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Chat & Greetings 2007

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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:08 pm


azi - Nov 14, 2007 2:25 pm (#751 of 2988)

I get at least one set of chocolate coins and a satsuma for Christmas. Not in stockings though. I like those little traditions.

Good that your son is doing well, Puck!

**sleeping charms** to your children, journeymom!

Continued healing charms to everyone.

I went on a fieldtrip today! The pictures can be found here - http:/ /yorkuk. facebook.com/album.php ?aid=75475&l=e4d16&id=222303740 Remember to take out the spaces!



journeymom - Nov 14, 2007 3:05 pm (#752 of 2988)

Ah, I have just bought the new Order of the Phoenix DVD!!! Caius Julius



Madam Pince - Nov 14, 2007 5:17 pm (#753 of 2988)

Azi, what's a satsuma? Sounds like some type of sushi, but surely not in one's stocking...

Our stocking gifts are all from Santa. Santa does not wrap gifts at our house; we decided Santa would not have time to do that. However, I'm almost tempted to start wrapping based on the Mrs. Claus thing Holly's mom did -- I think that's really cute! Our stockings always have an orange and a couple of those peppermint sticks that have holes all up through the middle, so you can do the thing where you squish/roll the orange, then cut a hole in it, insert peppermint stick, and then suck out all the OJ while the candy melts along with it. Mmmmm... that is a tradition from my Mom's family. Then the other items are usually small things like Chap-Stick or basically whatever would fit in a stocking. Sometimes one of the "main" gifts goes in there if it's small enough. For the older people in the crowd, they always get a roll of stamps -- ultimate practicality and something the elderly appreciate. If we do a big Christmas dinner with guests, we have crackers (not Nabisco, the kind with paper hats), and I do a little gift/placesetting -- maybe a miniature lotion or tiny bottle of some food specialty like maple syrup or similar.

Our stockings are all "heirlooms" in that my Grandma and Mom made them with elaborate wool felt Christmas decorations and beads and sequins. Mine has my baby-I.D.-bracelet from when I was born sewn along the runner of Santa's sleigh -- way back then in the stone age, the I.D. bracelets weren't ugly plastic strips, they were cute beaded bracelets. Our other tradition is that my mother always sews a new jingle-bell on the toe of the sock every year (well, it started on the toe. Mine now extends quite far around the entire sock and jingles like nobody's business if it falls off the hanger. ) My Christmas stocking would be one of the things I'd grab to save if the house caught on fire.

Woo-hoo Holly on getting your own thermostat! ***high-fives*** I'm extremely jealous. I don't have an office, but I wish I had sole control of the house thermostat.

Yay, Puck's son, on the good conference report!

Poor dd stressing out over school! I think you have a budding Hermione on your hands, journeymom...

Little Pince is in the Lego stage. Little tiny pieces all over the place...

But for younger kids you may as well give them dirt. ~ Mike

LOL! I had an aunt who always gave me a purse every year when I was little. I was a tomboy and had no use for purses. I would've rather had the socks. Or the dirt.

to Maria...


Winky Woo - Nov 14, 2007 5:41 pm (#754 of 2988)

Hey Mike

You have given me a great idea for a gift for my nephew, get a great big kilner jar, fill with it with soil and tell him that he can come over to my place and make mud-pies in my kitchen! He is 6 and will love that! Especially as I am making themed hampers for everyone this year, filled with lots of different things , I could make that the centre piece, with a bucket and spade, a pack of jelly-worms, some molds! Any other suggestions what I could put in it?

(Memo to self: remember to buy a large sheet of plastic as this could get very messy!)

Love Winky X

PS Madam P satsumas are called mandarin oranges' on your side of the pond, I think To me all small oranges are called tangerines (just to muddy the issue!)


Tazzygirl - Nov 14, 2007 6:09 pm (#755 of 2988)

Madam P- a satsuma is basically a tangerine. It's small like a tangerine, but 10x juicier than a tangerine or orange.

Sitting in class. Really bored. Really tired.



Denise P. - Nov 14, 2007 8:07 pm (#756 of 2988)

Oh, I forgot about crackers, Madam P! I usually get them on eBay since I could not find them locally. I did find some that I could fill myself but they were too expensive. eBay is a much better option. I need to look at it to see if I can slip an extra something into them.


Solitaire - Nov 14, 2007 9:25 pm (#757 of 2988)

Journeymom, did you serve something weird for dinner? Just wondering ...


PeskyPixie - Nov 14, 2007 11:19 pm (#758 of 2988)

The satsuma products from 'The Body Shop' are simply heavenly. I used the satsuma scrub tonight and am in a state of bliss. Good night, all.


jose043 - Nov 14, 2007 11:41 pm (#759 of 2988)

Hi All

We Have already watched HP & OofP DVD last night Wednesday for us sent, Rob up the back to watch other TV on the back patio warm enough for him.

Healing, get well charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Were wolves of London


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 15, 2007 3:59 am (#760 of 2988)

Journeymom, I thought of you in the middle of the night when my daughter suddenly woke up crying and practicing spelling words.


Madam Pince - Nov 15, 2007 4:18 am (#761 of 2988)

Good heavens! We used to hear of these "stress incidents" only happening in college, like right before thesis time. But now it's happening to elementary-school kids? There's something wrong here! Poor munchkins! (((hugs))) to journeymom's and Vox's little Hermiones...

Josephine, glad you have your priorities sorted! It probably wasn't all that cold out on the patio. So were you pleased with the DVD features?

I'm up early to see if there's a fog delay for school again today. No word yet... and the forecast is for rain, so I'm thinking there won't be fog. So thus school is on time. Sigh...


jose043 - Nov 15, 2007 5:26 am (#762 of 2988)

Madam Pince yes we were pleased with the features, and yes we did get our priorities right. 

We will most probably have a HP weekend on Saturday and watch all five DVD's in a row. As Rob will be at the TAB (Totalise Agency Board), for the most of the afternoon and evening. "So we will have peace and quite until he comes home and starts complaining that we are watching Harry Plotter again!!!!! LOL.

Anne has been dreaming of new car, work & study.

Anne didn't get her new car, getting it Tuesday next week she hopes Accio car please.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


painting sheila - Nov 15, 2007 6:04 am (#763 of 2988)

Hi everyone!!

Santa - He brings nice gifts but not the biggest. Hubby and I want credit for the really cool stuff. Santa usually brings something fun but not too extravagant. Stocking are fun stuff and tons of candy. Chapsticks, smells good stuff, cheap earrings, stuff like that - the more little stuff the better.

I don't put tags on any gifts - just color coordinate the wrapping paper. One kid’s presents are all wrapped in the same paper and no one knows whose is whose until Christmas morning. That way there is no counting or shaking or bragging about the size on any particular gift. We sometimes try and make the kids write thank yous to Santa and leave it out with the milk and cookies. We leave reindeer food out for Santa's team and look for paw prints in the snow if we have any. The grate for the fireplace is always moved over in the morning - how did that happen!!?? If we hear the big kids say they don 't believe in Santa any more we try and find some sort of secret service for them to do so they can "play" Santa. They usually change their minds about him being real. We tell them that "Santa" is a verb as well as a noun.

Gotta go paint!

Love you all-


Edit - Dang it! I've lost my glasses. Has anyone seen them?


Puck - Nov 15, 2007 6:31 am (#764 of 2988)

No worries for my kids, Madame Pince. They don't get all that fussed over things academic.

My Toddler would much prefer a purse to dirt. She always brings a purse when we go out.

Accio Anne's Car!

Is a satsuma anything like a clementine?

We color coordinate wrapping from Santa, but not other gifts.

Sheila, have you looked on top of your head?



painting sheila - Nov 15, 2007 6:35 am (#765 of 2988)

Puck - That is so funny!! I usually look around and find them on top of my head - but they aren't there today. I have to piant so I HAVE to have them! This may be me later today if I can't find them -> Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Eponine - Nov 15, 2007 8:53 am (#766 of 2988)

Sheila, I hope you find your glasses!

I'm busy getting ready for Thanksgiving next week. I'm going to be having 15 people for dinner, and 6 people staying at my house for a few days!

Today is our Thanksgiving lunch at work, so yesterday I was busy making a chocolate raspberry mousse cake for dessert, and this morning I attempted to make a ganache frosting, but I don't think I did it quite right. It still tastes good, though, so that's what everyone's getting!

Mr. Eponine's work Thanksgiving was today too, and he asked me YESTERDAY if I could make two of the chocolate raspberry things. I made him a plain chocolate cake instead. Too complicated to do two at once.

I never believed in Santa, and when Mr. Eponine was a kid, he made his entire kindergarten class cry because he refused to write a letter to someone who didn't exist. They had to go get his sister out of her class and try to convince him to write one. But she told them that if he said he wasn't, then he wasn't going to do it. So I think he colored a picture instead.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Chemyst - Nov 15, 2007 9:10 am (#767 of 2988)

Congratulations on a thermostat-ed office, Holly.  ** Why do I feel an urge to say, "Use it wisely?" **

Those are lovely pictures from your field trip, azi. My thoughts: It must be cold there. It must be a low tide. What nice hanging gardens! If this were America, I wonder who would demand wheelchair access on those steps. I wonder what the men who laid the original stonework thought of their work, (for Whitby Abbey.) Tide must be coming in. The town is a postcard.

Little Pince is in the Lego stage . . . .
um, isn't that is a bit like saying someone is in the able to dress one's self stage, as the 'lego stage' continues for nearly... forever?

Accio Anne's Auto!

Coordinating & organizing charms to Eponine. I hope you can relax enough to enjoy your company. Ouch! for your brother's fellow kindergarteners, Eponine. But kudos for big sister.

Hm…  I hate to break it to you guys, but – perhaps this is best said in invisible print:   Santa Claus is as real as Snow White. At least that is how we explained it to our kids and they were able to understand that well enough that none of them ever announced anything contrary to their friends. I always felt that trying to convince children that he was real was somehow dishonest.


John Bumbledore - Nov 15, 2007 9:19 am (#768 of 2988)

I've wrapped up my list of holiday gifts in an invisibility cloak:

I'd get Maria and Family a full set (one for each dragon) of fire extinguishers charmed with the replenishment spell.

Five beach balls for the giant squid to toss around.

One, two, three, four unmatched socks (plus a fifth) for all librarians here.

I acquired a large team of house-elves I was going to send to each and every "Lady of the house" but I can't find them anywhere. All I keep finding are these unmatched socks ...

Elanor, I found this wonderful bonsai tree for you. It has smooth, silver bark and large golden leaves.

Stumbled upon baseball equipment on eBay, looks to be uniforms and gear for nearly a full team... obviously meant for Mr. and Mrs. Denise P.

A large supply of No-Doze and Mid-night oil, and an abacus for Kip.

For Azi, I've found a Penny-Farthing (mentioned on one of the W.O.M.B.A.T.s) hovering in Arthur's shed with aviator's helmet and goggles, and assorted Quidditch pads and guards.

... and there is more, when do we unwrap these gifts?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Nov 15, 2007 10:14 am (#769 of 2988)

Like a bolt out of the clear blue sky, Soli says, “Journeymom, did you serve something weird for dinner? Just wondering ...”

Lol! Welllll, I changed around my chili dish last night, since we're all tired of it. I used ground pork instead of beef or chicken. I used sage and bay leaf instead of cumin, oregano and chili powder. So it was vaguely Italian, instead of sort-of-Mexican. We had a side of corn bread. That's not weird, I think, so much as a welcome change from the chili we're tired of. Were you getting vibes about my dinner, Soli??

Journeymom, I thought of you in the middle of the night when my daughter suddenly woke up crying and practicing spelling words. ~ Vox Gerbilis The poor thing! Tell her there's a girl out there in the cyber world who totally understands.

The problem my daughter has is that she cares about her schooling as much as Hermione does, but she's got the focus and attention span of a younger person. She's in the High Achiever program because she does well in English and History. She wants to do well and is very upset that she keeps messing up.

Once again I'm wishing I had the organization skills, patience and sheer guts it takes to homeschool. Our children spend six hours of the prime part of the day, five days a week for nine months a year until they are 18 years old. They are miracles, and then we send them off to get the joy and curiosity ground out of them. Whatever. I don't have the mental energy to mount an argument against public schooling right now. (Gee, I wonder where my daughter gets her lack of focus from?? ) Sorry, I'm feeling a little cynical this morning. To the dedicated, creative, thoughtful teachers here at the Lex, I don't want you to think I'm bashing teachers. Just the institution that developed in the past 80 years.

Oh, my word, Sheila, that smilie is too clever!


Holly T. - Nov 15, 2007 10:30 am (#770 of 2988)

I saw you sneak in there Winky! How are you doing? And my son would love a jar of dirt.

He would love Legos more. Actually that is one of my arguments to my son when he tells me that Mom and Dad are Santa--would I buy him more Legos? No. Therefore ... it must be Santa!

Update--my son's teacher is being nicer to him and is having one of his friends help him write down the homework assignments in his agenda.

Hugs to the kiddos who are stressed out at school! My daughter is not stressed out, her classes are easy and she isn't being challenged. So this is what happens when overachievers do homework. She had to write about Cabeza de Vaca's adventures in Texas as if what she wrote was an article in a Spanish newspaper when he got back to Spain. Ok, so she wrote the article, then typed it, laid it out, added a picture, then used babblefish to translate it into Spanish, then laid out the Spanish version as well, and stapled the English and Spanish versions together with the Spanish one on top. She then used it to mess with her little overachieving friends' minds by telling them that they were supposed to do the assignment in Spanish, sending them into a panic, and utterly confused her poor social studies teacher, who apparently doesn't read Spanish because she was most relieved to see the English version.

Accio Anne's car!

Did you find your glasses Sheila?

I loved the glasses smiley!


journeymom - Nov 15, 2007 10:34 am (#771 of 2988)

Holly, your daughter has a devilish streak! I heartily approve!


Puck - Nov 15, 2007 11:34 am (#772 of 2988)

LOL to Holly's Hermione!

Yummy sounding chili, Journeymom.

John, thanks for the thought. I would have loved a house-elf.

Chemyst, Mr. Puck is definitely still in his "lego stage".

Eponine, that dessert sound lovely! I'm in charge of desserts next week. Making pumpkin, apple, and chocolate pies, plus a pan of fudge. I was going to make brownies, but as there are only 11 of us (and 6 count their age in single digits), I figured that's enough.



Elanor - Nov 15, 2007 12:27 pm (#773 of 2988)

Snow!!!!! [insert some nice snowy icon, I'm sure Sheila has a great one in her magic hat!]  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073

We've had some snow today! The first snow of the year. It started to fall just before I left for school this morning and it was some serious snow that was sticking to the road. As it had been really cold the days before (and had probably snowed a bit during the night too) the road was quite dangerous as the snow was sticking on some ice. The drive to school usually takes me 15 minutes, it took me 30 today. I've felt the car slide twice in a village, and I have snow tires on my car! It was okay though, the Twingo, like most small cars, is pretty amazing on snow **waves to madam Pince ** I let you imagine the state of the kids at school though, and I had planned some tests for today.

BTW, congratulations to all the little Hermiones of the world, wish there would be more of them!

It was very pretty though and it fits well the current "Christmas scent" of the thread (Christmas is "in the air", right? ). I've loved reading about the Christmas stockings. Our tradition is different: we put our shoes under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

When I was a kid, it was a very serious matter that of polishing one's shoes on that day. One can't decently show Santa ("le Père Noël" here) some dirty shoes, right? Then we were leaving a little glass of rum for him on the windowsill which, funilly enough, was always empty on Christmas morning. But efficient. Merry Santa was always leaving a (rather serpentine) "trail" of "papillotes (some traditional Christmas chocolates in a nice wrapping paper) from the tree to the windowsill. Our shoes were usually, and still are, full of tangerines ("clémentines" here) and papillotes and the presents were/are topped on them.

Thanks for the present Santa John, I love the idea! Virtually filling everyone's stockings with "papillotes".

Have a great day everybody!

Audrey **looking around for some glasses**


Madam Pince - Nov 15, 2007 12:40 pm (#774 of 2988)

...the 'lego stage' continues for nearly... forever.

Really? Oh, dear... See, this is one of the things a mom of only one kid never finds out until it's too late... I should've known, I suppose, when I heard about Squid Mike's Death Star gift last year.

Twingo! Twingo! Twingo! Now I'm in a happy mood for the rest of the day!


Soul Search - Nov 15, 2007 2:15 pm (#775 of 2988)

Madam Pince,

I can heartily recommend Lego as a creative and time occupying toy. My kids had buckets, which, with additions, are now on their third grandchild.

Yes, the large number of small pieces can be a nuisance, but low buckets or plastic tubs make good containers. A sheet of foamcore or matboard makes a good work surface and can be slid under a bed to keep work in process. Kids can draw roads etc. on the matboard. Hot Wheels cars are also good additions.


Winky Woo - Nov 15, 2007 4:01 pm (#776 of 2988)

Hi Holly! Yes I did sneak in...I'm doing just fine, now living back in Liverpool with my darling doggies.

Your daughter sounds like she has got a wicked sense of humour!

I agree Madam Pince, it used to be around O.W.L or N.E.W.T time that students first got themselves stressed out. I mean, I remember worrying about school plays and stuff, but not regular lessons and tests. ((((((Hugs))))))

Silly John Bumbledore!...(invisible text:You has surely made a mistake! The shop had given you 2 the same! You can't find me and the rest of the House Elves as we are busy trying to sort this out by finding new homes for all the extra socks that you had!)...!)

For those who haven't already bought the films HMV have got a box set of the first 5 films (Including OOP) for £24.99 ($50) (Personally I'm with Azi on this one! Although I have to watch them once, when they come out, so I can moan all the way through about what they have done to my beloved Harry!)
Maria, there was a thread with ideas for HP inspired class room stuff...I'll see if I can find it for you ... Edit: here you goPrefect Marcus, "+ Ideas for Harry Potter class" #1, 8 Mar 2005 8:31 pm

How's the mural coming along Sheila? Did you find those glasses. I used to hate losing my glasses (I love saying that, I got my eyes zapped last month!)

I must admit to doing a fair bit of lurking as this thread has been moving too fast, so by time I get to the end I have forgotten what I wanted to say

So for Soli, Azi, The Pince Family, and all those who have been poorly */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/* Healing charms*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*

Love Winky X

PS Anyone seen Lina or Medi-Witch recently?
PPS Elanor just for you


azi - Nov 15, 2007 4:32 pm (#777 of 2988)

I always think of clementines as being slightly bigger than satsumas, and much easier to peel. I prefer them. **has just eaten one**

Personally I'm with Azi on this one! Although I have to watch them once, when they come out, so I can moan all the way through about what they have done to my beloved Harry! – Winky

They've been showing a trailer on TV for the DVD and I can't help but hiss at the screen like an angry cat every time. Sometimes I even get my claws out. I did listen to it once, just to make sure I could complain that I didn't recognise a single line as being from the book. **Waves to Winky**

**hugs** John for her amazing Penny Farthing! How cool!

I love Lego. Alas, it is all in the loft.

I also love Elanor's childhood Christmas! What a good way to get children to polish shoes!

I hope Anne gets her new car soon! It's horrible when things are delayed.

I decided to go home for the weekend. I'm missing two lessons tomorrow, but I was feeling far too bad to go to them anyway. Of course, now I'm home I'm feeling much more chipper and healthier.

You were right on every observation I can tell you about Chemyst. I don't know what the builders thought of their abbey, but I suppose they must have been pleased! Whitby is a postcard place, as well as the setting for Dracula.

Lovely, illness-free days to everyone!


painting sheila - Nov 15, 2007 5:39 pm (#778 of 2988)

For those who love the snow so . .. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073

Holly T - I found my glasses - or I should say My Oldest Son found my glasses. I had looked all morning retracing my steps about a dozen times, looked in the truck 4 or 5 times, looked in the van 4 or 5 times, looked in the kid's rooms. looked everywhere! I asked the big kids when they came home from school to help me. Oldest Son asked if there was money involved and I said, "Psht! No." He walked over to the garbage can in the office, moved it out of the way, got down on his hands and knees and reached in between the wall and the dryer and pulled them out. How they got there I have no idea and how he knew they were there is an even bigger mystery!

I got the big palm tree painted, the sky based in, and the ocean started. It's coming right along. I just have a few hours each day to paint since I have to work around their dinner schedule at the restaurant, but I think it's going to look nice when it's all done. Thanks for asking!

John! What a doll!! How did you know I needed a few house elves around here? Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Puck - Nov 15, 2007 8:42 pm (#779 of 2988)

Perhaps Oldest knew where the glasses were because he hoped money would be involved in finding them....


Madam Pince - Nov 15, 2007 9:53 pm (#780 of 2988)

Hmmm... yes, sounds very fishy to me. I think Oldest is an *ahem* entrepreneur.

Isn't it frustrating to look for glasses? You can't see to look for them...

Soul Search, I agree with you 100% about the block style Legos. We have had buckets of them for ages, too, and those I love because of the creativity, etc. It's the "specialty" Lego kits that you make into, oh, say, a submarine with a diver and all his diving-kit stuff that sends me up a tree. There's all these "specialty" pieces that only work for that kit, and the kit does not work if you're missing some crucial piece (which invariably gets lost, because he does not put it up on a shelf and admire it once it's made, he tries to slam it into the knight kit's cannon, or drops a large bathtub octopus on it, or similar 5-year-old boy ideas.) Thus the whole point of the kit is lost, basically, along with the tiny specialty pieces.

See, it's specialization. This world is just too specialized.


PeskyPixie - Nov 15, 2007 10:17 pm (#781 of 2988)

I'm refraining from my weekly Ugly Betty update as I always end up ruining it for Azi, even when I write in invisible ink!


jose043 - Nov 16, 2007 12:44 am (#782 of 2988)

Hi All

Azi Anne's car was down on Fremantle wharf till Monday & it was suppose to be cleared through customs to be detailed by the 14th November but the car yard didn't get it till Monday 12th November so Anne is getting her car on Tuesday afternoon after lunch she is taken a half flexi day to go & pick it up. From what the car yard people said customs has only doing so many cars a day to be cleared & it depends were the car is parked in the line to when they clear them.

Healing & get well charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Good Evans - Nov 16, 2007 1:24 am (#783 of 2988)

Thanks John !!! I'm definitely up for a house elf!! must think of something useful to reciprocate - would anyone like a nut from Brazil??? (how could this possibly compare - maybe a magical nut, with replenishing chocolate - yum chocolate brazils!!!)

glad you are feeling a bit better Azi - hope Soli and others are too.

a satsuma is a bit bigger than a clementine - also they are different "crosses" of other fruit, but I can't remember what they are a cross of!! satsumas are just "christmas" - have one for me Azi!!

one year the eldest got a traditional stocking from my mum. satsuma and a walnut, he was not impressed - but he had asked for it, as he didnt believe that is what children used to get in their stockings! sweeties and inexpensive gifts tend to be in ours these days.

very icy here, -5 when I left home this morning!! brrrrrrrr

happy weekend - to all - I need to sleep I am so tired!

oh - and I chatted to Lina (very breifly on wednesday night in the chat room) she is normally there in the later part of the evening (GMT), I am sure she would love a visit !!!

anyone heard from Kaykay? I dont think I have seen her name for a few days? **waves to kaykay!!!**

edit - Accio Annes car to Anne!!!!


azi - Nov 16, 2007 6:37 am (#784 of 2988)

Pesky - just write 'azi don't read this!' before the invisible writing and I will refrain! I missed not having Ugly Betty on this week!

I haven't seen Kay around for a bit either. I think she was busy with real life?

I've never heard of cars going through customs like that before, but they must do! I just never thought of it.

Eurgh, we just got sent 200 pages of reading for one lecture of one module. I should probably go do the reading I've got other than that.

**waves and warming charms**


Puck - Nov 16, 2007 6:45 am (#785 of 2988)

Julie, is that 5 degrees Farenheight?  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 793915934  Bbbbrrrr! It's too soon for that.

Son is sure to have a cold winter. A couple of weeks ago he had 2 pair of mittens. He has lost 3 and is down to a single mitten. As I refuse to continually buy him more, he has been told to find them or have a very cold winter. (Perhaps John and change his plans and send mittens instead of socks.) He has lost a hat already also.

Time to get ready. I am "mystery reader" in the kindergarten this morning, and Diva's conference follows. (That should be a hoot.) I was going to bring toddler swimming after, but as her cold lingers and I'm way behind at home, I think we will return here when we are done at the school.



kaykay1970 - Nov 16, 2007 8:03 am (#786 of 2988)

I'm still here! I have been sick, but feeling much better now! I have been trying to spend less time on the internet and more time in the real life as azi said...

Thanks John! A house elf would be nice! Let's see...I'd send Julie(Good Evans) a nice portable water proof fire(Yikes it is cold there!) For Denise and all the other busy Moms I'd send a time-turner, as I'd like to have one myself sometimes...Too bad that they were all destroyed at the Ministry of Magic. For Lina, Maria, azi and many other chat room friends, I'd send some floo powder, of course I'd have to ask hubby for a fireplace to be installed so they could make good use of it.

Healing charms to all still needing some!


Holly T. - Nov 16, 2007 8:08 am (#787 of 2988)

Madam Pince, if you lose a specialty piece from a Lego kit (or the instructions) you can contact Lego at lego dot com to see if they have any available to send you. Depending on the size and availability of the piece there could be a fee or a shipping charge. And there can be just as much creativity with the specialty pieces--the skeletons from the Orient Expedition sets became part of the Land of the Dead when son built scenes from the Odyssey out of Legos. The columns from Gringott's have been part of a Greek temple, the Viking catapults have been restructured in many ways, Aragog had a motor added and was used to try to scare the cat, etc.

John, I think the house elf got lost on its way to my house. (Or it got lost in the piles of stuff in my house.)

Glad you found your glasses Sheila!


Solitaire - Nov 16, 2007 8:14 am (#788 of 2988)

Journeymom, LOL about the chili! I was just wondering if a spicy or "different" dish had caused your kids' nighttime upsets. I heard once that eating chili at night can cause nightmares. I've never checked it out, though. Yours sounds tasty.

Yikes, Elanor! Snow already? We are still hitting mid-70s temps! Please stay safe and drive carefully. **already imagining the papillotes melting in my mouth**

Well, I am not done reading yet, but I must hit the road. School is calling! It should be an interesting day. TGIF, everyone!



journeymom - Nov 16, 2007 8:46 am (#789 of 2988)

Ooh, OK, I get it, Solitaire!

Josephine, my cousin shipped his Mercedes over from Saudi Arabia to the US a couple of years ago. He said that was an adventure.


Winky Woo - Nov 16, 2007 8:52 am (#790 of 2988)

Lol we all thought that you had come over all Trewlawny on us Soli!

I meant to comment on the coincidence with Whitby. I'm listening to Dracula at the moment on my ipod, which is part set in Whitby. Well I had to listen to something else for a change as I normally fall asleep listening to Harry,each book in rotation(I am not obsessed )I am not sure that this was such a good idea, its extremely atmospheric, and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm having some really funky dreams I am naturally a fast reader, and don't always absorb the full detail in books the first time, however audio books follow a more natural pace, giving you time to really take on board all the subtleties and nuances.

Love Winky X


painting sheila - Nov 16, 2007 9:11 am (#791 of 2988)

Josephine - My dad picked his VW Bug up from the docks in New Jersey in 1963. He had the crate number and watched them take it off the boat. He paid a guy $50.00 to put the tires on it and fill it up with gas. He still has it! I hope you all get the car out soon!

Not much is going on here. I kept Littlest Guy home from school. Last night he was complaining of his stomach hurting and then asked what a "virus" was. I explained that it was a germ that could make you sick. He proceeded to tell me that (in his class) Morgan had a virus. Leonardo had a virus. Gabe had a virus . . . .Yikes! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I had another call for a mural last night! WoohOO! The only bad thing is that I gave them a quote in September and they want it done NOW before Thanksgiving since they are having family in town. (No. But thanks for playing!) Some people!

Hubby is on his way home from Seattle. today. We are having fierce winds. I hope it doesn't cancel his flight. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Puck - Nov 16, 2007 9:29 am (#792 of 2988)

Eeewww! for Sheila's latest smilie.

Safe journey to Sheila's husband.

Aragog had a motor added and was used to try to scare the cat.

I say it again, I would love to meet this kid! Holly, you're raising a couple of evil geniuses.


edit: wOOt! I just ordered my tickets. Diva and I are going to the Nutcracker! I'm so excited to take her.


Denise P. - Nov 16, 2007 10:04 am (#793 of 2988)

It is a Tiger filled day here. So far, I have finished our den flag (the velcro is drying on the flag pole), got all the Tiger totems with the correct number of beads on them ready for the Pack meeting, ordered the various patches for boys (library tour, parade, camping and food drive) so they can be sewn on the red vests I am making them as a gift for the holidays AND got the last remaining item for our treasure chest cake. Once Iain is home from school, we are going to frost and decorate it.

Here is the front of the flag: Don't forget, you will need to put http colon backslash backslash in front of this i58.photobucket.com/albums/g241/hilandveil/flag2.jpg That is the boys actual handprints, cut out of felt. It has their name on each hand.

Here is the back of the flag: Don't forget, you will need to put http colon backslash backslash in front of this i58.photobucket.com/albums/g241/hilandveil/flag1.jpg The entire flag was cut from felt and glued. The only sewing I did was sewing the velcro strip on to put it on the pole.

Once again, I am waiting on the repair guy. All the coolant leaked out of the heat pump so we have been running electric heat (EEK!). The guy was here Tuesday and ordered the part. Now, he has to come back and install it, which will take 2-3 hours. We are covered under home warranty, thank goodness. Edit: While I was uploading pictures, he showed up. Yay!


Caius Iulius - Nov 16, 2007 12:33 pm (#794 of 2988)


Sorry, the Phoenix DVD wasn't bought in the US. I understand from your post that it isn't released in the States soon. So sorry. :sad:.

I picked it up in some far corner of the Roman empire called "Germania Inferior" (Low Countries). I sent one of my armies to pick it up.

It is no use sending a copy to you, as because of some technical issue you can't play European DVD's and vice versa.

Speaking of Low Countries: Deathly Hallows will be published in Dutch tomorrow. Finally after four months!. It is called: Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood. For those of you who would like to see how it looks (and the other six books), see


(click on one of the seven books and look at the upper part of the web page: wait for a few moments and you will see something moving or making a sound if you click on it!)


azi - Nov 16, 2007 12:46 pm (#795 of 2988)

Beautiful covers! I love Hogwarts on the COS cover, but GOF and HBP would be my favourites overall. I must visit one day so I can buy one for my collection. I only buy the translations if I visit the country they're sold in. The beeping spider is amusing.

Nice flag, Denise! Good luck with the fixing!


painting sheila - Nov 16, 2007 1:03 pm (#796 of 2988)

Denise - Great flag!! The boys (their mothers) will love it I am sure.

Caius Iulius - Beautiful covers! It makes me want to have them!

Eponine and Bumblebore John - Do either of you know of anyone that would like a small dog for Christmas? A friend found a stray that a man was beating. He said it ran out in front of him and made him fall off his bike. My friend saved the poor thing but lives in an apartment and is looking for a good home. I have attached pictures. I am also willing to drive this little guy to someone even as far as Virginia if anyone is interested. Just put don't forget to add the neccesary letters and symbols to make this work -> share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0CbN27FmzbsXUw Such a sweet little face!


Good Evans - Nov 16, 2007 1:07 pm (#797 of 2988)

love the Dutch covers - really nice!

-5 C - I think Kathy, anyway it is below freezing point so it is cold cold cold!!!

I hope all British forumers have helped raise some money for Children in Need today, such a good cause.

thanks for the portable fire Kaykay, and glad you are feeling better!!

have a nice rest of day everyone

Julie x

edit : so sweet the story of saving the doggie sheila, if only I lived stateside, I would have him.... best of luck with the rehousing.


PeskyPixie - Nov 16, 2007 1:22 pm (#798 of 2988)

How can someone hurt a dog? I'm increasing my Christmas CSPCA donation as I'm unable to do anything for this little guy.

backyard update: A new grey squirrel has been spotted in the yard. He is so fat! I mean, he's got rolls of it(!), a full, bushy tail and a sweet disposition. I wonder what'll happen once he meets the nutty alpha male squirrel who believes that our yard is his?!


Denise P. - Nov 16, 2007 1:26 pm (#799 of 2988)

Careful Pixie, Madam Pince will break out her squirrel gravy recipe if we are not too careful. The squirrel that lives in our backyard wisely made himself scarce the day Madam Pince, Little Pince and Grandma Pince came to visit

Our heat pump is fixed! No more electric heat!

Sheila, contact rescue groups in your area. Most have waiting lists for small dogs and usually they can be easily placed. Looks like a Jack Russell mix perhaps. Cute lil thing.


PeskyPixie - Nov 16, 2007 1:45 pm (#800 of 2988)

... squirrel gravy recipe ... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 793915934

Are you serious? I didn't know people still eat squirrels!
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

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painting sheila - Nov 16, 2007 2:36 pm (#801 of 2988)

Good idea Denise!


Choices - Nov 16, 2007 3:21 pm (#802 of 2988)

Caius Iulius, thanks for the information. Enjoy your copy of OotP and I'll just have to be patient and wait until Dec. 11. :-)


journeymom - Nov 16, 2007 5:59 pm (#803 of 2988)

... squirrel gravy recipe ...  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 793915934

Are you serious? I didn't know people still eat squirrels! PeskyPixie[

Mwahahaha! You weren't around for the first conversation, I think. People still eat squirrels. My 1975 edition of Joy of Cooking has a whole chapter on Game, complete with diagrams showing how to skin a squirrel. There are recipes for possum, porcupine, raccoon, muskrat, woodchuck, beaver (and beaver tail), armadillo. And more!

My most recent edition of Joy does not include this very important information, more's the pity.


PeskyPixie - Nov 16, 2007 6:33 pm (#804 of 2988)

Eek! I think I just heard the nutty alpha male squirrel go running off with his tail between his legs!


Denise P. - Nov 16, 2007 7:30 pm (#805 of 2988)

I have a similar old edition of Joy of Cooking


HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 16, 2007 7:30 pm (#806 of 2988)

Prayers and healing charms to your aunt, Puck. (((Hugs))) to you.

I don't want to create a panic but I was in FYE today and they had talking Sorting Hats marked down from $29.99 to $2.99. Yes. Also, they had the fabric rollout banners marked down to $7.49 and DE masks and capes marked down to $3.99. They also had a HUGE Harry doll marked down from $50 to 29.99. I didn't buy the doll, but hey, I've got the others. Now I have to wait until Christmas to play with them.

Thank you for the fire extinguishers, John, but wouldn't some sort of drying charm work better, knowing my past and laptops? Actually, our scorched neighbors will thank you.

Thank you for the link, and welcome back, Winky Woo!

Loved the book covers, Caius. Did anyone click on the pic across the top? If you drag your mouse on the OotP page, it does something neat. I won't give it away.

Hugs to all! Warming charms and healing charms fired off (no pun intended, John) to all!



Chemyst - Nov 16, 2007 7:49 pm (#807 of 2988)

Are we talking about the same thing, Maria, or something different? If I press the spacebar first, I get a reaction from each book, not just OP. But the GF 'surprise' seems as if it would be better for PA.   And, LOL, what is up with the 5 seconds of Doris Day movie music? Happy pigeons?

Our heat pump is fixed! No more electric heat!
Do you mean no more electric resistance heat? Because what does your heat pump run on if not eckeltricity?

I guess I'm finding the posts unusually confusing tonight. Now, cooking squirrel, I understand.


Denise P. - Nov 16, 2007 7:57 pm (#808 of 2988)

Our main heat source in the house is a heat pump, it does run on electricity. When it is not running, we have to use the emergency electric heat source...which costs significantly more to run than our heat pump. That is what I meant by no more electric heat.


Chemyst - Nov 16, 2007 8:08 pm (#809 of 2988)

Oh, OK. I was wondering if you had some new–fangled dual fuel heat pump. I'm familiar with the standard ones that have resistance heating back-up that comes on automatically when the air temperatures are in the low 20°'s (-5C) or can be turned on manually for emergencies like yours. I never felt warm when we had a heat pump.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Nov 16, 2007 8:27 pm (#810 of 2988)

Christmas Countdown behind my avatar!---Denise P.

That's just sick.


Denise P. - Nov 16, 2007 8:38 pm (#811 of 2988)

I forgot to mention, at the Pack Meeting Bake Off...one of the other boys in my den brought a kitty litter cake. Many people refused to eat it, I tried it and it was pretty good. I do have to admit, by the time I got to the cake, all the....presents on the top had been taken so it was a lot less gross looking. Two of my Tigers won awards in the bake off. One for a decorated cake, one for a candy (I need the recipe, they were really good)


painting sheila - Nov 16, 2007 9:13 pm (#812 of 2988)

HHT - What is FYE? and how do I get there!?


Tazzygirl - Nov 16, 2007 10:34 pm (#813 of 2988) Reply
Edited by megfox* Nov 17, 2007 5:09 am

I've had an interesting last couple days.

Two nights ago, I was awakened at about 1 a.m. by a wrong-person phone call. The first time he called, I was letting my answering machine get it. The second time he called (two minutes later) I picked up the phone and told him that he "had a wrong number, and that it was almost 2 a.m. in the morning, I don't know who you are, and I'm hanging up now." He responded over and over again "Who is dis? Who is dis?" I hang up the phone. Not even two minutes pass again and he's calling me again. I pick up and hang up the phone. I do this TWO more times with him, and then finally I unplug my phone from the wall. (Can you tell I hate people calling me in the middle of the night?). After a couple minutes I plug it back in and turn off the ringer on my phone, as well as the answering machine. He hasn't called back since. Found out from my caller ID and the internet that he was calling from Washington State. As it was 3 a.m. for him, I wanna know WHY he had to call someone at that time.

Today- I took my vacation this weekend to study for my teachers test and catch up on homework. Did I get to do any homework today? Nope. I bought a new cell phone (blackberry pearl. w00t!!!), and in the process of getting the new phone I lost my key chain that had my house keys and car keys on it (good thing I had a spare car key in my purse). Have no idea what happened. I am really bummed- the keychain was from Tiffany and Co. It was a gift from my old boss who came out to visit a month or so ago, and had my initials on it. I am REALLY hoping some good person found them and sent them to Tiffany's, who will send them to me (I registered it with them.) I NEVER lose my keys! grrr.

Off to get some studying in for the test tomorrow! Wish me luck- 7:30 to 4:30, three HUGE tests tomorrow!

**sending various Charms** to those that need them!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Edit: I added a format tag so that everyone else's post weren't "Kristina green". megfox


journeymom - Nov 16, 2007 11:17 pm (#814 of 2988)

HUGE good luck wishes to Kristina!


Caius Iulius - Nov 17, 2007 3:43 am (#815 of 2988)

JKR gave an interview with a Dutch newspaper today because of the release of Deathly Hallows in the Dutch speaking parts of Europe today. I am going to try and translate it to you in another tread (sorry for any spelling mistakes - it will be quick as I am going into town to buy a copy ).

Choices, I hope this will give you something to do between now and the 11 of December?? (Why only on the 11?? DVD-selling trolls??).


Potteraholic - Nov 17, 2007 4:50 am (#816 of 2988) Reply
Edited by megfox* Nov 17, 2007 5:11 am

I posted a response to your question on the “Practice Area” thread about smileys (from Nov. 14th) here “Practice Area...” thread and the “How do you...” thread if you’re still interested in finding out how to get other ones besides those recognized by WX.

Also – for the Moderators/Hosts:

Oops! I think there's a "font bleeding" problem stemming from a bullet point near the bottom of Tazzygirl's post (#813). I noticed it earlier, posted a response, then didn't see it again when I pressed the MORE button, so deleted my original post so as not to bother anyone unnecessarily. But I see it again now. So I thought I'd say something. (I live in NYC and there's a big push about "If you see something, say something" on all the public transportation ads. I guess it's ingrained in me! ) Many apologies in advance in case I got it wrong, again.

 Edited to add:
Got it, thanks Potteraholic!  megfox


painting sheila - Nov 17, 2007 6:44 am (#817 of 2988)

Cauis - Which thread are you going to post on? I would love to read it when you get it done.

I took Littlest Guy to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium last night. Very cute. The Littlest Guy doesn't like that Mr. Magorium "departs". I laughed out loud and wanted to cry in others. I recommend it. .. counting mutant (snort)


Elanor - Nov 17, 2007 7:07 am (#818 of 2988)

Tis cold here, really cold! It was -8°C this morning (17°F) and though it is now sunny what is in the shade outside is still, and will remain, frozen. ***brr*** Time for comfort food!

Cheering Charms to Tazzy and everybody else needing some, Healing Charms too and hugs to all.

Have a great weekend!


PS: Thanks for the cute snow icons btw!


Potteraholic - Nov 17, 2007 7:32 am (#819 of 2988)


I wanted to send you snow icons before, and didn’t get a chance, so here are some more, in advance of the next snowfall!

 Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073     Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2488346073                                                            


megfox* - Nov 17, 2007 7:53 am (#820 of 2988)

I can't wait for it to snow! I figure, if it has to be so cold, it might as well be white and snowy - just so long as I don't have to drive in it!

I love all of the Christmas stories. I have gotten a ton of ideas from all of you. I am totally going to use the SWAPS on my Christmas tree! Every year, I give all of my teaching partners ornaments (not always Christmas, usually more of winter theme). I have some great ideas for different things that I can do from the SWAPS, too, instead of what I usually do, which is generally very time consuming. I buy plain, undecorated 3 inch figurines (snowmen, trains, etc) and painstakingly paint them. They always have tons of small details, so each one takes about 3 hours to complete.

Kristina, I hope you find your keys! Maybe you could ask Sheila's son?


Madam Pince - Nov 17, 2007 8:03 am (#821 of 2988)

A new grey squirrel has been spotted in the yard. He is so fat! I mean, he's got rolls of it(!)

Mmmmmmm... he'd cook up nicely. Suspect


Elanor - Nov 17, 2007 8:17 am (#822 of 2988)

Thanks Potteraholic! I love it!

**Snowy Charms to Megfox's area**

There are often squirrels (all of them are red here) that foolishly cross the road on my way to school, I'm sure I will think of the thread next time it happens. Last week, it is a pheasant that crossed the road, a beautiful bird, I had never seen one that big (Big and Beautiful but Brainless - the bird's 3Bs! ). Nothing like poultry in the middle of the road to truly wake one up when one's driving, I tell you!


Tazzygirl - Nov 17, 2007 9:18 am (#823 of 2988)

Sorry about the font bleeding everyone!

Sheila- does your son know where my keys are??

Off to take the teacher tests. See you all this evening.



Caius Iulius - Nov 17, 2007 9:23 am (#824 of 2988)

Painting Sheila,

I have the translation on an old thread but was asked to start a new one. It is called "Volkskrant Interview".

Please do not post there until I have finished translating, which might take a few days. I will post the interview in several parts, because I need to run the spelling check over it.


Choices - Nov 17, 2007 10:33 am (#825 of 2988)

Caius, December 11th is the date OotP comes out in the USA ..... at least according to Amazon.com. :-)


Marie E. - Nov 17, 2007 10:34 am (#826 of 2988)

Whew! I had over 150 posts to read, and I read them all!

I just now noticed that there is a new HP Lego castle for OotP. I want the Lego Umbridge very much.

We used to send presents to my cousin's son and my aunt and uncle (who he lives with) would send presents to my girls. Without any discussion we just sort of phased out the gifts. Cousin's son is now 12 and would still be getting gifts if he hadn't told my mom that he doesn't like HP. Just kidding. Sort of.

I like my brother's gift card idea. We see each other every two years or so and it's hard to know what to get each other. My girls love gift cards, too. I got my mom and Mr. E's mom subscriptions to magazines as part of their present this year.

I found out on Wednesday that Shayla has to see an orthodontist. I knew it was coming. She has her Uncle Mike's little mouth and her father's giant teeth. Not a good combination.

Have a lovely weekend.


B]Solitaire[/B] - Nov 17, 2007 11:00 am (#827 of 2988)

Tazzy, for about the first 4-5 years that I had my current phone number, I would get calls for some woman named Rachel. After about the third time it happened, I began to ask a few questions. It seems she'd had this number since this prefix was introduced in our area ... which must have been about 20-30 years. When Mom switched her cell carrier to my brother-in-law's account, she got about 10 calls a day for Stephanie. This went on for nearly a year. Hopefully, you can block the turkey who is calling you.

I've lost my keys once--somewhere between the mailbox around the corner and my car (a space of about 5 feet)--and I NEVER found them. I had the house and mailbox key on one of those detachable things, so that my car was still running. I still think they slipped into some inaccessible place in the old car and are probably there to this day. The bad part: I had to have the locks for 5 doors changed and new keys made. Boy, it was an expensive lesson. I hope you have better luck.

Puck, enjoy The Nutcracker! I used to love going to see my niece perform in it when she was small. She would have a hard time now ... I'm not sure the baby would like being bounced around (she's due November 29th). **interesting mental picture of her dancing now**

Okay, I have a pile of essays to grade. I think I'll take a hot shower to clear the fuzz from my brain and start working ... as soon as I have my coffee! Happy Saturday!



shepherdess - Nov 17, 2007 12:56 pm (#828 of 2988)

I tend to be a quiet person; usually because I take time to think about whether or not what I have to say is even worth sharing. Often, by the time I decide that it's worth it, the conversation has moved on to other topics, so I just don't say anything. So..even though the conversation here seems to have pretty much moved away from Christmas traditions, I'm going to share this anyway--just because it was good for my family.

When my kids were very young, we started a tradition of giving each child a new Christmas ornament each year. So each one began their own collection. Sometimes others in the child's life such as a teacher at school or church, or a scout leader, etc. would give them an ornament, and that was added to their collection. We also added any ornaments the child may have made themselves (again school/church/scouts).

Our Christmas tree was divided into sections (by imaginary lines), and each child got to arrange their ornaments in "their" section of the tree (fortunately, I only have three kids!). This was one of their favorite parts of Christmas--opening their own box of ornaments (which they hadn't seen in nearly a year!), reminiscing about what year each one was from, who they got it from, which ones were their favorites, etc., then decorating their section of the tree the way they wanted it.

It was great while they were growing up, but adulthood gave it another dimension. As they each moved out and prepared to decorate their own homes for Christmas, they already had a whole collection of ornaments to do that with. And as they did so, not only did each individual ornament bring back memories of times/people/places; but also the very act of taking out their old familiar ornaments and decorating the tree with them brought back memories of all those years of doing that at home. It helped make Christmas away from home become more like Christmas at home, as they took with them what was the most important part of the decorations to them.


megfox* - Nov 17, 2007 1:35 pm (#829 of 2988)

Shepherdess, that is a lovely tradition. My family does something similar, and as one of my favorite things about Christmas is the tree, it is probably something I will continue with Maddy and Noah.


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 17, 2007 4:52 pm (#830 of 2988)

Shepardess, I love that tradition, too. My husband's best friend since high school started it for our daughter when she was a baby. He frankly explained that as a bachelor, he really had no idea what little girls would like, so he decided to start her on her own collection of ornaments. She's 7 now, and she loves having her set of ornaments.

I have very strong feelings about Christmas trees. I like an eclectic collection of ornaments, each with a special meaning. I have ornaments that my parents used when I was a kid, and I even have one or two from my mother's childhood. (My parents stopped doing the tree some time ago, and they divvied up the ornaments among me and my siblings.) I have things my husband I made as kids, things my daughter has made, souveniers from various trips, and several I bought just because they struck my fancy. I have no plain colored balls, and very few expensive ornaments. There's no scheme or pattern, just a mishmash, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Denise P. - Nov 17, 2007 5:28 pm (#831 of 2988)

Shepherdess, we have the same tradition of giving a new ornament each year. They love looking at past ornaments, arranging them on the tree (and they are the only ornaments they can touch once it is on the tree) and look forward to a new ornament each year. Some of them are themes (Millicent gets a series that features a polar bear and penguin each year) and some are not.

Today I went to an all day Cub Scout Pow Wow, it was so much fun. My favorite class was called Den Meeting Lab. It showed everything that could possibly go WRONG with a den meeting and how to fix it. We got to take turns being the scouts in the den. I was "Willie" the youngest in the den so I played with my neckerchief constantly (Asst Den leader asked if I needed help, I said no and continued to play with it LOL), took off my shoes during the pledge and then fell down in a heap during the physical game, hurt. It was hysterically funny because we know all the kids in this lab, we just know them by different names.

We got Millicent a new bike for Christmas today. Mr. Denise has been watching Craigs List, he is looking for a specific bike. He has not found it yet but he found this bike. I had emailed and the woman said someone already was planning to look at it today. I explained I would be in her city and if the first person fell through, I was very interested. The first person never showed up so after I was done with Pow Wow, I went and got it. It is a purple girls 18 speed bike that had been ridden twice. She is going to be thrilled!

I also found out at Pow Wow that Scouts get free admission to Mount Vernon between now and February 22. This means, if we go, everyone except Mr. Denise can get in free. The two little ones are free with adult. I think he may get a military discount. In any event, we are planning to visit there after Christmas.


Tazzygirl - Nov 17, 2007 9:26 pm (#832 of 2988)

Thanks for the good luck, Journeymom! Just got back from the tests. I don't think I did so well. The last test I ran out of time on (picture Hermione feverishly trying to cram as many words into the last couple pages of her O.W.L... That would be me)- leaving one page completely blank () and only partially answering the three questions to one case scenario. 2 hours for 12 essay questions is not enough time!!! I'll get my results of the three tests in about a month.

I hung my Christmas lights up outside. Aunt gave me a box of lights (she's already starting to decorate their part of the house), and so I decided to hang them up to get them out of the way. I won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving though.

w00t! to Millicent's new bike! How exciting!

Soli- he luckily hasn't called back. I think I got the message through to him. :evilgrin:

No sign of my keys yet. I went and made a new copy of house keys- aunt and uncle had their own set of keys (thank goodness!), so I just went and got them remade. I have three extra car keys, so I'm okay there. Now I just need to get back my key ring, and I'll be set.

Back to the homework.



Good Evans - Nov 18, 2007 5:17 am (#833 of 2988)

lights up already Tazzy??? wow!!!!!!!! Actually I saw a house bedecked to the nines yesterday when I was out doggie walking!

sherpherdess, lovely tradition, we buy a new one every year but not for the boys, wish I had thought of that a few years ago!

accio Tazzy's keys !!!!

real brrrr weather in France!! keep warm Audrey, I think you have blown it this way as we are due to have the fluffy stuff this afternoon!

I meant to tell you about yesterday - would you believe that I "found" a jack russell terrier?

I passed a man - coming towards me brandishing a dogs lead - now this worried me a bit - lead but no dog, I had visions of stranglers!! (my imagination!!), so I stopped him to "suss him out". He said his JRT had been let off the lead, saw a bunny or a squirrel and was off like a shot. I said I would keep an eye out.

about 10 minutes later, I passed a lady with a cocker spaniel on a lead and a JRT running around off the lead. I asked if the jack was hers, she said no. I said, I had just seen its "dad" and would try to take it home as I didnt like the idea of it ending up on a road or worse. She said she was going home and promptly tromped off - sheesh!!

I enticed the jack with a bit of hot dog sausage scooped her up and looked at her tag, which mercifully had the address. So I tramped back through the fields - over a stile (one dog under arm, one on lead) and back to this chaps house. I duly returned dog and it took him several minutes to actually say thanks and even then it was more to get rid of me I think! double sheesh!! I just hope if ever I lost my dog, I would be half as lucky that someone would go to the trouble!!

hope everyone has a nice Sunday


painting sheila - Nov 18, 2007 6:44 am (#834 of 2988)

Good Evans you are an angel!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org and I thank you even if the rude dad didn't. He never should have let him off his lead! I mean, chase a bunny or a squirrel?! Isn't that what they're supposed to do!?

Sheperdess - What a wonderful tradition. We do something similar but I never thought about each having their own box of ornaments. That would help with the digging through all the others to find theirs first! Problem solved. Thanks!


Good Evans - Nov 18, 2007 7:26 am (#835 of 2988)

thanks She !!


Potteraholic - Nov 18, 2007 8:13 am (#836 of 2988)

Thanks for coming to this post from the FFF. (WARNING: No Five Words here, just a chatty post on the HPL Forum chat thread about the joys of Five Words! )

Glad I found my way to Five Words from the link on the Forum’s Potty Games thread (Thanks, Finn!). Just wanted to share how my newest HP Forum interest has wended its way into my reading/writing lessons. Five Words has really caught my students’ fancy and I thought you all might get a kick out of how your combined writing effort created this buzz. <--- excited 4th/5th graders

1st, played a version of Five Words with my 4th/ 5th graders this past week, using only one word. Funnily enough, this was an idea I got from the Spanish teacher before I started posting in the Five Words game this week. In One Word, the goal was to make the longest sentence possible that still made sense. A lively discussion re: grammar and punctuation took place, and kids used the children’s version of Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots, and Leaves to back up their reasoning!

Then I told my class about Five Words. They asked to see it, so later that same day I showed them the recent posts via the Smartboard in the Computer Lab. They all wanted to try it for themselves right then and there! (Nixed that idea because I wanted to keep my screen name secret from them, never mind the logistics of registering all of them on WX! )

So... am going to try a pencil-and-paper version of Five Words with the kids after Thanksgiving break. Not using a Harry Potter theme, alas. All kids haven’t read even 1 or 2 of the books and having a movie-only familiarity is not enough knowledge for me. Plan is to give each group of 4 kids a sheet with the same story starter on a Monday. One child gets it, adds 5 words, and passes the sheet on to the next child on Tuesday, and so on and so on. By Friday every child in a foursome will have had a turn and all the groups can read each other’s attempts at week’s end. Will carry on in the same way the following week, except I will give each group another’s Five Words sheet, not their own, to completely mix things up. Can’t wait to try it!

Thanks for indulging me fellow Five Worders, and any Forumers who did, too, for reading this post in its entirety. And now, as promised, back to your regularly scheduled Five Words thread, most recent post #1379.


PeskyPixie - Nov 18, 2007 8:35 am (#837 of 2988)

... having a movie-only familiarity is not enough knowledge for me.

Spoken like a true "Potteraholic"! (I'm just joking around; I agree with you completely on this one! ) Have fun with the kids.

The 103rd annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade is taking place today! It's either the oldest or the largest of its kind. I honestly can't remember which at the moment.

We're pretty busy 'decking the halls' right now as Thanksgiving is long past for us, and we want the decorating done before the Christmas rush begins.


Holly T. - Nov 18, 2007 11:42 am (#838 of 2988)

Our Cub Scout bake auction was last night. Draco's campfire cake turned out awesome but only went for $26. He was number 7 though and the cake prices went up as the evening went on. After an hour and a half if they had said all the rest of the cakes are $20 each, come and buy one so we can all go home I would have happily done so. They made $1000 though so I guess it went well.

I always get my kids an ornament every year and when they have their own homes they can take their ornaments with them. I started this when my daughter was a baby because when my husband and I started putting up our own tree when we first got married his mom gave us all of his old ornaments, ones he made in kindergarten, in Cub Scouts, etc. for our tree and my mom refused to give me any of mine. So when I had my daughter I started buying her at least one ornament a year related to something she likes. So she has a lot of Disney princess ornaments and a lot of ballet ones. Last year I got her a clarinet ornament but instead of hanging it on the tree daughter decided it was exactly the right size for her Kit American Girl doll so it wasn't used on the tree.

Daughter spent the weekend at Girl Scout camp. This is one the council puts on for Cadettes and Seniors and the best part is their leaders don't have to go. We just have to take them Friday night and pick them up Sunday morning. Four girls from my troop went. They have counselors there from the council office for adult supervision and they do activities and just hang out.

Potterholic, cool way to share the Five Words with your students.

I'm not putting up my Christmas decorations at home until after the Advent Festival. Not because I don't want to but because I have my hands full organizing the festival. In fact, I need to order more stuff for it now.


Finn BV - Nov 18, 2007 3:03 pm (#839 of 2988)

Potteraholic, I'm so glad you enjoy Five Words as much as you do, and what a cool way to bring it to the classroom! I also thank you for giving me an excuse to pop into the Chat Thread, as I have not even posted on this incarnation of it yet, and I hope to try and keep up with it regularly again, as it's been zillions of years since I did!

Tazzy, good to see you, we miss you on Five Words, and 10 minutes an essay is definitely unfair!

Good Evans, you've earned yourself some good karma! Great job keeping a look out for the JRT.

Holly, congrats to the bake sale -- that's a lot of money!

Okay, well, I've got to go finish some work, but it's good to be back on this thread!


Potteraholic - Nov 18, 2007 3:09 pm (#840 of 2988)

Aw shucks, Finn. It was my pleasure!

Good Evans - Nov 18, 2007 3:23 pm (#841 of 2988)

Gee Finn - nice to see you back on this thread! thanks!!

I'm "watching" the redskins/ cowboys game on the internet at the moment. gripping stuff, but as I jinxed last week I'm just reporting that I am watching the game (come on 'skins!!!).


Tazzygirl - Nov 18, 2007 3:56 pm (#842 of 2988)

**waves to Finn**

Potteraholic- I love your idea of bringing the Five Words game into your classroom! I haven't been able to keep up with that thread for a while now. As soon as this semester is over I can get back to posting and helping Finn track the stories.

I love all the Christmas tree stories. My parents have all of my ornaments (their tree won't look the same without them!), so I probably won't get them for my tree until I have my own family. I am going to get a small tree for my apartment this year, and see what I can find at the craft store to make it eclectic.

JulieGE- LOL! My lights are up, but I'm not turning them on until the end of this week.

I pulled my Turkey puppet out of storage in honor of Thanksgiving. He's so cute sitting there by my door.

Holly- I loved going to girl scout camp. Hope your daughter has a fun time! WTG on the cake sale for the boy scouts!

Back to the homework.



Chemyst - Nov 18, 2007 7:38 pm (#843 of 2988)

I thought this was too dull to mention, but with Tazzy's encouragement about how she is enjoying these stories, here goes:
   For my own kids, I make an ornament themed on some milestone they achieved during the year. My favorite is the one for staying at summer camp which has a miniature birch bark canoe. I will pass their ornaments along as soon as I 'm sure they will treasure them at least half as much as I do; which would still be a lot.

I had an aunt that did this for me and I've carried it on to my own nieces and nephews– Instead of making a fancy bow and using a name tag, I use the ribbon to tie a simple personalized & dated ornament on the gift. Some years I make them myself, more often I paint a pre-made one, but sometimes I find such a deal on a cute one straight from the store that I just add the name and year with a marking pen.
Hmm… after posting here, it occurred to me that I have no idea if those are being saved. Before she had kids, my one sister was pretty obsessive about having a perfectly coordinated tree. I'm pretty sure that has changed because (shocking to anyone who knew her before) she now has allowed her refrigerator door to become a gallery of gauche finger-paintings and spelling lists. I haven't seen her tree lately because she lives in another state and they always go to her in-laws at Christmas. But I suspect it is very kiddie nowadays.


geauxtigers - Nov 18, 2007 11:38 pm (#844 of 2988)

I'm "watching" the redskins/ cowboys game on the internet at the moment. gripping stuff, but as I jinxed last week I'm just reporting that I am watching the game (come on 'skins!!!).

Well if you "watched" it until the end, you're probably as happy as me right now I don't really cheer for the Skins, I just have to cheer against Dallas on principle! **ducks Dallas fans swatting** Seahawks won today, so I'm happy.

This week off couldn't have come soon enough. I needed the break! And yes someone in our neighborhood already has lights on. I think it should wait until at least Thanksgiving is over. Before just seems too soon to me, but I think that's a matter of opinion. Maybe I'm just not in the Christmas spirit yet because its still warm outside. It's supposed to cool down Thursday and stay cool for a good while, I think. Gotta love the weather here. Watch the news so you know if you need a snow suit or shorts.

I probably won't get them for my tree until I have my own family. Funny you mentioned this because I was talking today with my mom and she said I get ornaments off our tree when I get married. I got a mini tree a few years ago for my room and have steadily been collecting ornaments for it over the years. Its a good idea because now I have ornaments to take to college with me. So between me, Ginny, and my best friend who we're rooming with, we'll have the ornaments from our three trees.

Let's see what else was I going to say? Ah well, wrackspurt got me, I'll think of it later.

Hope everyone is well! Enjoy the holidays if you have the week off!


Good Evans - Nov 19, 2007 1:08 am (#845 of 2988)

boo, Jinxed them again!!! Tori and I will have to sulk in corner together! I have no beef with the Seahawks, so well done to them

the only vague consolation is that we actually gave them a run for their money, they are having a rather good season. I went ot bed after the third quarter as that was after 11pm here and as we are off to Heathrow today to start our trip to Brazil I needed to get some sleep!!

have a wonderful week everyone, I will be back some point on Saturday afternoon. Think of me on thursday and wishe me luck for my paper.

Julie x


Winky Woo - Nov 19, 2007 4:29 am (#846 of 2988)

***waves to Finn***

Oh Tazzy! I hope some kind person sends your keys to Tiffs. Is there a lost property at the Mall? It may be worth calling them again. I once lost my car keys in M&S and they were found a couple of days later under a clothes rack. They must have been kicked underneath, and as they cost £75 to replace I was very grateful.

Julie, I could never go home without my dogs! What was that idiot even thinking about? I have spent hours looking in the past...although one time Inca arrived home before me and a neighbour called me on my mobile Poor little thing. I hope your trip to Brazil goes well...I'm so jealous warm weather!

We never had any traditions with decorations in our house and they only went up the week before Christmas! We did keep them until 12th night so they were up for nearly 3 weeks. I normally put stuff up about 2 weeks before, I am a firm believer in keeping Christmas in December

Well done on the bake-sale Holly! $1000- wow that's a whole lot of cake!

Love Winky x


azi - Nov 19, 2007 5:22 am (#847 of 2988)

Have a great trip, Julie! I hope it's nice and warm!

More good luck finding your keys, Tazzy!

Horrible, cold and rainy here. There's snow down south though!


[BSnuffles[/B] - Nov 19, 2007 6:57 am (#848 of 2988)

Nice to see you around Finn

Hope you manage to find your keys Kristina *Accio keys*

Julie, hope you have a wonderful trip. I can't believe that guy wasn't more grateful on getting his doggy back. I'm hoping Poppy never disappears, but if she does, here's hoping she meets someone like yourself

Weather the same here too azi.

I love reading all the christmas traditions. We buy Olivia a new decoration to hang on the tree each year. She always seems to remember where she hangs them and they go in the same spot each year. I decorate her room and put lights up at her window on the first of December but will put the tree up around the 12th I think.

Olivia has her xmas nativity on the 14th December. She has 3 lines to remember. She is confident about saying them now, I just hope she doesn't get stage fright on the day!

*Healing charms, Bat Bogey Hexes and Felix Felicis* to all those in need.

Happy Monday everyone



Denise P. - Nov 19, 2007 7:18 am (#849 of 2988)

Eeek! Thanksgiving is on Thursday! I have a den meeting with about a billion things to do in it on Tuesday! The kids have a half day on Wednesday! How did this happen?? Where is my time turner??

The lady who is making my nativity set is almost done. She has all the animals done, the angel, Mary and Joseph. She just has to finish the baby and the 3 wise men. The are made out of wool and then stuffed with wool. The camel is about 4" high. They are turning out so nicely.

Off to run some errands and then prepare for grocery shopping with kids tomorrow. This will be the first time in nearly a year I have had to bring them along...I am not looking forward to it.


Chemyst - Nov 19, 2007 7:42 am (#850 of 2988)

*** is shocked that Denise deprives her children of experiencing the glories of grocery shopping ***
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Marie E. - Nov 19, 2007 8:18 am (#851 of 2988)

I never, never go grocery shopping with my kids and I only have two of them.

May I please put out a request for weather charms? There is a possibility of snow this Wednesday and we are to be driving across Kansas that day. We're spending Thanksgiving with She-Who-Has-Not-Read-The-Books. I'll be using the Imperious Curse to change her mind about baby names.

We've seen a few people with lights on their houses already. I understand putting them up while the weather's warm, but I don't think turning them on before Thanksgiving is necessary.


Loopy Lupin - Nov 19, 2007 8:41 am (#852 of 2988)

The kids have a half day on Wednesday! How did this happen??—Denise

It happened because stupid November decided to start on a stupid Thursday this year, so I too have had the feeling that Thanksgiving has crept up on me.

I've been shopping plenty of times before with nieces and nephews in tow. I'm usually buying stuff to cook out with instead of groceries though. I will say that I do avoid bringing the 4 year old because I always end up buying Spiderman crackers or some other thing that has Spiderman on it.

I'm working today and off until next Tuesday! Hooray for saving vacation for the Holidays. I've always done that and will be taking off from December 20th through the rest of the years as I do every year. I don't think I'd know how to work between Christmas and New Year's.

I'd ask everyone to send good luck charms to UVa this weekend. It is the big football showdown between UVa and Tech. One niece goes to Tech and we've been playfully talking smack all season. We also have a bet. If UVa loses, the next time I take her and the kids bowling, I will have to do so wearing a Tech hat and if she loses, same thing. I have a sneaky suspicion that my niece's idea of "hat" will be quite something to see.

Have a great Thanksgiving to all who have Thanksgiving.


HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 19, 2007 8:51 am (#853 of 2988)

Hi everyone! I've been reading but usually run out of time to post.

Trevor is home today with a stuffy, runny nose, so I had to cancel dentist appointment #2 (the right side). The left side went as dreadfully as I expected it to. He felt the shots, the clamps, everything. I felt so sorry for this little chubby-knuckled boy in this big chair with bright lights and strange people working on him. He is dreading the next trip back, which I hope won't be as painful for him.

We awoke to snow! Very pretty and sticking to the trees but not the streets. Half day for grammar students but not for Olivia. (She checked the schedule 3x but alas, earwax!)

Percy was watching Princess Diaries 2 last night and noticed that there is a maid named Priscilla, a maid named Olivia and in the end, a baby named Trevor. So there you have it-all three of mine in one movie that takes place in a country whose name sounds like a nuclear power plant. How peculiar.

Hubby started setting up our lights yesterday with the girls but they won't be lit until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Which is also when we go to cut our tree down.

Denise, that cub scout gathering sounds too funny. You are quite the handful, you are!

Marie, safety charms for your ride and Felix Felicis for your Imperius Curse to work its wonders.

Accio keys, Kristina! My friend just bought a Previa. It seems as though you merely have to have the keys with you for the car to start. It also costs $500 to replace. And here, I thought $75 was a lot of money to replace a car key with a remote opener/starter. I'm such a dinosaur.

Hang in there, Finn-your break is just around the corner!

We also buy an ornament for each kiddie each year and though they all go into a combined box, they seem to have no trouble recalling whose is whose. Someday, I'll have to sort them.

GE, you are a good neighbor, indeed! Such a shame the man didn't recognize you as such. to him. Have a safe trip to Brazil and enjoy!

Chemyst, making your own ornaments sounds lovely but far too ambitious for me. All of that and home schooling?? You'll never make it as a slacker mom.

Holly, that is an amazing bake sale! w00t to son for a cool campfire cake!

I missed the first and the second avatar changes (and I had a reminder on my computer but never made it back after church). Will there be another soon?

Sheila, FYE is a store that sells CDs and DVDs, (movies & music). They usually have some great little collectibles, etc. It is where I found the Kingdom Hearts figures and the stuffed Oogie Boogie doll last year. Around here, their locations are limited to strip malls and indoor malls. Happy hunting if you can make it there!

Have a great day and night, all!


EDIT: Aww, Uncle Loopy-you're such a good sport!


painting sheila - Nov 19, 2007 11:10 am (#854 of 2988)

Tazzy - Oldest Son said to look for your keys in the Cheerios Box. No lie he says. I would say look in a bag but hey! I'm the lady who couldn't find her glasses!

Oldest Son is home from school sick today. He has a sinus infection the doctor thinks. We have antibiotics and he should be feeling better soon. At least it isn't strep!

Not much else is happening here. It's cold and I sent Littlest Guy to school without a coat. I win the bad mom of the year award. Google said it was supposed to be 67 today. Jeez!!


kaykay1970 - Nov 19, 2007 11:18 am (#855 of 2988)

Healing charms to Trevor and Sheila's Oldest Son!

Have a fun and safe trip Julie!

Accio Tazzy's keys!

Weather charms to all that need them!

Hubby went deer hunting this weekend. On Saturday he only saw a turkey and a million squirrels. So he went back for awhile on Sunday and had an encounter with a very large bobcat! The cat pounced out of the woods a few yards from where he was sitting, looked him straight in the eye before running off! He said it was awesome! I would have freaked out myself! Anyway, I guess now he knows why he isn't seeing any deer in his favorite hunting spot!

My kids are out of school Wed-Fri. Eldest had all her classes cancelled for Wed. except Japanese, which is an early class. So she and roomy are heading home once she's done there. Little Guy is thrilled that sissy is coming home "day after tomario"! LOL


Puck - Nov 19, 2007 11:30 am (#856 of 2988)

**Snowy Charms to Megfox's area**  Ahhh, no! I live in that area, and I'm not ready for snow!!

Shepherdess, Love the ornament story. One of the favorites on our tree is one from Hubby's childhood. In fourth grade a girl who had a crush on him made it. It has "To Nutsy Jimmy, Love Erin" written on the back.

When I was an exchange student I started collecting ornaments from places I visited. I have them from various European cities, plus places my husband and I have visited since. Lovely memories as I unpack the boxes.

I haven't made it through all the posts yet, but I have to put Toddler to bed and get some work done. Hoping to sneak in a chapter or two of Pride and Prejudice as well. before the others arrive. Loving that Mr. Darcy!



journeymom - Nov 19, 2007 12:55 pm (#857 of 2988)

Ah, yes, Fitzwilliam Darcy, heart throb to Bluestockings everywhere.

The kids are out of school for a whole week! Actually, it sure was nice not having to get up and rush around this morning. But, of course, I woke up a good 45 minutes earlier than I normally would anyway.

Salmon spawning season has come to a close. The banks of the American River are littered with carcasses. I'm thinking today is a good day to take the dog down to the river. He'll be in heaven. Oooooh, wonderful smells! I just need to keep him from rolling in it.


Denise P. - Nov 19, 2007 1:29 pm (#858 of 2988)

Oh, I just got pictures of my completed handmade nativity set! Now I need to get a stable for it. If you want to take a link, add the standard http colon backslash backslash in front of this. I will be so glad when we can put links behind out avatar again. To give an idea on size, the camel and donkey are 4" tall, the sheep is just over 3"



Catherine - Nov 19, 2007 2:54 pm (#859 of 2988)

Your nativity set looks lovely, Denise!

Loopy, good luck. I'm all a-dither wondering about your niece's idea of a hat.

Our Parent Service Association at our school is awesome. They got enough substitute teachers that we could all attend a colleague's wife's funeral this afternoon. Very sad story--she was only 42, and had a year-old baby. I'm definitely remembering to count blessings.

That said, Thanksgiving has sneaked up on me, too. EEEK! Fortunately, I just have to pack up the family, bathe the puppies, and scoot up to Richmond. I'm looking forward to "little brother" joining us from New York City.

Hope everyone gets things together!

Denise, may the force be with you when you shop for groceries. **insert anguished smiley here**


megfox* - Nov 19, 2007 3:15 pm (#860 of 2988)

LOL, Puck, maybe we could do a shield charm around your area? I'm not looking for a nor'easter - how 'bout just a short Alberta clipper?

We have professional development workshops at school today and tomorrow (No kids! Yippee!) and then 3 days off from school. Andy and I are both going to work at the restaurant on Thanksgiving - me waiting tables and him washing dishes - so Maddy is going to Boston with my parents to my uncle's house. We had "Thanksgiving" at my mother-in-law's last night, and will have dinner with my parents on Friday when we pick Maddy up. Andy is very "Chandler" from Friends - he hates Thanksgiving because of all the shuffling he had to go through as a child, and doesn't like to play that game with Noah for more than one holiday. He saves all that frustration for Christmas .

Denise, one of my favorite "mom" things to do is go grocery shopping sans hubby and kid(s). I love not having to put back seventeen random things that have mysteriously fallen into the "car" part of the kids cart, and having to turn down every ridiculous little thing that Andy wants to eat. You would think someone trained in classical French cooking wouldn't want to eat Doritos, frozen dinners, and Oreos. You would think... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1242194059


John Bumbledore - Nov 19, 2007 3:58 pm (#861 of 2988)

Oh, how could I forget to mention the (cyber)sweaters I've crocheted for Gori and Tinny!
By the way, which of you was having trouble with the knit vs. purl stitches? You might visit www.knittinghelp.com for what look to be excellent (if wordy) demonstrations movies with both Continental(German/thread in left-hand) and English(American/thread in right-hand) versions.

I am teaching my youngest daughter to crochet and perhaps to knit as well if I can remember how to knit. After finding the web site I noted above, I think I can do it. Now I just need some patterns to follow.

Careful Pixie, Madam Pince will break out her squirrel gravy recipe. — Denise P . (She who didn't comment on her cyber-gifts )

Anyone in Pittsburgh area, look for the annual "Beast Feast" at the Pleasant Hills VFW post. I know the Chef, he has excellent skills with preparing all manner of wild game.

We awoke to snow! — (Maria) HH-eleven Funny it didn't melt with a family of dragons about!

Healing charms to Trevor and all others who are in need. I am jealous of your snow. Oh! I need to get new tires on my car before I make such comments!

I took vacation for Wed before and Monday following the holiday. Traveling to Georgia to visit with Wife's sister & family. They have a new house (their first) to show off. We plan Thur. morning and Sat. afternoon for travel so we have a day to prepare and another for recovery. When will I get to shop for Christmans gifts? I guess I need to find that Procrastinator's club enrollment form, maybe later.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


PeskyPixie - Nov 19, 2007 4:17 pm (#862 of 2988)

I'm learning how to knit this year as well - it's still looks like magic to me!


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 19, 2007 4:57 pm (#863 of 2988)

Catherine, I'm so sorry to hear of your colleague's wife. How sad for the child.


Tazzygirl - Nov 19, 2007 8:14 pm (#864 of 2988)

Had my "Solo Day 2" today! My mentor teacher sat in the back and let me run the show. I love it. Had a bit of a shaky start to the math lesson, but overall the kids understood and were happy. I'll have another "solo day" tomorrow- my mentor hurt her neck, and will be going to the doctor's in the morning and decided to take it easy the rest of the day. There will be a substitute, but she has instructions to let me do everything. Oh, I know we talked about this a long time ago, but my mentor brought up the idea that I should try to get my substitute license so I could get paid for the days she won't be there in the spring, and so she doesn't have to worry about finding a sub. Did some research, and you have to have a bachelors degree in something. Oh well.

Thanks for all the key charms! They haven't worked yet though- I'm going to call the mall again to see if anyone had turned them in yet. But I am thinking they are really gone. (LOL Sheila! I'd look in the Cheerios box, but I don't have any Cheerios in the house. Tell him thanks for the suggestion though!)

Catherine, sorry to hear about your colleague's wife! That's fantastic that you all were able to go to the funeral.

It's cold (76 degrees Fahrenheit ) and rainy here. Wish it would get colder though!

**healing charms** to Trevor!

I had more I wanted to say, but got interrupted by about an hour, so now I forgot what else I was going to put. Sign I guess to get back to the homework.



Finn BV - Nov 19, 2007 9:12 pm (#865 of 2988)

Percy was watching Princess Diaries 2 last night --HH11

That would be my cue (Madam P, where are you?). How was that lovely Julie Andrews movie? Speaking of Julie Andrews, she's narrating Enchanted, a Disney movie which comes out on Wednesday. It's about a 2D animated princess who falls through a time warp and ends up in New York City. I think I've got to go see it.

**waves back to Tazzy, Winky Woo, Snuffles**

We're so bad about Christmas decorations. We're pretty last minute on that stuff.

Julie, have a great time in Brazil!

Eek, we had snow this morning. It was weird. Didn't stick though. It would be nice to have a little snow, but the leaves have not really fallen off our trees yet so I don't want to ruin them like what happened in Buffalo, NY last year.

Catherine, condolences to your colleague's wife. How great the school is recognizing it in the hiring of substitutes.

Only one more day! Somehow I managed to land myself with only two and a quarter hours of classes tomorrow. It should be a good day.

Happy ROTD!


painting sheila - Nov 19, 2007 9:23 pm (#866 of 2988)

Holy Cow!!! Does anyone watch the Bachelor?!!!

Tazzy - Did you look in your bags? Maybe they are by the Cheerios in the store?


Tazzygirl - Nov 19, 2007 10:07 pm (#867 of 2988)

Oh! I remembered I wanted to wish Julie safe travels to Brazil!

LOL Sheila- I emptied my bags, tore apart my car (a little part of me thought maybe the person who found my keys unlocked my car and put the keys in the trunk or something. I know, far fetched. They had a chance to steal my car and they didn't. Not that I'm complaining or anything... ), and ran through all the stores I had been into that day. Nada. Wasn't even close to a box of Cheerios. Maybe you should just send Oldest son to me and he can find them for me.

For those of you who watch Amazing Race, who are you hoping to win? I don't really like any of them (no one amounts to The Hippies of several seasons ago!), but I'm thinking I want the guy with the dreadlocks and his girlfriend to win. All the others get on my nerves.



geauxtigers - Nov 19, 2007 11:04 pm (#868 of 2988)

Oh, how could I forget to mention the (cyber)sweaters I've crocheted for Gori and Tinny! By the way, which of you was having trouble with the knit vs. purl stitches?

Wow, John! You have a good memory! I'd actually forgotten I'd started knitting! LOL **digs around closet looking for half finished hat** Since school started, I don't think I've touched the thing! LOL So much for having it done by the time it got cold... Not that it's cold here, but it should be. Hey it only got to 82F/28C today! LOL I guess I should go re-teach myself how incorrectly purl so my hat stitching stays the same...

I got the coolest thing! A marshmallow gun! My mom found it at a craft fair and its so cool! It's made out of PBC pipes and and you drop a mini marshmallow in it and blow it out the other end! It's pretty sweet! LOL

My 2nd or is it 3rd? No it's second, I think, forum-versery is around the corner. I don't remember when I joined...I think it was just after Thanksgiving but before Christmas...I didn't post for a while though.

Oh well, I have to get up sorta early tomorrow, so I should go to bed! Hope you find your keys, Kristina!


Denise P. - Nov 20, 2007 3:52 am (#869 of 2988)

Tazzy, I want them to win as well since they are my team! Boy, what a big baby Lorena was on the show during this week. I can't believe her boyfriend excused her behavior by saying she was "passionate" about things. Dude, take a look. That just means high maintenance!


Accio Sirius - Nov 20, 2007 4:51 am (#870 of 2988)

Just popped in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We take off pre-dawn ala Quidditch World Cup for a 10-hour drive to Cincinnati with the dog!! Why oh why can't we have port keys!!

Mr. Sirius wants us to come home with our Christmas tree. His brother (does that make him Regulus?) sells them. Not sure I want to drive that far with the thing on top. Why purposely increase the level of difficulty?

John Bumbledore: I'm from Pittsburgh, but never heard of the "beast feast!" I'm not surprised though! How funny. Cheers everyone! See you on the other side!


Steve Newton - Nov 20, 2007 5:03 am (#871 of 2988)

The good and the bad in Delaware.

First, the good. The University of Delaware and Delaware State College will meet for the first time in football on Friday in the first round of the playoffs for those formerly known as Division 1-AA. On ESPN and everything. The UD has been to the playoffs often and even has a national championship. For DSU it is their first trip.

Now the bad. Our dog is not in a good way. Last summer the vet suspected fibrosarcoma. I don't know for sure that this is the problem but he has been only walking on 3 legs mostly lately and yesterday started using only 2. I couldn't believe he was doing it but he was. He stayed at the vet last night for xrays and while hopeful I am not confident of a good outcome.


jose043 - Nov 20, 2007 5:12 am (#872 of 2988)

Hi All

Healing, get well charms to all that need them.

Anne finally got her car today Tuesday at 2:00pm West Aussie time. She said thanks to all of you who sent Accio car charms to her. Anne is really pleased with her new car, she took her Grandmother for a drive.

For all those that are going away have a safe trip & enjoy.

Accio Tazzygirls car keys.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


painting sheila - Nov 20, 2007 7:43 am (#873 of 2988)

(((((((Steve))))))) I hope your dog feels better soon. How old is he? Give him hugs and a good scratch behind the ears from me.

Okay - last night on the bachelor - he didn't choose either one of them!! He sent them both home and no one got the rose at the end!! That has never happened before. AT least he didn't profess his undying love and then break up with after the show aired. The girls were both very upset. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Tazzy - Hmmm. I will gladly send Oldest Son out - but since he isn't an "adult" yet I will need to come with him. See you in a few . . . Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Solitaire - Nov 20, 2007 8:18 am (#874 of 2988)

The kids have a half day on Wednesday! How did this happen??

All I have to say is ... thank heavens it did happen! Our kids are so wound up already that it will be a pleasure to hand them off to their parents 3 hours early. It's probably worse in areas where it's been snowing. My teacher friends in colder climes tell me that the first snow of the season really seems to bring out ultra-squirrelliness in some kids. Heck, fog is bad enough. I don't think I could handle the snow mania.

Bon Voyage, Julie! Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Don't forget to pack the sunscreen!

Poor Tazzy! You will find your keys just as soon as you pay someone to change all your locks and make new keys. That's how it works, you know. Actually, you might call Tiffany's to see if anyone has returned them yet. **finding charms**

Puck, I recently reread P&P for about the one-hundredth time. I enjoy it more with each reading. Darcy and Elizabeth have lost none of their charm. Happy reading!

Catherine, condolences and prayers for your colleague and his family and friends. That is so hard.

Well, once again, I have not yet finished reading all posts. That's what I get for waking up late. Okay ... I'm off and running!! Happy Tuesday!



Steve Newton - Nov 20, 2007 8:20 am (#875 of 2988)

We got relatively good news about our dog. Fibrosarcoma does not seem to be the issue. The x-rays showed some disc problems in the lower back which would seem to be the cause of most of the leg problems. Also some knee problems which seem to occur in these dogs, Chihuahua/rat terrier mix (I'm not sure which of these usually has the knee problems.). So, back to the pain pills, steroids, and a muscle relaxant. I'm thinking that he is not going to be too active for a while.


painting sheila - Nov 20, 2007 8:32 am (#876 of 2988)

Great news Steve! It's a good time to be lazy and let Little Dog lay on your tummy while you watch all the games on tv this weekend.


Holly T. - Nov 20, 2007 8:44 am (#877 of 2988)

Have fun in Brazil Julie!

Catherine, condolences to your colleague and how nice that the school got subs for the teachers.

Steve, small dogs and some cats are prone to knee problems. Our cat (who later died of fibrosarcoma) had problems with her kneecaps slipping out of place periodically. Actually, when she got the tumor on her leg at first we thought she was limping from her old knee problem. Healing charms to your doggie!

Tazzy, once I found my keys in the refrigerator. I like the same team as you on the Amazing Race, pretty much for the same reasons--everyone else is annoying.

Austin has been named the fall allergy capital of America--the worst place to live if you have fall allergies. Duh. Husband and daughter have been sneezing and sniffling for several weeks and now it has hit me hard. I had a fever and chills last night and have been sneezing for three days. I hope I feel better in time to do the baking for Thanksgiving.


Tazzygirl - Nov 20, 2007 9:11 am (#878 of 2988)

Denise and Holly- I can't wait until Lorena and the boyfriend are off the show. She was a huge baby when it came to the last task. Almost made me want to reach through the tv and tell her to get a grip.

Sheila- let me know what flight you'll be on and I'll go pick you and Oldest Son up!

I wish I really could Accio my keys.

Steve- healing charms to your doggy! Hope he feels better soon!

w00t! on Anne finally getting her car!

**healing charms** to Holly and family, as well as anyone else who might need them!

Off to school.



journeymom - Nov 20, 2007 9:33 am (#879 of 2988)

Finn, I don't think I've ever looked behind your avatar before. Reepicheep is accurate. Very cute. Are you paddling towards the edge of the world?

I got the coolest thing! A marshmallow gun! ~Victoria

How clever! I could go for that.

Yay for Steve's pooch! Hope his pain can be eased. I send lot of cyber ((hugs)).

Holly, fever and chills with allergies? Isn't that more like a cold? Ah, well. I'm certainly not a doctor. Still, chicken soup couldn't hurt!


Holly T. - Nov 20, 2007 9:53 am (#880 of 2988)

My son would very much like a marshmallow gun. His sister would not.

Journeymom, you can run a low-grade fever with allergies. Mine was 100.3 last night. The way I understand it is your body is fighting the allergens like it would a germ and that can lead to a fever. Who knows? I had chicken soup last night.


The giant squid - Nov 20, 2007 10:27 am (#881 of 2988)

We're spending Thanksgiving with She-Who-Has-Not-Read-The-Books.--Marie E.

While you're there, remind her that she has a brother... I haven't heard a peep from her since the mass-mailing announcing her impending young'un. We'll be doing the Thanksgiving Dinner thing at the MIL's, but if either of you have my cell number (it's supposed to be for work, but I've made a few unauthorized long distance calls on it... ) I'll have that with me.

I think the real question about Tori's marshmallow gun is: How many marshmallows has Ginny been pelted with over the weekend? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

Steve, that's good to hear about your dog. A Chihuahua/rat terrier on pain pills & muscle relaxants? It may be the only one in history that won't be all twitchy and shivery.



Steve Newton - Nov 20, 2007 12:55 pm (#882 of 2988)

Probably. Being from the 60s myself I am a little jealous.


Potteraholic - Nov 20, 2007 2:41 pm (#883 of 2988)

To all US Forumers who are traveling to their Thanksgiving destination soon, have a safe journey and a wonderful family reunion!

To everyone celebrating Turkey Day who won't be able to check the HPL in the next few days, here's some holiday spirit in advance:


Healing charms to everyone not feeling well, including Steve's poor doggie.

To everyone who either has a half-day in school tomorrow (or the day off!), you are so lucky! Here in the NYC public school system, it's business as usual; a full day, no teacher workshops, no hour early dismissal, no nothing. Talk about uncivilized.

Hope everyone who's lost something finds it -- I've lost my wallet twice in the past year and twice it's been mailed back to me, intact, except for the cash. I didn't think that would happen once, let alone twice! I love that wallet, so there's hope yet, Tazzygirl.

Okay, time to get going. Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


PeskyPixie - Nov 20, 2007 3:53 pm (#884 of 2988)

Happy American Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Enjoy the long weekend.


Denise P. - Nov 20, 2007 5:51 pm (#885 of 2988)

I am whipped. I went grocery shopping with 2 kidlets, it took me twice as long as it normally does. I got everything unbagged and put away, did dinner and then had a Cub Scout meeting.

Dealing with 9 little six year olds is like trying to herd 9 nifflers looking for things in Umbridge's office. They want to go in a billion directions. We came out with some den rules today and introduced the Talking Stick.

I brought in 3 stuffed animals that they would choose which one would be our den mascot. I brought in a tiger wearing a shirt, a brown bear and a one eyed lion (eye is missing) (and I did not set out to bring a lion, tiger and bear...oh my!) They chose the one eyed lion. I need to make him an eye patch. Since he is one eyed and therefore, obviously a pirate lion, they named him Jack Sparrow. Jack went home with one of the boys and will come to all our activities from now on. I need to work with Jack so he can earn his Bobcat rank and his Tiger Totem like the rest of the boys.

Tomorrow: get turkey! Yes, I waited because I want a fresh one, not frozen. I need to boil eggs and make the pumpkin toffee cheesecake. Thank goodness nothing is going on tomorrow night that *I* need to do.


PeskyPixie - Nov 20, 2007 5:53 pm (#886 of 2988)

I had some time off today and since we've been having a spell of Springish weather, decided to put up the outdoor Christmas lights with my dad. Well, the lights are up and they look great, but I'm nursing a miserably cut and scratched up hand as the rose bush decided to go carnivorous on me. The bleeding has stopped, but I do need to put some dittany on it to prevent scarring.

***wanders off to raid Snape's potion ingredients cupboard***


Denise P. - Nov 20, 2007 5:59 pm (#887 of 2988)

Oh! Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is about to come on!!


megfox* - Nov 20, 2007 6:52 pm (#888 of 2988)

Evening everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that it snowed here today, so thanks for the charms! Did you get any, Puck? (And did you see Mike Lowell re-signed with the Sox? YAY!)

Victoria, we have a wooden marshmallow gun that looks like a crossbow. We got it at a Yankee swap. Noah loves it, Maddy loves it, Andy loves it. Me, the dog, and the cat - not so much. I have found fossilized mini-marshmallows in very odd places.

For everyone who is leaving soon for holidays - drive/fly safe and have fun! Eat some turkey for me!


Denise P. - Nov 20, 2007 7:04 pm (#889 of 2988)

We made marshmallow guns out of pvc pipes and gave them to the kids for Christmas one year. They are really easy to make.


journeymom - Nov 20, 2007 7:23 pm (#890 of 2988)

Denise, thanks for the Charlie Brown reminder. Now I've got it TiVo'd.

Is that the Xtreme! AirPower' (blow through a tube) marshmallow shooter? I Googled how-to instructions and found directions for both, with and without air power.


John Bumbledore - Nov 20, 2007 8:53 pm (#891 of 2988)

One last post before I go... found a very helpful knitting web site ( www.knittinghelp.com ) where there are instructional videos as well as written instructions. Today I found they also have a forum, like I'm going to have time to post over there when I am here any time I have a free minute or two.

Wanted to share my wish before I left, may everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving or at least a happy harvest themed week.

Tazzy, any gold colored metal on your keys? Would a pack (or den) of nifflers help? I hear Denise P. may have a few energetic ones around.

Healing charms to Steve's dog and all members who need such. Luck potion has been sent to those that expressed misfortune. Travel charms to those taking brooms, floo, or apperating.

Don't eat too much turkey! (I hear it contains a sleeping draught).

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


geauxtigers - Nov 20, 2007 11:45 pm (#892 of 2988)

I think the real question about Tori's marshmallow gun is: How many marshmallows has Ginny been pelted with over the weekend?

Need I say more?! LOL We actually went outside with them because the dog is terrified of it because I shot one at my mom and the dog was sitting there, so of course she nearly wet herself. And we don't want fossilized marshmallows in the house either! LOL

We are going to make one for all of our cousins for Christmas, it's and easy way to stick with the 5 dollar cousin budget! LOL and we can have a war Christmas day as usual. This time it'll be marshmallow instead of whatever else we used to get our hands on. (all my cousins are younger than me, so this is a family tradition. The girls WILL win this one!) LOL


Solitaire - Nov 21, 2007 8:06 am (#893 of 2988)

I've heard of The Chocolate War ... I will be watching for news of The Marshmallow War. Hopefully, it won't be as violent.

Well, just 5.5 more hours until Thanksgiving vacation officially starts! Yippeeeeee!!



Holly T. - Nov 21, 2007 9:00 am (#894 of 2988)

I am feeling better today--must be the healing charms!--my boss has the same thing and she told me to go home. I told her it was quieter here, LOL, so I'll stay until the meds wear off.

Husband and kids are off today and are at home. Son is supposed to be making cornbread for the dressing and the pecan pie. I will make the dressing and the sweet potato pie when I get home.

For those of you with snow--high temps here today are in the 80s (have been so all week). Tomorrow's high: 50s, which we will think is cold.


Loopy Lupin - Nov 21, 2007 2:28 pm (#895 of 2988)

Well, I have the pasta salad, the macaroni salad, and the cranberry sauce made. All are chilling in the fridge for now. Now it's time to make the brine to soak the turkey in overnight. I'm trying out a new recipe. I'll let you know how it goes. Of course, if I poison anyone, I'll not likely mention that part.


Tazzygirl - Nov 21, 2007 5:15 pm (#896 of 2988)

Just a quick stop in to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Forumers celebrating!

I am going to be making a pumpkin cheesecake when I get home from work tonight. I am going to a friend's house tomorrow, and they said for me to bring a dessert. I've never made a cheesecake before. Hopefully it turns out okay!

LOL, Loopy. If you don't post for a long time, we'll know what happened.

Still no sign of the keys.



azi - Nov 21, 2007 5:38 pm (#897 of 2988)

Mmm, cheesecake. There's some downstairs, but it's too late to have any now (well after midnight).

I just finished a piece of work a week and a half early! What on earth is going on? I have 5 pieces of work in that week, so I thought I'd better get on with something! Don't worry, I'm behind on everything else, including my dissertation.

Hope all US forumers have a nice Thanksgiving!



Betty Boop - Nov 21, 2007 5:47 pm (#898 of 2988)

Hi Everyone!!

I want to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!!

Healing charms to whom may need them.

hugs always



Catherine - Nov 21, 2007 6:09 pm (#899 of 2988)

Of course, if I poison anyone, I'll not likely mention that part. --Loopy Lupin

Indeed, Loopy. Indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Choices - Nov 21, 2007 6:26 pm (#900 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. To all who don't, take a moment tomorrow to think of all the things for which you are thankful. I'm thankful for lots of things, and one of them is this forum where we Harry Potter fanatics can gather to discuss and share all sorts of wonderful HP related things. Long may our forum flourish! Everyone have a great day tomorrow. :-)
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Vox Gerbilis - Nov 21, 2007 7:53 pm (#901 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I'm glad to know that other Forumers are Pride and Prejudice fans. I decided to re-read it last July to pass the time waiting for a certain other book to come out. I finished it around July 17th, when there seemed little reason to start a new book. So, I just went right back to page 1 for another re-read! I've never considered an Austen re-read a waste of time; never find myself thinking I should read something new instead. I'm currently enjoying a re-read of Sense and Sensibility. (I am able to disassociate Snape from Col. Brandon when I read it, but that's much harder when I watch the movie.)


PeskyPixie - Nov 21, 2007 8:51 pm (#902 of 2988)

Once again, Happy American Thanksgiving! (Must keep things short and to-the-point as I'm typing with only one hand ... very frustrating! )


geauxtigers - Nov 21, 2007 9:43 pm (#903 of 2988)

Mmm, cheesecake. There's some downstairs, but it's too late to have any now (well after midnight).

Seriously? That's the best time to eat cheesecake! LOL It's also the best time for sweet potato pie... or ice cream.. **heads to kitchen**

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! we had it not last Sunday but the one before because some family memebers are out town this week, so alas, earwax, I'll have to wait until Christmas before I get my cousin's sweet potato pie again...

**Wonders if she missed something** Why can you only use one hand, Pesky?

Well kitty is licking my hands and keyboard and sitting across my arms, so I'm off to read some DH and pay her some attention!


Solitaire - Nov 21, 2007 10:03 pm (#904 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



Elanor - Nov 21, 2007 10:49 pm (#905 of 2988)

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I wish all of you who celebrate a happy and yummy day.

Healing and Cheering Charms to all needing some and "Impervius Charms" to the European forumers (after the cold, we now have lots of rain and wind ).



Potteraholic - Nov 22, 2007 3:58 am (#906 of 2988)

To all US Forumers,


Choices, in post #900:    Well said! .


Snuffles - Nov 22, 2007 5:04 am (#907 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. May you all have a peaceful day crammed with lots of food

**healing charms** to Steve's dog. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Kristina, have you asked Nathanial if he has seen your keys? I only ask because my brother once lost his car keys for over a week, then someone happened to ask my niece if she had seen them and she went to the bottom of the garden and dug them back up

I am having a major crisis! The most uncreative person in the world (That's me by the way!) has to make Olivia a pig costume for the nativity play (who knew that a pig was at the birth of Jesus!!!) I am altering her pink all in one suit to cover up the picture of Minnie Mouse, but I have to make her some ears, a nose and curly tail! I am thinking of pipe cleaners and pink felt for the ears and tail, and part of an egg carton for the nose! I hope she isn't the most unpiggy like pig in the play! Why couldn't she be a sheep. I've seen plenty of costumes for a sheep! (I know it's cheating but I am really hopeless!!)

Anyone want to pop over on a plane and help me???

Have a good Thursday everyone



TwinklingBlueEyes - Nov 22, 2007 5:29 am (#908 of 2988)



HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 22, 2007 5:51 am (#909 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Healing charms and prayers for those who need them.



Solitaire - Nov 22, 2007 6:13 am (#910 of 2988)

Snuffles, if you go to www.thejunglestore.com/ and type in "pig mask," you will see several inexpensive masks and one snout. I Googled pig+mask+kids, and most of the results were kind of sinister-looking. The Jungle Store, however, has some that look more appropriate for kids. Good luck!



Chemyst - Nov 22, 2007 7:06 am (#911 of 2988)

Ooo, Snuffles. Pig = pork products. I don't think your Nativity play is following canon, but I would love to jump on a plane and help you with the costume. I even own a little rubber pig snout that you can borrow. Just send me the ticket and conjure me up a passport. Actually, using an egg carton sound very creative! You could use the carton as a base/armature and add a bit of shape. Have you ever done any paper mache? Do a search; paper mache is really easy, just not fast. You have to allow an overnight to dry.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I'll risk suggesting a link and hope that even though the United Nations is very political, perhaps the hosts will rationalize and think this sounds like one JKR might like: http://www.freerice.com/index.php   It is a game where you can test your English vocabulary and for every round you play, ten grains of rice are donated to the UN world food program.


Steve Newton - Nov 22, 2007 7:17 am (#912 of 2988)

Have a good one everybody.


Soul Search - Nov 22, 2007 8:08 am (#913 of 2988)

After reading about all the frantic cooking going on I feel pretty good about my Thanksgiving. All I have had to do is a little house cleaning. (It needed it anyway.) The kids are bringing EVERYTHING, including grandkids for entertainment!

Enjoy your day, I will.


Denise P. - Nov 22, 2007 8:36 am (#914 of 2988)

No frantic cooking here. We eat at our normal dinner time so there is not a lot to do at the moment. I am a firm believer in delegating things so my 13 yr old makes the deviled eggs for me. I am about to go make a pumpkin toffee cheesecake and get the stuffing ready and then pretty well everything is done until the turkey goes on the grill. About an hour before the turkey is done is when the final stages of prep begin and then it will be a bit busy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, if you watch the National Dog Show, the Springer winner belongs to a lady near here, it is a young dog named Missy. What is not shown is that Maurisa drove from VA to PA to handle Missy when the handler fell ill. Her shoes are crammed with newspaper because they were not hers! Hee hee


The giant squid - Nov 22, 2007 8:52 am (#915 of 2988)

Of course, if I poison anyone, I'll not likely mention that part.--Loopy Lupin[

On the contrary, sir...we need to know what not to do the next time!

Thanksgiving hugs to Boop & everyone else celebrating today.



PeskyPixie - Nov 22, 2007 9:11 am (#916 of 2988)

Geauxtigers, I mentioned a couple of days ago that while I was helping dad put up the outdoor Christmas lights a rosebush decided to chew up my right hand (I happen to be right-handed ). I can't really put much pressure on it without the urge to scream in agony and am therefore unable to take much part in forum discussions as typing with one hand is just too time-consuming and frustrating!

For the third time, HAPPY AMERICAN THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the day.

(It snowed here last night, so, combined with our decked house, it's pretty much Christmas here. Wish you all could join us!)


DJ Evans - Nov 22, 2007 10:01 am (#917 of 2988)

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today. May you all have loads of great food, friends/family all around, safe travels, good weather & good health.

We eat our Thanksgiving at noon & then we just snack at supper...being that most times we are all still a bit stuffed from lunch. lol I just put the dressing in the oven, once that is cooked I'm done. I was only responsible for the dressing & 2 pies this year. My brother was in charge of deep frying 3 turkey breast....I really can't wait to dig into those. Hmmm, yummy!

Oh & before I go, here's a FYI: Just 33 more days till the release of National Treasure: Book of Secrets!!!

Later, Deb


Choices - Nov 22, 2007 10:05 am (#918 of 2988)

Healing charms to Pesky's hand. That does sound very painful - take care.


Denise P. - Nov 22, 2007 10:16 am (#919 of 2988)

Cheesecake is done and cooling in the fridge, turkey is stuffed and ready to go out on the grill, eggs are boiled and ready to be deviled...things are going smoothly.

Oh, I also got the ribbons attached on the first floor shutters, on the garage carriage lights and the mailbox!


Winky Woo - Nov 22, 2007 12:19 pm (#920 of 2988)

I just popped on to wish all our Forumers who are celebrating

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G!

Enjoy all that turkey!

Love Winky x x x


Loopy Lupin - Nov 22, 2007 1:12 pm (#921 of 2988)

Well, my turkey didn't poison anyone, at least no symptoms have appeared as of yet.

I've not had grilled or deep fried turkey so I don't know about those methods, but I'd have to say that brining the turkey overnight is the way to go. I just grabbed another bit of turkey that's been sitting out and it's still pretty juicy. I also used a probe thermometer for the first time. Everything went pretty well, but I have to learn to gauge the "thickest part of the breast" better. It was about a 1/2 hour past the outside cooking time in my recipe and the breast was still 5-7 degrees away from the target. Finally, I pulled the bird and stuck the thermo into another part of the breast and the temp shot up to exactly where it was supposed to be. Had I not decided to fudge the last 5 degrees I might've had a dry bird. Well, live & learn.


Potteraholic - Nov 22, 2007 8:02 pm (#922 of 2988)

Knitting's been mentioned by some in recent posts, so I thought folks might like to peek at a book called 'Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter’ by Alison Hansel.

Here’s the amazon.com address: **substitute a : for (colon)** --> http(colon)//www.amazon.com/Charmed-Knits-Projects-Harry-Potter/dp/0470067314/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1195785728&sr=8-1


Caius Iulius - Nov 22, 2007 8:05 pm (#923 of 2988)

Vox Gerbilis,

I like Pride and Prejudice too, though Persuasion is my favourite.


Potteraholic - Nov 23, 2007 1:01 am (#924 of 2988)

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your day/night/weekend.

Have you read all your regular threads and are in the mood to try a new one? I have the perfect one for you to delve into: the Five Words thread on the Fan Fiction Forum. “Fan Fiction not my cup of tea”, you say? That’s what I said until last week, when I tried out Five Words for the very first time. Now I’m hooked; can’t you tell? .

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a lot of writing. There are no long and complicated stories to write on your own or deadlines to meet. Just five words here and there, give or take the odd one or two, to write an entertaining story with a bunch of interesting folks . It’s a great deal of fun and, the more, the merrier! Go on, have a look. Just remember, be bold and you’ll do just fine.


Denise P. - Nov 23, 2007 4:19 am (#925 of 2988)

Is everyone out shopping on Black Friday? I got up at 4:40 am, was in the store at 5 am, out by 5:30 am and now, at a bit past 6 am, I am going back to bed. Mission accomplished, I got everything I needed to get. Woo hoo!


HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 23, 2007 6:43 am (#926 of 2988)

Okay Denise, you need to change your avatar now.


Potteraholic - Nov 23, 2007 7:46 am (#927 of 2988)

Just remembered how to do screen capture on my Mac. Yippee!

Here’s a picture of the knitting book I mentioned in my earlier post:


Loopy Lupin - Nov 23, 2007 8:31 am (#928 of 2988)

LOL. Well, good for you Denise. It is now 10:27 a.m. and I've just gotten out of bed. Soon, I'll be off to Walmart. My only mission is to find a simple cd player for my Grandmother. She has mentioned that she wishes she had something to play her old records on and, yes, she's talking about vinyl records . Since I don't think they're churning out record players much these days, she's going have to come on in to the 20th century. Next year, I'll work on getting her into the 21st century, but I doubt she'll bother to learn how to work an Ipod.


PeskyPixie - Nov 23, 2007 8:47 am (#929 of 2988)

LOL I was born near the end of the twentieth century and still have no desire to learn how to work an Ipod! I do have a record player to listen to my parents’ old records on.


Puck - Nov 23, 2007 9:23 am (#930 of 2988)

I believe I saw record players at Linens and things last week.

We have marshmallow guns Mr. Puck's grandfather made for the kids.

Just a dusting of snow arrived here, and it didn't stick. Gone by the end of the day.

Went to Mom's for Thanksgiving. I was in charge of desserts. I baked 3 pies and made a pan of fudge.

Finished Pride and Prejudice, and upon returning it to the library I will pick up Sense ans sensibility> I have never read Jane Austin before, but certainly enjoyed it.

Toddler wants me to read a classic Strawberry Shortcake, so time to go.



Choices - Nov 23, 2007 10:39 am (#931 of 2988)

Puck, if you haven't already, check out Emma Thompson's movie version of Sense and Sensibility. Alan Rickman is absolutely delectable as Col. Brandon. :-) It has lots of HP movie actors in it.


Puck - Nov 23, 2007 12:43 pm (#932 of 2988)

Thanks, Choices! I'll do that once I finish the books. I don't mind knowing the end of a movie, but there's no way I'll ruin a good book by seeing the movie first.


Solitaire - Nov 23, 2007 1:03 pm (#933 of 2988)

Sense & Sensibility, like all of the Jane Austen novels (except, perhaps, Northanger Abbey, and I guess it is okay), is on my all-time favorites book list and one I've read multiple times. I did not like the movie, for the most part. Alan Rickman is the only thing that made it watchable for me; he nailed Col. Brandon. Other than that, too many critical (IMO) characters were simply eliminated, and far too many liberties were taken with plot points. Turning the Dashwood sisters into spinsters (they are 16 and 19 in the book) really bugged me. I thought most of the actors were (or looked) too old for the characters they played. Actually, I think Jane Austen novels are more suited to miniseries, because minis provide more time for developing plots and characters.

Caius Iulius, I love Persuasion, too, as well as Emma, and Mansfield Park. I've read all of the novels multiple times and own all of the movies and minis that have been made of the Austen books. I would dearly like to see some new minis made that are of the caliber of the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle P&P. JM2K, of course ...

Well, is everyone full of turkey and pumpkin pie? I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was enjoyable. For those who have Friday off ... enjoy the rest of your day!



journeymom - Nov 23, 2007 1:15 pm (#934 of 2988)

Black Friday: No thanks! The local news last night had a ticker tape across the bottom of the screen showing what time all the stores were opening today. Most opened at 6:00, some at 5:00. We got out of bed at 9:30. The only store I've visited so far is Trader Joe's, to pick up some milk.

Thanksgiving dinner was lovely. The drive to my sister's house in San Francisco was hellish. I'm disappointed with my apple pie, though. Very tasty (I added a handful of dried cherries), but the crust was crumbly. I usually do all butter. I thought I was giving myself some texture insurance by using half shortening this time, but I think it made it worse. I still haven't mastered a good pie crust.


Puck - Nov 23, 2007 2:47 pm (#935 of 2988)

Journeymom, add a splash of lemon juice to your dough. Makes the crust nice and flaky. I also brush with milk and dust with sugar before baking. (Will remember that handful of dried cherries!)

So, we went to a little local shop to see Santa. Bought some American Girl clothes that the owner makes for my nieces. Plus, the Department 56 pieces were on sale. I was told 20% off, but as we were buying Halloween pieces, those were 50% off! wOOt! What a sweet deal.

I haven't done much else. I slept funny, and my neck is sore, so I'm mostly sitting with my heating pad. I was supposed to be "clean the house day", so we could pull the decorations out tomorrow. Alas, earwax.



Choices - Nov 23, 2007 3:57 pm (#936 of 2988)

I have yet to see anything I want badly enough to get out of bed at 5 or 6 AM to go get. I'd rather go later and pay full price. LOL

I hope everyone had a wonderful, and very thankful, day yesterday. Enjoy the weekend. :-)


Potteraholic - Nov 23, 2007 4:16 pm (#937 of 2988)

Am having a lovely time relaxing at my parents' house; no Black Friday for me at all. I'm not a shopper at all and thank goodness for the internet! Heading back home to Brooklyn tomorrow to catch up on some chores and work before school on Monday.

One thing about being here at mom and dad's, I've had to adjust to the indoor temperature. It would be a gross understatement to say that my parents are loathe to raise the thermostat. I don't have to pay for heat, since I rent, and my apartment is always nice and toasty. When I made the request to raise the thermostat a few degrees, I was told by my mom, "That's what sweaters and thick socks are for". Aw, bless; she means well. So, am sitting here now, much warmer, thanks to some items I raided from dad's closet.

Have a great ROTD/N everyone.


Solitaire - Nov 23, 2007 6:59 pm (#938 of 2988)

Potteraholic, perhaps your mom was one of my former roommates. I used to come home in winter and find one of my roommates barefoot, wearing a sleeveless tank and little Dolphin short-shorts ... with the heat on 80. After the first outrageous electric bill, I told her to put on some slippers, sweats, and a sweater and turn down the heat to 68-70, or she could start paying 50% of the bill, and the other roommate and I would each pay 25%. It was completely ridiculous to keep the heat so high, just so she could dress like it was summer! I guess I have to side with Mom ... not that you care. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2752390508

I find that if I wear slippers, sweats and a sweatshirt, I stay warm when I am up and moving around. When I sit down to read, chat, or watch TV--if I get cold--I can cover up with my little down throw, and I stay quite toasty. Actually, when I go to Mom's house, I usually have to shed clothing, as it is always hot there.




Vox Gerbilis - Nov 23, 2007 9:00 pm (#939 of 2988)

Caius, Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel, also. I don't have a least favorite. Puck, enjoy Sense and Sensibility! It's got some of the funniest Austen lines (Elinor confessed that she never felt any abhorrence for tame and quiet children.)

Solitaire, did you know that BBC will be airing a new miniseries version of Sense and Sensibility either December or January? It will be on Masterpiece Theatre in the winter, as part of their Jane Austen season. They also will show three made-for-tv-movies of Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park that were aired on ITV last spring. I agree, miniseries is the best treatment for all but the shortest of novels. Wouldn't it be cool if someone would do BBC type 10-hour miniseries of each of the HP novels?

I poked around the Internet this morning, and realized that I can do most of my Christmas shopping online. I also learned that my daughter's school sells "scrip" for Amazon.com, meaning that I can buy an Amazon gift card from the school, use it to do my Christmas shopping, and the school gets a small percentage of the money back.

I saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium this evening. I really liked it. I was afraid it was going to be another isn't-it-horrible-that-kids-have-to-grow-up-and-act-serious flick, but it wasn't. The message actually was about growing up and developing one's potential for adult life. (I must admit, I'm a sucker for movies about toys that come to life. Sensible and rational person that I am, I'm not fully convinced that my daughter's dolls don't have a consciousness of their own.)


Denise P. - Nov 23, 2007 9:09 pm (#940 of 2988)

I must be the only person on the face of the earth to *not* like Pride and Prejudice I have tried so many times to read it that it is not funny. I have tried the Cliff Notes along with it with no better luck. I have 2 copies of it, both mock me on a regular basis for failing to read them.

I was just informed that the pumpkin toffee cheesecake I made yesterday is gone. I find that amazing since I had 3 kids tell me they didn't want any....yet somehow a piece found its way into their mouths.

Christmas lights going up on the house tomorrow!


dizzy lizzy - Nov 23, 2007 9:44 pm (#941 of 2988)

Denise: I'll join you in the dislike for Pride and Predjudice. Have never managed to read it in its entirety. I read chunks of it for my last year at school, just enough to get me by on the exams.

Well I had a nice time away, but spent the first 4 days back sick as anything. I still haven't completely recovered so I am still taking it easy.



Loopy Lupin - Nov 23, 2007 11:09 pm (#942 of 2988)

I have tried the Cliff Notes along with it with no better luck. I have 2 copies of it, both mock me on a regular basis for failing to read them.—Denise

Don't feel bad. It is truly shocking what a certain English major you know never got around to reading and used Cliffs Notes as a substitute for in college. Hung out with an old friend from high school tonight and we saw documentary double feature on DVD: Sicko and Jesus Camp . The very act of explaining either of these (or even the mere mention of the director of the former) would probably run afoul of Forum guidelines, so I'll just give my hearty recommendation to the latter and a weak "eh" to the other.

Squid Mike (and anyone else)-- How do you feel about this Oscar season thus far? I've not been able to see everything that I've wanted to and I'm missing stuff before I get a chance. "Into the Wild" was pretty good except that I'm getting old so I had little sympathy for the protagonist and pretty much thought he was a "punk kid." I'm going to see "No Country for Old Men" as soon as I get back to DC unless "Before The Devil Knows Your Dead" is still playing at the artsy theater. "Rendition" has come and gone, I think, before I could go see it. And, I wasn't impressed by "Michael Clayton." "American Gangster" can wait for DVD I think.

Well, Lulu (a basset hound) is crying so I think I have to go pet her before bed, so I'm off.


journeymom - Nov 23, 2007 11:25 pm (#943 of 2988)

Solitaire, did you know that BBC will be airing a new miniseries version of Sense and Sensibility either December or January? It will be on Masterpiece Theatre in the winter, as part of their Jane Austen season. They also will show three made-for-tv-movies of Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park that were aired on ITV last spring. I agree, miniseries is the best treatment for all but the shortest of novels. Wouldn't it be cool if someone would do BBC type 10-hour miniseries of each of the HP novels?

There's a Jane Austen season?? Is that like hunting season? Bring on the Jane miniseries! And yes, I'm looking forward to the BBC adaption of all seven of the HP books. It'll go on for years.

Denise, your pumpkin toffee cheesecake wouldn't last more than a day in this home.

Swift recovery charms to DizzyLizzy.

I imagine a crying basset hound would simply break one's heart. Lulu is an excellent name for a basset.

After watching the last dog show on Animal Planet, Mr Journeymom says our next dog should be a petit basset griffon vendeen. We're actually in agreement. I think they're adorable.


Potteraholic - Nov 24, 2007 8:25 am (#944 of 2988)

A Thanksgiving-themed anecdote, but it's a stretch... Saw 'Who Shot Liberty Valance', with Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne, for the first time last night. Now I know why John Wayne impressions always contain some mention of the word 'Pilgrim'.

Journeymom, I agree with you about the name Lulu and petit basset griffon vendeens. I Googled the breed right after I read your post!


Loopy Lupin - Nov 24, 2007 8:30 am (#945 of 2988)

Well, kickoff is still about 2 hours away and my niece and I are talking smack via text messaging. I tell ya, it takes me about 5 minutes to get a decent length insult typed out and she will usually have responded before I put the phone down. These kids today!

(P.S. Va Tech v. UVa--------- Go Hoos!)


Round Pink Spider  - Nov 24, 2007 9:19 am (#946 of 2988)

In case one of my friends hasn't already stopped in to tell you... I finished the first draft of my book about 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've been making an outline of all the events in the book, so that I can figure out where certain changes should be worked in.

I had hoped I could get the second draft finished by Christmas, but (alas!) that certainly doesn't look likely now. It does feel nice that I've written the first version of the story from beginning to end, though.

Have a great holiday season, everyone!


The giant squid - Nov 24, 2007 9:21 am (#947 of 2988)

Squid Mike (and anyone else)-- How do you feel about this Oscar season thus far?--Loopy Lupin

Well, seeing as the last three movies I've managed to see are OoTP, Transformers & The Game Plan--none of which are likely to garner much by way of Oscars--I'll most likely give the awards a pass this year. It seems like once again we're getting a bunch of movies that the critics love, but the general public either a)never sees due to limited release or b)doesn't much care for. I used to hate watching the Oscars and having all 5 of the Best movie nominees be films I'd never heard of, much less seen, because they only played in NY and LA.



HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 24, 2007 10:17 am (#948 of 2988)

Gee RPS, speaking for myself, I didn't think it was my place to make such a tremendous announcement but now that you have, CONGRATULATIONS!!

I think if we got a dog, it would be a Shiba Inu. They remind me of little Huskies. But I don't think I can deal with the poop in the yard. There always seemed to be one we missed.


Denise P. - Nov 24, 2007 10:20 am (#949 of 2988)

The film has to be shown in LA and NY to be considered for an Oscar, that is why you get so many little known films that are shown there in "limited release" and then if they do well, they open later elsewhere. I also am annoyed when films that I have never heard of are nominated. Of course, sometimes that can be good because it was after watching the Oscars in years past that I rented My Left Foot and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I am sure I can think of a few more. There is the reverse true as well, where I wonder if the Academy saw a different film by the same name when certain pictures are nominated. I can think of a specific one that I found to be a big snooze fest that won a lot of awards. **:coughUnforgivencough****

We are attempting to decorate the house but since this is a new house, we are hit and miss with some things. We have years of decorations that were bought with a different house in mind so some things are too small, too tall, too short or too long for this house. We had 12 shutters I put ribbons on the old house, this house we have 22 so I had to dig through to find if I had enough of the ribbons. We had a porch on the old house, no porch here. We do have a big cedar and a big pine in the yard that Mr. Denise wants to decorate. These trees are at least 25 ft tall and would be expensive to deocorate to look nice outside. I think it would be better to leave them alone them make them look cheap.


Puck - Nov 24, 2007 10:31 am (#950 of 2988)

Congrats to RPS!!! That's so exciting!

Potterholic, I'm also in your Mom's camp. Socks and sweaters exist for a reason. Our thermostat is planted at 67 degrees at it's highest. (It's set to go down at night and times when there isn't generally anyone home.)

I'm trying to get things clean enough to pull out the decorations. I also have to get the Halloween things finally put away. I've also been on the phone with grandparents who called on there way out shopping. I sometimes wish Mr. Puck and I had the sane kind the parents that got each kid a single toy and perhaps a new outfit or two for Christmas. It's always crazy the amount of stuff that arrives over the holidays.

Time to get ready for lunch.

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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:19 pm


Solitaire - Nov 24, 2007 11:38 am (#951 of 2988)

Vox, I have seen parts of "a" movie called Mansfield Park on TV (starring Embeth Davidson as Fanny), but it bears little resemblance to the novel I remember. The character of Sir Thomas is positively immoral. I reread the book twice after watching this take on him, but I could not see any reason to justify such a portrayal. I have the old BBC version, and it certainly has its faults ... although Anna Massey's Mrs. Norris is perfect.

I did like Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, even though I generally think movies don't really get at the heart of things too well. I thought these two were superb in the roles. I even liked Knightley & MacFadyen in the most recent P&P movie (and Brenda Blethyn gives the best Mrs. Bennet of any I've seen), although it was much too short. The only Northanger Abbey I've seen is old, from the 70s or early 80s, I think. I hope the new one is better. I'd also like to see a better Emma. None of the three I've seen do justice to the story. Then again, Emma needs to be a mini. There is too much going on in it to do justice to in 2-3 hours. BTW, I didn't know there was a Jane Austen season, either, but I'm mighty glad to hear it!

Loopy, I am an English major who never spent much time with the Bronte sisters. I like Jane Eyre okay, but I was never able to get all the way through any of the other Bronte novels. While I can't personally understand how anyone could dislike P&P, I can certainly accept it, given my own likes and dislikes.

Congratulations, RPS! Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!



Potteraholic - Nov 24, 2007 11:38 am (#952 of 2988)


Just saw your post on the 'Practice' thread. You're welcome! Glad my directions about finding new smileys made sense to you. I like the one you found.



Loopy Lupin - Nov 24, 2007 11:48 am (#953 of 2988)

I can think of a specific one that I found to be a big snooze fest that won a lot of awards. **:coughUnforgivencough**** - Denise

Though Woody Allen's "Match Point" from last year will be hard to match, I would nominate "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" as the cinematic Ambien this year. I just got sleepy typing out the whole title. Yet, I bet it will get a nomination or two.


journeymom - Nov 24, 2007 11:54 am (#954 of 2988)

Congratulations, RPS! Good to hear/see from you.


PeskyPixie - Nov 24, 2007 11:58 am (#955 of 2988)

Eastern Promises is the best film I've seen in a while. The critics here are also raving over Enchanted (at least, I think that's what it's called ), so I look forward to seeing it soon. It's supposedly as great as the Disney movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s.


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 24, 2007 2:19 pm (#956 of 2988)

Solitaire, absolutely agree on that abomination called "Mansfield Park" that came out in the late 90s. Yech! Even worse, I recall hearing a CBC interview with the director in which she essentially said she told the story that Jane Austen would have told if she weren't such an uptight prude.

The first time I read SS/PS, I laughed out loud to discover the feline character named Mrs. Norris--quite obviously a reference to Mansfield Park.

Agree with all who recommend keeping the thermostat down. We keep it around 67 during the day, down to 60 at night. I find it very comforting to don my flannel PJs and snuggle under wool blankets on a cold night. You don't get that kind of comfort from an overheated house! The down side is it can be tough to leave that comfy bed in the morning. I just wish I could find a reliable way to humidify the house. We'll get the furnace mounted humidifier when we have to replace the furnace in a few years, but until then we make do with the various console styles, none of which are entirely satisfactory or convenient. Probably the best way is to make pasta for dinner!


Denise P. - Nov 24, 2007 2:27 pm (#957 of 2988)

Our thermostat is set on a timer. It stays at 68 during the day, drops to 62 starting at 11:30 pm and then goes back to 68 at 5:30 am so we don't wake up at 6 am to our breath inside. It works well.

My OBLIVI8 plate came in today! Woo hoo!


Puck - Nov 24, 2007 2:36 pm (#958 of 2988)

Vox, can't you put a humidifier on your current furnace? Mr. Puck installed one on the existing furnace when we moved into our house. The one draw back is that when it's real cold outside, it works overtime, and the windows get foggy.

Oh, Maria (and other Moms of Young ones), does Trevor like Zelda? Mr. Puck found this Wiizapper at Target today, and it came bundled with a Link game. Deciding if it is appropriate to give our 7 1/2 year old. I remeber your little guy being Link for Halloween, and was wondering your opinion of this. (Son has watched most Star Wars movies, and has been playing a low level character on Warcraft with his dad, so he's not exactly sheltered from that type of thing.)



HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 24, 2007 3:00 pm (#959 of 2988)

Trevor and my girls love The Legend of Zelda series. And yes, Link is a favorite character. I just Googled Wiizapper. You know, Olivia showed that to me several weeks ago and I dismissed it, but taking into account the Link RPG's (Role Playing Games), it would probably be neat - either that or cumbersome. Anyway, if your son can watch Star Wars and play World of Warcraft, I think he can handle the Zelda series. I would venture to say Zeldas are milder than the others you mentioned.

Does your son have the SW Lego Wii game? Trevor loves that one, too. Gee, maybe we should spend more time reading.

What type of humidifier did your husband put onto your furnace, Kathy? Do you have forced hot air? The problem is that I cannot envision little droplets of water (vapor) making it all the way through the vents throughout the house. Hubby put one on to ours but it doesn't seem to work. Then again, I like to keep the heat at 70 and he is constantly lowering it to 68 during our waking hours. Mind you, I have cold hands and feet on the beach on an 80+ degree day.

Percy was invited to a movie/birthday celebration. It is just a few girls being taken to the movies by the birthday girl's mom. She told me one of the movies they were considering is the Golden Compass and I had to tell her Percy couldn't go if that is what they were to see, but any other choice is fine with me. She asked why and I explained it to her and she said there were plenty of other movies to choose from. That was nice of her.



Choices - Nov 24, 2007 3:15 pm (#960 of 2988)

I love video games and play all the time. I think the Zelda games (my all time favorites) are on a par with Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong - good for all ages.


Solitaire - Nov 24, 2007 3:26 pm (#961 of 2988)

Oops! I goofed. I said Embeth Davidtz (not Davidson, as I said in my previous post) starred as Fanny Price, but she didn't. She played the role of Mary Crawford. Frances O'Connor played Fanny. I still hated the adaptation, even though I generally like both actresses.

I agree, Vox, that Jane Austen would never have told the story portrayed in the abomination of which we speak. It has nothing to do with prudery. Jane Austen wrote about what she knew, and I cannot believe she would have had much exposure to such vulgarity in her life as a clergyman's daughter. If Fanny Price had scruples about the Bertrams' employment of slave labor, she probably felt sympathy, given the fact that Aunt Norris treats her pretty much like a slave.



Catherine - Nov 24, 2007 3:46 pm (#962 of 2988)

My OBLIVI8 plate came in today! Woo hoo! –Denise

Copycat!! **flounces away in a snit**

More Siriously, I hope you enjoy it. Mine is famous at my school. If I drive a different vehicle to school, my students will say, "Where is OBLIVI8! today?"

Naturally, I can't remember....


Denise P. - Nov 24, 2007 4:36 pm (#963 of 2988)

Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What can I say? It is a brilliant plate. Now, we need to get together sometime so we can get a picture of the two plates together! I really would have liked a form of Hogwarts since then I would have the Hogwarts Express but alas, all forms were taken that would make it still able to be read correctly.


Catherine - Nov 24, 2007 5:02 pm (#964 of 2988)

Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What can I say?—Denise

Ooh. I forgot that part. See what I mean about the plate?


Barbara J - Nov 24, 2007 5:59 pm (#965 of 2988)

It has taken me a long time to catch up on all these posts, but I have to admit I did not know a S&S miniseries is coming out...I can't wait! (Although it is hard for me to imagine a more perfect Col. Brandon than AR, I agree that most of the actors in that version were just too old -- I loved it as a movie, but I always thought there was a better adaptation to be made.)

Well, back to football. (I'm avoiding the UF/FSU game at the moment.)


Puck - Nov 24, 2007 6:49 pm (#966 of 2988)

Thanks for the info, Choices and Maria! I wasn't sure why the game had a "T" rating. We don't allow PG 13 movies, but I wasn't sure what kind of content the game would include. I'm sure he can handle it, from what you describe. (Maria, the game has great reviews on Amazon. I'm debating on getting another of the Zelda games for Mr. Puck.)

I TiVoed White Christmas last night. The older two are enjoying it. Diva loves watching the dance scenes. Makes me excited to surprise her with those Nutcracker tickets!

I have laundry to fold. Oh, joy. Tomorrow night I shall at least be able to enjoy folding by the lights of the tree.



journeymom - Nov 24, 2007 8:37 pm (#967 of 2988)

Battlestar Gallactica Razor tonight.... I hope it's good.


Denise P. - Nov 24, 2007 8:58 pm (#968 of 2988)

You know, after the recent Pride and Prejudice conversation where I admitted I had attempted to read it with no luck, to include Cliff Notes, I went back to look at it again. I looked up a plot synopsis and discovered P&P was NOT the novel that mocks me for never having finished it. The novel that I have never been able to plow through despite friends who say it is the best book they have read is Wuthering Heights! So I got P&P at the library today and I have to say, it is a much better read so far than WH ever has been. (Seriously, I have read the first few chapters so many times and yet..I retain none of it!) So far, I am several chapters in to Pride and I have not yet had to resort to going to find Cliff Notes or tossed it aside


Barbara J - Nov 24, 2007 10:53 pm (#969 of 2988)

Let us know how you feel when you finish it, Denise!

I still remember the first time I read P&P...I was in my mid-20s(having somehow avoided Austen in high school and college). I could not put it down. I hope you will enjoy it this time around.

I had read Wuthering Heights before I read P&P and liked it enough to finish it, but it did not grab me the way P&P did. I think I was suffering from too many watchings of the old B&W movie version, which simplifies the story tremendously.


Loopy Lupin - Nov 24, 2007 10:55 pm (#970 of 2988)

Ooh. I forgot that part. See what I mean about the plate? -- ??

Who are you people?


Mrs. Sirius - Nov 24, 2007 11:35 pm (#971 of 2988)

For me that unfinishable book has been "A Member of the Wedding". Try as I might, I have never been able to get more that 1/2 way through it. Just the thought of that book makes me yawn! But I loved Wuthering Heights. have you heard the song by Kate Bush?

High every body. It has been ages, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. This was the first time I got to make Thanksgiving dinner all on my own. It was pretty good. You should have heard the complements, "this isn't bad" "some parts are really good" this isn't as bad a I thought it would be" this from my kids!! My husband thought it was good at least. sighh

Kim, I hope all is well with your husband.


Pigwidgeon - Nov 25, 2007 4:13 am (#972 of 2988)

My unfinishable book was "It Can't Happen here." That tome was so frustrating, because it had a lot of interesting insights and was almost prescient (it was written in 1935, and touched on a lot of issues that would become critical in Germany -- except the setting was in the United States.) But the author really dragged the story down with a lot of wretched excesses, and got carried away with the wit and flippancy. For the first and only time in my reading life, I got so frustrated by the pacing I wound up skimming the last third of and read the final few pages, just to see how it turned out. I'd love to see someone retackle this book, or come up with an abridged version, because the premise was solid. But too much verbage killed it.


Caius Iulius - Nov 25, 2007 6:56 am (#973 of 2988)

The good thing about Jane Austen films/mini series is that it's really good for your English! (Not that most of you need it ) After Pride and Prejudice came out (the one with Colin Firth), I watched it several times and it really improved my English.


Puck - Nov 25, 2007 6:58 am (#974 of 2988)

LOL, thanks for the chuckle Mrs. Sirius! I love the way your children compliment you.

I read in school -but was bored to tears- with The Old Man and the Sea. Seriously, reeling in a single fish takes up an entire book? Not very riveting to a 15 year-old-girl.


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 25, 2007 7:16 am (#975 of 2988)

Puck, I asked my husband about attaching a humidifier to our furnace, but he says it wouldn't work. I have no idea why, but I'm willing to defer to his judgment because otherwise I'd have to trouble myself to learn something about mechanical stuff. I'm already the lead spouse in most other household matters (commissary, sanitation, daughter's schooling and activities, legal stuff like insurance and taxes) so I'm happy to let him deal with the big-metal-stuff-in-the-basement issues.

Denise, I'm glad you realized your error! I'll read the Brontes for variety now and then, but all that out-of-control passion irritates me. I loved WH when I was in high school, but as an adult I just roll my eyes because the characters are such pathetic morons.


Catherine - Nov 25, 2007 7:39 am (#976 of 2988)

For me, Moby Dick was the worst thing I had to read in high school. Great first line "Call me Ishmael."

If only Melville had stopped there.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's considered one of the greatest novels in American literature, but it just doesn't do it for me. I tried to read it again last year to no avail.


Elanor - Nov 25, 2007 7:56 am (#977 of 2988)

The worst thing I had to read in high school was "La cantatrice chauve" ("The Bald Soprano" in English), a play by Eugène Ionesco. There is a whole page in it in which characters talk to each other only using the word "cacatoès" ("cockatoo"), such as:

- Cacatoès, cacatoès?

- Cacatoès!

-Cacatoès cacatoès cacatoès, cacatoès... (etc).

This was one of the texts we had to study for an exam and everybody's worst fear among students was that the examiner was to choose this passage (and this book come to think of it). I was lucky enough to be questioned on a passage from Voltaire's "Candide" though (it was in 1989 and examiners were very fond of Enlightenment philosophers at that time as it was the French Revolution bicentenary - vive la Révolution! ), not a book I would read every day but at least it was more "normal".

I hope everybody's having a great weekend. Enjoy it!


Edit: I've forgotten to say that I, too, love Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon. He can come to read me anything he likes, whenever he wants! Even the highway code book would be great read by him I'm sure.


Good Evans - Nov 25, 2007 8:33 am (#978 of 2988)

HI Folkes, I'm back safe and sound and a lot colder **sympathising with potteraholic, although normally I would be a "put a sweater on" girl!!! ***

thanks to all who wished me a good trip - it was pretty much very good

The conference went very well, but everything seemed to overrun, all flights were an hour late, the conference finished at least an hour late every day, and yet, everyone stayed to the end.

I had some nice comments about the paper I gave, so I am happy with that.

Not happy with Lisbon airport , security for transfer is ridiculous, if you have bought something airside in one airport, why can't you take it airside through Lisbon (esp as they have nothing airside worth mentioning) ? We had bottles of water and a bottle of baileys in a sealed duty free bag confiscated - I am not happy, and I think it is ridiculous, if you have satisfied security and haven't been able to compromise this as all you have done is be airside and then on a plane and taken directly to security, how could you have gotten hold of dangerous substances?

anyhow, all in all it was a great trip and I am even a little bit tanned (well better than pasty, this time of year) as we had all of Friday by the pool before we left for the airport.

hope all the Americans had a nice Thanksgiving - so when is Christmas ? only one month - eekkk!!!!!!!

Julie x


The giant squid - Nov 25, 2007 9:13 am (#979 of 2988)

My Unfinishable Tome was The Grapes of Wrath, back in high school. Once I got to the chapter about a turtle crossing the road (yes, an entire chapter) I was done. I got about 50% of the way through the book, which coincidentally is the score I got on the test afterward...



azi - Nov 25, 2007 9:31 am (#980 of 2988)

I am a little concerned about your interest in knitting - traditionally a very female orientated past time in the UK!!!!! - Julie to John

My great great grandfather was a soldier in India and the Himalayas during the Empire days and, along with running through the mountains collecting butterflies in his spare time, he learnt traditional knitting from the local women and loved it! But yes, very female orientated in general.

I don't understand why your things were confiscated, Julie. I thought it you bought them from the duty-free shops and they were in sealed bags it was allowed? That's how things worked in Prague - the duty free shops were before security and they let items from those shops onboard. At least you're tanned.

I never finished Wuthering Heights either. My brother loves it though. Mind you, I was 10 when I tried reading it, so maybe I should try it again sometime.

LOL, Mike! It doesn't sound worth reading...

I'm resisting doing anything Christmassy before December 1st. It's surprisingly difficult - I guess I just want some bright colours to cheer up the dull days! I won't be buying my boyfriend his present until after Christmas however - we agreed to wait until the sales so things are cheaper. I've asked for a new MP3 player, since I've been borrowing his, complete with cracked screen, since about March.

Lovely days to all!


Good Evans - Nov 25, 2007 9:43 am (#981 of 2988)

he he Azi - me too, I am not doing anything chistmassy as yet!! Hubby suggested that I could write the christmas cards today - bah humbug - far too busy catching up on the lexicon!!

I forgot to mention wuthering heights, never read it and never made it all the way through an adaptation, hmmm I think it is telling me something. I do like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, but I don't like Emma - she just needs a good talking to - to keep out of other people’s business (if you ask me.. which you didn't.. ha ha )

I also have a charming image of your ancestor with his knitting bag in one hand and a butterfly net in the other, Azi! (and I am not taking the mick!)


azi - Nov 25, 2007 10:00 am (#982 of 2988)

I also have a charming image of your ancestor with his knitting bag in one hand and a butterfly net in the other, Azi! (and I am not taking the mick!)[

Oh, no offense taken - I've always found it amusing that he seems to fit the sterotypical British soldier of the age. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch...

Perkins: Bitten sir. During the night.
Ainsworth: Hm. Whole leg gone eh?
Perkins: Yes.
[As they talk, the din of battle continues outside. Screams of dying men, crackling of tents set on fire.]
Ainsworth: How's it feel?
Perkins: Stings a bit.
Ainsworth: Mmm. Well it would, wouldn't it. That's quite a bite you've got there you know.
Perkins: Yes, real beauty isn't it?
All: Yes.
Ainsworth: Any idea how it happened?
Perkins: None at all. Complete mystery to me. Woke up just now... one sock too many.

**resists writing more of the sketch** (I suggest people either read the whole sketch or watch it to get the full effect )


Choices - Nov 25, 2007 10:34 am (#983 of 2988)

Puck, I don't know what type of game system you have - I have a GameCube and I am playing "Legend of Zelda, Twlight Princess" for about the fourth time now. It is an awesome game and would be great for Mr. Puck if he likes the Zelda series. It is one of the best Zeldas in my opinion.


geauxtigers - Nov 25, 2007 11:37 am (#984 of 2988)

I have a few unfinishable books, the first one I read the first few chapters and quit, was The Hobbit, in 7th grade. I think that is officially the first book I never finished. The next was As I lay Dying, but I finished it, not that it mattered, I still failed the test. Beowulf was pretty bad last year. LOL And now they are making a movie...They must have to add a lot to that to make it movie worthy...


kabloink! - Nov 25, 2007 12:05 pm (#985 of 2988)

Hmmm, lets see here. I've been lurking or playing catchup all week, so here goes.

I LOVE Pride & Prejudice, definitely one of my all time favorite novels. (would you believe I actually suggestive-sold it to someone who was buying a less-than-quality romance novel? It was one of my proudest moments as a bookseller.) I liked the most recent movie. I think KNightley was a decent Elizabeth-she does have much more spark then Jennifer Ehle (I always find her far to quiet for me-in my mind Elizabeth is supposed to be rather bubbly and outspoken but in a smart way, rather than her younger sisters.) I was dreading MacFayden, but found him to be a wonderful Darcy. I don't think the movie was too short (though I wouldn't have minded it longer, of course), I did find a great deal of film time to be mis-spent. I found there to be far too many "artsy" shots of scenery to indicate the passage of time. I think there was one shot of it raining on grassy hills that could easily have been replaced with a crucial dialogue scene.

Okay enough of that. For Sense and Sensibility, I had seen the movie sooo many time before even discovering the novels that I find it difficult to get into the book. Eventually, I will pick it up again, though. Did anyone else catch Hugh Laurie in the movie? Hehe.

I like sleeping in a cold room and snuggling under the comforters. Being 8 1/2 months along, though, it is difficult to find myself cold without completely freezing out hubby and baby. We should save a significant amount on our gas bill this year, though-we are surrounded on 3 sides by other condos. Good insulation!

THe book I can never finish is Great Expectations. Can never read very far into that one. Erm...Lord of the Rings tends to elude me, also, though I did finally finish Fellowship last year. Its been so long at this point, though, I have to reread it before picking up Two Towers...

Oh yes, hubby is doing well health-wise, aside from the elusive liver enzyme thing. Doctor is saying that it is cholesterol based, but isn't optimistic about hubby ever being able to have even 1 beer again. Ever. I really think we should get a second opinion, or at least a better, more in-depth explanation of what's going on here, but hubby wants to follow through with current doctor's treatment first and go from there. Hmm job situation....I don't know. He's got an interview with a McDonald's franchise closer to home, so we may be taking a pay cut, but won't be paying for the gas of commuting from Clinton Twp to Dearborn. The problem is, he's on kind-of a "leave" from work (I don't get it-don't ask), but is supposed to go back tomorrow. His second interview to set up the new job is tomorrow...when he is supposed to be at work...arg.

I only made two pies for Thanksgiving, my Pecan Pie (I don't like it, personally, but hubby does, so regardless of where we eat, I always make it) and a dutch apple pie. They both went over well-though the Pecan was much better loved in leftover form at my in-laws. My family just aren't pecan people, I suppose. I did help my mother with everything on Thanksgiving, as we stayed with my parents the night before.

We went out Friday morning, but only because we are poor and the only way we would be able to afford to buy what we wanted to buy for people was to take advantage of the sales. We left about 8am and were back by 10:30, and got what we wanted. I was soo excited, we found the Mega Blocks Fire Truck for only $15 for Ian. I was soo happy!

I can see Beowulf being very movie-worthy. Hehe, I was picking on a teenager that came into our store a few days ago. He was talking about how he was going to see the movie, blah blah (the people that come into our business are almost invariably stupid and vapid), so I asked him if he had ever read it. He stared blankly, and said it was written by someone anonymous...Then he said that was why he was seeing the movie-so he didn't have to read it. He got a lecture. From the lady in the eye-glass shop...

Okay, off to work on laundry. Have a great day everyone!


kabloink! - Nov 25, 2007 1:18 pm (#986 of 2988)

I cut Ian's hair today. His second (first was really bad, by a hairdresser friend who charged me $10-I should have just taken him to a salon), but my first time with scissors cutting hair. He went down for a nap after. I still haven't seen it dry. I cut off all his cute curls! Its really short...panic is now setting in. Oh well, it'll grow, right?


Chemyst - Nov 25, 2007 1:19 pm (#987 of 2988)

Cheer up Mrs. Sirius. The correct interpretation of a child's 'Gee, that wasn't as bad as I thought' comment is this: Your future daughters- and sons-in-law will think you are a good cook. It is all prep work for the Granny-in-training..

Beowulf was pretty bad last year. LOL And now they are making a movie...They must have to add a lot to that to make it movie worthy...   ~ Tori

. . . "added a lot" is one way to put it. "Must have been filmed in some strange parallel universe" is another way.
I'd really like to see a Peter Jackson style version of Dante's Divine Comedy.


journeymom - Nov 25, 2007 2:29 pm (#988 of 2988)

Love Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. Enjoyed the Ralph Fiennes version of the movie well enough. He's such an excellent actor he managed to act through the shoe polish they painted on him.

I'd really like to see a Peter Jackson style version of Dante's Divine Comedy. Oooh! That could be interesting!

Kabloink! that's the wonderful thing about hair, it grows back.

I got ds's hair cut the day before Thanksgiving. He now looks like a roman centurion, which is not a good thing (No offense meant, Caius). Ds has a BIG forehead, and cute, sticky-outty ears. I still haven't figured out what cut looks best on him.

Puck - Nov 25, 2007 3:04 pm (#989 of 2988)

Put up our tree! The kids are eating candy canes and watching a Christmas movie. Still lots of other decorations to take of, but nice to have our tree.


Solitaire - Nov 25, 2007 3:23 pm (#990 of 2988)

Denise, I hate to confess it, having been an English major and all ... but I did not like WH, either.

I loved WH when I was in high school, but as an adult I just roll my eyes because the characters are such pathetic morons. Vox, I am about ready to roll out of my chair laughing! Thanks for the giggle.

Puck, I did not like The Old Man and the Sea, either.

I don't like Emma - she just needs a good talking to Hehe, Julie. That's what makes this story so worthwhile for me. Emma prides herself on being able to see into people's hearts and understand their inclinations. It takes several ludicrous scrapes for her to finally realize that she hasn't even understood her own heart, let alone anyone else's. Quite honestly, I have to say that some of my favorite "goofy" characters have been drawn by Jane Austen: Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Collins, Miss Bates, even Lady Catherine offer plenty of comic relief!

Kabloink, I did like MacFadyen as Darcy, although I think Colin Firth exudes more clearly the aristocratic sense of superiority. Still, the chemistry between MacFadyen and Knightley was electric, if you ask me. I didn't much care, however, for the movie's interpretation of either Georgianna Darcy or ... the estate of Pemberley! Both deviated way too far from the author's description, IMO. (Yes, I can even be picky about scenery! LOL)

I can't wait to see Beowulf. I've long thought it was a story that would lend itself well to the special effects of the movies. Tori, I hated it as a kid ... but loved it in college. Ditto The Canterbury Tales. Go figure!



geauxtigers - Nov 25, 2007 4:10 pm (#991 of 2988)

We read Canterbury too last year. It was okay, once you figured out what was happening that is... We just finished this book in English called "In the Lake of the Woods". Anyone read it? It's not very good, and I didn't even finish it because my friend told me the end and it's so bad that I can't make myself finish it. -->It doesn't have an ending. I never understood why someone would spend all that time, effort, and imagination if they weren't going to conclude what they wrote! <--

Not sure what we are reading next. I just want to get an A in the class so I don't have to take the exam! **crosses fingers and knocks on wood**


PeskyPixie - Nov 25, 2007 5:23 pm (#992 of 2988)

My Bronte favourite is Jane Eyre. I also love Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo (Victoire et Hugo anyone? ). Oh, my dad had been nagging me to read War and Peace for the longest time. I finally tried it last year and surprised myself by enjoying it! Hmmm, maybe I should post these on the Recommended Reading thread.


megfox* - Nov 25, 2007 6:31 pm (#993 of 2988)

I tried to read WH in high school, but couldn't get through the first chapter. I loved Jane Eyre, though. I have to admit that I skimmed the Cliff's Notes for Anna Karenina, which was my summer assignment for Senior English in high school. I did really well on the test, which makes me think that, maybe my English teacher also read the Cliff's Notes. Knowing this English teacher, I wouldn't put it past him. We did read Canterbury Tales in that class, and I thought it was really interesting, but alas, I was not very good about keeping up with my reading assignments in that class. I found my History class much more interesting that year, which is why I decided to become a History major and not an English major.

Well, Andy left this afternoon for the week. He transferred unions (he's an electrician apprentice) because there was NO WORK in the union he was in, and he was sent to work 4-ish hours northwest of where we live, so he isn't coming home until Friday night. He is working on the new Poland Springs facility in Kingsfield, Maine (FYI, Poland Springs is a bottled water company based in Maine), which is cool, because he'll really get to do a lot of different things, and the job is expected to last 2+ months. The downside is, I'm a single mom Monday-Friday for the next two months, unless there is another job in Portland that comes available. Portland is only 45 minutes north of us, so that would be a much better thing for me! Additionally, he doesn't have anywhere to stay after tonight - he has a hotel room for tonight that he managed to get a deal on, but he doesn't know where he is staying after tonight! Yikes! He's hoping that he'll find another apprentice that he can room with during the week.

I can't wait to get our decorations up! Andy promised we will do it next week when he gets back. We'll have Noah then too, so it will be a fun family thing to do. I wish that I was one of those people who could get up and do all my Christmas shopping the morning after Thanksgiving, but I am most definitely not. I will be at the mall the weekend before Christmas, fighting with every other slacker mom out there!

Okay, I have to go cry my eyes out over Extreme Makeover Home Edition - its their 100th build, so its EXTRA sappy. Then, I will immerse myself in the Pats game (they have already scored a touchdown!). Have a great rest of your weekend!


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 25, 2007 6:42 pm (#994 of 2988)

Caius, are you a Roman history reenactor, perchance? My husband does ancient Rome.

Loved hearing everyone's WH and Jane Austen adaptation comments. I love the Ehle-Firth miniseries best. The actors really "got" the characters. I especially adore Benjamin Whitrow's Mr. Bennet. I'm a Mr. Bennet type, myself. It's probably a good thing that I have to work for a living and personally attend to family/household responsibilities; otherwise I'd be tempted to sit in the library and complain about silly people.

Kabloink, excellent that you steered a reader to Pride and Prejudice! Interesting that you consider Ehle's Elizabeth to be too mild. I've heard some viewers criticize her for being too shrewish (I think they're wrong, of course). Have you seen the 1979 miniseries with Jennifer Garvie? I find Garvie way to mild, almost Fanny Price-ish, but some fans say she got the character just right.

Any forumers in the eastern Ohio/western Pennsylvania area? We have plans to attend a reenactor convention in Gettysburg this weekend, but we're concerned about the weather for driving. We're Michiganders, so we can handle snow, but we're used to flat roads.


journeymom - Nov 25, 2007 8:18 pm (#995 of 2988)

OK, after Chemyst's recommendation that the Divine Comedy get the Peter Jackson effect, I went and read what Wikipedia had to say about it. I was reminded of Pan's Labyrinth. Guillermo del Toro would be perfect to direct Dante's Divine Comedy! He's already demonstrated he is adept with allegory.

Victoria, I considered reading In the Lake of the Woods. My girlfriend enjoyed it, but she said the author lets the reader decide how it ends, or something to that effect. Ugh. That would drive me up a wall.


PeskyPixie - Nov 25, 2007 8:34 pm (#996 of 2988)

How many of you have read Life of Pi by Yann Martel? I'm curious because I LOVE this book, but am confused about a few points for which I can't find any explanations. My best friend has read it, as has Anna L. Black, but we've all come to similar conclusions about these points in the book and I'd love some more opinions on it.


geauxtigers - Nov 25, 2007 9:28 pm (#997 of 2988)

My girlfriend enjoyed it, but she said the author lets the reader decide how it ends, or something to that effect. Ugh. That would drive me up a wall.

EXACTLY! Call me a narrow-minded person, but I don't think I will ever enjoy a book like that. I don't want to decide! I want to know! And it's a mystery book too! That's why I can't finish it. What a waste of my time, really.

I cleaned my room. yay me! That's my big accomplishment for the week! LOL Now that I can see my floor, time to do some crunches and sit-ups to work off my week of laziness!


kabloink! - Nov 25, 2007 9:40 pm (#998 of 2988)

Oh! If anyone wants to see new pics of Ian (granted they're pretty much all from Halloween or before), I posted them on my myspace, along with pics from tonight after his haircut. The webpage is myspace.com/ kimscastle just leave out the space and add http and the www and whatnot.


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 26, 2007 3:49 am (#999 of 2988)

I read Life of Pi, Pesky. My opinion is ahead, and it contains SPOILERS.

I don't agree that the author lets the reader decide which end is the true ending. Pi's second account, in which the sailor killed the cook and his mother, and Pi killed the cook, is the truthful version of events. Pi invented the tiger story because the truth was too awful to deal with. This is consistent with Pi's ability to simultaneously believe three different religions that contradict each other.


Snuffles - Nov 26, 2007 6:23 am (#1000 of 2988)

Thanks for that Chemst. I'll find out how many Galleons to fly you over here

Congrats RPS.

Glad you had a good time Julie. Just a shame about having things taken away at the airport. I just hope that whoever took your Baileys hates the stuff!!

I have to confess to having done some Christmas shopping! I am going in again on Saturday to hopefully finish it off. Hubby and I aren't buying each other things this year, as Poppy is my present and he has bought a new bike. As for the tree, I don't think ours will see the light of day until at least the 7th December.

Happy Monday everyone

Lady Arabella
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Good Evans - Nov 26, 2007 6:27 am (#1001 of 2988)

Tree? christmas decorations? not on your life!! I have a paper to write for next week’s conference, a whole stack of ironing and present shopping! only when that is done can I think about decorating - although hubby did get the boxes out of the loft yesterday. Maybe I will get round to it on 6th January?

**waves to Snuffles**


painting sheila - Nov 26, 2007 6:31 am (#1002 of 2988)

my mouse is being wierd - still!!

I may not get to post or awhile so here’s to all of you - I miss you already!



Puck - Nov 26, 2007 6:47 am (#1003 of 2988)

Julie, putting the tree up gets me in the mood for all the shopping and wrapping I have to do.

Okay, one last P&P comment before I return it to the library: I found it strange last night when I noticed the synopsis on the book jacket refers to Elizabeth as "impoverished". Seriously? I mean, not as well off as some of the characters, but since when is a young lady who has never had to wash a dish or cook a meal because the family's servants do all of that considered to be living in poverty?

Okay, I must dress for the gym. Kick-boxing is necessary after Thanksgiving weekend!



Chemyst - Nov 26, 2007 7:04 am (#1004 of 2988)

May I conduct a mini-poll please?
Over the course of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, how many of you had the Seinfeld episode where they use turkey (source of tryptophan) and boxed wine to cause his girlfriend to fall asleep so that they can play with her antique toys come up in the course of conversation?

I just wondered if anyone else experienced that because here, three different people brought that up in different conversations over the weekend and I have never seen that episode.


Solitaire - Nov 26, 2007 7:49 am (#1005 of 2988)

Vox, I am curious ... How have you liked the Mrs. Bennets in all of the P&P adaptations? I found Brenda Blethyn's Mrs. B a lot less strident and obnoxious than the one in the Colin Firth version. Her voice was like nails on a blackboard to me, and I feel she was more shrewish than her character in the book ... although I did like some scenes. I have the Elizabeth Garvie-David Rintoul version, as well, and I don't like that Mrs. B much, either ... although her voice was less irritating. I think Mr. Collins is better in both minis. I didn't think Tom Hollander captured the ridiculousness of his character as well as the other two.

Um ... Elizabeth Bennet impoverished? I wouldn't say that, exactly. There was not a great deal of money for much of a dowry for any of the girls--only 5000 £. to be divided among 5 daughters--due largely to the entailment and the fact that the family spent beyond their limits. As long as Mr. Bennet lived, the girls had a home. Once he died, however, they would lose their home to Mr. Collins and no one knew where they would live... hence Mrs. Bennet's wild impatience to find financially stable husbands for them all.

Well, it's Monday again. *sigh* I hope everyone has a good one!



Denise P. - Nov 26, 2007 9:15 am (#1006 of 2988)

Chemyst, never. We never watched Seinfeld so there someone could reference it all day and night and it would go unnoticed by me.

I am considering re-doing our stockings after this year. When Mr. Denise and I were first married, I got stockings at the store, the standard fluffy red and white ones, and cross stitched our names on them. As each child joined the family, a new stocking was added with the same cross stitching. Some of them have trim on the white cuff, some don't. So while we all have a red/white stocking with our names cross stitched, they don't all match. I was considering either making new ones, if I can find the material I would want and then appliquéing something on them or getting us all new ones. Opinions? The ones we have are just the $2 ones from the store with our names, I would like to have something a bit more personalized for everyone to be able to hand down. Of course, if I redid them, I would need to find a nice pattern/directions to do it.


shepherdess - Nov 26, 2007 10:21 am (#1007 of 2988)

...if I can find the material I would want...~~Denise

What type of material are you looking for? The material you use will influence the method of decoration.


Puck - Nov 26, 2007 11:10 am (#1008 of 2988)

Chemyst, I've seen that episode, but it wasn't mentioned over the course of the weekend.

Yeah! Walmart had the doll with the potty I wanted for Toddler. (I've heard teaching a doll to use a potty helps a child learn that skill her/himself.) I used my trick of asking an employee to bring one up to customer service for me, where it was double bagged so I could pick it up without it being seen by little eyes. (This only works with children young enough not to think to ask what's in the bag. )

Denise, I have been meaning to redo our stockings for years. Only Diva has a nice new one. Son, Hubby and I have the simple cloth ones I originally made. Toddler has used a store bought stocking that we had around. I have some nice velveteen fabric, but be warned -  it is very hard to work with. It slides around, even with the walking foot on the machine. Perhaps this is why I have only done one out of five. I used the embroidery machine to make a quilt-style front. Sadly, that was the easiest part. I thought putting the pieces together would be simple once I had the liner and backing cut out, but that fabric made it near impossible.

Deigo is almost over. Time to put Toddler down for a nap. I should do some more cleaning and put up my nativity, but I am tempted by the cpoy of Sense and Sensibility I brought home from the library.



Good Evans - Nov 26, 2007 12:29 pm (#1009 of 2988)

I loved Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennet in the Andrew Davies (Colin Firth) adaptation of P&P - she was just so ridiculous. I liked Brenda Blethyn in the recent movie too though.

Kathy, my word you are domesticated, I wouldn't know which end was which with a sewing machine, let alone attempt embroidery. (give me the knitting needles anyday!).

I am procrastinating, I have a paper to write, an exam to study for on thursday and the ironing to do - I'd rather put up christmas deccies, but it is still TOOOOOOOOOO early! he he

hope everyone has a nice Monday evening

Julie x


Puck - Nov 26, 2007 12:50 pm (#1010 of 2988)

Julie, the machine is computerised. I thread the machine, push a few buttons, and watch.

Off to do some more holiday stuff, just to bug Julie!


Good Evans - Nov 26, 2007 1:32 pm (#1011 of 2988)



HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 26, 2007 3:16 pm (#1012 of 2988)

Chemyst, that is a funny episode of Seinfeld. It did (somehow) make its way into our conversation but it was several weeks ago. I think it was the man dolls that triggered it. (We were talking about what man-dolls to get Trevor.)

Kathy, what a neat sewing machine! Mine is about 20 years old and very un-embroiderish.

Come now, GE hop to it!



Good Evans - Nov 26, 2007 3:18 pm (#1013 of 2988)

to Maria!!!!

I have been working on my presentation this evening - I am tired now and am off to bed! still got the ironing and studying to do - ahem...... "tomorrow night, tomorrow night". (what's the musical?)


I Am Used Vlad - Nov 26, 2007 3:19 pm (#1014 of 2988)

The turkey/wine episode has come up on Thanksgiving, but it didn't this year. This year’s big discussion was whether I was sitting or reclining in a Laz-E-Boy. I was reclining!!!!

I read about 4 pages of WH in high school. That was enough for me. I also hate Dickens.


Good Evans - Nov 26, 2007 3:25 pm (#1015 of 2988)

well don't sit on a fence about Dickens will you Vlad?

actually I am not much of a fan either - too contrived with all loose ends leading to the same place.


I Am Used Vlad - Nov 26, 2007 3:34 pm (#1016 of 2988)

It's strange. I read all the time, but I always had trouble finishing books that I was assigned. I call these books things like A Tale of One City and Fifty Years of Solitude.


Puck - Nov 26, 2007 5:10 pm (#1017 of 2988)

I'm like that, too, Vlad. I struggled to get through assigned reading, but would spend an entire vacation reading books of my own choosing. Put it on a top shelf in the corner and the kids will find it, right?

Consider yourself lucky for not hitting that 100th year of solitude. I read it for Oprah's book club. The ending is quite nasty.



PeskyPixie - Nov 26, 2007 6:25 pm (#1018 of 2988)

Vox Gerbilis, thanks for responding! I agree with you about which is the 'true' story in Life of Pi.

As the first story is meant to be symbolic, I was wondering what your take is on the carnivorous island and the meerkats. Oh, and also on the chef turning up again (you know, during the 'blindness' episode).


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 26, 2007 6:54 pm (#1019 of 2988)

Hello, all. Soli asked my opinion on the various Mrs. Bennets. I like Alison Steadman in P&P '95. I know many fans say she's too shrill and over-the-top, but that's the way I always imagined the character. I like Brenda Blethyn in P&P '05, also, however. It's not the way I'd cast the character, but it's a valid interpretation of the text.

I don't really have an opinion on the P&P '79 Mrs. B. I objected so strongly to the snarling, mean-spirited Mr. B. that I can't remember anything about Mrs. B. It's clear in the book that Lizzy and her father have a close and affectionate relationship, despite his deficiencies as a father and husband, but this Mr. B. is thoroughly unlikeable. Lizzy actually seems scared of him!

Agree on Tom Hollander not making a great Mr. Collins. He comes across as a creepy stalker-type more than a pompous fool.

Pesky, not sure what to make of the chef episode in Pi. I suppose the island episode represents the limits of Pi's ability to delude himself into imagining something nicer than reality. Some harsh elements ultimately creep in. I'm sure someone can come up with a more sophisticated interpretation than this.

Now Vlad, I love Dickens. I first read PS/SS after reading Bleak House, and the Dickensian elements of JKR's writing just leaped out at me and made me a fan right away. I'm sure Dickens would have loved characters like Gilderoy Lockhart and Hagrid.

My daughter just complained about a sore spot on her foot. I really hope it's not another Plantar wart. She had one last spring, and I had to do the freezing treatment at home. She screamed so loud I was afraid the neighbors would call the police.


painting sheila - Nov 26, 2007 7:43 pm (#1020 of 2988)

puck - I am very jealous of your sewing machine!! I am not coveting your machine - but boy I would like one just like it!

I am using hubbies laptop since my pc is being weird! I have an Uber-Mouse problem.

I hope every one is well.

Cyber gifts - Found the perfect things for Hungarian Horntail and Squid Mike! Both of you travel to FAO.com. HH look up item number 866170 and Squid look up item number 865901. Consider them wrapped and under your tree with love from me.


Solitaire - Nov 26, 2007 7:45 pm (#1021 of 2988)

Vox, I can't help thinking of Tom Hollander as that twirpy little guy he played in Gosford Park. That reminds me ... what Austen role would Clive Owen (also in GP) fit best? I just love him! In my dream Harry Potter cast, he would play Sirius Black, whom I always see as dark and quite hunky. Rupert Graves is my dream Remus Lupin. **sigh**



Puck - Nov 26, 2007 8:38 pm (#1022 of 2988)

Sheila, your cyber gift is that house that was your former avatar. I'll in toss a a sewing machine.


Tazzygirl - Nov 26, 2007 9:22 pm (#1023 of 2988)

Finally had a chance to stop in (although I should be doing homework...).

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine went pretty well, stuffed myself on the best food ever.

Add me to the group that loves Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle's version), Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson's version), Jane Eyre, and Persuasion (with Cierian (sp?) Hinds). Wuthering Heights was also a pretty good movie. I first read Jane Eyre before watching the movie, and was able to get through it. I don't really have the patience to read the other books (although I've tried on several occasions, and even have the books on my shelf).

Stayed home from school today, and will most likely stay home tomorrow too. I caught that flu/severe cold bug that has been going around here. Fine time too- this is the week where all but one project is due.

Back to the homework.



painting sheila - Nov 26, 2007 9:28 pm (#1024 of 2988)

Oh! Thank you Puck! I love them both!!

and please travel to tiaratown.com/ah.htm and take your pick. Since you are Queen of Everything, I think you need a proper crown!

tazzy - I know this isn't much of a gift but I think you need some help kicking these bugs you keep getting, so travel to airbornehealth.com/ and buy a case or two (or three) from virtual me! Feel better soon!



journeymom - Nov 26, 2007 9:35 pm (#1025 of 2988)

Clive Owens in a HP movie? He'd be too distracting! Lol! Since I saw Gosford Park he's been my ultimate hunk. He's just, IT.

Vox, apparently your daughter has been visited by the Verruca Gnome. He's like the Tooth Fairy, only he's an ugly little thing who gives, instead of a sweet little thing who takes away.


shepherdess - Nov 26, 2007 9:40 pm (#1026 of 2988)

Has anyone heard of Northpole.com? If you have kids from pre-K through 3rd grade, you really should check it out. Of course it's all Christmas oriented, but it has all kinds of stuff: stories, puzzles, math games, word games, alphabet games, even recipes. I won't list everything here. You can write letters to Santa which will be answered. They have links to buy books, movies, music and toys. Looks like they're partnered with Amazon. Extremely educational stuff!


painting sheila - Nov 26, 2007 10:28 pm (#1027 of 2988)

Oh! RPS~~ I forgot to say congrats - so, "Congrats!!!!" woohOOO!! You did it!

I forgot to say that I received an email from Harry and the Potters stating that they are selling some t-shirts online. If any of you would like me to forward you the information, just shoot me an email. It's behind my avatar - the email address I mean!

Good night every one. I am taking my heartburn and going to bed.



Good Evans - Nov 27, 2007 5:39 am (#1028 of 2988)

OOOHHHH shepherdess, we were big fans of northpole.com and also NORAD (can't remember if that is .org or what - but google it) as christmas gets closer it becomes quite exciting with Santa and his preparations. Norad on christmas eve is wonderful, my boys used to watch it with fascination, where has Santa got to. It has improved over the years and the little ones used to love it. So please those who need a bit of peace on christmas eve, you could be well paid to keep the page open this year! It will also really encourage the kiddies to go to bed!!!

not a lot else to say, its lunchtime here and I have snuck on for few minutes!


Denise P. - Nov 27, 2007 6:21 am (#1029 of 2988)

northpole.com has a slew of cookie recipes on there too if you are looking for some new ones to attempt this year. We always watch NORAD as well.

I have at least 2 sickies today. Rhys woke up burning hot and asking for a cup of milk. About an hour later, Iain wandered downstairs, coughing and looking horrible. Kierynn is still sleeping so I hope she feels okay.


Puck - Nov 27, 2007 6:42 am (#1030 of 2988)

Thanks, Sheila! I choose the Audrey Hepburn model on the first page. (Wishing the Diva one cost less. I'd love to get it, but it's a bit beyond the "toss in the dress-up trunk" price range.)

Oh! I can't wait for the kids to come home so we can go visit the North Pole site!

Healing charms to Denise's household!

Off to get ready for some shopping. Linens-andThings had a 20% off the entire purchase coupon arrive yesterday, and I have several items to buy there, so wOOt! I was going to go several times with a 20% off a single item coupon (i have several), but this way I can do it all in a single trip.

I got a few chapters of Sense and Sensibility read. It's much easier starting now that I am familiar with the writing style.



The giant squid - Nov 27, 2007 7:29 am (#1031 of 2988)

It's strange. I read all the time, but I always had trouble finishing books that I was assigned.--I Am Used Vlad

I'm the same way. I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to read it versus wanting to. If it's your choice, you've got some interest going in. Otherwise it's just work.

That, and they apparently can only assign books from the driest, most boring genres available.

She, thanks so much for that cybergift. I was genuinely interested until I saw the pricetag... That's much more than anyone should spend on a squid!



Solitaire - Nov 27, 2007 7:50 am (#1032 of 2988)

Clive Owens in a HP movie? He'd be too distracting!

But Journeymom ... look at the descriptions of Sirius in the book. The first time I read about Sirius, good ol' Clive just popped into my brain, and I can't "see" anyone else in that role. Besides looking like Sirius, so many of his roles have that reckless quality that Sirius possesses. It's the same with Remus; I just "see" Rupert Graves in that role.

If it's your choice, you've got some interest going in. Otherwise it's just work.

I know what you mean, Mike and Vlad. If a teacher had assigned The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir (600 pages), I'd still have been complaining. However, I read it for fun about 15 years ago. I'd watched a BBC production about the Tudors, and Alison Weir was one of the authorities featured in the piece. I found her commentary fascinating, so I went out the next day and bought a book by her. I read all 600 pages of that history in about four evenings. She has an incredible story-telling style that makes the lives of those women seem like novels rather than dry old history. I've read a couple of her other books, and they are equally well-written.

Actually, I was lucky in my upper division classes. I had several younger, really hip professors, and they seemed to choose books that were really interesting. Or perhaps it's just that they were so stoked on the books they chose that their enthusiasm was contagious. I think that may be the real key. When a professor loves a book enough to make reading it really worthwhile for his students, the students themselves may come to love the book. Even if they don't, many will at least come to appreciate its merits.



Chemyst - Nov 27, 2007 8:40 am (#1033 of 2988)

If it's your choice, you've got some interest going in. Otherwise it's just work.

Blame it on budget cuts and also credit the creativity and cooperation among my English teachers, but when I was in high school we usually had a choice of three titles for our required reading. Since there was enough money to buy only limited classroom sets of books, the teachers juggled them so that one book would be read several times during the year by different classes or periods. Some teachers would probably prefer teaching all their classes the same material at the same time, especially for testing, but it was good for the students. If you did not get an assignment you liked, at least you had an assignment that was the lesser of the evils.


Denise P. - Nov 27, 2007 9:06 am (#1034 of 2988)

I remember having to read The Scarlet Letter for AP English. I didn't like the teacher to begin with and the way we had to read and then analyze that book made me dislike him even more and dislike the book. I know we read a lot in that class but that book stands out. It was awful. I think I managed to pull a B out of the class but I was glad to be done with it.

The following year, I took a SciFi/Fantasy Lit class and that teacher was fantastic. Most of the books I had read before or at least was familiar with so it was a much more fun class.


Vox Gerbilis - Nov 27, 2007 10:08 am (#1035 of 2988)

I finally figured out that Journeymom's reference to the Verruca Gnome referred to Plantar warts, and was not intended to compare my daughter to the horrid brat in Willy Wonka. (DOH!) She didn't complain about her feet today, so I'm hoping she just stepped on something barefoot yesterday.

She's a fan of northpole.com, and even pays a few visits in the summer.

I spent the morning volunteering in the school Santa Shop. I had to help a kindergarten boy budget his money to buy presents for his family. I let him choose what he wanted, although his choices were rather random. I hope his family won't be wondering what kind of slacker volunteer let him choose a pretty keepsake box for his grandfather, or a photo album for his toddler brother.

I'm also an Alison Weir fan. Her books are neither too light nor too heavy, with well-written narratives and some (but not too much) analysis.


journeymom - Nov 27, 2007 10:08 am (#1036 of 2988)

Scarlet Letter: my sister and I were just talking about that over Thanksgiving. She read it for AP English as well, and loved it. I reminded her that the miniseries of the story was on PBS at the same time. The gorgeous Meg Foster played Hester Prynne.


Vox! So sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like that! Actually, I was being too clever for my own good. I just finished reading Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett. There is a Verruca Gnome who is in response to the Tooth Fairy.


Puck - Nov 27, 2007 11:14 am (#1037 of 2988)

Vox, that's the fun of the school holiday shopping. Our kids will come home next week with already wrapped packages. We'll have no idea what anyone is getting until they open it. One of my favorite parts of Christmas. Diva is quite excited that she is old enough to take part this year.

The Tooth Fairy visited our house last night. Actually, it was this morning. Said fairy had forgotten to come the two previous nights, and I claimed she was away for Thanksgiving weekend. At 7am I realized with horror I had forgotten once again. Luckily Son was laying with his blanket over his head, refusing to come out. I slyly made the switch while asking what he'd like for breakfast. How's that for a procrastinating slacker mom?

Oh, Barnes and Noble is having a special sale on Saturday morning (9am-noon) for teachers. Thought some of you may be interested. (And I may suggest using stopping by the Starbucks counter and picking up a peppermint white chocolate mocha. Mmmmmmmmm.



Caius Iulius - Nov 27, 2007 12:11 pm (#1038 of 2988)

Journeymom said: I got ds's hair cut the day before Thanksgiving. He now looks like a Roman centurion, which is not a good thing (No offense meant, Caius).

Haha, Journeymom. No offence taken. As leader of the army I can chose my own hairstyle . Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

What about Ciaran Hinds in the Rome series, by the way? He made a good Caesar. (Although the series is not historically correct in various ways).

Vox Gerbilis, no, I am not a history reenactor. There isn't a lot of reenactment in Germania Inferior going on, and if there is, it's Napoleonic. But I like Roman history, especially the last century of the republic.

Everytime there is a Pride and Prejudice film or series, I miss my favourite scene: when Elizabeth tells her mother she is going to marry Darcy and Mrs. Bennet is silent for minutes. Then mother Bennet gets going about Elizabeth getting even more expensive clothes and carriages then Jane. Why don't they film that scene?


Good Evans - Nov 27, 2007 12:26 pm (#1039 of 2988)

LOL puck - most impressive parenting!!!


Tazzygirl - Nov 27, 2007 4:31 pm (#1040 of 2988)

Stayed home from school again today. Making some headway on all the homework, and am feeling a little bit better. Thanks for the charms, Sheila!

Puck: Oh, Barnes and Noble is having a special sale on Saturday morning (9am-noon) for teachers. Thought some of you may be interested. (And I may suggest using stopping by the Starbucks counter and picking up a peppermint white chocolate mocha. Mmmmmmmmm.

Now that would all be fine and dandy, because the peppermint white chocolate mocha is yummy, but it'd be just a little difficult to order from the Starbucks, since Barnes and Noble doesn't have a Starbucks. It's the Barnes and Noble Cafe, 'proudly' serving Starbucks coffee. (Not that I'm being picky or anything, but since that is where I work, I felt I needed to put that in. All us cafe workers have to say that at least 5 times a day each to people. ) So that means that we do not accept Starbucks Giftcards either. The Peppermint Hot Chocolate is mighty yummy too!

Back to work...



Puck - Nov 27, 2007 5:45 pm (#1041 of 2988)

Thanks for clarifying that, Tazzy. Feel better!

I officially lost the Mother of the Year Award. This morning was the Second Grade Native American Museum. I looked at the wrong day on calendar by mistake, and totally forgot to go. My poor child spent the hour waiting for a mom who never came. When he came home from school with face paint, I immediately realized why. Talk about feeling terrible! My heart broke for him. He told me that one of his projects was still at school, and the teacher was there for awhile. I jumped in the van and went to his classroom. His teacher was very understanding. There wasn't a presentation or anything, just parents looking at what kids had made and socializing. The kids all made the same objects, and as I got to take his home, I don't feel like I missed seeing much. It's more that he wanted me there to share the experience. I asked if he forgave me, and says he wasn't angry, just sad. So, we came home and used the table that was sitting awaiting my Dicken's Village to put up our own Museum. We started with what he made from school, and added to it with paper, lincoln logs, and trees from the Christmas village. Toss in some toy animals, and there you go. He's now over it. I still have some Mommy guilt. All I can say is I don't care if I fall and break my leg on the way out the door to the Holiday concert, I'll be there!!



Choices - Nov 27, 2007 6:25 pm (#1042 of 2988)

Healing and feel better charms to all who need them. Sometimes the holiday season can be a bit much to handle. So much going on. I consider my forum time as a calm place out of the hustle and bustle. It's like a breath of fresh air (or freshwater - LOL - waves to forum daughter). I am a huge Josh Groban fan and I ordered his new CD called Noel and it came today. I'm sitting here with a glass of eggnog and listening to his wonderful Christmas music. It is so beautiful and I highly recommend it.

Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Denise P. - Nov 27, 2007 6:31 pm (#1043 of 2988)

Choices, I heard him singing some carol the other day on the radio and agree, he has a beautiful voice.

Charlie Brown Christmas was on tonight...it isn't even December yet!!!


painting sheila - Nov 27, 2007 7:50 pm (#1044 of 2988)

I was North Carolina's Young Mother of the Year in 2001.

Looked at a house today for the second time - I think we getting it!! Woohoo!! More room!! Oldest Son (15) will not have to share with Littlest Guy (6). He is so excited!

I have crossed some sort of threshold today. Oldest Daughter is 18. I am the mother of an adult. How did that happen!!?? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 793915934

Edit - Welcome Paisuma!! We look forward to hearing from you!



Tazzygirl - Nov 27, 2007 8:29 pm (#1045 of 2988)

Awww, Puck, that stinks about missing your son's Museum day at school! Glad it turned out okay in the end though! Your welcome (LOL. )! Thanks for the charms!

I went and picked up Syd and Thaniel from school today. Haven't done it in awhile, and Thaniel's teachers were almost freaking out about it. They kept asking me if I was on the list or if Aunt had called in to notify the office. I kept telling them that I used to pick the kids up all the time, and as both kids were super excited to see me, it didn't seem weird. I told them that I am on the pick up list, and gave them the names I would be under (I go by my first name usually, but the kids call me by my middle name). They were still working up a frenzy until one of Syd's old teachers came up to me and said "Hey Aunty Kristina!" and told the teachers that she vouches for me and that I come and pick the kids up occasionally. I have to say though- I really like how the teachers reacted, reassures me that the kids are super safe at that school.

Choices: I am a huge Josh Groban fan and I ordered his new CD called Noel and it came today. I'm sitting here with a glass of eggnog and listening to his wonderful Christmas music. It is so beautiful and I highly recommend it.

Hehehe! I'm listending to that CD right now, drinking eggnog, and working on homework! Josh is just awesome... **dreamy look**

Happy Birthday to Oldest Daughter, Sheila! Good luck with the house buying!

Off to make copies for my presentation tomorrow.



Mrs. Sirius - Nov 27, 2007 10:58 pm (#1046 of 2988)

I call these books things like A Tale of One City and Fifty Years of Solitude.

lol VLad, When I picked up One Hundred Years of Solitude, it almost became only 50. It was awful and none of it made sense. I kept re-reading to make sure that "that is what it said".

Finally I told my husband that I wasn't going to finish it because it made no sense. He simply said "think of your mother"! A light bulb, everything then made perfect sense, I understood without having to re-read. (That explains much about my mother and me)

Alison Weir, yes I recently read Elizabeth I, it was really good. Weir makes the material and subject fascinating.

I was North Carolina's Young Mother of the Year in 2001.

We bow down in your presence She, or maybe I should run screaming from the room....


Solitaire - Nov 28, 2007 12:45 am (#1047 of 2988)

The gorgeous Meg Foster played Hester Prynne.

Yes, and her performance was, IMHO, far superior to the Demi Moore's interpretation of the character (my apologies to anyone who actually liked the DM movie). Thinking about the old Meg Foster movie reminds me of another oldie I happened upon by accident the other night: Picnic at Hanging Rock. Has anyone else ever seen it? There's an eerie flick.

Puck, thanks for the heads-up on B&N's Saturday goodies. BTW, Tazzy, since the cafe at my local B&N actually serves not only Starbucks coffee but also Starbucks trademark coffee drinks (Caramel Macchiato, etc.) in Starbucks cups, it does seem an awful lot like a Starbucks franchise within the store.

Well, time for bed!! **yawnnnnnnnn**



Good Evans - Nov 28, 2007 5:36 am (#1048 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Sheila's adult daughter! they may be legally adult - but they will always be your little one!!

Puck - (((hugs))) to you, it can happen, and think how he will regale you in years to come at what a horrible mommy you were. Then you will know that he has gotten over it!!!


painting sheila - Nov 28, 2007 8:02 am (#1049 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius - bow, grovel - which ever you are more comfortable with. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Marie E. - Nov 28, 2007 9:22 am (#1050 of 2988)

Well, we had a lovely time in Missouri. We hit some icy roads for the first 2 hours of the trip, but the rest was just cold. We didn't do anything special while in Missouri, just lazing around mostly. I need to say that my nephew is one the cutest kids I've ever met. He hugs everyone all the time and never fusses unless he's tired. I can tell that he's really bright, but he's a little behind on his speech development. I think it's because my sister and brother-in-law do a lot of talking for him, without realizing they're doing it. I got him to imitate a few words, so he'll get it soon. They've chosen a new boy name-Cormac, after the author Cormac McCarthy. Mike, I'll remind her that she has a brother.

It looks like I missed a discussion of my other favorite author-Jane Austen. My couldn't-finish-book is Silas Marner. I was supposed to read it in ninth grade, but barely struggled through it. I remember reading The Grapes of Wrath, Mike, who did you have for English that year? I had Mr. Upton. He used to warn us about Comma Fever and made me afraid to use commas.

It's been coldish here, 30's and 40's, and there were a few flakes this morning. Winter is definitely on it's way.
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PeskyPixie - Nov 28, 2007 10:23 am (#1051 of 2988)

my apologies to anyone who actually liked the DM movie –Solitaire

hee hee hee I bought the last remaining video of that edition of The Scarlet Letter when Blockbuster was switching to DVDs, but I didn't do it for Demi Moore. This movie just happens to be Gary Oldman at his YUMMIEST!!!!!

Okay, I'm fine now, sorry for disrupting your discussion.


painting sheila - Nov 28, 2007 10:24 am (#1052 of 2988)

No snow here, It's warm outside today - I think it is going to be in the 60's.

You all are being quiet today. Busy bees I guess.



kabloink! - Nov 28, 2007 10:46 am (#1053 of 2988)

Solitaire, technically, Tazzy's right, but to the normal B & N consumer, it does simply seem like a Starbucks in the store (I worked there for a holiday season, myself). The main defining thing is that they can't take any starbuck's gift cards and whatnot.

I am not a huge Josh Groban fan, but I did hear him on the Christmas station the other day, and I enjoyed his "O Holy Night," though it still did not compare to John Berry's version, which just brings tears to my eyes.

My favorite Christmas albums are the ones done by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, and the like. I have a fabulous TIme-Life Christmas Treasury collection or something like that. I love those, just like I can't get enough of the older movies. White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th St (the original), just makes the season feel right. I'm also a sucker for any ANY Fred & Ginger movie.

Ok, I'm off to work. Have a great day everyone!



journeymom - Nov 28, 2007 11:02 am (#1054 of 2988)

The Tooth Fairy ... At 7am I realized with horror I had forgotten once again... Second Grade Native American Museum...totally forgot to go. My poor child spent the hour waiting for a mom who never came.... I still have some Mommy guilt. All I can say is I don't care if I fall and break my leg on the way out the door to the Holiday concert, I'll be there!! ~Puck

I'm laughing, blushing and nodding my head in recognition!

Charlie Brown Christmas- darn it all! We stumbled across it just as the Gang was singing around Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I'm peeved that we missed it.

Happy Birthday, Sheila's Daughter!


Holly T. - Nov 28, 2007 11:34 am (#1055 of 2988)

Happy birthday to Sheila's daughter!

Hugs to Puck! BTDT.

Kids watched Charlie Brown last night with dh. I went to the grocery store by myself.

I worked at home the past two days (big office move is going on) and now I have a billion things to do in my office. On the plus side, for the next month we only have 4 people here on our hall. I guess I can turn up my Christmas music.

Hugs to those who need them!


Choices - Nov 28, 2007 12:03 pm (#1056 of 2988)

Kristina, I agree....Josh sings as dreamy as he looks. **sigh** :-)


Puck - Nov 28, 2007 12:04 pm (#1057 of 2988)

You all make me feel so much better! Thanks! I've been telling myself my children were all safe, fed, and properly supervised, so I'm not that horrible. Son is over it. This morning he told me he loves me and I'm "the most beautiful Mom he has ever seen."

The grocery store alone? What was that like, Holly? I went to Superwalmart with 3 kids after taking them all to breakfast and bringing Toddler to swim class. (I wanted them to choose the gifts for the names we took from the giving tree at the church. I think it's a good way to get them involved with doing for others.)

Kim, White Christmas was on this weekend on ABC family. My kids enjoyed it. Favorite old movie is "An Affair to Remember."

My favorite version of "O holy Night" was a nine year old boy who sang it at our church last Christmas. It was so beautiful and powerful, it made me teary.

Time to clean. (I feel like I'm always saying that, and yet it never seems to be tidy around here.)



Choices - Nov 28, 2007 12:27 pm (#1058 of 2988)

Puck dear, you must remember that you are one person cleaning up and there are several who are messing up. I learned years ago that you cannot beat them - the mess makers will always be ahead of the cleaner. Do the best you can and remember that one day you will have your house back and can keep it neat and clean.....if you are still able to push the vacuum. LOL

You must be a wonderful Mommy because you care so deeply about making that mistake. Nobody is perfect. {{{hugs}}}

Hope everyone is having a good week. Healing charms to all who need them. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Puck - Nov 28, 2007 1:20 pm (#1059 of 2988)

Thanks, Choices!, So sweet of you. The kindest thing my MIL ever said to me is when she told me how she used to run around like mad and try to shove things in closets before people came over. As her house- currently void of children or pets- is always tidy, I often had the impression it was always that way. It took so much pressure off when I realized it wasn't.

Off to piano lessons.


Holly T. - Nov 28, 2007 2:10 pm (#1060 of 2988)

Grocery store by myself--it was quiet! I got to push the cart, and I didn't have to remind myself not to run into people.

Anybody who thinks my house is clean hasn't opened a closet. Or my office. Or the guest room. In fact, we're going to have to clean out the closet under the stairs if we want to decorate for Christmas since that's where the decorations are. My goal this year is to reach the Advent calendar before Dec. 1. Last year it was at least a week into December before I got to it. The kids were upset with me. This year I got them the chocolate Advent calendars too so if we don't get the one on the wall up in time it should be ok. They keep asking when we're going to decorate and I keep telling them not until after the Advent Festival at church (other than the calendar--if I can reach it). My daughter actually asked if that was because I didn't think Christmas should start until then. No--it's because I'm in charge of the festival and trying to think about decorating the house while trying to make sure I have enough volunteers and supplies for the festival would overload my brain.

Kids got their report cards. Both got a B in math and A's in everything else. Draco got an 88 and Hermione an 89, which she is upset about. Telling her she should still be able to manage an A for the semester grade did not help.


PeskyPixie - Nov 28, 2007 2:29 pm (#1061 of 2988)

Hermione sounds a lot like me as a child! I actually considered taking grade eleven biology over as I only received an 94.5% in it.


I Am Used Vlad - Nov 28, 2007 2:30 pm (#1062 of 2988)

Catherine's students are lucky; they get to read Ender's Game. I did like the Sci-fi books I had to read, like 1984 and Brave New World. I also liked The Catcher in the Rye, and probably will end up stealing Holden's idea for my tombstone.


HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 28, 2007 3:03 pm (#1063 of 2988)

Said fairy had forgotten to come the two previous nights, and I claimed she was away for Thanksgiving weekend. ~ Puck
***dances around happily*** Yay, I'm not the only one. . I'm not the only one. . .

I looked at the wrong day on calendar by mistake, and totally forgot to go. My poor child spent the hour waiting for a mom who never came. ~ Puck
***still dancing***. . .I've done that too. . .I've done that too. . .

Olivia read 3 out of your four, Vlad. She has not read 1984. I had to read that in school and didn't like it. I just picked up That Was Then, This Is Now. Anyone remember that book? I had completely forgotten about it until I saw it on the bookstore shelf today. (FWIW, I think OBLIVI8 would suit me well.) I couldn't resist because I can't resist a book.

Denise, if it's not too late, I am partial to the needlepoint stockings with the nice velvet backs. They have kits and you can put each family member's name on it. Yeah, well, I know you don't need a new project or anything but they are really nice and keepsakes for the kiddies.

Happy Birthday to Sheila's Oldest Daughter!!

Marie - my cousin whom we visited in Iowa over the summer is moving his family to Missouri - just outside of KC.

I have been told by Olivia's doc that she needs to have x-rays because he suspects mild scoliosis. He is not certain. I am thinking it is because she favors one shoulder for her backpack. I am going to see if it looks better after she has worn it correctly for a while before I take her. That is his other suspicion. So for all of you moms with backpack toting-kiddies, beware. Sometimes they don't do what they're told.

Maria :tiredwornoutsillygrin:


PeskyPixie - Nov 28, 2007 3:05 pm (#1064 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Sheila's Oldest Daughter!!!!!


painting sheila - Nov 28, 2007 3:19 pm (#1065 of 2988)

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Oldest (and only) Daughter. I will pass them along to her as soon as she comes home.


Choices - Nov 28, 2007 6:13 pm (#1066 of 2988)

Yes, I was like Hermione when it came to grades - I wanted nothing but A's. Unfortunately wanting and getting are two very different things. LOL

When I was in high school, Peyton Place was the "hot" book. I can't remember another thing I read those four years. ;-) LOL


Barbara J - Nov 28, 2007 7:14 pm (#1067 of 2988)

I remember reading That was Then, This is Now over and over again. Funny, I never got around to reading the Outsiders. Maybe when my son gets around to reading it I will pick it up.

The book everyone was passing around when I was in high school was The Thorn Birds.


Solitaire - Nov 28, 2007 7:15 pm (#1068 of 2988)

I vaguely remember being assigned Silas Marner and maybe Mill on the Floss. Alas, I can't remember reading the latter at all; perhaps I never did. I did struggle through SM, but I don't remember liking it. For some weird reason, I liked it a lot better when I read it as an adult. Hm ...



Madam Pince - Nov 29, 2007 12:07 am (#1069 of 2988)

Hello everyone! We're back from Grandma's house for Thanksgiving. It was busy beforehand with packing and cooking and such, and un-packing and... un-cooking (?) afterwards, so all in all I'll bet it's been two weeks since I've been on here. Eek! Sounds like everyone had a great turkey day. I haven't missed as much as I thought I would have since I'm not a big Jane Austen reader. LOL!

We did have a great trip and wonderful meal. I'm like Loopy, though, it seems I have a hard time with the "thickest part of the breast" thing with the turkey thermometer. I rely more on the little pop-up doohickey. It turned out fantastically well. Journeymom, you said "I still haven't mastered a good pie crust." Hello? Repeat after me... "Mrs. Smith's." That's all you need to know. Freezer section. Perfectly lovely. No work whatsoever.

Ginny and Tori, so sorry about the LSU loss. It was a great game to watch, though! Very exciting. Good Evans and Loopy, we'll share commiserations about the Redskins and the Cavaliers. Ah well. We'll get 'em next time. (Good Evans, you did hear the news about the Redskins' player Sean Taylor getting murdered in his home? Very sad -- he was home because he'd been injured and didn't travel to Tampa Bay to play. Apparently it looks like a burglary.)

Steve, sorry your dog is feeling poorly but I'm glad it doesn't appear to be that cancer. Hope things go better soon!

Tazzy, bummer about your lost keys. You do realize that it's just muggle-baiting, right? They've simply shrunken away to nothing -- you didn't lose them at all.

...to make Olivia a pig costume for the nativity play (who knew that a pig was at the birth of Jesus!!!) –Snuffles

Well, at least it isn't a lobster. Or an octopus. (Only fans of Love Actually will get that, but I think everyone here is a fan, so...)

Re: thermostat issues -- I guess I am the only one here who is firmly on the side of wanting the house HOT! Vox, you seriously have your heat only to 60 at night! I would absolutely shrivel up and die. As far as I'm concerned, the hotter the better. AND I sleep in flannel sheets AND fleecy PJs AND socks also. I cannot abide a cold house. If I'm cold, I can't sleep and end up having to curl up and thus get a stiff neck and can't seem to get warm for the entire day and I'm grouchy as an old bear with a sore tail (to quote my mother.) Mr. Pince feels the same way, except to the opposite -- he likes it cold. So we have a lively winter -- lots of exercise flipping the thermostat from one to the other extreme. LOL! I think I'll move in with Maria.

Denise, we have been wanting to go to Mt. Vernon for ages now -- Mr. Pince has never been (or if he has it was when he was very small.) They just finished a huge overhaul and new museum etc. last year. Let us know when you're going after Christmas and maybe we'll try to meet you there - that could be fun! I love your new Nativity set -- the pieces look very much like Christmas decorations that my aunt's friend used to make for us. Really quality handiwork!

Careful Pixie, Madam Pince will break out her squirrel gravy recipe. — Denise P. (She who didn't comment on her cyber-gifts ) --John Bumbledore

Oops! Was it me who didn't comment on cyber-gifts, or did you mean Denise? I must've missed the reference, if you meant me! So sorry -- I didn't hear anything about one for me except Maria saying she knew what to get me! Tell me again and I'll be sure to comment!

Speaking of squirrel gravy -- I'm seriously ready to make some. Mr. Pince discovered that some critter has been literally eating our cabin! At first we thought it was bear claw marks on the wood outside both doors and along the porch, but further inspection leads us to believe it's either a squirrel or a very large rat (which doesn't bear thinking about, so I'm going to say it's a squirrel.) Very aggravating. For such little buggers they can sure make a huge mess. (And don't say it's payback for us eating them, either...)


Catherine - Nov 29, 2007 4:07 am (#1070 of 2988)

For such little buggers they can sure make a huge mess. (And don't say it's payback for us eating them, either...)--Madam Pince

Ok, I won't say it ** looks pointedly in that direction, though**


azi - Nov 29, 2007 4:59 am (#1071 of 2988)

Brave New World is one of my favourite books. I've only seen Silas Marner at the theatre...it was ok. Most of the others I've never even heard of.

Anti-eating charms to your cabin, Madam P!

I'm in a practical which involves maths, and I'm shattered. Maths makes me irritable. I did manage to concentrate for 2 hours, which is a near miracle. **snoozes**


HungarianHorntail11 - Nov 29, 2007 5:25 am (#1072 of 2988)

...to make Olivia a pig costume for the nativity play (who knew that a pig was at the birth of Jesus!!!) ~ Snuffles
Actually, I don't think there would be pigs because they don't eat pork. I only figured the teacher was an Ian Falconer fan.

Welcome back, Madam Pince! You're welcome in our home anytime! (It will be great to have one other person to help with the flipping of the thermostat.) Though it's not so much of a challenge except when hubby's awake because I am usually the last to go to sleep and the first awake. That helps.



Good Evans - Nov 29, 2007 5:58 am (#1073 of 2988)

to make Olivia a pig costume for the nativity play (who knew that a pig was at the birth of Jesus!!!) ~ Snuffles Actually, I don't think there would be pigs because they don't eat pork. I only figured the teacher was an Ian Falconer fan.[

I would have thought that the fact Pork was not eaten, yet Noah had taken two of everything on to the Ark that there was a better than most chance of a pig being around a stable!!!!!! - no?

on the news last night was a story about Britain dropping down the tables internationally in reading (apparently all our youngsters prefer video games) So we asked Bright spark son what was the last book he had read, all proudly he answered "Harry Potter" , But that was July!!! I remonstrated with him, I then asked him when he had last taken a book out of the library or bought one to read that was a not a school project and was not jeremy clarksons best cars - or whatever its called! and he went very blank for a long time!

We have encouraged him to read some spy / adventure books (not Fleming - but thinking more LeCarre) anyone reccomend something that is interesting / exciting / swashbuckling / good story etc - he did enjoy the Da Vinci code when he read that and has also read Angels and Demons, but didnt enjoy that so much!


azi - Nov 29, 2007 6:07 am (#1074 of 2988)

After my making of a costume for a party last night in 3 hours, I can safely say that pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes are all you need to become a garden, complete with bees (the theme). One did become Eric the Half-a-Bee though - the glue didn't have time to set properly.

Snuffles - you could make the outline of some ears using pipe cleaners and cover it with crepe paper. That's as far as my creativity is going.

Hmm, since HP I've read one trilogy (I had to do something to distract me from the icky ending of DH) and some Enid Blyton books. I haven't found anything new on the market that's interested me.


Denise P. - Nov 29, 2007 6:21 am (#1075 of 2988)

My Iain is a HUGE Ian Falconer fan. We have checked out every book so often we may as well call them ours. We currently have the Christmas book home from the library.

Madam P - we are planning to go to Mt Vernon on the 8th, skipping Iain's basketball practice that day. Bad us but that is when Grandpa Denise will be in town.

I gave blood last night and they have a new machine to test blood. It is now just one little stick and a few drops of blood. No more squeezing to get numerous little tubes of blood to test. No sore finger today! I also remembered to bring in my donor card so it went much faster. The lady next to me (she is the seminary teacher that Nicholas has) got woozy so they had to recline her, drape her with wet cloths and put a cold soda behind her neck. She was fine once it was done.

I am officially Cookie Mom 2008! The troop leader sent out a request, I said I was willing to do it if no one else stepped up (I sent it to just her) Of course, no one else stepped up so here I am.

Off to get kidlets on the bus. For once, Kierynn is actually up and coherant in the morning. Normally, she takes about an hour to become fully awake...which makes getting her ready to go out to do errands really fun. She is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning so I should be able to go as soon as the bus is here and get back home quickly.


Puck - Nov 29, 2007 6:29 am (#1076 of 2988)

Juile, there was any author I read a bit of who does that kind of novel, I will attempt to remember his name.... I know Dave Barry has co-authored a couple of Peter-pan prequels, which are fun. The are in the same section of the bookstore as HP books.

Azi, sounds like a fun costume. Any particular reason for a dress-up party, or did you and your friends just feel like having one?

Time to get ready for some power shopping. I'm driving out to the big mall, hopefully my one trip for the season.



The giant squid - Nov 29, 2007 7:27 am (#1077 of 2988)

Mike, who did you have for English that year? I had Mr. Upton.--Marie E.

I had...the one that wasn't Mr. Upton. I have no idea of his name, or even if he might have been a she. That's how much of an impression that class had on me.

Cormac isn't that bad, I suppose. She'll have to get used to me calling him Mac, though. Hmm...Coby & Mac--sounds like a cop buddy movie.



Madam Pince - Nov 29, 2007 7:37 am (#1078 of 2988)

*snicker* It reminds me of that TV show that Joey was in on Friends -- was it called "Mac and Cheese" or something similar? I like Marie's idea of trying Imperio...

Denise -- December 8th or January 8th? I forget which holiday you said it was going to be after... Thanksgiving or Christmas? I'm thinking you must mean December 'cause that's a Saturday... Oh goody! I'd get to meet Grandpa Denise too! I can bring Grandma Pince and they can compare Medicare stories.


Holly T. - Nov 29, 2007 8:32 am (#1079 of 2988)

We went to Mount Vernon last summer and even though it was pouring rain (half of the memories of our trip to Virginia involve pouring rain) and the new museum wasn't finished yet we still had a very nice time.

I like the Dave Barry, et al. books, Peter and the Starcatchers etc. The new one is out now, so I guess one of my kids will get it for Christmas. I read Peter and the Shadow Thieves on the plane coming back from Chicago--it lasted exactly the length of the flight. Jim Dale reads the audiobooks.

I think I am going to get through the entire holiday season without going to the mall once. I have coupon for 30% off my entire purchase at CVS this weekend, plus $5 off if I spend $50. I think I am going to buy all of the stocking stuffers, plus stock up on Robitussin, Kleenex, etc.

I thought I was almost done shopping for the kids, then dh said we should get each of them a few more things. While I am glad he is showing an interest in the holiday shopping, not to mention glad that he actually picked out what to get his parents for a change (even though it is more than I was planning to spend) he then had the nerve to give me the talk about how I need to watch my spending. Ahem.


Marie E. - Nov 29, 2007 9:01 am (#1080 of 2988)

Never doubt the power of Imperio!

Madam Pince, you can come over to our house, too. I'm always cold. The only time I'm comfortable is July and August. I haven't checked, but I suspect Mr. E. turns our thermostat down at night, too.

We got Shayla's mid-quarter progress report and she's getting an A for the first time ever! That silly B in Math has dogged her for years. She's very proud of it.

We've got our lovely winter holiday viruses going around. There's a rotovirus, pink eye, roseolla (sp?), strep, you name it. I've considered going to work with gloves and a mask.


journeymom - Nov 29, 2007 9:48 am (#1081 of 2988)

Madam P, nice to 'see' you!

Our son (third grade) got his report card yesterday, and he is pleased. He has B's, B pluses and an A in science ("Well, duh!" he tells me regarding his science grade. He loves learning about the solar system.) He's reading a little above grade level, at least for now.

Our daughter (seventh grade) will get second quarter progress report tomorrow. Well, according to her mygradebook.com account, she's failing math still. She's frustrated, and about ready to give up, and I feel dreadful for her. She can't let it slide, though, because she'll get summer school if she can't get the grade up. We can't afford a math tutor right now, so I'm getting a copy of her math text to keep at home, and Mr Journeymom and I will do our best to tutor her ourselves.

She's so heavily weighted towards language arts. She's getting B's and A's in everything else.

This Christmas my dad will be without his beautiful bride for the first time in 57 years. Either my sister or I will have him sleep over on Christmas Eve. That will be interesting!


kaykay1970 - Nov 29, 2007 10:04 am (#1082 of 2988)

I have crossed some sort of threshold today. Oldest Daughter is 18. I am the mother of an adult. How did that happen!!?? –She

It does tend to sneak up on you doesn't it?! LOL Happy belated birthday to her!!

Bubblehead charms to all that are being exposed to viruses! We have chicken pox going around at the elementary school right now. I thought my kids were safe as the ones that haven't had it yet are vaccinated. But it seems many of the children infected have been vaccinated!

My Hermione once got a B on her report card (8th grade, I think). She was distraught and made sure it never happened again! LOL She has enrolled for her second semester classes, still no major. In addition to her English and Math classes, she's enrolled in Basic Japanese II, Japanese Graphic novels and animation (she had to take a cultural course so why not this one?), and Satori-Ryu Iaido (Japanese martial art of swordplay). You see a pattern here? I still say the stork dropped her off in the wrong country!!

My other kids are really busy practicing their various instruments for Christmas concert and parades! Eldest son has stayed over 1-2 hours after school every single day this week! (soccer conditioning, Jazz band, Quiz Bowl practice, etc.) Once he gets home he finishes homework, practices trumpet, then retreats into the book he's reading. Boy! I sure do miss him! He did take time to watch Shrek The Halls and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with us last night! Yay!

I'm glad everyone seems to have had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful too! I ate way too much! My son turned 14 that day and thought Thanksgiving would overshadow his big day. He was surprised when he discovered a birthday cake with his name on it among the desserts.

Hugs ((Journeymom)) It is painful and frustrating to watch one of your children struggling with school. My 5th grader has had some tough times as well, so I understand!


Denise P. - Nov 29, 2007 10:10 am (#1083 of 2988)

Madam P, yes...December 8th. As for Papa Denise..he is loud, very opinionated since he is an expert on everything and in general, just....difficult. Good thing he is a relative or no one would invite him anywhere I almost kicked Mr. Denise last time Papa Denise visited since he talked him into staying longer "What were you thinking??"

Let me give you an insight into my delightful dad. Ages ago when he and my mother came for a visit, we were driving down to visit the Hermitage. The van I drove had an odd cruise control system. If you hit the brakes, you had to reset the entire thing. Since traffic was bad, I was resetting often. He pointed out that my sister had the same van (no, she didn't) and all I had to do was hit the level and it would reset. I explained I had the van for 5 years since it was brand new and it had to be reset. He disagreed and after about 10 miles of hearing him harp on it, I pulled over and invited him to drive and show me how to do it. He got up to speed, describing what he was doing, pressed the level and...nothing. He tried it several times before saying "I will be darned!" and then proceeded to lecture me on if I had just upgraded my van, I would have a better cruise control system! ****sigh****:


Steve Newton - Nov 29, 2007 10:21 am (#1084 of 2988)

She, having a 16 year old learning to drive I understand completely. It seems like only yesterday that I....well, why dredge up the past?


Loopy Lupin - Nov 29, 2007 11:27 am (#1085 of 2988)

Once I got to the chapter about a turtle crossing the road (yes, an entire chapter) I was done.-- Squid Mike

Um, wasn't that the first chapter?


Choices - Nov 29, 2007 11:44 am (#1086 of 2988)

I definitely agree, Mrs. Smith makes excellent pie crusts. I love egg custard pie and can whip one up in no time using my Mrs. Smith's crust. The hardest part is getting it into the oven without it slopping out all over the place. It takes patience and a very steady hand. LOL

Giving blood is a wonderful thing to do. Back when I was in college I went with my Dad to his church to give blood. As we were leaving, walking side by side, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he appeared to be getting shorter. Curious! I turned just in time to catch him before he hit the floor - he fainted. They revived him, gave him something cool to drink and a doughnut and he was fine.

Woohoo, tomorrow is Friday. Hope everyone has a good day - healing charms to all who need them. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


John Bumbledore - Nov 29, 2007 12:41 pm (#1087 of 2988)

**195 posts while I was away, I'll be back after reading them.


HungarianHorntail11  - Nov 29, 2007 2:09 pm (#1088 of 2988)

Welcome back, John!


Solitaire - Nov 29, 2007 2:37 pm (#1089 of 2988)

Journeymom, doesn't your daughter's math teacher offer any tutoring? Our teachers spend part of the lunch hour and any recesses not consumed with yard duty in their rooms ... tutoring! I would call the school. Another option is a different teacher. When it comes to math, not all math teachers are created equal. I've had students who were flunking with one teacher really respond to another. I'd talk to the teacher and principal ... really, I would.



Puck - Nov 29, 2007 3:04 pm (#1090 of 2988)

wOOt to Shayla, and ((hugs)) to those struggling with school.

Wow! The mall I went to added a whole new wing since I was last there! I spent the first hour mostly gathering business cards with sku numbers of items I liked. Will give the cards to hubby later. I did manage to get several items off my shopping list. I think I'm mostly done. Plus, I finally found black dress pants for Son. He has a nice jacket, and I've been looking for pants to go with it, so he can have a suit for his First Communion. I figured if I got them early, he could wear it for Christmas, too.

Would you believe my neighbor forgot to go to the Native American Museum as well? We decided it was somethig in our water.

Time to wrap a few presents. Kids are itching to see something under that tree.



PeskyPixie - Nov 29, 2007 3:27 pm (#1091 of 2988)

ANTM Spoiler: Although it didn't really come as a surprise I am heartbroken at Heather's departure. She is the only girl in the five seasons of the show that I've watched that I would actually call 'beautiful'. I looked forward to her photos each week. Her strong pictures just seemed to come effortlessly.


azi - Nov 29, 2007 3:32 pm (#1092 of 2988)

Puck - the party was a 21st and a quarter birthday. The person was in Spain at the big tomato festival on her actual birthday and wanted to celebrate back here. I usually avoid these things, but I figured I should give into peer pressure and go out once a term.

I got a request from my mother for a Christmas list for my grandma and aunt. Yey, I'm not too old for presents!

We were never allowed presents under the tree. Something to do with always shaking them and picking little holes to see what was there.


PeskyPixie - Nov 29, 2007 3:34 pm (#1093 of 2988)

Gosh, I just wait for Santa on Christmas Eve.


journeymom - Nov 29, 2007 3:50 pm (#1094 of 2988)

Journeymom, doesn't your daughter's math teacher offer any tutoring? Our teachers spend part of the lunch hour and any recesses not consumed with yard duty in their rooms ... tutoring! I would call the school. Another option is a different teacher. When it comes to math, not all math teachers are created equal. I've had students who were flunking with one teacher really respond to another. I'd talk to the teacher and principal ... really, I would. ~Solitaire

Her math teacher is a long term substitute. The actual teacher, whom dd has never met, got very sick a little before school started. She might be back after Christmas. I asked, the sub teacher doesn't tutor.

Move her- well, I'll re-think it! I've assumed (dangerous, that) that since she is in this pickle because she doesn't have a head for numbers, that moving her might not really help. But I did visit the class room, and it is more than a bit chaotic. Solitaire, I think I might call the principle!


Madam Pince - Nov 29, 2007 5:08 pm (#1095 of 2988)

Just two weeks ago, a perfectly empty calendar stretched invitingly before me (except for the usual annual family get-togethers.) Nothing to do whatsoever except get ready for Christmas. So I let myself get roped into helping the PTA with the Winter Wonderland festival thingy. And work at the kids' holiday shopping thingy they do at school. Not so bad, right? Just two things. But suddenly I'm on two committees for the festival, and we've been invited to two birthday parties, one candle party, and one open house. A class Christmas party, a cookie-baking project for the class, a Christmas parade, and a luncheon for the elders. And Mr. Pince has to have a colonoscopy (just a screening one, no problems hopefully, but definitely not fun.) All this before Christmas. How did that happen??? All of a sudden I'm turning grey and getting that "deer in the headlights" look. Nary an open Saturday in sight. Oh, my.....

Little Pince and I had a date before we left for Thanksgiving -- we went to see Bee Movie. I wish we'd saved our money to buy the DVD of Ratatouille instead. I don't know why I thought I'd enjoy it, because I never really cared for Seinfeld and this was pretty much like that show. Little P didn't even like it so much. Any opinions out there on Whats-his-face's Wonder Emporium?


HungarianHorntail11  - Nov 29, 2007 5:52 pm (#1096 of 2988)

Journeymom, your daughter's grade is really suffering and it could very well be the teacher. I agree with Solitaire. In 7th Grade, Olivia had a sub for a sub in Spanish for nearly half a year. The teacher gave her a C and in the comments section said she was talking too much. It became a classroom joke because she is so quiet, I am certain most of her peers have never heard her voice. That just told me she didn't know my daughter. I never fought it, though in retrospect, I should have. It's worth a trip to see the principal at the very least. Don't neglect it as I did.

Madam Pince, we saw Enchanted. It was cute. I figured out the whole plot in the first two minutes (most movies take me 5 minutes) but it was funny and lighthearted. Entertaining for sure. At some points when the princess-to-be started singing at off times, my daughters both looked at me as if to say, "Oh my gosh, she's just like mommy!"

Trevor made a comment tonight that made me feel so sad for him. He said his teacher doesn't really like him. Why would a teacher give such an impression to a 5-yr old? I'm not sure what to do. For now, I told him I'm sure she likes him and to keep doing his best but something tells me his instincts are better than that.



journeymom - Nov 29, 2007 7:14 pm (#1097 of 2988)

Thanks, Hungarian! I tend to minimize my daughter's problems, since she's such an easy-going kid.


Holly T. - Nov 29, 2007 7:19 pm (#1098 of 2988)

Madam Pince, I know the feeling. With all of the stuff we have on our calendar this year, sometimes we look at it and sigh in relief that at least daughter isn't in the Nutcracker this year. She's been in it the past four years and last year with eight performances was just insane between shows, rehearsals, etc. Her new ballet school has a Christmas show but it's nowhere near as intense. We didn't have anything to do tonight! Stayed home and watched "Survivor" when it was actually on and not several days later like we usually do.

Maria, Draco kept telling me his teacher didn't like him. When we had our big conference I mentioned it to her, not saying "why don't you like my son?" but saying "he thinks you don't like him" and trying to figure out why he thought that. She was very upset to hear that, said she loved all her students, etc. and then we talked about how he might be interpreting some things that she was saying or doing. She is evidently trying harder, because Draco said she's being nice to him now. I still don't think the teacher necessarily has it all together in many ways, but at least Draco isn't coming home complaining that she doesn't like him. And his conduct grade has improved.

Denise, last night at Cub Scouts my husband had the uncle of one of the Webelos talk to the den about his job--he's on the county sheriff's SWAT team and he brought all his gear. The boys collected toys for the sheriff department's Brown Santa program for him to take with him. Dh said the boys really liked looking at the SWAT gear, especially the guns and the taser. He then started pondering about how a taser could be really useful at a Cub Scout meeting.

Editing to add some hugs for your daughter Journeymom! Hermione had a long-term sub last year in science since her teacher was pregnant, on bedrest, and then on maternity leave. I don't think she learned anything in science last year because even when the teacher was there she really didn't seem to know what was going on.


painting sheila - Nov 29, 2007 8:03 pm (#1099 of 2988)

Madame Pince - we saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and liked it alot. Littlest Guy thought the toys were cool. white writing -> Mr. Magorium "goes away" and Littlest Guy picked up on him dieing. He asked why he had to die but didn't seem upset at all about it. Just thought you ought to know. The "counting mutant" line was funny.

I am in denial about all I have to do. We have a Nativity with over 200 Nativity sets from around the world at church next week and I am in charge of the live Nativity outside. John and Eponine - you should come! It's beautiful with choirs from all over the area and from high schools and different churches performing. We even have free cider and cookies!

Tomorrow . . . I Will work on it tomorrow!


Denise P. - Nov 29, 2007 8:05 pm (#1100 of 2988)

Heh! I could use a taser at a pack meeting sometimes!

Millicent is almost done with the first badge needed for her Bronze project. I am hoping over Christmas she can finish the second one and get working on her actual project.
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Mrs. Sirius - Nov 29, 2007 10:39 pm (#1101 of 2988)

Hey guys! I have tried giving blood, but I have been rejected far more times that accepted. I tend towards the low iron and unless I fill up on iron rich foods for a day or two ahead I don't make the cut.

Our elementary school will be closed tomorrow! About half the students were out sick today with the Norovirus which is that illness people on cruise ship get.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I kept one of the girls home for a bad cough, last night the 3 that went to school yesterday spent the night throwing up. Between 1:30 am and 6:15 am I actually lost track of how many times they threw up. Maria because she was home all day was fine and refused to go into her room, afraid of catching what her sisters had.

I think I am missing something with the Girl Scout, my girls have been in it about two months I don't see any of these mystery badges. What am I missing.

Speaking of squirrel gravy...Madam Pince


PeskyPixie - Nov 29, 2007 11:56 pm (#1102 of 2988)

Do you guys all eat squirrels? You've certainly terrorized my little rodent fellas into hiding.

We thought it was raining today, but were surprised to see flurries in the air instead (bitter, bitter cold wind as well). It turns out that a flock of blackbirds were migrating so what we assumed to be rain was actually like a thousand blackbirds landing all over our house. They do it every year but it never ceases to be creepy (as it's eerily similar to The Birds) yet stunningly beautiful.

I became a fan of Seinfeld two years ago (I tend to start watching shows when they go into re-runs ) and watched the prison sentence episode today. Was this the show's finale? Someone, please let me know.


Denise P. - Nov 30, 2007 3:56 am (#1103 of 2988)

*I* don't eat squirrels, my dog would if she ever caught the fat lil guy that hangs out in our backyard.

Mrs. Sirius, which age group are they in? Brownies? Juniors? Some troops don't encourage girls to work on badges at home, some do. In any event, they should have a badge book (or if they are Brownies, a Try-It book) that details what the various badges are. There are also specific ones on the internet that are not in the book. Ask your troop leader what they are working on. Most of the time, you won't see them until they have been awarded at a ceremony, usually once or twice a year.


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 5:49 am (#1104 of 2988)

Pesky Pixie - If they were in jail for not helping the guy that got robbed - then yes. It is the final episode.

My husband loves that show.


Puck - Nov 30, 2007 6:31 am (#1105 of 2988)

At some points when the princess-to-be started singing at off times, my daughters both looked at me as if to say, "Oh my gosh, she's just like mommy!" –Maria   We really are a couple of peas in pod, aren't we? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

I feel so accomplished. It's not even 8:30am, and I've already baked a cake. Well, I was planning to bake it last night, but watched Surivivor and read Sense and Sensibility instead. They are having a "cake walk" at the school tomorrow as part of the holiday festival in our town. I want it ready early. A friend is dropping her son off here on her way to Girl Scouts at the school, and I plan to send the cake along with her, so I don't have to make the trip to drop it off tonight.

Incidently, Survivor is more interesting this season. It gets so boring when they predictably pick off the other group one by one.

No shopping today. Just the gym and then more baking. (Cookies for the church's craft fair, also for tomorrow's festival.)



painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 6:59 am (#1106 of 2988)

I loved Enchanted! I had no idea the prince would end up with someone. I thought it was going to be like Sweet Home Alabama where you didn't know which good guy to pick.

The animals in the "forest" cleaning the apartment was creepy - but we laughed out loud the whole time.

I read some where that the white wedding dress in the first New York scene weighed over 45 pounds! Whew! Can you imagine what it weighed when they got it wet?


Puck - Nov 30, 2007 7:07 am (#1107 of 2988)

Arrrggghhhh!!! I just got an e-mail about the craft project I was supposed to cut out 200 felt mittens for tomorrow's festival! I forgot that, too! Where oh where did I leave my brain this week! Must go! A couple hundred things to cut out. Cookies to bake. Must get a paper bag to breath into.....:pullingouthairsmilie:



Denise P. - Nov 30, 2007 7:11 am (#1108 of 2988)

I ordered fun patches for my Tigers nearly 3 weeks ago, every one was in stock. They are not here. I called, they were waiting on a parade patch and it was supposed to have been shipped. They are still not here. These are the patches I planned to sew onto the red vest I am making each of them and planned to give to them on Tuesday so they can show off at the pack meeting. Ugh!

Kim (kabloink)...the myspace address you gave doesn't go to your page just FYI your kastle has a K, not a C in it. Cute pics of Ian.


The giant squid - Nov 30, 2007 7:29 am (#1109 of 2988)

Um, wasn't that the first chapter?--Loopy Lupin

I don't think so; there must have been more than one turtle chapter. The one I'm thinking of ends with the turtle getting hit by a car just as it reaches the other side. The next chapter starts with the main characters finding & eating it. Painful.



Denise P. - Nov 30, 2007 7:44 am (#1110 of 2988)

Oh thanks loads for ruining the book for me, Mike! **throws down book in disgust**

Mr. Denise made an error in speaking last night. I have been showing him pictures of cats lately. He is so not a cat person so he said "If we get a cat, no more birds or dogs" I readily agreed that if we got a cat, I would not get another bird or dog. He started to back up and say "No, I meant we could have only the cat!" Heh, that is not what he said!


Solitaire - Nov 30, 2007 7:58 am (#1111 of 2988)

Journeymom, please do call the principal. I have the highest regard for substitute teachers, having been one myself at the beginning of my career. Many, though, lack the broad and consistent classroom experience that helps them understand the array of difficulties kids can have with math. In junior high, in particular, kids are moving from regular math into algebra, and many kids just hit a roadblock.

I'm sympathetic to these kids, because I had a horrible time with algebra ... until I got a new teacher. Sadly, that came AFTER I'd repeated the first semester with the same teacher ... who didn't help me at all the second time around, either. I took the second semester in summer school, with a new teacher, and he really made the difference for me. He quickly figured out who the lost lambs were and set up tutoring sessions. He took time to go over issues which had given me trouble and brought me up to speed quickly. Once I'd nailed down some of the basics which had given me trouble, I got an A. My original teacher had never even bothered to try tutoring. My geometry teacher, on the other hand, tutored from the get-go. The minute any kid slipped below a B, he was put into after-school tutoring with teacher and peer tutors, until his grade was back up. If it slipped again, back into tutoring he went! We all finished the year with C or better! For some kids, the teacher really makes the difference.

BTW ... TGIF!!!! Happy Friday, everyone!



PeskyPixie - Nov 30, 2007 9:23 am (#1112 of 2988)

Thanks, Sheila. I've also recently discovered Frasier which I love!


kaykay1970 - Nov 30, 2007 9:37 am (#1113 of 2988)

I don't eat squirrels either. I'm probably in the minority, where I live though. Hey, my county is home of the World's Largest Coon Hunt! Other popular game around here is rabbit and ground hog. My hubby would love to go squirrel hunting but refrains since he knows I won't be cooking it. Now if he bags a deer, I'm all for stocking the deep freeze with venison! Yum!

Another popular thing here is crawdads. I'm afraid to touch those things. They look like giant radioactive bugs. *shudders*

Crawdadman, Crawdadman,

Does whatever a crawdad can,

Hides away in the mud,

Sharp pincers to catch the thuds,

Look out!

There goes the Crawdadman...

Um...Sorry about that. Little Guy has been watching Spiderman, Superman and Batman cartoons until it is driving me crazy! He has asked for super powers for Christmas. I hope he will settle for some nice Spidey jammies!


PeskyPixie - Nov 30, 2007 9:55 am (#1114 of 2988)

I've tried venison and quite enjoyed it, but as an idealistic adolescent (believe it or not, I was 'Gryffindor material' up until my mid-teens!) I gave up eating many animals. I truly doubt I'll ever taste veal, duck, lamb, any sort of wild/hunted game or seafood that's been cooked alive, again. Any type of rodent is out of the question as well.

Pork, however, is the one thing I'll never be able to give up ... and I think pigs are such sweet and intelligent animals as well.


journeymom - Nov 30, 2007 10:06 am (#1115 of 2988)

Gah!!! Sheila! *I loved Enchanted! I had no idea the prince would end up with someone. * We're going to see Enchanted this weekend! I suppose that's not giving too much away, lol!

Very clever, Kaykay!

Solitaire, your story sounds exactly what we hope for dd. I hope we can arrange something like that for her.

We'd love to have a cat. The kids and I make a fuss over the cats up for adoption at PetCo on weekends. But Mr Journeymom and ds are both allergic to cats.

Anybody following Avatar? Double episode, season ender tonight!


John Bumbledore - Nov 30, 2007 10:32 am (#1116 of 2988)

He quickly figured out who the lost lambs were and set up tutoring sessions. — Solitaire

Sounds like what a good shepherd would do.

About Knitting and crochet: "traditionally a very female orientated past time.", Julie and Azi

You could have left off the "in the UK!" Sir Winston Churchill and other men of his era (such as Azi's great grandfather, a soldier) did knit. So must be only more recently that it has received a "bum wrap!"
In fact, take a look at this (www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jYa_rJyG18) a YouTube video titled, "Real Men Knit."
I particularly found the man curling the "needles and yarn" dumbbell funny! The video says that men invented knitting! So there!

Actually both About.com and Wikipedia.com agree that men knit and likely invented it. After all, it consists of two simple stitches.
Men were the first to knit as an occupation. (Wiki)
When the craft was first invented it was mostly men who knit, and the tradition might have come from men working on fishing nets. (About.com)
[first two sites found by google search for "History of Knitting"]

Now, I can believe that women invented crochet (with all those variations of stitches!) After all men have four emotions ( and :hungry!Smile vs. women who have emotions emulate a rainbow colored topography ranging from the Mariana Trench to the heights of Mount Everest.

Like what Mr. Denise said, "If we get a cat, no more birds or dogs" which clearly means they must stop existing in the same house at the time a cat enters the home. I am sure most (if not all) men will agree with that expansion of Mr. Denise's concise statement. Dog and birds have owners, cats have staff.

Come to think of it, many women want to have staff also!

Oy! enough said. I think.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Nov 30, 2007 10:42 am (#1117 of 2988)

Superpowers for Christmas, too cute!

Way to back him into a corner, Denise!

Off to start cutting out felt mittens. I'll bake when friend's son arrives, as he loves to cook. (The only 4 year old boy I know who watches the cooking channel.)


azi - Nov 30, 2007 11:10 am (#1118 of 2988)

**sniggers at John's post** I take Denise's interpretation of pets though...you can't get any more than the ones you already have.

There seems to be a lot of Norovirus and other sickness bugs around recently. Healing charms to all that have it!

I love cats also, but have the allergy problem. I am impressed by my new antihistamines - they are intended to stop itching, and I didn't start itching after being around my friend's cat for 1 1/2 hours, when usually I just need to touch it and my skin flares in a rash. Overall, my allergy wasn't anywhere near as bad as usual either. Shame the anti-histamines aren't helping what they're supposed to help.

Eurgh, I've got work to do. Ugly Betty tonight though!


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 11:10 am (#1119 of 2988)

journeymom - Sorry!! I didn't say who he ends up with . . . . .

kaykay - We have to think of a way for him to have Super Powers for Christmas. A kailidescope to see with super power eyes. Roller skates (they have them for little ones) so he can move at the speed of light. One of those listening spy toys so he can hear at super human decibels .. just ideas. Oh!! May be you could cut and paste his head onto his favorite super hero bodies and make posters or something. You could come up with your own captions about him - "Wonder Boy! The best big brother in the world." "Smartie Pants Boy! Knows all his letters from A to Z"

Okay - I will stop now.

Edit: If any of you forumners across the pond would like to see the Gala on Jan 3 at Westminster. Here's the web site with the appropriate www's and stuff in front -> secure.sjss.org.uk

My kids will be singing with the other youth choirs - fun stuff!


Good Evans - Nov 30, 2007 11:18 am (#1120 of 2988)

lol JOhn B - well you just knit away in peace if you are happy! I may even join you!!!!


kaykay1970 - Nov 30, 2007 2:04 pm (#1121 of 2988)

Thanks for the cute ideas, Sheila! We actually opted to buy Spidey Jammies as opposed to a Superman costume (his favorite) because I was afraid he would think the suit would enable him to fly! He did ask for super powers, after all. We are practicing what we learned from The Incredibles movie, "No capes!" But I don't see how it could hurt to have a Superman poster of himself. Very clever! He is the hardest kid in the house to pick presents for this year. He hasn't really asked for anything tangible, super powers and a baby sister(sorry, but NO)... He has also asked for things for his siblings. Very sweet, but doesn't help with shopping for HIM. Last year was easy, because he loves trains and construction vehicles and such. But now that he already owns these things, it is tougher....


Denise P. - Nov 30, 2007 2:06 pm (#1122 of 2988)

I lucked out on Black Friday and found pj's for $5 a set. I got 2 spiderman ones, 2 Cars ones and 1 Dora/1 Tinkerbell one. One another board, we have been talking about jammies and I am now contemplating getting everyone matching shirts (white) and sleep pants to start the tradition of opening new jammies on Christmas eve.


PeskyPixie - Nov 30, 2007 4:09 pm (#1123 of 2988)

Vox Gerbilis, I'm not sure whether I responded to your thoughtful response to my query about the island and meerkats in Life of Pi. Thank you so much for your input. Anna, myself and my non-lexicon friend have all come to similar conclusions. Either we're all rather perceptive or utterly clueless!


Puck - Nov 30, 2007 5:17 pm (#1124 of 2988)

Denise, we have that tradition. I remember it from when I was a kid, and continued it with ours. Those are the only gifts wrapped and under the tree. I sometimes write "eve" on the tag, but this year I found these fancy wire letter at Target, and tied the appropriate letter to each child's package. (As those gifts are still there unharmed, I reckon it's safe to put other gifts there. Last year no gifts were put under until it was time to open them, for fear little hands would open them ahead of time.

Sheila, my, aren't you clever! I guess that's a Mom Of the Year, for you.

I swear my brain/memory went the way of Tazzy's keys. Twice today I forgot to close the garage door. I'm getting the same amount of sleep, and eating the same, and yet all these little details keep escaping me. If I don't stop by tomorrow, it's because I've forgotten my password to log onto the computer. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1242194059

Harry Potter weekend on ABC family!

Time to cut out more felt mittens. Happily, it's going quicker than I thought. I worked for about 45 minutes and got about 25% done. Plus, the cookies for the church are baked and in the car.



Choices - Nov 30, 2007 5:47 pm (#1125 of 2988)

Ahhhh, it's Friday night. Hope everyone is well and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


PeskyPixie - Nov 30, 2007 6:11 pm (#1126 of 2988)

(((Hugs))) to you as well, Choices, and to everyone else too. A potential snow storm has started outdoors, but the whole family's home and the entire house is decked for Christmas, so no complaints here! I just need to creep out at some point to hang the wild birds's Christmas bell birdseed treat. Ah, it can wait till morning. All sensible birds should be tucked into bed by now.


HungarianHorntail11  - Nov 30, 2007 7:26 pm (#1127 of 2988)

Tap tap tap, smack. ***Runs away quickly***

(That was me knocking the knitting chip off John's shoulder. )

We really are a couple of peas in pod, aren't we?
Arrrggghhhh!!! I just got an e-mail about the craft project I was supposed to cut out 200 felt mittens for for tomorrow's festival! I forgot that, too! Where oh where did I leave my brain this week! Must go! A couple hundred things to cut out. Cookies to bake. Must get a paper bag to breath into.....:pullingouthairsmilie: ~ Puck

Okay, now the circle's complete.

For the record, when my daughters said that, they weren't smiling. It was more of a horrorstruck kind of expression they wore.

We are going to cut our tree down tomorrow.

That is so cute about your little guy, kay. I think he needs a whooshing wand, don't you, Madam Pince?



Vox Gerbilis - Nov 30, 2007 8:05 pm (#1128 of 2988)

Pesky, of course we are all right about Pi!

Regarding the possom/squirrel discussions: In the southwest suburbs of Detroit (known around here as "down river,") I've heard of people eating muskrat. There's even an urban legend that the Archdiocese of Detroit granted a dispensation for down riverites to eat muskrat meat on Fridays during Lent. To the best of my knowledge, that's not true, but I've also heard that it might as well be because eating muskrat is a penance in itself.

Soli, have you read my favorite George Eliot novel, Middlemarch? I highly recommend it. I suspect that JKR is a fan, and that it's the source of the names Bulstrode and Cadwallader.


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 8:07 pm (#1129 of 2988)

To make all you forgetful people feel better . . .I was in Party City tonight and chatting with the clerk. She said she had had a terrible day and I asked her to elaborate. She said she had been filling her tank up with gas and drove off with the nozzle still in her car!! She drove off with the nozzle still in her gas tank! (I had to say it twice so you would believe me) She pulled the hose off the pump and drove off down the street until she figured out what was wrong and what the noise was. She had a forgetful day!

I dare you to top that one!

Good night everyone.

See you tomorrow.



Chemyst - Nov 30, 2007 8:13 pm (#1130 of 2988)

After all men have four emotions – John Bumbledore

Knife, fork, teaspoon, and . . . ?


HungarianHorntail11  - Nov 30, 2007 8:23 pm (#1131 of 2988)

Yes sheila, you're right. I haven't done that. . .yet. (I won't mention that we still have service attendants at the pumps.)


PeskyPixie - Nov 30, 2007 8:36 pm (#1132 of 2988)

Vox, capybaras were eaten instead of fish on Good Friday in parts of South America. Surely muskrat can't be all that bad? I'm sure it all tastes like chicken, especially when smothered in ketchup!

Oh, the weirdest thing I've ever eaten is turtle, but I wouldn't eat it now as it's also on the list I shared on the forum today. Plus, many breeds are endangered.


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 9:23 pm (#1133 of 2988)

Okay. I couldn't sleep so here I am again.

We put an offer on a house today. Yikes!! Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I don't know if I can't sleep because I am worried about both getting the house and not getting the house. Or maybe I can't sleep because Hubby is snoring and when I nudge him to get him to stop he starts clearing coughing and clearing his throat. I need ear plugs I think.

Tomorrow id Holly Days at our high school. If any of you are in the area you should stop by and buy things for the holidays. We have all sorts of stuff regardless of your faith!! Plus you could buy an origami Danish star from me! What could be better? Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org That's right - nothing!


Puck - Nov 30, 2007 9:30 pm (#1134 of 2988)

Maria, I'm sure that that which currently makes my children giggle will someday make them wince. I live for that moment. :evilgrin:

Good luck, Sheila!

One hundred and fifteen pairs of mittens (230 total) cut out and bagged. I put it on the stairs, so I can't leave without stepping on it. Hopefully I will then realize I am supposed to pick it up and deliver it to the preschool. My Daisies are singing on the church steps at 1pm, I'll be home from work around noon. Will load up the kids and keep fingers crossed for a parking space at the school. (I can walk to the church from there. I know from experience I won't get a space at the church.)


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 9:34 pm (#1135 of 2988)

Thanks Puck and Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Woohoo to you for getting all those cut!!


Denise P. - Nov 30, 2007 9:44 pm (#1136 of 2988)

I would get a Danish star if I was around...what is a Danish star? As it it, I just realized that Advent starts on Sunday and I have no candles for our wreath. We just started doing an Advent wreath a few years ago but I use royal blue and white candles rather than the pink and purple ones.

We went to the elementary school tonight for the book fair and a Make N Take craft thing. The kids got tickets to make different craft things. Kierynn made a piggy bank with flowers all over it, Rhys got a wooden train whistle...that kind of thing. Of course, they each got a book and I found 2 books to order for Christmas. Mr. Denise had not been to one of these events before and now understands why I really don't like to go. The smaller kids get get over excited and melt down...Iain melted down when Dad refused to pay $25 for an adult sized hoodie for him.


painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 9:48 pm (#1137 of 2988)

here is a site for making Danish stars - just put in the appropriate initials and dots and stuff.



Edit - I just saw on the news that Evil Knievel died today. I think I met him once. . . I am the forgetful one now!


Solitaire - Nov 30, 2007 9:50 pm (#1138 of 2988)

I am sooooooooo glad it is Friday!!! This has been a crazy week. I had a.m. recess duty all week, and it was cold some of those days. Today the wind set in sometime between 7:45 a.m. and recess. Thank goodness I had a warm coat ... but my head and ears were freezing in the wind.

Vox, I have not read Middlemarch, but I have seen the miniseries with Juliet Aubrey, Rufus Sewell (who also would have been a good Sirius), and Patrick Malahide. I loved it and have bought the novel. I just wish I could find it! I took it on a trip and have misplaced it. I remember thinking Millie's last name sounded familiar, but it was not until I watched MM a couple of years ago that it struck me.

Good luck with the house, Sheila!! **Felix Felicis**

Okay ... I have been chatting with my 7th graders for the last hour in a room I created for them. **eyes now spinning in two different directions** They kept asking me to come in and chat, so I thought ... why not? Now I know! LOL




painting sheila - Nov 30, 2007 10:04 pm (#1139 of 2988)

Okay. I am going to try and go to sleep now. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Good night (again) everyone!



kaykay1970 - Nov 30, 2007 11:32 pm (#1140 of 2988)

Good luck with the house buying Sheila! BTW my cousin once drove off from the gas pumps with the nozzle still in the tank too. In his case, he was drunk as a skunk as received a DUI for his "forgetfulness"!


Elanor - Nov 30, 2007 11:46 pm (#1141 of 2988)

A very happy weekend and a wonderful start of December to all!

It should be a rainy and windy one here (a storm is even in sight on the Channel coasts) but it will be a great weather for cooking and making Christmas decorations while drinking hot chocolate.

I haven't been posting much here lately as I've been feeling quite under the weather but I did read the thread. Healing Charms and belated birthday wishes and Felix Charms to all needing some.

No squirrel eating here, but I confess I quite like frogs, lol! (Never found snails good truth to be told, but I did try.. ). The weirdest I ever saw in stores was coypu pâté but I've never heard of someone having actually tried it, lol!

Have a great night/day!

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Puck - Dec 1, 2007 4:54 am (#1142 of 2988)

Healing charms back to you, Audrey!

No squirrels, but a bunch of fraternity boys back in my college days did the swallow goldfish thing. (I started with one guy got mad at his girlfriend and in a "this is what I think of her" moment ate the fish he had named after her. The other guys, at first horrified, came to think it amusing. )

Off to a busy day! I need to drop of mittens and cookies, teach my 3 dance classes, and then meet Scouts at church to sing carols, and then take my kids to a couple of events. Ready to stay home and drink hot chocolate with Audrey, as it is supposed to be quite cold.



Denise P. - Dec 1, 2007 7:05 am (#1143 of 2988)

Mr. Denise told me earlier in the week that he had gotten an email saying the young men were meeting at 8 am (!!) to clean up around the outside of the church. My boys knew this, expressed their displeasure at getting up that early on a Saturday to work. This morning I bullied coaxed them out of bed, got them dressed and we were there at 8:10 am. No one was there, the leaves had all been cleared. We waited a few more minutes and still no one. Now, they were more than a bit miffed with me for getting them up for nothing, I was a wee bit irked because I hate when I make sure they get to a planned activity and get there to find it cancelled with no notice. On the way home, I told them to just go back to bed. I checked Mr. Denise's email and saw the time was 8:30 am. After letting them rest from the strenuous activity of getting dressed and complaining the entire time, I bullied coaxed them back out to the van and took them back, where there were 2 other young men and 1 leader there.

You know, I want to sleep in on Saturdays, I don't know why everything has to be scheduled so darn early. 9 am ...there would still be stuff to do there.

We are going to decide on our tree today, do we go with our regular artificial tree or do we attempt a live tree? Mr. Denise thinks it is too soon to put a live tree up, I disagree and say get a live one or just put up our regular tree.


Catherine - Dec 1, 2007 9:18 am (#1144 of 2988)

Chemyst, I spat out my tea with “Knife, fork, teaspoon, and...”

Solitaire, I think I might call the principle! –Journeymom

With all due respect to Solitaire, I would hope that you would have documented that you've discussed the issue with the substitute first. Any good principal will check to make sure you've exhausted all avenues with the teacher before getting involved. I am also curious why this substitute will not work with your child--that is something I would bring up to the principal, should it come to that. Is it possible that another teacher would be willing to work with your daughter?

Also, this may sound horrid, but I don't think that teachers should have to tutor during lunch or break. I have to stay after school an hour after students are allowed to leave, and we do our extra help at that time.

One last thing about tutoring, Journeymom--you might be able to find a high school student to help your daughter who will do it for free for community service. Our upper schoolers frequently tutor the younger ones in exchange for community service hours. Oftentimes, being taught by a younger person "in their own language" helps a lot.

Good luck!


journeymom - Dec 1, 2007 12:14 pm (#1145 of 2988)

Catherine, you're touching on everything I've been thinking about.

I called the school yesterday and left a message for the Principle. A vice principle called back, she had checked with the sub before she called me and verified that he isn't willing to tutor. Honestly, I'm not interested in pursuing it. This guy doesn't have a good handle on the class and didn't instill me with confidence when I met with him. He'd be doing this under duress, and I think dd would feel very uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Solitaire, thanks for giving me permission to consider moving dd to another teacher! Seriously, I wasn't sure if it was 'OK' to pursue that. The vice principle and I went over dd's schedule, and between her High Achiever program and her elective, band, she's wedged in so tight she can't be moved to another math class.

I considered high school students and college students, but have eliminated that idea. IF I were to get a tutor for dd, I'd just as soon find an experienced adult who is, first and foremost, a good teacher. I'd like my daughter to feel comfortable with the tutor. There might be math students, teenagers and young adults, who are really good teachers, but I'd just as soon not experiment right now with dd's education.

I agree, teachers shouldn't have to stay in during lunch, any more than students should. They both need breaks and time to eat.

I found what looks like an excellent tutoring service. The tutor comes to your home (ideal). The price is reasonable, on par with other tutors and learning centers. But we simply don't have the money right now. I'll revisit this idea for summer break. Mr Journeymom and I have discussed it and we've worked out a plan for helping dd with this. Actually, I'm kind of excited about it.

Oh, I'm watching Star Wars (New Hope) and I just want to remind or educate everybody: HAN SHOT FIRST.

Have a wonderful weekend, All!


Puck - Dec 1, 2007 3:09 pm (#1146 of 2988)

Brrrrr! It's cold here today. Diva, of course, wanted to go on the hayride at the farm. Still, we had fun. The school had bouncy houses in the gym, as well as cotton candy. There were kids crafts at the church, and I discovered my cookies were among the first to be sold. Parking is always an issue, so I was excited to find an empty lot beside the high school. Halfway between the school and church it seemed a good spot. However, we had to do some walking to reach our destinations, and there was a biting wind. That's likely why that lot was empty. Time to order a pizza, pop in a movie, and relax.



Madam Pince - Dec 1, 2007 3:54 pm (#1147 of 2988)

She drove off with the nozzle still in her gas tank!

Ummmm... been there... done that. Well, actually I didn't drive all the way away -- I heard it and stopped before I pulled the thingy off the pump. Also in my defense, I was being mightily distracted by the highly irritating yapping of the other person in the car with me (remember my story from years ago about the "family friends" who invited themselves to visit/stay with us and their visit ended up lasting almost a month? Well, it was her.) So I think it is altogether understandable that I was not functioning at full capacity.

HAN SHOT FIRST! --journeymom. Yeah, but Greedo was asking for it.

***cracking up laughing*** at a) Superpowers for Christmas; b) knife, fork, teaspoon, and...?; and c) tasers at Cub Scout meetings.

Little Pince told me once that his teacher doesn't like him. However, after listening to him some more and from being in the classroom some, I think he is interpreting "being corrected" as meaning "she doesn't like me." I've told him that the better he behaves, the better she will like him.

Mr. Pince's family ate muskrat when he was little. They were pretty poor (not *living-in-a-box* poor, but they were stretched thin), and in the rural areas hunters shot pretty much everything, and they would often give it to his dad because they knew he had a large family to feed. Apparently his mom refused to cook it, but his dad did the honors. I don't think it tasted too good. Pesky, I don't think I could eat turtle. I just can't get past the idea of pulling their shells off them -- something about that gives me the willies. Lobsters, no problem, but turtles? No. I tried snails once, but it basically tasted like the garlic butter sauce, so I didn't see the point in grossing myself out when I could just have garlic toast instead.

Mrs. Sirius, sorry your family has been sick! That can't have been a fun night.

Our school's winter party is having a cake walk, too. I volunteered to bake a cake. (What is wrong with me???? Someone sit on me, please!) It's not until the 13th, though.

Thanks for the movie suggestions! I wanted to see Enchanted too. Maybe we can get in both that one and the Wonder Emporium one.

PeskyPixie, if you get a chance to see the Valentine's Day episode of Frasier where there are three separate little story vignettes, do try to sit down and enjoy it. I can't recall which season it was from -- it was one of the later years. Anyway, the first story has Niles preparing for a date. There is no dialogue whatsoever, but I promise you, you will be crying laughing. He is so gifted at physical comedy. I loved Frasier.

Puck, you're amazing -- all those felt mittens! Woo-hoo! And Sheila, you're just too clever with all the "superpower" ideas. Creative people are so impressive to me! And good luck on the house bid!

Kaykay, Little P has also asked for a baby sister or brother for Christmas. Can't make that in a month -- I'll be doing good to make the cakewalk cake! Maria is right -- a whooshing wand is an excellent present. (I find myself idly whooshing ours ummm... Little P's all the time. It's awesome!)

Denise, bummer about having to get up early for nothing! Grrrr... that would really set me off because I'm not a morning person at all. And I agree with you about book fairs and also that Mr. Denise said you could keep the dog and birds. I was over your way yesterday -- I had a guy coming to look at replacing a door on the house over there, and I also wanted to check out some trees that apparently are dead to see what to do about them. While we were there messing with the door, we discovered that there is a hole in the roof. Not happy about that at all. We thought the moisture damage there was from the door being the wrong type of door, but alas...

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Off to make dinner -- ground venison sloppy joes! Yummmm....


PeskyPixie - Dec 1, 2007 4:36 pm (#1148 of 2988)

Well, I was four years old at the time I had turtle stew in a restaurant so I wasn't involved in tormenting the poor reptiles. It was a one time thing (very yummy though ), and turtles (reptiles of all sorts really) are now on my no-eat list which also includes veal, lamb, duck, any sort of wild/hunted game and seafood that's been cooked alive. Any type of rodent, amphibian or insect is out of the question as well. Then again, shrimp are just overgrown water-bugs, aren't they?

Oops, got to get going. We're having pork chops for dinner!

BTW Madam Pince, I'll be on the look-out for the episode of Frasier you mentioned. You know, I can easily imagine Dumbledore being a fan of the show!


kaykay1970 - Dec 1, 2007 5:17 pm (#1149 of 2988)

I find it funny that the meat you can't give up is pork. Because the only time I ever remember refusing to eat meat as a kid it was pork! His name was Wilbur. It's also hard to eat chickens after you've had to help pluck them. I HATED plucking chickens as a kid! But I have to confess that a nice, fat, raised on the farm hen makes absolutely the most fabulous, richest broth for dumplings! Yum!

Update on hubby's cousin on the band show. They are in the top 5 now! Yay! I'm getting irritated with the show a bit though. They let the bands do original material for the first three weeks, but now they only cover other artist. My boys are a Christian group and have trouble finding lyrics that they are comfortable with from the selections they are given. Some of the other bands are having problems too. Last night was Rod Stewart night. There was a bluegrass rendition of "Your in My Heart" (they slowed it down and only sang the chorus, another Christian group)and a country version of "Hot Legs". It was pretty interesting...


Puck - Dec 1, 2007 5:46 pm (#1150 of 2988)

I heard a Rod Stewart holiday song on the radio the other day. He was singing "Baby It's cold outside" with Dolly Parton. Not a duet I ever thought to put together!

Darn, I had a total HP moment earlier, but of course, I have forgotten what it was.


**goes of singing "If I only had a brain" and wondering if Maria will soon join me in song**


Denise P. - Dec 1, 2007 9:19 pm (#1151 of 2988)

After Mr. Denise carried the artificial tree up from the basement, put lights on it and set it up...he then went and looked at two different places for a tree. We ended up getting a very nice fraser fir that is almost 8' tall. We thought about it and this is the first time since we have been married that we have gotten a live tree. Prior to having kids, we would always travel for the holidays so no live tree. Once we had kids, the area we lived in didn't really do live trees (hard to find and $$$ to boot) so we got an artificial tree. I grew up with a live tree though.

Today the first ornament went up on the countdown calendar and tomorrow starts Advent. I could not find any royal blue candles so went with red. Yes, I know, most wreaths use purple and possibly one pink but I normally use royal blue and white.

Madam Pince, I thought of you today while the two squirrels in our backyard were tormenting Tinsel. They get on our shed in plain site or even on our deck, where she can't get, and chatter at her. She is not happy to see these critters in her yard.

Tomorrow, after church, we will get out all our ornaments and decorate the tree. After that is done, we are finished with all holiday decorating!

'Tis the season - I had the first Cookie Manager meeting today for our area. Three "new" cookies....sorta. One is a reworked cookie from years ago (Lemon Chalet! Yay!), one is a new shape (All About, now round rather than oblong) and then a sugar free Chocolate Chip Cookie. This is Little Brownie Baker so if your area uses ABC Baker...different newer cookies (Cinna-Spins, Lemonades and Thanks-A-Lot). There are still the regular cookies that Girl Scouts are known for. Sales start here January 4th. Yum!!


Solitaire - Dec 1, 2007 10:22 pm (#1152 of 2988)

Also, this may sound horrid, but I don't think that teachers should have to tutor during lunch or break. I have to stay after school an hour after students are allowed to leave, and we do our extra help at that time.

Catherine, I am rarely an advocate for changing kids from one class to another, and I certainly do not suggest bypassing the teacher. Where subs are involved, however, I have seen a lot of trouble in my own very small school district over the years, and some kids have had to repeat a year because of the problem. A lot depends on the sub, it is true. I've worked with great subs who truly do "own" their jobs and make every effort to bond with the kids, work with the parents, and become a part of the staff. Many, however, are unwilling to do this. While most kids can probably snap back even after a less-than-stellar sub, some cannot.

Perhaps my own troubles with algebra color my thinking, but I've often wondered if a different teacher might have made a difference in how I feel about math. Up to that point, I'd always been a good math student, and when I changed teachers, my understanding of the subject matter improved. But I never really regained my confidence in the subject and still shy away from helping a student who has a math question.

Changing teachers isn't always the best way, but it must be considered. Sometimes, a different teacher can make all the difference for a struggling student. Regarding tutoring ... usually teachers have some free time at recess when they can help kids who need it. Or, as you say, they have some "built in" time after school when they are able to work with kids. I was referring to those times, although I have stayed after school to work with kids on my own dime before. Catherine's suggestion about older kids who need community service hours is also a great one, Journeymom. Don't discount it. Sometimes college students--especially those in teaching programs--can really be good tutors. Please keep us posted, okay?

Elanor, brrrrrrrr!!! **Healing charms** to you!! I hope you stay inside and wrap up during this cold, wet weekend!



journeymom - Dec 1, 2007 11:23 pm (#1153 of 2988)

Yeah, but Greedo was asking for it. ~Madam Pince

Too right, he was. But then Lucas went and reworked and reissued the movie and had Greedo shoot first. Pfh! No way. Han's the man. We know he shot first.


painting sheila - Dec 1, 2007 11:27 pm (#1154 of 2988)

Denise P - I read your post as “had out first melting of the cookie manger.”

I was very confused why you had a meeting about a Nativity set made out of cookies that would melt.

It's been a long day.


PeskyPixie - Dec 1, 2007 11:49 pm (#1155 of 2988)

Well, we are definitely in the middle of the snowstorm. Brrr, I'm gonna get into my toasty, warm bed now. Good night, all!


Madam Pince - Dec 2, 2007 12:07 am (#1156 of 2988)

Does Tinsel stalk the squirrels or just fuss at them through the window? Our dog drops into "hunt mode" -- stiff-legged walk with head and tail down -- tiptoeing until she gets to the sliding glass door, at which point she explodes towards them barking/growling and scratching claws on the glass. I'm shocked the thing hasn't shattered yet. It's all old hat to the squirrels now, though, and they barely give her a glance. (Even more infuriating...) If they hear the latch click, though, they are outta there and up the tree before you can say scat! Poor dog can never catch them because we have a raised ranch and she's going outside onto the deck, so she has to race down the deck stairs before she can hit the ground, and she hasn't a prayer of getting down there before they can get up the tree and start thumbing their noses at her. Doesn't stop her trying, though...


Elanor - Dec 2, 2007 1:05 am (#1157 of 2988)

Journeymom, the Han/Greedo scene does get on my nerves each time I see "A New Hope" too! And I find myself yelling: "NO WAY! Han shot first!", even if nobody's watching it with me.

All this talk about squirrels makes me wonder: what color are "your" squirrels? In my region we almost only have red squirrels but I think they're becoming rare. Out of curiosity, I have checked the wikipedia entry about squirrels (the English one) and they are very different from the ones we have here. If you click on "français", on the left of the page, you will see a pic of the red squirrels you commonly find here.

BTW, this talk about squirrels made me laugh in class lately as I was teaching the first graders a cute poem about a squirrel and at the same time I was thinking of the talk about Madam Pince's recipe. Here's the poem, let's say it is an ode to all the poor fallen squirrels...

Automne en forêt / Fall in the Forest

Un écureuil sur la bruyère, / A squirrel on the heath
Se lave avec de la lumière. / Washes with light.
Une feuille morte descend / A dead leaf comes down
Doucement portée par le vent / Gently carried by the wind.

Et le vent balance la feuille / And the wind swings the leaf
Juste au dessus de l'écureuil. / Just above the squirrel.
Le vent attend pour la poser / The wind waits before laying it down,
Légèrememt, sur la bruyère / Lightly on the heath,

Que l'écureuil soit remonté / For the squirrel to have climbed back
Sur le chêne de la clairière / Up the clearing's oak
Où il aime se balancer / Where he likes to swing
Comme une feuille de lumière / Like a leaf of light.

Maurice Carême (translation is mine, not sure it does the poem justice.)

Thanks for the Charms everybody! They're working fine.

Have a great Sunday all!



Madam Pince - Dec 2, 2007 6:09 am (#1158 of 2988)

What a beautiful poem! We have all three colors, Audrey -- gray, red, and black. The red (sometimes called a "fox squirrel") is actually mostly gray with reddish tips or "highlights" and is usually a bit bigger than the gray. The black squirrels are really beautiful -- a very glossy coal black. We have also seen albino white ones, too. There is a smaller squirrel also, commonly called a fairydiddle I think? There is some discussion about that here -- some people think the fairydiddle is a chipmunk, others that it's the smaller squirrel. Just different names among different people, I suppose. Whatever he's called, the small squirrel is cute -- he looks just like a regular one but in miniature even when fully grown. Then we also have the flying squirrel, which I've only seen one of but he was just adorable -- creamy-colored tummy and grayish on top, with huge nocturnal eyes, and of course the big folds of loose skin which they use to glide (not really flying.)

The most common are the regular-sized gray ones, and they're the ones most likely to end up in the skillet. (Only to think, years from now I will only be remembered as "the weirdo who ate squirrels.") Contrary to how it seems, we really don't eat them all that often.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to add to the "deer-in-the-headlights" list -- Christmas cards. Must try to do some of those today.

So Ginny and Tori, are you happy with the bowl outlook today? Seems like it could be Ohio State and LSU, since the #1 and #2 both lost yesterday! Wow, what a wild season -- so many upsets all year long.

Hope all mid-west Forumers are thawing out this morning from all the ice and snow yesterday! Yikes! Winter is here!

Lovely Sunday to all!


Good Evans - Dec 2, 2007 8:38 am (#1159 of 2988)

absolutely Han shot first!!!!!

have fun in the Snow those of you that have it (and if you dont - check out the fan fiction forum and the St Mungo's thread!!!)

went to a food and drink fare this morning - saw the most beautiful cake with a nativity set on the top - Winnie -the -pooh!!

Roo was in the manger and rabbit and OWL were wise men - Tigger was a shepherd, it was just soo adorable (oh and Eeyore was the Donkey of course).

Been to church and set up the candles for the nativity play tonight and will be back later to usher people to their seats. Where has this weekend gone? I am off to Edinburgh on Tuesday for a conference - and I haven't finsihed my paper yet! eek!!

have a good weekend all - Denise bad luck with the arrangements around the kidlets, it always drives me mad if I am on time and everyone else is LATE!!!!


Denise P. - Dec 2, 2007 9:22 am (#1160 of 2988)

Sadly, Good Evans, it is a well known fact that any of our church activities never start until they are at least 15 minutes late. This is a world wide phenomenon known as MST. It is a sore point with me because I think if you have a time posted, you need to start then. It would only take starting on time a few times before people would start showing up on time rather than 15 minutes late. Every morning as I drop off Nicholas at 6 am for a 6 am class at church, I hear how no one is there and yet and they won't start for another 15 minutes. Okay, but YOU will be there on time.

I found an awesome deal at Walgreens. They have huge gift boxes of Indiana Popcorn that includes 3 bags of specific popcorn (movie theater butter or kettle korn), 1 sample bag of the flavor you didn't get, a sample bag of Dale & Thomas gourmet popcorn (very yummy stuff!), a popcorn bowl AND a $20 gift card to Dale & Thomas. It was under $8, you can't beat that. I plan to hold the card until there is free shipping offered at Dale & Thomas.


Solitaire - Dec 2, 2007 11:00 am (#1161 of 2988)

It would only take starting on time a few times before people would start showing up on time rather than 15 minutes late.

I think this is true for anything ... and any church. As long as people know an event will always start late, then there will always be those who arrive late. When I lived down in southern CA, this was a problem at our church ... until a new pastor came and some changes were made. Once the choir entered and worship time began, the ushers closed the doors. If people arrived late, they were held at the doors until an appropriate "break" in things, at which time they were brought in by ushers and taken directly to an available seat, instead of wandering around on their own. This brought a swift end to most late arrivals. Once the sermon started, the doors were closed for good. Latecomers and those who had to leave the sanctuary for some reason were taken to a room where they listened to the remainder of the sermon. This last measure also helped stop the flow of teenagers who tend to behave as though they are at a baseball game or movie, and must get up and visit the restroom or snackbar regularly.

I find it interesting that people who wouldn't dare to arrive late or unprepared to a business meeting or work will show up late and completely discombobulated to church. Priorities, I guess. Still, as Denise indicates, often the church itself is to blame, because they accommodate the latecomers.

About those squirrels ... a few years ago, I visited Muir Woods, up in the SF Bay area and saw something I thought was a teensy little squirrel. I found out it was a chipmunk! I'd never seen one before, as we just have grey squirrels out here in central CA. Are chipmunks a regular site in other parts of the country? Who has them? Just curious ...



Denise P. - Dec 2, 2007 11:11 am (#1162 of 2988)

Oh, no one is late to church itself (normally). It starts right on time every week. I know we get there at least 15 min early to be sure we can get an entire row and not have to sit in the overflow chairs or crammed into a smaller row. We only have one point during the service where doors are shut and no one is admitted in (or at least it is discouraged, no one will prevent you if you are bound and determined to come in). There are always a few people who come in after that since they just wait for the doors to open. Once the doors are opened up, there will be a constant parade of parents taking out unruly little ones or crying ones. For all it sounds hectic, it is usually fairly quiet until the last 10 minutes or if it is a holiday. The kidlets learn early and quickly that it is more fun to stay in than for mom to take them out. While in, they have coloring books, finger puppets and quiet books. In the hall, they get to sit on the floor with arms folded until they fell they can behave in with everyone else. They also can lay on the floor in the main chapel or sit with a friend that is in front or behind us. If they are older, they can sit with friends anywhere in the chapel but we prefer that they sit with us.

It is not the service everyone is late for, it is any sponsored activity. It is a running joke, everyone knows that it won't start on time.

We have fat, fluffy grey squirrels in our back yard. We have black and red ones in the woods near us. We also have loads of chipmunks...just not in our yard. The sassy squirrels in our yard are very fluffy with very full tails. We do not feed them but someone around here does.


PeskyPixie - Dec 2, 2007 11:22 am (#1163 of 2988)

Soli, we have grey and black squirrels (same breed) galore and chipmunks (though none of the latter in our neighbourhood). However, I'm not 'in the country' (i.e. U.S.A.) so I don't know whether it's relevant to your query or not.

We used to have a lot of wolves, foxes, coyotes and deer up here. Alas, deforestation and suburbanization are pushing them further and further north . We've still got a fair number of skunks, raccoons, groundhogs and of course, squirrels!

We were snowed in from the storm last night. I slept with the curtains open to watch it at night and it was glorious. Not so glorious to shovel out a path, though .

I've attached the Christmas bell birdseed treat for the wildbirds that frequent our yard. However, there's a group of sparrows that always manages scare off the cardinals and bluejays. Last summer they even bullied away the most adorable little bunny that tried to make a corner of our yard his home.


Choices - Dec 2, 2007 12:06 pm (#1164 of 2988)

Mercy, I am jealous of those of you who have snow. I would love to go to sleep hearing the snow flakes dancing on my windowpane. Today in Mobile, it is cloudy and muggy and near 80 degrees. Not exactly Christmas-like weather. The best we can do is kick the air- conditioning down low and pretend. LOL

Happy Sunday to everyone - love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


geauxtigers - Dec 2, 2007 2:32 pm (#1165 of 2988)

So Ginny and Tori, are you happy with the bowl outlook today? Seems like it could be Ohio State and LSU, since the #1 and #2 both lost yesterday!

Wow, what a wild season -- so many upsets all year long. Oh What a mess! I almost feel bad for the voters! It's been a crazy season, but I think they will make the right choice ! All the top 7 teams have legitimate arguments for playing the national title game. But We have strength of schedule behind us and it looks like they are taking that into account for a change. We played 7 ranked opponents this year and only lost two hard fought 3OTs. I think we deserve it. And our coach is staying! Its a great day, even if we don't make the National title game. We are still SEC champs and look at the season we've had! Watching LSU counts as cardio exercise! LOL

Today in Mobile, it is cloudy and muggy and near 80 degrees. Not exactly Christmas-like weather. The best we can do is kick the air- conditioning down low and pretend. LOL Us too. I have on shorts today. Its supposed to get down to near freezing tomorrow night. Ah but you know what they say.. You live in the south, you've had to switch from the air to the heat in the same day!

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm just trying to get through this semester then I'll have to free time again!


Puck - Dec 2, 2007 5:42 pm (#1166 of 2988)

We have gray squirrels, and chipmunks. For several years running I hadn't seen a single chipmunk, then suddenly they were all over my yard. Now, it seems to have leveled off, and we have just a few. My in-laws in Illinois have chipmunk and red squirrels.

First rehearsal for the nativity play was today. Diva took it with stride that she gets to be a sheep, not an angel. (we promised her that role for next year.) Son is a shepherd. Son's friend is a shepherd also, and was quite excited when told that "yes", he would get a staff. He was immediately informed if said stick hit, poked, or touched anyone in any way he would be immediately demoted to sheep. The lady in charge knows him too well. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

Sheila, I also thought it said "cookie manger". LOL

Time to get girls ready for bed, but they are playing so nicely together. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow, or at least a delay. Would love a reason to stay home and bake cookies. (Kick-boxing teacher said if class is cancelled due to snow, shoveling is great exercise. I told her I would bake and eat cookies instead. )

Took kids swimming today. Diva has been watching her brother in lessons, and apparently learned by watching how to swim on her back. She couldn't do it a month or so ago when she was last swimming, but jumping in today and immediately showed me how she could do it. (That's why we went. She had suddenly decided she knew how, and was itching to show me.)

Happy RotD!



journeymom - Dec 2, 2007 8:06 pm (#1167 of 2988)

First Sunday of Advent! I make Aebleskivers every first Sunday in December. It's our unique family tradition. If you've ever seen a cast iron pan with 6 or 7 little cups, that's an Aebleskiver pan. I was horrified to see an ad on tv for 'pancake puffs'. Complete with the Aebleskiver pan. Humph.


PeskyPixie - Dec 2, 2007 8:57 pm (#1168 of 2988)

My friend is forcing me to watch Desperate Housewives. The following contains a spoiler for tonight's episode: Now, I'm a newcomer to Wisteria Lane (which is close to Privet Drive, of course. ), so I don't know each character's name off by heart yet. I'm 'on the fence' about Felicity Huffman's character's use of the older woman, even asking her to send a cat into life-threatening situations for her husband's sake. I feel for the allergy situation as my mother has many life-threatening allergies herself; I know how severe it is. However, her argument for sending a lonely person's beloved pet into deadly surroundings also irked me. Her husband's life isn't more important than the other woman's pet because he's a human and the cat's a cat. He's important to her because he is her husband. The cat is more important to the other woman as it is the only member of her family. Taken is conjunction with Huffman's character's blatant use of the convenience of having an older woman around, I'm just plain annoyed with her! Then again, from this week's ending I may have to feel sorry for her next week. By gum, I'm hooked! After I promised to myself I wouldn't be, too!


Solitaire - Dec 2, 2007 10:41 pm (#1169 of 2988)

Aebleskivers! I haven't heard that word in many, many years. The Swedish mom of one of my best friends used to make them ... although I think they are actually Danish goodies. Anyway, thanks for the memory!

Sorry, Pesky ... I've never even watched DH. It just doesn't interest me. I'd rather watch Grissom or Horatio on CSI (either LV or Miami).



megfox* - Dec 3, 2007 4:07 am (#1170 of 2988)

Ooo, snow day! I am going back to bed. Yay!!


Madam Pince - Dec 3, 2007 5:54 am (#1171 of 2988)

Yay, Diva's swimming! Woo-hoo for her!

Pesky, Felicity Huffman's character (Lynette) is pretty much like that -- she uses people to get what she wants, but she honestly thinks she's doing things "for the greater good" usually. Or at least trying to protect her family and her interests first. She's either DH-Dumbledore or else she was in Slytherin.

We have chipmunks, but not loads like squirrels. Actually, I should say we have them in Virginia at the cabin, but not here I don't think. They are very cute, but a huge pain as they take nuts and seeds and things and then go inside your gutters and the walls of your house to store them. Grrrrr... Not good to eat, either. (Kidding... I've never tried...)



The giant squid - Dec 3, 2007 7:19 am (#1172 of 2988)

All this talk about church and squirrels has me thinking of Ray Stevens' "Mississippi Squirrel Revival".

Winter has arrived. It's been in the low 50s during the day & dipping into the 40s overnight. Normally, that's not too bad, but it was a sudden thing--one day it was 75, the next 54. And, sadly, after 3 years in Southern California and 6 years in Nevada I've completely lost all of my cold weather resistance.



Solitaire - Dec 3, 2007 8:05 am (#1173 of 2988)

Mike, it was pretty much the same thing here in Bakersfield--75 one day and 45 the next, with a cold, biting wind. Even more interesting, we sometimes have 70s and 40s in the same day! LOL As to cold weather resistance, I think I'm the opposite. Bakersfield's summer temps never really fazed me ... until I came back from 11 years in the Newport Beach area. Now, I melt when temps hit 90. Actually, I think that living where the lows never get below 40 and the highs rarely even reach 90 does something to the system.



Puck - Dec 3, 2007 8:17 am (#1174 of 2988)

Well, it was a partial snow day. The kids had a two hour delay, and the class at the gym was cancelled. (Plus, I had to be here for the bus, so couldn't have been there anyway.) We lazed around, watching the news while kids drew pictures, then made waffles, Son practiced his piano, and they even had time to meet the new neighbor kids and play in the snow with them for a while. What a nice way to start the day.

Christmas cards are finally ordered. I hope they are here by the end of the week, so I can get them all out by early next week. We should have done it earlier, but I was wondering if I'd get a better picture at the festival this weekend. (Which I didn't. We used the Santa picture we took Thanksgiving weekend. The kids are all smiling, they just aren't looking at the camera. Still, it's cute, and it looks a bit less posed.) Also ordered a mug for their grandfather with a picture of the kids snuggled up under a blanket together. He'll love it! I was shocked at the total bill, and how much shipping was. We did standard shipping, and being the first week in December I thought we could still get it free.

Time to go accomplish something. Hmm, reading another chapter in my book is productive, right?



azi - Dec 3, 2007 8:38 am (#1175 of 2988)

All this talk of cold weather makes me glad I'm inside my boyfriend's house (much warmer than my own!). I'm not fond of cold. It's dark at 3.30pm though.

I got my Hush Puppies boots! Ended up ordering them off Amazon, since no one was selling them in black for some reason. They're comfy and I can walk in them. Not the perfect style, but if I look for the perfect boots I'll be looking forever!

Eurgh, I'm swamped with work! I have a powerpoint (plus handout) and seminar paper to do for Thursday, a short 5 min presentation on Weds and I must refine my report for that presentation by tomorrow! The problem is that it's mostly group work so it's not like I can just sit and do it myself.

The worst thing is that we have the most boring topic so far - the role of SACs (Special Areas of Conservation) in UK marine conservation. Bleugh. Other people get to do about noise pollution and coral reefs, and we get EU legislation? My focus is on a case study abroad (to see how the UK is doing compared to other EU countries) and I'm doing the Wadden Sea (since it's huge and is seen as a 'best practice' site by the EU). The problem is, they haven't quite incorporated the Habitat's Directive and SACs yet. On top of that, the trilateral agreements and ridiculous number of designations attributed to the site make it difficult to understand what exactly each designation does (most are of no legal significance, just a name). It is admittedly an internationally important site, I just think the system is far too complicated at present.

Would you believe I've been dreaming about habitat designations? I always hate it when you can't get away from your work...

Better days than mine to all!


kaykay1970 - Dec 3, 2007 9:12 am (#1176 of 2988)

Look at it this way azi. At least your work is interesting enough...Alot more fun than dreaming about folding the laundry!

I feel terrible! I forgot to tell my (now 17 year old) son happy birthday this morning. I realized it right after he got on the school bus.


Puck - Dec 3, 2007 9:59 am (#1177 of 2988)

Oh, Kaykay, as aI fellow Forgetful Mom, I feel your pain. Just tell him you wanted to make him think you forgot, so he'd be all the more surprised later. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 464751818

I just looked outside, and apparently a snowplow took out my mailbox. Well, it didn't actually hit the box -then they would have fixed it. They simply pushed a pile of wet, heavy slush onto it, which made it fall over. (It's on an old wooden post.) Since, the snow made it fall, technically they are not responsible. Yeah, mailbox is standing, plow goes by, it's laying on the ground, but they had nothing to do with it. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1242194059

Well, if hubby is going to had to try to drive a metal pole into the ground in this weather (as a temporary support until spring when we can fix it properly), I should at least have a clean house for him to come home to. Off to do something about that.



painting sheila - Dec 3, 2007 1:11 pm (#1178 of 2988)

Oh kaykay! I am so sorry for you!!

Make a big sign and hang it by the mailbox so you can tell him you wanted to surprise him . . or take him out to eat dinner, confess the whole thing, and make up for it in gifts.



Elanor - Dec 3, 2007 1:22 pm (#1179 of 2988)

Kaykay, my Mom did that to me for my last birthday (ok, I was turning 35, but still...). Believe me, I've made her remember that one for quite some time, hehehe... **evil grin** (For fun of course, I wasn't upset at all. )

Thanks for the information about squirrels/chipmunks everybody. It's been a pleasure to read them all.

It's been a tough day here. Each year, it seems to me December is harder than the previous one at school. I shudder to think what it will be like next year.

Have a great Monday everybody!



John Bumbledore - Dec 3, 2007 1:33 pm (#1180 of 2988)

Happy Monday, said Luna/Elanor...

That was all I could think of as I realized I might post at 12:34 on forum time... I rushed and now.

I'm early for the first time in many years.


Edit to add...

Oh but looking back She has the time 12:11, Elanor has 12:22 and I have 12:33. That I didn't see before I posted. Will the next post happen at 12:44 forum time?


journeymom - Dec 3, 2007 1:51 pm (#1181 of 2988)

Lol! Apparently not, John!


journeymom - Dec 3, 2007 4:38 pm (#1182 of 2988)

Moms and Dads, I found an interesting article. Apparently honey is better than cough syrup for getting rid of a cough.

A spoonful of buckwheat honey quells a child's nighttime chest cold coughing better than the most common cough suppressant in nonprescription medicines, researchers said on Monday.

That's very cool. Though I've never heard of buckwheat honey. I know my kids would have a much easier time swallowing a spoon of honey than a big spoon of Robotussin.

reuters.com/article/health-SP-A/idUSN0341130520071203 (Add the www dot)


PeskyPixie - Dec 3, 2007 4:44 pm (#1183 of 2988)

My dad makes a wonderful honey and spice drink for me whenever I have a cough. It helps, too! Honey-lemon tea is also great for coughs. It's best for everyone to avoid those foul-tasting cough syrups as often as possible.

BTW, is Buckley's cough syrup popular in other countries?


Choices - Dec 3, 2007 5:15 pm (#1184 of 2988)

Mix honey with fresh squeezed lemon juice and some whiskey. Your cough will get better, but you really won't care. LOL


megfox* - Dec 3, 2007 6:22 pm (#1185 of 2988)

When I was a singer, and would get a cold and needed to perform, I would eat a spoonful of honey with fresh ground black pepper. It worked really well. I can't get Maddy to eat the pepper, though. Kids. Hmph.


Allison R - Dec 3, 2007 7:22 pm (#1186 of 2988)

**coming out of lurking mode**

Megfox, do you put the pepper on the honey? How much pepper? I sing in a choir and respiratory gunk is everywhere where I live. I'd love to have another trick up my sleeve!

To everyone: I haven't posted in so long I'm embarrassed to do so now. Life has gotten in the way of my computer time this semester, and although I've read pretty faithfully I haven't taken the time to post. Finals are this week and next for me and then things should calm down for a few weeks until the next semester starts. If you'll have me, I'd love to come back and post with you all = )


megfox* - Dec 3, 2007 7:30 pm (#1187 of 2988)

Yeah, I just ground it right onto the spoonful. I usually just did a thin layer over the whole spoon. It is sometimes helpful if you have someone to hold the spoon while you grind or vice versa, otherwise you'll get honey all over the counter. Good luck with the respiratory gunk! And welcome back-ish!


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 3, 2007 7:42 pm (#1188 of 2988)

Thanks for the buckwheat honey tip, Journeymom. I usually just keep boring old clover honey, but now you've given me an excuse to buy something a bit more high-end.

I use an old Detroit home remedy for coughs and sore throats: warm Vernors. (You all know what Vernors, is don't you? No? It's a brand of ginger ale that got started in Detroit. It's no longer locally produced, but it's available in states other than Michigan.) I also use Vernors as a stomach remedy. My daughter considers it just compensation for the agony of a tummyache.

While I'm on the subject of Vernors, I'll be observing another Detroit custom on Friday. My husband and I are giving a party, and I'm going to make baked ham glazed with . . . Vernors! I've always gotten the ready-to-eat hams; this is the first time I'm getting a ready-to-cook half city ham to bake myself.

Oh, you can use Vernors as a soft drink, as well. Very delicious, actually.


Barbara J - Dec 3, 2007 7:52 pm (#1189 of 2988)

Vox, how do you glaze a ham with Vernor's? My husband grew up spending summers in Michigan and is addicted to the stuff. He was thrilled when they finally started selling it down here in FL -- for years we had to stock up when we were there. Do you boil it down somehow? I would love to try it. (I will tell him about hot Vernor's for a cough, too.)


painting sheila - Dec 3, 2007 7:58 pm (#1190 of 2988)

Okay. I need to vent. Two years ago - that's right two YEARS ago - another person (1) was in charge of the Live Nativity at church and borrowed costumes from some other lady (2) that I don't know. The person (1) that borrowed the costumes then gave then to another lady (3) who dropped them off at my house with some of my costumes she had previously borrowed from me. Lady 2 called lady 1 crying because I have stolen her family heirloom costumes and won't give them back!! They have been taking up room in my attic for two stinking years!! I have emailed her and tried to work out a time she could come by and get them. She did come by once but I wasn't at home and my husband had no idea what she was talking about so he told her "no" he wasn't going in the attic to dig around until he found them. Lady 2 told lady 1 he refused to give her family heirlooms back to her!! Lady 1 called me tonight and relayed all of this to me and asked if I would call lady 2 and set up a time for her to come by - and lady 2 wants the manger we have used for the Live Nativity back because she needs it for her family. It was all I could do to be civil to her on the phone. She is coming by tomorrow to get her costumes and I hope and pray I don't snap. I mean - I have thousands of dollars of costumes - why would I want to steal some one else’s!!???

whew - I feel better now.

Thank you for listening.



Denise P. - Dec 3, 2007 8:06 pm (#1191 of 2988)

Vernor's is most certainly an acquired taste. I find it vile. Mr. Denise grew up in MI and loves the stuff. I don't consider it a ginger ale, it is it's own category of flavor. His mom glazed ham with Vernors. You can use just about any carbonated drink to glaze a ham.

Vick's Vapor Rub works great for coughs. I have heard if you put Vicks on your feet and then put socks on, you stop coughing at night. We tried it with Rhys and it actually did work.


PeskyPixie - Dec 3, 2007 8:08 pm (#1192 of 2988)

So ... Buckley's cough syrup? I really did want to know whether it exists outside of Canada.


HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 3, 2007 8:22 pm (#1193 of 2988)

Gee, life would be so much more boring without sheila around.

Give her the darned costumes and tell her it is great to have that space back!

Lol, kay - I have no idea how that feels. ***walks off humming, If I only had a brain*** (feel free to join in, Kathy!)

Happy Belated Birthday! to kay's son.

Congrats to Diva the dancing fish!

John, I'll be impressed when you start seeing 11:11 like me and Madam Pince.



Holly T. - Dec 3, 2007 9:12 pm (#1194 of 2988)

I am still trying to wrap my head around having “family heirloom” costumes.

Welcome back Allison!

Happy belated birthday to Kay's son!

Hey, I have a cough. Maybe I should start testing all these home remedies.

Quote of the day from my son: "Mom, what rhymes with roadkill? I'm writing a poem."

Son was also amusing me with words his Franklin speller suggested for him. His vocabulary far exceeds his ability to spell, so he was trying to get the speller to help him with words like "sedately" and "adjacent" and it was making crazy suggestions based on the letters he typed in. My favorite was when he was trying to spell "flabbergasted" and the speller suggested "French toast" and "frog pants." To give you a hint about how he spells, he was asking how to spell hoboes (part of the poem about roadkill, I guess, I don't know) and I was asking him how to make a plural and he knew to add an s and I asked him if there should be any other letters added and he said "S and L?" Um, no.


Chemyst - Dec 3, 2007 9:37 pm (#1195 of 2988)

Ooh, Azi, dark at 3:30! When is sunrise? I am far enough south now that we are still having ten hours of sun, but I grew up where it got down to only nine hours in late December. If it weren't for Christmas, December would be a most miserable month. I was walking the dog at noon– well, actually I was watching her dig holes, but… anyway, the sun was so low that it felt for all the world that it must be very late in the day.
I need my sunlight! Seasonal affective disorder, better known as SAD, wasn't well recognized by American doctors until the mid-1980's, and even then my mom thought I was making up excuses; but it is real, I tell you.

Shelia, that story was making me dizzy. #1 talks to #2, and #3 calls…   Maybe the cookie manger is a pretty good idea after all. You could just make their costumes out of frosting.


kaykay1970 - Dec 3, 2007 9:39 pm (#1196 of 2988)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Just in time, BTW. It is still his birthday for about another hour and a half.

Holly, your son cracks me up!


shepherdess - Dec 3, 2007 10:14 pm (#1197 of 2988)

Holly, you should have told him "Toad Hill". Has he finished his poem? Curious what he came up with. Gee, I'd love to read it!


Allison R - Dec 3, 2007 10:18 pm (#1198 of 2988)

I'd love to see it as well. Holly, can you ask him if he would be willing to let you post it so it can be properly appreciated?

bode ill would also rhyme... (as in "he knew it would bode ill for the wedding if the Death Eaters arrived")


Madam Pince - Dec 4, 2007 6:04 am (#1199 of 2988)

Pesky, I've never heard of that cough medicine you mentioned, so at least in my areas (Virginia/Maryland) I'd say it's not available. I'm becoming a fan of Delsym -- it lasts 12 hours which will get you through the night, unlike so many which say "Repeat dose every 4-6 hours." As if I'm getting up to do that. Taking meds so I or family members can sleep through the whole night is the original purpose of the whole exercise! We're big fans of Vicks in our family, too. Little P doesn't like it, but he lets me "paint pictures" on his chest using a Q-tip dipped in Vicks, so I can get around it for a little while yet.

Vox, thanks for the definition of Vernor's -- I knew it was a soft drink, but I don't think I knew it was a ginger ale. I know that ginger was used to soothe stomachs back in olden times, so you're right on the mark there. I've not heard of it used to glaze hams, but I have heard of glazing hams with Coca-Cola. I buy my hams already glazed (slacker!) so I have no such recipes!

Sheila, sorry about the costume thing. I agree, you can get in some good "digs" while being perfectly civil about it. "Oh thank goodness I'm finally able to hand these things over! After all the e-mails I was afraid you'd moved away or something, and they were really using up my attic space!"

Poor Mike! Sorry you're getting frost-bite on your tentacles!

Holly, add me to the list that wants to read Son's poem! He is too funny!

It was sooooo very windy here yesterday! I had to fill up two different cars with gas, and the gas station is located in the windiest spot on the island. I honestly would not have been surprised to see an airborne cow fly by. It was blowing me off my feet.

Stayed up late to watch the Baltimore - New England game last night. I'm amazed that Tom Brady can even walk normally with that horseshoe he has up his... uniform. Boy did they ever get lucky -- Baltimore was whipping the socks off them for 55 minutes. And the last play of the game was pretty exciting. I'm thinking that if I was the Ravens coach, I'd fine the player who threw the flag into the stands and cost them 35 yards on the kickoff. Silly silly thing to do. And I still think Tom Brady needs a haircut.

Happy Tuesday everyone! (Oh, and belated happy birthday to kaykay's new 17-year-old!)


Snuffles - Dec 4, 2007 6:17 am (#1200 of 2988)

**Passes Sheila a cold compress, a Butterbeer and some chocolate**. Hope it helps

Happy belated birthday to Kay's son.

It was hubby’s birthday yesterday too. As he was away, we let him open his presents on Sunday but he had to take his cards away with him. He is home tonight, and the Mountain bike jersey we ordered from America has arrived . He will be so pleased.

Madame P. I nearly choked on my soup while reading your comment about Squid Mike. I re-read it and am happy to say that I read it correctly this time

Any ideas what I can get a 5 year old boy for a birthday present? Olivia is going to a school friend’s party on Saturday and I haven't a clue what to buy. Don't think he will want any Betty Spaghetti dolls or Princess things

Hugs to all and Felix Felicis to all those in need.

Happy Tuesday everyone

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Puck - Dec 4, 2007 6:31 am (#1201 of 2988)

Singing along with you, Maria!

No, Pixie, we don't have that cough medicine where I live, as far as I know.

ROFL at Holly's Son! How do you keep a straight face in your house?

**passes Sheila a calming draught

Happy belated birthday to Julie's Hubby. Oh, and about the birthday, think "Legos" and/or Star wars.


Madame Pince, Samson's hair can't be cut until after the Superbowl.


painting sheila - Dec 4, 2007 7:09 am (#1202 of 2988)

Thank you everyone! I do hope to get a few good digs in. I want to have every one of my costumes out inthe front room with hers right in the middle and ask her why in the world she thinks I Would want to keep her few family heirlooms. I have no idea what she is talking about as far as "family heirlooms". I could get stuff just like them from Goodwill. Jeez!!

I am trying to be better today - and I am hoping I am not nasty to her. I will more than likely have to work with her some day on some church project. Just my luck.

I am sewing caftans today for daughter’s senior project in Drama class.

Puck - a sword. I have yet to find a little 5 year old boy that doesn't like a good plastic sword. If you can find one that lights up and makes noise - all the better.

Roadkill - refill, dung hill, song trill, gas bill, my fill (of roadkill) . .. can you tell I didn't get enough sleep last night?


Chemyst - Dec 4, 2007 7:42 am (#1203 of 2988)

Vernors has a rather interesting history to it. When I was a kid, the label used to read "Aged for years in oak barrels." But a friend told me that before that, it had used to be labeled "Aged four years." Shortly after that discussion, I noticed they had changed the label again to instead "Flavor aged in oak barrels." That was around the time many bottlers were switching over to plastic 2-liter from glass.

The story goes that young Mr. Vernor from Detroit went off to fight in the Civil War. When he got back home four years later, his keg of ginger flavored beverage that he's left behind had a tangy bite to it. For almost a hundred years, the Vernor family owned (or owned a major part of) the company; but then there were a string of sales and mergers. At some point along there, the bottlers were allowed to use corn syrup instead of sugar. The folks we know who live back in Ohio swear the taste changed a lot, but we had moved by then and didn't have it available here for awhile. It is hard to compared today's taste with a childhood memory.

Any ideas what I can get a 5 year old boy for a birthday present?~ Snuffles

Who are you trying to make happy? Boys that age (or nearly any age) love weaponry. Sometimes little sisters and frazzled mothers have different opinions.


Solitaire - Dec 4, 2007 7:47 am (#1204 of 2988)

I've had Vernor's ginger ale (the sugar-free is horrible) and, while it's okay, I prefer good old Canada Dry. Trader Joe's has some ginger beers, and I am not sure if that is the same thing or not. I can't really try it, though ... too much sugar.

About cough medicines ... when we were little kids, there was always a whiskey bottle in the cupboard (I think it was the same old one for my entire youth, as no one in our house was a drinker). Our old family doctor said it was better to drink a hot toddy with honey, lemon, a tablespoon of whiskey, and some hot water ... yes, even for kids. When my mom protested, he said it was safer than all the chemicals in Nyquill; at least you know what's in whiskey! Go figure! I had it a few times as a kid, but I am not big on whiskey. Still, I must admit it tasted better than all the syrupy chemicals. Usually, I just drank tea with LOTS of honey and lemon. I've been reading about the buckwheat honey in Prevention and other health mags. I'd never heard of it until recently, but it's all the rage now. We just use the honey from the bees that pollinate our almond trees; it's pretty good, too.

Good luck, Sheila! It's always so satisfying to let a person like that have it in the kisser, metaphorically speaking. Alas, to paraphrase Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail, the moment you say exactly what you want to say and zing the other guy, you feel miserable. Here's hoping you can bite your tongue and just let it go. I suppose you could say something like this: "I am SO glad you called! Every year people leave stuff with me and then never reclaim it. I was about to haul the whole shootin' match to Goodwill!" It lets her know that you had no idea such treasures were hiding among all the junk. Or maybe you can just put it on your doorstep with a note that says you had to go out! LOL **Felix felicis to you!** Let us know how it goes.



Eponine - Dec 4, 2007 7:52 am (#1205 of 2988)

I just read through almost 200 posts! I've been meaning to catch up here forever, but it's almost the end of the semester and I've got tons of work to do. I spent almost the entire day on Sunday drowning in Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification for my cataloging exam.

Sheila, I hope the lady calms down about the costume fiasco. Does the manger she wants belong to her or someone else? Also, where is this live nativity going to be? I'd like to see it if we can.

I finally finished getting our tree up last night. Mr Eponine and I picked the tree up on Saturday afternoon, and when we got home we couldn't find the tree stand ANYWHERE. We looked everywhere, and neither of us can remember getting rid of it, but it was absolutely nowhere to be found. So I had to go back to the store to buy a new tree stand. Then I started putting the lights on, and half of them had stopped working, but it was too late to go to the store again, so I picked up more lights on Sunday and finished putting the lights on. Yesterday I got the ornaments and the rest of the decorations on. If anyone's interested in seeing my tree, here it is. There's at least 1200 lights and a couple hundred ornaments. I'm a bit crazy with Christmas decorations.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great RotD!


PeskyPixie - Dec 4, 2007 9:24 am (#1206 of 2988)

Thanks to the few who responded to my Buckley's question. So, Buckley's is Canadian as has been the rumour since childhood! It's this foul-tasting cough syrup whose advertisement slogan is, "It tastes awful and it works." Well, at least they're not promising delicious child-friendly cherry flavour.

The lights just died on our Christmas tree last night. Now I've got take everything down and re-do the tree. As if I didn't have enough on my plate as it was. I guess I can just uncheck that from my 'to do' list. Grrr

(((hugs))) to all who are absolutely frazzled ... and (((hugs))) to the rest of you as well.


Soul Search - Dec 4, 2007 9:29 am (#1207 of 2988)

Holly T., thanks for:

Quote of the day from my son: "Mom, what rhymes with roadkill? I'm writing a poem."

I quite literally did LOL!


journeymom - Dec 4, 2007 10:05 am (#1208 of 2988)

Poor Mike! Sorry you're getting frost-bite on your tentacles! Yeow!!

I've got a pot of beans soaking. In an hour it will go into the oven with molasses, mustard powder, onions and salt pork. I've never used salt pork before. We're having baked beans tonight!

Have a great day, All.


kaykay1970 - Dec 4, 2007 10:17 am (#1209 of 2988)

Happy belated birthday, Julie's hubby!


Puck - Dec 4, 2007 10:20 am (#1210 of 2988)

Funny, I always use a can opener and a sauce pot to make baked beans. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

Great deals at Old Navy! I came home with two bags full of stuff for under $100. Gifts for Son, Hubby, BIL, plus all the babysitters, the older Girl Scouts who help with my troop, etc...

Too bad about the tree, PeskyPixie. I think a plate of Christmas cookies will make such a task much more tolerable.


Choices - Dec 4, 2007 12:04 pm (#1211 of 2988)

Condolences to Pesky on the death of her Christmas tree. Don't you think it might be easier to just find the bulb that burned out and replace it? Just a thought.....LOL

Healing and calming charms to all who need them. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


Madam Pince - Dec 4, 2007 1:49 pm (#1212 of 2988)

Oops. I swear on my honor that I completely did not notice "that" about my Squid Mike observation! (However, now that I see it, it is pretty funny and I wish I'd thought of it -- really thought of it, I mean... oh, never mind... you know what I mean...) Squid Mike, I do apologize for any offense to you or your *ahem* arms! (Whew, is it hot in here or is it just me? )

Eponine! So lovely to see you! You do realize that you'll find your tree stand while you're putting away your decorations in January, don't you?

I have spent the majority of the day doing online shopping. I've gotten a lot done, but it doesn't seem like I've gotten anything done at all. No sense of accomplishment at seeing piles of bags. However, there are still plenty of other piles -- laundry, and newspapers to go to the recycle, and other assorted messes which Mr. Pince will be sure to notice and then ask me "What did you do all day???!!!"

Snuffles, plastic swords and other weaponry are definitely well-received by 5-year-old boys, but perhaps not so much by the moms -- if you know her well you'd be the judge. We have tons of the stuff. He also has a Shrek figure that makes an embarrassing noise which he finds absolutely hysterical. Legos of any type are good - again, some Moms get agitated by all the little tiny pieces underfoot. Little P likes dinosaur stuff, or knight stuff, or Star Wars stuff, or Play-doh. Sea-Monkey kits. Books are always good for either gender -- the "Good Night, Good Knight" series and similar are pretty big for us. Have fun! I always love shopping for girls' birthday parties because it's stuff I would otherwise never get to even look at in the store!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Catherine - Dec 4, 2007 4:45 pm (#1213 of 2988)

Busy days on the teaching front, but I feel the need to share the following!

I declined the "honor" of teaching the AP and Honors 11th and 12th grade English courses at our burgeoning Upper School. I just don't think I can spend another year teaching one grade while developing TWO brand new courses, even if I know I will love the content and the older students (while hating the pressures of Advanced Placement courses and the immense grading load and the occasional neurotic "But will little Buster get into HARVARD??? parent).

Instead, I threw the administration a bone: I will develop and teach a film appreciation class. YAY! They went for it! I've been dying to do this for ages.

So, if anyone knows of anything nifty about this, please email me! (Looks pointedly in Vlad and Loopy's directions, as they know stuff about silent film, and Squid Mike as he is the film god on this site....)

I'm really excited to have something new but fun to plan.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I want to mention that I still have no Christmas tree up, but I faked the neighborhood out by putting on the wreaths the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Good luck to Sheila with the Psycho Costume People.


kabloink! - Dec 4, 2007 4:53 pm (#1214 of 2988)

Ooh! Along the lines of little boys, I know my 4-year-old nephew has an Imaginex Castle set that is ssoooo cool, and he loves it. The castle itself is a bit pricey, but the little accessories (cool in and of themselves), like the dragon or black knight are neat and not too expensive. They aren't technically weaponry, but certain ones do shoot torpedoes and lances and whatnot. They also have dinosaur and pirate sets, as well.

Hmm there was lots of stuff that I wanted to comment on, but I can't remember any of it. I'm still working, waiting to pop. Really, seeing as how my work is only minutes from my hospital, and home is an hour, I guess I'm better off being here, but the stress is getting to be a bit much. Especially with how spoiled Ian is getting. I tell him no, he throws a tantrum, Grandpa says "That's just how babies act," and guess who gets exactly what he wants, anyway? Grrrr.

Hubby has started a new job. Old one found a way to get rid of him, after all-without his even knowing it. They claimed that they had called him multiple times and he never responded. Yeah, right. We were called once, by his assistant, who gave no indication to the situation, whatsoever. Oh well, he is with a company (a McD's franchise) that at least claims to place importance on integrity. Now that the job situation (and all other health issues) are cleared up and under control, he got a horrible sinus cold, which I've caught in the form of a horrible sore throat. My doctor gave me an Rx for penicillin, though, just in case its strep. Can't be too careful this close, right?

I'm also realizing that while I have tons of wonderful little boy clothes to pass to Alex from Ian, I don't have any newborn clothes warm enough for late December. Ian was born in mid September, so everything I have is not warm enough, or way too big. Oh oh...SO far, I've gotten 2 outfits for him...that's it...erg.

Oh well, off to drink more tea and fix a pair of glasses. Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 4, 2007 6:08 pm (#1215 of 2988)

Barbara, my glaze recipe involves a mixture of Vernors, honey, and apple cider. I found it by googling Vernors and ham. There are other recipes that call for boiling down a liter of Vernors. Thanks for the Vernors history, Chemyst.

Kabloink, congratulations on your husband's new job. He really needed a change! I hope your cold resolves soon. I had the worst cold of my life when I was pregnant, so I sympathize.


Denise P. - Dec 4, 2007 6:50 pm (#1216 of 2988)

My little tigers made the cutest lollipop ornaments tonight. We are going caroling at an assisted living place and made ornaments to bring along. We also played with dreidels.

I am kinda irked with a patch site. I had ordered patches to put on the red vests I made the boys, I wanted to give it to them tonight but the darn patches still are not here! Now, I am hoping I can give them out at the Pack meeting on the 14th. One of my new boys will get his Bobcat rank then too.

Possibility of snow tomorrow...please be school, please be school


PeskyPixie - Dec 4, 2007 7:03 pm (#1217 of 2988)

Thanks, Puck and Choices. I know having to dismantle and re-assemble a fully decked tree is not the worst punishment in the world. I'm trying to be upbeat about it, but WAH!!!!!! I could just cry. And there I was, wearing a constant smirk on my face for having the tree up by the end of November. I suppose it's kind of funny in the greater scheme of things...

I did get my cards mailed today, and I also confronted my fear of the local 'Mail Nazi'. She's the lady at the local post office and well, if you've seen the 'soup Nazi' episode of Seinfeld you have a general idea of why she's so darn scary. (Incidentally, our 'mail Nazi' has been around longer than the 'soup Nazi'. I grew up in terror of this woman; she once yelled at me for 'letting' a fly land on my arm. My friend's mother was actually pretty much told to do her mailing elsewhere!) Anywho, I used to drive all the way to the mall to buy X-mas stamps and mail my cards, but today I was in a foul mood to begin with, so I just gave her a huge dose of Slytherin Power and it worked!

ETA: I'm not trying to make light of the term 'Nazi'. This is just this particular woman's local nickname. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.


kabloink! - Dec 5, 2007 5:39 am (#1218 of 2988)

Ok, so home from work today. When I got home last night, Ian started crying and crying and crying and wouldn't stop, then he started coughing to the point of choking. SO, we rushed to the emergency room (which, unfortunately, is not the one connected to his pediatrician). Come to find out, he has the very, very early stages of pneumonia. Great. So, they gave him a shot of antibiotics last night and prescriptions for albuterol and more antibiotics...which means I have to take him out in the cold for at least one trip to the store, as I have to get them filled. Okay, hubby's uniform is ready, so I'm going back to bed til Ian wakes up-he was up til 3:30 in the morning, screaming.

Have a good day everyone!


Madam Pince - Dec 5, 2007 5:50 am (#1219 of 2988)

Ohhhhhh, kabloink! So sorry! I hope poor Ian feels better soon. What a rotten thing to have happen right before the holidays.

Speaking of which, we got a note from school yesterday. Three students in Little P's class have got strep throat. There was also a birthday party this past Sunday with about 40 kids there, and I have no idea if any of the strep kids were among them. I asked Little P who was absent, and he said "A, B, and C" I asked him if A, B, and C usually play together, and he assured me "Oh, no, Mom, A always plays with me." Great. So... keeping fingers crossed! ***Bubble-Head Charms!***

I was struggling to get the top off my practically-empty Yankee Candle jar, and it suddenly came loose which caused me to drop it on the sink, and it fell really hard with a loud crash. I anxiously examined the base of it to see if it had cracked -- whew! It didn't crack. But alas... my whew! was premature. It cracked a big chip of baked-on enamel off my sink. I should've just thrown the darn thing away instead of trying to open it. Sigh... Mr. Pince feels there's no good way to repair the chip, either, so I now have this big black spot right in a very obvious place on the lip of the sink.

I freshened up the wreath from last year (guess what -- I'm not much of a bow-maker, but hey...) and hung it up and put the candles in the windows -- woo-hoo me! Today hopefully we'll put up the Nativity Scene and my Dickens village and maybe do some lights on the bushes right by the door -- I don't think the squirrels will bother those. Advent calendar has been up already. So we're starting to look a bit festive!

Catherine, congratulations on your new class! I bet you'll have a ball with it!

Hope everyone has a good day!

Edit: Oh, we found out that the AP picked up the story from the Hagerstown paper about Mr. Pince doing the gravesite dedication for his Civil War ancestor. So the story ran in quite a few papers that normally wouldn't have done it -- it was last week sometime. The picture they ran with it was the one with my brother-in-law, though, not the one with Mr. and Little Pince. Hmph.

Edit 2: Hey, it's snowing! It wasn't when I sat down here, but now it's coming down pretty good!


Denise P. - Dec 5, 2007 6:14 am (#1220 of 2988)

It's snowing! It's snowing! We had a light dusting when I went out at 5:45 to take Nicholas to seminary and it has continued to snow since then. I have a feeling that we are going to have schools closed 2 hours early.


painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 6:29 am (#1221 of 2988)

My keyyy board isss acting alllll wierd bbbbbut I could reeesist posting ---- sorryQ

PeskyPixie - Dont' taaake theold lllights offfff - just put the new ones oooon. Tag the olddd ones before you taaaaake down the tree for goooood and juuuust leaveeee them ont heee tree and throw it all out togetttttther.

KKKabloinnnnnnk!! Poor Ian and conggggratsssss on the newwwwww job!!

Maaadame Pince - you caaan buy a enamel sink rrrepair kitttt. You jussssst paint the sssssspot and leeeeeet it drrrrrry. Pretty coolll stufffffff.

Litttttttlest Guyy expecteeeeeed it to snoow innnnn Decemmmber andddddd has beennnnn asking me everyday when itttttt's goinggg to start.

Eponnnine - here is a link for directions. Thereee areundrrrrreds and huuuundreds ooooof natttttivity seeeeeets (creccccche) to look at. Very beaaaautifulllllll. Live musiccccc eaaaaaach night - wondeeeeeerful time.

link is raleighnativity.orgggg


Eponine - Dec 5, 2007 6:48 am (#1222 of 2988)

Sheila - LOL on your keyboard. I'll take a look at the directions.


Madam Pince - Dec 5, 2007 7:11 am (#1223 of 2988)

Why am I thinking of Gollum? ("My Preciousssssss....") Sheila, your keyboard is too funny! Thanks for the enamel tip -- I was going to check online. I mean, I trust Mr. P and all, but it's always worth a look...

I think my plans for putting up the outdoor lights will be on hold for a day or so -- it's calling for 2-3 inches of snow maybe! I had waited the last two days because of the wind, but now I think I'll be waiting a bit more. I had no desire to be outside chasing my bows down the street (after I watched Mrs.-Lady-Across-The-Street chasing one of her Wise Men and a sheep... LOL!) Today the winds have died down but... alas. I'm thinking we might be looking at an early school dismissal as well.


The giant squid - Dec 5, 2007 7:43 am (#1224 of 2988)

Squid Mike, I do apologize for any offense to you or your *ahem* arms!--Madame Pince

No offense taken. Actually, I had to go back & reread it myself to see what was so shocking. It's unusual that I'm not the one with the dirtiest mind in the room.

Catherine, I'm willing to help out in any way with your new Film class, but I don't know how much I can add. Most of my knowledge is just trivia & personal observation, not very structured. That, and to be honest I haven't "appreciated" much in the way of film lately anyway...

kabloink, sorry to hear about Ian. But hey, you did say he gets everything.



painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 7:47 am (#1225 of 2988)

Eponine = Oh!! Pleaseeee come! I will beeeee helping with thelllllive nativiiity. Juuuuust ask for Sheila and they willll lead you to me!!We could finalllllly meet!! I'll even puttttt you and yyyyour family in the liiiiive nativittttty if you want!

Hubby said ttto put neeeew batteries in my keyboard, so I wennnt to the gas sssstation and bought new bbbbbatteriesssss while stilllll in my pj's. YOu see how wwwwwwell the new batteries are workinnng. (sigh)

Anyone else have any suggestionnnns?


Solitaire - Dec 5, 2007 8:11 am (#1226 of 2988)

Catherine, the film class sounds interesting. You could go into the whole history of movies and do units on silent films, early talkies, musicals, the first use of color in movies, special effects, the effect of blacklisting in Hollywood on movies, etc. It sounds like a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

My doctor gave me an Rx for penicillin, though, just in case its strep. Can't be too careful this close, right?

Just in case? Yikes, Kabloink! He didn't do a throat culture before prescribing antibiotics?? Not all horrible sore throats (I get them, too) are bacterial infections, and an antibiotic doesn't help a viral infection, from what my doc says. Good luck ... but I would never take an antibiotic unless I knew it was warranted. It is possible to develop a resistance to them, and then, when you REALLY need an antibiotic for something serious, it won't work. My doc won't prescribe an antibiotic for anything without making sure it's necessary. Please be careful.

Pesky, there is a little thing you can buy to tell you which light is the dead one, so that you do not have to trash the whole string (or the whole tree, in your case). I'll see if I can find it for you sometime today.

Sheila, I usually have the opposite problem ... letters that do not hit. Good luck!! BTW, how did things go with the Costume Lady? Did I miss it? I sped through the messages just now in about 3 minutes, as I am heading out to school ... now!!

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone!


PS Sheila, you can get a decent keyboard at Office Depot for about $25. It might be worth it.


painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 8:17 am (#1227 of 2988)

Last Act in The Costume Lady Saga - She caaame - earlllly - but luckily I had hauuuuuled 444 or 5 boxes of coooostumes oooooout of the attic. Littlllest Guy answeredddddd the door and whenI wwwwent to see who ittttt was - There shhhhe was. I haaave neverrrrr seen her befooooore in my life - not aat any churrrrrch function........ Odd I thought. Anyway, I jjjust pointeed to the boxes in thhhe fron roooooom and saidddd, "I think your costumes arrrrrre in one of thhhhose" and left the room to finish heeeeelping dddddaugggghter with a costume for her productiooooon that night. I could hhhhhear her diggggggging throuuuuugh the boxes but shhhe never saiiid anything.... Just askedddd daughterrr for a bagggg afterrr she was done. She said thank yooou to daaaaughter and left. I have no idea wwwwhat she took or iffff she took any thinnng that wasn't hers, but at thisss point I just don't care. She's gone and so are the Family Heeeeeeeirloooom Costumes!!!! Wooooohoo!

I have no watttter today and can't ggggget through tttttto see why. I keep gettinnnng put on some answering machine. AAAAArrgg!!!!!!Nooo laundddry and nno clean dishes...........

Hubby is goiiing to get a new keyboard forrr me later today. I hope that that is the probllllem. Thanks SSSoli!


kabloink! - Dec 5, 2007 8:22 am (#1228 of 2988)

Yeah, Sheila, I agree with Soli-my fix would be a new keyboard...

Soli, I don't think we have done that, except for the fact that I could have the baby at any time, and he doesn't want me to have strep when I go into labor. In my time, I have been prone to strep, and I tend to only show a very red throat, rather than the tell-tale white spots, so I have had doctors in the past give me the amoxicillin without the culture-and it works every time (knock on wood). Also, I get sick enough for meds so very rarely (again knock on wood), that I only get prescriptions for penicillin once every two years or so, well unless I have tooth issues, then they do the preventative thing with infections. Also, seeing as how Ian has pneumonia, it looks like he gave me the meds right in time...

Ok, Ian finally woke up (he's normally up around 7:30 am-its 10:15 am or so), so I have to get us cleaned up and warm to go to the pharmacy. It snowed here this morning, too-only about an inch or two though.


journeymom - Dec 5, 2007 8:52 am (#1229 of 2988)

Healing charms to Ian, Kabloink! Good health charms to you.

Sheila, I'm getting dizzy! Lol!

My 'Boston' baked beans cooked. And cooked. And cooked. I gave up and made a quick chicken casserole at about 7:00. I switched the beans from the oven to the stove, where simmering went much faster. It smelled *heavenly!* and was finally soft enough to eat at about 9:00 p.m. The beans taste wonderful. We'll have really tasty beans for dinner tonight.

Have a great day, All!


Holly T. - Dec 5, 2007 9:09 am (#1230 of 2988)

Congrats on the film class Catherine--that sounds fun!

Healing charms to Kabloink and Ian and congrats on your dh's new job! With you so close to having the baby the doctor was probably just being cautious.

Pesky--sorry about your tree! And we have a lady at our post office like that, well, she used to be like that. I used to be terrified to get in her line, but a few years ago she got nicer. I don't know why but I am happy for her, and for me, since now I'm not afraid she's going to yell at me.

Snuffles, Legos and weapons are good gifts for boys. He would probably like a marshmallow gun. Do you know how the parents feel about toy weapons?

Madam Pince, sorry about your sink! Check the Improvements catalog online for repair options. Anti-strep charms for Little Pince!

SSShhhheiillaaa, gggooood llluckkk wwwiithhh tthhhee nneeeeww kkkkeyboooarddd!

Here is Draco's "rhyming haiku":

I see some roadkill
Just sitting on an ant hill
It makes me feel ill


painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 9:11 am (#1231 of 2988)

journeymom- I tried aaaaand deleting the extra letters but when I would deleteeee it wouldddd just kkkeep deleeeeeting backwards and wouldn't stop.... I figggggured this would at leaaast give evvveryone a gggood laugh for the day.


HHHoly Tt - yoooou are to funny! Let me try one - It's not a hiaku but more aloong the lines of roses are rrred . . .

The pooooossum is roadkill and I am so sad Guess whattttt's for dinnerrrrr Eww! itttt smells baddddd!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Dec 5, 2007 9:12 am (#1232 of 2988)

So, if anyone knows of anything nifty about this, please email me!---Catherine

Rosebud's the sled.


painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 9:14 am (#1233 of 2988)

Daaaaaaang! III was gonna watch that movie tooooo!


DJ Evans - Dec 5, 2007 9:37 am (#1234 of 2988)

Shelia, when I saw your first post & hadn't read about your keyboard problems, I thought maybe it was extremely cooooold there! At first I thought of suggesting for you turned your keyboard upside down & shake it, to get all of the trash out, it might solve your problem. Now though, I'm thinking that probably isn't your problem since it's not the same letters sticking. Hmmm, I'd go with a new keyboard too. I know it must be so frustrating...

Madam P? Wasn't it you who has been wanting the complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes? If so, I got a notice in my daily comics this morning that for today only the collection is on sale for 55% off. If you (or anyone) is interested go to ZZZhttp://astore.amazon.com/ucomicscom/detail/0740748475/102-0546894-9449741 (take off the 3 "ZZZ" at the first of the link) The collection is from the uComics store.

***waves to everyone***

Happy Holidays, Deb


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 5, 2007 10:32 am (#1235 of 2988)

So, if anyone knows of anything nifty about this, please email me!

Catherine I'll email you on this.

Goodness Kim, good luck to husband on new job, with Ian too. Don't worry the clothes will come.


John Bumbledore - Dec 5, 2007 10:36 am (#1236 of 2988)

My keyyy board isss acting alllll wierd. (Sheila)
Sheila, your keyboard is too funny! Why am I thinking of Gollum? ("My Preciousssssss....") (Madam Pince)
Get a new keyboard. (soli. et al)

Smeagle-Sheila, first try unplugging the keyboard and then plugging it back into your computer. I think Maria (silly dragon) is the one more familiar with bad keyboard on laptops.

Next, check the repeat delay (if using Windows, mash the Start button, point at Settings and then "Control Panel." In the control panel you will find a Keyboard icon to launch. On the speed tab you will see a slider for repeat delay. If is at the short end, you have your answer.)

Otherwise, ask Hungarian Horntail (Maria) if she has been using your keyboard while you were avoiding the "mad" costume lady.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Dec 5, 2007 10:46 am (#1237 of 2988)

Healing charms to Ian!

LOL at the poem, Holly. (And Sheila's as well.)

Journeymom- and that's why I use the kind in the can. (Well, I wouldn't mind trying to make them myself if a single person here would appreciate it, but they won't, so a can opener it is!)

I did 2 classes at the gym, and then did a Mommy and Me swim class. Definitely earned that glass of eggnog.

Time to do some laundry.



Madam Pince - Dec 5, 2007 10:59 am (#1238 of 2988)

Anyone else have any suggestionnnns? –Sheila

It's a good thing John got here first with all his sensible ideas. I was going to suggest cursing at it and throwing it on the floor.

Mike, I know what you mean -- and who would've ever suspected Snuffles of having the dirtiest mind of the three of us!

Deb, thanks for the Calvin and Hobbes heads-up! I think it has been on sale at Amazon for that price for awhile now, but it may be that today is the last day. Mr. Pince told me to go ahead and order it for myself, but I sort of hemmed-and-hawed and said I didn't really need it, and I think in the meantime he may have gone ahead and gotten me something else. ***coughphonenixnecklacefromNoblecough*** So now I can't decide if I should go ahead and order the book and bat my eyes innocently and say (ala Denise) "But you said...." or if I should be good and forbear. Hmmmm. See, this is the problem with Christmas shopping. I don't usually shop all that much period, so when I finally do go out and start looking for other people's stuff, I keep finding stuff for me! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1437562208

Edit: Nope, Oops! That is definitely a new price! Wooo-hooo! Thanks Deb!

Holly, Son's poem is too cute! LOL! Sheila's is good too!

Still snowing... very fine flakes, though. No hint of school getting out early here. I think if they were going to do it they'd have done it by now. It's not really sticking to the roads much, but everything else is white. I swear it hadn't been snowing for 10 minutes this morning when I heard the firetrucks blaring heading up the road -- some people can't drive in snow at all...


Choices - Dec 5, 2007 12:10 pm (#1239 of 2988)

For the keyboard....the cursing sounds good, but I was going to suggest taking a hammer to it. That's my remedy for everything that doesn't want to work. LOL


painting sheila - Dec 5, 2007 12:21 pm (#1240 of 2988)

Okay - John. I have tried the control panel thing. And it seems to be working - Yeah!!

You win the prize for the day!!

I am altering a dress for someone. Taking a long evening dress and hemming it to right above her knee. I am also making it strapless. I have no idea what to charge her. I usually barter for these things. Any ideas?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

I'm smelling roadkill!

Whoops! That's just you!!


John Bumbledore - Dec 5, 2007 12:48 pm (#1241 of 2988)

Sheila, glad it worked. The $50 question is who changed the repeat delay?

(cost of keyboard: $25)
(cost of services of a computer professional: $80)
(I do accept Galleons by owl.)

About Sheila's poem...
Sorry, Sheila, I thought it was just a speed bump!

**Combination: Squirrel gravy, "I found a peanut" song, and road-kill poems...**

I found a road-kill.
I found a road-kill.
I found a road-kill just now.
Just now I found a road-kill
I found a road-kill just now.

It was rotten ...

Ate it anyway ...

Got a tummy ache ...

Called the doctor ...

Died anyway ...
Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042
Any other verson or variations out there?

Grandpa Moses shot a skunk,
Grandma Moses cooked a chunk,
Baby Moses ate a hunk,
My! Oh my! How the family stunk!
Boom, boom, ant it great to be,
Boom, boom, ant it great to be,
Giddy and foolish all day long,
Boom, boom, ant it great to be,


Madam Pince - Dec 5, 2007 1:17 pm (#1242 of 2988)

I am livid! I was shopping at Amazon to get the good price for the Calvin & Hobbes book ($67) and was doing some additional shopping there to get all things in at one shipment. During the time I put the book in my cart, to the time I tried to check out (about 3 hours later, admittedly, I ate lunch in between, etc.) the price went back up $22! Grrrrrrr... It didn't say anything about it being limited or anything. I am soooooo ticked!


Elanor - Dec 5, 2007 1:21 pm (#1243 of 2988)

The Roadkill (breathing - sort of- its last): "I solemnly swear that I am up to no living good"

The SalSly1 car (with an evil grin): "Mischief Managed"

Have a great day all!

Audrey **Sending Healing Charms to all needing some**


journeymom - Dec 5, 2007 2:33 pm (#1244 of 2988)

Oh my gosh, John! Lololol!


PeskyPixie - Dec 5, 2007 2:43 pm (#1245 of 2988)

Thanks for the kind wishes. The tree is up once more. I decided to buy prettier new lights and we're leaving off the garland (gasp!) for the first time in my life. Ms. Banks would say that our tree looks much 'edgier' and 'fiercer' after its makeover! (Just a joke my best friend and I have)


Puck - Dec 5, 2007 2:49 pm (#1246 of 2988)

Madame Pince, send an e-mail (The problem with Amazon is it's not a store you can call.) and ask for the other price. You'll be amazed what perseverance can do. I ordered something that was listed as an "on-line exclusive" for Mr. Puck. It was a heavy item and cost $25 for shipping. Two days later I was in the store and shocked to find they had the item in stock. One phone call later and the shipping charges were reimbursed. Let them know you expected the price to last at least until the end of the business day.



HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 5, 2007 3:08 pm (#1247 of 2988)

Sheila, pour water on it. (Just kidding.)

Healing charms to Ian, Kabloink!

Reparo to your sink, Madam Pince.

Kathy, that's my recipe for baked beans!

I've heard from Mediwitch. Sounds like she's fine - very busy though. Maybe she'll get a break and come around.

EDIT: Snuffles, I bought Trevor a game entitled Kids On Stage. Trevor loves it and Percy plays with him (i.e., it's fun for a 10 y.o.) when I can't. It is fun and quick, so perhaps mom of b'day boy won't be so annoyed. NOT that there's anything wrong with a weapon. (Remember, wands are only weapons when you point them at someone.) **looks around innocently**


EDIT: oh my goodness! I start a post and 20+ posts later, my replies don't make sense (or kind of got lost in the sauce)!


Madam Pince - Dec 5, 2007 6:28 pm (#1248 of 2988)

Puck, I might try that, but I'm not optimistic. In their fine print, they clearly say "the price at checkout may not be the same as it was when you put it in your cart."

I tried the phone-call route with Coldwater Creek once -- it wasn't that the price changed, but suddenly the item in my virtual cart completely wasn't available at all, at any price! The lady was very nice and explained the whole deal to me about how millions of people could put an item in their cart and leave it there for days and this would not be fair to others who are trying to buy it. However, it still did not erase my feeling that someone had come along and yanked something out of my "real" shopping cart and run away with it. I mean really, if you were in a store and had your cart piled high with stuff, and suddenly a store associate came along and grabbed out your favorite item and ran away with it, how would that feel? Sigh... I just so seldom shop and find a really good bargain, and now today with Deb's help I was on the verge of scoring a really sweet deal, but... oh, well. At least I can still get it if I want.


Puck - Dec 5, 2007 6:51 pm (#1249 of 2988)

Yes, Madame Pince, the price may change if it's days later, but in a matter of hours?

Last year one item I bought on line wasn't sent, as they sent a duplicate of something else instead. When I called to correct the mistake, the item I originally wanted was out of stock. That bugged me, because there were plenty available when I ordered it, I lost it do to their mistake. (And it's really hard to try to do an exchange for gifts which are wrapped and have been sent to relatives 2 hours away from your own house.)

**waves to Maria**

Time to wrap some gifts!



megfox* - Dec 5, 2007 7:23 pm (#1250 of 2988)

Pixie, out of curiosity re: your "edgier" and "fiercer" Christmas tree, do you by any chance watch either Project Runway or America's Next Top Model?
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DJ Evans - Dec 5, 2007 7:27 pm (#1251 of 2988)

Madam P....have you tried it again since this morning? I'm wondering if you start fresh, it might give you the sale price? I don't know if clearing your cookies for this would help in this situation or not. Someone more techno than I am could probably answer that. I hate that you missed out on it. But if I ever see another sale on the collection, I'll let you know.

Just 16 more days till the release of National Treasures: Book of Secrets! I so can't wait to see this movie. Smile

She, so happy that John was able to help you & the keyboard is working now!

Sending healing charms to all those in need. We've got that virus thingy going around here. The one where you cough like crazy & are so tired, that you feel like you haven't slept for days. My Mother, brother & I had it about 2 weeks ago but we're all doing much better finally.

OK, I'm off to go & try to make a test making of a handmade Christmas decoration that I have in mind. Don't know if it is going to work or not, but I hope it does. I kinda got the idea for this when everyone was making the HP swaps. Going to knit a miniature Christmas stocking using straight pins & crochet thread. I'm not going to finish the stocking, but have it about half-way done & leave the straight pins in....giving the appearance that it is a project in the making. I think (if it works) it will turn out quite cute. We'll see..... lol

Happy Holidays, Deb


PeskyPixie - Dec 5, 2007 8:08 pm (#1252 of 2988)

megfox*, I started watching ANTM from the 5th cycle and haven't been able to drop the habit. My friend and I often joke over the terms 'edgy' and 'fierce'. I think my made-over garland-free tree has quite an 'edgy', 'fierce' look to it, without looking 'cheap'!

DJ Evans, I love the ornament idea.


Holly T. - Dec 5, 2007 8:17 pm (#1253 of 2988)

Madam Pince, I ordered the books this morning at the sale price thinking I would give them to my daughter for Christmas or save them for her birthday since I already have their Christmas gifts balanced out. If you want it I can go in and have them ship it to you and you could pay me. Let me know what you want to do.

Of course, here's hoping they actually charge me the sale price, since when I ordered dh's hedge trimmer they charged me more, but in that case the cheaper price was still listed on their site. First time I have ever had to contact their customer service department.

I love all of the roadkill poems and will share them with my son. He will get a kick out of them.


Solitaire - Dec 5, 2007 9:11 pm (#1254 of 2988)

Kabloink, my youngest niece's first baby is due any second. Actually, her due date was last Thursday, so I have been walking around all day (uncharacteristically, for me) with my cell phone stuck to my person. I want to know the minute she goes into labor. They opted not to know the gender of the baby, so we are all so excited and really curious!

I hope YOU are feeling better soon. I can't take penicillin at all. I nearly died with it when I was a child, and I am afraid to try again. I hate all antibiotics and will not take them unless all other avenues have been exhausted. I'm sorry you're stuck with them, especially at this point. Good luck!

Okay ... dinner time!



PeskyPixie - Dec 5, 2007 9:58 pm (#1255 of 2988)

My prof swears by oil of oregano. He claims he hasn't even had a cold in the last few years by taking a few drops whenever he starts to feel a bit under the weather, plus it helped him out when he was making pasta for a company dinner and realized he was out of oregano! Dill is also supposed to have antibiotic properties.

I've always taken well to homeopathic medicine and stick by it unless I've got a severe infection which needs quick action.

Remember to drink a lot of fluids when you're on antibiotics as it can really dry you out.

Good night, all.

ETA: What is everyone's favourite Christmas carol?


Snuffles - Dec 6, 2007 2:54 am (#1256 of 2988)

Thanks for all of the present ideas. I am off to Toys R Us at lunch today, so hopefully I will find something. I always seem to take ages on deciding on presents. I keep thinking if I would like Olivia to have them! Also, Olivia has her birthday party next month, if I buy an unsuitable present, it may come bouncing back!

Kabloink, glad hubby has a new job. *healing charms* to Ian. Don't forget about yourself though. Take it easy

Hope Little Pince doesn't catch any nasty sore throats or cold.

Holly and everyone. I love the roadkill poems.

Dirty mind , me , I don't know what you mean! *looks around all innocently*. Was I really the only one who mis-read it?

Oh well, I'm the only one in the office today. Must stop slacking and do some work!

Happy Thursday everyone



jose043 - Dec 6, 2007 3:52 am (#1257 of 2988)

Hi All

Healing & get well charms to all that need them.

Weather here for the last few days has been like winter & it is supposed to be summer here in West Aussie.

Anne has finished studying now till 5th February 2008. She has 4 more subjects to go until she finishes her diploma in Library Studies, hopes to finish it by the middle of the year.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


painting sheila - Dec 6, 2007 7:34 am (#1258 of 2988)

Yeah!! Anne on finishing her studies!! What a nice break.

I am still sewing angel costumes. How ticked will I be if no angels show up?!

Cold cold morning here. There were snow "flurries" in some parts of our county yesterday. All the kids in my house were so very excited. I think LIttlest Guy thinks the countdown to the 24th is the countdown to snow. I wouldn't mind some of the white stuff - as long as everyone was home when it happened.

Have a great day all-



Puck - Dec 6, 2007 11:07 am (#1259 of 2988)

Enjoy, relax and enjoy your break! Drive around in that new car.

PeskyPixie, my favorite carol is called "Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)".

Sheila, you sew costumes for angels? Think you can polish my slightly tarnished halo?

Have a great day!



PeskyPixie - Dec 6, 2007 11:13 am (#1260 of 2988)

Thanks for responding, Puck. I don't think I've ever heard that one. I'll have to look it up.

My personal favourite is 'The Huron Carol' (also known as 'Jesous Ahatonhia').

So, which carols do the rest of you prefer?


Holly T. - Dec 6, 2007 11:37 am (#1261 of 2988)

My favorite Christmas songs are "Breath of Heaven," "Mary, Did You Know," "A Strange Way to Save the World," and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear."

Christmas songs I would be happy to never hear again are: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "White Christmas," "I'll Be Home for Christmas," and my least favorite Christmas song ever, "The Christmas Song" (chestnuts roasting on an open fire ...).

WTG Anne!

The children's choir's Christmas pageant at church is doing a modern tale again this year and everyone is just wearing regular clothes, so no costumes. For several years I always ended up sewing at least one wise person costume as they kept disappearing (have just realized that they are probably in Sheila's attic). Last year Draco played the town mayor, who also happened to be an Elvis impersonator, so he needed costumes (in case you are wondering what that has to do with Christmas, the name of the play was "A King is Coming to Town"--the mayor was confused). This year he's just playing a kid.


Choices - Dec 6, 2007 11:42 am (#1262 of 2988)

DJ Evans, is National Treasure coming out in theaters or on DVD? I loved the first movie and bought it when it came out on DVD. I can't wait to see this new one.

Carols - I love O Holy Night, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy (Bing Crosby and David Bowie) - I really love them all, especially if they are sung by one of my favorite singers. I've got a variety of Christmas music by The Judds, Bing Crosby, Josh Groban, Michael Buble', Joan Baez, Barbra Streisand, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Kingston Trio, etc. and I love them all.


journeymom - Dec 6, 2007 11:47 am (#1263 of 2988)

Dirty mind , me , I don't know what you mean! *looks around all innocently*. Was I really the only one who mis-read it?

Snuffles, I noticed it too! Lol!

We finally had my Boston baked beans for dinner last night. They were fabulous, but the rest of the family didn't appreciate them as much as I did. I had seconds. And they just about KILLED me! I was very uncomfortable all night!

Sorry, that's probably Too Much Information!

I wish I could get Family to eat more beans. They're cheap and really good for you.


kabloink! - Dec 6, 2007 11:56 am (#1264 of 2988)

Hmmm, I love just about all Christmas music, so long as it is sung rather "traditionally." I'm not too happy when someone takes a Christmas carol and makes it "their own." I absolutely LOVE the Christmas Waltz by Frank Sinatra. I'm a big fan of the David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet, as well. I love "O Holy Night" and "Do You Hear What I Hear." Like I said before, though, I love Bing and Frank and Dean and Sammy, etc for Christmas music. Has anyone heard Judy Garland's "Have Yourself a Merry Little CHristmas"? Its just gorgeous.

Ok, back to work...


Elanor - Dec 6, 2007 12:14 pm (#1265 of 2988)

As far as I can remember (and even before as my parents bought the record in the 60s), Christmas has been really here when we were starting to listen to the Christmas songs record by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians (singing either all together or only B.Crosby and the Pennsylvanians, or only Sinatra, etc). My favorite ever is "Go Tell It On the Mountain", from that record. I also love "The Christmas Waltz", "Sleigh Ride", "The Secret of Christmas" (by Bing Crosby) and many others. My brother recently bought a CD burner that allows him to burn old records on CD and he did burn that record for the whole family. It was a wonderful idea.

In French, my favorite are "La marche des rois" (the "March of the Kings"), when the music is truly the one taken from "L'Arlésienne", (by George Bizet), "Vive le vent" (Jingle Bells) and "Douce Nuit" (Oh Holy Night).

Have a great day everybody!

**Healing and Cheering Charms to all needing some**


Edit: If you have never heard the farandole of "L'Arlésienne", do try this on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=yMno11NXsXk&
It is really worth it: the first 40 seconds seem quite formal but after it is Provence entering your house. (Actually, Bizet didn't invent the March of Kings, which is the main theme of "L'Arlésienne". The March of the Kings was a traditional carol from Provence he beautifully adapted.


Holly T. - Dec 6, 2007 12:16 pm (#1266 of 2988)

Looks like I am the complete opposite of you Kabloink (realizing I forgot to put "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on my list of songs I would rather never hear again). And the only version of "White Christmas" I like is "Blanca Navidad" on a Tejano Christmas CD. I like Audio Adrenaline's version of "The Little Drummer Boy." Definitely not traditional. Loud, though. Beausoleil does a good Cajun waltz version of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear."

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to list as one of my favorites--"Holly Jolly Christmas." And "The Twelve Days of Christmas" sung by the Muppets.


Choices - Dec 6, 2007 12:20 pm (#1267 of 2988)

Do any of our older members remember a record by Bing Crosby and Loretta Young - each telling a Christmas story - one was the Littlest Angel and one was about a little deaf boy named "Hey You"? The stories were wonderful and so sweet they never failed to make me cry. The talk about favorite carols made me think of this record - I always loved to listen to it at Christmas time.


azi - Dec 6, 2007 1:19 pm (#1268 of 2988)

All this talk of Christmas and I don't feel a drop Christmassy yet!

Yey, I'm finished with my presentation! It didn't go as well as I wanted (when practising beforehand I was doing very well at presenting a'la Tony Blair, dramatic pauses and all ). We had an optional seminar afterwards, and it was about my presentation subject! It was good to discover that I know more on the subject than Phd students. They were getting all confused over EU legislation and I knew what everything meant!

Also got sorted out a little problem. One of my friends is one of those slacker students who never does his work until the last minute (if he ever does it at all) and it really peeves me that he manages to sweet-talk his way out of trouble every time. Anyway, we had this piece of groupwork to do, and we figured we'd give him the easiest bit, so if he didn't do it we could rattle it off in seconds ourselves. It got to yesterday evening (it was due in today) and he finally sent us his 'contribution' (half of what it should have been, because he sweet-talked another group member into doing half of it), 3 days after the self-set deadline we'd given him. It was completely irrelevant and plagarised from the first website you get when you type the subject into Google. Given my hatred of people who do that and jeopardise other people's results, I refused to use his contribution and didn't put his name on the work. The lecturer knows the situation and is fine with it. She said if he's going to do that he can write a report by himself.

Charms where necessary! I'm running on 4 hours sleep today. **snoozes**


John Bumbledore - Dec 6, 2007 1:39 pm (#1269 of 2988)

Sheila, you sew costumes for angels? Think you can polish my slightly [significantly] tarnished halo? (Kathy-Puck)

Oh! Perhaps Kathy-Puck would be a pleasant alternative to calling you Hockey-Puck? (Expressed in the voice of Don Rickles)

**Why do I do that?**

LOL Kathy, I just coudn't resist that setup!


Madam Pince - Dec 6, 2007 2:02 pm (#1270 of 2988)

Holly, you are so sweet to offer that! But no, I wouldn't even think of it. I do appreciate the sentiment, though! Mr. Pince actually told me to go ahead and order them anyway. I think he felt sorry for me, waiting patiently (?) for two years for the price to drop significantly. So I have ordered them at the higher price (which is still about $12 lower than it had been, or where it is at other outlets, so that's still decent.) And shipping is free, which for a 22-lb. item is pretty darn good. You are a sweetheart, though. (Even if you don't like "White Christmas." What is up with that???? )

I love just about all Christmas songs, mainly because they're the only songs I know all the words to. I especially like the beat of "Oh There's No Place Like Home For the Holidays" (is that even the title? It's what I call it...) for some reason -- probably the redneck in me. (Although I don't much care for the "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" -- go figure. It was cute the first time I heard it, now not so much...) I adore anything Bing Crosby sings, especially "White Christmas," and I'm a sucker for all those old nostalgic Christmas movies like "Holiday Inn" and "Miracle on 34th St." etc. When I was a kid, we'd dig out the Christmas albums of Bing Crosby, the Ray Conniff Singers, Andy Williams, and Julie Andrews. (Finn alert! Finn alert!) Who am I kidding -- we still dig those out.

Really the only thing that aggravates me about any Christmas songs is when they sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in an order that differs from the order I sing it in! LOL! It's 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a-leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a-milking, 7 swans a-swimming, 6 geese a-laying, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree, dang it! Julie Andrews messed it all up! (Sorry, Finn...)

Snow day today -- school's closed. Little P has been playing with the kid down the street for the majority of the day, so I'm off to pick him up now. It was really icy this morning -- I was awakened at 5:30am by the neighbor scraping the ice off her car windows. When I hear that sound, I pretty much know school's cancelled.

UVA lost to Syracuse last night by just two points. We were winning, and I looked away from the TV for a couple minutes to talk on the phone and suddenly we were down 5, so I don't know what happened. Our star Sean Singletary apparently has strep, so he was not playing up to par in the second half -- I'm amazed he was able to play at all. We definitely fall apart without him. Sigh...


Good Evans - Dec 6, 2007 2:14 pm (#1271 of 2988)

That’s my order for the twelve days too, Madam P!!!

Just got back from Scotland, the conference went well and I got lots of compliments on the presentation I did, so I am feeling really good about that!

Sheila - I dont know if the saga of the costumes or the stuttering key board made me laugh more, but I am glad that they are both sorted now!

love to all, I'll let you know what the Dr says tomorrow about my arm, I dont think it is RSI as I am still in loads of discomfort even after two days of no keyboard activity at all!!

ah well !


Denise P. - Dec 6, 2007 3:00 pm (#1272 of 2988)

Yesterday, when the weather was truly horrible (we got nearly 5"!) the schools ran the entire time. Today, no snow but some icy patches and school was delayed 2 hours. I certainly hope that we are not delayed tomorrow.

I would check on half.com for the Calvin and Hobbes book unless you want it brand new. Sometimes you can find really awesome deals there.


Madam Pince - Dec 6, 2007 3:09 pm (#1273 of 2988)

Yes, I tried all the "usual suspects" -- half.com, eBay, bizrate, etc., etc. They all work out to be about the same. You can get some great deals on eBay for the base price, but the shipping makes it the same as the others. The great thing about the "lost opportunity" was that it was an awesome price, PLUS no shipping. I'm done looking -- I gave up and ordered it at the "OK" price, still no shipping charges, so that's good. Woo-hoo to you, Holly, for grabbing the great deal! Your daughter will love it, I know.

***trying to put out of mind the thought that the $22 would've bought a lovely special-edition OotP DVD...*** (But thinking that Santa is probably getting that anyway... or at least he'd better...)

Whatever happened to being surprised on Christmas morning? That's what I get for being so specific in my Christmas wish list...

Looks like next week we'll be getting all the precipitation we should've gotten all summer. The forecast is for some sort of precipitation every day, and it just depends on the temperature as to whether it'll fall as rain or snow. Sigh... we'll never get the outside lights up if we keep waiting for this.

We watched Night at the Museum last night -- I thought it was hysterical! (Of course, with my "filthy mind" I was cracking up at the "fight" with Dexter the monkey, and also when the cowboy was helping the centaurion let the air out of the car's tires. Nice little "riffs" the writers got in there!)


Tazzygirl - Dec 6, 2007 6:06 pm (#1274 of 2988)

I'm FRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was the last day of school!!! **dances** I survived, and am so excited about student teaching next year. I can tell it's going to be a blast! I have one Final and a Project to drop off at school Wednesday next week, but as for classes, they are completely over. w00t!! I will miss one class terribly (surprisingly it was my Math class. LOL), one just a little bit (Social Studies), and the other three not so much (Art and two special education classes). Two of which I wish I could take out of my memory (Art and one of the special education classes). The teachers were awful.

It's been rainy and stormy here the last couple days. They canceled all public schools yesterday because of high winds (you would have thought a small hurricane had come through, it was that bad), and lots of flooding over all the islands. No one got hurt though, and only some areas lost power. I think the weather is supposed to stay this way over the next couple days though.

I skimmed through a week of posts (200+), so forgive me if I miss something!

Happy Belated Birthday to Kay's son, and Sheila's Daughter!

**healing charms to Kabloink's Ian and anyone else who needs them!**

Sheila, glad the costume drama is over. Hopefully she didn't take any of your stuff!

Good luck with all your uni stuff, Azi! (And everyone else currently in school!)

Ah, I can't remember anymore.



Allison R - Dec 6, 2007 7:59 pm (#1275 of 2988)

My 12-year-old came home early today not feeling well. Yesterday she had a horribly sore throat that came on very suddenly so I took her to the doctor to make sure it wasn't strep (the rapid test says it's not, we'll see if anything grows out on the regular culture). I'm going to try to convince her to try the honey remedy you were just discussing.

I have one final left to take on Tuesday, and our Choir Christmas Concert is Friday/Saturday of next week and then I'll be done until next semester starts. Almost there! It's been a good semester (I don't know who 'Dean' is but he was kind enough to put me on his list) but I'm ready for a bit of a break.

Madame P, we like "Night at the Museum" at my house, too.

Azi, I'm glad your presentation went so well! I've come to loathe group projects for the very reason(s) you describe in your post. I'm glad your Professor is standing behind you on your choice not to include the slacker's name on your work. It's the parent in me-- I loathe it when bad behavior is rewarded!

I'm hoping you can stay firmly grounded and not be blown away by those winds, Tazzygirl! Those tailwinds can really blow a broom off course, so mind the windshear if you're travelling.

My husband and I decided to try our hand at making homemade marshmallows. We picked up the only ingredient we didn't have on hand at the store this afternoon and will try it at some point over the weekend. I figure it will either be a raging success at best, and at worst we'll have a hysterically sticky war-story to tell.


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 6, 2007 8:12 pm (#1276 of 2988)

Healing charms to Kabloink & Co, Allison's daughter, and anyone I may have missed in my hasty reading.

We're having the first part of our Christmas party tomorrow night. That's the adults-only evening soiree. We'll do an open house on Saturday, at which kids will be welcome. I'm baking ham, making pies, some side dishes, and wondering whatever was I thinking when I agreed to this??? I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow to cook and clean, but I have no idea how I'm going to do it all without a time turner or a house elf or two.

My favorite Christmas songs are from the Victorian era or even earlier. I love O Holy Night, Ding Dong Merrily on High, The Gloucestershire Wassail, In the Bleak Midwinter, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, to name a few. I love the Christmas albums by the Boston Camerota, the Baltimore Consort, and Waverly Consort. When I'm in a terribly modern mood, I'll listen to Bing Crosby, and if I want something really avant garde, the Vince Guaraldi music from A Charlie Brown Christmas. I liked Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas when Judy Garland sang it in Meet Me in St. Louis, but I hate the lugubrious, loungey type performances by other singers.

But I also like Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Can't help it.

Did anyone observe St. Nicholas day? Hubby and daughter got candy in their shoes this morning, and hubby reciprocated by getting me a bottle of Amaretto. It will stay out of sight until the house is clean and the ham is baked.


Solitaire - Dec 6, 2007 10:58 pm (#1277 of 2988)

I'm a Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas girl ... although I do like almost all carols. I do love a little ditty Sandi Patty sang, called Come, Let Us Worship the King. My sister does an awesome job of that one and O, Holy Night, too, even if she can't quite manage the last couple of notes that Sandi hits up in the rafters. She still has a fabulous range and one of the most beautiful natural voices I've ever heard.

Oh! Perhaps Kathy-Puck would be a pleasant alternative to calling you Hockey-Puck?

Who called her Hockey-Puck? For shame! Actually, I always think of Robin Goodfellow when I see Puck's name! I just assumed she was a little imp!

Elanor, I am playing your YouTube link right now, and the music is quite wonderful! It's odd ... Near the end, where they really get wound up, the effect is majestic, yet the insistent piccolo makes me think of a bunch of frenetic toys running around the toy shop, frantically trying to get back into their places on the shelf before the toymaker comes back! I can't help it ... music makes me "see" things!

Oh, I almost forgot one of my favorite songs! **clearing voice to sing**
Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.
(For those who want to listen to the Chipmunks in all their glory ... www.links2love.com/christmas-songs-chipmunk-song.htm)

Mom just called ... My niece and her hubby have just left for the hospital (9:45 p.m.). This is her first baby, and she is a week overdue. If labor does not start in the next few hours, the doc will induce at 5 a.m. Please keep her and the baby in your thoughts and prayers.

I don't know about St. Nicholas Day, but the Amaretto sounds wonderful! Sweet dreams, everyone!



Mrs. Sirius - Dec 6, 2007 11:02 pm (#1278 of 2988)

My favorites: Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas Time; Happy Christmas, John Lennon; Little Drummer Boy, The Bing Crosby/David Bowie Little Drummer Boy/Other Christmas song duet; Carabine (Dominican); Silent Night; Mary's Boy Child

And they just about KILLED me! I was very uncomfortable all night!.... I wish I could get Family to eat more beans. They're cheap and really good for you

lol, I have never understood that. We eat beans at least twice a week not because they're cheap but it's what we eat (I'm Dominican). I guess it's an acquired taste. If you would like a recipe that might not cause so much discomfort e-mail me.

Azi, it's good to know some people still have standards and stick to it.

Edit: Soli that is funny, we are trying to get the girls, triplet, and older brother, to perform the Chipmunk song. My one doing the David Saville part and Anastasia as Alvin.

Good luck to your niece. As a Lamaze advocate, she need not be induced or otherwise interfere with at only one week overdue unless there is clear medical need to intervene. Best of luck, I say good thoughts for her.

Audrey, stimulating music, can you tells something about this?


PeskyPixie - Dec 6, 2007 11:32 pm (#1279 of 2988)

Soli, both mommy and baby were in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Get some rest, yourself.

Good night, all.


journeymom - Dec 7, 2007 12:19 am (#1280 of 2988)

Mrs. Sirius, I think if we ate beans more often there wouldn't be this issue with, ah, discomfort.

Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

Soli, ~~*Easy Delivery!*~~ charms to your niece!


Steve Newton - Dec 7, 2007 4:41 am (#1281 of 2988)

Well, its December 7th. A major historical day. Yes, on December 7, 1787 Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution.

Happy Delaware Day!

My favorite Christmas carol is 'The Little Drummer Boy.' I loved it the first time I heard it, sometime in the 60s, and still do today. For a different carol try going to youTube and searching for "I Farted on Santa's Lap." Well worth the visit. Also fond memories of 'Crabs for Christmas.'


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 7, 2007 5:24 am (#1282 of 2988)

Yeah Delaware! The first quarter in my Constitutional collection.


Chemyst - Dec 7, 2007 6:47 am (#1283 of 2988)

Cute set-up Steve. After that opening line you knew we'd be waiting to hear about Pearl Harbor. . .

'Yea!' for Azi's instructor who saved her grade. I once had a professor who was of the opinion that dealing with a freeloader was part of the real-life experience of a project. If I could have a do-over, I'd now respond that as part of 'real life' experience, we fired that team member.

And speaking of real life...   Allison, I also thought that making marshmallows would be a fun thing to do with my kids and teach a little cooking chemistry at the same time. The real life lesson was that spilled confectioner's (powdered) sugar is very, very hard to clean up.

Birthing charms to Soli's niece …and kabloink.

Enjoy your break, Anne.

If I list my favorite/least favorite Christmas music, then everyone will immediately be able to figure out why I don't enter into the conversation when other musical preferences become the topic of conversation.

Snoopy's Christmas (Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron)
Do You Hear What I Hear
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
       (Yes, there is an official Dr. Elmo Website.)
The Holly and the Ivy
Manheim Steamroller instrumentals

Songs I'd just as soon skip:
Christmas Shoes
Carol of the Bells

And one song that could fit either list depending upon the mood I am in:
Sleigh Ride

Someday I hope to hear T Brightwater's lute quartet Christmas music.


Puck - Dec 7, 2007 6:55 am (#1284 of 2988)

It's Dec 7th? Must call niece to wish her a happy birthday! I won't be mailing her gifts until next week, when I mail out the Christmas package to their house. (I'm still waiting on a couple of things I ordered through school fundraisers to arrive.)

Charms to Solitaire's neice!

Healing charms tossed around as needed.

wOOt! to Tazzy and Allison on being about done, and Azi for teaching an idle person a proper lesson.

Actually, I always think of Robin Goodfellow when I see Puck's name! I just assumed she was a little imp! Exactly, Solitaire!

to John! Not for the Hockey-Puck, but for changing my slightly tarnished halo to a significantly tarnished one.

My Moms favorite carol is by Barbara S., it's called "The Best Gift". It's about having a new baby for Christmas.

Finished Sense and Sensibility last night. Good, but P&P was better, I think. Anyway, it's done so I now won't be distracted by it. I'm saving my DH reread for post holidays.

Time to go do some work. I'm skipping the gym this morning to try to catch up on my house work. Piano tuner is coming tomorrow, and the place is a mess. Scouts with daughter this afternoon and with Son after dinner, so I can't do it later.


Edit: crosspost with Chemyst. I forgot about the Snoopy song! I loved it as a kid.


Madam Pince - Dec 7, 2007 7:26 am (#1285 of 2988)

Yay for Caesar Rodney! ( at Steve...)

Good thoughts are going out to Great-Aunt Solitaire and family! (Ooooo, you have a "great" in your name! Wooohooo!)

Vox, if you break out the Amaretto now, the house-cleaning might be a lot more fun...

Yay Allison on the Dean's List! And congrats also to Azi on the finished project, and Tazzy for finishing everything also! Smart girls!

Little P is sounding a bit hoarse this morning and coughed a few times, but no fever and he says his throat doesn't hurt. I'm keeping fingers crossed that it's just from playing outside yesterday and that he hasn't caught the strep going around his class. We got an e-mail that another one of his bestest buddies is down with it as of yesterday. Naturally, the weekend is coming up so it will be impossible to get to see the doctor until Monday, unless we go to those 24-hour places which I hate to go to... ***more Bubble-Head Charms***

If anyone is shopping for LeapPad products, they are having a way-cheap sale today on their website for LeapPad books -- like $3 - $4 cheap. We're moving up to the Leapster this year, so no good for us, but thought I'd pay forward Deb's good deed...

We're joining some family & friends for lunch at one of our favorite places today -- crabcakes the size of a softball, fries, and salad bar for $9.99. It's the best deal around. I can never finish all my crabcake, it's so ginormous, so I get two meals out of it.

Hopefully the tree goes up today! I thought we'd get it done yesterday but it didn't happen. I did finish all the cleaning and de-cluttering yesterday (well, mostly), so now the be-decking of the halls can begin!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Steve Newton - Dec 7, 2007 7:56 am (#1286 of 2988)

Wow, a Caesar Rodney sighting. Who knew. Either you live nearby or you have see '1776.'


The giant squid - Dec 7, 2007 7:58 am (#1287 of 2988)

Choices: National Treasure: Book of Secrets will be releasing in theaters on Dec. 21. No direct-to-video crap here!

Madame P./Snuffles: I'm not surprised that no one else caught it, I'm surprised I didn't! It's so unlike me not to catch an innuendo...

Favorite Christmas song: After years of working in retail, I despise nearly all of them, including the 637,323 versions of "Jingle Bells". I do still like "Little Drummer Boy", though. It's got a nice beat.



Solitaire - Dec 7, 2007 8:14 am (#1288 of 2988)

Finished Sense and Sensibility last night.  

Hm ... did you feel like giving Marianne a good slap? I sure did! I thought Lucy deserved one, as well. How did you like Nancy? hehe

Okay, I am again running late, after writing a big, long email to a parent just now. I hope everyone has a great day. TGIF!!!!


PS No baby yet!


Puck - Dec 7, 2007 8:32 am (#1289 of 2988)

I just rolled my eyes at Nancy. What I was bothered by was after waiting the whole book she skims over Edward's proposal, saying how it was worded or the response was not important! Is Jane Austen secretly a male? Of course it's important. The whole book leads to this romantic moment and it's just glossed over. It happened, they all got married off, the end.


Steve Newton - Dec 7, 2007 8:55 am (#1290 of 2988)

For a little taste of Delaware for this joyful Delaware Day just trot on over to uglychristmaslights.com and click on 2005. The 8th link from the top is called The Strip. I drive my son by this in the morning on the way to his school. Quite tasteful, don't you think?


journeymom - Dec 7, 2007 10:37 am (#1291 of 2988)

Yay! Steve, that reminds me, it's time to search out the best Trans Siberian Orchestra Wizards of Winter home light shows on youtube!

What fun!


Elanor - Dec 7, 2007 10:45 am (#1292 of 2988)

LOL about the link Soli!
Steve, as it is Christmas, I will just say the pics were er... "impressive".

Mrs Sirius: "Audrey, stimulating music, can you tells something about this?"

I'm not sure if you mean about "L'Arlésienne" or about the "March of the Kings" but "L'Arlésienne" in itself is a series of musical works by Georges Bizet (the one who also composed the music of "Carmen"). It was written to be played with a play by Alphonse Daudet, in 1872. Here's the summary of the play from Wikipedia:
The play is set in Provence, France. L’Arlésienne, which translates to the lady from Arles", is loved by a young peasant Fréderi. However, upon discovering her infidelity prior to their wedding date, Fréderi approaches madness. His family tries at great length to "save" their son, but eventually Fréderi commits suicide by jumping off a balcony."
The music is actually much more joyful than the plot would make one think it is.

Wiki also says, and is very right about this, that: "Because the title character is never shown in the play, Arlésienne is now used, in French, to describe a person that is prominently (and sometimes voluntarily) absent from a place or a situation where that person would be expected to show up".

As for the March of the Kings in itself, it's been composed in the early 18th century. The first verse (it is sung on the air of the slow part at the beginning of what you hear on youtube and which is repeated afterwards) says:
De bon matin, j'ai rencontré le train (Early in the morning, I've met the train)

De trois grands Rois qui partaient en voyage (Of three mighty Kings who were setting off on their journey)

De bon matin, j'ai rencontré le train (Early in the morning, I've met the train)

De trois grands Rois dessus le grand chemin. (Of three mighty Kings on the main path)
The rest of the song describes the "train" of the Kings (when I was a kid, I was wondering why on earth the song was saying they were travelling by train. )

What is really typical of Provence is the "farandole" dance, always played using tambourines and flutes. It was a village dance, in which people were holding hands for dancing, creating a kind of "chain". This music is also traditionally bound to the "crèches" of Provence, very famous for their "santons" (from "little saint" in Provence talk). The santons are made of clay and they not only show the traditional figures of the nativity scene but also the traditional characters of a village in Provence as it was a century or so ago (with many professions, the old people, etc). I'd bet Sheila has some of them displayed in her Crèches exhibition. So, the farandole/March of the Kings is just as characteristic of Noël (Christmas) in Provence as are the santons or the "13 desserts" (I've just found out that there are some Wiki entries (in English) about the Santons and the Thirteen Desserts if you're interesting in them. ).

Does it answer your question?
BTW, and I promise I stop boring you all with this subject after this, do you know that "crèche" is an old French word that means "manger"?

Birthing Charms to Soli's niece and Cheering Charms to you all!



Choices - Dec 7, 2007 12:02 pm (#1293 of 2988)

Thanks Squid Mike, I just may have to venture out to see that one. :-)

Safe and easy birth charms to Kabloink and Soli's niece. New babies are a blessing. Good luck to both mommies-to-be.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.


Tazzygirl - Dec 7, 2007 3:05 pm (#1294 of 2988)

Sending lots of charms to Soli's neice and to Kabloink!

My favorite Christmas music is The Little Drummer Boy (It's been my absolute favorite since I was a little kid), First Noel, What Child is This, and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. I also like all of the music by Manheim Steamroller instrumentals. Takes me back to my childhood.

Happy Delaware Day!

Today is also the day Pearl Harbor was attacked back in 1941.

Off to work on the project. Really tough, my brain is already on vacation mode!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Allison R - Dec 7, 2007 8:15 pm (#1295 of 2988)

The good news: Izzy seems to be doing much better today-- she's snuffly but very manageable. The not so good news: my throat is really sore today instead LOL I'm off to try a spoonful of honey with freshly-ground pepper and take some more AirBorne to pump up my immune system.

Choir Christmas concert is this coming Friday and Saturday, and my final-final is Tuesday. Youngest daughter Kelsey is slated for some same-day surgery at some point in the next week or two, and I simply cannot schedule in time to be sick.

On the last day of class one of my Professors arrived with most of his neck covered in gauze and bandages-- he'd had a sebaceous cyst removed that had gotten infected. He said in passing that he'd removed some of the tape because it initially was almost completely around his neck and made a joke about appearing to have been almost decapitated by the liberal application of tape and all the bandages.

I told him he was embracing his inner nearly-headless-Nick. (Luckily he too loves Harry Potter and thought it was quite funny.)


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 7, 2007 8:34 pm (#1296 of 2988)

Ahem! "Madame P./Snuffles: I'm not surprised that no one else caught it, I'm surprised I didn't! It's so unlike me not to catch an innuendo..."

I caught it, but, If you can't say anything nice...so I refrained...

Best wishes to your new-coming arrival Soli.

Healing and luck charms to all that need them.

...toddles off to read the threads, worked 12 hours today, but I have got to read them...


Solitaire - Dec 7, 2007 10:18 pm (#1297 of 2988)

It's a boy!

That's all I know for now. Mom forgot to get the vital stats, so I'll have to fill you all in tomorrow.

Solitaire (proud great-auntie )


Allison R - Dec 7, 2007 10:20 pm (#1298 of 2988)

Oh Solitaire, congrats on your new great-aunti-ship! How wonderful that he's here at last! Hoping that new babe and family are doing well and settling in and that mom's recovery is swift and smooth.


PeskyPixie - Dec 7, 2007 11:37 pm (#1299 of 2988)

Congratulation, Solitaire! Best wishes to the new family as well.

I can't wait to hear more about him!


jose043 - Dec 8, 2007 12:02 am (#1300 of 2988)

Hi All

Thank you for the happy holiday for Anne, she still has to work till the 21st December & then is off till the 15th January 2008. Anne is looking forward to this break. She is enjoying driving her new car. I drive it every morning to take her to work & in the afternoons to pick her up. Excellent to drive, we have to watch not to go to much over the speed limit.

Solitaire congratulation on becoming a great auntie hope mum & son are both doing well. Born on my youngest grandsons birthday, we were up their for afternoon tea yesterday.

Healing & get well charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London
Lady Arabella
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Steve Newton - Dec 8, 2007 5:36 am (#1301 of 2988)

Well done Solitaire.


Elanor - Dec 8, 2007 6:30 am (#1302 of 2988)

Congratulations Solitaire!! And many good charms to the baby and his parents. I hope you will tell us more soon!

As we were talking about Christmas traditions, today is a very special day in the region I live in. It is "lulus" day! Nothing to do with Loopy's dog though: a "lulu" is a small candle put in a colored glass and the name comes from "lumignon" and/or "illumination". (You can see a picture of them on the French entry of the festival on Wiki: fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%AAte_des_lumi%C3%A8res, there is also an entry in English for the festival, you just have to click on "English" on the left of the page.)

Each 8th of December, when night falls, the churches' bells of the region ring and people start putting their lulus outside, on their windowsills, or on outside stairs or balconies. It is very pretty. It is a very old tradition, coming from the 17th century, since a terrible plague that had affected a lot of people in the city of Lyon. The people of that time didn't know what to do to stop it, so they made the vow to light candles each year for evermore if the Virgin was making the plague stop, and it stopped! The celebration was first only held in the town of Lyon but years passing it's been extended to the whole diocese of Lyon.

The "Illuminations" have nowadays lost their religious connotation but it is still a very cute tradition and it truly marks the beginning of the Christmas period for us. It is still a particularly important festival in Lyon: it now lasts several days and is called the "Festival of Lights" (Fête des Lumières). Our worry today is the weather: some strong winds and rain are forecast for tonight, really not a "lulu" weather... I hope they will arrive late!

Have a great weekend everybody!



painting sheila - Dec 8, 2007 7:12 am (#1303 of 2988)

Hi everyone! HOpe you had a great rest of the week!!

Congrats Soli!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org Hugs to you and the new parents!! Woohoo!!

Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org I just LOVE new babies!!

Yes. I must put aside modesty and admit I can shine tarnished halos. I have been doig it for the last two nights. SOme of our Field of HEavenly Host Angels are a little less than angelic. They keep bopping one another on the head with their horns. (sigh)

We are going to try and get some Christmas up in this house today. Littlest Guy is very worried we don't have our tree up yet. I agree!! We need some red and green around here!

Not much else is happening here. My Daddy is coming into town to see an antique automobile show at the fairgrounds. I think I am going to try and meet up with him. It's supposed to be warm here today so it mught be a good afternoon to wander and do nothing.

Off to eat breakfast.

See ya everyone!!


PS Tazzy - Woohoo!! You're done!!!!


kabloink! - Dec 8, 2007 7:27 am (#1304 of 2988)

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. I have a feeling that I will be heading up to the hospital sometime between today and tomorrow, though I really hope the baby could hold off til sometime Monday afternoon (Kev has Tuesday off, and gets out a 4pm on Monday...).

Congrats Soli! It's always great to welcome new nieces and nephews (great and/or otherwise).

My son is either a monkey or a magician, as my husband said this morning. Hubby was in the shower, heard a small thunk and a little scream, looked down outside the shower, and there was Ian, who we had left safely in his crib with his bottle...I think he only was able to climb out because we have the head side of the mattress elevated because of his cold, but still. This will have to be investigated. Ok, off to do laundry and pack various bags, empty the car so I can put the infant seat in it.

Have a great day/night everyone!



azi - Dec 8, 2007 8:20 am (#1305 of 2988)

Congrats Soli!

Good luck, kabloink! And eek about Ian! At least he was uninjured?

I got a call last night from our landlord saying that people would be coming to look at our house tomorrow at 2pm (should give 24 hours notice, but I let that go). I got the house cleaned, actually got the boys to do some cleaning (!!! one of them got rid of 4 bin bags of rubbish from his room !!!) and it's after 3pm and no one has arrived yet. I love having a clean house though - I put up the Christmas tree and a new Chat Noir theatre poster I got. Alas, I must accept that the house will never be this tidy again...*sigh*

Lovely days to all! We've needed the lights on all day it's been so dark and gloomy.


PeskyPixie - Dec 8, 2007 8:32 am (#1306 of 2988)

What a lovely tradition, Elanor.

Best wishes, kabloink!


kaykay1970 - Dec 8, 2007 8:58 am (#1307 of 2988)

Congratulations Aunt Soli!

Good luck Kabloink!


Choices - Dec 8, 2007 9:53 am (#1308 of 2988)

A new life, how exciting! Congratulations to Great-Aunt Soli and very best wishes to Kabloink. {{{Hugs}}} to you as your labor draws nearer. Are you going "natural" or is an epidural in your future? I was zonked for both of mine, which is probably just as well as they were both frank breeches and weighed in the neighborhood of 8 pounds.....and no, I did not have c-sections. Ouch! LOL

Happy Saturday to everyone. We have fog and 80 degree temps. Not exactly Christmas-like. :-( I'd love a little snow----wishful thinking, I know. It won't happen, but I can dream. LOL


PeskyPixie - Dec 8, 2007 10:06 am (#1309 of 2988)

We're getting snow almost every day now, so I always think you when it comes down, Choices.

My mom was in labour with me for thirteen hours. Is that considered long? She also says that I was a 'forceps baby', but I have no desire no know what that means!

ETA: Elanor, I don't find your recent posts boring at all; they're fascinating, and really help me brush up on my French as well! Mon francais est terrible maintenant parce-que je n'ai pas la chance pour le(?) parler. (Je ne sais pas comment faire les accents sur l'ordinateur, mais j'espere que tu me comprends.) Wow, that's not much to make my high school French teachers proud, but I hope it wasn't too bad?


Choices - Dec 8, 2007 10:43 am (#1310 of 2988)

Pesky, thirteen hours of labor is about average for a first baby. My first took thirteen hours and my second took about seven. I, too, was a forceps delivery (back in the Dark Ages, about the time dirt was being created - LOL). It just means the doctor uses forceps (applied to the baby's head - very much like cupping your hands around someones head with your wrists touching, only the forceps are metal). They are used to help the Mom deliver the baby - often times Mom's are exhausted near the end and can't push effectively. I was an OB Scrub Tech for six years and saw many, many babies born, often with the help of forceps. :-)


PeskyPixie - Dec 8, 2007 10:54 am (#1311 of 2988)

Gah! I love my mom even more than I did, if that's even possible. It's great to know that by the time I may wish to have a child of my own, in ten years or so, the use of forceps will have been long dead! On second thought, I may just wait fifteen to twenty years and adopt.

I've finally gotten the house to myself for several hours. I'm going to get some gift-wrapping done.


kabloink! - Dec 8, 2007 11:44 am (#1312 of 2988)

Hehe, forceps are still used, Pesky, but only when absolutely necessary. Its not very common anymore, but its not a dead practice yet, and I doubt it will be even 5 or 10 years from now, if the situation calls for it.

Oh yes, I will have an epidural. I was torn over the thought of the needle in my spine thing with Ian, but when the real contractions started to hit...no contest. So, with this one, experience is telling me to go for it. My OB is a very big fan of the epidurals, as well, and he's known as one of the best in town, so I trust him.



Solitaire - Dec 8, 2007 12:07 pm (#1313 of 2988)

Thank you, everyone! We are all very excited. Now, for the statistics ... His name is Cristian Tighe (Sis was unsure about the spelling on that one ... ), and he is 9 lbs. 1 oz., 22 1/2 inches long, and has black hair and brown eyes. Mother, father, and baby are all doing fine. My sis said that Niece had a fairly easy labor ... for labor.

I'm going to see the baby and mom later this afternoon and will try to find out more information. Right now, I am going to plan a few meals for them. They just live about half a mile from me, so it's easy for me to cook and just run it over there.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!



Choices - Dec 8, 2007 12:33 pm (#1314 of 2988)

Wow, Soli - That baby sounds like a football player in the making. He is a big boy! I bet your niece will be sitting on a cushion for a week or so. I am so glad the baby is here and both Mom and baby are doing well. {{{Hugs}}} all around! :-)


Solitaire - Dec 8, 2007 1:30 pm (#1315 of 2988)

Sis said that Niece had an epidural and did very well with it. Kabloink, you are in our prayers, as well. Please keep us posted.

Both Sis and I were C-section babies, back when it was a huge deal. My mom has two huge scars, one vertical and one horizontal, from our deliveries. Mom was in labor with me for some horrible amount of time, like 32 hours or something. She looks like a baby machine, with her curvaceous figure, so her obstetrician was bound and determined I would be born "naturally." Alas, Mom nearly died, and I was in what is now referred to as "fetal distress"--and a nurse nearly lost her job for telling Dad that if a C-section was not performed immediately, we both would be dead within the hour. When the doc next came out and told Dad all was going well, he slammed the doc against the wall and told him exactly what he could expect, if he didn't get in and perform a C-section immediately. Apparently, too, something was spilled on my face and left a "chemical burn," although that did eventually disappear. My parents have always wondered if some of my "ailments" were related to all that "birth distress." My mom went through a lot of pain to have us ... she's a tough lady!

I'm so glad that both doctors AND patients are better informed about the birth process and that modern technology has made it possible to monitor the baby, as well.



Choices - Dec 8, 2007 2:00 pm (#1316 of 2988)

Soli, you may have gotten a face full of Betadine which is used to disinfect the abdomen before the incision is made. I am slightly allergic to it and it makes my skin "blister" and turn red if I leave it on too long. When I "scrubbed" for a delivery I always had to use something other than Betadine - Phisohex or Septisol - otherwise my arms and hands would get red as fire.


Elanor - Dec 8, 2007 2:01 pm (#1317 of 2988)

That's some wonderful news about little Cristian and his parents Soli! Congrats again!

I'd better not give you some details about my birth or you'll soon start to call me "Moony"...

Well, the windy and rainy weather did come and it's been a tough evening for our "lulus". I've finally put some inside, on my table, then I prepared some eggnog and put the OotP DVD on. Quite a good evening all in all!

Have a great day all!



Puck - Dec 8, 2007 3:05 pm (#1318 of 2988)

Congrats to Solitaire and family! He's a big boy, bless his Mom!

Best of luck, Kabloink! I seem to recall coming on daily saying "still here" while waiting for my youngest to arrive.

LOL to Audrey, as I can imagine why you'd be "Moony". to you for getting to watch OotP. I will be waiting to receive it for Christmas.

House is much cleaner than usual, except the bedrooms. The piano tuner came today, so hubby helped to get the place looking decent. (Azi, I'm also thrilled to get the "boys" to clean. Also like you, I know it won't last.)

Took time to wrap some gifts and start dinner.



Denise P. - Dec 8, 2007 3:12 pm (#1319 of 2988)

We went to Mt Vernon today and it was a great day for it. It was chilly but not horribly cold, no rain, no snow and low numbers of people. There was no waiting to get into the mansion and there were about 6 others in our little group that went through the rooms together. I would really like to go back there sometime in the summer to see the gardens and grounds in full bloom.


Solitaire - Dec 8, 2007 7:35 pm (#1320 of 2988)

LOL Audrey! I think I can probably figure out the "Moony" part, too! hehe Choices, I use Betadine quite often on a couple of skin problems I have, so I am not sure if that would be it. It had something to do with what is put in the eyes of newborns ... ???



Puck - Dec 8, 2007 8:28 pm (#1321 of 2988)

That makes sense, Soli, as you are allergic to some antibiotics, as I'm pretty sure it is an antibiotic they drop they put in the infants eyes.

Sounds like a nice trip, Denise.

Gifts for the church giving tree are set to bring tomorrow, but I still have a basket of laundry to fold. Whites. All those socks to match. One of my least favorite chores.


Tazzygirl - Dec 8, 2007 9:25 pm (#1322 of 2988)

Congratulations, Soli!!!! I love his name- Tighe is very cool.

Good luck, Kabloink!

I bought a baby Christmas tree that sits on my desk. I was trying to go for one that would go on my floor, but they were either too big or too short and skimpy, and really expensive. Oh well. I figure I can get mini bulbs and stuff to place on this tree, and it'll all be good to go. Best part is, if I can manage to keep it alive, I can use it next year too.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!



shepherdess - Dec 8, 2007 9:32 pm (#1323 of 2988)

Yes, I remember being floored when I found out how expensive Christmas trees were my first year in Hawaii. And milk. Yikes! Importing stuff really raises the price.


Tazzygirl - Dec 8, 2007 10:18 pm (#1324 of 2988)

Shepherdess, that is definitely the downside to living here. On the news a couple weeks ago they were showing all the Christmas trees in quarantine. They found a massive amount of yellow jackets in all of the trees, and had to go through and get rid of them. We have honey bees here, but no yellow jackets. Hopefully it stays that way!



journeymom - Dec 8, 2007 10:22 pm (#1325 of 2988)

Congratulations to Auntie Soli! And speedy recovery to Mom.

Oh, goody, do we get to talk labor and delivery stories? Whew! 9 pounds beats my big guy, who weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces.

I labored for 17 hours and pushed for an hour with my first. My second was 9 hours. The doctor used the Hoover both times.

Choices, maybe you can answer my question about the goo they put in babies eyes. What is that stuff?? I sliced a chunk of my thumb off once (January 9, Snape's Birthday! Lol!) and went to the emergency room. The doctor cauterized the gaping (small) wound with a silver nitrate stick. Isn't silver nitrate the same stuff they put in newborns' eyes? We opted not to do that with either of our kids because I'd heard it's a little harsh. But I cannot imagine that this silver nitrate is the same thing they use in babies eyes. It would blind them!! That doctor applied the nitrate stick to my wound and it literally smoked. It was only for a couple of seconds, but it hurt more than anything, including delivery.


Oh, and easy delivery wishes to Kabloink! I remember when I got to the seventh month with my last guy I'd had enough. OK, I'm done now. This baby can come any day now. The doctor reassured me that it's better off for the baby to wait all the way to 40 weeks. Fine.


Solitaire - Dec 8, 2007 10:35 pm (#1326 of 2988)

Journeymom, please sit down ... my dad weighed in at **drum roll** ... 13 pounds! The only thing I can't figure out is why Grandma kept going. She had 3 more! Fortunately, they were normal weights. The odd thing ... Dad was 5' 8" !! I guess his only REAL growth spurt was in the womb.



Tazzygirl - Dec 8, 2007 10:40 pm (#1327 of 2988)

Brother and I both weighed a little over 5 pounds each when we were born. Add them together and my Mom was carrying about 11 pounds total.

I have a baby lizard that likes hanging out with me at my desk. He's been here for almost a week. I've named him Fred.



journeymom - Dec 8, 2007 11:14 pm (#1328 of 2988)

Oh, my word, Soli, that's insane! Lol! And she did it 3 more times?! I'm impressed.


geauxtigers - Dec 8, 2007 11:38 pm (#1329 of 2988)

Well I seem to have come in on baby weights. I was 4 pounds, Ginny was 5. We were little, but we were born a month early so. My mom said when she held us, or me I should say, (Ginny was off in ICU) our head in their hands, and our feet went to her elbow. I was always the short, skinny, underfed looking kid when I was little even though I wasn't underfed. LOL Now I'm one of the tallest people, but I still have stick arms and chicken legs. Alas, some things never change! LOL

So jealous of everyone with snow. The high today was around 83-ish and muggy. In other words, it was gross outside. And we don't get a cold front until Thursday! AHHH I wore shorts today! NO! It's December! Accio Snow! It's starting to get Christmas-y looking everywhere with lights and such, if only if felt like it was winter...

Well, I'm off to read a really nasty book for English that I'm only finishing so I can get an A and not have to take the exam, otherwise I'd chunk it in the fireplace...

Hope everyone is doing well! It's almost the Christmas Holidays for most!


PeskyPixie - Dec 8, 2007 11:59 pm (#1330 of 2988)

My family is one of the few which managed to get outdoor Christmas lights up before being hit by snow. If Mother Nature doesn't relent for a few days it's going to be a white but unlit Christmas.

Tazzy, baby lizards are just adorable. I made friends with an exceptionally shy one once. I like your choice of name.

ETA: I was born two weeks early, weighed 7 lb. 10 oz, and was 21 inches long. Family and friends used to joke about the mammoth I would've been had I waited for my actual due date to make my appearance.


kabloink! - Dec 9, 2007 7:17 am (#1331 of 2988)

Well, I've made a decision. I'm not going to the hospital today. Alex is just going to have to wait for tomorrow. I had a pain in my right side (I think maybe the baby was pinching a nerve), so I left a message for the on call doctor. Turns out that it's the doctor who delivered Ian (not my OB, one of his partners), who also told my sister-in-law who was having signs of a miscarriage (she didn't) that, as she was only 13 weeks, there was nothing they could do. Then proceeded to act as if she was being lazy when she asked if she should go home and put her feet up. "Well, if you WANT a day off from work, I CAN write you a note." Our OB came back from vacation and put her on bed rest for a week. That man is NOT coming near me again. Not like he actually checked on me EVER during my 6 hours of pushing with Ian...

Sorry its been a rough morning. I tried to call hubby to tell him what was going on, but he wasn't answering his phone, I didn't have his number at work, the information services couldn't tell me which of the three McD's on Gratiot is at the Martin intersection, my parents weren't answering the phone, Ian is coughing like crazy. Grrrr. Oh! And, when I put my suitcase on the bed (for the hospital) it must have clipped my phone, because the front screen on my lovely pink razr is cracked and not working. I would just go back to bed, but Ian is up, and it hurts more to lay down, anyway.

Hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to go see if I can pick up the baby without it hurting.


Madam Pince - Dec 9, 2007 7:18 am (#1332 of 2988)

Either you live nearby or you have seen '1776.' –Steve

Both, actually! I think Caesar Rodney had property in Maryland as well as Delaware, if I recall correctly. I have to thank you for the info too -- at our lunch Friday, when someone asked "Does anyone know what important thing happened today?" and everyone chimed in with Pearl Harbor Day, I was able to say "Delaware ratified the Constitution -- HA! Betcha didn't know that!" (Of course Mr. Pince said "Actually, I did," but I think he was fooling. Maybe. Who knows -- his head is full of that kind of stuff. Comes from watching The History Channel all the time. )

Also, Steve, thanks for the link about the ugly Christmas lights! Too funny! I liked the one called "Upset Santa" and also the toy soldier "Deserter." I just don't understand doing something like that to your house. Also, where in the world do those people store their lights from year-to-year??? I am reminded about that quote from some fashionista regarding clothes and accessories -- she advises that before you walk out the door, you should take off the last three things you put on. (In the case of these houses, it's a lot more than three. In the case of non-accessorizing me and fashion, I'd be walking around starkers if I followed that advice...)

Solitaire, congratulations to you and your niece and family! A new little boy to get to know -- how wonderful! Best wishes to everyone!

And kabloink -- good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly! We can't wait to hear the news! (I've often thought that OB anaestheologists must have great job satisfaction -- honestly, how many jobs are there where you get a standing ovation just for showing up and walking in the door of your workplace? )

Azi, did I miss something? Are you moving? Why is your landlord showing your house? Congrats on everything being all clean at any rate!

Sheila, LOL at the "angels" bopping each other on the head with their heavenly horns! Too funny...

Tazzy, glad you have a new "pet" Fred! Mr. Pince and I had a little lizard friend who hung around outside our room when we were honeymooning in St. Lucia. We didn't name him, but we did say 'good morning' to him every day! LOL.

We watched Nanny McPhee yesterday -- very enjoyable! I now know what I want for Christmas -- her walking stick. The funniest part was watching Little Pince's face -- at the earlier scenes like when Nanny was making the kids eat the "peelings soup," Mr. Pince and I were laughing, then we looked over at Little P and he had this expression of utmost concern/shock/indignation on his face. It was pretty funny.

Hope everyone has a nice day!

Edit: (cross-post...) Bat-bogey hexes to Mr. Kabloink for not answering his phone when you are mere hours away from being ready to go to the hospital! Shamey, shamey, shamey!


Elanor - Dec 9, 2007 7:52 am (#1333 of 2988)

(((((((hugs))))))) and good thoughts to Kabloink and "Do-Answer-the-Phone" Charms to her family. I hope you can reach them very soon.

Have a great Sunday everybody!



Good Evans - Dec 9, 2007 8:06 am (#1334 of 2988)

congratulations to Solitaire on her great nephew for christmas!

we finally got our christmas lights up yesterday, the wind and rain are unabating its awful!

our christmas tree looks beautiful (my Mum sent a box with the decorations they dont want anymore, as they have moed to a smaller house. and I have added them to the tree, wonderful).

Off to the last showing of the nativity tonight. Eldest has announced he is coming to sleep over tonight as his mother is out of time, his timing as ever is brilliant! we have guests and only three bedrooms!

ah well - off to make some mince pies and sausage rolls! have a great "second in advent" Sunday!


Choices - Dec 9, 2007 9:01 am (#1335 of 2988)

Journeymom, it has been so long since I worked in Labor and Delivery (1974 to 1980) that it is difficult for me to remember exactly what it is they put in newborns eyes, but Silver Nitrate is the first thing that popped into my mind. If that is correct, I am sure it is a toned down version of the Silver Nitrate sticks - a solution strength especially for use in the eyes. I also worked in Surgery for 18 years and once used a Silver Nitrate stick on a "lie-bump" on my tongue. (That is what we always called them and was told as a child that you get them if you told a lie.) Anyway, I had one that was really sore and kept rubbing on my teeth making it hurt worse, so I tried to burn it off - yikes, that hurt worse than the "lie-bump". I won't do that again. LOL


The giant squid - Dec 9, 2007 9:41 am (#1336 of 2988)

Journeymom, please sit down ... my dad weighed in at **drum roll** ... 13 pounds! The only thing I can't figure out is why Grandma kept going. She had 3 more!—Solitaire

Well, once she got something that size through, I'm sure the rest were easier...

I was kinda boring--8 pounds and change--but my maternal grandfather was another 13 pounder. I guess they just grew 'em bigger in the old days. Great-Grandma delivered him at home on the farm and was back making dinner that evening. I'm still not sure if that's impressive or just crazy.

Actually, looking at my family, I'll go with "crazy".



Solitaire - Dec 9, 2007 11:23 am (#1337 of 2988)

Kabloink, your charming (not!) doctor sounds like he might be a protege of the one who delivered me. **banishing charms to him** BTW ... can you call someone to go and fetch your husband or at least come to sit with and help you until he gets home?

Well, I'm off to read a really nasty book for English.

I'm almost afraid to ask, Tori, but what's the title? **hoping it's not one of my favorites**

I have a big pot of beef stew in the Crockpot, and I plan to take it and some bread and desert over to my niece and her hubby, as soon as I'm up and at 'em! At the moment, the gloomy skies make sitting in front of the computer with a very large, hot cafe latte quite nice.

Mrs. Pince, I watched Nanny McPhee, too. Sometimes I think we need an opportunity class at school with a Teacher McPhee. I have at least 3 kids I could send to her, and I know others could keep her classroom full!

Mike, I still wonder if someone wasn't pulling my leg on Dad's weight ... but it has been corroborated by the older sibs, and Grandma is no longer available for consultations. There is a pic of him in our hall in his christening gown. He looks about a year old. Who knows, though ... it could have been taken the day after he was born! My dad's family were farmers, but I'm willing to bet Grandma was NOT back up and cooking immediately after Dad was born ... she probably took an extra day or two!

I guess I can't sit here forever. I need to go and get dressed and do all my chores. Have a great Sunday, everyone!



Puck - Dec 9, 2007 11:24 am (#1338 of 2988)

I knew a woman who had twins that were 9 pounds a piece- that's 18 pounds of baby! She was tall, but quite thin, so it amazed me she would have such large children.

Oh, Kabloink, people need to turn on their phones! Hope the babe waits until people are reachable and the yucky doc is no longer on call.

Tonight is Nutcracker with Diva!



azi - Dec 9, 2007 11:29 am (#1339 of 2988)

Continued good luck, kabloink!

Madame P - I'm talking about my student house, since I'll be finishing my degree in June. Obviously, I won't need it any more! Everyone else is either finished or going on placement away from here so someone else is getting the house.

Eurgh, I don't like how it's getting dark at 3pm. Or the rain/cold...


Denise P. - Dec 9, 2007 12:41 pm (#1340 of 2988)

I found christmas crackers, different sizes, in a store here! Woo hoo! I had already ordered some from eBay but got a different size. There was a coupon for the store, 20% off one item so I may go get some more.

I got some christmas stollen from the bread place this week. It is soooo yummy! It is a bread that had cranberries, apricots, lemon, oranges, butter and spices then topped with almonds, butter and powdered sugar. Mr. Denise doesn't care for it but everyone else in the family does. I like it toasted and then put some butter on it.


Madam Pince - Dec 9, 2007 1:23 pm (#1341 of 2988)

Yummmmm... stollen! Mr. Pince's aunt always gives us some for Christmas when she comes over to spend Christmas Eve with us, so we have it for Christmas morning breakfast! Dee-licious!

Tuesday Morning usually has Christmas crackers, I've found. We've done them two years running and the enthusiasm for them had decreased markedly the second year, so I think I may skip them this year. (I think they're fun, though... )

Gotcha now, azi! But isn't this rather early for him to be showing the house if you don't get out until June? Well, I guess maybe for student housing they might be looking early or something...

There was a couple in our childbirth classes where the dad had weighed 13 pounds at birth. (Not to stereotype, but he was very "corn-fed Iowa" looking -- huge and Viking-ish...) We asked if they were planning a c-section and she just cackled insanely...


Choices - Dec 9, 2007 1:35 pm (#1342 of 2988)

I had never heard of Christmas crackers before I read the HP books. When they were mentioned, I thought, "what is so special about a cracker" (picturing something like a Ritz or a Saltine)? Now i know what they are, but I still don't think I've ever seen one.

Hang in there Kabloink. Felix Felicis to you!! If hubby doesn't answer the phone, you may just have to send a patronus. :-)


kabloink! - Dec 9, 2007 2:03 pm (#1343 of 2988)

Thanks for the charms everyone. I finally made it down here to look up hubby's store number online and reached him, but by then the pain had gone away. I think the baby was pressing on a nerve or something. Turns out he had his phone on vibrate in his pocket, but it never "rang." His phone has been doing that a lot lately. Perhaps we should get it looked at. (His has insurance on it, mine does not.)


journeymom - Dec 9, 2007 2:14 pm (#1344 of 2988)

Macy's and Cost Plus sell boxes of Christmas crackers. I started buying them for Christmas after reading HP. A cheap little toy or a paper hat will pop out. Bummer, no buzzard hats so far!

If that is correct, I am sure it is a toned down version of the Silver Nitrate sticks - a solution strength especially for use in the eyes.

*slaps forehead* D'oh! Yes, that totally makes sense. They must use a diluted solution of silver nitrate. Still, my 'gentle birth' girlfriends all opted to not allow the drops.

Kabloink! I dropped my Razr too many times and it finally stopped working. I really miss it; it's my favorite so far. Best of luck to you. Here's a cyber thunk on Mr. Kabloink's head from me.! Oops! You posted before me. I take it back. Sorry Mr. K. Lol!

Denise, does your stollen have candied fruit or dried fruit? Alton Brown makes a fruit cake that I'd actually try. He uses dried fruit instead of candied fruit.

I just took a big loaf of whole wheat bread out of the oven. It smells fab.

You know, we haven't heard from Die Zim or Mrs. Snape (Gina) for while, have we?


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 9, 2007 2:34 pm (#1345 of 2988)

Congratulations, Great Aunt Soli, and best of luck to Kabloink!

My seven-year-old daughter was born by forceps delivery, and I was under the impression that it was not terribly uncommon. She passed meconium before she was born, so they wanted her to be born right away before she inhaled it. They cleared out her nostrils right away, and all was well. I'm glad they were able to do these interventions, otherwise she might have inhaled the meconium and gotten pneumonia. And yes, I had an epidural without any hesitation.

My baked ham was a flop, but it's not my fault. I ordered a city ham, i.e., a ham that has been cured and smoked, but not cooked. Instead, they gave me a fresh ham, i.e., a cut of pork from the ham area of the pig, but which was not cured or smoked. So I ended up with a very large and very expensive, but otherwise unremarkable pork roast. After I log off here I'm writing my letter of complaint to the allegedly specialty meat market. (Socially, the parties were successful, but I'm still fuming about my ham.)

Just watched A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott, probably my all-time favorite Christmas movie, along with the Alastair Sim version. Viva, Dickens!


Tazzygirl - Dec 9, 2007 3:12 pm (#1346 of 2988)

Hang in there, Kabloink!

My brother and I were born 6 weeks early- so I guess we were almost considered normal birth weights for twins? I don't know what the average weight is. Mom did have a complicated delivery though- I had a stroke, and almost died. The doctor got me out first to take care of me, and then went back in for my brother 30 minutes later. When my mom had my sister, during the 8th month my mom's appendix ruptured. So the doctor had to take out the appendix and make sure my sister stayed put. Because of that, my sister was delivered a month later (or so my mom says. Not sure if that could actually happen...)

Fred the lizard is still well and happy. He won't let me pick him up or pet him yet, though. (But he has no problem walking across my computer when I'm typing though... )

Madam P- I love Nanny McPhee. I watched it yesterday too! (I love looking at Colin... sigh. )

Glad you are enjoying your clean house, Azi!

Sorry to hear about your ham mix up, Vox. Hope you get a refund or something.

The Honolulu Marathon is currently underway. It's a 26 mile route, and flows right in front of my house, which means I am house-bound until it finishes (I hope it ends in about 45 minutes, as I have to leave for work in 1 hour...).

Have a great week everyone!



Denise P. - Dec 9, 2007 3:16 pm (#1347 of 2988)

I found the crackers at Linen N Things. I will check Tuesday Morning this week.

The stollen I got used dried fruit, not candied. I got mine right out of the oven, as they were brushing it with butter and powdered sugar. I also had a loaf of warm apple scrapple bread. I had to go into a store after I got them and it smelled sooo yummy in my van when I got back in. I got a total of 4 loaves of bread, we still have 1.5 loaves left.


Solitaire - Dec 9, 2007 3:31 pm (#1348 of 2988)

I just returned from meeting our newest little angel, Cristian. He is so beautiful! He has loads of wild, black hair, dusky skin, and extremely blue eyes, although I suppose the color will probably change. My niece is fair and blue-eyed, but her hubby is dark and brown-eyed. Either way, he is just beautiful!

I just turned on the news for the first time today and see that there have been shootings at the YWAM headquarters in Denver and another mission training center in Arvada, CO. How terrible. The newscaster is saying that the Christian community in the area is in lockdown. This sounds scary. **safety charms to all in the area**

You know, we haven't heard from Die Zim or Mrs. Snape (Gina) for while, have we?

It's been a while since we've seen Lina on this thread, too, hasn't it? I was thinking of that yesterday. I hope everyone is safe and sound!



Tazzygirl - Dec 9, 2007 3:47 pm (#1349 of 2988)

I talked to Kate on Skype the other day, everything seems fine in their neck of the world! I didn't talk to Lina though...

Soli, Cristian might have a chance of getting green eyes. My aunt has dark hair with brown eyes, and my uncle has blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Thaniel has Aunt's features, and Syd has Uncle's blonde hair, but green eyes. Syd and I are the only ones in the family to be blonde with green eyes. Sounds like Cristian is a cutie! Congratulations again!



PeskyPixie - Dec 9, 2007 4:11 pm (#1350 of 2988)

I wish I could cuddle little Cristian. I love newborns; they're so soft and tiny and perfect.
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Choices - Dec 9, 2007 5:56 pm (#1351 of 2988)

Most babies start out with blue eyes and then the eyes change to their permanent color around six months. My grandson's eyes were blue and now at 8 months old they are hazel.

Concerning forceps deliveries - I think many doctors and hospitals are going to the vacuum extraction method. It involves using a "suction cup" applied to the babies scalp and the baby is extracted using suction. I don't know if this works in all cases - there are special forceps called Pipers that are used in breech births and there may be reasons to still use the old fashioned metal forceps. I'm sure it depends on the case.

Back to work tomorrow - hope everyone has a good week. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


Solitaire - Dec 9, 2007 6:27 pm (#1352 of 2988)

I'll be surprised but not shocked if Cristian's eyes stay blue. I'll be flabbergasted if they are green, as there are no green-eyed folk on either side of the family. Arturo's family are all brown-eyed, and my sis and her husband are both blue-eyed. Both of Dad's parents and all sibs were blue-eyed; I believe I am the only cousin of all 14 with brown eyes.



PeskyPixie - Dec 9, 2007 7:35 pm (#1353 of 2988)

In general, dark eyes (brown, hazel, green) are dominant and light eyes (blue, grey, violet) are recessive. Soli's certainly got enough recessive blue-eye alleles in the family gene pool, so all that's needed is a recessive allele from Cristian's dark-eyed daddy for him to be blue-eyed. Of course there are other factors at play as well; genetics is such a complicated thing!

The above is information from both high school biology and my university genetics professor who also worked on the Human Genome Project, so don't hex me if it's inaccurate!

ETA: Soli, just out of curiosity, do you have at least one dark-eyed parent?


Madam Pince - Dec 9, 2007 7:52 pm (#1354 of 2988)

Lucky Cristian if he ends up with dark hair and blue eyes! Dreamy...

Pier One is another place I've found Christmas crackers. I generally avoid that store, but someone directed me there for them once...

Man, the Colts are whomping up on the Ravens tonight! Woo-hoo! Mr. Pince is happy. It looks cold there, and it's just up the road from us! I've been chilly all day today, but I always feel cold when I'm tired or haven't gotten enough sleep, which is the case today.

I saw a post recently from Lina on some other thread, but haven't seen her here for awhile.

I love the George C. Scott A Christmas Carol also! The one with Patrick Stewart is not as good, I don't think, but... it does have Patrick Stewart, so... That is saying something.

All this discussion of breads... we got a loaf of peach crumb bread from the Amish market the other day, and I am proud (?) to say that I have eaten 3/4 of the loaf practically all by myself. And we wonder why we all need new clothes in January...

Hope everyone has a great week!


geauxtigers - Dec 9, 2007 8:14 pm (#1355 of 2988)

In general, dark eyes (brown, hazel, green) are dominant and light eyes (blue, grey, violet) are recessive. Soli's certainly got enough recessive blue-eye alleles in the family gene pool, so all that's needed is a recessive allele from Cristian's dark-eyed daddy for him to be blue-eyed. Of course there are other factors at play as well; genetics is such a complicated thing!

Let's see, I could be wrong, but I thought green eyes were recessive too? Maybe not. In either case, if they are recessive, both parents either have to have green eyes or the allele for it. I can't rememeber if they are dominant or not, I'm starting to think you're rightm they are dominant. **goes off searching for biology notes from freshman year** I love green eyes! Basically everyone in my extended family has blue eyes. LOL No green eyes in our family!

Soli, we are reading Snow Falling on Cedars Take "nasty" as literal if you've ever read it. It's very slow and nothing happens, it's a sleeper in my opinion. I'm appalled they are allowing this book to be read. Don't think they will be next year though! I'm just keeping my mouth shut until the quarters over so my teacher can't give me a bad grade, because she picks on people grade wise. I think she already doesn't like me. I just want my A so I can get out of there exam free. Only 3.5 classes to go! I can't wait!

I want Christmas Crackers! I didn't know they sold them in the US! **goes off to Peir One and Tuesday Morning**


Puck - Dec 9, 2007 8:15 pm (#1356 of 2988)

Talk of bread, reminds me I have tons of baking to do.

Christmas Crackers were spotted by myself at Williams Sonoma. They were pricy, however, so I skipped it.

Diva and I enjoyed the Nutcracker. I was thrilled when she leaned over and whispered partway through "Ooh, I love it. Thanks so much for taking me, Mommy!" To add to the excitement, "clara" and the "nutcracker" were out front after the performance, so she got their autographs.



Denise P. - Dec 9, 2007 8:53 pm (#1357 of 2988)

A box of 8 large crackers were $8.99 at Linen N Things. Use the 20% off coupon that was in the ads on Sunday and they will only be about $7.20 and any tax there may be. That is not a bad deal at all!


Allison R - Dec 9, 2007 9:08 pm (#1358 of 2988)

Tazzygirl, I think your Christmas tree sounds lovely! The size isn’t nearly so important as the personality you bring to the tree. I bet you can find lots of cool stuff to adorn its little branches!

Soli, 13 pounds?! **thud** Holy Hannah! I was pretty small when I was born (well, it was really small back then—it would still be small now but not near as worrying.) Sadly, I seem to have recovered and compensated quite nicely now LOL

Kabloink, {{{hugs}} to you!! You sound thoroughly miserable. Here’s hoping that Alex cooperates with the plan and you manage to find comfort between now and his appearance. Where’s an owl when you need one? You could send one to go fetch hubby. *Edit* I see you did finally reach him, thank goodness.

Geautigers, Snow Falling on Cedars? Sounds about as exciting as watching snow falling on Cedars… (apologies if that’s someone’s favorite book!)

Puck, I’m so glad Diva enjoyed her first-ever Nutcracker. I just found out that there’s a theatre here that will give tickets to families with a disabled child if you just call and ask them in November, so next year we might get brave and attempt it. Izzy’s never been, and I bet she’d love to go.

My final-Final for the semester is on Tuesday, and I’ve been studying hard trying to get ready.

The week is shaping up to be pretty crazy… Kelsey decided to be extra creative and have some absent seizures over the weekend, which is new territory for us, so we’ll be renewing our acquaintances with our good friends in Neurology this week to figure out how to help her best. It’s really amazing that we’ve managed to dodge them this long, they are extremely common with head injuries. Even still, I’m sad that I won’t be able to answer “no, thank goodness!” to the seizure question anymore. If you have to have some, absent seizures seem to be the kind to have, and for that I am grateful.

Off to do some more studying and finish up the last batch of cookies waiting to go in the oven.


geauxtigers - Dec 9, 2007 10:18 pm (#1359 of 2988)

Geautigers, Snow Falling on Cedars? Sounds about as exciting as watching snow falling on Cedars… (apologies if that’s someone’s favorite book!)

Took the words right out my mouth! That's everyone's description for it. There are some not so boring parts, all of which I can't talk about here. Not forum friendly, just google it, you will find some stuff not approopriate for high school much less this forum.

I hope everything goes well with the neurologist! That seems scary! I'm not sure what absent seizures are, so I'll look it up, right now, I need to read some more nasty nasty, and study for a math quiz! AHH Why am I here! I'm leaving now...


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 9, 2007 11:46 pm (#1360 of 2988)

He, he, he, my triplets came in at 4lbs 14 oz and 4lbs 9 oz and 4 lbs 9 oz, so 14 lbs of babies! They were born at 36 weeks. I am tall but was very thin prior (and now) just a normal thin.

Kim, breath.. You’ll be alright.. if they would just pick up their phones!

Prior to HP I had never seen Christmas crackers here. A friend had sent me some from Scotland many years ago though. I bought two boxes of crackers at Marshall's’s last week, and if you can believe it, there were several different types to choose from!

Most babies start out with blue eyes and then the eyes change to their permanent color around six months

Many babies do but it isn’t most. All of my children have some shade of brown. They started out light golden browns and have ended slightly darker shades of brown. My husband is blue eyed, as are his parents and brother. I have dark brown eyes.

Yes, many of our friends have been missing of late. Life is just so busy.


Catherine - Dec 10, 2007 4:13 am (#1361 of 2988)

Geautigers, Snow Falling on Cedars? Sounds about as exciting as watching snow falling on Cedars… (apologies if that’s someone’s favorite book!) Took the words right out my mouth! That's everyone's description for it. There are some not so boring parts, all of which I can't talk about here. Not forum friendly, just google it, you will find some stuff not appropriate for high school much less this forum.

Darn it--that book put me to sleep so quickly I never got to any juicer bits! Normally, I can read anything, but I did not enjoy this novel in the least.

My 8th grade classes are off to a field trip in Raleigh today--so if something weird happens there--you all will know who to blame!


Madam Pince - Dec 10, 2007 5:34 am (#1362 of 2988)

Fog delay! Fog delay! We have 90 extra minutes to sleep! Woo-hoo -- I needed this -- I'm exhausted. Back to bed!


Chemyst - Dec 10, 2007 7:08 am (#1363 of 2988)

Under the category of More Than You Ever Wanted to Know:

   ~ Back around Halloween, although not quite as gross as the Kitty Litter Cake, I had occasion to read up on eye color for cookie eyeballs. The original recipe called for 20 blue m&ms and 20 brown m&ms for use as irises– and we got to wondering why no green? And what would more accurate ratios be? (I do worry a little that this sounds a bit too much like I may have been channeling one of John Bumbledore's rabbit trails, but,   oh, well…) Anyway, it was easy to pull up that information and even though I thought I'd never have a chance to use it again, it seems that I do. Here is a copy & paste :

Even in a simplistic Mendelian model with only two genes and two colors, the blue would be recessive and therefore only ten m&ms should be blue. But eye coloring is more complex than that. There were more Americans with blue eyes in 1900, so if you are making old eyeballs, you'd need about 16 blue m&ms If you are making 21st century American eyes, you will need only about 11 blue candies (and that is lumping gray eyes in with the blue.)

If you were making Hungarian eyeballs, about 8 of the m&ms should have been green; Hungary has the greatest percentage of green-eyed people. For American eyeballs you would need only 4 or 5 green m&ms; and if you want a representative world population, only one green.

If the eyeballs are those of Caucasian babies they would be a more neutral color attaining about 50% of their adult pigmentation by the end of their first year, so perhaps you need to wash the candies lightly if you plan to make baby eyeballs. You could use pink m&ms if you wish to make albino eyeballs.

So how about it HH11, do you have green eyes in your family?


Congratulations & health charms as needed; I have read all your posts but I didn't keep a list and if I start naming folks now, I'd probably miss one.


Solitaire - Dec 10, 2007 8:23 am (#1364 of 2988)

Pesky, my mom's eyes are officially listed as hazel, although they always look pale grey with yellow flecks, to me. Dad's eyes were blue, as were both of his parents' and all of his siblings' eyes. My sister's eyes are the pale aqua of Madam Pince's avatar--that sort of "swimming-pool blue." Cristian's mom (my niece) has dark blue eyes, but his father has that beautiful, dusky Latino complexion and dark eyes. If I could wear soft contacts, I'd have tried out the kind that make my eyes look green, as I think green eyes are so beautiful. I'm sort of the "odd man out" with my dark eyes.

Tori, doesn't the book deal with the prejudices against Japanese-Americans following WWII? I have not read this particular book, but I've read Farewell to Manzanar, and my students have studied some short stories dealing with the disgraceful treatment of Japanese-Americans during and after WWII. I also have some information about such things from my dad, who talked about his own friends being interned out in Ridgecrest ... how their homes, personal property, and businesses had been confiscated by the government and never returned. I am not positive, but I think this book addresses how one community tried to make one innocent man a sort of scapegoat for their hatred of Japan. I'd try to read it with an open mind ... you might find some things worthwhile.

Well, time to go. I didn't even finish reading all the posts. Have a great Monday, everyone!



kabloink! - Dec 10, 2007 8:44 am (#1365 of 2988)

I have dark brown eyes, as do both of my parents. My mom's father had pale blue eyes. My sister Christine's eyes are hazel (from her dad), and my brother Tom's eyes are blue-gray (from his mom), everyone else's eyes are brown (in fact, the other 3 of us have my dad's eyes). Hubby has bright blue eyes (Scottish blue eyes, they say. Dark hair, too. What is that quote from Diana Gabaldon, "eyes put in with a sooty finger." Something like that.) Hubby's dad and almost all of the Harvey family have that same bright blue eyes. Both Grandma and Grandpa have bright blue eyes, but Grandma's are brighter than Grandpa's were. Hubby's mom and brother have green eyes. I was soo ecstatic that Ian inherited his daddy's bright blue eyes-without the laziness! Now that I have my boy with bright blue eyes, though, I wouldn't say no to a brown-eyed Alex. Hubby has a very, VERY bad wandering/lazy eye, with an extremely bad astigmatism on that side. His brother has a very high astigmatism, but on both sides. I'm really hoping that while Ian got the color of his daddy's eyes, he got my vision. He did seem to get the shape of my eyes, which is pretty cool. My dad has been an optician for over 30 years now, and he has never seen an astigmatism as high as my husband's in that eye.

Soli, I believe you've already said that you're not interested in contacts anymore, which is cool, but just so you know, there are many, many more options in soft contacts (for astigmatisms, too) than there used to be, in colors, as well. They do cost more than standard lenses, but if the desire ever strikes you, you should definitely take a look at what is available now. If they make contacts that my Aunt Barbara can wear (I do think she's in hard or gas permeable lenses, though), they can make lenses for ANYONE. My poor children are doomed vision-wise. I got my dad's vision, but my mom's whole family have HORRIBLE sight.


Holly T. - Dec 10, 2007 8:45 am (#1366 of 2988)

How cute about Diva and the Nutcracker!

Congrats on being done with the semester Tazzy! And good luck with the end of the semester for everyone else. Azi, I loved what you did with the slacker in your group.

Good health charms for Kelsey and congrats on making the dean's list Allison!

LOL at Chemyst--my dad the retired biology teacher used to draw the little squares for us to explain eye color. My dad has hazel eyes and my mom has brown eyes. I am the only one of my siblings with brown eyes--all the rest have blue. My sister used to tell me that meant I was adopted. I passed my recessive gene on to my blue-eyed daughter. My son has brown eyes, but they started out blue and were a really murky bluish brown color until he was about 3.

Congrats on the new great-nephew Solitaire! And best wishes to you Kabloink! My husband was born two months early and weighed just under 5 pounds. My MIL still feels guilty that this was her fault. She didn't even get to hold him until he was 6 weeks old. His mom's best friend has told me that he looked like a little red rat. And yes, we had to work through quite a few of MIL's issues when I had my daughter, her first grandchild.

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I hoped, but we stayed busy. The big tree is up now and I put the lights on it. Still need the ornaments. I also need to put out the nutcrackers, Santas, and nativity scene. The big nativity scene, I put out the small ones. I have to move more stuff to put out the big one. In-laws are coming to visit on Sunday, so that's my deadline.

Happy Monday everyone!


journeymom - Dec 10, 2007 8:46 am (#1367 of 2988)

...so perhaps you need to wash the candies lightly if you plan to make baby eyeballs. You could use pink m&ms if you wish to make albino eyeballs.  Lololol!


We saw Golden Compass on Saturday. As a reader I had lots to criticize, but I loved it anyway. Iorek Byrnison was portrayed perfectly. I had no idea he was voiced by Ian McKellen, so that was a wonderful surprise! Dakota Blue Richards is amazing. She carried a huge part and did an excellent job.

Hey, did you know that OotP is out on DVD tomorrow?


Puck - Dec 10, 2007 9:07 am (#1368 of 2988)

Madame Pince, our delay was 2 hours, due to ice. I went back to bed until 8am! wOOt!

Hubby called when he got to work to tell me not to leave the house. The main roads aren't bad, but the driveway is treacherous. I walked the kids to the bus across the lawn, but getting them down the front steps without falling was quite a chore.

I've been hinting about that DVD, so it had better show up under the tree!

There will be 13 of us here for Christmas Eve. My Mom will be the only one without blue eyes. (Brother and are are blue-eyed people who married blue-eyed people, so there was no chance of anything else for the grandkids. Hubby's folks also have blue eyes.)

Time to shower before Diego is over. Then off to find the wreath hook for the front door. I picked up my wreath yesterday, but can't hang it.



kaykay1970 - Dec 10, 2007 10:11 am (#1369 of 2988)

Mom has blue eyes. Dad had brown eyes. All my sisters have brown eyes except for the youngest. Hers are hazel like mine. All of my kids have brown eyes like Hubby, except the little guy who has mine.

One of my children had to wear glasses when he was younger to correct lazy eye. A few of my sisters' children have lazy eye, including one that is legally blind in that eye. We have no idea where this stems from. None of us have lazy eye, nor my parents or grand parents! It is a mystery! My Dad was color blind, and of all his children and grandchildren there has been two children with color sight problems(one being my 17 year old). Dad also had glaucoma and so far my eldest sister is the only one that seems affected by that. She has some problems with the pressures in her eyes, so they are keeping an eye on it. Yeah, I guess that really was WAY more info than ya'll needed...

My boys will be marching with the band in a Christmas parade tonight. They are excited! Thursday is the Christmas concert. It will be the first time my daughter plays her flute publicly so she's really excited and a bit nervous as well. 17 year old has a rather lengthy solo on one song. I hope he can pull it off as the concert will count as his mid-term test. He's been practicing quite a bit, so hopefully, he'll do ok!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra are now in the top 4 bands left on Next Great American Band! 3 of the remaining bands (including DMHO) are all fom Nashville! Way to go Tennessee! Woo Hoo!


Puck - Dec 10, 2007 10:48 am (#1370 of 2988)

Good luck to the kids, Kaykay! Sound like fun!

I'm curious about right-handed and left-handed people. They say it doesn't run in families. However, I had a friend from a family of several left handers. Son is left-handed, like both of his grandfathers. (Out of the 13 for Christmas, 3 will be left-handed.) Just curious as to whether anyone else finds it common amoung family members.


Denise P. - Dec 10, 2007 10:58 am (#1371 of 2988)

I have blue eyes (blue eyed father/green eyed mother), Mr. Denise has brown eyes (both parents brown eyes) We have 4 blue eyed children, 2 brown eyed children and 1 that for several years, we called her eye color "Kierynn colored" because it truly depended on what she was wearing. She will be 5 soon and I think they are finally settling on brown. We are both right handed, with right handed parents but each of us have a maternal grandmother who is left handed. We have 2 lefties, 5 righties. Our lefties are both boys and each of them showed a very clear preference for their left hand before they were a year old.


kabloink! - Dec 10, 2007 11:20 am (#1372 of 2988)

Kaykay, I have had fairly lengthy discussions with our optometrist regarding lazy eyes and the like. They aren't typically viewed as an inherited trait, but are something you should definitely watch for if it IS in the family-does that make sense? A high astigmatism is often found to run in families, which is the case in hubby's father's family. Hubby's paternal grandmother has also lost sight in her "lazy" eye, due to cataracts and macular degeneration. Hubby's maternal grandmother's mother went blind due to glaucoma. We keep a very close watch on hubby's eyes. The amazing thing-both of our optometrists and my dad commented on this-is that hubby's vision isn't all that bad out of that right eye, so long as its corrected. He sees 20/40 out of that eye, which is amazing as his prescription is like a -7.00 cylinder, and doc said he was asking for more through the test. (She didn't give him more for fear of increasing the Rx too fast and causing headache problems.)

Ok, enough of sight stuff. As for lefties, hubby's brother is a lefty, and they have an aunt who is a lefty. I don't think BIL's son is a lefty, no idea about their daughter. Ian is clearly more dexterous with his right hand (that kid has one heck of an arm, and aim), but will choose to do some things with either hand. I simply have to clean up a bit more, or run a bit more for the ball if it is a lefty day.

Here's my question of the day. FOr those of you who like Food Network, who/what is your favorite? Personally, I like Ina Garten (Barefoot COntessa), and I like the Food Network Challenges when they involves pastries, cakes, or confections.

Sorry, I have tons of housework to do, but no energy to do it, and I'm getting very bored just waiting for labor. I was very mistaken, apparently, about going in over the weekend, as Alex seems even less inclined to be born now than he did on Friday. Hmm, maybe I will get a brithday present after all (tomorrow). If not, we're going to be induced next Monday night or Tuesday morning (the earliest the doc will do). It fits with hubby's work schedule, and keeps the birthday as far as possible from Christmas. I swear I will do my best to never gip Alex because his bday is so close to Christmas, even if it means sacrificing my own-or lumping mine and his together. My parents were so wonderful about keeping my birthday and Christmas separate and special that this is my favorite time of year. I want to do the same for Alex.

ETA: ((((Hugs)))) to Puck


Puck - Dec 10, 2007 11:26 am (#1373 of 2988)


I had put Toddler to bed and was doing a quick tidy and vaccuum of the family room when I spotted it. A lovely doodle across the whole of the chair cushion -in PEN! The style leaves the impression of being the work of the 2-year-old. I removed the cover, poured hair spray on it, and as soon as the washer is free will attempt to get it clean.

**goes of repeating "I love my children, I love my children"**


painting sheila - Dec 10, 2007 12:28 pm (#1374 of 2988)

I have green eyes. My aunt and I are the only ones in our family with that color. Everyone else has blue and brown. We get teased alot - saying we're adopted - but we counter with us being the favorite and getting the "special color" for our eyes!

FYI - Best Buy has the HP dvd on sale tomorrow with a Death Eaters mask for the first 15 customers in every store. I am going to try my best to get one!


Elanor - Dec 10, 2007 12:42 pm (#1375 of 2988)

I have hazel eyes like my Mom but have inherited many freckles from my grandmother on my dad's side which was a red-head. I guess I could have a "Weasley-haired" child someday.

There is a little "chant", quite cruel actually, that kids used to, and I bet still like to, say when they taunt each other:

Yeux verts,

Yeux de vipère; (green eyes, viper's eyes)

Yeux marron,

Yeux de cochon (brown eyes, pig's eyes)

I have to say that I did tell my brother quite a few times when we were kids that he had "pig's eyes" - he was also pigheaded mind you, and that was said too.

Have a great day all!



journeymom - Dec 10, 2007 1:20 pm (#1376 of 2988)

I love my children, I love my children . . . Of course you do! That doesn't mean they don't utterly annoy you sometimes.

My daughter has the world's loveliest brown eyes. It's a joke we have that her parents already chose which song she'll dance to with her father if she gets married: Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison. Except for the last few lines it's the perfect song! Very sweet and nostalgic.

Ah, Kabloink, try a watercress salad. Equal parts of romaine, watercress and red cabbage. Dress with 1 part balsamic vinegar, 3 parts extra virgin olive oil. Garnish with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.

I tried it. It was interesting. I went into labor a week later.


That's right, Food TV: We all love Good Eats. Alton Brown is just too clever, funny and good looking. The kids like learning about candy and sweets and stuff on Unwrapped. I like Ina Garten and Barefoot Contessa and have two of her books. Mr. Journeymom watched an episode with me where Ina was mixing cocktails for her Geoffrey. (I think it's so cute how she dotes on him!) She made a Mai Tai, a Long Island and a something else. Then, oh darn, she had to taste each one to see which one Geoffrey would like best. I like listening to her. She has such a calm voice.


Allison R - Dec 10, 2007 1:25 pm (#1377 of 2988)

I wore hard contact lenses for years, then switched to gas permeable and only discovered that contact were a viable option for me with my astigmatism a couple of years ago. To my extreme delight, not only could those little magic pieces of Saran Wrap perfectly correct my vision, even with the astigmatism, once they were in they were completely comfortable. On occasion, I forget I have them in! Magic, I tell you…

Kabloink, we love Food Network at my house too. Alton Brown is probably our favorite personality there. That would put “Good Eats” at the top of our list. We quite enjoyed “The Next Iron Chef” competition as well. We tape many of the Food Network Challenges, too, and enjoy watching them together.

Puck, I hope the hairspray did the trick for your budding artist’s latest project! Goo Gone has also saved me several times—if the hairspray doesn’t get it all out you may want to try that as well. What we as parents wouldn’t give for a good “Scourgify!” now and then!

On Kelsey: We have an appointment tomorrow with the Ped so that she can then order an EEG and an MRI and refer us to Neurology. We’ll follow test results from there to wherever they take us.

I should get back to studying for my final tomorrow, but I needed a break and this was the first place I checked. Have a wonderful day, all!


Denise P. - Dec 10, 2007 1:34 pm (#1378 of 2988)

I adore Food Network. We watch most of the challenges, Unwrapped and Iron Chef America (Iron Chef itself just does too many freaky things with weird foods) I like Dinner: Impossible too even if Robert annoys me at times. I like Alton Brown, Guy and Mario Batali. I know Mario is a chubby little Italian man with red hair but he is just so darn cute when he cooks. I like Paula Deen but sometimes she can strike a nerve. I used to like Rachel Ray, before she broke her arm patting herself on the back.

I need to get some shoes on to go across the street. Millicent is decorating gingerbread houses there for Girl Scouts and I have to get all the permission slips signed for cookies. I also have to go over all the rules and safety measures.

On the bronze award front - she has finished her first badge as part of her pre-project items to do. She is partially completed the second badge. In January, she can start her actual 15 hours of work on the project itself.


kaykay1970 - Dec 10, 2007 1:39 pm (#1379 of 2988)

As far as I know, my eldest sister is the only person in my whole extended family that is a lefty. She is also the only one of my sisters that doesn't have freckles. She MUST be adopted! My 17 year old was quite ambidextrous until he started Kindergarten. Now he uses his right hand mostly. When he played Little League, he was the only kid in the 3 county league that was a switch hitter. The coaches loved him. Actually I can't really understand why that is considered such an asset. A good pitcher can pitch just as well to lefties as they do righties. Well, actually he did get hit with the ball more often when he batted left handed. Not good! One base and maybe an injury as opposed to possibly getting a good hit...He did walk about as often as he hit the ball anyway. He was so short they all had trouble finding his strike zone.

Thanks for the info on lazy eye, Kabloink. I assumed it was hereditary, as the first question from the doc upon discovering my son's was "Does it run in your family?"


PeskyPixie - Dec 10, 2007 2:08 pm (#1380 of 2988)

I was ambidextrous as a pre-schooler as well. I'd start a line with my left hand, get to the middle, switch hands, then finish the line with my right hand!

The birds that visit our yard have no Christmas spirit! They fight all day long over who gets to sit on the Christmas bell birdseed treat I hung outside for them. The black squirrel got in on the action yesterday and managed to break off the bottom half of the bell. Horrible beasts, all of them!

I went to the doctor's to get my flu shot today and a little boy was sitting near me in the waiting room, devouring OotP. On my way out I just had to interrupt him to ask him which chapter he was on, and he answered, "515" (the page number!). He was actually reading 'Seen and Unforeseen' and told me that 'Trelenny' (emphasis on the first syllable!) had just predicted a long life and many children for Harry. He seemed so relieved that maybe, just maybe, Harry might survive the series. I quite enjoyed geeking out with him while his mom attended to his little brother (little whiny brat whose day was ruined because his Ipod wasn't working ).


kaykay1970 - Dec 10, 2007 2:20 pm (#1381 of 2988)

Oops! Forgot to add this in my last post! thanks Kathy for the good luck charms for my musicians! They always seem to work somehow! LOL


Denise P. - Dec 10, 2007 2:40 pm (#1382 of 2988)

Pesky, that is a common thing with kids. All of my kids will ask me what page I am on, not the chapter. I stopped asking them what chapter they are on since they will tell me the page number, now I ask them what is happening.


Snuffles - Dec 10, 2007 4:02 pm (#1383 of 2988)

Congratulations on the new family member Soli

More *good luck charms* to your musicians Kay. (A few extra can't hurt)

Each year I go online to order Olivia a letter from Santa. I love her face when I tell her he has written to her. She received this years over the weekend. We both laughed when I read the following passage..... 'There is a naughty child who lives nearby to you who has asked for a really cool present this Christmas. Oh what a cheek. However, because they have been so naughty, Rudolph has insisted I am not to give them what they've asked for. So, instead of getting Harry Potter's Box of Quirky Spells, they will get Rudolph's Box of Dirty Smells. (Santa's socks, stale mince pies, reindeer droppings and Elf blow-offs) Ho ho ho.'

Gotta love the person who came up with that one .

My brother is a lefty and so is hubby. Olivia started to use a pen with both hands but has ended up using her right.

I also received a phone call on my mobile while I was at work. I had given Olivia's teachers the invites to Olivia's party, and asked them to put each one in the correct childs book bag, so their parents would find them when they got home. So my phone goes, and it is a parent asking if I was Olivia's mum. I said yes, and they told me that their child had received the invite but it was for another child and not theirs (there are 30 children in her class, and way to expensive to invite them all, so I had asked her to choose the children she played with the most.) She asked me if her daughter had an invite and that they must have got them mixed up. I said I was sure she had one but would have to check when I got home. It turns out that this was a child who WASN'T on the list! I had to call this mum back. I ended up saying that of course her daughter was invited . I know I shouldn't have lied, but I couldn't bring myself to say "Oh yes, we are having a party but actually your child wasn't invited!" I just keep telling myself that it's only 1 more child!! I hope no one else rings me who wasn't on the list!

Oh well, off to check the threads before heading off to bed.

*hugs, and Felix Felicis* to all those in need.

Julie x


Puck - Dec 10, 2007 5:26 pm (#1384 of 2988)

Julie, for such reasons we are always given a mailing list of classmates, and were never allowed to put invites in school mailboxes, unless it was for everyone. I was at liberty to stand in the parking lot and hand them out to parents, however.

Love the letter from Santa.

Pesky, that is common. Young children often have trouble "crossing the midline". It's a milestone preschool teachers look for in their students.

First time around in the washing and there is still pen on the cushion cover.  :mad:  It had another soak and is on another wash currently.

Christmas cards arrived, so that's my project for tonight. Way behind on other things, as I spent 90 minutes outside trying to chip ice off my driveway. Two 12-year-old neighbors showed up with shovels and offered to help! They were with me for just over a half hour, with about a third of drive done. Gave up, and invited them inside for cider and cookies.



kabloink! - Dec 10, 2007 5:28 pm (#1385 of 2988)

Okay, so I need to vent. I'm annoyed with hubby's family. Hubby's brother is back from the Middle East, and they are going to be up here visiting starting this Thursday, and will be here through Christmas. Now, we have been saying pretty much since we knew our due date that we will be having Christmas here at home, and anyone who wants to come down (we are only an hour or so from either family) is more than welcome, as I will be preparing a meal regardless. I may just have to make more if people are coming (and they can bring a side dish).

Well, since his and her highness will be up visiting, we are now apparently expected to haul a 15 month old and a 1 week old (maybe) an hour and a half away to the middle of nowhere in Michigan on Christmas Eve, leaving out house at 6pm at the earliest. Sister-in-law is saying that I'm going to have to get used to getting both kids ready and out the door, anyway, and once I get there, there will be people to help me (this is assuming I head over early and hubby follows after work). He might be 2 weeks old-assuming I go into labor tonight or tomorrow. When I had Ian, I couldn't lift his carseat for at least a week and a half, let alone a wriggling toddler (It was a bad delivery-I was on weight restrictions afterward). Apparently Mother-in-law is annoyed, also.

Well, we did make our intentions clear LONG before BIL and his wife did. They wouldn't even tell us when they were heading up here until last night. They still haven't told us when they're leaving. I'm sorry, we made set plans. They're flexible as to when people want to visit us, and what I need to cook, but that's it. We made plans, and we're sticking to them-we're not going to drop everything for their highnesses yet AGAIN. (end rant)

You know, I forgot about Alton-I love him too. I haven't watched much of Good Eats lately, especially since they changed the time. I've also seen most of the older episodes, and tend to not watch if they're not things I'm going to cook. Ok, off to watch Jeopardy.


Choices - Dec 10, 2007 6:57 pm (#1386 of 2988)

Stick to your guns Kabloink. A one week old infant has no business (in my opinion) being out in a group of people, even if they are family. A newborn's immune system is not fully functional and he could catch a cold or the flu and it would be very hard on you and the baby if he got sick at that tender age. Not to mention you need all the rest you can get as you have a hard road ahead, what with sleepless nights and two children to care for. You really need to take it easy until your body gets back to normal - doctors tell you not to even drive until six weeks after delivery. Stay home, take care of yourself and that little one. Continued good wishes to you for a safe delivery.


PeskyPixie - Dec 10, 2007 7:17 pm (#1387 of 2988)

Baby always comes first. Take care, Kabloink.


geauxtigers - Dec 10, 2007 7:20 pm (#1388 of 2988)

I'm curious about right-handed and left-handed people. They say it doesn't run in families. However, I had a friend from a family of several left handers. Lefties run in our family. It's genetic so that would anwser your question My maternal great grand parents were both lefties, and their kids were both right-handed, and out of my Grannie's kids, only one was left-handed. The only lefties in the immediate family are 3/4 uncles. My dad included. I was ambidextrious as little kid, and still am. I write right handed, but bat left, and can do pretty much anything with either hand. Right is just more comfortable because it's stronger. Ginny's left side is there as she puts it, "so she can be symmetrical". LOL

I'm so tired. I was up til one last night, or should I say this morning. I've got lots to do this week. Lots of baking. AHH!

I've given up on the book, Soli, I finished my project, so I don't need to finish it. Beside, I've got far better things to do than read it because all I do is fall asleep. It is about Japanese Americans during WWII. It's just a boring story, the author is so descriptive it puts me to sleep.

OoP comes out tomorrow!!! I'm super excited!!! WOOOO!


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 10, 2007 7:27 pm (#1389 of 2988)

Oh, Kabloink, I sympathize. Isn't it amazing how in-laws always presume to know how much others can manage to do in order to suit their plans? Grrr! I know I was in no shape to drive through middle-of-nowhere-Michigan a week after my daughter was born, and winter evening conditions will make things even worse! Stay at home where you and Alex belong!

Let me guess, her highness has never had a child. Why isn't it more generally known that new mothers feel really awful after childbirth? The eight weeks or so after my childbirth was probably the worse time of my life. I never felt so helpless and so physically debilitated in my life, and although I didn't have full-blown post-partum depression, I had something worse than ordinary baby blues. I felt outraged that no one seemed to notice or care about how bad I felt. Everyone was cooing over the baby and marveling over how happy I must be, but no one offered to ease my burden a bit. Whenever a woman I know has a baby, my first question is “how can I help?”  When I visit, I visit to help, not just admire. I would never ask a new mom to pack up the newborn to go gallivanting about for a family gathering. What chutzpah! *End of vent.*


PeskyPixie - Dec 10, 2007 7:31 pm (#1390 of 2988)

I had thought that everyone else had OotP and we were the last to get it (tomorrow)!

I think I may have been ambidextrous if I hadn't been forced to 'choose' a hand. Although I'm right-handed I write very well with my left hand.

Lots of baking here too. My mom does the cakes and I handle the cookies.

ETA: Wasn't there a big celebrity showdown regarding postpartum depression last year or so?


kabloink! - Dec 10, 2007 7:37 pm (#1391 of 2988)

Vox, unfortunately both of my sister-in-laws have children. The one who is criticizing though, is the one who has an 8-year-old, and is expecting number 2 in the spring. I guess niece needed to have blood work done daily right after her birth, as she was jaundiced, but from everything SIL has said, the labor and delivery were easy compared to mine (and she was with me for mine). The other SIL has two kids, one is a month younger than Ian, the other is 4 1/2. I honestly don't know what her opinion of the situation is, as we haven't talked to them yet. She did, however, drive across the country with 4 1/2 year old when he was only 2 weeks old...I think I'd better have hubby call and talk to his brother before the situation gets blown out of proportion and they are told that we don't want to celebrate with them, or something.

Oh Vox (and others who know Michigan), do you know where Fenton is? If so, you're going another 20 minutes or so west into Argentine Twp to get to in-laws house. Just so you get the idea of how middle-of-nowhere it is. Other surrounding areas (but not closer than 20 mins) include Howell and Cohactah (sp?).


Allison R - Dec 10, 2007 8:18 pm (#1392 of 2988)

Snuffles, how embarrassing to have that mum call you and then find out her child wasn’t on the list! I would have invited her child, too—you really have no other graceful options at that point, I think. Not all the other children who were (properly) invited will attend, so hopefully it will still stay within your budget.

Kabloink, good for you for sticking to your guns on Christmas dinner!! I can’t believe that they would even expect you to haul both kids anywhere that soon after delivery, never mind all that way sitting in the car driving to and fro! Honestly!! Choices is absolutely right—that baby doesn’t need to be passed around a bunch of people at that age, especially in the midst of cold and flu season.

Food Network: we love “UnWrapped” as well. I forgot to mention that one in my earlier post. We also like “The Secret Life of: _____” (I think that’s what it’s called?) those are fun, too.


Finn BV - Dec 10, 2007 8:32 pm (#1393 of 2988)

Eek, it's been a while since I posted on this thread. I know last time I promised I'd keep up, but clearly that's been unreasonable for me, so I'm just going to try and post every three days or so. This is the best thread on the forum!

Tomorrow night is the first Lit Chat sleepover of the year at my school! (See an April post of mine explaining this. Yeah, we sleep over at school -- it's awesome.) We'll be watching OOP since it comes out tomorrow and then running around playing games and not going to sleep. (We have conferences on Wednesday, so no school.)

Just read the last four or five posts or so, so Kabloink: stand by what you've said and do whatever you need to take care of your baby (incidentally, as I've been out of it -- boy or girl? do you know?). Show them how both families (yours and theirs) are equally important to you but you need to do what's right for a newborn. Hope things work out well!

How's everyone doing? I have 7 more days of school. So close to winter break!


Solitaire - Dec 10, 2007 8:36 pm (#1394 of 2988)

For those of you who like Food Network, who/what is your favorite?

Kabloink, when I first began watching the FOOD network, I liked Rachael Ray, because she was so down-to-earth. Recently, though, her voice has begun to get on my nerves (I have a huge issue with annoying voices). I do like the Barefoot Contessa, but my faves are Alton Brown (Good Eats)and goofy Guy Fieri, on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Maybe it's just the hair on the last one, but I think he's fun. What can I say? I also like What's with That House? on HGTV! I guess I'm just a little weird! hehe

About contacts, Kabloink ... I wore the old-fashioned hard lenses for 25 years (gas perms the last ten) and loved them. Back in the last 90s, however, my cornea was scratched by a piece of grass or something during a windy track meet, and I was never able to get back into them. My eyes are too dry to wear soft lenses.

Hey, Puck! Have you checked your room of requirement for some Mrs. Scower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover? Perhaps it might do the trick!

Kabloink, I am sure you could get your doctor to ORDER you to stay in your own home for a few weeks after the birth. Anyway, there could be a blizzard between now and Christmas. The last thing you need is to travel with a newborn and a toddler. It's unfortunate that the timing is so close, but just tell them Dr. Soli says you need to stay home, and so does your baby. Besides, didn't your husband just barely get over some terrible flu and infection? It seems to me that you all need to stay tucked up in your own house. If family want to see you, great! Let them hop on the freeway and drive down ... making sure to bring the eats with them. Giving birth is hard work. They don't call it LABOR for nothing! You will need to rest ... not run all over Michigan!



Puck - Dec 10, 2007 8:50 pm (#1395 of 2988)

Okay, even when it wasn't a holiday, if people wanted to see my new baby, they came to me, and often brought groceries and made us lunch! I think you're darn nice to offer to cook them anything. That family has nerve. I've heard it's not good for infants to be in a car seat for over an hour at a time, as it may restrict their breathing or something. Well, it was a theory some years ago at least. Use that tidbit to your advantage. No drives over an hour with a newborn!

Soli, I think my house elves are holding up in the RoR, as I can't seem to get in, and they aren't around to help with the scrubbing.

Time to go write the Christmas cards!



journeymom - Dec 10, 2007 9:42 pm (#1396 of 2988)

Hi Finn!

Hang in there, Kabloink. We're rooting for you!


Tazzygirl - Dec 10, 2007 10:21 pm (#1397 of 2988)

Even though UH is over, I'm still constantly running around. It also doesn't help that the one last thing I have to do for UH is to create a project that is due Wednesday this week. I haven't really started it yet... (It's that one that I've mentioned over and over again over the last couple months. Just haven't had the energy to do it...) Since I now have less than 48 hours until it's due, I'm starting to get geared up and motivated.

All that bread talk is making me want some. I've been wanting to stop in the Great Harvest Bread Co. (or whatever it is called) for awhile now. I might do that on Wednesday...

Puck- sending scourgifing charms to your couch!

Allison- sending healing charms to Kelsey!

JulieSnuffles- that Santa letter is too cute!

I wanted to watch Snow Falling on Cedars when it came to theaters, but never got around to it. I never read the book though. Tori- how is Ginny doing? Haven't seen her around lately!

Kabloink- tell your in-laws that your Forum family told you to stay home. Your family is just getting over being sick, and when Alex makes his debut, the last thing you all need to worry about is traveling.

I think I've stalled long enough. Back to the nasty fun-filled project. I also have to get to bed early tonight, as I am picking a friend up from the hospital tomorrow morning at about 5:30.


(I'm still part of the Procrastinator's Club, right? I also still need to write and send out my Christmas Cards, pick up a couple more gifts, wrap all the gifts, and mail them out by the end of this week...)


Puck - Dec 10, 2007 10:46 pm (#1398 of 2988)

Well, it's almost 1am. I've folded laundry, done dishes, and put a dent in the Christmas cards.

I should sleep. Toddler is getting her pictures taken tomorrow. (I'm still on the Board of Directors at the preschool, so even though she's not a student, I'm sneaking in for on picture day.) Then I need to track down some salt for the driveway (hubby couldn't find any today), and chip away at more ice.



Madam Pince - Dec 11, 2007 6:06 am (#1399 of 2988)

Ginny's left side is there as she puts it, "so she can be symmetrical". -- Tori

Tee-hee! I know what she means. My saying is that my left hand is only there to hold my watch on and that's it.

I agree with the majority, kabloink, I wouldn't be taking a 1-2 week-old newborn out in winter Colorado weather amongst a bunch of people. No way. My mom and I have this running laugh because apparently when I was a baby, her in-laws would always call when they had company and say "Bring the baby down here so that so-and-so can see her." (Now mind you, they lived about 500 yards away.) Mom could never understand why the so-and-sos couldn't come up to our house to see baby me. LOL!

kaykay, glad to hear "your" band is still in the running! Good luck charms!

Snuffles, bummer about the party invites. Our schools have the same rules that Puck mentioned -- if you want to send invites out through school, everyone must get an invite (and you aren't even supposed to put names on the invitations -- just leave them blank and the teacher puts one in every kid's backpack.) We have a mailing list for all except one kid whose parents didn't want to participate for some reason. Hope it all works out!

Rainy dreary day today. Bleah...


Solitaire - Dec 11, 2007 8:03 am (#1400 of 2988)

Kabloink, as Puck said, when I visited my niece on Sunday ... I took food!! I made my big Crockpot full of beef vegetable stew (her favorite) and took that, along with a long loaf of our local sourdough French bread and dessert. Since I knew her hubby's family would be coming in and out, I figured there would be enough food for a couple of meals, if others ate, and for several, if just my niece and her hubby ate.

I think I'm going to make them a Tater Tot casserole later this week ... to practice for our school potluck! Has anyone ever prepared it with lower fat soups, ground turkey, fewer Tots, and included some veggies instead? Just wondering. I'm trying to "healthy it up" a little ... as much as one can to such a dish.

Well, time to get moving here. I still need to clean the kitchen mess. Have a great Tuesday, everyone! Just 9 more school days until vacation ... for me, at least!

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Post  Lady Arabella on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:52 pm


painting sheila - Dec 11, 2007 8:03 am (#1401 of 2988)

Snuffles - You were gracious. I think there is a gray area there between lying and being gracious. You did the right thing!

Kabloink!! - I agree with everyone else. That is too young to be taking a little one out amongst people. What if you all have car trouble and are stuck for any length of time on the side of the road with no heat? What if another kid at the get-together sat beside a kid that went home and threw up for two days? Who knows what germ could be there. I would suggest just politely saying "Gosh. We hate to miss it and thanks for the invite, but we think we are just going to have a quite Christmas here."

I got it!!! I bought the OotP that came with a death mask - Fun stuff!! They also said they would give me the display when they take it down. They put my name and number on the back and everything!! I have no idea what I will do with it - but I have it. (boy that sounded greedy!)

I was bummed out last night. It was our last time putting Christmas decorations up in this house and the last time Oldest Daughter will be home to help us and she ditched us (on Family Night no less) to go see her friend sing in her school choir. (sigh)


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 11, 2007 8:08 am (#1402 of 2988)

Soli, you are truly a great aunt in both senses of the word!

My daughter is home sick from school. We're supposed to get hit with freezing rain this afternoon, so she certainly picked a good time for me to take a day off from work to stay with her. I just read The Story of Holly and Ivy to her. Listening to the Jim Dale audiobooks had raised the bar for my story reading. I was trying really hard to give everything just the right inflection, with a different intonation for each character. I made the owl Abracadabra talk like Draco Malfoy.


kaykay1970 - Dec 11, 2007 8:36 am (#1403 of 2988)

Kabloink, I agree pretty much with everything that has been said here. Stay home and take care of yourself and the kids!

Healing charms to Vox daughter. Throw in some weather charms as well. I hate freezing rain! Yuck!

Thanks Madam Pince!

Here's a sample of "my" band if ya'll are interested:


I hope it is ok to post that. I would put it in my profile if that wasn't a no-no right now! Keep in mind when you watch it that t.v. time restraints hurt the songs alot. Even the original had to be re-arranged and have lyrics taken out to fit the time allotted. BTW, Hubby's cousin is the short, dark haired guy standing next to Denver while the judges are critiquing the band. Like I have a right to call him "short". The guy is taller than I am! LOL

If you have dial-up don't attempt to watch that video. It took me fforeeeveeerr to load it. You might want to try this one instead:


Make sure to remove (dot) and replace with . LOL


Denise P. - Dec 11, 2007 9:32 am (#1404 of 2988)

Soli, my original TT casserole recipe had green beans in it. My kids pick them out so I stopped putting them in.

We have on OOP here.


Madam Pince - Dec 11, 2007 9:45 am (#1405 of 2988)

I've never heard of Tater-Tot casserole but it sounds good to me!

Yay Sheila on the Death-Eater mask! I politely suggested to Mr. Pince that just on the off-chance that he might be shopping for said video today, he might just possibly consider shopping at Best Buy to try for a DE mask. He not-so-politely told me that if I thought he was going anywhere near Best Buy two weeks before Christmas then I was crazy.

Sheila, did I miss something? Did your bid for the new house go through? Or is this just the last Christmas because you know you're going to be moving sometime in the next year?

Kabloink, I had another idea (more Slytherin-ish than Sheila's polite one.) You could always regale the in-laws with some frighteningly too-descriptive mysterious female ailment that is still lingering after childbirth, which ought to cause them to hurriedly assure you that it's OK to stay home, if only to shut you up! Too-much-information often has that effect on people...


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 11, 2007 10:13 am (#1406 of 2988)

Kim, my son, my first born, was 11 days late. (He has continued on that path). I think that I didn't feel ready to deliver. There were just a couple of things that I felt I needed to do first. The day before starting labor I went shopping and bought those little items I felt I really needed. That was what I needed, to feel ready.

On the in-laws thing, this is the "Kabloink Show" co-starring "____" enter newborn's name. Yes it is all about you. The inlaws, the visiting dignitaries, anyone else need to wait until you and baby are ready to receive or travel. This has been the focus of my Lamaze lessons. Yes, it is all about YOU!

In my immediate family we are all brown eyed. I have very slanted eyes for which I was teased endlessly as a child. Witch eyes, cat eyes and not pc-forum friendly teases too. My mother recounts a story of an aunt who had jet black hair and blue eyes who terrified her. Her cousins (my 2nd cousins) and their children have all different color eyes, gold, green, various shades of brown.

At age 9, we are still not sure of the hand status of the identicals. They were mono-amniotic, so they have always been called identicals. When they were born, they were the same weight in grams. One has a deep dimple on her right cheek and the other has a dimple on her left cheek. The right cheek-dimpled one has mole on the right cheek, the left dimpled one has mole on her left temple which I think corresponds to Maria's. We thought they would be mirror twins. But both use the right hand although they talk about doing things lefty and Maria practices writing lefty which she does rather well. She says she'd rather be lefty.

The style leaves the impression of being the work of the 2-year-old

Yes, there are always tell-tale trademarks. Mine used a water color marker on the wall. I had to re-paint, including using several layers of that kilz and actually had to re-plastering before it was all covered. I painted my kitchen that year I discovered Harry, I re-read the books before before GOF came out. Whenever I stopped to rest, I read. so for ages, I couldn't go in my kitchen without thinking of Harry.


journeymom - Dec 11, 2007 10:14 am (#1407 of 2988)

frighteningly too-descriptive mysterious female ailment that is still lingering after childbirth....

*snicker snicker* Mr Journeymom and his dad would just shake their heads and pointedly talk about football (neither of them are into sports) whenever my mother-in-law and I got to talking about pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. After all, she had seven children and is always MORE than willing to share her stories and OPINIONS on everything. And here I was a first time mom, more than willing to learn as much as I could. Poor, poor husbands. And our daughter was their first grandchild. Father-in-law has to hear discussed the delivery of each and every one of his children as each new grandchild comes along.

It's fair.


Puck - Dec 11, 2007 10:44 am (#1408 of 2988)

Tater tot casserole? Sounds like a treat! I'm looking for some nifty things to serve on Christmas Eve, as people are coming here. I was thinking of a sit-down turkey dinner, but will do that on Christmas. The children will be much to excited about presents to sit down and eat, so a buffet sounds easier.

I was very good. I saw OOtP at Walmart, but refrain from buying it. I shall wait until Christmas. I did manage to get a few bags of rock salt for the driveway. I was one of the last ones, as they were almost out.

Toddler smiled beautifully, so I can't wait to see her pictures next week. I liked the photographer, too, so will try to bring us all to him after the new year for a family picture. (The last one Diva was only a year old, and Toddler wasn't around at all. Definitely time for an update!)

Time for lunch!



painting sheila - Dec 11, 2007 10:52 am (#1409 of 2988)

OH! Did I not share with you all? Yes! the bid on the house went through and we will be closing on the 18th of January and move in later that month. WoohoO!!

I will try and find a link so you can look at it.



azi - Dec 11, 2007 11:51 am (#1410 of 2988)

Congrats Shelia!

Stay at home, kabloink! I wouldn't want to be going anywhere that soon after having a child.

Me - blue eyes (alas, like my fathers ), brother - green/gray eyes (like mothers). Ooo, for once it makes sense (lets not get started on hair colour )!

I'm am left-handed, but can easily write with my right hand. I just prefer the left. I am the only left-hander in my family, that I know of. Righty comes in handy when my left hand is full, or just feeling lazy.

Mmm, German and Dutch market in town today. Got me some chocolate. I was good and resisted the Dutch pancakes. It was cold this morning though - we had the first proper frost and ice! My bike seat was frozen, and despite chipping all the ice off, it was still very cold!

Lovely days to all!


John Bumbledore - Dec 11, 2007 12:41 pm (#1411 of 2988)

My wife and I had 7+ pound twins (over 14 pounds of baby) ..

Chemyst, I may have been channeling one of John Bumbledore's rabbit trails.

At least I have an excuse, I have ADHD. So, I'm returning that Clabbert I ordered for you.

I bet Hagrid will be pleased to have another Clabbert for the forest.

We just killed a small forest with the paper work recently. We were contacted to participate in a ADHD study. Had to fill out quite a lot of paper work...

Oh, that reminds me, I should get my paper work done for my annual performance appraisal here at work. I have it started but got side tracked and forgot...

Oh, I must not forget to pick up bread on the way home...

But I have to hurry home because Amy has her first Band concert in middle-schoool...

Been busy like this for several weeks. Hopping like a rabbit.

Oh! what was that about rabbit trails? Oh, never mind. I got twenty project started at work that I have to complete in the next hour...

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Allison R - Dec 11, 2007 1:01 pm (#1412 of 2988)

Painting Shelia, you convinced the store to give you their display-- how cool is that?!

Soli, I’ve never tried to make tater tot casserole resemble something healthy, sorry! It’s one of those “it’s probably best not to think about it too closely; just enjoy it” kind of meals for me, I’m afraid. Vox, hope your daughter is feeling much better and you two enjoy your unexpected snuggle-day.

I’m back from taking my final, and I think I nailed it. I got one name out of three partially wrong in a three-point question, but all the other stuff in my answer was correct so I think at most he may dock me a point for that one question. Other than that I feel really good about it. This was my most stressful final—the teacher was really flakey and vague and kept changing what he wanted, so I was not sure what I’d find on the final. I’m glad it’s done! Now I can catch my breath until the January term starts.


Denise P. - Dec 11, 2007 1:25 pm (#1413 of 2988)

There are many variations of tater tot casserole, they all are basic comfort food. Mine calls for 1 lb browned ground beef/turkey, seasoned (I prefer beef), 1-2 cans cream of mushroom soup mixed with the ground beef. Layer 1/2 bag of tater tots on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, layer beef mixture, layer tots, top with cheese. Bake at 375F for about an hour. I have tried mixing in the tots, my kids prefer the layers. You can easily vary this or add to it to suit your family. I used to make it with green beans but they object to it in there. You could also do like a shepherd's pie mix if you prefer.


kabloink! - Dec 11, 2007 2:23 pm (#1414 of 2988)

Okay, I do have to point something out here. My in-laws would by no means EVER request me to cook, or to bring any food whatsoever. I love to cook, and would not let the chance of preparing a Holiday meal pass me by, if we were to do it at our house. I was simply stating that if they came, I would simply make a bigger turkey, peel more potatoes, and open a second can of corn. It really wouldn't be much more than I already plan to do for my immediate family, anyway. Also, it will just be hubby's immediate family and their kids-not a huge family gathering. He only has 1 brother and 1 sister. We will probably see the whole group frequently while they're here, anyway.

Hubby is starting to fold, anyway. Everyone is like, how nice would it be to have the whole family together at mom and dad's house on Christmas morning, we haven't done that in so long, blah blah blah. That way, I'd get to see my nieces and nephews, too, when we head to my parents' house later on Christmas day for dinner, like we normally do. At least I won't have the belly anymore-because BIL and family will be staying there for a more extended period, they get the guest room with the "real" bed...and the crib (they have a 14 month-old, as well). So we'll be bringing both pack and plays (my parents have one) and sleeping on the incredible uncomfortable sofa bed. Arg.

Sorry if my typing is off a bit more than normal, but I am on my parent's computer, and this is a regular keyboard versus my laptop at home...

Oh! Talked to my doctor today-I'll be going into the hospital on Tuesday morning about 6am to have Alex, if he doesn't come on his own first. My doc seems to think he may be here before that, but for the sake of avoiding being in the hospital on Christmas Eve and Christmas, we set the date today.

_____________________________________  [

B]geauxtigers[/B] - Dec 11, 2007 2:27 pm (#1415 of 2988)

Tori- how is Ginny doing? Haven't seen her around lately!

Her computer crashed for some unknown reason, so she gets my computer when I'm done since it's in my room. That's probably why you haven't heard much from her.


Puck - Dec 11, 2007 2:57 pm (#1416 of 2988)

Wait, Kabloink, you have to sleep over and stay on sofa bed, getting up and down several times to feed a newborn? Okay, that just makes it worse. Best of luck!

Arms quite sore. I spent over 90 minutes chipping more ice off the driveway. I was way off yesterday when I said it was a third done. More like 1/8th yesterday, and now close to half. (You could park 8-10 cars on our drive.)

Son makes his first Reconciliation tonight. Time to make soup and grilled cheese. I'm tired, and we have not time, so s quick and easy dinner it is.



journeymom - Dec 11, 2007 3:22 pm (#1417 of 2988)

(Chemyst) I'm returning that Clabbert I ordered for you. ~ John Bumbledore

...Googles 'Clabbert'.... Oh, that guy! He's the odd frog/monkey creature from Fantastic Beasts.

I have to admit, Tater Tot casserole sounds tempting. I actually have all the ingredients from Denise's recipe here in the house. If we have a salad with it I can almost say it's healthy. Almost.


Denise P. - Dec 11, 2007 3:53 pm (#1418 of 2988)

We normally have it with green beans and a salad, sometimes applesauce too. You can make it a bit more healthy if you use ground turkey, low sodium soup and reduced fat cheese in it. It is a very forgiving recipe.

Boy, in watching OOP, I think Hermione was about to pass out when she met Harry at 12 Grimmauld Place. Someone give the girl a paper bag to breathe into!

Someone gave me two super easy recipes for Christmas tree cookies and Reindeer cookies. I am going to have my Tigers make these at our next den meeting. I will have the trees already baked, they will decorate them. I will give them the reindeer ones to decorate and bake them while they destroy and ravage decorate the trees in my dining room.


Marie E. - Dec 11, 2007 5:33 pm (#1419 of 2988)

I remember Mike saying something about Hermione's eyebrows overacting in that scene, Denise.

We are in the midst of an awful winter storm, but of course we only had a two hour delay. All the districts around us canceled for today, but not us! Bah, humbug!

Shayla had her first orchestra concert last night. She looked so grown up. She had to wear a black dress or skirt and she choose this black velvet suit with white shirt. When we are able to post new pictures, I'll add one to my profile.

Lexi is anxiously waiting to hear the results of the "gifted" exam. I don't understand why she cares, unless someone else at school is making a big deal about it. If she qualifies, she can go to another school next year where they have fourth and fifth grade "gifted" classes. I don't care one way or another. I already know she's a smartie pants.

We just had tator tot casserole. My kids love it. I sometimes make it with corn and sometimes green beans.

I don't have OoP yet, but I blame the weather.


journeymom - Dec 11, 2007 5:47 pm (#1420 of 2988)

I got OotP and the Pirate movie this morning. Now, will we break into OotP this weekend or save it for a Santa gift???


painting sheila - Dec 11, 2007 6:32 pm (#1421 of 2988)

here is the virtual tour of the house we put a bid on. YOu have to put the appropriate http stuff in front of it but . . .


I forgot to say the pool is not as big as it looks!! It is small - but the angle they took the pic as looks much bigger!



journeymom - Dec 11, 2007 6:47 pm (#1422 of 2988)

Sheila, that's just lovely. I hope you get it!


Chemyst - Dec 11, 2007 7:02 pm (#1423 of 2988)

Very nice house & deck Sheila. I hope you will be very happy there.

Sister-in-law is saying that I'm going to have to get used to getting both kids ready and out the door, anyway, and once I get there, there will be people to help me.
Oh Good Grief! (in a Charlie Brown voice) What you are going to have to get used to is setting boundaries.

We made plans, and we're sticking to them[

You go girl! And strengthening charms to your hubby! If you will be feeding your baby naturally, he'll get a bit of immunity to many of the germs around your house, but there is no way I'd haul him off on a stressful trip to a new environment with cousins who have been exposed to all sorts of things if it wasn't absolutely necessary. I never had Mrs. Sirius for my Lamaze instructor, but they did tell us, "Don't feel guilty. You are the Mommy." You have to do what is best for your kids, not what is best for the other relatives. You have an entire forum consensus behind you.

I'm returning that Clabbert I ordered for you.
Oh, NOooo!

We were contacted to participate in a ADHD study. Had to fill out quite a lot of paper work...
Um, oughtn't the folks who designed that study know that paper work and ADHD don't go together well? Until I started tutoring last summer, I didn't realize that I must have a higher tolerance for hyperactive kids than many others do. Now I'm getting assigned some of the boys that drive the other teachers crazy. But the thing I like about these kids is that they never let me forget I am teaching a person, not teaching a lesson.


PeskyPixie - Dec 11, 2007 7:50 pm (#1424 of 2988)

My mom loves working with kids with ADHD as well. She finds them extremely intelligent, very focused and eager to be given responsibilities. You've just got to treat each one as an individual (as with non ADHD children) and gain their trust first. Many of her former students with AHDH still keep in touch with her.

We're still getting snow every day. Today was an especially stormy day. At this rate no one else is going to get their Christmas lights up.


Tazzygirl - Dec 11, 2007 9:18 pm (#1425 of 2988)

Congrats on the new house, Sheila! Hope everything goes according to plan and you all get to move in! That house is gorgeous!! (The pool is bigger than my aunt and uncle's pool...)

It took me 4 HOURS to get home from my placement today. On a drive that normally takes me at most 45 minutes, it took me 4 HOURS. Apparently, some guy decided to steal a truck, and ram it head on into a police car- about 5 minutes away from the elementary school I student teach at. My class went on a field trip today, and on our way back to school we actually saw the car surrounded by police cars and didn't think anything of it. After we passed, they decided to shut down that section of the highway to investigate further. When they shut down that section of the highway, they cut me off from my direct route home. The section they had blocked off was the gateway to the three main freeways that link both sides of the island. I had to go the opposite way, go up to the North Shore, and then down and around to get back into Honolulu. FOUR HOURS!!!!!! On an ISLAND!!!! I want to meet that guy who caused all those problems and give him a piece of my mind... GRRRR. (Incidently, because he caused intentional harm to a police officer, he is being charged with attempted murder.)

Sigh. Now that I got that off my chest, I am off to finally get my project done. (My mom said that she thinks the blocking of the highway was a punishment for me because I waited until the last minute to start the project.) Bad karma came around and got me.



Solitaire - Dec 11, 2007 9:57 pm (#1426 of 2988)

Safety charms--or perhaps they should be melting charms--to all who are caught in the DEEP FREEZE!! My kids have been complaining all day, because it is in the 40s. LOL Of course, the loudest complainers wore no jackets or came to school in SHORTS.

Vox, thanks ... and healing charms to your daughter!

Denise, green beans sound great. Do you use French cut, thicker beans, or does it matter? My niece is a big green bean fan, so perhaps they would be the perfect addition! I've seen some variations on how they are put together. Some suggest meat on the bottom, tots on the top. Others layer differently. Some suggest putting the meat in raw, but I prefer browning it first, so I can drain off any grease. There are many different Tater Tot Casserole recipes online, Puck. I'll let you know how mine comes out.

Madam Pince, what a brilliant idea to have Kabloink give graphic delivery details and "female ailments."

Kabloink, there is always the chance that you will be grounded by an ice storm. Don't fold yet. YOU and your baby need to be the first priority right now. This will be your last chance for a little self-pampering for a while. Stick by your guns. **rooting for you**



Vox Gerbilis - Dec 12, 2007 5:05 am (#1427 of 2988)

Thanks for the healing charms, and keep them coming! I'm home again today with my daughter. I'm very grateful to have a job where the only consequence of using a sick day is the reduction of my sick leave bank. It's just a cold, so it will run its course.

I'm still rooting for Kabloink to stay home with the kids. The thought of driving on some back road (yes, I know where Fenton is), in the dark, with a tiny tot screaming in the inaccessible car seat seriously unnerves me.


Madam Pince - Dec 12, 2007 6:01 am (#1428 of 2988)

Azi, you are a brave soul. Sitting your behind on a bicycle seat that you've just chipped ice off of sounds unnerving to me! Ooooo that's cold!

Soli, I also had this thought last night -- you truly are a "great aunt." Showing up with all that food? And planning to bring more later? Any new mom would be thrilled -- you are a gem! Great aunt, indeed!

Kabloink, so a new mom of merely a week or so is also expected to sleep on a sofa-bed??? Oh my. This just gets worser and worser... I feel for you.

LOL at John Bumbledore's rabbit trails!

Yay Sheila on the house! Woo-hoo! Congratulations!

***waves at Marie E.*** Where have you bean? (said in Molly-voice...)

Tazzy, sorry about the convoluted trip home. Mr. Pince had a similar experience last night. He works nights, so coming home along a deserted stretch of road at 1:00 am, he sees what appears to be a human body lying beside the road. He turned around to check and sure enough, it was. He called 911, and was going to get out and check on the guy, but the police told him absolutely don't -- stay in your car -- you could get hurt. (Which is a very good point that Pollyanna-me totally wouldn't have thought of -- I'd have probably been out there checking on him before calling 911, which would've been quite stupid.) Anyway, a policeman came directly and it turned out that the man was OK except just had been into Trelawney's sherry apparently. He was lucky he didn't wander out into the road in front of someone.

We have four strings of Christmas lights (FOUR!) that half the string lights, and the rest of the string doesn't. That makes no sense to me. All the bulbs are seated tightly. I thought they had this deal where if one bulb is burnt out, the others stay lit as long as the bulb is in place? I need Immo to explain the intricacies of electrical engineering to me... As it is, into the trash they go, despite them being only a year old. I remember when I was a kid, we had the same Christmas lights for 15 years probably, maybe longer. What's up with these new-fangled lights? ***goes off to soak my store-teeth muttering inaudibly...***


azi - Dec 12, 2007 6:35 am (#1429 of 2988)

Lol, Madam P! I had to do it again this morning. Shame about your lights!

Alas, Shelia, I couldn't get your link to work!

I'm on the uni computers and they're rubbish! So before I kill the keyboard for not typing, I'm going to wave to everyone (and tell them to keep warm!). **waves**


kaykay1970 - Dec 12, 2007 6:35 am (#1430 of 2988)

I think if you replace the burnt out light, the other ones behind it will light up also. At least that has always been the case for me.

I too can't believe someone would expect a new mother to sleep on a sofa bed. That is just outrageous! With most of my kids I was perfectly fine physically, although exhausted, just as soon as the baby was delivered. But with Little Guy we had some complications and I had severe lower back pain for two weeks! Even with a smooth delivery, a new Mom needs to be able to get as much sleep as possible!

Edit: Happy birthday Devin!!!


Denise P. - Dec 12, 2007 6:38 am (#1431 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Devin Dude!!

Twelve years ago, a sweet little blue eyed blonde joined our family. Now, he is not so little, not so blonde and sometimes not too sweet

Kabloink, more than likely, your doctor would be happy to tell your DH that you will not be able to travel with a newborn that far and that you need to rest. (that way it’s your doctor, not you, who says you can't go)

If you don't want to go, then don't. I know family makes it tricky but you know, you will have a brand new newborn. People should accommodate you, not the other way around.


Good Evans - Dec 12, 2007 7:11 am (#1432 of 2988)

happy birthday to Denise’s kidlet!

Kabloink, I think the family are being a tad unfair, any chance you can overrun with your pregnancy so that you can't travel (yes I know you don’t want to do that!!!)

Woo hoo on the house Sheila

Re: left and rights : I am right handed but I also wear my watch on my right wrist, I am the only person I know who does this!

Julie (snuffles) I hope there have been no other phone calls!!

Kathy, keep chipping away at the ice!!!!

cold and icy here in south of England - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

have a great day everyone **waves to Audrey, Maria and Lina as I haven't chatted to them for a while***


The giant squid - Dec 12, 2007 7:27 am (#1433 of 2988)

We were contacted to participate in a ADHD study. Had to fill out quite a lot of paper work...--John Bumbledore

That seems counterproductive, unless the paperwork was part of the study--if you can fill out all of the paperwork without going off on a million tangents, your ADHD isn't that bad.

Marie, I may have commented on the "overacting eyebrows", but someone else here on the Forum came up with the term. It's been a while, though, and alas I can't remember who to properly credit with the term...

I'm extremely right-handed. While I can type with my left and--somehow--play guitar a bit, my left hand is utterly useless for writing. I often find myself contorting into odd positions when working so I can hold the screwdriver in my right hand as well. My left is usually OK for holding things, though...

Happy Birthday to Devin!!



Allison R - Dec 12, 2007 8:14 am (#1434 of 2988)

Kabloink, if you choose to go I wish you much patience, comfort, and a bubble-head charm for the baby. May your time there pass quickly and the sofa bed be kind. I hope that you’ll choose to stay home and enjoy that baby in relative comfort, though. Never mind the actual stay, just the idea of sitting that long in the car to drive there makes me wince for you!

Tazzy, I’ve heard of ‘taking the scenic route’ but your ride home yesterday took that to the extreme! I’m sorry that you had such a huge detour! I’m thankful no officer was hurt in the collision and hope they have things back to normal for your usual route this morning.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Devon! Don’t you wish you could find their ‘pause’ button? I can’t find one on my kids anywhere, alas…

John Bumbledore, doing lots of paperwork does seem a bit oxymoron-ish to me. Hoping that it goes quickly for you and you can get on to the next (hopefully better suited for you) part!

Kelsey’s appointment yesterday went as expected, and we left with a referral for an EEG and to Neurology at the Children’s Hospital get started on the process. The referral-lady had left for the day by the time we were finished, so I have to call her today and set things up.


Holly T. - Dec 12, 2007 8:52 am (#1435 of 2988)

Happy birthday Devin!

Good Evans--I am so excited to know that there is someone else who is right-handed and wears their watch on their right wrist! Now the next time someone tells me I am wearing my watch wrong I can say other people do this too.

Sheila--that house looks great!

Healing charms to those who need them!

Tazzy--sorry about your long ride home! Madam Pince, yikes--at least it wasn't a dead body.

Warming charms to most everyone! No chipping ice here, though, as we think it is cold when it gets in the 40s, as it is today. We have been having strange weather. One day it is 70s-80s, then the next day 40s-50s, next day warm again, etc. with some drizzle, rain, and fog. Apparently there a warm front and a cold front are battling it out right above us. Today it is 40 degrees and rainy.

Kabloink, I'm with everyone else--don't go. You and your husband and Ian have all been sick, you don't want Alex to get sick when he is so little, and you will not feel up to socializing or sleeping on a sofa bed. And if you mentioned it to your doctor I am sure he would back you up. It sometimes is better to blame it on the doctor too.

Draco has a drum recital on Friday. All of the guitar, bass, and drum student will be performing. They're actually quite good. Oh, sometimes they have a voice student who gets up there and warbles a version of a Celine Dion song while the audience politely tries not to roll their eyes and offend the family of the voice student. They have the instructors play too, so when Draco is playing the drums the guitar and bass instructors will be playing with him. He is playing "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi and has been practicing so much I keep having flashbacks to my freshman year in college when I lived in the dorm. Someone on the hall was always playing either Bon Jovi or Amy Grant all the time.

Have a great day everyone!


kaykay1970 - Dec 12, 2007 8:59 am (#1436 of 2988)

I wear my watch on my right hand too. My left isn't so utterly useless that I can't fasten a watch strap with it.

Best wishes to Kelsey! ***hugs((Allison))***

We're having about the same weather here, Holly. Yesterday's high was 75 degrees and sunny. Today's high is expected at 61. At the moment the skies are very gray and gloomy looking and it's been raining a bit on and off. Last week we actually dipped below freezing a couple nights, then it suddenly warmed up. Weird!

Good luck to Draco! Have fun!


painting sheila - Dec 12, 2007 9:13 am (#1437 of 2988)

Happy Birthday Devon!!Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


Tazzygirl - Dec 12, 2007 9:18 am (#1438 of 2988)

Wow, Madam P! Glad Mr. P didn't get out of the car, and super glad it wasn't a dead body. Some people!

Allison- ...hope they have things back to normal for your usual route this morning.

Hehe- thanks! But I am not going to the school today. I'm spending the entire day at home, completing my project and turning it in at 4 pm.

Happy Birthday Devin! Have a fantastic day!

It's currently 74 degrees (F) and I'm wearing flannel pjs, socks, and a sweater.

Have a great day everyone!



Allison R - Dec 12, 2007 10:15 am (#1439 of 2988)

The weather here has been really cold—the expected high yesterday was 30 degrees. It just seems wrong to me to say “expected high temperature” and “30 degrees” in the same sentence LOL The expected high today is all the way up to 31. I am considering sunbathing this afternoon to even out my tan **rolling eyes**

Holly, I think it’s great that Draco has a chance to perform! **casting Muffliato charms your way so you don’t have to listen to all the practicing** Will you videotape the performance?

Madame P, how lucky for that man that Mr. P spotted him by the side of the road so that he could be ushered out of traffic! Like you, it would not have occurred to me to stay in the car and not get out and check the man before calling for help.

Tazzy, enjoy your day at home!

Today is my first day at home without school/finals to deal with, so I am feeling blessed to be able to consider what to do with my day instead of having it all scripted out for me by necessity. I’m going to do some laundry, throw some bread in the bread maker and stalk the surgery scheduler for Kelsey’s upcoming eye surgery and the referral-lady for the EEG. This afternoon Kelsey has two therapy appointments and I have a meeting with her case-coordinator for a local agency, all in a three-hour period. Looking at that I am even more thankful for my relaxed morning!


kabloink! - Dec 12, 2007 10:41 am (#1440 of 2988)

Happy Birthday to Devin!

I think we're going go (we really can't afford the groceries for a holiday meal, but I have everything I need for a pecan and a pumpkin pie, so I will make those and take them with me. This is all assuming, of course, that Alex is healthy. Unfortunately the blaming it on the doctor won't work. SIL has the same doc and is pregnant herself at the moment. She knows that unless I request him to say those things, he wouldn't. He'll simply tell me to take it easy, but he wouldn't bar me from traveling (esp not that short of a trip on the holidays) unless something goes very wrong.

Okay, I'm off-we're going to empty the car, install the infant seat and survey what presents we have and what we still have to get.


Puck - Dec 12, 2007 10:52 am (#1441 of 2988)

Okay, it's up over 40 degrees! I'm thrilled, as the last of the ice is melting. We're dressed as warmly as Tazzy.

Christmas cards managed to get into the mailbox this morning.

Happy Birthday, Devin!

Hoping to catch up on some stuff in here, now as the ice is off the drive and I don't have to spend all of Toddler's nap out there. However, between two days of shoveling and a two classes at the gym this morning, I'm a bit sore and tired, and would much rather nap along with her.



kaykay1970 - Dec 12, 2007 11:55 am (#1442 of 2988)

For those of you that are Twilight fans. I just read that the role of Edward in the movie will be played by Robert Pattinson a.k.a. Cedric Diggory! He seems so perfect for the role! WooHoo! He's definitely charming enough to "dazzle" people. He is supposed to have black hair(or did I just picture him that way?) but that's what dye is for... On second thought, if they were going to cast a HP character for this role, Oliver Wood would have been a good choice too. Oh well, his accent (as much as I love it) probably wouldn't really have fit the character anyway.


Catherine - Dec 12, 2007 12:35 pm (#1443 of 2988)

My students are so awesome. I got a Hedwig snowglobe (it plays Hedwig's theme) for my birthday. One of the parents brought in treats, so we had a real celebration. I feel very appreciated.

Mr. Catherine knows that I better have the OOP DVD when I get home today!

Happy birthday to Devin!


John Bumbledore - Dec 12, 2007 12:55 pm (#1444 of 2988)

Catherine said, "Mr. Catherine knows that I better have the OOP DVD when I get home today!"

On the other hand, I wasn't thinking when My mom called about christmas gifts for the children and I stupidly suggested HP:OotP DVD.

What was I thinking! I could have been watching it before Christmas but now, if she sends it to the children we will have to wait until then to find out. What if she doesn't get the wide-screen delux edition.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Choices - Dec 12, 2007 2:16 pm (#1445 of 2988)

KayKay, thanks so much for the news about Twilight. I had no idea they were making a movie out of it. I really enjoyed those books and when I finished reading them, I found myself missing Bella and (especially) Edward and the other Cullens, and wanting to know more - what has happened since book three ended? I'm not sure that the guy who played Cedric is exactly the way I pictured Edward, but will reserve my opinion until I see him in action. Is it being made in England or America?


Puck - Dec 12, 2007 2:43 pm (#1446 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Catherine!

John, well, I have to wait as well, but at least I know Mr. Puck will get the wide-screen delux edition. (I have gotten him such for the pirate movie.)



kaykay1970 - Dec 12, 2007 2:48 pm (#1447 of 2988)

You’re welcome! And don't worry there is more Edward and Bella to come! There is one more book in the works to end the series. There will be another book that basically covers events from the Twilight book except it will be from Edward's perspective. Summit Entertainment is making the movie. Production is supposed to start in Feb. I'm not exactly sure where they decided to film it. They looked at several locations including the real Forks, Washington. You could check StephenieMeyer.com for more details. They are giving the site a bit of a face-lift so I've had some trouble getting it to load today.

Happy birthday Catherine!


Holly T. - Dec 12, 2007 2:59 pm (#1448 of 2988)

Happy birthday Catherine!

We had our staff holiday lunch today and have been zombies all afternoon.

I have had to assure Draco that I can hear him just fine downstairs and that there is no need for me to come upstairs to listen to him practice his drumming. Our poor kitty runs for the garage when the drumming starts.

Speaking of cats, it is so nice to have Christmas without the late, departed, not missed at all fluffy cat. The tree skirts are staying under the trees. The trees have not been climbed. Ornaments have not been taken off the trees and ripped to shreds. The wreath on the half wall upstairs has stayed together without pieces being picked out one by one and strewn about the house. Orange kitty likes to lay under the trees but he hasn't been destroying things.

Oh--I was teasing my daughter the other day. She was setting up our big nativity scene and unwrapping all of the pieces when I saw her put a piece of tissue paper down in the pile with the other wrapping to put back in the box until next year that looked like it still had something in it. I asked her to check and, even though she was sure it was just paper she checked. It was the Baby Jesus piece. I told her she was in dire need of repentance for almost discarding the Baby Jesus.


Allison R - Dec 12, 2007 3:53 pm (#1449 of 2988)

Happy birthday, Catherine!! I'm glad your students helped to make it special for you. What a thoughtful gift!


Maré - Dec 12, 2007 5:04 pm (#1450 of 2988)

Happy birthday Catherine, that sounds like an awesome snowglobe!

And happy birthday to Devin too.
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Marie E. - Dec 12, 2007 5:42 pm (#1451 of 2988)

Happy Birthday, Catherine and Devin!!

It's still very cold here, but it did manage to make it up to 35F today. We're supposed to get more snow on Friday, but we'll see. The forecasters like to predict massive blizzards even for the tiniest storms.

I belong to another online book discussion thingy and every year we do an ornament exchange. We're supposed to find ornaments that relate somehow to the books and we're supposed to mail them by December 10th this year. Supposed to mail them by December 10th. I'm sorry, but I'm just way to distracted to remember silly things like deadlines (see Mare's avatar above, that's me!). I have actually purchased the ornament, which is better than some years.


Choices - Dec 12, 2007 5:50 pm (#1452 of 2988)

Oh KayKay, I am so excited - a movie and a book. I was so disappointed when Eclipse ended and I didn't know what was to become of Bella and Edward. I am so glad to know that she is going to write another book to wrap up the loose ends. Your information has made my day! :-)

Happy Birthday wishes to all the boys and girls who are celebrating. Hope your special day is just super wonderful. {{{hugs}}}


Solitaire - Dec 12, 2007 7:04 pm (#1453 of 2988)

you will have a brand new newborn. People should accommodate you, not the other way around.

Once again, I must agree! I think that, if you tell your doc, he/she will give you a good excuse to stay home. Just as kids sometimes need their parents to forbid them to do something they really don't want to do anyway, you need your doc to tell you to stay home. Ask him to put it in writing!

Okay, I just read that you and SIL share a doctor ... yet another reason for NOT going to the same doc as family members. I still think you're pushing it. Maybe there will be a blizzard or ice storm, and you will be forced to stay home.

Happy Birthday, Catherine and Devin!



journeymom - Dec 12, 2007 7:47 pm (#1454 of 2988)




Tazzygirl - Dec 12, 2007 8:36 pm (#1455 of 2988)

I turned my project in, with 45 minutes to spare. I officially wash my hands of this semester.

Happy Birthday Catherine! Hope you got your DVD!

I bought the Pirates DVD last week. I went out and bought HP today- and plan on celebrating no more projects by watching it. LOL



Puck - Dec 12, 2007 8:55 pm (#1456 of 2988)

Yea Kristina!

I did grocery shopping alone this evening. I wasn't home until almost ten, but it was peaceful. I had to go, as a storm is hitting tomorrow afternoon, and Son spiked a fever and will be home from school, so I can't go in the morning. Took off tonight while hubby was here with kids.

Perhaps I will have an excuse to cancel my dance class tomorrow if it snows enough.


painting sheila - Dec 12, 2007 9:21 pm (#1457 of 2988)

Happy Happy Birthday Catherine dear! Happy days will come to you all year! If I had one wish then it would be a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I just heard on the news that we (our city) has 96 days of water left. They are going to enforce stricter water restrictions. It has been a violation to wash your car at home for a number of months now and they just said on the news that people are sneaking and washing their cars inside their garages!! Can you believe it? Jeez! Some people.

I have a free day tomorrow!! Woohoo!! I have things I need to do but nothing on the calendar. I am so excited!

I am in charge of decorations for our ward (church congregations) Christmas Party. I thought I would do Winter Wonderland since it is in the 80's here. I am going to go t rasping about tomorrow looking for small branches and twigs to paint silver. I got the idea from a friend to put them in vases with rock salt in the bottom. It looks like ice! I am using white, silver, and the cold blue color as accents. Should be fun (I think)

Not much else going on here. Everyone is in bed and I am doing laundry. . . . forever doing laundry@!


Puck - Dec 12, 2007 10:17 pm (#1458 of 2988)

Ahh, that's why we're having a hard time getting rock salt around here- it's all down south with the people who have warm weather.


jose043 - Dec 12, 2007 10:52 pm (#1459 of 2988)

Hi All

Happy Birthday to Catherine & Devin hope you both have had a wonderful day & got all the presents that you asked for. Catherine that was nice of your students & parents do not see that happening to often.

Weather here is been hot 32 to 34 Celsius then dropping down to mid 20 Celsius supposed to be summer though I do like it when it is not to hot as long as it is cool for Christmas Day we have the family here at dinner time around 12:30pm baked turkey & vegies no matter how hot plumb pudding & hard sauce.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Tazzygirl - Dec 12, 2007 10:54 pm (#1460 of 2988)

Sending lots and lots of Rain charms to you Sheila, and to anyone else who needs them. (Wish I could have sent all that rain we got last week....)

Back to watching OotP!



Puck - Dec 13, 2007 6:15 am (#1461 of 2988)

We're expecting about 9 inches of snow this afternoon. Son is home sick, and I expect Diva will be sent home early. I'm making cornbread and my favorite tomato-lentil soup tonight. Perfect on a snowy evening. I hope to spend the day getting some baking and wrapping done.



Denise P. - Dec 13, 2007 6:39 am (#1462 of 2988)

I love Amazon.com! Three items I have gotten in the last month have all dropped in price so I called and got a refund of the difference. It is not a significant amount but those few dollars add up.

Temperatures are dropping out there. We have a storm system coming through and it is iffy if we are going to get freezing rain or snow.


The giant squid - Dec 13, 2007 7:18 am (#1463 of 2988)

I could have been watching it before Christmas but now, if she sends it to the children we will have to wait until then to find out. What if she doesn't get the wide-screen delux edition.--John Bumbledore

Here's what you do: go out now & pick up the widescreen Deluxe Edition & set it aside. If your mom sends the deluxe version, take yours back; if she doesn't either return hers or keep 'em both. 'Tis The Season for returning stuff you didn't want.



Puck - Dec 13, 2007 7:41 am (#1464 of 2988)

Hmmm, I bought something at Target that's $20 less on Amazon. Do you think Target will give me the difference. (I've debated returning it and getting it on-line instead -shipping is free- but not sure I want to chance it in the mail.)

My boss called and said she is cancelling my classes for this afternoon! wOOt! I have the whole day to stay home!


Snuffles - Dec 13, 2007 8:18 am (#1465 of 2988)

Happy birthday Devin

Happy birthday Catherine

Hope you both had a wonderful day.

Hope you have a good stay at home day Kathy.

Well done Kristina on finishing your classes

Olivia has her nativity tomorrow afternoon. Better go out and stock up on some tissues

Have a lovely Thursday everyone



journeymom - Dec 13, 2007 8:43 am (#1466 of 2988)

Puck's post reminds me: Merriam Webster, the dictionary people said its word for the year 2007 is w00t. Means 'we own the other team'. Now I know!

afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5ileUw1tWfWTY4wpRO8Ak67PixHfQ (Add the http://)

That's something I've become aware of in the past two years. I usually say woo hoo!


One of the words in the top ten is blamestorm. "A blamestorm is a verb described as a group discussion of why a deadline was missed or a project botched and whose fault it was."

Mr Journeymom will love that.


painting sheila - Dec 13, 2007 8:44 am (#1467 of 2988)

Thanks for the rain wishes. We are supposed to get some rain today, but since I ran outside and put away all our packing boxes and other things left in the yard that I don't want to get wet - I am sure it will pass us by.

I am off to wrap presents and see what I have for everyone. Am I the only one who forgets what they've bought?



Chemyst - Dec 13, 2007 8:44 am (#1468 of 2988)

Geminid meteor shower the next couple nights ~
from Yahoo news: The Geminids perform excellently in any year, but British meteor astronomer, Alastair McBeath, has categorized 2007 as a "great year." According to McBeath, the Geminids are predicted to reach peak activity on Dec. 14 at 16:45 GMT. That means those places from central Asia eastwards across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska are in the best position to catch the very crest of the shower, when the rates conceivably could exceed 120 per hour. "But," he adds, "maximum rates persist at only marginally reduced levels for some 6 to 10 hours around the biggest ones, so other places (such as North America) should enjoy some fine Geminid activity as well .   by Joe Rao; SPACE.com Skywatching Columnist

Unfortunately the blaming it on the doctor won't work. SIL has the same doc and is pregnant herself at the moment. ~ kabloink

M'dear, if I read that in a fantasy novel about a magical world where strange things happen all the time, I would still call it a plot hole. OK, I'll get off your case now. I know you are doing your best; I just wish your hubby would stand up to his family a bit more. It is really his place to tell them he loves them but his wife and sons must come first.

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Silver and ice blue branches in vases with rock salt snow in the bottom sounds so creative, She. And if you do get a storm, you can use them to clear the parking lot too!

Should I send 'break a leg' charms to Olivia or just wish her good luck? How did the piggy costume turn out?


Tazzygirl - Dec 13, 2007 8:59 am (#1469 of 2988)

Good morning everyone!

Do any of you have a really cool Christmas/Winter activity (game or craft) that is geared towards 5th grade/ 10 year olds? My class is having their class party next week, and my mentor teacher would like another activity for the kids to do. So far we have a Christmas tree craft. Something quick and easy, and without the use of a glue gun. (I had the idea of making raindeer candycane, but the only way to make the eyes and nose stay on the candy cane is to use the glue gun. So that isn't going to work...)




Denise P. - Dec 13, 2007 9:01 am (#1470 of 2988)

Sheila, I often forget what I have gotten. I have heard there is a place online where you can track gifts for 2008, I plan to open a spreadsheet in Excel that will list what I bought, who it is for and most importantly - where I put it! I may also list price. I think this will cut down on duplicates, which I usually have (at least my taste in things is consistent). I already do this with my Hallmark Christmas ornaments so it should not be hard to set up. I love Excel.

Grandpa Denise is gone! He left this morning. While stressful, he has calmed down a bit with age. I hope that we can make it out to the family reunion in Utah, then he won't feel compelled to come here. On a positive note, I did see my Uncle, who lives 2 miles from me. Our schedules just don't ever match up so while we know the other is just about walking distance, we have not seen one another in almost a year.

Happy Birthday to Catherine!

Candy Canes are easy to make. Pipe cleaners, red/white beads or red/clear beads. You can use pony beads, triangle beads or snowflake beads. My tigers made these to take to an assisted living home. We used a mix of triangle beads and snowflake beads. One big clear snowflake, red triangle, clear triangle, red triangle, clear snowflake and repeated. You can do green/white, white/blue...all kinds. We also did lollipop ornaments. We used red and white pipecleaners, twist them together like a candy cane and then spiral it like a snail shell. Another length of pipecleaner was our stick and we added a red ribbon and a hook. Simple but no glue gun involved. Tacky glue works fairly quick and dries faster than Elmers. Clothespin reindeer...you have to get the old kind of clothespins at a craft place...paint/color brown, add googly eyes and a red nose. The pin part is the antlers. You could also google Easy Christmas Crafts for ideas


azi - Dec 13, 2007 9:11 am (#1471 of 2988)

Woo, end of term!

Ack, Shelia - that isn't much water!

Congrats Denise on surviving! I rarely see my uncle 2 miles away either. Tends to be a yearly thing.

The book that was auctioned off for JKR's charity went for £2m (around US$4.07m)! That's a lot of money.

Lovely days to all.


Denise P. - Dec 13, 2007 9:16 am (#1472 of 2988)

Darn, my proxy bid was a mere $3 million, no wonder I was outbid


Puck - Dec 13, 2007 9:24 am (#1473 of 2988)

Pretty sure hubby didn't buy that book for me, then.

One spring day some years ago -when I was living with Mom- I walked into the garage and found a plastic shopping bag with clothes in my size. I walked next door to thank my grandmother, assuming she had found them on sale and left them for me. They weren't from her. I asked my Mom, who had no idea where they had come from. It was a mystery until some hours later, when Mom's memory was jogged. She had bought the items the fall before to give me for Christmas, but forgot about them. The cat must have knocked the bag off the cabinet it was hiding on top of, thus leaving it for me to find.

Target does not price match. I went ahead and ordered a second one on Amazon, and will make a return to Target once the other arrives. Until, I will have two i pods on the charge card, which is not the best thing, but hopefully can be remedied quickly.



Snuffles - Dec 13, 2007 9:26 am (#1474 of 2988)

Chemyst - Olivia had a pink sleepsuit already which had a small picture of Minnie mouse on the front. I picked up some pink felt and sewed that on top. I also cheated , and I managed to find a sort of piggy mask. It is a headband which has ears on the top and a band that comes out of the middle and onto her nose, and on the end it has a piggy snout which snorts if pressed Apparently the teacher will let her press it in the play to raise a giggle in the audience!

Kristina, I went to an xmas craft day for my nephew. I had to help him sew an xmas stocking together and make a calendar for next year which showed the 4 seasons on the top. In fact, the boys enjoyed the sewing a lot more than the girls and theirs was neater too

Olivia has also been making Santa and Rudolph masks. She also made a chocolate log. I think that turned out ok, but as most of it was round her mouth or on her jumper, I cannot comment!



kaykay1970 - Dec 13, 2007 10:03 am (#1475 of 2988)

Last year my 5th grader made Christmas wreaths using cds, bits of crepe paper, ribbon and beads. They were really cute. The cds were of the "try AOL free for a month" type that people are constantly receiving in the mail. It may be too late to collect enough of those though. Her teachers had requested in advance that the parents send them to school.


journeymom - Dec 13, 2007 10:51 am (#1476 of 2988)

I just heard a sample of Johnny Depp singing a ballad from Sweeny Todd. He's better than I expected. He still can't sustain those long notes really well, but he's respectable.

I'm curious to know how well Alan Rickman can sing. Yes, he has that fabulous voice. But I don't hold out hope for his singing voice. *ducks rotten tomatoes*

If it weren't for the rumored buckets of blood (well, the story is about a murderer) I'd see it at the movies. I might have to wait till it's on dvd.


Puck - Dec 13, 2007 10:55 am (#1477 of 2988)

Diva coming home 1 1/2 hours early. Mr. Puck said he'll leave work after he eats lunch. Momma bird will feel better once everyone is safely back in the nest on this snowy day.

Good luck with the Olivia's play. Our Nativity will be interesting. The first rehearsal was assigning parts. The second was cancelled due to illness of the director. The third is set for Sunday, which is supposed to be a mess of sleet, snow, and wind. I'm guessing the dress rehearsal next weekend will be the only real practice the kiddos get. At least it's narrated, by our priest, so the kids don't have to worry about learning any speaking parts.


edit: journeymom, I heard the "blood" is rather theatrical and not super-realistic. (Not the right color for 'real" blood.) Mike, have you had a peek?


Holly T. - Dec 13, 2007 11:25 am (#1478 of 2988)

I had a meeting in my boss's office at 10:30. Got back to my office at noon to find a series of voice mails from the school nurse and my husband. Draco was running a 102 fever at school and dh left his work's holiday party to go get Draco and take him to the doctor, where they determined he has strep. Mind you, Draco shared a hot chocolate with me yesterday. So I may have strep for Christmas. I have another meeting this afternoon with my boss and our executive director but I told dh I'd come home after that and stay home with Draco tomorrow. Doctor says Draco is contagious and should not go to his drum recital tomorrow even if he feels like it.

Good luck to everyone with Christmas plays! Fingers crossed that the antibiotics kick in because Draco is supposed to have dress rehearsal Saturday morning at church and perform Sunday night.

WTG with finishing your project Tazzy!

I could use some anti-strep charms for the rest of my family and healing charms for Draco.


Allison R - Dec 13, 2007 12:25 pm (#1479 of 2988)

I was finally able to order the last present online today. The site said that all orders placed by the 13th would arrive by Christmas, so I’m going to have to hold them to their word because we just couldn’t manage it before this. Hopefully their post-owls more resemble Hedwig than Erroll!

Puck, sending good health charms to your house! Seems to be the season for colds, flu’s and snuffles along with all the fun stuff. Was it here that I was reading about AirBorne? We picked some up several weeks ago and I think it’s’ really been making a difference at my house. I was the only one taking it consistently, but everyone else got a nasty cold and was quite miserable while I was only mildly affected and able to carry on without too much difficulty. DaHubby came down with a really bad sore throat a couple of days ago and is now taking it very enthusiastically, with good results. He is still snuffly but not feverish or so miserable he can’t go to work and do what needs to be done.

Journeymom, I had heard and seen “woot” before, but never knew it actually stood for something. Thank you!! I find the etymology of words fascinating.

Holly, sending you anti-strep charms along with a bubble-head charm for Draco so he does not share unnecessarily. Until he’s been on the antibiotic 24 hours he will be quite generous with his germs, so unfortunately I agree that he should probably stay home from his drum recital. Strep usually does respond really well to antibiotics though, so the good news is that after 24 hours he should feel markedly better and once again be fit to unleash upon the unsuspecting world = )

Telephone-tango and stalking do pay off! Kelsey’s EEG is scheduled for a week from today and she’ll be seen in the seizure clinic the following day. Her eye surgery is set for January 3rd and she’ll be first case, which means she won’t have to be hungry for very long after she wakes up. I’m pleased to have it all mapped out.


journeymom - Dec 13, 2007 1:08 pm (#1480 of 2988)

I could use some anti-strep charms for the rest of my family and healing charms for Draco.

Copious healing charms for Draco and anti-strep charms for Holly and Family!


Madam Pince - Dec 13, 2007 1:22 pm (#1481 of 2988)

All good wishes to the Holly T. family that nobody else gets sick and that the sick ones get well soon!

Same good wishes to Allison that all the tests and such go well.

One of the words in the top ten is blamestorm. "A blamestorm is a verb described as a group discussion of why a deadline was missed or a project botched and whose fault it was." Hmmmmm... sounds like Little Pince's kindergarten class. If I hear "Well, HE did it first!" one more time, I am going to go batty. We had another "incident" at school today, involving at least two other boys, scissors, and some coats. Fortunately no expensive permanent damage to any coats except Little P's own, which I can probably sew without too much trouble even with my limited skills. Anyway, as a result, he is doing lines tonight instead of going to the school Winter Wonderland party. He is going to be bumming very hard. Too bad, so sad -- Mama Claus and Daddy Claus are very angry...

$4 million????!!! Really??? Wow. I am speechless. That is something.


Elanor - Dec 13, 2007 2:00 pm (#1482 of 2988)

Madam Pince: "If I hear "Well, HE did it first!" one more time, I am going to go batty."

LOL! You know, I could say just the same! (or a crying smiley, you choose, lol!). Very often it starts with a "It wasn't me", followed by a: "But he did it first!"...

Is there something comforting in thinking that the same phenomenom happens in playgrounds worldwide? Maybe... I still can't believe "they" insist in calling that **breaks** though. I tell you, watching a playground full of 6/7 year olds is NOT a break.

Happy (belated) birthday wishes to Catherine and Devin!

Healing Charms to all needing some too!

BTW, meant to post this for ages: Sheila, I've loved the pictures of your future house, especially the bathroom pic. I would love to have one like this.

Have a great day/night all!

Audrey **waving to all and special waves to julie GE**


Madam Pince - Dec 13, 2007 3:01 pm (#1483 of 2988)

LOL, Elanor! When we were speaking with his teacher today about the "incident", I swear I thought the poor woman was going to have a breakdown with either hysterical crying or simply unintelligible gibbering. She was just about beside herself. I think it had been a very long day and this was just the crowning glory. Poor lady. She is getting a very nice gift certificate from us this year!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 13, 2007 5:01 pm (#1484 of 2988)

Happy belated birthday wishes to Catherine and Devin!

Anti-strep charms to Holly and Journeymom, and anyone else who needs them.

I have been gone for three days for the arrival of my 10th grandchild. Kirra Marie was born Dec. 10th. 6 lbs 8 ozs. She was due Dec 29th. C-section scheduled for the 19th so mom could be home for Christmas...so much for schedules. She's beautiful (aren't they all?), with a head full of black hair.

Grandma is working 12 hour days in the electronics dept at Walmart, so you know what my life is like. Happy Holidays to all!

...toddles off muttering to self, where did I leave my mind, or where did it leave me?...


journeymom - Dec 13, 2007 5:41 pm (#1485 of 2988)

Anti-strep charms to Holly and Journeymom, and anyone else who needs them.

Oh, no! I'm sorry, I forgot to put quote around Holly's request for healing charms. We're, fortunately, strep-free here. Mr Journeymom has some sort of hacking cough thing going on, though. Could we have some healing charms for Mr Journeymom? Lol! He needs to get better before his choir's Christmas concert tomorrow.

Congratulations, TBE! And welcome to Kierra Marie! What a lovely name.


Choices - Dec 13, 2007 6:43 pm (#1486 of 2988)

Oh wow, Happy Birthday to Catherine (what a beautiful name, one of my favorites BTW. If my last grandchild had been a girl, she was to be Emily Catherine), healing and anti-strep charms to all who need them and congratulations on your 10th grandchild TBE.

Tomorrow is Friday - have a great day and a wonderful weekend to follow. Love and (((hugs))) to all! :-)


painting sheila - Dec 13, 2007 7:30 pm (#1487 of 2988)

Way to go TBE!! Give the new baby a good sniff and hug for me. I love the way new babies smell!

Hmmmmm... a craft for 5th graders? How about a nice lapel pin? You take a large safety pin and open out the twist at the bottom. Select the nice beads and a charm for the middle. Thread them all on, close the twist again and you have a beautiful lapel pin!! The charms they have now are all very nice - at Walmart even! You could get snowflakes and do the beads in light blue and clear, or do traditional colors of red and green.

I have a link to the Danish Stars I have been making. With a little help I think they could do them. Here is the link - highhopes.com/3dstar.html - with the appropriate http and slashes and stuff in front. It looks harder that it is. Maybe a few could work on stars with an adults help and others could make the pins and then rotate.

Of course you could make the trivets out of bottled drink rings and yarn. .. I will stop now. (sorry!)

OH!! I forgot to say ~~~~~~anti strep charms coming your way ~~~~~~~


Puck - Dec 13, 2007 8:07 pm (#1488 of 2988)

Congrats to TBE! What wonderful news.

Poor Draco! Won't the antibiotics have been in his system 24 hours by tomorrow night? Healing charms around!

Son will be staying home again in the morning. He seems better, but still has a low-grade temperature, so I'd like him to rest another day. Can't have him sick for Christmas.

Hubby just came in from snowblowing the drive. The storm left us with about a foot of the white stuff.

Time for bed. I'm trying to fight off the germs my children so enjoy sharing with me. Tomorrow I need to wrap and mail packages plus make the gingerbread for the houses.



Allison R - Dec 13, 2007 9:04 pm (#1489 of 2988)

Congrats on your new grandchild, TBE! What a wonderful early Christmas present. Glad that mom and baby are doing well.


Madam Pince - Dec 13, 2007 9:53 pm (#1490 of 2988)

Congratulations to TBE and family on the new arrival!

Now we know why Denise was sucking up to Amazon.com earlier today -- they're the ones that bought "Tales of Beedle the Bard"! (Seriously, though, could you e-mail me the phone number you used to call about the price-drop thing? I may try that with my Calvin and Hobbes book...)

Tazzy, we did the candy-cane reindeer at our Winter Wonderland party tonight. (It was my idea for an inexpensive craft ***buffs nails and tries to look modest***) Anyway, you don't need a glue gun. Just use those glue dots you can order from Oriental Trading company. They're little discs/dots on a sheet that are sort of like the goopy stuff you get things attached to your magazines sometimes. They've been lifesavers for us doing crafts with little ones and not wanting to bother with glue...

I forgot earlier to send belated birthday wishes to Catherine, Devin, and... ummmm... there was another, wasn't there? Besides Charlie Weasley? Anyway Happy Birthday!

***Melting Charms*** to those in the midwestern and northeastern parts of the U.S. -- sorry about the snow and ice! We're just having cold dreary rain here...


PeskyPixie - Dec 13, 2007 10:29 pm (#1491 of 2988)

Congratulations, TBE. Baby wanted to be here for Christmas! How wonderful.

Happy Birthday, to all who celebrated birthdays this week. Happy Birthday to Phelim as well, with a replenishing charm to last until Christmas!

We've gotten more snow today and will most probably be hit with a blizzard this weekend. Wow, we haven't experienced a true 'Canadian winter' like this in a while.


journeymom - Dec 13, 2007 10:39 pm (#1492 of 2988)

These are the kids that never sleep, they get up and make me weep. I told them both to go to bed and then they got back up. I put them back into their beds but they got up because these are the kids that never sleep, they get up and make me weep...


Solitaire - Dec 13, 2007 11:31 pm (#1493 of 2988)

Well, for better or worse, the Oral Language Festival is over ... the big regional one, that is. It was tonight and I was the festival coordinator. All I can say is that, considering it was the smallest festival in the 14 years I've been handling it, there were more snafus than ever before. Our regional rep is going to have some angry phone calls tomorrow morning from parents who are angry that their children did not win. **sigh**

After this long day of running around, I expected my left ankle to be as big around as a cantaloupe and my knees to be stiff ... but I didn't realize that being on my feet for approximately 19 hours straight would cause cramps in the gluteal muscles, too. I've got big knots back there. I wish I had one of those massaging chair seats. It would feel wonderful about now. I am off to see if I can scare up a muscle relaxer. BTW, does anyone know a special stretch or something that would help?

watching a playground full of 6/7 year olds is NOT a break.
As bad as they are, Audrey, watching a playground full of 11-14-year-olds brings its own pains. Just because they are older doesn't mean they behave any better. We now have to watch for unacceptable PDA, smuggling booze in Gatorade bottles, smoking on the perimeters of the property (I have begun to take my dad's old hunting binoculars out to yard duty) ... They just "trade up" for different irritating behaviors! Hang in there ... tomorrow's Friday! While we're on the subject, why can't administrators do yard duty? I think it would be good for them to know the kids better ... and what better way than running after them for 15-30 minutes?

Congratulations to you and your family, Twinkles! Aren't babies fun Christmas presents?

Healing Charms to all who need them ... including myself! The cold has returned in the form of bronchitis. This has been a weird month. I can't wait for next Friday. (Sorry for the whine ... it's been a horrible day/week/month.)



PeskyPixie - Dec 13, 2007 11:59 pm (#1494 of 2988)

We now have to watch for unacceptable PDA ...

That just gave me a mental image of Snape blasting apart the rose bushes while chaperoning at the Yule Ball! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

My mom is impatient for next Friday to arrive as well.


Potteraholic - Dec 14, 2007 5:01 am (#1495 of 2988)

It sounds like you really need this smiley, Solitaire:

And for all those who are currently suffering ( ) !

FYI, for those lucky owners of the OotP DVD, on the Dec.14th issue of 'Entertainment Weekly', there's a blurb on the front cover. It reads: Harry Potter On DVD - The Scoop on 'Order of the Phoenix' Bonus Features. It might help those who haven't already found any hidden goodies on their own!


kaykay1970 - Dec 14, 2007 6:37 am (#1496 of 2988)

Congratulations TBE!

Healing charms to all!

The Christmas concert was a blast! Each group played much better as a unit this year. The jazz band was amazing! After the elementary school finished their songs they were allowed to rejoin the parents. My 10 year old flute player comes back all excited, "Could you hear me?" Um, there were 41 kids on stage and nearly the whole first roll played flute. "Of course I could hear you, Sweetie!"

My college girl made it home last night! WooHoo! She passed out her Christmas gifts to everyone. She was too impatient to wait until Christmas. I have no idea where she gets that from. She had the opportunity to hear Frank Beddor speak at her campus. She bought me a copy of his "The Looking Glass Wars". Looks pretty interesting. Has anyone here read it?


Denise P. - Dec 14, 2007 6:56 am (#1497 of 2988)

I have read Looking Glass Wars, I need to get Seeing Redd to read still.


Puck - Dec 14, 2007 7:44 am (#1498 of 2988)

Healing charms to Solitaire! I hesitate to suggest stretches because a) it's hard to describe them without showing you b) I've not met you in person and am not sure what your body like, or what could cause injury. Hope you feel better soon.

Wasn't feeling the greatest last night, so I skipped wrapping. Now I need to get the packages ready for mail and over to the post office this morning.

Kaykay, w00t for have a great concert, and w00tw00t for daughter being home.

Time to get going.


Solitaire - Dec 14, 2007 8:01 am (#1499 of 2988)

Thanks, Potteraholic ... I'm feeling a little better this morning, but the smiley is making me smile. Actually, they all are. Puck, I did a few stretches that I know and used a heat pad on the worst knots last night, so I'm feeling better. I will be taking a Tylenol in a few minutes, and that should help even more. I'm also going to try and sit a bit more today.

I hope everyone has a great Friday! Just one more week, fellow teachers ... maybe even less for some of you!



painting sheila - Dec 14, 2007 8:18 am (#1500 of 2988)

A good hot soak in a tub might help Soli? Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org and so would ice cream. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

The tables and chairs for the church Christmas party did not get set up last night by the Young Men. (Sigh) I have to put 28 tables (long tables) and 200 chairs by myself today. Everyone is either at work or has a million errands to run. I think I will be in a hot tub soaking after this!!
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Denise P. - Dec 14, 2007 8:32 am (#1501 of 2988)

Shame on them Sheila! I would come help if I was closer.

I had a good, long talk with our Troop Committee chair. I expressed my many concerns I have regarding the troop and its lack of direction, focus and support. He said many of the parents have expressed the same concerns and they are working to get things back on track. I have 2 boys that are complete with their Star rank except for serving 4 months in a position of responsibility. NONE of the Scouts have one and since almost every rank requires this, no one is able to advance. It is very frustrating. I am hoping that this CC can get things turned around and in the right direction again.


Puck - Dec 14, 2007 9:13 am (#1502 of 2988)

Sheila, you play OotP on the Wii. Just use your "wingardium leviosa" to move the furniture into place. (Seriously, it's aweful that they left it all to you.)


Holly T. - Dec 14, 2007 9:26 am (#1503 of 2988)

Congrats to TBE!

Kaykay, great news about the concert and about your daughter being home.

(((hugs))) to everyone who is happy it's Friday. Recess is the worst. Practically every time my kids have been in trouble at school it was for something that happened at recess. You know, when they have two teachers watching the entire grade. And none of their teachers have been as smart as Soli and brought binoculars.

My daughter has read The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd and liked them both. The first one was her summer reading book for last summer and then we bought the sequel right before school started. She also read Through the Looking Glass. Yes, she is a Hermione.

Sheila, sorry I can't come help with the tables. But ice cream would help, I just know it.

Soli, hope you feel better!

Draco is on the couch watching TV. The History Channel is running a Dogfights marathon, so he is happy. He's still feverish and achy and has no appetite. As he usually eats everything in sight, that is a clear sign that he is not feeling well. Plus he's not jumping around. I'm going to call the drum instructor this afternoon to let him know. I talked to him last night and told him we might not make it and he said that was fine. I think it might be best to concentrate on having Draco rest so he can be well enough to be in the Christmas play at church Sunday night.

Since I am home from work, I finished decorating the Christmas tree.


Allison R - Dec 14, 2007 10:06 am (#1504 of 2988)

Holly, I'm sorry that Draco is not bouncing back! I sure hope his medicine kicks in soon and he feels better. If he's still fevering, do you think you might want to call the doctor before it's the weekend? (I don't know how it is at you house, but if my kids are sick they consider it a matter of great personal pride to go super-nova over the weekend when I can't get to their doctor!)


John Bumbledore - Dec 14, 2007 10:28 am (#1505 of 2988)

The History Channel is running a Dogfights marathon (Holly T)

I hope that isn't a Michael Vic exposé

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Dec 14, 2007 10:54 am (#1506 of 2988)

More sadness, there's been a shooting at Louisiana State University. Two young men were shot and have died. This is just tragic.


Puck - Dec 14, 2007 11:35 am (#1507 of 2988)

I had not heard that, Journeymom. What is going on?? That's the fourth such incident in just over a week.

More healing charms to Draco!

I bought stamps a few days ago. While there I asked if there was an extra charge on oversized packages, wondering if I should pack the gifts for Colorado relatives in one large box or two smaller ones. I was told it went purly by weight, and one box is usually better. I just returned from post office. The same guy just charged me a $5 surcharge on top of the regular rate, as my package was oversized. I mentioned that I was told the other day that there was no such charge, and he started on about how that was unfair, since he had no idea how large a package I was talking about. All he would have had to say was "Yes, very large packages do have a surcharge." He made it sound like I had asked him an impossible question.

I'm off to take a nap. The kitchen is in desperate need of cleaning, but I just need an hour or so, and I intend to take it.



Steve Newton - Dec 14, 2007 11:43 am (#1508 of 2988)

Well, my wife and I just finished our Christmas shopping, almost. We each took off 2 days from work, an annual thing, and did pretty well. My car is a problem but I hope to survive.

Of course, we are getting ready for the big University of Delaware and Appalachian State U. game tonight. 8, EST, on ESPN2. I figure that if the over/under is 90, take the over. 2 great offenses and 2 relatively ordinary defenses. I predict ASU 56, UD 42. Sigh.


shepherdess - Dec 14, 2007 12:47 pm (#1509 of 2988)

Apparently Mars is bright this month. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 2752390508

According to Joe Rao: "Mars will be closer to Earth this month than any time until the year 2016.

..It will come closest to the Earth on the night of Dec. 18 (around 6:46 p.m. EST)....It is at opposition – exactly opposite from the sun, with Earth in the middle – six days later, on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24. It will then gleam at magnitude -1.6, and through Jan. 2, 2008, will outshine Sirius, the brightest star.

The night that Mars will probably attract the most attention, from even those who don't normally look up at the sky, will be on the night before Christmas Eve: Sunday, Dec. 23. That will be the night of a full moon, and Mars will serve as a companion to it all through that night. In fact, it will result in an exceptionally close approach between the two across much of the United States, while for parts of the Pacific Northwest, southern and western Canada and Europe, the moon will actually occult (hide) Mars."

And I don't have a telescope.


Choices - Dec 14, 2007 12:47 pm (#1510 of 2988)

You can go to www.amazon.com/beedlebard to see illustrations and read information about JKR's book purchased by Amazon. They have a review of the first story (spoiler) and photographs of the book and some of the pages.


Tazzygirl - Dec 14, 2007 12:51 pm (#1511 of 2988)

Thanks for all the craft ideas everyone! I've made the list and sent it to my Mentor, so she can decide.

Congrats on the new grandbaby, TBE!

**healing charms** to Draco and Puck and her son! (and anyone else who needs them!!)

Just finished watching A Christmas Story. I love this movie!

Off to make Pumpkin Chip Cookies for a party I'm going to tonight. It's a cookie party for my UH class- we are decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies, and exchanging cookies that we all bring. Then we get to gossip about the semester and agree that we are all so happy that it's over.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Puck - Dec 14, 2007 1:02 pm (#1512 of 2988)

Have fun, Kristina!

Thanks for the info to Shepherdess and Choices! Can't wait to read a bit about the bard.


Holly T. - Dec 14, 2007 2:58 pm (#1513 of 2988)

Draco has perked up, no fever since early this morning, and says he wants to go to drums tonight. The doctor says he's been on the antibiotics long enough to not be contagious.

Allison, my kids like to run high fevers on holidays and weekends too. In fact, we had to call the pediatrician at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve 1997 because my daughter was running a 103-degree fever that was actually had gone up to 104 even after we gave her Tylenol. Her second ear infection. She had her first at Easter that year. Actually, it's not just the kids. The day before Easter 1998 I sprained my ankle.

I have wrapped a bunch of gifts and finished my Christmas letter. I did it in Comic Life software. I really wanted to do a mini book, but settled on just doing two pages comic-style. I have a picture of dh's bandaged hand after the catapult accident with a little bubble saying ouch! Of course, now I have to have it copied, address envelopes, sign cards, etc. Oh well, part way there.

John, Dogfights on the History Channel is about aerial combat. My son loves it.

Healing charms to those who need them! Thanks for sending some to Draco!


journeymom - Dec 14, 2007 3:27 pm (#1514 of 2988)

I visited Amazon.com and looked at JKR's book. It's just lovely.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 14, 2007 6:58 pm (#1515 of 2988)

Thanks for the congrats all. Soli, I hope you are feeling better.

Holly, I'm sorry that Draco is not bouncing back! Now why did I get a mental picture of a ferret when I read that? I hope Draco continues to improve. Bat boogie hexes on those young men who pulled a vanishing act Shelia.

...toddles off to the other threads...


Solitaire - Dec 14, 2007 9:01 pm (#1516 of 2988)

Holly, thanks for the support. Frankly, there is no way 2 teachers can watch 300+ kids adequately, when they are spread over about 10 acres (our campus play area is HUGE--a football field, a soccer field, 6 baseball diamonds, 2 sets of basketball courts, tetherball areas, a gymnasium, monkey bar area, swings, plus a large quad area) doing dozens of different things. The miracle is that there are not more problems! I do not know how anyone can manage without binoculars!

Journeymom, we had a home invasion last night--a few miles away--and a couple of people were killed. What are things coming to?

Reparo! Charms to Steve's car!

Twinkles, I could use a quiet weekend. Alas, I will not get one. I have all my Christmas shopping to do, a birthday boy to buy for and a party to attend, grading, setting up the tree ... Anyone want to take bets on which of those things actually gets done? Happily, it is Friday night.



TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 14, 2007 9:28 pm (#1517 of 2988)

Let's see, hmm, half Christmas shopping, BD boy a done deal, party? (mandatory?)grading, yup, tree? Tree might get short sheeted.

How close am I?


Allison R - Dec 14, 2007 10:47 pm (#1518 of 2988)

Holly, I'm glad that Draco is starting to feel better at last! I'm glad he'll get to go to drums.

Soli, I hope you manage to carve out a bit of time during your busy weekend to sit down with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and enjoy your tree once it's up. How scary to have a home invasion not far from you!

I missed the news about Steve's car, but I hope that it's back in working order quickly!! I hate car trouble. Loathe it, really. They have you over a barrel-- you have to have it.

We've been down to one car for the last couple of months. Our second car had a problem that was fixed, but we can't afford to ransom it back from the repair shop yet. I've been walking back and forth to the train station for school, and while I really don't mind the walk, it does cost me time-- about 30 minutes each way. It's been awfully cold here lately, too. I'm glad it's the break in between semesters and I don't have to walk too far in the cold. Not that it will probably be any warmer in January when I do have to resume that walk, but I'm enjoying my respite!

Tonight was the first of two Christmas Concerts for my choir. It was really fun and well received. We get to do it again tomorrow night. We did Bach's Magnificat along with some really nice arrangements of Christmas stuff. We ended with this hysterical rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that takes each verse through a musicological journey. Verse one is done as a Gregorian Chant from the 6th Century and verse 12 is present day a la John Phillips Sousa. Day eight is "Ride of the Valkyries" and I get to wear a Viking hat!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 14, 2007 11:19 pm (#1519 of 2988)

Day eight is Ride of the Valkyries" and I get to wear a Viking hat!"

“Eight maids a'milking” to the Ride of the Valkyries, now that translation I'd like to see, lol.


Steve Newton - Dec 15, 2007 4:48 am (#1520 of 2988)

Solitaire, my car says thanks. Me too. I may be caught in dueling warranty heck. On shop says somethings wrong and the other says it OK. Its about catalytic converters and leaking, or not, seals.


Delaware was trounced last night by ASU. Maybe next year.


Solitaire - Dec 15, 2007 5:06 am (#1521 of 2988)

Let's see, hmm, half Christmas shopping, BD boy a done deal, party? (mandatory?) grading, yup, tree? Tree might get short sheeted. How close am I?

The birthday gift and party are mandatory; it's family. The grading (probably about 5 hours worth) has been pushed aside for about 2 weeks, and I want it OUT of my trunk on Monday. The shopping may fall by the wayside ... with the tree.

If I'm lucky and the tree lights are still operational, I can do that Sunday night in about an hour or two (it's a little tree). If the lights are dead, I'll need to do a search for the dud, and it will take longer. I do need to get a wreath for the front door. People are going to start thinking Scrooge lives here; everyone on my street has lights up, and I don't even have a poinsettia on the porch!

What am I doing up at 4 a.m.? Coughing ... I think I need to go back to bed.


PS Ride of the Valkyries sounds like the music that should accompany my drive to work in the morning ... especially when I'm running late and trying to beat a train!


painting sheila - Dec 15, 2007 8:31 am (#1522 of 2988)

Yeah! ASU won last night!!Woohoo! Sorry Steve.

I had a great Christmas Surprise yesterday!! The Young Men did set up the tables and chairs . but the Spanish members played soccer in the gym and took them all down . . . . but they put them back up when they were finished . . . but seminary in the morning took them all down again . .. . . but they put them all back up when they were done!! WOHOO!!! I feel very selfish having so many people have to work around the tables - but very happy they were willing to do so!


Denise P. - Dec 15, 2007 8:39 am (#1523 of 2988)

Woo hoo Sheila! You guys must have a large seminary group, ours are divided by age and they meet in the YW room (9th and 10th grade) and the Primary room (11th and 12th grade) That is great you didn't have to set them all up on your own.

I missed our ward Christmas party last night because I had a Pack Meeting. Our cubmaster had a surprise for the den leaders. He had us sit in a chair, put a Santa hat on us, draped a garbage bag over us, let us put goggles on (and me put my hair into a ponytail) then let our den members make us look more like Santa using shaving cream. My den thought Santa needed shaving cream up my nose (eeew!) and in my ears. I could not hear anything when they were done but they had a good time. Then while I went to go get cleaned up, the pack had a snowball fight using balled up newspaper. It was a lot of fun. Yes, there are pictures of this somewhere.


Allison R - Dec 15, 2007 9:02 am (#1524 of 2988)

Okay, I found a clip of day 12-- this is actually my Choir Director, Brady Allred, with his former Choir. Click on the second-t-last sound clip to hear day 12 (add the http://www. at the front)


Holy Hannah, they're all there, actually! The second-to-the-last clip is day 12, and count back from there (day 11, day 10, day 9 etc) to hear the entire song. How fun!

Sheila, what an adventure those chairs had yesterday! I'm glad that you didn't have to get them all out by yourself.

Soli, I hope your cough went away and you were able to get some quality sleep!


HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 15, 2007 10:56 am (#1525 of 2988)

Congrats to Aunt Solitaire and Grandma TBE!! What a lovely way to close out the year! My goodness, what's in their water??? All 3 of mine were in the 6's weight-wise.

Happy Belated Birthdays to Devin and Catherine!

Congrats to kaykay's for a great Christmas concert and to your hubby's cousin's band-loved the video!

Hurray for your oldest daughter arriving home safely, too!

w00t to Kristina for finishing the semester! and to Sheila on your house! (BTW, the link didn't work for me either, azi.)

Healing charms to Draco, Mr. Journeymom, Solitaire, Vox's daughter and all those in need.

I love the HC Dogfights. Great stories and even better when the pilot is interviewed.

Felix Felicis to Allison for good results.

Kabloink, I was thinking more along the lines of mentioning it to your pediatrician. Whatever you decide, prayers and good thoughts sent your way.

Somnis charms to your children, Journeymom.

Reparo! (aimed at Steve's car)

My Christmas cards are still sitting on the table awaiting attention.

Here's what you do: go out now & pick up the widescreen Deluxe Edition & set it aside. If your mom sends the deluxe version, take yours back; if she doesn't either return hers or keep 'em both. 'Tis The Season for returning stuff you didn't want. ~ Mike
That has all the earmarks of trouble.

Ewww. . .rabbit trails. They're not raisins, kiddies!

Am I the only one who forgets what they've bought? ~ Sheila
Have you not been paying attention to my posts, Sheila?

We have our own bout with coughs going on here. Trevor has still been coughing (causing him to gag sometimes) since well before Thanksgiving. The doc has put him on another antibiotic. His reasoning - he most likely has another bacterial infection, a strain which wouldn't cause fevers or any reaction other than producing an 'excess of phlegm'. Hence, it won't go away until he's put on an antibiotic. The good news is that he never did develop pneumonia or bronchitis. . . well, not yet, anyway.

Lol, Madame Pince. I was volunteering in Trevor's school library this week and a boy pushed him twice because he told Trev that seat (on the rug ) was his. Trevor didn't know. Trevor was slammed into the board hard and cried hard, too. I felt soooo terrible but didn't go to him. The teacher later thanked me for not running over :yetanothereyeroll: but she didn't handle it well at all. Everyone told me I should teach him to fight back. I told Trevor that's not how Jesus wants us to handle things. The next morning in gym when their teacher wasn't looking, Trevor ducked out of line and went to the boy. He told him, "Say you're sorry to me". And the boy promptly said he was sorry. They even ended up hugging. The best part is that I didn't tell him what to do. He came up with it by himself.

Welcome back, Finn! Hope you'll get some more web time!

***waves to GE, kay, Lina and all around***


EDIT: I just found out I'm having company for dinner tonight. So glad someone told me.


Puck - Dec 15, 2007 11:53 am (#1526 of 2988)

Go Trevor! He's such a Sweetie, but not a pushover!

Good luck with your guests, Maria.

Healing charms. Diva missed dance today, as she awoke with a barking cough. I was worried about croupe, but when I returned home, no coughing.

I saw that Amazon is planning to take the book one tour! I hope it comes near me.

Time to bake the gingerbread for the houses. I made dough before I left for work this morning.



kabloink! - Dec 15, 2007 2:20 pm (#1527 of 2988)

Hi all! I'm back. Alexander William Harvey was born at 5:17pm EST on Thursday, December 13, 2007. He was 7lbs, 5oz, 20 in long. His head was 14 inches. He has a very full head a very dark hair, and his eyes are still questionable, but hubby think that they will be blue like his and Ian's, so we went with the family name for the middle name. I was in labor all of about 5 hours or so (my water broke, but not really...), and 10 minutes of hard work. TEN MINUTES! After Ian, this was nothing! I am pretty sore, though, and it sounds like Ian is giving Daddy a run for his money, so I'm going to go help. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I'll post pics on myspace sometime later on tonight, hopefully (www. myspace.com/ kimskastle).


Allison R - Dec 15, 2007 2:35 pm (#1528 of 2988)

Oh, what wonderful news!! Congrats, Kabloink! Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you were doing. How is everyone else adjusting to the new addition to the family? Looking forward to more news when you get a chance to post.


journeymom - Dec 15, 2007 2:55 pm (#1529 of 2988)

Yay! Congratulations, Kabloink! Welcome, Alexander! Take good care of yourself, Mama. And yes, thanks for letting us know.

The next morning in gym when their teacher wasn't looking, Trevor ducked out of line and went to the boy. He told him, "Say you're sorry to me". And the boy promptly said he was sorry. They even ended up hugging. The best part is that I didn't tell him what to do. He came up with it by himself.

Excellent! I'm so impressed. You're doing something right there, HH.

Ack! Guests here in two hours and I haven't made the pie yet!!!

Have a wonderful day, All.


Choices - Dec 15, 2007 3:40 pm (#1530 of 2988)

I am so happy for you, Kabloink! Sounds like the charms for an easy labor worked really well. I am so glad. Take care of you and baby Alex. I know he is precious. {{{hugs}}}


kabloink! - Dec 15, 2007 3:49 pm (#1531 of 2988)

Okay, I only have a minute, and I haven't posted pics on myspace yet, but here are then newborn pics at the hospital.

www. webnursery.com/webnursery/parent/Registration.aspx?registrationcode=1270bloi

Obviously take out the spaces. Last name starts with HAR, Dec 13, and the State of Michigan. Alex is the only one in Port Huron.


Allison R - Dec 15, 2007 4:16 pm (#1532 of 2988)

He's simply beautiful! Wow, look at all that hair! Congrats again to you both


Catherine - Dec 15, 2007 4:34 pm (#1533 of 2988)

Congrats to the Kabloink family. Best wishes!

It was a lot of fun. Yes, there are pictures of this somewhere. –Denise

Oooh, I'd love to see those.

Finally, this Slacker Mom got her tree decorated. I'd been faking Christmas with wreaths out since Thanksgiving, and my tree up with lights, but alas earwax, no decorations. My mum came to visit, and helped sort me out.

Mr. Catherine is spending the weekend in Washington D.C. :waves to Denise and Wayne: and we are having an all-girls weekend. Very fun.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I still haven't purchased half of the presents yet. If I had time, I'd go to a Procrastinator's Anonymous meeting sometime soon.


Vox Gerbilis - Dec 15, 2007 5:17 pm (#1534 of 2988)

Excellent news, Kabloink! I'm glad all went well.


Puck - Dec 15, 2007 5:27 pm (#1535 of 2988)

Welcome Alexander William! What wonderful news!

Denise, I meant to mention before that I'm keeping that idea in mind for next year's pack meeting. (Unless I end up being a Den Leader, in which case I may have to keep my mouth shut. )

Pieces for gingerbread house all baked. Once they've dried overnight hubby will put them together, and kids will decorate/eat the candy. Snow and ice storm arriving tomorrow, so we will send the day housebound, anyway.

You know, Hubby hasn't done much shopping that I know about...I do hope I'll be getting some presents this year

edit: I just added a thread (in the not yet approved section) for those who are reading the synopsis on Amazon and would like to discuss Beedle the Bard.


kaykay1970 - Dec 15, 2007 6:07 pm (#1536 of 2988)

Congratulations Kabloink! What a beautiful boy! Santa's little helper! How cute!

Maria, Trevor is such a sweetie. I know you must be proud of him!


Solitaire - Dec 15, 2007 8:15 pm (#1537 of 2988)

Congratulations, Kabloink!
I'm still pulling for weather conditions that will keep you home but not threaten your family's safety or happiness. Alex is beautiful ... lots of lovely, dark hair, just like Cristian. BTW, I got to hold our little Christmas Angel today for about an hour, at his cousin's birthday party. Aren't babies sweet?

Well, it's time to try and work on the tree. The top half of mine came up missing, so Mom loaned me a small pre-lit tree about 4 ft. tall. I think she knew I'd never get around to buying one myself this week. Thank heaven for moms, too!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Me? I'm going to watch Miss Congeniality, pay some bills, and clean the living room.



kabloink! - Dec 15, 2007 8:37 pm (#1538 of 2988)

Heh heh, well Solitaire, your wishes are coming true. We kind of wanted (kind of) to head over to in-laws tomorrow after hubby got out of work to hang out (their highnesses have a 4 year old and a 1 year old that Ian had a blast with at the hospital), if the roads were okay, but we are looking at 12+ inches of snow overnight tonight. Every time we check the weather report, they have added on another 2 inches. I don't know, though-we were predicted to get and ice storm Thursday night/Friday, but it never materialized. This has already started though...I just hope hubby can get to work safely tomorrow morning. Even if they close the store because of the weather, hubby has to be there to notify his crew...Looks like we will be staying in, decorating, and wrapping presents tomorrow. If possible, hubby is going to pick up a tree on his way home.

I am going to go post those pics now, so they should be up within the next half hour or so (it is now 10:35 EST). Also, hubby wanted me to point out to everyone that it was HIS idea to go into the hospital on Thursday morning. He pushed me, because I didn't think my water had actually broken. He was right, though, and it was a good thing he pushed me. Thanks to everyone for the charms, also-they worked great!


painting sheila - Dec 15, 2007 9:21 pm (#1539 of 2988)

kabloink! - He is beautiful!! Give him a good nuzzle from me. How sweet. It sounds like you are feeling okay - woohoo! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

I made Pumpkin Pecan Cookies, Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies, and Lemon Drop Cookies - 8 dozen each!! My feet hurt so badly. . .I am going to hobble off to bed.

We finally got rain today. I have no idea how much but it's been raining pretty steady for a few hours.

I will repent  tomorrow . . but I would love to be snowed in and have to miss church! A nice quiet Sabbath at home is just the ticket some times.

Enjoy the snow whoever has some! (and not the shaving cream kind!)



Elanor - Dec 15, 2007 11:44 pm (#1540 of 2988)

Congratulations Kabloink! And "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow  - not too much but just what you need!" BTW, he was born on St Lucy's day, a holiday still important in Scandinavia (entry on wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucy%27s_Day), and a "festival of light". A very nice birthday.

Congratulation TBE too! Some wonderful news on this thread lately really.

Have a great weekend all!



jose043 - Dec 15, 2007 11:46 pm (#1541 of 2988)

Hi All

Congratulation to kabloink on the safe arrival of Alexander William glad everything went well.

Solitaire your Mum is very kind to give you a Christmas tree. How long do you get off from school over the Christmas, New Year break? try not to have too much marking to do.

Hope those that have had snow do not have any nasty accidents.

Healing & get well charms to all that need them & also congratulation to all the grandparent & aunties/uncle.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 16, 2007 12:10 am (#1542 of 2988)

Congratulations Kabloink! I had something else to say, but it is now gone with the wind...

Worked 12 hours today and it was non-stop. Am very tired, and get to go do it again tomorrow. Oh, there is a picture on my newest granddaughter on the practice thread. Healing charms to all that need them. On that note at 1:11 am, I am going to bed! "Night all!


kaykay1970 - Dec 16, 2007 6:17 am (#1543 of 2988)

Aww! She's gorgeous TBE!


Madam Pince - Dec 16, 2007 6:58 am (#1544 of 2988)

Congratulations to the kabloink family, and welcome to Master Alexander William! He is adorable! Kudos also to Mr. kabloink for his alertness -- tell him he is redeemed for not answering his cell phone the other day! Take care of yourself and hope all goes well with your recovery!

TBE, I love the picture of your granddaughter! Soooo sweet!


Steve Newton - Dec 16, 2007 7:13 am (#1545 of 2988)

Well done, TBE. Its also cool how you got the full size picture in.


Puck - Dec 16, 2007 7:19 am (#1546 of 2988)

Sheila, we are missing church due to snow and ice. Likely won't make it to Nativity practice, either, as the icy rain is supposed to continue throughout the afternoon, and I just don't think it's worth taking my kids out in this weather. (Boston has already surpassed last season's snowfall total.) They say another storm is possible for the end of the week. Hoping in-laws find a window between storms when they can drive out next weekend.

Soli, so happy your Mom helped you out with that tree!


edit: Beautiful picture TBE! (I miss having little babies.)


Choices - Dec 16, 2007 10:47 am (#1547 of 2988)

Wow, TBE. What a beautiful little angel. :-)

I tried to get onto the site to see little Alex, but it wouldn't work for me. Will try again later. I know he is gorgeous too. :-) New babies are so wonderful.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. It is a lovely day here in Mobile - sunny and breezy and actually a wee bit cooler. Very nice.


PeskyPixie - Dec 16, 2007 12:07 pm (#1548 of 2988)

Congratulations, Kabloink!

I can't recall who mentioned it, but I love A Christmas Story as well.

We're in the middle of the blizzard right now. It's crazy out there, but beautiful of course.


journeymom - Dec 16, 2007 12:08 pm (#1549 of 2988)

Ya know.... I just noticed that because TBE put a picture of her sweet grandson in the practice thread, and her profile lists her last few posts... the picture of her grandson is behind her avatar.


Denise P. - Dec 16, 2007 1:05 pm (#1550 of 2988)

Devin just turned 12 this week so we got him a suit for church. Once boys turn 12, it is a pretty important milestone. On the spur of the moment, I got them all in front of the tree and took a few pictures. I actually managed to get 1 shot where everyone looked reasonably decent. If you want to take a look, put http colon backslash backslash in front of this

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Tazzygirl - Dec 16, 2007 2:02 pm (#1551 of 2988)

Congratulations, Kabloink! Alex is adorable!

TBE- your granddaughter is beautiful!



azi - Dec 16, 2007 2:20 pm (#1552 of 2988)

Congrats kabloink!

Lots of babies around recently...

I finally got round to putting the up the photos that I'd said I show you - my Christmas tree and me dressed as a garden. There's also some pictures from where I was this weekend at this link...


You only need the http bit in front, no www. I apologise in advance for the shaky pictures, people are rude in crowded rooms and my mother banned me from using flash despite the guide saying it was allowed. There's there's a picture of a place called Peveril Castle...sound slightly familar? I think of Chatsworth House as a larger version of Malfoy Manor, at least on the outside. Most of the photo's are from there.

Edit - I'm reading the Beedle's thing on Amazon right now. I'm impressed to see that it appears to be a fan of HP writing the review, rather than someone who has no interest. I love the little side details they're putting in.


Allison R - Dec 16, 2007 2:23 pm (#1553 of 2988)

Denise, that's one handsome-looking family! Nice picture.


azi - Dec 16, 2007 3:20 pm (#1554 of 2988)

Erk, the above link won't work properly for some reason. Try this instead, http but no www!


Kabloink - I just looked at your baby pics on myspace. He looks so cute in the hat!


Catherine - Dec 16, 2007 4:06 pm (#1555 of 2988)

Adorable photos of the kidlets Denise, Kabloink, and TBE!

I am so relieved to have a decorated Christmas tree. Now, if only my shopping were done!


Potteraholic - Dec 16, 2007 4:33 pm (#1556 of 2988)

CONGRATULATIONS! to Kabloink, TBE, and Solitaire on the tiny, new beautiful babies who have joined your families. Best wishes for all the firsts that you have to look forward to!

azi, the info. in your 2nd post works fine. You were a lovely garden!


journeymom - Dec 16, 2007 4:34 pm (#1557 of 2988)

Denise, what a sweet bunch of kids. Boys always look so handsome in suits.

Azi, great pictures. You're a cute garden. Actually, from what I could see of it, I liked the statue of the giant nude pregnant woman. Rather glorious femininity.


Oookaaaaa... I found that sculptor at Wikipedia. Damien Hirst's Virgin Mother statue shows the insides of a pregnant woman. Ugh. Still, it is still pretty interesting, in a Grey's anatomy kind of way. I like the other side of her better.


Eponine - Dec 16, 2007 4:47 pm (#1558 of 2988)

Congratulations to Kabloink and TBE. They are both beautiful babies!

It's finally started to cool down here. It'd been way too warm for December, but it's a lot colder now, and it actually feels like Winter. We also got quite a bit of rain this weekend, which is sorely needed. I don't think we're in quite as bad a shape as Sheila's area for water, but we're definitely very low.

I hope everyone has a great RotD! I've got to finish my last paper for the semester.


painting sheila - Dec 16, 2007 7:40 pm (#1559 of 2988)

Awwww = sweet baby TBE! Give lots of hugs from me.

Beautiful picture Azi!! I am so excited to go to England!! I will be there 10 days from tomorrow. Whooopee!

Denise - What a great looking family! The little one in the corner with the big grin stole my heart!

Not much happening here today. We had church and I survived with no problems. Made cookies - 120 pecan balls. Watched the Little Drummer Boy and had carolers. Fun day.

I am off to bed. It's been a long weekend - but I wish it were longer!

Goodnight all-



Puck - Dec 17, 2007 7:03 am (#1560 of 2988)

Great photos Azi and Denise! Thanks for sharing!

Our gingerbread houses are all put together. Son tried to get everyone to vote on which they like best. I told him I liked both, and voting would just end up in someone having hurt feelings. (We had one house for him to do just so, and another for his sister to slap candy on wherever it landed. A fair amount landed in mouths.)

I have to get ready for the dentist. I was thinking about going to early aerobic, but missed my chance. I would have meant rushing out the door, and it was too slippery out to rush anywhere. I had to walk (slide) the kids down the driveway to the bus, holding on to catch them if they fell.

Have a great week, everyone!



azi - Dec 17, 2007 7:45 am (#1561 of 2988)

Hmm, it's interesting - everyone in the queue was commenting on how horrible that statue was (me included!)! I definitely wouldn't have paid £2m for it at any rate!

I hope you've packed warm clothes Shelia! I'm sooo cold at the moment.

We have yet to put our Christmas tree up at home (as opposed to uni home). I'm not sure there's any point now...

**waves to everyone**


Solitaire - Dec 17, 2007 8:05 am (#1562 of 2988)

I finally decorated my tree yesterday. I still do not feel very festive, though. Perhaps I will, once I start my shopping. Well, I did start ... but I am far from finished. It's going to be a long week at school, I fear. I hope everyone has a good Monday!



Denise P. - Dec 17, 2007 9:43 am (#1563 of 2988)

I got all my stuff for making sugar cookies to decorate with my Tigers tomorrow. We have one boy with allergies so his dad sent me a sugar cookie recipe that is safe for him and let me know which commerical frosting is okay. We are making christmas trees (already baked, they decorate) and reindeer. The reindeer are sooo simple. You just roll out sugar cookie dough into a circle and cut it into triangles like a pie. You use mini pretzels for ears, a red hot (or red m&m for the nose), M&M eyes (or Skittles) They are so cute too. Here is what they look like although I use triangles, not circles. I will have the dough already made and cut out, they will do the reindeer first and while they bake, they can decorate their trees. I have frosting, gel, sprinkles, red hots, M&Ms and Skittles for them to use. I wanted to find the little silver beads but everyone seems to be out. Oh well, less for me to clean up since we are doing this at my house.

I need to get just a few more things before I am done shopping, waiting on a few last minute packages to arrive. I think Saturday we are going to go look at the lights at the Washington DC Temple since a friend is singing that night as well.


Allison R - Dec 17, 2007 12:48 pm (#1564 of 2988)

Denise, your cookies sound great-- the picture is very cute! The boys will have a blast.

Soli, did you get all your weekend things done in the end? Or did some things not get crossed off your list?

Izzy had her Christmas Choir assembly this morning. She was really nervous because she and a few other kids were signing one of the songs in the program, but she did an awesome job. I'm so proud of her! I got it on video, so we can make her a copy of the DVD for her to keep in her room. She still watches the one from last year.

Puck, do you make gingerbread houses every year? It sounds like such a fun family tradition.


Snuffles - Dec 17, 2007 4:05 pm (#1565 of 2988)

Congratulations Kabloink. Alexander is gorgeous. I'm another who loves the smell of babies. Give him a big sniff from me!

Love the pictures Denise and azi.

We went to church last night for our village Christingle service. Olivia loved singing all of the Christmas carols and couldn't wait to go up to collect her orange. They usually put dolly mixture sweets on top of the cocktail sticks, but this year they decided to have 4 severed Jelly Baby heads! It was kind of creepy. It was very cold inside the church though. I don't know why they have to put the heaters up so high! By the time the warm air has reached the bottom it has turned cold again!

Off to check the threads and have a peek at TBE's granddaughter.

Happy Monday everyone



Potteraholic - Dec 17, 2007 7:23 pm (#1566 of 2988)

I was just thinking that not only is this a festive time of the year, but it is also the time of year when many students, in both middle/high school and college, take mid-term or final exams. So to all our Forum members who are taking tests (and maybe not visiting the Forum as often as they once did), good luck! And the same goes to Forum members who are secondary school teachers and college professors. They're going to need lots of resolve to read and mark all those exam papers!


geauxtigers - Dec 17, 2007 7:59 pm (#1567 of 2988)

I'm popping in to tell yall a really cute gift idea! Today, we found a brown wrapped package tied with leather string and Hedwig perched on top with a scroll on her leg! Inside was a wand for each of us. (It was from a lady we helped out by making/filling potions for a Harry Potter party.) It was so cute! I'll have to try and get a picture of the Owl and post it! It was so cute and really cool! I loved it and I thought of yall of course! It's a really cute gift idea for a Potter fan! (The note said: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ect ect. with a note about how we helped out, then signed by McGonagall and in parenthesis was a p.s. noting that Hedwig would be delivering the message to me!) It was really sweet and a super easy touch assuming you can get your hands on a feather covered foam owl!

I have my one and only exam Wednesday (math) and the others I've been exempt from! I'm super excited! I think I'd have done better if this had been a rule all along! I'm so glad I'm a senior! One semester to go! AHHH! Kinda scary, but I'm excited!

Hope everyone is well, Congrats to Alexander and TBE(?)'s new grandchild!

It's very cold here. It was 28 this morning, it's already down to 37F. I'm thrilled, I love the cold!

We made about 200 cookies yesterday. And I just made some chocolate covered pretzles that need to be ermm.... eaten...!

Anyone know if we are going to have an avatar change soon? Kip? Not meaning to pester, just wondering. I have a Christmasy one to put up so!

Off to get those pretzles...


Solitaire - Dec 17, 2007 8:15 pm (#1568 of 2988)

Soli, did you get all your weekend things done in the end? Or did some things not get crossed off your list?

Sadly, Allison, the grading fell by the wayside. The pile in my trunk is all late stuff. A lot of the kids didn't turn it in on time. By the time everyone finally gave me everything I needed, I had moved on to other things. I talked to my principal about the two assignments, and he said to let them wait ... and let the kids "stew." Maybe next time, they will get their work in on time. I wanted to hug him!

I did get my Christmas list completed, so now all I must do is go out and get the things. Alas, I will really be cramped for time (I'm going to Amazon to see if there is still time to order a couple of things). I have a pedicure (something important for my diabetic feet) tomorrow afternoon, and I will not feel like going shopping in flip-flops in this weather. Besides, I will not want to worry about my "paint job" getting marred. I think tomorrow night I will work on my benchmark test (to be given the week after Christmas holidays) and write up lesson plans for that week. It would be nice NOT to have to mess with that little chore over the holidays.

Well, I have a small pork loin roast in the oven, with yams and onions. Mmmmmmmmm!! It smells wonderful, and I am just waiting for the timer to ding! Speaking of timers, I think my laundry is ready for the dryer! Enjoy your evening, everyone!



painting sheila - Dec 17, 2007 8:16 pm (#1569 of 2988)

Hi everyone.

We did the cookie exchange today and I came home with hundreds of cookies. I certainly hope I have enough for all of you!

Just in case any of you were wondering, the "real" Santa is here in Raleigh. Littlest Guy has seen a couple so far this year but we finally ran into the "real" one at the mall. For any of you that were around last year (and remember) Littlest Guy meet the "real" Santa at Disney in a restaurant. When he met Santa tonight he decided that Santa was visiting from Disney because it must be cold in Florida. (I love the thought patterns of a 6 year old!) Anyway, I have a picture I Will post when we can change our avatars. So cute!

Azi - What do I need to bring clothes wise? Am I going to freeeeeezzeee?!

I am off to bed. I have been so tired lately. It must be from all the cookie baking.


Puck - Dec 17, 2007 9:03 pm (#1570 of 2988)

Severed heads in church? Julie, I never heard of that before.

Yes, we do gingerbread houses every year. This is our 4th year, and the first time we've done two smaller houses instead of one larger one. I bake, hubby puts together, and the kids decorate. (We all help to eat the candy. )

Driveway is once again a sheet of ice. I love winter.

I have lots of baking to do. Mom came to visit, and I was chatting with her and didn't get my work done. Lots of biscotti and cookies to take care of this week. I have a few last minute gifts to get for the kids tomorrow. We need to even things out so they all have the same amount. Plus we need stocking stuff.

Time to sleep.



Denise P. - Dec 17, 2007 9:11 pm (#1571 of 2988)

We tried a gingerbread house kit last year, it was not a pretty sight since everyone wanted to do it. I think I need many of them or one HUGE one.


Tazzygirl - Dec 18, 2007 2:30 am (#1572 of 2988)

For being on Winter Break, I sure seem to have less time on the Forum!

I worked on the bookside of Barnes and Noble tonight. It was strange. For one, I was able to dress up (instead of the usual black and an apron) and have my hair down. Then when we closed I didn't have to clean up espresso machines and grills. LOL

I got my first Teacher Christmas Present today! It was so cute, the boy came up to me and said "This is for you, Miss Kristina!" and I said "Oh, Thank you!" but had it in my head that the gift was for my Mentor Teacher. Then I saw my name on it and it sunk in. Almost made me teary-eyed! The student gave me a gigantic box of chocolate mint cookies. I told the student that chocolate mint was my absolute favorite, and he beamed. (They are really good too!!!)

On a weird/venting note- my mentor was gone today, so there was a substitute. The substitute took one of the students down to help the cafeteria, and while she was gone the Principal and a lady from the district came in to observe. I was reading to the students Hatchet, and therefore it was super informal. The students all had their heads on their desks (one even fell asleep... Gave him a talking to when I finished reading.), and I was sitting in a chair with my feet propped up. Well, a little while later the principal saw the sub and asked her who she was subbing for, she replied Mrs. M, and he said "Well, who was in the classroom when I came in earlier?" and when she said me, he replied that next time she needs to remain in the classroom. He even told her to tell me that next time I need to keep my feet on the ground. 1- why didn't they give a heads up that they were coming in?! 2- I think that while reading a book you assume a comfortable position, to better enjoy the reading. If I had been like that while teaching the Language Arts lesson, then I can completely understand the principal telling me to put my feet down (I would NEVER do that during a lesson anyway). and 3- I have been in this same classroom, and said hi to this same principal every week since August. And he STILL doesn't know/remember I'm a student teacher. GRRRRR./rant...

I haven't mailed out my presents to the Mainland yet or finished my Christmas cards. I have to get to the post office tomorrow if I want to make sure they all get where they are going by Christmas...



Snuffles - Dec 18, 2007 2:50 am (#1573 of 2988)

Sheila, If you don't own a hat, scarf and gloves, I would definitely go out and buy some! At the moment it is 9.45am and about 41F outside, but on an evening it can easily get to 30F. London hasn't had any snow yet but further ooop north they have!

I hope you have a wonderful time in London. I'm just sorry that I am too far away to travel to say "Hello".

What date do you travel?

I hadn't seen Jelly Baby heads used before either Kathy. It didn't stop Olivia from popping one in her mouth when I wasn't looking though!

*Felix Felicis* to Kristina. I would have put my feet up too. It's so much easier to read in that position. At least the class was quiet and not causing an uproar! *Bat Bogey Hex* to the principal for not knowing your name by now!



Puck - Dec 18, 2007 6:31 am (#1574 of 2988)

It was 11 degrees farenheit  outsdie this morning. It's up to 14 degrees now. :shiveringsmilie:

Kristina, I used to sub at a daycare during summer vacations from college. One day this 3-year-old boy handed me a small rock. When I asked him why he was giving it to me his simple reply was "Because I love you." For years they sat on a shelf, and when people asked why I had rocks I told them "Because Daniel E. loves me." They always made me smile at the end of a hard day.

oh, and to your principal, so there!

Off to do stuff I should be doing.



Snuffles - Dec 18, 2007 6:34 am (#1575 of 2988)

Sorry for the double post!

I have just read that Daniel Radcliffe has bought a luxury pad in SoHo for $4,000,000! Apparently he is going to rent it out for $20,000 per month, but may live in it when he performs Equus in New York! It is in one of the tabloids in the UK, so there us a good chance it is all rubbish......

We are playing Christmas cd's in the office so I am feeling very festive. Happy Christmas everyone!


Edit: Just realised that Kathy has posted in between my posts so it's not a double now


Chemyst - Dec 18, 2007 7:02 am (#1576 of 2988)

Congratulations on all the babies, Soli's niece, TBE's grandchild, and last but not least, Alexander.

I am in the lull of the Christmas storm. It worked out that all my job, church & organizations scheduled their holiday meetings, parties, and "volunteer opportunities" early this year. Whatever happened to a good dose of procrastination? The only thing I have to do between now and next Sunday is to donate some cans of fruit to the local squadron's holiday food drive. How am I supposed to be jolly and merry when I've run out of good excuses for not organizing my home office? I guess that is one of the best kinds of problems to have.

Sheila, I think I ought to let you know  your owl must have nibbled on all those cookies en route because I haven't received them yet. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

Kristina, your second story sounds like one that you will laugh about after a year or two. Many kids actually listen better in a more relaxed atmosphere. And a 'bah humbug' to the principal for not knowing who you were. (I think your principal was probably embarrassed in front of the district lady.)


The giant squid - Dec 18, 2007 7:18 am (#1577 of 2988)

Severed heads in church? Julie, I never heard of that before.—Puck

Well, I've never seen one, but I've read about a few... "Bring me the head of John the Jelly-Baptist!"



Chemyst - Dec 18, 2007 7:40 am (#1578 of 2988)

...and Sheba, son of Bichri.


Holly T. - Dec 18, 2007 9:35 am (#1579 of 2988)

Congrats to Kablionk and welcome to Alexander! Wow, lots of new babies. My son's Sunday school teacher just had a baby boy this week and our next door neighbor had a baby girl. And a co-worker of mine is due any day.

Draco is feeling better and went back to school yesterday. He was feeling well enough (and fever-free) Friday night so he went to his drum recital--the doctor said he wasn't contagious since he'd been on the meds longer than 24 hours. We made him take a nap Saturday afternoon between church Christmas play rehearsal and his sister's ballet performance and then again o Sunday between church and the Christmas play. He whined and complained about how it wasn't fair that he had to nap and he wanted to ride his bike. We kept saying "you've been sick, you need to rest." Both times he slept for over two hours, so I think he needed to rest more than he thought he did.

Puck, that is so sweet about the rocks.

Kristina, bat-bogey hexes to your forgetful principal.

I think there must be some kind of mistake because there is nothing on my calendar for tonight. Wow. That hardly ever happens.

Madam Pince and any other fans of "Friday Night Lights"--the Panthers team (the real team, not the TV team) you see on the show when they show footage from football games is playing in the state final on Saturday night.

My in-laws gave the kids the OotP DVD. They have been begging me for it and I knew they were getting it soon (they opened gifts from their grandparents last night as the in-laws are headed back home today) so I have been ignoring their pleas. As if we have had time to watch it.


Tazzygirl - Dec 18, 2007 9:43 am (#1580 of 2988)

Thanks for the Bat-Bogey hexes and everything, everyone! I feel a bit better today. grrr. Chemyst- I think you are right about the principal feeling embarrassed, but still.

Kathy- awwww! I would have done the same thing if a student gave me a rock! I had my thank you cards from the first two placements I was in up on my fridge for months, along with a picture of a princess.

Running a bit late, so off to school I go. Tomorrow is the Christmas Party and then Thursday is the last day until January. w00t!

Have a great day everyone!



Puck - Dec 18, 2007 11:48 am (#1581 of 2988)

Come on, Holly, you just said there's nothing on your calendar for tonight. Not as if you have baking, cleaning, shopping or wrapping to do. I'm sure you can manage a viewing of OotP.

Kristina, you keep those first few touching gifts for a while. Then you get to the point when you have enough to wallpaper your entire house. Diva brings home so many pictures, I look at them all, and then when she's not looking I pull out the recycling bin. She gets very upset if she catches me at it, but I can't let my house be over run by paper.

Cheymst, don't you have to bake cookies or something? Definitely more fun than organizing the office.

Speaking of baking, off to make biscotti for all the teachers, Scout leaders, etc....



Allison R - Dec 18, 2007 11:51 am (#1582 of 2988)

Kristina, I agree with what others have said-- the principal's comments say more about him than they do about you. Sheesh! How are you supposed to let yourself be swept away into that magical world created by your imagination if you have to sit at attention the whole time??

Loved the rock story!

Tonight is my Choir Christmas party, so I have 6 loaves of bread rising in their pans waiting to go into the oven as my contribution. The Choir is about 170 strong now, and spouses are coming, so there could be lots of people to feed! I debated trying to make 6 dozen rolls, but the thought of portioning it all out and rolling each one and having to scramble to find enough pans to bake in got the better of me and I decided that fresh, sliced homemade bread and some honey butter would do just as well.


Choices - Dec 18, 2007 11:55 am (#1583 of 2988)

LOL Now if someone would just bring some fishes to go with the loaves, I'm sure there would be plenty to go around. :-)


Holly T. - Dec 18, 2007 1:25 pm (#1584 of 2988)

“Nothing on the calendar” means we don't have to go anywhere. Which means that, at home, we will be watching Survivor and addressing Christmas cards. I don't plan to do a lot of baking--I made fudge and toffee last week and it is in tins ready to be handed out as gifts. I made another batch of toffee last night since a good bit of the first batch mysteriously disappeared after my FIL arrived.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1242194059  House is fairly clean since we have had visitors (plus MIL did some cleaning yesterday when we were at work and school--there was a time when that would have bothered me--that she was criticizing my housekeeping, etc., but now I am like yay, someone else cleaned).

In a true example of Christmas spirit, dh is going to take the kids to the movies on Saturday, probably to see The Golden Compass, which the kids want to see. Dh doesn't, but he figures he would like it better than Alvin and the Chipmunks. This will give me time to finish wrapping the kids' gifts. And I have to do the wrapping before I know how much more shopping I need to do. No matter how good my list is I always end up having to go buy one of the kids another gift or two because they haven't come out even.


painting sheila - Dec 18, 2007 3:11 pm (#1585 of 2988)

I am a slug. I took a two hour nap today right in the middle of the day!! Hubby snored VERY loudly last night and Littlest Guy came in crying at about 4:00. I met with a trainer at the gym and was introduced to 4 new torture machines and added another 30 minutes of cardio. I guess maybe I had earned the nap!

Off to the Oldest Kids Choir Concert. I have no energy to make dinner so scrambled eggs sandwiches it is!


journeymom - Dec 18, 2007 3:15 pm (#1586 of 2988)

I decided that fresh, sliced homemade bread and some honey butter would do just as well.

Yum! That sounds divine!


painting sheila - Dec 18, 2007 4:08 pm (#1587 of 2988)

Chemyst - I will be checking all owls for Cookie Breath when they return!! Maybe I should try Snail Mail instead of Owl Mail? Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Tazzy - What a sweet thing to have happen - the gift I mean - not the silly principal! With the season you should have been given a medal for actually having the kids sitting still!! Jeez!


journeymom - Dec 18, 2007 4:31 pm (#1588 of 2988)

There's an interview with JKR on Leaky Cauldron podcast.

Dang, Sheila, that smilie is too cute!


journeymom - Dec 18, 2007 5:08 pm (#1589 of 2988)

Aaand one more thing-

Peter Jackson is back on board to direct the Hobbit. *quietly does a little dance*


Add the www.

Woo hoo!


Puck - Dec 18, 2007 5:27 pm (#1590 of 2988)

Fresh bread sound wonderful!

Sheila, yes, you earned the nap.

More biscotti to bake. Just got home from Nativity play practice. Started rough, but I think it should go fine. I just have to decide if I have time to make a smaller costume for Toddler, as she is much smaller than the other sheep.


Denise P. - Dec 18, 2007 5:41 pm (#1591 of 2988)

I survived 8 Tigers and parents coming over to decorate cookies. It went very well although Mr. Denise, who hid upstairs, said it sounded totally insane down here. We had a minor cookie disaster though, one reindeer died. As I was pulling it out of the oven, I touched my arm on the door and jerked away.(Minor injury, my arm is not even red) The reindeer were on parchment paper and one went flying off the tray and fell between the oven door and the drawer, totally ruined. The little guy who it belonged to was okay with it and didn't want to make a replacement but I felt badly.

We did cookies and drank some cider. They were here less than an hour so it worked out well.


Lady Nagini - Dec 18, 2007 5:57 pm (#1592 of 2988)

Hi, everyone! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I'm back - for how long, I don't know. I'm currently procrastinating on studying for my organic chemistry final, though.

It's good to see some names I recognize!


shepherdess - Dec 18, 2007 6:15 pm (#1593 of 2988)

I remember you. Welcome back. Hope you can stay a while.


painting sheila - Dec 18, 2007 7:27 pm (#1594 of 2988)

Hi Lady Nagini - I don't think we've met. Hi!Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Oldest Kids choir concert was tonight and Oldest Son had a solo. He did such a good job!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org So proud.

Thank you journeymom.

I think I am off to bed. the nap today did nothing but make me want more. I hope I am not getting sick!


Solitaire - Dec 18, 2007 11:15 pm (#1595 of 2988)

Congratulations on all the babies, Soli's niece ... Chemyst, my niece had a baby boy, 9 lb. 1 oz. and 22.5 inches long. His name is Cristian, and he is beautiful! I'm a proud auntie ... and great-auntie!

Kabloink, I heard more non-driving weather may be headed to the Mid-west!

About that nasty old principal ... he certainly should know who you are by now. Our principal knows all of the student teachers on campus. Doesn't your guy ever talk to you? About the "relaxed atmosphere" ... I don't mind if the kids put their heads down on the desk when I read to them (as long as they do not fall asleep). I sit on a tall stool when I'm doing something that lends itself to that--like reading to the kids--but I don't think I would put my feet up when a class is in session. You probably should get used to people popping into your classroom unannounced. It's happened everywhere I've taught. My principal frequently pops into all of our classrooms unannounced, and so does our superintendent. It's important to be perceived as a professional, so I wouldn't do anything with the kids that you wouldn't do with your principal in the room ... really. Putting your feet up isn't a major faux pas, but I'd save that for the lounge or my prep. An exception might be if you have big easy chair and ottoman in your classroom just for reading times (I know a few lower-grade teachers who do). JM2K, of course ... others may feel differently.

Well, I need to get up really early and go to work, so ... time for bed! Bonne nuit!



Mrs. Sirius - Dec 18, 2007 11:29 pm (#1596 of 2988)


Soli, I can't imagine 2 teachers watching 300 kids! In our elementary school the only 2 grades have lunch recess at a time. There around 50-55 kids per grades and there are 2-3 teachers and 1-2 paras. This year they have gone one step further and during morning recess when the entire school is out, the little kids play on the playground the older kids play on the fields.

We have a PPT first thing in the morning...urrggg


Elanor - Dec 19, 2007 12:39 am (#1597 of 2988)

Well, it is a "lovely" -12°C here this morning, something like 15°F I believe. We've been (literally) freezing for days now! It's sunny during the day but temperatures remain below 0°C all day long. It is quite pretty because everything is white with frost, frost which doesn't melt, still... it would be less cold if it were snowing, lol!

Sending many Strengthening Charms to all teachers still 'on the deck' these days. I'm sharing your pain, lol! Special hugs to Kristina, don't let principals or other inspectors affect you. Sometimes, I would love to just be able to answer them: "Fine! If it's that's easy, you do it! I'll sit there and watch." Actually, I'm sure it would do them a lot of good from time to time. We could call that "Administrative Folks Experience Real Life" day and have it once a year (I'm not sure their nerves would handle more than that ). A nice thought, huh?

When I read to the first graders, sometimes they stay at their tables and I sit on a tool I put on the small "platform" that is in front of the blackboard. I have also put some low benches in the back in the classroom (forming a "U" shape with them) and sometimes they sit there and I sit on a low chair to read at their level. They like that the best because I can show them the book's pics more easily. They tend to annoy their neighbors or swing their legs all the time that way though (also to annoy neighbors mind you) so you have to stop reading more often. They know I'll stop reading if they don't behave so it's okay most of the time though.

Congratulations to all the young artists performing well these days and happy cooking charms to all! I think I'm going to bake a few cookies too today. I first had a 3 hour meeting scheduled for this morning which has been postponed to after Christmas break. I'm SO thankful it has been, lol!

Have a great day all!



Tazzygirl - Dec 19, 2007 1:16 am (#1598 of 2988)

Soli- I say hi to the principal every single day. For awhile he was asking me in the mornings who I was subbing for. I always responded that I was Mrs. M's student teacher. He would say "Ooooh, that's right. Have a good day!" and that would be it. I totally understand that the principal and various other people will be popping into my classroom unannounced all the time to see what is going on, but this particular instance kind of caught me off guard- the teacher wasn't there, we had a sub. They had come into the classroom to see how the benchmarks and standards were posted up everywhere. As for putting my feet up, this was the first day ever that I did that. The classrooms here are so much more relaxed than on the Mainland, and it really isn't uncommon for the teachers to do that while reading. Normally, this principal really could care less about teachers putting their feet up, I think it was mainly because the district lady was there. In any case, we have two days left of the quarter. w00t!

The class Christmas party is tomorrow (or today, depending on the time zones! ). We decided for activities there would be a game/puzzle section, a gift wrapping/card making section, a Christmas tree making section, and then a Snowman Soup making area. Should be fun!



Potteraholic - Dec 19, 2007 4:29 am (#1599 of 2988)

Less than a week 'til Christmas!

And after today, 2 more days of school before vacation!


Good Evans - Dec 19, 2007 5:23 am (#1600 of 2988)

its cold, cold cold COLD in the south of England. So Sheila, make sure you pack really warm!!! Seriously I have not driven to or from work this week in "plus" temperatures.

Congratulations to all the baby additions to the families. Always good news when a new potty is brought in to the world!

charms to Soli and Kristina and everyone else struggling with Christmas deccies etc. I have all presents bought / mailed / wrapped and under tree etc etc. stockings with Santa for delivery!

As for severed heads in church, we had them last week (rubber whole head mask type things) for our nativity where herod proved to be quite a vile villain. almost pantomime, quite disturbing really.

Ah well - I've not dropped off the planet, but Like Tazzy I am finding it difficult to get here at the moment **waves to all, and sends many christmas wishes**
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John Bumbledore - Dec 19, 2007 6:50 am (#1601 of 2988)

Chemyst - I will be checking all owls for Cookie Breath when they return!! Maybe I should try Snail Mail in stead of Owl Mail? by Sheila (the self proclaimed slug)

who would want cookies with Snail slime on em?
Though, if you don't mind me saying, blue is a nice color on you.


Denise P. - Dec 19, 2007 7:29 am (#1602 of 2988)

Since I survived 8 six year olds decorating cookies last night, I decided to attempt this with my own brood. Last time this was attempted, it quickly became a not pretty sight and we have not tried it since. I think the key here is to have everything set so all they have to do is decorate, I can forget about the family harmony of actually mixing the dough first

I plan to do sugar cookies, monster cookies, chocolate mint cookies and chocolate covered pretzel wheels. Since I have two cookie scoops, a few of them can scoop the monster cookies and chocolate mint cookies while others are decorating the sugar cookies and dipping pretzel wheels. The chocolate mint cookies will be made using a devils food cake mix (mix, 1/3 c oil/butter, 2 eggs) and Andes mint bits. I found a pizza pan works really well for baking cookies, I can get a load of cookies on there (more than a cookie sheet) and my oven fits 2 pizza pans!

Now, I am off to begin the wrapping of presents that I have collecting in various points around the house. I was so excited yesterday to find a car for Rhys. They are called Car-nivores and they pop out into animals. I looked at Toys R Us, none. I looked online at Amazon but they were over $30!! eBay was marginally better but still close to $20 with shipping. Target had 3 of the 4 for $7.99. We are only missing the shark but got the tiger, the cobra and the t-rex. These are such cool cars.


painting sheila - Dec 19, 2007 7:43 am (#1603 of 2988)

John - You crack me up!! Ewww! Cookies with slime. No thank you!


John Bumbledore - Dec 19, 2007 7:57 am (#1604 of 2988)

I think I'd take Cookies with slime before that cake the cat "cooked up" in it's very own box.

DON'T Google the kitty litter cake! I'll warn you now. I still have shivers from seeing that.

She, I hope you have caught up on your much needed (meaning earned) naps.

I am wondering if anyone has "Snail" or "Slug" slimed cookie recipes... off to Google it! LOL

Edited again: nope, no one has yet thought to put clear jelly glaze across cookies with a snail or slug theme. **add sound effect of Yukon Cornelius saying "(taste, taste) Nothing!"**


Solitaire - Dec 19, 2007 8:04 am (#1605 of 2988)

I have all presents bought / mailed / wrapped and under tree etc etc. stockings with Santa for delivery!

It's not nice to brag, Julie. I still have about 15 people for whom to buy, and I will not be free until about 9 p.m. on Friday. Oh, well ... I can do it all on Saturday. I love a challenge. (Not really ... but I tell myself I do.) I'd planned to do a few things tonight--and I still may, if I can find a parking place at the shopping center in the neighborhood--but I have to come home and make dinner for my niece. I promised. She's getting that Tater-tot Casserole ... although I did cheat and brown the ground turkey and onions last night. I figure it will be ready in about an hour that way.

Okay, I'm off to join the rat race!



painting sheila - Dec 19, 2007 8:42 am (#1606 of 2988)

What a great idea John! It's top on my list for the cookie exchange next year!

I have yet to Google the Kitty Litter Cake . . do I dare?

I have cleaned the house a little and now am off to shop. I have this delusion that I am done, but when I look at my list - Holy cow!! I have a ton left to do!! Want me to pick up some things for you Soli?Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Yuck!! I couldn't leave well enough alone and looked at the Kitty Litter Cake! Ewww!! I just wish I had some "friends" I could take it too. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Littlest Guy has Shark Teeth and I have no idea how to loosen his baby teeth. The permanent teeth are all the way in and his baby teeth are just as tight as they can be in his mouth. I cringe at the thought of taking him to the dentist and having them pulled. I guess I need to just sit a wiggle them for him when we're reading or watching tv. He is really good at brushing in between the two rows! Funny to watch!Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


journeymom - Dec 19, 2007 9:04 am (#1607 of 2988)

Hello, Lady Nagini! Nice to meet you. Actually, I bet I know why you haven't been around much.... You were too ashamed of what you'd done to Professor Snape. Joke! Lame Joke!

Seriously I have not driven to or from work this week in "plus" temperatures.[


Didn't we discuss Kitty Litter cake back around Halloween?? I couldn't resist the temptation to google it then, either. Insert Sheila's green sick smilie here.

Ack! 8:04! Time to get shoes on and go!


Denise P. - Dec 19, 2007 9:42 am (#1608 of 2988)

I remember you Lady Nagini, welcome back!

Sheila, I have one with shark teeth. She pointed it out to me yesterday but the one in front is loose so it should come out on its own. By the way, with all the cookies you bake, I think you should share your recipes

Some of the kitty litter cakes are seriously more gross than others. Having actually eaten some of one, they are really good if you once all the "goodies" have been taken off by the kids.

An update on my patch saga. If you recall, I placed an order for patches way back in early November. I have red vests for my boys and ordered fun patches to put on them. I called several weeks ago to ask where it was and was told the parade patch was on back order but due to be shipped. Still not here. I just got a call from the place, a new girl working there is trying to clear back orders. The patch I wanted is no longer available, they don't have enough of the alternate patch and the only other parade patch says 06 on it I just had them change it to a Holiday Fun patch instead. Of course, even if I get them this week, it is too late for me to give them to the boys for Christmas. Oh well, they will get them at our next den meeting. Now I need to go look at the other patch sites to get a parade patch for the 4 boys who took part in it.


Puck - Dec 19, 2007 11:58 am (#1609 of 2988)

A moment of silence for Denise's fallen reindeer.

Yeah to Sheila's Oldest for a wonderful solo performance.

Sheila, I never heard of that happening! I've seen children who lose a tooth and it takes ages for the adult tooth to grow in, but never saw one who had the adult teeth grow in before the baby teeth fell out. Good luck with that!

Biscotti is done, but now I need to get them into the little boxes along with tea bags and hot chocolate packets. Actually, I need to go do one right away, as I need to give it to the piano teacher this afternoon. Others go to school tomorrow, along with snickerdoodles (whcih I still need to bake) for Diva's class party. Perhaps having lunch out with the other swim class moms and tots today wasn't such a good idea.



Holly T. - Dec 19, 2007 12:15 pm (#1610 of 2988)

Welcome back to Lady Nagini!

WTG Sheila's Oldest on the solo!

I addressed all of the Christmas cards last night and finished the Christmas letter, which dh had copied today (apparently it is getting rave reviews from the print shop and his co-workers). We watched the first part of the last episode of Survivor. Then I got all the presents ready for the Girl Scout troop party tonight.

We gave the drum teacher and piano teacher some Cub Scout popcorn for their gifts. All of daughter's teachers are getting either Cajun snack mix or cranberry walnut snack mix from the Girl Scout fall fundraiser.

I had to finish cleaning off the shelves in my office as they're being moved down the hall this afternoon. My new office is just a few doors down so one of my co-workers helped me move stuff in there. Apparently the movers will move filing cabinets that are full but not the lateral files, so I had to empty all of my lateral file drawers too. Since we've been in transition for a while they were pretty empty already. The movers are currently clattering around in the hall. Oh! They just came in and said they were supposed to move 9 shelves in her and then take the 3 out that are already here. I showed them a copy I have of the work order, which says the 9 shelves are supposed to go to the first floor. Who knows where all of the furniture will end up?


Catherine - Dec 19, 2007 1:00 pm (#1611 of 2988)

Hello to all.

My 8th graders are currently viewing OOP in my classroom today. We're definitely slackers.

Fifteen more minutes until time to go on holiday break...

But who's counting?


journeymom - Dec 19, 2007 4:35 pm (#1612 of 2988)

Christmas cards are finished and in the mail! I spent the whole day on them. It's been a few years since I did Christmas cards. I made these myself. It was so nice to just sit there and clip paper and stamp cards. I found a cute stamp of a penguin holding a glass up in a toast of Christmas good cheer. No mad shopping or running around today. I didn't go anywhere.

Now to figure out what's for dinner.

Have a fine rest of the day, All!


Mediwitch - Dec 19, 2007 6:08 pm (#1613 of 2988)

Hi again! Wow, I have really missed being here...I have no idea what I was thinking, taking 9 college credits, working full time and moving, all at the same time, but I survived! We are officially "in" the new house, but there are more boxes in the basement than I like to think about. I keep telling Mr. Mediwitch if they aren't open in a year, they're going to the dump unopened! I also finished my class to be an Emergency Medical Services Instructor; now I just have to teach under an "experienced" instructor for 25 hours...seems stupid when I already have a state educator's certificate!

I've only got two more presents to wrap, and the laundry is more or less caught up, and there's only a day and a half left of school, so after I sent an email to Maria, Kathy, and Sheila   **waves**   I decided to spend the rest of the evening catching up on the Potterverse. I visited Jo's site and got all the new updates, downloaded the latest PotterCast to listen to as I drive between schools tomorrow, and here I am! I did not, however, read 1,220 posts on this thread! I can't wait to browse the rest of the threads and find out what's been going on. See you soon!

EDIT: Wow, I still have the hollyhock avatar...last time I was here there was a moratorium on changing avatars...looks like that was lifted, so I'll have to find a new one.


Choices - Dec 19, 2007 6:41 pm (#1614 of 2988)

Welcome back Mediwitch. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and the new house. So good to have you back on the forum.


Solitaire - Dec 19, 2007 8:07 pm (#1615 of 2988)

Hey, Mediwitch! Great to see you. Congratulations on all of the good things you've been doing.

Fifteen more minutes until time to go on holiday break ... But who's counting? **sigh** I guess I am. I still have 2 more days to go, and the kids are driving me nuts. I may drag out my OLD version of A Christmas Carol and try to keep them quiet tomorrow. Perfect and progressive tenses just aren't captivating them. I can't understand why.

Sheila, I wish it were possible for you to do my shopping (I hate going to the mall). Actually, I got lucky just now. My Tater-tot Casserole was in the oven and just minutes from being taken over to my niece when she called to say they had to go out to Target for a few things and would swing by here and pick up the food. I'm just sorry that it will need to be reheated a little. It is ready to eat right now and is just perfect-looking. Anyway, she is going to pick up a couple of things for me from Target, which will help with my Christmas errands. I'm not sure why she wouldn't let me pick up what she needed--I offered, since I'd planned to go anyway--but she said she had to do it.

Well, I need to do a few things ... like put up my feet and collapse! Enjoy your evenings, everyone!



painting sheila - Dec 19, 2007 9:18 pm (#1616 of 2988)

Yeah Mediwitch is back!! wooHoo!! We have missed you. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org



journeymom - Dec 19, 2007 10:42 pm (#1617 of 2988)

I'm not sure why she wouldn't let me pick up what she needed--I offered, since I'd planned to go anyway--but she said she had to do it.

That's easy, her house is a mess and she doesn't want you to see it.


shepherdess - Dec 19, 2007 10:55 pm (#1618 of 2988)

And what she's picking up may be a gift for you.


Good Evans - Dec 20, 2007 1:27 am (#1619 of 2988)

not intending to brag Solitaire  **hem hem**   I am only done as I gave up a full saturday to wrap these blasted things, and also I think we suffer a bit in UK with more stringent postal times. Today is the last day for first class letters post, but last friday was the last day (although I was told that monday would be OK) for parcel post, So we have to be a bit earlier, in being shopped and wrapped. Also being obsessed about tidyness I can't wrap a few bits and keep coming back to them, leaving paper and stuff all over the place in between (unlike everyone else in my house) its all at once or no one gets anything wrapped!

I finish work today for xmas, but again I have no free time as the whirl of families and friends starts (and I am at the bluebell tomorrow volunteering) so it HAD to be done. There is also this fabulous overwhelming feeling of freedom that besides veggies and salad stuff I don't have to step foot in a shop for another week!!! HOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY

happy shopping all those who are not so fortunate. And if you love shopping this time of year, have a great time!!

welcome back mediwitch, I wondered where you had got to !

arm still hurts, two weeks of pills and no difference really, but then with present buying and tree lugging and shopping carrying, I haven't really rested it have I? I wonder if the doc will give me a few more weeks worth of anti inflammatories? worth a try I suppose!

There was lots of stuff about your wonderful and talented children, so I will give a general - Jolly well done!! - to all who deserve and are feeling particularly proud of kidlets and their accomplishments, from solo's to nativity plays!


The giant squid - Dec 20, 2007 7:39 am (#1620 of 2988)

there are more boxes in the basement than I like to think about. I keep telling Mr. Mediwitch if they aren't open in a year, they're going to the dump unopened!—Mediwitch

A healthy attitude--if you haven't needed it in a year, you can live without it. Sadly, there's a part of my brain that simply refuses to comprehend this logic, and so I still have boxes from three moves ago...



PatPat - Dec 20, 2007 8:02 am (#1621 of 2988)

Hey all. I've loved reading about everyone's holiday plans! This is one of my favorite times of year. I'm so glad the forum is here. I'm stuck at home with pneumonia and I'm about pulling my hair out. Pitfalls of being a teacher. Germ city! I haven't even finished all of my shopping, so I'm panicking a little over that! Not to mention I'm worried my students are giving the substitute a hard time! LOL. Oh well. Only two more days of school and then we are off until the 7th. ***sigh*** I just hope I'm better before Christmas. It'd be a shame to miss my mom's Shepherd's Pie! Yum! Good Evans, I hope your arm feels better!


Solitaire - Dec 20, 2007 8:02 am (#1622 of 2988)

That's easy, her house is a mess and she doesn't want you to see it.

I don't think so, Journeymom. My nieces both have homes that are pretty much always in drop-in shape. The young one, like me, may leave the bed unmade once in a while, but that's about it. Hubby is very neat and organized, too. My niece has always been rather a gad-about, so perhaps she is getting "cabin fever" and wanted to get out of the house.

I was watching for them and had things loaded up to take out to the car, but they got out and came in and visited for a while ... and I got to hold the Angel the entire time. It's hard to believe he is over 9 lbs. ... he feels like a little feather.

if you haven't needed it in a year, you can live without it.

Yeah, I've heard that a lot, too. Don't believe everything you hear. I've lived to seriously regret a couple of tosses made under those conditions. One had to do with an old school paper--the final project for a class I took at the local CSU. Suffice it to say that some lost records caused a lot of grief for a few of us, and being able to lay my hands on the projects and papers from the class would have made my life easier.

Julie, I might be more timely if I had to mail things. I have only one package that must go overseas, and that one was at the top of my list. I'm going in with my sister on a few gifts, and that will save some shopping time and energy, as well. I have probably 10-15 people left on my list, but 4 of them have requested gift cards to Target (easy for me), and a couple are getting restaurant gift certificates (my massage therapist, hair stylist, yard man, etc.). Only about 4 require going to actual stores to shop, and only one of those will really be hard. I think I can do most of it on Saturday. I sure hope so!

Well, time to head out to school. Have a great Thursday, everyone! For those who are still in school ... JUST TWO MORE DAYS! Yippeeeeeee!



Denise P. - Dec 20, 2007 9:23 am (#1623 of 2988)

That's easy, her house is a mess and she doesn't want you to see it.

I have seen this in more than one place: If you are coming to see me, drop by anytime. If you are coming to see my house, please make an appointment

My house looks like 7 kids, a dog and 2 adults live in it. It is not dirty but it tends to have stuff on the floor (toys, socks etc) I can get it in shape fairly quickly (15 min) but it doesn't bother me to have people show up and I have a pile of laundry on the couch that I am folding or if I am in the middle of sweeping.

Whee! I made it to the post office, the mall and Sam's in under 90 minutes and got everything I needed. I love the automatic machine at the post office that weighs and prints postage out for you, no need to stand in line.


John Bumbledore - Dec 20, 2007 1:35 pm (#1624 of 2988)

To those who are returning, welcome back. To those who are here for the first time, welcome.
And how ever you say it where you live...

Happy Holidays.
Merry Christmas.
Joyeux Noël (Elenor, Septentrion et al.)
Feliz Navidad (or is this for Septentrion et al.? )
Fröhliche Weihnachten (Die, Detail seeker, et al.)
Hyvää joulua (Finish)
Glædelig jul (Danish, would you know this Mare? Martja [sorry, I am sure I misspelled your name] et al.)
Buon Natale
Mele Kalikimaka(Tazzy, do you know this one?)
Happy Hanukkah, Chag Sameach, or Gut Yontiff
Nollaig Shona Duit
S'Rozhdestvom Kristovym! (? ?????????? ?????????!) (Hoping this one cover Croatian and eastern Europe, **waves to Lina, Kate(y), et al.)
et al

Special thanks to Wikipedia for providing the non-English holiday greetings.

May all your holidays be merry and bright! I will not be back until after Christmas. **Waves**



painting sheila - Dec 20, 2007 2:42 pm (#1625 of 2988)

Here's for John - Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org (It's Pumpkin Juice in the glass of course!)

Busy day. Oldest Son was kicked in the elbow from behind and hyper extended his arm. I spent the majority of the day in doctors' office and the xray place trying to decide if there is a break. We don't think there is but I think he is going to milk it for awhile!



Choices - Dec 20, 2007 4:11 pm (#1626 of 2988)

John, you forgot one....Merry Christmas, ya'll. :-) Well, it's Southern, for goodness sake. LOL


Puck - Dec 20, 2007 5:14 pm (#1627 of 2988)

Healing charms to Julie's arm, and Sheila's Oldest Son's arm as well.

Healing charms to Patpat.

The teachers have their gifts, cookies were at school for Diva's party, and I remembered to attend two holiday concerts at the school today. Shoveled several more inches of snow off the driveway between shows. (There's another inch out there already. ) The kids were cute. The only bad part of the concerts was that the boy that stood in front of my Son was the largest in the class. Son is one of the smallest. Even with Son standing on a riser, this boy towered about him. Needless to say I could barely see my kid. You'd think pure logic would dictate they not put the tallest kids in front.

Okay, laundry to do and things to clean and wrap. In-laws arrive on Saturday. They just told me they have so much stuff they have to take the van instead of the car. I just hope they plan to take a fair amount home with them.



Tazzygirl - Dec 20, 2007 6:55 pm (#1628 of 2988)

School is finally out! I celebrated by coming home and completely passing out. lol

**healing charms** to JulieGE and Sheila's son!

John- Mele Kalikimaka (Tazzy, do you know this one?)

Yup! Here's the song: (and for those who can't figure out how to say it, it's May-lay Kah-lee-kee-mah-kah. )

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day
That's the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way
To say "Merry Christmas to you."

Off to clean and straighten up my place- haven't had a chance to clean it for awhile now.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Madam Pince - Dec 20, 2007 8:08 pm (#1629 of 2988)

Bye John! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Welcome back Lady Nagini and Mediwitch! Woo-hoo! You've both been missed! (Oh, and Mediwitch -- I don't think the avatar moratorium has been lifted technically. We had one or two weekends there where we were allowed a 24-hour period or something to make changes, but after that time, we're back to the standard of "don't-change-anything-or-you'll-mess-WX-all-up" I believe. ) Congratulations on the move! New house for Christmas... suh-weet!

I have tons I want to say, but I think I have a sinus infection as my head feels like it's about to explode, so I'm cutting it short. (***hears sighs of relief***) I'm not stuffy at all, but my face feels like I'm wearing a Death Eater mask that's about five sizes too small.

Little Pince's class party was today, and the teacher was praising him for being so quiet and patient and good, so naturally I went over and felt his forehead... Yup -- he had a fever. 101.2 -- perfect, just in time for the weekend before Christmas. I think I'm going to keep him out of school tomorrow and take him to the doctor to get a strep test -- they can't be doing too much in class tomorrow I wouldn't think, and a week or so ago there were four kids in his class with strep which apparently can have a week-10 day incubation period, sooooo... We have two sickies here. Tons to do still -- I don't have time for this!

On the plus side, I did get all 150+ Christmas cards done in about two days and mailed out while the first numeral in the date was still a "1" instead of a "2." The house looks like a hurricane hit it, but I'll think about that tomorrow after my head finishes exploding...

I am in awe of all you people who've done all this fancy baking... congratulations!

Lovely family picture, Denise!

OK, that's all I can remember. See everyone soon hopefully, and have a good RotD in the meantime!


Loopy Lupin - Dec 20, 2007 8:39 pm (#1630 of 2988)

Hello all! It's been a while, so I hope everyone is well here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (belated), a Solemn Ramadan (very belated), and a Kwazy Kwanzaa!


Mediwitch - Dec 20, 2007 8:42 pm (#1631 of 2988)

there's a part of my brain that simply refuses to comprehend this logic, and so I still have boxes from three moves ago... the giant squid.

Mr. Mediwitch definitely shares your approach - I thought he was going to cry when I said that!

We had an interesting fire call tonight...a train blew some embers out and caught the construction debris in one of the cars on fire. The fire was so hot in the car that the end of the car was glowing red.


jose043 - Dec 20, 2007 9:59 pm (#1632 of 2988)

Hi All

To all the teachers & student teachers counting down the days to holiday time with no FERAL KIDS to teach for the length of time you get off over the Christmas New Year break.

We have all Christmas & Birthday shopping done, some decorations to put up, little tree goes up on the back patio Christmas Day. Most likely get the decorations done to night. All Christmas cards & over sea cards have been done & sent mid November for my over seas ones & the 12th December for all the ones in Australia.

Marry Christmas to you all & Happy New Year.

Josephine & Anne.

Little Werewolves of London


Solitaire - Dec 20, 2007 10:18 pm (#1633 of 2988)

teachers counting down the days to holiday time with no FERAL KIDS to teach

However did you know? Mine were positively wild today. I could blame it on the weather, but the truth is that they are just out-of-control. I hope they calm down after the holidays. The end of the school day tomorrow can't come soon enough for me! **yawning** I think it's time for bed.

TGIF, everyone ... well, almost!



PeskyPixie - Dec 20, 2007 10:25 pm (#1634 of 2988)

Let's not forget a belated Happy Diwali while we're at it! The Death Eaters certainly remembered it on the Games thread.

I've been busy lately, scampering around to get Christmas preparations completed on time. There were twenty-three non-family/close friends gifts (i.e. for doctors, hairdressers, neighbours, professors, colleagues) which I single-handedly wrapped, carded and sent out on the appropriate day. The last seven go out tomorrow. Whew!

Cards were on schedule (88 this year, so I take my hat off to Madam Pince, although mine were written in calligraphy )

Cards and treats for my mom's schoolkids have gone to school today. Tomorrow I'll just need to slice the cheese for the cheese and crackers platter at their X-mas party. I've got the day off so that shouldn't be a problem.

The entire house has been decked and looks beautiful, if I may say so myself. (The stuffed animals in my room are all proudly showing off their burgundy bows!) Mother Nature has completed the entire effect with the crazy blizzard we were 'blessed' with last week. The snow is piled up to my shoulders on either side on the driveway. We had to dig out the sections of our yard which are decorated with Christmas lights! But it does look quite pretty.

Shopping for family and close friends was given its final touches today. Everything is wrapped. Friends's gifts are under the tree while family gifts wait for Christmas Eve in their hiding spots! (Not much of 'hiding spots' really . We all know where everything is hidden, but we keep out of one another's privacy this time of year!). Just a few stocking stuffers left for this weekend.

AND I've gone on with my life without falling behind as well. ***listens for applause***

Oh, I completely forgot about the food drive donation! I must do it first thing tomorrow. I'm really cutting it close this year. At least I made my Santa Claus Fund, toy drive and animal shelter donations on time.

I've been in the habit of baking up a storm during the festive season since I was fifteen years old, however, this year I decided to just be a supporting actor in the kitchen to my mom's lead. I'm quite enjoying the break, though I am disappointing everyone who waits for my ginger cookies each year. Ah, tell 'em to bake their own cookies! I'm off to read a Christmas book before I go to sleep!

Merry Christmas to all, just in case I don't get a chance to drop by before the 25th ... but I probably will!


PatPat - Dec 20, 2007 11:20 pm (#1635 of 2988)

Thanks for the healing charms, Puck. I actually ended up in the hospital today with the pneumonia, so I hope your healing charms work. I have hijacked the phone line in my room so I can check the Forum. Am I obsessed?? Yes! But my forum friends are about the only people I can talk to from the hospital at 1:30 in the morning! Happy holidays to all! Hopefully I will be out of here by the 24th!


PeskyPixie - Dec 20, 2007 11:35 pm (#1636 of 2988)

Oh, dear. Healing Charms to you, PatPat. Sleep as much as possible to let your body and medical science work their magic. You'll be in my thoughts. We have just got to 'will' you better by Christmas Eve. I'll send you my House-Elf to keep you company and fuss over you ... just don't give him any clothes.


geauxtigers - Dec 20, 2007 11:49 pm (#1637 of 2988)

Oo, I hope you get feel better, Patpat! My friend got pneumonia a few weeks ago, but she's better now, and her x-rays were super cool. You could see her heart and the pneumonia on her lung! It was cool, but anyway, feel better soon!

I've got some sort of sinus crap too. I can feel my sinuses throbbing, even below my eyes, which hardly ever happens. Could be because the weather can't decide if it wants to be cold or hot. But it'll be cold for Christmas, so that's good!

My math exam was really easy. I finished in as hour. One semester down! AHHHH!

Well, I'm a bit tired, Ginny and I just played a hard core game of Monopoly. I had hotels on Park Place and Board Walk. When she couldn't pay 2000 dollars, we quit I won!

Hope everyone is well!


Tazzygirl - Dec 21, 2007 12:26 am (#1638 of 2988)

Oooh, PatPat! I hope you get home by the 24th! sending massive ***HEALING CHARMS*** in your direction!

I cleaned my place up- organized most of everything. Sometime during the break I need to go through all my files and get that all straightened. I would like to have one folder for lesson plans, and activities divided up for each subject. I tried doing that throughout the semester, but it didn't happen. So everything from the past year and a half is all jumbled together.

I still have 11 more Christmas cards to write. I don't want to do it. I am seriously thinking of not sending any out this year- no motivation and just want to watch tv or read. sigh. I am going to the post office before work tomorrow to mail off my parents' christmas presents. Sheesh. This is so not me! I'm usually done with everything now! LOL (**really jealous of those that sent out 100+ cards already. )

Maybe I'll just go to bed, get up early, finish the cards, and then go to work.



Detail Seeker - Dec 21, 2007 2:17 am (#1639 of 2988)

As John already made a comprehensive collection of Christmas Greeting (thank you very much, John, have happy holidays yourself!)
I just want to add
Happy Solstice!
May the longer days come back to the northern hemishphere and may the southern not suffer too much from the now shorter days. Tomorrow my girl friend and I will fly to visit my parents,return on 25th to feast with her parents. So, I will be back online after 26th. Have a good time, everybody!


PatPat - Dec 21, 2007 3:53 am (#1640 of 2988)

Thanks for the healing charms everyone. Maybe all of your combined magic will get me home by Christmas Eve! Where's Madam Pomfrey when you need her? I hope you feel better too, Tori! I know exactly what you mean about the weather! 2 days ago it was 40 degrees outside. Today it's supposed to be 80! As a math teacher, I am not sure how I feel about your exam being "easy." Perhaps it was just easy for you because you studied hard?!

I'm with you, Tazzy. The worst thing about being sick is I have not yet finished my shopping! I was planning on doing it this weekend. Well, there's that idea shot! I may have to give a bunch of IOU's! Well, better go before the nurse catches me with the phone line hooked up to my computer!


azi - Dec 21, 2007 5:51 am (#1641 of 2988)

Healing charms PatPat! I hope the hospital food isn't too horrible and you're out and well super soon! I'm impressed you could get Internet access at all.

Healing charms to everyone else (too many to name!).

Off Christmas shopping. Erk, methinks it will be busy!


jose043 - Dec 21, 2007 5:53 am (#1642 of 2988)

PatPat Healing charms to you hope you get over your pneumonia soon & get out of hospital by the 24th December.

Solitaire my Grandkids can be FERAL at times my son works at his daughter school he calls them scumbags so I suppose they are all feral at times.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Denise P. - Dec 21, 2007 6:48 am (#1643 of 2988)

Today is the last day of school and my two 5th graders have a Medieval Feast all day. Mr. Denise and I, along with 2 kidlets, are going to the commissary. He gets to have them in one car, well away from me, while I attempt to do the shopping. Normally I bring my iPod when I shop (keeping volume down low so I can hear what is going on but still hear my music...it also prevents me from accidently starting to sing aloud which my kids say I do when I do dishes) I plan to get the stuff to do all our christmas cookies.

This is going to be fun.

I still need to get a handful of grandfather presents...


Puck - Dec 21, 2007 6:51 am (#1644 of 2988)

Patpat, people will understand, and you can get good deals on gifts after Christmas. Relax and get better.

Tazzy, w00t to being done!

Deja vu this morning as I was shoveling the driveway. Seems as if I've already done that in the past 24 hours. It's going to be a loooonnnnng winter.

Need to make a grocery list and get to the store before the weekend craziness. Also need to go to Target and return hubby's gift. (The one I ordered from Amazon arrived. I ordered the second as it was $29 cheeper, and now to bring back the original.)

Kids are off to parties at school. Diva got to wear pajamas. They are watching Polar Express today.

Healing charms to the Pince's!

Mediwitch, I'll return that e-mail soon! So good to hear from you!



Loopy Lupin - Dec 21, 2007 8:09 am (#1645 of 2988)

Let's not forget a belated Happy Diwali while we're at it! -- Pesky Pixie

Ooops! Yes, I hope everyone had a belated, Bright Diwali!

I actually celebrated that one back in November with some Indian friends. We had tandoori chicken, lamb chops, and samosas! It was pretty fun.


Holly T. - Dec 21, 2007 8:54 am (#1646 of 2988)

Now I am hungry for Indian food ...

Healing charms to PatPat!

Welcome back to Mediwitch!

Kathy, isn't there some kind of charm you can use on your driveway?

Healing charms to the Pinces!

Dh put half of the Christmas cards in the mail today. The rest will go out tomorrow after we buy more stamps. We also have one gift we need to mail. Ok, so it may not get there by Christmas, but dh's grandmother will be happy when she gets it as it will be accompanied by new pictures of her great-grandkids.

I think I will just take my hairdresser a gift when I go see her in January. Son and I will probably bake some bread or cookies this weekend to take to the neighbors. I haven't felt like baking this year.

I have to empty out my desk and move everything down the hall. I am not sure which office I am supposed to go to after the holidays. I guess I will be officially moved when they move the desk and computer. But I don't have a key for the new office. I guess I will get me one at some point. Given that I work for a university, there is probably paperwork involved.


Potteraholic - Dec 21, 2007 10:43 am (#1647 of 2988)

Two hours ten minutes 'til school's out for the holidays!

Three and a half days til Christmas!

Sorry to hear about everyone who's sick. Get well soon!


Puck - Dec 21, 2007 11:15 am (#1648 of 2988)

Grocery store had weekend crowds this morning. Hate to think what it will be like tomorrow and Sunday. I hopefully got everything I need and won't need to go back until after Christmas.

Holly, I've tried to make the driveway "impervious", but it hasn't worked yet. If it get beyond 5 or 6 inches, then Hubby pulles out the snowblower, but it's not worth dragging it out for just a few inches. At least it's fresh air and exercise. (I never made it to the gym this week, and next week isn't looking good, either.)

Time to do some wrapping and cleaning. (Last chance to wrap hubby's gifts before he's home on vacation.)


shepherdess - Dec 21, 2007 12:51 pm (#1649 of 2988)

Puck, shoveling snow is hard work and it takes a lot of muscle. After your previous post, I was thinking "she's gonna have some incredible muscles by the time winter is over". Now I know; you go to the gym--you already have the muscles! lol.

Tazzy, thanks for posting the words to Mele Kalikimaka. I learned the song when I lived in Hawaii, but as that's been years, I had forgotten some of it, and I felt bad for the loss. Now you've restored my memory!


Madam Pince - Dec 21, 2007 1:41 pm (#1650 of 2988)

...although mine were written in calligraphy—PeskyPixie

Hmmmmm... mine were written in chickenscratch. Seriously, ***applause*** for doing 88 calligraphied cards! And all the other stuff, too! Woo-hoo!

I had hotels on Park Place and Board Walk. When she couldn't pay 2000 dollars, we quit; I won! --Tori

Are you sure your last name isn't Potter? Not as in James/Lily/Harry, but as in Mr. Potter of It's A Wonderful Life? You real-estate mogul, you!

PatPat, I'm so sorry to hear you're in the hospital with pneumonia! That is just not fair this close to Christmas. Although to look on the bright side, as someone else said, you have a cast-iron excuse for giving gifts after Christmas, and thus being able to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales! Hope you feel better soon!

Good to see you, Detail Seeker and Loopy Lupin! Happy Holidays to each of you! (I had not heard of Diwali, incidentally, until last week when Little Pince's class read about it and brought home a craft of the little oil lamps that are part of the celebration -- they were quite neat!)

Well, we went to the doctor this morning, and sure enough it was strep throat, with a side of scarlet fever rash to go along with it. Actually, it's not all that bad, I suppose -- I think I'd take this over a long-lasting cold. With antibiotics he should be non-contagious and feeling fine in 24-hours. He doesn't even have all that much of a sore throat, just more like feverish and lethargic. The thing is, he's so sweet when he's sick! He's all cooperative and patient and loving and cuddly! Of course, that enables him to get lots of pampering in the way of Sno-balls, ice cream, etc. I'm feeling a bit better myself --- headache seems to have abated and all I'm doing is clearing my throat constantly, which makes everyone think I'm annoyed with them.

OK, off to assist with building a Thomas the Tank Engine track. With lots of Christmas stuff still to do, I nevertheless can't resist the "sick puppy-dog eyes" and the "Please Mama will you help me?" I'm such a pushover...[/i][/i]
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Puck - Dec 21, 2007 1:52 pm (#1651 of 2988)

I've heard the term Diwali, but don't know anything about it. Diva has been asking if we can celebrate Kwanza, as they learned a bit about it in school.

More healing charms to Little Pince, and a cough drop for his mother. (We don't want you sounding like Umbridge!)

Shepherdess, I have wrists that extend up to my shoulders, but I'm stronger than I look. This light fluffy stuff wasn't as bad as last week's ice. That was heavy work. Happily, temps will be above freezing for the next several days.


The giant squid - Dec 21, 2007 2:20 pm (#1652 of 2988)

Welcome back indeed to all our wayward Potties--Lady Nagini, Mediwitch, Loopy & Detail Seeker! Glad to hear you're all doing well despite your lack of Forum exposure.

Speaking of doing well, healing charms for PatPat. Pneumonia sucks any time of year, but this time especially. Hang in there!



Loopy Lupin - Dec 21, 2007 2:50 pm (#1653 of 2988)

Good to see you, Detail Seeker and Loopy Lupin!-- Madame Pince

Hey yourself! Things have been quite busy at work and so forth as it is quite time consuming to get criminals back on the street!

Hey Mike! Have a good Xmas!


painting sheila - Dec 21, 2007 3:17 pm (#1654 of 2988)

Oh! Patpat!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org I hope your doctor is kind and gentle with warm hands! Do exactly what they tell you! and no worries about Christmas!! You should get extra gifts for being sick.

Yeah! I think I am done with everything for Christmas. Now I have to worry about getting ready for England!

When I get a minute I will see what free time we have while there. I would love to meet up with anyone who has time. . . .Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org We are there from the 27th to the 3rd.

I have had a headache for two days. I can't seem to shake it. I can take something for it and it does that the edge off but it is just there . . . lurking . . ready to pounce. I am done being pounced upon. I want it to go away!

We are going to see National Treasure tonight. I loved the first one and hope this one lives up to it.


Choices - Dec 21, 2007 3:33 pm (#1655 of 2988)

Mercy, sounds like lots of people are ailing - OK, I'm concentrating extra hard so the healing charms I'm sending out should be really strong. Hope you all are well soon!


Madam Pince - Dec 21, 2007 4:31 pm (#1656 of 2988)

...it is quite time consuming to get criminals back on the street! –Loopy

But we as a society so appreciate it! What a blessing they will be home with family for the holidays! Thank you, thank you!

Sheila, I feel your pain. Seriously, I do. Zomig always works for me! Let us know how National Treasure is -- Mr. Pince and I have a date to go see it Sunday.

LOL, Puck -- I have been "hem-hem"-ing all day... Not wearing anything pink and fluffy, though, so maybe it won't be too confusing.


Solitaire - Dec 21, 2007 5:40 pm (#1657 of 2988)

I survived! It's Christmas vacation! Yippeeeee!!!

Poor PatPat! I hope Nurse Ratched doesn't confiscate your laptop! Do try to get some rest. I've had pneumonia before, and it stinks. **healing charms to you**

Josephine, I wouldn't call my kids scumbags ... but I would say that some of them are a bit uncivilized.

it is quite time consuming to get criminals back on the street! --Loopy
But we as a society so appreciate it! What a blessing they will be home with family for the holidays! --Madam Pince

Yes, and we only hope they stay with their families and do not bother giving their time and attention to us.

I have been "hem-hem"-ing all day I've got the "barking seal" cough going myself. It's getting old after a month.

Well, I'm off to dinner with friends at Macaroni Grill. I'll be having that delicious chicken scaloppini. Mmmmm! Happy Friday, everyone! TGIF!!!!!



Choices - Dec 21, 2007 5:50 pm (#1658 of 2988)

What a blessing they will be home with family for the holidays! Thank you, thank you!

Soli beat me to it, but I was going to ask, "Who's family are they going to be with.....hopefully not mine or any of yours." Yikes, I'm going to place the Rotties by the tree to guard the presents.....just in case. LOL


geauxtigers - Dec 21, 2007 5:51 pm (#1659 of 2988)

Perhaps it was just easy for you because you studied hard?!   Umm, well I definitely didn't study...at all, and that's not an exaggeration, but everything we had was review from last year, and luckily is was the stuff I know how to do.

I did all my Christmas shopping today. Why did I venture out today, why? It took me 45 minutes to get home from the mall and it usually takes 10. That's how it was everywhere! AHHHH I wanted to pull all my hair out. But it's over and done with and I plan on staying in my p.j.s all day tomorrow.

Hope little Pince is feeling better soon! ANd PatPat! I'm off to take some benadryl.


PatPat - Dec 21, 2007 6:35 pm (#1660 of 2988)

Thanks for all the healing charms everyone! With all of these I should be skipping out of here tomorrow. Healing charms to all of the rest of you who are under the weather (and your families). Mostly, I'm bored!! What would I do without this forum!


painting sheila - Dec 21, 2007 8:50 pm (#1661 of 2988)

Just got home from National Treasure and I enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the first one but still enjoyable. They didn't spend as much time figuring out the clues - it seems that everyone just "got" them. And the bad guys weren't as bad as the first group. Fun stuff though and definitely laid the ground work for a #3.

Off to take something else for the head ache. Madame Pince - is that a prescription or can I get it over the counter?

Congrats Soli and Josephine for lasting! Woohoo! You have earned a vacation if anyone has!

Patpat - Sleep!! and ask for the HP movies to be shown on your tv! Do they do that in your hospital?

Someone mentioned watching Polar Express today at school and in jammies - we did too!!


Mediwitch - Dec 21, 2007 9:10 pm (#1662 of 2988)

**Healing Charms** to PatPat! I'm so sorry you're stuck in the hospital. Mr. Mediwitch Sr. has a chronic aspiration pneumonia we've been dealing with all fall, but fortunately it has not hospitalized him.

*Healing Charms* to Tori, and the Pinces , and Sheila too. Goodness, there's an awful lot of sickness going around. Strep throat is rampant in this area right now, so I'm knocking wood I can stay healthy through the holidays.

Our kiddoes weren't quite feral in school today, but I think I saw a few levitating from sheer excitement!


PatPat - Dec 21, 2007 10:04 pm (#1663 of 2988)

***sigh*** Alas, no, sheila, they do not show movies on the tv in this hospital. In fact, they do not even have cable. The tv only gets about 4 channels. I can watch movies on my laptop, though which I just may start doing! Sleep is tough. A hospital has got to be one of the noisiest places in the world! Thus the reason I am on the forum at midnight! The nurse has yet to discover me using the phone line to go on the computer, thank goodness! If the forum got taken away, I think I might just have to escape through a window!


geauxtigers - Dec 21, 2007 11:29 pm (#1664 of 2988)

Someone mentioned watching Polar Express today at school and in jammies - we did too!!

We also did that when I was in 2nd grade, but we didn't watch the movie, as it wasn't out then, but we did read the book! It was fun, I thought I was so cool getting to wear my pj's to school! They just did it here a few days ago. They little kids look so cute in their robes and slippers! LOL!


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 21, 2007 11:36 pm (#1665 of 2988)

Mediwitch, welcome back. Holly T has an avatar that I always think is yours. But her’s is a longer shot with more leaves. I’ll listen to for that fire story on the news.

I think the police will never answer a call at my house again. Our state trooper probably thinks I just want to see him. This is the third time I have call the emergency number from this house.

I was standing in front of my house with a neighbor and a raccoon came running out to the woods. It was making a sound. I jumped in my friend car and called the police. By the time he got he arrived, the raccoon, of course, was gone. There was so much snow on the ground he didn't want to go looking for it in the back woods. The first time I called the state trooper a neighbor was shooting on his property in the woods behind my house (you can legally shoot on your property if you own more than 10 acres) then a couple of years ago I called inadvertently when I was make calls from home for work. The man thinks I am nuts.

Feliz Navidad

Gracias, JB, y Prospero Año Nuevo.

Hmm, I don’t think any actual teaching has taken place this week, We had the 4th grade play then a party, no teaching there. But then again we haven’t had a full week of 5 days 6 1/2 hours a day since OCTOBER, what between Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, snow days and Norovirus day.

Healing charms

We have a local train station that runs a train to the North Pole just before Christmas. They used to make a contribution to the local libraries in exchange for local volunteers reading the “Polar Express” and leading the train cars in caroling and general Christmas fun in our jammies. I did two years for our library. Unfortunately the company now hires paid staff for the readings.

Ticker, welcome back!


kaykay1970 - Dec 22, 2007 12:03 am (#1666 of 2988)

Healing charms to PatPat, the Pinces, Sheila, Soli, Tori and anyone else I missed!

Tonight was the finale of the Next Great American Band. Denver and the Mile High Orchestra finished third. Hopefully the show has opened some new doors for them.

I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping! WooHoo!


Loopy Lupin - Dec 22, 2007 12:28 am (#1667 of 2988) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Dec 22, 2007 8:55 am

Well it's a late night doing laundry at the parents while the dogs run amok. Anyway, I thought I'd share this video with everyone:

http :// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLd22ha_-VU

It is a "misheard lyrics" video based on Pearl Jam's song "Yellow Ledbetter." It is forum friendly. Whether or not the actual lyrics of "Yellow Ledbetter" are forum friendly remains a mystery as no one has ever deciphered what Eddie Vedder is actually singing in this song. Enjoy!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 22, 2007 1:45 am (#1668 of 2988)

Loop, I enjoyed that more than anything I have heard in a long time. Seems I might need to turn on my volume tho? No matter how many times I listen to it...I don't hear a thing.

Healing charms to all who are in need!


Maré - Dec 22, 2007 5:32 am (#1669 of 2988)

Fijne kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

To add one for Johns list. It's not Danish, but I liked the sound of that one so I might have to put it on my belated christmascards. (It's a bit ironic that working at a postservice have left me no time for my own cards.

And of course: Welcome back Ticker! Hugs for you and your girls


Puck - Dec 22, 2007 5:35 am (#1670 of 2988)

(((Mrs Sirius))), that's IT! My Son has been talking about his friend who took the Polar Express train last year, and how now it's too late for this year if we don't have tickets. That must be the train he was talking about. I need more information between now and next Christmas.

Thanks, Loopy, that was fun.

Time to give the bathroom a quick clean and get ready for work. In-laws arrive sometime today, and I'm not entirely sure if I'll be back from dance class before they get here. It's far from perfect, but it's reasonable.

I missed some cleaning time last night as I had to sew a quick costume for Toddler for the nativity play. The one they gave me was too big. (JUst a white T-shirt with sheep fleece sewn on, so easy. Luckily I'm fairly handy with a sewing machine, and am probably the only person in the Parish who happened to have some sheep fleece laying around in my fabric stash.)

Happy day everyone!



Denise P. - Dec 22, 2007 6:57 am (#1671 of 2988)

Hee hee Loopy, I was laughing so hard my kids came over to see what I was laughing about. That ranks right up there with Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. I would love to see a misheard lyrics on that one. "Make me fries!" If you really want a good giggle, search YouTube for More Cowbell Real version.... it is family friendly.

Explore the space!


Loopy Lupin - Dec 22, 2007 9:43 am (#1672 of 2988)

LOL Denise.

The reaction of everyone to that clip has been universal and you aren't the first to tell me that kids came over to see what the heck mom thought was so funny.

There is a "Smells Like Teen Spirit" one out there, but I didn't like it as much as "Yellow Ledbetter."

Potato wave y'all!


Puck - Dec 22, 2007 10:13 am (#1673 of 2988)

Potato wave?


Loopy Lupin - Dec 22, 2007 11:22 am (#1674 of 2988)

Sorry that referred to the video parody I linked to above in my prior post.


Allison R - Dec 22, 2007 12:43 pm (#1675 of 2988)

Just checking in... Wednesday I took my youngest up to the children's hospital for a follow-up with her plastic surgeon, whom we had not seen in several years (we check in every now and then to monitor her growth and progress) Thursday was the sedated EEG and Friday was the Seizure Clinic to go over the test results and plan accordingly. Today is Saturday and I am SO glad that I don't have to go up to the children's hospital again today! I can't decide which of the two of us is more ready to not spend a portion of our day there.

We didn't catch an actual seizure on the EEG but there were plenty of calling cards indicating that they come to visit on a regular basis, so we've jumped back on the medicine-roller coaster and are trying to adjust things to beat them into submission.

The kids are out for the holiday break now, so our schedule (I fervently hope) will be calmer next week. On Sunday and Monday dahubby and I are planning our first attempt at home-made marshmallows. Wish us luck! If I am not too sticky for the keyboard I will check back in and let you know how they turned out.

The home-made bread and honey butter was a huge hit at my party. I need to find some freezer/butcher paper so that I can make bigger batches like that and just stick the other 5 loaves in the freezer to use as we need them. We so much prefer my bread to the store variety, and the bread machine is a bit cumbersome to use on such a frequent basis, I think.

Three of my four classes from last semester have posted grades-- all "A's" so far. The only one left to appear is the flakey teacher's class. I will not be surprised if he waits until the last possible day to turn in his grades, because he procrastinated everything else all semester and I don't expect his grading to be any different.

The big question is how he will choose to grade the final and how that will affect my grade in the class. He is not very consistent with grading criteria, and he only had us do four things the entire semester to grade us on: the mid-term, the final, and two short papers. That means that everything has a very significant effect on your grade-- each assignment is a quarter of your grade! I think he did it that way so that he'd have less things to grade. I am hoping that I pulled an "A" out of his class too-- I have a stack of scholarship applications to fill out during the break and I think it will be to my advantage to be able to list a 4.0 GPA on the forms.

Add me to the sinus-addled bunch, I am currently tanked up on psuedoephedrine to ease the pounding in my head. I have the upper hand at the moment, but only slightly. Hopefully I will prevail-- dahubby wants to go see the new "National Treasure" movie this afternoon. Grandma will watch the youngest while the rest of us go. I really want to be able to enjoy it.

PatPat, feel better quickly!! **casting healing charms in your direction**

I've gabbed too long and forgotten whose son has strep with a side of scarlet fever (sounds like something you'd order at a horrible drive-through of infirmities) and hope he too responds quickly to the antibiotics and feels better fast!


PatPat - Dec 22, 2007 1:40 pm (#1676 of 2988)

Thanks, Allison! Loopy I could not open the video. I could really use a laugh right now too!


Loopy Lupin - Dec 22, 2007 1:47 pm (#1677 of 2988)

Well, just go to youtube yourself and search for "misheard lyrics yellow ledbetter." I don't think the link above works now because the anti-linking fairy came along and disabled it.


The giant squid - Dec 22, 2007 1:49 pm (#1678 of 2988)

I just saw National Treasure: Book of Secretsthis morning--one advantage of being the technician is that I can sneak in before the place opens & watch a movie. The flick itself was pretty good. It follows exactly the same formula as the first one, so if you liked that, you'll like this one. It was almost too formula, though, which kind of detracted from it. I also don't understand how the Oltec city ended up where it did, but that's a whole 'nother thing...

I love "misheard lyric" stuff. Of all the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" parodies out there, though, no one has topped "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Smells Like Nirvana."



Loopy Lupin - Dec 22, 2007 5:01 pm (#1679 of 2988)

I'm sure I'll be seeing that one withe nieces and nephews. "I Am Legend" was pretty good, but not exactly legendary. "No Country for Old Men" was really good too. I've been falling down on the job and have failed to see anything else of note. "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" has come and gone and I'm mad about that.


painting sheila - Dec 22, 2007 7:20 pm (#1680 of 2988)

Welcome Paisuma and Ticker!! I can't wait to hear your views and get to know you better.

and Hieronymus Graubart and wolf~ears I am not sure if I welcomed you, so . . . welcome!! We are so glad to have new friends!



Choices - Dec 22, 2007 7:24 pm (#1681 of 2988)

I second what Sheila said - welcome to all our new members. Get on board the Hogwarts Express - we guarantee an interesting ride. :-)


Solitaire - Dec 22, 2007 8:58 pm (#1682 of 2988)

PatPat, did you take all of the spaces out of the URL Loopy posted? That helps.

Well, I got quite a few crossed off my Christmas list today. Whew! Now all I have to do is wrap them. I'm glad my Amazon stuff finally came.

I did kind of lose it a while ago when I called AT&T about my mother's phone service. I was working my way through the merry-go-round when that stupid computerized "thing" "misheard" something I said. (Honestly, how is it possible for me to say "phone" very clearly and distinctly and have it interpreted as "High speed Internet Service"?) Ugh! I hate punching buttons, but it beats talking to a computerized entity and having it get things wrong. Because of that stupid error, I had to hang up and start again, as it would not allow me to correct its error. I was so frustrated that I screamed at the voice (this was after I'd messed with it for 5 minutes). Then, when I went through the whole circus again and finally got a person, I asked if he was a human or just a disembodied voice ... and whether or not he could prove it.

It seems that AT&T came out to do some repair work somewhere on Mom's road ... and they cut off her service in the process. Now she has no phone service, and they told her they could not get to her before December 29th. Well, that ticked me off. I called to tell them that she is nearly 80, currently on chemotherapy, lives alone, and NEEDS a phone that works. I didn't expect them to come on Sunday--unless they absolutely insisted--but I felt it was quite reasonable for them to get out there on Monday, since THEY were the ones who'd caused the problem in the first place! It actually worked! Like I said ... whew!

Okay, time for dinner and the beginning of the present-wrapping marathon. Welcome to all of the new folks!



Puck - Dec 22, 2007 9:18 pm (#1683 of 2988)

Hardly anything is wrapped. However, molasses cookies are baked, and sugar cookie dough is in fridge.

Crib has been taken down, and Toddler is sleeping in the bottom bunk. Older two are in sleeping bags on the floor. Grandparents on airbeds in what was Toddler's room, and will become Son's room once Christmas is over and new bed arrives. Until then, he's got a sleeping bag.




PeskyPixie - Dec 23, 2007 12:17 am (#1684 of 2988)

Edit: I hope you're feeling better, PatPat. Healing Charms to all who need them.

I did get my donation for the food drive in on time, so yay! for me.

I think some were wondering about the following: Merry Christmas in Danish is 'Glaedelig Jul'. (Edit: I've gone back to check John's 'Christmas Greetings' post from a week or so back and this is covered there )

Tonight marked the end of spending time with my friends. For the next three days I'll be hibernating with my family. We've planned this for a while and are quite excited.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays in general, guys!


Snuffles - Dec 23, 2007 1:50 am (#1685 of 2988)

Oh dear. It sounds like a few people aren't on top form at the moment. *Healing charms* to you all.

PatPat, I hope you are out of hospital soon.

Madame P, I hope you and little P are feeling better.

Hope your arm is better soon Julie.

Olivia finished school on Thursday, and I breathed a sigh of relief as she seemed to have escaped the sickness and tummy bug that is flying around the school. Spoke too soon! . She was sick on Thursday night. Luckily hubby was home and was able to shower her while I started on the room! She is ok now, and at least it was before Christmas!

Not sure if I will be able to check in before the big day itself, so I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful time and gets everything they hoped for. May you have a peaceful, stress free day.

Off to brave the grocery store for the veggies .



PatPat - Dec 23, 2007 6:27 am (#1686 of 2988)

Thanks for all the well wishes and healing charms. I am very slowly improving. I am hoping the doctor will let me go home today, so I can be home from xmas eve. Crossing my fingers. This seems to be a very bad month for illness and injuries here on our forum. ***casts illness and injury shield charm around the whole forum***

LOL, solitaire! I absolutely hate those automated services. I have had similar experiences, like saying YES very slowly and deliberately and having it interpreted as NO. Very frustrating. I'm glad you were able to get your mom taken care of.

Well, I'm off for now. Happy holidays everyone.


The giant squid - Dec 23, 2007 8:41 am (#1687 of 2988)

I've been falling down on the job and have failed to see anything else of note.--Loopy Lupin

Tell me about it...Before Treasure the last new movie I saw was Game Plan. And before that was Transformers! Having to install a new theater right in the middle of the big summer movie season tends to put a big crimp on things. I've spent the last two months catching up on the stuff that got pushed aside during the install as well. Basically, I just managed to get caught up to December by the end of the year.

No doubt they'll find something else to steal my time come January...

Soli, I hate, hate HATE those automated voice systems with a passion. I get annoyed having to push 1,000 buttons to get to a person, but at least the buttons know what I'm saying. I get more "I'm sorry, I didn't understand your statement. Please try again" responses than actual progression most of the time. One thing to try: A lot of those systems, both button and voice, have an escape hatch. Just press 0 and often times you'll get connected directly to a person. I find this handy because I almost never have a question that fits into one of their narrow categories.



Mrs. Sirius - Dec 23, 2007 9:11 am (#1688 of 2988)

have an escape hatch. Just press 0 and often times you'll get connected directly to a person Squid

Unless of course, it's one of those systems that says "if you press "0" you will be automatically disconnected"! shhhheesh

Everybody all ready for X-night? I just finished the last of the cards that I will make it out before Christmas. I have to sneak off to get the last minute gifts this morning.

Because the Three Kings visit our house anything I miss for Christmas the 3 Wise can bring us, so it nice to have that safety to rectify and missed items.

I have this great neighbor who has ALL of my Christmas gifts in her basement. A few days ago I went to "girl party", no kids or dads, and four of us had appetizers some libations an wrapped all our gifts. It's a great way to get it all done spend time with friends and they never suspect a thing (my husband is in on the secret).

Hope you all have a great finishing up time. Anyone hear from Kimbloink and baby lately?


Mrs. Sirius - Dec 23, 2007 10:14 am (#1689 of 2988)

(I was timed out on the edit)  I was just reading the Sirius Black thread and found this comment.   “Which of us parents haven't at least once in our lives had the traitorous thought or worst said it out aloud to our kids.....why can't you be more like your elder/younger sibling?”

In our house we do have issues of different levels of motivation and achievement with our kids. My son is totally unmotivated although he is very smart. To avoid the above, we have resorted to bribery which a friend suggested and worked with his sons.

For every "A" on his report card he gets $10. Unfortunately when we put that rule into effect, I wasn't thinking about his sisters. The identicals came home with 3 A's each, the fraternal came home with 6 A's. He of course only managed an A-. What's an over spent mother to do? He gets $9. for the A-, the girls who are not in as much need of the motivation, get $5. an A. (My husband says I am cheap):-)


Solitaire - Dec 23, 2007 12:15 pm (#1690 of 2988)

I almost never have a question that fits into one of their narrow categories.

Yes, that was the trouble here. They wanted to start repairing the problem while we spoke. Alas, it was not my phone service in trouble--although after last night, who knows? The thing is, how can a person call for help when his phone isn't working???? What if a person doesn't have a cell phone or a neighbor next door with a working phone? THAT is enough to make one scream.

I think there should always be a number that goes directly to a human before making one do all of the stupid other things first. I never mind going the automated route if my problem or need is something that can be addressed that way. When there are "extenuating circumstances," however, the automated voice just doesn't cut it!

Just out of idle curiosity, has anyone gone the cable route with phones? Bright House is now offering phone service, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with that.



Choices - Dec 23, 2007 1:11 pm (#1691 of 2988)

I remember one time I got into one of those question and answer things - I ended up beating the phone on my desk and yelling words I don't usually use except in extreme circumstances, and this definitely qualified as one of those. I have never been so furious during a phone call - I can definitely sympathize, Soli.


Eponine - Dec 23, 2007 1:18 pm (#1692 of 2988)

Hi, everyone! I am also on break until mid-January, and I keep having momentary panic attacks when I'm sure I've got something I should be doing for school. My grades this semester were good, but I got an A minus in one of my classes which means I no longer have a 4.0. Mr. Eponine was not at all sympathetic over that.

I am taking a break right now from wrapping presents and making truffles for the annual family Christmas party tonight. I started to make them last night, but I made a slight change to the recipe and ended up screwing it up completely. So I had to start all over this morning. I should have them finished in time, though.

I'm looking forward to seeing National Treasure. I would have seen it already, but my sister and Mr. Eponine are both making me wait until we go to Chattanooga after Christmas so I can see it with her. I'm glad to hear the movie is good. I love the first one, so if it's the same, I'm sure I'll be satisfied with it.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Allison R - Dec 23, 2007 4:08 pm (#1693 of 2988)

PatPat, I’m so glad to hear that you are improving! May your recovery continue to be swift and smooth! Mike, that’s a good idea about hitting “0” to get to a live person! Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. Another thing to try is do nothing, as if you have a rotary phone and can’t push a selection. That way can sometimes route you to a real, live person as well.

Soli, we haven’t tried cable-phones—in fact, I’m not sure what they are. We do have Vonage, though, which works through our router and the Internet. It’s da bomb! Cheapest service I think I’ve ever had, and the most features. We love it.

DaHubby’s family is coming over to join us for Christmas dinner! I’m thrilled to have them, but this means we have to sit down and do some last-minute menu adjustments to feed all those extra mouths. Do you think it would be rude to ask each party to bring a dish to contribute?

Six loaves of bread rising on the kitchen counter at the moment. I love the way it makes my house smell!! I made 6 loaves for my Choir Christmas party, and took 5 with me. The few loaves that didn’t get eaten I gave away to folks who raved about it the most. I felt like The Bread Fairy. It was fun! We finally managed to find some freezer paper at a grocery store here (I have had the most horrible time finding it!!) and so I can freeze my other loaves and then take them out to use as we need them. I miss making bread on a regular basis and am glad that I will be able to get back at it now that I have a way to store it.

Oh! "National Treasure" was really good. We loved it! If you liked the first one, you'll love this one too.


Madam Pince - Dec 23, 2007 4:13 pm (#1694 of 2988)

Voice-automated phone answering thingys -- soooo irritating! I had one the other day, and of course with my "hem-hem"ing that I've had to do lately, it kept saying "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that." Well no duh! I didn't say anything!!!! I was clearing my throat, you moron! (Nothing like yelling at an inanimate object...) Or else Little Pince will walk by and say "Mama can you..." and the thingy will click and say "Sorry, I didn't understand that..."

Sheila, you have to have a prescription for Zomig. If you get migraines, there are tons of good prescriptions out there, so I heartily recommend to anyone to ask your doctor and Don't Suffer! I "put up with it" for years without asking for prescriptions, and it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. There is absolutely no reason to suffer with migraines anymore.

PatPat, I swear, I don't know who the hospital staff think they're kidding when they gaily sing out "Now you get some rest!" as they sail out the door. Yeah, right. In between the bi-hourly blood-pressure checks and/or temperature-takings and/or other things I'm subjected to? I don't mean to be ungrateful, and I know they have to do those things, but honestly -- don't kid yourself by thinking we can just fall asleep instantly and sleep deeply until the next disturbance...

Kaykay, sorry your band didn't win, but at least they got national exposure and third place ain't too shabby!

About misheard lyrics -- Little Pince was singing to himself while we were decorating today... "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride... in one organic sleigh -- hey!" I fell over laughing...

Ticker, welcome back! I can't believe your little cutie-pie is four now! Wow, how time flies!

I got cheated out of my National Treasure date today -- it turns out that it's playing at the mall, and Mr. Pince would sooner sever one of his limbs than go anywhere near a mall within two weeks of Christmas. Oh well, it's not like I had time anyway. I've been going hard all day, and still have gifts to wrap and bedsheets to change and laundry to do. Arrrrrgh!!!! One more day!!! I need one more day!!!

Blasted broken time-turner...


Solitaire - Dec 23, 2007 5:39 pm (#1695 of 2988)

Mr. Pince would sooner sever one of his limbs than go anywhere near a mall within two weeks of Christmas

Mr. Pince sounds like a very intelligent fellow, to me. With the local shootings and stabbings at our mall--not to mention the fiasco at that Omaha mall a couple of weeks ago--I feel perfectly justified in never going to a mall again, just for safety's sake. Occasionally, I must go to one of the "anchor" stores at one end of the mall or the other, but I try to avoid it, if possible. I refuse to go into the main part of our mall ... ever. That's where the gangsters hang out, and it's not where I want to be.

Well, I still need to run a few errands tonight, so ... out I go! Enjoy your Sunday evenings, everyone!



Denise P. - Dec 23, 2007 6:37 pm (#1696 of 2988)

We have been baking all kinds of cookies, to include the traditional (for us) monster cookies for Santa. Mr. Denise is currently searching for our Santa cookie plate. I realized I had not seen it yet this year. It is a plate I made ages ago and says on it "Dear Santa, We have been very good children this year. Here are some cookies for you and carrots for your reindeer. Love, Names" It is old enough that my 25 and 24 year old is listed on it as well. If we can't find it, I will be making a much dreaded trip to the craft store to get a plate and a marker to make a new one.


Betty Boop - Dec 23, 2007 6:50 pm (#1697 of 2988)

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

Healing Charms to those in need.

Welcome Back Ticker, glad you and your family are all doing great.

Big Hugs to all



Steve Newton - Dec 23, 2007 7:30 pm (#1698 of 2988)

Hey, BB. Have some great holidays. Good to see you around!


journeymom - Dec 23, 2007 7:40 pm (#1699 of 2988)

son has strep with a side of scarlet fever (sounds like something you'd order at a horrible drive-through of infirmities) and hope he too responds quickly to the antibiotics and feels better fast! ~Allison

Daughter had scarlet fever one summer. I was surprised that it's even around. Her ped said yes, a small epidemic shows up once in a while. My mom was shocked. She said people got heart valve damage from it when she was young. Fast healing to your son, Allison.

DaHubby’s family is coming over to join us for Christmas dinner! I’m thrilled to have them, but this means we have to sit down and do some last-minute menu adjustments to feed all those extra mouths. Do you think it would be rude to ask each party to bring a dish to contribute?

That's what we do normally. I'm hosting Christmas dinner. I was going to provide every dish, but today I thought better of it. The inlaws are bringing rolls, veggies and green salad. I'm making three pans of lasagna.

Whew! Take care, Everyone!


Solitaire - Dec 23, 2007 7:56 pm (#1700 of 2988)

Catherine, I was looking for times when It's a Wonderful Life would be showing (yes, I'm a sappy sucker who loves it) and ran across this site for teaching with films. I'm not sure if it has anything you would need, but I remembered you talking about teaching a film class. There are lots of titles besides IAWL. http: http://www.teachwithmovies.org/guides/its-a-wonderful-life.html

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geauxtigers - Dec 23, 2007 11:40 pm (#1701 of 2988)

So tomorrow is Christmas eve! It's 31F and falling here, should be perfect! It's also less than 24 hours until the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story ! **waves to Madame Pince**

Hope everyone feels better for Christmas!

I should clean my room, so off I go!


Elanor - Dec 24, 2007 12:32 am (#1702 of 2988)

'Tis Christmas Eve!

Joyeux Noël à tous! Merry Christmas to all!

Many Healing Charms to all the forumers not feeling so well still.

Here, it will be a cooking day: lots to cook and bake, including two "Yule Logs" (bûches de Noël), our traditional dessert. It should be fun.

No snow here today but we still have a "white Christmas" since everything is white with frost. Which is good since I keep having "It's a Marshmallow World" song on my mind, lol!

There is a very funny commercial on TV here that uses this music and I can't help singing it. If you want to watch it, it's on youtube, just enter "Pub TV Orange Noel jouets des grands" in the search function. The commercial is for "Orange" which is phone company/internet provider. The man says: "Il n'y a pas que les enfants qui rêvent d'avoir des jouets" (Children are not the only ones who dream of toys) and the slogan reads "A Noël, les jouets des grands sont chez Orange" (At Christmas, the grown-ups' toys are at Orange's). It's really funny you'll see!

Have a great day all, do enjoy the day!



TwinklingBlueEyes - Dec 24, 2007 12:34 am (#1703 of 2988)

With the local shootings and stabbings at our mall--not to mention the fiasco at that Omaha mall a couple of weeks ago--I feel perfectly justified in never going to a mall again, just for safety's sake. Occasionally, I must go to one of the anchor" stores at one end of the mall or the other, but I try to avoid it, if possible. I refuse to go into the main part of our mall ... ever. That's where the gangsters hang out, and it's not where I want to be. "

I am Calif. Born and bred, but will never go back, that's ones of the reasons...

((((Boop! ))))) Merry Christmas! We have missed you! I know you are working many hours, as I am, but it is good to see you drop in. The best to you and yours this holiday season!

I was surprised that it's even around. Her ped said yes, a small epidemic shows up once in a while.

It has become much more prevalent, just like TB and whooping cough, things we almost had eradicated before we had so many illegals come into the country without vaccines. Some might say 'tis the price we pay for being a "melting pot", but methinks this pot may boil over. At any rate, best of luck to you and yours.

Catherine, I was looking for times when It's a Wonderful Life would be showing  Ahem, it is also available at Walmart, esp since Frank Kapra just passed on..."


journeymom - Dec 24, 2007 12:48 am (#1704 of 2988)

Gah! I'm confused again! (Well, that's sort of a perpetual state.)

Is anyone here up to date on Doctor Who? Here in the US we see it a season behind the original air date in the UK, right? IMDb says there is a Christmas special, "Voyage of the Damned", airing on December 25. But like last year's Christmas special, "Runaway Bride" I can't find it anywhere. We ended up seeing Runaway Bride months later. Voyage of the Damned doesn't show up on the TiVo listing on either BBC America or SciFi channel.

Have the Brits already seen this Voyage of the Damned?

On a happier note, Season 4 starts January 26! (Which people in the UK have already seen. Right?)

I'm so confunded!


jose043 - Dec 24, 2007 1:10 am (#1705 of 2988)

Hi All

Merry Christmas to all the Forum Potter Hollics.

34c here 93.2f for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day here in West Aussie is suppose to be 38c here 100.4f. We still have our roast dinner & trimmings for around 12:30pm out time with the sons family & my Mother.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Mrs Brisbee - Dec 24, 2007 5:46 am (#1706 of 2988)

Merry Christmas to everyone! And Happy Holidays wishes to all!

It's raining here in Vermont, and all our pretty snow is melting. It usually does this right before Christmas. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, where it rains all winter (and all fall and spring), and my sisters and I would sing, "I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas/ Just like the ones we always have/ With the eaves all dripping/ And pedestrians slipping/ Through streets all dismal and grey!" I always expected Vermont would have white Christmases, but I must have brought the Pacific Northwest weather here with me.


azi - Dec 24, 2007 7:52 am (#1707 of 2988)

Jouneymom - I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but BBC1 here in the UK just advertised Voyage of the Dammed as being shown on Christmas Day. I expect that's what it refers to.

Lemony Snicket's on now - yey! I don't like some of the changes (or Jim Carey, not a fan...), but overall it's quite accurate to how I remember the book.

Rain here. I think we've had lights on all day it's so dark.

Happy Christmas Eve to all!


Denise P. - Dec 24, 2007 8:48 am (#1708 of 2988)

For those of you with kids, know kids or are a kid at heart, once more NORAD is tracking Santa. The site has all kinds of games and such on it as well. You can also find the various Santa sightings on YouTube. We have been tracking Santa this morning as he started on his rounds. The NORAD site is noradsanta.org You can also download Google Earth to find out more about the various locations. This is a really nifty site, we have been watching the Santa cam on the NORAD site for several years now and the kids love it.



painting sheila - Dec 24, 2007 9:37 am (#1709 of 2988)

HI everyone!

Sorry to hear of the wet weather and snow melting. It's close to 60 here today - so no hope what's so ever of a white Christmas. (sigh) I can only hope for snow in England!!


Good Evans - Dec 24, 2007 10:05 am (#1710 of 2988)

It is 5.00 pm in UK, I am making dinner and waiting for some friends to arrive afterwards for a drink. Then it is off to Midnight mass, we will leave here about 10.30pm to get a parking space!

May I wish everyone, whether you celebrate or not, a very merry, happy and peaceful christmas. I'll probably be back on boxing day.

Kabloink - I don't know where you are in the states, but if you are not snowed in and are making the journey to your inlaws, take extra care with your new bundle and yourself!

For those having a white christmas - wonderful, but please take care!

Julie x


Potteraholic - Dec 24, 2007 10:43 am (#1711 of 2988)

To all Forumers who live in places where it is nearly or already the 25th of December,


For  those Forumers who are celebrating other holidays at this time of the year,

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends!


Choices - Dec 24, 2007 11:07 am (#1712 of 2988)

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone. We are getting ready to have our Christmas dinner - we are doing it a day early and then we are getting together for desserts and gift opening tomorrow afternoon. I am thinking loving thoughts of you all and wishing you good health and much happiness, a very Happy Christmas and many blessings in the New Year. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all!


Holly T. - Dec 24, 2007 11:28 am (#1713 of 2988)

Well we ended up getting a new dryer for Christmas. Ours broke, dh went to Sears and bought a new one on Saturday, and some very friendly delivery people brought it by and installed it this morning. So now I am getting caught up on laundry. We did hang some outside on Saturday, but we have a lot to get caught up on.

We have church tonight at 8, then the kids will open their gifts from each other. We'll have birthday cake for baby Jesus, then pack. We're leaving for Houston Christmas afternoon to visit my parents. At least we don't have to worry about the weather. Worry about my mom having a crazy moment and yelling at everyone, but then, that's normal.

I finished wrapping on Saturday when dh took the kids to see "Enchanted." I have one picture to put in a frame, a gift to wrap for myself (from dh, I bought it yesterday), and stocking stuffers to find (I have them hidden everywhere, including outside in the freezer).

A very Merry Christmas to all!!


Steve Newton - Dec 24, 2007 11:37 am (#1714 of 2988)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mrs. Brisbee, long time no see. Howzitgoin? Would you be up for a DH read-a-long after New Years?

We are busy doing last minute Christmas stuff. My wife finally went out so we (my son and me) can wrap her gifts.

Cold in Delaware. We had our miserable cold rain yesterday. Yuck!


PatPat - Dec 24, 2007 1:17 pm (#1715 of 2988)

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks so much for all of the well wishes. They must have worked because I was allowed to come home for Christmas. I'm still on strict rest orders and more medications than I can count, but at least I'm home! I'm headed to mom's for xmas eve dinner soon, though I don't really have my appetite back. It'll still be good to have non-hospital food!!

Hope all others who have been ailing are feeling better! Christmas is a horrible time to be under the weather! Everyone have a good and safe xmas!


Choices - Dec 24, 2007 2:29 pm (#1716 of 2988)

PatPat, so glad you are home for Christmas. Take care of yourself and continue to get well. Happy Christmas to you!


Solitaire - Dec 24, 2007 2:47 pm (#1717 of 2988)

Merry Christmas, everyone! PatPat, I'm glad you're back with your family. I'm sure the smell of "real" food will help restore your appetite!

Elanor ... what's in the Yule Log? It sounds yummy.

Any Mac folks out there? Mine has been misbehaving all morning. I tried just about everything, and finally it decided to boot just now. That little gear must have finally gotten tired of going round and round. Has anyone ever had that happen? Just wondering ...

Well, time for lunch. I'm going to Christmas Eve services with Mom at 5 p.m., and I want to rest a bit. Enjoy your evenings, everyone!



Allison R - Dec 24, 2007 3:46 pm (#1718 of 2988)

PatPat, congrats on being able to be home for Christmas! (hmm, why does that remind of a song??)

Soli, I wish I could offer some advice, but I don't 'speak' Mac at all... I'm a Windows kinda gal at heart.

Apple pie is almost ready to come out of the oven, two trays of choc chip/peanut butter chip cookies ready to go in. Sugar cookie dough is made and chilling in the fridge, awaiting its turn. DaHubby had to go out and get some candy canes to crush up and put in the homemade marshmallows, so we'll do that later. He's going to make a lemon meringue pie later on.

That leaves the rolls and bread to make tomorrow. I'm going to make my usual 6-loaves recipe, make two dozen rolls and the rest bread, then send home the other four loaves with my MIL for them to enjoy.

Oh, yeah, tomorrow there's the small matter of cooking the turkey as well LOL. The majority of the baking will be done tonight, though. Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing/dressing tomorrow, along with the rolls/bread. I'm looking forward to sharing our dinner with the rest of the family. (I did ask if they could bring some things, and they are bringing corn and a green salad.)

Have a joyous and blessed Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day if I don't get back here until tomorrow!


Choices - Dec 24, 2007 4:20 pm (#1719 of 2988)

Gosh, just reading about all the delicious Christmas food everyone is making, I think I have gained about 10 pounds. It all sounds soooooo good. We had our Christmas dinner today - turkey, ham topped with pineapple, cherries and brown sugar, Seaweed Supreme casserole (made with broccoli, not seaweed - LOL), cornbread dressing, yeast rolls, and cranberry sauce. For dessert we had refrigerator fruitcake, Italian Rum cake, pecan and pumpkin pies and a strawberry pie with real whipped cream. I figured I had better post this before I go into a food coma. LOL

Again, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! :-)


journeymom - Dec 24, 2007 5:52 pm (#1720 of 2988)

Any Mac folks out there? Mine has been misbehaving all morning. I tried just about everything, and finally it decided to boot just now. That little gear must have finally gotten tired of going round and round. Has anyone ever had that happen? Just wondering ... ~Soli

I peeked inside my Mac. The rats have been running their wheels overtime. They looked bushed. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042

I think I've finally figured out how Doctor Who will play. Season 4 hasn't played in the UK yet, right? That's what was confusing me. BBC America is running Season 3 at the end of January (Season 3 already played here on SciFi). SciFi Channel (US, not UK) will run "Voyage of the Damned" and Season 4 sometime later. Lol! I know, I'm the only one who cares this much. But I spent a fair amount of time figuring this out.

I'm a little behind with the Christmas dinner preparations. The last of three trays of lasagna is finally in the oven. Then I've got two batches of cookies to make. Mr Journeymom and I still need to wrap ds's gift- an aquarium. Dh wants ds to open the 10-pound bag of aquarium gravel first, and watch his baffled face.

Have a wonderful holiday, Everyone!


painting sheila - Dec 24, 2007 6:48 pm (#1721 of 2988)

Just got home from Christmas Eve dinner with dear friends. We will see family tomorrow.

I just want to say . . . (here I go tearing up already) what a wonderful gift I receive every day when I meet up with you all here on the forum. I wish I could see you all and give you hugs and gifts to show how much you mean to me, but just know I count you as blessings in my life everyday.

I am off to help Littlest Guy get ready for bed. It has been a momentous day! He pulled his first tooth! We will have a visit from Santa AND the tooth fairy all in one night! Woohoo!!

We listened for sleigh bells all the way home from friends house and checked norad when we got home. Santa is in South America right now - so we have time to shower and set out cookies. (Whew! Littlest Guy was worried he had been missed.)

We had a little devotional at our friends’ house before dinner. It was the story of The Christmas Apple. Very touching with lots of good life lessons in it. If you ever get to hear/read it let me know what you think.

I need to go help Littlest Guy and then wrap and wrap and stuff and wrap.

I may not get back on before tomorrow - so Merry Christmas!!

Love you all-



Catherine - Dec 24, 2007 7:13 pm (#1722 of 2988)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We are making an impromptu trip to see my folks tomorrow (it wasn't planned until later in the week) so I am busy with laundry and packing.

Hope Santa brings everyone what they most wish for!

To all a good night.


Denise P. - Dec 24, 2007 8:25 pm (#1723 of 2988)

SmileyCentral.comMerry Christmas all!

Catherine, drive safely. The weather here is pretty darn warm so the roads are clear.

Sheila, who wrote The Christmas Apple? I am not familiar with it. It must be the season for losing teeth, Iain lost a tooth the other day as well.

All the presents are wrapped, cookies are baked and on a plate with carrots and milk, children are in bed (if not asleep). I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful day tomorrow!


PeskyPixie - Dec 24, 2007 8:55 pm (#1724 of 2988)

We've sung carols, put out milk, cookies and carrots and are now going to sleep to allow the man of the hour to work his magic.

Ditto, Sheila's sentiments. You all mean a lot to me.

Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel).


Potteraholic - Dec 24, 2007 9:15 pm (#1725 of 2988)
I'm going to midnight mass and thought I’d post another holiday message before setting out. It's already been Christmas for a few or many hours over the Atlantic and all the way to the Pacific, and pretty soon it will be that wonderful day for everyone living between/near the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

If you are celebrating other holidays at this time of the year, I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends!


Tazzygirl - Dec 24, 2007 9:52 pm (#1726 of 2988)


Hope you all have a wonderful day (to those that celebrate it!), and to those that do not, but celebrate a different holiday, have a wonderful time as well!

Work was absolutely chaotic today. It definitely didn't have the feeling of Christmas Eve (family oriented...). It was filled with crazy customers and one angry co-worker (he got angry over something, and stormed out of the store for the day...). I was very glad when I was able to clock out for the day. lol.

We still have about 5 more hours or so until Santa hits Hawaii. Thaniel and Syd are absolutely jumping off the walls. I told them they can come wake me up tomorrow morning when it's time to open prezzies. Then we are going to church and coming back for a family pot luck. I am making mashed Sweet Potatoes (my absolute favorite!). Should be fun!

I will be watching It's a Wonderful Life later on tonight (I bought it on DVD last year. It's one of my favorites!)

Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!



Holly T. - Dec 24, 2007 10:07 pm (#1727 of 2988)

Finally got the kids in bed and now we are waiting for them to go to sleep.

Sheila, congrats to your little guy! We had the Tooth Fairy visit our house one Christmas Eve a few years ago.

Happy Holidays to all!


Mediwitch - Dec 24, 2007 10:15 pm (#1728 of 2988)

Soli, we have had cable for phone, internet and TV for a couple of years now and we really like it. No problems so far! The only REALLY minor thing is we now have to be home to receive a fax which we didn't have to before...but as we get maybe two faxes a year it's not a problem.

patpat, I'm glad you were able to go home! Take good care of yourself.

It's now after midnight here so I can say

Merry Christmas

We just came back from another ambulance call, so I'm not going to get to peruse the threads...off to bed. Maybe I'll get a chance to really get caught up tomorrow!


Solitaire - Dec 24, 2007 11:16 pm (#1729 of 2988)

one angry co-worker ... got angry over something, and stormed out of the store for the day

Hm ... that's a creative way to get out of working! Do you suppose he will be fired for leaving on such a busy day? It certainly was incredibly selfish and thoughtless to leave his coworkers on such a busy, crazy day.

Well, my Mac has been sitting on "hibernate" ever since I was able to boot it. I'm now officially afraid to shut down. I guess I just need to back up my critical files and do it, though. **gulp** I've saved a lot of stuff in a year. Where to start ...

I hope everyone has a very special Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day!



Madam Pince - Dec 25, 2007 12:03 am (#1730 of 2988)

I have ... a gift to wrap for myself (from dh, I bought it yesterday)... –Holly

***Snort!*** You crack me up! I know the feeling -- if there are any surprises for me under the tree, I really will be surprised! LOL! Last year I went to a jewelry store's going-out-of-business sale and came home and asked Mr. Pince "Do you want to see what you bought me for our anniversary?"

Allison, you make homemade marshmallows???!!!? Now, that is culinary dedication. To me, that would be like making... salt, or something. I would never make marshmallows. Use marshmallows to make other things, yes. Make marshmallows -- no. I'm far too lazy.

PatPat, I'm so glad you're out of the hospital and home for the holidays! Take care of yourself and enjoy the day!

Tori, I've got two A Christmas Story viewings under my belt so far -- how's your score?

Journeymom, your hubby's idea of having DS open the gravel first reminds me of one of my favorite recent commercials. Have you seen the one where the wife opens one present -- a box of tissues. (gives hubby strange look.) Then she opens the second present -- a paper bag. (another strange look.) Then she goes to the door and opens it, gasps and starts crying (taking a tissue from hubby standing there handing her one) and next starts to hyperventilate (taking paper bag from hubby to breathe into it.) She was looking out the door at her new car he'd gotten her for Christmas. (Another fave commercial currently: Peyton Manning's deadpan "Let's face it -- you're not 23. My advice? Buy a bigger shirt.")

We had our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, as usual. Mr. Pince's Dad and his wife and also Mr. Pince's aunt came over, and my mother is here already. We had a very nice day -- yummy Fuzzy Navels to start off, then meatballs and cheese tray and shrimp cocktail, then roasted pork tenderloin, potato/cheese casserole, green beans, turnips (yuck, but a Mr. Pince family tradition apparently...), homemade pickles, cranberry sauce, and all the various accoutrements. Yummmm... Chocolate-cherry cake and mixed-berry pie with whipped cream for dessert...

I have no idea why I'm not asleep -- I was up until all hours last night finishing wrapping stuff, so I should be comatose by now, but I'm just staring at the tree lights and reminiscing -- that's my favorite part of Christmas... after everything's done (finally) and all the hubbub has settled and all are asleep but me, I like to just relax and look at the tree lights and my little Dickens Village, while listening to carols and drinking eggnog and reading "A Christmas Carol" in Dickens' own handwriting. If only it would snow... *sigh*

A very Merry Christmas to all of you -- each and every day, I feel very blessed to have such a great group of folks to chat with and share things with. But most especially at this time of year we are wont to be more aware of our blessings, and please know that I count every one of you among mine. I wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Safe travels to all who are out and about!


geauxtigers - Dec 25, 2007 12:23 am (#1731 of 2988)

Merry Christmas!

Tori, I've got two A Christmas Story viewings under my belt so far -- how's your score? I got about 2 in as well! I cut the second one short, because I was falling asleep. Church was at 7 so, I missed the 'kick-off'. What can I say, I got a late start! Not like there aren't 18 more hours to go of Ralphie and his offical Red Rider Carbon Action 200 Shot Model Range Air Rifle with a Compass in the Stock! LOL Yes, I have a sad life....what you don't know is that we only watch it during the 24 hour marathon each year...

We opened presents today, Santa should be coming soon I got a pretty good haul. It was a nice Christmas. And cold! We're getting together with the family of course tomorrow. I'll let yall know how the marshmallow war goes. (the girls WILL win this year)

So I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Hope Santa brings you what you want!


Tazzygirl - Dec 25, 2007 12:59 am (#1732 of 2988)

Soli: Do you suppose he will be fired for leaving on such a busy day?

He won't be. He normally is a really good worker. Today was just... weird. My boss did go out to try and talk to him, but he wasn't talking to her (I think she set him off. We were all joking around, he had been in the back for a very long time gathering cheesecake and various other things needed in the cafe, and when he appeared there was a chorus of "Finally!" and "Took you long enough!" One of which was what set him off... whatever.). She did manage to ask him if he was just leaving for the day or leaving the company for good and he yelled back that he was just leaving for the day. He had 30 minutes remaining of his shift. I'm pretty sure that the store manager will have a chat with him, but other than that, it's pretty much over and we'll all be one big happy store again.



Prefect Marcus - Dec 25, 2007 1:44 am (#1733 of 2988)

   " He had no further intercourse with Spirits, but lived upon the Total Abstinence Principle, ever afterwards; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!"

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Solitaire - Dec 25, 2007 4:55 am (#1734 of 2988)

Turnips, Madam Pince? Is there even a way to fix them so they are edible? I know we ate them as kids (Mom tried to sneak them into stews, disguised as potatoes), and I remember them tasting bitter. That's the only thing I can remember about turnips. I guess I'll have to write Alton Brown and see if he has any suggestions.

Merry Christmas!



azi - Dec 25, 2007 6:15 am (#1735 of 2988)

Happy Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas dinner had a starter of Yorkshire pudding, followed by turkey, sprouts, turnip, carrots and roast potatoes (although I only eat the carrots and potatoes), finished with figgy pudding.

Lovely day to all!


Holly T. - Dec 25, 2007 8:34 am (#1736 of 2988)

Merry Christmas everyone!

The kids are playing with their presents, the cat is playing with the paper, and I need to start packing so we can go visit my parents and siblings.

Dh got me a very nice bag for work. I've been hauling around one that looks like I am still in school. I picked it out, but I forgot about it. So I was surprised when I opened it. Dh laughed at me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Denise P. - Dec 25, 2007 9:10 am (#1737 of 2988)

The kids actually let us sleep until after 8 am, we were shocked. I put monkey bread into the oven to bake while we opened up everything.

Rhys got this cute little remote contol car, he is terrified of it and runs when he hears it going. He is not thrilled with his talking dog vacuum cleaner either.  He likes his other stuff though. We needed 2 adults and a 14 year old to figure out the transformer cars for the 6 year old.

Mr. Denise was very surprised with his new Garmin that he had no idea he was getting. I was surprised by the cross stitch done by my mother, he had it framed for me. My mother did counted cross stitch victorian mansions from Nancy Spruance patterns. The one he had framed is the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA. We have several of her completed projects framed. I have a project that she never finished, one day I will finish it.

Now, we need to get the ham baking so we can eat. We are going to the Washington DC Temple (again) this evening and see the live nativity, the lights and see the sister missionaries perform.

Happy Birthday Tinsel! Merry Christmas All!

Edited to add: Hee hee, I gave Mr. Denise a fake winning lottery ticket. He was convinced for a few minutes that he won big. SmileyCentral.com


kaykay1970 - Dec 25, 2007 10:40 am (#1738 of 2988)

Merry Christmas!

My kids woke up at 5:30. Little Guy is having a blast with his new action figures. Metalica, Venom and the Joker are having a battle with Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Harry Potter and a Power Rangers Megazord. Harry has already broken his wand.

I love boiled turnips. I don't understand why they would taste bitter. I've always thought they tasted sort of sweet.

Little Pince is so cute! Organic sleigh! Ha


Mediwitch - Dec 25, 2007 11:25 am (#1739 of 2988)

Merry Christmas (again) everyone!

I love Little Pince - he's such a hoot! When one of my little nieces opened her Disney Princesses magnet "paper" dolls yesterday, she said, "Oh, I love maggots!" We were all cracking up.

Oh, and I love turnips - boiled, mashed, with butter and salt - yum! No turnips for dinner today, though. Ham with cranberry-orange marmalade glaze, mashed potatoes, squash and biscuits, and of course, lots of homemade cookies for dessert. Mmm!


Allison R - Dec 25, 2007 12:03 pm (#1740 of 2988)

   Allison, you make homemade marshmallows???!!!? Now, that is culinary dedication. To me, that would be like making... salt, or something. I would never make marshmallows. Use marshmallows to make other things, yes. Make marshmallows -- no. I'm far too lazy. (Madame P)

Not only did we make marshmallows, but we flavored them with crushed up candy canes! They are a lovely shade of pink with tiny little crunchy bits here and there. They are divine… lighter and creamier than anything I’ve ever had store bought. It was a bit scary using a candy thermometer for the first time, but once we got past that it wasn’t bad at all—albeit very sticky indeed LOL

I haven’t seen that commercial where the woman gets the tissues, the paper bag and then the car. It sounds really cute! I have to admit, I watch very little “live” TV anymore. TIVO knows when my shows are on and on what channel, and I just sit down and watch them at my leisure (much to the dismay of all the advertisers whose commercials I fast-forward through during playback!) so it’s totally possible I may have missed it. About the only one I will stop and go back to watch on purpose is a new “Mac vs. PC” ad. I am a Windows gal through and through, but I find them incredibly funny just the same.

Denise, the Washington DC temple is one of my favorites!! The first time I saw it in person was when I was in town working a computer trade show for WordPerfect, my employer at the time. A bunch of us got in a rented car and set out to see it. We could see it from several different angles from the freeway, but not manage to find the proper exit to get off and actually get TO the temple. Looking back, it was kind of comical. “Hey, look! It’s the temple!” (as it sails by in one direction) “Hey look, there’s the temple!” (as it sails past in the other direction while we drive by looking for an exit)

It’s about time to start the bread/roll dough, so I should quit reading the boards and get busy. Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with fun, food and family.


Denise P. - Dec 25, 2007 12:20 pm (#1741 of 2988)

The Washington DC Temple was built when my grandmother lived here, it was the last of the really big temples to be built. It is quite a shock, the size, when you are used to seeing the smaller Nashville, St Louis and Atlanta Temples.

I have always wanted to try homemade marshmallows. Next year, I am going to attempt homemade gingerbread houses (recipes anyone? patterns?) so it would not be much of a leap to go to the marshmallows from there.


Choices - Dec 25, 2007 12:26 pm (#1742 of 2988)

Two questions for Madam Pince - what are Fuzzy Navels and can you share the recipe for homemade pickles?

Happy Christmas to everyone. The best HP gift I got was a set of HP bookends. It is Harry holding Hedwig on his arm. They are too cool. I also got a 2008 HP calendar among other goodies. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Day. It started out rainy and cold here in Mobile and now it is trying to sunshine and is getting colder. :-)


Elanor - Dec 25, 2007 1:22 pm (#1743 of 2988)

Merry Christmas to all! Joyeux Noël!

It's been a very nice Christmas here and I hope you are all having a great time.

A special "thank you" to Santa for this wonderful forum. Coming here each day is such a golden gift.

(((((hugs))))) and Harry Christmas Charms to all!



Marie E. - Dec 25, 2007 3:16 pm (#1744 of 2988)

Just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!


Liz Mann - Dec 25, 2007 3:39 pm (#1745 of 2988)

It's the end of the day and I had to come on the forum and say Merry Christmas to everyone.


Prefect Marcus - Dec 25, 2007 4:03 pm (#1746 of 2988)

Denise: "The Washington DC Temple ... was the last of the really big temples to be built. "

While it is true that no temple has been built after it that is as big or bigger, the Jordan River Temple is only a little more than 10,000 sq ft smaller:

Washington DC:
1974 160,000 sq ft.

Seattle, WA:
1980 110,000 sq ft.

Jordan River:
1981 148,236 sq ft.

Mexico City:
1983 116,642 sq ft.

Bountiful, UT:
1995 104,000 sq ft.

Mount Timp.
1996 107,240 sq ft.


Madam Pince - Dec 25, 2007 4:24 pm (#1747 of 2988)

Answers to questions: 1) Turnips were boiled, then mashed with salt/pepper/butter, as Mediwitch says. I couldn't tell you if they were bitter or sweet as they did not cross my lips.

2) Fuzzy Navels are a mixed drink. Orange juice, peach schnapps, and vodka...I think that's all -- I'm not the bartender, though. Add a few cherries thrown in for festive color.

3) Homemade pickles: Wash & pack whole unpeeled cucumbers in a one-gallon widemouth jar. Add 4 Tbsp. salt, 4 Tbsp. mixed pickling spices, 4 tsp. powdered alum, and 4 cups vinegar. Finish filling jar with cold water. Put lid on tight and store in a cool place (cellar) for 3 months (or longer as desired, but at least 3 months.) Remove cucumbers from brine (discard brine), rinse jar, and wash cucumbers well. Slice crosswise about 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick and let drain. Put pickles back into jar and add 6 cups sugar (alternating in layers works best.) Mix well by putting lid on tight and rolling jar back and forth on its side (stirring to mix would crush the pickles.) Leave them to set in the refrigerator for another few days, rolling the jar occasionally. They will be ready to eat in a few days. This makes about 12 cups and they keep a long time. They are deeee-licious and so crisp!

Denise, I can empathize with the Transformers thing. Mr. Pince has spent the majority of the day assembling Bionicles. I suspect that Santa would've chosen differently had he known the complexity involved...

Allison, just contemplating cleaning the pan for the marshmallows is enough to make me run away screaming. I don't like marshmallows all that much anyway! LOL! (By the way, have you seen the new Mac/PC commercial where they're like Clay-mation figures? Too cute...)

What are sprouts again? Brussels sprouts? Little green cabbagey things?

I had a very Dumbledore-ish Christmas. Four pairs of thick warm socks and a sterling silver phoenix necklace from Noble. It's larger than I expected but I still like it -- I'm just used to wearing more delicate jewelry but this is definitely pretty bold! Mr. Pince outdid himself Potter-wise -- in addition to the phoenix necklace and the OotP movie DVD (natch,) I also got a Marauder's Map (which is way cool), a Hogwarts banner, and a metal Leaky Cauldron sign (also way cool.) Little Pince's lava lamp contains acid-green goo and reminds me of something on Snape's potions shelf. And of course there's the Calvin & Hobbes collection, purchased a la Holly...

Leftovers for dinner tonight... Glad everyone had a nice holiday! Don't get any black eyes boxing tomorrow...


Choices - Dec 25, 2007 6:10 pm (#1748 of 2988)

Madam Pince, thanks so much for the pickle recipe. I can't wait to try them. I was hoping they would be "crispy" - my Mom used to make some that were wonderful, but I failed to get her recipe before she passed away.

Two more questions - what kind of vinegar do you use - white, applecider, etc.? Also, after you add the sugar and let them sit in the refrigerator for a few days, do you wash the sugar off or does it just turn to liquid? Thanks again. :-)


Mediwitch - Dec 25, 2007 6:19 pm (#1749 of 2988)

Denise P, I have a very simple pattern for a gingerbread house that I've used a couple of times. I'll try to scan it some time this week and email it to you. I also have a VERY cool book of gingerbread houses written (and baked!) by a woman here in CT...it's called Gingerbread for All Seasons by Theresa Layman. I just checked Amazon and they have it. (I think there must be a mistake in the price they have listed!!!) There are some truly amazing gingerbread creations in that book...even more than houses! I used a template from there for my gingerbread house this year - but I never follow the decorating directions! If I can figure out how to post a picture of this year's house somewhere on the net and give directions to it, I'll let you know.

As Mr. Mediwitch and I just got a new TV, we were only supposed to do stockings...notice I say "supposed to"...he has a hard time following the rules, even when he makes them up! I'm very happy with my new flannel pajamas with red snowflakes on them anyway, even if they don't fit in my stocking. (Neither did the metal star, or the foot-high resin snowman...but he did get the OoP DVD into the stocking!) Ryan gave me my very own Carcassonne Big Box, so he doesn't have to bring his game home any more when he comes to visit. And Heather made her shopping easy and got us all shirts from UConn, where she is ready for her last semester!

Since the kids all helped with dinner clean-up, it went pretty fast, so now I'm out of the kitchen and off to the threads!


Mediwitch - Dec 25, 2007 6:53 pm (#1750 of 2988)

Alas, too late to edit! Here are some pics of this year's gingerbread house...they're pretty small, but I'm too lazy to get off the bed and go upstairs to the desktop, where I could edit the pics with Photoshop. Hope you can see them alright!

archivist’s note:  Unfortunately in the archiving process, the pictures were not saved
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Denise P. - Dec 25, 2007 8:06 pm (#1751 of 2988)

Wow! The price on Amazon is insane. I saw that with some things I wanted for Christmas. Amazon had them for nearly $40, I found them at Target for $8. I will put the book on my wish list on half.com and see if the price drops significantly. It was under $25 there.

I got the 7 book HP boxed set and the OOP DVD with the bookmarks. Apparently when Mr. Denise went to get my DVD, Grandpa Denise was here and urging him to just get it anywhere. Mr. Denise insisted that *I* insisted I wanted the one from Wal-Mart since it had the bookmarks.


Potteraholic - Dec 25, 2007 9:18 pm (#1752 of 2988)

Now that everyone has opened their presents, and enjoyed a wonderful meal with family and friends, how about some more gifts? There are some virtual presents under the tree for all to enjoy. Each one brought a smile to my face when shared with me over the past few years, and maybe they’ll do the same for you.
l*l  l*l  l*l  l*l
archivist’s note:  Unfortunately in the archiving process, the pictures were not saved


PeskyPixie - Dec 25, 2007 10:11 pm (#1753 of 2988)

What wonderful presents! Thank you, Potteraholic; so sweet of you. These top my 'haul' along with the model golden snitch (complete with wooden display stand) and Slytherin badge Santa left in my stocking!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.


journeymom - Dec 25, 2007 11:55 pm (#1754 of 2988)

Journeymom, your hubby's idea of having DS open the gravel first reminds me of one of my favorite recent commercials. ...the wife opens one present -- a box of tissues -- a paper bag.... her new car he'd gotten her for Christmas.

Yes! Lol! I like that commercial. And I was wrong. It wasn't 10 pounds, it was 25 pounds. Mr Journeymom did wrap it up, and when ds tore the paper of he almost immediately got what it was about.

Mr Journeymom was raised LDS. His little sister got married on Saturday, at the new Sacramento temple. We went up there for family pictures (outside, of course) after the wedding. It's really lovely, though it's probably far from big. I've seen the Oakland temple from the freeway, and it's bigger I think.

Christmas morning was lovely, Christmas dinner was insane, five ill-behaved children and their oblivious parents, and I won't be hosting them again until they're older and better behaved.


Lina - Dec 26, 2007 1:33 am (#1755 of 2988)

Happy holidays of any kind that anybody has celebrated these days or is about to celebrate!

I was just thinking... how nice it is to be part of such a nice bunch of people, not trying to convert each other (you have guessed? I've run into some people who tried to convert me lately...) and being so respectful. Actually, I'd like to convert all the world into such a respectful attitude as we have here.

Therefore hugs to all of you! I love you!

Little Jesus has been very generous to me this Christmas, I (and Kate) got the Harry Potter series in Italian and started to read it already. Kate started to learn Italian at school this year, so I trust it will help her to improve her Italian as it helped her with her English. I can tell you that she is the top student when it comes to English in her class and it is all thanks to you! Well, thanks to her interests too. I was glad to see that the DH title was translated in Italian the same way as in Croatian: Death's Gifts.

We also spent yesterday afternoon watching OotP movie and some extra stuff on the DVD. I couldn't miss noticing that Dan called Umbridge "Pink spider" - fortunately not Round. And it was fun to see Lexicon Steve too.

I could make salt anytime, but marshmallows not really. Where do I find corn syrup? Actually, until recently, I thought that marshmallow was a plant with Latin name Althaea officinalis. I always imagined that marshmallows were made just by baking its root. Now, after reading that people make it at home, I checked the recipes, ant found no mentioning of the plant.

Thanks for the beautiful gifts, Potteraholic!

Mihaela also got a cute toy - you can find it on Youtube if you search "laughing Elmo toy", it is hilarious, we can't take our eyes off it. We already have to change the batteries.

I didn't really miss the Forum during my absence because I kept seeing some people in the chat room but I missed many informations. Therefore, belated happy birthdays, congratulations, hugs and healing charms in directions where needed.

Love to all!


Mrs Brisbee - Dec 26, 2007 5:40 am (#1756 of 2988)

Steve Newton, hiya! You know I can't resist a read along. I'd love to do DH.

Mediwitch, lovely gingerbread house. My daughter and I never quite finished ours for the holidays. Maybe we will today and just call it a New Years gingerbread castle.

It was a white Christmas-- or a whitish one-- after all, because the deluge of rain and warm weather wasn't quite enough to melt all the snow. Its sort of compressed now into a layer of thick ice, but it is still pretty.


Steve Newton - Dec 26, 2007 6:54 am (#1757 of 2988)

Catch you in the new year then.

Lina, glad to hear that things are well for you and Kate in sunny Croatia.


Choices - Dec 26, 2007 10:44 am (#1758 of 2988)

Potteraholic, thanks for the cool gifts. I love the second one as I really need to join that group. :-) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


PatPat - Dec 26, 2007 10:57 am (#1759 of 2988)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'm still fairly under the weather (boy, this is taking a long time to get over!), but am SOOO happy to be home from the hospital. I cannot believe it, but not one person got me the OoP movie for xmas! I think they all thought someone else would get it! I guess I will be using one of my many gift certificates for that!

Steve, I would be all for a DH read along in the new year!

Madame Pince, that pickle recipe looks pretty close to the one my mom always used and you are right! They are delicious! I can remember anxiously waiting the months it takes to pickle them! Yum Yum!

Anyway, hello and happy holidays to all! Back to recuperating.


Allison R - Dec 26, 2007 12:56 pm (#1760 of 2988)

Madame P, the bowl and the pan for the marshmallows wasn’t bad at all, surprisingly! Some hot water to melt the sugar and it all just faded away! No scrubbing at all.

Mediwitch, wow! Look at that gingerbread house! I sit in awe… really. It’s beautiful!

Denise, good for Mr. Denise to understand the need to buy the proper DVD set! It sounds as if you have him well trained. How fun that so many of you got the OOTP DVD in your presents!

Potteraholic, thank you so much for sharing your virtual gifts! They were wonderful, every one!

Lina, my understanding is that you can indeed make marshmallows from the actual root, but it’s a very time consuming and convoluted process. I don’t think I’m quite that adventurous! How cool to be able to read HP in different languages! I would think you would pick up nuances from the way things are translated.

PatPat, I’m glad you checked in. Please take the time your body needs to recuperate! Oft times I get anxious and the moment I start to feel better I do too much and have a setback. I suspect your doctor would agree that sitting comfortably at the computer and reading the boards/posting on the boards would be a very restful activity, conducive to healing and health. Perhaps he could even be persuaded to write you a prescription to that effect that you could show to family members and friends! How ironic that no one got you the OOTP DVD—perhaps it’s time to get yourself a Christmas present? Online, of course… unless you can convince someone to run the errand for you and pick it up locally!

The dinner went well yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and no one went hungry. It was so nice to have a house full of family and food and be able to sit down and enjoy each other!


Solitaire - Dec 26, 2007 2:30 pm (#1761 of 2988)

Potteraholic, thanks so much for the cute cartoons. I'd never seen any of them, so they are very nice virtual presents! Like Choices, I need that support group, I think.

Lina, it's nice to see you! It seems a while since I've seen you post. I'm glad you are all well and had a nice Christmas.

I lucked out and received the DVD of OotP from my sister and the first HP book, PS/SS, on CD. I can't wait for a "very Harry" rest of my vacation.

On Friday, I am driving to Paso Robles, CA, to meet a friend I've known online since 1998 ... but have never met in person! We met back on wbs.net, one of the early webchat sites. She lives in FL, but she will be here in CA for a couple of days and only 2 hours away ... so I can't resist driving over to meet her. I'm just hoping we do not have rain, because I do not want to travel that road in the rain.

Kabloink, I am curious to hear about your Christmas. I hope everything went well and you are all safe. I heard about the storms in the midwest and wondered if you were hit.

Well, I need to scoot for a while. Happy Boxing Day! It is today, right? (Just kidding ... I know it means presents!)



Lina - Dec 26, 2007 3:21 pm (#1762 of 2988)

Actually, Allison, ever since I started to read HP in English, it became strange to read ANY translation, not just HP. Now I wish to read The Little Prince in French although my French is as bad as it could be after one year of learning and many years of not practicing it. It is not just that the translation could be bad, I'm rather satisfied with the Croatian translation, but it is not just the same feeling. But I also discovered that it is fun to see how different nations have different approaches to the translating. And then, it is an easy way to improve the language - I already know what should something I don't understand stand for.

Protego charms to all that have to deal with bad weather!


Potteraholic - Dec 26, 2007 6:34 pm (#1763 of 2988)

I'm glad folks are enjoying the virtual presents. You'll never guess what I found hidden under the Christmas tree's red skirt. That's right, more prezzies! Enjoy!

l*l  l*l  l*l  l*l

PS I've checked very carefully to see if there are anymore gifts, but alas, earwax, that is it. But when new ones come my way, I'll be sure and share them with you all.

Choices and Solitaire, the Hogwarts support group one is one of my favorites, sent to me by a fellow Potty friend of mine. However with 2 young children, she cannot visit the Lex as often as she'd like.


shepherdess - Dec 26, 2007 11:04 pm (#1764 of 2988)

I also got the boxed set for Christmas. It's kind of embarrassing to admit it (especially being a host!), but up until now I have only owned the last two books. If I wanted to read one of the others, I'd have to borrow my daughter's copy.

That alone would have been enough to make Christmas satisfying. But in addition, I got all five of the movies! I'm happy.

Then I got another gift: strep.

So I just spent the whole evening in the emergency room and the pharmacy. Now I'm going to go to bed--full of antibiotics and ibuprofen. But I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, with much gratitude for a doctor who was knowledgeable, professional, and quick; a nurse who was extremely gentle when he gave me the penicillin shot in my hip; and a pharmacist who made the time to fill my prescriptions even though it was at quitting time and he was so backed up with work he wouldn't be able to leave before midnight. Poor man. I know I was just plain lucky.


Marie E. - Dec 27, 2007 9:30 am (#1765 of 2988)

Sorry to hear about the strep, Shepherdess. I hope you feel better soon.

I also got OoP for Christmas. Santa brought the girls Nintendo DS's and that's all they've done for two days. I asked Mr. E to please take them out somewhere today.

We're supposed to get snow today-up to five inches. We have light flurries right now so we'll see how bad it gets.


Allison R - Dec 27, 2007 10:23 am (#1766 of 2988)

Feel better fast, shepherdess! What a kind thing for that pharmacist to do for you... working the holidays is hard enough, and to stay far after your official shift helping others who were miserable and sick is a very magnanimous act indeed!


Madam Pince - Dec 27, 2007 11:50 am (#1767 of 2988)

Shepherdess, hope you're feeling better! What a blessing you had such great health-care workers looking out for you! I often think that Santa as a general rule should just bring a 7-day dose of antibiotics to everyone in their stockings -- you're almost bound to get sick during the holidays when doctors' offices are closed and pharmacy hours are shortened or closed also...

***waves madly to Lina and Kate*** Happy holidays to you! It's so nice to see you again!

Choices, it's apple cider vinegar, and no you don't wash the sugar off. It just makes a syrup. Also, the recipe doesn't say this but we've found it to be true -- if you use younger cucumbers, and if you pickle them almost as soon as they're off the vine, then they won't get "hollow middles" where the inside part is all seedy and turns to mush and falls out. I don't mean "younger" as in little teeny tiny cucumbers, but just don't let them grow until they're the great big huge ones -- those are too seedy. Nice medium-sized is best, and don't let them sit around on the porch very long! Good luck! I hope yours turn out well (they almost have to -- it's just about fool-proof -- even the seedy ones are still excellent...) and that you enjoy the recipe!

Mediwitch, I am in awe of your gingerbread house! WOW! That is just gorgeous! Gingerbread (as in the architectural feature) on a gingerbread house -- outstanding!

***is jealous of Denise's bookmarks*** We don't have a Wal-Mart near us... ***pouts***

Potteraholic, thanks for the virtual gifts! They are too funny! I liked the one about the bootlegged copy of the last HP book...

Off to the car servicing place to get oil changed and tires rotated... fun, fun, fun! At least Little P has a new Leapster to keep him occupied!


Choices - Dec 27, 2007 1:22 pm (#1768 of 2988)

Thanks again, Madam Pince. I can't wait to start "pickling". I have to go find a big gallon jar - I have one, but it doesn't have a lid.

Healing charms to Shepherdess and blessings on that kind pharmacist who stayed to fill your prescriptions. Hope you are feeling better soon.


John Bumbledore - Dec 27, 2007 1:37 pm (#1769 of 2988)

Lina, you got me to google "Althaea officinalis" where I found this site that mentions how that plant was used in the recipe and what replaced it.

About the corn syrup, I was thinking it is what the UK calls "golden syrup." I recently used corn syrup in a christmas tree preservative and had that thought because it called for the name brand Kayro described as "light golden [corn] syrup". (unverified but may be I derived this idea from previous "chat thread" discussions of golden syrup).

I was told that corn syrup has replaced most sugar syrups for sweetening in commercial foods (such as carbonated soft-drinks) since the 1960s. I was also told that the increase use of corn syrup has a strong parallel (ratio: volume corn syrup to pounds overweight) to the growth of obesety in American [USA] population.

I hope this helps with recipe conversion for homemade marshmallows.

But I have a question in my mind: is it better to use our corn for automobile fuel (ethanol) than as a sweetener that makes Americans into Stay-Puff Marshmallows? (reference to Ghostbuster movice c1980).

Other ponderings: corn, nitrogen, and the dead zone. Sounds like a potion but comes from recent headline in local newspaper.

Yeah, I need more Harry Potter and less "Inconvenient Truth" subject news.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


PatPat - Dec 27, 2007 2:32 pm (#1770 of 2988)

Yikes, just back from the doctor for MORE blood tests. But the upside is it gave me an excuse to go out and use one of my gift certificates to get OoP. So, per doctor's orders, I will be resting at home and watching it! (OK, he didn't really say that I should watch HP, but he did say to rest and I can think of no better activity!)

Sorry to hear that you are also under the weather, shepherdess! Believe me, I can sympathize! Hopefully we will all be better in no time!

John, I definitely think corn syrup would be better used as fuel! I have lost my appetite in recent weeks due to illness, but usually I have quite the sweet tooth and I would rather be putting the stuff in my car than in my body! Good thinking!


The giant squid - Dec 27, 2007 5:27 pm (#1771 of 2988)

Santa brought the girls Nintendo DS's--Marie E.

Gosh, the fat man in the red suit sure has gotten a bigger budget over the years. We were lucky if we'd get an Atari 2600 cartridge from the old guy.

At this point, I'd almost welcome a hospitalizing ailment. I've spent the last few weeks at that point where I feel cruddy but I'm not quite sick. Definitely not bad enough to justify taking a sick day...

Not only do they use corn syrup in a lot of products these days, they use "high fructose corn syrup". Now, fructose is a form of sugar so they're essentially using...sugared sugar. No wonder everything's out of whack in this country.



Denise P. - Dec 27, 2007 6:19 pm (#1772 of 2988)

Our Santa is a wheeler and dealer. He inquired of the older child who wanted a PS2 if said child would be willing to give up the DS Lite he got last year for Christmas. Upon receiving an affirmative answer, the jolly man got a PS2 for the older child, cleaned up and wrapped up the DS Lite for a younger child and both children involved were thrilled with their gift. Since a deal was found on the PS2, it was less than what was budgeted for the 2 boys (combined for the big wow gift) so it worked out well.


Allison R - Dec 27, 2007 7:13 pm (#1773 of 2988)

Denise, I love to hear about "win-win" situations! Sounds as if it worked out fabulously for everyone involved = )


HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 27, 2007 7:36 pm (#1774 of 2988)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all around Happy Holiday hugs, kisses and cheer to everyone!

Strong healing charms all around and especially strong healing charms and prayers to Allison's youngest.

Hee hee, I gave Mr. Denise a fake winning lottery ticket. He was convinced for a few minutes that he won big. ~ Denise P.
Oh how cruel-how very cruel! I can still hear the sinister laughter up here!

Potato wave just cracked me up! Thanks for sharing, Loopy.

We had a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the five of us. We went to a new church on Christmas Eve (I figured what better day to start anew?) which was a lovely service and most importantly, my hubby and children really liked it - hooray! There is a long story about why I felt the need to go to another church but after 23 years (and hubby after 40+ years) I was left with little choice. Luckily, I think it is a good move. See, sometimes change is good. (That's for all of you creatures of habit out there!)

I let hubby choose what he wanted for Christmas dinner. He came home from the supermarket with a duck and a crown roast. He also wanted roasted yams. (Someone forgot to tell him I only have one oven.) Anyway, I did manage to get all three in and make popovers, which my children love. My favorite part was dipping fresh rye bread into the salty duck drippings. The Hungarian in me, I suppose, but it was something I hadn't had in decades.

Speaking of Hungarian, for John to add to his list:
Boldog Karacsonyi Unnepeket kivanok! (I wish you Happy Christmas Holidays) I don't know how to add the accents, so I hope this will suffice.

Oh yeah, and just for kicks, my secret Santa gift to Madam Pince was a really cool sorting hat that I saw online. For some reason, it made me think of you, Madam P.

Also, for Denise P. (I thought of you first when I saw this) and for all of you readers on this forum, I came across this:

http://www dot biggerandbrighter.com/book-lights-magnifiers/items/LW100HP.html?source=Overture&utm_source=ysearch&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=harrypotter&OVRAW=harry%20potter%20book%20light&OVKEY=harry%20potter%20book%20light&OVMTC=standard&OVADID=2156370521&OVKWID=20405086521

I know it's a long address but I have been using this type of light for nearly ten years and love it. Needless to say, I was soooo excited when I saw this one. Upon checking for the link, I see it is now $10 less than what I paid for it. I bought one for a friend who loves HP and likes to read. Just replace the dot with a . and remove the spaces around it.

The HHs wish much happiness, excellent health and being surrounded by loved ones to all of our forum family in the coming year.



Allison R - Dec 27, 2007 8:04 pm (#1775 of 2988)

HH, Christmas dinner at your house sounds delicious! I admit I've never attempted to cook duck... but then I'm a white-meat gal and isn't duck mostly dark meat?

I looked at your link, and I'm a bit confused... it seems like a wonderful idea, but I don't quite get exactly how it works. Does this fit into the book I'm reading somehow? It doesn't seem as if it would allow easy turning of pages. Does it just lay over the top of the page I'm reading, and I flip it from side to side as I read? I clicked on the other pictures, but I'm still not clear. Can you elaborate? It's probably really simple and I'm just being extra dense about it, and if so I apologize in advance!

My grades are finally posted for last semester. Flaky teacher gave me an A- and not an A, so there goes my almost 4.0 GPA for last semester **hurling bat bogey hexes in his general direction** With only four assignments the entire semester, every one of them affected your grade in a huge way, and he was really vague and inconsistent with what he wanted so it was almost impossible to ace anything. Oh well, onward and upward, right? My GPA is still good and now I can start filling out those scholarship applications.


PeskyPixie - Dec 27, 2007 10:23 pm (#1776 of 2988)

A phial of Felix Felicis to you as you fill out your scholarship applications, Allison R.

I received a model golden snitch (with a wooden display stand which matches my library floor!) and a Slytherin badge in my stocking. I've convinced myself that I caught the snitch in a match against Gryffindor and have placed a Freezing Charm on it to prevent it from flying away! I'll display it in the HP section of the kiddie lit bookcase in my library. (No offence, Santa, but I preferred the snitch to the ginormous copy of Milton's Paradise Lost ).

Oof! I tend to watch my diet extremely carefully, but really indulged at Christmas and haven't been hungry for the past two days. Perhaps I've lost my appetite for good? Everyone, please keep your eye out for it as I want it back for New Year's Eve! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 9 1003735042


geauxtigers - Dec 27, 2007 11:02 pm (#1777 of 2988)

Now, fructose is a form of sugar so they're essentially using...sugared sugar. No wonder everything's out of whack in this country.

Haha, Any time you're reading the ingredients, and it starts with "high fructose corn syrup", you know you're in trouble! Ingredients are listed from highest amount to lowest amount!

Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas, minus the few sickies (feel better)! I got Guitar Hero and I must say that I'm 100% addicted to it. I can't stop playing it! Someone take it away! Please! LOL

Let's see, nothing has been going on here, just enjoying the holidays! The weather, for the most part has been nice, at least it feels like December, even if it's been a bit wet.

I saw Lina had posted **waves** On a TV show here called the Amazing Race (couples race around the world completing tasks ect to win a million dollars) and they were in Croatia, so it made me think of yall! They went to Dubrovnik, it was beautiful!

Well I hope everyone is feeling better soon!


painting sheila - Dec 27, 2007 11:03 pm (#1778 of 2988)

ACCKK!! It's 1:00 in the morning here and I am still not finished packing for England!! Not enough time in the day.

For any of you in the London area, I would love to meet up with you.

We will be staying at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London WC2N 5HX - phone number 0870-333-9105. I have no idea what you might need of all that info I just typed out - so I gave you all of it!

Just leave a message for the room of Rob and Sheila Cox and I will get back with you. We have lots of free time day and night as chaperones. The kids have rehearsals and performances and the like.

Happy New Year to all!! and I will see you when I get back -




Mrs. Sirius - Dec 27, 2007 11:48 pm (#1779 of 2988)

. . .child would be willing to give up the DS Lite he got last year for Christmas.

Ok, help me out here, what does this mean? I Googled it and know it's a mechanical devise to play games on. My son has been asking and asking for this, he doesn't feel he got that one wow! gift for Christmas so for Three Kings we are considering this DS Lite.Is the DS better, more toy inch per inch. But could I get a laptop and get more game for my bucks?


Elanor - Dec 28, 2007 12:21 am (#1780 of 2988)

Just popping to say how glad I've been to hear about you all and reading you've had a lovely Christmas. Lina, Mediwitch, it's been so great seeing you posting again!

Santa's been very nice with me as well, I've even had a HP gift: Jim Dale's version of PS. I remember a thread on which there was a discussion recently about which CD version forumers prefer and Jim Dale's definitely my favorite.

We've eaten too much as well but it's all been delicious and, after all, it's really cold here these days, we can do with a bit more calories, no?

Healing Charms to all needing some and Packing Ones to Sheila, I hope you'll have lots of fun in London.



HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 28, 2007 6:07 am (#1781 of 2988)

Mediwitch, I forgot to mention how pretty your gingerbread house is! (Okay, I know I haven't mentioned a LOT that I wanted to comment on, but my post was long enough as it is.)

Allison, you're right in saying duck meat is on the darker (and slightly gamier) side. It is actually pretty easy to cook - not much different from chicken, though it helps if you rub salt and a lime or orange on and into the duck and let it sit overnight as a brine of sorts. Pierce it a lot so the fat drips out.

The booklight lays flat on a page and you can read both pages without having to flip it. I like that it holds the page flat and its light doesn't disturb hubby who usually falls asleep long before I do.

Lina, you made me laugh when I heard about the Elmo toy. The girls and I were watching Mad TV last week and they did this spoof called Tickle Me Emo. Whenever Olivia tries to give me that teenage angst attitude, I promptly respond in an Elmo voice. You can look it up on YouTube.

Ms. Sirius, DS Lite is the updated version of DS. DS stands for Duel Screen. One screen is a touch screen and the other (top screen) is the display that shows where the character is and what is taking place in the game. It is a neat game because if you have a wireless router in your home, your son can hook up and play certain games, such as the Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and I believe the new Link & Zelda game and many others and play with anyone around the world. They can also sit in the same room and communicate. Priscilla often hooks up with friends when they can't be together and "visit" each other's towns and interact via their DS's. The interaction is limited, so you don't have to worry about personal info. being exchanged. My children can also play online with their cousins who live in Iowa, so it does help them to stay in touch and play each other, too. Olivia has used both of the DS versions and she could give you better info. The display screens are a bit brighter and nicer on the Lite but the Lite cannot play the Gameboy games and the original DS can. The big drawback (IMHO) is that the original DS has weak hinges and they tend to break if your child drops it once or twice. It will still work but eventually, it can weaken the other side. Two out of our three have a broken hinge. My opinion: There is little difference between them and the original DS has come down in price significantly. You may even want to look into buying a used one in good condition. I know GameStop (formerly EB Games) has an exchange program and sells used ones.



HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 28, 2007 8:00 am (#1782 of 2988)

Sheila, have a safe and enjoyable trip.


PatPat - Dec 28, 2007 8:10 am (#1783 of 2988)

Have a great trip, sheila! I must admit to being jealous as I am stuck at home for the remainder of the holidays! Please say hello to any forumers you may meet up with!

HH11, which is the portable handheld version of the Nintendo? Is that the DS or another one? My (23 year-old) cousin received one for Christmas and the entire family is absolutely bonkers over it (including the adults!) Apparently she got all these cool brain games. Brain Age which apparently tests you on different things and tells you how "old" your brain is, so pretty much how quickly you think. I love stuff like that!

Allison, I absolutely LOVE duck. I actually like it better than chicken and turkey, but do not get to eat it nearly enough as it tends to be more expensive.

Well, looking forward to the New Year. Can you believe it is nearly 2008? Odd how time flies.


HungarianHorntail11  - Dec 28, 2007 9:52 am (#1784 of 2988)

The portable handheld version is the DS. I made a mistake regarding the DS Lite. It does play the Gameboy games but the cartridges stick out really far when inserted into the DS Lite slot. That is the one with Brain Age, etc. and yes, they are a lot of fun.


PatPat - Dec 28, 2007 10:41 am (#1785 of 2988)

Cool. Thanks, HH11. I may just have to get one. I'm really a kid at heart anyway!


John Bumbledore - Dec 28, 2007 12:29 pm (#1786 of 2988)

The giant squid, "I've spent the last few weeks at that point where I feel cruddy but I'm not quite sick. Definitely not bad enough to justify taking a sick day."

I say invest one sick day in getting rested and feel better before you get sick and have to take three sick days to recover.
Not to mention the other employees who may become sick if you are contagious while not quite sick enought to take a day off.

Boldog Karácsonyi ünnepeket kívánok! (would that be the accented letters or are there others?) google found an english to/from hungarian translator for me but it came up with "ÉN kívánság ön Boldog Karácsonyi szünet!"
From the translation I gather that "Boldog" means Happy and "Karácsonyi" mean Christmas or Christmasy.

Actually to me it looks more like it says "Bulldog Kris sonny unkempt kiv-an-ox."

About the Nintendo, Gameboy and the DS:
Nintendo came out with five "color TV game" consoles (1977 – 1980) these were much like Pong and there were five because each played a different game. (no changing cartriges back then; you had to unplug one and connect an entire new console for a different game!) They were succeded by the
Nintendo entertainment system (NES) (1983 – 2003) which was super-ceded by the
Super Nintendo ES (SNES) (1990 – 2003) then the
Nintendo 64 (1996 – 2002), then
Nintendo GameCube (2001 – Present) **we have this one** and finally by the
Nintendo Wii (2006 – Present) **We don't have this one!**

Nintendo's hand held game line:
Game Boy (1989) several small upgrades/variations
Game Boy Color (1998)
Game Boy Advance (2001)
Game Boy Advance SP (2003) the "SP" is for "Special" and it has the look of a hand-held laptop.
Nintendo DS (2004) DS is for Duel Screen, it is wider like the Game Boy Advance but flips open like the SP (Game Boy Advance SP)
Nintendo DS Lite is a slimmer and lighter version of the Nintendo DS and has brighter screens.

I recently was using my oldest son's SP (playing an HP game) and actually used the light from the screen as my flashlight! I was reminded of the small hand-held lights used in Star Trek Next Generation for away missions. I just wispered "Lumos!" when I flipped the SP over so the screen was upside-down with the top edge pointed toward the floor.

But I still want a joystick to attach or plug into my this SP because I find flying the broom difficult with the little "plus" + shaped directional control.

We now own one Game Boy, two SPs and four DS Lites. The Game Boy may go to good will or something, and Mom and Dad get the two SPs.

That's most of what I know about Nintendo's products. Much was suplimented by wikipedia (dates and concise descriptions). I'm having fun learning about the SP and the games.

So, DS Lite is the newest of the hand-held devices made by Nintendo and are able to play games made for the older versions. The games come on cards that "plug-in" (slide into a slot) on the device. As the devices got more complex, the size of the game cards got smaller!

There is also a "cheat" adapter for the game cards that gives you more lives, more powerful attacks/weapons/moves, or the like. It looks like a longer game card that goes between the device and the game card.

Anyone know the passwords or where to find them in the HP CS game from EA? (EA is Electronic Arts)

Maybe I should look for a HP related games thread and ask there? Don't think I've ever seen such a thread... **goes off to search forum**

Edit to add: I just had a thought, my neighbor is an electrical engineer and I am a programmer and have experience building interface cards... I think we need to team up and build a Nintendo game card jukebox, just plug in all your games and use push-button selection to choose the next game you want to play! How much easier could you get? LOL
Of course, it has propably already been done.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Tazzygirl - Dec 28, 2007 2:00 pm (#1787 of 2988)

Allison: Flaky teacher gave me an A- and not an A, so there goes my almost 4.0 GPA for last semester **hurling bat bogey hexes in his general direction** With only four assignments the entire semester, every one of them affected your grade in a huge way, and he was really vague and inconsistent with what he wanted so it was almost impossible to ace anything.

I had a flaky teacher (actually several of them) who gave me an A-. All the others gave me A's. We had basically the same amount of assignments, but they all led up to one gigantic assignment. He even told us no one would get a perfect score. In any case, he ruined my chance for a 4.0 this semester as well. I'm still on the Dean's List though. How many more semesters do you have to go until you graduate? This spring will be my final semester. w00t!

**waves to Lina** I saw Amazing Race too, and when the teams arrived in Croatia I got really bummed that they weren't in Rejika!

I received makeup, three dresses, a bathing suit, and another year's subscription to People magazine for Christmas. Not bad... I really want a DS though.

Nothing else going on here. Just been working non-stop. If B&N hadn't been closed on Christmas, I would have been working 7 days straight!

Have a great weekend everyone!



kabloink! - Dec 28, 2007 3:32 pm (#1788 of 2988)

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but between the new baby and the holidays, when I have been home, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Christmas Eve with the in-laws was okay, aside from the adults slacking and the kids getting to bed wwaaaaaayyyy too late two nights in a row. Then Christmas at my parents’ house was fun (and Ian got to bed at a decent hour-yay!), but the real "treat" was the Harvey family Christmas in Gibraltar, MI. Hubby's father's family is HUGE. Father-in-law is one of 7, who have all had multiple children, who have all had multiple children, etc, etc. It was a blast, but maybe a bit much for me and Alex. He slept very happily in Aunt Karen and Great Grandma's arms most of the night, though, so it was okay. BIL and wife were there with their kids to help, though, so it was fun.

Soli, I have my house phone through our cable company, Comcast, and while many other people I know have had a lot of problems with it, we have not had any. Then again, we don't use our ground line all that much, having not had one for so many years. I, too, love "It's a Wonderful Life" and other such Christmas movies. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by a bunch of scrooges who hate such classic Christmas movies. MIL wanted to find a christmas movie for the kids-apparently, "Miracle on 34th Street" doesn't count as such...

Well, I still have about 58 posts to catch up on, but here are the few thought I had up to this point...I will finish catching up tomorrow.

Denise, several months ago you posted a link to a place where you got coupons-I never did check it out, and now I'm in desperate need of grocery coupons. Would it be possible for you to pass it on again?

Have a great day everyone!


journeymom - Dec 28, 2007 3:33 pm (#1789 of 2988)

John, I'm most impressed. You are a font of knowledge.

Book lights: we have two of those. I love them. Mr. Journeymom thinks he got them from Think Geek. You lay it across the page and read through it. If I understand correctly, it has an LED light in the black spine, which shines horizontally across/into the sheet of plexiglass. The light is diffused in the plexiglass, and the whole sheet of plexiglass lights up. The only downside is that it's a little awkward to turn the page.

Night before last Mr Journeymom convinced me to watch Fight Club with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. It was fascinating but pretty grim and kind of depressing. Last night we watched There's Something About Mary. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Slapstick humor is my cup of tea. Juvenile, crude humor, too, if it's not too mean. My mood when I went to bed was much better last night than the night before.

Mr Journeymom has had the last couple of days off. It's been really nice bumming around with him.

Have a wonderful day, All!


Good to see you, Kabloink!


Denise P. - Dec 28, 2007 3:37 pm (#1790 of 2988)

Kim, I will send you an email with where I gather up various coupons and a few sites that help out finding deals. The newspaper is one of the best places, more so if you get buy multiple copies of the sunday paper.

Oh, one of the best funny movies going, it is old. "The Gods Must Be Crazy" We laugh like loons everytime we see it. Don't bother with the sequels but the original is good. I am also a big fan of the movie "Clue" "Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?!" "You don't need any help from me, sir!" "That's right!" hee hee I like slapstick but not Three Stoogies slapstick. Clever humor is great so certain movies I just adore.

Speaking of movies, I think we may try to go see Enchanted or I am Legend tonight


Potteraholic - Dec 28, 2007 4:00 pm (#1791 of 2988)

Saw "Enchanted" yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Six year-old nephew thought it was funny and laughed a lot, and 3 (and 3/4 she likes to add tho' I don't think she knows what it means ) niece was scared at some parts involving the stepmother character near the end.


PatPat - Dec 28, 2007 5:01 pm (#1792 of 2988)

Thanks for the info, John! Now I want one more than ever! What do the prices on those things run? I heard they were actually more expensive online than in the stores.

I'm actually not a big fan of slapstick, but I absolutely love The Gods Must Be Crazy, Denise. Definitely one of the funniest movies ever made!

PAH, you are now the third person to tell me that Enchanted was great. I definitely need to go see it if I can convince the doc to let me out of the house! Only a little over a week left of vacation! Wow, time flies!


Catherine - Dec 28, 2007 5:56 pm (#1793 of 2988)

Oh, one of the best funny movies going, it is old. "The Gods Must Be Crazy" –Denise

Yay! I showed that film two years running to 7th graders to great laughs and applause. We got to do an advertising unit (skewering Coke and other soft drinks in the process) and do a multitude of interesting English and Social Studies lessons with it. I plan to resume that once I (hopefully) resume 7th grade Humanities.

Imagine my disappointment when my replacement this year declined to show it because it is too "controversial" and "inappropriate." WHATEVER!

I am back home again with the two shih-tzus (Hobbit-like are we) and Mr. Catherine and Offspring are visiting his family in the chilly North with his chilly Relatives. I look forward to the new year, and hope the preparations for this day are going well.

As for me, I shall be preparing exams and exam study guides...and writing all the thank-you notes that I didn't write before Christmas


Choices - Dec 28, 2007 6:13 pm (#1794 of 2988)

Slapstick - When I was young I loved the Jerry Lewis movies. When I got a bit older I moved on to the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies. Those had me rolling in the aisles. (BTW, the Spellchecker suggested I use "slaps tick", but honestly, I don't remember any ticks getting slapped in these movies....???) LOL


PeskyPixie - Dec 28, 2007 8:15 pm (#1795 of 2988)

Peter Sellers was a genius. He left us too early.


Tazzygirl - Dec 29, 2007 3:19 am (#1796 of 2988)

I meant to say earlier- HAPPY TRAVELING Sheila!! **is not jealous is not jealous**

As of this moment, my neighbor's cat is currently walking all over my desk and making my house his/her's. I have no idea if it is a boy or girl. I do know the cat's name is WingNut. I fed him/her about 3 years ago, and now it is my new best friend. I haven't given it food since, but he/she still likes to visit. Good thing he/she is friendly! Makes me want my own furry animal more.



Lina - Dec 29, 2007 3:25 am (#1797 of 2988)

******Waving back to everybody*******

John, thank you for all the explanations about corn syrup and marshmallow plant. I feel much better now.

I just LOVE eating duck! Delicious!

Allison, good luck with the scholarship!

Sheila, have a great and safe trip to London! Enjoy!

ROFL on your translation from Magyar, John!

We are at my in-laws right now and are about to greet the New Year here.

Continued healing charms to all that need them!


Potteraholic - Dec 29, 2007 9:52 am (#1798 of 2988)

To add my 2 knuts about video games, I played 'Karaoke Revolution' at my sister's house over Christmas. My 3 year-old niece and I can sing a mean "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper and "Who Can it Be Now" by Men at Work! It's like 'Guitar Hero', except you sing instead of holding a guitar with buttons. As geauxtigers said in her post about 'Guitar Hero', I'm hooked on 'Karaoke Rev.'. It's a good thing I don't have it here at home.

Healing charms to those who need them.

Hope you're having or had a GREAT time in London, Sheila!

Am glad you had a good holiday, Kabloink!

Now, off the use some very generous Barnes&Nobles gift cards I received from some students and their families. In addition to the OotP deluxe DVD, I think I might even be able to get a couple of Fry and Laurie DVDs, too. Goody! Like Catherine, I must get those thank-you cards, out. Today. (Thanks for the reminder! )


kabloink! - Dec 29, 2007 11:05 am (#1799 of 2988)

Tazzy, your neighbors aren't by any chance Red Wings fans are they? WingNut is a common term for Detroit hockey fans (hubby's entire family is very much part of this category).

We got two gift cards to Best Buy-everyone knows we wanted to buy ourselves Guitar Hero for Christmas, but didn't have the money to get ourselves anything, so they got us gift cards. It was a rough Christmas funds wise, but the boys came out well, and that's the important thing.

Oh! And just so you know, our roads were clear all through the holiday. Boxing Day was a bit icy in the morning, but we didn't drive anywhere until after 10am, by which point it was pretty clear. I love it when we have an ice fog and everything is covered in ice-it is truly beautiful (well, except the roads thing, but if they're clear, we're all good).

Hmmm, Christmas food. Christmas Eve I had made this beautiful Pecan Pie for my in-laws, assuming we were doing a real holiday meal. Nope, we ordered pizza and later on had meatballs in cream of mushroom soup and noodles. Mostly we grazed all day...

At my parents we had the traditional roast turkey and fixins'. I think the most unique thing that we have is an ambrosia salad, except instead of cool whip, we use Miracle whip, and we don't use coconut, just mandarin oranges, bananas, pineapples, and marshmallows. I like the tanginess of the Miracle Whip-Cool WHip is just too sweet.

Okay, Alex beckons for his lunch. Have a great ROTD/N everyone!


Tazzygirl - Dec 29, 2007 11:54 am (#1800 of 2988)

Kabloink: Tazzy, your neighbors aren't by any chance Red Wings fans are they?

I have absolutely no idea. I have never had a full on conversation with the neighbors (any of them). The most that has ever happened is a "Hello!" or "Good morning!". I just know the cat's name from my uncle. LOL. The cat ended up spreading out on my desk and snoozing.

Off to do some Therapy Shopping!

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