. Hope I dont burst . Will try and get on the internet at my parents if I have time-so that I dont feel to deprived.


Essidji - Aug 24, 2006 1:29 am (#1224 of 2976)  

Legolas, good luck with your packing and tidying... There are some times when you have urgent things to do, but instead, you find yourself doing something really not urgent at all, but, oh, so much more interesting. (And this is precisely what I am doing right now! )

Have a nice trip to Edinburgh and to Rome. Hope you will be able to find a computer somewhere...

My 21 year-old-niece (the one who is also a Harry Potter fan) is leaving within a few days to start a schoolyear as an assistant teacher in Northern Ireland (a place called Port Stewart, which is a rather touristic place apparently). I'm going to miss her. But going to Ireland is something she's been dreaming of for years and years, so I'm happy she can make her dream come true.

Holly : Muffliato! DUH ON ME, how could I forget this one and say EarMuffs Charm? *** blushing and ducking under desk ***


Tazzygirl - Aug 24, 2006 1:32 am (#1225 of 2976)  

So I got home from school at 2:30, started writing a post to tell you all how my day went, when Aunt knocked on the door and I proceeded to spend from 3 pm until now to pack the kids up for their trip to the mainland. **pulling hair out smiley** Packing for the kids is torture. Good thing is that it will be quiet here for two weeks, and I can focus on homework!

Classes were awesome today! Both classes focus on the different phonics techniques and how to help children who struggle with reading. OH! That reading program that I'll be working with is the Spalding Method. Sounds pretty good... More info as the semester progresses!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I have classes for Health, Classroom Management, and Performing Arts (woop. I can't sing or dance or act!). I'm excited about the Classroom Management class. Am sure I will learn tons of stuff!

Have fun on your trip, Legolas!

There was other stuff I was going to reply to, but I forgot.

It's 10:30 pm, and I have to get up at 5 am. Yuck. Good thing I don't have classes on Fridays.



azi - Aug 24, 2006 3:27 am (#1226 of 2976)  

Good luck with finding a new house, Kneazle! **charms**

Have a great time in Edinburgh and Rome, legolas!

Good luck to your niece, Essidji! I remember Port Stewart being on a TV programme, I think.

Sounds like you're having fun, Tazzy! But 5am starts? *shudder*

Hmm, students had lots of fun being horrible to teachers in my old school. I remember one class locked their French teacher (not a sub) in her storeroom for about half an hour. Three teachers had a nervous breakdown and quit teaching after they taught one guy in my tutor group (an intelligent troublemaker - can argue his cause effectively).

In our Geography class we had a few jokers who persuaded our teacher to lock his storecupboard door when they had shut someone in it a moment before. They also turned his desk around, and the teacher was sat at it for half an hour without realising. Eventually, someone broke down and asked for some glue. He put his hand down to where his drawer should be and turned bright red. Mortified is an understatement. He took it in good nature though. This teacher used to leave the classroom a lot during lessons, and no one knew where he went, so one day the jokers decided to tail him. Apparently, he just wanders around the school!

Well, I'm chuckling to myself now. That class was my favourite, because the teacher was really good. He wasn't a pushover, just laid back. So long as you got on with your work he didn't mind.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


dizzy lizzy - Aug 24, 2006 3:39 am (#1227 of 2976)  

I've got broadband (ADSL)!!!

Dial-up was way too slow and unreliable and I finally paid good money to be connected up to broadband!

Work is going well but there have been job changes etc so once I know what is happening, I'll be able to catch up with you all.

Hugs to all who need them and belated birthdays wishes to all who had birthdays.

By the Way....I got my hair streaked blonde on Tuesday...Looks good!!!!




Regan of Gong - Aug 24, 2006 4:48 am (#1228 of 2976)  

Hmmm, I really have no idea how I was going to rescue them. I thought I'd figure that bit out once I got there.

One of the best tricks our class is to get 4 people in all corners of the room to hum one at a time. The teacher goes over to the general area, then you switch to the opposite corner. It works! The you've got the good old switching names thing as well, but that's not as funny now. You can also take everything they mean literally

e.g "Lose your chair!" then walk around with a poster advertising for a lost chair. "Take a seat!" and walk out of the room carrying a chair.

Perhaps the best one was when one of my mates was sent to the library. "Go to the library!", meaning go do your work in the library. He came back 2 minutes later and announced to the teacher he had "been to the library".

Went and got a haircut today, so now I don't look as much like Harry as I like to think, although it is pretty close to Dan in OotP. Now I can't use my Garnier "Manga Head" stuff. I used to be able to do big thick spikes all over, which I quite liked.

Went and saw Miami Vice last Saturday as well, it's only come out very recently here. Once you picked up the plot, it was pretty good, except for random bonking (sex) scenes. I like that line "I'll put a round into your medulla at the base of your brain and you'll be dead from the neck down before your body knows it. Your finger won't even twitch." Good stuff.

Goodnight, off to bed soon-



TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 24, 2006 5:00 am (#1229 of 2976)  

I found a nifty little time zone utility by Microsoft this morning. If you are like me and have problems figuring out what time it is where everyone is you might want to check it out here.

Have a great day/night everyone!

...toddles off to the threads...


haymoni - Aug 24, 2006 6:01 am (#1230 of 2976)  

Nice job on the broad band, Lizzy!

I was up extra early this morning because I had to go with Hubby to choose the color for our porch. I'm trying to match the stone on our house to the stone we'll use for a retaining wall.

We get all the way there and we realized that we forgot our stone sample so we could compare the color. I think I matched it pretty well, but I was very disappointed in myself for forgetting the sample.

Without missing a beat, Hubby said, "You should have told me: 'Fool! Get the stone!'"

Sometimes I just love that guy!


Madam Pince - Aug 24, 2006 7:58 am (#1231 of 2976)  

LOL, haymoni! What a great guy!

Yay! Lizzy is finally actually blonde! (Well, sort of, anyway!)


Tazzygirl - Aug 24, 2006 8:35 am (#1232 of 2976)  

Good morning (and evening) everyone!

Two things I forgot, but now remember:

Essidji- congratulations to your niece! I hope she has a wonderful time!

GOod luck with finding a house, Kneazle!

Azi and Regan- sounds like you both had/have an interesting time with school! I don't really remember any pranks or jokes at my schools. We had our handful of teachers that did absolutely nothing for the entire year though...

Off to class!

Have a fabulous RotD/N everyone!



Lilly P - Aug 24, 2006 9:00 am (#1233 of 2976)  

I'm back from my vacation! I had so much fun in Idaho (gave a mental wave to Denise's daughter as I drove past Twin Falls)! But at the same time I am so glad to be home! Annemarie was not really liking sleeping in her room after being gone from it for a month and was terrified when she woke up this morning not recognizing where she was. I felt terrible for her. I slept like the dead after the cross country flight. I have so much to catch up on. Proper charms to all thoes who need them!


Viola Intonada - Aug 24, 2006 11:24 am (#1234 of 2976)  

Congrats on the broadband, Lizzy. The difference is amazing, isn't it?

Tazzy, I understand the difficulties of packing kids up to go somewhere. Hubby never seems to understand the stressed involved.

Welcome back, Lilly!

The kids are back in school. (does happy dance) But my days are going by way too fast. Translation: Even with the kids at school, I don't have enough energy to get everything done that I want to. I have a lot to get done in the next week, such as cleaning the house from top to bottom before my parents come. I know my parents know what kind of house keeper I really am, but I have little motivation to do it any other time. (I hope that makes sense) Hubby's travel orders haven't been completely cleared, but looks like they should be. This means that we will be heading to England next week. (If his travel orders don't clear, we will lose the money for my ticket) I received news last week that there will be two tours for accompanying spouses: one to Durham (which I hope will include the Cathedral) and the other will be along the Northumberland coast with a stop at Alnwick Castle. (Sites of the first two HP films) I'm so excited!!!!! For that I will put up with talking with Hubby for the long flight, or should I sat that Hubby will have to put up with me talking about HP the entire time!!

I will have to learn how to post pictures when we get back. Speaking of pictures, does anyone have any suggestions about traveling with film? I used to carry my film on the plane with me because of the xrays they use on checked luggage, but if I can't carry it on what do I do? I was planning on buying film once we are in England, but traveling back home is what I'm most concerned about.

Have a great RotD, Everyone!


geauxtigers - Aug 24, 2006 1:08 pm (#1235 of 2976)  

Remember way back in June when I we were begging for rain charms, I'd gladly take that back now! The quad at school has never had so much water. It covering the sidewalks! Its terrible, we need to dry out now...no more drought here!

I only have a few minutes before I have to get ready, but those were some great stories Regan and Azi! So we have this kid at school, Joseph, he has been known since first grade as 'fart boy' its terrible, he does it on purpose just for attention. Nasty. 8th grade, science class, we had a sub. It was April Fools Day. This other joke-ster taped a fart machine under his desk before he got there. The whole class knew except him. So we wait til its all quiet and the kid pushed the button. Everyone dies laughing and starts pointing at him! (it is always assumed that Jpesph is the guilty one as 9/10 times he is). He looks confused and starts with the its not me! Pressed it a couple more times then he figured it out. He ripped it off his chair and slams it down outside. it was hilarious, but he got a detention and so did the kid who planted it. This was the same sub we locked out the room in 7th grade.

We could write a book on Joseph stories, and I'm not even kidding. A book.

Glad you are enjoying school Kristina!

I have to go get ready for swimming **crosses fingers we don't have to swim**

I'll check back later as I know I missed alot.

have a great Thursday!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 24, 2006 1:17 pm (#1236 of 2976)  

Speaking of pictures, does anyone have any suggestions about traveling with film? Viola

You should upgrade to a digital camera! The difference is almost as amazing as switching from dial-up to Broadband, plus there is no film, you can put them on your computer and print them out or bring the chip to Walgreen and they'll do it for you! It's much better. If you don't want to go digital, then maybe put the film in your checked baggage.

LOL Azi about you teacher roaming the school. Our old French teacher used to do that. One time she literately walked out and came back 5 minutes later, grabbed her purse and left again. It was weird, she didn't say anything! We never did figure out where she went! I guess she decided that she'd had enough of us for that day. Our current French teacher is really super laid back and we pretty much can convince her about anything! If one person didn't do their homework, then the entire class can sit there and tell her "but you said we didn't have to do that for homework, because we were going to do it in class today!" teacher: "ohhh ok well let's do it now." This would be a ding-bat. She really is the best though, you can pretty much say anything you want to her and she'll say it right back. It's pretty fun actually, as she goes along with it!

Joseph....well as Tori said we could write a book about 'fart boy' hehe

time to go change!

I'll check back later!


HungarianHorntail13 - Aug 24, 2006 1:56 pm (#1237 of 2976)  

HI everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on much!

Happy Birthday to everyone who had one while I was off!

LOL, I like all the new ideas stories about the subs!

I have lots from this past year.

One of the kids in my Spanish class let off a stink bomb, and it smelled all period. The teacher didn't know it was a bomb thingy, just that someone farted, so she opened all the windows.

Another brought in a cap gun, but for some reason used all the caps during lunch and got in alot of trouble.

My friends and I used to play a game where we would take turns shooting each other with our hands.

We also used to laugh for *coughs* no reason, and once she got so mad, she tried to make us write an essay on why we laugh. By the next class, she had forgotten about it though.

I learned more Spanish in Dora the Explorer than that class.

My favorite though, was last year when the sub turned around to blow his nose, and one of my neighborhood friends took the tape we were going to watch and hid it right behind the TV. It took the guy 15 minutes to find it. XD

LOL at the fart button!

I feel so sorry for everyone at school! I don't start until Sept. 6th.

I've only read the past 16 posts, because I didn't feel like reading them all.


Edit: PS sorry about the long post, my sub rant is over now.


Lina - Aug 24, 2006 2:04 pm (#1238 of 2976)  

Oh, LPO, I love your "Smile Test"! That's really a wise thing to do! I like to do that trick in any occasion. I more use a smile as a weapon.

Of course you can act, Kristina! You just have to imagine a bunch of kids in front of you instead of the grown up audience and everything will be fine.

Yay for the ADSL, Lizzy!

More housing charms to Kneazle!

When I was in high school, we first made sure to have good grades and when we were sure that they can't be lowered, then we tried to do pranks to each teacher - regular or sub, it didn't matter. There were only two teachers who didn't know how to react, so I guess they had nightmares about our class. All the others knew how to put us in place. It is interesting that all those teachers had good memories about us students later because most of us were good students with good imagination (to do pranks).

Viola, why don't you develop the films in England? That way they can't be ruined by the X-rays.

Kate is doing wonderfully. She got solid food today and started walking a bit. We hope she will be home Monday or Thursday.

***waving to Olivia***


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 24, 2006 2:38 pm (#1239 of 2976)  

When I was substitute teaching, these two young girls aged about seventeen decided they were bored which their physics class and using a pass to the assistant principals office got out of the classroom. It turned out that they had removed from the desk of their assistant principal a blank hall pass form and attempt to make it seem as though he was summoning them to the office. Well from their manner I had my suspicions but I had no concrete proof so I let them go. I had no proof of their deception until lunch when I checked with the associate principal who supervises all the assistant principals who told me that the assistant principal in question was hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia. As a result of their actions these two students were suspended from school by the associate principal for a full semester.

Most of the students I taught as a substitute came to understand that attempting to make me the goat or crossing me was a foolhardy proposition because, that could result in double or triple the homework at the very least or more severe penalties especiall whn I was instructed to monitor exams I was permitted to give zeroes ti all studdents that were talking with each other during the exam period.


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 24, 2006 4:26 pm (#1240 of 2976)  

Wow that's a harsh punishment Nathan! We've never done anything that would get us in serious trouble. the rule is that if a sub gives you a detention, then it automatically becomes a work session (you have to go up to school on saturday morning from 8-10) Which are not fun. I got one once because I forgot to sign out of study hall and they didn't believe me that I never left campus. It was really unfair.

Last year the some seniors put crickets in a teacher's class room and did a bunch of vandalism. They came wayyy to close to being expelled. However when we pulled up that morning, all the seniors had gotten to school early and parked crooked in the parking spots, each car taking up 2-3 spaces. That was really annoying but it was also funny. I thought it was a good idea as it didn't do any permanent damage.


geauxtigers - Aug 24, 2006 4:27 pm (#1241 of 2976)  

Lina, I', so glad Kate is better! Thats awesome!

We also used to laugh for *coughs* no reason, and once she got so mad, she tried to make us write an essay on why we laugh. By the next class, she had forgotten about it though.  ha ha we've done that before! I read a quote that was something to the extent of when you laugh in class and the teacher asks if something is funny. Obviously it is!

Okay thats all for now!! Loads of homework tonight, but tomorrow is FRIDAY! **does happy dance**


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 24, 2006 4:59 pm (#1242 of 2976)  

I only ever had time student complain about a punishment I gave out in the classroom I was teaching a senior level English class and this was about six weeks or so before the student was slated to graduate from high school. This student was being disruptive during class The regular teacher told me to assign the students a four to six page analysis comparing Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. The student was disrupting me while I was giving out the instructions on the paper. In response I told him to see me after class. I have him a three pronged punishment First, I wrote a disciplinary referral to the assistant principals informing them of the situation. Second, I left a note for the instructor telling her of the student's lack of behavior decorum. Lastly I doubled his assignment from four to six pages to a minimum length of ten to twelve pages. As I heard later the student complained to his teacher about my doubling of the paper. She responded that punishment was both appropriate and just given the blatant disrespect I was shown and that she affirmed my punishment and said that she fully expected at least ten pages on her desk by the due date.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 24, 2006 5:51 pm (#1243 of 2976)  

Hooray for Kate getting solid food and that she's up and about a bit! Sooo glad to hear that! I am curious, what did she finally get to eat and how did she feel about it? (Was it something on her ever-growing wish list?) Keeping her in HHs' prayers and sending healing charms for her to be home sooner than expected.


haymoni - Aug 24, 2006 6:23 pm (#1244 of 2976)  

Had to laugh at the fart boy story.

I keep telling Ungrateful Son that if he displays his gastric prowess at school, he will forever be known as The Fart Boy - there's one in every class!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 24, 2006 6:35 pm (#1245 of 2976)  

LOL haymoni!! The principal called his mom once because he kept farting in enclosed spaces on purpose, we know because he kept reminding everyone that he had eaten 3lbs of beans the previous night! His parents replied that it was just "a normal bodily function" and did nothing about it. I bet that was one awkward conversation "yes I'm calling because your son will not stop farting...." Alas, he will never be anything other than fart boy! Sadly he still does it at 16...


Me and Tori were just discussing another Joseph story and it's far to good to pass up! **WARNING if you get grossed out really easily, then you probably shouldn't read this!!** In 6th grade english one day we all suddenly smelt a fart. So the natural instinct of everyone in the room was to turn to Joseph and accuse him of commiting the crime. So everybody turns his direction and start yelling at him for farting. So he stands up and says to the class "that's not what my farts smell like they smell like this" and I'm not kidding when I say that he walked to the front of the class and bent over holding the sides of his bottom apart and well you get the rest of the idea! It was dreadful and one of the times I found sitting in the back quite useful. And my teacher didn't even give him a detention! It was so hard to concentrate the rest of the day. I don't think I'll ever forget that for as long as I live. I think that's when we made the rule that you must keep at least a 20ft radius away from him!

I'm soo glad Kate is feeling better! **more healing charms**


geauxtigers - Aug 24, 2006 6:39 pm (#1246 of 2976)  

LOL Haymoni! If only you knew this kid, he really is gross in more ways than one. He has been "fart boy since 1st grade and he does in fact have a rather large 'bubble butt'. He had anger problems for a while but he seems to have grown out of them. People still 'pick' on him, but he laughs with them now instead of attempting to turn them to pulp. I used to feel bad for him, but he has since gotten much better, with the farting and behavior. Last year some guys got his booksack and completely covered it in duct tape and hung it on the celing. When he found out he started chasing the guy who did it. It was great, he was laughing the whole time. I think he figured out that when he gets mad, thats exactly what everyone wants so he learned to laugh at himself.

Ha ha I could go on, starting from 1st grade to present of Joseph stories, but the fart machine is one of the funnier incidents.

Off to read Beowulf and ice my wrist...have a great night everyone!

ohhh and 8 days, 23 hours and 22 minutes til' kick-off! YAY!


Chemyst - Aug 24, 2006 7:19 pm (#1247 of 2976)  

What is Beowulf's strength? I said he was part wulf. That was apparently the incorrect answer.

We have done Beowulf in our school because I think it is important from a cultural literacy standpoint. But most teens, (or anyone who isn't a literature geek,) probably won't gain a whole lot of extra benefits from slogging through the entire saga. The way we've gone about it is to compare one or two pages of Old English to a modern translation, read only as far as Beowulf killing the monster, and then finish off the parts about Grendel's mother and Beowulf's final demise in an easy-to-follow prose paraphrase. We put a lot of emphasis on its historical context; most recently with the help of The British Library's Online Gallery.   And...  there are enough Jane Austen fans on this forum that I will mention that the BL's Online Gallery has a section on her History of England written when she was 15. Also: Lewis Carroll's original Alice. The home page is http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/homepage.html

? Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kate. ?


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 24, 2006 8:05 pm (#1248 of 2976)  

Nathan you can come sub at our school anytime!

If you're going to do something wrong, at least enjoy doing it!"  Ginny I can't argue with that. LOL with the Joseph stories.

Legolas say hello to the Castle for me. Have a good trip!

Lina I'm glad things are going well. LPO


Tazzygirl - Aug 24, 2006 8:24 pm (#1249 of 2976)  

I have wireless internet connection at my school now! Which means I can actually kind of keep up with everything here. Whoo-hoo!! (It's really hard to decrease the amount of times one visits this Forum. For me, checking it about a 100 times a day and then going down to 2 times is bad. I start to get the twitches. )

All my classes today were as awesome as the ones I had yesterday. Performing Arts doesn't seem too bad so far. The teacher told us that her methods are to include everyone, so the spotlight isn't just on one person. Which I like. *phew*

Glad to hear Kate is doing wonderfully, Lina! Hope she can come home Monday!!

Tomorrow I have a required Orientation for my program. Should be interesting!

Off to walk a couple miles around Diamond Head!



geauxtigers - Aug 24, 2006 8:45 pm (#1250 of 2976)  

For me, checking it about a 100 times a day and then going down to 2 times is bad. I start to get the twitches.

its very hard I must say! I find myself using it as motivation to check the forum! I'll tell myself that if I finish this or that, I can get on the forum. Me having the little self control I do, I never stick to it. I've been on about 5 times too many tonight. And I've gotten nowhere in Beowulf, its just not sinking in at all...I guess I'll just go to bed early for a change...

Glad you had a good day, Kristina!
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Mediwitch - Aug 24, 2006 8:51 pm (#1251 of 2976)  

Kristina, you'll be fine in the Performing Arts class - EVERY teacher is an actor!

Hooray for Kate eating!!!

Off to the threads...


Ydnam96 - Aug 24, 2006 10:14 pm (#1252 of 2976)  

Congratulations Kate!

Ohhh...I'm so glad that it's almost the weekend!


kaykay1970 - Aug 24, 2006 10:15 pm (#1253 of 2976)  

Yay Kate! Still sending those healing charms!

My hubby just returned from a trip to Ohio today. He brought everyone home a pack of cockroach clusters! Of course it was a big hit with the kids. I didn't know they actually sold those. All I can ever find around here are the Bertie Bott's beans and chocolate frogs.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 24, 2006 11:11 pm (#1254 of 2976)  

What a good husband, kaykay - keep him. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508

Party City used to have a pretty good selection of HP candies. Have you ever seen the slugs? For some reason, I just couldn't get myself to buy them. I usually stick with the chocolate frogs.


azi - Aug 25, 2006 3:53 am (#1255 of 2976)  

Yey, for Kate! **even more healing charms!**

I remember almost having a fit when I found out how expensive chocolate frogs were. Fizzing whizbees were a much better price, but too many make me sick. You could also get acid pops, but they're disgusting too. Overall, I ain't impressed with the HP candies. I'll stick to Cadbury's.

Out of interest, what *do* cockroach clusters taste like?

I thought it was Thursday today...then I read Mandy's post and realised it was Friday!

I think I forgot before to say I like your tattoo, Mandy! It's pretty!

On the flatulence stories...my brother also had a fart box when he was younger. He took it into school and promptly had it confiscated for 'not being suitable for the school environment'. When we got it back, it was switched off but the batteries were run down. We suspected the teachers had been having fun. There was also a guy like Joseph in our maths class. The teacher eventually started sending him outside to do what he needed to do. She was always asking him why he was so bad, what food did he eat that could cause this problem, etc.

Happy Friday everyone!


The giant squid - Aug 25, 2006 3:55 am (#1256 of 2976)  

One of the question's was: What is Beowulf's strength? I said he was part wulf.

Sounds good to me.

Congrats on the new hairstyles to Regan & Lizzy. As someone who hasn't had a haircut in 12 years (yes, my ponytail is almost as old as Finn ), I live out my sartorial urges vicariously through others.

Regan, I really liked that line in Miami Vice too, especially because it wasn't Crockett or Tubbs that got it. I liked that they gave the supporting cast some good scenes as well as the stars. I thought the sex scenes were rather tame, though, considering the hard R rating.

Welcome back, Olivia. Your mom's been hogging all the Lex time, I see...



kaykay1970 - Aug 25, 2006 5:21 am (#1257 of 2976)  

Um...Let's see. What does a cockroach cluster taste like? The gummy body taste sort of like raspberry flavoring and the hard, crunchy outer shell on top is just sugar I think... When you open the package they have a very strong liquor smell. Now I just need to find slugs and acid pops. Chocolate frogs do seem to be my personal favorite in Harry Potter candy as well, Maria!

Tori, I buy chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts at Target. Hubby bought the cockroach clusters in a K-Mart in Ohio, but I've never seen them in my K-Mart. I don't go to K-Mart often though. It is an hour drive...


geauxtigers - Aug 25, 2006 5:26 am (#1258 of 2976)  

Where are yall finding such a variety of HP candies?! All I've ever found is bertie Botts! Where should I look?

TGIF!!!! Ahhhhh thats so nice to hear! Have a good Friday!


Puck - Aug 25, 2006 5:42 am (#1259 of 2976)  

I don't care much about what cockroach clusters taste like, I'm more concerned with what's in them.

Hooray for Kate!

My son came home from a birthday party with a whoopie cushion in his goodie bag. He's been trying to slip it under couch cushions.

Baby started crawling this week. And so it begins! The older kids are learning to keep their door closed, and I'm practicing Constant Vigilance.

Okay, I've spent 24 hours trying to plow through the messages on this thread after spending a day off the forum. I can't remember what I was planning to comment on, except Hay-bunny-mommy is sweet to take such good care of her charges.

Happy RotD!



HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 25, 2006 8:49 am (#1260 of 2976)  

Welcome back, Olivia. Your mom's been hogging all the Lex time, I see... - Mike HEY! I [s]resemble[/s] resent that remark!

Finally, Lizzy, you fit our mental description!

Baby started crawling this week. Congrats to baby Puck!! Next stop, college!



Lilly P - Aug 25, 2006 8:54 am (#1261 of 2976)  

Congratulations baby Puck! I agree with you Puck, "hay-bunny-mommy" is great to take care of those lucky bunnies, I would have had rabbit stew!


Holly T. - Aug 25, 2006 9:02 am (#1262 of 2976)  

Hooray for Baby Puck! Constant Vigilance!

Hooray for Kate!

Had to go to my first band parent meeting last night. It looks like sixth-grade band is not nearly as much extracurricular work as seventh- and eighth-grade band but that we are really in for it next year. This year my daughter has ballet four days a week, my son has tae kwon do twice a week, drum lessons once a week, church choir once a week, they both have Scouts once a week, daughter has youth group at church, clarinet lessons, and the little overachieving Hermione also is on student council at school and youth council at church, so more meetings. And don't forget Nutcracker auditions and rehearsals this fall. I need a time turner.


Madam Pince - Aug 25, 2006 9:20 am (#1263 of 2976)  

Yay for Kate feeling better, and yay for Baby Puck becoming mobile! What great, heart-stopping excitement you are in for over the next few months, Puck! I remember when Little Pince first began trying to stand up, an older lady was observing us standing at the front desk checking into a hotel, and she said "I've got some advice for you -- every time he tries to stand up, push him back down. You don't want him walking any sooner than you absolutely have to. Trust me."

Welcome back, Lilly P! Glad you had a good time, but it is nice to be home in your own bed, isn't it? (notwithstanding daughter's experience -- that must've been scary! Poor thing!)

***waves to Viola*** Oooo, you lucky dog! Have a great time in England! ***is fully confident that you will get to go, because it would just be too cruel if the plans didn't get approved*** I don't know much about packing film, but Lina's suggestion sounds good. You may want to check out the TSA's website; I was browsing around there a couple weeks ago and one thing I do remember is that you should not put film in your checked baggage, because they do x-ray the checked stuff and it will get ruined. I'd say other than getting it developed already, your best bet would be carry-on. It seems that carry-ons are still allowed, just no liquids or lotions or whatever (at least here in the U.S. -- not sure about England?) You could also try mailing it home before you leave maybe.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the RotD!


Denise P. - Aug 25, 2006 10:26 am (#1264 of 2976)  

When Nicholas was a baby, we worked to get him walking and were thrilled when he was walking before his first birthday. As long as Rhys is walking into school the first day of Kindergarten, we are fine with that Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042


Elanor - Aug 25, 2006 11:13 am (#1265 of 2976)  

Happy Friday everybody!

Lina, the news about Kate are really, really great! Still sending healing charms her way!

Today was the first day back to school for me: no students yet, they will start on Monday, but a day full of meetings and preparation for Monday - so much fun...

BTW, I have not answered your posts yet, Tori and Ginny: "Cent Dix-hiut, zero, zero, hiut!" Seems short for a phone number, not sure what it was a commercial for, I just know that in the 2 weeks I was there, I heard it a million times! **waves to Audrey, she may know**
Oh yes, I know! This is a special number for an "information" service, when you're searching for someone's phone number. And these commercials are really, really annoying indeed, LOL!

Le lion est mort ce soir Audrey
LOL picturing a dead lion on the ground! Does it not make sense to say "dor" instead?

I'm afraid that poor beast is dead dead in the song and really "eating dandelions by the roots" as we say, sorry! In fact the lyrics go like this, and the guy singing really wants the lion to be dead you'll see: :

Dans la jungle, terrible jungle, le lion est mort ce soir
In the jungle, terrible jungle, the lion has died tonight
Et les hommes, tranquilles, s'endorment
And men, [mind] at ease, are falling asleep
Le lion est mort ce soir
The lion has died tonight
Oh wimbowe Oh wimbowe Oh wimbowe Oh wimbowe (a million times)

Tout est sage dans le village./ Le lion est mort ce soir
All is quiet in the village / The lion has died tonight
Plus de rage, plus de carnage / Le lion est mort ce soir
No more rage, no more carnage / The lion has died tonight

L’indomptable, le redoutable / Le lion est mort ce soir
The untameable, the formidable [one] / The lion has died tonight
Viens ma belle, viens ma gazelle / Le lion est mort ce soir
Come [here] my beautiful one, come my gazelle [a pet name given to girls in Africa] / The lion has died tonight

Ok, now I'm singing it again!

Have a great day/night everybody!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 25, 2006 12:41 pm (#1266 of 2976)  

I have a question. Many years ago I was given a cash register that was made in 1896. I am looking to restore the register to a working condition does anyone have any ideas as to who I could contact to restore the register.


Good Evans - Aug 25, 2006 12:49 pm (#1267 of 2976)  

I have just read 76 posts!! I wont comment on everything - but I have chuckled.

Kneazle - strenghtening charms to you
Kate - keep up the good work honey!!!!

Lizzy - I knew you were blonde!!!

have a great rest of Friday everyone, charms and love to anyone that I missed.


geauxtigers - Aug 25, 2006 12:56 pm (#1268 of 2976)  

Oh yes, I know! This is a special number for an "information" service, when you're searching for someone's phone number. And these commercials are really, really annoying indeed, LOL!  Ahhh thanks Audrey! I only had it memorized by the 2nd car ride! Now I know what it is! It is annoying, I will never forget it! Now its stuck back in my head! LOL thats funny about the Lion song!

Oh for French we have decided to cook: starter is a zuccunni ( I can't spell it...courgette in french)with tomatoes on it or something...it sounded amazing! and "Minced chicken with sundried Tomatoes. Vache Qui Rit..I know its not real cheese! But its easy to find and everyone will like it. SO that with some bread and for desert we are doing Tarte aux Framboise a.k.a. Raspberry Tartes. Should be good! Thats the Provence meal, haven't gotten much with Aquitaine yet.

Well its Friday and I could not be happier! Its been a lonnnng week and I still have swimming today, but none the less it will still be Friday when I'm done! We have football jamboree tonight...its away so I'm not sure I'll go yet. Tomorrow night we have a dance and its LSU themed so I need to go to Tiger Mania and get something cute to wear!

Happy Friday!


Good Evans - Aug 25, 2006 1:09 pm (#1269 of 2976)  

one for the slimmers.....(not!!)

I'm making a banoffee pie - Tori's post reminded me to tell you -for a bbq tomorrow.

bank holiday weekend - HOORAY!!!!!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 25, 2006 1:10 pm (#1270 of 2976)  

Thanks for the song info Audrey! That's one of those songs that I've tried to sing in French before (we watched The Lion King in French one year) and it always sounded weird because I didn't know some of the words so I'd just say it in english. LOL yeah I know I'm weird!

Congrats to baby Puck!!

Today was a pretty good day for me. All of my teachers we in a good mood because it's Friday so I had an easy day and didn't have to spend my entire lunch break in the library.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **does happy dance**

I'm hoping it won't rain tonight so that I can go to the jamboree!! I'm soooo ready for football!! People are really getting pumped up down here as LSU kick off is so close! I've seen cars that used car paint to keep track of the hours and days till kick-off on the windows! AHHHH **does super excited dance**


Puck - Aug 25, 2006 1:37 pm (#1271 of 2976)  

wOOt! It's a rainy Friday afternoon. Baby is sleeping, and the other two are off to stay with Nana until Monday!! It's going to be blissfully quiet without the constant bickering. Mom already lives with my brother, his wife, and their three girls. Add my two and that house is not going to be quiet this weekend. **evil laughter**

Denise, I agree. My second crawled at 8 months and walked by a year. The doctor told me at her 9 month appointment I should be encouraging her to move more. Personally I was quite happy that she was staying put. She may be crawling at an age when others learn to walk (11 months), but who cares? It is harder now that I have older kids with little toys. She found a stray marble the other day, and I had to quickly scoop it out of her mouth. The cat food is another temptation. It's dry food, though, too small to choke on. The worst she can do there is splash in the water dish.

Okay, off to enjoy the quiet. (Yes, I should clean the kitchen, but really, it's too peaceful not to sit and enjoy the silence. Plus, I don't want to be kicked out of slacker moms or procrastination club.

Happy weekend!



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 25, 2006 3:48 pm (#1272 of 2976)  

My sister and my cousin were quick walkers they started walking at about nine months. I on the other hand was slow to walk and I never learned how to walk properly.

I remember that at two years old my sister could slip out of the car seat she figured out how to unbuckle it and get out of her seat unaided. She had a habit of clambering over the seat backs and landing in my mother's lap.

She also learned to climb at early age I remember this one time my parents and I could not find her. We eventually did find her, she had climbed the bookshelves in my closet and was sitting on the top shelf reading a book.


Pigwidgeon - Aug 25, 2006 3:51 pm (#1273 of 2976)  

Nathan -- how neat! Do you have any antique or hobby stores in your area? A lot of those shops do double duty in restoration and repair work. Or does your community have a historical society? Maybe a member would have experience in renovating, or would know someone who does. A third option would be if there were any historic homes in your area; there's usually someone in charge of restorations and/or upkeep who could either give you a hand or refer you.

Another source might be the Better Business Bureau.

Good luck


geauxtigers - Aug 25, 2006 4:40 pm (#1274 of 2976)  

I don't remember how old I was when I started walking, my mom claims she couldn't get us to walk then one day we both stood up a ran. I guess we were doing it behind her back or something We were climbers too. She walked in on us crying under our crib once because we tried to climb into it and it fell on us. She finally had to use one crib because we would climb in each other's crib at night instead of sleeping on our own. My mom said that her only saving grace was that once we were old enough, we could play with each other. But apparently we never slept or ate at the same time, so she got like zero sleep! We were just wonderful little trouble makers! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

Thats too funny about your sister, Nathan! Its like you are driving along and plop! Your kid is in your lap! I bet that scared her the first time it happened!

Enjoy the quiet, Kathy!

Swimming wasn't bad today, we got the indoor pool at this place as it was Friday and we are apparently the only team that practices on Friday. It wasn't bad, no dry land! I may never recover from the amount of water that went up my nose on all the backstroke she made us do. I'm just not a backstroker!

Might go over the football game or as the Bobby Bouche would say, Foosball! LOL we really don't talk like that here! Its still funny though!

Have a great night everyone!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 25, 2006 4:56 pm (#1275 of 2976)  

My mom said we were over a year old before we walked, and when we did we stood up and ran. She said we were talking before we were a year old, and that was probably because we talked to each other. We were pretty clever when we were little, we used to do things like each grab a handle to a dresser drawer and pull, the final result being a nice staircase to the top of the dresser, where we could get into stuff! We also used the one person stands on the other's back technique. We used that once to get a few bags of coffee off a shelf and then dump the bags out on the carpet of our playroom! I feel bad for my mom! We had to have been a handful.

LOL Nathan that's funny!

There is a Tropical Storm out there and it appears to be heading our way. **does sarcastic happy dance**

Well I think that's good for now!

Happy Friday!


Madam Pince - Aug 25, 2006 5:07 pm (#1276 of 2976)  

Good heavens, it's Pigwidgeon! ***waves madly*** Have you and Viola Intonada been hanging out together and just now both decided to pop up within a day of each other? Hmmmm... suspicious...

Nearly had heart failure today. While in another room, I heard these plaintive-but-not-panicky cries of "Help me! Help me! Ayudame!" (learning Spanish from Dora, don't you know.) Because I was in the middle of something and was sure he was just playing, I said "Well, you're just going to have to wait a minute." (We've had this 'Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf' thing going on lately, as Little Pince loves to, for example, turn upside down on the sofa and pretend he's sliding off a cliff, and then call out for help.) So when I came around the corner into the kitchen, there he is... standing upright on a free-standing cabinet we have to hold the Tupperware, and the cabinet measures 3-1/2 feet tall by 11 inches deep by 18 inches wide -- very unstable, to say the least. We had not anchored it to the wall because we never dreamed there would be any means nor any reason to climb it. Silly us. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059  It is a miracle that it didn't tip over while he was climbing it and cause him to break a bone, if not his neck. I think it scared him when he was stranded up there (at least he was smart enough to figure out that it was unsteady, and he decided to stand still and call for help.) Honestly. And I just colored my hair this weekend to get rid of all the gray, too. Ginny, Tori, and Nathan's sister would all have given me gray hairs -- big pieces of furniture falling on top of little kids scares me to pieces. We've anchored quite a few of the taller, more "climb-able looking" pieces in our house.

Puck, hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 25, 2006 5:20 pm (#1277 of 2976)  

Azi I can only imagine the fun the teachers had with the fart machine. I'm afraid most middle school teachers share the same sense of humor as their pupils. I agree, Cadbury any time!

Ginny and Tori I hope you give your mom and dad lots of hugs.

Nathan at least she had the good sense to be reading a book.

Puck have some wonderful quiet time.

Madame Pince I'm glad you aren't pulling your hair out!

I'm glad it is Friday. I am very pleased to say our school year is off to a good start. I've already seen the whole 7th grade and 1/2 of the 8th. We have checked out a lot of books the last two days. Lots of HP requests too. LPO


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 25, 2006 5:25 pm (#1278 of 2976)  

I only became a handful when I was older. I remember for my tenth birthday my grandfather much to the chagrin of my mother, gave my sister and I a go-cart. One day I was driving it and drove right up a tree so that the end result was that I was strapped to this go-cart that was parallel to the trunk of a Louisiana Pine Tree.


Tazzygirl - Aug 25, 2006 5:36 pm (#1279 of 2976)  

It's Friday!! YIPPEEE!!

**is feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment of all the demands the Special Ed./ General Ed. program** I think I need a cold compress...

I don't remember when I started walking or crawling. I do remember my mom tried to separate my twin brother and I into separate cribs when we were tiny. When my brother learned to walk- he was also a huge climber- he started climbing out of his crib and into mine. When our sister was born, both my brother and I would climb into her crib to wake her up. Actually, I think I have a photo that my mom took of us. I think I'll try and post it as an avatar.

Funny (but scary) story of an episode of my mom and brother: Mom used to keep the bottom drawers in the kitchen empty because my brother and I liked to sit in them when we were about 1 or 2. Someone had placed a tube of cement glue in one of those drawers. My brother found it and bit into it, breaking the tube. Mom came in, saw him sitting there with glue all over his hands. She picked him up, brought him over to the kitchen sink to try and wash everything off before it dried. Well, brother got stuck to my mom, and my mom got stuck to the sink. I sat on the floor and cried, then fell asleep. A neighbor came over about an hour or so later (she was hosting a party, and was wondering why mom hadn't shown up yet.) and called poison control. Luckily my brother didn't get any of the glue in his mouth.

Wow, Madam P.! Glad Little Pince wasn't hurt!

LOL, Nathan! **mental picture of a go-cart parallel to a tree**

Off to relax before starting my weekend of getting organized!!



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 25, 2006 5:55 pm (#1280 of 2976)  

Taazy, wow that would be scary. The only incident I knew of involving super glue involved my grandfather. This one time he put a tube of super glue in the pocket of his chinos, but, did not seal it up properly. He ended up with his best pair of chinos glued to a chair. My grandmother was most displeased. The chinos had been a birthday present to my grandfather from her, and when attempted to stand up to greet her a large hole was torn into the pocket. From that time forward he forbidden to work on his model planes in the kitchen and he was required to wear ratty old blue jeans whenever he worked on them after that.


timrew - Aug 25, 2006 6:24 pm (#1281 of 2976)  

What is Beowulf's strength? I said he was part wulf. That was apparently the incorrect answer.

I think it's 'Beo', bionic, and 'wulf', 'wolf' - so he was a bionic wolf.

It puts me in mind of the TV series............"We can rebuild him, we have the technology".

I can imagine this wolf, running faster than an express train, having super-strength, doing all the ironing in under a minute, etc, etc.....................heck! I want one!


Puck - Aug 25, 2006 7:02 pm (#1282 of 2976)  

Tim, would he be moving so fast he appears to be in slow motion?

LOL, Nathan. Hubby once got wood working glue on a new white shirt -not a cheap one, either. I could not get the yellow stains out. I made it a rule that only old clothes be worn in the basement.

At age three my son was in the basement with his dad. Some wood was leaning against the workbench. It had been there for days, but suddenly gave away. It missed my son by inches. I ran down at the sound of the crash. It still haunts me. If he had been one step over it would have likely killed him. Mr. Puck had fear in his eyes, he would never have forgiven himself.

Great. I think I lost part of a filling. It's Friday night, which means I may have to wait until after the weekend to get it fixed. (Doesn't hurt, just feels odd. The dentist has been telling me for I year they need replacing. Guess it's time. )

I think I'm early to bed tonight.

Happy RotD,



Lilly P - Aug 25, 2006 7:08 pm (#1283 of 2976)  

Nathan Z - Let me know if you find a restorator for your cash register, we have one from the late 1800's as well! Also, I walked early (9mos.) and my brother didn't walk until well after one because I would fetch every toy/snack/item he would ask of me. Younger brothers arn't slow, they are smart!

Tori/Ginny - Sympathies on the Tropical Storm, I've been in NC for six years now and Hurricane season is soooo not fun!

Madame Pince - I have a similar problem with a "climber", so sympathy charm to you! I'm only 27 but have high blood pressure from Annemarie's antics already!

Tazzy - Cold compresses to you! My sister in law is a special ed T.A. and she is a saint! and an all around great person, you all are wonderfull people.


Viola Intonada - Aug 25, 2006 7:35 pm (#1284 of 2976)  

Thanks for the film advice everyone. I have a digital camera, but I am a scrapbooker and still prefer the "old fashioned" way. I still like the quality of film over digital (I do get a CD copy of each roll). I have been thinking about developing the film in England, but wonder how much it will cost.

**waves to Madame Pince** I'm getting very excited about the trip. I'm glad little Pince is okay. The things are kids do!! It's amazing that so many parents survive their children growing up. (Good luck with the crawling babe, Puck!)

The best prank ever pulled at our school, wasn't on school property. Our Assistant Principal looked like the little cartoon character "Chilly Willy" (a little penguin). On the last day of school there was a giant (probably 10 feet tall) "Chilly Willy" made from chicken wire and decorated with paper sitting in the cow pasture across from the front of the school. The students involved had received permission from the farmer. There wasn't anything the school could do about it. The cows eventually started eating it though.


Holly T. - Aug 25, 2006 8:18 pm (#1285 of 2976)  

Just had 11 Girl Scouts at my house for an ice cream party. They ate ice cream, played in teh back yard, then we talked about troop business. Perhaps I should have given them the ice cream last, LOL. They were hyper. But they were all excited to see each other. They are split about half and half between two different middle schools. Whew. The Cub Scouts were at their assistant leader's house having a cookout. My son and the younger brothers of two of my Girl Scouts are all in the same den so we planned our parties at the same time.

My asst leader says Mars is supposed to be really visible soon. Has anyone heard this? My daughter and I looked at each other when she was telling us about this and said "Mars is bright tonight."


geauxtigers - Aug 25, 2006 8:37 pm (#1286 of 2976)  

Holly if you have heard that Mars will be as big as the moon then thats is false. But I believe Mars is almost always visible at night. It seems dumb to say it, but it does have a more reddish glow even though its hard to tell. Telescopes will show the difference between blue and red Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and Sirius is a fairly bright star too I think. Mars is bright tonight! LOL I might have my facts wrong, I haven't had solar system stuff since 6th grade. I find it very interesting, but I think they think we aren't interested in it... Its so weird to think that the universe goes on forever and ever and never ends. Okay I'm freaking myself out now...

Yes we have Tropical Storm Ernesto headed straight for the gulf. Great and its 1 week from the anniversary of Katrina. New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf coast really can't take another hit. I don't want it to go anywhere, but gosh N.O. is not ready for this, I don't even want to think about it right now. Its been so quite this year **knock on wood** as you can see this time last year we were on "K" and we are only on "E" this year.

Ahh well I guess "whats coming will come and we'll have to meet it when it does". Thats all we can do, I just hope beyond hope it doesn't do what Katrina did. It entered the gulf and bam it went from a tropical storm to a category 5. So scary.

Off to 5 words and eat some popcorn! I might read some Harry too! **Gasp** I know shocking huh! LOL


Pigwidgeon - Aug 25, 2006 8:42 pm (#1287 of 2976)  

***Waves to Viola and Madam Pince****

Yeah, I'm coming in here while I can, because school starts up again for me next week, and the next two months are going to be NUTS. But .. it's my last semester before graduating *dancedancedance* Yay!

Wow, M. Pince -- I think I would have had a coronary myself.

That's great about the Mars observation, Holly. Alas, earwax -- it's too cloudy here tonight.

I never really crawled as a baby -- I rolled around, then climbed up stairs. One day, with a whole bunch of family over, mom says I just got up and started walking, with no trouble at all. She said I just needed an audience first.


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 25, 2006 9:17 pm (#1288 of 2976)  

I did a search on the NASA web site and I couldn't find anything about Mars but I did find this, which I think is pretty nifty, but I also think this aspect of science is absolutly fasinating.! Here's the link : here Apparently Pluto is no longer a planet. I think it's sad because I always wanted to go to Pluto when I was little. No idea why, it's just ice, but still.

I'm going to keep looking for something on Mars, because I'm just nerdy like that!


Mediwitch - Aug 25, 2006 9:34 pm (#1289 of 2976)  

Wow, Holly, I got stressed reading your kids' schedules!! How do you do it? And Mars was at its closest point to the Earth in 2003 and was really bright, but someone is still circulating the email.

And Hooray for Baby Puck crawling! Constant Vigilance Kathy!

**passes cold compress to Kristina**


Good Evans - Aug 26, 2006 12:20 am (#1290 of 2976)  

How lovely to see Pigwidgeons tree again!!!! **waves**

Hooray for peace and quiet for Puck!!

Tazzy, what are those "things" in your avatar - baby porcupines or aliens??????

Holly - a big badge for you for having 11 girl scouts in the house - brave woman!!

I've forgotten what else I was going to comment on, but happy Saturdays folks.


Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 12:49 am (#1291 of 2976)  

Thanks for the compresses! I took a nap today- and when my friend called to say she was here and wanted to show me her new apartment, it took me about 15 minutes to fully come awake. I was so tired, I was actually shaking. Haven't felt like that in a long time.

While at my friend's new apartment, I was helping her cook dinner for her husband. Managed to take a chunk out of my thumb. **ow** I haven't cut myself in I don't know how long.

Mediwitch: And Mars was at its closest point to the Earth in 2003 and was really bright, but someone is still circulating the email.

I've gotten that email several times over the last couple months. And then I get another email a couple days later saying that it was a mistake, and Mars won't be close to earth for several more years or so. I now ignore it.

Good Evans- LOL!! They are baby hedgehogs!

I don't think I said- Yeay! to Baby Puck yet... I feel so scatter-brained! My apologies to anyone I missed in replying!

Off to bed!



frogface - Aug 26, 2006 2:16 am (#1292 of 2976)  

Meant to say this yesterday but nevermind...Hope everyone got their GCSE (OWL's to most people here! ) results yesterday! Hope you all did really well! xxx


The giant squid - Aug 26, 2006 3:39 am (#1293 of 2976)  

zuccunni ( I can't spell it...courgette in french)—geauxtigers

Zucchini. All those years working in restaurants finally paid off.

I had heard about the debate regarding Pluto's planethood. It seems kind of weird that we suddenly only have 8 planets now (and none of them were blown up by aliens), but even when I was in school they were saying that Pluto was an odd case. It just took the astronomy types this long to sit down and make a decision.

Viola, unless you're really attached to the old SLR film camera, there's really no reason to anymore. Printers these days can print out photos comparable (and sometimes better) than you can get from the One Hour Photo Hut. Less than $100 for the printer a couple years ago (which means it's worth about $25 now ) and some medium quality photo paper, and my photos look just fine. Just some food for thought.



azi - Aug 26, 2006 4:13 am (#1294 of 2976)  

Ah, but now they claim the meeting vote was hijacked by anti-Pluto people. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. For many years there were only 8 planets anyway! I'm sure I'll survive (although it'll be weird without Pluto). If the alternative is more planets, I'm happy for it to be relegated.

Energy charms to Tazzy! I'm sure you'll get used to the work soon!

Viola, I don't think it costs that much to print photos in the UK. Obviously, if you leave them for a few days it costs less, but with the competition from digital cameras I don't think they'll charge much.

Amazingly enough, I don't know anyone who got their GCSE results the other day...my dad's school had a 10% rise in A*-C pass rates to 45% though. It's a bad school, so those marks are really good. My old college had great results for A-levels *again*, taking the pass rate to 99.3%, with 69.7% A and B grades. It's top of both The Independent and The Guardian league tables for its type (newspapers). I wish my university was as good as the time I had there!

Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday! (and the Brits a great bank holiday!)


Puck - Aug 26, 2006 5:35 am (#1295 of 2976)  

Azi, was that meeting run by school children who didn't want to memorize the position of even more planets, and decided it would be best to only learn 8? With advancing science and more history occurring every day, kids have more to learn with each passing year. (My kids will have to learn 100 years more of history and inventions than my grandparents did.)

Baby slept soundly all night, but is starting to wake up now. It's 8:30 in the morning. Ahhh. Well, I should go feed the one child I have here.



azi - Aug 26, 2006 5:42 am (#1296 of 2976)  

Hehe, Kathy! It's quite possible! I wouldn't like to learn the names of 50+ planets...especially when they are numbers instead of names!

Hope you're enjoying the peace!


Denise P. - Aug 26, 2006 6:37 am (#1297 of 2976)  

Well, not having Pluto as a planet sure messes up the mneumonic to remember the order. My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine... used to be Pizzas

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Oh no! What is that earnest mom going to do now??!!

I have a Pack meeting this afternoon, we are handing out all the summertime awards and pumping up the kids for the year. We are going to have a picnic lunch down at a park.


Elanor - Aug 26, 2006 6:46 am (#1298 of 2976)  

Just serve "Noodles" (al dente of course!)?

Have a great weekend everybody!


Madam Pince - Aug 26, 2006 7:02 am (#1299 of 2976)  

LOL, Elanor! That is so funny -- I was going to say the exact same thing! Your post was the first one on a new page for me, and I clicked over on the "1 more message" and there you go -- noodles!

Tazzy, so how did you come by the photograph of the baby hedgehogs? ***is not sure I really want to know***

My kids will have to learn 100 years more of history and inventions than my grandparents did.--Puck.  You know, that's an interesting observation -- I never thought of that before! I just remember reading what Laura Ingalls had to do in her school recital in the Little House books (long division in your head, parsing a sentence in your head, etc., etc.,) and thinking "Wow! We really have it easy compared to the old days!" but hey, she didn't have to deal with things like Pluto, either.

Tori, is the dish you're making with the zucchini and tomatoes called "ratatouille," by any chance? (Not to further confuse your spelling, but...) I learned that one waitressing, also! Alas, not the spelling, however. (Edit: just Googled to check spelling, and by golly I got it right the first time! Wonder of wonders... Also saw that it's from Provence, so it must be your recipe... I love to say that word, it's just spelling it that takes some time...)

Last week I found some really lovely juicy white peaches at the store which were so good. I got four more yesterday and was sooo looking forward to having them on our cereal this morning, but alas! They are all wooden-ey. Sigh... How does one go about returning bad produce to the store, when you've peeled and sliced through all of it searching in vain for a "good part?" They were pretty expensive, too. Oh well, I guess it's a loss...

Anyone else watch the season finale of Meerkat Manor? Talk about a cliffhanger! Spoiler: I really want to know what happened to Shakespeare! I can't believe they didn't tell us!

Little Pince is watching a cartoon on TV, and he just called the bad guy a "foul evil little cockroach." Think we've been watching PoA a bit too much?

Hope he doesn't remember that particular phrase when some little kid at the pool absconds with his pool noodle or something...


Solitaire - Aug 26, 2006 8:03 am (#1300 of 2976)  

Galloping gargoyles! I must work through 102 messages!

Denise: The Ultimate Guide is where the Lupin is James theory is explored.  Didn't Jo definitely squelch that one somewhere in an interview or on her site? Just wondering ...

Ginny, Beowulf isn't really that difficult, unless you are actually reading it in the original language. If you have trouble with the translation you are using, why not get one of the newer modern versions? BTW, did you ask your principal what he meant by "sitting disrespectfully"? Perhaps you should, so you don't make the same mistake again.

Mandy, could you possibly have an infection? It happened to one of my nieces, who has several small tattoos. You might want to have it checked by a doc.

If they don't know your name then what's the point of being good?

Because someone will probably rat you out in the end. I'm rarely absent, as I find it easier to go to work sick than mess with a sub and plans for him. On the rare occasions when I do stay home, I find there are plenty of kids willing to tell me in great detail just exactly who the troublemakers were and what they did. **evil laugh**

Legolas, we were never bad, either. It wouldn't have occurred to me to misbehave at school--ever--although I did know kids who regularly got into trouble.

Tazzy, what is that in your avatar?

Um, Pigwidgeon, is that a Christmas tree? Aren't you rushing things a bit?

What's this about Pluto? I have been away from TV/news all week. Did he die? We are talking about that big Disney dog, right?

Whew! Okay, I managed to scan (can't even say skim, really, as I went faster than that) all 102 messages. I had to hold my nose through a few of them.

Boy, am I glad it is Saturday. This has been one killer week! Are any other teachers going to the Office Depot Teacher Day? If they have one by you, by all means go. They generally give away a nice canvas bag filled with a lot of free goodies like gel pens, post-its, tape, white-out, and stuff like that. One year I also won a drawing of 5,000 free copies. That came in handy when our copier broke down. I was the only one who had all my stuff! You can get a teacher card, too, which entitles you to a 10% discount on all stuff you buy there. Hey, every little bit counts!

Happy Saturday!

Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2006

Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:56 pm


Catherine - Aug 26, 2006 8:36 am (#1301 of 2976)  

Um, Pigwidgeon, is that a Christmas tree? Aren't you rushing things a bit?

Or, Pigwidgeon could be a member of Procrastinator's Anonymous and still be showing us the Christmas tree from last Christmas--or even the one before!

**waves to all procrastinators**

Whew. I'm still whipped from this week teaching. They changed our schedule; robbed me of my planning period, gave me an extra Humanities block every day in addition to a new study hall. Yesterday, I saw the same bunch of 7th graders for three hours and twenty minutes, while I only saw the other class for an hour and twenty minutes.

Additionally, we have a new "rotating block" schedule with drop periods which no one but the administrator who made the schedule understands.

Good thing the kids are very sweet-natured and seem eager to learn. I think they are adorable. One student is so charming and smart that I have to restrain myself from saying, "Awwwwww!" every time I see him! This group is definitely tamer than last year's bunch of 7th graders (this is a very good thing).


Lina - Aug 26, 2006 8:37 am (#1302 of 2976)  

Denise, is that why you have nine children, so that you can serve nine pizzas? Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2281877974


haymoni - Aug 26, 2006 8:54 am (#1303 of 2976)  

...served us nine (kids) - I think it works!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 26, 2006 9:13 am (#1304 of 2976)  

Little Pince is watching a cartoon on TV, and he just called the bad guy a "foul evil little cockroach." Think we've been watching PoA a bit too much?  **is thinking Madame Pince deserves an award for allowing Little Pince to learn so much Harry Potter at such a young age** LOL

If you have trouble with the translation you are using, why not get one of the newer modern versions? BTW, did you ask your principal what he meant by "sitting disrespectfully"? Perhaps you should, so you don't make the same mistake again. –Soli

We have to use the book we were given in class. It's not so much that the translation is bad, it's that they tend to beat around the bush. Instead of saying "he died" they'll say something like "and then the breath extinguished and the corpse became rag-like" yada yada yada... But it's much more confusing in the story, and I couldn't keep the character's names straight! Ahh well it's done, now for the paper. And about asking my principal......NO wayyy ever would I do that!! LOL he's about 6'8" and tries his best to intimidate people the best he can. I'd never have the courage to confront him about any of it...I'll take the detention! But from now on, I plan on sitting with my legs crossed and my back perfectly against the seat! I think I may have been slouching as I tend to do that when I get bored and want to fall asleep.

We don't have those CGES things here, we take the SAT or the ACT. I've got that coming up and I admit that I'm scared to death, as I never do well on anything that is timed. I'm terrible at math and pretty good at english, yet I always score higher on the math sections, because I can never finish the english ones. I hate those passages that you have to read as I can't read it fast enough and still get the main idea. Not looking forward to this. My scores are never reflected by the grades I make. I went all through middle school with straight A's and mostly B's throughout high school, then we took the PSAT and I barely passed. I think I have a problem with testing....

off to Tiger Mania!! YAY Have a great RotD everyone!!!


geauxtigers - Aug 26, 2006 9:17 am (#1305 of 2976)  

My kids will have to learn 100 years more of history and inventions than my grandparents did.

That is interesting to think about. When my grandma was in school, she barely touched the Civil Rights Movement. She lived through it and World War II. She didn't learn about Vietnam and such, she lived through it. I remember telling my mom that it would be weird because our kids would be learning about September 11 in their history books, when we lived through it. We got a new History Book this year and September 11 is mentioned in there. Interesting, I love history.

I learned Pluto was a planet, so I dunno I think I'll always call it a planet But I really could care less how they classify it! LOL in the end they are all giant balls of rock/gas/ice floating in the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Universe, which goes on forever and ever. Freaky...

I was also going to say "noodles" but 2 of ya beat me too it!

Ahh looks like Ernesto is getting stronger. Great pressure has dropped 4 mb since last night, which is bad.

I'm fixing to go to Tiger Mania to find something cute to wear to the dance tonight. 6 days, 8hours and 44 minutes!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 26, 2006 10:20 am (#1306 of 2976)  

Catherine - I was really wondering what you thought of Tazzy's cute avatar. (I thought they were toys at first!)

Kathy, don't let them use amalgam! (Though I'm sure you already know this. )

How is Kate, Lina?

(Off again - I snuck on while company is entertaining Trevor and Priscilla.)


Solitaire - Aug 26, 2006 12:20 pm (#1307 of 2976)  

I'd never have the courage to confront him about any of it...I'll take the detention![

Heavens! Our principal is not like that at all. You shouldn't be afraid to ask, very politely, exactly what you did, so that you know not to do it again. BTW, if you want a list of the characters in Beowulf and who they are, click here. Actually, there are several things on this site that could help you.



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 26, 2006 12:34 pm (#1308 of 2976)  

LOL Soli, thanks! He's like Snape...you don't question his authority, you just take it no matter how unfair as talking to him usually leads to worse punishment!


Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 1:04 pm (#1309 of 2976)  

Some of you have asked about my avatar. It is a picture of three baby hedgehogs, in someone's hand. I received the picture in an email, and thought it was too cute! (I even put it as my main screen for my cell phone.) I did have a pet hedgehog several years ago, when I lived in California, but since they are illegal there, I had to give her away. (My family got her from a lady's son, who had moved back to California from Oregon or Washington state- hedgehogs aren't illegal there.) (Maria- I take it you don't like my avatar?? ) LOL

**anti-storm charms to the South!!** We are supposed to be getting an abundance of rain this weekend, from the remains of several hurricanes that were heading in this direction from Mexico. Good thing I am not planning to go out this weekend!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 26, 2006 1:26 pm (#1310 of 2976)  

Why would hedgehogs be illegal in some states??


Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 2:11 pm (#1311 of 2976)  

Because if they are let loose in the wild, they can cause major damage to the environment. They breed like rabbits. Ferrets are also illegal in California.



Denise P. - Aug 26, 2006 2:28 pm (#1312 of 2976)  

Certain pet birds are illegal in various states too. I know Quaker Parrots are illegal in my state. Pet skunks are illegal in TN but not in KY.

It has been a busy day here. We had our last summertime pack activity, a picnic. All but three boys from our pack showed up. Mr. Denise went with the boy scouts and did a 50 mile bike ride. Nicholas ran out of steam at 40 miles so he will have to do it all over again to get his 50 miles but Ryan got his in.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 26, 2006 2:49 pm (#1313 of 2976)  

Didn't Jo definitely squelch that one somewhere in an interview or on her site? Just wondering ...---Solitaire[

What do I have to do? Stand on my head? ***starts to twitch in Denise's general direction***


Catherine - Aug 26, 2006 3:06 pm (#1314 of 2976)  

Didn't Jo definitely squelch that one somewhere in an interview or on her site? Just wondering ...---Solitaire

What do I have to do? Stand on my head? ***starts to twitch in Denise's general direction*** --Lupin is Lupin AKA Kim
Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508  (grin mine because I was WAITING for Kim to chime in on this one)

To address both issues, I can say that JKR definitely squelched that theory, and that I was happy about it.

Catherine - I was really wondering what you thought of Tazzy's cute avatar. (I thought they were toys at first!)

I was glad that they were not in my basement. I swear that was my first thought.


timrew - Aug 26, 2006 3:21 pm (#1315 of 2976)  

My pet skunk

Has done a bunk.

It was as illegal

As a Bald Eagle

In California........

Just thought I'd warn ya!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 26, 2006 3:29 pm (#1316 of 2976)  

Question for Denise: How do you pronounce Rhys' name? Me and Tori were arguing about it. I thought it was pronounced "Reese" as I've seen the name spelled that way before but she thinks it's pronounced different.. I can't even spell how she said it. I don't want to say "Rice" but that's as close as I can get!

What exactly could a hedgehog do to the environment? That seems odd.

LOL Tim!! Nice rhyme!


Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 3:52 pm (#1317 of 2976)  

Who would want a pet skunk??

LOL, Tim and Catherine!

Ginny- hedgehogs are bottomless pits like rabbits (and any other rodent for that matter). They eat everything... It's like when the mongoose was introduced here in Hawaii- a lot of the native birds are endangered because the mongooses (mongeese? I need to look that up...) eat the eggs.

off to clean... I leave Wednesday morning for California (again! ), and I hate leaving a messy house behind. I'm only gone about 4 days, but still.



timrew - Aug 26, 2006 4:03 pm (#1318 of 2976)  

I believe thousands of Mexican skunks are at this moment crossing the Rio Grande and heading for California.........

P.S. You were right first time, Tazzy. The plural of mongoose is mongooses.


Puck - Aug 26, 2006 4:46 pm (#1319 of 2976)  

LOL, "Noodles" must be a popular "N" food, as it was my thought also! (great minds...)

Maria, my dentist uses the new white ceramic fillings. I have amalgam ones from childhood, which are breaking down. He's been wanting to replace them, but insurance will only cover so much a year. I hope my kids fair better in the tooth department than I have. We didn't have flouride supplements when I was small, and my mom fed us so much sugar. (Is suddenly wondering how much butter/white flour/sugar my mother is feeding my kids this weekend.)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. We ran a few errands and played with the baby. (She likes to watch daddy juggle.) Quiet day.



Denise P. - Aug 26, 2006 5:07 pm (#1320 of 2976)  

Rhys is pronounced Reese so you are correct. Sorry Tori! Rhys is the original Welsh spelling of the name, Reese and Reece are the anglicized spellings.

Aidan Rhys - A-din Reese
Iain Niall - E-in Kneel
Kierynn - Keer-in

The rest of my kids are fairly straight forward as far as how to say their name (Kristen, Alex Jeffery, Nicholas Charles, Ryan Patrick, Devin Connor and Kaitlyn).


boop - Aug 26, 2006 5:56 pm (#1321 of 2976)  

HI Everyone, have a great weekend.

Lina, glad to hear Kate is doing so much better.

Tazzy I like your picture, they are just so cute.

Kathy, I wouldn't worry about when your daughter moves or not. When she is ready to walk or crawl she will. My youngest granddaughter didn't crawl until she was 8 months old.

hugs always



Nate Davis - Aug 26, 2006 6:30 pm (#1322 of 2976)  

One of my sisters could WALK at eight months old - when I asked my mother about myself, she said: "Well, you could at least sit up when you were eight months old..."

I think these things vary a lot from child to child, even within one family. Now I'm almost 22 and my sister is 14, and we both turned out great! (I think...)


dizzy lizzy - Aug 26, 2006 6:37 pm (#1323 of 2976)  

Tazzy, your piccy of the hedgehogs are cute! Come to think of it, I've seen it before...

Well my Sales Assistant job (20 hrs per week) has been changed as I am not meeting the peformance standards for sales. The employer likes my admin work, so I am being kept on at 5 hrs per week doing general admin work. For the next two weeks I do 20 hours each week to catch up on the backlog of work and then it will drop back down to to the 5 hrs.

I am waiting to do a pre-employment medical with the local post office. If I pass that I will have another 11 hrs week work. I've done the job before and decided with the reduction in hours in the other job, now was the perfect time to rearrange my working life yet again!!!

The waitressing job is going fine. I like it. Lots of politics in the kitchen, but I just concentrate on taking the food out and cleaning up the tables .

I've just about finished the Census Collector's job. Lots of walking and sore legs, knees, hips and back. I've enjoyed doing it and I'll certainly be doing it again in 5 years time .

Lina: I'm pleased to see Kate is going well. Pass on my best wishes to her for me please.


Lizzy (where's a blonde smiley when you need one????)


Madam Pince - Aug 26, 2006 6:47 pm (#1324 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 26, 2006 7:27 pm

Lizzy, it sounds like you're working around the clock! You must have a great work ethic - congratulations! It makes me exhausted just to read about what all you do! Hope your jobs all end up being fun and interesting, and that the soreness from all the Census-walking will go away soon.

Tim, I can see that poet/songwriter hiding deep down in your soul...

Ginny, that principal must be just horrid if you can't even ask what you did wrong. Now granted, there's a difference between using a whiney voice accompanied with an eyeroll and saying "What did I do???", and with saying politely "Mr. Jones? Could I have a minute of your time please? I'm sorry if I did something wrong the other day that caused me to get a detention in chapel, and I want to be sure I don't do it again, so I was wondering if you could clarify for me exactly what it was about how I was sitting that I need to work on?" If he would give you additional detention just for asking something like that, then the man should be fired.

Of course, I always was one to question teachers. Once a disgustingly macho gym teacher instructed all the boys in the class to pick me up and fling me into a mudhole because I refused to dive around the rainy muddy field during soccer in gym class (I had other classes the rest of the day, and no other underwear to wear), so at lunch the following period, after I had cleaned myself up as best I could, I marched up to him at the teachers' table and calmly and quietly poured a carton of milk on his head. He almost had a stroke, he was so mad. But when I politely reminded him during our subsequent meeting in his office that I felt that he had publicly humiliated me first, (he was cracking up laughing while I was being dredged through the mudhole), not to mention ruining my clothes, he calmed down. I think he realized that he overstepped. I never even got in trouble. ***Disclaimer -- this is not intended as encouragement to dump milk on your teachers, it is merely an illustration of an ESTJ personality with an overdeveloped sense of justice at work...***

Anyway, be sure you're right first, and then always stand up for yourself (have a real nicely worded polite argument ready to go, too, just in case...)


haymoni - Aug 26, 2006 7:12 pm (#1325 of 2976)  

Good for you, Madam P - a teacher should never have the last word simply because they can.

Well, I let the bunnies go today. I didn't mean to. I think they staged a prison riot.

I felt so badly about them being in the dog carrier all the time. I wanted to make some sort of pen for them. I had some large square pieces of plywood that I fitted together to make a pen in the shady part of the yard. I just wanted them to eat some clover & stretch their legs a bit.

Well, stretch their legs they did! 2 of them almost jumped right over the edge of the pen. The 3rd one wouldn't come out of the dog carrier. All 3 of them managed to get loose and run for the bushes.

Free at last, free at last.


Madam Pince - Aug 26, 2006 7:20 pm (#1326 of 2976)  

***Boooorrrnnn free, as free as the winnnnd blows.... as free as the graaaaasss grows, born freeeee to followwww your hearrrrtttt....***

A bunny prison riot... ***snort!***

You were a good foster mom, haymoni! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all your safety lessons sank in to their little bunny brains...

(Thanks for the kind words, too! The guy was a total jerk. )


Solitaire - Aug 26, 2006 7:23 pm (#1327 of 2976)  

If he would give you additional detention just for asking something like that, then the man should be fired.

My sentiments exactly.


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 26, 2006 8:20 pm (#1328 of 2976)  

Madam P., that teacher of yours sounds very similar to my physical education instructors. They were not overly fond of me because, I have cerebral palsy and because of my disabilities I was often singled out as the subject of ridicule and jokes.

The word that would best describe my experiences in elementary, junior high school, and high school is interesting because, I spent much of my time in special education classes, however, when I had reached sixth grade the decision was made to "mainstream" me as much as possible, that is to say from that point on I was required to attend as many regular classes as I could but, I was also required to maintain a presence special education classes. By the time of my senior year in high school I was attending only one special education course. I hold a distinct honor in my high school. During my junior and senior years the English department at my high school had an informal betting pool on the question of whether I would graduate from high school or not because, there were some in the department who doubted that I possessed the faculties and skills necessary to graduate high school or even attend university.


Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 8:22 pm (#1329 of 2976)  

You had guts, Madam P.!! **bows down in awe** Good one!

Ginny- I hope the principal settles down soon. I really wouldn't be happy either. (I found out a couple months ago that my high school teacher was transferred out of the district a year or so after I left- she was awful too!)

I don't know where you've seen my avatar before, Lizzy! LOL You need to post a new picture of you with the blonde highlights!!

Haymoni- are you happy or sad the bunnies staged a riot?

Managed to organize my filing cabinet and scrub the kitchen and bathroom. Now to my desk drawers, and organize my school work!


EDIT: Nathan, I hope I never meet those teachers who encouraged jokes and ridicule. There are several of that type teacher at my mom's school. I don't know how many times my mom has to step in and talk to a teacher. It's sad.


Solitaire - Aug 26, 2006 9:16 pm (#1330 of 2976)  

the English department at my high school had an informal betting pool on the question of whether I would graduate from high school or not

That is despicable, Nathan. Betting on a student's failure? I suppose, if they had been more talented, they might have brainstormed ways in which they might have helped you succeed. Madam P.'s "teacher" was just as bad. Alas, Tazzy, you will meet such horrors. I have worked with a couple. These days, however, teacher ed programs seem to be doing a better job of trying to make sure teacher candidates are emotionally suited to the profession. Not everyone is ...



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 26, 2006 9:46 pm (#1331 of 2976)  

Solitaire, it is true not all are suited to be teachers. When I was substitute teaching I often felt inadequate to the task myself. especially, when substituting for English teachers because, I felt and still feel as though, my knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation are too limited to effectively teach students in these areas.


Marie E. - Aug 26, 2006 9:48 pm (#1332 of 2976)  

Nathan, how horrible. I am glad you succeeded in proving them all wrong!

We've heard that if we get our rabbits neutered they won't "spray" so much. Is this true? We were going to neuter them both anyway.

I had my 4th grade Brownie parents over for a hotdog barbeque/registration party. We were grilling outside, so naturally just as all the guests arrived there was a terrible hour-long thunderstorm. I have one girl not returning and one new girl plus I hear that we got some flyers returned that were passed out at the school.

I have started my beginning-of-the-year literacy and math assessments on my kindergarteners. One of my students totally surprised me. He knows all the uppercase letters, 24 of the lowercase letters, and 9 of the 25 sight words. It's fun to get a child that you know you're going to have to challenge. At least I think so.

It's all rain, rain, rain here. We had an article in the paper on how many different varieties of mushrooms you can find now that we have moisture.

Mr. E found the hinge-hole tool he's been missing so he's going to put on the bathroom doors next weekend. **does the anticipated-privacy dance**


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 26, 2006 9:48 pm (#1333 of 2976)  

Rhys is pronounced Reese so you are correct.  YESS!! I knew I was right!! I love that name by the way.

My principal wouldn't give me a detention for asking a question, he'd give me a detention for using an impolite tone of voice! I say I'd never have the guts to do yell at him, but I'd stand a verrryyy goood chance of saying something that I probably shouldn't. He's more intimidating than anything which is the main reason I'd never confront him. He scares me a whole lot, and I don't want to know what would happen if I lost my temper with him!

Wow Madame Pince! That really does take guts! I have several teachers that I'd love to pour milk on! hehe

We do have one teacher whole likes to crack jokes about everyone. He's my favorite teacher. Generally it's nothing that would ever hurt anyone's feelings, they're just jokes and he knows who to 'pick on' and who not to. There are some people that just take things too seriously when he's joking, but he tends not to pick on those people who seem to take it personal.

Just got back from the dance!! It was really fun but after about an hour and a half someone decided to empty the acholic beverage they had in their stomach. Groosssss! I think I'm going to burn my shoes as I ended up standing in it for like 15 minutes, thinking it was just coke. The clean up crew mopped but I'm not sure they ever found the guy. Several people were thrown out through out the night. I wonder sometimes how some of these people even get in the door. They not only smell but they can't even stand up! Oh well the rest of the night was really funn!!!

Time to go take a shower......and burn my shoes.... have a great RotN everyone!!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 26, 2006 10:08 pm (#1334 of 2976)  

Solitaire, although, I would also argue that the converse is also true because, I have often found that the best teachers I have ever had came from unlikely places. For example, by far the best English tutor I ever had the pleasure of being taught by I met while, I was a senior at the University of Saint Thomas in Houston. At the aforementioned university transfer students are required to take a minimum of six credit hours worth of theology courses. I often wonder whether some slipped me Felix Felicis because, under his watchful eye I transformed from a student whose work rated a grate of 57 percent without corrections on first paper I submitted at the beginning of the semester. By the end of the semester I earned a grade of 87 percent without corrections on my final paper and with the increase of ten points that he gave each student after making the corrections indicated on out papers I achieved a grade of 97 percent on my final paper and a grade of 94 percent on my final examination.


geauxtigers - Aug 26, 2006 10:15 pm (#1335 of 2976)  

Ahh so I was wrong, its pronounced "Reese" I kinda had my own mental way of pronouncing it. I also love the name, its one of my favorites

Nathan that is terrible! It really is a shame that there are people like that in this world. I'm glad you proved them wrong, I can always tell by your posts that you are a very intelligent person. Shame on them, thats just so wrong.

The dance was fun, my ears are still ringing though. I'm really tired and I think I might burn my shoes too! There were some really odd outfits too. Since its the seniors last year, they always go way out of the box costume wise. One guy had a hat on that had a hotdog on it....hmmmm. One girl had purple balloons on her shirt that was pretty odd. And then this group of girls made purple and gold "referee" shirts and blew whistle the whole time. Kinda annoying. But it was fun none the less

Madame Pince! Thats so awesome! I wish I had the guts to do something like that! I'm too chicken though! LOL There are several teachers or people in my school for that matter that I'd love to pure milk on their heads

Well I'm exhausted and hungry. Go figure so I'm gonna go get something to eat and go to sleep.

Have a great night everyone!


Solitaire - Aug 26, 2006 10:50 pm (#1336 of 2976)  

Nathan, one thing I have learned in my years of teaching is that the students who sailed through school and college--those "golden boys and girls" to whom things just came easily--often do not make the best teachers. Yes, some do. However, those who've had to struggle for their good grades are often more successful in the classroom, because they can relate to the kids they are teaching.

I never struggled with English in school, but I can remember feeling pretty stupid in algebra and science classes. I acknowledge with gratitude the teachers who refused to let me become a statistic in those classes. They help me remember why I am where I am.



Tazzygirl - Aug 26, 2006 11:14 pm (#1337 of 2976)  

Marie- I think it is true about getting rabbits neutered and they stop spraying. My mom was going to take one of her rabbits in a couple months ago to get neutered. When she got to the school to get him and bring him into the vet, he jumped in the air in greeting and then by the time he landed again, he had died. So I can't vouch for an absolute fact... (We all agreed that he would have rather died then get neutered... ) I was never attached to any of the rabbits in my mom's classroom, so I thought it was kind of funny. Now, if it was one of my guinea pigs- that would be a completely different matter...

Sorry about your shoes, Ginny. That's nasty. But glad you two had a great time at the dance!

Soli- However, those who've had to struggle for their good grades are often more successful in the classroom, because they can relate to the kids they are teaching.

**raises hand** That would currently be me (and most likely will be me for the next 2 years)!

Off to eat dinner and watch a movie! I feel mighty proud of myself today- managed to get 8 of the 14 things on my list done! Tomorrow the last 6 will be done, and I'll have a great week with nothing hanging over my head!



The giant squid - Aug 26, 2006 11:18 pm (#1338 of 2976)  

**waves to all procrastinators**--Catherine

**makes a mental note to wave back...later**

Marie: am I to understand that you've been living all this time without bathroom doors? I really can't see you putting up with that for this long.

Nathan & Madame P, your stories just prove that there are some who just aren't cut out for teaching. I've had teachers that treat it like a competition--if we don't learn something, they win. Then there are those who just lack the ability to pass on their knowledge properly--you can tell they know their stuff, they just couldn't explain it to you to save their life.

I'm one of those people, which is why--unlike both of my sisters--I did not pursue a teaching career.

--Mike (Tori: that's pronounced "myk" )


geauxtigers - Aug 27, 2006 12:00 am (#1339 of 2976)  

I can't sleep! I have no idea why! I keep yawning, but I just can't fall asleep! So I came here! I freezing out from under my covers. I'm convinced I can't sleep because I've had too much caffeine today. I had coffee at like 4, then about 3 cokes at the dance. I think I'm wired for a while....

Mike (Tori: that's pronounced "myk" )  Ha ha very funny! !

My dad is one of those people who knows what he’s talking about, he just can't explain it to save his life. He tries to help me with things and I usually end up really mad and more confused. He tends to over think and ever explain everything. You ask him a yes or no question, he has to have an explanation to go with it. For example: Did the Seahawks win? his answer would be something to the extent of "Well they'd played a really great game and ended up winning." All I want to know is "yes" or "no". LOL

Okay I think I'll go try to sleep now...


Lilly P - Aug 27, 2006 1:16 am (#1340 of 2976)  

OK, who knows how to get a cricket out of the house at four in the morning? I am going absolute buggers trying to catch the little beastie. (or am I turning beastie trying to catch the buggie? Four in the morning is SUCH a bad time to be up and trying to think/type logically.) Crickets should have a MOM classification of xxxxxxxx for their ability to drive you mad with lack of sleep! -end of rant, on to look for some kind of deadly bug spray from under the sink, any one have some flesh eating slug repellent? Do you think it would work on crickets? If I don't get to sleep soon, I'm going to get a visit from those nice young men in white coats myself. he he ha ha ho ho........


Good Evans - Aug 27, 2006 1:27 am (#1341 of 2976)  

I didnt know you had hedgehogs in the US. Ah well learn something new every day.

Denise - YAY!!!! you are the only other person I have met that at spells Jeffery correctly (waits for the buns to be thrown). My younger brother is Jeffery, everyone tries to spell him Geoffrey or Jeffrey, so well done you for getting it right, and a big wave to Jeffery.

I'd wave to the procrastinators,... but maybe later!

off to the threads.....


Regan of Gong - Aug 27, 2006 4:26 am (#1342 of 2976)  

Neutering should stop rabbits spraying, as it works with ferrets (which are much more fun and exciting!). Our two female ferrets were "splayed" at around 9 months or so. It was quite funny, as they were walking around with shaved bellies and stitches, which they did their best to get rid of. A few posts back someone mentioned they were illegal in California, as well as Hawaii, New Zealand and the A.C.T (Australia), and Denver and New York City having restrictions on ferrets, based on misconceptions or ignorance. A great deal of information can be found here

Interesting Lilly P. Bugger must mean something completely different over there...


Puck - Aug 27, 2006 6:36 am (#1343 of 2976)  

Rabbits are supposed to stop spraying if neutered. Some rabbits, however, are not aware of this fact. The one in our classroom continued to mark the toy shelves **eeewww ** even after being fixed. We had to move him outside.

I'm having such mixed emotions after reading the posts. I think It's horrible that Nathan didn't get a decent teacher until college. You're posts show you are intelligent. And to be made fun of by P.E. teachers is inexcusable. (And here I thought it was bad that they gave me a hard time about being a "Ballerina".)

ROTL at Madame Pince and the milk! The other students must have been in hysterics. (I imagine if this guy was as bad as that the rest of the staff was aware and had a good laugh later as well. )

Tori & Ginny, we had Sister. Helen as our Vice Principal. Imagine a 6 foot tall nun in charge of handing out punishments. That's intimidating. We all feared her. But then, a girl went to her in junior year with a real problem. She was 16, attending Catholic school, and pregnant. Sr. Helen was understanding and accepting of this young girl, and we all learned she had a tender heart. Perhaps your new principal has a few surprises up his sleeve. (I do not advocate a pregnancy as a way of finding out, just as Madame P. doesn't advocate the pouring of milk on teachers' heads. Just examples.)

Happy RotD



Pigwidgeon - Aug 27, 2006 7:39 am (#1344 of 2976)  

LOL, Madam P.! Good for you! While my experience is that most teachers are wonderful people, the system puts up with far too much from adults with no business being within 100 feet of a child, much less trying to teach a classroom full of them.

Ahem. Anywho, about my tree: it was my avatar from nearly a year ago, when I first got it (as an early Christmas gift from my parents; yes, I am spoiled rotten). I just never changed it. One, I like it, and two, wx gives me ten fits anytime I try to put up a new avatar. But the procrastinator label fits -- I should be cleaning right now. *makes mental note to start a procrastinator's club on the forum ...later*


geauxtigers - Aug 27, 2006 9:47 am (#1345 of 2976)  

**makes mental note to become a member of the Procrastinators club**

We had a Siameese (spelling?) cat for a long time. When I was in 4th grade, having her and 2 other cats all for about 4 years, she started spraying. They all became outside cats, but it didn't take us long to figure out which cat was guilty. It was sad because she was such a sweet cat and loved to be held. She still loved it even when she was outside, but its was just harder to give her the same kind of attention.

Now on to the funny story of how she is no longer a member of our family. She was really dumb, bless her heart, but she was cross-eyed and pigeon toed. Its a wonder she had any idea where she was. She had this habit of climbing in my dad's truck bed and riding around. We got to some places and there she was... Well she got in the back of my mom's car, mom went to the store. Opens the hatch to put the stuff in and Hazel shoots out across the Wal-mart Parking lot. We never found her. It was pretty funny, You'd have to know the cat.

uhhh its Sunday, that means tomorrow is Monday

My mom has assigned everyone in the house 2 rooms to clean. I got my room and the laundry room. **does sarcastic happy dance**

So have a great Sunday everyone!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 27, 2006 9:51 am (#1346 of 2976)  

I think I'll let this detention slide with him for now as I've already served it. **imagining what Dean Z would say of someone came to talk to him about being pregnant...** Ohh not pretty I don't think.

LOL Kristina about the rabbits! I had to hold my tongue when we found one of ours in the yard dead after being attacked by a dog...It looked like a soggy roll of paper towel! What would you have done??!


Denise P. - Aug 27, 2006 9:59 am (#1347 of 2976)  

Good Evans, I can't take too much credit for Jeffery. Alex is one of my adopted kids, his birth name is Alex Jeffrey. When we adopted him, he asked if he could change the spelling to Jeffery. Kristen was Kristen Blair and she asked to drop her middle name (In my family, the girls don't have middle names going back about 6-7 generations....a grandfather back there felt girls didn't need a middle name since they used their maiden name after marriage and it stuck)


Viola Intonada - Aug 27, 2006 10:02 am (#1348 of 2976)  

Pluto's not a planet anymore? What is this solar system coming to?!?!? Denise, I hope you didn't have nine children just to make a living model of the solar system, though I always thought it was for your own baseball team. Well, the ninth could always play the sun.

Ah, now I get to go spend the afternoon out in the rain watching a soccer game. The things we do for our children.


Puck - Aug 27, 2006 10:58 am (#1349 of 2976)  

Viola, for that reason I keep thinking I should encourage swimming as the sport of choice. Indoors, heated, bug-free, and when everyone piles into your vehicle afterwards, they're clean!

Boop, I'm not the least bit stressed about Baby Puck waiting to walk. She is late on crawling (she is going to be a year on the 15th of next month and just started) but I'm pretty happy about that. I didn't want her to be moving early, as there's too much trouble for her to get into.

I should go clean. The house is a mess. But....first to go check 5 words!



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 27, 2006 11:07 am (#1350 of 2976)  

encourage swimming as the sport of choice. Indoors, heated, bug-free, and when everyone piles into your vehicle afterwards, they're clean! Puck

Exactly why I swim versus other sports! Plus it requires very little hand-eye cordination! Which I have none! And it's really good for you, and has very low risk of injury! The worst you could do is drown and if you know how to swim, that's highly unlikely to happen!

I should be cleaning right now....my mom has already come in here twice to tell me to get moving, but I haven't done it yet....better go!
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Holly T. - Aug 27, 2006 12:44 pm (#1351 of 2976)  

Ok, I will tell my asst leader that she got an old e-mail about Mars--thanks for clearing that up!

Both kids had a friend spend the night last night. We went to pick up my son's friend and they immediately started planning how they were going to booby trap my daughter's room so I suggested to my daughter that she call a friend and this worked out nicely as the boys ended up riding bikes, going down to the creek and playing with a log (not sure what they were doing but that's where I found them when it was time for dinner), and playing in the back yard until long after dark whereas the girls disappeared into my daughter's room and only came out periodically to grab snacks. We transferred their friends back to their families at church this morning.

How do I manage my kids' schedules? I am terrible about cleaning house and about the only exercise I get is walking down to the creek to tell my son to come home when it's time for dinner.

My son's teacher--third grade--said the kids were crying when they heard the news about Pluto.

I have to go to court in the morning as a witness at my friend's custody heariing--her soon-to-be-ex-husband is trying to get custody of their three kids. I'm trying to decide what to wear.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 27, 2006 1:10 pm (#1352 of 2976)  

I saw on the news a school in Indiana suspended 128 students the first day for dress code violations. The school board backed the principal completely. Its about time!

When I was getting my teaching license I had a professor say every teacher should have to teach a class that is their worst subject. Then we would understand how students felt if they hated our subjects.

Reading the negative teacher stories reminds just how important teaching is. Those horrible memories stick with us. Unfortunately there are many who should not be teachers but are. LPO


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 27, 2006 1:50 pm (#1353 of 2976)  

I didnt know you had hedgehogs in the US. Ah well learn something new every day.---good evans

We don't. At least, not naturally. Which is probably why there are rules against them. Non-native species + breeding like rabbits = environmental mayhem.


Puck - Aug 27, 2006 1:51 pm (#1354 of 2976)  

My brother was very shy and did not like to speak in class. He was also methodical and worked slowly and carefully. Because of this his first grade teacher called him "dumb" and "baby". I believe she went so far as to put a bonnet on him. Gee, I wonder why he never learned to like school.  :mad:

Family room has been tidied and vacuumed, but kitchen still not clean and laundry not started. Baby has already begun messing up the family room again. (Newspapers are once again scattered on floor.) Must go work.



Solitaire - Aug 27, 2006 2:25 pm (#1355 of 2976)  

A teacher called him names? I hope your parents reported it! People like that have no business torturing kids for money!


Eponine - Aug 27, 2006 3:27 pm (#1356 of 2976)  

My fourth grade teacher was one of my absolutely favorite teachers during all of my school years. When I was in college, I was an education major, and I had to do a lot of observing in different classrooms. I went back to observe my 4th grade teacher one day, and I was absolutely appalled at how blatantly she played favorites in the classroom. The assignment I was completing had something to do with how the teacher called on students. (number of times and all that) She overwhelmingly preferred the girls to the boys, but out of the girls, there were two who she called on constantly. I remember there was one little girl (whose father was one of my professors) who always had her hand raised, and the teacher all but ignored her. She got called on maybe twice as opposed to the two obvious favorites who were called on about 20 or so times. It really made me wonder about my own education in her classroom. Did she play favorites so heavily back then? It really tarnished the image I had of her growing up.

During my student teaching, and my substitute teaching a few years ago, I don't think I ever treated any of my students badly. Yes, there were times I wanted to really...do something to make them behave. Calling your students names is just wrong.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 27, 2006 3:30 pm (#1357 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 27, 2006 4:21 pm

When I was getting my teaching license I had a professor say every teacher should have to teach a class that is their worst subject. Then we would understand how students felt if they hated our subjects.

The drawback I see here is that the year ends up being a wash for the students who get stuck with a teacher in such a situation.

Puck, that is awful. You are right, LPO some people should not be teaching.

EDIT: Denise, that pic is so cool! My little guy is not yet at that stage.


Denise P. - Aug 27, 2006 3:39 pm (#1358 of 2976)  

I am whipped, my group ran 7 miles this morning. That is the longest distance I have run at one time. I finished in under 90 minutes so I was pretty pleased.

Iain and Mr. Denise have been working on a surprise for me and I put a picture of it behind my avatar. Keep in mind, this is the same kid in June who would not jump 2" from the deck into the pool.


Chemyst - Aug 27, 2006 4:04 pm (#1359 of 2976)  

THUNK. *sound of two milk cartons hitting*   A toast to an overdeveloped sense of justice.

Nathan, if my grandmother had known you, she would have told you to send college graduation announcements to those teachers.

Eponine, are we supposed to assume you were the teacher's pet in 4th grade and didn't know?

Congratulations to Iain on conquering his fear.


Eponine - Aug 27, 2006 4:21 pm (#1360 of 2976)  

Eponine, are we supposed to assume you were the teacher's pet in 4th grade and didn't know?

I doubt it. If I was, that position was probably taken from me when I got put in a row all by myself for talking too much. =) No, I have some vague memories of being hurt when I wasn't called on after having my hand raised FOREVER. I probably wasn't ignored as much as she did my professor's daughter, but I don't think I was a teacher's pet. (It was probably my friends who just happened to be the principal's twin daughters.)


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 27, 2006 5:19 pm (#1361 of 2976)  

Woaa Eponine! I just noticed that there are 2 people in your avatar!! Freakky looking!!

We have a girl in my grade who is probably the most talented person I know. And she has very little friends as she lets everyone know that she's a genius, to the point where she earned the name "little miss perfect". But the most annoying part is that the teachers always favor her. Mostly because she is a major suck-up. It makes me sick sometimes, the way she spends so much time in their rooms, and how all the teachers just lovee her. That's only because she doesn't act bratty to them. So I have to say I hate when teachers play favorites, it's just not fair. I got lucky this year and do not have "little Miss perfect" in any classes! YaY!


Julie Aronson - Aug 27, 2006 5:23 pm (#1362 of 2976)  

OK--movie review time:

Little Miss Sunshine is amazing! It's original, funny, and yes, cleverly executed. Go see it!


haymoni - Aug 27, 2006 5:52 pm (#1363 of 2976)  

Nathan Z - Good God!!! A pool on a student??? I could see a pool done on a student who got in trouble all the time, but on a student who needed help??? Obviously you did just fine on your own.

By the way, is that you in the pots & pans??? I think everyone has a picture like that.

I am both happy & sad that my bunnies staged a prison riot. I am happy because they were really smelly - they kept tipping over the water and then pooping all over the cage and stepping in it. I am sad because Hubby really wanted them to stay for 1 more week and it rained today. I was thinking about taking the rabbit chow and dumping a little bit of it in the thicket where I think they ran. I want to get up early tomorrow to see if I see them out and about.

When I was in college, they started letting the education majors do student teaching as sophomores. Apparently when they waited until they were seniors, there were too many that got turned off to teaching. Unfortunately, it was too late and they went into a career that they hated. At least as sophomores, they could change their majors and not waste any more time.


Eponine - Aug 27, 2006 6:05 pm (#1364 of 2976)  

When I was in college, they started letting the education majors do student teaching as sophomores. Apparently when they waited until they were seniors, there were too many that got turned off to teaching. Unfortunately, it was too late and they went into a career that they hated. At least as sophomores, they could change their majors and not waste any more time.

Oh, how I wish my school would have done something like that. I didn't realize that I didn't want to teach until I started student teaching. If I'd realized exactly what teaching entailed before my last semester of school, I'd have dropped the education aspect and just majored in straight English. As it is, I'm going to apply to graduate school for Library Science, and I have to take the GRE next month as I never took it when I graduated. (I took the PRAXIS instead). If more schools started doing that, then I think there would be a lot less teachers who hate their jobs.

Ginny, my avatar is of Elphaba and Galinda (later Glinda) from Wicked. It's an interesting take on The Wizard of Oz.


Puck - Aug 27, 2006 6:54 pm (#1365 of 2976)  

My college had us do a 40 hour practicum our sophomore year. We spent a few hours each week in an assigned class, for a total of 40. Junior year a week of reading and a week of math, plus a few other scattered lessons. Full time student teaching was last. I did know some people who realized senior year that they hated teaching, but how are you supposed to do your student teaching before you've had a chance to learn how to teach? I'm not sure I would have been ready for it my sophomore year -at all of 19 years old.

I never realized there was a second witch in that picture, either.

Welcome back, Finn!

Happy RotD!



Finn BV - Aug 27, 2006 7:35 pm (#1366 of 2976)  

Thanks Puck. Yes, I am back, and I did not toddle through all 528 posts, though I did read a little in from the date I left and yesterday's messages.

Lina, thankfully, I managed to catch your August 8 post. Thank you for your words. I don't think I deceived my parents, because this forum is a very special place -- it's not filled with online predators. I understand it, you understand it, but they can't because they're not Forumers. It would be quite difficult to get them on the Forum too, for various reasons. While my parents are secure with me being on the Forum, it's another thing to meet up with people met there. Sure, I knew I was safe at Radio City with my mom there, and that meeting up with the HHs and Gina and Herm oh ninny wouldn't have been dangerous -- because you are just other people like me, interested in Harry Potter who want to discuss it online, and who would be delighted to meet other people who discuss it at the same place as you. But my parents can't accept that connection, because they never grew up in an Internet age. Neither did you, and most other members of this Forum. But you found the forum before your kids did, and realized its acceptability/maturity/security (can't quite find the right word).

I hope you understand. Also, it seems many people missed word about Kate. I'm glad she's doing better, what happened? I'd love to get into the chat room with her there some time, it's been so long!

I know Wicked so I recognized the cover art…

Canada was so relaxing. I had nothing on my plate for all of last week (family reunions, funerals, golf tournaments in the first couple of days, though). I really enjoyed not having anything to do, and just having time to sit, read, do my logic puzzles (**waves to Kip -- I haven't been able to find PennyPress anywhere in the States and finally I found it in Niagara-on-the-Lake… hooray!!**), and spend time with family.

Now, back to the grind. We have preseason tomorrow for Cross-Country.

Enjoy the RotD!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 27, 2006 7:51 pm (#1367 of 2976)  

Ginny, my avatar is of Elphaba and Galinda (later Glinda) from Wicked. It's an interesting take on The Wizard of Oz. I've heard that's an awesome play! I want to see it. We may be going to NY in October, maybe I can see it then!

**WAVES to Finn!** Welcome back! glad you had a great time! BTW, I agree with your internet speech. I spent about a month reading this forum before actually joining and the main reason I joined was because I felt like it was really safe and some creep wouldn't try to hunt me down! But unfortunately my parents don't see it that way!

Time to go do math...bleggggggggggg!


Mediwitch - Aug 27, 2006 8:01 pm (#1368 of 2976)  

Well, you all have had a chatty weekend! I just popped in for a minute. (I'm on my mother's computer!) I wish some of the teachers I know could read the latest discussion; then again, they probably wouldn't realize it applied to them! (I also know some amazing teachers, fortunately.)

Eponine, I read Wicked this summer, and I really enjoyed it. Have you read Maguire's other books?


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 27, 2006 8:07 pm (#1369 of 2976)  

But my parents can't accept that connection, because they never grew up in an Internet age Finn

Welcome back Finn! Thus a new generation gap. You, Ginny, Tori and many others your age are digital natives, we are digital immigrants. A growing concern in education is how your generation thinks. You are excellent multi-taskers and because you have been exposed to so much information teachers are no longer the font of all knowledge. It is quite possible we are educating you for jobs that simply do not exist yet. Finn I'm really glad you clearly understand your parents perspective.

HHI, I agree it would be too unfair to the students. I think he really wanted us to think about it. LPO


Solitaire - Aug 27, 2006 8:31 pm (#1370 of 2976)  

Welcome back, Finn. I am glad you had a nice holiday. I feel sorry for your poor, old, decrepit parents who didn't grow up in the Internet age (and are probably younger than I am). I think teachers may be a little more open to the Net than some adults, because we have been encouraged from the start to become Net-savvy and educate our students to do the same.

As a teacher, though, I appreciate how careful parents must be with their teens and the Net. I've seen the careless way some kids behave online, and I can't blame any parent who keeps a tight rein there. More parents should know what their kids are doing online. Question: Has your mom ever perused the Forum? If she did, perhaps she would understand that Kip and the hosts take pains to keep it safe, secure, and family-friendly.

I hope everyone has a great week at school ... or enjoys those last, ephemeral days of summer vacation, as the case may be.



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 27, 2006 9:02 pm (#1371 of 2976)  

Haymoni, yes that is me in that picture I actually remember them taking that picture because, my mother's look was one of sheer amazement because some of those pots were quite heavy.

I also amazed my maternal grandmother when I was about that age. When I was about five years old, I was sitting up one morning watching cartoons. For some reason I was out of school when this happened because, I was visiting my grandparents who lived in San Antonio at the time.

My cartoons were interrupted by David Brinkley, announcing that President Sadat of Egypt had been assassinated. So I ran into my grandparents room at about seven A. M., shook her awake and told her that President Sadat of Egypt had been shot. She asked me "who in the world is Sadat?" After getting her and my grandfather up we watched the news coverage on A.B.C. (American Broadcasting Corporation's) coverage of the event together. When he was living, my grandfather used to tell everyone that story. I often wondered as I got older whether it filled him with sense of pride.


geauxtigers - Aug 27, 2006 9:05 pm (#1372 of 2976)  

Welcome back Finn! Glad you had a great time! As Ginny said, my parents are comfortable with me being on the forum but I'd never be allowed to me up with anyone via the internet. If I'd ever so much as ask, I'd never hear the end of it. I understand where they are coming from none the less.

Eponine! I never realized there were two people in that either! Now I can't see it with out seeing 2 people! Thats super cool!

You, Ginny, Tori and many others your age are digital natives, we are digital immigrants. Very true. It much easier to learn things when you are young, technology wise, than when you are older. IF you grow up with computers for example, you are generally more computer savy just because its always been there. It like trying to play a sport at 15, compared to someone who has been doing it since they were 3. So I can see why my parents, both "victims of technology" as we call it in our house, are less comfortable with the internet.

I should go start some homework...how did it get to be 11?! Maybe I'll just go to bed, I can always do it at lunch right?

More Healing charms to Kate! Can't wait to hear if she gets to come home tomorrow! Or today as its already tomorrow in Croatia!

Uggh! Tomorrow is Monday Better get some sleep its going to be a long week, I can feel it! But something to look forward to Saturday.......................................!

5 days, 21 hours and 2 minutes!!!!

Night everyone!


Finn BV - Aug 27, 2006 9:19 pm (#1373 of 2976)  

Soli: No, she hasn't, most likely because she trusts just being on it in the first place, and, there would be no other reason why she'd have to check it. Meaning, why would I show it to her if she doesn't distrust it now, and if she doesn't need to trust it anymore? I don't know if I'm getting across my point. Basically, she would ask why I'm trying to show the safety of the forum if she trusts it, to a point, already.


Tazzygirl - Aug 27, 2006 10:07 pm (#1374 of 2976)  

Nathan- That's a cute picture! Interesting how you remembered it too!

I was going to post an avatar of my brother, sister, and me when we were at the age of climbing into each other's cribs, because the expressions on our faces were too funny. But the avatar is too small (I tried yesterday) so you don't really see the expressions. Oh well. I'll try and work on it some more.

Interesting stories of horrible teachers and stuff today. My sister had a teacher in second grade that would bring my sister up to the front of the class every morning to tease her. I was walking down the hall one day, and I actually saw the teacher slap my sister a couple times and tell her she was ugly and stupid. I called my mom two seconds later (I pretended like I was sick so I could call from the office) and my sister was soon transferred to another class. She was only in that one teacher's class for a month, maybe. It caused her to hate school after that.

I've heard of Wicked, just never read the book...

Hope Kate is home, Lina! (It's Monday for you!)

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Madam Pince - Aug 27, 2006 11:11 pm (#1375 of 2976)  

Nathan, I am absolutely stunned that any of your teachers could possibly think that you might not graduate, cerebral palsy or not! After reading your posts on this Forum, it is patently obvious that you are extremely intelligent, and how anyone could think otherwise is beyond me. I agree that you should've sent a college graduation announcement to each and every one of them. Hmph. (There goes that overdeveloped sense of justice again.) And by the way, I love your picture of cute little Nathan in the pots and pans!

Well, thanks guys for the pats on the back, but I never really thought of my high school "milk-carton incident" as taking guts. I guess I was just completely sure I was in the right, and so it never occurred to me to do anything else. (Plus, I was really really really mad. I will normally put up with an obscene amount of grief before I get angry, but the five or six times in my life when I have done so have been fairly spectacular. ) I usually just think, "Hey, what's the worst they could do to me?" and it's never much, so I go ahead. (***THUNKS*** back to Chemyst) Puck, the other students were more in shock than hysterics, but I think you're right that the other teachers were probably snickering. It is just flat-out wrong for a teacher to make fun of a student, period. Joking with a student is one thing; making fun is entirely another.

Which makes me think of your "miss smarty pants," Ginny. Maybe she hangs out with the teachers because her fellow students call her names or make fun of her? You said "...all the teachers just love her. That's only because she doesn't act bratty to them." – hmmmm... how very odd of them! I don't mean to lecture, but it might be worth your while to try to be nice to her sometimes and give her a chance to talk with peers rather than just the teachers. (Am I being too "Pollyanna-ish"? I swear I am not glaring severely over my rose-colored reading glasses – really!)

Marie, I know nothing about rabbits, but neutering did not help with my cat's spraying when I had him – in fact it got worse. The vet said that was pretty normal, but I don't know.

Welcome home, Finn! Glad you had a relaxing week at Niagara! I haven't been able to find PennyPress anywhere in the States and finally I found it in Niagara-on-the-Lake... Ah, but have you located the wooly-headed Canon Pennyfather yet, missing from Bertram's Hotel? Thanks to your reference, I just finished a re-read of that one – it was enjoyable because I didn't remember it in the least from before, but I thought it was unusually predictable for Agatha. Not her best work.

Woo-hoo on Iain's swimming bravado! That is a great picture, Denise!

I never noticed the second witch in Eponine's avatar, either. Hmmm... Are you sure you didn't just change it?

I don't usually watch TV or movie awards shows, but I was ironing and there was nothing else on, so I watched the Emmys tonight. Random thoughts:
Congrats to the Brits on cleaning up for Elizabeth I!
Jeremy Irons should've been Voldemort.
I am still cracking up at Hurley's line in Conan's opening skit "Dude, we kinda weren't invited."
Helen Mirren looked stunning! Elegance personified!
Candice Bergen's outfit was horrendous. Bleah...
Also still laughing at Stephen Colbert "I lost to Copacabana!"
Oh, almost forgot! Helen Mirren's comment at the start of her acceptance speech after she came up the steps "...without falling" in a not-Forum-friendly-but-oh-so-British way -- hysterically funny!

It was a pretty good show overall. Conan's song-and-dance about NBC's misfortunes was too funny! Mr. Pince is miffed that the suits of The Amazing Race didn't mention him in their thank-you / acceptance speech for winning "Best Reality Competition Show," because as he said, "They'd be nothing without me -- nothing, I tell you!"

Lina, hope Kate is home today! Hope everyone has a great week!


The giant squid - Aug 28, 2006 12:27 am (#1376 of 2976)  

Helen Mirren's comment at the start of her acceptance speech after she came up the steps "...without falling" in a not-Forum-friendly-but-oh-so-British way -- hysterically funny!--Madame Pince

I quite agree. Seeing this proper British woman (dressed elegantly, I might add), winning an award for portraying a monarch no less, using that phrase was hilarious. Actually, I thought the show was well-paced, in that just when it started to get too stuffy/political/boring something funny happened. Conan did very well for himself, and I can't wait to see his show & The Daily Show tomorrow night.

Denise, I hope you didn't have nine children just to make a living model of the solar system--Viola Intonada

Well, I'm sure Rhys will be quite happy to run around crazily as a "rogue planetoid."

Little Miss Sunshine is amazing! It's original, funny, and yes, cleverly executed. Go see it!--Julie Aronson

I have to agree with this as well. I described this as "The most upbeat depressing movie I've ever seen." It's rare to find a film about a group of, well, losers that you can still leave feeling good about.

On the other hand, I recommend against seeing Idlewild, unless you're a fan of the group Outkast. The story's not that original, the acting is all over the place (some of it is great, others not so much). Basically, it boils down to a 2-hour extended music video.



Regan of Gong - Aug 28, 2006 3:12 am (#1377 of 2976)  

Finn! You're back. Knew something was missing...

I 'spose there's just some kids like that Ginny. Sometimes I much prefer to talk with people older than me at school. Our class makes me angry sometimes.

I love the Amazing race as well. Our last season was the one with hippies winning. I love the hippies. Heard a rumour about a series with teams of four.

Better late than never; avatar of me with Chook, my ferret, with some cool Picasa editing. The hat's a joke, although I quite like it. I'm not allowed to wear it at school, as it's got no brim. It's weird logic, as opposed to no hat at all. (See you Jimmy hat).


azi - Aug 28, 2006 4:13 am (#1378 of 2976)  

Love the hat, Regan!

Welcome back Finn!

Hey, some of us were the teacher's favourites in school! It's not our fault we're perfectly behaved, amazingly intelligent kids in the view from their rose-tinted glasses. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042  It comes in useful as well - you can quietly break rules and get away with it. Especially on uniform. I didn't have any friends in first school, I hung around by myself and with the adult supervisors. I don't remember minding doing that - I hated everyone in my year in that school (all 9 of them). All they talked to me for was to find out the answers to their work and to tease me for wearing glasses, being a swot, being so pale, being rubbish at sports...the list goes on. I resented that. They complained I was always chosen to do everything 'extra' by the teacher's in middle school, which was actually true. It's not my fault they spent all their time gossiping and not working, while I did my work. For activites such as setting up for shows, teachers want people who'll get the work done, not slackers.

I was the favourite of one teacher in high school and I barely knew her. All she did was take the class register a few times, but for some reason she kept smiling and talking to me on the corridors. When she found out I hated high school and was going to a college for A-levels, she glared at me in the corridors instead, and ignored me in tutorials. An amazing fall from grace there.

While we're on movie reviews, what's Severence like? I've been invited to go and see it, but need to know if it's worth the taxi price I'd have to pay to get home.

Helen Mirren...am I right in thinking she was in Channel 4's Shameless? I seem to remember being surprised at how different the two roles were - royalty and a run-down council estate.

Ah well, better get going...it's already afternoon!


Chemyst - Aug 28, 2006 5:20 am (#1379 of 2976)  

...and because you have been exposed to so much information teachers are no longer the font of all knowledge.

Well, really! When were they ever?   If I hadn't managed to learn more than I was taught, I'd be in a miserable state today.

As a kid, I got used to teachers selling me short and not giving me credit for stuff I had learned. As an adult, I dislike the patronizing kids who sell me short and don't give me credit for the stuff I have learned to keep up with.

I love the clarification of what "teaching" should be from Wind in the Willows, chapter 11. I posted this a couple years ago, but we've added a lot of new folks to the forum since then:

   The Toad, having finished his breakfast, picked up a stout stick and swung it vigorously, belabouring imaginary animals. `I'll learn 'em to steal my house!' he cried. `I'll learn 'em, I'll learn 'em!'

   `Don't say "learn 'em," Toad,' said the Rat, greatly shocked. `It's not good English.'

   `What are you always nagging at Toad for?' inquired the Badger, rather peevishly. `What's the matter with his English? It's the same what I use myself, and if it's good enough for me, it ought to be good enough for you!'

   `I'm very sorry,' said the Rat humbly. `Only I think it ought to be "teach 'em," not "learn 'em."'

   `But we don't want to teach 'em,' replied the Badger. `We want to learn 'em--learn 'em, learn 'em! And what's more, we're going to do it, too!'


Puck - Aug 28, 2006 5:46 am (#1380 of 2976)  

LOL at Frog and Toad. Must get that book from the library to read to the kiddies.

The Emmy's were on? Drat! Missed it. I should go see if Melissa and Joan are dishing about dresses on the tele this morning...

LOng night. Baby up from about 2:30 to 5am. She got spoiled when we were away. (We sat and rocked her forever if she woke during the night, as she was in an unfamiliar space. Now, she wants that to continue.)

I should go get baby up. We have to drive North to pick up are siblings today.

Happy RotD,



Steve Newton - Aug 28, 2006 6:02 am (#1381 of 2976)  

Kate's coming home today? Great news!


CatherineHermiona - Aug 28, 2006 7:45 am (#1382 of 2976)  

Hi, everyone!

I'm home! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I'm finally home! Last two weeks were pretty... bad. I want to thank you all on your healing charms and everything else. Doctor says I'm recovering really quick, considering what happened to me. They say I had that... whatever it is since I was born. They say it's a wonder I lived 13 years without it causing any major problems. Well, it caused some minor problems in the past, but we just now found out what it was about.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to talking to all of you. It's been way more than two weeks since I last visited anything besides chat room and Chat Room thread on this forum. I'll use it as an excuse to come back because now I had the excuse for not following the thread. Well, I'm back now!



Lilly P - Aug 28, 2006 7:55 am (#1383 of 2976)  

Welcome back Finn! and, Welcome home Kate!

Well mark me down in the category of not realizing there were 2 witches in Eponine's Avatar.

I drank too much coffee this morning and am having an entirely un-slacker-like bout of motivation so I am making homeade salsa from all of our tomatoes in the garden! I also did 2 loads of laundry and mopped the kitchen! Someone please help! There must be something wrong with me! I'm part of the slacker club! Maby I should see the doctor, I should be outside lounging on a chair doing crochet while I watch Annemarie do all the work jumping on the trampoline!

Anyway.... Mike- I'm sad to hear about Idylwild I love that era and am always looking for movies depicting it.

**toddles off wondering if I go for a roller blade ride, I can burn off all of this caffeine?**


Eponine - Aug 28, 2006 8:45 am (#1384 of 2976)  

I have to ask. Which witch did you all see?


haymoni - Aug 28, 2006 8:48 am (#1385 of 2976)  

At first I saw the black witch and then I noticed the eye on the white witch and "Duh!" it's "Wicked" so the white witch had to be Glinda.


Denise P. - Aug 28, 2006 9:19 am (#1386 of 2976)  

I never noticed the white witch. Of course, I never noticed Tomoe's avatar winking at me either...


Tazzygirl - Aug 28, 2006 9:42 am (#1387 of 2976)  

Really quick, as my ride is coming to get me as we speak!

Regan- I loved the hippies too! I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Love the hat!

WELCOME HOME, KATE!!! Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Hope you all have a fabulous RotD/N!



azi - Aug 28, 2006 9:58 am (#1388 of 2976)  

Welcome home, and back to the forum, Kate!


Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2006 10:36 am (#1389 of 2976)  

It comes in useful as well - you can quietly break rules and get away with it. –azi

Or do things like, say, pour milk on gym teachers' heads... Quite useful, indeed!

***waves furiously at Kate*** Welcome home! So glad you're better!

It was the white witch I missed, also. It took a long time for me to see Tomoe's avatar winking, too, Denise. Didn't she alter that, though? I thought she originally used it just static, and then she got to playing around with it and made it wink. I can't remember.

Regan, lovely hat. If you ever get to go to Ascot you'll be all set. Now I definitely have a different mental picture of you than the pink hoodie. (And yes, the episode of Amazing Race that you're still waiting to see is the one with teams of four -- all families -- and it's the season that won the Emmy for this past year here. It's the one where Mr. Pince was a background artist for about a 10-minute segment in one of the tasks. Conventional wisdom felt that that particular season was fairly boring in comparison with other seasons, because they stayed mostly within the U.S. due to there being family members with children competing. But it still won the Emmy, so who knows...)

I see there's been some flak on the news today about the opening segment of the Emmys which featured Conan O'Brian in a "spoof" of the airplane crash that starts the TV series Lost. Given the very sad events of the plane crash just that same morning in Kentucky where 49 people died, I must admit that I cringed at first, too, about the unfortunate timing. It must have been very difficult to watch for those who lost loved ones, if in fact they were watching. I hope not.

Mike, you're right -- I think it was the elegant, stately appearance of Helen Mirren that really contributed to her "line." When Calista Flockhart repeated it shortly thereafter, it had completely lost its "oomph."

Have you seen Invincible? I thought it looked good. But then I'm a sucker for those emotional sports movies like Hoosier and For Love of the Game and Miracle and The Rookie and ... well... you get the idea...

We got the dead tree cut down today that was technically in our neighbor's yard, but almost right on our line. It was a completely toasted Leland Cypress which would've gone up like a matchstick if any spark had come near it, which was why we were so nervous. I had asked the neighbors a couple times if they were going to do something, but they hadn't, so we finally did. So then of course they tell us they were getting a tree guy to come this week. Oh well.

I watered the outside shrubs which were looking very sad, and Mr. Pince washed the car, so we should be guaranteed to get some rain. I don't think we've had a really good rain since June, and everything is parched.

Found a very strange bug outside today -- it's about an inch long, and kind of furry, and it looks either like an ant or maybe a wingless wasp (I don't think it has wings but I didn't really get close enough yet to see -- it still looked dangerous.) The odd thing is that it's bright, bright red -- like stop-light red. I've never seen anything like it. We caught it, and I'll research it later I suppose. We had just cleared out a wasp's nest in the area, and I wondered if it was some sort of exotic wasp queen or something?

Off to enjoy our last week of the swimming pool -- everyone have a great day!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 28, 2006 11:02 am (#1390 of 2976)  

Madam Pince, google cow killer and let me know if thats what you found. Welcome back Kate and Finn.


Steve Newton - Aug 28, 2006 11:13 am (#1391 of 2976)  

Madam Pince, I think that TBE is right. You have seen elusive velvet ant. Sometimes called the cow killer or the mule killer. Its actually a wasp. One of the sexes can fly, can't remember which. I would recommend trying not to get stung. You might not want to know why they are called cow killers.

They are spectacular looking, though. I saw one walking across my back yard maybe 10 years ago. Very memorable. Try putting 'velvet ant' into the altavista image search and I think that you will be amazed at the pictures.


kaykay1970 - Aug 28, 2006 11:16 am (#1392 of 2976)  

Welcome home Kate! I'm glad you’re feeling better!


The giant squid - Aug 28, 2006 12:00 pm (#1393 of 2976)  

Some quick hits:

Welcome back, Finn!

Welcome home, Kate!! It's good to hear that you're recovering quickly, and things are going well. There's nothing like a medical scare to ruin the end of your summer...

Regan: nice hat, cobber.

Lilly P.: They actually got the period stuff down pretty well. The music is only slightly anacronistic, so you still might like it. I folks eithout a predilection for the period or the stars/band probably won't enjoy it as much, though.

Madame Pince: I hadn't heard anything about a plane crash in Kentucky. And while it is tragic, it's also unrealistic to expect NBC to completely change their planned opening (something that likely took weeks or months to prepare) at the last minute. Are we going to start protesting Lost because the premise is that they crashed?

As for Calista's attempt to follow up on Helen Mirren's line, it might have worked if she hadn't flubbed it.



haymoni - Aug 28, 2006 12:10 pm (#1394 of 2976)  

I don't know what it is about Calista - she just makes me cringe.

And no, she bothered me BEFORE she started dating Harrison Ford.

That just made her bother me even more! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042


Ginerva Potter - Aug 28, 2006 12:16 pm (#1395 of 2976)  

Madame Pince - the website under my name has several pictures of that cow killer. The female is the one without wings and has a very long stinger! I've never heard of those before and I hope they don't live by me!

:shudders: I hate bugs!



Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2006 12:25 pm (#1396 of 2976)  

Thanks, guys, that is exactly what it is -- a cow killer or velvet ant! Very pretty, but I'm glad we didn't let it sting us! Mr. Pince actually stepped on in (very lightly) before I put it in a jar, so it didn't get squished much, but I think it's dead now. I called our state extension office and they are very interested in seeing it, so into the freezer it goes! Hmmmm... wonder if there are more of them? Constant Vigilance! The one good thing about it is that the color really makes it "jump" out at you -- it was very easy to see against the black driveway.

The other problem Calista had, Mike, is that she couldn't exactly trip over the same things Helen could, if you catch my meaning. LOL, Haymoni -- she bothers me too! Obviously I don't know her at all, but I just can't see her with Indiana Jones, I'm sorry.

I see what you mean about the plane crash skit, Mike, and it did lead up to what I thought was the night's funniest line. I still thought maybe they could've trimmed just a few seconds of showing the plane tossing around with alarms going off and such, though. They still could've gotten the joke across without touching quite so many nerves maybe. But granted, it was very short notice to be working on something like that.


Finn BV - Aug 28, 2006 1:20 pm (#1397 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 28, 2006 1:55 pm

Ooh, Madam P, I haven't really gotten too far on Bertram's… **frustrated** Glad I sparked a reread, though!

Great avatar Regan!

Frog and Toad, Puck? That's The Wind in the Willows! (But F&T is good too… )

Kate, welcome home! Hope to visit you in the chat some time soon!

We started Cross-Country training today. Whew! Exhausting work. And we ran in the rain too…

Anyway, US Open started today. Better change my avatar…

EDIT: This would be the crash Madam P referred to.


Mediwitch - Aug 28, 2006 3:08 pm (#1398 of 2976)  

Just sneaking in for a quick "hello" before dinner! **waves all around**

Welcome home, Kate!!!

First day of school tomorrow ! (No kids until next Tuesday, though.)


geauxtigers - Aug 28, 2006 3:20 pm (#1399 of 2976)  

Wow I tell ya! One school day and you get so behind! We got to swim in the school pool today. I wish we hadn't, its still green, but there is tons of chlorine, I mean tons. I kept hitting the wall because it kept sneaking up on me. She was telling us we had to do flip turn every time, well there were a couple of times that I started to turn and realized I was about 2 inches from the wall. It was gross, hopefully it'll be better tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to see 6 inches in front of me

Ginny. Maybe she hangs out with the teachers because her fellow students call her names or make fun of her? She has friends, don't get me wrong, and she is very nice. I've had long conversations with her and we could be talking about the weather and she can turn it into how she got a 100 on such and such test. Its aggravating and she gets all the awards every year. They give awards for the people who try the hardest and show the most interest, and when she gets them, lost of people are upset because as deserving as she may be, there are plenty of other people who deserve it just as much. The teachers don't look at it from the students view. Its just aggravating, because she does deserve it I just wish they'd spread the wealth.

Regan I love your avatar! That is too funny! Chook is so cute!

Azi, I agree, getting on a teachers good side is very helpful! I know there are some teachers I can untuck my shirt or openly chew gum in front of and not get in trouble. My thinking is they people who always get caught, get caught because teachers are looking for them to do something wrong, so if only slip up a few times, you don't get caught

WELCOME BACK KATE!!!! Glad you are better! I see you wasted no time getting back on the forum

I only saw the green/black witch!

Well I was really dumb this weekend and didn't even un-zip my booksack, so I'm way behind on homework. I need to get going and wash this chlorine out my hair too or it will turn green...

Have a great day everyone!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 28, 2006 3:43 pm (#1400 of 2976)  

Welcome back Kate!!! So glad you are feeling better!

but it might be worth your while to try to be nice to her sometimes and give her a chance to talk with peers rather than just the teachers.

She's nice but in small doses. She's the person who gets her test back with 150% and sees the teacher hand you yours, knowing that it's not going to be a 150% and then asks "so what did you get?  I got a 150%."   That's what's so annoying about her. And like Tori says, she gets all the awards every year. We counted last year and she got about 15 if I remember correctly. One for every subject plus a few. We all think that we need to get her a chair on stage so she doesn't have to walk back to her seat after each one. It's frustrating because she may be interested in every subject, but there are tons of people who are really interested in those same subjects yet she still gets that award..and then the ones for being the smartest as well. GRRR!

Yes, the pool is pretty nasty, still green and murky, but without the fuzzy algae! YUCK! It's still some what a science experiment.

Love the hat Regan!! LOL somehow that fits your personality perfectly! There gonna taste gggrrreaaattt! Yeah thanks for that one! LOL

Tons to do tonight....better go! have a great RotD everyone!
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Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 28, 2006 3:45 pm (#1401 of 2976)  

Kate, I am glad to hear you are feeling better, and are back at home.


Mediwitch - Aug 28, 2006 6:29 pm (#1402 of 2976)  

Back home now, whew! I hate traveling right before beginning school.

I forgot to say earlier that I saw both witches, but I am familiar with the graphic.

Off to the threads before school cuts my time significantly! NOOOOOO!!


Puck - Aug 28, 2006 7:17 pm (#1403 of 2976)  

Welcome home, Kate!!!

All my cherubs are home in their own beds. They had fun with Nana and their cousins. My brother brought them to the fire station and let my son wear his hat and jacket. Very exciting. Now I have to get them back into eating fruits & veggies and drinking milk. That's what Nana's are for - buying you the Cocoa Krispies that Mom refuses to let you have for breakfast. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

Okay, I need to clean the kitchen. Babysitter coming so Mr. Puck can go to his meeting and I can see the dentist to get this darn tooth fixed.

Happy RotD!



Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2006 7:25 pm (#1404 of 2976)  

Oooo, Ginny and Tori, you're right -- somebody who asks "What did you get? I got such-and-such..." is really annoying. Oh well, sounds like she's just got a low-self-esteem problem and she has to pump herself up all the time to reassure herself how great she is. Mr. Pince has a cousin like that who is a royal pain in the tuckus. Anything anyone accomplishes, he has already done it better. Nobody ever goes to visit his family anymore.

LOL, Puck, about the grandparents and the sweets! For the longest time Little P had never even had candy -- I would give him those fruit-snack thingys for special treats and he loved them and thought that was all there was. Then he spent a weekend at his Pop-Pop's and came home and said "Guess what, Mom? I had some caaannnndyyyy!!"

Poor Mediwitch! ***comforting pats*** Good luck to everyone starting back to school!


Mediwitch - Aug 28, 2006 7:37 pm (#1405 of 2976)  

Hehe, Kathy, about the candy and grandparents! My 3-and-a-half-year-old niece spent the night at my parents' house last night also. She is a picky eater, and my mother attempted to bribe her into eating something for breakfast by offering her left-over chocolate cake from the party as a reward! I, of course, lost no time in reminding my mother that she would NEVER have let us eat chocolate cake for breakfast when we were kids. My step-father then proceeded to pull out the chocolate chip cookies and eat one. We each get our digs in in our own way!


Holly T. - Aug 28, 2006 7:40 pm (#1406 of 2976)  

Welcome Home Kate!!

Welcome back Finn!

Good luck with school everyone!

Well, testifying in court for my friend was interesting. It was kind of like my dissertation defense in that I gave answers that were all right but thought of much better answers later.

Have a great RotD!


Mediwitch - Aug 28, 2006 7:45 pm (#1407 of 2976)  

Oh, Holly, that can't have been an enjoyable experience! I hope everything goes as well as possible for your friend.


Tazzygirl - Aug 28, 2006 7:49 pm (#1408 of 2976)  

I've seen those cow killer ants before! Squashed it with my shoe though. I've had too many experiences with the fire ant from the South to trust any ant after that.

**healing charms to Puck's tooth**

Student teaching was awesome today- managed to observe kindergarten, first, second, third, and fifth grade classes today. Kindergarten had writing assessments, and it was interesting to see how the kiddies were writing and stuff. Backwards N's and R's and S's.

It was too cute- when I was leaving the school, two little girls and one mom were sitting outside a classroom talking. I walked by them, and one of the little girls says, "Look! That's our writing teacher!" I've only been in her class for 20 minutes, and she was referring to me as the 'writing teacher'. The mom started asking questions, and I had to explain I was a student teacher, and had been helping another teacher give an assessment. She was impressed.



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 28, 2006 7:51 pm (#1409 of 2976)  

My Grannie still gives me sweets when I go to her house. She has a candy dish with those orange gummy slices and they sit there for so long that they get really stale, which is how I like them best! YUM!!! She always has ice cream and such in her freezer even though she can't eat it (she's diabetic) I just lovvveee it! Some things never change.

Anything anyone accomplishes, he has already done it better. Nobody ever goes to visit his family anymore. Madame Pince

Yepp that's pretty much how she is. My grandma can be like that at times. We have a joke about it in our family, but as it's not exactly forum friendly, so I'll subsitute the offenssive word with "cat": If you told her that your cat was purple, she'd tell you that her cat is purple with pink polka dots or that she knows someone who's cat is purple with pink polka dots. If you'd like to use your imagination, about this substitute "cat" with a four letter word beginning with "s" and ending in "t" Yes, verrrryyyy annoying!

I did my intro paragraph for my Beowulf paper. It sounds pretty good to me, but I guess I'll find out how good it is tomorrow in class.

Now on to vocabulary! Oh joy!

EDIT: Cross posted with Kristina

Glad you had a great time. I think you're going to be a great teacher!

I hate fire ants.....I'm somewhat allergic to them so when they bite me I end up with welts the size of a quarter. Not funn at alll.


Finn BV - Aug 28, 2006 8:02 pm (#1410 of 2976)  

Charms with the dentist, Kathy!

Holly, good luck to your friend! I hope everything turns out for the best with your friend.

Kristina, glad to see you're getting recognized by the kids!

Oooh, I HATE HATE HATE when people ask me what grade I got. Often times I'm the "standard" for the good grade, so if I got, say, a 94 -- an excellent grade -- and somebody else gets a 95, they just start jumping for joy. It's so annoying. I finally just stopped answering the question, and instead I give this answer now: "I'm not telling you how well I did. I did quite well" (always say this even if you didn't ) "but if I got a bad grade, I would tell you and you'd suspect something. So I'm not telling anything anymore." Or something along those lines. It works.

Did anybody watch the dedication of the USTA National Tennis Center to Billie Jean King tonight? Really inspiring.

Agassi just pulled out the second set against Pavel. They're tied at a set apiece. And to Lina and Kate, truly sorry about Ljubicic… though Roddick and Davenport advanced!!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 28, 2006 8:14 pm (#1411 of 2976)  

LOL Finn, when she asks me my grade I pretend I don't hear her. The only people I tell my grade to are my close friends and such. We generally get the same grades, and I know they aren't going to judge me based on that. Other than that, I don't tell. It's none of their business! (that one works well too!)


geauxtigers - Aug 28, 2006 8:26 pm (#1412 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 28, 2006 9:05 pm

Oooh, I HATE HATE HATE when people ask me what grade I got.

Finn, I'm with you on that one. Its one thing if its my best friend or something, but if some random person asks me whether I did well or not, I just think its a bit rude. Thats personal, I'd rather not share my grades. Chemistry last year was like that. I was in honors and really struggled to pull a B the whole year. I failed pretty much all the tests and quizzes and it upset me that the rest of the class was passing with total ease. Most teachers don't allow us to say our grades. I'm so glad I'm not in chemistry, now its just physics I've got to worry about...

I'm glad you had a great time today, Kristina!

okay so my friend, the chinese exchange student, IMed me and wanted to play "Harry Potter Triva" I said okay, even though I still have to write my thesis paragraph for Beowulf, I totally beat her! She kept saying, "dude you good at this Harry Potter stuff" They were easy questions though She managed to answer most of mine, though at the end confessed to asking someone else the answers. LOL she cracks me up!

Okay I need to go now, lots to do!

EDIT: Basically she asks me a question, I answer and then ask her one. It more of a challenge for her too see if she can stump me than anything. She hasn't been able to get me yet. When she isn't quizzing me, she tries to get me to tell her what happens in HBP so she doesn't have to read it. My lips are sealed, I'm not ruining it for her!

EDIT 2: Ha ha Finn, same here, no one listens to it even though 9/10 teachers don't allow you to do that

EDIT 3: Ha ha Nathan, I'd be in trouble, I'm a big question asker myself LOL At least you could be close to an "insufferable know-it-all" ha ha about the men in black!

Oh and I almost forget, before I go to bed....4 days, 21 hours and 10 minutes until kick-off!! **walks off singing 'hey fightin' tigers....**


Tazzygirl - Aug 28, 2006 8:29 pm (#1413 of 2976)  

Thanks Ginny, Tori, and Finn! I am glad too!

Tori- what HP trivia game can you play on IM?!?! **getting excited**

Off to clean out my car. Considering it hasn't been cleaned out since Christmas, I might find something that could beat Maria's creature! (probably not though, as my car doesn't stink. It's just dusty. )



Finn BV - Aug 28, 2006 8:33 pm (#1414 of 2976)  

Well, you're not supposed to tell your grades at my school, but the entire student body is notorious for not obeying this rule.


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 28, 2006 8:41 pm (#1415 of 2976)  

Tori, Ginny and Finn at least your teachers do not put a limit on the number of questions you can ask or answer per week. I had a professor in university who limited me to five questions and answers a week. He said I asked too many and even though I was well liked, I was, in his word, “insufferable.” This was the professor who nicknamed my two friends and I The Men in Black or La Mafia depending on his mood because, one day by sheer luck we all turned up for class wearing all black.


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 28, 2006 9:10 pm (#1416 of 2976)  

Our teachers tell us that we can never ask too many questions. I'm glad they tell us that as I'm a big time question asker and the answer is usually obvious....

Night everyone! I'm going to bed and it's only 11:10 I'm seriously impressed with myself!


Finn BV - Aug 28, 2006 9:48 pm (#1417 of 2976)  

Hmm, interesting, Nathan. Like Ginny, teachers never limit/prohibit questions, though they might ask you to wait until they finish because usually they answer them during their talk.

Though once, when people started asking a ton of questions about a test, a teacher limited the questions each person could ask to five. Usually, I don't ask questions about a test, but this one had quite a few errors or unclear instructions, and you always want to make sure you're doing the right thing! It was unfair. But five questions and answers a week?


Herm oh ninny - Aug 28, 2006 10:54 pm (#1418 of 2976)  

I always annoy my professors with tons of questions. I am slightly obsessive and want to know exactly what is expected for all my assignments. My one professor, who is also my advisor, started making out rubrics for all of her assignments because she was tired of my 1000 questions!

Finn- what channel is broadcasting the tennis matches? We switched from Satellite to digital cable at the new house and we now have like 300 channels(and I don't know any of them because I'm used to the Satellite. On the plus side, POA was playing on 4 different channels today! )


Winky Woo - Aug 28, 2006 11:57 pm (#1419 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 29, 2006 12:55 am

What a chatty bunch! I have been coming on and reading tons of posts, and then running out of time so post anything of my own, then thinking I'll do it next time, but of course there is about another zillion posts again so the vicious circle starts again!

So just a very quick Image hosted by ImageShack

The wedding plans are quite advanced, Invites made,  dress ordered, cake made, favours made, photographer booked, venue and meal/drinks/accommodation booked, but alas I am still in the procrastinators camp as I have a wonderful sister who adores organising things, she just asked what I wanted and went ahead and did it all! (Well I did go to the bridal shop for the dress, there are just some things that you have to do for yourself! I'll post a link in my profile to it)

I know there is lots I wanted to say but I haven't got time as I must get ready for work!

Take care everyone

Love Winky x x x


Regan of Gong - Aug 28, 2006 11:59 pm (#1420 of 2976)  

We've got a girl in our class who's like that. If the teacher offers to read the scores out for those who want them, and the others to say pass, she'll always say pass. We all know she's most likely topped the class, so it seems a little arrogant to pass on her score. As confusing as this sounds, it's most of the class' sentiments.

It's also annoying when people harp on and on about beating you. I'm towards the top of the class, but my maths isn't reallly an O, more an E, and people go on and on about beating me in a test. Admittedly, most of them are being tutored privately after the half-yearly, and I usually bypass heavy studying for topic tests, but it still annoys me.

Just made a terrible batch of popcorn on the stove. I managed to burn it while reading the Forum, so I got a yield of under 50%. Popcorn everywhere, and Mum's just got home. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 3906177977

Off to do the homework I should've done for today-



Snuffles - Aug 29, 2006 1:08 am (#1421 of 2976)  

Welcome home Kate, I'm glad you are feeling so much better

Love the avatar Regan.

Welcome back Finn, glad you had a great holiday.

Put me down as someone who didn't see two witches on Eponine's avatar. I only saw the black picture not the white.

Hope the tooth is better Kathy.

Went to pictures on Sunday to see You, Me and Dupree. I don't think I have laughed so much in ages. Owen Wilson just cracks me up. I highly recommend it, plus it took me back to my Matt Dillon crush days :sigh:

Thank goodness for bank holidays. I love 4 day weeks

I know I have forgotten to say some things....

Happy Tuesday



CatherineHermiona - Aug 29, 2006 2:25 am (#1422 of 2976)  

Thanks, everybody!

I'm glad to hear you had a great time, Kristina! I'm sure you'll be a great teacher!

We have a student in our class. For example, when you are questioned (?) on History or Geography, where he sits in first line, right next to the teacher, if he knows the answer and pays attention (which is often so, especially when teacher is questioning), you can be sure you won't have chance to answer a question because he will do so, even without teacher's allowance I hope you'll understand the sentence above... He sits with one other student, also very good student. Without me, they are only excellent students in our grade. That other student often asks me about my grade, and I ask him back, or reversed. That is sort of a routine. Not a competition or something. Of course I'm glad when I'm better than him. It anyways mostly depends on a point or half a point. Or more when it comes to English... But the first student almost jumps of joy if he's better than me... Other students also do so, most of them. Some of them, on the other side, can't believe it, especially when it comes to Maths. I often don't answer questions about my grades, but just ask them the same question. But that all is if the teacher doesn't read the grades first.

School starts in few days (September 4). I still don't know if I'll go, I'll see tomorrow when I must go to the hospital again to be dismissed because I'm officially still in hospital.

Have a nice day, everyone!



The giant squid - Aug 29, 2006 5:10 am (#1423 of 2976)  

Anyway, US Open started today. Better change my avatar…

Well, both Roddick & Agassi advance to round 2. I'm glad Andre didn't go out in the first round of his last Open. Herm-oh-ninny, it's being broadcast on USA this year. They actually moved WWE RAW to the Sci-Fi channel because the tennis schedule conflicted.

Madame Pince: isn't that what grandparents are for--to spoil their grandkids with candy and noisy toys?

Tazzy, it sounds like you've made an impression already. Lucky for you it was a good one! Sounds like you're off to a good start.

I don't remember anyone in my classes that was obnoxious about their grades...so it was probably me. Although by my senior year most of my classes were with people just as nerdy advanced as me, so it evened out. Our Advanced Physics class was particularly fun...there was only one physics teacher in the whole school, so everyone in the advanced class had already had him as a teacher. We knew just how far we could push him... I actually had that teacher for three different classes (he taught Advanced Chemistry as well--hey, I said I was a nerd!).


EDIT: OMG!! I'm actually on-line the same time as my sister! And the universe will implode in 3...2...1...


Marie E. - Aug 29, 2006 5:11 am (#1424 of 2976)  

Welcome home, Kate! I'm sure you'll get some more time to rest before starting school. Time to catch up on the forum, right?

I saw one of those velvet ants in Statesboro, Georgia. One of them stung a child at a daycare I worked at. I gathered from the child's reaction that the sting was quite painful.

I have been called for jury duty today. Last time I went I was a stay-at-home mom and it was kind of fun. Now it's sort of annoying. All I can think of is what my class should be doing today. I'm hoping they won't need me today.


haymoni - Aug 29, 2006 7:13 am (#1425 of 2976)  

Mike - it sounds like your teacher was the nerd!

I think the next time someone asks your grade, you should say in a very loud voice, "It is none of your flippin' business what I got on my test/paper/quiz, and I would appreciate you never asking me again!" You might get landed in detention for speaking out of turn, but it might be worth it.


Amazing that we've all turned out as well as we have with all the lousy teachers we had!

School starts tomorrow for the kids. I've made a chart to keep track of everything that needs to be done each evening and each morning.

I don't think the chart will last a week.

Back-to-school is the season when Slacker Moms shine the brightest!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2006 9:26 am (#1426 of 2976)  

Company left this morning. What a pleasant visit it was. I am now taking a break in between scrubbing toilets, floors, laundry, counters, etc.

The most upbeat depressing movie I've ever seen. Mike, I saw that movie last night and must say that is a great summation. I couldn't have put it better. All in all, it was quite entertaining and off the beaten path.

Mr. HH and I went on a "date" celebrating an early 18th anniversary last night (at my aunt and uncle's insistence since it was their last night visiting). Dinner and a movie, but we had an hour to kill in between, so we sat on a bench on the main strip and it was a very strange feeling not having to rush anywhere (**suddenly feeling very old**). We just hung out and talked. It took me quite awhile to settle myself as I went through mental notes making sure I hadn't forgotten any instructions, even after having called home during our dinner. I think if she did not know me so well, my aunt would have been insulted. Anyway, it was really fun once I allowed myself to kick back, especially since I knew the children were in good hands.

Uh, haymoni, may I have a copy of that chart????

Winky, what a fairytale wedding you are planning! And I might add that I am impressed at how beautifully you seem to be pulling this together in such a limited amount of time.


Viola Intonada - Aug 29, 2006 10:28 am (#1427 of 2976)  

School chart?!?!?! Are you trying to get yourself kicked out of the Slacker Moms Club, haymoni? Don't worry, next week you won't have time to fill out the chart and by the week after that you will be too sleep deprived to remember that you had ever made out a chart.

Meanwhile, my membership in the Slacker Moms Club is quite safe. Both kids, and probably Hubby too, had Coco Krispies this morning. I'm laying on the couch with the TV on reading the Forum when I should be cleaning my house and getting everything ready for my mom. (But then again it would give my mother a heart attack if I was too organized... so in the interest of my mother's health...... Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2281877974 )

Sharing grades in school: I can almost see why schools would ban students from sharing what grades they received on tests and things to avoid hurt feelings and such, but have always been against the policy due to those few, but ever present teachers that assign grades based on popularity rather than actual work done. (I've always distrusted companies with the same policy about pay checks) I do not like the practice of reading students grades out loud in class. It should be the students choice whether they wish to share their grade or not. *Steps down off of soap box*

Puck, I hope all went well with the dentist. A few of us in my family have numerous fillings in our back teeth. My sister's dentist just told her it is probably more from acid reflux than poor diet and brushing.

It has rained (drizzled, sputtered) for the past three days. I miss the Sun.


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2006 10:43 am (#1428 of 2976)  

Oooh, I HATE HATE HATE when people ask me what grade I got.-Finn  ---- Just wait, guys, it gets better. When you enter the work force, those same people will have grown up and will start asking you how much money you make.

Mike, let's not even go there with the noisy toys. Did I tell you guys about the toy chainsaw Little Pince got once? Grrrr... Oddly enough, it disappeared one day, if you can imagine that. It's not limited to grandparents either; I suspect even uncles get involved in that conspiracy occasionally...

Good luck with jury duty, Marie! Hope it's at least an interesting case!

I used to ask a lot of questions during tests, trolling for hints. Sometimes you get lucky if you make yourself annoying enough.

I saw an article yesterday that said some study had been done which concluded that there is a difference in how kids learn from teachers based on gender. For example, apparently female students learn better from female teachers, and male students from male teachers (among other differences they documented.) Not sure about how that all works, but it made me think of our recent teacher discussions.

Happy Anniversary to the Hungarian Horntails!

Congratulations on the proceeding wedding plans, Winky! It is going to be truly lovely. Your dress is gorgeous!

Viola, I'll trade you some of our sun for some of your rain. I swear our whole yard is just going to go "poof!" one day and collapse into a shower of dust.


Holly T. - Aug 29, 2006 10:46 am (#1429 of 2976)  

We're having rain too, Viola, but as it hasn't rained since the fourth of July it's actually kind of a nice change--especially since the temperature should stay under 100 again today. Of course it started raining yesterday right when the kids got out of school and there was a nice thunderstorm this morning right when it was time to drop them off. I drove the middle school group that usually walks.

I used to color code the big calendar by the door but someone (I am guessing one or both of my children) keeps stealing my colored markers. Of course my husband never can remember whose color is whose.


Viola Intonada - Aug 29, 2006 11:02 am (#1430 of 2976)  

I'd send you some rain if I could, Madame P. We haven't had much rain this summer, but it would have been nice if it could have been spread out a bit rather than this many days in a row. At least it is too late to make the grass grow much!

100 degrees! Ow, I could never take that kind of heat. It is in the low 70's here today.

In the past I always color coded my calenders. Now I have one that has the days listed from top to bottom and spaces for the family across. It is very handy, but it's taking me awhile to get into the habit of reading all across the page instead of just looking at one square.

Btw, even though I haven't been posting much I have been lurking every now and then. This summer my brother introduced me to the XBox game "Pirates". I have been having way too much fun with it and have spent way too much time playing it. (though it has kept the kids off of the video games ) I have to occupy my obsessive tendencies with something since there hasn't been any new HP stuff lately, right? Hubby has been alright with it. He doesn't like it when I start obsessing about the house. It cost too much.


Puck - Aug 29, 2006 11:22 am (#1431 of 2976)  

It's been raining here since Friday.

Haymoni, reading your post, I realized that part of mine may have crossed the line a bit, so I deleted and re-posted it here, minus one sentence. (I really bit mean it quite so bad as it sounded.)

My fifth grade science teacher yelled at me for raising my hand, saying she didn't have time for questions. If I wanted to ask something I would have to see her after school. (Which would have meant missing my bus and walking home though questionable neighborhoods.)

Physics, Yuck! Maybe if I had a teacher who had a clue I would have done better. Well, I would have understood it. I somehow managed to get an A, despite being lost by mid November.

Kristina, glad it's going so well.

Winky, you're going to look like a princess in a castle!

The old filling broke part of my tooth. I'm going to need a crown. I'm so glad my kids take fluride and don't eat much sugar -when not with my Mom. Hopefully their teeth will be better. (I have tons of fillings from childhood, as I had weak teeth and a very poor diet. )

Kate, hope you continue to feel better!

Happy RotD!



Good Evans - Aug 29, 2006 11:23 am (#1432 of 2976)  

Welcome home (to the forum that is!!!) KATE. So glad that you are out of hospital and well on the mend.

Waves to everyone else who either went away or stayed here!!

Not much happening, but I enjoyed the 3 million posts that have appeared on this thread since Saturday!!!! Have a great rest of day everyone.

Wicked is being advertised on Radio 2 at the moment - sounds great. "You'll be popular, but not as popular as meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee " LOL


Madam Pince - Aug 29, 2006 11:33 am (#1433 of 2976)  

I wonder what that says about all of us, that we all saw only the "dark witch"?


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2006 11:48 am (#1434 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 29, 2006 12:39 pm

Thanks, Madam P., the actual date is 9/3 - Labor Day weekend (very fitting for us, since we both ended up as badgers on the quiz), whatever day that falls on. Oh, I see it falls on a Sunday this year.

Oh, Kathy! I was so caught up in making sure you don't get amalgam that I forgot to send healing charms, so here goes - healing charms to you and also to Kate, who I am glad is finally home but am certain still has some recovering time ahead. (Perhaps it will overlap slightly into the first few days of school for some extended time off, eh?)

Regarding school, I was quiet - very, very rarely asked questions but found myself relieved when someone did occasionally ask one that I had in my mind (so do not be dissuaded from asking - for you "boldies" out there). Very rarely asked a friend her/his grades because it was embarrassing either way. It was kind of funny, my aunt was telling Mr. HH about when I was in my mid teens and told him how quiet and distant I was, not liking anyone to get too close to me, etc., and he looked at me with raised eyebrows, as though I had green hair. I suppose that means I'm not so quiet anymore.

***waves to Herm oh ninny **** Nice to see you back posting again!

Regan, what a cute little guy/girl. Wondering where you pen them? I ask this because the girls' chinchillas are kept in the laundry room and am having a dreadful time trying to keep the fur and debris that gets kicked out of the cage under control. They're so cute, but I absolutely hate the mess. It's a good thing they don't stink.

EDIT: Olivia's boggart: mom with a toothbrush. Priscilla's boggart: mom with a hairbrush. Heh heh.


HungarianHorntail13 - Aug 29, 2006 11:56 am (#1435 of 2976)  

I only have 8 days left until school starts here. T_T

All my books and other junk are laying all over my room. I'm not ready for school... and I never will be. I feel so sorry for everyone who has already started, although they get summer vacation much earlier than me.

Depressed rant over, sorry!

Since the teachers always tell us not to share grades, everyone immediately finds a way to tell their friends their grade. I've never really cared much about other peoples' grades, because it doesn't affect me in any way.

I don't understand why teachers continue to tell us not to though, because even if we can't in class, there's always in the hallways....

How did the tooth break from the filling, Puck?

I've never had a cavity, so I don't know much about all that.......

.................... I forgot everything else.



haymoni - Aug 29, 2006 12:17 pm (#1436 of 2976)  

Puck - I went to an all-girls Catholic school. I am CERTAIN that my navy blue polyester skirt was waaaaaayyyyy shorter than anything you ever owned! We rolled the waist band just to make sure! Of course, we only had nuns and women teaching us, but we did have to take public transportation home.

Needless to say, the waist band was unrolled by the time I got to my front porch!!


Finn BV - Aug 29, 2006 12:36 pm (#1437 of 2976)  

Herm oh ninny, it's on USA. I think that's 38 in the Metropolitan region. (Oops, see Mike beat me too it…)

Winky, good luck preparing your wedding! Is that you in the dress?? And what a gorgeous location!

Regan, your teacher offers to read people's grades? Wow, I can't imagine that at my school! One thing some teachers do do though, is write the number of A+s, As, A-s, B+s, etc. down to Fs that were achieved on a certain examination. I would feel mighty bad if there was but one F and you were that one person!!

Good luck with the jury duty, Marie! While I wouldn't want to be called for a long time, it sounds kind of fun for a one-time thing!

I don't think the chart will last a week. –haymoni

I've managed to find this cheap (dollar store) 52-week planner, since my schedule is all over everywhere this year. AND it's nicely attached to the basement door, which is easily viewable in the kitchen!

Maria, my parents go on "dates" a lot when I'm away. Happy early Anniversary!

When you enter the work force, those same people will have grown up and will start asking you how much money you make. --Madam P

I'll gladly take some sun. Especially Thursday night, we're going to the US Open. **prays it won't be rained out**

Enjoy the RotD!


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2006 1:09 pm (#1438 of 2976)  

I color code our big wall calendar. It is about half the size of a poster board and is kept up on the kitchen door. I write down all information and then use highlighters to mark each person. Just to be sure, I also include a color code key at the top of the calendar. This way, I can look at a glance and if I see red, green and pink on a day, I know Rhys, Ryan and Kaitlyn have something going on. It is a hold over from when Devin was in the hospital and we were tracking all his daily medications. At one point, he had something like 16 meds he was taking and we also had a huge medication chart with time and dosage.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2006 1:15 pm (#1439 of 2976)  

What a lovely photo for your avatar, Denise. Is either one your children?

EDIT: Heehee, Denise! No wonder it looked like a professional pic. Duh.


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2006 1:16 pm (#1440 of 2976)  

Oh, that would be wrong on many levels for many reasons No, they are characters on a TV show...Prison Break They sail on a 'ship I like The Michael/Sara 'ship.


Lina - Aug 29, 2006 3:00 pm (#1441 of 2976)  

Well, Finn, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I guess what I wanted to say was that parents always smell if you hide something from them. And even if you know that you don't do anything wrong, they assume that you know that you are doing something wrong if you hide it from them. That's why it is better not to do anything hidden.

I'd most certainly never mind anybody being happy for getting better grade than me. That means that they expected me to be better than them and I take it as a compliment. Now, when I'm working, I'd like someone coming showing off that they do something better than me, I'd be glad to let them do that that they are better in. But alas, too many people come with a phrase "You'll do it better!" Oh, thank you very much!

We generally get the same grades, and I know they aren't going to judge me based on that. -- Ginny
Well, I guess that's all about that - judging. Nobody really likes to be judged, people like to be just accepted. So, when some people would feel more accepted, they would probably show off less.

Oh, did I step on the soap box? Sorry. ***getting off***

Nathan, great avatar!

Good luck with jury duty, Marie! I hope it is a super simple case and you will all agree in no time!

Winky, that is a beautiful wedding dress! It is a good thing to have a sister like that on such occasions. Just let other people organize as much as possible and enjoy your day!

I'm sure there were some other things I wanted to say, but I'm too sleepy now.

****waving to everyone****


azi - Aug 29, 2006 3:26 pm (#1442 of 2976)  

Teachers call out people's grades? I don't think that's right - it should be up to you if people get told.

Olivia - you never know, school may be fun this year!

My parents are away for the week! Me and my brother are running the house. So far it's been easy - we wash our own pots. My brother cut out the first initials of our names in tissue paper to show whose pile is whose. We're banned from using the washing machine, and realised at tea time that neither of us know how to use the oven we've had since before Christmas. Before we had a circofan, which meant we had to convert oven temps, but now we're not sure what kind we have! Brother opened the oven and hurt his face because he didn't realise hot air would flow out. It's nice and quiet though.

Apologies for missing anyone!


Finn BV - Aug 29, 2006 3:30 pm (#1443 of 2976)  

Lina, you haven't hurt my feelings, and I hope my response didn't hurt yours! I completely understand your point. I don't really hide anything from my parents, the exception hopefully rationalized in my post in response to yours. Anyway, we're here, everybody's happy, so, yay!

Have fun without the 'rents, azi! I'm sure you'll figure out how to use the oven.


The giant squid - Aug 29, 2006 4:11 pm (#1444 of 2976)  

Mike - it sounds like your teacher was the nerd!--haymoni

Oh, he was. The Adv. Physics course was actually taught during one on his free periods--he said that as long as someone wanted to take the class (be it 5 students or 25) he'd teach it. He's also the guy that got me interested in science, as he was one of those rare teachers that actually made you want to learn. Sadly, I got to college and got the instructor who was just passing time between research papers, and my enthusiasm fell by the wayside.

100 degrees! Ow, I could never take that kind of heat.--Viola Intonada

Heck, I'm just glad the temps are down to 100 around here.

I wonder what that says about all of us, that we all saw only the "dark witch"?--Madame Pince

Well, it is a poster for "Wicked", and when one thinks wicked they think of the bad witch... That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We're banned from using the washing machine, and realised at tea time that neither of us know how to use the oven we've had since before Christmas.—azi

Heck, I lived for almost three years without ever using the oven. That's what microwaves & take-out food are for.

Marie, everyone else is wishing you luck with jury duty, so I'll just say "Nyah nyah, I'm glad it's not me!"



Solitaire - Aug 29, 2006 5:23 pm (#1445 of 2976)  

Heavens! 74 posts! Don't you people have jobs or go to school? How am I supposed to keep up with all this reading? **eyes spinning in different directions** I think I may need to hire a forumer to email me a summary of the chat thread. It moves faster than the others, although I did have rather a time with Snape and a few others over the weekend.

Last night I was so tired when I finally dragged home that I couldn't even lift the laptop out of the trunk. At the moment, I am still at school. I just finished grading a pile of journals and vocabulary assignments, doing some small chores, cleaning the nasty spam out of my email account (I wish our tech could fix that problem), and straightening up my classroom. Now I am trying to muster enough energy to walk out to the car. I thought maybe reading the chat thread would do it.

Oh, here comes my custodian! I guess I'd better get home and read those 74 posts! See you later.



geauxtigers - Aug 29, 2006 5:27 pm (#1446 of 2976)  

Finn, I have a few teachers who right down the number of As, Bs, ect. I always wonder how that lonely F person must feel...to see that on the board then get your paper to find its you :shocked: LOL glad its never been me!

Winky, that is a gorgeous dress!

LOL Haymoni about the chart! If you want to know what our family is like, we had a dry erase calender by the back door and we'd right things on the corresponding dates. It literally stayed on July for an entire year. It would no longer erase. We were always saying, we need to change that...well june 30th, I said, well its official, its been like that for a year. We took it down...

Today is the one year anniversary of Katrina. I can't believe its already been a year. It seems like such a short time ago we were sitting on the neighbor's driveway chatting because there was no power anywhere. And my grannie got home from seattle today, nice cool Seattle, to walk into her house to the AC not working...little ironic. I think she is coming to spend the night.

Well I can't remember much else, I rushed through the posts, now on to Physics, my Snape's potion class.

3 days, 23 hours and 42 minutes til kick off!

Happy Tuesday!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 29, 2006 5:35 pm (#1447 of 2976)  

I somehow managed to get an A, despite being lost by mid November. Puck

Well I figure I'm in bad shape as it only the 3rd week and I'm already lost! Physics is sooo not my thing, but I don't find it nearly as tedious as chemistry was (thankfully) It's more than sitting in class and attempting to take notes off the Smart Board with the lights out, we get to move around a bit more.....ugg so glad I'm done with that!

Happy Anniversary to the HH!!

T'is also the anniversary of Katrina. Let's see, this time last year I think I was out in my street trying to catch a breeze as we had no power. I also may have been at the nieghbor's who hooked their TV up to a generator, where we watched the first footage from New Orleans. Didn't even look real to me...We had to sleep in the living room with the windows and the front door open as it was so hot.

Ok well time for homework YAY!!!


boop - Aug 29, 2006 6:11 pm (#1448 of 2976)  

Welcome Back Finn. Sounds like you had a nice time.

Kate, glad to hear you are home. Healing charms sent your way. Its good to see you on line.

I start my long hours tomorrow I work 7am to 7pm . Then I work Thursday 7am to 8pm, Friday 7am to 6pm, Sat. 6am to 2pm, Sun thru Friday of next week I work 8am to 4:30 pm. So it will be a long long week. I will be taking care of freshmen who start coming in tomorrow. I will have 2 floors of guys and 2 floors of girls.

Have a great week everyone!!

hugs always



Finn BV - Aug 29, 2006 6:19 pm (#1449 of 2976)  

Betty, good luck moving in the college kids!

Prayers to all those who suffered Katrina.


Pigwidgeon - Aug 29, 2006 6:26 pm (#1450 of 2976)  

Sounds like everyone has been busy!

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since Katrina hit. And it's still a mess down there

Wow, I can't believe any teacher would read off grades, or even post the number of people got which grade. I know at my university, they don't even post grades in the halls, using the last four digits of your student number as an identifyer. They used to when I was an undergrad there, but not anymore. Afraid of getting sued for breach of privacy, in a nutshell.

On another note: Trekkie fans, Leonard Nimoy is coming to EJ Thomas Hall in Akron, Ohio Sept. 14. Alas, earwax -- I have class that evening.

A PS -- Thanks, Solitaire -- avatar looks great![/i]
Lady Arabella
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Tazzygirl - Aug 29, 2006 6:51 pm (#1451 of 2976)  

Had to skim all the recent messages... I have to leave my house in 45 minutes, and I am not packed. I leave for California in the morning, but since I don't have anyone close to me that can drive me to the airport at 5 in the morning, I am going to spend the night at my friend's house, who lives super close to the airport- you could technically walk to the airport. She leaves for school at 5 a.m., so it works out perfectly! Not sure if that all made sense, but there you go! I also have a Parent-Teacher night at the school tonight, and my mentor teacher wants me to come so I can get more info on how things are run and stuff. Should be interesting! (thanks for all the comments, everyone!!)

Ummmm, let's see... Good luck with Jury duty, Marie!

Hope your tooth gets fixed soon, Puck!

I was always the quiet one in class, that rarely asked questions. Teachers never seemed to have a problem with it though.

Azi- LOL on the cooking moment. Very funny mental image. My aunt and uncle bought a stove in '99. They didn't know how to use it until about a year ago... Aunt doesn't know how to cook, and Uncle likes to bring food home. Aunt says when they redo the house, she will learn how to cook. It's entertaining to watch her attempt to cook sometimes.

Sorry I can't remember anything more, I now have half an hour. Do I still get a spot in the Procrastinator's Club??



Puck - Aug 29, 2006 6:57 pm (#1452 of 2976)  

LOL Haymoni! I also went to an all-girl Catholic school, and wore my plaid skirt as short as allowed. (This was years before Brittany Spears.) We had 2 male teachers in the school, one "taught" physics. The "A" was a result of either my sincere effort to understand or the subject or said skirt. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

Maria, Hope you had a great date! Wow, 18 years! I'll save your wishes for the weekend.

Fillings -the old silver kind- expand and contract. This can cause problems to the teeth they are supposed to be fixing. Thus, the broken tooth. The silver ones really only last 20 years or so. Consider yourself lucky to be cavity free. I try to take good care of myself, but the damage done to my teeth I can't take back. At least the problem one is not in a visible spot. I would hate to walk around for 6 weeks sporting the hockey player look.

Azi, is there a reason you are banned from washing clothes?

I need to check a couple of threads then do the dishes. :pbot:

Happy RotD!



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 29, 2006 7:37 pm (#1453 of 2976)  

The "A" was a result of either my sincere effort to understand or the subject or said skirt Puck

LOl We have plenty of girls who do that! We are allowed to have our skirts no shorter than 6 inches above the knee. I see this as a terrible way to measure the length as 6 inches on me (I have really long legs) is a little longer than mid-thigh. But On those people with really short legs, 6 inches is basically at their butt. And sadly some of those short legged people still roll their skirts.

I got an A the entire year in geometry, because everyone did. My teacher was clearly mental and gave everyone about 50 bonus points at the end of every quarter for no particular reason. I try to look at this as somewhat ok as he gave them to everyone, and didn't single people out, but still that grade pretty much reflected how hard I worked, not necessarily the grade that I earned. He quit though after a year I think because he used to steal food from the teacher's lounge and give it to us, and was definitely skating on thin ice with the rest of the staff!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 29, 2006 7:51 pm (#1454 of 2976)  

Pigwidgeon I love your Avatar!

Regan that is a great hat.

Kate I'm glad you are back and doing better. I hope you are enjoying all your favorite foods.

Azi have fun "housekeeping" with your brother.

Welcome back Finn.

Solitaire I'm have a very hard time keeping up also. This darn job gets in the way of my HP obsession!

Have a good evening. LPO


geauxtigers - Aug 29, 2006 7:57 pm (#1455 of 2976)  

Ahh I had to have a study break, I fell asleep for about 40 minutes...not good, but I feel much more awake now

It is still a mess down in New Orleans...its really terrible, I think one of the reasons that it doesn't seem its been a year. Insurance companies are claiming the people who had 8 feet of water in their homes, don't have flood insurance, only wind insurance. I just think that is so wrong, its a hurricane, they had no control over the water. Its just very frustrating, I won't say anymore as we aren't supposed to discuss politics... When I went down there in April, the French Quarter was fabulous, mostly everything was open. It was great, I just wish the rest of the city was the same.

Good luck with work, Boop! That is a full schedule for sure!

Kristina, I think you still have a spot in the Procrastinator's club! The question is, do I have a spot? (20 minutes to 10, history test tomorrow, lots of physics to do...)

Happy Anniversary to the HHs! 18, I think my parents 18th is coming up in March, long time!

LOL about the oven Azi! My mom once used a cookie sheet, (flat, no sides, nothing), put melted butter on top of the food, put it in the oven. 10 minutes later, my dad goes into the kitchen because we smelt something burning...yeah the oven was on fire! Flames were shooting out the sides, thank goodness my dad got this mini extinguisher at work, and I just happened to have run across it the day before. We had to replace the oven...

okay, I really need to do my homework now....and not fall asleep!



Mediwitch - Aug 29, 2006 8:37 pm (#1456 of 2976)  

LPO: Solitaire I'm have a very hard time keeping up also. This darn job gets in the way of my HP obsession!

LPO, I'll second that motion...and today was just the first day back! So many posts, so little time...


Holly T. - Aug 29, 2006 8:56 pm (#1457 of 2976)  

My daughter recommended a book to me, Running Out of Time and I read it and enjoyed it. So I went to Amazon to read the reviews there, see what else the author has written, etc. Imagine my shock and surprise when I learned that many of the the reviews compared this book to The Village! Now, I haven't seen The Village (nor do I want to, LOL), but of course I immediately thought of the Forum and had to come here and post when I really should be in bed.

Kristina, I hope you finished your packing!


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2006 9:01 pm (#1458 of 2976)  

HI everyone. I feel like a bit of an eavesdropper reading all of your messages - but had to add to the teacher reading grades aloud in class.

When I was in the 11th or 12th grade we had to take the SAT - it is a standardized test that helps or hinders you getting into a good college.

The test results were delivered in our homerooms and my home room teacher (who was my geometry teacher also) started opening them and reading them aloud!!

When she got to mine, she hesitated and said it couldn't be right because it was too high, and had them re-check the grade. I was SO embarrassed, but did have final laugh when she got the test score back. She had to apologize in front of the whole because it was correct.

I was able to get into a great school and move on. She was stuck in the same little town teaching the same little course for years! (As you can see I have let all of the bitterness from this experience go)

Whew. I feel better.


Finn BV - Aug 29, 2006 9:12 pm (#1459 of 2976)  

Sheila, welcome to the chat thread! Don't feel like an eavesdropper -- that's why this is here, so we can share our non-HP experiences. Reading SAT scores aloud?? Goodness gracious, that would be an Unforgivable Course at my school where kids take grades extremely (too) seriously.


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2006 9:24 pm (#1460 of 2976)  

Thanks for the welcome!

I graduated more that 20 (jeez!) years ago, and just recently told my sister about the "reading of the scores" and she was livid!

I can laugh at it now, but it was extremely humiliating while we waited for the "right" scores to be delivered.

And on the weather topic - it was 107 with the heat index today, with predictions of the low 70's for Friday and Saturday when Tropical Storm Ernesto runs through. A big change in such a short period. We will all be running for our sweaters before the weekend is through!

On Katrina - We have a young lady living with us that survived Hurricane Katrina. She called today from school crying because it was just too much for her to take. I guess they were discussing it in her classes and it brought back to many sad memories. I worry about Post Tramatic Stress for all of those people. I can't even imagine - and even with her living with us and hearing her stories - can't imagine what it was like. I am sure good thoughts and healing charms sent their way would be appreciated.


geauxtigers - Aug 29, 2006 9:40 pm (#1461 of 2976)  

Reading the SAT scores outloud!? I'd be mortified too! Definitely an unforgivable at my school too!

I was just talking to one of my New Orleans friends, she is a bit upset too. Its hard, I don't what to say, my expirience wasn't even close to hers. N.O. was and is her home, her house was fine and all, but the place she grew up in will never be the same again. Its all just so sad...I agree, some cheering charms would do them some good.

Well I'm off to bed, I managed to get through my notes one time through....I can always study tomorrow right? Okay I'm really going to bed now!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 29, 2006 9:56 pm (#1462 of 2976)  

Reading SAT scores outloud!!?? That would be a major ordeal at my school as well. I don't think we'd let the teacher do it! LOL I'd probably cry if mine were read outloud, as I never have done well on standardized testing.

That's so great that you took someone in Sheila. I still don't understand why there are so many people living in FEMA trailers. I don't think they've done their job at all. It's still insanely crazy in New Orleans. It affected the middle class the worst in my opinion. The poor people are getting money and housing, the upper class can afford to fix the very little damage that they recieved, yet the government seems to be ignoring the middle class. They can't afford to just rebuild their house, yet they also don't need money to live off of. Those are the ones battling with the insurance companies about getting the money they need, and deserve. Most of them have spent their entire lives paying insurance on their homes and now virtually every insurance sompany in the state is refusing to pay up because they say they weren't insured for water damage. It's just awful....I shall say no more as I may have already started something....

anyways... **cheering charms to everyone**

Night everyone!


Elanor - Aug 29, 2006 10:14 pm (#1463 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 29, 2006 10:55 pm

Welcome home Kate!!! So good to hear you're feeling better!

My worst experience with grades happened during my first year at the university, when the Ancient Greece History teacher gave us our mid-term exams back. The grades were out of 20 points: he had classified the papers from the lowest grade to the highest one and began handing them back starting with the lowest grades. We were about 150 students in the lecture theater and it was dreadful to wait for your name to be called, the more because the grades were starting very low (2 out 20), which was almost impossible to make up for in the end of year exams. He was giving papers, and papers and still not mine and I was starting to feel sick when he said that he had only one paper left to hand back and that it was the only good one he graded and asked "Who is Audrey S...?" I would have crawled under my sit if there had been enough room there! So much "love" in the air suddenly... I was feeling so bad that I even didn't enjoy the good mark on that day! Mind you, the lesson was good in one way: I'd never do that to my students nowadays!

Welcome to all new members and welcome back to the happy people coming back from holidays!

Winky Woo, your dress is gorgeous!

Sending cheering charms to anybody needing some and my thoughts and prayers to the people who suffered from Katrina.

Have a good night/day everybody!


EDIT: Congrats Herm oh ninny!!!


Herm oh ninny - Aug 29, 2006 10:41 pm (#1464 of 2976)  

Hi Everyone! Mike and Finn- thanks for the US Open channel. For some reason I thought that it was supposed to play on ABC, so I was confused when I couldn't find it!

they even moved WWE Raw to the Sci Fi channel- Mike Ahhh so that's why! I thought I was losing it when I saw it playing on that station!

****Waves back to Hungarian Horntail 11 **** Happy Early Anniversary!!

Well, I did it..I gave my two weeks notice and soon I will no longer work at the movie theater! No more burnt fingers from the projectors, no more splicing! I feel so free!! Now I will have to ask Mike questions about movies as I will no longer be in the loop!

Speaking of tests, my Praxis scores came in the mail today (the Praxis is a test that you must pass in order to be certified as a teacher in NJ) I not only passed, but according to my advisor, whom I called, I scored very high! I am soo happy because I thought that I did horrible on it when I took it! Soo excited! Just wanted to share! bounce  cheers  sunny <---me today!


The giant squid - Aug 30, 2006 1:37 am (#1465 of 2976)  

Now I will have to ask Mike questions about movies as I will no longer be in the loop!--Herm oh ninny

Hey, why not--everyone else does (even my coworkers, sometimes). Congrats on passing that test. Of course you're just moving from one traditionally underpaid career to another, but hey...

You know, every time Ginny & Tori post right after each other I just picture them wrestling each other out of the computer chair. "Move it!! It's my turn to post on the Forum!" "Is not, I've got 5 more minutes!" Good luck with the physics homework; if you get stumped you could always ask here--I'm not the only Forumer who spent too much time in science classes.

I'm truly shocked that someone would read SAT scores in front of the class. Class grades are bad enough, but at least those only affect that class. Stories like these make me want to re-instate corporal punishment in schools so someone can slap the stupid out of these "teachers".



Julie Aronson - Aug 30, 2006 2:22 am (#1466 of 2976)  

Just to add to the scores discussion...At my high school, the ACT scores came in to the guidance office. They arranged them in alphabetical order and we just wandered through and picked them up. Unfortunately, the scores were posted on the same line as the names. When I grabbed mine, I stood there and complained to a friend about my composite score, which was very good, but shy of what I wanted. I didn't realize that a very nice person with bad results on tests (an 8 on this one) was standing right behind me. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 3906177977 That pretty much toned me right down.

On another subject, the paper I wrote comparing Christopher from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to Data from Star Trek:TNG was very well-received. I guess I'll leave it at that!


Madam Pince - Aug 30, 2006 2:45 am (#1467 of 2976)  

Got awake at 4:30 this morning for some unknown reason. Bleah... So naturally the thing to do is come read the Forum...

Betty, your upcoming schedule is worse than a House Elf's! I feel for you -- that is going to be a long week! Hope it goes well though and that you get to enjoy a bit of time off at the end of it. (By the way, I don't know how to get in touch with Brandon anymore, but if you are in touch, would you tell him for me that I saw a t-shirt today that made me think of him? It said "333" in big letters at the top, and then on the next line it said "(I'm only half evil...) -- I could soooo picture him wearing that! Hope he and Sarah are doing well -- married now, I assume?)

Sheila, that is horrible about the teacher reading SAT scores out loud! What a nincompoop! I can't even imagine someone being that insensitive.

Viola, thanks for sending the rain. It arrived along with a big clap of thunder just as we got out of the car at the swimming pool. So the pool was closed, and Little P was not a happy camper. We compensated by going to K-Mart and relieving their shelves of a few summer-clearance items like swim goggles, etc. The sad part is that we didn't even get enough rain to do much good for the lawns -- it was mostly thunder and lightning. Ah well, we'll try again tomorrow! Hope you got the sun I sent!

All right, this is ridiculous -- off to bed again...


azi - Aug 30, 2006 3:17 am (#1468 of 2976)  

Azi, is there a reason you are banned from washing clothes?

Yes. The washing machine is broken as it won't stop running when the cycle ends. My mum doesn't trust us to remember it's running and prevent it catching on fire. Or something...

Congrats on leaving your job, Herm oh ninny!

Still against reading exam scores out loud! I did just remember that university grades are put up with your exam numbers. Mostly the grades are in alphabetical order. My friends spent many hours working that out. It's useful to see how you did compared to everyone else - do you need to work harder in that subject? Is a low grade usual for that course as there's a strict marker?

Eek, I'd better go get ready to see my friends. Due to the bad public transport in my area, I'm walking to another village and going on the train. It's also cheaper by train and takes less time. I'm going to see the film Severence - despite the fact it doesn't sound like my kind of film at all. It's a comedy/horror. I hate horror films.

Great days to all!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 30, 2006 3:26 am (#1469 of 2976)  

Speaking of thunder and lightening... At 4am I was almost shaken out of bed by the thunderclaps! So am now off to put roofing on a porch while I have cloud cover. Heat index was 108 degrees yesterday, but I swear it was 130 degrees on that roof!

...toddles off, (hopefully not off the roof). Have a great day all!


Tazzygirl - Aug 30, 2006 4:05 am (#1470 of 2976)  

Is it just me, or are many people having problems sleeping tonight? I had managed to finally fall asleep an hour ago, and then 45 minutes later I get a bunch of calls from my brother, who is flying into California also. He forgot his itinerary at his old house and therefore needed me to wake up to retrieve it for him. Siblings. Anyways, since my friend's house has internet (Didn't know, so Whoo-hoo!) I thought I might as well post here! I still have to get up to go to the airport in 3 hours... **is hoping to sleep on the flight**

**shudders at the thought of a teacher reading SAT scores out loud** I never had to take the SATs. I did take PRAXIS though. Will have to take it again when I am done with the Teaching Program (2 years).

YEAY, Herm-oh-ninny!!

I know I am missing stuff, but my eyes are literally going crosseyed and blurry and can't see straight.

Oh! Holly- I did finish packing! Managed to do it in 1/2 an hour! **pats self on back**

All right, bedtime again...



Marie E. - Aug 30, 2006 4:54 am (#1471 of 2976)  

Congratulations, Herm-oh-ninny! I had to take a teacher's exam in Georgia, but I don't remember the name of it. The test they have here in Colorado is called PLACE. The C stands for Colorado and the E is for exam, but I can't remember the rest. I wasn't nervous taking the one in Georgia because I was still in school and all that information was fresh in my brain. I took the Colorado test about five years after graduation and I was very nervous.

Lexie was supposed to go in to school on Friday (they have Friday off) for literacy testing, but her teacher left a message yesterday saying not to worry because she had done it in class. The funny thing is Lexie says she can't remember being tested.

I didn't end up serving on a jury, just sitting and reading 8 chapters of HBP. When I was leaving I saw another juror had a hardback copy of OoP. It was kind of nice getting paid to sit and read, but I still would have rather been at work.


Eponine - Aug 30, 2006 4:58 am (#1472 of 2976)  

I had teachers who would read test scores out loud, but only if you wanted them too. I went to a very small school, and there were several people in my class who were very concerned with what everyone had scored. One in particular, I remember being very obnoxious about his grades. He would ask everyone what they got, and if he scored higher than the usual high-grade people, he'd brag about it for the rest of the day. It might have been rude, but I enjoyed beating him just so he'd shut up.

I registered for the GRE, and I'm going to be taking it in about 3 weeks. I know that's not much time to prepare, but I'm such a slacker anyway that if I'd registered months in advance I wouldn't start working on it until a few weeks before.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Good Evans - Aug 30, 2006 5:18 am (#1473 of 2976)  

LOL about the oven and the washing machine AZi - I am glad they are only gone a week, at least then you wont be without clothes and starve too much!!!!!!

We have a fan oven too and I always have to remind the kids to covert everything otherwise it burns - how many times do you have to tell people these things??

have a great anniversary Maria, you didnt let on last night in the chat room - you minx!

have a lovely wednesday everyone


kaykay1970 - Aug 30, 2006 5:21 am (#1474 of 2976)  

My daughter had a teacher that read grades aloud. If she did really well on a test other children got angry at her for messing up the curve. It was really annoying. The same teacher now has my son. He looked at him on open house day and said, "I hope your grades are as good as your sisters..." Um, my children are very different and although his grades are not quite as high, he has to work harder for those grades. It is not a competition! Teachers like that really make me mad! She didn't have a problem with ACT scores being read aloud as they were delivered to the house.

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Horntail!!


Denise P. - Aug 30, 2006 5:47 am (#1475 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 30, 2006 8:20 am

It is not even 70F out right now so I mapped out a 5 mile route and am going to get my run in before this evening (when I normally run) I am going to try to get Mr. Denise to come along with the double stroller but he doesn't like to push it. He has a 100 mile bike ride on Saturday so he doesn't want to overdo it this week.

Gotta wait for FedEx to show up today with 35lbs of t-shirts that my Cub Scout pack ordered. They will be pretty...red with gold lettering.

Have a great day all

Edit: Got my 5 miles in but Mr. Denise opted out of going so I ran with my mp3 player instead. I play it way low so I can hear traffic and such. Now, to do some work related stuff for a bit.


Chemyst - Aug 30, 2006 8:25 am (#1476 of 2976)  

You know, everytime Ginny & Tori post right after each other I just picture them wrestling each other out of the computer chair. —Squid Mike
, I usually see then as mere inches apart but separated by a bedroom wall of sheetrock– each pecking away on her own keyboard in syncopation. (Sort of like the wall in Denise's current avatar.)  

(Now they'll probably tell us they are across the hall.)


Viola Intonada - Aug 30, 2006 10:28 am (#1477 of 2976)  

Eponine, good luck on the GRE. I found that the best way to prepare for the logic section is to do either the PennyPress or the Dell Logic Problems. I went in to it with the attitude that it was a game (just like doing the Pencil Puzzles) and did better than I did on the SAT. But I also knew I wouldn't be going to Grad school anytime soon. 15 years later, I still haven't applied yet, but haven't given up hope yet. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Too bad about the pool closing, Madame P. I know how disappointed the little ones can be and how difficult it is to deal with them afterwards.

It is still overcast today, but at least it's not raining.

Happy RotD Everyone!


Winky Woo - Aug 30, 2006 11:21 am (#1478 of 2976) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Aug 30, 2006 1:26 pm  

Herm oh ninny, Congratulations on the test results and Yea! For the lack of burnt/spliced fingers!

Happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs Horntail!

Sorry Finn that's not me in the dress! (I wish) Have you joined the slackers club as you were talking about changing your picture days ago?

It was meant to be an intimate wedding, but its getting bigger and bigger! It's been great sharing the dress with everyone here as I am keeping it a secret from my guests. (Except all of you, and of course you are all invited ) 25th of November will be here before I know it! I am just hoping that I don't turn into Bridezilla!

Have a great ROT/N everyone!

Love Winky x


Puck - Aug 30, 2006 11:35 am (#1479 of 2976)  

Congrats to Herm-o-ninny!

Azi, I was thinking perhaps there was story of your mom coming home to a house of suds from someone putting in too much soap.

My mom once used a cookie sheet, (flat, no sides, nothing), put melted butter on top of the food, put it in the oven. 10 minutes later, my dad goes into the kitchen because we smelt something burning...yeah the oven was on fire! Flames were shooting out the sides, thank goodness my dad got this mini extinguisher at work, and I just happened to have run across it the day before. We had to replace the oven...

Think I should try this, as I have been begging for a new oven for ages...

Off to open house for the 1st grade!



Solitaire - Aug 30, 2006 12:02 pm (#1480 of 2976)  

Herm oh ninny, congrats on the Praxis scores!

About reading SAT scores aloud in class ... isn't there a law against that? I thought test scores of any kind were confidential. I'd have to check the ed code, but that would seem to fall into the category of humiliating a student, and that has to be something we should never do.

I am just hoping that I don't turn into Bridezilla![   Rest assured that if you do, Winky, someone you know will submit your name to the show. Honestly, if I were the fiances of some of the bridezillas I've seen, I'd have hit the road long before the wedding days arrived. Some of those women are far more abusive and have many more "issues" than being a bride can justify, IMO.

Okay, my time is up! I need to get cracking on those journals! I miss the forum and everyone on it ... even Snape!



painting sheila - Aug 30, 2006 12:19 pm (#1481 of 2976)  

Wedding Dresses - There was an article in the paper last week about someone that makes paper wedding dresses. The bride actually wears them and supposedly they look like the real thing. They made of a special paper that doesn't rip to easily and help together by glue. Can you imagine?

Ernesto isn't going to pack to much of a punch for us unless he builds up after he leaves Georgia. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Big thunderstorms are in the air now - lots of thunder but no rain.

I have always wanted to work at a movie theater! All the movies and popcorn you can eat! Woohoo!

We had a back to school party last Friday. We hung two big sheets and projected a movie on it. It was loads of fun!After everyone left I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was so neat - outside - pitch black - crickets chirping - and Harry. I didn't finish until 2:00am but it was worth it. My son and his friend came out and watched even though they gave me a hard time at first. "Pretty cool, mom" was the comment if I remember right.

I am planning a Harry marathon for the die hard fans I know. One right after the other - WOOHOO!


Holly T. - Aug 30, 2006 12:25 pm (#1482 of 2976)  

Winky--that is a beautiful dress!

Someone once told my mom that a good way to wash mustard greens and turnip greens to make sure they're not gritty is to wash them in the washing machine. So my mom tried this. Only thing is her friend hadn't told her to only rinse and not spin. So mom's washing machine was full of chopped to smithereens greens. I think she ended up having to get a new drum for the machine. She's also set the oven on fire from an overflowing cake once and again I don't remember what she was cooking but my brother described it to me as "just like the time with the cake." And you wonder why I started cooking for the whole family when I was about 14.

My husband has always wanted to have a party and project a movie on the side of the house. Thing is, he's our homeowner's association president and he's not sure if it is supposed to be allowed.


painting sheila - Aug 30, 2006 12:28 pm (#1483 of 2976)  

We don't belong to a home owners Association but we did clear it with all of the neighbors.

We used lots of small speakers and aimed the toward the crowd. You couldn’t hear in the front yard and we had no complaints.

The movie the kids watched was a DVD of a movie made in the 1980"s the sound on it wasn’t very good and even with the speakers at full blast, it was hard to hear.

The newer releases work much better.

My only advise is to have lots of bug spray!


Winky Woo - Aug 30, 2006 12:53 pm (#1484 of 2976) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Aug 30, 2006 1:27 pm  

After all our talk about Wicked! Ticketmaster have got tickets for just £5 for shows between the 9th and 26th September! If any of you are near by, may be you can take advantage? I wish I could get to London easily...anyone got some spare floo powder? (just for the record I only saw the black face )

Have a great ROT/N everyone!

Love Winky x


Madam Pince - Aug 30, 2006 1:10 pm (#1485 of 2976)  

I've only watched maybe one episode of Bridezillas, and I must admit that the bride was really a ... witch..., but as long as the bride doesn't get completely over the top and unreasonable, I look at it like this: it's the one (and maybe only) day of your whole life that is completely about you (seriously, nobody even notices the groom unless he doesn't show), and you get to wear an outrageously expensive fairy-tale dress for one-day-only, and a filmy veil and sparkley shoes and maybe even a tiara if you're so inclined (how often does that happen?), so hey... enjoy the heck out it! It is supposed to be your day! Take advantage of it! The rest your life you'll be doing things like burning things in ovens, and there's precious little opportunity for wearing fancy dresses then, I'll tell you! When Mr. Pince and I were waiting for the cab to take us from our honeymoon resort to the airport, still all starry-eyed from everything, the wise old doorman just smiled and said "Party's over -- welcome back to the real world!"

Reading back over that, it sounds like I'm saying that once you get married your life is over, and of course that is not what I mean -- it is wonderful in many other different ways. It's just that there is never another day like the wedding day, so enjoy every second and let someone else do the work / planning / worrying for you -- that would be my "words of wisdom" for the day!

I miss the forum and everyone on it ... even Snape!—Solitaire

THUNK! ***falls over in a dead faint***


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 30, 2006 1:37 pm (#1486 of 2976)  

I miss the forum and everyone on it ... even Snape!—Solitaire

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!


The giant squid - Aug 30, 2006 2:02 pm (#1487 of 2976)  

My husband has always wanted to have a party and project a movie on the side of the house. Thing is, he's our homeowner's association president and he's not sure if it is supposed to be allowed.--Holly T.

Well, if he's president of the HOA, who are they going to complain to?

25th of November will be here before I know it!--Winky Woo

Quoted for truth. Actually, the worst part for me was the reception--I swear the thing only lasted 10 minutes! All my friends & family in one room, and no time to talk to any of them...



Detail Seeker - Aug 30, 2006 2:10 pm (#1488 of 2976)  

Just to spoil the harmony of universal agreement about giving out grade distributions and reading out grades:

A grade distribution table gives you (and your parents, if you are a minor )a possibility to really see, where you stand. A "1" (should be "A" in the US) is not worth much, if you see that everybody has one, but a "4" (lowest pass grade in Germany) can be good, if most others are worse. And to see, that having passed, but being the worst one in the class helps you, too.

I wonder, why open standards are thought to be "humiliating" in this pampered world, where lawyers can get rich on things of minimal impact.

When I went to school over 20 years ago, giving out the grade distributions was just normal.

I do agree, though, that reading out the individual notes is not reasonable ,as this helps nobody. Though I remember that in the last two years of school, we discussed final course notes with our teachers openly and nobody felt embarrassed.

So, rant over


Madam Pince - Aug 30, 2006 2:16 pm (#1489 of 2976)  

LOL, Mike, isn't that the truth?! We had covered half the room, and by the time we got to the other side, we found that a lot of them had already left to go home! In retrospect, we should've done the seating so that the people who'd be driving the farthest would be together, and then "hit" those tables first. Oh well. Another option would've been for us to skip dinner and circulate during that time, but no way was I going to do that! I was starving!


Lilly P - Aug 30, 2006 3:22 pm (#1490 of 2976)  

Wedding Dresses - There was an article in the paper last week about some one that makes paper wedding dresses. The bride actually wears them and supposedly they look like the real thing. They made of a special paper that doesn't rip to easily and help together by glue. Can you imagine? - Painting Shelia

I saw a show on them too! Only, it wasn't just wedding dresses, it was all sorts of fashion. They looked really amazing! I don't think my feet would have hurt so much after my wedding if I had been wearing a paper dress and not lugging around my 24 pounds of dress! (That is not an exaggeration folks, thats what it really did weigh!)


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 30, 2006 3:28 pm (#1491 of 2976)  

(Now they'll probably tell us they are across the hall.) I think it was Chemyst...

Well we aren't across the hall from each other. My room is in the front of the house and Tori's is in the corner. And our computers are actually both on the far sides of each room. So no wall dividing us!

I really don't remember muchh...

I'll post again later right now I have a date with Herbal Essences!


azi - Aug 30, 2006 3:43 pm (#1492 of 2976)  

Hope school settles down soon, Soli!

I got bored of washing up already...I'm leaving it until tomorrow! Fortunately I've yet to set the oven on fire...**touch wood**

The movie was very funny, but I had to cover my eyes during the scary 'let's mutilate people in ever imaginative ways' bits. I don't think I'll be going to any forests alone for quite some time. Especially in Eastern Europe (sorry Lina!). Argh, I can't get scary men in dark masks out of my head!


geauxtigers - Aug 30, 2006 3:49 pm (#1493 of 2976)  

You know, everytime Ginny & Tori post right after each other I just picture them wrestling each other out of the computer chair. "Move it!! It's my turn to post on the Forum!" "Is not, I've got 5 more minutes!"

Ha ha Mike! When my computer was broken, it was sorta like that. I'd stay on extra long just to annoy Ginny, she tried to tell my mom that I was hogging the computer. You just get this pitiful voice on and say, "but my computer is broken, and she has it all the time" Or something to that extent! It works!

So far Physics isn't hard, she just gives us so much work that is so time consuming. Its very frustrating I think, but I know eventually it will get harder...

Well I don't think I did to well on my government test today...I kinda sorta fell asleep while I was studying and kinda sorta had to do some last minute cramming 5 minutes before. Oh well its only the first test right? I totally blew the essay, I'm almost positive I got several facts wrong. Oh well its over with and I can't change it so, might as well live with it huh?

I'm trying to remember everything, my brain is fried, oh Puck, that is a very good excuse if you want a new oven

My dad once put laundry detergent in the dishwasher, I wasn't there, but apparently we had bubbles all over the kitchen floor. He claims he thought it was same thing...brilliant man, not a lick of common sense.

Okay, have to go do homework, first swim meet is tomorrow AHHH! **freaking out**, so I have to do lots tonight as I will be home late tomorrow...

Have a great day!

EDIT 'let's mutilate people in ever imaginative ways' bits. LOL Azi! I'd have covered my eyes too! LOL


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 30, 2006 4:37 pm (#1494 of 2976)  

Congratulation Herm oh ninny!

Winky the dress is beautiful. LPO


Mediwitch - Aug 30, 2006 4:41 pm (#1495 of 2976)  

Lots of posts, you chatty people!

Winky Woo, your dress is just lovely!

Herm-oh-ninny, congratulations on the Praxis and quitting your job!

Madam Pince: I saw a t-shirt today that made me think of him? It said "333" in big letters at the top, and then on the next line it said "(I'm only half evil...)

I think I got the same catalog today! When my son was a freshman, he got locker #333 and came home and told us he was halfway to you-know-where!

Good luck with the GRE, Eponine!

Mr. Mediwitch and I had 21 people at our wedding, counting the minister. It was lovely. I'd do it the same way in a minute...no stress! (But we had both had the big wedding before, and neither of us wanted that again.)

And while we're on about unpleasant teachers, can I just rant about irresponsible parents? Since when is the school district supposed to be solely responsible for shoe-tying and friend-making skills? Don't parents realize that they CAN teach these skills at home? I know I'm really preaching to the choir here, but I just had to vent a bit.


Chemyst - Aug 30, 2006 6:40 pm (#1496 of 2976)  

So, rant over – Detail Seeker

Rant – aggressive, or bombastic speech that is usually long and repetitive.

Detail Seeker, if that was meant to be a rant, you failed miserably. (would that be a 5?) It was far too straightforward and reasoned.

Since when is the school district supposed to be solely responsible for shoe-tying and friend-making skills? Don't parents realize that they CAN teach these skills at home? – Mediwitch

Now there's a rant! A little short, but with a solid sense of indignation. (I'll give it an A-) I once heard a woman tell another about her potty training method, "Do what I did; stick them in underpants and send them off to school." I was stunned; both that she'd do that, and that she'd admit to it.


Winky, the dress is .... enviable.

Our wedding reception was at my parents' home at the edge of the woods near the pond. It flew by too. It was so much fun, and remains one of the few parties where I completely felt like I belonged there!


Mediwitch - Aug 30, 2006 6:56 pm (#1497 of 2976)  

Ah, thanks, Chemyst! I can't believe that woman...wait, yes I can. I just wish I couldn't.

Your reception sounds lovely. (Reminds me a little of some of the fanfics about weddings at the Burrow!) Really, I meant the first part of that comment!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 30, 2006 7:06 pm (#1498 of 2976)  

That is one skill I never learned, to this day I require shoes with velcro straps.

When I was in high school I used to participate in theatrical productions produced by the drama department and among my many duties during the productions was helping to shop for costumes and house management. I once knew the majority of costume designers, suppliers and food vendors in my school district.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 30, 2006 7:24 pm (#1499 of 2976)  

Mediwitch I agree. Some of the things kids don't know, even when they get to Middle School. Honestly, aren't parents supposed to teach social skills?

Nathan you dealt with the problem by solving it another way. I may have already said this, I love you Avatar!!

Detail Seeker we are the opposite. A 4 is advanced and 1 is non-proficient. We are told by law to never reveal a students grade to others. I also respect that in regards to overdue library books. Sometimes we are careful about telling parents what a student has out. LPO

Edit: Mediwitch cute Avatar!


Puck - Aug 30, 2006 7:42 pm (#1500 of 2976)  

A paper wedding dress? What if it rains?  Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 793915934

Did you see they built paper crossbows on Mythbusters?

So, how you project movies outside? I suspect you don't have a reel-to-reel of GoF. Sounds like something my kids would love to do.

Okay, I still have food to put away and there are no sheets on my bed, so I best be off!

Lady Arabella
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Finn BV - Aug 30, 2006 8:00 pm (#1501 of 2976)  

Audrey, at least you know he didn't name-grade it!!

Herm oh ninny, congrats on quitting your job as well as the test scores! Are you going to teach this year?

You know, everytime Ginny & Tori post right after each other I just picture them wrestling each other out of the computer chair. --Squid Mike

Me too! Though sometimes I wonder if they have two computers and it's a race to see who can read through the chat thread first. (I see Chemyst also had this idea.)

Julie, congrats on the grades as well! I'm not a Trekkie, but I loved Curious Incident.

Sleeping charms to many of you!

Oh, Winky, that's right. **forgets to change picture instantly** So……

That is one skill I never learned, to this day I require shoes with velcro straps. –Nathan

Really? Nathan, you should go out and learn. It is, to say the least, rather handy!

Kathy, some schools (mine does, dunno about Sheila's) have portable projectors, which computers and/or VCRs/DVD machines can plug into. So, if you have an extension cord, you're all set!

As I did say the other day, we're going to the US Open tomorrow. We're going to see Hingis, as well as Agassi play Baghdatis!! Should be quite exciting… look for me, I'll be wearing a bright orange shirt. The fifty-year-old in the box seat.

And, as it turns out, I'll be away for Labor Day weekend, back up at the same place I was for my birthday week. This weekend is "Dorrientation," which is orientation at Dorr for new high schoolers. However, the school likes a 1:1 ratio of new to old kids, so I'm one of the returning ones. There should be about 100 kids there!

Enjoy the RotD!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 30, 2006 8:23 pm (#1502 of 2976)  

Finn being able to manipulate only three of my ten fingers makes it difficult. The other skill which is difficult is writing script. Most of my writing is block printing.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 30, 2006 8:35 pm (#1503 of 2976)  

Thanks for all the congrats guys! I do find it funny though to be congratulated for quitting my job! Let me tell you all why I quit....

I have worked at the theater since I was 15 yrs old...or 12 years. Last year my boss, whom I loved and respected, sold the theater. I stayed on because the new owners practically begged me to stay. The new owners are extremely cheap. (and that's being generous) They fired our cleaning lady, who kept the place spotless, because they said she was paid too much. The new person who they hired does a horrible job. I swear she doesn't clean anything. Well, about 4 weeks ago, one of the other managers called to tell me that they had seen 3 RATS in the theater. That's right, RATS. And not down in the basement, but in one of the actual theaters!!! He also told me that the owner did not call the exterminator! Obviously, I was simply thrilled by the news. Last Sunday night I was in the box office collecting money when I heard a lady asking one of the candy cashiers "Do you guys have rats?" I walked over (I really wanted to just walk out the door) and the lady told me that a rat had bitten her foot!!! I wanted to die. I apologized profusely and asked if she wanted me to call an ambulance, since her foot was bleeding. She was really nice about the whole thing, said she knew it wasn't my fault, and simply asked if she could have a refund because she wanted to leave. I returned her money, apologized again, and then called the owner. Would you all like to know what he said to me? He said "Why did you give her the money back? You should have just given her a free movie pass!" Yup, that's right! Now I ask all of you, if you were bitten by a rat in a theater, would you EVER want to return there again? Free pass or not? Well that was it for me. I gave him my two weeks notice, and now I'm free! And that is my long "why I quit" story!

Finn- I am doing my pre-professional student teaching this fall, then my professional student teaching in January, and I graduate in May. However, Kean University requires that you submit passing Praxis scores before your student teaching, or they will not allow you to do it.


Finn BV - Aug 30, 2006 8:35 pm (#1504 of 2976)  

Nathan, what sort of illness/injury prevents you from the use of your other fingers? (I've worded that the best way I can, I hope I don't sound rude. )


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 30, 2006 8:44 pm (#1505 of 2976)  

Me too! Though sometimes I wonder if they have two computers and it's a race to see who can read through the chat thread first. LOL Finn! We do do that!!! I think I won this time. We usually have the same stories so who ever reads it the fastest gets to tell them!! hehe I posted mid-sentence as I heard Tori start typing!

I would lovve to spend an entire night watching all 4 Hp- movies on a projector screen! How funn!!

We had a memorial service this morning on the front lawn. It was reallyy hot and humid, but the sun wasn't out. The whole school (about 1,000) were out there in a humongus circle trying not to faint. I'm one of those people who can't stand still for very long.. if I do my legs start to shake and feel weak. It was 45 minutes long because they had an open mic prayer. If you wanted to pray for someone in New Orleans you went to the mic and said it. The problem with this was that the lower school kids went up to pray for random things. We had about 15 minutes of little kids praying for their great great great grandmothers and pets and such. Very sweet and all but I don't see why they couldn't just say "we pray for all those affected by Katrina" and be done with it!! That would have been much nicer in my opinion...Oh well it's done with now but it took what seemed like forever, It would have been much easier if it hadn't been so incredibly hot. Speaking of praying I need to go study for my "Intro to the Bible" test tomorrow..

Edited to add: Now I ask all of you, if you were bitten by a rat in a theater, would you EVER want to return there again? Free pass or not?

Umm I don't think I'd even stop by for the refund! I'd just get out of there as fast as I could and never ever return! Good thinking on quitting!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 30, 2006 8:53 pm (#1506 of 2976)  

Finn, I have cerebral palsy that occurred as the result of brain damage that occurred at time of my birth. I was born eight weeks early, weighing about 3 pounds 10 ounces. When I was born my heart stopped beating and when the doctors restarted my heart they used the paddles to shock my heart to restart it.

This was successful but, the process collapsed one of my lungs. The lung was reinflated but, the process took so long to accomplish that the lack of oxygen to my brain that occurred as result was sufficiently severe to cause permanent organic brain damage. This brain damage manifested itself as a form of cerebral palsy that has often been said to be ataxic to a degree. Although, I do not now and have not manifested the cardiac symptoms often associated with true ataxia.

My disability is not apparent to most people. I have often termed it a latent disability because, it only apparent when I attempt to manipulate objects with my hands or walk in straight lines and other tests of balance and coordination.

As I have noted in previous posts I have had professors and teachers who asserted that my disability affected my intellectual capabilites. My only response to them is Nitwit, Oddiment, Blubber and Tweak! I do not give them much thought because, they often fell into the category of Professors like Snape and Umbridge.


geauxtigers - Aug 30, 2006 9:00 pm (#1507 of 2976)  

LOL Finn! and for your information Ginny, I was talking to Irene! She was talking about Harry Potter again, I think we have ourselves an "obesseee" in the making! LOL! I don't try to race! Really I don't, I'm not competetive at all! !

Okay I have a Bible quiz tomorrow and considering I colored my folder rather than took notes, I think I need to go study, (Ginny's notes that is) Hey, what can I say, I do have some of them, just not the ones from last class! :shocked: So I need to go study or sleep one f the two...

I agree Herm oh ninny, I'd probably quit too! Good for you!

Mediwitch, who is that cute kid in your avatar?!

2 days, 19 hours and 5 minutes til kick off!

Night everyone!


Finn BV - Aug 30, 2006 9:03 pm (#1508 of 2976)  

I was right, aha!

Nathan, thanks for telling us about your disability. It's certainly not reflected in your posts!


Tazzygirl - Aug 30, 2006 11:16 pm (#1509 of 2976)  

Talk about a whirlwind day! I managed to actually sleep the entire 5 hour flight (whoo-hoo!!) and my friend came to pick me up from the airport.

I feel kind of bad, but not really- while I was at first trying to sleep on the plane, this little boy, about three, was sitting in the row next to me with his mom. His voice volume was loud and louder. Nothing quieter. His mom tended to ignore him if he said her name, so he would just get louder and louder until she answered him. Anyways, his mom was trying to get some sleep about 3 hours into the flight. He proceeded to scream and sing at the top of his lungs. Mom wasn't doing anything, so I half opened my eyes, turned to stare at him, and put my finger to my lips in the 'SHHHHH' gesture. He looked at me with big eyes and was silent for the rest of the trip. It worked... **relaxed**

I got to the restaurant literally 10 minutes before my parents showed up. So my brother, sister, aunt, uncle, Syd, Thaniel, and I were all sitting down and nervously waiting for my parents to arrive. It was kind of funny, as we saw their truck pull up, and three adults duck under the table quickly. After about 5 minutes, my parents walked to where we were sitting and we all yelled "Surprise!". Dad didn't know if he wanted to turn and run or stay. (All of us had flown in as a surprise for his 50th Birthday.) It was AWESOME! Then we all came home and had the most delicious cake in the world and Dad opened up his prezzies. I was a little bummed that my aunt and uncle and the kids were here- I think it would have been a little bit more special if it was just my parents and siblings. This is the first time in two years that my entire family was together. Anyways- it was definitely a great day!

Winky- I finally got to see your wedding dress- It's beautiful!! I actually have one all picked out (just need to find the guy and I'm all set! LOL) that is similar to your dress. It's got the embroidery and the way it kind of gathers at the side of the waist, but the flowers are shades of reds, and it is strapless. And it looks to me like your wedding is going to be an absolute fairytale! Hope you enjoy it!

Mediwitch- your avatar is too cute!!

Tori and Ginny- sounds like your school year is off to a bad start! Studying last minute... doodling in class... falling asleep... Oh. Wait. I think that's part of the procrastinator's club!!

Herm-oh-ninny: I would have put my two week notice in that minute too, if that happened to me. Rats? Are you just doing General Education? I've got a total of four semesters left of student teaching- 2 semesters in a general education setting and 2 semesters in the special education setting. My last semester (spring '08) is when I'll basically be teaching a class for the entire semester without help.

I think it is time for bed for me. I have an eye doctor appointment in the morning, and then Disneyland after that!



Julie Aronson - Aug 31, 2006 4:07 am (#1510 of 2976)  

Herm-oh-ninny, I wouldn't have even bothered with notice. I'd have worked out my shift and been done. Rats are just too much! YECH!!!'


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 31, 2006 4:56 am (#1511 of 2976)  

Herm-oh-ninny, I wouldn't have even bothered with notice. I'd have worked out my shift and been done.---Julia Aronson

Funny, I wouldn't have finished working out my shift, but simply have been done. ***hears the voice of Paul Lynde for no apparent reason***


Denise P. - Aug 31, 2006 5:29 am (#1512 of 2976)  

**:wonders how many people know who Paul Lynde is and why you think of him when you think of rats**:

My cub scout pack ordered pack t-shirts and they arrived! They are soooo purty! They are a cardinal red with the various ranks in gold. It has our pack number, our town and our charter organization on it. They are so much nicer in person than the proof we got in email.

Tomorrrow, Mr. Denise is officially retired from the military. Wow, what to do after all these years?


Eponine - Aug 31, 2006 5:50 am (#1513 of 2976)  

Herm-o-ninny, the owner is lucky that the woman didn't make a bigger deal about it. She could have written a letter the newspaper or called the local news station. If it'd been me, I'd make sure everyone I knew heard about the rats, and I'd encourage them to never patronize that theatre again. Ick! I would have quit too. Good luck with the teaching!

I always pictured Ginny and Tori fighting over the computer too. Since they often post right after each other on the chat thread, I see them reading the thread together, and then each posting their reply. I'm glad you two don't have to fight for the computer, though. It makes things a lot easier. (Which is why Mr. Eponine and I both have our own computers.)

I hope everyone has a great RotD!

ETA: Congratulations to Mr. Denise! What's he going to do now?


Loopy Lupin - Aug 31, 2006 5:54 am (#1514 of 2976)  

Well, big congrats to Mr. Denise!!!!!! What to do, indeed! I'm sure you could think of a few things for him to do around the house. ***waves to Kim****


Denise P. - Aug 31, 2006 6:07 am (#1515 of 2976)  

He is looking at a few different jobs. He could get hired in the next five minutes if he was willing to go as a civilian back to Iraq but I have put the big VETO on that idea.

Loopy! You are alive!!


Chemyst - Aug 31, 2006 6:23 am (#1516 of 2976)  

On the topic of parents training kids in making-friends skills– It occurred to me after I signed off last night that sometimes there are hidden neurological problems. I knew a mom whose kid was misdiagnosed through the school as ADHD. The child was actually autistic, but there was another three years of tug-o-war with the school to find that out. So as a public awareness thing, if you know of a child who has been taught the normal stuff about how to make friends and they are still not getting it, it might be time to consider a different approach.

Herm-oh-ninny, I'd have called the health/environmental safety department and asked for a surprise inspection of their food service license.


Julie Aronson - Aug 31, 2006 7:47 am (#1517 of 2976)  


A fair is a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord, after the gates are shut...

I hate rats, but I LOVE Templeton!


Lilly P - Aug 31, 2006 8:21 am (#1518 of 2976)  

Tomorrow, Mr. Denise is officially retired from the military. Wow, what to do after all these years? - Denise P.

We are facing almost the same thing. It's only been 11 years in the military for us, but it's still a little scary facing the civilian world again! The Marine Corps is putting on a seminar for us to update us on the economy, what we can expect power bills, and housing expenses to be in different parts of the country that we will be moving to. And also about civilian health insurance which is going to be the biggest thing for me. I wish I could have had something like that as a teenager moving out of the house for the first time!

I forgot to say yesterday Winky - I LOVE YOUR DRESS! it's similar in cut to mine, but of a different material! It's gorgeous!


Holly T. - Aug 31, 2006 9:05 am (#1519 of 2976)  

My daughter was filling out one of those "getting to know you" forms for one of her teachers, you know, where they ask what is your best subject, worst subject, etc. She very seriously asked me "Do I have a worst subject?" I laughed at her and called her Hermione. She finally wrote down "none" although I suggested she put "remembering to unload the dishwasher." She said they had to be school related.

My son's best subject is "maht" and his worst is "seling."


Loopy Lupin - Aug 31, 2006 10:01 am (#1520 of 2976)  

Loopy! You are alive!! – Denise

Just barely. I've been fighting a cough, cold, congestion all week. It's weird. I went to a kid's birthday party at a petting zoo on Saturday. Driving on the way home, I coughed and I felt a familiar feeling in my chest: bronchitis. It was very out of the blue. I have heard stories about petting zoos, but I washed me hands with anti-everything soap and such. Perhaps I am allergic to baby goats or something. Anyway, I've been going to work and going home to bed for the past few days. I still sound like crap, but I'm not sure if I really feel much better or if I'm lying to myself because I want to go to the beach this weekend.

Anyhoo! I am alive, but just barely.


Herm oh ninny - Aug 31, 2006 11:09 am (#1521 of 2976)  

I love Templeton too!

My sisters also said that I was too nice and that I should have just walked out then and there, but I couldn't do that to the girls who were working for me that night. They would have suffered, not the owner. So I just stuck it out. I still can't believe the owner's lack of concern for the girl! She was pregnant by the way! Ok. Rant over.

Tazzy- I am doing a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education with a second major in Earth Science. When I graduate in May (hopefully!) I will have a teacher's certification for Pre-K to 8th Grade. I am doing my junior field teaching this semester, and my senior/final student teaching in January.

Finn- Have fun at the game tonight! I will be looking for a smiling goldfish in the audience


Puck - Aug 31, 2006 11:18 am (#1522 of 2976)  

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord, after the gates are shut...

Thanks, Julie! I was trying to remember the rat connection -forgot he voiced Templeton! (Charlotte's Web was one of my favorites. )

LOL, Holly!

Congrats to Mr. Denise on his retirement/career change.

If I was bit by a rat in the movie theater I not only would have gotten my money back, I would have brought the rest of the patrons with me. Upon returning home I would have called the Board of Health, as they do serve food there.

I need to go finish cleaning. (Is it possible to finish cleaning when you have children? There always seems to be more to do.)



Lina - Aug 31, 2006 12:00 pm (#1523 of 2976)  

Yay, Kristina! I'm glad the birthday surprise went so well. Have a good time in California and enjoy the time with your family!

I had this thing about the prom dress. I spent all my schooling imagining my prom dress. Then we ended the school not having the prom dance. So I decided not to imagine my wedding dress at all until the wedding date would be set. I know it is superstitious and I'm not normally superstitious, but I was about the wedding dress and it worked.

Congratulations, Denise, about hubby's retirement!
He could get hired in the next five minutes if he was willing to go as a civilian back to Iraq but I have put the big VETO on that idea.

I wonder why?


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 31, 2006 12:29 pm (#1524 of 2976)  

If I was bit by a rat in the movie theater I not only would have gotten my money back, I would have brought the rest of the patrons with me.---Puck

I can just imagine the audience's reaction to Kathy standing up in the middle of a film and yelling, "Oh my God! What was that? A rat?! A rat just bit me! Oh my God, there's more!"

Would that qualify as 'inciting a riot'?

(I'll admit that I scream out loud if a film is mildly suspenseful and can only imagine the unholy screeching that would take place should I be bit by a rat.)

Denise, awesome news about Mr. Denise. I guess he'll have no more excuses for growing a beard. Gee, and I know how much you like them.

Loopy! ***waves***


Madam Pince - Aug 31, 2006 12:39 pm (#1525 of 2976)  

If I'd been bitten by a rat in a movie theatre and was standing there bleeding, I would not only have called the Board of Health, but I would also have called Loopy Lupin to see what my legal options were for bringing suit against the negligent nincompoops. Hmph. If I were you, Herm-o-ninny, I would still call the Health Department. You could probably make an anonymous report if you feel uncomfortable giving your name. There's no way that place should be allowed to continue operations under those conditions -- it is really a danger to the public and to the other employees. My mom used to work at the Health Dept., and I know there are some serious things that can come about from rats. If they are getting aggressive enough to not even be afraid of people and to come out and bite patrons, then something really needs to be done.

How's that for a rant?

Congratulations to Mr. Denise on his retirement! Woo-hoo! Hope everything goes smoothly. How wonderful that he won't be running away to other countries every few months now! ***wonders what this will do to the size of the Denise household in the future***

Tazzy, you are truly a teacher -- you're already got the "teacher glare" down pat if you could quiet that kid on the plane!

Get well wishes to Loopy -- hope you're feeling better soon!

We've had no rain all summer, and now (naturally) the last weekend of summer when we're planning a trip to our cabin and to go to the county fair, it's supposed to rain buckets, flash flood watches and all. I know I've been asking for rain, I just wish it could've waited three more days -- after all, it's been in no hurry so far. Oh well, I guess you haven't lived until you've slogged around muddy fairgrounds and ridden the Ferris Wheel in the rain!

Everyone enjoy the RotD and the long weekend if you have one!


Herm oh ninny - Aug 31, 2006 1:49 pm (#1526 of 2976)  

Leave it to me to start a "If I was bitten by a rat in the theater..." conversation!

Actually, two days after the incident the owner finally called the exterminator and the rats are no more. (I hope!) Either way, it's no longer my problem.

If anyone is a fan of the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events books, they just listed on the web site that the author "Lemony Snicket" is going to do a book tour across the US to promote the final book which comes out October, Friday the 13th.


The giant squid - Aug 31, 2006 2:14 pm (#1527 of 2976)  

Let me tell you all why I quit....--Herm oh ninny

It's guys like that that make people think, "I'll just wait until it hits DVD." With "home theatre systems" getting bigger & better every day, the only reason to go to a movie theater is for the experience--which includes clean, vermin-free auditoriums (auditoria?). I am surprised that the woman was so calm about it...how bad has the place gotten that people just accept rats as part of the experience?

The owner may have called out the exterminator for this batch, but unless he removes the thing that drew them there in the first place (i.e. cleans better) their cousins will be there before long, and the cycle begins anew...

Unlike the others, though, I commend you for sticking it out for the two weeks. Quitting on the spot screws your fellow employees more than it does the owner (who obviously doesn't care anyway). It also looks better when seeking employment later, as it shows that you're willing to fulfill your commitments.

Sorry for the rant (I think this qualified ), but this is something that really gets under my skin. If customers' standards are so low that rats are an "oh, well" thing it's no wonder attendance numbers keep dropping. Would this guy accept rats running around biting people if he were running an office? Ludicrous.

*ahem* Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Loopy. I'd noticed you weren't around much lately...I guess it's hard to be sarcastic & snarky when your chest is full of phlegm.



Loopy Lupin - Aug 31, 2006 2:46 pm (#1528 of 2976)  

*ahem* Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Loopy. I'd noticed you weren't around much lately...I guess it's hard to be sarcastic & snarky when your chest is full of phlegm—Mike

You know, it is indeed hard. You could say that I've had "an excess of phlegm" lately. Oh looky, I'm well enough to make JKR reference; I must be getting better.

Thanks for all the well wishing. I don't know if I'll be around tomorrow, so I hope all who celebrate Labor Day have a good weekend.


Lilly P - Aug 31, 2006 2:47 pm (#1529 of 2976)  

Well, the hurricane is starting to push the bad weather up this way, so I thought I would post just for the heck of it because it looks like we will lose power soon, it's just starting to flicker every 10min. or so. thats ok, there is no better excuse to curl up with a HP book and read the night away, than losing power! I hope you all have a great ROTN


Holly T. - Aug 31, 2006 3:47 pm (#1530 of 2976)  

Instead of practicing his spelling words, my son is listening to the audiobook of HBP and drawing a very nice picture of a dragon.

Why am I on the computer instead of making sure my house is presentable enough to be invaded by Girl Scouts?


Mediwitch - Aug 31, 2006 4:28 pm (#1531 of 2976)  

Nathan: As I have noted in previous posts I have had professors and teachers who asserted that my disability affected my intellectual capabilites. My only response to them is Nitwit, Oddiment, Blubber and Tweak! I do not give them much thought because, they often fell into the category of Professors like Snape and Umbridge.

Oh, Nathan, BRAVO!!!!! Unfortunately, so many people don't understand that!

Tori, the cutie pie is my 18-month-old nephew. He was enjoying a meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, and a cupcake with blue frosting - and I do mean enjoying! He's a bit of a devil, but he's not a picky eater!!

Ick...rats! I'd have walked out with the woman. **shivers**

Kristina, we have a new teacher in the district who got his degree at the University of Hawaii! I haven't actually spoken to him, though, because he's in a different school.

Congratulations to Mr. Denise on his retirement! SmileyCentral.com

Hi Chemyst...about that rant of mine...I actually DO work with children with speech and language disabilities (among other problems); most of the kids I work with are diagnosed with autism. My complaint is when the parents refuse to work on skills at home and get angry with the school because their 15-year-old child doesn't know how to tie shoes. Never mind the fact that the parents always bought velcro shoes even when the teachers were recommending laces. Never mind that the kid was taught at school but because s/he didn't have lace shoes s/he ONLY got to practice at school. This kid COULD tie shoes but it was never reinforced at home, so now it's our fault s/he can't do it any more. :mad:   **gets off soapbox**

Err...sorry about that.

Holly, it's because shortly it will LOOK like it's been invaded by Girl Scouts, so noone will ever know the difference!


Julie Aronson - Aug 31, 2006 4:56 pm (#1532 of 2976)  

Denise, congrats on your husband's retirement! Does he appreciate the irony of retiring in time for Labor Day weekend?

Have a great whatever!


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 31, 2006 5:40 pm (#1533 of 2976)  

Ahh finally I made my way through all those posts! School is seriously affecting my forum time. It;s 7:30 and I haven't even started my homework! I think that qualifies me for the procrastinator's club!

We had our first swim meet this afternoon. It went fine. I sucked..as usual but I didn't come in last on anything because one team appeared to have been thrown into the water without ever practicing. It was a little on the pitiful side that most of them could hardly handle a 50m freestyle. They were so terrible to the point where I actually felt bad for them. Poor things...took aome about 55 secs to do a 50m free. I'm one of the slowest people on my team and I can do it in 30 secs. Ahhh I'm not being very nice here....I'll stop.

Ok time to start homework.....maybe later

Have a great RotN everyone!


geauxtigers - Aug 31, 2006 5:49 pm (#1534 of 2976)  

Wow very chatty!

Have fun in Califorina Kirstina! I'm glad everything went well with your dad's party!

Congrats on Mr. Denise's retirement!

Swim meet went well, I did okay. I really screwed up the 100 free...oh well its only the first meet and we won anyways, so it doesn't matter.

I think I'm getting a cold, my nose has been stuffy all week, now after cheering today at the meet, my troat kinda hurts. Oh well.

I'm completely forgetting what I wanted to say...oh well!

Must go keep up my status in the procrastinator's club and avoid homework just a little longer! Really, I need to go work, back later after I've done something!

Have a great night everyone!


Pigwidgeon - Aug 31, 2006 8:00 pm (#1535 of 2976)  

Congratulations to Mr. Denise -- that's good news!

The rat story: *shudder* Ordinarily, spiders, snakes, bats, bugs, rats and the like don't bother me (I had 11 gerbils at one point, which is another story), but I think that would have sent me screaming! I do hope that lady saw a doctor, pronto.

And yes, I'm stalling a bit. Is the procrastinator's club meeting tonight?


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 31, 2006 8:04 pm (#1536 of 2976)  

Is the procrastinator's club meeting tonight?

Noo it's not till later on this week.   Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042   Speaking of... It's now 10PM and I think maybe I've done 7 math problems. That's pretty bad. I keep coming back to this stupid time consuming forum! grrrr. **walks away thinking about starting a real Procrastinator's Club**


TwinklingBlueEyes - Aug 31, 2006 8:19 pm (#1537 of 2976)  

Ok, whose turn is it to do the  “the Forum is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but only as long as real life is taken care first”  speech?

Besides us "experienced" procrastinators have more experience Because we have served our time.

...toddles off to find another butterbeer...


Ludicrous Patents Office - Aug 31, 2006 8:24 pm (#1538 of 2976)  

Herm oh ninny That is one of the best reasons I've heard for quitting a job. Congratulations!

Denise congratulations on Mr. Denise's retirement. I hope you are ready for it!

Procrastination sometimes works out for the best. All summer I've been going to put mulch on the side of the house. I haven't gotten around to it. My neighbor had a tree taken down. The tree removal service hauled the logs way but left the mulched stump. Now I have free mulch for my project! Darn now I have to do it. LPO


geauxtigers - Aug 31, 2006 8:28 pm (#1539 of 2976)  
Edited Aug 31, 2006 9:03 pm

I haven't even opened my book sack! I had much more important things to do, like see if I could order LSU game on Direct-Tv, I can! **happy dance** My mom didn't want us going to the game by ourselves because the driving is so confusing. Not to mention the loonies come out and stay out all night. Not worried about being in the stadium, just going too and from the stadium...oh well we can get it since its not nationally televised! YAY!

Okay I have to find a news article for government tomorrow, not my cup of tea! Might take some notes, I have an hour and a half lunch break tomorrow, I can do physics then.

Oh we got Homecoming themes today, the Theme is Holidays, Seniors have Mardi Gras, Juniors (us) have Thanksgiving, Sophomore have Arbor Day, and Freshmen have "teacher in-service day" **Snort**

Do yall have homecoming in England, etc.? Probably not I think because its a football thing. Its a "big" deal anyway, theres a game, a court of students who walk the feild at halftime and get presented, then a dance the following night. We do decorations at school in the quad. 9th and 10th grade always get really bad themes! Seniors get to pick them, they go for the worst one the administarion will allow. I think they won this year. Arbour Day and Teacher in service! I almost feel bad for them...not! LOL Their time will come!

Okay, I really should actually open my booksack now...

1 day, 20 hours, 32 mintues til kick off!


EDIT: Sheila, each grade decorates the quad according to their theme. Each grade gets a shirt made for their them ect, the dance is usually a combination of all the themes. Its pretty cool, usually it mostly revolves around the Seniors and junoir's theme because we are after all, "upperclassmen". Plus, Seniors get to plan Homecoming. Its fun, its usually a big "party" to decorate the Thursday before the game, everyone comes and we, well decorate of course!


painting sheila - Aug 31, 2006 8:46 pm (#1540 of 2976)  

geuxtigers - How do you do a theme for Homecoming that is about Thanksgiving? IS the dance in those themes also - or just the quad?

Ernesto is hitting! He is not a hurricane but had dumped toms of rain. My kids have been watching the school closing county by county hoping it will make it to us! The county next to us has delayed school for two hours - I am sure they all went to bed with prayers in their hearts for the same thing here.

We had an exciting day! My oldest daughter was asked to be an extra on One Tree Hill. We drove down to the coast and spent the day worrying about Ernesto catching us there and being excited to be an extra. We don't watch the show - but none the less it was exciting! Our 15 minutes of fame - (sigh)

Wedding dresses made out of paper - I thought the same thing - What happens if it rains? Or some one spills on you? or some one steps on your train? I need to see one before I am convinced it will work.

We had our wedding reception in a ballroom at a really nice hotel. There were 3 or 4 other receptions that night - and we all got robbed! Money was taken out of purses that guest had left on their chairs. It was awful! The police confiscated all the cameras and videos. They finally found the person - it was an elderly lady who would read the paper for wedding announcements - take notes about who was having receptions at the hotel - dress up really nicely to blend in - and then pick pocket all night! We didn't get to leave the reception until 12;00 or so. It is funny now (and makes for a good story). Not a bad omen though - love my sweetie as much as the day we were wed . .. . . .

I just don't know if that will survive going through retirement or not! God luck to those of you that are facing it!!!

The rat story put me over the top! I can't stand to wear open toed shoes to the movies because I worry about some one spilling something and having it run all over my feet ( I am really not as weird as I sound - I promise) I can promise you that if a rat had bit me, every person in three counties would have heard me!

Way to work your two weeks. That shows a lot of responsibility and respect for your self!! WOOHOO!!


Tazzygirl - Aug 31, 2006 11:11 pm (#1541 of 2976)  

Congratulations to Mr. Denise!

Thanks again for the comments, they are really helping me get over some of the overwhelming moments of school!

That's too cool, Mediwitch, about the teacher from Hawaii! Hope he does a great job!

**charms to those in the path of Ernesto and John**

**Healing charms to Loopy**

Painting Sheila- that is so neat about your daughter! Glad the person who stole at your wedding was caught... how horrible!

Sorry (yet again!) if I missed anything or anyone.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



Finn BV - Aug 31, 2006 11:24 pm (#1542 of 2976)  

Kristina, happy birthday to your dad! Glad the party was a success!

Denise, congrats to Mr. P!

Healing charms to Loopy!

Ugh, Herm oh ninny, I hate Lemony Snicket!

Didn't really read through everything because I just got back from the Open! (Eek, it's 2:20 am! ) We weren't as close as I thought we were going to be, but, oh well… We saw Hingis lose quite easily, and Agassi pull out a tough five-setter over "the real deal" Marcos Baghdatis (he finaled at the Australian this year). That was quite a match, seemed like a final and it was only a second rounder! Wow…

anyway, what an event. If anybody is even remotely near it, and has this weekend to kill, please go buy yourself a groundspass and see the outside courts, or splurge and buy a $50 ticket in Louis Armstrong Stadium or something. It's really, really fun.

Just reminding you all – I'll be away this weekend back up in CT, for orientation. See you Monday!

**falls asleep, dead tired, and having to wake up at 7:15, less than 5 hours from now… **
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Chemyst - Sep 1, 2006 4:43 am (#1544 of 2976)  

Lemony Snicket brings out the kid in me.
...which might explain Finn's distaste for it, what with his age thing and all.

** after hearing weather report for Ernesto, wonders if Catherine might need drying charms**


Mediwitch - Sep 1, 2006 5:02 am (#1545 of 2976)  

Finn: Ugh, Herm oh ninny, I hate Lemony Snicket!

Me too! I thought I was the only one.

Off to school, but I'll wave to you this weekend, Finn, as you'll almost be in my neck of the woods!


kaykay1970 - Sep 1, 2006 5:19 am (#1546 of 2976)  

My 15 year old loves Lemony Snicket. He convinced me that I needed to read them. I had to force myself to even finish the first one...

Congratulations Mr. Denise!


Puck - Sep 1, 2006 5:48 am (#1547 of 2976)  

Holly, if we all finished our work before coming to the forum, it would look something like this:

Procrastinators Unite!

Going to the zoo today. Mr. Puck took the day off of work. We want to take the baby to see the animals, and the weekend is supposed to be rainy. As many other towns in the area are already in school, and it's too early for field trips, it should be nice and quiet. Perfect.

Happy Remains of the day!



Denise P. - Sep 1, 2006 7:12 am (#1548 of 2976)  

Count me in the Lemony Snicket dislike train. I tried them based on someone on the forum raving about them. I forced myself to read the first three and threw them down. The person even emailed me the grand plan in the rest of the books and I still don't want to read them. (That means I have no interest in the series at all) It just drives me nuts the way he defines words that the reader can get from context clues. Actually, the entire way he writes drives me nuts. I am glad it gets kids to read but even my own kids find them dumb. Yuck, I think I would read Phillip Pullman again before I would pick up Lemony Snicket again and I didn't like Pullman either.

Mr. Denise is officially retired. We are heading out in a minute to go exchange our ID cards for ones that say RETIRED on it.


Solitaire - Sep 1, 2006 8:12 am (#1549 of 2976)  

Jumping ahead 50 posts ... Yes, Mediwitch ... the middle school kids often do arrive with no social skills. Several of the girls also seem to have taken their fashion instruction from Frederick's of Hollywood, too. Ugh! I'm not sure if the mothers don't know what their daughters are wearing or--as was the case with one mom a few years back--think they look fine in outfits that would make Daisy Duke blush! And, no ... I am not kidding! Okay, rant over. I'll read and rant more later! I must run out to flag salute and get started for the day!



geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2006 9:16 am (#1550 of 2976)  

Well I snuck on in French...we have the laptops, he he! I'm so sneaky! can't be long though, supposed to be doing research or something. Actually, I dunno what I'm supposed to be doing really, thats why I'm here!

My troat hurts today...not good! Hope you feel better Regan!

Better go. I'll catch up later! grr plus half the keys work correctly so this isn't working!

LoL holly! okay the "shift" key is messed up on this dino laptop!

Au revoir! class is almost over! Must spend my lunch break doing physics and math! How fun is that1!?


Holly T. - Sep 1, 2006 9:20 am (#1551 of 2976)  

Bonjour Tori!

There, that should be appropriate for French class. ;-)

The Girl Scouts who invaded my house last night were hungry and ate a pan of brownies and half a pound cake.

Congrats to Mr. Denise on his retirement.

I have a new computer at work and the screen is so big it is scaring me. I have a 17" iMac at home. Let me just say that the 20" one (which I now have at work) is much larger. Apparently I did not log out correctly yesterday before the IT people changed my computers and got a talking-to this morning from one of the IT guys.  Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 3906177977

Hope everyone is well. Have a great RotD!


Viola Intonada - Sep 1, 2006 9:21 am (#1552 of 2976)  

Soli, unfortunately it is getting more and more difficult to buy non-Frederick's of Hollywood clothing. My children get very frustrated when shopping for school clothes and they are only 9 and 10 years old! We usually end up shopping in the school uniform section. Our school has a very strict dress code that won't even allow half the clothes that are for sale on the clothing racks. Is it just me or is the 70's retro thing lasting longer than the original trend did?

Puck is right. No one is stepping up for the speech, because we are all guilty. I am in no position to "throw the first stone". I should be cleaning the house, my parents will be here in a couple of hours.....

Congrats to Mr. Denise on retirement. I'm sure Denise has a very long "honey do" list that will encourage Mr. Denise to quickly find a job.

Rats in a movie theater. Ugh! Hubby and I are planning on finally seeing "Pirates" tonight. I'm wearing long pants, just in case. *shudders* I can't believe the woman stayed so calm about the whole thing, especially since she is pregnant. I hope she went to the doctor or the hospital directly from the theater. *shudders again*

I'm so excited! We leave tomorrow. The carryon restriction have been reduced considerably (still no liquids) but I will be able to carry camera and film with me. I'm going to take as little as possible, just to be safe. I wonder if JKR would like to do some sightseeing with me?

Edit: A 20" screen! Wow, that's bigger than most of the TV's in our house. I could see where that would take some getting used to. *does a dance* There's another Mac user on the Forum, yay!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 1, 2006 9:30 am (#1553 of 2976)  

I'm in French too. We still have another 10 minutes left of class though. I think my teacher is crazy...she gave us this packet that we are supposed to be filling out in groups, but no one knows what to do. She isn't really helping out either...oh well...

I hate Lemony Snicket with a burning passion! I saw that movie they made, and I think I fell asleep! I really don't do fantasy. Harry is an exception.

Ok gotta go!


Denise P. - Sep 1, 2006 9:39 am (#1554 of 2976)  

Oh, don't get me started on the inappropriate clothing that is being sold to young girls. Explain to me why I would want to buy my three year old a french cut bikini? What ever happened to a cute, one piece pink suit with a kitty on it or something? I really, really, really dislike the way that the clothing is trying to force these younger girls to dress older than their years. I don't want my nine year old in low cut jeans that show her panties while putting her in a spaghetti strap top that clings like a second skin, is three sizes too small and leaves her midriff bare. It is always a challenge to find clothes that are stylish enough for her without making her look like she is contemplating an evening job on a corner.


Holly T. - Sep 1, 2006 9:58 am (#1555 of 2976)  

Viola--Finn is also a Mac user. :-)

Bonjour to Ginny also!

I have been buying shorts for my daughter in the boys' department for years--the ones in the girls' department are way too short. I told my daughter that a cute girly shirt with denim or khaki shorts and no one will need to know they are boys' clothes. This also worked out nicely because when she outgrew the shorts I could give them to my son to wear. But alas, earwax, he grew and she didn't and now they wear the same size. She's still taller, but they have the same size waist.

Our big boss and his head minion, the persnickety office manager (she sends out e-mails reminding us to "act professionally," and we have been banned from talking in the hall) are both out today. Big boss's secretary has ordered pizza so we are going to eat pizza and talk loudly and possibly even laugh loudly (we got in trouble for that too).


Ydnam96 - Sep 1, 2006 11:37 am (#1556 of 2976)  

Well, I was going to try and sort through the 300 some-odd posts but I just don't have time.

Hope all is well. It's move-in weekend here at the University so it's super busy.

Happy Weekend All!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 1, 2006 11:51 am (#1557 of 2976)  

The thing I find interesting about dress codes is that of all the schools I have attended, the university I went to had a dress code imposed by the student body itself and it was strictly adhered to by the student population. In some ways it was easier to follow than the one for the high school I attended. In my case the dress code was stricter because, I worked for as an administrative assistant at the university


Winky Woo - Sep 1, 2006 12:27 pm (#1558 of 2976)  

Actually I prefer having a dress code, it saves you having to think about what you are going to wear. We have a casual dress code on a Friday and weekend, but I find it much easier to switch off when I can take my suit off and unwind (preferably with a large glass of wine ) I actually hate shopping for clothes, and when I have worn something for work it no longer feels like casual wear.

Winky x


Catherine - Sep 1, 2006 12:43 pm (#1559 of 2976)  

** after hearing weather report for Ernesto, wonders if Catherine might need drying charms** --Chemyst

Yes, indeedy. We're all floody here, but nothing truly horrid unless you were an ECU student who didn't move your car from the lot on tenth street yesterday afternoon, in which case you awoke to find your car submerged four feet in water!

I'm finally able to log on--we lost power at 5 a.m. and it was only just restored (here I am on the Forum first thing--good thing I've sorted out my priorities Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508). Turns out that our neighbor's humongous beech tree fell onto the power lines and the transformer blew. Then the tree caught on fire. The sirens and utility trucks parked in front of our house were NOT conducive to resting comfortably. Then, the transformers blew everywhere else, and the utility company actually had to dig the lines up in places, as the damage went below ground.

I was trying to find out if I had to go to work. Since I had no internet connection, I couldn't check the school's website. The local radio station was saying, "For all of our closings, check out our website." Then we realized that our cordless phones weren't working. Unfortunately, our house doesn't get cell phone service inside.

So, at six a.m., I am sitting in our garage trying to call the school's message center to see if it had been updated--which they did not do untiil 6:30. Grrr.

But we're fine. Bored, but fine.

Loopy, glad you are feeling better. Kim--excellent rat reference.

Congrats to Mr. Denise's retirement.

**waves to everyone**


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 1, 2006 1:02 pm (#1560 of 2976)  

I have been buying shorts for my daughter in the boys' department for years--the ones in the girls' department are way too short.

LOL! I hate how short some of the shorts out there are. I have such long legs that short shorts look a bit ummm **looks for a more appropriate word than the one I'm thinking of** not so nice. That's why I love bermuda shorts! They're long enough for me, without looking stupid. I also have a nice pair of Polo shorts that are a bit longer.

I love that we have a uniform at my school. I absolutely hate trying to decide what to wear, especially early in the morning when I'm half awake. I think I'd go mad without uniforms! It's pretty enforced at our school but people love to break it. It drives me nuts! It really isn't hard to tuck your shirt in and have your skirt a decent length. I mean come on it's school for crying out loud! If you think it looks stupid, well there's 300 other people there to look stupid with you! If you want to look like a h***er on the weekends, then fine, you have the right to do it, but really what's the point of doing it at school?

Happy Friday to everyone!!


geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2006 1:12 pm (#1561 of 2976)  

ITS FRIDAY!!! YES!! I had a great day today, the weather has been so nice yesterday and today! I'm talking we haven't gotten above 90 degrees either day! And it got down to 71 last night! I know thats got to be a record! Its August!!

**drying charms to all in Ernesto's path**

I absolutely love wearing uniforms, I have a hard enough time hunting just that down, imagine what I'd be like if we didn't...You don't have to pick out your clothes either!

I understand about the short shorts! I have long lanky legs, and it makes me look particularly dumb if I wear short shorts. I like bermuda shorts, they look nice on me because its a good balance. They don't work as well on shorter people, but they are still really cute in my opinion. I do have some regular shorts, mostly ones from American Eagle, they tend to be a little longer and cheaper than most others. I did get a nice pair on clearance at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet and they are a few inches above my knee. Then again, Holly your daughter is younger than me and its probably hard to find the appropriate length, I remember having a much harder time when I was in middle school. Target always has a nice selection too, really all their clothes are cute so...!

Low rise jean, not for the very young or the old. They are simply what is in style at the time, however, I don't think its cute to dress up a little kid in low rise jeans, for starters they probably couldn't keep them up, they play too much and such. All my pants and stuff are low rise, then again I'm 16 and I don't allow my undies to show! I know several people who do that just so people will look at them. I don't want to be known as a, well I don't think the word is appropriate, but you get my drift.

Okay so I totally got too into that whole pants thing, now I've forgotten what I was going to say! Anyways...I hope everyone has a great Friday! I might go to a movie, but I dunno!

1 day, 3 hours and 49 minutes til kick-off!!!! AHHH I can't wait!!

Happy Friday!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 1, 2006 1:24 pm (#1562 of 2976)  

When I was in high school eons and eons ago, the dress code at my school was not as rigidly enforced as it is today. The change in attitude was brought about by the fact that my school during my year my high school made national news for twice for the most dubious and dishonorable reasons. After which the school cracked down on code of conduct violations. Needless to say I found the change in atmosphere between the high school and university setting most refreshing.


Jewel - Sep 1, 2006 1:30 pm (#1563 of 2976)  

I have been buying shorts for my daughter in the boys' department for years--the ones in the girls' department are way too short.

I agree with everything I have in me! My eight year old is very self-conscious about what she wears to school, to church, to bed, etc., and we had a very hard time finding new school clothes this year because she is in a year-round school, so they started classes on July 12. Alas, no pants on the racks, only way too-short shorts. We finally found about four pair that she felt comfortable in and she has been rotating them all summer. I am so happy that they are putting some pants on the racks now, but I still have to look out for the too-low low rise on most of them. I may try looking in the boy department, I haven't thought about that before, if she can find something she likes.


Lilly P - Sep 1, 2006 1:33 pm (#1564 of 2976)  

Yay we have power back! Good to hear you are doing well too Catherine! We only lost one tree to Ernesto and heap of smaller limbs off the other trees and only one of my tomato plants blew through the veil. All in all I think we weathered pretty well here in coastal Carolina. My daughter started sleeping in her "Big Girl Bed" this week and all the wind and pelting rain did scare her last night, so she woke me up at 3AM asking if she could sleep in Mommy's Big Girl Bed! Sleeping with a two year old is NOT fun! Hopefully she will back to her own bed tonight.

On dress codes, I went to military school for high school and college. I found it extremely convenient to wear a uniform every day, no hassle with keeping up with current styles and having to pay for them, it's no wonder that I have chosen a medical profession where I get to wear scrubs all day! Denise, I too went on a fanatical search for a proper bathing suit for Annemarie this year, I finely gave up and let her just wear a swim diaper and tee-shirt until I ran across dance shop where they we selling little one piece leotards and thats what she wears now.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and for all you near me, I hope you are drying out well!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 1, 2006 1:37 pm (#1565 of 2976)  

Lily P. my high school would have benefited greatly from the higher standards enforced in military schools.


Ginerva Potter - Sep 1, 2006 2:17 pm (#1566 of 2976)  

Hi everyone!

Denise & Lily P - I thought I was the only one who thinks little girls should be in one-piece suits! My sister-in-law thinks it's so cute that her daughter's belly sticks out of clothes and swimsuits. I'm just more conservative, I guess. My daughter is 2 and I think she should be covered up....until she's thirty... Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042   My sister got my daughter's bathing suit at Kids R Us, so I was lucky and didn't have to search!

Have a good ROTD/N everyone!



Tazzygirl - Sep 1, 2006 3:23 pm (#1567 of 2976)  

I am super self-conscious about what I wear. It normally takes me forever to figure out what I want to wear in the morning. As for the bathing suits- I have a tankini- it's a two piece, but it doesn't show my stomach. Which is perfect!

As for uniforms- I never had to wear a uniform to school, but my high school should have enforced it.

**safety charms to Catherine and Lilly P.**

Went shopping with my sister today, which was fun. Didn't buy anything though! Tomorrow the whole family is going to Santa Barbara, so hopefully I'll get something good!

Hope you all have a fabulous RotD/N!



timrew - Sep 1, 2006 3:56 pm (#1568 of 2976)  

Denise, I can't comment on Lemony Snickett (apart from, with a name like that, I wouldn't read his/her books anyway), but I totally agree with you about Philip Pullman.

I actually bought the first book in his trilogy, "Dark Materials 'R Us"; and I read it to where he spells 'demon' as 'daemon'.

I once tried to read a book called, "The Worm Oroborous"; and all I can remember about it, is that 'demon' is spelt, 'daemon'. Apart from that, it was a bloody awful book!

I remember making it a criteria for book reading at that time - avoid books where 'demon' is spelt, 'daemon'.

I have stuck to this criteria ever since, and have never been happier - and I welcome comments from all those Lemony Snickett, The Worm Laborious fans. You won't change me, I'm stuck in my ways!...................


Tazzygirl - Sep 1, 2006 5:46 pm (#1569 of 2976)  

I never read Lemony Snicket, but I have seen the movie. Still can't sit through it. Jim Carrey is number one on my list of most annoying actors on earth, so I tend to not like the movies he is in. I did like him in The Majestic, but that was because he played a serious role. My sister read the Lemony Snicket books, and I think she liked them... not too sure though!

Off to catch up on Potty Five Words!



geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2006 5:58 pm (#1570 of 2976)  

I never read the books, I wasted my time and money watching it in the theater. I like Jim Carey, but in moderation, some of his movies I'm just like AHHHH! He was good I thought in Fun with Dick and Jane and Bruce Almighty He wasn't too twitchy. LOL But I don't think I'll read the books, the movie turned me away.

Well it's 23 hours until kick-off! People have been tailgating since last night! I'm so jealous! Well tomorrow, I just keep telling myself that!

I think I might go get some ice cream from Baskin Robbins....might make my throat feel better.

Have a great night everyone!


Eponine - Sep 1, 2006 6:06 pm (#1571 of 2976)  

We've been getting torrential amounts of rain for the past several days here too. We didn't lose power at all, but we did have a power surge last night that cut everything off for a moment. Catherine, I'm glad you've got your power back.

Today, no one wanted to leave the library. Even though we were making the closing announcements there were still about 10 people in there at 6:00. Some guy strolled in at 5:59 (on his cell phone) and proceeded to make about 15 copies or so all while yakking away about this business opportunity with cancer-curing juice. Because I am a polite library employee, I did not take the phone out of his hand and hit him with it until he left. But I wanted to.

Have a great RotD!


timrew - Sep 1, 2006 7:34 pm (#1572 of 2976)  

Oh, Eponine, you should have hit him with his cellphone! That would have discouraged others of a similar disposition.............


Solitaire - Sep 1, 2006 7:56 pm (#1573 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 1, 2006 8:30 pm

**waving hand at Denise, Hermione-style** Pick me! Pick me! I know who Paul Lynde was! He was on Hollywood Squares, and he played Uncle Arthur on Bewitched! He also played assorted cranky guy parts in dozens of movies. I realize that by the time I post this, someone else will have ID'd Paul, but I am responding to posts as I go! It's easier that way.

BTW, procrastinating is one of my best skills! I could be a gold medalist on the Olympic Procrastinators Team ... if there was one. I've been thinking about starting a club ... but I keep putting it off! **hears TBE is groaning all the way out here**

Tazzy, I wish we could have gotten together! Maybe when you have a longer time in California, we can meet for lunch up by Magic Mountain.

Um ... nice hat, Regan of Gong!

Tori, if you want to see a really outstanding performance by Jim Carrey in a non-funny movie, rent Doing Time on Maple Drive. It's a TV movie made before he was famous, and it is really outstanding. I also loved The Majestic, but usually he is a bit too manic for me.

Ginerva, Denise, and others in the swimsuit conversation ... we have a pool at school, and our kids swim for PE in the warm months. This is one place where dress code is strictly enforced. No deep-cut necklines, no thong-bottoms or legs cut up to the waist, no bikinis--midriffs can't even show. Somehow the moms always manage to find reasonably modest one-piece suits. I'm not sure where, though ...

Whew! Now I can read a few threads. I figure Snape will have at least 100 new posts!



Puck - Sep 1, 2006 8:16 pm (#1574 of 2976)  

I got my kids' suits at Landsend. They cost a bit more, but are worth it. I like 2 piece for girls, just for bathroom convenience. The tankini's are great, but long sleeve tops with spf of 40 and keep them warmer in cool water are available. They also have a real drawstring for the boys, so you can tighten it (my skinny son needs this. Many others have fake ties, so you can't adjust the waist.) I found a suit with long sleeve top and long shorts at L.L. Bean for the baby. SPF 40 protection, without using so much sunscreen on her sensitive skin.

Crop tops are no longer in fashion. You should start seeing less of them in stores. Sadly, '80's style leggings are coming back "in".

Charms to all those in the storms path!



Solitaire - Sep 1, 2006 8:31 pm (#1575 of 2976)  

I don't actually mind seeing girls in leggings, because here they tend to wear them under their too-short mini-skirts. This eliminates a multitude of problems!



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 1, 2006 9:07 pm (#1576 of 2976)  

**eyes spinning in different directions** - Solitaire I know what you mean, Solitaire.

Puck - we're in Ernesto's path. It's due here Sat. with 3+ inches of rain but tops 30mph winds.

Okay, I was going. . .to make an attempt. . . at posting replies and such but. . .my computer screen. . .keeps going black every 3 seconds or so. I . . .then need to shut it off. . .and turn it back on again. . .and so the vicious cycle starts. . .Does anyone out there know why. . .this is happening?? :insert. . .screaming.. . .smiley. . .here!:


geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2006 9:19 pm (#1577 of 2976)  

Yeah, skinny jeans are coming back in style. I can't really decide if I like them or not. Actually a lot of stuff is coming back in style. I like the leggings under a mini skirt look, though I've never tried it before. I don't really like wearing skirts, you can't sit indian style. Plus they aren't really all that comfortable. I'll wear one if I need to dress up, but I'd rather not wear one to school and such.

Wow I just saw the news and our football team actually won! 44-34! Thats like a miracle, seriously, we never have good football teams!

Ahh! I'm so excited!!! Tomorrow!!! only 20 hours and 45 minutes left! Its kinda a good thing I'm not going, as my throat hurts..yelling wouldn't be good now would it!

I think I'll go read some and then go to sleep I'm wiped!

Night everyone!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 1, 2006 9:30 pm (#1578 of 2976)  

Its kinda a good thing I'm not going, as my throat hurts..yelling wouldn't be good now would it!

Don't let her fool you, I guarantee she will be screaming and chanting with the crowd from the living room! I may lose my hearing.

I have a problem with my screen as well Marie. But I think mine may be different as when I hit my desk in just the wrong place, it shorts out and I have to push the plug back into the monitor. It's really aggravating. I can't figure out a way to fix it.

I don't mind 2 peice suits on little kids. As long as it fits, I personally think they are cute. The only difference I see is that their stomach is showing. I've seen older people who just hang out of their suits and I find that much more offensive. Maybe it's a mom thing to want their kids covered up, I think my mom was that way.

I like the look of leggings under a blue jean skirt, but I've never actually tired it as I can never find them here.

I think I'll go to bed now!

Night everyone!


Phreaker - Sep 1, 2006 9:30 pm (#1579 of 2976)  


Here are a few basics to try to help with your computing issue. I hope it gets you started, or started back up. Please do not take the simpler fixes as an insult, as sometimes the little things in life are overlooked.

If you have a laptop, it's possible that the computer has gone into standby or hibernate. If you simply push the power button and it comes back up to where you were (possibly after a few seconds), that's probably it. Normally a computer should only go into standby if you're not actively using it, but if your battery is very low, it my force standby in order to avoid losing what you're doing.

It could be your computer. The most common abnormal reason for a black screen is probably a computer crash. Given that it's consistently 5 to 15 minutes after boot up, I'd be looking at possible overheating, or perhaps a power supply that's going out. One simple way to determine if it's just the monitor going out or the computer crashing is to play some audio on your computer. Perhaps load up a longish mp3 play list, for example. If the monitor goes black, but the music continues to play, you know that the computer is running, and that the problem is either the video card, video drivers, the monitor or the cables in between.

It could be your video drivers, it could be the video card in your PC, it could be cable between your monitor and computer. Difficult to say without actually having my hands on it, but there are a few starting places for you, that is, if you get to see this message.


shepherdess - Sep 1, 2006 9:59 pm (#1580 of 2976)  

Ludicrous Patents Office, If you gave an explanation somewhere I may have missed it, but I was wondering, what is that place in your avatar?


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 1, 2006 10:14 pm (#1581 of 2976)  

Phreaker, at the risk of jinxing myself, the time between blackouts seems to be spreading out a bit. First of all, thank you for the detailed troubleshooting tips. I will post the rest of my reply in the "How Do You. . ." thread, as I don't want to bog down this thread.

Tazzy, so glad to hear the celebration/reunion for your parents was a success. Think if your aunt and uncle hadn't made it, your parents might have thought they weren't "worth" the trip in their eyes.

Lina, can Kate have chocolate yet??? How did her follow up visit go?

Regan, funny you said you look like Harry, what with all of the red hair, I'm thinking Ron. **Preparing to duck dungbombs for a lousy attempt at humor.**

Puck, re: short skirts - for shame encouraging the lechers in the teaching world. Come to think of it, they don't need encouragement, do they? To coin a word from Madam P. bleah

Tori, try capsacin (aka, hot pepper) for a sore throat. It burns a bit at first but works wonders. Ask the other HHs.

Congrats, Mr. Denise.

Priscilla likes Snicket, thanks for the info., Herm oh ninny. Olivia has read them all. I think, as long as they are reading and it is not absolute trash, it serves well as a stepping stone in reading development. (Denise, the explanations may help younger readers who do not always "get" the meaning via context.)

Good for you regarding the movie situation, Herm oh ninny - I probably would have done something similar. Sometimes these people know someone in the Health Dept. and do not get penalized anyway. (Speaking from experience, I am.) Owner is lucky victim didn't come after him with a very large hammer, so to speak.

As you can tell, my monitor is hanging in for the time being, but I know I must address this problem, so off to the "How Do I. . ." thread I go. Phreaker, I'll gladly try any suggestions.



geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2006 10:21 pm (#1582 of 2976)  

Thanks Maria, I think I got it from my cousin...I've been sucking on throat drops all day and its makes it feel better while I'm eating them, but 10 minutes later is back to hurting. In the meantime I'm eating advil and cough drops. I might need to take it to the next step though, it seems to be getting worse... **wonders whats up with the sore throats as Regan has one too...hmmmm**

Shep!! Where've ya been! **waving frantically** I haven't seen you here in a while!

Okay, I'm going to bed now. First I need to steal a lightbulb from a lamp in my house, I can't find any others, how else am I supposed to read? :shocked:



The giant squid - Sep 2, 2006 1:53 am (#1583 of 2976)  

I tried reading Lemony Snickets once...I got about two paragraphs in and started to twitch uncontrollably. It's since been passed along to anothersucker reader.

I've commented on the sad trends in clothing before, so I'll just leave it with this: Levi's and T-shirts will never go out of style.

I'd try to help Ginny & Tori with their French lessons, but all I know in French is cherchez la vache. (A little nod to all the Monty Python fans out there .)

Eponine, your story about the cell phone guy reminds me of a commercial that's running here in the States: Two guys are talking in a locker room. One of them is going on about all the features on his new phone, and the other one says, "Mine has a theft-deterrent system." "A what?" "Try to take my wallet."

The first guy reaches out and the second guy pegs him in the head with his phone. It's just so perfectly paced that I laugh every time I see it.

Drying charms to everyone in Ernesto's path, and Happy Retirement to Mr. Denise! Has he figured out what he's going to do with himself yet? I'd prepare for some massive home renovations if I were you...



Laura W - Sep 2, 2006 2:01 am (#1584 of 2976)  

Ahh! I'm so excited!!! Tomorrow!!! only 20 hours and 45 minutes left! Its kinda a good thing I'm not going, as my throat hurts..yelling wouldn't be good now would it!

Is this freaky or what, Victoria? I currently have a throat that hurts so badly, it feels like I've got shards of glass down there.



Solitaire - Sep 2, 2006 3:53 am (#1585 of 2976)  

Tori, have you ever tried Airborne? It may be that your sore throat is too far gone, but if I start taking it every three hours when I first feel that "scratch," I can usually ward off a full-blown cold. It at least cuts the nasty sore-throat stage to less than 24 hours and seems to make the cold itself several days shorter and less awful. It's herbal, so there are no side effects (for me, at least). Just check with your mom or your doc to make sure you don't have problems with any of the things in it. You might also try gargling with warm salt water ... it is very soothing. Too many lozenges make me sick.

HH, has someone been tampering with your screen-saver? If you haven't checked that, just go into Control Panel and click on Display. Then click the Screen Saver tab. There is a little window that shows how many minutes your keyboard must be inactive before the screensaver will activate. You can adjust it.

If you go down to the Monitor Power button and click on that, you can find out if you are in the "hibernation" mode. If you are, click Power Schemes and adjust how long you wait before going into hibernation. I hope that helps ...

Since it is past 3:30 a.m., I must go to bed. I fell asleep on the sofa and just woke up--with a colossal headache--to some HBO thing called Smoke Alarm, about kids who think smoking is cool. Given everything we now know about the addictive power of tobacco and the damage smoking can cause to both the smoker and those around him or her, I do not know why someone 12 or even 16 would start ... yet there seems to be a HUGE "smoking culture" among very young kids. As one who has lost relatives to smoking-related illnesses (including various cancers), this worries me.

Well, I see The Age of Innocence is on. I think I'll go lie in bed and try to fall back asleep while listening to it. I've taken some "industrial strength" Tylenol, so that should help.



azi - Sep 2, 2006 4:41 am (#1586 of 2976)  

Hope you feel better, Soli!

cherchez la vache - Hehe, I just adore that movie! Especially that bit.

Healing charms for the computer, HH!

Healing charms for the sore throat, Tori!

I wonder what some girls actually wear these days also. The most revealing clothes for tiny girls are available. I wore dungarees and jeans as a kid, whenever I could.

I hated uniform in school, although in the first year of high school we only had a fairly easy-going system. My second and third years we had a new headteacher who changed the uniform. They claimed our year had the same as ever, but they sneakily changed it without telling people. That really annoyed me - lying is just plain wrong. They should have just admitted that it was changed. Anyway, the stricter uniform didn't work out because students rebelled and they changed it again the next year, to a uniform that I think looks scruffier than the one I had. The school banned girls from wearing t-shirts under their shirts, and then anything but white 'underthings', because boys could see through them. I would have thought that would have been an obvious foreseeable problem, but there you go.

In middle school, the girls forced a change in the uniform. At first we could wear either a grey skirt or trousers, but it was impossible to find grey trousers for girls back then (not really so long ago is it? ). If you wanted to wear trousers you had to wear boys. Therefore, a lot of girls started wearing black trousers and the school couldn't punish everyone, so they changed the uniform. Unfortunately, to 'make it fair', girls then had to wear a tie.

Well, there's a long post about uniform. I should point out that I never cared what the fashions were, or what people thought of my dress sense in school. That's their problem, not mine.

Happy Saturday to everyone!


Phreaker - Sep 2, 2006 5:37 am (#1587 of 2976)  

(Following a HUGE yawn)

Happy Saturday to you, too Azi.

I was a guest at a boarding school from the depths of mordor and azkaban put together. We were required to wear uniforms as well. I'll never forget working in 102 degree weather, and not being allowed to wear shorts because it was against the school rules. The tie, however, I have always considered the worst part of a uniform. I despise ties.


Denise P. - Sep 2, 2006 6:53 am (#1588 of 2976)  

Denise, the explanations may help younger readers who do not always "get" the meaning via context

So, rather than have them look it up in a dictionary or help foster the skill to gather context clues, just provide them with the meaning in a cute way. I can see where that would be helpful.

They can't develop those skills if they are never given a situation to use them.


Chemyst - Sep 2, 2006 7:28 am (#1589 of 2976)  

And now a word from the underdog...

I won't defend Lemony Snicket as good, because it isn't really; but I do say it's fun with things a small child would consider terribly clever. If you don't exercise the kindergarten section of your brain once in a while, you're sure to turn into an old fuddy-duddy eventually. The definitions present using a dictionary as being more of an exploit to emulate than a chore to slack off.

The real star(s) of A Series of Unfortunate Events movie wasn't Jim Carrey. The stars were Kara & Shelby Hoffman who played Sunny.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 2, 2006 8:22 am (#1590 of 2976)  

Unfortunately, to 'make it fair', girls then had to wear a tie. –Azi

I'd consider that making it unfair. Girl don't wear ties in the real world (at least not here) so how would that be making it fair. Ties were made for guys, not girls. I think girls in ties look a bit stupid.

Our uniforms aren't ugly, yet I wouldn't consider the cute either. They are comfortable and that's really all I care about! Just a white Polo shirt and the skirt is pleated all the way around with those tiny little checks of navy and white. I think it's called gingham or something like that. Very simple. We can wear an undershirt as long as it's plain white. The only problem with it comes in the winter when we have nothing to cover our legs. We are only allowed to wear the school pants or navy, white or gray tights under our skirts. The problem with the pants is that they are guy's pants and have these weird pleats running down the middle. They never fit right and they are uncomfortable to the extreme point. We have sorta solved that problem. Everyone bought navy pants from American Eagle that look similar, and put the little embroidery thing over the American Eagle thingy, plus they actually fit. So far I think the teachers have let it slide.



azi - Sep 2, 2006 8:44 am (#1591 of 2976)  

Ties were made for guys, not girls.

I made that point many times through school. Uniforms are 'supposed to prepare you for later life' yet, unless you work at McDonalds, a girl will never need to wear a tie again. That was my argument anyway.

*waves to Phreaker*

I forgot to mention Lemony Snicket earlier. Although I found them as being for a much younger age than me when I read them, I thought they were pretty good in imaginative detail. For younger readers they are good books. Anything that gets kids reading is good, I think. Jim Carrey was the worst thing about the film. I can only think of one scene that was different from the book though. If only they could do that with HP! **dreams**


Marie E. - Sep 2, 2006 9:28 am (#1592 of 2976)  

A sales person suggested to Shayla that she might like some leggings to go under a dress she was buying for school. Shayla gave the woman a look of horrified disgust. My girls wore leggings when they were younger with t-shirts or sweaters, but since they have about five years old they have hated them.

I have read the first three Lemony Snicket books (Hi, Denise!) and while I didn't hate them, I didn't run out and read the rest either. I am curious about how the series ends and may read it all someday. I agree that Sunny was the best part of the movie.

Congratulations on Mr. Denise's retirement! I remember being nervous when Mr. E separated from the military, especially about medical issues. I had gone from my dad's military coverage to my husband's so I had never dealt with "civilian" medical insurance. We just found out that Mr E's company is switching it's medical plan back to the company they used in 2003. We hated this company and like the one we're with. I told Mr E that it's worth it to look into having a personal plan with them instead of through his work. The one we have now is the same one our hospital and doctors use.

No big plans this weekend, mostly because it's cool and rainy. I tried controlling the weed population in my front yard, but it's futile. It's looks like a rain forest out there. Lexie is going over to a friend's house in half an hour, so I better get her looking presentable ie dressed.


Tazzygirl - Sep 2, 2006 9:40 am (#1593 of 2976)  

I love that commercial, Squid Mike! I get a kick out of it everytime I see it...

Another thought on dress codes- the school I am student teaching at doesn't have a set dress code. They do have the option of wearing blue shorts and a blue shirt with the school logo on it. As it is a private school, you would think they would reinforce the dress code. So far, in the three days that I've been there, I have seen the little kindergarteners up to the seniors in the high school section wearing super short skirts. Some wear shorts underneath the skirts, but to me, I think they need to change some rules. At my high school, while we didn't have uniforms, we did have the guidelines. I remember skirts had to be longer than your hands and arms when they are resting at your sides.

**healing charms to Tori**

Off to Santa Barbara- taking the train up there, should be fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!



geauxtigers - Sep 2, 2006 9:54 am (#1594 of 2976)  

ITS GAME DAY!!! Only 6 hours and 12 mintues!!

My throat feels about the same today, I guess thats a good thing, its not getting worse, so I guess thats good. Thanks for all the tips. I do find it weird that me, Regan and Laura all have sore throats....**wondering if colds can be spread through the forum** LOL just kidding!

Well I had a dream last night that I was eating strawberries and whip cream. Now I want some!

I'm slowly getting ready for tonight! I've got my jersey on and my hat... I did buy some temporary tatoos a few weeks ago, but I can't seem to find them. But we have family coming so I need to clean my room!

I agree about the ties, not made for girls-at all.

Have a great Saturday Everyone! A Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium that is! LOL okay sorry I'm just super excited!


Solitaire - Sep 2, 2006 10:09 am (#1595 of 2976)  

How's your throat, Tori?


Catherine - Sep 2, 2006 10:17 am (#1596 of 2976)  

Well, I've stated my strong views on child clothing before, so I won't repeat myself. I will mention that my recent forays into teaching have only strengthened my resolve that children should learn that appropriate dress shows respect toward oneself and other people.

We've been having some real issues with girls' clothing in our middle school. Our new headmaster has said flat out that he will instill a uniform policy if the kids and parents don't get a grip on what the kids are wearing to school. As a homeroom teacher, it was my unpleasant duty last week to present the "dress code" guidelines. I was extremely blunt, and I could tell that many of the kids had never been told "specifics."

I smiled, looked all of the kids in the eyes, and said, "Crack kills. I don't want to see yours, and I promise not to show you mine. I should never know what kind of underwear you have on. I don't want to see your stomach or your back. Your shorts or skirt should cover your entire rear end when you sit down. There have been times this week when I have wanted to ask for eyewash so that I can erase certain images from my eyeballs. Any questions?"

Some girls had been wearing halter tops and tube tops to school. Some boys and girls had on low slung jeans that, unfortunately, left nothing to the imagination. **using eyewash right now while remembering the horror** Certain girls had on skirts so teensy that the eighth grade boys hung out at their lockers so that they could watch them bend over to put things in the lower lockers. It gave me the collywobbles.

So, I almost wish they'd bite the bullet and decree a uniform.


Puck - Sep 2, 2006 10:37 am (#1597 of 2976)  

Maria, my "short" skirt was an inch or two above my knee, not the six inches mentioned by Tori and Ginny. (The only thing I showed were my "chicken legs".)

I don't mind girls in leggings or skinny jeans, I just don't want to put them on myself! (After years of the fashion people saying that tapered legs flatter no one, suddenly we're all supposed to buy what we finally tossed out of our closets. Next they'll be selling Aqua Net by the gallon. )

I wouldn't care if my 4 year old wanted to wear a two piece that wasn't a tank. She's the one who doesn't like them.

Loved the speach, Catherine.

Okay, I need to go clean the kitchen counters. Yeah. Fun.



Ydnam96 - Sep 2, 2006 10:57 am (#1598 of 2976)  

Oh, I hate leggings and tight tapered jeans. They remind me of the 80s and that was quite possibly the worst decade for clothes! I work at a university (a Christian one at that) and you should see the things that the freshmen women wear. It's disturbing really. When you can see more than leg in a skirt or a pair of shorts they are most definitely too short! Or see-through shirts. And I do not understand the dress over jeans thing either. I would be all for uniforms Smile

Mike, I LOVE that commercial. I laugh so hard whenever I see it

It is so hot here in the LA area. I feel bad for all the college students moving into their dorms today. I have to work in it as well, but at least I'm not doing heavy lifting.

Drying charms to all those on the East Coast. My parents lost power for a while.

Off to help my residents move in.



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 2, 2006 11:03 am (#1599 of 2976)  

Solitaire, I rechecked my settings and everything is in order. Thanks for the suggestions! Once again, I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but now it is not blacking out, so I'll have to wait it out. (I think your charm worked, azi!)

Anything that gets kids reading is good, I think. - azi I agree wholeheartedly. I even bought them magazines such as Disney and Nickelodeon just to keep them reading between books. Occasionally, there was an ad about a story which piqued their interest. That, in turn, would prompt them to seek out the book. You never know what key opens a door.

Denise, you must be exposed to far more diligent readers than I, including myself. When I was younger, I remember skimming over words I did not quite get the meaning of - too lazy, perhaps, to look it up in the dictionary (or maybe I just wanted to get through the book, esp. if it was a required reading book I disliked). I liked the way Snicket used that technique to move the story along, yet the young reader was not left in the dark. With regard to my children - I can't speak for anyone else's, they do get plenty of practice looking up words, between vocabulary due every week throughout the school year and the innumerable times they approach me, asking for a definition and I direct them to our good friend, Oxford.

Tori, enjoy your long-awaited game today!

Winky, I saw a china wedding plate in a catalog that was signed by the guests/attendees. In the center was the name of the couple, and their wedding date. I thought it was a neat idea - easy to display.

Family visits behind us, sleepovers done with, movie night (complete with 10 screaming, popcorn-throwing girls) over. Olivia's movie choice was Monty Python's Holy Grail and Priscilla's was The Princess Bride. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - we performed the Diet Coke/mentos test out in the rain last night just before they were all picked up.

I now must make a mental note NEVER to have a cup of coffee at 8:30pm. I tried to get some sleep and only began to drift off somewhere around 5a.m. Mr. HH awoke at 6 and that was it for me. I am wondering how long I can run on 1 hr. of sleep. . .


Mediwitch - Sep 2, 2006 11:10 am (#1600 of 2976)  

Soli: Ugh! I'm not sure if the mothers don't know what their daughters are wearing or--as was the case with one mom a few years back--think they look fine in outfits that would make Daisy Duke blush!

I think you're correct on both accounts. I know of some girls who leave the house wearing one outfit, which is covering another, less appropriate outfit! And I'm sending **healing charms** to you and everyone else (or their computers *waves to Maria*) who is not feeling well.

Tori: I think I might go get some ice cream from Baskin Robbins....might make my throat feel better.

LOL, I think that's #23 on Mr. Mediwitch's list of excuses for eating ice cream!

Catherine: I smiled, looked all of the kids in the eyes, and said, "Crack kills. I don't want to see yours, and I promise not to show you mine. I should never know what kind of underwear you have on. I don't want to see your stomach or your back. Your shorts or skirt should cover your entire rear end when you sit down. There have been times this week when I have wanted to ask for eyewash so that I can erase certain images from my eyeballs. Any questions?"

:sillygrin:I love it!

We're supposed to get soaked this weekend; we were planning to go shopping but as it's not an indoor mall, I guess we'll wait until Monday. I figure the bad weather will give me a chance to stay inside, catch up on laundry, school stuff, and of course, the Forum!

I agree that anything that gets kids reading is great; I just really disliked the first book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. But hey, whatever works! Our kids used to think I was so mean because I would make them look up words in the actual dictionary instead of dictionary.com. At least now they know how to use it! So many of my students only know how to look up words online. What if you lose power? Or your computer crashes? They were never impressed, but they have a skill many of their peers don't have. Besides, you learn a lot more in the dictionary, because it exposes you to other words than the one you are looking up.
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HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 2, 2006 11:26 am (#1601 of 2976)  

LOL Puck!

Catherine, I showed Olivia your quote from Mediwitch's post. Though she's not one of the students who needs to see it. She got a chuckle out of it, too.

Mediwitch, I keep forgetting to comment on how cute your nephew is! Not quite sold on the blue spaghetti, though!

Thanks for the charms for my computer! **waves to Mediwitch** I believe it's working! What strong witches we have on this thread!



painting sheila - Sep 2, 2006 12:19 pm (#1602 of 2976)  

For those of you that have colds and sniffles here is a recipe for Russian Tea. It doesn't contain any tea - so I don't know why it is called that. I have also heard it called Mormon Tea - I guess because it doesn't have any tea in it!

2 cups powdered orange drink mix (Tang)
1 pkg (3 oz) presweetened powdered lemonade
mix 1 1/3 cup sugar
1t cinnamon
1/2 t ground cloves.

Mix it all up and store it in some kind of air tight container. It takes about 3 T per cup of hot water. It helps loosen everything up and get you breathing again. My kids ask for it when they are getting a bug of some sort. I usually add more cloves and more lemonade, but that is up to you.

I Hope you all feel better soon!

The clothes in our department stores were so bad that a group of girls made an appointment with one of the buyers. They told the woman that they wouldn't buy any of the clothes because they didn't meet their school and personal standards. They printed out a copy of the school dress code and wrote a list of their own personal standards of dress. She responded so warmly and thanked the girls for letting her know. The clothes are better this year and there were even some modest dresses for prom!! WOOHOO!!

I guess it is true about the squeaky wheel getting the grease!

We are cleaning up the yard today from Ernesto. We didn't lose and trees or power. YEAH!! A couple of houses in our neighborhood lost trees though. I don't think there was any house damage thank goodness.

I am off to the grocery store - yuck!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 2, 2006 12:22 pm (#1603 of 2976)  

LOL at your speech Catherine!

I have a horrible headache right now, and my mom wants my and Tori to make a cake for tonight. Somehow making cakes is much more fun when you are little....ggrrr

We just went to get these really awesome portable fans that light up and say "GO TIGERS!" but the place was closed! I'm ssoo mad! Their sign said they don't close till 4 on Saturday and it's just after 2! Oh well maybe next time....

Off to make a cake.......


Mediwitch - Sep 2, 2006 3:12 pm (#1604 of 2976)  

**waves back to Maria** Glad the charms are working on your computer! I generally think I'm not a picky eater, but blue frosting spaghetti doesn't work for me!!


geauxtigers - Sep 2, 2006 4:31 pm (#1605 of 2976)  

AHH only 40 minutes left!! I've been having problems with the forum today. **not complaining, not complaining**

We made a cake, with Kool-Aid Frosting, half purple half yellow. It looks a fright but its so good! Kool-Aid Frosting, you take a little packet oof unsweetened Kool-Aid, any flavor, add hot water (not a lot, very little) and powdered sugar til you like the taste! YUM!

Gotta jet though, people are arriving!


Solitaire - Sep 2, 2006 6:12 pm (#1606 of 2976)  

I know of some girls who leave the house wearing one outfit, which is covering another, less appropriate outfit!

True ... and some also stash their "hoochie mama" outfits in the "black hole"--I don't think too many parents ever check them--and change when they get to school. I guess what puzzles me is why moms buy that stuff for preteens in the first place.

I wish our school would go to a modified uniform. Every year we sell new school T-shirts, Henleys, and sweatshirts with our logo and other designs silk-screened onto them, and all the kids buy 'em and wear 'em. I don't know why the board doesn't just say that the school uniform is a school shirt and the student's choice of appropriate bottoms. The shirts have regular T-shirt necklines and are long enough to solve both the gap/crack problem and the neckline "issue." Alas, earwax! I doubt it will ever happen.

Catherine, your speech reminds me of an old poster I saw a few years ago. Four portly men wearing big, heavy toolbelts and pants that sagged "below the equator" were sitting on barstools, backs to the camera. The caption across the bottom of the pic: “Just say "No!" to crack.” hehe



Denise P. - Sep 2, 2006 6:15 pm (#1607 of 2976)  

Brilliant speech, Catherine. I read it out loud to my two in middle school kids and they both laughed.

Nicholas wears a shirt that has scientific notation all over it and it says "Scientific Theory Proven! The world does revolve around me!"


Meoshimo - Sep 2, 2006 7:07 pm (#1608 of 2976)  

Ugh...school uniforms are pointless...

I went to a catholic high school with a strict dress code, and believe me, the girls still found ways of dressing inappropriately.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 2, 2006 7:17 pm (#1609 of 2976)  

Ginny or Tori, not sure which one of you mentioned needing a book light, but several years ago, I came across something called a LightWedge. You can do a search on it on Amazon. I ended up buying four (one for each of the kiddies and for myself) because my daughters liked them so much, they kept them in their books that they read in bed - and every time someone sees it, I feel compelled to give one to them. (Just gave one to my aunt.) Of course, then I immediately replace it. It is a great light and also serves as a bookmark without ruining the binding of the book. Also, no fumbling with the book light on the night stand, etc. Do I sound like a commercial for LightWedge???



virginiaelizabeth - Sep 2, 2006 8:05 pm (#1610 of 2976)  

Well, as expected the Tigers won. 45-3. It was a pretty dull game as WE were so good and ULL just wasn't even a challenge. Oh well still had fun and WE WON!!! YAY!!!!!


geauxtigers - Sep 2, 2006 8:18 pm (#1611 of 2976)  

LSU 45 ULL-3

We won, we won!! We creamed 'em we creamed 'em! YAY!

Okay, tonight was great, we had fun. My cousins are really annoying though. He is 8 and acts like he is a baby and talks like one too. They never shut their mouths, rather annoying, but thats okay!

Maria, I have a book light, I just don't know where it is... It was really nice when I had it, if only I could find. I ended up robbing the guest room lamp of a light bulb so I could read.

LOL Soli!

My throat was better until the game, I ate a lot of chips and yelled, I think its just my sinuses, it'll probably be fine tomorrow. Not really bothering me anymore.

Well I don't remember anything else, I need to stay in my room so I don't wander into the kitchen and eat more cake...

Have a great night everyone!


Puck - Sep 2, 2006 8:33 pm (#1612 of 2976)  

Glad your team won.

SO, my HP print was due back from being framed a week ago. Last weekend I was told they were running a day behind, they would call early in the week. When I called today they said they had been trying to call, but they couldn't get through. (Strange, as they had the number right and the phone is fine.) Anyway, turns out they ruined my Limited Edition Print. AARRRGH! They have offered to pay to replace it, and luckily there were still some available. (Still, on a numbered print a lower number is better.) I know it was an accident, and they have been very nice, but still quite frustrating.

Everyone have a great RofD!



Tazzygirl - Sep 2, 2006 11:09 pm (#1613 of 2976)  

Had an awesome day at Santa Barbara- bought a couple new outfits to wear when student teaching. The skirt I bought has no slit, and reaches to my knees. Perfect!

Denise- love the avatar!

Catherine- mind if I add your speech to my book of helpful teaching tips? I loved it!

Yeay, Ginny and Tori! Glad your team won!

Glad your computer is doing better, Maria!

Puck- sorry to hear about your limited edition print! How did they ruin it?

My sister is flying back to Colorado tomorrow morning, and my plane leaves at 6 pm forum time for Hawaii. Lovely time being home, but glad to be getting back- homework has piled up! I attempted to do some while I was here in California, but it didn't happen...



jose043 - Sep 3, 2006 12:48 am (#1614 of 2976)  

Hi All

We agree with what you have all been saying about the dress codes of some of the kids of today. Like when Anne catch the train home from work their are young man on the train with their jeans around their lower bottom and you see the underpants for the life of me I don't know how they can walk? Some of the girls Anne sees coming out of TAFE leaves a lot to be desired. Some of the girls have not go the figure to wear that type of clothing and it looks quite discussing. With their bums hanging out and their nickers showing. Even where I work their are staff who also dress not appropriately for working in the State Library.

Catherine we loved what you did with your class. I wonder if any of the kids took note in what you said to them, and are going to change the way they are going to dress to come to school.

I'm also letting you all know that Josephine is going in for shoulder operation on the 14th September. So she will be out of action for 2 months as she is not allowed to use her left arm. So I'm going to be taking two months carers leave from work to look after her. (This is been taken of sick leave). Josephine says she going to be a good patient. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE She doesn't like me saying you cannot do that like hanging out the washing.

I will keep you all informed on how she is going, and let you all know that the operation went well.

Anne & Josephine Little Warewolves of London The Moon made me do it.


Tazzygirl - Sep 3, 2006 1:33 am (#1615 of 2976)  

**Healing and good luck charms to Josephine** Hope the surgery goes well!

I think I should go to bed...



The giant squid - Sep 3, 2006 1:46 am (#1616 of 2976)  

So, how'd the Tigers do...?

Their sign said they don't close till 4 on Saturday and it's just after 2!—virginiaelizabeth

Obviously, they closed early to go to the game.

The tie, however, I have always considered the worst part of a uniform. I despise ties.—Phreaker

I am convinced that neckties are a subtle torture device. They were invented by a woman who had been forced to wear one too many corset/brassiere and wanted some payback.

Denise, I love your avatar! Running with Scissors, indeed.

Catherine, that speech was perfect. It was straightforward, explained what they should and should not be wearing, and had enough humor to avoid the "I'll wear it just to annoy her!" response. Kudos.



azi - Sep 3, 2006 3:04 am (#1617 of 2976)  

Add me to the admirers who liked Catherine's speech.

Healing Charms and good luck to Josephine! Anne, what is TAFE?

Eek Puck! That's terrible! At least they're buying a new one, but if someone did that to my limited LOTR prints I'd go insane! I chose not to have those framed, because I didn't want light to ruin them. Maybe I should be more scared of framers.

...neckties are a subtle torture device.

Nice choice of words there. I like it.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


jose043 - Sep 3, 2006 4:22 am (#1618 of 2976)  

Hi Azi

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. It is like a stepping stone so if your marks are not quite up to University standards, you can go and it a Diploma. Example what I am studying at present is a Diploma in Library Studies and then if I choose to I can then go to University and do my Librarianship, as the Universities will recognise the core subjects of the Diploma.

Anne Little Werewolves of London The Moon made me do it?


azi - Sep 3, 2006 4:29 am (#1619 of 2976)  

Thanks Anne! I have a friend who's doing something similar here in the UK. She's doing basic courses (English, History etc.) in a year to get points for university, not anything specific. Good luck with that! I always liked the idea of being a librarian!


kaykay1970 - Sep 3, 2006 7:15 am (#1620 of 2976)  

Healing charms for Josephine!


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 3, 2006 7:48 am (#1621 of 2976)  

Sorry to hear about your print, Kathy! Before you mentioned they'd replace it, I started wondering if they hadn't kept it and just told you they ruined it. (Secret Potty fans) Though it's not the same, at least they're able to replace it. Not having a replacement would be even worse IMHO.

Prayers and healing charms for Josephine's operation and a speedy recovery.

Kristina, it sounds as though you had a great time in CA. Hope you catch up on your homework!



Solitaire - Sep 3, 2006 8:10 am (#1622 of 2976)  

I am convinced that neckties are a subtle torture device. They were invented by a woman who had been forced to wear one too many corset/brassiere and wanted some payback.

:pbpt:I believe she was married to the man who invented girdles, waist-cinchers, underwire bras, and stiletto heels.

Oh, Puck! I would have been livid had it happened to me. There is a framing store here in town where you can go and learn to mat and frame your own masterpieces. They teach you how to choose the best mat colors, tricks like beveling the mat so you can add a contrasting insert, etc. They have the tools right there, too, which is nice. They also show you how to build the frame so that it looks professional and won't fall apart! If you want to mount your picture permanently onto a board, they show you how to do that, as well. Once you know how, they are still available to help if you need it.

I found out about this place when I had two old Norman Rockwell magazine covers done for my dad, who was crazy about NR stuff. I was not living in town at the time, so I couldn't stay and do it myself. But now you've jogged my memory, and I may go back and learn! BTW, I immediately had the same thought as HH ... about them keeping the print. (Suspicious minds?) Did you ask to see the ruined one? (It's like asking for the ruined car part you had to replace when you didn't even know anything was wrong and all you did was take your car in for an oil change! I always do, if I'm suspicious ... and if it is small enough that I can bring it home for someone I know to have a peek!)

Azi, what a beautiful photo! Did you take it?



Marie E. - Sep 3, 2006 8:38 am (#1623 of 2976)  

Healing charms to Josephine!

Oh, Puck, how awful! It wouldv'e been hard for me to stay calm. At least you get another one, but I know it's not the same.

I didn't want to say anything yesterday, but we had our suspicions that our female rabbit was pregnant. The rabbits had made a little nest of their own fur in the corner of the cage. Last night she delivered two baby bunnies, but they were premature and didn't make it. We never told the girls and I'm glad. Lexie is so sensitive. The friends who gave us the rabbits told us that the rabbits had five bunnies in June that were also premature. We're taking the male, Pickles, in on Tuesday to be neutered. I feel sorry for Pixie, not being able to carry her babies to term.

I have trouble finding shorts for Shayla that fit her around the waist and are long enough to wear to school. Her school has the rule that when you hold your arms to your side, the shorts/skirt must be longer than your fingers. She's nine and a half but wears only a 6X or 7 in shorts. I never thought to buy in the boy's department. Thanks, Holly!

Mr. E has to work today and tomorrow so we don't have any big plans. I may take the girls to see How To Eat Fried Worms. If so, I'll report back.


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 3, 2006 9:28 am (#1624 of 2976)  

I do not wear neckties because, long ago I when I was in high school I was going to an event which required a tie. So I went to put it on and I was using the small mirror I had in my locker for assistance. After I finished I shut my locker door not realizing that the tie had become caught in my locker door. I had to cut off the end of my tie with a pair of sisscors in order to free myself. I went back to the teacher's classroom and she asked where my tie was and when I told her she did not believe me until I held up the two ends of the mangled tie. After that it was decreed that I was not required to wear a tie to any function whatsoever.


Good Evans - Sep 3, 2006 9:39 am (#1625 of 2976)  

LOL Nathan - that is hilarious!!!!

quiet weekend here - went to the Gym today for an induction - and did a forty five minute work out. Went to "legs, bums and tums" yesterday and have done nothing else at all. Going to take dog out for a walk a bit later. And so is the end of my fabulously rested weekend!!!!! hope everyone else had a good one!


geauxtigers - Sep 3, 2006 10:22 am (#1626 of 2976)  

LOL Nathan! Reminds me of the kid who got his tongue stuck to the light pole in A Christmas Story I dunno why it just does!

LOL Soli! I have one pair of black pumps, they are kinda comfortanble, but they don't have a high heel. I don't think I'll ever get that lucky again!

Ahh thats too bad about your print Kathy! It is a little suspicous...

Hope the surgery goes well Anne!

LOL Mike! I think that they did close because it was game day. They probably wanted to tailgate all day or something! But still! I wanted one of those stupid little light up fans!

Okay thats all for now!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


azi - Sep 3, 2006 10:30 am (#1627 of 2976)  

Soli - yes I did take it. Thankyou for the compliment!

Oh dear Nathan! That doesn't sound fun!

Sounds nice Julie (GE)!


Loopy Lupin - Sep 3, 2006 1:50 pm (#1628 of 2976)  

Hehe Catherine!! Yes, that was quite a speech!

Well, I must give kudos to Visa and Bank of America. A Bank of America ATM hear in VA Beach ate my card, which--stupid me--- was my only "money." Within 2 hours I had emergency cash waiting for me at a Western Union. That was cool.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 3, 2006 2:45 pm (#1629 of 2976)  

LOL Loopy! That sounds like something that would happen to me!

I'm trying to get some homework done today so that I'm not stuck doing it all tomorrow, but everytime I try, I fall asleep! ugg I hate that...

I just had some pickles and hot tea and orange drink! YUM! My mom asked if I was pregnant...I just looked at her weird and she had to explain that pregnant people love to eat weird food combos. Ahh you learn something new everyday!

We might go see a movie tonight as everyone is out of town for the long weekend...any suggestions?


Solitaire - Sep 3, 2006 3:21 pm (#1630 of 2976)  

My mom asked if I was pregnant...   I was about to ask that after I read what you ate. I agree that it is a weird food combo!


Catherine - Sep 3, 2006 3:28 pm (#1631 of 2976)  

My mom asked if I was pregnant... I was about to ask that after I read what you ate. I agree that it is a weird food combo! –Solitaire

Oh, dear. **fans self**

My friend at work is 24 years old, a newly-minted MSW, and a school counselor. She apparently has to teach the "Human Health, Etc." unit to the Upper School.

I told her that I would not teach the "et cetera" part for a million dollars. She grinned, told me what happened last semester when she taught my old 7th graders (this years' eighth graders) their "Puberty" unit until I started beating myself about the head ala "Rainman" style and humming the "Flintstones" theme song.

Apparently, they remembered the antelopes from the National Geographic film I showed, and chanted in unison.

Needless to say, that particular film will NOT be in the rotation this semester.

I did a search, and this topic was reviewed last year about this time. Here is the link to the old chat post: http://wc6.worldcrossing.com/webx?7@702.5ewQa07ET2G@.1ddf5556/402


Denise P. - Sep 3, 2006 3:39 pm (#1632 of 2976)  

****hums Muskrat Love while singing Antelope Love**** Heh...between your antelope love and the uhm....interesting quiz that Kim gave her students.....well....all I can say is that you guys are nifty teachers. **:giggle**:

I ran 8 miles this morning! Woo hoo!


Catherine - Sep 3, 2006 3:47 pm (#1633 of 2976)  

ROFL, Denise!

Yes, there have been some laughable hiccups in the teaching career.

Speaking of which, I am enjoying the always forbidden "running with scissors" in your avatar.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 3, 2006 3:57 pm (#1634 of 2976)  

Shepherdess, my Avatar is Edinburgh Castle.

More healing charms to Josephine. Hope all goes well.

Catherine I love your speech.

HH11 Olivia and Priscilla have excellent taste in movies.

My Aunt and Uncle from California are coming tomorrow. Mr. Ludicrous and I are trying to get the house presentable. My office is turning into the VBC (Very Big Closet). I'll have to keep the door shut. LPO


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 3, 2006 4:29 pm (#1635 of 2976)  

Thanks, LPO! The girls really seemed to have enjoyed their respective movies. Well, what they saw of it, that is. Priscilla and her friends (the younger set) sat quietly and actually paid attention to the Princess Bride, but Olivia's friends in the basement - ugh. The popcorn fight kind of won out over the movie, though I do think they did manage to pause and get bits of the movie in, as well.

Catherine, I clicked on that link and this is what stood out the most to me: “Puck, all I can say is "Accio, baby!" Oh, how time flies!

Olivia says "hello" to everyone!

Marie E., I have had trouble with my girls and Olivia has always ended up in the boys' dept. Gap was one of the first to make the waist with the elastic cinching. Now others have joined in. Quicksilver is a nice cut for girls (though it is a boys' brand) which doesn't look too sloppy or "large" if you know what I mean. If you come across them, have her try a pair in her size. They don't look much different from the others on the rack, but the cut is nice.

LOL about the boys wearing their pants so low their undies show. I don't know how they get around all day, either!

Hubby and I took a walk to the brook at the end of our street and hung out on the rocks for awhile. It was a nice, relaxing way to close the evening. 18 years, I can't believe it. (Feels like 25 - just kidding, just kidding! )

Uh oh, hubby says I burned our dinner. I may be replaced yet.



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 3, 2006 5:42 pm (#1636 of 2976)  

Nibbling on bacon, chewin' on cheese
Sammy says to Susie “honey, would you please be my missus?”
And she say yes
With her kisses

And now he's ticklin her fancy
Rubbin' her toes
Muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes
As they wriggle, and Sue starts to giggle...

You know, that may be more infectious than "It's a Small World After All."


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 3, 2006 6:16 pm (#1637 of 2976)  

LOL Kim! I've never heard that one before!

My mom asked if I was pregnant... I was about to ask that after I read what you ate. I agree that it is a weird food combo! –Soli

LOl I'm the queen of weird food combos! I believe that everything taste good with peanut butter!! It really wasn't that weird for me!

LOL about the antelopes! I'll never forget the live birth movie they showed us in our 7th grade "Sex Ed" class. The makers of the film had a camera placed inside the "volunteer"(who would volunteer to do that in the first place??) so we got to see everything start to finish.... I don't think I'll ever be the same again! I can't look at any of the teachers that taught that class in the same way again! LOL very awkward!

I'm really boredd... maybe I'll go have some more pickles..


Mediwitch - Sep 3, 2006 7:07 pm (#1638 of 2976)  

**Healing Charms** to Josephine! Hope the surgery goes well.

Eek, Ginny, what a food combination! I think you might get along with my nephew (the one in my avatar). Actually, you reminded me of a story...when my son was younger, he came to me one day complaining about a stomachache. I asked what he had eaten, and I can't remember one item, but the other two were dill pickles and a glass of milk! No wonder he had an upset stomach!

Happy Anniversary to the Hungarian Horntails! (I think I forgot to say this earlier. )

I once chaperoned a field trip with half the junior class in our high school to a large trauma center (they used to do this trip as a pre-prom activity). All the boys got rather weak-kneed when introduced to the catheter...

EDIT: LPO, it was brilliant, but unfortunately, administration at the trauma center has changed hands and they no longer run the program.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 3, 2006 7:11 pm (#1639 of 2976)  

I once chaperoned a field trip with half the junior class in our high school to a large trauma center (they used to do this trip as a pre-prom activity)

What a brilliant idea Mediwitch. Every year we have prom related accidents and sometimes deaths. It might not stop all the foolishness but I'm sure it helps. LPO


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 3, 2006 8:07 pm (#1640 of 2976)  

All the boys got rather weak-kneed when introduced to the catheter...

...Should I ask what a catheter is??

LOL about your nephew Mediwitch! I;m not so sure that noodles would taste so great with frosting! I HATE frosting! I know I'm weird, but I can remember scraping it off cupcakes since I was 4! I've never liked it, it's too sweet and gives me the collywobbles! All my friend think I have problems because I don't like it! I also despise milk! uggg I love it pretty much any way other than just a plain glass of milk...It makes me sick to my stomach. I do love it chocolate, and on cereal and such but it's something about drinking plain milk that just makes me sick!


Denise P. - Sep 3, 2006 8:15 pm (#1641 of 2976)  

****steers the conversation towards more forum friendly discussions and away from questionable topics**:

So, any big plans for tomorrow? We are going to grill some ribs and maybe make some ice cream. Our pool has dropped below 80F so the kids won't get in it. I think we may end up closing it for the season next week unless we get a really warm spell.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 3, 2006 8:30 pm (#1642 of 2976)  

Thank you, Mediwitch! We rounded out the evening with a movie (Olivia was nice enough to take her siblings upstairs and let us watch an R rated one like real adults. )

This is a sad part of the year with respect to the pool, Denise. We usually hold out a bit before covering ours (it is now at 64 degrees Farenheit) because I'd rather look at the pool than the cover.

Our neighbor is ringing the closing bell for NYSE on Tuesday! I think that's neat!

Priscilla finished CoS and will now go back to OotP and finish that up.


geauxtigers - Sep 3, 2006 8:51 pm (#1643 of 2976)  

AHH I'm bored! But I don't have to go to school tomorrow **does happy dance**

I've been painting a picture frame, how fun! Not! I ended up making the Weasley family on the Sims. I got bored with it pretty fast, I only had 8 of the 9 because 8 is the max amount of people per house you can create! They've obivously never read HP! Anyway I cut Percy, the traitor Now I'm here!

64 degrees for the pool! ACK! You couldn't get me in that water for any amount of money! We will be swimming here until at least October....**grumbles about the heat**

We've had really nice weather here too, much cooler...89 degrees **OOO AHHHH** LOL but still every degree makes a difference! I didn't even go outside today, how pathetic am I? I'm still in my pjs....I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow too LOL!

I should go get started on my homework...ugg I'm scared to see what kind of doom awaits me...

First I'm going to wash my sheets...**avoids Puck's stares when she goes to iron the pillow cases**

Have a great night everyone!

EDIT: Go for it Nathan! What do you have to lose? Sounds cool to me and if you ever met Voldemort in a dark alley, **Hi-ya! thats supposed to be a karate sound..** You could beat him in a muggle duel! LOL


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 3, 2006 9:05 pm (#1644 of 2976)  

I am debating whether to restart my martial arts training. My neurologist says I need to find a form of exercise that will help to improve my balance and coordination. I am bit nervous by this prospect because, it has been nigh on eleven years since my last karate class.


Solitaire - Sep 3, 2006 9:07 pm (#1645 of 2976)  

Should I ask what a catheter is??

Ginny, you can find a very good explanation at en.Wikipedia.org. I'm sure you will recognize the part that made them weak-kneed when you read it. 'Nuff said.

BTW, I LOVE milk! I would drink a gallon a day, if I could!



virginiaelizabeth - Sep 3, 2006 9:09 pm (#1646 of 2976)  

I say you go for it Nathan! You can do, it may take a while to get into the swing of things but I think you can do it! It would be fun..go for it!

Thanks Soli, I looked it up!

I'm watching Friends right now. I just lovee it! Phoebe reminds me a bit of Luna. She's so random and says exactly what's on her mind!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 3, 2006 9:20 pm (#1647 of 2976)  

I normally watch some British programs especially those that have been included in the series Mystery, as well as Midsomer Murders, and Masterpiece Theater

The only American series I really watch regularly are Nero Wolfe, Monk, and House M.D.

LOL Solitaire, he is only detective apart from perhaps Nero Wolfe and Adam Dagleish who could understand an opera like Der Rosenkavlier without subtitles.

On another note I find intriguing how many author have killed off their creations.

•Arthur Conan Doyle originally killed both Holmes and Moriarty in The Final Problem. But, he was later forced to resurrect Holmes in the Adventure of the Empty House because of pressure from the public.
•Rex Stout made Orrie Cather the murderer in one of his novels and subsequently killed him.
•Agatha Christie wrote the final Hercule Poirot novel in such way that Poirot died of a heart attack.
•Colin Dexter had Inspector Morse die of complications related to diabetes.


Solitaire - Sep 3, 2006 9:32 pm (#1648 of 2976)  

I have Inspector Morse: Sins of the Father on right now, Nathan ... on PBS. I've seen it before, but I love John Thaw's curmudgeonly portrayal of Morse.



Snuffles - Sep 4, 2006 12:43 am (#1649 of 2976)  

Happy retirement to Mr. Denise.

Catherine, put me down as another who thought your dress code speech was brilliant

Hope everyone who encountered Ernesto is ok.

Healing charms to Josephine, I hope your operation goes well.

I second Ginny, Nathan. Go for it, you have nothing to lose.

We had our niece's 18th birthday party on Saturday. It was supposed to be a bbq but it rained so much we had to turn it into a grill party It makes me feel so old, I cannot believe she is now an adult and can do whatever she wants. Apparantly it was after 3am before all her friends left **is very grateful we live far enough away not to hear the noise**

Just heard that Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) has been killed by a stingray in Australia.

Hope everyone has a good Monday



Tazzygirl - Sep 4, 2006 1:43 am (#1650 of 2976)  

Snuffles- Just heard that Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) has been killed by a stingray in Australia.

I'm completely in shock! Steve was the guy that got me completely obsessed with Australia, and the person who influenced me into thinking about becoming a zoologist my first year in college. I even wrote to him (got a lovely signed photo and a note back!) asking about his zoo and stuff when I was about 16. My heart goes out to his family... I always thought if he died, it would have been by a crocodile... I can't believe he is gone...

On another note... my flight back to Hawaii was pretty cool- got an entire row of seats to myself. Then I got to baggage claim and they decided to leave one of my bags back in Los Angeles... at least I hope it's there. All I know is that I don't have it anymore. They said they would call me tomorrow if it arrives on a flight. First time ever I've lost a bag flying... and this particular bag has my laptop cord in it, so I don't think I'll be on the internet much until I get it, as my computer now only has about 40 minutes left of battery... Why I put the cord in a different bag is beyond me.

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azi - Sep 4, 2006 5:26 am (#1651 of 2976)  

Good luck getting your bag back, Kristina!

Belated Happy Anniversary to the HH's!

Martial arts sound fun, Nathan! It would be worth it, even if you have to re-start as a beginner, I think.

I was surprised Steve Irwin died too. He was a cool guy. I agree with Tazzy, he really made Australia seem interesting.

Inspector Morse was a good programme, but I always preferred watching Jonathan Creek because the ways people were killed were so complicated and well thought out. The theme music was also good. Most programmes I watch are comedies, however.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 4, 2006 6:31 am (#1652 of 2976)  

Its 45 here! Nice and cool.

Mr. Ludicrous and I got married in 1990 (in a church called Our Lady of Sorrows) three weeks later we tested for our Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do. What a stressful summer. Alas we are no longer involved in Martial Arts. Nathan I hope you find a good school. One that is interested in teaching not making money. Focus, Power, Balance, Control, and Speed!! LPO


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 4, 2006 6:34 am (#1653 of 2976)  

Julie, I just heard that about Irwin, too. How very sad and shocking. He leaves behind an 8-year old, a 2-year old and his wife. Kristina, I always thought he'd go by way of a snake bite. Either way, we weren't very far off the mark.

Thank you azi, Mediwitch and others for the anniversary wishes. I don't think I ever thanked everyone for the earlier wishes, as my home was a revolving door for visitors and I kept forgetting to include it. (What? No one is surprised that I forgot??)

Things have now settled down quite a bit and we are two days from take-off (aka, school). Friday we did a walk-through of Olivia's schedule and stopped by Priscilla's school, too. We need to get Olivia some jeans (Lees or Levi's for her) and sneakers for all three. I think we'll be set, then.

Boy, Trevor and I are going to miss them.

EDIT: Nathan. Try it - even if it is for a limited time and then if it suits you, you can always re-up your membership. I agree with LPO, find a reputable place. Just don't be like Kramer on Seinfeld (beating up the kiddies)! LOL


painting sheila - Sep 4, 2006 7:09 am (#1654 of 2976)  

OH! How sad about Steve Irwin. This is the first I have heard of it. Very sad.

My husband tries to do an impression of him. (please note that I said "tries")

I did karate in high school ( long ago and far away). My kids were very impressed that I could do knuckle push ups!

Nathan : I think it would be a great way to work on balance and strength without killing yourself. Go for it!


Essidji - Sep 4, 2006 7:11 am (#1655 of 2976)  

Here's an extract from Wikipedia : **Irwin cultivated an image as an "Aussie larrikin", making liberal use of Australian slang (such as his catchphrase, "Crikey!") in a very broad Australian accent. His unabashed enthusiasm for dangerous animals and childlike energy sometimes made him appear simple, which initially drew some criticism at home. He expressed disappointment at times for media criticism, believing he was being targeted due to a cultural cringe or tall poppy syndrome.**

A sort of Hagrid from Australia, then?


Denise P. - Sep 4, 2006 7:37 am (#1656 of 2976)  

I guess it was really a freak thing that killed Steve Irwin. Stingray's don't normally kill people. How tragic for his family.


Lilly P - Sep 4, 2006 7:52 am (#1657 of 2976)  

Healing charms or Josephine, hope you have a speedy recovery, Happy retirement for the Denise P. family, Tazzy, glad you are home safe, hope your bag shows up soon. Belated Anniversary wishes to HH family!

Nathan, have you ever tried yoga?, I just started and they have a wonderful beginning program here with a teacher who specializes in people like me who have limitations on how they can bend and stretch. it's almost a form of physical therapy, just to improve the areas in which I need to increase range of motion and balance, you should ask around and see if they have such a program in your area, it's not exactly "full" yoga but more like a stretching class with the added benefit of the meditation of regular yoga. I was surprised to see the amount of returning Marines in the program who suffered injuries in Iraq and are using the class to regain limberness due to the scar tissue from their injuries.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day and I challenge some of you to look up the true meaning of Labor day and why it came about, it will give you a deep respect for the day as more than an extra day off of school/work.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 4, 2006 8:46 am (#1658 of 2976)  

How awful about Steve Irwin! I just saw that on the news. :sad: I always thought that when he went, it would be either from a crocodile, or a snake, not a stingray. What a freak accident. **prayers for his family** I just don't want to believe that Mr. " this is the most poisionous snake in the world in my hand right now..." is dead. very sad.

From Wikipedia:

The origins of the American Labor Day can be traced back to the Knights of Labor in the United States and a parade organized by them on September 5, 1882 in New York City. They were inspired by an annual labor parade held in Toronto, Canada. In 1884 another parade was held, and the Knights passed resolutions to make this an annual event. Other labor organizations (and there were many), but notably the affiliates of the International Workingmen's Association favored a May 1 holiday. With the event of Chicago's Haymarket riots in early May of 1886, president Grover Cleveland believed that a May 1 holiday could become an opportunity to commemorate the riots. Thus, fearing that it might strengthen the socialist movement, he quickly moved in 1887 to support the position of the Knights of Labor and their date for Labor Day.

Pretty cool Lilly, I never knew that!

Ok time for breakfast!


geauxtigers - Sep 4, 2006 9:16 am (#1659 of 2976)  

AHH that is so sad about Steve Irwin! I grew up watching him- a lot and he was just so cool. We watched him a lot in biology my freshman year. My teacher was from Australia and when we had a spare moment, he'd let us watch. Steve sure knew his stuff, its really a shame, it was suck a freak accident.

That is cool about Labor Day! I never knew that!

Have a great holiday everyone!


Solitaire - Sep 4, 2006 9:21 am (#1660 of 2976)  

they decided to leave one of my bags back in Los Angeles... at least I hope it's there

I've lost luggage twice before, flying into LAX. It was returned the first time but not the last. Unfortunately, that time I'd been shopping at a great President's Day sale that weekend and had a case full of about $100 worth of new lingerie, as well as my favorite pieces of clothing, a favorite necklace, and the beautiful Evan Picone shoes I'd saved up to buy and loved. Since that time, I have been afraid to check luggage. If it doesn't fit into the carry-on, it doesn't go. I hope you have better luck than I did. **fingers crossed**

Just heard that Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) has been killed by a stingray in Australia.

I always figured it would be a croc or some big snake that would get him. Isn't he the one who made news when he took his baby into the pen with the 'gators?

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Is anyone having any big parties or barbecues to celebrate summer's last hurrah? We usually have a block party this weekend, but the people who generally put it together are selling their home Maybe everyone just decided to do their own thing this time ...

Well, Mom and I are going to go shopping, so I'd better go and get ready. I have a $100 gift cert for my favorite shoe store, and Mom needs some new clothes. She never seems to find anything unless I go with her, so I said I would. She thinks I have good taste. See you all later!



Choices - Sep 4, 2006 9:51 am (#1661 of 2976)  

Happy Labor Day to everyone.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter - That is so sad.


Good Evans - Sep 4, 2006 11:34 am (#1662 of 2976)  

I was surprised to hear about Steve Irwin too. I always figured he would be one of those guys to die of old age and tell you that provided you had respect for the animals (and a quick means of exit) you'd be fine. I am sad that he has left such a young family. He was a great educator. As well as the "showbiz" side he was director of Australia Zoo, so there is no doubting he knew his stuff.

anyhow sad day - also sad (but in a very different league) Andre Agassi bowed out of the US open, and was very emotional in his leaving speech. Love him to death, a great player and a lovely man.

hope everyone has had / is having a nice Monday. Just got back from walking the dog, bless her, she's not quite got the idea that you are supposed to walk on the lead - not try to eat it!!!

oh - happy labor day to the American contingent!!


painting sheila - Sep 4, 2006 2:59 pm (#1663 of 2976)  

A friend of mine went on a cruise this spring and got a "Sting Ray hickey". She was with a group from the ship feeding the sting rays. It was supposed to be very secure and very safe.

As the ship mate gave them the food ( bits of fish) and told them how to hold it in the hand - how not to drop it, etc. It was all going fine until a school (?) of sting rays came at the group really fast. She was stunned by the swiftness of them and then felt a sharp pain in her leg. She swatted at it and there was the biggest sting ray sucking on her leg. She said it was almost impossible to get him off - she had to keep swatting at it.

When she was swimming away her son noticed she was bleeding from the spot. The crew took it lightly and just poured Hydrogine peroxide on it and said she would be fine.

She had three scabs and a huge bruise. The bruise is still there and she has nerve damage in the spot and it has been 3 or 4 months!

She went to a doctor and he told her the "bruise" would always be there and she more than likely would not get the nerves back!

Can you believe it!! New rule of thumb - stay away from sting rays.

I have always wanted to try yoga but am too embarrassed to go in public as stiff as I am.


timrew - Sep 4, 2006 4:15 pm (#1664 of 2976)  

My wife, Jane, told me today that she had been watching a news item about the death of Steve Irwin; and the only other recorded death of a human by a stingray, occurred in 1948.

A tragic accident, and the death of a great guy. Please don't kill the stingray.


Marie E. - Sep 4, 2006 4:27 pm (#1665 of 2976)  

I had two people call me today about poor Steve Irwin. I loved watching his show. It really is a tragedy for him and his family. When Shayla was about two years old, Mr E let her watch an episode of Crocodile Hunter. She had nightmares that night about a crocodile chasing her through our house.

We bought a new, bigger cage for Pixie and Pickles, our rabbits. They loooooove it. It has a ledge where the food dish sits and they keep running up the ramp and jumping off of it. They also like sitting under the ledge and peeking out at us. We bought them a little plastic "rabbit house" when we first got them, but they just kept tipping it upside down. I also bought them alfalfa treats, wooden carrots to chew on, and a little carrier for transporting them. I guess we're keeping the rabbits.


Tazzygirl - Sep 4, 2006 4:31 pm (#1666 of 2976)  

I got my bag back!!! WHoo-HOOO! It was driving me nuts not being able to turn the laptop on... **Mental note to self- don't check on the power cord to your one and only computer when flying** My bag was completely mangled- it is now in the trash. I could stick my finger through several holes. At least nothing was taken out of it.

Nathan- I think you should sign up for TKD again, or at least do a trial, to see if it works for you.

I've been glued to the TV to hear anything on Steve Irwin. They mentioned that he was filming a documentary with his daughter on stingrays. Bindi Sue (the daughter) was thankfully not in the water or (I think) even in the vicinity when the accident happened. They also said that Irwin's website, crocodilehunter.com, has been taken off the internet for a while. I'm still completely shocked.

They are showing his interview he did with Larry King tonight on CNN. 9 pm eastern time, 6 pm forum time. I think they are doing another 'in memory' show tomorrow night, same channel, same time.

Tim- Please don't kill the stingray.

LOL. I actually thought of that after I watched the news for a while. Also, for Australia- Irwin's accident with the stingray is the 3rd recorded death by a stingray in Australia ever.

Painting Sheila- That really must have hurt! And your friend is going to have a bruise for the rest of her life? wow. At least it's an interesting story of how she got it...

Hope you all are having a great RotD/N!



Jewel - Sep 4, 2006 4:35 pm (#1667 of 2976)  

So sad about Steve Irwin, my eight year old daughter loved his show. We were over at a friend’s house last night having a movie night when the friend got an alert on his cell phone that Irwin had been killed at about 3:00 EST this morning.

RIP to the "Crocodile Hunter"


Solitaire - Sep 4, 2006 5:17 pm (#1668 of 2976)  

I'm glad you got your bag back, Tazzy. I hope nothing was damaged besides the bag.


Tazzygirl - Sep 4, 2006 5:28 pm (#1669 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 4, 2006 6:43 pm

Soli- it was mostly just the bag. A couple small boxes inside the bag were slightly squashed, but that was it. Sorry to hear about your bag troubles!

Does anyone know how to enable their wireless connection on a PC? I disabled mine last night (so my battery wouldn't be sucked dry), and now I can't find it to enable it again. It's normally in the task bar, on the right, but no more. EDIT: Nevermind! I figured it out!



boop - Sep 4, 2006 5:52 pm (#1670 of 2976)  

HI Everyone,

I have had a very busy 6 days. I am done with overtime. I am tired and ready for a vacation, heehee.

Denise, Congrats on your husbands retirement.

Healing charms to whom need them.

Happy Birthday to anyone I might have missed lately. I need to look at my birthday log.

R.I.P Steve Irwin., prayer go out to his family.

hugs always



Ydnam96 - Sep 4, 2006 6:20 pm (#1671 of 2976)  

Congrats to Mr. Denise.

I'm glad you got your cord back Tazzy, be glad you got out of LA because I think it was hotter today than yesterday!

I'm so incredibly upset about Steve Irwin. It's so sad.


painting sheila - Sep 4, 2006 6:55 pm (#1672 of 2976)  

Tazzygirl: I like your avatar. Respects to The Crocodile Hunter. Yes, the doctor told my friend that the sting ray sucks it's food up through a small opening with such force - that when it latched onto her leg, it actually broke some blood vessels. Yikes!

Glad you got your bags back!

Marie E.: I love rabbits!! My kids have begged for one for ever, but we have a dog and two cats that still hunt, so I am afraid a bunny would not be long in our house.

Everyone: I just heard of a website today www.kayak.com that you can supposedly get great deals for travel on. I know someof ou are going/want to go to the septus (sp) meeting. I don't know if it will help or not.


Finn BV - Sep 4, 2006 9:30 pm (#1673 of 2976)  

**waves to Holly and Viola, Mac users**

Aaaaaand, moving ahead approximately 120 posts…

How tragic about Steve Irwin! I have to say, if you're in a dangerous profession you've got to expect it, but my heart goes out to his family and his watchers!

Glad to be back from CT. **waves to Mediwitch** We had a fun time; it was orientation. Quite insane with 100+ kids there, but that was the thrill of it. Not as fun as my trip there in the beginning of August, but still worthwile nonetheless. And just when you thought I was done with vacations, I'll be off for the weekend to Vermont, where my cousin, training to be an acrobat, is performing!

But then, I promise, that's it until Thanksgiving!!

Hope everybody enjoyed their Labor Day! We lost TV, internet, and phone service back here at home, though it wasn't raining that hard in Connecticut. So I just got online now. Enjoy the RotD!


geauxtigers - Sep 4, 2006 9:46 pm (#1674 of 2976)  

Welcome back Finn! Glad you had a great time!

The more I think about it, the freakier it is. I mean that’s one in a million, how many times a year do you hear about a person dying from a sting ray attack. It’s just so bizarre it doesn't even seem possible. Prayers for his family, thats just so unexpected in the sense no one saw his death to be what it was. We were all thinking snake or croc...but it was a sting-ray...

Well the week starts tomorrow...I didn't do any homework...I don't know how to do my math as I had to leave early for a swim meet, so I'll be spending my lunch break in the teachers room. Fun fun.

Have a great week everyone!


Regan of Gong - Sep 4, 2006 11:54 pm (#1675 of 2976)  

Steve was filming a documentary for the T.V channel "Animal Planet", ironically it was called "Deadly creatures of the Deep". His daughter did feature in it, but at the time of the accident she was with Bob, Steve's son, and her mum, Terri Irwin, over 4000kms away in the state of Tasmania, trekking through mountains.

It's unsure of when he died, but it is almost certain the barb pierced his chest and heart, and he probably suffered a cardiac arrest. He was dragged to the boat where CPR was performed until they reached the coastal town of Port Douglas, where he was pronounced dead. It is likely he died almost instantly.

The death of Steve has been a great shock to everyone, with hundreds of millions of fans from all over the world. He was considered an Australian icon, and a state funeral will be granted if his family gives the go-ahead.

Staff did open his world-famous "Australia Zoo" in Central Queensland today, stating that Steve would have "kicked their bums" if they had not. The front entrance was frequented by fans, leaving floral tributes throughout the day.


Good Evans - Sep 5, 2006 12:55 am (#1676 of 2976)  

I was just reading the news report from the cameraman and friend that was with Steve Irwin when the attack happened. It seems it was a panic by the stingray who lashed out. Steve was just unlucky but is says he pulled the barb out of his chest himself and then died almost immediately thereafter. According to the friend, it is the pulling out of the barb that causes the most damage due to the serrated edge (sounds a bit like an arrow), its a shame he was able to do this (assumedly as an automatic reaction) as otherwise he may have been able to get the help to avoid fatality.

Ah well, enough said on this topic from me, still that is what the news is reporting this morning on reuters.

glad you got your bag back Tazzy !


Madam Pince - Sep 5, 2006 11:10 am (#1677 of 2976)  

Such sad news about Steve Irwin! After all those ultra-dangerous animals he's been around all his life, with probably thousands of "close calls," and then to lose his life to a freak accident like that... if it had been just a few inches either way he might've been fine. I read some statistic which said that "experts" have been weighing in and the estimates range from 3 to 17 as to the actual number of recorded human deaths from stingrays -- still such a tiny number. My heart just goes out to his family. To think, when we visited the Virginia Beach aquarium, they had a big tank full of stingrays which the visitors were encouraged to reach into and actually pet the rays! I touched one myself, and tried to get Little Pince to touch one but he wouldn't. What was wrong with me.... I never knew they had poisonous barbs. Surely the ones in the tank had been de-barbed or something...

Holly, you actually planned to laugh during work hours at your office???!! You wild rebel, you! Wow, what horrible taskmasters you must have -- what sort of office is it, anyway? I immediately got a mental picture of that lady who is the boss' assistant in the old movie Nine to Five when you described the lady who sends out the e-mails.

Kids' clothing... thankfully no problems there yet, except as someone noted (Chemyst, was it? Can't remember...) about the "fake" drawstrings around swim trunks. What is up with that? I mean really, what's the point? I got Little Pince a pair and didn't even notice that they were fake until I tried to tie them up -- he is tall and skinny, so all his pants are either too short, or else baggy and falling off at the waist. I have found some that have the drawstring and they are lifesavers. Pants from The Children's Place are great but so expensive -- I've gotten good deals on eBay though. Thankfully at his age, he could care less what he wears, as long as the tag doesn't itch...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We went to the mountains and brought some friends along who stayed up in our cabin while we hung out at Mom's. Little Pince and his dad went fishing and caught eight trout -- he was so excited! It was county fair time also, so we enjoyed that Saturday -- I don't think I have ever seen Little Pince so exhausted. He just ran top speed from one ride / attraction to the next, fueled entirely by cotton candy, I think. He had a blast. We had heavy rain during the trip down Friday, and then some light rain on the trip back, but the middle part was great, if a little bit chilly. I actually brought out my sheepskin coat Saturday night while we were waiting for the fireworks show! Today is all dreary and rainy and yucky.

Today is also Little Pince's first day at his Pre-Kindergarten program! It is only 2 1/2 hours a day for just three days a week, so not too much really, but it will hopefully give him some time with other kids his age. We'll continue to work with reading skills and such at home, too, and see how it goes. I am quite disappointed with the soccer program he is supposed to be in -- they told me when I registered back in spring that the coach would be calling me probably in August sometime, and just to wait until I heard from them. Well, I never heard anything, and was still patiently waiting, when I met a mom at the park who told me that soccer had started three weeks ago! So I checked into it and found they had misplaced our registration somehow, although my check got cashed, so they at least know that I did register. So anyway, I'm still waiting to hear -- they said with the Labor Day holiday and all the rain that nothing would happen this past weekend but they'd get in touch with me. Still waiting... Sigh...

Hope everyone has a great RotD!

(I have not been able to stop thinking about "biting rats" all weekend, by the way....)


Steve Newton - Sep 5, 2006 11:12 am (#1678 of 2976)  

Besides my wife's car dying yesterday I also noticed that my 14 year old son is getting whiskers. Its almost enough to make me feel old.


Snapes' Apprentice - Sep 5, 2006 11:23 am (#1679 of 2976)  

Regan of Gong ; You asked about the 3D program I use. It's Anim8or. It's free and downloadable. I have seen Sketchup and was impressed. However my modelling interests include organics, animation and photorealistic rendering. Another excellent free 3D program is Blender. Blender is much more difficult for a starting modeller to get their arms around (the learning curve is verticle.) After 2 years with Anim8or I find myself tending to use Blender more and more because of the extensive feature set (fur generation, raytraced rendering, a builtin game engine, and much more.)


Finn BV - Sep 5, 2006 11:33 am (#1680 of 2976)  

Welcome Snape's Apprentice!

Good luck to Little Pince at Pre-K!

Steve, too bad about your wife's car. Also, I'm 50/14 and I've got a mustache as well. You're not the only worried father out there.

Enjoy the RotD!


The giant squid - Sep 5, 2006 12:36 pm (#1681 of 2976)  

It's a good thing I have a mustache, or I'd look like I was 14!

The Steve Irwin news was a shocker, all right. I'd be willing to bet, though, that the person least surprised by the whole thing was him--he was doing what he loved, and had cheated fate so many times that it was bound to happen eventually. He will be missed.

Too bad about the missed soccer opportunity, Madame P. Isn't it interesting how they lost your registration, but had no trouble finding your money... Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059



Snuffles - Sep 5, 2006 1:09 pm (#1682 of 2976)  

Congratulations on your 2 new 'permanant' pets Marie

Glad you got your bag back Kristina, at least nothing was taken.

Madame P, I know what you mean about the Stingrays. We have a submarium near us and you are able to pet the fish and things. I never knew how poisonous they were either. Livvy had the chance to touch one but didn't want to get her hands dirty

Welcome back Finn, it seems like you have been gone for ages!

I found a really cool website at work today (it wasn't busy!!) it shows lots of webcams of the world. I was watching the one in New York outside TGI Fridays on 46th street and Broadway. I want to take hubby to New York for his 40th in a few years time. I think I had better start saving now!

Hope everyone had/is having a good Tuesday



azi - Sep 5, 2006 1:27 pm (#1683 of 2976)  

Kristina - how does a bag come back with holes in it? I've been having dreams about losing my baggage on a plane for the past few nights...not sure why. Guess it's an underlying fear!

Snuffles - are you talking about The Deep? I really liked that place, especially the jellyfish that glow in UV light! The tunnel is nice too.

Good luck with the soccer Madam P!


Solitaire - Sep 5, 2006 1:32 pm (#1684 of 2976)  

how many times a year do you hear about a person dying from a sting ray attack

Apparently you don't hear of them even once a year. hc2d.co.uc said the following: “Irwin’s death was only the third known stingray death in Australian waters,” said Victoria Brims, a shark and stingray expert. “Only 17 such deaths have ever been recorded worldwide; an aboriginal boy died several years ago, and the previous record death was in Melbourne in 1945.”



Snuffles - Sep 5, 2006 1:52 pm (#1685 of 2976)  

Hey azi. Yes I'm talking about The Deep. I took Livvy a few months back. It was lovely and quiet so we had our own personal guide showing us around and telling Livvy about all the different fish. She refused to go in the lift through the water so we had to use the stairs. Cost me a fortune in the shop too, which they had so nicely positioned!



azi - Sep 5, 2006 1:56 pm (#1686 of 2976)  

Lol, Snuffles! When I went it had only just opened and it was heaving! Personal guides sound fun! I remember the shop well - I bought lots of birthday/Christmas pressies there.


Holly T. - Sep 5, 2006 3:01 pm (#1687 of 2976)  

Madam Pince, yes, we planned to laugh and be obnoxious at work and we were. Gallows humor, I guess, as the whole place is falling apart and over half the people there might be jobless in a few months. I am on the lucky side in that I will still have a job, but I might be doing different work. At least that is how things are stacking up for now.

Good luck with getting the soccer thing straightened out! Last fall we signed my son up for fall baseball and paid (and they cashed our check). Well we got a call from the coach and he said all the practices were going to be on one of the days our son has tae kwon do. The coach said that was the only day he could have practice so we asked to be put on another team. We called the president of the league (who had been our son's coach the previous fall) and he said he couldn't move him to a different team unless someone wanted to trade players. We figured someone else would have a scheduling conflict. We kept calling. Then they started having games and our son was asked to come to tae kwon do five days a week instead of three (he was getting ready for his black belt exam) so we figured baseball wasn't going to work out. But of course they kept our money. Never mind we've had a child in that league for years (daughter started playing ball when she was in kindergarten).

I am so sad about Steve Irwin. My son and his daughter are the same age.

One of the highlights of me being a Girl Scout leader was when we spent the night at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, where they have a touch tank with sharks and rays. One of the girls I have had in the troop since kindergarten finally got up the nerve to come on an overnight trip with us--she's tends to get rather nervous and unfamiliar things freak her out. I was certain she would never stick her hand in the water with the sharks but she did--she petted the sharks and the rays and loved it. I couldn't wait to tell her dad when he picked her up when we got back. I was so proud of her. And the way she just grinned when I told her dad, who was very surprised at what she'd done--and proud. It was a big step.

Have a great RotD!


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2006 3:17 pm (#1688 of 2976)  

I love overnights like that with Scouts. Our GS council has weird rules regarding overnights so as Brownies, we didn't get to do too many. I am hoping now that we are Juniors we can do more. Kaitlyn earned 7 merit badges this summer at various day camps so she is doing some duplicate stuff now that her group is working on Sign of the Star

This weekend, I am taking my Webelos II on a zoo overnight camping trip. These boys have been together since they were in Kindergarten and will be crossing over to Boy Scouts in March. The parents have already said they want to remain together, in the same troop. I think that is such a nice compliment to our leaders. We already have visits with three different troops scheduled even though the other leader and I already know which troop we are putting Devin and Micah into. Heck, we have known for a few years. It helps that we are on District staff and are familiar with so many of the troops. We know which ones to avoid

I am heading out in a few to meet up with my running group. We are meeting down at the local university, jogging a mile through town to the longest, steepest hill there. We are doing hillwork this evening and I am so not looking forward to it.


Finn BV - Sep 5, 2006 3:27 pm (#1689 of 2976)  

Mike, I do not mean a very noticeable mustache, considering I also have blond hair. But it's there, slightly. A razor has been useful lately…

School starts Thursday!!


geauxtigers - Sep 5, 2006 3:36 pm (#1690 of 2976)  

I never knew they had poisonous barbs. Surely the ones in the tank had been de-barbed or something

I think they do remove the barbs no need to worry, I don't think they could legally let anyone touch them if they were poisonous. You also have to take into account that the one the stung Steve was huge, and the ones that are at the aquariums are only babies. I think too that the barb is underneath the tail, but I'm not sure, all I can find right now is stuff about Steve...

Well I had an eventful day. This girl sitting next to me during the math quiz was definitely cheating. She had her leg in her chair with her sweatshirt on top, to hide the fact that she was pulling an index card out her shoe. I heard something....looked out the corner of my eye, and yep, she was cheating. A few minutes later, she pulled it out again, I got a better look and confirmed it. So now I have to tell my teacher this because I'll feel guilty about it until I do. Would have today, but I was late for swimming.

School starts Thursday!! You sound excited! LOL or is it sarcasm..? ha ha!

Well lots to do, so little time. I hope everyone has a great day, might be back on later tonight if I don't put my work off...


Catherine - Sep 5, 2006 4:49 pm (#1691 of 2976)  

School starts Thursday!! You sound excited! LOL or is it sarcasm..? ha ha!

Erm, for some of us Southern folk, we've been schooled for some days now.

I had a laughable teaching moment that I had to share. I have a sinus infection, and lost my voice.

It was the 7th grade teacher and homeroom time to do "lunch duty." My counterpart, a Spanish teacher, "forgot" that we had to supervise the middle school today. GRrrrrr.

So I was sitting alone. After about 5 minutes, my former students pulled up chairs to my table. The girls and I had a grand time recounting the misadventures of being in 7th grade. We had a massive thunderstorm outside competing with lunch conversation. When I asked them why they joined me, they said, "You looked sorry and alone." If only they could be so kind to their peers (which I did mention, with a sharp look).

Then, I had to, on a stage, command them all to clean up. My first attempts were lost in the storm. Gosh dang it if ALL of my former 7th grade "bad boys" (read = loud, attention-seeking) weren't circulating and putting hands to lips so that I could rasp my directions.

If that weren't enough, they directed every student to clap that I was back teaching at Oakwood. Those poor 6th graders--they don't have a clue. They just clapped, and don't know that I have a multitude of essays awaiting them, and much longer novels, too.

So, I got claps from the middle school. My current students stood for this show, and I admit that I did tear up, even though I realize how shallow public opinion is. I think they are showing their displeasure at the events of last year, even though I was not contracted to teach them --I told them right away that I was temporary and that the "real" teacher would show up soon.

This year, it feels great to be the "real teacher."


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 5, 2006 6:14 pm (#1692 of 2976)  

I had a laughable teaching moment that I had to share. I have a sinus infection, and lost my voice.

LOL Catherine, we had a teacher lose her voice once. She was OCD to the extreme, not to mention a little on the insane side, she had passed up weird and went straight to the insane point! I find the weird teachers are always my favorite, but insane...well that's another story!  Anyways, it was the most peaceful week of my life! Don't worry if students came back to talk to you, then that means your a cool teacher! I'm not implying that you're insane or anything!

Ok, physics homework...man I just can't handle this limited forum time!


Finn BV - Sep 5, 2006 6:30 pm (#1693 of 2976)  

Tori, it's more of an extremeanxietynervousnessexcitementconfusionahhhhhhhhhh feeling, if you know what I mean. Actually, I am pretty excited. And too bad about the cheater… at least she wasn't cheating off of you, that can get you into trouble at times (depending on the circumstances) at my school.

Catherine, too funny but healing charms to your voice!

I just realized, I'll also be having limited Forum time coming up…


geauxtigers - Sep 5, 2006 6:38 pm (#1694 of 2976)  

Finn you're going to be a freshman, right, so you should be excited. I was sorta excited to start high school, but it wasn't really all that different because I'd been going to school with the same people since 1st grade. I don't know if you're school is all grades or not. Glad your excited....I'm just ready for summer! LOL

I'm glad she wasn't cheating off me too, that could have gotten me in trouble as well, like you said, under certain circumstances. Not that anyone would want to copy my math...lol!

Back to work...**grumble**


Tazzygirl - Sep 5, 2006 7:12 pm (#1695 of 2976)  

Have fun with school, Finn!

LOL, Catherine.

I'm so wiped out from student teaching today, nothing much going on- it's mostly just observing. I think maybe since it was hot, and I wasn't active, made me get a headache and the feeling of just wanting to sleep.

Azi- Kristina - how does a bag come back with holes in it?

Bags get torn up when they are on the little shuttle buggy thingy that takes checked on baggage from the airport to the plane, and if they pack it clumsily, bags fall out of the shuttle thingy and gets run over. Then the shuttle doesn't stop, and they don't pick up the fallen bags until after the plane has taken off. **could be exaggerating a little, but maybe not**

Tori- tough luck for the cheater. Glad she wasn't cheating off of you too!

Have a fabulous RotD/N!



Finn BV - Sep 5, 2006 7:55 pm (#1696 of 2976)  

Psst to Catherine and azi… check your Facebook!

This is my last night before school nights begin!! Wow, I hope I can have a Five Words spree… **waves**


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 5, 2006 8:34 pm (#1697 of 2976)  

it's more of an extremeanxietynervousnessexcitementconfusionahhhhhhhhhh feeling, if you know what I mean.

LOL sadly, I know exactly what he's talking about!

WOO HOO!! I understood my physics homework!! **knocks on wood and does happy dance** I forgot how wonderful it feels to understand science again! It's always been my best and favorite subject until last year with chemistry. I'm hoping that I don't lose this wondeful understanding feeling!! YAY...no on to tackle math... groannnnn

Ohh I forgot a while back I asked a friend how so many people were able to be on Facebook from my school. Apparently everyone says that we go to "Butternut High" which is a school somewhere in Wisconson or something like that and they don't issue e-mail addresses there, so you can use any e-mail address! I may have to look into this once I have a bit more time....see how many people from my school are on it and such...apparently no one has yet met an actual Butternut High student...I knew the computer nerds would find a way around it!! (and I don't mean nerd offensively as I consider everyone a nerd in some fashion..including myself!) I let y'all know how things go with it. I'm not going to join if I don't think it's safe, but I'll have to check it out.

Night everyone!!


Herm oh ninny - Sep 5, 2006 9:32 pm (#1698 of 2976)  

Hi All! Wow! 160 chatty posts to go through!

Going back about 100 posts or so....Have the forum members been hexed with a sore throat jinx? I was sick in bed all day yesterday with the worst sore throat ever! I couldn't talk, or swallow. So of course my father went and bought me some sore throat pills that were huge!! Oh well, it's the thought that counts. They worked though. Today my throat feels much better. I just have a stuffed/runny nose and my head feels like a bowling ball is sitting on it. Just in time for my first day back at work!

I went to AC Moore on Saturday and bought poster frames. Now the four posters from the HP Movies are hung across the wall over my bed! YAY! Now that I quit the theater I'll have to find some other way to get the posters from the next 3 movies. E-Bay? Or maybe Mike can send them to me


Regan of Gong - Sep 6, 2006 12:15 am (#1699 of 2976)  

I'm almost better now. I've been to school the last couple of days, partly because I was sick of being at home alone with only daytime tele to watch. At the doctor's they gave me antibiotics and this cough medicine for that dry, hacking cough you get. I've since abandoned it as it contains a chemical giving a "laxative and/or diauretic effect". Not nice.

Thanks for those sites Snape's Apprentice. Looks interesting, although maybe too interesting for the school term. We convinced our computer admin. at our school to get the site license for Sketchup, and he discovered he could get the pro version for free as he's an educator. Sweet.

Watch out Ginny, I HATE being called a nerd. It's the only thing which ever gets to me. Whenever I do better than my friends in a test they're like "NYAH...you nerd!". I hate the word. I just believe I'm a normal person blessed in some areas with an above-average intelligence. I do not spend my days studying.

Best go walk the ferrets, it's getting dark.




The giant squid - Sep 6, 2006 12:19 am (#1700 of 2976)  

Now that I quit the theater I'll have to find some other way to get the posters from the next 3 movies. E-Bay? Or maybe Mike can send them to me--Herm oh ninny

Well, after I've taken my copies, and set some aside for Marie, if there's still some left I'll try to keep you in mind.

Regan, don't let the word "nerd" get to you. We've taken it back. It may have been derogatory a couple decades ago, but these days nerd-dom is considered a badge of honor. Just look at VH1's World Series of Pop Culture--heck, look at Jeopardy!

Speaking of which, what's the status on that, Catherine?

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Laura W - Sep 6, 2006 3:26 am (#1701 of 2976)  

  "Well I had an eventful day. This girl sitting next to me during the math quiz was definitely cheating. She had her leg in her chair with her sweatshirt on top, to hide the fact that she was pulling an index card out her shoe. I heard something....looked out the corner of my eye, and yep, she was cheating."

Sounds like your math teacher forgot to use those most stringent anti-cheating charms McGonagall told us about, Victoria. I don't know how Muggles manage without magic! (Hagrid)

Contrary to how it may sound, by the way, I am not making light of this. I take the issue of deliberate cheating - in any form - very, very seriously, and consider it to be a grave matter.

Oh yeah, and my bad sore throat progressed into what my doctor calls a moderate viral infection, which he assures me will get better on its own in a week or two if I take proper care of myself and get plenty of rest, etc. I really like my doctor, but right now I think I'd rather have Madame Pomfrey. Her remedies work a lot faster; a shorter period of suffering for me! Once again,... "I don't know how Muggles manage without magic". (sigh)



azi - Sep 6, 2006 3:45 am (#1702 of 2976)  

I replied on Facebook, Finn!

Healing charms to all ill people! It seems to be that time of year. Possibly because of the start of school? Not really - although yesterday my father told us a story about one teacher at his school who rang in on the first day of term to say he was too ill to teach. In the background, the secretary heard an announcement - 'The 8.35 flight to Malaga with be leaving in 10 minutes.'

I don't like cheating either. Once I was in a music exam and two of my friend were flirting with each other and messing around. They copied all my answers, and then got higher marks! Needless to say, I was not impressed!

Some self-confessed geeks I knew last year said I was more of a nerd than a geek because girls can't be geeks. Whenever I hear about nerds I always think of the sweets though.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Kip Carter - Sep 6, 2006 4:23 am (#1703 of 2976)  

I have enjoyed the banner on this thread of late, especially the words on cheating. I would rather have a failing grade that represents what I really know and understand than to have a higher grade which was not really mine. Often one of the best teachers is when you make a wrong decision because it sticks with you for the future.

My wife is starting her thirty-sixth year teaching and I thought that I had heard all of the cheating stories by now; however some of you have posted some interesting tales. Thanks ahead of time for the stories.

One group of discussions for which I did not care was the ones on teacher bashing. We have a number of excellent teachers on this forum and I am sure none of them appreciated some of the tones of disrespect presented in some of the posts. I am sure that there are some teachers who do not convey either the professional standards or intelligence that the good teachers are expected to transmit; however even the good teachers are human and make mistakes, so please do not bash teachers in general because you are a product of what teachers do.

Enough of my rant. I appreciate your patience in reading it.

Additional comment to azi: For you to allow your "friends" access to your answers is considered cheating on your part. Think about it. And a girl can be a geek! I know a number of female geeks.


Elanor - Sep 6, 2006 4:55 am (#1704 of 2976)  

This year, I have a class in which there are only first graders and even at that young age, kids try to cheat and copy on the neighbor, more because they fear not to do what is asked the right way than for any other reason though.
And, as I do each year, I've made my little speech trying to explain why one should not do that because I can't help them if I don't know what they have not understood. We discussed about it a bit and, on the day after, when seeing a kid trying to copy on his neighbor, I asked again why he shouldn't do that and, as the year before, and the year before, realized that the only thing that had impressed them in the discussion we had was to realize that cheating was useless because the neighbor's answers might be wrong! The year will be long, we'll explain again...

Thanks for your words about the teachers Kip!

Have a great night/day everybody!


PS: BTW, please forgive my ignorance, but what is exactly the nuance between a "geek" and a "nerd"?


Good Evans - Sep 6, 2006 5:42 am (#1705 of 2976)  

absolutely no idea Audrey - it thought they were the same thing!!!!

***waves to all*** teachers , students and the rest of us.


Kip Carter - Sep 6, 2006 5:45 am (#1706 of 2976)  

Elanor and Good Evans, the definitions, according to Wikipedia and Wiktionary, are as follows:

   A geek is a person who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination, usually electronic or virtual in nature. Also: A person intensely interested in a particular field or hobby, generally at the expense of broader social interaction.

   Nerd, as a stereotypical or archetypal designation, refers to somebody who pursues academic and intellectual interests at the expense of social skills such as: interpersonal communication, fashion, and physical fitness. Also: A generally intelligent person who shows interest and aptitude in multiple, usually academic-related subjects (as opposed to geeks, who are only interested in one such subject). This definition is independent of social skills. And: A person with a passion for a seemingly trivial and non-sports related pursuit, misunderstood by society at large but proud of personal achievements.

An essay discussing the differences between geeks and nerds is located in the nerd portion of Wikipedia.

I hope that helps.


haymoni - Sep 6, 2006 6:29 am (#1707 of 2976)  

Wasn't there a commercial that said the difference between geeks & nerds is that geeks can actually fix things, i.e. computers, gadgets, etc.?

Hubby dropped The Beautifulest One off at school this morning. Apparently they had a wardrobe malfunction with her jacket zipper and missed the bus. He said she talked to every child that walked into the classroom instead of hanging up her jacket and placing her lunch in the proper bin. Why is he surprised???


Loopy Lupin - Sep 6, 2006 6:30 am (#1708 of 2976)  

Life is far too short to allow your time to be occupied by what others might be calling you. "Nerd" and "geek" are virtually synonymous in my book as they both equate to the opposite of "jock." I'm rightly proud of my own geekdom and think that, overall, it has served me rather well.


Finn BV - Sep 6, 2006 7:15 am (#1709 of 2976)  

Afraid I missed the teacher-bashing discussion while I was away, but nice of you to pop in with a little non-admin-related post, Kip! And how nitpicky on the definitions, but come to think of it, I quite agree.

One more day!


Holly T. - Sep 6, 2006 7:24 am (#1710 of 2976)  

I would think that just by the fact that we're all here posting on the Forum means we're all slightly geeky. ;-)

Speaking of geeky, my daughter asked her language arts teacher if it was all right if she turned in the project for her summer reading book early (it's not due until Friday and she finished it this weekend). I told her I was sure the teacher wouldn't mind but she asked for permission anyway and is turning it in today.

Catherine, hope your voice comes back soon! I lost mine for a week two years ago and my kids thought it was hilarious to provoke me into trying to yell at them, which meant I made squeaky sounds a dog could have heard and ended up writing them notes that said "Go to your room!!!"


Stephanie M. - Sep 6, 2006 7:34 am (#1711 of 2976)  

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being gone for such a long time! I missed all of you guys! I was just reading the Forum for a little while because I never had time to post, but then I just kept getting really far behind and I wasn't in NYC for a while.

I've been very busy since my sister had to get ready to leave for college (she left on August 31st), the wooden floor in my room buckled from a leak in either my AC or my wall (we still haven't figured that out yet), so I had to clear out my room. Everyone is my family had major birthday parties. And then I left to go to my school's Big Brother/Big Sister program (same thing Finn went to). I also had to get ready for school. So that was a very quick summary of what I was doing.

Happy Birthday to all that I missed! My condolences for those who need them. Healing charms to everyone!

I agree with the wikipedia definition of Geeks and Nerds, except I think people respect nerds more and people usually find geeks sorta creepy. But that's more stereotypical.


Elanor - Sep 6, 2006 8:03 am (#1712 of 2976)  

Thanks for the definitions Kip!

fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge
Hm... Loving to search about alchemical symbolism in HP should qualify me for being a geek, shouldn't it? Though, to be honest, the "misunderstood by society at large but proud of personal achievements" part of the nerd definition fits well too, you should see people's faces here when I'm telling them about the forum and the alchemy thread, and what's more, all that being in English! Love the "what's wrong with you???" look appearing on their faces then, hehehe

Audrey **Definitely proud of being such a geeky-nerd! **


painting sheila - Sep 6, 2006 8:16 am (#1713 of 2976)  

I tell my girls to look for the nerds at school. The grow up to be CEO's of major corporations - HA! Just kidding! My husband is a nerd and proud of it. When my sons was in the 2nd grade they had to draw a picture of themselves doing what they hoped to be doing when they grew up. My son drew himself with a phone and a pager with a pen in his pocket. When the teacher asked what he was in the picture my son said, "A nerd! Just like my dad." We saved the picture!

One of my goals in life is to graduate college before my 16 year old daughter does. I want to be a teacher!! An Art Teacher!! I can still name all of my teachers - except 4th grade (don't know what happened there) - and think of them with fondness. Some more than others. Teachers RULE!

I am having a problem with ants! They are the tiny ones and they are in my kitchen! I had the big guy come out today but he couldn't spray outside because it is raining. I have tried all the conventional approaches - but am open for non-conventional at this point. Any ideas anyone?

Regan - do you really walk the ferrets? On a leash? How many do you have?

My husband got to "summer sit" a ferret when he was in elementary school. It's name was Dinky. He tells us hilarious stories about all the funny things it did. My son finds all of the articles about ferrets he can and places them on my nerd. I think he is hinting at getting one. I think our house if full with 2 adults, 4 kids, 2 cats, and 1 dog.

Okay, I have talked long enough - some on elses turn - Sorry!


azi - Sep 6, 2006 10:10 am (#1714 of 2976)  

For you to allow your "friends" access to your answers is considered cheating on your part. – Kip

Alas, it is so. In my defence they were my best friends at the time (age 13), and whenever I tried to block my paper they moved my hand and complained loudly. The teacher wouldn't have cared anyway - he didn't always bother turning up to the lessons and put me off music for life. That said, I'm sure no teacher on this forum would ever be so...absent and unenthusiastic about their subject. Seriously, if we could start our own Lexicon School for Excellence, you'd all be invited to teach there!

Looking at the definitions I'm actually more of a nerd, but with a geeky side when it comes to HP. Which is, naturally, a good thing.

Cute story, painting shelia! Kid pictures are always funny to look at, especially if that person is bad at art (me, for instance)!


legolas returns - Sep 6, 2006 11:26 am (#1715 of 2976)  

Just back from my week’s holiday in Rome and 5 days with my parents. I had such a great time. Its such a shock to the system being back at work.

Hello to everyone-I have missed you

Healing charms and cheering charms to all that need it

So much to catch up upon. Eek I am frightend.


Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2006 11:38 am (#1716 of 2976)  

Cyclical discussions again -- the ants are back! (We have this discussion about every six months, Painting Sheila!) Anyway, all together now... what is the cure for ants? ***cups hand to ear***

That's right -- it's Terro!

No, seriously, Sheila, there is a product sold in hardware stores, and probably also places like Wal-Mart, too, that is called Terro and it works wonders. It's a clear sticky liquid stuff, and you put a drop of it on a square of cardboard and put it in the path of the ants, and then (here's the tough and important part) you must restrain yourself from squishing them and allow them to eat up and then carry the poison back to the "den" or whatever so it kills them all. It will definitely take at least a full day and maybe two. Keep the kiddies and pets away from the stuff. It is totally disgusting (and yet somehow oddly satisfying) to watch the ants greedily huddle around the Terro, but they will most assuredly be gone in short order, and it usually keeps them gone for at least six months. They will eventually come back (they always do when it rains a lot and drives them out of the ground and upwards), so you will have to do it again, but the Terro works better than anything else I have ever found. I got rid of a bunch of them just last week right after we had the first rain we'd had in months and the ants came pouring inside.

**End of commercial for Terro...**

Speaking of commercials and geeks/nerds, I think the current ad campaign for Mac computers is hysterical. You know, the ones with the younger guy who is the slightly geeky but ultra-cool Mac owner, and the middle-aged heavy-set balding uptight guy who is the PC owner. They are always having conversations about the differences between Macs and PCs, such as virus protection, etc. They are so funny -- great writers for those commercials. Mr. Pince (who must be a geek/nerd of some sort, because his head is full of this kind of stuff) tells me that the guy that is playing the young Mac owner is the same kid who played the young boy geek/nerd fan on Galaxy Quest -- the one who walked Taggart through the blueprints of the spaceship.

OK, I think that just confirmed my geek-dom/nerd-dom right there...

_____________________________________          [

B]haymoni[/B] - Sep 6, 2006 12:05 pm (#1717 of 2976)  

Mr. Pince is correct. I recognized him right off. Excellent casting by Mac.

The dementors at work have imdb blocked - the nerve! - so I can't check to see what his name is.

I love the part in that movie when he has to take out the garbage!


Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2006 12:16 pm (#1718 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 6, 2006 12:52 pm

Me, too! "But Mom, I have to save the world! You don't know how crucial this is!" (or something to that effect...)

Courtesy my dementor-less IMDB search, his name is Justin Long, and the other guy is John Hodgman, in case anyone cares... Justin seems like a very cool guy with his head screwed on very straight, according to his biography. He went to Vassar, and his dad is a philosophy professor and his mom is a Broadway actress and a teacher. He's had lots of roles, in movies I've never seen like Herbie Fully Loaded and such.


Good Evans - Sep 6, 2006 1:11 pm (#1719 of 2976)  

Thank you Kip for that very thorough definition

Happy to be a Harry Potter Geek!!!


painting sheila - Sep 6, 2006 1:41 pm (#1720 of 2976)  

step, step, step, step . . .jingle, jingle . .. twist . .. creak . . . slam . . . )

This is me heading out the door to get Terro!

Thank you Thank you!

I suppose if the ants are crawling all around my kitchen counter, I can't really cook dinner. Looks like a pizza night to me! WOOHOO!!


Snapes' Apprentice - Sep 6, 2006 1:53 pm (#1721 of 2976)  

Throughout my years in primary school, I was a D's and F's student. My most recent experience in education was community college. I was working full time and carrying a full academic load. For 5 semesters, I aced every class and consistently made the Deans' list. The difference? Motivation and an encouraging environment.

As a child I didn't thrive physically (Uncle Vernon is a kind loving guardian by comparison) and was the easy target for bullys. I had a genuine respect for most of my teachers but my focus was on survival.

All of that changed when I went into the Army at 17. At 97 pounds, they almost washed me out. During basic training I learned how important mental toughness is. I never once fell-out when stronger, fitter guys were dropping all around me. When `basic' ended I weighed 120 and it was all muscle.

Now I said all of that to say this; School works best when students respect their teachers, not because they did something clever but because they deserve it and when teachers don't provoke students even if they do deserve it. Lastly, bullying should be outlawed whether it is done by the `bad boys' on campus or the `jocks' (the worst offenders IMHO.)


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 6, 2006 2:20 pm (#1722 of 2976)  

I used to have students that would attempt to cheat off me in history and geography classes. My teachers and I had an arrangement whereby I would mark my papers incorrectly and then later I would redo the exam in private.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 6, 2006 7:28 pm (#1723 of 2976)  

so please do not bash teachers in general because you are a product of what teachers do. Kip

Thank you. I love the bumper sticker: If you can read this thank a teacher! I just cringe at all the terrible teacher stories. Notice how most of the teacher stories about students are funny? Most teachers don't go into terrible student stories.

Welcome back Stephanie and Legolas!

Finn I hope your day goes well tomorrow. Have fun in High School! LPO


geauxtigers - Sep 6, 2006 7:44 pm (#1724 of 2976)  

YAY! Its back! **hugs forum**

I'm proud to say that I am a Harry Potter geek, I think we all are to some extent! LOL A nerd, oh yes!

I agree about the teachers thing, Kip, well said. I also think that subject has a lot to do with how at least I like the teacher. I tend to get very frustrated in math, and saying mean things about that teacher. When really I love my math teacher, its her subject I dislike. I also know from expirence that when you understand something, suddenly everything becomes much more fun and its not such a pain to do it. I tend to "bash" my teachers when I'm stressed out and confused. I know I need to do better.

I informed my teacher today about Ms. Cheater...she is going to look into it...

Well I just finished re-writing my Beowulf paper...it was terrible, looked like the work of a 1st grader.

”A nerd! Just like my dad.”  We saved the picture!

LOL! That is so cute!

My dad is a nerd too, he is a Harry Potter geek in hiding...if only I could get him on the forum...he has been coming in here and reading over my shoulder more often now that I think about it.

Regan, you can walk ferrets! Thats so cool, I can just you walking down the street with a ferret on a leash! How cute, now I want a ferret after seeing your picture of Chook!

Okay must go finish up my work!

Oh and Finn and Steph, have a great day back at school!

Night everyone!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 6, 2006 8:03 pm (#1725 of 2976)  

AHHH I finally finished reading all these posts! I've been having major forum issues this afternoon, everytime I hit the "more" button at the bottom, the forum stopped working! I think it's better now **knocks on wood**

I think I fit more into the nerd definition, but I'm definitely a Harry Potter Geek. I just don't like the word geek. It sounds a bit cruel in my opinion. I don't really know why. I've always heard the word "nerd'(that rhymed!) used very lightly. I consider everyone a nerd in some aspect, it's almost impossible to not be! (sorry Regan!)

On cheating, We have a really severe punishment for cheating at my school. If you're caught, you have to go before the honor council, which is made up of students, and they get to decide what your punishment is. In general it's usually a zero on the assignment, 3-5 days of in school suspension, and 20-30 hours of community service. Not worth all that in my opinion. I think you get 3 shots before they throw you out. I'd rather take the test and gets some points, even if I fail.

I like that bumper sticker LPO! It's soo true. I don't mean to be offensive with some of my teacher comments. I've respected all of my teacher. There are always the pyhco ones, but that doesn't mean they are a bad teacher, just that they have bold personalities, that can be a bit frustrating at times. It doesn't mean that I don't respect them as teachers, because I do. I just may not be a fan of their personality.

Lastly, bullying should be outlawed whether it is done by the `bad boys' on campus or the `jocks' (the worst offenders IMHO.) Snape's Apprentice

Very well said. We don't really have a problem with bullying so much anymore(at least I hope not). In Middle school, I think we did. We also had a major problem with "clicks" I'm not sure why, but now that I'm in high school, most of that has stopped completely. I think we finally realized how dumb all of that was. Everyone is pretty much friend with everyone else.

Night everyone!


Finn BV - Sep 6, 2006 8:15 pm (#1726 of 2976)  

Welcome back, legolas!

Ooh, as a Mac fan, you bet I love the ads. The kid, Justin Long, is also starring in the new movie Accepted. My favorite commercial is where the PC goes undercover because of spyware, and it ends where he says, "You haven't seen me." Mac says, "Seen who?" and winks. Then PC says, "Me, PC!" Then he walks off frustrated.

My teachers and I had an arrangement whereby I would mark my papers incorrectly and then later I would redo the exam in private. --Nathan

Whoa!! The cheating was that bad? That's quite an arrangement!

Cliques definitely wore out this year at school.

Roddick is up two sets to love over Hewitt! Sorry Aussies, but I have to root for my Andy!

Enjoy the RotD!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 6, 2006 8:32 pm (#1727 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 6, 2006 9:20 pm

Kip and LPO, I quite I agree I would never bash teachers. I come from a family tradition of teachers, lawyers and military service

My father is an assistant principal and has been for almost ten years and before that he taught mathematics. It is largely because of his skill and my algebra teacher that I passed. Also, three of my father's siblings are also teachers.

I do not begrudge my teachers I was only relating the stories concerning my English teachers in high school because, it was an interesting experience in the sense that I was placed in an environment where I did not flourish but the situation engendered within me a drive and determination to succeed and to overcome or adapt.

On the subject of limiting questiions I did not really mind it an I am quite close with my Professor. He is one of the most noble men I have ever known and it is both and honor and a privelige to have been his student and to be considered now his friend.

Finn, the students would try to cheat off my tests because, I always without fail made an A or B in history and government. I still remember her test questions. As an example of her test questions

Which Queen of the United Kingdom exercised influence over no less than three ruling houses of Europe?
• A. Queen Elizabeth II
• B. Queen Victoria
• C. Queen Mary of Teck
• D. Queen Alexandra

Also, the college professor I mentioned above also loved asking challenging questions. One of his questions I remember because, it racked my brains. The question was

Who is the only non-American citizen to have been conferred an honorary American citizenship?

Knowing so many teachers with a love of hard questions it is no wonder I have a tendency to ask hard questions on the trivia thread.


geauxtigers - Sep 6, 2006 8:59 pm (#1728 of 2976)  

AHH I just saw one of those Mac Commercials! PC was in about 3 casts because he tripped over a power cord! Mac's are magnetic! LOL I love those comercails too!


Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2006 9:09 pm (#1729 of 2976)  

Between those commercials and Finn's "championing," it is almost enough to make me want to rush out and buy one. Almost.

Good luck with the Terro, Sheila!

Nathan, that was a good solution you had with your teacher! I just remember one occasion where a girl copied off my paper -- I was unaware that she was doing it, and it was in the second or third grade I think. The way she got caught was that she also copied my name. Not the brightest crayon in the box...

Well, sounds like Little Pince will be able to play soccer after all! They have a spot for him on a team called the Dolphins -- he will be so pleased! He has missed all the practices, and games start this Saturday, but apparently the 4-year-olds usually just run around aimlessly, yelling and occasionally kicking the ball, so maybe he won't be too far behind.

Everyone have a great RotD!


kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2006 5:31 am (#1730 of 2976)  

My daughter came home yesterday from school to announce proudly that she is a nerd. She was voted President of Mu Alpha Theta (math club). The funny part of this is that Math is her self-proclaimed worst subject although plenty of people get tutoring from her in the subject!

We took the Little Guy to the park yesterday. He wanted to go across the monkey bars. I was holding him up while he crossed them and I felt my right hip pop. I am in pain every time I move my leg. Sitting and standing back up is a major pain.

Good luck with soccer, Little Pince!


Snuffles - Sep 7, 2006 6:13 am (#1731 of 2976)  

Way to go on Little Pince getting into the soccer team

Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 793915934 Ouch Kay! Hope the hip soon feels better.

Happy Thursday everyone



Julie Aronson - Sep 7, 2006 6:27 am (#1732 of 2976)  

Good luck with the hip, Kay! I dropped mine out of joint somehow a few years ago and it's never been the same.


Steve Newton - Sep 7, 2006 6:42 am (#1733 of 2976)  

Who is the only non-American citizen to have been conferred an honorary American citizenship?

Raoul Wallenberg? Not sure of the spelling. Swedish diplomat who helped save thousands of Hungarian? Jews at the end of WWII. As I recall it he printed thousands of Swedish citizenship papers and distributed them widely. Was later captured by the Russians, suspected of being a spy for the US, and disappeared.


Jewel - Sep 7, 2006 7:04 am (#1734 of 2976)  

I know it seems that any time I post to this thread, it is requesting help in some way, shape, or form. Last time it was after my aunts leg break/surgery, but please bear with me.

This time I am asking for prayers and strengthing charms for my family.

My most favorite great-uncle, Uncle Al, passed away at @ 11:50 pm last night after one massive heart attack on Saturday and another on Wednesday morning. He and his wife have been married some 43+ years, have one son, two precious granddaughters, and a large and extended family that got completely blind sided by this. My father, who was the favorite of my great-uncle's nephews, is taking it harder than some because Uncle Al passed on my dad's birthday. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks to come and thank you in advance!



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 7, 2006 7:11 am (#1735 of 2976)  

Who is the only non-American citizen to have been conferred an honorary American citizenship?

Raoul Wallenberg?---Steve Newton[

No, the Marquis de la Fayette.


Solitaire - Sep 7, 2006 7:18 am (#1736 of 2976)  

****----- Geek/Nerd and proud of it! As younger people grow older, they will realize that, in this age of tech, geeks and nerds rule the world ... or soon will! As others have already observed, I think anyone who spends as much time on the Forum as most of us do each week probably qualifies in some way as a Geek or Nerd! **waving Geek/Nerd banner with pride**

Skipping over several posts to ask about Terro ... Madam Pince, is there a way to put some into the wall, behind the electrical outlet they like to use to get into my kitchen? It's up high (Pets can't reach it unless they learn to take down, open, and use the stepstool), and it seems to be the ant gateway into my house.

Welcome back, Legolas, Finn, and anyone else who has had to return to the world of work/school. My condolences to the end of your holidays.

please do not bash teachers in general because you are a product of what teachers do

Thanks, Kip. I think it is important to remember that most teachers work really hard and genuinely care about the emotional, physical, and academic welfare of our kids. Many of us stick our necks out on a regular basis to help the bullied and bring the bullies to justice. We go to bat wherever we can to make things better for everyone. We do it because we care.

Oops! I guess I'll have to finish up my backlog of messages on my prep ... if I have time! Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm off to school!



haymoni - Sep 7, 2006 7:19 am (#1737 of 2976)  

Sorry to hear about your loss, Jewel. It is especially difficult when it coincides with another event. And don't worry about dropping in every once in a while - we're glad to hear from you no matter what!

OK - I'll bite - Who is the Marquis de la Fayette?


Holly T. - Sep 7, 2006 7:24 am (#1738 of 2976)  

Jewel, my sympathies to your family.

The Marquis de la Fayette was the Frenchman who helped get the French military to support George Washington and helped him win the American Revolution.

I haven't seen any of those Mac commercials. But I will only buy Macs anyway. I love them. I have been using Macs since I was in high school (and that was a long time ago, LOL).

We're cleaning out offices today, fun, fun.


Chemyst - Sep 7, 2006 7:49 am (#1739 of 2976)  

Haymoni, many textbooks drop the 'Marquis' title and spell the name simply, 'Lafayette.' You'll probably recognize him that way. He was a member of Washington's staff and during the Battle of the Brandywine. 'French' and 'brandy' and 'wine' seem to fit together to make it easy to remember.


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 7, 2006 8:07 am (#1740 of 2976)  

The answer to the second questions are as follows

Awarded While Living
• Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during World War II (awarded 1963)
• Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa), Albanian-Indian nun and human rights advocate (1996).

Posthumously Awarded:

• Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat and Holocaust hero (1981)
• William Penn, 17th and 18th century proprietor and governor of the American colony of Pennsylvania. (1984)
• Hannah Callowhill Penn, second wife of William Penn and administrator of Pennsylvania. (1984)
• Marquis de la Fayette, French supporter of the American Revolution (2002)
Source en.wikipedia.com

I gave three of the aforementioned answers and when asked to see proof my assertions, I brought in copies of the relevant historical documents.

He said well done and gave me an extra five points on my next exam. Although at the time he posited the question to the class Marquis de Lafayette had yet to be accorded the special status in 2001 when my professor raised the question.

I am still the only student known to have been awarded more than thre extra points.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Sep 7, 2006 8:11 am (#1741 of 2976)  

**:makes mental note**: and my apologies to Steve.


Steve Newton - Sep 7, 2006 8:38 am (#1742 of 2976)  

No problem. Wallenberg had a brief flirtation with fame in the 80s when his citizenship was awarded. I have vague memories that folks thought that he could be rescued for Soviet prison but I heard no word that he was still living.


haymoni - Sep 7, 2006 8:38 am (#1743 of 2976)  

Smacks forehead - "Duh!" Lafayette!!!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 7, 2006 9:21 am (#1744 of 2976)  

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Jewel!

Our school started this Monday, though I go to school next Monday. Doctor said I should stay home first week.

8th grade started. Only one more year with this students I know for over 7 years. I'm afraid of high school. The worst part is that where I plan to go to high school, no-one else from my grade will go. And it is very advanced and it will be hard to be accepted. I plan on going to language high.

Well, anyway, have a nice day, everyone!



haymoni - Sep 7, 2006 9:38 am (#1745 of 2976)  

Kate - I'm guessing that there will be at least one other person in the same boat as you, but I'm sure you will shine in high school - but get through this year first, OK???


azi - Sep 7, 2006 10:10 am (#1746 of 2976)  

Healing charms to your family Jewel! I hope you are able to support each other through this time.

Good Luck Kate! When do you apply for language high?

I haven't seen you around much in the last week Kay! Hope everything is fine!

I visited where my mum has just got a job today. Although she's only in a pool of employees, hopefully it'll give her enough money to pay for everything. It took over 6 months for her to get a job in the first place. The place was on the BBC's Restoration programme (I think the first series) and is a huge house with brilliant views. They got the money they needed, even though they came third, and now the house is covered in scaffolding! Apparently the inside is amazing.

A beautiful sunny day to all!


CatherineHermiona - Sep 7, 2006 10:23 am (#1747 of 2976)  

There will maybe be one more girl, but not from my class, but from C class. She told me she is thinking about it.

I think next summer, Azi.


Steve Newton - Sep 7, 2006 11:04 am (#1748 of 2976)  

Kate, my son just started high school, 9th grade. He was a little nervous but after a couple of days he is in the groove. Of course, he is in the same school but for the first time his schedule is only his and none of his old friends are in any of his classes.


kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2006 11:38 am (#1749 of 2976)  

Azi, I'm fine thanks! All except this hip pain. My kids have been hogging the pc in the evenings to do homework assignments.


azi - Sep 7, 2006 11:44 am (#1750 of 2976)  

I hope the hip pain will get better soon, Kay! At least your kids want to do their homework!

Kate, I'm sure you'll make new friends easily at high school!

I'm trying to book plane tickets. Can anyone explain what an E-ticket is, and do you have to present a card for it, or is the printed booking reference sufficient? I can't work out what they actually want.
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geauxtigers - Sep 7, 2006 1:06 pm (#1751 of 2976)  

Can anyone explain what an E-ticket is, and do you have to present a card for it, or is the printed booking reference sufficient?

Its very eay, at least here in the States, assuming its the same everywhere, you just print out the receit thing ( I believe it has a bar-code) and take it with you to the airport. They have little scanner things, and the people at the counter can help too. Its very easy! The few times we've used them, there has been no issue. You might need to show ID though, but you'd probably have that anyway.

Kate, don't be scared of high school. My cousin is in 9th grade and she spent the summer freaking out to find when she got there that it was awesome. Don't sweat it! Its great and most of the rumors you hear aren't true. But thats a year away!

I didn't go to swimming today. I think I have swimmer's ear...and a cold and I'm exhausted, I could go on. So I didn't go, we have a meet Saturday, want to be better by then. Now I have about 3 more hours to get my work done! I just hope I don't get in trouble for not going...

Awww Jewel, I'm so sorry about your uncle. My grandaddy died on my cousin's 5th birthday. I don't think it bothers him too much as he was five, but its kinda hard for everyone else. You want to be happy because its his birthday, but at the same time its sad because of my Grandaddy. It'll be okay though.

Okay I'm going to do homework and take advantage of my extra time.

Have a nice day everyone.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 7, 2006 1:07 pm (#1752 of 2976)  

Azi, I think it just means that you bought the ticket online.

Skipped swimming today as I feel awful. I now have a sore throat and an all around cold. I don't think swimming would have made it much better.

**Healing and strengthening charms to Jewel, and family**

Time to start studying for my math test tomorrow! yay!


azi - Sep 7, 2006 1:23 pm (#1753 of 2976)  

Thanks Tori and Ginny!


legolas returns - Sep 7, 2006 1:33 pm (#1754 of 2976)  

Healing charms + blown kiss better to your hip Kay(they really do work-honestly ) .

With e-tickets you do need ID.

Dont worry about going to High School Kate. "Its the next big adventure" (hee hee-had to get a HP quote in there). High school was fun.

Jewel-My Grandpas funeral was the day before my mums birthday. In the evening after the funeral we gave her her presents and cake. The first birthday afterwards was tough but subsequent ones have become easier.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 7, 2006 1:38 pm (#1755 of 2976)  

Hi All!

Jewel-my prayers go out to you and your family.

I am happy to say that I feel much better today....must be all those healing charms

Yay! Roddick won last night! woohoo!

The student who I am a one-to-one aide for at work came up to me today, gave me a big hug, and said "I missed you this summer Ms. Kelly. I'm gonna try to be real good today." Can I just say that really made my day!


Madam Pince - Sep 7, 2006 2:00 pm (#1756 of 2976)  

Yes, an e-ticket is just a paperless ticket. They were just barely starting to come into use when I stopped being a travel agent, so I haven't had any experience with them. From what I've been told by my former co-workers, it sounds very much like what earlier posts have said.

Jewel, so sorry to hear of your loss. We will be thinking of you.

Solitaire, I don't think it would work to put Terro behind the outlet plate. It is a thick liquid and would run down in the wall, I would think. Plus, it doesn't stay there forever as a "barrier" or anything -- it's only good for a day or two to poison the whole den of ants. If you leave it out longer, it just gets all hard and they can't eat it anymore. I know what you're thinking -- I wanted the same thing -- I just wanted to knock them out forever and have a barrier around my house, but when I asked an exterminator about it, he said there's just no way to do it. He said it's just a constant never-ending battle that you fight, and I trust him because he's the one who told me that what they use is Terro so that I could buy it myself and save the cost of an exterminator visit. (Of course, he said you try to keep your house clean and crumb-free, but he said they will come anyway if they live in your area, especially after a big rain.) One small bottle of the stuff has lasted me for two years, and I still have more left. Anyway, I just put it out in their path or near their "access point" when I start seeing them, and then they disappear in a day or two and stay gone for a very extended time (say, six months or whatever), and then when they eventually come back I just do it all again! ***starts singing "Circle of Life" from The Lion King***


boop - Sep 7, 2006 3:47 pm (#1757 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius. I hope you are having a great day!!

Jewel, Sorry to hear about your great uncle Al. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Kay, I am sending healing charms your way.

HI Everyone!!

hugs always



kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2006 4:27 pm (#1758 of 2976)  

Thanks for the healing charms everyone!

Hugs ((Jewel))

Happy Birthday Mrs.Sirius!


Mediwitch - Sep 7, 2006 4:31 pm (#1759 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 7, 2006 5:59 pm

Ouch, kaykay! That really hurts. I popped my shoulder out once. Even though it popped back in by iteself within a few seconds, I had limited range of motion and quite a bit of pain for months. I'm sorry if I sound depressing; maybe you'll heal more quickly with all of these ***Healing Charms***!

Jewel, prayers and thoughts to you and your family.

Madam Pince, your post about the constant never-ending battle that you fight with ants made me think of Moody: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

School is a bit crazy just now...we've four new paraprofessionals in one program, and helping them get up and running when none of them have ever worked with children with autism has kept me and the special ed. teacher hopping! I'm not complaining, but I am glad tomorrow is Friday. I need the weekend to prepare for next week!

EDIT: Al Lowe's CyberJoke 3000 had a great little story about teacher pay (it's not really a joke, actually); I posted it in my profile.


The giant squid - Sep 7, 2006 5:22 pm (#1760 of 2976)  

Going by Kip's definitions, I'm a geeky nerd. Where geeks tend to fixate on one area, I fixate on a bunch--HP, comic books, movies, Spider Robinson books, etc. etc. I'm probably borderline OCD, as I'll find a topic, beat it to death and then move on. Sadly, there's a little ADD in my OCD, so some topics aren't quite dead before they get left by the wayside...I have a number of half-finished stories written that I'll probably never complete.

I also agree with Kip's statement about teachers. While I'm sure most if not all of us have had a run-in with someone who should never have gotten that teaching job in the first place, the majority of teachers are well-qualified, underappreciated and underpaid for their importance in our society. People complaining about the poor state of education these days (and I'm one of them) should remember that we get what we pay for--I don't blame the teachers, I blame the system they're forced to work under.



Stephanie M. - Sep 7, 2006 5:24 pm (#1761 of 2976)  

Sorry to hear about your great uncle, Jewel! *hugs to you and your family*

Good luck in High School, Kate! Today was my first day of High school, and it wasn't bad at all! You'll get into the swing of things soon enough!

Healing charms to kay! I hope you feel less pain!

Too bad that your son doesn't have any friends in his classes, Steve! In 6th grade I didn't have any friends in any of my classes, and they all became some of my closest friends! (Including Finn!)

Well, ants are better than spiders! (In my opinion at least!)

The first day of High school was pretty good! I didn't have a ton of classes today though! Tomorrow I have all of my classes, so we'll see how that goes. So far, I like all of my teachers and the people in my classes. While I was at the Big Brother/Big Sister program, I met these really nice twins, and I have one class with one of the twins, and we spent a lot of time together today. So I think we'll be pretty good friends. He also gets along well with my other friends, so I'm really liking the turn out of day 1 of high school.

Have a great rest of the day everyone!


Madam Pince - Sep 7, 2006 6:09 pm (#1762 of 2976)  

Well, ants are better than spiders!   Too true, Steph, too true! And better than rats, too, I might add. ***still shuddering*** And probably opossums, too. Mediwitch is right -- Constant Vigilance!

Kaykay, hope you're feeling better soon! Ouch, that sounds like it hurt!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius!

Can't remember if I wished this before, but sending Healing and Cheering Charms in Josephine and Anne's direction, too!

I'm all depressed now -- I just watched an episode of The Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet, and it was a biopic of Steve's life, filmed shortly after the birth of his daughter (2000? I'm thinking...) The enthusiasm he had for life was just boundless, and evident in every frame. And the pride and love he had for his new little daughter, well... it was just heart-wrenching to see the look in his eyes as he looked at her. Sad, sad, sad.

I'm going to go eat chocolate now.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 7, 2006 6:15 pm (#1763 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 7, 2006 6:46 pm

People complaining about the poor state of education these days (and I'm one of them) should remember that we get what we pay for--I don't blame the teachers, I blame the system they're forced to work under. Squid Mike

I totally agree. I read a quote off my Starbucks cup a few weeks ago, and I really liked it so I wrote it down:

“Great teachers should be paid like doctors or corporate attorneys. I worry about what will happen to our democracy if we don't start to take teachers' jobs seriously.” - Ninive Clements Calegan

I think this is soooo true. If we didn't have teachers, then we wouldn't have the doctors and lawyers out there. Why is it that doctors and lawyers get paid for changing people lives and helping the world we live in, yet teachers, who do the same thing, don't get the credit for what they deserve. I realize that it's not all about the money, but more about the recognition. Teachers produce some of the finest doctors and lawyers and other people who change lives, yet they receive far too little credit for it. I've always toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher, and I've always thought that they deserve more credit than they're given.

Glad your first day was good Steph! You're going to find high school is far better than middle school!

**healing charms to kaykay**

I agree, ants are better than spiders...ugg I hate anything that crawls!

And back to math! I'm determined to do well on this test! I have to my car is on the line!


That's really interesting Mediwitch! My english teacher said told our class once, that even if the school board didn't pay her, it would matter, because she'd still teach. I think she has the right attitude, and I think she's one of the best teachers I've ever had. She is truly passionate about it and does it because she wants to, she wants to make sure everyone understands and does well. I respect her a lot for that.

Edit 2:

Tori, I'd watch out if I were you! You're on thinner ice than me!


Mediwitch - Sep 7, 2006 6:23 pm (#1764 of 2976)  

Hi Ginny! Nice quote from Starbucks...you might be interested in something I posted in my profile a little while ago. (But don't let it scare you if you're thinking about teaching. It can be a richly rewarding job in so many ways other than financial.)


geauxtigers - Sep 7, 2006 6:39 pm (#1765 of 2976)  

I like that Mediwitch, its very true.


Glad you enjoyed your first day Steph! You and Finn are going to love it!

I've always thought of being a teacher, but I dunno. I would want to teach older students, like high school, but I don't know what I'd teach. I'm not really sure what I want to do. My two favorite subject are French and Biology, like they have anything in common! Oh well lots of time to sort all that out.

I know one thing I'm not doing, thats politics...its a drag, I like history, but so far, this is not my cup of tea...

Our AC keeps making this odd noise when it cuts on. When it cuts off its does this vibrate the walls sorta thing...we still have at least 2.5 months of summer, it better not be going!

I have to my car is on the line! Hem, hem, thats my car too folks! **thinks about how nice I'd be to drive home while Ginny waits with mommy...how sweet**

Back to my gov. notes how fun, then I get to do physics and yall know how much I love physics. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059


Tazzygirl - Sep 7, 2006 7:09 pm (#1766 of 2976)  

I'm currently still at school, in class, so I have to make this short...

Hugs and healing charms to Jewel and her family!

Healing charms to Kay- ouch!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius!! Have a great day!

Madam P.- That documentary on Crocodile Hunter took place around 1998 or so. His daughter was born in '98. For some reason I have taken his death like he was my brother or something. I was in a depressed and sad mood all day yesterday, and I woke up feeling that way this morning. It's just now sinking in that Steve Irwin is no longer here, and I feel absolutely horrible. I was watching the newest documentary/interview on Animal Planet yesterday- filmed sometime in 2004, and it ripped me up. He talked about his family, and how he felt about his kids... I feel like this is all a horrible nightmare, and I'm going to wake up and see that he is still here. I had absolutely no idea that Steve Irwin's death would have this effect on me...

Class is over, gotta go!



painting sheila - Sep 7, 2006 7:15 pm (#1767 of 2976)  

Tazzygirl - Steve's death is a very sad, heart breaking thing. You are justified in feeling sad. I wouldn't worry about it and I wouldn't try and hide it. You may want to write your feelings down in a journal or in a letter and mail it to yourself. I know it sounds crazy, but when things are going bad - it helps to write them down and then re-read them later to get some perspective on them. Steve came into every home for years and had us all in love with wild animals. He is the reason there are so many animal shows on today. His infectious smile and optimism will live forever - especially in his children. You may want to write them a letter thanking them for sharing him with us for so many years.

Jewel - It is awful to lose someone you love and are so close to. My husband lost his mother this year a few days before our sons 14th birthday. It felt really weird to sing and have cake after the funeral - but we made ourselves do it. We cried and had salty cake - but dang it - we had cake!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 7, 2006 7:21 pm (#1768 of 2976)  

People complaining about the poor state of education these days (and I'm one of them) should remember that we get what we pay for Squid Mike

There is always room for improvement in education. I will never question that. It is not a hard science. Every child is a unique individual. The system is not a failure. You cannot achieve the standard of living we have with an illiterate, uneducated population.

KayKay I hope your hip is better soon.

Ginny I hope you feel better soon.

Jewel my thoughts are with you.

Kate worry about feeling better and 8th grade. High School will take care of itself. LPO


painting sheila - Sep 7, 2006 7:28 pm (#1769 of 2976)  

Madame Pince: "The ants go marching one by one - Hurrah! Hurrah! The ants go marching one by one - Hurrah! Hurrah! . . ."

They are eating the Terro!! They are climbing all over one another to get to it!! MWWWAAHHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh) I fell a teensy tiny little bit guilty knowing they are all going to be dead by tomorrow - but that is what they get for coming into my house! As long as nature stays outside - they can be left alone for all I care. But once they cross that threshold - war is on!

Kay - I haven't "spoken" with you yet - but I sure hope your hip feels better!I have hip problems on occasion and it is almost impossible to get to sleep. It doesn't seem to matter which way I lay - it hurts! Have you seen a doctor yet?

High School - My son started high school this year - and we were all silently scared to death! He is under 5 feet tall and is a good boy - doesn't swear, etc. He was picked on in middle school because of his size and because he didn't have a girl friend - then because he did have a girl friend - them because he is an actor - then because he didn't act . . you get the idea.

Well, we were all worried that it would be worse in high school, but it has actually been just the opposite! He isn't the only short kid. He isn't the only kid that acts. He isn't the only kid without a girl friend - you get the picture! He is loving it! His grades came up. He does his chores around the house with out complaint and he thinks he may have a part in the school fall play!

Just because something is new and different doesn't mean it is worse.

If you all could keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow - we would appreciate it. We have a young lady living with us and she has a court appearance tomorrow concerning an issue with her mother. The last time, it was very sad and heart breaking for her. We just ask the people who are concerned have their hearts softened and the judge is blessed with wisdom to see the situation for what it is and do what is best for the child!

Jeez!! I get on here and write a novel!! Can you tell I am home with a 5 year old all day!!!


geauxtigers - Sep 7, 2006 9:00 pm (#1770 of 2976)  

I think that’s the biggest difference between middle school and high school, Sheila. People have finally grown-up and realize that there are better things to waste their time with than teasing. Middle school is very divided. The 'cool' people the 'weird' people etc. Its just so dumb, I think it'll always be there, but the line is so much less visible and it doesn't really matter anymore. You learn to accept people how they are. I just love it so much more than middle school. I spent the whole summer telling my cousin this. I'm glad your son is having a great time, its so much better. So much.

Definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

But once they cross that threshold - war is on! LOL I couldn't agree more!

Okay so I just spent an hour reading a magazine...but I found this perfume that smells so good! I so want it...but its Vera Wang and for any guys who don't know who that is, it just means its expensive. So I won't be getting any, but that doesn't make it smell any less fabulous! LOL

okay I should go do physics and stop procrastinating...but then I'd loose my spot in the procrastinator's club.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 7, 2006 9:37 pm (#1771 of 2976)  

Thank you, boop and everyone. Nice to know I am not forgotten even though I can do little more than lurk now a days (rather geeky of me.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 7, 2006 9:37 pm (#1772 of 2976)  


Sheila, I'm glad your son is enjoying high school! I absolutely think it is better than middle school.

Ackk! There's a mosquito in my room! How will I ever get to sleep?? I can't seem to kill it either...grrrr Do mosquitoes like Terro??

Ok time try and go back to bed, even if I'll be listening to a buzzing sound all night...

Good Night everyone!


Solitaire - Sep 7, 2006 9:53 pm (#1773 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Elanor!




Tazzygirl - Sep 7, 2006 10:15 pm (#1774 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 7, 2006 10:46 pm

Happy Birthday Audrey! Have a great day!

Painting Sheila- thank you. I have a friend here who kind of feels the same way I do, so we talk about it. **strengthing charms to you for tomorrow**

I think I am a nerd and a geek- or my friends tell me I am, so I guess it's true!

Went and got my nails done after school, they look so pretty! Felt like I needed time to pamper myself... I'm so glad I don't have school tomorrow.

I was super excited about starting high school- was definitely nervous. After the first day, it was no big deal, and fun. Don't worry, Kate! It's all good!! And this year will be great!

I'm sorry if I forgot any thing! Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow or Saturday...


EDIT: Poor Kid, Soli! **healing and strengthening charms to the family**


Solitaire - Sep 7, 2006 10:30 pm (#1775 of 2976)  

My sympathies to your family, Jewel.

One of my sweet little sixth-grade students was injured in a boating accident up at Shaver Lake over the long weekend. His dad was towing him in to shore on a knee-board when he was struck by another boat. They left the scene and are denying any involvement. News stories said they had been drinking. Anyway, the student sustained major head injuries and underwent surgery. He is now in pediatric intensive care at a hospital in the area and will probably be hospitalized for several weeks.

The mom's evening report says that today he opened his eyes and squeezed her hand. He also attempted to sit up and remove his breathing tube, so it sounds like he is on the mend! Please remember this child and his family in your thoughts and prayers. It sounds like they have a long road ahead.

Hope the hip is feeling better soon, Kay. I've had "hip issues" before, and they are no fun. They made me feel sort of crooked when I walked ... a lot like Grandpa McCoy on The Real McCoys.

Healing charms to Ginny and Tori, who appear to be sharing a cold. Poor babies!

LOL @ Madam Pince ... How about "The Circle of Ants"? Ugh!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius!



The giant squid - Sep 7, 2006 11:37 pm (#1776 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius & Elanor!


jose043 - Sep 8, 2006 1:18 am (#1777 of 2976)  

Sympathy to Jewel on the loss of your great uncle.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius & Elanor!

Josephine and Anne Little Werewolves of London


Regan of Gong - Sep 8, 2006 2:40 am (#1778 of 2976)  

Bad week for Australia, we've lost another legend. Peter Brock, arguably the best driver ever in this country has died in a road rally when his car hit a tree.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!

Just blew my nose, oh dear. Personally I'm of the belief that the tissue shouldn't be that red. Sorry to inform you all.

Going to watch the footy



CatherineHermiona - Sep 8, 2006 4:15 am (#1779 of 2976)  

Happy birthday, Elanor and happy belated birthday Mrs. Sirius!

I'm feeling great, no stomachaches or anything, like I didn't have a 4 hours long operation just 3 and a half weeks ago. Just dizziness every time I sit for longer than a minute...

I tried to translate Latin parts of my dismiss letter from hospital (and there are a lot of those parts...) with help from EuDict.com. It could translate only one word... Oh, well, I know what writes anyway, I just wanted exact translation.

I'm not so much afraid of high school. I'm more sad because this is my last year with those students I know for 7 years. I will stay in touch with those I care to stay in touch too, but I won't see them as much as I do now.

Painting Sheila, my friend wanted me to ask you if your daughter saw Chad Michael Murray when she was an extra on One Tree Hill?

It's Friday! Two days until I go to school! Yay!



Stephanie M. - Sep 8, 2006 4:24 am (#1780 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor boy, Soli! I hope he continues to do well!

I have/had a cold, but it didn't get very bad, but it's not getting much better. It will probably get better this weekend.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Marie E. - Sep 8, 2006 5:12 am (#1781 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!!


Julie Aronson - Sep 8, 2006 5:12 am (#1782 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!!! SmileyCentral.com


kaykay1970 - Sep 8, 2006 5:28 am (#1783 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Elanor!

Sending healing charms to your student Soli. I'll keep him and his family in my prayers as well.

Tazzy, my 12 year old has felt really bad all week about Steve Irwin. He loves watching Animal Planet. The Crocodile Hunter was something of a legend to him. He wants to work in a zoo or with gorillas when he grows up so this has hit him pretty hard.

I haven't seen a doctor for this hip. I guess I will eventually if I continue to have problems with it. My Mom has osteo-arthritis. She refuses to take the medication that the doctors prescribed because of the serious warnings and side effects. She prefers to deal with the condition rather than risk major damage to her esophagus and other rather nasty prospects! My sister has hip problems caused by a compressed vertebra that is pinching a nerve. The doctors have yet to prescribe anything besides pain medication for this. I just don't really know if I want to know what is up with this hip pain!


haymoni - Sep 8, 2006 6:00 am (#1784 of 2976)  

Happy birthday to all that are celebrating.

Regan - I get nosebleeds all the time. The doctors have never been too worried about it, but it's a bit embarrassing when you get one in the middle of an important meeting. I think I just have a weak spot and when my blood pressure shoots up (i.e. in a very important meeting!), I get a nosebleed.

The Beautifulest One was complaining about a little boy in her class that is always making noises with his mouth. My first thought was Tourette's or possibly autism. I said (rather sternly) that everyone was different and that this boy might not be able to control what was happening to him. I suggested that he probably needed extra friends and that she should be one of them. I told her that this was a time for her to be "pretty on the inside". The thought of my daughter making fun of some kid just makes my stomach turn.

The Squealers won their game against the Fish (yes, I know they are mammals) last night. I have no hope at all for my Brownies. If they win 1 game this year, I will be happy. It's hard to be a sportsfan in Cleveland!


azi - Sep 8, 2006 7:07 am (#1785 of 2976)  

Happy birthday Mrs Sirius and Elanor!!!

Hope the ants get eliminated!

I love the smiley, Julie A!

Nosebleeds are common with me too. Last time I'd just started listening to performers at a music festival. I was the adjudicator's steward. I couldn't leave the room because people were singing - that would be plain rude, and a horrible distraction. I sat it out. Fortunately, some kind people gave me tissues.


Solitaire - Sep 8, 2006 7:23 am (#1786 of 2976)  

Welcome back, Kate! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Don't blow off the hip, Kay. I have a form of rheumatoid arthritis, and I know it is different from osteo. However, when I've ignored joint pain in the past, I've done damage that can't be reversed. I've already sustained irreversible damage to both knees, my left ankle, and my right hip. I waited until I could barely walk with my knees and ankle before I initially sought diagnosis and treatment. Finally, my boss called and made an appointment for me when she saw me shuffling to the bathroom like I was 90 (I was 30), with my left foot curled in and sort of turned over on the side. I still have a lot of pain, but it is better than it was.

Until such time as I am ready for joint replacements, I am simply managing the pain with meds, as much exercise as I can do, and physical therapy when needed. Please have it checked. There are new meds out all the time that don't do the same damage as NSAIDs.



Herm oh ninny - Sep 8, 2006 8:28 am (#1787 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!

Kaykay- have some hip-healing charms from me!

I am in the computer lab at my job today sitting with one of our students. He threw a fit in gym class, destroyed the place, bit our assistant on the arm, and then proceeded to bang his head against the wall! Our director finally came down to the gym and would you all like to know what her solution to the problem was? She told us to take him to the computer lab for the rest of the day to play games. She also gave him a bag of gummie bears! Isn't great to reward a child for breaking about 10 rules? Oh well, I'll pop in again later.


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 8, 2006 8:37 am (#1788 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Audrey!

I'm in French right now -again! We have the laptops for the whole class which means that we don't really have to do much. I'm searching for things to do in Provence and Aquitaine. This project is a year long one and we are in groups. We are a "travel agency" trying to get teens to go to certain regions in France. So far we have no due date for the first part, so we are of course procrastinating. hey I can't afford to be thrown out of the procrastinators club.

I've been having that same problem Regan, not very fun! I feel worse today than I did yesterday. My mom is thinking about taking me to the doc to verify that I don't have something worse than a cold (like strep)but I don't really feel like having a stick rammed down my throat.

Ok I better go!


Chemyst - Sep 8, 2006 8:54 am (#1789 of 2976)  

Happy Birthdays to Elanor and Mrs. Sirius

Great to hear you're feeling better, Kate.

Kaykay, since your hip pain had a precise starting point when you were lifting and stretching, you might want to consider a chiropractor. (At least, I have friends who swear by it.)

Deep summer seems to be over here since temperatures for the morning dog walk were in the 60°s


haymoni - Sep 8, 2006 9:32 am (#1790 of 2976)  

Herm oh ninny - that sounds almost like an allergic reaction. I saw this child on a TV show have a violent reaction to orange juice. I had never seen anything like it. Turns out the kid was allergic to OJ, carpet fibers, cigarette smoke, perfume and a host of other things. The family moved to house with all hardwood floors and they had a big sign on the door with all the things that were "banned". The little boy was so sweet when he wasn't exposed to things that were harmful to him.


painting sheila - Sep 8, 2006 10:05 am (#1791 of 2976)  

JEEZ!~ I hit Mark as Read and not Post and lost my latest novel!

Happy happy birthday Mrs. Sirius and Eleanor dears. Happy day will come to you all year. If I had a wish then it would be a happy happy birthday to you from me! (Be glad this is not an ipod and you had to hear me sing that!)

Kay - I had a friend that did deep tissue massage on her hip and said it worked wonders. It wasn't pleasant to go through but she said the results were worth it.

Soli - We will definitely keep you and your little friend in our thoughts and prayers.

CatherineHermiona - We were sworn to secrecy but I can tell you we did not see Chad (bummer!)Jason, Sophia, the blonde girl and the red head were there. We are in the 4th episode for the season and it takes place in Trics. When you watch, look for a older woman (40-ish)in a bright blue t-shirt holding a Diet Dr. Pepper can and that will be me! My daughter is blonde and wore a purpley brown sweater thingie (that is very clear on what to look for, isn't it!) She is standing at the bar a lot, standing at the railing that comes up into Trics, and in the back booth. It was a lot of fun!

Court today went well. Our lawyer was able to get the charges against the girl living with us dropped. She had had a fight with her mother and when she came home, her mother was throwing her things away. The girl went to get them and the mother bit her, so the girl hit her mother. The neighbors called the police (as they should have for the girls sake) and they both were cited for domestic violence. The mother didn't speak to her daughter at all or even acknowledge she was there. Very sad and the girl was crying about it afterwards. The next step is for us to get custody of her. We love her and feel like she is a part of our family. We can't imagine not having her with us now. The father has agreed to let us have custody with him, and the mother has said she doesn't want the daughter any more. It should be an easy thing to work out. Keep praying for us!

There! Hope everyone has a great day!



Elanor - Sep 8, 2006 10:11 am (#1792 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 8, 2006 10:51 am

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes everybody!

All in all, it doesn't hurt that much to be 34 twenty-fourteen! I'll really celebrate it this weekend though!

Glad to see you're feeling better Kate!

Sending cheering and healing charms to everyone needing some!

Happy Friday to all!


PS: Happy Birthday Mrs Sirius!!!


haymoni - Sep 8, 2006 10:23 am (#1793 of 2976)  

painting sheila - thank goodness that girl has you & your family. I can only imagine what her life must have been like. To have your mother reject you like that! Maybe the mom's upbringing wasn't much better. So sad! Charms to her!

Everybody here at work is really geared up for the Ohio State/Texas game this weekend. Is it like that everywhere or just here in Ohio?


painting sheila - Sep 8, 2006 10:28 am (#1794 of 2976)  

My uncle was a professor (doctor?) at Ohio State. We would get into it big time when Ohio played a North Carolina team. It was so much fun.

Things get really wound up around here when North Carolina State plays North Carolina University - or when Duke (Puke) plays from around here!

(Thank you for the kind words haymoni - but we feel like the lucky ones. I do think there must have been some issues with the mother in her childhood. I know that there is some mental illness there. I am just afraid the mother will spiral down. The whole thing is unbelievably sad.)


legolas returns - Sep 8, 2006 10:36 am (#1795 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sirius and Elanor


CatherineHermiona - Sep 8, 2006 10:53 am (#1796 of 2976)  

Thanks a lot, Painting Sheila! I'll look for you! What season is that? 3rd one is about to start here.



painting sheila - Sep 8, 2006 10:59 am (#1797 of 2976)  

From what I understand ( I don't watch the show) this is the 4th year. They are all seniors now.

Sad days that you won't get to see my 15 minutes of fame!


Lina - Sep 8, 2006 12:13 pm (#1798 of 2976)  

Joyeux Anniversaire Audrey!

Happy birthday Mrs. Sirius!

Audrey, how appropriate that a teacher has the birthday at the International Literacy Day! Talking about teachers... The fact is that they are extremely important in our lives and that's why we are so sensitive about their actions. While I wholeheartedly agree that their work should be much more appreciated and payed, I don't agree that only the rich people should be allowed to get the proper education which would happen if the parents would have to pay the real price of education. It is bad enough that more rich countries provide better education for their children that the poor ones (while the need is quite the opposite).

Healing, comforting, strengthening and good luck charms all around especially where needed. Forgive me if it is too hard for me to mention specifically.

The first week of school is over. It started quite busy. Thank God for the weekends. I have no idea how will I survive until June. It was much easier to be a student, whether a geek or a nerd, than to be a parent...


Good Evans - Sep 8, 2006 12:14 pm (#1799 of 2976)  

Happy birthday Mrs Sirius and Audrey.  Hope the hip feels better soon, Kay!

I hit the "magic" button so if I missed anyone - a big sloppy kiss to you

Gosh where to start : I got a merit on my first essay for the college course I am doing. 4 pts off a distinction so must do better next time. We had a quiz that will go towards our marks and I only got 45% - whoops!!!! hope I ace the assignment to bring that mark up!

hubby - love him to death - bought me a packet of reeces peanut butter cups - yum yum, now you know why i have a weight problem!!

went to legs bums and tums last night - but ended up in the wrong class and did an hour of the most excruciating aerobic "body attack" class. My calves are killing me today!

have a great friday night everyone .... off to check the threads


Holly T. - Sep 8, 2006 12:18 pm (#1800 of 2976)  

   Everybody here at work is really geared up for the Ohio State/Texas game this weekend. Is it like that everywhere or just here in Ohio?

It's definitely like that here, LOL! I'm in Austin, and I can see the UT football stadium from my office window. I will be staying far, far away from here tomorrow, though. It's going to be insane.

Happy birthdays and healing charms!

Goodness, Sheila, what an ordeal for your friend.

I am trying to convince the higher-ups that I should be allowed to automatically reject any manuscript that comes to me reeking of cigarette smoke. *cough* I wouldn't be lying when I say "your manuscript stinks." Ick.

Happy RotD!

Editing, re: the football game. Apparently in about an hour some Marine Hornets are going to be practicing their flyover for the game. That should be interesting.
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legolas returns - Sep 8, 2006 12:27 pm (#1801 of 2976)  

Hee hee Good Evans, I have done that class previously. Its a little bit of a shock to the system even for me-I used to do it Sunday at 10am-somehow I always fell asleep in the early afternoon. Its not good for the knees.

Put your feet up and relax


Good Evans - Sep 8, 2006 12:31 pm (#1802 of 2976)  

would love to, legolas returns but I can't type with my legs on the desk!! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

got legs bums and tums in the morning too - arghhhhhhhhh!


legolas returns - Sep 8, 2006 12:35 pm (#1803 of 2976)  

My knees complained to much after doing the attack class for a number of months. They have been fine since I changed to RPM.

Happy morning gym going


Madam Pince - Sep 8, 2006 1:09 pm (#1804 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Elanor! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Good Evans, I love the name of your workout place "Legs, Bums, and Tums" -- That is too cute! Now that I have two-and-a-half hours to myself three days a week while Little Pince is in his pre-school thing, I have started going to something called Slim-and-Tone. It is good so far -- a very nice brand-new facility, and there's hardly ever anyone there when I'm there, so I can go at my own pace. My muscles are reminding me that it has been far too long since I've exercised, however...

..or when Duke (Puke) plays from around here!   I knew I liked you, Sheila! Signed, A Wahoo (who actually hates the Tar Heels worse, but really likes that you call Duke "Puke"... apologies to the Eponine family... )

Solitaire, I will be remembering your little sixth-grader in my prayers -- what an awful thing to have happen. Hope they are able to prosecute those people who were responsible, and hope your student recovers 100%.

Sheila, glad things worked out well in court for your foster. That is such a shame. Poor child. I cannot imagine a mother just saying "I don't want her." She is very blessed that she has your family to help her -- hope it works out. (Yay for the Terro by the way! Doesn't it feel delicious?!)

Holly, I know what you mean about name-calling or making fun -- that is my biggest no-no for Little Pince, I think. I emphasize to him all the time about being thoughtful to others. I am hopeful that it is sticking with him at least a little -- a couple weeks ago we were at the pool, and a very, very large lady walked by in front of us. He followed her with his eyes, and I could just tell he was getting ready to make a comment, and I was praying it would be kind. He waited until she had gotten well past us, and then he said to me "Mommy, ladies can come in all sizes, can't they?" I assured him that that was so, and that it makes no difference what people look like, because all we need to be concerned about is how people behave. He then informed me that "Joe at school doesn't behave -- he always hits." So anyway, we're getting there.

I think we are scheduled to watch GoF again tonight -- this morning he asked me what was the spell Harry used to get rid of the grindylows, and I couldn't remember! It was like answering one of Nathan's trivia quizzes... Oh the horror...

Everyone have a great RotD and weekend!


legolas returns - Sep 8, 2006 1:22 pm (#1805 of 2976)  

I think you have done a good job with Little Pince.


Catherine - Sep 8, 2006 1:45 pm (#1806 of 2976)  

...or when Duke (Puke) plays from around here! I knew I liked you, Sheila! Signed, A Wahoo (who actually hates the Tar Heels worse, but really likes that you call Duke "Puke"... apologies to the Eponine family... --Madame Pince

Ahem! :mad:


Stephanie M. - Sep 8, 2006 2:14 pm (#1807 of 2976)  

Sitting in a complab playing games and eating gummy bears doesn't sound like a very good punishment. That sounds like something that I would do in a complab, except I don't really play games.

Little Pince is going to be one fine gentleman one day!

Good luck exercising to all that continue to exercise, and those who are starting out!

The one thing I don't like about High school is that all of my classes go by really quickly, but I feel like I'm at school forever! I actually don't remember what I did second period. All I know is that I went to the gym to tell my gym teacher that I am managing water polo, and that I won't be in gym. Then I have no idea what I did after that. And I also don't remember first period.

Have a great rest of the day! I'm going to go rest and try and get rid of my cold.


geauxtigers - Sep 8, 2006 2:41 pm (#1808 of 2976)  

Wow! Lots of posts on this wonderful Friday afternoon! LOL Can you tell I'm in a really good mood?

Joyeux anniversaire Audrey!

Everybody here at work is really geared up for the Ohio State/Texas game this weekend. Is it like that everywhere or just here in Ohio?

Normally I wouldn't really care who wins this game, but I'll be cheering for UT because they sealed the "One-Pete Trojan Dynasty" in the 05 National Title game! They are the reason I'll never have to hear the words "three-peat" again when it comes to my Tigers!

Tigers play Arizona tomorrow....according to the news, Arizona is getting very cocky about the winning and such. They claim the noise in Death Valley isn't a big deal...and as Jo once said, "The best of us must sometimes eat our words". I hope they are eating their words and maybe some dirt and grass too! Tiger Bait! They are going down!! **not being over confident, not being over-confident**

Well I best be going, Ginny fell asleep in bed, she’s really not feeling well. Just long she stays in her room and doesn't contaminate the air in the rest of the house, I'm good!

Going to the footyball game at school tonight. We are going to get slaughtered, oh well what else is new?!

Have a great Friday everyone!


painting sheila - Sep 8, 2006 2:46 pm (#1809 of 2976)  

Catherine - was the "Ahem" for Puke or Carolina?


Denise P. - Sep 8, 2006 2:52 pm (#1810 of 2976)  

Hey all! It has been a crazy week here with the kidlets being home on Monday throwing everything off kilter.

My running coach has increased our mileage so since Sunday, I have run 27 miles and still have an 8-9 mile run tomorrow. That is already more than half of what I ran in July and it is just barely a week into September!

Tomorrow, when I am doing my 8-9 miles, a new group is forming so it should be fun to see the new group starting where I was back in February.

I am getting kinda irked at my local store where I normally buy my Hallmark Christmas ornaments. I was told they were out (finally! Hallmark had them out in July) and when I went in, they were just setting the display up. Grrr!!

I am taking a group of Cubs camping to the zoo tomorrow night, that should be fun. I had planned to take it easier on Sunday but just got word that we are having choir practice sunday afternoon. ****sigh****

Have a great evening all!


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 8, 2006 3:13 pm (#1811 of 2976)  

Whew. I've missed everyone on this forum. (Edited because it didn't sound right the first time.)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius and Audrey!

haymoni, I thought the same thing - how lucky that girl is to have painting sheila and her family.

Prayers and healing charms to those I've read about.

Kristina, it is always sad when this world loses a good person.

Kate, remember when you started middle school? Now you're taller.


EDIT: Here I think I've gotten all caught up and by the time I finished my post, a load more were added! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1933885729

LOL, GE Julie!


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 8, 2006 3:29 pm (#1812 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Solitaire my thoughts are with your young student. How sad.

Ginny get well soon.

It is nice and cool here. Snowing in the mountains. This weekend Colorado State (CSU) and Colorado University (CU) face off. Since I graduated from CSU twice I hope they win. LPO


Eponine - Sep 8, 2006 3:35 pm (#1813 of 2976)  

apologies to the Eponine family

It's quite all right. Although, I'm rather dreading the start of basketball season. My father-in-law goes nuts over it, and my husband usually follows.

At work, we're making some subject guides for the different materials we have in the library. Today, I was looking up basketball. We have a lot of books about basketball. Specifically, we have a lot of books about North Carolina basketball and the rivalries within the state. My favorite title is    TO HATE LIKE THIS IS TO BE HAPPY FOREVER: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry, (by Will Blythe)

I hope everyone is having a great RotD!


Madam Pince - Sep 8, 2006 3:37 pm (#1814 of 2976)  

Oops... apologies to the Catherine family, too! I honestly didn't know you were a Puke Duke fan, even though you live in North Carolina. Or a Tar-Heel fan, for that matter. I must be brain damaged... (there, I'm leaving the door wide open for you to tell me it's due to my college education or lack thereof...)

Loopy, help me out here!

Eponine, that sounds like a great book!


azi - Sep 8, 2006 3:48 pm (#1815 of 2976)  

TO HATE LIKE THIS IS TO BE HAPPY FOREVER: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry, (by Will Blythe)

Sounds thoroughly Harry Potter-ish. Seriously, just put Quidditch instead of basketball! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 2752390508

Snow already? Wow!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 8, 2006 3:55 pm (#1816 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sirius & Elanor!

...toddles off to a hot tub after spending the day roofing...


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 8, 2006 4:13 pm (#1817 of 2976)  

azi, you've just reminded me of something Trevor said - he was asking me the other day if we can have another snowball fight with the neighbors when it snows. (Last winter, I called a bunch of neighbors after a heavy snowfall and we set up forts in my front yard then proceeded to pound each other with snow! Afterward, everyone came in for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, chai, whatever, and cookies. I can't believe Trevor remembers it so vividly! We even had new neighbors show up that we hadn't met, so it was great!) LOL - I told him yes but the poor little guy may not realize just how long a wait that can be here in the northeast.

I signed Trevor up for a Lil Panthers sports session at the Boys & Girls Club. It starts with soccer, then goes on to t-ball, etc. ending with basketball. I can't wait to see how he enjoys it. I think he is going to LOVE it. He doesn't realize yet that a friend of ours (she has a daughter Priscilla's age and a son Trevor's age) also signed her son up for the same time slot. (She and I met working the school Book Fair - we were both "expecting" our sons and realized their due dates were only a month apart.) Lil' Panthers starts next Friday.

Madam Pince, I thought the same as Mike with regard to your Little P's registration - they didn't misplace the check, did they.

As of tomorrow, I am officially caught up tech-wise with my cell phone. When I called, the T-Mobile rep actually laughed when she pulled up my account and saw that I had been a customer for over 14 years and was only on my second phone. What can I say, I have staying power. I think she felt a bit sorry for me, too, as she upped my plan by 400 whenever minutes without reducing any other minutes and removed the $19.99 fee for the phone upgrade and gave it to me for free - no hidden charges. The girls also upgraded their phones at a price half of the new customers' advertised price. And they've got me for another two years. Everyone's happy.



Catherine - Sep 8, 2006 4:29 pm (#1818 of 2976)  

.. apologies to the Catherine family, too! I honestly didn't know you were a Puke Duke fan, even though you live in North Carolina. Or a Tar-Heel fan, for that matter. I must be brain damaged... (there, I'm leaving the door wide open for you to tell me it's due to my college education or lack thereof...)--Madame PInce

Oh, Mr. Catherine and I have a "mixed" marriage.

He went to UNC for his Ph.D, while I did Duke for my Master's. Basketball season is always tricky to navigate.

I must say that I am looking for any reason to grin. Lately, with all of the "down" things I am dealing with at work (kids absent due to chemotherapy, etc) I wouldn't mind the chat thread having some light-hearted banter to lift things up a bit. In addition, it looks like my foot "issue" is manifesting itself as the same version of arthritis that my grandmother endured. I'm pretty much abusing ibuprofen right now until the specialist looks at it.

So...may I request, ever so respectfully, while not appearing to "censor," that we think about entertainment? **:bats eyelashes at everyone**

**waves to all**


Tazzygirl - Sep 8, 2006 4:54 pm (#1819 of 2976)  

My house has kind of returned to normal- aunt and the kiddies got home late last night, I heard them walking very loudly across my ceiling. I think someone even knocked on my door to see if I was here. I had actually fallen asleep at 9 last night . Then at 5 am this morning I received a text message from my hateful lovely aunt saying whenever I could come upstairs to take over the kids that would be lovely... Kind of wishing they were back on the mainland for a couple more weeks. oh well!

Not into basketball or football so nothing new happening for me! I haven't even been to my Uni's football games, and I've been going there for a year. Love baseball though!

Madam P.- kudos to raising Little Pince with manners! (And for all of you out there doing the same thing!) I can't stand it when kids get so rude and mean. Whatever happened to respect? Sydney, thankfully, has been getting manners lessons since before she could talk. Thaniel is on his way as well.

Regan- sorry to hear about Australia's next loss. Hugs to the whole country.

I know I've missed yet more stuff! Off to get Thaniel from his nap...

Have a great RotD/N, everyone!



LooneyLuna - Sep 8, 2006 5:41 pm (#1820 of 2976)  

I just wanted to say that I love this forum and its members. I always look forward to reading people's theories and ideas about the books.

I learn so much here.

Thank you all!


Holly T. - Sep 8, 2006 6:38 pm (#1821 of 2976)  

Catherine, maybe this will cheer you up (it certainly has me laughing). My son was in the car, talking while I was driving, and he was going on and on about music class at school. Finally he said, as if it made perfect sense, "You know how Albanian people move their eyebrows weird." I asked him what he was talking about and he said they'd watched a video in music class. "I never knew that about Albanian people," he said. "Those eyebrows are weird."

I have no idea what he was talking about but I keep thinking about it and laughing.

He also asked me the other day "do wasps fly to Mexico in the winter like the butterflies?"

Off to put in a load of laundry and get all my stuff together for the Girl Scout recruitment event tomorrow.


Mediwitch - Sep 8, 2006 7:06 pm (#1822 of 2976)  

Very happy birthdays to Mrs. Sirius and Elanor!! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1609556105

Solitaire, my thoughts and prayers are with your student, his family, and your school!

Herm oh ninny, your day sounds something like mine! I've spent a good part of this week shut up with a screamer. He does NOT get gummy bears and computer time, though. He gets Tic-Tacs every few minutes for NOT screaming, so it's starting to fade (at least by this afternoon, but now it's the weekend, so we'll probably be starting over on Monday! )

Denise, love the Snoopy avatar!

Holly, I think your son is a hoot! I love the stuff he says.

Maria, I have a few short "social stories" I will try to send out to you this weekend. If you like them, and want more, let me know.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 8, 2006 8:44 pm (#1823 of 2976)  

Mediwitch, I immediately thought of your reward technique when reading Herm oh ninny's post, but then haymoni mentioned allergies and I thought, well, that could be it, too, so I left it alone. Anyway, my point is that I learned something from you.

The stories sounds great - I'll keep an eye out for them and many thanks for doing so.

Poor Kristina, I suppose there's a bright side if you search hard enough - she could have just sent them downstairs to knock on your door, kind of like beating the rooster to the crow.

Catherine, healing charms to both your heart and your foot. Prayers for the absentees.

Thank you, Madam Pince, for the ant poison info. Yet another shining example of how I neglect to ask questions but am happy once someone else has.


geauxtigers - Sep 8, 2006 8:58 pm (#1824 of 2976)  

Well we won our game!! 42-28, looks like we've got a good team this year!

Uh oh, our AC seems to be having serious problems. Its making this continuous noise, sorta humming, but I dunno. I think its fixing to go, this is not good! It keeps acting like its going to cut on, but then it stops...ahhh now I'm worried we will be AC-less soon.

Okay I'm turning in early, I have a swim meet a 8 tomorrow! AHHH!!!

I can't remember anything else, I know sad, but I'm beat. Night everyone!


Tazzygirl - Sep 8, 2006 10:47 pm (#1825 of 2976)  

Maria- Poor Kristina, I suppose there's a bright side if you search hard enough - she could have just sent them downstairs to knock on your door, kind of like beating the rooster to the crow.

Syd's done that before! I think my aunt had no idea though, as it was 3 in the morning that time. I've had all three of them knocking on my door at 7 am though, better than 5! Today was pretty good though- I really missed seeing the kids, so we just hung out.

Off to read an enormous amount of assigned readings, and attempt at creating a lesson plan. **hair pulling out smiley**

**healing charms to Tori and Ginny's a/c, and healing charms to Ginny** Aunt and Uncle's A/C upstairs isn't working well either. It was hot all day long, and the A/C was on. They called a repair guy to come look at it. Good thing I have my own A/C unit!! **phew**

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 8, 2006 10:53 pm (#1826 of 2976)  

Happy Belated Birthdays to Elanor and Mrs. Sirius.

Jewel, I am truly sorry to hear about the loss of your great uncle. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


The giant squid - Sep 9, 2006 12:37 am (#1827 of 2976)  

Maria, I had to laugh at your cell phone tale. if I had one, I'd probably be the same way--all I need is a phone that makes phone calls. As long as that works, there's no need to upgrade to text, pics, internet, shortwave radio and whatever else they're tossing in the things these days.

kaykay, I'll add to those saying you should check out your hip sooner rather than later. Joint injuries are the sort that just get progressively worse the longer you let them go. No one looks forward to hip replacement surgery...



Winky Woo - Sep 9, 2006 3:14 am (#1828 of 2976)  

(very belated)Happy Birthday Elanor & Mrs Sirius!

Legs Bums and Tums is a type of aerobics class which focuses on those areas! Its usually low impact with some elements of yoga and very popular here in the UK.

Julie I can imagine your shock taking a body attack class, if you thought you were taking LB&T! Hope you are not aching too much now. Speaking of aches, Kaykay you need to look after your hips, you only have 2! Seriously, everyone on here is giving you good advice.

Hmm I think I have a problem... My car kept flashing up “Warning! Polution problem! Catalytic converter failure!” Now even I know that that isn't good! I guess its a case of just how expensive...

Solitaire my thoughts are with your young student, any updates?

**************Cheering and healing charms to all that need them**********

Well the car won’t fix itself, so I'd better go and do something about it.

Love Winky x x x


Catherine - Sep 9, 2006 5:43 am (#1829 of 2976)  

Holly, your son is hilarious. Albanian eyebrows--who knew?

I wonder if Voldemort noticed that when he was hiding out in Albania?

That did give me a smile.


Good Evans - Sep 9, 2006 6:35 am (#1830 of 2976)  

EEK Winky - sounds expensive!! it that you driving down the road with a puff of black smoke coming out of the exhaust then??

spot on with LB&T. went this morning and it was a great - trouble is that I had only just recovered and to be honest was a bit hobbling with the calves this morning. Anyhow - 9.00 class this morning and then an hour round tesco! confession time - last week I bought the chestnut stuffing and today I bought the individual chocolates and some stocking fillers! A little bit each week means Christmas doesn't cost too much! I also bought some salmon appetisers and stilton for the freezer!!!

should I turn in my procrastinators club card now??? or does the fact that my exam questions for December are late and my presentation for next month should be in Monday and I ahven't even started it yet earn me a reprieve??

I might get started on them this weekend - but dont hold your breath!

I suppose I shall have to do the ironing shortly as hubby is out making the garden look good for the autumn!

love to all..... XX

edit - LOL Catherine


Solitaire - Sep 9, 2006 11:36 am (#1831 of 2976)  

Sorry about the foot, Catherine. My left foot and ankle are always a bit sore, so I know what you mean about the Ibuprofen. I hope you get to the doc soon!

Kay, someone suggested massage, and I have to say I swear by it. I have had a full-body massage every week for the past seven years. My massage therapist uses a combination of pressure point, deep tissue, and Swedish on me. She says I am tougher than a lot of her male clients. If you're new to massage, make sure your therapist knows this. It takes a while to get used to the deep-tissue. My sister can't take it at all ... she gets physically ill. Honestly, though, I credit my massage therapist for keeping me on my feet. She is a key part of my "wellness" routine.

In response to Catherine's request for something upbeat and Winky's request for an update ... my young student who was injured is making incredible progress! He has been placed on less sedative medications, so he is having increasingly longer periods of awake-time. He will have an MRI today to make sure it is safe to remove his neck collar and take him off the ventilator. In addition to being more comfortable, he will then be able to talk. He is also able to move all limbs when asked to do so. Thanks to all for your prayers and healing charms! I know my student and his family appreciate them so much!

For the first time in ages, the weather is absolutely glorious today! I went to work out earlier, and I could hardly believe the cool breeze. What a treat!

Good luck with your car, Winky! My "maintenance required" light came on this week, although the car seems fine and was just serviced about 1,200 miles ago. I'm hoping it came on only because it hit 25,000 miles ... because it will be a week before I have a chance to get all the way out to Motor City for a look-see.

Well, time to hit the showers. Mom and I may go out to a late lunch, and I'd like to be ready when she calls. Have a great Saturday, everyone!



Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2006 12:46 pm (#1832 of 2976)  

Yesterday my hands started to ache, I decided it was time to bake. Now I can report Without fear of retort, That its not exactly heaven, To be turning 57.

Sigh and alas.


Solitaire - Sep 9, 2006 1:39 pm (#1833 of 2976)  

Um ... turning 57? Is today your birthday, Steve? Just wondering ...



virginiaelizabeth - Sep 9, 2006 1:49 pm (#1834 of 2976)  

**healing charms to Catherine and Soli's student**


We had a swim meet this morning. I decided to try and swim, but I nearly drowned during warm-ups as I couldn't breathe. I ended up not swimming at all. My throat is better today but my I still can't breathe through my nose and I feel like I'm talking in a tunnel. Anyways, thanks for all the healing charms!

LSU plays in less than 2 hours! I'm pumped!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Lina - Sep 9, 2006 1:53 pm (#1835 of 2976)  

Since I managed to find a similar poem in the Chat thread from the year ago, it is definitely

Happy birthday Steve!

57 is quite an accomplishment. Enjoy the day!

Wow, I managed to come in between the twins' posts!


geauxtigers - Sep 9, 2006 1:53 pm (#1836 of 2976)  

Yeah Ginny's better, but I woke up with a scratchy throat...I swam, but it wasn't pretty! My throat hurt worse after because I was cheering and what not. Oh well here I was thinking that I was over this whole "cold" thing, but I guess not!

Tigers play in 1 hour and 20 minutes! ** cheers **

Healing charms to everyone!

And if it's Steve's birthday, happy birthday!

Going to go read and check 5 words!


Tazzygirl - Sep 9, 2006 2:02 pm (#1837 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Steve! Have a great day!

I am off to the grocery store.

**healing charms to Ginny and Tori**

Where's Puck gone too? I just noticed she hasn't been posting in a while!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Julie Aronson - Sep 9, 2006 2:30 pm (#1838 of 2976)  

Happy birthday, Steve! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1609556105


Chemyst - Sep 9, 2006 3:18 pm (#1839 of 2976)  

That's great news about your student, Soli.

I think a nerd is someone who couldn't care less that it's not 'cool' to be smart, and so he is both smart and cool about it.

Lina, thanks for posting the link to Steve's 2005 birthday post. It inspired me to come up with this–

Oh, no! Oh, no! I do declare
'Tis time for panic and despair!
At fifty-six Steve Newton's rhyme
Would break to start each brand new line.

But now that seven and fifty he be
He is regressing dangerously.
Alas! He forgot the < B and the R >
I fear his memory's slipped too far!

Yet Birthday wishes I will relate—
May cake heap high upon your plate!
I send this charm: "INVIGORATE!"
And may you triumph by fifty-eight.

(Oh, and Catherine, I had a little slice of the "Invigorate" left over to send to you.)


legolas returns - Sep 9, 2006 3:21 pm (#1840 of 2976)  

Happy birthday steve


geauxtigers - Sep 9, 2006 3:25 pm (#1841 of 2976)  

Bravo Chemyst! Bravo!

Well its happened, the AC is set to 70, and its not kicking on. Its acting like it wants to cut on, but no luck. My mom has called the people, they are supposed to call us back. I've only been telling my mom to call since tuesday, but no she didn't listen... I think the only thing that will save us is that its been overcast and cool all day. Its not scorching, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Oh well, I'm going to watch the game!

Geaux Tigers! By the way its on ESPN 2 if anyone wants to see some Tiger bait get eaten!


Madam Pince - Sep 9, 2006 3:33 pm (#1842 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope you are having a great birthday! Did you bake yourself a birthday cake?

Bravo, Chemyst! What a super-terrific poet! Great job!

Tori is a true fan -- not even the prospect of an AC-less weekend can dim her enthusiasm! Why do those things always happen at the start of the weekend?

Catherine, hope you are feeling better today, too. And "good-well- wishes" to all the other people with scratchy throats / colds / etc. It's school time, isn't it? Put a bunch of people in a room together, and everybody starts getting sick.

LOL, Holly, about the Albanians!

So soccer today was a total disaster. First we had to drive around for 10 minutes looking for a parking space because it honestly appeared that every single kid in the state of Maryland was in that park. (Mental note for next week -- leave home earlier.) The uniform we got was the last one available, and it's way too big. Little Pince started out playing happily, but things went rapidly downhill. Not having been able to attend any of the practices, he didn't know the basic things like stop playing when the whistle blows, which direction to dribble the ball in, etc. (At his summer camp they only worked on very basic skills like dribbling, etc., and no game technique.) He didn't even know his coaches or any of his teammates. So he very quickly became frustrated, and was upset because he thought "we aren't going to win" because he personally hadn't scored a goal. I explained that his team was actually winning and that he was doing well, but he was already around the bend and was so discouraged.

Sigh... Anyway, I tried to keep upbeat, and then after the game I promised ice cream to celebrate the first game, and he wanted to spend a few minutes on the playground. That went fine, until he spied an older boy who was playing with a Game Boy. Little Pince is fascinated by Game Boys, which is why I won't get him one yet because that would be all he would do all day long. He kept following that poor kid all over the playground, trying to get him to "share", and the other kid just wanted to get away. So when I told him to please leave the other kid alone because he wanted to play the game by himself, then all the day's frustration came back and he decided to take it out on me (naturally -- since I was the one saying the word "no") so he had a little meltdown tantrum right then and there, which culminated in him making a fist and punching me right smack in the nose as I tried to pick him up. (Who was it that said he was going to be such a little gentleman someday? ) So we had a kicking/screaming carry-to-the-car-about-a-mile-away, and another one when we drove past the ice cream shop, because I was not about to reward that kind of behavior. He settled finally but it has been a long afternoon because he has not been permitted any of his usual "fun" pursuits. It's been a lovely day. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1242194059

On the bright side, he throws a mean right. Perhaps we are just in the wrong sport and should take up boxing or Tae-Kwon-Do.  Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

I want an Ogden's...


TwinklingBlueEyes - Sep 9, 2006 4:11 pm (#1843 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Steve!

Passes Madam Pince a firewhiskey. It will make things look better, LOL!


Solitaire - Sep 9, 2006 4:17 pm (#1844 of 2976)  

Since you haven't denied it ...

Happy Birthday, Steve!



kaykay1970 - Sep 9, 2006 4:23 pm (#1845 of 2976)  

Thanks for the concern and advice about my hip. Actually it is already feeling much better. It is only just a little sore today. ***passing unfinished bottle of Ibuprofen to Catherine***

Happy Birthday Steve!


Catherine - Sep 9, 2006 4:26 pm (#1846 of 2976)  

oh, and Catherine, I had a little slice of the "Invigorate" left over to send to you.) --Chemyst

Thanks, I needed that. Maybe I can share the Ogden's with Madame Pince! Actually, I took the kids out to lunch today and celebrated the Saturday afternoon with a three hour nap. I feel much better, although I need to go to school tomorrow to get my copies done for the week. It's almost worth it to go in on a Sunday so that I don't have to share the copier with anyone

Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope it was the best ever.

EDIT: Kaykay, LOL about the ibruprofen--I've been hitting it pretty hard this week. Maybe I don't need the Ogden's and can let Madame Pince have it all.


painting sheila - Sep 9, 2006 5:36 pm (#1847 of 2976)  

Today's your birthday. Shout Hurrah! We'd like to sing to you today! One year older and wiser, too. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAppy Birthday (snap fingers and point ) to you!

Happy Birthday Steve and your present is that I didn't actually sing that to you!


Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 9, 2006 5:40 pm (#1848 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Steve.


painting sheila - Sep 9, 2006 5:46 pm (#1849 of 2976)  

My friend and I put up 48 jars of peach preserves today. YUM!!

We are planning a big dinner tomorrow complete with butterhorns and real butter - just so we can eat the first jar of preserves!

We borrowed a friend's power washer and after the first 10 minutes - it broke. My husband worked all day trying to fix it - but to no avail. We ended up ordering a new one for them off the internet (gulp!) Will some one please remind me to never borrow any thing again!

Good news - all three of my kids got parts in the school play. It was a sad day on Thursday - call backs. Two of them were called back and the one that wasn't was very sad. We tried all of the usual remedies and cheering words, but she was bound and determined to be sad. I did tell her that call backs do not mean you have/or don't have a part. I have cast many productions and usually only call back the people I am unsure of. ANYWAY I did ask her if I could say "I told you so" and she smiled and said "yes" - so I said "I told you so!!!"

Way to stick to your guns Madame Pince about the ice cream! It KILLS me to see parents saying "kids will be kids" and blowing off their tantrums. Everyone has tantrums (even us grownups!) but we all have to learn when/where/ and how to throw them. I lost count of how many carts of groceries I left at the check out because my oldest daughter wanted candy or gum or a toy or a . . .. . and had smelt down when I said no. I think the clerks were okay with having to put the groceries away as long as I was taking the screaming, fist-throwing, leg-kicking child out of their store.

I have to climb up on my son's top bunk and make his bed. All of the big kids are at a church dance and I know he will be way too tired to make it when he gets home.

(If I don't post in a couple of days it means I fell off!)


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 9, 2006 6:40 pm (#1850 of 2976)  

TIGERS WON!! 45-3!! And Arizona said we couldn't "eat" them! They were right, we didn't eat them, we chewed them up and spit them out!   YAY!!!!

**anti-falling off the top bunk charms to Sheila** LOL

I have this hugely boring project for history that I'm actually working on before tomorrow (it's due Monday) Do I still have my spot in the Procrastinators club?

I "drugged" myself about 2 hours ago with some benadyrl stuff and now I'm trying to stay awake so that I'll sleep tonight....anyone up for a posting spree on 5 words??

BTW Madame Pince, check the "Using the Chat Function" thread. I posted something about our chat room problem that may help, but I don't quite understand it.
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Mediwitch - Sep 9, 2006 6:48 pm (#1851 of 2976)  

There is one good reason to upgrade to a new cell phone - downloadable Harry Potter ringtones! I have Hedwig's Theme, myself!

Happy Birthday, Steve! SmileyCentral.com

Madam Pince, I'd pass some Ogden's along, but I think I'm fresh out!

Congrats to the actors, painting sheila!

Hooray - the new washer and dryer arrived today! I've never been this happy to do the laundry!


geauxtigers - Sep 9, 2006 6:50 pm (#1852 of 2976)  

On the bright side, he throws a mean right. Perhaps we are just in the wrong sport and should take up boxing or Tae-Kwon-Do.

LOL M. Pince!

Tigers WON!!! Funny, the score was exactly the same as last week, 45-3! Ahh and the Arizona coach was saying, 'What can the noise do, what can they do to us, they can't eat us?' Well, no we can't eat you, but we can chew you up and spit you back out! LOL okay that was mean, but they were so cocky about it!

The air guy was able to come out and have a look at the AC. The motor was fired apparently, he ended up putting a smaller, temporary motor until Monday when he can get a new one. So we have air flow, which it good, but it probably won't be as efficent (dunno how to spell that, sorry!), but it'll keep us from suffocating until Monday.

Congrats to your kids, Sheila! I'm glad they are excited!

Now I'm going to watch the Ohio State/Texas game.

Geaux Tigers!

EDIT: Ginny beat me to the punch! I hate when she's thinking the same thing as me, then posts it first! Grr!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2006 7:29 pm (#1853 of 2976)  

Thanks for all of the Happies. My biggest accomplishment of the day was getting my son off of the computer so that I could come here to visit. As I get older I keep setting more humble goals.


painting sheila - Sep 9, 2006 7:35 pm (#1854 of 2976)  

I tried to down load the Harry Potter ring tones and can't get it to work!!

(geauxtigers - my husband is from Arizona but your enthusiasm is contagious! woohoo!)

Mediwitch - What kind of washer and dryer did you get? YEAH new toys!!


Solitaire - Sep 9, 2006 8:05 pm (#1855 of 2976)  

HP ringtones are apparently unavailable for my little Samsung phone. I guess I'll have to wait until it gives out before I can have one.

Congrats, Mediwitch! I bought a new Maytag Neptune front-load washer and dryer (the smallest one in that line) in the summer of '05. Both are so fast and quiet! I bought my used Crown Frigidaires for $200 the pair in 1982 (not sure how old they were then), and they served me well. But the new ones ... wow! I especially love the fact that the laundry comes out of the final rinse/spin nearly dry. It makes the dryer time very short.



Nathan Zimmermann - Sep 9, 2006 9:51 pm (#1856 of 2976)  

I had an interesting experience today I ran into a couple of old friends from high school that I had not seen in a long while. It was disconcerting because, they recognized me immediately but, at first I did not recognize them.


Loopy Lupin - Sep 9, 2006 9:53 pm (#1857 of 2976)  

Loopy, help me out here! -- Madame Pince

Sorry, I didn't see your cry for help until way too late.

I grew up despising Dean Smith and everyone around him, so my hatred of UNC runs deeper than anything I could muster for Duke, my degrees from UVa notwithstanding. Also, it's a little hard to pick on Duke right now although all the unpleasantness there has certainly died down considerably. Of course, if I had occasion to talk for longer than 5 minutes with any current undergrad, I'm sure the general snootiness and arrogance would erase any sympathy I have at the moment. That reminds me. I wonder if JJ Reddick's gone to trial yet? ***waves to Catherine*** ((({{{hugs to Catherine's foot}}}))


Elanor - Sep 9, 2006 10:25 pm (#1858 of 2976)  

Happy birthday Steve!!!

And thank you again everybody for your birthday wishes! I'm going to "water" that new year with champagne today [in French "arroser" means both "to water" and "to drink to something" ], should help greatly to make it sparkle, hehehe...

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Sending cheering charms to all needing some!



Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2006 1:27 am (#1859 of 2976)  

Back from the movies! Was originally going to use today to get stuff done, but ended up going over to a friend's house to have dinner and a movie. Loads of fun. (Saw Pirates again. Friend had yet to see it. )

Painting Sheila- (If I don't post in a couple of days it means I fell off!)

Hehehe- I actually fell off the top bunk bed when I was 8. Middle of the night, fast asleep. Decided to get up and get a drink of water, and climbed down the side that didn't have the ladder. Fell and landed on my wrist and head (probably why I'm so weird now... ). Couldn't go to the hospital at that time (I think my mom was waiting to see if I got a fever, the common sign showing that I broke something), and had a very painful night on the couch. Had the cast on for four weeks!

Off to bed, super sleepy!



The giant squid - Sep 10, 2006 2:23 am (#1860 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wow, I managed to come in between the twins' posts!—Lina

Truly, a moment for the record books. Seriously, those two give serious credence to the "telepathic twin" theory...I can see them finishing each others' sentences a la Gred & Forge.

Madame P: it does seem to be one of those "laugh or I'll start screaming" things, doesn't it? Hopefully Little P. is willing to give it another go and the next game (with a few practices under his belt) goes better for him.

The downside to getting him into boxing or tae kwon do is that he'll need a sparring partner...and he already knows you can take a punch.



azi - Sep 10, 2006 3:13 am (#1861 of 2976)  

Happy belated birthday Steve!

My parents are making the drive into a double one because they often can't get their cars in because of people parking outside our house and opposite. The downside is the tree in the garden has had to go. It's been there all my life!

**Gives plenty of Ogdens to Madam P!** I'm sure he'll calm down one day...

Hoping Puck apparates back to the forum soon!

My mum says acupuncture is great for pain relief. Her back is collapsing and the doctor tested her out on it. It helped the pain a lot, but then they decided they weren't going to carry it on and we can't afford to go private, so she just has pain. It takes a few visits to work its best though!

Wishing sunny (but not too hot) days for everyone!


Regan of Gong - Sep 10, 2006 3:52 am (#1862 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Steve. May you find it great on the way to fifty eight!

My footy team won their final! Yay! Now we do it all again next Friday.

Working as a "service assistant" in a supermarket, you learn to block out the noise and focus on the monotony of your job. Except if you have rat children who insist their foul mood on you. Lady asked me to keep this tin of Eclipse mints her kid had thrown up on the counter. So I put it away from the counter, and the kid jumped up on the counter to grab the mints. That's the kind of customer you say "See you later...GOOD RIDDANCE!" to.

The other terrible customer I had was one with a card in his wallet that was setting off the beeping security thing. He kept swiping his wallet through the security gates, taking cards out one by one until he found the one that was beeping, then swiped that through a few times for good measure. He got the death stare quite bad. "Yes, the wallet beeps, now go amuse yourself elsewhere!"

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful


Actually it's quite wet...


Lilly P - Sep 10, 2006 6:08 am (#1863 of 2976)  

Happy late Birthday Steve!


Madam Pince - Sep 10, 2006 6:54 am (#1864 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 10, 2006 8:20 am

Thanks for the Ogden's and commiseration, TBE, Azi, and everybody! Looks like I'll have lots to share, Catherine! Where is Sybill Trelawney when you need her?

Today is a much better day -- we decided that yesterday was just bad from the get-go and we are going to write it off and pretend it never happened, except for the lesson learned that we do not hit Mommy. (I'll let slide the "You are a bad mommy!" shouts as we passed by all the hundreds of parents in the parking lot... ) I did feel sorry for him, because I totally understood the frustration part, which wasn't his fault. But, always an opportunity for learning how to handle disappointment... Good point, Mike, about the contact sports -- I hadn't thought of that! I think we'll work on the finer points of soccer today maybe, and then just hope for T-Ball season to start soon!

LOL, Steve, excellent advice on setting humble goals!

Solitaire, glad to hear that your student is doing better. That sounds very encouraging!

Tori and Ginny, you guys are so funny! Mike is right, you two are like stereo! Wish you could meet Fred and George -- you'd be perfect for each other! (Healing charms for the A/C, by the way...) And way to go, Tigers!

Glad the hip is feeling better, kaykay!

Yay, Mediwitch, on the new washer/dryer! I bet it will make a huge difference in laundry day. One of those things that you don't really notice how bad the old ones were until you get new ones...

***hoping that Sheila has not fallen off the top bunk...***

Azi, I have heard good things about acupuncture, too. I've never tried it, but I was just talking about it yesterday to our dog groomer -- he says they use it on dogs too, like for older dogs who are arthritic. Apparently it works wonders.

Nathan, isn't that a funny feeling when you can't quite recognize someone? You sort of know that you ought to know them maybe, but not quite... I saw a girl from my early elementary school days on the street one time years later, and we both walked past each other for about ten steps before we both stopped, turned around, and said each others' names. We both have the same name, too, so it sounded really odd...

Loopy, bravo! Excellent response on the call for assistance! ***hopes that Catherine has not yet heard about Ralph Sampson's upcoming visit to the pen...***

Dean Smith... ugh! (For those who don't know, he was a basketball coach who, despite or perhaps because of his success, was pretty universally despised by everyone except people who went to his school, UNC. He was notoriously stuck on himself.) Here's my "arrogant Dean Smith" story : In the Sweet 16 level of the 1984 NCAA tournament, Virginia (the team for which I was one of the managers) was playing Syracuse in the early game, and North Carolina (Dean Smith coaching) was playing Indiana in the late game. It was nearing the end of our game, and the players for the next game were all suited up and waiting to take the floor at the conclusion of our game. There was a time-out, and we managers got up from our seats to do our manager thing -- passing out drinks, towels, etc. When the time-out was over and we returned to our seats, imagine our shock to see Dean Smith sitting in one of them! First of all, to see Dean Smith sitting behind the Virginia bench was enough to cause heart failure from pure disgust, and second of all, tournament seats are not like other games -- the seats are like gold, and there are not extra ones to spare, especially courtside. In short, that action by him left one of us with no place to sit! (He was not supposed to be there, it was pure arrogance. He should've been waiting in his locker room. But the ushers, like everyone else including referees usually, were apparently so "in awe" of him or something that they didn't say anything to him.) I, however, (as you might have guessed) said to him "Excuse me, but you're sitting in our seats!" He replied "Oh no, these are the *scouting seats* -- I am scouting for the next game," and didn't budge an inch. I was flabbergasted. The time-out was over and the game was re-starting, so I didn't have time to argue, plus it would've been an unnecessary distraction for our team. But I was furious! One of our male managers was a courteous gentleman and stood up to allow me a seat, but we were all boiling! Revenge was sweet, however. We won our game, and North Carolina lost their game to Indiana. ***snicker, snicker*** We were quite delighted that his use of the "scouting seats" was all in vain, since he was going home! Nyah-nyah.

Way worse than Duke -- Coach K would never pull something like that.

Hope everyone has a great RotD!


Loopy Lupin - Sep 10, 2006 8:01 am (#1865 of 2976)  

Loopy, bravo! Excellent response on the call for assistance! ***hopes that Catherine has not yet heard about Ralph Sampson's upcoming visit to the pen...*** -- Madame Pince

Ooopsie. Well, as far as I'm concerned, she can make fun of that all she wants. Ralph was, indeed, the genesis of my interest in UVa and basketball, but he's proven himself to be quite a loser over the years. In addition to his current troubles, he apparently owes a couple women about $300K in child support.


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2006 8:11 am (#1866 of 2976)  

I didn't fall off!! Yeah!

The kids went to the dance last night and had a "okay" time. There weren't enough boys for the girls and the boys that were there ( my son included) played with the balls that were laying around the dance floor. I guess the theme was "Have a Ball" and the boys took it literally.

It is a beautiful day here and we have been out on the deck enjoying the birds. I have heard it is going to be a very harsh winter so we are trying to enjoy the outside while we can.

I covet the new washer and dryer. I have heard such nice things about the Neptune series. How do you know when the laundry is done if you don't hear it banging around in the final spin?

Regan - My sister used to work at a grocery store and she could tell the best stories!! Just think - not only do you get paid but you get these great stories ti amuse and impress your friends!

Have a great day people!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 10, 2006 8:29 am (#1867 of 2976)  

isn't that a funny feeling when you can't quite recognize someone?

LOL I absolutely HATE that feeling! I hate it when someone comes up to you and says "ohh hey! Do you remember me? I'm your mother's 4th cousin twice removed and I held you once when you were 2!" Well of course I don't know you! Not only do I not remember anything from when I was 2, but I didn't know my mom had a 4th cousin twice removed! Soo awkward to say "sorry, no idea who you are!"

I guess the theme was "Have a Ball" and the boys took it literally.

AHH well boys will be boys. LOL

Tori and Ginny, you guys are so funny! Mike is right, you two are like stereo! Wish you could meet Fred and George -- you'd be perfect for each other!

Haa well, you know we're both legilmens! But Fred and George........

Nothing new here. Just homework and all that boring stuff! Happy Sunday to everyone!


Mediwitch - Sep 10, 2006 8:47 am (#1868 of 2976)  

painting sheila, we got the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. The washer is an extra large capacity front-loading washer (we have a king-sized bed, so this will be great). They're a bit pricey, but much more energy efficient so they pay for themselves in a year or two. Our old ones were at least 20+ years old; they came with the house, so we aren't exactly sure, but the washer in particular was not working well. How do you know when the laundry is done if you don't hear it banging around in the final spin? I'll let you know if I ever figure it out! The new one is SO quiet!

I rolled out of the top bunk once. My college roommate and I had just re-arranged the room, and I took the top bunk. I forgot about that when the alarm went off in the morning, and when I rolled over to get the alarm, I went straight out of bed to the floor. Luckily I landed in something of a crouch and didn't get hurt, but I shocked my roommate as I flew past her still in her bed!


Jewel - Sep 10, 2006 8:58 am (#1869 of 2976)  

Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers for my family!

We had the funeral yesterday and it was a very heartfelt and emotional service. My great uncle was the owner of a racing team and former city councilman and deacon of the church. The funeral service was private, so only family and close friends were allowed, but there were so many people at the wake it was crazy. I think they counted up the signatures in the book and it was like 1100+ people that came through! I never realized how many people he must have touched.

Anyway, thanks again!



geauxtigers - Sep 10, 2006 9:03 am (#1870 of 2976)  

Congrats to your team, Regan! Too funny about people at the store!

LOL Mike, I promise, we can't read each others minds! Thats just coincidence. I promise!

It looks like its a overcast day again. Oh well keeps the temp down, I'm not complaining!

Glad you didn't fall off the bunk, Sheila! LOL at your stories Kristina a Mediwitch. I never fell off the top bunk, I did fall off the couch at my grannie's house when I was little. Hit the brick floor, I think it knocked my tot loose. Thats all I remember.

Okay lots to do! Homework, Homework, Homework!

Happy Sunday!


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2006 9:13 am (#1871 of 2976)  

I got a job doing make up and wigs for the Broadway Touring of LION KING!!!!

Just while it is here in our town but it has a five week run!!!! I am SOOSOSOOSOSOSOOSOSO excited!!!!!


Eponine - Sep 10, 2006 9:19 am (#1872 of 2976)  

painting sheila, that's so cool! You're in NC, right? Is it the run in Raleigh? (We're about an hour from Raleigh)


Stephanie M. - Sep 10, 2006 9:44 am (#1873 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday Steve!

I hope your colds get better, Ginny and Victoria!

I think my cold had a relapse on Friday. I was getting better, but then it got a lot worse! Now I'm recovering and I'm probably about the same as I was on Wednesday.

Not too much else to say, but I must go and finish all of my homework!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


azi - Sep 10, 2006 10:14 am (#1874 of 2976)  

**more hugs** to Jewel!

...isn't that a funny feeling when you can't quite recognize someone?

Slightly different but...one of my friends was walking through Manchester a few months ago, and this girl came up to him because she recognised him. Turns out she is his cousin, who he hasn't seen since he was two years old (due to a massive family disagreement)! Apparently she recognised him straight away, because she'd found his brother's website a few days earlier, with a picture of him on. What was the chance of them meeting, let alone in a city as big as Manchester? The girl doesn't live there, she was just visiting for the weekend!

Healing charms, Stephanie, Tori and Ginny!

Congrats Painting Shelia! Sounds ace! I intend to see the musical one day...


Solitaire - Sep 10, 2006 10:25 am (#1875 of 2976)  

Mediwitch, my Maytags both have little beepers at the end of cycles. The nice part is that they give a five-minute warning (single beep) and then a final 3-beeper at the end. Just to make sure, the dryer beeps one longer beep in about 5 minutes, if I haven't gotten there and emptied it. It's perfect for me, because I have a bad habit of leaving things in too long, so that they get wrinkled ... after all the trouble I've gone to using the Wrinkle Prevent feature! The loudness of the beepers is adjustable, too, so if you have a sleeping child, you can turn it low. In fact, there goes the beeper now!

Update on my student ... He has had the ventilator tube removed and is now talking. Yesterday he held and ate a popsicle. He is also talking (whispering, due to a sore throat from the tube) and asking questions about what happened to him. His mom says that everyone has been careful not to discuss the accident or his condition in his presence, as they want to be certain that any memories of the actual accident are his own and not what he has heard. (She doesn't say, but I wonder if this could be for legal or prosecution purposes??? I also guess that any negative "news" might frighten him and affect his recovery. Even unconscious, I sometimes think the mind "records" what it hears.) He remembers a boat hitting him, but that is about it for now. The good thing is that he is progressing at an incredible rate, according to the docs and nurses. So it's great news!

Continued healing charms to all who need them!



Denise P. - Sep 10, 2006 12:28 pm (#1876 of 2976)  

There was more than 50 new messages here so I skimmed.

I just got back from camping with the critters at the zoo and after a fast shower, I am right back out the door.

It was really neat, we got to feed a bunch of Lorikeets. They would land on your head and arm to get to the stuff we had.

Chantal, in my avatar, was found orphaned and after being raised at a place called Walden's Puddle, she then went to the zoo to be part of their live animal show.

Now, why did I think her name was going to be Blossum?


Catherine - Sep 10, 2006 1:40 pm (#1877 of 2976)  

**waves back in honor of Chantel and Blossom**

I reiterate: Possums aren't cute.

painting sheila, that's so cool! You're in NC, right? Is it the run in Raleigh? (We're about an hour from Raleigh) --Eponine to Sheila

I just saw last night that The Lion King was coming to Raleigh! I have already put in a field trip request for my class. I assured the assistant head of school that it relates to the epic of Sundiata from Mali. We'll see if I can sneak this one by! I sure hope so, because that show is awesome. We saw it over Christmas in NYC, and I was just blown away.

Maybe this trip won't be considered too expensive for private school. I hope!


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 10, 2006 1:42 pm (#1878 of 2976)  

Happy Birthday, Steve! You don't "look" a day over 56. And just remember, having another birthday is better than not having any more.

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful Stop confusing me, Regan!

Now that it's dried up, we've had beautiful weather here. Wouldn't you agree, Puck. . .Puck? Where are you?

Harry Potter ring tones? Harry Potter ring tones? They have Harry Potter ring tones? !!!!!runs off to find very small, very difficult to find phone!!!!! Thanks Mediwitch!

Solitaire, so glad for the positive update!

As far as recognizing goes, I have one of those faces, I suppose, that does not change (except for wrinkles, of course). I have had people approach me on the street and tell me they remember me from kindergarten. Well, you all have an idea as to what my memory is like, so I'll say no more.

Madam Pince, LOL about Little Pince! Poor little guy - but I can certainly understand why you held out on the ice cream. ***Off to make a note to have a talk with Trevor before we walk into the gym next Friday morning.***

Painting Sheila, sounds like quite a challenge - Lion King makeup can't be easy. Enjoy and congrats!



Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2006 1:56 pm (#1879 of 2976)  

Congrats to your team, Regan! And LOL on the customers- I've had my fair share.

Painting Sheila- congrats on the new job!! Sounds super exciting. I've always wanted to see that play, but it's never close enough for me to easily travel to.

Denise- That 'possum is soo cute!! (**waves to Catherine** hehehe...)

I am horrible with remembering faces and names. Went to a Fourth of July BBQ this year, and a family showed up. The husband looked super familiar, but I couldn't place it as his sunglasses were on the entire time. Right when we were about to leave, he took his glasses off, and we simultaneously remembered where we've seen each other. He was a fellow member of the TaeKwonDo class I had taken for 2 1/2 years.

Glad to hear your new washer and dryer are working out well, Soli!

Sorry to hear about the difficult day Little Pince had, Madam P.! Hope it gets better quickly!

Off to clean and actually go to the grocery store. Fun.

Have a great RotD/N!



painting sheila - Sep 10, 2006 2:20 pm (#1880 of 2976)  

Eponine and Catherine - We should get together after the show or something. Krispy Kreme is close by and their "Hot Now" sign is on that time of the night.

Catherine - I think you can get group seats at a cheaper rate. Let me know if you want the phone number other than ticketmaster.

Even the seats way up in the back will be good. The show comes out into the audience a number of times - plus the set is so big and colorful that you want to be able to see it all at the same time.

I am STILL so excited!!!

I saw a TV show about this disease/condition where people are not able to memory of peoples faces. They can remember facts, numbers, etc., but not faces. One man can't even remember his wife's face. Sad. As far as they know there isn't a cure. Can you imagine?


Finn BV - Sep 10, 2006 2:39 pm (#1881 of 2976)  

Argh, haven't really been too active on the Forum for the past couple of days, as you may have noticed. Unfortunately, the beginning of high school is making me work, work, work! As a result, I've going to have to limit my time a bit on the forum, but I'll be popping in and out.

That said, I didn't read through the 152 posts since whenever I last checked, but healing, cheering, and birthday charms to all who need them!

Go Roddick!


Mediwitch - Sep 10, 2006 2:49 pm (#1882 of 2976)  

Soli: Mediwitch, my Maytags both have little beepers at the end of cycles.

Yeah, so does mine, but the washer and dryer are in the basement; it's not like I have a big house, but I can only hear them in the kitchen and dining room, if I'm paying attention. I'm very good at tuning out background noises (most of the time). I think the beepers will be more effective whenever we get to build our new house, which will have a first floor laundry room. And I'm so happy to hear about your student!! That's wonderful news.

Maria, I found my ringtone on the Veritaserum website, but I think there are others around. Have fun! I hope Puck is OK too.

Congrats on the job, painting sheila - that sounds like a blast! The condition you are talking about IS tragic. It's called prosopagnosia; one of many types of agnosias. It happens to people who have had strokes, dementias, traumatic brain injuries, or other neurological problems. (I've worked with a couple of people who had prosopagnosia.) It's very sad.

On a brighter note, one of my little kiddoes who was using two- or three-word combinations at the end of school is now speaking in full sentences! I'm so proud of her; her family deserves so much credit.


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2006 2:52 pm (#1883 of 2976)  

I want a washer and dryer on the floor with the bedrooms. I am tired of hauling it downstairs to wash - up stairs to fold and hang - and some of it back down stairs in kitchen drawers, etc. I have a friend who has it upstairs and loves it. She just gathers it all right out of the bedrooms and bathrooms and there you have it! Dirty laundry ready to wash.


Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2006 3:04 pm (#1884 of 2976)  

When we eventually add more rooms to the house upstairs, I'll finally have my own laundry room with the stacking washer/dryer. Aunt and Uncle are adding two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room to the second floor of their house (Kids need their own rooms- Syd is in the office, and Thaniel is still in the parents room). Will make doing the kiddie laundry easy for me, as the laundry room will be across the hall from their rooms!

Soli- meant to say earlier that I am really glad to hear your student is making a wonderful recovery!



Winky Woo - Sep 10, 2006 3:12 pm (#1885 of 2976)  

Belated Happy Birthday Steve!

Thanks for the update Solitaire, that's great news about your student, I hope that his progress continues at that fantastic rate.

Azi, I can give you a definitive answer on the e-tickets, just turn up with your reference number and passport. After my last post yesterday I booked an e-ticket to Majorca to see my parents and I am now sitting in their villa! It was a spare of the moment thing, one minute feeling sorry for my car, the next I was on the phone to my sister who on holiday here, with a whole group of cousins, in-laws and friends, basically one big party My Dad insisted that I got the next flight over, so I did! Well after Mr Winky persuaded me that it wouldn't be a crime to leave all the house work etc that I'd planned on doing as I had the week off, and he pointed out that it was a free holiday so I shouldn't feel guilty about saving for the wedding (Can you see why I am marrying the guy?) So I flew across last night! So whilst I have been having fun around the pool, having a BBQ, and generally being silly, he has been mowing the lawn(Cutting through the cable in the process!)decorating and looking after the doggies.

The car was taken to Kwik Fit, but its not the exhaust so I've got it booked into the Peugot garage on my return...Its sounding more expensive by the minute. I'm sure that money tree that I've got in the garden will stretch a little bit further

My best friend and her husband arrive tomorrow, I can't wait to see their faces as they don't know I'm here! I said goodbye to them after the cinema on Friday, and gave them a hug to pass onto my parents!(By the way the Spanish film "Volver" is highly enjoyable if you get the chance to see it)

Gosh I came on for a quick note to Azi to say how easy e-tickets are and wrote war and peace! Perhaps those cocktails are stronger than I thought...Hmm the hot tub is calling....

Love Winky x x x


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 10, 2006 3:12 pm (#1886 of 2976)  

I don't think I've ever been in a house with a laundry room on the 2nd floor...I bet that would be nice though.. if you have a 2 story house.

Sheila that sounds like an awesome job! You're going to have fun with it!

Unfortunately, the beginning of high school is making me work, work, work!

Finn, I just have one thing to say about that. It only gets worse! LOL

Well back to work!


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2006 3:26 pm (#1887 of 2976)  

I have had Hedwig's Theme as my ringtone since PoA came out (the movie)

Catherine, I had to ask the handler to bring out Chantal after the show again just so I could get a picture of her for you. **:giggle**: I'll return to Snoopy or something else tomorrow


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 10, 2006 3:53 pm (#1888 of 2976)  

Go Roddick! Ditto! You never know, do you?


boop - Sep 10, 2006 3:59 pm (#1889 of 2976)  

Belated Happy Birthday to Elanor and Steve!! I hope you both had a great day!

Winky, Good Luck with your car.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Chemyst, LOL, great poem.

Madame Pince, Your son sounds like my granddaughter Alyssa. Alyssa has been throwing fits for while now. The littlest thing can set her off. Betty Ann has talked with the doctor about it and they want her to be seen by a specialist. We want to make sure these are normal, and not something more serious. I hope your son was just having a bad day.

Paint Sheila, Sorry to hear you had to replace a power washer. I hope your hubby can find the problem with the other one so you can use it. Glad to hear your kids got parts in the school play. Congrats to your new job with the Lion King.

Solitaire, Thanks for keeping us updated on your student. Glad to hear he is doing better.

Denise, sounds like a fun day.

hugs always



painting sheila - Sep 10, 2006 6:13 pm (#1890 of 2976)  

Thanks everyone for your support on the new job. I have this sick stomach that they will have me show up and after the first show send me packing!! (I guess everyone gets nervous about new things - new jobs, new schools, weddings . . we're just a bunch of wimps! HA!)

I love the possum picture. My neighbor had a nest of possums in the bushes that face our house. My dog (Duck) sniffed one of the babies out one day and the poor thing ran a few steps and dropped like a stone! Feet in the air the whole nine yards. I felt so bad and thought we had scared it to death. We started to walk away so I could get a shovel and clear it away. As we moved away, Duck stopped really quick and stared back at it - it was twitching it's little nose - then hopped up and bolted back into the bushes. It was playing possum!! I laughed for about 15 minutes alone in the yard. (I am sure the other neighbors thought I had really lost it). I looked in the bushes and saw it hanging on a branch - it's little fingers curled so tightly around the stem. It was very cute!! I haven't seen any more since then. I think the possums looked for a better neighborhood.

I can't remember who had the car problems, but I hope you get them fixed without too much expensive, Cars are a neccesary evil as far as I am concerned. And! to vacation in Majorca - that sounds so exotic!! Wilmington Beach does not compare, I am sure.

I collect sand from all over the world. When friends go on vacation I ask them to get me a little dirt/sand from their trip. I have dirt from Denmark, Paris, the black sands of Hawaii, and yes, even Wilmington Beach.


Solitaire - Sep 10, 2006 6:50 pm (#1891 of 2976)  

Actually, Mediwitch, I'd prefer to have my laundry hook-ups in the garage--but it isn't an option. It's less troublesome in the event of broken hoses that spray all over the house and ruin the carpet. **experience talking** This problem can be even worse if it happens with an upstairs set, Sheila. You really have to keep your machines tuned up and inspected. Otherwise, you can end up with worse problems than a ruined carpet. It happened to a friend of mine ... and she did have her machines serviced regularly.

I just checked my little student's page, and there is a picture posted. He has quite a gash across his face, so I wouldn't doubt there will be some plastic surgery eventually. It was awfully close to the eye ... scary! His face is quite swollen, but it is obvious that he is awake and aware. I can't even imagine how terrified his parents must have felt ... and how relieved they must be feeling today. Thanks to all for your prayers. I know they appreciate them.

Sheila, many years ago, I had some sand from several beaches in Hawaii--green, black, pink, etc. I think my mom tossed it, though.

Winky, the villa in Majorca sounds marvelous! I really think it is your duty to be there, as it appears to be a sort of family reunion. Not going would have seemed ungracious. (There, does that help? I'm very good at putting things into their proper perspective! )



Mediwitch - Sep 10, 2006 7:14 pm (#1892 of 2976)  

You have a good point, Soli, but after tripping over one of our cats a few times (who, by the way, likes to lay on the top stair step ) with a full basket of laundry in hand, I'm more than ready to forego the stairs en route to laundry.

Winky, be sure to wave to Petunia's friend Yvonne while you're in Majorca!

Denise, I've only had it for a year or so as my old phone was incapable of downloading. Guess what the very first thing I did was?


Puck - Sep 10, 2006 7:28 pm (#1893 of 2976)  


I did not fall off the planet. I've just been feeling that way since I was having internet trouble. :chargrin:

The kids went back to school. **does a virtual backflip**. My son started soccer. His team did not win, but he had fun. Diva starts dance class this week.

Today we had a party for the baby. Her birthday is Friday, but my Mom has to work next weekend, so we celebrated today. We went apple picking, had a cookout. Mr. Puck and I made a cake shaped like a big rubber duckie. It was a fun day.

Maria, I so wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary, but couldn't get here. Hope you had a great day.

Solitaire, I saw one of your students needs healing charms, though I was not able to locate the post regarding what happened to him. Glad he's recovering.

I skipped most of the posts. There were almost 300! Happy whatever I missed!



Mediwitch - Sep 10, 2006 7:35 pm (#1894 of 2976)  

***waves frantically to Puck*** We missed you, welcome back! Glad to hear things are well with you.

EDIT: Yep, Five Words does move awfully fast! Actually, we're just into a new story, so it's a good time to jump back in.


Puck - Sep 10, 2006 7:46 pm (#1895 of 2976)  

**waves back to Mediwitch**

I'm almost afraid to go look at 5 words! (The trivia thread wasn't a big miss, as I could have answered any of Nathan's questions anyway.)


Finn BV - Sep 10, 2006 8:03 pm (#1896 of 2976)  

Well, congrats to Federer anyway.

Painting Sheila, what a thrilling new job! Enjoy it!

Winky, what a spur of the moment trip! Wow! While you're waving to Yvonne, you can also say hi to Rafael Nadal.

Soli, from what I gather your student has gone through something rather horrific on his face. Healing charms and prayers to him!

Hi Kathy! I think I fell off the planet, if you didn't! I haven't been in touch enough to know that anybody was gone!

Five Words, eek! I haven't done statistics in ages… it's all been Kristina.

I hope everybody takes a few moments to remember tomorrow on the five-year anniversary of 9/11.


Stephanie M. - Sep 10, 2006 8:31 pm (#1897 of 2976)  

Healing charms to Soli's student! I hope he continues to progress at the rate he's going! He's one tough guy!

Have fun painting, Sheila! I've always liked painting, so it must be a lot of fun!

Waves to everyone that recently popped in!

I just finished my english homework! It was a really cool assignment. It was to describe an object that was important to you without saying what the object is, so in class when we read the descriptions out load, the other students will be able to guess at what the important object is! I picked my bed. It's important to me because no matter what, I know it will be there when I come home, and it's a great source of comfort before I start the next day (I worded it like that because if I said that I wake up, people would know it's a bed). I just thought that it was a pretty cool assignment.

Off to bed! I hope I don't get too bombarded with work this week like Finn seems to be! (Along with most of my grade.)

Have a great night/early morning everyone!


Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2006 8:46 pm (#1898 of 2976)  

**jumps up and down and waves to Puck** You've been missed! Glad to hear nothing serious has been going on in your world- **healing charms to your internet**

Five Words has been pretty slow, considering what it used to be like. Although, Puck, perfect timing in coming back, as we just started a new story this morning!

Off to draw with the kiddies. Aunt and Uncle went out to a movie and dinner.

hehe... Thaniel got ahold of a stamp I haven't used in years, drooled on it a bit, and now has blue lips and teeth.



geauxtigers - Sep 10, 2006 8:52 pm (#1899 of 2976)  

Well I've just spent the past 5 hours or so studying for my math test tomorrow. I feel like I understand everything, so we'll see how it goes. I did everything she gave us and got them most of them right, I just hope I don't forget it all by test time...

Thats such a cool job, Sheila! We saw Beauty and the Beast when we were in New York, it was wonderful! I really would like to see the Lion King too! I also want to see Wicked **Waves to Eponine**

Healing charms to your student Soli! I'm glad to hear he is doing better!

Glad to see you back Puck!

Good luck with school, Finn and Stephanie! I wish I was a freshman again, I remember being very overwhelmed with work...but as Ginny said, it only gets worse!

I start dance again this week...**grumble as we won't be doing anything yet, I'll get to waste 2 hours of my time that could be spent doing homework** Oh well it'll be good to see some friends I haven't seen since May.

I know I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, but I've just taken Benadryl, so I'm starting to fall asleep.

Seahawks won today, I totally missed the game when my dad called me at 2 to tell me they won. I didn't realize the game was away, wondering why they played so early as it was only 2 on the west coast..oh well they won the game by a field goal in the closing seconds.

Okay, going to brush teeth now, and hunt down a box of tissues, my nose is absolutely driving my mad. Its stuffy, but running at the same time...like the most aggravating thing in the world!

Tomorrow is September 11th. I can hardly believe it's been five years.

Have good one! Night!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 10, 2006 10:24 pm (#1900 of 2976)  

PUCK! you have returned! We were a bit worried!

I just finished my government project for tomorrow....ackkk! It was a total mess I've been working on it since last night and I just finished at 12:30. I think it's time for bed....

Night everyone!
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The giant squid - Sep 11, 2006 12:04 am (#1901 of 2976)  

Go Roddick!--Finn BV

Well, congrats to Federer anyway.--Finn BV, later

Yeah, I thought of you as we watched the match. Roddick got off to a rough start, rallied in the second set, then kinda gave up halfway through the third. It was shame, but Federer was a tough opponent to begin with. At least he was gracious about it, and Roddick too kit well. I have a feeling Connors will be yelling at him about going to the net too often, though...

I hope your colds get better, Ginny and Victoria!--Stephanie M.

Y'know, it took me a while to figure out who "Victoria" was. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1437562208   Hey, I know Tori and I know geauxtigers; Victoria, not so much.



Snuffles - Sep 11, 2006 1:17 am (#1902 of 2976)  

Phew! just read through 149 posts!

Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Sirius, Elanor and Steve

Glad your student is on the mend Soli, what a horrible thing to happen.

Good luck on the maths test Tori.

Madame P. I hope your nose is better!. Livvy had one of those days on Friday. Last week was the first time in 6 weeks that she has had 2 full days in nursery, and I think it took its toll. She had a major screaming paddy in Asda as she wasn't allowed any of the sweets I had bought. Usually if I say no, she puts on her pet lip and lets it be. When the build up started I tried the diversionary tactics which usually work, but not on that day. I could feel the heat rising up my face and everyone looking at me. If it wasn't for the fact my shopping was being put through the checkout I would have left! I just wanted to run to the tannoy and shout "Please excuse my daughter, she isn't normally like this!" Oh well, I'm sure none of the staff will recognise me next week!

Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the events 5 years ago.



azi - Sep 11, 2006 4:22 am (#1903 of 2976)  

Thanks for the info. on E-tickets, Winky! I got the email I have to print off today. Have fun on your holiday!

For anyone who doesn't know, I'll be going to Copenhagen (Denmark) on the 28th Sept, returning on the 2nd Oct. My flights are really early - have to be checked in by 7.55am and 6.15am! It'll be worth it, though.

**waves to Puck** Welcome back!

**more healing charms** to Soli's student!


Marie E. - Sep 11, 2006 4:59 am (#1904 of 2976)  

I've got a fun story about children misbehaving in stores. Yesterday we were at a SuperTarget. I bought the girls strawberries and creme Frappicinos to keep them quiet. They were looking at the cake decorating books in the bakery while I was edging toward the meat department, asking them to hurry up. Lexie was running to tell me about a cake they had seen when...whoosh! She tripped, the strawberry drink went slow motion in the air, and the two of them went Splat! on the floor. She let out a scream like a fire truck. In an instant there were four Target employees there, one with paper towels to help mop off her legs and skirt. We discovered a small cut on the back of her heel. When they brought her a band-aid she asked through her tears, "does my mommy have to pay for the band-aid?".

Deep down I wanted to yell at her for running but she actually was hurt and scared from the fall. We talked about it later.

I watched the Broncos play yesterday. I am just glad that Brandon isn't around here anymore, as he is a massive Rams fan and I would never hear the end of it.


Good Evans - Sep 11, 2006 5:14 am (#1905 of 2976)  

I have just sprinted through the posts -so skimming at most is what I did!!

happy belated birthday to Steve Newton.

Meidwitch and Denise - me too, hedwig's theme has been on my last two mobiles. (YKYAAHPF when you download the ringtone more than once!!!).

love to all – especially to Betty as I saw a post from her too!!


John Bumbledore - Sep 11, 2006 5:50 am (#1906 of 2976)  

Expecto Patronum!

To all those remembering September 11, 2001.

<)B^D˜ John Bumbledore

I had to skip over 350 posts. Wanted to say "Hey" to all my friends and wish Happy birthdays to all those I have missed in the past month.

Welcome home, Kate; and welcome back to the forum. Healing charms to you and all who need them (or to member's computers that need them--though I think the latter need Reparo charms.. hmmm).

I've only had time for the Potty Games thread and the chat room, I am sorry I have missed you all (well, saying I miss a cold, wet, giant squid is a bit over the top?)

Best wishes for you all.

<)B^D˜ John Bumbledore

P. S. I think I need some chocolate. I still remember.


haymoni - Sep 11, 2006 6:18 am (#1907 of 2976)  

Well, my Brownies stink again this year - surprise, surprise. Other teams manage to throw really long passes for touchdowns without incurring Holding calls - why can't we???

Happy Birthday to everyone that I missed.

Chocolate to all on this September 11.


Puck - Sep 11, 2006 10:46 am (#1908 of 2976)  

I think chocolate is an excellent idea for today.

I made it a happy day by getting baby's photos taken at a new place that just opened up near here. (No more driving 45 minutes away!) They came out cute, despite her not being completely thrilled to be there. They asked if I wanted to be in a pciture with her, but as I had neither showered nor put on make-up, I declined.

Oh, and I got the new HP print from the framers! It looks great, and they gave me a another 25% off the framing price, which was already 50% off to begin with, so I'm happy.

Okay, I need to go clean the garage. I just need some energy. Allergies are wiping me out!

Happy RotD!



Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2006 11:04 am (#1909 of 2976)  

Welcome back, Puck! We've missed you!

***Waves at Betty*** Little Pince has a mini-case of the sniffles today, so I'm almost wondering if he was starting to get sick the other day, and maybe that contributed to the temper along with the frustration, etc. He really normally isn't like that. I'm hoping it was just a bad day, maybe combined with the beginnings of a cold or something.

Denise, sounds like you had a great camping trip! Was the weather OK? We just got an invitation to join some friends camping two weekends from now, and if we go, that will be three weekends of camping in about a month and a half. Hmmmm.... don't know if I'm quite up to that or not.

Finn, you are a good sport about Roddick! By the way, I had a dream about you last night! I dreamed that I was supposed to be picking you up from school, and your Mom was giving me directions as to how to get there, and I was all confused because I've never driven in New York before. Anyway, I finally found it, and your school was so neat -- it was like a big old European cathedral with high vaulted ceilings and all panelled in this gorgeous elaborately carved wood. I found you right away, and was surprised at how tall you were, but then I realized you were just standing on the stairs and weren't really that tall after all. Then somehow my Dad was there, and --really weird-- your Dad was one of our Maryland State Senators who is running for re-election this year (I must've thrown him in there because of all the ad flyers and pre-recorded phone calls we've been getting for the upcoming Election Day...) Anyway, it was completely weird... Oh, and Tom Selleck was there, too...

My arms are really sore today. The exercise program I started last week didn't bother me at all until today. I won't be able to work out again until Thursday probably, so I hope I don't lose the benefits I got from the three days so far!

Today is just a rough day for me, for some reason. I can call back exactly how I felt five years ago, with just a few references to the events, and of course they are all over the media today. I really don't think I will ever forget it. Hugs and prayers (and chocolate!) to anyone having a similar rough day...


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 11, 2006 3:32 pm (#1910 of 2976)  

Well, my day was pretty good. In my government class this morning we watched the "Live" feed from that I everyone saw 5 years ago. I never saw the footage of the 2nd plane hitting. It was pretty crazy listening to the CNN news casters trying to decide how a huge plan could have hit the tower when there were no visual signs of damage or loss of control to the plane. Then the second one hit and they knew something was up. Scarryy. I just remember watching firemen pull people out of the rubble and that was pretty bad.

We had a nice chapel service today. The Chinese girl next to me was being rude the whole time, she sniggered once, and tried to un-tie my shoe. I gave her a really nasty set of evil eyes and she stopped. That just irks me soo badly. If she doesn't want to pray and such because it's not her religion, then that's fine, but she needs to show a little more respect.

The rest of the day went fine, practice was super hard, and I'm hoping I don't have to much homework tonight.

LOL about your dream Madame Pince!

**passes out chocolate**

Have a great RotD!


Stephanie M. - Sep 11, 2006 5:07 pm (#1911 of 2976)  

She tried to untie your shoe? I find that very strange!

I wish everyone the best today, since it's been five years. We had a really nice ceremony on our main field for a little bit during first period. I hope everyone's day went pretty smoothly. *passes out more chocolate*

I have a billion classes tomorrow, but I don't have too much work due tomorrow, which I find weird. Oh well, off to finish my homework!


geauxtigers - Sep 11, 2006 5:32 pm (#1912 of 2976)  

I'm being slightly british at the moment. I'm having hot tea to see if it'll help me breathe! I'm so stuffed up, its very distracting!

My math test went well, or so I think. I felt like I did well, so we'll see. I sniffed through the entire thing, finally my teacher just walked over and put a box of kleenex on my desk.

Over all it was a pretty good day, other than it was September 11. It rained this morning, stopped in time for swimm practice then commenced to thundering shortly after...I hate that! All day except the 2 hours we had to swim! LOL Probably better, she would've made us run, thats far worse.

Well off to do my work, the tea seems to be helping.

**passes around a huge block of chocolate along with M. Pomprey's hammer**


Finn BV - Sep 11, 2006 5:49 pm (#1913 of 2976)  

Madam P, that's really funny! Surprisingly, you're not too far off on the description of one of the buildings of our school. Are you going to vote for my dad in the election?? Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

I volunteered to read a little memory of mine of 9/11 today at the ceremony on the main field. I received lots of compliments, so I'm quite pleased. I just want to share with you the final paragraph, because I think it's really one of the best things I've written and I'd like you all to read it:

   It wasn’t until a few days later that my mother’s words really struck me – living through a tragedy. You can’t ever say that didn’t live through, that you died in a tragedy. So why me? I still don’t know, but I’ve thought about it a lot. 9/11 stole many great citizens’ lives. But it left us with ours. Everyone of us, here now, was given a life before September 11, 2001, and retained it after. What are you going to do with it? In just eight short years, every person in this high school will presumably have graduated from college, and our maturity and age will have overridden any lingering naiveté left. Your position in this world may yet be undetermined, but it is determined that we all have one. I encourage you all to use this day of remembrance to think where we belong, and why, and what our lives can do for others.

Enjoy the RotD!


Mediwitch - Sep 11, 2006 6:31 pm (#1914 of 2976)  

Very nice, Finn. We did four moments of silence in the school I was in this morning. I was with a 1st grader during the first one, and I realized he was only a year old in 2001. The little guy was so good; he sat really still and quiet.

Tori, if you like peppermint, I find that peppermint tea always helps best when I don't feel well.


Tazzygirl - Sep 11, 2006 6:31 pm (#1915 of 2976)  

That was a great little last part of a speech, Finn!

I stayed up until 1 AM last night trying to watch the morning show in New York. It really stinks being 6 hours difference. Anyways, I recorded the rest, so hopefully I'll be able to see what's been said on the show.

Little disappointed today, as the school I am student teaching at did absolutely nothing to remember 9/11. My mentor teacher said we all were supposed to do a moment of silence at 9:30 this morning, but it came and went. She said she had asked the office if there could be something, anything, and they nodded their heads and said 'moment of silence'. I think that is wrong on so many different levels.

**healing charms to Tori** You've got a stubborn cold!

**healing charms to Little Pince**

**takes a piece of chocolate** Thanks! Now I guess I should do homework, it's piling up...

Have a great RotD/N!



Puck - Sep 11, 2006 6:48 pm (#1916 of 2976)  

Finn, that was lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

My son -also only a year old in 2001- was asking me about what day this was "for America". He thought it was some sort of celebration. I explained it was a day to remember something sad that happened. He wanted more information, so I told him about buildings collapsing, and many people dying. I was glad he didn't ask why the building fell. (I didn't mention the planes, as we are going to fly to Florida in a couple of months, and I don't want him to be afraid.) Finn and Stephanie, it must have been so hard for your parents and teachers, to have to explain what was happening back then. I don't think many of us thought we would have to tell grade school age children about terrorism. I'm already wondering what he'll ask me next year.



Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2006 6:49 pm (#1917 of 2976)  

Wow, Finn, excellent job! Very perceptive and very moving piece of work. You are a very good writer. And yes, of course I am going to vote for your Dad! Too funny that I could describe one of your school buildings without even seeing it! Kind of creepy, actually...

Today keeps getting worse. I've decided I don't much care for September. Tazzy, we were watching Animal Planet and the show that you mentioned about Steve Irwin "Confessions of the Crocodile Hunter" that was filmed in 2004. Very good show, but of course depressing now that we know recent events. So then came the part where Baby Bob was born, and that got Little Pince to asking about how he was born, and he wanted to know if we had videotape of that occasion. So I got out the videocamera and the tape of when he was born. He was so excited to see himself as a teeny tiny newborn. Then I was rewinding the tape, and suddenly this print came up on screen in red letters Eject the cassette! I tried to eject it, and found that the tape had come unwound and was all twisted around the inside of the videocamera! Nooooooo! I finally managed to get it out and wound back inside the cassette case, but there is no denying that a little bit of the tape looks kind of "wrinkly." I am just hoping and praying that I didn't ruin it, because, naturally, being a member of the Procrastinator's Club, getting that tape copied over onto a DVD is one of those tasks I haven't gotten around to yet. If I messed it up I will never forgive myself! Grrrrrr.... I think I should've just stayed in bed today.

Tori, have you tried something like Sudafed-type stuff to "dry you up" during the day? It's no good at night because it will keep you awake, but maybe it would help. Ask your parents first -- I'm certainly not an M.D. Hot tea has got to help, too!

OK, I think I'm ready to toss in the towel on this day. Nighty-night, everyone, and enjoy the RotD!


Finn BV - Sep 11, 2006 7:06 pm (#1918 of 2976)  

Oopsies, forgot the healing charms last time! **Tori and Little Pince, and also me, who's suffering from a minor case of the common cold **

Kathy, we were the youngest grade – fourth – to learn about what had happened. However, presumably the younger kids found out later, too, of course, because some students had to spend the night at our school! (All entrances to Manhattan were locked, and since our school is in the Bronx, and most kids live in Manhattan, they had nowhere to go.)

Madam P, healing charms to your video cassette, too!


Tazzygirl - Sep 11, 2006 7:07 pm (#1919 of 2976)  

**HUGS** to Madam P.!! I'm sorry! Although, I am really glad the tape didn't rip! I can't/ couldn't watch anything on the Crocodile Hunter and his family without breaking down. Aussie news said the family buried him on Saturday, and then next week sometime they are going to hold a public memorial. Too bad I can't fly down there.

September has definitely been a horrible month. Bring on October...



Puck - Sep 11, 2006 7:17 pm (#1920 of 2976)  

**hugs** to Madame Pince! I hope the video is okay and can be safely converted to DVD.

Feel better Tori! You sure it's not fall allergies? I developed them around your age. I thought I was sick at first, too.


geauxtigers - Sep 11, 2006 7:24 pm (#1921 of 2976)  

That was a great speech, Finn!

I've been taking benadryl allery sinus stuff, it works, but it makes me kinda sleepy. Sudafed has never really had much of an effect on me unfortunately. I feel fine, I just can't breathe, its more aggravating than anything. I did find some Vick vapor rub and I keep sniffing trying to clear my nose, its not working. **now everyone is going to think I'm weird for sniffing vapor rub...*** I think everyone has a cold! Weird huh?! Healing charms to all!

September has been a bad month...

AHH thats terrible about the film Madame P! DVDs are nice, but I prefere tapes. DVDs can be scratched up, you actually have to break the plastic on a VHS. I know kids I babysit who will treat a DVD like a frisbee if it were up too them. Somehow the concept of scratching it and ruining it makes no sense to a little kid!

Ahh well I need to get back to my physics!



virginiaelizabeth - Sep 11, 2006 7:29 pm (#1922 of 2976)  

She tried to untie your shoe? I find that very strange! -Stephanie..... trust me you're not the only one! A bit on the immature side if you ask me! This is the same girl who keeps trying to get me to tell her what happens in HBP. I like her best online, when I'm sick of her, I can hit that little "X" and make her go away!

That's an awesome speech Finn!

**big dose of healing charms to everyone** It seems this cold is going around... I've now developed a lovely cough... :groann:

Sorry about the tape Madame P. hopefully it's all right.

On to my favorite subject ever....Physics! **yay**


painting sheila - Sep 11, 2006 7:50 pm (#1923 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 11, 2006 8:56 pm

Tori - Here is a recipe for a tea that will clear you right up and taste great, too. We drink all 4 seasons. It works on colds and/or allergies.

2 cups powdered orange drink mix (Tang?) 1 pkg (3 oz) presweetened powdered lemonade mix 1 1/3 cup sugar 1t cinnamon 1/2 t ground cloves.

Mix it all up and store it in some kind of air tight container. It takes about 3 T per cup of hot water. It helps loosen everything up and get you breathing again. My kids ask for it when they are getting a bug of some sort. I usually add more cloves and more lemonade, but that is up to you.

I Hope you all feel better soon!

I meant to add - Finn wonderful essay. It was thought provoking which is what any great writer aims for. Thank you for sharing.


Herm oh ninny - Sep 11, 2006 8:04 pm (#1924 of 2976)  

Hi All!

I just read through 176 posts! My head is spinning!

Healing charms to all who need them!

My cold came back! Luckily not the sore throat though. Just a lovely hacking cough and my ears are completely clogged. It feels like I'm wearing ear muffs.

Tonight was the first meeting for my astronomy class. It's going to be a lot of work but the professor is great! He seems really nice and funny too. That's good because most of my science professors tend to put the class to sleep.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 11, 2006 8:25 pm (#1925 of 2976)  

Oh no! So many are suffering from colds! Healing charms to all (including my Mr. HH, as he now has the cold that Olivia was sporting last week).

I wrote it off as allergies (**glances in Puck's direction**) but it has since vanished and turned up in hubby. Oh well, lots of capsacin, Peppermint tea and tissues going around. I am now wondering when the rest of us will have it.

Finn, excellent job on the essay. Thank you for sharing it and hopefully, it will serve as a good source of motivation at your school.

The schools all held moments of silence. I think that is a good way for children to show respect.

Thank you, Puck for the anniversary wishes.

Okay, Raiders are on and I am going to check the score. Then, back to work.


Okay, now where have Lina and kaykay gone???

EDIT: **waves to Herm oh ninny***


Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2006 8:26 pm (#1926 of 2976)  

... and to top it all off, the Redskins lost to the Vikings on a last minute field goal! Grrrr... Mr. Pince will never let me hear the end of it. And the Yankees came from behind to beat the Orioles, too. Sigh... Now I really am going to bed... there's only a half-hour left in this day, so surely nothing else can go wrong in that short amount of time... ***knocks on wood***

Sorry I just couldn't be cheerful, Catherine! Tomorrow will have to be better!


Herm oh ninny - Sep 11, 2006 8:36 pm (#1927 of 2976)  

**waves back to HungarianHorntail11** How are you and the girls? Super busy/crazy with school I expect.

And the Yankees came from behind to beat the Orioles, too- Madam Pince

See, now that was the bright part to my day!


geauxtigers - Sep 11, 2006 8:45 pm (#1928 of 2976)  

And the Yankees came from behind to beat the Orioles, too  **joins in with the deep sighs** I'm such a bad sports fan, I totally forgot about Monday night football starting tonight... Instead I wasted my time watching the Astros lose 7-0 to the Cards, it really hasn't been a good day has it! oh well just so long the Seahawks won (yesterday), I'm good!

Okay I'm going to take some medicine and go to sleep!



Lina - Sep 11, 2006 9:36 pm (#1929 of 2976)  

Oh, Finn, that was a wonderful ending!

Healing charms all around the Forum.

***Waving to Maria*** What can I say? The beginning of the school is definitely not the simplest part of the year.


Snuffles - Sep 12, 2006 12:42 am (#1930 of 2976)  

Finn, well done on your essay.

eek, so many people with coughs and colds **hands round lots and lots of pepperup potion to all those in need**

**waves to Lina, who I haven't spoken to in ages**

Have a good Tuesday



Laura W - Sep 12, 2006 2:26 am (#1931 of 2976)  

My cold came back! Luckily not the sore throat though. Just a lovely hacking cough and my ears are completely clogged. It feels like I'm wearing ear muffs.

Not fluffy pink ones, I hope, Kelly. (wink)



Puck - Sep 12, 2006 3:59 am (#1932 of 2976)  

The Yankees winning is a bad thing in our house. My son colored red on the front of the Wheaties box because there was a Yankee player on the front. He chose red because he likes the Red Sox. **sniff** I'm so proud.



azi - Sep 12, 2006 4:05 am (#1933 of 2976)  

More healing charms to those who need them!

Hope today is better for you, Madam P!

We had an amazing thunderstorm last night. There was lightening about every 10 seconds at it's peak.

**waves to everyone!**


kaykay1970 - Sep 12, 2006 5:25 am (#1934 of 2976)  

I've been keeping the phone line open, waiting for a call. My nephew's girl friend is going to have a baby any time now. The hospital ended up sending her home yesterday. So I'm still waiting on my new great niece to arrive. It is just as well as they were hoping 9-11 would not be her birth date.

Healing charms for Ginny, Tori, Herm oh ninny and the HH's.
**waves to Maria**


haymoni - Sep 12, 2006 7:31 am (#1935 of 2976)  

painting sheila - my mom made that mixture - she called it "Russian Tea".

Herm oh ninny - is your astronomy class held at midnight???

Ungrateful Son has joined a fantasy football league with his buddies at school. He was up at 5:50 am this morning to check the stats on one of the ESPN stations. Sheesh!

If I could only get him up that early to do the dishes and his laundry and to feed the animals and to make his bed and to get his lunch in his bookbag....


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2006 7:59 am (#1936 of 2976)  

LOL, haymoni! I am always amazed at how Mr. Pince can hop out of bed in the pitch dark when he has a hunting trip or a metal-detecting outing planned, yet when it comes to "honey-do" days, he can barely drag himself off the pillow...

Azi, that sounds like quite a thunderstorm! Nice light show, I'll bet.

Whoopee, kaykay, on the new baby's pending arrival! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Sheila, I think I forgot to congratulate you on your new job with the play -- it sounds awesome! Have fun! (I remember that Russian Tea stuff, too! When I was a kid, Tang was just the coolest...)

Well, after enduring several "Nyah-nyahs" re: the Vikings game from Mr. Pince after he came home last night, I decided to read one of my Calvin and Hobbes collections before dropping off to sleep. There's nothing like the boy and his tiger to improve one's mood and outlook on life! Today is much better!


Steve Newton - Sep 12, 2006 8:11 am (#1937 of 2976)  

I am always amazed at how Mr. Pince can hop out of bed in the pitch dark when he has a hunting trip or a metal-detecting outing planned, yet when it comes to "honey-do" days, he can barely drag himself off the pillow...

Seems pretty obvious to me.


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2006 8:12 am (#1938 of 2976)  

It would.

The thing is, he never complains about the task, it's always the hour of the day that draws the ire. So I can't find the logic...


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2006 8:22 am (#1939 of 2976)  

Madam Pince, you can appreciate this, it is just a tad too big to use as my avatar though. It is 10.25 and when I tried to resize, it didn't work. Bummer!

I am off to the post office. My oldest son is in Iraq so he orders all kinds of stuff via the internet and has it shipped here. Once it is here, we then have to peel off the labels, readdress them and ship them off. It is a big pain and I am always worried someone will see on the custom slip "iPod, Bose wave machine" etc and decide to keep it.


John Bumbledore - Sep 12, 2006 10:11 am (#1940 of 2976)  

Hello Everybody!

I love the dancing Hobs!

Denise, my father-in-law has paint the color of cardboard. When he sends Christmas presents to his grand-children, he paints over the labels and any printing on the large packing box, lets it dry, then writes the addresses with black marker. Just a thought that might help.

**Turns with swish of his cloak and -POP- disappears.**

<)B^D˜ John Bumbledore

P. S. Mandy, check the Questions thread for my post about your "Mark as Read" troubles.


Winky Woo - Sep 12, 2006 11:20 am (#1941 of 2976)  

Hi everyone!

Just popped on to say that I am looking out for "Yvonne" and I am having a fantastic time. My best friend was amazed to see me yesterday when she arrived. I had taken my Aunty out in her wheelchair to Puerto Colm which is nearby, and when I got back she had arrived. Apparently she was in the middle of saying how she wished I was here when as if by magic ***crack!*** I apperated in front of her! This was followed by loud screams of "Andrea!" as I had abandoned my Aunt on the path to run towards her, and she was rolling backwards towards the pool! Luckily I caught her in time!

Actually I think my Aunty is brave to allow me to take her out. Earlier this year we flew from Liverpool Airport together, and as she was in her chair she had to go around the scanner/bleeper thing at security and the nice security staff took her around the side. I walked towards the shops thinking about treating myself to something nice, then remembered I had forgotten something...hmmm?? Aunty Anne! I had to run all the way back for her. Luckily she has a wicked sense of humour and saw the funny side of it!

Most people will have left by tonight, but its been great, it wasn't meant to be a family & friends reunion, people had all just decided to visit my folks at the same time. I am going to have my Mum and Dad all to myself for 48 hours ...Yippee! I do regress to being a child when I am with them and let them fuss over me, and I will be stress free and sun-tanned by time I get home on Thursday! (And back to planning the wedding!)

Well I hope everyone is well,

Love Winky x x x


The giant squid - Sep 12, 2006 12:07 pm (#1942 of 2976)  

well, saying I miss a cold, wet, giant squid is a bit over the top?--John Bumbledore

Could be worse...you could BE a cold, wet giant squid.

I spent most of yesterday avoiding news programs and "remembrance" shows. I prefer to reflect in my own way, not some media-hyped version of what I should be thinking. Instead I went to a friend's house & watched the Vikings win (Sorry, Madame P.!).

I am always worried someone will see on the custom slip "iPod, Bose wave machine" etc and decide to keep it.--Denise P.

Just label it "electronic equipment". That and the value should be all customs needs.



John Bumbledore - Sep 12, 2006 12:24 pm (#1943 of 2976)  

.I am always worried someone will see on the custom slip "iPod, Bose wave machine" etc and decide to keep it. -- Denise P.

You could try "Electronic equipment in need of repair" or "iPod without the peas; Bose Wave Machine, rather mute;" etc. and then no one will bother. Careful choices are completely honest, just make sure the iPod doesn't have any songs by the "Black Eyed Peas" and the Bose Wave is quite mute without power or signal input.

<)B^D˜ John Bumbledore


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2006 12:52 pm (#1944 of 2976)  
Edited Sep 12, 2006 1:24 pm

It's OK, Mike. I like the Vikings, too. It's just that in a contest with them against Joe Gibbs, I'll pull for Joe. Alas.

Edit: I might've known there was yet another reason I don't like Dan Snyder (Redskins' owner) -- apparently he had two "celebrity guests" in his owners' box at the game last night who "threatened to overshadow the game" according to media accounts -- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, in their big black "Look at me / Don't look at me / I'm sooo important" sunglasses and all. Yuck phooey. Apparently Danny-Boy is now financing Tom's production company or something. And the whole Fab Family is staying at Dan's palatial home and visiting the Six Flags theme park he owns. Double-yuck-phooey.

***is quite envious of Winky Woo's fabulous vacation!*** Sounds like a wonderful holiday -- family get-together, and yet still some more private time, too!

Mr. Pince said that the lights display at the Pentagon last night was really something to see. They had 184 light beams going up into the sky from the center court of the Pentagon (one for every life lost there), and the cloud cover was low, so the light beams reflected back off the clouds. He could see it from 'way over near the Capitol where he was -- he saw it both from the roof of his building and from the ground. He said it was very impressive.

Denise, I love the Hobbes! How can that not make someone's day! Thanks for sharing!


Lina - Sep 12, 2006 1:26 pm (#1945 of 2976)  

Mihaela finally got some homework at school today. The school finished at 11 a. m., she went home all alone and at 11:40 she called me at work to tell me that she has her homework done. And that it was hard. I was very surprised - "You managed to come home from school and do your homework in 40 minutes! What would happen if the homework were easy?" She said that she would have waited for me then. I think we need to sort out the meaning of the words hard and easy.


Mediwitch - Sep 12, 2006 3:38 pm (#1946 of 2976)  

Love the Calvin and Hobbes! And LOL at John Bumbledore...without the peas!


Holly T. - Sep 12, 2006 3:47 pm (#1947 of 2976)  

Our Girl Scout troop sent a box with several boxes of Girl Scout cookies in it to the cousin of one of the troop members who was in Iraq and he never got it. We'd sent several similar boxes to the son of another Girl Scout leader when he was in Iraq and they got there fine and he and his unit were very happy. But this other one--well, I figured some mail clerk had the munchies.

My son's school had their Grandparents' Day thing yesterday, which I have issues with since so many kids either don't have grandparents or their grandparents don't live nearby. So my son was explaining to his class that one of his sets of grandparents was on vacation in England (my in-laws, which is true) and the other set of grandparents was in Brazil. I told him that my parents aren't in Brazil and was wondering why he made that up. His answer: "I figured it was better than saying 'they're mean.'" Sigh. Unfortunately, that is sort of true. They're not really mean, though, more like they ignore him. They generally ignore me too but I am more used to it.

Have a great RotD!


Viola Intonada - Sep 12, 2006 4:01 pm (#1948 of 2976)  

Yeah! I figured out how to post one of my own pictures. *dances around* And... with very little help from Hubby. Wahoo!

My trip to England was fantastic. Especially Alnwick Castle and Durham Catherdral. This picture was taken in the Cloisters of Durham Catherdral. Should look a bit familiar.

I will post more later. I just finished making dinner and have to go to orchestra rehearsal. I guess my vacation is truly over.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 12, 2006 4:43 pm (#1949 of 2976)  

Wow, love your avatar, Viola. I really do wish I could take my family on some of the wonderful trips I'm hearing about.

Holly, my children have two sets of such grandparents (minus my father). My husband and I always joke that between the two of us, we couldn't come up with one decent grandparent.

I spent most of yesterday avoiding news programs and "remembrance" shows. - Mike Mike, glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way.

LOL at Madam Pince and Steve!

Lina, I certainly know what you mean with regard to school days keeping us busy. It took 3 days to undo the work/organizing that I had begun in June and finished (well, near enough) in Sept. So, how many days until June 21, 2007???

kaykay, we were thinking of you and Nitro the other day - we went in to EB Games to buy a friend's birthday present (which they did not have) and left with Kingdom Hearts. Olivia keeps telling me, "kaykay has a file set up - so can you, mom!" Thanks, kaykay.

Denise, sending very strong shielding charms to your packages - what a shame that you should have to worry about them arriving to their destinations!



Stephanie M. - Sep 12, 2006 5:07 pm (#1950 of 2976)  

If the package has a sticker saying what it is, then you can get duct tape, rip a large piece off, lay it down, except for an end of it, and quickly pull it away (like you were waxing something). Usually the sticker or label easily comes off. If it's written in the box itself, then you can also get tape and "wax" is off. It might tear a tiny layer off of it, but not enough to really damage it. That's what we did in my office this past summer, when we were sending stuff back to companies.

If that doesn't work, I'd probably go with the cardboard colored paint. LOL

I love your avatar, Viola! Sounds like a great trip! I would love to go on a vacation like that.

Well, I have to go finish homework!

Have a great rest of the day everyone!
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geauxtigers - Sep 12, 2006 6:24 pm (#1951 of 2976)  

If that doesn't work, I'd probably go with the cardboard colored paint. LOL

Or you could do it the Victoria way, get a jumbo sized sharpie and black it out! Then write the new address under I didn't even know they sold paint to match cardboard! LOL

Speaking of packages, my Frenchie's birthday is Sunday, I'm trying to get her a gift wrapped up and write her a little note. I know it won't be there by Sunday, but hey I'm a procrastinator what can I say!

But I've also got to go read 53 pages of Arthurian Romance, Percival. Its not a hard read or anything, its just a little dull and this kid is driving me mad! He is such an idiot!

Viola! I was fixing to say 'hey thats the courtyard place from Harry Potter!' Then alas, I read your post! So cool! One day I will go to England, one day. I'm making a promise to myself!

Glad everyone had a better day today! I'll see how my homework goes, maybe I can go back and read some of these posts and remember what I was going to say. No time at the mo'!

Have a great night! Ahh so much for no time, look at the novel I just wrote! Okay really going this time!


kaykay1970 - Sep 12, 2006 7:00 pm (#1952 of 2976)  

Hope you enjoy the game Maria! Nitro did say that on a scale from 1-10 the game rated a 12!LOL

I love the avatar Viola!


Puck - Sep 12, 2006 7:02 pm (#1953 of 2976)  

Viola, lovely picture. Sounds like you had a great trip. (Now I must get inspired to learn how to size down a picture.

I had the notion today to call the community center to ask the woman at the desk to make a copy of my student list for dance class so I could pick it up on my way to teach my dance class. (My babysitter wouldn't be arriving early enough for me to have time to do it myself.) So glad I called, because it turns out I don't start teaching until next Tuesday. I did take advantage of sitter who was already scheduled to get some extra work done around the house. I'm just glad I didn't show up and sit in an empty room wondering where my students were.

Holly, I never liked that kind of celebration at school, either. I remember being forced to make/write things for Father's day, despite my dad and Papa being dead. I never had my classes do any such project unless I was sure each child had someone to whom they could give the gift. (And I wouldn't do Mother's Day unless Father's Day was also a go.)

How horrible to steal from a soldier overseas!

Okay, I need to get some sleep.

TTFN (ta-ta for now)



painting sheila - Sep 12, 2006 7:07 pm (#1954 of 2976)  

I found a Room of Requirement!! or so it seemed.

My kids had Open House tonight at their High School. (It was very funny to see all of us parents wandering around with our little maps) Anyway, hubbie took one child's schedule, I took another's, and a friend that loves my kids too the third child's schedule. I did just fine with my little mao until the last period! I couldn't for the life of me find #124 - Biology. It was on the map - but the wall was blank where the room should have been - no door - no window - no sign - no nothing! I walked all the way around this block of rooms and just could not find it. I finally found one of the Vice-Principals and he said "It is just past the pillar there on your left." I laughed and said to myself, "it wasn't just a minute ago." but walked to where he pointed - and lo! and behold! there it was. It was so weird! I couldn't wait to get home and tell you all that my kid's high school is the American School for Witchcraft and Wizardry! How cool is that?!

Had my carpets cleaned today and now I don’t want to put any of the furniture back. I just want to look at my nice clean carpets.

My husband was talking about going to England today. We would LOVE to go for the release of book 7 - but since we don't know when that is, it is hard to plan it out. Plus, having to take all 6 of us - not in the budget.

By the way, has anyone heard any rumors about when book 7 might be out?


painting sheila - Sep 12, 2006 7:43 pm (#1955 of 2976)  

It is very quiet in here tonight . . .

good night everyone-



timrew - Sep 12, 2006 7:52 pm (#1956 of 2976)  

I just trawled through some 150 posts............

Congratulations on your 9/11 post, Finn..........

Bummer, Denise, on your son's trip to Iraq - hope he has a quiet one!

Viola Intonada........congrats on your trip to England. It's a beautiful country - I should know..........I live in it! Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042

Come here again. You Americans are always welcome!


virginiaelizabeth - Sep 12, 2006 8:23 pm (#1957 of 2976)  

I don't really have much time to post anything as I have waaayy to much homework...but what can I say I love y'all!

I really want to go to England, we are planning on going to France next summer to visit our friends, and I'm thinking we might just need to pop into England and pick up the last book!

I really liked your picture Viola! very cool!

Ok I really need to go!

Night everyone!


Eponine - Sep 12, 2006 8:47 pm (#1958 of 2976)  

Well, I'm scheduled to take the GRE next Monday, and the math is eating my brain. The last time I took a math class was about 8 years ago, so I'm having a slightly difficult time refreshing my memory on calculus and geometry (I always hated geometry). I may be a member of the procrastinator's club, but I figured that starting to study with only a week left was enough to keep my membership. I've never been that disciplined when it comes to school work and studying, so I'm really having to force myself to do this.

And to make things more difficult, Mr. Eponine brought home the new LEGO Star Wars (Original Trilogy!) video game today. We bought the last one and had such a great time playing it together that we had to get the new one too. It's a really fun game, and since it's geared towards kids, I can actually play it. I really think LEGO should make more video games (HP particularly) because they really are a lot of fun.

Well, I hope everyone has a great RotD!


The giant squid - Sep 12, 2006 11:19 pm (#1959 of 2976)  

You Americans are always welcome!—Timrew

Wow...it's been a while since any foreigners have said that!

England is on the top of my "must visit" list. Even before HP I was a huge fan/scholar of Arthurian legend and medieval history. Good luck with Percival, Tori...

Lina, it does sound like Mihaela has "easy" and "hard" mixed up, doesn't it?

Denise: something that just occurred to me--didn't Mr. Denise just come back from Iraq? And now your son is over there; you just can't catch a break, can you?

Madame P.,there were a number of shots of TomKat "enjoying" the game; Suri was nowhere in sight. Strangely enough, Jamie Foxx was also in attendance. I kept joking that they were preparing for Collateral II. Jamie stopped by the announcers' booth for a few words, causing us to miss a few plays as they announcers kept pestering Jamie about Any Given Sunday.



Tazzygirl - Sep 13, 2006 12:22 am (#1960 of 2976)  

I had to skip over all the posts here today, lots of homework due tomorrow. Just thought I'd share:

I found out yesterday that there are 6 kids attending the school I am student teaching at whose parents work on LOST.  Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 266347159 The actor who plays Desmond (the guy from Scotland in the show) has three kids at the school. I gave one of his sons a reading assessment- it was too cute, as he had an accent too. One of the producers has 2 kids at the school, don't know who though. And finally, Matthew Fox's (plays Jack in the series) daughter is in a class that I help in every morning. As it would have been unprofessional () I did not make a fool of myself and bombard her with questions about her dad. Chat & Greetings 2006 - Page 7 1003735042 When she first started coming to the school, she had high school aged kids coming up to her to ask if she could get Matthew's autograph for them. Poor kid. She's only in 4th grade. Luckily though, things have settled down by the end of last year, so she is just another kid on campus. She's such a sweetie too! My mentor teacher said she almost fainted when Matthew came to tour the campus- he shook her hand- and since she was a big Party of Five fan, she was in her element!

Anyways, back to the ever-rising pile of homework... :insert hair-pulling out in frustration smiley here:

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Regan of Gong - Sep 13, 2006 3:32 am (#1961 of 2976) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Sep 13, 2006 5:52 am  

Every few months we have a big chat at the dinner table about moving to England. I try to convince Dad to take a job at the offices of his company in England. He's been there a few times for work, so it wouldn't really be too hard. But apparently it would be too hard with me at the business end of school, mum just retrained as a teacher etc. So alas, no can do.

Tazzy, I don't watch LOST or anything, but that's a pretty cool story to tell. You're pretty good for asking no questions.

September 11 and following anniversaries was a sad event throughout the world.

I edited out a portion of this post that could spark debate since it could be considered a political statement. I realize it was not intended as such. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...my email is behind my avatar Denise P.

It was a good speech-end Finn. Do you have public speaking competitions over there?

Puck, how terrible you had to do that kind of thing!

Oh well, I best do some