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Chat & Greetings 2007

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Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:28 pm


Potteraholic - Aug 10, 2007 4:53 pm (#1301 of 2984)

Thanks for the welcome, Madam Pince, and to everyone else who welcomed any new Forumers.

Am not a fast typist, so my posts tend to be on the short side.

Hope everyone is coping well with whatever uncomfortable weather conditions have befallen your part of the world. I live in Brooklyn, where just the other day (Wednesday), the southern end of the borough was hit by a tornado! Can you believe it? There were a lot of references to Dorothy not being in Kansas anymore (from the Wizard of Oz) in the news that day. In addition to the tornado, there was also a torrential and long rainstorm that day. The poor folks in the affected neighborhoods -- mine was miles away and spared any damage -- had to deal with flooded houses and streets, downed trees, wrecked cars and blown-off roofs. Unbelievable.

On a brighter note, the New York tri-state area will be enjoying average seasonal temperatures in the next few days with no monsoon rains or tornadoes expected in the foreseeable future.

Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


Holly T. - Aug 10, 2007 6:34 pm (#1302 of 2984)

Megfox--your daughter is adorable! LOL, seasons in Maine are the opposite of Texas--we have almost summer, summer, still summer, and slightly coolish weather that we call winter and make everyone up north laugh at us. Hey, we had snow this January--and sleet the day before Easter. And a whole summer of rain. My son says it is because of global warming.

Welcome to new Forumers!

Lizzy, if your friend is in West Texas you should go to Big Bend or the Davis Mountains. El Paso is nice too, depends on what part of West Texas you might be in.

Austin apparently has had more rain this year than Seattle. But nor for the past week or so! We actually had to run our sprinkler system for the first time in ages. Usually we aren't running our sprinkler system in August because there are water restrictions and our yard is dead anyway.

I had a meeting at 5 p.m. today--yes, Friday afternoon. I left campus to drive downtown at 4:30 (it is not that far). After navigating the traffic lights, one way streets, going around the Capitol and the convention center, looking for street parking (ha), realizing it is now 10 after 5 and heading for the hotel parking garage, which I had been hoping to avoid since I would have to pay for it, getting a call at 5:15 from the person I was supposed to meet asking where I was (embarrassing! I felt very unprofessional), telling her I was parking (she told me later she'd only been there for a few minutes minutes before she called me), etc. I finally got there at 5:20. The meeting went well, though. Although it was very intense. Came home and had ice cream for dinner and read a magazine while dh took son to swimming lessons. Whew.

Boy Scout popcorn arrives tomorrow. My whole front room will now smell buttery for the next few months. At least Girl Scout cookie boxes don't smell.


Denise P. - Aug 10, 2007 6:37 pm (#1303 of 2984)

We still have a load of popcorn from last year. My new pack doesn't do popcorn! Wheee!!!!! We sell mulch and do very well with it. The girl scouts still do cookies though and I will probably end up being cookie mom.

Our yard was dead, we watered it and it greened up so now we try to water it at least a few times a week. We normally have Lawn Doctor, we just have not gotten around to getting it yet.

Tinsel's little icky spot is almost all cleared up. She still has a few days of antibiotic left.

Whee Meg on getting the pictures of Maddy up! She is adorable.


Madam Pince - Aug 10, 2007 7:30 pm (#1304 of 2984)

Bet that mulch must make your front room smell worse than buttery.

Holly, that's what she gets for calling a meeting at 5pm on a Friday. What's her name -- Umbridge?


Lavandula - Aug 10, 2007 7:32 pm (#1305 of 2984)

Denise-Can I join SWAPS too? Or is it too late? (Do I sound like an excited 8 year old or what?) See what be a HP fan will do to you? I will need some direction and parameters. I haven't done this since girl scouts myself.

I just noticed the post thing tonight for the first time. I thought it was just me not paying very close attention lately.

Soli-I usually bake something really special for our custodians when they go out of the way for me. Doing bulletin boards is a new one!! You are very fortunate to have them. I have found the bakery very much appreciated for someone who doesn't have time to bake. I often do a very special dessert like cheesecake, carrot cake, or seasonal fruit pie which most people would enjoy.

BTW Soli- I didn't realize you were selling your house? I thought we were just getting you new flooring picked out. How did I miss that one?

Busy week getting ready for school to start. The kids come on August 22 and there is just never enough time to get everything cleaned, organized and ready. I do enjoy cleaning out boxes and files and cupboards because it reminds me of the many things I have which can be used.

Off to read a bit before bed-quite tired today.

Have a Great Evening everyone!!!!



The giant squid - Aug 10, 2007 7:39 pm (#1306 of 2984)

I don't do coffee. If I need a hot drink, I drink tea--sugar, no milk. On the other hand, I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper. And no, Mr. Pibb isn't "OK", but I'll drink it if it's all they've got.


P.S. (((Betty)))


Denise P. - Aug 10, 2007 7:42 pm (#1307 of 2984)

Sure, I just added you to the email going out in a few minutes.

Please make sure you check your spam file if you don't see it shortly.


Mediwitch - Aug 10, 2007 7:56 pm (#1308 of 2984)

megfox*, which restaurant do you work in? (If you don't mind me asking.) We vacation in York nearly every summer! Mr. Mediwitch has been going there since he was a very young child. We didn't come this summer since we are building a new house...too much going on, but we really missed it! Oh, and your daughter is beautiful!

We have a fundraiser with the fire department tomorrow, so we spent a couple of hours down at the firehouse tonight making sausage and peppers for grinders. Thank goodness for my food processor! It makes slicing the peppers and onions a breeze. But I hate coming home smelling like fried food, so I had to jump in the shower. The fundraiser is selling food at a Family Fun Day sponsored by a little concert hall here in town, which is actually where they have the "oldest continual chamber music festival in the country" - it's very cool, actually, and acoustically amazing! I've had the privilege of singing there once and it was awesome.


Madam Pince - Aug 10, 2007 7:56 pm (#1309 of 2984)

Ah, but have you tried hot Dr. Pepper, Mike? That was a big thing back in the '30's and '40's I think. My grandfather used to run a general store, and I remember him having one of those big tin signs advertising something like "Enjoy Dr. Pepper hot, too!" and a picture of a Betty Crocker-ish looking mom smiling in her apron and pearls while she heats up a pan on the stove for her eager-eyed little bundled-up sled rider.

It's not bad -- totally removes the "fizz" and condenses the sweetness down to a sugar buzz that would make Domino's proud.


Denise P. - Aug 10, 2007 7:58 pm (#1310 of 2984)

My kids like Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb and ask for Dr. Thunder (cheapo Wal-Mart Dr. Pepper) I would rather go without than to drink it. It is just icky to me, I can't imagine drinking it hot


geauxtigers - Aug 10, 2007 7:59 pm (#1311 of 2984)

I'm a coffee drinker and a tea drinker. Have to have coffee in the mornings or I can't wake up. Just sugar and creamer (milk or cream is too sweet that early). We make about 7 gallons of tea once a week and keep it in our outside fridge. Yes, a family of four goes through 6 or 7 gallons that fast, but as my mom put it, at least we aren't drinking coke. No sugar or milk or anything here! I like hot tea in the winter, again no sugar or milk, though I've been meaning to try it with milk to see how it tastes...

It got up to 102F/39C today with 60% humidty or so. That's hot, hard to breath hot. And we never get up into the hundreds! Mid to upper 90s! **gasps** The forecast is the same for basically the next week. August has arrived, the hottest month here! LOL

First day back was all right. Could've been better. All the teachers have to talk about 'class policies' and stuff and after hearing it 6 times that day, it got old pretty fast. And the AC was broken in one of the buildings so that wasn't fun. Hopefully it'll be back by Monday.

Hope everyone is well, and if its nice and cool for yall, send some of that air down here!


Denise P. - Aug 10, 2007 8:01 pm (#1312 of 2984)

Well, color me Chatty Cathy this evening...

Mr. Denise drinks iced tea. I would say he goes through a gallon almost every day but I know a few of the kids will drink it occasionally. I drink some occasionally but usually when we go out. He makes it sweet but not your typical southern sweet. He uses maybe 1/2 cup sweetener per gallon rather than 1/2 cup of tea per gallon of sweetener.


Lavandula - Aug 10, 2007 8:03 pm (#1313 of 2984)

Thanks Denise! I got it with no problem and already checked out the links. I've got some ideas already.

Perhaps putting out an all-call-to-SWAP notice might be a nice idea to see if anyone else was interested. It would be awesome to get so many of us involved.


haymoni - Aug 10, 2007 8:03 pm (#1314 of 2984)

Ever since I was told Dr. Pepper was made from raisins, I just can't bring myself to drink it. Rumour or not - the mere thought!

Hubby loves the stuff!


Madam Pince - Aug 10, 2007 8:06 pm (#1315 of 2984)

My only disappointment with the restaurant we had lunch in today was that they didn't have "sweet tea." She said "Will unsweetened be OK? There's sugar on the table." But as Mike said, no, that will not be OK. It's a world of difference. However, if that's the best you can do... I guess I'm sort of an "iced tea snob" like Nicoline was talking about earlier -- I don't like to get iced tea at restaurants because it's never as good as home. Plus you often get stale-tasting tea because the places don't clean out the giant tea urn, but just put new tea in it. You can't do that -- it'll taste stale every time. (See? What a snob...)

We have the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker and we make a new pot every couple days. It's probably about a gallon but I'm not sure. Even though we use decaf Luzianne, Little Pince is not allowed it, so between Mr. P and I we go through quite a bit.

The only soft drink I really despised was that diet stuff back in the '70's, was it called Tab? Or maybe something that starts with an S? I know they don't make it anymore. It was all my babysitter ever had in the house. I like Dr. Pepper. It used to be the only soft drink I wanted, but I sort of go through stages. My current favorite is the ginger ale made by the Old Dominion Brewing Co. (right there next door to you Denise - it's in Ashburn.) One would think that any ginger ale tastes pretty much like the next one, but not so. It's a bit more expensive, and kind of hard to find, but well worth it. Plus, it has a cool picture of a stag on the label that looks like Harry's patronus!


geauxtigers - Aug 10, 2007 8:12 pm (#1316 of 2984)

Sweet tea is a southern thing...hmm oh well, guess we missed the memo! LOL Reason we drink it unsweetened is because my Grannie used to drink sweet tea and my mom and he brother and sisters used to come a drink her tea, so she stopped putting sugar in it to keep them out...LOL it worked for a while, but now grannie can't go back and neither can the rest of the family!

DrPepper is my favorite kind of coke. Raisins in Dr. P? Hmm, oh well, won't stop me even though I don't really like raisins! I also really like root beer, but it has to be freezing cold! I'll drink most cokes hot, but not root beer!

The only soft drink I really despised was that diet stuff back in the '70's, was it called Tab?  LOL Madame P! Shortly after unsweetened tea didn't work for my grannie, she switched to Tab! I dunno if its diet though, I've never even had it before!


haymoni - Aug 10, 2007 8:19 pm (#1317 of 2984)

I drank Tab all the time. I remember trying to drink a regular Coke after that & almost dying! Now I drink diet whatever as long as it's caffeine free. I stay up all night if I drink caffeine past 4:00 pm. Water is best though.

We went to Hilton Head in July and I ordered "sweet tea" everywhere we went. Loved it!


Mediwitch - Aug 10, 2007 8:24 pm (#1318 of 2984)

I still drink sweet tea all the time in the summer. I got into the habit when I went to college and lived in Virginia. Lipton has a line of bottled teas called "Pure Leaf" - no fake stuff or chemicals - the sweetened one is delicious! I love coffee too - I go back and forth between coffee and tea. Tazzy, does your Starbucks use Harney Teas like all the ones in CT and NY? Those are blended in a town very close to me and they are wonderful.


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 10, 2007 8:25 pm (#1319 of 2984)

How can people not drink coffee? **needs cold compress**

Forgot who said this....but I feel the same way. To me there is nothing better than a cup of hot coffee in the morning. I love everything about it, the smell the taste...the caffeine! Best stuff in the world!

Not much going on here, just bored... hope everyone is okay!


Jenniffler - Aug 10, 2007 8:29 pm (#1320 of 2984)

Raisins may be the current secret ingredient in Dr. Pepper now, but I heard it was originally prunes. And Mr. Pibb is no substitute, not by a long shot.

I hate to pay near $2.00 for soft drinks when I go out, so I have developed a taste for water with lemon.

Coldstone wins hands down over Marble Slab ice cream. Both are too rich for me not to share with somebody. My hubbie always gets the Gotta Have It in some complicated flavor.

Welcome, congrats, and birthday greetings to all happy people. I'm sure I missed some events with the recent WX problems.


geauxtigers - Aug 10, 2007 8:41 pm (#1321 of 2984)

OO! I love Coldstone! I always get cake batter with rainbow sprinkles. Speaking of paying too much for things...3 dollars for a scoop of ice cream is ridduiclus! But its so good! And worth it!


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 10, 2007 10:25 pm (#1322 of 2984)

sausage and peppers for grinders. Mediwitch

I am from New York City, in NY we say “hero” not grinder. When I moved to Connecticut I was not able to order "a grinder". It seemed somehow obscene to me. I have compromised and call them a sub.

Coffee:   coffee is something you drink with lots of cream and sugar, or at least milk and sugar. Otherwise, it is just not worth it. Since my milk allergy diagnosis, I cannot order coffee when I go out. The only places you can get soymilk in coffee is Starbuck’s. If I am at the supermarket, I will purchase soymilk to put in coffee. But soymilk is not a very adequate compliment to coffee, so it is barely worth ordering.

Oh, you think the BBC production is just a rumor… well, I’ll go for it anyway. Let’s whisper that rumor everywhere and make it come true. (I know the petition to make GOF a two part movie got nowhere but I did sign it).

I thought that starting production after the 2010, was great. PS/SS came out 2001, so that would start production 10 years after the first movie. That also would mean that the next HP would be about 7-8 years old now. So young British males can start preparing themselves.


Tazzygirl - Aug 10, 2007 11:48 pm (#1323 of 2984)

Denise and Audrey- so sorry about your Starbucks experience! Who knew ordering tea and coffee could be so complicated? Denise- I have absolutely no idea what that person gave to you. Maybe an Orange Mocha/ Vanilla Bean/ Chocolate chip frap? Audrey- since my cafe isn't Starbucks (we just sell certain Starbucks coffee beverages) we don't have the same hot teas. So if you asked for a hot black tea at my cafe, the only question we'd ask you is what size. LOL I'm an English Breakfast tea drinker. Hate coffee flavored things, and I can't stand any type of soda. I don't even like it when it accidentally spills onto my hand at work.

Mediwitch: Tazzy, does your Starbucks use Harney Teas like all the ones in CT and NY? Those are blended in a town very close to me and they are wonderful.

Yup! Super yummy...

I looooove Coldstone Creamery! I usually get the sweet cream with brownies, but the last couple times I've gone I've been addicted to the Macadamia Nut ice cream with chocolate sauce. **dreamy look**

I also am not overly excited about having Posh and Becks here in the States. She never smiles, and I am not into soccer.

Happy Anniversary to the senior Boops, and to Nicoline and hubby!

Meg- your daughter is super cute!

I finally got my car back from the mechanic! Pretty much everything is fixed, and just in time for me to start student teaching on Monday. Whoo-hoo!

I have been so tired today! I guess that is a sign for me to head to bed. (It's only 8:45 here...)



Elanor - Aug 11, 2007 12:06 am (#1324 of 2984)

Tazzy: "so sorry about your Starbucks experience! Who knew ordering tea and coffee could be so complicated? "
LOL! Very true! But don't be sorry, I found it was very funny!

I drink tea, black and very strong. **shudders at the thought of milk in it **

About Beckham, my first thought when I heard he and mrs were moving to the USA was "Great! Maybe we will finally won't be bombarded with their images anymore!". As if... My browser opens with my (French) internet provider page and guess who made the headlines on it this morning?

I've always found soccer to be boring. Now rugby, that's something else differently! In September, the Rugby World Cup will take place in the UK/France, and believe me, these guys are worth watching!

Have a great night/day everybody!



TomProffitt - Aug 11, 2007 1:29 am (#1325 of 2984)

I'm not certain which is more important to life, Coffee or Beer. I've lived many more days with out beer than coffee, so. I'll go with Coffee. Maxwell House. Cream and sugar. Went through the chow line in the field (army out in the woods) one time and some idiot had set an unlabeled box of salt next to the coffee. Gads! (I think I drank it anyway, it was still coffee)

I don't know about Beckham. I was a big Gretzky fan in High School & college. Now it's NASCAR for me and I'm trying to resist Junior nation, but Dale Earnhardt Jr is just too class an act not to appreciate. Quickly becoming a Marcos Ambrose fan, too.


2BMcsmom - Aug 11, 2007 4:30 am (#1326 of 2984)

Megfox, I loved the pictures. She is precious.

Kristina, way to go on selling the frapps, and good luck on the rest of the contest.

Welcome to all new forum members.

QueenMaab, I am sorry for your loss. It is good to know that your children have somewhere they can go and have help learning to deal with their suffering. The wig made me think of Tonks as well.

Happy 50th to Boop's parents. I always think it is awesome when I hear of someone being together that long.

We like Coldstones too. The closest one is over an hour away so we do not get to go often. In the next town they are building a Starbucks. It is the first one so far near us. My favorite from the coffee shop I would go to is a chocolate chai tea. We have quite drinking coffee this summer because of it being so hot. Which has means that my guys are going through about 2 gallons of tea a day. I love the Mr. Coffee Tea Maker. I try to stay away from the tea, if not I drink way too much of it. Mostly water for me.

Going to get oldest son up in a few minutes so we can make our rounds in town before it gets too hot. Forecast for today is 102 with a heat index of at least 114.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and is able to stay cool.


azi - Aug 11, 2007 5:10 am (#1327 of 2984)

I had things to say, but I've forgotten them! Let's see...

My favourite ice cream is from a local dairy near us. Mmmm, chocolate orange.

Oh yes, Beckham. I'll say the same thing I said when they moved to Spain - good riddance.

A friend was telling me the other day that he saw Robbie Coultrane (sp?) driving a red classic car down the road. Apparently, he's been shooting a new series where he travels around the country for some reason. Anyway, the friend pointed at him and said, 'That's the guy who plays Hagrid!' in full view of the camera as he drove by. So, if UK forumers happen to watch it and see that you'll know that I know them. I think I might watch that episode, as he visits the local TV mast, and I'm very jealous he got to go up it.

Lovely (cool if needed) days to all! We're touching 17 degrees C, whatever that is in F. A lot cooler than 100 F, I know that much!


painting sheila - Aug 11, 2007 5:26 am (#1328 of 2984)

Hi everyone!

Just popping in to say hey. It's been a busy weekend with no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

We have 5 of the nicest boys staying at our home for Youth Conference. I think some young girls must agree with me as we were TP-ed last night. They did a good job getting it high up in the trees!

I am not a coffee drinker - but I MUST have my Diet Pepsi in the morning!! Here is the recipe for The Start of a Good Day:

1 tall glass

Squeeze 1/2 of a lime into bottom of glass dropping the lime half into the bottom when finished

Fill with ice cubes

Open Diet Pepsi (in an 8oz bottle), inhaling Pepsi Mist with the twist

Pour slowly over ice filling glass.

Sip and enjoy. Yum-0!

There is a "Tea Room" close to my house. An elderly friend of mine likes to go for special occasions. They have a "tea" there made of fruit - passion fruit and oranges? Anyway - I love it!!

I am going to go crawl back in bed until I HAVE to get up. The kids are back at the church and I can steal a couple pf more winks -

megfox - Cute baby!!! such sweet eyes!!

I have no idea how hot it is going to be here today. I think I rather not know. Reality is always worse that what I guess it to be.

North Carolina (at least where I live) has great seasons - we actually have all four!! Winter is sometimes uneventful - no snow. But, that is okay with me. I shoveled enough snow when we lived in Utah that I am good for at least another 25 years!

Have a great day everyone!


Steve Newton - Aug 11, 2007 6:35 am (#1329 of 2984)

Caffeine, cold or hot, for me. This means coffee, usually black, and Diet Pepsi (Diet Coke in a pinch).

Ice cream-Cold Stone is good but lately my family has been doing Brusters. Since I am trying to lose weight I try not to think about this.


Holly T. - Aug 11, 2007 6:56 am (#1330 of 2984)

Tom, it is probably no surprise if you have read anything I have posted about my son, but his favorite driver is Tony Stewart. A lot alike, those two. And both Tauruses, interestingly enough. I like Dale Jr., but I have an 11 on my car (dh has a 20). Can't stand Kyle Busch, though. And I try to pretend Jimmie Johnson doesn't exist.

We were out of milk this morning so I stirred a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into my coffee. Oh, yum!

I like iced tea, but not sweet tea. Kind of brings up the whole debate about "is Texas the South" when you think about it that way since I have lived here my whole life. I don't like barbecue either, so maybe I'm just weird. ;-)

I am going to stop at Sonic for a Diet Coke with lime on my way to our service team meeting. I don't like the Diet Coke with lime in a can anymore but Sonic uses fresh lime and it is so good.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 11, 2007 7:03 am (#1331 of 2984)

azi, I think that's about 60F. Isn't the formula from C to F: n x 1.8 +32. It's been a long time since I've thought about formulas.

Love coffee, love tea. Coffee with half/half, no sugar. Tea with milk (NOT cream).

Around here, we usually drink water, but lemonade is our favorite if we're talking about cold drinks.

32% cynical, but I agree with Mike with regard to the way the statements were posed. No wiggle room in them. For every tic, you get 4 points, so you can raise or lower it to your liking.

Nicoline, congrats on your anniversary! (Was it the 5th? )

Potteraholic, a friend/neighbor grew up in Brooklyn and also taught there. She still has family there and no one was affected by the tornado - which she hadn't heard about, BTW. A friend called me from the Jersey shore to tell me about it. Oddly, I couldn't find anything about the tornado online.

I'm not certain which is more important to life, Coffee or Beer. ~ Tom P.
Now you sound like my husband - though he has laid off the beer of late.

Percy brought me a vase of flowers she picked in our yard. I swear if it wasn't for my children, I'd never see and enjoy their beauty and fragrance. Oh, and the flowers aren't bad either.

Mediwitch, sorry to hear about your FIL. Hope things are settling down. Are those hollyhocks? What a lovely color. I had white ones for years that grew to over 7ft tall but they didn't come back this year.

Meg - your daughter is really cute!



kaykay1970 - Aug 11, 2007 7:05 am (#1332 of 2984)

Ugh! We've had it with the heat here too! Wednesday was the worst day! 106 degrees with 91% humidity. The wind was blowing hot air straight into your face which didn't help the situation at all! My 10 year old actually has enjoyed the heat as it's been too hot for P.E. She's been watching movies that class period instead!

Happy birthday Kathy and Finn and anyone else I missed!

Megfox, your little one is gorgeous! She has the prettiest eyes!

Edit: What happened to my avatar!? I get a message on my preferences page saying to become a premium member! I just paid for a two year membership a few months ago! I still have a star though, but no avatar. Hmmm....


megfox* - Aug 11, 2007 7:07 am (#1333 of 2984)

She is pretty cute, huh? Although she has just this week started terrible 2 tantrums (since she'll be 2 1/2 officially in September, I guess I can't really complain). She also knows that she is adorable, and tries hugging my knees and saying "I love you" into my legs when she wants to avoid doing something that I ask. Then, this week, she just emits this loud, short little screech when I ask her to do something, or if she doesn't get what she wants within 3 seconds of asking, even if I can't figure out what the heck she is saying. Then it escalates to unconsolable shrieking and crying, complete with what my husband calls "dead dog" - she just goes limp and will hang on the floor by whatever body part you happen to be holding. She has spent about 4 hours out of the last two days screaming in her bedroom. I am shocked that she still has a voice!

mediwitch - I work at Clay Hill Farm (actually in Cape Neddick). Its a pretty nice restaurant, very easy to work at, and the dining room is AC'd, but since I am a back waiter, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (for those of you who don't know a lot about restaurants, we have a 2 waiter/bus system - the front waiter takes your order, gets your drinks, and makes sure that everything is okay, the back waiter actually gets all of your food and communicates with the kitchen about your meal, and the busser clears your table and gets you water, dessert, and coffee). The food is expensive, but its pretty tasty! Have you ever been to Fox's on the Nubble? Andy's family owns it, his grandfather opened it 1966. I'd work there, but I also hate smelling like fried food!

Speaking of coffee, I am also a coffee snob, but kind of in a backwards way. I think the worst thing ever to happen to coffee is Starbucks. I try to drink local roasters whenever possible, and I think that homebrew is 10 times better than what you can buy at a coffeeshop. I worked at a coffeeshop when I was in college, and since then, I have never found anywhere that makes coffee exactly the way I want. And I forget who posted about the tea at restaurants being stale, but you are right - those things are a pain to clean! Way easier to just throw new tea in, although not the right thing to do!

Hope everyone has a good day - at least the sun is out today!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 11, 2007 7:21 am (#1334 of 2984)

megfox, there is a book called Knufflebunny. At one point the girl does just that and the author refers to it as "going boneless". It is a really cute book - written by Mo Willems (the same guy who wrote the "Pigeon" books). I can't tell you how hard Trevor laughed each time we got to that part. Funny voices help.

****waves to Kaykay****

Your star is back but avatar still missing. My condolences to the kiddies who have returned to school. Not ready here. Not ready yet.


Potteraholic - Aug 11, 2007 7:43 am (#1335 of 2984)

OMG!, HungarianHorntail11. The laundromat in 'Knufflebunny' is in my neighborhood, as are many of the streets pictured. The laundromat is where I am about to go right now.

Mo Willems lives in Brooklyn and often does readings in the local small bookstores as well as the ubiquitous Barnes & Noble on the main street here, 7th Avenue.

Small world!


Solitaire - Aug 11, 2007 8:07 am (#1336 of 2984)

The poor puppies shoot me terrible squinting looks every time I open the door to let them outside to tend to their business.

After a few days of lovely 85-ish degree weather, we are back to our typical weather ... which is rather like a dry sauna. I get the same reaction from Stoney. He then usually tries to go to another room and hide. I think I may put him into "doggy day care" with Mom, because my house is still on the market. I do not trust the realtors to keep the outside gate closed. Yesterday, one of them left the door unlocked--the one which goes from the master bath outside to the back yard. It wouldn't be so bad, but I also do not have the security system on while the house is being shown, so I feel a bit vulnerable when I am away all day. I'll be glad when my west side neighbor returns. She is a stay-home mom and keeps a good watch on our cul-de-sac!

Speaking of the house ... I have an open house today, so I must hurry and shower, dress, pick up the house, and skedaddle! I guess I'll have to read the rest of the posts later. I only made it through a couple! That's what I get for going back to work ... 77 posts to read! Try to stay cool, everyone, and cross your fingers for me!



HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 11, 2007 9:05 am (#1337 of 2984)

Small world indeed, Potteraholic! Do you know in advance when he does the readings? Priscilla, my youngest daughter, loves the pigeon books - she reads them to Trevor often. I think they'd really enjoy meeting him in person. I remember reading that the pics are from where he grew up/lived.

Fingers crossed for a quick and smooth sale, Solitaire! And glad to read about those awfully sweet custodians saving your knees!

Caius, sorry to hear about your hamster. Wishing Kristine a long and happy little hamster life with you.


Madam Pince - Aug 11, 2007 9:09 am (#1338 of 2984)

Soli, ***felix felicis charms*** on your open house -- hope you get tons of offers!

Well, I'm expecting snow any minute now. OK, not exactly, but we're definitely having a cold front moving through! Yay! We haven't been below 80 for ages, then this morning when I let the dog out it was only 68! Last Saturday's soccer practice was in the 90's at 9:00 a.m. -- this morning's practice was just at 70 degrees! Woo-hoo! The kids actually were able to run around without passing out. My mom went along with us, and she was wishing she'd brought her sweater!

Little Pince still does the "going boneless" thing occasionally -- usually when I am in a hurry trying to get him dressed to go somewhere and we're running late.

TomProffitt, I can't believe you drank coffee with salt in it -- you are indeed a hardy soul. Blecccchhh!

I think about lime in soft drinks or beer the way some of you seem to think about milk in tea or coffee --- Bleccchhhh, again! I just don't like lime much, period. Key lime pie, OK, but that's about it.

Oh, I meant to say something about Mediwitch's hollyhocks, too! They look beautiful! I had a couple that were just starting to get settled in -- this would've been their second year. But with the drought we've had they're toast. My mom has some at her house that are the color of yours.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Solitaire - Aug 11, 2007 10:49 am (#1339 of 2984)

More on the price of milk ... I needed a half gallon last night, so I went down to SaveMart, as it is much closer than Trader Joe's. All half-gallon brands/percentages were $2.85; the cheapest gallon was $3.39 for the Bayview brand and $4.69 for all the rest. That is up since a few nights ago. Yesterday Smart & Final (which is supposed to be less expensive), Alta-Dena was $4.??/gallon and $2.85/half-gallon ... which surprised me. I'll check TJ's when I go by this afternoon ... just out of curiosity. The tough part is that ice creams, cheese, yogurt, etc., are ALL up, as well.

Potterholic, how many staff development days do you have? How about other teachers in other states--more or fewer staff days? Just curious. We have four in our district, here in central California. However, I believe there are other districts in town that have fewer.

Mediwitch, is that beautiful photo a Hollyhock, ranunculus, or something else? It's hard to tell from that photo ... and I'm not great at recognizing most flowers anyway. I just know that I like them.

Boop, congrats to your parents! Mine were married for 57 years. I hope your parents surpass even that!

Holly, I borrowed our secretary's granddaughter yesterday, to help with the remainder of things that require climbing and balancing on desks. She was one of my students last year and will be my AVID tutor this year, as she is great in both language arts and algebra. As you helped your mom so many times, you know that the job of putting a room together is not as easy as it sounds. I think it must be even worse for the lower grade teachers, as they are required to do more bulletin board changes through the year. I can get away with just making a few subtle changes each time we shift gears, so it isn't a major overhaul every month ... thank heavens!

Julie, a nice bottle of wine would also make a good gift. I may do some sleuthing in that direction. My custodian is great. She keeps my room in tip-top shape.

To the coffee haters (BTW, I'm with you, Vlad!) ... Starbucks also has some interesting Tazo teas that friends of mine swear are delicious. Tazzy can tell you! Personally, I love coffee--the taste and the aroma--and have since I was a child. I'm kind of a coffee snob, though. I buy whole beans and grind them fresh for each cup. During school, I grind at night before bed and put the ground coffee in a small, airtight container ... so very little flavor escapes. Once you get used to freshly ground coffee, nothing else really tastes as good.

Regarding tea with milk ... I'd never had it that way UNTIL I went to England. Of course, I prefer it with milk, but as often as not, I drink it plain. (I actually LOVE both tea and coffee ... although I prefer iced tea and hot coffee.)

it should be sunny and about 32°C/90°F at this time of the year here and it is gloomy, rainy and it was only about 14°C/57°F at noon! Elanor ... don't brag! LOL I wish it were cool and gloomy here. Instead, it is dry and HOT!

Diet sodas? My favorite is Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi ... but I've switched to Diet Rite Cherry Cola, as it is no sugar, no caffeine, no sodium. I also like their Tangerine soda with a scoop of sugar-free ice cream (tastes like a 50-50 bar). I figure it's bad enough to drink colas, but at least I can minimize the damage.

One question: Who drinks Jolt Cola ... "All the sugar and twice the caffeine"? I about died when I saw that one at a local truck stop. Then, the other night, I saw a commercial for a new Pepsi drink with Ginseng and extra caffeine. Hm ... Has anyone tried it? I only hope my students don't go in for it. **shudders at the thought**

Lavandula, you didn't really miss anything. The opportunity to buy a new home came up rather suddenly. I didn't say much about it, at first. And it may not even happen, if this one does not sell within the allotted time. The other house is brand new and move-in ready--a "spec" house that did not sell. There were several in the new development, and they are trying to sell them, so the prices were pretty good. If I sell this one, I'll move. If not, I'll stay and upgrade here. Either way, I'm okay.

Azi, I remember Robbie Coltrane as the title character in Cracker, that 3-hour, very violent detective series. It disappeared for a long while, but it is back again on BBC America, every once in a while. Guess who plays his sidekick? Geraldine Somerville, the actress who plays Lily Potter. I remember being surprised when I saw her in the HP movie.

Okay, time to put the finishing touches on the house. My early showing (9 a.m.) was cancelled just as I was about to walk out the door, so I came back and cooked some breakfast, vacuumed the carpets, wiped down the counters with a Clorox cloth (I'm still alive, Denise ... let your kids know), and sat down to finish reading these 77 posts! Whew, you are a chatty bunch! Now it is time to get moving, I guess. Thanks for the good wishes for the house. I'll keep you all posted! Happy Saturday, everyone!



Catherine - Aug 11, 2007 11:23 am (#1340 of 2984)

I saw the following on the Ask a Host thread and just had to share:

Always "Google" for a program before you just enclose the program with "www." and ".com" and hit enter. That way you avoid one of the headaches that "some free enterprises" use to their advantage.—Kip

Indeed! We have a digital learning environment at school, and often project web-based information on our screens. Our science teacher was doing a project on wetlands, and accidentally typed a "com" instead of "org" to a site she'd been to many times in the past. Turns out that made a BIG difference. Who knew that swamps could be so student unfriendly?

What was funny to me about this incident was that our filter didn't "catch" it. It filters out all sorts of innocent things, but that somehow made it through. I threw a hissy fit to our IT guy because a site I bookmarked at home (not blocked) wouldn't unblock during my lesson. The crime....I tried to show my students an artistic rendering of the Tower of Babel.

Reason for blockage? Babel has the word "babe" in it.

Back to regularly scheduled chatting....


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 11, 2007 11:26 am (#1341 of 2984)

I am so happy, a dedicated teashop opened in the mall near my house. I love being able to find Rooibos teas.


Potteraholic - Aug 11, 2007 1:37 pm (#1342 of 2984)


Mo Willems has a website: mowillems.com. If you register onto his message board, you’ll be able to access his new tour schedule when it is available. He last toured in April 2007, so he’s probably due for some readings soon. In June, he also participated in a reading as a fundraiser for a local public school’s library.

I’ll keep an eye open for any informal readings posted in the local Brooklyn papers, bookstores, and cafés. Maybe these readings may be too ‘local’ for you. Your best bet is to log on to Mo’s site, which has his same sense of humor. Have fun!


Potteraholic - Aug 11, 2007 1:41 pm (#1343 of 2984)


Speaking of chatty, that was some message you posted! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2752390508

You asked, "Potterholic, how many staff development days do you have?" In addition to the 2 right before the start of school -- my principal is great BTW, we spend 1/2 the day doing Staff Dev., and the other 1/2 setting up our rooms – we have one on Election Day (because schools are used as voting sites, kids don't attend), and one in early June. You folks in CA are off on Labor Day, right?

I’m curious, if kids in your district start school this coming week, when does school end? Late May or early June? In all 5 boroughs of NYC, kids start on Tues. 9/4 and the school year ends on Thurs. 6/26. So the kids have all of July and August off. This is the first year school is ending on such a late day; for the past few years we’ve ended on a Wed., and some years before that, school ended on a Tues. But it seems that every few years, the powers-that-be deem it necessary to lengthen the school year by yet another day. I think we are up to something like 188 days of school in NYC now. And most schools here do not have AC either. The heat gets pretty unbearable, as you very well know! Not to mention the humidity.

Being an elementary school teacher, I appreciate the work you have to do in your classroom before the kids come. I’ll be going in to do the same in my classroom on Aug. 27th. I have a lot of materials to set-up in my room, esp. since we are made to pack everything up in the closets so that the custodians can move furniture around to strip and wax the floors, then clean the furniture itself. They don’t want to be held responsible for objects that may slide around and fall off, like books, art supplies or math materials. While our custodians are nice enough, yours sound much nicer! I’m sure they’ll love any gift you give them.

I esp. appreciate this comment you made, "the job of putting a room together is not as easy as it sounds. I think it must be even worse for the lower grade teachers, as they are required to do more bulletin board changes through the year.” Amen to that! I don’t have to worry about setting up the boards in my room so much in the beginning of the year because we purposely keep ours empty to hang up kids’ artwork. But moving furniture and setting up a classroom is like packing up to move house every June, then unpacking into the new place in September, minus the moving van.

Speaking of which, hoping your house situation reaches a resolution soon. It’s good that you’ll be happy either way, but it’s also good not to have to keep thinking about it.

Okay, I’m going to check the Hangman thread now. I need to update it.

Take care and have a great start to the school year!


The giant squid - Aug 11, 2007 1:56 pm (#1344 of 2984)

Isn't the formula from C to F: n x 1.8 +32.--HungarianHorntail11

You are correct. The exact conversion comes out to 17 C=63.6 F. Nice, temperate weather for most, considered "freezing" to the folks here in Southern Nevada. Right now we're hovering around the 100 F mark (38 C) with temps expected to climb over the next week. Still, I can handle all the heat they throw at me as long as they keep the humidity. Moist environments give me a permanent sinus headache.

I've tried Starbucks' Tazo teas. They were okay, not great. I think my biggest gripe was that the SB we went to didn't have normal granulated sugar, just the big "natural" stuff that looked like gravel & refused to dissolve. Now I just let whoever I'm with get what they want & then go to the nearest 7-11 and get a Dr. Pepper.



Elanor - Aug 11, 2007 1:56 pm (#1345 of 2984)

LOL Potteraholic! I am an elementary teacher as well (1rst grade) and what you describe about your situation is exactly mine, shortening of the summer break included! This year, school ended on July 6th and kids start school again on August 27th.

We have two "staff" days two, the first one we'll spend exactly like yours and the second one is we "split" in two "half-days" of meeting we'll have in fall. Double I'd better not think of it as it all approaches far too fast for my taste! **shudders**

Good luck with your house today Soli! (And btw, it wasn't bragging, it was shivering! )

Have a great day everybody!



Tazzygirl - Aug 11, 2007 2:24 pm (#1346 of 2984)

LOL, Soli! The only Tazo tea I like at my work is the iced Passion Tea. The other two Tazo teas we have are the iced black and green tea, as well as the chai concentrate for lattes. All of our hot teas are from Haney and Sons. If I want a chai latte, I actually go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Tastes ten times better than Starbucks.

It's pretty much stayed in the 80s (Fahrenheit) here. I kind of like living in a spot that has very minor weather changes.

Forgot what else I was going to say.

Have a great weekend everybody!!



Mediwitch - Aug 11, 2007 4:20 pm (#1347 of 2984)

Mrs. Sirius, I had the same problem when I moved to CT, as I grew up in upstate NY. It was always "subs" for us but I've finally acquired the local dialect! The one I can't and won't use is the local pronunciation for the nearby town of Norfolk. Locals pronounce it "Nor-fork". I can't for the life of me figure out where they get the "r" in the second syllable! I pronounce it like they do in Virginia, since I lived near the naval base for a while.

Maria, Madam Pince, Soli ~ yes, they are hollyhocks from the front yard in my avatar. I have some that are paler pink, a deep burgundy, and also yellow. I've transplanted a few of them to the new house; I'm hoping they'll make it! I forgot about the problems with wx and went and changed my avatar the other day. That was sweet of Percy to bring you flowers! My FIL is settling down a bit, thanks. He's not as irritable as he has been, but he is wandering a lot and is still clearly depressed (although he would deny it) and not sleeping well. The doctor also started him on an antidepressant, which is supposed to help him sleep better as well, so hopefully that will stabilize things a bit further. *crosses fingers* I try to look on the bright side - I need to stay home to clean, sort, and pack (man, we got a lot of stuff into a little house! ) so being unable to leave him alone means I'm getting more done than I might normally have.

megfox*, we've never been to Clay Hill Farm, but I've seen it. We have been to Fox's - I love the food but I can understand your aversion to smelling like fried food! Good luck with those "terrible twos"; don't forget about Silencio Charms for the screaming!

On staff development days, we have two in August before school opens (we also have 2 days of staff meetings and time to set up classrooms), 1 in October, and 1 in February. The two days for meetings and classroom set-up are nice if you get to stay in one school, but for itinerant therapists it's tough to split yourself and get to all the meetings AND set up two (or more) rooms ~ we need time-turners!


Allison R - Aug 11, 2007 5:50 pm (#1348 of 2984)

Whew! I made it to the end of the folder! I can't remember who it was with the DH book pulling away from the binding and threatening to fall apart, but I wanted to say that a friend of mine had the exact same thing happen to her. Perhaps there was a batch that didn't get properly glued to the binding during the printing process? She did take hers back and the store where she'd purchased it exchanged it for her without a problem.


Lavandula - Aug 11, 2007 5:51 pm (#1349 of 2984)

Staff Development Days- We only are required to have one plus the day before school starts is building and district meetings. We have 2 additional days of conferences plus as many meetings as they can squeeze into our schedule.

School Calendar-Our year is 180 days starting the third week of August and ending the first week in June. I really enjoy being done so close to Memorial Day with the heat building at that time of year, however, August is what they call in Ohio as the "Dog Days of Summer". There is no way one can dress professionally and stay dry from all the sweat. I remember never starting school before Labor Day (Ist Monday in September) when I was a kid, but like New York the state keeps adding days on to our schedule.

Coffee-Let's see...I like a little coffee with my sugar and cream!!! I switched to Decaf or Half Caffeine about a year and a half ago due to being diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse, but I still must have it for the taste every day. Summer time is the time for Ice Coffee! Yummy!!!!

Tazzy- Isn't there a hurricane heading your direction? I saw the weather channel this morning and saw the map with the projection. Please take cover!!!!!

Azi and Elanor- The temps sound delightful given the heat we have been experiencing here. Ohio is not as hot as the rest of the country, but 90 degrees F is not supposed to be a common temperature for us.

Anyone know what sky to look at for the meteor showers?

Have a Great Rest of the Evening Everyone!!!


Edit: Little guy just came home from a birthday party with two friends to spend the night! Welcome to the noise! I couldn't say no since Mr. L has to work tomorrow so we weren't going to church.


Marie E. - Aug 11, 2007 6:06 pm (#1350 of 2984)

Whew! It only took a week for me to catch up with this thread. I've been so busy that I've only been able to read 30 posts at a time.

While we were gone our computer got a virus. My friend was housesitting and said she's only been to myspace, to which I rolled my eyes. Mr. E has been through the computer a little, deleting things, but the biggest problem is that all our pop-up blockers are gone. I never knew how many of those little buggers are out there!

I brought back a little hitchhiker from our trip to Virginia. Monday morning I noticed there was a tick on my back. I'm pretty sure I got him in Virginia since we got back late Saturday night and spent most of the day Sunday at a wedding and then the reception. My housesitting friend was kind enough to take the tick off and Mr. E checked to make sure she got it.

All this talk of getting classrooms ready makes me miss getting a room ready. I still have all my stuff piled up in the back of the office. My girls start school this Thursday. They are both ready to go back.

It has been really hot here, 90's, and we've been getting severe thunderstorms every afternoon. Last Monday we had one storm that dumped over 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. There were flash flood warnings all over the place. The wind whipped up so fast I wondered out loud if we were in the middle of a hurricane. We usually don't get rain like that out here.
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Solitaire - Aug 11, 2007 6:10 pm (#1351 of 2984)

Speaking of chatty, that was some message you posted!

LOL I was working my way through 77 messages, so I wrote as I read. That tends to make one a bit wordy! Sorry for "bloviating"! LOL

About school ... we teachers start this Monday with 4 days of staff development activities (Friday is optional, if we are ready to go). They are never particularly fun, but our principal makes them as painless as possible for our school. The district-wide stuff tends to be dry but can't be escaped. Fortunately, there isn't too much of it. Our kids don't come until the 20th, but, yes, we have Labor Day free. Smile This year we got out on June 1st. I'm not sure of the exact dismissal date in 2008 ... probably somewhere in the first part of June. We have 180 school days; 188 sounds terribly long!

This year, we are cutting five minutes each from lunch and morning recesses, in order to gather a few extra minutes. Our principal has managed to get us one afternoon a month for planning and department articulation ... of course, we will lose 5 minutes a day from lunch. Hopefully, it will be well-spent.

As you say, packing up each June and setting up again in August really is like moving ... every year! I said exactly that to someone earlier this summer. It requires doing much of the same things as moving, and it is just as exhausting.

btw, it wasn't bragging, it was shivering! LOL Elanor! It's so hot here today that I'd give anything to shiver. Actually, I did shiver ... at Applebee's. It was so cold in there that even I was freezing ... a rare occurrence. Coming out into the 100 degree heat felt wonderful ... until it became oppressive to breathe again.

Oh ... three hours and not one person came to the open house. My neighbors on the cul-de-sac said they're not going to let me move. I think they've put an unplottable spell on the house--no one could find it! Hm ...



Tazzygirl - Aug 11, 2007 6:23 pm (#1352 of 2984)
Edited Aug 11, 2007 7:04 pm

Thanks for the headsup and concern, Lavandula! I didn't even know about the hurricane heading this way. I checked the local news and weather website, and we don't have any warnings out. The hurricane is about 1,000 miles south of the Big Island, so the most I might see is rain. It's supposed to come close Tuesday or Wednesday, but by then it should just be a tropical storm.

Glad you found the tick, Marie! ick!

Sorry no one came to your open house, Soli! Sending a lot more **selling charms** to your house!

Off to run an errand or two.


EDIT: Thanks, Soli!


Solitaire - Aug 11, 2007 6:38 pm (#1353 of 2984)

Hurricane? **safety charms** to Tazzy!


Denise P. - Aug 11, 2007 7:52 pm (#1354 of 2984)

All this tea talk and the arctic temperatures today had me sipping a hot cup of Bengal Spice tea this evening. Yum...it smelled so nice that even Mr. Denise decided to have a cup.

Last call for Swaps! We have just about a dozen people so it is now or never! I can't wait to send these off and see how people react to them. My kids want me to make them each a set of what I am making. It is not anything that I had previously said I had in mind.


Viola Intonada - Aug 11, 2007 7:55 pm (#1355 of 2984)

Is it just me or do the ticks seem plentiful this summer? I have found two on my dog in the past two weeks, both on his right ear. Poor thing won't even let me touch his ear. Gee, Marie, I usually bring back refrigerator magnets from the places I visit.

I am not a coffee drinker, neither is Hubby. I keep those individual coffee bags in my freezer for when coffee drinkers visit. I am a tea drinker, and though I am not from the south, I did grow up drinking sweet ice tea. I never thought of it as being a "southern" thing.


Denise P. - Aug 11, 2007 8:01 pm (#1356 of 2984)

I think ticks are bad this year. We had one kid treated for Lyme's Disease even though we never saw a tick on him. We have twilight camp this week and plan to wipe her down before she goes each night to make sure she doesn't bring any buddies home.

Southern Style iced tea is a tea all it's own. It is generally sweet to the point of making you ill. I like sweet tea but I prefer a bit of sweet in my tea, not a bit of tea in my sweet.

I have tried milk in hot tea but I don't see that it does much beyond change the color.


Marie E. - Aug 11, 2007 8:08 pm (#1357 of 2984)

I would have much rather brought back a fridge magnet! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

I got hooked on Tetley's British Blend tea thanks to my friend Nikki. Her British husband tried denying me any tea on the grounds that we Americans had our chance to drink British tea but we chucked in the Boston Harbour. I reasoned with him that none of my relatives were actually in Boston and were probably at home wondering where all the tea was. I have no idea if that's true, but it sounded good.

We drank sweet tea everywhere we went while on vacation. The only places we can get sweet tea here in the Springs is Chik-Fil-A, Cracker Barrel, and Golden Corral.


Solitaire - Aug 11, 2007 8:14 pm (#1358 of 2984)

I see Emma Watson is going to star in a movie called Ballet Shoes, based on a book by Noel Streatfield. I had never heard of this book before I saw You've Got Mail. Meg Ryan's character refers to it, Skating Shoes, and Theatre Shoes in the scene where she goes into Fox Bookstore the night her store closes. Has anyone read these books? Just wondering ... BTW, if this belongs somewhere other than this thread, please feel free to move it!



Viola Intonada - Aug 11, 2007 8:16 pm (#1359 of 2984)

I drink my hot tea with milk and sugar. I can never remember the "proper" order to add them though, it depends on what is closer.

Milk reduces the bitter taste of the tea for me. I have never tried milk or cream in coffee to see if it takes the edge off of the bitterness.

I am definitely a Twinnings tea person. Lady Earl Grey is my favorite.

Soli, because of "You've Got Mail" I found a copy of "Ballet Shoes" and read it to my girls. Well, Hubby and I took turns reading it to them, so I felt like I missed a lot of important things and keep meaning to go back and read it again. I had ordered it through the Scholastic Book Clubs.


Elanor - Aug 12, 2007 1:17 am (#1360 of 2984)

Potteraholic on the games thread: "Elanor, Sometimes I wonder what it would be like teaching 1st graders. The only time I did that was more than 15 years ago, when I first started teaching. There are days when I feel like I'd like to have a go again, like when the 5th graders start getting all "teenagery" in the Spring!"

I hope you don't mind if I answer you on the chat thread!
Actually, I can compare what teaching 1st and 5th graders is because, twice a week, I also teach English for 45 mn to my school's 5th graders (while the 5th graders' teacher, who doesn't speak English at all, has a sports lesson with my 1st graders - I wonder who should be pitied the most: the 5th graders teacher, alone with 20 living hurricanes, or the 5th graders whose first contact with English is my poor accent! ).

Anyways, both grades IMO have plusses and minuses: 1rst graders, especially at the beginning of the schoolyear, are very demanding as we dive into reading learning. They also need to acquire some "autonomy" as they're working and get used to the long school days (from 8.45 to 11.45 am and from 1.30 to 4.30 pm) as some of them are not 6 yet when the schoolyear starts. Each year, I know I'm in for some rough time till about Halloween (good thing I can work in jeans and tennis shoes! ). Then things start to become clearer as most kids start to really understand how reading works but it is still quite stressing as it takes far more time for some other kids and I have to work with them more for not "losing" them on the way.

On the plus side, it is really rewarding when the kids really start to read fluently and, if you survive the "ohhh!!!! He did this!!!! I'm going to tell everything!!!" and other "He took my marble! We had said it wasn't for real and he says it was for real!", it is really funny to listen to them. The grading is also done much faster than with 5th graders and that is something that counts!

5th graders are easier to teach in comparison at the beginning of the school year as things can go fast with them and you can have some really interesting conversations with them but, as the year goes by, they do start getting all "teenagery" and the situation is reversed, lol!

Healing Charms to Marie, Safety Charms sent Tazzy's way, and Weather Charms to everybody, whether you'd like your weather to be cooler or warmer!

It has been a really weird year here weather-wise: we've had the most wonderful April but since then not a single complete fair week. May was awful, in June we were wanting to put the heating systems back on and July and August have really been "rotten" has people say here. We always have a few rainy periods in summer but, as far as I can remember, never a whole bad summer. People really feel cheated! I actually burst out laughing yesterday when seeing the weather forecast for the days to come on TV, all that rain coming again almost seemed like a bad joke. I think it's been the same in the UK (I remember Jo talking about Dementors which must be breeding this summer in her post DH release interviews). I've been very lucky though and saw some wonderful real sun in California this summer!

Have a great Sunday everybody!



Madam Pince - Aug 12, 2007 4:14 am (#1361 of 2984)

We finally got a little bit of that rain here the other day, after one of our driest summers ever. Just enough to green things up a little bit. I think Mr. Pince may actually have to mow the grass finally, which I don't think has been done since June.

Viola, I don't know if it's the "proper" way, but I always put the sugar in first, then the milk. That way the tea is hotter to help dissolve the sugar easier.

I started the habit of milk/sugar because when I was young and first started drinking coffee and tea, my babysitter would only give me something like a quarter-cup of coffee, then fill the rest of the cup up with milk. I sooooo wanted to be like the "grown-ups" and drink what they were having. Gradually the proportions became more normal, but I think I probably still take a bit more milk than most people.

I can't believe some schools have started already! Yuck, it's too hot. We start the last week of August, but Little Pince has the same start date as Snuffles' Olivia - Sept. 4th. They use the first week for conferences/"get-acquainted" meetings for the kindergarteners. Then I think we're done the first week of June or so. We have a longer Christmas break than usual for some reason this year. That is the same schedule Virginia had when I was a kid.

Soli, sorry about your open house.

I was cleaning out kitchen cabinets yesterday and found this random bag of Tazo tea floating around in there -- I have no idea where it came from as I've never heard of the stuff. It may have come in the mail as a sample or something. I think I'll try it for breakfast. I also discovered that I'm the proud owner of a springform pan -- who'd have thunk it? Amazing what you can find in your cabinets that's gotten pushed to the back...

We used the last of the peaches last night -- I made Peachy Grilled Chicken. It was delicious! Mix and cook 1 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp. cornstarch, and 1 cup water to a boil, then remove from heat - it will thicken up fast. Then add 2 Tbsp. peach Jello gelatin powder and a big peach chopped up fine. Reserve 1 cup for serving, then grill your chicken breasts and baste with the glaze, turning a lot and continually basting. Yummmm... the only problem, the peaches drop off the chicken every time you turn it so you get some sticky peach mess on your grill, but oh well.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Potteraholic - Aug 12, 2007 4:22 am (#1362 of 2984)

As I typed your name for the Hangman post, it reminded me of an Australian author, Mem Fox. Maybe you’ve heard of her? If not, I highly recommend her book ‘Koala Lou’ for your daughter’s bedtime, or anytime, reading.

I recommend Mem Fox’s books for your kids, too. Her style is very different from Mo Willem’s, but she is a great storyteller nonetheless. Her stories are very sweet.


Potteraholic - Aug 12, 2007 4:25 am (#1363 of 2984)

Just thought I’d add my 2 knuts to the whole hot/cold beverage discussion. (I’m not sure how this train of thought got started in this thread, but I’m happy to join in!) I drink both tea and coffee and go through periods of just drinking one or the other exclusively, or both in equal measure.

I like Twinnings Earl Grey and Lady Earl Grey, but also like Lipton and Tetley teabags. While living in London, I developed an appreciation for PG-Tips. Whenever friends from the UK come to visit, they always come laden with a box of PG-Tips and a couple packages of milk chocolate Hob Nobs (the tastiest oatmeal biscuits ever, IMHO). I find the Harney & Sons teabags sold in Barnes & Noble’s cafés to be either too bitter or too perfumey, but the tins they come in are lovely.

I won’t use generic tea bags, am not much of an herbal tea drinker, and abhor decaffeinated tea because I find it has an unpleasant aftertaste. I prefer milk and sugar in my tea -- I drink my coffee the same way -- but will drink tea straight if needs must. I only use lemon and honey in my tea when a sore throat hits.

I’m not a coffee snob at all. I don’t even own an automatic coffeemaker. (Shock, horror! ) Since I live within a block or 2 of a few different coffee places, not owning a coffeemaker is no big deal. I do have a Bodum coffee press thingy for those times when I don’t want to make a coffee run. I’ve even been known to drink instant coffee (and like it!) on more than one occasion.

I will never drink straight black coffee. I love lattes, cappuccinos, and café au lait; any coffee concoction with milk is good in my eyes. A little sugar is nice, but the milk sweetens the coffee enough to my taste. I prefer hot coffee to cold, but will drink iced coffee on hot days. Mocha Frappucino-type drinks are on my preferred list, too, the more mocha, the better. Which reminds me, hot chocolate/cocoa made with milk heated on the stove-top (rather than in a microwave) is the best way to enjoy this treat, IMO.

About iced tea, my dad brews his with loose tea (in a tea ball), then adds mint leaves plucked from my mom’s garden. There’s a little sugar in the mix, too, but the mint flavor is what really gives the tea its refreshing taste. I, on the other hand, take the easy way out. When I have a hankering for the iced tea, I just buy the biggest bottles of Snapple or Lipton Iced Tea I can find. I rarely brew my own. I should be drinking more water anyway.

I’ve gone on a bit, haven’t I? Who knew I had so much to say about tea and coffee? Sorry ‘bout that. x 2


haymoni - Aug 12, 2007 11:56 am (#1364 of 2984)

OK - Starbuck's Pros - help me out here.

I don't drink coffee, but a friend of mine had to have her Starbuck's fix, so she ordered me something really chocolately - it was some sort of coffee, but it tasted like drinking a scoop from Wonka's chocolate river (pre-Augustus). It was in a cup the size of a Dixie cup and it tasted great.

Any ideas what it could have been? I sent her an email, but she hasn't responded. I've checked their menu online, but I don't see anything that sounds like what I had.


Catherine - Aug 12, 2007 1:05 pm (#1365 of 2984)

Mmm...Haymoni, I had that one a few times! I wish I could remember its name.

I believe that Lupin is Lupin recommended it to me....


Tazzygirl - Aug 12, 2007 2:00 pm (#1366 of 2984)

I don't know either, Haymoni. If it had chocolate and coffee/espresso in it, then it was probably a short (8 oz.) mocha... with a lot of chocolate. Either that or just a really good hot chocolate. Not sure if the regular Starbucks serves it, but Barnes and Noble cafe serves the Godiva Hot Chocolate. Probably not, as it's not a Starbucks name. Hmmmm...

Went out Karaoke-ing last night. It was hilarious. I sang along with everyone, but didn't use the microphone. Best song we all sang was Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". I laughed so hard I cried.

Tomorrow I start my student teaching! This semester I'm placed in a regular 5th grade classroom. So excited!!



2BMcsmom - Aug 12, 2007 2:11 pm (#1367 of 2984)

Goodluck with the student teaching Kristina.


Madam Pince - Aug 12, 2007 2:15 pm (#1368 of 2984)

Good luck, Tazzy! 5th grade was just about my most favorite grade ever. That's the one when our teacher read a chapter of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to us every day in the few minutes between class ending and lunch starting. It began my life-long affinity for the series, and probably in a roundabout way got me into the Harry Potter books as well.


Tazzygirl - Aug 12, 2007 2:17 pm (#1369 of 2984)

Thanks 2BMcsmom and Madam P! 5th grade was also one of my favorite grades growing up. That, and sixth grade.



Solitaire - Aug 12, 2007 2:33 pm (#1370 of 2984)

Audrey, as one who knows from personal, face-to-face experience, your English is excellent. Your grasp of grammar and sentence structure is far better than many of my acquaintances who have never spoken anything but English!!! When I spoke with you on the phone this summer, I had no trouble at all understanding you. I can say with all honesty that your pronunciation is even better this summer than last, when I spent time with you in person ... and it was quite understandable then! You do not need to apologize at all. Your 5th grade English learners are lucky to have you!

As to 5th graders being "teenager-y," I'm not sure I understand that, as most are only 10 years old here in California--although a few may begin the year at age 9 or end it at age 11 (12, if they have been held back). In my school, we do not start to see that behavior until the spring of 6th grade, at the earliest. I feel sorry for those of you who see it sooner. Ugh!

I'm sorry you are disappointed by the cool temps, but I can honestly say that those of us in my parched county who've had high 90s through low 100s all summer--not to mention drought conditions--would love to swap our hot weather for your cool, gloomy rain for a few months. If only it could be arranged! **sigh**

Madam Pince, it is disappointing about the open house, but that is why I have a tight rein on my excitement level about the new house ... I know the move may not happen, and I hate to "crash and burn" emotionally, if it does not. I've tried to stay focused on the many good things about this house (it's PAID FOR!!!) and neighborhood (I like my neighbors a lot), just in case I wind up staying here. I'm a bit concerned about the number of rentals around me, but so far, the people are nice families, and if I wind up staying, I will at least have $$ to do some small renovations. Either way, I'll be okay.

I’m not a coffee snob at all. I don’t even own an automatic coffeemaker. LOL Potteraholic! I have one, but I prefer a Melitta coffee cone and a filter. I just boil the water and brew the freshly ground coffee right into my insulated mug. It is so much less mess than a coffeemaker, and I can run all parts through the dishwasher to keep them clean.



TomProffitt - Aug 12, 2007 3:00 pm (#1371 of 2984)

Congratulations to Mr. Tony Stewart. It's been a long few years for me as an Elliott Sadler fan.

Mid to high 90s all week here with high humidity 60% or more. It's just fine with me. I wouldn't mind 11 months of summer at all.


Denise P. - Aug 12, 2007 4:42 pm (#1372 of 2984)

I am waiting for fall and winter. I much prefer the cooler temperatures. I can always layer more clothes if I am cold, I am only willing to take off a certain amount.

I need to find a yellow shirt for Millicent to wear to camp tomorrow since her color is yellow for the first day. After that, she wears her camp shirt the rest of the week.


journeymom - Aug 12, 2007 4:57 pm (#1373 of 2984)

I skipped ahead to the end, so congratulations, happy birthday and healing charms to whomever requires them.

Let's see, I finally checked how much a gallon of 1% milk costs around here: $4.70. That's the off-brand. The local dairy's brand is a dollar more and I have no idea how much a gallon of organic costs.

Mr Journeymom's sister came over last night and Mr Journeymom and I saw the movie Stardust. It was fun. 3 out of 5 stars. I ead what Kids-In-Mind had to say about it, and some aspects of it gave me concern, so I left 12 y.o. daughter at home with little brother. I shouldn't have worried. Daughter could have come along, she'd have loved it.

We're currently watching Fellowship of the Ring, again. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe." I love these movies...


painting sheila - Aug 12, 2007 5:15 pm (#1374 of 2984)
Edited Aug 12, 2007 5:57 pm

Hi everyone!

Wow you all have been chatty!!

I don't drink coffee or tea - but I have enjoyed the conversation. Isn't it funny how our taste buds really do define us? I can tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke, and I like fresh lime in my Diet Pepsi not the stuff they put in.

I like butter - not margarine - and old fashioned oatmeal to fast cook stuff.

I don't care if it's wheat or white as long as it isn't stale, and green beans need to be cooked with fatback until they are limp unless I can pick them off the vine and eat them standing in the garden.

Tomatoes on from the garden are like candy to me. The tomatoes from the store merely add color to my salad - certainly no taste!

Oldest Daughter and I are going to tour a university tomorrow. How exciting!!(please remind me of this comment in 9 months when I am crying about her graduating high school!)

Off to check the other threads - have a good one everyone!


Edit- Oops! Tazzy - Good luck with your student teaching!! You will be wonderful I just know it!


Mediwitch - Aug 12, 2007 5:16 pm (#1375 of 2984)

Best of luck on your student teaching, Kristina! I'm sure you will be fantastic.

The ticks haven't been as bad as usual here in CT this year - nor have the mosquitos, army worms, and other nasty creepy crawlies. The Japanese beetles are nearly as bad as always, though. They love my rosa rugosa and hollyhocks.

Did anyone see the Perseids yet? We saw a few last night, although tonight is supposed to be the better night for them.

EDIT: Hey Denise - you can send your beetle-catchers up here for a couple of days! Actually, my FIL likes catching them too, but he usually only gets the ones right by the deck, never mind the rest of the garden!


Denise P. - Aug 12, 2007 5:22 pm (#1376 of 2984)

We didn't have any Japanese beetles this year..woo hoo! The kids were kinda disappointed since they like catching them. We were not at all upset about missing them.


journeymom - Aug 12, 2007 5:28 pm (#1377 of 2984)

Ooh, thanks for the reminder, Mediwitch! We'll have to look upwards tonight.


Denise P. - Aug 12, 2007 7:00 pm (#1378 of 2984)

Okay SWAPS folks, I sent an email with our final number (We have 14 taking part! Woo hoo!) If you somehow missed this, don't fret. I can make a second group easily if there is interest. Just drop me an email. I wish I could share some of the really cute ones that Millicent has been making today but you will all have to wait until the exchange is done.

Sorry for putting this here but I know everyone checks this thread and they may not have gotten the emails.


Chemyst - Aug 12, 2007 7:04 pm (#1379 of 2984)

TomProffitt, are you the guy who went to Ft. Benning? They have been having 100° temps there all week. That is still 5-10 degrees lower than Baghdad, but the humidity averages in the low 90% in GA whereas Iraq has 25% humidity.

I had planned on putting this link about the Perseids in my profile until we were cautioned not to change things there until the WX problems are resolved; so here http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/home/8935687.html

A few weeks ago when I saw the grocery was charging well over seven dollars for four puny bottles of iced coffee, I decided to experiment with homemade. I was shocked at how much sugar it takes to get the sweetness close to the fancy brands! I still want to tweak it a little more, but for $7, I can make closer to 40 servings, not 4; and that allows for the skyrocketing milk prices.

My fifth grade teacher read Doctor Dolittle to us before lunch. It was much better than any movies.
I grew up in a small college town, so I had a lot of student teachers over the years. I think your students will be fortunate in getting you, Tazzy.
 **indulges in evil-grin memories of Miss Bush, who changed career goals after student teaching our class**


Lilly P - Aug 12, 2007 7:19 pm (#1380 of 2984)

Wow! 500+ posts since I went on vacation! Sorry folks, I had to push the magic button! All is well here, although smoky from all the forest fires in the area. I hope all is well with you, all appropriate charms to everyone.



Solitaire - Aug 12, 2007 7:27 pm (#1381 of 2984)

Where are you, Lily, that you have fires? I know there are fires burning in the mountains around Santa Barbara, CA. We can see the smoke from Kern County, and it makes the sky look weird.



Lavandula - Aug 12, 2007 7:44 pm (#1382 of 2984)

Chemyst-Thank you so very much for the meteor link. We were watching last night, but not knowing where to look or at what time, saw very little except for the beautiful starry sky.

We moved into the country about six years ago, and the most exciting part is seeing stars at night. Living in the city one never sees the sky as it is meant to be viewed all a twinkling with millions of dots of light!!!!

Let the SWAPS begin!

Best of luck student teaching Kristina. You will be marvelous. Just remember all of us teachers are here when you need us and everyone will be thrilled to hear of your experiences.

Mem Fox Books- My 14-almost 15 year old daughter's favorite nighttime book next to Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown was Time for Bed by Mem Fox. The book was so ripped and loved by the time she got a baby brother that we couldn't read it any more. I still can remember those lines and visualize the pictures...Time for bed little mouse, little mouse. Darkness is falling all over the house. Time for bed little...

Early morning meeting tommorow with a 45 minute drive as well, so I'm off to bed.

Blessings to all!



Denise P. - Aug 12, 2007 7:56 pm (#1383 of 2984)

My kids loved the Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton "The sun has set not long ago... "There was also a Berenstain Bears one that they really liked. It was not called the Berenstain Bears though and there were several bears. After Mama had tucked everyone in, they climbed down the window and snuck out. An owl scared them and they raced back into bed. It was really cute...Mr. Denise would read it very slowly and quietly as they were sneaking around. Then he would hoot like and owl and read their dash back very quickly in one breath. I wish I could remember the name of it.  

Google is wonderful... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2752390508  Bears in the Night! We loved and destroyed several copies of each of these books.


journeymom - Aug 12, 2007 10:33 pm (#1384 of 2984)

A few weeks ago when I saw the grocery was charging well over seven dollars for four puny bottles of iced coffee, I decided to experiment with homemade. I was shocked at how much sugar it takes to get the sweetness close to the fancy brands! I still want to tweak it a little more, but for $7, I can make closer to 40 servings, not 4; and that allows for the skyrocketing milk prices.

Mr Journeymom has been experimenting and found that Silk vanilla soy creamer in iced coffee is reaaally good!

We saw a preview for Beowulf last night. I'm not sure about the animation (CG over live action?), but it has an all-star cast. Looks interesting.


Elanor - Aug 12, 2007 10:57 pm (#1385 of 2984)

Hello everybody! Monday morning here! Just savoring the fact it is 7.30 and I am still wearing pajamas, a Monday morning pleasure which won't last long now.

Good luck with the student teaching Kristina! I know you will be perfect.

Soli, you made me blush! I'm not sure my students would agree with you on them being "lucky" but I really have fun teaching English to them, especially when I can quote HP (without them noticing of course! ). I just wish I could do an "Alchemy in HP 101" class sometime...

About the weather, I know you would love the rain! Actually, I should not complain as I am not depending on the weather for my job but for many people living from tourist or agriculture, the situation is starting to be very worrying. Yesterday, I was watching a report dedicated to a small mountain resort in the Vosges region (medium mountains). After a winter without snow, they now have a summer without sun (lots of fog up there) so there are very few tourists visiting, far less than usual, and some places have had to lay off some of their employees. Some regions are more fortunate than others but people really hope for a better fall.

Farmers are worried too around here: some have just finished their haymaking (it should have been finished in June!) and hay quality is very poor. Same thing for the wine growers: if there is not enough sun, the level of sugar in the grapes will be low, which means the wine will not age as well as that of a normal year and it will keep less well. Even Sunday gardeners depress: tomatoes remain hopelessly green and their potatoes go rotten. Flowers don't complain though, I've rarely seen them so beautiful, they don't mind not roasting at all!

I hope everything will work out well for your house selling Soli!

Sheila: "Tomatoes on from the garden are like candy to me."
Same for me!

Have a great night/day everybody!



Snuffles - Aug 13, 2007 1:21 am (#1386 of 2984)

Wow, lots of posts to plow through. I did skim, so apologies to anyone I have missed.

Happy belated birthday to Boop's mum. Also, I hope your parents had a wonderful anniversary.

Happy belated birthday to Choices granddaughter too. I hope she had a fantastic day.

Soli, sorry to hear about your open house day. I hope something happens for you soon.

**safety charms** to Kristina. Good luck with the student teaching also, I am sure you will be superb

I have never tried tea without milk! I love Yorkshire tea, it is nice and strong. No sugar and semi skimmed milk. Think I will go and make a cup in a minute

The camping trip went fine. The weather was glorious. 8 adults, 3 kids and no arguements! We all brought a camping stove and food to bbq. When we eventually all climbed into our tents, there was another 10 minutes of people calling "good night John boy" "good night Mary Ellen" I did get laughed at for taking my flip flops to stand in the shower. I have a thing about putting my bare feet down in bathrooms where so many people enter

Off to check the threads.

Hope everyone had a good weekend



Tazzygirl - Aug 13, 2007 1:55 am (#1387 of 2984)

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes in student teaching! I'm really getting excited- not looking forward to the commute (40 minutes without traffic), but am looking forward to meeting the students. My mentor teacher said that it is a small class this year- only 17 kiddies. **wonders what Chemyst and her class did to change their student teacher's profession**

I always loved the Sandra Boynton books. When I read to 'Thaniel and Sydney, I usually go for her books. Kids are getting older though, so they tend to roll their eyes at me. LOL. **remembers when Syd was just learning how to speak and would read Moo, Baa, LaLaLa with me** sigh.

I must agree with Lavandula and head to bed now. It's 11, just got off work, and have to be up and out the door by 6:15 at the absolute latest. Let the school year begin!!

Supposed to get the rain from that hurricane sometime tomorrow or the next day I think. Makes driving so much fun! LOL

Glad you had a fun trip, JulieSnuffles! I totally agree with you and wearing flip flops in the shower- imagine all the grime people bring in there... **shudders**

Have a great week everybody!



TomProffitt - Aug 13, 2007 3:57 am (#1388 of 2984)

Chemyst, I was at Fort Benning in the Spring of 89. It wasn't too hot then, we graduated from Basic/AIT before the real hot weather hit. I spent a lot of time at Fort A.P.Hill (near Fredericksburg, VA) and temperatures in the summer there were frequently 100+ with very high humidity. I also did Fort Irwin (in the Mohave) in August of 92 and we had several days over 115 there. The worst weather for me was Hohenfels Germany where it was always wet and always under 35 degrees.


painting sheila - Aug 13, 2007 6:07 am (#1389 of 2984)

(sniff sniff)We are heading out the door to go and tour a university. Oldest Daughter is really growing up. Am I ready for this?


The giant squid - Aug 13, 2007 6:33 am (#1390 of 2984)

Tazzy, good luck with your student teaching. Is this your last year of it, or am I mis-remembering something?

I would have trouble getting worried about a hurricane named "Flossie" myself. Have they really run out of the good names?



HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 13, 2007 6:42 am (#1391 of 2984)

I sat outside on this lovely, breezy, August morning as the sun took its place above my neighbor's house. I watched as hubby pulled away with his neatly packed lunch, blowing kisses my way. The children were still asleep and the day was quiet and fresh. So why did I find myself crying into my tea? Moments of reality, that's why. It is setting in that soon, too soon, I will be ushering my children, including my littlest one, to school. I can't take it. My littlest one is off into the throes of the world without me. Shame on me for pitying myself. (Denise, can I borrow one of yours???)

I think Trevor will have the new teacher, so I don't even have the comfort of knowing he will be in good hands.

Kristina, the karaoke sounds like it was fun! Priscilla will be starting 5th Grade on the 6th of Sept. I know she wishes you would student teach her class, and I sure do, too! You will do great. And about the commute - yes, it sounds a bit on the long side but you are driving in Hawaii.

Just savoring the fact it is 7.30 and I am still wearing pajamas, a Monday morning pleasure which won't last long now. ~ Audrey
Oh, my aching head. I'm trying not to think about it. **cringe** My sympathies to you for having such a short time off with not-so-good weather.

Potteraholic, thanks for the suggestion. I have already looked it up and may venture a trip to the library for one today.

Well, I never thought about myself as a coffee snob but judging by Solitaire's definition, I seem to fit the criteria. That, coupled with the fact that I know it must be brewed at exactly 200 deg. F to extract the proper taste from the beans (too high a temp. draws out the bitter flavors and too low doesn't extract all of the desirable flavor from the beans). Bunn seems to be one of the few coffee makers that heat the water to the proper temp. So, many years ago, when ebay was in its infancy stages, hubby and I came across a Bunn from a deli that closed up with 2 overhead burners and 1 brewer burner for under $100. (They sell for over $400.) We love it and are a bit spoiled with it. It also looks a bit silly perched on my sideboard table but hey, we love our Sunday morning coffee.

Julie, so glad your first camping experience was a good one! I love camping and was hoping you'd enjoy it.

Off to get something done.



Potteraholic - Aug 13, 2007 8:17 am (#1392 of 2984)

I teach 5th graders, too! Hope your first day of student teaching was satisfying. How did you find being on the other side of 5th grade?

When I’ve had student teachers start right at the beginning of the year, the most important thing I stress to them is to get to know all the kids’ names, at least by the end of the 2nd or 3rd day as well as at least one little fact or detail about them. Being part of the Lexicon Forum, I know getting the little details will be a breeze for you.

Also, I recommend spending as much of your time in the first week closely observing how your mentor teacher sets up routines and establishes the sense of community in his or her classroom. Of course, all the curriculum planning and academic instruction that happens all year is absolutely important to get a handle on, but if there isn’t any organization or sense of community in a classroom, then curriculum and instruction don’t end up being as rich and meaningful as they could be.

Oh dear, what was going to be a short post to give you a book recommendation has turned out to be a ramble about teaching. Sorry!

As many other Forumers have already said, I’m sure you will do amazingly well in your student teaching. If the situation arises where you get to pick and read the class read-aloud, here’s a book I highly recommend: Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles. I thought it would be good for lots of reasons. The main character, Ruby, is similar in age to your 5th graders (she’s a 4th grader), and the grandma she loves dearly, Miss Eula, leaves their hometown of Halleluiah, Mississippi to visit a new grandchild in Hawaii. (The story is not set in Hawaii, but Miss Eula and Ruby make references to it that your class -- 17 kids, nice! -- might appreciate.)

The story is told using a mixture of narrative and humorous letters back and forth from Ruby and Miss Eula. It is a truly wonderful and touching tale and Deborah Wiles writes so beautifully, drawing on her Southern roots to write about such charming characters, warts and all. I've read it aloud to a few different classes and they've always loved it. Read it yourself first, if you can get it. I'd love to hear what you think.


Denise P. - Aug 13, 2007 9:13 am (#1393 of 2984)

I remember having "Old Yeller" read to me in class when I was in 3rd grade. When I was student teaching in 4th grade, I was reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" outloud. The kids found it almost as amusing to watch me crack up while reading it as they did the story itself. That is nearly impossible to read outloud without laughing.

For 5th graders, I would also recommend No More Dead Dogs hee hee....

I really loved my 4th grade class and my mentor, she was fantastic. She stayed in the class with me long enough to see that I was okay on my own and then she went to an empty class to clean her filing cabinets and make me copies of anything she had that she thought I would like. She would poke her head in occasionally, go over my lesson plans but basically let me fly on my own. I liked that so much better than when I student taught in PreK/K, the teacher hovered constantly and the kids would always look to her when I was teaching.


Potteraholic - Aug 13, 2007 10:00 am (#1394 of 2984)
Edited Aug 13, 2007 10:44 am

Oops, I missed reading your post yesterday. Thanks for your thoughts about the 2 grades. Everything you described about the 1st graders brought back memories, 20 living hurricanes. And I agreed with how you described the 5th graders, too.

I have to echo what Solitaire said about your English. If you speak English the way you write it, then those 5th graders you teach are very lucky indeed! If I didn’t know you were French, I never would have thought, from your well-written posts, that English was a second (or third) language for you. I studied French in college, but my French is abysmal. Why, if I had to write a post in grammatically correct French, I couldn’t do it without a dictionary. Even if the vocabulary was correct, the verb tenses and idioms would be all wrong, I’m sure.

Speaking of teaching and French, I just remembered a DVD I rented last year, a documentary called Être at avoir about a teacher who taught in a one-room school in rural France. Did you see it? It brought tears to my eyes at the end. It was beautifully done and included different perspectives: the teacher, the students, and some of the student’s families. I’ve been meaning to buy it and even thought about showing parts of it to my class. I think they would be fascinated to see how a one-room school works, especially one in a different country.

Sorry to hear about the bad weather that’s been happening in France. Which city or region in France do you live in? I visited the Camargue and a few cities in Provençe (the walls of Verdun Gorge were stunning) in the summer of 2004 and as I remember, we didn’t have any rain over the 2 weeks my friend and I were there. In fact, there was huge fire that got close to a power plant, causing a blackout, near the end of our trip. I was in Nice and taking a shower in near-darkness in an unfamiliar bathroom is quite an experience! Thankfully, power was back on by the late evening.

Enjoy the rest of votre (or can I say tu?) vacances!

Au revoir!


Choices - Aug 13, 2007 10:05 am (#1395 of 2984)

Does anyone remember the book "Penrod and Sam"? That is what my third grade teacher read to us and I loved it.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday and a great week. Love and (((hugs)))to all.


megfox* - Aug 13, 2007 10:16 am (#1396 of 2984)

Kristina - I had a very rough start to my internship (what we call student teaching at my school), but as the year went on, it got easier and better, and now I teach at the school where I interned. I also had an intern this past year. It was a great experience for me, too. It made me really focus on what I do and why I do it. She was so nervous when she started, and I know she wasn't sure if she could do it, and there were times during the year when I got scared for her too! But she was amazing by the end of the year, and I'm sure you will be too! Is your student teaching a full year or half year? I forget who said it, but the comment about getting to know your students is crucial. It will make everything go more smoothly if they trust you, and knowing things about them will make them be more likely to see you as a real person too!

We don't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day and my students come on Wednesday, and I have Freshman this year - WAAAAHH!!!! At least I have an awesome team of teachers to work with, so I will have people to commiserate with.

Oh, the Mem Fox book is one of the favorites at daycare, and Maddy also loves the Going to Bed Book. Sandra Boyton is hysterical! Maddy loves to yell out "EXERCISE!!" when we get to that page of the book.

Although I have taken over 6 years of French instruction, I can barely hold a rudimentary conversation with tourists (we get lots of French Canadians at the restaurant). Fortunately, and a bit oddly, I think, almost every year of French included at least one unit on food/restaurants, so it makes it easier when having to talk about the menu! I couldn't write a paragraph to save my life, though...I can think it easier that when I have to take the time to write it. My students are always asking me to help them with their French homework, so I do get a refresher in French 1 and 2 every two years!

SWAPpers - I went to the craft store today - well, actually 3 of them, since I couldn't find something that I really, really wanted... But I think I have come up with a fun and cute alternative to my original plan. I can't wait for the end of September so I can get my SWAPS!


azi - Aug 13, 2007 10:21 am (#1397 of 2984)

**waves to everyone**

I read all your posts, yet have forgotten everything that was said.

Good luck on placement, Tazzy!

My French is terrible. I was always better at German, but it's a case of 'don't use it, loose it'.

My brother is perhaps angrier than I've ever seen him. He found a huge dint in his car, caused by someone reversing into it when it was parked and then driving off without admitting to it. He's stormed up to the street where it was parked to check every bumper on the street. If he catches the people who did it they'll have hell to pay. He's annoyed because he's so careful when driving not to bump into anything (and he is, I've watched him when he doesn't know I'm there) and now it'll look like he's a bad driver. That and it'll cost a fortune to fix (not a good idea to claim on insurance when you're 18). I feel sorry for him. Unusual.

Lovely days to all!


Holly T. - Aug 13, 2007 10:46 am (#1398 of 2984)

Good luck with the 5th graders Kristina! My daughter loved 5th grade.

My husband and I are going to teach 5th grade Sunday school starting this fall, alternating weekends with another couple. Notice we aren't teaching 4th grade, the class our son is in, LOL. Mainly on the grounds that since a third of the class is husband's Cub Scout den we see plenty of them already. That class has been described by the Sunday school superintendent as "every ten years or so we have one of those classes." The class is about 12 boys and 2 girls. One of their current teachers is an elementary school principal and I think she is continuing. She has their number.

Azi, your brother needs to track down Britney Spears. Apparently she was caught on video backing into someone else's car and not stopping (I know, what a shock).

My daughter's favorite bedtime stories were My Goodnight Book because she thought it was about her (she looks like the little girl in the book) and Guess How Much I Love You?. My son's favorite one was Are You My Mother? and he often drifted off to sleep telling me "I love you Mama. You are not a snort."

Two more weeks until school starts here!


TomProffitt - Aug 13, 2007 12:36 pm (#1399 of 2984)

I could read French "almost" fluently in college, but the speaking, listening, & writing were atrocious. My French professor got so mad at me for not putting in more effort, but I was in my fifth year and had so many credit hours one letter grade wasn't going to put a dent in my GPA.

We were on the trimester system at my college, so I only got ten weeks of student teaching. 11th grade US History. It was the worst job experience I've ever had. Five years of college only to find out in the last ten weeks that you've studied the wrong thing.

Speaking of one room school houses, both of my grandmothers taught in one room school houses before they were married. One in New Hampshire, the other in the mountains of North Carolina.


Accio Sirius - Aug 13, 2007 12:59 pm (#1400 of 2984)

I could ask for directions to a library and a bathroom (or possibly the bathroom in a library) in French and order a cup of coffee. It's been a while and like they say, you lose it if you don't use it.

I've had trouble getting on the forum, but now it seems to like me again.

***waves hello to everyone too***
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Potteraholic - Aug 13, 2007 1:50 pm (#1401 of 2984)

I was going to put this in one of the HP Movies; threads, but thought it fit better in this thread, as it's more of a book recommendation.

The other day, I read that Emma Watson will voice the character of 'Princess Pea" in an animated film version of The Tale of Despereaux (Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread) by Kate DiCamillo. This is a wonderful children's book which I absolutely love. They better get the movie right! Messing it up is like messing up a Harry Potter book.

Children, and adults, too, should not see this movie until they have read the book for themselves. I basically think this is true for every movie-from-a-book production, as do countless other book lovers. The story is divided into 4 parts and each part is dedicated to a different character. The end of the book brings together all these 4 characters' different stories.

Emma should be fine as Princess Pea, especially since her flaring nostrils and roving eyebrows (to paraprahse comments I've read in other posts) won't be on view. About her being cast for the BBC's Ballet Shoes, I was a little surprised by the director's choice. I saw the original production years ago and don't remember any of the girls being quite as old as Emma is now. I suppose the hair, make-up, and wardrobe people will do their magic to "young" her up a bit. Didn't realize there was a book and totally missed (as in it went over my head), Meg Ryan's mention of it in 'You've Got Mail". Will try to find it and read it. I remember liking the Beeb's version years ago when I saw it; I must have been about 11 or 12 then.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 13, 2007 1:50 pm (#1402 of 2984)

...so she ordered me something really chocolately - it was some sort of coffe, but it tasted like drinking a scoop from Wonka's chocolate river (pre-Augustus). It was in a cup the size of a Dixie cup and it tasted great.---haymoni

I believe that Lupin is Lupin recommended it to me....---Catherine

It's called Chantico and it was discontinued in January of '06, which makes Starbucks a Big Green Meanie. You could have it served with a shot (or two) or espresso to give it a mocha taste. It was 6 ounces and served in a very small cup. You can do a search on 'drinking chocolate' to find something similar.

I was away for a long weekend at Long Sands in York, ME. ***waves to megfox, who I see from skimming the weekend's posts, lives in the area*** I drove by the sign for the Clay Hill Farm Restaurant this weekend and thought to myself, 'I wonder if that's any good?' We did sneak in a visit to Brown's ice cream (driving past Fox's on the way there). Megfox, maybe you can help me remember the name of a restaurant I drove by years ago. It's either in southern Maine or Portsmouth, NH. It runs lengthwise along a backroad, it looks like it's sitting high on the side of a river. Does this sound familiar?

I see I missed the coffee/tea debate. I've recommended this before, but for those who missed it, there's a catalog out there called 'Special Teas' for the tea snobs.

I looked but I can't find why people are posting their favorite bedtime stories. I see a lot of our favorites. Sometimes, for new baby gifts, I give a group of our favorite board books (it really helps if I can find them on sale). We like Each Peach, Pear, Plum, But Not the Hippopotamus, Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear, Jamberry, A, You're Adorable, Is Your Mama a Llama and Big, Red Barn.

In September, I'm going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival (nobody can say I don't know how to have fun), where there's going to be...wait for it...a Llama Obstacle Course! How cool is that?


2BMcsmom - Aug 13, 2007 2:03 pm (#1403 of 2984)

I have started a book list for all the books that have been suggested. I had one before but I can not remember where I put it.

My oldest is having to read The Scarlet Letter for his english class and The Last Of The Mohicans for his american history class. He is having a time with the language. So far he has not got the 2 confused, which he thinks is going to happen. I am not sure how he could confuse them.

My senior year in high school we had a student teacher in my citizenship class. Before the first week was over she had changed her mind about teaching.

I never realized how much paper work there was to be done just to teach 3 and 4 year olds. I wonder if I will be able to remember all that has to be done.


mollis - Aug 13, 2007 3:02 pm (#1404 of 2984) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Aug 13, 2007 3:46 pm

To chime in on the tea/coffee discussion. I'll second Tom's comment about coffee and beer. And add Maker's Mark whiskey. Not so much with the other two, but I rarely let a day pass without at least a cup of coffee. I am definitely a coffee snob (love the flavored coffees from local roasters) and always drink them black. Also a bit of a beer snob and really, I guess a drinks snob in general. I like to think that I just have really good taste. I do love a nice cup of tea, though. I always drank it plain until I spent a semester studying in Ireland. My Irish roomies converted me to tea with milk and that brown chunky sugar that was disparaged against earlier. (I think that was about 50 posts ago, so please forgive me not remembering who it was.) But now I love the occasion treat of tea and biscuits. Usually in the winter when I can cuddle up with a good book under a hand-knitted afghan and watch snow fall outside my window. Ahh, those were the days.

Best wishes and good luck to all the teachers and students heading back to school! And Soli- wow, what nice janitors! 2 of my best friends are teachers and every year I heard them complaining about having to set up their rooms and what a pain it is to get everything ready. Now one of them is off teaching in Mexico and loves it.

Oh, and there used to be a great thread for recommending favorite books (other than HP, of course). I would guess its towards the bottom somewhere.

I took out the smiley since the link was broken. Denise P.


Catherine - Aug 13, 2007 3:13 pm (#1405 of 2984) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Aug 13, 2007 3:45 pm

My kids loved the Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton—Denise

YAY! That was Claire's absolute favorite. Mr. Catherine and I can still recite the entire book. We also liked Boynton's Dinosaur book. My mom still remembers Claire saying "Dinosaurs early, dinosaurs later, dinosaurs crammed in an elevator." Claire would say this at age 18 months in elevators.

Boynton fans with young children should totally check out her Philadelphia Chickens book/CD combo set. It is like a faux musical, and has Hollywood stars (like Laura Linney, Eric Stolz, Scott Bakula, Meryl Streep) singing her songs. It is beyond hysterical. I am especially partial to Laura Linney's rendition of "Please Can I Keep It?" and Patti Lupone's "I Like to Fuss."

Speaking of fussing....school started today. woo hoo. It's in small caps because it was a really terrible no good very bad day. No air-conditioning when I showed up (boo hiss), a completely erroneous schedule (double hiss), and colleagues who eked out another day of vacation by completely failing to show up (GRRRRR).

Off to drink some tea and weep softly in the corner.

Hat tip to Lupin is Lupin for knowing what that heavenly chocolate drink was named.


Denise P. - Aug 13, 2007 3:47 pm (#1406 of 2984)

Yum Chantico sounds like it would be yummy. I will have to google further to see if I can find a copycat recipe.

Catherine, things can only get better, right?

I was cleaning off my desk today and found a bunch of SWAPS Kaity got from the DC Sing A Long Event. I think I need to make a webpage that shows all the swaps we have made and the ones we have gotten in return. She has long since lost most of the ones before we moved. She had some really cute ones from Thinking Day last year. The troop who had Japan made little mini bowls of rice with chopsticks using rice, glue, soda caps and toothpicks. For a fairy tale swap, I am making little soup pots for stone soup using soda caps.


Holly T. - Aug 13, 2007 6:12 pm (#1407 of 2984)

Hugs to Catherine!

2BMcsmom--have your son check the library for the audiobooks for those titles. Listening to it can really help with the language. Once you've heard it then I think that makes it easier to read.

Lupin is Lupin--have fun at the sheep and wool fest, LOL. A llama obstacle course sounds funny. Last year my Girl Scout troop bought a llama from Heifer International and I bought them all llama Christmas ornaments. I used to read Is Your Mama a Llama? and Jamberry to my son too.

It was my husband's turn to bring in birthday cake for a co-worker and she asked for chocolate cake with chocolate icing. So Sunday afternoon I made a devil's food cake and this incredible chocolate fudge frosting that you make with butter, cocoa, and melted marshmallows along with 4 cups of powdered sugar. Like pouring fudge on top of a cake. Yummy. So he took the cake to work, and I figured he would bring at least a piece of it home so I could taste it and make sure it turned out ok. So I spent not a terrible day at work but not the best day either, thinking at least I'll have a piece of chocolate cake tonight. He left it at work for them to eat again tomorrow. And he'll be out of town tomorrow and not in the office at all. By the end of the day on Wednesday I'm sure his co-workers will have finished the cake. He tries to justify his actions by pointing out that I don't need to be eating cake anyway since I am trying to lose weight. True, but I wanted some cake, darn it.


Betty Boop - Aug 13, 2007 6:30 pm (#1408 of 2984)

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I start working today for the next 18 days straight. We have summer students moving out this weekend so I work 10 days Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. Then our fall students come in the following weekend which is 10 hour days too.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for my mom. The party we had for my parents was nice they had a great time.

Marie, glad that you got the tick off. Sorry to here about the virus in you computer.,

Madame Pince, your chicken sounds great, thanks for sharing.

Kristina, good luck with your student teaching.

Lilly, Welcome Back!!

Have a great day tomorrow!

hugs always



Denise P. - Aug 13, 2007 7:46 pm (#1409 of 2984)

You know, you really CAN buy anything on eBay. In the last week, I have gotten acorn caps...real, actual caps from acorns and now I am watching a 10% off coupon for a home improvement store since we need to get pedestals for our new washer/dryer set. It is a sickness...what can I say?

Mr. Denise has a burr oak tree near his office with really nifty caps but they won't be ready in enough time for me to use them. I will be taking a stroll by the office when they are ready to harvest a bunch of the caps though.


Solitaire - Aug 13, 2007 8:41 pm (#1410 of 2984)

Azi, I can sympathize with your brother. I've never hit a thing--I haven't even opened my door into another car--but I have several new marks on my Honda. On Saturday, after lunch, I noticed scratches near the driver's side lock ... as if someone had tried to jimmy open the door. Today, in the school parking lot, I noticed a line of marks on the passenger side. My car is a 2002, so it is no longer new ... but those dings and scratches still hurt, particularly when they are the result of malice or carelessness.

I do not know the story of Ballet Shoes, Potteraholic, but is it possible that Emma is playing an older role? If not ... well, I suppose it is no worse than having Emma Thompson at age 38 playing 19-year-old Elinor Dashwood. Until Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey played Romeo and Juliet, those parts had always been played by actors in their 30s and 40s ... a far cry from the actual ages of the young teens. Oh, well ... I guess we can be glad Harry Potter wasn't played by Hugh Grant! LOL I do think however, that John Hannah would have made a good Remus.

Well, today was one hard-working day. Our principal has come up with a killer week for the teachers. We are doing a lot of good things, but they are hard work, I can tell you. I am exhausted! I do, however, have two weeks of lessons completed. Tomorrow, I drive all the way into town for another AVID class, and then turn around and drive 25 miles i the opposite direction to school ... for yet another AVID class. Whew! I believe it will be another long day. I think I'd better turn in soon.



Tazzygirl - Aug 13, 2007 9:36 pm (#1411 of 2984)

Squid Mike: Is this your last year of it, or am I mis-remembering something?

It is my last year of it.

Meg- since I am getting a dual degree in SpEd and Gen Ed., I have two full years of student teaching to get through. I completed my first year already.

Everyone here is joking about the hurricane being named "Flossie". I mean, come on. Flossie??? **crossing fingers** that Flossie doesn't go down in the history books... As of right now, the hurricane is almost 100 miles off the Big Island. They are the ones that will get the main part of the storm, and all the other islands will get lots of rain. If by some chance Flossie goes through the Big Island, then that will make it extremely nerve wracking for the rest of the islands as Flossie will have gained some strength back. I have stocked up on water, canned food, and a flashlight (with lots of batteries) just in case.

Commute to the school- 1 hour with traffic. While it is a beautiful drive (tehe, Maria!), the traffic completely ruins it. grrr.

Student teaching was AWESOME!! I hung back to observe everything for the first hour or so, and then when we started Math and Science I immediately got in and started helping. All the kids are fantastic, and I really get along with my mentor. What is really exciting- all the kids have name badges for when they walk out into the hallways- and my mentor had them all wear their tags so I could learn names. I also made myself a seating chart. Thanks for the advice, Potterholic (and for the book suggestion)! Since my teacher reads a chapter book to the class right after recess and lunch to calm them down, hopefully I'll be able to read something to them too. **thinks HP** Currently, my mentor is reading Indian in the Cupboard to the class. It's one of my favorite books as a kid. OOOH!! My mentor has all the HP books- Australian version!! w00t!!! I tried to refrain from squealing and asked her ever so nicely if I could borrow the books. I will be settling down to read DH tonight. I've been pretty lucky with my mentors being patient and non-interfering unless I need help. Since last semester was my toughest yet, I was really glad my mentor stepped in at least once (I still don't like when my uni supervisor interrupts though. grrrrr.).

Thanks again everyone for the encouragement, advice, and luck! It really means a lot!!

Azi- sorry to hear about your brother's car. Hope he finds who did it and makes them pay for it!

I wanna see a Llama obstacle course!!! LOL

Off to pick up everything I dropped when I walked in the door.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



Elanor - Aug 13, 2007 10:23 pm (#1412 of 2984)

Good morning (night) everybody!

Reading all your posts about going back to school reminds me to appreciate even more the last days off here. (((((((((hugs)))))))) to Maria! Thanks for the sympathies - sympathies sent your way too!

Potteraholic, you made me blush too! Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I have the best English teachers ever: you all on the forum with your great, thought-provoking and well-written posts. Reading and posting in English everyday here has helped me so much! More (((((((hugs))))))) to all!

I have seen "Etre et avoir", it is a very nice movie. The title means "to be and to have", these two verbs being the ones French kids really have the most trouble with. They are used to conjugate all the other verbs (in some tenses) and many tough grammar rules are bound to them. A nightmare for most kids (and many adults!). It is also a nice pun on what is essential in life. .

The movie was filmed not that far from here (about 150 km far from my town I'd say), in the Massif Central region (Puy-de-Dôme département I think, you should find it easily on Wiki), famous for its extincted volcanos National Parks. Its climate is quite tough in winter (as the movie shows well) but it is a very beautiful region, with lots of woods and rivers, and many small villages still - hence the "one-room school".

I have been in a "one-room" school for a few days when I was a student-teacher and what the movie shows is very accurate. I laughed aloud when watching it, recognizing some school books I use in class. Many of those one-room schools are closing now though, administration tending to group together the kids of several villages in a bigger school. In many places, people are fighting to keep their school though because it is the life of a village. If the school closes, then it means that the Post Office will soon be closing too and if they do, it is likely that the small grocery which still exists in many villages will eventually close as well, people often doing their shopping where they have to go for their kids. So there is a bit of nostalgia in the movie too, like a look at something that may soon not exist anymore.

I live in South Burgundy btw! At the very north of the Loire département, in the small but pretty medieval town of Charlieu (a bit less than 4,000 inhabitants), where it **should** be a bit sunnier today!

LOL on speaking French eveybody! Je peux écrire en Français si vous voulez vous entraîner! (I can write in French if you want to practice). Truth is, I am now so used to type in English that when I want to type something in French it feels weird and I often find myself typing "the" instead of "le" in the middle of a sentence in French.

Sorry to hear about your brother's car Azi!

Sorry to hear your first day of school was that tough too Catherine. Sending Strengthening Charms your way and Boop's and Soli's who all seem to need them too.

I'm glad everything went well Tazzy!

Have a great night/day everybody!


Edit: I have searched Wikipedia and, if you go to the "Etre et avoir" page and click on "français" (left side of the page), it will lead you to the same entry but in the French Wikipedia. At the bottom of the French page, there is a link named "site officiel" (official website) and the website is both in French and English. It is quite interesting. I hope it helps!


Snuffles - Aug 14, 2007 12:47 am (#1413 of 2984)

*Felix Felicis* to Catherine. I hope the rest of your week is much better.

Azi, sorry to hear about your brothers car. It's bad enough when you bump it, never mind when someone else has I hope your brother manages to get it fixed soon.

21 days until school starts here Olivia has all of her school uniform, we shall go and get her feet measured up for her shoes tomorrow.

I have been reading some of the old threads and have noticed that we haven't heard from Timrew lately! Had anyone heard from him? I sure miss those SPEW moments

Happy Tuesday everyone



azi - Aug 14, 2007 3:55 am (#1414 of 2984)

I was wondering where Timrew was too, Snuffles!

My brother worked out who it was. Alas, he can't prove it. The car in question 'lives' opposite to where his car was, has the same colour paint as is left on his car, has had a very recent polish along its back end, is parked further up the drive than usual as if to hide it, and when my brother was mouthing off about it to his girlfriend the owner came out, saw my brother, and made a hasty retreat inside.

My favourite young kid books - The Cat in the Hat, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Elmer the Elephant (not the actual title, but that's how I remember it ).


painting sheila - Aug 14, 2007 5:37 am (#1415 of 2984)

Azi - Maybe guilt will work a miracle on the driver of the car? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Go west young man! Go west! We are! We are! Oldest Daughter and I are heading out west next week to look at a couple of schools. It is going to be straight out there and straight back. No time for fun!!

Catherine - sorry to hear you had a tough day!~ Hang in there - it has to get better . .. .right?

Tazzy - Are you okay? We had a debate last night about whether you can have hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean. I said you must be able to because that is what they are calling it!

Off to feed the masses. Littlest Guy has his last day of Summer Camp today and Oldest Son starts his Les Mis rehearsals. At least it will be quiet around here for a little while!

Edit: Does anyone remember a book Christine? It's about a young girl who mives to the Appalachian mountains to teach in a very rural community - think Little House on the Prairie I loved that book!


Chemyst - Aug 14, 2007 5:42 am (#1416 of 2984)

Does anyone remember a book Christine?

 I remember Christy by Catherine Marshall.


Denise P. - Aug 14, 2007 5:52 am (#1417 of 2984)

I remember Tisha..she goes to Chicken, Alaska to teach. Didn't Christy have a mini series?


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 14, 2007 7:19 am (#1418 of 2984)

You know, you really CAN buy anything on eBay. In the last week, I have gotten acorn caps...real, actual caps from acorns...---Denise P.

Did you pay real, actual money for those?


Denise P. - Aug 14, 2007 7:37 am (#1419 of 2984)

Actually, no. It was never money that I ever had in my hand. I got paid for doing an online survey via paypal. I paid for my acorn caps using that money sitting in paypal. Virtual money


journeymom - Aug 14, 2007 7:54 am (#1420 of 2984)

School starts this coming Monday. Son's paperwork came in the mail yesterday and I'm bummed to find he didn't get the teacher I'd requested. There are two male teachers at his school, and Mr G teaches 3ed grade. When son's 2nd grade teacher went off to the matriculation meeting where they decided which student goes to which teacher for the next year, I asked if she could recommend my son for Mr G. She said no problem, sounds like a good idea. I think boys benefit from having male teachers. Well, the notice we got says son has been assigned to Mrs W, who last year taught 5th grade. Sounds like she moved to 3ed grade.

I know the teachers do the best they can to assign the kids where they belong. I'm just disappointed; I'd convinced myself based upon that one comment from his teacher last year that it was a done deal that son would get Mr G.

Soli, best of luck to you with the AVID classes and your heavier load this year! You're doing a great thing for these kids. I think the AVID method should be the standard for all students, regardless of how well they do in school or whether their parents have gone to college or not.


painting sheila - Aug 14, 2007 8:17 am (#1421 of 2984)

Christy!! That's it! I loved that book. I also read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so many times that my name was the only one on the card for a long time.

I also loved reading the Donna Parker books. They were before my time but I loved reading all of her adventures. Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew. . . . fun stuff! Have any of you read Will You Still Love Me? to your children? It's about a little boy who is in to stuff all the time. His dad keeps telling him he still loves him even though the little boy is a handful. Very cute.

AVID method?


Potteraholic - Aug 14, 2007 8:28 am (#1422 of 2984)
Edited Aug 14, 2007 9:48 am
painting sheila,

You and I were thinking the same thing! Before and/or while you were reading journeymom's post, I went online to research 'Avid method', then learn how to make a link to this family-friendly site. It's very interesting, and as I'm a 4th and 5th grade teacher, it was very interesting to read about this specific methodology. We use some of the same things in my school, but it's not as systematic as AVID and we don't have such a catchy name either!

I posted over on the Practice thread but will repeat here. Please do not post active links on the Forum. You can post it behind your avatar, tell people to google it or send it in email. It may be a totally innocent site but we don't have the time or people to check every single link to be sure it is family friendly. Thanks in advance for understanding! Denise P.

Edited to add the following:
Denise P.,
Sorry about that! I was just about to remove the hot link but you got here before I did.
I don't think I'll try to put the link behind my avatar since there are still some issues with WX now, right?
Anyone who wants to find out about the AVID method, the informative site I found was the first thing that came up when I googled "AVID method".


Tazzygirl - Aug 14, 2007 9:20 am (#1423 of 2984)

Sheila: Tazzy - Are you okay? We had a debate last night about whether you can have hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean. I said you must be able to because that is what they are calling it!

I'm totally fine. The Big Island is going to get hit with the main force of Flossie sometime this afternoon. It was downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane this morning, so it is still weakening. Since I am on Oahu, there shouldn't be anything really big except some rain and a little wind. All the islands will get huge waves. We totally have hurricane seasons. Last year we had about 5 hurricanes heading towards us all at once, but they died out before they could do any damage.

I used to love collecting acorn caps when I was little.

Azi, I think I'd ask the neighbor about the dent. Doesn't sound right that he doesn't want to admit to your brother he did it.

Off to school.

Happy RotD/N everyone!



Choices - Aug 14, 2007 9:42 am (#1424 of 2984)

As someone who made it through Katrina, my thoughts and prayers are with you Tazzy, and all the people in the path of that storm. Stay safe!!


John Bumbledore - Aug 14, 2007 10:31 am (#1425 of 2984)

I drink coffee and tea (but not at the same time). No cream, no sugar, I am sweet enough as I am. Thank you! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

I only have about two cups mugs of coffee a day (silly to call them cups since the number of ounces depends on the size of the coffee mug and commonly ranges between 10 and 24 ounces, but here in US a cup is a standard measure of 8 ounces). I mean to say I drink only about 16 ounces of coffee a day; that is during my morning drive to work. I use my coffee maker at work to heat water for tea. It has a capacity of about 20 ounce and I make one or two pots a day. Lately I've started using two tea bags for each 20 ounce pot.

I prefer tea to coffee as I like the taste of the tea no matter the temperature be it hot, warm, or cold. But I can not stand cold coffee. **yes that is the look on my face when I get cold coffee**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Good Evans - Aug 14, 2007 12:06 pm (#1426 of 2984)

Hope Flossie isn't too bad Tazzy!!!

actually flossie is the name of my parents goldie, I can't help but think of her carreering in to things and knocking stuff over with her tail, I hope the storm flossie is no worse

love to all!!! big hug to boop - just because!


painting sheila - Aug 14, 2007 1:05 pm (#1427 of 2984)

I am sending good thoughts your way Tazzy!!~~~~~~~~~~~

I used to take acorn caps and make them into bowls and stuff for my Barbie Dolls. I would rub them on the drive way until they were flat on the bottom - that way they wouldn't roll around on the table when I was putting the mud pie in them Nothing worse than having mud pie all over your stump table!

Boop - If Good Evans thinks you need a hug then it must be a good idea!! (((hugs))) from me too!


Choices - Aug 14, 2007 2:13 pm (#1428 of 2984)

By golly, I say a round of (((hugs)))for everybody! :-)


Potteraholic - Aug 14, 2007 3:41 pm (#1429 of 2984)
Edited Aug 14, 2007 4:57 pm

To everyone who started school this week, teachers and students, have a good night’s sleep and make sure you eat a good breakfast tomorrow! Hope you’re all comfortably easing back into your new school routines.

Solitaire, about 5th graders being "teenager-y", I don’t have the majority of the class acting that way, but sometimes it takes only 2 or 3 sassy ‘wisenheimers’ to put a damper on things. I also think it has to do with the fact that I teach in the East Village in NYC, where kids sometimes seem to grow up faster because of their surroundings. I know my almost 6 year-old nephew growing up in the suburbs is not as savvy about some things as some of his peers in my school. And that’s how it should be!

And I like your idea about using a Melitta coffee cone and a filter right in an insulated mug. Less mess is good. So is easier to clean. The Melitta special is on my shopping list. Thanks!

Paintingsheila, ”I like butter - not margarine” Agreed! If cutting calories, lowering cholesterol, or reducing blood pressure becomes an issue for me and necessitates replacing butter with margarine, then I’d just rather go without, I think. Having said that, maybe they have good butter substitutes these days? Though last time I tried margarine, years ago, I was very disappointed.

Denise P., ”I much prefer the cooler temperatures. I can always layer more clothes if I am cold, I am only willing to take off a certain amount.”  Ditto, but I’m not such a fan of winter. Give me a nice long Autumn, a short Winter, and a long Spring. The summer would be more bearable. Wishful thinking, I know.

”We didn't have any Japanese beetles this year… The kids were kinda disappointed since they like catching them.”

I have fond memories of catching those critters, too! My sister, brothers, and I had contests to see who could catch the most. Our mother never shared in our joy, either.

Hope everyone who's doing the SWAPS has a blast making them. I enjoy making crafts, like rubber-stamped cards, on occasion, but take way too long making anything. When I do fiish something, it's hard for me to give it away. If anyone posts pictures of their SWAPS behind their avatars, I'll be sure to look.

Good night, morning, or afternoon everyone! Stay warm, cool, or dry (whichever fits best).


geauxtigers - Aug 14, 2007 5:12 pm (#1430 of 2984)

They are used to conjugate all the other verbs (in some tenses) and many tough grammar rules are bound to them. A nightmare for most kids (and many adults!). – Audrey

Oh, so yall have trouble with that too! LOL I just did a work sheet on the passe compose! LOL I just don't do well with the subjuntif! It doesn't even exist in English! LOL

Its been riddiculusly hot here. Over 100F the past week and a half! Miserable. School is going okay, though I must say one of my teachers is on my list and I've only had 2 classes for her. It involves summer reading and (ahhh my cat just somehow deleted half my post back to this point! Lets see what I remember, is there an undo button on this?) she is teaching us this weird thing that seems like it should be taught in 6th grade... oh well!

Swimming started today, and we did dryland before getting in the water. I started seeing spots at one point it was so hot, one guy had to go sit inside from heat exhaustion or something. I was so ready to get in the pool, I ran and jumped, expecting icy cold goodness, but was greeted with about 90F temperature of the water! It actually burned me at one point. It was gross. It needs to cool down and rain here!

Hope everyone is well!


TomProffitt - Aug 14, 2007 5:33 pm (#1431 of 2984)

I just don't do well with the subjuntif! It doesn't even exist in English! --- geauxtigers

Um, yes, it does. Subjunctive tenses are conditionals like, "I would have done my assignment if I had understood the instructions."


Lavandula - Aug 14, 2007 6:46 pm (#1432 of 2984)

Good Evening to All!

Tazzy-I keep checking the weather channel just for you. You are supposed to be getting the high winds and heavy rain starting tonight and into the morning. Which island? I can't recall the island names, but I do know where Honolulu is. Where are you? I have a good teacher resource book for you: The First Days of School by Harry Wong. It is a fantastic book full of strategies for starting out as a new teacher and what to do and not to do on those first days of school. All of the seasoned staff who had Mr. Wong's training call it the "Wong Way"! LOL!!! It really is the "Right Way" of doing things.

Elanor-Thanks for the geography lesson on how to locate you. I may just do a map search for it now that we have all the details on how to locate you. I hadn't mentioned it before, but your Alchemy resources were quite valuable in my reading this time, and I plan on using them during the reread as well. Thanks so much for your suggestions several months ago. I hope that I voiced my appreciation back then.

My classroom is just about ready, so I plan on staying home tommorow to work in the garden and complete school things that can be done here at home instead of dragging Little Guy to school at 8:00 a.m. It may be my last opportunity to watch the news and drink coffee in my p.j.'s past 6 o'clock.

I just picked two large cantaloupe melons from my garden this evening. They smell delicious! I can't wait to cut them open tommorow. The tomatoes are coming on like crazy, so this weekend will be making sauce, salsa, and chopped tomatoes for canning. Teaching and gardening just do not get along on the same schedule very well!!!!

Don't expect much from my SWAPS. Unlike Denise, I have not researched this too much. I do have a good idea, but am just not quite sure how to get it completed. I'm working on it though, so don't worry.

Have a Great Night Everyone.



Denise P. - Aug 14, 2007 6:52 pm (#1433 of 2984)

Oh, I have not researched much at all. I had an idea and then stood in a craft store to figure out how I could make it work with what was available

Google is my friend...


Lavandula - Aug 14, 2007 7:05 pm (#1434 of 2984)

That's exactly what I plan on doing this weekend when I can get to a craft store.

I just seem to have this Martha Stewart vision of you with little acorn hats in my mind!!


Viola Intonada - Aug 14, 2007 7:15 pm (#1435 of 2984)

I can't believe they named a storm Flossie. All I can picture is a gigantic cow grazing toward the Big Island. So instead of raining cats and dogs, do you think it's going to rain cows? You know, its really difficult to feel threatened by a cow. Why couldn't they call it Ferdinand (the Bull), at least that is a little more intimidating. Well, Tazzy, I hope that Flossie doesn't do any harm to Hawaii.


megfox* - Aug 14, 2007 7:18 pm (#1436 of 2984)

I had this amazing idea for my SWAPs, but then realized that it was waa-aa-aa-y too ambitious, so I did the same thing as Denise. ((wave)) to Denise. Although, if we decide to do more of these, I definitely could break it into different bits and use each of the parts. I have to tell you, though, I did try to make one of the more complicated parts first, and pipe cleaner is much harder to work with than I had imagined... I decided to go with relatively-more-easy-to-work-with craft foam and 3D paint, and they look pretty good. At least, Andy could tell what they were supposed to be without me saying it was HP related, although I have to admit, a lot of what I have been doing lately has been HP related.

And, I went and got my hair cut today (it has been months...). I am very excited, because for the first since I was 11... I got bangs! (Anyone seen the movie Legally Blonde? That's all I could think of when I was sitting in the chair.) Very long bangs, almost as long as the rest, but not quite, and my hair is really curly, so they hang down the left side of my face and a little in my left eye, but pretty cute. My brother-in-law is my stylist, when he's not at sea on a tugboat (don't ask, its a long story), so after I get used to them and figure out how the curl affects them, I might get them a little shorter.

Okay, last story of the night for me... So, for those of you who knew me back before Maddy was born, may remember that I got into a car accident when I was pregnant, 4 months after totalling my car, 3 days before my wedding (following me?). Anyway, I got a Jetta, because I was pretty paranoid and wanted something safe. Well, the car has given me lots of trouble, and we finally broke down and decided this week that we were going to take some of the money Andy got from his grandfather and get it fixed - it has been sitting in our driveway since about April. So we called Triple A around 6 pm and asked to get it towed to the autoshop. The tow dispatch called around 7 and said that they were totally swamped and wanted to check to make sure it wasn't an emergency and ask if we could wait a little longer - basically, they were trying to triage. We said no problem, we were just hanging out at home and come when they could. So they (tow dispatch) called Andy back around 8 to ask for detailed directions and said they'd be here shortly. At 9:30, Andy called AAA and asked where they were, since it was almost 3 1/2 hours from our initial call, and 1 1/2 since they said they'd be here. The woman on the phone said, "Oh, they towed that car to Autoworks already." Andy's response: "Well, someone is going to be peeved when they get up tomorrow morning, because I am looking at the car, and it is definitely not at Autoworks!" Apparently, either they towed someone else's car, or, the tow guy entered the wrong information in the computer. Since the woman said that either of those situations is highly unlikely, it could easily be either! Meaning, it is just as likely that he towed the wrong car to Autoworks. It is currently 10:23, and they haven't called back to let us know what happened. I sure hope that they figure it out, 'cuz otherwise - "Dude, where's my car?"


virginiaelizabeth - Aug 14, 2007 7:23 pm (#1437 of 2984)

Um, yes, it does. Subjunctive tenses are conditionals like, "I would have done my assignment if I had understood the instructions."

Ohh but trust me it's nothing like that in French! I don't understand it enough to explain it, but the subjunctive in English is not the same as it is in French, and the to translate a French sentence with the subjunctive in it, to English, you'd come out with Something like "It is possible that..." or "It is necessary that" which isn't the subjuntive Form in English and it's all ridiculusly confusing and I hate it and Audrey could probably explain it a 1,000,000 times better than me anyway so I'll stop now because I'm giving myself a headache!

Anyway....not much going on here! Just finished my drawing homework, which was to draw a picture of your own hand. Well.... I apparently have man hands that look like spiders so I don't think my wonderful drawing will be winning any art shows!

Hope everyone is well! Night!


Denise P. - Aug 14, 2007 7:41 pm (#1438 of 2984)

Heh, the acorn caps are not for the Harry Potter swap, they are for a fall swap I am doing. That swap is a lot more complicated (or at least looks that way when finished) In reality, it is a single pipecleaner, floss, felt, wooden bead and acorn cap. Put it together and get a little fall fairy that looks similar to the one behind my avatar but think fall colored dress with a leaf on it rather than beads, acorn hat and probably no hair (depends on if I can use the burr oak caps or not) The most time consuming part is wrapping the pipecleaner body, that takes about 15 minutes per fairy. The rest takes less than 5 minutes. They are about 2.5" when complete and take about 30 minutes all total to make. Pretty simple but they look complicated.

Hey, I could do the trio like that! I would have to find the right color hair and see if I could find little glasses for Harry.

I decided to stop at Starbucks on my way to pick up Millicent at camp. They closed at 8 pm! What??!! Oh well, it was not a great loss.

Meg, hope you get the car situation figured out. I feel for whoever is now missing a car.


Tazzygirl - Aug 14, 2007 7:50 pm (#1439 of 2984)
Edited Aug 14, 2007 9:14 pm

Lavandula: Tazzy-I keep checking the weather channel just for you. You are supposed to be getting the high winds and heavy rain starting tonight and into the morning. Which island? I can't recall the island names, but I do know where Honolulu is. Where are you?

I am in Honolulu.

Thanks for all the concern, everyone! Currently it is slightly windy, but the sun is still out. Flossie is still a Catagory 2 hurricane, and the Big Island is currently getting 40 miles per hour wind.

Lavandula: I have a good teacher resource book for you: The First Days of School by Harry Wong.

I actually already own this book! It was a required textbook for my Classroom Management class, and I fully intend on using it when the time comes.

JulieGE: lol on your parents' Flossie. Hope she (he?) isn't like the hurricane! Here I thought one of the weather people was flossing their teeth one day, and had the bright idea to name a hurricane Flossie.

School was a blast today. I feel totally comfortable. There is an EA (Educational Assistant, aka Teacher's Aid) who works with one student throughout the day. My mentor was getting a little upset with her because she wasn't doing anything productive to keep the child in line or help other students when needed. The EA saw me immediatly act like a teacher, and soon got up to do something productive. My mentor was extremely happy when that happened. LOL

Meg- interesting car situation!! Hope the car that was towed is returned soon and they take your car away!

Off to read. or something. Maybe take a nap. One thing about school starting up again is that I always want to take a nap in the afternoons when I get home. Do any of you other teachers out there feel the same way?



The giant squid - Aug 14, 2007 7:52 pm (#1440 of 2984)

AVID method?--Painting Sheila

Yeah, I was wondering why Tazzy was learning to use film editing software... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Meg, I hope AAA figures out what they did and gets things straightened out. That's just unreal.

All this talk about speaking, translating & conjugating French has me feeling rather stupid. At best I can figure out a few words here & there by comparing word roots to Spanish & Latin (two more languages I don't know very well). Really, aside from the lyrics to "Lady Marmalade" I'm pretty lost.



painting sheila - Aug 14, 2007 8:19 pm (#1441 of 2984)

Today was a perfect summer day. Nice and warm - almost hot - with low humidity. It felt so nice outside we went and had Goodberry's! Littlest Guy was elbow deep in the fountain! I don't even want to think of what could have/ has been in that water. ****shudders****

Oldest Son had Les Mis practice today. He has a solo!! . . . okay, maybe not a long solo - but it's still a solo. He sings three words by himself - pretty funny!!"happened to all" are his big break. Watch out Broadway!!

Soli- I have been thinking about you. There have been lots of articles in the paper about lending rates and how they may be scaring people off from buying houses. I am actually going house browsing tomorrow. Not really looking - but looking.

SWAPS People - I am worried that mine may be to big. I know what I want to do and have bought some of the stuff. I still need to paint them (natch) but I don't want them to be these mondo size SWAPS. Yikes!!

Litlest Guy is not sure about school. He keeps getting excited and then the more he talks about it the less sure he gets. He alsways finishes by saying he might not go because he might miss me. How sweet is that!! I am going to read him the Kissing Hand book and see if that helps. I have told him I am going to be in his class all the time and not to worry. He will still see me - I have just got to be able to hold the tears in while I am dropping him off the first few days. (sniff sniff)


Eponine - Aug 14, 2007 8:33 pm (#1442 of 2984)

Sheila, is Oldest Son in that school version of Les Mis? I was thinking about getting tickets for that because I do love Les Mis. (Which song is that in?)


painting sheila - Aug 14, 2007 8:47 pm (#1443 of 2984)

Yes!! Oh please come and see it! The production is top notch - you will think all the actors are professionals! Worth the money - and I thought that last year when I didn't have a kid in it!

Maybe we could meet or something if you go.

The lines are from the song The Attack on Rue Plumet He is singing the part of Claquesous


Caput Draconis - Aug 14, 2007 8:59 pm (#1444 of 2984)

Love Les Mis! I was catching a late train home over the weekend and there were three 17 year old guys belting out 'Drink with meeee...', LOL. I have no idea why but I enjoyed it.

Javert just as misunderstood as Snape...


Solitaire - Aug 14, 2007 9:08 pm (#1445 of 2984)

Journeymom, a lot of public schools have stopped allowing special requests for teachers, unless there are special circumstances involved. Our school has gone this route, and it is possible that yours has, as well. I agree that boys can benefit from having a male teacher--depending on the boy and the teacher--but if every parent felt that way, we would be in trouble at the lower grades, since female teachers outnumber male teachers. Sometimes, a limited number of "special assignments" are made, and those may go first to kids who are on IEPs or 504s. Just speculation ... it's also possible that she simply forgot!

Sheila, AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) isn't really a method. It is an academic support program geared toward students who fall in the middle academically. If you're interested, check the avidonline.org site and click the Students & Parents tab or the AVID Educators tab (mission statement). It's a fast read and, IMO, interesting.

Potteraholic, I know what you mean about some groups of kids being more "savvy" than others. Alas, we have had a big influx of "savvy" into our rural school. The building of some plants and factories into our district over the last couple of years has created lots of jobs. Those jobs have brought a different "clientele" to our school. With some of these kids have come a whole lot of behaviors and attitudes that we didn't see even five years ago. We've always had migrant kids in our district, but their major problem was spotty attendance. A lot of these new kids have brought associations with gangs and a host of other unsavory behaviors. So you're right ... where kids live has a lot to do with it.

LOL Viola! When I saw Flossie, I thought of a big cow, as well! hehe Tazzy, prayers and safety charms are going out to you. Please keep us up-to-date!

Okay ... I need to grab a bite and head to bed. It was an exhausting day!



Potteraholic - Aug 14, 2007 9:08 pm (#1446 of 2984)

I had posted something earlier today about AVID, and had almost forgotten about it when I read The giant squid's post (#1440). Since AVID turned up again, and was first mentioned in the context of a teaching methodology, if anyone is still wondering what it means, here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:
(Google ‘AVIDonline’ for the website)

“AVID is a fourth- through twelfth-grade system to prepare students in the academic middle for four-year college eligibility. It has a proven track record in bringing out the best in students, and in closing the achievement gap. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.”

See, it has nothing to do with learning to use film editing software...


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 14, 2007 9:10 pm (#1447 of 2984)

I think my favorite Les Mis songs are Look Down and Master of the House M. Threandier reminds of a combination of Lockhart and Dung.


geauxtigers - Aug 14, 2007 9:19 pm (#1448 of 2984)

At best I can figure out a few words here & there by comparing word roots.  But Squid, don't you realize how much French, Latin and other things you know just from Harry Potter?! It really is amazing how much the latin in these books has helped me in French and even English! Vol-de-mort flight-from-death! You know more than you think! LOL

Subjuntive French isn't the same. The translation is used for (I hate to use the word comparisons, but for lack of a better one) something. Like saying "its possible that I could do blank" But there's no direct translation, the sentence just has a meaning and if you translated it litterally, its not the same. Does that make sense? Audrey! Oh, Audrey! LOL I know that was wrong! We've been doing it for 3 years and I still haven't figured it out!

There was something I was going to comment on, but now I've forgotten...

Okay, I'm going to bed!


Tazzygirl - Aug 14, 2007 9:44 pm (#1449 of 2984)

Squid Mike: Yeah, I was wondering why Tazzy was learning to use film editing software...

Am I missing something? LOL I haven't heard of AVID yet...



Potteraholic - Aug 14, 2007 10:04 pm (#1450 of 2984)
As I read through the last 40+ posts, I became acutely aware that summer is winding down, and that school is around the corner. (I’m realizing that I will have much less time to read and post, for one thing. ) Tomorrow I have to mail my back-to-school letters to my new students and at the end of August, I will be returning to school to set-up my classroom. Given my current state of mind, this post has a “school theme”. You’ve been warned!

Tazzygirl, How is Flossie? Calming down? Or have there been any state or local warnings to stay home in the next day or so? I heard on the news that one of the things people are worried about, due to Hawaii’s mountainous terrain, is flooding. Do you live in a low-lying area or are you higher up? Be careful!

BTW, I guess Squid Mike thought that you were going to AVID workshops, when it was actually Solitaire who was doing that. Go back a few posts to find out what AVID is. About reading an HP book aloud to a class, I’ve often considered it myself, but never knew which one to read since many kids, but not all, have seen the movies. The HP novices would need to hear the 1st book, but that might be too hard for the experts to sit through (in terms of not giving any of the story away). I don’t know how seriously you were thinking of reading HP to your class, but if your mentor teacher has book clubs or literature circles as part of her Reading Workshop, then maybe you could monitor an HP group? I have had a few of these in my classes over the years and they went well.

What a coincidence! I read to my class after lunch and recess to calm them down, too. I’m glad your mentor is reading Indian in the Cupboard. I didn’t read it as a kid, but as a new teacher. I was hooked! I had to read all of the others in the series right after the other to find out what was the secret of that mysterious cupboard. It was kind of like the frenzy to read all the HP books, one after the other to figure out the mystery before it was explained in the end, but without having to wait yearsin between. Lynne Reid Banks spun a pretty good tale in all those Cupboard books; I think I might want to read it aloud to my class this year, just to generate some interest in this excellent, but lately-forgotten series.

From the posts I’ve read recently, it sounds like student teaching is a bit different in Hawaii and other states than it is in NYC. Here, elem. ed. student teachers are placed for 1/2 a year each in a lower and an upper grade class. They usually attend grad. school at the same time, so they student teach 3 days a week. There’s usually only one year of student teaching, sometimes 2, depending on the program someone’s in. In my school, student teachers are responsible for small group instruction, and then for the last 2-3 weeks of their placement, they are in charge of the whole class on their own. One of the universities we work with asks that their student teachers plan a school trip from start to finish and lead the class on the trip, too. This is a big deal, esp. when the trip involves talking the subway!

HungarianHorntaill11, I appreciate your concern about your son having “the new teacher”. I have worked with new teachers on my grade level for the past 3 years in a row, which means lots of explaining of procedures, etc. The thing is, I always marvel at their energy, their love of every cool thing their kids do, and their willingness to spend hours after school planning and preparing for the next day. Veteran teachers do that, too, but sometimes we don’t have the same zeal that first year teachers have. (At least I don’t, always.) The other thing is, new teachers, in my experience, are always willing to ask questions and learn from the more experienced teachers on staff. And we, in turn, really try to help our first year colleagues as much as possible, not just for their benefit but because there are children to think about. At the end of the day, we want what’s best for them.

Veteran teachers all remember what it was like in our first year, and any school and staff worth its salt will really try to support new staff in any way possible. It’s in a school’s best interest to nurture new staff so that they can become seasoned teachers who stay on and provide the school with stability. Principals do not want high staff turnover in their schools. Having said all that, I’m sure your son will have a great year!

I’m off to Lancaster, Pennsylvania on the 18th, with my sister and her 2 kids. One of the places we plan to visit is Hershey Park. If anyone lives in the area, or has visited it themselves, what else would you recommend we see and do? How about places to eat? Any recommendations that are kid-friendly? Thanks!
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Madam Pince - Aug 14, 2007 10:42 pm (#1451 of 2984)

As I read through the last 40+ posts, I became acutely aware that it has been way too long since I have been in school! Subjunctives? Horrors... I suppose I can use the language well enough, but I never knew the proper terms for everything even when I was taking the classes!

Potteraholic, what a coincidence! I spent a good part of yesterday planning our upcoming trip to Lancaster! We really enjoy it up there. The last time we went was two or three years ago -- we took Little Pince to the Strasburg Railroad (very close to Lancaster) to do the "Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine" thing. However, the Strasburg Railroad is a cool place even without Thomas, if you like trains at all. You can do a fancy dinner-ride in a Victorian train, or you can just tour their museum and check out all the trains, or you can take a train to this local farm where they have a corn maze (a maize maze, get it? LOL!) and lots of other farm activities. You can tour a "real" Amish farm, but it's really a tourist version of an Amish farm. We didn't do Hershey Park, but did Dutch Wonderland instead -- an older amusement park (and cheaper) and geared more towards littler kids (no terrifying huge roller coasters.) There are tons of shopping outlets. There is also a big theatre that puts on Christian plays/shows -- apparently they are really major, super-impressive shows that churches take busloads of people to see, but we've never done that. Google Pennsylvania Dutch Country Visitor's Center and also Strasburg Railroad for more info. Eat at any place that is billed as an Amish buffet and you will not be sorry.

We haven't had many "bad" bugs this year either -- I think it's been too dry. We hadn't even had one single mosquito bite until about two weeks ago when we finally had a little bit of rain. It doesn't take much moisture to start the little buggers up again.

LOL about "Flossie" -- it reminds me of that Far Side cartoon... "I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but it looks like you've got cows." Or maybe it'll storm so bad it'll be like that movie Twister (I think it was called that? With Helen Hunt?) "We've got cows!!!"

No, seriously, Tazzy, I hope it's not bad and everyone stays safe.

Thanks for the meteor shower heads-up -- I saw two last night before my neck-craning got the better of me.

Edit: Oh, I forgot. We simply must read Indian in the Cupboard I suppose. We watched the movie not long ago, and then the next morning when I was getting in the cabinet under the kitchen sink for dish soap, there was a whole barrage of Little Pince's "Star Wars" figures and other assorted knights, cowboys, Indians, etc. Awwwwwwww.... He ran straight there, too, just as soon as he woke up, to see if they were still there or alive or what... ("That's my boy," said the proud Mom who once stood in a wardrobe when she was way old enough to know better but thought it was worth a try just in case...)


Tazzygirl - Aug 14, 2007 10:44 pm (#1452 of 2984)

Potterholic- thanks for the explanation of Squid Mike's. I have taken a bunch of technology classes for the classroom (Squid Mike was right there! tehe!!), but so far haven't received any instruction on AVID (I have heard of it, just thought I missed a reference of it and me somewhere here. I knew Soli was taking the workshops). I had no idea there was more than one book in the Cupboard series! I'll have to look them up!

As for my location, I am at the base of Diamond Head, but high above sea level. We've never had flooding in this area, but the areas really close to the mountain ranges in the middle of the island have to watch out. Just checked the local weather channel website, and so far so good on all islands.

For the student teaching- I've only taught at least 12 lessons by myself the last 2 semesters. This semester I have to teach two complete solo days. The first three semesters we student teach Mondays and Tuesdays, and have Uni classes Wednesdays and Thursdays with Fridays off. Next semester (my final one), I will be teaching the students Monday through Friday, and there will be no Uni classes. Planning a field trip from start to finish, including subways? Scary! (Obviously I've only been on a subway once in my life, and am somewhat scared of getting lost...)

LOL on all the cow jokes and Flossie.



Elanor - Aug 14, 2007 11:23 pm (#1453 of 2984)

Tori: "Audrey! Oh, Audrey!"
Ok, ok, I get up! So subjunctive... (Before I start, you realize it's not 7 am yet, here, as I type, right? ) When it comes to conjugation, better to give examples, so here are the French tenses, conjugated with a regular, easy and nice verb: aimer (to love).

First, in the indicative, there are 8 tenses:
Présent / Present
J'aime le chocolat. / I love chocolate.

Passé composé / Present Perfect
(The auxiliary verb is in the Present form)
J'ai aimé ce livre. / I have loved that book.
(Tricky tense, for example, you'd write:
La ville que j'ai aimée. but "J'ai aimé la ville."
In the first sentence, I have added an "e" at "aimé" because "la ville" is feminine and the "direct object" is placed before the verb -which is conjugated with "avoir"/to have.
If the verb is conjugated with "être"/to be: "Elle est allée...."/She has been to...", the past participle always takes the "mark" of the subject (feminine, plural: Il est allé (he); ils sont allés (they/masculine), elles sont allées (they, feminine) ) wherever the subject is in the sentence.
That's why I wrote "être et avoir" verbs are a nightmare for those learning French! )(BTW, these rules apply to all tenses using an auxiliary verb).

Imparfait / Imperfect tense
Quand j'étais petite, j'aimais les glaces. / When I was a child, I used to like ice-creams.

Plus-que-parfait (literally: more than perfect") / Past Perfect
(The auxiliary verb is in the "imparfait" form)
J'avais aimé ce livre. / I had loved that book.

Passé Simple / Past tense (very tricky to conjugate also, and rarely used in conversation, it is more a written verb, unless you want to impress people or be formal for fun)
Il aima la mer. / He loved the sea.

Passé antérieur / Past anterior (very rarely used, very formal unless you're Balzac or Hugo, lol!))
Il eut aimé ce livre. / He had loved this book.

Futur simple / Futur
Il aimera l'école. / He will like school.

Futur antérieur / Futur Perfect (quite rare too)
(The auxiliary verb is in the "futur" form)
Ils auront aimé. / They will have loved.

Then, there is the subjunctive mood: 4 tenses, 2 of them almost never used (again, except if you're Balzac, etc), all very tricky to conjugate, and they always need the preposition "que" (that) before the verb.
Présent du Subjonctif / Present
J'ai envie que tu aimes mon gâteau. I want you to like my cake. (Could be translated by "I'd want you" but it all depends on the context of the sentence).

Passé du subjonctif / Past
(The auxiliary verb is in the present form of the subjunctive)
Il faudrait qu'ils aient aimé le gâteau. It would have needed them to like the cake.

Imparfait du subjonctif/ Imperfect tense (almost never used)
J'avais envie que tu aimasses mon gâteau. / I wanted you to like my cake.
(We would really use: "J'avais envie que tu aimes...")

Plus-que -parfait du Subjonctif/Past perfect (as rare as a smile on Snape's face)
Il faudrait que vous eussiez aimé pour comprendre. It would have needed you to have loved in order to understand.

Then, there is the "conditionnel" /conditional tenses
Conditionnel présent / Present
J'aimerais avoir un bateau. / I would like to have a boat.
It often involves a following verb conjugated in the subjunctive mood:
J'aimerais que tu fasses... / I would like you to do...

Conditionnel passé /past
J'aurais aimé avoir un bateau. / I would have liked to have a boat.
Often, there is also a verb conjugated in the subjunctive mood after it:
J'aurais aimé que tu aies un bateau. / I would have liked you to have a boat.
The difference is that, in French, the "subjunctive" is applied to the verb "to have" in the sentence, while in English it is applied to "to like", so the structure of the sentence is different.

Ok, I'm really not sure this was clear, lol! But that's the best I can do so early in the morning.

Sending weather charms your way and cheering charms to all!


PS: I'm glad you liked the books Lavandula!


Tazzygirl - Aug 15, 2007 1:16 am (#1454 of 2984)

Just a quick update for those wondering!

Flossie is now a category 1 hurricane and is starting to move away from the islands. The Big Island will still receive a massive amount of rain and some wind, but overall shouldn't get too much damage.

Anyone seen/talked to Lina lately? I was thinking about Croatia a moment ago, and realized Lina hasn't posted in awhile. Did she go on vacation?



TomProffitt - Aug 15, 2007 4:19 am (#1455 of 2984)

Audrey, thanks for the verb tenses! And I guess what I was trying to say was, the subjunctive exists in English even if we don't use it much. Apparently it isn't used in French very much either.


jose043 - Aug 15, 2007 4:34 am (#1456 of 2984)

Hi all

I have a question in an assessment. Choose a genre or sub-genre which is likely to interest a group of middle-aged women. Can anyone give me some books titles and authors. Other than HP.

Cheers Anne The Moon made me do it.

P.S. From Josephine healing charms and cheering to all that need them.


Elanor - Aug 15, 2007 5:43 am (#1457 of 2984)

It was a pleasure Tom!
Actually, people use the subjuntive (the present tense of it) but I'd say 80% of them don't know they are using it, because it comes "naturally" when talking. They would be at a loss if you'd ask them to tell you what is the subjunctive of a said verb and be racking their brains for memories of what they've heard at school a long time ago. A lot of people would not spell it well either while writing it down.

For example, people will say almost daily "Il faut que j'aille ..." (I need to go to...) but a lot of them would look at you with eyes like saucers if you'd ask them for the subjunctive present of the verb "aller" (to go) and I've seen it written in many inventive ways... Actually, many teachers will keep a "Bescherelle" (name of a famous conjugation book: "The Art of Conjugation") at hand in class. The others try to avoid conjugation questions when they have a doubt - which is often the case!

For the end of school year "festival" at school, last June, we (teachers) had organized some games for the kids, made teams and given each team a "quizz" with lots of tricky questions to answer. They were allowed (encouraged actually) to ask parents and grandparents who were there to help them answering the quizz. Some were logic problems or questions about geography/history, even sports (as "What is Tasmania's capital?" or "Name all the racing cyclists who have won the Tour de France at least 5 times" **waves to LPO, yeah... that was my question. **).

Anyways, one of the questions was "What is the "imparfait du subjonctif" of the verb "pouvoir" (to be able to)?", believe me, you could have seen smoke getting out of people's ears as they were searching!

**more safety charms sent your way Tazzy**



kaykay1970 - Aug 15, 2007 5:45 am (#1458 of 2984)

I spoke to Lina on Monday in the chat room. All is well in Croatia!

Safety charms to Tazzy!

Did I ever tell ya'll that Dad wanted to name my eldest sister Flossie Marie after his two favorite aunts? Thank goodness for Mom who said "No way!"

***waves to Maria and the other HH's***


Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 6:11 am (#1459 of 2984)

How weird, last night Millicent was asking if we could go to Hershey Park, it is about 2 hours from here. She is specifically talking about the amusement park though and boy, I thought King's Dominion was pricey! Mr. Denise is taking a few days off in a few weeks and we are tentatively planning a beach trip. He had the grand idea to go to the outer banks of NC, on Labor Day weekend, with no reservations...uhm, yeah. I think we would be better off doing a long day trip so we will see.

Jose: Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons by Lorna Landvik , Time Traveler's Wife by by Audrey Niffenegger , Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd (even though I thought it was not that noteworthy people rave in it), Anne of Green Gables by LM MOntgomery (yes, I know it is a "kid book" but a lot of adults skipped it), Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell (I had this recommended to me, it is in my To Read Pile), My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, I also have in my pile to read The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. If you have a specific genre in mind, that would help. There is also a web site that has specific reading groups, you could browse titles there. Google "readinggroupsguide" to find it.


The giant squid - Aug 15, 2007 6:21 am (#1460 of 2984)

Am I missing something?--Tazzygirl

I guess Squid Mike thought that you were going to AVID workshops, when it was actually Solitaire who was doing that.—Potteraholic

Oops. So many teachers...

Tori, I know plenty of French words, both from HP & elsewhere. I just couldn't put them together in a coherent sentence to save my life.



Accio Sirius - Aug 15, 2007 6:28 am (#1461 of 2984)

Jose, I enjoy anything by Jennifer Weiner, especially as a beach chair book. I also enjoyed The Jane Austin Book Club, but was dismayed at the trailer I saw for the movie! Not at all like the book that I read. I tend to like non-fiction as well, which doesn't serve a book club as well. Although it had clunky writing, The History of the World in Six Glasses was really interesting. Alas, it did not include butterbeer.

Good morning to everyone. I've tried to keep up, but I have had very demanding house guests although the end is in sight. Tonight is the swim team picnic and I have to come up with some sort of side dish. I'm excited because my daughter doesn't know it, but she's going to receive the team spirit award that was established last year in memory of her brother. I am very proud of her.

I haven't started my swaps (I keep going through and rejecting ideas--I wanted to do something with shrinky dinks but have since changed my mind). I'm pretty set on doing The Monster Book of Monsters. I don't want to make it too small, but also, not too awkward. I plan to work on it after we get back from the beach next week.

Tazzy, I have my fingers crossed for you.


megfox* - Aug 15, 2007 6:42 am (#1462 of 2984)

Well, AAA finally showed up at 11:30 last night. The guy was totally apologetic and even took the car without making one of us go and dropped it off for us and only charged us half for the over-mileage on the tow - I emailed the autoshop and they responded right away, so hopefully everything is straightened out now! Now I just have to wait for the estimate...

My best friend is leaving for Florida in a few days, and she is all worked up about TS Dean. I am glad to hear that Flossie is on her way out to pasture... I mean, sea! I hope everyone in the path of Dean stays safe and dry!

Anyone know how long it takes for cherry tomatoes to turn red? I have 2 pitiful looking plants, and a very large brown thumb. One of the plants is using the other plant as a trellis, and between the two of them, there are five very green cherry tomatoes that have been just sitting there for about 10 days. Not even a hint of red. I got some miracle gro for some indoor plants yesterday, which my cat thought was a salad bar, and might try that, but it might be too late for that!

jose, my mom likes to read books by famous people about challenges that they have faced - Oprah, I think Brooke Shields, etc - but also books by "gossip" writers about famous people, like that Kitty woman whose last name is currently escaping me. So I guess the genre would be Biographies?

For any of you slacker moms who wish that they could do more volunteer/charity work, my sister sent me a link a few weeks ago that allows you to virtually donate for free just by clicking a button on a website. She is a vet student at UPEI in Canada, and she has been clicking for over a year, just on the animal site, but there are 6 connected sites that you can "donate" to. I have been clicking for the past few weeks, and wanted to make sure that nothing "weird" happened before sending out the link. I have posted it behind my name. It literally takes me about 30-45 seconds, depending on how slow the internet is at the time, to click on all six pages. Check it out!


Chemyst - Aug 15, 2007 6:44 am (#1463 of 2984)

I got your joke, Mike. My husband had a certification for AVID, although it was in digital & video tape editing, not film.
I also checked out the educational AVID site yesterday and --- HOW do they qualify for a 501c tax-free organization? (Yeah, I know. That was rhetorical; don't bother answering) So basically, the AVID program is a big study of how to study. The site was packed with absolutely my least favorite thing about our educational industry: edu-bureau-speak, the language of the educational bureaucracy, used to conduct lengthy meetings. I wanted to cut-to-the-chase and see what kind of materials they used, but was disappointed that it was "access denied" for all but two small samples; and those looked like they were overly complex study-organizers. So my questions for you teachers are: Why don't schools just offer a class in time management and organization? Or a useful writing course? Why do educators feel compelled to add 25% busy-work to everything to "improve" it?

Actually, people use the subjuntive (the present tense of it) but I'd say 80% of them don't know they are using it, because it comes "naturally" when talking. They would be at a loss if you'd ask them to tell you what is the subjunctive of a said verb and be racking their brains for memories of what they've heard at school a long time ago.
What can I say, Audrey? Small world!

Megfox, you are probably right about being too late for fertilizer, once the fruit has set like that fertilizing will only re-direct the plan to make more leaves, and that is not what you need now.


megfox* - Aug 15, 2007 7:07 am (#1464 of 2984)

I am not 100% sure what you mean by adding busy work to everything, Chemyst, but I know that I never assign anything that I don't have a purpose for. What students tend to call "busy work" is actually practice. I always use this analogy when students challenge me making them do things like graphic organizers and study guides, etc: If you are an athlete, when you learn a skill, you can't just go and use it in your next game. You need to practice it to get it right, get it ingrained, have it be useful, and know when you need to use it in game time (or the "real world") and that you can count on that skill to do what you need it to do. There is also a movement within education right now that focuses on "depth versus coverage", which means that I have students really study broader concepts more in depth, rather that make sure that they can rattle off every single presidential candidate, including 3rd parties and Veeps, since 1783 (which my history teachers made me do it high school, and even I, the gi-normous history geek that I am, found tedious and boring).

For example, I teach History, but not in the lecture, memorize a bunch of dates and dead guys, read the chapter then regurgitate it on a test kind of way. I encourage my students to be social historians and do lots of research, use primary and secondary sources (instead of textbooks) and apply what they are learning to their own world. So, I have them make maps, graphs, and charts in almost every unit, which forces them to use math skills and analyze and organize information in a graphic way. They often complain that I am making them do this "again", but the kids who don't put a lot of effort into this often struggle with it on assessments (like my 2nd semester final, where they had to construct a graph from immigration data and then write an essay analyzing the data). I included 2 graphic organizers that we had used in class, one to help them with the data, another to help them with the writing. They didn't have to use either, but the ones who did use them scored significantly higher overall than those who didn't. And those who didn't use them on the exam were overwhelming the students who hadn't used them in class, either. And, I teach in a heterogeneously grouped high school (NO tracking), so the assumed "skill level" of my students has almost nothing to do with how well they did on the assessment, as I differentiate my instruction and, depending on if they have an IEP that requires it, give them either more time, or a shorter test. But they still have to exhibit the same knowledge no matter what.

Probably way more than you were looking for, and sorry for the rant, but we do know what we are doing. I even have a Master's Degree in this stuff.


Chemyst - Aug 15, 2007 7:35 am (#1465 of 2984)

Sorry, I should have explained myself better. What I said didn't match what I was thinking very well! I'm not sure I was thinking at all! – at least not about individual teachers at the classroom level. The "busy-work" I was thinking of is the kind many teachers seem to like to do themselves, not the kind they may or may not give students. I was thinking more about the college level education classes on how to set up a syllabus, and evaluate curricula, and come up with programs, and explore resources, and develop educational systems, and assess didactic methods, and survey comparative techniques, and analyze objectives, and write rubrics, and appraise outcomes, and … That is where I was coming from. Don't you sometimes just want to teach?

Anyway, " heterogeneously grouped," " differentiate instruction," "IEP," "graphic organizers," "depth versus coverage," … You are doing it to me!
 Are you sure you don't have a Doctorate in this stuff?


Holly T. - Aug 15, 2007 7:57 am (#1466 of 2984)

   can rattle off every single presidential candidate, including 3rd parties and Veeps, since 1783

Hey, I can do this! ;-) But only because I'm interested in it. I definitely don't think that's a good way to teach history. I hate it when people ask what my degree is in and I say history and they say they hated history in school. Yet I chose to get three degrees in it, hmmm.

I am supposed to be ordering new business cards but I have no idea what my new title is. I just found out my new mail code yesterday. Remember, I'm in the same office--but the mail goes to a different mailroom. I am not even sure who I am supposed to e-mail to ask what my title is. I mean, I know my official university title, but it's not what you would put on a business card (think bureaucratese).

Daughter and I are going to Hobby Lobby this weekend to see what we can find for the swaps. We have tons of ideas (we may have to do another round of HP swaps!) but need to figure out what we're going to make.

I went to give blood yesterday when son was at Tae Kwon Do (blood center is near the dojang; conveniently, the blood center's other location is near daughter's ballet studio). I had no idea it was "pint for a pint" week, wherein for your post-donation snack you get a pint of ice cream! Son was kind of bummed that he didn't get to go with me, as he likes to 1) watch them stick me with a needle and 2) get a snack afterward. He was most excited when I picked him up after TKD with most of a pint of ice cream, which I gave to him. His favorite flavor too, mint chocolate chip. Editing to say that if you read the You Know You Are... thread I gave him the ice cream after he tried to AK me. I am a nice (and forgiving) mom.

We might get more rain from a tropical depression, which if it turns into a storm will be named Erin. It just can't beat Flossie, though. Although I guess if you think about it no one was really that scared of the name Katrina and now it just kind of gives you chills.

French verbs--ack! I can read French, but don't make me conjugate verbs. ;-)

Editing--Solitaire--we can request a teacher if we have a student with an IEP? We would really like for son to have the same 4th grade teacher his sister had, but we are afraid if we call to request it the diabolical asst principal and the guidance counselor, asst principal's minion, will then deliberately put him in the other class just to spite us. Maybe we should request the other teacher? There are more than two 4th grade teachers, but only two who get the GT students.


megfox* - Aug 15, 2007 8:02 am (#1467 of 2984)

LOL, Chemyst, that is very different from what I thought you were saying! Anyway, I hated those college courses! But those things are necessary. For most people, the business of teaching actually doesn't come all that naturally. Content and assignments are easy enough to grasp, but as a first year teacher, I made some pretty bad assignments and assessments because I thought that I knew better and I didn't need all of the edu-cratic, pedagogical mumbo-jumbo, I just wanted to teach. I've found that as I have got more seasoned, I am doing all of those things, even if I'm not calling them by their proper names. And with all of the accountability that we have been saddled with in the past few years, we have to do a lot of those things anyway. Think of it this way (I really love analogies, btw) - if you were a doctor, and decided that a patient needed surgery, wouldn't you want to make sure that you knew all the reasons why the surgery needed to be performed, what the outcomes were, what steps you needed to do as a professional to make sure that the outcome was as successful as possible, that you have taken all of the necessary steps to prepare your patient for surgeryand have looked at all other options, etc, etc? That's what teachers have to do as professionals; we need to make sure that students are ready for their final exams (the surgery), so we do all of that other stuff first. Because, when it comes down to it, the final exam really isn't the test, or the surgery, its how the student or patient lives the rest of their life.

Wow, sorry that last line is so sappy. It could go into the Epilogue of DH.


journeymom - Aug 15, 2007 9:05 am (#1468 of 2984)

("That's my boy," said the proud Mom who once stood in a wardrobe when she was way old enough to know better but thought it was worth a try just in case...) Madam Pince

See, I also tried this when I was a girl. But I lived in a ranch-style home in suburban Sacramento, with only a closet full of Sears clothes, as opposed to a grand manor house with a lovely wood wardrobe full of furs coats, in the English countryside. So when I hid in there I found myself on a hot, dirty sidewalk beside a used auto dealership, instead of the pristine, snowy forest of Narnia.


Megfox, that totally makes sense. Kind of like learning to use magic so you can truly face what's 'out there', instead of just studying a text book in prep for the OWLS.

Ever heard of Unschooling?


Madam Pince - Aug 15, 2007 11:17 am (#1469 of 2984)

LOL, journeymom!

Megfox, tomatoes seems to be just like Tazzy and Azi -- they get red in the sun. Make sure they're getting plenty of sun -- I don't know if you've got them in pots or not, but if so you can move them around if you need to as the sun moves. That's probably your best hope...

Why do educators feel compelled to add 25% busy-work to everything to "improve" it?

That sentence sounded very familiar to me from my career days, except just substitute the word "managers" for "educators." Apparently, if you can add 10 meaningless steps to a task and give those steps fancy names like "facilitating a paradigm shift," then you are drastically improving the entire work process...

Oh, you have a system for doing this, and it's efficient and it's worked well for years? Well, here, let me just make a few changes here... let's have a few dozen meetings... and a corporate retreat to discuss it... and now, here you are, tah-dahhhh! Here's ten new forms that you have to fill out before you can start, oh, and by the way, we now need you to write four paragraphs on what your goals are for each client within this system that you had that used to work fine but which now that it's been improved will be cumbersome and annoying. Bye! I'm off to play golf for the rest of the afternoon! My assistant will be typing all these new procedures up for me while I'm gone. And don't call me next week with any questions because I'm going to Bermuda while my new Beamer is in the shop.


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 15, 2007 12:44 pm (#1470 of 2984)

I only know one French term, but I don't think I should post it on this forum.

Good luck to people in plays or being attacked by storms.


Tazzygirl - Aug 15, 2007 1:02 pm (#1471 of 2984)

Flossie is now a tropical storm, and has caused no damage to any of the islands. No rain where I am!

Thanks for the heads up on Lina, Kay! Lina just messaged me as well to say hello.

Is Puck still visiting her in-laws?

Woah! I just checked my profile (and Lina's) and there is a handy dandy thing that lists our most recent posts... How'd that happen? Kind of neat... It's just for this Forum. The FFF doesn't have it.

Speaking of the FFF- where'd everybody go on the Five Words Thread?? It's been riddled with cobwebs and tumbleweeds!

Off to clean/pick up and then go shopping. Need to pick up my textbooks as well.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



azi - Aug 15, 2007 1:38 pm (#1472 of 2984)

LOL Madam P! I've been very good recently and worn factor 50+ sun cream when I go outside. Doesn't always work though. Haven't had much sun this year...

Subjunctive...we were never taught that in either English or French. In fact, I'd never heard of the word before this thread. I'm still not sure what it actually is, either.

Sorry Tazzy, I got distracted and lost the story's direction! Will re-read it and post again soon.

Lovely days to all!


Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 1:40 pm (#1473 of 2984)

One of the kids is watching "Night Gallery" and I was not paying attention to it. I looked up and it is Roddy McDowell! With long hair and a really fake southern accent...I think he is supposed to be a hippy. I am so distracted by how silly he looks and sounds, I can't imagine anyone being scared by this. LOL


Marè- Aug 15, 2007 2:30 pm (#1474 of 2984)
Edited Aug 15, 2007 4:18 pm

Woohoo, I got back from Scotland and finished the 152 km/95 mile of the West Highland Way!

So I will post a small HP inspired trip report for people who are interested:
I visited St Mungo's Cathedral and St Mungo's Tomb.
I also stayed on the campsite where the crew of PoA stayed. We saw the hill where Hagrids hut stood. We also had a very interesting water source because of the pipes the crew left when they were done.
And then there was of course the Jacobite pulling in the carriages of the Hogwarts express in Fort William just as we walked in.

So in the end the walking wasn't that hard, the weather was quite okay, the views are magnificent and the people really nice.
And now I'm ready for more HP discussion (allthough my brother kidnapped my book!)


Tazzygirl - Aug 15, 2007 2:31 pm (#1475 of 2984)

AWESOME pictures, Mare!!! The cathedral is beautiful! Glad you had a great time! **is not jealous** **is not jealous**



Marè- Aug 15, 2007 2:35 pm (#1476 of 2984)

**Points to picture of Hawaiian sunset**
Trust me, I'm always a little jealous of you too.

But thanks, between the two of us we had over 900 pictures (in my own defense I was trying out my new camera) so now I have to cut that number down and make a nice book out of it...


Tazzygirl - Aug 15, 2007 2:48 pm (#1477 of 2984)

Hehe, Mare! Did you get any other pictures of HP things? Are you going to be setting up a web album?



geauxtigers - Aug 15, 2007 2:58 pm (#1478 of 2984)

Thanks, Audrey! I'd never heard of the subjuntive tense being in English until 2 years ago in French. We never learned what the tenses were called other than past and present in English classes. They just shoved nouns, verbs, and other grammar things down our throats instead! LOL

I think I'll just pass up the sunjuntif if I ever go back to France! I can convey what I want without it! LOL Beside, you'll always be able to understand more than you can convey back. I could understand pretty much everything while I was there, but I spent a lot of time pointing and saying umm! LOL

Off to do some homework!

Oh and hope all is well with Flossie. Erin is about to hit Texas, but luckily she formed so close to shore, its not likely to get past tropical storm stage, so I guess thats good! But Dean is headed right for the Gulf...I really do like Dean (Thomas) I don't want a reason not too! LOL


Lavandula - Aug 15, 2007 3:19 pm (#1479 of 2984)

I was wondering where Lina has been as well. Glad she is well!

Awesome pictures, Mare! St. Mungo's tomb reminds me of some cathedrals we saw in England. Beautiful work with your new camera. It is quite difficult to get the lighting just right in those dark places.

Kristina-I very happy to hear that all is calm. Thanks for keeping us informed!!


TomProffitt - Aug 15, 2007 3:21 pm (#1480 of 2984)

Beside, you'll always be able to understand more than you can convey back. --- geauxtigers

I was just the opposite. In college I had some friends, four girls who spoke French as their first or second language, and I could always make myself understood with the spoken word, but had a terrible time hearing it. (We won't talk about writing it, I was really bad at that.)(Of course these girls were almost as fluent in English as me as well, be they'd let me practice my French with them.)


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 15, 2007 3:54 pm (#1481 of 2984)

I am so distracted by how silly he looks and sounds, I can't imagine anyone being scared by this. LOL---Denise P.

OMG! I loved Night Gallery! Of course, I love The Twilight Zone, too. Rod Serling did both but I think The Twilight Zone has the advantage of being done in black and white. This was on regular tv, Denise? I haven't seen it in years.


Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 4:03 pm (#1482 of 2984)

No, we got it on Netflix. A few weeks ago, the SciFi channel had a Twilight Zone marathon that the kids were just glued to. Mr. Denise and I were talking about how it scared the daylights out of us as kids and that lead to Night Gallery (which I found way too scary to watch when it first aired..the music alone would cause me to scurry from the room) They asked us to get it on Netflix for them. They have been asking daily if it was in yet.


Potteraholic - Aug 15, 2007 5:46 pm (#1483 of 2984)
Edited Aug 15, 2007 6:16 pm
The giant squid, Oops. So many teachers...? That’s okay, it happens to the best of us!

Elanor, Thanks for your excellent lesson on the conjugation of French verbs. It’ll come in handy if I start taking French classes in September. (Some French parents in our school teach French to kids after school and they are trying to start adult French classes also, as long as there’s enough interest. Fingers crossed.

Madam Pince, thanks, for all the info. about Lancaster County. This trip came up all of a sudden, and now I’m really starting to get excited about it. We’ll be staying in Strasburg in a place called Beaver Creek Farm. Will definitely be on the lookout for Amish buffet-dinner places. Additional suggestions about other kid-friendly restaurants will be greatly appreciated.

My sister really wants to take the kids to Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland. She emailed me links to both places, and Denise P., you were right, their one-day tickets ain’t cheap. But it looks like we’re going to get the 2-day combination ticket, which is a pretty good deal.

Lupin is Lupin, I looked but I can't find why people are posting their favorite bedtime stories. I think that might have been me. I posted a book recommendation a few day ago to megfox* because her name reminded me of an Australian author, Mem Fox. I vaguely remembered that there was a book recommendation thread somewhere and then when I read mollis’s post, Oh, and there used to be a great thread for recommending favorite books (other than HP, of course). I would guess it’s towards the bottom somewhere. So I thought I’d do a search. There is a discussion called Recommended Reading way at the bottom of the main Forum page. (I missed it many times while scanning the screen for it.) It’s under the heading, “Opinions On All Things Harry Potter Thread”.

Caput Draconis, Javert just as misunderstood as Snape...

Take care, everybody!

Edit: PS - Tazzygirl, I’ve posted all 5 titles in Lynn Reid Banks’ Indian in the Cupboard series in the Recommended Reading thread.


Madam Pince - Aug 15, 2007 6:52 pm (#1484 of 2984)

Night Gallery used to scare the stuffing out of me when I was a little kid. I think it was the opening sequence, too. It was like walking through a museum's art exhibit in the dark, right? That's about all I can remember.

Was the episode you were watching with Roddy McDowell anything to do with a painting hanging on the wall in an old southern mansion, that showed a person getting closer and closer to the house? (the picture changes every time you look at it?) Something about a guy who'd murdered somebody, and then was living in the mansion, and the painting showed the guy digging his way up out of his grave, then walking down the path towards the mansion, then climbing the stairs, then knocking on the door, then ***knock, knock*** and the murderer drops dead of a heart attack or something? But that might have been a Twilight Zone -- I'm always mixing them up... Mr. Pince and I love to watch old TZs at 1:30 in the morning when he gets home from work... The cheesy special effects are such a hoot! The ones with Capt. Kirk? Stop already. There are two, and the one with the airplane creature is just a stitch. My favorite "irony" one is the one with Burgess Meredith as the man who loves to read and wears the coke-bottle glasses, and my overall favorite is the one where the hillbilly is trying to find Heaven with his dog.

Potteraholic, I was looking at the website to see if I could find the restaurant we enjoyed so much the last time. The only one I could find that looks like it is the Hershey Farm Restaurant, and that might be it, except as I recall it was not near the Sight and Sound theatre, and Hershey Farm is. The one I'm thinking of was a bit out of town, and it seems to me that it had a farm attached that you could visit and you could also stay there. But we've eaten at the one near the theatre too, and it's also good. Anyway, both of them have stores attached for shopping, and both are kid-friendly. In fact, almost all of Lancaster is kid-friendly, we've found, which is why we go back there a lot. Oh, and if you've not had shoo-fly pie before... well, just be very careful. I think it's sort of like the poi in Hawaii -- they talk it up big for the tourists but I don't think anybody really eats the stuff.


Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 6:59 pm (#1485 of 2984)

Madam Pince, it was that episode..Night Gallery, not Twilight Zone. I didn't watch the episode, just giggled at the long haired bad accented Roddy McDowell on the screen. I have to say, I prefer Twilight Zone.


Solitaire - Aug 15, 2007 7:01 pm (#1486 of 2984)

Tori, if you Google subjunctive mood, in quotation marks, you will pull up a Wikipedia entry. Scroll down a bit and look at the little outline. Click on the one that says "subjunctive in French," and you will find some info that might help you. I say it might help, because I do not speak French, so I cannot say for certain.

Josephine, this summer I read some cute "chick fiction," as my family calls it: Un-Bridaled by Eileen Rehdahl, Jane Austen in Scarsdale by Paula Marantz Cohen, A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder, and Baby Proof by Emily Griffin. They are not heavy reading, but I liked 'em all! If you are interested in historical fiction, I would recommend The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. It is a HUGE book (makes DH look like light reading), but it is an absolutely fascinating account of the women in Henry's life. Moreover, it reads a lot like a novel. It is very suspenseful and the style is easy to read.

Chemyst, there are a lot of components to AVID, but one does not have to use them all. And as to why people use it ... I can't speak from experience YET, but my niece has been working with the program for four or five years now, and she says it gets results with the target group more than other strategies or programs have done. I'll let you know how I feel about it after a year. As to the "busy work" aspect ... I'm not sure how embedded AVID curriculum works. I'm only teaching an elective, and it is quite different. We work with the regular core teachers to help kids succeed in those classes. We will be teaching organizational and note-taking skills, doing mentoring, peer tutoring, etc. Lessons tend to focus on WICR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Reading). I'm not sure why access was denied to information. I have an account and password, since I took the training; but I do know that some facets of the site are closed until this weekend, due to traffic from the last of the summer sessions. I can't even order materials yet.

Whoever mentioned "differentiated instruction" ... can I scream now, or shall I wait until later? I sat through a 7-hour class today (yes, 7 hours, and no, I am not exaggerating) on just that. I am so tired of sitting my back side is numb ... so this will probably be the only post I make tonight. Tomorrow, we are going over our STAR scores all day. Sad So much for time to plan lessons.

Holly, only you know how your asst. principal will react to such a request. Do you have a cordial relationship with him/her? If so, you could try. As to requests for students with IEPs ... sometimes our RSP teacher may make the recommendations. Everyone has to follow the IEP or 504, as it is the law, but some teachers just do a better job of coping with those students ... and some of their parents. I'll have one of "those parents" this year. Fortunately, I had the older son 2 years ago, and I was able to handle Mom pretty well.

Yes, Journeymom ... I've heard of unschooling. I had a friend who pursued this avenue with her children.

Okay, time to clean off the lawn, empty the trash, and wheel the bin to the curb. Ugh ... I wish I had a kid whose chore was to do this for me.



Madam Pince - Aug 15, 2007 7:01 pm (#1487 of 2984)

Denise -- too funny! That's probably the only Night Gallery episode I've seen in years -- what a coincidence!

Edit: You're right about the scrapple, too, Mediwitch, as far as I'm concerned. Mr. Pince loves the stuff. Bleahhhh...


Mediwitch - Aug 15, 2007 7:02 pm (#1488 of 2984)

Never mind the shoo-fly pie, it's the scrapple I'd watch out for!

I've been forced to lurk more as we get closer to school starting and moving (Sept. 8 is moving day!), but I just had to comment on the scrapple - I thought it was even nastier than poi!!! Sick

EDIT: From Wiki: "Scrapple is a savory mush in which cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, are simmered with pork scraps and trimmings, then formed into a loaf. Small scraps of meat left over from butchering, too small to be used or sold elsewhere, were made into scrapple to avoid waste, a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition." You don't even want to know what the scraps are, but if you've got a strong stomach check Wiki out for the gory details! (It's like hot dogs, but worse, I think!)


Solitaire - Aug 15, 2007 7:06 pm (#1489 of 2984)

What exactly is scrapple? I guess I should Google it ... when I finish dealing with the trash.


Madam Pince - Aug 15, 2007 7:12 pm (#1490 of 2984)

Mediwitch has got it. You slice it into pieces about the size of half a piece of toast, and then fry it. It's usually considered a breakfast meat, like sausage or bacon. Except it's nasty. It's like really bad, gray-colored meat loaf. Sort of.

The color makes it oh-so-appealing...  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059


Potteraholic - Aug 15, 2007 7:40 pm (#1491 of 2984)
Madam Pince and Mediwitch,

Thank you both for warning me against shoo-fly pie and scrapple. I am not at all courageous when it comes to unfamiliar "meat" dishes, but my sister is. So I will tell her to steer clear of both these local delicacies!

Edited to add:
Thanks for the tip about Smileys. I don't have Firefox. I have Safari. But, I did find some sites with smileys and their codes, so I'm all set.


Holly T. - Aug 15, 2007 7:42 pm (#1492 of 2984)

Solitaire, our asst principal just tolerates us. We don't think she is as brilliant as she thinks she is and don't treat her with the deference and adoration she expects from the parents at the school. She has come to a grudging understanding that she can't dazzle us with edu-speak and puts up with us, but not so much that she'd take our request for a teacher into account.

Scrapple sounds disgusting.

Editing--we watched the episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain when he went to Vietnam again the other night. He eats "squeazle," so now whenever the kids ask what we're having for supper we tell them squeazle. If you haven't seen the show, squeazle is porcupine.


Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 7:47 pm (#1493 of 2984)

My experience with scrapple only extends to it was what Levi Zendt told his wife Ellie to fry up in the morning to eat 'cause he was hungry. Hmm, I think I would almost go hungry after reading Madam Pince's description. Yum.  :closed:

Ooohhhhh! Tomorrow my brand new be-yoo-tee-ful front loading washing and dryer set is being delivered! They asked if they could come between 2-6. I made a disgusted noise so they asked if 3-7 was better. Yay, that would be sooo much better...NOT! I am hoping they get here before I have to leave just after 5 to take Millicent to camp.


Lavandula - Aug 15, 2007 7:56 pm (#1494 of 2984)

OOOOHHH! Denise, I am so very jealous of your new addition to the family. (And I am not starting another rumor about babies! LOL) I want a set of those so bad, but I can't seem to spend the money when both my 7 year old washing machine and 20-something year old dryer are still in working condition. You'll have to post pictures for us all to see. BTW, cute fairy behind your avatar. It looks like a lot of work.


Solitaire - Aug 15, 2007 7:58 pm (#1495 of 2984)

I remember Fred McMurray's character, Mr. Biddle, ordering scrapple for breakfast in The Happiest Millionaire. Hm, come to think of it, that story was set in Philadelphia ... and based on a real family, I believe (the Drexels and Biddles). Is scrapple a Philadelphian "delicacy"?

Denise, what kind of washer and dryer? I bought a new Maytag washer and dryer in June 2005 ... and still love them!



Tazzygirl - Aug 15, 2007 8:02 pm (#1496 of 2984)

Thanks, Potterholic. I'll go check out the recommended reading thread.

Scrapple sounds disgusting. **shudder**

Just got back from buying textbooks (why are they so expensive?!!!) and bought a pair of black heels at the mall.

Whoo-hoo to the new washer and dryer, Denise!!

I remember a Twilight Zone episode where this guy is on an airplane, and everytime he looked out the window he saw another guy tearing up the wing. Since I was (and still am) terrified of flying, that scared the living daylights out of me. Everytime I fly now and look out the window, it reminds me of that episode. **shudder**



Denise P. - Aug 15, 2007 8:09 pm (#1497 of 2984)

We got the Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer (3.79 cu ft) and Dryer (7.3 cu ft) in Imperial Silver. We have been looking for ages and pricing forever. I watch a website daily that has various deals and this set came up for almost 50% less than we had seen it and only $5 shipping. Hello? It was a no brainer Smile If I had the money tree hanging around, I would have gotten one in a different color but I am not that picky. This will be the first time I have ever had a brand new matching set of washer/dryer. The set that came with the house is sitting in our garage, two families from church will be getting them on Saturday.

I put a picture of the set behind my avatar. I went to Lowe's today to admire a similar set in anticipation

The fairy is not hard at all. The most time consuming part is wrapping the pipecleaner in floss...takes about 15 minutes if I cut the string the right length, a bit longer if I didn't.


Chemyst - Aug 15, 2007 8:17 pm (#1498 of 2984)

Scrapple is a mainstay of Rhineland immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania, thus getting the name "Pennsylvania Deutsche" and now more commonly "Pennsylvania Dutch." About half of my ancestors from the 1700's started off there until they moved to Ohio in the early 1800's. I think it is an adapted recipe, historically based in German sausage but with a lot of American corn & native ingredients tossed in. Growing up as a kid, I remember "ancient" aunts making a version of scrapple with bacon – not all the liver, intestine, and brain parts – and cornbread. It was really good because we'd pour so much maple syrup on it that you couldn't taste much else!


Madam Pince - Aug 15, 2007 8:27 pm (#1499 of 2984)

Tazzy, that's the Twilight Zone episode I was talking about with Capt. Kirk! Errr... I mean William Shatner. He was the passenger who kept seeing the "gremlin" but nobody would believe him. The gremlin is so cheesy looking! (from an adult perspective of course; as a kid it was terrifying, so Mr. Pince tells me.)

Potteraholic, just to clarify one thing -- shoo-fly pie isn't a meat dish. It's a super-sickeningly-sweet pie that's sort of reminiscent of pecan pie, but even more so. I have no idea what's really in it (so actually, I don't know, it may have meat in it! LOL!) Anyway, it's a dessert, and it's very very very very sweet.


painting sheila - Aug 15, 2007 8:32 pm (#1500 of 2984)

Denise P - They are beautiful!! So shiny and new!!!How will you ever throw a big nasty load of laundry in them?

Twilight Zone - the one where the person falls off the edge of their bed into another dimension - scared the youknowhat out of me!! I remember the Gremlin on the airplane wing . . . Do you remember the hitchhiker that said "Do you want to see something really scary?" CREEPY!! affraid
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Mrs. Sirius - Aug 15, 2007 10:23 pm (#1501 of 2984)

Wow, what a chatty bunch! I have enjoyed all the teacher’s conversations about school and the complexities and difficulties getting started. Well today we got a letter from the school principal at our elementary school. They are going on -block- scheduling! It will be a rotating 4 day school week. Meaning that Week 1, day 1-Mon, 2 Tues .. 4 Thurs; Week 2 Day 1 Fri. 2-Mon…4-Wed Week 3 Day 1Thur etc… Do any of you have experience with this type of schedule in primary school?

We are in for major changes in our school. A number of teachers have left or retired. We will have 4 males teachers in the 2-5 grades, 2 third grade teachers have moved up to 4th, so I will be having two of the same teachers again this year. The logistics seem daunting.

I was talking with the music teacher the other day, she is a very positive, look on the bright side, optimistic person, she has lots of apprehensions. I fear this means that with 4 kids in the elementary school we are going to have to become militarily organized. (I am not an organizational person.

For the past two weeks we have been sick with a summer cold. It is awful. Saturday my husband and I caught it and I have had practically no voice ever since. We are both coughing like mad . It seems to me to be much more than a summer cold.

I hardly ever drink coffee now, but since this cold I have been drink herbal teas like mad. I pull mint from the garden, ginger roots and lemon teas. I too didn’t drink tea with milk until I went to England were I practically survived on it.

Potteraholic, do you teach in the public school in City?, by the way do you know Gina? She’s right in your neck of the woods.

I can't believe they named a storm Flossie. Good Evans

Flossie is a name that is hard to take seriously. The bookkeeper for the youth hostel where I lived in England was named Flossie. She was rather “aristocratic” but it was hard to take her very seriously with that name.

Tomorrow we join the petted generation. Tomorrow (sick as we still all are) we are picking up our rescue cat. We have been talking about for months, but now the big day is up. She was spayed yesterday and should be ready for us tomorrow. We are very excited.

Elanor, thanks for the French lesson.


Elanor - Aug 16, 2007 12:35 am (#1502 of 2984)

It's been a pleasure. Good luck to all of you who're taking French lessons BTW! I do admire you. It's already hard writing it when you've lived here for all your life and I do imagine how hard it must be to learn it as a second language.

Tom: "In college I had some friends, four girls who spoke French as their first or second language, and I could always make myself understood with the spoken word, but had a terrible time hearing it."
Much would depend from where they were from exactly I guess. Each region has its own accent, some of them being pretty strong - even French people have sometimes some trouble with people from other regions' accents, especially the ones from the South of France, Corsica or Alsace region. "Québecquois" (Quebec French) is also quite different (vocabulary and accent-wise) but people here love it, it's very musical. I have some CDs of a great Canadian group ("La Bottine Souriante") but truth is I have some trouble understanding half of what they say.

Wonderful pictures Mare! It must have been a fantastic trip!

I'm glad Flossie has been as mild as her name in the end Tazzy!

Chemyst:"The site was packed with absolutely my least favorite thing about our educational industry: edu-bureau-speak, the language of the educational bureaucracy, used to conduct lengthy meetings."
Don't you sometimes just want to teach?

I do! School administration seems to be just the same as yours here. The "language of the educational bureaucracy" sums it all up very well - and that's what is getting the more on my nerves in my job too. All the paperwork you're supposed to do for just one lesson is unbelievable. To me, it's important to know what you're doing and why you're doing it, but to write it down for each lesson (quoting the official syllabus of course) is a waste of time. Actually, I do it when I feel I need it for the lesson I prepare but that's all. I've done enough paperwork when I was student-teacher for a lifetime!

Something funny happened yesterday. I've had to go to a mass and er... well, I was starting to doze off slightly as someone was reading  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1437562208  when I jumped as the reader finished by saying "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death"! I knew the quote was from a text from St Paul (someone had posted about it on one of the DH chapters' thread) but it was a funny coincidence to hear it there.

Have a great night/day everybody!



Tazzygirl - Aug 16, 2007 1:00 am (#1503 of 2984)

Madam P. The gremlin is so cheesy looking! (from an adult perspective of course; as a kid it was terrifying, so Mr. Pince tells me.)

Yeah. My dad and mom thought it cheesy too. I tried to tell them otherwise.

Block scheduling sounds interesting and confusing... **healing charms** to Mr. and Mrs. Sirius!

I've got a free day tomorrow until five, at which I will be heading out to Back to School night for my fifth grade class. Kind of excited to meet all the parents.

Goodnight everyone!



azi - Aug 16, 2007 3:21 am (#1504 of 2984)

We have a Samsung washer. It's nice. I love the tune it plays when it's finished washing (of course, if I actually did the washing I think I'd get annoyed eventually).

'Flossie' reminded me of candy floss. The image of Pink and white 'clouds' floating through the air doesn't fill you with fear! Hope Dean doesn't turn out to be dangerous.

My mother hated teaching adult education because of all the paperwork. She had to write all her lesson plans in around 5 different places, and do health and safety for each lesson. Worse still, she wasn't paid for doing it - only for the hours she was actually teaching!

A-level results day. My brother got 2 B's and 2 C's - better than expected. It doesn't matter what he got anyway, since he's got an apprenticeship with the local council.

**waves to everyone!**


TomProffitt - Aug 16, 2007 4:13 am (#1505 of 2984)

Audrey, the girls were from all over and very patient actually. Two of the girls were Parisiennes (I think), one girl was half Spanish & half German & spoke French as a third language (English fourth), and the other girl was from Bluefield, VA and was a French major who had taken a year of study in Strasbourg. I haven't attempted to speak French in about 20 years so it would take a lot of work to get back to the same place I was then in speaking ability.


Accio Sirius - Aug 16, 2007 5:06 am (#1506 of 2984)

Potterholic, We took the kids to Dutch Wonderland a few years ago. It was cute, but it is definitely for kids 12 and under. Older kids will be bored. I was not fond of Hershey, but then again, it was a super hot day and everything was so crowded and expensive. I had gone there so long ago on a class field trip and it seemed much more fun in my memory. I would stay away from York altogether. We went there recently and it was so run down and practically abandoned. If you have time, I thought Ellicot City MD was utterly charming!

Madame Pince, I remember that Roddy McDowell Night Gallery vividly!! That episode scared the stuffing out of my sister and I. Something about Porter Boy. I imagine it is very tame and silly now, but at the time, it scared me.

I've thankfully never had scrapple, but Mr. Sirius is from Cincinnati and they have something called Goetta, which is a sausage made with oatmeal. It sounds repulsive and trust me, I was skeptical, but it is tasty. The veggie version of the stuff is Grotta, which actually might be even better.

Cheers to everyone. We are off to the beach for an extended weekend! A big note of thanks to all of the teachers on the forum! I know you are all busy getting ready or starting school!


The giant squid - Aug 16, 2007 6:47 am (#1507 of 2984)

My husband had a certification for AVID, although it was in digital & video tape editing, not film.—Chemyst

That's right...I knew it was editing suite that had been used on a lot of movies lately. Probably on digital intermediates or something.

they'd let me practice my French with them—TomProffitt[

Heh heh heh . . . .

That Shatner Twilight Zone episode led to a very funny bit on the TV show "3rd Rock From The Sun" starring John Lithgow. Lithgow played the man on the plane in Twilight Zone: The Movie, so when Shatner had a guest starring role on 3rd Rock, the exchange went something like this:

How was your flight here?

Awful! I saw a man on the wing of the plane!

Really? The same thing happened to me once!

I guess I'm just easily amused sometimes...



Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 6:57 am (#1508 of 2984)

Heh Mike, that would have been fun to see. I think the movie had a much scarier monster on the wing than the original episode did. I should get the movie for the kids to see.

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes features a young and incredibly cute Robert Redford and an older woman who is afraid of death. Of course, I find it fun to watch Twilight Zone and see so many well known actors. In addition to Roddy McDowell yesterday, I saw Joan Crawford (No...wire.....hangers!!!!) and Tom Bosley. I am sure if I sat down to actually watch it, I would see even more.

Rain, we have rain! I also had the delivery guy say he was in the area and could he come before 2 pm. YES!


Solitaire - Aug 16, 2007 7:12 am (#1509 of 2984)

Nice w/d, Denise! I wish I could have afforded stainless. I just got plain old white ... but that's okay. It was my first new set, as well. I purchased my previous set for $200 back in 1982. They were Crown Frigidaire, and I have no idea how old they were when I got them ... but they were as clean as a whistle and very faithful. I only hope I get the same mileage out of the Maytags. Mine are smaller front loaders, but I'm the only one who uses them, so it doesn't matter. I love them!

Mrs. Sirius, our school is really changing this year, as well. We have lost four teachers and acquired 6 new people to replace them ... some part-timers and 2 who are job-sharing. We have a new discipline policy this year, which has a lot more "teeth" to it than in previous years. I think kids and parents alike are going to be surprised. Things have gotten so lax recently that it was horrible last year.

I remember that Robert Redford Twilight Zone episode ... although I saw it only about 5-10 years ago. Our class reads an old TZ story each year: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. I would love to get the video of it! Guess I should start looking on Amazon!

Okay, time to wash the dishes, pick up the house, clean up the lawn, and hit the road to another exciting day of meetings. **sigh** Have a good one, everybody!



Potteraholic - Aug 16, 2007 8:02 am (#1510 of 2984)
Denise P., Your 2 new silver beauties look impressive. I live in an apt. building and have to do my laundry in the basement (1 machine each) or go to the local laundromat. What I wouldn’t give to have one of those combination washer/dryers (washer on the bottom, dryer on top), never mind your set. Hope everything went well with the set-up. Which pile of laundry will get the honor of the first spin?

Madam Pince, Good to hear that Lancaster Co. is a kid-friendly place. My nephew and niece, 5 and 3, can sometimes be a little antsy in restaurants, especially my niece, who can only sit still for about 10 minutes at the most! Accio Sirius, thanks for the tip about York. Since the kids are kinda young, Dutch Wonderland will be perfect for them. About Hershey Park, I think my sister is the one who’s more excited about going there. She’s wanted to go there for years. I wonder if it’s like Cadbury’s World in Birmingham, England. I went there some years ago and really liked it!

Mrs. Sirius, Potteraholic, do you teach in the public school in City?, by the way do you know Gina? She’s right in your neck of the woods.

Yes, I teach in a NYC public school in Manhattan, in the East Village. It is a great school! And, no, I don’t know Gina, or should I say, Mrs. Snape. Who knows, I may have walked past her a few times and not even realized it!

I never heard of a block schedule in an elementary school, and the whole “rotating 4 day school week” thing sounds confusing to me. Did the principal’s letter explain why the school was adopting this new schedule? I really can’t see the benefits and hope we never do anything like that in my school.

megfox*, I loved your analogy about teaching Because, when it comes down to it, the final exam really isn't the test, or the surgery, it’s how the student or patient lives the rest of their life. I agreed with your whole post, actually. Hear, hear!

Catherine, Speaking of school, again (I just can’t help myself ) colleagues who eked out another day of vacation by completely failing to show up (GRRRRR),  I completely agree. The nerve! Hope your week got/gets better.

Solitaire, a lot of public schools have stopped allowing special requests for teachers, unless there are special circumstances involved. ... I agree that boys can benefit from having a male teacher--depending on the boy and the teacher--but if every parent felt that way, we would be in trouble at the lower grades, since female teachers outnumber male teachers. Sometimes, a limited number of "special assignments" are made, and those may go first to kids who are on IEPs or 504s. I agree. However, in my school, special requests are rarely granted, even for kids with IEPs. In my experience, children with IEPs (individualized educational plans) don’t get placed with a specific teacher just because of said plans.

Journeymom, When we do class placement in my school, we try to have a good mix of students in every class. We don’t have Gifted and Talented classes in my school. If a child’s IEP states that s/he needs very clear structures and expectations, s/he would be placed with a teacher who is esp. good at providing this, usually the more seasoned teacher on a grade. This placement occurs because the previous teacher and support staff (resource room teachers and counselors) request it, not the child’s family. (There is a lot of communication between parent(s) and a child's teacher about what's best for the child before class placements are made.) The only time special requests are honored in my school is when the relationship between a family and teacher became particularly prickly, and a younger sibling is moving on. When this type of special request is granted, it works out to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Oh in our school, kids find out who their teachers will be on the last day of school, so they can come by and say hello before leaving the school for the summer.

Tazzygirl, I hope you have/had a fun Back to School night with your fifth grade class. Did many parents attend?

I was just wondering if anyone had seen the latest “episode” of the Up Series the documentary directed by Michael Apted? (? Google ‘Up series’) I missed seeing it when it was shown in theatres in the US last year. I’ve seen the previous 6 parts on DVD and really wanted to see 49 up on the big screen, just for a change. But, I somehow missed it. Oh well, never mind. I just bumped it up on my Netflix list. I really wanted to find out how Neil’s doing. He was the one I was most worried about. I wonder how many of the remaining subjects will appear in ‘56 Up’. Will there even be another one? ‘63 Up’? ‘72 Up’? Michael Apted would be in his 90’s wouldn’t he? If I’m still around, I’d still watch them!

Whew! What a l-o-n-g post! If you read the whole, many thanks. Better stop now, though.

Hope everyone who’s not feeling well gets better soon!


painting sheila - Aug 16, 2007 8:03 am (#1511 of 2984)

Good Morning everyone!

Not much happening here.

I went house browsing yesterday and found a great house! The house is perfect but the location isn't. It would be in a different school district for all three kids - plus a different chapel for church . . . I wish I could just pick it up and put it here.(sigh)

I am taking an friend grocery shopping today so I should get dressed and head out the door.

Hope everyone has a good day - \ She


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 8:10 am (#1512 of 2984)

Shelia, I found while house hunting there is no such thing as the perfect house. If only we could cut and paste from each house that we liked. The kitchen from this house, the yard from that house, put it on the yard of the house there....

Still waiting on delivery. Soli, the set is not s/s, it is just called imperial silver (the color)

Bummer - I just checked...Twilight Zone: The Movie has never been released on DVD


Madam Pince - Aug 16, 2007 8:36 am (#1513 of 2984)

Denise, I think the rain left your house and travelled the Beltway to come to our house. We were supposed to have a pool playdate today, but oh well. Sadly, it only rained for about 10 minutes tops -- still looks dark and gloomy and overcast, though. I think at this point nothing much is going to help the yards/flowers/gardens/crops anyway, but still a bit of rain would be nice. Congrats on the washer/dryer by the way -- they look very professional! Which fits, certainly you must be a "laundry professional" by now, aren't you? Oh, and I agree about how cute Robert Redford was in that "death" episode from TZ. You can see tons of stars in those old episodes -- apparently it was a big "thing" for movie stars to want to be in them.

Squid Mike, LOL about the Third Rock episode! That was a funny show. I like when they do little "in" jokes like that. Mr. Pince was just talking yesterday about an episode of NCIS where the guy from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was guest-starring, and one of the characters asked "Wonder what he looked like when he was younger?" and Mark Harmon deadpanned "I bet he looked just like Ilia Keriakous," (or however you spell it...) I saw Arsenic and Old Lace on Broadway many years ago and Abe Vigoda played one of the brothers. During the play, one of the others said to him "Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Boris Karloff?" and he replied "Yeah, I get that all the time." (Karloff played the character in earlier years of the play.)

Mrs. Sirius, ***get-well*** charms to your household -- hope everyone is feeling better soon. Not fair to be ill in the summer! Also congratulations on the new addition to your family! Welcome to the little kitty-cat!

Congratulations to Azi's brother on his OWLs! (or is it NEWTs?) Didn't Fred or George say something like "Nothing wrong with a good healthy A!" Woo-hoo to your brother on his post!

Block scheduling sounds very confusing to me, mainly because I hardly ever know what day of the week it is. Today I was wondering where Mr. Pince disappeared to and had to look at the calendar to realize it was Thursday, physical therapy day for his shoulder. Where did the week go? It was just Sunday, it seems...

Elanor, LOL on "waking up" in church! It just takes to proper motivation to pique your interest, doesn't it?

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


journeymom - Aug 16, 2007 8:41 am (#1514 of 2984)

OK, the other day on my way to another channel I saw a small portion of what looked like the Twilight Zone. A young man, who looked like Robert Redford, lay dying outside an old woman's door. He's was begging for help and she was afraid to touch him. I'm guessing this was that same episode? Very cool.

Mare, those are beautiful photos!

AVID- I was trying to figure out how to do a simplified home version of it for our 7th grade daughter. I went to the web site and got a better idea how it works. There were examples of what goes into the student's binder. Click on 'AVID Educators' --> 'Curriculum & Teaching Materials' --> 'Student Success Path', you can download example pages from the "Student Success" book. I finally have a much better idea how this program works.

After nosing around on the web site for a while I think Daughter would do well simply to stay on top of her due dates and materials. She could have had straight A's last year if she simply had brought home the right homework directions or if she'd stayed on top of due dates.

Shoofly pie- related to pecan pie and chess pie. Joy of Cooking says "There are both 'dry-bottom' and 'wet-bottom' version of the Pennsylvania Dutch specialty. The former are almost like soft gingerbread in a crust, while the latter consist of a tender molasses custard topped with crumbs.' The main ingredients are brown sugar, butter, molasses and eggs. Sounds good to me!


Holly T. - Aug 16, 2007 8:51 am (#1515 of 2984)

Get well charms to Mrs. Sirius and family!

Congrats to Azi's brother!

Snuffles, is Olivia getting excited about school?

Welcome back Mare!

LOL at Elanor!

Congrats on the new washer/dryer, Denise!

Thanks to Erin, we are having rain again. This has certainly been the rainiest summer I have ever experienced.

My daughter cooked dinner yesterday! Amazing. It was kind of funny, though, because I called her from work and she put me on speakerphone at home and I talked her through how to get the crockpot out of the cabinet, take chicken out of the freezer and put it in the crockpot, etc. Still, she managed to get it done, and dinner was ready when we got home. Of course, she didn't think it was done yet because she thought the crockpot was going to turn itself off (I guess I didn't make that clear). Now if I can just teach her how to do laundry ...


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 8:53 am (#1516 of 2984)

Journeymom, it is that episode! He was a wounded policeman and the older lady was afraid to open the door because Death was stalking her.

My washer and dryer are here! The delivery man came by himself (was supposed to be 2 of them) and when he asked where I wanted them, I pointed out the laundryroom (right off the garage) He said he could not bring them in. I said it said they would deliver them inside, he said the garage was inside. I said it was not in the house. He countered with, how can I do this by myself, they weigh 400 lbs? I then said How can I do it by myself? Heh, I helped him get them into the laundryroom after he unpacked them. He was a nice guy, if I had any cash on hand, I would have given him a tip. As it is, I will look on the bill and mail him a thank you. Now, I need to go to Lowes to get the hoses and plugs (small price to pay when there were so much less than normal) I also need to pick up a birthday cake for the little Rhys-man. My 14 yr old calls him Rhys-topher...like Christopher.


Choices - Aug 16, 2007 9:23 am (#1517 of 2984)

That reminds me of a funny story - I went to Sears several years ago to purchase a new washing machine and as they were writing up the sale, they asked me if I would like to purchase the electric cord also. Well duh! I asked them how in the heck I was supposed to make the machine work without a cord? That's like buying a car and being asked if you'd like to purchase a steering wheel or tires to go with it. I was so taken aback, I just told them to forget it and I went somewhere else and bought a washer that came with an electric cord included. LOL

Welcome to all our new members - love and (((hugs)))to all. :-)


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 9:30 am (#1518 of 2984)

Holly, that reminds me of Mr. Denise. Yesterday as I was driving Millicent to camp, he called to tell me he was on his way home. I asked him to turn the oven on and to season the precooked meat sitting on the stove with the packet of seasoning on the counter. He asked what he needed to put over it before putting it in the oven. I said to not put anything in the oven, just turn the oven on and season the meat. I got home, he was in the shower and the oven was on. I looked at the meat and it just didn't look right. I could see that he had, indeed, added the seasoning to it. I went up and asked if he had put water in. LOL He had not because I didn't tell him to. I said I thought he would read the directions on the packet of seasoning that said to add water. So I added water and it all ended well.

Choices, we knew before we got these that we would not be getting the dryer cord or hoses for the washing machine. It is worth it though, even after getting these.


megfox* - Aug 16, 2007 10:05 am (#1519 of 2984)

Potteraholic, I have one of those small stackable washer dryer combos in our condo, and sometimes, I wish for the days when there was a full sized washer and dryer in the basement that I had to put quarters into. I can barely fit 2 days of clothes into it, and bath towels are a pain, too! And, it takes at least 3 hours (3 cycles) to dry a full load of laundry. But at least, I don't have to wait for Mrs. Next Door to get her family's skivvies out of it before I use it! By the way, I am sooooooo jealous Denise! And happy 2 to Rhys!

I cannot watch scary movies or TV shows. The Twilight Zone was out for me when I was little, and even now. Even Twin Peaks was a little too creepy, although I am strangely fascinated by it. Whenever any of those slasher/horror/gore movies comes out on Netflix, Andy rents them and watches them while I am at work. M. Night Shamalayan movies are the worst for me. Signs and The Village... even the thought of them makes me all goosebumpy. Andy made me watch them with him, and I spent most of the movie with my hands over my face. I have never seen the TZ with the gremlin on the plane, but I am freaking out about it just reading about it!

I called the autoshop and they have been working on my car since yesterday - think they would have called me and let me know how it was going by now - but they have it "mostly" fixed. The fuel pump was not pumping fuel, so no wonder the car wouldn't go! They said mostly, because now it is at least running, but there was water in the fuel line from sitting so long, and they want to replace the spark plugs because they are fouled, and the spark plug wires, and the air filter, and drain all the oil and replace the oil filter, and some other things that all sounded relatively inexpensive if done individually, but on a VW, nothing is inexpensive, especially if you replace more than one part - plus, I still have studded snow tires on it because its been sitting since April. And they said that if those things aren't all done, it is more likely that the car will continue to have problems. Again, individually, the parts could probably get the work done and the car would run, but all together, having had bad fuel in them, over time they are all gonna break down and I would have to get the car worked on again. So I asked how much all of the would be, and the guy said, "Well, I'm not even sure how much what we have already done costs, so let me call you back later." WHAT!! Usually, they call and tell you a ball park estimate for what the work costs before they do it, right? If its more after the fact, that's okay (as long as not too much more), but they don't even know what it costs so far! If I hadn't had work done there before, and knew that they are a very well-respected autoshop (they have the best reputation for foreign cars in the area) I would be a lot peeved right now, but at least my car is running. I guess.

BTW, Chemyst, I went back and read your post after my post about teaching, and I have to say "sorry" about the edu-speak. I don't even realize that I am doing it anymore, because it really is what is best for the kids that I teach, and its easier to say "graphic organizer" than "that sheet that has kids fill things in visually to organize what they are going to do before they write out their answer". And believe me, I hated educational theory in college.

Okay, cool thing for the day - There is a flock of turkeys (okay, well, 3) walking through my backyard right now. I have often seen turkeys in the fall and winter, but never in the summer. My cat is freaking out right now. Granted, if she tried to get one, they could probably fly away with her on their back and not even notice she was there, she's so small.


Potteraholic - Aug 16, 2007 10:07 am (#1520 of 2984)

Oooh, Journeymom, the shoo-fly pie you described sounds good! Maybe my sister, her 2 kids, and I will get the one slice -- with some vanilla ice cream on it, perhaps? -- and share it.

Your story about being asked if you wanted a cord for your washer reminded me of when I bought a hair dryer when I moved to London from NYC in '90. There was a cord, but no plug. Turns out many small electrical items were sold like that and customers were responsible for buying their own plugs and attaching them themselves. I'll tell you, it was news to me. I think things are different now. When I visit England these days, I never need to buy any electrical items -- I still have that hairdryer (and it works!) and never think to ask my friends about whether their electricals come with plugs or not.

Mrs. Sirius, Congratulations on your newest family member! Do you have a name picked out, or are you waiting for the little kitty's personality to present itself?

As I'm typing. my feet are keeping time to some music I'm listening to by the 'Carolina Chocolate Drops', my new favorite band. I heard them for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival earlier this month. CCD is an African-American old-time string band. They use everything from fiddles, banjos, guitars, jugs, harmonicas, and even a washboard. If you're interested in hearing some new music, give them a listen. Just Google ‘Carolina Chocolate Drops'. Their website has a link to their MySpace page (under the Media tab) and you can her some samples there. I really like ‘Sourwood Mountain”
Wow, I can write a short(ish) message after all .

Edited to add: megfox*, Yeah the separate ones are better, but I don't have any kids (it's just my sister and me), so the one up, one down combo would be fine for just the 2 of us. Better than lugging a sack of clothes 3 flights to the basement or in the cart down the block.


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 10:34 am (#1521 of 2984)

Funny you should mention M. Night Shamalongadingdong...he has quite a following here on the Forum. I hear The Village is the movie you don't want to miss. **waves to Loopy and Lupin is Lupin**:: If you search his name or his movies, you will see he is discussed often.

I like implied scary, not actual gore in movies. So yes, I liked Sixth Sense and Signs. I like movies with a twist I don't see coming, like Jagged Edge or No Way Out.

The washer set actually has a stacker option kit. I don't want them stacked, they are sitting side by side.


TomProffitt - Aug 16, 2007 10:38 am (#1522 of 2984)

I don't mind gore if the plot actually makes sense, but don't care for wondering which dumb blond is going to be run through the jet turbine next. A laugh myself silly at "horror" movies because the plots are so stupid. Alien is my favorite suspense movie.


Holly T. - Aug 16, 2007 10:41 am (#1523 of 2984)

I'm surprised we don't have bells or a foghorn or something go off whenever The Village is mentioned.

Happy Birthday to Rhys! Doesn't this mean it's almost Baby Puck's birthday too?


icthestrals - Aug 16, 2007 11:02 am (#1524 of 2984)

Hi, pardon the interruption, just wanted to jump in and ask Denise if there is more to the Half-Blood Prince of Belair page listed on her profile page? I laughed out loud when I read that passage!

I never have really clicked on forum members' names before and decided it was time to have a look and found that gem. BTW, I also checked out your blog, Denise. Great news about Devin.

I return you to your regularly scheduled chat now. Smile


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 11:14 am (#1525 of 2984)

Nope, that was the only tidbit of Half-Blood that was sent to me

Eek...my blog is way out of date...I need to update it! Thanks about Devin, he is doing great.


journeymom - Aug 16, 2007 11:18 am (#1526 of 2984)

I've been meaning to say that the picture of Rhys is too cute for words. He looks so serious!

M. Night- I've seen none of his movies. But I understand he's directing a live action movie of Avatar: the Last Airbender, an animated show, which is a favorite in this house. Yes, it's a 'kids' show that I just love. I guess it's a kids show like HP is a kids series of books. In any case, his live action movie had better be good.

So, I've put the Village in the Netflix queue.

Horror movies- I think they're absolutely fascinating, but I just can't watch them. I did not sleep the night I watched the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (go figure). I wanted to see Blair Witch Project but I know better now. The Exorcist was the all time scariest movie I've seen. Yikes!

Speaking of Alien...I think I'll put Aliens in the queue, just so I can see Ripley tell off the monster the way Molly told off Bellatrix. That's such a fabulous scene! Yes, I know, it's a horror movie. I dunno, maybe I'm getting over my hiding-behind-the-couch phase. Though that episode of Doctor Who was pretty darned creepy. "Are you my mummy...?" *shiver*


Jenniffler - Aug 16, 2007 11:42 am (#1527 of 2984)
Edited Aug 16, 2007 1:03 pm

Ah, the nostalgia. Signs was very lame. The Village was more lame, but I was genuinely given nightmares by the final buildup to Bryce crunching Adrian's bones. Sorry, I don't remember the character's names. On the same topic, my kids had a ball watching Lady in the Water, but since it wasn't supposed to be a spoofy comedy, I wonder why we were laughing so much!

Ah well, Yay! for all the appliances. Go Denise!

Mr. Niffler mumbled something about a clothes line for drying everything after getting our highest electricity bill ever.(Now, that is scary, folks.) and I happily responded with a choice of three different kinds of tree sap constantly dripping on all our property. Which one did he want to wear on a regular basis? I don't want to be snide but he makes it so easy. Hopefully he won't realize that there are inside clotheslines to be gotten, as space is at a premium in my house.

Hello to everybody!

Edit as follows:

M. Night- I've seen none of his movies. But I understand he's directing a live action movie of Avatar: the Last Airbender, an animated show, which is a favorite in this house. Yes, it's a 'kids' show that I just love. I guess it's a kids show like HP is a kids series of books. In any case, his live action movie had better be good. Journeymom (Sorry about the mix up!)

You can't be serious! M. Night would be great at the metaphors in Avatar. Fire, Water, Earth and Air are his bread and butter. He just better stay far away from the Hogwarts houses though, his sense of irony isn't half as keen as JKR's.

Edit again: Happy Birthday, Rhys and Evanna Lynch!


journeymom - Aug 16, 2007 12:42 pm (#1528 of 2984)

Actually, that was me, Jenniffler! I'm just very skeptical, as I love those kids' voices, I think they're excellent voice actors, and I'm convinced they won't make the actors look right. I love the story and dialogue, I think it's one of the best shows on tv, period. So if Mr Shamalayan messes up the story I'll be royally chuffed.

Caput Draconis, we watched Galaxy Quest (again) last night because of your avatar. It was hilarious, as usual. And I was struck, yet again, how nerdy I must seem with my obsession with Harry Potter, to non Potter obsessed. When those kids log on to their computers and bring up the schematics of the tv space ship, I was reminded of the Lexicon. It would be like a 50 year old Daniel Radcliffe finding himself in a real Hogwarts, having no idea how to get along and calling up one of us (sorry, but you know it's true) to ask how to perform alohamora!

Me: "Mr Radcliffe, I know you think I'm a total geek, but I really do know it's just a story, it's not real life..."

Dan: "No, no! Shut up and listen! It's all real!"

Me: "I knew it!"


Tazzygirl - Aug 16, 2007 12:51 pm (#1529 of 2984)

Glad you got your washer and dryer early, Denise!! whoo-hoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rhys!!

Madam P: "Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Boris Karloff?" and he replied "Yeah, I get that all the time." (Karloff played the character in earlier years of the play.)

I think they say that in the movie version too.

Meg- I've run across the same problem with car estimates and mechanics. Luckily, I've found a mechanic that will tell me how much everything will cost before he starts working on it, and tell me which are extremely important and what is not. Cool about the turkeys!

The only movie I liked of M. Night Shamalamadingdong's was The Sixth Sense. All the others were just lame. And he better stay away from HP!!

I looove Galaxy Quest. I need to buy it.

We've got the front loading washer and dryer here too. The only thing I don't like about it is that it takes twice as long for the washer to finish than the dryer. But the done signal is pretty nice!

**good weather charms** to those in rainy areas, as well as potential hurricane areas!!

Potterholic- open house is tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes!



kaykay1970 - Aug 16, 2007 1:00 pm (#1530 of 2984)

Happy birthday Rhys!

Congrats on the new washer/dryer Denise!

I hope our heat wave is coming to a close. It is down to 104 degrees today(yesterday was 106), but tomorrow's high is supposed to be only 99! I just hope it truly does cool down, because I have a 6 hour drive to get my girl to college! We did plan to leave when the kids got home from school. But I think it would be wiser to wait until dusk. My husband's co-worker decided to take a dip in her pool the other evening. She checked the water temperature and it was 98 degrees! Anyway the situation has become pretty serious. 7 people in Memphis have died this week of heat related deaths. Very sad!


painting sheila - Aug 16, 2007 1:08 pm (#1531 of 2984)

Hi everyone!

Here is a picture of the house I love. (sigh)


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 16, 2007 1:11 pm (#1532 of 2984)

I hated The Blair Witch Project. The "actors" were so annoying that I found myself siding with the witch.

No!!!! Not The Village again.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 16, 2007 1:12 pm (#1533 of 2984)

So, I've put the Village in the Netflix queue.---journeymom

**somewhere in the universe Loopy's feeling faint**


legolas returns - Aug 16, 2007 1:13 pm (#1534 of 2984)

Nice house-very chocolate box/fairy taleish.


Tazzygirl - Aug 16, 2007 1:18 pm (#1535 of 2984)

I love that house too, Sheila! Too bad you can't just pick it up and move it where you want it!

I hate movies where the camera is constantly moving and by the end of the movie you feel motion-sick. I steer clear of those movies. I mean, what is the purpose of doing that? It's really hard to see what is going on. Is it just me, or are movies starting to do that more and more?



Nicoline Vance - Aug 16, 2007 1:31 pm (#1536 of 2984)

I hate movies where the camera is constantly moving and by the end of the movie you feel motion-sick. I steer clear of those movies.

Kristina, have seen the Bourne Ultimatum recently? They use that hand held camera action style a lot! I like those films, but haven't seen this current Bourne film yet. The last one gave me trouble because I couldn't always follow the action. I guess they want you to feel like you are in there with Matt Damon. I need to see the big picture once in a while.


Tazzygirl - Aug 16, 2007 2:08 pm (#1537 of 2984)

Nicoline, I haven't seen Bourne Ultimatum yet- I do like those movies, but I'm kind of hesitant this time around, as a friend saw the movie and said she could barely stand up at end. The camera action in the movie was that intense. I might have to wait until it comes out on video.



Potteraholic - Aug 16, 2007 2:37 pm (#1538 of 2984)

Pity we don’t have a ‘Movie/TV show’ thread to keep all these reviews/recommendations in one place that’s easy to get to.

Shaky camerawork does not bother me; I guess that's down to watching years of ER on TV. I love the 'Bourne-' movies, too. Saw the first 2 (-Identity and -Supremacy) on DVD and was determined to see the 3rd one on a large screen. If you're a Bourne fan, then this last movie does not disappoint. Paul Greengrass, the director, is somewhat known for his shaky camerawork. He used it in 'Bloody Sunday' and 'Flight 93'. I guess they want you to feel like you are in there with Matt Damon. Yup, that's what Damon said in an interview.

Tom Proffitt, I don't mind gore if the plot actually makes sense      I agree, to some extent. I don’t have a strong enough stomach for gore. I can handle a few intermittent scenes of violence. That’s it. Recently, I saw ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ because my sister was going on about how good it was. I specifically had not seen it in the theatre because there was some scary stuff in the trailers. Seeing it on a smaller screen helped, and the violence made sense in the context of the story, set in WWII, Franco Spain. A great movie, if you need some titles.

I'm surprised I liked the 'Bourne' movies, though. I'm really squeamish when it comes to any violence, blood, and gore, especially extended scenes of the stuff. I never watch horror movies on a big screen or on TV. I remember watching 'Cujo' (based on Stephen King's book about a rabid dog) on TV as a teenager, with my eyes peeking through my fingers for most of the movie, and that is like a G rated movie by today's standards. I guess the suspense and mystery of Jason Bourne's story is what got me, and all the detective work he had to do. Kinda like a certain 11 year-old we met way back when.

I highly recommend Greengrass's 'Bloody Sunday' for those who like docudramas. It's set in Northern Ireland in the early 70's, I believe, and takes place the day of what was supposed to be a peaceful march. This movie was controversial enough that the British government did not allow it to be shown in UK theatres when it was first released. I don't know if it's available in the UK on DVD today.

'The Exorcist' and 'The Omen' movies were ones I watched as a dare when I was 11 or 12. Never again. Have seen only 2 of M. Night's movies. Liked 'Sixth Sense' better than 'The Village'. 'Signs' looked too scary for me and the latest one with Bryce Dallas Howard just seemed a little silly from what I saw in the trailers.


legolas returns - Aug 16, 2007 2:43 pm (#1539 of 2984)

Pans Labyrinth was very good. It was just a touch bizarre and then totally gory at some points. Quite a lot of the gore was unnecessary in my opinion. The fantasy element kind of balanced out the sad/happy ending.

I love the Bourne films and cant wait to go and see the new one. I think its out today or Friday. Woot.


Potteraholic - Aug 16, 2007 2:55 pm (#1540 of 2984)

legolas returns, It was just a touch bizarre and then totally gory at some points. Quite a lot of the gore was unnecessary in my opinion.

These are the times that my eyes were closed and my hands were over my ears. Thank goodness I was watching the movies with friends, who let me know when it was safe to look. I also let out a few shrieks, as I do with any scary movies I watch. My friends and family find it highly amusing. I just feel a little :closed: afterwards.

I would like to think that I have the courage to see the 'Alien' movies without diverting my eyes once, () but I don't think I'm there yet.


John Bumbledore - Aug 16, 2007 3:01 pm (#1541 of 2984)

Oh, on the subject of "must see" movies or TV series from yester-year, I have a few that I think of from time to time that I want my own children to experience (just for the shared understanding). But what I want to hear (okay, read) here are your suggestions.

Or should this be a new thread similar to the "Suggested Reading" (or what ever it is named) thread?

Denise P. nice, and shiny washer and dryer, but how do you tell them appart? They look like twins to me! LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


legolas returns - Aug 16, 2007 3:01 pm (#1542 of 2984)

It depends on who you go to the movies with Potteraholic. If two of you are scared and trying to hide at the same time behind each other it does tend to get silly . I dont do horror movies because I would not be able to watch-I have seen mild ones and when i got home I checked every cupboard, under the bed and in the wardrobe to see that the bogey man would not get me.

I closed my eyes at one point (in Pans L.) when I was grossed out but did not scream.


journeymom - Aug 16, 2007 3:01 pm (#1543 of 2984)

I loved Pans Labyrinth. Made me wish Guillermo del Toro would direct Harry Potter. I saw a lot of similarities between the two stories. (But the whole bit with the glass bottle was just- ick! I knew it was coming so I covered my face. )


Madam Pince - Aug 16, 2007 3:52 pm (#1544 of 2984)

Happy Birthday, young master Rhys! Hope you're having a two-year-old's dream day!

I never knew, until this Forum when we were discussing Arthur's affinity for plugs, that in England you often wired your own appliances. Never heard of that concept before, until I think it was Azi who enlightened me. (Enlightened! Oh, I crack myself up...) Anyway, I think that sometimes the cords and hoses come separately for things like washers and dryers because it depends on what sort of set-up you have in your house and how long they need to be and such.

Megfox, when I was shopping for the washer/dryer stacking unit for our cabin, I remember the saleslady told me there was something different (maybe the voltage? or something similar?) that you can get one that's cheaper than the other. She just said be sure not to get that kind, because it will take three hours to dry your laundry. I can't recall what it was that made the difference, though. Anyway, the one we ended up getting dries just fine and fairly speedy.

The Village? Oh, great flick. You'll love it journeymom! You can join the fan club here -- Loopy's president.


geauxtigers - Aug 16, 2007 3:53 pm (#1545 of 2984)

Québecquois (Quebec French) is also quite different Cajun French is more based off of Québecquois than France French. But don't ask me to understand that! We had a sub once who was cajun and he was spelling everything differently and we didn't know what he was saying! LOL You'd think we'd be used to it, but there really aren't many people left who speak it as a first language anymore. At least not around here. I think its a bit Franglais too (English and French, for example, 'geaux' is 'go') lol.

Hey its raining! Woo hoo! That'll drop the temps some!

The Village, sigh... that’s all I can say about that movie!

Off to do a project that is due tomorrow and I've procrastinated until now...


Catherine - Aug 16, 2007 4:15 pm (#1546 of 2984)

The Village? Oh, great flick. You'll love it journeymom! You can join the fan club here -- Loopy's president. Madame Pince

Excuse me - I'm president of the Sarcasm Club.


Madam Pince - Aug 16, 2007 4:16 pm (#1547 of 2984)

Oops. Sorry!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2775603007


Kip Carter - Aug 16, 2007 4:35 pm (#1548 of 2984)

Madam Pince, can you believe it? One of our Hosts is the President of the Sarcasm Club. Do tell! I would have never believed it had she not actually posted it herself. And made sure that you knew that Loopy was not the President. I cannot believe that a mild mannered teacher, who is loved by her students and their parents, would take the mantle of power away from the illustrious bard of the Virginia legal world and covet it for herself. Can you imagine what those students and parents would think if they were aware that the winner of a national game show would put down a barrister, who is on the fringe of the legal capital of the world, with the simple statement, "I'm president of the Sarcasm Club. "

What is this World coming to ... Need I say more!

Shame, shame, shame!


TomProffitt - Aug 16, 2007 4:38 pm (#1549 of 2984)

Well, I'll vote for Kip as President of the Sarcasm Club in '08.


Madam Pince - Aug 16, 2007 4:42 pm (#1550 of 2984)

Stop it! My sides are hurting!
Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:08 pm


Tazzygirl - Aug 16, 2007 4:51 pm (#1551 of 2984)

SPEW!! **wipes away a tear** I haven't laughed that hard in a while!

Tori: Off to do a project that is due tomorrow and I've procrastinated until now...

It's the second (or first?) week of school, and you've already started the procrastinating?! Nice!

I have not seen Pans Labyrinth yet. Never was that interested in it.



journeymom - Aug 16, 2007 5:19 pm (#1552 of 2984)

OK, I'm missing something.

Has there been an ongoing discussion about The Village?

Was that Kip?


Betty Boop - Aug 16, 2007 6:00 pm (#1553 of 2984)

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Birthday Rhys!!!

I went after work today and saw Stardust. What a fun movie. If you like fairy tales you will like this one.

LOL Kip!!!

Have a great Friday!!

hugs always



Viola Intonada - Aug 16, 2007 7:36 pm (#1554 of 2984)

ROFL! I love this Forum.

I studied French for four years and could never understand it spoken. I could read it, but never had the ear for it. There are sections of the United States where I cannot understand English either. In High School I went to Boston for a school field trip. We were in a church and I asked a gentleman (a native Bostonian) for directions to the bathroom. After asking him to repeat himself THREE times, I finally gave up and wandered around until I found it myself. Ended up there were some right turns involved and I wasn't used to how Bostonians drop the "R" from some words (and add them to others).

After weeks and weeks of remodeling our bathroom, we finally get to move back into it!! Yeah!! I still need to put some finishing touches on it, but the very end is in sight! Hubby has been gloating all day. Last night I was nailing the base boards on and was getting rather frustrated. He told me to just leave it until tomorrow, but I wanted to get it done by golly. (I was having a difficult time getting the nails to go in properly) Well, I lost my temper and swung the hammer very hard at that dratted nail. I missed and the hammer went right through the dry wall. So now it is going to take me a few extra days to patch the drywall and Hubby will finish nailing up the baseboards.


Jenniffler - Aug 16, 2007 7:58 pm (#1555 of 2984)

No Journeymom, there is an ongoing BASHING of The Village. It comes up usually in any discussion about horror flicks, which is sad because it's not so much a scary movie, but a thinly veiled political statement (One I will not take a side on publicly on the forum.)

Tomorrow, I will take Niffler Daughter to go see Hairspray and then go home and watch High School Musical 2. If I stay away from popcorn, I may lose half a pound singing and dancing!


Denise P. - Aug 16, 2007 8:01 pm (#1556 of 2984)

Journeymom, seriously, The Village is a sad excuse for a movie and it is 108 minutes of your life that you will never recover. It is truly horrific and I am so glad that I put on captions and fastforwarded through it so I zipped through in record time. Don't waste your Netflix on it.

Washing machine is currently running a test cycle. We got the wrong power cord for the dryer so after I return it tomorrow for the correct one, we will run a test there too. We got seriously irked with the home appliance guy in Lowes this evening. We wanted to check to see if they had the pedestal for the set in stock or if it could be ordered. We had the part number. He refused to look it up and said they only had what we could see out. Gee, thanks for being so helpful there. Guess what Lowes we WON'T be looking in again any time soon.


Solitaire - Aug 16, 2007 9:37 pm (#1557 of 2984)

they asked me if I would like to purchase the electric cord also

Hm, let me see ... "Thank you for purchasing your new car from us, Mrs. Choices. Now, I do need to let you know that it doesn't come with a battery or keys. Those two items are separate purchases. Of course, you can use your own or purchase them elsewhere, but we can't be responsible for any damage that occurs if you choose not to use our battery and keys." Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Shoe-fly pie sounds quite yummy! Alas, the sugar content sounds rather high.

Happy Birthday to our Mini Forumers!


PS I hate horror movies!


Caput Draconis - Aug 16, 2007 10:22 pm (#1558 of 2984)

Good to hear you were inspired to watch Galaxy Quest, journeymom. It makes me smile every time I see it. Minors not miners, hahaha.

I hope when I finally get myself to the cinema to see Snowcake (AR and SW together again, albeit in a less funny way) I will be able to watch without thinking of Dr Lazarus...


Tazzygirl - Aug 17, 2007 12:03 am (#1559 of 2984)

Just got back from the Open House/ Back to School night at my placement. Pretty fun! I met all the parents (it was too cute- all the students would bring their parents up and say "Mom, I'd like you to meet Miss Kristina. Miss Kristina, this is my mom"), and all are very nice.

Some good news- my mentor teacher is going to request that I come back to her class next semester. w00t! I guess I made a really good impression since I've only been there 2 days! So if I get the general education placement first (in the Spring), then I'll have been with this one class for 3/4 of the school year. I'll be student teaching Monday-Friday in the Spring, so it'll be an easy transition for me. Then after 8 weeks I'll be switching to a special education class.

Denise- I had someone like that very helpful guy at Lowe's when I went to Best Buy and was looking for Mister Roberts. I received a huge vibe from the guy that he really didn't want to look it up on the computer. He only looked half-heartedly, and I ended up saying nevermind and walking out.



jose043 - Aug 17, 2007 3:50 am (#1560 of 2984)

To Denise P.; Accio Sirius; Megfox; Solitaire

Thank you very much for your information on genre books for middle-aged women it gave me a great starting point.

Also thanks Denise P for suggesting that website, I had a look at it and it was a great help.


The moon made me do it.


megfox* - Aug 17, 2007 5:52 am (#1561 of 2984)
Edited Aug 17, 2007 7:08 am

Boy, you were all a bunch of Chatty Cathies last night while I was at work! LOL! Sorry for bringing up The Village, I forgot it elicited such passionate feelings. I also watched Pan's Labyrinth through my fingers, although as much for the gore factor as for the fright factor. But, it was kind of difficult to read subtitles and not watch at the same time! I thought it was actually a pretty good movie, and would recommend it even if you are afraid of scary movies! I am currently watching The Incredibles for the 300th time with Maddy - at least its funny! I love how they made it look like a 1960's 007 movie or something.

Congrats on your first open house, Kristina! It sounds like everything is going really well for you!

You're welcome, Anne - hope you do well on the assignment.

BTW, one of the tomatoes started turning a little orangey yesterday, so maybe we'll be able to eat the world's smallest tomato and mozzarella salad by next week!

Edit: The autoshop called Andy last night after I had left for work. The car is almost done, and it is less than half of what we originally expected, thank goodness! Now, I just have to get some tires so I don't get fined $400 for having studded snow tires in August.

Edit 2: w00t! My star showed up last night! Now I can post all the time!

Edit 3: To fix a spelling mistake.


The giant squid - Aug 17, 2007 6:34 am (#1562 of 2984)

On electric plugs: Yesterday we were installing 12 digital projectors at our new theater here in town. In the course of the afternoon we discovered that there were no power cords for said projectors. A quick call to the manufacturer told us that the cords were optional, but we were not allowed to hardwire it ourselves for various code reasons. Our response was if we're buying hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, the least you could do is throw in the required accessories...

I've never been much of a fan of horror movies, either true suspense or "gore-or" movies. Just not my cup of tea. I'll watch the occasional Twilight Zone episode but that's about it. Denise is right, though, about seeing all these now-famous people "before they were stars". That's fun to see.




Potteraholic - Aug 17, 2007 6:38 am (#1563 of 2984)
Edited Aug 17, 2007 7:40 am

legolas r., I’m the only real scaredy-cat in my circle of friends, thank goodness. Plus, I will not see scary movies like Pan's Labyrinth in a public place. I like watching those kinds of movies in the comfort of someone's living room, where I can hit PAUSE and take a breather.

journymom, I loved Pans Labyrinth. Made me wish Guillermo del Toro would direct Harry Potter. I saw a lot of similarities between the two stories. (But the whole bit with the glass bottle was just- ick! I knew it was coming so I covered my face.)

Me too! Me too! (About GdT directing and the bottle.)

megfox*, Yay! about your star. ... so I don't get fined $400 for having studded snow tires in August But seriously, when does it usually start snowing in Maine? I've heard November. As for not being able to reading the subtitles during the scary bits of Pan's Lab., I don't want to know what they're saying anyway. The language used to threaten people paints a frightening enough picture in my mind even without the visual. The book The Kite Runner was like that. I don't know if I could see the film they're making/have made of that book. It's too powerful for the likes of me. The things in that story (about the Taliban taking over Afghanistan) really can and do happen, after all.

Another movie I’ll never see because it would scare the living daylights out of me: Silence of the Lambs. 'Nuf said.

Viola Intonada, Sorry to hear about your drywall mishap. Been there, done that! (Or something like it!)

Tazzygirl, glad the Back to School night went well, and congrats on you're being able to stay on for next semester!

Better sign off and shut this computer down if I'm going to my errands and packing done before leaving for Lancaster County PA tomorrow morning.

Have a great Friday and weekend everybody!


Solitaire - Aug 17, 2007 7:02 am (#1564 of 2984)

Have a great Friday, everyone! My wrist is too sore to type much more than that. I must save my wrist endurance for finishing my pacing calendar. Ugh!



Good Evans - Aug 17, 2007 7:18 am (#1565 of 2984)

strengthening charms to Soli's wrist!!!!

happy belated Rhys,

LOL about the village bashing again, and who was it said that they sided with the witch on Blair Witch?? LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

Well done to Azi's brother - excellent grades. My eldest got his NEWT's too, he got a D and an E, I keep telling him that exceeds expectations is marvelous, and he looks at me funny!!! The fact is he has passed two A levels which means he is every bit as qualified as anyone else who got 2 A's and isn't going on to Uni either! He is not academic and for him this is a great achievement so I am proud of him.

It is his belated 18th family party this weekend and we have his results to celebrate too, so should be fun. I have bought Tesco out of kebabs and burgers for the BBQ, trouble is they are forecasting rain... eek!

12 sleeping here tonight and tomorrow, we will have to manage but it will be a bit tight!

I have bought a brilliant candle for his cake, it is in the shape of Scooby doo!

well I think that’s about it... have a great weekend folks if I don’t get back on here before Sunday!


Potteraholic - Aug 17, 2007 7:48 am (#1566 of 2984)

What am I doing back here? I'm supposed to be packing up for a week away, and getting ready to taste shoo-fly pie and maybe even scrapple(!) for the first time.

I'm back because I forgot to wish everyone a good week, too. I've only been posting on the Forum, especially the chat and Potty Games threads, for about a month, but I'm sure going to miss everybody's news, ideas and guesses while I'm away.

See you in about a week!


Good Evans - Aug 17, 2007 7:50 am (#1567 of 2984)

Have a good time Potteraholic!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 17, 2007 8:07 am (#1568 of 2984)

Safe travels to all who are traveling.

Congratulations to azi's brother, Tazzy's teaching success, and GE Julie's eldest!

Thanks for the hugs and the great French refresher course, Audrey! I'd love to see some of your posts typed in French, but that wouldn't help you, now, would it?

I feel like the White Rabbit this summer. . ."I'm late! I'm late. . ."



megfox* - Aug 17, 2007 8:20 am (#1569 of 2984)

Have fun Potteraholic!


Holly T. - Aug 17, 2007 8:23 am (#1570 of 2984)

Good Evans--happy birthday to your son and congrats on his grades! Hope the party goes well (notice that once again, England and Texas are having rain at the same time).

Have a good vacation Potteraholic!

Obnoxious co-worker (rather, former co-worker, just that he's still in the office next door to me) is lucky I just didn't bash him on the head with a FedEx box.

LOL, I think we have a whole branch of the Sarcasm Club right here on the Forum.


Denise P. - Aug 17, 2007 8:52 am (#1571 of 2984)

Everyone already knew I was a member but I had to bring back this avatar in light of our recent conversation.


Elanor - Aug 17, 2007 9:01 am (#1572 of 2984)

Maria: "I'd love to see some of your posts typed in French, but that wouldn't help you, now, would it?"

Ben, c'est-à-dire... Après tous ces efforts pour essayer de ne pas massacrer la "langue de Shakespeare", ça fait bizarre d'écrire dans celle de Molière! Mais bon, si ça peut faire plaisir...

Félicitations au frère d'Azi et au fils de Julie!

Passe de bonnes vacances Potteraholic!

Bon courage Soli! J'espère que ton poignet ira mieux bientôt!

So, what do you think?

Well... After all those efforts trying not to murder the "language of Shakespeare" [a familiar way of saying "English" here], it's weird writing in that of Molière [same phrase than the Shakespeare one in French meaning "French"]. But if it makes you happy...

Congratulations to Azi's brother and Julie's son!

Have a good vacation Potteraholic!

Good luck Soli! I hope your wrist will get better soon.

Well, believe me or not, it took me longer to write the part in French!

Have a great Friday everybody! Un super vendredi à tous!



Choices - Aug 17, 2007 9:24 am (#1573 of 2984)

Happy Friday to everyone and wishes for a good weekend. Also Happy Birthday to Rhys and anyone else who is celebrating the day. May you all have many more.

Healing charms to Soli's wrist. Is it Carpal Tunnel? I have had both of mine surgically repaired. I think it is the best cure - I hated wearing that darn brace all the time.

Love and (((hugs)))to all. :-)


journeymom - Aug 17, 2007 9:54 am (#1574 of 2984)

Potteraholic- Me too! Me too! (About GdT directing and the bottle.)

See, great minds and all that!

Oh, my word. Silence of the Lambs. I was exhausted when we left the theater. Then I went and read the book. I ended up dreaming about Hannibal Lecter. Stupid, traitorous brain.


Nicoline Vance - Aug 17, 2007 10:22 am (#1575 of 2984)

Denise P. - Holy cow! That avatar is funny. I must seem mad at work, laughing in an office all by myself. It is a good thing I am used to it. I was turned down for the National Sarcasm Society. Which is strange, because they told me all my jokes were so funny, and I was so smart. scratch

Best wishes to all those traveling this weekend. I hope you have fun adventures and arrive home safely.

My thoughts (and prayers for cooler temps) are going out to all of those in the American Midwest and South. I hope you all are finding cool and comfortable places to stay and play.


Good Evans - Aug 17, 2007 10:25 am (#1576 of 2984)

oooohhhhh Silence of the lambs... now that takes me back!

I was working nights (as we had a tremendous backlog) in an old town hall (c 1790 I think). Sunday evening we went to see the film; me, then boyfriend and good (male) friend. Of course I had to watch the whole thing (couldn't look away at any bits, or I would have been branded "wuss" forever). then at 10.00pm I went to start my shift (only five of us working) in this huge building which creaked etc etc all night. I would not (under any circumstances) go up to the loo on my own from that night forward. Of course what made it worse was that we had an intruder in the building that summer ( never found out who but a co-worker having marital difficulties and sleeping in the office type thing was suspected, as nothing ever went missing, not any damage done, just "sounds" and doors closing).

That film still makes me shiver to this day!


Esther Rose - Aug 17, 2007 10:36 am (#1577 of 2984)

On Movies that keep you awake. I had made the mistake of watching a "Planet of the Apes" marathon. (The 1970s non Mark Wahlberg versions)I literally could not sleep for a week. It was scary in the way that it totally messed with your head.


legolas returns - Aug 17, 2007 11:24 am (#1578 of 2984)

When I was a teenager I had some of my friends round for a sleep over and we were watching Silence of the Lambs. We heard some noises outside the front door and strange sounds. My brother (who was quite drunk at the time) suddenly burst into the living room making a huge noise. We jumped so much and were scared witless. I was frightened enough by the movie so my brother did not help.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 17, 2007 12:41 pm (#1579 of 2984)

Hi, everyone. Sorry I haven't been back in such a long time. It's been almost 500 posts since I stopped in last, so I just pushed the magic button...

I'm almost finished now with Chapter 16. Only 4 chapters to go before my rough draft is finished. Our heat has broken here, and it's wonderfully comfortable, in the mid-70s. My oldest daughter has gone back to school, and we're slogging through the end of summer. I'm especially not looking forward to the last week of August, as my husband will be gone for almost a week, out to Poughkeepsie to take a class. *whimper*

Very little else going on here. I have to go make some bread this afternoon, that's about it. I hope the rest of you cool off soon, too!


Tazzygirl - Aug 17, 2007 12:55 pm (#1580 of 2984)

Happy Birthday to JulieGE's son!

Congrats to Azi's brother (I kept forgetting to mention that yesterday).

Have a fun and safe trip, Potterholic!!

Elanor- I tried to read your post, and pretended to know how to pronounce the words. I'm sure I just butchered it! The only language I can read, but not really understand is German. Took two years of it in high school.

Glad to hear your book is going so well, RPS!

I never saw Silence of the Lambs. It'll probably stay that way. I am so not a horror movie person. The last horror movie I saw was Scream (and that's pretty mild I guess!), and it traumatized me enough to where I can't be in the same room if someone is watching it. Imagine being 12 years old, visiting a cousin who lives out in the middle of nowhere. You go over to your cousin's friend's house (which is about a half mile away from said cousin's house) to watch the movie. At midnight you leave to go back to your cousin's house. There are no street lights. Yeah. We ran as fast as we could.

Kind of a bummer day today. Today is the start of where I don't have a single day off until December. I have school Monday though Thursday, and work Friday through Sunday. Yippee.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Denise P. - Aug 17, 2007 1:04 pm (#1581 of 2984)

Esther, I watched all those old Planet of the Apes movies. There was the freaky weird one where all the apes worshipped a bomb or something. The one that creeped me out was when the apes came to modern day earth. At the end, the chimps were killed but the baby was switched with a circus chimp so we got a shot of a baby chimp in a circus cage yelling "Mama? Mama? Maaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Why this creeped me out, no idea.

Now, campy scary movies are okay. One of my favorites is Night of the Comet. We laughed ourselves silly over it. Not scary but one to laugh hysterically through is Clue and The Gods Must Be Crazy.

We (I) decided to start a family game night. My family played a card game called Pounce when I was growing up. We have enough in the family to play it (you need at least 4 people) I decided to look on eBay (big surprise!) and found a board game that my family played when we would visit my grandmother, called Bazaar. I have a vintage copy now on its way to me. It is easy enough the small ones can play but still challenging enough for the older ones. We have to find games that fit the Hi Ho Cherry-O crowd up to the Risk crowd.

Edit: Interesting, there are rules and such for Pounce on the web. We always used Rook decks to play but all these show regular playing cards. Since Rook decks are now so expensive, I had planned to use Phase 10 decks divided. We always thought it was so cool when we would beat Gramma...then we all discovered Gramma is slow!


Madam Pince - Aug 17, 2007 1:33 pm (#1582 of 2984)

So I assume it's OK to change our avatars and second-line-of-information stuff now? World-Crossing has worked out all their "bugs"?

I thought The Exorcist was the scariest thing I'd ever seen. Silence of the Lambs ranks right up there, too. That Stephen King one Pet Sematary just totally grossed me out because what that cute adorable little boy does is just soooooo not right.

Good Evans, congrats on your son's achievements! Have fun at the party! Oh, I have to tell you I thought of you today -- someone sent me a joke e-mail that had a video clip of some British stand-up comedian doing a thing about losing his luggage on an air trip (it was hysterical, by the way...) and he started off by saying "Well, sorry if I sound like a whinging pom..." (or something like that; and I hope I haven't just used a British curse word because I have no idea what "pom" is nor even if that's correct but that's what it sounded like...) Anyway, I thought of you straight off since you just recently explained on another thread what "whinging" means!

Edit: Little Pince just came in and announced that when his friend comes over for a play-date, they are going to have "a full barrel of salt." After a bit of questioning, it was determined that his father had recently explained to him that "a full-bore assault" means "a big battle." ***insert Hermione-eyeroll-accompanied-by-"Boys!"-exclamation***


Tazzygirl - Aug 17, 2007 2:11 pm (#1583 of 2984)

LOL, Madam P!! I so want to meet Little P!

Had a bit of a panic attack- my internet stopped working for a few minutes there. Restarted my laptop a couple times, and nothing happened. Then I went through to diagnose any problems and fixed a minor thing (I have no idea what the problem was. It just asked if I wanted to fix it.), restarted the computer again, and now it's working. Weird.



Nicoline Vance - Aug 17, 2007 2:28 pm (#1584 of 2984)

Kristina, Don't you get Queen Liluokalani's birthday (Sept 2) off? My husband lived in Honolulu for 9 years. He was always surprised by how many holidays his office closed for. He worked for Hawaii Pacific University.

Are you going to the Honolulu Aloha Festivals Floral Parade? It sounds fabulous.

You can count me out for scary movies. My imagination keeps working long after the credits have rolled. When I saw Arachnaphobia as a teenager, I kept feeling spiders crawl up my legs while I tried to fall asleep.


jose043 - Aug 17, 2007 3:26 pm (#1585 of 2984)

Hi All

Happy birthday to all we have missed, also to any anniversaries that we have missed.

Tazzygirl hope you keep enjoying your student teaching.

Solitaire hope your wrist get better & it is not RSI like Anne had in her right wrist which still gives her trouble when she writes to much most times gets here snail typist to do it for her till she gets frustrated & angry with me ( Josephine). She will yell at me Mum you are not listening.

Have a good weekend to you all, fine today but rain tomorrow afternoon.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Tazzygirl - Aug 17, 2007 3:28 pm (#1586 of 2984)

Nicoline- the 2nd is a Sunday, so I'll be working. Your husband is correct though- Hawaii has a lot of holidays. For example- today is a holiday, Statehood Day. I've never heard of the Honolulu Aloha Festival Floral Parade. It does sound pretty neat though! Other holidays we have are Kuhio Day (remembers one of the last princes of Hawaii), and Kamehameha Day (remembers the king who united all the islands. I think that is why. I'll need to check.)

Pretty much my schedule is if I'm not at school, I'm working, and the other way around.



Solitaire - Aug 17, 2007 8:34 pm (#1587 of 2984)

LOL at Denise's avatar! hehe

Guten Abend, Tazzy ... wie geht es dir?

LOL Madam Pince! That reminds me of the time a friend of mine, a biology teacher, mentioned possible report topics in class ... including euthanasia. She got a lovely report from young Adam ... all about Youth in Asia. BTW, he was a sophomore!

Josephine, what is RSI? I am not sure what is wrong, but my right wrist hurts on the outside, from just below the base of my little pinky to about an inch or two past that bone that sticks up (the wrist bone?). My left palm and thumb are also very sore and achy. I have a form of rheumatoid arthritis, and I guess I am just in a flare-up. Thanks to all for the healing charms. I'm sure a weekend of rest will help.

I had half a message on my answering machine (those recorded ones don't wait for the message to finish) that mentioned restoring connectivity by Monday morning, so if I disappear over the weekend, it means my service is down. I know Cox/SuddenLink/Bright House are (Is? Are they the same entity?) making changes to cable, isp, etc. **Fingers crossed for no interruptions**

Have a great Friday night, everyone. I am going to rest and watch TV!



painting sheila - Aug 17, 2007 9:00 pm (#1588 of 2984)

Hi everyone!!

Glad to hear most of you are having a good day.

We ended up at the beach today and had a blast.

We then RUSHED home in time to see High School Musical 2. Such fun!

See you all tomorrow!



virginiaelizabeth - Aug 17, 2007 9:19 pm (#1589 of 2984)

We then RUSHED home in time to see High School Musical 2.

Such fun! Ahh, I watched it with the kids I babysat tonight. So cheesy, yet I watched every minute of it and shushed the kids every 10 seconds! I can't even imagine how long it took them to get those dances perfect like that! The part where there was like 20 of them all dribbling basketballs in unison. I mean really! That takes talent! They were perfectly together the entire time!

It has been the longest week EVER! We've been in school for 1 week, and it already feels like it's been at least 2 months! AHHHHHH!! I might go crazzyy!! It's going to be a long year.

Hope everyone is well! Probably won't be posting for a while, busy weekend and then the week starts up and I've got to do it all over again!


Madam Pince - Aug 17, 2007 9:32 pm (#1590 of 2984)

Sigh... I'm so out of it. Never seen High School Musical, and I've never even heard of Pan's Labyrinth. Oh well...

We saw Obnoxious Snot at the pool again today. Naturally, bless his heart, Little Pince splashed right up to her and asked "Hi! What's your name?" I cringed, but this time however, she answered him, smiled, and just swam away. Both he and I were perfectly fine with that. Interestingly enough, I also noted that she has a brother. The same young man who once earlier this year said something in reference to me (I didn't quite catch what it was, and didn't understand it anyway because I was not interacting with him in any way, shape, or form at the time) and in doing so called me "...old lady." Hmph! Now I know I'm not as young as I once was, but I hardly think I'm ready for "old lady" status. So anyway, what a coincidence that the only two rude/negative experiences we have had at that pool all summer had their roots in the same family. Hmmmm....

Tazzy, I am so sorry that you have to work every single day from now until December! That just doesn't seem right at all! Good luck to you!

Gotta get to bed -- soccer early tomorrow!


Tazzygirl - Aug 18, 2007 2:20 am (#1591 of 2984)

Soli: Guten Abend, Tazzy ... wie geht es dir?

Sehr gut, danke! Und du? Hoffen, dass deine Hand bald besser fühlt! (Hope your hand feels better soon!)

Thanks, Madam P. One of those life lessons, I guess! **bat bogey hex** to those two brat kids! grrrr. There are a bunch of kids that go to the Navy base pool that are just horrid to other littler kids. It's really sad to watch.

Hope you can enjoy some of your weekend, Ginny!



jose043 - Aug 18, 2007 2:23 am (#1592 of 2984)

Hi Solitaire RSI is Repreditive Strain Injury Anne has had hers since 1985 through too much typing & not sitting correctly in her chair when she 1st started studying & was doing a lot of writing at work as well she went back two & half years ago & shifted back home because it recurred in her right hand & arm.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London

Ps spelling might have let me down again.


Denise P. - Aug 18, 2007 6:30 am (#1593 of 2984)

Madam Pince, aren't kids great? That does have an upside though. Someone had sent me a picture of a model in a swimsuit, to show me the suit. Kierynn looked and said "Mommy, you look so pretty in that!" Gotta love the blind little lovestruck eyes who think you remotely resemble a model

I got 10 decks of cards yesterday so I can attempt to teach the gang a few card games. I had thought about Rook decks or even Phase 10 decks split but frugality won in the end. We got a 2 pack of cards at the dollar store and then I printed animal stickers on address labels (3 animals per label) to put on the decks to tell them apart. It works.

Today, we are driving to a nearby town to pick up the pedestals for our new washing machine set. We ran a test cycle, very quiet. It also plays a little tune when it is finished.

We are done with camps for the season! Now, I need to break out the girl scout book and outline which badges she needs to complete to finish her other 3 signs and her bronze. We have her bronze hammered out, we just need to get it approved and then finish the 2 badges associated with it (Sew Simple and Yarn & Fabric Arts) She has all the other requirements done for bronze except the badges and hours spent.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 18, 2007 7:14 am (#1594 of 2984)

Belated birthday wishes to Rhys and GEJulie's oldest son!

Healing charms to your hand, Soli!

**bat bogey hex** to those two brat kids! ~ Tazzy
And a Cornish Pixie or two to keep them busy.

Denise, I looked at your SWAP princess behind your avatar and am now feeling entirely intimidated. What have I gotten myself into?



Denise P. - Aug 18, 2007 8:05 am (#1595 of 2984)

Maria, don't be! That princess is not for the HPLF Swap at all. Trust me, the swap I am doing for the HPLF is not at all complicated in any way. Look at the examples in the email that was sent. Craft foam, beads, pipecleaners, googly eyes are staples.


Choices - Aug 18, 2007 8:37 am (#1596 of 2984)

Soli, hope your wrist is feeling better. It probably is arthritis, but there is a "bursa" right in the area you describe that can get inflamed and hurt like heck. I had it once and it was very painful. I can't remember what I did for it (I did consult a doctor), but it finally went away. Healing charms to all who need them.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. God bless anyone in the path of hurricane Dean. That is scary and I wish them well.

Love and (((hugs)))to all. :-)


The giant squid - Aug 18, 2007 8:44 am (#1597 of 2984)

I was turned down for the National Sarcasm Society. Which is strange, because they told me all my jokes were so funny, and I was so smart.--Nicoline Vance


It's funny, I never considered Silence of the Lambs to be a horror movie. A suspense thriller, maybe, but not horror. Semantics, I suppose...

It seems to be Travel Time of the year--I, too, get to go a-wanderin' next week. My boss decided that one of the two techs here in Vegas needs to go down to service the two theaters we have in Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ. The other guy's been there before but the boss wants me to go instead. This could be interesting... Trust me to get sent to the only place in the country that's hotter than Las Vegas in the summer.



Solitaire - Aug 18, 2007 10:12 am (#1598 of 2984)

Thanks for the healing charms, everyone! Choices, since I do have arthritis and bursitis (shoulder), it is not unlikely that I have what you described. My wrist is significantly better today, although it is still tender. I probably will try and refrain from being online all day, as I'd like after a week of relative HP Forum deprivation!

I'm giving myself a little treat right now, as I've already done two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, and vacuumed the entire house ... and it's only 10 a.m.. I have an agent and client coming to see my house between 11:30-12:30, so I guess I'll run errands during that time.

I think I'm ready for the kids on Monday ... but I'm not sure! LOL Are we ever? I just did as much as I could and left around 4:30 yesterday. I am hoping to have a more sane schedule this year--and put an end to working every night until 6:30 and then dragging home more. I do feel sorry for one of my colleagues, however. SHE got the rotten schedule this year. She is qualified to teach science (although she has not taught it in the 14 years she has been at our school ... even to sub), so she got stuck teaching a couple of science classes instead of her usual line-up of all social studies. This and my last year's schedule are the brainchildren of the superintendent ... who likes to make a few teachers completely insane every year. I am hoping he ignores me for a few! LOL

Okay ... time for a bite of breakfast and more Forum-surfing! Have a great day, everyone. BTW, I did have one "looky-loo" from last week come back Thursday for second look. Maybe that's a good thing???



Madam Pince - Aug 18, 2007 10:48 am (#1599 of 2984)

I don't think of Silence of the Lambs as horror really, either. But it still scared the stuffing out of me! I think of horror as ones like Halloween and things of that ilk. Well, and I guess the Saw movies fall in there somewhere, too. (Those movies are totally gross, by the way. ) And there was one called Thirteen Ghosts a couple years ago that has Tony Shalhoub in it (the guy from "Monk"), and the ghosts in that movie are pretty darn scary-looking, plus they jump out at you all of a sudden, which is never good. The slow-moving ones like the zombies in the old Dawn of the Dead are just laughable -- I mean, if you can't get away from them, then you don't deserve to make it. At least the newer remake of Dawn... had some speedier zombies!

Condolences to Soli on her wrist, and to Squid Mike for having to go to the Sahara... er... I mean, Phoenix.


Elanor - Aug 18, 2007 12:28 pm (#1600 of 2984)

Silence of the Lambs... **shudders**

I do remember the night I saw it at the theater! There was a kind of "Movie Festival" on that day: you were buying a ticket for a movie and you could see another one for free. So, after the first movie (that I have completely forgotten), the friend with whom I had gone to the theater and I decided to stay for the 10 pm movie, which was Silence of the Lambs.

We had really NOT expected it to be that scary and here we are, at midnight, alone in the dark town's streets. My parents' house wasn't very far from the theater but my friend's was and she didn't want to walk back home alone (we were two 19 year old students too poor yet to have a car, lol!). I had no problem walking with her till her Mom's house, except I didn't want to walk back to mine alone either, lol!

So we spent quite some time pacing the road between my house and hers and talking of very mundane NON frightening things. I was walking with her one way, and then she was walking back my house's way, etc. Till we finally stopped and say "Ok, we'll have to part at some point!". I can't remember having ever walked that fast in my town's streets since that night when we finally said goodbye...

I hope the weekend will help your wrist Soli!

Safety charms to all those on Dean's path! I've seen on TV what it's done on the Martinique island, it is scary.

Cooling charms sent your way too Mike!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:13 pm


Snuffles - Aug 18, 2007 1:27 pm (#1601 of 2984)

Soli, I hope your wrist is feeling better. Good luck with your house viewing

RPS, good luck with the rest of chapter 16 and the following 4 chapters.

Happy belated birthday to Rhys. I can't believe it is 2 years. I remember when your hospital scan was your avatar.

Kristina, glad your teaching is going well. Fantastic news about your mentor teacher wanting you to come back. Well done you

azi, congrats to your brother on his 'A' level results. Has he managed to get his car sorted?

Madame P, I'm glad that the girl at the pool was nice to Little P this time round. *Bat bogey hex* to her brother though!

Congrats to Julie(GE) eldest too. Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

Ginny, Tori and whoever else has started back at school, hope all goes well

Hubby has gone to see Bourne Ultimatum with his friend tonight. I will wait until it comes out on DVD before seeing it. We thought that by the time we had managed to get a babysitter for an evening, it would probably have finished showing!

Took Olivia to get her school shoes today. She made a bee line straight for the shoes where you get a free tiny doll that hides in the heel of the shoe They are the latest craze apparantly. You get a spare set of clothes for said doll, and the shoe box turns into a house for her. Well worth the extra money then! (note sarcasm!) She looked at hubby with her big brown eyes. It was a done deal from then on!

Off to check the threads.

Happy rest of the weekend



Steve Newton - Aug 18, 2007 2:27 pm (#1602 of 2984)

I go to Wildwood, NJ for a few days and over 180 posts. EGADS!

Wildwood is near the tip of southern New Jersey. Just a couple of miles north of Cape May. Our motel is a carry over from the 60s, or maybe the 50s. Small rooms with few amenities. The pool is approximately 21 by 12 1/2 feet. In other words, tiny. Its benefits are price and incredibly convenient location. One block from the boardwalk and the lifeguard station. The lifeguard station is very important since they give rides to the water for handicapped persons. For instance, my wife. The beach being a third of a mile wide this is no small aid.

The boardwalk is kid heaven. 3 or 4 piers of rides and amusements with shops everywhere. Mostly pizza or fried food, T-shirts, tattoos (My wife got a henna M&M tattoo on her left bicep.), arcades and fudge stores. Mack's pizza is our current favorite. Of course the Kohr's frozen custard stands got a little of our patronage. No Polish water ice this year.

Wildwood had a surge in popularity in the 50s and 60s. The city has chosen to celebrate this heritage with a Doo Wop theme which they are promoting, and quite well. (Googling Doo Wop and Wildwood will get you started.) The celebration of neon and not quite tacky architecture works. Alas our motel seems to be a victim of the new Doo Wop as the owners donated its sign to the Doo Wop museum. (The White Star for those interested.

We were there for only 4 days and I got only a little sunburnt but battered by waves yesterday. My son and I took a dolphin boat trip on Wednesday (Captain Schumann's Sightseer) and saw dozens.

We did see some odd signs. 1) on an unknown business-"Closed-by appointment only." 2) "Shoe sale Full price for the first half price for the second." I hope that there is a word missing there. 3) On a downtown shop with no current business but one on the way: The oldest store in Wildwood Coming Soon.


Holly T. - Aug 18, 2007 3:08 pm (#1603 of 2984)

Soli--hope your wrist is feeling better!

Steve, those are some interesting signs.

Daughter and I bought the supplies for our swaps this morning! When we showed them to my son, he guessed right awat what we were making.

Daughter went to a sleepover last night and apparently they were up until 4. She had a hair appointment at 9 this morning that I made weeks ago, not knowing she would be at a sleepover the night before. So I showed up to pick her up at 8:30, she was barely awake, but perked up later. She's been sleeping all afternoon.

While daughter and I were at the store after getting her hair cut, they had a chiropractor there trying to sign people up. He had some gizmo and was offering to scan people's spines. I have scoliosis, with three curves in my back (one starts in my neck) and you usually can't tell and I don't usually have trouble from it. Anyway, I didn't tell him this, and he scanned my neck, LOL. Of the five or six checkpoints he was looking at only one was in the normal range and the rest were way higher than he thought they should be. He really wants me to come in for some X-rays and thinks they could help with headaches and neck and shoulder pain. I know some people swear by chiropractic care, but I've never been to a chiropractor. When the guy was freaking out about my scan I told him about the scoliosis. Anyway, it was amusing to watch him freak out about my crooked neck. I'm thinking I may go in for the X-rays and see what they have to say (and possibly ask my orthopedist what he thinks about it).

In laws are coming to visit tomorrow and spend the night. House is not clean.


NFla Barbara - Aug 18, 2007 3:30 pm (#1604 of 2984)

Hello Steve! I went to Wildwood for several summers when I was a kid (after the heyday you describe, but not so long after!). I have very fond memories of the boardwalk, although I could never bring myself to ride most of the rides -- I was extremely risk-averse even then. Glad to hear people are still enjoying it.


Puck - Aug 18, 2007 4:29 pm (#1605 of 2984)

Hello All!

I just returned from vacation to see 387 posts listed on this thread, so I skipped to the end.

We had a nice visit with hubby's parents. The kids were spoiled, and I didn't have to be the one watching them every second. We went to the zoo, visited relatives, played out in the yard. I spent much time with OotP on Wii, but will have to start over now that I'm home with my own machine.

School starts in a week and a half. I haven't done the shopping yet, plus need to finish stuff for church and Scouts before the year starts. I was a wee bit obsessed with some reading this summer, and never got it all done.

Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.



journeymom - Aug 18, 2007 5:13 pm (#1606 of 2984)

My family played a card game called Pounce when I was growing up. Denise

Pounce! I grew up with it, as well. I loved it, but I was lousy at it, always ended up in the negatives. That was to be expected, since invariably we played at an enormous table with my aunts and uncles and cousins, and I was one of the youngest cousins (we're talking 12 to 15 people playing at a time). And we had to be careful of my mother's brothers slapping a card down. You'd lose a hand if you ventured too close.

Steve, Wildwood sounds a bit like the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Sounds like fun! Those dinky hotels from the 50's can be quite cute in a kitschy way.


Denise P. - Aug 18, 2007 5:23 pm (#1607 of 2984)

Wow Journeymom, I had no idea your family was related to my Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill made NO allowances for the fact that we were 8-9-10 years old and would slap cards down like nobody's business. We had to watch my Aunt Lorraine, she would offer to separate cards to get scores and slip in an extra handful of her cards


TomProffitt - Aug 18, 2007 5:29 pm (#1608 of 2984)

Denise & Journeymon, your Pounce sounds like my playing Spades in college. There were a large number of us that thought cheating was part of the game. You had to watch very carefully what your opponents were doing or someone would play the same card three times in one hand. It was still fun as we were all on the same sheet of music.

We played some killer Spoons when I was younger, too, no sympathy for the youngest there either. We would always keep playing until everyone noticed the spoons were gone, it was quite funny to see someone get that fourth match and go for a spoon that wasn't there.


Madam Pince - Aug 18, 2007 7:08 pm (#1609 of 2984)

...so I skipped to the end. –Puck

Who are you -- Prince Humperdinck? (Couldn't help myself. We just watched that the other night. "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.") Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Steve, Wildwood sounds great! Glad you guys had a good time! Those are good suggestions to keep in mind if we get a chance for a beach vacation anytime soon! Mr. Pince once got a henna tattoo, too. He saw some guy at Ocean City with a real tattoo of the Minnesota Vikings logo guy and he wants one so badly. I usually just get that stony glaze in my eye for awhile and he stops talking about it.

Went to see "OotP" today for the second time and took Little Pince. We had "previewed" it and I decided there was nothing in there he couldn't take. He seemed to really enjoy it and I was surprised how much he understood and how he stayed absorbed for the whole 2+ hours. One thing he seemed confused about -- he asked why Bellatrix had killed Sirius because he "thought she was Sirius' girlfriend." Not sure where that came from. I did have to giggle about two of his observances: "Where are Dumbledore's glasses?" (I told him everybody on the Forum was wondering that, too! Sheesh, if a 5-year-old notices that, you'd think the movie wardrobe-continuity folks would...); and when they showed Harry going into Umbridge's office for the first time, he whispered "Boy! She sure does like cats, doesn't she?"

After we got home, I picked up the wand we got at Borders on release night, and did a little "Stupefy!" on him -- unfairly, I must admit, because he was unarmed at the time. He immediately started whipping his head side to side and looking under all the furniture, muttering "Where's my wand?" After several fruitless seconds, he yelled "Accio!" I was so proud.


Solitaire - Aug 18, 2007 7:37 pm (#1610 of 2984)

. . possibly ask my orthopedist what he thinks about it

Holly, my GP is okay with chiropractic and accupuncture, but the last ortho man I saw was not too high on chiropractors. I saw two different ones between 1982 and 1993. The first time I went was for a very painful case of sciatica. This was before my arthritis presented, and a friend referred me to this chiropractor. He was quite helpful with the initial problem ... but then he started in on my neck, assuring me it was essential for my "spine health." I'd never had any neck problems or headaches up to that point, but once he got started, I began to have chronic neck and shoulder pain, and headaches were a regular occurrence. I put up with this for months, because I bought into the "regular treatment" thing.

When it finally dawned on me that as soon as I began feeling good, my next appointment would flatten me for two weeks, I called it quits. My neck eventually got a little better than it was, but it's never been the same. When I first moved back here, I saw someone for short-term help with a sciatica recurrence; but I have found that deep tissue and pressure-point massage does far more for me than chiropractic ever did. I'm now afraid of chiropractors for any ailment.

I'm sure that many of the newer DCs have better methods of treatment than I received, based on information from many colleagues and friends who swear by them ... but I am skittish. I'd go to an acupuncturist--in fact, I am considering it for my back and my wrist--before I'd go to a chiropractor again. Holly, I will be interested to hear your orthopedist's opinion.

LOL Tom! I remember Spoons, too. One night my parents and some of their friends were playing it at a NY Eve party. I heard some commotion and peeked into the kitchen with one of the other kids to see what was going on. My best friend's mother was prying open someone's hand to take the spoon away! LOL Talk about losing a hand! This woman--a sweet, comforting, nurturing Sunday School teacher--was a total assassin when it came to any competitive game!

he yelled "Accio!" I was so proud.   LOL Madam Pince! You've trained him well.

Well, the healing charms are doing their job, everyone. Thank you so much! My wrist is a lot better this evening. I still think I need to refrain from too much "mousing around," but yesterday it hurt even without mousing ... so I feel a lot better.



Puck - Aug 18, 2007 7:54 pm (#1611 of 2984)

LOL to Little Pince! What a clever boy.

Hubby roped me into playing Warcraft this evening. Now, I'm off to start reading Eldest, which was my original plan for the night.


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 18, 2007 11:39 pm (#1612 of 2984)

I loved that episode of Twilight Zone. Robert Redford was sooo young, and handsome. That was the first time I found Death romantic. The episode with William Shatner was actually scary for me.

I never liked watching scary shows, but I have found that “Twilight Zone is mostly a thinking kind of scary. Not the bogie man popping out of the dryer, but what if death were personified scary.

Choices, that is hysterical. I find those marketing tools appalling. I think consumers should do just what you did. Say no graciously and leave, or in the case of phone orders, say “no, thanks, or I will cancel the this order if you offer one more upsell.”

Thanks for the healing charms. We are a bit better but still have a long way to go.

Kitty has not worked out well. We named her Lily, but is not friendly. She will sit in your lap if you put her there but generally she hides. The moment we discover where she hiding, she finds a new hiding place. We have now moved her bed, to the bathroom where her food is and have but a litter box in there too. We keep a gate across so that we can keep the door open. We let the kids go in for a few minutes so that she can get used to them. The rescue lady is on vacation so we may have to call her for help.

Last night my kids, 4 kids went to that science sleep away camp (the one that was postponed because it interfered with the release of Deathly Hallows). That was the first time in 11 years that we were with out children overnight! I woke in the morning, it was just the two of us in bed. No little arms or legs over my face and head!!

Happy Birthday Rhys.

Is High School Musical 2 a TV release?

Enjoy Eldest, Puck. Of the 2 alternating lines, I was surprised that I enjoyed the “other” story line more than the main.


legolas returns - Aug 19, 2007 4:46 am (#1613 of 2984)

I hope you are feeling better Solitare.

I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum last night and I completely understand how some people felt motion sick. I came out of the cinema with a blinding headache/strained eyes. I really enjoyed the film regardless of the wonky camera work.

Am having a very busy weekend. I have had friends down since Friday night and just left a little while ago. I have got a wedding reception this evening somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I will need to go back to work for a rest on monday .


kaykay1970 - Aug 19, 2007 5:34 am (#1614 of 2984)

My eldest has officially moved into her dorm room. It was so hard leaving her. She looked like a little lost puppy dog as we drove away. I felt much better after I got home and called to let her know we'd made it home ok. She had been to one of the "welcome week" parties and was feeling much better about things. She was having a grand old time from the sound of it!


Denise P. - Aug 19, 2007 6:36 am (#1615 of 2984)

Maritza, you are describing normal cat behavior in a very stressful situation. She was moved, thrown into a new house with all these new people. She sounds like she is just trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I think it is not unexpected that she wants to hide out and get her breath. Perhaps the rescue will have some ideas to help her acclimate better.

We have done numerous loads in the new washer and dryer set...very nice! We have the pedestals to put them on, we are just waiting until the weekly laundry is on before we tackle putting them up.

We got so angry yesterday at Lowes. We had gone there to get the pedestals and to get a mat to go under the set. There was a guy working in the carpet area, he was cutting carpet for someone. I asked where the mat was I was looking for, he pointed me to it and I stood where he was cutting carpet, waiting for him to finish so he could cut my mat. The people getting carpet were getting several kinds so I stood patiently for about 20 minutes since no other salesperson was around. He finished wrapping the last carpet bit and I was thrilled that I was next. He lifted a finger to indicate he knew I was there as he went to ring up the stuff for the other couple. Then he LEFT! He just disappeared, leaving no one in the area. I found another associate, who said he could not help me, could not call for anyone or do anything. We finally got someone, after another 15 minutes of paging on the help button, to come cut the piece of mat. I don't know what it is about the stores in this particular town but we have run into the same thing anytime we go to that town to get something. We don't live there, we live in the town next to it. Makes me sooo glad that we had been warned not to buy there.


painting sheila - Aug 19, 2007 6:48 am (#1616 of 2984)

Maritza - I agree with Denise P. It sounds like Lily is just overwhelmed. Could you put some thing that smells like you or one of your kids in her bed with her? It might make it easier for her to "know" you.

Way to go Little Pince!! Woohoo! You should be proud mom!

Kaykay (sniff sniff) You are so brave.

Mrs Sirius - I am seriously hoping you went BACK to sleep once you realized you could!

Our house smells like burnt popcorn. Littlest Guy knows which button to push on the microwave and tried to do it himself last night. It didn't work. I may have to make brownies to get the smell out.

Oldest Son went out with some friends last night. He received his first lesson in girls playing hard to get. 3 girls (who are "just friends") invited him and his friend to hang with them and see a movie together. When the boys got there the girls promptly walked away and ignored them. Thankfully the boys didn't follow but found some other friends to talk with. The young girls came back and still wanted to see a movie - Hairspray. The boys said they didn't want to see Hairspray and offered some other suggestions. The young girls said sure but when they bought their tickets bought Hairspray tickets instead. The boys went with them since the girls were begging them. Once they got into the movie the girls id not want them sitting anywhere near them. (sigh) My favorite quote from Oldest Son about the evening, "I think they were just playing hard to get. How stupid is that?!"


Madam Pince - Aug 19, 2007 7:17 am (#1617 of 2984)

LOL, Sheila! That's cute.

Denise, we have run into similar trouble at that Lowe's. We were looking at exterior doors and it took forever, only one salesman, and he was less than thrilled to help us. Unfortunately, they are just about the only game in town for that type of thing -- well, the closest game anyway. But it's probably worth a little drive at this point!

Mrs. Sirius, I agree with Denise about the kitty-cat. She probably just needs a little bit of time to get used to things. Cats usually aren't big on lots of activity -- they like it quiet and they like to observe from afar (and up high, if possible) at first, then they'll seek you out and make the first move. You also may want to think about isolating the litter box somewhere away from the food bowl and the bed. Nobody wants to sleep and eat in their bathroom! Plus, the earlier you associate a specific place as "this is where you 'go' and nowhere/nothing else" and keep it separate from kitty's other activities, the better, I think. Good luck! I hope Lily brings your family lots of joy and love.

(((hugs))) to kaykay. You're a brave mom! Best wishes to the new collegiate.


Chemyst - Aug 19, 2007 7:41 am (#1618 of 2984)

Aw, kaykay, ((hugs)) You have an adult!

Denise, you need to go to Lowes.com => Customer Care => Contact Us => General Inquiries => Feedback or Store Feedback and type in your complaint. The help at the Lowes store here is either the best or the worst; it depends upon which department you shop in and perhaps the time of day. The Home Depot down the street is uniformly "adequate, usually within five minutes" so it is a dice roll as to where to get the better help. To Lowes credit, they did respond to the 'feedback' when we used it.

Our house smells like burnt popcorn. […] I may have to make brownies to get the smell out.
…'sounds like you have a plan! Be sure to offer Oldest Son a brownie.


Solitaire - Aug 19, 2007 10:35 am (#1619 of 2984)

I may have to make brownies to get the smell out.

LOL Sheila! I'd never thought of that. I will have to suggest it to the teacher who repeatedly burns popcorn in the teachers' lounge microwave. Of course, she would have to bake the brownies at home, but perhaps treating the staff to brownies now and then could serve as a way to make people feel better about having to smell her burned popcorn every day. What do you think?

Sorry to hear about your Lowe's. I always get such good service when I go to our local store, just a about a mile away. Perhaps it is due to the fact that Home Depot is in the shopping center kitty-corner across the highway. If Lowe's doesn't behave, we will go to HD. Actually, I will generally start at HD, as it is on my side of the highway and easier to reach ... but they generally do not have the selection I find at Lowe's, and the prices are often a bit better at Lowe's, as well.

I would do as Chemyst suggests and write. I recently wrote to Red Lobster and ... oh, I can't remember who else. I asked if they would provide more sugar-free drinks than just Diet Pepsi/Coke--at least something that is both sugar-free and caffeine free. I also suggested they add a couple of "diabetic friendly" desserts to the menu. A few days later, I received a nice reply (didn't sound generic) from some guy who said that my questions and concerns could probably be easily resolved with regard to beverages. He also said the chefs who create new items for the menus would be given the requests for sugar-free and reduced-sugar desserts, and I should watch future menus for new additions. We shall see. My point is that most companies need to satsfy their customers, if they want repeat business. Write.

BTW, the wrist seems to be on the mend. It is even better this morning! Thanks for the healing charms, everyone!



Round Pink Spider - Aug 19, 2007 11:49 am (#1620 of 2984)

Solitaire, I'm glad to hear that your wrist is so much better.

I've pretty well finished chapter 16 -- just proofreading left. But that hardly registers a blip on the radar as compared to what we've just been through.

It started raining yesterday morning, and it never stopped! All day long, it rained. That in itself wasn’t that unusual. But then, yesterday evening we started getting torrential thunderstorms, and they continued ALL NIGHT. My garden under our living room window flooded several times over, and water was seeping into the laundry room through a basement window all night. Peter’s kiddy pool, which was empty, filled and is overflowing.

We got 9.5 inches of rain in 24 hours, which is just unheard-of in this part of the country. It wasn't even associated with the leftovers of a tropical storm. And there's a chance we'll get more, although it hasn't rained in about 7 hours now.

Garry did a patch job on that basement window this morning with foam and caulk, in hopes of sealing out the water. He discovered that the window is severely dry-rotted, but we can't replace it right now, so he's hoping that the patch job will hold it for now.

My son David was up all night (after working all evening), trying to push the water in the laundry room down the drain so it wouldn't soak the rest of the basement. Garry and Mike were up most of the night, too. I slept (and you can imagine how embarrassed I am ), but I woke up many times during the night, disturbed by the constant lightning and knowing what that probably meant. I expect we’ll all spend a lot of today sleeping. We're planning to go someplace to eat today because none of us is up to cooking.

Everything is looking quite flattened and soggy from all the rain (imagine that). We’ve had some erosion on the bare spots the dog has left in the lawn, and we may have to bring in some dirt to fix it. Some of the area roads are blocked off, and of course all the ditches and low spots are full of water. We saw one pickup that had apparently been swept away by the water, and which is now sitting in a water-filled ditch, sunk up to its windows.

We’re expecting more rain tonight and tomorrow, and possibly off and on all week. I’m glad we’re living on such a high hill; I pity the people who live near the river. I know that the creeks in the area are expected to flood their banks by several feet today.

The rain headed off ESE of us. I hope more of you won't have similar flood-stories to tell soon!


Choices - Aug 19, 2007 12:04 pm (#1621 of 2984)

RPS, drying charms for you and your area. Rain is good, but that is a wee bit too much.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 19, 2007 12:09 pm (#1622 of 2984)

Wow, RPS! That is strange weather. Drying charms your way, though, when we were out that way, Iowa seemed quite dry. I'd say 9.5" in 24 hours is overkill.

w00t to you for finishing Chapter 16 - despite all of the distractions.

Little Pince is so cute! Trevor has seen it and I think I only covered his eyes during the attack on Arthur at the MoM. It's amazing how observant they can be!

Madame Pince, is the wand you picked up at Borders the whooshing kind?



The giant squid - Aug 19, 2007 1:12 pm (#1623 of 2984)

RPS, see if you can send some of that rain toward Nevada. It'd be a win-win situation

I may have to make brownies to get the smell out.--Painting Sheila

Methinks Littlest Guy may have had an ulterior motive...



azi - Aug 19, 2007 1:24 pm (#1624 of 2984)

Going way back - Snuffles - my brother is buying a new wing for his car and fixing it on himself. Brings the cost down a lot, but still costs him money! The guy hasn't owned up to it.

**drying charms** RPS!

**continued healing charms** Soli!

Sympathies on the bad service, Denise. How rude of the guy!

LOL at Little Pince! Great guy.

Shelia - those girls sound horrible! I would never be that mean to someone. Ah well, I'm sure eldest son will learn.

Lovely days to all! I'm tired - was dragged to a friend's birthday last night. I don't like my home town on nights - drunkards, street brawls, rubbish. I only escaped at 2am. **snoozes**


Tazzygirl - Aug 19, 2007 1:59 pm (#1625 of 2984)

Welcome back, Puck!

**healing charms** to you Soli!

I'd be sending a report too, Denise. That's just not right of that guy...

Wow, RPS! That is a lot of rain! Hope the next couple of days isn't as bad as last night!

Off to do some laundry, and then it's time for work. whoo-hoo!

Have a great week everybody!


EDIT: The FFF is down today.


kaykay1970 - Aug 19, 2007 2:07 pm (#1626 of 2984)

Drying charms to Amy! That is a lot of rain! So sorry you had to deal with a leaky window! We could use some rain here. This is the worst drought my area has had in 150 years, or so they are saying.

Thanks for the well wishes for my college girl! Her roommate arrived this morning, so I think she feels a lot better! They have been friends since 9th grade!


Tazzygirl - Aug 19, 2007 2:12 pm (#1627 of 2984)

OH! Congrats on your college girl, Kay!! I knew I was forgetting to say something! Hope she enjoys the entire experience.



Choices - Aug 19, 2007 2:24 pm (#1628 of 2984)

Definitely congratulations are in order KayKay. I remember going off to college - I was always an independent kind of kid, not clingy at all, but I got to school and had the worst case of homesickness. I cried for about three days until my roommate showed up and then I got better. Hope your daughter has a wonderful and successful college experience. Having a roommate she knows should help her with the transition.


Solitaire - Aug 19, 2007 3:55 pm (#1629 of 2984)

Love your furry little baby, Choices! She is a cutie!

Drying charms to all who are beset by rain. I wish we could redirect some of it out here ... both to quench the fires and to fill the depleted water sources.

Okay ... I'm going to behave and not type until my wrist starts to hurt again. best wishes to all who are returning to school tomorrow ... including me! I just hope we do not all roast to death!

BTW, my sister mentioned at lunch today that she had heard on the news that Rowling has announced she will be writing an adult mystery/suspense thriller next. Has anyone else heard this? I've missed a lot of news this week, and I can't find anything about it online, either. The only other thing I've heard is that she will be compiling a HP encyclopedia of info that she has amassed which has not necessarily made it into the novels. I have to say that my sis is not a HP fan, so it's possible she is all wet ... although she insists she heard this story! **waiting patiently for information**



Madame Pomfrey - Aug 19, 2007 4:18 pm (#1630 of 2984)

Soli,I confirm that report! I read it today on Aol News.


Xenophilius - Aug 19, 2007 4:22 pm (#1631 of 2984)

Soli, there is an article on it on washingtonpost.com


Solitaire - Aug 19, 2007 4:23 pm (#1632 of 2984)

Wow! Really? Any particulars other than that scanty info?
Thanks, Xeno!


Xenophilius - Aug 19, 2007 4:27 pm (#1633 of 2984)

Not much info. They got the information from Ian Rankin author and neighbor of Rowling. Its going to be a crime novel set in Scotland. I'll read it, I like Rankin and that type of novel.


painting sheila - Aug 19, 2007 4:28 pm (#1634 of 2984)

Yes, Soli. I heard the same news. She is writing a suspense murder mystery - and starting it out in the cafes in Edinburg (sorry for misspelling the name!) I wonder if she will put as much into this book - you know - hidden clues and the like.

Not much happening. Oldest Daughter is having her senior portraits done tomorrow. We did this once already but they came back looking terrible. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Off to eat brownies . .


kaykay1970 - Aug 19, 2007 4:28 pm (#1635 of 2984)

I read the story on MSN news. According to their report, not only is her next project a crime novel, but she has been seen working on it in a cafe.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 19, 2007 5:08 pm (#1636 of 2984)

Welcome back, Puck!!

((kaykay)) I know it's hard but you have a very responsible daughter and I'm sure she'll do great. And don't forget, there is always email.

Great news about JKR's latest endeavor!!!

Hermione is so cute, Choices.


Denise P. - Aug 19, 2007 5:12 pm (#1637 of 2984)

It is solidly a rumor. She has not confirmed anything. Am I mistaken in thinking she said she was taking a break? I just can't really see where she would work on a new novel in a cafe any longer. I can see her writing a note to someone, a letter, a postcard but her next book? I dunno...


Holly T. - Aug 19, 2007 6:10 pm (#1638 of 2984)

Hugs to kaykay!

Drying charms to RPS! Some of the plants in our front yard died and I think it was because they got too much water! Our landscaper put in plants that would hold up well in the hot and dry weather, which we have not had this summer.

Choices, cute doggie!

Sheila, my Girl Scouts used to burn popcorn about every other meeting we had. The microwave at church is old and doesn't have a popcorn button. The girls would get to talking (what a surprise Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059) and forget to check the popcorn. Of course the worst time they did it (I was surprised there weren't flames coming out of the microwave) there was a church council meeting in the building that same night. I stuck my head in to apologize for the smell. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1437562208  We had popcorn for snack a lot because we bought it from the Cub Scouts. :-) Sometimes the girls bake cookies or brownies for their snack (hey, we meet in a kitchen, why not), which makes the whole place smell great. Which is not good news for the weight loss support group that meets in the Sunday school room next to the kitchen at the same time as our meeting. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Hugs to everyone!


Marie E. - Aug 19, 2007 6:42 pm (#1639 of 2984)

Whew! I just read through over 230 messages. I have been trying for the last two weeks to get caught up.

I student taught third grade in a little town in Georgia called Millen. The elementary school was actually a county school so there were seven third grade classrooms. The classes were ability based, which I think is a stinky system, so that 3-1 were the very bright children and 3-7 were the no-quite-so-bright children. I was placed in 3-7. We didn't even get to the third grade reading book until February. I did help one boy get identified as dyslexic, but most of that experience just depressed me.

We are watching a friend of Lexi's for a week while her mom is out of town. She and Lex have been friends since kindergarten, so she's having trouble with the idea that Friend may occasionally want to play with just Shayla.

We are very short-staffed at work which is making things crazy and busy. I hope very much that some wonderful people come in this week and apply for positions. We need a 3's teacher, a Pre K teacher, and at least one aide. I have been working late a lot covering classes when teachers need to leave. I don't mind right now, but I can imagine it will get old soon.


Madam Pince - Aug 19, 2007 7:47 pm (#1640 of 2984)
Edited Aug 19, 2007 8:25 pm

RPS, that's horrible about all the rain and flooding! Hope your windows hold out and that everything dries soon! ***snoozing charms*** to your household!

Azi, I didn't know you live on Knockturn Alley! Sounds like fun! (Oops. I forgot. Catherine is President of the Sarcasm Society... )

Maria, yes! The wand makes "whooshing" sounds and apparently shoots Stunning Spells! (Well, it makes a red light anyway...) Personally, I love it. We've been dueling all evening. He graciously allows me to have the whooshy wand, while he uses the one that "looks like Harry's" (according to him.) His specialty appears to be Serpentsortia, and I told him that spell doesn't make a red light, so he's OK with me having it. Bwahahahaha...

We had a teensy bit of rain today. Glad to have it although it's sort of a lost cause by this point. Wish we could just level out the rain all over the land -- it seems like the places that don't want it are getting too much, and the places that are crying out for it are getting denied. Must be dementors or something. Holly, I feel for you and your landscaping -- we had the same thing happen the first year we were married, except it was the other way around. Everything totally fried. It's so frustrating.

Well, off to finish watching "GoF" methinks... (Harry is saying "You're never going to let him forget this, are you?" and Fred/George reply in unison "Never!" I want to cry. Fred doesn't get to keep up the teasing... Wahhhhh...)

Edit: About JKR's writing a new novel in cafes -- the way I understood her interviews, she definitely did say she wanted a break, but then when Viera said something like "So you won't be writing anything then?" and JKR looked totally shocked and said something like "Oh, no, you misunderstand me -- of course I'll be writing! I can't imagine not writing! It's that I will be doing it just for me and on my own timetable with no looming deadlines or anything." So it sounded to me like she'll still be writing, just because that's what she does, but that she is relieved to not be on any publishing deadlines. That was just my take, though.


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 19, 2007 10:12 pm (#1641 of 2984)

My house smells like something right now, maybe, I’ll burn some popcorn so that I can say that’s what that smell is. It is possible that it’s just me. When I get a head cold my sense of smell gets distorted and I smell things no one else does.

Thanks for the advice to help Lily adjust. We have placed her in the bathroom, her food and box are on (opposite ends of the room). We let the kids visit her there and bring toys. We visited neighbors who also got kittens today, they got 2 brothers. These 9 week old kittens put Lily to shame. They never stop jumping, playing, running. It’s exhausting watching them. We may borrow them so Lily can see her potential.

She, we got up, had breakfast…then went back to bed… it was lovely!

More healing charms Soli.

A couple of times I got so mad about quality problems, I wrote to the company. With the bread company, I sent them the offending slice of bread. They lab tested it and gave me a rational explanation (as a baker it was reasonable), they sent me free coupons which was nice.

RPS, yea yea you, congratulations!!!!

I agree Marie, ability based class assignment is an awful system. It does nothing for a kid’s self esteem. That was the system in place when I was in elementary school in NYC. Until I learned to speak English well, I was stuck in the 3 level. Everyone knew that the “smart kids” were in classes 1 and 2. In junior high school it was the SP and E classes for the smart and college bound. Although I was in the 1-2 and then the SP groups I never quite got over the initial assignment to the 3-4 groups before mastering English.


Solitaire - Aug 19, 2007 10:23 pm (#1642 of 2984)

It is solidly a rumor. She has not confirmed anything. Am I mistaken in thinking she said she was taking a break? I just can't really see where she would work on a new novel in a cafe any longer.

That's kind of how I reacted, Denise. About working in cafes ... wouldn't that cause rather an uproar and create a disturbance in any cafe, given her popularity? It just doesn't ring true ... but then I am wrong about a lot of things.

Well, all my good behavior has not paid off too well. My wrist is painful again tonight ... just 'cuz. So thank you for the continued healing charms. I am off to bed now ... 5 a.m. comes early!



Snuffles - Aug 20, 2007 12:36 am (#1643 of 2984)

**Strengthening charms** to Kay. Your daughter will be just fine

RPS, sorry to hear about all that rain I hope things dry out over the next few days.

Choices, your doggy avatar is adorable

**More healing charms** to Soli's wrist. Hope it feels better soon.

Hope everyone has a good Monday



Catherine - Aug 20, 2007 3:39 am (#1644 of 2984)

Oops. I forgot. Catherine is President of the Sarcasm Society..,--Madam Pince

Oh, I think Kip toppled me in his sarcastic coup d'etat.

More back to school meetings today, and two back to school nights (one tonight, one tomorrow) before the official start of school Wednesday. It will be a relief to just deal with students in the classroom vs. all this hoopla surrounding their return.


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 20, 2007 7:18 am (#1645 of 2984)

LOL about JKR writing. It didn't sound right but who am I to question the Washington Post, Aol news and MSN news? Funny enough, as I typed my previous post, Olivia read over my shoulder and commented that people wouldn't leave her alone to write if they were to see her in a cafe and dismissed the idea. So yes, my daughter has more sense than I.

Healing charms to you, Solitaire! (And a little Felix Felicis for your home sale, too.)



megfox* - Aug 20, 2007 7:57 am (#1646 of 2984)

Good morning, everyone!

I am sending good wishes and weather to everyone who had rain, drought, and/or is in the path of hurricanes!

I got my car back finally and after driving a very old Honda Civic for several months, it is like driving a cross between a marshmallow and a space ship. In other words, its like driving a brand new car. YAY!

Catherine, don't you hate all of the meetings and stuff before school (the "hoopla", as you called it)? I mean, I'm pretty sure that my students will be okay if I just show up on the first day of school and do what I do all year... The people I feel really bad for are the first year teachers in my district. When I first started teaching, I had interned for one year at Noble already, and was allowed to skip the one day new teacher orientation. Now, they have 3 days of new teacher orientation, and they require everyone to go, including former interns! They have a 45 minute training on using the phones. Not to mention the 3 hour bus tour of the district - and yes, we always make the joke about "the Three Hour Tour".

Soli, I hope your wrist feels better! I also hope that you don't have to be on a computer as much as I do at school, or you won't be able to rest them long enough so that you can get back to posting on the forum (because of course, that is really what's important)!

Mrs. Sirius, I totally agree with what you wrote about ability based classrooms. I can't even imagine having 7 tracks! Eek!! How can you segregate and label kids in that many ways?!?

Maddy is watching Fairly Odd Parents right now while she colors, and they are showing an episode where Cosmo and Wanda lose their wands at Timmy's school. I keep thinking, "Why don't they just say Accio wands?" Then I remember, that only works in real life, not in cartoons.


Lilly P - Aug 20, 2007 8:48 am (#1647 of 2984)

Where are you, Lily, that you have fires? I know there are fires burning in the mountains around Santa Barbara, CA. We can see the smoke from Kern County, and it makes the sky look weird. –Solitaire[

I'm in Idaho, Soli, we have lots of fires going on right now and where we are.  Down in the valley in Boise, the haze just kind of sits right on top of us and doesn't move. It's starting to clear up though, and the haze does keep the temperature down, so I guess I can't complain too much.  Not too much new here, we did go to the fair and Annemarie rode the horse all by herself with no one holding on, she was so proud of herself (I was too! proud of myself that is for not freaking out and following 2 inches behind "just in case"). Hope all is well for you guys, we are having girls day since I have a rare day off. Off to the zoo!



John Bumbledore - Aug 20, 2007 9:49 am (#1648 of 2984)

Lily, I'm sending bubble-head charms (for easy breathing with the haze). And speaking of Idaho, can you give a wave and say hello to my sister and brother-in-law outside Lenore when you see them... Really, you would recognize them on site, just look for a woman who looks like me with a husband that is often mistaken for being in ZZ Top. She is an RN and He is a mountain guide and has a knife sharpening business. I'm sure you couldn't miss-em! LOL

Hey, my wife and I still wave and speak to everyone we see with a Pennsylvania license plate on their car (here in North Carolina). LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Lilly P - Aug 20, 2007 9:53 am (#1649 of 2984)

Will do John Bumbledore.  Just be sure to wave to all the Marines you see in Camp Lejeune for me and Hubby! I miss North Carolina more than I thought I would, even though I'm so happy to be back in Idaho. Thanks for the bubble head charms, we'll need them!



Choices - Aug 20, 2007 9:55 am (#1650 of 2984)

Is it just me or is the forum slower than usual today? Seems like it is taking forever to get from thread to thread.

Happy Monday to everyone. Hope you all have a good week. Love and (((hugs)))to all.
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Elanor - Aug 20, 2007 10:01 am (#1651 of 2984)

It's not just you Choices! I was wondering about that too since I have some trouble loading the whole page as well. It seems to "stop" halfway down the list of threads most of the time. Refreshing the page doesn't help but reloading completely the page does sometimes (on my computer at least).

Weather charms and Cheering ones to all needing them!

Special Strengthening Charms to Soli on her first day back to school with her students.

And (((((hugs))))) to all!



journeymom - Aug 20, 2007 10:27 am (#1652 of 2984)

My daughter is going to be so tired this evening. She's off enjoying her first day of seventh grade! She was up late last night with a case of nerves. I had to work really hard not to get teary-eyed when I dropped her off. I can't imagine what kind of state I'll be in when she goes off to college.

I vaguely remember several months ago JKR said she'd already made some notes for her first non-HP book. I guess this is the one. She certainly deserves a long break, though.


Choices - Aug 20, 2007 10:36 am (#1653 of 2984)

Journeymon, good luck to your daughter on her first day. My granddaughter is enjoying (hopefully) her first day of eight grade today. She was so nervous. She has been home schooled for the last two years, so she is the "new" kid at a new school, so she has good reason to be a little scared.

We are sure having some weird weather lately. Calming charms to Mother Nature! LOL


painting sheila - Aug 20, 2007 1:09 pm (#1654 of 2984)

Bumblebore and Lily!! I will be in Idaho on Wednesday and Thursday!


Madam Pince - Aug 20, 2007 3:39 pm (#1655 of 2984)

Choices, your doggy avatar is so adorable!

John Bumbledore, it must be handy for your brother-in-law the knife-sharpener to have an R.N. for a wife. Good planning, that.Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Gray gloomy cloudy day today, but no rain until late this evening, so we got in a good day at the park and the putt-putt course, but no swimming time (it was too cold! How's that for a change?) I was that close to hitting the hole at the end to win a free game. Sigh... Alas earwax.

Wow, I'm watching the news and seeing all the dramatic video of the flash flooding in the mid-west from Erin. It's awful! Missouri, Minnesota, Wiconsin... some other areas. Wow! ***drying charms***


The giant squid - Aug 20, 2007 4:15 pm (#1656 of 2984)

Hello from Arizona! Funny, the forum looks the same from here... Ah, the pleasures of a company-provided laptop & air card.

According to MapQuest it was supposed to take me 5 hrs 2 min to get here. Even with slowdowns for construction & made it in just over 4-1/2 hours...Apparently they didn't account for my lead foot. I can't help it--I inherited it from my father!

Well, off to introduce myself to my theaters. Here's hoping for an easy week!



Denise P. - Aug 20, 2007 4:23 pm (#1657 of 2984)

Madam Pince, we had the same gray, gloomy day here. Just about an hour ago, the sky let loose and we have been bombarded with rain.

I now have an actual picture of my washer/dryer behind my avatar. Last time I mention them, promise.

I went to return a library book and discovered the audio of HBP was there waiting for me. Maybe listening to it will be easier than actually reading it.

Someone asked about my avatar...a few weeks ago, a friend gave me a link to a site with various and sundry snarky bumper stickers and magnets. This was one of them. I just googled for the image and viola!


Lilly P - Aug 20, 2007 5:34 pm (#1658 of 2984)

OMGosh Shiela! What part of Idaho will you be visiting?


Madam Pince - Aug 20, 2007 6:06 pm (#1659 of 2984)

Errr... it looks like the same washer and dryer picture to me... or else your laundry room is really spick and span! I'm like John Bumbledore -- I'd be afraid I'd mix them up and put the Tide in the dryer!

***waves to Giant Squid Mike in Arizona***


Marie E. - Aug 20, 2007 6:08 pm (#1660 of 2984)

Arizona is nearly Colorado, you could just swing by here, right Mike?

Hot here again, my car thermometer said 95F at 6:30pm. I'm glad my girls' school has air conditioning.

I forgot to mention earlier, a friend of mine saw Harry and the Potters last weekend in Denver. Have you all heard of them? She had a few of their CD's and two CD's of Draco and the Malfoys' My favorite song is Cornelius Fudge.


Denise P. - Aug 20, 2007 6:09 pm (#1661 of 2984)

Okay, it is there. The washer is on the left, dryer on the right. The washer has a compartment on the upper left corner for detergent and things.


Madam Pince - Aug 20, 2007 6:11 pm (#1662 of 2984)

Wow, quite spiffy! And huge! You can do commercial loads! And actually, your laundry room does look spick and span! "Unnaturally clean, these muggles, aren't they?" Nifty mat, too.

Marie E., I think "Harry and the Potters" have played at some of the fan get-togethers here in the States, although I've not been and haven't seen them, but I've seen pictures. I remember Finn said he wore his "Harry and the Potters" t-shirt on release night, I think!


painting sheila - Aug 20, 2007 7:07 pm (#1663 of 2984)

Lily- I will be driving up to Rexburg from Salt Lake. We fly into Salt Lake on Tuesday, tour BYU on Wednesday then drive up to Idaho as soon as the tour is over. We tour BYUI on Thursday and then head back to SLC and fly out early on Friday morning.

Are you anywhere close?


Mediwitch - Aug 20, 2007 7:19 pm (#1664 of 2984)

Oh, I so had to hit the magic button! Wow, you guys have been very chatty in the 5 or 6 days.

School starts Monday (staff stuff), the kids come back on Tuesday, September 4th, and we move on Saturday the 8th!!!! **insert hair-pulling, frantically running around smiley here as I haven't time to find one**

Hope everyone is healthy and happy, and back-to-school (or first day of school) goes well. Extra hugs to those of you sending kids off for the very first day!



megfox* - Aug 20, 2007 7:48 pm (#1665 of 2984)

Medi (if you apparate back to the forum sometime soon), I hope that you mean that school starts next Monday, and not on Labor Day Monday. Otherwise, ouch! Your district is not much fun!


The giant squid - Aug 20, 2007 7:53 pm (#1666 of 2984)

Arizona is nearly Colorado, you could just swing by here, right Mike?--Marie E.

Tempting, but I think I'll need every second I have here. Both theaters I'm supposed to service should be on the "why bother?" list. At 6 PM neither one of them had more than 5 people buying tickets! The GM at one said she'd done less than 75 people for the whole day. By contrast, the theater I was based out of before becoming a tech did 350-400 people on a slow Monday...

As for 95 being hot...it is to laugh.



Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 20, 2007 9:42 pm (#1667 of 2984)

Hi to everyone, I have not been posting much because of the massive amount of coursework for my alternative certification. My recent assignments have been making wish I had both Nero Wolfe's brainpower and an Archie Goodwin to type the work for me


Solitaire - Aug 21, 2007 12:18 am (#1668 of 2984)

Lily, we are in much the same situation. Smoke from northern CA and southern CA floats up and sort of "sits" on us like a lid ... holding in the heat. It was hot and sticky today for our first day back to school. It was a good day today, though ... and fortunately, not much typing!

Meg, my ISP was down until just a while ago, apparently--and the first day of school involves more talking than typing--so I had a forced respite. I did input my entire group of classes into Making the Grade, but that was about it.

Okay, it is past midnight, and I just tore through 25 messages ... I woke up and couldn't resist checking the Forum, since my net has been down all day. Whew! Now I feel caught up and can sleep in peace. Bonne nuit!



Marie E. - Aug 21, 2007 5:18 am (#1669 of 2984)

I know I get all twitchy when my internet is down. I just know that I'm missing something crucial.

My boss is going to out all day which means I will have to be in charge. As long as it's not like last Thursday we'll be fine. Last Thursday we had our oven catch on fire, a different daycare picked up one of our kids and it took an hour to find her (their excuse: We have a child with the same first name and our bus driver is new.), and we somehow lost one child's jacket and another child's shoe.

Mike, we're supposed to be getting a theater from the Hollywood chain of theaters. I've never heard of them, have you? Right now all we have is two Carmikes, two Cinemarks, an independent, and a dollar theater.


Good Evans - Aug 21, 2007 5:24 am (#1670 of 2984)

aha - made it back - it has been a patchy internet at home!

Soli - hope your arm feels better soon.

RPS - ick about the weather - are you sure you are not in England!!! But well done on the progress with the book!

Madam P - LOL about the "whinging pom" . No you didnt swear, a "pom" is what the Aussies call us Brits. I suspect the comedian was addressing an Australian audience.

Love little P - he is such a star!

Tazzy and Soli - hope school is going ok! I haven't even had my summer holiday yet!

The BBQ was a wash out, but I cooked the food in the oven first anyway and with onyl 12 of us, we were comfortbale in the house, so that was OK. It was nice to see everyone. I wrote a poem for birthday boy and that went down well, even if I did get a bit emotional at the end!! We went for a ride on the volks railway in Brighton on saturday and a walk on the pier, the sun actually came out but by the afternoon back home it was throwing it down. ah well.

hope everyone is having a nice week... **waves to everyone** . Looking forward to our lexicon meet up next week for the Brits who are travelling to London!


Solitaire - Aug 21, 2007 6:51 am (#1671 of 2984)

Thanks, Julie. My wrist feels better this morning, which is a good sign. Even my back feels a bit better today.

I hope today goes as well as yesterday ... although a few colleagues would scold me even now for saying anything. They feel that saying a day is good jinxes it. Yesterday, our principal unveiled the new discipline policy in a junior high orientation. He used a PowerPoint presentation to keep everyone focused, and I think some folks were unpleasantly surprised. It will require a bit more record-keeping and diligence on the part of the teachers, but we have a lot of "carrots" to dangle before the kids--many field trips through the year, "good behavior parties" each quarter, Friday away games--and if they blow off the rules, they will lose.

Several energetic new teachers should give the staff a shot in the arm, too. One new teacher is a former student of mine, and that is fun. She said the kids kept asking her which teachers are hard, who gives a lot of homework, etc. She thought it was funny!

Well, breakfast is over, so I guess I'd better hit the road. I hope everyone has a great day. Those who still have holidays left ... savour them!



journeymom - Aug 21, 2007 7:56 am (#1672 of 2984)

Soli, best of luck to you. I hope this year is challenging but not overwhelming!

Seventh grade daughter's school requires all the students to buy this agenda/planner. Well, the grade school has always made this planner available to the students as well. The students dutifully carry them around all year, never used. Well, I'm thrilled to find that all the students at this middle school are required to use their planners every day and to get their parents to check and sign off on them on Thursday nights, preferably every night.

I'm very pleased about this. Her teachers have provided email addresses (we'll see if they actually check them, though), and she's collecting phone numbers from classmates in each class, so if she misses an assignment she can call her partner. Last year she probably would have made straight A's if she'd stayed on top of her homework and her project due dates. The planner would have been invaluable if she'd used it daily, and had been held accountable.

I guess I'm so anxious and vigilant about her seventh grade because my seventh grade was very difficult. I felt like I'd been dumped in the deep end with no swim lessons. I floundered around, trying to keep up, and probably would have had straight A's had somebody shown me how to organize my stuff and then held me accountable for getting it done. School skills (organization, focus, project management) come naturally to some kids, but they weren't for me and apparently, neither are they for Daughter.

Have a wonderful day, All!


Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2007 9:01 am (#1673 of 2984)

Journeymom: Well, I'm thrilled to find that all the students at this middle school are required to use their planners every day and to get their parents to check and sign off on them on Thursday nights, preferably every night.

My mentor teacher requires her students to get their planners signed every night. She is the only teacher at this school who does that, and it's very rare that a student doesn't do all of their homework.

Soli- hope you have a great school year!

**waves to everyone**

Have a great day/night!



Lilly P - Aug 21, 2007 9:02 am (#1674 of 2984)

Shiela - unfortunately, I'm about 4 hours away from where you will be, it's beautiful country to drive through though and BYU is a pretty university, you will be seeing some wonderful mountain scenery also, and a lot of dessert in between, which although boring to drive through it has GORGEOUS sunsets! Have fun!


Denise P. - Aug 21, 2007 9:10 am (#1675 of 2984)

Our school district supplies a planner and the teachers all use them. We are supposed to check them nightly and sign off that we saw assignments. We also get a Tuesday folder that we sign each week...graded papers, announcements and various paperwork is put in the Tuesday folder.

Rain, rain, rain...that is what we have here today. If we had not just been to the Air Space Museum over the weekend, it would be a good day to go spend elsewhere but still inside.

Tomorrow we are having a not very often occurrence...someone is spending the night. This doesn't happen often because the brothers in the house tend to get a bit creepy when there is an extra 10 year old girl in the house. Since we have a basement, the girls can go hang out down there, play games, watch TV and the boys can't get down there past me easily.

Now...off to call Great Harvest to see if they have any Orange Cranberry Bread yet. They always run out. I checked earlier today and they said to check at noon. If they have some, I will ask them to hold it and then dash over there.


The giant squid - Aug 21, 2007 9:16 am (#1676 of 2984)

Mike, we're supposed to be getting a theater from the Hollywood chain of theaters. I've never heard of them, have you?--Marie E.

Not really, other than they're not one of the major chains. They're too big for Regal or AMC to buy them out (anti-monopoly laws) but not big enough to compete.

Right now all we have is two Carmikes, two Cinemarks, an independent, and a dollar theater.

I'm sorry... Have those Cinemarks always been that, or did they usd to be Centurys?



Denise P. - Aug 21, 2007 9:56 am (#1677 of 2984)

Yuuummmmm.....we managed to snag two loaves of the orange cranberry bread and it is soo good. Hopefully the kids won't like it


Madam Pince - Aug 21, 2007 11:49 am (#1678 of 2984)

Thanks for the "poms" definition, Good Evans! The things I learn here at the Forum! I do think the comedian was addressing an Aussie audience...

Nathan, but you do have Nero Wolfe's brainpower! Truly you do!

Journeymom, you simply must write across the front of daughter's planner: "Don't leave it 'til later, you big second-rater!" Back in my gainfully-employed days, I just loved my Day-Timer planner. It was such fun to write things in it after I'd done them, just so I could cross through them with a big flourish with my neon-yellow highlighter.

Rainy day here today too! It rained all night, actually. We could hear thunder off in the distance, but not really a thunderstorm. Nevertheless, Chicken-Dog had to tear down the gate and come down the hall to our room, so when I got up this morning she was sleeping pressed up as close to our door as she could possibly get. Today's a day for ironing and paperwork, methinks.

Everyone enjoy the Rot(Rainy)D!

Edit: Oh, and just because I haven't seen anyone give the annual reminder yet -- everyone please drive carefully now that school's back in session! We've already had the first fatality here in our community -- a little 5-year-old boy who was running to try to keep up with the bigger pre-teenage boys. So very sad. Everyone be careful out there!


John Bumbledore - Aug 21, 2007 12:34 pm (#1679 of 2984)

John Bumbledore, it must be handy for your brother-in-law the knife-sharpener to have an R.N. for a wife. Good planning, that. — Madam Pince

Since the old saying is "a dull blade cuts the deepest", I think sharpening the knives is a safety enhancement. But it is helpful to have an RN about when you live "way up the mountain" like they do.

Actually, LeeRoy [sic] did need Mary Ann to stitch a gash on his hand some time ago, but had to do it himself. She didn't have the, erm, nerve to do it. He was the one to stitch up her hand when she cut hers with a dull kitchen knife.

And I should have said that LeeRoy is a knife-smith. He makes beautifully crafted and well balanced knives. He gave one to my father, the knife was nearly the size of one "Mic Dundee" sported in that movie.

Edited to add: School starts Monday, 27 August, for my children. Wife is already back to school getting her classroom ready. Good thing we took our beach trip back on 10 and 11 of this month.

Edited to correct a closing italics tag.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Choices - Aug 21, 2007 12:57 pm (#1680 of 2984)

LOL Now, that's a knife. Love those movies!


Madam Pince - Aug 21, 2007 1:37 pm (#1681 of 2984)

Me, too! That's one of my all-time favorite movie lines!


megfox* - Aug 21, 2007 4:51 pm (#1682 of 2984)

ROFL - I have to tell you all a story!!

Maddy and I watched CoS this afternoon (okay, I watched it and she unfolded a basket of laundry and tore all the wrappers of her Big Box of crayons). Anyway, she was fascinated, and not at all afraid, of the Basilisk. A minute ago, she was playing with the dog, and was on her stomach, wriggling back and forth. Then she started growling, which she does when she pretends to be a tiger. I asked her what she was doing, as she was seriously freaking out the dog. She told me she was being a Base-list! How funny is that! It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying, but when I asked her if she was the big snake from the movie, she said, "Yeah, the Base-list!" with a big grin on her face.


Choices - Aug 21, 2007 5:32 pm (#1683 of 2984)

As always, kid's say the funniest things. That is too cute and so smart of her to pick up on the "Base-list".


megfox* - Aug 21, 2007 5:56 pm (#1684 of 2984)

Well, she loves to ask "What happened, Mom?" anytime we are watching a movie, even when she has seen it a hundred times, so she kept asking me that when they were in the Chamber. Anyway, I thought it was pretty clever for a 2 1/2 year old. Although, this is the girl whose favorite song is Boogie Wonderland, because of Happy Feet, and she almost knows all the words.


Nicoline Vance - Aug 21, 2007 6:26 pm (#1685 of 2984)

I asked her what she was doing, as she was seriously freaking out the dog. megfox*


My daughter is a similar age megfox. She also asks questions that she knows the answer to already. Her favorite is to make a statement and then ask, "Right?" For example, "That's Harry Potter, right?" We will answer the same questions several times during a movie.

My daughter refers to Deathly Hallows as the Scary Hands book. She doesn't even like looking at it!


megfox* - Aug 21, 2007 6:49 pm (#1686 of 2984)

Nicoline, too cute! I love how they rename things to what makes sense for them. All bugs that are on the floor in our house are "mosquito bites" (Tessie, my crazy cat, loves to kill bugs and leave them for us to find, since she can't get outside to catch us a chipmunk). I'm telling you, if kids weren't so much more expensive than cable, everyone would have one for entertainment!


Viola Intonada - Aug 21, 2007 7:06 pm (#1687 of 2984)

Lol, kids are so adorable, (then they get older, ugh).

Journeymom, our school system hands out assignment planners from third grade on. Third through fifth grade teachers require the parents to sign the book every night. Sixth grade doesn't not require parents signing. My daughter would have gotten straight A's last year if she would have done all of her homework. Since Mom and Dad didn't have to sign her book, she didn't even bother writing her assignments in it most of the time. Argh!

Alright, everyone, I need your help. Our cell phone drowned in all of the rain this weekend, so we have to buy another one. What cell phones does everyone like and dislike?

It has been raining off and on since Sunday morning, the sun almost shone this evening before sunset.

Denise, which Air and Space museum, the one in DC or the one at Dulles. Hubby just loved the new one at Dulles. I never have to read a plaque when I go to an air and space museum with him.

School starts in the morning. Part of me is ready and part of me is not. I'm not looking forward to having every second of the day scheduled, but I am looking forward to some time alone, in the peace and quiet, no fighting...


Denise P. - Aug 21, 2007 7:14 pm (#1688 of 2984)

We go to the one at Dulles, it is about 10 minutes from us. That works really well for us to go at 4 pm, when parking is free. We spend 90 minutes looking around. There is always different things to look at. Last time, there was a display with all kinds of space related toys. The kids were disappointed that the space toys were not there this time


megfox* - Aug 21, 2007 7:25 pm (#1689 of 2984)

Viola, what cell carrier do you have? Andy was in cell phone sales for a little while (almost 2 years), and he says that if your carrier has Nokia, go with Nokia. They are very sturdy (in general). If you have Sprint, go with Sanyo. And he says that if you spend a lot of money on your phone, you should get the insurance policy, because if you wreck your phone, you won't have to extend your contract to get a new one (he made me put that - he's not in sales anymore, but he said that cellphone companies make a lot of money off people that way - either they snag you for 2 more years to get the phone cheaper, or you have to pay your termination fee).

Edit: Your other option, which we have done several times on phones we didn't have insurance on, is eBay a replacement phone and just put your sim chip in the phone. You can find really nice phones for less than you would buy from a dealer, and no extending your contract. Only drawback is you can't have them serviced by a dealer, because the sim chip won't match the phone, and they don't really like that. It doesn't make them any money. Just make sure it is the same phone.


Holly T. - Aug 21, 2007 7:32 pm (#1690 of 2984)

We went to the Air and Space Museum at Dulles last year when we were on vacation and had planned to go to Manassas Battlefield, only we had to change plans due to raining and flooding. The kids had a great time and couldn't believe we hadn't originally planned to go there. We did end up going to the battlefield later that day. It started raining again, though, while we were there, so we didn't get to see much other than the visitor's center.

We still have another week before school starts. Daughter and I are going to Chicago Thursday and Friday for her belated birthday gift. Saturday I have to teach Brownie leader training. Good thing I can do that in my sleep, because I might be!


Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2007 8:36 pm (#1691 of 2984)

Denise: We also get a Tuesday folder that we sign each week...graded papers, announcements and various paperwork is put in the Tuesday folder.

We also do that. Once Tuesday afternoon and once Friday afternoon.

Question to everyone with kids in school- do they have a 'fall recess' where they get a week off sometime in October? The school districts here do, as well as a Winter break and Spring break. For some reason, I think it's a complete waste of a good week for learning. My mentor teacher is already hardpressed to get all the teaching standards and such in as there are those three breaks, as well as the state/national holidays, and half days every Wednesday. The kids are also dismissed at 2:05 the rest of the week. What happened to getting out at 3 o'clock?

Managed to get home somewhat early today. Soli and everyone else who teaches- do you get home from teaching and just want to take a quick nap, or is it just me?

Uni classes start tomorrow. Kind of excited. I'm taking an art class, math class, social studies class, Partnerships with families class, and a severe disabilities class. All sound really cool and I am somewhat excited. Wish I had more energy though. LOL

Have a safe trip, Holly!

I forgot what else I was going to say. Hope everyone is well!



Solitaire - Aug 21, 2007 9:18 pm (#1692 of 2984)

Journeymom, I've been uploading a copy of our weekly syllabus onto my school webpage link since 1997 ... and parents love it! Do any of your daughter's teachers do this? Most principals in this area require teachers to check email at least once a day and respond within 24 hours, at the very latest. You could send one just as a test, to see how quickly the teacher responds.

Today was a tougher day. I'm not sure if it was the chaotic class schedule (overloaded classes are causing schedule reassignments) or the weather (classrooms are as steamy and sticky as gym locker rooms), but I am beat. Staying until 6:45 p.m. probably didn't help much. I like my classes, though, and the general attitude and morale seems a lot better this year. I'm going to improve my morale by hitting the sack early. Bonne nuit!



Elanor - Aug 21, 2007 9:58 pm (#1693 of 2984)

I'm sorry it was a tougher day Soli! **Strengthening Charms**

Tazzy: "Soli and everyone else who teaches- do you get home from teaching and just want to take a quick nap, or is it just me?"
It does that to me too!

Class finishes quite late here (4.30 pm for the kids) and when this time comes, I am worn out and only think of going back home. I usually am back by 5.30 and then ritual is:
1) I turn on the computer (once internet is on, life is back in this girl, lol!).
2) A hot shower to get rid of the stress of the day.
3) Enjoy the silence... (Usually involves browsing the forum. )

Talking about school, I should go there this morning to start working on the classroom. **big sigh** Makes the approaching end of holidays so real suddenly!

I loved reading the kids stories. "Base-list", too cute! And Little Pince is our Little Prince, isn't he?

Healing and cheering charms to all!

Have a great night/day everybody!



Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2007 10:11 pm (#1694 of 2984)

Tehe, that's starting to become my ritual too, Audrey! Although today I came home and completely collapsed and read DH in complete silence. **counting down the hours until actual bedtime.** sigh What time do the kids come to school in the morning for you, Audrey?

**strengthening charms** to Soli and anyone else that needs them!

Meg- your daughter sounds too cute!!

Oh! **proud cousin moment** Syd and Thaniel came to visit me for a few minutes this evening. Syd saw DH lying on my bed and immediately picked it up and asked me to read it to her. I told her that I'd read PS/SS first, because that was the first book. She got excited and plopped down on a pillow. Thaniel squeezed in between us (but wasn't really listening. LOL. He's 2.) I read the first two pages of SS/PS and then stopped. I told Syd as soon as she turns 5 (next year! ) that we will start reading the books together. She's excited. She's been pointing out all my HP books and DVDs and CDs since she could talk.



Madam Pince - Aug 21, 2007 10:29 pm (#1695 of 2984)

Meg, that's so cute that Maddy wanted to be the "base-list"! Tell her for me that she is waaaayyy too adorably cute to be a bad old snake like that! Although her eyes can possibly be considered hypnotizing...

On the other hand -- poor doggie! He's probably thinking "Here they brought this new thing here to live with us, and it's just as I suspected all along -- now it wants to eat me!"

Tazzy, our school has 2 1/2 days off in October -- one day is some sort of teachers' convention, and the other 1 1/2 is for "professional development." I'm not sure what that is, but we have a lot of those type days off during the year. It looks to me like it's basically to flesh out what would be a single day off (like, say, for M.L. King Day or something) and make it into a longer four- or five-day weekend.

When I was in school, we had a whole week off for Thanksgiving, because of hunting season. None of the boys (and probably half of the girls) wouldn't have showed up anyway, so they just went ahead and closed for that. I don't know if they still do that at home or not, but I suspect they do.

Yay on reading "the books" to the little ones! Little P is very interested in looking at the pictures at the start of each chapter, and he wants me to tell him what's going on in the picture, but I fear he still wants a "Cliff's Notes" version rather than for me to read the whole thing to him. I may try again soon. I tried reading the Narnia books to him because I thought they were much shorter and thus might be a better starting point, but we sort-of fizzled out before we'd gotten too far. We're still doing things like I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla-Sollew for our bedtime reading.

We haven't been to the Udvar-Hazey Air & Space Museum yet. Mr. Pince wants to go and take this neighbor of ours who's a World War II paratrooper veteran. I know that the parking fees are atrocious, and I think 4pm is a little late for us to be starting, but maybe we'll try it sometime soon. I'm glad to hear that the kids aren't bored -- for some reason I was thinking it wouldn't be as "kid-friendly" as the mall's Air & Space.

Time for snoozies... zzzzz...


journeymom - Aug 21, 2007 10:33 pm (#1696 of 2984)

Gah! Children do vex me!

Five minutes after bedtime is NOT when one should decide to do a load of laundry. 'But I'll have nothing to wear! This is the only shirt I have to wear tomorrow!' **Bonks head on desk**

I'm pretty proud of Daughter for doing her own laundry. But we went through this all last year. She found she needed to do laundry -at bedtime- many times.

OK, deep breaths. Snapping her head off doesn't help, either.

Soli, by syllabus do you mean you list the week's assignments on your web link? Or the course outline for that week? Either way, sounds excellent to me.

Kristina, my kids don't get a week off in October, they get a week off for Thanksgiving. The one the teachers (and parents) really resent is the whole week they get off for Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays.

Again, deep breaths.


Tazzygirl - Aug 21, 2007 11:09 pm (#1697 of 2984)
Edited Aug 22, 2007 12:09 am

Syd likes looking at the chapter pictures too, Madam P. Since I don't see the kiddies as much as I used to (today was the first time in about a week), it might be a bit more difficult to read HP to Syd. I think when the time comes, I'll figure out some way that we can read a couple times a week or something. Aunt and Uncle do not read HP, so Syd won't be reading it with them. Kind of makes me feel special. LOL

Journeymom- lol on your daughter doing laundry right before bed. I think I did that once or twice growing up.

We never got an entire week off for Thanksgiving. Still don't- we just get the Thursday and Friday off. I can understand having a week off for that though- people travel. I just counted, and my placement school has a total of 48 days off during the school year. 1 week in October (really don't understand why...), 3 weeks in December (understandable!), and 2 weeks in March (why not just 1 week? I never got 2 weeks!), with various days off scattered throughout. Sheesh (I don't know why I'm having such a problem with this! lol). The school year starts July 31st and ends June 5th.

Okay, off to read some more and then it's bedtime. whoo-hoo!!


EDIT: For those who post on the Five Words thread, Finn has posted the last story. We can start a new (less confusing) story now. w00t!


Marie E. - Aug 22, 2007 5:09 am (#1698 of 2984)

Some districts here get a fall break as well as spring and winter breaks, but they also start earlier (they went back the first week of August). We have winter and spring break and three days at Thanksgiving.

Mike, I'm not sure if they were Century theaters, but that name sounds familiar. Before the two big Cinemark theaters moved in, we had several more smaller theaters in town.

I went to open house last night and both Shayla's classroom teacher and her math teacher mentioned that she's "spacing out" and not following along when the class doing work together. I'm sensing an increase in her meds.


Elanor - Aug 22, 2007 5:58 am (#1699 of 2984)

Tazzy: "What time do the kids come to school in the morning for you, Audrey?"[

They arrive around 8.30 am and class starts at 8.45 till 11.45 am (with a 15 mn break). In the afternoon, class starts at 1.30 and ends at 4.30 (with another 15mn break). About half of kids go back home for lunch and the others eat at the school cafeteria. It is quite a small school and the kids are lucky enough to have some cooks, two wonderfully nice ladies, who cook for them. I usually spend lunch break eating a sandwich while grading so that I can leave not too late after 4.30.

My school works on a "4 day week", as many schools do nowadays, that is kids go to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays they usually have sports and/or music or catechism class for some of them. Other schools work 4 days and a half per week, that is they have class either on Wednesday or on Saturday morning (when I was a kid, everybody was going to school on Saturday mornings). The number of school days is the same for everybody though: our holidays are a bit shorter than theirs. This change when kids change school, after 5th grade, and they then have a 5 day week.

The Wednesday is "off" for teachers, well sort of, since you usually spend a great part of it working, but at home if you want which is nice, and we very often have some meetings/"training courses" on Wednesday mornings. (Yeah... These are always very motivating... ).

School year is divided into five periods and 4 breaks during the school year: about a week and a half around Halloween ("All Saints Day break"), two weeks for Christmas, around a week in February, a week and a half around Easter (in April generally, even if Easter is before) and school ends at the end of the first week of July (we ended on July 6 this year) and starts again in the last week of August (August 27 for the kids this year). Everybody does appreciate the short breaks during the year, kids and teachers alike!

**Breathing Charms to Journeymom**

Have a great day everybody!



mollis - Aug 22, 2007 6:30 am (#1700 of 2984)

Just popping in real quick to say "Hi". As expected, works is getting the better of me and I am finding less time to post. But I'm still hanging in here a little bit.

Good luck to all who are returning to school. Strength and patience to you all. I, for one, am hopefully that this means fall is almost here and we'll soon be dropping out of the 100 degree days. Its just too hot!!! And my poor flowers and lawn are about croaked!

Everyone have a great weak! Monday's over and the Tuesday that behaved a lot like Monday is also gone. High hopes for a pleasant Wednesday!
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John Bumbledore - Aug 22, 2007 6:49 am (#1701 of 2984)
Edited Aug 22, 2007 7:44 am

Journeymom, though I am not Soli, I can help with "Syllabus"
If you type "Define: syllabus" in your [google] search you will get...

1). An outline of topics covered in an academic course. (www.lindentours.com/int_students/glossary.shtml)
2). A document provided by an instructor that describes the content and expectations of a course, the grading policy, a list of assignments and due dates, and related information such as the required textbooks and other course materials, the instructor's office hours, contact information, etc.(www.uakron.edu/advising/Glossary.php)

Sorry, you got me in a mood to be extra helpful. **moral: be careful what you ask for...**

Edited by me for spelling corretion and formatting changes.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Solitaire - Aug 22, 2007 7:12 am (#1702 of 2984)

Tazzy, with my house for sale, I must get home at night and make sure things are all ready for the next day.  That means running the vacuum, giving the furniture a quick dust, and wiping down all counters. Tonight I need to mop the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, as my house cleaner has moved back to Mexico. :sad: Oh, yeah ... I also have to pick up my dog from "doggy day care" at Mom's. I can't leave him in while the house is being shown, and I am afraid if a client uses the gate and doesn't latch it properly, he will get out--easier to just let Mom watch him.

Tonight, I have to be home before sunset, so I can clean off the lawn and prune the dead roses, as my yard man comes tomorrow. I also have to empty out all the trash cans and take the bin out to the curb (Thursday is trash day). When I finish that, I'll take a cool shower (so I can sleep), make and eat dinner, watch a bit of CSI: Las Vegas or maybe some news (unless I'm in the mood for nothing at all), and hit the Forum, before I hit the sack. I still need a hot shower in the morning, in order for my back to function. But my wrist is MUCH better this morning! Smile

Madam Pince, I still lose kids every year to duck and deer hunting season. Some take long trips; others just go locally for a day or so. Unfortunately, the kids who lose days for this are usually the ones who can least afford it. Isn't that always the way?

Journeymom, I'll email you a link to my webpage. I apologize for how boring it looks ... but this is a brand new program. I used to use FrontPage to make my pages look fun and colorful. These days, they are Borrrrrrrrrrrrring! But they get the job done, and that is the important thing.

Our school hours are 8:15-12:15 for the morning hours and 12:55-3:25 for the afternoon hours. Our principal cut the a.m. recess from 15 minutes to 10 (snack and potty break) and cut 5 minutes from lunch, so we have more class minutes this year. I prefer it!

Okay, time to run. Have a great day, everyone!



Madam Pince - Aug 22, 2007 7:58 am (#1703 of 2984)

Back in the "good ol' days," kids used to be able to go hunting in the mornings before school, then drive straight to school from the woods and just leave their hunting rifle or shotgun hanging from the gunrack in the truck in the school parking lot. Nowadays, of course, that is out of the question. Nobody thought twice about it back then (actually, our community is so small and rural that still nobody really thinks twice about it.) I remember that this issue came up a few years ago, and I think the solution was that the kids could still do this, but they were required to lock the vehicle and then turn the keys in to the principal's office, and they couldn't get back into the car until school was out. Actually I can see tons of holes in this solution, so I don't know if it panned out or not.

Tazzy, it sounds like your school does have a lot of days off! Three weeks at Christmas! We had that in college but never in grade school. Our school this year has 8 days off at Christmas (which is two days more than last year) and 6 days off for Easter, with 3-days at Thanksgiving and various long weekends sprinkled in there. We get out mid-June. Sounds like you have to pay for it a bit with a somewhat earlier start time and later end time, though.

Looks gray and gloomy yet again today. I was hoping to have some more pool days since it's the last two weeks, but it appears that's not going to happen. Ah well.

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Accio Sirius - Aug 22, 2007 9:32 am (#1704 of 2984)

**waves to everyone**

School starts for us on the Tuesday after Labor Day. We plan to squeeze in as much as possible before then. Our district also has school planners which we sign off on and we have Wednesday folders to sign as well. I plan to get my daughter her own wipe-off calendar for her room. She needs to be a little more cognizant of her own responsibilities such as tightening her retainer once a week, chores, etc.

We just got back from the beach and it was quite nice but the real world comes crashing back fast. Forgot that I signed up for so many time-consuming volunteer jobs! Zoinks. I think I'm going to need a time turner. We're off to the orthodontist and craft store for swap supplies!

Madame Pince, I grew up in South Western PA where school was closed for the first day of deer hunting season. I believe it is still that way to this day!


journeymom - Aug 22, 2007 10:04 am (#1705 of 2984)

**Breathing Charms to Journeymom** --Audrey

Oh, thank you! I'm much better this morning, if not severely sleep deprived.

1). An outline of topics covered in an academic course. (www.lindentours.com/int_students/glossary.shtml)
2). A document provided by an instructor that describes the content and expectations of a course, the grading policy, a list of assignments and due dates, and related information such as the required textbooks and other course materials, the instructor's office hours, contact information, etc.(www.uakron.edu/advising/Glossary.php) Etc. –John

Thanks, John. Yup, that's what I thought, and I'm hoping Daughter's teachers will provide the second.

Soli, I'll keep my eyes open for your link.


Tazzygirl - Aug 22, 2007 10:13 am (#1706 of 2984)

Thanks for all the input, guys! I guess since the school I am at is completely standard based, and their goal is to meet each one of the many standards each year, that they don't have enough time. Starting in a couple weeks my class will have two weeks of their afternoons taken for drama- while that is positive, it takes away from Science. I think my school needs to plan their time a little better, so that the students get an equal dose of everything.

Off to my first two classes at Uni!

Have a great day/night everyone!



azi - Aug 22, 2007 1:22 pm (#1707 of 2984)

Tazzy - I worked out how many days you'd get off in a year when I was in school - it's over 60. Two holidays of two weeks, three half terms of one week and the 6 week summer holiday. Then there's bank holidays and training days.

Fitting the school curriculum into the timetable was always a big issue when I was in school. In high school we were on a 2 week timetable because they couldn't fit the requirements any other way. For our GCSEs (OWLS) we had 5 hours of most subjects in two weeks, 10 hours of science, 8 hours of English and 7/8 hours of maths (we lost a P.E lesson in our final year for extra maths so that went from 3 to 2 hours in two weeks). I agree, not enough emphasis is based on a variety of subjects, with too much focus on the main 3. I would have loved to spend less time in maths and more in geography/history/drama.

Nice weather charms to everyone!


Chemyst - Aug 22, 2007 1:58 pm (#1708 of 2984)

Interesting how everyone is talking about school days off. When they set the school calendar around here, they count days that you go. It is 180 for students and teachers have about five more. The lower grades must have four and a half hours of class time daily; recesses and lunch are added on to that. High school has longer days but they are calculated a little differently and allow for study hall & class change times. Every district can then add on to that minimum. They used to have public hearings every few years for input on the calendar; not a lot of choice- either September to June, or August to May. But recently they have stopped even that and admin does what they want.


Lina - Aug 22, 2007 2:49 pm (#1709 of 2984)

We can start a new (less confusing) story now. – Tazzy
I read few of those stories at the five words thread and I just don't believe it is possible. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Hello everybody! Here I am. I was indeed on vacation. I had an Internet connection there, so I even managed to come in the chat room few times, but the Internet connection that we use on our holidays is so bad that it would usually disconnect me before I'd manage to come to the end of this thread.

I missed few topics. Coffee among them. I like it, but I like it the Italian way. Did anybody drink a real Italian espresso, the one that is served in the really small cups and is really strong?

We had a great vacation this year, really a lot of sun and a lot of sea, something I haven't experienced for several years. Usually it starts to rain as soon as I can leave the work. We came home with much darker tan this year. And now all the beach towels and bathing suits are washed and we are getting ready for school as well. It starts September 3rd here and we have 3 days off in the very beginning of November. I have counted the working days last year, and they come to 180 here too. I was never aware of that before.

Congratulations to all that have celebrated meanwhile and healing charms to all that need them!


Viola Intonada - Aug 22, 2007 5:10 pm (#1710 of 2984)

Thanks for the cell phone info, Meg!


John Bumbledore - Aug 22, 2007 6:35 pm (#1711 of 2984)

365 days in a year, unless you are a student then there are half as many? Wow, we ask much of our children (and more of our teachers) for them to learn (and teach) a years worth of education in half as much time...


Holly T. - Aug 22, 2007 8:19 pm (#1712 of 2984)

Daughter and I leave for Chicago in the morning! One last fun time before school starts next week.


Chemyst - Aug 22, 2007 8:21 pm (#1713 of 2984)

Yes, John, and they are not even full days, really. 4½ hours/day x 180 days totals only 810 hours. Spread over a year, it is barely 2 hours and 12 minutes a day of "intentional" learning time.
Or another way to look at it: In 2005, the average teacher salary in the US was $47,602. If they got paid only for the time they were actually in the classroom with the students and did all their prep and grading and hall monitoring and miscellaneous stuff for free, the average teacher would be making $58.77 an hour. Obviously that is a nonsensical "statistic" but it is sort of fun to play with numbers sometimes.


Tazzygirl - Aug 22, 2007 9:10 pm (#1714 of 2984)

Azi: I would have loved to spend less time in maths and more in geography/history/drama.

Me too!!! Now it's basically Math and English, with every other subject/ elective crammed in the last 2 hours of class time.

IMHO- teachers and students sure are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the school year.

LOL Lina! Have you read the current story? It was probably our shortest ever!

My two classes today (Social Studies and Partnerships with Families) sound very promising. **crossing fingers** that the three classes tomorrow are the same!

Off to eat some dinner.

Have a safe trip Holly and Daughter!!!


Anyone know of a really good 10 year old/ 5th grade level short chapter book on Space and astronauts? I would like to read it to my class, but so far I haven't had any luck finding a book.


Madam Pince - Aug 22, 2007 9:39 pm (#1715 of 2984)

Oh, man! I have the greatest space/astronaut book, although I'm not sure of the age level. I'd guess maybe 10 years old might be about right; maybe younger. I loved it when I was a kid, and now Little Pince loves it. It's called "Spin-A-Tale Space Carnival" and I think it was distributed by Amway (of all people.) You read the first page, and it's a young boy and his dog buying a ticket to go into this Space Carnival. Then they open the door and see... (here you spin the spinner, and turn to the indicated page)... and the story continues, and you spin again, etc., so you can get about 50 different possible combinations of story. (Obviously, my school did not spend enough time on math... ) Anyway, it's dated now I'm sure because it's from the 70's, but it would be cool for the history of space travel, because it talks about how the different space programs got their names, and introduces the different characters like Mars and Apollo and Gemini, and there are "rides" in the Carnival that simulate astronaut training so you learn things like gravity and pitch and yaw and all sorts of fun stuff. I loved that book. I'd loan it to you, but no way am I trusting it to cross-Pacific mail! Maybe you can find it somewhere by Googling, or also Alibris.com carries lots of obscure old books. Good luck!

I went school-supply shopping today. (Yes, my Procrastinator's Anonymous card is still valid.) Of course, for kindergarten there's not a lot of complicated stuff. But still I'm lacking one thing -- she asked for a plastic two-pocket folder, and there was nary a one to be found in our K-Mart. Lots of fairly sturdy-looking slick-covered ones, but not technically plastic. I'm assuming it's for sending projects to and from, and she must want plastic for durability reasons. Anyway, I'll have to try elsewhere. Otherwise we got everything in one stop! (Do most schools ask the kids to bring Expo dry-erase markers? Is that to take the place of chalk or something? And what happened to the big fat "little kid" pencils? They want just regular pencils... Awwww...I miss the big fat blue ones...)

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow! (or today... or whatever...)


Elanor - Aug 22, 2007 10:23 pm (#1716 of 2984)

Chemyst, you had me play with numbers also! It is fun to compare.

If I counted well, there are 150 school days in France, so 30 less than in the US, but as kids go to school 6 hour a day, in the end they spend, and we teach, 900 hours at school (I keep the 15 minutes breaks in the count because we teachers watch them in the playground and it is no picnic! IMO, it is also some real learning time for the kids, learning how to behave with others.)

If I add the working Wednesdays, it makes something like 180 days too for the teachers. I'm not sure what is the average salary here, but I know that the salary is the same for each and every teacher: we are state employees and there is a "salary scale" with some grades you reach "by seniority" and depending on the marks you obtain when the school inspector comes and visit your class. But I'm sure average salary is less than the number you gave! To give you an idea, after 7 years as a teacher one earns something like $26,000 a year (health insurances deducted). On the plus side, we can't be fired (unless we do something really serious).

Ok, I'm off enjoying my last day of vacation, lol!

Have a great night/day everybody!



journeymom - Aug 22, 2007 10:25 pm (#1717 of 2984)

Madam Pince, I've found plastic two-pocket folders, Expo dry-erase markers and big, fat, Dixon Ticonderoga pencils at Staples. Those pencils are the best. I bought four big ones for Son when he started Kindergarten. He loved having his own pencils.


Tazzygirl - Aug 23, 2007 12:04 am (#1718 of 2984)

Thanks for the book info, Madam P! I'll have to look for it. Anyone else have any suggestions? I remember a book that my brother read a long time ago. It had a picture of an astronaut on the cover with the moon in the background. My mom says it was called "Moon Walk" or something, but I tried looking it up at B&N, and nothing showed up. Anyone have an idea what this book is called? Is it even a book?

Madam P- chalk boards are now 'going out of style' and white boards and dry erase markers are in. I think a lot of teachers and students were having problems breathing (allergies and asthma) with all the chalk dust in the air. Many kindergarten and older students have mini dry erase boards when doing group activities and have to show an easy visible answer. Personally, I like the dry erase boards and markers ten times more than chalk. The pens don't break into itty bitty peices.



Marie E. - Aug 23, 2007 5:06 am (#1719 of 2984)

I had to buy dry erase markers for Lexi this year, though I don't remember doing to for Shayla. I am allergic to chalk dust so I was amazed the first time I saw a classroom with a dry erase board rather than a chalk board. I used to wrap the bottoms of my chalk in tissue so I didn't have to touch it. What a wimp, eh?


kaykay1970 - Aug 23, 2007 5:16 am (#1720 of 2984)

When my youngest went to kindergarten we had to buy dry erase markers. The teacher laminated each child a piece of paper from the kindergarten tablet to practice writing on. I thought it was pretty clever as the kid could use the same sheet of paper again and again!


Good Evans - Aug 23, 2007 5:22 am (#1721 of 2984)

O.W.L results today (GCSE's to muggles!) Youngest is delighted he has managed to get 3 A*'s (although he tells me it is 4 as science counts for 2 - huh???? why???? ) and 6 A's . I always knew he was a Hermione in the making... So it is A levels for him (NEWT's) from October.

Our kids get a 6 week summer break (although youngest has been off for ever as exams were early June and he hasn't been back yet as technically he could leave school now) a week in October, 3 weeks at Christmas (well about 2.5 with added inset training days), a week in Feb, 2 .5 weeks at Easter and a week in May. besides Inset days (which are always around the holidays beginning or end) that is it. Still seems quite enough to me, especially when they were younger and we had to be at home to be with them.

oh ho ho megfox and Nicoline it is not just little ones that say such things. My 18 year old will say, "so you are playing badminton tonight right? what time?" several times in an evening (control freak) and then rhetorically say, "Badminton at 8 eh?" so they DO NOT grow out of it!!! LOL

happy days for the teachers, drying spells to those that need them (UK UK UK) **waves to all**


megfox* - Aug 23, 2007 5:30 am (#1722 of 2984)

Those Expo markers are probably the most expensive thing I have to buy for school supplies for myself. They are nearly impossible to get at school after the first week, because everyone takes everything they can find, and if you aren't in the office when the supply delivery comes in, you are out of luck for the rest of the year. So I always end up having to buy some throughout the year, and they run out incredibly fast. At my local Staples, they are usually around $10 for a pack of 4 - so $2.50 plus tax a piece! And kids wonder why I hate it when they doodle on the white board... Last year, I was contacted by Expo to participate in a market study on a new product. They sent me two free Expo markers that were retractable (so cool!!), but they asked for them back at the end of the 2 week period. I was bummed.

If I wasn't a teacher, I would work at Staples. I love school supplies.


Accio Sirius - Aug 23, 2007 6:16 am (#1723 of 2984)

Luckily, my daughter brought home her unused school supplies and we put them in a bag for this new school year. I get a lot of binders and folders through work and try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. But I must admit, I still love shopping for supplies when we need them. Target and Staples are the go to spots. We also do a city-wide supply drive and get some extras to donate.

Mr. Sirius is currently working on several school issues and it is very interesting to study what works, what doesn't. A lot of the school calendar and school hours are set on standards from about 1930 when taking off the summer to clear the wheat fields and lack of air conditioning determined school dates and times. I know that there have been studies that show kids do best with more sleep and that theoretically, if they started school later and stayed until about 5 p.m. (not sacrificing recess), there would be more quality/attentive time. I'll have to look for the actual data source.

Madame Pince, I don't doubt the hours/personal time and money teachers put in. The compensation hardly seems fair sometimes. At the very, very least, I have made a personal vow to never give a teacher another mug or anything with an apple on it again!

Looks like another cloudy/rainy day. I may have to break out the beadazzler!


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2007 6:34 am (#1724 of 2984)

By fat pencils, I assume you mean the ones that are about the diameter of a dime? I remember in college one professor (Al Gore's Aunt, actually) who said having kids use those learning to write is like giving us a pencil the diameter of a broomstick. There is no reason to learn on a fat pencil. Every kid in my house has had no problem grabbing a normal pencil or crayon or pen to draw on things with.

The actual title of your book about space is: Space Carnival The Story behind our Space Trips by Lee Mountain. It has over 600 various possibilities (gotta love eBay!) Looks like a nifty book too. How old are the kids you are reading to? My kids loved Bears on the Moon - for very young kids but cute. Kaity was about 2 and asked her dad to take her to the moon. He, of course, declined. She didn't speak to him for 3 days because she was mad at him for not taking her there.

We have always sent in dry erase markers and erasers to school.

After making two bendy dolls with embroidery floss...I switched to yarn. It goes much faster and covers the pipecleaner better. I made 8 last night in under an hour.

We survived the friend spending the night with minimal problems. Most of the boys scattered and we never saw them the rest of the evening.

Tonight is a blood drive so after I drop one off for a bike ride, pick up some scout material, drop off another to plan a weekend camping trip, I am going to sit back and donate some blood. Mr. Denise is not able to donate because of places he has been and inoculations he has had so he is staying home with the rest of the gang.


azi - Aug 23, 2007 6:36 am (#1725 of 2984)

Congrats to your 16 year old Julie - amazing grades! As for science, he probably took the Dual Award (or similar) which is basically a mix of biology, physics and chemistry where you have about twice as much work as a single subject does - hence your result counting as two grades.

Do you need drying spells down south though? **looks at clear blue sky and sunshine** We have nice weather for once.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer blackboards to whiteboards. Particularly when the whiteboard pens squeak. Teachers seem to have as much difficulty finding pens as they do chalk. University is almost soley powerpoints these days (a rubbish way of teaching if there ever was - what's the point of attending lectures when the teacher merely reads off the powerpoint?).

Lovely days to all!


Solitaire - Aug 23, 2007 7:03 am (#1726 of 2984)

Journeymom, I emailed you from my hotmail account. For some bizarre reason, I can receive but not send email! My outbox has 7 emails sitting in it. August 19th is the last date on anything in my "sent" folder. I guess I need to send everything through hotmail ... but first I'll wait to see if you get what I sent.

Audrey ... $26,000 a year with gas prices the way they are in France???? I find that shocking! I hope food and housing are more reasonable.

Marie, I love writing on my old slate board with chalk. I do need to get a new chalk holder, though. My previous one was stolen by some gang girls in my last school who turned it into a weapon (it was metal) and used it to cut someone in a fight. I stopped using them after that. However, at my current school that would probably not be an issue. (I see Azi agrees with me about blackboards. )

Megfox: I love school supplies. LOL Meg! That comment reminds me of a line from You've Got Mail, when Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan's character that fall makes him think of school, and if he knew her, he would give her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils! **sigh** I guess you had to be there! LOL

Okay, I need to clean off the lawn and finish dressing before racing out to school! I hope everyone has a dry, comfortable day!



Denise P. - Aug 23, 2007 7:24 am (#1727 of 2984)

I am well known as a pen junkie. I love pens. I get pens even if I never use it. I found a lego building pen at a local dollar store so even though I didn't need it, guess who has it? Staples, OfficeDepot...I love going in when they have sales. I found a 6 pack of colored gel pens for .99 and a 12 pack of colored retractable sharpies (!!!) for .99!! Those are awesome deals. In another life, if I didn't work in a bookstore, I would want to work in office supplies...in the pen/pencil/crayon section.


journeymom - Aug 23, 2007 9:10 am (#1728 of 2984)

Soli- I got your email, thanks! (Haven't had a chance to check the links yet.)

Ah, speaking of Staples, Monday was the first day of school in this district and that evening we went to Staples to shop for school supplies and the line of people at the cash registers went to the back of the store. They only had two people at the cash registers! I should have know there was a problem when we saw the parking lot was completely full. We turned right around and went to the drug store. It had everything on Daughter's list and there was only one other family there shopping for school supplies.

The teacher laminated each child --kaykay1970

Wow, that's harsh! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042


Choices - Aug 23, 2007 9:15 am (#1729 of 2984)

Bet it keeps them still though. LOL


kaykay1970 - Aug 23, 2007 9:53 am (#1730 of 2984)

LOL Journeymom!

So I came to announce the birth of my new great niece! I know I seem to post this kind of stuff pretty often! My family does seem to grow quickly these days!

Edit: Thanks Choices! Her name is Haley Madison, if they haven't changed their minds....


Choices - Aug 23, 2007 10:06 am (#1731 of 2984)

Congratulations KayKay and to the new baby's family. I know she is precious and will bring you all great joy. What is her name? :-)


John Bumbledore - Aug 23, 2007 10:14 am (#1732 of 2984)

Denise P. (so that's now "P" as in "Pen junkie?" ), all I have to say is…

Hello, my name is John and I am a "pen junkie."

No, really, my preference seems to be for pens or mechanical pencils that are a bit fatter, with that soft curved grip area.
Sample pens:
http://www.pogomall.com/img/10059562400.jpg or
http://www.business-supply.com/product_images/image/EJ042694.jpg )
Sample mechanical pencil:
http://graphics.samsclub.com/images/products/0007251206467_LG.jpg )

A nonsensical "statistic" but it is sort of fun to play with numbers. — Chemyst

You reminded me of another number comparison, a bit dated now but still good.

   Jock vs. Geek

   The answer to the eternal question "Is it better to be a jock or a Geek?"

   Michael Jordan makes over $300,000 a game. With $40 million in endorsements, he makes $178,100 a day, working or not.
   If he sleeps 7 hours a night, he makes $52,000 every night while visions of sugarplums dance in his head.
   If he goes to see a movie, it'll cost him $7.00, but he'll make $18,550 while he's there.
   If he wanted to save up for a new Mercedes S-Class ($90,000) it would take him a whole 12 hours.
   Assuming he puts the federal maximum of 15% of his income into a tax deferred account (401k), he will hit the federal cap of $9500 at 8:30 a.m. on January 1st.
   If you were given a penny for every 10 dollars he made, you'd be living comfortably at $65,000 a year.

   Amazing isn't it?

   However, if Jordan saves 100% of his income for the next 250 years, he'll still have less than Bill Gates has today.

   Game over. Geek wins.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Mediwitch - Aug 23, 2007 11:41 am (#1733 of 2984)

Hi megfox*, yes, I meant the staff goes back on Monday the 27th for 4 days; the kiddoes come back on Tuesday the 4th. We do get Labor Day off!

journeymom: The planner would have been invaluable if she'd used it daily, and had been held accountable.

In our district, parents are also encouraged to hold their children accountable for use of their planners. I don't mean to sound judgmental, but I know several parents who tried to blame the teacher because their child didn't do his homework, but the same parents also got angry with the school for disciplining the child for misbehavior. We had one parent who insisted the child should do homework at school. Try patiently explaining that's why it's called homework, not schoolwork, without sounding condescending...it's not easy!

Chemyst: If they got paid only for the time they were actually in the classroom with the students and did all their prep and grading and hall monitoring and miscellaneous stuff for free, the average teacher would be making $58.77 an hour. Obviously that is a nonsensical "statistic" but it is sort of fun to play with numbers sometimes.

It is fun, but it works the other way too. From Al Lowe's CyberJoke 3000: CyberJokester Terri Adishian passed along a short story that's definitely not a joke, but it may just make you think. Here it is: A man was fed up with teachers making a hefty salary for only nine month’s work. "If I had my way," he said, "I'd pay teachers the same as baby-sitters! That's right... $3 an hour. And only for the five hours a day that they actually work, not for planning time, meetings, or outside of school duties either! $15 a day! That's enough." "Fine," said a teacher. "I'll take it!" The man was surprised. The teacher continued, "Each parent can pay me $15 a day for me to babysit their kids, and I'll throw in my teaching for free. Since I teach an average of 25 children per hour, I'll make $15 x 25 or $375 a day. Since we only work 180 days per year, I'll make $375 x 180 or $67,500 a year." "Hey, wait a minute!" said the man. The teacher added, "Teachers with ten years or more of experience, a Master's Degree, or special education teachers should make more--say,oh, minimum wage. I'll round it off to $6 per hour. Let's see: at 5 hours per day times 25 children equals $750 per day. Multiply that times 180 days and I'd make $135,000 per year." The man looked puzzled and said, "Something's wrong here!" The teacher replied, "I couldn't agree more!"

LOL about the pens, Denise. I got some of those retractable Sharpies last year, but they dry out more quickly than the ones with the caps.

OK, I really should be off packing...*sigh*


Marie E. - Aug 23, 2007 12:27 pm (#1734 of 2984)

The retractable Sharpies do dry out faster, but they're sooooo cool. I love Sharpies, especially the mini ones you can hang on a keychain.

We are having the hardest time finding teachers for our preschool classes. We've interviewed two people in the last two weeks and they've both flaked out on us. They interviewed great and we gave them fingerprint cards to complete their background check and they both just disappeared! One of them called back last night and said she had the fingerprints done. I told her to bring them in before we closed for the day. She had four and a half hours to bring them in. She didn't show. I guess she doesn't want the job bad enough.


Good Evans - Aug 23, 2007 12:31 pm (#1735 of 2984)

yes Azi - we are deluged with rain, we haven't had sun for weeks besides about 4 hours on saturday!!!

Thanks for the congrats for youngest son, he is most impressed! he is off for a chinese with some friends to celebrate.


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2007 12:48 pm (#1736 of 2984)

Sharpies...the ultimate pen! I love colored pens, gel pens, pens that will write in a color but be outlined in silver. I really like fine tipped pens or pencils, which is kinda odd because I write very heavily. One thing I really hate is a dull pencil.

Loopy was kind enough to not tattle on me. While waiting for the release of DH, we took part in a trivia scavenger hunt at the bookstore. We had a sheet of paper and a pencil to use while going around. Half way through, my pencil was getting dull. Someone had set down their blank sheet and a nicely sharpened pencil on a display so I switched pencils. Ah, a nice, sharp point!


The giant squid - Aug 23, 2007 12:59 pm (#1737 of 2984)

Mediwitch, that's hilarious. What's truly sad is that some people actually think teachers are just babysitters, yet aren't willing to pay them as much as they would someone sitting on their couch, eating their food while their kid is asleep.

The day planner is a neat idea, I guess, but all I can think is that I never had one as a kid and still somehow managed to remember that I had homework. I guess I'm just some sort of savant...

Sharpies are the greatest invention since air conditioning. (Sorry, I'm just realizing why they named this city Phoenix...I feel like I may burst into flames myself at any moment).

Denise: their loss. Definitely a "you snooze, you lose" moment. Bu the real question is, did you win?



Lina - Aug 23, 2007 1:56 pm (#1738 of 2984)

Congratulations, Kay!

Drying charms to Good Evans!

Mike, I have to agree with you about planners. I love it when my kids can't remember their own duties, but expect ME to remember all their duties.

Love the avatar, Choices!


Choices - Aug 23, 2007 2:15 pm (#1739 of 2984)

Thank you, Lina. Tara is my heart. :-)


journeymom - Aug 23, 2007 3:26 pm (#1740 of 2984)

Looking for Michael Jordan on the Forbes 2006 list of billionaires..... still looking... nope, not there.

Oh, but look who #891 is! Joanne Rowling. And Bill Gates is still #1.


kabloink! - Aug 23, 2007 4:13 pm (#1741 of 2984)

Ok, well 540 posts later, I return. I must say, I only read about the first 45 or so. Thanks for the input on the names-We're still deciding between Alexander and Andrew, but we've paired middle names with them Alexander William (after his dad), or Andrew Joseph (after my dad). We've decided that those middle names don't flip flop between the two very well. We've also discovered that hubby has a cousin or uncle (fairly far removed, but still) named Andrew, so we are leaning more and more heavily towards Alexander. We'll probably decide for sure when he is born.

Alas, Harry has been contemplated. My grandfather's name was Harold, as is my eldest uncle who has no children, so it would be nice. Our last name, however, is Harvey. (I don't mind sharing it, it is generic enough-if it's a problem though, I can edit this post.) Harry Harvey simply does not work.

Have a great evening everyone!


Madam Pince - Aug 23, 2007 6:03 pm (#1742 of 2984)

Now that's funny. I'd put Joseph with Alexander and William with Andrew. Well, that's what makes the world go 'round! (One more point to consider -- if you use "Joseph" for the middle name, he can have the cool initials of A.J. The other one doesn't sound so good, unless you're a root beer...)

Congratulations, Good Evans, on raising such smart kids! Woo-hoo on their grades!

Little P's teacher asked for one black Expo dry-erase marker from each kid, not marked with their name, so I was assuming they were for her to use at the board in the front of the room. Although she only wanted black, the Expo markers were all sold in 4-packs of black/red/blue/green. So I guess I'll send the black one to school and just use the others at home. Thanks for the idea of laminating a piece of paper to use with the markers! By the way, I decided I'd do the parental version of "sucking up" to the teacher because I bought the biggest, fattest, most padded, looks-like-it-would-last-the-longest Expo markers I could find, rather than the smaller basic ones. Every little bit helps...

No more chalk, eh? Well, that's a shame, although I can understand the allergies thing and also the breaking-chalk thing. When I was a kid, we had this big rock wall outside the back door of our classroom, and the wall slanted back just enough that you could scramble up on it pretty far. If we were good little kids, our reward was to be able to go outside and "dust" the erasers, by banging them against the rocks to clean the chalk dust out. You would think we had won the lottery if we were chosen to go "dust" the erasers.

The actual title of your book about space is: Space Carnival The Story behind our Space Trips by Lee Mountain. Well, that's what I get for not pulling it out of the bookcase -- on the spine it says "Spin-A-Tale Space Carnival." I did look for it once on eBay and Alibris -- guess that's why I couldn't find it! Actually, since it says "Another Spin-A-Tale Book" on it, I was really looking for other Spin-A-Tale books -- they're fun! I'll have to look again.

I can't believe I reached the ripe old age of 40-mumble-mumble without ever having eaten or made the Impossible Cheeseburger Pie that's on the Bisquick box. I finally made it tonight. It was good!

Edit: Healing Charms to Nathan! Don't do any high-wire walks until you get better!


Nathan Zimmermann - Aug 23, 2007 6:05 pm (#1743 of 2984)

Are there any unused healing charms available?

I saw my local general practitioner today and I was told I have a middle ear infection.  :sad:

I hope all is well with everyone.


Chemyst - Aug 23, 2007 6:25 pm (#1744 of 2984)

For you, Nathan, *   * *  Healing Charms!  *   *   (And aren't you glad I didn't try for one of George's ear jokes?)

...the idea of laminating a piece of paper to use with the markers!
Isn't it great how technology has advanced all the way back to hornbooks?  


Choices - Aug 23, 2007 6:26 pm (#1745 of 2984)

Ahhh, healing charms to Nathan. My daughter gets those. She never had an ear infection as a child, but now has them at age 33 and not long ago had to have a tube put in her ear. Hope it feels better soon Nathan. Take care!

Madam Pince, that Cheeseburger Pie sounds yummy. I am going to have to try it soon.

Last night I had just settled down to watch The Devil Wears Prada and was munching on an oatmeal raisin cookie. I chomped down on something hard and turns out it was half of one of my back teeth. The bad news is I am going to have to have it crowned, but the good news is I may not have to have a root canal. I will find out for sure on Sept. 4th. ***fingers crossed***

Tomorrow is Friday - hope everybody has a good one. Love and (((hugs)))to all.


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2007 7:02 pm (#1746 of 2984)

It was leftover night in the house since I had to be at three places, in different areas of town, within 20 minutes of each other. One of the choices was the Impossible Cheeseburger Pie from the back of the box. Three of the kids declined dinner although 2 relented and ate a piece of garlic bread. Sorry, when it is leftover night...you have the choice of many things but making something new is not one of them.

Got the 11 year old off to his five mile bike ride - check. Got the scout stuff picked up - check. Got the 14 yr old to his camping planning session - check. Donated blood - check. I actually was a bit worried I would be rejected since I lived in Europe for several years in one of the countries listed. In reading further, I was not on the military base so I was not banned. For my troubles, I got a bottle of water, a bag of cookies, a Red Cross pin and a nifty t-shirt. This is the first time since December 2004 that I have given blood. They frown on (but don't ban) nursing moms donating so I didn't mention it.

I got in 25 lb of various Tinsel food so spent the rest of the evening bagging it. It was shipped, frozen, from PA on Tuesday. Even after sitting in my kitchen since about 4 pm, it is still partial frozen. Tinsel was thrilled when she saw her dinner tonight and was dancing around my feet when I was putting it all in the freezer. Now to start haunting Craig's List to get a second freezer.


Madam Pince - Aug 23, 2007 7:06 pm (#1747 of 2984)

I finally found the Space Carnival book on eBay -- it had ended on August 16th, so you had to do a special search (Books - Space Carnival - check the "Completed Listings" box) to find it. But yes, that's the one! Opening bid only $1.99 -- such a deal! Tazzy, if you're interested and if you e-mail the seller she'll probably re-list it for you.

Now off to search for others...

Edit: No luck on others, but man! Alibris wants from $20-$40 for that book! It said someone just bought the one $5.99 one they had -- anyone here?


Denise P. - Aug 23, 2007 7:11 pm (#1748 of 2984)

Amazon had a used one for under $3 I think.


Solitaire - Aug 23, 2007 8:00 pm (#1749 of 2984)

I love Sharpies, too, BUT (and it's a big one) they give me a headache, if I am around an open one for too long. Too long is longer than a few minutes. John, I love mechanical pencils, too. I became addicted to them back when I used a regular old gradebook. I could put lots of into into a small square. These days, I just like them because they never need sharpening!

As a teacher, I have mixed feelings about Day planners. I see approximately 175 kids in six classes every day. If I must check everyone's homework, read what each kid has written (to make sure it is correct), and sign every day planner before each class leaves the classroom every day ... well, that takes up a lot of time. These are the kinds of things parent aides could do!

Sorry about your ear, Nathan. We've been in school four days, and so far, three teachers are down with Strep. Sending you healing charms!

Well, one more day, and I'll have survived the first week. I had a disappointing afternoon, though. My therapist cancelled my massage as I was on my way to the appointment ... and I burst into tears! (I guess it's been more stressful than I realized.) My arthritis is terrible this week, so I was just counting on that massage. Next Thursday is back-to-school night ... so it will be three weeks with no massage. This is never a good thing for me.

Well, I am going to take a hot shower and hit the sack. I hope everyone's Friday is good.



Tazzygirl - Aug 23, 2007 8:46 pm (#1750 of 2984)

Thanks Denise and everyone for the book info! I don't have an ebay account (I know, it's a shock. LOL), but I do like Amazon (ignoring the fact that it is partnered with Borders and not B&N. ), so I'll take a look there!

**healing charms** to Nathan. Ear infections so are not fun! Hope you feel better soon!

**soothing charms** to Soli!

**raises hand** I am also a pen junky!! If I use a pencil, it has to be sharp too- no dull points for me. (They also have to have a full eraser. Any pencil with no eraser is immediately chucked. **shudder**)

Other classes today are okay. I'm having serious doubts about my art teacher though. She reminds me of that science teacher I had last semester who should have been fired. The syllabus (or agenda for the semester and info on projects) was somewhat incomplete (teacher said she would give out the rest when the time comes, did not want to overwhelm us now. Personally, we were all overwhelmed because we didn't have them and therefore didn't know what to expect. ) There literally is no structure to the class, and the teacher has this really bad habit of jumping to different topics without warning and getting us all confused. She doesn't backtrack to finish anything. We were in the middle of looking over the syllabus and she started calling out names for partner projects. What partner projects? I have no idea.

Exhausted. I think I'm going to lay down for a little bit- I am watching the kids in about 45 minutes or so, as aunt and uncle have parent/teacher conferences tonight.

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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:04 pm


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 23, 2007 11:00 pm (#1751 of 2984)

Wow, I saw “Becoming Jane” tonight! Maggie Smith, Julie Waters, I actually got tears in my eye from that DH epilogue moment. But in the Jane- Austen’s case it was true.

If you were given a penny for every 10 dollars he made, you'd be living comfortably at $65,000 a year. John Bumbledore

Is $65k. really all that comfortable in today’s economy?

Kim, Andrew Joseph gives you the handy moniker “AJ”

We simply must be doing it wrong, but all marker dry instantly in our house. There isn't a marker we can reach for after it is initially opened, that isn’t dry.

Oh, Soli, so sorry that must be soo disappointing setting your heart on something important and then a cancellation. Can you not find anyone to substitute nearby or with a similar technique?

In my house we are still suffering from the plague, or is it typhus? I can't decide. The girls have gone back to coughing and I still have to take Tylenol for my extremely sore throat, ughhh!


Elanor - Aug 23, 2007 11:19 pm (#1752 of 2984)

Big ((((((HUG)))))) to Soli and Cheering and Healing Charms to all!
Congratulations on the new niece Kaykay!

Well, this is it... Time to go back to school. Teachers' meeting this morning - "can't wait" to find out what is the lastest Unexpected Task administration has concocted us this year... There is always one...

I'll think of you while preparing my classroom this afternoon and checking both chalks and markers (I have a blackboard but some parts of it can be turned and it is white on the other side.)

Soli, I can't say life is particularly cheap here and you're right on gas prices! Hence why teachers have small cars. Talking of which I'd better hurry, I need to put some in the Twingo on my way there. **waves to Madam Pince**

Have a great Friday everybody!



Lina - Aug 24, 2007 3:51 am (#1753 of 2984)

Kristina, your art teacher seems to be an artist and to have an artistic approach to her lessons. I'm afraid you will have to accept her just the way she is.

I did read the last story on the five words thread and am seeing there plenty of ideas that Jo could use for her new novel.

Julie (GE), I forgot to tell it earlier, but congratulations to the 16 yr old achievements! Would Hermion be the male version of Hermione?

Healing charms all around. You can feel autumn approaching...


Solitaire - Aug 24, 2007 7:13 am (#1754 of 2984)

Mrs. Sirius, I have a haircut appointment this afternoon, and I believe there is a massage therapist in the salon. It may be time to find a back-up person. I've gone to the same woman every week since May 1999, unless one of us has been ill or away, and that has happened rarely, until the last few months. She had surgery one year, so I saw someone else for a month ... but it was not the same. My therapist is so familiar with my problem spots by this time that she can tell where and what the problems are just by putting her hands on my back. Alas, she has cancelled on me three times since June ... so perhaps the time has come to start shopping around.

I have a doctor's appointment in September, so I think I am going to ask him to do something about my wrist--either an x-ray or some sort of brace. The bad days used to be rare. Lately, the bad are outnumbering the good, and that is NOT good!

Okay, I'm off to school. Have a happy Friday, everyone!



Lina - Aug 24, 2007 11:46 am (#1755 of 2984)

Wow, John, congratulations on your shiny new avatar!

Strengthening charms, Soli!


John Bumbledore - Aug 24, 2007 11:50 am (#1756 of 2984)

Freshwater, Choices, Lina, and Denise P., nice new avatars but now we must go iron our hands...

I was reading the Practice thread when I saw the exchange about member portraits (or avatars) between Freshwater, Lina, and Madam Pince. Madam Pince said "I thought, Kip had asked us not to change our avatar pictures or our second line of info until WorldCrossing gets all their kinks worked out?"

So I looked about and found...
[W]hen I provided freshwater with the link to the # How do you ....... ? thread, I should have told her not to attempt to make any changes within her preferences. — Kip (See post # 1766 on # Questions for the Host(s) thread.)

Madam Pince, you are correct. I don't think Kip has made any post that the sync issue was resolved, so we members should not be making any changes to our member profile setting (in other words, do not use the "change password or preferences" pages at all).

Maybe we need to make a new thread for "Why I must Iron my Hands.." similar to the "you know you're a ..." thread.

How many of us could be founding members of that thread? Yes? No? Erm, I think I mean "Oops!"

**hurries off to iron ears (my hands are already in bandages as I must confess to being a repeat offender).**

Edited **popping back in**

Soli, sympathies and both healing and pain relieving charms, for having your massage appointment cancelled just when you “kneaded” it most.

Thank you, Lina. Can't sneak anything past some people.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Tazzygirl - Aug 24, 2007 11:50 am (#1757 of 2984)

Lina: Kristina, your art teacher seems to be an artist and to have an artistic approach to her lessons. I'm afraid you will have to accept her just the way she is.

That's what I'm afraid of. I guess I'm not that happy about this class because it's going to be an intense semester, and the last thing we need is a professor that 'goes with the flow' and doesn't give out a detailed list of what we are doing each week or deadlines. It's not going to be pretty. Our science teacher was like that last semester, and by the end of the semester, we had learned absolutely nothing.

I was so excited. I work at 4 this afternoon, so I thought I'd be able to sleep in today. My sister called me at 8 am, and then a friend who is coming out in October called half an hour later. Sheesh. Wide awake now. Maybe tomorrow. sigh.

Hope your first day back at school went smoothly, Audrey!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Chemyst - Aug 24, 2007 12:16 pm (#1758 of 2984)

having your massage appointment cancelled just when you “kneaded” it most...

 Too cute!


John Bumbledore - Aug 24, 2007 1:11 pm (#1759 of 2984)

…the idea of laminating a piece of paper to use with the markers!
Isn't it great how technology has advanced all the way back to hornbooks? — Chemyst

Laminate, spaminate! I have those neat plastic sleeves for my three ring binders. They are the kind where you just slide the full sheet of paper into the plastic sleeve and you don't need to punch any holes in the paper!

Earlier today my co-worker mentioned she was thinking of bringing in a small dry-erase board to put on her desk top. Then she could use it for her notes and save paper!. I suggested just using one or more of ( www.officedepot.com/pictures/SK/LG/162432_sk_lg.jpg ) these page protectors. I thought I was clever, but I guess I just borrowed it from what kaykay had reported days ago.

I now have three page protectors on my desk, two with blank paper in them and the third has lined note paper. Now I just need the smaller, pen style dry erase markers instead of the big one I have. I also have a number of procedural check list that I can now put in these page protectors and re-use. Reducing my need to run x-number of copies to use month after month.

Edit to add: I am sorry, Kip. I did not mean to upset. But I did remember to not add a link in my profile page to the image of sheet protectors that I found at officedepot.com. (I just now change it from a link to text of the url)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Kip Carter - Aug 24, 2007 1:12 pm (#1760 of 2984)

John Bumbledore, apparently no one on this Forum wants the problem to ever be fixed or if they do, they feel that the engineers and technicians at World Crossing are just going to have to work around their desire to have a new avatar.

Approximately forty-three hours ago, I posted this Aug 22, 2007 6:03 pm message on the ** World Crossing Problems - Please Read! thread. Either our members do not believe what I stated or never read that thread.

I am going to try to let this post sink into everyone's brain and if this post does not jar their thought process, I will stop everyone from having either an avatar and/or a second line of information.

I noticed that both posts following your message did not advance the discussion of NOT MAKING ANY CHANGES IN YOUR PREFERENCES. What does it take for everyone to understand the importance of that statement?

'Nuf said by me for the present! I hope that I do not have to make another post like this because if I do, there will probably be additional actions taken when I do. Yes, I am upset!

Added after I posted the first part: Now even you (John) have changed the discussion while I was typing up my post.


journeymom - Aug 24, 2007 1:31 pm (#1761 of 2984)

Here's a 32-ounce Calming Draught for you, Kip.

I, Journeymom, do solemnly swear that I will make no changes to my profile until, you, Kip, do give the go-ahead.

With sincerity and affection,



Tazzygirl - Aug 24, 2007 1:35 pm (#1762 of 2984)

**raises right hand** I solemnly swear not to make any changes either!!



John Bumbledore - Aug 24, 2007 1:57 pm (#1763 of 2984)

Kip, and everyone, I am sorry for my part in this. I made that post here on the chat thread because I thought to give the issue more visibility. But the nature of this chat thread does lead to frequent changes of topic and subsequent looping back to past items (often with quoted lines with attribution to the poster). I don't think any of us intended to cause problems for the engineers working on the world crossing server problems, nor to make lite of the issue by changing the subject.

I do think that when the forum "seems" to be working so well for regular posting that we all can easily forget that there is still trouble with the servers. Perhaps some may not understand the what or why of the synchronization and why changes to a member's profile would cause so much problems with the fixing of the trouble.

I will also make the same pledge as Journeymom.

   I, John Bumbledore, do solemnly swear that I will make no changes to my profile until, you, Kip, do give the go-ahead.

I have an analogy ready for non-computer savvy persons, if anyone should like.

Anyone who has counted a large number of items and been interrupted during the count can understand
John: (counting items) "134, 135, 136—"
Sally: "John, do you have a dollar? I wanted a coffee with cream which is item 134 on the vending machine but I punched 143 instead. Oh, and do you want a hot chocolate, that what item 143 is and I don't want that."
John: (lost count and turning red) "What! No, I don't know! But you have interrupted my count and now I have to start over. Here take half and please count to yourself."

Only there are six or seven servers that each have to work together on the counting and there are many thousands of members...

I am sorry, Kip. I won't forget again.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Lina - Aug 24, 2007 1:58 pm (#1764 of 2984)

I'm just talking with Kay in the chat room and we are surprised that nobody has come to the idea to send some Reparo charms to the servers. We use so many charms, sometimes they work, why didn't we think of them for the servers too? So, I'm sending some Reparo charms to the WX servers, and some enlightening charms to the sysops!


John Bumbledore - Aug 24, 2007 2:26 pm (#1765 of 2984)

Thinking on the "it is easy to forget there are server sync errors when" Perhaps changing the background we see from the speckled tan "parchment" look to something else could server as a reminder?

Kip, we often use our profiles to share pictures, links, or url addresses that maynot be included in a post. But now with the sync issue, we can't do that. I guess email is the last alternative for sharing such things (or simply waiting until the problem is fixed).

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


legolas returns - Aug 24, 2007 2:39 pm (#1766 of 2984)

editor’s note:  this post appeared to be an image that was lost when the original thread was saved


Kip Carter - Aug 24, 2007 2:52 pm (#1767 of 2984)

John, I hated to come down on you when you tried to make everyone aware of this on-going problem or series of problems. And I definitely appreciate your "counting" example to explain as to what happens when a change is made in the Change password or preferences function. I am going to add an additional explanation in the hopes that everyone understands why you should not make any changes in that function until the sync problem is finally cleared. And I will post a message when everything is back to normal.

When the anything within the Change password or preferences function is altered, all seven World Crossing servers (wc0, wc1, ... wc6) are affected because what is contained in this function is the same for all servers. That is why it is so important to not make changes. And yes, when you make a change, it resets everything back to the beginning each time. That is what is giving the engineers and technician such a fit!

Management at World Crossing has tried to keep all servers working and not shut everything down as they had to do some four years ago. Many of us remember how disruptive that was and I am so thankful that this time, the system was not closed down. Closing it down would have made the job easier for the World Crossing staff, but I applaud them for trying to work around the problems that keeping the servers functioning would cause. It has allowed us to not put a halt to everything until the problem is corrected.

I do appreciate the promises that each of you have made to await my go-ahead before you make any attempt to Change password or preferences. And yes, I am not so upset any more!

Added Edit: I need to either type much faster or at least quit answering the telephone until I finish a post because other messages were added while I was reproducing the above. I need to answer some of John's additional comments.

I had considered removing the background to get everyone's attention; however after consideration, I felt that was drastic and may not be understood by everyone in the way I intended. I toyed with the idea of telling everyone that I would return the background to normal when everything was normal on the Forums again. But I reasoned that some would understand, but many would not. Therefore I chose not to change the background.

As for transferring other information, I suggest that email be used until everything has returned to normal.

I hope that covers everything. Let's hope!


Choices - Aug 24, 2007 5:42 pm (#1768 of 2984)

Kip - "Approximately forty-three hours ago, I posted this Aug 22, 2007 6:03 pm message on the ** World Crossing Problems -"

I think I changed my avatar forty-four hours ago. Sorry, won't do it again. No sir ree! I is going to be a good forum-elf from now on. **bangs self on head with mouse**

Freshwater, Choices, Lina, and Denise P. – Wow, at least I'm in good company. Uh oh, did I say good? I meant wrong, that was very wrong indeed! Shame on us! :-(

Edit: Wait, I just thought of another excuse....I'm old and my memory is bad. OK, I think that's all I can come up with for now. Again, sorry!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 24, 2007 9:13 pm (#1769 of 2984)

Actually, if John hadn't made that post to Lina and the others, I wouldn't have even realized the problem existed. Thank you John, and Kip for bringing it to my attention. I may have changed from html to Java for the chat using my daughter's computer around the 15th but I don't think I've used it since (??) My sincere apologies if I have and I will keep off it until I hear from you, Kip.

RE: Regularly scheduled programming: Healing charms to you, Soli and to Mrs. Sirius and family.

Congrats to your newest niece, kaykay!

And Felix Felicis to the WC members working to rectify the server problems.


Solitaire - Aug 24, 2007 9:56 pm (#1770 of 2984)

John, I needed to be kneaded, that's for sure! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2752390508   I did talk to the therapist at the salon today and got her card.

Thanks for the healing charms ... they are very much appreciated!

This evening at dinner, my mom told me she had heard on the news that we were going to be having a heat wave next week. Now I am really worried ... It's been over 100 degrees all week! I hope they're wrong.

There is the weirdest noise coming from my neighbor's house on the east side of me. It sounds like someone is banging on a big pipe ... or hitting the same note over and over on a marimba! Very odd ...

All I can say about the Forum problems is that I'm glad I do not have to fix them! Our school webmaster changed the program we use and changed the URL we need to use to access things we store in our web files on the server, so that we can link them to our individual pages (I have lots of subpages for information, so this has been a big headache). I only have to mess with my little page, and it's been a trial. Here's a big dose of headache-relieving charms to all who are trying to straighten out the problems!

Okay ... I think it is time for bed. I have a pile of essays to tackle tomorrow. Yep ... school is back in session!



Mrs. Sirius - Aug 24, 2007 10:34 pm (#1771 of 2984)

Preferences?... changes?....changes?...

Oh look, a Blibbering Humdinger... (I who haven't changed her avatar in 4 1/2 years!)

Soli, well it is good that you might be able to get a new masseuse. There is no better medicine at time.

Today a neighbor offer to take my kids on bike ride. Since I have 4 kids, I couldn't in good conscience let him go with 6 kids by himself, so I went too.

We live on a road that dead ends into the woods into the next town. If we take this route we can go many miles practically traffic free. We ended up going 8 miles round trip. In Connecticut we describe the state as the hills of Connecticut. It is all...up hill! Right now I have some very strange aches and pains, I don't know what I''l be like in the morning.

My cousin from New York was supposed to come visit tomorrow we have the big end of summer town fair this weekend and we have entered a pumpkin. Now she called and it seems she too has caught this plague thing. Yuuuck


journeymom - Aug 24, 2007 11:15 pm (#1772 of 2984)

If you lived through the 70's... if you've ever held a lighter aloft... if you've ever sung in a college choir...

You must look up the Achordants cover of Carry On My Wayward Son on YouTube.

They are simply divine.


jose043 - Aug 25, 2007 2:13 am (#1773 of 2984)


Anne has had problems with her right wrist for the past 2 1/2 years. It is now known as Disorders muscles, tendons which means (RSI) Repetitive Syndrome Injury. Anne is also in the first stages of getting Carpet-tunnel. She has to wear her brace if she is going to be lift anything heavy or doing her gym work and a lot of typing, she also has special stretching exercise which she has to do every 30 minutes, she also has to wear the brace to bed at night.

Solitaire you end up with have pins and needles and it can take a few hours for it to stop or you have it for the whole day and there is nothing you can do other than maybe putting an ice pack on your wrist.

Healing charms to you.

Hope everything goes well back at school and the students don't give you so much trouble this term.

I fell down the back stairs at home last Sunday and damaged my left knee cap, did not break my knee very badly bruised my knee arm and chest.

Josephine and Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Tazzygirl - Aug 25, 2007 2:27 am (#1774 of 2984)

Just a quick pop in to say **healing charms** to Soli, Anne and Jose.

**cooling charms** to those that need them!

Congrats on the new grandniece, Kay!

Work was somewhat stressful tonight. Short one person, which means absolute caos for the rest of us. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.




kaykay1970 - Aug 25, 2007 5:19 am (#1775 of 2984)

Healing charms to Soli, Anne and Jose(and anyone else that needs them)!!!

Our local weatherman promises cooler temps every day, but it still manages to reach 104 degrees anyway! My son is not happy with me. He has his first cross country meet Tuesday. I've already told him that he won't be going unless the temperature drops drastically. We have had several deaths here locally due to the heat.

We are predicted to receive some rain today and thunderstorms! I really hope they don't pass us up(again)! The drought situation is dismal! Ponds are drying up and farmers are plowing down their sorry looking corn fields just to feed the livestock! They are already considering cancelling deer hunting season. They want to reevaluate the deer population to be sure that the numbers have not been threatened too badly by dehydration.

Wow! What a dreadful post! I think I'll add that I saw my new little niece and she is absolutely beautiful! My sister (first time granny) is on cloud nine!

Reparo charms to the forum and my lost avatar. LOL


Lina - Aug 25, 2007 7:29 am (#1776 of 2984)

Josephine and Anne, you seem to need plenty of healing charms, I'm sending you the best I have.

And hope for some rain for Kay.


Solitaire - Aug 25, 2007 10:01 am (#1777 of 2984)

Yikes, Mrs. Sirius! I hope you have good knees! Bicycle riding makes me feel as though someone is sticking a screwdriver under my kneecap and attempting to pry it off my leg ... the main reason I no longer ride.

Thank you to everyone for the healing charms. I must give them to everyone else who is ailing or aching, as well.

Josephine, wouldn't you know it ... today my wrist is fine. I can't tell that it was ever sore at all! I hope it stays that way for a while. Does your daughter have some good days, too? I hope so! Many prayers and healing charms are coming your direction, as well!

Well, the phone just rang. Someone is coming to see the house today between 11 and noon, so I must do a quickie cleaning job before heading out to a family birthday lunch. I guess that takes care of my planned morning on the Forum. **sigh**

Kaykay, I hope things cool down for you. You are right about those high temps and cross-country running. I am always amazed when I drive down the street and see people running in temps of 105 and above in the hottest part of the day. Maybe it does not bother them because they are in condition ... but I worry about anyone who punishes his or her body to that extreme.

Okay, I can procrastinate no longer. Happy Saturday, everyone! Perhaps I'll see you later today.



Madam Pince - Aug 25, 2007 11:17 am (#1778 of 2984)

I don't understand the jogging in ultra-heat, either. I see it quite frequently around here. Of course, I pretty much don't understand jogging, period, so that's not saying much! When I lived in a college town and I would be driving home after a business trip or something, I would also frequently see young college-aged ladies out jogging alone late at night. I guess this was to avoid the heat, but I know when I was in school they always warned us not to be out alone at night. I don't know which would be worse -- risking heat stroke during the day or some weirdo attacker at night. Neither sounds too appealing. Anyway, I hope they re-schedule the track meet so your son won't miss anything and all the kids will stay safe.

Another random "I don't understand..." thing -- a couple years ago, our county went to a good bit of time and expense to build a very nice paved bike path that traverses the length of the island, right beside the main road. One of the reasons was to make it safer for both bikers and drivers by keeping the bikes out of the busy, high-speed-country-two-lane traffic. Now at least once a day, I pass a biker who is merrily riding along in the main road, with the traffic. Right beside (5 feet away from) and parallel to the nice new bike path. Why would they do that?

Kaykay, I think I forgot earlier to congratulate you on your new little niece! How exciting!

Josephine, sorry to hear that you fell -- ouch that sounds painful! Hope your knee (and other bruises!) will get better soon. Mr. Pince has a mild case of carpal tunnel like Anne does -- he wears the wrist brace at night when it is acting up on him.

Soli, good luck on the house viewing. I am mightily impressed by how neat and clean you can keep everything on top of teaching and in the pain you're in! Hope you feel better!

***Packing charms*** to Mediwitch, and also hope that Nathan's ear is feeling better!

Journeymom, your Calming Draught recipe must be a good one -- it calmed Kip down tremendously! Sorry if anything I did caused any problems -- I was just asking because I thought maybe I'd missed some "all's A-OK" announcement or something. If any "TV Land" celebrities pass away while WX is still doing their maintenance, I shall have to go put on Little P's baseball glove to keep my fingers away from my avatar changes!

Elanor -- Twingo, Twingo, Twingo! ***cackles madly*** That word always cheers me up. I must get a t-shirt with that on it or something...

Everyone enjoy Saturday!


Elanor - Aug 25, 2007 11:55 am (#1779 of 2984)

LOL Madam Pince! I once had a rucksack with Twingo written on it, it was blue, with red and yellow parts, I loved it. It went with me everywhere, from Egypt to Canada, and died a peaceful death after so many years of good service...

Well, I survived the first day! It's been a tough one and I had many things to prepare today still but it is now done. I've even bought myself a little Cheering Charm, some new shoes! Don't know why but there is nothing like shoes to cheer me up!

Strengthening and Healing Charms to all those needing them.

Good luck with your house Soli!

And belated congratulations to Julie (GE)'s son!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Audrey **who also solemnly swear that she will make no changes to her profile until Kip says it's safe to do so**


painting sheila - Aug 25, 2007 1:43 pm (#1780 of 2984)

Hi everyone!!

We just returned from our trip out west. I am afraid the 133 messages on this thread proved to much for me to conquer. (I hit the magic button!)

Sorry for anything I may have missed.

The trip was great - the weather wonderful!! There was no humidity!!How does that happen? In Idaho one night it was actually in the low 70's. I felt like I needed a sweater!

Oldest Daughter isn't decided on a school yet - I think she is just going to apply; to all she thinks she might like and see where the chips land.

Our neighborhood had a fun little ice cream party today. One of our neighbors won an essay contest from Edys ice cream. She won and Edy's provided ice cream for everyone! Fun seeing old neighbors we haven't seen in a while and the new neighbors moving in. Fun stuff!

Kip - I, Painting Sheila, solemnly swear to not change anything on my profile, redo my avatar, change my second line, or do anything to tick you off - until you give the go ahead! I also apologize for changing my avatar and second line last week!! (gulp)

Many thanks for all you do!



journeymom - Aug 25, 2007 2:27 pm (#1781 of 2984)

(Twisting Sheila's words:)

Kip - I solemnly swear not to do anything to tick you off until you give the go ahead!

Then she can let loose.



Nicoline Vance - Aug 25, 2007 2:28 pm (#1782 of 2984)

Soli- Good luck on selling your home. I remember those clean up quick, someone's coming to view the house. I didn't have wrist pain, but I was in my last trimester and I had a 2 year old. We also had an Open House where no one came, and two where only a couple of neighborhood looky-loos peeked inside. We did sell our house eventually, but my son was only three weeks old and I was trying to recover from a c-section. I don't know what was more stressful, trying to sell the house or the packing and moving. Thankfully, it was in the same town.

Sheila, glad you had a nice time in Idaho. I like visiting there too. My in-laws live in the Boise area. I don't know if I could live there though. They don't have enough trees for me. I need good, tall trees around. I guess that's what happens when you live most of your life in rural Oregon.


legolas returns - Aug 25, 2007 2:41 pm (#1783 of 2984)

Kip-I am sorry that I renewed my premium membership around two weeks ago. I had read somewhere in somebodies post that they had sorted the problem out. I now understand why it was wrong.


Lilly P - Aug 25, 2007 3:15 pm (#1784 of 2984)

Sheila, Glad you liked your trip to Idaho! I gave you an imaginary wave from where I was in Boise! Nicoline Vance, Boise is " The City of Trees" it's our motto, I can't imagine how many trees you must have around to think we don't have many!

Well, my 10 year high school reunion started last night, it was a bit of a shock how much some people have changed! It was family picnic in the park so that everyone can meet your kids. I was definitely in the minority with only one. A lot of people were saying things like this is "Devin" he's my 4th. Wow! I couldn't believe it! Tonight is the formal dinner and dance, it should be fun, we also did a tour of the school this morning which was great because it's an historic building, it was built in the late 1800's. It was nice for Hubby to be able to see it. Anyway, I had better get started on my hair! Have a great rest of the weekend!



Kip Carter - Aug 25, 2007 3:21 pm (#1785 of 2984)

legolas, please do not be sorry for renewing your Premium membership. That is the life-blood of our Forums. I can only say "Thank you!"

For your information, it is not necessary to go into the Change password or preferences to renew your Premium membership. And if you do go in, as long as you back out instead of clicking on the OK buttons, World Crossing does not recognize that as a change; therefore no problem is caused. I often go in and check something and use the Back button on my browser to leave.

Thanks again for the renewal! And for those of you who may not know, legolas returns has had three previous usernames, with her Haggis and Irn Bru originating four very popular threads, 'Ship-'Ship (Exploring Relationships), Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Remus Lupin, back in August 2003 (four years ago)!


legolas returns - Aug 25, 2007 3:40 pm (#1786 of 2984)

When you got fierce Ki,p I ironed my hands and closed my ears in the microwave door. I thought I had caused problems by renewing my premium membership. This forum is not a bad place to hang out on! and I do mention the forum to other like minded friends. *trots off happily to bed*. .


Nicoline Vance - Aug 25, 2007 4:18 pm (#1787 of 2984)

Nicoline Vance, Boise is " The City of Trees" it's our motto, I can't imagine how many trees you must have around to think we don't have many![

LOL. I guess I should have been more specific. You're right the city of Boise proper does have plenty of trees. When we travel to Idaho we have to drive there through eastern Oregon and the high desert surrounds of Boise. When I look out to the mountains they seem oddly naked. Where I live, the area is “hilly” and tree-covered (lots of oaks and fir trees). Unfortunately, the Portland suburbs are creeping in on me and my landscape is changing.

Jamie, you didn't happen to go to Bishop Kelly did you?


jose043 - Aug 25, 2007 6:13 pm (#1788 of 2984)

Hi All

Thank you for all the healing charms for Anne and I

Solitaire, Anne does have good days with her wrist where she gets no pain. But when the weather changes or is very humid she has problems. Like Saturday night our time she could not do any of her study as her hand had pins and needles and she had to wear her brace and ice pack her hand for the night.

Madam Pince healing charms to Mr Pince, Anne's knows exactly how he feels in wearing the brace all night.

Josephine and Anne

Little Werewolves of London


two days later . . . . .


Denise P. - Aug 27, 2007 10:10 am (#1789 of 2984)

The Forum is here!  cheers


legolas returns - Aug 27, 2007 10:22 am (#1790 of 2984)

Hope everyone is well and having a good bank holiday today (Happy Monday to those that are not off).

I need Mrs weasleys book on how to cure bruises and minor abrassions. I finally went and saw OOP at the Imax (I have seen it a number of times at the regular cinema). The IMAX is in a really quiet part of town and its quite dark round the cinema. So when the show finished they let us out the back way which was even darker than the front I decided to run back to the main part of town. There was a sudden drop in the pavement i did not notice. I took a really heavy tumble. I have got two bruised and swollen knees, grazed hands and shoulder, bruised elbow and a graze on my hip that is the same size as my hand. Dont know quite how I got that bashed but it did not involve any alcohol. Its a little on the sore side to walk at the moment.


Good Evans - Aug 27, 2007 10:53 am (#1791 of 2984)

oooohh Legolas returns, that sounds sore, many healing charms to you!!

also continued to soli and the little werewolves.

Kay, congrats on your neice!

Kip - I am so sorry, I haven't changed anything but I did go in to my profiles and "OK" - I was just checking my "intro" info. I didn't realise that would affect it - I thought it was just avatar and second line. I am really sorry and shall iron hands directly!

have had a lovely dry and sunny day today - drying chatms to anyone that needs them, but ultra wet charms to kaykay and her part of the world. We were like that last year!!!

hope everyone has had a good day..



journeymom - Aug 27, 2007 11:11 am (#1792 of 2984)

Yay! The Lexicon is back!

Legolas, healing charms to you.


Elanor - Aug 27, 2007 11:12 am (#1793 of 2984)

Well, it's been a tough one here Julie. It was the first day back to school with my first graders, in short: I've been there for 9 hours, worked all the time but for a 15 minutes break and spent almost the whole day on my feet - I'm dead tired! But it is a wonderful treat to see the forum working again tonight!

I've read the chat thread of the fanfiction forum earlier and wanted to say that it is quite logical Boise's motto has something to do with trees: "bois" means "wood" in French and "boisé", "wooded".

Many healing charms to Legolas, Soli and the little werewolves from me too.

Have a great Monday everybody!



legolas returns - Aug 27, 2007 11:18 am (#1794 of 2984)

Note to self-look where you are going specially when you are running. Thanks for the charms .


Steve Newton - Aug 27, 2007 11:55 am (#1795 of 2984)

Welcome back, everyone. I missed you all.


Catherine - Aug 27, 2007 12:13 pm (#1796 of 2984)


What a treat to check in during study hall (bad teacher) to find the Forum back up.


The giant squid - Aug 27, 2007 2:54 pm (#1797 of 2984)

Wow, looks like I picked the right weekend to not have time to check out the Forum! Or is that why the thing went offline in the first place...?



painting sheila - Aug 27, 2007 2:55 pm (#1798 of 2984)
Edited Aug 27, 2007 3:53 pm

Yeah!! It's back!!

I didn't expect it to be - I just popped in on my way out.

So, I have no time to say any thing I may have thought relevant at the time!

Except - (snort!) Good one journeymom! I will wait patiently until he says, "Go!"

Edit - Yes! It's all Squid Mikes fault!


Madam Pince - Aug 27, 2007 4:00 pm (#1799 of 2984)
Edited Aug 27, 2007 4:59 pm

Yes, Squid Mike, it is entirely your fault. (Hey, I saw you in one of your earlier flicks last night! We were watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and thought the Giant Squid attack was by far the best acting in the whole movie.)

Why do James Mason and Michael York sound exactly alike? They must be from the same region or the same school or something. Prince Charles' speech sort of resembles it, too, in inflection. (Edit: OK, I checked IMDB and Michael York was born in Buckinghamshire and educated at Oxford, while James Mason was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and educated at Cambridge.) Azi, aren't you in/near Huddersfield? For some reason that is ringing a bell with me...

Sci-Fi's 1:00 a.m. Sunday night Twilight Zone was the one with William Shatner and the furry little gremlin guy on the wing of the plane. I wanted to come on here and post in case anyone was still awake besides me, but alas I kept getting "Internet Connection Not Found" or whatever... The gremlin was even cheesier-looking than I remembered -- I'd forgotten the eyeliner around his eyes, and the fact that he stands and walks upright with nary a hair blown out of place, despite the fact that he's on the wing of a plane going very fast (presumably, since the title was Nightmare at 20,000 Feet...) Hmmmmmm, two 20,000's in one day -- that must mean something...

Hello, Steve, and welcome back! Hey, how'd you like the Orioles record-setting game last week? (For non-baseball fans, it wasn't so much that the Orioles set the record; it was more that they apparently sat there and watched while the other team scored 30 runs. The final was 30-3. That's a football score where I come from.)

I had to get some random, probably non-essential part replaced in my car today, to the tune of $350. I am not a happy camper. Sigh...

Tomorrow morning is our "meet and greet" with Little Pince's kindergarten teacher. We're very much looking forward to it. Then after we'll celebrate with one last hurrah at the pool with a play date with several of his Pre-K friends hopefully. Then Wednesday morning we're off to Grandma's house for the county Fair and a long Labor Day weekend, so if I don't see you guys 'til then -- have a lovely holiday (if you celebrate), and a lovely week and week-end if you don't!

Edit: Oops! Totally forgot! So sorry about your fall, Legolas, and hope you recover soon!


Choices - Aug 27, 2007 4:17 pm (#1800 of 2984)

Healing charms to you, Legolas. So sorry for your fall - get better soon!

I am so glad to see the forum back up. I sure missed it and everyone.

Love and (((hugs)))and cheering charms to all.
Lady Arabella
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kaykay1970 - Aug 27, 2007 4:27 pm (#1801 of 2984)

Ouch Legolas! Healing charms to you!


Accio Sirius - Aug 27, 2007 5:22 pm (#1802 of 2984)

Healing charms to Legolas and Nathan. Nice to have the forum back.

Nathan, I've had inner ear infections before and I feel that they don't get enough respect as far as sicknesses go. You aren't obviously sick, but you feel lousy--I always get really dizzy/vertigo symptoms. True story: Several years ago, I was home from work with an inner ear infection and I was walking down to the drug store to pick up some medicine. There was an injured pigeon walking in and out of parked cars on a busy street. I'm not the kind of person that can leave an injured animal--even a pigeon, so I thought I could at least get it out of harm's way. The darn bird kept dodging me under the parked cars and every time I would try to bend over to get a look at where it was, I would fall over because I was so dizzy and off balance because of my inner ear. Finally I heard some people behind me and one guy says, "what's going on?" and the another replied, "some drunk lady's trying capture a pigeon."

In other news, I'm done with my swaps!! They came out really cute, perhaps a little bigger than planned. We'll see. I have a back up plan as well.

Hope everyone has a good evening.


Steve Newton - Aug 27, 2007 5:34 pm (#1803 of 2984)

Madam Pince, I missed the game but 30 runs is special. The most runs scored in a major league game since 1897 from what I hear. The Rangers also gave me one of my um moments about 25 years ago. I was checking a box score and noticed that they had won 16-4 in 12 innings. It took me a minute to do the math. Their 12 runs in an extra inning was, and is, a record. For some reason I have always rooted for the Rangers. Since I grew up a Phillies fan perhaps I identify too much with losers.


painting sheila - Aug 27, 2007 5:49 pm (#1804 of 2984)

Accio Sirius - LOL! I actually did Laugh out loud!! Great story. Did you end up with the bird?

Legolas - I hope you feel better soon. Would a Bubble Charm keep you safe or just let you walk in space? I know! YOU need the charm Lord Voldemort used to protect Nagini!!

Nathan - Same to you!!!

Soli- I think you gave me your sore wrist. Mine is hurting today. I never realized how much I used my wrist until it hurt to do so. Jeez!!


Holly T. - Aug 27, 2007 6:38 pm (#1805 of 2984)

Healing charms to Legolas!

Madam Pince, that may have been a record-setting baseball score, but the Rangers are still in last place. I grew up an Astros fan, then cheered for the Rangers. Now I don't pay much attention to major league ball. I have to say I was way more excited about the home runs in the Little League World Series than in anything done by Barry Bonds.

LOL at Accio Sirius. I ran over a pigeon once in a parking garage. You know how usually when you are driving toward a bird it will fly away--generally you don't need to swerve around them. Not this one. Thump! Oops.

Dh took everything to the dry cleaner except the jacket I specifically asked him to take. Granted, I didn't put it with the other dry cleaning because it is on the bench by the door where I dropped it when daughter and I got home from Chicago at 11 Friday night, but I did tell him that it needed to go to the dry cleaner. I am thinking about taking it to the expensive dry cleaner just to annoy him.

Daughter and I had a lovely time in Chicago (I will post a picture when we are allowed to do so, and promise to iron my hands for any profile changing I did when we weren't supposed to). There was some bad weather, but we managed to miss the worst of it, and our plane home was only delayed about an hour.

School starts tomorrow. Hooray! Son got the teacher we didn't want, but this happened last year too and we ended up being very happy with the teacher. Most of daughter's friends had the teacher son is going to have, and one of her friends is a complete nutcase like my son, so I figure if the teacher could handle my daughter's friend she can handle my son. Dh and I had a talk with son about how could he try and make it through the year without us having to have a conference with the assistant principal.


Denise P. - Aug 27, 2007 6:52 pm (#1806 of 2984)

I have already been in a store with Christmas items so it should not have surprised me to see Halloween candy already. We picked up some candy corn since the kids like it. I found caramel candy corn as well so had to try some.

We start school next week..woo hoo!


Lilly P - Aug 27, 2007 7:16 pm (#1807 of 2984)

Jamie, you didn't happen to go to Bishop Kelly did you? Nicoline Vance

No, I went to Boise High, but had cousins that went to Bishop Kelly, but they are 8 and 10 years younger than me. Did you know people at BK?

Healing charms to Legolas!


painting sheila - Aug 27, 2007 7:33 pm (#1808 of 2984)

Welcome, welcome tandaradie! and Orion! and NFLa Barbara!!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on everything.

I loved the story of your name tandaradie. The horse is beautiful!

I love The Librarian movies. They crack me up! They're like Indiana Jones with a library card. Wonderful!

sad news - my "perfect" house in my avatar has been taken off the market. The owners decided they may need the space for an elderly parent. (sigh) I loved that house. . . . I guess I'll just have to keep looking.

Edit: Has anyone seen the Disney channel previews for a movie called Twitches? It's about twin witches. (snort!) NO! Really!! it is.

Edit(again): I keep meaning to ask those forumners that live across the pond - Are ginger haired people really discriminated against? I read an article in our local paper about the situation - how some people will die their children's hair and the like. Just wondering - if it is true, it kinda puts Ron and the Weasley's in a different (brighter) light. Hermione was "different" because of her parents, Harry because of his scar and Ron because of his hair.


jose043 - Aug 27, 2007 8:07 pm (#1809 of 2984)

Hi All

Thank you for all the healing charms for Anne & I. Knee still sore but is getting there. Anne’s wrist has its moments.

Legolas Healing charms to you -  been there a few years ago. Broke my arm & hurt both my knees. fell over a low gate that I was going over changing sprinklers. this happened 15 years ago.

Healing Charms & get well charms to all the other Forum members that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London

PS good to see the Forum back up & running missed our fix. J


Tazzygirl - Aug 27, 2007 8:14 pm (#1810 of 2984)

Yeay! It's back!! **dances**

**healing charms** to you, Legolas! ouch!

There is supposed to be a lunar eclipse tonight! We'll see it in Hawaii at about 11:50 pm tonight, so not sure if anyone else will see it.

School is going well- it's getting crazier though. Even though I really shouldn't, a friend and I are going to see OotP tonight. Yeay!



painting sheila - Aug 27, 2007 8:16 pm (#1811 of 2984)

Oh Tazzy! Is it tonight, I noticed the nice huge orange moon tonight - but didn't realize it was ripe for an eclipse.

Thanks for the info-



Mediwitch - Aug 27, 2007 8:56 pm (#1812 of 2984)

*emerges from IEPs and bubblewrap*

Wow, I've really missed you guys! Sounds like loads of healing charms are in order.

Today was the first day of school for the staff, lots of meetings and sitting in uncomfortable chairs. I've already spent some hours in one of my schools (the one where we had summer school), but when I went to the second one today, my little room was trashed. They re-arranged everything when they did the carpets and left it all helter-skelter, including adding things from the school psychologist's office next door. So now I have to go in early tomorrow and re-arrange furniture that I did not expect to have to do. *sigh*

Special healing charms to those with wrist problems. I had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome about 7 years ago (both wrists) and it was wonderful! I had done therapy, cortisone injections, stabilization, the works. Nothing really helped but the surgery made such a difference. I feel like I was given 7 years as a gift - it's horrible having so much pain you can't hold onto things or open a jar. Unfortunately, in the last six months or so I have started having some problems again, and it has really flared up in the last few weeks - just in time for all the packing and moving!

We took some furniture to Ryan, who's living near Boston, this weekend, and we went to the Sam Adams Brewery, had dinner at Fire and Ice, and (best of all) got to see OoP at the IMAX theater! *waves to Puck* It was a wonderful weekend, but alas, reality came crashing in hard at 6 am today! Speaking of which, it looks like I'd better head to bed. See you in a couple of weeks!


Tazzygirl - Aug 28, 2007 12:53 am (#1813 of 2984)

So watching OotP a second time was a lot more fun than the first. I think it makes a difference when you see it with someone who read the books and not someone who just sees the movies. My friend and I had an enormously fun time nitpicking throughout the entire movie, and by the end, I realized that the movie wasn't as bad as I thought it was originally. The acting is ten times better, although I still really wanted to tape Emma Watson's eyebrows down. Now I just have to see it at the IMAX, and life will be good! I got all teary eyed when I saw Lupin, Tonks, Fred, and Hedwig. *sniff*

Don't think I'm going to make it when the lunar eclipse happens. I originally was going to force myself to stay up, but as I'm having problems keeping my eyes open right now, and I have to get up at 5:30, I'm willing to miss it.

Hope someone else got to see it! **waves to Sheila** (The moon isn't orangey here- it's just very bright and full. Lupin wouldn't have been happy to see it...)

**healing charms** to those that need them!

**unpacking and rearranging charms** to Mediwitch!



Potteraholic - Aug 28, 2007 4:37 am (#1814 of 2984)

Just a quick word to say hello and thanks to everyone who wished me a good vacation way back last weekend. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place. I became enamored with the rolling farmlands and with the Amish people. I definitely would like to visit the area again.

Imagine my dismay when I tried to check the Forum upon my return only to find that WX was having problems again. But it looks like things are better today. Yay!

Off to school to continue setting-up my classroom. The kiddies come in on Tuesday, the 4th. Got lots to do, still, and must take advantage of he cool, dry weather here in NYC.

Have a great day everyone!


Marie E. - Aug 28, 2007 5:02 am (#1815 of 2984)

I mentioned on the fanfic forum that I was interviewing prospective preschool teachers yesterday. I interviewed one lady who was perfect! I just hope she doesn't come to her senses before we snag her. LOL!

Shayla's teachers are still saying she's "spacing" out during class and it's evident from her homework that she didn't hear a thing her math teacher said.

My director will be out all week and I'm already exhausted. I may be going to bed early tonight.


azi - Aug 28, 2007 5:36 am (#1816 of 2984)

Shelia - kids with ginger hair tend to get picked on quite a bit in school here. Names like carrot-top etc. My brother always complained that he got picked on by the teachers because of his hair colour as well - telling him off in lessons for misbehaving when his friends were more at fault etc. He dyed his hair some time ago to avoid the stigma. I also remember the main troublemakers in school were ginger. Having said that, I've always wanted ginger hair.

More healing charms to Nathan, the Werewolves and Legolas!

I'm off to yell at someone at my university because of their inability to send me my results. It's not fair that everyone else has them!

Lovelt days to all! (cloudy here )


Accio Sirius - Aug 28, 2007 5:42 am (#1817 of 2984)

Sheila, the bird was indeed rescued thanks to the help a very nice waiter at a nearby restaurant and then taken to the vet. Sorry about your dream house. Maybe they will change their minds again. I've been watching a great house on the corner hoping the owners will sell. It needs a lot of work but has so much potential. I was talking with some other neighbors during National Night Out and it turns out that everyone covets the same house! I think my imaginary remodeling plan is the best,however.

Madame Pince: Mr. Sirius, although an Oriole fan is also from Texas and was delighted with that particular bit of baseball history! 30 points in baseball! Zoinks!

I cannot even begin to think about Halloween yet. School starts next week, but we have open house on Friday so we can bring in the supplies and meet the teacher. Little Sirius has a brand new teacher, so she's anxious to meet him. It's her last year at the elementary school. Sniff sniff.


Denise P. - Aug 28, 2007 6:30 am (#1818 of 2984)

Mr. Denise is a ginger and didn't really get teased in school. His hair looks more brown now but it is red in the sun and when he grows a beard, it is bright red. I was hoping we would get a red head but we didn't even get a strawberry blonde in the bunch. His sister did get a strawberry blonde, both her and her husband are brunette. Genetics are so fun!


journeymom - Aug 28, 2007 9:34 am (#1819 of 2984)

Didn't Snape call the Twins the Ginger Menace? I love red hair.

Marie, here's a focusing charm for your daughter: Quadrivium Engagier!

I set the alarm for 3:00 a.m. I dragged poor Mr Journeymom out of bed and we went out on the back patio and looked at the moon for a moment. It was a deep orange, though even then the bottom edge was getting brighter. And now we're pooped. We can do this all over again in 2010.


Choices - Aug 28, 2007 11:06 am (#1820 of 2984)

I loved the pigeon and the drunk lady story. So glad to know the pigeon got taken care of at the vets.

Hope everyone is having a good week. We are finally getting some rain and it has cooled things off a bit. I think now we are in the 88 degree range instead of 97 or more.

Take care. More healing charms to all who need them - don't we all from time to time! :-) Love and (((hugs)))to everyone.


Betty Boop - Aug 28, 2007 6:09 pm (#1821 of 2984)

Hi Everyone!!

Healing charms to all that need them.

I have only 2 more days of work then I will be off for 4. That means I worked 18 days straight without a day off. I worked 34 hours of overtime. The students are all in and they are great group of kids.

Have a great rest of the day!!

hugs always



painting sheila - Aug 28, 2007 6:37 pm (#1822 of 2984)

Hugs to Boop for working 18 days straight! Whew. Go to bed now. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org



Eponine - Aug 28, 2007 6:45 pm (#1823 of 2984)

Okay. I just skimmed over 200+ posts.

So, congrats to everyone who needs it, hugs to anyone who needs them and so on and so forth.

I started school last week, and I'm taking 3 classes this semester. Two of them are web only classes, and one is a face to face class. I'm going to learn how to catalog. How fun.

I hope everyone here is well.


Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2007 6:47 pm (#1824 of 2984)

Wow, Betty! That's a lot of hours. Hope you get some well-deserved rest now!

I loved the pigeon / drunk lady story too! Too funny! And you just know that if you tried to explain yourself, they'd just be rolling their eyes and saying "Yeah, right.... somebody call the cops..." LOL!

Tazzy, I liked the movie a lot better the second time, too. I think I caught a bit more of the dialogue that I'd missed the first time, so that helped.

Sheila, sorry about your "dream house," but if it's meant to be, it will come up for sale again sometime soon!

Denise, I would've never thought Mr. Denise was a ginger. But then, he didn't have a beard the time I saw him. You think there's any chance Rhys will develop a bit of a reddish tint as he gets older?

We met Little Pince's teacher today -- she seems wonderful! I am really pleased. The only thing I'm a bit apprehensive about is the length of the school day -- we start at 9:00am and get out at 3:45pm, with a half-hour bus ride tacked onto each end of that. That seems like a really long day for a 5-year-old, to me, but we'll see I guess!

Well, we're off tomorrow to go to the Fair and enjoy a couple days at the cabin. I'm sorry we missed the lunar eclipse, and doubly sorry that it wasn't happening this weekend instead, because it would've been gorgeous up there in the clear mountain air with absolutely no other light around anywhere other than the stars. Ah, well, maybe next time...

Everyone enjoy the rest of the week!


Denise P. - Aug 28, 2007 6:52 pm (#1825 of 2984)

Oh, Mr. Denise had brilliant red hair as a baby. Here is a picture that shows his red beard, not a direct link though. Make sure you add in the http colon // before this. This was taken in Afghanistan about 2002. I normally would put this behind my avatar. www.geocities.com/noveil4me/gp1a.jpg

I don't think Rhys or any of them are going to even have a hint of red as they get older. Mr. Denise darkened as he got older but his high school graduation picture, it is still bright red.


Caput Draconis - Aug 28, 2007 7:38 pm (#1826 of 2984)

I like Mr. Denise's red beard!

If he lived around here he would probably be called 'Bluey' or 'Blue'. It's pretty much the blanket nickname for anyone with red hair. Go figure.


painting sheila - Aug 28, 2007 7:44 pm (#1827 of 2984)
Edited Aug 28, 2007 8:26 pm

The color of Mr. Denise's beard reminds me of Kris Kringle in Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Thanks for the sympathy Madame Pince. I made Hubby drive by it tonight with me. It may take awhile for me to warm him up to the idea - so maybe it's a blessing in disguise that they took it off the market for awhile. (At least that is what I keep telling myself!)

Edit: Did any one else hear about all the foam washed up on the beaches in Australia? It looked amazing on the news video. Wow!


Madam Pince - Aug 28, 2007 9:46 pm (#1828 of 2984)

I forgot one thing earlier and I know I won't remember it when we get back after Labor Day -- we rescued yet another box turtle that was trying to commit suicide by crossing a road! Today coming back from the meeting with Little P's teacher, I saw something just about a foot or two from the yellow line, and I said "Stop! Turn around! That was a turtle!" So Mr. Pince turned around and we found that it was indeed a mature male Eastern box turtle -- the third one I've rescued this summer. We were very proud of ourselves. Fred (don't know why -- he just looks like a Fred. He has a lot of orange... but he also has evil red eyes, so maybe we should call him Voldy...) is currently residing in a box (ha! Box turtle! Get it? ) in our kitchen, but tomorrow Mr. Pince is going to return him to the woods near where we found him -- but far away from the road. Apparently they don't do well as pets and they have "homing devices" so you don't want to just set them loose any old place, or else they'll just get smushed in the road trying to get home again.

I've gone all my life and never seen turtles in the road before, and now this summer I've seen three. How odd is that? I've seen them in the woods before, but apparently I have a sign on the front of my car now that says "I dare you, turtle!" or something...

OK, off to beddie-bye...


journeymom - Aug 28, 2007 9:46 pm (#1829 of 2984)

So Mr Denise was in Afghanistan in 2002 and in that photo he's wearing one of those neat vests. Is he in the military? Please forgive if this is general knowlege!


Tazzygirl - Aug 28, 2007 10:50 pm (#1830 of 2984)

Just wanted to share with all of you that I think the person who thought up the bright idea of reflections should be Avada Kedavera-ed. Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. Maybe they could just get hit with a bat-bogey hex or something. Second week of school, and I have to write the first of a gazillion stupid pointless reflections about our social studies class. That is on top of the reflections we have to write after teaching a lesson. While I understand some reflections can be helpful, I don't think assigning them to the point of being tedious and boring was the initial idea. **insert a not amused, fed up smiley here**

I always liked red haired people. I keep toying with the idea of dying my hair a auburny color.

w00t on saving another turtle, Madam P! We used to rescue them when we were little.

I don't remember what else I was going to respond to. Stupid reflection is giving me brain damage.



Steve Newton - Aug 29, 2007 4:45 am (#1831 of 2984)

Eponine, your not studying to be a librarian, are you? Cataloging can be deadly although the results are helpful.


Eponine - Aug 29, 2007 5:28 am (#1832 of 2984)

Yes, Steve, I am. I've been working at a library for two years now, and I decided to go ahead and get my masters. I started in the spring, and I took a few summer classes. I like the classes so far. I've heard horror stories about cataloging, but the professor seems nice so far.


Elanor - Aug 29, 2007 5:57 am (#1833 of 2984)

**Strengthening Charms to Tazzy** If it is of any comfort, we were asked the same pointless things at teachers' school here (ok, not really a comfort, lol!). It only teached me one thing: what was useful and what I would certainly not bother with in the future if I planned to sleep at all in the next 30 years. Only good thing about it is that it happened when I could afford to "experiment" with teaching and wasn't in charge of a class yet.

My grandmother had bright red hair but I have only inherited some freckles. But maybe her red hair will reappear in the next generation!

There is a very famous book about a red haired kid in French: "Poil de Carotte", by Jules Renard (end of the 19th century). It means "carrot hair" and it is the very moving story of a child raised without love by his family but who gets out of difficult situations because he is very astute. It is really a pleasure to read this author, he's very witty and funny.

Some quotes of his are very famous (you can read many if searching "Jules Renard" on wikipedia). For example: "Writing is the only way to talk without being interrupted." or "It is not how old you are but how you are old".

Carrot Hair has been pretty famous and it is something many red-haired people have thus often been called but I think it fortunately tends to disappear.

Congrats about the turtle Madam Pince!

Have a great day everybody!



Denise P. - Aug 29, 2007 6:03 am (#1834 of 2984)

Yes, Mr. Denise was in the military. He retired about a year ago.

Today was freshman orientation. I just dropped off our freshman and he was not happy about getting up early. How is he going to do next week when he has to be at a class by 6 am??

Mr. Denise had an uncle who was a redhead. His name was Elden but everyone called him Red. His maternal grandmother is a redhead too so he has red on both sides of his family.


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2007 6:17 am (#1835 of 2984)

I just have tow heads in my family - tow heads and brown haired people. Why don't brown haired people have a fun name? Carrot top, tow head, brown hair. . . . not near as fun sounding.

I had some one ask me if Littlest Guy's hair color was real or if I dyed it that way. "Uh, no. It's natural." My husband and I both had white blonde hair when we were young. Hubby's lasted until he was married. Mine lasted until about the 6th grade. It will lighten up a lot in the summer, but not as light as Littlest Guys. His has been the lightest of all of us.

Reflections - Tazzy? They want you to write down how the day went? or am I missing something?

The count down is on. . . . less than 24 hours before Littlest Guy has his first full day of Kindergarten! Yikes!! He has a staggered entry day, so I get him back on Friday and then do not have to send him again until Tuesday. WHAT am I going to do with myself?

Denise - on the SWAPS, do we put a pin back on all of them, or do we need to leave the pins off for mailing purposes?


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2007 6:26 am (#1836 of 2984)

Sheila, I was a towhead as youngling. I thought I was still blonde until I went to get an ID card when I was 14 and they marked my hair as brown. 4 of my kidlets started out as towheads, only one still has light blonde hair. 2 were brunette from the word go and 1 is a dirty blonde. I am blue eyed, Mr. Denise has brown eyes. We ended up with 4 blue eyed, 2 brown eyed and 1 hazel eyed. No one has the same shade of blue or brown though.

SWAPS - you can put the pin on if you like or leave them off but leave a place to put it on. Lizzie had concerns about shipping with pins but I don't think a safety pin is a big issue.


Solitaire - Aug 29, 2007 7:06 am (#1837 of 2984)

Tazzy, when I took the tech classes to get my tech certificate, I had to prepare a HUGE binder portfolio with dozens of different kinds of projects, lessons, etc. After each one, we had to write a reflection about what went well, what didn't, things we would do differently, etc.

This year our principal is having the teachers teach/use the Cornell Notes format school-wide. Part of that format includes a short reflection by the student that either summarizes the information, gives a few key points, or "reflects" in some way on what he learned. If the reflections don't have to be long (a few sentences, perhaps), they can be useful, if you do them immediately, while the lesson/information is fresh in your mind. I'm not sure why you would have to write a gazillion of them, though ... that seems rather pointless. Good luck.

I guess everyone has been busy. I was expecting to see about 300 posts, and there were only about 60 since I last checked. Whew! Well, I have only 22 more of my 100+ essays to grade. I'll be done by tonight, so no essays over the long weekend! Weeeeeeeeee! I can clean house instead.

BTW, Madam Pince, my house is starting to look a bit raggedy. I lost my house cleaner 3 weeks ago, so I am doing it myself. I'm keeping up on the vacuuming, lower-level dusting (things I can reach without a step-ladder), and kitchen/bathrooms. Alas, the tall furniture and high surfaces are collecting a layer of dust, and I have not polished any of the cabinets/woodwork or vacuumed the baseboards! THOSE are my chores this weekend. I think I'll do them on Saturday, so that I have Sunday and Monday to recuperate! LOL

I also need a serious dose of Forum time. I've barely turned on the computer for pleasure this week. Last night I was at school for a parent AVID orientation, and Thursday is Back-to-School night ... until about 8:30. I'm tired just thinking about it!

Well, playtime is finished. I hope everyone has a great day!



Holly T. - Aug 29, 2007 7:47 am (#1838 of 2984)

My daughter's science teacher went to an AVID seminar over the summer and when I read that on his note for the parents I was like "hey, I know what that is because of the forum."

My dh is a redhead. He was hoping we would get a redheaded child, but no luck. Daughter is light blonde and son used to be a tow head but I think his hair is going to end up dark brown like mine.

Dh finished listening to DH so we can talk about it now.

I'm back at the office after four days out so I am trying to remember what I was working on, LOL. I know I need to track down a Fed Ex that was supposed to get here last week and is not on my desk.

Does anybody have one of those robot vacuums or floor cleaners? I am contemplating getting one of those for my birthday. Not too exciting, I know, but it would be very exciting to have some help cleaning the floors.

Hugs to all who need them!


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2007 7:48 am (#1839 of 2984)

I am the only one in my family with green eyes. They are green - not hazel. The laugh and say I am adopted. If only. . . .

No! I am just kidding. My dad side of the family had Native American so there are lots of black haired, dark brown eyed people. Most of my cousins, my sister and I have lighter hair and all have light eyes and one or two brown eyed people thrown in.

My kids all have blonde hair to varying degrees and all have blue eyes. My husband has blue eyes. Maybe I will get a green eyed grand baby some time in the future - far, far into the future!

Have you all seen the commercials with the blondes and brunettes digging at each other? It is so funny! I can't remember the shampoo but it make me laugh every time.

Squid Mike - Are you okay? I forgot to ask you about the flooding there.

Holly T - You mean the kind you turn on and leave running? I like the idea of those!!


Holly T. - Aug 29, 2007 7:54 am (#1840 of 2984)

Sheila, my dad has blue eyes and my mom brown. All three of my siblings have blue eyes. I have brown eyes. So of course my older sister used to tell me all the time that I was adopted. My dad, being a biology teacher, drew the little squares to teach us about recessive genes--statistically, out of four kids, three should have had brown eyes and one blue. But I took that recessive gene and passed it on to my blue-eyed daughter.

Editing--Sheila, the little circle-shaped ones, the vacuum is called Roomba and the floor cleaner Scooba. They are cute. I also think it would entertain the cat.


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2007 8:00 am (#1841 of 2984)

How often would you need to empty the bag of the vaccuum? I love the idea of it scooting around cleaning my floors!

Have you seen the one that is a lawn mower? It is the same principle, but just bigger . . . with blades.

Edit: I used to have blue eyes, but they changed when I started puberty. How sad is that! You can see it in all of my school pictures, blue eyes, blue eyes, blue eyes, .. . green eyes. Kinda freaky if you ask me!


Steve Newton - Aug 29, 2007 8:16 am (#1842 of 2984)

WE have a Roomba and it does a pretty good job. It has a slight benefit over a vacuum in that it doesn't spray dust everywhere. I read recently that they have a new improved model but have not heard of anyone who has used it. This is the first that I have heard of the Scooba.


journeymom - Aug 29, 2007 8:42 am (#1843 of 2984)

Reflections- sounds similar to employee self-assessments. My last employer had us assess ourselves in order to get a raise. It was very odd. Mr Journeymom does the same thing. He writes up an assessment of all his employees, and follows up by assessing his own performance. He says he always gives himself a sterling review....


About a week ago Mediwitch pointed out that parents have an obligation to help their students follow up on their homework. You're absolutely right, Mediwitch, and I certainly came across as whiny! Sorry about that!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2007 9:53 am (#1844 of 2984)

I don't remember what else I was going to respond to. Stupid reflection is giving me brain damage. ~ Tazzy
Having children will do that to you, too.

Healing charms to all, Josephine, Solitaire, etc. - especially Legolas, ouch! (Sounds like something I would do. )

LOL about the pigeon story - can't wait to tell my little HHs that their mom is not the only one to do kooky things. Accio Sirius, your intentions were kind and what a nice waiter to help!

Madam Pince, what a long day indeed, for Little P! Ours is a half day and I am ever so thankful for that. Their little 5-yr old bodies need time to adjust to so much activity and change. (Gee, I don't pamper mine too much, do I )

HH13 is starting HS and her orientation is next Wed. - the day before school. It is interesting, Denise, to see the parallels between our freshmen. I noticed she has been getting up earlier and earlier as the week progresses (perhaps getting worried about not being able to get up in time?). She got her schedule and was pleased. She has a different teacher for Latin II, whew. I feel like we dodged a bullet, there.

HH10 will be starting her last year in elementary school and that means they are off to camp - a three-day excursion with classmates, exploring nature - without their parents! Well, Olivia did go when the high for the entire week was 22 degrees Fahrenheit. I just learned that Priscilla will be going the first week of October, so I am hoping the weather will be milder. ***IwillnotpanicIwillnotpanicIwillnotpanicpanicpanicpanic***

Our SWAPs are progressing. They look so neat. We modeled them after something we picked up just before the book was released.

I would love to see OotP for a third time, though I know that sounds rather gluttonous, but hey, it's HP!

Good luck to Madam Pince, painting sheila, Snuffles Julie and anyone I might have forgotten as their little ones embark on their kindergarten adventures.

Felix Felicis to you Holly, it sounds as though you could use it on the job.

Firing off hugs and cheering charms all around.



Tazzygirl - Aug 29, 2007 10:07 am (#1845 of 2984)

Reflections - Tazzy? They want you to write down how the day went? or am I missing something?

Yes. For my social studies class, we have to reflect on what we thought of each class, what we learned about ourselves and peers, did we like the activities, would we use the techniques in our classrooms, etc. etc. etc. The other reflections we have to do is after teaching a lesson in our placements. What worked, what didn't worked, how did the kids act, what improvements could we make... Most of those reflections I don't mind doing, as those do help me to see how I'm doing. The ones for my uni classes just stink. I just got through writing a year's worth of reflections, and it's starting all over again. ick.

Maria- I find that many things will give brain damage. LOL

Off to class!

**healing charms** to those that need them, and **strengthening charms** to Maria and Sheila for when their little guys go to school.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2007 10:14 am (#1846 of 2984)

WooHoo! It's raining! It's raining! Sorta makes me feel like dancing! Yay!!!! It must have been Lina's powerful rain charms that did the trick!

My 13 year old had red hair when he was younger. All his brother's team mates used to rub his hair for luck before little league games. He's glad it turned brown as that could be annoying after awhile!

My Mom has blue eyes and my Dad had brown. All my sisters have brown eyes except myself and the youngest. Ours are hazel. Oh, and I had white blonde hair until about the 3rd grade or so...

Good luck to all the kids heading back to school!

***waves to Lina and Maria***


TomProffitt - Aug 29, 2007 11:03 am (#1847 of 2984)

All the males in my family (maternal & paternal) (don't know about nephew yet, he's only 21) are bald, except for my Dad's late elder brother. Other than his very dark coloring he looked exactly like his father and brothers.

Disposed of a very large wolf spider in my Mom's gardening stuff (about 3 inches across counting the legs). I told her it was an acromantula.


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2007 11:14 am (#1848 of 2984)

(note to self - Stay out of TomProfitt's mother's garden)Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2007 11:22 am (#1849 of 2984)
Edited Aug 29, 2007 12:12 pm

Yay, rain for kaykay! Yes, Lina is a very powerful witch.

Hubby had a ginger beard. I say had because it is gradually being replaced by white hairs. He blames me, hehe. He is blond, though not as light as he was when he was younger. Olivia is a golden blond. Hubby has blue eyes, mine are dark brown. Daughters are blue-eyed and little guy is brown-eyed. I knew those Magyar genes would rear their heads sooner or later.

Does anyone know if there is a certain tendency - like those with ginger or reddish hair go white rather than gray, darker hair going gray sooner than lighter, etc.?

***waves to kaykay and Lina - oh, I've missed my forum friends***

EDIT: Tom, when we first moved here, more than 16 years ago, I saw something scamper across my kitchen floor by the garage entrance. I thought it was a mouse and yelled for hubby. It turned out to be a wolf spider. Yes, they can get THAT big. Luckily, hubby's brave. **shivers just thinking about it**


legolas returns - Aug 29, 2007 11:56 am (#1850 of 2984)

Thanks for the healing charms guys its really appreciated -I am on the mend . Yesterday I was limping really badly and still had very swollen knees. I went to my Gym and sat in the sauna for a wee while and did the freezing shower in-between routine. It really brought down the swelling down and brought the bruises to the surface. In some patches it looks like I have really dark freckles *he hee* but thats just bruises. Today I went to work and was walking normally. I can only feel my knees occasionally now even though the bruising is still there. I am going for another quick sauna tonight to hopefully see more improvement.

(((((hugs))))) to all.
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Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:53 pm


Tazzygirl - Aug 29, 2007 12:48 pm (#1851 of 2984)

I've been blonde my entire life- it's a little darker than when I was little, but it's still blonde. I'm the only green eyed person in my immediate family- both siblings and my parents have blue eyes. I was the only green eyed person in my extended family until Sydney came along. Everyone else has either brown or blue eyes. Syd is also the only other one in the family with blonde hair. Everyone else has brown hair.

The spiders in California get pretty big too. I remember one time, I had one of those big 32 ounce cold cups with a closed lid and a straw (the reusable type) next to my bed. I woke up the next morning, and a monstrous spider was stuck inside it. I have no idea how it got in there, but it did. **shudder**



John Bumbledore - Aug 29, 2007 1:38 pm (#1852 of 2984)

Squid Mike - Are you okay? I forgot to ask you about the flooding there. — She (painting sheila)

SPEW! Asking if a Squid is okay simply because there was flooding in his area! Oh! the Picture! "He was movin' and a grovin'! Splishin' and a splashin'..."

Roomba and Scooba, from the sound of the second name I would think it is a pool vacuum...

WooHoo! It's raining! It's raining! Sorta makes me feel like dancing! Yay! — kaykay1970

Kaykay, would that qualify as a "Rain Dance?" Anyone?

I'm brown haired with brown eyes. DBW is was blonde (yes, was, and I'll leave it at that) with blue/green eyes (meaning they change). All four children are blonde. First (oldest) has blue eyes but the rest have brown eyes. Oldest daughter has straight hair and the youngest has curls (like her mom). The boys like their hair buzzed short (#2 guard, I think) and so you can't tell if they would have mom's curls or dad's straight hair.

I had one of those big 32 ounce cold cups with a closed lid and a straw... the next morning, and a monstrous spider was stuck inside it. I have no idea how it got in there. — Tazzy

Obviously it got in there by sucking to hard on the straw and... soump! it was pulled in by the vacuum!

Healing charms to all who need (Soli, Josephine & Ann, Legolas ...)!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Denise P. - Aug 29, 2007 1:46 pm (#1853 of 2984)

Everyone I know who has a Roomba or a Scooba love it. I have not found anyone who has one that doesn't. They are pretty pricey but you can find them on sale a lot.

I am trying to figure out how to get the audio of HBP onto my MP3 player. I don't normally listen to one when I run but I thought that would be a good thing to listen to during my early morning runs. I just need to copy it onto my computer and then download it to my MP3 player a disk at a time.

Madam Pince, after you described your space book, I found one on Half.com and ordered it. It came in today and it is so nifty! We are going to attempt to read some of it this evening. Rhys is big into reading books but I am not sure he will sit long enough to read more than about a page of this one.


Nicoline Vance - Aug 29, 2007 2:31 pm (#1854 of 2984)

Oldest daughter has straight hair and the youngest has curls (like her mom) John Bumbledore

OK, this is bothering me. This reminds me of the Brady Bunch theme song, but I can't recall the words. Help!

My daughter is left handed and no one in either of our immediate families are lefties. It is funny how genes get passed down.


kaykay1970 - Aug 29, 2007 2:38 pm (#1855 of 2984)

I think this is the portion of the song your looking for:

It's the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, like their mother. The youngest one in curls.... lol

So yeah! I pretty much grew up watching Brady Bunch! Now I have the song stuck in my head!


Lina - Aug 29, 2007 2:53 pm (#1856 of 2984)

What do you think, guys, could I make some money with my witch powers? LOL

My middle daughter (Veronika) has the blondest hair in my family and the darkest eyes. I used to be blond in my youth too, but when I figured out that my hair becomes darker, I started to dye it ginger. I love ginger hair. My dad had a ginger beard and my hubby's great grandfather was nicknamed Red, so I was hoping that I would have at least one ginger child. No such luck. I think that if I were told that my next daughter would be red haired I would be pregnant right away.

My hubby has one black and one green eye and he is not brave at all. He laughs at me when I scream about spiders, but he doesn't get up to kill them. The other day a bird entered our living room and he started to scream. Fortunately, I'm not afraid of birds or bats.

I have a friend that used to be blond and has straight hair and her hubby has dark and curly hair. They have two daughters, one is blond and curly and the other has dark and straight hair. I find it funny.

And I don't think that getting gray hair has anything to do with the original color, you just see it more easily on the dark hair.

I'm glad you are on the mend, legolas. Sending around healing and weather charms to all that need them!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 29, 2007 4:03 pm (#1857 of 2984)

I have a friend that used to be blond and has straight hair and her hubby has dark and curly hair. They have two daughters, one is blond and curly and the other has dark and straight hair. ~ Lina

Sounds like confusion in the womb.

I think that if I were told that my next daughter would be red haired I would be pregnant right away. ~ Lina

Gee, I wonder if that would work on hubby?

All 3 of my children can flip their tongues and neither hubby nor I can. Go figure.

EDIT: Oh, and Percy has 1/3 hazel in one of her blue eyes.


journeymom - Aug 29, 2007 5:20 pm (#1858 of 2984)

HH11- 'flip their tongues'? I can make a tube with my tongue. Is that what you mean? I can roll my R's but I can't touch the tip of my nose with my tongue, like my sister can.

Mr Journeymom and I got talking about spiders and googled 'big jumping Australian spiders'. We found some horrible pictures (I'm phobic, and don't ask me why I seek out photos of spiders). But the worst by far was the page about the camel spider.

Google it. I dare you.


My favorite:

MYTH: Camel spiders can move at speeds over 30 MPH, screaming while they run.

FACT: They only get up to 10 miles per hour, tops.


Choices - Aug 29, 2007 5:40 pm (#1859 of 2984)

So glad you are feeling better, Legolas. Keep it up and you will be A-OK soon.

We have the big garden or banana spiders here - they are huge and are black with yellow on them. A couple of years ago one built it's web right outside our computer room window and I loved to watch it while I waited for things to load. We named it Aragog of course, and we grew quite fond of it. After Katrina came through here, Aragog was gone - probably lives in New Orleans now or wherever the wind blew it.

Healing and cheering charms to all who need them - Love and (((hugs)))to all. :-)


John Bumbledore - Aug 29, 2007 5:45 pm (#1860 of 2984)

Oldest daughter has straight hair and the youngest has curls (like her mom) — John Bumbledore

OK, this is bothering me. This reminds me of the Brady Bunch. — Nicoline Vance

It's the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, [just] like their mother. The youngest one in curls. — Kaykay

Cool, now I have a trendy theme song to go with my member name...

   Here's the story of a lovely lady
   Who's now bringing up two very lovely girls.
   Both of them have hair of gold, like their mother,
   The youngest one in curls.

   Here's the story, of a man named Bumbledore,
   Who's now busy with two boys of his own,
   They are three men, living with three ladies,
   Yet they feel all alone.

   Since that one day when the lady met this fellow
   And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
   That they two, would join and form a family.
   That's the way we all became the Bumbledores.

   The Bumbledores, the Bumbledores.

   And that's the way we became the Bumbledores.

Might explain why we so often get the question, "are they all your children?"

But, there are others here who have more in their bunch than do the Bumbledores.. LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Viola Intonada - Aug 29, 2007 6:39 pm (#1861 of 2984)

Lol, love the song, John!

It will be interesting to see what color hair my daughters end up with. I was blond and slowly turned brunette by 5th grade. Hubby had blond hair when I met him but it has darkened to a light brown. Both girls have blond hair which lightens up in the summer, but each year it is getting darker and darker. I'm not sure either is going to stay a true blond.

Today was a classic example of why I tend to be a pack rat. Saturday the entire family pitched in to clean out the garage. We came across a booster seat that we haven't used in a few years. My first impulse was to save it because I still have friends (and a sister) with small children, I might need it, but Hubby said, "No let's get rid of it." So we did. My mom called today and asked if I by any chance still had a car seat. I had to tell her she was a few days late in asking for it. We both had a good laugh. Isnt' there a Murphy's law about that?


Tazzygirl - Aug 29, 2007 8:09 pm (#1862 of 2984)

I need to learn how to say 'no' to people. My work called me to see if I could come in today (someone called in sick). I had it in my head when I returned their call that I was going to say no, because I have school tomorrow and homework to do. Then my boss picks up the phone and I immediately say "I get out of school at 4:15, and could be at work by 5." Boss was ever so gracious and said I could come in at 6 if I wanted. So I'm taking her up on that offer. Sheesh. I get off at 11. Not the usual 7 hour shift, so it should be okay.

Banana spiders scare me...


EDIT: The FFF is down.


painting sheila - Aug 29, 2007 8:20 pm (#1863 of 2984)

John Bumbledore - YOU crack me up! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

journeymom- They only go 10 miles per hour?!! That is faster than I can run. (gulp) Do they still scream?  

(I will not dream about spiders. I will not dream about spiders. I WILL dream about spiders! drat! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 793915934 )

I have lots of gray hair that friends of mine keep trying to get me to color. I refuse. I have earned every dag-blame one of them and I intend on keeping them! (plus I am too lazy to keep the color up) I think they just want me to look younger so they look younger.

I am so happy the forum is normal again - although I am NOT changing anything until Kip says okay. By the way Kip and all the others working feverously to keep the forum up and running - Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


megfox* - Aug 29, 2007 8:32 pm (#1864 of 2984)

Okay, we siriusly need to stop talking about Spiders. I had to kill three wolf spiders yesterday, and I was just getting over the heebee-geebees. Sheesh. I am phobic, and couldn't (not wouldn't) Google a camel spider if you paid me. When I was younger, I was reading a Vogue (magazine) and there was an article about Australian models. The title of the article was "There's A Huntsman In My Handbag." The author wrote that she was having a dream about a runway show in Paris, and she reached into her purse for a pen, and found a Huntsman spider, and yelled that phrase, and the Australian model on the runway screamed and ran off. And then I turned the page... And there was this huge, brown, hairy spider crawling out of a purse. I threw the magazine all the way across the room and made my brother come and pick it up. I wouldn't go near it. I haven't read a Vogue since.

As for hair and eyes, my hair is red (from a bottle) and my eyes are green - I was born a tow head, and slowly became darker and darker. My brother and sister have very dark brown hair as well. However, my brother has brown eyes (like my mom) and my sister has blue eyes (like my dad). I am the only person on either side of my family with green eyes, except my uncle (dad's side). And they are GREEN, like Azi green. Maddy has blond curls and blue-green eyes. Noah is a carrot top - we were hoping Maddy would be too. I agree with Lina - I would have another baby if I knew she would be a red-head.

Reflections are my least favorite thing about edu classes (and there are lots of things I hate about edu classes!). I sympathize for you a million times, Tazzy. I did all of mine the last week of the semester, instead of as I went. I think my prof knew it to, but she also knew I was a good teacher... so she passed me.

Viola, I can totally relate. Andy makes me throw out things I "haven't used in at least 2 years". He has been to my parent's house, and knows that I have the packrat gene. My parent's have things in their garage that have been moved 4 different times since I was born and have never come out of the moving box.

I love smilies


The giant squid - Aug 29, 2007 8:54 pm (#1865 of 2984)

Squid Mike - Are you okay? I forgot to ask you about the flooding there.--Painting Sheila

There was flooding? Seriously, every time it rains out here there's a part of town that floods. I honestly didn't hear that there was anything out of the ordinary during last week's rainstorms.

On the other hand, I did have yet another road rage moment screaming at the idiot in front of me who somehow had completely forgotten how to deal with rain since the last time it happened. I realize we don't get rain very often, but it's not like this time there was tapioca falling from the sky...

LOL at John's response to this, by the way.



Snuffles - Aug 30, 2007 1:08 am (#1866 of 2984)

Belated congratulations to Kay on her new family member

*Calming drought* to Sheila. I know how you feel. Olivia starts school on Tuesday and I'm starting to realise just how close it is now. I know she will be ok, it's me I'm worried about

*Strengthening charms* to Kristina for all of your class work and extra teaching classes.

Glad you are on the mend Legolas. Continued healing charms just to be sure.

Journeymom, against my better judgement, I did google Camel spiders and Wolf spiders. *major shudder* I almost fainted at the camel spider picture. You guys get the wolf spiders in your home? I think I would rather chew both my arms off than try to capture one of those things. I thought we got big spiders here, but ours are teeny compared to those things.

I was dark blonde up until I had Olivia, then my hair went dark brown, now it has a couple of grey hairs mixed in. I do have highlights put in to try and disguise them though! My eyes are green but hubby's and Olivia's are both hazel.

I will be thinking of Little Pince, HH11's Trevor, and Sheila's youngest next week when they start school. *Felix Felicis* to you all.

I spoke to the lady who we are getting our puppy off yesterday. Apparently it was day 60 of her Border's pregnancy and they are due any day now. I am so excited. I got gazumped on the last puppy we were going to get. Some woman offered the man £250 on top of the price he asked me. Anyway, this breeder turns out to be closer to our home and we are able to visit the pups as many times as we want before collecting ours. We should get her some time in November.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Tazzygirl - Aug 30, 2007 2:06 am (#1867 of 2984)

Thanks for the strengthening charms!

Meg- If I had a choice I probably would wait until the end of the semester to write all the reflections, but all my teachers that require them gave due dates. I have until 11 am each Wednesday to submit my social studies class reflections, and the Friday after teaching a lesson for the student teaching reflections. Another class requires them also to be submitted once a week. It just stinks.

Yeay on the new puppy, Julie!! November is just around the corner...

Off to bed.



painting sheila - Aug 30, 2007 4:53 am (#1868 of 2984)

(gulp) Today is The Day.

I take Dallin to kindergarten in exactly 53 minutes.

Not that I am counting


Accio Sirius - Aug 30, 2007 6:30 am (#1869 of 2984)

Sheila--best of luck to you and Dallin!! What a big day!

Tazzy, hope all is well.

I'm a brunette with brown eyes, Mr. Sirius is blond with blue eyes and together we got a blond with brown eyes and a brunette with blue eyes. Seems fair. I can roll my tongue, but not flip it. I can, however, make it into a clover, which I'm told is slightly rare and not good for anything but impressing your 10 year old.

We are still trying to squeeze out the last few days of summer. Went tubing down the Shenandoah yesterday and it was a blast. Stopped in the cute town of Shepherdstown, WV. They have a little ice cream shop that is an off-shoot of the local dairy. Incredible ice cream. I had to try their flavor of the day which was yellow cake batter. Weird, I know, but it was guilt and shame inducingly yummy. Anyhow, the tubing place does Girl Scout trips. I'm thinking this is good plan for our troop next spring. You tube down the river and then waiting for you in the middle is a cute little beach where there is a buffet lunch! Perhaps not the tough, roughing it outdoor experience, but fun nonetheless.


Solitaire - Aug 30, 2007 7:05 am (#1870 of 2984)

Holly, I would love a robot vacuum ... or even a robot who would like to come over and vacuum! LOL Please let me know how it does.

Sheila, I've always loved green eyes. I was the only brown-eyed one in our family. My mom has one sis with brown eyes, and she had one aunt with brown eyes. I have two cousins on Mom's side who are brown-eyed, but their mother was Native American and Asian. Mom has hazel-gray eyes. There are NO brown-eyed siblings in my dad's family ... and I'm not sure if I have any brown-eyed cousins on Dad's side, now that I think of it. Hm ... My eyes are brown with black flecks (no gold or green), so they look VERY dark. I've been teased my whole life about having been switched at the hospital.

Journeymom, re parents helping their kids with homework: I think it is great if parents sit down and sort of "coach" their kids, helping them to think through tasks and come up with the right answers, etc. Still, I'd rather have a kid do it on his own and get it wrong (and redo with MY help) than have the parents do the work for them or just tell them what to write (as happens with some of mine). When that happens, it's hard to know just what the kid does and doesn't "get."

I wish it would rain out here. Perhaps things would cool down a mite. Yesterday, the temp reached 91 in my classroom, and it was only 100 degrees. It was so humid that I rubbed my sore wrist ... and my arm was wet, just as though I'd been sprayed with water! If I put my arm on the table surface, I stuck! All paper in the room is buckled. I wonder what it will be like today, when it gets to 105-106 outside ... Well, tonight is Back-to-School night, so parents will get a good dose of HEAT in my classroom. Perhaps some generous soul will donate a new window a/c to replace the one that died. **fingers crossed** I'm wearing long shorts and a cotton T-shirt today. Yesterday, my nice T (95% cotton with spandex) and my skirt (rayon) stuck to me and didn't breathe at all.

Healing charms to Legolas!!! Pamper those knees!

Okay ... it's time to get on the move. I need to empty the dryer (we have been asked to run appliances at night and in the early mornings, to conserve energy), clean up the kitchen, and get on my way to school. Oh! I FINISHED GRADING MY ESSAYS!!! Yippeeeeeee!!! I'll have an essay-free weekend!



Holly T. - Aug 30, 2007 7:55 am (#1871 of 2984)

Hugs to Sheila!!!

~~~cooling charms to Solitaire~~~

They have remanufactured Scoobas on Amazon for $199. New ones are $275. Now to convince dh that is what I really want for my birthday. LOL.

Daughter left the garage door open yesterday when she left for school (we refer to such episodes as her blonde hair overriding the high IQ). Luckily, she'd remembered to lock the door going into the house. Also luckily, all the bikes were still there and the cat didn't run off.

I have a new computer at work. The keyboard is flat. Supposed to be more ergonomic. I am still getting used to it.


Steve Newton - Aug 30, 2007 8:43 am (#1872 of 2984)

sheila, you will be bringing him home, won't you?


journeymom - Aug 30, 2007 9:41 am (#1873 of 2984)
Edited Aug 30, 2007 11:01 am

~*Cooling Charms*~ to all who require them. Soli, there ought to be a law requiring temps in classrooms to get no higher than, say, seventy-eight degrees. That was a really awkwardly worded sentence, I know. [Gets all self-conscious in front of the English teacher]

I agree that parents should let the teachers do the teaching. And I totally agree, the teachers won't know if the children are learning properly if the parents do the schoolwork for them. ** But I was bitching and moaning about Daughter's teachers last year, who didn't insist that daughter get my signature in the agenda book the school provides for the students. It's a useful tool for follow-up, if parents are checking and initialing that homework has been done properly, and teachers are checking that the parents have initialed. Mediwitch pointed out that parents are also encouraged to hold their children accountable for use of their planners. And she's totally right, of course!


Edited to say,

** Complaining, specifically because Daughter's math scores were abysmal after the first quarter.

And I'd forgotten to take into account that I was dealing with my mother's illness and death last year. I wasn't able to help Daughter as much as possible. It's in the past, now. Seventh grade is shaping up to be a much better year for her.


John Bumbledore - Aug 30, 2007 10:54 am (#1874 of 2984)

I agree that parents should let the teachers do the teaching. — journeymom

Hush! My children may hear that. I reckon it wouldn't work for them, as their mother is a teacher.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Choices - Aug 30, 2007 11:10 am (#1875 of 2984)

Special, intense cooling charms to Soli. (Let me know if it snows in your classroom and I'll ease up on the cooling charm. LOL) Seriously, nobody except an outdoor laborer would put up with working in temps like that, so why do we think our teachers (and kids) don't need to be cool? Teaching is just about the most important job in the world! Preparing our kids to take over in the future and do a good, intelligent job of it is so vital, yet we underpay and expect our teachers to work in unpleasant conditions and put up with being disrespected by students - it is just crazy. We should be thanking them on bended knee for doing the job they are doing. It is important to take care of our environment, protect and care for our animals, keep our citizens safe, but it is even more important to care for our children and educate them so that they can have a great future. They are our hope for a better tomorrow. (((hugs)))and a big thank you to all our teachers for the wonderful jobs they do.


Nicoline Vance - Aug 30, 2007 11:10 am (#1876 of 2984)

John B. loved your song. Unfortunately, I have had that tune running through my head for two days now. I am afraid someone will come throw a big butterfly net over me if I don't quit soon.

Holly, I would love a robot vacuum ... or even a robot who would like to come over and vacuum! Solitaire

LOL! I'd even take a cat with dust mitts on his/her paws.


Holly T. - Aug 30, 2007 11:32 am (#1877 of 2984)

Nicoline, I once used Fluffy Cat to dust the piano. She wasn't much help. Mainly she just left clumps of fur everywhere. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

I told dh I want a robot vacuum for my birthday. He thinks this is bizarre and isn't sure if it will work. Also thinks it is expensive. I said it would be cheaper than a cleaning service (which is my ultimate goal).


Good Evans - Aug 30, 2007 11:57 am (#1878 of 2984)

Have had super day with fellow lexicon forummers (Phelim, Liz and Azi), we missed the rest of you but had a lovely chat about the forum, the books etc etc. We also walked Azi all round London to show her the sights. I hope that you all enjoyed your virtual tour as you were all with us in spirit !!

hugs to you all and hope that we can do it again with more of us in the future.

Julie XX


Elanor - Aug 30, 2007 11:58 am (#1879 of 2984)

Holly, I would love a robot vacuum ... or even a robot who would like to come over and vacuum! Solitaire

Nah... A R2 unit, that's what I would really need! I keep asking for one but... My birthday is very soon, maybe I should ask again?

**cooling charms to Soli and Cheering Charms to all, especially to all the Kindergarten kids' moms**

It's a very tough week here. I've spent almost 12 full hours at school today as I had the first meeting of the year with the parents after class. It went pretty well, but for a kid's dad who asked if I wasn't thinking we were teaching too many subjects to first graders. As if I was the one deciding of the syllabus...

Have a great day everybody!


Edit: waves to Julie, it must have been great!


Good Evans - Aug 30, 2007 12:03 pm (#1880 of 2984)

** waves back to Audrey** we missed you!!!!

we met at platform 9 3/4, which was great. We met at 10 to 11 and said that if we were meeting two days later, we would have been knocked down with trolly's with owls etc, lol! We later had a great tour "this place was used on the movie" etc etc,Phelim is a mind of knowledge for that type of thing! We went to Charing Cross too but no Leaky!!!

Hope everyone else has had a good day too...


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 30, 2007 12:58 pm (#1881 of 2984)

Poor Sheila - mine goes next week. Strengthening charms your way!

Trevor did have a get acquainted day at school today. We met at 1pm - only a handful of classmates showed up but they got to mull around the classroom, play with some of the toys, meet the teacher and some of their classmates. They also got to check out their seats.

A group of 5 children - most of those who showed up - were playing in the kitchen area then later played with cars. Trevor kind of stayed on his own and went to the far side of the room and played with the counting dinosaurs and scales. Then he found a set of large dice and gave each of us one (sisters and I were sitting at a table) and he made up a game. The highest number wins. He asked the teacher to join us and she was nice enough to do so for a few rounds. He seemed fine, except I'm concerned that he is such a loner. My other two were like that, also - kind of went off on their own and did their own thing, rather than join a group.

Your London get-together sounds like it was fun!


Nicoline Vance - Aug 30, 2007 1:43 pm (#1882 of 2984)

Trevor did have a get acquainted day at school today. We met at 1pm - only a handful of classmates showed up but they got to mull around the classroom, play with some of the toys, meet the teacher and some of their classmates. They also got to check out their seats. HH1

What a great idea! Too bad more people didn't take advantage of that. I think it is nice for them to see their classroom, seats, and meet their teacher. Hopefully, it will reduce any separation anxiety that the kindergarteners will feel. It must be nice for you, too. You will know what is in his classroom and can ask him specific questions. Rather than asking, "How was your day?" and hear back, "fine," or any other one word answer. You can ask about playing with cars, dinosaurs, or dice.

He seemed fine, except I'm concerned that he is such a loner. HH1

I have the exact opposite problem. My almost 3 year old is such a joiner. If the other kids in her daycare said they were jumping off a bridge today, she'd tell them to wait until she got her fairy wings and princess shoes on.


legolas returns - Aug 30, 2007 1:56 pm (#1883 of 2984)

Got a busy weekend planned and I am feeling a wee bit stressed.

I left work early to go and get a virtual tour of my new Bathroom at a local Bathroom Showroom-I am still excited. I am getting the bath removed and a pretty shower cubicle put in in its place. My parents are wanting to come down on the last day to see that the work is completed properly (they are paying). I had to guess a date that would be fine for them because they were both out. Fifty million phonecalls later and everything is sorted.

Since I have been home I have been out to buy stuff for dinner and to the library. I have booked flights for my Mum and Dad. They are coming and going at different times/days because of commitments. It was a total pain inputting the same details twice.

I am going down to London to stay with my Brother (another phone call to see what time he will be in from work) on Friday night. On Saturday we are going to go out for lunch and then to watch Some Rugby. In the evening I am going to a friends party (more time on the phone getting directions) and then getting one of the night coaches home to Birmingham. I had not booked my train to London because I am not 100% sure how much work I will have tomorrow as I am awaiting a delivery. Booked my coach home and tried to find out about trains/underground in London. Why are they all doing engineering work on a sat evening when I am trying to get home? It means I can spend less time at the party. I could have stayed at a hotel but they are expensive and I have got so much housework to do and stuff preplanned for Sunday. Anyway the coach gets back really late about 3am. Still got to book a taxi. I have only just finished packing clothes and have still to have my dinner (its nearly 10pm) and cook some pasta to have at work at lunchtime. The menu in the canteen sounds disgusting and I will be on the train at dinnertime.

I want to relax pretty please.


journeymom - Aug 30, 2007 2:33 pm (#1884 of 2984)

Ugh! Legolas, that sounds crazy! Best of luck to you.

I am so ready for it not to be 107 degrees anymore.


legolas returns - Aug 30, 2007 2:43 pm (#1885 of 2984)

I will swap temperatures with you as its about 70 degrees here. Would that be good for you Journeymom?


journeymom - Aug 30, 2007 3:05 pm (#1886 of 2984)

We'll split the difference, and it'll be perfect!


legolas returns - Aug 30, 2007 3:16 pm (#1887 of 2984)

Sounds nice to me-can I have a nice sunny day as well. Shall I use my wand or do you want to do the honours?


kaykay1970 - Aug 30, 2007 3:26 pm (#1888 of 2984)

Cooling charms to Soli and Journeymom! I can relate! Been there, done that! After our bit of rain yesterday our temperature is ALOT more bearable! We had a high of 94 degrees today!

Good luck to all forum Kindergarteners (and their moms)!


kabloink! - Aug 30, 2007 4:15 pm (#1889 of 2984)

Wow, and here I thought I was dying yesterday at 91*. The humidity was super-high, though and our central air is down, so that may be why it felt so horrible to me. We had storms go through yesterday evening, though, and today has topped out around 70* with nice low humidity, but lots of sunshine. Not like I'm out to enjoy it like I was yesterday. Mom and Dad gave me an unexpected day off yesterday. Our landlord gave us a hard time because someone from our complex complained about our patio and the bags of empties we had next to our doorstep, so they gave me the day off to take care of something at home. It was very cool of them. This weekend will be more of the same, too. Three days of relaxing and housekeeping-I'm excited. Ian tends to take VERY long naps at home compared to at work. Long enough for me to usually accomplish a task and either do some reading, take a shower, or nap myself. I love it!

Hmmm, hair and eyes. I have dirty blonde/light brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes, hubby has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes (Scottish blue eyes, from his dad's side). Ian so far has dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His hair is showing hints of red in the sunlight, though. Mine was copper colored when I was a baby. Both of my parents have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kevin is the spitting image of his dad, so there's no question what side his genetics come from. His mom is sandy-blonde with green eyes, though, as is his brother. It's funny, Kev looks just like his dad, and Jason looks just like their mother.

Ok, I suppose I should go and at least pretend to work for the last 45 minutes...


The giant squid - Aug 30, 2007 6:41 pm (#1890 of 2984)

Gosh, I completely forgot to add my hair-and-eye stuff to my post yesterday. I fully intended to, but got distracted by the flooded squid bit...

When I was born, I was a redhead. There's a picture floating around somewhere of me at 6 mos. with bright red hair. By the time I was 6 yrs old, though, it had faded to white blonde. From there it was a steady decline to the boring brown I have now. Every once in a while, when I let the beard grow out, I see some red in the facial hair, but it's usually overpowered by the brown...

My eyes were hazel when I was younger, flip-flopping from green to blue to brown depending on what I was wearing, my mood & the phases of the moon. These days they're pretty much just green, although my contact lenses have just enough tint to them to make my eyes look blue.

So, basically, whatever color you're looking for, I've got it covered.

HH11, I wouldn't worry too much about Trevor right off the bat. Independent thinking can be a good thing. It's when he always and only keeps to himself that you should be concerned. As long as there's some social interaction he should be fine.

I think the less social types get a bad rap from serial killers--"He was a quiet man, bit of a loner. Always kept to himself." Honestly, that describes me to a "T" for most of my adult life, and as far as I know, I haven't killed anybody.



Denise P. - Aug 30, 2007 7:04 pm (#1891 of 2984)

We just got back from a day at the beach. We drove up into MD to the Atlantic Ocean. The kids had a grand time playing in the sand, collecting shells, splashing in the waves and using a boogie board. We all got sunburned and sandy.


Holly T. - Aug 30, 2007 7:14 pm (#1892 of 2984)

Sometimes people don't take advantage of things like meet the teacher time before school because they schedule those in the middle of the day and parents are at work. If they schedule it late afternoon, more people can come. Unless they are out of town, which is why we missed it this year.

Sheila hasn't posted--I was wondering how she was holding up.

Maria, maybe Trevor didn't want you and the girls to have a bad time so he thought he should play with you?

Dh went to the band parent meeting and learned that daughter has a whole bunch of forms due tomorrow. What forms, she said. He found them in her band folder. Sigh. I am not sure why (she says at least it is safer and not as dangerous as PE) but my daughter is taking drama class this year. Like she needs lessons in how to be dramatic, LOL. She's a natural.


Mediwitch - Aug 30, 2007 7:37 pm (#1893 of 2984)

*sigh* Moving day has been delayed - the builder finally admitted the house won't be done on time. The good side to this is we aren't moving at the end of the first week (with kids) of school. The really bad side is that we are supposed to be out of this house by the 15th, so I don't know where we're going to go! With three cats and Mr. Mediwitch Sr., it makes it much more challenging. Maybe you guys could send some felix felicis this way?

Holly: Sometimes people don't take advantage of things like meet the teacher time before school because they schedule those in the middle of the day and parents are at work. If they schedule it late afternoon, more people can come.

This is true. But just to play Devil's Advocate, here's the other side of the situation: it also means that teachers get home to their families later, and when they have young children they have to find child care, often after the children have been in day care all day already. This is one of those things for which there is just no perfect solution!

Right little ray of sunshine, aren't I?

Oh yeah, and I have brown hair which has turned from light brown when I was young to quite dark and hazel eyes which used to be brown. And I got caramel highlights in my hair for the very first time today, just because I felt like it!

*healing and cooling and whatever other charms are needed to all*


Denise P. - Aug 30, 2007 7:46 pm (#1894 of 2984)

Today was the Back to School meeting but going to the beach won out over going to meet teachers. Mr. Denise took a day off of work so we loaded into the van and headed to the Atlantic Ocean. I didn't realize how burned we all got until we got home but it was still a really fun but long day. Normally we try to go meet the teachers. I found it odd that it was not only before school started but it was at 10 am. We have always had them after school starts and in the evening.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 30, 2007 9:07 pm (#1895 of 2984)

I found it odd that it was not only before school started but it was at 10 am. We have always had them after school starts and in the evening.---Denise P.

Yeah, well Toto, you're not in Kansas anymore.


Tazzygirl - Aug 30, 2007 11:10 pm (#1896 of 2984)

I just looked up camel spiders. **shudder** Imagine waking up to that in the middle of the night!!

Art class still isn't looking like it's going to be better for the rest of the semester. It could also be that we have two 2 1/2 hour classes before that class. All I know is that we all left for the day in very bad moods.

**Felix Felicis** to you, Mediwitch!!

(((HUGS))) to the Kindergarten moms!

Off to bed. Exhausted.



Chemyst - Aug 31, 2007 3:59 am (#1897 of 2984)

I told dh I want a robot vacuum for my birthday. – Holly

I understand the robots are very, very cool. But doesn't asking for appliances set a dangerous precedent in the proper training of husbands?

I think the less social types get a bad rap from serial killers--"He was a quiet man, bit of a loner. Always kept to himself." Honestly, that describes me to a "T" for most of my adult life, and as far as I know, I haven't killed anybody.

I appreciate that, Mike. Both parts.

Tazzy, if you saw this picture of a camel spider, please notice how big the sleeve cuff is in the foreground, not how small the leg is in the background. The picture plays tricks with perspective. Five inches is still "shudderable," but it is much less so than two feet.


Marie E. - Aug 31, 2007 5:01 am (#1898 of 2984)

Mike, I don't remember you having "hazelish" eyes until you were upper elementary school age. When you were little you had big, bright blue eyes and these gorgeous eyelashes. People always said he was too pretty to be a boy. Not so much these days, sadly.

I am utterly exhausted. I have been running the whole building all week and never realized how mentally tiring it is. Today is going to be a challenge as our infant teacher will be gone and our three's teacher has court at 9:00. I think have most of the day figured out, but I told the teachers yesterday that there may be small periods of insanity.

I am completely jealous of the London meet-up. I feel a bit of a whiny (whingy) fit coming on. Just kidding, sounds like you all had a good time.


painting sheila - Aug 31, 2007 6:38 am (#1899 of 2984)

HI everyone!

I did it! - I mean Dallin did it!! He had his first day of Kindergarten and survived. Yeah!!

We had to go back to school last night to meet his teacher she is very nice and young. She has a winner of a last name though - Beckelheimer. Luckily Dallin doesn't have a lisp or this one could be dangerous!

He had a blast - came home very sweaty and thirsty I guess he hasn't found the water fountain at school yet. I was told I could pack a bottle of water in for him and will do that first thing on Tuesday. He even came home and wanted to do "homework". I have a workbook for kindergarteners that I found at a book store so we worked on a few of those pages - he loved it!

Now, if I can get through Tuesday with no tears, I should be okay.

Not much else is happening. Cleaning house and more house browsing later this afternoon. Yeah!

We have no big plans for this long weekend. I hate to work in the yard on "Labor Day" and it looks like we might have thunder storms that day. Sounds like a good day to hide in the house and snuggle with Dallin!

Have a good one everyone-



Solitaire - Aug 31, 2007 7:12 am (#1900 of 2984)

Journeymom, there was nothing wrong with that sentence! I agree that 78 degrees would be an optimum temp in the classroom, but it will never happen until "the reconstruction." The board and district administration have been talking about "the reconstruction" as imminent for 13 years, and it has not happened yet. I'm not holding my breath ...

Journeymom, I also check my AVID kids' planners. Keeping them current and signed is a part of the AVID program's weekly binder-check grade. If I had to do it for my 100+ language arts kids, as well, I would choke! When kids have 7 different teachers, I think that's where the parents are going to have to pick up the ball.

Choices, I think my kids would LOVE some snow in the classroom! I agree that far more learning can take place when the kids are not so uncomfortable. I can put it aside, but kids are very focused on how they feel at any given moment. My custodian "fixed" the window a/c yesterday (it was still at least 92 in the room all day long). The problem? I'm in the old part of the school, and the circuits simply were overloaded. That particular one shut down. Yesterday was 107 in our area, and today is supposed to be 105. I'm not sure why we are so much hotter than Sacramento and Fresno (weather channel has them 8-10 degrees cooler). Generally, our temps are a pretty close match.

Nicoline, the cat with dust mitts is an interesting idea. However, the paws are too small ... not much area could be covered! LOL

**Cheering charms to Audrey!** The first week back is always a shock to the nervous system! Hang in there ... the weekend is coming!

Legolas, good luck with the bathroom! BTW, I'll take the 70-degree temps any time! Journeymom, twc does not have your temps at 107 ... are you guys having the same heat wave?

Okay, no time to finish the posts. I'll have to do it tonight. I'm off to school. TGIF!!! Have a great day, folks! **imagining a cold front blowing into town**



Good Evans - Aug 31, 2007 7:13 am (#1901 of 2984)

lots of strengthening charms to the Mums losing their kiddies to school, you are all doing brilliantly at bearing up!

Next year we will have a meet up in term time so that Snuffles and others can join us too!!!! Accio to the Americans(but you are going to have some distance to apparate! **waves to Marie E** )

as for eyes, I didn’t know that your eyes could change colour, I thought you get what you get, ah well!! mine are blue and have always been, my hair was a lot blonder when I was younger though. My Dad has brown hair, but when he tried to grow a beard or 'tache (gotta love the 70's!) it was always ginger, so there is some in my blood somewhere!!!

Hope everyone has had a great Friday, your trip to the Ocean sounded fun Denise, brought back many memories of day trips like that when I lived in MD.

**waves to everyone**

Julie x


Holly T. - Aug 31, 2007 8:08 am (#1902 of 2984)

Mediwitch--my parents and in-laws were all teachers (now retired) so I know there is a bit of a balancing act going on. Which is why putting these kinds of things in the afternoon--like at 4--seems to work best--the teachers can pick up their kids, and parents can take off a little early so they can go. Whenever the school schedules anything--meet the teacher, assemblies, awards day, etc. at 10 or 11 that basically means I would have to take a whole day off work, so I just told my kids I love them and I'm proud of them but I can't come to their thing at school.

Felix Felicis for your new house!

Chemyst, it would set a bad trend if my husband ever actually bought me gifts. Me telling him I want a vacuum for my birthday means I am going to go buy one in the next few weeks and when he notices it either in the house or on the credit card bill I will then tell him that's what he got me for my  birthday. As this will then absolve him of having to actually go by me a gift, he will be ok with it. Obviously I have given up on him, gift-wise, and am working on training my kids.

Hugs to Marie--sounds like you could use some (or some rest)--same to Boop!

The London meetup sounds fun.

Daughter and I are going to make the swaps over the weekend!


journeymom - Aug 31, 2007 10:20 am (#1903 of 2984)

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. My husband bought himself my anniversary gift to him this year... Last week he was in NYC on business and one evening he checked out this boutique and found himself the leather jacket he's been looking for. He had a hard time spitting it out when I asked him how much it cost.  He prefaced it by telling me I didn't need to get him an anniversary gift now. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059 It's just as well, he'll probably enjoy it more than the Dremel set I planned to get him! To his credit he did bring home a fabulous nectarine and blackberry pie yesterday.

I made penne with vodka sauce, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself.

Listening to the news this morning I was reminded that for our fifth anniversary I spent about an hour on the phone with my girlfriend talking about Princess Diana.

I'm not sure why we are so much hotter than Sacramento and Fresno (weather channel has them 8-10 degrees cooler). Solitaire

Soli, the Weather Channel lies, lol! Or, it's misleading. The gauge they use might be near the capitol, which is a few blocks from the Sacramento River, and is usually a bit cooler than the rest of Sacramento county. Believe me, it was 107 degrees out here in the 'burbs. My car gauge said it was 111 degrees a few days ago at the intersection of two major roads.

And thank you for the grammatical reassurances!


HungarianHorntail11 - Aug 31, 2007 10:23 am (#1904 of 2984)

***Makes mental note never to click on one of Chemyst's links again***

Glad you got through your day, sheila. Now, if I can get through Tuesday with no tears, I should be okay. ~ painting Sheila
You mean, they have to do it again??

I'm trying to keep the Kindergarten thing in perspective, though, because I think kaykay's situation is far more difficult. (Sending more strengthening charms.)

Thanks for all of the kind words of advice about Trevor. He meets only two of the three criteria for being a serial killer. (big sigh of relief here )

Nicoline, I agree that it is a good idea - kind of gives the kiddies a warm up chance without the pressure of it actually being the starting day.

I think there is a comfort level involved regarding Trevor. When we went crabbing on the dock in July, he invited everyone and their mother to come see our crabs and even give it a try if they'd like. At one point, I called him back from the other side of the dock and his response was, "I know, I know - you don't want me to talk to strangers, but you know how I like to talk to people". And if a child approaches, he is friendly and inviting but when they group together, he tends to hang back. My friend suggests that it is because he didn't attend preschool, so I figure he is learning now, rather than at 2 or 3.

Oh yeah, and he stumbled out of his chair and it was all he could do to make it to me and bury his face to fight off the tears afterward. (He didn't cry.)

Holly, we had a Roomba. Whenever I ran it, Trevor would shut it off. It got to the point where it just wasn't worth turning on, so I cleaned it up and put it back into the box. I honestly don't miss it (I got rid of it during one of my organizing frenzies). It had a docking station with a homing device of sorts, so when it needed recharging, it returned to its home base. I suppose if we'd have used it for long enough, we'd have given it a name.

EDIT: I feel terrible, kind of like the Viola moment, where I would have gladly sent it to you if I still had it.

journeymom: Yes, they flip their tongues. Imagine, your hand lying flat on the table, palm down, now flip it so palm is up.


EDIT: Happy Anniversary, journeymom!


Lilly P - Aug 31, 2007 12:44 pm (#1905 of 2984)

If anyone watched the Boise State V. Weber State game on ESPN last night, you probably saw baby P and I in the stands, the camera came right to us and put us on the BIG screen! Baby P got a big kick out of waving to everyone! We wore our jerseys and painted our faces and we got to be famous for 15 seconds! Go Broncos!

Happy Anniversary journeymom! Cooling charms to all who need them!



kaykay1970 - Aug 31, 2007 1:07 pm (#1906 of 2984)

Thanks Maria! It’s not so bad as I thought it would be though. Sometimes she calls and sounds sort of lonesome. That is really tough! But more often she calls me all excited about something. For instance, she has joined Japanese Club, which should more appropriately be called Anime Discussion Group or something similar. She loves it (except for the fact that she's the ONLY female in the group)! I think she should do some recruiting! She loves Japanese class, mostly because she already knows all the phrases they have been set to learn! She's was worried about Calculus, but I think she is finding it a bit easier since she decided to start reading ahead in the text book. Maybe she is a bit of a Hermione.

My 13 year old is thrilled! He was voted 8th grades Most Talented/Creative and Class Clown! The latter title of which he would have been very disappointed not to earn. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042 He's been working toward that goal for years! LOL


Lina - Aug 31, 2007 1:27 pm (#1907 of 2984)

Felix Felicis sent by owl, Mediwitch! I hope you will find a way to sort it out. My prayers are with you.

I see your point about the teachers needing to take care about their own children. We do not have the "meet the teacher before the school starts" time here. We have a parents-teacher conference after few days of school and first days of school are usually never full time days. Yet, when my kids had to start going to day care or to school (1st grade) I'd always leave few days off for those first days of school (or day care). So, I was available to the teacher at any time of day although I am working.

Happy anniversary to Journeymoms!

Congratulations to your 13 years old, Kay!


Nicoline Vance - Aug 31, 2007 2:59 pm (#1908 of 2984)

Good luck to Mediwitch and family. Moving isn't easy under the best of circumstances.

My 13 year old is thrilled! He was voted 8th grades Most Talented/Creative and Class Clown! The latter title of which he would have been very disappointed not to earn. He's been working toward that goal for years! kaykay Are you sure you’re not raising a spare Weasley?

Jamie, sorry to have missed the Boise St game. I am sure I could have picked you out of the crowd. I swear that my husband could watch the famous 'Statue of Liberty' play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl 100 times and never get tired of it. Sorry to any OU Sooner fans out there, but GO BRONCOS! I ended up watching the Oregon State v. Utah. Not much of a game in my opinion. Sorry to bore the non-football (American football) fans.


Tazzygirl - Aug 31, 2007 5:19 pm (#1909 of 2984)

Thanks Chemyst. I really needed yet another image of a camel spider.

Happy Anniversary to the Journeymoms!

Congrats to your 13 year old, Kay!

Have a great weekend everyone!



painting sheila - Aug 31, 2007 6:01 pm (#1910 of 2984)

HH - Yes!! I have to do this again!! Thursday was a staggered entry day. They filter all the kindergartners through the first 4 days and "test" them to see what they know and how they work with the rest of the kids. Then Thursday night we went back and found out who his teacher is. Tuesday will be the first day of school. (gulp)I think it is more the wean the parents from the children than the children from the parents!

Hey! Guess what! I am going to be on North Carolina's Wanted tv show. I am "The Restaurant Manager" in an upcoming show. It's not a big part - but hey! I'll be on tv!! (Next step in tv/movie career - Find a way to get in a HP movie)

Took hubby house browsing today. He didn't pass out once! whoohoo!I think I need to look in more expensive neighborhoods!

Chemyst! I will have bad dreams all night - THANKS to you!!

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ppy anniversary! to journeymom!!

Way to go kaykay on your Clown Prince. (snort)

Hang in there Mediwitch. It will be wonderful when you finally get in. I will send Speed Building thoughts your way.

Jamie - You're famous!! Woot!!
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 Empty September Posts

Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:00 pm


painting sheila - Sep 1, 2007 6:27 am (#1911 of 2984)

Hey! Where is everyone?

No one's posted since I did last night at 6:00. Everyone must be busy . .. (toddles off to find something to do)


Denise P. - Sep 1, 2007 6:44 am (#1912 of 2984)

We went to Ocean City on Thursday, spent the day playing in the sand, sun and surf. There are no places to rinse off after you are done so we were pretty sandy coming back. Yesterday, we headed into Washington DC. We had hoped to be able to park at Mr. Denise's office but our van was too tall. We did find a parking garage that we could park in but it required us to walk for a few days to get anywhere. We walked around the mall a bit, saw the White House and Capitol and then went to the Air Space Museum. While there, we had MacDonald's...the most expensive meal at fast food we have ever had to pay. We spent about 6 hours in Washington, looking around. In the fall, we want to go back and spend time down near the reflecting pond, when it is not so warm. It was only about 85F but it was pretty humid. I always have water in my bag but no one ever thinks to bring their own water or bag and mean mom, I refuse to be the pack person. When you are over 10, you are old enough to carry your own stuff when mom suggests you may want to bring a book bag to carry some water in or bring a water lanyard.

Today, except for going on a few errands, we are staying home. We have a few pounds of sand that needs to be cleaned out of our van and a bunch of shells to clean off.


Solitaire - Sep 1, 2007 8:40 am (#1913 of 2984)

the Weather Channel lies, lol! Or, it's misleading Journeymom, they gave the temp differences as a full 9-11 degrees cooler than here. That's not misleading ... it's out and out lying! BTW, Happy Anniversary!!

Mediwitch, my sister and her husband have been moving the last day or so ... in our lovely 105-110 degree weather. Even in cool weather, moving is horrible. **de-stressing charms coming your direction**

Sheila, don't feel bad about needing "weaning" from your little one. I have a seventh grader who has been home-schooled for several years, and HER mother is having a terrible time. I have seen Mom on the campus every day at various times! I honestly think that, at this age, Mom is making it harder for her daughter than it needs to be. She has friends at our school, and all of our teachers are pretty understanding. We frequently get junior highers who have been home-schooled for several years and are now being "mainstreamed" ... since our school is not as "jarring" as some junior highs (no gangs, lots of fun activities and field trips, etc.) in the area.

Okay, I need to jet! More forum in a few hours. Happy Saturday, everyone!



Steve Newton - Sep 1, 2007 10:24 am (#1914 of 2984)

Denise, I once worked in DC. I would recommend a cool autumn afternoon trip to the zoo. It is quiet, cool and you can check out the animals of your choice at your leisure. I once had quite a long conversation with a rather large tortoise.


Tazzygirl - Sep 1, 2007 1:41 pm (#1915 of 2984)

Denise: ...then went to the Air Space Museum. While there, we had MacDonald's...the most expensive meal at fast food we have ever had to pay.

I've been there! LOL. It was expensive! Funny coincidence- my brother, sister and I were visiting an uncle in Baltimore, and while we were there we took a trip into D.C to walk around the mall area. When we got to the Air Space Museum, we ran into a couple of my brother's friends from high school (in California). We didn't plan it that way either. Small world!

Man, the forum is slow... Where is everyone??



Chemyst - Sep 1, 2007 3:16 pm (#1916 of 2984)

I should think they are all off saying "goodbye" at King's Cross, seeing how this is the first day of September . . .


TomProffitt - Sep 1, 2007 4:26 pm (#1917 of 2984)

House full of family this week-end. Four generations (15 months to 70 years). About a dozen guests, but no more than three staying over night at anyone time. I'm whipped and I was only the back up for Mom, not the primary worker. Good to see everyone, though.

Steve, I'm considering a career change into library work. I've a BA in History, what further do I need to make myself employable?


Eponine - Sep 1, 2007 4:33 pm (#1918 of 2984)

Sheila, what is this tv show you're talking about? I'd like to see it if I can.


Solitaire - Sep 1, 2007 5:14 pm (#1919 of 2984)

Tazzy, when I was in Hawaii, I ran into the sister of a former roommate. I'd not talked to either of them in over 5 years! Weirdly enough, I was visiting a friend in Seattle about 3-4 years later ... and ran into the same girl again up in the Space Needle! **humming It's A Small World ...**

I guess the Forum is quiet today because everyone is out for a "last hurrah" before packing it in for the school year ... probably. Last year on Labor Day, my student was injured in the boating accident up in Shaver Lake, CA. I believe some of you may remember ... Anyway, I have him again this year, and he is doing so well! The resiliency of the human body is a miracle, isn't it? Last week, we heard on the news that the two men who hit him have finally been arrested. There is an article and a photo of my student at www.ksee24.com/news/local/9322002.html. The photo is older, and my student now has a scar that runs from the top of his head down the center of his forehead, between his nose and his left eye, and down into his cheek. But he's still a cutie!

Tom, I do not know how it is anymore, but I looked into a library position when I was working at UC Irvine many years ago. I was told that they required a degree in library science and fluency in two foreign languages--German, Spanish, or French. Of course, requirements may be different for university libraries than for other institutions. A friend of mine in OK works as a media specialist in an elementary school library, and she has a teaching credential. Her only foreign language, I believe, is Spanish. I think some requirements must depend on the nature of the library ... although Steve obviously knows more about it than I do.



Tazzygirl - Sep 1, 2007 6:22 pm (#1920 of 2984)

LOL, Soli. It's so strange! I mean, I can see if you live in one place for a long time, but when you are so far away from 'homebase', you still see people you know! Glad your student is back in school, and healthy, Soli! They just caught the guys that hit him??! I hope they get a huge punishment. That wasn't right.

Time to get ready for work. It's gonna be a crazy night, since it's a holiday weekend. grrrr.



Choices - Sep 1, 2007 6:28 pm (#1921 of 2984)

Tom, my youngest daughter just finished her Master's in Library Science about a year ago. She is now considered a Library Media Specialist. She had her BS degree in Education and she did all her classes for her Master's in Library Science on-line through the University of South Alabama - took her about a year. She loved it. Good Luck!


Eponine - Sep 1, 2007 7:19 pm (#1922 of 2984)

Tom, I'm not a full-fledged librarian (yet!), but I can tell you that a lot of public libraries require a MLS (or MLIS) from an ALA accredited school. You can work at a library without one, but (generally) not as a librarian. I am a library assistant in the reference department at a medium sized public library, but in order to fill one of the professional positions, I'd have to have my MLS. So far, I've actually really enjoyed the classes I've taken, and I like my job quite a bit. You should look into library schools near you to see what they offer.

ETA: I can tell you that Media Specialists have much stricter requirements than people who don't plan on working in elementary/middle/high schools. Media Specialists have to have their teaching certification in addition to the MLS.


kabloink! - Sep 1, 2007 7:37 pm (#1923 of 2984)

Actually, here at Wayne State University in Michigan, you have to have a teaching cert. to do any MLS program. I was looking into it last year when I was planning on going back to school. I was thinking that I want to be either a teacher(high school history or english, or work in a library. (I have a BA in history, too-no jobs here in MI for me) I was wondering which program would take less time. Obviously, a teaching program would be shorter...But that was all before we found out about baby #2 coming along, now there isn't much point in me working for a year or two, given the cost of day care for two little ones...


painting sheila - Sep 1, 2007 8:18 pm (#1924 of 2984)

Eponine - The show is North Carolina's Wanted. It's like America's Most Wanted but just for NC cases. It is on Saturday nights at 10:00 (I think) on our local Fox channel. The show is actually having some success with catching "bad guys". You can go to their web site which is ncwanted with a "www." in front and a ".com" behind it and see some past episodes. I'll let you know when this one airs. I will be playing a restaurant manager - no lines, and probably very little screen time - but I still get paid. wOOt!

I am going to be sore tomorrow - I can already tell. Hubby and I spent the morning trying to pull kudzu out of the tops of some bush/trees we have in the back. We finally got smart enough to tie a rope to the stuff, tie it to the back of the truck and pull it out that way. Man!! That stuff is stubborn. I think we got most of it.

I felt badly though. After we were done, I found a birds nest on the ground. It was so pretty. It had metallic silver paper woven through the twigs, along with strands of white paper of some sort. I hope the little bird that had it had long since flown away. I will have dreams of a little homeless bird trying to sleep on a wire some where!


Solitaire - Sep 1, 2007 8:25 pm (#1925 of 2984)

I had to look up kudzu, as I'd never heard of it. My, it sounds like something that would be great to cover an ugly cinderbock wall ... if one could control it. I wonder how often and how strictly it must be pruned. Do people ever plant it voluntarily, or is it a scourge to avoid at all costs? Just wondering ...



geauxtigers - Sep 1, 2007 8:33 pm (#1926 of 2984)

Just popping in to say that I am still alive, I've just been super busy with school and such! I pressed the magic button, there were a few hundred posts.

Of course, I have to come a brag on my Tigers. 6 interceptions in the game. Clocked them pretty good. They played really well, but we got off to a shaky start. Next week we get Virginia Tech at home, wish I could go, but that one has been sold out for months and months! Should be a good one!

School has been alright. I love my pottery class, its so much fun even if I'm not very good! But its art, so its all about umm... interpretation...right?! LOL We are reading a book in English called The Kite Runner Dunno if anyone has heard of it, but its pretty good. A bit depressing, but its really good. Other than that, my English teacher is crazy and everything else here is great!

Hope everyone is well!


Steve Newton - Sep 1, 2007 8:35 pm (#1927 of 2984)

Tom, there are some specialties. School librarian, for instance. Also law and medical librarians seem to require some specialized knowledge. An easy familiarity with online resources has become vital to reference services. You will have to decide whether you want to do technical things, cataloging and acquisitions, or public services, reference being the most visible. I do lots of reference and enjoy most of it. I get the referrals from our virtual reference service so I don't get many fun questions. I get the ones who need a lawyer or a tax accountant and I have become all too familiar with the services offered by the Delaware Division of Corporations.

Generally there are several areas of librarianship, public, school and academic. Special libraries are hard to define (I know, the state librarian once asked me to define them.)

I'm rambling, sorry. I've just spent 5 hours with my family and it tends to suck my brains away.


Elanor - Sep 1, 2007 10:37 pm (#1928 of 2984)

**waves to all**

Sheila: "Hey! Where is everyone?"  (Congratulations btw!)

I wasn't at King's Cross (ok, been there by thought a bit ), just trying to recover from that first week of school which has been very tough. My poor back is still protesting vigorously against what it's been through these last days. Belated thanks for the encouragements Soli btw!

Weather has been very changeable too this week: after a very warm first day during which it was 28°C/82°F in the classroom, weather has become cloudy and very cool suddenly. Friday morning, it was only 6°C outside (42°F) and for the first time mist was coming out of people's mouths when talking. And this morning, there is a fog so thick outside you'd think it's November! Tree leaves are already starting to turn yellow/red. It seems we're going to have a very early fall.

I hope you're all having a great weekend, especially if it is a three day one for you!

Sending Weather Charms and Cheering Charms to all.



Good Evans - Sep 2, 2007 12:14 am (#1929 of 2984)

Someone's witching powers are on form!!! Tori, we mentioned on Thursday that we hadn't "seen" you around for a while, spooky!! well done to your tigers!

happy belated to the journeymoms!!!

soothing charms to Sheila for any soreness....


TomProffitt - Sep 2, 2007 4:09 am (#1930 of 2984)

Soli, kudzu is a scourge to be avoided at all costs. It cannot be controlled. (Not even by hungry goats)

Thanks everyone for the library information.


Denise P. - Sep 2, 2007 5:48 am (#1931 of 2984)

I agree with Tom. Kudzu looks really nice but it is like a Terminator. You can't stop it, you can't control it and about the only way to get rid of it is to burn down the area, the soak the burned area in gasoline and then layer on numerous toxic chemicals so nothing can grow there for the next 1000 years. Then, just maybe, it won't grow...if the stars are aligned correctly when you did all this.

They are having you read Kite Runner in school?? Did your parents have to sign a permission form? I read it, wasn't much impressed by it despite all the hoopla about what a great book it is but there are some things in there that I think some parents may object to.


Xenophilius - Sep 2, 2007 5:51 am (#1932 of 2984)

Soli - You can find kudzu from Central Kentucky and points south. It is known in some places as the vine that ate the South. It was brought into this country for landscaping, but has spread and it is next to impossible to control. You need to rip it out or kill its roots.


painting sheila - Sep 2, 2007 6:12 am (#1933 of 2984)

Avoid kudzu!!!!!! at all cost.

We sawed the trunk base into, chopped all tendrils that may even been within two feet of the ground, cut all major branches from main trunk, and pulled what we could out of the tops of the trees/bushes with our truck. Next Saturday it will have grown back and we will do it all again. (sigh)There is one vine that goes (growing in this direction!!) from the ground UP! into our neighbors tree and doesn't touch anything until it reaches a tree branch 30 feet up. How does it DO that!!??

Off to church. See ya-



Potteraholic - Sep 2, 2007 6:21 am (#1934 of 2984)

I, too, was surprised that kite Runner was assigned to you by your English teacher. I liked the book, but agree with Denise P. that "there are some things in there that I think some parents may object to."


Catherine - Sep 2, 2007 7:02 am (#1935 of 2984)

We are reading a book in English called The Kite Runner. Dunno if anyone has heard of it, but its pretty good.

Our new Humanities teacher wanted to teach that in 7th grade! I put the kibosh on that one, even if I did come across a little Umbridge-like in the process. It's excellent for students to read on their own; it's a great "Book Group" novel. But you couldn't pay me money to teach it in either middle or high school.

We're rocking in 8th grade Humanities so far. Eight days of school and they already have an essay due next week and are nearly finished with the first novel of the year. I like to start off the year with a brisk pace.

A new student of mine looked at our syllabus and said, "We only read one novel in my old school last year."

I guess he's not in Kansas anymore. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042


Eponine - Sep 2, 2007 7:30 am (#1936 of 2984)

Tom Proffit, the hungry goats comment reminds me of how they deal with kudzu in Chattanooga (my hometown). They have goats set up to eat the kudzu and they are accompanied by guard llamas to protect the goats from coyotes. Yes, LLAMAS! They used to have guard donkeys, but they apparently weren't fierce enough. The city even runs a Goat Academy to teach other people about using goats to try to control kudzu. You can read an article about it here if you're interested.

I haven't read The Kite Runner, but I know a whole lot of people who have. His new book, A Thousand Splendid Suns has a hold list of almost a hundred people at the library.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


The giant squid - Sep 2, 2007 8:21 am (#1937 of 2984)

Avoid kudzu!!!!!! at all cost.

That's strange, I thought it was a very amusing comic strip...

Now that you mention it, I have missed the Tori/Ginny tag-team posts lately. It was always fun to see them log in within minutes of each other and give two slightly different versions of the same event.

Happy Anniversary, Journeymom!



Solitaire - Sep 2, 2007 10:10 am (#1938 of 2984)

you couldn't pay me money to teach [The Kite Runner] in either middle or high school.

Okay, Catherine ... now I'm curious. Why not? BTW, I've not read the book, so I have no idea why it would be a bad one to teach. Is it just a terrible story?

The city even runs a Goat Academy  Hm ... is the man in charge by any chance named ... Aberforth???? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042   hehe Okay, I do get the point, folks ... DON'T PLANT KUDZU! I promise, I won't plant any. I was just curious, because it looked rather pretty in the photo I saw. It sounds as though it is an eastern US plant, anyway. I'm in central California, and it is hot and dry here. It probably wouldn't grow.



Choices - Sep 2, 2007 10:22 am (#1939 of 2984)
Edited Sep 2, 2007 11:17 am

Being from the deep South, we studied kudzu in school. Years ago there was a big road building project throughout the South and it left raw dirt along the banks of the newly built roads. Kudzu was imported to plant on these raw dirt banks to keep the soil from washing away or down onto the pavement. The kudzu grew and spread rapidly and before you could say "uh-oh", it had taken over. It did the job of keeping the banks along the highways from washing away, but it presented a major problem as no one anticipated it would be so prolific and tenacious.


Potteraholic - Sep 2, 2007 11:11 am (#1940 of 2984)


You asked of the Kite Runner, "BTW, I've not read the book, so I have no idea why it would be a bad one to teach. Is it just a terrible story?"

I found the story riveting, but as the beginning is set in Afghanistan right before the Taliban took over, and in the later chapters, present-day Kabul, there are some allusions to and descriptions of violence that are scary and graphic. (At least I found them to be so.) That's why I am surprised it is being assigned to be read by minors in high school. Assigning it to college students is a whole different matter. I am actually glad I read it because it gave me an idea about a culture I knew very little about.


Denise P. - Sep 2, 2007 11:12 am (#1941 of 2984)

Kudzu is very pretty. It spreads very nicely and covers things. But give kudzu an inch and it will have dreams of world domination which it will probably achieve. If it could be controlled easier, I would plant some.


Solitaire - Sep 2, 2007 11:26 am (#1942 of 2984)

Denise, thanks for the email. Although I can receive through my Apple Mail, I cannot send, so I thought I'd post here. I appreciate the heads-up. Potteraholic, I do not handle any kind of graphic violence well, in books or movies. I can perfectly understand the objections now.



geauxtigers - Sep 2, 2007 12:42 pm (#1943 of 2984)

They are having you read Kite Runner in school?? Did your parents have to sign a permission form? I read it, wasn't much impressed by it despite all the hoopla about what a great book it is but there are some things in there that I think some parents may object to.

Hmm, well, I guess we haven't gotten to the more violent parts yet because there was only one thing so far that was particularly disturbing at the beginning of the book. (and no permission slip) But I think I'm about to get more into the "Talihban" part. So far, its been interesting because you get some insight into the Afghan culture, something we've never learned about. I agree though, not for middle school. The one disturbing instance we read about isn't appropriate for middle school.

Now that you mention it, I have missed the Tori/Ginny tag-team posts lately. It was always fun to see them log in within minutes of each other and give two slightly different versions of the same event.

to Mike! LOL


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 2, 2007 5:24 pm (#1944 of 2984) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Sep 2, 2007 5:35 pm

Now that you mention it, I have missed the Tori/Ginny tag-team posts lately. It was always fun to see them log in within minutes of each other and give two slightly different versions of the same event. ~ Mike

LOL, Mike! I had the pleasure of catching them in the chat room. I felt like I was between bookends!

was only one thing so far that was particularly disturbing at the beginning of the book ~Tori

I bought that book last year for Olivia on a recommendation from a neighbor who said her daughter read it (she was 17 at the time). I hadn't read it but trusted this neighbor in similar tastes, I guess. Not far into the story - as Tori stated, Olivia came to me and asked about a particular scene I asked her if I could please see the book and proceeded to read up to and past that part. Needless to say, I took the book away. She can have it when she's a senior. Edit: I took out the general info since it could lead where we don't want to go with this discussion. Denise P.

On a happy reading note, Trevor read his first sentence today. "Mat sat." then, "Mat sat. Sam sat." So, it starts.

LOL about the lama SWAT team.

Felix Felicis to Mediwitch about your house and the moving situation. You must be stressed but I bet your hair looks great!

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is 19 years of marital bliss for hubby and myself. He told me he wanted to go to BJ's to check the price on a camcorder I had looked at and ended up buying it for me! It couldn't have come at a better time, as I can't seem to find the battery charger for my Neanderthal camcorder and Trevor starts K in 4 days. I feel a bit guilty now, since I didn't get him anything. He insisted I not get him anything, as they end up being gifts that keep giving by way of a credit card bill. What ever does he mean? :looksaroundinnocently:



Denise P. - Sep 2, 2007 5:37 pm (#1945 of 2984)

Congrats to you and Mr. HH! 19 years old is a great accomplishment! Woo hoo on getting a new camcorder.

We cleaned out half the beach from our van today. I think we brought most of the beach home with us there was so much sand in there. Tomorrow is the last day before school starts and despite the heat, I think we are going to brave the zoo. I know they will have sprayers of water going if it is too warm. This will be the first time since 1987 that Mr. Denise will have gone.

We are bringing food, water and drinks with us though since I know how much it is there. Since we can bring the wagon along for Rhys to ride in, it is fairly easy to put a cooler with food in it as well.


Marie E. - Sep 2, 2007 7:08 pm (#1946 of 2984)

Well, I went home Friday night and collapsed on the couch. The best thing about last week was that our district manager stopped to ask how I was doing and was very impressed by me. He spoke to my director and was very complementary. Yay me!

Yesterday I went to my director's daughter's first birthday (the baby is also a Shayla, imagine that!) and today I went shopping with a friend in Castle Rock. Castle Rock has this enormous outlet mall so if you are a shopper, it's bliss. I got $12 capris at the Gap outlet and three t-shirts at the Ann Taylor outlet for $24. We were supposed to go to a balloon festival tonight where they keep the balloons grounded but light them at night. I'm just too tired. If the girls had been interested in going I would go.

We always have water with us because the minute we step outside the house Lexi is "dying of thirst". Inside the house she's fine. Very odd.

Mr. E. has now read HBP and SS. He read HBP first because he wanted to find out about the horcruxes. He was going to just read them all backward but I fussed.


Mediwitch - Sep 2, 2007 8:13 pm (#1947 of 2984)

Hi all! I just skimmed through a bunch of posts, so I know there's a need for cooling charms, calming draughts and cheering charms for those sending kiddos off to school, and some anniversary congratulations.

I think we're going to be able to stay in our house for the extra couple of weeks until the new one is ready. **crosses fingers** The young couple who bought the house said they can be flexible - and they don't have to be out of their apartment until the end of the month. And the builder seems to have finally gotten the message that we need to move in, and they've picked up the pace. Things are looking more optimistic than they were when I posted last. Thanks for the well-wishes!

Holly, I'm sorry if I sounded unpleasant about meetings after school - I didn't mean it! I should know better than to post when I'm under pressure. I understand where you were coming from - it was always hard to get to things during the day when Ryan and Heather were in school.

I had a really great couple of professional development days last week. I signed up for a Technology/Internet workshop - and unbeknownst to either of us, Mr. Mediwitch signed up for the same thing. We spent a couple of days actually USING technology - not just a show-and-tell kind of deal. So I got to really update my website (and learned some new tricks, as we just changed to a new format), and I learned how to make an interactive communication board using PowerPoint! It was one of the best workshops I've been to in a while.

Hope all you US forumers have a lovely Labor Day!


Elanor - Sep 2, 2007 10:09 pm (#1948 of 2984)

That's some very good news Mediwitch! BTW, the flowers in your avatar, here they are often called "Spanish Roses", though their true name (here) is "Rose Trémière" (from "outremer"/"overseas"). Go figure!

Well, Monday morning here, and no Labor Day but a new week to start. I'm going to really dive into the reading method with the first graders, and start English class with the 5th graders. It's going to be no picnic but a "dose" of forum before going really helps!

Happy anniversary to Maria and belated ones to Journeymom!

Have a great day everybody, and a wonderful Labor Day for all of you who celebrate.



Solitaire - Sep 2, 2007 11:05 pm (#1949 of 2984)

Happy Anniversary, Maria!



Snuffles - Sep 3, 2007 1:05 am (#1950 of 2984)

Soli, I looked up that news article. I am so glad that arrests have been made. You are right, your student is definitely a cutie

Happy anniversary Maria. I hope you and hubby had a wonderful day.

Mediwitch, *go faster* charms to your builders. I'm glad the people moving into your 'old' house are fairly flexible with their moving date.

I'm glad everyone who went to London had a good time. Hope you took some piccies for us all to look at

Well done Marie. It's nice when people at work appreciate all the work you have done.

Our puppy has been born. Yippee She was born at 12.10am on 31st August. There were only 2 puppies. A male and a female. Unfortunately the male one was a still born pup, so our little one is an only child! I have spoken to the breeder a couple of times, and she assures me she is putting on weight and doing fine. We are hopefully going to visit on Tuesday after Olivia has been to school.(tomorrow isn't really happening. Tomorrow isn't really happening!)

We are trying to think of names. Hubby has said it isn't allowed to be HP related , but seeing as his knowledge of HP is limited, the names that are ruled out are: Hagrid, Dumbledore, Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione! I have suggested the name Poppy (he doesn't know that it is HP related!). We can't have Molly as that is SIL's dogs name. Any suggestions anyone?......

Cheering charms, healing charms and Felix Felicis to all those in need.

Off to check the threads

Hope everyone has a good Monday.

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Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:07 pm


kaykay1970 - Sep 3, 2007 5:04 am (#1951 of 2984)

Happy anniversary Maria!


azi - Sep 3, 2007 5:30 am (#1952 of 2984)

Happy anniversary Maria! Don't feel bad about not buying your hubby anything - my parents had their 22nd anniversary a couple of weeks ago and it went by without any notice, as usual. Of course, they haven't had 22 years of marital bliss, more 22 years of 'Why don't you just move back to your mother's?'

I don't think I've written on this thread since I went to London! It was indeed fun, and great to meet everyone! I didn't take my camera though (I loathe carrying things around with me).

Love your idea for HP doggy names, Snuffles! I like Poppy. Maybe Rose/Rosie? I can't get used to that being a HP name, lol!

Finally everyone has work in my house so I'm home alone! They were driving me insane! I would go back to uni early, but by all accounts a new housemate has completely wrecked the house over the holidays. I'm not happy - he's used my dishes without permission and left them so long they grew blue mould. That's not to mention the state of the bathroom and the rest of the house. Being the fussy person I am, I will be buying new dishes, because I don't care how much they've been cleaned - once they've had mould on they're out!

Lovely, clean days to all!


Good Evans - Sep 3, 2007 5:51 am (#1953 of 2984)

oh dear about the dishes Azi, ick! I could not possibly eat after mould had set in "shudder".

Snuffles, yippee on soon to have a doggie. Yes indeed, Rosie / Poppy / Minnie (minerva) / Bella / Cissy - so many to choose from. - I quite like Bella, and yours will be predominantly Black? what could be better?

Never heard of this book you are all talking about, and by the sounds of it, I'm not missing much

Happy Anniversary Maria!!!!

Work day for us too Audrey, first Monday I've worked for a couple of weeks, boo!


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 3, 2007 6:01 am (#1954 of 2984)

Edit: I took out the general info since it could lead where we don't want to go with this discussion. Denise P.
Sorry about that! I did wonder if I should be leaving it out as I was typing it in. I learned my lesson. I guess when in doubt, leave it out.

So glad about the developments regarding your young student, Solitaire. He is a cutie - what a horrible story. It seems to be ending as well as can be expected considering the circumstances.

Thanks for all of the anniversary wishes! Hubby is hanging new lights in the ceiling (he doesn't like the plain look of high-hats) and found some decorative replacements at Home Depot.

w00t to Marie E.! Glad your hard work is being recognized.

Hurray for the new pup, Snuffles Julie! I'll bet Olivia is excited. Strengthening charms for tomorrow and hope all goes smoothly for Olivia's first day.

LOL about the anniversary, azi! How about leaving post-it notes regarding your housemate? Would he just toss them aside? How about leaving one on his forehead?

***waves to GEJulie***



Potteraholic - Sep 3, 2007 6:03 am (#1955 of 2984)

Sorry to hear about your dishes! Your new housemate should know better AND foot the bill. A similar thing happened to me, but with the cutlery. It was left in the sink so long in water that it got rusty! Needlesss to say, it had to be replaced.

As for puppy names, I second Poppy. I just imagined what some Forumers said to do quite a few hundred posts back when it came to naming some as yet unborn children: yell the name out the door and see if it feels right. I didn't actually do that, yell out loud, I mean, but Poppy did sound wonderful in my mind's eye.


azi - Sep 3, 2007 6:13 am (#1956 of 2984)

I doubt he'd dare to toss them away Maria! Another housemate has gone up there today to assess the damage and he was going to stick post-its where he wanted things cleaning before he moved in (before we left we cleaned the house top to bottom so we didn't have jobs when we got back). I will be telling him that I expect the house to be in the same condition I left it when I get back.

There is a plus side to my plates being ruined - I get a trip to Ikea.

Glad you see things the same way as me Julie! I couldn't leave plates so long they grew mould... **shudder**

Edit - I was considering making him pay, Potteraholic, but instead decided that I'd refuse to go on holiday with him to Scotland. He's pretty disappointed.


The giant squid - Sep 3, 2007 8:22 am (#1957 of 2984)

Happy Anniversary to the Horntails!

Marie, you seem surprised that your DM likes your work. Haven't you figured out by now that you do, in fact, know what you're doing?

azi, I hate it when people abuse my things, especially without permission. As for the post-it notes, I've found they get the meaning across quite well when used in conjunction with a stapler. Tack it to his hand for a first offense, but if it persists the forehead is a great motivator...



Snuffles - Sep 3, 2007 8:24 am (#1958 of 2984)

Sheesh, remind me to never get on the wrong side of the squid!!!


azi - Sep 3, 2007 8:37 am (#1959 of 2984)

to the Squid!


Solitaire - Sep 3, 2007 9:07 am (#1960 of 2984)

Sorry about the dishes, Azi. I lived with an "oinky" housemate for 4 months, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I got into the habit of cleaning the shower/tub BEFORE I used it, as I knew it would have a ring around it and a greasy tub floor (bath oil). I also cleaned the counter and sink, as I wore contact lenses at that time and managed to develop a staph infection while sharing a bathroom with this girl. I do not think she did any real chores during her 4 months with us. The same was true of everything she touched. I would take out a frying pan or pot to use it and discover that it had dried food inside. Cookie sheets were never cleaned ... just sort of "wiped off" and put away. My other roommate and I were constantly cleaning behind this girl, just to stay healthy. Her housekeeping habits remind me of that British show, How Clean Is Your House?

It took us 4 months to get her out of the house. I blew my stack one day when I came home for lunch and found the front door locked but not pulled closed (we lived in an area where burglaries were common). I had a lot of nice things (stereo, TV, all of the downstairs furniture!), and I did not want to lose them because this selfish, careless girl could not be responsible. In addition to this, I came home one evening to find the gas burner on the stove was burning merrily away on high, with no one in the house. The "good roommate" and I finally began a campaign in earnest to get her out. When she finally left, we found mold ... in her closet!! She left a pile of garbage in her room, also. My roommate's boyfriend steam-cleaned her room! Some people!



Eponine - Sep 3, 2007 9:46 am (#1961 of 2984)

Solitaire, that show How Clean is Your House? always manages to make me feel better about my own housekeeping habits. I tend to let the clean laundry pile up for a bit, and I'm not the world's fastest dishwasher, but at least my house doesn't look like those! Plus, it usually inspires me to start cleaning up a little bit.


Choices - Sep 3, 2007 9:54 am (#1962 of 2984)

Puppy names - I like the name Snuffles or Gremlin (Grimlin) - I also like Poppy.

Happy Anniversary to the Horntails and Happy Labor Day to us USA'ers. :-)


Solitaire - Sep 3, 2007 10:37 am (#1963 of 2984)

Eponine, what always puzzles me about the people on How Clean Is Your House? is the fact that they would consent to have their homes shown on international TV. I would be humiliated! Then again, I would never let my house get into that shape. Still, it makes me wonder ... are they like so many of the people who agree to air their "dirty laundry" on shows like Jerry Springer--just eager to have their brief moment of fame at any price, even humiliation?



azi - Sep 3, 2007 10:45 am (#1964 of 2984)

I like watching How Clean is your House. It also makes me feel good about my mess! I was watching the US version today, and a guy had mice in his apartment! It was absolutely foul. I don't know how he could live in it (he seemed a bit absent minded, maybe he never noticed?).


journeymom - Sep 3, 2007 10:49 am (#1965 of 2984)

Heh! Eponine, I just noticed that in that avatar of yours Harry is immediately backed by the three important girls in his life. Then the guys.



Solitaire - Sep 3, 2007 10:52 am (#1966 of 2984)

I've seen some pretty interesting critters crawl out of the muck in some of those homes. It amazes me that people can ignore rat and mice droppings when there are babies crawling around on the floors! And when the droppings are on kitchen counters ... ugh!

I especially like when the cleaners take swabs from the surfaces where people prepare their food ... and then show them to the occupants. I remember one show where the mom became physically ill and had to leave the room when they showed her the cultures. I'll bet she never went back to her old ways after that.



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 3, 2007 11:01 am (#1967 of 2984)

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Audrey, I was thinking of you because I received the Etre et Avoir DVD via an Amazon private seller. It is my favorite way of buying used books and out-of-circulation books. Occasionally, I purchase a movie that way. I suppose you can call it the Ebay of books. I enjoyed the movie and want to share it with friends I know will like it, too.

Speaking of books, yesterday I also received my copy of Space Carnival - the book you suggested, Madam Pince! We love it! I nearly got through a whole story without being interrupted - hubby was waiting in the car to go out.

Denise, have you had a chance to read it to yours yet? I can safely say, I've never heard of that crush chair before this book.

EDIT: I have never seen that show, Clean My House, but judging by your comments, I think I'll avoid it. I learned my lesson after clicking the Camel Spiders link. I'm just better off not having seen some things.



Elanor - Sep 3, 2007 11:54 am (#1968 of 2984)

I'm happy you liked it Maria! It is really a cute movie.

Have fun buying some new plates Azi! I would have done that too.

I love the name Poppy too. There is a cat that more or less lives in my Mom's yard that I like to call Petunia, "Pet" for short...

It's been a tough day at work so, please, all of you celebrating Labor Day, do enjoy it even more thinking of us who have been working today, ok?



painting sheila - Sep 3, 2007 12:23 pm (#1969 of 2984)

(((((hugs)))) to Elanor!

(Skipping off to eat hamburgers and hotdogs with friends by the pool)


Tazzygirl - Sep 3, 2007 1:33 pm (#1970 of 2984)

I'd be livid if someone did that to my dishes. They must have been sitting there for quite awhile to get the mold. LOL- I've never been to an Ikea, and all my friends back in California (they don't have an Ikea here) keep planning the huge shopping day to Ikea when I get back.

Snuffles- I also like Poppy. **tries to think up another Potterish name** I like Rose or Rosie and Bella too.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Horntails!

Happy Labor Day to all celebrating. I will sadly be getting my school binders organized, getting homework done, and cleaning today. Haven't had a chance to get any of it done during the week. Kind of good side- this is my first day off from work or school! w00t!

Since it is a holiday, why is it that the neighbors have to work on their house? They've got the tractors and stuff out there beeping and dropping debris and everything. Kind of annoying. Almost like when the other neighbor was getting their house re-roofed.



legolas returns - Sep 3, 2007 1:48 pm (#1971 of 2984)

The one really annoying thing about IKEA is if you just want to go in for one thing. Its LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW! if you dont. I tried to take a short cut once and got lost. It does sell a lot of good stuff. Go when you want to browse .

Completely exhausted after my weekend away in London. I had a really good time having lunch/watching Rugby with my brother. Our team won YEAH! and then popping off to my friends party. Got back on Sunday morning at 3.15am. I only managed to get around 5 hours sleep before waking but made up for it last night with 11 hours.


Holly T. - Sep 3, 2007 2:03 pm (#1972 of 2984)

Happy anniversary to the Horntails and the Journeymoms!

Happy Labor Day to those in the US (and if it makes those of you who had to work today feel better, I spent most of the day cleaning my house).

We also put up the new curtains in daughter's room and hung shelves in son's room.

I like Poppy or Bella for the puppy, although you might be jinxing yourself if you name her Bella.

Kristina--when they were building the homes in our neighborhood the workers were out every day but Christmas. I don't know about Hawaii, but here I suspect many of the construction workers are not exactly subject to US labor laws.


Chemyst - Sep 3, 2007 2:22 pm (#1973 of 2984)

Azi, everyone seems to agree with you about chucking the plates, but...   I am frugal at heart and I have to ask, what kind of dishes? Plastic? Stoneware? Glass? Porcelain? If they were high-fire ceramic or something that could withstand sterilizing temperature, I'd have no trouble washing the moldy gunk off in a bleach solution and then subjecting them to high temperature for an extended time. That may not work with plastic, but (*Gross Story Warning – Skip Ahead if Queasy*) when I was a little kid we always did a lot of canning and jelly making in the fall. As the previous year's supply of canned goods was used, the empty jars were moved to storage in a shed. By the time they were ready to be reused, the jars were really quite disgusting. I won't be too graphic but spiders, birds, and other small critters were known to visit the shed, along with dust from the hay mowing. One of my jobs as a kid was to do the outdoor pre-wash in an old washtub. I thought it was a great job because it usually was done on a hot day; and what kid doesn't think suds & a garden hose are fun? It was also a great responsibility because I was "Especially Trusted" to not break any jars. And it was a lot better job than boiling the jars in a steamy kitchen!

Anyway, I could eat my toast with grape jelly on a winter morning and never be bothered by what the jar had looked like a few months earlier.


Lina - Sep 3, 2007 3:02 pm (#1974 of 2984)

Happy anniversary to my dearest dragons!

I'm glad you managed to sort out things with the buyers, Mediwitch, and I hope the builders will do their job in time. Sending some more Felix Felicis!

I'm glad that you survived the week, Marie, and so successfully. I hope that your Boss' child is doing better.

I'm also glad that those people are arrested, Soli. Sending you some Felix Felicis for the house too!

Snuffles, would the name Nymphadora (Dora) be allowed for the puppy? I like Cissy too, especially if the color is light.

So sorry about the dishes Azi!

I can't see the How clean is your house show here, but I remember one situation that was at Oprah show. The woman was advised to see the psychiatrist because she seemed quite depressed. I think there is something to it.

Happy Labor day to all that celebrate!

Today was the first day of school and the kids came home quite excited. Kate is only worried on how will she get to meet all her new classmates. I told her not to worry, once they start to get grades, they will all want to meet her.


azi - Sep 3, 2007 3:09 pm (#1975 of 2984)

What kind?...something pot-ish and fairly heavy. It's an excuse to replace the plate anyway (yes, I only have one large plate). It got chipped some time ago. Oh, the housemate just offered me some brand new plates. He knows how to get into my good books.

I'm sure there must be something more interesting to discuss than mouldy plates.


The giant squid - Sep 3, 2007 3:55 pm (#1976 of 2984)


So our nearly brand-new (2 yrs old) air conditioner has crapped out on us. The fan blows but the compressor won't kick on. I managed to trick it into starting a couple times yesterday & this morning, but now nothing will work. And of course, since today is a holiday, we won't even be able to call anyone until tomorrow.

Did I mention that it's supposed to hit 109 today, with possible thunderstorms (i.e. more humid than usual)?




Potteraholic - Sep 3, 2007 4:22 pm (#1977 of 2984)

Sorry about your air-conditioner woes with the temperatures forecast in the 3 digits. Hopefully, the problem is reparable.

I'm a teacher and this past May, the principal bought air conditioners for all our classrooms (I'm in NYC where humidity can reach very uncomfortable levels). Unfortunately, the school building's wiring is not set-up for all these extra appliances, so they are currently installed but not yet plugged in. There is apparently no money in the School Construction Authority's budget to pay for the extra wiring, so if we want the ACs to be anything more than expensive window ornaments, our school has to foot the bill ourselves (to the tune of $50,000).  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059 Needless to say, the ACs will not be working until further notice. School starts tomorrow, so fingers crossed, the temperatures and humidity stay as comfortable as they have been for the past few days.


Chemyst - Sep 3, 2007 4:59 pm (#1978 of 2984)

I'm sure there must be something more interesting to discuss than mouldy plates.

Ah well, I never expected everyone to like my story...   One more moldy/mouldy question though, this time about DH: In the Scholastic edition, Peeves chants, "Voldy's gone moldy.." Does Bloomsbury use the "u" spelling?

Potteraholic, I'd like to comment, but I scarcely know where to begin...   No one thought of the wiring requirements of all those units?
Back when my mom was teaching, someone had the bright idea to replace the schools aging windows with a fancy thermal-guard, ultra-violet inhibiting, totally sealed, never-to-open window. Those didn't work out so well with no air-conditioning either. Of course, in more recent years, they don't want windows that open because the students & others might crawl in/out. As if they were expected to!


Tazzygirl - Sep 3, 2007 5:53 pm (#1979 of 2984)

Sorry to hear about your A/C, Mike! My aunt and uncle are supposed to be replacing my a/c (it's at least 6 years old), as it doesn't get my apartment to a comfortable temperature unless it's at about 60 degrees F.

Hope the weather stays nice, Potterholic! The classroom I am in doesn't have A/C, and some days it's absolutely miserable.

Have I mentioned here how much I hate Walmart? I went there today to pick up some school supplies, and it was horrendous. Way to many people (serves me right for going there on a holiday), and the people in the parking lot can't park or drive. grrrr. I now have a headache and my eyes hurt.



Potteraholic - Sep 3, 2007 6:21 pm (#1980 of 2984)

About the ACS, my principal was assured by the "powers-that-be" that funds would be made available for the wiring to get done by the end of the summer, but surprise, surprise, these funds somehow got appropriated elsewhere. This wouldn't be the first time, and will definitely NOT be the last, when the bureaucrats get it wrong.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Sep 3, 2007 8:43 pm (#1981 of 2984)

We got a new HVAC system in our school a couple years ago. In order to plug up the old vents we had to remove all the books from the shelves, box them up so the construction people could remove the shelves to get to the vents. They purchased a system that was too heavy for our building. They had to shore up the roof. Now the library stays freezing while the exterior classrooms roast. We all work for the same school district! LPO


journeymom - Sep 4, 2007 12:51 am (#1982 of 2984)

Ugh! Best of luck to you, Mike.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 4, 2007 4:30 am (#1983 of 2984)

Okay Mike-time to run to your nearby Kmart, buy a blow-up kiddie pool on sale and fill it to the brim with nice, cool hose water. Who cares what the neighbors think. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Snuffles, how did everything go today with Olivia? sheila, and Madam Pince, my thoughts are with you all as you sent/send your little ones off to K. Strengthening charms to you as my anxiety grows.


EDIT: kaykay, let us know how your college pioneer likes her classes!


azi - Sep 4, 2007 5:01 am (#1984 of 2984)

Chemyst - the UK DH uses 'mouldy'. I also liked your story. It reminded me of when my grandma made rhubarb and apricot jam for me when I was younger.

**healing charms** to your AC, Mike!

We are lucky in the UK that we don't usually ever need AC. In fact, it really annoys me on trains - I freeze.

Lovely sunny (but not too hot for those that don't want it) days to all!


Marie E. - Sep 4, 2007 5:15 am (#1985 of 2984)

Poor Mike! It has actually "cooled" down here to a balmy 80F. It was only in the 70's on Friday and the weather forecast said it was a cold front. The sad thing is that in about a month we'll have snow and I'll be reminiscing about 80F.

We bought a new TV stand at Target yesterday. I was putting off buying it but the darn thing went on sale! For the last year our upstairs TV has been on the floor because it was too big for our last TV stand. I think our new TV is a 36 inch. We also bought two matching audio piers to go on either side of the TV since our VCR and DVD players have both been on the floor, too. Mr. E kept offering to put everything on a stand using plywood and cement blocks, but I declined.


Denise P. - Sep 4, 2007 5:33 am (#1986 of 2984)

15 more minutes until the school bus gets here to cart off the 3 younger ones. Then, it is just me and 2 others until this afternoon! Woo hoo! Can you tell I am excited? I plan to steam clean the upstairs carpet. I can't do it when they are all here because they are nosey nellies and want to see what I am doing, tracking across it. If I do it before 9:30, it is dry before they get home.

We still need to get a bunch of supplies though but I want to wait until we get a list from the teachers.

There was beautiful weather here for the last few days although a bit humid. Yesterday was Mr. Denise's last day before he went back to work so we actually were stupid brave enough to go to the zoo. It was incredibly crowded but it was still a good time.

Now, off to get teeth brushed, make sure everyone has lunches, supplies and then drag walk them out to the bus stop.


Solitaire - Sep 4, 2007 6:44 am (#1987 of 2984)

Poor Mike! **cooling charms ... as many as I can spare!** I don't even want to think about how horrible it would be to live in Las Vegas in the summer with no a/c. I hope your warranty is in effect.

Potterholic, my sympathies to you. My room is the oldest in the school, and it has a window a/c, which is insufficient to cool the space. I have those counter-to-ceiling windows, and they are hardly airtight. Even if they were, we do not have sufficient electricity to handle the load in my building. Every day around 1:30 p.m., my window a/c shuts down, because it is connected on a circuit whose breaker keeps tripping.

The only rooms that really have good a/c are the portables and the computer lab. To be honest, I worry about the kids in the gym. It is so hot in that inferno that I'm amazed someone has not died of heat stroke during afternoon PE. At least we are looking at cooler temps this week. Today should be only 100, and it is supposed to be down to 91 by next weekend ... except that I just pulled up the weather channel, and that is no longer the case. Still, 96 is better than 106!

Every year we get the "reconstruction" mania going. Those of you who are teachers know what I mean ... In the sweet by and by, when we pass the bond (or get our hardship loan, or a grant from the state, or some other air castle that's just out of reach), we will repair and upgrade our rooms, and EVERYONE will have a/c. They have been saying it for 14 years at my current school--possibly longer, but I've only been there 14 years. I figure it will happen after I retire. I never allow myself to get worked up over "the reconstruction," because I do not believe it will ever happen in my lifetime. **sigh**

Sadly, this sounds like the typical scenario for a lot of older schools across the country. In my area, that translates mainly into middle school kids, as growing districts around here seem to be building new facilities for K-5 and high school. Kids 10-14 generally are relegated to the older, crumbling buildings that have asbestos and mold issues.

On that note ... well, I should probably head to school, so that I can air out my musty room for the kids. It's been closed for 3 days, so it's no doubt hot and smelly. (Perhaps I'll take some nice potpourri or air freshener.)

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone ... and stay out of the heat, if you can!



painting sheila - Sep 4, 2007 7:36 am (#1988 of 2984)

We used to get out of school for "Heat Days" - like "Snow Days" but for extreme heat. None of our classrooms in our high school had air conditioning, so if the temp outside got to high - they canceled school!! Whoopee!!

I hate for those of you with out AC that still have to be productive. If you can't find a big tree with lots of shade, and a big tall glass of lemonade - think of how great a nice cool shower will feel when you get home!! I wish I could do more for you!

Littlest Guy is off at school - and I am fine!! He didn't have any problems going or staying or me leaving or anything! What a great kid. As we were walking up to the school he said, "Man. I love this school!" How cute is that! It's such a long day though - until 3:45. I hope he holds up okay.

I am off to get the oil changed in my car, and do a little shopping.


Holly T. - Sep 4, 2007 10:04 am (#1989 of 2984)

(((Hugs to moms sending little ones off to school for the first time))))

~~~cooling charms to those who need them~~~~

We're having unseasonably cool weather here--highs only in the 80s and low 90s for the next week. Mind you, this time of the year we are usually still in the triple digits. Of course, along with the cooler temperatures comes even more rain.

Have to put on my happy face and go off to a big shindig for work and hope they release at least some of the staff before 11 p.m.


kabloink! - Sep 4, 2007 10:09 am (#1990 of 2984)

Hmmm our A/C stopped working a little over a week ago. Blower is blowing, compressor is kicking in, the sir just isn't cold-at all. We checked the filter, which needed to be changed, so we pulled the old one out. I bought a new one, but haven't put it in yet...We've been running on fans for the last week. I would just call the landlady and let her figure it out, but I have dirty bedding piled up next to my washer, blocking the path to my furnace/AC (Our cat was not happy about moving, and decided to demonstrate it, continually, on our bed. Finally, we put a small litter box in the upstairs bathroom. She has stopped using our bed-apparently she is just too lazy to go downstairs to use the litter box). If I weren't pregnant, I probably wouldn't have a problem with the heat. It really hasn't been that hot, only the mid 80's and the humidity hasn't been bad at all this past week. The only reason I can see for feeling so miserable in the heat is being pregnant.

The catch-22 with the laundry is that, without the AC, there is no air circulation whatsoever in our basement (I'm not going to use the electricity to run the darn thing if its not working), So I can't handle being down there for too long once the day heats up. Yet, I can't call the landlord until I get the laundry out of the way...

Woah-where did my avatar come from? I'm not a premium member...


journeymom - Sep 4, 2007 10:30 am (#1991 of 2984)

And yet, Kabloink! you have a little gold star next to your name. I'm reminded of You Are Special by Max Lucado. Suffice it to say, I hold you in the highest regard, with or without a gold star.


kaykay1970 - Sep 4, 2007 11:03 am (#1992 of 2984)

I'm reminded of the great Dr. Suess....the star belly sneetches and the sneetches with no stars upon thars. Then there are those like me that have stars without avatars! LOL


John Bumbledore - Sep 4, 2007 11:44 am (#1993 of 2984)

but when you are so far away from 'homebase', you still see people you know! — Tazzy (in reply to Soli)

I think of these occurrences and remember the saying "birds of a feather flock together." Most often we make friends with others with whom we share common interest (the "Birds of a feather" part). If people select sites and times that are most favorable to their own interest, then you are more likely to meet people in those locations with whom you share an interest.

Then there are locations (like airports) through which many people pass. I was returning from a business trip in Denver, Colorado and was scheduled to take the "red-eye" flight. While waiting at the gate, I spotted a friend from my high school years in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania. We both were returning east, but she to Maryland and I to North Carolina. In this case, all flights passed through Atlanta. The common choices she and I had made were of the airline and the departure time.

I had to look up kudzu, as I'd never heard of it. — Soli

Kudzu is an alien invasive species and can grow at a rate of one inch an hour. The roots can reach more than ten feet deep and re-sprout from the smallest fragment. I read an article where a high school student was developing a mold/fungus that could infect and kill kudzu. They make a "medicine" from kudzu that reacts with alcohol to make you sick, thus offered as a "treatment" for alcoholism. I've been told you can make flour from kudzu and that kudzu is a legume and provides a well balanced diet for goats and sheep. At one time North Carolina state agriculture promoted kudzu as a crop. It is native to Vietnam and was part of the reason the US military developed "Agent Orange." I have no true idea how much of this kudzu "trivia" is factual. But it spreads almost as fast as the vine itself...

Harry is immediately backed by the three important girls in his life. Then the guys. — JourneyMom

Hey the guys form the "rear" guard. Just don't think about who's rear's they are guarding. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Happy anniversary Maria and Mr. Horntail too!

We had a great holiday week end here. Received free tickets to the Mudcats and saw their last two games of the season. They won both, so that must mean we brought them good luck. LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


painting sheila - Sep 4, 2007 12:15 pm (#1994 of 2984)

I have heard you can sit and watch kudzu grow, literally! You can sit and see it creep along and grow. Nasty stuff! Jo should have had a Kudzutentacula plant!

Not much else going on here.

Kabloink! - I am so sorry to hear about your air being out. Call the landlord and forget about the dirty laundry!! Tell the landlord it's my laundry and you're doing me a favor!Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


kaykay1970 - Sep 4, 2007 1:10 pm (#1995 of 2984)

Actually Agent Orange was developed, along with the Agent Blue that it was originally mixed with, by a private chemical company back in the 1940's. It was first used as an herbicide to kill some broad leafy plant(kudzu certainly fits that description!) that was invading crops in Puerto Rico.


journeymom - Sep 4, 2007 1:29 pm (#1996 of 2984)

Hey the guys form the "rear" guard. Just don't think about who's rear's they are guarding. –John

Lol! Two Shay!


Betty Boop - Sep 4, 2007 6:16 pm (#1997 of 2984)

Hi Everyone!!

Cooling charms that at needed.

(((HUGS))) to all mothers sending their children off to school.

Healing charms to all that need them.

I hope everyone has a good week!!

hugs always



megfox* - Sep 4, 2007 6:57 pm (#1998 of 2984)

Hey all - just popping in to say hello and good night. Tomorrow is the first day of school with students, and then I have to work at the restaurant tomorrow night. I will probably visit again on Thursday... Maybe by then, I will have found my head and reattached it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Mediwitch - Sep 4, 2007 7:46 pm (#1999 of 2984)

So after sending us into a near panic mode last week, the builder informed us today that the house will be ready for us to move into on the 15th - only a week late! Fortunately, that is the day we are supposed to be out of this house, so no need to move or spend extra money to "break" the contract with the buyers and stay longer. Thanks for all the felix and the speedy building charms; keep 'em coming so there are no more surprises!

We also survived the first day of school with only a few tantrums - the kids were pretty good too, LOL! I was so angry at two of the regular ed teachers though! My kids in one school are significantly disabled - autism, neurological impairments, etc. They DO spend time in the regular ed classrooms, although much of their academics (but not all) are taught in the resource room. The two teachers who team-teach in 1st grade did not order workbooks or set up other materials for the three special ed students in 1st grade!!! So these three kids and the paraprofessional walked into the classroom, and all the student desks were piled up with workbooks and materials, and these three kids had two pencils on each of their desks. It was like they weren't even part of the class. GRRRRRRR!!!!! We'll be meeting with the teachers and the principal on this, but I just can't believe how horrible that is.

Audrey, thanks for the info about the hollyhocks (which is what we call the flowers in my avatar in the US)!


painting sheila - Sep 4, 2007 8:48 pm (#2000 of 2984)

OH! Mediwitch.

I am so sorry to hear that about your day and your kids!! I Hope it gets straightened out soon. Did they forget to order anything? Or is it back ordered? Are they new or something?

Those poor kids - nothing but pencils!

We shoot NC Wanted tonight. It was a bit upsetting. I played the restaurant manager that found the person. It looked a little to real for me.
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Post  Lady Arabella on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:14 pm


Tazzygirl - Sep 5, 2007 12:25 am (#2001 of 2984)
Edited Sep 5, 2007 1:50 am

**cooling charms** to those that need them!

Mediwitch- how awful about your students!

Sheila- that's exciting that you are in a show, but a little depressing at the same time. *hug* to you!

**laundry depleting charms** to you, Kabloink!

The classroom was actually a comfortable temperature today. Didn't break a sweat at all. yeay!

I'm off to a roaring start this semester- I have a lesson plan due tomorrow morning, and I haven't started it yet (Procrastinators Unite!!!). (Warning, rant/complaint coming on!!) Personally, I think it's a little lame that we are doing rough drafts, getting peer feedback, re-typing it, then submitting it to our professor before teaching it. We've been writing and teaching lessons for a year now. We know how to do it. If we need help, we ask for it. So far, all of my classes except my math class are HUGE disappointments. The math class isn't a disappointment only because we had the same teacher last semester, and he does an awesome job. I honestly think this semester isn't needed, and is a waste of money. *frustrated* **goes off in search of other appropriate smilies** grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! / end rant/complaint. That was just the icing. If I completely let out all I'm feeling/thinking at the moment, it'd take up several posts...

Back to the lesson plan.



Lina - Sep 5, 2007 1:29 am (#2002 of 2984)


((((((Mediwitch and her students))))))

Strengthening charms to Megfox!


((((Everyone else))))


Tazzygirl - Sep 5, 2007 1:52 am (#2003 of 2984)

Thanks for the hug, Lina.

It's 11 pm, and I have yet to even write a single letter on the lesson plan.



kaykay1970 - Sep 5, 2007 5:17 am (#2004 of 2984)

((Mediwitch)) That is horrible about your students! Poor kids!


Snuffles - Sep 5, 2007 5:43 am (#2005 of 2984)

**Cooling charms** to Mr and Mrs Squid. I hope your air con gets fixed soon.

Hope you are feeling better today Kristina, and *work charms* to you. I hope you get your lesson plans sorted soon

I'm glad to hear about your house Mediwitch. 1 week behind isn't so bad. I hope they manage to get your students everything they require. How horrible for them.

Well Olivia enjoyed her first day at school She went in without any bother. Hubby took the camcorder to capture her going in, and again when she came home (3.30pm), just to see if she was still smiling! She wasn't as neat as when she went in but she was happy! She is staying school lunch today and has to choose her own meal , I hope she doesn't cause too much of a queue while deciding what to have

Hoping that Little Pince, Trevor, and Dallin have a good first week

We went to see our puppy last night! she is soooo gorgeous and so tiny! she fitted nicely into Olivia's hand. Her eyes are still closed. In fact she looks like a little mole at the moment! Her mother (Molly) is very good about people going near her baby, I feel a bit guily knowing that I will be taking her away! I think we have decided on Poppy. I do like the name Bella, but I don't think I could name a pet after Sirius and Tonks' killer! I have a picture of her to use as my avatar but I daren't do anything until I know World Crossing is ok.

Off to check the threads

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday



The giant squid - Sep 5, 2007 6:40 am (#2006 of 2984)

Thanks for all the cooling charms, folks. They were most appreciated. The AC guys finally showed up yesterday at 6PM and determined that the culprit was the condenser fan motor. By this time the temp inside had climbed to 96--not quite the 102 it was outside, but not far off, either. They got the thing running at about 7:30PM. When we went to bed at 11 the temp was down to 88 and it finally hit our setting of 78 at 3:30AM. Yes, last night was much more comfortable than the night before, where Mrs. Squid & I slept with ice packs!

By the way, in 90+ degree heat a standard ice pack will hold it's temp for roughly 1.5 hours. Just so you know.



Solitaire - Sep 5, 2007 7:03 am (#2007 of 2984)

Kabloink, your comment may have been addressed, but I am answering as I go ... and I do not always finish all of the posts in the morning. About your a/c ... that happened with mine, and it was because I needed more of the freon gas. As soon as that was done, it was fine. I hope you are so lucky!

Tazzy, I'm sorry about the crummy classes. I remember when I was taking my credential courses. I honestly believe most of the professors who taught the classes had never even taught junior high or high school--or, if they had, it had been so many years that they were out of touch. Most seemed to have no connection to the reality of the classroom. Instead of addressing practical teaching issues, they gave a lot of useless assignments. It sounds like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tell me, Tazzy, have you been "Madelyn Hunter-ized" yet? Or is there some new lesson-plan guru they are hawking these days? Good luck!

Thanks for the cooling charms. I think they are working ... for today, anyway! We are supposed to reach about 94, which is practically a cold snape, considering the last week. My mom insists the local weather will only be 84, but I have more faith in the weather channel than the local yokels (although I hope I am wrong). I'll let you know tonight!

Cooling charms to all of us who need them! Have a great Wednesday!


Edit: Make that "cold snap," not "cold snape"! LOL Do you suppose this means I've been spending too much time on the HP forum? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2281877974


Steve Newton - Sep 5, 2007 8:03 am (#2008 of 2984)

At the Newton household we are dealing with a new set of knives. So far only 6 bloody finger cuts. Maybe we will switch back to the old dull ones.

On the good news side of the ledger I have found my copy of DH and can continue my reread.


Chemyst - Sep 5, 2007 8:29 am (#2009 of 2984)

I honestly think this semester isn't needed, and is a waste of money. *frustrated*

Gee, I don't know, Tazzy. It sounds to me like you ARE getting a "real world" education.

Mediwitch, a bit of clarification please; did each team teacher think the other one would do it (an Oops!) or did they think the books weren't needed (which certainly defeats the purpose of mainstreaming) ?
A squeaker on the house! 'Sounds like you are getting a real-world education as well. ((hug))

Thanks for the extra ((hug)) Lina! I just gave my last spare to Mediwitch!

Bandage charms to Steve. We don't want bloody pages in DH.  ...although it might add a touch of realism if your are currently reading about Dobby.


Holly T. - Sep 5, 2007 8:39 am (#2010 of 2984)

I am convinced that there is a hole in the ozone over our old apartment complex since we had an AC leak. Best the maintenance guys could figure was that it was somewhere in the wall, but rather than try and fix that they would just put in more freon every other month or so, whenever we called to say it wasn't cooling again. Then again, this was the same apartment complex that told us that having the SWAT team in a standoff (that ended peacefully) with your neighbor wasn't a reason to break the lease. We moved anyway (when the lease was up).

Healing charms to the Newton household's fingers!

Snuffles, Poppy is a cute name for the puppy. WTG to Olivia for her first day of school!

Work shindig last night went ok, in spite of the rain and mud.

Tazzy, I'm sorry about your classes. Mediwitch, how awful for your students. Megfox--good luck with the start of school! ~~more cooling charms to Soli's AC~~


journeymom - Sep 5, 2007 9:33 am (#2011 of 2984)

Soli, the weather 'down south' made the papers and the local NPR morning show today. 16 people died of heat-related causes, recently? I'm guessing that was not all at once. Ugh! That's dreadful!


Tazzygirl - Sep 5, 2007 10:13 am (#2012 of 2984)

Thanks everyone. I feel a little better today (managed to really vent last night to my brother. ).

Soli: Tell me, Tazzy, have you been "Madelyn Hunter-ized" yet? Or is there some new lesson-plan guru they are hawking these days?

Nope, not yet . We are using the "Backward Design" by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe. Or rather, we are supposed to be using this method, but so far each class uses it's own template. Major big no-no. (Yet another complaint!)

Glad your A/C is fixed, Mike! Holly- interesting apartment episodes!

Off to school. Class doesn't start for another couple hours, but if I arrive after 8 am, there isn't any parking.

Have a great day everyone!



azi - Sep 5, 2007 10:29 am (#2013 of 2984)

**hugs Tazzy!** I hope your days get better! I'm still fed up with my university department - they were supposed to have re-sent my results on Friday...hmm, not here yet!

**cooling charms** to those in extreme heat!

I finally got round to tidying my room today. I've only been home, what, 2 months? As usual I had the problem of where to put all my books. After much shuffling I managed to fit a load behind my computer monitor.

Lovely days to all!


kaykay1970 - Sep 5, 2007 10:53 am (#2014 of 2984)
Edited Sep 5, 2007 12:14 pm

I imagine the heat related death count for "down South" is much higher than 16 for the summer. I know of at least 11 cases in West TN alone, 4 of those were local. I thought we were pretty tough in TN, but we had a couple days in which the thermometer on MIL's porch read 108-110 degree temps. That is just not normal here! The temperatures are much cooler now thankfully(high of 91 today) WooHoo! We still could use a load more rain though! If you google "TN drought" you will find a site "state drought monitor", that will put our situation into perspective! My county is one of those in the D-4 Exceptional(highest level of drought) zone. The site was updated yesterday! So even after the 2 showers we had last week, things are not much better! I think Denise picked a fine time to move!!

More ((Hugs)) to all, just because...

Edit: Good Evans, you are absolutely right! In an attempt to make this post a little less "gloomy"...

My Little Guy (aspiring Slytherin) just held me up with a Nintendo gun controller. He pointed it at me and said "Get me a drink, or I'll shoot!"


Choices - Sep 5, 2007 11:13 am (#2015 of 2984)

Tazzygirl - "Procrastinators Unite!!!"

I really need to join that group, but maybe I'll do it later. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2281877974

From reading the above posts I can see that all sorts of charms are needed. My wand may suffer a melt down, but here goes - cooling charms, cheering charms, going to school charms, teaching school charms, house building charms, new puppy charms, moving charms, healing charms, job charms, fixing charms for World Crossing, and some general good charms to everyone. Mercy, my wand is smoking. Aguamenti!

Hope everyone is having a good Hump Day! Love and (((hugs)))to all.


Good Evans - Sep 5, 2007 11:34 am (#2016 of 2984)

Happy hump day back to you Choices - I love that expression, today Chris Evans (radio 2) said, "we have reached the summit, skipped over the hump and are speeding our way to the weekend"! that's how I like to think about it too!!!

Charms to all who need them esp Mediwitch and Tazzy and Holly and Steve Newton and the squid. Hope the days brighten and the air conditioning is fixed!!!

I was told today by two people that I had a sunny nature, I said - just trying to do my bit!! funny, but a smile and cheery word seem to make the day go a lot quicker than a scowl and doom and gloom!!!

Poppy sounds lovely Julie, can't wait to see the pictures. that is two HP named forum dogs.... who's next?

w00t to Azi on cleaning her room, just in time to go back to Uni!!!!

lol, happy days to all

Julie x


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2007 12:27 pm (#2017 of 2984)

Poppy sounds like a great name! I would have named Tinsel a HP related name but she was already named and we liked it well enough to keep it.

Oh, I just can't contain myself! I got in the first batch of SWAPS in our Lexicon Forum SWAP today. I won't give details but this person(s) was very creative and it is so adorable! I can't wait to see what else our creative minds have come up with. Once the entire exchange is compelete and everyone has gotten theirs, I will put up a webpage showing them all.

Today, the oldest at home started early morning scripture study. We were supposed to have car pools set up but it didn't happen so I sat out for an hour waiting to take him to school. 5 minutes before they got out, one of the other moms said that she had a schedule and it was not my week to drive Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059 so I got to go home.

Kaitlyn, in 5th grade, finished GoF and has started OOP. She started reading the series on the monday after DH came out. She has not been constantly reading but she is going at a pretty good clip.


journeymom - Sep 5, 2007 1:29 pm (#2018 of 2984)

Kaykay, you're talking about the South with a capitol S. I'm referring to southern California! California really should be split up into two states. I live in North California.


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2007 1:39 pm (#2019 of 2984)

Sounds like Virginia, Northern Virginia is its own state almost

Heat in northern CA doesn't even compare to heat in the south though. The humidity in the south wins, hands down. I don't know what to do with nonfrizzy hair. I went shopping over the weekend and didn't think about bringing a hair rubber band. I was dying to get my hair up and ended up using a pencil to get it up.


kaykay1970 - Sep 5, 2007 1:59 pm (#2020 of 2984)

Ah! Cooling charms to southern California then, and the northern half too, if you need them!


legolas returns - Sep 5, 2007 2:14 pm (#2021 of 2984)

Can I average the 60-70 degrees we have here with all the people that are having really hot weather. It would make all our lives more pleasant.


Denise P. - Sep 5, 2007 2:57 pm (#2022 of 2984)

Ohh! I just remembered. It is nearly International Talk Like a Pirate Day again. September 19th, make a note of it, aaarrgghhh! Boy, we could have had fun with pirate swaps if I had thought of it sooner...


Solitaire - Sep 5, 2007 4:07 pm (#2023 of 2984)

I agree with Denise about the humidity. I loved Nashville and would not mind living there ... October through May. I nearly died from the July humidity, however. I never felt dry the entire week I was there, even in an a/c room at the hotel. Being outside was a lot like being in a steam sauna ... for hours on end. It was hard to breathe. Bakersfield is often hotter ... but it is a dry heat, which does not (IMO) affect my ability to breathe.

BTW, straight hair in steamy weather just falls flat and looks dirty and stringy, unless it is quite thick. I can't say it is better or worse than curly hair. I prefer a perm in the humidity ... but that's because I have baby-fine hair. If I had thick hair, I'd wear it long and plaited in the summer.

Tazzy ... Carol Tomlinson:   sounds like you are talking "differentiated instruction." Yes ... it is a bit of a pain. We spent an entire day the week before school started in a seminar on how to handle GATE kids in the regular classroom with differentiated instruction. Teachers here are already balking at it.



Marie E. - Sep 5, 2007 4:39 pm (#2024 of 2984)

Ooooo...next year we'll have to do pirate SWAPS. My SWAPS are nearly finished. The E family weren't exceptionally clever, but we make up for that in cuteness (she says modestly).


Accio Sirius - Sep 5, 2007 5:52 pm (#2025 of 2984)

{{{Denise}}} I now officially have SWAP fever. I can't wait to see all of them! Yes to Pirate swaps! I have about a dozen or more ideas that I have yet to use!

Squid Mike: Glad the AC is back! And thanks for the info on ice packs. Hope I never have to use it. We replaced the whole AC system this spring. That hurt the wallet and hence, very short and modest vacation this year. Gotta have AC, HP and DirecTV in our house.

Has anyone been watching Mad Men on AMC? I've been entranced and horrified at the office behavior circa 1960. Still, good TV. I'm interested to see what works as far as the new fall shows.


Lilly P - Sep 5, 2007 7:13 pm (#2026 of 2984)

I swear that my husband could watch the famous 'Statue of Liberty' play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl 100 times and never get tired of it. - Nicoline Vance

Oh my gosh! So could I! We have a bottle opener that when you use it, it plays the sports caster commentary of the whole play, we have to use it 3 times a day just to hear the "....it's a FAKE PLAY, it's a FAKE PLAY! The Brocoes have WON the Fiesta Bowl! Can you Believe it???!!!..." It's great! We still can't get over it!


Chemyst - Sep 5, 2007 8:32 pm (#2027 of 2984)

We had "differentiated instruction" when I went to school too. But they never called it that. They called it the blackbirds, redbirds and bluebirds reading groups. The assessment/placement procedure was fairly informal; after getting to know the students for a couple weeks, the teacher divvied them up.


Madam Pince - Sep 5, 2007 8:46 pm (#2028 of 2984)

Wow -- 197 posts! Remind me not to be away for so long again... We had a great Labor Day weekend -- visited Grandma and attended the county Fair where we ate lots of things we shouldn't have and rode lots of rides. Little Pince was in seventh heaven. Mr. P's aunt went with us, and she and I both bought raffle tickets from various civic organizations as we were looking at the exhibits. We had a good laugh over how neither of us had ever won anything in our whole lives. So guess what? Saturday night when all the prizes were announced, she won a second-place in one raffle and got $75, and I won third-place in another raffle and got $100! What are the chances of that happening -- two members of the same family, travelling in the same car, purchasing tickets at the same time to different raffles? We were both so excited! Mr. Pince could've tripped over his pouty lower lip though -- he thought it was most unfair, given that he'd bought all the admission tickets and paid for dinner. I've already spent mine on a new DVD player because ours gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago.

Wildlife encountered during the visit included tons of deer (which we see all the time, but which included a couple of fawns with spots still - always cute); two turkeys strutting in front of Mom's kitchen window; the bald eagle which we see frequently sitting in his tree but this time I actually saw him in flight -- so majestic!; a mama black bear and her cub about 50 yards from Mom's house (actually I didn't see this, our neighbor did and warned us); a young red fox; an extremely bold groundhog who was munching Mom's tomatoes off the vine and then decided to come right up on the back porch and reach into the box of canning tomatoes to try to snag some more (unfortunately for him it was his last meal as Mr. P is "Dead-Eye Dick" with his .22 and took him out with a really impressive bit of shooting right between the porch post and a deck chair); and lastly, Mr. P and I saw the cutest little flying squirrel up at the cabin! He was so adorable -- about 5 inches long, with a creamy white tummy outlined with a sharp line of black, and the biggest eyes you've ever seen on such a little guy! We were out on the deck admiring the 3/4 moon, and I heard scratching which I feared was maybe a bat, but it turned out to be this adorable little flying squirrel! He climbed across the wall and sat on the downspout and just looked at us with such bright interest when we shined the flashlight on him. Too cute! I've never seen one before.

Belated anniversary wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Journeymom and Mr. & Mrs. Horntail!

Healing charms to the Steve Newton family with all the cut fingers!

Woo-hoo Mediwitch on the builder getting (sort of) back on schedule!

Maria and Denise, how cool that you both found the Spin-A-Tale Space Carnival book! Woo-hoo! Hope your kids enjoy it! I remember when I was a kid I was so very impressed by how beautiful the goddess Venus was in that illustration where she's waving at the kid as he flies by on the track... LOL about the "crush chair" Maria! I think there are a lot of things in that Carnival that were probably OK back in the 1970's when it was written, but nowadays would get the owners arrested for child endangerment! The kid is constantly getting ejected from a chair or bounced into total blackness or exposed to burning heat, not to mention the menacing he gets from Mars!

Denise, when you went to Ocean City, you drove right through our town on the way! Did you wave at us? Hope you didn't have too much traffic.

Spiders 3 inches across, Tom Proffitt??? *shudder* That is horrifying to think about! As much as I hate spiders, though, I do have to say that the black-and-yellow ones are kind of pretty...

TV Land is going to be showing the movie The Twilight Zone Friday night, if anyone wants to watch and compare the airplane-gremlin to the one from the old TV-William Shatner-version one. I know I'll be watching!

OK, my eyes are crossing because I'm so tired, and this is too long already, so the "first day of school" post will have to wait until tomorrow... (I know you're all on the edge of your seats, aren't you? ) ...except suffice to say that tomorrow will be our first absence because he came home this afternoon and developed a fever of 102.6 already after only two days in school...



journeymom - Sep 5, 2007 10:17 pm (#2029 of 2984)

Ugh. Yuck. I found this interesting movie I thought Mr Journeymom would enjoy. The Pathfinder (and it's not a James Fenimore Cooper story) - "A Viking boy is left behind after his clan battles a Native American tribe. Raised within the tribe, he ultimately becomes their savior in a fight against the Norsemen." The viking raised by native Americans is played by Karl Urban, Eomer from LotR. Sounds good. But it's unrated. That should have been my first and only clue that this wouldn't be my kind of movie. I mean, I like a PG-13 kind of action flick. A little well-timed gore is OK. I looked the movie up on IMDb and what do you know, it's directed by the guy who did the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie is really, really gross, and without humor. Well, there's some unintentional humor. For one thing, the big bad Viking is played by Mr Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants. It's hard for me to take him seriously. Viking Krabs: Arr harr harr harr harr !

September 19, Talk Like a Pirate Day. Noted! Now I won't miss it.


journeymom - Sep 5, 2007 10:36 pm (#2030 of 2984)

Oh, my word, the movie's not over yet!!


Tazzygirl - Sep 6, 2007 12:38 am (#2031 of 2984)

Yes, Soli. They are a pain.

I've resolved to think that the reason why I mostly hate all my classes is because this is my last semester taking uni classes and I'm ready to start my career. I'm going to try and make the best of it and ignore everyone else who keep complaining.

Can't wait to see all the final SWAPS!

Madam P- glad you had an awesome vacation, and congrats on the 'free' DVD player! **healing charms** to Little P. Poor guy!

Journeymom- ick about the movie! At least it can be checked off the 'want to watch' list, and you never have to watch it again!

Back to the math homework.



Denise P. - Sep 6, 2007 5:10 am (#2032 of 2984)
Edited Sep 6, 2007 9:24 am

Too funny Madam Pince! The first story we read in the book had him being baked at 150F and then had Mars! The kids like the book, Kierynn and Rhys really like to spin the spinner. When we went to Ocean City, the only time we had any traffic was going through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. There were just a few lines open and the one we had been in closed before we got through and everyone had to merge over. Fun.

I finished part of my SWAPS last night, two of the kids wanted to "acquire" it and even Mr. Denise was impressed enough to make a note of them in his journal. It came out better than I had hoped when I planned this part so I was very pleased.

Edited later to add rather than take up a new post: If you are part of the SWAPS, I sent an email reminder last night so please check your spam file if you don't see it there. We have just about 10 days to the mailing deadline!


painting sheila - Sep 6, 2007 11:26 am (#2033 of 2984)

I finally know what I doing for swaps! I have gone back and forth back and forth and made my final final decisions today!! Yeah!!

I feel like I need to tip toe it's so quiet in here today.


Holly T. - Sep 6, 2007 11:42 am (#2034 of 2984)

Oooh, next year we're definitely doing pirate swaps. Our service unit campout a few years ago was pirate-themed and my troop took it to heart. We kept the flag we made for the campout and adopted it as our troop flag--it is the Girl Scout logo with crossbones. If I can find them, we had some pirate swaps from that.

Still haven't made our swaps. Procrastintors Unite!

Glad to see you back Madam Pince! Healing charms to Little Pince.

It's not quiet here--construction workers are jackhammering outside. Very loud. Ack. On the positive side, it is not raining.


Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2007 9:10 pm (#2035 of 2984)

LOL, Holly! Was that a Young Frankenstein reference, there? Every time things would get bad in college, my roommate and I would say "Could be worse; could be raining."

Journeymom, that movie sounds awful. Turn it off -- off! Off!

Denise, just imagine having that Bridge traffic back-up on your local roads around your house for every single weekend of the entire stinkin' summer, and there you have our typical summer! It took me 45 minutes to get across the road to a tee-ball game a mile away once. We don't even try to go anywhere local on weekends anymore unless we absolutely have to.

Little Pince woke up this morning his normal charming self -- temperature 97.7 degrees! That was the fastest fever I have ever seen. Mr. Pince checked him at 2 a.m. and said he was drenched in sweat so the fever must've broken about then. We still had to keep him home today even though he felt fine, because you must be fever-free for 24-hours. (I am wholeheartedly in favor of that rule, by the way...) No sniffles, no sore throat, no nothing else -- just the fever and a bit of lethargy. Hmmmm...

Anyway, first day of school -- it was actually worse than I thought it would be. (For me, I mean; Little P was thrilled and excited and skipped right onto the bus so fast we almost couldn't get a picture of him.) I did OK until we got back into the house and it was soooooo quiet! I must admit to a few sniffles then. Mr. Pince ended up taking the day off from work so he could be home to welcome him home and hear how his first day went (so I judge he handled the whole thing worse than I did -- LOL! He always gets melancholy with nostalgic things like "first day of school" or whatever.) Here's the report of the day: "We read some stories and played some games, I ate an orange and chocolate milk for lunch, we had a nap and then we came home." Period, end of story. Don't know what there is to get all worked up about with a day like that!

I'm sure it's way too late and there's no U.S. forumers still up that would care, but I just saw that that that Star Wars: The Legacy show is airing on The History Channel. It will air again at 2:00 a.m. Eastern time, if anyone is up and feels like setting the VCR. I remember somebody had wanted to watch it at some point but I don't recall who...

Also, Dan Radcliffe is on the Jay Leno show tonight -- it's running late because of the Colts-Saints game (sorry about that game, by the way, to the twins... )


Tazzygirl - Sep 6, 2007 9:19 pm (#2036 of 2984)

Wow, where is everyone?!? Only like 4 posts the entire day!

**hugs** to the Pinces- glad Little Pince had a great first day!

Thanks for the headsup on Jay Leno and Star Wars: The Legacy, Madam P. If Star Wars is playing at 2 am Eastern time, that means it'll be coming on here at 9 pm. Jay's on a little bit later. Cool!



Madam Pince - Sep 6, 2007 9:23 pm (#2037 of 2984)

Yay! ***feels useful***


Solitaire - Sep 6, 2007 9:36 pm (#2038 of 2984)

Chemyst, the differentiated instruction that was discussed in the seminar we took was considerably different than the "ability grouping" (sorry ... I guess that's a dirty word these days) we did when I was a kid.

Students whose parents have decided they are gifted and require a different curriculum than the rest of their grade are responsible for learning the material that is presented in class and must be able to pass the tests taken by the rest with an A or B ... but if they can do it without going through all of the activities required by the majority of the kids, they are free to "design" their own project around the subject matter we are covering.

Each kid must decide what he or she wishes to learn within the subject matter and then devise a couple of activities to get there. They are responsible for completing a certain amount of work each day. If a student has three days when he does not meet a minimum amount of work, or he creates a disturbance in the class, he must abandon his project and get back with the class ... until the next opportunity.

I'm going to try and make the best of it and ignore everyone else who keep complaining.

Well, Tazzy ... as you must slog your way through it anyway, that's the best approach. If you can avoid the big-time gripers, you will fare better. Try not to get caught up in their negativity. It just makes things worse.

I hope I can stay awake to catch DR on Jay Leno. I'm not feeling too swift tonight. You see ... IT has arrived ... the creeping crud that has been going around school since our week of meetings. That's what I get for bragging about not getting sick like everyone else. About 4 p.m., I became aware of a nagging sore throat (which is now really humming along) and a big headache. By 7 p.m., I had a fever and my skin had that "raw" feeling, sort of like a sunburn. I think it's the flu. My weekend should be really restful, with people parading in and out of the house. Hm ... I think it's time for my Airborne! I'll be thinking of you, Ginny and Tori, with each dose! I know how you love it!



Good Evans - Sep 7, 2007 4:46 am (#2039 of 2984)

Oh Madam Pince, what a lovely story, you should copy the post out and keep it somewhere for Little to remind him of the effect his first day of school had on his parents, when he is a lot older!!

Just whipped on here to let you all know that I passed my EDMS (Executive Diploma in Management Studies) with a merit!!!! so I now have EDMS after my name and soon will have FCMI (if they let me in) yay me!! I am so pleased, thanks for all the support over the last 15 months, have never worked so hard for something in all of my life! Was it worth it? You betcha!

(an EDMS is equivalent to level 7 standards - post graduate level - not bad for a girl who's A level grades were so bad she didnt get in to Uni!!)

happy , wonderful friday to everyone, virtual butterbeers and cake all round!


Marie E. - Sep 7, 2007 4:50 am (#2040 of 2984)

I have purchased the supplies for my SWAP's, does that count? We are finishing them this weekend and popping the in the mail on Monday. I can't wait to see everyone else's.

Poor Little Pince. We have sent home of couple our little ones at the center for the fever crud. It's that back-to-school sickness. Ah, the fun of sharing germs.


Chemyst - Sep 7, 2007 4:58 am (#2041 of 2984)

Soli, health charms first, and then thanks for your comments on differentiated learning. I find them interesting, and I guess those who don't are welcome to skim forward. From your explanation I can see why teachers would balk. This line, "Each kid must decide what he or she wishes to learn within the subject matter and then devise a couple of activities to get there," is practically the definition of unschooling.

I've read only one real article on differentiated learning and heard it referred to a couple of times elsewhere and I'd been left with the impression that the teacher had more input than what you describe– so that the students would have a couple choices, not free rein of design. I smiled at the way you phrased, "Students whose parents have decided they are gifted…" (As a parent, that would appeal to me!) The example that I'd read had the decision made by qualifying test scores and a committee (I can hardly hear the word committee without an inward groan.) of parent, teacher, graduation counselor & a fourth member I've forgotten.

- - - - Since I brought it up, I should probably explain "unschooling." Unschooling is one of a myriad of methods used in home schooling. It would be one choice on a list of different methods such as classical, traditional, trivium-based, correspondence, satellite, Mason method, eclectic, unit-studies, etc. I don't have any statistics on now popular unschooling is. Of the home-schoolers I know, less than a tenth unschool as their main method; although probably a little over a quarter of them have some spirit of unschooling in some subjects. Sometimes unschooling is called delight-led learning. Basically you decide what you want to learn and then figure out a way to learn it. It usually involves reading books, but it could include finding a tutor, interviewing experts, taking fieldtrips, or anything else you can dream up. The very looseness of it seems to attract both disproportionate media attention and critics. It is a good method for people who are motivated and organized. It can be a disastrous method for procrastinators. Personally, I found the unschooling method worked great in elementary science, some history explorations, and senior projects. I would have difficulty designing math and high school sciences studies, so we used a more traditional textbook method for those subjects.

Congratulations Good Evans EDMS.


painting sheila - Sep 7, 2007 5:08 am (#2042 of 2984)

Congrats Good Evans!! We are so proud of you! All of you hard work and dedication paid off.

Littlest Guy woke up with a sore throat this morning. Still happy about school- so he's going.

He came home and said he was "red" yesterday. Green is a good day, yellow, you have received a warning from the teacher, and red you didn't listen very well. He has had one day of each this week. Today we are shooting for green again!

I made the swaps last night!!Woohoo!! I just need to print a "label" and I am done. I am so excited to see what everyone has done! I can up with several more ideas last night . . . .when can we do this again?


Snuffles - Sep 7, 2007 5:22 am (#2043 of 2984)

**Healing charms** to Little Pince. I hope he is feeling much, much better today.

*Healing charms* too for Sheila's Littlest Guy. Fingers crossed for a green day for him

WOO HOO! Julie (GE), well done and congratulations. *clinks Butterbeer bottles and shovels down lots of cake* Hope you have a good celebratory weekend.

Took Olivia to school this morning. It is a non-uniform day today in memory of one of the primary school teachers that got killed over the summer holidays. Each child has to wear something red, as he supported Liverpool FC. I took her into the playground and she proceeded to run around with her friends, tripped over and landed with a nasty bump on the ground. I had to take her inside to mop her up. She has cut both her knees and her elbow. She now has 2 cuts on each knee as she also fell over on Tuesday!

I wonder if any shops sell children size bubble wrap

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a good Weekend.



The giant squid - Sep 7, 2007 6:28 am (#2044 of 2984)

Congrats, Julie! Having initials after your name makes you seem so...official!

[Unschooling] is a good method for people who are motivated and organized. It can be a disastrous method for procrastinators.—Chemyst

This struck me as key to the program's success. For instance, while I have an interest in a great many subjects, it's unlikely I would have gotten much accomplished in school had this been the preferred teaching method. I'd get about halfway into my project, see something shiny & get distracted.

I guess what I really want to know is: was the way we were taught in the "old" days really that bad? I went to school. I learned stuff. I passed all my classes and graduated. What more do they want?



Madam Pince - Sep 7, 2007 6:45 am (#2045 of 2984)

Congratulations, Good Evans! Wow, what a lot of letters you have -- you must have very large brains indeed! Seriously, that is a fantastic achievement. Kudos to you on all the hard work which is now paying off so well!

Snuffles, LOL on the kiddie bubble-wrap! It does seem as though the day is not complete without some sort of bruise or scrape or similar. There is a ditch near our bus stop that is full of water (which is odd because it hasn't rained in ages), and so thus it is a haven for mosquitoes. Little P gets a new bug bite every day, I think. The plus side is that the ditch also has frogs, so the boys have lots to occupy them while waiting for the bus. Now if only the frogs would eat all the mosquitoes, we'd be set.

I thought Dan Radcliffe did a nice job on Leno last night. He always seems to me to be something of a "spaz" in interviews, but he did well last night. He had a funny bit where they were comparing the differences in some British words vs. American words -- "pissed" meaning either "roaring drunk" or "angry;" "paraffin" meaning either "kerosene" or "melted wax;" etc. Then they talked about whether or not one should pronounce the "h" in "herb." I can't believe they missed the "biscuit" discussion. Anyway, his new movie December Boys looks to be good -- I thought he did a nice job with the Aussie accent in the short clip they showed. He didn't really discuss HP much at all, except Leno gave him a gag gift of this cheapo action figure of some random character that looked sort-of like Moaning Myrtle, and was labelled as a "Horry Petter" character (apparently a discount-store rip-off toy made to avoid paying the merchandising fees -- the "Horry Petter" was written in the same type font as HP.) Oh, and Leno did a stupid little bit where he (Leno) was superimposed as Snape's character in the scene where they're doing the Occlumency lessons, and Leno is asking Dan "What happens in the last HP book?" Dan did say at the beginning of the show that he'd read DH, because millions of rabid fans would tear him apart if he didn't.

Mr. Pince is off to Gettysburg today -- he's helping them film a new multi-media presentation that will show at the Visitor's Center there, and also some footage for another film that may be a History Channel thing or something. He has a fine resemblance to Gouveneur K. Warren, who was involved in the Round Top battles, so the director always wants him to portray that part. He will have to trim his beard after they film something today, because the stuff they're filming tomorrow requires a different "look." (He also had to dye his hair, but don't tell him I told you that. )

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend! We have our first soccer game of the season -- should be entertaining! Enjoy the RotD!


Solitaire - Sep 7, 2007 7:16 am (#2046 of 2984)

Congratulations, Julie GE!

Thanks for the healing charms! I'm about the same ... not worse. So I think I'll brave school today!

Chemyst, in most school districts around here--ours is an anomaly for many reasons, which I will not attempt to elucidate here--GATE takes a more traditional approach. We are a small district, so we do not have enough kids at any grade level to "corral" them into one classroom that just zooms faster than everyone else.

I'm sure that differentiated instruction is also quite different in other districts. This particular speaker we heard was nabbed, I'm sure, because she tends to focus on how teachers with Title 1 kids, GATE kids, and the entire spectrum between can still differentiate without having to spend many extra hours prepping dozens of different lesson plans for every week. This method puts the onus on the child (and probably his parent). It is up to him make a proposal for what he intends to study.

First of all, he must narrow the scope of his topic, so that it is not so broad as to be meaningless (sometimes a teacher interview is required at this point to "focus" him on an area that is meaningful to the current class "path"). His proposal must also include a list of resources (they can't all be Net) where he intends to get his information. Let's say he wants to study the problem of getting water for irrigation in the Kern County area. He can utilize magazines, journals, local human resources, local water boards, etc. The teacher does approve and "tweak" is proposal where needed, as he moves through his project. The student is responsible for having all of his necessary work materials with him during the class each day ... or he will lose his independent work privilege until the next unit rolls around.

About deciding on GATE students ... We do follow established methods of designation (finally), but parents do have a HUGE input in our district. Alas, some are less than objective about their children's abilities and talents. Otherwise we would not have so many kids in GATE who can't read or do their math at the junior high level. I think they are often designated too young (grades 1-2) ... and once in, we cannot boot them ... sort of like Dumbledore says about Sorting too soon. JM2K, though.

Okay, time to scoot! I will try to read the rest of the posts on my prep ... or at lunch! Have a great Friday!



painting sheila - Sep 7, 2007 7:25 am (#2047 of 2984)

I read in the paper today that Dan is going to do Equus here - in the states.

Where do we get tickets . . . .. !


azi - Sep 7, 2007 7:32 am (#2048 of 2984)

Well done, JulieGE! Great news!

All these teaching methods confuse me.

Lovely days to all!


Holly T. - Sep 7, 2007 7:55 am (#2049 of 2984)

Congrats to Julie GE!!!

Healing charms to Solitaire!

We had fourth grade orientation last night. I still wish son had the same fourth grade teacher that our daughter had, but this one seems ok, once she figures out what is going on. Questions for the teachers here--do your files about your students, a list or anything, have info from their previous grades teachers? Son's teacher has no idea which students in her class are identified as GT (she is a GT certified teacher, so she knows she has a cluster of GT students in her class), she did not know son was dyslexic (we wrote that on his "help me get to know your child" form she sent home the first day of school) and even when I mentioned it to her last night she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. I asked her about the agendas that the students have to write in every day--son has been writing in his--copying off the board. Well, copying off the board is very hard for dyslexics. Not to mention son's handwriting and spelling issues. So even though I read his agenda, I can't figure out what it says. I can sort of guess some of it, but the problem is that he can't even read it. So when I mentioned it to his teacher her solution was maybe he needs to sit closer to the board. I asked her when he would be going to the reading teacher again and she said in a few weeks because she (the classroom teacher) needs to assess the students and see what level they're at. Meanwhile, next week they start spelling, which is son's worst nightmare, and will have spelling homework every night. So--should we ask about maybe putting it in his 504 plan for next year that when they put him in a fifth grade class they tell the teacher ahead of time so we don't have to go through the entire first six weeks again trying to remind people at the school that they already have people who know about him (not just him, but any other students with similar issues) and they don't have to reinvent the wheel every school year.

On the positive side, no rain, again. And dh's pack signed up 30 new Cub Scouts last night, including a whole new Tiger den. I think dh's Webelos are getting three new boys.


Denise P. - Sep 7, 2007 8:44 am (#2050 of 2984)
Edited Sep 7, 2007 9:32 am

Imagine how it would be for the unfortunate kid who doesn't have a mom to watch out for his interests! I know that I will fight to get what my kids need and are entitled to by law but I see a lot of parents not willing to do it and just let things slide.

30 new boys, that is great! Is your husband's patrol first or second year Webs? If it is 2nd yr Webs, that is tough for the new boys to try and make it to Arrow of Light but it can be done! We have our first pack meeting in a few weeks.

Oh, I am such a mean mom! Kierynn was laying on the couch with her head pressed against the arm of the couch. I was in the other room when I heard her shriek and start to cry. I came out and Rhys was there, pushing her hair out of her face. I asked if he had pulled her hair but she sobbed no and continued to lay there on the couch, crying. I asked her what the problem was and she said "My earring is stuck on the couch." She was wearing dangly earrings and it was caught on the arm. Here is where the mean mom part comes in - I ran for my camera to get a picture of the stuck, crying girl before I freed her from the sofa (just took her earring off and then got it out of the couch) She was not very happy that I was giggling at her dilemma
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Elanor - Sep 7, 2007 9:50 am (#2051 of 2984)

Poor Kierynn! **sending comforting charms her way**

Congratulations Julie/GE!!!!! That's some wonderful news! (edit: I had chosen "Burgundy" as a font color to have it being like a cyber toast to your success but it doesn't end up looking like Burgundy (wine) color at all. Ah wells, as Harry's mirror would say: "That was the spirit!" )

It's been a very tough week here, especially for my poor back that really does not appreciate how low first graders tables are. So, I'm so very glad the weekend has arrived.

Sending healing charms to all the ones not feeling well, including the knee-elbow "damaged" little forumers ("repaired" a few knees/elbows/hands myself too today, lol! We should put cushions everywhere on schoolyards' grounds, I tell you! ).

Have a great day everybody! And I hope things improve for you Tazzy!



Accio Sirius - Sep 7, 2007 10:46 am (#2052 of 2984)

Chemyst, Thanks for the information. Is unschooling similar to a layered curriculum? Right after reading your post, I came across a website that looks at brain research and how it can be applied in the classroom. Pretty interesting stuff. At first glance, the layered curriculum info sounded a bit like what you were speaking of.

Congratulations Julie--it appears your future, unlike the twins, does lie within the academic realm.

Healing and support charms to Tazzy and Little Pince. Ah, the crud. I wonder when it will hit our house. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm face painting at a birthday party tomorrow for about 30 kids. If I don't have complete carpal tunnel syndrome after that, I'll see you all on the threads!


journeymom - Sep 7, 2007 11:15 am (#2053 of 2984)

Congratulations, Julie! You must be very proud. Cheers!

It is a good method for people who are motivated and organized. Chemyst

I briefly investigated unschooling. Very briefly. I love the idea, but for the above reason it would be a very inappropriate way for us to go! Home schooling in any form would be inappropriate for us.

I read Mel Levine's A Mind at a Time a few years ago. I thought he made a wonderful point about how each child benefits from personalized education. But I wondered how school teachers with 20 to 36 students per each class are supposed to provide that sort of intense personalization.

I let dd stay home from school today. She'd nauseous and achy. I considered for about 20 minutes that she might have meningitis, till I realized she has no fever and her neck doesn't ache. Dd is probably just pooped. She's been doing a wonderful job acclimatizing to middle school: getting up early, being ready for school, shouldering through the scrum to get to her miniscule locker, dressing down for gym (Horrors!), being bumped and jostled down the hall from class to class, dealing with six different teachers. I suspect she's chronically dehydrated, too.

Holly that sounds very frustrating for your son and you! I hope they can get things straightened out sooner than later.

Oh, Denise, you're a very mean mom! Lol!


Choices - Sep 7, 2007 11:24 am (#2054 of 2984)

Sheila, I saw the news about Daniel doing Equus on Broadway next year sometime and it said that he was really nervous about it. Don't blame him, baring it all before a bunch of strangers is probably a bit unnerving. LOL

Healing charms to all who are ailing and congratulations to Julie.

Love and (((hugs)))to all.


kaykay1970 - Sep 7, 2007 1:25 pm (#2055 of 2984)

Congratulations Julie!!!


Holly T. - Sep 7, 2007 1:26 pm (#2056 of 2984)

LOL, Poor Kierynn!

Denise, my dh has 1st year Webelos.

Journeymom, at least your dd has a locker--my daughter's school only has a few lockers. She has to carry her everything everywhere. You can get a locker if you have a doctor's note, but then you aren't allowed to carry a backpack.

Julie Snuffles, sounds like Olivia needs the T-shirt my son has--it says "I do all my own stunts." He especially liked wearing it when his arm was in a cast. Although now I can usually get him to stop potentially dangerous activities by saying "Do you really want to spend the rest of the day at the ER getting X-rays?" or "Do you really want another cast?" He could use some bubble wrap.

Have a great weekend, all.


azi - Sep 7, 2007 1:54 pm (#2057 of 2984)

Ah lockers. They were always hard to come by in school - a first come, first serve basis. Then they got new ones and made people pay to use them! I refused, but they made it a rule that pupils must have a locker to put their coat in during school hours. I got round that by not wearing a coat.

In college they were easier to get. My second year I got locker number 713.

Healing charms to Olivia, Snuffles! I'm sure she'll take the falls in her stride.


Tazzygirl - Sep 7, 2007 2:15 pm (#2058 of 2984)

Congrats, JulieGE!! **adds more butterbeer toasts**

Madam P- I forgot about Leno and the Star Wars show! I was watching Pride and Prejudice last night, and I fell asleep at about 8:15. I didn't wake up until 9 this morning! (I didn't know I was that tired! I never fall asleep at 8:30!) Sounds like I missed some fun stuff.

**Healing charms** to all the kiddies that have the Back to School Crud. My class had the crud last Tuesday (my mentor teacher as well). I'm now waiting for it to hit me. and some **extra healing charms** to Olivia. Ouch!

Student files- from what my classes and I have discussed, once we are teachers, we can choose to look at a student's file or not. Some teachers do not, as then they will already have a preconceived notion about that student and that could have a negative impact. Other teachers will look at certain students' files to see about disabilities and what not. Usually that only happens if the student's old teacher gives the new teacher a heads up on the student. Holly- I hope your son's teacher gets up to speed really quick!

Lockers- in elementary school, we did not get a locker until we reached 7th and 8th grade. High school- we received lockers as freshmen. I think we had to pay $15. Whatever locker we received was our locker until the day we graduated. Although, after my freshman year, we switched lockers for some reason. I liked where my locker was the second time- it was right in the middle of where all my classes were. Before it wasn't, and I had to lug all my books around.

Off to finish typing up a Five Words story and then clean. I'm hosting a BBQ tonight here. whoo-hoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!



megfox* - Aug 15, 2007 7:05 am (#2059 of 2984)

Okay, I survived! Thanks for the thoughts! Although, I was delegated the horrific task of assigning lockers and therefore, locks and combos, and trying to help 100 Freshman figure out how to use their locks. I can't tell you how many times over the past three days I have said "Left three times to clear to first number, right past first number to second number, left to third number." And how many schedules I have had to print for a second and third time. My team members always remind me that they set me these tasks because I am so good at organization and lists and things. Of course, I have already given up a prep period to work on these things, and they are all planned for next week, and I am not.

It was mid-90's today, after three days of barely reaching 65, and HUMID. I have these 2 beautiful, big bay windows in my classroom (I'm on the corner over looking the woods and the driveway - best room in the school) but the sun streams in them all day long. It was sweltering in my room. At least we could come home and go in the pool, which wasn't closed this past weekend like they said it was going to.

I have had my SWAPs done for several weeks, but do you think I've mailed them ?  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059  I promise I will do it tomorrow... Question: Is it okay if I handwrite the tags? I don't know proper SWAPs etiquette.

I hope that everyone who is back at school or is sending little ones to school has had a good week (or two) back! I'm off to read posts (other than Chat and Potty Games) for the first time since Tuesday!


Denise P. - Sep 7, 2007 2:38 pm (#2060 of 2984)

Yes, you can certainly handwrite SWAPS tags. I print them on labels because it is easier and I don't like my own handwriting Smile I found a place that has hundreds of handwriting fonts (Fonts for Peas) so my tags usually have those. My tags on these have various HP or HP inspired fonts.

Rhys, my sweet man, brought me a handful of SWAPS this morning, that he carefully took apart. "Broke, Mom" Yeah, like he found them that way. Luckily, it just took some hot glue to make them right again. They are now up out of his way. I was just glad he chose to "find" the one that was easy to repair.

Congrats Julie!

Meg, I don't envy you! I spoke to Ryan's counselor today about changing his schedule since he wanted to switch out of year round PE into year round art. He has permission from the advanced art teacher to do it but after speaking to the counselor, there is no way to switch without him totally rearranging his schedule and him dropping Latin. If Ryan was not in all honors classes and taking Latin, he could do it but that limits what he can do. He is now mad that I won't let him drop Latin, take Spanish and rearrange his entire schedule ...just so he has PE 3xs a week vs 5 xs a week

Lockers - they have them in the middle school but they can only go to them at specific times during the day, not between classes. In the high school they can go to them between classes.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a humdinger. I have a long run in the morning, hoping to be finished no later than noon. Then I have dog class with Tinsel at 12:30. Since the run is less than 5 miles from the class, Mr. Denise has agreed to bring her over. I really don't feel like I want to go to class but it is important so I can deal with it for an hour. Nicholas has a dance that evening and I have not heard about the ride schedule yet. Since it is held a few towns over at a church building, we try to coordinate rides so not every parent has to drive over there.

Now, I am off to do dinner then bathe the dog.


Marie E. - Sep 7, 2007 7:19 pm (#2061 of 2984)

I am an admitted procrastinator, so I have no idea why I volunteer for things. This weekend I have to: get a hard copy of a bingo game to another Sunday School teacher, make large versions of the pictures on the bingo game, go to a Girl Scout barbeque, go to a friend's surprise party, finish making and send off my SWAPS, go to a Harry Potter meet-up, and write a letter of recommendation for a friend. It can't be done. I'm tired just thinking about it all.

At work we've been without a computer since Tuesday night. It kept saying our network cable was unplugged, but we checked all the cables and cords. Mr. E came in today, took one look at our modem, and said "Here's your problem, this cable is plugged into the wrong place." How that happened in the first place I have no idea. My boss made me call the Help Desk to let them know we fixed the problem. The lady at the Help Desk actually giggled.

Mr. E went elk hunting today. He's disappointed that he didn't catch anything, but frankly I'm relieved. I have no idea what we would do with all that meat. And don't say "eat it".


Denise P. - Sep 7, 2007 7:34 pm (#2062 of 2984)

If I was closer, I would take elk meat! Tinsel would love it, I bet. Once hunting season starts, I need to become acquainted with local shops so I can pick up scraps for her.

Mr. Denise actually put canopies up over the beds in the girls’ room. Anyone want to wager odds on how long they last?

I am off until sometime tomorrow afternoon, have a great evening and Saturday


Madam Pince - Sep 7, 2007 7:51 pm (#2063 of 2984)

It is Mr. Pince's fondest dream to bag an elk. He looks at them on the TV hunting shows the same way he used to look at me before we got married. I wouldn't be so worried about what to do with the meat -- that I could handle. What I'm afraid of is what am I going to do with the stuffed and mounted head and antlers??? Have you seen the size of those things??? No normal 10-ft ceiling could take it. But it would be a guarantee that Mr. P would be hotfooting it to a taxidermist. Thank goodness he decided the wild boar was too expensive to do. Bleah...

LOL on Kierynn's stuck earring! Poor child. But on the other hand, did the picture turn out good? Awwwww... I soooo wanted a canopy bed when I was a little girl! Lucky little ladies who got them at the Denise P house! I bet they will last as long as the little brothers don't start using them for basketball goals.

Congrats to all teachers and students for having made it through (another) or (the first) week! Woo-hoo!

Little Pince came home today and proudly showed me "Look what the nurse gave me!" -- a HUGE band-aid over his knee. I was expecting something pretty major, but it was just a tiny little scrape. I got a special treat this morning, because getting on the bus not only did he give me a kiss on the cheek, but he also stopped and turned around and blew me a kiss from the bus steps. ***clutches heart*** One of the other moms said the same thing Mr. P says -- better get all of those while you can, because it won't last long!

Holly, your son's situation sounds very frustrating. I know it would drive me nuts, because as you say, it's re-inventing the wheel every school year, and that kind of thing makes me crazy. Good luck -- hope they can figure it out.

Azi, I'm with you and Squid Mike -- all these teaching methods are confusing. It seemed a lot simpler when I was going to school -- sit there and listen, take notes, do homework. Or maybe it was confusing then too, but being on the other end of it I was just unaware of it all?

Tazzy, sorry you missed the shows, but if you slept like that then you must've needed it badly! I'm sure The History Channel will show that Star Wars thing again -- I think if you check their website they will list upcoming future airings of their shows. Leno, you're just out of luck.

Tomorrow after soccer I'm considering going to this little festival they have near us -- Outlaw Days. It's all cowboys and Indians and rodeo stuff. It sounds like a little boy's version of heaven. We may wait until Sunday though and see if Mr. Pince will have finished filming early and could go with us -- it sounds like his version of heaven, too!

Everyone enjoy the RotW!


journeymom - Sep 7, 2007 8:57 pm (#2064 of 2984)

I think I was the one who asked about the Star Wars bit, because I missed it the first time you mentioned it. I saw it a week later and thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me all interested in Joseph Campbell again.

Speaking of the Arthurian Legend, I rented The Fisher King and we're going to watch it tonight after the kids are in bed.

I desperately wanted a canopy bed when I was a girl. My mom painted and did up my room all girly-like, with a lemon yellow bed spread and matching curtains. It was truly sweet. But no canopy! I think the room made such an impression on me that yellow has been my favorite color ever since.

We had Denise P's HP Lexicon casserole for dinner tonight! I slid it into the oven, turned around and discovered I'd left out the second layer of noodles. :slaps forehead: I served the casserole over the extra noodles. It all worked out.

Whew! It's Friday night!


Edited to add, I spent a weekend at my uncle's house in Utah when I was a teenager. He 's a formidable hunter. They had a cookout and grilled up some elk burgers. They were really good! But they also had a deep freezer down in the basement. It was full to the brim with elk slabs.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 8, 2007 3:34 am (#2065 of 2984)

Hi everyone! Well, we made it through the first two days of school. Trevor was reprimanded the first day for talking. And I'm not sure, but I think the teacher even moved his seat. He told me he was trying to teach the boy next to him how to thumb wrestle. When I asked him how his day went, he said he had a bad day. I discussed it with him and he seems to understand he's not supposed to talk when the teacher is talking-we'll see how it goes next week.

I do miss him while he's away. Empty houses are quiet.

Glad Little Pince is feeling better and glad to learn all the kiddies did so well on their first days.

Healing charms to Olivia and all those who need it.

Congratulations, GE Julie!! What a great accomplishment! Felix Felicis to you so you get accepted into the next program.

LOL about your little guy, kaykay! Give him a wand, will you please!

I wanted a canopy bed for a long time when I was little. It was all I asked for for Christmas and my birthday. When I was around ten or so, my mother got me one. "There," she said angrily, "but I don't know why you want it-it's like sleeping in a coffin."

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! I'm finding less and less time to do things and I thought it would be the other way around, since they're all in school.




kaykay1970 - Sep 8, 2007 5:00 am (#2066 of 2984)

Well, so much for Trevor being the "loner" type! He'll learn when it is appropriate to talk and when it is not. It was his first day after all!

Well, we planned to go to the annual Riverbend festival over in Clifton today. But by the looks of my yard, it seems to have rained all night long! There's nothing like making plans to be outside all day to end a drought! Then again, it's early and may clear up and Clifton may not have seen a drop of this rain anyway...


The giant squid - Sep 8, 2007 7:17 am (#2067 of 2984)

Leno, you're just out of luck.--Madame Pince

Unless they've changed their late-night lineup, Leno will repeat next week. The way it worked when I had the late shift was: New Leno, New Conan, New Carson Daly, Last week's Leno, Last week's Conan. After a while they bumped the second Conan & put Poker After Dark between Carson & the Leno repeat, so Leno came on again at 3AM. Basically the repeat would be the show from that day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) from one week prior.

Again, this may have changed--it's been 4 months since I've been able to watch late night TV. Stupid early morning job...



Solitaire - Sep 8, 2007 8:45 am (#2068 of 2984)

Holly, what is happening with your son should NEVER happen. Every year, in the week before the kids come, our Resource Specialist/SPED Coordinator meets with the teachers at the grade the kids have just left and those of the grade they will be entering.

The Coordinator goes over every single kid who has a 504 (and even a few kids with no 504 but a few "issues") and makes sure the teachers know what accommodations need to be made, where kids need to sit, any work modifications, etc., with all of the teachers a kid may potentially have.

The previous year teachers are allowed to point out any specific issues they feel need to be further addressed or any accommodations which proved successful (to prevent the need for reinventing the wheel). This way, we are all up to speed on day one with the kids who have special needs of one kind or another. Some kids will need an update meeting in the first month, but at least everyone knows what to do the day the kid walks in. I've always thought our district was behind-hand in this stuff, but it sounds like your son's school--or at least his particular teacher--is in need of serious help. Good luck!

Denise, at our school, any students who have been identified with special needs--but who have no parents to watch out for them (or none who are "visible")--have an appointed teacher or local parent advocate as well as someone from CASA to see that their needs are addressed and met.

Journeymom, sorry about your daughter. **healing charms** The flu is making the rounds in our school, and kids as well as teachers (including this one) are dropping like flies. I only got up because my back was tired of lying down. Also, I knew it was past my dog's "breakfasting hour"--although he was sound asleep on his big cushion!

I hate backpacks! It's no wonder we have so many kids who are developing back problems at the tender age of 10. All students should be issued a set of books to keep at home, and each classroom desk should have a set ... so that backpacks could carry a bottle of water, PE clothes, lunch, a binder, pencils/pens ... period! In the long run, it would be cheaper, because books would not receive so much abuse, so they would last longer.

he wanted to switch out of year round PE into year round art Denise ... your students can opt OUT of PE? In our school, PE is mandatory, just like language arts or math. Unless a student has a doctor's excuse, he/she is in PE ... period.

Marie, when my dad used to go deer and elk hunting, he brought the meat to a local butcher and had it dressed. What we did not put into the freezer was donated to the Rescue Mission and a couple of other organizations to feed the homeless. Since this is a big hunting area and most hunters do the same, I have no doubt the homeless eat a lot of venison stews. Oh ... Dad also used to make elk and deer jerky. I'm not a big jerky person, but his friends loved it!

Madam Pince, my dad's office still has the elk head mounted on the wall (a taxidermist friend did it for Dad). If I were Mom, I'd take it down. Even though it was beautifully done, it gives me the creeps. Of course, his office still has lots of his little "trinkets" ... several stuffed game birds, a rattlesnake skin ... **shivers**

LIke others, I missed Daniel on Leno. I just could not stay awake. Oh, well ... Continued healing charms to all who need them. Enjoy your Saturday.



journeymom - Sep 8, 2007 11:58 am (#2069 of 2984)

Soli, thanks for the kind words for dd. She's much better today (well, it is Saturday). I won't be surprised if her butt is dragging every Friday morning.

The Fisher King, with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, was great! I saw it when it came out, in '91, but I didn't get near as much out of it as I did this time.


Denise P. - Sep 8, 2007 12:12 pm (#2070 of 2984)

No, he can't opt totally out of PE. He currently has PE 5xs a week, he wanted to switch classes so he would only have PE 3xs a week. It is just not worth the massive juggling and rearranging to get it where he doesn't have it 5xs a week.

I am so whipped. I went out for my Trail Half Marathon this morning. Now, I can trip on a flat surface so I should have guessed trail running and I were not a match made in heaven. Before I hit 6 miles, I had taken 3 major spills and currently have bruises, scrapes and I think I sprained a thumb. The hills and draws were terrifically horrendous too. While I had a good time, it was a truly miserable run.

Mr. Denise brought Tinsel to me at class and I was sweating profusely in class (since I went right from the run over to class and changed in my truck). The instructor asked why I was sweating and when I told her she frowned and told me I needed to be in class. LOL She said "Well, when you said you had a run, I thought you meant you would watch Tinsel run somewhere....not that you were running 13 miles yourself" She then clicked and treated me (gave me two mini candy bars) I really like this trainer. I find it funny when she clicks and treats the people in class when they do something correct.


Lina - Sep 8, 2007 2:27 pm (#2071 of 2984)

Congratulations, Julie!

Healing charms, comforting charms and hugs to all that need them!


Tazzygirl - Sep 8, 2007 3:41 pm (#2072 of 2984)

P.E. is purely optional here. There are no 'PE teachers' in the public schools here- the regular teachers are supposed to set aside time during the day for the kids to go out and do PE things. Sadly, none of the teachers choose to have PE. My mentor's schedule is: 8:00-9:45 Math; 10:15-11:30 Language Arts/English; 12:15 to 2:00 Social Studies or Computer or language (Hawaiiana or Japanese), or Science. That's it. In the month that I've been there, we've only done Social Studies and one session of Science.

**healing charms** Little P's knee and anyone else who needs them!

I just finished watching Galaxy Quest. I need to buy it- I looove that movie.

I had more to say but completely forgot. I need to get back into the habit of reading and posting at the same time again.

Off to get a head start on homework. Have to write 2 reflections, create interview questions, finish that stupid lesson plan from my last rant (), and a couple other things. w00t.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Sep 8, 2007 5:37 pm (#2073 of 2984)

I had a depressing afternoon. I went through Little P's closets and had him trying on long pants for fall/winter. I bet there are 25+ pairs of pants in there (cords/jeans/dress pants/sweats) in either size 4, 4T, 5, or 5T, and there is only one pair of cords that I could put on him tomorrow and go out the door with them. If they fit him around the waist, they are about three inches too short, and if they're long enough, they're falling off of him. The reason I am depressed is thinking about all the sewing I am going to have to do to get him any clothes to wear. Sigh...

To combat the depression, we went out for pizza and we are having chocolate truffle ice cream cones for dessert. That would actually be the easier way to get him fitting into his pants -- just jam him full of fattening foods. The sad thing is, he'd still be skinny and then I'd be the one having to custom-tailor my pants.... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059

We got soccer uniforms today. The shorts (naturally) are falling off him even though they are extra-small, so we will be using last years. The tops are Carolina-blue in color... ***horrors!!!*** It was all I could do to pull it over his head. I had to shut my eyes.

I think I will watch Galaxy Quest tonight after he's in bed -- that ought to cheer me up. I know I have it on a tape somewhere. I need to get it on DVD, too, Tazzy!


Tazzygirl - Sep 8, 2007 5:42 pm (#2074 of 2984)

Madam P: If they fit him around the waist, they are about three inches too short, and if they're long enough, they're falling off of him.

Syd and Thaniel have that same problem. I hate how clothes are made standard- they fit nicely in one or two areas, but not in others. Especially when you are in between sizes.

I'm hoping they have Galaxy Quest at work- if it's cheap, then I get my discount too!



Solitaire - Sep 8, 2007 8:31 pm (#2075 of 2984)

Sadly, none of the teachers choose to have PE

Tazzy, our kids have PE 5 days a week, 45 minutes a day. Right now they are swimming and will continue to do so until it is too cool. I am not a very sporty type and get a bit ticked at the fact that sports seem to drive our school schedule. Grades 6, 7, and 8 have football/volleyball, basketball, and softball games nearly every Friday afternoon during those seasons. On the positive side, however, we have very physically fit kids. Every year, our track team sets records up and down the state for telay teams, hurdling, shot put, javelin, high jump, etc. Our girls' volleyball and basketball teams are formidable and usually win their titles. The number of kids who achieve the President's Fitness Council patches is probably over 85% of our student body.

With all of the emphasis on the wildfire spread of Type 2 Diabetes among children, it is surprising that PE is not mandatory everywhere. My diabetes educators said that if people would eat a reasonable diet and exercise just 20 minutes to a half hour per day, they would never develop Type 2 diabetes ... and that includes kids. It seems rather a low price to give a half hour per day to vigorous physical activity, if the pay-off is kids' health.



Elanor - Sep 8, 2007 10:17 pm (#2076 of 2984)

Just popping in to wish you all a great weekend!

It is a very busy one here as it is the traditional town's "September Festival", which includes procession with costumes and traditional tools of the centuries old weavers' guild and in the afternoon a funny parade. The theme of the parade is different each year and I've read that this year the theme will be "books" and part of it will be dedicated to HP! I'll try and take lots of pictures.

It will also be a busy day because I turned 35 yesterday ("today" still, forum time, as it was/is on the 8th ) and I'm going to celebrate a bit with my family.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!



geauxtigers - Sep 8, 2007 10:18 pm (#2077 of 2984)

Just popping in, I had to press the magic button! LOL over 90 posts this past week!

I finished the Kite Runner, and I see what yall mean about the violence, gives a new perspective. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. (I'm done with it and we don't even have to have it finished for about another week or so! Am I kicked out of the procrastinator's club?) My mom is reading it now.

TIgers won 48-7. I was surprised how we steamrolled them. I thought it was going to be a close, nail biter at least. I was actually worried we'd loose because I don't really like the number 2 ranking we have. It makes people expect too much and everything is much riskier if you loose. I'd rather start out at around # 15 or so and climb to number 2. I even had a nightmare that we lost 54 to 0! LOL I'm glad it was just a dream! Anyway, I still didn't expect the blowout that it was, but of course we'll take it! LOL Can't believe Auburn, Michigan and Boise State all lost. Thrilled that Notre Dame lost, glad Auburn lost, glad Georgia lost! Georgia Tech beat Smaford 69-14! My favorite is Western Kentucky beat West Virgina Tech 87-0! 87 points in a football game?! Thats a basketball score!

Anyway, hope everyone is well!

EDIT: Joyeux anniversaire Audrey!


Solitaire - Sep 9, 2007 12:59 am (#2078 of 2984)

What a bad friend I am. I can only plead that I am kind of groggy from my cold medicine. I just woke up to take my latest dose, and I remembered that I had never said ...
Happy Belated Birthday, Audrey!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1609556105


Good Evans  - Sep 9, 2007 3:33 am (#2079 of 2984)

Did I miss your birthday Audrey? If so many belated good wishes! whoops!!!!

Many thanks for all congratulations, you guys are the best! I am just about coming down to land. Of course with my life there has to be a complication. I got home from work Friday to a text message from a colleague. I rang him back and he said, oh, you left work without going past reception (well duh! our staff / car park entrance is in a different part of the building!) so you dont know that you have a bouquet of flowers waiting for you!

Well I wasn't about to drive back to work to pick them up and then come home, that would have been an hour and half minimum. So I said that he would have to take them home to his wife, not much point leaving them in the office all weekend!

hubby, went up the wall, it turns out that he had them delivered after I called him with instructions that if they can't deliver before 4 pm not to bother. they delivered at 2 - I was in a meeting. No one emailed me / telephoned and left a message or stuck a message on my desk, - so how was I supposed to know? It is just stupidity from the receptionist and my colleague between them.

I got back to my desk just after 3 and didn’t leave til 4 - why didn’t either reception or my colleague see if I was there?

upshot, hubby has complained via email to the chief exec. He is miffed that he wasted £30. I just wish he hadn't bothered, flowers are lovely but they are a waste of money, it was a friday and I had no idea they were coming - recipe for disaster!

oh well, dont know what else I can add to that. It did make the evening a bit flat, and I have to go to work and deal with listening to the excuses from the receptionist and colleague tomorrow! great!

hope the sewing isn't too lengthy Madam P - I can sympathise, I always made Matthew wear a belt, he is so slim that nothing fitted him round the waist if it was any good in the length! glad those days are gone!!!

have a nice Sunday everyone

Julie x


Lina - Sep 9, 2007 4:47 am (#2080 of 2984)

Oh, Audrey, I was thinking about your birthday all week, and then I forgot about it on the right day.

Belated happy, happy birthday, Audrey!

My opinion on flowers is just the same as yours, Julie! Anyway, it is the thought that counts, isn't it?


kaykay1970 - Sep 9, 2007 5:29 am (#2081 of 2984)
Edited Sep 9, 2007 6:09 am

Happy birthday Audrey!!!

I never had trouble finding clothes for my thin son. I bought the slim sizes for him and it always worked out. My other son always had the problem that when the waist fit, the legs would be too LONG.

I think our drought has definitely come to an end. It rained the biggest part of the day yesterday and it is raining now! Yeah! The biggest problem with this is that my yard is now almost completely devoid of grass, so the dogs get quite muddy when I take them out! I'm not complaining, mind you, we certainly need the rain! I can deal with cleaning muddy paws at the front door!

Edit: Happy birthday Steve!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2007 5:46 am (#2082 of 2984)

Now's that time of the year

That I have grown to greatly fear,

'Cause it's not exactly great

To be turning 58.



Potteraholic - Sep 9, 2007 5:47 am (#2083 of 2984)

Happy Birthday, Audrey!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1609556105
Happy Sunday to all!


azi - Sep 9, 2007 5:58 am (#2084 of 2984)

Happy belated birthday, Elanor!

Congrats on the rain, Kay!

**hugs** JulieGE! I agree flowers are a waste of money! At least hubby was thoughtful enough to buy them, even if you didn't get to see them.


legolas returns - Sep 9, 2007 6:12 am (#2085 of 2984)

Happy birthday to all that are having a birthday this weekend.


The giant squid - Sep 9, 2007 7:25 am (#2086 of 2984)

Happy Birthday, Steve. 58's not that bad...

A belated joyeaux anniversaire (did I get that right?) to Audrey as well.

I've always been a problem to shop for. For a while the "slim" fit worked for me, but now I'm too tall to fit in the kids' sizes and too skinny to fit in the mens' sizes. It's pretty sad for a 35-year-old man to be prowling the back-to-school sales looking for those in-between sizes that they only sell at those times.



Lina - Sep 9, 2007 7:27 am (#2087 of 2984)

Happy birthday, Steve!

Maybe I'm wrong, or I just got used to it, but I have the feeling that the song about aging is slightly less sad than those in the years before... So I wish you some happy songs in the future! There are some things that aging brings that no youth can give you!


Julie Aronson - Sep 9, 2007 7:29 am (#2088 of 2984)

Happy birthday Audrey and Steve!

Hey! My avatar's back. ?? Thanks wherever they belong!


Madam Pince - Sep 9, 2007 8:56 am (#2089 of 2984)

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Elanor! Hope you had a wonderful celebration of your special day!

And Happy Birthday to Steve Newton! Try to think of it this way -- 58 may not be great, but it beats the alternative! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Congrats to the LSU fans in the crowd (who are they again? LOL!) I didn't see the game but it must've been impressive. Given that Tech and my alma mater are generally rivals, I will join you in a chorus of "Go Tigers!"

Good Evans, what a shame about your flowers! I have an idea for a solution, though. The next time your colleague's wife does something outstanding and deserving of a floral tribute, he should order flowers -- for you. It's only fair because she got yours this time, right?

We decided to skip Outlaw Days and have instead spent the morning studying some Jacques Cousteau books about sea creatures and looking up various lizards online. If you need a grin, Google "frilled lizard" and click on the link with the video from National Geographic. I guarantee you cannot watch that video and stay depressed. Little P practically fell off the chair giggling at it.

Sigh... back to clothes-sorting duties, I guess. The "slim" sizes are a better fit for us, too, but they are somewhat hard to find. I don't travel much "across the bridge" into the real world, so I stay over here and shop the outlet mall. We get great bargains and it's pretty good shopping for the most part, but odd sizes are hard to come by. I did find two 5-slim pairs of jeans which were in the back of the closet and I didn't find them until today, so yay for that! They're a great fit! (So naturally, in two months they'll be too short I figure... )

I've been doing my re-read of DH during the few minutes before I fall asleep each night and when I wake up in the morning until the rest of the household gets moving. This morning I was right at the part where Voldemort's voice rings throughout Hogwarts "I know that you are preparing to fight." ...and Little Pince came into the room with a big "Good morning, Mommy! What's for breakfast?" Aaaaargh! What timing! Ah well, I will wait patiently for tonight! (You know, I'm picking up so much more on this re-read than I got the first time. I totally missed that Luna had painted everyone's faces on her ceiling and entwined them with "friends" -- I thought she'd just put their names. Silly reading fast...)

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!


Phoenix - Sep 9, 2007 9:57 am (#2090 of 2984)



Choices - Sep 9, 2007 10:04 am (#2091 of 2984)

Happy Birthday wishes to Audrey and Steve.

Hope you are feeling better Soli. Healing charms coming your way.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Allison R - Sep 9, 2007 10:04 am (#2092 of 2984)

Okay, I refused to hit the magic button and have just slogged through over 400 posts. Although my intent was noble, I'm not sure how effective it was, because now that I'm through to the end I'm not sure I can keep it all straight LOL

Like many here, I have started back to school and am swimming in homework and projects and studying (at the library, once I am home I am only allowed to be "mom" and not "student") so my time on the boards will be sporadic for the next few months, I'm afraid! I will continue to check in when I can, though, and am determined to still be able to participate.

Congrats to those who have graduated or managed to send little ones off to school for the first time! Transitions are good but very stressful, I think.

In my reading here it occurred to me that kudzu must have been the inspiration for Devil's Snare! Or perhaps it's actually the very same plant, just known by different names in the Muggle world and the Wizarding World?

Healing Charms to those with sore hands/arms/knees and shoulders! House-selling charms, Health charms to... drat, I should have taken notes. Here, I'll just leave them here in a pile and you can pick up the ones that are applicable to you, is that okay? ::makes tidy pile and sorts into categories::

My husband is the Programming Director for something called MountainCon III here in Utah later this month, he/we have been working on panels and speakers and schedules for months now-- we are into the home stretch! I have been "volunteered" to be on a couple of Harry Potter-themed panels. If I compleely embarass myself I promise not to reveal my association with The Forum!


journeymom - Sep 9, 2007 10:54 am (#2093 of 2984)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY AND STEVE! And many morrrrre! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1609556105  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1609556105

I put a 3.4-pound pork shoulder roast in a slow cooker and poured on about 20 ounces of bbq sauce. It wasn't the whole bottle of sauce, because any more looked like it might make the meat ridiculously sweet and gooey. We need some sauce to serve with it, anyway, right? So I added 2 cups water, enough to cover the roast, and set the cooker to low.

The idea is to serve it on buns. I've never made this concoction before. Those in the know: am I doing this right?


Madam Pince - Sep 9, 2007 11:01 am (#2094 of 2984)

I've never added water to any type of roast I do in a slow-cooker before. I thought the general idea of slow-cooking was that you don't need to add any liquid, or if so then very, very little. I've done something similar -- put ribs in the pot and a bottle of BBQ sauce over and let 'er rip. No other liquid other than the sauce, though. I think if I were you I'd try to take out some of that liquid if you can...

And also, any roasts I've done that I intend to serve on buns, I always did the roast first, whole, then took it out and "pulled" it apart or chopped it, then put it back in the pot with the BBQ sauce for a little while longer. But I don't see why it wouldn't work your way just as well, although it might be a little bit messier to pull the meat apart or chop it or whatever you're doing.


Tazzygirl - Sep 9, 2007 11:29 am (#2095 of 2984)

Really quick as I have to bolt out the door to work:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE and AUDREY!! Audrey, hope your day was fantastic! Steve- Hope you have a great day!

Sorry about the flower dilemma, JulieGE!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Elanor - Sep 9, 2007 12:18 pm (#2096 of 2984)

Thank you so much everybody!

It's been a really nice day and everything went very well: dinner was delicious, the traditional "festival" wonderfully "traditional" and even the weather has been mild and (almost) sunny all day!

Happy Birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire Steve!
From my very recent experience, I can testify that some good cake shared with family/friends (with a nice glass of champagne of course!) really makes that new year lighter on one's shoulders... I hope you can try the experience today too.

I hope everybody has a great Sunday!



Puck - Sep 9, 2007 12:37 pm (#2097 of 2984)


No, I'm not hopelessly lost, just trying to be a good wife and Mom, which has meant staying away from the computer. I've missed you guys, and think of you often!

I've sent Son off to 2nd grade, and Diva to kindergarten. I start my new job teaching Dance this Saturday. Similar to what I do at the Community Center, but now I get to choreograph for the recital, which will be fun.

Diva got put on the wrong bus the first day she rode it home, and for the longest 15 minutes of my life we had no idea where she was. She was found safe, sleeping on another bus. No lasting harm done, but I'm a quite disappointed the school has yet to contact me. I understand mistakes happen, but I still feel an apology and/or explanation of how this happened is owed to me. I mean, it wasn't a misplaced lunch box. Hmmm, I should write a letter to the Principal while I'm on the computer.

Trying to get organized for Girl Scouts and Religious Education starting back again at the Church, plus find time to make quilts for all those friends having babies, and make Halloween costumes for the kids. Busy, tired and -generally- happy. Enjoying days with only one child at home, who naps much longer without her siblings around making noise.

I'll try to check in more often! Hoping Julie, Maria, and Madame Pince did okay send their little ones off for the first time did okay, and all others sending kidlets off to school.



Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2007 2:03 pm (#2098 of 2984)

Thanks for all of the birthday congratulations. I may actually make it through the day. A nap helps.

Better than the alternative indeed!


Holly T. - Sep 9, 2007 2:04 pm (#2099 of 2984)

Welcome back Puck and Allison!

Happy birthdays to Steve and Audrey! My birthday is Wednesday and, well, I'm older than Audrey and younger than Steve. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Our church festival was this afternoon, lots of fun, way too hot. Still, after the summer we have had, at least it didn't rain. Husband bought a tree in the silent auction (after he told me not to bid on anything as money was tight, hmmm, maybe it's only a problem if I'm buying stuff Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059).

I had a Girl Scout registration rally for our service unit yesterday morning and then in the afternoon I went to the council office to teach a training class for new Brownies leaders. While I was in the middle of the class son's drum teacher called wanting to know why son wasn't at his makeup lesson. My husband forgot to take him, said I didn't write it down. I said I did write it down. Apparently I should have written it on his hand.

Journeymom--that sounds like too much liquid. It would have probably been ok with just the sauce. You could take out the meat and shred it and then put it back in and see if you need to drain off any of the liquid, then add more sauce when it's done. Not criticizing! But I use my crockpot a lot. I was supposed to put chicken in it this morning and forgot. Too late now. Hmmm, looks like another fend for yourself night for dinner. Dh went to the store this week (actually, he was at the store when he should have been at drum lessons, and, while he had his cell phone with him he didn't have it on) so I don't even know what we have to eat.


journeymom - Sep 9, 2007 2:22 pm (#2100 of 2984)

Heh! We just came back from what was supposed to be Labor Day's piano makeup lesson. But their teacher wasn't there! There must have been a misunderstanding. At least the kids have practiced all their songs one time this week. They tend to ignore their least favorite songs.

Madam P, Holly, that's exactly what I was hoping for, the voice of experience. I poured off 3 to 4 cups of liquid and added more sauce. I turned the cooker to high, since it's after 2:00pm and I had to start over. I'm confused about something, though. I thought the point of slow cooking a big slab of meat like this was to cook it so much it falls apart. I don't know how I would 'shred' a piece of raw meat.

If this works, though, I'm going to try it on other cuts of pork. I pretty much gave up cooking pork chops, they always end up tough as leather.
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:33 pm


Allison R - Sep 9, 2007 3:28 pm (#2101 of 2984)

Journeymom, you are correct-- you'd shred the meat once it was cooked and falling apart, and then return it to the crockpot just to get it all mixed with the sauce and heated through. I'm glad you removed the extra liquid! I think you'll be much more pleased with the results.


megfox* - Sep 9, 2007 4:41 pm (#2102 of 2984)


It looked like the prefect's tub by the time I "marked as read" the Chat thread. Oops!

Anyway, Andy, Noah and I just went to see OoP finally! It was fun, although I had to keep explaining to Noah what was happening and who everyone was. He's only watched PoA and GoF once or twice, so he was a little confused about whether or not Sirius was a good guy or a bad guy. He did tell me as we were leaving the theater that it was alright, he closed his eyes during the scary parts.

Speaking of cooking things, Andy and I made chicken-corn chowder today and let it rest while we were at the theater. It has a 1/2 pound of bacon we got at a local smokehouse, 6 ears of corn, half a pound of red potatoes, a pound of chicken, a pint of whole milk and a pint of half and half, mirepois (carrots, onion, and celery), and roux made from the bacon drippings. After our two days of 90+ degrees, it has rained all day and was a jeans and sweatshirt kind of day, so we needed some hearty (read: heart attack inducing) New England food. A cup of this stuff has all your caloric intake for three days. I love it when Andy cooks in the fall and winter - I have a whole other wardrobe of pants for it. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1003735042

Happy birthday, Audrey and Steve!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. My SWAPS are done and will be mailed tomorrow! Yippee!


Steve Newton - Sep 9, 2007 5:34 pm (#2103 of 2984)

younger than Steve.



Betty Boop - Sep 9, 2007 6:37 pm (#2104 of 2984)

Happy Birthday to Audrey and Steve!!

Meg, your chowder sounds great, just might have to make some.

Yay to Penn State for winning their game. Also to the Steelers for winning their game today.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Have a great Monday everyone.

hugs always



journeymom - Sep 9, 2007 7:47 pm (#2105 of 2984)

Wow, Meg, that chowder sounds yummy. Only a few thousand calories! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 793915934

The bbq pulled pork worked out perfectly. It was falling-apart tender. There was a lot of liquid left, even after pouring off a lot of it before. I boiled down the sauce that was left, shredded the meat and poured the sauce back on. We had it on toasted buns. It was delicious!

Now if I can just figure out how to make 'carnitas' this way.

What fun, we're watching the Pirate movie. Geoffrey Rush is the consummate pirate. Arrrr! Now if only I can find Mr Journeymom some buccaneer boots.


kabloink! - Sep 9, 2007 8:42 pm (#2106 of 2984)

Re – Lockers:  In junior high, we were given lockers, fairly large ones. We had to share, and we had to keep our backpacks and everything except what we need for classes in them. We got a new one every year, as 6th, 7th and 8th grade were all kind of split up into different areas of the school. In high school, we had very skinny lockers, which we shared. I had the same locker partner (and locker, I think) all through high school, though technically we changed every year. Just the way everything worked out with my homeroom. Brian was the only person I could stand, and likewise for him. After my freshman year, though, I never used my locker-I was in marching band, and I simply used my flute cubby-hole for the rest of high school. Not a lot of room, but far more convenient, as band was right in the middle of my day.

OK, I'm sure this was discussed at some point, and I simply missed it, but what are SWAPS?

In my high school, 1 year of PE was mandatory, unless you were in a varsity sport (or marching band) all four years. I took 1 semester of PE, 3 years of marching band, and 1 football season of varsity cheerleading, plus a huge variety of academic and drama related activities. I guess technically they didn't have to let me graduate, but I had the 4th highest GPA in my class and was #9 of almost 300-they weren't going to give me a hard time. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2752390508

Tazzy, this is probably late, but I found that even with my employee discount at B&N, it still made a lot more sense to go to Target or Walmart, or even Meijer(but not often) to buy DVD's. B&N's prices on DVDs tend to be so hiked up to begin with that the employee discount simply brings them down to the price that they would be at other stores.

Yeah, Michigan is really living up to that #5 ranking aren't they? At least people expect Michigan State to do badly these days, so if they lose its expected, if they win, its a pleasant surprise. U of M versus Appalachian State though...hehe...wow...

Typically what I do with pork roast in the slow cooker is buy a slightly bigger one than normal, and serve it up the first night typical Sunday night dinner style (roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn...yummmm), then take the leftovers a day or two later and pull them apart while heating them up in BBQ sauce on a pot on the stove. It takes all of about 25 minutes for fabulous pulled-pork BBQ, sort-of. I always add water to my roast in the slow cooker-I typically set it up exactly like I would in the oven, just in the slow cooker for longer, then I transfer all the fluid to a pot to make the gravy, as my slow cooker never seems to get hot enough to reduce the juices for gravy.

Well, I got the invitations out for Ian's first birthday party yesterday (the party is next Sunday...), oh well, I've told most people about it, anyway. I can't believe he's almost one. I'm trying to decide whether to make him a chocolate cake (so far he loves anything chocolate we've given him bites of), of to do the traditional little-kid rainbow chip with matching frosting. Perhaps we'll do chocolate on his birthday (which is Wednesday), and rainbow chip for the party. Any ideas for something special to do with a one-year-old for his birthday that doesn't involve Chuckee Cheese?

Ok, off to bed, hubby has to be up in just about 4 hours...I'm not too fond of his schedule these days, but what can you do?

HAve a great rest of the day/night everyone!


Tazzygirl - Sep 9, 2007 8:43 pm (#2107 of 2984)

**waves to Puck** I was just thinking about you the other day! Glad Diva was found safe and sound- very scary! We had a 5 year old here that was put on the wrong bus last year. I know it took longer than 15 minutes to find him.

I've called in sick from student teaching tomorrow. I've got a headache, kind of achy (it comes and goes), my throat is getting a little scratchy, and I'm exhausted. I think I might be getting the crud that has been going around here, so I thought I'd take tomorrow off just in case. It'll also allow me to catch up on all my homework that I've let fall behind.

OOH!! Madam P (or whoever it was I was talking to about Galaxy Quest the other day)- B&N is selling the DVD for $9.99. EDIT: Kabloink- I usually don't buy DVDs or CDs at B&N because they are expensive. I usually buy them at Best Buy or Walmart. On some movies though, that I know are older, they have a lower price (like $9.99.) LOL

Off to muster up some energy to do laundry, eat dinner, and then bedtime.



Snuffles - Sep 10, 2007 1:23 am (#2108 of 2984)

Happy belated birthday to Elanor and Steve. I hope you both had a wonderful day

**Healing charms** to Little Pince's knee.

Kathy, what a scary 15 minutes that must have been. I definitely think one of the teachers should give you a call to apologise. At least if your daughter was asleep it wouldn't have been as traumatic for her as it was for you.

**Healing charms** to Kristina. I hope you feel better soon.

Hubby had a cortisone injection in his shoulder Friday night and is still suffering. I don't know how he is going to manage to drive his lorry today. The doctor has told him that if it isn't better by the end of the week, he is to make another appointment and they will send him for a scan. This is the second injection he has had. I somehow don't think this injection will make any difference

Off to check the threads.

Hope everyone has a good Monday



jose043 - Sep 10, 2007 1:39 am (#2109 of 2984)

Hi All

Healing charms to all those who need them. Birthday wishes to all that have celebrated over the past few days.

Denise P was it gravel you fell on? If so you have our sympathy as both Anne & I have done that at different times over the years.

Hope all the school kids & Teachers have settled back into the routine of being back at school.

Solitaire how are your wrist & knees holding up? Anne wrist played up the other night because she had been writing & typing to long, finished up with pins & needles. It was for a report she has to do for part of her course at TAFE.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


kaykay1970 - Sep 10, 2007 4:26 am (#2110 of 2984)

Healing charms to Julie's hubby! My husband had to have a cortisone injection a few years ago. He had calcium deposits in his shoulder. Fortunately for him the first shot did the trick!

Kathy, I'm so sorry you had to go through that on Diva's first day of school!

Healing charms to Anne!


Good Evans - Sep 10, 2007 4:36 am (#2111 of 2984)

Ick Kathy, that must have been awful. Why don't the teachers make sure that the youngsters on the first day are very clear exactly which bus they should be on? They should be buddied up or individually looked after, they are after all new to this!!! tsk tsk!

When I first went to high school (so would have been 11 - back then!) we had a huge school and the busses all lined up on a big field, the buses were supposed to have their destinations on the front, but seldom did, you spent ages wandering around looking for the right bus, and were petrified your bus would go without you. I don’t wish school bus journeys on anyone!!

Glad you had a good day Audrey, and happy belated to you too Steve. Early happy birthday to Journeymom (it was you that said it's Wednesday?)

Julie (S) your hubby's arm sounds sore, healing charms to him.

hugs to all - charms and wishes where needed!!


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2007 5:14 am (#2112 of 2984)

Happy Happy Birthday Audrey and Steve Dears!

Happy Days will come to you all year!

If I had a wish then it would be

A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!!

For Good Evans FLOWER PICTURE!!!!!

For Kathy. Yes! You should demand and explanation!!

I did a pork roast just like that yesterday! I put the whole roast in a crock pot and let it cook in it's own juices for about 7 hours on low. I then poured off the all the juice and then added the bbq sauce ans let it cook about an hour more. We served it on buns. Great minds think a like!! To shred it means to just pull it apart with a couple of forks. It's so tender, it's not very hard.

Off to get Littlest Guy ready for school.


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2007 5:25 am (#2113 of 2984)

Ha! I wish it has been gravel I was running on when I fell. I was on a 2" goat path through the woods so when I bit the dust, it was full of rocks, leaves, twigs and roots....and scratchy bushes. It was an ungroomed horse path that the run was being held on. It was much more ungroomed (as in totally) than I had anticipated so I spent considerable time on the ground, collecting bruises and scratches.

SWAPS are little doohickies that people make and then trade. They usually say something about the user or follow a theme. They are generally smaller, homemade and can be pinned. On the Forum here, a group of us decided to do a HP themed exchange. As an example, I could make an owl out of pompoms, put a teeny envelope in its beak and it would be Hedwig delivering a letter (No, this is not what I did for the exchange) Once everyone gets them, I will put up a page so others can see what they looked like. I already have the page set up, I just have to add photos of each one as they arrive. I have only seen 4 of the 14 so far but I am way impressed.

Today is a half day here for the kids in elementary school. Every Monday is. This means I have to move quickly to get things done before they get back home. Tinsel is off with Jen, the groomer, today getting a bath. I had planned to go to the library but since it is the half day and a grooming day, library is pushed to tomorrow and I will go various shopping for things we only get occasionally and from a specific store. See you all later today when I return!


Holly T. - Sep 10, 2007 6:56 am (#2114 of 2984)

Solitaire--thanks so much for explaining how you do things at your school for the kids with 504 and other issues. That makes so much sense. I just cannot believe our school doesn't have some sort of system in place. I, however, have resorted to other methods. I am friends with the teacher daughter had for fourth grade (Mrs. D.), son wanted to get in her class but he didn't (he has Mrs. S.). Anyway, Mrs. D. is working on her master's degree in library science in her spare time and hasn't written term papers since she was in college 25 years ago. Whenever she has a class that assigns essays or papers she has me proof them, help her with the citation format, etc. So she called the other day about her homework and asked me about how my son is doing in fourth grade and I mentioned some of my concerns (tactfully, and not dissing Mrs. S. in any way). Then Mrs. D. came over to our house the other night so I could go over her paper and we ended up talking about my son and his reading issues some more, which I am hoping gets relayed to Mrs. S. He's supposed to bring home his first spelling homework of the school year today, which we are going to use as our cue to contact the reading teacher and ask when she wants to have that conference.

We haven't made our swaps yet. Too busy! And they're not even that complicated. (And I still haven't joined that Procrastinator's Club either.) Will do them tomorrow night and get them in the mail Wednesday or Thursday.

Editing to add healing charms to those who need them!

And it's my birthday on Wednesday (I'll be 39).


Solitaire - Sep 10, 2007 7:13 am (#2115 of 2984)

Happy Belated Birthday, Steve! BTW, 58 is NOT OLD!!

Tazzy, it sounds like you are getting what I had (and still have, unfortunately). I wish I'd stayed home Thursday and Friday, when I first felt it. It might have been gone by now. Go to bed and stay there. **healing charms coming your way**

Snuffles, I've had cortisone shots before to relieve pain in specific areas. Alas, they have never done me any good, so I no longer get them. I find a good muscle relaxer sometimes does the most good, as it enables me to get some healing rest. **healing charms to Mr. Snuffles**

Josephine, my wrist is very capricious. It can be good for several days, and then, without provocation, start hurting. It was sore most of the weekend, although I figure my general flu business has aggravated everything. It seems a little better this morning. Thanks for asking.

Holly, I am glad you and your son have an advocate at school. I know it can be hard, because no parent wants to be labeled "difficult." But sometimes it takes being persistent to make sure that all of the issues are out on the table and everyone knows what to do and what to expect ... including your son. Please keep us posted on how things progress ... or feel free to email me, if you'd rather do that. Hang in there! Oh, and just in case I do not get on Wednesday ...
Happy Birthday, Holly ... in advance!

Have a great Monday, everyone!



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 10, 2007 7:22 am (#2116 of 2984)

Happy Birthday, Steve. 58's not that bad... ~ Mike

Yeah, that coming from a guy in his mid 30's. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 2775603007

Happy Belated Birthdays to Audrey and Steve! (And many more, of course)

I made braccioles in the crock pot yesterday. I just add 3 28-oz cans of tomatoes, seasonings, onion and garlic and let 'er rip. Crock pot meals make the house smell so good, don't they?

Welcome back, Puck! I figured you were busy. Very very bad about the bus problem-I seem to recall hearing such an occurrence here in our school, only they didn't find the child sleeping, she was crying hysterically. I suppose, then, it could have been worse for my little guy, who now thinks the teacher hates him because he has been reprimanded for talking. Kathy, FWIW, I think a visit to the school or firing off a letter is in order. Usually it is a beginning of the year occurrence, but you think they'd have it down by now after so many years of bussing children.

As for me, I miss my babies but am trying to take advantage of the 2 hrs. by organizing and cleaning, and other things (notice, I'm here). I think I could've had 100 and would still feel this way when the last one set off for K.



Marie E. - Sep 10, 2007 7:58 am (#2117 of 2984)

Happy Birthday to Audrey, Steve, and Holly!!!!

Fall decided to arrive on Sunday, with a bang! Saturday it was in the 80's and very hot. Sunday it was rainy and barely 60. Today our high temperature is supposed to be only 55. Lexi's in denial and went to school with a skort and sandals on. I did insist on a light jacket.

Our SWAPS are nearly done. I forgot an accessory for Lexi's SWAP so I will swing by Hobby Lobby after our Service Unit meeting tonight. I'm hoping to get them in the mail tomorrow. Shayla thought she was exchanging the SWAPS with other girls. I had to explain to her that it was also crazy grown ups. To their credit, Lexi and Shayla are really helping out with their SWAPS. I assumed that I'd end up doing most of the work myself.

You all are making me hungry with all the food talk. All I have planned for dinner is spaghetti.

Healing charms to Tazzy!


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2007 8:06 am (#2118 of 2984)

I am stressed about my SWAPS. They aren't as cute as I had invisioned - maybe because I Went to see OotP again this weekend and actually saw what my swaps are supposed to be based on. I now want to redo the whole lot of them! I am trying to restrain myself!!

I am getting the tags on them today and then get them out the door this afternoon. I am already planning my next ones. . . .


painting sheila - Sep 10, 2007 10:06 am (#2119 of 2984)

Shoot! I missed the "edit" time for the previous post.

Marie E - Here is a fix for your hunger pains. Just add www. to the front of this web address and look at some recipe cards from the 1970's. It looks like pretty nasty stuff - jello, green beans and mushrooms all in one dish?! Yuck! candyboots.com/wwcard

No wonder I never joined Weight Watchers!!


Good Evans - Sep 10, 2007 10:59 am (#2120 of 2984)

whoops sorry Holly, happy early birthday to you, I guess I was just really early for Journeymom!!!!

Thank you Sheila, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now!

Julie x


Madam Pince - Sep 10, 2007 11:16 am (#2121 of 2984)

Puck, how scary for you! That surely must've been the longest 15 minutes of your life! Glad it turned out OK and that the little one slept through all the hubbub.

Little Pince has to wear a little card around his neck with his name, bus number, driver's name, and teacher's name. They do this for the first couple weeks for all the bus-riding kids in K and 1st grade. When the teacher decides they're ready, she collects the cards. Also, the bus driver assigns each "little one" to a bigger kid to be their bus-buddy -- someone that gets on/off at their same stop. The bigger kid sits with them to start with and is supposed to help ensure that the littler one gets off at the right place and doesn't fall asleep, etc. His bus-buddy has the same name as his favorite cousin, so he's thrilled.

Glad the BBQ turned out OK, journeymom! It sounds delicious! And Meg that sounds like a whopper of a pot of chowder! Quite yummy, too! I made meatballs with cream sauce last night which were good but for some reason the sauce wouldn't thicken much. The broccoli-rice casserole was OK but nothing to write home about. What is it about fall that makes everyone want to start making "comfort foods?" It's not even cold yet!

Oh, journeymom, try this pork chop recipe -- it sounds disastrous but it's great. I used to always ask for it for my birthday dinner when I was a kid. You take the very thick chops - not the butterflied or thin ones - I usually use boneless but it doesn't matter. Brown them on both sides in an oven-proof skillet. Put catsup or BBQ sauce whichever you prefer on top of them. Then pour milk in the pan until it comes up to the top of the chops (yes, I know, *eww, gross, milk?* but it works.) Bake at 350 for an hour. You can throw some potatoes in the oven at the same time and they'll be done at the same time too. The milk turns all watery and you just throw it away and serve just the chops -- the milk keeps them moist.

Denise, sorry about your fall and rough run -- you are truly dedicated. I am quite sure I would've said "Phooey on this!" and turned around and gone home.

Snuffles, sorry about hubby's cortisone shot. My experience has been that if you don't feel results within 24 hours, then you're not going to. Hope they can fix him up soon!

Tazzy, thanks for the Galaxy Quest tip! Am I to assume that you're now the proud owner of a copy?

Opening weekend for football -- yay! The last regulation play of the Redskins game was a heart-stopper, and they won in OT so that was good! I read somewhere that there is going to be an NFL game played sometime soon in Wembley Stadium (I think) -- to try to introduce the concept of American football to the UK. It will be interesting to see the response! Anyone over there planning on going?


Elanor - Sep 10, 2007 11:16 am (#2122 of 2984)

Thank you so much again for the wishes everybody! They made the weekend (and that dull and tough Monday) really brighter. (((((((hugs))))))) to all!

Healing Charms sent to all needing some too, and maybe some Pepperup Potion as well!
Puck, that's a scary story about your little one. You should talk to the school indeed.

About recipes, yesterday for the family dinner, Mom and I had prepared some "poulet au Riesling" ("Riesling" is the name of a nice white wine from the Alsace region). In short, it is a kind of "coq au vin" but cooked in white wine instead of red wine (you also add some "crème fraîche" in the sauce in the end). Served with mushrooms and spinach (which also had a bit of crème fraiche on them), it was really nice.

Have a great day everybody!



Good Evans - Sep 10, 2007 11:25 am (#2123 of 2984)

LOL Madam Pince, every decade or so they decide to "introduce" American Football in the Uk! I would be interested on who the teams are - Redskins would be awesome, its been a long time!!!

poulet au reisling sounds wonderful Audrey.


Madam Pince - Sep 10, 2007 11:34 am (#2124 of 2984)

Miami Dolphins will play the New York Giants on October 28, 2007

London is gearing up to host one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events of the year, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said today as he met with representatives from America’s National Football League (NFL) and the New York Giants.

The Miami Dolphins will host the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium on 28 October 2007 in the first competitive NFL game ever to be played outside the Americas.

There has been huge demand for tickets. In the 72 hours following the announcement of the game, 160,000 fans registered for over half a million tickets with 100,000 requests in the first 24 hours.

The London game is expected to attract around 10,000 fans from the United States as well as thousands from Europe.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: ‘London’s success in winning the Olympics is making it the natural choice for a world-class sporting event of this size and scale. It means London is attracting and enjoying not only the best in Olympic but also non-Olympic sports. The huge interest in the game and the demand for tickets shows teams and spectators can all expect the warmest of welcomes in October.’

The Mayor’s official visitor organisation, Visit London, has already started promoting the game through its marketing and will be working with both teams on a series of events and activities to bring the game to life later in the year.

Visit London’s Chief Executive James Bidwell said: ‘The United States is the number one visitor market for London. Last year we welcomed 2.4 million American visitors to London, who spent a near record £1.5bn. The London game between the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins is a great opportunity to showcase our respective cities and to strengthen the relationships between us.

‘We’re looking forward to working closely with the NFL to make the London game a huge success. There’s a huge appetite for American football in London and the rest of the UK and a determination on all sides that we make the most of this unique opportunity.’

NFL Senior Vice President of International Mark Waller said: ‘We have seen tremendous and growing interest in the NFL around the world. That growth is sure to continue with the historic game between the Dolphins and Giants at Wembley Stadium. The game in London promises to be a phenomenal event that will no doubt be one of the highlights of the entire 2007 NFL calendar, made even more special by London's stature as one of the world's great cities.' --Europe For Visitors Travel News

So it sounds like at least somebody is going! Sorry it's not the 'Skins, Julie! I watched both the Giants and the Dolphins play yesterday -- the Dolphins are the ones the Redskins beat 16-13 in OT, and the Giants got stomped by the Cowboys, so I'm not sure how "historic" the game will be from a fun-to-watch standpoint... I also wonder if that isn't a typo that "160,000 fans registered for half a million tickets" -- surely Wembley can't seat half a million? It must be the site of the Quidditch World Cup! LOL! I think they got those numbers backwards...


Good Evans - Sep 10, 2007 11:38 am (#2125 of 2984)

not teams I am bothered about at all - so wont be me!!!

ah well thanks for the info anyway!


azi - Sep 10, 2007 12:05 pm (#2126 of 2984)

Wembley stadium has 90,000 seats, so I've no idea where those figures came from! I keep thinking they should have added 10,000 more so it matched the Quidditch World Cup number.

I know of one person who likes American football. I think he supports the Dolphins, actually. Usually the sport fills those late night slots when no one is watching (along with basketball and South American football). I prefer Sesame Street over all of those.

**waves** to Puck! Great to see you around! Horrible about your daughter getting on the wrong bus though.

Nice day today. Went to my mum's home city. She was impressed with how much it has improved since she was last there. It was also sunny.


Choices - Sep 10, 2007 12:55 pm (#2127 of 2984)

I finally got around to making the dish on the back of the Bisquick box - If I remember correctly, it was Denise who mentioned it. Incredible Cheeseburger Casserole I think it is called and it is really good. Anything that is eaten up in twenty-four hours at my house is pretty darn good. :-)

Extra strong healing charms to those who need them. I have had shoulder surgery in the past so I can really sympathize there. Soli, hope your flu is much better.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday (if there is such a thing - LOL). Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


journeymom - Sep 10, 2007 1:01 pm (#2128 of 2984)

Audrey, that sounds delicious. But I'm all for finding ways to use crème fraîche...

Sheila- oh, my word! Those Weight Watchers cards are hysterical! FRANKFURTER SPECTACULAR! How in the world are you supposed to lose weight eating a hot dog tower??!


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2007 1:10 pm (#2129 of 2984)

Madam Pince mentioned the cheeseburger pie, I just said I made it as well

I have seen those cards before and was horrified by them then as well LOL

We are having a quick, easy and favorite of all for dinner...pepperoni loaf. Take a refrigerated pizza crust, roll it out. Pour on some pizza sauce, cheese and whatever you normally have on a pizza (in our house, lotsa pepperoni) Roll it up like a jelly roll, bake for about 15 minutes and eat. This is one of the few meals that everyone eats without fail.


Accio Sirius - Sep 10, 2007 1:30 pm (#2130 of 2984)

I once found a recipe for a corn dog casserole. Mr. Sirius convinced me to make it on a lark, but most of it wound up in the trash! Meg, I like your idea of food better, although I know weight watchers would frown. That's all the points for a whole month!

Denise, I hope you are recovering. I'm always so shaky after a big fall. We had a few injuries here this weekend. After I got done face painting a few dozen kids on Saturday, I got to take care of injured Mr. Sirius and little Miss Sirius. They both pulled leg muscles playing a game of tag--Mr. Sirius is still limping. So, of course, the only way to mend his leg was to lay on the couch watching football all day! I'm sure he came up with a better story to explain his injuries to co-workers.

Boop! I forgot you were a Steeler fan too! They look great, don't they? I really like the new coach. I'm ready for the fall. I just wish the weather would cooperate!

Happy Monday everyone.


Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2007 2:34 pm (#2131 of 2984)

Thanks for all the healing charms! Better today, but ears are plugged and nose is starting to get stuffy. At least I'm not all achey anymore!

**healing charms** to Denise and Soli and everyone else who needs them!

I'm tempted to make that pulled pork thing. Sounds yummy...

Madam P: Am I to assume that you're now the proud owner of a copy?

Tehe- actually, my B&N was out of them, so my coworker ordered a bunch. I'll get mine Friday.

Only certain schools here have buses. At my school, parents come pick their kids up. Once they get to the higher grades (6th grade and up) they usually take the public bus system to and from school.

The Fall season. The only way we know it's finally here is when it is more humid than normal, with lots of rain. November, December, and January are usually the only months were we all 'freeze'. Although, I can tell it's starting to get to my favorite time of year. Halloween stuff is already on sale at work (nevermind that it isn't October yet), and we are selling the Pumpkin Spice drinks **dreamy look** and Caramel Apple Spice drinks. Can't wait for holiday music to start!

Off to start homework. Hopefully I won't be spending all day doing it.



megfox* - Sep 10, 2007 5:07 pm (#2132 of 2984)

LOL, I know...some of my friends do Weight Watchers, but I really couldn't care less about all the calories. They all watched me today at lunch while they ate their 100 calorie packs of cookies. I don't eat like that every day. Although, tonight I started making chili con carne - nothing but meat, spices, and stock, cooked until it falls apart like the pulled pork and you serve it with a big hunk of cornbread and some cheese. SO GOOD. I don't believe in chili with beans. But I am all for any pork product slathered in BBQ sauce, so I am gonna have to try that in my Dutch oven some time. It always amazes me that people think that it is so hard to make good food, when most processed food is so much worse for you. Everything that went into the chowder came from within 20 miles of where I live, and there wasn't anything that I couldn't identify. I think that I also want to try Audrey's dish - I bet Andy could figure it out, he's made coq au vin a bunch of times for me.

For you football fans, I can't tell you how weird it was to listen to the Pats game yesterday (in the car, on the way to OotP - only for a HP movie or work would I miss a Pats or Red Sox game) and to hear the announcer say "Tom Brady to Randy Moss for the touchdown!" It was kinda bizarre, to say the least. This is my favorite time of year - I don't have any work to grade yet, I am planned for the next three weeks, I can still wear flipflops to school, and there is baseball and football on at the same time! The only thing worse than the weather in Maine in February is the fact that football is over and baseball doesn't start for another month! There were some good games on yesterday, though. It was fun to watch sportscenter for a few minutes this morning and catch up on some of the great plays from yesterday. Although I am sure that we will have to play some of the teams that you are all rooting for, in all your other games, I say "good luck!"

Kristina, Soli, Mrs Sirius, I hope everyone feels better!

ETA: Has anyone else seen that bizarre McD's commercial with the two guys on the street doing some ridiculous rap/techno song about McNuggets? I think that ad is just weird... I just needed to get that off my chest...


Denise P. - Sep 10, 2007 5:32 pm (#2133 of 2984)

I am with you Meg, leave the beans out of chili please. I like white chicken chili too. My crock pot gets a workout in the winter. It is nice to toss everything in there and forget it. I use it to cook steel cut oats overnight, I have a teeny little one that holds about 2 cups.

Okay, something is going wrong with me. I saw something on the ground while running, looked at it and thought "You know, I could make a Dumbledore swap out of that! But how would I do his glasses?" LOL

I have been re-reading DH again. Oh boy, what an emotional roller coaster. I think I raced through it so fast the first few times that it didn't hit me. Last night, it was hitting me hard.


journeymom - Sep 10, 2007 6:50 pm (#2134 of 2984)

Lol! I think you wouldn't enjoy my chili much, then! It's more beans than meat. It's like a rich, thick, chili-flavored bean stew.

Here's wishing everybody a beautiful Tuesday spent with family and friends. Hug your kids tight, give your mate a smooch.


Chemyst - Sep 10, 2007 7:57 pm (#2135 of 2984)

Goodness! if you make chili without beans it really ought to have another name; like spicy Meat & Tomato Soup.


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 10, 2007 7:57 pm (#2136 of 2984)

((Denise)) I think Priscilla can understand how you feel. She just read the part about Dobby last night. Today she wore the Dobby T-shirt we originally made for Trevor. I think she's in Dobby denial.

Healing charms to you, also - I must have missed either the whole post or part of it, but had to go back to see what someone meant. Glad you got a people treat, though.

I think my SWAPS are going to look too plain or simple, but I liked the idea when we came up with it. We considered something else but it was entirely too detailed and complicated - esp. to repeat 15x.

Trevor had a good day today. He didn't get reprimanded at all for talking, but other students had. He was very proud of himself. I am very pleased that he refrained from doing so, esp. when others were. Go figure.

Hang in there, Tazzy - healing charms sent your way.

LOL, megfox - I haven't seen that one but I have seen a laxative commercial with a construction worker and all kinds of metaphors taking place in the background.



Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2007 8:04 pm (#2137 of 2984)

Am I the only one out there who doesn't like chili in any form, whatsoever? Makes my mom sad- we have a chili recipe that is passed down in the generations, and unless my sister or brother get it from her, it ends with there. **shudder**

While I wanted to spend the day relaxing and doing homework, I managed to spend three hours of it running around trying to find ink cartridges for my printer. Walmart and Sam's Club didn't have it. Had to drive across the city to finally get it at Best Buy. Now it is homework time.

Thanks for the charms, Maria and Meg!

How do you know if you have an ear infection? My ear has been bothering me today, but I haven't had an infection in years, so I can't tell if it is something to worry about or not.



painting sheila - Sep 10, 2007 8:32 pm (#2138 of 2984)

Tazzy - Does your ear hurt worse when you lie down? or when you tug on your ear lobe? If it hurts the same in 24 hours I would go see some one. You don't want to lose any hearing at such a young age - plus ear infections go from bad to worse in a heart beat it seems.

I have been doing a re-listen to DH. I have read it but I have found I enjoy listening to books in the car instead of the endless commercials on the radio. Anyway, I found myself crying like a baby when Fred died. Holy Cow!! I am sure the people in the car next to me thought I had gone mental - but I guess I just listened more than I had the first time and couldn't gloss over it in reading.

I wish Harry had named a son Fredrick Dobby Potter.

Hubby is going to San Antonio tomorrow. I get the bed all to myself tomorrow night WOOHOO!! I am sleeping in the middle and taking all the covers!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 10, 2007 8:47 pm (#2139 of 2984)

I started this ages ago then didn’t get a chance to post it then I went awol for a while so I have skipped the last 150 or so post s

There was a news story recently that "gingers" were an endangered species. There are fewer and fewer of them because of inter marrying. But then again they have been reporting the extinction of one or any other grouping and are greatly exaggerated.

Hey do any of you remember the old thread on eyes color and heredity? I think SE Jones, moderated it. That was a great thread.   https://hplf.forumotion.com/t271-muggle-genetics

I read the "Kite Runner" a few years ago and while I think it is great for adults that haven’t had much exposure to other cultures, it seems a bit advance for even high school kids.

We give our kids wide latitude on what they can read, not so wide on what they can watch or listen to. In music class, the did some selections from “Grease” which were all right. My husband, played the same selections from the album and forgot to put it away. The kids played it and -forgot- we told them the rest of the album was inappropriate, and heard “Greased Lightin’. I was not pleased but they have been badgering me ever since to explain what is inappropriate about that song. phewww

Good luck Mediwitch that must be nerve racking, that limbo.

Last Friday was my birthday, my birthday gift was the girls going to a sleepover birthday party and my son went to an outdoor movie with a neighbor. wahoo, hubby and I went out to dinner alone!

Anastasia woke up yesterday with her face swollen and red, it was terrifying to look at. After deciding that she didn’t have a deadly disease we did the Benedryl and every soothing cream. Today it looked much worse. But the doctor said yes it is poison ivy. Poor kids, her whole face, her ear is swollen, her eye was nearly shut all day.


journeymom - Sep 10, 2007 9:09 pm (#2140 of 2984)

Holy toledo! I've never read the lyrics to Greased Lightening!


Tazzygirl - Sep 10, 2007 10:15 pm (#2141 of 2984)

Sheila- it hurts a little if I pull on it, but if I plug my ear (like when you relieve pressure from high elevation) it feels a little better until I let go. Hmmm.

Happy Late Birthday, Mrs Sirius!

I've just spent the last couple hours trying to get my schedule all hammered out again! My art teacher finally emailed us the complete 30 page syllabus (vs the 6 pages she gave in class), and two other teachers changed a bunch of due dates. grrr. I hate this semester. I feel so out of it!



jose043 - Sep 11, 2007 1:12 am (#2142 of 2984)

Hi All

Healing charms to all that need them especial to Tazzygirl get better soon.

Denise P that sounds even worse than gravel, do you have to run on that kind of surfs again or only this once.

Solitaire that is how Anne's wrist is some days really good & then plays up for no reason so hope it behaves & you get over your flu back to school flu.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Puck - Sep 11, 2007 3:10 am (#2143 of 2984)

Healing charms to Denise, Solitaire and all who need them!

Diva did have a name tag with her teacher, bus #, address, etc..., on it the first week of school. The problem was the bus routes kept changing. Apparently, the bus company did manage to figure out all this before school started. I sent a letter in to school yesterday, and received a call from the principal to apoligize both for the incident and the fact that she hadn't phoned me sooner. It is her first fall on the job, so we cut her some slack. She has big shoes to fill. (The previous principal was amazing and passed away from cancer last winter.)

Okay, I need to go running. I woke up at 4am, and haven't managed to fall back to sleep. I have just enough time for a couple of miles before the kids get up.



Marie E. - Sep 11, 2007 5:11 am (#2144 of 2984)

Shayla just finished the Dobby chapter, too. She made me cry with all her "Dobby isn't really dead, right Mommy?" It's like killing off Neville or something. I agree that re-reading it slowly is more emotional.


kaykay1970 - Sep 11, 2007 6:06 am (#2145 of 2984)

My rolling eggplant (ugly purple colored Dodge Grand Caravan) will roll no more! The engine blew up yesterday! It has 270,000 miles on it, so guess it's time to find something new. We went car shopping for a bit yesterday until it started pouring rain. I did find a 2003 Pontiac Montana in my very restricted price range. I really love it! It looks "sportier" somehow than the average mini-van. It doesn't scream "I am a parent and must have seating for 7!" The only reservations I have about buying this one is that the last Pontiac I owned practically had to have the engine pulled out to fix anything!

My son heard a news story this morning on the radio. I have been watching the news all morning and have yet to confirm or hear any more info on this. He says that a factory blew up on the other side of the river. The immediate area has been evacuated because of magnesium and chemicals that could pollute the air and water. You would think that would be the top story so it could well be that the child dreamed the whole thing! Anyway, maybe we should ease up on the rain charms, just in case! Pollution + run-off rain water + the river that supplies my town (and many others) with drinking water = Not really sure but it couldn't be good, right?

Awww! I feel bad for the kids just learning about Dobby. ***passes the tissues***


The giant squid - Sep 11, 2007 6:32 am (#2146 of 2984)

I was not pleased but they have been badgering me ever since to explain what is inappropriate about that song.--Mrs. Sirius

Well, that's the good thing about innuendo--on the surface there's nothing bad being said, it's all in how you interpret it. Back in the day they used to have this thing called "subtlety"...

Yeah, that coming from a guy in his mid 30's.--HungarianHorntail11

The way I see it, you're not old unless you're twice my age. So anyone under 70 is safe. Of course, by the time I hit 60 that ratio may change a bit.



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 11, 2007 6:36 am (#2147 of 2984)

Oh, Kathy, I've been getting up earlier, too. My sleep times are rearranging themselves. I have been trying to get to bed by 11-12 and have been waking up at 1 am and 5am (sometimes 4-ish). I attributed it to school anxiety and hope I can settle down a bit. I don't need a lot of sleep but this jagged sleep cycle is getting to me.

RIP to kaykay's eggplant car. Good luck with your new pick, what ever you end up choosing.

Strengthening charms to Shayla. Thanks for the tissues, kay. I'll be sure to let Percy know.

Hang tags for the Kindergarteners is a great idea. (That is, of course, if the bus routes aren't being switched around!) Our school does not do that. Hmm, maybe I'll make the suggestion to the principal - all due credits will be given to Lex members, of course!

megfox, what kind of meat do you use for your chili? I know it sounds like a dopey question, but many people use ground beef.

I was okay this morning until I passed my daughter's high school. Parked just in center was a police car facing the road. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for the added protection/security-just in case, but the whole idea of our children looking out school windows and seeing this is a bit depressing. It also reminds me of the fact that I can't ever let my guard down.

Off to get some work done. Enjoy the ROTD/N, everyone!


EDIT: Lol, Mike! You don't need to change that ratio. That way, by the time you're 60, no one will ever seem old to you. Wait, is that a good thing?


kaykay1970 - Sep 11, 2007 6:57 am (#2148 of 2984)
Edited Sep 11, 2007 7:35 am

I finally saw the news story I was waiting for! Son had the "where" part wrong, which might explain why I couldn't find anything on the internet! The E.P.A. isn't really concerned about any pollution, although they are checking the local water supplies around the accident just to be sure. The main concern was containing the fire. The rain became a problem because water causes the magnesium to ignite. Anyway, the fire has burned out, no casualties, so hopefully that's the end of that!

Thanks Maria! I do hope I find something else I like just as well that doesn't say Pontiac anywhere on it!

Edit: I have meant several times to send healing charms to Anastasia. Poison ivy is not fun to deal with! My daughter once decided to hug a tree because it was covered in the loveliest vine. She had a very severe reaction to the poison oak. It really wasn't pretty.


Accio Sirius - Sep 11, 2007 7:11 am (#2149 of 2984)

Kaykay, sorry about the car. We name our cars too and when old Emerald ever finally dies (mercury station wagon), it will be a sad day for everyone. The number of beverages spilled in that vehicle alone, could fill a room.

I finished my second read of DH the other day. Dobby hit me just as hard the second time around. I was better about Tonks and Lupin, but the last couple of chapters are a full box of tissues in themselves.

Funny you all should mention chili. We are gearing up for our fifth annual neighborhood chili cook-off in October (any forum members in the DC area or even those willing to travel are most welcome!) It all started with an argument over beans in chili. We've had all different kinds win. Mr. Sirius is from Cincinnati, so ours goes over spaghetti. It won first place the second year of the contest. I know I'm partial, but it's still one of my favorites. One year it was an Elk chili (wasn't someone mentioning elk earlier in the posts); last year it was a chicken chili verdi, which was really yummy too. We usually have a band and lots of stuff for the kids. I'm working on the myspace page for it now --just have to upload the newspaper articles and pictures and will post it behind my profile when I'm done.

It's rainy here and I'm rather unmotivated. I'm still waiting for the migraine meds to kick in. Then I'll work. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Solitaire - Sep 11, 2007 7:21 am (#2150 of 2984)

Whew! 33 messages to read ... I'm not sure I'll get through them all before I finish my coffee. But I must ask, Maria ... what is (are?) braccioles? If it can be cooked in a crockpot, it sounds like my kind of dish.

Marie, I wish it were only 55 here. We are still having temps in the mid-90s. I hope they do not last too long, although we've had temps over 100 even in October.

Puck, we've had kids get on the wrong bus before, as well. Many years ago, one little sleeper on the right bus made it all the way back to the bus barn. He'd fallen asleep in the back seat, and no one noticed him there. The drivers now WALK the entire bus and check under seats to make sure no one is hidden away.

Choices, I had a bad day on Monday. I arrived at school and nearly passed out in the parking lot. It took a few hours for me to feel better ... but I do. The head cold part is MUCH better. My stomach is still a little shaky, but ...

Goodness! if you make chili without beans it really ought to have another name; like spicy Meat & Tomato Soup.

I'm with you, Chemyst ... although I might call it meat and tomato stew. I do not like beanless chili. Then again, my mom makes the most awesome chili beans I've ever tasted ... and I've tasted many different recipes. I've tried to replicate her recipe, but it is never the same. *sigh*

Okay, it is time to go ... past time, actually! That's what I get for watching My Fair Lady while getting ready. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Holly T. - Sep 11, 2007 7:30 am (#2151 of 2984)

Kaykay, sorry about your car!

I cried more about Dobby the second time I read it than I did the first, then cried again when I heard it on the audiobook.

I don't really care for chili, or barbecue for that matter, which would not be that odd except I live in Texas.

Accio Sirius, sorry about your migraine! ~~healing charms~~

Son's teacher finished the reading level testing in his class--he tested the highest in his class! Then he missed 16 out of 20 on their first spelling pretest. Dyslexia is interesting.

Our Girl Scout service unit meeting last night lasted forever. I had some new leaders there for their first meeting and I assured them our meetings are not usually this long, just that this was our first meeting, there are lots of changes because of the council merger, etc. Goodness, if I was a new leader I think I would have gone home and said these people are nuts, so I was trying to keep them from doing that.

Dh remembered to take son to piano lessons last night!

And guess what? It is raining here again. I'm kind of glad it isn't a nice day, though, because that almost makes it sadder. Hugs to everyone.


journeymom - Sep 11, 2007 7:46 am (#2152 of 2984)

Accio Sirius- Imitrixius Sumatriptansus!


While I much prefer chili heavy on the beans, I understand that chili was originally just meat stewed in a sauce flavored with chilies, and that any added beans are considered inauthentic. Has anybody here made chili with beer? Is it any good?


kabloink! - Sep 11, 2007 8:25 am (#2153 of 2984)

WOW! What a Tigers game last night! We went on a whim, as it was makeup game, and we could get the discounted seats in upper reserved. It was pretty empty, which has been rare this season, but we discovered that Ian likes baseball games-so long as he has his own seat! Anyway, it was a boring game for the first 9 2/3 innings, then, in the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, we make a 4 run rally to win-it was INCREDIBLE. Absolutely awesome.

All this crock-pot talk inspired me to trade in my electric stand mixer for my crock-pot on my countertop. I don't bake that much, and when I do, my hand mixer works just fine. But mmmm crock-pot food. It feels like fall has come to Michigan today. Its all overcast with occasional dollops of bright white clouds and blue sky, and its only 55* F. I love fall-is it too early to start putting up my halloween decorations?

Nope, Tazzy I don't like chili, either. Drives hubby nuts.

Hmmmm, Greased Lightnin'...Well, Mike I'm not sure how much of it is really innuendo-once I was old enough to actually listen to the lyrics (which really wasn't until high school, by which point I had already been introduced to such phrases, anyway), they were pretty clear. It IS pretty bad, but I can't imagine Grease without that song, either.

Okay, I should probably start working now. Everyone have a great day!


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 11, 2007 9:45 am (#2154 of 2984)

Well, that's the good thing about innuendo--on the surface there's nothing bad being said, it's all in how you interpret it. Back in the day they used to have this thing called "subtlety"... The Giant Squid

Mike, no subtlety with this song. It was actually worse when I read the lyrics. On listening to the lyrics, I objected to one line, on reading them, yikes!

Having just had a birthday, I am beginning to feel the pinch. There is virtually no squiggle room, old is just around the corner. (I still feel 29!)

Wow KayKay you really drove that van into the ground. We go a little over 150,000 miles on our Voyager, which is the same vehicle with a different name. The slide door gave out on ours.

I too, am finding that re-reading DH is more weepy than the first read-through. I just read it to my youngest and had a hard time keeping my voice steady in parts. This was the third read.

We have a chili cook off every year during the February winter festival in town. (You have to do something to get through the winters in New England). All the restaurants offer their best.


kaykay1970 - Sep 11, 2007 10:21 am (#2155 of 2984)

Yep! My "purple people eater", as hubby calls it, did have a good run! The only problem we've really had with it is the hatch back door won't open. Somebody tried to pry it open while it sat in the parking lot of hubby's work place. I have no idea why a would be thief wouldn't just break a window. Maybe he was afraid he'd cut himself. Your Voyager does bring back memories of my Pontiac Transport though. Hubby always opened the door for me in those last couple of weeks that we owned it. Aww, how sweet! Actually he had didn't have much choice because the passenger side door only opened from the inside. If the window had been lower to the ground, who knows, maybe he would have forced me to pull a "Dukes of Hazzard"!


Madam Pince - Sep 11, 2007 11:17 am (#2156 of 2984)

Bummer, kaykay, about the car. But hey, now you get to get a new one! Good luck with the search.

Sorry about the migraine, Accio Sirius. Hope you feel better soon.

Megfox, Mr. Pince has already picked New England to win the Super Bowl this year, so you heard it here first. He is a Vikings fan, so we were fans of Randy Moss. The guy is definitely a very skilled ballplayer -- hopefully you guys will get lucky and he will have matured and gotten his ego under control so he will be a better all-around player! He can really be fantastic when he wants to be.

Hmmmmm... "Greased Lightning".... Mr. Pince loves the movie Grease and he once made a comment to me about how "I can't believe they got away with the lyrics in this song." I gave him the big confused innocent look -- "What are you talking about?" -- then I listened closely. I am so clueless about songs. I usually don't hear half the lyrics. I went probably 20 years without ever recognizing how bad that song is! I agree, not too subtle! If you ever watch the TBS version, they clean it up some, but they still left a lot in that I was surprised to hear.

I love chili, with beans. Our recipe came from Pearl Bailey's cookbook, and I believe it originated with Foster Brooks. No beer in it, though, which is odd, if it really did come from Foster Brooks! LOL! (for you young folks, he was an entertainer famous for doing an inebriated routine...) You must serve it with cornbread. We use either ground beef or ground venison in it.

He didn't get reprimanded at all for talking, but other students had. –Maria

You know, I always have to take one of these statements from Little Pince with a grain of salt and/or caution. He has been known to say "One of my friends had to have time-out today!" and upon further investigation, I've occasionally found that "my friend" is his euphemism for "I." He's far too creative for his own good.

Today the school asked us to send the kids dressed in red, white, and blue in honor of Patriot's Day, which made me feel good. He helped me put the flag out before the bus came. It almost made us late for the bus, but I thought it was an important thing to do.

Tonight is "Back to School Night" so I'll get lots of first-year-mom questions answered. Like, why do we have to cart the big heavy nap-time beach towel back and forth every day, why can't it be left in the cubby? Little stuff that is undoubtedly a stupid question but one I don't know!

We had our first delayed-opening for school yesterday -- apparently there was fog, so a 90-minute delay. It was clear here. Oh well. I got to the alarm before Little P woke up so he got an extra hour. Not so for me, unfortunately. We get a lot of these fog delays, apparently.


Puck - Sep 11, 2007 11:28 am (#2157 of 2984)

Kay, sorry to hear about the car. (Funnily enough, I just bought fabric to make a purple people eater costume for Toddler.)

Hugs to sweet hearted Percy!

I make vegetarian chili. No meat. Two kinds of beans, plus zucchini, squash, and an assortment of other veggies. Super yum, and very healthy.

LOL, Madame Pince! Diva always told me about the boys who wouldn't listen at circle time. She painted herself the angel who sat attentively. Then I had a conference and learned the truth.

So, is Daisy's now a two year program? Everything is being re-arranged and I have no idea how to plan my year.

Okay, kitchen floor should be dry by now, so I should go get the dishes done.


(Tazzy, I'll try to find my way to five words soon. I miss my crown. )


Choices - Sep 11, 2007 11:39 am (#2158 of 2984)

An old fashioned remedy for ear infections, fluid behind the eardrum, swimmer's ear, etc. Take equal parts of white alcohol and white vinegar - you can make up 1/4 cup alcohol to 1/4 cup vinegar and keep it in a small clean container). Two or three times a day, place a couple of drops in the affected ear. The alcohol dries and the vinegar adjusts the pH of the ear. I have been using this for over a year and it has really helped. It won't work overnight, but keep using it and you will see results.

I love my chili with beans - beans are so good for you. The veg. chili sounds good too. I must try that sometime. I like my chili over rice. All the talk of the crockpot cooking is making me want to get a crockpot and give it a try. That pulled BBQ pork sounds soooo good!

Healing charms to all who need them. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Holly T. - Sep 11, 2007 12:20 pm (#2159 of 2984)

Puck, they are rearranging the program levels starting in 2008, which means that your Daisies this year will still be Daisies next year. Daisies will be K and 1st grade. With the councils realigning this year everyone keeps saying they are going to address the program level changes next year, but they really need to be addressed this year because, like you said, how do you plan your year? Also, I have a new leader who is starting a troop of 5th grade Juniors. Ordinarily I would tell her to go ahead and be Juniors for 5th and 6th grade instead of just doing one year at that level. Under the current system, 6th graders can be Juniors. Starting next year they're supposed to be Cadettes. I figure that at some point our council will have a meeting for those of us who train leaders to explain the changes, because right now the best I can do is tell people there will be changes.

Anyway, my advice for you is to plan on being Daisies for two years. Halfway through your second year work on the requirements for bridging to Brownies and start working on Brownie Try-its (which is part of the bridging requirements).

Editing: I just e-mailed our contact person at the council office and asked what we're supposed to tell new leaders. I'll let you know what I find out.

Song lyrics--my son asked me to download songs like "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Holiday" that iTunes tells me have inappropriate lyrics. I can hardly understand the words to the songs anyway, and son certainly can't hear the lyrics when he's playing the drums to the music. So they're on his playlist, but I did have a twinge of bad mom guilt when I downloaded them for him when they had the little "explicit" label next to them.


Denise P. - Sep 11, 2007 12:45 pm (#2160 of 2984)

Holiday has some lyrics in it that are not appropriate for younger ears.

Holly - since you are in the know....I have a 5th grade Junior. I was thinking we had another year in Juniors to complete her signs and Bronze but next year, she would become a Cadette or she would have the choice? We can get the rest of her signs and her Bronze this year, we would just have to hustle. Will these changes be nationwide or is it going to be done within individual councils as they get to it? Guess I should call council...

A few people asked me about my trail run - if the organizers knew the conditions of the trail. Yes! It is a trail run, I knew it was on a trail...a dirt path. I just didn't realize that it would be quite so trail like. Most of the trails in my immediate area are groomed trails or paved...the one on Saturday was a totally natural trail.


Holly T. - Sep 11, 2007 12:57 pm (#2161 of 2984)

Denise--the way I understand it is nationwide. I just don't know if there is some kind of overlap period where both systems are in effect--they did this for a while with the Silver Award requirements after they introduced the ridiculousness that is Studio2B--if you were already a Cadette you could complete the Silver under the old requirements, but if you became a Cadette after a certain date you had to follow the new ones (this was frighteningly similar to graduate school, wherein changes to the program meant that people who entered a few years after I did had to take a written comp exam in addition to their orals).

When my son started drum lessons he said he told his instructor it was ok if they listened to Green Day since we listen to it in the car. I told my son that we are more likely to be listening to Third Day in the car and not Green Day. He said "same thing." LOL. As if. Anyway, with the loud drumming I don't think he's paying any attention to the lyrics. On the other hand, I am also probably a bad mom because I let him watch "Ice Road Truckers," where every other word is bleeped out but you can basically tell what they're saying. So on "Top Chef" when Howie (I think) kept saying words that were bleeped out my son said "He sounds like an ice road trucker."


Denise P. - Sep 11, 2007 1:08 pm (#2162 of 2984)

Then I guess I will plan on her getting the other signs and her Bronze this year. She actually only has to finish 4 badges and her project in order to be complete on all of that. Her first meeting is this week so she needs to firm up her Bronze idea and present it to her leader to get approval and start working on it.


journeymom - Sep 11, 2007 1:31 pm (#2163 of 2984)

I'd never heard of Ice Road Truckers (thought it was a band), so I looked it up. That looks a very cool show that a boy could really get into. I've no doubt those guys swear a blue streak. So do my uncles, and they can't be 'bleeped' out. I love them anyway.

Ever notice that if you take the 'r' out of 'streak' you get 'steak', in which the vowel sound is pronounced differently? Ain't English grand!


megfox* - Sep 11, 2007 2:32 pm (#2164 of 2984)

To answer the chili questions, originally, chili was made with no beans and most "authentic" Texas chili is served with beans as a side, and not mixed in. There is also no tomato in authentic chili, but also served as a side. I could get into the history of chili as a dish, but I don't think anyone here is really that bored. Chili con carne should be made with cubed chuck, and simmered until it is falling apart. I decided to make it because chuck was on sale for $1.29 at Hannafords this weekend. I bought 3 1/2 pounds to take into account for trimming and I am making a half batch that should last us for at least 2 meals. I have a food texture issue, and I hate the way beans feel - they don't taste too bad, but I can't chew them without gagging. I am the same way with eggplant. So we eat bean free chili. And Andy will eat any braised meat product - he loves coming home to a big pot of meat on the stove.


Accio Sirius - Sep 11, 2007 2:50 pm (#2165 of 2984)

Thanks for the healing charms. They worked! (Well, that and the two Imitrex!)

Meg, thanks for the brief history of chili. Mr. Sirius also spent his teen years in Texas, so one year we did a traditional, basically all meat Texas chili. It was tasty too, but sadly didn't take home the prize.

What I love about Cincinnati chili is that you add the ingredients you like on top. For instance, a five-way is spaghetti, chili, beans, onions and cheese. The three-way is the most popular which is the pasta, chili and cheese. The key to a good Cincinnati chili is very fine ground meat simmered for a long time.

Puck, I'm waiting for a veggie chili to win at some point. So far, they've been less than inspiring. I was border line vegetarian until Mr. Sirius came along. He too loves to come home to a big pot of meat on the stove. We still are veggie heavy though. My daughter and I often laugh because when Mr. Sirius likes a particular meal, he does this little subconscious happy fork dance.


Good Evans - Sep 12, 2007 12:37 pm (#2166 of 2984)

Happy Birthday Holly T !


Elanor - Sep 12, 2007 12:54 pm (#2167 of 2984)

Happy Birthday Holly!

It does feel good to see the forum working again!

Have a great day/night everybody.



Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2007 12:59 pm (#2168 of 2984)

Yes, indeed, Happy Birthday Holly! And many many more! I posted on the FFF while this one was down, but hey, you can't have too many Happy Birthday wishes, now can you?

Also repeating, but I'll be brief. I found another box turtle today -- my fourth of the summer. It wasn't a "rescue" this time as he wasn't technically in the road, just beside it. Still, cool. We've called him "Pervis-Never-Nervous" since he's out of his shell more and is much more active than the earlier ones.

We had back-to-school night last night, and I looooove Little P's teacher. Out of five K teachers, she was the only one to do a presentation. She shared info with us so we'd all be on the same page for school and home, and she is patient and friendly and just seems to be the greatest. She has high expectations, but they sound fantastic! She says her kindergarteners will be able to write three contiguous sentences that make sense (in other words, a paragraph) by the end of the year. All I can say is WOW! That seems pretty good for a K to me.

Good news today that the Buffalo Bills player who was thought to be totally paralyzed Sunday now seems like he may be able to recover and may walk! New medical techniques triumph again -- it seems they injected him with super-cooled saline immediately after the injury which caused intentionally-induced hypothermia, which reduced swelling and pressure on the spinal cord. Woo-hoo!

Bad news today that the New England Patriots apparently have been "spying" by videotaping teams in other games as they send signals in to their players, in an attempt to figure out the other teams' playbooks. *tsk-tsk* Naughty-naughty. If it's true they're going to be hurting!

Odd news -- you know, I'm no big fan of Britney Spears. And her performance on the MTV awards was apparently atrocious (I've only seen clips.) But really, everyone harping on calling her fat??? Now that's just not fair. "Bulging belly"???? I wish my belly bulged like that! (Well, granted I'm twice her age, but still... and the girl has had two kids.) I thought she looked pretty darn good (except for the vacant expression...) So for what that's worth...


Kip Carter - Sep 12, 2007 1:36 pm (#2169 of 2984)

This Harry Potter Lexicon Forum was down for approximately twenty hours starting around 4:00 pm Forum time on Tuesday 11 September 2007 and continuing until roughly 12:00 noon Forum time Wednesday 12 September 2007.

During that time, many members continued their chats on the Harry Potter Lexicon FanFiction Forum with the first message being posted over there by Denise P. at 4:04 pm Tue and continuing through Madam Pince at 12:19 pm Wed.

Some of you may want to visit the temporary chat thread on the FanFiction Forum to keep up with what happened during this Forum's downtime.

An additional note: The FanFiction Forum provided the same service when our Lexicon Forum was down starting with from Elanor's Aug 25, 2007 10:40 pm post to azi's Aug 27, 2007 10:31 am post.

Hopefully this will be the last of the major downtimes; however I still do not know if the sync problem has been corrected.


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2007 1:43 pm (#2170 of 2984)

Yay! The Forum is back!

I got two notes from school today. Two of the kids decided to join band this year so after going through a testing period to see which instrument they preferred and what the teacher felt was suited to them, we now have to go out and rent a trombone and a flute. They have fairly reasonable rental plans and I think that is a better idea than purchasing an instrument only to have them decide they don't want to. Of course, before we rent, we will sit down and talk about the commitment of being in the band and that it will be a year before they can opt out of it. The flute player will also be in chorus, girl scouts and achievement girls while the trombone player is also in boy scouts and will be in young mens (church group) come December.

As far as Britney...she is far from fat. I am not a Britney fan but she did have two children in short order recently and given that, she looked darn good. I think had she chosen a less revealing outfit, she would have looked smoking hot instead of looking shapeless, like she did. I think she is lost, shooting herself in the foot at every chance and seriously needs someone to guide her into making better choices in almost every area of her life.

We have Scoutmaster conferences tonight and then tomorrow, the youth are off to Washington DC for a short trip. Kaitlyn has achievement girls tonight as well so it is a busy night here. We just had all our church youth activities switch from thursday to wednesday so we are still getting used to it.

Oh...let me get opinions here. I am running a race in January and was planning to get personalized shirts for each day of the race. On the front, I was thinking of putting "Accio Finish Line!" with a sparkly wand under it. What do you think?


kaykay1970 - Sep 12, 2007 2:01 pm (#2171 of 2984)

Happy birthday Holly!

I hope your kids enjoy the band as well as mine do Denise. I have a trombone player and a trumpet player. They love it! I love the idea for the shirt! Very cute!

All the sync problems are obviously not fixed, my avatar is still missing. I'm not complaining, because it's not a big deal really! Just thought I'd let you know. I'm just glad to have the forum back! YAY!


Choices - Sep 12, 2007 2:10 pm (#2172 of 2984)

Happy Birthday to Holly. Denise, I think the t-shirt sounds fantastic. I wish you much good luck in the race and no injuries.

Healing charms to all who need them. Happy Hump Day - it's downhill from here to the weekend. We are supposed to have a wee bit of cooler weather by the weekend, so that is something to look forward to - highs in the mid 80's and low's in the mid 60's at night. I'm ready for Fall.

Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


painting sheila - Sep 12, 2007 3:24 pm (#2173 of 2984)

kaykay - I am sorry to hear about your car - but how many people can say they have ridden in a giant egg plant!! I like the sound of the Montana. Do you have a car guy you could ask about repairs?

HH- Constant Vigilance!! (but I do agree - it does seem a bit depressing)

Accio Sirius - I hope you feel better. A cold compress maybe?

Tazzy - How is your ear? If it's still hurting . . go to the doc!

Happy Happy Birthday Holly dear! Happy days will come to you all year! If I had a wish then it would be . . A happy happy birthday to you from me!!

Accio Finish Line Wonderful!!!!!! I would run a marathon for that!

So . . how "fixed" is the forum? I would love to change my avatar.


Chemyst - Sep 12, 2007 3:27 pm (#2174 of 2984)

Happy Birthday Holly

I found a turtle shell yesterday. No turtle. It was right in the middle of the jeep trail and had not been there five hours earlier.

Madame Pince, a little explanation if you please, if there are five kindergarten teachers, are there five kindergarten classes, and how big is this school?

Cute t-shirt idea Denise, but when I try to envision it in my head, the wand comes out on top shooting sparkles down at the "Accio Finish Line!" Will each day's wand be a different color?

. . . and picking up from the FFF ~
what is a "room parent" and what do they do? There were many references to such, but with no other kids and coming from an era where there weren't such things, I have no idea.
LOL! You are right; back in my pre-political correctness era there were no such things. We had "room mothers" instead.


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2007 3:43 pm (#2175 of 2984)
Edited Sep 12, 2007 5:55 pm

I had not thought about doing different colors for different days but that would work. Here is the graphic I have in mind. You can see it larger if you click on it. Normally, I would put this behind my avatar...

The forum is not back to normal, please don't change your avatars yet


Chemyst - Sep 12, 2007 3:47 pm (#2176 of 2984)

Very nice graphic! Fancy font, but still easy to read.


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2007 3:51 pm (#2177 of 2984)

It is the Lumos! font. It will be about 8x10 on the shirt when it is finished. On the back will be my House


Marie E. - Sep 12, 2007 4:46 pm (#2178 of 2984)

Shayla's troop is fifth graders, too, and our council told us they could choose whether or not they wanted to bridge to Cadettes this year or next year. Her troop voted to bridge next year, which surprised me. I assumed they would want to be "grown-up" Cadettes. Our council answers most realignment questions with "We don't know yet".

It got up to 80F today, still nicer that last weeks 90's.

Love the shirt graphic, Denise!


Steve Newton - Sep 12, 2007 5:21 pm (#2179 of 2984)

One week left until International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggg!


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2007 5:39 pm (#2180 of 2984)

Galaxy Quest is on ActionMax right now, if anyone cares...

I sooooo want to change my avatar to a turtle! But... By Grabthar's Hammer, I swear that I will not change my avatar until Kip says I can!

We are taking Pervis to school tomorrow -- the teacher said she'd love to have him for a day for the kids to see. Then we'll set him free after school. (***strains of "Born Free" floating in the background...***) You know something? Turtles have really long necks. You wouldn't notice normally...

I love the t-shirt idea, Denise! So cute! A very neat way to tie in both of your big interests!

Chemyst, I must be really old -- we didn't even have "room mothers." We had teachers. Period. That was it. No teacher's aide, either. Just the one. So the "room mother/parent" is sort of the "head mom" so to speak? Organizes all the other moms to do stuff like "you bring the chips, you bring the cupcakes, etc." for parties, etc?

And I have to apologize -- I was mistaken earlier. There are four kindergarten classes, not five. They have about 23-25 students each. (I meant to ask last night if there was an aide in the class or not, but I assume there isn't or they would've mentioned it.) Is that a lot for a school? I don't even know. Upon looking at the school lists, it appears that some elementary schools don't even have the lower grades below 3rd. Hmmmm. I think I read somewhere that some of the county schools are being renovated and they are using some portable classrooms and such, so maybe they're putting more of the kindergarteners in our school so they won't be in trailers or something? Or maybe our area just has a lot of younger kids? Our school is the newest -- it's only about three years old I think.

We had our first little "incident" on the school bus today. There is one kid at our stop who fits into Bill Cosby's definition of "The Informer." He fairly floated off the bus this afternoon, following a mutinous-looking Little Pince. Informer gleefully told me that "He was bad today! He scratched this other kid and called him names and everything!" So I asked the driver if she'd had problems. She said that Little P had gone to sit in the back of the bus today for some reason instead of his usual third-row seat, and "something happened" and that "he got blamed for it" but that "he apologized and I told him to sit in the front from now on." I had the impression that she didn't actually see/hear what happened, but that she was doubtful that Little P had started it. I told her to let me know if she had problems, and that I'd tell him to sit in the front also. Little P said that the "big kid was mean to him," (apparently moved over and wouldn't let him sit down or something?) and told Little P that he didn't like him, so Little P told him he didn't like him either, and then the big kid moved to the seat in front of where he was sitting, so Little P scratched him on the arm. So we had a long talk about how you never hit/push/kick/pinch/scratch/bite/spit/elbow/knee/head butt/(did I miss any? 'cause if I did it will be sure to be the next one, because I didn't specify "scratch" before.) I wish I could be a little mouse on the bus and see what happens. If my kid is being a total snot then I want to know about it, but if the other kid is being mean I'd like to know that one too. Arrrgh! Any advice?

Now here's a good t-shirt idea: "Miners, not minors!!!" LOL! If people laugh when they see it, you'll know they're cool.

Happy RotD!


Choices - Sep 12, 2007 5:50 pm (#2181 of 2984)

OK, is it sort of an "Emperor's New Clothes" kind of thing? I want to see Denise's t-shirt graphic, but there is nothing there to see. Can everyone else see her graphic or are you just saying you see it, but really don't? I want to see it, but can't. Gheesh, I wonder why? It sounds really cute.


Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2007 5:52 pm (#2182 of 2984)

I just saw a teensy little skinny vertical line, and I got the "hand" when I ran the mouse over it, so I clicked and *voila!*


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2007 5:55 pm (#2183 of 2984)

Weird, I went back and put a border around it. See if you can see it now. Here it is again though


Betty Boop - Sep 12, 2007 5:56 pm (#2184 of 2984)

Happy Birthday Holly!!

Kay, sorry to hear about your van. Good luck finding another car.

Healing Charms to all that need them.

As for Chili, I like it with beans and without.

Denise, love the tee-shirt ideas.

Everyone have a great Thursday.

hugs always



Madam Pince - Sep 12, 2007 6:17 pm (#2185 of 2984)
Edited Sep 12, 2007 7:34 pm

LOL, Denise! Now I see a teensy weensy line with a teensy weensy border around it!

Edit: Now it's a teensy weensy skinny line with a big fat navy blue border around it...

But as always, if I click on it, it shows up...


Denise P. - Sep 12, 2007 6:23 pm (#2186 of 2984)

How strange! Can you see it now? I made the border 10 rather than 1.

I was not thinking earlier when I was putting dinner on the table. I put my left (injured) knee on my chair to put dinner down and put my entire weight on the knee. Kaity, who was in the room, thought I had burned my hand judging by the shriek I gave. Heh, I told her if it had been my hand, I would have just dropped dinner. I think when I fell on Saturday that I chipped my kneecap...which can have nothing done to it to aid healing. Luckily, it is not painful (unless I put weight on it or bump it)


megfox* - Sep 12, 2007 7:54 pm (#2187 of 2984)

All right! Glad to see we are back! I just got home from the restaurant - we hosted a Red Hat Society dinner tonight with 87 ladies in their purple-and-reddy bestest. I am tired. Man, did they drink a lot of decaf!

Hope everyone had a productive day! I know I did - no forum to read meant I actually got my online grade book set up during my prep block!

See you all tomorrow - I need to go to bed!


jose043 - Sep 12, 2007 10:12 pm (#2189 of 2984)

Hi All

Happy Birthday Holly many more to come.

Denise P Healing charms to your knee, may need a brace on it to give it some support. Still wear mine on & off when driving. Love your T shirt logo looks rather nice.

Healing & get well charms to all the others that are sick or injured.

Yippee form is back up now to catch up on the sites I read.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 12, 2007 11:05 pm (#2190 of 2984)

Madame Pince, yes the criticism of “fat” really got me. Not only has she had 2 children but what size is she, 4, maybe a 6? Woooo. Come on, really! Even if she is a size 8 that is still well below the average person. The values these critics show is really troubling. No wonder we have such weight problems in this country.

Thanks for that perspective Soli, I guess I have a little longer before old is around the corner.

Madame Pince, did you say there are 25-30 kids in your sons kindergarten?? Yikes. We were up in arms last year because there “might” have been 22 kids in the in coming 6th grade. All the parents went to the board meetings and signed petitions and we got a 3rd teacher hired for 6th grade. None of the classes that I am aware of have more that 20 kids in a class the average in this town is 17-19.

One of my kids is an informer. I feel awful telling her that it’s not nice to tattle. The rule is unless there is blood, broken bones, or smoke you don’t tattle. If it bothers you, come tell me when we are alone.

Ouch Denise, that sounds awful. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to figure out what makes my knee hurt. He'll probably says 'take 2 Advil and stop walking". I am on the point of swearing off the muggle nutters (some use knives).


legolas returns - Sep 12, 2007 11:38 pm (#2191 of 2984)

Hi everyone. I am going home to my parents this weekend. I will wave to you from Edinburgh and hopefully check in when I am up there.

Healing charms Mrs Sirius. You should try and get another Doctor if he tells you to take some Advil (painkillers?).


Chemyst - Sep 13, 2007 4:49 am (#2192 of 2984)

Wow, Mrs. Sirius, it sounds like you have an exceptional school district. I know things were different way back when, but all my elementary classes were just over 30 students. My 6th grade jumped from 32 to 33 mid-year when a new student moved in. I remember that only because 32 made even rows of desks and the teacher was a bit ruffled by having to find a space for that 33rd one. I'm not sure how all the teachers did it, except that we kids must have been angels.

I don't know how they decide elsewhere, and I am given the impression that local policy was based on experience and common sense more than any critical study, but the school board's policy used for deciding when to build a new school is that elementary schools with kindergarteners be between 300-350 students total. The way this gets reported to voters in the local paper is that this is the best size to balance children's needs with expenditures. All the teachers know each other, it takes only one principal, and it still feels like a neighborhood school. They aim to keep kindergarten below 20 students and the other grades at 25. From friends & acquaintances, I know it does not always work like that, but that's what they aim for. Five or six of the K-5 elementary schools eventually feed into a four-year high school, so those are very large and cliquey.

All-purpose healing charms, taken as needed.


Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2007 5:07 am (#2193 of 2984)

We learned another interesting thing about turtles this morning. They can make an awful lot of poo.

***Goes off humming "Born Free"...***


Good Evans - Sep 13, 2007 5:13 am (#2194 of 2984)

LOL Madam Pince......

Denise - I like the T-shirt idea, sounds (and looks) great!


can you guess I am excited? Trouble is my knee has started to hurt today - first time in weeks, maybe I need to go swimming to loosen it up? might get a chance tomorrow.

have a nice thursday everyone


Snuffles - Sep 13, 2007 5:34 am (#2195 of 2984)

Sorry to hear about your car kay. I hope you find another one soon

Denise, I love the t-shirt. I hope your knee is better soon.

**clearing charms** to Madame P.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Rome, Julie. Your knee must be thinking about all the walking it will have to do in a couple of days!

Olivia's class has 28 pupils in it. There is a teacher and 2 teacher’s aides. Her only homework so far is bring home a different book each night. It has no words, only pictures, and Olivia has to make up the story by saying what she can see on each page.

The last 2 mornings when I have dropped her off I have had tears. (hers not mine!) She hangs onto me and says not to leave. I have rang up the school an hour later to check how she is, and she has been ok 5 minutes after I have left, I just hate leaving her like that. I hope it doesn't last too long, I feel soooo awful

Nearly weekend. Woo hoo. I have had to work full time for the past 2 weeks. I cannot believe how an extra 2 days can make each week seem so much longer.

*Healing charms, hugs and Felix Felicis** to all those in need.

Have a good Thursday.



kaykay1970 - Sep 13, 2007 6:08 am (#2196 of 2984)

Thanks everyone! We're going car shopping this morning. If I don't find something else, I guess I'll bring home the Montana. Really Dodge mini-vans are not much easier to repair. Hubby gently reminded me of the time we had to change the plugs. We could barely reach them! It took all day to get the old ones off!

Healing charms to forumers knees! I really think you should all have them checked by a doctor. It is common for women, especially athletes Denise, to develop knee alignment problems. If you catch these before any lasting damage is caused it can be easily corrected with simple exercises. I know from experience with my soccer playing daughter.

I hope Olivia will get over her separation anxiety quickly. I know it must be difficult leaving her that way. Ya'll are really making me dread next year, when I must send my Little Guy off to school!


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 13, 2007 6:08 am (#2197 of 2984)

Happy Birthday, Holly! Hope you enjoyed it!

Our school sounds a bit more like the one you described, Chemyst. We have 3 K classes with about 15 children each and the higher grades have around 25 students. Madame Pince, if there isn't already an aide, I think you are on fair ground to suggest one.

As far as Little Pince goes, first of all, tell him kudos for not taking anything from a bully (notice they're always bigger). I always tell my children (even at home, though they don't always listen) that they should not put their hands on anyone. No matter how angry they are. At the same time, no one has the right to harm them or threaten them, or be mean to them, so they don't have to put up with it. If they feel something is not going right, they should go and get help from an adult, even if they are made fun of for it. Though it doesn't sound realistic, I have two children who are targets for bullies. They are small, quiet, and obliging. But I did see one girl try to push Olivia out of a seat she wanted (4th Gr., I think) and Olivia (to my surprise) didn't allow her to. The librarian saw it (I watched the whole thing unfold from a short distance) and she spoke with both of them. Usually the teachers know, as I think your bus driver did. But Olivia never raised a hand to hit. Back to Little P - I've met him and, aside from the fact that he is such a sweet, cutie pie, he gives me no inkling of being an aggressor. From the scene you gave, he even tried to avoid him by sitting in the back. I hope that boy doesn't make him feel badly about himself. Tell him the HHs love him and think he's a sweetie! NOT that we're biased, or anything. And perhaps a mild bat-bogey hex in the direction of that other boy is in order.

I like the Accio Finish Line idea, Denise. If someone doesn't know what it means, they can Google it and perhaps, may end up picking up an HP book out of curiosity. The graphic is great-very eye-catching. I'd make the exclamation point a bit smaller and the wand a bit bigger if you can. I know I sound nit picky but the idea is the wand, so it would make sense if it stood out just a bit more.

Okay, this is long enough. Healing charms to Anastasia for her poison ivy, Denise, and Accio Sirius and to anyone else I've missed who needs them.

Josephine, sorry to hear your knee still bothers you. I was thinking some extra support like an ace bandage, so maybe we're not too far off the mark.

Enjoy the rotd/n, everyone!



The giant squid - Sep 13, 2007 6:53 am (#2198 of 2984)

Happy BirthYesterday, Holly!

Greased Lightning: I guess we've determined two things: I haven't paid too much attention to the lyrics, and I don't shock easily. I have no idea what would be inappropriate about Sweet Child Of Mine, though--that's about the only G'n'R song that isn't offensive!

This week has been crazy with a capital C. I'm averaging 12 hours a day as we head into the last couple weeks of this theater install. The corporate office has set an official opening date--Oct. 8--so we have to make sure everything's ready by then. So far, we're staying on or slightly ahead of schedule, but I know the stress level will only climb over the next 3 weeks... Mind you, this is in addition to all of my regular duties as well as an in-depth site survey needed on all 9 active theaters in town due next week. So if I don't stop by as often as I usually do, it's only because I'm sleeping...



Solitaire - Sep 13, 2007 7:08 am (#2199 of 2984)

Mrs. Sirius, I've been struggling with knee pain for years, and last year it was terrible, as you might remember. The warm weather has helped my knees, even if it has been uncomfortable in other ways. Have you ever had your knee drained? Of course, this may not be the problem, but when I was younger, I had it done periodically when my knee would get really swollen (resembling half a cantaloupe). I remember the first time my GP did it; she was STUNNED at the amount of fluid she removed and wondered how I'd been managing to walk around ... hence, the pain. If done properly, the procedure is not too bad and takes only a few minutes. A tight wrap, ice, and elevation for 12 hours or so and I was as good as new. You might want to check into it. Good luck and **healing charms** to you!

Chemyst, for the first time in several years, I have only about 21-24 kids in each of my core language arts classes ... and it's WONDERFUL!!! In four classes this year, I have about 20 fewer kids than were crammed into three classes last year. What a difference! Of course, there is a fifth section which I do not teach. This is the first time in 13 years that I have not taught ALL of the 7th graders, which is kind of different. It can be tougher to move kids around at quarter breaks, if that becomes necessary ... although, hopefully, it will not. BTW, Chemyst ... I was an angel ... or so my former teachers tell me.

Julie, bon voyage!! I hope you have a great time! I'm terribly envious. I only got to see Sacramento over my holidays ... and you get to see Rome!

Okay ... time to get on the road! Have a great Thursday, everyone!



HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 13, 2007 7:14 am (#2200 of 2984)

My goodness - 3 posts in the time it took me to make one. Okay, so I'm not gone yet.

Sorry to hear about Olivia, Snuffles. Keep encouraging her and don't forget to let her know what a great job she's doing by going in even though she doesn't want to. We HHs think she's a brave girl.

Felix Felicis to kaykay & family and to Mike.

GE Julie - it's been a long wait. Healing charms to your knee so you can walk to see all of the lovely sights Rome has to offer. I will follow along in books. Have a safe, happy and healthy vacation.

Madam Pince, I just wanted to add that I could very easily imagine Trevor doing such a thing out of anger - perhaps even a punch. We're working on that with regard to his sisters. Right now, we have other situations arising, such as not following directions in class. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and turtles are also carnivores (not sure if all are, though), so keep lizards and little fingers away from their snappy little mouths.

EDIT: If I didn't know better, I'd think someone sent around a knee hex to Lex members. Healing charms to all bum knees. (end edit)

I have a question - how long do you all keep your PCs on average? I have one that is in its 8th year and groans for quite awhile when I have to start it up. I really wanted to get Priscilla a laptop when she graduates, as I know she'll get great use out of it when she hits middle school (it came to be very useful for Olivia and still is), so I can't imagine we'll be replacing this for a long while. Our last one lasted about 11 yrs. before I got fed up with all the troubleshooting requirements.

EDIT again: Holly, if it makes you feel better, it is fine to call just to be certain. They can check the attendance sheet. (And if they call her out of class, she'll be embarrassed enough not to forget to call the next time.) **evilmommygrin**
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:44 pm


Holly T. - Sep 13, 2007 7:16 am (#2201 of 2984)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Ok, since my daughter's school starts at 8:45 this year and we have to be at work well before that, she is walking to school this year. She usually calls me on her cell phone when she gets to school, then puts away her phone as they can't use them during school. She didn't call me this morning. Should I call the school to see if she's there? Assume she forgot to call or forgot to take her phone and wait until this afternoon? I am trying not to worry.

Healing charms to the sore knees!

Mike, don't you know sleep is overrated? Good luck with your crazy week.

Happy vacation Julie! My son would love to go to Rome. He's planning on building either an aqueduct or a small model of a Roman road in our backyard for his science fair project this year. I would love to go to Rome too, for that matter.


Snuffles - Sep 13, 2007 7:18 am (#2202 of 2984)

I knew there was something I forgot

Happy belated birthday Holly. I hope you had a wonderful day


azi - Sep 13, 2007 7:27 am (#2203 of 2984)

Maria - have you tried adjusting which programmes start up on your PC when you turn it on? I changed mine a few days ago and the difference in speed is amazing! On Windows, click 'Start' then on 'Run' and type 'msconfig'. You can unselect programmes that don't need to start up when you turn it on. Just make sure you don't get rid of something you need! Also try using a registry cleaner to get rid of registry files you don't need. That also helped me a lot. If it's still slow, maybe you need a bit more RAM or something?

Have a great time on your holiday, JulieGE!

Hope all the parents with kid problems get it sorted! Poor Little P, I hope he doesn't get any more trouble from the bigger kid!

Healing charms to knees!

Good luck getting a new car, Kay!

**de-stressing charms** to Mike.

Belated birthday to Holly!

Lovely day to all.


painting sheila - Sep 13, 2007 7:50 am (#2204 of 2984)

I must not be cool. I didn't get the "Miners not minors" t-shirt idea.(sniff sniff) I've always wanted to be cool. (sigh)


HungarianHorntail11 - Sep 13, 2007 7:52 am (#2205 of 2984)

Thanks azi!

I have tried the selective startup and even if you unselect them all, your computer should automatically start up using the ones it needs to start up with. I have tried a registry cleaner which messed up my computer so badly, I had to uninstall it and try to fix what it messed up. Perhaps I didn't use a good program. I also did add 256 mb to the RAM, which did not seem to do a whole lot. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it has something to do with the Microsoft Works program. I am on it every day and I very rarely close out the documents and I swear the program has a glitch of some sort that simply does not want to cooperate with my Windows ME. When I do open an existing document that has been saved, the screen flickers for about 10 min.

The only other thing I can think of is a virus remnant but I have done searches both through NIS and the files search and have found nothing.


journeymom - Sep 13, 2007 7:57 am (#2206 of 2984)

Holly, I would call the school and ask them to confirm that your daughter is there. It will ease your mind! Couldn't hurt.

Knee-healing charms to all who require them!

Best of luck to you, Mike! I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you.

Yay, Solitaire! How wonderful that your classes are smaller! Those numbers sound pretty reasonable to me. Maybe you can confirm something for me. Around here class sizes in K through third are limited to 20 children. And that's across the state, as well, right? And it seems to me the original plan was to eventually apply that maximum up to eighth grade, but the State ran out of money to implement the plan, or something like that.

We replace our computers about every 4 years. But then, dh is in the tech world and is a little obsessed. I think he'd replace them more often but we can't afford that! I think 8 years is a good long time.


azi - Sep 13, 2007 8:18 am (#2207 of 2984)

Wow, Maria, I'm a bit stumped! My only suggestion is to search online to find compatibility issues. My computer was messed up by the BBC's iPlayer. Bascially, two programmes which were used to run the player were running constantly, even if the player was not. My music would stall in the middle os a song because they were taking up all my processing power.

On a separate note, I discovered that the reason my wireless Internet was disconnecting is probably due to incompatability issues between a programme automatically installed using the installation CD and Windows. The suggestion was that I uninstall and reinstall just the drivers manually. However, I can't get the drivers from the CD! Any suggestions on how to find them? No files show under the 'Drivers' folder.


Mrs. Sirius - Sep 13, 2007 8:32 am (#2208 of 2984)

Wow, we had our first computer (a -486), lasted 7 years. In 2002, we got a new computer because I wanted Harry Potter information. That computer died last year, so it only lasted about 3 1/2 year. I had to buy more RAM right away when I got this one. I did fall in love with a flat screen MAC that can use windows. It's really neat how the window "flips" and you can have MAC on one side and Windows on the other. It will be my next computer but it is wicked expensive though.

Madame Pince, to clarify on the tattle tale, that rule applies on my kids telling on each other. I usually grill them on what happens on the bus. And make it clear that they are to keep their hands to themselves and other are to keep their hands of my kids. The school policy is parents and kids have to sign an acknowledgment form on this policy.

happy Birthday Holly.


painting sheila - Sep 13, 2007 8:55 am (#2209 of 2984)

My kids are guilty until proven innocent in all venues. We have found that this keeps them FAR away from anyone that may cause a disturbance of some sort. Plus, they could all be lawyers from their experience of finding proof that they are indeed innocent!

Now, we are working on "guilty by association" This one is a little trickier to teach.


Holly T. - Sep 13, 2007 8:59 am (#2210 of 2984)

Maria, I was counting on the humiliation factor of having the office check to make sure she was in class remind her to call in the future. However, before I could call she e-mailed me from language arts class, asking me to e-mail her some pictures for her autobiography (probably something she was supposed to ask me to do last night, you know, when she said she was done with her homework  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 7 1242194059). So, whew.


Choices - Sep 13, 2007 11:05 am (#2211 of 2984)

My sympathy and healing charms to all with knee problems. I have had to wear a neoprene knee brace off and on for years and ended up having to have one knee injected with a corticosteroid a year or so ago. It helped, but sometimes I still don't trust my knees not to collapse on me.

Turtles - I love them. What neat creatures they are. One of my most embarrassing moments as a child involved a turtle. A neighbor friend's Mom had just had their hardwood floors sanded and varnished and they looked spectacular. I had found a turtle in the yard and ran to their house to show it to my friend. I stepped into the living room, held out the turtle proudly and he proceeded to pee about half a gallon on her newly done floor. I was mortified. Moral - never trust a turtle indoors. They get nervous, too.

Ahhh, it's Thursday. Can Friday be far behind.....and the weekend? Yea, I love weekends. My little grandson Tyler will be baptised at church this Sunday morning. A joyous occasion to be sure. Hope everyone is having a good day. Healing charms and love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Steve Newton - Sep 13, 2007 11:25 am (#2212 of 2984)

We have 2 turtles. A Mississippi mud and a yellow bellied cooter. The cooter is a female and is getting very large. Too large for our aquarium. Its about time we moved up to a 100 gallon tank, I think. When we got them they were about the size of quarters.


journeymom - Sep 13, 2007 1:02 pm (#2213 of 2984)

Daughter's first school dance is this evening! She's excited and nervous, as one could predict. She had a moment panic yesterday when her friend said no one is wearing dresses, they're all wearing shorts or capris. A couple of weeks ago dd queried her friends about whether they'd wear skirts/dresses or shorts to the dance. They all said skirts/dresses. She picked out a cute dress-thing from Old Navy, kind of a long t-shirt dress worn with leggings. It's cute, hip, casual, not at all dressy. Ah, well. She's going to wear the usual shorts and shirt. Maybe we'll go out to dinner sometime and she can wear the dress. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

I'll let her wear some makeup tonight. She doesn't wear makeup, so she's excited about this, too.


Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2007 3:17 pm (#2214 of 2984)

Awwww, journeymom, that's so sweet! Hope she really enjoys the dance.

Good Evans, hope you have a fantastic time in Rome! Can't wait to hear all about it! Throw a coin in the fountain for me! (That is Rome where you're s'posed to do that, right?)

Snuffles, sorry Olivia has the "blues" about going to school! Little P told me the other day "Mom, I hate to tell you, but I'd rather not go to school today -- I want to stay home and play please." Instead of being EvilMom and telling him "Well, get used to it because you've got at least 12 more years of it! Bwahahahahah!" .... I told him that he gets two days off every week! And holidays! And two whole months in the summer! Woo-hoo! He decided that was OK then. (And has no concept of what a month is...) Anyway, give Olivia big hugs from us and tell her we're thinking about her!

So if I don't stop by as often as I usually do, it's only because I'm sleeping... –SquidMike

You slacker, you. Sleeping! You need to sort out your priorities, man! Seriously, good luck and anti-stress charms.

It does seem as if all the Forum knees are going kerflooey all at once! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Maria, we got a computer when we got married and kept it for about seven or eight years -- basically until technology had improved to the point where it would've cost as much to buy all the upgrades as it did to get a new one.

Sheila, have you ever seen Galaxy Quest? It's sort of a take-off on Star Trek and it stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Antonio Scarpacci... er... Tony Shalhoub, and Alan Rickman, among others. A lot of HP fans seem to like it -- I guess because it sort of makes fun of geeks and we're all... well, no we're not... Anyway, Alan Rickman's in it, did I mention that? And he is absolutely hysterical. The "Miners, not minors!" line is one of his classics from the movie. You'd have to see it, though. Get thee hence to Blockbuster or Netflix or whatever... (Don't worry, you still have enough "cool" points stored up that you're "in"...)

Steve, a 100-gallon tank? Wow, that sounds big! How much space does that take up? I was reading up on turtle-keeping, and it sounds like you really do need plenty of room for them. Pervis had a good day at school today with the kids -- he truly was a good choice for one to take, because he is not shy at all. He hardly ever goes in his shell and he'll crawl all over the place. We discovered this evening that he loooooves tomatoes, but isn't so keen on apples, celery, or carrots. I couldn't find any live bugs (which I guess is a good thing) so he'll have to wait until tomorrow for that meal in the wild. I'm going to release him after the bus has left tomorrow so nobody follows behind me into the woods and re-captures him just as soon as I've let him loose -- he's been through enough for a couple days and has lots of exciting stories to tell all his turtle friends.

Thanks for all the parental advice, guys! I found out the "scoop" on the bus incident. The driver says that the other kid is just a horrible child with a big mean streak, and he has a brother just like him. She says she can't talk to the mom because the mom always says it's someone else's fault, but the driver said she has to fuss at that kid at least once a day. She also apologized and said it was partly her fault, because "the back of the bus is just awful and it's an awful bus ride" ( Why does this continue?) and she shouldn't have let Little P sit back there, but she really didn't notice until too late. She said she didn't see what happened, but that Little P has thus far been shy and quiet on the bus, and the other kid is a meanie, so if she had to guess she'd say it originated with him, and she said it appeared to her that Little P was "standing up for himself." So anyway, that made me feel a little bit better. We agreed that we'll both work to be sure he sits at the front of the bus from now on. (Apparently he sat at the back because "there weren't any empty seats up front, so I kept going" -- turns out he thought he had to sit in a totally empty seat. Now we've clarified that he can sit with someone else if someone else is in a front seat before him.)

Maria, I know what you mean about "target," -- you've seen Little P. He's kind of small and he looks way younger than he is, so I'm a little worried that he could be picked on. But he's very outgoing and cheerful usually, so I hope it goes OK. I like the rule of "you may not put your hands on anyone else, and nobody else may put their hands on you," Mrs. Sirius! I think we'll talk about that tonight! Thanks guys!

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Choices - Sep 13, 2007 3:26 pm (#2215 of 2984)

Steve, did you find your turtles in the wild or did you purchase them from a pet store? Growing up I had several of the little green and yellow turtles that i bought from the five and dime store. I love them, but they never lived very long. I regret that. Now it seems it is against the law to sell those little turtles due to health reasons - salmonella or something like that. Are there any turtles that can be bought or do you just have to "adopt" a wild turtle? Does anyone know the latest rules about owning turtles? I really don't believe in "owning" wild creatures, but am curious if you can get turtles in pet stores now-a-days?


Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2007 3:40 pm (#2216 of 2984)

They have red-eared sliders (is that right?) and one other kind in our local pet store. The websites I've checked say you can get ones legally that have been bred for pets, but they don't recommend keeping any you find in the wild unless you rescued them from an impending housing development or something that is destroying their habitat and they'd die anyway. Box turtles especially don't seem to do well in captivity, it said.

Our pet store said to be sure to wash your hands carefully after handling any turtle because of the risk of salmonella. Little P's teacher was aware of this and didn't let any of the kids touch Pervis. I actually wondered if the school had any rules against bringing them in because of that so I asked specifically first, but they said bring him on in. He looks to be a pretty healthy specimen!


Choices - Sep 13, 2007 3:43 pm (#2217 of 2984)

Thanks Madam. I may have to make a visit to my local pet store and check them out. :-)

The last turtle (a box turtle I think) I found, I removed from the mouth of one of my dogs. She caught it in the back yard and one of her teeth had punctured it's shell. I took it out to our Environmental Center and they used a special cement/glue to seal the puncture, watched it for a week or so, and then released it into the woods around the center.


Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2007 3:44 pm (#2218 of 2984)
Edited Sep 13, 2007 4:24 pm

Watching Pervis has been fascinating. Especially watching him eat! So cool. I can see how one can get addicted.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to say -- hope Holly and the twins and TBE and anyone else in the Texas or Louisiana area are safe and dry from the wet weather Humberto is throwing their way! You guys are wet enough already, it sounds like! ***Drying charms!***


Steve Newton - Sep 13, 2007 4:37 pm (#2219 of 2984)

My turtles are both aquatic turtles which we bought at a pet store. They cost much more than a dime. To keep them healthy you have to have a full set of lights. 100 gallons is quite large and I think a non-rectangular tank will give them more room to roam around in. Where to put it is a major stumbling block. Cost too, since we will also have to, probably, get new lights.

Our cooter has an attitude and is fearless. Put your hand in the aquarium and you will get hissed at. Fortunately, she's not too agile and you can easily grab her.


painting sheila - Sep 13, 2007 4:52 pm (#2220 of 2984)

Thanks Madame Pince. Whew! I will buy Galaxy Quest tonight online. (I must stay in the "know"!)

Steve - how about using the aquarium as a table? You could put a top on it with ventilation space between the aquarium and the top and use it to show case the turtles. It might freak them out when you vacuum though. Hmmmm . . . .

Not much going on here tonight. We are watching tivo-ed Blue Planet. It is SO cool!! How blessed we are to have this glorious world!! It's all amazing!!

Edit: OKay - I fought it but still have to say it. Cooter? It reminds me of the guy on Dukes of Hazard. "Gu-gu-gu-golly boss. I didn't know tha-ut!"

Edit #2 - Please, please be safe every one in the path of Humberto!!


kaykay1970 - Sep 13, 2007 6:46 pm (#2221 of 2984)

I'm so tired and still carless! This one very EVIL used car salesman wasted so much of my time today! He was supposedly showing us a car in the price range my hubby asked for. Sometimes you can look over little things if you think the price is right. So I don't like the body style, so what! I've been riding in an eggplant for 8 years! So there's no little extras (like cd player or even a tape deck) we'll buy one! It was in better condition and had less miles than the Montana. "So what is the actual price?" "Oh! I think I can give you a better interest rate than the bank. Let me finance it..." "Ok. What could it hurt to see if we can get it cheaper here." We waited sooooo long waiting for the credit approval. He finally told us what our monthly payments would be financing with him. Still no mention of the actual price of the car. Call me crazy, but I like to know how much something costs before I buy it! LOL! I finally managed to get an answer from the guy on the price. It was $3000 more than the maximum on the price range we asked for! Not only that, we had test driven a car earlier at another lot that had leather seats, tape deck, cd player and second cd player in the back w/head phones, that was $1000 less than his price!

My daughter did cheer me up once I got home. She was telling me what she learned in school today. In history class they were discussing when Abraham Lincoln signed the “Appalachian Problemation...”

More safety charms to those in the path of the storm!


Madam Pince - Sep 13, 2007 6:46 pm (#2222 of 2984)

Can turtles not back up? Steve, you mentioned non-rectangular as being optimal, and I am noticing that Pervis keeps walking into a corner of his box and then just staying there like he's been a bad boy or something.

We love Blue Planet -- it's amazing! I don't care for the orca vs. the baby whale part, though.

LOL! The Appalachian Problemation! Too funny! (Sorry about the car day, though. Best advice I can give, when they start saying stuff like "Let's see if..." or "Now will you be trading in?" just be polite and firm and say "I'd like to know your best price on this car, please," and if he keeps blabbering, give him Professor Snape's coldest glare and repeat exactly what you said before, a little louder "I'd like to know your best price on this car, please." That usually gets them moving... After you agree on a price, then the haggling starts about trad