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Chat & Greetings 2007

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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:09 pm


Solitaire - Jun 5, 2007 4:17 pm (#1801 of 2988)

one of the first-class customers decided he had a "fear of flying" and wanted off the plane!

Wow!!! It's amazing that behavior didn't result in the entire plane being emptied and checked for some sort of explosive. I think I might have wanted to get off, too, at that point!



journeymom - Jun 5, 2007 4:49 pm (#1802 of 2988)

Mandy, sorry to hear you're feeling ill again. I'm thinking you aren't getting enough sleep! Drink your orange juice, have some chicken soup.


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 5, 2007 5:12 pm (#1803 of 2988)

Tazzy, your turkey puppet is adorable.

Puck, thank you for the Knight Bus info. For some odd reason, the site was not linking to the schedule for me. I will find out if the Newark location is not in too bad an area and will go from there.

((Mandy)) healing charms and Felix Felicis your way - you sound as though you can use some of each sent your way.

Hooray for you, Solitaire and your very talented lawyer! They do seem like heroes when they help us through our difficulties, don't they? About a month ago, I had need for one who was very kind and helpful. Sometimes people are just not nice and we need someone who is equipped to stick up for us. (Shame when it's your own mother.)

Welcome, Flippy, to the Madam Pince household! Mary Jane - that is what Trevor named his female beta (I kid you not) - is doing splendidly in her little tank and wishes Flippy a happy existence.

Olivia got her braces today. She has not complained about them. As a matter of fact, she complained far more when she had her spacers (12 of them) and bands put around her teeth. She was in quite a bit of pain from those - but not too bad with the braces. Actually, she doesn't look bad with them. Perhaps I'm just glad to get those crooked teeth the attention they need.

Sounds like Paris Hilton made it through her first night of incarceration with no lasting ill effects. Ummmm, who?

Puck, Mediwitch, Sheila and whoever may care, I made my hotel reservations! w00t! Now, I can get excited. (Though I do hope hubby comes with the other two kiddies, so I won't be so far from them.)

***waves to GE, Mediwitch and all around. Hugs to everyone - I miss this "family", though I do try to keep up with the posts so I don't get left too far behind.***

((Hugs)) to dear Shayla.

Prayers and fingers crossed regarding your mom's radiation therapy info., Solitaire.

Hope things are looking up for you, ((Audrey)).

Gina and Finn, are either of you planning to see the Knight Bus when it's in NYC?



Solitaire - Jun 5, 2007 6:04 pm (#1804 of 2988)

Madam Pince, I would love to have attended Sonorus. Unfortunately, I just found out about it a week or so ago. At that time, it looked like I would be gone today through Friday ... although we had a sudden change in plans this weekend. Also, I prefer attending things like that with someone I know. As soon as I saw the info, I asked if anyone on this thread was going, but no one here responded. I figured most, like me, hadn't known about it. With all the things that have been happening in all our lives lately, and the way some of us often have to "hit the magic button" when we've been absent a few days, I probably just missed all the talk about it. Too bad ... maybe next year!



geauxtigers - Jun 5, 2007 6:23 pm (#1805 of 2988)

Oliva had 12 spacers! **gasp** I think I had 4 or 6 (can't remember)! That must have hurt! I hope her braces don't hurt too much! Chewing gum (I know you aren't supposed to, but) makes it feel better. I dunno why, just a weird thing! LOL

I've been bored all week. So today, my friend and I bought a slip n' slide and covered it in soap and slippin' slided this afternoon. LOl Now I have a huge bruise on my arm from the water hose being under the slide. Oh well, it was fun!

Hope everyone is doing well! We are only 45 days until DH and 37 until OoP! We are almost there! Woo hooo!!!! I'm starting to get excited!


Madam Pince - Jun 5, 2007 7:55 pm (#1806 of 2988)

Oh, that's a shame, Soli. Now that you mention it, I think I remember you asking that, and for some reason I was confusing it with the SECTUS thing that's taking place across the pond. I didn't know about Sonorus either until I was browsing the Lexicon today. If I lived out there, I'd go with you!

Get-Well wishes to Mandy! Hope you can settle in at home soon. You're always more comfy in your own bed.

Hope that Olivia is doing OK with the braces -- that can't be fun. I love the fish's name, Maria -- Mary Jane! Too cute! I spent some time today reading up on bettas, and it seems that we've got the equivalent of a "mutt" in Flippy, but hey, we love him! He's still doing OK but only eating 1 out of 4 food pellets -- he spits the rest out. Apparently bettas can be very finicky if they've ever tasted something as delectable as brine shrimp, so maybe he's been spoiled...

Tazzy, I keep forgetting to tell you, but I also think your turkey is lovely! Some people are so creative!

LOL at Squid Mike... perhaps Loopy has gotten "behind" in his internet correspondence...


Mediwitch - Jun 5, 2007 8:25 pm (#1807 of 2988)

*sends healing charms to Mandy*

Soli, glad your lawyer was able to straighten out your problem!

Maria, tell Mr. HH that he won't be the only hubby to come along; maybe that will help.

6.5 more days; 4 more PPTs...Crazy Eyes


Solitaire - Jun 5, 2007 8:43 pm (#1808 of 2988)

I haven't thought about Slip 'n' Slides for years, Tori. I remember being injured on one once, too. I was cut by a sharp piece of plastic as I slid down the length of it. I had a nice slash down my leg, with lots of blood.

It is so lovely outside this evening ... about 79 degrees with a nice, gentle breeze. I've had the a/c off and the doors open all evening. wish it would stay this way forever!


(Actually, it was 79 degrees when I started this post. It is now 72 degrees and even nicer outside!)


painting sheila - Jun 5, 2007 9:01 pm (#1809 of 2988)

Hi everyone!!

Just one more exam and we will be officially done with school!! WHOOPEEE!!! cheers

We are in full swing at the pool - swim and dive team and tons of snacks from the snack bar. (I am going to go broke because of ring pops

I am trying to re-invent the wheel. Can some one help? Our elementary school used to do a Walk-A-Thon to raise money and I need all of the info on how to do it. I mean I know how to do it - but I want some one to hand the paper work to me with a nice big bow. IS that asking too much? Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Solitaire - Jun 5, 2007 9:09 pm (#1810 of 2988)

Sheila, we do a Gaucho Gallop. Kids are given pledge sheets about a week ahead of the event. They get people to sponsor them, either so much per lap or a flat amount ... it's up to the one who is pledging. During the actual event, we teachers keep track of the laps as the kids go around. It's a real pain, unless the kids remember to check in (basically holler at me) to let me know they've completed another round. Some teachers walk and have parents keep track of the kids' laps. I've done that, as well ... but there are usually problems when I am not the one keeping track.

I've actually made up a spreadsheet that has all my kids' names down the side and the columns numbered to represent the laps. As each goes by, I put a check mark in the column. This way, if the kids want to peek over my shoulder, they can see what lap they are on.

Our PTC moms take care of rounding up the pledges and tallying all the dough. We have great moms at our school! They do every fundraiser that comes down the pipe. They even put together our yearbook and take care of the sales and such for that. They're awesome!



painting sheila - Jun 5, 2007 9:13 pm (#1811 of 2988)


That is what I need - the letters and such. We used to put a rubber band around their wrist as they ran/walked by. At the end, we counted the rubber bands and that was the number of laps. We used to do by the lap or lump amount also . . . do you think you could give someone my email address and ask them to email their stuff?



Steve Newton - Jun 6, 2007 4:06 am (#1812 of 2988)

I can't believe that people are actually praising a lawyer. Amazing.

Well after the good news about my Mom the bad news about the dog continues. Probably neurofibrosarcoma. Nerve cancer. The doctor recommends amputation of the front right leg but still suggests only 6-10 months. The poor brainless little guy is trusting us to take care of him.


Good Evans - Jun 6, 2007 4:25 am (#1813 of 2988)

ooohh major ((((hugs)))) to Steve, I'm glad you Mum is on the mend -but poor doggie.

hugs charms and best wishes to all who need it - I did skim the posts!

hope everyone is having a good "hump" day.



Lavandula - Jun 6, 2007 5:24 am (#1814 of 2988)

Good Morning Everyone!

I forgot to mention well wishes for the new babies on the way and of course their moms and dads!!!

I was able to get on Scholastic.com and enter the JKRowling London sweepstakes for both of my kids. Darling Daughter was so thrilled, but the little guy doesn't have a passport, so that would complicate things a bit if he won. Good Luck to all the Forum Family who have entered. It would be so sweet if a Lexicon Fan won!!!

Steve-Sorry to hear about the poor dog, but good news about your Mom is uplifting.

Have a Great ROTD all,



Daioma Dumbledore - Jun 6, 2007 5:30 am (#1815 of 2988)

Congats Kabloink!!!

Juliebug, since you and Kabloink aren't as far along as me, I'm leading the fat race, but loving it!!! I'm due on the 3rd of Oct, so I'm now 23 weeks, getting lots of kicks! I'm hoping I will go a bit earlier for the simple fact that Ben's side is renowned for big babies and since Sebastian was 3 weeks early and still weighed 7lb 10.5! I'll be quite fine if this one comes a little early too

Solitaire, I'm glad to hear your mums doing well

Hello and enjoy the week to everyone!!


Puck - Jun 6, 2007 5:46 am (#1816 of 2988)

Daioma, over 7 pounds seems fully cooked to me! I was very nervous, as my third measured big on the ultra sounds, so when she didn't come early I was worried about a big baby. I was doubly nervous in the hospital, as I was too late to get any pain relief. Turns out, she was 6 1/2 pounds, so all that worry for nothing.


Healing charms to Mandy, and straightening charms to Olivia's teeth.

The fairies are dancing in my living room wearing my old shoes. Time to watch the show!



Marie E. - Jun 6, 2007 6:37 am (#1817 of 2988)

Almost the entire state of Colorado is under a high wind advisory today, but right now the winds are at barely 5mph. The advisory is from 9am to 9pm, so I'm expecting that at 9:00 suddenly the winds will gust up to 40mph. Just in case, I'm going to make sure my trash cans are secured before I leave for work.

Shayla and I finished HBP last night. Unfortunately, Lexi decided she wanted to listen in during the funeral scenes. She started crying and Shayla had the nerve to say "If you're going to cry, you better get back in your room." I reminded her that she cried just the other night and she tried to say she had be faking. That kind of comment just screamed out for a tickle fight, so I obliged.

Here's hoping none of the children in my care get blown away today. Perhaps I will tie rope around their ankles and use them all for kites.


kabloink! - Jun 6, 2007 8:00 am (#1818 of 2988)

Daioma, I wouldn't be so sure on the fat race. I never came anywhere close to losing belly from Ian, so I think I easily have an average 4-month belly at only 11 weeks! Its soo frustrating, everyone keeps telling me I'm having twins (which I know I'm not, they did the super-invasive ultrasound to determine my due date, so if there were two in there, we'd have seen them. Only one, dancing around, waving limb buds...it was so cute!).
Ok I suppose I should go work. Have great day everyone. Marie E - maybe the soundtrack to Mary Poppins would be good for the day?

"Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height..."

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Kite_110


Denise P. - Jun 6, 2007 8:03 am (#1819 of 2988)

Much as I know women like to give labor details, please make sure it goes to email rather than here.


Choices - Jun 6, 2007 8:30 am (#1820 of 2988)

Steve - so sorry to hear about your dog. One of my Rotties developed cancer in her shoulder at 12 years of age. I had her put down the day she was diagnosed because I couldn't bear to let her suffer another day just because I didn't want to let go. I loved her so much and it really hurt. I think I did the right thing, but it sure wasn't easy. (((hugs)))


kaykay1970 - Jun 6, 2007 9:59 am (#1821 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Julie (Snuffles)! I hope you are having a great day!

Yay for Soli and her lawyer! Woo hoo!

Healing charms to all in need!

Hugs to ((Steve))

Viola, I'll be out of town for the movie release too(College Freshman orientation). But it actually might be more fun to watch the movie on the 20th then head straight from the theater to the bookstore for the DH release party!!


journeymom - Jun 6, 2007 11:14 am (#1822 of 2988)

Steve, sorry to hear about your pup. Here are Cheering Charms sent his direction (and yours).


Madam Pince - Jun 6, 2007 12:16 pm (#1823 of 2988)

I am trying to re-invent the wheel. Can some one help?

Well, first you have to find something flattish and circular-shaped, and something to drill a hole in the middle with. Then get a long smooth pole...

OK, off to iron my other hand...

Marie, I hope you stay grounded today! I just caught the tail-end of the weather report at noon, and I thought I heard them say something about snow in higher elevations, and when I came to look, the "color band" was right across Denver! That's just not right -- in June?! Sheesh.

Steve, I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie. That's the worst of it -- that they just don't understand; they look up to us with those big liquid eyes wanting us to fix everything like we usually do, and they can't comprehend that things are ever any different. I hope things go as well as possible for you and yours. We'll be thinking of you!


Elanor - Jun 6, 2007 12:24 pm (#1824 of 2988)

Thank you so much for the hugs everybody, you're the best! (((((hugs))))) to all, and especially to Mandy and Steve who seem to particularly need some.

Congratulations for the new forum babies too!

And yay for Soli's lawyer!!



Solitaire - Jun 6, 2007 2:26 pm (#1825 of 2988)

Sheila ... First of all, when do you need all your stuff? That will make a difference, as I am out of school, and my computer is packed away in storage. I will email our tech and see when he will be at school next. If I go out when he is there, I can get into the lab and pull up my stuff on my hard drive and send it to you. I will have to do some looking to find the letter and pledge form that goes out with the kids. Our PE teacher is in charge of everything, and she probably has it in her computer. I hate to tell you, but she is SERIOUSLY computer challenged, so asking her to find it would probably be useless. I'll see what I can do, though. Why don't you email me and let me know just exactly what you need and when you need it.

Steve, I am so sorry about your dog. If it were a back leg, he might be able to get around, as I know some that have done fine. A front leg, though ... hard to balance. Too bad bionics aren't an option. ((((((hugs)))))) to you and your family on whatever you decide to do. It's never easy.

BTW, Steve, I know some attorneys who are overpriced and "under-helpful." Mine, however, was very generous with his time and energies on my behalf. I am very grateful to him.



Lina - Jun 6, 2007 3:14 pm (#1826 of 2988)

Happy birthday Julie! (Snuffles) I hope you had a great day.

Hugs to Steve. It is just not easy.

I'm glad your attorney managed to straight the things up, Soli, and I hope you won't have to deal with similar things ever again. And you don't have to rush with the radiation. It makes people feel much more sick than they are. If the lymph nodes are clean... well, my specialist advised me no radiation and I was glad he did.


Tazzygirl - Jun 6, 2007 4:08 pm (#1827 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Julie-Snuffles!! Have a great day!

Thanks for the comments on my turkey. I am so weird- I still get all excited when I see him!

That's fantastic news about your mom and legal stuff, Soli! Hope your mom continues to do well!

Steve, sorry to hear about your doggie! Glad your mom is doing much better!

**does eebie-jeebie dance** I'm sitting innocently at my desk, and a cockroach just decided it wanted to come visit. **shudder**

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Solitaire - Jun 6, 2007 5:04 pm (#1828 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Julie!


geauxtigers - Jun 6, 2007 5:07 pm (#1829 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Julie!!


Mediwitch - Jun 6, 2007 5:18 pm (#1830 of 2988)

Oh Steve, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. *Strengthening Charms* coming your way!

Happy Birthday 11 to Julie (Snuffles)!

Today I am cheering for our builder - the mudroom has four walls! (It's on the left end of the house in my avatar - you can almost see the foundation there!)


Ydnam96 - Jun 6, 2007 5:33 pm (#1831 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Julie!

Congrats to Mediwitch on the mudroom!

EWWWW for Kristina. I hate roaches. They are so gross. I was at the LA Zoo a few years ago and they actually had a roach exhibit!

I'm feeling better today! Yay!


Holly T. - Jun 6, 2007 5:37 pm (#1832 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Julie!

((Steve)) I'm so sorry about your dog. Our kitty had fibrosarcoma and we had her hind leg amputated and she lived for two more years before the cancer came back--in her spine.

Healing charms to Mandy! Editing! They did! ;-)

Nice to see Lizzy checking in.

Marie, did you blow away? ;-)

Yay for Soli's lawyer! There are good lawyers. :-) (I'm married to one!)

~~~hoping the cockroaches stay at Kristina's house~~~

My son was trying to tell me about the Demeter cabin at his day camp and he kept calling it the Dementor cabin. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

My daughter is at church painting things for VBS next week and I convinced my husband to take son to swimming lessons so I could get some work done--so I guess I need to do the work!


Marie E. - Jun 6, 2007 5:37 pm (#1833 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Julie!

The wind is pretty bad, but we haven't even gotten rain (yet). It's too warm here for snow, about 65F now. I hadn't heard that snow was possible, but I guess if it's 60f here, it's probably 40F in the mountains.


Solitaire - Jun 6, 2007 5:42 pm (#1834 of 2988)

~~~hoping the cockroaches stay at Kristina's house~~~

Awwwww, can't we hope for them to go somewhere else ... to someone more deserving of them ???



Tazzygirl - Jun 6, 2007 5:47 pm (#1835 of 2988)

Holly: ~~~hoping the cockroaches stay at Kristina's house~~~

Awww, that wasn't nice! Let's have them all go to their own island where no one lives! (Including the roaches in Texas. I remember those all too well, and I was six when I lived there!) LOL!!

**healing charms** to those that need them!

Mediwitch- what is a 'mudroom'?



Holly T. - Jun 6, 2007 5:54 pm (#1836 of 2988)

Sorry Kristina! I just didn't want them here!

~~~hoping the cockroaches go visit Paris Hilton in jail~~~ Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

I grew up in Houston. Home of flying cockroaches. *shudder*  One time several of them dive bombed me when it was my turn to sleep in the top bunk. I let my sister have the top bunk after that, choosing to deal with my other fear, which was of the top bunk falling on me while I slept. The top bunk did eventually fall but my sister jumped out of the way (she was climbing up when it fell) and I rolled out of the way. Did my parents listen to me when I told them it was going to fall on me? No.


Lavandula - Jun 6, 2007 5:54 pm (#1837 of 2988)

What is a Mudroom?

Anwhere the children and husband happen to be when they come in from outside in the mud without their shoes off...kitchen, bathroom, livingroom....AARRRGGGG!


Ydnam96 - Jun 6, 2007 5:55 pm (#1838 of 2988)

Kristina, in my experience mud rooms are like a "foyer" into the back of a house that allows for people to take shoes off (that might be muddy), store stuff, hang up coats...I've seen some with the washing machine and dryer in them, kind of like a transition room from the outside to the inside (usually attached to the kitchen I think).


Tazzygirl - Jun 6, 2007 6:00 pm (#1839 of 2988)

~~~hoping the cockroaches go visit Paris Hilton in jail~~~

That's much better!! LOL!

Thanks for the information on the mudroom. I thought that was what it was, but I had an image of a room filled with mud...



Mediwitch - Jun 6, 2007 6:01 pm (#1840 of 2988)

Kristina, Mandy gave a wonderful explanation - the idea is to avoid Lavandula's problem! Ours will also have the washer and dryer in it and will be between the kitchen and the soon-to-be garage. We currently also have Lavandula's version and I swore when we built this house that would be the end of that!

EDIT: Thanks, Lavandula. I was thinking earlier I need to update the pic now that the mudroom is (partially) on and the roof is finished. I'll take some pics this weekend and post a new one soon. I know you're right about the mud, sand, etc. traveling, but having a mudroom has to be better than having the mess right in the living room like we have now!


Lavandula - Jun 6, 2007 6:14 pm (#1841 of 2988)

Mediwitch, I also built our house with a mudroom between the garage and the kitchen and as mentioned it has a washer/dryer and coat/shoe area. Unfortunately, mud/grass/sand still travel!!! Good luck with your family.

BTW, your new place is looking beautiful. Update us with a new picture when you can.


Madam Pince - Jun 6, 2007 6:30 pm (#1842 of 2988)

Looks like we can agree that lawyers are A-OK as long as they have some sort of connection to the Forum.

LOL at Holly and the bunk beds! I never trusted those things either! My college roommates had a loft bed which I thought was OK because it had its own legs -- why that made a difference, I'm not sure. I just never could see what would make that top bunk stay stacked like it's supposed to.

There's a couple of those big huge cockroaches in an exhibit at the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History in D.C. I tend to stay over on the honeybee side of the zoo and away from the giant cockroach and large, hairy spider side when we visit.

Flippy is still doing well, but still a finicky eater. Little P picked me a couple red roses off our rosebush today, and when I set the vase near Flippy's bowl, he "flared" up at them like he thought they were another male betta to fight with. Silly fishy!

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Snuffles! Hope you had a good day!


Solitaire - Jun 6, 2007 6:50 pm (#1843 of 2988)

Interesting about the bunk beds. My sis and I used them for years, and we NEVER had any accidents with them. Dad wouldn't have permitted it. Of course, I also have the only fence in the neighborhood that hasn't fallen down. When I moved into this house, Dad dug a trench all around my yard and poured a cement curb in which he anchored steel posts that support my fence. The connection? When Dad put something together, it stayed put together!



Tazzygirl - Jun 6, 2007 7:00 pm (#1844 of 2988)

I had a bunk bed from when I was about 5 until I was 18. I used it until I was 12, then it was split into two- so my brother and sister had beds, then my brother got a new bed and my sister got the complete bunk bed back. I believe my parents got rid of the bed when my sister moved out. We never once had any problems with beds falling or anything. Although, when I was 8, I fell off the wrong side of the top bunk, and broke my wrist.

I'm in the middle of taking all the quizzes on The Leaky Cauldron. Not doing to badly either!



Viola Intonada - Jun 6, 2007 7:18 pm (#1845 of 2988)

I laugh in the faces of cockroaches. HA. One of the jobs I had in college was working on a cockroach research crew. We investigated better, faster ways to get rid of the buggers. I can still tell you if it is male or female from across the room. If you see one, I won't bother to tell you how many you are not seeing. Bwahahaha.

Madame P., In Freshman biology we dig experiments with Betta's to figure out what they react to. It is fun to hold up different colored cards to see what gets a response.

Have Little Pince draw different colored fish and have him hold it up to see which colors the fish reacts to.


Puck - Jun 6, 2007 7:25 pm (#1846 of 2988)

My kids have a bunk bed. Currently son has the top bunk, and Diva the bottom. Come Christmas he moves back to his old room, Diva gets the top bunk, and Toddler Puck moves in with her sister. We have guard rails on both sides of the top, plus one we can put on the bottom bunk so no one rolls out of bed. The beds are bolted together, so the top one can't fall off.

I'm probably late by now, but Happy birthday, Julie!

We have to take a friend to dance day tomorrow, then I promised to take the girls out for lunch. Happily, Diva picked the sweetest of her friends to come. (Always polite, easy to get along with, absolutely adorable.) Should be a fun morning.

Time for some sleep.


edited to ask what Viola studied in college?


Round Pink Spider - Jun 6, 2007 7:52 pm (#1847 of 2988)

It reminded me of so many people I haven't seen in ages! Carina, shepherdess, mike miller, schoff, Sly Girl, Slytherin Prefect, Penny Lane, Sherbie Lemon, Round Pink Spider, Padfoot, Ozymandias, Weeny Owl, Phoenix Song, Ladybug220, SHEla WOLFsbane, Thora, GryffEndora, Vulture, Irish Flutterby, Joost!, Leprechaun Jack, Pinky, Tomoe, timrew, Abby (remember abby-fetti?) and tons of others! Madame Pince

As a member of the "old crowd" (How old are we???? ), I thought I'd stop by briefly to comment. It's true, I just don't have a lot of new Potter thoughts to add right now. But when I do, you can be sure I'll come back -- this is STILL the place to find serious Potter discussion!

I'm spending most of my free time working on my first novel. I'm on Chapter 14 out of 20 right now. It's going very well. My daughter actually showed the rough draft (up to Chapter 13) to her literature prof in college, and the prof said it had been a long time since she'd seen something she thought had so much promise. So I'm quite excited.

My middle daughter, Emily, just went through surgery to give her a second cochlear implant, so she'll be able to hear on both sides. We found out this last year that she's autistic as well as deaf, so she needs all the help she can get. My youngest, who is also autistic, is making good (although slow) progress learning to talk. Most of the trouble right now is coming from his being 4. Why is it that 4-year-olds have to be so darn difficult?

So that's all from me right now. And I expect I probably will be back in July, along with a lot of other old folks.


Madam Pince - Jun 6, 2007 8:07 pm (#1848 of 2988)

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1933885729 ***Thunk!***  ( Falls off chair waving at RPS...) So good to "see" you again! Congratulations on the novel! I do not doubt the professor's assessment -- you are an excellent writer! I'm looking forward to reading the book and being able to say "I knew her when..." Glad the kidlets are progressing well! I'm sure we'll be getting lots of "previous" (not "old" ) posters coming back in a month or so!

Viola, we will try that -- thanks for the idea! He has already dug out an old plastic keychain that we got playing a game at some festival, which has a green fish on it that I thought was supposed to be one of those fan-tailed goldfish, but apparently it looks a great deal like a betta, too, because Flippy goes after the keychain as well! It's the right size and has lots of finnage, so I guess that will do for him!

I just opened an envelope that the tee-ball coach gave us after Tuesday's game, telling us it was a fundraiser. Turns out to be a program to sign people up to buy Cookie Lee jewelry, catalog enclosed, order forms, etc. Only thing is... the order form has to be turned in by June 9th. Hmmmm... so we get the stuff June 5th, and have four days? Somehow I don't think this fundraiser is quite being maximized.

***Wishes I had Soli's Dad to fix my gate...***


The giant squid - Jun 6, 2007 8:10 pm (#1849 of 2988)

Howdy, RPS! At least you have a good excuse for not stopping by that often.

Perhaps I will tie rope around their ankles and use them all for kites.--Marie E.

Suddenly I'm having a flashback to growing up in North Dakota. No, Marie didn't fly me as a kite when we were kids, but with those winds there were times when she could have.



Puck - Jun 7, 2007 3:45 am (#1850 of 2988)

Congratulations on the book, RPS! How very exciting that you are sitting down and making your dreams happen. Best of luck with the little ones.

At least you looked at it, Madame Pince. We got our fundraiser envelopes after one of the first games. While cleaning junk out of my van yesterday I found it. Straight to the recycling bucket. Ooops!

I forgot to go to the Girl Scout sign ups on Tuesday. (It was at the same place as Diva's soccer practice. After standing in the pouring rain at baseball, hubby called to say to just come home, practice was cancelled. So, missed the sign ups.) The woman knew I wanted to be Daisy Leader, so she called yesterday and asked if I could come to a leaders meeting that night at 7pm. I assured her I'd be there. Hubby called at 7:20 to say he had just left work. As I couldn't leave the kids alone, and the meeting was about over at that point, I missed it. I hope I don't seem unreliable off the bat.
Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:18 pm


Chemyst - Jun 7, 2007 4:46 am (#1851 of 2988)

~~~hoping the cockroaches go visit Paris Hilton in jail~~~
Oh, now I remember who she is!

Aw, Steve, so sorry. You'll know the right thing at the right time, even though it won't be the easy thing or an easy time.

I have to debunk the top bed falling stories. In our house it was the bottom bed that fell. My son still sleeps in the top bed. We remodeled the space underneath for a storage area, and a portion of the lower frame got recycled into a trellis and now has vines growing over it.

Publishing charms for your novel RPS.

Puck, did you get my email or do I need to try something else?


Puck - Jun 7, 2007 6:18 am (#1852 of 2988)

Chemyst, I just replied to your e-mail. (I hadn't checked mine in a few days.)

I also had an interesting one from my sister in law. A friend of hers had spent a day in the ER trying to find why her daughter was suddenly extremely sick. They got a call from the school, the child couldn't even sit up. The teacher finally came by. After questioning the other students, they discovered she had licked hand sanitizer from her hand. Six hour later and her blood alcohol was extremely high. I guess just three squirts of the stuff can be fatal for a toddler. As one who carried a bottle in my diaper bag, I found this very frightening. Thought I'd pass along the caution.



Madam Pince - Jun 7, 2007 6:31 am (#1853 of 2988)

I just got one of those "generic" e-mails warning me about the same thing, Puck! Makes perfect sense when you think about it, because the stuff is practically pure alcohol, but it never even dawned on me that anyone would ingest it. I think it smells so nasty that most kids would avoid it. But, obviously, you never know!

Viola, we tried your betta experiment idea. Keeping in mind that the fish pictures actually more closely resembled nuclear submarines , Subject F flared at the bright red-colored one and the hot-pink-colored one, but pretty much ignored the yellow-orange and the blue-green. Now isn't that odd? He did still flare at the light-green colored 3-dimensional plastic fish hanging from the keychain, though.

I'm so easily entertained...


Snuffles - Jun 7, 2007 7:08 am (#1854 of 2988)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It is very much appreciated. I mainly received vouchers for my favourite clothes shop Hubby's pressie to me hasn't been born yet, so I don't think she will be joining us before August! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

Steve, sorry to hear about your dog. What a heart wrenching decision to make.

Soli, what wonderful news with your lawyer. I'm so glad you finally managed to get it sorted.

I did hear that Paris Hilton may be released some time this week, due to good behaviour Have I fell asleep for a few weeks? Didn't she only just go in? I bet any clothes purchases she made before she entered prison haven't even had time to come out of daddy's her bank account yet!

Edit: Just heard that Paris has left prison and has been tagged!!

Oh well better get back to some work!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Madam Pince - Jun 7, 2007 7:25 am (#1855 of 2988)
Edited Jun 7, 2007 8:07 am

Snuffles! Did I miss something? What was Hubbie's pressie?

Edit: (from the AP)

"Paris Hilton was released from jail early Thursday due to an unspecified medical condition after serving only three days of a 23-day sentence. She was sent home with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and must remain there for 40 days, according to sheriffs spokesman Steve Whitmore."

So much for some "alone time" to contemplate the error of her ways...  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059


Snuffles - Jun 7, 2007 8:16 am (#1856 of 2988)

Madame P, I have finally persuaded hubby to get another dog (Yay me!!). He said I could have one for my birthday pressie. We are getting a Border Terrier , scruffy but cute

Poor, poor Paris. (Not!)



Madam Pince - Jun 7, 2007 8:28 am (#1857 of 2988)

Oh that will be so darling! What a great birthday present!

The news report said Ms. H was "bored" in jail and crying all the time and her psychiatrists had been in to see her almost constantly. She sounds like Dudders...

Edit: LOL on the paper cut, Choices!


Choices - Jun 7, 2007 8:29 am (#1858 of 2988)

Good grief! An unknown medical condition - what did she do, get a paper cut passing the hundred dollar bills to the judge to let her out early? Give me a break! Arrgggghhhhh! Oh, the injustice of it all.

Anyway.....Happy Thursday to everyone - Love and (((hugs))) to all. Well, maybe not to Paris.....but everyone else. LOL


John Bumbledore - Jun 7, 2007 8:43 am (#1859 of 2988)

This faux avatar seems appropriate to the recent "old crowd" topic. Good to see you, RPS!
(On an unrelated note) Hey, has anyone else been feeling a little buggy lately?

Puck, did you get my email or do I need to try something else? — Chemyst

Chemyst, I just replied to your e-mail. (I hadn't checked mine in a few days.) — Puck

This exchange reminds me of a fellow I work with, every time he sends an email to our help desk he also calls to tell us he has sent or is sending an email. I just thought he was the type of man to wear both a belt and suspenders (you know, just in case the belt broke so his pants wouldn't fall down.)

I too am one of those people that doesn't check their home or personal email constantly every day (some are daily, weekly, monthly, or less). Well, that's about all the fun I have time for today. I wish you all well and safe (and mud free, too).

Oh, Happy Birthday's to those who recently celebrated, but to whom I missed sending good wishes! **Waves to Julie (Snuffles)**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Jun 7, 2007 8:47 am (#1860 of 2988)

I'm betting the Astonishingly Spoiled Brat got out of jail because she was being relentlessly threatened and the authorities didn't want to get their behinds sued if anything happened to her. Either that or she's a better actress than I thought.

Kristina, your turkey puppet is absolutely is too funny for words. I love it!

RPS, sounds like you have your hands full! Best of luck with your novel and all your challenges.

Tomorrow is the last day of school! *does happy Snoopy dance*


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 7, 2007 9:21 am (#1861 of 2988)

John! ughhh! I couldn't even loook at that! grrrhh (shudders)

RPS welcome back. When I hear stories likes yours I realize I need to stop kvetching about my little challenges and get on with it.

She actually got o-u-t? sheesh the justice system -  equality for all,(Paris, O.J....)

Happy Birthday to all.


My doctor said I have tendonitis not Lyme disease. I have been responding to Motrin. Of course I live in the town across the river from Lyme for which the disease is named.


Puck - Jun 7, 2007 11:05 am (#1862 of 2988)

Madame Pince, the e-mail I received was not a mass mailing. It was from my SIL. This incident happened to her friend's daughter. Makes it a bit more personal.

I did hear on the news to check that the goals on a soccer field are staked into the ground securely. Apparently children are being injured/killed by goals falling over and crushing them.

Boy, I'm full of warnings today, aren't I?

On a happy note, we just got the costume for Diva's recital, and it's too cute!

Poor Paris, confined to her mansion with her maids and gourmet chef.


Solitaire - Jun 7, 2007 11:08 am (#1863 of 2988)

Yikes! There's a cockroach stuck in my screen!

Thanks, Puck, for another good reason NOT to use hand sanitizer ... not that I am into licking my hands or anything. I just don't like the stuff!

Madam Pince, if Dad were around, I'm sure he'd have loved to repair your gate--or make you a new one. He was quite the Renaissance man and enjoyed using his personal gifts and talents to help others. I miss him a lot.

So ... poor Paris had a medical condition, eh? More likely than having a pain, she WAS a pain. She may be under "house arrest," but I'd like to know just what that means in her world. My guess is her house will become one big party for the next 40 days. I do not think she ever intended to serve her sentence ... she always planned to get out of it some way or other. Apparently, she was refusing to eat the food they served. Instead of sending her home, they should have taken her to the pay jail and let her finish out there. What a farce.



Madam Pince - Jun 7, 2007 11:20 am (#1864 of 2988)

Wow. When I was a kid, if I refused to eat anything, I just went hungry. Hmmmm... now there's a concept! But you're right -- I bet it had to do with fear of litigation and also was something planned well in advance. She became a little too meek all of a sudden right before she went in -- probably no wonder because she knew she'd be out in three days. (Excuse me - five days. They're counting Sunday as a "day" because she checked in at 11:30pm, and today as a "day" because she was released after midnight. Tell me that wasn't planned. ) What I don't quite get is that at her original sentencing, the judge specified that she was not allowed to serve at home with electronic monitoring. It's probably some technicality that if you're "sick," then exceptions can be made for the electronic monitoring thing, so the plan came about to be "sick."

Oh why am I such a cynic?

Can't help but feel she would benefit from visiting some really sick people (like maybe those who have been permanently disabled by drunk drivers?) and then perhaps she'd feel less sorry for herself.

OK, so that'll be the last Hilton Hotel property that I ever spend the night at, then! How's that for spitting in the wind? (Wonder what will happen to the family business when she's the one left in charge? Let's hope sister Nicki will take a few business courses...)


Good Evans - Jun 7, 2007 11:21 am (#1865 of 2988)

eeeeekkkk I managed to miss Julie (snuffles) birthday!!!! happy belated birthday - I am so sorry that I missed it! I wish you all good things with the new pup when it comes along!!! yay you!!!!!!!!

continued hugs to Audrey and Steve - you need them. big HI to RPS - it has been awhile, I remember you when I first joined the lexicon, I hope the newlsetters are still going well that you were putting out to you daughter and local potties.

we went to the County show today and hubby bought me a beautiful pendant - peridot and moonstone and another one I can't remember, the setting is truly wonderful.

We are also talking about a trip to Paris including Versaille, I would love to go - more of my A level history!!!

speaking of paris - I watched the Diana programme last night - the hype was a lot of pictures taken inside the car after the accident. Absolutely not (I am pleased) to say - but it was interesting what the photographers said about what they witnessed in the tunnel. Proves to me it was a tragic accident anyway.

and also speaking of Paris - I see she has been released, due to falling ill. house confinement - well that is a punishment! how much of the 40 days will she manage??? and what will happen when she breaks it???????????????????????????????????????????

hmmmnnnnn happy thursday all...

Julie x


Tazzygirl - Jun 7, 2007 12:01 pm (#1866 of 2988)

LOL, John. I almost cringed away from the screen!

That is so sad/stupid for Paris Hilton. One more reason why I never liked her. grrrr.

Yeay on getting the new doggy, JulieSnuffles!

I did an impulse buy yesterday and bought an iPod Nano. I also got the little adaptor that allows me to play my iPod in my car- it's pretty neat!

I get to take Thaniel to Gymboree today. He's excited!

**healing charms** **hugs** and **strengthening charms** to those that need them!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



azi - Jun 7, 2007 12:11 pm (#1867 of 2988)

**waves to everyone!**

I'm back from Prague, slightly tired and sunburnt! I couldn't cope in the heat while I was there, but now I'm back in cold, gloomy England I'm wishing I was too hot! Prague is a beautiful city, amazing architecture. I love the trams - the only problem with those is working out how to pay. There were lots of Harry Potter things, mostly puppets and Russian Doll sets. My favourite Russian doll set was only indirectly linked to HP - it showed part of a story on each doll and involved a phoenix. Absolutely beautiful! Alas, it cost over 6000 CZK (reduced!) - that's about £143 or US$283! I also got PS in Czech.

I think Paris being released from prison is just not on. If she was ill she should have been put in a hospital wing.

Happy belated birthday Snuffles!

Hugs and cheering charms for all who need them!


Tazzygirl - Jun 7, 2007 12:19 pm (#1868 of 2988)

Welcome back, Azi! Those Russian dolls must have been amazing! When I went up to Alaska a couple years ago, I bought a set of Russian dolls (for like 30 dollars). I can only imagine what a $283 one looks like!



Good Evans - Jun 7, 2007 1:15 pm (#1869 of 2988)

Wow Azi - what a cost for those Russian Dolls!!! glad you had a good time prague is still on my list - sigh!


Solitaire - Jun 7, 2007 1:44 pm (#1870 of 2988)

Oh why am I such a cynic?

I do not think being intelligent and insightful--and probably accurate-- about this entire debacle makes you a cynic.

I doubt Paris will have to break her punishment, Julie ... how hard can it be to be confined in the lap of luxury? I bet even now the tom-toms are summoning her cronies to a big bash at her place to celebrate her release (or rather, her hoodwinking of officials). What a miscarriage of justice! I am disgusted.



azi - Jun 7, 2007 1:46 pm (#1871 of 2988)

Lol, Tazzy, I bought a 'cheap' one, and there is a big different in workmanship between mine and the dream set! Mainly the expensive one has finer brush strokes and also included gold. That and all the bellies were completely different pictures.

I've put a link in my profile with pictures from Prague! I haven't put the names of places in yet though!


Thom Matheson - Jun 7, 2007 2:56 pm (#1872 of 2988)

News on MSN.com. 21 y/o in a wheelchair stopped in front of a parked semi to take a drink of his pop. The truck started up, and drove 4 miles at 50 mph before the Mi. State Police stopped him. Only damage was a slight spill of the pop.

I can't even imagine that.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 7, 2007 2:58 pm (#1873 of 2988)

big HI to RPS - it has been awhile, I remember you when I first joined the lexicon, I hope the newsletters are still going well that you were putting out to you daughter and local potties. -- Good Evans

Wow, that IS ancient history! I stopped writing monthly newsletters right after HBP came out! I've written a few letters since then, but only when I found some new stuff. However, it's kind of you to remember.

I couldn't cope in the heat while I was there, but now I'm back in cold, gloomy England I'm wishing I was too hot! – Azi

You can come visit us in Minnesota, and be too hot and too cold in the same week! *teehee*


journeymom - Jun 7, 2007 4:23 pm (#1874 of 2988)

Oh, my word. Thom, I went and found that news story. That's just amazing.


kaykay1970 - Jun 7, 2007 4:40 pm (#1875 of 2988)

Welcome back azi! Sounds like you had a great time. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Mediwitch - Jun 7, 2007 7:21 pm (#1876 of 2988)

*waves to RPS* Erm, you seem to have quite enough to be getting on with! I'm glad to hear the book is going so well; congrats on the cochlear implants and I hope your youngest continues to make progress. (BTW, I'm a speech-language pathologist, and most of the kids I work with are on the autism spectrum or have severe neurological impairments. Since your daughter got the second CI, I would hazard a guess that the first was quite successful. I'd love to hear a bit about it, even if you want to email me. Not that you don't have anything else to do! )

journeymom, LOVE the avatar! Snoopy is my all-time favorite.

*closes mouth after reading Thom's story* Wow!

The fire department/ambulance squad did a "walk-through" (part of a pre-plan for emergencies) at a quarry in town. It was really amazing - the owner took us all the way up to the top and the view was phenomenal. You could see for miles and miles!


painting sheila - Jun 7, 2007 8:36 pm (#1877 of 2988)

azi- Good idea - put Paris in the hospital to serve her sentence. Confined to a room that smells like a hospital for 45 days would be punishment for anyone! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

RPS! Congrats or your novel. I am sure it will be wonderful. Please keep us updated on your progress.

Licking hand sanitizer - yuck! What happens if you use it and then touch your food?

John - Cockroach was just plain creepy!!Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Solitaire - Thanks for your willingness to help with the walk-a-thon. I wrote a letter and a pledge sheet that I think may work. You are so good to offer to help!Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Exciting news! I applied for my passport today! I am so excited. I tried to get Oldest Son's done today also, but I had the wrong copy of his birth certificate. (sigh) I am taking Oldest Daughter tomorrow to get hers. **dancing** We’re going to England, we're going to England, we're going . . . .Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Does it ever go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The giant squid - Jun 7, 2007 8:59 pm (#1878 of 2988)

Paris Hilton is an insult to anyone who considers themself a responsible adult. That's the last thing I'll say about her.

azi, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, and I expect you'll be working on learning Czech to see how good the translation was.

Happy birthday, JulieSnuffles.

Oh, and a to Sheila for tooting her own horn.



geauxtigers - Jun 7, 2007 10:10 pm (#1879 of 2988)

I think Paris is being put back in jail. My mom said there was a blurb about it on the news, I didn't see, so I can't say for sure, but I think the judge was outraged when he found out. And apparently she did in fact have a party. LOL **In movie Hermione voice "What- an- Idiot!" But anyway, sounds like shes headed back or something of the sort. **high fives judge for sticking through with it**

I've got my friend reading Harry now! I'm so excited! All year I've been pestering her about reading them and finally, now that its summer, she came over and pick up the first one and started reading it. Shes on chapter 5! LOL I'm not even forcing her to read them! I feel so proud! LOL

Nothing much going on around here. Just steamy hotness outside.

Okay who is jealous of Sheila's trip to England? **raises hand**

Hope everyone is doing well!


virginiaelizabeth - Jun 7, 2007 10:25 pm (#1880 of 2988)

Cool pictures Azi! Looks like y'all had fun! The architecture looks amazing there!

Paris Hilton....ARRRRGGGG!!

Pretty bored around here. Don't really have much to say.


Solitaire - Jun 7, 2007 11:02 pm (#1881 of 2988)

Azi, as one who has not traveled for a long time, I really enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing them.

Sheila, I would love to help you, if I can. Our tech is out of town, but he should be back next week. Also, summer school will be in session, so I should be able to get into the lab with no trouble. Let me know if you want me to look up anything.

Tori, our weather has been glorious for the past two days. Alas, it began to warm up this evening, and it will be very warm tomorrow and officially HOT on the weekend. Well, I basked in the cool spell as much as I could while it lasted. I hope you get a cool spell soon, too.



Tazzygirl - Jun 7, 2007 11:27 pm (#1882 of 2988)

Thom- that is absolutely amazing! **off to find the article**

I wish I was going to England... I probably should start thinking about getting a passport- just in case!

Nothing much going on here- went to work, came home, went for a very long walk, and now it's catch up on internet stuff time.



painting sheila - Jun 8, 2007 5:58 am (#1883 of 2988)

I had very weird dreams last night. Woke up feeling very strange . . . maybe I need to go back to sleep and try again? (snnnoooozzzeee) Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

We went to the first dive meet of the year last night. It was at UNC Chapel Hill (heaven on earth). We did very well with Oldest Son taking 2 in his age group. They have platform and boards. It was very fun to watch the year 'round divers do their stuff off of the platforms. Wow!


Madam Pince - Jun 8, 2007 6:44 am (#1884 of 2988)

Sheila, I think you're still having weird dreams if you think UNC is "heaven on earth"! LOL! (You know I'm just kidding you!) Congrats on the passport plans and the England trip!

Yay, Tori! on converting another Potty! ***high-fives both you and The Judge, who seems to have plans to crack down on Ms. H today!***

I think the hand sanitizer stuff is supposed to be OK after it dries; you just can't lick it while it's still wet.

It's supposed to be a scorcher here today -- I think it might be time to run by and re-up the pool membership! Everyone enjoy the RotD! I'm off to "wash that gray right outta my hair!" Woo-hoo for pampering!


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 8, 2007 7:43 am (#1885 of 2988)

A friend of hers had spent a day in the ER trying to find why her daughter was suddenly extremely sick. They got a call from the school, the child couldn't even sit up. The teacher finally came by. After questioning the other students, they discovered she had licked hand sanitizer from her hand. Puck

Do you have any more info on this? I googled it and could find nothing on hand sanitizer sickening a child, only one on children who put it in a teachers drink and sickened her.

I went into my daughter's room last night and half the guard rail on the top bunk had fallen off. My girls are 8 years old and I still check them every night before I go to sleep. I always felt silly and over protective, but was I glad I did last night!


Holly T. - Jun 8, 2007 8:11 am (#1886 of 2988)

About the bunk beds--let's just say that my dad was not Mr. Fix-it. And we climbed them a lot, jumped off the top bunk, etc. They always seemed pretty precarious to me (and I was right!). But my brother had a set of Cargo bunk beds that were very sturdy and lasted forever--in fact, my parents finally sold them at a garage sale last year. They asked me if we wanted them for my son's room and I said thanks but no thanks--I know how much jumping off of the top bunk we did, and my son has always been a bit of a daredevil  - one of his first sentences, when he was about 18 months old, was "I jump," (said while standing on the arm of the couch).

We use the good smelling hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. I can see where someone would want to lick that. So if you have little kids, get the CVS brand, because it smells nasty.

Son is exhausted from day camp all day (sword fighting, javelin throwing, rock wall climbing, etc.) and then he has swimming lessons in the evening. After he took his bath last night he brushed his teeth and announced that he was going to bed.

Have a great RotD!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 8, 2007 8:13 am (#1887 of 2988)

*waves to RPS* Erm, you seem to have quite enough to be getting on with! I'm glad to hear the book is going so well; congrats on the cochlear implants and I hope your youngest continues to make progress. (BTW, I'm a speech-language pathologist, and most of the kids I work with are on the autism spectrum or have severe neurological impairments. Since your daughter got the second CI, I would hazard a guess that the first was quite successful. I'd love to hear a bit about it, even if you want to email me. Not that you don't have anything else to do! ) – Mediwitch

I'll try and e-mail you about my daughter's adventures with cochlear implants; it'd be too long to put here. But my daughter was born severely hearing-impaired (they told me she'd feel a sledgehammer before she'd hear it), and hearing aids didn't allow her to hear normal speech. With a cochlear implant, she is able to understand normal speech without sign language (even with her back turned), AND she is able to hear birds singing and enjoy music.

RPS! Congrats or your novel. I am sure it will be wonderful. Please keep us updated on your progress. -- Painting Sheila

I'll do that, but my friends can tell you that watching someone write a novel is about as exciting as watching paint dry. In fact, I'm sure the paint would be more interesting!

I went into my daughter's room last night and half the guard rail on the top bunk had fallen off. My girls are 8 years old and I still check them every night before I go to sleep. I always felt silly and over protective, but was I glad I did last night! -- Mrs. Sirius

I don't see anything silly or over-protective about checking on your younger children like that. I do it myself, and I think it's a good thing to do. Good for you! (Besides, you should never miss an opportunity to give them sweet little kisses on their cheeks when they're asleep; they grow up too fast! )


Choices - Jun 8, 2007 9:04 am (#1888 of 2988)

My daughter is 33 and I still check on her at night and also on my two grandchildren. It is hard to stop old habits. You never stop being a MOM no matter how old they/you get. They all live with me and I am so glad not to be alone. :-)

Happy Friday to everyone - love and (((hugs)))to all.


Chemyst - Jun 8, 2007 9:48 am (#1889 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius, if you google ' snopes hand sanitizer ' you will come straight to an article titled "Booze Ooze." It verifies two cases and concludes with a 2005 study of 292 families by Children's Hospital Boston which found that using hand sanitizer gels reduced gastrointestinal illnesses. The gels were more likely to actually be used because kids had it handed to them, but if a kid has to walk all the way to a sink with soap they don't make the effort.  (I need a "pfft! Kids today!" smilie.)


Thom Matheson - Jun 8, 2007 10:15 am (#1890 of 2988)

Shoot, I checked on the dogs as well. I couldn't retire for the night without checking on everyone in the house.


John Bumbledore - Jun 8, 2007 11:02 am (#1891 of 2988)
Edited Jun 8, 2007 12:28 pm

We’re going to England, we're going to England! — She

Oh, I am so jealous, unless... How do you feel about adopting an adult son? ?

**Waves Lizzy, Daioma Dumbledore, Regan, and all others from down-under!** LOL

**Waves to everyone else, too**

Edit to add the waves!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Jun 8, 2007 11:04 am (#1892 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius, I sent you a copy of the e-mail from my sister in law. The woman who's named is a co-worker of hers.

Hope everyone is doing well. Just came back from field day at sons school, and need to get ready to teach my dance classes. Then baseball and Boy Scouts tonight.



Elanor - Jun 8, 2007 12:33 pm (#1893 of 2988)

Good to see you posting here again RPS and to hear the book is going well! The news about your daughter is wonderful as well! We're getting ready for the DH (we're still doing the HBP re-read on the alchemy thread! )

BTW, talking about the alchemy thread, I have a question for our British members: the phrase "I'll treat you like a red-headed step child!" has been discussed very recently there and I was wondering if if the phrase was used in the UK as well and if it was very usual.

Sending cheering and healing charms to all needing some and some special ((((hugs)))) and thoughts to Choices.

Have a great day everybody!

Edit: BTW, heard the story about Paris Hilton on the news here as well! It first made me smile thinking of the discussion going on here but really, is her story worth being known worldwide???


azi - Jun 8, 2007 1:09 pm (#1894 of 2988)

Elanor, I've never heard that phrase before!

**waves to everyone**


journeymom - Jun 8, 2007 1:12 pm (#1895 of 2988)

Paris Hilton: the Timesonline in the US & Americas section has a sarcastic news article worth reading. I wonder if the Onion has mentioned her?

I pet the dog and check on the kids every night on my way to bed. I also check to see that the green light is lit on the alarm, indicating all the doors and windows are closed.

Edit: How could I forget??

School is OUT! See Snoopy dance!

Miss Journeymom is now officially a seventh-grader. The completion ceremony (I'm so glad they didn't have a 'graduation' ceremony, with caps and gowns) was touching, the breakfast afterwards was disorganized but pleasant, the lower grades singing to the sixth graders was very sweet. I got teary-eyed when Journeymom Jr's second grade class sang "Make New Friends", in a round! They did a surprisingly good job! Each Kindergarten through fifth grade student hands a sixth grader a flower, and Jr saved a big sunflower for his big sister.


Lavandula - Jun 8, 2007 1:42 pm (#1896 of 2988)

Viola,I sent you an email just this afternoon regarding the Knight Bus. I hope you get it. Saturday is the deadline to respond. See email and you'll understand.

Elanor, I've heard of that phrase here in the states. I'll check the alchemy thread and post my thoughts if any different from the ones already there.

Preparing for storms, so off goes the computer.

Great day to all!!!



Tazzygirl - Jun 8, 2007 1:56 pm (#1897 of 2988)

The Knight Bus will be in Los Angeles the first week or so of July. Too bad I won't be visiting my parents then, as I would have totally gone!

My goal today is to get all my puppetry class materials off my floor and organized. I'm starting to *twitch*...

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Lina - Jun 8, 2007 3:19 pm (#1898 of 2988)

I apologize to all that I won't remember to mention. I was reading the thread, but didn't feel like commenting each post, now there are so many of them.

Sheila, congratulations on your trip to England. That's so great! Have a wonderful time! Are you going to Scotland too?

Azi, thanks for sharing the photos. It seems you really enjoyed the trip. I'm glad.

The truck that pushed the wheelchair made it even to our news. I'm glad that nothing happened to the boy, although I think I would die out of fear.

John, I noticed you mentioned my chicken on the games thread. She had a really good time and came home with some special wishes... (hint - look the avatar) Tomorrow the other chicken goes to a similar trip, I hope she doesn't get similar ideas too.

RPS, it is a real pleasure to see you around. I'm glad that the kids are making great progress. You are just amazing!

Choices, I'm glad you can enjoy the company of your daughter and your grandchildren. I'm sure they enjoy being with you as well. I don't live with my mother, only next door to her.

I bought new sandals today. It is the big event, because it is just not easy to find something nice and big enough. Usually I get in the store and ask them to show me whatever they have my size. No point in choosing shoes and then finding out they don't make them so big. I already started to consider complaining to the International court for human rights... But today I'm happy and settled for a while.

Waving to Tazzy, the twins, Julies, Audrey, dragons and everybody else that I didn't mention!


Tazzygirl - Jun 8, 2007 3:51 pm (#1899 of 2988)

**waves to Lina** Tell Kate I say Hi and can't wait to hear about her trip! As for the 'house' Kate wants you to buy her- Can you imagine cleaning that?! Lovely scenery though...


I have yet to start on all the stuff I wanted to do today.



Viola Intonada - Jun 8, 2007 5:21 pm (#1900 of 2988)

Thanks, Lavandula, I replied today. I think we will at least try to get a glimpse of it.

Today I saw an Ohio license plate: KNGHTBUS What a cool license plate, especially with the Knight Bus coming to town.

Madame P., glad to hear the results of your "experiments". I think Betta fish responses are pretty cool. (Yes, I'm easily amused also )
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Choices - Jun 8, 2007 5:41 pm (#1901 of 2988)

A special thanks to Elanor and to everyone for your kind thoughts. :-)

Sheila, your trip sounds wonderful. I wish you safe travel and a great time in jolly old England. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Congratulations to all the expecting Moms - wishing you happy, healthy babies!

Hope everyone has a good weekend - love and (((hugs)))to all.


Madam Pince - Jun 8, 2007 5:59 pm (#1902 of 2988)

I very much fear that our Betta is anorexic. Today we bought him brine shrimp and bloodworms, both of which are supposed to be gourmet food for a Betta. Flippy completely ignored them. He still snaps up the Betta Pellets, but then immediately spits them out. I think he may have kept down two pellets over the last four days. Well, if he starves it will be his own fault! He seems to be perfectly happy and healthy otherwise -- color good, swimming around, water is clean, pH is correct. Sigh...

I say goodnight to the boy, the dog, and now the betta...

Lina, I think Kate has lovely taste in real estate! (Silly Tazzy -- naturally the castle is magic and comes with either house-elves or automatic "scourgify" charms!)

Journeymom, that completion ceremony sounds very sweet! Congratulations to all yours and woo-hoo on school being out!

“Red-headed stepchild” is a very common term in the southern U.S. mountains where I grew up. Basically means someone who doesn't quite fit in or who stands out as unusual, and who is not treated quite as well as he might be.

Didn't someone recently talk about Great Harvest Bread Co.? There is one just down the street from my hair salon, and they bring in big trays of bread for the clients to munch. After my stylist put my color on, she set me to "cook" in a chair right beside the bread tray. Since I had not had breakfast (and didn't get lunch either!) I had two pieces. I don't know what it was, but it was heavenly! Lots of fruit in it. Mmmmmmm...

I am sooooo loving the Judge in Ms. H's case! The story I read was hysterical -- apparently he was quite miffed at the sheriff for contradicting the sentence that had been ordered. And he changed it back from the 23 days she had gotten it reduced to for good behavior, back to the original 45 days she had to start with, so now she's worse off than she was when she started. From the descriptions of Ms. H's tearful panicked departure from the courtroom, you would think they were hauling her off to a public hanging from the top of the "Hollywood" sign. Moral of the story: Thou shalt not make a mockery of The Judge's court... (More cynicism, though -- how much you want to bet that he'll end up being offered a TV show a la Judge Judy?)

Everyone enjoy the RotD! Off to study the new deluxe cover art some more...


Solitaire - Jun 8, 2007 7:16 pm (#1903 of 2988)

There is a Great Harvest Bread Co. down the road from me, too. Alas, I cannot afford their prices!

As for Paris ... I cannot believe she will ever do the full time. Apparently, she is taking medications for some "psychological condition" that has existed ever since she first began seeing a psychiatrist a year ago ... because of the extreme trauma she has suffered since her "ordeal" began. (Their words, not mine.) What is truly amazing is the amount of press coverage that it has been given. I can't find anything other than Paris on any news channel. **sigh**

By the way ... TGIF! Woohoo!



journeymom - Jun 8, 2007 7:19 pm (#1904 of 2988)

And he changed it back from the 23 days she had gotten it reduced to for good behavior, back to the original 45 days she had to start with, so now she's worse off than she was when she started.

No kidding! I'm impressed.

Great Harvest Bread Co: That was me. Or, more specifically, Ginny or Tori. I said if I ever get around to opening my dream bakery I'd hire them in an instant. Tori, I think, mentioned GH's cinnamon chip bread (drool). I looked into Great Harvest's franchise program. Looks pretty neat, but way more involved than I want to get. I just want to bake bread!


Tazzygirl - Jun 8, 2007 7:41 pm (#1905 of 2988)

Tori, I think, mentioned GH's cinnamon chip bread (drool).

**raises hand** That was me! I went and picked up another loaf today. I tried this Apple Cinnamon one the other day- it wasn't good. Tasted like Baking Soda. I think I'll send the Cinnamon Chip loaf to my brother.

Madam P- **slaps forehead** Duh! I forgot about house-elves! In that case, Lina, I think you should get it!! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

I want to meet Paris' judge and shake his hand.

Still haven't gotten around to organizing things.



painting sheila - Jun 8, 2007 9:51 pm (#1906 of 2988)

John - Can you sing tenor?


Lina - Jun 8, 2007 10:53 pm (#1907 of 2988)

LOL, Madam Pince and Tazzy! The "house" seems to have plenty of house elves, but I doubt the owner would be willing to sell (of course I'd buy it if he would be selling it... ). He bought the castle while it was in bad shape and now is raising money by letting people see the inside.

Mentioning of the Judge Judy show is reminding me of the situation that happened here... One woman reported a crime that happened at her working place (I have problems with English words here, but I hope you'll get the idea). And the District Attorney was happy with all the evidence that the woman provided. After some time, the woman went to ask the District Attorney how is the case going on, and she started to cry... "You know, I have twins, I have to take care of them..." The woman lost her job, she is still fighting the battle, nobody ended in jail yet, but the District Attorney is now in one of that kind of shows. What is even worse, in most of the cases in that show, the District Attorney accuses the wrong person and then they find the right one during the trial. I don't know how it helps people to feel better?

Anyway, healing and strengthening charms to all that need them! ***waving***


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 8, 2007 10:58 pm (#1908 of 2988)

Kathy, thank you for the article. I am giving it to the school nurse. He has instituted a system of hand washing and sanitizing that has reduced the sick days at the elementary school but this is something he should be aware of.

To make a very long story short today I discovered that I am losing gray matter in the head at a large rate than I expected. I paid for a water neutralizing system that we installed earlier this year. The company hadn't cashed the check, ultimately I canceled the check and paid them by phone. I was very bugged at them for putting me through that ordeal.

I got a late notice from the electric company which also annoyed me because I PAID that bill. Well... I did write and mail the check to both companies but I sent the water nuetralizer check to the l-i-g-h-t-i-n-g company! They just sent back that check. Oh the names I thought to give that company!


Steve Newton - Jun 9, 2007 1:22 am (#1909 of 2988)

Many thanks for all of the comforting words for my dog. Holly T. has it right, fibrosarcoma does spread to the spine.

Mrs. Sirius, as a 57 year old I can't offer much. I have learned to cope a bit but am now constantly looking things up that I once remembered easily.


Lavandula - Jun 9, 2007 6:25 am (#1910 of 2988)

Lina, is Kate your daughter? I've missed something. But the castle is beautiful.

Sheila- I've not been able to figure out the trip to England you have been mentioning excitedly. When are you all going? I'll gladly go as a house elf or something!

Mrs. Sirius- Join the gang of the "I have no clue..." Club. I find myself forgetting little things too more and more recently. But the only good news is that Mr. L is doing it just as badly. It makes you feel better to know that you have company.

Soccer Tournaments today for Darling Daughter and garden work to do. I am slowly working on my reread of OotP preparing for July 11th. I found the notes on the Lexicon a nice addition to rereading.

Have a Great ROTD everyone!



The giant squid - Jun 9, 2007 8:12 am (#1911 of 2988)

Not much to add today, but I wanted to comment on John Bumbledore's "Down Under" smilie. That was brilliant!

Lina, those places always look nice, but they're so drafty...



Puck - Jun 9, 2007 8:36 am (#1912 of 2988)

Your welcome, Mrs. Sirius.

I once sent the wrong checks in the wrong envelopes back when I was in college. The phone company sent back the check, but the credit card company actually managed to cash the check made out to the phone company and credit it as a payment.

Officially done with both baseball and soccer! Diva played this morning in the rain. (Not a true player until you play in the rain, right?) She was thrilled to get a trophy. Son was in tears at not being allowed to eat one of popsicles his coach brought to the last game. (He had had a temper tantrum on the field, and Mean Mom was there as a witness. Nice way to end the season. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3276373137 )

We also had a cookout with the Scouts last night. Kids had fun, but I lost track of time. Didn't get them hone until after 9pm!

Off to enjoy some rainy Saturday activities.



azi - Jun 9, 2007 9:44 am (#1913 of 2988)

Lina, I would also happily live in a castle! Kate must have good taste. I was debating with myself what type of castle I would go for if I had an infinite supply of money the other day. I can't decide whether it should be similar to the architecture style of E. Europe (like Prague, but smaller) or British style (more rugged, built for defence). It must have secret passages though. My favourite fairytale-like castle is called Haut-Koenigsbourg in France.

Congrats on your England trip, Shelia! When are you going?

Hugs and healing charms to all who need them!

I went food shopping, yey! I have food! Alas, me and my boyfriend are yet again having the problem of getting static shock off each other. That's 3 times it's happened now, all in different places!


Lina - Jun 9, 2007 10:53 am (#1914 of 2988)

LOL, Azi, maybe you should do some more traveling until you make a final decision?
I'm sorry, Mike, I don't think I understood the drafty comment...

Yes, Lavandula, Kate is my daughter, but she is also a Forum member CatherineHermiona. She used to be around a lot, especially in the chat room and made many friends here. Yet, lately she seems to be more busy elsewhere.


geauxtigers - Jun 9, 2007 12:45 pm (#1915 of 2988)

I want to meet Paris' judge and shake his hand. forget shaking his hand! He deserves a high five! LOL

I like the castle too!

Bread, did somebody say bread? We don't have one of the (oh I forgot the name, the one madame P. mentioned!) here, but we do have a whole foods now! They have amazing bread! I love bread, I'll eat pretty much any kind execpt that are like 7 whole grain, (sunflower seeds and various nuts shouldn't be in bread! LOL)

What I really want is a baguette! A real one from France! They are so much better there, I haven't found anywhere that makes them as good as they were in France. Maybe it was just the fact that I was eating them in France that made them so good! **waves to Audrey, want to send me a few? LOL**

Now I really want some bread!

We are under a heat advisory now. Its 96F/36C and we've toped out at 98F/37C. Very humid, I'll be staying inside until it gets dark!


Marie E. - Jun 9, 2007 1:16 pm (#1916 of 2988)

Yay! It's finally above 70F today!

Now that Shayla has finished HBP she's been asking questions about the Lexicon. She actually said, "Have they mentioned anything about Horcruxes?" Have we!

Mr. E is out mowing the back yard. He waits until the grass is as high as the swings on the kid's swing set, then complains about how hard it is to mow. I try to pretend that we're into xeroscape, and not laziness.


Lavandula - Jun 9, 2007 5:09 pm (#1917 of 2988)

Lina- Thanks for the information. I never knew Catherine-Hermoinia is your daughter. I do remember seeing her post in the past. Was her avatar the full length paining of an 18-19th century woman in black or am I confusing her with someone else?

Soccer is not quite done for us. Darling Daughter played today in tournaments and their team won, so tomorrow evening we play the championship game against an undefeated team. It sure would be nice to win just to let this other team learn some humility and understanding for playing the game because you love it and not just because you win.

The grass was high for us too. Mr. L is now sneezing up a storm.

I need to start thinking about other things besides HP. We are leaving Thursday am for New York City. I can't wait. Our bell choir is playing at a Church there on Sunday. The kids are going with us this time. We have tickets to Tarzan. Any reviews from anyone who has seen it? I have to figure out what else we are doing. I'm thinking about a museum Friday afternoon.

It has been a beautiful day here today. Not too hot or too cool and sunny. Sorry for all the rain others are experiencing. Yesterday was quite stormy.

Enjoy the weekend.



Vox Gerbilis - Jun 9, 2007 5:10 pm (#1918 of 2988)

Hello, all. It seems like a lot has been going on with everyone since I last checked in here. Thanks for the welcome, Hungarian Horntail. And congrats to Juliebug and Daioma!

Feeling very Molly Weasley-ish this week, having outfitted my daughter for next year at her school's used uniform sale. Let's hear it for durable plaid jumpers! The used ones are indistinguishable from the new!


boop - Jun 9, 2007 5:31 pm (#1919 of 2988)

HI Everyone!!!

Happy Birthday to whom I missed. Healing charms and cheering charms.

Congrats to the soon to be moms.

Welcome Back to all returning forum members, good to see you around.

have a great weekend everyone!

hugs always



virginiaelizabeth - Jun 9, 2007 5:46 pm (#1920 of 2988)

I have to figure out what else we are doing.

You should go shopping! The Toy R Us in Time Square is the coolest plaace ever!! It has a ferris wheel in the middle and different sections like "Candy Land" and My personal favorite "Barbie's House"! It was amazing and the kids would loveee it! When we went, I think we stayed in there for 2 hours and I was 15 at the time! It's a blast!

I like the Castle as well! I have to agree with Azi, a castle absolutely has to have a couple of secret passageway in it!

Still nothing much going on here. Lot's of house cleaning! I've tried calling for Dobby, but he won't come.....I dunno why!

OH and YAY! for the judge on putting Paris back in jail! That made me happy!


painting sheila - Jun 9, 2007 7:11 pm (#1921 of 2988)

I have to figure out what else we are doing.

And the FAO Schwartz! They have a Harry Potter doll collection. They come with trunks and clothes and brooms!! I took my picture with them when we were there but I look so awful in them I didn't post them. AND If you can get tickets to Lion King - it is amazing!! I know you know the story and must have seen the cartoon a million times - but the stage version will blow you away!

Oldest Son got a buzz cut today. I hate to say it but it looks . . . . . not as good as it did? Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org He is going on a 58 mile hike on the Appalachian (sp?) trail starting on Monday so it will feel better for him, but I miss his blonde hair!

It is pouring here - we have severe thunderstorm warning with hail and high winds. Yikes!

Something fun we discovered today - I saw a huge turtle digging in our yard. She was about as big as a dinner plate and had a flat shell. Turns out she was laying eggs. We have staked it off and will be watching for the next few weeks to see what happens. Baby Turtles! Yeah!

Trip to England - not happening until the end of December. The kids chorale group from school has been invited to sing in Westminster (sp) Abbey for the New Years celebration. Only 10 schools in the world were asked - and we were on of them!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org The kids have to earn (at least as much as they can) $2600.00 for the trip . . . . anyone want to buy a Pizza Kit?


Solitaire - Jun 9, 2007 7:45 pm (#1922 of 2988)

Don't rejoice too quickly about Paris, Ginny and Tori. I am afraid I do not hold out much hope of her serving 23 days--let alone 45. I do not think it will happen. The news channels have been full of her business, and celebrity attorneys on all of them have been saying how unfair her sentence is, blah, blah, blah ... Isn't she still in the Twin Towers jail hospital, getting medical and psychological evaluations? It sounds to me like there is still "wiggle room."

This afternoon at my great-niece's birthday party, I received a nasty surprise. I was holding my niece's cat, Jack, and petting him. I play with him all the time, and he has never offered to scratch or bite me. I'm not sure why, but as I was holding him, he turned around to face me, took both front paws and grabbed at each side of my face. He pulled off my glasses (and they are a tight fit) and ripped my face just about an inch from my right eye. I washed it immediately with an antibacterial soap, but it bled for quite a while, and it sort of burns. There is also a little black spot in the wound. I'm just thankful for my glasses. If not for them, he could have scratched me a lot worse and might have injured my eyes. I'm glad I have a doctor appointment on Monday, so he can make sure there is no infection going on. I was thinking of adopting a cat, but this has kind of changed my mind ...

Well, it is time to check and see what time Rosemary and Thyme is on. I love that show, but they keep changing the time around. Does anyone else watch it?



Puck - Jun 9, 2007 9:01 pm (#1923 of 2988)

Healing charms to Solitaire's face. Ouch!

Baby turtles? How fun!

Did I mention that I am in love? We were taking a walk in the neighborhood the other day, and we saw them. The people at the top of my hill are selling Yorkie pups. They are darling! One female was particularly appealing. Very calm, a bit smaller than the others. My son (who fears dogs) and I reversed roles on the way home. I was going on about wanting the puppy, and he was saying how much work they are and what messes they make. (I told him he's work and makes messes, but I let him stay. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042 ) Mr. Puck didn't bite, even when the 20 month old told him "Mama. Puppy. Woof!" The kids who live next to the house with the pups keep trying to get their mom to hold or pet one, but she refuses. Apparently that's how they got their current dog.

Julie, how did you manage to get a pup for your birthday?

Our grass is high. It rained all last weekend and today, so Mr. Puck hasn't been able to cut it in a couple of weeks. (During the week he gets home too late. I do enough and have no intention of setting the precedent of mowing the lawn.)

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!



Ydnam96 - Jun 9, 2007 10:09 pm (#1924 of 2988)

Oh Soli, don't let that dissuade you from getting a kitty! They are so wonderful. I do hope that your face heals well though!



Solitaire - Jun 9, 2007 10:30 pm (#1925 of 2988)

My face is starting to feel a little better. I remembered that I have a huge aloe vera plant on my front porch, and I've applied some of the gel fresh from the plant. I've always healed quickly with surgery or any other wound, so I am sure this will be fine. The scratch is small, so it's no big deal, as long as it doesn't become infected.

Mandy, I was so shocked by this cat! I have held and played with him many times in the past, and he is always so gentle. Also, I can usually "read" a cat that doesn't want to be bothered ... I have one who has taken up residence in my garage. I call her The Crabapple. The other one, who belongs to the neighbors 2 doors down, lets me pick him up, scratch his tummy, and cuddle him ... even though he has the rep of being a big bully. (His name is Ripper, but I call him Crookshanks ... with his yellow eyes and orange coat!) When I am ready to adopt a cat, I am going to try and get a Maine Coon. I love them!



geauxtigers - Jun 9, 2007 11:03 pm (#1926 of 2988)

Oooo Soli! If you get a maine coon, you just have to name it Crookshanks! LOL I want one of those so badly! But as it could eat my dog its so big....LOL and plus, I've got a wonderful kitty right now. Maybe one day...better start saving money, they aren't cheap! LOL But can't you just imagine cuddling with that oversized bundle of fur!?!?

I finished all my laundry! I even put it away! **pats self on back** Oh and I suppose I should say that Ginny helped because she'll come behind me and call me on it... TOmorrow, we are doing house cleaning. We even made a list. We need to do some dung-ing out, as we call it! LOL Does that ever end? I feel like we are always de-cluttering and trying to throw stuff away...or give is to charity...

Okay, off to read some before bed! I've been up since 6:18 this morning and haven't had a nap!


Elanor - Jun 10, 2007 12:28 am (#1927 of 2988)

LOL on the bread Tori! I'd send you some with joy but I'm afraid it would be very crusty when it arrives...

It's true people really love bread here. I live in a small town (about 3500 inhabitants) but it has 7 baker's shops, and you'd better not go there too late in the day if you want to buy your favorite one!

Madam Pince, I have watched "The Revenge of the Sith" yesterday, I was really curious to see the "HP scene", and it is true, I've heard the musical "HP nod", too funny!

I'm sorry to hear about the cat Soli! **healing charms**

Have a great Sunday everybody!



Snuffles - Jun 10, 2007 12:53 am (#1928 of 2988)

**Healing charms** to your face Soli. Maybe the cat got out of the wrong side of somebody's bed that morning!

Kathy, it has taken a year of dropping hints and "aah, isn't that a cute dog, when we get another one.......". Hubby didn't want to replace our old dog who we had to get put down last year, she was with him 15 years, and it hit him harder than he thought. She was a Yorkshire terrier incidentally, they are very intelligent and don't shed any hair, which is a big must for us. Pet hair seems to bring out an O.C.D with me Good luck with your quest, I'm sure you will do fine

Hmm, I love freshly baked bread. I borrowed my SIL breadmaker and it made the most delicious banana bread. As I have now given it back, I shall have to stop being lazy and make some by hand!

I love your avatar Lina. Olivia saw it and said "Is that Cinderella's castle?"

I'm glad your fish is still ok Madam P. We had Betta's but never managed to keep them longer than a fortnight I don't know what we did wrong!

Olivia woke up this morning with the start of a cold! She is off to her cousins birthday party this afternoon, so I am dosing her up and trying to ward it off!

*hugs and Felix Felicis to all those in need*

Hope everyone has a good Sunday



Lina - Jun 10, 2007 1:47 am (#1929 of 2988)

Lavandula, you might be thinking of Amilia Smith, she had a full length painting of a woman, although I don't remember if she was dressed in black and it is also possible that there was someone else who had similar painting but that I didn't notice. Amilia went to school to Hawaii, so Kristina might know something more about her. Kate had a medal for long time and she used to sign her posts as Kate. Then she changed her avatar and her sign into Kate(y). I guess it is only normal for a teenager to be still searching their own identity.

I'm sending you a vial of Felix Felicis for the soccer game. It used to work for KayKay's children. Enjoy the trip to New York City!

***waving to Betty***

Oh, yes, I wanted to mention it in my last post: the place where I work doesn't look like a castle at all on the outside, but it has few secret passages, so I feel as if I work at mini Hogwarts. I remember my co-worker's first day of work... I called him to come up where I was (he could see me) and he asked me how to get there? Students just keep asking for directions because some rooms are just hard to find. We only miss the moving stairs...

Don't worry, Sheila. You can do whatever you want with hair, because it always grows again. Don't forget to take pictures of the baby turtles!

Healing charms to Soli's face! Good thing you had glasses and good thing you don't have to go to school with those scratches. Maybe you suddenly touched the cat somewhere where she was hurt?

Healing charms to Snuffles' Olivia!


Puck - Jun 10, 2007 5:18 am (#1930 of 2988)

Well, a year wouldn't be so bad. By then all my kids should be potty trained, so I can focus on doing the same for a pup. Plus, we may be down a cat by then, and Mr. Puck might be more willing. He's afraid a dog will frighten/upset the kitties. Our cats are over 14 years old, and one is sick.

So sweet. My kids are playing Scouts. Diva is the Daisy leader for her little sister. She's under the impression that Girl Scouts have Balls (as in Cinderella.)



Round Pink Spider - Jun 10, 2007 5:18 am (#1931 of 2988)

Hi, Everyone! I'm sitting here, feeding Greedy Dog her treats by making her do tricks. Our dog is a Standard Poodle -- they don't shed, either. (Her name is actually Lady, but right now I'm calling her Greedy Dog because she keeps begging for more.)

I agree about fresh bread! I've been making my own bread pretty steadily for 15 years now, using a KitchenAide mixer (I don't like bread machines). I have to make 2 loaves every other day; my kids are like locusts when there's fresh bread! As a matter of fact, I'm making some right now.

Solitaire, I'm so sorry to hear about the cat scratches. It's almost unheard-of for a friendly cat to do that, unless it's in pain or terrified. Could the cat have been hurt, say a bad bruise or something? And I'm going to speak treason and say, it's not a bad idea to have your cat's front claws removed anyway, if it's going to stay indoors. I had to have two of my beloved older cats declawed to save the furniture, and as far as I could tell, they never even noticed -- I saw no sign of discomfort.

I'd love to have baby turtles in my back yard, but I'm afraid our dog and our 4-year-old would kill them. An awful thought... but fortunately an impossible one around here, since I live at the top of a high hill overlooking our fair city.

Madam Pince, I have watched "The Revenge of the Sith" yesterday, I was really curious to see the "HP scene", and it is true, I've heard the musical "HP nod", too funny! -- Elanor

There's an HP nod in Revenge of the Sith???? Where's that???

Well, I'm STILL stuck in Chapter 14 of my book. I usually get to write on Saturdays, but I ended up doing gardening stuff instead. My husband said he might let me get some writing in today. My kids actually want my husband to get me out of the house for a big chunk of the day. Methinks they're up to something sneaky...


Madam Pince - Jun 10, 2007 5:38 am (#1932 of 2988)

Good to see you again, Boop! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer! Do you have big plans for all the HP happenings in July?

Soli, sorry about your face getting scratched! Ouch! Cat scratches always seem to hurt more than they seem like they ought to; often they don't look like much, but wow they can hurt and get infected. I think the aloe was a good call -- my mom swears by it for almost everything. (Edit: RPS, my kitty was declawed, too. It was really the only solution - he was shredding absolutely everything including the carpet and I was living in a rental. He was indoors his whole life and the only time he missed them was when he was trying to climb up on my bed by coming up from underneath the covers. I still have scratches from his hind feet on the side boards of that bed, but I treasure them as fond memories of the "lump" that I would always find in the middle of the smooth, freshly-made bed. )

Hope Olivia doesn't come down with a full cold; that would not be fun right at the start of summer!

Oh Tori, you don't know what you're missing with sunflower seeds in bread! There used to be a "chain"-type brand that I loved that was called Sunflower something-or-other that was just heavenly! Arnold's Health Nut is the closest I've found now. The only thing about it is that you have to be careful not to toast it too much, or the seeds/nuts will get hard enough to crack your teeth.

Baby turtles -- how fun! By the size it sounds like it might've been a snapping turtle? Not the prettiest creature in the world, but hey, baby anythings are generally fairly adorable.

Speaking of adorable: "Mama. Puppy. Woof!" Awwwww, too cute! If that doesn't work with Hubby to convince him to get a puppy, then I don't know what will! How could he resist that???

We went to a birthday party yesterday -- they had recently added on to their house, so it has all this huge open space that isn't completely finished yet (concrete floors still, and no furniture except for the tons and tons of toys that this kid has), so it was absolutely ideal for a massive party with 35 kids running amok. They also had a huge inflatable pool in the yard that was about 2-1/2 feet deep, so it was not over Little P's head and he had a blast -- and I was able to relax a little bit, too, knowing that he could touch bottom. They had every kind of food imaginable (it was really a party for the adults, too) so we had a grand time. And to top it all off, there were several kids there who were not listening to their parents at all and behaving pretty badly, and Little P had chosen this day as one to be on his very best behavior, so it made me feel like mom-of-the-year! (Is that very very bad of me? ) It was nice to be able to tell him how proud I was of his behavior! Somehow at one point I ended up being the only parent supervising the pool -- everyone else left to get food and the kids were still in the pool. Even though it was relatively shallow, I can't imagine ever leaving kids alone in water like that. I suppose I'm a worry-wart...

Hope everyone enjoys a restful Sunday!

Edit: RPS, see my post #1773 on this thread for the HP/Star Wars scene...


kaykay1970 - Jun 10, 2007 6:37 am (#1933 of 2988)

Healing charms to Olivia! Hope she feels better soon!

Ouch soli! One more reason I don't want a cat. I'm much more of a dog person myself! I recently found homes for a litter of kittens I found under my house. I was not in the least tempted to keep even one!

Good luck finding the time you need to write today, RPS!

I agree with you Madame Pince. I would never leave kids unattended in a pool no matter how shallow. But then I admit to being a worry-wart!

My Mom is really excited! She is headed to Panama City, Florida on Wed. with my sister and her family! She's meeting up with Army friends she hasn't seen in 34 years. Should be a great trip for her!


The giant squid - Jun 10, 2007 8:10 am (#1934 of 2988)

I'm sorry, Mike, I don't think I understood the drafty comment...—Lina

Don't feel bad, half the time even I don't know what I'm talking about...

I was just joking on the subject that a lot of articles & such that I've read about castles comment on how they often had gaps between the bricks & stones. The wind tended to whistle through them and it was hard to keep the place warm throughout in the winters. Definitely the sort of thing teenage girls would complain about...


I hope your scratch heals OK, Soli. If it's an indoor cat you should be fine; I'd only really worry about infection if the cat spends a lot of time outside.



Choices - Jun 10, 2007 8:50 am (#1935 of 2988)

Ouch, is right! Healing charms to Soli - hope you're better soon.

All the talk about bread would be making me hungry if I weren't sitting here eating toasted sourdough bread with a fried egg and two pieces of bacon on it. It makes a great breakfast sandwich. Yum! I love good bread.

Welcome to the new forum members. I remember you Madame Poppy. I'm sorry to hear about all your misfortune, but glad to see you back on the forum. Cheering charms to you and your family. :-)

Hope everyone has a good Sunday - love and (((hugs)))to all.


Ydnam96 - Jun 10, 2007 9:15 am (#1936 of 2988)

Healing charms to Olivia. Colds are not fun.

My cat is declawed (he's never acted like it bothers him either). He still has an uncanny ability to climb things though! Oh, I love my kitty. He's great

Okay, I'm watching the news and there's a story about NYC paying students if they get good grades on their standardized tests! I can't believe it! That's crazy.

I wanted to give you all an update on my grandparents: basically not much has changed. They're both still in the hosp

ital and we're just waiting for something to change. I'm feeling better though!

Alright, I'm off to check 5 words.



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 10, 2007 10:20 am (#1937 of 2988)

My goodness, so many posts, so little time.

Denise, I meant to tell you one of the Brownies troops in our school does a "pet shelter drive". They collect all kinds of things, towels, food, shampoos, etc. The people at the shelter are always so appreciative of anything they receive.

Well, we didn't go to the Knight Bus stop because there are excessive gang problems all throughout Newark and I was strongly advised against it. It really makes me wonder why such a rapidly growing problem is not getting the attention it deserves.

GE Julie, how is hubby doing? And how is Luna?

((Steve)). Sorry to hear about your dog. Hugs to you and your family.

RPS, it is a real pleasure to see you around. I'm glad that the kids are making great progress. You are just amazing! Lina put it so well, how can I improve on it, so I will have to second it, if that's okay??

I love the avatar, Lina. Your work place sounds interesting. For now, I will tell myself that someday you can give me a tour. As far as the moving stairs go, well, you could just arrange it for Holly's dad to do some fix-up work on them and I'm sure that will do the trick.

Oooh, Lavandula, have a great time in NYC! How long are you staying? I don't know how old your travelers are but there is an American Girl store there and you can make reservations ahead of time to have tea there - Priscilla loves it, although we didn't make it there the last time we went in - about a month ago. We went to Serendipity instead. They make these huge ice cream desserts and they're delicious. It is a dinky little place but fun for the desserts. I think you'll enjoy any Disney show you go to see. Did you know they are going to have The Little Mermaid on Broadway, too? We have seen Beauty & The Beast 3x. I would love to see Tarzan or Mary Poppins with the kiddies. I think that will be my goal for the summer. Also, they have a Disney World store there - it's pretty neat. They have characters throughout the store and they sell things you might only find at the theme parks, too. If you can, visit some of the cathedrals (we visit St. Patrick's), they're magnificent. Hmm, what else - the Central Park Zoo, Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim Museum, NY Aquarium. I'm sure if I've missed any, Finn would be able to clue you in.

Healing charms to Solitaire's face! Yikes! BAD kitty! Maybe something spooked her?

Gizmo is so cute, I can see why you love her so much, Tori.

Healing charms to Snuffles's Olivia.

Healing and cheering charms all around.

And Choices - you're a great mom and grand mom. Don't ever stop checking on them.



EDIT: Prayers and healing charms to your grandfather, Mandy.


Ydnam96 - Jun 10, 2007 10:27 am (#1938 of 2988)

Maria, we had a similar problem here yesterday. A gang funeral which turned into a gang shooting. It's sad really.

Thanks for all the prayers!


Puck - Jun 10, 2007 11:31 am (#1939 of 2988)

Darn! I forgot that Star Wars thing was on last night. I meant to tape it. Son and friend are watching the original movie now.

I need to go get some work done. I was lazy yesterday, so if I don't do some now I'm be in over my head come tomorrow.

Anyone else lose phone service whenever there's a good rain? It's not a problem inside our house, it's the phone lines. That goodness for cell phones, because it often happens at inconvenient times to be without a phone. (A friend once came banging on the door in an ice storm with his baby in his arms. His wife needed emergency surgery and he had been trying to call to see if I could watch the baby. Another friend did the same in the middle of the night when his wife went into labor and needed us to watch the older child.)



Round Pink Spider - Jun 10, 2007 11:46 am (#1940 of 2988)

Kathy, the closest I've ever been to that was back when I was working for IBM in Poughkeepsie (this would be a good 25 years ago). The building I worked in had very unreliable electrical service, and it kept going out whenever there was a thunderstorm. We were all working on computer terminals, and when the electricity went out, we couldn't work. So we'd all gather by the windows and chat until the power came back on.

My husband has been instructed by the kids to get me out of the house from 3 until 8PM tonight. The kids are planning something sneaky (shhhhh! I'm not supposed to know! ). So we're going to go to the Athletic Club, and he'll exercise while I write. Then we'll go to a movie, and maybe out to eat.

I probably won't get chapter 14 finished, but maybe I'll get close. (Please, please, please...) I'm dying to get on with Chapter 15, but there's no point in hurrying and producing a piece of garbage. "You can't rush art."


Good Evans - Jun 10, 2007 11:51 am (#1941 of 2988)

Hi Folks - i've had a busy weekend and only just got here - there were 70 posts - so apologies for what I miss!!!

healing charms to Olivia and Solitaire, continued thoughts for Steve, and Elanor.

RPS - you are welcome!

Maria - Hubby is really on the mend and much better - he has a further week signed off work - but he will be fine to go back to work next week.

Luna is much better - all spots gone, I just wish we knew what had caused the reaction!!

Azi - looks like you had a great time, I am most jealous!!!!!Prague is on my list. did you see the river Vltava? there is a beautiful piece of music that was written by Smetana called Vltava, it runs in to the Danube I believe.

She - definitely up for a coffee when you come to the UK in December if you are interested !!! I bet Phelim (we know you are lurking!)would be up for a meet up too!!

The idea of a trip to Paris has been superceded by a fortnight in the carribean in january - hubby dead keen so looks like we might be escaping the English Winter!

I think that is it = have a great rest of weekend all

mondya tomorrow - more work - great!!!!


Madam Pince - Jun 10, 2007 1:23 pm (#1942 of 2988)

Ohhh, sorry Puck! I should've reminded you! Oops!

I was watching Ruffian last night (remember the racehorse from the '70's?) I was eleven years old when that race happened -- right at the prime "young girl / horse" age -- and I remember how devastated I was at the time. It was so hard to watch last night because I knew what was coming, and you guys know how I am with anything to do with animals getting hurt. I was a wreck; I mean a real sobbing wreck! Over a TV-movie for Pete's sake! (Well, at least it was a true story...) I bet I went through half a box of tissues.

One bright spot -- I thought it was super neat that a filly won the Belmont Stakes yesterday, for the first time in over a century, on the day that they showed the movie about Ruffian. Ruffian is the only racehorse that was allowed to be buried on the grounds of Belmont Park -- I think she's in the infield actually, although I'm not sure. She was a beautiful animal. (And for the record, she was beating the pants off the colt at the time... )


Good Evans - Jun 10, 2007 1:28 pm (#1943 of 2988)

Welcome back Madam Poppy - I remember you well!! also welcome Erika - new potties are always most welcome here "in thier natural home"!!!


Solitaire - Jun 10, 2007 2:23 pm (#1944 of 2988)

Thanks for the well-wishes and healing charms to my face. I think they are working. The scratch is much less sensitive, and the redness around it has gone. It is rather dark, but I guess that is to be expected. i have a check-up tomorrow with my GP, so I'll have him give it a look.

The cat is not mine, RPS, or I'd probably have made an immediate appointment for declawing--especially since there are 3 kids (one a baby) in the house. My mom has had a few nasty attacks by her cats. One caused something called "cat-scratch fever"; he really did a number on her leg. That alone has made me watchful of cats. If this had been done by one of my "garage cats," I'd probably have gone to emergency to have it checked. But my niece's cat has all his shots, and I know where to find him, if necessary.

Tori, if you have Trader Joe's nearby, they make a fabulous whole wheat baguette with sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc. It tastes incredible!

Madam Pince, good for you about supervising the pool, however shallow it was. From what I hear, it only takes a small bit of water in which to drown. I was in college when my folks put in their pool. No one was ever permitted to swim completely alone. Either Dad was in the shop next to the pool (big window over the workbench), Mom was in the yard or at the table by the window--where she had a full view of the pool--or there were at least two of us in the pool. Even today, no one swims alone in her pool. Accidents can happen to the best and most careful among us, and it only takes a second to be too late to help.

Gang problems have been on the rise in my area, as well. They have been growing worse since the mid-80s in various parts of the county. We are considered the "dividing line" between the gangs of northern and southern California--a distinction I could do without. I think our county is one of those designated to receive some funds and assistance from the "Governator's" anti-gang program. We could use it.

Madam Pince, I am glad it was you watching the horse movie. I hate watching sad animal movies. I am a big sissy, and all I do is cry. If anything happens to any of the HP animals in the last book, I'll be a gonner for sure.



Lina - Jun 10, 2007 3:14 pm (#1945 of 2988)

Mike, thanks for the explanation. It helped, indeed.

Maria, you know you are welcome anytime!

Kathy, you should just teach your friends to need emergency only while the weather is nice.

I'm glad your family is doing fine, Julie (GE) and yay for your plans!

I'm also glad that the cat didn't do too much damage to your face, Soli. Some anti-scar charms!


journeymom - Jun 10, 2007 4:03 pm (#1946 of 2988)

Madam P- We watched the Star Wars special on the History Channel yesterday. We 'TiVo'd' it. Mr Journeymom and I both really enjoyed it. I saw parallels to HP every step of the way. I was already aware that George Lucas read Joseph Campbell's stuff, but it really seems as though JKR must have, as well. She was a classics major in school, though, wasn't she?

That show should be required viewing for all the Lexicon forumers.


Mediwitch - Jun 10, 2007 7:07 pm (#1947 of 2988)

Soli, I'm glad your scratch is healing.

Uh, Kathy, I should warn you that Yorkies, while very cute, are notoriously difficult (read: impossible) to housebreak.

4 and 1/2 days of school to go...


Round Pink Spider - Jun 10, 2007 7:48 pm (#1948 of 2988)

*sniff* My kids had the most wonderful party for me!!!!

In addition to cleaning up the house, they made a cake -- well, actually they made TWO cakes, I'm told; the first one crumbled when they took it out of the pan, so they had to make another. But my oldest daughter, Liz, decorated it with an image of an important medallion in my novel. She also managed to find a necklace that was sort of a miniature of said medallion, and the kids gave it to me as a present!

I FEEL SO LOVED!!!!! *sniff*

You can see pictures of the medallion at http://www.flickr.com/photos/roundpinkspider/ (along with sundry other pictures of my family).


Ydnam96 - Jun 10, 2007 9:54 pm (#1949 of 2988)

RPS, that's amazing. Smile Congrats on raising such wonderful children!

Mediwitch, your house is looking great!


Marie E. - Jun 10, 2007 9:58 pm (#1950 of 2988)

Hello to Madam Poppy! I remember that you used to use poppy color font in the chat room. I hope you have recovered from your injuries.

It's supposed to be 91F tomorrow. Was I wishing for warmer weather the other day? Silly me.
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

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geauxtigers - Jun 10, 2007 10:46 pm (#1951 of 2988)

LOL Marie! Its been in the mid to upper 90s here, so I feel your pain! I think the high today was 98 or something with lots of humidty, so the heat index was in the 100-105 range. They weren't lying when they said it'd be hot! LOL

Your kids sound great, RPS! Thats so sweet of them!

We spent part of the day cleaning. I pressure washed our patio and got covered in mud when I accidentally hit a crack and of course, years worth of plants and mud in that crack was on me! LOL but our patio looks great now!

Off to read!


Snuffles - Jun 11, 2007 12:51 am (#1952 of 2988)

Thanks for the wishes for Olivia. I think they are working because she had a good night last night, and she is only a little bit snuffly this morning

Woo hoo to Little P. on his good behaviour at the party. Don't you just love it when your child behaves like an angel, and all around chaos is erupting

Kay, I hope your mum has a good trip. It must be wonderful to meet up with your friends after so many years.

RPS, what lovely, thoughtful children you have.

**healing charms and Felix Felicis** to all those who need them.

Hope everyone has a good Monday



Lavandula - Jun 11, 2007 5:15 am (#1953 of 2988)

Good Morning to all!

Thanks for all the NYC suggestions. We leave Thursday morning and return Sunday Night, so basically 2 whole days plus Thursday night. Sunday morning will be our performance at Riverside Church. I think the Toys R Us and Fao Schwartz are a must. My daughter and I went to the American Girls Store in Chicago several years back when she was interested in them. Not much excitement anymore. Boo Hoo to kids growing up. We've all seen Lion King, in fact that's the show we saw the last time we were there. Mary Poppins was the second choice in case the Tarzan tickets didn't come through.

The Felix Felicis wore off at the end of the soccer game. It was 0-0 up until the last 10 minutes of the game. We really made them work for their win. It was an awesome game, just not enough offense to come up on top. The girls received great trophies at the awards ceremony and praise from the winning coach.

Lina-You're right about the avatar belonging to Amelia. I remember now.

Ginny-I power washed more of our deck yesterday also and found myself absolutely covered with water and mud. The problem is that I didn't finish the deck railings and need to finish today. I plan on getting my Darling Daughter to dump her dresser today for some reorganization. Scourgify!!!

RPS-Great surprise from your children. It sure is nice to be loved!!!

I decided not to sign up for tickets to the Knight Bus visit in Cleveland. The library wanted you to sign up for the summer reading program in order to put your name in a drawing for the 200 tickets available. My son is already signed up for a summer program at our local library. I didn't like this library's manipulating their programming numbers for tickets to see the Bus.

What else? Greetings to everyone else!



Puck - Jun 11, 2007 5:48 am (#1954 of 2988)

RPS, what fabulous children! You must be a fabulous Mom. OH, what did it say on the shirt you got for Christmas? Something about your novel?

Diva's friend arriving shortly for a playdate. I should get out of my pajamas.



Daioma Dumbledore - Jun 11, 2007 5:56 am (#1955 of 2988)

JB - sorry it's taken so long to reply but thanks from all of us "down under" for you great message!

Soli, glad to hear your face is getting better, I'm a cat lover but I don't think they can ever be completely trusted.

In regards to pool supervision, Sebastian has been taking swimming lessons since he was 5 months old and can float and hold his head above water etc but i won't even leave him in the bath alone for 30 seconds let alone a pool, no matter how small, with others, if that makes me over protective so be it!

RPS - your children sound wonderful!

best wishes to all!


The giant squid - Jun 11, 2007 6:33 am (#1956 of 2988)

One caused something called "cat-scratch fever"—Solitaire

Somehow I don't think that's the same thing Ted Nugent was talking about...

RPS, that party sounds great. It's a good feeling to have a family that cares enough to make the extra effort.

It's supposed to be 91F tomorrow.--Marie E.

Is that it? I'd love it if it cooled down to 91. Ahh, summer in the desert...



John Bumbledore - Jun 11, 2007 6:36 am (#1957 of 2988)

John - Can you sing tenor? — painting sheila?
Erm, would that be the same range in which as Captain von Trapp sings "Edelweiss"? We sang "Edelweiss" back when I was "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" but I kept trying to drop an octave during the audition. Thus, I got the part of Admiral von Schreiber.

I mean, Yes, I can sing tenor.

Lina, I guess I was away too long and missed the castle, but I am glad Kate enjoyed her trip.

Mike, glad someone noticed my wave to our Aussie friends!
Oh! look there! **Wave back to Daioma!**

RPS, I was thinking of asking if you would give us a brief glimpse of what you're writing about but then though I had never seen that done before thinking it was a "but what if someone else then writes about the same thing?" I ended up realizing that you probably couldn't share a part of it with us before it was published. I then reverted to the old analogy questioning "Which came first, The chicken or the egg?"

Well I always thought that the type of egg was determined by what made the egg, and that something not a chicken could lay an egg from which a chicken then hatched. But what good would that do with no other chickens about? Kind of puts a kink in that theory of evolution.

Um, I think the "train of thought" in those last two paragraphs have answered quite succinctly why I am neither a writer nor a train engineer.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Chemyst - Jun 11, 2007 8:01 am (#1958 of 2988)

Oh, I don't know, John ... I think many of us enjoy reading about your convolutions and shortcuts.

In fact, much of the fun in reading this thread is seeing where someone will take another comment. For example, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to lyrics to Ted Nugent songs*, but I have read his book, Kill It & Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish. (nods to Madame Pince and her squirrel gravy) Although, I don't think Solitaire is going to serve up her niece's cat in a flaky crust anytime soon, (even though I would not blame her if she did. Ouch!)
By the way,  "No-scar" charms to you, Soli.

 * ...and I did look up lyrics to Cat Scratch Fever.


azi - Jun 11, 2007 8:25 am (#1959 of 2988)

RPS - you have some lovely pictures! I really liked the snow ones (it was deep!).

Lina - great new avatar! So sweet!

Healing charms Soli. I think you've coped better than I would!

Lovely Monday's to all!


Thom Matheson - Jun 11, 2007 8:34 am (#1960 of 2988)

Ah, Mike do you also remember, "Fred Behr? Only the greatest song ever written by the Noog. Ok everyone, start singing. "It good to have you back again old friend".


John Bumbledore - Jun 11, 2007 8:42 am (#1961 of 2988)

Thom, maybe if you hum a few bars first?

Chemyst, thank you; I think?

Soli, and Mike I believe the "cat scratch fever" is actually a parasitic infection. **Banishing charms on parasites and infections to go along with others healing and "no-scar" charms.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


T Brightwater - Jun 11, 2007 9:08 am (#1962 of 2988)

Hi everybody, it's been a bit rough lately - too much work, no energy, never know what to expect with my mother - but I had to pass this one on.

Check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day (there are often cool images on this site - all my screensavers come from here!)


Today, June 11, the image is of the Merope Reflection Nebula. (There are often gorgeous images on this site - all my screensavers come from here!)

**waves to Lina, Chemyst, Solitaire, Finn, Timrew, and everyone else** See y'all later. Spare Cheering and Strengthening Charms greatly appreciated.


Solitaire - Jun 11, 2007 9:51 am (#1963 of 2988)

Thanks for the "no scar" and "no infection" charms, Chemyst and John.

Azi, I'm not too worried about my scratch, as long as it doesn't get infected--and I don't think that will happen at this point. At my age, a tiny crescent-shaped scar can only make me more interesting ... like a tattoo! LOL Honestly, I doubt it will even be visible, once it is fully healed and the color has gone.

June 11th ... today is the 59th anniversary of my parents' wedding. I wish Dad were still around to celebrate it. I guess I'll call Mom and see how she is doing.

Hi, T Brightwater! Thoughts, prayers, and cheering and strengthening charms to you!



journeymom - Jun 11, 2007 10:41 am (#1964 of 2988)

Aw, Merope is beautiful.

Sorry to hear about the cat scratch, Soli! Happy anniversary to your parents. Hope your mom has lots sweet memories today.


Edited to say: Happy Birthday, Hugh Laurie!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 11, 2007 12:08 pm (#1965 of 2988)

OH, what did it say on the shirt you got for Christmas? Something about your novel? – Puck

It says, "Don't annoy me or you'll end up in my novel!" The picture with it is of a crazed woman typing feverishly at a computer. I also made another one for myself that says, "I'll take chocolate with that." (Yes, I made all those T-shirts. Aren't computers wonderful?) My favorite was the one I made for my autistic 4-year-old. It shows a chubby child superhero, and it says, "They call me CAPTAIN CHAOS! Lesser mortals, BEWARE!"

RPS, I was thinking of asking if you would give us a brief glimpse of what you're writing about but then though I had never seen that done before thinking it was a "but what if someone else then writes about the same thing?" I ended up realizing that you probably couldn't share a part of it with us before it was published. I then reverted to the old analogy questioning "Which came first, The chicken or the egg?" -- John Bumbledore


Seriously, though, you're pretty much right that I can't give you much detail; putting that in such a public place would be truly stupid. But in totally oversimplified summary...

Main character is found (as a 4-year-old) with a murdered man and strange medallion. Strange medallion has unusual powers. 10 years later, bad people come looking for main character. Main character escapes, terrible tragedy happens, yada yada, ends up going off with good guys, learns to use medallion, lots of tension, traumatic event, people have conversions, end of story.

The main theme of the story actually grew out of the controversy about what Harry's "power that the Dark Lord knows not" was, back in 2005. After I wrote this, I started wanting to write a story about people fighting evil by living a kind of sacrificial love. And that's really what my story is about. That part, I don't think anybody could copy (even if anyone wanted to). Saying it that way, it sounds kind of boring. But people have told me the book is a real page-turner so far , so I guess I'm doing all right with it!

June 11th ... today is the 59th anniversary of my parents' wedding. I wish Dad were still around to celebrate it. I guess I'll call Mom and see how she is doing. – Solitaire

My sympathies. My mom has lost my dad, too, and I know their anniversary is very hard for her. Strengthening charms and prayers and lots of hugs!


Lavandula - Jun 11, 2007 12:41 pm (#1966 of 2988)

Brightwater-**Strengthening and Healing Charms coming your way** Thanks for the wonderful picture of Merope Nebula. I can see why these become your screen savers.

RPS-I forgot to mention that the pictures of your family are delightful. I have similar pictures (somewhere) of the storm of Feb. 07 and the layer of ice during it. My 9 year old has Asperger's. Syndrome, so I understand the life of a family with someone Autistic. Every day is a new journey into 'CHAOS'. I will say that these past five years have become much easier and not so exhausting. My days are more mentally draining than they once were. The problems are so much different now with him trying to fit in. The T-shirt for your son sounds perfect!

Off to piano lessons.



Lina - Jun 11, 2007 1:15 pm (#1967 of 2988)

Thanks for the "no scar" and "no infection" charms, Chemyst and John. – Soli

Hey! I was first!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818

John, I'm really sorry, I totally forgot that it was a weekend. I showed Kay some photos from Kate's trip (while we were drinking tea in the pub together...) and she commented that someone could have been photographed with those cavemen. So I remembered that I was photographed with them and moved on as soon as I found the picture. Here is the castle back, just to remind you that you are missed. I don't want to make you feel guilty, just to know.

***Waving to Brightwater*** Nice to see you! Thanks for the picture. Sending you a lot of strengthening and cheering charms and prayers and many hugs and hoping that the things will become easier for you.


John Bumbledore - Jun 11, 2007 1:41 pm (#1968 of 2988)

About Lina's changable Avatar. (Thank you for the re-run) Kate has shown a lovely choice of housing. I too have always wanted a castle, I guess that is why I still build them in the sand when we go to the beach. LOL

Did I forget to mention my youngest turned eight on 1 June? Rachael and James are growing so fast. Well, all four are growing fast. Busy weekend and a busy next few days as well.

must rush home now. **Waves to all**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Jun 11, 2007 2:16 pm (#1969 of 2988)

Happy Eight Birthday to your youngest, John! Forgive me, but I don't know if Rachael or James is youngest. Journeymom Jr will be eight on June 21. He's very excited. I'm enjoying his age right now. Even if he is a pill.


Lina - Jun 11, 2007 3:28 pm (#1970 of 2988)

LOL, Journeymom, they are both youngest. Wouldn't it make them youngests? Happy belated birthday to John's twins! I don't complain about fast growing up.


Mediwitch - Jun 11, 2007 6:00 pm (#1971 of 2988)

Hooray for RPS's kids - what a great thing to do!

I have a newer pic of the house to put up, but I'm not sure I'll get to it until school is over...3 and 1/2 days!

*Strengthening Charms* and (((T Brightwater))).

Happy Birthday 11 to Rachael and James!


painting sheila - Jun 11, 2007 6:39 pm (#1972 of 2988)


Just popping in to say - You're on Good Evans!! Count on it!

Oldest Daughter got her license today - Yikes!!


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 11, 2007 6:40 pm (#1973 of 2988)

Happy belated Birthday to the Bumbledore twins! Hope it was happy!

RPS, your family is lovely! We really enjoyed the pics (HH13 looked at them, too)! Can't wait to read your story. BTW, I would like my copy autographed. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

I am feeling slightly jealous that you are out in nearly 3 days, Mediwitch! We have until the 21st.

I mulched and weeded our school's property today. Two helpers showed up. Trevor was so patient and well behaved. I'm glad I can count on him when I need to. We were there from the time I dropped Priscilla off until early afternoon. Afterward, we went food shopping, jumped into the pool (just enough to get wet) and high tailed it to Olivia's school to pick her up. My lower back is slightly out of whack and I have a very large bruise on my thigh from the wheelbarrow. Other than that, I'm intact. After putting in my 2 years, I am glad to be passing this volunteer job on.

Tomorrow, I will be at Priscilla's school yet again to help with Father's Day projects. My house seems to be growing messier by the minute. Anyone know a good house elf?


EDIT: Congratulations to Sheila's oldest daughter! Drive safely!


Solitaire - Jun 11, 2007 7:33 pm (#1974 of 2988)

Sorry, Lina! A thousand thanks to you, as well! This is why I usually open a second window and work on my answer as I read ... so I don't miss anyone.

I saw the doc today, and he checked my "wound." He was a bit concerned and said that I was not out of the woods yet. I was surprised, but apparently, my diabetes puts me more at risk for infections from cuts, scratches, etc. Go figure ...

I was also surprised that my blood sugar, based on last week's lab tests, is normal! When I have tested it here at home, it has been consistently higher over the last few weeks. The doc feels it is probably due more to the change in testing times, which have been more erratic than when I am at school and must adhere to a specific schedule. I was glad to hear that. He did admonish me to get back on my lean protein/fresh fruits & veggies regime and get away from the Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones shortcuts I've been taking over the last several weeks, as they are a bit too high in starchy carbs and not high enough in complex carbs.

Maria, I think you need a vacation!



Jenniffler - Jun 11, 2007 8:32 pm (#1975 of 2988)

Solitaire, I can commiserate, although I am not diabetic, I live with the knowledge that each starchy sauce or sugary soda takes me closer to a daily pick of the needle. I really try to balance quick cook times with flavor and health. My answer is a bag (or two) of low to medium carbohydrate frozen veggies zapped in my microwave. It takes about the same time as frozen dinners and the portions don't matter because it has all that fiber. I would like to recommend Kashi frozen dinners, but I have a suspicion that the yummy sauces negate the healthy qualities of the whole grain part of it. I have to be careful, and eat lean protein regularly or I become a sugar-searching monster. Also wheat aggravates my Inattention and Divergent Thinking (think ADD) so I avoid bread except in special occasions

Also, I find that the best dessert for people with blood-sugar issues is a bowl of fresh berries: strawberry, raspberry logan berry, blackberry, or dewberry. A blueberry farm visit is an annual tradition for our family. They are now ripe and we plan to visit soon. The farm nearby lets you sample the berries as you gather, so that takes care of the hunger factor on our morning excursion.

Edited to add about the Sugar Monster thing. When it hits, bring on the chocolate, the Peeps, caramel, and the Ben and Jerry's, my pancreas notwithstanding!



Madam Pince - Jun 11, 2007 8:36 pm (#1976 of 2988)

***waves back at T Brightwater***

RPS, that was so cute what your kids did for you! What sweeties! I love the t-shirt about being in your novel.

Don't you just love it when your child behaves like an angel, and all around chaos is erupting? -Snuffles

-- LOL! Yes, particularly when it happens so rarely!

Journeymom, love the avatar!

I'm a cat lover but i don't think they can ever be completely trusted.  

An excellent point, Daioma! I think that's why having one for a pet is so much fun!

Woo-hoo! Flippy the fish has finally decided he's hungry -- he gobbled up a fair portion of freeze-dried brine shrimp tonight! Maybe he is just an occasional eater?

Oh, and I keep meaning to wave "Hi" at Madam Poppy, too! Glad to see you back!

OK, if y'all are going to talk about healthy food then I'm going to have to leave. Where are the chocolate discussions? The Peeps? The haggis? (OK, not the haggis...) Although, the cat pie had some promise as a discussion-launcher...


Ydnam96 - Jun 11, 2007 9:25 pm (#1977 of 2988)

Ewww...cat pie. Makes me a little sick

So today was my first day back to work in three weeks. Man, I was enjoying not working. It's the first time in years I've had that long off...although I guess it really wasn't that long because the conference last week was work. But still. Most of my colleagues get two months off...oh well. Tomorrow I meet with my boss to discuss my new job description. No more money or title change but different work to do...and I have no idea what I'll be doing. Good thoughts would be appreciated

My grandfather is supposed to be transported from the hospital in Pensacola, FL to the nursing home my grandma is at in Richmond, VA tomorrow by medical transport (basically a long distance ambulance). He was supposed to go on Saturday but the doctor wouldn't release him because his oxygen levels dipped too low. We're praying he can go. It will be so much better for him, my grandma, and the rest of the family if he is up there near everyone. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

Lina, I love Kate's taste in houses. Can you imagine cleaning that? Even so, I would live there no problem.

Madame Pince, I think bettas are sparse eaters. I'm glad he finally ate though!

So, Denise P. where have you been?

Lizzy, how are things going?

Tazzy...how's Hawaii- does it get hot there or does it stay just warm? It's getting to the "hot" temps here lately. And the "haze" (SMOG) is getting thick. You know, if you come back to CA sometime this summer we should meet up!

Well, I should go to bed...I'm taking a friend to the airport early tomorrow morning before work.



journeymom - Jun 11, 2007 10:05 pm (#1978 of 2988)

LOL, Journeymom, they are both youngest. Wouldn't it make them youngests? Happy belated birthday to John's twins! I don't complain about fast growing up. –Lina

**slaps forehead**  Duh! Okay, now I get it. Well, Happy Birthday to your twins, John!


painting sheila - Jun 11, 2007 10:09 pm (#1979 of 2988)

RPS _ i agree with everyone else. Your kids are wonderfully thoughtful. A trait I am SURE they learned from their mother. (and I want my copy autographed also!)

Solitaire - I am so sorry to hear about your scratch and the slow heal. Cat Scratch Fever is a "real" thing. I think I heard some where (read?) that cats have a substance in their claws that is secreted when they scratch in defense or anger. That chemical is what causes the scratch to fester and become infected. If our cats ever scratch one of the kids I make them rinse and wash until I feel better. (just like a mom!)

Ydnam - Good thoughts heading your Grandfathers way. YOu are in our prayers.

Yeah for Flippy the Fish!

I am off to bed. I can't keep my eyes opened to type. >Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Hubby called and said they had made it and they were going to bed (5:30). I think they are tired too! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


geauxtigers - Jun 11, 2007 10:11 pm (#1980 of 2988)

Me and Ginny just realized we've been knitting our hats wrong. Or I guess I should say purling them wrong. What I've done looks really great, it just wasn't ribbing like it was supposed to! So we finally got online and found this site that shows you how to do ribbing, at which point we realized that in said video, the lady was purling differently. Oh well, I figured out that I'm doing what appears to be a stocking knit stitch or something like that, (not that we were doing it right, it just happens to look identical even though our method of getting there is different)! LOL I'm just going to stocking-knit the rest of the hat. I've gotten so far! I can't just pull it all out now!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Its only 38 days until DH!!! I'm getting so pumped up already! And only 28 until OoP!

Off to finish up PoA and maybe continue my incorrect knitting...


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 11, 2007 10:41 pm (#1981 of 2988)

A big welcome back to Madame Poppy.;;;;**:!!!!  (well, that is my attempt at Abbifetti for your return.) You were not that long ago, mentioned in a discussion on friends we hadn't scene, so welcome back Kirsten!



Tazzygirl - Jun 12, 2007 2:20 am (#1982 of 2988)

I thought it had only been a day since I last posted here, but I was wrong. It's been 3 (almost 4) days! I was busy the last couple days with work, and now I am off until Friday. What am I going to do for the next three days?!

Welcome back to all the returning members and the new ones! **waves**

I haven't talked to Mills (aka Amilia Smith) since we went and saw GoF together. Wait- I did talk to her in the Chat room for a few about a year ago or so. She said she was going back to the Mainland, or something like that.

Happy Birthday to John's youngest two!

Mandy- The weather here does get hot every once in a while (in the 90s), but usually it is just humid and in the mid to high 80s (Fahrenheit). I don't miss the smog at all! I would love to meet up, but sadly I won't be going to California any time soon. There isn't a really good time for me to come home this summer, and plane tickets are more expensive than what I usually spend. As of right now, it is not looking like I'm going back to the Mainland until next summer.

I put myself under a self-imposed "No TV or Computer" Day today. TV hasn't been on, and I finally just gave in to computer temptation. I managed to clean out my storage/attic space and my closet. My puppet supplies and puppets are now put away, and I have my floor back. *squee*

Good luck with your hats, Ginny and Tori! My mom tried to teach me how to knit over Christmas, but I didn't have the patience for it. LOL She's almost got a blanket done.

Some worrying news- we found out one of my Mom's dogs (Beanie) has three tumors. She goes in Wednesday night to get them removed. **crossing fingers** that they aren't any worse than Stage 2...

Madam P- I tried to think of something to say about Chocolate, but I couldn't think of anything...

**healing charms** **strengthening charms** and ((HUGS)) to everyone that needs them! (sorry if I missed anything!)



azi - Jun 12, 2007 4:20 am (#1983 of 2988)

I ate a bar of Galaxy chocolate for breakfast this morning. It was chucking it down with rain and I didn't want to get wet walking to the shops.

Ginny and Tori - sounds like you're doing better than Hermione's knitting! I'm prepared to bet your hats don't look like woolly bladders.

Lovely day to all. I must boldly walk in the rain.


Snuffles - Jun 12, 2007 5:19 am (#1984 of 2988)

Hmmm, Galaxy chocolate, one of my favourites. The bar never seems big enough though! No sooner do you start it, then you realise you have just put the last piece in your mouth! Or is that just me?

Happy belated birthday to John's twins. I hope they had a wonderful day

Good luck with the knitting Tori and Ginny.

*Throws a brolly into azi's direction* I think it's supposed to thunder later too

I hope your mum's dog is ok Kristina. *Healing charms and Felix Felicis* your way.

Have a good Tuesday everyone



Round Pink Spider - Jun 12, 2007 5:53 am (#1985 of 2988)

RPS, your family is lovely! We really enjoyed the pics (HH13 looked at them, too)! Can't wait to read your story. BTW, I would like my copy autographed. -- HH11

RPS _ i agree with everyone else. Your kids are wonderfully thoughtful. A trait I am SURE they learned from their mother. (and I want my copy autographed also!) -- Painting Sheila

I would be delighted to sign any books that ever get published... I'm actually kind of worried about book signings, something which I think goes along with book promotions (if the publisher bothers to promote your book). I have mild fibromyalgia, and writing for prolonged periods is literally painful for me. It doesn't help that I write on a computer; my hand muscles have gotten weak. I spend very little time with a writing implement in my hand, unless I'm drawing (which doesn't take the same amount of effort as writing).

You're kind to think that I'm "wonderfully thoughtful," but actually I'm kind of OCD, and I grew up pretty critical. I had to learn to be thoughtful and accepting from my dear husband (who must have been pretty accepting to put up with me while I learned... ).

I am feeling slightly jealous that you are out in nearly 3 days, Mediwitch! We have until the 21st. -- HH11

Well then, I guess neither of you want to hear that our school got out a week ago... But I've got older teens whom I have to drive to work, and little ones going to summer school for special ed, so it's not exactly a vacation! (A mother's job is to deliver children: obstetrically once, and by car ever after!)

This is why I usually open a second window and work on my answer as I read ... so I don't miss anyone. – Solitaire

Would you believe I never thought of doing that before?

Woo-hoo! Flippy the fish has finally decided he's hungry -- he gobbled up a fair portion of freeze-dried brine shrimp tonight! Maybe he is just an occasional eater? -- Madam Pince

An "occasional eater." Sounds like my two older daughters... I used to worry about how little my oldest one ate. But a county nurse told me, "If she has plenty of energy, isn't sick all the time, and is growing normally, don't worry about it." So now, I don't worry about it. But I DO wonder if they're secretly living off osmosis or photosynthesis sometimes!

Ydnam96, prayers and blessings on your grandfather.

OK, if y'all are going to talk about healthy food then I'm going to have to leave. Where are the chocolate discussions? The Peeps? The haggis? (OK, not the haggis...) Although, the cat pie had some promise as a discussion-launcher... -- Madam Pince
I'm kind of with Ydnam on the cat pie... Speaking of chocolate, I'm doing Atkins right now, which means no sugar. Last week, I literally had a dream about chocolate! So I went and got myself some sugar-free miniatures, and I let myself have 1 or 2 a day so that I don't go into total choco-lemia!

I ate a bar of Galaxy chocolate for breakfast this morning. – Azi

Chocolate for breakfast? Now, that's my idea of a great breakfast! So, what's "Galaxy"? Is it a brand? I don't think we have that one in the USA. Sounds good.

Well, I got a bit more of Chapter 14 rewritten. My real struggle for this chapter was that I had to describe an experience that no one's ever had, and I had to make it sound realistic and interesting. What a challenge... But I let my "literary critic," my oldest daughter, read what I'd written last night, after I'd FINALLY gotten a version I was pretty sure worked, and SHE LIKED IT! *phew* Almost as bad as the time I had to invent a ceremony (with appropriate hymns, of all things ) that would actually sounded all established and formal without being corny. Golly, that was tough!


Puck - Jun 12, 2007 5:56 am (#1986 of 2988)

My breakfast is orange juice and a lovely fresh-from-the-oven banana bran muffin. Toddler Puck's muffin is scattered in bits across the table. (Someday they will appreciate having a Mom who baked muffins -when they are on their own and feeding themselves.)

We start swim lessons this afternoon. Son is excited, but Diva is nervous and keeps saying she doesn't want to go. (Funny, because a year ago she was swimming on her own, but then suddenly became fearful.)

John, hope the twins had a wonderful birthday!

Tazzy, healing charms for Beanie!

Mandy, prayers for grandfather and an uneventful trip home.

I'm sure I've had galaxy bar at some point. When I visited England many moons ago I tried to taste all the different bars. You know, experience the culture.

Wait, Lina mention having a cup of coffe or something with Kay. Was she visiting? Or perhaps a different Kay?

Off to get ready for the day. The crisper drawer is near empty, so I must go get some fruit. I wanted to pick our own strawberries, but the farm isn't starting that until next week.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 12, 2007 6:06 am (#1987 of 2988)

Lina and KayKay are good friends. I think they were in a Chat Room together.


Marie E. - Jun 12, 2007 7:03 am (#1988 of 2988)

RPS, my husband accuses my oldest of living off of nothing but air. He'll imitate her taking a big breath and then say "Mmm, all full!". She'll respond with the tween-appropriate "DAAA-deeee!" complete with eyeroll.


kaykay1970 - Jun 12, 2007 8:04 am (#1989 of 2988)

LOL Kathy! RPS has it right. Lina and I "visit" in the chat room quite often. I haven't made a trip to Croatia yet. But once Kate has moved into her castle I've got dibs on a room in the tower!

What a great bunch of kids you have RPS! Sounds like a lovely party! Sounds like you nearly have Chapter 14 worked out! WooHoo!

Happy belated birthday to the Bumbledore twins!

***Hugs to ((Tazzy)) and some healing charms for Beanie!


Steve Newton - Jun 12, 2007 8:34 am (#1990 of 2988)

RPS, what kind of novel are you working on?


virginiaelizabeth - Jun 12, 2007 9:03 am (#1991 of 2988)

It was chucking it down with rain and I didn't want to get wet walking to the shops.

OK I've read this sentence over a few times and it's not making much sense! You were chunking what down with rain?? Strictly British? Maybe I'm just tired.


Madam Poppy - Jun 12, 2007 9:09 am (#1992 of 2988)

Hello Madam Pince and Mrs. Sirius! It's good to be back. I'm having fun looking through the current topics and preparing for the last book. My best "Potter-friend" is back in Wenatchee, WA and she doesn't have time to talk much. My daughter lives here, but she's only read each book, (gasp!) once!

Geauxtigers, I took up knitting while recovering from my work injury. I can finally make a pretty good hat but have too much trouble following a complicated pattern to make sweaters etc.. I took up knitting to eliminate stress...not create it. I have several good websites I go to if you are interested?


Solitaire - Jun 12, 2007 9:29 am (#1993 of 2988)

Jenniffler, my diabetes sprang up very quickly. My blood glucose was always normal, until spring 2006. That February, I had a bad flu, and I lived on fruit juices (fresh, from Trader Joe's), bread, etc., for weeks. When I got better, I continued with the juices, as well as pasta, bread, etc. My blood sugar shot through the roof, and I was unable to get it back down, even with exercise and diet. I am now on Metformin (only one pill a.m. and p.m.), and my sugar has stabilized and I've lost about 40 pounds. But I worked really hard all year to achieve that. Recently, however, I have gotten sloppy. I am lucky that my sugar is still in the normal range and my weight is only up 3 pounds. It is a wake-up call, because I worked too hard to get where I am to blow it now.

Oops! My computer is really misbehaving. I will have to log off and finish this later. I must have a weird connection. Also, I need to run an errand! BBL



journeymom - Jun 12, 2007 9:35 am (#1994 of 2988)

Chocolate for breakfast? Now, that's my idea of a great breakfast! So, what's "Galaxy"? Is it a brand? I don't think we have that one in the USA. Sounds good. –RPS

9:15 a.m. -- Now you’ve done it. I bought Mr Journeymom a Ritter Sport chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s. A week ago. This man does not get how chocolate is supposed to be consumed: quickly, with much gusto. He said, “thank you” and tucked it away in the cupboard. I asked him, “Sooo, when are you going to eat that thing?” He looks at me with eyes narrowed, and says, “When I feel like it. I don’t feel like it yet.” He knows I approach chocolate differently. He knows that once a month, a chocolate bar and a bag of chips/crisps show up in the grocery basket, all by themselves. I get to the checkout line and with great wonder say, “How ever did those get in there?”

9:36 a.m. --So Mr Journeymom’s chocolate bar is gone now. The Ritter bar has 16 squares. There are three of us here (Mr Journeymom is at work). Each kid had 4 squares, I had 8. Yum. An excellent breakfast.

And, yes, what is a Galaxy bar?

Virginia, what have you done to that poor cat??


painting sheila - Jun 12, 2007 9:39 am (#1995 of 2988)

journeymom - You crack me up!!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Now . . .get to the store quick to replace it!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 12, 2007 9:40 am (#1996 of 2988)

chucking it down with rain and I didn't want to get wet walking to the shops.

I took as pouring, though I do say that is an interesting choice of words.

Soli, healing charms all round, and I would like for you to do me an avatar. I did get your last fantastic effort, long ago, but alas, it was lost in a great hard drive crash! If you have time, I'll send you the pic.

John? Aren't twins fun? (Pretends to overlook Ginny and Tori...)

My identical twin girls made 26 their last birthday, don't ask how old grandma got.

Just for the record, be granny for 10th time, methinks....


azi - Jun 12, 2007 9:47 am (#1997 of 2988)

TBE is right, 'chucking it down' just means raining hard! You generally don't add 'with rain' on the end, but I guessed some forumers might not use the phrase.

(I did end up getting soaked, I had to go onto campus )

Galaxy is made by the same company that makes Mars Bars. Those are mentioned in PS, but I don't know about SS. It's a creamy chocolate, not the best, but it's all my friend had! I'm a Cadbury's person.

Off to see Pirates 3...I'm a little behind the times...


Puck - Jun 12, 2007 10:19 am (#1998 of 2988)

Does not having seen Pirates yet put me behind the times? I must be finding us a baby sitter, me thinks.

Note, the return of the avatar. Yeah! And it happened quoite quickly this time around, so no having to bug Kip to bug World Crossing.

Congrats on the new grandchild, TBE! I imagine a granny with horses would be quite popular.

Okay, I need to be getting baby down for her nap, then I will do a quick vacuum and then off to dust off my sewing machine. (I wasn't planning to vacuum, as I did so twice yesterday, but it is once again covered with crumbs.)



TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 12, 2007 10:33 am (#1999 of 2988)

Congrats on the new grandchild, TBE! I imagine a granny with horses would be quite popular.

More so than you would imagine. Now what is fun to imagine is the horses reaction to the grands!...LOL


Ydnam96 - Jun 12, 2007 10:51 am (#2000 of 2988)

Hey TBE, what great news! Congrats!

Mmm...Chocolate. I'm watching my carbs and trying to eat more veggies and all that jazz but I still need my sweets. I found these great ice cream bars by Weight Watchers that are low fat and I think low carb. They are amazing! I kid you not. They have a fudge bar that is yummy and my favorit is the cookies and cream bar.
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journeymom - Jun 12, 2007 11:00 am (#2001 of 2988)

Ahhh, Galaxy is Dove chocolate in the States.


Lavandula - Jun 12, 2007 11:15 am (#2002 of 2988)

All this talk of chocolate is making me crave...

I love Dove Dark Chocolate the best, but any kind of Dove is great!

Great Day to all. I'm still working on Darling Daughter's dresser and closet mess. She doesn't quite get organizational techniques and her lack of them is costing me too much money in new clothes when she has perfectly good things to wear...somewhere!!!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 12, 2007 11:56 am (#2003 of 2988)

Oooo, Doves! I love Doves.

RPS, what kind of novel are you working on? -- Steve Newton

Steve, for lack of a better term, I'd call it a fantasy, but I really hate to use that term. I think of fantasies as something a little closer to fairy tales -- swords and horses and mythical creatures. I prefer to write stories set in the present-day world, but with one fantasy element that changes things. That leaves room for the imagination without requiring me to learn how to use a broadsword.

I'm off working on Chapter 14 again while my kids are swimming. I really want to finish the rough draft of the manuscript by the end of the summer!


virginiaelizabeth - Jun 12, 2007 12:46 pm (#2004 of 2988)

Virginia, what have you done to that poor cat??

Hey now! That's her swimsuit!! :evilgrin:

So it was chunking down rain.... hmmm that just sounds so weird to me! Silly British people!  

Okayy I want some chocolate now!! We went last night and bought a baguette (which is nearly gone now!), so now I think we need some sticks of dark chocolate to go with it! YUM!!


geauxtigers - Jun 12, 2007 12:52 pm (#2005 of 2988)

I have several good websites I go to if you are interested?

I've found a few, but I'd love it if you had some more! I could call my grandma, but its long distance by a lot, plus what I need is someone who can show me, not tell me! LOL

I love dove chocolate! DARK chocolate is their best! But if its got DOVE written on it, I love it! They make really good ice cream bars too (vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate). They are to die for! Of course, any chocolate is good. I also love cadbury. Hershey's used to better when they were in the old foil wrappers. I am convinced they changed their recipe when they changed their wrappers. Or maybe its just the wrappers...all I know is that they aren't the same!


Snuffles - Jun 12, 2007 1:23 pm (#2006 of 2988)

Dove chocolate , the only things we have here with the Dove brand is soap and shampoo!, no wonder it's creamy

Ginny, it's chuCking not chuNking , chunking just sounds plain daft

All this talk of chocolate made me hungry, so I am dipping choc chip digestive biscuits into a lovely Horlicks choccy drink! Yum!

Off to check the chat room.....



Solitaire - Jun 12, 2007 1:29 pm (#2007 of 2988)

Mr. Journeymom actually left his chocolate bar in the house with you and two kids? Hm ... anyone who values his chocolate so little does not really like or deserve chocolate. Sorry, but there you are.

Twinkles, I'd love to make you an avatar! Just send the photo you want ... or I'll use your current one. If you have a couple, send them along. I'll make you a "change of clothes." BTW, let's not talk about age, okay? My birthday comes at the end of the month, and I do not plan to get any older this year.   Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042  Actually, I was thinking of getting younger. I'll let you know when I decide how old I'm going to be!

Mandy, my diabetes put a serious crimp in my chocolate habit ... and, yes, habit it was. But I have found that the Glucerna Caramel Nut bar is positively yummy. I can have one without raising my blood sugar too much. Alas, they have gotten expensive. They were on sale for $3.99/box around Christmas, and I bought about 6 boxes (all I could find). I've been out for ages and plan to stock up as soon as I find "my flavor"!

I also like those little chocolate-coated Slim-a-Bear "no sugar added" ice cream bars (made by Klondike). I can have one a few times a week. I just cut out something starchy on those days to make up for it. Now, if they would only add a few different ice cream flavors, like they do on their regular Klondikes ...



geauxtigers - Jun 12, 2007 2:21 pm (#2008 of 2988)

Ginny, it's chucking not chunking , chunking just sounds plain daft . . .

Okay, now you've me, daft? judging by the context, I'm guessing it means I dunno, bad? LOL

Oh and its chunking!


Snuffles - Jun 12, 2007 2:38 pm (#2009 of 2988)

sounds daft = sounds silly, or that is doesn't sound right!

Must just be a British word!


virginiaelizabeth - Jun 12, 2007 2:40 pm (#2010 of 2988)

Ginny, it's chucking not chunking , chunking just sounds plain daft

LOL! My bad!

On daft...well you learn something new everyday!


Madam Pince - Jun 12, 2007 2:52 pm (#2011 of 2988)

Don't worry, azi; I knew exactly what you meant! LOL! (It's certainly not any odder than "raining cats and dogs"!)

Tee-hee on journeymom and the chocolate bar! That's too cute!

Congratulations on the new grandchild, TBE! I was thinking of you the other night during the Ruffian movie, and hoping you've never had that to do. My Dad had a big Tennessee Walker when I was a little kid, and I remember when he died (struck by lightning) but I never knew what Dad did with him -- that would have to be tough to bury something that big! Hmmm... I'll have to ask Mom if she remembers...

Good luck to Tazzy's "sister dog" when she gets operated on tomorrow! Hope all goes well with her.

Snuffles, we have Dove soap here, too. Years ago, at my old job, we had weekly meetings in our department where we'd take turns and someone would always bring the Dove ice-cream bars for "attendance enticement." It was always "Who's bringing the Dove bars?" So when it was my turn, I got there early and put a wrapped bar of Dove soap at each place around the conference table. (I know you can't imagine that I would do something like that...) Everyone got a good laugh, but then they were all "Seriously. Where are the Dove bars?"

I read a Civil War soldier's diary where they talked about being so hungry that they tried to cook a cat. They kept stewing it and stewing it and stewing it, hoping that it would eventually get "tender," but all it did was get more and more rubbery. So they finally had to give it up as inedible. That passage really irked me because all I could think was "Poor kitty! Gave its life for no reason at all!"

Another thunderstorm... it must be June... not even 6 p.m. and it's black as midnight out there...

Does anybody watch The Sopranos? I don't, but because I had nothing else going on that night, I watched the finale just because of all the hype and because I like to watch finales. I have to say I thought it was pretty good, and I was very amused by it (probably because I'm not a regular viewer.) It did occur to me that if JKR did something like that to us with DH, I would be highly ticked off!


Lina - Jun 12, 2007 3:00 pm (#2012 of 2988)

Congratulations on the grandchild, TBE!

Prayers and charms for Mandy.

Hey people, I'm trying to lose weight here, and I'm not doing too well. All this reading about chocolate will just make me gain!

Yes Kathy, RPS was very accurate about the photos I showed to Kay. I just let the imagination go. I can't write a novel, so I can at least invent mini fantasy stories. The truth is that I would really like to meet more than just one forum member in the real life and have a cup of tea. That's why I always come to the chat room with a cup of tea.


Ydnam96 - Jun 12, 2007 3:36 pm (#2013 of 2988)

What are digestive biscuits?


azi - Jun 12, 2007 4:10 pm (#2014 of 2988)

Oh dear, the UK/US language difference is especially large today! I don't know how to describe digestives...they're just digestives...**shrug**

The film was good, although some bits were very unbelievable. Thank you for the warnings to stay until the very end! There were only 6 people who did, 4 of whom were having an argument over whether there really was a scene after the credits!

Oh dear, I'm about to get into an argument over whether Harry is a Horcrux. Excuse me. **wades into foggy mess of theories**


T Brightwater - Jun 12, 2007 4:20 pm (#2015 of 2988)

When a Brit talks about biscuits, they mean what Americans call cookies. (What we call biscuits, they call scones.) Digestive biscuits are rather like graham crackers, only a little heavier and maybe just a bit less sweet. I got to be quite fond of them when I lived in England.


Ydnam96 - Jun 12, 2007 4:33 pm (#2016 of 2988)



Puck - Jun 12, 2007 4:39 pm (#2017 of 2988)

LOL, I'm now understanding the daft comment on the 5 words thread.

Swimming lessons went well. Both kids had fun and neither one cried. Crossing fingers for another 10 or so weeks of the same.

Productive day overall. We got invitations and a pinata for Diva's birthday (Barbie -yes, we get to hit her face with a bat), and Carter's outlet had a great baby sale. My little one (in)conveniently is in a size her sister had mostly winter clothes for, so not many hand me downs. So, a few play outfits for her and gifts for a friend having a boy this summer. A big bag of clothes for a small amount of money.

Time to put people in bed.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 12, 2007 4:40 pm (#2018 of 2988)

Ah, that makes sense. As I recall, the man who invented graham crackers did so because he felt that coarse whole-wheat flour ("graham flour") was healthier for the body that the fine white flour commonly in use. So "digestive biscuits" makes sense! (And hey! Turns out he was right!)


geauxtigers - Jun 12, 2007 5:07 pm (#2019 of 2988)

I think I prefer the term Graham cracker...digestive biscuit makes me think of digestion...and that's not a pleasant thought after my Human anatomy class! LOL

Sounds like we are back to deciding what biscuits, scones, cookies, crumpets, and english muffins are in each country! LOL Oh well, it was bound to come up again!


journeymom - Jun 12, 2007 5:22 pm (#2020 of 2988)

Now . . .get to the store quick to replace it! – Sheila

We went grocery shopping and I got another one. It's in the same spot the original chocolate bar was, so Mr Journeymom will never know.... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818

Virginia, I'm calling the SPCA on you! Lolol! I'm sorry, I keep chuckling at that picture. Poor kitty! At least it's not cooked in a stew.


Vox Gerbilis - Jun 12, 2007 5:24 pm (#2021 of 2988)

Journeymom, Ritter chocolate is my favorite! My husband gets a big laugh out of buying them and leaving them in some slightly hidden place, where they're not obvious, to see how long it takes for me to get at it.

The first mayflies arrived today, or "fish flies" as we say in Michigan. We live about half a mile from Lake St. Clair, so I expect I'll encounter a goodly number on my minivan tomorrow morning. They don't sting or bite, but they're still pretty gross. Anyone else in a mayfly area?


Tazzygirl - Jun 12, 2007 5:24 pm (#2022 of 2988)

I was thinking the digestive biscuits were Biscotti (coffee biscuits)...

Went and picked up a Father's Day prezzie today. My dad is so hard to buy for- good thing he likes gift certificates!

Hope your face is feeling better, Soli!



virginiaelizabeth - Jun 12, 2007 5:27 pm (#2023 of 2988)

Virginia, I'm calling the SPCA on you

LOL!! SPCA=Society for the Protection of Cat ___?___! It was only on her for about 60 seconds if that makes you feel better! Just long enough to take the picture!

Edit: **waves to Nathan**


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 12, 2007 5:30 pm (#2024 of 2988)

Hi everyone, I started my alternative teacher certification program today. How is everyone? It is good to see so many old faces.


journeymom - Jun 12, 2007 5:37 pm (#2025 of 2988)

Hi Nathan! Does that mean you started teaching or you stared learning how to be an alternative teacher?

SPCA- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Started in Britiain, so there it's the RSPCA, Right Spiffy Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 12, 2007 5:41 pm (#2026 of 2988)

It means that I started in a program for individuals that do not have education degrees but want to become teachers.


Tazzygirl - Jun 12, 2007 5:41 pm (#2027 of 2988)

**waves to Nathan** Good luck with the Teacher Program!!

Journeymom: so there it's the RSPCA, Right Spiffy Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

*snort* Teehee! You should have seen the outfits my sister used to put on our dogs... Sad thing is that the dogs actually liked being dressed up.



geauxtigers - Jun 12, 2007 6:02 pm (#2028 of 2988)

My cat doesn't really mind it all too much. Once its on, as long as she can go back to sleep! My dog doesn't really like being dressed up, so we don't dress her very often, except of course on Halloween! (Not that she doesn't wriggle out it) LOL I'll try to get their Halloween picture up from last year.

Good luck, Nathan! Glad to see ya be here!

so there it's the RSPCA, Right Spiffy Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

SPEW!!! That so clever!


Lavandula - Jun 12, 2007 6:59 pm (#2029 of 2988)

Soli-Have you ever tried Dairy Queen's Sugar Free Dilly Bars? They are absolutely delicious and have very few calories/carbs. I don't have any right now or I could give you the particulars. Makes my mouth water!!!! My birthday is the end of the month too, but I have not had any difficulties with the numbers so far. 50 might be a tough one...I don't know. There is plenty of time before that one. I still haven't figured out how to get a picture to fit the avatar size limits, so you just might be helping me out also if you could.

I finished the clothing project. Whooohoo!!! My daughter won't recognize her closet or dresser drawers. She certainly has plenty of clothes to wear.

Nathan-Good luck on your teaching program.

In Cleveland, we have those same pesky bugs as Michigan but we call them Canadian Soldiers (since they fly over Lake Erie from Canada in invasion style in May/June) or Muggle-heads. It just hit me about the name!!!!!! There is a weatherman in Cleveland who gives the daily "Muggle-head" count at this time of year. I wonder if the Dursley's are aware of how annoying these creatures are to the lake-shore inhabitants.

Time to pay more attention to the Cavs/Spurs game.

Charms and well wishes to all!!!



Solitaire - Jun 12, 2007 7:04 pm (#2030 of 2988)

My Dad had a big Tennessee Walker . . .

Madam Pince, my dad had a Tennessee Walker--Molly B--as well. She was given to him in the 90s by his deer hunting buddy. Dad loved and rode her until he could no longer ride, due to his failing health. During his "horsey period," he became fascinated by gaited mules and bred Molly to the number one Jack in the country. She had two beautiful little mules, Cricket and Zack, who are now in the local mountains with a friend of Dad's. My mom took care of Molly until this last fall, when she finally got so bad that she had to be put down. It was very sad.

LOL at hitting Barbie in the face with a bat ... the secret wish of millions of short-legged, less-than-perfectly-shaped women all over the world!

Vox, it sounds as though you may live near the former home of one of my teacher friends. She was in GP, less than 2 blocks from the lake. It was beautiful there ... except for the extreme humidity (I hate feeling sticky).

Tazzy, my scratch is about the same. The area is still tender when I wash it, but it doesn't hurt otherwise.

Congrats, Nathan! Now the fun REALLY begins! Good luck!

Lavandula, I have heard of Dilly Bars, but I am not sure there is a DQ near me. I guess I'll have to go online and see! Thanks for the tip!



Madam Pince - Jun 12, 2007 7:27 pm (#2031 of 2988)

SPCA = Society for the Prevention of Cat Attire Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Vox, we have mayflies here on the Eastern Shore and also where I grew up (which is kind of odd, because that's in the mountains with nary a lake in sight.) It doesn't last long, but they really pepper your windshields for those few days. Yuck... Haven't seen any here yet this year, though.

Congratulations Nathan, on the new teaching program. Good luck!

Lavandula, I wish you'd do my closets next. I am constantly finding something and going "Oh, yeah! I forgot I had that!" Comes from wearing "mom" clothes all the time and never having the reason/opportunity to dress up much, I guess!

There is either something very, very wrong, or else very, very right about the Barbie-pinata-hit-in-the-face-with-a-bat... I can't quite decide which.

Not to beat a dead horse (my, but there's been a lot of them about here lately, haven't there? There's an HBO special about Barbaro on in half an hour but I don't know if I can bring myself to watch), but I thought we had finally decided that American biscuits were not quite the same thing as British scones? Almost but not quite?


virginiaelizabeth - Jun 12, 2007 7:47 pm (#2032 of 2988)

LOL at hitting Barbie in the face with a bat ... the secret wish of millions of short-legged, less-than-perfectly-shaped women all over the world!  Aww Poor Barbie! That can't feel too good!

SPCA = Society for the Prevention of Cat Attire.    ROFL!! That seems to fit nicely doesn't it?

I went to the dentist this morning and the lady flossed my teeth and now they hurt! By the time she had finished ramming the stuff in my teeth, they were bleeding. And then she had the nerve to tell me that I clearly don't floss my teeth enough because my gums were all red and puffy! Seriously! I floss every night, and I don't ram the stuff in as hard a possible! You can do it gently and still get the same results! I bet she doesn't do it that hard on herself! It hurt and now my gums feel all swollen and sensitive! I hate the dentist.

I thought we had finally decided that American biscuits were not quite the same thing as British scones? Almost but not quite?

Oh no! Not again! I don't think my sanity can take it!! LOL


Mediwitch - Jun 12, 2007 7:49 pm (#2033 of 2988)

RPS, have you ever tried speech-to-text software, like Dragon Speaking Naturally? If you have the patience to "train" the software and fairly clear speech, it might be helpful!

Congrats, TBE!

Woohoo, Nathan! Best of luck to you.

2-1/2 days...Collapse


Madam Pince - Jun 12, 2007 8:32 pm (#2034 of 2988)

I know what you mean about the dentist, Ginny. They poke your gums with an extremely sharp metal prod, and then say ever-so-regretfully "Oh dear look at that, your gums are bleeding."

Well, no stuff, Sherlock!!! What did you think would happen??? Grrrr....  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3181402168

I guess maybe we're supposed to abuse our gums so that scar tissue will build up and will thus be stronger or something...


John Bumbledore - Jun 12, 2007 9:03 pm (#2035 of 2988)

Biscotti means "twice baked" so that is completely different than, erm, what ever it was you compared it to. But then again I don't speak Italian so I am not sure if I translated that correctly. In truth it wasn't so much a translation but remembering an article that translated the word, gave the language of origin and... never mind.

Daft, may be a word more common to an older generation that Gori and Tinny (There, just like Forge and Gred so I won't be wrong half the time). Ever hear of Daffy duck? Though I though daft meant crazy or eccentric more than silly, but those all are acceptable synonyms.

“Chucking” means to throw with significant force, as in...

How much wood
would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
**to be said as quickly as one can, then repeat faster.**

But I see that doesn't make it's meaning any clearer, now, does it?

Perhaps I'm just getting to be a daft old codger.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Jun 12, 2007 9:07 pm (#2036 of 2988)

Great. I'm going in for my teeth cleaning tomorrow. You all have me thrilled to go in now. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934

Well, the pinata in the catalogue was in the shape of an actual barbie. This one is just a large heart with her face on it, so not quite as odd to be beating it with a bat. Diva was quite thrilled when she found it.

Happy studying, Nathan!

It's late, so I'm off to bed.



virginiaelizabeth  - Jun 12, 2007 9:23 pm (#2037 of 2988)

They poke your gums with an extremely sharp metal prod, and then say ever-so-regretfully "Oh dear look at that, your gums are bleeding."

LOL! That's exactly what she said, and then she told me off for not flossing enough! I nearly cried while she used the sharp metal poker to scrap at my teeth, then she got out the spinning thing (that they use instead of a regular tooth brush) that sounds like a drill/nails on a chalkboard and put the spit sucker into my mouth. Urgg!! SO my teeth were already sensitive and I had chills going up and down my spine when she decided to destroy my gums with a piece of string. Like I said, I hate the dentist.

ON Daffy Duck...I always just thought that it was a made up name. Makes sense now though!


Ydnam96 - Jun 12, 2007 9:54 pm (#2038 of 2988)

Haha, Daffy Duck- he is real. People only know Bugs Bunny now. So sad.

You can put me in the "I hate the dentist" group. Sorry to any dentists out there...I know they are just doing their job. But it's never fun, they don't ever make me feel better, and it's expensive.

I could use a good pinata!

My grandpa is currently being transported from FL to VA. I think things are going well...Hopefully he's fast asleep (they drugged him up for the trip).


Vox Gerbilis - Jun 13, 2007 3:49 am (#2039 of 2988)

Nathan, best of luck with your teacher training program.

Soli, I live very near the GP border and I know lots of the high school teachers there. I'm a short bike ride away from Middlesex street made famous in the Eugenides novel.

I never heard the terms Canadian Soldiers or Muggle Heads. Good ones!

Nathan, Soli, and all other forum teachers, I washed out as a teacher (walked out of a classroom one day and called the law school to request an application), so I have great respect for all those who actually succeed at this very trying occupation. My husband is a teacher, so that's another reason for me to pay homage to the profession. However, it's a bit hard right now when he's griping about having to get through two more days before summer break. Not only will I be at work all summer, I'll be working in an office where the thermostat has been set at 75 degrees to save energy costs. It's hard to sympathize! Still, work beats unemployment by far, so I can't really complain.


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 4:08 am (#2040 of 2988)

Wait, what's wrong with having the thermostat set to 75? Are you too warm or too cold? Seems like a perfect temperature to me. (I who set it to about 80 degrees in summer, 68 in winter, and have it off altogether with windows open whenever possible. Have not turned the air on yet this year.)

Time to drag someone out of bed. If it were Saturday he'd be up playing Ninetendo by now.


Daioma Dumbledore - Jun 13, 2007 4:12 am (#2041 of 2988)

I'm a cat lover but I don't think they can ever be completely trusted. An excellent point, Daioma! I think that's why having one for a pet is so much fun!

I completely agree thus why we have a cat called Elvis!

Biscotti is simply the italian word for biscuit, italian biscuits are slightly different to ours (i'm australian, and we fit in with the english version of a biscuit), italian biscuits are slightly plainer, but perfect with a short black coffee! My mother-in-law fills me up with these all the time! Yum!

Hi to all and cheering & healing charms to all those that need them


Good Evans - Jun 13, 2007 4:52 am (#2042 of 2988)

well you have been a chatty (or should I say "catty" lot!),

lol about chunking it down with rain Ginny - when it starts chucking down here later - I shall look for the chunks, especially being a daft English person!!

Digestive biscuits - ick - unless they are Mcvities plain chocolate covered!!! yum!!!!!!!!

Puck - smashing barbies face in with a bat??? truly horrid.....yet strangely enticing!!!

Tazzy - is fathers day this weekend in the US? it is sunday in the UK - we dont match our mothers day, but are we matching for the Dads of the world????????

happy days to all - it is "hump" day once again - nearly the weekend!


Daioma Dumbledore - Jun 13, 2007 5:06 am (#2043 of 2988)

Good Evans, no we are not matching fathers day all round the world, here in oz fathers day is not until September ( I hope that's right! )


Lavandula - Jun 13, 2007 5:17 am (#2044 of 2988)

Good Day to everyone!!!!

Father's Day in the US is indeed this weekend. Oops, I completely forgot. I guess I'll need to do some thinking for Mr. L.

Terrible loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. Boo-Hoo.

Off to the ironing chore and preparations for our trip to New York. We leave at 5:30 tommorow morning, so I guess I need to pack prior to the baseball game tonight.

Have a Great ROTD!



Madam Pince - Jun 13, 2007 5:46 am (#2045 of 2988)
Edited Jun 13, 2007 6:24 am

I fear the Cavs are toast, Lavandula! I don't follow NBA ball, but I was sort of pulling for them because they have the same mascot as my alma mater. Oh well.

John, you crack me up! And speaking of "daft old codgers," I think I forgot to list Mike Miller in the list of former Forumers! But he was "barmey old codger," I think... Regardless, miss him too!

Mandy, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your grandfather has a safe journey north! That sounds like it will be so much better for everyone if he can be near her.

Ginny, you've truly never heard of Daffy Duck??? The black cartoon duck who always spits when he talks? Duck Dodgers? "Despiccccable"? "Wabbit Season / Duck Season"??? Is none of this making a lightbulb go on? Egads, I'm old...

Father's Day is indeed this weekend here. We're going to a cookout at the beach Saturday with Mr. P's dad and siblings' families, after Little P's last tee-ball game, so it will be a long day. All my shopping is done, thank goodness! I love Amazon...

(I who set it to about 80 degrees in summer, 68 in winter, and have it off altogether with windows open whenever possible. Have not turned the air on yet this year.)

Puck, can I move in with you? Mr. P and I have an on-going thermostat battle. I would be perfectly happy with no A/C at all, while he wants it running from the first of April to the end of October. The real challenge is going to be when we build our retirement house in the mountains, because nobody there has A/C, and there is never any need for it except maybe possibly one or two weeks in July. He is insistent, and I am adamant. We'll see how it turns out. I'm hoping by that time, he'll be so old he won't want it -- aren't older people always cold all the time?

I have an idea -- make a "Paris Hilton" banner for the Barbie pinata to wear! The parents should enjoy that, although it probably doesn't teach a very good lesson to the kidlets...

***wanders off reciting the woodchuck thingy...***


Chemyst - Jun 13, 2007 6:00 am (#2046 of 2988)

I'll let you know when I decide how old I'm going to be! – Solitaire
Personally, I think that is a grand idea.

Is it just me or does the thought of "upchucking" influence the meaning of chucking down?

**a late wave to TBrightwater**

As for the biscuit debate, I think we decided that the American pronunciation of scone does not work in the rhyme I'd never heard before.

Ginny, your dentist story reminded me of how my mother used a hairbrush! When I was in kindergarten she brushed my hair so hard my Dad made me get a haircut to "solve" the problem. I then learned to brush my own hair at a fairly early age. On the upside, the dentist complimented my flossing last time!

Happy studies, Nathan


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 6:11 am (#2047 of 2988)

LOL, about the Paris Pinata!

Actually, I'm currently working on her guest list. There are a couple of neighbors her age, and she does play with them, but doesn't want to invite them. I think it would rude not to, but I don't want to force a friendship on her just because the person lives near us. One is a sweet young girl who needs help making some friends. Diva is well liked by her peers and may be great for this child. (I guess I'm a bit sensitive as my oldest is the one who doesn't get so many invites, which makes me a bit sad for him.) I figure I'll just send them the invitation. I just don't get why she is so adamant against it. It's not like I'm limiting her on numbers and she had to take someone she really wanted off the list to make room for these girls. (I learned that summer birthdays conflict with vacations, so likely only half those invited will come.)

Madame Pince, you're welcome anytime. Mr. Puck -who is in charge of most bill paying- is all for the frugal approach to heating and cooling.



Chemyst - Jun 13, 2007 6:33 am (#2048 of 2988)

I figure I'll just send them the invitation. I just don't get why she is so adamant against it. – Kathy

What did Diva say when you asked her why? Sometimes kids that age have odd notions that can be straightened out easily and other times they are like pet dogs who just "know" something but can't articulate it to us.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 13, 2007 6:34 am (#2049 of 2988)

Thanks for all the congrats on the new grandbaby.

I have an idea -- make a Paris Hilton" banner for the Barbie pinata to wear!"

Now that's an idea I could go with!

Madam P, on putting down horses, I have had to do 3 in my life, all for people too gutless to do themselves and too cheap to pay a vet to do! It gets harder every time. On the disposal problem, the best idea I have come up with is to rent or hire a backhoe.

I'll let you know when I decide how old I'm going to be! – Solitaire

Personally, I think that is a grand idea. – Chemyst

I'll second that motion!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 13, 2007 6:36 am (#2050 of 2988)

The first mayflies arrived today, or "fish flies" as we say in Michigan. We live about half a mile from Lake St. Clair, so I expect I'll encounter a goodly number on my minivan tomorrow morning. They don't sting or bite, but they're still pretty gross.

We go through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan almost every year to visit my mother-in-law, and I've seen the mayflies. Eurrrgh! They're everywhere, coating the outsides of buildings... *shudder* No offense to the Canadians among us, but I love the term "Canadian soldiers." An invasion force to be reckoned with, for sure!

LOL at hitting Barbie in the face with a bat ... the secret wish of millions of short-legged, less-than-perfectly-shaped women all over the world!

Perfectly shaped?!?!? A toy advertisement for anorexia! I won't even get my daughters a Barbie. (Sorry, I'm a little rabid about Barbies.) And as for hitting one with a bat...

RPS, have you ever tried speech-to-text software, like Dragon Speaking Naturally? If you have the patience to "train" the software and fairly clear speech, it might be helpful!

Actually, Mediwitch, I have a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I'm a great admirer of the program. But you would not believe how long it takes to create one paragraph of good text. I'll write one sentence, then go back and debate over one word being more descriptive than another... then I'll rearrange the word order, because it flows better... then I'll go back and delete 4 words in favor of one that does the same job more clearly... I've done really well if I get 1 1/2 pages done in 3 hours. Naturally Speaking is wonderful if you're dictating, or know exactly what you want to say, but it's still a bit clumsy for revision. So using Naturally Speaking to write my novel would be really inefficient!

Actually, what aggravates my fibromyalgia is writing with pens and pencils, not writing with a keyboard. But if I'm ever so bad that I can't even use a keyboard (God forbid! ), I know I'll be grateful there's a substitute!

Ginny, you've truly never heard of Daffy Duck??? The black cartoon duck who always spits when he talks? "Wabbit Season / Duck Season"??? Is none of this making a lightbulb go on? Egads, I'm old...

You can be old along with the rest of us! Let's here it for Daffy Duck, the master of the slow burn! "You're... dishPICable!"

Puck, can I move in with you? Mr. P and I have an on-going thermostat battle. I would be perfectly happy with no A/C at all, while he wants it running from the first of April to the end of October.

Madam Pince, my husband and I also fight the Battle of the Thermostat each year, but in the opposite direction. Like Puck, I like to have the windows open as much as possible, but when it gets into the high 80s and low 90s, I'd like to run the A/C. My husband's normal body temperature is quite low (97 degrees -- a doctor once teased him that it was amazing he was alive!), so he actually enjoys the heat! But after 20 years, we've come to an accomodation: I don't turn on the A/C until the dew point hits 70 or the thermometer hits 90. That only happens about 3 or 4 weeks a summer around here. He still complains a bit, but we can both live with it.
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Madam Pince - Jun 13, 2007 6:38 am (#2051 of 2988)

Oh, I meant to ask this earlier, since we have lots of teachers here: From a teacher's standpoint, which would you prefer - that a family plans a vacation during the days that school is closed for parent/teacher conferences, thereby the student misses less school but you have to re-schedule the conference for that family, or that the vacation is planned when some school days will be missed by the student but your conference schedule will be uninterrupted?

I've been studying next year's calendar and it seems that I will have to choose between the above. Of course, it also seems to me that it can't possibly matter all that much if a kindergartener misses a couple days of school, but maybe I'm all wet... I'd be curious to know how teachers view it?

Edit: ***wipes RPS/Daffy's spittle off computer screen...***


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 13, 2007 6:51 am (#2052 of 2988)

You can be old along with the rest of us! Let's here it for Daffy Duck, the master of the slow burn! You're... dishPICable!"

We are NOT old, we are MATURE!


The giant squid - Jun 13, 2007 6:58 am (#2053 of 2988)

Yeesh, you guys can chatter when you put your minds to it...

Daft=well, me most of the time. When I'm not barmy, that is.

As for Daffy Duck, I think Ginny was saying she didn't know that Daffy was a real word, not that she hadn't heard of the eponymous Duck. "Daffy" means silly or foolish. Actually, in my pocket dictionary under "daffy" it says "see 'daft'", so there's a connection there...

My wife & I also wage the battle of the thermostat, though we've reached a detente the last few years. The worst of it is when we're driving--she needs to have the A/C set to "arctic" whereas I prefer to have feeling in my extremities when I drive.

I'd been thinking about getting some sort of text-to-speech program to help me combat my procrastination (I've got a half-dozen half-finished writing projects). RPS pointed out the main thing holding me back--I never get it right the first time, and trying to explain to the computer what you meant is like nailing Jell-O to a tree: time consuming and ultimately futile.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 13, 2007 7:12 am (#2054 of 2988)

Well, if you do get a text-to-speech program, I strongly recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking. It isn't perfect yet, but they've made fantastic strides over the years, and it can identify words a lot more accurately now than ANY program could 5 or 7 years ago. But I'm afraid that the only REAL cure for finishing those half-finished writing progress is the old-fashioned nail-your-backside-to-the-chair-and-do-it determination. There really isn't any substitute. (Boy, can I ever speak to THAT. )

We are NOT old, we are MATURE!

Well, I'm the first to agree that 45 (which is how old I am) is not really old these days. But I want to go ahead and be old when I'm old. (I'm kind of like a little kid that way -- "Wow, you're really old!" "Yeah, I remember LPs and moon rockets and bell-bottoms!" ) My only goal is that, when I have a fine crop of wrinkles, they'll be smile wrinkles rather than frown wrinkles.


Thom Matheson - Jun 13, 2007 7:16 am (#2055 of 2988)

I second the Michigan Fish Fly syndrome. They flock by the billions, land anywhere then breed and die, all in about 48 hours. The City of New Baltimore even has a weekend devoted to the darn things. I have seen people slip and fall and auto accidents from sliding on the things. The Bass love them though.


Marie E. - Jun 13, 2007 7:29 am (#2056 of 2988)

Mike, you should get one of those new cars that have dual temperature control. Mr. E's mom has one and it's way cool. Also, don't forget to call your dad today-it's his birthday! Our excellent father, Bob Walsh, is 62 today!

I don't know about everywhere else, but tickets for our midnight OoP show went on sale yesterday. Yes, I already purchased mine.


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 7:39 am (#2057 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Marie and Mike's Dad!

Oh, and can we really argue that we are mature while discussing cartoons? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042  (Personally, I was always a fan of Tweety.)

TBE, Diva only said she doesn't like playing with this girl. She has trouble with her speech, so has trouble communicating, and thus does more of a parallel play rather than truly interacting. They've never had any true disagreements or anything that I've witnessed.



TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 13, 2007 7:48 am (#2058 of 2988)

TBE, Diva only said she doesn't like playing with this girl. How did I get in this discussion, was it the putting down horses thing?


John Bumbledore - Jun 13, 2007 8:15 am (#2059 of 2988)
Edited Jun 13, 2007 9:27 am

Perhaps it is that TBE looks like an OLD "mature" Chemyst... **Yikes**

Didn't duck fast enough to avoid the dungbomb cross fire!

No, no! I was speaking of TBE's avatar (known to partner with alchemist, Nicolas Flamel) and Chemyst avatar (a home alchemy set?).
Really, That is what I meant.

Edit! Extra! Extra!  Jo has opened the door! The W.O.M.B.A.T. Grade 3 is now available! Read all about it on the Official Site thread.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Chemyst - Jun 13, 2007 8:58 am (#2060 of 2988)
Edited Jun 13, 2007 9:28 am

Uh huh, John. I believe the exact quote I need here is, "thank you; I think?"  

Yes, Puck, I'm the culprit. I wondered if Diva had ever given a reason for not liking to play with the little girl; but from your explanation it probably is the communication thing.
I had a deaf friend when I was growing up and it took awhile to learn her "accent." Some kids didn't want to bother. We did a lot of parallel play with (loud cough) Barbie dolls.   It was mostly sewing, OK!
Years later I was at a party and met another woman who had the same familiar "accent." She was coping so well that some people did not know she even had a hearing problem, but for me the accent gave it away.


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 13, 2007 10:01 am (#2061 of 2988)

Thanks for the heads up, John. But it really stinks getting all the way to the open test and having to click "No". I'll be back later to take it.

Happy Birthday to Marie and Mike's dad.

Hang in there, RPS - I just know you're almost done w/Chap. 14!

Lol, Kathy - sounds like my house regarding the Nintendo, early morning situation.

I like a warm house, as well. Fortunately, I am the last to go to bed at night. :evilgrin: Hubby often comes home and practically gags, telling me the house is stuffy. 80 degrees F is not stuffy. Then again, I have been on the beach on an 80 degree day and my hands were still cold. What is it they say - cold hands, warm heart??

Congratulations, TBE!

Have a safe trip, Lavandula!

Solitaire, I agree with your doctor.

No vacations yet, I'm afraid. Our last one was in July 2005. We are (hopefully) taking a drive west in July. Of course, you may count my trip to DC in April of '06 with the three kiddies. It was only 1 night but a mini vac. of sorts. We got to see lots of museums and 10 hrs. of driving in 2 days is a piece of cake.

I could use about 2-5 minutes of quiet time without being seeked out, though. 1 more week. . .1 more week. . .

So many posts I wanted to comment on - healing charms and cheering charms all around.



painting sheila - Jun 13, 2007 10:41 am (#2062 of 2988)

I will be celebrating the 17th anniversary of my 28th birthday later this week. . . . and I am not old! (or mature!)  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2775603007


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 13, 2007 10:41 am (#2063 of 2988)

Uh huh, John. I believe the exact quote I need here is,...hmmm, DUCK!

Edit: She, I like your math skills! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 11:08 am (#2064 of 2988)

OOps! Yes, that was Chemyst. This girl was adopted from another country where she lived in an orphanage until the age of three. The fact that she is a bit behind socially is to be expected, as is her difficulty with our speech. (She understands fine, just has poor pronunciation.)

Okay, I need to head to the other thread to get hints on how to open that darn door. Alas, it will have to wait, as I have to pick up the older kids soon and head out for piano lessons. (I'm home just long enough to give the babe a half hour nap and grab myself some lunch.)

My teeth are clean and pain free. I don't mind the dentist at all.



geauxtigers - Jun 13, 2007 11:43 am (#2065 of 2988)

I know who Daffy Duck is! I just never connected his name with anything. I thought it was just a name they gave him! LOL Those were some of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner, that type. They don't play those hardly at all anymore. Its really sad! The kids I babysit watch all these weird cartoons where theres an evil villain and super heroes ect. They drive me crazy! I want my bugs Bunny back! LOL I'm also a big fan of Spongebob, I can quote pretty much all the episode from the day it premiered to about 2 years ago! LOL "F is for friends that do stuff together, U is for you and me! N is anything, under the deep blue sea!" LOL

I just took the WOMBATS. It was a bit hard! LOL O don't think I did too well. Possibly an Acceptable...hopefully not a Poor!

Off to find something productive to do!


virginiaelizabeth  - Jun 13, 2007 11:45 am (#2066 of 2988)

As for Daffy Duck, I think Ginny was saying she didn't know that Daffy was a real word, not that she hadn't heard of the eponymous Duck. "Daffy" means silly or foolish. Actually, in my pocket dictionary under "daffy" it says "see 'daft'", so there's a connection there...

Mike's got it right! Of course I know who Daffy Duck is!! Those were some of my favorite cartoons when I was little! Daffy, Bugs, Tom, Jerry, Road Runner, Wiley Coyote, The Flintstones! Ahhh the REAL cartoons. These days it seems like every single cartoon is exactly the same...weird Japanese people who are out to save the world from wrong doers. It annoys me! Cartoons are supposed to be completely pointless with absolutely no story line what so ever!

**waves to everyone** There were 26 posts since I went to bed and honestly I didn't feel like reading all of them so I just skimmed it! Hope everyone is doing well!


Lina - Jun 13, 2007 12:02 pm (#2067 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Mike's and Marie's dad!


Solitaire - Jun 13, 2007 12:20 pm (#2068 of 2988)

Vox, while it may not always have been true, the law and the schools are now partners in education, thanks to such things as on-campus drug trafficking, gangs, and other violence. Your husband probably benefits from a lot of knowledge and information you can impart to him about various school-related issues.

Don't feel too bad about giving up as a teacher. I taught for 4 years in a private RC high school and walked out after the fourth year ... not because of the kids but because of the administration. I got caught in the "old boy network" with respect to the sons of two of the new principal's best friends. In addition to having a student supported against my word (when I had his test and cheat-sheet in hand), the principal altered one of my failing grades on a hot-shot athlete, so that he could get a scholarship. Never mind that he dropped out before the first year was over and a more deserving kid lost out. After the grade-changing incident, I handed my resignation and walked out. This was during a time when teaching jobs were scarce, so I did other work for several years ... until the time was right to re-enter the field. BTW, I can give you the names of 25 teachers who would love classroom temps of a cool 75 degrees ... and that's just in OUR school!

Hm ... the "choosing my age" idea seems to be well-received. i think we all should adopt it.

RPS ... I do not think of Barbie as perfectly-shaped, either. I simply meant that in a world that appears (according to plastic surgery stats) to worship the Barbie-like figure, some of us who are tired of being compared unfavorably to the beauties of the world might love to vent our annoyance at the world's standards of perfection on the old Barbie pinata--if that makes any sense. If it sounds convoluted, well, I know what I'm trying to say. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

Oh, and can we really argue that we are mature while discussing cartoons? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Um, Puck, don't you know that cartoons are really social commentaries? All truly well-rounded folks should have some knowledge of cartoons ... don't you think? BTW, my personal faves were Rocky and Bullwinkle and The Huckleberry Hound Show. R&B were very hip and insightful!

I will be celebrating the 17th anniversary of my 28th birthday later this week. . . . and I am not old! (or mature!)

Go, !!

Okay, I guess it's time to go and get ready. I've been goofing off all morning. I am taking Mom to meet with her radiation therapist to find out more about what they are doing there. I hope it will not have to be a long course of therapy. Does anyone out there know much about radiation therapy following cancer surgery? Please feel free to email me.



journeymom - Jun 13, 2007 12:53 pm (#2069 of 2988)

We are NOT old, we are MATURE!  Speak for yourself! I am NOT mature! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2775603007 Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818

Oh, and can we really argue that we are mature while discussing cartoons?

Some would still ask can we really argue that we are mature while discussing the details of Harry Potter? Some, but they're just wet blankets.

Very excited about the W.O.M.B.A.T. but it'll have to wait. We're getting ready to see the Police! **jumps up and down like a teeny-bopper**


Good Evans - Jun 13, 2007 1:14 pm (#2070 of 2988)

well Journeymom, as a very mature person myself - all I can say to you is "don't stand so .... close to me!" Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3845856932

have a great time - I am very jealous!!!!


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 13, 2007 1:15 pm (#2071 of 2988)

Solitaire, prayers and strengthening charms to your mom! Maybe a bit of Felix Felicis, too.

Tori, we love Spongebob! Really, though, I try to limit their cartoons. Those older ones were always beating and blowing each other up. I think Trevor gets enough of that via his video games.

So Puck, what's your guy's favorite Nintendo game?

We had to send the Wii out for repairs and when we got it back, all the progress saved on the box was gone - Olivia had made it more than half way through Zelda and Trevor has to regain his pro status in bowling. Actually, he handled it pretty well.

Ginny, I couldn't make out your avatar very well. I thought your cat had a rash of some sort until someone mentioned dress-up.

Regarding having birthdays - It's better than the alternative!

Not sure if it was Ginny or Tori (sorry) but if the hygienist is rough and talking to you like that, you really ought to let the dentist know. Most often, they do not know until someone says something. It took me a long time to speak up (and I wouldn't have if it was just for myself) when my hubby asked me to make him an appointment but avoid the "rough" one. The dentist was glad I said something and knows to always schedule us with the gentler hygienist. I think the other one has calmed down a bit, too - perhaps with a little talking to.

OOh, have fun, journeymom!


Madam Pince - Jun 13, 2007 1:48 pm (#2072 of 2988)

Maria, Mr. P thinks it is "stuffy" in the house when he comes home to find it 75 degrees. I am just fighting a losing battle. I tease him that he is just a caveman -- he wants the house freezing and dark. (He puts a sock in front of the VCR in the bedroom because the "glare" from the glowing numbers hurts his eyes...) Ah, well, it's a good thing we're all different in this world or it would be a very boring place!

Glad to know that Ginny and Tori are well-schooled in Looney-Toon-ology! Whew! I was worried there for a second. I agree that cartoons today are not what they used to be / ought to be...

Soli, hope your mom does OK. Journeymom, enjoy the concert!

Methinks another thunderstorm is approaching...


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 2:37 pm (#2073 of 2988)

Ooh, Journeymom, hope you had a great time!

Maria, my boy likes Mario best at the Moment. We don't have the Wii one, just for his DS. Monkeyball is a favorite on the Wii.

Solitaire, prayers for your mom.

Wondering if Mandy's grandfather did okay with his transfer.

Did marginal on the W.O.B.A.T., I suspect. I never did get to try the second one, and lost my password on the first.

Son's friend just arrived. I'll have to just send him home soon, as it's already 5:30 and we have to start dinner.

Rainy and quite cool here today. Never got out the of 50's temperature wise. I actually needed a hot cup of tea when we got home from piano.



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 13, 2007 3:10 pm (#2074 of 2988)

Puck, Trevor loves Super Mario Sunshine on GC.

A high school in our district was evacuated this morning. They found what they described as "explosive devices" which had to be removed and detonated. Not the school my three will be attending but right next to our town's main library. My nephew is in that school. Luckily, no one was hurt.


Ydnam96 - Jun 13, 2007 3:31 pm (#2075 of 2988)

Kathy, thanks for asking. I was just getting on to give an update. My grandfather did make the trip okay. He got to the nursing home in VA about noon-ish Eastern Time. However he was only there a short while when they decided to put him back in the hospital. I don't know all the details but it has something to do with his kidneys and his heart failure. My mom thinks he doesn't have very long. Tomorrow is his birthday, I think he's going to be 73.

I'm off to take a nap. I'm exhausted.


Puck - Jun 13, 2007 4:07 pm (#2076 of 2988)

Mandy, so sorry to hear he's back in the hospital.

Maria, that is totally scary! I'm thinking about this home school thing more and more.


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 13, 2007 5:41 pm (#2077 of 2988)

Prayers and (((HUGS))) to you, Mandy and your loved ones.

Kathy, I can't tell you how sick it makes me feel right now. The other HS is a few blocks away and I just returned home from running errands. Now there is a massive number of sheriff, police and special units at this high school - the one Olivia will be attending in Sept. I'm almost sure the red truck was from the bomb squad.

I am thinking it was an attempt to get out of finals but they were detonated (safely) and they were real - not a prank or a hoax. I would like to smack their parents - the ones whose children did this. This was serious and they sure ought to be punished accordingly.


geauxtigers - Jun 13, 2007 6:29 pm (#2078 of 2988)

Maria, that is very scary! I'm glad everything turned out okay though, but still, always makes you think. I'm assuming they caught the kids responsible.

Off to read and watch the Astros game...


Ydnam96 - Jun 13, 2007 7:00 pm (#2079 of 2988)

My sister is a Kindergartener in rural Virginia. All year long she has had this one girl who is just terrible (and I mean it she's horrible). She was suspended at the beginning of the year. Well- Monday she was expelled for telling one of the teachers she was going to bring a gun to school and shoot her!!! When the school called her mother in you know what her mother said? "She's just being cute." Give me a break. She may only be 5, but I have no doubt in my mind that she would bring a gun in and shoot that teacher (my sister's aid).

It's just ridiculous.


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 13, 2007 7:21 pm (#2080 of 2988)

Wow, Mandy. It just goes to show you that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

EDIT: Welcome back, Finn. ***waves***


Finn BV - Jun 13, 2007 7:23 pm (#2081 of 2988)

(Just joining in the discussion now again, sorry for all that I missed!)

Mandy, my best to your father. My grandmother died last year four days after her birthday -- my dad thinks that people who think they're on their way out will themselves to a big occasion. Still, I'm crossing my fingers that that big occasion is many years down the line!!

Maria, that's very frightening, and Mandy, that is even more frightening…

So, as some of you may recall, MTV came to our school at the beginning of May (see my post back in April). I'm sorry I never really got to tell too much about it, but they've put an article and video online (it aired on TRL this afternoon -- just found out myself) which covers it all much better than my words -- and there I am, the last quote of the article and the last interview on the video. Go check it out!! (BTW, note that I don't necessarily sanction all my peers' theories… ahem… DD being dead… I then gave a long lecture how he's not "pulling a Gandalf" but they didn't include it in the final cut. )

So, now that school's done, I'll be on a 10-day vacation starting Friday with sporadic internet, but after that I really need to come back for an intensive 4-week discussion leading up to DH! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508


Mediwitch - Jun 13, 2007 8:25 pm (#2082 of 2988)

WooHoo! Took the WOMBAT, so now I really need to get ready for bed instead of being here, but here I am!

I had a dream this morning that I was in my car, and when I stopped at an intersection I looked to the right and there was this huge tidal wave coming up the road at me - it engulfed my car and just kept on coming! Hmmmmm...I think the interpretation of THAT dream doesn't require Trelawny and The Dream Oracle! Only 1-1/2 days and one more PPT!!! Swimming


Tazzygirl - Jun 13, 2007 8:25 pm (#2083 of 2988)

AHH! I saw you Finn! That's so cool!!

Hope your grandfather gets out of the hospital soon, Mandy!

Maria- that's really scary! We had a scare like that at my uni a couple weeks ago. Some people... grrrr.

I was watching a marathon of Top Chef today and was inspired to make a vanilla pineapple cake. Not sure how it's going to taste, but it smells yummy!

The only bugs we really have a problem with here during the summer are mosquitos and cockroaches. Although, we've had an abnormal amount of little moths coming from out of nowhere. I can't stand them.


EDIT: Sending **healing charms** to your Mom, Soli!


Solitaire - Jun 13, 2007 8:32 pm (#2084 of 2988)

He puts a sock in front of the VCR in the bedroom because the "glare" from the glowing numbers hurts his eyes...

Madam Pince, I just use a couple of the wider Post-Its. They do the job perfectly. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

Mandy, I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. Seventy-three doesn't sound that old. I hope he rallies. Perhaps the journey was more stressful to his body than apparent at first, and he will be better after his system stablizes a bit.

Mandy, your sister's school was justified in expelling the child. I hope the authorities were also called. Just because a kid is 5 doesn't mean such a threat should be dismissed. That kind of thinking comes from somewhere. Either the parents are allowing the child too much access to information that is totally inappropriate ... or the kid hears people in her life discussing such things or making such comments. Neither option sounds good to me.

Maria's comment that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is right on target. More often than not, when we have to call a parent because a girl has shown up dressed like a hoochie mama, the upset mom who shows up to cry "Foul!" is dressed much like her daughter and doesn't understand what is inappropriate about her daughter's dress. And no, I am NOT kidding. This has happened repeatedly. The connection between the two situations? Many parents are clueless about what is and isn't appropriate with regard to their children ... and apparently, with regard to themselves.

Thank you for all your prayers for my mom. It was good that many were praying, because she got some hard news today. I accompanied Mom to her appointment with the doctor at the Cancer Center. After we'd waited for nearly 90 minutes (over an hour of that IN the examining room), we finally saw the doctor. He was very kind and funny--everyone there is so nice--but he did tell Mom she would have to undergo chemotherapy, something we had not expected. Apparently, even though her cancer was not advanced and has not reached the lymph nodes, the kind of cancer is very aggressive, and they want to do everything possible to make sure there is no recurrence.

The nurse practitioner spent about 30 minutes going over her treatment options, and Mom finally settled on the 9-month course of chemotherapy, as it is slightly less aggressive and has fewer side effects (mild hair thinning, but no hair loss and little or no nausea from the meds). She did tell Mom something that made her happy. Apparently Mom's tests and all of her results were typical of women in their 40s or early 50s--not 79! So ... Mom is younger than her years. Anyway, she begins her chemotherapy next Tuesday. She will also have to attend a nutrition class, because nutrition apparently plays a large role in how well she does with her chemotherapy. So ... please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Edit: Finn, you're a star!! Congratulations! I'm still trying to imagine our school allowing boys and girls to stay in the library together over night for any reason. We do not even allow boys and girls to ride the same bus on field trips! How many chaperones were there with you? Just curious. BTW, like, who is the girl in the, like, black and grey striped shirt and curly hair? Like, she said LIKE far too many times in her short speech! (Sorry ... that is, “like” one of my pet peeves! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3276373137)



The giant squid - Jun 13, 2007 8:36 pm (#2085 of 2988)

Also, don't forget to call your dad today-it's his birthday!--Marie E.

As if I'd forget... **scurries off, calls Dad**

Not that it matters much, the man never answers his phone. He got himself a cell phone, but he always leaves it turned off "so the batteries don't wear out". Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059

I took the WOMBAT, but I'm not too confident in my answers. I may actually get a Troll on this one...

Ginny (and Tori), it's good to know that the true classics are still loved by the next generation. If it weren't for Daffy, Bugs and Elmer I wouldn't know any opera at all. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Welcome Back, Finn, and kudos for getting the last word in, even if they did edit it down. Who'd'a thought one of us would have a long-winded HP lecture in them??



Ydnam96 - Jun 13, 2007 8:45 pm (#2086 of 2988)

Soli, I will most definitely keep your mother in my prayers. I'm glad that the doctor was kind! It makes such a difference.


geauxtigers - Jun 13, 2007 8:47 pm (#2087 of 2988)

Ahh Finn, very cool!!!

Ginny (and Tori), it's good to know that the true classics are still loved by the next generation. If it weren't for Daffy, Bugs and Elmer I wouldn't know any opera at all. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

LOL Mike! I wish they still played those like they used too! Saturday morning cartoons... ahh that was the life! LOL Reminds me of every time we play Scattergories, and the letter is "W", I want I try putting w's on the front of ordinary things, like Rabbit, making it "wabbit". I never get the credit for it and I think I should! LOL

Healing charms to everyone!


Solitaire - Jun 13, 2007 8:57 pm (#2088 of 2988)

Mandy, a gentle and caring doctor certainly does help. This one is very sweet and funny. Everyone who works at the Cancer Center is really kind, according to Mom. She even made a point of mentioning it to the nurses this afternoon and thanking them for making a potentially frightening experience less so.

Your grandpa and your family are in my prayers, Mandy.



Snuffles - Jun 14, 2007 12:57 am (#2089 of 2988)

Oh my, I do apologise. I didn't mean to set off the British/American biscuit/cookie saga again!

Mandy (((hugs))) to you and *healing charms* to your grandfather. I hope he is back out of hospital soon, and wow!, what kind of parent would make that statement when they have been told their 5 year old threatened to shoot a teacher . She deserved to be expelled. Her parents need to be given some sort of talking too, as well!

Maria, how scary. I'm glad everything was ok in the end.

Oh boo , I tried to watch Finn's video but all I get is 'Copyright restrict us from playing this video outside the U.S'.

Not fair **stamps foot and has a tantrum**

(((Soli))), I will be thinking about you and your mum.

My dad had to go into hospital on Tuesday. They pumped some sort of dye around his body because they think he has a leaky heart valve. He has been told that one of the valves needs replacing, but they cannot decide whether it is urgent enough to be done in the next couple of months, or within the next 2 years!

Sigh, the British Summer has finally arrived. Yup, It's been raining for the past 16 hours!

Off to look at the W.O.M.B.A.T test!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Denise P. - Jun 14, 2007 5:47 am (#2090 of 2988)

Marie and Mike, make sure you tell Bashful Bob a belated happy birthday from Devin!

We finally broke down and ordered a few pay as you go cell phones that should arrive tomorrow. There are times that we want to be able to get hold of the kids and this way, we can give them a phone to use. It also means that we are not paying service on a phone that is just sitting around. These are emergency use phones only, they are not going to be able to just chat away (unless they buy the minutes) One was in Washington DC this weekend and if we had the phones, she would have been given one to toss in her backpack.

So tomorrow we should be getting the phones via fedex and then via DHL, we are getting a shipment of goat, rabbit and tripe for the dog. Woo hoo!! Lots of packages!!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 14, 2007 6:26 am (#2091 of 2988)

Finn, great job! You sounded very grown up, talking about HP! No wonder they made your clip last on the video.

The only bugs we really have a problem with here during the summer are mosquitos and cockroaches. Although, we've had an abnormal amount of little moths coming from out of nowhere. I can't stand them.

If they're little brown moths, they're probably meal moths. They make themselves at home in your food cupboard. If you have raisins, rice, or flour, they may be infested with their caterpillars. You can buy traps that will get all the males (the females won't lay eggs without the males). You can get traps here... there's also a picture of the moth in question. If your moths ARE meal moths, toss out any open raisins and rice on suspicion, unless you had them in air-tight boxes or Ziploc bags. (Just so you know, closing a bag with a twist-tie isn't enough to keep them out.)

I took my WOMBAT, and I can't imagine how ANYONE could do well on it! But my personal opinion is that the WOMBATS are her way of dropping hints about the next book, as well as using some of her background material, so I'm really more interested in the questions she poses than whether I get them right!


Lina - Jun 14, 2007 6:35 am (#2092 of 2988)

Finn, thank you for the links! It was fun to read and watch!

Healing and strengthening charms in Mandy's and her family's direction!

Strengthening charms to Soli's Mum too! Just keep the spirit up and everything will be fine!

***waving to RPS*** I like your point on the WOMBATS!


azi - Jun 14, 2007 7:01 am (#2093 of 2988)

I agree with you on the rain, Snuffles! I don't want to go outside again - I already got soaked! Horrible, horrible weather. It hasn't stopped raining for at least 24 hours here. There's been so much rain here that a drain actually smashed through road tarmac. Healing charms to your dad!

Healing charms to your mum, Soli! She sounds upbeat, which I think is one of the most important factors in recovery.

I hope your grandfather feels better, Mandy! He may just need a rest.

I wish I could watch Finn too. **joins in with tantrum**

Now...to travel back to uni or stay safely inside...I have a dilemma! Currently, staying home is winning as it should be warmer, drier and I've got that 'need to see my grandma now' mood. However, I also have a lot of work to do! I won't get it done at home on this slooooow computer. **thinks**

Hope everyone has a lovely, non-rainy day!


Chemyst - Jun 14, 2007 7:01 am (#2094 of 2988)

RPS, I meant to ask before but forgot;   Are you intentionally putting any hidden tricks like anagram names or earth-element symbolism in your novel, or is it just a story?

Food in the Library, Finn? Oh, dear.   …and what ever happened to Stephanie?

So sorry about the copyright thing, Snuffles (and Azi too.) If you could read the article, that was very close to the audio part of the video. Not a whole lot to see, except Finn, of course, whose hair was shorter than in his old Reepicheep avatar. The library was just a nice modern library and not in the least bit reminiscent of Hogwarts.

 **Happy Thoughts** for Soli's mom. Attitude really does make a difference.

If it weren't for Daffy, Bugs and Elmer I wouldn't know any opera at all. [

Oh, now you gave me the grumbles! Stupid Terrytoons for not making more Mighty Mouse & Pearl Pureheart cartoons. All I ever got were reruns.


Marie E. - Jun 14, 2007 7:05 am (#2095 of 2988)

Denise, I will pass on the birthday greetings to Bashful Bob, though Mike is right-he never answers his cell phone.

Finn, I'm so jealous! I want to attend your school just so I can come to one of the slumber parties.


Freorge - Jun 14, 2007 7:46 am (#2096 of 2988)

Waves to all..... As it seems to be warming up over there it is somewhat cooling down here. I am a little unsure how you work your holidays, but I seem to understand you have a little time off school. As a teacher in Oz we have two weeks in July to look forward to. Booked me and hubby and the kids to go skiing. I am so glad your puppets went well tazi! And well wishes to all that need it. As I am fairly new at this and a little apprehensive let me say, looking forward to getting to know you all.


painting sheila - Jun 14, 2007 8:02 am (#2097 of 2988)

Freorge - You are more than welcome here and keep it up!!

off to take the WOMBAT (gulp!)

Edit - I think I bombed!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3276373137


azi - Jun 14, 2007 8:22 am (#2098 of 2988)

Freorge - no need to feel apprehensive! This forum is very friendly and welcoming. **waves**

I just realised the DH release day is actually my mother's birthday. How did I not realise this before?

Off to take the WOMBAT test again. It was so much fun the first time round.


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 9:31 am (#2099 of 2988)

She deserved to be expelled. Her parents need to be given some sort of talking too, as well!

Snuffles is so right ... this child's parents DO need some counseling. There is something going on when a 5-year-old makes such a statement. I would be very concerned if there are actually guns in that household (unless they are in a hidden, locked gun safe, as ours were). I grew up with guns in the house and a dad who was hunter and a member of the NRA, so I am not anti-gun. But I remember being talked to about the guns, safety issues, and the seriousness of EVER picking up a gun and pointing it at someone or threatening to shoot someone--even in jest. With violence in video games and even a more violent trend in cartoons, kids are exposed (and perhaps desensitized?) to violence at a much younger age today.

Thanks to all for prayers and healing charms for Mom. She said yesterday that she knows the reason things have gone so well thus far is the prayer support she has had. She also has so many friends who have really gathered around her and supported her in so many ways. I know all of these things have helped to keep her spirits high and her faith strong.

Okay, time for my massage!! **skipping out the door ... well, skipping in my heart!**



geauxtigers - Jun 14, 2007 9:32 am (#2100 of 2988)

I just realised the DH release day is actually my mother's birthday. How did I not realise this before?

I'll take a shot at it. You forgot because you were so excited about the book, that you didn't even pay attention that is was her birthday! Congrats, I think you can say thats pretty dedicated to HP! LOL Hasn't this happened to all of us at one point?

Welcome Freorge! Most of us here in the states and UK have 2 months roughly of summer holidays. But I've been out for 2 weeks and some don't get out until July. But I have to go back before them too so...LOL

Did yall see on Leaky and Mugglenet this morning, Jo is doing a tour in the US in October! And finally, there will be one near me! In New Orleans! I can't wait to find out when it is! I think its for little kids though...I'll have to find a way to get in! LOL
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:27 pm


Ydnam96 - Jun 14, 2007 9:44 am (#2101 of 2988)

Welcome Freorge!

Man, you guys can send some rain this way. We need it so badly. It's been the driest year on record here in Southern California. But I do know how frustrating it can be to have it rain for days on end as I used to live on the East Coast.

Soli, a massage? So jealous. I would really be skipping.

Happy Flag Day to those in the States!


(no update on my grandpa)


Puck - Jun 14, 2007 9:53 am (#2102 of 2988)

JKR is coming? I have a little kid I could take.

Prayers to forum parents and grandparents, as they seem to need them this week.

Solitaire, I hope you feel nice and relaxed.

Finn, Kudos on getting the last word. Excellent!

Eek! I've been home with baby napping for nearly an hour, and haven't done any actual work yet! Time to turn off the computer!



Madam Pince - Jun 14, 2007 10:35 am (#2103 of 2988)

If it weren't for Daffy, Bugs and Elmer I wouldn't know any opera at all.-SquidMike

ROFL! That is so true of me, too! That and the one little scene in Pretty Woman, and that's about the extent of my exposure to that side of the cultural world!

Get-well wishes to all the moms, dads, and grandparents of Forumers who are having some challenges lately... hope everyone will be doing better soon. Mandy, how did the "cleaning-out-grandparents'-house-in-two-days" turn out -- I assume you guys got it all done? That was a pretty daunting task!

Welcome to the Forum, Freorge! Just jump right on it -- the water's fine! Mediwitch has got the tidal wave all under control now.

Denise, not a lot of people would be looking forward to packages of tripe arriving in the mail! I know the pup-pup will be thrilled, though!

Maria, sorry to hear about the school situation -- that must've been so scary. Hope they locate the culprits and punish appropriately.

Tazzy, I was going to say what RPS said about the moths -- look around for bags of snacks, too. Years ago, we noticed moths at my aunt & uncle's house, and finally tracked them to a bag of Chex Mix that my uncle had forgotten and left in the drawer of an end table by the sofa. Then we found them in the cereal, oatmeal, cornmeal -- everywhere. Bleah. That's the reason why I'm so rabid about storing everything at our cabin in airtight canisters -- it's a pain, but not as big a pain as getting rid of moths!

Finn, how cool that they saved the best for last! Have fun on your break!

Oh, Flippy update -- he started building bubble nests in his bowl! (This is a good thing which means the fish is healthy and comfortable; if I hadn't read up online I would've thought I'd gotten soap into the bowl the last time I cleaned or something! ) Anyway, now that we've finally found out his fave food and added some aquarium salt to the water, he seems happy enough to start planning a family! Poor guy, guess he doesn't realize he's the only one in the bowl...


journeymom - Jun 14, 2007 11:31 am (#2104 of 2988)

“I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day, And ask her if she’ll marry me in some old fashioned way

But my silent fears have gripped me, Long before I reach the phone

Long before my tongue has tripped me, Must I always be alone?

EvReY LiTtLe ThInG sHe DoEs Is MaGiC

Everything she does just turns me on,

Even though my life before was tragic,

Now I know my love for her goes on...”  

And these were floor seats, relatively close. First and second photo you can just barely see Sting's teeny figure, front right. These guys are fabulous musicians. "Walking on the Moon" was an extended set (most of them, were). Back and forth, Stewart Copeland (mad scientist), Sting (still that boyish voice!) and Andy Summers just played so tight. Stewart Copeland is a percussion GOD! Sting's fingers were so sure, he never missed, he was all over the fret. Oh. My. Word.

My inner 15 y.o. is still jumping up and down.  bounce  cheers


Round Pink Spider - Jun 14, 2007 11:35 am (#2105 of 2988)

RPS, I meant to ask before but forgot; Are you intentionally putting any hidden tricks like anagram names or earth-element symbolism in your novel, or is it just a story?

Principally it's just a story, but after all my digging through the symbolism and alchemy for HP, how could I avoid putting SOME in??? The symbolism is NOT anything earth-shaking or important to the book. I do, however, give a nod to alchemy and the Elements, and if you're alert you'll find sneaky little references to the Elements in the text now and then. BTW, I hate anagrams, so you can bet none of those will make an appearance!

I am a little unsure how you work your holidays, but I seem to understand you have a little time off school.[

Welcome, Freorge! As Azi said, we're quite friendly here. A lot of schools in the US are off from the beginning/middle of June to the beginning/middle of September. The schools in my area favor the early June to early September route, which spares the kids the worst of the heat (yea!). I remember, where I grew up (New York), we'd run to the middle of June, and those last weeks were just awful, they were so hot!

Edit - I think I bombed!

Awww, , don't cry! Those questions really were impossible. Maybe JKR grades on a curve!

Poor guy, guess he doesn't realize he's the only one in the bowl...

Well, if it keeps him happy...

Back to work on Chapter 14... again... *sigh*


I Am Used Vlad - Jun 14, 2007 11:44 am (#2106 of 2988)

I just reserved two copies of DH; one for me and one for my 12-year old nephew. We're both going to be on an island in North Carolina at the time, and I found a place to get them at midnight. That's kind of ironic, come to think about it, since I once posted that I would never put myself in a position where I could get stranded on a desert island until after I had all seven books. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Jumping back to why I asked Finn if he plays chess. I don't know about other people, but in the second Austin Powers movie, when he makes all the lame chess puns and then acts like it was the funniest thing ever, I always think about Finn's old teacher with the bad sense of humor.


Good Evans - Jun 14, 2007 12:08 pm (#2107 of 2988)

Glad you had a great time Journeymom - thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Soli - all the best to your Mom - will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Mandy - same for your grandpa - all the best in the world

Finn - well done you - but I can't see it - barred as not U.S. -Lina - how did you get in???????????????????????????????

ah well - nearly the weekend - I've just applied for a job online - never done that before!!

Giant Steps are what you take ..... walking on the moon




Madam Pince - Jun 14, 2007 12:17 pm (#2108 of 2988)

I can't watch Finn's video, either. I just keep getting the words "...buffering..." and then little snippets of video that last about 3 seconds and are all advertising, then a "click" and it starts all over again. I suspect that my cheaper-level internet access just can't handle it... Ah, well. The story was neat, anyway!


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 12:35 pm (#2109 of 2988)

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! I just returned from my massage. It was wonderful, and I am considering an afternoon nap, as I didn't sleep too much last night. I'm nice and mellow, so if I sit too long, I'll probably fall asleep anyway.

On the video ... I got the "buffering" thing (I think that means it is downloading) and a commercial beforehand. But after that, I did get the MTV sign and the video.

Welcome, Freorge! I have a few other pals from Tnet who live and teach in Oz. In what part of Oz are you located? Just curious ...

Okay, time to watch "Neat." I wish she would come to MY house and organize it!



Holly T. - Jun 14, 2007 12:46 pm (#2110 of 2988)

Hitting recent to wave to everyone! I am swamped at work.

Dh and daughter are going to be out of town when the OotP movie opens. Son and I may go see it at the IMAX.

Hateful fluffy cat ran off last Friday--she's hiding under the shed--no idea how long she intends to go without food or water (which we put on the porch). The plus side is the house is staying much cleaner. We are never getting another long-haired cat!

I'm changing jobs between the opening of OotP and the arrival of DH. At least those should help with the stress. ;-)


painting sheila - Jun 14, 2007 1:09 pm (#2111 of 2988)

I saw you Finn!!! You is famous!! wOot!! (Now I have to go back and "listen" this time as last time I was just so excited to see your name across the bottom I didn't hear anything you said. I am sure it was brilliant though!)

Did some say they were going to take the WOMBAT twice? I didn't even think of doing that! duh?

I am used Vlad - What island? I am a NC-er and just jealous. You get the best of all worlds! The book and an island to read it on!

I am SO tired - and have no idea why. I am off to take a nap. It is a cold (67) and gray day. Perfect for nap taking. . . . .

Speaking of naps - Ginnie and Tori - does your cat always have it's eyes closed?


I Am Used Vlad - Jun 14, 2007 1:17 pm (#2112 of 2988)

painting , I live my life in constant fear of being assassinated by Charlie Chaplin fans or Ron haters, so I'm reluctant to tell you. But I will say it is one of the Outer Banks, can only be reached by Ferry and "O" is its first letter.


Puck - Jun 14, 2007 1:34 pm (#2113 of 2988)

Why would Chaplin fans be hunting for Vlad?

**waves to Holly** good to see you around! Best of luck with the new job.

The movie opens the day after Mr. Pucks birthday. I'm thinking a sitter so we can go out and celebrate a day late may be in order.

I'm planning Diva's birthday party for the weekend before the DH comes out. HBP arrived the day of her party, so I had to wait until after the festivities to start reading.

Someone spilled a jar of bubbles, so off I go.



Madam Pince - Jun 14, 2007 1:41 pm (#2114 of 2988)

The book is released at midnight Friday night / Saturday morning, right? The night of the 20th? Because midnight is then the 21st?

I hope I've got that right. Mr. P is unwilling to let me go wandering off to the mall at midnight all by my onesies ("That girl in Kansas didn't think anything would happen to her, either!") which is true enough and very sweet I suppose. He has a doctor's appointment that day and I believe is planning to take the rest of the day off work (he works nights, actually) so that he can serve as bodyguard. Then I think he plans to pester me all night as I read each page by asking "What's happening now?"


Tazzygirl - Jun 14, 2007 1:44 pm (#2115 of 2988)

Thanks for all the info on the moths. I hope it's not that! I do have rice, but I keep it in the fridge- as almost everything else (remember my mouse/rat problem? Speaking of which- I think I managed to get them all. :evilgrin:) My flour is in an airtight container. hmmmm. I think I'm going to check just in case!

Journeymom- I'm so jealous! **goes off to see if The Police are coming to Hawaii** (probably not. We don't get many artists here... Mostly Jimmy Buffet. )

I forgot what else I was going to say... hmmm. Sorry everyone! **healing charms** **strengthening charms** and (((HUGS))) to those that need them!



Madam Pince - Jun 14, 2007 1:47 pm (#2116 of 2988)

And just what is wrong with Jimmy Buffett????

***Goes off singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise"***


Lina - Jun 14, 2007 2:33 pm (#2117 of 2988)

Journeymom, I'm glad you had a blast!

Lina - how did you get in??????????????????????????????? -- Julie (GE)

Well, I just clicked. No copyright notice appeared. I thought to suggest to try to change the location on the windows setting, but it is more probable that they are checking the addresses of the computer. Maybe it is because UK might have its own MTV production?

Good luck with the changing of jobs, Holly! I hope you'll like the new one!


geauxtigers - Jun 14, 2007 2:45 pm (#2118 of 2988)

Ginnie and Tori - does your cat always have it's eyes closed?

Thats the camera flash! When we turn the flash off, her eyes open, but the lighting is always dim, and you can't see anything. But her eyes are closed a lot, just like any cat, she spends 80% of her life taking cat naps...

Glad the concert was great, Journeymom!


John Bumbledore - Jun 14, 2007 3:08 pm (#2119 of 2988)

I agree with you on the rain, Snuffles! — Azi

I guess the Chunks hurt when they hit you... oh, was that chucking and not chunking? Well then, never mind.

just like any cat, she spends 80% of her life taking cat naps — Tori

I have read that cats do sleep two out of every three hours on average. That would be about 67% (or so).

My dog sun bathes. Is that unusual?

Bye now.


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 4:15 pm (#2120 of 2988)

I guess the Chunks hurt when they hit you

Thanks a lot, John! **wiping off computer screen**

My dog sun bathes. Is that unusual?   Does he use sunscreen?

About the doggy sunbaths ... my female Shelties both enjoyed them, but the male is more of a shade guy. He likes to lie under things. For example, he will lie on the patio with his head under the log crib, or he will curl up UNDER the grill! He also likes to lie between the a/c unit and the stucco on the house--rather tight quarters, if you ask me! Not surprisingly, he occasionally goes into his crate, both the one in my room and the one on the patio. The females hated the crates. Go figure ...

Jimmy Buffett always reminds me of summer vacation! **singing to myself** “Wasting away in Margaritaville, Searching for my lost shaker of salt ...”



Tazzygirl - Jun 14, 2007 4:25 pm (#2121 of 2988)

And just what is wrong with Jimmy Buffett????

Teehee- I knew I was going to get a comment about that! LOL Jimmy Buffet isn't my cup of tea, and we rarely get the popular bands! I think the last group to come through was Black Eyed Peas, about a year or so ago.

Haven't heard anything about Beanie - mom took her in last night and said her eyes were wide-eyed and she was trying really hard to stay on top of my mom's shoulder. Poor thing. Thanks for all the thoughts!



The giant squid - Jun 14, 2007 5:17 pm (#2122 of 2988)

Journeymom, count me in as another Forumite overcome with jealousy. Well, not totally overcome...in a nice bit of synchronicity I'll be going to see "Weird Al" Yankovic tonight. Not too bad seeing as I found out about the show yesterday. Just happened to see a flier posted in a window on my way to lunch...

Why would Chaplin fans be hunting for Vlad?—Puck

Vlad & Loopy Lupin had a running thing for a while over who was better, Chaplin or Buster Keaton. Since Loopy seems to be on a hiatus at the moment, Vlad is safe to spout all the anti-Chaplin sentiment he wants.



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 14, 2007 5:51 pm (#2123 of 2988)

Hi and welcome, Freorge! We have one more week of school left here and then about 10 weeks summer vacation.

Nathan - the best of luck with your studies. I hope it works out well for you. You sure do have a lot of ambition.

John, my goodness, what's happening with your font? I can barely recognize you. What kind of dog do you have?

Finn, what a great time for you all! The video didn't work on my Neanderthal computer but it worked on Olivia's. Olivia's comment was something like: Why doesn't our school do cool things like that?

Just wondering if you turned off your cookies, maybe the video would work??

Kristina - We don't get many artists here...

Oh, I don't know about that - I would think that is where many of them go for their reprieve.

Holly - is it a good thing or a bad thing about your new job? I know you were in meeting after meeting about changes. Felix Felicis your way.

Madam Pince, you can always come join up with us! A nice weekend getaway for the three of you. Trevor will be there - hubby and both of the girls. The other three will be visiting their aunt, uncle & cousins while Olivia and I stay and read. . and scream. . .and read. . .and scream. . .and read. . .and cry.

I Am Used Vlad, hope the writing is going well. Be sure to bring pen and paper for those times when you are not reading.

I decided not to attend the annual PTO dinner tonight. I think the stress is getting to me - far too much running around. I have had stomach aches for the last three days. One more week. . .one more week. . .one more week. . .

The president was very sweet - since she knew I wasn't going, she waited for me this morning and gave me a book they dedicated to the library in my name - it is entitled "Mars Needs Moms" It has a little label inside with a nice thank you note and my name. So now, any time someone sees the Mars book, they'll think of me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - our friends from Baton Rouge told us today they are coming to visit us!! They will be here a week from Tuesday. Uh oh, I'd better get to organizing! Panic mode will kick in tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry I missed the party in the chat room! **waves**



Madam Pince - Jun 14, 2007 6:43 pm (#2124 of 2988)

John, our dog sunbathes too, but only when it's below about 85. If it gets much warmer than that, she starts doing like Soli's dog and heading for a shaded spot, preferably on bare earth. Under the deck's stairs or under my mom's porch steps are two favorites.

Oh no, SquidMike -- does this mean that after tonight you are going to start singing songs everyone knows, but putting different lyrics in them?

Back in the day when I was gainfully employed, I used to have to drive 2 hours to DC every so often to work a rather dreaded shift that everyone took a turn at. I would play Jimmy Buffett in my car all the way up there to try and make myself think I was actually on my way to a vacation rather than to a hard slog. You would think with operant conditioning that I would've learned to hate ol' Jimmy, but no, he still always puts me in a good mood.

Maria, thanks for the invite! I am sorely tempted -- it would be fun to read DH with another true Harry fan!

By the way, the mama killdeer bird is still nesting happily! I would've never believed that nest would last this long being so close to parking spaces at a tee-ball field, but there you are... She really is a pretty bird -- I so hope that the babies make it once they hatch and don't go running all over the parking lot!


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 14, 2007 6:45 pm (#2125 of 2988)

On the subject of the Chaplin and Keaton matter I think Vlad and Loopy are overlooking another good contender: Harold Lloyd.


Mediwitch - Jun 14, 2007 7:07 pm (#2126 of 2988)

Way cool, Finn! I finally got a chance to check out the MTV video. I think you summed it up very nicely!

*strengthening charms* to Mandy, Soli, Julie/Snuffles and your families.

Welcome, Freorge! We actually get about 10 weeks off in our district, starting tomorrow! Because I work in special education (speech-language pathology), I do work a few hours a week in the summer.

Oh, Madam Pince, I LOVE the opera scene in Pretty Woman - "She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance!" Oh yes, the tidal wave appears to be about over, so the swimming is fine! (1:00 tomorrow I'm all done!) And it would be very cool to add you to our little northeast Potter Party!

Thanks for the pics journeymom! The Police...

Best of luck on the new job, Holly.

Kathy, Mr. Puck's birthday is just 3 days after Mr. Mediwitch's - I told him we'd go to the movie for his birthday. His response?

Tazzy, I thought of you today - I got a very nice gift from my student who is moving to Maui, and his mom invited me to come and visit! Boy, if we weren't building a house...!

Two of our cats sunbathe. I closed the shade the other day, and the cat who was napping in the sun got up and moved to another sunny spot. This is our "dog-cat" - he comes when called, follows us around the yard, and likes licking people.


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 7:26 pm (#2127 of 2988)

Mediwitch, the "garage cat" who adopted me after her family abandoned her is also a sunbather. In cold weather, she lies on my car hood (grrrrrrr!!) to take advantage of the sun that comes through the little windows in the garage door. When I came home this morning--it was about 95 degrees F. outside--she was lying on top of a stack of Roughnecks in the garage. Because of her, I always have to leave the garage door raised about 5 inches. She is too dumb to use the doggy door--even though I've put her through it several times and she has seen the neighbor cat use it. I am afraid she will sneak into the garage and not know how to get out ... and turn into a kitty-crisp in this heat.

This cat is a major crabapple, very whiny and irritable. But she, too, follows me around the yard when I am outside. I pet her (very carefully, and never taking my eyes off her) a bit, but I cannot pick her up, because she bites and scratches. Believe me, putting her through that doggy door was fun ... not! I'm surprised she has not figured it out yet. It's been three years! What a dope!



Puck - Jun 14, 2007 7:28 pm (#2128 of 2988)

I was halfway through typing my post when Diva ran out of the bedroom screaming and crying about Aliens. (Note that she shares the room with older brother, and guess how that idea got in her head.) I went in to cuddle and wound up having a bit of a nap in there.

Maria, hope you feel better.

Mediwitch, Yeah! for being almost done.

Author's Tea at Son's school was cute. They read their autobigraphies which they worked on all year. Half read today, while the half that reads tomorrow acted as escorts. The escorts brought you around to each station to hear the kids read their books. (This was nice, as it wasn't a large overwhelming audience, but only one or two people at a time for them to read to.) Son did a very nice job on his book.

Happy RotD!


I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatos....


Jenniffler - Jun 14, 2007 8:23 pm (#2129 of 2988)

Finn, I enjoyed the MTV piece. You looked so composed and got to the heart of it. I would be jealous but I comfort myself with the fact that you are already halfway to being a fuddy-duddy old person like me! You school-mates are enthusiastic. I've never really visualized mass Potter hysteria before.

Hugs to anybody who needs them.

The library summer reading program had pizza day. the guests threw 4 foot wide spinning dough into the audience of children every few minutes or so. I learned nothing new except that you can grill okra. Can you believe it? Okra. It was right there in Southern Living magazine. But the bonus is...no slime. Should I try it? Or do I dare someone else to try?


painting sheila - Jun 14, 2007 8:40 pm (#2130 of 2988)

Solitaire - I am sure the garage cat knows full well how to get in and out of the doggy door. She just has more fun watching you try and get her to do it! Plus she feels very pampered that you will leave the garage door up for her and make all the other Neanderthal animals crawl through the doggy door. It sounds to me like she has you well trained!

We went to see Blithe Spirit tonight at Hot Summer Nights here in Raleigh. Very cute play if any of you get a chance to ever see it. We had some great actors - had us in stitches!

Hubby called from the top of the mountain tonight. I guess everyone is doing okay. The downhill part is killing his knee but as long as they go slow he says he is okay.

I have had a sharp ache in my shoulder all day today. It is in the front part and does not feel like it goes into the bone, but it does keep me from lifting my arm. Ouch!

Not much else going on here today - kind boring. ( it's my own (dang) fault)

Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org I think we are going to have a HP movie marathon the week before the new movie comes out. I need to get planning . . . . .

My cat brought me an early birthday "present". It is part of the biggest mouse I have ever seen! I think he will be "giving" me the other part very soon. He is making yuck noises in the corner . . . .I don't like birthday presents! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934  


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 8:43 pm (#2131 of 2988)

LOL ! Perhaps she has me trained ... but not well enough to let her into the house, whether summer OR winter.

Blithe Spirit ... I seem to remember my high school drama teacher showing it to us many years ago. I believe the version we saw starred Rex Harrison ... and was really, really OLD. Other than that, I do not remember much about it. If we're talking old ghost movies, I'd rather watch Topper, which I loved.



painting sheila - Jun 14, 2007 8:45 pm (#2132 of 2988)

You just think you aren't letting her in. She really doesn't want to come in but can't let you know that because then you would try and keep her out and she would have to come in to prove to the Neanderthals she could! (whew!)Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 8:51 pm (#2133 of 2988)

LOL I think you are indulging in wishful thinking. This cross-eyed cat is one little oddball! Also, she needs a bit of voice coaching. She has the most annoying kitty voice!


Freorge - Jun 14, 2007 9:17 pm (#2134 of 2988)

Wow! thanks to all who have made me feel welcome. 10 weeks holidays sound fantastic. We get a 5 week break over Chrissy and summer. Bit sad compared to yours. I live in NSW, just south of Sydney, right on the coast. If that helps, Solitaire!


Solitaire - Jun 14, 2007 9:44 pm (#2135 of 2988)

Yes, Freorge, it does. One friend lives in Canberra and another in Brisbane. Actually, I'm just nosey! I think your school breaks are a bit different from ours here ... although not every state or even every city or district has the exact same schedule. I believe the general instructional year is 180 days, although some may go longer.

Year-round schools have different breaks throughout the year, at different times. However, I think it still comes out to about 180 instructional days per school year. Sometimes, I think it might be nice to have more breaks to look forward to, even though they are shorter. It might help with the "burnout factor." For example, on years when Easter has come early, it's been hard to know I had to go ten more weeks without a break. I like late Easter holidays ... it makes the end of the year just fly!



Ydnam96 - Jun 14, 2007 9:48 pm (#2136 of 2988)

Hey guys!

I've got a copy of the Mugglenet book about DH and a bunch of HP Legos (Hagrid's hut, DD's office, Sirius' escape, Shrieking Shack, and some others I can't think of) that I'm wanting to get rid of. I thought I'd offer them to you all first Smile If you are interested (they are free) just let me know!


Chemyst - Jun 14, 2007 9:57 pm (#2137 of 2988)

Free? Uh, sure! I haven't played with legos in a couple months...


Ydnam96 - Jun 14, 2007 9:58 pm (#2138 of 2988)

If you want to email me your address I can mail them to you. My email is in my profile. Do you want the book?


Finn BV - Jun 15, 2007 12:39 am (#2139 of 2988)

Wow, the WOMBAT was tough.

Sorry to you Brits that you can't watch the video! Maybe somebody'll put it on YouTube soon…

Chemyst, yes, food in the library, but since we're like the top library kids, we'll clean up. (During the regular school day, it's not allowed.) But, that room you saw us in was the "group study room," meant for talking, eating, and laptop use -- it's set aside from the rest of the library. Stephanie's still around, just very busy lately. I'm sure she'll stop in once she gets back from her trip to San Francisco. We have many theories to discuss!

Marie -- yes, our school is pretty cool in that way.

For those of you who can only see the article -- I'm that blond mess in the middle of the photo (wearing a Harry and the Potters t-shirt).

Welcome, Freorge! Nice username.

Vlad & Loopy Lupin had a running thing for a while over who was better, Chaplin or Buster Keaton. --Squid Mike

Oh dear, I remember this debate! I think I got dragged into it once… (PS, Mike, it's 3:39 am and I have to pack to leave at 7! Yippee!)

Okay, so, I'll be back on the 25th or so. Leaving for Montreal in the morning.


azi - Jun 15, 2007 4:59 am (#2140 of 2988)

Ooo, Montreal - how exciting! Have fun, Finn!

Good thing I'm not trying to get back to uni today. All the trains are cancelled due to flooding. It's still raining, but since I live on a hill I'm not too worried.

**waves to everyone**


Puck - Jun 15, 2007 6:22 am (#2141 of 2988)

Staying dry charms to all those across the pond!

Finn, safe traveling charms.

Healing charms to 's shoulder and her hubby's knee.

Diva was quite excited to announce this morning that not a single alien came into her room last night.

Solitaire, my Mom once had a cat that would literally walk into a corner and not find her way out. So, I believe when you say this one still hasn't figured out how to get through the "magical" barrier.

Anyone ever have a Bichon Frise? After a bit of reading I'm thinking this might be a good puppy match for my house. It's small and friendly with children. (I don't really care much whether it's a pure breed, more about size and temperament. I read that Yorkie's can be snappy at times, and with a toddler in the house and another child who fears dogs, that would not be a good thing.)

Happy RotD!


ps- new 5 words started on the new thread


Round Pink Spider - Jun 15, 2007 6:29 am (#2142 of 2988)

My gracious! What a lot of messages to read through!

Haven't got anything interesting to say here, except that it finally got humid enough here in Minnesota that I broke down and turned on the A/C. My walk was very uncomfortable this morning, even though I got out before sunrise.

Two of our cats sunbathe. I closed the shade the other day, and the cat who was napping in the sun got up and moved to another sunny spot.

The two dogs we've had have never sunbathed, but maybe it's more because they were both black than because they were dogs. The one black cat I had also had a rather limited interest in sunbathing. I guess that, because of his color, he would get overheated.

Wow! thanks to all who have made me feel welcome. 10 weeks holidays sound fantastic. We get a 5 week break over Chrissy and summer. Bit sad compared to yours.

Actually, Freorge, it gets so long that everybody starts wishing school would START again! Maybe that's the schools' sneaky way of getting the kids enthusiastic about coming back!

EDIT: Once, I had two cats at the same time, one smart as a whip, the other... well, kind of slow. The one figured out how to jump from speaker to entertainment center and up to the counter when she was a kitten, the day after I got her; the other one literally watched her for a week and a half before he finally figured out how she was doing it. But he was so sweet... even if he was kind of, um, mentally challenged. And I have a friend on another forum who's getting a Bichon this weekend. She's quite enthusiastic.


Marie E. - Jun 15, 2007 7:09 am (#2143 of 2988)

RPS, that reminds me of my cats. Samantha was older and had a wise, knowing look on her face. Tyler was more like Odie from Garfield. He was very loveable but about one brick short of a load. Tyler would do something stupid and Samantha would me a look like "Really?". Tyler was also in love with the Squidboy because at the time he was working at a barbeque restaurant. Tyler would follow him around the apartment trying to lick Mike's pants (spilled barbeque sauce on them, you see).

I send Lexi off to Girl Scout camp on Sunday and Shayla next Wednesday. Next year I really need to find two camps they like that are held at the same time. They leave for Virginia after the 4th of July for a two visit with the grandparents.


The giant squid - Jun 15, 2007 7:20 am (#2144 of 2988)

Oh no, SquidMike -- does this mean that after tonight you are going to start singing songs everyone knows, but putting different lyrics in them?--Madame Pince

No, but I am somewhat frightened by how much I can relate to "White And Nerdy"...

Wendy F.: Welcome to the Forum! It's good to see another Las Vegan here.

Marie & I used to joke that her cat Tyler was a dog trapped in a cat's body--he was affectionate, always excited, liked to eat (every time someone stood up he thought they were going to give him more food)...I swear his tail actually wagged! Samantha, on the other hand, would look down on her subjects from her throne atop the refrigerator, and deem us acceptable. Most of the time.



John Bumbledore - Jun 15, 2007 9:06 am (#2145 of 2988)

(Carolina Dog) John, my goodness, what's happening with your font? I can barely recognize you. — Maria (Her Dragoness, HH11)
Font is fine, I, however, sometimes do not have time to turn it on.

My dog is a "Carolina Dog" sometimes called "American Dingo" and is recognized as the only breed that is truly native to North America. But we rescued him from the pound where he was "classified" by the Vet to be "mixed breed, mostly hound." Barely a month after we adopted him, there were front page articles first in The State ("Leaders of the Pack," Livingston, Mike, The State, Columbia, SC 1997-05-13, D1) and then in Science News ("Dog of Ages" Science News, June 28, 1997). (Note: Cover image at left.)

Blithe Spirit? I remember acting in that my sophomore year in high school. (Funny thing is it was at Northwestern, but it was a high school and not the well known university) I was Edgar the butler (only originally it was written for Edith the maid). I had fun throwing things in the air when "spooked" by the floating record that started playing on the phonograph... ran up the stairs (riser really and very smooth) in my socks and bath robe so "CRASH" I slipped and fell on opening night. The audience burst into laughter and the director came to me directly after the final curtain to ask if I was alright (I was fine and didn't get hurt.) Then he asked if I could do that again for the rest of the performances "except don't hit the wall or plant stand" (the set shook and fake plant was still knocked over for next scene). Turns out the male lead saw the plant and set it back up while ad-libbing "it is hard to get good help these days." This also received roars of laughter. — guess you had to be there

Thanks  for dislodging these fun recollections. LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Choices - Jun 15, 2007 9:16 am (#2146 of 2988)

Blithe Spirit - I played Madame Arcadi (Sp? the medium) in our college production. It was great fun! :-)


journeymom - Jun 15, 2007 9:27 am (#2147 of 2988)

Finn, I finally saw your video.

So, let me get this straight. As far as I can see, you were the only guy at a slumber-party with a crowd of like-minded, brainy girls. What a rough night!

Teasing. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818 Looks like you had a blast, and I'm jealous!

Have a fine day, All.


Holly T. - Jun 15, 2007 10:00 am (#2148 of 2988)

If anyone saw the interview with Rick Riordan this morning on the Today Show they have video from the camp my son was at last week. My son is in it very briefly (if you watch the clip on the show's web site, you can see half of his face at :34--he has a gold bandana on his head).

About my job change--the good news is I still have a job and don't have to move! I'll know more specifics in a month or so.

Daughter got her report card from ballet in the mail. She got a lot of I's (needs improvement) and very few S's (satisfactory). And she wasn't promoted--yes, held back in ballet class. Whatever will my little overachiever do? Right now she is in denial that she actually got a report card and doesn't want to talk about it. Apparently her joints are tight and she is having problems with her turnout and hip alignment. She's also having a very difficult time going on pointe. Dh is hoping she will quit ballet but I said it will have to be her decision and that I don't want her to quit because it is getting hard.

I wonder how Hermione would do in ballet class.


Puck - Jun 15, 2007 10:08 am (#2149 of 2988)

They have report cards for ballet? I know a teacher has say over whether they are moved to the next level, but never heard of them getting actual cards.

Diva is not going to move up to the kindergarten level of dance next year. I've already been told to keep her in tots. (In her case it's not about ability, but about the fact that she likes staring at herself in the mirror too much to focus on her dancing. Told you she's a Diva. )



painting sheila - Jun 15, 2007 10:56 am (#2150 of 2988)

Speaking of strange things pets do, I had a friend that had a Saint Bernard that was dropped on it’s head when it was a puppy. After that it wasn't "right" It would look at you and want to walk towards you, but would walk sideways. It finally figured out to look at you, turn it's body sideways and walk. It was so funny to watch it run!

Report cards for ballet? I thought it was supposed to be fun and for grace and self esteem!!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

My friends are taking me out for dinner tonight. I am so excited . . Let's go Outback tonight. . . life will be there to-mo-oo-orrooowwww . .. . .
Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:45 pm


Solitaire - Jun 15, 2007 11:42 am (#2151 of 2988)

Puck, thanks for validating my "bimbo cat" theory! LOL About the Bichon Frise ... a couple of my students' families have 'em and love 'em. Here is a page that claims to be "the most honest dog breed review you'll ever find. Terrific information about Bichon Frise temperament, personality, and behavior." It has some good points to consider.

Actually, Freorge, summer vacation gets so long that everybody starts wishing school would START again!

Um ... speak for yourself, Round Pink Spider! LOL

Holly, does your daughter have a "ballet body"? I took ballet as both a child and an adult, and I have two high school classmates who became professional ballerinas ... and another whose daughter became a professional ballerina. According to all of them, the body does have certain limitations. If your daughter just enjoys dancing for its own sake and does not have professional aspirations, I'd encourage her to keep dancing. Who knows? With more training, she might actually find she does have a "ballet body"! Here is an interesting article about the "ballet body."   here

Report cards for ballet? I thought it was supposed to be fun and for grace and self esteem!!!

Supposed to be, perhaps ... but when my niece was involved in one of our local ballet companies, it was very competitive, even among the six-to-twelve-year-olds. BTW, my niece finally quit, because she did not have the "ballet body." She now has a "mommy-to-be" body!



azi - Jun 15, 2007 12:08 pm (#2152 of 2988)

I think dancing should just be fun too! It is very competitive, like drama. I never did ballet, but I do Scottish Folk Dancing now. Not quite the same (I am the youngest member, with an average club age of 'somewhere in retirement'), but you get the odd person who is really nitpicky about footing and will look down on you if you aren't perfect. It annoys me, I'm there to enjoy myself, not be perfect! The best thing to do is ignore them and dance with your held held high.

My mum once 'adopted' a white cat which she named George. When she first started feeding him, his owners were literally starving him, but by the time they moved away (and took George with them) he was slightly plumper than he should have been. Never had any problems with him, never bit or scratched us! Lovely cat!

Still raining!


Madam Pince - Jun 15, 2007 12:27 pm (#2153 of 2988)

Dance like no one is watching! as the saying goes... There is a ballet school here in our town, and apparently the older lady who runs it is very well thought-of, but is a total drill-sergeant about her students. She drives them unmercifully, and they are all tense and uptight and stressed-out all the time, worried to pieces about the competition. I agree with taking your effort seriously, but honestly, getting ulcers over dancing just seems like a contradiction to me... particularly if it's pre-schoolers. A mom told me the other day that even the little kids often come home in tears from this lady's beratings.

And you wonder why the cat's previous owners abandoned her, Solitaire? (Just a joke -- no animal should ever be abandoned!)

Jenniffler, let me know how the grilled okra turns out. Although I'm a good Southerner in many ways, I never could stand okra for some reason.

, did you ever get the other "half" of your present yet? Bleahhhhhh.... Hope your shoulder pain goes away! It sounds suspiciously like Mr. P's complaint, which turned out to be a "frozen shoulder" and those are no fun at all. By the way, can't remember if I wished you Happy Birthday or not, but "Happy Birthday!" anyway! Hope you enjoy the Outback dinner! Have some onion loaf for me!

Mandy, I'd be interested to read the Mugglenet book if nobody else wants it -- I'll send you an e-mail, but only if you'll allow me to pay the postage. We were just discussing HP legos the other night -- apparently Mr. and Little P had seen a huge Hogwarts set that they considered getting me, but they decided it required too many galleons.

Marie, will Shayla and Lexi get home from Virginia in time for the DH release? I guess the grandparents will get to take them to see OotP, then! Woo-hoo -- date night for Mr. and Mrs. Marie!

John, I would love to have seen you in that play -- it sounds hysterical. Someone who can do a good pratfall is theatre gold, I understand!

Medium rare with mustard tastes nice; Heaven on Earth with an onion slice.... ***goes to dig out the blender and the salt shaker...*** It's Friday, is it not?


Holly T. - Jun 15, 2007 1:31 pm (#2154 of 2988)

Solitaire, she doesn't have a ballet body. She does not have good natural turnout and she has skinny feet with long toes, which are pretty much the worst for going on pointe. But she also doesn't aspire to be a professional ballerina. Her school is Very Serious once students reach a certain level. They start giving out the report cards when students are about in third grade. They expect a lot out of their students. When they are in high school if they are going to continue dancing they pretty much have to give up all other activities. Daughter doesn't want to do that. She wants to keep dancing, but she knows at some point she won't have time to do it anymore.

For those who say it should be fun--well, running around and kicking a ball is fun, but that isn't the same as playing soccer. One of the reasons we chose this school in the first place is because they do take ballet seriously--no hip-hop classes, etc., just ballet (with a few modern classes). They have a curriculum. The students learn vocabulary, classical music, and anatomy (they learn muscle names) in addition to dance steps. It's as much mental as it is physical. Not to mention the self-discipline involved in (at this level) going to class six hours a week. It's been good for her, even if she's not at the top of her class. Which is actually another good thing--it shows her that she's not always going to be the best at everything. She needs that, LOL.

Mandy, my son would take the Legos but he already has all of those sets and does not need any more (even though he thinks he does).

Happy Birthday ! I want someone to take me out to dinner.

John, I am now picturing you as Chevy Chase.

I have been falling asleep all day. At least I can sleep in tomorrow!


Tazzygirl - Jun 15, 2007 2:02 pm (#2155 of 2988)

Happy Birthday !! Can I go to Outback with you?? Please? **loves Outback Steakhouse**

On the not so bright pets- Luckie (mom's other dog) also refuses to use the dog door- we've tried and tried and tried. He insists on going out through a normal door. And currently he has 'Doggie Alzheimers' where he'll walk outside, and all of a sudden get confused and lost (nevermind that he's in the driveway). He's taken to following Beanie around. Beanie, on the other hand, is really smart and has the 'queen attitude' (fresh water from the faucet, fresh dog food...). Speaking of which- parents brought her home from the vet's yesterday evening. Mom said she had a cone on her head, and was whimpering from the moment they picked her up until bedtime. We won't find out the results of the biopsies until Monday or so. While getting the tumors removed, the vet also removed three teeth and clipped her nails. Not a fun trip to the vet!

Off to figure out when I next work. I think it's Sunday, but I'm not sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!



kabloink! - Jun 15, 2007 2:31 pm (#2156 of 2988)

Madame Pince, I almost didn't recognize you-your avatar is new! I don't know if I ever remember you changing it before.

I would be happy with setting my air at 75 F, except that it would be a nice 75 F downstairs and about 95F upstairs...we have GOT to get our bedroom set up and find the covered vent...

Hehe, my husband has every intention, once we are old, to grow a long, white beard and walk around in wizard's robes all day, everyday. He will be the wizard, and I don't know what I'll be, but we'll go around and travel the nation doing all the renaissance fairs.

I don't know why, but I've always enjoyed fish flies, gross as they may be. I like to grab them by their wings and chase people around with them. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Huh, well I got through a handful of posts today from earlier in the week, obviously these ar emy comments on them, but now its time to go home, and alas, I have 89 posts left to read...perhaps I will catch up later. Have a great day everyone!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 15, 2007 2:33 pm (#2157 of 2988)

He will be the wizard, and I don't know what I'll be,...  Well that's easy, the witch of course...


Madam Pince - Jun 15, 2007 3:16 pm (#2158 of 2988)

LOL, Kabloink! I occasionally change my avatar temporarily for things like if somebody famous passes away, or something weird that we're discussing on Chat, or similar. (I have had Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, a photo of biscuits -U.S. style-, The Almighty Isis from the '70's Saturday morning kid show, etc...) I have practically grown up with Bob Barker, from Truth or Consequences to The Price Is Right. (Not that I watch them everyday or anything, but...) He's just such a cultural icon and I think he seems to be a really nice guy.

You should click on TBE's name to see the pictures of her and Mr. TBE in their wizard/witch attire! Very snappy! I am convinced they walk the catwalk for Madam Malkin's spring showing... (TBE, I just noticed your hubby's walking stick in those pictures -- my hubby makes those, too! He finds them when he's out hunting or walking in the woods, and brings them home and stains them and fixes them up with fancy knob handles and such. He's so creative with stuff like that...)

Poor Beanie! Hope she's feeling better soon! (And that she gets good reception with her doggie satellite dish...)


Solitaire - Jun 15, 2007 4:12 pm (#2159 of 2988)

Holly, it sounds like your daughter just enjoys dancing for its own sake. That is how I was, and I quit only because my arthritis just made it impossible. When my niece came to the realization that she just did not have what it takes to excel, she quit. I was sorry to see her stop, because I happen to be someone who enjoys doing creative things, even if I am not very good! If your daughter enjoys dance for how it makes her feel (healthy and creative), that is the important thing.

For the record, I wish dance and sports were not so competitive as they are. Kids like I was (who love to skate, dance, etc. but are too klutzy to excel) are discouraged from participating. That is why I love our PE teachers at school. Any kid who wants to participate is welcome to play "on the team" and actually gets to play in the games. It was not so when I was a kid. I was taught in school that I was not athletic ... not good enough to play on the team. If I'd had PE teachers like those in our school, I might have been a more active kid.

Oops! Mom's here ... must go!



TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 15, 2007 4:41 pm (#2160 of 2988)

If I'd had PE teachers like those in our school, I might have been a more active kid. Some of us were good as far as our limitations would allow, and excelled in "our limitations", in spite of our "teachers". Ahem, now then...


Tazzygirl - Jun 15, 2007 4:43 pm (#2161 of 2988)

(And that she gets good reception with her doggie satellite dish...)

LOL! I never thought of them that way before, too funny! Mom says she's still really slow and whimpery. Poor thing. Thanks for the thoughts!

I wish all the rain in England would come here. For some reason, I am wanting it to rain really hard for an entire day. It hasn't done that in a looong time. I miss it. LOL



Puck - Jun 15, 2007 5:57 pm (#2162 of 2988)

Happy Birthday ! (Have you decided how old you are?)

Thanks for the info on the Bichon! I hadn't found that page yet. Funny, because I had been reading not to get one if you have small children, but everything else I read said that are good with little kids, which is why I picked that one. I think that some people believe you shouldn't get any pup with tots in the house.

Great. Just before bed and son is talking to his sister about aliens again.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059

Feel better, Beanie. Poor thing.


Solitaire - Jun 15, 2007 6:11 pm (#2163 of 2988)

TBE ... it's good that you were able to get past whatever limitations you had. In our school, if we were not "on the team," we were more or less ignored--no one really cared what we did during PE. In other words, there was not really an opportunity to participate. Even though we were always there to run the mile and do our calisthentics, those of us who were not "on the team" were left, more or less, to our own devices once the games started. The focus was on coaching the kids who were good athletes. Those of us who were not good were made to feel less than we were. Rational or not, it's how things were and it left an impression.

I did okay in PE in high school, because the teachers didn't really care that I was terrible at tennis or basketball. The major focus was on physical fitness and having fun with whatever activity we were doing. If we showed up and tried our best, we generally got a respectable grade. Still, the early impression of feeling worthless in competitive sports left a strong impression. If teachers want kids to grow up enjoying physical activity, they need to encourage even the klutzes like me to participate and have fun. Fortunately, our school does this.

Happy Birthday, !



journeymom - Jun 15, 2007 8:20 pm (#2164 of 2988)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy !!!!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1609556105


Ydnam96 - Jun 15, 2007 8:30 pm (#2165 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Shelia


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 15, 2007 8:50 pm (#2166 of 2988)

Happy Birthday !!!


Jenniffler - Jun 15, 2007 9:33 pm (#2167 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to you ! May your years eventually double and your troubles fade to none.


painting sheila - Jun 15, 2007 9:38 pm (#2168 of 2988)

Thank you all so much!! You have made my day!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

BC (my cat) never did give me the "rest of my present". I think he left it outside somewhere. I did end up throwing the door mat away where he had left the first half of my present. Yuck! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Outback was so much fun! I had Cyclone Pasta and a Chocolate Thunder from Downunder for dessert. I had a candle to blow out and everything. My friends all came over to my house afterwards and we played Hand and Foot and then Mormon Bridge. It was so much fun - I lost at both games but I always lose at card games so no big deal. I just look as my losing giving some one else a better opportunity to win!

Hubby was able to call from the trail today. They have done really well with no injuries (that he is telling me about.) They will be home tomorrow night and he has promised to take me out again for my birthday!

My grandma - Nornie - would celebrate her birthday for months. I think I am liking that idea! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Ydnam96 - Jun 15, 2007 10:15 pm (#2169 of 2988)

Shelia, you should try Rummikub. It's like rummi but it's easier. Smile It's something I can actually win at!

Man, I got on here with something to say and I can't for the life of me remember what it is!

Oh well, yay for weekends.



Snuffles - Jun 16, 2007 12:51 am (#2170 of 2988)

Happy belated birthday . I hope you had a wonderful day

Kathy, we considered a Bichon but decided against it when I read that they can become jealous of small children. They like all of the attention, so I thought that with a small child it might not be fair on the dog or Olivia! This is why we have chosen to get a Border Terrier. They are small but very good with children (I know you can never trust any dog 100% not to bite). I cannot wait for her to be born

We have lots of flooding in this area. My mum called to say that her back garden was under about 2 foot of water . Lots of schools were cancelled yesterday also. Although the sun is out at the moment we are forecast more thundery, heavy showers this afternoon! We are supposed to be at a bbq later on today too. I wonder if I look in the telephone directory, they will have anything under 'A' for Ark builders

Off to check the threads

**Healing charms, hugs and Felix Felicis** to all those in need.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday.



Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 3:40 am (#2171 of 2988)

Puck ... Regarding the Bichon, why don't you contact a Bichon Frise rescue group near you? Lots of times people get rid of older dogs for various reasons. Those who are forced to relinquish good dogs often use rescue agencies, because they know the dogs have a better chance of being adopted by appropriate families. Rescues also keep the dogs in foster homes for a while, so that they can speak with some authority on the animals' temperaments, ability to get along with other pets, kids, strangers, etc.

If you establish contact with a good Bichon agency, you can let them know what kind of temper you are seeking. You might consider a dog that is 3-4 years old. Its teething stage is over and its personality is a known quantity. Just some food for thought ...



azi - Jun 16, 2007 3:57 am (#2172 of 2988)

Eek, Snuffles! I wondered if you'd been hit by the floods! I knew west Hull had problems, but wasn't sure about you. **water draining charms**

Still raining. Did manage to stop for a few hours last night though!


Puck - Jun 16, 2007 5:00 am (#2173 of 2988)

I guess I'll have to do more research. I had read several places that Bichon is small, sturdy, goody with kids and other pets. (Terriers often have chasing instincts, which is a big "no" with my old kitties.) Now, I'm hearing maybe not so much good with kids. I was thinking a pup as it would grow up used to our family, but you have a good point Solitaire. I guess I'll speak to the vet next time I bring the cats in for shots.

All this effort as if I'm definitely getting a dog, guess I've made my mind up, now I'm just making up Mr. Puck's! (The kids -even the one with dog fears- are on board. Diva was telling her Dad "Mommy wants a white cottonball puppy." It's important to work the "Daddy's girl" angle.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818 )



Denise P. - Jun 16, 2007 6:05 am (#2174 of 2988)

If you have a child afraid of dogs, terriers are probably not a wise choice. They are commonly called 'terrorists' for a reason. Bichon's have a lot of grooming involved to keep their coat from matting. There are a lot of quizzes and things to help determine what breed of dog may suit you best. They ask about energy levels, others in the house, grooming, what kind of characteristics etc Flatcoat Retriever came up #1 for me last time I did one a few weeks back, English Springer Spaniel was #3

Since I am speaking about dogs, I signed Tinsel up for a basic obedience class since she finished her puppy class. It is being held about 20 miles from me and is home to James! James is better known as Champion Felicity's Diamond Jim....the 2007 Wesminster Winner. I think it would be soo cool to get a glimpse of him. Terry, his owner, calls him her little brown dog and loves having him off the road right now (We are on an email list together..she is a very nice woman)


The giant squid - Jun 16, 2007 7:39 am (#2175 of 2988)

I wonder if I look in the telephone directory, they will have anything under 'A' for Ark builders—Snuffles

Snuffles Almighty? I hope the flooding subsides soon. Nothing ruins a BBQ faster than 2 feet of standing water...

We've made some major steps forward in our living room revamp. All of the banners have been hung (Clerks 2 on one wall, Harry Potter & Spider-Man on another) and we just paid for the new TV last night. It will be delivered tomorrow but won't be installed until July 1 (it's a busy time for the installers). All we need now is a new couch & we're good to go. It's scary how quickly this has come together after months of planning, false starts and replanning. Luckily I'll soon have a nice big TV to sit in front of while waiting for my head to stop spinning!



Choices - Jun 16, 2007 7:57 am (#2176 of 2988)

I have two Cairn Terriers (Hermione and Molly) and they are great with kids. They come in a variety of colors - I have a wheaten (golden) and a Brindle (gray and black). They are very sturdy and don't require a whole lot of grooming - bathing and brushing. They do love to go after little critters - so far they have caught a bird and a snake in my backyard. Of course they are the breed of dog that played Toto in the Wizard of Oz. When my kids were small, we had a Springer Spaniel and a Golden Retriever and they were just wonderful with kids - loving and gentle. Good luck finding just the right dog for your family. :-)


Puck - Jun 16, 2007 8:00 am (#2177 of 2988)

Sounds like quite the movie room, Mike!

Denise, thus far I have only found one quiz, and it gave a list of dogs, but didn't rank them. Do you think you could e-mail me a link to the place where you took your quiz? Thanks!


azi - Jun 16, 2007 10:24 am (#2178 of 2988)

I feel I must recommend a golden retriever (sp?) for a dog with kids. My childminder had one (same age as me, until she died when we were at the human age of 10), and I've never liked a dog more. She never scared me, and I have a fear of dogs! Of course, I'm not forgetting the time a different golden retriever chased me all the way up my street for cycling past its house. That was scary. But that dog wasn't brought up properly.

Hehe, the councils in our area are going to have to spend a lot of money repairing all the potholes and broken drains from the water. That may teach them for not investing properly in the first place! I particularly like a large area of pavement about half a mile away which has just disappeared. It's now a large drop to the bottom.

Sun, yey!


geauxtigers - Jun 16, 2007 10:46 am (#2179 of 2988)

Wow! Yall have been chatty!

We have air conditioner wars in my house too. Me, Ginny, and my dad versus my mom. It'll be hot all day in the house, and we aren't supposed to touch it, "just turn the fans on", which we do. Come nighttime, when its cooling off, my mom turns it down and I literally chatter I'm so cold. Sweat pants/ sweatshirt, bed sheet, fleece blanket, down comforter, and another wool blanket on top. Thats how I sleep. And after me and Ginny's fight over who gets the heating pad to keep our feet warm....LOL She's always hot! And I'm always cold. Her rational is that she'd rather be cooler at night when she's trying to sleep, but I disagree!

Big dogs are always better with kids. I think thats a fairly safe rule to go by, of course there are exceptions. BUt little dogs can get snippy, and hurt more easily like if being picked up by a 4 year old. Big dogs in general are more mellow. THey also drool a lot!

Oh and I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday !


Choices - Jun 16, 2007 10:57 am (#2180 of 2988)

Yes, belated birthday wishes to  - hope you had a great day!!!

I agree, big dogs are easier all around. I also have two Rotties and they are wonderful in the house, easy to housebreak and are also great with kids when they are raised with them and socialized properly. My Cairns are almost 2 years old and one is still not completely housebroken. :-(


Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 11:19 am (#2181 of 2988)

Choices, I went to that page I posted back a bit and looked at all of the terrier breeds. Almost across the board, "housebreaking difficulties" were mentioned in the negatives column. I find that odd, since terriers are considered intelligent and really trainable. Actually housebreaking difficulties were mentioned on a lot of the small or toy breeds, now that I think of it. I wonder why ... BTW, those Cairns are really cute!



I Am Used Vlad - Jun 16, 2007 12:10 pm (#2182 of 2988)

I see my plot to lure Loopy out of hiding has failed. Nathan, I think Madam Librarian likes Lloyd, too.

It's nice to see that The Giant Squid has corrupted Finn, who is now staying up to all-hours.

Happy belated birthday to . I hope you were able to figure out where I am going to be when the book comes out. Speaking of that, I am a trifle worried that the one Canary Island will split in two before the release of DH, sending a massive tidal wave across the Atlantic, and I will be trapped. My aforementioned nephew and I would have to stand on the beach like those two people in Deep Impact, only in our case, instead of quietly contemplating our lives, we would be cursing our fates and pumping our fists up and down in the classic "double drat" manner.

Speaking of my aforementioned nephew, I have a question for the teachers here. Is it normal for middle school-aged boys to communicate entirely through the use of double entendres?

I love Jimmy Buffett.


Chemyst - Jun 16, 2007 12:26 pm (#2183 of 2988)

Is it normal for middle school-aged boys to communicate entirely through the use of double entendres?

Only the intelligent witty ones, Sam; in which case, yes, that has been my experience. That was the age when my son started liking family "Pun Wars" where we'd just take off on a subject and see who could out word-play the other.
Perhaps your nephew inherited his skill? I noticed your "Squib Pro Quo" on the vote thread was pretty cute.


Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 1:39 pm (#2184 of 2988)

I think Chemyst is right. I can honestly say that I've only had a handful of serious punsters in all of the years (17) I've taught middle-school kids. Not surprisingly, ALL of them have been avid readers of all kinds of literature, and they also enjoy discussing it in a way I've generally seen only with adults. I'm also pleased to say that most of my "punny" students have also been Harry Potterheads. One, in fact, is the kid who piqued my interest in Harry Potter by writing about him so often! Interestingly, I taught both of his brothers, and they were equally witty. I think a love of punning and wordplay must run in families.



Tazzygirl - Jun 16, 2007 1:52 pm (#2185 of 2988)

I also like the Golden Retrievers. Ours was the sweetest, most mild tempered thing ever- parents got her a couple years before I was born, and she was with the family until I turned 13. I remember she used to climb the wood pile in the back yard to get out of the yard, and then would climb the chain-link fence to get back. Funny to watch!

I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to sleep really well this entire week. Falling asleep late, waking up late but not feeling well rested. (Ginny and Tori- I have to sleep where the a/c is set to really cold. I'd rather be cold at night than during the day. lol)

I'm watching the kiddies this afternoon. Thinking we might go for a walk and play at the beach.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 16, 2007 2:12 pm (#2186 of 2988)
Edited Jun 16, 2007 3:16 pm

All the goldens I've ever seen (never having owned one!) also seem very gentle and good with kids. Of course, they also shed like anything. But then, you'd get that with a Bichon also.

I'm still working on Chapter 14. Am I boring you yet?

Solitaire, I've also noticed that wittyness and punn-ishment run in families. My husband's family were born to be stand-up comedians. My brother-in-law Pat is especially witty. Whenever we get together, my husband and I end up staying up for hours, just listening to this guy talk, he's so funny. In fact, I found out recently that our oldest daughter used to pretend she'd fallen asleep on the living room floor just so she could stay up and listen to our conversation.

Speaking of which, have any of you had children who, when reaching their teenage years, reveal to you some devious behavior they used to engage in when they were little, and you never suspected anything? That one was one of my oldest daughter's little deceptions. Middle son recently admitted that he used to hide his beloved teddy bear (appropriately named Bear), then pretend he couldn't find him, just so that he could stay up a little longer. He was THREE when he used to do this to us! I can't believe my little boy was that devious! He had all of us searching for his bear, almost every night... Ah, well, the things you learn about your kids.

EDIT: OOOPS! Happy Belated Birthday, !


Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 2:18 pm (#2187 of 2988)

Although I like both Golden Retrievers and Golden Labradors, I prefer the Labs. The Retrievers I've known seem a little hyper and goofy and always jump up on people ... although that is probably due to a lack of obedience training (the kids in some of the families are a little wild, too! LOL). The Labs I've known--and more of my friends have Labs, actually, so I've seen more of them--seem a bit calmer and require considerably less grooming. Both are great family dogs, though, and both are superb with kids. Actually, they act like big, golden, furry kids! JM2K, of course ...



Mediwitch - Jun 16, 2007 3:35 pm (#2188 of 2988)

Hooray for summer vacation! Yesterday, Mr. Mediwitch and I both fell asleep in the hammock ~ it was a lovely way to spend the first afternoon of vacation!

There were an awful lot of posts over the last two days, so general healing charms and Felix Felicis as needed.

Oh, yeah ~

Happy Birthday 11 to !


Jenniffler - Jun 16, 2007 4:39 pm (#2189 of 2988)

On double entendres. I'm afraid so. If the young gentlemen are confident enough they even speak that way in front of girls! That makes outings with juveniles extremely stressfull. And it is the REAL cause of pimples!


Ydnam96 - Jun 16, 2007 4:42 pm (#2190 of 2988)

We had a Tibetan Spaniel...one of the best dogs in the world! I swear. I loved her to pieces. We got her from a shelter and didn't know what kind of dog she was until we did some research. We hit the jackpot with her because they are pretty rare in the US although they are on the rise. I put a link to a great website about them in my profile. I would get one if I were able to have a dog (through the rescue program!)

Have a great weekend everyone.


Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 5:08 pm (#2191 of 2988)

Very cute dogs, Mandy!


Choices - Jun 16, 2007 5:31 pm (#2192 of 2988)

Hey, welcome to our new forum members. **waves** You sound interesting and I look forward to your contributions to our various discussions.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I bought a lawnmower today. We had been paying someone to do it, but we decided we could save some money and get some exercise by mowing the yard ourselves. We shall see....this may not be one of our better ideas. LOL


Marie E. - Jun 16, 2007 5:34 pm (#2193 of 2988)

I am now completely suspicious of all the times Lexi has "lost" her blankie.

Madam P, the girls are going to be in VA until we get them and fly back in the beginning of August. I'll probably end up taking Shayla to OoP while we're there. I'm not sure if it's appropriate for Lexi. I am planning on seeing it at least twice before we fly out.


Puck - Jun 16, 2007 6:29 pm (#2194 of 2988)

I'm pretty set on getting a little dog, even if it means house breaking difficulties. I want a dog I can take lots of places with me easily. Plus, big dogs grow before they mature. Large frisky pups tend to freak my son out more than the smaller ones. I can deal with shedding and such.

My hubby's parents had phone troubles a few years after Mr. Puck had gotten a job and moved east. The technician who came to fix the trouble discovered the problem to be some kind of old splitter in the ceiling of a room in the basement. Seems hubby had a girlfriend during the teen years who would call late. He managed to install some kind of device that turned off the other phones in the house so only his would ring and he wouldn't get in trouble for late night calls.

My son went through an odd phase of hiding clothes around the age of 3. I would wonder why there were no pajamas if I had done all the wash. Then I started finding them stashed in closets, behind toy shelves, etc... Still not sure why he did it.



Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 6:55 pm (#2195 of 2988)

Puck, if you are okay with taking the time to train and groom the more "high maintenance" dogs, then you should get one! They are obviously not so time-consuming or difficult that no one wants them. LOL Look how popular all of the aforementioned breeds are! Besides, some of the long-coated dogs (like Shihtzus, for example) look cute with shorter (not shaved ... I hate shaving) "haircuts."

To be honest, Shelties are no walk in the park for grooming, and they shed like nobody's business. Stoney HATES to be brushed, combed, and de-matted. He is a complete pill about it. During the school year I let it go, because he is such a pain and I didn't have the energy to get down on the floor and pull him out of his hiding places. But now I am forcing him to let me work on him a little each day. A consequence is that he is shedding even more, so my vacuum is really getting a workout! But he is a sweetie--well, except for this issue--so I put up with it.

As all of those dog review say, there are exceptions to every rule for every dog. I really would encourage you, however, to check out various breed rescue organizations (Bichon, Silky Terrier, etc.) for dogs that are a couple of years old. Their temperaments--and any "issues"--are a known quantity, and you are more likely to get a dog that is a good "fit" for your family. JM2K ...



Holly T. - Jun 16, 2007 8:01 pm (#2196 of 2988)

My son wants a dog--he's been trying to convince us to get one for several years. I usually mention that he would have to clean up dog poop and that grosses him out enough to quit asking for a dog. The rest of us are cat people. Luckily for our son, our friends have dogs, so son gets to go play with their dogs, which works out nicely for everyone. SIL and her dh have three labs and some little yip-yip dog so he gets to play with those dogs too when we visit them.

Even though right now we still have fluffy cat living under the shed--she won't come out and come back to the house. Dh and son were out working in the yard clearing out behind the shed and she growled at them so at least we know she's still alive. We don't know if she's hurt--we can't reach her--when dh tried to get her a few days ago (once we found out where she was hiding) she scratched him really badly. I thought the orange cat had already forgotten he had a sister but today when I was helping daughter pack for camp he came in her room and got on her bed (where fluffy cat used to like to sleep). He looked at the door several times before he settled down--previously when he's tried to get on the bed fluffy cat has come in and growled and hissed at him until he leaves.

I have to finish daughter's camp paperwork. She's all packed. I'm dropping off her and two friends tomorrow afternoon.

I told son I would play Legos with him while daughter is at camp. He is building a battle arena so we can have Bionicles battle each other. He has also built several weapons for us to use.

Yikes, I just remembered I need to find the Father's Day cards and presents for tomorrow. We went out for dinner tonight.


Puck - Jun 16, 2007 9:05 pm (#2197 of 2988)

The kids and I went to Target this evening to pick up some stuff for Father's Day. (Procrastination) Right before we went to the check out I called Applebees, and dinner was ready when I pulled into the parking space. I love Car side to go! (For those oversees, you call in your dinner order and tell them what kind of car you have, and they bring it out to you. No dragging kids in and out of car seats, and it's much better than fast food drive thru.)

Happy Father's Day to Forum Dads!!



Solitaire - Jun 16, 2007 9:09 pm (#2198 of 2988)

For those of you a few weeks ago who didn't know who Veronica Lake was ... I Married A Witch, in which she stars (with her hair over one eye), has just come on Turner Classic Movies--9 p.m., Pacific Time. I've put a pic of her with her hair over one eye on my profile page ... for those who are interested.



Ydnam96 - Jun 17, 2007 12:32 am (#2199 of 2988)

Grrr...I just spent about an hour and a half building a website on .Mac and my computer froze up and I lost it all


Wendy F. - Jun 17, 2007 2:06 am (#2200 of 2988)

Thanks for the welcome, John! Maybe we can meet up for movie opening (my 13yo son wants to do the IMAX, of course Wink) or the book release. Smile
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Catherine - Jun 17, 2007 5:27 am (#2201 of 2988)

Besides, some of the long-coated dogs (like Shihtzus, for example) look cute with shorter (not shaved ... I hate shaving) "haircuts." –Solitaire

Shih-tzus really are special dogs. Their coats do require maintenance if you want the long "show coat." These days, my two have a "puppy cut" that requires considerably less time. Shih-tzus don't shed much, and are considered less allergenic than many breeds.

The issues with shih-tzus and children is that many breeders worry that children will hurt the dog, not the other way around! In general, shih-tzus are sturdy little dogs who love to play and love to snooze in your lap. They are very social, and do require a lot of attention.

I can't imagine having another breed at this point.


Puck - Jun 17, 2007 9:03 am (#2202 of 2988)
Edited Jun 17, 2007 10:30 am

I'll read up on them, Catherine.


Choices - Jun 17, 2007 9:20 am (#2203 of 2988)

Soli mentioned Silky Terriers - I had two, one of them for 12 years and I would get another one in a heartbeat. I used to raise Poodles years ago and after that I never wanted a dog I had to clip again. If you take them to a grooming parlor it is expensive and if you do it yourself it is a major job. You have to buy clippers and combs/brushes/scissors and about once a month set aside about 3 hours to bathe and groom. In between you have to brush frequently to keep the tangles at bay. Nope, give me a dog with a low maintenance coat that doesn't need anything but an occasional bath and some brushing. Go ahead - call me lazy and I'll admit you're right. LOL


The giant squid - Jun 17, 2007 11:13 am (#2204 of 2988)

It's nice to see that The Giant Squid has corrupted Finn, who is now staying up to all-hours.--I Am Used Vlad

It's more like we've switched schedules, as my new job has me getting up at 6AM now. Still, it's good to know I have some influence on the younger generation.

I think a love of punning and wordplay must run in families.—Solitaire

I'd have to agree with that. Getting me, my cousin Pat & my mom's cousin Elsa in the same room pretty much guarantees some really bad (meaning good) puns will ensue. Thanks to them I had no problem at all deciphering the Mirror of Erised.

If you're a fan of puns, I can't stop recommending Spider Robinson's books, especially the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stuff. Not recommended for the young or close-minded, though.



Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 17, 2007 11:54 am (#2205 of 2988)

I love my Australian Cattle Dog, she is very protective of the family and of close friends as well. Although, they have quite alot of energy.


Solitaire - Jun 17, 2007 1:44 pm (#2206 of 2988)

Thanks, Catherine, for the "puppy cut" term. I knew there was a special name for it, but I couldn't think what it was. My friend's two "Shih-tzu boys" had them, and they always reminded me of little kids in pajamas with feet! LOL When I visited her in Grosse Pointe, back in 1998, her little "boys" often slept on my bed ... because hers was too high to reach without a stair ... or maybe they just knew it was okay with me. Smile



Tazzygirl - Jun 17, 2007 2:16 pm (#2207 of 2988)

I would love to have an Australian Cattle Dog. They are so beautiful!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Forum Dads!

My dad called me this morning at 6 am... told me that it's the best time to be awake and go for a walk. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059   Then he was talking to me about my car. I pretty much mumbled and now I have absolutely no idea what he said. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1437562208

Have a good week everyone!



Solitaire - Jun 17, 2007 2:37 pm (#2208 of 2988)

LOL Tazzy! My roommate and her BF used to come up to my room after dates and sit on the bed and talk with me. The next morning, I had no idea what I'd said. After several instances of their references to comments I'd made or ideas I'd had during those "conversations," I told them that they needed to write down anything important from then on, since I would never remember it! It sounds as though you, too, can have "lost conversations" in your sleep!



Marie E. - Jun 17, 2007 2:56 pm (#2209 of 2988)

Solitaire, I had a similar experience last year after waking up from my surgery. I said something to the nurses and they laughed and said I told the doctor the same thing when came in to check on me.

We just had a bit of interesting news. I was about to leave with Lexi and her best friend for Girl Scout Camp when I got a call from the camp director. Apparently a mountain lion killed some of the petting zoo animals last night and the Division of Wildlife was conducting a search for the cat. They decided to postpone check-in from 2pm to 7pm. The camp is located in the mountains, just west of Pikes Peak. I hope the girls don't get scared tonight, thinking every noise is mountain lion.


Lina - Jun 17, 2007 2:56 pm (#2210 of 2988)

Belated Happy birthday to ! May you enjoy many many more of them!

Healing and strengthening charms to Julie's (Snuffles) dad!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads around and especially to Kip!

Kate was to Gardaland (an amusement park in Italy) with school yesterday and today she had a shooting competition. That combination usually works good for her, so, although she didn't shoot her personal best, she is moving forward to the country competition. Tomorrow she is going to another field trip with the school, so no boredom for her.

Healing and strengthening charms to everybody who needs them. And hugs to all!


Holly T. - Jun 17, 2007 3:16 pm (#2211 of 2988)

Happy Father's Day to all the Forum dads!

Our friend from England was in town for work and went to church with us this morning. He and his family were here at Easter too--when we had freezing rain and sleet. Today after church there was a downpour. We told him to quit bringing the bad weather with him.

Yikes, Marie! I dropped off my daughter and two of her friends at Girl Scout camp today. At least they don't have to worry about mountain lions.

Sorry about the web site Mandy!

Healing charms to those who need them!

Dh has requested that I bake gingerbread for a meeting he has tomorrow. I always make it from scratch, yet he continues to tell people I use a boxed mix. I think I'll bake two batches--why should only his co-workers benefit?


Puck - Jun 17, 2007 3:17 pm (#2212 of 2988)

to Marie! I remember being nervous about big cats while camping in the rockies, and there wasn't even a siting. Putting you and your girls in Gryffindor for going!

Love the picture, Lina.

Daddy decided we should all go for ice cream this afternoon, and as it was Father's day, we obliged. Then he played a round of mini golf with the older two kids. Now they were upset because the ice cream truck went by, and I said no, since we just came home from getting ice cream. Aren't I just evil?

edit: Holly, I would insist he tell people it was made from scratch if I was going to make it. Isn't the lie usually the other way around?


Holly T. - Jun 17, 2007 3:29 pm (#2213 of 2988)

Puck, it's not that he's lying, he's just clueless. I don't mind baking it--he gave me plenty of advance notice.

The past two days I have had two different friends call--one to borrow my apple slicer and one to borrow my springform pan. I am starting to wonder when I became a kitchenware lending library.

Speaking of wildcats, dh is going to try and get fluffy cat out from under the shed while daughter is at camp.


Solitaire - Jun 17, 2007 3:43 pm (#2214 of 2988)

edit: Holly, I would insist he tell people it was made from scratch if I was going to make it.

Better still, make a "scratch" batch for yourself, and make up a box batch for him! Then ... let him taste what he's NOT taking to work! Perhaps when he tastes the difference, he'll understand. (I know ... I'm mean. hehe)



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 17, 2007 3:49 pm (#2215 of 2988)

Happy Father's Day to all forum dads!

Lina, love the avatar! I remember Kate going last year! Enjoy and Felix Felicis for the country competition! GO KATE!

Holly, is there any chance fluffy cat is going to become a mommy cat?

I love gingerbread!

Safety charms to Marie E. and the girls!

How very frustrating Mandy! Tell Peeves, "Shoo!"



Mediwitch - Jun 17, 2007 4:20 pm (#2216 of 2988)

Congratulations to Kate(y)!

LOL, Tazzy! My mother used to call me at 6 am when I was in college because she said it was the only time she knew she'd get me in my room (no cell phones then!). I always had to call her back later in the day because I never remembered what she had said! Sleep  Sleep

The state of CT claims there are no mountain lions in the state, but there have been many local sightings (fortunately not by me! ). The closest I've come is bear and a bobcat.

I updated my avatar to a newer pic of the house - the exterior work on the main house is basically finished, except where the mudroom attaches to it, and they've done some work on the second floor, and framed in the basement stairs. I'm so impatient, though - I want it done NOW!

Happy Father's Day!


Tazzygirl - Jun 17, 2007 5:00 pm (#2217 of 2988)

My dad always calls me before 8 am on a Sunday. He knows it bugs me. LOL Although, one time a couple years ago he called me at 5:15 am, wanting to talk to me about my car and give suggestions, and I really don't remember that conversation. LOL (My car has many moments of having problems. Counting down the days until I can get a new one...)

Your house is looking amazing, Mediwitch!!

I was always afraid the first night of Girl Scout camp, and then after that, no big deal! Marie- my sister hiked up Pikes Peak the other day. Hope the girls have fun at camp!

I had something else to say, but completely forgot. Guess that is a sign that I should get ready for work.



Viola Intonada - Jun 17, 2007 9:12 pm (#2218 of 2988)

Happy Father's Day to all of our Forum Dads!

I guess it's that time of year for Girl Scout camps. I'm taking my troop to camp tomorrow. Glad we don't have to worry about Mountain Lions. (Safety charms to Lexi and crew)

Glad I had a chance to take my last WOMBAT before going without internet for the next 3 days.


Snuffles - Jun 18, 2007 4:30 am (#2219 of 2988)

Mediwitch, your house looks wonderful

*safety charms* to Marie's daughters.

Kristina, let the answer machine get it, then you can listen to your dads message when you are more awake

Good luck to Kate(y)

We managed to have our bbq after all. My SIL put up a few gazeebo's and when it rained we took shelter underneath. Luckily the temperatures were mild! I'm all chocolated out after dunking numerous strawberries into the chocolate fountain (slurp)

Well done to Lewis Hamilton on his win at the Indianapolis Grand Prix yesterday! Woo hoo 7 Grand Prix races, 7 podium places with 2 wins! I think he is still only 22!

I know I have forgotten lots of things I wanted to say

*hugs, Healing charms and Felix Felicis to all those in need*

Happy Monday everyone



Good Evans - Jun 18, 2007 5:06 am (#2220 of 2988)

Belated Happy Fatehrs Day - to all Daddys!!!

Belated happy birthday to

I spend a couple of days off line and there are loads of posts so I have only skimmed...

The Retrievers I've known seem a little hyper and goofy and always jump up on people ... although that is probably due to a lack of obedience training (the kids in some of the families are a little wild, too! LOL) – solitaire

as a Golden owner I have to say how wonderful they are - but LOL you do have to be strict and have a lot of patience, they love to be cuddled and need attention, they are also immensely strong and need a lot of exercise. As for the jumping up –
weeelllll  - - - - we have just about conquered that - but she still thinks anyone coming to the door, must be here to visit her!!! I recommend obedience classes and lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! handled well they are the most wonderful family pet (if a bit hairy)

hubby back at work today - HOORAY!!! 100% fit

we had a lot of rain but no flooding "down south" - thought of all of you "oop north" and sending any drought charms needed!

happy mondays ....


Madam Pince - Jun 18, 2007 5:51 am (#2221 of 2988)

Maria, I was going to say the same thing about Holly's "fluffy cat" -- if she's really fluffy, you might not notice that she's about to be a mama. I wouldn't be surprised if you'll be finding more little balls of fluff around soon!

Tori, I know what you mean about being cold at night -- I absolutely hate it! I can't sleep like that! You have to curl up in a little ball and all... sheesh. I will come in on the side of Dobby and Dumbledore and recommend sleeping in thick fluffy socks rather than using the heating pad. I never believed it when I was young, but age has given me (some) wisdom, and I now am a firm believer in socks for sleeping!

Wow, Marie, a mountain lion at camp! That is scary! Mediwitch, they insist the same thing about our area in Virginia, (that there are no big cats) but I know too many people who have seen at least one. And my mom definitely saw a wildcat (the smaller one with no tail) walk right by her kitchen window, so we know those are there.

The nicest dog I ever met was a Bernese Mountain Dog. But they are huge (like bear-sized, seriously) so not the most practical option for most people. His name was Owen and he would come up and sit on your feet and gaze adoringly up at you. Of course, you were completely paralyzed because he weighed a ton.

Drying charms to Snuffles and Azi! Hope the sun shines for you today!

Congrats on the new living room, Squid Mike! It sounds quite spiffy!

Belated Happy Father's Day to all Forum dads! We went to the beach Saturday (after the last tee-ball game) for a Father's Day BBQ with Mr. P's family. It was very nice. We passed a sign on the way, though, that totally cracked me up. It said "PERMS AND WORMS" -- and the building behind it said "Beauty Parlor" on one end and "Bait Shop" on the other.

Little P decided to give himself a haircut yesterday "to make himself more handsomer." He now has a nice big round "hole" on the right side of his head. Good thing I was planning on getting him a shorter "swimming pool" haircut soon anyway!

Mr. P got a DVD of the movie 1776 for Father's Day, so I can't stop singing along: “I can't tell a participle from a predicate; I'm just a simple cobbler from Connecticut... Connecticut! Connecticut!”

Everyone enjoy the ROTD!

Edit: Shoot! I just missed being post #2222! That would've fit so nicely with my habit of looking at the digital clock at 11:11 every day (which oddly enough is still going on for me... not sure what's up with that...)


Freorge - Jun 18, 2007 6:35 am (#2222 of 2988)

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a few days but we have had storm after storm and it is still raining. But I wont complain considering most of the country is in drought (apart from where I live) and on water restrictions.

I am glad you like my user name Finn. I thought it was kind of cheeky, just like them......

I didn't mean to harp on about your holidays but last week when I was writing reports till the early hours of the mornings they were looking soooo good. And yes Solitaire I have to admit I do like them spread out over the year.

I had a beautiful Border Collie dog for 11 years. Had to take him to the vet after work one day I couldn't find the tick on him and it turned out he had a massive tumor. That was two years ago now and I am still not over it. He was the smartest dog.


Marie E. - Jun 18, 2007 6:52 am (#2223 of 2988)

So we got to the camp at 7pm on the dot, were assigned to the camp site that has electric heat and lights, only to find out that most of the girls in their camp (First Camp Fun) got there at 2pm and almost all the bunks were full. Lexi and Malia had wanted to be in the same cabin, but they ended up being separated. Malia didn't mind, but Lexi had a little cry about it. Lexi was worried that the other girls would tease her about her blankie and thumb-sucking. I had a quiet word with one of the counselors. She assured me that while they made s'mores they were going to have a bullying talk and she would address teasing. I was going over things in my mind before I went to sleep and realized that I forgot to pack Lexi's swimsuit. I don't know if they'll be swimming at her camp or not, but I packed extra clothes so she can just wear shorts and t-shirt if she has to. I know I'll never hear the end of it.

When we lived on the Air Force Academy, we were used to all sorts of wildlife. We had deer coming through our yard on a regular basis. We had to get bear-proof dumpsters, but the bears still learned how to knock our trash cans over to get food. Then there were coyotes who would come along after the bears had left. I'm not worried about the mountain lions at the camp. The petting zoo is quite removed from the camp sites. The fences at the petting zoo aren't very high, so it would have been easy for a big cat to jump in.

I forgot that Tazzy's sister lived here. When are you going to come out for a visit? Mr. E has climbed Pikes Peak before. I have, erm, driven up it a few times.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 18, 2007 7:04 am (#2224 of 2988)

Hello, all! Father's Day was one hot day here, but it was a really great day for my husband all the same: he really got to enjoy yesterday. He really only wanted to do two things: to eat at Culvers', and to go to a baseball game. So after church, we went to Culvers' (which is a food and ice cream place). They had his absolute favorite flavor as their flavor of the day: caramel cashew. All the kids behaved themselves all the way through the meal and ice cream, including Peter (which is something of a miracle, frankly), and Garry got a nice big cone of the flavor of the day.

I was kind of worried about the baseball game, because it was supposed to be so hot (they predicted 92, and they've been running low, so I was suspecting 94 or 95!). I actually tried to talk him out of it in the morning, but afterwards I felt really selfish, and I avowed that, if HE wanted to go, I'd be right there with him! So we all dressed as comfortably as we could, and we headed for the game. I'm actually really glad we went; it turned out that there was a great breeze and, in the shaded stands, it wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was downright NICE!

My husband got another wish: he got to watch our team, the Honkers, totally whip Alexandria. The Honkers are a bush-league-type team of college students who play ball to keep in shape during the summer. They're part of "the North Woods League," which includes teams from other parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, a couple from Iowa and Michigan (?), and one or two from the edge of Canada. Our team is called "the Honkers" because our local hydroelectric plant warms the water of our river, attracting many thousands of Canada geese each winter. The North Woods League games are really entertaining: aside from the baseball (which is bad enough to be interesting, and good enough to be exciting), they have contests, games, and lots of funny sound-bites over the speakers. Anyway, the Honkers beat Alexandria 3 to 11, killing off Alexandria's 5-game winning streak.

Today, we're supposed to have a cold front move in, bringing some rain and lower temps. We've already got the A/C off, since it's in the low 70s and windy and damp this morning. I hope you all have an OK Monday!


Holly T. - Jun 18, 2007 8:40 am (#2225 of 2988)

Well, fluffy cat is fixed (Bob Barker would be proud) so there had better not be any baby furballs under our shed or our vet will have to explain what he charged us for.

I got interrupted while making the gingerbread and managed to leave out the baking soda and salt so it didn't rise. So I made another batch that turned out fine since I put in all of the ingredients. So dh's co-workers get the good batch and we get the flat batch. I put it in the freezer. Has anyone else made Paula Deen's pumpkin gingerbread trifle? I think this flat gingerbread would work just fine in something like that, and it should be just fine in the freezer for a few months.

Happy Monday to all!


Mediwitch - Jun 18, 2007 9:17 am (#2226 of 2988)

Happy Monday everyone! I'm online paying bills, in case Mr. Mediwitch asks!! OK, actually I did finish them, and made a few phone calls, and I figured it was a good time for a break. We went for a walk this morning from our new house, and on the way down the driveway we saw a very large snapping turtle in the grass alongside the driveway. As she was heading up the driveway away from the little brook at the bottom, I suspect it was a female looking to lay her eggs. She was gone when we came back, but now I'll be keeping my eyes open!


Puck - Jun 18, 2007 10:24 am (#2227 of 2988)

Holly, you could also cut it into squares with a scoop of ice cream in between and make ice cream sandwiches. (Flat's not bad. Hubby's Grandmother once left out the sugar from a batch of cookies. )

I need to go get ready. We're having a neighborhood ice cream sundae party here after school. I could get 5 kids, I could get 50, so I need to be prepared. Fingers crossed that I can manage to drag the folding table from the basement into the garage.

RPS, sounds like you had a great day!

LOL on little Pince's haircut. I taught pre-K years ago, and it's a popular thing to do at that age. Many a boy gets his first buzz cut after such an experience.



Madam Pince - Jun 18, 2007 10:52 am (#2228 of 2988)

LOL, Puck! I think someone else posted not too long ago about their kid cutting their own hair, and I was thinking that thank goodness Little P hadn't done that -- I guess I should've put "yet" at the end of that sentence.

Mr. Pince opined that it was not such a hot idea to have a petting zoo near a campsite in the woods -- too much like setting out an enticing buffet!


journeymom - Jun 18, 2007 10:55 am (#2229 of 2988)

Hope your Father's Day was lovely, all you dad-types.

Mr Journeymom was introduced to the concept of Tres Leche Cake last week on Alton Brown's Good Eats. This kind of dairy decadence is right up his alley. So I made it for Father's Day dessert. He loved it, I thought it was waaaaay too sweet. I'm not entirely sure I made it correctly, since Alton Brown measures in ounces instead of 'cups' or 'tablespoons' or whatnot. For example, the cake calls for 4 ounces butter and 8 ounces sugar. Well, did you know that 4 ounces of butter = one US stick of butter? I do, now! And 8 dry ounces of sugar (as measured in my nifty little food scale that I hardly ever use) = one Cup of sugar? I know the man has mentioned many times why he prefers to measure in ounces, instead of cups, quarter-cups, third-cups, and tablespoons, like most standardized US recipes. But I can't remember why, and honestly I can't see what difference it makes.

In any case, in the unlikely event that I make this again, I'll cut the sugar in the cake and the whipped cream topping, both, by half. This is one of those dishes we'll be sick of by the time it's gone. It makes a 13 by 9-inch pan, which is much more than this family of four can finish (or should, anyway).

We finally saw Pirates III, yesterday. Aside from the fact that I feared for my bladder, I thought it was pretty good! Not near as good as the first, but fun, nonetheless. We stayed through the credits and saw the last bit. Very nice, but I would still be heartbroken if I were Elizabeth or Will. We'll get it on dvd and then I can finally follow all the twists and turns. I have no idea what giant Tia Dalma said at the end, there. She was already hard to follow. Then they slowed her voice down to George Takei's wave length, and she was unintelligible. Actually, the more I think about it the more I find to complain about. But it was still pretty fun.


Solitaire - Jun 18, 2007 11:06 am (#2230 of 2988)

Did Little Pince think he looked "more handsomer" after he finished? Was he proud? LOL

I just had a nice--if baffling--surprise. I was walking Mom out to her car--through the garage--and I peeked around the corner to see if I needed to increase the watering time on the front flower bed. There, sitting on the doormat by my front door, was a bouquet of flowers! It wasn't in a vase--just one of those shallow plastic pot/basket liners--and there was no card or anything. Still, the arrangement looks very professional. It's odd ... the only times I've ever received flowers were after my surgery and when my father passed away.

On the less happy side ... about an hour ago, I noticed a drip coming from the area around the ceiling exhaust fan in my laundry room. I'd set something on the dryer and came back to fetch it a few minutes later ... only to find that it was wet! I looked up, since nothing was running (or had been since last Thursday), and there it was ... a drip coming from ceiling. I had the a/c coil replaced about 5-7 years ago, to the tune of about $800. I hope it isn't in need of a new one ... AGAIN!

Sometimes this house drives me crazy. It is only 13 years old, and since I am the only one who has lived here, things have hardly been abused. So far, I've replaced that coil thing and my cooktop stove (not that the first one was ever used much). Now I need to replace the two Moen faucets in the master bath, as both are starting to come apart. I replaced the one in the powder room years ago! The bathtub also needs to be replaced, as it can no longer be repaired (I've already done that 3x). Can you say MONEY PIT? Ugh! Maybe my sister is right ... perhaps it is time to move!



John Bumbledore - Jun 18, 2007 11:20 am (#2231 of 2988)

Thanks for the welcome, John! Maybe we can meet up for movie opening. — Wendy F.
Wendy F.: Welcome to the Forum! It's good to see another Las Vegan here. — The giant squid (a.k.a Mike, Squid Mike, Squid boy, et al.)

Um, you are welcome. But for a meet up that would be difficult as I am in North Carolina. I believe you have me mixed up with Mike, The giant squid. Understandable, really, since he is tall and thin and I am not. Note: Our Avatars just don't do us justice.

Lina, I second the "lovely avatar" comment.

Shiela, I hope I am not too late to wish you a happy birthday! And you are the only other person in North Carolina that has ever mentioned the Hand and Foot card game. Alas, I don't believe my wife's family has ever played card games like my family did. And we don't have any neighbors that play cards. I miss that.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Marie E. - Jun 18, 2007 12:16 pm (#2232 of 2988)

Madame Pince, Mr. E said it must have been like that scene in Jurassic Park when they tied up a goat and just left it...

John, I'll be flying into NC next month. My in-laws have a lake house in VA, but it's less than an hour from the NC border. It's always cheaper if we fly into Raleigh-Durham. I firmly believe that North Carolina has some of the best barbeque anywhere.


azi - Jun 18, 2007 12:46 pm (#2233 of 2988)

A cake with 4 ounces of butter but 8 ounces of sugar? A Victoria sponge cake only requires 4 ounces of sugar so no wonder it was sweet! You must have weird butter stick sizes in the US as well, because here they're about 9 ounces in weight!

Love your avatar Lina! You were a cute kid!

LOL at Little P! At least boy's hair grows back quickly...

I didn't get my work in today. Just don't understand one bit! Opted for an almost 4 hour mid-afternoon nap. It was nice.

**Reparo** charms to Soil's leak and everything else broken! Do you know who bought you the flowers? How lovely!


Wendy F. - Jun 18, 2007 1:11 pm (#2234 of 2988)

Oops! Sorry 'bout that, John, and thanks for the welcome. Smile

Mike the giant squid - perhaps we could meet you at the movie opening or book release? Smile


Mediwitch - Jun 18, 2007 1:32 pm (#2235 of 2988)

Ugh, Soli, sounds like you need an Anti-Peeves Jinx! Good luck with the leak.

I really like being able to pop in more often than once a day on a good day ~ I could get used to this schedule! Off to do some laundry...Tongue Out (Angry)


Madam Pince - Jun 18, 2007 1:40 pm (#2236 of 2988)

LOL, Marie! I always felt sorry for that poor goat...

Soli, what a lovely surprise! Maybe a grateful student or parents? What a fun mystery to have to solve! (Much better than "The Case of the Dripping Water" -- hope that isn't anything serious.)

Little P was quite proud of his stylist talent... until I shrieked "Look at this hole!" at which point he ran and hid his head under a pillow. I felt very badly about this and told him that, although he is not to use Daddy's trimmer scissors anymore, he had made a nice enough job of it. (Mr. P is constantly doing finicky little trims of his hair and mustache/goatee, so I think I have a copycat crime, here.) It really isn't all that noticeable because his hair is so wavy that I can cover it up by running my fingers through it. Just the same, I think we will visit the barber before the family reunion this weekend, where we will be seeing 90+ relatives.


kabloink! - Jun 18, 2007 2:17 pm (#2237 of 2988)

I don't know a whole lot about dogs, I've only ever had a shelti-collie mutt (looked like a rounder version of Lassie, literally-she was black, white and gray-just like the show!), and after we had to put her down when I was 11, my grandmother got a shih-tzu, who passed away just about a year after she did. My husband and I, however, have our heart set on a lab or golden retriever when we get a dog. My BIL and his wife have a chocolate lab and she is just the sweetest dog I have ever seen. Personally, when we have a house with a large, large yard, I would love to have a Saint Bernard-all of the ones I've met have been just so wonderful. Unfortunately, hubby has seen Cujo too many times, and has sworn to never have that type of dog. If we have to settle for a smaller breed, I think we may look into a cocker spaniel. My husband's family had a cocker named Cody for 15 years, and he was the coolest dog ever, he thought he was a person. We never felt the need to show him otherwise. He just passed away last summer.

Choices, my SIL's hubby has a sliky terrier, and she is the sweetest thing. She is soooo protective of our baby, gets upset when SIL's 8 year old gets too close to the baby, yet doesn't react at all when Ian yanks her hair. She is such an awesome dog.

Oh dear, I cannot sleep in socks unless it is below 0 F outside and even then it is iffy. I like it being cold when I sleep, though, because I have to sleep with a blanket, and I'd much rather sleep with a nice heavy comforter than a light sheet. I'm just weird. Thank goodness for the AC in the new condo!

RPS, I have to keep checking where you live in your profile. I always thought Culver's was a rather small chain over in western Michigan (where I live for 2 years), but I guess not, if they're over in Minnesota too! Aren't those butter burgers good?

Journeymom, for things like butter and sugar, I'm not quite sure why he measures like that, but I know for flour it's very, very easy to get up to twice as much as you need when measuring by volume, depending on how heavily packed the flour is or isn't when you measure it.

I wish my family played cards more. Apparently, when they were younger, hubby's family played Euchre all the time. I love that game.

I'm so excited, we're going swimming as soon as I get home from work tonight! Our new complex has 2 pools, and last week we finally got Ian all of his swim gear (well, swim diapers, a swimsuit and a cute ring thingy for him to float in-should we spend the money on a special infant life jacket? I'm not sure, hubby wants to, though, any advice from moms with little ones?). So, after it being 95 F here all day long and an hour-long drive home in a non air conditioned car, we are going swimming!


Tazzygirl - Jun 18, 2007 2:25 pm (#2238 of 2988)

Marie- I probably won't be heading out to Colorado until about a year from now. All of my traveling has been put off for a year- school, work, and expensive tickets are not working with me for some reason. But when I do get out to Colorado, I'll give you a heads up so we can meet!

Beanie is doing much better- the doggie satellite dish has been removed, and she's starting to act like her usual self.

LOL on Little P's haircut! I never cut my hair, but my sister did. Mom was not happy with her. Incidentally, Sydney said the other day that she was pretending to cut her hair like Mulan. She didn't have any scissors, but I am thinking sometime soon that she's going to get some... Aunt will definitely not be happy when/if Syd appears with a new stylish 'do.

Snuffles- I'd let my answering machine get my dad's message, but my dad has this thing where he'll call until I pick up. My dad can be a pest sometimes. LOL

Soli: Sending **reparo** charms to your house!

Spending the day at the pool today! whoo-hoo!

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 18, 2007 2:33 pm (#2239 of 2988)

Kabloink, Culvers is actually a modestly large chain in the Midwest. There are Culvers in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and a number of other states (you can see the map here).

I sleep in socks sometimes during the winter, when my cold feet are keeping me awake, but I know my mom sleeps in socks quite often. I expect I'll have to do it more often, also, as I get... dare I say it?... older.

Oh, Solitaire, how awful about the water (and all the other "fix-its"). You might be right; as with an old car, there's a time to cut and run.


Solitaire - Jun 18, 2007 2:40 pm (#2240 of 2988)

LOL @ Little Pince's "copycat crime"! About the flowers ... VERY few of my current students know where I live. Probably none. That is classified info, as I do not want to be one of the hit-and-run-toilet-paper-gang's victims.

Kabloink, I prefer to be cooler when I sleep, too. During winter I have a lightweight down comforter. In summer, a sheet is about all I can handle ... and that is only because using NO sheet leaves me vulnerable to mosquito bites. I have a ceiling fan over my bed, and I have it going at night, to stir the air.

Thanks for the Reparo charms to the house. Hopefully, the a/c man can figure out what is happening. It is not quite as hot today, which is good if he has to go inside the attic (heaven forbid). If it isn't the a/c, it will be a plumbing problem, and there goes my savings account!



Snuffles - Jun 18, 2007 2:46 pm (#2241 of 2988)

Soli, how lovely about the flowers. I hope you find out who sent them. I also hope you manage to mend your leak.

I wear socks in bed when it is really cold and hubby is away. I always put my feet on him to keep warm

Kristina, yes dads can be a pest, but don't ya just love 'em!

Lol on Little Pince. At least you are able to cover up the bald spot with the rest of his hair.

I never really cut my hair, but I do remember raising my eyebrows so my fringe hung over my eyes when my mum was trimming my hair. She was horrified when she realised she had cut more off than she meant to!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 18, 2007 4:12 pm (#2242 of 2988)

I may have the unenviable distinction of being the only mom to have the same kid self-trim her bangs twice. Emily (who is also autistic) really dislikes having her bangs near her eyes. The first time we let her bangs get too long, she mangled them pretty badly (and of course, it was right before portrait time!). The second time, I caught her in mid-trim, and I finished them myself. The second time, she was actually doing a moderately creditable job.

Since then, I've gotten to the point where I trim her bangs MYSELF when she starts objecting that her "hair is too big." I do my own bangs (I layer them, too), so I know how to trim her bangs without ruining them. That way, if we can't get her hair cut right away, she won't take shears to them herself!


You must have weird butter stick sizes in the US as well, because here they're about 9 ounces in weight!

Azi, our sticks of butter are sized as they are because we're still on the English system of weights and measures. Butter is sold in boxes, 4 sticks to a pound; each stick is also 8 tablespoons.

The nicest dog I ever met was a Bernese Mountain Dog. But they are huge (like bear-sized, seriously) so not the most practical option for most people. His name was Owen and he would come up and sit on your feet and gaze adoringly up at you. Of course, you were completely paralyzed because he weighed a ton.

Our dog has the same habit. We'll just be standing there, talking, and she'll come up and sit on one or both of our feet. We jokingly say that it's because she has a bony butt, and wants something to cushion her. And it's true that she prefers to sit with her tail off to one side. (And as one on whom she has sat, I can tell you her butt IS bony! ) But she is a TOTAL attention hound, and we know she does it to feel like she's included in the conversation. In fact, if we hug someone, she'll try like anything to shove her way into the middle of the hug!


Catherine - Jun 18, 2007 4:27 pm (#2243 of 2988)

LOL, RPS, I have an autistic child who will attempt "self-trims" just to avoid the hair salon. She hates the whole experience even though she has never endured a wash at the neck-bending sink nor a chemical experience. My youngest child revels in the attention.

My solution was to have her grow the bangs out completely. That took a long while, (and a lot of support) but now we can do ponytails and topknots for dance class, and I do not worry about the secret snipping. I let her pick out headbands (and many of them were totally a fashion debacle) to get "our" hair through this.

Mr. Catherine thinks the whole episode is amusing because we had to debate about our new puppy's hair--topknot, or NOT? She had a topknot for a while. Now, not so much...


Round Pink Spider - Jun 18, 2007 4:35 pm (#2244 of 2988)

Peter also hates having his hair cut -- to the point where, at first, he would not only scream, but throw up repeatedly. One time it took 4 hairdressers to get him done.

So, we started rubbing his head, to get him used to the contact. He still cries, but he no longer throws up. We do, however, have them use a razor as much as possible, for speed, and we make it short so that he can go a longer time between hair cuts. Last time, they just gave him a buzz cut (by accident -- my husband gave them the wrong instructions). He looks kind of cute, like a fuzzy teddy bear. And he does like it when we rub his head. (Actually, I enjoy it too, since he's so cute and fuzzy! )


Jenniffler - Jun 18, 2007 5:00 pm (#2245 of 2988)

RPS, While vacationing last year we found a Culver's in Kerrville, TX. I am gonna use that map to plan another vacation around. People should eat real good on vacation. Yum.

Mrs. Pince, LOL, I suppose us moms should have warned you not to tempt fate. N. Daughter scalped her lovely Shirley Temple curls spring of her Kindergarten year. The hair dresser interpreted my directions to cover it with a "pixie cut," a great retro Audrey Hepburn style, as "boy cut". We practically had to glue bows to her head and send her to school in pink everyday. Those great curls? Never returned.

John Bumbledore, my circle of friends have been subjected to card game after card game. I usually lose at everything except trivial pursuit.

Solitaire, what as great surprise, and also a an interesting turn of events. "Pumble" fixing charms are flying your way! I'm going to hope a dashing A/C repairman is in your future. That would make the days waiting for DH much more bearable! Sorry for the crazy association between your two mysteries. I promise I'm not trying to be cheeky.


Choices - Jun 18, 2007 5:45 pm (#2246 of 2988)

Hope everyone had a good Monday. I want to thank Solitaire for my new avatar which she so thoughtfully made for me. :-) "Reparo" charms for your water problem, Soli!

Love and (((hugs))) to all.


Solitaire - Jun 18, 2007 6:04 pm (#2247 of 2988)

LOL Jenniffler! My a/c repairman is very nice ... but very married. He is here now and just informed me that my problem is not a/c related. There is a miniscule (about the size of a pin-stick) leak in a plumbing line up in my attic. He didn't have the necessary items to fix it, but he has put a temporary fix to (hopefully) slow the leak and allow the ceiling to dry out. He said there is no standing water or appearance of a long-term problem, which is good. He can fix it, but he doesn't have any time until Saturday and he is not sure how long the "fix" will hold ... so I need to find someone who can do it sooner. Ugh! At least I don't need a new a/c.


You are so welcome, Choices. I'm glad it "fit" into the space.


Puck - Jun 18, 2007 6:25 pm (#2248 of 2988)

Nifty avatar, Choices!

Solitaire, perhaps they were get well flowers for your house?

Kabloink, you'll likely have hands on Ian the whole time in the pool, so unless you're boating you don't really need a life vest for the baby. At that age they can't swim unassisted, even with some sort of vest or floatie.



Solitaire - Jun 18, 2007 6:37 pm (#2249 of 2988)

LOL Puck ... it needs them!


Mediwitch - Jun 18, 2007 7:16 pm (#2250 of 2988)

Glad to hear your leaky problem appears relatively minor, Soli. Are you using Photoshop for all the nifty avatars? Mr. Mediwitch is impressed (he teaches a Desktop Publishing class). I've played with Photoshop Elements - it's a lot of fun!

edit: *Healing Charms* for your headache, . I'm glad to hear everyone is OK from the wreck.
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painting sheila - Jun 18, 2007 7:18 pm (#2251 of 2988)

I am using Solitaire’s idea to open a second window to write the messages as I go so I don't forget at the end. Wonderful idea!!

Marie E and Solitaire - I had a friend whose teenage son had to get his wisdom teeth out. They had to put him under since he had 6 of them and most of them were impacted. Anyway, while he was in recovery and still out of it - -and after assurances from the nurses that he would remember nothing - -she went down the list of questions . . "What is your Myspace password? Do you have more than one myspace? Is your girl friend planning on meeting up with you in Texas? etc. . . The nurses were standing outside the door cracking up! She got everything she needed information wise and he doesn't remember a thing! HA!

Marie E - You are right about the barbecue! Eat up while you are here.

Lina - Thank you!!

Holly T - I do hope Fluffy cat is okay! Has she been eating? Poor thing may be hurt - tell him to wear a leather coat and leather gloves if you've got them. Protective eye wear might be a good call too!

Mediwitch - your house looks great! I am so jealous!! I am keeping watch on our turtle nest - no babies yet but the nest hasn't been bothered by any other animals. SO it's all good so far.

Good Evans - Thank you!!

John - I feel a Hand and Foot game in the making!! There are lots of us around here that like to play (and some that play begrudgingly)

Kabloink! - I have heard of Eucher but don't think I know how to play it. Maybe you and John and I need to get together for a play date. Swimming for little ones - It has been my experience that even with all the cool floaties and things, they still just want to be held by mom or dad when it is all said and done. Save your money until you see if he will even get in!

Our Father's Day was one we don't ever want to repeat. Oldest Daughter had a wreck in my mini van and we think it is totaled. She was trying to turn right from the left hand lane - OOPS!! No one was hurt but Oldest Son bumped his head pretty badly. I took him to the ER just to make sure he was okay since he went to High Adventure Boy Scout Camp today.

I have had a headache for two days and am off to bed.



Solitaire - Jun 18, 2007 7:39 pm (#2252 of 2988)

Mediwitch, my neighbor is going to help me out tomorrow. He has all the stuff and figures it will take about a half hour or less to fix my problem. Thank heavens for helpful neighbors! About the avatars ... I just use PowerPoint. I do not have PhotoShop, although I could certainly use it to tweak some of the photos. BTW, your house really looks nice. I can't wait to see the finished product with landscaping and all the details.

painting Sheila, LOL about your friend's son giving away so much info, ! Has his mom actually checked to see if the info he gave her is right? hehe , have you tried coffee for your headache? When I get a really nasty one, often a cup of coffee can drive it away. Of course, it doesn't work for tension or sinus headaches. You could try ... **healing charms**



kabloink! - Jun 18, 2007 7:42 pm (#2253 of 2988)

Thanks for the advice with Ian. He had a blast in the pool, he does in the tub, too. I've had him in the big tub for several months now, so he's used to being in water that's waist-deep when he's sitting, and he loves to splash. He liked his floaty ring okay, but was disappointed that he couldn't splash while in it. My problem is that daddy loves to hand him off to me, but I have this weird phobia about getting water splashed in my eyes...could have something to do with years and years of contact wearing.

I think Ian is catching his daddy's cold, though. His eyes, especially his left eye, are all red and puffy, and his nose is running quite freely. So, I gave him baby decongestant and put him in his jammies as soon as we got home. Hopefully he feels better in the morning. Tomorrow is daddy's day off, so I won't have to stay home if he is too sick to go into work with me.

Ok, off to tear daddy from his Father's Day present (a new XBox game) so we can get to bed.

EDIT: Soli, I'm glad to hear that someone will be able to help you out with that so quickly and easily. Its always a blessing to have a handyman nearby that you know!

EDIT AGAIN: Hmm, this is why I've been doing the two windows trick of..Soli's is it? when I know I'm going to post. ANyway, RPS, I'm beginning to discover just how large it is. I had simply never heard of it until I lived in Grand Rapids, and even then it was because one of hubby's bosses in McDonald's left to run a Culvers over there.


painting sheila - Jun 18, 2007 8:36 pm (#2254 of 2988)

Oh! Kabloink! was it your idea I stole? Sorry - and thanks!Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Solitaire - The info she got was dead on! It was so funny! She double checked with the nurses, and sat down and pulled this big long list out and started marking them off as she went. Her son still has no idea she did it. Ha!


journeymom - Jun 18, 2007 9:05 pm (#2255 of 2988)

A cake with 4 ounces of butter but 8 ounces of sugar? A Victoria sponge cake only requires 4 ounces of sugar so no wonder it was sweet! You must have weird butter stick sizes in the US as well, because here they're about 9 ounces in weight! ---Azi[

Journeymom, for things like butter and sugar, I'm not quite sure why he measures like that, but I know for flour it's very, very easy to get up to twice as much as you need when measuring by volume, depending on how heavily packed the flour is or isn't when you measure it. --Kabloink!

See, this is my problem! I'm pretty sure I measured wrong. 8 ounces of sugar? Does he mean by weight or by volume? I poured sugar into the cup on the scale, until it weighed 8 ounces. Should I have used an 8 ounce measuring cup? But that's for liquid measurments, not dry.

Azi, if your stick of butter weighs 9 ounces, but mine weighs 4, then that would be a good reason to portion ingredients by weight, rather than saying, "Beat one stick of butter until fluffy". But it's also possible I simply measured wrong!! Sigh. (Also, cheaper butter has more water, less fat, so would weigh less than better quality butter.)

And yes, duh! Butter comes in 16 ounce slabs, divided into 4 cubes. How could I forget?

Off to look up Hand and Foot card game.


Wendy F. - Jun 18, 2007 10:33 pm (#2256 of 2988)

Hello Catherine and RPS! I too have an autistic child - Sean is 8 - and my older son who is 13 has ADHD. Add to that a DH who is 6' 6" (and I'm only 5' 1") and can guess how quickly my boys are outgrowing me. Very Happy

We've had a couple of self-one haircuts over the years that only "buzz" cuts could fix. Thank goodness Sean has gotten better about having someone else cut his hair as he's gotten older! Smile

~ Wendy F.


Lina - Jun 18, 2007 10:55 pm (#2257 of 2988)

I've never cut my own hair as a kid, but I cut my neighbor's hair. Made it really much shorter. I still don't understand that my parents didn't really seem to be angry about it. I also cut the hair to her dolls (that girl really worshiped me at the time, she agreed to any idea of mine). Fortunately, I had the exact same set of dolls so the exchanging of them did some justice. Now I'm the main hairdresser in the family. My two younger girls haven't seen the hairdresser yet. Kate was there only once so that I could see what should be done with her hair. BTW, thanks for the comments on my avatar! I hope they go to the cute sea lion, because I wasn't very enthusiastic about the hairstyle. I couldn't choose my hairstyle until the age of 13. That's why I make all my girls' wishes true when it comes to the hairstyle.

Mediwitch, the house is really great!

Julie (GE), I'm glad hubby is fine!

I'm also glad that nobody was hurt in the wreck, . I hope you'll sort out everything soon.

And some Reparo charms to Soli's house!


Tazzygirl - Jun 19, 2007 12:06 am (#2258 of 2988)

Glad no one was seriously hurt, ! **healing charms** to you!

Soli- glad your a/c doesn't have to be fixed! **reparo charms** to your ceiling and the leak! (I've still got a nasty looking water stain on my ceiling from when the upstairs fishtank decided to overflow/leak and all of it sank through the floor and into my apartment. )

**healing charms** to Ian! Hope he feels better soon, Kabloink!

Snuffles: LOL, my dad is awesome!

Lina- that is a cute avatar! I wish I could get that close to a sea lion!

Spent the day at the Navy Base's swimming pool. Have a lovely sunburn on my shoulders and legs. We are going to the beach on Wednesday. w00t! By then I should have no problems applying sunscreen.

Off to read. I finished HBP again last night- still standing firm that Snape is a bad guy. (lol) Now I'm reading In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson- awesome book. I've read it several times and still laugh throughout. Highly recommend it!



Lavandula - Jun 19, 2007 5:04 am (#2259 of 2988)

Good Morning Everyone! Back from our trip to New York City. We had a wonderful time until the bus broke down coming home somewhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania about 4 hours from home. Needless to say we returned in the morning yesterday instead of the night before. They sent a bus for us, but we had to sit there on the roadside for many long hours. MARY POPPINS WAS OUTSTANDING!!!!! I recommend it to anyone (young children, teenagers, the rest of us).

I spent all evening getting caught up with this chatty group. Here we go...

**Stamps feet and screams wildly** I tried to get into the WOMBAT test even from the hotel and I couldn't make that darn fly change into a key!!! I tried clearing cookies and history and typing the address in instead of using favorites, but no go.

Soli- Glad to hear that your house problem will be repaired by your neighbor-how delightful.

Welcome Freorge!

HH- Is this book, Mars Needs Moms, a children's book? Sounds like I should look this one up.

- Happy Belated Birthday! I just love the Outback too. Since my birthday is coming up next week, I may ask Mr. L to go there. We haven't been there for ages! I almost forgot...Sorry about the accident. It's nice to know that no one was physically hurt, but I'm sure your son and daughter are quite shaken.

Kathy- Boy, you ask for suggestions and we sure can let you know what we think! As for the Bichon Frise, my sister-in-law has one and he is great around kids. Even my son who hates dogs isn't intimidated by him. He is a "chicken" though about noises, new places, etc. But that could just be his own personality and not the breed.

Mandy- Healing Charms for your grandfather.

Tazzy- With your student teaching finished, are you looking for a teaching job, did you get one and I missed it, or is there more school?

I'm off to get some laundry started.

Have a great ROTD everyone!



Puck - Jun 19, 2007 5:57 am (#2260 of 2988)

Sheila, so sorry about the accident! Glad that the kids are okay. No wonder you have a headache.

Solitaire, you have a need for caffeine. My Mom gets headaches if she doesn't have any. Funnily enough, Mr. Puck and I get headaches if we do have any. Guess it's all what your body is used to.

LOL, Cathy! Yep, I seem to have started quite the doggy discussion. It has been quite helpful, though.

All teenagers should have their wisdom teeth out! Storing that trick up my sleeve for future use.

Happy RotD!



Eponine - Jun 19, 2007 6:20 am (#2261 of 2988)

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I've been in here. So, congratulations, healing charms, sympathies and happy birthdays to those I missed.

I once cut my own bangs, and I pulled them down too far. When I let go of them, they sprang back up and I had short, short bangs for a while. That was when I was 12. I haven't actually had bangs since I was about 14.

Sheila, I'm glad your kids are okay. It stinks about the accident.

I'm amused by the wisdom teeth story, though. It's a rather sneaky thing to do, but it is hilarious. I know I wouldn't have remembered a thing if someone asked me things after I got mine pulled.

I'm finally finished with my first summer class. I have a couple of days before my second one starts, but this one is entirely online, so I don't actually have to drive 30 miles to school two times a week. (Yay for saving money on gas!)

Only 31 days left until DH! I can't believe it's coming so soon!

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


The giant squid - Jun 19, 2007 6:45 am (#2262 of 2988)

Note: Our Avatars just don't do us justice.--John Bumbledore

So true. In real life my tentacles are a much richer shade of purple... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Wendy, I'm not planning on doing any release parties this year. Amazon.com is nice enough to drop the book on my doorstep first thing in the morning so that I can start reading as soon as I rip the package open. As for the movie, I'm not 100% sure I'll get to see it opening night (I have to work early the next morning). By the time the next two movies come out I'll have been on the job long enough to "adjust" my hours around important events like that, though.



kabloink! - Jun 19, 2007 8:18 am (#2263 of 2988)

Nope , I think it was Soli's idea, I just stole it also! I'm glad no one was hurt!


Madam Pince - Jun 19, 2007 8:42 am (#2264 of 2988)

Wow, everyone's going swimming today -- I think we'll join the crowd and jump in too! Kabloink, I would second the "save your money" advice about the lifejacket. They're not cheap, and you really only need one if you're going to be on a boat. We had to get one and only used it three times. We did get this floaty-device-thingy that I think was called "Swim School" or something -- it is not a certified life-preserver although it fits almost exactly like one. It is designed as an aid to swim lessons, and you can remove layers of floatation material as the kid gets more proficient. We have found that useful.

Yay, Beanie! Glad the pup-pup is feeling better! Hope Holly T's fluffy cat is OK, too, and not ill since she can't be "expecting."

Soli, a ceiling fan over my bed is one of my worst nightmares -- cool air blowing on me while I try to sleep? Horrors! (Now, I could lie blissfully in front of a heater blowing hot air on me for hours. I think I was a cat in another life.) Hope you can find someone to fix the leak and that it won't be too costly.

The second time, she was actually doing a moderately creditable job.-RPS.......

See, yet again, practice makes perfect! Our dog shoves her way into the middle of any hugs as well. We usually just announce "Family Hug!" and then try to fit in as many as possible from whomever's around!

Sheila, sorry about the car accident but I'm so glad nobody was seriously hurt! No wonder you have a headache... Well, look at the bright side -- I see a new minivan in your future!

Love the story about the wisdom teeth surgery and the interrogation! That is classic! Definitely one to keep in mind for future reference!

About Father's Day presents -- Mr. P was telling people at work that he got 1776, and one guy said he couldn't figure out why a guy that owns a closetful of camouflage clothing for deer hunting would also enjoy listening to musicals. Musicals are among Mr. P's favorite entertainment. I guess he's like Maurice from Northern Exposure, if you've ever watched that show...

Lina, I think your hairstyle in your avatar is adorable! That is a great picture.

Wendy, it sounds like you are soon going to have a permanent crick in your neck from craning upwards to look at your boys!

I finished HBP again last night- still standing firm that Snape is a bad guy. (lol) -Tazzy. Isn't that funny -- I am only up to CoS (must read faster!) in my re-read, and I was just thinking that every Snape scene has me more and more convinced that he's a good guy! LOL! I am really scrutinizing every scene to try to envision every possible perspective, and they keep coming out positive for some reason.

Oh, forgot to post last time -- on the ride home from the beach Saturday night, the windshield got totally peppered with mayflies. They're heeeeerrrrreeee....


Choices - Jun 19, 2007 9:02 am (#2265 of 2988)

Are mayflies the same thing as lovebugs? Boy, that's what we get down here in Mobile and they get all over your windshield and the front grill of your car. Yuck!

Healing charms to all who need them - both humans and animals. Welcome to new forum members. Happy Tuesday - love and (((Hugs))) to all.


Mediwitch - Jun 19, 2007 9:11 am (#2266 of 2988)

LOL, Wendy, my family ended up with the same height issues - my mother is 5'1" and my dad was 6'1" (so is my step-father); my brother ended up around 6'2" but I barely got to 5'4"! Mr. Mediwitch is not very tall, maybe 5'6", and Heather is about 5'4" also, but Ryan got to 5'11"! BTW, I'm a speech-language pathologist, and I work mostly with children with autism and other neurological impairments.

*waves to Eponine*

Did you know caffeine is the reason Excedrin works so well? I also get caffeine-withdrawal headaches, usually this time of year. My use of caffeine increases throughout the school year, and I usually spend a couple of weeks "detoxing" from it in the early summer. Unfortunately, I really like iced coffee, so I usually end up back on the caffeine fairly quickly.

Lavandula, what a bummer about the bus! You must have been exhausted. (Speaking of the need for caffeine!)


Jenniffler - Jun 19, 2007 9:14 am (#2267 of 2988)

May flies resemble super tiny dragonflies, whereas lovebugs are like hummungous gnats and usually fly through the air in ..ahem...twos.

If you encounter love bugs while driving, do yourself a favor and budget a few car washes. Lovebug guts eat away at car paint.


John Bumbledore - Jun 19, 2007 9:22 am (#2268 of 2988)

She was trying to turn right from the left hand lane - OOPS!! —

Glad they weren't hurt, but truly hope they were "scared, but unharmed." Those are often the best remembered lesson of life. Sorry about your mom-mobile. Perhaps a new/used/different automobile is just what you need?

I have a friend who lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA) and they have a name just for that type of turn from the wrong lane; they call it a "Myrtle Beach" turn. Guess it happens often there with the tourist not knowing which way they really want to go from the intersection. I did recently see a similar turn in Raleigh; from the right hand through/straight lane the driver made a right turn crossing the single right turn lane in which were were approaching. I was glad that I was both alert and quick with the reflexes, my wife no so happy that we had to test them.

Lina, So that is a sea lion and isn't an adopted brother? Good to know. I didn't think the fellow look much like a Dalmatian. **long ago, in a chat room not far away, the first trick was played** LOL

, a play date with card games for adults and swimming for the kids sound good. Unfortunately for us we're currently struggling to correct our pool situation. My wife is quite embarrassed that she, the daughter of the "Three Rivers Pool Service" entrepreneur, still has a "greenish" pool a month after starting it up for the season. She's been calling her father every few days for "technical support. Current diagnosis is "chlorine lock" treated with large amounts of pH plus (sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate) to get the alkalinity back up. We have already replaced the filter sand (eww! it was green!).

When all else fails... drain and restart. — "Twinkles"
Oh, thank you so much, Pam. Working the night shift? "Say good night, Twinkles!"

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 19, 2007 9:35 am (#2269 of 2988)

When all else fails... drain and restart Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

Right now it's wayyyy past my bedtime, I am one of those graveyard hour workers, so I'll bid you adieu.

Soli, thank you so much for the new artwork, but putting that pic up depresses me so much...maybe in a day or two, or three...

Best wishes, luck, drying, and healing charms to all that have a use for them.



kaykay1970 - Jun 19, 2007 10:02 am (#2270 of 2988)

I haven't posted in so long that I can't possibly comment on everything!

But I do want to welcome Wendy to our little forum family!

While Lina's avatar hairstyle is quite adorable I have to agree with her! My Mom always kept our hair in french braids or she'd put them in little plastic and foam curlers. It was nearly torture sitting through the tugging and hair pulling!

Wow! How scary ! Glad the kids weren't injured badly!

On dog's: I am not one to judge a dog simply by it's breed. We had a chow for 12 years. He was the sweetest dog I've ever had. He was like a big puppy. He not only loved all my kids but the neighborhood kids as well! He even accepted our new additions quite easily. In fact he seemed to be more protective of my 10 year old daughter than any of the other kids! I remember once when she was 3, she screamed "Mom Simba's biting me!" He did indeed have her little arm in his mouth backing her away from the fence. When I went to get her he proceeded to attack the copperhead snake that was out there! So he quite possibly saved her life! He's been gone nearly a year (June 28, 2006) and I still miss the old guy!

I remember the dalmatian remarks John! I once sent Lina an e-card with a cute dalmatian wearing a bandana in Lina's font color! lol

Healing and reparo charms all around!


Madam Pince - Jun 19, 2007 10:56 am (#2271 of 2988)

A sweet, white-haired, little old lady made a "Myrtle Beach turn" in front of me once. I managed to avoid her for the most part but did clip just the rear of her bumper a bit, so we had to get out of our cars and inspect and talk a bit. I was very alarmed to hear her say that she had to turn right there, because she was on her way to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get her driver's license renewed! The poor dear was 90 if she was a day. I was very tempted to call them and warn them she was coming, but I decided to leave it in their capable hands...

Speaking of cars, Mr. P just came home with a brand-new one. He traded in his old one because he'd started having some recurring problems with the brakes when it was only a 2005, plus he just never did really like the "feel" of the ride, and the mileage wasn't that great. (All of which I had pointed out to him before he even bought it, but hey... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059) So he traded for this new one without even telling me -- I think he enjoyed annoying my ESTJ-self because I didn't get a chance to check Consumer Reports and tell him how much he should pay for it, etc.

Off to the pool! It's meltingly hot here today! Should be lovely nasty thunderstorms later, so gotta be back in time to comfort the dog!

Edit: ***Snort!*** ....dies laughing at Holly's haiku...


Holly T. - Jun 19, 2007 11:03 am (#2272 of 2988)

How scary ! Glad no one was hurt.

I did not take notes and completely forgot everything else I wanted to say. Hugs to all who need them!

Fluffy cat is still at large. Dh is going to try to catch her tonight. I've written a haiku in her honor:

Haughty, hungry cat
How is life under the shed?
No one misses you


Round Pink Spider - Jun 19, 2007 11:33 am (#2273 of 2988)

Awww, poor cat. *sniff* (Sorry, I'm a total bleeding heart for animals.)

Should be lovely nasty thunderstorms later, so gotta be back in time to comfort the dog!

*teehee* Way, way back, my very first kitten got terrified by his first thunderstorm. I couldn't help laughing, and well, you know cats... they hate being laughed at. After that, it seems to have been a point of honor with him that he was going to sit by the window and watch every single thunderstorm.

I was just remembering that someone mentioned, a while ago, that their cat (or dog?) liked to climb up between the quilt and blankets on the bed, to make a big lump right in the middle. That made me laugh, because I had a cat that did that, too, when he was scared. (And he was the biggest coward there ever was.) He labored under the delusion that climbing up under the covers like that made him invisible! We used to bring guests in to see our "pregnant bed."


Puck - Jun 19, 2007 11:47 am (#2274 of 2988)

ROFL, Holly!


Holly T. - Jun 19, 2007 12:00 pm (#2275 of 2988)

RPS--I like animals too, don't get the wrong idea. I just have issues with this one specific cat who, in the past three years, has run away for a week before we dragged her home from the neighbor's yard (this was two years ago); dislocated her jaw and broke two teeth (while in the house, we still don't know how but suspect she fell from the upstairs half wall), leading to a pricey vet bill; because of the broken teeth she had to eat canned food for a few weeks, when ok'd to go back to dry food she refused, and chose to throw up the dry food until we fed her canned again; she eats her brother's canned food (and throws up) after she finishes the canned food and puts dry food in the water dish so her brother can't get a drink; she is a long-haired cat who, in addition to the food issues, has frequent hairballs; and she hates us, except for daughter, who she merely tolerates because she likes to sleep on daughter's bed--the rest of us get growled and hissed at. She won't come near us, even when we feed her, and she attacks her brother and growls and hisses at him. She started using the bathroom in the house so we took her to the vet (another bill), gave her antibiotics for a bladder infection, then a few days later she started going on the floor again. Dh put her out in the yard and we were going to let her back in after she did her business but she ran off. She came back to the porch once and dh went out to catch her and she scratched the heck out of him. Since then she's been under the shed. We put water and food on the porch. She won't come get it. She is Not A Good Cat at all.

My in-laws' 20-pound cat used to try and hide in the corner of the cat carrier when they had to take him to the vet. He got in as small a ball as he could in the carrier with his paws over his head. Like no one would see him that way.

Editing--Madame Pince, my FIL will just come home with a new car like that. I made dh swear when we got married that he would never do that. I would freak.


Solitaire - Jun 19, 2007 12:03 pm (#2276 of 2988)

Solitaitre, you have a need for caffeine.

You're probably right that I need some caffeine. Actually, I "decaffeinated" myself when I was about 25. About 10-15 years ago, I began to have migraines. Instead of adding still more medications to what I already take, my doc suggested trying a cup of coffee--with caffeine--when I felt one coming. I did, and I have found that it works pretty well. Occasionally, it won't work, and I will have a headache that lasts several days ... but generally the coffee trick works. Since I use coffee in this way, I try to limit coffee/caffeine drinks to one cup per day--but I have gone 3-4 days minus caffeine with no ill effects.

cool air blowing on me while I try to sleep? Horrors!

Actually, Madam Pince, when it is humid, the cool air feels wonderful. I can't sleep if I am "sticky." It's bad enough to have to feel that way at work all day long. I have ceiling fans all through my house, and they run 24/7 in the summer. I even have an oscillating fan on the floor ... for my dog! He loves it.

Speaking of cars, Mr. P just came home with a brand-new one.

Without even telling you? Without your input at all? Yikes!! I think I would take out my wand and sic the Cornish Pixies on him! LOL

Okay ... time to check my Crockpot version of "deep-pit beef." It smells great!


Edit: Holly, your cat sounds like she is related to the crabapple cat who lives in my garage ... the mean one.


Marie E. - Jun 19, 2007 1:18 pm (#2277 of 2988)

Last night I was trying to get Shayla to brush her teeth and she kept wandering off to do other things. I told that if she was a super hero, she'd be Distracted Girl. She said, "I'm off to the save the world...ooo look, a bunny!" The girl can be so funny sometimes.


DJ Evans - Jun 19, 2007 1:56 pm (#2278 of 2988)

...I've still got a nasty looking water stain on my ceiling from when the upstairs fishtank decided to overflow/leak....Tazzygirl/Kristina

Kristina, have you tried bleach? We had a water spot on the ceiling & we just put some bleach in a spray bottle & gave it a couple of sprays. Let it sit for about 20 seconds & then blot it with a paper towel. Depending on how bad the stain is, it might take two or three tries, but it will get out most of the stain, if not all of it. We had a handy man in one time & we learned that little trick from him. Smile

***waves to everyone*** I know it's been eons since I last posted, but I'm still around. Been going to some of the great nieces/nephews ball games, though those just finished up last week. They were lots of fun to watch, really enjoyed seeing the little ones play. Other than that, taking care of Mom & working on my family tree/genealogy stuff, not much to report. Mom is still holding her own, she has good days & not so good days.

I do have a cat story to share with you that you might enjoy. The last cat I had was named Bo & he was a pretty good size cat...close to 13 pounds & long haired, so that made him look even bigger than what he was. But for all of that, he was one of the biggest chickens there ever was. He was even scared of ironing boards...BIG time, which came about from him trying to play "King of the Mountain" with his siblings when he was a wee kitten & him & the ironing board both came tumbling down when he got to the top. Anyhoo, one day I was sitting in the living room with the windows open when I started hearing a bunch of growling going on outside. Yep, when I stuck my head out the front door, there was Bo in a face-off with another cat. I hollered at him to get himself in the house right that minute. To myself, I'm thinking a lot of good that is going to do especially when Bo had never in his life ever came when I called him. Surprise, surprise! He started walking (very slowly that is) toward me, I couldn't believe it. But then, he would stop every few steps & look back over his shoulder at the other cat. His entire body language was giving me the impression that he was saying "Yeah, you just better be thanking your lucky stars that she's making me come inside or I would have whipped your "you-know-what" BIG time." To this day, I still have to chuckle when I think about that. Sorry to say, I had to put Bo down due to his health some 6 years ago & I still have my moments when it is hard on me.

Hope everyone is enjoying good health now that has been under the weather & if not, sending out more healing charms your way. And Happy Birthday to everyone who has had to add another digit to their age here lately! I hit the big Five-O earlier this year & I'm not even going to acknowledge birthdays anymore. Ah, I shouldn't say that I guess, it's a good thing to be able to add to your age, right? Smile

Have a good day everyone!

Later, Deb


Tazzygirl - Jun 19, 2007 2:38 pm (#2279 of 2988)

Lavandula: Tazzy- With your student teaching finished, are you looking for a teaching job, did you get one and I missed it, or is there more school?

I still have one year left- one semester of uni classes, and one semester completely devoted to student teaching. Sounds like you had an eventful time getting home! I remember taking a bus back from San Francisco (we took a train up), and it took forever! I think the bus overheated once.

LOL, Holly!

Thanks for the bleach tip, DJ! I'll have to try that one soon.

eek! Just looked at the clock, and I was supposed to leave for work 5 minutes ago. Sheesh.

Have a good day everyone!



Solitaire - Jun 19, 2007 3:07 pm (#2280 of 2988)

LOL Deb! Great cat story!

Tazzy, I used bleach on the stained, discolored area of my bathroom last year ... and believe me, it was a MESS! I thought the water from the shower leak had created mold and every other problem ... but bleach took care of it. I just put some in a spray bottle and worked on the stain a little at a time. Voila! (I learned the trick from a handyman, as well, Deb. I wonder ... are you my neighbor, by any chance? hehe)



Ydnam96 - Jun 19, 2007 3:13 pm (#2281 of 2988)

I was gone for two days and over 60 posts. I hit recent. Sorry if I missed a bunch.

I hope everyone is well.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.


azi - Jun 19, 2007 3:25 pm (#2282 of 2988)

I've somehow got way behind on this thread!

Eeek, Shelia! I hope your kids are ok!

Mediwitch - your house is adorable!

Lina - I loved your hair in the picture! I still wear mine in pigtails.

One of my housemates is having a cocktail party tonight and I'm pretty certain somebody is currently sitting outside my door crying. I need to go outside my room, but seeing some random person cry would be kind of awkward.


The giant squid - Jun 19, 2007 4:32 pm (#2283 of 2988)

On the "Myrtle Beach turn", my wife & MIL have discovered something similar, known to us as a "Burbank." While driving on the freeway in L.A. (the 405, I think), someone in the left lane decided he needed to take the Burbank exit and swung across 4 lanes of traffic to do so. Luckily for us (and him!) traffic was light at the time, but now anytime someone takes more than one lane to exit the freeway we yell out "Burbank!" It's like playing "slug bug" but with an element of danger.

Marie, if we could only harness Shayla's powers for good... Heck if we could harness her, period, things would be a lot easier.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 19, 2007 4:56 pm (#2284 of 2988)

OK, Holly, you got me there. I think that's starting to qualify as a cat that should be put down. Cats really are only semi-domesticated, and every now and then you get one that's just nasty. Having them put down is a rotten job, but... We had one of those when I was young. He peed on the dress-up clothes and other things in the basement, and he bit and scratched everybody. Finally, we just had to have him put down. But it was very hard on all of us.

KayKay and I were talking in the Chat room today, and I suggested that it would be really cool if we could set up a 24-hour Chat party some day before the movie and book come out, so we can all trot out our Potterness. I suggested a 24-hour party so that people could come and go, and people in Australia and New Zealand (and people who work nights instead of days) wouldn't get boxed out.

What do you guys think? Anyone have date, day of the week, and time suggestions? And if any moderators are around, is something like that OK, setting up a 24-hour party?


journeymom - Jun 19, 2007 5:21 pm (#2285 of 2988)

One of my housemates is having a cocktail party tonight and I'm pretty certain somebody is currently sitting outside my door crying. I need to go outside my room, but seeing some random person cry would be kind of awkward.

Ah, youth. Some things I don't miss.

Sheila, I'm glad to hear your kids are OK.


Puck - Jun 19, 2007 6:17 pm (#2286 of 2988)
Edited Jun 19, 2007 7:28 pm

Marie, to Shayla.

Do you dilute the bleach in the spray bottle? We have a spot on our ceiling from air conditioning trouble back a few years ago.

Okay, never finished most of what I needed to get done today, so off to do some of it.



Chemyst - Jun 19, 2007 6:22 pm (#2287 of 2988)

I've had success bleaching ceilings before but… wear eye protection, old clothes, and tarp anything below that you care about. I guess I didn't really need to say that. You'd have discovered it for yourself soon enough, but thinking about it first is easier!

I don't have a remarkable pet story. Our beagle is a nice average size; big enough to not be futzy and small enough to pick up and carry should the need arise; no grooming problems to speak of. We walk in the woods regularly using a 15' leash so she can sniff & dig a little. She can unwind herself from two loops around a sapling, but starts making errors after three. Last year she started liking to wade in the creek whereas before she shunned the water.   My life is no more exciting than the dog's but that is fine with me.

A chat party sounds fun. Do they still have that feature where if it gets overloaded another one opens? Just advertise it here for a few days first, please.


haymoni - Jun 19, 2007 6:32 pm (#2288 of 2988)

Any ideas for vacationing in Hilton Head?

We are staying at a condo with my father & 1 of my brothers. We are there for a whole week. Anything I should absolutely see besides the beach????


juliebug - Jun 19, 2007 6:36 pm (#2289 of 2988)

Hey everybody. Glad to hear most of you out there are well. A few dozen posts back, there was a hair cutting discussion that I thought I'd throw my two knuts in. I have a younger brother (who is now 28 years old) who also has autism. As far as I know, he has only ventured into hair cutting once, and one of my Barbie dolls was his client. One evening before going out, my mom discovered a small clump of blond hair in the garbage. She quickly looked over both of my brothers' heads finding no bald patches. Then warned me that one of my dolls had probably received an unscheduled hair appointment. After a few minutes of searching, I figured out that Malibu Barbie's hair (which used to reach all the way down to her feet) had been cut so that it came to the small of her back. I'm pretty sure he did this so that her hair would be the same length as all my other Barbies'. My mom was very afraid that I would be upset by the defacement of my toy, but I actually wasn't bothered in the least. I was truly impressed by his perfect scissor work. The doll was really a perfect match with the others hairwise from then on. Our babysitter (the twelve year old who lived next door) took the news much worse as that was her favorite one to play with while she watched us. I tried to cheer her up by saying my birthday was coming soon and that maybe I'd get a new one.


Mediwitch - Jun 19, 2007 7:30 pm (#2290 of 2988)

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042 at Shayla, Marie - that's very funny!

Thanks for all the positive comments on the house! I spent quite a bit of time today ordering curtain rods and curtains, ceiling fans, etc. It was fun but also a bit scary! The well company and the electrician are coming tomorrow to hook up the well, so we'll have running water, but no septic yet!


Madam Pince - Jun 19, 2007 7:30 pm (#2291 of 2988)

Any ideas for vacationing in Hilton Head?

***Trying desperately to come up with some Paris pun, but failing miserably***

RPS, that was me with the "lump-under-the-bedcovers" cat. He didn't do it because he was scared, though, he just did it because he liked to sleep that way. (He also curled up in the cat carrier when going to the vet like Holly's in-law's cat -- we had to shake it like a catsup bottle to get him out of it.) Holly, after hearing fluffy cat's escapades, I'm thinking that the spaying was the best money you ever spent on her. Bummer. Cats can be so wonderful, but they can be pills, too.

Azi, your housemate's friend outside your door reminds me of the Yule Ball -- that final scene I really liked because I thought it was so true-to-life. At every teenage dance, there is always someone sitting on the steps crying at the end of it.

Welcome back, DJ Evans! Loved the big, tough, bully cat story!

Shayla is so funny! Too cute.

Bleach is a wonderful thing, but undiluted it can be pretty destructive! Just be careful with it! (says the gal with the shredded sweatshirt she tried to de-stain...)

Mediwitch, I don't doubt it was a long day if you were ordering window treatments -- that's a lot of windows you have there! The house is looking lovely.

Chemyst, whatcha brewing there? A bit of amortentia?

It was a great day for pool-sitting. No thunderstorms yet, though. Hope that doesn't mean they'll come in the middle of the night.


Chemyst - Jun 19, 2007 7:53 pm (#2292 of 2988)

Chemyst, whatcha brewing there? A bit of amortentia?
Uh, yeah, sure, now I am! I had tried to stir up sunbeams for summer solstice, but they looked like a bleach job gone bad so I gave up. But amortentia sounds good! It does have a pearly sheen. Or Felix is gold, so...   I'll have to rename the file. Actually, that fits even better with the second line. You are a genius!


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 19, 2007 8:11 pm (#2293 of 2988)

Madam P., I am envious of Mr. P. I would love to own a copy of 1776 but, I cannot find it. I now have the song Sit Down John stuck in my head.

Maurice Minniefield to quote Alec Guinness That's a name I have not heard in long time, a long time.


Lavandula - Jun 19, 2007 8:20 pm (#2294 of 2988)

How is it that when you are home with more time, you get less done? I really was busy today, but then I think of all the things a person home should have been able to get done and I feel discouraged.

Now where did those house elves go...Oh I know, they're under the shed hiding out with Holly's cat.

Speaking of cats, I took Darling Daughter and the Smart One (Little Guy renamed by his sister because he is smarter than all of us combined...Autistic too, but that is a whole other post) to a farm by our piano teacher to pick out two new kittens. They are practically adorable. One boy and one girl (we think). I now am the proud owner of 5 barn cats. There won't be a mouse around for miles as long as these new little guys are trained well. The farmer had way too many kittens and the piano teacher was certain they would be put down if no one took them. So why not have two more?

Darling Daughter and I spent the rest of the day getting her packed for her trip to Austria. She leaves on Friday for 12 days in Vienna playing soccer.

Mediwitch, the house is almost done then if the well is getting put in. That was one of the last things for us. We actually couldn't use our water the first day we moved in since the well was still unusable due to the shock treatment. Hope your not moving when DH is out.

Off to reread more of OotP. I just finished the chapter on Snape's lessons with Occulemency, and I can't help but feel torn...is he really trying to help??????

BTW, thanks for the update Tazzy.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 19, 2007 8:44 pm (#2295 of 2988)

Nathan, you can get 1776 right here.

I just finished Chapter 14. Finally. G'night.


Mediwitch - Jun 19, 2007 8:48 pm (#2296 of 2988)

I almost wish we were moving when DH comes out, Kathy! That was when we thought we might be able to move in, so Mr. Mediwitch was prepared for me to be of no help! Alas, delays in the excavation (darned mountain! ) set everything back, so now we are hoping for the end of summer. There is still quite a bit of interior work to be done - the entire second floor has to be finished, and so does the mudroom and the hardwood floors throughout, but it's coming along! We actually had the well in very early - in CT (at least in our area health district) you have to show you have a viable well to get the building permit.

Hooray for RPS and Chapter 14!


Puck - Jun 19, 2007 9:19 pm (#2297 of 2988)

wOOt on Chapter 14!


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 19, 2007 9:23 pm (#2298 of 2988)

RPS, w00t on finishing Chap. 14!!

That's all for now. I'm spent.


Freorge - Jun 19, 2007 9:30 pm (#2299 of 2988)

Thanks for the welcome Lavandula.

Have just spent the day discussing colours, bricks, tiles and kitchens as I am just about to get ready to build. I am kind of feeling a little washed out by it all but the worst news of all was my daughter has a soccer gala day on Sunday 22nd July the day after DH is released. That means I take her to soccer Saturday morning then I have to play netball Sat afternoon and spend all day sunday at soccer. Not much reading time in there...Oh the pain and stress of it all. ! : ( Mad

Mediwitch, I love your house and I really like the mud room. We were originally going to do that as well but changed our design and couldn't work it in.

I have a kangaroo in my back yard at the moment eating grass. Very cute and big! It's male..


Solitaire - Jun 19, 2007 9:39 pm (#2300 of 2988)

Mediwitch, congratulations! "Dressing up" a new house is fun and exciting. My sister and her hub are moving soon into a brand new house, as well. She is having fun choosing tile, granite, paint, etc.

I loved 1776! Just reading about it has me singing to myself:
“He plays the violin
He tucks it right under his chin
And he bows, oh he bows
For he knows, yes he knows
That it's hi-hi-hi-diddle diddle
It's my heart, Tom and his fiddle
My strings are unstrung
I am undone”

Lavandula, I am so envious of your daughter! I have not seen Vienna, although I have been to Salzburg and Innsbruck. I thought Austria was so lovely.

Freorge, how exciting to have a kangaroo in your yard! The only wildlife to have ever been in any of my yards are skunks (when I lived in Corona del Mar)--thanks to a roommate who insisted on leaving the bagged trash outside the door rather than putting it into the can and clamping the lid on tightly--and the 'possum who gave birth under my redwood deck when I lived in Irvine. I was not too excited about either of them, but a kangaroo sounds exciting!

Alas, my handyman neighbor never materialized today. I hope he is okay, as I know he had a doc appointment this afternoon. So far, the temp fix is holding. Hopefully, he will be able to help me out tomorrow. If not, I am going to have to make other arrangements.

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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:51 pm


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 19, 2007 11:08 pm (#2301 of 2988)

Hip Hip harayyyy, I passed my Lamaze exam. Now I just have to teach, prepare my lesson plans and watch the births.

The world is finally settling, tomorrow is the last day of school, finally! Come June, school just can't end soon enough.

I also got out of serving jury duty for tomorrow. In Connecticut, you don't find out if you will have to go into court until late evening the night before. I told them I would gladly do jury duty, I just need to leave in time to get my kids off the school bus.

Connecticut is a heavily wooded state. In early spring we get May flies. They drive you nuts. you can't be out of doors more than a few minutes at a time. Although May flies don't sting, a swarm can drive you nuts in no time.

When I lived with my sister, she had a cat named "Vicki" eventually we called her "Little Mis Vicki". She was a feisty little thing. Once when my sister didn't want Vicki going out, she called Vickie back into the house, and boy was that one annoyed cat! Vickie looked back at my sister and meowed in such a way that you knew she was giving my sister her opinion. And as she strutted back into the kitchen she kept meow, meow, meowing at my sister. At one point she turned her head over her should and meowed at my sister and spit a couple of times. Everyone just stopped and looked at this cat because it was so obvious that she was telling my sister off for preventing her leaving the house.

Mediwitch, your house is beautiful.

wow a lot of posts in a short time!

From posts way back; I am not old and no I will not mature either.

Edit: Journeymom, I heard about that, poor man, the threats against him don't stop. Have never read his book but we bought when it was banned.


journeymom - Jun 19, 2007 11:16 pm (#2302 of 2988)

Remember Salman Rushdie came to JKR's reading at Radio City Music Hall, and asked her some questions. Poor guy is causing problems again. Apparently he's been knighted which caused an uproar in Iran and Pakistan.

I LOVED my Malibu Barbie. I inherited a few Barbies from my older sisters, but Malibu was my only new one. And my parents got me the Barbie RV, too. I was in heaven. Of course, when Miss Journeymom was born I swore I'd never allow Barbies in the house. Just what kind of message does she give little girls? Naturally, my inlaws gave her her first Barbie. They're the ones who gave her a Scooby Doo popsicle the first time we let them babysit, while I was still exclusively breastfeeding.... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059 I was a very principled, well intentioned new mother. Emphasis on 'was'.


Tazzygirl - Jun 20, 2007 12:20 am (#2303 of 2988)

Freorge: I have a kangaroo in my back yard at the moment eating grass. Very cute and big! It's male..

For some reason I am insanely jealous! **is still dreaming of the day she will finally be able to say "I'm going to Australia!!!** (I was supposed to go there next summer, as a graduation present from my parents. That has now been put on hold yet another year when I've been teaching and actually have some sort of main income. )

I think I told you all my parent's psycho kitty story... **goes off in search of it** Yup! Here it is! for anyone wanting to read it. Gives info on all my other pets past and present. LOL

Yeay on finishing the chapter, RPS!!

Happy Birthday to Maria's 10 year old!



Snuffles - Jun 20, 2007 12:51 am (#2304 of 2988)

Phew, so many posts in so little time!

Sheila, I'm glad nobody was hurt in the accident.

Hehe Holly, poor little cat

Happy birthday to Maria's daughter. I hope she has a wonderful day

Lol to Marie about Shayla. It sounds as though she has her uncle's sense of humour

I think your thunderstorm came to us Madame P. We had 2 during the night, and Olivia slept through both of them . Hubby and I woke up and expected a whirling dervish to come in at any second and land between us. I did go and check on her just to make sure the wasn't hiding under the covers to afraid to come out, but she was laid in the starfish position and dribbling

The rain came down so hard, our bedroom roof started to leak . Hubby rushed out of bed and got some towels to put on the windowsill to catch the drips. Looks like one of us will be going onto the roof at the weekend to have a look (and it won't be me!!). Thanks for the info on putting bleach onto watermarks. Looks like I will be trying that very soon!

It's our wedding anniversary today. We have been together 15 years and married for 9! I'm waiting for Olivia to work out that I cannot be 21 Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

*hugs, healing charms and Felix Felicis to all those in need*

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 20, 2007 3:26 am (#2305 of 2988)

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Priscilla! Olivia's is on Saturday (she'll be 14 - boo hoo).

I'm holding a baby duckling (that's redundant, isn't it? ) in my lap. It was born today - just in time for Priscilla's birthday. She will be so excited! I hope the others hatch - they're still pecking on their shells. Olivia heard them pecking and peeping yesterday afternoon.

Drying charms to those over the pond and those in Texas area (yikes!).

Love the house, Mediwitch! You'll really enjoy having a proper mudroom if you don't have one now.

So many posts I wanted to comment on but I'll have to give it just a bit more time - today I am hosting Priscilla's end of year party and immediately afterward, a pest guy is coming. I have had enough of battling the teeny pavement ants that have made their way into my family room and kitchen. Also, Priscilla was downstairs about a week ago (barefoot) and felt something give under her foot - it was a cave cricket Needless to say, none of us have gone downstairs since (except hubby, he thinks we're nuts). **shivers**

Tomorrow after school, Priscilla's friends are coming over for a swim and pizza. Friday is my rest (hubby has a to-do list for me already ) and Saturday, we have friends visiting (they live in Hilton Head, SC, so I'll ask what places they love most, haymoni) then Sat. eve. is Olivia's party. Sunday Priscilla is acolyting for Olivia (good sister) and Tuesday our Louisiana guests come. So, I might get a chance to pop in Monday (during my cleaning panic frenzy. )

Love the crazy cat stories. We had a white cat that had one brown eye and one blue eye and he was deaf. Crazy, too, but pretty friendly.

Duckling is comfortably nestled in my lap and resting all cuddled in a soft towel. Tee hee! I want to name it Priscilla, but they chose their eggs - I kid you not - and get to name their respective chicks. I might bring them into school tomorrow for the children to see.

Has anyone heard about those Vitamin Waters and that they cause kidney stones? Just wondering because I haven't looked it up yet.

Have a great ROTD/N all!


PS Another w00t for you, RPS because I know how you struggled through that chapter! Bravo!


Puck - Jun 20, 2007 3:53 am (#2306 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

Happy Anniversary, Julie!

Today is our first school free day of summer! We were going to head to the zoo, but alas, 'tis raining. SO, we shall journey to the indoor pool instead.

I finally went and drafted myself a resume to give to Diva's dance teacher. I give it to her tonight.

Baby ducks, turtles, and kangaroos wandering in backyards....how exciting!

Off to do my morning Yoga before the little people realize there's no school and therefore they should be awake at dawn.

Happy RotD!



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 20, 2007 4:43 am (#2307 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary Julie!

Rain here too, this am. Hope it clears (it's supposed to) by noon-ish for Priscilla's party.

Another duckling is fighting its way out of its shell.


Lavandula - Jun 20, 2007 5:02 am (#2308 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary, Julie!!

Happy Birthday to Priscilla!! (and to the duckling as well)

Storms ran through yesterday afternoon bringing much needed rain, but more importantly the front has now come lowing the temperatures and humidity. AC is off!!!!!! I hate running it due to the end result in my electric bill.

No kangaroos here, but I have the pheasant who starts in about 5:30 each morning announcing quite loudly that morning has arrived. Have you ever heard one of those? Annoying!!

I'm off to check on our new kittens to see if they made it through the night ok.

wOOt, wOOt to RPS and your chapter 14!!!!!

Have a Great ROTD!



azi - Jun 20, 2007 5:51 am (#2309 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary, Snuffles!

Happy (belated?) birthday Priscilla! The ducklings must be so cute!

Congrats on finishing chapter 14, RPS!

Better go do something constructive!

Lovely days to all.


Marie E. - Jun 20, 2007 6:38 am (#2310 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Priscilla and Happy Anniversary to Snuffles!

I got a bit of a shock at work yesterday. My boss called me into the office and asked me if I was interested in the asst. director position. It seems our current A. D. is being promoted and has to go to another center. I tentatively told her yes, but I have very mixed feelings about it. I mentioned here about a month ago or so that our school district will be offering free full day kindergarten this coming school year and that I expected my "kindergarten" class to be mainly full of kids who missed the cut-off or weren't quite ready for kindergarten. It was even possible that they were going to get rid of my position anyway if enrollment for my class was low. If I take the A. D. position and hate it, I can always move back into the classroom. It would be kind of weird being a member of management.


John Bumbledore - Jun 20, 2007 7:17 am (#2311 of 2988)

Any ideas for vacationing in Hilton Head? — Haymoni
***Trying desperately to come up with some Paris pun, but failing miserably*** — Madam Pince

How about...  I understand that it is very spacious, but the view is rather flat and colorless if you ask me.

Shame on me. But Madam Pince did start it.

Chemyst, whatcha brewing there? A bit of amortentia? — Madam Pince

Uh, yeah, sure, now I am! I had tried to stir up sunbeams for summer solstice. — Chemyst

June is the month for weddings, is it not? I thought Amortentia was clear. I like the idea of stirring up sunbeams. (Except it is already too hot here so STOP THAT!) That reminds me of Spiro chasing "sun seeds" into the cauldron, when you get three in the cauldon they join to for a sun that then rises and chases away the rain clouds. (Ahem, sorry, not much related to Potter and company.)

Maria, tell Priscilla I said Happy Birthday! **Hopping I got the right name for the birthday girl.** Oh, I see that I did!

Julie (Snuffles), congratulations and happy anniversary!

Marie E. (Squid Sister, LOL) good luck with the Assistant Directorship! (Okay, I included the Squid Sister reference as a clue in for new members like Wendy F.)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


kaykay1970 - Jun 20, 2007 7:21 am (#2312 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Priscilla! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy anniversary to the Julie and Hubby!


painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 7:48 am (#2313 of 2988)

Haymoni- Hilton Head - as you are driving there notice all of the nice houses/condos and the care and up keep of the yards and commercial areas. Park, unload, go to the beach and the only thing you should see for the remainder of your trip is the sand, the ocean, and the inside of your eye lids.

RPS - YEAH for Chapter 14!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Freorge - You have a KANGAROO in your back yard!!??? How cool is that?

Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Happy Birthday Maria's Ten Year Old Baby!! wOOt!!

Happy Anniversary Suffles - and many many more!!

Congrats Marie E!!! Would you be in a position to make it nicer for the kids? Then take it!

Not much else going on here. We had a swim meet last night against University Club and won!! Littlest Guy was doing really well on his freestyle swim until he became tired and rolled on his back and did back stroke the rest of the way. He did get a nice participation ribbon though - pretty orange. He was very happy!! wOOt!!

Littlest Guy found Oldest Son's stash of ribbons from all his years swimming and diving and has decided he wants his own bunch". I find him crawling up in Oldest Sons bed, getting down the ribbons and looking at them like they are made of gold. So cute!

The adjuster called about the van yesterday. He needed to ask me if it was okay if the pried the door apart. He was very nice and tender as he spoke - like he was waiting for me to break down and cry or something. Funny but sweet.

It rained here last night and I had no idea! Did it thunder? Lightening? I slept like a log. Hubby was in Chicago and I had the whole bed to myself. I slept right in the middle with all the pillows and covers. Happy day!


journeymom - Jun 20, 2007 8:11 am (#2314 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary to the Snuffles!


painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 8:42 am (#2315 of 2988)

FYI - There is a Maine Coon cat up for adoption in our local paper. He/she was born on April 10th 2004. Very sweet picture and story. I wish we could take it!! Anyone interested?


Puck - Jun 20, 2007 8:47 am (#2316 of 2988)

Congratulations on the promotion offer, Marie! I agree, tough choice. Leaving the classroom could be hard. My question -who handles irate parents -the director or the assistant director? That could be a deciding factor.... Still, you never know unless you try.

wOOt to littlest guy on the swim meet! I'm still getting my kids through level one swim lessons, so I'm impressed that he's already competing. (he's 5, isn't he?)

We just came back from the pool. They are usually worn out in 40 minutes or so, but this morning they stayed for over an hour! Hopefully that will mean a nice, quiet afternoon for me.



Solitaire - Jun 20, 2007 9:42 am (#2317 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary, Snuffles!

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating!

Poor Stoney has been hauled to the groomers for the day. When he realized where he was, he tried to get back into the car. Poor baby! He does not like being the object of a fuss, the way his auntie did. I guess that is one reason he never became a show boy!

Maria, my mom has a cat named Priscilla ... but dad nicknamed her Prissy, and it has stuck! Perhaps that would work?



Ydnam96 - Jun 20, 2007 10:12 am (#2318 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary Snuffles. It's so encouraging to see people who stay together nowadays!

Marie E. Congratulations! That's an unexpected joy! (at least how I see it!)

RPS! WOOOOOHOOOOOO on the chapter. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm so proud I know a real author!

Lavandula, I'm so jealous of your new kitties. I hope they are doing well.

I wish we would have some thunderstorms here. I miss them...sigh...

Not much going on here. I'm cat-sitting for a friend and her cat is so tiny compared to mine: she's only 7 pounds!

I've gotta get to work. My boss has me working on a proposal and I'm NOT good at those.



painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 10:15 am (#2319 of 2988)

Puck - Calling what Littlest Guy is doing "competing" is a stretch. HA!! They do stand on the block and dive/belly flop in but after that it's a free for all! Some of the kids get tired and stop swimming and tread water/walk the rest of the way to the finish line. Most - like littlest Guy switch strokes when they get tired. They only swim half a length but it's a long way when you're 5! I had him signed up for swim lessons, but they said that swim team would be better. He had taken lessons last season so he knew how to "swim". They said he would learn more from being on swim team than with formal lessons. Yesterday he had the head swim coach with his little group of 6 and under boys teaching the the breast stroke - arms and kick! One on one with each kid - great!

I had a car named Prissy. It was an Chevy Chevette. Of course I called it a She-Vette - not really the Corvette of many a person's dreams - but it was my little car. She was a great car!! No air conditioning and a UNICEF radio. I loved that car!


Solitaire - Jun 20, 2007 10:20 am (#2320 of 2988)

Sheila, I wish the Maine Coon were out here. I'd check on him! Maine Coons were about $500+ when I last checked ... and that was a few years ago. If he is a good kitty, then getting him free is a bargain for some lucky cat lover! I hope he finds a good home.



painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 10:29 am (#2321 of 2988)

I am ssssssssssssoooooooo tempted!!!


Puck - Jun 20, 2007 10:53 am (#2322 of 2988)

Okay, I must have missed a post.  knows someone getting rid of a Maine Coon?

Sheila, I still think that's impressive. I'm hoping my son gets enough out of his swim lessons this summer. There are several kids in this class who are afraid of water and have never been in it (other than the bathtub) until last weeks lesson. The other level one class made it to the deep end yesterday, but our class didn't even make it through the shallow end stuff. My son can swim, but he doesn't have the stamina to swim the full length, which you need to do to move up to the next level.


painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 11:27 am (#2323 of 2988)

From the adoption site:
“I'm a Maine coon mix, female, born April 10 2004. My name is Lily of the Valley and I am ready for a cuddle! I adore being petted by everyone including children. See me stand on my hind legs to encourage you to continue petting me! I'm not a kitten anymore, so you won't have to worry about overwhelming kitten energy . . but I do love to play. I get along with other friendly cats after a proper introduction, and would be fine as an only kitty. Please call to meet me. (Hobbes House Feline Rescue. www.HobbesHouse.org)”

Oops! I just read where there is a $100.00 adoption fee but that includes" all our kitties have tested negative for feline leukemia, been dewormed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered" - still a steal at $100.00 I think.

Off to sew . . . . .


Good Evans - Jun 20, 2007 11:29 am (#2324 of 2988)

Happy belated to Priscilla

happy anniversary Julie " oh they say when you marry in June, you're a bride all you life, and the bridegroom who marries in June, gets a sweetheart for a wife" 10 housepoints to anyone who knows the musical that is from!!!!!

so cute about the ducklings Maria!!!

hope everyone has had lovely wednesday, over the hump - nearly the weekend.

Julie x


I Am Used Vlad - Jun 20, 2007 11:40 am (#2325 of 2988)

Chemyst, I'm glad you liked my Squib joke. And yeah, my pun-loving nephew is really smart; he's not bad at tennis, too. He's like a white trash version of Finn. I don't know, however, if he's witty around girls, but I'll make a point to get all the juicy details if he's ever drugged up at the dentist.


Jenniffler - Jun 20, 2007 11:40 am (#2326 of 2988)

Chapter 14, Chapter 14! Let's hear it for Round Pink Spider. I'm getting high over watching your "paint dry." Go RPS.

Prissy, that's so cute. My favorite car was named The Golden Retriever and my current van is The Great Blue Whale, complete with a harpoon scar my husband got while turning too near a fire hydrant.

Happy 15th plus 9 Anniversary, Snuffles and Hubby.

Birthday wishes to Priscilla and all.


John Bumbledore - Jun 20, 2007 11:41 am (#2327 of 2988)

over the hump - nearly the weekend — Good Evans
Not to mention on ones way to Honeydukes. Oh, well yes, I guess that would be "under the hump" and not over it then. My mistake.

Disendium Ta ta!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Good Evans - Jun 20, 2007 11:44 am (#2328 of 2988)

LOL JOhn!!!!!!

oh yes - w00t for RPS on finally getting that chapter out of the way!!!! roll on chap 15!!!


Madam Pince - Jun 20, 2007 12:50 pm (#2329 of 2988)

Nathan, the link RPS posted (Amazon) is exactly where I got our copy of 1776, except two weeks ago it was only $17. I highly recommend the restored director's cut, because it adds back in several scenes and songs that were cut from the one aired in theaters. The additions are seamless, and they truly add a lot to the movie. (By the way, I've started belting out "Sit Down, John!" for my daily call to the dinner table. It's one of my favorites from the movie -- we changed it a bit to "...for goodness' sake, sit down!" Little Pince even sings it... )

Yay RPS on finishing Chapter 14! Good luck with the next!

I have a kangaroo in my back yard at the moment eating grass.-Freorge

Wow, that's a sentence you don't hear very often here in the U.S.!

My grandma always said "Never build a house unless you know you've got water first." (Assuming you're building in a place far from public water, as Mediwitch's is and our cabin is.) Sounds to me like your county building & zoning has all its ducks in a row, Mediwitch!

Happy Anniversary, Snuffles! LOL on the "starfish position" -- we have what Grandma calls the "prayer position" which is face down with the bottom up in the air!

Happy Birthday Priscilla and Olivia! How are Olivia's teeth feeling, Maria? Wow, you are having a busy weekend! (The only thing I've heard recently about vitamin waters is that Coca-Cola bought Glaceau, I think.)

Excellent pick-up on my pun fumble, John! You're so creative! (I thought Chemyst was brewing amortentia because of her second line info... nothing to do with the fact that I also confused the color of Felix and Amortentia! )

Sheila, I am soooo impressed with Little Guy swimming on a swim team at age 5! We went to the pool yesterday and Little Pince is trying but no way could he do that! He is fearless however - at least this year he can "touch bottom" so I don't have to be in the pool with him every second. However, he's just fearless enough that I can't read my book while at the pool, because I can't take my eyes away for a second.

Good Evans, is it Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Probably not. Mr. P would know -- he's the musical fan in the family.

Mike, someone pulled a "Burbank" on me this morning! From a right-side entrance ramp across three lanes to a left-hand turn, in a space of about 30 yards. In a 1970's station wagon. I managed to restrain myself from yelling "Burbank!" out the window. (Not that I had any room to talk -- I was driving home sans groceries because I drove 8 miles to the store before realizing I left my purse at home. )


Tazzygirl - Jun 20, 2007 12:55 pm (#2330 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary, Snuffles and Hubby!

Today is a beach day! w00t!

**drying charms** to those with rain! (send it all here!!)

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



legolas returns - Jun 20, 2007 1:18 pm (#2331 of 2988)

Hi everyone hope your all well.

I cant wait till next month-I am slowly growing crazy with waiting.


Madam Pince - Jun 20, 2007 1:22 pm (#2332 of 2988)

***Squee!*** An owl just made a delivery at my house! Thanks, Mandy!


Holly T. - Jun 20, 2007 1:36 pm (#2333 of 2988)

LOL at Shayla, Distracted Girl. Marie, I say go for it with the assistant director job, especially if there are going to be changes with your job anyway.

Haircuts--I found blonde hair in my daughter's wastebasket once (she was 6) and I was worried that she'd cut her very fine, takes forever to grow, hair. She'd given one of her Barbies a new 'do.

Welcome back to DJ Evans!

Lavendula--how exciting about your dd's trip to Austria!

RPS--WTG on finishing chapter 14!

Mrs. Sirius--congrats on passing your exam and for getting out of jury duty!

Happy Birthday to Priscilla and Olivia!

Happy Anniversary to the Snuffles family!

Freorge--how cool to have a kangaroo in your backyard. We just have bunnies (they live under the shed--a hot spot for wildlife--and it's not that big a shed).

WTG to 's Littlest Guy! My son has to repeat the Level 3 swimming lessons since he still can't do the backstroke. He doesn't mind.

Update: Dh managed to get fluffy cat out from under the shed. She was snarling and hissing but didn't scratch him. He took her to the pound. We feel bad about it, but on the other hand we also think we went above and beyond in trying to provide her a good home.

In case anyone was wondering, fluffy cat's presence under the shed did not deter the family of bunnies that normally live there. The bunnies are still there.

Rain--we have had more rain so far this year than all of last year. But so far no flooding in this area. I am wondering how daughter is doing at Girl Scout camp.

At least it is not raining now. I have had my shoes off all day (except for when I have to leave my office) since they got soaked this morning.

I started re-reading SS last night. Have to read all six in the next month so I can be ready!


Good Evans - Jun 20, 2007 1:38 pm (#2334 of 2988)

It most certainly is Madam P, well done you!!!


Solitaire - Jun 20, 2007 2:15 pm (#2335 of 2988)

Sheila, the $100 fee is standard for most MC rescues, even with a mix (I've checked) ... it might even be a tad lower for a cat that age, between the kitty/adult age. I'm sorry Lily isn't out here. I'd snap her up! One nice thing I've been reading about the MCs is that they are not prone to the inbreeding of so many other breeds, so they tend to be healthier. They also, as a breed, tend to like kids and dogs. That can't be said of many cat breeds.

Well, I just had lunch with my mom, sister, and niece. It was fun to have "just the girls" together. We haven't done that in a long, long time. Now I just need to go and pick up Stoney. I hope he is finished with the "beauty parlor" soon ... I hate being out in rush hour traffic, particularly since so many of the roads that lead away from my area are under renovation ... frequently with only one lane open in each direction. At least I'll have a clean dog, so I will stop whining.



Lina - Jun 20, 2007 3:05 pm (#2336 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Priscilla!

Congratulations on the exam, Mrs. Sirius!

My grandmother was very enthusiastic with Barbie dolls because they are easy to change dresses and good to practice sewing and knitting. I don't think that my Veronika wants to be like a Barbie doll, she just doesn't like to eat. We had a talk again today on that subject... But she decided she wanted to have B in Chemistry and she really managed to have it. She has so many C's and some D's in other subjects, I don't know why she thought Chemistry was so important. But I'm glad that there was something she was determined about.

On the other side, Kate will have all A's on her final report and she is also happy. She was also pronounced to be the best student in her class. Today I went to see the ceremony.

Yay on chapter 14, RPS!

Happy anniversary to the Snuffles family! And sending some drying charms to UK. It seems you need them. And some magical wind that would take some of that water to Mandy, since she was complaining about the drought, and some to Tazzy too...

I don't know, what is the problem with a cricket, Maria? I met a snake, OK, a little baby snake the other day. And I decided that I'm definitely not as afraid of snakes as I am of spiders. I did some research, it is not a dangerous one. While spiders... well, they are all so dangerous!

Congratulations on the offered promotion, Marie! I'm sure you'll be a great A. D. If you don't really like it, you can always turn it into DA.


Ydnam96 - Jun 20, 2007 3:11 pm (#2337 of 2988)

I just emailed my boss and told him I'm bored. I can't believe I did that. But I've been going in to work for about 4 hours a day this week and taking an hour for lunch and still finishing everything. I'll probably regret sending that email...

Off to nap...


DJ Evans - Jun 20, 2007 6:23 pm (#2338 of 2988)

Unless you've moved to Arkansas Soli, I don't think we're neighbors....wish we were though. Cause we'd probably have a blast playing with graphics on the computer. I'm always working up something here & there.

Tazzygirl/Kristina: I'm pretty sure you don't dilute the bleach to spray on the ceiling...it's been quite a while since I've had to do it though so I could be wrong.

Congrats RPS on finishing chapter 14...my hat's off to you. I have always had the desire to write a book, but alas earwax I am so not a writer.

Kangaroo in the backyard? Now that is pretty nifty if you ask me. Most we can offer up here are a few stray cats, Fox squirrels, deer, hawks & a wild rabbit or two. We used to have a couple of black squirrels but we haven't seen them in several months now.

Congrats on the new promotion offer Marie E. Hope you don't have too hard of a time on weighing whether to take it or not.

Happy Anniversary Snuffles!

***waves to Holly *** From what you've said about the erm? deranged cat, I'm kinda glad its not around anymore. I could just imagine it getting worse & attacking someone, especially one of the kids. It definitely sounded like something was wrong with it. I don't know if I should say this or not, but what the heck. I have such a bad habit of when I'm reading to not read the exact word as what the writer wrote. (I've always done this) Anyhoo, when you said DH took the cat to the pound, I read it as "DH took the cat to the pond". For several seconds I kept wondering what the deal was with that...was the pond several miles away or something? lol

Later, Deb


Choices - Jun 20, 2007 6:26 pm (#2339 of 2988)

For everyone who tries the bleach on the ceiling trick - please protect your eyes. I'm pretty sure that bleach in the eyes would not be pleasant.


Mediwitch - Jun 20, 2007 6:36 pm (#2340 of 2988)

Happy Birthday 11 to Priscilla!

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Snuffles!

Wow, Marie! Congratulations on the promotion! 2 Thumbs Up

WooHoo for Kate(y) and Veronika!


Puck - Jun 20, 2007 7:25 pm (#2341 of 2988)

wOOt! to Kate, the Super Student!

Okay, so it seems like yellowpages.com is a bit mixed-up, at least locally. I had a meeting for back stage Moms at Diva's dance school. There are two studios, and it was being held at the one I've never been to, so I got the address from the yellow pages and plugged it into my GPS. Turns out I was sent to the wrong end of town. The address was listed wrong. I drove around asking people, and showed up half an hour late. Not the impression I wanted to make, as I was arriving with my resume and cover letter in hand, hoping to teach for her in the future. Luckily she is very good natured, and will be calling to have the address listing fixed.

Okay, must get Diva's birthday invites done. Need to be sure everyone knows when to come hit Barbie with a bat.



Chemyst - Jun 20, 2007 7:37 pm (#2342 of 2988)

The bunnies are still there.

 Whew!   Holly, your cat story reminded me of a House episode were House autopsied a cat. I wonder what he'd have found in fluffy cat's brain.

w00t for Kate's achievement. I miss the enthusiasm of her posts here but obviously she has been applying her time well in her studies.

Marie, I really want to be (and I am) happy for you, but my first thought about your promotion was, 'Sibling wars! Can't let the squid get a tentacle ahead!' Does that make me mean and cynical? … Nah, you both deserved promotions. Congratulations.


Solitaire - Jun 20, 2007 8:06 pm (#2343 of 2988)

Nope, DJ ... I've never been to Arkansas. I visited Murfreesboro, TN (near Nashville), a few years ago, but that is my only sojourn into the South ... so far. I loved it, too.

Congratulations to Kate!!

Well, I am no longer drippy! My wonderful, generous neighbor came and fixed my leaky pipe. It's a good thing, too ... it started to leak again this afternoon. But it is fine now. I learned something through this process ... I have a light in my attic. Who knew?



painting sheila - Jun 20, 2007 10:18 pm (#2344 of 2988)

I saw the HP movie trailer on TV for the first time in prime time tonight! wOOt!! I am so excited!!


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 20, 2007 10:53 pm (#2345 of 2988)

Welcome to Remi and the other new members. With a minor (very minor) exception on the age thing Remi, our HP experiences have been very similar.

Marie, congratulations on the promotion. I am sure you will do great, it's also nice to be able to keep your options open.

She, I am looking for a rescue cat, this Maine Coon sounds good for our family, but I think NC is a bit far to travel.

RPS that is great, 14 chapters down, woooaaa!

Madame Pince yes, I am squeeeing too. Today was the last day of school for my kids, as we were leaving the school, I was thinking, "30 days until"!

I have been painting my girls room. The reaction is really funny, Anastasia came home from school, realized I was painting, ran up the stairs and screamed "oh it's beautiful, I love the colors, can you add more blue and can you paint that wall like that and ....." all a mile a minute.

Maria and Iliana the identicals, trudged up the stairs, cried "change it back, remove the paint, we don't like it"

I wanted to finish the job before school ended alas that was not to be. I have to finish the molding which I am trimming in white. When they came home yesterday and saw that the reaction was once again the same. sheesh!, can you believe they are triplets? You may be able to tell they don't like change. They are like their father. Anastasia is like me, love the novelty.


Solitaire - Jun 20, 2007 10:55 pm (#2346 of 2988)

I saw it here on my Mac this week,  ... I couldn't believe how great the sound is! I hope Helena Bonham Carter makes a good Bella. I had someone completely different in mind, based on the description of the eyes. Of course, I was POSITIVE Jeremy Irons would be Voldemort, too, and you see how well that worked out! But HBC can play mad pretty well, so perhaps she will be okay.



Wendy F. - Jun 21, 2007 12:16 am (#2347 of 2988)

Hi Mike! I'm sorry you might not make the movie opening - I'm sure we'll be going other times that weekend too, as DH and #2 son will also want to see it (but not a midnight Wink ). What part of Vegas do you live in? I'm in the southwest near Summerlin. Smile


Snuffles - Jun 21, 2007 12:47 am (#2348 of 2988)

Thank you for the anniversary wishes. We didn't really celebrate it last night as hubby was up at 3am this morning to go to work, so we shall go out at the weekend.

Congratulations on the promotion Marie

Well done to Kate on her results and also to Veronika on getting the 'B' she wanted

Congrats on chapter 14 RPS.

I'm glad you have fixed your leak Soli. How is your mum by the way?

*Hugs, healing charms and Felix Felicis to all those in need*

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Steve Newton - Jun 21, 2007 4:17 am (#2349 of 2988)

Well done Kate!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 21, 2007 4:25 am (#2350 of 2988)

Happy Belated Anniversary, Snuffles! And Congratulations to Marie on the job! (Oh, dear, I'm sorry, I'm having trouble keeping track of everyone! Well, Happy birthdays, and congrats, to everyone to whom those are due! )

I started Chapter 15 last night. Thanks to everyone for the congrats; boy, I was glad to leave number 14 behind!

We had a bunch of thunderstorms come through last night. I remember waking repeatedly last night to frequent lightning and lotsa rain. Unlike so many people in our country, I'm grateful to be able to say that we've had just the right amount of rain. Other parts of MN haven't been so lucky, and I know California is pretty crispy right now.

Our son Michael came back from a retreat yesterday all smiles (to my total delight). Seems he had a really good time. The director of the retreat is a priest we knew, a very holy young man whom all of us suspect may be a bishop some day. Turns out he's also pretty darn funny! One morning, he woke the boys at 7:30 by playing Reveille on his trumpet over the PA; then he started singing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory" (which, for those of you who don't know, is a very fast and silly kids' song).

Michael found a new friend at the retreat, a boy who happens to live near here. My older son David gets to go to the older boys' retreat today, and he'll be gone until Saturday.

Our little autistic 4-year-old, Peter, has been climbing into other people's beds every night. Not to be crude, but he's giving a whole new definition to the phrase "sleeping around". Apparently, he doesn't like being alone in his bed at night. He's climbed in with just about everybody at one point or another. (The older boys have taken to sleeping in the basement, because Pete is afraid to go down there.) His latest is climbing up to Emily's upper bunk. Not particularly pleased by that one, I can tell you! This morning, I caught him climbing up there at 5:30AM. So he cheerfully jumped into my arms , and he's been up ever since. It's a good thing that I usually get up at 5:30, or I'd be really miffed! But I would have liked to get a shower before spending the morning watching Captain Chaos!

Well, have a good morning, everyone!
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Lavandula - Jun 21, 2007 4:49 am (#2351 of 2988)

Good Morning Everyone!

RPS- Little Guy (Smart One as Darling Daughter has named him) also is a bed hopper but he has learned to not try his sister's bed for fear of serious consequences. Also autistic, I just figured it was his personality, but maybe it's all tied in. He usually only "hops" back and forth trying to get asleep. Once out...he's done.

Best wishes, healing charms, and Felix to all in need.

Off to search for those darn house elves. I still think they're under Holly's shed with the bunnies.



Puck - Jun 21, 2007 4:50 am (#2352 of 2988)

RPS, the "Arky Arky" song went around here a while back. I believe Maria began using to raise her troops in the morning.

Good luck with your night time wanderer. Oh, and I, too, get up early in hopes of some quiet time before the chaos of the morning begins. I was almost done my workout this morning before people moved me out of the way to play Wii.



Good Evans - Jun 21, 2007 5:04 am (#2353 of 2988)

excellent grades for both Kate(y) and Veronika!!! Lina you must be very pleased with them.

hmm - forgotten everything else - ah well - have a great Thursday folks.


Marie E. - Jun 21, 2007 6:32 am (#2354 of 2988)

I had yesterday off to pick up Lexi and drop off Shayla at camp. I still haven't come to a definite decision on my job. It's nice that they offered it to me right away, but I really enjoy teaching and I think I'd miss it. I was looking in my office where I have hundreds of books and magazines and posters that would be going to waste if I quit teaching. I think I'll sit down with my boss today and talk to her about it.

It's very hot here, 90's, which is unusual for June. It hasn't rained for at least a week, which is also unusual. Which reminds me, Happy First Day of Summer!


The giant squid - Jun 21, 2007 6:39 am (#2355 of 2988)

Marie, I really want to be (and I am) happy for you, but my first thought about your promotion was, 'Sibling wars! Can't let the squid get a tentacle ahead!'—Chemyst

LOL! Actually, there's been a lot of job shifting in our family lately. Our mom spent the last 13 years caring for a handicapped woman, but the lady's health recently took a turn for the worse & she was put in a home so Mom had to find a new job. I got my promotion, Marie's looking at a bump up, She Who Has Not Read The Books is working on her Master's degree in education, and our dad still has his 3 or 4 jobs (hey, we got him down from 5). Not bad for a family of slackers & procrastinators!

What part of Vegas do you live in?--Wendy F.

We're near Green Valley. Close enough to the Strip or the airport to get anywhere we need to be in 20 minutes or less, but far enough away that we don't have to deal with the crazy tourists if we don't want to. I'm still trying to decide which theater I'm going to see OotP at, since I can get into any Regal theater for free. Right now I'm leaning toward Red Rock as there's a good chance they'll have it in digital.

Birthday, anniversary and other good wishes to anyone I may have missed.


EDIT: Wow, I nearly cross-posted with my sister! How weird is that? I think this is the third time in 2 years we'ev been online at the same time


Round Pink Spider - Jun 21, 2007 6:41 am (#2356 of 2988)

RPS- Little Guy (Smart One as Darling Daughter has named hime) also is a bed hopper but he has learned to not try his sister's bed for fear of serious consequences. Also autistic, I just figured it was his personality, but maybe it's all tied in. He usually only "hops" back and forth trying to get asleep. Once out...he's done.

Hmmm. I wouldn't have thought of that as a characteristic of autism, but come to think of it, Emily was always climbing into baby Grace's crib to sleep with her. (They were born 18 mos. apart, so we had two cribs in the same room.) Finally, we went to the extreme measure of putting a tarp over Emily's crib and tying it down with bungee cords so she couldn't get out. She seemed to think that was cool (kind of a tent deal), but I lived in fear that I might have trouble getting her out in an emergency. Fortunately, no emergency ever came up.

Come to think of it... Liz was a night-time wanderer, too, until she was about 5. For her, we put up two gates, one above the other, so she couldn't get out of her room.

Golly, I never thought of that before! At least we didn't have to deal with that with ALL our kids!


Mediwitch - Jun 21, 2007 7:28 am (#2357 of 2988)

That's interesting on your wanderers, RPS and Lavandula. At least one of my little guys at school is also a night-time wanderer...his room adjoins his parents but they eventually put a gate up in the doorway so he can see them but he doesn't come into their room. He does OK with that, apparently.


Steve Newton - Jun 21, 2007 7:39 am (#2358 of 2988)

RPS, you had mentioned a 24 hour chat, or somesuch, a while back for when DH comes out. I have no chance of being there for all 24 or 48 or whatever but think the idea is a good one. We can post comments as we read along and lie about how we knew this was going to happen.

14 chapters sounds good. How close are you to the end?


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 7:45 am (#2359 of 2988)

...lie about how we knew this was going to happen.

Now Steve, are you going to give away all our secrets? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818


Chemyst - Jun 21, 2007 8:03 am (#2360 of 2988)

Steve, this does not preclude holding chatfests when DH comes out but from RPS's post #2284

   KayKay and I were talking in the Chat room today, and I suggested that it would be really cool if we could set up a 24-hour Chat party some day before the movie and book come out, so we can all trot out our Potterness. I suggested a 24-hour party so that people could come and go, and people in Australia and New Zealand (and people who work nights instead of days) wouldn't get boxed out.

I guess we are all just waiting for a party organizer to tell us when.


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 21, 2007 8:16 am (#2361 of 2988)

I guess we are all just waiting for a party organizer to tell us when.Chemyst

Some of us can no longer access Lexicon's chat so please choose a easily accessible forum.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 8:21 am (#2362 of 2988)

That is an interesting problem Mrs. Sirius... mine is set for java and I have the newest java, but it doesn't work, HTML does not work either, if I go to chat knowing someone is there, it shows nothing. Maybe we can figure out a way for all of us to communicate?


painting sheila - Jun 21, 2007 8:40 am (#2363 of 2988)

Good Morning everyone!

I just watched the Britain's got talent thing with Paul Potts on yutube. Wonderful!! He made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!! I am so glad he won.

Got "the call" from the insurance. The van was officially totaled.  *sob* Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I get so darn attached to cars. I swear all of mine have had personalities. I will miss her.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 8:44 am (#2364 of 2988)

Shelia, do you go as far as giving a name to your vehicles as I do? Just wondering, is it universal, or just me.


Snuffles - Jun 21, 2007 8:46 am (#2365 of 2988)

Lol, our cars have names too. We have Megan Megane! and Samantha Smart Car . Why they are both female I don't know.

, did you look at the 6 year old girl called Connie who was on the same show? She is soo sweet. She made one of the judges cry.

Ooh, er! I've just looked out of the office window. There are some very dark clouds overhead. I think we are in for some more rain and thunder. That will make a change!!



azi - Jun 21, 2007 8:56 am (#2366 of 2988)

Lol, Julie, we've got the same dark clouds (and it's just starting to rain, so run before it gets you! ).

I call my mum's Triumph Spitfire 'Toby'. My dad's wagon (an AEC Matador) is named after me - 'Laura Jane'. Our oldest tractor is called 'Little Henry'. Our steam roller is called 'Leslie'. Modern cars don't get names because they don't have personalities.

Sorry to hear about your car though, Shelia! Hopefully you'll love the new one even more.

All I remember from the talent show was the girl singing from My Fair Lady. She was sweet and had charisma, but wasn't so good at the singing. The opera guy was astounding though!

**waves at everyone**


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 8:58 am (#2367 of 2988)

Amen! There is a reason for female names. For example, my Harley is called the Hell Bitch, (don't ask). My van is called "Good Gal", she has gotten me where I am going and back for a lot of years now. I use her for vacations and such when she is entrusted with my most cherished possessions, (my kids and grands). A pat and a prayer on the dash and we good to go! She has never failed us yet in 15 years! My other motorcycle is "Boot, scoot, and Boogy!", named for my infamous speed riding. If I am going slower than 100 mph, then I have slowed down for a red light!. 85 to 115 mph is my norm on her, her name is "Get her done"' Ain't nutt'n slow about this old granny, LOL


Wendy F. - Jun 21, 2007 9:15 am (#2368 of 2988)

Hello Mike! Red Rock is rather close for us, so if you're interested, maybe we could set something up. Smile


Elanor - Jun 21, 2007 9:19 am (#2369 of 2988)

Way to go TBE!!

My car doesn't really have a name ("Twingo" is nice enough name already IMO, lol!) but when I want to "encourage" her sometimes (when passing other cars for example, as it's a small car, it's not always easy for the poor thing), I sometime talk to her, telling her: "Allez, on y va ma pépette!": "Here we go" for the first part and "ma pépette" is an affectionate nickname which is often given to dogs (small ones usually).

Healing and cheering charms to all needing some and belated birthday wishes too!

Audrey **who still has two full weeks and one day of school left and can't see the holidays coming fast enough**


Solitaire - Jun 21, 2007 9:22 am (#2370 of 2988)

Wow, people names for your cars! My mom called my old 1972 Toyota Carina (yellow-gold with a brown top--STILL in use, btw) the Little Yellow Hen. My 1980 silver Honda Civic was christened the Silver Bullet, and my previous 1995 white Honda Civic AND my current 2002 Honda Accord are both referred to as "The White Tornado." Hm ...

If the 24-hour chat occurs in the week previous to the book release, I guess I'll have to take one of the laptops up to Sacramento with me, as I will be at a training conference all week. Come to think of it, I'd better take one anyway ... otherwise I'll die from Forum withdrawals!



Thora - Jun 21, 2007 9:28 am (#2371 of 2988)

Hello all!

I almost cried (eyes got misty, no tears down the cheeks though) when HHII recognised me when I popped in on the JKR site thread. Then I did a search on my name and low and behold I'm listed as a missed oldie about a thousand posts back. I'm honored, truly deeply honored.

I've been busy. My husband works out of state, so I've got the kids to myself during the week. I also stepped up to a host position on my other board. It's not as cool as the Lex (honestly how can people NOT be obsessed with HP?????), but it's rewarding in it's own way. I also have the distinction of being the 2nd most crazed Potterhead there, though I'm constantly telling them all that if they want to see truly great fans they need to come here.

I've also got my sister's wedding coming up in a few weeks, thankfully she's a fan too (you remember the house elf from my HBP party? That her) so she scheduled her wedding on a different weekend than the book release. So I've been making her jewelry, her veil, three dresses for myself and my daughters, and the jewelry for them, and the stuff for my kid's birthdays. I'd link you to my Photobucket of all my various projects, but there are lots of not forum friendly pics if someone was to wander into other accounts on that site... so email me if you really want to see my cool creations. So I lurk, I pop on occasionally and read YKYAHPLFW and such. Please know the Lex and my e-friends here are in my heart while I run around like an augurey with it's head cut off. Oh and John Bumbledore, I consider you old crowd. Wink

On car names: Mine aren't named right now (though I did finally get a plate for the front that says Veela), but my parents cars always were. Female names are usually given because it's believed that women live longer and thus a car dubbed female will live longer. It's also easier for a man to justify a love bordering on obsession for his car if she's the woman or other woman in his life.


Mediwitch - Jun 21, 2007 9:36 am (#2372 of 2988)

Welcome back, Thora - you have been busy indeed. I remember your Weasley clock avatar.


journeymom - Jun 21, 2007 9:50 am (#2373 of 2988)

I named Parent's '77 Dodge Maxi van 'Doris'. Doris was huge and I have lots of fond memories of her. We drove across the US in her in 1978, and all the way to Victoria Island, BC (from California), and to Tijuana. I learned to drive with her, including going 110 mph across HWY 80 in Nevada... Everyone else was asleep. >;-D


Denise P. - Jun 21, 2007 9:51 am (#2374 of 2988)

I took the kidlets to the library today and they had Harry Potter Trivia Question of the Day posted at the desk. I thought it was really simple and was sure my older three would get it in a snap. Blank looks. I asked but I was not able to play I whispered the answer in Iain's ear and he repeated it right back word for word. "Go tell her Nicolas Flamel" LOL So Iain is the only name so far listed on the Harry Potter Trivia Wizards scroll (pic behind my avatar!). The question was: Who created the Socerer's Stone? I saw the next one on her computer screen. Which DADA teacher was also a werewolf?

After we were done at the library, we walked through the farmers market over to Great Harvest Bread. Everyone got a free slice of bread, we got half a dozen double chocolate chip cookies, a loaf of apple scrapple (my favorite) and a loaf of honey wheat. I made sure to point out that we would NOT be going there every time we went to the library.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 9:52 am (#2375 of 2988)

Three words of advice Soli, "Take the laptop!"

LOL, I am one of those people who don't panic, at least until after the emergency is over. Once, when my 3 girls were small, oh, 7,8 years old, they wanted to ride the horses in a 4th of July parade. All my instincts told me no, this will not have a good outcome. We went. Halfway there, with a trailer loaded with two of our horses, we went. Almost there we ran into a summer shower, one of those kind that one instant you have dry road, next wet. Well, I hit brakes to slow down for wet, and all hell broke loose! I had my three girls in the van, plus two more, saddles, etc, two Arabains in the back. Van braked, and trailer started fish-tailing, girls started screaming, (you know how girls are). Momma driving trying to hold on to the whole rig and keep from killing us all...shut up and let me drive...horses screaming in the back... one wild ride. I kept the van upright, the trailer jack-knifed, and twisted the hitch till it lay on it's side, and slid 300 yards. By the time I got it stopped, got kids quiet, and jumped out to check on horses in this trailer that is now laying on it's side. You would have have to have been there and be thankful you weren't. Once I got the screaming stopped, from the kids at least, then they were able to help me with the horse, both in hurt, over 300 stitches between them. Both horses and kids recovered, in time. But to get back to my point of naming vehicles, when I knew I had lost the trailer, I put a hand on the dash and said, please protect my children, and she did. She deserved a name. Of course I also sent an SOS to a higher power, either way, something worked

So naming vehicles may sound silly, till you need to call on them, the van could have just flipped with the trailer... but there you go.

And but "for the grace of God, we didn't...

So, names are not silly here.

Addendum: Is interesting most men call their vehicles female names, because maybe we get 'er done. But us females also name our vehicles she cause we know SHE will get 'er done?


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 21, 2007 9:59 am (#2376 of 2988)

I made sure to point out that we would NOT be going there every time we went to the library.

Aww, Denise, why not, free bread for the mind and body is not a bad deal! LOL


Holly T. - Jun 21, 2007 10:08 am (#2377 of 2988)

Nice to see you Thora!

We are having the same weather as Azi and Snuffles. I thought my umbrella was in the car but it was not. I guess I left it at home. Oh well, at least I am dry now. It is pouring outside but it should stop before I have to go home.

Vehicle names--the only one we've named was my first car, which was my grandmother's old car--a 1969 Ford LTD--color was Gulfstream Aqua--think metallic turquoise. We called it The Tank. It was wider and longer than my parents' van.

I keep telling myself that at least all the rain is keeping it from being too hot out at camp. I hope my daughter's team is winning (she is doing Survivor camp) since I got a letter she wrote on Monday that said the winning team got tents and the losing team had to sleep on tarps. Son read the letter, then said in a hopeful voice "maybe she'll get eaten by a bear."

(He doesn't know about that boy who was camping in Utah who did get killed by a bear.)

If there are any house elves hiding under my shed, I wish they would come in and clean my house! Although I have to say that without tumbleweeds of fluffy cat fur drifting about the house is staying cleaner longer. Whenever I'd sweep up a pile of her fur I'd usually say something like that was enough fur to make a whole new cat and dh would say maybe we could make a nice one.

I appreciate the support for our fluffy cat dilemma.

My last day at this job is Friday the 13th! I don't know what to make of that.


azi - Jun 21, 2007 11:05 am (#2378 of 2988)

Rainy everywhere at the moment!

I forgot to mention by boyfriend calls his car 'Dorris'. He thinks two R's is the normal spelling...

Anyone know how to fix a boiler? Our is saying it can't detect a flame. If only I knew what/where a flame sense electrode or ignition electrode was...


Round Pink Spider - Jun 21, 2007 11:45 am (#2379 of 2988)

14 chapters sounds good. How close are you to the end?

Steve, there'll be 20 chapters. I'd like to get the rough draft finished by the end of summer, but at my current rate, it's more likely to be Thanksgiving or Christmas.

RPS, you had mentioned a 24 hour chat, or somesuch, a while back for when DH comes out.I have no chance of being there for all 24 or 48 or whatever but think the idea is a good one. We can post comments as we read along and lie about how we knew this was going to happen.

As Chemyst noted, KayKay suggested a day before the movie or book, because she didn't want to hear spoilers about the movie. I would be DELIGHTED to have a Chat during the night while reading DH! But that doesn't mean there couldn't be one before, too.

I'd be happy to be the party organizer; I just got the impression that not many people were interested. But I don't know which forum to use, if the Lex one isn't easily accessible. Our Room of Requirements forum uses chatrooms with FlashChat, but we have to be members of the forum. Perhaps chatrooms at Mugglenet or Leaky? Or does anyone else have a suggestion? Mrs. Sirius, TBE, do you have any suggestions for what would work for you?

No car names in our household...just the Toyota and the Pacifica. :boring: But at least the license plates aren't - Mr. Mediwitch has "DUCKS" on his because our niece calls him Uncle Duck - it was easier for a 12-month-old to say than "Dave", apparently. My license plate is "62442"

You think that's boring, ours are just "the big car" and "the little car." Even Peter knows which one "Wittow Car" is! I've told my kids, though, that if I ever had a car of my own (maybe when I'm a successful author ), it would be either a cherry red or a royal blue PT Cruiser with the license plate "MYUGLYCR". (Grace and I are the only ones in the family that like PT Cruisers; the rest all think they're ugly. Go figure. ) Anyway, I like your license plates, Mediwitch. But MN makes you pay through the nose to have a special license plate.

My husband once had a big old car (one of those old gas guzzlers) he called "the Galactic Cruiser." Its name was changed to "the Deer Slayer" after... well, you can guess.

TBE, what a terrifying story about the horse trailer! It's so fortunate that neither of the horses had a broken leg or neck, if the trailer ended up on its side. Were you ever able to get either horse in a trailer again?

Whenever I'd sweep up a pile of her fur I'd usually say something like that was enough fur to make a whole new cat and dh would say maybe we could make a nice one.

*snorting with laughter* Maybe you could get Dobby to knit you a new cat out of the fur... maybe one with a pattern of Snitches on it.


Mediwitch - Jun 21, 2007 12:49 pm (#2380 of 2988)

RPS, the license plates aren't cheap in CT, but they were our birthday presents to each other last summer. We both have volunteer firefighter plates, with the maltese cross on them, and Mr. Mediwitch loves to tell the story about those. He had to call DMV to request the form for the firefighter plates (because they sent the wrong ones the first time), and when he asked for two, one for him and one for his wife, the person at DMV said, "Oh, she's not eligible for a firefighter plate." Mr. Mediwitch explained that I am a firefighter too but he loves to tell people it's a good thing she didn't tell me I wasn't eligible!


painting sheila - Jun 21, 2007 12:53 pm (#2381 of 2988)

TBE - How scary!! I have named all of my cars. The kids named our old diesel station wagon Gertrude. It was a German made car and I think they thought that name sounded German.

I just heard that the van that was "totaled" this morning has been "un-totaled" since this afternoon. I guess it is worth more than they thought at first. I think we have to change her name to "Jamie" after the $6,000,000.00 woman. Does anyone remember what her last name was?

I have had Butch - a little white VW bug. Great car! My dad still has it. Prissy - My She-vette. Gertrude - the station wagon Sammy - my mini van (Short for Samantha. I thought it sounded very soccer mom-ish. HA!) We will rechristen her when we get her back - 3 weeks! Yuck.

I am wiped out. I mowed the yard today. It took a lot longer than I think it should have. I guess I was pushing really slow. One of these days I want a mulching, self propelled mower - that runs on a remote control. Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


I Am Used Vlad - Jun 21, 2007 1:18 pm (#2382 of 2988)

One of my sisters used to have a car she named Pischa, as in Pischa junk.

I also have a jeep related Miss Manners question that I want to ask Loopy. Where is he??????


Chemyst - Jun 21, 2007 1:26 pm (#2383 of 2988)

Jamie after the $6,000,000.00 woman. Does anyone remember what her last name was?

Summers, sometimes credited as Sommers; no known relation to Buffy.


Good Evans - Jun 21, 2007 1:44 pm (#2384 of 2988)

Azi - get that boiler sorted out - if it is gas fired and cannot detect the flame you must get it seen to immediately!!! So many students have problems with heating systems - PLEASE do not become a statistic!!!!!

***jumps down off urgent soap box***

hi everyone else!!!!!


azi - Jun 21, 2007 1:46 pm (#2385 of 2988)

Don't worry Julie, we're trying to get hold of the landlord! Alas, he isn't in. Will keep ringing!


Madam Pince - Jun 21, 2007 1:46 pm (#2386 of 2988)

Forgot to say earlier -- congratulations to Kate(y) for her scholastic accomplishments! Best student in the class -- woo-hoo!

***Waves furiously to Thora*** Welcome back! We've missed you! (and your Weasley clock! )

Wow, TBE, that description of your wreck with the horse trailer was scary! I can't imagine how you must've felt with the trailer on its side with horses in it! Thank goodness everything turned out OK -- you're right, that vehicle deserved a nice name!

Holly, I think we've mentioned this coincidence before, but I inherited a grandparent's Ford LTD, too! (except mine was a 1971 rather than a '69 -- still totally a Tank!) Loved that car...

Oh, she's not eligible for a firefighter plate.  Ooooooo... Isn't that kind of thing just infuriating?! Once before I was married I bought a piece of furniture, and the saleslady asked me if my husband had a pickup truck that they could load it onto. I was so irritated -- why did she assume that I couldn't have a pickup truck? (I didn't, but that was beside the point... ) Also, why did she assume that to be buying furniture, I must have a husband? Ah, well.

Azi... I'm not sure -- is a boiler the same thing as a stove? Is yours run on gas? On my aunt's gas stove, the pilot light was under and to the center -- is there something you can lift up to look? Actually, I'd call a repairman -- I'm scared to death of gas things. Good luck!

Soli, glad you got your leak fixed! And , sorry about the van...


Solitaire - Jun 21, 2007 2:24 pm (#2387 of 2988)

Jamie Summers (or Sommers) was not actually the $6,000,000 woman ... she was the Bionic Woman. Steve Austin was the $6M man.

why did she assume that to be buying furniture, I must have a husband?

Because single people aren't supposed to need furniture ... or china, crystal, flatware, glasses ... or bed linens and towels ... or blenders, Crockpots, mixers, and all those other "bridal shower" kinds of gifts!

Several years ago when I was buying yet another shower gift from a store gift registry, I said I thought it was crummy that "singletons" couldn't register things, so that our families could get US things we actually wanted and needed for birthdays, Christmas, etc. The lady at the department store told me she would register me ... I didn't need to be getting married!



Lavandula - Jun 21, 2007 2:30 pm (#2388 of 2988)

- Steve Autism and Jamie Summers. How could anyone forget? Da Da Da Da...We can rebuild him...We have the technology...We can make him stronger, faster,... I think the name fits your situation perfectly. Expect a much improved van!!!

Squid Mike (I think)- ROTFL "She who has not read the books" I now have a new name for Mr. L.

RPS-Now that I think about it, "night hoppers" must be common with this population of children. There was a local family convicted of child endangering and other charges for keeping their autistic adopted children in "bed cages". They claimed it kept them safe during the night from wandering around. Not at all like our little ones, but something to think about.

BTW I think the idea of a 24 hour chat is great. I just don't know if my computer will do it. I've tried chat before and all I get is my name and nothing more. I may need some help.

Audrey- Sorry that you still have 2 more weeks of school. If it makes you feel any better, we go back the middle of August. I sure know how you feel. I spent the last two weeks letting my mind relax.

Thora- WELCOME BACK! I loved your Weasley Clock!!!! You're in good company with very busy people.

Storms just ran through here. Cancelled tonight's baseball game. So now I cook a full meal for the family instead of food on the run. Darling Daughter leaves for her trip tomorrow very early including a 2 hour drive to the airport. So I guess we will get to bed early.

Great Day to everyone!!!



Madam Pince - Jun 21, 2007 2:34 pm (#2389 of 2988)
Edited Jun 21, 2007 3:41 pm

Does the 24-hour thing have to be a chat? Why couldn't we just open up a thread/folder? Label it clearly as "FULL OF SPOILERS!" or whatever. The time thing is still going to make us all "off" a bit though, right? You U.K. folks will be done reading probably by the time I even get mine... ***is jealous***

Edit: Mr. Pince just called me on the phone, all excited... "Did you know they're building a great big huge Harry Potter theme park in Florida??!" Bless his heart, he's such a sweet little muggle... He promised to take the evening off work (he works nights) to take me to both the movie opening night and also to pick up my book at midnight... He wants to wear his "Dumbledore's Army" t-shirt that he got a couple years ago at Mike Miller's advice...


journeymom - Jun 21, 2007 2:48 pm (#2390 of 2988)

Audrey, tell us about your avatar! I see a sunny face and the profile of someone covering his/her eyes.


Oh, and HEY!!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 21, 2007 3:42 pm (#2391 of 2988)
Edited Jun 21, 2007 4:14 pm

Hey, Madam Pince, that's kind of a neat idea! Kind of like a live-action Chat thread. Maybe, for reading the book, we could have one for each time zone, or every two time zones, to limit how far apart we'd be with the reading? Or one for each chapter?

We could do something like that for an ordinary chat party, too. Just refresh frequently, and try to keep up?


The giant squid - Jun 21, 2007 4:00 pm (#2392 of 2988)

Addendum: Is interesting most men call their vehicles female names, because maybe we get 'er done. But us females also name our vehicles she cause we know SHE will get 'er done?—TBE

Well, part of it comes from naming ships with female names; it just spread to other vehicles. Besides, when we have to talk soothingly to our car trying to coax it to start on a cold morning it just doesn't sound right to be saying, "Please, Dave, do it for me...just this one time..."

Squid Mike (I think)- ROTFL "She who has not read the books" I now have a new name for Mr. L.—Lavandula

Actually, Marie came up with that name for our sister when she steadfastly refused to read any of the HP books. She has also been referred to as as She Who Falls Asleep During The Movie. We're convinced she's adopted...

Regarding the Bionic Woman, did you guys know they're revamping it? There's going to be a new Bionic Woman series this fall. I don't know if the lead's going to be named Jamie Summers, if it'll be a sequel of sorts or none of the above.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 21, 2007 4:10 pm (#2393 of 2988)

Yeah, they can call it "The 100 Million Dollar Woman", because of inflation.

Actually, I enjoy pointing out that my daughter has a bionic ear. Soon to be TWO bionic ears! *snicker* Take THAT, Jamie Summers!

Hey, do any of you remember the dog, Max? He was the experimental lab animal Rudy practiced on. 4 bionic legs, and a bionic jaw. They named him Maximillian because he only cost $1,000,000. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

EDIT: Looking at dates... what do people think about the (first) Chat party being on July 6th, two weeks before the book-release parties? Sort of a "countdown" to the book release. It's a Friday night into Saturday. I know a lot of people in the US go on vacation in July (especially early July), so maybe that doesn't work. But this is enough in advance that, if it doesn't work for people, we could move it to late June or something.


Solitaire - Jun 21, 2007 4:40 pm (#2394 of 2988)

There's going to be a new Bionic Woman series this fall.

If it's anything like the new version of Cheaper by the Dozen, I won't be watching it. That story was based on an actual family, and what the "modern version" does to the story is terrible ... and I actually LIKE Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. The only thing the new and old versions have in common is the title and the number of kids. I've seen very few remakes of old classics that truly are improvements.

One remake I'd LOVE to see (shocker!) is Gone With the Wind. I'd like to see the WHOLE story told, including all three of Scarlett O'Hara's kids and the story of what ultimately happened to her sisters back at Tara. That story is never really addressed in the movie. Truly, this is one book that needs to be told in a miniseries ... that takes a week or two. Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest ...

I once had a friend who drove an old green and rust (real rust) 1959 Chevy "beater" named Captain America. It had no radiator cap--just a rag stuffed into the hole. Looking back from a more mature vantage point, I can see that her parents wanted to limit how far from home we could actually go (not more than about 15-20 miles). LOL One of my college floor mates had a HUUUUUUUUUGE old convertible (a 1960-ish Pontiac Bonneville, or something similar) that was about 4x as big as my zippy little Toyota. Of course, The Ferry had the advantage of seating most of our dorm floor--VERY convenient for midnight runs to the Madonna Inn for hot fudge sundaes.



Denise P. - Jun 21, 2007 4:59 pm (#2395 of 2988)

Max, the million dollar GSD, had issues though. He was caught in a lab fire and tended to go wonky at odd times. The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman....best friends with....Big Foot!

Who remembers a really old Saturday morning show? It was about a returned military dog named Joe. He apparently suffered from PTSS (not called that back then) and each week, his handler would almost catch him but not quite. poor Joe was accused of attacking his handler and was on the run to escape punishment. Run, Joe, Run...I think was the name.


Tazzygirl - Jun 21, 2007 5:18 pm (#2396 of 2988)
Edited Jun 21, 2007 6:01 pm

I think I'm coming down with something. Was up really late last night feeling like I was starting to get the flu, woke up this morning at 9, felt the same way and then fell back to sleep until noon. Feeling a little better, but not quite.

Congratulations to Kate on awesome grades!

Welcome back, Thora!

- I'm sorry about your van! Wait- I got to the message where you said it isn't totaled, so Yeay!! Hope the van is fixed faster than three weeks!

We also name our cars. Dad's two work cars a long time ago were 'Stu 1' and 'Stu 2' as they were the same car, but different colors. We call the Jeep 'Wulf'. We gave them their names according to what was on their license plates. My first Camry was named 'Cammy'. My current one does not have a name, as I don't like it enough to give it one. LOL.

Vlad: One of my sisters used to have a car she named Pischa, as in Pischa junk.

Mind if I take that name? It sounds like my car!

Madam P.: Once before I was married I bought a piece of furniture, and the saleslady asked me if my husband had a pickup truck that they could load it onto. I was so irritated -- why did she assume that I couldn't have a pickup truck?

I had something kind of along those lines happen to me a couple months ago. Didn't involve furniture or a truck. Went to the hardware store to find a replacement floater plug thing for a toilet, as well as a new shower head. When I purchased them, the clerk looked at me with shock and said "You are going to change these out yourself?" Ummmm. duh.

Okie dokie, thinking I'm going to go lie down again- made it through 50 posts.



Geber - Jun 21, 2007 5:46 pm (#2397 of 2988)

I never name cars, just my computer (Grendel) and my boat (Lorien).


Choices - Jun 21, 2007 6:41 pm (#2398 of 2988)

I have enjoyed reading the car name stories. Believe it or not, when I was in college I had an English Ford just like the one the Weasleys had in COS - same color and everything. That is the only car I have ever named. I had gone to Nassau when I was in high school and had enjoyed the shimmy and the shaking of a limbo dancer at one of the native clubs who called herself Angelina. When I got that car, I had to learn to drive a stick shift and boy did I make it shimmy and shake - so I just had to name her Angelina. LOL


Viola Intonada - Jun 21, 2007 7:27 pm (#2399 of 2988)

Hope your extra sleep today staves off any illness you might be coming down with, Tazzy.

I had a car once that Hubby called the "White Ghost". We never knew when it would start or stop running.

Marie E., how is your daughter doing at camp?

I took my troop camping for two nights (just got back yesterday). A couple of girls were homesick and a couple hated the bugs, but overall everyone had a great time. My youngest is very excited about going to camp. I told the other moms about Marie's mountain lion, I'm still shuddering over that one. I'm just too used to the Midwest where the only thing that is really going to hurt you is other people.

Hi! Legolas Returns, I haven't "seen" you in ages. Hope all is well.

Since I haven't been home in two weeks the house is a complete mess. Anyone willing to loan me their house elf? Or have any good cleaning spells?


Solitaire - Jun 21, 2007 7:48 pm (#2400 of 2988)

LOL I can't believe I forgot my cousin's ancient blue & white Anglia, or as my uncle called it, "Angela."
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Mediwitch - Jun 21, 2007 8:18 pm (#2401 of 2988)

Sheila, hope your van comes back to you quickly! It's no fun being without wheels. (At least where I live anyway as there's no mass transportation!)

We went to our first fire dept. carnival of the season tonight. Actually we were on standby for one of our mutual aid towns. It was pretty quiet, but it was fairly cool tonight and it threatened to rain. Hopefully the parade tomorrow will be a bit more lively!

Get some rest Tazzy - feel better!


painting sheila - Jun 21, 2007 8:19 pm (#2402 of 2988)

Okay - so my choices to rename the van are:

1. Jamie 2. Summers 3. JS 4. James 5. Jamie Sue 6. Jamie Sue Summers! (for when I am angry at it)

any other ideas? She had just better not stink when I get her back! I specifically asked the guy about that. It sat out in the rain for two days now - but he promises it won't.

I always thought that you named a car after a woman because it was such a work horse (snicker snicker). You know . . something you could count on. . . that could multi task . . (have I offended anyone yet?) Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I have a friend and her husband going to Zurich next month. Anyone out there need anything from over here?

Edit: Sorry Tazzy - I meant to say feel better!! Sleep seems to be the best thing when you are getting a bug. Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Elanor - Jun 21, 2007 9:40 pm (#2403 of 2988)

Journeymom: "Audrey, tell us about your avatar! I see a sunny face and the profile of someone covering his/her eyes.

With pleasure! It is a sculpture from my town's old abbey (maybe you remember the abbey, I've had it often as my avatar as I see it very well from my apartment, it's just across the street!). I used to work as a guide there for many summers when I was a student so I know it well, lol!
The sculpture is an 11th century one (around 1090) which represents the sun and the moon, the moon covering its eyes to express night, when the sun has its eyes open and a mild smile I've always loved. It represents a pair of opposites: the sun and the moon, day and night, etc. As Hollywand re-christened me "Elunar" on the "YKYHPF" thread yesterday, I thought it would be an appropriate avatar!

Great stories about car names! What a scary one TBE!
I have an uncle who used to have a black Alfa Romeo, he was calling her "the panther", was fitting her well!
BTW, here, when you have a small car, you often call it a "titine" (from "petite", small, I guess) which is a very affectionate name too.

Thanks for the encouragements about school Lavandula! Just trying to keep (what's left of) my sanity for the last two weeks, NOT easy, lol! We go back to school on August 24th here, but better not to think of it yet.

Have a great night/day everybody!


Solitaire - Jun 21, 2007 10:17 pm (#2404 of 2988)

Sheila, for what it's worth, I think your van should be christened Minerva ... after another old gal everyone thought was "totaled" in OotP! Perhaps you should invest in some tartan seat covers to go with her.



Mrs. Sirius - Jun 21, 2007 10:40 pm (#2405 of 2988)

That is an interesting problem Mrs. Sirius... mine is set for java and I have the newest java, but it doesn't work, HTML does not work either, if I go to chat knowing someone is there, it shows nothing. Maybe we can figure out a way for all of us to communicate?

My problem is just like yours. I had accesses until about 4 months ago. I was in one day (with you and Elenor I think), when I went back the next day, I could no longer see or be scene. That had happened on the old computer too.

Oh, TBE that car story is scary. Stories like that really shake me up. I went out after reading your story this morning and it started to rain so I was extra nervous.

We had the most magnificent rainbow today (did you get it Mediwitch?) I was taking the kids to the super market and there was a beautiful full rainbow. and right above it about a finger's length away, there was a smaller rainbow. I was far more excited about it than my kids. It must have been really impressive, though, because it made the evening news.

Today was the first day of school vacation, 75 days to go and counting! We survived the first day, I must confess it was not an easy day though. We have signed up for only one week of camp, yikes, what was I thinking?

There is a 2 day overnight science camp being given by the University of Connecticut that I have signed my kids up for. They are thrilled because they are not permitted to do sleep-overs normally. Unfortunately, it is taking place July 20 to 21! They are in an internal battle of sleepaway camp or go to get DH. This is the first time I am permitting them to stay up that late to get the books.

Welcome back Thora!!

azi, is your stove called a boiler?

Do you remember the Fembots on the Bionic Woman? I loved that episode. I use the expression Fembot all the time. Much better than Stepford Wives.

I was in Stop and Shop today, they had a display cut out, almost life size of Harry from the American cover with the sign "29 more days". Wahoo.


Lina - Jun 22, 2007 12:47 am (#2406 of 2988)

Thank you all for the congratulations to my girls. I'm really happy about them. Kate is quite sad right now because she thinks she will see any of her friends never again. I tell her she is wrong, she will see them next Friday when they get their report cards. Apparently, nobody else she knows is going to the same high school.

Healing charms to Tazzy!

***waving to Thora and Legolas***

Oh yes, we give names to our cars. Like "Your car" and "My car". Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042


Snuffles - Jun 22, 2007 4:08 am (#2407 of 2988)

**Healing charms** to Kristina. I hope you are feeling better soon.

*Felix Felicis* to Kate. Once she starts at her new school she will make lots of new friends and still have her old ones. It's better to have a wide circle of people you can chat to.

I know I said our Smart Car is called Samantha. More often than not though, whoever is going out in her, just calls her the 'roller skate'

I had some bad news this morning. The Border Terrier we were getting our puppy from had to be rushed into the vet last night for a cesarian. She had 7 puppies, but 4 of them died Obviously her owner is devastated. We don't know the sex yet of the remaining 3 which survived, so we don't know if there will be one for us yet. My brother knows the owner so he is going to let us know over the weekend.

It's been a long week for me. I normally work Monday, Tuesday and a Thursday. The other girl in the office is off this week so I have had to come in every day. My house is a tip and the washing is spilling out of the basket. Has anyone got a spare elf to help me out??

Hope everyone has a good Friday



Round Pink Spider - Jun 22, 2007 4:42 am (#2408 of 2988)

(*mutters* Boy, somebody could make a killing on a "Rent-an-Elf" service this week... )

Denise, I remember Run, Joe, Run! "German shepherd. Black and tan. Answers to the name of Joe. Accused of attacking his trainer, Sgt. Will Corey -- a crime he did not commit. Only Corey can prove him innocent, but he must find Joe before his accusers track him down!" We used to watch that. The opening schtick on that was exceeded only by the one at the beginning of Battlestar Galactica: "There are those who believe... that life here... began out there... With tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians.. or the Toltecs... or the Mayans. SOME believe there may yet be BROTHERS OF MAN who even now FIGHT TO SURVIVE... somewhere BEYOND THE HEAVENS!!!" (OK, how many of you were reciting it along with me? With Patrick Macnee's silky smooth voice...)


Puck - Jun 22, 2007 5:03 am (#2409 of 2988)

Julie, so sorry about the pups. How sad! (From the other Mom desperate for a puppy.)

Wish we had seen the rainbow! Sound lovely.

Hoping to pick strawberries today.

Diva had dress rehearsal for recital yesterday. I hope they find something to do about the stage. Several children -including Diva- slipped and fell. Troopers, most -all age 5 or younger- bounced back up and kept smiling. I will be putting hairspray on her shoes Saturday, just in case.

My car has no name, I just say I drive the official Mom Standard. (Navy blue mini van, same as half the other mothers in town. I swear I got mine first. )

Thanks for telling us about your avatar, Audrey!

Feel better Kristina!

Solitaire, Amazon will let you set up a Wish list full of those nifty little items. I did once see an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie wants to send out invites "Single and Fabulous" or something like that, as she is tired of buying gift after gift and never having her turn. (Of course, she would register for shoes. ) Happy RotD!



azi - Jun 22, 2007 5:13 am (#2410 of 2988)

How horrible Snuffles! I hope the puppies' mother is ok!

Hmm, is a stove a boiler? I associate a stove with being coal/wood/oil run, while our boiler is gas. Landlord said he'd come round today. Good news is that is only prevents the central heating (which we don't need at the moment) and taps from having hot water - the shower is completely separate.

Better start that work...


Daioma Dumbledore - Jun 22, 2007 5:48 am (#2411 of 2988)
Edited Jun 22, 2007 6:21 am

Hi All! Far too many posts to read so sorry if I've missed anything.

All is going well here. Our house is up for sale, we've been renting it from my nana who passed away earlier this year so the place needs to be sold, we were planning to buy a place of our own this year anyway so this has given us a big shove! But I've been working like mad getting things sorted out and getting the place looking beautiful and keeping it that way for open days, not easy with a very active 19mth old!

I hope all my fellow expectant mums are going well and getting nice and fat!


jose043 - Jun 22, 2007 6:14 am (#2412 of 2988)

Hi All

Healing charms, Happy birthday wishes to all that have had birthdays & Happy Annivesary to everyone.

Had no computer for 5 days as the Parallels that runs the PC part of my Mac went down & Had to take it to be fixed so know have to catch up on all the threads that I read. Still have to get some of the programs I had running to be re-loaded so use it all again.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Marie E. - Jun 22, 2007 7:20 am (#2413 of 2988)

Viola, we picked up Lexi from camp on Wednesday and she had a great time at camp. She only complained about the "yucky, bubbly" eggs they served at breakfast and about some the girls in her camp. We dropped off Shayla the same day and we got to get her tomorrow morning. Shayla's camp is called Horsin' Around. After we get Shayla we are driving to Denver for an air show (Mr. E's idea).

Thora, I remember your little baby girl from the PA meetup in 2005. I'll bet she's not so little anymore,eh?

More 90's temps, we're melting! It's supposed to be 97 F on Sunday, whew!


Holly T. - Jun 22, 2007 8:07 am (#2414 of 2988)

Daughter's friend's mom is picking the three girls up this afternoon from camp. Son is disappointed that his sister hasn't been eaten by a bear. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059   I told him about the mountain lion at your camp, Marie, and he wanted to know if his sister could go there. (more Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1242194059 )

I started a new book yesterday, Tournament of Shadows, which is about the Great Game and the struggle for empire in Central Asia. It is 500-something pages long so who knows how long it will take me to read it. I'm a fast reader, but I generally keep one book in the car that I only read at tae kwon do. At home I'm still reading SS.

I've been cleaning my daughter's room since she's been at camp--mainly cleaning off her bookshelves. A lot of books I've been moving into the gameroom so her brother can get a book if he wants to read it and not have to ask her permission. Some are in a stack to give away to her friend's younger sister. And I have a stack of at least 15 books that she had duplicates of. I can't figure out why we have all of these duplicate books (other than HP books, of course, where we buy two on purpose).

Congrats to Kate(y) for being a super student!


Thora - Jun 22, 2007 8:53 am (#2415 of 2988)


Yeah, she's pretty memorable isn't she? She's now 3 going on 16. She definitely got the veela blood. My oldest (the hufflepuff like me) is starting first grade in a few months and our middle child (son, way too clever and curious for his own good) is headed to kindergarten. So it will just be the veela and I in the days once school starts, somehow I feel she's going to be even more spoiled and charming soon.

I guess you're the person to ask though (as I recall you have some blonde beauties of your own), how do you keep girls that are too cute for their own good from taking over the world? I'm in real trouble with this one.


Madam Poppy - Jun 22, 2007 9:40 am (#2416 of 2988)

I had a busy and upsetting week for me since I came back to the Forum. I started a new job. I work at the airport as a Ticket Verifier. I check the passengers ID's and Boarding Passes before they enter the TSA Security area. It means alot of standing and talking but it's been ok. I ran into the daughter of an old friend last night. I'm hoping to see someone famous (everyone has to go by me). Saturday night I worked from 1:00 pm till 4:30 am! The last flight...a "red eye" to Houston had mechanical problems so they never left. I have to stay till the flight "pushes away" or till the next T.V. shift shows up. I was glad I had my knitting along to keep me awake. The passengers came off and on all night to smoke or get something to eat at McDonalds.

We got the news this morning, that yesterday my brother John cut off three of his fingers in his shop! Fortunately his R.N. wife was home. She stopped the bleeding and called 911. He was in surgery for several hours to re-attach his fingers. He is doing well so far, but if all goes well he will have lots of therapy to go through. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

The next two days I have the red-eye shifts, so you may not hear from me till Monday.....Thanks, Poppy


Solitaire - Jun 22, 2007 9:45 am (#2417 of 2988)

Welcome to the board, Katherine Bullock! I'm a language arts teacher, as well, and I'm sure you will enjoy the discussions.

Snuffles, so sorry to hear about the puppies ... but I do hope they are saving one for you. Seven puppies seem like a rather large litter for a small dog ... or is it about right?

Puck, I did not realize Amazon had a gift registry! Hm ... **calculating which items in my hand-me-down collection of household paraphernalia I'd like to replace** I do remember something about Carrie going to a bridal (or baby) shower ... and losing her Manolo Blahniks. What a blow to arrive in $700 shoes and have to leave in a pair of white Keds! The hostess could have at least given her a pair of designer Keds! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Josephine, I have been considering getting Parallels for my MacBook, so that I can run some Windows programs ... but all of the junk I've added thus far has certainly slowed it a bit. After my last update, the booting time has slowed to nearly a minute. It used to take about 10 seconds!

Okay, folks, I need some feedback. I'm going to be putting in new floors, and I'd like some feedback on laminates. Yesterday I looked at the new Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate, and it is beautiful. The salesman put several of the samples right next to similar colors of the better hardwoods, and they looked identical, right down to feel and finish. Has anyone had experience--good or bad--with laminates? Are some better or worse than others?



Holly T. - Jun 22, 2007 10:05 am (#2418 of 2988)

Madam Poppy--yikes!--healing charms for your brother.

Snuffles, so sad about the puppies! Is the mama dog going to be ok?

Solitatire--I love our laminate floors. The kind we have downstairs is very nice and a lot of people are surprised to find out that it isn't hardwood. The kind we have upstairs was cheaper and doesn't look as much like wood. It looks nice, but the downstairs stuff is nicer. You want to look at the color as well as the plank size, the pattern on the laminate, etc. You can spill stuff on it, have cats puke (or worse) on it, and it just cleans right up. Super easy to clean--broom, Swiffer, vacuum, whatever.

I'll put a picture of my daughter in my profile--she's very cute, but it's also a good shot of the downstairs floor. :-)


Puck - Jun 22, 2007 10:35 am (#2419 of 2988)

Holly, nice picture of both daughter and the floor.

OUCH! Healing charms to John "Poppy"'s fingers.

I have a couple of blondies too cute for their own good, as well. I fully plan to let them take over as much of the world as possible.

Off to do some housework before going to work. We've been off swimming at the community center and then berry picking, so I haven't done any work around here yet today.



Thom Matheson - Jun 22, 2007 10:48 am (#2420 of 2988)

Soli, it is a matter of taste only. I prefer the real hardwood, as they seem to be more durable, and do not "float" like Pergo does. They both look very nice and will add value to your home. Good luck with your decision.


journeymom - Jun 22, 2007 11:47 am (#2421 of 2988)

Besides, when we have to talk soothingly to our car trying to coax it to start on a cold morning it just doesn't sound right to be saying, "Please, Dave, do it for me...just this one time..." Giant Squid

SPEW! :rotflmao *sniff!* [wipes a tear away]

One remake I'd LOVE to see (shocker!) is Gone With the Wind. I'd like to see the WHOLE story told, including all three of Scarlett O'Hara's kids and the story of what ultimately happened to her sisters back at Tara. That story is never really addressed in the movie. Truly, this is one book that needs to be told in a miniseries ... that takes a week or two. Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest ... Soli

I'm all for it! PBS could do it.

Has anyone had experience--good or bad--with laminates? Are some better or worse than others?

We have a laminate floor, and it is nigh indestructible. But I can't be very helpful, I can't remember what brand it is.

Mr Journeymom's first car, paid $50 for it with paper route money, had a hole under the driver's seat floor mat where you actually see the road flying by. When the radio was on there was a static hum that went up and down in pitch when the car sped up and slowed down.


Solitaire - Jun 22, 2007 12:17 pm (#2422 of 2988)

Thanks, Holly and Journeymom! I really like the look of the laminate I saw yesterday--Armstrong's Grand Illusions (I actually prefer the darker color). It looked very different from all the other laminates I saw ... and it really does look and feel like hardwood. I will be installing it everywhere (if I can afford it) except the bathrooms and laundry room. Past experiences lead me to believe a ceramic tile is the wiser choice for those three rooms.



Mediwitch - Jun 22, 2007 1:52 pm (#2423 of 2988)

No rainbows up here, Mrs. Sirius, although I also saw it on the news last night!

Julie, I'm sorry to hear about the pups; hope you still can get one.

*Healing Charms* to your brother, Madam Poppy, and a big jolt of java heading your way!

I'm off to a parade in Washington Depot! **waves to Finn because he actually knows where that is**


Denise P. - Jun 22, 2007 2:13 pm (#2424 of 2988)

We put laminate down last year in our kitchen, dining room and living room...I loved it. When we moved, we have our foyer, dining room and one bedroom with hardwood. I can't say that I can see much difference in them other than the laminate looks ...shinier...for lack of a better word. I can't feel a difference in walking on it or in cleaning them.

I would love to see GWTW done properly. Poor little Wade and Ella were tossed out the window for the movie, never to be even mentioned.


Tazzygirl - Jun 22, 2007 2:30 pm (#2425 of 2988)

Thanks for the healing charms everyone! Feeling much better today- am thinking it was one of those 24 hour things. ick.

Sorry to hear about the pups, JulieSnuffles! Poor mama doggy!

**healing charms** to Poppy's brother's fingers. Ouch! And **staying awake charms** to you, Poppy!

Puck: I remember berry picking when I was little- we lived by a lake and used to go quite alot on our bikes around the trails and pick blackberries with my dad. I think now the entire area is covered with houses.

Off to do laundry or something productive that I didn't do yesterday or the day before.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Solitaire - Jun 22, 2007 3:36 pm (#2426 of 2988)

Denise, the measuring guy just finished. He left the samples for me to show my mom and sis and get their input. I narrowed to two color choices and wanted to see which looked best against the fireplace and existing wood baseboards. I actually prefer the darker color, as it provides a richer contrast. The other looks too much like all of the other wood in the house, and I'm not into a blond color floor. The samples still look like real wood ... even next to my furniture!

I would love to see GWTW done properly. Poor little Wade and Ella were tossed out the window for the movie, never to be even mentioned.

According to the book (Scarlett's unflattering opinion, of course), Ella was rather a bland, dull child. Wade, however, was beloved even by Rhett ... if I remember correctly (though after about 30 years, my memory may be faulty). GWTW just needs to be remade ... it does.



jose043 - Jun 22, 2007 4:01 pm (#2427 of 2988)

Hi All

We are supposed to have showers here till next Thursday we wait & see. but it is the country area that needs the rain not the coastal strip it is dry in land.

Solitaire since I took the Mac back to where I bought it from & they put the Parallels in for me properly it is a lot quicken. Have you got the extra RAM in your computer I Had it up graded 2GB & this make it faster. The story is some how I had two lots of the Parallels in & this is what made it crash. It was Aus$110 to get it fixed well worth it. Still have a few programs to get it back up & running but it is getting there.

Continuing healing charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Ydnam96 - Jun 22, 2007 5:28 pm (#2428 of 2988)

Shelia, I'm sorry about your van. That stinks. I have never named my car. Which is odd cause most people think I'm the kind of person who would do that.

I hope you continue to feel better Tazzy!

Oh man Madame Poppy! I hope your brother will be okay. I know how that feels and it's not fun. And good luck with the job. I couldn't do that. I don't have enough patience.


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 22, 2007 6:27 pm (#2429 of 2988)

I won't even attempt to answer all that I've read and enjoyed.

However: Prayers and healing charms to your brother, Madam Poppy. Olivia nearly severed her thumb 2 years ago and needed microscopic surgery. Not much was left holding it in place - she cut clear through the joint and the fluid leaked out, etc. The surgeon compared reattaching the nerves to sewing well-cooked angel hair pasta together. Not an easy task; however, it was done. Your brother received attention more quickly than she did (it was Christmas time and we couldn't get hold of a surgeon ) so her surgery took place three days after Christmas (aka, my birthday). She was in surgery for one hour and 15 min. and that was only one finger, so maybe your brother's went very smoothly and well. Olivia had more damage than they expected (plus, her hands are smaller). After many months of recovery followed by therapy, and it took a year of healing, it is nearly as good as new. I hope that helps.

So sorry to hear about the pups, Snuffles. I can't believe the owner knew to take her in for a C-section. I would be clueless. In doing so, perhaps they managed to save the others.

((Hugs)) to Thora - of course we noticed you were missing! I am very impressed that you can make all of those things. (I miss the clock, too.)

Madam Pince, one of these days, I'll answer your last email (from over a month ago )

Duty calls.

**waves to everyone**



painting sheila - Jun 22, 2007 7:55 pm (#2430 of 2988)

Shoot! I just lost everything I posted . . .

Let me try again . . . .

Madame Poppy - ****Healing Charms**** to your brother. I caught my finger in a fan once. They ended up taking a nerve out of my foot and putting it in my finger. It was revolutionary at the time but I think they have it down pat now. I am sure he will be fine with all digits where they should be. Keep us posted!

Snuffles - Poor, poor puppies. I am so sorry to hear that. What great owners to be so in tuned with the mother. Let us know how things go.

Shoot me. Just shoot me now. I am having a yard sale with a friend tomorrow. I HATE having yard sales, but we have more junk that one family needs and the kids are using the money towards their trip to England. I just know some one is going to come up to me and try and barter on an item that is 10 cents. I will have to huck it at them and then feel guilty for the rest of the day - plus bemoan the fact that we lost a dime! (Sigh) Like I said - Shoot me now! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Viola Intonada - Jun 22, 2007 8:12 pm (#2431 of 2988)

Madame Poppy, Healing charms to your brother. My brother cut through 3/4 of his finger a month ago. It is healing nicely, though his doctor was unable to reattach the nerve on one side.

So, Jose, the PC part of your Mac really does act like a PC, Crashes and all. *ducks from things being thrown by PC users* Hubby insisted on installing Virtual PC on my computermy only response was "Why?" I certainly have never used in and probably never will. But I have noticed that my computer runs slower with it.

Prayers to you Painting  for your yard sale. I have yet to have a yard sale. I don't like the idea of people showing up before 8am. Now I would consider an evening yard sale, but then no one would come. Maybe someday....

Glad to hear Lexi had a good time at camp, Marie. Your week sounds like a lot like mine. Liz was with me at camp Mon-Wed, then Chris left on Wed, before we got back, for Niagra Falls with her troop. This evening I now have all my little ducklings back in the nest. It was such a peaceful, quiet week. Sigh.


Lavandula - Jun 22, 2007 8:37 pm (#2432 of 2988)

Wow, so much to say...let's see if I can remember them all. I usually keep a pad of paper and take notes as I read, but I just got in from Little Guy's baseball game under the lights and I'm too tired to write anything down.

We saw the international space station in the western sky at 10:00 p.m. EST just as the game was finishing up for a brief moment and then it disappeared. Very interesting sight!!!!

Soli-I have Pergo floor in my foyer and love it. Our builder wanted to put it in the kitchen and dinette, but a friend had it in her kitchen and didn't like having to wipe up the water spots so frequently. It is quite durable and cleans beautifully. I will say however, that if I could have afford it, real hardwood would have been my choice. I grew up with hardwood and had it in our first house even where we ate with high chairs and baby messes. If money is not a problem, go with the real thing. If not you will be pleased with a laminate.

Madame Poppy-Healing Charms and prayers for your brother.

We took darling daughter to the airport for her trip to Austria. She is currently flying over Newfoundland on her way to Munich and then to Vienna. I too will be cleaning her bedroom while she is away. I don't know how I could survive without the kids at camp (or somewhere else) for a week to throw out and organize. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Elanor (aka Elunar)-thanks as always for the wonderful photos of your historical community.

Azi-Love the new Avatar!!

Best wishes and greetings to everyone else. Charms and house elves on their way to all who need them. (Holly, get those elves out from under that shed for everyone who needs one!!!)

Good night to all.



HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 22, 2007 9:55 pm (#2433 of 2988)

Happy 8th Birthday, Mihaela!

***waves to almost-Hungarian friends***


legolas returns - Jun 22, 2007 10:35 pm (#2434 of 2988)

Its so wrong being up at 6.15 on a sat morning . I have been asked to go in and do overtime at work. I hope the stuff I have to do does not take too long as I am going out to a Ball tonight. All I know is that its in a part of town that will require 2 trains and a taxi to get to. Its not that far in terms of distance but it is using public transport. Better go and get ready.


Solitaire - Jun 22, 2007 11:46 pm (#2435 of 2988)

I agree, Legolas! Why did they pick on you? It isn't so much that I mind being up at 6:15 a.m. on a Saturday. What I would mind is being told I had to be up ... and go to work! Do you get to write off the cost of transport, since it is on a weekend?

I usually keep a pad of paper and take notes as I read

Lavandula, just open a second window and hit the "recent" button. As you read through the posts and want to respond, just click in the second window and write what you want to say. Just keep moving back and forth between the windows until you are ready to post. It's SO much easier!



Lina - Jun 23, 2007 12:22 am (#2436 of 2988)

Happy birthday Olivia!

Happy name day Audrey! (and all Audreys that might be on the forum)

Healing charms to your brother Madam Poppy! I hope he will be able to use his hand as if it never happened and pray for a fast recovery.

Snuffles, hugs about the puppy and healing charms to the mum and baby dogs.

BTW, Maria, how is your finger?

Good luck with the yard sale, !

Let your daughter have fun in Austria, Lavandula! I've never been in Vienna, but I've heard they have a fantastic amusement park. I don't think I could go there without visiting it. Well, yes, I know there are many museums too, and the music one is apparently the one that you could spend several days in.

We had a birthday party yesterday because Mihaela is invited to another one today. And we are having an extra long weekend, with holidays on both, Friday and Monday, so now I'm happy I have three nice quiet days of the weekend left!

Hugs all around!


Tazzygirl - Jun 23, 2007 1:23 am (#2437 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Mihaela and Olivia! Hope both girls have a fantastic day!!!

Soli: Lavandula, just open a second window and hit the "recent" button. As you read through the posts and want to respond, just click in the second window and write what you want to say. Just keep moving back and forth between the windows until you are ready to post. It's SO much easier!

I just started doing that the other day, and it does make it so much easier! Can't believe I didn't start doing that long ago!

Yahoo! has an article out about the guy who claims to have hacked into Bloomsbury and knows the ending to Book 7. He says that he did it so it would make the reading of DH 'useless and boring'. Why are some people just terrible and awful? (I normally wouldn't comment on stuff like that, but that statement just made me really angry...)

I am hoping to get to sleep early tonight- have to work the morning shift tomorrow, and as I can barely wake up before 10 am the last couple days (grrrr!), it might be a struggle. LOL It's almost 10:30, so maybe I should shut the computer down...



Snuffles - Jun 23, 2007 2:29 am (#2438 of 2988)

Soli, I'm not sure about the normal size of the litter on these dogs. 7 does seem alot though. I will hopefully hear how everything is over the weekend.

Ouch Madame Poppy **healing charms** to your brother.

Happy Birthday to Mihaela and Olivia. Hope you both enjoy your day

I hope your yard sale goes well .

Well, off to clean the house. The house elf I ordered yesterday never showed up

Hope everyone has a good weekend



Puck - Jun 23, 2007 4:25 am (#2439 of 2988)

Happy Birthdays to Olivia and Mihaela!

I have Diva's dance recital today. I have just over two hours before I have to leave. I have a sitter coming to watch the Tot, as I don't think anyone wants to deal with chasing her through the whole show. That means I have about 2 hours to clean the house, feed people breakfast and fix Diva's hair and make-up. Oh, plus get myself ready. What am I doing silly here!

Anyone else starting to feel mixed emotions about the wait being over soon? We've waited so long, it seems strange to think it's about to end. (Getting really scared for Harry's fate.)



azi - Jun 23, 2007 4:50 am (#2440 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Olivia and Mihaela! Lina, the cake looks yummy! Love the avatar as well, Maria! Is Olivia the one on the left?

I continue to refuse to believe that the guy actually hacked into the computers! I did however have to calm a poor girl down yesterday whose brother read out what the 'hacker' said before she could stop him. She was devastated. I hate people like that hacker, I really do!

Hope the day turns out ok, Legolas! Getting to that ball seems quite a challenge!

Puck - I get little butterflies in my stomach every time I think about the last book. Good luck with all that work!

Josephine - your computer troubles sound horrible! I'm considering upgrading my computer (although it's a PC) to 2 Gb of RAM. I think it would seriously improve its ever slowing performance! My boyfriend did that on his and it now takes at least half the time to start up.

Lovely Saturday to all!


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 23, 2007 5:43 am (#2441 of 2988)

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Olivia and Priscilla! Yes, azi - Olivia is on the left and Trevor is on the right.

Sheila, azi and Lina, I love your avatars. (Feeling slightly guilty for not having made Olivia's and Priscilla's cakes.) Mihaeala's cake looks fantastic (and she's getting so big)!

My finger is much better, thank you, Lina. The nail was cut clear through but the skin did reattach. It took awhile for it to stop hurting because I kept jamming it (bad spot, the tip of the thumb). I suppose I'll never win any contests requiring grace.

We took some pics of the ducklings yesterday. If I have time, I will try and get them into my profile. Olivia is having a friend sleep over (which I am suspecting may turn into more than one friend sleeping over).

Wow, I don't have much left at all. We've been through the class parties, Olivia's graduation, Priscilla's party and birthday, teachers' gifts, picked up Olivia's gift yesterday. . .

Lol, Kathy, I feel the same way - you're here because you've got your priorities straight!

I have felt that way for a while, Kathy. I had this thought the other day - this time next month, we'll know! How excitingly depressing.

Good luck with your decision, Marie. It is a good idea to talk it over with your boss.

Lol about Hilton Head, . Sounds like a good plan I'd like to set into motion!

Solitaire, the nicknames come from the babies. Priscilla was too young to pronounce Olivia, so she called her "Ovah". Trevor couldn't pronounce Priscilla, so he called her "Percy". It just sticks that way.

I'm impressed with little guy's swimming, too, . We have a pool and my little one just started putting his head under. He is the youngest start of the three.

GE, what happens if you marry in September?

I am used Vlad - "He's like a white trash version of Finn."
Don't mince words, Vlad.

Madam Pince, Olivia's mouth is okay. She can't bite down too hard because it's sore but she doesn't complain. She can only eat her food in bite-sized pieces. I feel as though I have a new puppy.

I'm splitting my post because it's sooo long.


Elanor - Jun 23, 2007 5:46 am (#2442 of 2988)

Joyeux anniversaire Olivia et Mihaela! Happy Birthday! May you spend the most wonderful day!

Thanks for the wishes Lina! My Mom offered me a magnificent sunflower this morning for the occasion. We do like celebrating "fêtes" (name days) here, that's a cute tradition.

About that hacker: feed the Blast-Ended Skrewts with him I'd say -- and bon appétit to them... **evil grin**

Have a great weekend everybody!


HungarianHorntail11 - Jun 23, 2007 5:48 am (#2443 of 2988)
Edited Jun 23, 2007 6:58 am

Lina - I don't know, what is the problem with a cricket, Maria?
Well, these aren't just any crickets, they're cave crickets. They are large "mutants" that resemble (a bit too much) the "thing" Moody was using to demonstrate the Unforgivables to the class with. Also, if you happen to walk near one, they jump at you rather than away from you.

w00t to Kate and Veronika! You have two very capable young ladies, Lina! When they set their minds to it, they sure do come through.

Puck, how did the party go? Did Barbie need the Barbie ambulance?

Welcome Wendy F!

Oooh, the Arky Arky song!!! What a great way to awaken Olivia on her birthday, don't you think??? Thanks for the reminder!! I'm sure she herself will want to thank you, too, Kathy! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Denise, that HP trivia your library is doing sounds great!

Very scary about the horse trailer incident, TBE. I'm glad the children were okay.

I Am Used Vlad - One of my sisters used to have a car she named Pischa, as in Pischa junk.
That reminds me of hubby's family pet. They had a white maine coon and she had the runs when they first brought her home (she pooped everywhere), so they named her Tish. You can work out the rest.

Lina - Oh yes, we give names to our cars. Like "Your car" and "My car".

SPEW! Okay, now I don't feel so left out!

Happy Name Day, Audrey! That is one Hungarian tradition that we've let go to the wayside. Mine is some time in September but I remember it carried as much weight as a birthday.

I'd better go and get something done.

Enjoy the Rotd/n everyone!



Denise P. - Jun 23, 2007 6:56 am (#2444 of 2988)
Edited Jun 23, 2007 9:42 am

Busy day here. The Rockhead, who is 13 today, said he didn't want a birthday cake today. He goes out to Scout Camp on Monday and said we would eat it all before he got back (well, duh!) so he wants a cake when he gets back next week. The next older one gets back from a High Adventure camp today as well as Mr. Denise, who has been in OK for the past few days. The 10 year old goes out to an overnight baseball game sleepover with girl scouts as well.

Our Tinsel dog was spayed this week and given pain meds. Rhys decided she really didn't need it and kindly removed it from where I had it sitting and has hid it. After Tinsel decided to climb out of her 4' ex-pen with no complaint, I figured the pain meds were not truly needed and Rhys was right.

Now, off to make sure we have everything for him to go off to camp on Monday. Oh yeah, Iain has a talk at church on Sunday, nice of them to let me know this YESTERDAY. I have no doubt HE has known for weeks, he just didn't feel the need to tell me


The giant squid - Jun 23, 2007 7:42 am (#2445 of 2988)

Wow, mass birthday time again! Happy wishes to Mihaela, Olivia & "Rockehead".

Healing charms go out to Madame Poppy's brother. I've cut myself quite a few times over the years, but never cut anything off. Of nothing else, he'll have a cool bar story--"Did I tell you about the time I cut off three of my fingers?"

Legolas returns--there is one thing worse than getting up at 6:15AM to work on the weekend: not having to work and still waking up at 6:15AM! I really, really wanted to sleep in today, but my body apparently has other plans...



Lavandula - Jun 23, 2007 8:27 am (#2446 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Rockehead, Olivia and Mihaela!!!!!

Lina- Darling Daughter is going to that amusement park in Vienna, the Vienna Prater. She will also be visiting the imperial castle Schonbrunn as well as the concentration camp in Mauthausen. Since Mr. L's family were Jewish immigrants from Austria and Poland during the early 1900's, this visit is bound to be a lifetime experience.

Mine is Monday, but since little guy has a game we're going to go out tonight. I can't seem to decide where though...local Italian place with great steaks, Carrabbas, Outback, ...

I'm doing some house work waiting for the phone call that Darling Daughter's group has landed. The group leader calls the first family on the list and then the call chain starts so that all us parents can relax with only one quick phone call on their part. We are the first on the list.

Marie-Happy camp for all your kids this week and safe returns to the one coming home. Sending children away to camp is so much work preparing and returning, but such a delight for them and you as well!! Healing charms to the dog.

We got two new kittens this week, and they are doing so well. I still can't convince my family to let me give them HP names.

Another beautiful day here today.

Drying charms to our friends in England and anywhere else there has been too much rain.



legolas returns - Jun 23, 2007 8:35 am (#2447 of 2988)

I hate it when you want to sleep and you cant particularly if you are on holiday (I will probably wake early next week when I am on holiday).

Half the department is going to be in sometime over the weekend. A temp employee  we had really messed up over some work so we had to go in an fix it. We had to recall a product and retest it. I brought everything up to the lab yesterday and prepared for this morning. I was on a mission to get out of the lab as early as possible while doing a good job on the work. My section head was in today helping out as well (its great when the managers come in to help out-she is unusual). She is really nice she drove me home as a thankyou for coming in and she thanked me on friday as well. We get overtime we rate/paid lunch/travel time so I do not feel that I am missing out-even if it was an early get out of bed. Thank goodness its a one off.

So anyway got to go and check the trains out/get ready. The ball ticket says 7 for 7.30. The Rotaract Club I was president of folded and the neighbouring club is folding this year. We are celebrating all the years that the clubs were running. Lots of past members will be there and some of my chums I havent seen for a while as they moved away. I hope I dont have to make a speech/reply etc. Beyond thanking the Rotary Club and past members for supporting us and pointing them to the bar I have no idea what to say...


Choices - Jun 23, 2007 8:35 am (#2448 of 2988)

I think The Rockehead was being very nice - my kids would have wanted a cake NOW and ANOTHER one when they got back from camp. LOL

Healing charms to Madame Poppy's brother and birthday wishes to all celebrating another year.

Happy Saturday and wishes for a good weekend to everyone - Love and (((hugs}}} to all.


Snuffles - Jun 23, 2007 8:55 am (#2449 of 2988)

Happy birthday Rockehead.

Oh what a horrible Saturday it has turned into!

Hubby was out in the rain this morning fixing the roof above our bedroom. With all this rain we discovered we had a leak! Bathroom towels on the windowsill to catch the drips!

I decided to clean the bathroom. I turned on the shower head to rinse off the cleaner when I felt my feet getting really hot and wet. Water was gushing (and I mean gushing) out from under the bath and all over the floor I panicked and grabbed the duvet covers, pillow slips and towels I had just decided to throw away and put them on the bathroom floor ,and ran downstairs to hubby (who at this point looked like a drowned rat from being outside) and started screaming "Turn the water off, quickly". I explained what had happened and he followed me. Turns out it was the wrong tap. He needed to turn off the one in the airing cupboard. (water still gushing out!). The water stopped but we are nearly ankle deep in the bathroom. When I go downstairs to the kitchen, there is water dripping through the ceiling into the sink.

Thank goodness the kitchen ceiling hasn't collapsed. We now have a de-humidifier working and a heater blasting out in the bathroom trying to dry the floor out. Hubby is at a diy shop getting another flexi hose for the pump under the bath, and I have been tidying up and scrubbing the stairs carpet, getting muddy footprints to disappear.

*sigh*, is it bedtime yet?

Well that's my moan over. I'd better go and check what else there is to do.



legolas returns - Jun 23, 2007 9:03 am (#2450 of 2988)

Sympathy. Hope you get it all fixed.
Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:40 pm


azi - Jun 23, 2007 9:10 am (#2451 of 2988)

Eek, Snuffles! **drying-out charms!**


Chemyst - Jun 23, 2007 9:22 am (#2452 of 2988)

…he did it so it would make the reading of DH 'useless and boring'.

In addition to the fact that some people ain't got no couth, they just don't understand the fine artistry of re-reads.
The idea that that any hacker could have the power to make the genuine thing 'boring' is highly laughable.

paintingsheila, your rubber room states my opinion of hosting a yard sale perfectly! I have had people come back after it is over and want a refund! I don't do yard sales now.

Anyone else starting to feel mixed emotions about the wait being over soon?

Yes! And I blame it completely and entirely on THIS forum. There are just too many fabulous speculations, theories and proposals which will never be explored before time runs out.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Speedy Healing Charms, Summer Camp Counter-Jinxes, as needed; and special Drying Charms for Julie/Snuffles.


OH MY! did you see the news story???

Ariz. Woman's Face Branded With 'Snitch' PHOENIX - A woman had the word "snitch" burned into her face with a branding iron in apparent retaliation for helping police in a domestic violence case, authorities said. [...] The brand singed into her flesh during a June 13 attack is 4 to 6 inches long and stretches across her left cheek from lip to earlobe, Mesa police Sgt. Chuck Trapani said Friday. [...] He said police were searching for the branding iron.
— Drugs were involved (no surprise) Four suspects are being held.


Good Evans - Jun 23, 2007 9:43 am (#2453 of 2988)

drought charms - for cleaning puddles etc as per Ron - to Julie Snuffles!! Hope it all gets sorted out soon

happy birthday Mihaela and Olivia and Rockhead!

love to everyone - i'm not feeling terribly well today (stomach ache) so i'm not in chatty mood!!


painting sheila - Jun 23, 2007 10:00 am (#2454 of 2988)

After getting up at 5:30 am to start setting up the yardsale, we made . . (drum roll please!) . . . $20.00 and some change! Did I mention I hate yardsales?

Chemyst - Please tell me you are kidding!!! I can't imagine how that must have hurt to be branded across the face!! How awful!!

I now have to figure out what to do with all the stuff we didn't sell. Plus the friend we were having the yard sale with gave us her leftover stuff so we could add it to our next yard sale. We plan on doing this a few more times this summer so the kids can earn some money for their part of the trip to England. I am psycho for doing this!

OKay . . . . so what did the hacker say happened? NO!!! don't tell me . . .a hint?


Tazzygirl - Jun 23, 2007 11:05 am (#2455 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Rockhead!

Choices- I saw that article about the 'Snitch' branding. How awful!! (I think I like Hermione's way much better...)

**Healing charms** to your tummy, JulieGE!

- I don't like garage sales either. My sympathies! And OKay . . . . so what did the hacker say happened? NO!!! don't tell me . . .a hint?

You are going to have to look that up yourself, sorry. I have no intention of going to that guy's site. The article didn't give anything away, but there is a link to his site. (Since JKR and The Leaky have spoken out against spoilers and such, I think this is as far into potential spoilers as I go. I don't think we should or are allowed to post this type potential spoiler in white either. There's been a discussion on the JKR Site thread as well. )

Guess I should get ready for work. I so got used to sleeping in.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Choices - Jun 23, 2007 11:08 am (#2456 of 2988)

That was Chemyst that posted that, Tazzy. It was an awful thing - healing charms to that poor woman.


Solitaire - Jun 23, 2007 12:34 pm (#2457 of 2988)

Tazzy, back when OotP came out, I was chatting and posting on teachers.net. One cruel soul decided to post the following on the chatboard: R.I.P. Sirius Black ... Sirius Black Dies!! I don't even think it had been 8 hours since the books were put into people's hands, so it was obvious that most people wouldn't have finished reading them. I didn't even have a copy yet--I was a brand new fan and didn't know about advanced ordering! Anyway, it completely changed my opinion of that chatter forever.

Regarding this supposed hacker ... I'm betting Bloomsbury has more safeguards, firewalls, and enchantments than Gringott's, Hogwarts, and 12GP put together. More to the point, I seriously doubt that anything to do with the plot of HP is going to be left floating on the Internet. I'm sorry, but it doesn't ring true to me. I think someone is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Too bad it's for being a colossal jerk!

Happy Birthdays to Olivia, Mihaela, and The Rockhead!

Healing Charms to Madame Poppy's brother! Please keep us posted on how this is going.

Puck ... I just received an email with a You-tube link to my friend's daughter's first dance recital. Perhaps you should put Diva's up for us, as well!

About the "mixed feelings" over the end of HP ... yes, I have them. Coming to the end of a book series one loves--particularly one in which we readers have invested our time, our emotions, and our hopes for the characters--is a lot like losing a dear friend. I was terribly depressed by The Remorseful Day, the end of Colin Dexter's Morse series. I sure hope Jo hasn't taken THAT book as an example of how to end the HP saga.

On the positive side, I hope the Forum stays active for years to come. I see no reason why it shouldn't, since I am sure there will STILL be plenty of things to debate, even after book 7 has been read. After all, Pemberley.com still thrives, and Jane Austen has been gone for over two centuries! Besides, I will not stop being interested in the friends I've made here on the Forum. That has been one of the most rewarding things about HP for me.

Jour Heureux d'Audrey !

I still can't convince my family to let me give them HP names.

Don't ask. Just start calling them Flitwick and Dumbledore (or whatever it is you like). Since you will probably be the one who winds up feeding them, they will respond to YOU.

Legolas, I agree that it helps the morale A LOT when the supervisor/boss comes in on those emergency work days. It tends to curb the feeling that she is taking advantage of or dumping on you, and it does contribute to a more congenial work climate. I'm glad you got through it all.

Oh, Snuffles!!!!! I can relate to that bathroom-dripping-into-the-kitchen thing. It happened in my first condo. Given what we found in the recent bath and kitchen renovations, it's amazing that the bathtub didn't land in the kitchen sink sometime over the last 20 years! After the minor leaking problems that plagued me earlier this week, my prayers and lots of Reparo! charms for the roof and everything else are coming your way. I hope the rain stops soon.

To the "SNITCH" ... ouch!!! Pimples are one thing; branding irons are quite another! I hope those people didn't get the idea from Hermione! I hate to think of HP readers as criminals ... don't you? I hope the authorities find the perpetrators ... and I hope they have to pay, pay, pay for the best plastic surgeon available, counseling for emotional distress, loss of time from work, and anything else the woman's attorneys can add. Things like this certainly make bystanders reluctant to speak out and help in such cases.

Oh, ! $20 for all that time and effort? Ugh!!

Enjoy your Saturdays, everyone!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 23, 2007 1:11 pm (#2458 of 2988)

Boy, this is what I get for waiting to post. It's been nearly 50 messages since I posted! So much has been going on with everyone... Happy Birthdays and name days to all appropriate people, first of all.

Madam Poppy... YIKES! I was so shocked when I read about your brother's fingers. And even more shocked by all the subsequent stories of people losing fingers. It makes me wonder how common this is! How wonderful that they're able to do something about it these days!

Solitaire, good luck with the laminate; we never have had that option, so I don't know anything about it... , sympathies on bouncing off the walls over the yard sale. I've never had one, and I can't say I'm feeling encouraged now! Maria, I'm glad to hear your thumb is doing better. You know I was a little freaked out by that!

About that hacker: feed the Blast-Ended Skrewts with him I'd say -- and bon appétit to them... **evil grin**

That's too good for him (since they don't seem to eat). Give him to the trolls for batting practice. And how about they include the people at Yahoo who had the bad taste to supply links to the jerk's website? And the people who gave him the publicity by printing his story, since all the guy probably wanted was to be notorious in the first place? Roast 'em all over a slow fire!!!

We got two new kittens this week, and they are doing so well. I still can't convince my family to let me give them HP names. How... unenlightened of them.

Snuffles, is this just your bad week? First the puppies, then the water??? My sympathies! What an awful week!

For myself, I have very little to say. Today was our first day of nice weather after several days of rain. I used the rainy days to run laundry and do some preparatory work for Chapter 15 -- there were some things I had to plan out for Chapter 17 so that I knew what background I had to cover in 15 and 16. Today I spent several hours pruning and fertilizing our plants. And now that I've caught up on all the posts and added my own, I'm going to go get cleaned up and do some more writing! I hope all of you have a good weekend!

Oh, almost forgot. I'm in contact with the "Powers that Be" about setting up some kind of 24-hour Chat thing. I'll let you know when I know something more!


VeronikaG - Jun 23, 2007 2:52 pm (#2459 of 2988)

Hi forum. My heart is beating very fast as I'm typing this. I just made a very unsettling discovery when I tried to log into another forum. I had been banned. For what I have no idea, because I've only posted there about 10 times, and just in general discussion. I'm fearing that someone logged in as me and trolled or posted something inappropriate. Now I'm horrified the same thing will happen here. As far as I know I'm only logged into Lex on my home computer, but that was also the case with the other forum.

The forum I supposedly offended is on elfquest.com. If you go there and look up Peregrine Falcon, you'll see what I have posted. I was allowed in there as late as this morning!

OK, I'll go read some DH speculation to cheer myself up.


Lina - Jun 23, 2007 3:03 pm (#2460 of 2988)

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes for Mihaela! As for the cake, I usually do themed cakes, so a friend asked me if this one was the tower from Pisa? But I agree, it is enough for the cake to have chocolate and it is yummy already.

Happy birthday to the Rockhead too!

Oh, Lavandula, I'm sure your daughter will truly enjoy the trip!

I don't hate to get up early in the morning when I'm on holiday, I enjoy the peace while the rest of the family sleeps, but I rarely manage to do it.

Drying charms to your house and your family, Snuffles. I hope you will have it fixed soon!

Chemyst, great avatar!

Healing charms to Julie (GE)!

***Waving madly to VeronikaG*** Maybe you should send an e-mail to the host of the other forum. Or just hang more with us here.


VeronikaG - Jun 23, 2007 3:29 pm (#2461 of 2988)

Hi Lina! Happy Michaela's birthday!

And happy birthday Rockhead!


Solitaire - Jun 23, 2007 5:15 pm (#2462 of 2988)

Veronika, could anyone else have figured out your password and logged in as you? If so, it's probably someone else who was banned under his or her own name. The site webmaster probably has access to login ISPs and can figure out if this is what has happened. I would send an email and see if you can find out something.



boop - Jun 23, 2007 5:28 pm (#2463 of 2988)

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Birthday wishes to all apply.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Welcome Back old forum members you have been missed!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

hugs always



legolas returns - Jun 23, 2007 5:42 pm (#2464 of 2988)

Just got back from the ball. Could not believe the price of a drink and mixer roughly $8/£4. Ball was really good apart from that. The food was good and so were the songs.

Got to zzzzzzzzz


Holly T. - Jun 23, 2007 6:46 pm (#2465 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Mihaela and Rockhead! (and to anyone else I missed)

Healing charms to all who need them!

Hugs to Veronika! I hope you find out what happened.

My son asked me to download some "classic rock" for him to play his drums to. So now he is upstairs rocking to Def Leppard, Van Halen, and Bon Jovi.

The Bon Jovi is giving me flashbacks to my freshman year at college, when the top albums in the dorm were Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" and Amy Grant's "The Collection." I went to a Baptist university, which explains the Amy Grant, and it was a girls' dorm, which explains the Bon Jovi.

Drying charms to your house Snuffles!


Puck - Jun 23, 2007 7:38 pm (#2466 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Rockhead!

Well, the recital went well, and then we had a lovely afternoon outside playing with the neighborhood kids.

This evening, however, was horrible! Diva was dancing to High School Musical when she slipped and banged her head on the coffee table. I went to hug her, and saw BLOOD. I had her lie on the couch with an old t-shirt on her head, then ran to get Mr. Puck, who was cutting the grass. Sent the other two kids to the neighbors' house, so Daddy could drive while Mommy held the compress on Diva's bleeding head. (Mr. Puck is wonderfully calm in a crisis, so he was needed to drive. He doesn't handle needles well, so I was needed to hold the child when she got her stitches.) In the end, she has 5 stitches on her forehead above the right eye. It is so hard to sit while your baby is crying while they sew her up. I helped hold her hair out of the doctor's way, so I got to watch the whole thing while doing my best to keep her calm. She's doing better. Toddler Puck was saying "Yaya, boo-boo, **insert kiss **"

I just scrubbed my off-white couch. It no longer looks like it's part of a crime scene.

I think I need to go to bed.



Holly T. - Jun 23, 2007 7:58 pm (#2467 of 2988)

Oh! Hugs to Kathy and healing charms to Diva! Poor thing. Foreheads bleed like the dickens too. At least she waited until after her recital.

My kids are being really quiet. Dare I hope that they went to bed without me telling them to? At least they quit fighting--they have been at each other's throats all day. They didn't see each other all week--I guess they missed each other. I sent them both to their rooms about an hour ago.


Tazzygirl - Jun 23, 2007 8:02 pm (#2468 of 2988)

I must have missed Snuffles' post when I was reading this morning. Sending lots of **drying charms** your way!

Choices: That was Chemyst that posted that, Tazzy. It was an awful thing - healing charms to that poor woman.

Oops! Sorry!

I'd be sending an email too, Veronika!

Puck- **healing charms** to Diva! Ouch!!!

Sounds like a bad day for many of us. Not really for me, just had to serve really annoying people all day ("Can you put $2.30 on my credit card, and the remainder *$1.33* will be paid in cash?" He tried handing me a $20 too... grrrr.)

I bought The Queen yesterday. Thinking I might pop some popcorn and watch it now. Or maybe go for a walk. I don't know. Walk now or later?



Lavandula - Jun 23, 2007 8:21 pm (#2469 of 2988)

Tazzy- OOOHHH The Queen. I loved it. Can I come over and watch it with you? It would only take me about 2 hours to the airport, 10 or so hours flight time plus extras...I'll be there Monday...wait for me. I want to catch all those little lines and facial expressions I missed the first time.

About the kittens, I'm still going to call the boy Neville because he lacks confidence and the girl Griffyndor due to her never ending bravery. My family can call them what they want.

I think my family is getting a bit overwhelmed with my HP fascination lately. Every name or event has some tie-in which I mention. It is only bound to get worse over the next couple of weeks.

Scourgify to your mess Snuffles! I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you and your family.

My house is way too quiet right now. Little guy is asleep and no daughter to fuss about. Time to read I guess.

Goodnight to all!!



Viola Intonada - Jun 23, 2007 8:45 pm (#2470 of 2988)

Ahh! For shame!!!! I forgot all about the Knight Bus coming to Cleveland today. We wouldn't have been able to make it anyway due to a very long swim meet this morning that went into the afternoon. *Goes off kicking herself*

Holly, when my two become that quiet after fighting all day, I go check on them with telephone in hand, just in case they have maimed each other to the point of unconsciousness.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042


Tazzygirl - Jun 23, 2007 8:52 pm (#2471 of 2988)

Lavandula: Tazzy- OOOHHH The Queen. I loved it. Can I come over and watch it with you? It would only take me about 2 hours to the airport, 10 or so hours flight time plus extras...I'll be there Monday...wait for me. I want to catch all those little lines and facial expressions I missed the first time.

Sure! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump! I've never seen The Queen, but as it got tons of awards, and was reasonably priced, I couldn't pass it up. Oh, I meant to say a long time ago, but that's so cool you saw the Space Station! I wanna see it!

I decided to read for a little bit (waiting for dusk to hit, as that is my favorite time to go walking), go for my walk, and then come home and watch the movie. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be hiking up Diamond Head. I've lived at the base of it for 4 years, and I have yet to climb to the top. So, if I do finally get to do it, I'll post some pictures!



Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 23, 2007 9:28 pm (#2472 of 2988)

Praise be its Saturday and I can rest I am overly weary this week. I had a Fibromyalgia relapse again on Tuesday and have been ill for much of the last week. I wish I had a good healer I could with a remedy for sore wrists, hands, and ankles.


Lina - Jun 24, 2007 12:11 am (#2473 of 2988)

Healing charms to Diva and Nathan! I hope both will be feeling much better soon!


Wendy F. - Jun 24, 2007 3:17 am (#2474 of 2988)

Thanks for the welcome, Maria!

I agree - let's feed that hacker to Fluffy (even if he didn't really hack in... Wink

That poor woman who got branded with the word "snitch" - how horrible!! I'm sure the attackers meant it as being equal to a tattle-tale and it had nothing to do with HP - but it's still horrible. *shudders at the thought*

I hope momma dog and the remaining puppies will be okay!

How are your brother's re-attached fingers coming along, Poppy? My grandfather cut off the end of his left thumb but this was so long ago that they didn't even try to reattach it. It always looked a bit funny being shorter than normal, but it gave him extra character. Wink

Leaky plumbing - not fun! We just bought our house in November, and already had to have the plumbers out twice - and we should probably get them out a third time. Thank goodness for insurance. Instead of the Leaky Cauldron, I've got the Leaky Sink here.

Naming cars - not since my grandmother had a little blue Corvette we named Judy, back when I was about 5 or 6. No idea why - but years later, after we moved to another town (I was 10 by then), my first (and best) friend was named Judy...

I'm sorry to have missed answering so many posts - when I came in here at 2 a.m. there were 104 new posts waiting in this thread alone! It's now 3:17 a.m. and I think I best get to bed. Smile


azi - Jun 24, 2007 4:47 am (#2475 of 2988)

Healing charms to Diva and Nathan!

Did I give healing charms to your brother, Madame Poppy? I think I'd better just in case I didn't!

£4 for a mixer drink? Ouch! It wasn't that expensive in Copenhagen!

wOOt, I finally worked out how to make Excel work!

**runs off to work...project in tomorrow**


Steve Newton - Jun 24, 2007 5:19 am (#2476 of 2988)

Well, I'm of to DC to the American Library Association annual meeting. Not to sound overly professional but I am going for the exhibits and to participate in the precision book cart drill team competition. The Delaware Diamonds are looking to bring back the gold.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 24, 2007 5:31 am (#2477 of 2988)

Veronika, I second... ah, fifth that . E-mail 'em and let them know!

I don't hate to get up early in the morning when I'm on holiday, I enjoy the peace while the rest of the family sleeps, but I rarely manage to do it.

I love getting up early too, especially in the summer, but when Peter is making trouble for me that early, and I know I'm going to be alone for two or three hours, it's a little depressing. It can also be depressing when I want to sleep in, and I can't because my body is USED to getting up early. But there you go...

Puck, (((hugs))) on the blood-n-gore stuff. It's easier getting stitches yourself rather than having them stitch up one of your kids, isn't it? BTW, that Woolite Oxi-Deep stuff really is great for removing spots!

My kids are being really quiet. Dare I hope that they went to bed without me telling them to? At least they quit fighting--they have been at each other's throats all day. They didn't see each other all week--I guess they missed each other. I sent them both to their rooms about an hour ago.

Hang in there, Holly. There actually IS a light at the end of that tunnel! Recently, my 19-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son are actually starting to ENJOY each others' company. I've even seen them hug each other! And these two were at each others' throats just a few years ago.

Holly, when my two become that quiet after fighting all day, I go check on them with telephone in hand, just in case they have maimed each other to the point of unconsciousness.

*teehee* I've gotten to the point where I don't want to know. I just pretend I haven't noticed and enjoy the quiet...

Praise be its Saturday and I can rest I am overly weary this week. I had a Fibromyalgia relapse again on Tuesday and have been ill for much of the last week. I wish I had a good healer I could with a remedy for sore wrists, hands, and ankles.

Nathan! I didn't know you had Fibro, too! Stinks, doesn't it?

Leaky plumbing - not fun! We just bought our house in November, and already had to have the plumbers out twice - and we should probably get them out a third time. Thank goodness for insurance. Instead of the Leaky Cauldron, I've got the Leaky Sink here.

Drying Charms, Wendy! Maybe third time's the charm?

wOOt, I finally worked out how to make Excel work!

Congrats! I still haven't figured it out.

Well, I'm of to DC to the American Library Association annual meeting. Not to sound overly professional but I am going for the exhibits and to participate in the precision book cart drill team competition. The Delaware Diamonds are looking to bring back the gold.

Have a blast, Steve!

Well, I got a nice chunk of Chapter 15 done yesterday. I had such fun! I've spent all this time building up background about all these hidden resentments, and yesterday I got to have all my distinguished "adult" characters pointing fingers and yelling at each other. It'd be awful in real life, of course, but it's such fun when you're writing it! *evil laugh*


Chemyst - Jun 24, 2007 5:36 am (#2478 of 2988)

OK, Steve, I have to ask; exactly what is a precision book cart drill? Precision in re-shelving books? Precision in maneuvering the aisles? Are dummy wooden firearms involved?


Steve Newton - Jun 24, 2007 6:32 am (#2479 of 2988)

Well, its hard to describe. There are 2 styles, competition and street. We haven't learned street yet. We have learned a routine to a song from Moulin Rouge. I call it "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" but that is not the name on the disc. If you search for library drill teams on a video search engine, I recommend altavista, there are examples out there. Last years winner was Tulane in what was widely recognized as a pity vote. Katrina and all that.


Lina - Jun 24, 2007 7:58 am (#2480 of 2988)

Felix Felicis for the competition, Steve! And yay for your story, RPS! Hugs to Boop.


Eponine - Jun 24, 2007 8:15 am (#2481 of 2988)

Steve, I was reading about the book cart competition the other day at work. Do you know if they post videos anywhere?


Solitaire - Jun 24, 2007 10:34 am (#2482 of 2988)

Legolas, I can't even relate to that price for a drink! Am I correct in assuming the ball was for some charity event, and all of the proceeds (including those from the over-priced drinks) went toward said charity?

Healing Charms to Nathan and Diva ... and continued prayers and charms to Madame Poppy's brother.

About that "precision book cart drill team competition" ... In my mind's eye, rows of uniformed librarians are pushing book carts through maneuvers on a football field ... or down Main Street in a parade. (I'm not sure why, but something about this makes me think of the School Bus Rodeo. Hm ...) BTW, Steve, if someone shoots a video, please post it somewhere. I'd love to see this event! **trying to imagine Irma Pince in such a competition**



journeymom - Jun 24, 2007 10:34 am (#2483 of 2988)

Oh, my, 54 posts.

Happy Birthday, Olivia! Happy Birthday, Rockhead!

Happy Eighth Birthday, Mihaela! Lina, that's a heck of a cake! I'm impressed.

My son, Journeymom Jr, turned eight on June 21. He loves the fact that we celebrate the first day of summer on his birthday.

And, his cute friend (friend-who-is-a-girl-NOT-a-girlfriend) gave him a Cheeky Monkey Webkinz! And thanks to you folk, I knew what it was!

VeronikaG, good luck getting your forum issues cleared up. I had a whole long explanation, suggesting you have the web master at elfquest check what address those errant posts came from, but I see Solitaire beat me to it!

Ooooh, ouch! Healing charms to Diva!


Eponine - Jun 24, 2007 10:55 am (#2484 of 2988)

Soli, I'm pretty sure that's the idea. If you go to YouTube and search "book cart" it'll bring up a bunch of videos.


legolas returns - Jun 24, 2007 11:20 am (#2485 of 2988)

Solitare-It was a charity event but the bar proceeds did not go to charity-the proceeds were handed over to a couple of charities midway through the evening in a presentation cheque. I guess the price of the drink was inflated because it was a posh hotel-it was only a 25ml shot and that is the kind of price I would expect to pay in London and not in a Blackcountry backwater. The evening was very enjoyable without the alcohol-I caught up with lots of people I had not seen for ages and have arranged to meet up again soon.


Good Evans - Jun 24, 2007 12:40 pm (#2486 of 2988)

legolas, I'm glad you enjoyed your night out, I know what you mean, I have been to several events similar and I feel really reluctant to spend all night at the bar afterwards because it is so expensive - so I Sympathise!

What a weekend! not only has it rained but it has been so busy (continued drought charms to Snuffles).

Friday was my day off and I worked on my project all day - very tired and not finished by a long shot - but I shall plug on I have four weeks to complete. Saturday we were at the bluebell all day - a thomas the tank engine weekend. then we got home about 6pm and then had to get out again for a choral concert at 7.30.the concert was really good. It finished about 10.00 and it started to rain just as we walked back to the car, which was parked in a field, glad it wasn't today or it would have been water logged for sure.

today - had to be at church for 7.30. I was a sidesman for the 8.00 am service. no problem, we were sitting there when hubby leaned over and said - water is coming in..... I thought he meant there was a damp patch so I said - dont worry about it, next thing someone else has jumped up and is reappearing from the church room with a bucket - the leak is from the roof! trouble is that when a drip falls from a height it really sounds loud as it plonks in to the bucket! the poor vicar was so put off as he was trying to read the Gospel, that as soon as he was done, and started his sermon, I popped out and found a T-towel to put in the bottom of the bucket. it just about made the difference, so as i quietly make my way back to my seat, the vicar says loudly, mid sermon - thank you Julie. how embarrasing!!!!!!! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3906177977

now some of you may remember that when I did my first collection a few weeks ago, the collection purse had a hole and I was on the floor picking up the change that fell through.... well today I got my heel stuck between the edge of the floorboard!!!! I am simply not doing a collection any more, I had to take my shoe off to pull it out before I could carry on!!!!

Then when we got home I had two puddings to make and a picnic to pack, and we were back over at the church hall for our picnic at 12.00. PICNIC??? not likely in this weather so we just made do in the church hall instead of being in the garden!!

so home about 2pm, then we went and met some friends for a sauna / steam / jacuzzi and catch up drink, finally home and now able to get on the PC first time all weekend. I still feel a bit strange - thanks for the charms, but I think it will pass.

roll on next weekend!! and happy days to all......

Julie X


Tazzygirl - Jun 24, 2007 12:42 pm (#2487 of 2988)

...precision book cart drill team competition. The Delaware Diamonds are looking to bring back the gold.

When I first read this, I kind of laughed. Now I really need to go look up some videos, as the mental image is kind of funny. **thinking librarians on ice with book carts, skating around as if in the ice-capades(?)**

**drying charms** to your sink, Wendy! Hope the leak gets fixed soon!

**healing charms** to Nathan and anyone else in need!

**calm week charms** to JulieGE and JulieSnuffles, as well as **drying out charms** the entire rain-soaked area.

My aunt, uncle, and the kiddies went camping last night. Not at the beach, but at this club they belong to downtown. I didn't even know they owned a tent... They called me last night at about 10 saying they wouldn't be home, and if I could watch the dog.

I am now waiting for my friend to call me to say they were heading over so we could climb up Diamond Head. They are about 40 minutes late... grrrrr. I hate when people are late or cancel in the last second.

OH! The Queen was really good!

Have a great Sunday everyone!



Good Evans - Jun 24, 2007 12:43 pm (#2488 of 2988)

glad you enjoyed "the queen" Tazzy, I did too, must make memo to buy it on DVD!!!!


Mediwitch - Jun 24, 2007 2:09 pm (#2489 of 2988)

Oooh, lots of birthdays!

Happy Birthday 11to Denise's Rockhead, Olivia, Mihaela, and journeymom Jr.!

*sends many Reparo charms to Julie!*

Yikes, Kathy! *Healing Charms* for Diva and virtual hugs to all of you! I was with friends in a restaurant a few weeks ago when a little boy did the same thing - he only got glued though, so it wasn't as bad as Diva's.

*Healing Charms* for Nathan, too. Hope you feel better.

Have fun Steve! Good luck on that competition!

I know I missed lots of posts, but sheesh, you all were chatty over the last two days. I peeked at the other threads and there's lots to catch up on there too! I went and got a pedicure yesterday while two of my friends had manicures, then we spent the rest of the day shopping before going off to a 25th wedding anniversary party for one of said friends. Busy day (but fun)!


Madam Pince - Jun 24, 2007 2:22 pm (#2490 of 2988)

Soli, regarding laminates vs. wood floors -- we have laminate just in a few accent areas. It looks very nice, exactly like hardwood. However, the "feel" is different; it is probably the "float" that Thom mentioned, but it just doesn't feel like a solid floor, if that makes any sense. Ours was installed five years ago, so maybe installations are better now, or maybe it depends on the product. Sadly, I couldn't tell you what brand ours is. The other thing about it -- the salesperson raved on and on about how "indestructible" it is. Well, not totally. It can get scratched and/or dented just like any other hard floor. It's not worse than wood, but I wouldn't say it's better either. But it's certainly cheaper! We put wood-looking linoleum throughout our cabin and it truly looks like wood -- we get comments all the time on how neat it was that we could salvage old wood to use for the cabin floors.

Madam Poppy, so sorry to hear about your brother's accident -- hope the surgeons were able to do the trick and he'll recover 100%.

Three Forum-kids birthdays -- Belated Happy Birthday to (Iain?) the Rockhead, to Mihaela, and to Olivia! Hope you all had wonderful days!

Denise, I've been meaning to ask you -- what do the initials in your second line stand for? It looks like a "6 degrees" progression, and the only thing I can think of for DLF is "Dear Little Friend" from the Narnia books...

Yard sales -- I've never had one, never been to one, and can't imagine doing it although I probably desperately need to have one because we have more junk than should be allowed. I can't bear to throw stuff in the trash if it's still "good." I'm such a packrat. I'm also like Viola -- I can't imagine getting everything all set up outside by 8:00 in the morning. And I agree with  on the haggling over a dime item -- I'd be likely to just say "Look, it's a dime. If you don't want to pay that, just leave it where it is." (There is no quicker way to get me to not budge on something than to ask for something unreasonable.)

Azi, love your avatar -- you look lovely and your housemate looks quite devilish and fun. What ever happened the night you had Moaning Myrtle crying outside your door?

Beyond thanking the Rotary Club and past members for supporting us and pointing them to the bar I have no idea what to say... Legolas, I would think that would be a-plenty. They will thank you!

Ohhhhh, poor Mr. and Mrs. Snuffles! Sympathy and drying charms to your bathroom and the downstairs ceiling!

Chemyst, wow on that "snitch" news story! Our nephew is an undercover police officer in a town next to Mesa, and he has said that they have such a serious gang problem there, but who would've thought gangsters would read Harry Potter?

Puck, so sorry to hear about Diva's crash with the coffee table! That must've been so hard on you, and her too, naturally! Hope she feels better soon. Lots of ice-cream treats for the both of you. Preferably chocolate...

And some healing charms sent Nathan's way, too -- hope you are soon feeling better!

***is cracking up laughing and picturing Steve Newton doing the "precision book cart drill team competition."*** Good luck, whatever it is, and thank you for the fun mental images!

We had Mr. P's family reunion yesterday. I made a triple recipe of my famous baked beans (auntie had asked for triple recipe since 90+ people were expected), and it looks like only about 10 people ate any of it. I put two huge containers in the freezer -- I don't know if it will freeze well but I guess I'll find out! It's actually almost sort of like chili, and I freeze my chili all the time, so it should be OK. I've also got leftover sauerkraut salad. Sigh... But the reunion was fun! There were three bushels of hard crabs and tons of wonderful food, and it was a beautiful sunny day with just enough breeze so that it wasn't too hot. We enjoyed the beautiful view across the water for the last time -- the cousin who owns the family home place is selling it to move to New Mexico to build an adobe house in the desert, after living on the water all his life. Everyone in the family thinks he's crazy. Oh well, it was a nice "farewell" send-off to the house and property. He is certain that new owners will tear down the old family home and build a McMansion on stilts that will cover all of the beautiful expansive lawn. Sigh...

I can't decide if I'm excited to finally know all the answers that we'll get in DH, or if I want to cry because it's ending. I'm starting to lean more towards the latter the closer it gets...


Denise P. - Jun 24, 2007 2:58 pm (#2491 of 2988)

DLF>DNF>DNS is something that a running group I know of uses as their logo

DLF (Dead Last Finish) is greater than DNF (Did Not Finish) which is always greater than DNS (Did Not Start)

A very nice thing to remember as you are out there on a course being passed left and right. It is kinda like the joke,  what do you call the person who graduates last in her class at medical school? Doctor.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 24, 2007 3:08 pm (#2492 of 2988)

Well, I just posted what is sort of the culmination of all my HP work on language symbolism. It's a new thread, "Runes and Symbolic Meanings in the books." It's kind of long, but it's the result of about 3 years of work, and believe me, it's as short as I can make it. (Oh, well!) Maybe it'll put a little fun into the last few weeks before the books come out. I hope some of you enjoy it!

And the rest of you will probably think I'm crazy!
Archivist’s note:  This is posted in the “The World and the Harry Potter Phenomenon” archived section.  


Solitaire - Jun 24, 2007 3:49 pm (#2493 of 2988)

the cousin who owns the family home place is selling it to move to New Mexico ... Everyone in the family thinks he's crazy.

I'm not a member of the family, but I agree with the family ... he's crazy! Then again, I am not a desert girl. Didn't anyone in the family want to buy the property ... and KEEP it in the family? Too bad ... it sounds lovely. Hard crabs ... hard-shell crabs? Any certain kind (Dungeness, Blue, snow crab, etc.)? Do you cook them right on the beach? Just wondering ... I love crab meat.



Madam Pince - Jun 24, 2007 4:14 pm (#2494 of 2988)

Everyone in the family wants to buy the property. Problem is, he is asking $2 million for it. (He bought it from an elderly aunt on her deathbed 20 years ago for $100,000) We just don't have that kind of pocket change. So it will go to some multi-millionaire from some big city who will tear the house down and then build a new house and probably use it for a weekend get-away. Sigh...

They're blue crabs. I think. Anyway, they're blue before you cook them! Deeee-licious!


Puck - Jun 24, 2007 4:28 pm (#2495 of 2988)

Healing charms to Nathan.

Diva is bouncing around in good spirits. I saw my babysitter with her family in church and told them about it. Later, she came to the house with brownies to make her feel better. She's such a sweetie!

Sitter's Mom is organizing a neighborhood weekly wiffle ball game for the Moms. I asked for the "no cameras" rule. I guess we'll be remember those letters from Denise's tagline. (Did Not Win is greater than Did not play. )

Time to give baby a bath and put her to bed. I've been out most of the day, so I've done nothing around here.



painting sheila - Jun 24, 2007 5:30 pm (#2496 of 2988)

Ouch! Olivia!! I hope the head feels better soon.

Precision Book Cart Drill Team -  shouldn't the routine be done to Marian the Librarian from Music Man? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

I went to Mount Airy today to visit my dad since we didn't go last weekend. I came home to find a birthday cake and birthday presents on the table. (No one did anything on the 15th!) I guess my lecture about "Your Birthday Will Be Just Like My Birthday Until My Birthday Comes Around Again" worked!


Denise P. - Jun 24, 2007 6:13 pm (#2497 of 2988)

Who was it on here that had a program for their computer that allowed each child to have a password and a preset time limit? I would love to find the name of the program!


Viola Intonada - Jun 24, 2007 6:15 pm (#2498 of 2988)

Good Luck, Steve! Instead of "break a leg", should we say "break a wheel"?

Happy Birthday, again, Painting . Bet you were more surprised today than you would have been on your birthday.


painting sheila - Jun 24, 2007 6:20 pm (#2499 of 2988)

Denise P - That was me!!

We use Net Nanny. It has blocks you can use for content, words, etc., plus a program you can set where each person has a password and a time limit. It also has a "time of use" program. Our teenagers can only use their time on the computer between 7:00am and 9:00pm. If they need to be on after that they can ask us to log on and use our time. I love it!!!

I also have eblaster that sends a report to me by confidential email of all use on the computer. I get a readout of all sites, and what they typed while they were there. It is undetectable on the computer so they have no idea how to disable it - plus it is password protected in case they stumble across it.

The kids know these things are on the computer - so as they type and click away, they know we know where they have been.

Edit: Viola - I don't know how I feel about the belated birthday thing. I think it is out of guilt and fear for what their birthdays may (may not) be this year!


Steve Newton - Jun 24, 2007 6:31 pm (#2500 of 2988)

Well we're back from DC. After all of our work we won the Bronze cart. The winners were from Houston. By repute Texas is the most active state in book cart competition. Gettysburg College got the Silver. My son recorded us and some of another team. I think that it is planned to put it on the web somewhere but I don't know the details.

ALA puts on a pretty good convention. My wife and son went to the exhibitors hall and were pretty impressed. It had to be at least a couple of football fields long. We did see Avi doing a book signing but didn't have time to wait for a signature.

It was a beautiful day for a trip. The views from the bridges over the Susquehanna were spectacular each way. 95 south is a little busy for my current taste but the trip back north on 40 was quite nice.

We always stop at a restaurant in Edgewood on the way home. The Venetian Palace. Sort of a small step up from a diner but we like it.[/b]
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painting sheila - Jun 24, 2007 6:44 pm (#2501 of 2988)

Way to go Steve!! I youtubed "library drill cart" and enjoyed watching all the different teams. I will keep looking for you!!

I saw a commercial for the Wii OoP game - I can't wait to get it!! wOOt!! Levy-o-corpus!(said with a very American accent)

Edit: Steve - do you remember a tv show back when we were younger that would on occasion have ladies dressed like Vegas show girls and they would do sycnchronised routines with a camera over head. They would make patterns and it would look like a kaleidoscope moving around? That is what I kept thinking of when watching the drill teams. You all could dress in black with geometric patterns pieces out of cardboard on your arms and legs and backs and make patterns by coming together . . . .okay!! I will stop now!! It's the costumer in me coming out. (sorry)


Madam Pince - Jun 24, 2007 6:55 pm (#2502 of 2988)

I saw that commercial too, ! I thought it was so cute! That boy firing away a "Levicorpus!" on his buddy!

Denise, the tagline makes perfect sense -- and is a really good motivator, too!

Congratulations on the bronze medal, Steve! Woo-hoo!


Denise P. - Jun 24, 2007 7:12 pm (#2503 of 2988)

Thanks , I will have to check that out.


Solitaire - Jun 24, 2007 7:18 pm (#2504 of 2988)

LOL ! Maaaaaaa - rian ... Madam Libraaaaaaa - rian! is the perfect song!


painting sheila - Jun 24, 2007 7:20 pm (#2505 of 2988)

Way to go on your run Denise!! You only have 300 some odd miles to go. Very impressive!

Solitaire - Can't you just see it!! We could dress them all on early 1900's costumes. After that great number they could be tear away costumes with more Vegas styled clothes under and do some rip roaring number to blow them all away - could we find Marian in a dance remix?

Edit: Salazar is the wizard of the month. I don't know why that bothers me - but it does.


Solitaire - Jun 24, 2007 7:39 pm (#2506 of 2988)

After what I've seen today,  ... I'd say anything goes!

Edit: Perhaps it means we will actually see Salazar in DH ... either in person, in someone's Pensieve, or as a ghost. Personally, I'd love to meet the four founders in some form or other ... wouldn't you?



painting sheila - Jun 24, 2007 8:02 pm (#2507 of 2988)

OH! Yes!! I would love to see the founders. There is so much I want to see. I can't believe it's coming to a close. Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I keep wondering what she is going to show me that I haven't even thought of yet. Does that make sense? Every book shows me something of the magical world that blows my mind away! I can't imagine what is left!!

I still think the founders have portraits hanging some where.


Wendy F. - Jun 24, 2007 9:15 pm (#2508 of 2988)

Round pink spider - thank you! My only real worry with the plumbing right now is the funny "cracking" noises the floor makes under the bathtub - and the fact that if the water gets deep enough, it leaks around this big metal disc just under the faucet and then comes out through the fan over my laundry room. I just hope the bathtub doesn't end up in the laundry room too...

Kristina - thank you too! Our master bath sink was the first two calls to the plumber - it was leaking through the wall, across the ceiling, and dripping out over the back door. He had to makes holes in the walls under the sink, the ceiling below the sink inside the back door, and even drilled a hole in from the outside *above* the back door. Thankfully that leak is now fixed and so are the holes. Smile

Puck - I'm glad to hear that Diva is feeling better!

Painting  - I'm tempted to go buy a Wii just so I can play that game... Very Happy And yes, it seems to me that the Founders would have to have portraits somewhere - all of the past Headmasters/mistresses do, so it would make sense for them to be there too.

Solitaire - I'd love to meet the Four Founders some way! Even if it's a flashback told from the "narrator's POV", it would be fantastic to see a glimpse of what started all of this.

Ah well - time to get to work; can't put it off any longer (durn it). Smile


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 24, 2007 10:21 pm (#2509 of 2988)

Steve, bravo on your performance I am not surprised that chapter from Houston did as well as they given the massive library system and the amount of funding both public and private it recieves.


journeymom - Jun 25, 2007 12:09 am (#2510 of 2988)

Ugh! I cannot sleep! Mr Journeymom has to be at the airport at 4:30 am, so we're all tumbling out of bed at about 3:00 to take him. What a time to be sleepless. Dear husband is going with his choir to spend a week in New Orleans and surrounding areas (Houma?). They're touring with the United Nations childrens choir. It should be fun, and also very hard work. They're raising money for Habitat for Humanity, and last dh heard, they're going to spend a day helping to build a home.

Excellent job, Steve! How many teams were there?


Snuffles - Jun 25, 2007 12:51 am (#2511 of 2988)

Oh Kathy, **Healing charms** to Diva. I hope she is better soon.

Nathan, *healing charms* to you too.

Well done Steve. I will look on youtube and see what it is about.

Thank you on the drying charms. I think they must have worked. Once we got the bathroom floor mopped up, the leak into the kitchen only lasted about 10 minutes. Hubby was pleased that the hairline crack in the kitchen ceiling was already there, as it allowed the water to drip through and not build up!. Not entirely sure how the pump and hose got disconnected but we have replaced everything so *fingers crossed* and *touch wood* we have it sorted. Hubby is away until Wednesday now so I am still a bit nervous about switching the shower on, but he assures me it won't happen again

It is still raining here! I got soaked just getting from my car into the office. Why is it, when you put your umbrella away it is fine, but as soon as you need it, you find one of the metal prong things sticking out, which makes the umbrella turn inside out very, very easily .

We are going to Flamingo Land on Friday (a zoo and theme park), so I am hoping the rain has stopped!

Hope everyone has a good Monday



Steve Newton - Jun 25, 2007 1:42 am (#2512 of 2988)
Edited Jun 25, 2007 2:36 am

painting sheila , I think that you are remembering the June Taylor dancers on The Jackie Gleason Show. Yes, I watched it every week.

We have a pretty good video. Alas, the boss will have to check it out and decide where it is going and she is DC at ALA for most of the week. There were a couple of other people taking videos and I don't know what they were doing it for so one of them might show up before ours.

For some reason I woke up this morning about 4 and can't get back to sleep. Post game jitters I guess.

Edit. I just checked out the Washington Post and they have an article, Sunday's paper, about the ALA convention and a film about librarians in movies. Anyway, they link to a You Tube film called 'March of the Librarians.' Very good. If you don't like registering, I don't, you might try going to Google news Advanced Search and search for library while limiting results to the Washington Post.


Tazzygirl - Jun 25, 2007 1:44 am (#2513 of 2988)

I'm thinking it's just that time when there are water leaks everywhere... At work tonight, I was closing with one other girl, and she was in the back prep area washing dishes. She comes running out, saying there was a leak. One of the big pipes under the sink was gushing out water. The entire back area was completely covered in water. It finally stopped after about 5 minutes. Then the dishwasher started having problems and started leaking out the very bottom. This is the second time in a week that the dishwasher was leaking when the two of us have closed the cafe.

I looked up the Library cart drill team thing on Youtube. They were great!! Congrats on winning the bronze, Steve!

Journeymom- welcome to the world of not being able to sleep. I've had problems for a week or so now. Not sure why, but it's driving me crazy. I'm not stressed or anything. I just can't sleep.

**healing charms** going out to Diva and everyone else that may need them!

Have a good Monday, everyone! Off to bed I go!



journeymom - Jun 25, 2007 1:52 am (#2514 of 2988)

That's it. Steve, Kristina, we just had the longest day of the year, shortest night. It's a bit of sunlight induced mania. No wonder I can't sleep. This is ridiculous. It's now 1:54 a.m. and I need to get up in an hour and seven minutes. I guess I'm in this for the long haul, now. At this moment I'm very grateful to be a stay at home mom. Perhaps I'll steal a nap later.


Tazzygirl - Jun 25, 2007 1:54 am (#2515 of 2988)

Journeymom, we did? What time is it where you are? (hehe- it's almost six a.m. in New York... 11 pm here! )


EDIT: oooh!! **staying awake charms** to you, Journeymom! Hope you have a safe ride to and from the airport (safe flight charms to your hubby!), and I hope you get a nice nap!!


journeymom - Jun 25, 2007 1:57 am (#2516 of 2988)

Kristina, Thursday, June 21 was Summer Solstice, longest day of the year. See my edited post, above!


Tazzygirl - Jun 25, 2007 1:59 am (#2517 of 2988)

I saw it! Is it bad that I didn't even notice the 21st was Summer Solstice?



azi - Jun 25, 2007 2:22 am (#2518 of 2988)

Wow, lots of people are awake late! I haven't been to sleep this past night (and it's now 10 am) because I was finishing my project. Yes, I stayed up all night. I'm surprisingly awake.

I second you on the rain, Snuffles! Everything I had with me walking to uni is soaked, even my waterproof bag has leaked. My ongoing sketch of Spinner's End is ruined!

**reparo charms** to all leaky things...


Kip Carter - Jun 25, 2007 2:23 am (#2519 of 2988)

journeymom, I have changed your status to Moderated being that you no longer show an email address in your profile. It is absolutely necessary that all Participants have a current email address in their profile in case any of our Hosts need to contact you. You can make it private so that only the Hosts can view it if privacy is the problem.

You now need to send a new email to me at kipc@iglide.net of which I will send you a reply. Once you have provided a valid email address in your profile and I receive an email from you, I will change your status back to Participant. I am sorry that I have to do this; however it is necessary to keep communications working. I hope you understand.

I will also delete this post once everything is complete if you so desire. Please let me know in your email.

Added Edit: I will also release your post(s) that are held in the Moderated section when everything is complete.

Added Edit #2: If you wonder why I did this, please check the first message of the Philosophy of this Forum.

Added Edit #3: Being that journeymom was still on line, she quickly sent me an email and added her email to her profile (now private). I changed her status back to Participant, released her moderated posts, and replied to her email.

In her email, she suggested that I leave this post in place so that others could possibly avoid this action if their email address is missing from their profile or if their email address there is invalid. I applaud her for suggesting this.


Lavandula - Jun 25, 2007 5:14 am (#2520 of 2988)

Good Morning to Everyone!

It's my birthday today, so of course I plan on doing lots of laundry, all the ironing piled up for the last two weeks, and running to the DMV to get my license plates renewed. And of course I promised Little Guy I would take him to the pool today. What a busy one!

Journeymom- So sorry about your insomnia and then the forum snag. Hope your trip was safe and you get some sleep today.

I am also so excited that I can barely contain myself with our final release. But it will be such a lose when we don't have another one to look forward to and our heros finish their story. These characters are so real to me in my mind!!!! You're so right  about what might be in store for us that we never saw coming. What could it be?

Off to read the threads a bit before switching laundry.

Have a Great ROTD!



Good Evans - Jun 25, 2007 5:16 am (#2521 of 2988)

Happy Birthday – Cathy,  and your birthday is final wombat results day !!!! I hope JKR has a nice birthday pressie for you.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 25, 2007 5:46 am (#2522 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Cathy!

Dear husband is going with his choir to spend a week in New Orleans and surrounding area (Houma?).

About 20 minutes from me.

...toddles off to bed, it is 8 am and past my bedtime...


Madam Pince - Jun 25, 2007 6:22 am (#2523 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Lavandula! Many happy returns of the day! Enjoy relaxing by the pool!

Sorry for everyone's "leaky" problems! Hopefully they will all be sorted out soon, never to return!

I attended a military reunion with my aunt & uncle in New Orleans when I was a kid, and we took a day trip into Houma to tour the bayou. We saw tons of alligators and neat birds, and one of the guides showed me the head of a 'gator they'd had to kill because it was eating farmers' livestock -- the head was about 3 feet long and they said the 'gator had been about 15 feet long. Afterwards we had a cookout with real cajun food (not the ultra-spicy touristy stuff) like gumbo and jambalaya and bushel baskets of steamed shrimp. It is one of my "most treasured memories" days... Hope Mr. Journeymom enjoys his visit, and that you get some rest! (I often can't sleep right before I have to get up early -- I think it's that you're afraid you'll oversleep, and plus all the thoughts running through your mind "Did I remember to do this? and Did I forget to pack that?")

The Jackie Gleason Show. Yes, I watched it every week. LOL, Steve Newton! I can't remember the show, but my Mom says it was my favorite when I was a toddler/tyke. She said I would come running from any room in the house if I heard the theme song music.


Mediwitch - Jun 25, 2007 6:24 am (#2524 of 2988)

Way to go, Steve!

Happy Birthday 11to Lavandula!

*sends sleeping charms to Forum Insomniacs Anonymous*


painting sheila - Jun 25, 2007 7:38 am (#2525 of 2988)

For all those who had trouble sleeping last night - my sympathies and a Pepsi. Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Happy Happy Birthday Lavandula dear! Happy days will come to you all yaer. If I had a wish then it would be, a happy, happy birthday to you from me! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I think I missed a lot of birthdays last week - Mihaela, Rockhead, and Olivia!! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Holly T. - Jun 25, 2007 7:47 am (#2526 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Lavandula!

Steve, congrats on the book cart success! I've been to the Texas Library Association meeting as an exhibitor many times--it is supposed to be the biggest in the country, second only to the national one. I know the exhibit hall is big.

My kids didn't fight as much on Sunday. This week my daughter is at day camp near my work. Son will be home for two days until he and dh leave for Cub Scout camp. I have hired daughter's friends to babysit him--one today and another one tomorrow. Hopefully he will behave for them since they are not his sister. The one who is sitting today plays drums in the school band so the first thing son put on his schedule for the day was "play drums." Next is "play Bionicles." Third is to have her help sort his Legos for his planned Lego model of Camp Half-Blood. I don't know if she realizes he has a schedule. Her mom is going to bring them lunch (and check up on them).

Yesterday I logged on to check daughter's computer use and she'd changed her password. I went in (since I set up her account) and changed it again, then put more parental controls on her access to websites, then changed son's password since I found out she'd been logging on to his account. Once she finds out that I did this, I expect a big blow up. We don't have Net Nanny, but I have access to everyone's user account on both our computers (the kids can't even log on to the downstairs one) and I check up on them. Even dh's account, because daughter used to use his account when she was restricted from using hers (I found out she was doing this when she e-mailed her friend about it). I changed his password. She's not going anywhere inappropriate, she's just wasting time when she's not supposed to be on the computer, then she sneaks on. I have more of a problem with the sneaking, changing her password without telling me, and using other people's accounts, than I really do with the web sites.

My voice mail light has been blinking since I got to work. I guess I should check it.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Madam Pince - Jun 25, 2007 8:04 am (#2527 of 2988)

***bat-bogey shield charms*** to Holly... think you might be needing them... daughter may be slinging a few your way! But good for you being the responsible mom! I agree with you about the sneaking; I keep trying to drill into Little P's head about trust, trust, trust -- tell me anything as long as you tell me the truth, and I'll do the same. Cheers to Holly!

I am quite annoyed. Car repair place just called while doing my tune-up and said one tire has to be replaced because car was out of alignment and it chewed up the tire, which only has half of its warranty used up. No warranty effect, though, because of the alignment. My issue is that I had to go back twice last time to get the shop to do the alignment, they said they did it, and I would swear that I have not hit any curbs or big potholes or anything since then, so why is it out of alignment? Grrrrr.... I was wanting to buy a digital camera, not a new tire...


DJ Evans - Jun 25, 2007 8:32 am (#2528 of 2988)

~~~waves to everyone~~~ Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.

Azi...I agree with Madam Pince, I think your housemate looks quite the character & that he would be lots of fun to have around.

Gosh! Drying charms to all suffering from either too much rain or a water leak. You know sometimes this forum gets kinda frightening. I mean, one develops a problem with water leaking & before you know it, 2 or 3 others start having problems too. Hmmm? ((((looks around to see if an imp is hiding just waiting to cause problems))))

Quick healing charms sent to Olivia & a big 'ol serving of ice cream for being such a good patient. So sorry that you had to go through that Puck....I personally think you deserve two servings of ice cream for handling it as well as you did.

Madam Poppy...so sorry to hear of your brother's accident. May he have a speedy & complete recovery. Was it on the hand that he uses most?

Congrats to Steve & his team on doing as good as they did in the book cart drill competition. Way to go!

Mediwitch, the house is really coming along. Every time I see your avatar though, I can't help but picture a big ol' front porch with a couple of rockin' chairs & a porch swing...if not 2. Just perfect for sitting out there in the late afternoons (or early mornings) & enjoying the scenery.

Nathan, hope you are feeling better now? Sorry to read that you haven't been feeling up to par.

Not much going on around here. It seems about all we do is mow grass. I swear, you finish getting it all cut & within 2 days it is already looking like you haven't cut it in weeks. ***sigh***

Later, Deb


Mediwitch - Jun 25, 2007 8:45 am (#2529 of 2988)

Deb, I'm glad to hear that you can picture that porch, because that's the first thing we want to do after we move in! (Well, assuming we have any money left! ) They're supposed to be working on the mudroom this week. I don't really understand how they schedule things. They framed in the mudroom, then left that and started working on the stairs and foyer inside (it wasn't hot and it wasn't raining). Now it's supposed to get hot this week and they are going back outside to work on the mudroom, including roofing!  scratch

Madam Pince, what a bummer about the tire! That happened to me once, only I had a all-wheel drive car (Subaru Outback) so I had to replace all FOUR tires!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3181402168

Holly, good for you. *sends shield charms* You might want to borrow son's Silencio earplugs when you tell her!


painting sheila - Jun 25, 2007 9:02 am (#2530 of 2988)

Hang in there Holly!! The Internet is a scary place. (shudders)Not every place is as nice a family friendly like this place!

The rental car I have is a Chevy Trailblazer. Does anyone out there have one? There is a dial I can't figure out what it does and there is no owners manual in the glove box. It has 4 settings: 2(with an up arrow); auto; 4(with an up arrow); 4(with a down arrow).

Anyone have any idea what that means?

Nathan - How are you feeling today?

John Bumblebore - Did you see in the N and O that they are having a HP writing contest? In 77 words write what you think will happen to Harry. The winners get their book paid for. Are you going to enter?

Someone mentioned mowing the grass - Thanks for the reminder!! Oldest Son mows a yard for an elderly lady and since he is out of town for EFY gets who gets to mow the grass!! I had forgotten until you said something. Thanks again!


Kip Carter - Jun 25, 2007 9:45 am (#2531 of 2988)

I believe that the four settings deal with your four-wheel drive system. This is what Chevy says:

   A vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive temporarily transfers power to all four driving wheels automatically when the need is sensed by the vehicle. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive (4x4) can transfer power from two wheels to all four wheels upon driver demand, usually by pushing a button or turning a switch.

I hope this helps!


Thom Matheson - Jun 25, 2007 10:07 am (#2532 of 2988)

Kip is right. 2 up is rear wheel only. Auto is as Kip stated. 4 up is 4 high. Manual change for that. 4 down is 4 low as in bog mud or very deep snow. You should not drive in 4 low for any length of time. I have had 4X4's for over 15 years and have been in 4 low maybe twice. Use either 2 up or auto this time of year. Therre should be no need for 4 high or 4 low unless you are in the dunes or Baha.


Solitaire - Jun 25, 2007 10:43 am (#2533 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Lavandula ... my fellow Cancerian!

Journeymom, I am so sorry about your insomnia. I have had difficulty sleeping since 1990, when I moved back to my hometown. Before that, I never had a problem sleeping ... well, except during the months in 1985 (I think) when the Night Stalker was terrorizing Los Angeles and Orange County. As soon as he was caught, however, I fell back into my good sleeping habits. Still, since returning to Bakersfield, I've rarely had a decent night of sleep.

I've talked to the doctor about it, and he thinks it is stress, since my sleep patterns generally improve a little in summer. I haven't noticed a change yet, but that could be due to a couple of big stressors hanging over my head right now. Perhaps when they are resolved--as I hope happens in a few days--everything will settle down. I do not want to take anything, since I take enough meds for arthritis and diabetes. **sigh** Anyway, I hope you get a good nap and sleep soundly tonight!

Kudos to you, Holly, for being on top of your daughter's computer use. I wish some of my school parents were as diligent. I do know one parent--way back in 2000--had a program that told him (at work, mind you!) what his son was doing online at home ... word for word! If his son sent an email, he got a copy. If he IM'd a friend ... ditto. It also told him where the kid was going online. (Dear Son didn't know this.)

My students and those of an English teacher buddy in MT were doing an online collaborative project, and when the dad handed me printouts of what was being exchanged between his son and the partner up in MT, I about flipped! My student was barred from the computer lab at school (by his dad) and his own computer use at home. The student on the other end--due to receive an award that year--lost his award, because he was "misbehaving" on the school computers! We would never have known what was happening off campus (on campus, it was monitored) had it not been for that dad.

Madam Pince, I would pull out my receipts for car service and see if those alignments were indeed done. If you have taken your car in regularly for service, tire rotation, and balancing (which they should do, if they are rotating the tires), there should be a record of its having been done on your receipts. If they did not do it, then they are liable for the bad tire.

Grass-shrinking charms to YOU, !



Snuffles - Jun 25, 2007 11:36 am (#2534 of 2988)

Happy birthday Lavandula. I hope you have a wonderful day

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934 Please send lots of drying charms my way. We are nearly flooded. I had to leave work today at 3pm and it took me over an hour to get home (8 miles). The whole of the city is nearly underwater. The motorway out of the city is shut so no one can get in and no one can get out. A man in his 20's died today after getting trapped in a drain. He was trying to unblock it but got stuck. The water came so quickly he drowned before the Fire service could free him.

I am so lost at the moment. Olivia went to grandma and grandad's for the day when I went to work, and the village they live in is cut off and they cannot get her home. They have had to move upstairs as the water is now entering ground level.

All of the houses opposite me are completely ruined downstairs, and I have 2 sand bags in the kitchen just waiting incase the water gets any higher around my door step!

There is going to be alot of insurance claims in this area. I just hope I'm not one of them.



Good Evans - Jun 25, 2007 11:42 am (#2535 of 2988)

crumbs, Julie, all best wishes and the biggest drying out charms, the sun has come out down south! sunny  sunny  hopefully we are ok from flooding (fingers crossed)


Wendy F. - Jun 25, 2007 11:48 am (#2536 of 2988)

Wow Julie - I'm sorry to hear that! I hope your daughter and the family are all okay. Too bad you can't use "wingardium leviosa" to keep your house above the water! Stay dry - and safe.


Chemyst - Jun 25, 2007 11:54 am (#2537 of 2988)
Edited Jun 25, 2007 12:39 pm

Water leak stories? How timely! If  had wanted to drive across my yard this past weekend, she may have needed 4 low. Our supply line developed at least three, possibly more, leaks and all 380 feet had to be replaced. We are in the middle of what is being classified as "extreme drought" with a burning ban even on campfires. (Usually small campfires are exempted.) So the half inch of standing water at the base of the slope wasn't a good sign, but it did let us realize something was wrong sooner. It is all fixed as of this morning, but I have bulldozer scars across the lawn.

I hope your sand bags hold snuffles; I would gladly send you our drought if I could.

I have seen the youtube videos of of several library cart drill teams now and…  May I give an honest opinion? It was a lot like watching a stranger's ordinary kid at a recital. You could tell the participants were having fun, but I was glad I don't have a hard bleacher seat at my computer. On the other hand, I think the "sport" shows promise in a Cirque du Soleil sort of way. Maybe if you add some tumbling dives over passing carts? I didn't see Steve's team though and I'm sure his was much, much better!


Mediwitch - Jun 25, 2007 11:56 am (#2538 of 2988)

Oh, Julie! Drought charms to you and your whole area. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go out in the floods unless you are directed to evacuate! I know how hard it must be for you with Olivia away from you but floods are SO dangerous. Please be careful!


geauxtigers - Jun 25, 2007 12:13 pm (#2539 of 2988)

Hey people! Its been a while, I've been doing a lot this summer! Not going to lie, I haven't read all the posts, wayyy too many!

I did see Julie's picture! Woah, Be careful and I hope everything dries out soon!

Its raining here too, but we need the rain so.

Off to read some more, I was just popping in!


painting sheila - Jun 25, 2007 12:14 pm (#2540 of 2988)

Julie-- Be careful!!! Olivia will be fine I am sure. Can you call and check on her? I was just thinking today how some parts of our city get rain and some don't. As I was mowing the grass at a house about 10 miles away, the yard was so dry, I kept kicking up dirt with the mower. But our house has has lots of rain and the garden is doing great. Weather patterns are crazy! Please keep us informed about how things are going. Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Thanks for the help on the dial on the car. Oldest Son said it was for 4 wheel drive - but I didn't believe him! How did he know that? Is it a gene thing?


Holly T. - Jun 25, 2007 12:18 pm (#2541 of 2988)

(((Julie))) Stay safe!

Chemyst--we've been in a drought for two years and so far this year we have had more rain than all of last year--after this week we might have more rain total than in an average year.

I hope we don't end up with flooding like Snuffles is having. We do live uphill from a creek but there is a lot of greenbelt and neighbors' yards between the creek and our house. At our old house the easiest way to get there was over a low-water crossing (same creek, different part of town), which has now been replaced by a bridge, but when we lived there we had to assume that the road would be closed after a lot of rain.

*wondering again how the same weather system can sit over England and Texas at the same time* ;-)

Daughter's computer use--she had her e-mail set to stay signed in, with it prompting for a password every two weeks, so it may be a while before she realizes the extent to which I have adjusted her access. Unless she tries to go somewhere I don't want her to, or tries to log on as her brother.


Elanor - Jun 25, 2007 12:21 pm (#2542 of 2988)

Lots of drying charms sent your way Julie/Snuffles! And I second Mediwitch's advices, please be careful

A very happy birthday to you Lavandula!

And a good and safe day/night to all!



painting sheila - Jun 25, 2007 12:25 pm (#2543 of 2988)

Holly T - get eblaster and net nanny. You then will get an email to all of their use - plus prompts like Solitaire was talking about. Even if the kids change their passwords - I get them in the email.

I tried to look for 1980's music videos the other night to show my daughter what they looked like "way back then" and was blocked because of "content". It made me happy!! It gave me the option to unblock it with the right password so I could look at them right here with her - but knew she was safe after I had put them blocks back in place. That is what it all comes down to - their safety.


Madam Pince - Jun 25, 2007 12:54 pm (#2544 of 2988)

How did he know that? Is it a gene thing?

LOL! I am convinced it is! Guys just know car things. I was on a Lost forum, and a poster knew the model and year of the ratty old Jeep that Jack was driving in the last episode. I typed "You're a guy, aren't you?" and he confirmed. That's the same gene thing that causes furniture salespersons to be convinced that women won't be driving pick-up trucks.

Snuffles, so sorry to hear about your flooding problems -- that sounds very scary! I'm sure Olivia will be fine where she is, though; take care and be cautious! ***drying charms!***

Mediwitch, my car is all-wheel drive, too, which is why it seems odd to me that only one tire seems to be affected (*see gene thing, above.) Mr. P said something about independent suspension or something. And Soli, I have the receipts that show that alignment and balancing and rotation was done (or at least I was charged for it), but they say it's possible that I hit a pothole or something the day after (or whenever) they did the work, which could've caused it to go out of alignment. Stinks, but there it is. Bleah.

Ah well, at least my road isn't flooded and nothing is leaking so far. We must look for our blessings where we can find them!


azi - Jun 25, 2007 12:55 pm (#2545 of 2988)

Eek, Julie! I was just wondering if you'd been hit. Couldn't tell on the news because they're focusing on Sheffield. I hope the water doesn't reach your house! I'm sure Olivia will be fine.

Flooding here isn't anywhere near as bad. Just blocked roads and overflowing drains. Flooding is the norm in York anyway! Am trying to phone home to check if my grandma and aunt are affected (they live in Sheffield) but the phone is always engaged. *sigh* Good news is that my boyfriend managed to get out of the flood gridlock he got caught in and is now safely back home.

Even better, it's finally stopped raining here. Never thought that would happen.

Happy birthday Lavandula.

I don't feel like getting my WOMBAT score. What is wrong with me?


Solitaire - Jun 25, 2007 12:59 pm (#2546 of 2988)

Ginny ... what are you doing to that poor cat in your avatar? It looks painful!


virginiaelizabeth  - Jun 25, 2007 1:05 pm (#2547 of 2988)

HAHA Soli, it's her swim suit and it's cute! :evilgrin:

Not much going on here at the moment, but as Tori said, we've been busy! Mostly just hanging out with friends and enjoying the wonderful summer weather! It's been hot,but very pretty outside.

Hope everyone is healthy and such, but healing charms to those who aren't!


Good Evans - Jun 25, 2007 1:07 pm (#2548 of 2988)

Glad to hear all is well with you Azi,I hope you can get through at home soon! My mum and dad are in lancs, but up on the moors, I doubt they are in any danger!!!!!

once you know that all are well - do go and get your wombat, we want to know!!!

Julie x


John Bumbledore - Jun 25, 2007 1:32 pm (#2549 of 2988)

[Voldemort with nose on WB 'wallpaper'] Well, so many nice, new avatars! First one is my try at a new avatar. In it Harry is seeing young Lilly (was it from the pensive visit of "Snapes worst memory?").

The next image is a clipping from a Warner Brothers wallpaper I downloaded from the WB site. Note that I have only selected, clipped and sized this for inclusion as a small (maybe not so samll) thumbnail here. The nose you see is clearly visible in the original wallpaper. I guess they forgot to apply the "CG" nose reduction. Doesn't it seem like everyone is having work done these days?

Happy belated birthday do Olivia (14), congratualtions to Kate(y) for As, to Veronika for B in Chemistry and also Happy belated birthday to Mihaela (Cool!

I had to use the [recent] button so I have yet to find out who this Rock Head is that also had a birthday... Happy Birthday to you, also!

Back to the other window to resume catching up...

Edited to add... Healing charms for fingers! You know who you are who need them.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Solitaire - Jun 25, 2007 1:41 pm (#2550 of 2988)

John, do you suppose Voldy actually gets his nose back in OotP? I can't remember whether or not that was mentioned in the book. I believe The Rockhead is one of Denise's kids.

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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

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azi - Jun 25, 2007 1:46 pm (#2551 of 2988)

My parents live on the edge of the moors too, but it didn't stop the roads becoming rivers. They're fine, although quite a few people at my mum's work are staying the night because the roads are closed so they're stranded. The phone was engaged because one of my mother's friends was in a state as her father's home was flooded for the first time since 1984. No idea on my grandma, I know my mum will forget to call. We've set a tentative date of Thursday for going home. Hopefully the rain will have gone by then! **hopes**

I decided to check WOMBATs, got E's for both.

Edit - John, are you serious that's young Lily? But...she's so ugly and geeky looking! (not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't see Lily as being a geek)


Good Evans - Jun 25, 2007 1:48 pm (#2552 of 2988)

well done Azi - I've just been on the weather forecast, it is starting to look much drier over the next few days - phew!!!

nice avatar/ pictures John!!


Nathan Zimmermann - Jun 25, 2007 1:56 pm (#2553 of 2988)

I am doing slightly better, I am slowly working on getting caught up on the work that I fell behind on last week.


legolas returns - Jun 25, 2007 1:56 pm (#2554 of 2988)

Its not stopped raining here for weeks. I bet the weather controllor is up there looking down on us and doing that steeple pondering thing with his hands and going "Ah Birmingham -what weather shall we have today? I know they would love another day of rain! They will get upset if I dont make it rain. The poor wee souls will not know if they are coming or going!" One day last week all the trains were suspended due to the rain. The bad flooding was a couple of miles from my house. Today there were lots of cancellations on the way home and loads of delays. I am just sick of the rain.

I go on holiday on Wednesday and have been checking out the weather where I am going and its got lots of lovely big suns on the map and nice warm. I cant wait.

Happy birthday to Lavundulla and sleeping/relaxation charms to Solitare.


Solitaire - Jun 25, 2007 2:21 pm (#2555 of 2988)

Gosh, I get crabby over the heat. I am now thankful that heat is all I have to worry about here in central CA. At least I can escape it by going into an a/c house or diving into a cool pool--and it NEVER interferes with driving anywhere. My prayers for a speedy end to the rains and a nice "California drought" for a few weeks! That should take care of things for a while!



Puck - Jun 25, 2007 2:22 pm (#2556 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Cathy!

Drying charms to those who need them.

Diva is doing well. It was difficult today, as we were at a party, and she had to keep dry among many children sliding and splashing. Plus, she had to keep a hat on to keep the sun off her wound. The doctor said staying out of the sun for (get this) a year(!) will minimize scaring. (Yep, it's summer and I'm not supposed to let the sun hit her face. ) Still, she managed to have fun with her friends.

I should go do some work. I got home a good 90 minutes later than I planned, and so have done nothing that I plan to do this afternoon. Still, the childran and I had a lovely time, and that's what summer is about. Bah! to laundry and vaccuuming!



John Bumbledore - Jun 25, 2007 2:45 pm (#2557 of 2988)

Drying out, Bubble head, and floating charms to our UK friends (and elsewhere if needed). I tried to send Gillyweed by owl post but it was returned as an invasive non-native species! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

So, I've caught up just in time to go home for the day.

Azi, about the picture of young Lilly, I am sure she looks much better than that blurry, low detail clipping I chop-shopped for an avatar. I simply used Windows Paing Brush so the quality suffers from the cheap tools and trying to get the memory size below 10 K.

I was only able to find The Pitt Crew video for the library book cart drill teams from 2007. I used "ALA bookcart" in Google video search. Oh just tried "book cart drill team" and found the APL video (Austin Public Library Book Cart Drill Team) **ROFL** at that!

Edit to add that this is my youngest son, James, in my avatar.

Healing charms for Diva, sorry I missed your post about the detail. I'll do a search now, well, when I get home or tomorrow when I return. Now I must drive home. Ta Ta all!

Another item just pop in my brain. Any UK members need a punt? LOL sorry, I am not laughing at the rain and flooding but at the difference in the words meaning on different sides of the Atlantic.

Sorry, I do hope all are safe from floods, drought, and injuries.

Bog to all who need.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Solitaire - Jun 25, 2007 2:55 pm (#2558 of 2988)

I was only able to find The Pitt Crew video

You mean Brad & Angelina participated, too? Wow! Who knew they were interested in library books? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042



Tazzygirl - Jun 25, 2007 3:05 pm (#2559 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Lavandula! If I had a House-elf, I'd send him to you so you wouldn't have to do laundry!

WOW Snuffles!! **drying charms** to you! I am sure Olivia is safe! (Drying charms also to Azi's area, as well as Legolas Returns' area!)

John- interesting that Voldy has a nose... I really hope they do not give that mistake in the movie!

Have to work the closing shift tonight, hopefully there will be no leaks or anything again.



Steve Newton - Jun 25, 2007 5:48 pm (#2560 of 2988)

JB, I am having the same problem. I'll have to think on how I did my search. I do recommend altavista video search though.


painting sheila - Jun 25, 2007 6:31 pm (#2561 of 2988)

Hi everyone!

I hope the rain has stopped. Maybe it's all a publicity stunt for the release of Evan Almighty. Just a thought (not a very good one - but still a thought and a painful stab at humor in the situation)


Viola Intonada - Jun 25, 2007 7:13 pm (#2562 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Lavandula!

To all Northeast Ohio people: The Plain Dealer is searching for the most HP obsessed fan in NE Ohio. Deadline is July 6.

Hope England dries out soon. We haven't had enough rain here, though we have a chance of rain tomorrow....

Congrats on the bronze, Steve!

I'm so happy, I have kept my straight EE average on the Wombats.


Madam Pince - Jun 25, 2007 8:28 pm (#2563 of 2988)

Poor little Diva Puck... I feel so sorry for her! Anti-scar and quick-healing wishes... It's so unfair that should happen while she's just enjoying the exuberance of life by dancing around being happy...

John, I think your pic of Voldy-with-a-nose looks WAY more evil and menacing than the "correct" movie version! (which just looks sort of silly, in my opinion...)


Lavandula - Jun 25, 2007 8:36 pm (#2564 of 2988)

Viola-Should we both enter? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

Thank you kindly for all the delightful birthday wishes and balloons. I am feeling so very special.

Well, some of the laundry and house work got done today. I did make it to the pool for about 2 1/2 hours before heading to piano lessons. The water was perfect for a hot day like today.

Little guy played an 8:00p.m. baseball game. The pitching was not up to par, so the game became ugly. Our guys were not in this game at all once we started to loose.

Accio sandbags, boats, and whatever else is needed to all our friends in the UK. Please be very careful with flood waters!!!!

Can't seem to think what else to say right now. Good evening to all.



Good Evans - Jun 25, 2007 11:58 pm (#2565 of 2988)

charms to Diva - she could end up with a Harry type scar? no perhaps not! The sun is (sort of shining) today - no wet stuff as yet, I hope the north is drying out and that Dam in Rotherham doesnt burst! Tsunami down the M1 does not sound a good prospect for anyone!!


Snuffles - Jun 26, 2007 12:34 am (#2566 of 2988)

Good morning all.

Thank you for all the drying charms. The road outside our house is now passable. The water has drained away. The poor people opposite still have a couple of feet of water in the drives, garden and houses! The houses on the other side of the road are lower down than us.

I tried to collect Olivia from my parents house this morning, but the road into one of the villages was completely blocked off with water. There was a car attempting to pass through, but the water was flowing right over the top of the bonnet (hood). I didn't attempt it and turned around and came home again. I rang mum and dad to tell them she will have to stay for another day. Mum sounded delighted to have her again thank goodness.

Glad you are safe azi. I hope everyone in your area is ok.

I will have to ring some of our work customers in the Sheffield area to see how they are.

Congrats to Hermione Lina on achieving an 'O' in her Wombat exam. The swot

Hope everyone has a safe Tuesday



legolas returns - Jun 26, 2007 3:15 am (#2567 of 2988)

I feel bad complaining about the constant rain. Parts of my city were flooded but nowhere near as bad as the pictures I am seeing on the news. Burst river banks-6 feet of water and the damage it causes. There are pictures of a damaged dam by a reservoir. I hope the north of England dries out quickly.

On a happier note I am officially on holiday. Yeah. I fly to France just before lunch tommorrow. I cant wait..


Puck - Jun 26, 2007 4:23 am (#2568 of 2988)

Have fun Legolas! See you when you Return.

LOL about Diva's scar, Julie. Yes, it is in the same place as Harry's, but it is a straight line and not a lightening bolt. If it had been I"d have to start calling her Harriet. (And thanks for making me smile about it. She has such a perfect little face, I was devastated by thought of it being marred.)

I'm sure Olivia will be good and spoiled when she arrives back home after an extended stay with the grandparents!

Off to pack hubby's lunch and try to squeeze in my Yoga before the Little People awaken.


Arrrrgggh! I just went to JKR's site, and it won't accept my code to get the W.OM.B.A.T. score.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 26, 2007 4:28 am (#2569 of 2988)

My goodness! Drying charms to England! And Legolas, congrats on the vacation. I get a vacation in a week!

Has anyone else in the US noticed our robins getting very cozy with people? So far this year, I've noticed two different pairs of robins that are deliberately building their nests in very close human range, and showing no distress that humans are within touching distance of their babies. In fact, the birds are coming within an arm's length of people, and just looking at them. One of these nests was built at waist height, right beside the path in a garden center (in a set of hanging garden supports). We had ring-side seats for seeing the eggs and fledglings, and the parents didn't seem much bothered by our gawking at them. I'm wondering if this is adaptive behavior, that maybe being right next to humans is safer than being farther away, since people don't disturb their babies?

My middle daughter is getting her new cochlear implant processor tuned today (adjusting it uniquely to her). Today or tomorrow, she'll have hearing on that side for the first time in years!

EDIT: I got an E on my WOMBAT. Hubby only got an A! Hmph, Lina got an O? That makes two of my friends that got Os. How embarrassing...


Good Evans - Jun 26, 2007 4:34 am (#2570 of 2988)

hearing charms to your daughter RPS!!

Kathy, you are as always, welcome! continued healing charms to Diva, she will be just fine!

I am sure Olivia is having a great time Julie, have you spoken with her on the phone? continued drying out charms to Yorkshire and the rest of the North!

sun has gone from the sky and clouds have appeared, hmmmmmm........


azi - Jun 26, 2007 5:42 am (#2571 of 2988)

I just read we have had one-sixth of the average annual rainfall in 12 hours. No wonder everywhere flooded! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934

Legolas - enjoy France! When I went on the BBC website it said that the rest of Europe was having a heatwave. Enjoy the sun!

RPS - my mother and grandma have always said that the robin is the friendliest of all birds. When they're gardening, the robins will come and keep you company etc. They do nest quite close to humans as well. Last year, some were nesting in a birdbox in a garden centre!

Hope everyone has a lovely day! I have no work to do! Freedom!


Puck - Jun 26, 2007 6:28 am (#2572 of 2988)

RPS, how exciting about the implant! Best of luck to your daughter!


painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 6:48 am (#2573 of 2988)

RPS - How wonderful!! Please keep us posted on how she reacts.

Nathan - Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

I am glad the rain has stooped for most of you. Still be careful - there may be flash floods that catch you off guard!

Scars - They have this new stuff in the stores that is supposed to help with scars. Mederma? I have also heard keeping polysporin on it helps the scar not show as much. If I were you I would write her favorite star from High School Musical and enclose a picture of her with her stitches and explain what happened. She may get a nice letter back!

Bug guy is out today. What a mess the house is! Oldest Daughter left her room in a MESS when she left for EFY! I just closed to door and told him not to bother. Of course me and Littlest Guy are still in our pj's. Oh well - we take the term "Lazy Days of Summer" literally.


Denise P. - Jun 26, 2007 7:05 am (#2574 of 2988)

Sheila, years ago my oldest went to EFY and loved it. She still talks about it. Funny, she left her room a mess as well! My 14 yr old is about to go out for YC in a few days, they get to do a 3 day hand cart trek in sorta period dress...lucky youth!

We are out the door to go run errands and do some stuff for the day.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 26, 2007 7:31 am (#2575 of 2988)

Bug guy is out today. What a mess the house is!

Isn't that the way it always is. Our house is always messy when the exterminator comes, too. I long since gave up on embarrassment for it, though -- ours is a really nice, friendly guy, and our kids all love him. They're always so happy to hear that "Jim from Terminex" is coming!

RPS - my mother and grandma have always said that the robin is the friendliest of all birds. When they're gardening, the robins will come and keep you company etc. They do nest quite close to humans as well. Last year, some were nesting in a birdbox in a garden centre!

Actually, azi, the European robin and the American robin are two different birds. The American robin is twice as big, with a dark head, and it's actually a thrush. They used to be quite a bit shyer about people. They've built their nests around houses for years, mostly because their natural nesting environment is in small trees on the edge of fields. That's a pretty good description of suburban America (except we keep our "fields" mowed ), so robins feel right at home. But I think maybe they're starting to get the idea that humans are (mostly) harmless , so they're starting to use us as protection from predators.

Emily's appointment went well this morning. She now has two processors, one on each side. The new one is set to a very quiet volume, to give her time to get used to sound on that side. She seems to be having a little trouble understanding us for the moment, probably because the new sound is distracting her. But she seems enchanted by hearing on both sides. Thanks for all the well-wishes!


Holly T. - Jun 26, 2007 7:37 am (#2576 of 2988)

Puck, my son gashed his head open when he was a toddler--he hit a chair while running at daycare--he has a scar in the middle of his forehead, "just like Harry Potter," he says, and bemoans the fact that it is much more interesting to have a scar from an evil curse than from hitting a chair. Anyway, three of his friends have scars in exactly the same place--one friend even busted his head the same day as my son, except he hit the edge of the fireplace at home. My friend whose daughter is now 15 got a gash on her head when she was 3 and had to have stitches and my friend said the doctor said as she grew the scar would move up toward her hairline, and it has. So Diva's scar may move as she grows. Otherwise I think there would be a lot more grown-ups with scars on their foreheads.

We have a 90 percent chance of rain again today and a flash flood watch.

RPS--hearing charms to your daughter! A girl down the street from us had cochlear implants done a few years ago. I remember this because my son managed to accidentally hit her on the head with a plastic baseball bat a few days after her surgery (causing no damage or injury, but he still shouldn't have been throwing a bat) and her younger sister almost beat up my son about it (my son was 5 and the girl's younger sister was 6 when this happened--they play nicely together now, but for about a year they had a bit of a feud going).

Happy vacation Legolas!

My co-workers have adjusted the thermostat because their offices were too warm. This means that my office is now freezing. We are no longer allowed to have space heaters. I need one of Hermione's portable fires.

Congrats on the WOMBAT results!


painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 8:14 am (#2577 of 2988)

Denise P - I am SO jealous of your son!! We did a trek about 4 years ago and my husband and I were Ma and Pa's. It was wonderful!! He will love it after it is all over. My only advice to him is to not ditch his "family" and push/pull when ever he can. We had one kid that decided he wanted visit some of his friends instead of helping us through a ton of mud. This was the first day and it was raining cats and dogs! I marched at triple speed and found him already in base camp under a tarp playing cards with a bunch of friends. I made him walk all the way back to our cart chewing him out the whole way. The booming thunder punctuated my tirade perfectly! He pushed every day after that and never complained once. He has turned out to be a nice kid and just went on the 50 miler with my husband and Oldest Son. (I am sure my tirade had nothing to do with him turning out okay - I just doubted for the longest time he would amount to anything!)

My oldest Daughter hit herself in the head with a baseball bat. She had to get stitches. It was just at her eye brow though so it is hidden pretty well. We teased her about it often! (still do)  How do you hit yourself with a bat?


azi - Jun 26, 2007 8:29 am (#2578 of 2988)

RPS - how did I not realise it would be a different species? I think the Internet world must have made me think the real world is smaller than it is. Do you still have a robin/Christmas connection in the USA then?

Just went to see the river level. It's higher than it was last week, but not as high as last winter. I'm getting annoyed with the BBC getting the names of places wrong. They just said that where I live is in South Yorkshire. Tsk!

I seem to remember people saying that the housemate in the photo looked fun to live with. He is at times, but mostly he drives me insane. He's just too loud.


painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 8:43 am (#2579 of 2988)

azi - As long as he cleans up after himself - take the loud. That is why we have ear plugs!

I got a text message from Oldest Daughter saying there is a young man there that she met at a dance here at home. She is not happy! He was a bit of a pest and I think she is afraid he is going to "stalk" her while they are at EFY. She doesn't see Oldest Son much - they aren't in the same group, but thinks he is having fun. As he left Oldest Son asked if there was a limit to how many girl's numbers he could come home with. I hope he was joking! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I REALLY need to get something done. I have been a slug all morning. I have the house to myself and I have been totally unproductive. (sigh) I love summer!Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Mediwitch - Jun 26, 2007 8:46 am (#2580 of 2988)

*Adds more drying charms*

Nathan, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Pop on over to the Trivia thread when you get a minute!

Puck, try Vitamin E cream and massage it into the wound at least once a day - the more pressure she can tolerate the better. My orthopedist who did my carpal tunnel surgery 7 years ago recommended it and it really worked. Rubbing hard also helps the internal scarring. Poor Diva!

w00t for RPS's daughter! It's really amazing, isn't it?


Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 9:05 am (#2581 of 2988)

I'm glad things are starting to show signs of drying out, for all those who've been deluged. **continued drying charms**

RPS, how exciting for your daughter! Keep us posted on how she is doing. I do not have any robins getting too close, but the blackbirds are absolutely brazen. One particularly nasty fellow keeps chasing my poor little Stoney when he goes outside to do his business ... and pecks him on the head! Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to get Stoney to go outside. (We have a HUGE old blackbird out at school, and he does the same sort of thing .. to kids!)

I have missed all the Wombats. Sad I guess I've always been a day late and a dollar short ... never seem to get to them in time.

Okay, color me stupid. What the heck are EFY and YC?

Sheila, don't worry about being a slug. It's good for the soul sometimes. I love being a slug.

About "the scar": Have you heard anything about Mederma? It's supposed to help fade scars. Like Mediwitch, I've also used vitamin E ... but I mix it with the sap from a fresh aloe vera. This works on a lot of things.

Continued healing charms to Nathan and everyone else who is ailing or on the mend!



painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 9:17 am (#2582 of 2988)

I had a catbird attack me once as I was coming out of Walmart. It had built a nest in one of the trees in the parking lot and didn't like anyone coming near it once it had laid eggs. I kept thinking of Alfred Hitchcocks movie THe Birds!! Yikes!! Just another reason not to go to Walmart!

Try squirting it with a squirt gun when it tries to peck Stoney. It will startle him but not hurt him.


Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 9:24 am (#2583 of 2988)

It does not usually attack when I am outside ... which makes it hard to do anything. I could hose him off, I suppose ... but poor Stoney would then be hosed, as well ... and he is kind of a "scaredy dog."



Catherine - Jun 26, 2007 9:48 am (#2584 of 2988)

I'm just popping in to say hello from London. Mr. Catherine and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. We just got back from a matinee showing of SpamALot, and I am still giggling like mad.

Hope everyone is well.



Round Pink Spider - Jun 26, 2007 9:52 am (#2585 of 2988)

RPS - how did I not realise it would be a different species? I think the Internet world must have made me think the real world is smaller than it is. Do you still have a robin/Christmas connection in the USA then?

No. American robins are migratory birds. No robins at Christmas. We do get to see cardinals in the snow, and they're very pretty. Instead, robins are a sign of spring for us. The males come back early, usually just about the time the snow is melting, to set up their territories before the females get there. When we see the robins, we know winter has just about finished. Seeing the first robin is quite an event around here, because our winters in Minnesota are 4 to 5 months long.

Is there a tradition of good luck seeing a robin at Christmas in England?

I do not have any robins getting too close, but the blackbirds are absolutely brazen. One particularly nasty fellow keeps chasing my poor little Stoney when he goes outside to do his business ... and pecks him on the head!

Do you mean red-winged blackbirds? Yes, those can be really nasty about their territories. There used to be one that pecked my husband while he was walking to work. He had to start wearing a hat!

EDIT: Solitaire, you might want to get one of those hose attachments that has a "jet" setting. It produces a hard, tight stream. Then you could "shoot" the bird without getting the dog.


azi - Jun 26, 2007 10:09 am (#2586 of 2988)

Cardinals are pretty! Robins just appear on Christmas cards or sometimes as decorations on a tree (not real ones!). I suppose they're so iconic because their red colouring stands out in the gloomy winter! One site says they started being put on cards because postmen wore bright red uniforms to deliver Christmas Cards and became known as 'robins'. The bird was a sort of tribute to them. I think my 'gloomy' theory is better.

I wish I'd seen Spamalot! *is jealous**


Madam Pince - Jun 26, 2007 10:16 am (#2587 of 2988)

Nasty old blackbirds -- they are awful. They hang out at our pool begging for crumbs and just generally being a nuisance. We had a robin family nest very near our driveway, at about head-height. She fussed at us whenever we went over to look at the babies, though. Which reminds me -- I need to go check out how Mama Killdeer and family are doing. We haven't been by there since tee-ball ended but I have to go near there today.

Glad the flooding seems to have abated for our English friends!

***waves the Queen-wave at Catherine*** Hope you're having fun! Don't mind us, we're not jealous! And Legolas -- have fun in France! Such exciting vacations everyone's having...

Woo-hoo, RPS, on the new implant for daughter! How wonderful.

I'm using Mederma right now on the scar on my arm where I had this little carcinoma-thingy removed a couple weeks ago. So far I don't notice much improvement, but to be fair, it does say that it takes about 8 weeks, and also you're supposed to apply it three times a day, and sometimes I do it... ummmmm... less than that.

I went to the bookstore and reserved my copy of DH today. (Not that I think I needed to, but still...) I got a nifty sticker that says "Snape is loyal."


Puck - Jun 26, 2007 10:18 am (#2588 of 2988)

So glad you're having fun, Catherine!

Thanks for the information about scars. I'm using an antibiotic ointment the hospital gave us for now. I won't start any massaging or other treatments until after the stiches come out. I guess if she's bothered by the appearance of the scar she can always wear bangs.

I got the kids' room cleaned this more. It took many threats, but it has a floor, and I found the baby's sandals which I've been looking for. I have to go do the bathrooms now, and the babe's room after her nap. We managed to get an hour or so outside, as well.



Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 10:33 am (#2589 of 2988)

We used to have kildeer around here. I rarely was aware of them until the babies began walking around. Then the mamas would create diversions if we got to close ... I just hope the cats haven't gotten them all.

I think the Mederma is for use after the wound has healed.

Catherine, I hope you have a ball I'm a little jealous (but not too much) ... I hope to get to England again someday ...



Jenniffler - Jun 26, 2007 11:33 am (#2590 of 2988)

Okay, color me stupid. What the heck are EFY and YC? –Solitaire

Don't panic, you aren't stupid. You are just not "in the loop!" EFY is Especially For Youth  - a conference/convention for LDS (more initials!) high-schoolers. It is sponsored by Brigham Young University.

YC is Youth Conference, similar but locally held by a group of teenagers from somewhere between 5-25 congregations.

As Denise P. and Painting Sheila  both have teens, I guess they are more apt to discuss the pains and joys of sending their young out into the world alone for a few days. I've chaperoned a couple of the Youth Conferences before. They are super fun, but now I've turned over all that supervising of youth in large groups to my husband-- He's been Bishop of our ward (local congregation) since March.


Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 11:41 am (#2591 of 2988)

Thanks, Jenniffler!


Snuffles - Jun 26, 2007 1:15 pm (#2592 of 2988)

Legolas, don't feel bad about complaining about the weather. It's what we are good at!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042   Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Hope everything is well with your daughters cochlear implant RPS. How wonderful that she will be able to hear so well.

Woo hoo. Welcome to our shores Catherine. Hope you are having a great time and enjoying yourself. Will you be queueing up for Wimbledon?

The water has disappeared from most of the roads now and Olivia made it home tonight She snuggled in bed and quickly fell asleep. There isn't anything like your own bed though



Puck - Jun 26, 2007 1:17 pm (#2593 of 2988)

Thanks from me, too. I would have asked if Soli hadn't beaten me to it.

And congrats to your husband on being made Bishop, Jenniffler!

Off to swim lessons. (Diva is quite happy to be sitting out.)


painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 1:21 pm (#2594 of 2988)

EFY, YC, LDS, RPS, LMNOP . . . . .


Elanor - Jun 26, 2007 1:33 pm (#2595 of 2988)

That's great news Julie/Snuffles!!! I've seen your region on TV and it does seem scary! **Sending more drying charms**

About scars... Come on guys!!!!!! My inner Hermione says: "Don't you ever listen to Snape?", remember: "There may be a certain amount of scarring, but if you take dittany immediately we might avoid even that" (Sectumsempra chapter) More seriously, sending many healing charms Diva's way! And BTW, Dittany is a plant native to Crete where its name means “love”... the best medicine ever, isn't it?

Madam Pince: "And Legolas -- have fun in France! Such exciting vacations everyone's having... "
Well, after almost 35 years spent here, I can say it's a nice place for sure but after some time, it's not that exciting anymore!

But bienvenue en France (welcome) Legolas, I do hope you have fun indeed! Weather is typical of November right now truth to be told (except near the Mediterranean coast), very cool (15°C/59°F here this afternoon) and sometimes rainy but forecast says that things should improve a bit, at least on Saturday. I hope they're right!

Please, forgive me for being silly but I've just graded a huge pile of reading tests just to come to the conclusion that the kids will have to take the last part of it again on Thursday... **crying, crying, crying**

Have a great day/night everybody!


Jenniffler - Jun 26, 2007 1:35 pm (#2596 of 2988)

Thank you, Puck. Yay for Diva staying dry.

You're welcome, Solitaire.

Sheila, I'm laughing at your alphabet soup, . I remember you've explained it all before, but it's been awhile.


Tazzygirl - Jun 26, 2007 1:50 pm (#2597 of 2988)

That's great news about your daughter, RPS!

For scars- I've been using Scarzone and scar guard. Scarzone is a cream that you massage into the scar area. It also has a bit of sunscreen in it and silicone. The scar guard is a little bit pricier. It's a silicone based liquid that you brush on. My doctor said that pretty much the best scar reducers are the ones that have silicone in it. My scars are somewhat gone, I started slacking off a couple weeks into it a year ago (from when I had back surgery.) The one ointment I didn't like was ScarGel. You were supposed to spray it on, but it was too thick to spray.

Sending more **drying charms** to England!

We don't have any robins or black birds or cardinals here. We do have an abundance of pidgeons (which I somewhat don't mind, as I never see them fly), mynah birds (black birds with yellow on the sides of their heads with an orange beak. Originally from India), 'stupid' pidgeon-looking things that like to not move when a car comes toward them, and some native birds that I can't remember their names.

I'm going to the pool today! Debating if I want to get dressed and head to a coffee shop to get a bagel and a chai latte. hmmm.

Beanie is doing much better, by the way! She's been wanting to play with her toys again, so the energy is back. My parents call her 'Frankendoggy' now (for Frankenstein had a lot of scars too!).

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Lina - Jun 26, 2007 3:02 pm (#2598 of 2988)

So many posts, I'm sure I'll miss somebody...

Belated happy birthday, Lavandula!

Congratulations Steve on the medal!

More drying charms to all that need them! Flood is not fun at all.

I was thinking about that WOMBAT results. At the first attempt of taking them, I got an O (really, very excited about it). Then I listened to some ideas from people that hate Snape and I took it another time and got EE. So, I think that it proves that Snape is on the good side.

I'm glad that your daughter will be able to listen to the stereo music soon, RPS! I hope she'll get adjusted to the new sounds in no time!

Apparently, Veronika had chicken pox lately. She had no temperature and I really thought these were mosquitos. Until I realized that she wasn't bitten at some areas that were much more available for mosquitos and was "bitten" at some areas under the pajamas. So, I guess she went to school with chicken pox and got even that B in Chemistry under the same circumstances. Oh, if only everybody could be ill like that!

Waving to everybody and sending healing and cheering charms where needed.


Mediwitch - Jun 26, 2007 3:13 pm (#2599 of 2988)

I wish I had a time-turner to send you, Elanor!

I'm glad Olivia made it home, Julie/Snuffles - it must have been wonderful to see her and give her a big hug!

Wow, Lina, Veronika should have chicken pox more often (no, not really)!

Ooh, Catherine! I hope you have a blast in England!! **Iamnot jealousIamnotjealous**


DJ Evans - Jun 26, 2007 3:20 pm (#2600 of 2988)

Good Day to all...hope its been a good one AND a drying one for those in need of some days with sunshine. So far we haven't had too much rain here, just looks like it is fixing to but no rain. A lot of hot muggy air around though.

Birds...last winter we had Robins all winter long, which is so not normal for here. It wasn't just one or two that stayed the winter but several of them. Weird...

My favorite bird story though involved my Grandmother. She was a big time gardener & loved getting out in the yard to mess around in her flower beds. She would walk up & down them, occasionally bending over to pull a weed or whatever. One day she was out doing this when she'd get a peck on her rear-end. Just as soon as she'd get pecked, she'd stand upright & look around, thinking it was one of us kids messing with her, but she wouldn't see anyone around. By the 2nd or 3rd time she was getting quite irate, let me tell you & she'd come in the house all upset & mad. Grandmother told my Mom & Dad that it had to be one of the kids doing it. And she would have kept on believing that till one day my Mom happen to be looking outside & saw what was actually happening to her. It seems that one of her flower beds was close to where a mother Mockingbird had her nest & every time Grandmother would bend over, she'd come flying down & peck her on the rear-end. heehee We still laugh about that to this day & Grandmother has been gone now for some 35 years.

Ooo, I saw a trailer for National Treasure: The Book of Secrets the other day. Looks pretty good to me. Can't wait till it comes out in December now.

Healing charms to Diva & anyone else needing them. Safe travels on your vacations Legolas & Catherine!

Great news on your daughter's im-plants!

Later, Deb
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:07 pm


Madam Pince - Jun 26, 2007 3:40 pm (#2601 of 2988)

DJ Evans, that is such a cute bird story! (And a cute grandma story, too! )

Welcome to all new Forumers, by the way! We look forward to hearing all your ideas!

We don't have any robins or black birds or cardinals here. –Tazzy

You did have at least one cardinal once, Tazzy, I saw it! Back in 1994 when my mother and I visited Hawaii, I was sooooo impressed with everything "nature" there, because it was like visiting a different planet from compared to Virginia. The trees were different, the flowers were different, the fruit was different, the fish were different, the birds were different, the mountains were different, heck, the rocks were even different! I was just in awe of everything -- constantly standing around staring with my jaw hanging open. Mongooses, of all things! And boy, here in Virginia we sure don't have any holes in the ground that have hot steam coming up out of them! But anyway, one day I was waiting for my mom to catch up as we were hiking to some waterfall (again, wow... on the waterfalls...) and all of a sudden I started yelling "Look, look, Mom, it's a cardinal!!!" (which normally would be like yelling "Look! Dirt!" or something...) I was so excited, because it was finally something I recognized!

I probably scared it to death with my yelling and thus killed the one and only cardinal in the whole state of Hawaii...

Alas, didn't have time today to run by and check out mama killdeer. Maybe tomorrow... Hope they're OK in this heat -- it is hot, hot, hot! It had to be in the 90's today. I put No. 45 sunscreen on and my legs still look a tad pink.

***Off to look for a National Treasure trailer...***


Lavandula - Jun 26, 2007 3:50 pm (#2602 of 2988)

Just popped to to say a quick "Hello" before I head out to calling hours for the mother of a co-worker.

Went to take Little Guy to the pool for the afternoon and found it CLOSED FOR TWO WEEKS!!!! It is 90 degrees this week and no way to cool off. Another mother suggested we find a pool elsewhere. Just returned from a great afternoon swimming. The other family even took my son for the evening, so now I can leave without worrying about waiting for Mr. L.

Thanks for the LMNOP help. I was wondering myself what all those initials were.

Congratulations on your O Lina!!Bravo to all the wonderful WOMBAT results. You are all such a brilliant bunch.

Must run off. Wish I could appirate (spelling?) there.



journeymom - Jun 26, 2007 4:51 pm (#2603 of 2988)

Snuffles, I'm glad things are getting back to normal at your house! Even if you were safe at home and Olivia was fine at the grandparents house, it still must have been a little nerve wracking to be apart!

How exciting, RPS, and good luck to your daughter!

RULDS2? (Actually, I'm not, but I had to add to the Soup.)

Audrey, why do the kids need to take the last part of the test again?


Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 6:09 pm (#2604 of 2988)

Elanor: after almost 35 years spent [in France], I can say it's a nice place for sure but after some time, it's not that exciting anymore!

I can see how you'd feel that way, particularly when you compare it to the exciting town of Bakersfield! **can actually feel Elanor laughing hysterically**

Welcome to the Forum, Paul Potter. Are you related to Harry, btw?

So, I guess she went to school with chicken pox . . .

Hopefully, the moms of the kids who get chicken pox won't figure out it was Veronika who "shared" it. I am so glad she had such a mild case. I had a horrible bout with them.

Hawaii has Mongooses, Madam Pince? I didn't know that.

Audrey, why do the kids need to take the last part of the test again?

I can't answer for Audrey, but sometimes I will have one class (out of four or five) who collectively misunderstand something on the test, and they all fail it. Occasionally, too, I will need to re-teach and re-test some particular standard or skill that the kids have not fully mastered. But she is in another country and teaches much younger kids than I, so these things may have nothing to do with her kids.



Ydnam96 - Jun 26, 2007 6:10 pm (#2605 of 2988)

I got an Exceeds Expectations! I was sure I'd get a P or a T!


painting sheila - Jun 26, 2007 6:23 pm (#2606 of 2988)
Edited Jun 26, 2007 6:59 pm

Yeah! Swim meet was cancelled about mid way through freestyle! It was thundering nicely - wOOt!!

I don't know why I am so excited. We have to go back tomorrow night and finish. (sigh)

Edit: Welcome Katherine Bullock and Paul Potter!! Can't wait to hear you views on . . . . well, everything! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Madam Pince - Jun 26, 2007 7:15 pm (#2607 of 2988)

Hawaii has Mongooses?

Yes, but actually, one less of those due to our visit, also. In my defense, the foolish thing actually committed suicide by running directly under my rental car tires. I felt horrible. Apparently there are bazillions of them there, though -- like we have squirrels here or whatever.


Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 7:38 pm (#2608 of 2988)

I think Katherine has already posted a theory on the Eileen Prince thread.

Madam Pince, I honestly thought mongooses were native to Asia and Africa. Too much Rikki-Tikki, I guess. Okay, I did look up their existence in HI and found that they were introduced there in about 1883, apparently to control the rat population on sugar plantations. Hm ...



Puck - Jun 26, 2007 8:08 pm (#2609 of 2988)

So glad Olivia has made it home to her own bed.

RULDS2 -okay, I don't know this one either.

Hot weather here, too. Poor air quality for tomorrow. Finally put the air on today. I can't let Diva run under the sprinkler, poor thing. Stitches come out on Friday, so you know it'll cool off once she's allowed to go swimming again.

My Mom hasn't called this week yet. Odd, as I left a message with my SIL who lives with her about Diva's accident. I expected her to call to check on her grandaughter.

Happy RotD!



Denise P. - Jun 26, 2007 8:21 pm (#2610 of 2988)

RULDS2....I had a t-shirt when I was younger with that. All my cousins and I wore them at a family reunion. RULDS2 = Are you LDS too?

You forgot to add RS, YM, YW, BYC, EQ.... Oh heck, my VT and HT were both here today as well but not at the same time. We got some yummy cinnamon muffins out of the deal.

I am finally going to preorder my book this week. I still have not gotten over the last book though. I should attempt a re-read again but I am not sure I am up to it.


Allison R - Jun 26, 2007 8:40 pm (#2611 of 2988)

I speak LDS-speak, too **waving hello** we are rather fond of our acronyms, aren't we LOL

I happened upon the forum about a week ago and am still working my way through the mountains of good stuff you folks have tucked away in here. You are a very prolific bunch!

Since this is the chat thread, I should probably introduce myself while I'm here... I'm from Utah and full-time mom to a scarily-smart 11-year old daughter, a special-needs 9-year old daughter, and a 13 year-old step-daughter for the summer. I'm the process of finishing a BA degree, but off for the summer to be a full-time mom until the kids are back in school in the fall, so I've been using the extra free time to re-read all the HP books in anticipation of both the book and the film. (My 11-year old and I started to read them together when she was in 2nd grade and we've both been hopelessly addicted ever since)

I'm embarrassingly excited for both the book and the movie and found out yesterday I scored an E on my WOMBAT (I didn't sit the other two... wish I had and hope I get the chance to in the future!)

Anyway, just wanted to poke my head in and say hello and that I look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming weeks and months!


Tazzygirl - Jun 26, 2007 10:44 pm (#2612 of 2988)

Welcome to the Forum, Paul Potter and Allison R.! Hope you enjoy it here as much as we do!

Soli- don't you remember my 'funny looking Squirrel' Story? (Incidentally, the mongoose is now the reason why the native birds are becoming endangered. )

Madam P- oops. We do have cardinals here, but they aren't that common. I think the only place we have them here is at the zoo, where they beg for food.

The pool was fun today- I managed to get only slightly burned. whoo-hoo! Beach day tomorrow. Hopefully the same thing happens.

Hope you are having fun in England, Catherine!

**safe traveling** charms to Legolas Returns and anyone else traveling!

Off to cook some dinner!



Solitaire - Jun 26, 2007 11:01 pm (#2613 of 2988)

LOL Tazzy. I don't suppose we have them here, except in zoos. I didn't realize meerkats were in the same "family" as mongooses.


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 26, 2007 11:08 pm (#2614 of 2988)

Timothy Spall is on the Late Night Ferguson show. You can see the Pettigrew in him.

We had a scaredy cat that never went outside but would sit in the window and lookout side. The blue jays love to tease him and dive bomb him in the window.

London! I am so jealous  - Catherine have long walk there for me.

They covered a story on that library conference last, week on NPR.

The triples are going to fourth grade this year where they will start band. With my son we did a rent-to-buy on his instrument but that was just too expensive to do for the girls.

We found a story in New York where we could afford to buy new instruments out right. Yikee! We bought 2 trumpets and a flute. Since the instruments arrived, it has been constant.

We've had one busted lip, a concert with a neighbor who brought her trumpet, my son lost his trumpet twice in one day. How I will survive I don't know.

I have notice more of our old friends are coming back. Welcome back Lauren, (Caput Draconis)


Puck - Jun 27, 2007 4:08 am (#2615 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius, I thought I heard some out-of-tune noise coming from the direction of Connecticut. My guess is the novelty will wear off soon, and you will spend the year cajoling them into practicing.

Kristina, my girls have these rash-guard tees from Landsend. They are swimsuits, but longsleeved and provide 40 SPF. Perhaps you should see if they have an adult version? You seem to burn easily, and that's not good when you live in Hawaii.



Good Evans - Jun 27, 2007 4:40 am (#2616 of 2988)

welcome to all the new forum members - so many new folk - I wonder if this rumour about a new book in july is true???

Catherine - glad you are enjoying London, I hope the weather stays dry :fingers crossed!). I haven't got to spamalot yet, hope to soon.

I'm in town on Thursday and Friday - maybe we will walk passed each other on the street!!! how weird would that be! I am in Kings cross area tomorrow and just of shaftesbury avenue on friday!!

anyway - have a great over the hump day (no one-eyed hags necessary ) everyone....


Elanor - Jun 27, 2007 5:48 am (#2617 of 2988)

Welcome to all the new forum members indeed!

Journeymom: "Audrey, why do the kids need to take the last part of the test again?"
Soli was very close in her answer to that question. This is a very particular reading test which is actually more a "tool" for teachers than a test. It is not part of the end-of-school year tests and it's not mandatory but it is something very interesting if you want to assess the kids' reading skills. They take it twice, once in March and once in June. I use the results of the March test a lot (it helps me to know what each of them needs to work on more) and I give the June ones to the 2nd grade teacher, it helps her planning her beginning of school year. It's very long and annoying to grade (you have to use what they call a "composite scale") but it is worth it!

I tried to have the kids finish it all yesterday and it's been a mistake because a lot of them botched up the last part of the test. I probably should have split it more than I did, I didn't take into consideration the "end of June" tiredness enough, lol! So, I'll give them more time for working on the end of it tomorrow. I think they're like the teachers, they just can't wait for school to be over, can't blame them!

LOL about Bakersfield indeed Soli!

Have a great day everybody!


Lavandula - Jun 27, 2007 5:54 am (#2618 of 2988)

Good Morning Everyone!

Another hot day in Ohio today. The forecast is for 90 degrees F again, but there is finally a chance of much needed rain. My garden is looking rather parched, however having a well makes me reluctant to put the sprinkler on. I just water the flowers every evening.

Welcome Allison. Glad to have you on the forum!!!

I just took my hour long walk early today, and it was quite sticky. But now I feel ready for the day.

Off to read a few threads before going back to my daughter's room.



Thora - Jun 27, 2007 5:59 am (#2619 of 2988)

Welcome Allison, I speak LDS too. We used to have another of us on here back when I started coming here, but he left on his mission and I've not seen him since.


Steve Newton - Jun 27, 2007 6:15 am (#2620 of 2988)

Here is an article from the Christian Science Monitor about the drill team competition:


I left out the http stuff because the Forum does not appreciate links. Just copy and paste the url.

The Delaware Diamonds did not rate a picture, sigh. But our fearless State Librarian, broken foot and all, is quoted.

I got sidetracked and haven't gotten around to scouting around for videos of previous competitions but I will soon. I don't know when or where our video is going up.


The giant squid - Jun 27, 2007 6:40 am (#2621 of 2988)

More drying charms to all our friends in the land of the Angles

Speaking of which, Happy Anniversary to Catherine (and Mr. Catherine)! I wish I could make it to England one of these days... We saw the truncated version of Spamalot here in Vegas (2 hours, no intermission--get 'em in, get' em out & get 'em back on the slot machines) and I LMAO the entire time. When I wasn't quoting lines & singing along, anyway.



painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 7:30 am (#2622 of 2988)
Edited Jun 27, 2007 8:09 am

We are HUGE Holy Grail fans in this house!! We actually try and see if we can get through one day without someone quoting something from the movie! A local celebrity played The Lady of the Lake on Broadway until just a short while ago - October I think - Lauren Kennedy. My daughter idolizes her. I have no problem with that - Lauren is actually a very nice normal person.

I think my son took our coconuts to EFY for the skit part of the week. I am not sure if they will understand the humor, but . . . .

Sad Day - I have been checking the Imax here in town for the HP movie to go on sale. I didn't check the end of last week and it's already sold out. I bought tickets at another theater for the midnight show and then tickets at the Imax for 1:45 in the afternoon on the 11th. (sigh) You snooze you lose!


Holly T. - Jun 27, 2007 8:20 am (#2623 of 2988)

Nice of Catherine to check in, even if it was to gloat about her vacation. ;-) Happy anniversary to Catherine and Mr. Catherine!

Welcome to new Forum members!

Allison, did you used to post on MOL? Your intro sounds like someone I knew over there.

Weather update: Up to 18 inches of rain overnight just west of here, lakes are full, creeks are flooding, etc. Yikes. Nothing where I live, just very close. Scarily close to the Girl Scout camp, which is on the lake but up very high. My daughter was there last week but two of the girls in my troop are there this week. I'm sure they are safe from the flooding, but I am worried about them with all of the rain. Dh and son set off this morning for Webelos camp, which is in the opposite direction, but there has still been lots of rain.

I have five deadlines to meet in the next two and a half weeks. I should not be online at all, but I needed a break!


Puck - Jun 27, 2007 8:51 am (#2624 of 2988)

Okay, the stomach bug going around the area has hit our house. Poor Toddler Puck had vomited in her bed. She's had some juice, but I haven't gotten her to eat more than a nibble of toast. Most of the morning was spent snuggling on the couch. She's perked up now and is playing with her sister. I guess I should do some work while she's willing to let me.



Choices - Jun 27, 2007 8:57 am (#2625 of 2988)

Happy Hump Day to everyone. That's not weird, it just means the middle of the week - Wednesday. LOL

Welcome to all the new forum members. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Healing charms to all who need them (stomach virus - yuck) - get well soon! Love and (((hugs}}} to all. :-)


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 9:14 am (#2626 of 2988)

Too late to use the Edit button . . .

welcome babySherrykoko! We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

eeewwww - stomach virus! I'm getting out the Lysol! Feel better soon!


azi - Jun 27, 2007 9:45 am (#2627 of 2988)

Healing charms to baby Puck!

My brother passed his driving test today - YEY!

I'm packing my things ready to go home. As I'm moving rooms it means I have to find places around the house to store the stuff I don't want to take with me. On the upside - yey, I get a bigger room!

**waves** to everyone (especially all the new members!)!


Solitaire - Jun 27, 2007 9:50 am (#2628 of 2988)

Puck, I wouldn't worry about little Puck not taking more than juice. She will when she is ready. My sister's pediatrician always recommends the BRAT died--bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast--once the appetite begins to return. Up until then, just clear liquids. I hope all the sickies are feeling better soon. **healing charms**

Choices, I am not necessarily happy that it is "Hump Day." I do not like the holidays going by so quickly. I try to ignore the passage of time in summer.



Puck - Jun 27, 2007 10:07 am (#2629 of 2988)

I'm not overly worried about the Little One. I'd rather have her not eat than eat and get sick. It's just so hard to see your Baby not feel well. Pretty much everyone I know that lives the next town over has had this bug, and the party we went to on Monday was in that town. Hopefully the others don't catch it.

Yeah for Azi's bigger room!

Just over 3 weeks to release day! I suppose I need to start my re-read and pre-order my copy. I just need to confirm with Hubby where I will that night.


Mediwitch - Jun 27, 2007 10:55 am (#2630 of 2988)

*waves* Hi, Paul Potter and Allison R! Welcome to the forum! I LOVE your tagline, Allison!

*Healing Charms* to Toddler Puck. Hope no one else gets it! I hope you can join us for the release night Puck! Why don't you try some Felix Felicis and have a go?


Good Evans - Jun 27, 2007 11:56 am (#2631 of 2988)

healing charms to toddler puck - its not nice to feel sick

so much to do so little time .....


Allison R - Jun 27, 2007 12:14 pm (#2632 of 2988)

Holly, yes! I used to post at MOL-- hello again! **waving madly** How nice to happen upon a familiar face in a new place!!

Mediwitch, thanks about my tagline = ) One of life's great truisms, I think, don't you?

Tazzygirl, thanks for the welcome!

GoodEvans (I just got that just now, though I've read your username tons, how slow am I??!) are you serious? A new book? Really??! I can't think why I haven't heard something about it... (my husband rolled his eyes at me a week or so ago when I helpfully pointed out to him that Jo had a VISTA countdown-widget now and so now he could get his very own one for his desktop if he wanted to-- he suppressed a smile and then deadpanned to me that he thought between the countdown on my desktop and the one on my daughter's profile that he was fairly sure he had no fear of losing track of the days remaining for either the book or the movie) Go figure!

I can't take the mickey out of him too much, though-- he is the creator of the luscious cheesecake found in my current user pic and I love him dearly! Of course, I also would never do anything to endanger my future chocolate supply = )

Elanor and Lavandula, thanks for your warm welcomes as well. I'm very glad to have found you all!

Thora, it's always a treat to find a fellow LDS-Speaker, thanks!


Good Evans - Jun 27, 2007 12:27 pm (#2633 of 2988)

LOL Allison - I'm glad you sussed my user name - It still makes me grin when I am feeling particularly silly!!

kudos on that cheesecake to hubby - it looks fab!!!!

I really must go and do some work now and stop procrastinating!!!

have a great "evening all"



Tazzygirl - Jun 27, 2007 12:54 pm (#2634 of 2988)

Puck: Kristina, my girls have these rash-guard tees from Landsend. They are swimsuits, but longsleeved and provide 40 SPF. Perhaps you should see if they have an adult version? You seem to burn easily, and that's not good when you live in Hawaii.

I do need to get one (I love Landsend!). I think Syd and Thaniel have those rash-guard tees. I've inherited the Irish skin that burns and freckles from my mom's side of the family. I did keep putting sunscreen on, probably should get the higher SPF stuff. **healing charms** to Toddler Puck! Poor baby!

**Healing charms** to Veronika!

Congrats to your brother, Azi, and to you on getting a bigger room!

I have five minutes to get dressed, pack the car up, and head over to my friends house so we can all go to the beach. Have a great day everyone!



Round Pink Spider - Jun 27, 2007 1:21 pm (#2635 of 2988)

Sorry to be so "early 90s", but what is LDS? Aside from a comic misspelling of LSD?

This whole discussion reminds me of a conversation my daughter reported from college.

Daughter: "I'm a little OCD."
Friend: "CDO."
Daughter: "Huh?"
Friend: "I alphabetized it."

Emily is still doing well with her new processor. They gave us 3 additional programs today, to allow us to gradually increase the volume over the next month, so that she can get used to it slowly.

Good heavens, Good Evans, I didn't "get" your nickname until she pointed it out! How embarrassing...

Welcome to all our new faces. It's lovely that we have returning friends, and new ones as well!

The storms last night brought us lovely, cool weather here in MN. Those of you on the East Coast, hang on, relief may be coming soon!

I am SO loaded with laundry, but when I saw 50 posts had stacked up since I read them, I knew I'd better catch up. (Good to have your priorities straight, isn't it? ) Time for me to go drive my daughter to work. Only 2 1/2 more days until VACATION!!! Yippee!!!


Allison R - Jun 27, 2007 1:30 pm (#2636 of 2988)

RPS, firstly let me say I'm thrilled for your daughter's implant and so glad to hear things are going well for her! I used to work as an ASL interpreter in a former life and worked with deaf folks who had gotten the cochlear implant and saw the difference that it was able to make for them. (There I go with the acronyms again, that's American Sign Language for the acronym-impaired amongst you.

To answer your question in your post, "LDS" stands for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as "The Mormons" = )


Mediwitch - Jun 27, 2007 1:44 pm (#2637 of 2988)

LOL on the OCD/CDO RPS! And hooray for Emily!

I think today was a first - the first time I ever WANTED to be at the dentist's office! Aside from not having any cavities, it was lovely and cool in there with the AC on! My desktop weather says it's only 85, which is better than yesterday's 93, but it is horribly humid. I think we're going to get a storm though, so hopefully it cools off a bit. SmileyCentral.com


Puck - Jun 27, 2007 2:24 pm (#2638 of 2988)

Mediwitch, we've been hiding in the air conditioning all day. Between Diva not being allowed to get her head wet, and Baby being sick, being outside was not a good idea. Son did get to go swim at a friend's house, though.

LOL on the CDO! Almost as good as Shayla's "Off to save the world -oh, look, a bunny!"

I didn't get the Good Evans thing until just now, either.

Little One is happy with some cereal (which she's only pretending to eat) and Dora, so I should go get the kitchen clean.



Chemyst - Jun 27, 2007 2:28 pm (#2639 of 2988)

'Happy to hear Olivia is home.

And some of that 'lovely' dittany lotion Elanor mentioned for Diva. 'Must check the store cupboard for something suitable for Toddler P, but meanwhile, the 'love' would probably help there too.

Mrs. Sirius, can you teach your kids how to cast a Muffliato charm so all you hear is a dull buzz?

OK, Steve, after reading the article I now have an image of you 'resplendent' in your black outfit 'aglitter' with silver rhinestones, doing the hokey-pokey with a straight face.     Yes, it sounds like fun… and you were definitely successful in getting rid your 'stodgy' image. No doubt your team will be formidable competitors next year.

I also would never do anything to endanger my future chocolate supply. – Allison
I see you speak wisdom!

Emily's Implanted Ears — makes for a nice bit of alliteration which she can now Enjoy!

Congratulations on your trip to the dentist office, Mediwitch. Now you can smile like this:


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 2:41 pm (#2640 of 2988)

Okay - I feel like a fool . . ."Good Evans" = "Good Heavens"?


Steve Newton - Jun 27, 2007 3:47 pm (#2641 of 2988)

Chemyst, I didn't wear rhinestones! You have to draw the line somewhere. I had a top hat, tails, and a cumberbund. I looked......as good as I ever look.


Round Pink Spider - Jun 27, 2007 5:30 pm (#2642 of 2988)

I used to work as as ASL interpreter in a former life and worked with deaf folks who had gotten the cochlear implant and saw the difference that it was able to make for them. (There I go with the acronyms again, that's American Sign Language for the acronym-impaired amongst you.

To answer your question in your post, "LDS" stands for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as "The Mormons" = )

I have always loved sign language, but I was glad we didn't need it for Emily, because my husband had real trouble trying to learn cued speech, and most of our family lives far away and wouldn't be able to practice it. I didn't want my little girl to need us to translate just so she could speak to her grandmothers! And thanks for explaining the LDS. I was feeling very left out there...

And some of that 'lovely' dittany lotion Elanor mentioned for Diva.

That was so beautiful! *sniff* Love helps prevent scars... *bawling*


Madam Pince - Jun 27, 2007 5:34 pm (#2643 of 2988)
Edited Jun 27, 2007 6:06 pm

RPS, you need to take a break from writing...

It took me forever to "get" the Good Evans thing too, so don't feel bad, guys. But then again I am often known for not seeing the forest for the trees, so....

***waves hands in air Hermione-ishly*** I know one! I know one! HT = home teacher, right? Woo-hoo! (Although I am not LDS, hubby is and most of his family, so I pick up on most of the acronyms. Today we fed lunch to the missionaries and sent leftover family-reunion food and some frozen deer-burger home with them to cook themselves...)

Now, what is MOL?

I remember the Forumer who was getting ready to leave on his mission, too, Thora -- seems like he was due to be back right around when the series would be ending, so he should be back soon? I want to say his name started with an "N" and was two words -- not Nathan Zimmerman, but something similar. It wasn't Neville Longbottom, was it?

Puck, poor you! You have just not had a good week for the little ones' health, have you? Hope the tummy bug goes away soon and that Diva's soon able to enjoy the water...

And wasn't it Lavandula whose pool closed for two weeks? What is that all about? Pretty poor timing if you ask me! Unless it was due to emergency repairs or whatever, but still...

Yay Azi on getting a bigger room! Enjoy your time at home!

I think it would be so cool if Catherine and Good Evans would bump into each other on the street!

Mediwitch, I love your "Potter Purple" butterfly bush! Very pretty.

LOL at Steve and his rhinestone-free outfit! I'm sure you looked quite dashing.

I want a piece of Allison's cheesecake... ***Accio!*** Hmmm... didn't work. Darn.


Kip Carter - Jun 27, 2007 7:20 pm (#2644 of 2988)

Madam Pince, I believe you are thinking about Nate Davis who returned last year from his mission.


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 7:48 pm (#2645 of 2988)

MOL . . . . ? What is MOL?

I went to see Dinner with Friends tonight. It definitely gave me some thing to think about. I enjoyed it but the language was something I was not used too.

Not much else going on.

I am tired and am going to try and get to bed before 11:00.

Okay maybe 11:30


Allison R - Jun 27, 2007 7:58 pm (#2646 of 2988)

MOL= Moms OnLine... a now-defunct mom's message board community = )

Madam P... alas! My birthday was back in April, so the cheesecake is far beyond being 'accio'd' now. It is but a lovely memory, I'm afraid. It had three (count them, three!) different kinds of chocolate in it. Ah, fond memories and good times... good times. Made all the more sweet by the time and careful effort and love put into the baking, of course = )


Madam Pince - Jun 27, 2007 8:08 pm (#2647 of 2988)

Thanks, Kip! You're so right -- funnily enough, I checked the "Tell About Yourself" thread and found that he introduced himself two posts before I introduced myself! Perhaps we will see him around here again soon, too, along with all our other little lost sheep! Nothing like a new book and/or new movie to round them up!

Allison - thanks anyway! I had a couple mini dark chocolate Hershey's which wasn't nearly the same, but oh well!

TBE, I was reading your posts on another thread and it reminded me of a board game I played when I was a kid back in the '70's. Anyone else remember Which Witch? As an only child, I usually didn't like board games because there was nobody to play with, but this one was fun -- you could play it by yourself if you wanted! It was this 3-D haunted house (you set up the "walls" to make four rooms, and there was a chimney in the middle, and there was a staircase and a broom hanging on the wall, and you moved around the board from room to room, trying to avoid getting hit by the little silver metal marble that would drop down the chimney and would sometimes knock down the players on the stairs, or cause the broom to fall down and sweep players off that room's floor, or whatever. I loved that game! It sells on eBay nowadays for somewhere in the ballpark of $75 (along with other hard-to-find classics like Green Ghost and Barnabas Collins and similar.) Man, they've really got the number of us nostalgic baby-boomers!

OK, been a long day -- I'm off to zzzzzzzz-land.... Nighty-night!

Edit: LOL, Lavandula, about Kip! I picture the same thing -- a reddish-glow coming out of the clouds, and this deep James Earl Jones voice dispensing wisdom... The voice is a lot deeper when it's a kippendo...


Lavandula - Jun 27, 2007 8:10 pm (#2648 of 2988)

Does anyone else think that Kip has an amazing similarity to that "voice from above" speaking. Just when you start thinking of the answer to a question...he pops in from 'SOMEWHERE" to answer in what appears to be a booming voice!!!!!

Madame Pince- Yes, it was me who had the local pool close yesterday for 2 weeks. It has been the hottest days of the summer and the kids have no place to swim. Fortunately for us, we were invited to a friend's pool today to keep cool until the storms started to move in. But you can't keep doing that for 2 weeks. And yes, the pool had "Structural Damage to be Repaired". Sounds like a crack in the bottom or around the filtering system. It was drained right away yesterday.

The cool front is making its arrival right now as I type. Finally rain!!!! The storms earlier this evening and this afternoon canceled the pool fun and rained out Little Guy's baseball game but not a single drop fell at our house.

Good Evans- I may not have an 'O' on a WOMBAT test, but I did get that play on words long ago. Poor ...what are we to do with you? (Just kidding of course...no dungbombs my way.)

Puck-Sorry to hear about the ickky yucky flu. I hope Baby, I mean Toddler Puck recovers completely soon. You can tell time is flying by when it is no longer 'Baby Puck'.

Allison-Accio Chocolate Cheesecake as well for me!!! I have a hubby who cooks as well, but baking is usually left up to me.

Couldn't we all just get together for once and enjoy each other's company and share all those wonderful recipes we've talked about so often. Wasn't last year's discussion about summer salads like macaroni and potato or was it about baked beans? Someone has done a memory charm on me!

Off to read a bit before bed. Good night all!!!



Denise P. - Jun 27, 2007 8:17 pm (#2649 of 2988)

I used to post over on MOL. Then we were taken over by Oxygen, then Oprah and we finally said enough and moved here to World Crossing.

I put a picture in my profile of my 14 yr old in his pioneer garb for Youth Conference. I originally planned to get him into as close to period dress as I could..in the end, Goodwill supplied his "period" garb. His pants have a drawstring put in since they were about 6" too big. His other pair of pants, I took in so well he could not tell where I did it (and I took in almost 4") I think he doesn't look too bad considering! He is creeped out about wearing clothes from Goodwill...what? He thinks all his clothes were brand new? Baby, we live for handme downs from friends. I didn't have to buy Kaity clothes for nearly 6 years because of a friend passing down stuff.

Madam Pince, HT is Home Teacher :ding, ding, ding: Give her a star! it is almost another language isn't it? Geeze, try getting into dog sports and it is an entire language all its own.

Kip sees all **:cue Twilight Zone music****:


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 8:41 pm (#2650 of 2988)

Denise P - Yeah. The kid looks good now but just don't post a scratch and sniff picture when he returns!! :stink:

Memory Charm courtesy of moi! Lavandula.HA!! (You all keep around to ask the dumb questions. So . . . . Good Evans = Good Heavens. .. right?)

I just love going to my google home page. Where else can you find the directions for playing Big Booty, Big Booty?
Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:22 pm


Madam Pince - Jun 27, 2007 8:43 pm (#2651 of 2988)

You have to put the Hagrid accent on it -- like "Good 'eavens!"

OK, now I'm really going to bed...


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 8:44 pm (#2652 of 2988)

Thank you Madame Pince. whew! I was right!


Puck - Jun 27, 2007 8:45 pm (#2653 of 2988)

Why do I suddenly want to run to Starbucks and get a chocolate cheesecake? Kristina, can you send one by Owl?

Toddler is resting nicely. It was obvious she was seriously wiped out. I decided to put her to bed a bit early. She refused both a story and her songs/cuddle. (Usually I have to do "Bitsy Spider", "Twinkle Star" and "Pooh". Tonight she only wanted "bed."

My van is as healthy as my girls. Brakes are making a nasty noise. Hubby trying to get an appointment to have it repaired. I can stay home tomorrow, but likely Mr. Puck will have to work from home Friday so I can use his car to take Diva to get her stitches out and get to my dance class. By then we'll be getting desperate for groceries as well.

One a happy note, I finally managed to finish the front of a quilt I've been working on for a year now. I'm pretty happy with it. I took a risk and picked an odd fabric for the border, but it really works.

Well, I should get some sleep.



Holly T. - Jun 27, 2007 9:07 pm (#2654 of 2988)

Oh my goodness, Allison, I was just thinking about you a week or so ago. I was reading an old prayer journal from a Bible study class I took several years ago and you and your family were featured prominently in it and I was wondering how you are all doing and here you are.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 266347159  (I am not some crazy internet stalker, really.) ;-)

Back when our 9-year-olds were babies/toddlers, we used to post on Moms Online.

Ok, so this morning I said the Girl Scout camp should be safe from the flooding--they evacuated the camp this afternoon. The official word was that the camp itself is not flooded but they wanted to get the girls out of there in case all of the roads to the camp became impassable. But one of the girls who was there (who is in my troop) said that one of the campgrounds nearest to the lake (the one my daughter was in last week!) is flooded. Her mom said the water was really high--the lake rose 12 feet in 24 hours and is expected to rise at least 10 more feet tomorrow. I think they made the right call having the girls leave early. My daughter is glad she went to camp last week.

Dh called from Webelos camp and so far the rain has not been too bad there. I forgot to brag about my accomplishment--while he was packing for camp he got out his Order of the Arrow sash since the Webelos are going to get to watch the tap out at the Boy Scout camp. It's been years since he went to Boy Scout camp (he was a scoutmaster for another troop for years, but all of his guys have long since graduated high school, college, and some have kids) and there have been barbecue sauce stains on that sash for maybe 8 years. He didn't want to wash it because with the red stitching on the white sash he didn't want it to turn pink. I tackled it with a Clorox bleach pen and it looks brand new. I should do a commercial.

Healing charms to Baby Puck, Diva, and Kathy's van! Goodness, you need some Felix in your house, don't you?

Daughter's birthday is tomorrow. I told her she wasn't getting any gifts but I don't think she believed me. She is going to be surprised. We're going shopping and out for dinner tomorrow night and dh and I are going to give her her present and have cake when the boys are back from camp. I do have cards for her though. Son made sure to get her a rude one. It has monkeys on it singing "you look like a human and smell like one too." He thinks it is hilarious.

Off to bed for me.


painting sheila - Jun 27, 2007 9:16 pm (#2655 of 2988)

Puck - Post a picture?

Holly T - I think your son is hilarious! No, really. I do! (walks off muttering . . . You smell like a human - spew!)Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I am so proud of myself. I did a search and found out the part of the Silver Surfer was played by . . . no one! It is CGI. "He" reminds me of Christine Bale - the guy in Batman Begins, Newsies, and the magic movie. Just something about his lips. I took Littlest Guy to see it today. We had a grand time whooping it up at the HP trailer. He was so excited to see it before his older brother did - the movie that is.

Oldest Son called today and said it is raining cats and dogs up in Virginia. He was standing at a window laughing at all the kids caught out in it. I hope everyone dries out soon! Water restrictions start here on Monday 0 go figure.

John - Did you get tickets for the Imax? And are you doing the 77 words contest? I can't decide whether to do it as an "Opinion Piece" or as a story - "the last chapter according to Painting "


Madam Poppy - Jun 27, 2007 9:54 pm (#2656 of 2988)

I've been busy busy since going back to work. Just a quick update on my brother. He was working on restoring an old car and injured his hand on some kind of polishing machine. He took off his protective glove and then decided to use the machine for one more spot. The machine pulled his hand in! Three of his fingers were injured but the tendons were ok. He's been in alot of pain but the future use of his hand looks good. His wife is an R.N. and was fortunately home at the time so she could stop the bleeding and call 911.

My job at the airport is going ok. To all those who are planning to fly....No, you can NOT bring any bottled water through the TSA Security area, even if you "just bought it in the gift shop". Also the reason you are supposed to put your liquids, gels and pastes etc. in a QUART size plastic bag is because the TSA doesn't want you to take more than that amount on the plane. (I actually had someone who wanted to take through a full-size spray bottle of carpet cleaner!)

My job is to check the passengers ID and boarding pass. Please have them handy and ready to show folks. The 1st week of work, I thought I'd lose my voice from repeating that all day long. If I work a "Red Eye" shift, I have to stay till the last plane leaves. My 1st "Red Eye" to Houston had mechanical problems and I was there till 4:30 a.m. when the morning shift arrived!

My grandaughter's 2nd Birthday is on the 29th. Her name is Lily. The fire near Lake Tahoe is an area that I am very familiar with. I live within driving distance now, camped there as a child and with my own children years later. Last news I heard made it sound like they hoped it was under control, but that was because the predicted winds didn't arrive today. Many people have lost there homes and it is hard to think about the large beautiful trees that are gone. Well, I guess that's all for now. Poppy


shepherdess - Jun 27, 2007 10:10 pm (#2657 of 2988)

*Response to posts from waaaay back*

For those of you missing "old" forum members, you might try doing a search under their names. I think you might be surprised to see how recently some of them have posted here. I know I was when I began searching some of the names listed in above posts.

We all have lives outside the forum, and sometimes things get in the way of what we'd rather be doing (ie spending time here). Sometimes peoples' individual degree of Potter obsession fluctuates and they just need a break from the intensity found here.

I can only speak for myself. Without boring everyone with all the details, in the last three and a half years, I've been going through some life changing experiences. As they have varied at different times, the amount of time I've had to devote to the forum has also varied. For a while, up until recently, I've been working two jobs. Fourteen hour work days with rarely a day off left me with barely enough time to sleep, eat, bathe and do my laundry, much less anything else. But with encouragement from my family (who rarely saw me), I finally gave up the part time job.

It's true that I don't post very often, so people don't "see" when I'm here. And it's true that I'm not here as much as I used to be (especially pre-life changes). But I can never really stay away from the forum. I love this forum. The forum and certain members (in spite of the many changes here) have been a constant during the last few trying years of my life. When everything else was changing, I knew the forum was still there, and the discussions were still going on. When I was struggling the most, I received a tremendous outpouring of love and support from my "forum family". This is truly a special place, and I'm proud to have been a part of it since it's earliest days.

I do, however feel guilty that I don't spend nearly enough time on my hosting duties.

Well, enough rambling. Back to the discussion at hand.


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 27, 2007 11:38 pm (#2658 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius, can you teach your kids how to cast a Muffliato charm so all you hear is a dull buzz? Chemyst

Yeap, I am working on perfecting that one.

I have always loved sign language, but I was glad we didn't need it for Emily, because my husband had real trouble trying to learn cued speech, RPS

My husband is a sign language interpreter, I had attended work shops total immersion programs in ASL. I also got see cued speech at work many years ago when they were still working to introduce it.. Cued speech is rather different from ASL. ASL is more complete language in and of itself. Cued speech is a support for spoken English.

Shepherdess hi, welcome back! Haven’t seen you in a while, you've been missed.

Good luck to the new guy at 10 Downing Street.


journeymom - Jun 28, 2007 1:04 am (#2659 of 2988)

Oh, yes, Tony Blair was in the news. I do wish our fearless leader talked good like him.


Tazzygirl - Jun 28, 2007 1:41 am (#2660 of 2988)

This thread has been interesting today! LOL on all the acronyms!

- I had no idea what 'Good Evans' meant until now either, even with everyone talking about it.

Puck: Kristina, can you send one by Owl?

Sure! I'll send one tomorrow. (The one at my work is the Godiva Chocolate.... mmmmmm. Need a big glass of milk with that one!)

Allison- I'm so jealous your hubby makes cheesecakes! The one in your avatar does look really yummy. I also love your tag line. **Is a chocoholic and not afraid to admit it**

Happy Birthday to Holly's Daughter! Hope she has a great day!

I had an interesting day today. My friend, her step kids, and I went to the beach. After about an hour swimming around and boogie boarding, I see a little something in the water. Turns out to be a Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish. My friend actually got stung by one the moment she got in the water, but didn't see anything, and we all thought she was just kidding. The moment I spotted the jellyfish, I shot out of the water, yelling over my shoulder that they might want to get out too, as there are usually more than one Man of War in the water. We found three more that had washed up on shore. Needless to say, we packed up and ended up going to the pool again. Friend wasn't seriously hurt- didn't need any medical attention (the jellyfish just barely touched her), and by the time I left, the sting mark was almost gone. We did have fun calling up various people to tell about her exciting day too. LOL



azi - Jun 28, 2007 4:15 am (#2661 of 2988)

**waves to shepherdess**

I'm proud I realised what Good Evans meant.

Mmm, cheesecake. I only have Haagen Daas (sp?) cookies and cream ice cream. That'll do.

Eek, jellyfish. Love them from a distance, don't want to go near them.


Snuffles - Jun 28, 2007 5:01 am (#2662 of 2988)

Wow, so many posts. I apologise now, for any posts I miss.

*healing charms* to toddler Puck. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Congrats to your brother azi. I hope there are still plenty of dry roads for him to travel on! Woo hoo on your bigger room too

Happy birthday to Holly's daughter. I hope she has a wonderful day.

Jellyfish, yuck! I hope your friend is ok Kristina. I'm glad you got out in time before getting stung.

Good Evans, Yup I got it. Probably something to do with dropping the letter 'H' on most words around here

My brother has just been to my work to collect Olivia's car seat, as the beck/ditch thing near our village has burst. He is passing her nursery and they want people to collect the children. As he will get there before me, he has offered to pick her up. More flooding! Apparently it is taking people 2 hours to travel 8 miles (which is how far I will have to go).  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934  Oh happy days

I have been wondering whether our new Prime Minister has heard any coughing from a portrait in his office yet. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Here's hoping everyone has a good Thursday



Jenniffler - Jun 28, 2007 6:18 am (#2663 of 2988)

LOL about the new Prime Minister! One of his stated first priorities in office will be to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when it is released. I guess it pays for Gordon Brown to be informed.

Wow, the United Kingdom, France, and the United Nations are all transitioning their leadership. It's an exciting time. It's gonna take me a while to remember all the names.



The giant squid - Jun 28, 2007 6:47 am (#2664 of 2988)

Good 'eavens, I didn't realize Good Evans' username was such a well-guarded secret! I picked it up right away, but then I'm kind of obsessed with puns & wordplay.

To me LDS will always be what Spock "did a little too much of in college". Not that I'm immune to the abbreviation curse: DTS, THX, SDDS--and that's just in the sound systems I work with...

Hugs, hellos and health charms as needed...



Puck - Jun 28, 2007 7:06 am (#2665 of 2988)

Mike, I'm pretty sure Mr. Puck would understand those letters perfectly.

Toddler feeling better, fever broken. However, son got sick just after 3am, and Diva didn't manage to hold down her juice this morning. They all seem in decent spirits, and are off playing. Son doesn't understand why I had to call and cancel his playdate for this afternoon. Also likely I'm postponing the babysitter until another night. Darn! I was looking forward to seeing Pirates

The car place can take my van a week from today. Until then I'm home without transportation. Conveniently, people are too sick to go anywhere or care about the dwindling supply of groceries.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Holly's Daughter! (I believe she's Hermione )

I got an e-mail recently that a childhood friend of mine had gotten remarried in December. Last I had heard a couple years back she was getting divorced. This morning I got another e-mail that she's pregnant and expecting a girl. So happy for her!



Marie E. - Jun 28, 2007 7:24 am (#2666 of 2988)

We had some interesting weather yesterday. Around 5pm last night we heard that a tornado had touched down in Woodland Park, which is about 45 minutes west of here. It is very unusual for tornadoes to touch down in the mountains. I had already noticed that the sky over our center was dark and scary. A parent came in and said that there was a funnel cloud over Platte and Circle Drive (about 10-15 minutes SW of us). Then another parent came in and said there were three funnel clouds just south of us. To top it off, our regional director called and told me to do a tornado drill, now! We only had 22 kids in the building then so we got them all into our two preschool bathrooms. I wasn't sure how long our drill was supposed to last so I left everyone there for about 20 minutes. Very exciting end of the day!

Happy Birthday to Holly's daughter!


Kip Carter - Jun 28, 2007 7:49 am (#2667 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary to Denise P. and Mr. P.!

I talked with Mr. P. earlier this morning and he took a day off from work; however Super Mom is a little under the weather. I am sure that each of you will send your best!

I will leave it up to rest of you to "flower up" your posts being mine is just straight and direct.

'Nuf said!


Holly T. - Jun 28, 2007 7:53 am (#2668 of 2988)

Yikes, Marie! Of course, the kids probably thought it was fun.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my little Hermione. :-) I amused her on the way to day camp this morning by telling her about when I was in labor with her. She especially liked the part about what book I took with me--an economic history of colonial America. It was on my reading list (I was prepping for my major field oral exam--I took my minor field exam while pregnant with her) and I was hoping it would put me to sleep (it did).

Healing charms to your kids, Kathy!

I have to call our graphic designer today and tell him I have a 1300-page manuscript ready for him to lay out. I am excited to finally get this one off my desk--I've been working on it off and on for over two years. Editing to add that it is not the manuscript for DH--I wish, LOL.

Editing to wish Denise a happy anniversary!


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 7:55 am (#2669 of 2988)

Wow, lots of scary things going on -- floods, tornados, jellyfish... Hope everything settles down for everybody! We have major heat here again today, but supposedly there will be severe thunderstorms later this afternoon, so the parched plants will get a drink and maybe it will cool down some. And the dog will get some exercise running around hysterically and barking...

Happy Birthday to Holly's daughter!

Happy Anniversary to Denise and Mr. Denise! (The pioneer garb looks fantastic, by the way -- good job, Goodwill! LOL on the hand-me-downs, too...)


Holly T. - Jun 28, 2007 8:05 am (#2670 of 2988)

Madam Pince--your part of the country got to have flash floods this time last year! We were on vacation then and the whole first half of the vacation there was torrential rain and flooding--actually daughter's birthday was the first day it didn't rain (and she got her Hogwart's letter!).


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 8:21 am (#2671 of 2988)

I know, Holly -- we seem to go back and forth from having either total drought conditions, or else it's flooding. There doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium. I can't wait to move...


Ydnam96 - Jun 28, 2007 9:15 am (#2672 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Denise!!!. I hope that Mrs. Denise starts feeling better soon!!

You know, the first thing I thought of when Kip said Denise was under the weather was "Oh, I wonder if she's pregnant again and has morning sickness?" Although that tends to be what I think every woman around me "has" at the moment since so many people I know are pregnant.

Well...what ever it is I hope that you start feeling better Denise!

Off to Curves to work out.



Solitaire - Jun 28, 2007 9:27 am (#2673 of 2988)

I love jellyfish ... as long as they are in a glassed-in aquarium tank at Monterey Bay! I remember going to Pismo Beach (central California) every summer as a child. Some years we couldn't walk ten feet without seeing a beached jellyfish. *shivers*

Happy Birthday, Holly Junior!
Happy anniversary to Denise & Mr. Denise! Healing Charms to Denise!

Mandy ... I thought the same thing!



Mediwitch - Jun 28, 2007 9:40 am (#2674 of 2988)

Huh, I always though "Good Evans" was related to Lily!

Yay for the quilt, Kathy, but bummer about the van. Did you try *Reparo*? Alas, I think mine is about ready for brakes. I also think the air pressure is a bit low in at least one tire, but just as Mr. Mediwitch was about to check it last night, we got toned out for a structure fire in the next town. No one hurt, thankfully!

Happy Birthday 11to Holly's daughter!

Happy Anniversary to Denise and Mr. Denise!

Ooh, Marie! That's scary! I'm glad you're all OK!

Well, I actually have to work today - have to go see one of my preschoolers who is at day care for the summer. *waves*


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 10:07 am (#2675 of 2988)
Edited Jun 28, 2007 10:43 am

Hope Denise is feeling better soon!

I never noticed the "Good Evans" pun until I posted a reply to something she had posted, and I wrote "Good heavens, Good Evans..." and then I went "OHHHHHHH! Now I get it!"

I remember watching one of those very low-budget 1950's Japanese monster movies at my grandma's house on the Saturday afternoon TV movies when I was about 8 years old or so. It had these jellyfish-like things that would suck all the calcium out of you if you touched them, thus reducing your bones to jelly. It was so gross that it has stuck with me to this day. I had nightmares for ages. I cannot stand the thought of jellyfish. ***shudder***

Wish I lived in Japan today, though. They got the world premiere of Order of the Phoenix today.


Puck - Jun 28, 2007 10:17 am (#2676 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary Mrs. & Mr. Denise!

Tosses healing and safety charms all around. (Hoping some of them will land at my house.)

Mediwitch, I though Evans had to do with Lily as well. Must be the Northeast air.

I'm trying to imagine being locked in a bathroom with 22 preschoolers for almost a half hour. **shivers**

Sheila, I will post a picture of the quilt if I ever figure out how. I finished Diva's just as the last book came out. The only reason it was done by then was that I had forbidden myself to start reading unless said quilt was finished and upon her bed.

Off to get Toddler down for a nap so I can sneak one as well.



Denise P. - Jun 28, 2007 10:20 am (#2677 of 2988)

Denise feels perfectly fine and is NOT expecting a new little bundle of joy. The final model was rolled out in 2005. Mr. Denise assumed I was not feeling well but neglected to take into account that I was up before 5 am to get the boy to Youth Conference. Of course I was going to sleep later! LOL

Thank you for the well wishes, it was 23 years ago that I went from Denise S. to Denise P.


Good Evans - Jun 28, 2007 10:25 am (#2678 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Hollys daughter

happy anniversary to the Denise P's

major charms to the puck household as it seems to be all go there!

LOL LOL about my user name - I think that it helps to be British - Good Heavens being a very English exclamation!

I also liked the connection with Lily, this was why I chose it. It also goes to show that I have been around here a while, I remember when I first posted I explained the "good evans / heavens" pun. I also recall squid Mike being complimentary about it at the time!!

so it either means that you all ignore my posts or most of you weren't posting here at the time to read it  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 3276373137  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 464751818

ah well whatever the reason - I hope all is clear now!!!

happy thursday to all - I didn't walk past Catherine around Kings cross today as far as I know!!!!!

Julie x


painting sheila - Jun 28, 2007 10:41 am (#2679 of 2988)

OH! Marie!! I hope you all are okay now. The weather is being funky in lots of places! Yikes~~

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Denise P!! wOOt!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Holly's daughter!Cake for everyone! Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Chemyst - Jun 28, 2007 11:26 am (#2680 of 2988)

I didn't wear rhinestones! You have to draw the line somewhere. I had a top hat, tails, and a cummerbund. I looked......as good as I ever look. – Steve Newton
Duly noted and catalogued.

Happy Anniversary to Denise and Mr. P.   Kip said I should flower this up, but my list does not cover #23. However, 20th is daylily and 3rd is fuchsia, so fuchsia tinted daylilies to you!

I don't ignore your posts, Julie. I do remember "getting it." The first time I saw your Good Evans my immediate thought was 'my, that's an awkward reference to Lily' and then about three seconds later it "clicked."


Round Pink Spider - Jun 28, 2007 11:32 am (#2681 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary to the P.s, and Happy Birthday, Holly's daughter!

You know, maybe the reason Kip comes across as the Powerful Voice from Heaven is that big font. It really thunders!

LOL LOL about my user name - I think that it helps to be British - Good Heavens being a very English exclamation!
Not to mention that most of us Americans don't think about dropping Hs...

Hope all the little Pucks are feeling better soon!

I'm back to work on Chapter 15, about 1/3 done which is really good progress. Still lots to do, though...


geauxtigers - Jun 28, 2007 12:45 pm (#2682 of 2988)

Haha, I got Good Evans name! But I thought it was sort of both! A refrence to Lily and "Good Heavens!" LOL Not a widely used term here, my granny says it a lot. LOL A bit more generational here! LOL

Scary about the tornado, Marie! Glad everyone is safe though!

I'm off to take a nap, I was up early, I skimmed a lot of posts, so sorry guys!


Mediwitch - Jun 28, 2007 12:47 pm (#2683 of 2988)

Puck: I'm trying to imagine being locked in a bathroom with 22 preschoolers for almost a half hour. **shivers**

I can...try being locked into a 4' x 8' bathroom with 9 autistic children and 7 adults! The last time we did that drill I got "lucky" and got locked into the same size room with 1 child (who is VERY aggressive), his 1:1 paraprofessional, and the consulting neuropsychologist who had picked that day to come for an observation!

EDIT: Allison, did you pahk the cah in the yahd?


Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 12:49 pm (#2684 of 2988)

   Not to mention that most of us Americans don't think about dropping Hs...

Hey, hey now... I may be in Utah at the moment but I grew up in the Northeast (born in NY, raised in Northern Mass and Southern NH) and so I am completely comfortable with the notion that certain letters are optional-- like "R", for example!

Hope everyone manages to dry out soon! From my drought-ridden state I wish there was some way we could pass some of that water this way and help us both out-- wouldn't that be awesome?!

Hope those who are feeling under-the-weather feel better soon and are appropriately spoiled in the mean time...


Puck - Jun 28, 2007 12:57 pm (#2685 of 2988)

Allison, where in Northern Mass? I grew up in Salem NH/Lawrence MA.


John Bumbledore - Jun 28, 2007 1:03 pm (#2686 of 2988)

Chemyst, I didn't wear rhinestones! I had a top hat, tails, and a cumberbun. I looked......as good as I ever look. — Steve Newton
Nope, sorry, I still recall your avatar (Dobby, bowing) so I just can't picture you in top hat, tails, and cumberbund. (Note: See image at right.)

MOL? What is MOL? —  (She/painting )

Here is what I found with google.
MOL Marine Online but that is for government use... oops.
or MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) was the US Air Force's manned space project after Dynasoar was cancelled, until it in turn was cancelled in 1969.
Or you could accept that plain, "Moms Online" usage that others have given.
Me, I'll go with the Manned Orbiting Lab; it sound more futuristic in a retro sort of way.

Healing charms to all those in need of such.

She, I don't plan on seeing the IMAX GOF. I was actually trying to get my daughter, Amy, to enter the 77 word contest for DH. I have this confounding habit of using too many words or words with too many syllables (often both afflictions at the same time, spiced with ample misspellings).
Edited to add...

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Denise P.!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


painting sheila - Jun 28, 2007 1:04 pm (#2687 of 2988)

Did you all hear?!! They have arrested two people for questioning in the missing little girl - Madeline. I do hope and pray it is a lead.

Our friend's son got his mission call today. He is heading to Calgary Canada! He is very excited -'ey.

I guess since I live in the south I should change my name to Paahantin' Sheeelah.


Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 1:07 pm (#2688 of 2988)


You have just named the two towns I did most of my growing up in!! Salem High School, class of 1981- you?

(Holy Hannah, what are the odds of that??!)


Tazzygirl - Jun 28, 2007 1:15 pm (#2689 of 2988)

Happy Anniversary to Denise and Mr. P!

**healing charms** to the Puck household!

More **drying charms** to England. Hope you all stay safe, Snuffles!

Wow, Marie- scary! Glad everyone is okay!

Steve- I also pictured you with the rhinestones. Influence of the videos on Youtube. LOL

Nothing much going on today. Have to work in a about an hour and a half. ick.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!


painting sheila - Jun 28, 2007 1:18 pm (#2690 of 2988)

rhinestones . . . a few feather boas . . . .tap shoes . . . . It could work!


Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 1:21 pm (#2691 of 2988)

   Did you all hear?!! They have arrested two people for questioning in the missing little girl - Madeline. I do hope and pray it is a lead. [

That's wonderful news, Painting Shiela!! May it turn out to be exactly that!


Puck - Jun 28, 2007 1:21 pm (#2692 of 2988)

Allison, I graduated from St. Mary's in '88. I lived in Salem until 1980. I was a registered Girl Scout in Salem through high school, and went to dance classes in Salem. Small internet!


Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 1:22 pm (#2693 of 2988)

Small internet, indeed!!!


painting sheila - Jun 28, 2007 1:22 pm (#2694 of 2988)

Do we need to start singing "The Song"?


John Bumbledore - Jun 28, 2007 1:31 pm (#2695 of 2988)

No, ! Anything but "the song!"

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Good Evans - Jun 28, 2007 1:33 pm (#2696 of 2988)

LOL - why is it no surprise that at least two of our witches were brought up in Salem?? - got away with it all those years ago - did you girls????????????????????????????

I'm with John B - I can't imagine Steve in tails and top hat - not with Dobbys nose!


painting sheila - Jun 28, 2007 1:34 pm (#2697 of 2988)


It's a world of laughter

A world of tears

It's a world of hopes

And a world of fears

There's so much that we share

That it's time we're aware

It's a small world after all

There is just one moon

And one golden sun

And a smile means

Friendship to ev'ryone

Though the mountains divide

And the oceans are wide

It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all

It's a small, small world


Good Evans - Jun 28, 2007 1:36 pm (#2698 of 2988)

argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh - stop stop stop stop.... too late


Jenniffler - Jun 28, 2007 1:37 pm (#2699 of 2988)

Plugs internet ears--, you fiend! "It's a Small World" wouldn't make a good ride to movies transition, much less a trilogy. Let's leave that to the pirates.

Happy B-day Holly daughter.

Happy anniversary to Denise and Mr.P!


Solitaire - Jun 28, 2007 1:39 pm (#2700 of 2988)

I agree ... stop the song! If there's any singing here, doesn't it have to be 60s R&R or ... Jimmy Buffett? hehehe
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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:30 pm


Good Evans - Jun 28, 2007 1:45 pm (#2701 of 2988)

Who is the Jimmy Buffett bloke you all keep mentioning? ** very in the dark**


Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 1:46 pm (#2702 of 2988)

**casts about wildly for wand**

Muffliato! Muffliato!!


Tazzygirl - Jun 28, 2007 1:51 pm (#2703 of 2988)

Be grateful you have never heard of Jimmy Buffet, JulieGE! LOL **plugs ears and sings Lalalalalala! I can't hear you!**

**is grateful to have plugged ears during 's song** My cousins like to sing that a lot. I think I've grown an immunity to it.


John Bumbledore - Jun 28, 2007 2:20 pm (#2704 of 2988)

From Wikipedia:

Jimmy Buffett (born James William Buffett on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi) is a singer, songwriter, and recently a film producer best known for his "island escapism" lifestyle and music including hits such as "Margaritaville" (No. 234 on the list of "Songs of the Century"), and "Come Monday." He has a devoted base of fans known as "Parrotheads." His band is known as the Coral Reefer Band.

In other news:
I saw and read that Denver Police found a new method to subdue suspects.
Links to an article and video of an undercover police car hitting a robbery and carjacking suspect but also the police officer that was chasing the suspect. It was reported elsewhere that both suffered non-life threatening injuries.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Lavandula - Jun 28, 2007 2:26 pm (#2705 of 2988)

My we are a chatty bunch today-50 posts since I went to bed last night!

Stop the singing!!! Mr. L can't stand that song ever since he was stuck on that ride at Disney World as a child for two hours. I guess it broke down and the operators took two hours to try to get it going and then rescue everybody by old fashioned row boats (music never stopped playing the whole time).

ROTFL about the two witches from Salem. Wink I was waiting to see that the two of you had actually attended the same school...now that's a small internet!

Kristina- Aren't Man-O-Wars the deadly ones?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Holly's daughter!!

I've been busy today trying to finish OoTP. I'm at the Dept. of Mysteries now. I actually did some housework and fertilized the back part of our yard where the Lawn Care Guy doesn't get. With rain in the forecast and lower temperatures forecasted, I had to do it this morning. At least it took the place of my hour walk. We also spent an hour at the library. The librarian was telling me how busy they've been with kids this summer only coming to use the computers and not checking out any books. So...the teacher in me left her with little notes about certain kids of mine and possible book selections for them the next time they try to leave without any in their hands. HA HA HA!!!

Well, I need to go get dinner started.

Have a great ROTD/N everyone!



Ginerva Potter - Jun 28, 2007 2:27 pm (#2706 of 2988)

Jimmy Buffett has like 3 hits - Margaritaville, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and a third one that I only just found out about, so I don't know the name.

Needless to say, you ain't missin' much!



Allison R - Jun 28, 2007 2:32 pm (#2707 of 2988)

Actually, the town where they burned all those witches is Salem, Mass. and the town we share is Salem, N.H.-- always the bridesmaid, never the bride...


kabloink! - Jun 28, 2007 2:40 pm (#2708 of 2988)

When my husband was about 18 months old, he ran and fell headfirst into a castiron wood burning stove. He now has a little dent in the middle of his forehead, and a scar from stitches that spells HI, a little tilted. I want to say I've told this story before, though...

You know, Azi, I never quite understood it, but we had these little birds that went on our christmas tree when I was little. Some were cardinals, which we have in Michigan in the winter, and some were little birds that looked like sparrows, which we typically don't have around here in winter. Now that I look at the picture of an European Robin, I realize that that is what those birds are. Then you mention a robin/Christmas connection...I don't know what it may be, but I have European robin ornaments for my tree! American robins aren't around here for Christmas at all, unless it is very unseasonably warm, and even then it is rare. RPS, its always fun to compare with the family who has seen the most robins around spring time!

Our problem with robins is that they like to nest in/on porch lights and such, but they still aren't particularly friendly if you get too close. We had a robin that kept nesting on the light at our new house, so finally we tipped it sideways-last thing we need is for me to come out holding Ian and have the bird attack us for being too close to her nest!

Catherine, wasn't "Spamalot" great? We went to see it here in Detroit last Christmas. Now whenever hubby and I are watching a musical or a movie with cheesey music we often bust out with "This is the Song That Goes Like This" its great. Also, Ian gets a big kick out of hubby and I when we start saying "NI" to him. Apparently, hubby and friends used to prance around Walmart at 12am with coconuts back in the day, before me.

RPS, we got those storms yesterday, it is wonderfully cooler today, though we really could do with a bit more rain-our strawberry crops have been horrible here this year. I'm also glad to hear that your daughter's implant is working so well. Okay, well I never did catch up, but there are my comments up to the point I did read... Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 2:50 pm (#2709 of 2988)

***pummels Tazzy and Ginerva about the head with a rubber parrot***

Sacrilege! Sacrilege, I say!!! Jimmy Buffett rules! And he has waaaaayyyy more than three hit songs, I assure you! He has been completely selling out concerts all over the U.S. every year for over 25 years, at least -- name me some other entertainers that do that! (OK, I know there probably are some...) I myself have about 10 of his albums/CDs, and I'm lacking many, I know. His most recent popular song was probably the one "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere", a sort-of-country duet with Alan Jackson. (A lot of Jimmy's songs seem to have to do with imbibing adult beverages and/or relaxing on beaches.) Plus he's just a nice, regular guy who's not stuck on himself being a "singer" or "celebrity" or whatever -- he loves his fans and he loves living casual and having fun and his songs match that carefree attitude. His concerts are a blast! (If you like having fun, that is... .)

So nyah.


Jenniffler - Jun 28, 2007 3:06 pm (#2710 of 2988)

Now I could sing along to Jimmy Buffet. "Another Saturday night and I aint got nobody, I got some money 'cause I just got paid. Oh, how I wish I had someone to talk to. I'm in an awful way." There is imbibing and beaches later on in the song, probably, but I rarely hang out around the party people. sigh.


Lina - Jun 28, 2007 3:08 pm (#2711 of 2988)

Oh, Kip, I'm tempted to delete my e-mail, just to see you posting again!

Happy birthday to Holly's daughter!

Happy anniversary to Denise P. family!

And congratulations to all that my little brain didn't manage to remember.

Healing charms to Puck family. Hopefully it will disappear soon!

I thought Good Evans was a character from some book I never saw. Well, many subjects of discussion come around seasonally on this thread, I don't know why the Good Evans one waited so long to come around?

Drying, weather and healing charms to all that need them!

Waving to all new members and those who disappeared and re appeared.


Solitaire - Jun 28, 2007 3:08 pm (#2712 of 2988)

A lot of Jimmy's songs seem to have to do with imbibing adult beverages and/or relaxing on beaches.

In other words, he is a guy who thinks life should be like summer vacation. In some ways, his songs remind me of Bertie Higgins (Key Largo) and Rupert Holmes (Escape). All of them make me think of relaxing and summer vacation.

Edit: I'm not a party girl either, Jenn. I never did "imbibe" much, and since I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I only imbibe Diet Rite Zero (0 sugar, 0 sodium, 0 caffeine, 0 calories) and the occasional Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi (when I'm feeling really abandoned! LOL)



Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 3:27 pm (#2713 of 2988)

In other words, he is a guy who thinks life should be like summer vacation.

Exactly!!! That's why his music unfailingly puts me in a good mood.

In days of old, when knights were bold, and journeyed from their castles --
trusty men were left behind; knights needed not the hassles.
They helped themselves to pig and peach, and drank from king's own chalice --
oh, it was a stirring sight, these gypsies in the palace.......
And some things never change -- hit it boys!

(One of my all-time favorites... a song about him leaving two goof-offs to house-sit for him while he goes on tour...)


geauxtigers - Jun 28, 2007 3:39 pm (#2714 of 2988)

Oh come on people! You really can't beat Margaritaville! LOL Other than that I don't really listen to him! LOL


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 3:42 pm (#2715 of 2988)

Pfffffttt... you're the one who said "Good Heavens!" was generational. I was going to say that I use that term all the time, but I'm not now...


The giant squid - Jun 28, 2007 3:47 pm (#2716 of 2988)

Happy anniversary to the former Denise S!

Marie, that is odd that you'd have tornadoes in Colorado. usually that sort of weather gets caught on one side or the other of the mountains & doesn't make it into the valley. Weird.

Good Evans, I'll take your word for it that I was "complimentary", even though that makes me feel like a free side of bread...

**thwaps Tazzy over the head with a copy of "Songs You Know By Heart: Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hit(s)"** Besides Margaritaville & Come Monday, he also had Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes--a song I take to heart. "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane..." Even at his worst he's leaps & bounds better than any song from a Disney ride.



Solitaire - Jun 28, 2007 4:19 pm (#2717 of 2988)

LOL Madam Pince! Your knight song reminded me of this one:

Long ago in days of old
There lived a knight who
Wasn't quite as bold
As a knight should be

He rode an old grey mare called Bess
Searchin' for a damsel in distress
Just to see if he
Could set her free

See the knight in rusty armour ride
To her aid
Trusty sword is hanging at his side
With a rusty blade

I'd totally forgotten that song! Then again, perhaps I should leave it in mothballs. LOL



kabloink! - Jun 28, 2007 5:31 pm (#2718 of 2988)

Just a Cheeseburger in Paradise!


Jenniffler - Jun 28, 2007 5:31 pm (#2719 of 2988)

As I was reviewing the new MTV spots about Harry Potter with Emerson, Melissa, et al. I noticed a side bar listing for a"Real World" competition for an internship of the movie "The Dark is Rising". OK, I'm about to show a little obsessiveness, but Wow Finally! I'm glad they didn't wait another twenty years to find this decent subject for a fantasy movie. Without Susan Cooper, I personally would not get JKR's style at all. The approach is very different, but an eleven year old boy discovers he has powers and must use them to defeat evil and save the world? I'm totally in.(Not the MTV internship, Just the fanatical dragging my kids to see a bunch of actors try to capture a story I've loved for two thirds of my life) Crazy type yippee's and a couple of squee''s all over my house.


Ydnam96 - Jun 28, 2007 5:42 pm (#2720 of 2988)

Mmmm....back in Virginia we had a Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant. It was great. I miss it. Played Jimmy Buffet, had great food, and had 203 mixed adult beverages

Denise, I am glad to hear you are up and about!

Wasting away again in Margaritaville...


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 6:11 pm (#2721 of 2988)

We are watching GoF movie -- at the Yule Ball scene, Little Pince said "Hmph. I don't think Viktor is the rotten pumpkin-head -- I think Ron is! He should be dancing with his friend."

I told him he will make some girl very happy someday.


DJ Evans - Jun 28, 2007 6:27 pm (#2722 of 2988)

A great big "Hi" to everyone.

Jimmy Buffet...I'm not a true fan of his really but I do like some of his songs. Like It's 5 o'clock Somewhere and Margaritaville, can't recall if I've ever heard of any of his other songs though that y'all mentioned earlier. I was more into the bands back then.

I was searching on-line for a 1GB flash drive yesterday on Amazon when I came across one they (a side vendor of Amazon) were selling for $1...yes you are reading that right, just "one" little 'ol dollar. I thought to myself, "Wow, can't beat that price! I ought to get 2 or 3 at least." That is till I saw what they wanted for the S/H (shipping/handling) charge -- $14!!! What does the thing weigh? A 1/4 of an ounce? So it must be all of that handling that they are charging for. I just sat there & laughed. And no, I didn't order it.

Madam Pince, did you ever look up & watch the trailer for National Treasure: The Book of Secrets yet? I loved the graphics at the first of it, thought they did a wonderful job on those. And I was glad to see all of the old cast back for this one too.

Happy Anniversary Denise & Mr. P! Hope you have a great one with many more in the years to come. Also, Happy Birthday to Holly's daughter & anyone else who might be having one that I've missed. And definitely drying out charms to those in need. Get well soon charms to Puck's little ones & everyone else. I know I'm forgetting something/someone, please forgive me. Just know that as I'm reading all of the posts I have good intentions of sending out the right sentiment, I just forget before I can actually post. ....sorry

I ordered one of my favorite movies today, Final Countdown with Kirk Douglas. Can't wait for it to come in, it's been quite a while since I've gotten to see it. Smile

Later, Deb


Ludicrous Patents Office - Jun 28, 2007 6:36 pm (#2723 of 2988)

Jenniffler I didn't know they were doing a movie on Dark is Rising. I know the Golden Compass is coming out this holiday season. I'm not much a movie goer with the notable exception of HP movies. Does anyone know of other young adult age novels being turned into movies? I had heard Inkheart and Cry of the Icemark were. LPO

EDIT: I just saw the online trailer for Golden Compass. It looks great. Sam Elliot is in it and I love him!


Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 6:38 pm (#2724 of 2988)

I did watch the National Treasure trailer, Deb -- it looks great! I think some of the best parts of the first one were the scenes where they took the writing and zeroed in on the important parts -- was that the graphics you were speaking of? The handwritten stuff? Or did you mean the way they tumbled the letters of "The Book of Secrets"? Both were way cool. Actually the whole thing looked way cool. I can't wait!


Ginerva Potter - Jun 28, 2007 7:00 pm (#2725 of 2988)

****Ducking the profuse thwacking and dungbombs from parrotheads****

I'm not a Jimmy Buffett hater...just not a huge fan....Cheeseburgers in Paradise...I mean, honestly. His concerts are a lot of fun (so I've heard). My sister used to go to Ohio (we live in Michigan) for his concerts. It was a weekend event - I don't think the party stops until its time to go home.

And he does have more than 3 hits - he has 30 albums, so I hope he has more than 3.

I blew out my flip flop, Stepped on a pop top, Cut my heel and had to cruise on back home . . .

How can you not like Margaritaville!?



DJ Evans - Jun 28, 2007 7:03 pm (#2726 of 2988)

Madam Pince: I did watch the National Treasure trailer, Deb -- it looks great! I think some of the best parts of the first one were the scenes where they took the writing and zeroed in on the important parts -- was that the graphics you were speaking of? The handwritten stuff? Or did you mean the way they tumbled the letters of "The Book of Secrets"? Both were way cool. Actually the whole thing looked way cool. I can't wait!

I was talking about the how they took the writing & zeroed in on the important parts. And I loved the colors (golden) they used on the Disney castle in the intro...way cool there. Riley, I thought, was just a cute as ever too! lol

Later, Deb


Solitaire - Jun 28, 2007 7:29 pm (#2727 of 2988)

DJ, a few months ago I "cruised" into Office Depot around the corner and picked up a 4G Sandisk Cruzer for about $40. I did find a couple of lower prices online, but those pesky shipping charges negated any price break.


Edit: Actually, they have this very item on Amazon.com right now for $39.99, and it qualifies for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING!


Puck - Jun 28, 2007 7:36 pm (#2728 of 2988)

If I hadn't been feeling queasy all day, I'd be pulling that bottle of margaritas out of the fridge about now.

Actually, I would have gone to Allison's high school if I hadn't moved. Many of my good friends went there.

So, I was looking for a house to turn in my Girl Scout registration forms for my troop. The address was for number 7, but the first house on the street was 16, and the numbers went up from there. I tried asking some people if they new the woman, but no luck. I was beginning to think it had been made unplottable! (Turned out the street numbers went up to the hundreds, then suddenly dropped back down to seven. )

Off to read more of SS. (I'm just now starting my re-read. Hoping I can get through all of it in time!)



Madam Pince - Jun 28, 2007 7:39 pm (#2729 of 2988)

Riley is just the most adorable thing! I can't wait to see him again! We have to wait until Christmas, though...

Thanks to the Jimmy discussion, I've been listening to Banana Wind. No really big "hits" on there, but it's one of his more Jamaican/steel-drum-band-type CDs. Now I'm ready for a vacation! Alas, earwax, none in the forecast. Guess I'll just keep singing! ***Puts rubber parrot away and passes Ginerva a cold compress***

Edit: Re: Mr. Mediwitch... Bless his heart...


Mediwitch - Jun 28, 2007 7:48 pm (#2730 of 2988)

Mr. Mediwitch was watching TV and the OoP ad came on - he said, "That's only 2 weeks away!" to which I replied, "Yes, I know!" Silly man!


Caput Draconis - Jun 28, 2007 10:33 pm (#2731 of 2988)

Hello, Mrs Sirius. It is nice to visit again, especially to share such an awesome Harry month.

Hope everyone is enjoying it!


Tazzygirl - Jun 28, 2007 10:46 pm (#2732 of 2988)

First off- The Cell Phone Girl at my work finally put her two week notice in!! w00t!

Lavandula- I believe Man-O-Wars are the second most deadliest jellyfish. The first is the Box Jellyfish. **shudder**

**ducks rubber parrot** Oh- Madam P., I meant to tell you. The Cardinal birds we have here are the ones from Australia, not the Mainland US. (Bit of a difference, but not much. LOL)

**ducks Squid Mike's copy of "Songs You Know By Heart: Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hit(s)"** Sheesh! I'm starting to get bruises here!

**healing charms** to Puck and her family! (I hope you aren't coming down with anything, Puck!

Off to eat some dinner. This thread has been extremely entertaining today. LOL!!



Jenniffler - Jun 28, 2007 11:14 pm (#2733 of 2988)

Holy Toledo Bend!

Mom calls today to tell my son (and me I guess) that my dad called out the proper authorities to round up an eight-foot alligator out of the lake at his job site. Dad and another man scared it straight up a long culvert and into an alligator trap.

It turned around and nearly escaped before the lady in charge shut the gate to the trap in a timely manner. The alligator broke a tooth and injured part of it's mouth, but it has been ok'ed to be shipped to the wild and to be released in an area preserved for the big ones on the Texas/Louisiana border.

Anyhow, I just realized some of you might enjoy the story. Night-Night or Good Day, as it applies.


journeymom - Jun 29, 2007 12:39 am (#2734 of 2988)

Jenniffler-12 year old Miss Journeymom loves that series. Last year she came home telling me about this book her teacher read them, The Dark is Rising, and I was seriously concerned! Why is this woman reading the fifth graders a horror story??! I mean, doesn't it sound like a Stephen King novel? She corrected my misconception. I'll have to tell her it's being made into a movie.

Golden Compass looks like it's going to be wonderful!

Madam P, sounds like you're raising Little Pince to be a right gentleman.

“Some people say that there's a woman to blame...”


jose043 - Jun 29, 2007 1:34 am (#2735 of 2988)

Hi All

Happy Anniversary to Denise P & Mr P hope many more to come.

Happy birthday to all that have had one, we seem to have missed a few.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Drying charms to those that are flooded out, not here though even though we have had some rain could do with lots more out in the country areas not just the coastal area.

Have been back to the specialist who did my shoulder 9 months ago said it would be at least 6 more months before it would be completely healed though I may never get the full movement back into the shoulder.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Tazzygirl - Jun 29, 2007 1:35 am (#2736 of 2988)

I would just like to share that my brother is a big fan of Jimmy Buffet. He almost hung up on me when I told him I didn't like Jimmy.



kabloink! - Jun 29, 2007 5:28 am (#2737 of 2988)

Okay, I officially give up on catching up. I've been reading all the new posts, but was still trying to catch up on posts from earlier in the week. Oh well. I like Jimmy Buffet, but I rarely choose one of his CD's over something else. I went to Margaritaville down in Key West when I was in high school. I was very bummed that I could not have a Margarita, but did have a cheeseburger in paradise. I remember that one being very good. Last summer (again no Margaritas-pregnant this time), I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise over in Lansing, and it just wasn't nearly as good. In fact, I didn't really care for the restaurant at all. Perhaps there's just something about trying to call Michigan paradise in any way, shape or form....

Speaking of Michigan, whereabouts are you from Ginerva? I live in Clinton Township now, but I've lived all over the lower half of the state.

Okay, I'm going to be late for work so have a great day everyone!


Puck - Jun 29, 2007 6:05 am (#2738 of 2988)

Madame Pince, I meant to mention that The Early SHow on CBS was talking about dogs with "Thunderphobia" earlier this week. If you go to the website they will likely give you some ideas of what to do about it.

Off to get the stitches out!



azi - Jun 29, 2007 6:15 am (#2739 of 2988)

Little P is such a gentleman!

Good luck with getting the stitches out, Puck!

Never heard of Jimmy Buffet. Didn't we have this conversation a few months ago? Maybe I'm imagining things...after all I'd have heard of him then, wouldn't I?

I got home to find my brother has decided to paint his bedroom bright red. Therefore I've got half his belongings in my room, including an air compressor. Why would you need an air compressor in your bedroom? To run his miniature steam engines apparently. At least this means he won't be usurping my room for a while yet.

**waves** to everyone! We finally have some sun! (it's sun/showers, but still)


The giant squid - Jun 29, 2007 6:21 am (#2740 of 2988)

Never heard of Jimmy Buffet—azi

Kids today...


Denise P. - Jun 29, 2007 6:35 am (#2741 of 2988)

Did my eyes deceive me? Was that Lauren who posted upthread? Hello stranger! Welcome! Fill us in on what has been going on with you! Lauren is Caput Draconis, an "old timer"


Holly T. - Jun 29, 2007 8:33 am (#2742 of 2988)

I like the part in the Lion King where Zazu starts singing "It's a Small World."

When I was playing Disney Trivial Pursuit with my daughter and her friend the other day whenever one of the questions had a quote I was doing the voices --badly (they were ROFL when I was doing a Mufasa voice and told me to stop).

Kathy, is Diva going to be a Daisy?I can never remember the house number (I know the name of the street) for our service unit registrar but I can give directions to her house. I tell people how to get to her street and then I'm like "it's on the right, front porch with a rail around it, pond in front of the porch, big flagpole in the yard." You really can't miss it, yet people still want a house number. You can't even see the house number. Our service unit director has pink flamingos in her yard. I don't know her house number either.

Daughter says thanks for the birthday wishes! I can't believe she is 12. That makes me ... old.


painting sheila - Jun 29, 2007 9:03 am (#2743 of 2988)
Edited Jun 29, 2007 10:14 am

12!!! She is almost . . .(gasp!) . . . . a teenager!! Hang on to your hat when that happens! Tween is noting compared to teen. (Of course I say that with love and affection for all our teen forumners!(insert waving smiley face here that my computer will not me access the page for))

Did you all read the reviews for Japans premiere? I guess it went over REALLY well!! I can't wait!

It was really cute to read about Harry's first kiss - aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

They also mentioned that they are doing auditions for Lavender Brown - Ron's kissing partner. I wonder if Rupert is in on the auditions?

EDIT: Hey! Everyone! There is now a DH Release party thread opened! wOOt!!


Choices - Jun 29, 2007 10:15 am (#2744 of 2988)

I sort of feel I have to defend Jimmy Buffet. He's from right here in my neck of the woods - Pascagoula is just a stones throw from Mobile. I guarantee if you're sitting on the beach in the late afternoon with the breeze blowing on you, a cool one in your hand and eating shrimp and oysters, having Jimmy singing in the background ain't so bad. LOL He has family in Mobile, so we see him a lot around here at charity events and BayBears baseball games. Gorgeous Mark Harmon comes here a lot to play at our baseball games for charity.


Solitaire - Jun 29, 2007 10:22 am (#2745 of 2988)

My dog Stoney doesn't have "thunderphobia," but he does have "fireworks-phobia." I didn't realize it until last summer. I put the dogs into the hallway and closed the doors to the rooms with windows, as I thought they would have less chance of hearing the fireworks. Well ... I found HUGE scratches on my bedroom doorframe (his crate is in my room). From now on, if I am gone, I will leave all the doors open and he can find his own "best place." Hopefully, it will not be so bad this year ... his hearing is not as acute.

Never heard of Jimmy Buffet.  You're pulling my leg, right? **shaking head** You're very young ...

I can't believe she is 12. That makes me ... old.  Not necessarily. One year I had a 14-year-old student whose mother was ... 27 (hardly old)! Anyway, haven't you been paying attention lately? You only have to be as old as you want to be! Now, repeat that ... until you begin to understand the wisdom of it! Actually, by your reckoning, I must not be old at all, since I have no 12-year-old. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 1003735042

Oh, my aching back! For the past 6 days I've had a big ache sweep through my lower back as I sit up in bed. After about 20 seconds, it dissipates--especially after I walk around or take a hot shower. I'm used to my knee being awful for weeks and months at a time ... but not my back. Oddly, I got up around 4 a.m. to get a drink ... and it didn't hurt at all. I wonder if it's how I'm sleeping. Hm ...

Well, back or no back, I need to get back to work. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


Edit: Mark Harmon ... hubba-hubba! Gorgeous is right!


Good Evans - Jun 29, 2007 10:53 am (#2746 of 2988)

“another saturday night and I aint got nobody ..... “  I thought that was The Drifters???

ok one more question as I am not much the wiser on Mr Buffet, is it buff - ette or buff ay??? I may not know who he is but I may at least pronounce his name correctly !

would that be garlic then squid Mike??

I was in shaftesury avenue in London today, another 1/4 of a mile and we would have been evacuated due to the bomb scare. I hope the "Catherines" weren't in theatreland / chinatown as it is that area that has been affected.

for any London forummers, I hope your travel wasn't too disrupted, thanks to god that the bomb was safely disarmed by the bomb squad!

Luna has her obedience silver test tonight so wish her lots of felix felicis and good luck in about an hour and half from now. We are going to need it!


azi - Jun 29, 2007 11:06 am (#2747 of 2988)

Healing charms Soli! My mum has severe back problems and she's found that heat really does help. Maybe a wheatbag would help if it's not too hot where you live?

is it buff - ette or buff ay???  -JulieGE I was thinking the same thing! I've been quoting Keeping Up Appearances all day. 'Mrs Bucket...' 'It's Boo-kay!' (Hmm, can't think how else to write it to get my point across.) Good luck to Luna!


John Bumbledore - Jun 29, 2007 11:07 am (#2748 of 2988)

Pascagoula is just a stones throw from Mobile. — Choices
So that's where it is, is it? Reminds me of a song by (Cat or Ray) Stevens.

The day the squirrel went berserk
in the First South Baptist Church
in that sleepy little town of Pascagoula.

It was a fight for survival
that broke out in revival
They were jumping pews and shouting Halleluiah!

Oh does that bring back memories of University.

A sequel to National Treasure? Was that the one with Nicolas Cage? I'll have to scroll back and copy the phrase and google it! ** I'm off searching now... **

Edit to add for Soli and Journeymom...

Oh, that back pain. When you first get up but not if you get up in the middle of the night... could it be kidneys complaining? Having seasonal allergies, I often use antihistamines and decongestants. If I don't keep well hydrated (and sometimes even when I do) I will get this widespread ache across my lower back. I suggest cranberry juice cocktail, it is a wonderful cleansing agent for the kidneys.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Jun 29, 2007 11:07 am (#2749 of 2988)

I've had a big ache sweep through my lower back as I sit up in bed.

Solitaire, I experience this daily, and have been for a few years. If I get up in the middle of the night my back is fine. If I get less than seven hours of sleep (there abouts) my back is fine. If I sleep in the least bit my back hurts. I mean it hurts to even turn over. But- I've also found that if, when I first wake up, I turn on my side (this hurts) and pull my knees up so I'm curled in a ball, and stay there for a few minutes, the pain goes away and I'm able to get up with no problem.

Mr Journeymom called this morning (well, almost noon in Baton Rouge), during an unscheduled break. They were scheduled to sing at a FEMA trailer park, but a combinations of things came up and they canceled it. They're pooped, the heat is higher than it's been (they're all Sacramento Valley folk, where when it's 90 degrees F, it's very dry, not 90% humidity!) and they got the distinct impression the park directors didn't really want them there. They would be required to leave any cameras and cell phones behind. Something about not wanting any more pictures leaked to the Press. Kind of makes you wonder if they're hiding poor conditions, but Mr Journeymom also pointed out that perhaps the residents just want a little privacy. The "Press" is in there all the time taking pictures. It's completely understandable.


John, I just noticed what scene your avatar is from. It's from CoS, Fawkes's burning day?


Good Evans - Jun 29, 2007 11:12 am (#2750 of 2988)

LOL Azi, I have had Hyacinth in my mind as I have been reading the posts too!!! I just had to ask!
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Chemyst - Jun 29, 2007 11:13 am (#2751 of 2988)

I'd say it is:   BUFF it


Lilly P - Jun 29, 2007 11:25 am (#2752 of 2988)

Hello everyone!!! I'm back with a new laptop and internet access at the house!!! I have missed you all soooooo much! It will take me a while to catch up with all that I have missed, but Im so looking forward to doing it!


Ginerva Potter - Jun 29, 2007 11:33 am (#2753 of 2988)

Good Evans - Thank you so much! I can't remember who it was that posted that originally, but I couldn't place the song until you said it was the Drifters. It's not the Drifters though. I looked it up -it says per Wikipedia that Sam Cooke was the original singer and then Cat Stevens remade the song.

And it's Jimmy Buff - ette for those who didn't know.

Edit - **waves to Good Evans** Yes, I like Sam Cooke, too. I'm just glad to finally have placed the song. It was bothering me. I don't know why I didn't think to look it up yesterday because I recognized the lyrics, just not that it was Jimmy Buffet. But when you mentioned the Drifters - I looked them up trying to find the song. Anyway, mystery solved! Thanks again!

kabloink - I live in the Flint area. Clinton Twp - I've heard of it, but can't remember if that is closer to Lansing or Detroit.


Good Evans - Jun 29, 2007 11:37 am (#2754 of 2988)

aha Sam Cooke now there was a singer!!!!! **waves to Ginny, for correcting me**


Holly T. - Jun 29, 2007 12:01 pm (#2755 of 2988)

Solitaire--I was 26 when I had her so I am not that old, I guess, if we are going by the “choose your own age” method.

My back hurts in the morning too, more if I lay on my back instead of on my side. Because of this, I make myself lie on my back when the alarm starts to go off and not turn back on my side because then I have to get up to make my back stop hurting--it usually feels better by the time I get out of the shower.

Snuffles and Azi--is it drying out over there? It has not rained today here for I think the first time in a week. The sun is even shining.

Dh came home this morning to take a shower (he's been at Cub Scout camp) and go to work for an all-day meeting. Son is still at camp. Dh will go back out there tonight after his meeting and they'll both be home tomorrow. He brought a disgusting bag of laundry home with him.


painting sheila - Jun 29, 2007 12:13 pm (#2756 of 2988)

It's thundering pretty badly here. There is a Severe Thunder Storm warning out - yikes!

I am leaving in a few to drive to Virginia to pick the big kids up. I can't wait to hear every thing!!I am sure they have had such a great time. (sigh) I wish I could go to camp again- Spa Camp maybe!

Wish me luck and see you Saturday night.



Solitaire - Jun 29, 2007 12:53 pm (#2757 of 2988)

Thanks, Azi. Heat does indeed help ... but it's so darn hot here that I hate to pull it out. I generally take tepid showers in summertime, but this morning I let the shower massager beat on my back with the hottest water I could stand ... and it helped. I feel better. I'm going to walk on my treadmill later--cooler than being outside--and afterwards I'll do some stretches. They always help, once I'm loosened up enough to be able to get down on the floor and back up again. My knees make that a difficult exercise. BTW, what's a wheatbag?

Oh! Buffet rhymes with "tuffet" ... as in "Little Miss Muffet."

John, this pain is just below my waistline. I think it's lower than my kidneys, but I am paying close attention to it because I am diabetic (no juices, unfortunately) and that can mean trouble. Either way, if it persists into next week, I will be calling the doc to have him take a look. Since my knee is also acting up again, I'm betting it is my arthritis.

Journeymom, I always sleep on my side, but I've woken up several times this week on my back, so it is entirely possible that this is what is causing the trouble. I've not been sleeping well and really have been thrashing around in bed all week. The sheets have been pulled loose every morning when I get up. Go figure! BTW, are you in Sacramento?

It is amazing that we all have back pain, considering how YOUNG we all are! Holly, you really ARE young!

Sheila, safe driving charms to you! I hope the storm passes over you quickly.

Well, I have a 1:30 appointment, so I suppose I should get moving. Thanks to all for the suggestions and healing charms for my back. I will be paying close attention to how it feels.



Lavandula - Jun 29, 2007 12:59 pm (#2758 of 2988)

Welcome Back, Lily!!

Just popped in to say hello. Off to little guy's baseball game-have to drop off his friend first though.

Margarittas to everyone!



azi - Jun 29, 2007 12:59 pm (#2759 of 2988)

A wheatbag is just a fabric bag containing wheat which you heat up in the microwave. They're generally scented with lavender or another scent. Very useful as you can re-heat them many times.

Hasn't rained here all day! However, we are still on floodwatch as heavy rain is forecast tomorrow and Sunday. Beautiful day today though, if a little cold.


Solitaire - Jun 29, 2007 1:00 pm (#2760 of 2988)

The wheatbag sounds nice ... I'll have to look around and see if there are any places here that carry them. Thanks for the tip!


Winky Woo - Jun 29, 2007 1:03 pm (#2761 of 2988)

Hi Guys!

Just a quick hello! How are you all?

Life is busy, having moved back to Liverpool and started the new job etc.

I confess to pressing the magic button when I saw 2000+ messages on this thread Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934

So what's all the gossip and scandal?

I don't have a phone line in my new house and the office is draconian and we can't go on the internet! I am at my parents in Majorca for the weekend, so guess what the first thing I did was... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 2752390508

love Winky X X X


Snuffles - Jun 29, 2007 1:05 pm (#2762 of 2988)

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Denise P. I hope you have a wonderful day

Jimmy Buffett. I'm really sorry, but I still have no idea who he is.

Madam P, little Pince is soooo sweet. What a wonderful little gentleman you have on your hands

*anti-quesy charms* to Kathy. I hope you feel better soon.

I did read in one of the British papers that Tom Felton is distantly related to the Salem Witches (the Slytherin ones I presume )

Soli, I hope your back is feeling better soon. How is your mum by the way?

We went to Flamingo Land today (zoo and theme park). We didn't see any rain all day It was cloudy though, and after my shower, I think I have caught the sun on my cheeks and nose . The sun hasn't been seen for so long I must have forgotten what it looked like! Hubby made me go on a fast rollercoaster ride which I am usually too scared to go on. I actually enjoyed it

Off to be sad and watch Big Brother

Hope everyone has a good Friday



Tazzygirl - Jun 29, 2007 1:06 pm (#2763 of 2988)

Soli: The wheatbag sounds nice ... I'll have to look around and see if there are any places here that carry them.

Check the shopping malls. I've seen them in the little kiosk things in the middle of the walk ways.

**healing charms** to everyone that needs them!



John Bumbledore - Jun 29, 2007 1:15 pm (#2764 of 2988)

John, I just noticed what scene your avatar is from. It's from CoS, Fawkes's burning day? — Journeymom
Ha ha! fooled you! I have a few fake avatar pictures I can use and I changed it out during an edit. This is my "new, enhanced portrait" from when my coworkers and I were playing paintball. I think you can see both sides of my face in this one, now that I figured out how to adjust the gamma setting.

Sorry if I missed any posts, I am multi-tasking and have missed a few small detail.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


azi - Jun 29, 2007 1:23 pm (#2765 of 2988)

**waves to Winky** No Internet access? How do you cope?


Winky Woo - Jun 29, 2007 1:30 pm (#2766 of 2988)

***waves back to Azi***

It's hell! Honestly small things take forever! You get so used to internet banking, paying bills, looking up info... just hanging out here... that you forget the old fashioned way of doing stuff!

On the plus side, I read a lot more and I don't get sucked into "I'll just pop on for 10 minutes" and then 3 hours later you look at the time... who am I trying to kid!

Are you home from Uni for the summer? How's life treating you?

Winky x x x

Edit: I just noticed I've lost my pretty star


azi - Jun 29, 2007 1:52 pm (#2767 of 2988)

Life is treating me fine! Summer holidays just started. Wishing I was on holiday in the sun though. I know what you mean about books - I have 5 to read but never get round to it because I'm on the Internet all the time! It feels more productive.


Choices - Jun 29, 2007 1:56 pm (#2768 of 2988)

Chemyst had it right - it's like what you do to your car after you put wax on it - you buff it. Jimmy Buffet :-)

Pascagoula is about 30 minutes west of Mobile. It is the home of Ingall's Ship Building Corp. where some of the world's biggest ships are built.


Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 2:50 pm (#2769 of 2988)

***Waves at Winky Woo*** (Hey, try saying that three times fast...)

My friend (that I used to go to Jimmy's concerts with) and I sometimes say "Bouff-fay" when we're being silly and pretending to be snooty, but it really is Buff-it. Like we say we shop at "Tar-zhay" and get our designer clothes from "Jean-Claude Pennae's" (discount stores Target and J.C. Penney's -- for those who don't have them...)

Pascagoula Run... now there's another favorite... "...here's where it gets bizarre!"

And here I thought John's picture was him photo-shopping himself in a Quirrell turban...


azi - Jun 29, 2007 2:52 pm (#2770 of 2988)

Madame P - I thought he was wearing some sort of turban thing until that photo appeared too! I didn't want to sound silly by saying it earlier...


Winky Woo - Jun 29, 2007 3:05 pm (#2771 of 2988)

***Waves right back***

How's Little Pince?- I nearly typed Prince (fraudian slip me thinks! lets not got down the route of who Snapes mum truly is...)

Winky x x x


Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 3:07 pm (#2772 of 2988)

Wink, wink -- I'm saying nothing! LOL!

Little P is fine, thanks! Still enjoying Harry Potter as much as ever!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 29, 2007 3:07 pm (#2773 of 2988)

Like we say we shop at "Tar-zhay" and get our designer clothes from "Jean-Claude Pennae's" (discount stores Target and J.C. Penney's -- for those who don't have them...

And I thought we were the only ones who called it Tar-zhay!

Vacation is finally here, hurrah, hurrah! My husband isn't home yet, but close enough -- it's 5PM! Yippee!!!

My kids went to see Ratatouille, and they said it was good, although Liz said the music was a little uninspired. My hubby and I will get to go this evening, I hope!

Still working on Chapter 15. I'm about half-done now. I made out a schedule planning to get a chapter done every two weeks. That would get me finished with the rough draft by the end of the first week in September. It would be insane to even hope for that, but I've already planned out much of Chapter 17 in great detail, and pivotal bits of 18, 19, and 20 are already written. So it might happen...


Chemyst - Jun 29, 2007 3:08 pm (#2774 of 2988)

(gasp!) . . . . a teenager!! Hang on to your hat when that happens! –
Lies! Myths! Stereotypes!   Seriously, the teen years are some of the greatest times for parenting. At long last you start to see some results! You get glimpses of the emerging adult; you can carry on conversations that are downright substantive; and as for that hat, mercy! Why hang on to it? It was made for throwing into the air when they do you proud.

 ** waves to winky woo with welcoming wonderment; what! no 'net?**

some sort of Quirrell turban…     … you mean his head isn't really— oh. Never mind.


Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 3:10 pm (#2775 of 2988)

Jeez, you can really tell it's Friday around here...


Good Evans - Jun 29, 2007 3:10 pm (#2776 of 2988)

Thanks for the lucky charms Azi, SHE PASSED!!!!!!! by a whisker I suspect. only three of the class of 9 passed, I am so pleased with her. The forum doggie is now a silver obedience lady!!

It was nervewracking as the normal inspector wasn't available and we had someone from the kennel club itself! She was really tough and made us do a few of the exercises a couple of times. Luna was a bit jumpy and excited, but she did do the exercises when it came to it, so HOORAY for her. I am not so sure that we will go in for the gold though! You know, it made sitting the WOMBAT seem completely stressfree!!


Round Pink Spider - Jun 29, 2007 3:11 pm (#2777 of 2988)

Chemyst, I couldn't agree more. Yes, the teen years can be a challenge (especially right around 13-14 ), but you're right, it is WONDERFUL to see your child turn into an adult. It's very moving and beautiful! *sniff*

EDIT: Jeez, you can really tell it's Friday around here...

Yeah, chatter chatter! 3 more posts before I can blink!


Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 3:13 pm (#2778 of 2988)
Edited Jun 29, 2007 3:46 pm

Yay for Luna the super doggie! Woo-hoo!

Meant to say earlier -- very glad also that you were not in the "danger area" this morning, Good Evans! Hope the Catherines and anyone else in the area are all OK and unaffected. Seems we need some of the Weasleys' shield cloaks...

Puck, hope the stitches removal went OK -- not easy I know!

Sam Elliott is in a new movie??!!!   *dreamy sigh*  Now there's a man... he just has "That Voice," you know? I remember him from way back in that silly lifeguard movie... and what a mustache!!! Most impressive.

Missed earlier saying "Welcome back!" to Lilly P... so welcome! You're back just in time! July and all...

Healing charms to Josephine's shoulder and Soli's back. Josephine, I really hope things will improve for you. Mr. Pince has the same issues and it is awful having to watch him suffer and there's not much to be done about it. The surgery does help some, but I'm afraid you're right that full range-of-motion often does not return. Sometimes it does, though, so chin up! ***fingers crossed***

So what's all the gossip and scandal? --Winky Woo
I don't know -- I think somebody said Denise is expecting again or something...??? ***evil cackle***


journeymom - Jun 29, 2007 3:44 pm (#2779 of 2988)

Ha ha! fooled you! -John B.


Welcome back, Lilly!


Denise P. - Jun 29, 2007 3:47 pm (#2780 of 2988)

**smacks Madam Pince on the head with a wand**: Uhm NO, Denise is NOT expecting again I told you, our 2005 model was the final model.


Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 3:48 pm (#2781 of 2988)

Owwwwwww... I need the cold compress.... Tee-hee!!!


Ginerva Potter - Jun 29, 2007 3:53 pm (#2782 of 2988)

***passes cold compress back to Madame P***

You let me borrow it, now I'm giving it back.



The giant squid - Jun 29, 2007 4:28 pm (#2783 of 2988)

Welcome back, Winky Woo! (hey, that has a nice cadence to it...)

As for the "Buffett or Buff-ay" question, it's a hard T, as in "He had so many margaritas he staggered as though buffetted by unseen winds."

I think "Tar-zhay" has entered the pop culture lexicon. We were saying that when I was a kid--and North Dakota was always about half a decade behind everyone else!

John, that was Ray Stevens, with the "Mississippi Squirrel Revival." I've always liked him. "Guitarzan...he's a guitar man..."



Marie E. - Jun 29, 2007 4:57 pm (#2784 of 2988)

I always thought Ray Stevens must be related somehow to Weird Al. I heard Weird Al's song "White and Nerdy" yesterday and laughed myself into hiccups.

Welcome back to Winky Woo, Lily P, and Caput Draconis! Nothing like a book and movie in the same month to bring old friends back!

Poor Shayla has a stomach bug today. Nothing serious, just upset tummy and low grade fever. She's so rarely sick that it seems odd to see her like that.



Choices - Jun 29, 2007 5:42 pm (#2785 of 2988)

Good Heavens - congratulations to your super dog! Excellent! If they only had events in non-obedience, I'd enter all my dogs. LOL

Welcome back to all our old forum friends who are returning. So good to see you all again. Also welcome to new forum members. :-)

Healing charms to all who need them, especially stomach virus victims - get well soon!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Love and (((hugs))) to all!


Denise P. - Jun 29, 2007 6:08 pm (#2786 of 2988)

There are all kinds of non-obedience events for dogs. Tracking, herding, earthdog, lure coursing, flyball, agility, rally, field events, therapy dogs.. There are even Dog Scouts of America (seriously, google it) Herding is only open to certain breeds, same with Earthdog and I think lure coursing (at least with AKC...may be different in other venues)

What is involved in silver obedience? Tinsel and I are working on basic manners - sit, stay, down, wait, come, heel, leave it, lets go...that kind of thing. I have also thrown place in there (to get her into position on my left side)


Choices - Jun 29, 2007 6:35 pm (#2787 of 2988)

Maybe non-obedience is not the classification I am looking for - how about bad, unmannered, do what they want to type dog classes? Boy, do I have four I could enter. LOL I used to show Silky Terriers years ago and they were obedient, but now I don't even bother to make my dogs mind. When I tell them to do something, first they ignore me, then when I give up and walk away I swear they laugh at me behind my back. It's humiliating!


Solitaire - Jun 29, 2007 6:41 pm (#2788 of 2988)

Snuffles, my back is better this afternoon. My mom is doing really well. She had her first chemotherapy treatment last week, and her blood work is all good. She has that done every week ... ugh! Her oncologist says she is in great health, and he does not anticipate any problems.

Tazzy, I am unlikely to find anything in a mall, as I don't "do" malls ... really! Our mall is a little too "gang infested" for my comfort, and a couple of murders there in the last two years does not make me like it any better. Occasionally, I will shop the "anchor" stores--Gottschalks, Macy's, Sears--and a couple of smaller stores that are next to an exit. But I don't like going into the mall, unless I know exactly where I am going, and I can get in and out in about 5-10 minutes. I think I have "mallophobia."

Josephine, I am so sorry your shoulder is bothering you. My sis has had shoulder surgery--as I think I may have told you before--but sometimes she still has problems. Mine bothers me from time to time, but it is just a bursitis issue. Most of the time, it is fine.

When I tell them to do something, first they ignore me, then when I give up and walk away I swear they laugh at me behind my back I thought cats did that ... not dogs! **making a note not to get a Silky**

The weekend is here! Yippeeeee ... well, yippee for those who work. I'm on vacation, so every day (almost) is the weekend for me!



Madam Pince - Jun 29, 2007 7:13 pm (#2789 of 2988)

I think all our pets laugh at us behind our backs... (This is a really funny coincidence that this conversation would come up right now, but it would take too long to explain why... Mandy will know soon...)

Isn't "heel" the command for get into position at your left side? What do you do differently with "place"?


Denise P. - Jun 29, 2007 7:46 pm (#2790 of 2988)

Heel refers to the dog walking on your left side, their head about even with your knee, loose lead. "Lets go" just means walk on the leash on my left side, loose leash but you don't have to stay in correct heel position and can go forward a bit as long as the leash is loose. "Place" means get your body over on the left side and sit down squarely next to me. "Finish" means the dog is sitting in front of me looking at me, walks to the right of me going behind me and sits down at my left side squarely. I don't ever use "place" in competition since it is actually a harder finish to get the dog to sit squarely. A friend of mine had a pretty spectacular finish on her dog. Broker (the dog) would jump straight up in the air (Golden Retriever so he would go up pretty high) twist in the air and back up into place and sit squarely. She loved to have him do that for demonstration but not in competition.


Loopy Lupin - Jun 29, 2007 7:49 pm (#2791 of 2988)

Vlad & Loopy Lupin had a running thing for a while over who was better, Chaplin or Buster Keaton. Since Loopy seems to be on a hiatus at the moment, Vlad is safe to spout all the anti-Chaplin sentiment he wants.-- Squid Mike

Oh, I don't think so! Don't ever assume I'm not lurking around. I've been quite, quite busy the last couple of months with little time to do much of anything that I really like to do. However, my spidey sense tingles whenever Vlad thinks of mentioning Chaplin or Keaton and no one should even think about discussing how underrated or misunderstood The Village is. I will find you.

This weekend is my high school's 20th year reunion, so I'm visiting the folks and feeling old and ready to attend the festivities tomorrow. And, before Squid Mike thinks of something clever to say, let me remind him that, by my recollection/calculation, his 15th should be coming up or should already have occurred.

Anyway, Vlad and I did have a running debate for a while over silent movie stars. I know it's a tad cliché, but we got tired of arguing over Clapton vs. Hendrix. And, yes Harold Lloyd was great too and is often overlooked in these types of arguments.

General question: Did Jo ever address the "hacker spoiler ending" thing or has she ignored it? If not, the silence would be disturbing. Starting to wish I hadn't read that.

Well, happy weekend to everyone and I'm starting to get all a dither since Sunday will be July already!


Lavandula - Jun 29, 2007 8:08 pm (#2792 of 2988)

Wow, now I do feel old. My 25th high school reunion is this summer.

ROFL about all this chit chat being due to Denise having another baby! I know...I know... it's just a rumor.

I just realized that the month we have all been waiting for is almost here and I still don't have my presale tickets for OoTP yet!!!

Will someone save me one of those big cardboard HP signs? I have no connections whatsoever!!! *jealous of TBE*


Puck - Jun 29, 2007 8:34 pm (#2793 of 2988)

**waves to Loopy and Jamie**

Holly, yes, Diva and I will be in Daisies come fall.

Yeah for Luna!

Solitaire, I have a DVD called "Back Care Yoga" with Rodney Yee. It's been awhile since I used that one, but it's mostly done in a chair, as I recall, so it may not be hard on the knees. Anyway, I had back trouble while pregnant, and Yoga a few times a week worked miracles!

Holly, my oldest may only be 7, but I'm not far behind age wise. Don't let her make you feel old. (Heck, someone I went to school with has a son who's 20.)

Marie, sounds like the same bug we have in Mass. It's quick, as we are all better today.

We tried to go see Pirates tonight. I checked the times yesterday and went to see the 6:10 show today. However, they change the times on Fridays, not Thursday as I had thought, so the earliest was 8pm, getting us home after 11pm. We didn't have the sitter that long, so went to dinner instead. Guess we'll have to wait for the DVD. OotP will have to wait until August, when we are visiting the grandparents.

Off to read a bit more of SS and then to bed!



Elanor - Jun 29, 2007 9:54 pm (#2794 of 2988)

As it is Saturday morning here, I can now shout...

Joyeux anniversaire Soli!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I hope you have the most wonderful day!

BTW, I had never heard of Jimmy Buffet either I'm afraid! But I understand why he likes margaritas... His name in French means dresser/kitchen cabinet, no problem for knowing where to keep the ingredients...

Am I the only one who thought of Phoebe Buffay when reading about the "Buffay" pronounciation? Has he ever sung "Smelly Cat"?

Congratulations and cheering charms sent to everyone needing some! And welcome back to the forumers who have been gone for a little while!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 29, 2007 10:46 pm (#2795 of 2988)

I just had to skip to the end. Happy posters of late!

Happy Anniversary Denise P!!

Happy Birthday Solitaire.

Mediwitch wow, that is a beautiful avatar. Is that your garden?

Today was my 40th anniverasary in the United States. Wow. Of course I am still telling the kids that I am 29.

Have a great day, last day before the month!!!


Solitaire - Jun 29, 2007 11:41 pm (#2796 of 2988)

Thank you, Audrey and Mrs. Sirius. Now, how old will I be today? Hmmmmm ...


Tazzygirl - Jun 29, 2007 11:44 pm (#2797 of 2988)

Lavandula: Will someone save me one of those big cardboard HP signs?

If I can figure out a way to mail one to you intact, I'll totally save you a cutout (If my boss says it's okay to take it. Sometimes we have to send cutouts back to the manufacturers or something...)! I believe we have three various different cut outs for DH currently at my Barnes and Noble. There is even a nifty one in the front window that has a countdown on it. 21 Days left!

Went for a walk tonight, and caught the every Friday night fireworks that the Hilton Hawaiian Village puts on. It was pretty neat!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLI!! Have a great day!

Off to relax and hopefully fall asleep early. I am definitely hiking up Diamond Head tomorrow morning. whoo-hoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!



jose043 - Jun 30, 2007 2:00 am (#2798 of 2988)

Hi All

Happy birthday Solitaire & Many more to come. Sorry your back is worrying you hope it eases up & gives you some peace.

To the ones who sent healing charms for my shoulder. It has it days depending on what house work I have been doing like cleaning bathroom, living-room, main bedroom & hallway. Anne said I should have waited till Saturday when she is home from work. We both did the sun room, toilet, laundry & sleep-out where the two computers are have to do kitchen/dining-room, tomorrow it not that the house is big it just that it not only worries my shoulder but also my back.

My Mouse has decided it doesn't want to work so I am having to use the arrow keys to get corrections on my post. Had some fluff in it.

have a good weekend all of you.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


TwinklingBlueEyes - Jun 30, 2007 2:30 am (#2799 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Soli!


azi - Jun 30, 2007 4:11 am (#2800 of 2988)

Happy birthday Soli! You'll be getting your Hogwart's letter any day soon I reckon.

Continued healing charms to your shoulder, Josephine! When my uncle injured his shoulder being attacked by a bull the doctor said the most important thing was to keep moving. Sounds like you're doing just that.
Lady Arabella
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Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 4:27 am (#2801 of 2988)

Keep moving, as in keep moving the way he probably was when he was attacked by the bull? (OK, my dad was a farmer and so I know that's not really funny, but I have this mental picture of Bugs Bunny getting chased by the bull -- "Stop steamin' up my tail!")

Happy Birthday, Solitaire! May you have a wonderful day filled with happy memories and lots of chocolate.

I want to go with you Tazzy! The view from atop Diamond Head is pretty spectacular! And the history buff in me thought the old military emplacements up there were cool as all get out. One of my best friends honeymooned at the Hilton Hawaiian Village -- she said it was wonderful. But then again, pretty much everything in Hawaii is, isn't it?

Couldn't sleep last night -- got awake early this morning. This is going to be a long day. Actually I think I'll try to go back to bed.


azi - Jun 30, 2007 4:39 am (#2802 of 2988)

LOL Madam P! That reminds of a bull story a friend told me. He was working with his cows and suddenly noticed the more violence prone species from the next field had escaped. They chased him up the field until he climbed a tree (he was stuck up there for a while), at which point the farmer called his phone and told him not to go in that field because his bulls had escaped. He just replied, 'Yeah, I realised.'


Lilly P - Jun 30, 2007 5:45 am (#2803 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Solitare! Im just getting ready to go to work but thought I'd pop in and say hi, just because I can! I love having the internet back! I have a wedding to go to right after work, it is a Hawaiian theme, so Im sure we will have both Jimmy Buffett (big fan by the way) and margarittas! check in with you all late tonight, enjoy your weekend!



Jenniffler - Jun 30, 2007 6:51 am (#2804 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Solitaire! Have a perfect California day for us!

Congratulations on the anniversary Mrs. Sirius.

Mr. Niffler has exactly one year until the big 40 and Soli obviously is more youthful than he, yet undoubtedly not as inexperienced or giddy.

We celebrated his b-day by seeing Spiderman 3 (without kids, like a real date). Since all the cineplexes removed it from their lineup just two days ago, we had to pick between a movie/dinner place and IMAX. We opted for the more macho choice of IMAX and we were rewarded with excellent sound. but a single piece of lint danced around the screen and interfered with my focus so much, I began to have delusions that it too was a nefarious bad guy that Peter Parker had to defeat, Lintman!

Ah well, at least I can expect more movie enjoyment. Pirates is coming to our rinky dink, adorable single screen theater in our tiny town. I will be going, even if I have to throw Little Jo in a stroller and walk the four blocks myself. Then we must make sure the kiddos see Ratatouille. Niffler Daughter does a cartwheel any time it is mentioned.

My own Trio is planning a midnight viewing of OotP, complete with cardigans and matching hair bows. I fully expect to get booed(Hurray!) But I hope most obsessive fans will understand the joke. Perfect grooming hiding perfect evil. What a costume!


kabloink! - Jun 30, 2007 6:55 am (#2805 of 2988)

John Bumbledore-I love that Ray Stevens song! When I was younger, we had a VHS tape of a whole bunch of Ray Stevens videos. He's great, absolutely hilarious!

Ginerva, Clinton Twp is in the Detroit area. We lived in Port Huron last year, and just moved down here for hubby's job last month. My in-laws live just south of Flint, in a little itt-bitty place called Argentine Township. Its west of Linden and Fenton, farther down SIlver Lake Rd.

Lavandula, thanks for the reminder-I just went online to order mine!

Wow, finally all caught up. It has been a crazy week for me. First, I got a root canal on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, I caught the cold that hubby had passed to Ian who had passed it to my mom (who still has no voice-now my dad has it, too). For me, though, the cold seemed far more short-lived than for everyone else, nor did I lose my voice yet (knock on wood!). I guess those pre-natal vitamins are really doing me some good. Or it could be the cranberry juice I've been drinking lately. I love that stuff, and it appears that Ian loves it too (his is cut with water though, about half and half).

Ian's crawling all over now, pulling himself up on things and just generally wreaking havoc. Its great, except he is still thinking that "no" is just a game. Well, he's 9 1/2 months now so I have awhile yet, right?

OK, well I have to go get myself and Ian fed, cleaned up and dressed so that we can get to a post office before noon and send out the rent payment! Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


Lina - Jun 30, 2007 7:34 am (#2806 of 2988)

*** waving to Winky *** Nice to see you! I'm sorry you can't be on the Internet and I hope it won't last too long. Are you going to read the book at your parents' place too?

For those that are complaining about the pain in the back, especially in the morning... Are you sure your bed is hard enough? Soft mattress can cause such pain. I'm happy to report that I missed the pain this winter since it wasn't cold enough. My back can't stand cold weather.

I have to join all that think that it is a wonderful feeling to see your child turning into adult. It is.

Congratulations to Luna's achievement! Good doggie! As if it were Good Evans' doggie.

LOL, Choices, maybe you are looking for a competition in disobedience? Like when you tell the dog to come and he walks away or when you tell him to walk away and he comes? I have this thing with my girls too. Maybe the best way to have them something done is to tell them not to do it. And I have a really well trained dog. I tell her "Will you come or not?" And then she either comes or doesn't.

Happy birthday, Soli! Enjoy it! And healing and strengthening charms to you and your Mum.

Healing, strengthening and weather charms to all that need them and waving to everybody!


Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 9:39 am (#2807 of 2988)

Well, he's 9 1/2 months now so I have awhile yet, right? Yep -- you've got 17 years, 2 1/2 months.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Niffler!

Lina, my uncle used to tell his dog "Just do whatever you want to, then!" and when she would ignore him, he would say "Look at that -- one word from me, and she does exactly as she pleases!"

I can't get over how neat Lina's office shelves are. Are you sure you aren't related to Aunt Petunia?


Ydnam96 - Jun 30, 2007 9:43 am (#2808 of 2988)

Kabloink- how horrible to be sick and have dental surgery! Healthing charms to you!

Happy Birthday Soli!

You know, I lived in Pascagoula- well in Gautier actually. My dad was in the Navy and his ship was being built at the Naval Yard. We lived there for about 8 months when I was in 5th grade ('88 I think). Anyway. I loved it there. Except for the mosquitos.

Lina, your dog sounds like my cat!

Okay, well I have to go to the gym.

Have a great ROTD


journeymom - Jun 30, 2007 9:46 am (#2809 of 2988)

Dog obedience- After reading this I'm convinced our dog could use some basic obedience training. He's a great, laid back dog who likes to please. He rarely causes trouble, so I have figured he's not one of those dogs that need training. But I imagine he'd enjoy the one-on-one time and the opportunity to learn something new.


Snuffles - Jun 30, 2007 9:47 am (#2810 of 2988)

Lol Madam P. about Bugs. Another episode he should have turned left at Alberkirkee

Well done to Luna *pats Luna and hands over doggy biscuit*

Happy Birthday Soli. I hope you have a wonderful day

Also, Happy Birthday to Mr. Niffler.

Haven't done much today at all. Olivia had her friend over to play. Their house is totally ruined downstairs after the floods so I told them to drop their daughter off so they could try and sort things out a bit. They have been told that it could be between 3 and 6 months before they can move back home

Hope everyone has a good weekend



Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 9:49 am (#2811 of 2988)

Microwaved hot-dog pieces is the key, journeymom. Don't get suckered into buying those expensive "liver treats" or whatever. A dog will pretty much do anything for a piece of hot-dog. (Microwaving gets most of the grease out so you can carry it in your pocket or hand without getting so messy... this was the tip I got from our obedience trainer / kennel owner.)


Denise P. - Jun 30, 2007 10:01 am (#2812 of 2988)

Yep, microwaving hot dogs makes them dehydrate well. I cut them into round pieces and then quarter them before nuking them. This gives me a huge amount of treats from one hot dog. If you don't use them all at one shot, freeze them.


Choices - Jun 30, 2007 10:02 am (#2813 of 2988)

Mandy, I know just where Gautier is. It is between Mobile and Pascagoula and I have been through it many times on my way to Gulfport where my parents used to live and where I grew up. Small world. :-)

Have the happiest of birthdays, Soli.....and many more to come. Happy belated anniversary wishes to Denise P and Mr. Denise. Good wishes to all who are celebrating special occasions.

Hope all who have been feeling under the weather are on the road to recovery. Healing charms coming your way.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. Love and (((hugs))) to all.


Solitaire - Jun 30, 2007 10:16 am (#2814 of 2988)

Thank you, everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes!!

LOL Azi! I only wish I could attend Hogwarts. Hm ... perhaps I could apply for Filch's job when he retires. If I had use of all those magical cleaning tools, i could probably do it.

Mr. Niffler has exactly one year until the big 40 and Soli obviously is more youthful than he

Well ... I know it is said that growing older is mandatory ... maturing is optional! hehe (I'm sure that's going to be the motto of the Weasley twins!) Mom and I were talking about that last night. She said she still has the same feelings inside as she did when she was 20 ... which is why I will always believe that "getting old" is a mental/emotional thing. Some people are old at 20--and I said OLD, not MATURE--others are kids at heart until we put them into the ground. My dad was in the latter group until the day he left us, and that is where I hope to remain!

Colds seem to exacerbate any kind of tooth discomfort, due to the location of sinus cavities. I hope you're feeling better in short order, Kabloink! ***healing charms***

Well, time to get busy around here! Happy Saturday to all!



Good Evans - Jun 30, 2007 10:36 am (#2815 of 2988)

Thank you all for your congratulations for Luna- she is wagging her tail in appreciation!!

happy birthday SOLI!!!!!!

happy anniversary Mrs sirius (? I think...)

The silver test for the kennel club is the good citizenship award. If you "google" the kennel club Uk - you should find it. in short the silver test is ...

walk on lead (occasional tightening acceptable) amidst distractions (pushchair pedestrians with umbrellas).

recall (return to owner on call from 30 feet and complete by sitting and finish to sit at the left of owner)

recall amidst distraction (3o feet distance)

recall to heel from a sitting position (owner at least 20 feet away , walk short distance at heel off the lead and execute a turn at heel.

food manners - not to touch despite being waved in face!

allow a stranger to touch the animal (like a vet inspection - feet / ears / teeth etc)

controlled greeting - dog sits under control, while a conversation is undertaken by humans, then the stanger asks to gree the dog, dog must not jump up.

play with a toy and then leave on command

two minutes stay without changing position, owner at 5 paces minimum

controlled entry and exit from a vehicle,

8 questions to the owner to check they are an aware owner and can deal with health and safety of the dog and other people / animals that may be around when exercising dogs.


journeymom - Jun 30, 2007 10:48 am (#2816 of 2988)

Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOLI! Many happy returns of the day! Getting older- it's better than the alternative, as Ronald Reagan said.

And, yes, I'm in a suburb of Sacramento. Aren't you in the central valley?

“Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat It's not your fault....”

Hot dog bits in my pocket? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 5 793915934

Mr Journeymom just called, and is getting ready to leave New Orleans and come back home. Yay! We've missed him. He says he missed us, but it's been really nice to do something different for a whole week, and he wouldn't mind staying longer. I can't blame him. He's a bit of a workaholic, rarely takes time off from work. But this choir keeps him balanced, and he hasn't done something this far removed from the usual in a long time.

Besides, he likes to flirt with the young ladies in the choir....


DJ Evans - Jun 30, 2007 10:50 am (#2817 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Soli! May you have a great one...one that is filled with love, laughter & friends.

Happy Anniversary to Mrs. & Mr. Sirius....may this anniversary be as special as what your 1st one was.

Going to be another hot/humid one here again. I'm sure it must be about time for Fall, right? Surely, please say it is so.... Smile

I looked up a web site (potterparties.com -- it's family friendly) that lists HP's DH release parties that they know about & for those in my state, several of the places haven't yet posted what they have planned for the event. People! Come on, time is running down. You'd think they would know what they were going to do. ***sigh***

Later, Deb


Chemyst - Jun 30, 2007 11:03 am (#2818 of 2988)

She said she still has the same feelings inside as she did when she was 20 ...

When I was a newlywed, I went to a party for a great lady who was entering mandatory retirement and she said essentially the same thing– that people look at her and see 65, but from inside looking out she is still 18. I did not understand her then, but each year I understand her a little better.
Have a Happy Ageless Day, Soli!

w00t (or w00f) for Luna!


Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 11:55 am (#2819 of 2988)

Chemyst, your patriotic potion is quite festive! Does it make fireworks if you mix them together?

Sounds like our dog would be able to pass the silver obedience thing perfectly, except for the teensy weensy little "distractions" part. She is a lovely well-behaved dog, as long as there are no other animals about -- she even ignored the trainer walking around her bouncing a tennis ball, which is absolute murder for a lab. I think she would even do all those listed things if it was a human being trying to distract her -- just no animals. Or thunder. Sigh...


Mrs. Sirius - Jun 30, 2007 12:04 pm (#2820 of 2988)

*waves to every one*


painting sheila - Jun 30, 2007 12:50 pm (#2821 of 2988)

Hi everyone! Thank you for your safety charms - we made it there and back with no problems.

We stayed in Lexington Virginia- Love it!! I can't wait to go back and spend more time in the shops. We just got to window shop last night.

The big kids had a great time and are wiped out. Oldest Son and Oldest Daughter (she is actually the only daughter - sow why do I call her Oldest?) Anyway - They won the Cha-Cha contest! I didn't even know they knew how to cha-cha! Go figure. I will put some pictures up when the kids get the down loaded.

I am off to do smelly laundry - yuck! The girls dorms didn't have air conditioning. Poor things!



Denise P. - Jun 30, 2007 1:15 pm (#2822 of 2988)

14 year old is back from his handcart trek Youth Conference. He actually wants to go to the dance tonight...a first!!

Wow, Silver is actually harder than our Canine Good Citizen test. Good for Luna!! I am hoping that Tinsel will be ready to take CGC this fall. She will have to:

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger - someone comes and talks to handler, ignoring dog but dog is not jumping or trying to get away
Test 2: Sitting politely for petting
Test 3: Appearance and grooming - someone runs a comb over the dog and takes a hand from top of head to base of tail
Test 4: Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)
Test 5: Walking through a crowd
Test 6: Sit and down on command and Staying in place
Test 7: Coming when called (on leash)
Test 8: Reaction to another dog - you walk past another handler with a dog, dogs on the outside, shake hands and dogs ignore one another
Test 9: Reaction to distraction - umbrella, crutches etc
Test 10: Supervised separation - you give the dog to someone else and go out of site for 3 minutes

I used to be an evaluator for the test and very few dogs ever actually fail if they have prepared for it.


Lina - Jun 30, 2007 1:45 pm (#2823 of 2988)

LOL, Madam Pince, you see only one shelf on my picture. That is the one that is dedicated to WOMBATs. Not all of them are like that.

Happy birthday to Mr. Niffler!

Happy anniversary to Mrs. Sirius family!


Tazzygirl - Jun 30, 2007 3:27 pm (#2824 of 2988)

I had no idea the trek up Diamond Head was so vigorous. There were about three sets of stairs, one was almost vertical (if you fell, it would hurt), and another was a set of very narrow spiral steps. The view from the top was amazing though! I'm posting one of the pictures from the top as my avatar. Hopefully I can get it where you can actually see things, and not just a big blob of blue and green. LOL Syd, Thaniel and my aunt came outside the house and waved up to me. I could see them, they couldn't see me. It was pretty cute though!

Madam Pince- the history buff in me was all excited about Diamond Head. We even crawled out of the bunker to get to the lookout area. I got a picture of it, so I'll post that one soon (if I remember. LOL).

Happy Birthday to Mr. Niffler!

Too bad about your mall, Soli, and your 'mallphobia'. LOL I'm sure if you look online, you'll be able to find those wheat sack things.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Mediwitch - Jun 30, 2007 3:28 pm (#2825 of 2988)

Happy Birthday 11to Solitaire!

Mrs. Sirius, the swing is at the edge of one of my flower beds. Believe me, the swing looks much better than the garden right now! (It's really weedy and in need of attention - I like to think of it as the Weasleys' garden! ) Mr. Mediwitch built it for the kids when they were younger, but after they stopped swinging, I planted the roses and we put the big swing on it - now everyone likes to sit there - if the mosquitos aren't out. And congratulations on your 40th anniversary of being in the US!

The dehydrated hot dog bits in the pocket reminded me of a recent rescue we went to at the river - we had to go in water to rescue someone who had gotten injured, and since the water is shallow because the river is dammed above the falls, the best way to take the boat out is to have a couple of rescuers walk alongside the boat. One of the fire department officers forgot he had a pocket full of horse treats and jumped into the river. It was a disgusting soggy mess when he got out!


The giant squid - Jun 30, 2007 4:03 pm (#2826 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Soli!!

And, before Squid Mike thinks of something clever to say, let me remind him that, by my recollection/calculation, his 15th should be coming up or should already have occurred.--Loopy Lupin

The 15th is under "already have". This summer marks the 17th anniversary of my escape from high school. I still haven't decided if I'm going to make the effort in three years--it depends on two criteria, if I haven't gotten fat and if I still have all my hair. So far I'm holding up, but you never know...

Good to "hear" from you, by the way. Sounds like you've recovered from your allograft nicely.



journeymom - Jun 30, 2007 5:11 pm (#2827 of 2988)

Speaking of getting older, Mr Journeymom told me he is the oldest guy in his choir, but now he knows, having shared a hotel room with them for a week, he's the only one who needs shampoo.


Allison R - Jun 30, 2007 6:24 pm (#2828 of 2988)

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Soli! Hoping you have a wonderful day and are spoiled appropriately on your special day = )


Choices - Jun 30, 2007 6:36 pm (#2829 of 2988)

Hot dog bits in the pocket don't sound too bad.....I know handlers who carry liver in their pockets. Now that is really yucky!


Vox Gerbilis - Jun 30, 2007 6:57 pm (#2830 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Solitaire! Hope you have a good one.

My best wishes and drying charms to all those caught in flood areas.

I'm taking my daughter to see Evan Almighty tomorrow. I really hope I get to see an OotP trailer. I've been to the movies three times since the trailer was released, but to no avail.

I wasn't pleased to hear that my husband will be doing his Roman history presentation on both July 21 and 22. (He's a reenactor and Latin teacher.) I was really hoping he'd take our daughter on an outing that weekend so I could have some uninterrupted reading time. I'm taking a vacation day on July 23.


wynnleaf - Jun 30, 2007 7:02 pm (#2831 of 2988)

I'm sure someone has already asked this, but for

Finn (assuming you read this thread),

What is your avatar??? At first I thought it looked like the statue of the Indian maiden leaping out over Noccalula Falls in Alabama, but then I realized that was wrong. What is that?

If Finn doesn't read this thread, does anyone else know what that is on Finn's avatar?


Chemyst - Jun 30, 2007 7:05 pm (#2832 of 2988)

wynnleaf, his second line says it is: Self-timer photo of me against the Matapoisset Beach sunset, May 2007.


Puck - Jun 30, 2007 7:06 pm (#2833 of 2988)

Oh, I want a puppy! (Still haven't convinced Mr. Puck.)

Happy Birthday Solitaire & Mr. Niffler!

Mike, I doubt "fat" will be an issue. Can't promise you anything on the hair thing.

Congrats to 's talented dancers!

I must be one of the few Moms in the world out there begging a child to go faster down hill on bike. My son -age 7- still has training wheels. I took him to a culdesac near us to practice. He had to go down hill to get home. He literally jumped off his bike to move pine cones out of the way. I tried to explain that he could just run over them, but he's extremely fearful. I like cautious, but he's a bit over the top. (His little sister went down as fast as her big wheel would carry her.)

I should fold laundry. I probably won't.



wynnleaf - Jun 30, 2007 7:21 pm (#2834 of 2988)


You know, I thought I'd already looked there once for a line about it and hadn't seen anything, but I guess I hadn't ever looked after all.

You just wouldn't believe how similar that stance is to the statue of the Indian maiden looking out over Noccalula Falls in Alabama, preparing to jump! I knew it wasn't that, but it just looked so much like it. Thanks for answering!


Solitaire - Jun 30, 2007 8:02 pm (#2835 of 2988)

for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had a nice day ... spent some of it of it playing on the forum, some reading my new book, Baby Proof, and a lot with my family. This evening we went to Hungry Hunter, a restaurant I like, and I had a delicious grilled Norwegian salmon dinner ... and HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!!!! This is a treat I rarely get, so I really enjoyed it.

My sister took a tremendous chance and gave me a fragrance gift--perfume, bath creme, and body lotion. This is very risky, as we have wildly different tastes. A creature of habit, I've worn Yastis for about 15+ years ... but she hit a homerun with Vera Wang. In all, it was a nice day!

JOURNEYMOM ... I will be in Sacramento July 16-20 for an AVID conference. I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn (the one near Old Town, I think). I'd love to meet for coffee some evening after we are finished for the day. If you'll be around that week and can fit it into your schedule, let me know. I know summer can be unpredictable, so I understand if it won't work ... but it might be fun!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Niffler, too!



Vox Gerbilis - Jun 30, 2007 9:20 pm (#2836 of 2988)

I can relate, Puck. When my husband and I took our 7-year-old daughter out for bicycle practice, she screamed constantly that we must not let go of the bike or she would fall off. Unbeknownst to her, we were not holding the bike, and she was balancing it all by herself. She finally realizes that she can ride a bicycle without assistance, but now she refuses to turn corners. She also freaks out if there's a twig or other minor obstacle in her path. Her excessive concerns about safety are annoying, but I'd rather deal with this than recklessness.

Although--she surprised me yesterday. She's been wanting to use the waterslide at the swimming pool, but we told her that she will have to become a stronger swimmer before we will allow this. Yesterday her day camp went to the pool, and guess what she did? I'm not happy that she broke our rule, but on the other hand, I'm glad she's starting to show more courage. She asked the lifeguard to catch her the first two times she went down, so I'll treat this as a mitigating factor.


Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 9:43 pm (#2837 of 2988)

Vox, I was exactly the same as your daughter when I was little. My fear stemmed from seeing another girl that summer who was a year older than me and who had recently wrecked her bike on gravel. Her whole side -- leg, arm, face -- all looked pretty much like scabbed-over hamburger. I decided that if that's what you looked like when you ride a bike, then I really had no need to ride a bike! It took me forever to learn and it's still not my favorite thing to do.

LOL, Journeymom, on the shampoo! Mr. J is a fortunate man indeed.

Paintingsheila, glad you got to see Lexington! It is such a beautiful and historic town -- I love visiting the graveyards. (OK, so maybe it's morbid, but it's a "Who's Who" of Civil War history...) While you were there, you were about an hour and a half away from our cabin!

So I take it that was your first time hiking Diamond Head, Tazzy? If I'd known that I'd have warned you about the steepness. When Mom and I went, I was actually getting a little irritated with her for falling so far behind (cruel youth...) because my mom had always been so active and athletic and such, so in my mind she must've just been dawdling. Come to find out, that fall we discovered that she had a blockage around her heart and had to have an angioplasty done -- boy did I feel guilty then! Here she could've dropped dead right there on the trail, and there's sure no medical help within very close proximity! That was the first time I realized my mom was aging. Anyway, lovely photo you got there!

Oh, and this is 'way old but I keep forgetting -- whoever it was that had the alligator-in-the-water-culvert experience... EWWWWW!!! That would've scared the stuffing out of me. I do not want anything to do with those prehistoric-looking things!

This summer will be the 25th since my high school graduation. ( How did that happen???) I don't know if our class is planning a reunion or not -- up to this point we've done one about every five years, and I and this one other girl have been the only ones who've ever done any planning. Frankly, we are a little bit tired of it, and we've hinted and hinted and flat-out asked, and nobody else seems to want to do anything -- even the ones who still live there. So I think she and I have just decided "to heck with it." If someone plans something, I'll go, but I'm done being the social coordinator for awhile. Mike, I agree with Puck that I'm sure you won't have to worry about the weight factor for your 20th...

Mediwitch, your rose-covered swing is absolutely beautiful. It looks like something out of a magazine. That will be hard to give up when you move to the new house, I know!


Solitaire - Jun 30, 2007 10:38 pm (#2838 of 2988)

Wow, you do hs reunions every 5 years? Our hs holds them every ten years for each class, with the occasional big anniversary (100th, 125th, for example) for the school itself. I think that is often enough.



journeymom - Jun 30, 2007 10:41 pm (#2839 of 2988)

Soli, check your email!


Madam Pince - Jun 30, 2007 10:44 pm (#2840 of 2988)

Soli, they're very informal, and it's such a small school -- only 30-some in our class. Everyone usually comes "home" for the holidays or the summer county fair, so we just do a little picnic or something similar. Everyone knows everyone else so it's not a big deal.

My mom is currently working on a committee planning a big reunion for the high school she graduated from (when I went to school, the building had become the elementary school.) They are inviting everyone who ever graduated from there, from 1921 I think it is, until 1960-something. It's been a big undertaking planning it and locating everyone to get invites out, but my mom just loves that sort of thing and has enjoyed every minute. The thing is, with all those years, I bet there won't be more than a couple hundred people there at most. The classes were all tiny.


Solitaire - Jun 30, 2007 10:47 pm (#2841 of 2988)

JOURNEYMOM ... I can't believe we share the same Christian name, as it is not exactly a common one. Amazing!

Madam Pince, that makes sense. My hs graduating class had over 1000 kids. About 1/3 showed up for the 20th reunion, which I thought was a pretty good turnout. Twentieth reunions are more fun, I think, than earlier ones. From the tales I've heard, at 5 years, everyone drinks too much because it's finally legal. At 10, everyone tries to impress each other with their fabulous jobs, expensive cars, and houses they can't afford. At 20 years, most people seem more relaxed. They probably ARE what they are going to be, and the masks are off.

With a few exceptions, most of the people at my reunion were much friendlier and a lot more fun than I remembered. A few were clique-ish and exclusive, just as they had been in HS. Most people, however, mingled and danced with unexpected partners and generally had fun. Unlike some of our school dances, there was no visible intoxication and no one got into a fight. I had a blast!



John Bumbledore - Jun 30, 2007 11:37 pm (#2842 of 2988)

And here I thought John's picture was him photo-shopping himself in a Quirrell turban... — Madam Pince
I thought he was wearing some sort of turban thing until that photo appeared too! I didn't want to sound silly by saying it earlier... — Azi

Some sort of Quirrell turban... you mean his head isn't really — Oh. Never mind. — Chemyst

This is me, with my mask up, at the company paintball outing.

Now, if I was going to photoshop or "enhance" an avatar who should I pick?

Is this getting spooky?

Well, there is always that actor who played the role of Lurch...

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:46 pm


Tazzygirl - Jul 1, 2007 12:13 am (#2843 of 2988)

Madam P- yes, it was my first time hiking up Diamond Head. I always wanted to hike it, but never got around to it. LOL There was a lady that had a knee replacement, and some other type of medical thing, and said she was going to hike it even if she died doing it. On our way back down we saw her and her husband sitting on one set of stairs catching their breath. I hope she made it up and back down okay... My friend and I have decided that when we are student teaching at the same school our final semester (the school is down the street from my house, as well as the entrance to Diamond Head) that we would try walking up Diamond Head several times a week. That way we'd be in incredible shape by the time we graduate. (Thanks!)

This year marks 5 years since I graduated high school... as far as I know we are not having a reunion.

LOL John!

Oh, for those interested, the Concert for Diana is tomorrow. It starts at 5 a.m. for me (8 a.m. Forum time) on VH1 and goes until 11 a.m.. NBC is doing a high lights show tomorrow evening.

Off to bed!



Lilly P - Jul 1, 2007 3:46 am (#2844 of 2988)

Mr. P had a five year reunion, it wasn't a lot of fun, everyone was still in school or hadn't really started a career or family yet, so there wasn't much to visit about. My ten year is in August and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's children and hearing what they have been doing with their life. It should be fun, they sent us an email that said we will be given a guided tour of the school and all of it's new buildings so that those of us with spouses who aren't from here can see where we went to school. Boise High was built in 1898 so just seeing all of it's architecture in the old buildings is a treat for even those of us who went there. I can't wait, anyway I have to be to the dungeon, I mean work at five AM so I had better get off the darned computer! Have a great day and hugs to everyone!



Steve Newton - Jul 1, 2007 7:02 am (#2845 of 2988)

The event you've all been waiting for!!! A video of the Delaware Diamonds Precision Book Cart Drill Team has made it to YouTube!

Just go to YouTube and enter Delaware Diamonds into the search box. We should be the first hit you see.

This has been a public service announcement.

Archivist’s note:  The youtube video of the Delaware Diamonds’ routine can be found   here &nbps;


Lavandula - Jul 1, 2007 7:17 am (#2846 of 2988)

Good Morning to all!

Drying charms to all the flooding folks. How are things in England? Have the rains stopped? Can't seem to hear any weather news recently.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLITAIRE!!!!!! (Sorry I was late-busy day yesterday.) It sounds like you had a great day, fellow cancerian.

I continued to work on my deck yesterday. I only have a few more spindles to treat. This project started the beginning of May. It's about time to be done.

Class reunions-Yes, it is my 25th this year, but I have heard nothing regarding a get-together. We had a 10 which was kind of nice, but there hasn't been any contact since.

Tazzy- Beautiful picture of Diamond Head. What an accomplishment!

We took Little Guy to the Cleveland Indians game last night. Great game and a wonderful time. I just love stadium hot dogs (and not for the dogs as a treat). The only problem is the 2 hours it takes to get out of the parking lot and home. Late Night!

((Healing Charms to all who need them))

Have a Great ROTD everyone!



Puck - Jul 1, 2007 8:21 am (#2847 of 2988)

I had a 5 year reunion. Funny, but most of the people I had hung out with in high school were being catty and nasty to me, and the former "popular" crowd were quite nice. Go figure. I doubt we'll have 20th next year, as our school long since closed, and I can't imagine would plan it.

I went to an Indians game once. I was in Ohio visiting a friend.

Vox, I agree, better cautious than reckless, but it does get old. Especially considering his bike has training wheels and easy to work hand brakes. He's not one to work at things. If something is difficult, he just wants to give up. I really have to push him to work at things. (One reasons why piano lessons are good for him.)

edited: LOL, Steve, librarians gone wild! Assuming you were the first one out, wearing the tux? I have a childhood friend who's a librarian, I'