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Chat & Greetings 2007

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Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:12 pm


Marie E. - Feb 7, 2007 6:18 pm (#1101 of 2990)

Another balmy day in Colorado. We topped at around 57F. Now that the snow is melting we can see all the potholes left by the snowy/melty weather. Some of them are very bad. I read on Weatherbug that we're supposed to get into the 30's and 40's this weekend with a slight chance of snow each day. Booooo! Hisssss!

Thinking about the 80's and big hair reminded me an incident that happened in the late 80's. I lived in England for the summer of '89. I had the required American big hair when I left, but discovered that everyone near where I lived in England had no bangs/fringe and straight hair pulled back with a barrette. That's what my hair looked like when I came back to the states. My friends were literally horrified by my straight, flat hair and practically drove me from the airport straight to a beauty salon. Two year later what was popular in the States? Yep, straight hair, no bangs/fringe.


Tazzygirl - Feb 7, 2007 6:49 pm (#1102 of 2990)

I got a parking ticket today. I am going to fight it though. On campus we have the parking attendants, and there is a sign posted that if there is no attendant there, then you don't have to pay for parking. This morning there wasn't an attendant, so my friend and I went to class. We came back and there on our windshields were tickets. The funny thing is that my friend hasn't paid for parking this entire semester, as she always gets to the parking lot before the attendants. So we are going to go talk to the campus parking people. grrrr. Can I say this is my first car ticket ever??? (Good thing it doesn't go on my record...)

Ooooh Sheila! You are wanted on the Five Words thread.....



Viola Intonada - Feb 7, 2007 6:58 pm (#1103 of 2990)

Thanks for the heads up, Mike. I didn't know they were doing a recap at 9pm. How much will it take to get you to post Marie's "big hair" picture? I'll pay you in Girl Scout cookies.

Having two days off has lulled me into a false sense of relaxed security. I have been running here and there all day with very few stops between. As I look over the schedule for the next few days, I really should have gotten a head start during the time off. Hey, but then I would have to surrender my membership to Procrastinator's Anonymous, if I ever get around to applying for membership.....

Stay warm!!!


Holly T. - Feb 7, 2007 8:36 pm (#1104 of 2990)

Good luck fighting the ticket Kristina! Now I am having a flashback to Valentine's Day, 1989, when I parked at the end of a row in the parking lot in what was not technically a space, so I wouldn't be late for class since I had a test, took a philosophy test, then went back to find a parking ticket. That was the first Valentine's Day my husband and I were dating, which I guess is why I remember it.

I never could really do the big, big hair. I poofed it, but not the gravity-defying poofiness. My sister-in-law was the queen of big hair, though. I've known her since she was in middle school and she had some seriously big hair back then. Today is her birthday! Daughter just called her. We have six extended family birthdays in a four-week span starting near the end of January. My sister is next. Must put a card in the mail.

Son's 504 meeting went well! His reading teacher and classroom teacher recommended that he does not need any testing accommodations for his dyslexia and can take the standardized reading test in his regular classroom--he only missed 1 question on the practice test. It is always a relief to have a good teacher conference, especially for him. Apparently he's been behaving at school too (not at home, LOL).

Hooray, it's almost time for more Survivor, NASCAR, and the Amazing Race. Finally I will have something to watch on TV.

Viola, how many cookies do you have in your house? We started with 600 and I think there are about 200 left.


geauxtigers - Feb 7, 2007 8:53 pm (#1105 of 2990)

We have six extended family birthdays in a four-week span starting near the end of January. I feel your pain! We have 7 in May, 6 of the 7 being the first 3 weeks. 2, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15 and 28 and we'll throw in mother's day for good measure! Crazy stuff. April isn't much better! 6 birthdays then!

**is really wanting some tagalongs, samoas, or trefoils** Must find some girl scouts at school!

So we had the 'ring ceremony' today. And I found out about the turning of the rings. LOL I found it amusing, they gave us an 'autograph' thingy with a spot for 100 signatures. We've decided its either 8 turns for class of 2008, or 108. I like 108 better, 8 turns is no fun! LOL but I don't think theres 108 people in my grade...

off to finish anatomy notes... Happy Wednesday!


Eponine - Feb 7, 2007 9:06 pm (#1106 of 2990)

So we had the 'ring ceremony' today. And I found out about the turning of the rings. LOL I found it amusing, they gave us an 'autograph' thingy with a spot for 100 signatures. We've decided its either 8 turns for class of 2008, or 108. I like 108 better, 8 turns is no fun! LOL but I don't think theres 108 people in my grade...

I wonder if I still have my official ring-turners signee list. I know I didn't make it all the way to 97 before I gave up on it. There definitely weren't 97 people in my class, though. We had everybody turning our rings. It's a strange thing, isn't it?


Thom Matheson - Feb 7, 2007 9:08 pm (#1107 of 2990)

Please explain ring turning. No such animal in my time. Would one of you nice people play lexopedia for me?


painting sheila - Feb 7, 2007 9:20 pm (#1108 of 2990)

Madame Pince - in the spirit of good sportsmanship I will refrain from pointing out that Carolina beat Duke 79-73 (see! I didn't even say "Puke")

LOST! Do you believe Julia? I am so creeped out by the "Others". What is up with those people killing her ex with a bus! They will let her go and keep Jack - don't you think? and how weird was it that the guy woke up during surgery! AND is the wild girl Ben's daughter?

heading over to 5 words

Edit- Welcome C.E.B.! We are glad you are here - get posting!

Edit #2 - We didn't do the ring turning thing at our school. I think you are supposed to turn your class ring a certain number of times depending on the year you graduate. I think you are supposed to get others to turn it for you and sign that they did it. Why? I have no idea!


Solitaire - Feb 7, 2007 9:54 pm (#1109 of 2990)

I thought the ring-turning had to do with which direction the emblem faced--toward you or away from you.

Tazzy, the only ticket I've ever received was for parking ... on campus!



virginiaelizabeth - Feb 7, 2007 10:11 pm (#1110 of 2990)

I thought the ring-turning had to do with which direction the emblem faced--toward you or away from you.

You have to get 100 people to turn your ring 90 degrees towards your pinky. The last person "turns it towards your heart" which "locks" your ring. At least that's what it says in the little booklet we got. Not aware of what that means but hey, I suspect what I'm not aware of would fill several books!LOL.

I tell ya, I'm amazed at some of the fashion choices I saw today. It certainly gave us something to talk about! I mean really, why do people come to school dressed in something that is so tight that you wonder how they got it over their head or a bit too low-cut...I just don't understand it! No one wants to see that! Then there's the people that you actually feel sorry for because they obviously don't realize that sparkly jelly sandals don't match the brownish green velvet ruffle dress that they have on. I mean really! Common sense would tell you that sparkle jelly sandals should not be worn with a semi-formal dress!

Ah well the ceremony was nice. My English teacher was the speaker and she was great.

Well I think it's time for me to go to bed! Night!


The giant squid - Feb 8, 2007 12:45 am (#1111 of 2990)

How much will it take to get you to post Marie's "big hair" picture?--Viola Intonada

Well, first I'd have to find the yearbook, then scan her Senior picture in, upload the pic to Photobucket and finally post it here. With my procrastinatory tendancies I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. I'm tired just typing out the steps.

Lost: I'm intrigued by Juliet's story. It seems the wish-fulfillment thing started before they got on the island (the bus incident). Also, I thought Alex was Rousseau's daughter--does that mean she's an escaped Other? Regarding "the promise"--Kate's the only one that promised...that leaves plenty of others (small "o") to make the rescue trip.



Snuffles - Feb 8, 2007 4:29 am (#1112 of 2990)

Mike, just admit that you are too scared! we won't think any less of you

Woo hoo, Lost starts here next Tuesday. I can't believe we are only a week behind you guys. Usually we are a few months.

I hope everyone in the Uk who are affected by the snow are coping ok. So far here, we have had a few flurries but it hasn't come to anything. I know everyone accross the pond has had worse weather than we have, but at least you cope. Here, everything from the rail network to planes shut down

I feel awful today. My throat feels like I am swallowing glass. I am working until lunch then I am retreating to my bed until it is time to collect Olivia from nursery.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Madam Pince - Feb 8, 2007 5:14 am (#1113 of 2990)

Oooh, poor Snuffles! Hope you feel better soon! The first "sore throat day" of a cold is always so miserable!

Glad to be of help in providing your daily "I've got this song stuck in my head!", Mike! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Tazzy, good luck fighting your ticket! I got one once because I parallel-parked in what should've been a full space, but the person behind me had pulled forward too far, so about six inches of my bumper went over the line into the "no parking" area -- they actually gave me a ticket for that. I argued the point however and got it dismissed. A judge who is a friend of ours once told me that if you just show up for your court day, he would dismiss almost any minor auto charge -- he said judges figure if you care enough to show up, then they'll cut you a break. So here's hoping for you!

Sheila, congratulations! (I'm not in love with Duke either, so I can say that without compromising my anti-TarHeel-ness...)

I'd never heard of the ring-turning thing, either (no surprise there.) Except, like Solitaire, I had heard about the one: before you've graduated, your ring should be turned with the emblem facing you, so you remind yourself to stick to the grindstone because you're still in school. Then at graduation, you turn the ring around with the emblem facing out so others can see where you graduated from and thus you're displaying your pride in your degree. Or something like that... I still wear mine turned facing out, whenever I wear it.

I thought Lost was pretty awesome last night! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, which is a change from some of the episodes in the "early" part of the season! In white> I thought we already knew/suspected that the wild girl Alex was Rousseau's daughter because Rousseau said her child was named Alex (originally I thought it was a boy, though), but last night was the first I'd heard of Ben being her Dad! Can't quite see how that worked out... ... but it sort of explains why the Others let Rousseau live after she went cuckoo and left. I was so glad to see Danny go down -- I was getting quite irritated with him! I cheered when Sawyer shoved his head in the fish-biscuit thingy three times so he'd get a shock! And poor Carl, how awful was that what they were doing to him! Also, is it just me or did Juliet's sister Rachel look a lot like Desmond's girlfriend Penny? It was hard to tell without the hair...

Giving Little Pince his bath last night, we were discussing how scientists use submarines (bath toys, you see... we've got a sub, and even a giant squid!), and I said something about scientists could be boys or girls. He gave me a disbelieving look and said "Mama, don't be silly. Boys are scientists -- girls are just cheerleaders." We had to have a long talk after that...

Cold here this morning -- 16 degrees -- but schools are open, so it's off we go! Little Pince gets a haircut today, too, I hope. Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Chemyst - Feb 8, 2007 5:40 am (#1114 of 2990)

Mama, don't be silly. Boys are scientists -- girls are just cheerleaders.

 'You're sure he doesn't want a sister?


Marie E. - Feb 8, 2007 5:49 am (#1115 of 2990)

I used to fight with kindergarteners about girl and boy colors ie pink is for girls, blue for boys. This year, however, I have a class full of boys who love pink. One year I also had a three year old girl who loved the color black. Perhaps she went on to become a goth or something. She'd be about 15 years old now.

We are under a freezing fog warning. I have never heard of this before, but it sounds ominous.

Next Monday I'll have just over 600 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my family room. I'm hoping to get rid of them quickly or else Mr. E starts getting into them.


Denise P. - Feb 8, 2007 5:52 am (#1116 of 2990)

On Lost ------> I believe Alex is Ben's daughter only because he raised her. It may not even be common knowledge that he is not her biological father. Heh, did anyone else turn to a SO and nod knowingly when the bus hit J's scumbag ex? I shouted "Dharma!" as soon as the slide show started for her. It will be interesting to see where this all goes. Now I am off to check Sledgeweb's page for what I missed. <----

Yay! There is school today, there is school today! It is 15F out but I am so going to go do my three miles in it...


TomProffitt - Feb 8, 2007 5:55 am (#1117 of 2990)

3 F here this morning. Just glad we usually only have one week of these kinds of temperatures a year.

Holly T, I'm glad to see another NASCAR fan on the forum.


azi - Feb 8, 2007 6:49 am (#1118 of 2990)

**warming charms** to all people in the cold!

Moaning Myrtle - couldn't you go to a friend's house? It's horrible you had to do that! The campus staff must be terrible!

We finally had snow. A whole 1cm...which has already melted, lol! It's pathetic how everything shuts down because of nothing here. It was quite surreal cycling in it though. I hate living where I am - if I was at 'home home' I'd have plenty of snow right now.

The fire alarm in our house went off this morning. I was not a happy bunny at being woken up! I went out of my room to see three of my housemates on their tiptoes trying to switch it off going, 'I can't reach it, it's too high.' I yelled, 'Get a chair!' but they just turned round and went 'What?' Sometimes I wonder what these people are doing in university!

I forgot what else I was going to say...


Loopy Lupin - Feb 8, 2007 7:25 am (#1119 of 2990)

Lost Rules!


Denise P. - Feb 8, 2007 7:33 am (#1120 of 2990)

Hoooo doggy! That was the coldest run I have ever been on! It was 14F when I left and no wind. Right before I hit the 2 mile mark, the wind kicked up and I was running into a bitter cold wind for about half a mile. My face is stinging now that I am in the house, which feels like a sauna at the moment. What a great run though!

Survivor is on tonight too. I have Earl as my swimming partner, Mr. Denise has Mookie. Go Earl! Go Mookie!


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 7:51 am (#1121 of 2990)

azi - Poor thing! I hate getting startled out of bed first thing in the morning. At least it wasn't a real fire. My daughter said last night that some really smart people are dumb. (She was talking about the astronaut that made the weird and scary pilgrimage to Florida)

Madame Pince - thank you for your classy congrats!

Moaning Myrtle - JEEZ!! Were you at least warm? Last year(?) we had some snow that came very fast during the day. People panicked and all tried to get home at once. This packed the snow down on the roads and turned into a sheet of ice. The salt trucks couldn't get out, school buses couldn't get home, people couldn't get home from work - it was a MESS!! Lots of school kids had to spend the night at their school. The teachers raided the cafeteria to feed them dinner and they slept at their school until the next day when people could finally get their kids. It was awful!

Denise P - you are a better woman than I am!! That cold of weather sounds like a good excuse to sit and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I am going to get my passport! Yeah!! I am trying to get a trip to England some time in the near (relative) future. I am so excited! Just having the passport will make me feel like a world traveler.

Oldest Son is home from school again today - he still has his migraine. (sigh) Poor kid

Lost --> So Alex is the woman on "our" island and Ben's daughter? I still can't figure out what the purpose of the island is. Giving Juliette's specialty, I can't help but think it is some superior nation breeding thing. I know that sounds gross - "breeding" - but I can't think of another way to say it. and . . Juliette's sister - why hasn't the island healed her? And why do you think it was important to save Carl? He has to play a part some way or they wouldn't have saved him. Do you really think they will let Juliette go home? Wouldn't see tell everyone on the mainland what is happening there and about the survivors of the plane crash? Will they keep her sister as a hostage to make sure she doesn't tell? She seems to have developed some back bone since she got to the island.

Sorry for the novel - I guess I have a lot to say this morning.

Edit- Esther Rose - Good for you! I am embarrassed to say that I backed out going to the gym yesterday. I was going to meet my hubbie there and work out together but he got there before I did and started before I did. I was too self conscious to go and jump in since he had started already. I am not sure where this is coming from - I have never been so self conscious! It's weird but I am going to try and fight it. You all are such good role models for me!


Esther Rose - Feb 8, 2007 7:59 am (#1122 of 2990)

Denise, I ran this morning too. On a treadmill, watching the Today Show. What can I say. I'm a wimp. You should have seen me though. I was trying to talk myself out of doing the run when I got up, when I left my apartment, when I got to the gym all the way until about 3 minutes on the treadmill. Today is a "just get it over with already" kind of day for me.


juliebug - Feb 8, 2007 8:20 am (#1123 of 2990)

On Lost: I agree with Denise in that I believe Alex was brought up to believe that Creepy Ben is her father. I'm pretty sure that she was the baby who was taken from Rousseau (the French woman.) I wonder if Alex has discovered any of the secrets about her past. She seems to be treated like the trouble-making child of a very important person, not a typical teenage trouble-maker, a potentially dangerous one. The Others seem (to me) to act as if a big part of their jobs is to keep her safe and out of mischeif. I'm really curious about who her boyfriend is.

I'm just not sure about Juliet yet. She is definitelya very puzzling character. Definitelynot trustworthy, but posssibly not bad. I don't think Juliet's sister came to the island with her. That recruiter (or whatever you want to call the man who interviewed her) said that she shouldn't come along because they were going to a very remote location.

Very excited to have the show back and anxious for next week.


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 8:24 am (#1124 of 2990)

juliebug --> Wasn't Juliet's sister there on the island. Didn't Juliet give her a shot or was that in their house n the mainland?

I hope everyone in Europe is hanging in there with the weather! Brrr!!


Madam Pince - Feb 8, 2007 8:35 am (#1125 of 2990)

Sheila: It was in their home in Miami. Remember the sister said something about living on the beach, and Juliet threw open the curtains and you could see the city skyline, and Juliet said "Hey, in Miami everywhere is on the beach." I think up until then we were supposed to think that they were on "the island," but they were really in Miami. I don't believe the sister is on "the island." Also, I need to watch again but now that I think on it, I don't think anyone specifically mentioned the name "Ben" as Alex's father -- Sawyer said "the boss' daughter" and the guard referred to "your dad" when Alex said to call him, and Juliet just said "He will never let you go..." Maybe we're meant to think it's Ben, but it's really someone else? The real head-honcho behind Dharma? Maybe the guy who interviewed Juliet? Hmmmm... Oh, and I totally missed Juliet saying to the interviewer about hoping a bus would hit her ex, so I was completely taken by surprise when it happened! It was pretty funny, though!

Also, Sheila, great Buzz Lightyear picture! Where in Disney did you meet up with him? If we don't get a similar picture with Little Pince this spring, he will be devastated, I'm sure! Hope Oldest Son's migraine clears up -- that's just miserable!

Chemyst, he definitely does want a sister! LOL! Also, it's really no wonder he thinks along those lines for the scientist -- all his "sea explorer" kits have male divers for the accompanying action figures -- no lady scientist divers. And his cousin (unfortunately) likes Bratz dolls, and has a cheerleader one, so I suppose that's where he got this silly idea...

Denise, kudos to you for running in this weather! Something big and ugly would have to be chasing me to make me run outside today! (Edit: who am I kidding? "Today" is no special exception... )

Marie, I've heard that a freezing fog results in very pretty photo ops -- the trees and everything are coated with a layer of glittery frost!


Denise P. - Feb 8, 2007 8:40 am (#1126 of 2990)

Okay, this is getting nothing done so two quick comments again on Lost then I am going to finish up stuff!

---->Juliette said something about "your father" and "Ben" in the same sentence. The gaurd on Carl also called for Ben on the radio when Alex said "Ask my father!"

Did anyone notice when the curtains were opened, it was an Oceanic flight that was shown? <--- Now, a kitchen floor is calling me and 6 beds are asking for new sheets.


Madam Pince - Feb 8, 2007 8:43 am (#1127 of 2990)

Denise, you are amazing. Do you notice all those little details on the first viewing, or do you Tivo and review? Or did you get it from Sledgeweb? I didn't notice any of those things!

Six beds? Ack... Let's see -- it's 10:50 -- you have gone on a three-mile run, gotten kids off to school, made six beds, and mopped the kitchen floor. I ...have made a pot of coffee. Oh, and let the dog out.


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 8:44 am (#1128 of 2990)

Madame Pince - We were in Tomorrow Land. near the stage where they do the outdoor High School Musical show and by Space Mountain. I can't remember the exact ride - but I will find out and let you know. They are also in MGM studios behind the city streets area. I can find out exactly on that one too.

Something big and ugly would have to be chasing me to make me run outside today!  (snort! My thoughts exactly!)

OH!! Lost --> If Juliet's been on the island for three years that means her sister has had her baby!


Madam Pince - Feb 8, 2007 8:47 am (#1129 of 2990)

Is that a cast member or is it a permanent "photo op" statue?

Lost> Or... possibly she died. Did you get the idea she had cancer or something? She said something about having to "get healthy" and she had that turban on her head... If she died maybe that's why Juliet gave in and agreed to go with Dharma. Or maybe they threatened to kill her sister unless she went? She seemed like she was there under duress...


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 8:54 am (#1130 of 2990)

He is a cast member and was very cute at working with the kids for the pictures. We got at least 5 or 6 with him. Sometimes they try and rush you through because of the crowds, but this Buzz was great!

I think it was by the exit for the Buzz Lightyear Ride. Outside the place where you can look at your pictures from the ride? I Will think on it and get back to you -

Lost> If her sister died, I can see Juliet losing it and doing all she can to bring the Dharma thing down. Maybe Alex is Evan's daughter? I can't remember what happened to him. Is he still around? Did they ever answer why they didn't take Ben to the mainland to get help with his tumor?


kaykay1970 - Feb 8, 2007 9:35 am (#1131 of 2990)

I'm excited about Survivor as well. Mr. 1970 has Mookie too. I have Yau Man.

More healing charms to all who need them!


Viola Intonada - Feb 8, 2007 10:25 am (#1132 of 2990)

On the Girl Scout cookie front: I will only have around 160 boxes in my house. I have so graciously conned, I mean, talked one of my moms into being the cookie mom.

This morning I got my eldest off to school, picked up 86 cases of cookies, took them to the cookie mom's house, then helped sort the 86 cases of cookies. I'm trying to get motivated to clean the bathrooms and the rest of the house now. For the record, usually on Thursdays, I would still be in bed trying to get motivated to clean the house. So this is a very rare day. I'm still a slacker mom.


Mediwitch - Feb 8, 2007 10:42 am (#1133 of 2990)

OUCH, Snuffles! *sending Healing Charms, and to sheila's oldest, too*

I am home today with Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. He has a stomach bug. Not to be gross but yesterday was worse as it was, ummm, both directions. Today he's stopped vomiting. The worst part is that he doesn't clean up after himself when he doesn't quite make it to the bathroom, so someone has to be here with him. I'd rather be in school! Well, at least I've cleaned the bathroom, gotten some laundry done, cleaned the bathroom, made some cards, cleaned the bathroom...you get the idea. Tomorrow is Mr. Mediwitch's turn if his dad is still sick. It's easier for me to be out as I don't have to leave lesson plans and they don't hire a sub, but I've missed 2 days now, so he'll have to buck up and write those sub plans. (The problem is that the subs rarely bother to follow them. ) Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


John Bumbledore - Feb 8, 2007 12:29 pm (#1134 of 2990)

"I don't want a [swimsuit] with a skull and cross bones on it!" -- Ginny (#906)

**Leaves me thinking that after a long, cold winter, my skin tone would be just about right for the skull and crossed bones.**

**Wondering how many members will have to "Wash their eyeballs" after that comment**

Denise, you are amazing. Let's see -- it's 10:50 -- you have gone on a three-mile run, gotten kids off to school, made six beds, and mopped the kitchen floor. I ...have made a pot of coffee. Oh, and let the dog out. -- Madam Pince

Madam Pince, what's next? Do you think she will soon have the bacon frying up in the pan? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Tazzy, I'd take a photo of the sign you mentioned and your friend the witness for the time and absence of the attendant. Perhaps even proof of attendance at your class (for time of day). If it says parking is free if there is no attendant, then it should be a quick decision in your favor. But then again, I'm no "Loopy."

Now, about tickets: What does the phrase "no passing when the solid line is on your side of the road" mean when you are already passing (on the left)?
A) Right-hand side lane is no passing,
B) Left-hand side (opossing traffic) may not pass,
C) If you don't know, you shouldn't pass,
D) You are nearing the end of the passing zone, complete your pass or abort soon, or
E) It depends upon the laws of the State in which you are driving.

I don't have to leave lesson plans and they don't hire a sub, but I've missed 2 days now, so he'll have to buck up and write those sub plans. (The problem is that the subs rarely bother to follow them. ) – Mediwitch

Hmm, are you a teachers aid? Maybe you could teach Mr. Mediwitch's (Mediwizard's?) class and (not) follow his lesson plans?

I work in a... "cubicle village," and they are raising the walls from half height to full height. We have to move out for a couple days then back in to our cubicles. Well there is dust flying everywhere and my seasonal allergies highly agitated over it. Just goes to show that when the housekeeping staff "dusts" the cubicles all they really do is push things about on the desk top so it just looks like they did something. Very annoying, really!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


juliebug - Feb 8, 2007 12:49 pm (#1135 of 2990)

More Lost Anagram fans may find this one interesting. I was checking out the Lost poll and recap today and saw that the name of the company that was trying to hire on Juliet was Mittleos Bioscience. I didn't catch that one. The website also points out that Mittleos rearranges to spell Lost Time. Coincidence?


John Bumbledore - Feb 8, 2007 1:12 pm (#1136 of 2990)

Oops, took to long editing and got the "No access" page.

> Now, about tickets: What does the phrase* "when the solid line is on your side of the road" mean when you are already passing (on the left)?
> ...
+> * Note: they have recently (sometime in the last 2 years) changed the wording in the drivers handbook/manual; it now reads as, "wherever there is a solid yellow line in the driver’s lane." Um, I think that makes it more clear, don't you?

+> I believe both phrases are using relative location when they should be using absolute location. To me, both versions speak of the lane in which the car (and driver) are currently located, but I have been told they mean to indicate the lane designated for your direction of travel.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Holly T. - Feb 8, 2007 1:29 pm (#1137 of 2990)

John, you have reminded me of when my daughter was a preschooler (3 or 4) and was just starting to read everything. She was in her little carseat and read a sign on the side of the road "Daddy, that sign says 'Do Not Pass.'" Daddy complimented her on her reading, kept driving, daughter wails out "Daddy! You went PAST the sign! It says 'Do Not Pass'!"

I have spent most of the day trying to convince an author that his idea for his book's title is not going to work and why we should use the title that everyone else working on the book thinks is best. Last e-mail he agreed to it, but is not happy about it. He has two co-authors and they agree with me and my boss.

I read everything but got interrupted twice while trying to post and now have no idea what I wanted to say.

Have a great RotD!


Mediwitch - Feb 8, 2007 2:04 pm (#1138 of 2990)

Hi John Bumbledore - I'm a speech-language pathologist, and I work in 2 elementary schools (one is PreK-8th grade and the other is K-Cool. Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to be a substitute teacher for Mr. Mediwitch. He teaches Technology Education in the regional high school. In general, the kids are pretty good, but they can be BRUTAL to subs.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 8, 2007 2:12 pm (#1139 of 2990)

(She was talking about the astronaut that made the weird and scary pilgrimage to Florida)

I heard about that! Something about her driving 900 miles and wearing a diaper so that she didn't have to make any pit stops. Weiirrddd! And gross!

I think it was by the exit for the Buzz Lightyear Ride. Outside the place where you can look at your pictures from the ride?

Ohh I can answer this one! It's the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. It's the one where you sit in the little cars and you can spin them and shoot lasers at the targets! Me and Tori couldn't figure out how to spin the cars to face the targets until the very end when we noticed the big joy stick that said "Spin". Our picture is great, Tori has a look of concentration on her face while I look like someone obliviated me, very blank stare, but amusing non-the less!

**healing charms to Mr. Mediwitch and Snuffles**

Off to finish up some homework!

Grey's tonight!! YAY! Check out the forum behind my name!


John Bumbledore - Feb 8, 2007 3:13 pm (#1140 of 2990)

John, you have reminded me of when my daughter was a preschooler. -- Holly T.

Holly, are you comparing my understanding of the English language to that of a preschooler (age 3 or 4)? WELL, perhaps English wasn't my favorite subject but I did excel in Mathematics, Computers, and Science.

Oh Yeah! Joshua just got seventh place of the 24 named finalist at Math Counts!

My oldest, Joshua, was selected to attended a math competition called "Math Counts." Of the 100 students attending, (selected from among all county schools from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades) he earned 7th place. Seventh out of one hundred advanced math students!

Did I mention he is in 7th grade (age 12 or at Hogwarts, second year) WOW **insert smile with swollen head here**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


azi - Feb 8, 2007 3:18 pm (#1141 of 2990)

Congrats to your son, John! (I could never do that )


Lina - Feb 8, 2007 3:19 pm (#1142 of 2990)

Congratulations, John!

And healing charms all around!


Denise P. - Feb 8, 2007 3:32 pm (#1143 of 2990)

Madam Pince, I don't catch them all! LOL I see them on a website and then go back and frame by frame the Tivo.

Tonight we have Scouts for the three older boys and Roundtable for me. Without the Tivo, I would be out of luck.

Now, off to get dinner on the table so we can get everything finished before we go to Scouts.


Thom Matheson - Feb 8, 2007 3:43 pm (#1144 of 2990)

Geez Denise, Roundtable? You just got there. You have been busy. Did the OA arrows get finished by the way?


Mediwitch - Feb 8, 2007 3:49 pm (#1145 of 2990)

Ooh! Congratulations, John!!

Thanks for the healing charms, Ginny! It's Mr. Mediwitch's dad (I call him Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. ) Mr. Mediwitch could stay home by himself, but his dad has Alzheimer's and can't!


Holly T. - Feb 8, 2007 3:51 pm (#1146 of 2990)

Ha, sorry, John, I meant you reminded me of a story about my daughter when she was a preschooler. I had a heck of a day at work, was late to pick son up from school because of that, and have had Girl Scout people calling me since I got home. Congrats to your son for being a math whiz!

I need a vacation. Disney would be nice. (How is your son feeling, Starling?)


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 8, 2007 4:17 pm (#1147 of 2990)

Moaning Myrtle - that is a horrible situation! Please, please call your parents and let them know what is happening. You can't spend another night like that! I am so angry, hearing such a thing. How can they just let you go like that? Are there any others who were left behind? Make sure you go back and get the names of those in campus security and housing who turned you away!!

Healing charms to your son, Starling and to Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. and to Mr. Pince.

Madam Pince, I have had several kidney stones, mainly during and after my pregnancy with Trevor. All passed without needing drugs - and for the record, they are not more painful than childbirth. (Sorry, guys.) The last one was betw. 6 and 7 mm. I had lithotripsy done in March which didn't work. They finally got me to schedule a surgery for late August and I passed it the day before I was due for surgery. LOL - of course the Dr. didn't believe me. (Believe me, your hubby will know when it's passed.)

Holly, your "Do Not Pass" story is cute!

Congrats to Bumbledore's son! And congrats to haymoni's Beautifulest One!

Warming charms to all who need them (here, too!).


Chemyst - Feb 8, 2007 4:25 pm (#1148 of 2990)

Denise, I think it is just wonderful that Lost delayed their season until you got your TV all hooked up after your move. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Congratulations to Joshua Bumbledore. (PS I think your dad is proud of you.)

Parking tickets — Many years ago the college my husband went to, had failed to plow the student parking lot after a snowfall. When he parked that night, the pavement was completely covered with snow. The next morning after much of it had melted, he was ticketed for straddling the lines and taking two places. He protested the ticket but they were adamant and would not excuse it. So he told them if they didn't excuse the ticket he'd never donate to their alumni fund. They laughed at him and told him he would not be able to receive his diploma to become an alumnus until his balance with the college was paid in full. For over a quarter of a century now, when we get that annual alumni fund phone call, he gets to rehearse the story for the unfortunate volunteer who was assigned to call him. He has never given them a penny. – It used to bother me, but now it is more like a game to see how they'll react. Several have tried to argue with him or have told him he ought to be more forgiving. A few have been sympathetic. Most say "thank-you for your time" and hang up.   ...well, he did warn them.

So Moaning Myrtle, it seems like some campus cops haven't changed much. Empathy charms to you.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 8, 2007 5:49 pm (#1149 of 2990)

Just wanted to report something Olivia and I realized. We tried the link from Eponine's Post #524 . The speakers you listen to them through make a big difference. I couldn't hear past 15000 on my dino computer but on Olivia's, we could both hear up to 24000 and on the other one, we heard the 25000. So those of you who couldn't hear, take heart and try it on another (preferably one with better speakers) computer.

Maria (maybe not so ancient after all)

EDIT: Hubby just told me the news about Anna Nicole Smith. I feel so sorry for the poor little baby she leaves behind.


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 6:27 pm (#1150 of 2990)

Way to go John's Son!! wOOt!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree it seems.

It is sad about Anna Nicole Smith. Very tragic.

I spent all day sewing a part of a costume and when the young lady tried it on - I hated it. (sigh) Back to the drawing board.

We need 5 year old (give or take) twin boys. Anyone know of any that would like to go to Wilmington and audition for a John Adams movie?
Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:18 pm


boop - Feb 8, 2007 6:51 pm (#1151 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!

Healing charms to everyone who needs them.

It warmed up to 18 degrees outside today. I think its supposed to be 24 tomorrow. We are having a heat wave, heehee.

Hugs always



Tazzygirl - Feb 8, 2007 6:53 pm (#1152 of 2990)

Congrats to your son, John!

MoaningMyrtle- I am so sorry you had to go through that! I would be filing a complaint or something.

I filed my appeal for the parking ticket and should hear something in a couple weeks. LOL, Chemyst, about your husband and the alumni fund. Uni parking attendants are so... I don't know. Maybe they are just bored and feel they need to torture students for entertainment.

On LOST: I am thinking that Alex was brainwashed in thinking Creepy Ben is her dad (or whoever her dad is). She was taken from the French Lady at a super young age, and therefore doesn't remember much, right? By the way- where is the French Lady? Did she just disappear? I don't think Juliet's sister was Penny, as Penny was British. OOOOH! Locke said he had gone completely around the island, and vouched that there was nothing around. How would he have missed the Others' island??? /end white

Grey's Anatomy tonight! w00t!

I saw the news about Anna Nicole Smith- I was checking my email at school and my jaw dropped when I saw it. I feel really bad for her daughter too. Poor baby.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 7:04 pm (#1153 of 2990)

Good points on Lost Tazzy! I can't wait until next week.

Chemyst - Has your avatar always had the little heart on the potions jar?


journeymom - Feb 8, 2007 7:08 pm (#1154 of 2990)

HHII, thanks for posting the link to Eponine's post to the link with those tones.... *eyes cross*

I missed those the first time the discussion went through here. The kids can hear 17,000, I can hear 15,000.

Healing and Cheering charms to all!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 8, 2007 7:46 pm (#1155 of 2990)

Sheila, did you go to the store, or pre-order online? If you went to the store, they should give the stickers to you right there. If you pre-ordered online, they can look up your name in their registry and will give them to you in any Borders store.

I had to ask the clerk several times before he finally gave in. He was pretending he didn't know what I meant until I told him I wasn't pre ordering unless they had the stickers - not rudely, mind you, but he got the message - (only because I've already pre-ordered on Amazon). My girls were laughing at me because I must have said the word "stickers" fifty times. In the end, I did get one of each. Eeeee! I even let the girls hold them for a moment or two. If you haven't gotten them, go right back there. Let me know how you make out.

Lol, journeymom!

Madam P, I was going to point out the same thing about the fans suffering in miserable weather for the Superbowl. You read my mind. (Mike, you're an angry squid )



kaykay1970 - Feb 8, 2007 7:47 pm (#1156 of 2990)

Congratulations Joshua!


painting sheila - Feb 8, 2007 7:54 pm (#1157 of 2990)

Grey's Anatomy - I am still watching but all I can say is poor Izzy!

Thanks HH! I will go in tomorrow and demand (in a nice voice) my stickers!

Edit - Grey's What is going on! Meredith can't drown! Oh my goodness! At least it looks from the promo for next week that the little girl went to get help for her.

Denise P - I wish I had half of your energy! I don't have JCSS tomorrow, so maybe I will go work out - in your honor of course!

Edit- Hey you all across the pond - you were on our local news tonight. The snow looks very pretty at Buckingham Palace. The poor guard looked frozen though!


Denise P. - Feb 8, 2007 8:03 pm (#1158 of 2990)

Of course I am going to Roundtable even though I just got here. How else can you find out about the various stuff going on that you need to know about?


geauxtigers - Feb 8, 2007 8:22 pm (#1159 of 2990)

Sheila, Kristina me, and Ginny set up a Grey's forum several months ago. Feel free to go spill! the link is in my profile, but I'll go on and give it to ya now: Grey's Anatomy Forum Have at it! The rules are more relaxed because well, Grey's isn't forum-friendly most of the time, so we can be a little more easy going there. And we don't have to post everything in white! LOL!

Congrats to Joshua!

Healing charms to all!

Stay warm! We are having a warm and dry week. Highs right at about 70F. It smelled like spring out there minus the fact that everything is dead and brown and there are no leaves on the trees! Its been a nice break from the cold. But its supposed to rain tomorrow and then again on Sunday I think, cold front coming though me thinks. Ahh well, the past few days have been wonderful!

Well kitty just jumped up and it now laying across my arms, so I guess thats my que to get off the computer and pay her some attention!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


Puck - Feb 8, 2007 9:38 pm (#1160 of 2990)

Hello all!

Been a bit crazy around here, but as I just heard the publish date, I had to run in! I haven't pre-ordered yet, as I was still kind of hoping for a gathering somewhere, and thought a bookstore near wherever would be best. I'd just like to be away from home so I can read in peace.

It's darn cold hear! Barely gotten out of the single digits all week, plus a wind chill.

Mr. Puck coming home at some point during the wee hours. He's been off on business, and his flight gets in late. It'll be nice to have another grown up in the house.

My boy got his glasses today. He failed the school eye test. After finding an eye doctor that would see him before May, we discovered he's far sighted in his left eye, so his right eye has been picking up the slack. Gee, maybe he really did have a headache those times I thought he was just trying to get out of his homework. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1437562208

Diva had a wonderful time at her first recital. She was so thrilled to be on that stage. We've had daily recitals in our living room starring various dolls and puppets for the past two weeks. She also has informed me that she needs to go to New York someday, because that's where the big stage is.

Hope all are doing well!



Mediwitch - Feb 8, 2007 9:44 pm (#1161 of 2990)

**waves to Puck** Nice to see you! Hope your son's glasses help. Sounds like Diva's ready for Broadway! We should see if we can get a Forum group together somewhere for the release - that would be fun. We've kicked it around briefly here and there, but nothing definite. Hmmmmm.....


Puck - Feb 8, 2007 9:52 pm (#1162 of 2990)

**waves back to Mediwitch** I could get to you easily enough. Southern CT or northern NJ may allow for a fair amount of North East people.

Off to bed. It's nearing midnight. When hubby's home, be stays up for the Baby's late dose of meds. Without him home, I need to stay up a bit later than usual.


MoaningMyrtle101 - Feb 8, 2007 10:57 pm (#1163 of 2990)

Well, the campus security cops don't like me much anyway. I used to go up to the roof of the theatre building in warm weather to sit and read and watch people below me, and this annoyed them for some reason :-) But the one good thing about it is that if you're going to get stuck in a building on campus overnight, that one's the best place to be stuck (except, perhaps, a dorm...). There was a comforter and pillow I found stashed in the costume room, and I could even take a shower in one of the dressing rooms the next morning.

It was just one of those situations where you completely run out of options. I didn't expect the housing people to be so uncooperative (not to mention rude) when I talked to them, but other than that I guess there isn't much anyone could have done. I think there were two or three other people who got stuck, and they all had people sneak them into dorms illegally. I had a friend who would have wanted to come and get me, but she was in an area more remote than where I live, and all she could really do was remind me where the key to the stage door was hidden. It's a remarkably insecure building, which is convenient in situations like that.


Tazzygirl - Feb 8, 2007 11:56 pm (#1164 of 2990)

**waves madly to Puck** Glad to see you hear again!

I want stickers from Borders!!! It looks like I'll be here for the book release, so I might as well pre-order from the Borders here.

My aunt and uncle bought a new washer and dryer. It's the front loading kind, and therefore takes the 'High-Efficency' laundry detergent. I'm bummed out, as I had just bought a huge box of detergent from Costco, and had only used it once. Aunt and I tried using our normal detergent in the machine, to see what happens, and we ended up having to run the washer through several cycles to get rid of all the soap suds.

MoaningMyrtle- that's really strange that there is a hidden key to the building... although perfect for emergencies!!

Off to watch Grey's!!



The giant squid - Feb 9, 2007 12:44 am (#1165 of 2990)

Our picture is great, Tori has a look of concentration on her face while I look like someone obliiviated me, very blank stare, but amusing non-the less!—virginiaelizabeth

That just proves my theory that twins actually share a brain. When one of them has to concentrate on something she steals computing power from the other one. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2775603007



TomProffitt - Feb 9, 2007 5:54 am (#1166 of 2990)

18 F here this morning. Finally snuck in a run yesterday (only 3 miles & 27 F) but was going nuts at not having run in a few days. Really hate running with snow on the shoulders, too; doesn't feel very safe to me.

Moaning Myrtle, we had a similar set up when I was in college with our theater building (only our theater prof didn't know he was cooperating with us). I didn't take it seriously until my junior year when I got caught where I shouldn't have been (I was up to Fred & George kind of no good, not Mundungus's kind of no good) and discovered that campus officials really don't have any more of a sense of humor than Filch.

The ending of last night's Grey's really surprised me.

The only childhood icons I got photo-ed with were NASCAR drivers (Richard Petty, Buddy Baker, & Cale Yarlborough), although I would have been happy for a photo with Johnny Quest or Scooby Doo.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 5:54 am (#1167 of 2990)

Myrtle, glad to hear you made out okay but still, something terrible could have happened and it should be prevented from happening to anyone again. You should still tell your parents - they are spending a lot of money for you to be there. Their attitude should not be so dismissive. That is the kind of thing that worries me about this country (remember the Customer Service discussion way back).

****waves to Puck!!****

Sorry to hear about the glasses, but it's good your son is getting what he needs. It is very difficult to run the house pretty much alone - hang in there. Do you see an end in sight for Mr. Puck's long hours?

NJ sounds good to me! Do we want a Borders or a B&N? A large store with a Starbucks or a small, quiet store? I could give you some locations and we can go from there.

Anyone else from the south interested? Sheila, you are NC, right?

Kristina, I have a h-e machine and use regular Tide. Just use less. I use about 1/4 of the cup that comes in it. Use the powder, btw. Also, it helps to know the type of water you have, (i.e., hard or soft - mineral content).



Chemyst - Feb 9, 2007 5:56 am (#1168 of 2990)

Chemyst - Has your avatar always had the little heart on the potions jar? – Sheila

No, it's a seasonal love potion for Valentine's Day.


Marie E. - Feb 9, 2007 6:02 am (#1169 of 2990)

We didn't get the fog yesterday. It was only in the southern part of town. We're under another fog warning, so maybe I'll get to see glittery trees today.

I've never heard of roundtable. I guess I'll have to look it up. Scouts, them I've heard of.

All this take of meeting up for the last book is depressing, as I'm stuck out here in the mountains, not close to anyone. I do have a few HP friends here, of course, but I know from the 2005 gathering that it's fun to be with someone as obsessed as yourself. Maybe Mr. E's high school reunion really will be during July and I'll already be on the East Coast.

I think I've convinced Lexi to go to Girl Scout camp this summer. Her best friend, Malia, was supposed to go to camp last summer but chickened out. I told them both that if we send in their registrations together there's practically a guarantee that they get to go to the same camp. Now they both want to go. They have a camp especially for first-timers where a counselor sleeps in the cabin with the girls. That's the one they want to go to. My luck that camp is scheduled either on July 13th or 20th. Lol.


Madam Pince - Feb 9, 2007 6:08 am (#1170 of 2990)

LOL, Mike!

Holly, that story about your daughter and the "No Passing" sign was too cute! They are so literal at that age, aren't they?

***waves to Puck*** Glad to see you posting again!

(((hugs))) back to Boop -- you'll have to get your swimsuit out soon with that "heat wave" you're having up there! Tee-hee!

Mediwitch, here's hoping Mr. Mediwitch Sr. gets better soon -- that can't be fun at all.

Congratulations to Joshua Bumbledore! Woo-hoo! (And John, I'd pick "D" for that driving question... but it's a very confusing way of asking, I agree!)

Here's one more Lost thought: Remember Ben said "I've been able to hear you for some time now," when he woke up in the middle of anaesthesia? Wonder if he overheard Jack telling Tom that Juliet had asked him to let Ben die? Or was Ben already awake & talking then, I can't remember... Could make for interesting situation between Ben and Juliet later! Also, what is up with that Tom being so nice and friendly all of a sudden? Wonder what he made of Jack's info about Juliet wanting Ben to die?

Chemyst, I like your "heart" potion! Also, I am on your hubby's side with the parking ticket for parking in the snow-obliterated parking lot. That's just an outrageous abuse of power, and definitely shows the drawbacks of "short-term thinking" that the school employed. I would do exactly what he's doing -- they brought it on themselves! Go Mr. Chemyst! Revenge is sweet!

Mr. Pince is still home from work -- it's been a whole week now. He looks like death warmed over (another of grandma's sayings...) Constant pain and constant pain-relievers is not a healthy thing but we can't see a doctor until Tuesday and they've all advised him that all he can do is keep waiting. It's frustrating because there's nothing I can do to help, either. I've been trying to cook tempting meals as a small bit of solace, but it's not helping much, I'm afraid...

Little Pince has a Valentine's craft party to go to tomorrow -- they are going to make little memory books or something I think? It's mostly "older women" (ie: six-year-old little girls) but one of them has a younger brother so hopefully they will have a fine time.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the RotD!

Edit: Just read the "YKYAHPLFW..." thread, and I am cracking up laughing at the putting stickers on John Bumbledore's car! I had almost forgotten all about that!


John Bumbledore - Feb 9, 2007 8:19 am (#1171 of 2990)

"And we can stick them on John Bumbledore's car!" -- Olivia (Horntail 13)

Ack! My car's been tagged with another HP sticker!
Chemyst - Has your avatar always had the little heart on the potions jar? – Sheila
No, it's a seasonal love potion for Valentine's Day. – Chemyst

I had notice the color change for Christmas, so when I saw the new edition for Valentines day, I just figured Chemyst was some relation to Ted Turner...

* Note: That is a simulated sticker (of Harry flying after the Snitch) on a simulation of my car.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Chemyst - Feb 9, 2007 9:26 am (#1172 of 2990)

Hm... I don't get the Ted Turner thing. Should I or should I ?
But after Christmas with the "holly & starburst avatar," there was also a New Year's avatar where the Erlenmeyer was labeled "#2007" and after that were plain "winter colors" before this current "pink & red w/heart." I'm working on a St. Patrick's Day avatar. Maybe someday I'll put the first special-theme avatar I ever did back up– the one inspired by JKR's website with the brick wall behind the "Do Not Disturb" sign (which dates back before the premium membership days.)


John Bumbledore - Feb 9, 2007 9:47 am (#1173 of 2990)

Chemyst, I do remember the 2007 for New Years but I didn't notice the somber "winter colors." I think you should because some time ago, Ted Turner bought many of the black and white movie classic and colorized them. This made many videophiles,  . . .erm,  . . .. red in the face.

Oh, maybe we all could give a lineup of past avatars and we could vote on them. Welcome to the "Harry Potter Lexicon Forums Favorite Avatar Images" ... or maybe not?

But the Horntails are very green. (Ah, this is a play on a Veggie Tails children's book by Phil Vischer. It concludes by saying, "but Bob is very red!" Well he is a tomato.)

Oh, I meant to say that I LOL @ Squid Mikes uncanny observation of teen girls having a common brain (well he said twins) but having heard many conversations consisting only of sentence fragments and yet the teen girls somehow understood each other! It's baffling!

Edit for She:

She, severe head aches can be associated with a pinched nerve at the base of the skull. My Chiropractor explained it to me that the nerves that are located there (axis and radius? vertebra) may either cause fatigue (sleeping 15 to 18 hours a day) or migraine headaches.

If you’re not the Chiropractic type, perhaps an orthopedic doctor could be consulted?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


painting sheila - Feb 9, 2007 9:49 am (#1174 of 2990)

You are so clever Chemyst. I can't believe I didn't notice the changes before now.

FYI to everyone. I gave blood today and was told there is a shortage. All of the blood drives in the midwest and other areas hit by severe winter weather have had to cancel. So, if you have nothing better to do today - go give blood.

Oldest Son is home again today with the same headache. We are going on three days. Yikes! Back to the doctor we go. . . .


painting sheila - Feb 9, 2007 11:13 am (#1175 of 2990)

Shoot! To late to edit.

Lost --> In the very beginning when Juliet is walking down the hall towards her sisters room/apartment you see Ethan pass her in the hall. Creepy! Are we sure her sister isn't on the island? The hallway looked like it - but the window . .. hhmmmmmm. . .


Puck - Feb 9, 2007 11:25 am (#1176 of 2990)

Thanks for the guilt trip, Sheila. I'm O+, so my blood is in demand.

Maria, hubby was out in Denver for a few days. He's home now.  He snuck in at about 2am.

John do your twins share a brain, as well?

Healing charms to all those sick relatives! (I picked up on Sheila's son, Mediwitch's Dad (In-law?), and Mr. Pince, but I'm sure there are others.

Happy RotD!



Holly T. - Feb 9, 2007 11:28 am (#1177 of 2990)

Healing charms to Sheila's son, Mr. Pince. Mr. Mediwitch, Sr., and anyone else who needs them! How is Mr. Hungarian Horntail doing?

I can't give blood again until the 16th.

Waving welcome back to Puck! Does your son look cute in his glasses?

Moaning Myrtle, does your campus have a 24-hour library or student center? I don't think the plan for 24-hour library access (you have to have a campus ID to be in the building after 10 p.m.) on our campus was for people to sleep there, but they do. Not just at night, either.

Daughter needs new shoes and is complaining that she only has two pairs of jeans that fit (the ones I just bought her) so it is time to take her shopping again. Like that's a bad thing, LOL.


John Bumbledore - Feb 9, 2007 11:40 am (#1178 of 2990)

John do your twins share a brain, as well? -- Puck

No, here I think it is a result of the incompatibility between the genders. One girl, one boy, so it is not possible for them to share a single brain and remain sane.

Seems like I just donated, but I'll be eligible March 7 and have already scheduled an appointment.

Oh, seeing Holly T's post reminded me that for the past few days I've also been sending healing charms to all in need. Um, has anyone here been practicing the obliviate charm or should I look for a local source?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


azi - Feb 9, 2007 11:49 am (#1179 of 2990)

**waves to Puck** The hangman and Potty 5 Words threads have been quiet recently...

**more healing charms** to Mr Pince, Shelia's kid (could the headache be stress at all?) and all other ill people!

Love the car pic, John! For a second I was wondering if you could get such big HP stickers!

My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to give blood, but I refuse. I can't stand the idea of losing that much. Plus I have iron deficiency so they won't let me anyway. The last time they came to university, they refused over half the people who went to donate for some reason or another. Very strict system (it has to be, I suppose!).

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Madam Pince - Feb 9, 2007 12:13 pm (#1180 of 2990)

Sheila, re: Lost You did notice that Ethan also accompanied the interviewer guy when they came to put one last push on Juliet when she was in the morgue with her dead hubby's body, right? He didn't say much, just kept smirking. Somehow I get the feeling he's an "enforcer"...


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 12:19 pm (#1181 of 2990)

Lol, John and Madam P. My budding little dragon has a few horns of her own, eh?

Shoot, I finally get time to check the computer and I realize I only have 15 minutes to get out of here. Oh, interrupted and now I have to go.

Enjoy the rotd/n, everyone!



painting sheila - Feb 9, 2007 2:02 pm (#1182 of 2990)

Madame Pince--> Yes, I did notice him at the end, but I didn't notice him at the first. AND! What was Tommy saying about the sky being purple right before the radio came on with Kate? Do you think it was when their plane fell? or another time? I wonder if any of the others (lower case "o") were interviewed by Dharma and turned the job down. Creepy Creepy!!

I sure hope Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. feels better soon and I hope you, Mediwitch< take care of your self. Don't get to run down!

Hugarian Horntail - How is your sweetie doing?


geauxtigers - Feb 9, 2007 2:42 pm (#1183 of 2990)


I hope your son feels better, Sheila. Neck/shoulder massage type of deal can help a headache. know this from expirence.

That just proves my theory that twins actually share a brain.

**Snort** Thats people's second favorite thing to ask us. "can you read each other's minds?" Umm sorry, no, we can't. We have had the same dream on the same night 2 times before. One time when we were 3, one of us was sleeping with my parents and woke telling about a dog who kept barking all night (dog had been dead for a long time) when my mom go the other one, same story. The second was about 3 years ago. Had a dream rocks were falling on me, so did Ginny. We were officially freaked out. Favorite question by far is "Are you two sisters?" "no sorry, we aren't related or anything, I just happen to look exactly like her by coincidence!"  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059  LOL I don't mind being asked if I'm a twin, but sister is pushing it. And you'd get irritated after 16 years of people wanted to know if your clearly identical sister is in fact your sister. LOL

Off to take a nap me thinks!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 4:46 pm (#1184 of 2990)

Just arrived home.
That is cool about the dreams, Tori. LOL about the questions.

Re: Mr. HH: Saw a surgeon this week in NYC on a last-minute appointment. I haven't heard from the Dr's office in Sloan but it seems as though they never actually biopsied the tumor - just the tissue surrounding it. Why didn't they? Good question. There was actually very little info. provided for the surgeon to go by. So now, hubby may have to go in for another of the same procedure but with the surgeon this time. They assured us it looks benign. Also, if it is a lipoma, they may not even need to remove it so now we have a sort of "guarded" optimism. Thanks for asking, though I know how difficult it may be to keep up on the threads.

Holly, I thought about the library too for Moaning Myrtle but when I typed it out, it looked like a dumb idea in print. Funny but when I read your post, it seemed reasonable and intelligent.

Um, has anyone here been practicing the obliviate charm or should I look for a local source? John Bumbledore

Well, just lately, I'm feeling as though mine backfired like Lockhart's. Does that count?



Thom Matheson - Feb 9, 2007 4:57 pm (#1185 of 2990)

I can say that for the most part, being an identical twin myself, your assessments are pretty right on.


Catherine - Feb 9, 2007 5:53 pm (#1186 of 2990)

Um, has anyone here been practicing the obliviate charm or should I look for a local source?  HELLO!!!

Some of us, due to our license plates, "Obliviate" constantly. For the record, I "Oblivi8!" every day.

My students really enjoy my license plate; I have a commonly seen vehicle in NC, and my students love to know when I (vs. the other bazillion owners of white SUVs) am getting my hair cut, or shopping at Tar-zhay vs. the Wal-mart, or am getting my addictive kicks at Barnes and Noble. Or eating at Chili's vs. Chik-fil-A. (Please assume all copyrighted names/symbols, etc.)

The parents (sometimes) think that I must be partially stupid, once their kids explain the joke. It's always entertaining to enlighten certain folks that I might read Harry Potter novels, but I am not REALLY adolescent. Also, I may teach middle school children, and they should know that doesn't mean I'm totally impaired.

I adore teaching that age, for the record!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 6:05 pm (#1187 of 2990)

. . . . or am getting my addictive kicks at Barnes and Noble. Catherine
Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a book fetish. Mr. HH refuses to buy any more book shelves for fear there might be a small remainder of space which I would feel compelled to overfill.

Oddly enough, I am taking my girls to B&N tonight.

Just in judgment in teaching that age.... LOL.



The giant squid - Feb 9, 2007 6:07 pm (#1188 of 2990)

Thats people's second favorite thing to ask us. "can you read each other's minds?" Umm sorry, no, we can't.—geauxtigers

Of course not, because only one of you can use the brain at a time, so there's nothing to read in the other's head. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042


Mediwitch - Feb 9, 2007 6:32 pm (#1189 of 2990)

Well, Mr. Mediwitch Sr. seems to be getting better. Nothing nasty since this morning, although Mr. Mediwitch stayed home with him today. It's always interesting going back to school after a couple of days out!

Maria, Kathy, anyone else in the northeast - depending on the house project (we just got our final plans in!) and the location, I would be up for meeting for the release. Sounds like fun to me!

Mr. Mediwitch has been looking at the webcam from SUNY Oswego (his alma mater) - all I can say is ! That's a lot of snow!

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073 Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073

Hooray! Our son (the one who just finished his Master's at Worcester Polytechnic Institute) got his first job offer today! He's got several more interviews lined up next week, so he's going to go through with them as well, but at least we know he will definitely be gainfully employed! Most of the jobs are in the Andover area, near Boston. (Is that close to you Puck?)


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 6:55 pm (#1190 of 2990)

Congratulations to your son, Mediwitch! Is that still close enough for him to visit often?

LOL, Mike. I am expecting to hear a dungbomb lunged in your direction from Tori any moment now.

Let me know if you want a B&N or Borders. I can inquire as to which stores are planning a midnight party.


Puck - Feb 9, 2007 7:16 pm (#1191 of 2990)

ROTFL, Mike!

Maria, B&N is good by me, as I have a membership and thus get a discount.

Mediwitch, great news. Andover is near where I grew up, actually. WPI would be closer than Andover now, though.

Just came back from the Cub Scout "Blue and Gold Banquet". This was a spaghetti dinner at the church, and they received badges, etc.... We must have done well on the popcorn, because my son was one of only 2 boys that got a prize for sales.

Spring must be coming. Baseball sign-ups are this weekend. Diva is already registered for kindergarten for next year as well. Madame Pince, did you have to do that yet? I remember the first time around it came as quite a shock, getting a letter in February to sign my son up for school. I wasn't nearly ready to think about such things!

Happy RotD!



Mediwitch - Feb 9, 2007 7:24 pm (#1192 of 2990)

I have memberships to both B&N and Borders (now THAT'S addiction! ) so either is fine for me.

Maria, Worcester (where Ryan lives now) is only about 2 hours and 15 minutes from us; he'll be staying there for now at least as he's got a lease until the end of May. If he moves after that, it could add another 45 minutes or so. Not necessarily a one-day trip, but close enough for holidays and weekend visits! It's a lot closer than San Diego - he has a phone interview for eBay next week (he did an internship there last year) but it's really his last choice. He liked eBay, but is not thrilled about the idea of moving SO far away. So unless eBay gives him an offer that's too good to pass up, I think he'll be staying in the Boston area, at least for now.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 7:31 pm (#1193 of 2990)

Okay, B&N, it is. We are going to one in W. Paterson tonight and I'll find out what they have planned. I'll also ask which are their biggest/best stores in NJ.

I posted a link in the YKYAHPLFW thread and wanted to let you know I put the base site in my profile. Be sure to check out the animations as well as the gallery. We are having fun with Olivia's recent discovery for a bit before we head out to B&N. (Chibi Potter)

w00t to your son, Puck!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for him to get a great job near enough to you, Mediwitch!

Puck, I had to register Trevor this week. **sniff, sniff, sob** The other moms are arranging for a stretcher this September and are taking bets as to how long before I lose it. I sure am going to miss my little man.



Mediwitch - Feb 9, 2007 7:46 pm (#1194 of 2990)

There is also a B&N in Farmington, CT (just across from the Westfarms Mall). That may be about halfway between you, Maria and Kathy (I'll probably have to drive almost as far as both of you if we go there! There is only one small independent bookstore about 30 minutes or so from my house, then it's an hour or more after that!)

Maria, you reminded me of one of my friends who swore she never cried, ever, no matter what. I drove by her house on my way to work the morning she put her oldest child, a boy, on the bus for Kindergarten for the first time. The bus was in front of her house, and she was SOBBING in the front yard. I felt so bad for her I had to pull in and give her a hug! Of course, he's in 7th grade now, and just spent a week away at Nature's Classroom - and she couldn't wait for him to leave!


Solitaire - Feb 9, 2007 9:34 pm (#1195 of 2990)

because only one of you can use the brain at a time, so there's nothing to read in the other's head.


I may teach middle school children, and they should know that doesn't mean I'm totally impaired.

As a fellow middle school teacher, I agree wholeheartedly ... most of the time. I do have a few friends and relatives, however, who continue to question my sanity regarding this career choice.



geauxtigers - Feb 9, 2007 10:31 pm (#1196 of 2990)

Of course not, because only one of you can use the brain at a time, so there's nothing to read in the other's head.

Ha ha Mike! **throws dungbombs** What?! **looks innocent** Maria made me do it! LOL

Didn't know you were a twin, Thom! So you know exactly how I feel! LOL Me and Ginny aren't identical, (half identical) and most people find it extremely hard to believe that we aren't identical. We look a lot a like, but there are some big differences and I don't feel like naming them! Too many!

We don't have a Borders anywhere in this state I don't think! I'd never even heard of it until it was mentioned on this site! We have Barnes and Noble and a Books-a-million which isn't exactly close to me and I'm not even sure if its open anymore. Theres a few little book places in the mall, but I don't know of any small shops near me. Looking like a B&N for me. Wonder which one I should go too, we have several I think...

Went a Mardi Gras parade tonight then to dinner with a friend. T'was fun, but I'm tired and I have to get up early (9:00 :shocked: )but I'll be able to come home and go back to bed, so its good.

Off to get in my pjs and read. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Oh Maria, glad everything seems to be good with your husband!

Glad Mr. Mediwitch SR is getting better!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 9, 2007 10:55 pm (#1197 of 2990)

Farmington is about 2:15 from us. It is also where my brother-in-law and his wife live. That would mean a family trip. I'll do it if I have to, but when HBP came out, we were visiting friends in LA and stayed up past 4am reading and kept stealing trips to our bedroom to read. Needless to say, we weren't exactly the best guests - well, I don't believe so, anyway. (HH13 and I)

LOL, Tori. Throw one for me - just for good measure, of course.


Lina - Feb 10, 2007 3:03 am (#1198 of 2990)

My sister is 8 years younger than me but, apparently, we look like twins anyway. We work at the same college, she as a teacher assistant while I just take care of the computers. We had several situations where students would approach me with some questions about Civil Law and approaching her with questions about connecting to the Internet. It amuses us a lot, yet, my sister is maybe a little less amused than me. Especially at the time that I started to work there and she'd been working there for a year already. People thought that I was her younger sister because I came later...

Of course, he's in 7th grade now, and just spent a week away at Nature's Classroom - and she couldn't wait for him to leave! – Mediwitch
By the time that Trevor will be going to the 7th grade, Maria might be a grandmother... ***ducking from the fire, grabbing the broom and flying away***

We are having the Children's carnival parade today. Mihaela (the youngest) is going with her school, they will be painters. We had fun completing the costume yesterday. I took the old costumes out for the occasion, so I'm having the parade now around the flat. Hopefully it won't be raining...


Solitaire - Feb 10, 2007 4:07 am (#1199 of 2990)

Tori, I've had numerous twins pass through my classroom over the years. More have been boys, and the majority of those have been fraternal. Most of my girl twins have been identical. Interestingly, I've had a couple of years when there have been four or five sets of twins among my 100 or so 7th graders. Is that a high incidence?

At the beginning of the year, I am often stumped to tell the "identical twins" apart ... or while I may be able to do it if they are side by side, I can't always tell who is who if I see them separately, out in the halls or on the playground. Once I get to know the personalities, however, I can usually see so many differences between twins that I wonder at ever having thought them identical at all! I will admit that the process moves more quickly when I have them in the same class than when I have them in different periods. Not surprisingly, my twins (one or both of a "set") are often among my favorite kids in any year--possibly because I get to know them better than other kids. I suppose this is due to making an extra effort to really see each twin as an individual, distinct from his/her sibling.

When I was in 6th grade, a family with identical twins who were just my age moved in two doors down from us. I was always surprised at people who could not tell them apart. (I still can, even though we are all **cough! ahem! *&@!* years old and rarely see each other anymore!) Actually, I walked into CURVES one Saturday morning last spring, saw one of "the girls," and knew her instantly!

Tell me ... how often did the two of you (or do you still) swap places in school? Has one of you ever taken a test for the other one? Has either of you ever gotten into trouble for something the other one did? Just curious ...

BTW, I have fraternal twin cousins on my mom's side of the family and identical twin cousins on my dad's side!



haymoni - Feb 10, 2007 5:12 am (#1200 of 2990)

I live near Twinsburg, OH - have any of you Twinners ever come out for the festival?

We had a set of identical twin girls in our gradeschool. The only way anyone could tell them apart when they were younger was to make them talk. One of them had a really, really deep voice!

My step-sister has 2 sets of twins, both fraternal. (Yes, she is crazy!) In both cases, one of them resembles the dad and the other resembles the mom.

Ungrateful Son had a buddy sleep over. I am sure that I will hear the calls for pancakes soon!

Have a great day, all!
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TomProffitt - Feb 10, 2007 5:30 am (#1201 of 2990)

We had a set of identical twins in basic training. (I'd say they were like Gomer Pyle, but that would be rude to Mr. Pyle)

The very first day Drill Sergeant hauled them out in front of the platoon and said, "I'm not going to try to tell you apart. As far as I'm concerned you are the same person. If I hit you, he says 'Ouch' and if I hit him you say, 'Ouch.'" Then they practiced for about thirty seconds with the Drill Sergeant just bonking them on top of the head. It would have been very funny if we knew we were allowed to be amused by the Drill Sergeant (that thought doesn't occur in the first week).

I learned to tell them apart around week eleven, which was much too late, as they seemed to have very different personalities and I had no way of knowing which one had done which over the previous three months.


Good Evans - Feb 10, 2007 5:40 am (#1202 of 2990)

Big waves to kathy, missed you on this and the chat thread.

healing and cheering to all who need. Gosh Myrtle, sorry to hear of your experience I am glad it all turned out ok.

happy Saturday everyone


Puck - Feb 10, 2007 6:56 am (#1203 of 2990)

(((hugs))) to Maria. I was thinking Trevor was a year younger than my Diva. He was three when I first started coming here, and somehow I thought he still was...

Well, the hardest part for me will be convincing my hubby that I'm going off to a Bookstore in a different state with people I met on the net. I may have to remind him that he once went to a Star Trek convention.

Have fun at the carnival, Lina. Looks like great fun!

**waves back to Julie!**

I have to get ready to teach my dance class. Then home for some serious cleaning. We invited all the girls in Diva's preschool class over after school on Monday for a tea party. Today I clean, tomorrow I bake.



Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 7:34 am (#1204 of 2990)

Oooo, wish we could be there for Diva's tea party! Just yesterday Little Pince was saying he was going to have one and invite his friend Elizabeth (this from the boy who skips over all the "pink" pages in the Toys-R-Us catalog because he says those are the "girls" pages...) Yesterday we set up his little tent and had a "campout" where we ate popcorn, and then I took a nap in it because my sleep patterns haven't been the best this week due to Mr. P's kidney stone interruptions...

Speaking of which, Yay! We can now send out "birth" announcements, as of last night! Woo-Hoo! He is feeling much better now, but still sort of feels like a used punching bag.

Always learning something new about folks -- Thom, I didn't know you were a twin, either! (Or if I knew, I forgot...) My very small hometown didn't have any twins when I was growing up, but a girl one grade ahead of me ended up having twins when she got married, and then I think I just heard that one of her nieces just had twins too. Definitely a family thing! I dated an identical twin in college -- to me they were very easy to tell apart. Just something about the angles of the face or something. Plus mine was nice, and the other one was kind of a jerk...

I may have to remind him that he once went to a Star Trek convention. –Puck

Tee-hee! You're set for life with that kind of ammo; you can go anywhere you want!

TomProffitt, drill instructors have about as much of a sense of humor as Filch or campus security, don't they? At least, according to Mr. P. He says R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket was tame compared to his...

Puck, now you've got me concerned -- we haven't gotten any letters yet about kindergarten. I know we're in their "system," though, because we did register for Pre-K, although we didn't get in. Thanks for the heads-up -- I'll be looking for it! We did sign up for tee-ball a couple weeks ago, though -- I was scanning the papers for that info because I got burned with soccer registration last year because I didn't know what to expect. I think he'll like tee-ball better than soccer -- he's had more practice with that and he's actually a pretty good hitter and thrower. Not so much with the catching, yet, but hey...

Glad Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. is doing better! And also glad to hear the "guarded optimism" for Mr. HH -- here's hoping for continued good news!

Lina, Kate and Veronika looked so cute! Great job on the costumes! Is Mihaela going to wear one of the old scarecrow ones, or different?

Off to finish researching airfares for our Disney trip -- I have been waiting and they're dropping a little, and I can't decide if now is the time to jump in and buy or hold out for a little while longer to see if they'll go down more... decisions, decisions... I hate trying to figure out airfares. It's so totally random, which completely offends my sense of logic...

Welcome to our new Forum members who have joined recently! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Everyone enjoy the RotD! (Remains of the Day, for the ickle firsties! )


TomProffitt - Feb 10, 2007 7:40 am (#1205 of 2990)

TomProffitt, drill instructors have about as much of a sense of humor as Filch or campus security, don't they?

I really think it depends on where and when you went. I was at Fort Benning in 1989 and I found most of my Drill Sergeants to have a very entertaining dry sarcastic sense of humor. Unless you were in trouble. Most of the time I found them to be very likable people. After a while you realize that the Drill Sergeant isn't your enemy, it's the guy that can't learn to carry his own weight.


Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 7:46 am (#1206 of 2990)

Which is why I am convinced that Snape is not really nasty -- he's just in "Drill Sergeant" mode...


Denise P. - Feb 10, 2007 7:54 am (#1207 of 2990)

I went through Basic at Ft Jackson in 1983. I thought my drill sergeant, SSG Ledford, was hysterically funny. Of course, you could not let them know that. I really enjoyed basic even though the humidity was enough to knock you flat if you came from a climate with NO humidity.

For years, people have asked me if some of mine are twins or triplets. The stupidest time was at the zoo once. Ryan was about 6 weeks old, slumped in the stroller (granted, a double stroller) like a newborn blob. Nicholas was 14 months old, talked, looked like a TODDLER and people would ask "Are they twins?" Uhm, yeah. They still get the twin question even though they don't look alike to me. I can understand people thinking Devin and Kaity are just because they are in the same grade.


Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 8:02 am (#1208 of 2990)

I really enjoyed basic...—Denise

Aha! Now we see why she has umpteen kids and likes to run three miles in below freezing weather! Why didn't you tell us you were a member of Masochists Anonymous?


kaykay1970 - Feb 10, 2007 8:02 am (#1209 of 2990)

Hmmm. Did I ever mention that my Dad was a Drill Sergeant way back in the 70's? I imagine he was a pretty tough one! If only those guys could have seen him at home! It is hard to find a man that rolls on the floor laughing at Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner very intimidating...

It's good to hear that Mr. Pince is feeling better! Kidney stones are horrible!


Thom Matheson - Feb 10, 2007 8:27 am (#1210 of 2990)

Boy do I know Twinsburg. The parading was a hoot. Tim and I went to pick up girls, alas earwax. I was the Michigan Manager for Brownberry back in the 70's and 80's, until the bakery burned down, so yes I am very familiar with TBerg.

We did switch classes, took each other’s punishments, and once I took a history final so Tim could graduate. No dung bombs please, I was going off to college and Tim would have been left behind. No regrets, my Mom cried for days at seeing him in his robes. We were probably 6 or 7 before we knew we had names. Before that we were just "the twins". There were many shared items that go beyond sibling that makes us joined but that is for another time. This post it getting way too long already.


mischiefmanager - Feb 10, 2007 8:31 am (#1211 of 2990)

Hello! I'm new to the Lexicon (as a member, but by no means as a reader and fan!), and I'd like to ask you all for some help. I work in a B&N, and we're beginning to plan our release party. I'd like to know what your past experiences of release parties have been. Have you planned, worked or participated in a party? If so (and I expect everyone here has done at least one of those), what worked and what didn't? What would you do again but differently? What problems did you encounter, and which of those were unanticipated? What are you planning for this one?

Thanks for your help!



Thom Matheson - Feb 10, 2007 8:37 am (#1212 of 2990)

Mischiefmanager, I would ,with the mods approval, like to see this question started as a thread of it's own. I would very much like to hear others experiences as well as assist you. What say you?


Chemyst - Feb 10, 2007 8:48 am (#1213 of 2990)

Diva is already registered for kindergarten for next year as well. Madame Pince, did you have to do that yet? I remember the first time around it came as quite a shock, getting a letter in February to sign my son up for school. I wasn't nearly ready to think about such things! – Puck

Puck, I had to register Trevor this week. **sniff, sniff, sob** The other moms are arranging for a stretcher this September and are taking bets as to how long before I lose it. I sure am going to miss my little man.- HH11

Maria, you reminded me of one of my friends who swore she never cried, ever, no matter what. I drove by her house on my way to work the morning she put her oldest child, a boy, on the bus for Kindergarten for the first time. The bus was in front of her house, and she was SOBBING in the front yard. I felt so bad for her I had to pull in and give her a hug! – Mediwitch

Why does our culture blindly accept as normal something which causes distress for both personality types? [Pirate Monkey — Intuitive (N), getting answers from within, or you rely on Sensing (S) information from your surroundings,]

I really enjoyed basic...– Denise
Aha! Now we see why she has umpteen kids and likes to run three miles in below freezing weather! Why didn't you tell us you were a member of Masochists Anonymous? – Madame P

For what its worth, I'm holding off on any masochist judgment as long as Denise isn't bragging about joining the "More Miles than Degrees" club. I have an acquaintance who has spent the past few weeks crowing about running 9 miles in 7° temperature.

Speedy sleep & punching-bag recovery for the Pince family.

Welcome Laura. I think the "biggie" would be spoiler control where no one blurts out if Harry lives or dies. But I agree with Thom it could take its own thread.


Detail Seeker - Feb 10, 2007 9:22 am (#1214 of 2990)

Thom, you do not need a mod´s approval to start a thread. Just do so. After that, you will see, if it is approved of, i.e. sorted into a theme folder. So, just go ahead. If it is really felt, that the thread should not exist, then it will be silently put away with. Bur I do not think, the topic suggested will run danger, if it draws enough posts.


geauxtigers - Feb 10, 2007 9:35 am (#1215 of 2990)

Once I get to know the personalities, however, I can usually see so many differences between twins that I wonder at ever having thought them identical at all!

This is exactly what I tell people. They sit there trying to see if my eyes are bigger etc. and I just tell them it won't work! Personality is the biggest thing. You can put us side by side and stare all day, but you won't really know until we start talking ect. LOL Surprisingly, little kids never bat an eye. They always know who is who. Its weird. Twins are more common than they used to be simply because medicine is so much better. Most are born pre-mature and have some medical issues. Me and Ginny were over a month early and Ginny had a heart murmor or something and I was just too small.

No we never switched places. Someone would have blabbed for sure! Not to mention out of instinct I'd have corrected the teacher for calling me the wrong name! LOL I kinda wish we had done it when we were little. Now its kinda late as 90% of my class knows who we are . Just so you know, thats people's 4th favorite question to ask! And the names I answer to are endless! V&V, V- twins, tori, Ginny, Vic, Victoria, Virginia, V. Goes on and on.

Someone thought we were boys once and according to my mom, we were drenched in pink. And someone thought we were siamese while we were sitting in a stroller facing each other, and clearly not connected. My mom told the lady 'yes, they're connected at the toe" LOL

Well I'm going back to bed, I'm tired.

Have a great day everyone!


Thom Matheson - Feb 10, 2007 10:34 am (#1216 of 2990)

Detail seeker, I knew that. I was suggesting to Mischiefmanager that she should consider starting a thread, to which Mods would later determine it's validity. My suggestion was also a vote of confidence that it could be entertaining for all.


mischiefmanager - Feb 10, 2007 10:51 am (#1217 of 2990)

As a newbie, I asked advice about where to post my question on the "how do I" topic heading, and was referred to this one. So I'll go ahead and tiptoe over to the new thread button and give it a shot, hoping not to violate any protocol along the way. :-)

Thanks, Thom and detail seeker!



kabloink! - Feb 10, 2007 11:22 am (#1218 of 2990)

Tori, people are forever asking me if Ian is a girl. Not only does he look very much like a boy (well, except for those eyelashes-those would make any woman weep in jealousy), but I ALWAYS dress him in blue, or if not blue, something VERY boy-ish. It drives me nuts!

I just tasted what I believe to be the worst tea ever. Its by Celestial Seasonings, I think its sore throat wellness tea or something. Its licorice and lemon. I took one sip, poured it out, and am now settling down with a lovely cup of Twinings Lady Grey. Does anyone know of nation-wide chains that carry Twinings Teas? Port Huron really isn't a terribly small town, but with Detroit so close, we miss out on many shops that would carry international brands of tea. World Market is only about 45 minutes away, if that-but I never seem to make it down that way.

Denise, I really do think hubby and I are going to try that running plan. When it warms up a bit. It may be reaching the mid-twenties now, but I'm not a runner yet, and I don't think that below freezing temps are a good time to start. But that could just be the procrastinator coming out in me... Ok, off to do more housework.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 10, 2007 11:45 am (#1219 of 2990)

But that could just be the procrastinator coming out in me... Ok, off to do more housework. kabloink!

Okay, now those two thoughts in one sentence don't jive.

Chemyst - Mr. HH wouldn't let me home school.

mischiefmanager, I really liked that the employees were dressed up and seemed to really get into it. It helps set the mood. i.e., whatever staff is to be on that night should definitely be those who enjoy HP. It was fun that they went around with trivia cards and if you answered the question correctly out of the group, you'd get a little handout (i.e., Harry glasses, stickers, a wand, etc.). The Hermione in me did surface that evening.

Hurray, Madam Pince! Now, go get some sleep.

I may have to remind him that he once went to a Star Trek convention. -Puck Tee-hee! You're set for life with that kind of ammo; you can go anywhere you want! Puck and Madam Pince  LOL, you two!

Really, though - it's not as though we are meeting in an empty factory. It is in a B&N. I guess, though, we should decide where we'd be reading. Sheila, is CT okay with you? It seems like a bit of a haul from NC. I'll go anywhere, as it will only be me and Olivia for the actual store and reading. Just to clarify, we're meeting at a B&N and reading there? How will we work this? Who else is interested?



Thom Matheson - Feb 10, 2007 12:03 pm (#1220 of 2990)

Kim I can only find your tea at World. Did you try Sarnia?


Solitaire - Feb 10, 2007 12:34 pm (#1221 of 2990)

Kabloink, have you tried my favorite tea, Earl Grey? It has a lovely hint of Bergamot orange and is quite similar to Lady Grey ... but much easier to find. I buy mine at Trader Joe's, because the price of tea has really zoomed around here. I know there are TJ's in Michigan ... any close to you? I'm not sure if they have Lady Grey, but I'll check when I go there this weekend!

If you're really desperate to find Twinings Lady Grey, you can buy it on Amazon for a great price right now. Good luck.



Thom Matheson - Feb 10, 2007 12:38 pm (#1222 of 2990)

They don't have english teas at the duty free do they?


Good Evans - Feb 10, 2007 1:08 pm (#1223 of 2990)

Twinings.com will allow you to order it and the prices are in US dollars if that helps kabloink .....


Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 3:31 pm (#1224 of 2990)

150 years ago, pink used to be the color for boys, and blue used to be the color for girls...

Just a little bit of random trivia in case anyone's interested...


Puck - Feb 10, 2007 4:23 pm (#1225 of 2990)

I've been enjoying Chai tea lately.

Maria, I'm not a fast reader, so I'd likely end up getting a hotel room somewhere nearby. I could stay and read at the store for a while though.

Someone asked if Diva was a boy when she was a baby. I didn't mind when she was in brother's hand-me-downs, but on this occasion she was wearing a pink frilly dress.

Madame Pince, if you are at all flexible check the airfares for different days. Hubby and I are planning a trip (sans children ) and decided to go a day earlier because the airfare was so much cheaper it offset the price of an extra day.

People used to think my best childhood friend and I were twins. For years we were the same size, coloring, similar glasses, etc... I had friends that had a teacher that had no problem telling them apart until she found out they were twins. After that, she constantly got them mixed up. They were not alike in looks or personality, so it really never made sense.



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 10, 2007 4:45 pm (#1226 of 2990)

Hotel room sounds good to me. Hmmm, wonder if hubby will approve??? I know there is a Homewood Suites in Farmington. Olivia is rummaging through our junk drawer to find the pen with the phone number on it. Do you think they give group rates? I can imagine us in a nice reading lounge sitting quietly except for every once in a while when someone mentions a page number, or lets out a scream. (Let's face it, there will be deaths.)

LOL, Priscilla came in here to look for the pen. Lo and behold, there it sits in my pen cup, right in front of me! It's 1-800-CALL-HOME. Just in case we have settled on Farmington. Haven't heard from Sheila, though.

Oooh, Puck, try Trader Joe's Chai. It's called Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte. They used to have a brand called Tradewinds Chai but they phased it out. I think they got fed up with paying a 3rd party. I had to research it because I loved it so much and it turns out the TJ Chai tastes just the same. With the exception of a few switched ingredients, (to avoid patent infringement, methinks) they are right on. I had kept the old container and it turns out Key Industries was more of a "flavors" company - I couldn't find this particular product for purchase. I became suspicious and then looked through the TJ Chais (I did have to try several) but I finally found the one with matching ingredients. Hooray! It was funny, but the employees I spoke to didn't even seem to realize what had happened to the old Tradewinds Chai. (They really missed it - it's that good.) They were really happy to hear it was back. Gee, wouldn't you think I had too much time on my hands to be able to do this kind of research??


Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 7:12 pm (#1227 of 2990)

Well, I knew it was too good to last. Virginia's stay at the top of the ACC standings was sweet, but short. We got the pants beat off us tonight by Virginia Tech, alas earwax... I should be getting sympathy cards in the mail next week from my Hokie-fan cousins who live in the Roanoke area...

Whoever it was who recommended the Unofficial Guide books for Disney -- thank you! They are most helpful. Yes, Puck, we are playing around with various dates as we are not set in stone for anything in particular (except Tee-Ball opening day April 21, and May 10-11 for the HH's visit to DC! )

I'm enjoying another Trader Joe's treat -- the Oatmeal Cranberry Dunkers cookies. Yum! They're holiday/seasonal, though, it seems -- we can only find them around Christmas. But they do last forever, so we buy several boxes at a time and make them last!

Little Pince had a good time at the Valentine's party today. He spent a good portion of the time running around trying to kiss the older (6 yr-old) girls, who (naturally) responded with "Ewwwwww! Get away from me!" He was pretty much undeterred, cackling madly as he chased them around and blew kisses at them when he couldn't actually catch them...

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Tazzygirl - Feb 10, 2007 7:20 pm (#1228 of 2990)

Welcome to all the new members!

My brother and I both got the twin remarks of 'Do you think alike?" and such. We are definitely complete opposites, my sister looks more like the twin than I do. (I'm covered in freckles and have blonde hair and green eyes. Brother and sister have tan-able skin and brown hair with blue eyes.) My mom said when we were younger my brother would protect me, and then we we got older I protected him, but that's about as far a link as our 'twin-ness' goes.

I loooooove Chai Tea. Trader Joe's Chai latte mix is definitely yummy. Second favorite is English Breakfast tea- with milk and sugar. yum.

I said "oooh, he's so cute!" to a friend of a friend's days old baby. Turned out to be a girl, and they were mortified. Raise your hand if you would have said "ooooh, she's so cute!" when the baby was dressed head to toe in blue Winnie the Pooh, with blue blankets, and blue stroller.

Maria- thanks for the tip on the H-E washer and dryer. I'll pass it on to my aunt.

Puck- hope Diva has fun at her tea party!

Madam P- good luck with planning the Disney trip!

I've got nothing to do this weekend except homework. If I get motivated, I can have it all done in about an hour or so today.

Have a great weekend everybody!


EDIT: Oh! Oh! I went to Barnes and Noble today, and saw the HP book 7 barcode on one of the computers. I got super excited and asked the lady if I can go ahead and reserve it. She got super excited and said she was probably the first on the island to reserve a copy when the official date was released. I asked if they were doing the opening night thing, and she said yes. Now I just have to gather one or two more people to come with me and I can go to it!!


Mediwitch - Feb 10, 2007 7:49 pm (#1229 of 2990)

Maria, I know what you mean about not being good company. We were at my parents' for the release of HBP. My mother and I went to B&N near her house, then went home. She went to bed and I stayed up and read, but it was hard to get comfy on the pull-out sofa for a marathon reading session. Mr. Mediwitch and I left for our week in Maine (me on about 3 hours of sleep), where I commenced a much more thorough re-read. I was NOT the best company for a few days!

Puck: Well, the hardest part for me will be convincing my hubby that I'm going off to a Bookstore in a different state with people I met on the net. I may have to remind him that he once went to a Star Trek convention.

I've v-e-r-y tentatively broached the subject with Mr. Mediwitch so he has time to process the idea! Unfortunately, I have nothing to hold over his head, so this requires a little finessing!

*Healing Charms* for Mr. Pince and Madam Pince for recovery from that nasty kidney stone! I dated an identical twin in college too, also the nice one of the pair. Hmmmm.....where did you go to college??? Little Pince sounds like quite the little Grinning Devil!

Hey TomProffitt, my brother was at Fort Benning in 1990 or 91!

Welcome to all our new members. mischiefmanager, I'll look for your thread below!


Denise P. - Feb 10, 2007 7:55 pm (#1230 of 2990)

I have meet people off the internet in: Baltimore, New Orleans, Atlanta, Florida, Colorado, Mexico, and the Bahamas. I flew to PA to see a movie with Forumites (PoA) and am flying to Cincinatti to run 26.2 miles with a group of internet buddies. Mr. Denise takes it in stride and didn't bat an eye when I let him know I was planning to go meet with Loopy for the release of DH "This is the Simpsons guy, right?" That is how Mr. Denise identifies my internet friends, HP ones, Mom ones, running ones etc

Since Mr. Denise doesn't treat my books with the respect I think they are do, I am going to get a reserved book at whatever place Loopy will be at and then one for Mr. Denise at my Books A Million.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 10, 2007 8:04 pm (#1231 of 2990)

LOL, Denise - sounds like my husband. The only thing he'll bat an eye for is how much $$ we will spend.

Here's the link for the suggestion thread for mischiefmanager:
(**archivist’s note:  link was no longer active so was removed**)

LOL, Mediwitch. I'm used to operating on minimal sleep - but we kept disappearing for long periods of time. Sometimes hubby looks at me as though he is looking for the batteries compartment.

May 10-11 for the HH's visit to DC Oooh, yay! You have it marked out. **feels special** I'm soo excited!

And very jealous of all who are planning trips to Disney! I love Disney. :pouty face:



Solitaire - Feb 10, 2007 8:11 pm (#1232 of 2990)

I love Trader Joe's! The turkey-stuffed red bell peppers from the fresh-food section are a staple of my diet. They carry wonderful assortments of breads, cheeses, cereals, nuts, and bagged salads that cost only a bit more than half as much as the regular grocery store. They have a great selection of coffees and teas, too. Since most TJ stores have small cups of complimentary coffee available, I can try a flavour before I buy. Since our TJ's has expanded to carry more fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, I now do the lion's share of my shopping there.

I have requested that they find a sugar-free eggnog for next year's holiday season, too. Since they have a lot of customers who are diabetic and apparently have asked the same thing, the manager has already submitted our request!



Puck - Feb 10, 2007 8:24 pm (#1233 of 2990)

He spent a good portion of the time running around trying to kiss the older (6 yr-old) girls, who (naturally) responded with "Ewwwwww! Get away from me!" He was pretty much undeterred, cackling madly as he chased them around and blew kisses at them when he couldn't actually catch them...

Makes a mental note to never let Little Pince meet my Diva.

Mr. Puck may be okay with the idea. It's a public place, after all. Plus, who would spend years talking in depth about HP just to lure a group of over-thiry Moms to a book store?

Actually, Disney is where hubby and I are going. We honeymooned there, and decided to go back. It's a great place for grown-ups. There was lots of stuff we had to avoid with the kids. Some of the scarier rides/shows, things with long lines, etc... Plus, poking around the countires at Epcot. And there are wonderful restaurants that children just can't appreciate. We're not telling the kids where we'll be. They'll be home being spoiled by the grandparents.

Dining room is fairly clean. I still have to get to the drawers of the hutch, but that can wait until next weekend. Walls and woodwork are done. (Spring cleaning is overwhelming, so I decided to do one room a month this year.)

Oh, had a lovely cup of hot chocolate. It's from an organic company called Green and Black. Quite yum!

Happy RotD!



Viola Intonada - Feb 10, 2007 8:43 pm (#1234 of 2990)

Kabloink, I love Twinings Lady Grey. I'm lucky enough that my local IGA carries Twinings Teas.

ROFL, Puck! When I first joined the forum, Hubby was a tad bit worried about how obsessed I was, then he remembered how he used to be with Star Trek. (He and I attended a Star Trek convention together) He has been very tolerant of meeting up with Forumers.

My grandfather was an identical twin. He and his brother looked so much alike that my father asked the wrong one for his allowance one time (a mistake he never made again )

My daughters look very much alike, they look more alike than some identical twins. I get asked if they are twins alot. They are 17 months apart. Their friends get them confused quite often. Last summer they were on the same swim team. Dressed in the same swimsuit, same goggles and same swim caps, their coaches had no chance of telling them apart. I used to write their names on their arms with a sharpie to help out the coaches. There was one time when we substituted one girl for the other. Eldest had a soccer game at the same time as a basketball game. The soccer team was going to be short players, so we asked the coach if he wanted our youngest to play in her place. He did. Very few of our team parents realized until after the game that the wrong child was out there. (btw, it was a legitimate switch since we subbed in the younger child and she is a card carrying soccer player.)

Madame P., There used to be a link from the Disney site to a Family Fun article on the age appropriateness for each ride. We found that very helpful in gaging which rides our children could handle and which ones were too scary. Unfortunately, at the time youngest was scared of the dark. Poor thing was frightened to death over the Magnetic train that goes above Tomorrowland because it went through Space Mountain and was very dark. I thought that ride would have been the least frightening of them all, who knew! (She was 2 1/2 at the time)


Madam Pince - Feb 10, 2007 8:56 pm (#1235 of 2990)

Mediwitch, your name isn't Brenda, is it? (she dated the other twin...)


Mediwitch - Feb 10, 2007 9:08 pm (#1236 of 2990)

Nope, but it does start with a "B"!


kabloink! - Feb 11, 2007 12:01 am (#1237 of 2990)

Thanks for the advice everyone. No, there aren't any Trader Joe's nearby, or at least not any closer than World Market. Its ironic, as I had never even heard of Trader Joe's until just before Christmas when one of our optometrists (eye doctors who do the exams) came in with a bag of goodies for us from one. Now you guys are all gushing over it-I may have to ask him where it is on Tuesday.

I do like the Twinings Earl Grey, and actually most of their other teas. My favorite is simply the Lady Grey. I would be happy to find any of their brand nearby. I have looked online, and I will probably just order it there, unless I get to go to World Market in Ann Arbor while I visit friends tomorrow.

I saw Trace Adkins in concert tonight, along with Craig Morgan and Danielle Peck. It was a good concert, but the people around me were very rude. Mind you, this is a rather loud and boisterous country artist, so it takes quite a bit to be considered rude at this type of concert...I miss Lansing. Country was cooler there. It was odd-little ol' Port Huron was the only stop in Michigan for the 2007 part of his Dangerous Man tour. Go PH!

Ok, I have to leave for AA by 10am tomorrow, so I'm going to bed-knighty knight!


Solitaire - Feb 11, 2007 2:43 am (#1238 of 2990)

Kabloink, there are Trader Joe's in Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, and Northville, I believe. I Googled Trader Joe's Michigan and found those. I think those are the closest to your area. Aren't a couple of them somewhere between Detroit and Port Huron?

BTW, I visited a friend in the Detroit area back in '98, and I seem to remember driving through Port Huron ... on our way to Stratford, Ontario, I believe. Does that sound right? Anyway, I think we checked out an old, historic lighthouse there (I love lighthouses). I really loved the whole area around Lakes Huron and St. Clair. Everything was so green and lush ... very different from the much drier central California climate where I live.



TomProffitt - Feb 11, 2007 5:30 am (#1239 of 2990)

Morning, y'all, single digit temperatures in the Shenandoah Valley again this morning.

I'm out of twin stories, but have enjoyed reading y'all's.

I drink Maxwell House, I don't need any of that tea stuff.

Yeah! NASCAR is back! The Bud Shootout was a pretty good race last night. (Don't bother asking me which driver I'm a fan of, I have about a dozen I like)

Had the “back in the Army nightmare” last night. Having been an NCO for 7 years it wasn't the one y'all might think. It was the “They've changed the training schedule and no one told me I was the chief instructor for training and the CO is mad” dream.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 11, 2007 6:20 am (#1240 of 2990)

Healing charms to MickeyCee!

Lina, love the avatar. When did you change it? I just noticed.


Puck - Feb 11, 2007 6:25 am (#1241 of 2990)

LOL, Tom.

My friends are all shocked to find I have yet to go to Trader Joes. Now I must make the trip, as I'm looking for this great bran flour. I bought some before Christmas around here, but now can't find it anywhere. It made the best cinnamon raisin bran bread. The kids never realized it was healthy.

Viola, my 3 year old niece had the same problem on that ride. Refused to go on Buzz after. It depends on the child. Diva has ridden on several things her older brother refused to try. Actually, the only thing she wouldn't go on that we would have allowed her to was the Haunted House. Of course, Little Pince may prefer to spend his time kissing the Princesses.

Busy day of cleaning, baking, and shopping ahead. And the kids have just noticed I'm out of bed. Later!


edit: I just looked it up, and that store in CT is definitely close enough that hubby won't be able to complain much about me going. I have a longer drive when I go to visit my mom.


kabloink! - Feb 11, 2007 6:31 am (#1242 of 2990)

Solitaire, Yep, the best way to get to Stratford, Ontario is across the Blue Water Bridge(s). Before 1997, there was only one span, the ribbon cutting happened fall of 97, I believe to open the second span.

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is, I believe, the oldest functional lighthouse on the Great Lakes. My fact could be off, or it may no longer be functional, but last I knew that was the case. It was really funny, for awhile my dad was collecting lighthouse figurines and we could not find the Fort Gratiot light ANYWHERE. Finally, we went to the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, just south of Daytona Beach in Florida, and found it there. How sad is that?

Also, all of those towns, except Northville, are between Detroit and Port Huron. Unfortunately, the closest one is still about 45 min away. Thanks anyway, though. I may have to look up the one in AA while I'm there today.


Steve Newton - Feb 11, 2007 7:16 am (#1243 of 2990)

I was just wondering if we had anybody here who is getting hammered by the snow in New York. The pictures that I am seeing are amazing.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 11, 2007 7:44 am (#1244 of 2990)

We have a storm due to hit us Tuesday, Steve. Right now, it is sunny and 21F. Nice, overall. I guess we are too far south of what you are seeing.


Steve Newton - Feb 11, 2007 7:56 am (#1245 of 2990)

The same here except that it is 22.


Eponine - Feb 11, 2007 8:24 am (#1246 of 2990)

Mr. Eponine and I have been hankering for a Trader Joe's down here in North Carolina for a while now. They've finally built one in Cary which is a bit of a drive for us, but we're going to head out there one of these days and stock up on some things. We're hoping they'll expand at least to Chapel Hill, because that's much closer for us.

The snow in New York looks incredible. I can't imagine having that much snow!

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Marie E. - Feb 11, 2007 1:24 pm (#1247 of 2990)

I had a pair of twins in my grade in elementary school and in the sixth grade they traded spots one day. The regular classroom teachers didn't notice, but the music teacher did. I think it was because the music teacher had known them a lot longer than their regular classroom teachers.

Our nice weather is still holding out. I feel guilty every time CNN shows pictures of Oswego county in New York. We're supposed to get some light snow tomorrow, but only about an inch.


Madam Pince - Feb 11, 2007 1:49 pm (#1248 of 2990)

Yes, did I read the article I saw correctly? 9-and-a-half feet?!? Wow! That's a bunch of snow! The article said that people were getting in and out of their houses by walking directly out of 2nd floor windows out onto the snow, because front doors were totally snowed in.


Solitaire - Feb 11, 2007 3:20 pm (#1249 of 2990)

Anti-snow charms to those who need them! Here in Bakersfield, I can't relate to all that snow. It was a HUGE deal when we had snow back in January '99. There is a funny little story--written about a month ago, when we were expecting snow--which illustrates just how rare snow is out here. (**archivist’s note:  link was no longer active so was removed**)

Snow is common up in the Sierra mountains. I remember going to our cabin for a weekend back in the 90s, before my parents sold it. Walking from the road down to our cabin seemed to take forever, because I was walking in snow that was several feet deep ... and I kept sinking into it. The new snow was about 3 feet deep. I am not sure how deep the older, harder snow was, but the snow reached higher than our deck, and that was 6 feet off the ground, I think. My sympathies to all who must deal with this on a regular basis!



Starling - Feb 11, 2007 4:32 pm (#1250 of 2990)

I'm terrible, I never notice that twins are identical, they always look different to me. Maybe it's an aura thing or something *g*

I don't like Twinings tea, they put artificial flavourings in their flavoured teas. Ginger and lemon was particularly icky, it tasted like hot flu medicine. When I drink "normal" tea it's usually Yorkshire tea, and otherwise it's Yogi tea (although I don't like all of them, I can't stand "women's fitness").

Weather: we've gone back to "no weather". Warm-ish, rainy-ish and too humid.

People used to think my son was a girl when he was little. He had very pretty blond ringlets and he's got big blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. I refused to dress him in blue, though, unless it was a bright blue.
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Puck - Feb 11, 2007 5:01 pm (#1251 of 2990)

Perhaps that's why we haven't had much snow here. It's all dumping on New York, so there's nothing left when the front moves to New England. (We've only had a few inches total this year.)



boop - Feb 11, 2007 5:11 pm (#1252 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!

All this talk about is making me wish for spring. We are under a storm watch they think we are going to get some snow Tue. into Wed.. I am hoping its just a couple inches not the foot or more they say we could get.

Welcome all new forum members. Enjoy the forum, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Healing charms to who may need them.

Have a great rest of the day!

Hugs always



Marè- Feb 11, 2007 5:18 pm (#1253 of 2990)

That is a cute story Solitaire. Reminds me of the one day of snow we had here last week. (One wintery day since winter has started...).

I will sent some snowshoe charms to people dealing with snow.
I went to visit a friend in Switzerland and we did a snowshoe walk, it's really funny, but if you are dealing with lots of snow I think those hightech tennis rackets might come in handy. They work very well!

Of to make some tea, this thread makes me crave for some! (Sencha Silver Flower mix, if some-one's wondering.)


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 11, 2007 5:26 pm (#1254 of 2990)

An editor, Lois Henry, decided we should go in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot out back and have a snowball fight. I think all work places should do this. (I suppose this doesn't surprise anyone. )

What an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing, Solitaire.

Starling, I love Yogi teas. My favorite is Kombucha. And I wouldn't want to get through the day without the little messages.

Olivia and I went to our local Starbuck's about a month ago and she kept poking Trevor. I turned to her and told her to stop. The server behind the counter looked at me and said, "It's always the boys, huh!" Insinuating that Olivia, who has blonde hair more than halfway down her back, a small nose and long eyelashes, was a boy. Granted, she wears jeans and a T-shirt. I just smiled and said "Yeah," because he was trying to be nice. Olivia and I laughed about it later and of course, I teased her for many weeks. That doesn't surprise anyone either, right? :evil grin smiley:

Now, I have to go check out this NY snow everyone is talking about.

EDIT: Of course, he's in 7th grade now, and just spent a week away at Nature's Classroom - and she couldn't wait for him to leave! – Mediwitch

By the time that Trevor will be going to the 7th grade, Maria might be a grandmother... ***ducking from the fire, grabbing the broom and flying away***

HEY! I just noticed that post!! ***imagine the sound of dungbombs whirling through the air and landing on an unawares Lina*** hehe.


Lavandula - Feb 11, 2007 8:14 pm (#1255 of 2990)

Greetings everyone! What a weekend!!!

Mr. L left Saturday morning for Biloxi with our church to work at a Mission rebuilding destroyed homes. Took me half the day to clean up after the mess getting him packed.

My Internet went down sometime during the frantic house cleaning Saturday. Darling Daughter was hysterical-blamed me for turning it off on purpose...Oh so far from the truth. It took me rest of the day and evening to get back on line including a call to Mr. L for the password to our Internet service. I don't know such things as the size of my modem and my password. I just am the slacker mom who uses the silly thing! LOL

Today I spent the day in the Emergency Room with the Darling Daughter. She decided to save a poor mouse stuck in a mouse trap at church and got herself nicely bitten. No one including my father-in-law doctor and our pediatrician knew if mice carried rabies. I think we gave the ER team something to talk about as well. In the end, no rabies shots necessary. FYI, rodents such as mice don't carry rabies. However the local Health Department has to be contacted to inquire whether any cases have been reported. Fortunately none for our area of Ohio.

Now, I am only 200 some Chat posts behind. Hope everyone is doing well. Charms to anyone in need of any "Swish and Flick" work.

I am exhausted. Off the bed to try another day on my own tomorrow.

Have Great ROTD/N everyone!



Solitaire - Feb 11, 2007 10:29 pm (#1256 of 2990)

Boop, your picture is gone!

I'm glad you liked the story, Mare and HH. I always think of the chaos caused by a few inches of snow that day every time I read about people who are dealing with many feet of it for days and weeks on end. I always think how nice it would be to have a white Christmas each year ... until my practical side takes over and remembers that we are just not equipped for it in this area. We were expecting rain this weekend and did get a few drops overnight ... but it was quite warm and beautiful today. I didn't even need a jacket!

I'm glad your daughter is okay, Lavandula. That would be a bit scary.



geauxtigers - Feb 11, 2007 10:34 pm (#1257 of 2990)

I'd have been in the ER too, Cathy! I wouldn't have known they don't carry rabies! I thought they did! LOL! Glad shes okay!

Lazy weekend, haven't done hardly any homework and its nearly midnight. Oh well, I'll pay for it tomorrow when I'm frantically using my morning break and lunch break to finish it all.

I've been reading the thread all day but kept getting interrupted, so I've forgotten everything I've wanted to say.

Have a nice week everyone, doubtful you'll see much of me here so. But at least its just this week then we have a week for mardi gras which I can't wait for.

Wednesday is Valentine's day. Woo hoo the cheesy-ist holiday in the world, but hey what can I say, those heart boxes with chocolate in them are the best. And I'm eating heart shaped gobstoppers right now. So there is a good thing about Valentine's day! ANd I don't have to worry about cupid coming along and pinning me down in the hall to deliver a singing Valentine! LOL

Have a great week!


The giant squid - Feb 12, 2007 2:46 am (#1258 of 2990)

Ah, yes, St. Valentine's Day...the only holiday created by the card companies. I, naturally, have to work--being the only member of our management team who's happily married and might actually want to spend time with my wife... The mrs. says it's OK and that we can celebrate on the weekend when the crazies have left (for some reason a lot of couples come to Vegas on Valentine's Day) but I think I'll get her a little something anyway. I've learned that when a woman says "Don't get me anything" she really means "You'd better get me something good."



kabloink! - Feb 12, 2007 5:40 am (#1259 of 2990)

We know how that goes, Mike. Though, Kevin gets a bit more consideration than he used to on Valentine's Day, as it is now our anniversary. Well, really has been for 3 years now. But Kev often got stuck working on sentimental days.

At least Valentine's Day has some basis in historical context, being the saint day of St Valentine (well, as far as I know). Now, Sweetest's Day...that really WAS created by Hallmark. We completely forgot about it this past year.


TomProffitt - Feb 12, 2007 5:55 am (#1260 of 2990)

Morning all, "Nothing to report." (Which is probably a good thing)


Good Evans - Feb 12, 2007 7:02 am (#1261 of 2990)

LOL Kabloink! - I read "AA" as "alcoholics anonymous" and wondered why you would tell us that you had to go to bed early to get there on time (I was quite concerned about your later night drinking!!). Only on the second read did I pick up the Ann Arbor connection!!!!!

Valentines day? Hubby and I are going out for a meal, the same place that we got married at and the one that we were going to last year before he ended up in hospital. So I am really looking forward to it as it is the first time we will have been back to eat since we were married nearly 5 years ago. sigh........

weather is horrid - throwing it down - still its good for the hosepipe ban, we actually pressure washed the car this weekend as finally the ban ahs been lifted!!! Hooray!!

have a good Monday everyone


kabloink! - Feb 12, 2007 7:26 am (#1262 of 2990)

Oh! Sorry about the shortening of Ann Arbor to AA, after living there for 2 years, you just get used to everyone knowing what AA is. Sorry about the confusion this might have caused anyone!


juliebug - Feb 12, 2007 7:55 am (#1263 of 2990)

Kabloink, you were right about Valentine's Day. Hallmark did not create the day, they just turned it into a monster.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 12, 2007 8:44 am (#1264 of 2990)

Tom, yes, no news is good news. Boring but good. Sometimes I like boring.

Felix Felicis to you, Lavandula.

St. Valentine is remembered on the day he died. He spoke out against the Roman policy which was to recruit all young men to be soldiers - separating them from young women. When he was jailed, the children sent him letters. A blind girl delivered them to him and she was healed of her blindness. That is how I remember it, pretty much in a nutshell.

LOL, GE! I thought the same until I saw Solitaire's post.

I had more but my computer locked up after I had written out my post and had to reboot. This is happening to me several times per day.


EDIT: Priscilla is home sick today with a headache and sore throat. Trevor has been fighting a fever and headache. We've been pretty lucky this season so far.


Solitaire - Feb 12, 2007 10:08 am (#1265 of 2990)

When I saw AA, I immediately thought, "Hm, I wonder if someone will think she is talking about Alcoholics Anonymous instead of Ann Arbor ..." I guess I was right.

Sorry it's so boring back there, Tom!


PS Maria, every time I read about Trevor, I have to remind myself that you are talking about your child and not your pet toad!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 12, 2007 10:33 am (#1266 of 2990)

LOL, Solitaire! Sometimes, he's like a toad. Or close enough.

Did anyone watch the Grammys? I usually can't sit through them but did this time and enjoyed it for the most part. Lots of good talent recognized.

EDIT: I agree, Esther Rose. I hope those who are in charge of the MTV Awards take notes. I haven't been able to sit through those in quite awhile.


Esther Rose - Feb 12, 2007 10:39 am (#1267 of 2990)

I loved listening to Corinna Bailey Rae. I usually don't sit through them either but like you, I thought a lot of good talent was recognized this year.


Mrs. Sirius - Feb 12, 2007 12:10 pm (#1268 of 2990)

Wow Mare! haven't seen you around here in ages!

I have triplets, two are identical,  one is fraternal. We say that we have 2 sets of identical twins. The fraternal is identical in nature and color with her brother. The identicals, we thought were mirror twins. One has a deep dimple on her right cheek the other on her left cheek. Their teeth have come in and been lost in exact mirror order. ei. Maria's right tooth comes in, Iliana's left tooth and so on. We have never dressed them alike. The identicals are similarly fair and Anastasia is darker of hair, eyes, and complexion like her brother.

The funny part is some people will look at them and say they all look alike and can't tell them apart. Others see Anastasia as completely different.

Marie, my son asked me to read Eldest with him, he's already read about 200 pages. When I looked at his book mark, it's the picture of you and the girls and your husband. Your card serves well!

I'd like to know what your past experiences of release parties have been.

I have never actually attended a "party". The fancy book store is in Madison which is a 25 minutes drive from here, way too long to wait before I get home and can start to read! I go to our supermarket. With OoTP I bought a gallon of ice cream while we waited in line. Some people came in costume Most were adults, some were college students and a couple of kids. Same thing with HPB. For me it's more get the book and get home and read.


Puck - Feb 12, 2007 2:55 pm (#1269 of 2990)

Our tea party was such fun! The girls ate politely and poured tea from little tea pots. (I had picked up a couple of little porcelain  tea sets at Target on the cheap after Christmas.) The girls dressed up, and properly primped their hair and make-up when I sent them to wash their hands.

Time for homework/piano practice/ cooking of dinner.

Those who are thinking of meeting for the release, perhaps we should meet in the chat room some night to make some plans? I can go most nights after 8:30 pm if I know to be there.



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 12, 2007 3:12 pm (#1270 of 2990)

That's good, Kathy. Give me a date and time and I will be there. I am one of those people you have to pin down to get me, otherwise, I'm all over the place and hard to get a hold of. Well, so they say. . .

Glad the tea party was a success! I missed the after-Christmas sales this year.

Time for homework/piano practice/ cooking of dinner. Do you tap dance, too?


Catherine - Feb 12, 2007 3:28 pm (#1271 of 2990)

Hello, everyone.

I had to pop in and report on the very cute, and very appropriate, little gift one of my students gave me. Loopy Lupin should ESPECIALLY like this.

The student's aunt was cleaning out an ancient laboratory work space. There was a grimy sign that my student took home to clean up and to present to me.

It's about 10 inches by 8 inches, green, with white writing. It has the words "EMERGENCY EYE WASH" with a schematic picture of cups of water being poured into eyeballs.

I just adore it. When my students say things that cause icky images to form in my mind (like Dan Radcliffe's Equus pics, 'nuff said on THAT), I say, "I need to wash my eyeballs now" or "Please pass me the eyewash." I inherited this phrase from my pal Loopy.

It looks as though this phrase has now made its way into my 7th graders' lexicon.

Tomorrow, when we talk about Buddhism (as an example of cultural diffusion), I will introduce the topic of cultural diffusion by showing how Loopy's words have made their way through time and space and computer screens onto the bulletin board by my desk.

Must go--mentioning certain pics by a Harry Potter actor is making me reach for the eyewash.


John Bumbledore - Feb 12, 2007 3:34 pm (#1272 of 2990)

I often drink Earl Grey tea (Bigelow or Twinnings) if I have it or just plain Lipton tea.

Got a new PC today at work, now I am slogging through my disk looking for the files I need but got missed in the move.

Ben away just the week end and so many post to catch up!

My youngest son, James, won first place in speed in the Pinewood derby against all Wolf and Bear cubs in the pack. Now he gets to attend the district race Saturday the 24th (my birthday, so a wonderful present that is!)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Feb 12, 2007 4:56 pm (#1273 of 2990)

John. Please. It's Twi-N-ings, not Twi-NN-ings. I drink Twinings Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas. Cap'n Picard drinks, "Earl Grey, hot."

Big congratulations to James Bumbledore! And best of luck on the 24th.


boop - Feb 12, 2007 7:15 pm (#1274 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!

Just found out today that a friend (co-worker) died friday night from her year long battle of cancer. Tina leaves behind a daughter and 3 sons and 2 grandchildren. She was only 40 years old.

We are supposed to be getting up to a foot of snow tuesday into wed.. I was hoping they were wrong, but I guess not.

Healing charms to those that need them.

Have a great rest of the day.

hugs always



Tazzygirl - Feb 12, 2007 7:37 pm (#1275 of 2990)

**hugs** to you, Boop, and your friend's family. I am so sorry!

I haven't kept up with the last day or so posts. So:

**healing charms, good luck charms and all other various charms** to those who need them.

My student teaching was awesome today! I created a lesson for two students with Autism, and they did perfectly! They just had to follow verbal directions and create a picture. Major progress compared to last week. Then I helped teach a math lesson, and the kids are getting better at asking me for help. Tomorrow I am re-teaching my letter lesson from last week. When I taught it last week, the strips of paper I had the students put on the board one at a time didn't stick- the magnets on the back were too weak. Luckily, the kids were great sports about it, and understood what I was trying to do. So tomorrow we are just going to recap it, minus magnets and strips of paper. Eventually my students are going to be writing to my mom's class in California and hopefully we can get the two classes to be pen pals for the semester. I'm super excited over that!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!



kaykay1970 - Feb 12, 2007 7:44 pm (#1276 of 2990)

Hugs to ((Boop))

Congratulations James!

Healing charms all around!


Mediwitch - Feb 12, 2007 7:53 pm (#1277 of 2990)

Hi all!

Boop, sorry to hear about your friend. Mr. Mediwitch's uncle died this weekend (also cancer). It's his father's brother, so we've got to take his father to the wake and funeral. Don't know how that will go - lots of unfamiliar people and a stressful situation aren't usually so good for people with Alzheimers, but he wants to go...Actually, the weather may work in our favor as we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow tomorrow night and Wednesday as well. We may have a good reason to keep him home, but it's a mixed blessing. He'll probably perseverate on it, but it sounds like terrible weather for traveling Wednesday morning.

Kathy and Maria, I'll pop into the chat room (only been in there once!) if it's not too late and I haven't missed you!


Denise P. - Feb 12, 2007 7:59 pm (#1278 of 2990)

A year ago, today, I started my Couch to 5K program. It was 32F, with snow and cold wind blowing off the river. We shuffled our way through 20 minutes of 60 seconds running/75 seconds walking. Our goal was a 5K race in April. A year later, 32F sounds downright balmy and I will top out at almost 30 miles this week. What a difference a year makes.

Assuming we don't get slammed by too much ice and/or snow, I plan to go reserve my copy of DH this week. I have been eyeing HBP sitting in my room but I have not worked up the nerve to attempt it again.

Catherine, you need to get a picture of that sign. Loopy will be even more infamous now!


Lavandula - Feb 12, 2007 8:08 pm (#1279 of 2990)

Good Evening Everyone!

Thanks for the good thoughts for Darling Daughter. My day today went better, just a busy evening with piano, dinner, shopping, and preparations for the foot of snow coming our way.

Boop- So very sorry about your friend/co-worker. My prayers to you and her family. Such a terrible loss when I hear about children losing their parents at such a young age.

Congratulations to James Bumbledore on the pinewood derby. My brothers were both scouts. I remember those derbys so fondly!

Tazzy- Glad the student teaching is going well. I know how exciting and nerve-racking this time in your education/career can be. Best wishes to you!!!!

I really need to get some papers graded in case there is school tommorow.

Enjoy your evening,



Puck - Feb 12, 2007 8:12 pm (#1280 of 2990)

(((Boop))) (((Mediwitch)))

(Those are big hugs. So sorry for your loses.)

Yeah for James! My son's car didn't even make it to the finish line. The wheels weren't on straight and there was too much drag. His dad -the engineer- helped him make it.

Yes, Maria, as a matter of fact I do tap dance. In fact, I teach classes on Tuesday/Thursday.

I can be in the chat room on Wednesday night anytime after 8:30 pm Eastern Time. (We're all in the same time zone, I'm pretty sure.) If that night doesn't work, let me know. I'm fairly flexible. I don't often get out at night anymore.

for Tazzy. It feels so great when you get through like that, doesn't it?

Happy RotD!


doesn't anyone go to 5 words anymore?


Tazzygirl - Feb 12, 2007 8:55 pm (#1281 of 2990)

Thanks for the smiles and such!

Lavandula- I do remember you telling about your daughter and the mouse. Sounds like something I would do- Healing charms to your daughter!

**hugs** to Mediwitch and family. I am so sorry!

I just went for a walk along the beach to Waikiki and back again. I keep forgetting how much stress you relieve when walking. Need to do it more!



Mediwitch - Feb 12, 2007 9:06 pm (#1282 of 2990)

Especially when you're walking on Waikiki and it's nice and warm!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 464751818 Thanks for the hugs and well-wishes.

Kathy, nice chatting with you earlier! I can chat again on Wednesday, but it might be 9:30 or 10 pm (our time). Is that too late for you? Psst...there are a couple of new posts on Five Words!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 12, 2007 10:22 pm (#1283 of 2990)

(((HUGS))) and prayers to you Boop and to you, (((Mediwitch))). However the weather goes, I hope it works out for you both.

Since we are in the range, they are showing 12" or more of snow. Happy for a snow day, actually.

Congratulations to James! Who helped him build it?

w00t to you, Tazzy! I hope all of your days go so well in the future.

Healing charms to your kindhearted daughter, Lavandula!

Enjoy, everyone. I'm off to sleep.



The giant squid - Feb 13, 2007 1:28 am (#1284 of 2990)

Did anyone watch the Grammys?--HungarianHorntail11

I watched the first 5 minutes, long enough for the Police reunion. After that I turned off the tape (I had to work last night). I've found that there's very little in today's popular music that interests me.

Hugs for boop, Mediwitch & their friends/family as appropriate.



Lavandula - Feb 13, 2007 5:29 am (#1285 of 2990)

Good Morning All!!

It's a SNOW DAY!!!!! 7-14 inches expected by tommorow morning. It's wet and heavy too. Can anyone say snowman and sled riding? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2488346073

The slacker mom in me wants to sit and do nothing; however, I keep thinking Denise has a cleaning job waiting for me today like cleaning out my kitchen gadget drawer.

I'm off to grade those papers that I was too tired to tackle last night.


TomProffitt - Feb 13, 2007 5:35 am (#1286 of 2990)

Morning all, we're on the freezing rain end of the weather system hitting the eastern seaboard.

My sympathies to those of you with the cancer losses. Cancer has taken its toll on my family. (Fortunately no one recently)

I hope you continue to enjoy the teaching Tazzy. I did my student teaching in 1987 (teaching US History to High School Juniors) and discovered that the Education Department at my College had left me totally unprepared for the classroom. (Probably why I never applied for a teaching job)


kaykay1970 - Feb 13, 2007 5:44 am (#1287 of 2990)

Safety charms to our Louisiana and Mississippi forumers that may have been effected by the tornadoes!


Marie E. - Feb 13, 2007 6:00 am (#1288 of 2990)

We're supposed to be getting snow today and tomorrow. Luckily it is going to warm up by the weekend because we start cookie booths then.

Mar, I'm glad to hear that my Christmas card has multiple uses. The girls were so bad during that sitting that I was just sitting there with a smile frozen on my face hoping we'd get a good shot.

I haven't been giving Shayla her ADHD meds on the weekend because I've always figured that it's a school issue. After her behavior at her Girl Scout meeting this Saturday I have decided she will get it on meeting days also. She was absolutely terrible! I almost sent her to her room for the rest of the meeting.

My cough is finally going away, after seven weeks, but now Lexi has it. After she had a bad case of croup a year and half ago, every time she gets a cold she has that barking, croupy cough. She sounds awful even though she feels fine. She is getting a physical today so I will mention it to her doctor.



geauxtigers - Feb 13, 2007 6:43 am (#1289 of 2990)

Big storm came through last night. No damage here, we seemed to have missed the brunt of the storm, lots of nasty stuff to our west and such I believe. Other than that, I didn't sleep but about 3 hours last night. The storm finally cleared about 4 am here, and I got up a 7. Oh well, lost of coffee. But the sky sure is blue and the birds are all chirping like mad.

Hugs to all.

Off to school. its going to be a long day.


Puck - Feb 13, 2007 6:46 am (#1290 of 2990)

Marie, I had that cough almost every year when I was growing up. My brother had the nerve to yell at me for keeping him awake with my coughing at night. Yeah, like I did it on purpose. Anyway now I only get it occasionally. Robitussim cough syrup with codeine helped me sleep and knocked the cough out of me. You may want to ask your doctor, as it's only available by prescription.

That's not too late Mediwitch. I'll be sure to use the regular computer instead of the laptop, so the battery doesn't go on me. Maria, can you come on Wednesday night? Hmmm, and where is Sheila? Any other East Coast people thinking they could join us for a release party?

We're due for a foot or so of snow. I'm off this morning to get milk plus ingredients for my attempt at a Valentine's creme brulee. Oh, and my son told me Mr. Puck got me a present, so I should buy him something, too. (Unless I count dinner as his present, which I just might do.)

Happy RotD!



kabloink! - Feb 13, 2007 7:06 am (#1291 of 2990)

We're down for the snow here, too. But, as we're on the northern end of the storm, we're only looking at 4-7 inches by tomorrow night. Many areas around Detroit are expecting 6-10. Oh well, I just hope that the roads are relatively decent tonight and tomorrow morning. We haven't seen my in-laws since early January, which means that they haven't seen Mr Ian in that long, either. So, we figured we'll go visit them tonight and tomorrow, and they can watch the baby while we go up to Flint for dinner and a movie-much better options over there. Mike-any good movie suggestions this week?

Ugh, I got my first bifocals this week. Really, I could get away without them, but they make things easier and reduce the strain on my eyes, therefore hopefully preventing them from getting worse. I had almost gotten used to my 'spare pair" that my dad made first, and yesterday he put the lenses in my good pair (they're purple). The good pair is much shallower than the others, and as these are progressive bifocals (no line), its taking me a bit to get used to them.

ALright, into the shower, or I'm gong to be late. Have a great day everyone!


Madam Pince - Feb 13, 2007 7:29 am (#1292 of 2990)

Glad to hear that you guys are OK and missed the tornado storms, Ginny and Tori! Stay safe! Same to everyone else sitting through big snow and ice storms!

Sympathy to Boop and Mediwitch on your losses. We will be thinking of you.

I've learned that when a woman says "Don't get me anything" she really means "You'd better get me something good." –Mike

You know, you're pretty smart for an invertebrate... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Kabloink, early "Happy Anniversary" to you! Tomorrow is Mr. Pince's and my anniversary as well. Since it's mid-week and he missed all of last week at work because of the kidney stone thing, we are just going to skip celebrating until the weekend, when we'll take a trip to the beach. Should be lovely -- snow and high temps of 30 degrees -- but oh well. We'll visit some antique shops and go out to eat at least!

Catherine, love the Eyeball Wash sign! Too cute!

Ice, ice, baby! Or at least that's what they're saying on our news, but it sure looks like snow to me. Probably just a figment of my imagination. Schools are only opening 90 minutes late, (which is pretty surprising I think -- I was sure they'd be closed), so Little Pince has school today which will be his Valentine's party. Glad I made him do his valentines yesterday! I almost didn't...

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Solitaire - Feb 13, 2007 8:08 am (#1293 of 2990)

Mediwitch and Boop, I am so sorry for your losses. Boop, I have lost several friends to one form of cancer or another over the past 7 years. All of them were in their 40s and 50s, which is MUCH too young to go, if you ask me. Of course, I am never ready to let go of anyone I love.

John. Please. It's Twi-N-ings, not Twi-NN-ings.

It's okay, Journeymom. He was probably just confused by all this talk about twins!

BTW, Felix Felicis to all who are in the paths of violent weather. I heard quite a report this morning about tornadoes in the south, blizzards in the north, flights being cancelled, etc. It sounds like many areas of the country are about to be attacked by Mother Nature. Please stay safe, everyone!



haymoni - Feb 13, 2007 8:17 am (#1294 of 2990)

The Beautifulest One had to do a diorama on a nursery rhyme. She chose Humpty Dumpty. Guess who was poking pinholes into an egg and trying to blow out the yoke last night???

She was so cute making this thing. She found little plastic horses and plastic pirates to use for the king's men. She was completely amazed at the magic of the cool-melt glue gun.

Can't they just stay in first grade????


Mrs. Sirius - Feb 13, 2007 9:24 am (#1295 of 2990)

Really, I could get away without them, but they make things easier and reduce the strain on my eyes, therefore hopefully preventing them from getting worse.

It’s funny you should say that Kim, I got bifocals last year. It’s for working at my desk and the computer. I find that wearing the glasses makes everything much worse. I can use them ONLY for reading and looking at the computer, If I then look to speak to a co-worker, I really cannot see them. And if I then try to read, then it’s sooo blurry I cannot read at all. If I have to go back and forth, it is better to just hold the materials out far enough to read at arms length and not deal with all the adjustments or to wear the drugstore reading glasses.

Today, I reluctantly upgraded my phone service. I have had this same clunky cell phone for four years and it is missing a button. Our service plan includes 2 cell phones and is connected to our home phone and I thought the price reasonable. There are no new phones that permit us to keep our old service plan. If I get a new phone, I have to accept a new more expensive plan, no way around that. For the pleasure of a new phone (it is not a fancy one, I just make phone calls nothing fancy) which will raise the monthly service plan, I have pay an additional fee to upgrade too! Talk about insult to injury, yeeshhh!

boop, Mediwitch, truly sorry for your loss.

My knees tremble at the thought of the weather that is heading my way! There is already talk of school cancellations. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 793915934


Madam Pince - Feb 13, 2007 9:30 am (#1296 of 2990)

OK, all you Grammar Gods -- here's a question for you. Is it "...a historic building" or "...an historic building" -- for some reason, I always thought that the word "historic" was an exception to the "vowel" rule and it was "an" but I just read an AP news story, and they used "a" instead.


John Bumbledore - Feb 13, 2007 9:44 am (#1297 of 2990)

Oh, so it is Twin(e)-ings (like made of/from/with twine...) I've been mispronouncing it for all my years... LOL Not sure I want to drink Twinings tea then...

A or an before h... I know this, our UK friends will all say “an h”... while here in the USA it is an accepted variation to use a historic.

And one more thing about moving to a new computer at work... I can't find my avatar images! and my bookmarks in IE... **trudges off muttering under his breath** macros! template files! Oy!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


haymoni - Feb 13, 2007 9:46 am (#1298 of 2990)

I think if you are a twin, you should be able to call it "Twinnings".


Holly T. - Feb 13, 2007 9:52 am (#1299 of 2990)

Ooh, I know this one!

   The indefinite article a, not an, is used in American English before words beginning with a pronounced h.

   A hotel, a historical study


   an honor, an heir

Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, 7.46


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 13, 2007 10:10 am (#1300 of 2990)

It is never too late for me, Puck and Mediwitch. - That is my "I don't get enough sleep" face.

Marie, healing charms to both of your girls. Trevor has a similar cough that has just started. I'll have to watch for a returning fever now.

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Thom Matheson - Feb 13, 2007 11:49 am (#1301 of 2990)

Holly has it write. If it are not sounded an H it are with an rather then an a. I'sa lerv me grammer? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 13, 2007 11:54 am (#1302 of 2990)

LOL Thom. I wanted to award Holly House Points but I don't know what house she's in. (Or is it 'ouse?)


kabloink! - Feb 13, 2007 11:57 am (#1303 of 2990)

Happy early anniversary Madame Pince!

Mrs Sirius-if our glasses are for reading and the computer, and have a line, they were probably not made for you to see far away. The 'bifocal' part most likely has your reading Rx, and the top probably has what we refer to as your intermediate, which would be thwe computer area. We get a lot of discussion about this in our store. This is why progressives are so good, as they gradually go from distance to reading, thus automatically incorporating that ever-elusive 'computer' distance. If, Mrs. Sirius, you do have a progressive, take it in and explain your problem, a simple adjustment may fix the problem-you'd be amazed how much of a difference it can make. Hope that helps, sorry about the optical rant.

Back to work-tak to everyone later.


Elanor - Feb 13, 2007 12:04 pm (#1304 of 2990)

No, no, no, no, zat is NOT possible! I already 'ave so much trouble zinking I should pronounce zose "h", now if I 'ave to remember when to forget about zem... Arrgghhhh!!!!! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Weather charms and (((hugs))) to all who need them!



Thom Matheson - Feb 13, 2007 12:06 pm (#1305 of 2990)

Yeah it's catchy isn't it? Well said Elanor, especially the aarrgghhh part.

Well it's 2:22 EST. Here comes the snow, and it's falling horizontally. 1/2 inch down and 1 foot to go.


Holly T. - Feb 13, 2007 12:24 pm (#1306 of 2990)

I am in the house of insufferable know-it-alls who have actually memorized parts of the Chicago Manual of Style (and can tell you what changed between the 14th and 15th editions). ;-)

I am not having a good day--stress at work, stress from the other Girl Scout leaders (service unit meeting last night), etc.--would love to crawl under my desk for a while. Oh well.

Hugs to those who need them!

Happy RotD!


Laura W - Feb 13, 2007 1:27 pm (#1307 of 2990)

That's great dialogue, Audrey! You sound just like her!

I don't know why but I have always thought Holly T. was an editor by profession (did it come up in conversation at one point?). Thus, I'm not surprised that she knew the answer to the question. (Your House can take those points anyway, though. - grin) I hope things pick up for you real soon.



The giant squid - Feb 13, 2007 2:04 pm (#1308 of 2990)

Mike-any good movie suggestions this week?—kabloink

Well, tomorrow the new Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore flick Music and Lyrics opens. It seems to be Grant doing pretty much his usual thing, only this time he's supposed to be a former pop star rather than an editor or Prime Minister. The one expected t make all the money this weekend is Ghost Rider, a comic book adaptation starring Nicolas Cage as a guy with a flaming skull. It's actually better than it sounds.

I haven't heard much about Breach or Bridge to Terabithia other than they're a suspense thriller and a kids' flick, respectively. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls has been getting less than stellar reviews--a note of warning: Madea does not show up in this one.

Healing charms to the sick (including my niece), Felix charms to those getting hit with inclement weather, and strengthening charms for those who are going to have to try to shovel their way out of 10 feet of snow...



Madam Pince - Feb 13, 2007 2:09 pm (#1309 of 2990)

Thanks for the helpful info, guys! (So I've been wrong all these years. Not surprising in the least...)

...would love to crawl under my desk for a while. -Holly.

You just go right ahead, dear! Would you like a glass of milk while you're there? (I'm doing the Mom role from A Christmas Story, when the little brother is hiding under the sink, in case you didn't recognize the obscure connection there...)


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 13, 2007 2:28 pm (#1310 of 2990)

(I'm doing the Mom role from A Christmas Story, when the little brother is hiding under the sink, in case you didn't recognize the obscure connection there...)

LOL! I recognized it immediately! But then again, it helps that I have the entire movie memorized!

That's interesting about the H's. I never really thought about it before. You learn something new everyday!

The weather was oh so lovely last night. No injuries though, so that's good. I didn't fall asleep until after 4 because the wind was howling so badly and the thunder was awful. I hate thunder storms. Especially at night. I'd rather get a foot of snow! It's not fair! Send us some down here! I want to build a snowman! And go sledding! And get a snow day! All we get down here are Hurrican days, and those aren't all that exciting.

Off to do homework!


geauxtigers - Feb 13, 2007 2:38 pm (#1311 of 2990)

LOL at Madame P! I just love a Christmas story.

I'll take too much snow over tornadoes any day! El Nino has been bringing lots of violent weather the past few months, among with lots of rain. This time it was a cold front and warm air in the gulf in combination with El Nino. It not just us either! Its bringing feet and feet of snow to everyone! **trys to imagine digging out the window of the second story** What I want to know is what happens if you only have a 1 story house? Are you trapped? Should I get the hair dryer out and start melting? LOL

I've never thought about the a historic or an historic before, they both sound right to me! LOL I have a little something for yall. I've been wondering is this would be classified as strictly british. In the HP books, they always say things like "He had got away" whereas I'd say "he had gotten away". Are they both correct? The first sounds like its not to me, thats when I started wondering if thats just how you would say is in Britain. I'll try to find an example in the book later, just something thats I keep noticing and forgetting to ask.

Well it is now a gorgeous day out, breezy, and blue as blue can get. And I'm stuck inside doing homework. First I'm going to take a nap because I won't make it through any homework working on roughly the 4 hours of sleep I got last night.

Stay safe everyone! Enjoy the rest of the week! Almost mardi gras break for us down here! Can't wait!


Good Evans - Feb 13, 2007 3:18 pm (#1312 of 2990)

big hugs to Betty and Mediwitch, sorry to hear of your losses.

I guessed it has been a bad weather day in the States as there are so many posts.

I finished the exam paper today - only two days late - yay me!!! LOL

have a good rest of day - I am off to bed!!


Lina - Feb 13, 2007 4:04 pm (#1313 of 2990)

Let me see... There were many posts that I felt I had something to say...

Yes, Maria, these are the pictures from the Saturday parade. We were really lucky about the weather, no rain and no wind, so it was fine. I planned to post today the link in my profile to some more pictures, but well, probably tomorrow. Your dungbombs found me unprepared. Since you haven't answered my comment right away, I thought I avoided the revenge of the dragon... ***shaking head***

Recovering charms to Mr. Pince! I guess that's a hard thing to go through... And, as you can see, Madam Pince, Mihaela is not wearing the same costume as Kate and Veronika, but she is wearing the same boots. Lol. (That was a good acquisition.)

I think that "More miles than degrees" would definitely be easier to do in Celsius degrees.

***Waving to Mare***

Healing charms to Lavandula's Darling Daughter! She is such an adorable child! She reminds me so much of me... When I was a kid, I found a dying rat in the street. It was shaking, so I imagined it was cold. I went home and took my Mum's fur collar (she didn't notice that) to keep it warm. It died anyway and we buried it with "proper ceremony". When I brought the collar back home, my Mum freaked up, I have no idea why...?

Another congratulations to one of Bumbledore Juniors! Way to go!

Hugs and strengthening charms to Betty and her friends and to Mediwitch and family. Many healing charms everywhere where needed, and some weather charms too.

Way to go, Kristina, too! (as if I ever doubted that )

Way to go, Denise, as well!

Hugs to Holly. I hope your day gets better.

Happy anniversary to the Kabloinks and Pinces. It is Valentine here already. (time for me to go to bed too...)


kaykay1970 - Feb 13, 2007 4:43 pm (#1314 of 2990)

Ugh! I brought the 13 year old to the doctor today. I can't believe he has the flu. He has run a low grade temperature for the most part and a stuffy nose. I thought maybe just a bad cold!

Glad you're safe Ginny and Tori!

I love the avatar Lina!


Steve Newton - Feb 13, 2007 7:00 pm (#1315 of 2990)

Tonight it is sleeting,
The weather is crappy,
Tomorrow pitchers and catchers report,
I'm sure to be happy.


Ydnam96 - Feb 13, 2007 7:30 pm (#1316 of 2990)

Steve, love the poem. Concise and rhyming.

I too have the "ick" I don't think it's the flu. But I feel like someone ran me over with a truck. I wish someone would...I took a sick day and ended up working from home. I am not happy with work right now.

I had to skim all the latest posts since last time I was on. So I missed a bunch (as it was about 200 I think). But I did see that some of our family lost loved ones. I am sorry about that. Prayers to you!

Good luck with the weather to all those on the East Coast and Midwest.


Solitaire - Feb 13, 2007 7:53 pm (#1317 of 2990)

If you're not sure it's the flu, it might be what we have always called the "creeping crud." This is usually involves general fatigue and a bit of achiness, sometimes a subnormal temp, and something that may or may not be a cold (but is definitely a cough). You don't really feel much like going to work, but you aren't actually sick ... You just feel cruddy!



Eponine - Feb 13, 2007 8:08 pm (#1318 of 2990)

It's been raining like crazy here. Driving home from class tonight was a process. I dislike driving on the interstate when it's raining so hard because it's hard to see the lines on the road. Well, at least I'm home now.

I got my paper back tonight, and I accept that I'm being completely irrational about this, but I am really annoyed at my grade. I got an A minus, and I'm ridiculously annoyed over it. The only bad thing my professor had to say over it was that I didn't cite enough in one (very small) section, and I'm seriously annoyed over that making it a minus. Bah.


Lavandula - Feb 13, 2007 8:32 pm (#1319 of 2990)

It is still snowing and sleeting and icing. I shoveled three times-about 10 inches so far is my guess but that was 4 hours ago.

Ginny and Tori-I was thinking about you and our other forumers in the area. So glad you're fine. Mr. L is in Biloxi now on his mission trip. The worst of the weather just passed over them to the east.

Marie- I have been through the ADHD medication juggling on weekends too with my son. It has been very difficult to accept that any activity which requires social interaction with others means a day with medication. Church is even a better experience now that he takes his medicine on Sundays. And I don't feel stressed, worried, or upset at what may happen. There is so much to say about this issue that I can not put it into words.

Bifocals. I made the jump about a year and a half ago. I got the transition lenses with a prescription for reading, one for distance, and the clear lens in the middle. It took me a while, but I love them now.

Battery running out on the computer. Hope everything is spelled correctly.

Denise-I cleaned several things today. Trash cans, drawers, storage bins. Yeah!!!

Have a Great ROTD/N


Edit: Happy Anniversary to all the Valentine's couples out there!!!


Puck - Feb 13, 2007 8:59 pm (#1320 of 2990)

I'm seriously annoyed over that making it a minus. Bah

Ahh, I see Hermione has joined us today. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2752390508

Cathy, I was wondering if you had decided to clean or slack. Good for you. I can't say I would have done the same.

Happy Aniiversary to Kabloinks and the Pinces!

Oh, Mediwitch and Maria, perhaps tomorrow won't work. I forgot it was Valentine's. Hubby and I usually watch a movie once the kids are in bed. Sorry.

Oh, the thing that Made My Day. I went to the store to pick up a few things before the storm hits. I got a bottle of wine for tomorrow's dinner along with my groceries. The cashier told me she needed to see my ID! Bless her heart! I was thrilled. I haven't been carded in years.

Happy RotD!



Holly T. - Feb 13, 2007 9:02 pm (#1321 of 2990)

Eponine, was it you who just started grad school? At least where I went to school, most of the grad student grades make no sense. I looked at the whole thing as a test of endurance. When I took my minor field exam one of the professors actually wrote on my evaluation form (you know, the one that goes in the Permanent File that they look at to decide if you get funding, advancements, etc.) that I was "incapable of coherent thought." I took the form to his office and asked him why, if he felt that way, he had given me a passing grade on the exam. He admitted that it might have been a little harsh, said I should work harder, recommended that I quit graduate school, and did not change the form. Ok, that is depressing. Happy news is I did graduate, in spite of him.

Happy anniversary to the Valentine's Day couples!

Hugs to those who have suffered losses.

I am an editor (thus the memorization of the Chicago Manual of Style) but no one is ever free from mistakes and/or typos so please don't look at my posts and judge!

I just frosted two dozen heart-shaped brownies for son's class party tomorrow. Daughter sold 35 boxes of cookies tonight. Husband is going to Dallas for a meeting tomorrow. He's leaving at the crack of dawn so I need to put out his Valentine card and candy for him to find in the morning.

My day did not get much better, mood-wise, but at least it is almost over. :-)


Chemyst - Feb 13, 2007 9:27 pm (#1322 of 2990)

I am an editor (thus the memorization of the Chicago Manual of Style) but no one is ever free from mistakes and/or typos so please don't look at my posts and judge!   – Holly
... Said as if you knew I now want to!


MickeyCee3948 - Feb 13, 2007 9:28 pm (#1323 of 2990)

Not quite "Valentine's Day" yet, but I want to be the first to wish all you wonderful ladies: young, old and in between a very Happy Valentine's Day. May all of you secure your fondest hearts desire. LOL



Eponine - Feb 13, 2007 9:40 pm (#1324 of 2990)

Yeah, I just started grad school. I shouldn't be so annoyed by it, but I really, really am.


Mediwitch - Feb 13, 2007 10:04 pm (#1325 of 2990)

It's SNOWING!!! I'm so glad it finally looks like a New England winter out there.

Hugs, healing, and weather charms to all! Thanks for the hugs and sympathies. It's nice to have a virtual family, too! Mr. Mediwitch, Sr. made it through the wake OK, but he was ready to leave about 5 minutes after we got there. It wasn't a large wake by any measure, and even though most of the people there were family, he really didn't recognize a lot of them (including some of his nieces and nephews who he used to see frequently, but hasn't seen as much in the last few years). It was sad to see how lost he looked. He has one nephew he really likes, and he really perked up when said nephew came over to chat. I think I'm glad the weather will prevent us from getting to the funeral tomorrow - I think he'll be more comfortable. (And so will we - you never know what he's going to say, and he has some strong opinions about a few family members who were there today. Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't realize they were there.)

Eponine, you wouldn't by chance be a Ravenclaw, perhaps?

No worries, Kathy! I forgot also, because Mr. Mediwitch and I have our monthly ambulance squad meeting tomorrow, so we already planned to celebrate on the weekend. Let me know what day and time is good for you.


Madam Pince - Feb 13, 2007 10:12 pm (#1326 of 2990)

You know what's really sad? When you guys were talking about setting up your chat-room chat for tomorrow night at 8:30 and I was contemplating joining in just to say hi, my first thought was "Oh, they can't do that then -- Lost will be on!" Not "It's Valentine's Day"... nor even "It's my anniversary" That's really pitiful... Methinks I have been married too long perhaps... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1437562208

And anyway, Lost won't be on then, because that was two whole seasons ago that it came on at 8:00. Where is my mind...

***passes Sheila the cold compress, which she is sure to be needing after tonight's game...***


Thom Matheson - Feb 13, 2007 10:12 pm (#1327 of 2990)

Happy Valentines to one and all. Be safe in most parts of the world as the weather is crazy.


Mediwitch - Feb 13, 2007 10:14 pm (#1328 of 2990)

*snort* Madam Pince, you "NEED to sort out your priorities!" **looks innocent and tries to forget she also forgot it was Valentine's Day**


kabloink! - Feb 13, 2007 11:48 pm (#1329 of 2990)

Hehe, I was just reading the Winter Storm Warning for our area on weather.com. It warned of snow drifts up to a foot-ha! Hubby had to drive through a drift that was at least 3 feet deep. Snow melting charms to all those who have it worse than we do here, especially those who are not accustomed to the harsher, snowy-er winters.

Methinks it is long past my bedtime, but had to wait for hubby to get home from work tonight.


The giant squid - Feb 14, 2007 12:50 am (#1330 of 2990)

And anyway, Lost won't be on then, because that was two whole seasons ago that it came on at 8:00.--Madame Pince

Hmm...if this trend continues in a couple years we'll be watching them at midnight. The worst part: I will be up at midnight to watch

Solitaire, you've described my symptoms perfectly. Clearly I have an acute case of Crud. Good thing I figured that out before I followed through on my urge to smack the stupid out of my boss...



Elanor - Feb 14, 2007 1:54 am (#1331 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


(LOL on the Fleur comments BTW! ;-) )


journeymom - Feb 14, 2007 2:02 am (#1332 of 2990)

Micky, Happy Valentine's day to you too!

And Elanor! And everybody!

The tick-tick-tick-tick of the dog's toenails as he trotted up and down the hallway outside our room alerted me to the possibility that he might be ill. This is after I was almost asleep. Sure enough, when he saw me poke my head out the door he tore off down the hall to the back door. I let him out 10 minutes ago. Sure, I've got nothing better to do than wait around at 1:00 a.m. for the dog.

Sigh. I hope the dog is alright.


Julie Aronson - Feb 14, 2007 3:32 am (#1333 of 2990)

LOL Mike!!!

...ahh...a snow day...going back to doze a bit, then to actually make good on my mental promise to try digging through my insurmountable pile of work.

SmileyCentral.com Happy Valentine's Day!


Puck - Feb 14, 2007 4:20 am (#1334 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just checked the school closings. Snow day. Back to bed.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Feb 14, 2007 4:22 am (#1335 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Steve Newton - Feb 14, 2007 4:54 am (#1336 of 2990)

Well, in upstate Delaware we are having what my son calls the coolest weather he has ever seen. Cool being both meanings. Everything has a half inch coating of ice. It looks spectacular but after spending 20 minutes chipping out the heat pump I'm not so thrilled.

Actually, he has seen this kind of weather before, but he was 3. Who am I to take away the thrill?

Edit: I just checked and my computer weather thing says that it is now 32 degrees out. Maybe we will get thawed out.


haymoni - Feb 14, 2007 5:34 am (#1337 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day all!

The kids are off today because of the snow and I am on a 2 hour delay at work. I really don't understand that. If County offices are open, then we are encouraging folks to come out into this mess. Don't you agree that we should just close down today for the safety of our citizens????

Alas, earwax!


kaykay1970 - Feb 14, 2007 5:50 am (#1338 of 2990)

Happy Valentines Day!!


Marie E. - Feb 14, 2007 5:52 am (#1339 of 2990)

At Lexi's physical last night it was discovered that she has a sinus infection. Hmmm, who had a sinus infection last month? Oh, yeah, her mother! Now I feel bad for having passed on my germs. She is officially 48 1/2 inches tall and 51 lbs. I thought she'd never hit 50 lbs. She's been in the 40's for years.

We got about 2 or 3 inches of snow yesterday and we're supposed to get about 2 more today. Nothing compared to the East Coast so I'll hush up about anything more.

I don't any plans tonight, besides Lexi's Girl Scout meeting, but Mr. E and I are going to a comedy club on Friday night.



Lavandula - Feb 14, 2007 6:01 am (#1340 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I was supposed to take the kids out for dinner with the wife of one of the men on our church's mission trip. We got together last year when our husbands were gone on the same trip. But I don't think I am going to try the 40 minutes drive to the restaurant.

I am actually worried that I may have to get out and drive to the post office. I have a house payment to get in the mail today, and I worry that the mail lady won't make it up my hill with all the snow and blowing.

School work must get done today, no cleaning projects. Smile

Elanor-Great accent! They should have asked you to play the part of Fleur and then someone with a real knowledge of the story would be on the cast!!!! I can just hear the lunch break..."count those rolls...there are only 10...that is a magical number... it represents the orobus"(spelling?)

Great snow/ice/rain/whatever kind of day to everyone!


Edit: Thom-I watched Idol myself last night and was disappointed at who made and who got cut. I thought the guy who sung the Josh Groban song was great, and he was cut right away. I'm SOOOO glad the 'nasty' girl in the trio who was left after the group made one cut, got her cut in the rooms at the end.


TomProffitt - Feb 14, 2007 6:04 am (#1341 of 2990)

Morning y'all. Had a bit of freezing rain last night, nothing major, but it is reason enough not to go for a run today.

I was somewhat disappointed by the Idol results last night, I imagine the rest of the people I like will get cut tonight.


Good Evans - Feb 14, 2007 6:29 am (#1342 of 2990)

happy Valentines to all (and a special thankyou to Mickey Cee - what a lovely mass valentine to be sent! - I shall tell hubby I got two today!!!!)

Happy Anniversary to the Pinces (and was it Kabloinks???)

I have received the most beautiful bouquet 7 red and 5 yellow roses (hubby forgot we have only been married four years - ah well !!). and I bought him an electric propagator!!! We are off for lovely meal tonight so I shant be on here later.

Have a great day all - back to the grindstone....


Denise P. - Feb 14, 2007 7:01 am (#1343 of 2990)

We got snow, then sleet and ice yesterday so school was released 2 hours early. Even Mr. Denise came home early due to the weather. We got even more sleet and ice over night so no school today either. I am going to put the kids to work before I let them out to freeze play in the ice piles. Because it is so dangerous to even walk outside, I will be treadmilling today. Yay

We sold our house! A couple in Germany who are moving in June saw it on the internet. Their agent went to the house and took video and a billion pictures for them. They have 5 kids and apparently the wife adores the house. We are waiting on the signed contract to be emailed since nothing is binding until then. We had it listed for less than 30 days so we are pretty pleased how it worked out even if we thought it should have been listed for more.

Time to turn off the computer and phones until I get my stuff done for the day.

Lost...woo hoo!!!

We don't do Valentine's here. I just see no point. I don't want flowers or anything (and when I tell Mr. Denise I don't want anything, I really do mean it) I would much rather he get me something because he sees something he thinks I would like ....not because it is a day marked on the calendar for gift giving.


Madam Pince - Feb 14, 2007 7:56 am (#1344 of 2990)

Thanks for all the Valentine and anniversary wishes (especially the thoughtful Mickey Cee! )

LOL Squid Mike! I don't like the new 10pm start time, but I suppose they had to avoid the American Idol juggernaut...

Woo-hoo, Denise on selling the house! That's awesome for a "buyer's market!"

Hope everyone stays safe in this icy snowy storm! We have mostly ice which doesn't look too terrible really -- main roads have been salted and seem to be clear but our sidewalk and driveway are skating rinks. Schools are closed. Federal Government was closed early yesterday so Mr. Pince got to stay home since he works evenings.

Ummmm... what is an electric propagator? (I'm not exactly sure I want to know; it definitely doesn't sound like something you'd give your spouse for Valentine's Day...)


Solitaire - Feb 14, 2007 8:06 am (#1345 of 2990)

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



Pigwidgeon - Feb 14, 2007 8:56 am (#1346 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah, we're enjoying a very white Valentine's Day here. This is the most snow I've seen in more than a decade. I'm at home, enjoying at least a partial snow day (probably will be a full snow day, not sure yet).

Stay safe and warm, everyone!


Loopy Lupin - Feb 14, 2007 9:11 am (#1347 of 2990)

Happy Valentines Day to all who celebrate.

I've been enjoying the same ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain that Denise has been. Of course, it doesn't prevent me from going to work even though the courts are closed today. (Denise, that is a rare occurrence around here and a statement about the ice much more than the snow.)

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More LOST tonight!!!!! Yippee!!!!


kaykay1970 - Feb 14, 2007 9:45 am (#1348 of 2990)

My child obviously has a very mild case of the flu. His temperature has been normal today! WooHoo!

**knocks on wood**

Weather and Healing charms as needed!


Esther Rose - Feb 14, 2007 9:51 am (#1349 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day.

I usually spend Valentine's Day alone but I don't mind. I use it as an excuse to pamper myself.

I had eggs and homefries this morning.

I'm having homemade meatballs with marinara sauce for lunch.

I will treat myself to either Lindt or Godiva chocolate today.

And I got a bath fizzle for this weekend. (woo hoo!!) I'll probably pop in a movie or few this weekend too. (Nice three day weekend for some of us in the States!!)

I love Valentine's Day!!! Especially when I get to choose how to spend it.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 14, 2007 9:51 am (#1350 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day! to MickeyCee and everyone!

Anti-crud charms to all who need it!

I got the phone call just before midnight that school was cancelled! YAY! I made my calls and worked on the computer for a bit. Trevor awoke crying within 10 min. or so with a hoarse, croupy cough. He did not sleep very well, but Mr. HH was nice enough to sleep on the couch so Trevor could stay with me undisturbed. (Mr. HH snores. ) He is in good spirits today and the cold seems to be moving its way through, as now he has a runny nose.

Of course, Trevor is in Valentine heaven, as his sisters play game after game of Super Smash Brothers with him.

Priscilla made chocolate chip pancakes. Hubby gave me a box of chocolates and a very sweet card. I called him and asked him if he'd read it. Oh, come on, I just had to!

We have a base of snow with a nice layer of ice and icy rain is coming down quite steadily.

That is fine, Mediwitch and Kathy. Just give me a time and date. Actually, are you home now due to the weather?

Madam Pince, Happy Anniversary! (and to whoever else is celebrating!) And I hope you do join us in the chat room - and anyone else! Perhaps we might even convince you to meet up??

haymoni, it is so thoughtful of you to be so concerned for the citizens!

Steve, glad your son is enjoying the weather. Just remind him in his excitement - no snowball fights. (Unless, of course you like stitches.)

Congrats on the sale of your home, Denise! Sometimes it's better to take your losses up front.

Healing charms to Lexie.

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Puck - Feb 14, 2007 9:58 am (#1351 of 2990)

Alas, we also are having mostly ice, so no snowmen and sledding. Son is waiting for me to start the Star Wars marathon I promised him.

Valentine's will mostly be me making a nice dinner, and the presents the grandparents mailed to the kids. Diva has made cards for everyone in the house, including the cats.

Maria, I made chocolate chip pancakes today, too. I poured the batter into a metal cookie cutter on the griddle in an attempt to make them heart-shaped.

Back to the laundry, dishes, etc...



Chemyst - Feb 14, 2007 10:21 am (#1352 of 2990)

Happy Anniversary to the Pinces and kabloinks. ?

I think a propagator is a mini-greenhouse or cold frame for starting seedlings; so if it is electric it probably heats the soil?
But you are right Madame Pince; when the term "electric propagator" is hooked up with Valentine innuendo, the imagination can run astray.

We are having a rather nippy day, so a bit of extra electric heat sounds good for people as well as vegetables.


haymoni - Feb 14, 2007 10:35 am (#1353 of 2990)

I'm done feeling sorry for the citizens.

I am one of only 2 people on our entire floor that bothered to show up!

We estimate that only half the staff showed up today. Obviously the smarter half stayed home!!


Mediwitch - Feb 14, 2007 10:41 am (#1354 of 2990)

What a lovely day! We haven't gotten as much snow (yet) as predicted because we've had more sleet that they originally thought we'd get up here in the northwest corner of Connecticut. (Our weather is usually different than the rest of the state. *waves to Mrs. Sirius*) But hey, no school and no funeral, so it's not a bad day! I've been playing with Mr. Mediwitch's new cell phone I got him for Valentine's Day - I downloaded a Harry Potter ringtone, so he's either stuck with it or he has to really learn how to use the phone to change it!

Kathy, Maria, I'll be around ALL day! I'm going to do some reading, but I'll pop in to see if we get it together some time during the day today, or let me know if tomorrow evening's better. Snow days are play days, as far as I'm concerned. If it was a regular work day, I wouldn't get anything done at home, so why should I on a snow day?

Denise, congrats on selling the house so quickly!

Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries, and of course, Valentines Day!

EDIT: haymoni, you're either a dedicated Hufflepuff or a thrill-seeking Gryffindor! (Forget about those Slytherins and Ravenclaws who stayed home!)

EDIT 2: Our town crew foreman just called Mr. Mediwitch to tell him they can barely keep up with the roads and people's driveways are really bad (we have some long, steep, hilly ones in town) so they better put the chains on the fire trucks. That's when we KNOW it's bad weather!


Chemyst - Feb 14, 2007 10:48 am (#1355 of 2990)

But hey, no school and no funeral, so it's not a bad day!

LOL! That would make a great tagline!


haymoni - Feb 14, 2007 10:56 am (#1356 of 2990)

I will take thrill-seeking Gryffindor. I've never been afraid to drive in snow or rain.

Mmmm...maybe I am just stupid!

That's Stupid - Cupid's Twin!


Lavandula - Feb 14, 2007 11:06 am (#1357 of 2990)

Whoo-Hoo! The mail lady made it up my snowy hill. What a trooper! Haymoni-I'm not afraid of this stuff either. Call me stupid, but having grown up in the snow belt of Geauga County, it takes a whole lot of snow to keep me down.

It looks like dinner out with the kids is now dinner in:waffles, escaloped apples, and sausage patties(their favorite when daddy is gone).

So what exactly IS a propogator (spelling?)? Didn't sound too friendly to me either. LOL

Healing charms to all the little tikes!!!(Lexie,HH's little one, etc.)

Off to cookie baking and more school work.


Puck - Feb 14, 2007 12:03 pm (#1358 of 2990)

I'll pop into the chat if I get a chance. I need to get cleaning, plus take care of some Valentine's. Dinner is my gift to the family, so once I clean up the kitchen, I need to get working on that.

Perhaps I should start by getting out of my pajamas, seeing how it's now 2pm.


Viola Intonada - Feb 14, 2007 12:49 pm (#1359 of 2990)

LOL, Puck! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that leaves the PJ's on until after lunch.

My best guess is that we have about 16" of snow. It is hard to tell because it has been blowing around so much. We have a SNOW DAY today. Even Hubby's work is closed. Youngest was upset because they were supposed to have their parties today. I reassurred her that they will have their parties the next day of school. (We have enough ice cream for 20 classrooms, we are having the parties!) Eldest would have been home anyway today since she is sick. I think it is just the start of a really bad cold.

I don't mind driving in the snow at all, but I have been guilty of using that excuse today to not let my kids go over to anyone's house today. I just want to sit quietly and enjoy having the entire family under one roof today. It is getting to be such a rare thing.

Marie, I have discovered that it is not uncommon that the leader's daughter acts up during meetings. Youngest gets so wound up during meetings, it drives me nuts. She has calmed down a bit over the last 4 years. (Just a warning if you don't see much change even with medication)

Stay warm everyone!


Ydnam96 - Feb 14, 2007 12:51 pm (#1360 of 2990)

Journeymom, at least he lets you know instead of getting sick in the house. That's a pretty smart dog Smile

Congrats on the sale of your house Denise!

It's bright and sunny here in Los Angeles. It's ironic, we need the rain so badly and everyone who does not need the moisture is getting it. I have a feeling our fire danger is going to be quite high next summer.

I'm still sick with whatever it is I've got. It's okay though I got to sleep in.



Tazzygirl - Feb 14, 2007 12:59 pm (#1361 of 2990)

Lavandula: I thought the guy who sung the Josh Groban song was great, and he was cut right away.

I actually thought quite the opposite. He did really well in the initial tryouts, but when he tried to sing Josh Groban on stage- he didn't hit any note correctly. I can completely understand why he didn't get the okay to the next round. **winces** I am very grateful that the one girl that sounded like Shakira was cut- her voice and attitude just bugged me to no end.

w00t! LOST is on tonight!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Happy Anniversary to those celebrating!

Yeay for Snow Days! Feel free to send snow my way...

**healing charms** to all who need them!

Happy RotD/N!



geauxtigers - Feb 14, 2007 2:33 pm (#1362 of 2990)

No snow day for us! LOL just cold with a very bitter wind. The high for us was onlt 46 with the wind chill at about 38-40. Cold for us! LOL but it was also a beautiful crystal clear blue sky. I love days like this.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! My mom got me a box of chocolates. LOL I gave her a hug and told her Happy Valentine's day. LOL And one of the clubs at school sold red carnations (I thought they were roses, but apparently not!) for a buck to give to your Valentine. LOL I didn't buy one! I just taped an index card on my shirt that said Happy Valentine's Day and that was my festive thing for the day. LOL

Happy anniversary to the Pinces and Kabloinks!

Off to do homework.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 14, 2007 2:38 pm (#1363 of 2990)

Just popping in to say: Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though I'm not much of a fan of this holiday. I think it's kinda cheesy! But I do love the colors! Hence the pretty colored writing!

Journeymom, at least he lets you know instead of getting sick in the house. That's a pretty smart dog Smile My thoughts exactly!!

**healing charms to everyone who is sick**

It was cold today! BUt I feel pretty confident that it's not as cold here as it is in the NE! No snow in our forecast!

Have a great RotD!


azi - Feb 14, 2007 2:54 pm (#1364 of 2990)

Happy anniversary to the Pince's and the Kabloinks!

I told my boyfriend that if he got me anything for Valentine's day I would slap him, and I did, albeit not as forcefully as I made out I would because I'm too nice. The chocolates are nice (can't turn chocolate down can you?), but I had to give half to him because they had nuts in.

Happy snow days to everyone who has them!

I've been busy the last few days - uni work and general sorting things out. Am going to doctors on Friday because I'm still suffering headaches from the crash. I had some solicitors ringing yesterday to ask if I want to claim - I'm torn because, despite my hatred of the compensation culture that we've got, I am finding it difficult to concentrate on anything with the headaches and I'm always more tired than usual at the moment. On the plus side, I'm having an random, vivid dreams every night now, all of which are very interesting.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!


Denise P. - Feb 14, 2007 3:07 pm (#1365 of 2990)

Well ugh, I have already gotten an email from the school system saying no school tomorrow. If they are out on Friday as well...the earliest they can go back in is Tuesday!!


I just made some chunky brownies for the kids to have this evening, it smells yummy.


Mediwitch - Feb 14, 2007 3:08 pm (#1366 of 2990)

Ooh, boy Denise! Have fun!


journeymom - Feb 14, 2007 3:43 pm (#1367 of 2990)

   "Even though I'm not much of a fan of this holiday. I think it's kinda cheesy! But I do love the colors! Hence the pretty colored writing!"
Love the pretty colored writing! I was raised to eschew all things girly and romantic. But I decided I like fun, girly things, so I indulge in Valentine's Day without regret.

Mr Journeymom and I are going to a Afghani restaurant for dinner tonight! How nifty is that? It comes well recommended and I'm urged to try the pumpkin puree'.


Madam Pince - Feb 14, 2007 4:16 pm (#1368 of 2990)

I had to give half to him because they had nuts in. –azi

Sounds like your boyfriend is pretty smart, too, azi!

I know what you mean about hesitating to run to a solicitor right away, but honestly, if you really truly are having health problems, you might ought to check into it. I feel it is an entirely different matter from someone who is just crying "Wolf!" to try to make a few bucks, which unfortunately happens far too often these days. That's what the laws are there for -- to protect someone who's been injured -- so if you're in that category, then you should be sure that your rights are considered just as well as the next person's. Loopy, any insight into this, from a legal standpoint? (Or would that be construed as legal advice and then you'd have to send azi an invoice? ) Anyway, hope you feel better soon, azi!

Healing charms also to all with the Creeping Crud or temporary flu or all the other various ailments flying around... Little Pince picked up the sniffles from his play date on Monday so he's feeling a little droopy today too. It's been a good day to stay inside! I did some BBQ ribs in the Crock Pot and the house smells heavenly! Time to eat soon!

For any Losties -- tonight at 9:00 they are re-playing last week's episode, so if you missed anything you can catch up. The 10:00 episode is new. Woo-hoo!


Chemyst - Feb 14, 2007 4:45 pm (#1369 of 2990)

And for more on your viewing pleasure...
There is also a new Bones on Fox at 8PM Eastern. I think Agent Booth's psychologist is played by Stephen Fry who did the UK Potter audiobooks.


Catherine - Feb 14, 2007 5:48 pm (#1370 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

My day was extremely loverly. I made up "Homework passes" Valentines that my students really liked. I used a picture from the internet that said "I "heart" (using the shape of a heart) U." This is funny because I do NOT allow them to use non-sentences, or to abbreviate, except in their personal notes. The other reason why it is amusing is because the message was written in cherry (red) Jello. (For Chat Thread Newbies--my stapler was recently encased in Jello).

Even a Mum who was totally stressed out about her child missing school due to illness laughed aloud when she got her child's "Valentine" with the missing work. She pronounced me "totally funny" (I'm really not; in fact, as a teacher, I ride 'em hard before I give 'em the love, and they know it; Mr. Catherine says that I can be funny if I try really hard.)


Viola Intonada - Feb 14, 2007 6:45 pm (#1371 of 2990)

Hope everyone has had a terrific Valentine's Day! Happy Anniversary to the Pince's and Kabloink's.

School is closed yet again for tomorrow. I'm quite flummoxed. Most of the roads are plowed. We will already be off on Friday for Presidents Day, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to open school for a day. Now I will have to make Valentine's cookies again on Tuesday. Youngest is happy now, because the school party will be on her birthday!

Catherine, I had a teacher in High School that I was scared to death of before I had her. She had a reputation for being mean and tough, but she ended up having a great sense of humor (at least with our class). We had a water gun fight on the last day of school. I learned a lot in her class, and had a great time.

Good luck with the kids tomorrow, Denise!


Thom Matheson - Feb 14, 2007 8:26 pm (#1372 of 2990)

Schools closed here as well and the systems are bummed. This is "counting day". Valentine"s Day is used because they figure that all the kids will be in for the parties so the count is higher. Even the State of Michigan bribes kids with candy.


Ludicrous Patents Office - Feb 14, 2007 9:36 pm (#1373 of 2990)

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I've been out for several weeks, sorry if I missed birthday's, anniversaries and such. Hopefully things will slow down now. LPO


Snuffles - Feb 15, 2007 1:47 am (#1374 of 2990)

**hugs** to Boop and Mediwitch. Sorry to hear about your losses.

Woo hoo to Kristina on your teaching classes

Happy belated anniversary to the Pinces and Kabloinks. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Hubby sent myself and Olivia a valentine card with a fluffy heart inside which said I love You. I made out to Olivia that I didn't know who sent hers and she spent all day wondering. She figured it out eventually

Catherine, did you realise you put the British word Mum in your last post?

Olivia is finally getting over her flu. We had to call the doctor out on Sunday morning. She has had a bad cold, cough and temperature on and off for about 10 days. Doctor gave her some medicine for her chest, some for her cough and a big bottle of Calpol for her temperature! She is finally getting her appetite back and managed to help me make some chocolate strawberries yesterday.

Hope everyone who is suffering from the horrible weather is ok.

Have a good Thursday everyone



The giant squid - Feb 15, 2007 3:18 am (#1375 of 2990)

I would much rather he get me something because he sees something he thinks I would like....not because it is a day marked on the calendar for gift giving.--Denise P.

See, that's what I've tried, but it never seems to break through the bombardment of chocolate & jewelry ads...

Strangely, we don't have a snow day here in Vegas. It did rain yesterday, though, so that was exciting.

No Lost comments? I'm amazed; it was a heck of an episode!

-->Just when you thought you knew what was up with Desmond... I wonder if the white-haired lady is connected to Eko's brother or Hurley's friend Dave; all three were people from their past that seemed to have a lot more info than the character did.

As for Charlie...for some reason I see Desmond sacrificing himself somehow in order to let Charlie live. But then, I was sure Eko would survive too...<--



TomProffitt - Feb 15, 2007 5:22 am (#1376 of 2990)

Chipping and shoveling ice is much worse than shoveling snow.

I am not a Valentines Day person myself. (of course I hate the commercialization that is Christmas, too)

Tonight, I must decide whether to watch Grey's or NASCAR, I'll probably watch NASCAR since they'll rerun Grey's tomorrow and Sports never work for me taped.

Good luck with the weather everyone.


Marie E. - Feb 15, 2007 5:53 am (#1377 of 2990)

We haven't had the snow and ice of the rest of ya'll, but we're back in the single digits. We also had bouts of the horizontal snow yesterday. They're still saying it will warm up tomorrow, so we'll see. I think we have about four inches of new snow right now. And I got my fill of chipping ice last week when I was trying to clear the sidewalks on the playground at work. It is much easier to shovel snow.

There are a lot of kids around here getting sick, it seems. The girls' school sent a note home saying that a first grader has been diagnosed with Type A Influenza and a fifth grader has Chicken Pox. I never told the school about Lexi's Chicken Pox since she broke out at the beginning of Winter Break. I think I might call the office and let them know, just in case they are tracking the cases or something.

Everyone stay warm and dry!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 15, 2007 6:13 am (#1378 of 2990)

Healing charms to Little Pince, Little Olivia and all around.

Welcome back, LPO - hope everything is all right?

Glad you worked out your plumbing problem, kaykay. (You could always pool it and make a skating area.)

Delayed opening here today, so I'd better get moving.

I forgot to add this yesterday: Trevor's favorite saying for the last two weeks - Love ya latte! - It was a heart sticker in the shape of a coffee mug, lol.



Puck - Feb 15, 2007 6:50 am (#1379 of 2990)

School started on time, but the bus was ten minutes late. The driver said the roads were bad, and he sat at the top of our hill for several moments before getting up the courage for the drive down. Now I need to decide if I putting the girls in the car to go to dance class.

My Valentine dinner went almost as planned. The creme brulee came out of the oven just as we were finishing our chicken and sweet potatoes, but I had missed the part about it needing to sit in the fridge for 4 hours. Guess we'll be having that tonight. The grandparents had sent candy, so the kids were happy.

The only thing that surprised me on Idol were the results of the last two guys. They kept commenting that the guy who made it performed poorly all Hollywood week. So then why did they keep him? He even said himself last night that he should have been cut.

Time to get the baby out of bed. I love having a toddler that is happy to sleep until 9am.


edit: I can chat tonight after Survivor.


haymoni - Feb 15, 2007 7:11 am (#1380 of 2990)

There is nothing wrong with warm creme brulee! I have a co-worker who claims to make Boston Cream Pie with creme brulee, but has not offered a bit of proof! I remind him of it every time we have a luncheon.


Solitaire - Feb 15, 2007 8:05 am (#1381 of 2990)

Even the State of Michigan bribes kids with candy.

The state has really lowered the boom on us with regard to candy or anything sugary. We cannot give class parties before lunch, and even afterwards, the treats are supposed to be nutritious. Since homerooms (grades 6-Cool normally handle the parties, this means we must have a special party schedule, which cuts all classes short and brings kids back to homeroom at the end of the day for the party. "Nutritious treats" really mean no candy, chips, and sodas. My two room moms are fabulous and still manage to give good parties. A Valentine's Day party was not on the moms' lists this year, so when I called my head room mom in a panic on Tuesday--with the news that parties were indeed happening, after all--she still managed to get together a great treat for the kids. Like I said ... she is awesome!

The problem with breaking the rules and going "non-nutritious"--or giving parties before lunch--is that it can affect a school's funding with regard to the free and reduced lunch program (for kids who cannot afford to pay for their lunches). In other words, they make it hurt in the pocketbook. Teachers can't even give a Jolly Rancher to a kid for doing some particular thing in the classroom, the way we used to do. Those who live in California can't be unaware of the campaign blitz about overweight kids and the rise of Type 2 Diabetes among children. The state can't control what parents feed their kids, but they can control what the school does.

Speaking of school ... our big science fair is today, so I need to get moving, if I want a parking place on campus. Parents will be there early to set up their science projects ... um, I mean their kids' projects. I hope everyone has a great day.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating! Anti-snow and anti-freezing charms all around!



Madam Pince - Feb 15, 2007 8:23 am (#1382 of 2990)

Anybody remember the candy called "Chicken Bones"? It was an elongated bit about an inch long, sort of caramel-y but hard on the outside with a soft inside that was maybe peanut-buttery? Our third-grade teacher used to give us those when we excelled at something. Man, those were good!

Speaking of peanut butter -- U.S. forumers check the Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter jars you may have in your cupboards! If the code on the lid of the jar starts with the numbers 2111, it is being recalled due to some sort of salmonella scare at the plant where those batches were made. We have one half-used jar, and one brand-new unused jar that match the code. We haven't gotten sick from the one we've been using, thank goodness. The recall alert said to throw them out, but I don't know why they aren't telling us to take them back to the store to get a refund -- isn't that what you usually do in a recall?

Re Lost -- all I kept picturing with Desmond was Snape saying "DON'T CALL ME A COWARD!!!" In white: Here I was thinking it was going to be Claire who was toast -- I don't want it to be Charlie! Wah! I love Fionnula Flanagan -- hope her character comes back again. What a nasty piece of work Penny's dad was! Yuck! That was just about as insulting as you could possibly be! OK, so the Others wanted Walt because of his telepathy, and they wanted Desmond because of his precognition, is that what we're supposed to be getting out of this? I'm so confused...

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Chemyst - Feb 15, 2007 9:18 am (#1383 of 2990)

They say to toss out the peanut butter but if you want a refund you need to save the lid. For a full refund consumers must return the Peter Pan Peanut Butter or Great Value Peanut Butter product lid along with their name and mailing address to ConAgra Foods, P.O. Box 57078, Irvine, CA 92619-7078.
We have a jar too that is nearly empty...

Solitaire, what can I say? Government is way too big and invasive. With all that mirco-managing, I don't see how you find parents to volunteer at all. It is really a slap in their face that parents are not trusted to choose the party menu.


Esther Rose - Feb 15, 2007 9:25 am (#1384 of 2990)

Ohh I used to love eating Peter Pan Smart Choice Creamy. I switched last year to Skippy Natural. (No transfats) It's probably a good thing too. Yikes!! First Spinach, (a while back) now peanut butter, what next cheese? (It better not be. I love cheese. )


Madam Pince - Feb 15, 2007 10:30 am (#1385 of 2990)

Thanks for the info, Chemyst! I just noticed, however -- on one of my jars, the code number is not on the lid, but rather it is stamped on the side of the jar. If I try to cut the plastic jar I'll probably end up in the emergency room with a pair of scissors through my hand, so I may just let it slide...


Ydnam96 - Feb 15, 2007 10:42 am (#1386 of 2990)

Well, I now understand why I have been sick for the last few days. I got some peanut butter last week and have eaten quite a bit of it (I have peanut butter cravings from time to time)...then I see the news thing and I check my lid and yup, I have the contaminated jar. It makes sense, I started getting sick when I started the jar...


Lost: wow.

Off for a nap.


journeymom - Feb 15, 2007 10:46 am (#1387 of 2990)

Adam's peanut butter is the best! You have to stir it, but it's worth the effort. It's not peanut-flavored shortening.

  "The state has really lowered the boom on us with regard to candy or anything sugary. We cannot give class parties before lunch, and even afterwards, the treats are supposed to be nutritious."

First, I'm all for making teachers' burdens lighter. And I'm all for keeping Big Gov out of the details of my child's education. But I WISH my kids' school had the same policy, above. Kids bring cupcakes and doughnuts to share with their friends on their birthdays. I love the sentiment but they should not be bringing treats like that to school. If the teachers were bribing kids with ONE piece of candy each, once in a while, I wouldn't object. Really, I have no problem with bribing with candy! It works! But my second-grader's teacher doesn't hand out little hard candies, she hands out Hershey's mini-chocolate bars, frequently. Every holiday class party involves cupcakes, cookies, chips-n-dip and punch. Why would they do this to the kids?? It's just garbage. I like giving my kids treats once in a while. But they're TREATS, not SNACKS and I think they forget there's a difference.

My husband says I'm one of 'those' militant, crunchy granola moms, and I'm a wet blanket. I proudly agree.

Don't get me started on the quality of the school lunches. >:-{


Good Evans - Feb 15, 2007 11:06 am (#1388 of 2990)

had a great day today - I was at a seminar in the BT tower, I didnt realise it before, but we had lunch in the tower suite. It was fabulous 158 metres above London, the panoramic views are brilliant and it revovles. just amazing, higher than the london eye and it is not generally open to the public, it is for invitiation only, so I am quite honoured.


I walked past St Mungo's to get there (walking distance from Kings Cross). Seriously a small dingy looking building with a blue plaque that said "St Mungo's". I nearly popped in to see if the usual suspects were playing bedpan quidditch (see St mungo's thread on the fan fiction forum!!)

anyhow - great and harry filled day for me !!!!!

PS - madam pince - an electric propegator is indeed a "starter" for your seeds. Should mean that we have flowers weeks before the weather would normally allow. I have no idea where your imagination went - but I assure you it is completely innocent and it was what hubby wanted.

We had a lovely meal last night but the service was rubbish - we were there nearly 3 hours - in the end we asked for coffee to be served with desert as it was all taking so long. Not the best evening from that point of view!

glad everyone else had a good day.... and congratulations to Denise on selling your house.



Puck - Feb 15, 2007 11:07 am (#1389 of 2990)

Journeymom, hello sister! I'm sure Maria will pop in to agree soon. Nothing wrong with reading every label on the bread aisle to find the most fiber with the fewest chemicals.

Actually, I can let the occasional birthday treat slide. It's the everyday snacks that drive me nuts. Our preschool has it set up so we all take turns bringing snack for the entire class. It drives me nuts when people bring chips, pre-packed M&M cookies, cupcakes (when it's not their kid's) birthday, etc... I was thrilled when my son started kindergarten so I can send a snack of our choosing every day.

My peanut butter is Teddy All Natural, Unsalted. Healing charms to all who ate from tainted jars.

Off to get the baby in for a nap and my house clean before the sitter arrives.



juliebug - Feb 15, 2007 11:12 am (#1390 of 2990)

Valentine's Day was pretty nice here. Hubby made two pots of fondue, one cheese and one chocolate. Both were delicious!

I am a peanut butter snob. I LOVE Jif and accept no substitutes

On Lost: Was not expecting Charlie to be in danger, but on a show where nothing is as expected, anything goes I guess. I've read on other sites that this could be a set up for someone else (Desmond, Hurley, or Claire) to sacrifice himself for Charlie. I am really looking forward to hearing Cindy's story, the flight attendant who went missing when the tailies came across the island. I hope we find out about the little kids.

For anyone interested, this week's Entertainment Weekly features a large article about Lost and an interview with the show's writers and creators. No true spoilers, but a lot of hints about things to come. They mentioned the anagram hidden in last week's show (which had to have been Mittleos Bioscience=Lost Time. They said it has to do with the two skeletons found in season one as well as other key plot points.


journeymom - Feb 15, 2007 11:24 am (#1391 of 2990)

Puck, thanks for the support. Lol at the healing charms!


Mr Journeymom and I went out to an Afghani restaurant last night. It. Was. So. Good! I had lamb kabobs with rice and this pumpkin puree' that was delicious. Pumpkin puree' just sound odd, but it really was tasty. Dessert was rice pudding with cardamom and pistachios. Oooh, it was divine!

Dinner was a welcome pick-me-up. It's been a difficult week. My dear mother has stage four lung cancer, my father is 83 y.o. and is frail. Dad and I took Mom for a CT scan Tuesday. It really highlighted Mom's condition for me. When I got to their house at 8:30 Mom was asleep on the couch and Dad wasn't dressed yet. I helped Mom get dressed, and she's very self-conscious. She hates that she's losing autonomy. Hauling that wheel chair into the back of the car was challenging, to say the least. I helped her get undressed and into the hospital gown, then dressed again afterwards. The CT scan itself took all of half an hour, but the whole adventure took four hours. Her 'trunk' is covered with huge tumors. One baseball-sized one under her left arm, and is impeding movement. She's having that one irradiated, which will be a little painful but won't make her sick. The largest one in her abdomen, is painful, but has attached itself to one kidney, so they will not attempt to treat it. The treatment for that would take more like 10 weeks, rather than 2 weeks for the one under her arm. Honestly, she may not have that long to live, and she doesn't want to drive 15 minutes EVERY day, five days a week to the oncology department.

Sorry, people, I really didn't mean to dump on you. I found my fingers typing away, though. Thanks for listening.


Mrs. Sirius - Feb 15, 2007 11:27 am (#1392 of 2990)

I walked past St Mungo's to get there (walking distance from Kings Cross). Seriously a small dingy looking building with a blue plaque that said "St Mungo's".

Nearly?? I would have been in there in a heart beat. A dingy building humm, are they in disguise?

I am room-mom for one of my girls who are in third grade. I was looking for a snack for the class. Every single recipe went along the line of "1 cup of sugar, marsh mellow..." uggg. We are providing low fat fruit yogurt and fresh fruit

Off to get the baby in for a nap and my house clean before the sitter arrives.

You can get the house clean and put the baby down for a nap before the sitter arrives? You must be a Super Achieving mom. I'm a slacker mom, my son asked for banana bread, he'll be home in 2 hours... don't know if I can do that.


Madam Pince - Feb 15, 2007 11:38 am (#1393 of 2990)

I'm a peanut butter snob, too, but I like Peter Pan, alas! (Well, Mr. Pince is really more of the complainer -- I have been known to get Jif if it's on sale Buy One Get One, but he has a fit every time I do this...) I never could stand the "natural" ones that separate and you have to stir. They don't taste right to me. But that's great for those of you who like them -- there's no doubt they're probably better for you!

I have no idea where your imagination went -Good Evans.   Tee-hee! I even double-checked my little desktop dictionary to be sure my imagination was on the proper deviant little track -- propagate - verb; reproduce or breed. See my Valentine's mistake? An electric one? (OK, so this is probably going to get kippendo'ed...) Seriously, I think a little electric greenhouse is awesome -- you will have a lovely garden earlier than all the neighbors!

Good Evans, you always seem to get to attend functions at the neatest places! Your day sounds fantastic! Sorry for the poor service last evening, though. Sounds like they could take some pointers from the Hogwarts House-Elves! Oh well, at least you had a lovely view today! And how cool is it that you passed St. Mungo's!

School snacks -- they told us to bring "whatever it is that your child likes for a snack, but please try to make it nutritious." So I usually take apple slices spread with peanut butter, or those mini-carrots with an individual cup of ranch dressing to dip, or for the morning class I take muffins of some sort and that drinkable yogurt. Sometimes we do Fig Newtons. When I ask Little Pince what he had for snack on the other days, he invariably replies "cupcakes." I know my snacks aren't perfectly healthy, and I don't object to cupcakes, etc. for parties or occasionally, but not every single day. He got so much candy the day of his Valentine's party that we practically had to pry him off the ceiling to put him to bed.

Re Lost: Juliebug, I'd forgotten all about those two skeletons! You mean the ones that were in the water when Kate and Sawyer took their little swim? Or were there others (small o)? I was thinking the ones in the water were passengers from the plane crash... Or do they mean the skeletons in the drug-runners' plane? Hmmmm... how many skeletons are there floating around on that island?

Edit: LOL, Mrs. Sirius! I wish I could have your son over for snack this afternoon -- I made banana bread yesterday, and it tastes wonderful, but it all collapsed in the middle for some reason and looks pretty disastrous. But hey, as long as it tastes OK!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Feb 15, 2007 11:53 am (#1394 of 2990)

Add me to the nearly empty peanut butter jar list. Oh well, the lid and a stamp or two, or three will get a new jar.

...toddles off to the threads muttering, that was the flu, not peanut butter...you just can't win...


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 15, 2007 11:58 am (#1395 of 2990)

GE, what an exciting day! You must have been soo disappointed, what with being a muggle and having your face pressed up against the dingy window of St. Mungo's and seeing only what muggles see.

With regard to the food, I can see both of your points, Chemyst and journeymom. And I understand what you mean, Solitaire. I can tell you that in most every class in our school, there is at least one allergy of some type and one hyped-up sugar kid who won't eat anything but sweets. Since Olivia started K, I have sent something in that I know my child will eat, (or what I know I'd prefer my child to eat). I started sending in large fruit/cheese platters with crackers complete with parsley and garnishes for a pretty effect. Guess what the children chose? When they are offered better choices most of them will at least start with something healthy and top it off with a sweet. It is not that I don't trust other parents but most don't have the same dietary practices that I do. Rather than infringing my views on them, I will gladly send in something I feel is acceptable. If they choose to follow suit, that is great. Now most class parties include cut fruit and cheese platters.

Class mom responsibilities have evolved in time and I feel as though they are more coordinators than actual bakers nowadays. We actually had a mom go in to one of the holiday parties to check up on the class moms to make sure her holiday was properly represented. My viewpoint is that if you are so concerned about something specific, feel free to pitch in.

Priscilla occasionally comes home with a lolly pop or other candy for one reason or another. (i.e., she doesn't eat it, rather she saves it and asks if she can have it - or she hands it over to Trevor )

I emailed Sheila. She says she is busy making costumes and misses you all. She says "HI" and will be posting again soon.



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 15, 2007 12:06 pm (#1396 of 2990)

Journeymom, so sorry to hear about your mom. (((HUGS))) and prayers for you all. It is very difficult to see once productive people needing so much help. Hang in there. (Edited.)


Madam Pince - Feb 15, 2007 12:15 pm (#1397 of 2990)

***had to go back to see what I missed -- somehow my computer popped right over journeymom's post earlier***

I'm joining HH11 in the wishes, journeymom! So sorry to hear about your mom -- that must be very difficult. We will be thinking about you and your family.


journeymom - Feb 15, 2007 12:21 pm (#1398 of 2990)

Thanks, Madam Pince. You didn't see my edit because I posted it after two or three more posts appeared.


Thom Matheson - Feb 15, 2007 12:50 pm (#1399 of 2990)

I also join the ranks of snob. If it isn't Jif I do without. I take that back, as I'll make cookies with others. Also REAL butter in quarters, no margarine. Not even to cook with. I am too old to change, and frankly old enough to not have too.


Esther Rose - Feb 15, 2007 12:52 pm (#1400 of 2990)

All of this Peanut Butter talk is making me want Peanut Butter.

What I really want now is a peanut butter and raspberry preserve on a whole wheat pita bread sandwich. Perhaps with an apple and some pretzels. The child hood memories.

BTW Journeymom... Cancer stinks!!! I am sorry to hear your family is going through a rough period.

I don't see any use for Margarine either.

But while we are talking about foods we are snobby about. I must say that real maple syrup is better on pancakes (as opposed to Mrs Butterworths for example) and I consider "American" cheese not real cheese but a processed milk product.
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Good Evans - Feb 15, 2007 12:52 pm (#1401 of 2990)

Journeymom - in my haste to spill about my day, I missed the passing on of my good wishes to you and your family. Do try to stay positive, I am sure we will all include you in our prayers/ good wishes etc.

Madam P - yay for the healthy snack but I must admit the peanut butter on apple sounds fab too, only I am out of peanut butter - darn diet!!!!oh well I shall food shop tomorrow !!!!


Gina R Snape - Feb 15, 2007 1:05 pm (#1402 of 2990)

So I was chatting with a friend of mine today who is a big fan of the giant squid. And it got me thinking (probably the last one here to have this idea). If the giant squid does not appear in the last book, can we take that as evidence that it's Dumbledore? :ducks:


Chemyst - Feb 15, 2007 1:16 pm (#1403 of 2990)

Journeymom, if your email wasn't private, I'd have simply emailed you and not belabored this point on the chat thread, but...   If you'd like a healthy-snack policy, then fine. I applaud you. Bring it up at your local PTO/PTA meetings. Parents ought to be taking responsibility at that level; not at the "benevolence" of the statehouse purse strings.
And in a rapid change of subject, a ((hug)) for helping your mom.

Gina, I don't think that would be conclusive. On the other hand, if it does appear, we'll know it's not DD.


Lina - Feb 15, 2007 2:12 pm (#1404 of 2990)

Healing and strengthening charms to you and your family, Journeymum. Hugs and prayers.

Since Chemyst likes to notice the repeating of the subject in the chat thread, I was pretty surprised that she hasn't emphasized this post right after Madam Pince's post. I knew I heard about the Chicken Bones already. And, BTW, all this talking about peanut butter doesn't make me wish for it at all. But when I was in kindergarten (or pre school, or day care, whatever you like better) I was very picky about the food. There was only one day in the week when I would eat what was served there. All the other days I would bring a banana or some dark chocolate from home. (I'd be home for the lunch.)

Julie, I'm glad you had such a wonderful day and I hope you are starting to be less busy?

Veronika told me a funny story today. Some boys were nasty with the sea gulls yesterday and threw rocks at them. So the sea gulls came back for a revenge today and bombed the kids with the poo.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 15, 2007 2:36 pm (#1405 of 2990)

I also join the ranks of snob. If it isn't Jif I do without. We are Jif people too! I lovvvee peanut butter! It taste good on almost every type of fruit, and it's amazing on Oreos. I'm also a fan of real butter. I told my mom about "margarine being one molecule away from plastic!" and ever since, she has stopped buying margarine and gets real butter. I think it taste much better.

On the snack front. I think sugary/fatty stuff is ok for a party, but definitely not everyday. When I was little the cafeteria provided snacks for us. Most of the time I didn't eat it because I was one of those kids that didn't eat. I can really only remember that we had blueberry muffins or pop tarts but that was because I didn't like either of those things. I can't really remember anything else, but there was lots of variety. I don't think they were terrible, but not necessarily the healthiest things. Now the little kids get things like cookies, goldfish, cookies, teddy grahams, oh and cookies. And they wonder why childhood obesity is on the rise. As journeymom said, cookies are a treat, not a snack. Treats are for parties, not for the everyday break between breakfast and lunch. All sugar does is make their energy spike and then they crash.

**healing charms and prayers to the journeymom family**

Grey's tonight!!! It's gonna be sooo good!!!

Have a great RotD!


geauxtigers - Feb 15, 2007 2:54 pm (#1406 of 2990)

I am a peanut butter snob. I LOVE Jif and accept no substitutes

Ha! Me too! I love peanut butter I'm really hungry...maybe I'll go eat some now!

Sorry about your mom, Journeymom. I know thats tough, hang in there.

Snacks, hmmm sugary stuff is for the parties, not the everyday snacks. Parties are a time to eat junk and not worry about it! But not for everyday. We used to get pieces of candy every once in a while when were were little. Not as much anymore, but my Physics teacher occasionally will give us a little 'treat'. LOL The big thing we used to do when I was little was king cake. 3-4 weeks before we got out for mardi gras, the teacher would start and bring the king cake on Friday. Who ever got the baby brought the next one the following Friday. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but not quite as bad as cupcakes I don't think. I'm no longer a huge king cake fan. Maybe thats why.

One more day, thats all that separates me from a week of freedom where I can sleep as long as I want. I just want to go to sleep right now! LOL

Hope everyone has a good evening. **keeps telling herself tomorrow is Friday, tomorrow is Friday, you're almost there...almost**


haymoni - Feb 15, 2007 2:58 pm (#1407 of 2990)

Silly me - I thought Gina's friend was a big fan of Mike!!


journeymom - Feb 15, 2007 3:20 pm (#1408 of 2990)

Chemyst- that's a great point. The PTA is the logical place to start.


juliebug - Feb 15, 2007 3:21 pm (#1409 of 2990)

Haymoni, I thought the same thing


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 15, 2007 3:27 pm (#1410 of 2990)

Ooh, Tori, our friends from Louisiana send us a King cake every year, lol! It is yummy but very sweet and definitely one of those things you should only get once a year! Mr. HH usually gets the baby Jesus, though I got him this year!


Madam Pince - Feb 15, 2007 4:05 pm (#1411 of 2990)

Lina, what a memory you have! Imagine that you'd remember about the Chicken Bones from a year ago! And too funny about the seagulls and the poo on the boys -- talk about revenge! LOL!

I've been craving a peanut butter sandwich all afternoon now -- naturally, since I can't eat the two jars that are sitting there staring at me on the counter...


kaykay1970 - Feb 15, 2007 4:12 pm (#1412 of 2990)

Big hugs to ((Journeymom)) I'll keep your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.

We have a similar lunch policy. I think it is overboard a bit. They can only have skim milk or water. I think some kids on the smallish side might benefit from whole milk.

The sea gull story is too funny, Lina!   Who-Knew-Poo-Flew


Ludicrous Patents Office - Feb 15, 2007 4:18 pm (#1413 of 2990)

Journeymom I'm sorry about your mother. You are in my thoughts. LPO


juliebug - Feb 15, 2007 4:33 pm (#1414 of 2990)

I feel your pain Madame Pince. I LOVE peanut butter. I could eat it everyday. When I was pregnant however, I couldn't even be in the same room as the stuff. Just smelling peanut butter made me sick during the first three months. For some reason though, I still craved the stuff. It was a very frustrating time.


boop - Feb 15, 2007 4:38 pm (#1415 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!

I want to thank everyone for the hugs. The funeral was yesterday, and the family was holding up well.

Journeymom, ((HUGS)), and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

YAY!!! the sun was out today. It was windy and cold, but sunny. We got 12 inches of snow.

Healing charms, Happy Anniversary, and Cheering charms to whom need them.

Have a great rest of the day!!

hugs always



journeymom - Feb 15, 2007 4:41 pm (#1416 of 2990)

This is why the Lexicon is my favorite forum. A wonderful crowd of kind people. Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragment.


Bwahahahahah! *sniff* Thanks, I needed that.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 15, 2007 4:51 pm (#1417 of 2990)

lol, kaykay!

Madam Pince, I thought the same about Lina's memory!


Mediwitch - Feb 15, 2007 5:31 pm (#1418 of 2990)

**goes to turn on TV to find out what time Survivor is to see when Kathy will be in chat** I don't watch reality shows so I'm clueless about when it's on!

Solitaire, CT has also mandated Wellness Programs in all public schools, so we have the same situation. Parents are getting pretty creative with the snacks already, and this is our first year. We use veggie sticks, Cheerios, and cut up fruit as edible reinforcers for my autistic kids, but once in a while, nothing beats a SweetTart! (They generally love strong flavors! ) I actually think it's a good idea - some of the junk I have seen kids bring in is downright frightening, but I am sad it comes at the command of Big Brother.

**Healing Charms** to Ydnam96 and all the other Peter Pan eaters! Sick It's Nature's Promise brand in this house *waves to Maria* - the only ingredients are peanuts and salt! I like to be able to pronounce the names of the ingredients in the foods I eat!

Oh, Journeymom, I'm so sorry. ((((((HUGS)))))) to you and your family. I know how hard that is for you and your parents. I lost my dad to lung cancer when he was 48.

Lina, LOVE the seagull story - who says you can't train a bird? kaykay, I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I read "Who-Knew-Poo-Flew"!

It was lovely to have a late opening today - but the roads were still nothing special when I went in! My mother (who lives in upstate NY) got 40" of new snow! We only got about 10".


Solitaire - Feb 15, 2007 8:38 pm (#1419 of 2990)

Mediwitch, we actually had **shhhh!** root beer floats yesterday! My moms also brought some granola bar treats that actually had high fiber and low sugar and apparently tasted good. And yes, ours is also called a Wellness program. We had to send teacher reps from each level to classes at the first of the year, and it took a while to get a list of approved snacks for parties. And we are a partyin' school, I can tell you!

About that peanut butter ... have you ever made your own nut butters in the Cuisinart? I have ... and they taste great! It's been many years, but I still remember ...

Journeymom, (((((((hugs)))))))))) to you and your family. I'll be remembering you in my prayers.



virginiaelizabeth - Feb 15, 2007 8:53 pm (#1420 of 2990)

have you ever made your own nut butters in the Cuisinart?

We made some in first grade! It was soooo good! I still remember it! I can't remeber why we made it, but it had something to do with what we were studying at the time. I lovee peanut butter! Ever had a fluffer nutter? Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff! It's to die for!

Cracking up at the Wellness Programs! We have one at my school but it has nothing to do with food. It's where we spend waste 45 minutes of class listening to our insane counselor. If you look up ding bat in the dictionary, there's probably a picture of her. It's just her too, our middle school counselor is so awesome, and can be very helpful, but this lady they've stuck in upper school has something wrong with her.


Tazzygirl - Feb 15, 2007 11:34 pm (#1421 of 2990)

Phew! Made it through the 40+ posts!

Journeymom- lots of ((((hugs)))) and well wishes for your family. (That Afghani resaurant sounds yummy!!)

On peanut butter- I'll eat it, but I normally really have to be in the mood to eat it. I have peanut butter in my pantry (it's Skippy brand), but I don't remember when I bought it. Does it go bad?? **healing charms** to those who ate the tainted ones.

On LOST: I don't remember the skeletons at all! Desmond is starting to freak me out. Walt can tell the future??? I didn't know that either! Ahh! I had more I wanted to say, but forgot! Need to go back and look up the posts again.

American Idol- I also don't understand why Sundance and the girl were chosen. The girl forgot her lines, and Sundance wasn't good. The other two should have moved on. **is thinking there could be an episode where they suddenly appear and take two spots**

Food and schools: I already have a plan for my classroom- students and parents can bring snacks in for the kids, but it has to be healthy (veggies and fruit and such). I went through school with all the sugar, and when we did get healthy stuff, it was almost a relief. There was a People magazine article a few months back that had a story in it about several schools setting a limit on what a student could have for lunch. The students' school IDs, when scanned, gave a list to the cafeteria people, and if the list said no sugar, then the student wouldn't get it. My thing is- why don't they just stop providing sugary desserts and such all together? Less hassle, don't you think?

I made the Dean's List at Uni! Received a letter from the school today, and it was a complete surprise. w00t!

I am looking for a job this weekend. The tutoring job that I interviewed for a couple weeks back said they want to hire me, but I have been waiting for over two weeks now to start. Something about having to finalize everything with the various elementary schools. :frustrated: I can't wait any more, I need a job.

Have a great weekend everyone! (four day weekend for me! w00t!)



Lina - Feb 16, 2007 12:12 am (#1422 of 2990)

Yay, Kristina, about the Dean's list. I knew it would happen, but it is still great!

It is not really that my memory is so good. It is just that Chicken Bones is odd enough name for a candy to get stuck in my memory. The other day, I went to store, and when I had to pay something with my debt card, the one I use regularly, I couldn't remember my secret code (PIN?). I typed in the code of the card I had several years ago. What do you call it when you remember better things that happened long ago than things that happened yesterday? Is it getting old?


Tazzygirl - Feb 16, 2007 12:22 am (#1423 of 2990)

Thanks, Lina! I do the same thing with my debit card and PIN. It's very embarrassing when trying to buy something! LOL
Oh- chicken bones- I remember seeing them, but they grossed me out the way they looked, so I never had them. LOL.



jose043 - Feb 16, 2007 4:29 am (#1424 of 2990)

Hi All

To Journeymom: our thoughts a with you & your parents At this trying time..

Healing charmes to all that need them & happy Anniversary to those that had them, also happy birthday to any that have been.

Congratulation to Tazzygirl hope all your teaching planes work out.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


TomProffitt - Feb 16, 2007 5:31 am (#1425 of 2990)

You have my best wishes Journeymom, I've been through the cancer fight in my family before.

American Idol, I think the last two to get in were good enough, they were just doing the reality show thing where they tweak what they show the audience to heighten the surprise. I am imagine that the contestants were judged for everything they did while they were in Hollywood whether they realized it or not. I also think that a more unique individual (like Sundance) has a better chance of going through than someone who is similar to a lot of the other contestants (which seemed like 80% of the female contestants).

Loved Grey's last night.

NASCAR was very good yesterday (and I don't even like Michael Waltrip)

10 F this morning, hopefully it will be warm enough for a decent run this afternoon. I'm not crazy like Denise and willing to run in any kind of weather.


kaykay1970 - Feb 16, 2007 5:50 am (#1426 of 2990)

Congratulations Tazzy!!!!!


The giant squid - Feb 16, 2007 6:01 am (#1427 of 2990)

On the other hand, if it does appear, we'll know it's not DD.

Nah, that'll just fuel the theories that DD isn't really dead. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Strengthening charms for Journeymom & her family. Remember when things get rough we're here for you.

Congratulations, Tazzy! Dean's List is nothing to sneeze at. For that matter, neither is the Dean.



azi - Feb 16, 2007 6:29 am (#1428 of 2990)

Tazzy - what's the Dean's List? Congrats anyway!

**hugs** journeymum!

I think you should be allowed to eat whatever you want in school, although when you're younger encouraging healthy eating is, of course, the best idea. I'm not fond of being told what to eat.

Did anyone see the footage of a giant (?) squid the other day? It was on the BBC website, and it glowed in the dark (ish)!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Denise P. - Feb 16, 2007 6:50 am (#1429 of 2990)

:::banging head on keyboard:::: No school again today AND they are off on Monday. I am going to go chip my van out of the ice just to get out of this house. We are going to go to the post office and Sams....always a thrill but at least we will get out of the house.

We already have a Sams membership and we got a Costco one as well. I actually think I like Sams better, seems to have better prices.

I am off to chip out my van and brave the roads.


kabloink! - Feb 16, 2007 7:06 am (#1430 of 2990)

Good morning everyone! ((Hugs)) to Journeymom, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. My sister-in-law works in an oncology office, its hard stuff to go through.

Peanut butter-love the stuff, but it has to be Jif. Except for cookies, as Thom said. The grittier stuff adds good texture for cookies.

Well, hubby and I talked. It looks like I may go back to school before he does. I think I'm going to go back in the fall (unless I can swing some funding for summer), to finish my teaching cert. St Clair County Community College has many programs through four-year schools, including a very good teaching program through Saginaw Valley State University, so I'm going to look into that. It seems to be the most likely way to get myself a job.

Okay, baby's crying, gotta go!

Grey's was AWESOME, but I'm still upset.


Steve Newton - Feb 16, 2007 7:27 am (#1431 of 2990)

Jif is good but in a pinch I'll take Peter Pan.


Madam Pince - Feb 16, 2007 7:28 am (#1432 of 2990)

Congratulations on Dean's List, Tazzy! Woo-Hoo!

I know what you mean about the PIN numbers, Lina! They say you're supposed to change your PINs every so often, and also that you're not supposed to have the same PIN or Password for all your different accounts or whatever, and also that you should never write any of them down. So what are we supposed to do??? No way I can remember all of that! I have PINs for at least four different accounts (more than that if you count the ones I never really use and have no idea if they have a PIN or not), plus passwords for everything from eBay to Amazon to Alibris to who knows what else. Recently on some site I bet I spent half an hour trying every possible variation of my "usual suspect" passwords -- changing which letters were capitalized because sometimes it's case-sensitive and sometimes not, changing the order of the words, etc. -- finally ended up having to choose a new password which I couldn't tell you now if my life depended on it.

Re Lost:Tazzy, I don't think Walt could make predictions; I think he was telepathic or something, wasn't he? Could send his thoughts "over the airwaves?" It's been forever since we've seen him, though, and I can't really remember. I suppose I should break down and buy the DVDs and re-watch them, but they're so expensive! I saw on the news that Lost is losing viewers -- the most recent episode had the lowest Nielsen numbers ever. Still won the slot among their target demographic, I think (18-49 year-olds maybe?) but it sounds like they are concerned. They said viewers are increasingly feeling that the show is "confusing and unsatisfying." No kidding???!!! Plus they keep moving the time around, and I think that mid-season break really hurt viewership -- personally, I'd have rather had the re-runs. Sigh...


Madam Pince - Feb 16, 2007 9:27 am (#1433 of 2990)

Too late to edit...

Must be a really slow news day. One headline reads: Paris Hilton Looks Bored at Vienna Ball

Honestly! This deserves a headline?


Holly T. - Feb 16, 2007 10:02 am (#1434 of 2990)

Journeymom--hugs to you and your family--my asst Girl Scout leader lost her mom to lung cancer a few years ago and now the mom of one of the other girls in the troop has it. So difficult for everyone.

Tazzy, congrats on the dean's list!

Tom--the duels were great, weren't they--can't wait for Sunday! Although this year I have a much longer list of drivers to call cheaters (I should match it up with the list of the ones I call whiners).

My Girl Scouts finished watching "An Inconvenient Truth" last night. They really got into it--surprisingly, they liked the charts and graphs. We are going to talk about it some more next week and come up with some kind of a service project related to it. Next month marks the 95th annivesary of Girl Scouting and girls are encouraged to do service projects during the month of March--the patch they can earn for it has the part of the Girl Scout law on it that says "Make the world a better place" so I think it will fit in.

I have a co-worker who has sent me five e-mails in the past five minutes so I think I am going to walk down the hall and talk to her.


journeymom - Feb 16, 2007 10:04 am (#1435 of 2990)

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World.

Congratulations, Tazzy. You must have worked very hard!

That giant squid! Wow! I think I'd pass out in terror if it came at me. And it doesn't just glow in the dark, it gives 'blinding flashes of light'! I'll say it again, Wow!


That's pretty cool.

Holly T, and All, thanks for the kind words. It helps, it really helps. Up there with chocolate for chasing away the dementor blues.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 16, 2007 10:07 am (#1436 of 2990)

w00t Tazzy on making the Dean's List! That is a great achievement! Keep up the good work!

LOL on the co-worker, Holly. It's good that you pick up on those subtle hints.

Lina and Madam Pince, I think I'll avoid the memory topic altogether.

What a nice sentiment to journeymom, Mike!

Enjoy the rotd/n everyone!



Puck - Feb 16, 2007 12:24 pm (#1437 of 2990)

wOOt! to Tazzy!

Azi, Dean's list has to do with having a high grade average.

(((hugs))) to Journeymom.

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World. -Journeymom.

I'm liking you more and more.

I use real butter. I checked the ingredients on my peanut butter. It says "roasted peanuts". That's all. Diva's friend is not happy with it. Neither is Mr. Puck. The natural stuff doesn't separate if you keep it in the fridge, which is where you should store it once opened.

I was one of two parents who signed up to bring the healthy snack to the Valentine party. I was up early slicing apples and cutting little heart shapes out of the middles. I wanted to add some sliced strawberries, but the ones at the store this week looked yucky.

Off to do the dishes. Whoopie.



Thom Matheson - Feb 16, 2007 12:26 pm (#1438 of 2990)

AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Thanks for that work moment. Please resume your regularly scheduled programing.


Esther Rose - Feb 16, 2007 12:30 pm (#1439 of 2990)

Congrats Tazzy!! 50 points to which ever house you're in. (Though I am guessing its Ravenclaw. )

I just wanted to say. I don't watch Lost. Never really got into it. I am sure it is my loss. But anyway I have been watching this new show called Heroes on NBC. There is a villain in the show that goes by the name of "Sylar" who reminds me a lot of Voldemort!! (minus the wand, inferi, DEs, and dementors. ) I mean this guy is just awful and sneaky!!

Hmmm... It looks like Thom needs a dark chocolate moment.

Edited to add... Tom I guess what I am seeing is they both desire power and will do anything to get what they want. I mean there is no difference in what Sylar does to gain power as what Voldemort does to create a Horcrux. And while Sylar might not be able to control his "addiction" to super powers he does know how to control them. We see the difference in Peter Petrelli. Peter can soak up the powers but does not know how to control them once he has aquired them. (An adult Harry Potter maybe. HA! Just kidding.)


TomProffitt - Feb 16, 2007 12:34 pm (#1440 of 2990)

Esther, I think Sylar is just plain nuts. I don't think he's very much in control of himself. Riddle is scarier, because he is in control of himself. Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.


Tazzygirl - Feb 16, 2007 1:15 pm (#1441 of 2990)

Thanks everyone! Azi- Puck is right- the Dean's list is to show achievement in having a high grade average. I guess it's also good for resumes and all sorts of other stuff (if you stay on the Dean's list until you graduate).

LOST: I wonder if Walt and his Dad will reappear in the show? Maybe they bring help?

I tried looking at the video of the Giant Squid, but each time I clicked on the link my laptop froze.

**charms** to those who need them.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!


EDIT: Forgot to say: Good luck Kabloink!!


Lina - Feb 16, 2007 1:21 pm (#1442 of 2990)

Kabloink! that's great that you want to finish your teaching cert. Good luck!

Madam Pince, I never change my PINs. I need to have a place where I can read them in case I forget them. I have two wallets. In one I keep the money and the cards, in the other the documents and the PINs. So, if someone steals the cards, can not use them. But yesterday I bought something and just left the (same) debit card in the store. The salesman was so kind to search for our phone number (fortunately, no one else has the same surname in the town) and to inform me that my card is in his store. That was so nice of him.

Strawberries in February... I wouldn't call it healthy.


Madam Pince - Feb 16, 2007 1:22 pm (#1443 of 2990)

Hey, Sheila! Pass Tom the cold compress, will ya? I think he really, really needs it! And a butterbeer! Hey, it's Friday...

I've just gotten back from perusing the Sledgeweb's Lost website that Denise pointed me to ages ago. That site always makes me feel like a nincompoop. For example: Here I was thinking Desmond is experiencing precognition, brought on by bumps on his head, and that the "past" things we were seeing in this episode were just flashbacks like all the other flashbacks we've ever seen in Lost. But at Sledgeweb, the prevailing opinion seems to be that Desmond actually was time-travelling! I totally did not get that from the episode... There were a few people who seemed to think like I did, though, but it was definitely a minority...

Those people over there at Sledgeweb are pros! (Think HP Lexiconers for Lost...) Most of them are really "up" on The Lost Experience, which I think was a web experience that the producers designed to complement the TV series? Is it over now? I never even looked into it because the producers had said it wasn't crucial to study TLE in order to figure out Lost, so I didn't bother, but man, those guys at Sledgeweb have got all sorts of references that they are theorizing about that I'd never even heard of.

***goes off to read something that I know something about, so I won't feel so nincompoop-ish...***

***picks up a Calvin and Hobbes book...***


Chemyst - Feb 16, 2007 2:00 pm (#1444 of 2990)

Strawberries in February... I wouldn't call it healthy. – Lina
South Florida (where strawberries are ripe in February) is a comfortable day's drive from where I live. 'No big deal for a semi (big truck). Strawberry prices aren't that much higher than during our local season in May because winter strawberries are one of the items they often put on sale to get you into the store. (California had a lot of frost damage this year so prices may be higher elsewhere.) But the soil down in Florida is very sandy, and when you couple that with the fact that they are picked a little early for shipping, they don't have nearly as much flavor. The first part of January was so warm that the strawberries in my yard had begun to bloom. I added some mulch when it turned colder so we'll see how they do...   I have to be fast or the squirrels harvest them first.


Edit for John's post below — Captain Nemo discovered that way back in 1866!  


John Bumbledore - Feb 16, 2007 2:01 pm (#1445 of 2990)

Girl scouts just watched "An Inconvenient Truth" -- Holly T.
Not that this is related but water under the ice at Antartica from CNN article:

   WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Lasers beamed from space have detected what researchers have long suspected: big sloshing lakes of water underneath Antarctic ice.

   These lakes, some stretching across hundreds of square miles, fill and drain so dramatically that the movement can be seen by a satellite looking at the icy surface of the southern continent, glaciologists reported in Thursday's editions of the journal Science.

   Global warming did not create these big pockets of water -- they lie beneath some 2,300 feet of compressed snow and ice, too deep to be affected by temperature changes on the surface -- but knowing how they behave is important to understanding the impact of climate change on the Antarctic ice sheet, study author Helen Fricker said by telephone.

   "The parts that are changing are changing so rapidly that they can't be anything else but (sub-surface) water," she said. "It's such a quick thing."

   "Quick" can be a relative term when talking about the movement around glaciers, which tend to move very slowly. But one lake that measured around 19 miles by 6 miles caused a 30 foot change in elevation at the surface when it drained over a period of about 30 months, Fricker said.

Tazzy, way to go on the Dean's List! ** I think the "Animal House" residents are also on the Dean's list but pretty sure that was a DIFFERENT list **

Just butting in and waving to all! ** Waves! **

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Ydnam96 - Feb 16, 2007 2:24 pm (#1446 of 2990)

Tazzy, congrats on the Dean's List. I know you have worked hard in school. It's great to get recognized for that. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2752390508

Grey's was great last night. Patrick Dempsey really showed his acting abilities. I was impressed.

Denise, I hope the trip to Sam's Club was successful. How many children did you take with you? Even when I go with one person I end up getting separated and lost from them.

Off to nap.



geauxtigers - Feb 16, 2007 2:29 pm (#1447 of 2990)

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World.

Couldn't agree more with that!

Congrats to Tazzy on the Dean's list!

Good luck with going back to school, Kabloink!

I have a terrible memory too. I can remember things from when I was 5, but I can't remember what I ate for dinner yesterday kinda thing. Only certain things I can memorize quickly and and still remember it. I'm pretty good at vocabulary, I can study 5 minutes before the test and get them all right. But if I were to study it the night before and not look at it again, I fail. I know from experience! LOL And I have a million passwords for a million things. I have them on a piece of paper tacked to my bulletin board. Its nothing important so! LOL and when I don't know it, I also do the every variation of my usual one sorta thing.

WE ARE FREE! For a whole week! I do have to babysit tonight though so that kinda puts a bit of a damper on things. If I had realized a month ago when she asked us that it was the day we got off for mardi gras, I'd have said no. Too late now, and of course I wouldn't bail on her now. Thats just plain mean! Oh wells....I think I'll go take a nap.

Have a great weekend!

EDIT: Mandy just reminded me! Yall come on over to the Grey's Anatomy Forum and chat away! We are trying to recruit more members! Its fun! All orginized by episode with dates, summaries, and fabulous disscussions and opinions!! But wait, theres more! Join now and you can participate in polls and triva courtsey of Juliebug! Have I convinced you yet? LOL Do I sound like an infomercial yet? Good! Thats what I was going for!


Mediwitch - Feb 16, 2007 2:38 pm (#1448 of 2990)

WooHoo Kristina! Congratulations!! Dancing 5

Good for you, kabloink! I'm sure you'll do really well.

I am SO glad it's a four day weekend! The last few weeks have been crazier than ever, so I am looking forward to a chance to do some serious relaxing!

I was checking out software for my PDA a while ago and saw one for keeping your PIN numbers - but you need a PIN to get in! Figures.

I'm so vehement about margarine that my mother always makes sure to have real butter when I come to her house. (She normally uses margarine.) I asked her if she'd eat the plastic container it comes in. When she said "no", I wanted to know why she eats margarine. Now she serves me butter! :goofy

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World. Who?

**cushioning charms** to Denise for the keyboard, and **dementor-repelling charms** to Thom.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 16, 2007 2:40 pm (#1449 of 2990)

So what are we supposed to do??? No way I can remember all of that! I have PINs for at least four different accounts

I can never remember my pin for my Visa Buxx card, because it was totally random and I didn't get to pick it. What I did was put it in as a number on my cell phone. I entered it under my uncle's 2nd line (which doesn't exist) and the last 4 digits of the number is my PIN. It works because no one would ever know that it wasn't really my uncle's phone number. That way you'll always have your number on you if you forget it and you don't have to risk writing it in a piece of paper that could get stolen or lost.

Congrats to Kristina! That's awsome!

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World.     WHAT??? are you kidding me! She's such a great role model for us! LOL I'M KIDDING! I keep thinking that eventually she will become so skinny, that she'll just disappear completely.

Ok sooo No school next week. Thank goodness! I don't think I could've handled another week! Can't wait for Mardis Gras!!

Have a great RotD!!


haymoni - Feb 16, 2007 3:00 pm (#1450 of 2990)

Hubby is getting tired of all the ANS news - Anna Nicole Smith. He just can't believe that all of these people are that interested in her, her child, her mother, her lovers, etc.

We are a sick, sad nation.
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:03 pm


juliebug - Feb 16, 2007 3:03 pm (#1451 of 2990)

Thanks for the great endorsement Tori :smiles: Operators are standing by. I do hope that are fellow Grey's fan will pop on over to our humble little forum. There's such great stuff to discuss right now.


Denise P. - Feb 16, 2007 3:04 pm (#1452 of 2990)

I ended up with everyone going to Sams just to get them all out of the house. Then we went to the post office. We were only out about an hour. Of course, several hours later, the doctor called for us to pick up a RX for one of the kids so I am going to have to go back out again.

Since I am going out, I am going to pick up a bunch of 1/2" hex screws so I can put them in the treads of my running shoes. I have a 14 miler on my scheduled and my trail is all ice and packed snow. I really don't want to do this on the TM so I am going to try this first before I give up and go inside.

PIN numbers - years ago when ATM's were a new thing, you could not pick your PIN, it was assigned to you and not all banks allowed you to change it. I got my card and my PIN was 0000. Since many machines would view this as an incorrect number, my card was kept several times. I went into the bank to explain my problem and was told it was impossible, no way could my PIN be 0000. I invited the woman outside the bank to the ATM to show her that it WAS 0000. We went the next level up in people, who assured the woman that I could not have 0000 as my PIN. Finally, after seeing it for himself, he said I could get a new PIN but in order to do that, I would have to close my current account and open a new one. I agreed to do that. I closed that account and opened a new account....with a different bank who let me choose my PIN!


Esther Rose - Feb 16, 2007 3:11 pm (#1453 of 2990)

Hey Denise,

I am with you on not running on a treadmill for the training runs. I only have five miles to do tomorrow but I still don't want to resort to a treadmill! I am hoping most of the Arnold Arboretum is sanded down so that I can run there rather safely.

Pins I can remember most of the time. I always attach any number to something I can relate to which helps. Either by the shape the numbers make collectively or a numerical pattern they follow.


Puck - Feb 16, 2007 3:49 pm (#1454 of 2990)

I am going to pick up a bunch of 1/2" hex screws so I can put them in the treads of my running shoes. I have a 14 miler on my scheduled and my trail is all ice and packed snow.

Not that's dedication! I refuse to run in cold/ice. I will stick to kick boxing until spring. Love hitting that punching bag!



The giant squid - Feb 16, 2007 4:37 pm (#1455 of 2990)


Tension breaker, had to be done.

Finally, after seeing it for himself, he said I could get a new PIN but in order to do that, I would have to close my current account and open a new one. I agreed to do that. I closed that account and opened a new account....with a different bank who let me choose my PIN!--Denise P.

I guess poor customer service isn't as recent a thing as we'd like to think. I think you did the right thing there, Denise; "vote with your feet" and all that. Speaking of which, good luck on your run. I have trouble doing 14 miles in my car without getting winded...



Catherine - Feb 16, 2007 4:48 pm (#1456 of 2990)

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World

Who?? ::feels Obliviated::

I don't envy the cabin fever of the Denise family, but I wish we got a teensy bit of snow. Eastern NC just doesn't get snow all that often. The last snow storm was three years ago, and the last BIG snow (for here) was on the day of Hayley's birth seven years ago.

We had a half day at school. I used the time to get a haircut, and for Hayley to get a haircut. I realized that I had gone almost two months without a haircut--no wonder I was looking like a shih-tzu.


Puck - Feb 16, 2007 6:41 pm (#1457 of 2990)

Boy, I was thinking that it had only been 3 months since my last haircut, so it was okay to wait another 6 weeks.

My little ones are off school all next week. A trip to the children's museum may be in order.

Oops. I meant "Now that's dedication" in my last post.

Happy weekend!



juliebug - Feb 16, 2007 8:26 pm (#1458 of 2990)

I was just thinking it has been since last May that I got my hair cut so I may as well wait a little longer and make it an even year. Sad, but true.


journeymom - Feb 16, 2007 9:58 pm (#1459 of 2990)

Wait- wait- you've been discussing Heroes and Sylar's similarities to Tom Riddle??!! (Was afraid to say anything when it first occurred to me, afraid of being tossed into St.Mungo's)

Isn't obliviated mom's dog's name Mr. Muggles?

Edit: Sylar wants to be special. Didn't he take the name, Sylar? His original name was something simple, from a watch repair family.


Tazzygirl - Feb 16, 2007 10:21 pm (#1460 of 2990)

Thanks again for the congrats, everyone! **is still on Cloud 9**

I put in several job applications today. Barnes and Noble, a movie theater, a kitchen store, and a Hallmark store. Hopefully I'll get a call!

It's going to be a quiet weekend here. Aunt and Uncle took the kids to Kauai until Monday (for a wedding), and I've got nothing better to do than do homework.

I got my hair cut about 2 1/2 months ago. I've decided I'm going to let it grow long again, and grow out the highlights and such. Start from scratch.



journeymom - Feb 16, 2007 10:44 pm (#1461 of 2990)

Yes! Sandra Bennet's dog's name is Mr. Muggles. From Wikipedia:

The Heroes 360 Interactive Experience noted Harry Potter as the source of his name.

I don't know what the 360 Interactive Experience is, but that's a cool fact to know.


timrew - Feb 16, 2007 11:38 pm (#1462 of 2990)

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World

At least you folks in the USA have got the real thing!

We have a programme here called Celebrity Big Brother, and in the series before last, as well as the usual 'celebrities', they had a nonentity called Chantelle, whose one claim to fame was being a Paris Hilton lookalike..............

Well, she won it, she is now 'famous', and she even has her biography out, which is selling quite well, apparently.

Good luck to the girl. If there are people out there willing to part with good money to read the life of a nonentity, then she deserves all the fame she gets!..............


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 17, 2007 12:02 am (#1463 of 2990)

Who?? ::feels Obliviated::

check out Wikipedia or Google. You'll find out far more than you ever wanted to know about Paris. Basically she is the spoiled gran daughter of the Mr. Hilton, the guy who created the Hilton hotel chains. But that's not neccessarily why she's famous. The reason is not exactly forum-friendly. Personally I'm sick of seeing her on magazine covers. I hate that. Especially when they slap her on the cover of Seventeen, and the interview inside is all about how she doesn't like attention, and ya da ya da ya da.... I'm with haymoni, we are a sad nation. What has our country come to, that we feel the need to plaster a snobby rich girl on the cover of every magazine? She has no respect from me or most of the country for that matter, and the sad part is, she doesn't care. It's what she wants.


The giant squid - Feb 17, 2007 12:44 am (#1464 of 2990)

I was just thinking it has been since last May that I got my hair cut--haymoni

Gee, I was just thinking it's been 13 1/2 years since my last one (September '93, the last time I sacrificed my look for employment). I've toyed with the idea of getting it cut occasionally over the years, but then i think about how much it costs for a haircut and how quickly my hair grew back in the day. I figure I'm saving hundreds of dollars a year by letting my hair do what it does best.



TomProffitt - Feb 17, 2007 5:42 am (#1465 of 2990)

I get my hair cut every two to three weeks and still can't figure why I have to pay full price for a half a head of hair.

Glad to see I'm not the only Heroes fan. Is anyone else watching The Dresden Files on SciFi?

Daytona 500 tomorrow!!

Did anyone catch the Harry Potter reference on House a couple of weeks ago? I just thought it really weird that Greg House would be up on his Harry Potter, not something I suspected in that character.


Starling - Feb 17, 2007 5:54 am (#1466 of 2990)

*skips 170 posts, but briefly notes that Jif is something you clean your kitchen with over here*

So, we went to Disneyland Paris. Half of it was closed, the second day brought appalling rain, my son had an earache at the start and proceeded to have night terrors and had trouble breathing at night. We're back now, and he's developed pleurisy and has caught another virus.

I've had better holidays ...


Steve Newton - Feb 17, 2007 6:23 am (#1467 of 2990)

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn't feel the need for lots of haircuts. I get about 2 a year. My hair is mostly white and I like it long. Can't stand it getting into my eyes, though. That's how I know that it is time for a cut.


Puck - Feb 17, 2007 6:36 am (#1468 of 2990)

*skips 170 posts, but briefly notes that Jif is something you clean your kitchen with over here*

Imaging people smearing peanut butter on their counter tops. Can't see how that would make them any cleaner. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Sorry it was such a rough holiday, Starling. Did you fly? The same happened to my son and a few other kids I know. I was told the change in pressure can cause infection in young ears. It does stink to be excited about a trip, and then not be able to enjoy it.

Mike, I hope you at least trim the ends occasionally. You don't want to start looking like Chrystal Gale. **waits for the chorus of "Who?" from the younger crowd**



kabloink! - Feb 17, 2007 6:55 am (#1469 of 2990)

I know who Chrystal Gayle is-apparently my dad knew her personally...apparently.


Starling - Feb 17, 2007 8:13 am (#1470 of 2990)

He had the earache before we went on the trip, Puck, and it got worse on the plane, of course. Luckily a dose of decongestant got rid of it.

He's always been such a healthy little boy, and to see him ill for almost two weeks solid is terrible. And he's not even over the worst yet where his pleurisy is concerned.

I'll be saving up for another trip to Disneyland, just because this one was so terrible. His dad said he'd go instead, but this was supposed to be something for mummy and son, and I'll get it right next time, dagnammit! For a start, I'll go outside 'flu season ... But only if I can find the money, somehow.


Mediwitch - Feb 17, 2007 9:49 am (#1471 of 2990)

Oh, Starling, I'm sorry your son is so sick and your vacation was a bust. **Healing Charms** to your son!

Puck, I had the same vision of peanut butter on the counter tops!

TomProffitt, I got the Voldemort comment on House, too - loved it!

Tazzy, good luck on the job hunt! I don't know if wishing you get the B&N job is a good thing - if I got a job there I'd have no paycheck, but you might get first dibs on the HP paraphernalia for DH!


haymoni - Feb 17, 2007 10:04 am (#1472 of 2990)

I think Hugh Laurie is bucking for a role in one of the remaining movies. All of his "Sense & Sensibility" buddies have been in it! I think he'd make a great a great Rufus.


Mediwitch - Feb 17, 2007 10:06 am (#1473 of 2990)

LOL haymoni! Now I really do have to see Sense and Sensibility - I didn't know Hugh Laurie was in it! I bet he would be a good Scrimgeour - he's already well-practiced at walking with a limp!


Catherine - Feb 17, 2007 10:13 am (#1474 of 2990)

Who?? ::feels Obliviated::

check out Wikipedia or Google. You'll find out far more than you ever wanted to know about Paris.

Erm, yes, I know. I was pretending as though Madam Pince's wish had already been granted and that Miss Hilton was already erased from the world's collective consciousness.


Starling - Feb 17, 2007 10:37 am (#1475 of 2990)

Paris? That's a place in France, n'est-ce pas?

Our next Disney trip will be to Florida. I had a look at packages, and it would be no more expensive, and much better.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 17, 2007 10:38 am (#1476 of 2990)

You don't want to start looking like Chrystal Gale. **waits for the chorus of "Who?" from the younger crowd**

I'll be the first to ask then! So... who is Chrystal Gale? Sounds like a fortune teller's name!

Erm, yes, I know. I was pretending as though Madam Pince's wish had already been granted and that Miss Hilton was already erased from the world's collective consciousness.

**smacks her self on the forehead** I'm sure Tori will have something to say about this one.

Sorry the trip was such a bust Starling. **healing charms to your son** I can say from experience, that Disney World in Orlando is quite literally "The best place on Earth" and its definitelyworth every penny. You won't be disappointed at all.


Starling - Feb 17, 2007 11:06 am (#1477 of 2990)

And at least the weather is bound to be better (unless we get a hurricane).

*googles Crystal Gale*

Iiiiiit's airbrush woman!


Chemyst - Feb 17, 2007 11:18 am (#1478 of 2990)

Paris Hilton does have some influence in my life — She can make me reach for the remote.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059

Whatever happened to Lupin is Lupin? Did her kittens get her tongue?


azi - Feb 17, 2007 11:22 am (#1479 of 2990)

**healing charms** to your son, Starling! That sounds like a horrible holiday. I really hope you can save up again and go to Florida (shouldn't rain there, should it? )!

Haha, I was thinking that about Jif too.

On the subject of PIN codes, I got a new one through today. They've increased security so people definitely can't read it through the envelope - I can't make it out!

Ooo er, my cousin added me on Facebook yesterday. That was weird! You can really tell he's dyslexic by reading his profile, he should have had help in school.

Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!


haymoni - Feb 17, 2007 12:05 pm (#1480 of 2990)

Crystal Gale is Loretta Lynn's younger sister.

She had several country hits and I think she may have had her own TV show at one time.

In any event, I think she is most known for having very, very, very long hair. It was well past her knees, as I recall.


journeymom - Feb 17, 2007 12:26 pm (#1481 of 2990)

  "I think Hugh Laurie is bucking for a role in one of the remaining movies. All of his "Sense & Sensibility" buddies have been in it! I think he'd make a great a great Rufus." -haymoni

**Nods head enthusiastically** He's great fun in House. He already played a condescending, sniffy MI6 official in a pin-stripped suit in a couple of episodes of Spooks.

Edit: though I wonder if you mean "gunning" instead of "bucking"? Bucking means resisting, gunning means to seek.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 17, 2007 12:42 pm (#1482 of 2990)

Sorry to hear about your son's illness and the Disney trip, Starling. Healing charms to him (pleurisy - yikes, he must feel awful, the poor little guy) and Felix Felicity for some funds to go your way. And, btw, I think Florida would be better. They say late winter/early spring (Feb-Mar) is a good time to go.


haymoni - Feb 17, 2007 12:43 pm (#1483 of 2990)

Gun, "Buck" - whatever it takes! Just give him the role!!!


Solitaire - Feb 17, 2007 12:55 pm (#1484 of 2990)

Paris Hilton needs to be expunged from the collective consciousness of the World.

Until "the video"--and I'll leave it at that--I'd never heard of her before. Can someone answer a few questions for me please? First, other than the fact that she is an obscenely rich kid, was there some reason the world even needed to know about that whole incident? I mean, was she famous before it? As I said, I'd never heard of her. From where I stand, she has no discernable talents or abilities, her money was inherited rather than earned, and she is a terrible role model for young girls. Why would anyone care whether or not she was bored?

To be honest, the bored thing reminds me of something I once heard Bill Cosby's TV daughter Vanessa tell her little sister Rudy, when she claimed to be bored: "Of course you're bored! You're a boring person!" The comment seems to fit that headline to a tee, if you ask me! (Okay, rant over! Back to reading the remaining 45 posts here on this thread!)

BTW, congratulations, Tazzy! Well done!

Edit: I'm with you, Haymoni, on ANS. I've missed the news the past two nights, because I am sick of hearing about HER. I think the poor baby deserves a fighting chance at a decent life, so maybe someone will adopt her. Outside that ...

Although she'd been around a while, I only learned about Crystal Gale when Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue became a cross-over hit on pop and country charts. I never really liked country music very much. It was too "twangy" for my taste. Funny ... these days, I like it a lot.

Solitaire, the Uninformed

PS Any explanation regarding the above questions that is not appropriate for the forum (and considering the subject ...) can be emailed to me. I will certainly understand.


journeymom - Feb 17, 2007 1:27 pm (#1485 of 2990)

Solitaire, I'm almost certain Paris Hilton's first appearance in the news was when "the video" surfaced. As in, 99.99% sure, since I'm too lazy to go check and no one is perfect. What a debut!

Anybody see Sinead O'Spears in the news today?


Laura W - Feb 17, 2007 1:38 pm (#1486 of 2990)

journeymom ... sorry to be Hermoine-ish, but haymoni is not wrong. Using the term "bucking for" in the way she did may not be strictly by the book - if the book is the dictionary -, but it is a common-usage colloquialism.

From a May 13, 2006 article by veteran journalist Virginia Galt, who covers the workplace and employment beat, in the staid and proper Globe and Mail (one of Canada's two national daily newspapers): "And, he adds, professional development is not always about bucking for promotion or catching the eye of another employer."


Pigwidgeon - Feb 17, 2007 1:39 pm (#1487 of 2990)

I know Paris Hilton appeared in some sort of reality show. I don't know if that was before or after the...you know. Anywho, I'll never understand it, either, and try to ignore the whole perplexing phenomenon.


Lina - Feb 17, 2007 2:22 pm (#1488 of 2990)

Healing charms to the Starling family.


Tazzygirl - Feb 17, 2007 2:36 pm (#1489 of 2990)

Sorry to hear about your trip, Starling. But I'll second Ginny's advice- Florida's DisneyWorld is awesome. The one in California is nothing compared to it. **loves EPCOT Center** Lots and lots of healing charms to your son!

Mediwitch: I wouldn't have a problem buying books from B&N (I only buy books when I hear a great review or for a project usually). I also put in the application to a different B&N than the one where I reserved my HPDH book. Although, if I do reserve it at the place if I get the job, then I'll really be able to get it before everyone else on Opening Night.

No comment on Britney or Paris. ()

The neighbors next door are redoing their roof. For three days now I've had to listen to hammers and debris falling and all sorts of stuff. The dog is going berserk.

Off to read. I feel like lounging today.



kaykay1970 - Feb 17, 2007 2:42 pm (#1490 of 2990)

Healing charms to Starling's son!

Prince made a discovery today - - a mirror! He couldn't believe some little dog was invading his territory. He bared his teeth, growled and snarled. It was quite funny to watch a dog fight with only one dog present! lol


The giant squid - Feb 17, 2007 3:15 pm (#1491 of 2990)

Paris Hiltom was pseudo-famous for being a party girl--she & Nicky would show up at the big clubs in NY and LA spending Daddy's money and raising a ruckus. When her "film debut" surfaced everything blew up. Basically, she's famous for being famous. Pigwidgeon, the reality show with Nicole Ritchie ("The Simple Life") came later.

Note that I'm not any sort of Paris fan...I just happened to work with a lot of teenagers who were.

Starling, sorry the trip went so badly for you. I hope you're able to go back sometime & give Disney another chance.

No, my hair hasn't reached Crystal Gayle-like proportions. I do trim the ends occasionally, but that requires neither money nor a professional "stylist" to achieve.



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 17, 2007 3:28 pm (#1492 of 2990)

kaykay, we got a kick out of your Prince story! How cute! Next time you show him the mirror, put something on his head so the new puppy looks "different".


geauxtigers - Feb 17, 2007 3:33 pm (#1493 of 2990)

**smacks her self on the forehead** I'm sure Tori will have something to say about this one.

Well you're right about that! I'm not even sure what to say except that you get blonder by the minute...

Sorry the Disney trip was such a bust, Starling. Disney in Florida is the greatest place on earth! February is a wonderful time to go. The temperature is perfect and its usually clear blue skies and not a lot of rain. WE've gone in February over mardi gras and there are no lines and everyone there is from here! LOL Its a wonderful time to go. I did go once in April for my 5th birthday and I honestly don't remember too much about it, but the weather is still nice in april, little warmer to pushing hot. Anyway, I hope your son is feeling better soon!

We spent the day cleaning out our yard. We trimmed several overgrown plants and dug up a few and made everything nice and neat. It looks so much better and its good to do this in the winter so it can grow back better and such.

Gorgeous day again today. Bright blue skies and hovering about 60F. Breezy too. Ahh it was nice to spend the whole day outside rather than cooped up in the house.

Okay thats it for me! Enjoy the holiday for those who have one, I know some of yall up north have a long weekend for President's day, so enjoy it!


timrew - Feb 17, 2007 4:30 pm (#1494 of 2990)

So, can I establish something...............

Disneyland Paris is Paris Hilton's younger brother.........???


journeymom - Feb 17, 2007 4:33 pm (#1495 of 2990)

TomProffitt, Mr Journeymom and I are watching Dresden Files. It's entertaining. He's a wizard named Harry, but the similarities end there! I understand that fans of the books that the show is based on are disgusted. Apparently it's nothing like the books.

I saw that episode of House! He called the bouncer (sorry, don't know his real job title) at the rehab clinic 'Voldemort'. Then we find out the guy was in cahoots with House, feeding him vicodin! And I agree, it didn't quite fit Greg House. He wouldn't read Harry Potter books and would probably be disdainful of the hype. Made me wonder if Hugh Laurie is 'gunning' (snicker) for a part in the movies!

Anybody hear about "The State Within" on BBC America tonight? Jason Isaacs is a diplomat in a kind of action/thriller/intrigue thing. Those of you on the east side of the pond have probably already seen it. It's a mini-series, on tonight, tomorrow night and next Saturday.


Timrew- lolol!


TomProffitt - Feb 17, 2007 6:38 pm (#1496 of 2990)

Journeymom, I'm a fan of the books (The Dresden Files), but I'm not disappointed in the least. They had to adapt a mystery novel serial into a television serial. They had to adapt things for the format. I think they did a pretty good job of carrying the flavor of Butcher's characters and setting into a TV show. The books themselves wouldn't have worked unaltered on TV. (sorry to be so verbose about it)


Denise P. - Feb 17, 2007 6:59 pm (#1497 of 2990)

I love the books of the Dresden Files, I am less thrilled with the show. I am most disgusted with Bob. If the show gets people reading the books, that is great.

I got my 14 miler in with the hex screws on my shoes. It worked great until the sun started making slush.


kabloink! - Feb 17, 2007 8:20 pm (#1498 of 2990)

Journeymom, I disagree. House is forever making references to pop culture, hearing the Harry Potter reference did not surprise me in the least, though I did greatly enjoy it.

Hubby and I went to see "Epic Movie" last night. I enjoyed it, I don't really think it was worth the money, but it was fun. I think it needed more "epic movies" and less just popular movies. Sorry, I just don't think the "Click" quite fits the role of epic.

Am watching "Marie Antoinette" right now, and I'm very disappointed. So many simply irrelevant things happening. Oh well, it kills the time so I can avoid housework, right?


Lavandula - Feb 17, 2007 9:01 pm (#1499 of 2990)

Good Evening all!

Just finished 120-something posts... You know you're a HP fan when you must catch up on everyone. If not I'd have missed Journeymom's post.

((((HUGS)))) to the Journeymom family. You are in my prayers tonight and in the days ahead. Isn't it great to have such an extended family?

Do you suppose JKR is proud of the forum connections her books have created?

TomProfitt-I missed the House comments about HP. I love that show. It really does seem out of character for him to drop those lines. When would he have time to read HP?

Starling-Healing Charms to your son and so sorry about the trip. Children have a tendency to get sick just when the timing is the worst.

I spent today scrap booking at my friend's house from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. (I did manage to take care of my kids for a meal and had several small breaks.) I managed to finish 8 pages!!!! That sure makes me feel accomplished today.

Treadmill walking for me with ICE! I can't stand worrying about slipping and falling.

Have a Great ROTD/N everyone.

Mr. L comes home from his mission trip tomorrow. It's been quiet without him, and I do miss him...however I have slept so well this past week without all the snoring!!


oops, I almost forgot...Congratulations Tazzy on Dean's List. w00t!!


Thom Matheson - Feb 17, 2007 9:33 pm (#1500 of 2990)

Denise, I have to ask. You screwed little screws, from the inside, into the soles of your running shoes for ice traction? How are your feet? They didn't pop back thru? I told my wife of your dedication, she being a registered nurse for a foot surgeon. She fainted and when recovered became very worried for you.

Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:05 pm


journeymom - Feb 17, 2007 10:44 pm (#1501 of 2990)

Lavandula, thanks so very much. The kind wishes of the Lexicon family are unexpected and so appreciated.


Ydnam96 - Feb 18, 2007 1:16 am (#1502 of 2990)

Starling, I'm sorry that the trip was such a bad experience...so sad. I would cry a lot. I love Disney. Have fun in Florida. It's amazing!

I went and saw Music and Lyrics today and I really liked it. I also watched the entire first season of 24 in the last two days. I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder everywhere I go!!

Crystal Gale, I remember her. My mom loved her. I always wondered if she got headaches or had back problems from the weight of her hair...It was beautiful!


Snuffles - Feb 18, 2007 2:03 am (#1503 of 2990)

Congrats Kristina

I'm glad you had a good time up the BT tower Julie. That place is sooo huge.

(((hugs))) to the Journeymom family. I'm sorry to hear about your mum.

**Healing charms** to Starling's son. I hope he gets better soon.

I keep meaning to say Kay, Prince is so adorable

I know I have missed a few things. There were 150+ posts. So apologies to anyone I have missed.

I think I will take Livvy on a bike ride today. She hasn't been out on her bike for a couple of weeks as she hasn't been well, so she is desperate for lots of nice fresh air

Happy Sunday everyone



dizzy lizzy - Feb 18, 2007 3:28 am (#1504 of 2990)

Hi all!!!

As some of you may know...I have been considering moving from here for some time now.

Well in early January, I decided that now was the time to do so and decided to move down to Tasmania to be near some dear friends who recently moved to an area in the North-West of the state.

All the hurdles that were in the way before are now no longer huge big hurdles... so I take that as a sign that this is the right move to make at the right time.

What about my house you ask? Well I'm selling it! As of Friday night 6pm, some 8 hours after it was listed I received 2 offers to the real estate agent handling the sale. Both were turned down by the agent due to being $15K below the asking price, but it appears a counter offer will be made soon which will be the one I will accept.

So when am I going? I will be either leaving here on the 2nd of May or the 16th May. At this point it looks as though it will be the 16th May. I was going to wait until July, but I decided the sooner the better!!!!

I will be driving down with me, 3 dogs and a trailer full of gear. Nothing else will be taken... I am holding a humungous garage sale of sorts by taking a site at the monthly markets for the next two months in an effort to clear some of the books and CD's I have collected and will be getting rid of. And then a garage sale to sell all the furniture etc. I'm in the process of negotiating for any left over gear in good condition to be donated to the local women's refuge.

I am looking forward to the move and I will be visiting Tassie in April for 10 days to suss out accommodation and jobs. Hopefully neither will be too difficult to find. Positive thinking is the name of the game here!

Having said that...nothing much else is going on...my days are consumed by the logistics of the move! Hope all is well with everyone and ((hugs)) to those who have need of them!!!!



Starling - Feb 18, 2007 5:08 am (#1505 of 2990)

February sounds good for Disney World, but the problem is that it's in the middle of the 'flu season here! I don't want to risk that again.

Wow, Lizzy, that sounds like an awesome adventure.

I agree with Julie that Prince is totally cute! And I'm not even a dog person


jose043 - Feb 18, 2007 5:16 am (#1506 of 2990)

Hi All

dizzy lizzy hope you enjoy your move to Tasmania, & the job & accommodation hunt doesn't take to long. Hope you don't mind the snow in winter.

Healing charms & get well charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Puck - Feb 18, 2007 6:19 am (#1507 of 2990)

Good luck Lizzy! How exciting! How do you drive that far with the dogs? Don't they go nuts? Or do you give something to help them sleep? (Is thinking that driving with the dogs would be harder than the 3 kids, as kids can be distracted by a video for at least part of the drive.)

I've only seen House a couple of times, but if Denise can find time to read, anybody can.



Denise P. - Feb 18, 2007 6:42 am (#1508 of 2990)

Thom, thank your wife for her concern but the screws are done from the OUTSIDE of the shoe. It is a 3/8" hex screw put into the treads of the shoe. It just adds traction to the shoe, I could not feel it at all on my foot. I stomped and walked and did a test run prior to going out to be sure there was nothing going to poke my foot. I put a link to the site that details how to do it behind my avatar and also a picture of my shoes.

Lizzy, good luck selling your house. How great to get offers that quickly, even if they are low offers.

Operations: Get a Dog continues in the Denise and Mr. Denise house. Mr. Denise initially held the position of: No Dog! He then relented to: Maybe with 4 years. Now, his firm position is: June at the soonest. This works in my favor since one of the breeders I have been looking at has a planned litter of puppies in April Now, if I can find a breeder that has tricolor puppies planned, that would be great. I had to give up the idea of a Border Terrier though, the efforts concentrated on English Springer Spaniels, a breed that Mr. Denise has always liked.


Lina - Feb 18, 2007 7:21 am (#1509 of 2990)

Congratulations, Lizzy, on your big decisions! I'm sure you'll do great!

I'm glad you came to an agreement with Mr. Denise, Denise.


Mediwitch - Feb 18, 2007 8:27 am (#1510 of 2990)

Tori: We spent the day cleaning out our yard. We trimmed several overgrown plants and dug up a few and made everything nice and neat. It looks so much better and its good to do this in the winter so it can grow back better and such.

**looks out window at 6 or so inches of snow remaining on the ground and goes to get another sweater**

kaykay, that's very funny about Prince and the mirror! Puppies are so cute!

I think kabloink is right about House - he seems to be more aware of pop culture than the other doctors, (can you see Forman or Cameron coming up with "Voldemort?" ) so I don't think it's too out of character. Now, if House mentioned the Lex, I'd be surprised!

Congrats dizzy lizzy! Best wishes on your new adventure!!

Denise, I'll expect a post in June that you got your tricolor English Springer Spaniel, and Mr. Denise is thrilled!


Ydnam96 - Feb 18, 2007 8:49 am (#1511 of 2990)

Yay LIzzy!


Viola Intonada - Feb 18, 2007 9:26 am (#1512 of 2990)

Dizzy Lizzy, Best wishes on selling your house and your move.

Starling, I planned a Disney vacation for a year. Eldest daughter burst out with Chicken Pox after our first day there. She had one day in the Magic Kingdom. We made a consolation trip to Disneyland 6 months later. We had a relative getting married in California, so tacked in on to our trip. I really liked Disneyland Paris, though you have to consider that it was the highlight of a trip from you-no-where. The lines for the rides were much shorter than Walt Disney World. Everyone is right, the lines at WDW are much shorter in February. Another good time, from what I have heard, is in September. School has just started back and people don't plan their vacations for then.

Well, the flu has struck our house with a vengeance. Eldest came home early on Tuesday, she still has a fever but is much better. Youngest came in to me this morning with a fever of 102 degrees. We are supposed to be having a birthday party at a local recreation center for her tomorrow. I will have to make some calls and see what I can rearrange.

Good luck getting a dog, Denise! Sounds like it is going well.


Puck - Feb 18, 2007 10:02 am (#1513 of 2990)

I highly recommend November (before Thanksgiving) to WDW. September is still hurricane season. My in-laws were there in September once and the parks actually had to close down. November has shorter lines and pleasant temperatures.


kaykay1970 - Feb 18, 2007 11:35 am (#1514 of 2990)

Good luck, Lizzy!

Healing charms to Viola family!

HH's, I took my Final Fantasy personality quiz. I matched Maria for FF VIII. Laguna! I don't even want to say who I got for FF VII but here goes...Reno!! He has to be the goofiest character in the whole game. After you've finished playing the game go rent Advent Children and you'll see what I mean! Well, at least the Turks have the coolest theme music!


Tazzygirl - Feb 18, 2007 11:55 am (#1515 of 2990)

Good Luck Lizzy!

Lots of **healing charms** to the Viola Family.

Speaking of being sick- I am expecting Nathaniel to come back here completely sick. Every time they go to the mainland, Thaniel always comes back sick. Last time was that severe flu thing with dehydration. Since they are visiting the snow for a week, I am thinking he's going to get a really bad cold.

Day four of the house next door getting the roof redone. (It's a Sunday. You would think there would be a break!)

Am thinking of going to the beach today. If my friend and her son come over, I think it'll be a definite yes. If not, then I'll have to find something else to do. LOL

Oh- DisneyWorld- I went one year with my family, and it had been right after a major hurricane. We were there for a week, and there was absolutely no body there. It was awesome.

Happy RotD/N everyone!



Starling - Feb 18, 2007 12:37 pm (#1516 of 2990)

I highly recommend November (before Thanksgiving) to WDW. September is still hurricane season.

I'm thinking end October/beginning of November, since it'll be half term then. I'd take him out the day before school breaks up, and then come back one day earlier. It makes a massive difference where cost is concerned. Anyway, it'll be next year, I'm already wondering how I'm going to afford to eat this year ...


journeymom - Feb 18, 2007 12:41 pm (#1517 of 2990)

Viola, hang in there. All four members of the Journeymom family are hacking and sniffling. I sympathize with everyone suffering with the cold!

Lizzy, good luck to you. Honestly, that sounds like fun! At the very least, I'd love it if I could get all our possessions into one trailer.

Denise P, are you aware that James the English Springer Spaniel won Best in Show at Westminster? We're partial to springers in our house. We adopted our boy from a springer rescue organization. He is absolutely perfect. He was about 3 years old when we got him. Already house trained, very laid back, great with the kids. He doesn't like male dogs, barks at men, can hear the UPS truck from a mile away. He's very gentle but when he barks, which is rare, it's impressive! He sounds big and mean! It's pretty fun, we can get him howling with the whole family.

I urge you to consider getting an adult dog from the pound, SPCA or a rescue organization. There are so many wonderful adult dogs that get crossed over. Of course, puppies have their advantages, as you can train them up from the beginning to be very well behaved.


Denise P. - Feb 18, 2007 12:50 pm (#1518 of 2990)

I would adopt from a rescue in a heartbeat except that every single Springer rescue I have found automatically excludes us because we have kids under 5. Most shelters around here do the same. I would not mind an adult or an older puppy but it is hard to get one because we really are attached to the under 5 crowd here.

So my next option is to go with a breeder who not only doesn't breed many litters, offers health guarantees, will take the dog back if circumstances change and has done the correct genetic and medical testing on both parents. We would alter any dog so I am not worried about passing along bad hips, eyes or elbows but we would want a healthy dog. A bonus would be a breeder who doesn't let me pick my own puppy but evaluates our family and matches us to the correct puppy. Daria, our rottweiler, was matched to us that way and she was a perfect fit.

We watched James win Our previous spring, Griffin, was a great grandson of Ch. Salilyn's Classic. Salilyn was a major name in Springers (still is) and one of her dogs won Westminster shortly after her death. We are long time Springer fans here


DJ Evans - Feb 18, 2007 1:51 pm (#1519 of 2990)

Congrats on the move Lizzy...sounds like a wonderful new adventure that you are about to partake upon. How exciting!

Healing charms to everyone who is feeling under the weather. I think nearly everyone I know has one thing or another. Everything from the simple cruds to strep throat & pink eye. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

Also wanted to get on & wish my birthday twin Madame Librarian a Happy Birthday today. Barb may you have a great one & all of your wishes come true.

Well I'm off to go watch the "Daytona 500", as it just started a few minutes ago. I just love it when it falls on my birthday. I'm hoping we'll have a safe race today, I couldn't ask for a better present than that. Well that & one of my two favorite drivers win it.

Later, Deb


azi - Feb 18, 2007 2:26 pm (#1520 of 2990)

Congrats on the move Lizzy! I wish you all the best! Is it a long way to Tasmania from where you are now?

**healing charms** to ill people!

Went to the seaside today, amazingly warm weather for the time of year! Bit muddy though, lots of steep hills with very soggy bolder clay!

We have two birthdays today? Well, Happy Birthday to DJ Evans and Madam Librarian!


Tazzygirl - Feb 18, 2007 2:28 pm (#1521 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian! Hope you both have a fantastic Day!! (DJ- enjoy the Daytona 500!)



Lina - Feb 18, 2007 2:42 pm (#1522 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!


Puck - Feb 18, 2007 2:47 pm (#1523 of 2990)

Happy Birthday to DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!

I went to an open house today. This place was beautiful, and the price has fallen as it's been on the market for awhile. Alas, earwax, Mr. Puck wasn’t as thrilled as I. (Honestly, he's so picky. The only houses that fit all his criteria are well out of budget. )



haymoni - Feb 18, 2007 3:06 pm (#1524 of 2990)

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Lots of snow here. Hubby went to a friend's to watch the race, so I had a big glass of Cookie Mush and hopped on the Forum!!

Puck - I agree on WDW in November. If you go right after Halloween - the 1st week in November - there is a Food & Wine festival at Epcot. There are hardly any lines then and it isn't stifling hot either.


kaykay1970 - Feb 18, 2007 3:14 pm (#1525 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!


Viola Intonada - Feb 18, 2007 3:24 pm (#1526 of 2990)

Happy Birthday to DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!

Tazzy, how big is your neighbor's roof? What kind of roof are they putting on? We had our roof reshingled last year. The people doing it tore off our old shingles, replaced a rotting board and nailed down the new shingles in one day. They even cleaned up after themselves. Oh, they also added roof vents too.

Thanks for the get well wishes for my household, everyone. We have lots of chicken soup in the house.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 18, 2007 3:29 pm (#1527 of 2990)

Good luck in your move, Dizzy Lizzy and congratulations on a quick offer! That is a great sign - hope the counter offer is reasonable. You must have kept your house in great condition to get something so quick! Felix Felicis that everything goes smoothly from sale to settling into your new home for everyone!

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!

We were hoping the Corgi would win - because his name is I'm Harry P. and well, because Olivia likes Corgis. I like them all - even the Mexican Hairless. (How desperate am I for a dog?)



Solitaire - Feb 18, 2007 3:35 pm (#1528 of 2990)

Journeymom, hurray for going for a rescue dog! I adopted my Shelties when they were 4 and 8. I prefer house-trained animals, and having temperament a "known quantity" is also a great plus.

BTW, Starling, I hope your son is feeling better. Pleurisy ... that sounds serious. Doesn't it involve the lungs? Is pneumonia a concern?

Happy Birthday, DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!



Mediwitch - Feb 18, 2007 3:41 pm (#1529 of 2990)

Happy Birthday 11to DJ Evans and Madam Librarian!


Tazzygirl - Feb 18, 2007 3:42 pm (#1530 of 2990)

Viola, it's a pretty big house. The house was built about 1912, and all of the wood underneath the shingles is that old, easy-splintering/somewhat rotting wood. They are having to replace a lot of the roof foundation, and therefore taking forever and a day. They managed to put up most of that tarp/black paper stuff today. A house across the street had their roof done a while ago, and it took them a couple weeks.



Ydnam96 - Feb 18, 2007 4:01 pm (#1531 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Feb 18, 2007 4:05 pm (#1532 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ and Barb!


Steve Newton - Feb 18, 2007 5:02 pm (#1533 of 2990)

Happy birthday DJ and Madame! Have we actually had a Madame Librarian sighting?


dizzy lizzy - Feb 18, 2007 5:33 pm (#1534 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!!

I'm sure it was Azi asking... how far is the trek from her to Tassie??

Well according to Google maps - 1,737km! about 2 days driving if you do 8-10 hrs each day! I will be stopping at my brother's place halfway through the trip for 2 days. Having said that, the trip across Bass Strait (on the ferry) takes 12 hours and covers 450 of those kilometres!

The phones have been ringing hot this morning! No news yet on the house, but I may have lined up a job in Tassie starting the week after I move!! **crosses fingers and paws**

I've lost my avatar!!!! boo-hoo *cries*. Still, the membership will just have to wait another week!




boop - Feb 18, 2007 5:48 pm (#1535 of 2990)

Good Luck with the move Lizzy, and the sale of your house.

Happy Birthday to Deb & Barb, Hope you both have a wonderful day!!

healing charms to whom might need them.

Have a great rest of the day!

hugs always



virginiaelizabeth - Feb 18, 2007 6:00 pm (#1536 of 2990)

Happy Birthday DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!


geauxtigers - Feb 18, 2007 6:02 pm (#1537 of 2990)

Happy Birthday to DJ Evans and Madame Librarian!

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Congrats on the move, Lizzy! That is quite a move! **googles map of Australia** Its an island! **now feels dumb that she didn't realize this** Good luck with the trip! I bet its gorgeous there! I so want to go to Australia!!!!

We went hiking today. We thought it was going to be a calm easy peaceful stroll through the woods and we'd see these pretty little waterfalls. NOT! We went downhill most of the way to the falls, so you know what that means don't ya? Yes we had to come back up them after we were already tired from walking down them. But it was worth it, just not what we expected. It was just a creek with this crystal clear water that looked as though you could drink it. It was ice cold and there were all sorts of huge boulders and such. Me my dad and Ginny walked all up and down them and under the little waterfalls and took some cool pictures and such. It was fun. Perfect weather, mid 50s and not a cloud in the sky. It was good, but like I said, the trip back killed my legs and I'm fairly confident I won't be able to move tomorrow!

Off to read some more I think. Have a good evening! No school tomorrow! Yeah!


Thom Matheson - Feb 18, 2007 6:40 pm (#1538 of 2990)

Denise, thanks for the visual on the shoes. I had you creating spikes from the inside out.


DJ Evans - Feb 18, 2007 7:45 pm (#1539 of 2990)

Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. And to answer Steve Newton I believe I saw Madame Librarian/Barb posting about 3 weeks ago? Can't remember which thread I saw her on, but she is still around just busy I think.

Oooo, tonight I discovered one of my favorite movies is going to have a 2nd part come out this year. For some reason I loved the movie National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. I've seen it so many times, I'm surprised I don't know it line by line. Anyhoo, on the DVD it has 2 different endings, with one of them leading you to believe there would be a 2nd movie. Since it came out in 2004 I just figured they decided not to do it. But come Dec. 21st National Treasure: The Book of Secrets will be released & with the same cast. YAY This one will be about the assassination of Abe Lincoln & the 18 pages missing from John Wilkes Booth's diary.

Well, neither of my 2 favorite drivers won the Daytona 500. And then for our home boy, Mark Martin, to lose it by such a small margin, well I would have enjoyed it much more if any of them had won it. And what a finish....take about being at the edge of your seat excitement there.

Later, Deb


dizzy lizzy - Feb 18, 2007 11:10 pm (#1540 of 2990)

Well I got the offer I was waiting for! Only $4K less than the advertised price! So now it is all systems go! Tonight I think I will quietly with takeaway pizza!




Snuffles - Feb 19, 2007 1:32 am (#1541 of 2990)

Congratulations Lizzy All you need now is to get that job. **Crosses fingers**

Happy belated birthday D J Evans and Madame Librarian, I hope you both had a fantastic day.

**healing charms** to all those in need.

I should really be starting work, but I think I will check the threads first before any dementors enter the office

Happy Monday everyone



The giant squid - Feb 19, 2007 2:54 am (#1542 of 2990)

Happy Birthday (a bit late, I know) to DJ Evans & Madame Librarian.

I'm hoping we'll have a safe race today--DJ Evans

From what I saw in the highlights...not so much. There didn't appear to be too many nasty crashes, just a lot of small contacts that did just enough damage to take folks out of the race.

I was excited to see the sequel to National Treasure announced, too. I enjoyed the first one a lot, especially the character of Riley ("Albuquerque! Snorkel! See, I can do it too.")



Good Evans - Feb 19, 2007 4:09 am (#1543 of 2990)

Happy belated to DJ Evans and madame Librarian

charms and good thoughts to all who need them,

I'm at home sick today - I think I have flu!! ick feel awful -I am going to crawl back under the duvet soon.


Snuffles - Feb 19, 2007 4:16 am (#1544 of 2990)

**Healing charms** We have just recovered in our household Julie. Hope you feel better soon.

**Passes a hot lemon sachet**



jose043 - Feb 19, 2007 4:58 am (#1545 of 2990)

Happy belated birthday wishes to DJ Evans & Madame Librarian hope you both had a wonderful day.

Dizzy Lizzy hope you get your job & glad you may have sold your house.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Denise P. - Feb 19, 2007 7:37 am (#1546 of 2990)

Since it is a holiday here in the US, I not only have all the kids home but I also have Mr. Denise here. Well, one of the kids went with a friend to the National Zoo today so I am down one. It is still a pain to try and do my normal monday morning chores with everyone in my way.

We got about half an inch of snow last night, it is still only 19 out.

Dizzy, congrats on selling your house! It is always nice when it sells quickly and easily. So far, our buyers have not requested too much. They did send a list of questions about trash service, taxes, utility bills and stuff like that.

If the roads were a little less of a mess in my neighborhood, I would venture out to reserve DH but since it would require me driving down a road that turns into a parking lot in bad weather, I am not going out.


DJ Evans - Feb 19, 2007 9:17 am (#1547 of 2990)

Mike/Squid: I was excited to see the sequel to National Treasure announced, too. I enjoyed the first one a lot, especially the character of Riley ("Albuquerque! Snorkel! See, I can do it too.")

heehee Me too. One of my favorite scenes is where Riley finally gets to share his knowledge concerning Day Light Savings Time. He so wants to gloat for a bit & alas earwax he doesn't get to enjoy his big shining moment.

Congrats Lizzy on the great offer & the quick sale! And may you enjoy your pizza tonight...well deserved I say.

Healing charms still going out to all those in need. Sure will be glad to see spring finally get here....maybe it will drive away all of the cruds that is going around right now. ((((come on spring))))

Again thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it made my 50th all that more special. I thought I might have a hard time in coming to terms of hitting the big "Five-O", but really I think had a harder time when I turned 40 for some reason. Anyway, I had a great day.

Later, Deb


azi - Feb 19, 2007 9:21 am (#1548 of 2990)

Congratulations Lizzy! That is an amazingly quick sale! Good luck with getting the job! That's a long way to drive/ferry as well. At least you get a couple of days rest though.

**continued healing charms** for the ill people.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Chemyst - Feb 19, 2007 9:48 am (#1549 of 2990)

Lina, those are great pictures of children's carnival. When I hear the term "children's carnival," I tend to think of a fund-raiser in a school gymnasium, so the pictures really were worth a thousand words, and then some. Is it a celebration of/about children, or are the children celebrating some historical event?

Lizzy that move sounds wonderful. And of course, moving in May has the important advantage of allowing you to be settled in with no distractions by the time DH comes out. But, about that driving... I'm glad your subsequent post cleared that up about Bass Straight; I was going to ask!   ...not even the knight bus could cross water. Congratulations on the quick sale.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Deb.

Tazzy, was it coincidence your aunt & uncle were out of state when the neighbor did the re-roofing? Or did Trelawny tip them off?


Holly T. - Feb 19, 2007 10:00 am (#1550 of 2990)

Congrats to Lizzy!

Happy birthday Deb! Hope your drivers did better in the race than mine. :-)

We are having nice weather here but that only leads to air full of pollen *sneeze*.

Son got in trouble at school last week. There's a kid that's been picking on him about everything from the fact that my son has to go to the reading teacher, to criticizing his project on Greek mythology on the grounds that a project about Greek gods is bad to God. So when this kid started in on my son the other day on the playground about how my son doesn't know the rules of basketball my son grabbed him by the shoulders and told him to quit being so annoying. So the other kid's mom called the school and said my son was choking hers (of course no teachers witnessed this incident), my son is sitting out of recess for two days, and taunting kid is not in any trouble at all. Son admits he lost his temper and shouldn't have used his hands. So now we're going to go talk to the teacher and principal about how maybe they should keep an eye on this other kid too. Get this--one of the things my son says the other kid has made fun of him about it that my son believes in magic, which other kid says is not real. I told my son the other kid is going to have a very boring life if he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, magic, aliens, and Greek gods. I also told him he cannot go around hitting people just because they're annoying.
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:09 pm


Puck - Feb 19, 2007 10:11 am (#1551 of 2990)

Congrats to Lizzy!

Healing charms passed around once more.

I came home from the gym to find my baby had gotten hold of a package of cookies and licked the cream from a half dozen before Daddy noticed.

I was just informed that I don't have a community center membership and therefore can no longer take classes unless I pay the $7 a pop. Employees get membership, but since I have a different kind of contract for my classes, I don't have one. For years they have waved me through anyway. I paid for baby sitting, stopping at the desk each time, no one ever said a thing. (Please note that these people also underpaid me for over a year because they couldn't manage to get my increase right.) Now I have to do the math and figure out if it makes sense to get a membership. I think it'll pretty much cancel out my pay increase. It just bothers me that they don't count me as part of their staff, despite the fact that I have taught dance there for over 6 years and my classes are quite popular and generate money for them.

I should call my mom. Thinking I may take the kids to visit her tomorrow.


edit, Holly I know a mom with a similar problem. This one kid in class has been a bully. The teacher has been told, but done nothing. So this boy and another kid tripped the larger child when he started in on them. Of course, the teacher saw and decided to punish them for tripping him. The bully has yet to receive punishment.


Catherine - Feb 19, 2007 11:39 am (#1552 of 2990)

Get this--one of the things my son says the other kid has made fun of him about it that my son believes in magic, which other kid says is not real. I told my son the other kid is going to have a very boring life if he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, magic, aliens, and Greek gods. I also told him he cannot go around hitting people just because they're annoying. –Holly

I hope the principal and teacher will see that your son was not the only "participant" in the events. I agree that this child sounds like a real pain, and I wish I could give him a piggy tail.

I was informed recently that my seven year-old socked a boy in her class right in the face. I was horrified. The teacher did not send my daughter to the office, for which I am grateful. She said the "victim" is a royal pain and that the other girls cheered my child on for taking a stand. I disciplined her at home for attempting to lie to me about the incident. Someone at the school told me, "Good for Hayley. I've wished I could smack that child."

Turns out the boy never told the teacher that he was hit; I guess he didn't want to admit he got walloped by a girl. I've wondered if the Azkaban scene where Hermione punches Draco was the inspiration for her actions?


Lina - Feb 19, 2007 11:59 am (#1553 of 2990)

I've noticed that the word "carnival", at least on this forum, can mean many different things. I did have problems in how to describe it. I saw some people mentioning Mardi Grass, but by the definitions that I found, that would be only the last day of carnival (karneval in Croatian), while it is the whole period between the Three Kings Day and the beginning of Lent. Once upon a time, that was actually the only period in the year when people would organize dances and have fun, usually under the masks. That's why it is also called "maskenbal" (I think it comes from German). The towns known for a great tradition of carnival are Rio de Janeiro and Venice. There was a time when I couldn't miss the last days of carnival in Pag, the town my Mum is from (I'd miss the school on those days). there is this custom of dancing and line dancing with the masks and that's the way I imagine carnival. But in last 24 years, my town has started the tradition of the parades, similar to those in Rio de Janeiro and they are becoming more and more popular. We had such a parade yesterday. Since many people would bring their children to those parades, in last 11 years they started to organize them specially for children. That's where the photos are from. Before those parades, the main mask in this area was like the one in my current avatar. They would just walk around the villages that are near the town. Huh, I hope I was not too boring with those history details, but the carnival is sort of very important period in this area, something like Halloween on the west.

Lizzy, I'm so glad that this move seems to be going smoothly so far. I hope it will continue like that and soon you will start a new and more joyful period in your life!

Holly, maybe you could explain your son that this other kid might be envious at him. I can't imagine other reason for putting him down except that he feels your son being better than him. I know how it feels when someone is teasing you verbally and how frustrating it is when you can't find the right words when you need them. But maybe your son would find it less annoying if he were aware that this boy is just trying to feel better that way. I don't say that this other boy has the right to act that way, just that you can help your son much easier that that boy.

Kathy, good luck with those membership problems, I hope you'll find the best way to sort it out.

Healing charms to all that are getting caught by the flu, or allergies or anything else!


Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 1:09 pm (#1554 of 2990)

Yeay, Lizzy!! Good luck with the months ahead!!

Chemyst- Sadly Trelawney didn't tip off my aunt and uncle. If she had, I would have been notified as well. Aunt got a call the night before they left that the neighbor was having work done. Too late for me to join them on their trip. LOL! However, aunt and uncle are coming back today, so they will partake in the annoying building noises, dirt (aunt and uncle's pool is coated in grime), and debris (a large peice of that black tarp roof covering was on our side of the fence this morning) that is coming from next door. But again, they leave again Wednesday for a week. Maybe Trelawney tipped them off after all...

**healing charms** to Good Evans and anyone else who needs them!

Sorry to hear about the dilemma your son is in, Holly. Hope the school can see the other boy in action.

Off to put the final touches on two lessons I am teaching tomorrow.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Mediwitch - Feb 19, 2007 1:32 pm (#1555 of 2990)

Hooray on the sale, dizzy lizzy! Go you! **sends felix felicis for the job**

The new National Treasure sounds fun - lots of conspiracy theories in that plot line!

**Healing Charms** to Good Evans - feel better soon! Bad Cold

GRR! Puck, that is a bummer about your community center. It is too bad about your son and the bully, too, Holly.

I finally got off my lazy rear end and re-joined the YMCA. Hmmm...I think I found a few muscles I haven't used in a while!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 19, 2007 1:50 pm (#1556 of 2990)

I can sympathize with those whose children have been bullied. I have two featherweight, quiet daughters - prime targets. Now that they are a bit older, they handle themselves a bit better and avoid situations altogether where certain students are involved.

Lina, very interesting about the carnival history. It is nice that everyone celebrates in such a way and works to involve the children!

Healing charms to GE Julie and all around. Trevor is still stuffed but now with a runny nose and not croup-coughing quite so much.

Tazzy, be very careful! We have had our roof replaced and I can tell you their cleanup is less than satisfactory. Watch out for nails! I spent weeks trolling the yard for nails and odd bits - not allowing the children to walk barefooted or without sturdy soled shoes. They thought I was being over protective. Then neighbors around the corner also had their roof redone. I told my children to make sure they had sturdy shoes and insisted they not take them off when they played there (it was summer). Sure enough, the next day, another child was playing there and stepped on a nail - went right into his foot. Enough said.

Enjoy the rotd/n everyone!



John Bumbledore - Feb 19, 2007 1:52 pm (#1557 of 2990)

**mashing that [Recent] button**
Paris Hilton should be expunged from collective memory..

When I first read that I thought of going over to wikipedia and editing the entry with this one word remaining. "Obliviate!"

But that isn't how "our" forum has brought me up to behave so, um what was I talking about? Well, it must not have been important.

Happy something to Lizzy, hope it means you have more time for pleasure reading (like this forum). Woudn't want anyone to miss those carnival pictures from Lina. Or the "Hexed" to run on "screws" ordeal of some diehard runner.

Just popped in to say hallo and wave. **waves** Now I have to run get back to work.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Feb 19, 2007 2:18 pm (#1558 of 2990)

Lina, thanks for the information about carnival. I love hearing about how others celebrate.

Pink girly clothes. A blue crayon. The clothes dryer. Very bad combination.


Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 2:34 pm (#1559 of 2990)

Maria- thankfully the side our house faces to the construction is all pavement. It'll be easier to spot the stray nails. The thing that is really getting to me now is that the dust and dirt from the rooftop has managed to find itself in my bathroom (my window is shut) and everywhere else. Hope that boy's foot is all right!

EEK! Sorry to hear about the clothes, Puck! Any chance of saving?



journeymom - Feb 19, 2007 2:42 pm (#1560 of 2990)

John, that was very virtuous and self-disciplined of you!


Lina - Feb 19, 2007 2:43 pm (#1561 of 2990)

I had the same reaction to the clothes dryer, Kathy - eek! Scourgify sent your way.

***waving back to John and waving to Tazzy, just because she is so patient with my daughter***


TomProffitt - Feb 19, 2007 2:44 pm (#1562 of 2990)

I very much enjoyed the Daytona 500. It was not a "safe race" in my view, not because of the crashes which are SOP and drivers don't get hurt often, but because there were two injuries on pit road. Harvick is on my long list of favorite drivers, so, Yea Happy!

Been thinking about Greg House and Harry Potter, and I guess being the loner that he is he probably does spend a lot of time reading.

I enjoyed last night's Dresden Files, too.


Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 3:08 pm (#1563 of 2990)

**waves back to Lina**

I am off to the mall to see about the various job applications I put in on Friday. Hopefully I come home with a job. **crossing fingers**



journeymom - Feb 19, 2007 3:16 pm (#1564 of 2990)

Dresden's wand is (was) a drumstick! I thought that was pretty funny.


TomProffitt - Feb 19, 2007 4:52 pm (#1565 of 2990)

His wizard staff is a hockey stick!


Puck - Feb 19, 2007 5:09 pm (#1566 of 2990)

I'm hoping Oxyclean does the trick. I'm open to other suggestions, if anyone has one. I'm just glad they were kid clothes and not mine.


Thom Matheson - Feb 19, 2007 5:11 pm (#1567 of 2990)

Get a big pot full of grey dye put it on the stove and tell the kids their clothes will be like Harry's robes for Stonewall? Bad joke. Sorry about that. Wife and I use Oxiclean as well


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 19, 2007 5:14 pm (#1568 of 2990)

Kathy, I can't remember what I used to wash the clothes with, but I know those Lysol wipes did get most of the color off the dryer drum. Mr. HH once left a red grease pencil in his pocket which was washed then dried - in my brand new dryer . EDIT: Though they didn't have those Mr. Clean sponges back then.

LOL, John! **waves back**


Catherine - Feb 19, 2007 5:37 pm (#1569 of 2990)

Hmm..we've had lots of crayon trauma in the Catherine household.

For instance, crayons have been washed and dried. Not good, and a pain to clean.

Also, shih-tzus have ingested crayons bits. BTW, wax crayons are edible, but NOT digestible. Forum guidelines forbid further comment.

Also, silly putty on upholstery is NOT GOOD!

Today was supposed to be a "day off," but instead my in-laws came unexpectedly.

I am in a fuming mood, and came to the Forum to vent a teensy bit. In-laws are gone, but not before they said, "I see that Phoebe is still hanging on. I wonder if she'll be here next time we visit."


Phoebe is my elderly shih-tzu girl. She sleeps most of the time, true. She is very good at lounging in front of the fire, begging for treats, and napping in shafts of sunlight. I realize that she has fewer years in front of her than she does behind her, but I found this comment insensitive and irritating, seeing as they have never had a dog survive their care more than six years, and Phoebe is fourteen years old this summer.

Phoebe is not suffering from age-related issues so far as we can tell, and her veterinarian can determine. She eats well and often; moves slowly, and deliberately unless treats are offered, then she gallops; is partially deaf, but she seems to still get a kick out of being a shih-tzu, and being herself. She is in many respects our first child, and our "experiment" at being parents, and even my parents call her the "grand-dog" after two human grandkids and their own shih-tzu rescue baby.

I suppose it is all in point of view. I see her as the grand-dame of our household, and a sign of the nurturing care we provide. Mother-in-law sees her as "hanging on." I had to restrain myself from saying, "Mother-in-law, you aren't lookin' as young as YOU used to, either, girl!"

I reread OOP this weekend, and I wish that we had curtains to pull over someone's voice when they say things that are offensive and out of line, like Sirius's mum.

Happy President's Day to all those who "celebrated."


Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 5:53 pm (#1570 of 2990)

Back from the mall. Barnes and Noble said check back next week, they may have an opening in the cafe department. Hallmark said they will call in the next day or two (the lady hadn't had a chance to look at my application yet), and the manager at the kitchen place wasn't there. I decided to check in at the movie theater tomorrow, when there aren't any lines.

Sorry to hear what your Mother in law said about Phoebe, Catherine. I'd be feeling the same way. *hug*



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 19, 2007 6:18 pm (#1571 of 2990)

Sounds like a perfectly happy pup to me, Catherine. You spent an awful lot of time "Phoebe explaining". Don't let anyone get to you that way, especially when you know the truth. Instead, stop and say, "God, please make her happy so she spreads joy rather than misery."

Tazzy, I can't believe anyone wouldn't jump at the chance to have a lovely, educated young lady work for them. Perhaps they're looking for someone with 'attitude'.


Thom Matheson - Feb 19, 2007 6:28 pm (#1572 of 2990)

Catherine, don't let them get to you. Just tell them that if they were to call before barging in you could give them a "live" update and save them a trip over. Oh say for the next 20 tears or so.


Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 6:50 pm (#1573 of 2990)

Hehe, thanks Maria!

I am watching "Star Wars: Empire of Dreams" (it was on the History channel last night). Very interesting. I had no clue that there was a person inside R2-D2. And Harrison Ford originally wasn't cast as Han Solo. He was reading lines to people who were actually auditioning, and George Lucas realized Harrison was made for the part. Very interesting stuff!



virginiaelizabeth - Feb 19, 2007 7:07 pm (#1574 of 2990)

Turns out the boy never told the teacher that he was hit; I guess he didn't want to admit he got walloped by a girl. I've wondered if the Azkaban scene where Hermione punches Draco was the inspiration for her actions?

LOL! There is this really annoying kid at my school who is extremely weeny and to make up for it, he uses his mouth to seem all tough and such. Well a few years back, he was making fun of someone, to her face and she turned around and whopped him upside the head. My mom works at school, and she was the one that had to discipline the poor girl. She said that was the hardest thing she's ever done, because what she really wanted to do was high-five the girl, because this kid had been asking for it for a veerry long time.

Catherine, don't let it get to you, some people are just mean. That's how my grandma is, she says exactly what is on her mind, and it's usually offensive. She once told me and Tori that we didn't have a southern accent because we have an education, implying strongly that people with southern accents are stupid and uneducated. I almost hit the floor when she said that. But she lives in Seattle so we don't have to worry about her dropping in unexpectedly.

Also, shih-tzus have ingested crayons bits.BTW, wax crayons are edible, but NOT digestible. Forum guidelines forbid further comment.

Don't let them get a hold on crawfish either!! Ahh that was awful....

Also, silly putty on upholstery is NOT GOOD! I have several blankets that have silly putty on them, I agree NOT GOOD!

**loves National Treasure** Yay for the sequel!!

**healing charms to those that are sick**

We went and ate dinner at my grannie's house tonight. After seeing that the salad dressing expired 4 years ago, we are a little worried. Hopefully food poisoning isn't in our future!

Off to take a shower and just chill for the rest of the night.

Have a great RotN!!


geauxtigers - Feb 19, 2007 7:17 pm (#1575 of 2990)

I think mardi gras is basically the same thing as Carnival every where else. Different means of celebrations, but for the same reason. King cake, as Lina said, has something to do with 3 kings during their journey to baby Jesus. I can't remember what the colors stand for...but its not on Wikipedia so. Here is the site for mardi gras: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mardi_gras and here is the one for Carnival http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival . I think the biggest difference is that in the U.S. its generally referred to as Mardi gras because it started in Mobile, Alabama (nope, not New Orleans!) and that was French territory at the time. And people dress up here, but nothing like other parts of the world. LOL I think its cool how they do it in other parts of the world. The masquerade balls, however are the same. Very cool. Speaking of which tomorrow is mardi gras! What our my plans? Nothing! LOL I think I'll stay in my nice safe house because trust me the loonies are already cracking open the butterbeer! LOL

We cleaned out the garage today. It was so much fun, lemme tell ya... My dad refuses to part with this pile of wood that he has had since before I was born and its ugly wood. He keeps saying hes going to build something with it. Funny, its been 16 years and its still there...

We have gotten a lot of work done around the yard, it looks good. I'm a bit sore from our 'leisurly stroll through the woods' but its good cause I didn't think I'd be able to move so. LOL

Hope everything works out okay with your son, Holly. You know what really annoys a bully? Agreeing with them! Bully: "you're stupid cause you believe in Santa" Respone: "yep thats right!" LOL I never believed my mom that that would work when this girl was teasing me and Ginny until I tried it. She was so mad and she couldn't think of anything better to say, so she walked off. It was immensely satisfying. LOL This one guy at my school was annoying this other guy. So he gave a nice black eye, walked straight into the principal's office and said, " I just punched him, it was worth and I don't feel guilty, I'm ready for my punishment" LOL we were all secretly giving a 'yeah!' The other guy had it coming for years.

Healing charms to all!

Off to read and find something to eat. Happy 'lundi gras'


journeymom - Feb 19, 2007 8:17 pm (#1576 of 2990)

Whoa! Wednesday is Lent! Already! Guess we'll be having pancakes for dinner tomorrow.


Lavandula - Feb 19, 2007 8:26 pm (#1577 of 2990)

Just popped in quick to say "Hello!!" Smile

Mr. L is back from his mission trip and I am back to not sleeping...glad to have him home safely, but missing the quiet nights. Sigh.

I took Darling Daughter last night to Cleveland to see Josh Groban in Concert. WOW what a great show!!! It was better than his tour two years ago. If you get a chance and enjoy his style of classical and Italian/Spanish opera, it is well worth the money. He is currently changing his style. African influences and more English lyrics. He is coming out with more pop music...perhaps to attract a different audience. We were definitely the younger ones there!

Happy Belated Birthday to Madame Librarian and DJ Evans!!!!

Healing Charms to all that are in need.

Thanks for the avatar, Lina as well as the great history lesson. I love to see how the rest of the world celebrates. I kind of chuckled at the idea of those scary masks chasing away winter.

Enjoy another beautiful day/night everyone.

I hate bullies too and wish they would get what is coming to them instead of punishing the victim. Can't help but think of Draco Malfoy and his crying scenes in HBP.



Tazzygirl - Feb 19, 2007 8:55 pm (#1578 of 2990)

Lavandula: I took Darling Daughter last night to Cleveland to see Josh Groban in Concert. WOW what a great show!!! It was better than his tour two years ago. If you get a chance and enjoy his style of classical and Italian/Spanish opera, it is well worth the money. He is currently changing his style. African influences and more English lyrics. He is coming out with more pop music...perhaps to attract a different audience. We were definitely the younger ones there!

**is currently listening to his latest CD** I am soooooo jealous!!!! My mom is going to his concert when it reaches Los Angeles at the end of March. Sadly, I cannot go, as it's during school, and a plane ticket would cost an arm and a leg. Mom did meet him a couple months back- to compensate me not being there she got me a signed copy of Awake and asked him when he was going to come to Hawaii. He said he didn't know, but he'd look into it... **goes off singing "In Her Eyes"** EDIT: Just talked with my mom, and she is super excited from your review.



Eponine - Feb 19, 2007 9:04 pm (#1579 of 2990)

Mr. Eponine got me tickets to see Josh Groban for Christmas a couple of years ago. I ended up taking his mom with me because my father in law wasn't able to get tickets, and well, she enjoyed it a lot more than he would have!

Catherine, the story about your daughter hitting the boy is hysterical. Some people just need to be stood up to!

Our freezer isn't freezing. This morning, when I was making my oh so healthy breakfast of strawberry Eggo waffles, I noticed they didn't seem as firm as usual. Then, around lunch time, I got out a Dove miniature ice cream bar, and the ice cream was quite gooey inside the chocolate (very good, though), but tonight when I got home from work, all the ice had melted and meat was starting to thaw. Luckily, the in-laws have a big freezer and don't live that far away, so we just threw everything in bags and drove to their house. Now, I've got to call someone to come and fix it. I am not looking forward to this.

I hope everyone is having a great day!


geauxtigers - Feb 19, 2007 9:35 pm (#1580 of 2990)

umm who is Josh Groban?

Well Eponine, you could always just stick the meat outside if its below freezing out still and pray a stray bear doesn't wander up to your back porch. LOL

I forgot to say earlier. I had a Harry Potter dream last night. My cat rudly woke me up in the middle of it by knocking things off my desk. I was so mad! So I jumped up found a green highlighter and wrote down all I could remember, which I have a feeling a lot of it is missing because there are some holes in it. LOL **wanders over to YKYHPLFW**


Pigwidgeon - Feb 19, 2007 9:38 pm (#1581 of 2990)

I took Darling Daughter last night to Cleveland to see Josh Groban in Concert. WOW what a great show!!!

I second that "WOW!" I was there, too, and I was squealing like a hopeless fangirl :grin; Josh Groban is so amazingly talented! Hope he makes a return stop in a year or two!

Edit: Josh Groban is a younger, more classical singer. He's known for his Italian and Spanish songs. He did "You Raise Me Up" during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. He has this wonderful, mellow baritone voice, and what an incredible range. Very cute, too, in a boy-next-door way!


Puck - Feb 19, 2007 10:06 pm (#1582 of 2990)

Thanks for the advice on removing crayon. Clothes are soaking in Oxiclean in the washer. Funny, but the dryer seems fine. Apparently the crayon was rolled up in the clothes, so they took all the damage.

Catherine, sorry you had a rough evening. "Accidental rudeness" happens quite often, you know. People speak without thinking. (I am often shocked at things that come out of my mother's mouth. Luckily, both she and the in-laws live too far away for a "pop-in".)

My dad refuses to part with this pile of wood that he has had since before I was born and its ugly wood. He keeps saying hes going to build something with it. Funny, its been 16 years and its still there.

Do you watch 'Til Death? That is an exact episode. LOL


geauxtigers - Feb 19, 2007 11:35 pm (#1583 of 2990)

Ha ha Kathy, I don't watch that show. LOL I guess its a guy thing. This pile of wood has been a family argument for years. He is very stubborn when it comes to his wood. He built one thing with it, a TV stand for each of us. I didn't have the heart to tell him its awful. The wood reminds me of old wood paneling but worse. It truly is dreadful. And it just won't get smaller! LOL

We did find some cherry wood out there that are in small little boards. We want him to make us wands... LOL they are the perfect size, but he doesn't have that tool or saw-thingy that makes circular/rounded pieces. So I dunno, my uncle apparently has one. I'll let him borrow it just so long he doesn't tell him why hes borrowing it! LOL

Off to bed me thinks! Oh Its after midnight! so.... Happy Mardi Gras!


Solitaire - Feb 20, 2007 12:09 am (#1584 of 2990)

Catherine - I, too, have an elderly dog, ... a Sheltie. She is 15 years old, has the beginning of cataracts, and is as deaf as a post--except when the treat bag is rattled or the refrigerator door is opened, two noises she can hear from a sound sleep at the other end of the house! Despite surviving cancer five years ago and having had a couple of seizures over the past few months, she still prances around like the former showgirl she is. She may not be able to bounce and jump up on the bed anymore, but she is very interested in whatever is happening in the house ... or out in the yard. Of course, she is a bit arthritic, but so am I. Hopefully, no one is expecting my demise any time soon!

I also told him he cannot go around hitting people just because they're annoying.

True ... but I understand exactly how he feels. I know more than one person who could really use a good slap! Of course, I must be satisfied with just imagining rather than actually doing it!

BTW, TomProffitt, Kevin Harvick is a local Bakersfield boy!



The giant squid - Feb 20, 2007 12:33 am (#1585 of 2990)

Again thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it made my 50th all that more special.--DJ Evans

Funny, you don't look a day over 49. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042


azi - Feb 20, 2007 5:00 am (#1586 of 2990)

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

I can also think of many people in my schools who deserved to be slapped. There was once a kid who made my life hell when his mum was our child minder, and he was yelling abuse at us at the wreck (an aptly named playground) close to Bonfire Night. I picked up a branch (hmm, maybe 30 cm long, 5 cm wide) and lobbed it in his general direction, hoping he'd run away and leave us alone. Of course, the idiot just stood there and it landed on his head. I was grounded for two weeks (my brother ran and grassed on me).

I hope the crayon disasters are rectified!

**fixing charms** to Eponine's broken freezer!

Love the avatar, Lina!

My boyfriend's car was broken into for the third time since October last night. This time, he may have to replace his car door. For some reason the alarm hadn't set so it didn't go off, and the police were called by the neighbour's - no one in his house heard a thing. It really annoys me that he lives just 250m from the police headquarters, with two youth correctional facilities at the end of the street, with a spate of car break-ins and general vandalising in the past few weeks along streets in the area, and the police still claim they can't do anything about it.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Snuffles - Feb 20, 2007 5:12 am (#1587 of 2990)

Happy pancake day

I am going shopping at lunch to get some golden syrup. I cannot have my pancakes without it

I hope you get the crayon gunk off your clothes Kathy.

Hope you get your freezer sorted Eponine.

**Bat Bogey Hex** to the persons responsible for your boyfriend's car Azi. I hope he manages to get it sorted. Will he be able to claim on insurance?

Off to have my cup a soup!

Happy Tuesday everyone



TomProffitt - Feb 20, 2007 5:33 am (#1588 of 2990)

I'm from a hopelessly Protestant family (still very religious even though I'm not) and just don't understand most of the Carnival, Mardi Gras, Lent references (like pancakes). I have a vague understanding of the terms (Lent in particular) but we've never done anything special because it was Lent so it's had no impact on me. I think the region of the country I'm from has some impact as well.

I have no clue about Josh Groban, but this is not surprising as I've had no clue about Pop music in the last fifteen years (the 80s is my era) and never about classical performers. I'd just like to see The Kinks in concert.

Woohoo! 43 F this morning! First time over 40 F in over two weeks! We've been stuck at about 27 to 30 most of the time for high temps.


azi - Feb 20, 2007 5:51 am (#1589 of 2990)

Snuffle - yes he can claim, since this time they actually nicked his car radio. The last two times he had to pay out of his own pocket.

P.S. I agree, you can't have pancakes without golden syrup!

Which reminds me, I need to buy a frying pan. Guess who was going to drive me to the supermarket today?


juliebug - Feb 20, 2007 6:05 am (#1590 of 2990)

I saw on the snopes.com site and then confirmed it by looking at IHOP's website, that in honor of pancake day IHOP is giving out free pancakes. One short stack per customer. Here is a link to the IHOP website.



Marie E. - Feb 20, 2007 6:16 am (#1591 of 2990)

I had one of those weekends where it seems like I was never actually home except to sleep. We started Girl Scout cookie booths this weekend so I was busy either driving my children to booths or handling booths for Shayla's troop. Shayla's troop had three booths this weekend. The first one ended up $12.00 short, second one $19.00 ahead, and the third $15.00 short. Very weird.

Yesterday I had to teach at our twice-a-year training day. I was nervous as heck and not quite prepared. Shayla was spending Sunday night at a birthday sleepover in Pueblo and Lexi was at a friend's house here in the Springs. I got a call at 10:30pm from Lexi saying she had a stomachache. Since she'd been to two booths sales Sunday and had eaten fast food all day, I told her to get Blankie and lie down and if her stomach still didn't feel better I would come get her. About 15 minutes later I got a call from Pueblo saying Shayla had just thrown up three times. I was panicking because I was in the middle of preparing my chart boards for my two seminars and Pueblo is an hour south of us. After talking to the other mom I found out that the girls had eaten a lot of cake and punch then went out jumping on the trampoline. I'd probably throw up too. She was going have Shayla lie down and call me back in a half hour. So while I was finishing my chart boards I kept eyeing the phone, praying it wouldn't ring. The Pueblo mom called back at 11:30pm to say Shayla had fallen asleep. She was fine yesterday, even worked a cookie booth, but her stomach started acting up again last night, so maybe it wasn't just the cake/trampoline combination. Lexi is fine, thank goodness.

My two seminars went fine despite the fact that they didn't have classroom environment posters for one of my activities and I forgot to get examples of assessment sheets for each classroom. All of my sessions ended early, but then so did everyone else's. The cool thing to come out of our usually boring training day is that I was given a PRIDE award (I can't remember what the acronym stands for, I think the R is respect). The "award" is actually a polo shirt, Egyptian cotton we were told, with our PRIDE logo embroidered on it. As only three people out of about 80 received them, it was sort of honor to get one. My co-workers, of course, made fun of me because the shirt is a size large and comes down to my knees.

We're supposed to have a lovely sunny week, 60's tomorrow, but snow on Saturday.

I can't decide to talk to about Mardi Gras or Chinese New Year with my kindergartners. Maybe I'll do both. It'll just be a party day.


Eponine - Feb 20, 2007 7:33 am (#1592 of 2990)

It's not just my freezer. Our fridge isn't working either. Thankfully, a repairman is coming today to look at it. There are times when I'm grateful my in-laws live so close. My mother in law is going to come over to wait for them because I've got work and school. I've got everything shoved in a couple of coolers, and I'm putting some of the stuff in our garage because it's pretty cool in there. Hopefully, we'll be able to get this fixed without too much trouble.

Marie, cake and trampolines are not a good combination. I hope she starts feeling better.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Lina - Feb 20, 2007 7:37 am (#1593 of 2990)

Thank you for the Carnival link, Tori. That explains a lot and makes the things much more clear. So this reminded me that Mardi Gras is also a day for the bonfire. It has its name in Pag, Marco, and he is guilty of all the bad that happened during the last year. But he leaves behind many widows, because he was very popular. So the last day of carnival, everybody wear the black robes, like those in my newest avatar. But the funny thing is that those black robes are just the same as the robes that ordinary women (especially elderly) wear for everyday. So it is nice to see women in their ordinary robes mixed with masked people in the same robes. Oh, I need to organize a carnival in Pag again, soon...

Catherine: I realize that she has fewer years in front of her than she does behind her, but I found this comment insensitive and irritating, seeing as they have never had a dog survive their care more than six years, and Phoebe is fourteen years old this summer.

Well, this is an obvious example of the advice I gave to Holly. The mother in law is obviously jealous of the Phoebe's old age while she is not able to achieve the same, poor woman. Maybe she does not even like dogs but keeps them because everybody else does?

Reparo charms to your freezer and the fridge, Eponine!

Congratulations on the PRIDE award, Marie. I hope the girls are feeling better.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 20, 2007 7:49 am (#1594 of 2990)

Marie, healing charms to Shayla! Congrats on the PRIDE award! What a nice surprise that must have been.

juliebug, we used to have an IHOP just around the corner. I would have taken the children if it was still open. It caught fire years ago and has sat abandoned ever since.

Leg-locking curse to whoever broke into your boyfriend's car, azi.

I like your pics and the history, Lina! **waves**

Off to take Olivia for Phase 1 of her braces. Poor kid.



Solitaire - Feb 20, 2007 8:07 am (#1595 of 2990)

I'd just like to see The Kinks in concert.

Actually, Tom, I think The Kinks were hot in the 60s and 70s. I know they were around during the 80s, because I knew some fans ... but they always seemed to me to be more of a "cult band" by the 80s and 90s. Then again, what do I know? **wandering off, singing to self ... So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ...** BTW, thanks for the earworm! I'll be "thinking it" all day! LOL



TomProffitt - Feb 20, 2007 8:44 am (#1596 of 2990)

BTW, thanks for the earworm! I'll be thinking it" all day!"  Not All day! And all of the night!?

Yeah, the Kinks were kind of a cult band, but I'd still love to see them, I know they've performed with in the last ten years (got the live CD to prove it) (Well the CD is copyrighted 1996)


Julie Aronson - Feb 20, 2007 8:52 am (#1597 of 2990)


I've actually seen the Kinks in concert several times. They rock!! In fact, just now I'm looking at a picture of me with Ray Davies. I never understood why they were so underappreciated...

I know Ray toured by himself a few years ago. He came to Akron (where I live) but I didn't hear about it until after the fact. SmileyCentral.com


Holly T. - Feb 20, 2007 9:04 am (#1598 of 2990)

Marie, hope Shayla feels better. Congrats on the award!

Eponine, too bad about your fridge and freezer!

Hugs to Olivia, sorry about the braces (hugs to Maria for having to pay for said braces).

Azi, sorry to hear about your boyfriend's car.

Catherine, how rude of your MIL.

Lina and others, thanks for the advice/sympathy about my son and the bully. We are going to talk to the principal and teacher on Friday. I think jealousy does have a lot to do with it.

Other Girl Scout moms--read the comic "Pearls Before Swine" today--it has "uniformed combatants attempting to extort funds" at the door. Too funny. Woohoo, the sale is almost over, only about 150 boxes left.

I'm giving up soda for Lent and my daughter says she is going to give up beef jerky (she eats way too much beef jerky). Last year she gave up sweets. Last year my son gave up cleaning his room. I told him he really isn't getting the point.


Mediwitch - Feb 20, 2007 10:54 am (#1599 of 2990)

(((HUGS)))to Catherine. You just enjoy that beautiful girl of yours, never mind Eyeore-types!

Puck, hope the crayon came out.

**Reparo** to Eponine's refrigerator.

**Jelly-Legs Jinx** to the car vandals/thieves, azi.

**Felix Felicis** for the braces, Olivia (and **Cash Conjuring** charms to Maria!)

Off to the Building Inspector to get the building permit for the new house!


John Bumbledore - Feb 20, 2007 1:18 pm (#1600 of 2990)

"**wandering off, singing to self ... So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ...** BTW, thanks for the earworm!" – Solitaire

Ha that's not going to dislodge Meat Loaf, Paradise from my mind! Let me think on it, baby. Baby, let me think on it.

**as I'm thinking** You know something, often when I write Solitaire's name I think "Laura Brag-again" but I'm sure her muggle name isn't Laura.

**more thinking** "What's for Dinner? -- "Meat loaf, again!" **just a step to the left, and a jump to the right!**

Marie E. sounds like she needs a Reducto charm on her PRIDE shirt. (or would hot water then a hot dryer work?) In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

**trying to think how to text-picture "._Olivia" with braces but drawing a blank, maybe Chemyst has a symbol that would help? ** She blinded me with science!

**Wondering if wingardium leviosa will work on the lottery balls! Sending that thought to the Horntails**

Colleagues had a birthday cake for me today. They admitted they were early so they could surprise me and I won't have to share it with anyone else's B-day. (last couple have been group birthday cakes in March).

**wondering if I got enough earworms in this post for everyone?** It's a small world after all. It's a small, small world.

Edit for Chemyst: LOL Purely unintentional, I assure you. I was just sharing my joy, both today and back in post #1272 (now that I go back and see just what I said then.)
By the way, are those your easter colors in your avatar? (Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜
Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:15 pm


Chemyst - Feb 20, 2007 1:23 pm (#1601 of 2990)

Yes, John. I have post #1272 noted so you can stop dropping hints now.
Sorry, no bracing thoughts at the moment.


kabloink! - Feb 20, 2007 2:50 pm (#1602 of 2990)

Hooray for Target! I have finally found a brand of formula that Ian likes-Target brand. How cool is that? He spits this up a bit more at the moment, but I think his tummy is still adjusting to the change. Ok, gotta go work, just wanted to share my good news!


DJ Evans - Feb 20, 2007 3:22 pm (#1603 of 2990)

heehee Mike/Squid: Ahhhh, you silver tongue you! ***goes off feeling good that she doesn't look a day over 49*** lol

Azi: Gosh, they keep that up & soon they will have taken the whole car. Hmmm, wonders if it's not time to invest in a guard dog to sleep in the car at night? Smile

Marie E: Congrats on the PRIDE award.

My niece got a new scanner the other day & loaned it to me. I've been busy the last couple of days trying to get all of the old family photos scanned & put into a digital format. Scanners sure have come a long way from what they were about 7 or 8 years ago. After seeing what hers will do, I think it is time to chunk the old one that sits on my desk that I never use cause of the horrible job it does.

Oh it is absolutely gorgeous outside today. I've got most of the windows opened up letting in all of that nice fresh air. Nice, very nice indeed. May everyone have the same such weather where they are.

Later, Deb


haymoni - Feb 20, 2007 5:29 pm (#1604 of 2990)

I thought we were having a heatwave today at 34 degrees. It felt great!

Phelim - I'm thinking of you and your family.


Puck - Feb 20, 2007 6:00 pm (#1605 of 2990)

Haymoni, did something happen to Phelim's dad? I remember a post once in another thread....

Azi, that's horrid. Hope it gets sorted soon.

Mmmm, cookies should be arriving soon. Sadly, I'm giving up junk food for Lent. I did this a couple of years ago and was in much better shape in forty days. (Junk includes all soda, chips, refined sugars and anything made with white flour.)

So, why pancakes? I never heard that one...

Here, Maria. **passes over a niffler**

Went to visit my family today. On the way home we stopped and visit a friend. SHe's pregant and on particial bed rest. Part way through the visit I noticed a cast. She fell down the stairs and broke some bones a couple of weeks back. This is not the reason for her pregnancy complications, but she sure is having a tough month. (She was 4 months along and carrying her 7 month old when she fell. Luckily neither baby was harmed.)

Off to pry son away from his Wii and put him to bed.



Thom Matheson - Feb 20, 2007 6:06 pm (#1606 of 2990)

Around Detroit it is Pazki (pronounced punch kee) Day. Same as the pancakes but these are very very wonderful filled doughnuts. Only about 600 calories each. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059  The bakeries start about 3 days before the Tuesday and all toll the stores sell around 500,000 in the one day. Talk about decadence. They are filled with rasberry, lemon, prune, custard, strawberry jellies. Couple of those babies and you can easily fast for the next 40.


geauxtigers - Feb 20, 2007 6:17 pm (#1607 of 2990)

I just got back from pre-ordering my copy of Deathly Hallows! I'm so excited!

Pancakes are usually done on mardi gras in most places of the world I think. Not necessarily here, I'd never heard of this until I went to France and they told me all they do it eat 'crepes'. Then you know suddenly I started hearing it called 'pancake day' and the like. I think its just a day to eat a bunch of junk and high calorie foods. After all, it is called 'fat tuesday' so it makes sense! LOL

I've had a lazy day. Stayed in my pjs until about 6 this evening. Been reading OoP all day and I'm about half way through and started about a 1/4 of the way in. My mom starte PS last night and it nearly done with Azkaban. I really wish I knew how she reads that fast!

Healing charms to all!

Thom, those doughnut things sound sooooo good! I had to resist the temptation of a huge Godiva cupcake at Starbucks earlier!


journeymom - Feb 20, 2007 6:29 pm (#1608 of 2990)

Oooh, my sister told me about her Polish mother-in-law's Pazkis. They sound divine. (They're Polish, right?)

Pancakes on Fat Tuesday, because in preparation for Lent you're supposed to clean your cupboards out of sweet things, like jam, jelly and syrup. And an easy way to use them up is to eat them with stacks of pancakes. I think the tradition took off in church socials because it's easy to make gallons of pancake batter for the congregation.

Sorry your fridge is ailing, Eponine.

Oh, yes he is (oh yes he is), oh, yes he is (oh yes he is). There's one thing that he loves and that is flattery. One week he's in polka-dots, the next week he's in stripes, 'cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.


Godiva cupcakes??!


DJ Evans - Feb 20, 2007 6:53 pm (#1609 of 2990)

Kathy, not to but in, but I saw on the Potty Game thread that Phelim had had a call from the doctor's & it doesn't look good for his Dad.

My heartfelt thoughts & prayers are with Phelim & his family.

Thom those pancakes/doughnuts sound like heaven.

haymoni: May you get to have the same weather we have enjoyed the day or so soon. I think we are supposed to have it like this for another 4 or 5 days & then it is back to cooler/colder temperatures. Sad

Later, Deb


journeymom - Feb 20, 2007 7:37 pm (#1610 of 2990)

Best wishes for Phelim and his family.


Mr Journeymom came home early from work. His cold was getting the better of him and he was getting nothing done. He wrapped up in a blanket and I gave him tea with scotch. I put on a dvd. Ooooh, I love this one!

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

So what movie are we watching?


Eponine - Feb 20, 2007 7:51 pm (#1611 of 2990)

Sending charms to Phelim and his family.

journeymom - Two Towers!

Well, Mr. Repairman came and looked at the fridge, and it would cost about $800-1000 to fix the thing. However, the broken part might still be under warranty even though the fridge itself is not. It's something to do with enclosed components, I think. So, we might be able to get it fixed for not much, or we might be buying a new fridge. Right now, we have the essentials shoved in a tiny refrigerator we borrowed from the in-laws. It's tiny, but at least we have milk and OJ and Diet Dr. Pepper. (You can tell where my priorities are!)

Wait, there's Godiva cupcakes? I adore their dark chocolate ganache. It makes me just melt with chocolatey happiness.

I think I'm starting to get the crud. My throat is scratchy, and I'm very tired. I don't have time to get sick right now! I've got an exam due on Thursday, and a project due next Tuesday. Plus, there's always a ton a reading to do.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


geauxtigers - Feb 20, 2007 8:12 pm (#1612 of 2990)

So, we might be able to get it fixed for not much, or we might be buying a new fridge. Geez! for 800 bucks you could buy a brand new fridge! And that would get you a really, nice one! Like stainless or something! LOL Hopefully its under warranty!

Yes this cupcake was labeled as a Godiva chocolate cupcake or something like that. The huge mound of chocolaty icing caught my eye, which then traveled to the word 'Godiva'. I should have gotten it! LOL it looked so good! It was sitting next to the 'creamy vanilla cupcake and the sinful looking slice of cheesecake and the giant triple chocolate chip cookie and the... LOL

Hugs to Phliem. He mentioned it on the triva and games threads. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers, Phleim!


Solitaire - Feb 20, 2007 10:33 pm (#1613 of 2990)

often when I write Solitaire's name I think "Laura Brag-again"

Um ... did I just get slammed?



kaykay1970 - Feb 20, 2007 10:34 pm (#1614 of 2990)

Big hug to ((Phelim)). We'll be praying for you and your family.


Thom Matheson - Feb 20, 2007 10:44 pm (#1615 of 2990)

Yep you are right, Pazkis are Polish. We have a rather large Polish community called Hamtramack right smack in the city. They have about 5 or 6 bakeries that go non stop to make these things. Now Kroger and all the other major chains carry them as well. People line up like a Harry Potter book release.

Phelim- Focus on what is important for your family, we'll all be here waiting for your return, God bless.


Ydnam96 - Feb 21, 2007 1:00 am (#1616 of 2990)

Phelim (((hugs)))

I'm feeling so much better now...Salmonella is a horrrrrible experience. I'm very glad to be better. I felt like a train hit me.

I haven't decided what I'm giving up for Lent..I didn't realize it was tomorrow until yesterday.

well...off to bed.



Good Evans - Feb 21, 2007 3:14 am (#1617 of 2990)

gosh where to start - I haven't been here since monday afternoon and gosh you have been chatty!!!

Mandy - glad you are feeling better

Phelim - all good wishes for you and your family during this hard time for you.

Catherine - I join you with the GRRS, terribly insensitive, if phoebe hasn't been ill why would she say anything at all!!!!

Tazzy - best of luck with the job hunting

Holly - best of luck with the school - bullies are no easy thing to deal with.

I am sure I have missed some stuff ..... oh yes - hope your fridge gets sorted Eponine and sympathies to Azi's boyfriend for the car break in.

head is still a little like coton wool stuffed and my throat feels like razorblades. that aside - everything is marvellous, thanks for the healing charms!

hope you all enjoyed "jif lemon day" yesterday (shrove tuesday or pancake day, to anyone who doesnt understand the reference!!)

have a good day all



jose043 - Feb 21, 2007 4:32 am (#1618 of 2990)

Phelim hope your Dad is not suffering to much you & your family are in our thoughts

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Chemyst - Feb 21, 2007 9:24 am (#1619 of 2990)

By the way, are those your easter colors in your avatar? <)B^=

Nice guess, but not quite. I was playing with an effect called "neon" hoping for some Carnival colors.

The huge mound of chocolaty icing caught my eye... It was sitting next to the creamy vanilla cupcake and the sinful looking slice of cheesecake and the giant triple chocolate chip cookie and the...

It is our choices, Tori, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." – paraphrased from CS18

I didn't realize it was tomorrow until yesterday.

Mandy, I think saying that is like dangling bait in front of the giant squid.

'Sending you Consoling thoughts, Phelim.

When House wasn't on TV last night, I got to thinking about a recent forum comment that he might make a good Scrimgeour in the next movie. I did a quick search and found both US and UK addresses for his agent and wrote a brief note to the one in California suggesting 'Hugh Laurie for Minister of Magic'. If anyone is motivated to join me, I put the addresses in my profile.


John Bumbledore - Feb 21, 2007 11:10 am (#1620 of 2990)

often when I write Solitaire's name I think "Laura Brag-again" -- Me
Um ... did I just get slammed? – Solitaire

No, Gwen, I would never! I only wanted to include another earworm of "Solitaire", by the late Laura Branigan

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


azi - Feb 21, 2007 11:51 am (#1621 of 2990)

**hugs** to Phelim.

Well, now I have MeatLoaf songs in my head...at least he's been my favourite singer since babyhood.

John, which day precisely is your birthday? (Must make a note of it!)

I was under the impression Panckae Day was the day you used up all your fatty foods, like eggs, butter and milk, hence why we make pancakes. Anyway, I ate four and made more - it's amazing how many people can't make them!

**healing charms** JulieGE and Mandy!


Eponine - Feb 21, 2007 11:56 am (#1622 of 2990)

Good news! It turns out that the broken component in our fridge is covered by some kind of warranty, so it will only cost us $60 to fix it! I'm very glad we don't have to buy a new fridge right now.

I should be working on my exam right now, but I'm procrastinating. Well, I guess technically I'm taking a break because I have been working on it by going over the notes.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Puck - Feb 21, 2007 11:57 am (#1623 of 2990)

Skipping quickly over all references to any kind of pastry, as I am on day one of 40 without such treats. (Popcorn and wheat pretzels only for me.)


Busy morning. Went to church with 3 kids by myself. Son -who can play in the mud with the best of them- was afraid of getting a bit of ash on his head. Then to the dentist, where it took us 45 minutes to get x-rays for the same child. He's used to cleaning, but it was the first time for them to take the pictures and he got himself all worked up about it. A quick run through the grocery store and now we're home for a bit until it's time for piano lessons. I should probably get the kitchen clean before we go.

So, Blake, Phil and the 2 Chris' were my favorites on idol last night. Phil deserves to go on simply because he missed his daughter's birth to audition. (Not on purpose. He was waiting in line and his wife went into labor a bit earlier than expected.)

Okay, can't put off the kitchen any longer. **sigh**



Madam Pince - Feb 21, 2007 2:14 pm (#1624 of 2990)

Eponine, glad that your 'fridge/freezer isn't going to cost too much to repair! Yay!

Belated Happy Birthday to DJ Evans and Madame Librarian! DJ, thanks so much for the info about National Treasure 2 -- I'm so excited! Being big history buffs, the Pince household loooooves the first one! Riley was too funny! Hope they do as good a job with the second one.

Dizzy Lizzy, congratulations and best wishes on your move! Hope everything goes smoothly! How excellent -- you will have a whole fresh new start on life with a new home and new stuff and everything! Congratulations!

Puck, bummer about the "crayon in the dryer" episode. Did the OxyClean do the job?

Lina, I love your avatar! Excellent Harry glasses! (I had that hairstyle once, too!)

Holly, sorry to hear about your son and the bully. Like they say, never retaliate, because they always "catch" the second hit! When I was in school we had this little rat of a boy who was so annoying, and his mother was always coming to school to defend "her darling little angel, who would never have done ...X..." (whatever it was that he definitely did do.) Then one day he was taunting and pushing another classmate -- the biggest guy in class who was also very calm and quiet and gentle. This guy kept warning him to stop, but "rat" kept on, until finally "gentle giant" punched him right in the nose, which bled quite profusely until the boys' restroom looked like a scene from CSI and which promptly brought "rat's" mother hot-footing it up to the school. I wasn't privy to what went on, except that I know "gentle giant" did not get in any trouble, and "rat" was a lot quieter after that...

Solitaire, this is going back a ways, but I loved your quote "Of course, you're bored! You're a boring person!" I have long subscribed to this! If you can't find something around you to interest you, or think about, or to occupy your thoughts, then you must have the imagination of a teaspoon, and thus be very boring indeed!

It's practically hot outside today -- 46 degrees or something! Wow! What a change! Mr. Pince and I went away to the beach this past weekend for our anniversary / my birthday, and I don't think it ever got above freezing so we never got to walk on the beach. Mr. Pince had a nasty cold, anyway, so we mostly just stayed inside by the fire and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" over and over on DVD -- it's amazing how much more of that movie you can "pick up" with the subtitles on and the director's commentary! (For instance, I had noticed that Tia Dalma's necklace matched the one on Davy Jones' desk, but I did not even notice the empty pair of boots at Tia Dalma's, which apparently the writers/directors say is a big plot clue!) We also got to go to several antique malls -- something we used to enjoy a lot pre-Little-Pince but seldom get to do now... Then yesterday I treated myself to a manicure/pedicure, and my mom took us out for dinner where I had yummy shrimp scampi and even-yummier Mud Pie... sinful!

Tonight it's back to the real world -- Lost, laundry, and hamburger casserole!


Steve Newton - Feb 21, 2007 2:26 pm (#1625 of 2990)

Madam, I hope that subtitles on helps with 'Dead Man's Chest.' Friends told me that it was very well written but since I could hardly understand half of what was said I have no idea. Its supposed to be at library tonight for me.


journeymom - Feb 21, 2007 3:43 pm (#1626 of 2990)

Ding ding ding! Eponine gave the correct movie trivia answer. We watched Two Towers yesterday. It pretty much dominates the day, it's so long. That particular scene (Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!) is one of my all time favorite movie lines. Just so grimly humorous!

Healing charms to all with the Crud. Repairo! to all with ailing appliances.


Mediwitch - Feb 21, 2007 7:21 pm (#1627 of 2990)

WooHoo! We have a well! Got the building permit yesterday and they finished the well today! So far so good for the March 19th set date for the house.

Glad your fridge is covered by the warrantee, Eponine. How nice to have it work out so well!

Chemyst, are you playing with Photoshop? I did a very cool pic of an apple at a workshop last week using the neon filter. It was one of the best workshops I've been to in a while because we really got to play with the program instead of just watching somebody show off.

Ydnam, glad you're feeling better!

More (((((HUGS))))) for Phelim.


Ydnam96 - Feb 21, 2007 7:55 pm (#1628 of 2990)

Congrats about the fridge Eponine and on the well Mediwitch!

Captions on Dead Man's Chest does help! Smile

Oh my goodness, I just got back from the pet store (I went with one of my Resident Assistants to play with the puppies) there were two puppies that were just so incredibly adorable. One was a tiny male Chihuahua and one was an equally tiny female Shitzu. It made me so sad that I'm not allowed to have dogs. But, I guess it's better for my bank account.

Wooohooo for LOST.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 21, 2007 10:07 pm (#1629 of 2990)

It's practically hot outside today -- 46 degrees or something!

LOL We got up to 77 today! That's almost 80! What's going on with the weather??? craziness.

Yay on the building permit Mediwitch!

More **healing charms** to those who are sick.

Grey's tomorrow night! I can't wait!!! Even if it does mean it's Thursday and our wonderfull week is coming to a close....


The giant squid - Feb 21, 2007 10:53 pm (#1630 of 2990)

I'm munching on pretzels in deference to Puck.

I didn't realize it was tomorrow until yesterday.—Ydnam

Mandy, I think saying that is like dangling bait in front of the giant squid.—Chemyst

At least you didn't realize it was today tomorrow. Actually, despite all the talk about Lent I still did a double-take the first time I saw someone with ashes on their forehead today. Every year people mark themselves for Ash Wednesday, and every year I forget until I see someone & think, "What's that on her head?"



Madam Pince - Feb 21, 2007 11:11 pm (#1631 of 2990)

At least you didn't pull a Hermione and say "Er, you've got a bit of dirt on your forehead, did you know? Just there..."

Lost just gets curiouser and curiouser... So, just how many islands are there around there? And since Locke supposedly said he'd walked all around "our" island, then why hasn't he seen all these other nearby ones? I'm really thinking it might be like Karl said, and there's some underwater tunnel that connects the islands, perhaps? I still don't get why what Jack's tattoo says got him beaten up by the beach guys. Sigh... Very confusing...


Snuffles - Feb 22, 2007 2:23 am (#1632 of 2990)

Congrats on the building permit Mediwitch

(((((hugs)))) to Phelim.

I'm glad you can get your fridge/freezer sorted Eponine.

My brother rang yesterday and asked if I would be interested in raising money for the unit that is helping my mum with Leukemia. Of course I agreed. He mentioned the Lyke Wake Walk, which is a 42 mile course over the moors. You have to complete it within 24 hours to receive your certificate. It is very difficult and alot of people don't manage it apparently. I have suggested doing it at the beginning of September when it is still lightish nights and normally settled weather.(plus it will give me chance to prepare!!).

I still haven't got round to watching Lost which started her a couple of weeks ago. I now have 2 episodes to catch up on. I really must sort out my priorities

Oh well, better start work. Lots of horrible things sitting on my desk waiting for me to look at. Think I will just shuffle the paper around a bit and make it look like I have done something

Happy Thursday everyone



Good Evans - Feb 22, 2007 2:52 am (#1633 of 2990)

well here I am, still at home, and yes I must be feeling better as it is time to rant.....

I am never ill - constitution of an ox etc etc.... this 'flu (or crud as journeymom puts it - and yes that is about it) has knocked me for six, so today hubby says "well I'm off to work, youngest has gone to his Mum's for the rest of 1/2 term so you can walk the dog this morning" "!!!!" . Of course the dog needs a walk and I have no problem with that, but I am the one that didnt sleep a wink due to cough cough coughing and it is literally pouring down with rain..... ah well next stop pneumonia central....

I was going in to work - but as I can't stop the cough and therefore got no sleep I decided the forty minute drive each way was probably not that safe. so I will try to kill this bug off tofay and then go in tomorrow.

Just explain why hubby, who now swears that he has the bug too, can't manage to walk the dog????????????? i expect he will want me to make him dinner tonight - well he has two chances on that at the moment!

rant over (cough)

hope everyone else has a good day.... I knew I had forgotten something yesterday - Kathy - really grim about the community centre membership, I think they are pretty mean!

edit - I think I am being a bit mean, she is my dog too and I suppose I have as much repsonsibility to walk her even if I am coughing andf sneezing - ah well!


Solitaire - Feb 22, 2007 3:57 am (#1634 of 2990)

Julie, is that a pic of the forum in your avatar? It shows up really small on my mac ... but so do lots of things, for some odd reason!

John, thanks for the clarification. I do know a Solitaire song, but for some reason Karen Carpenter is the one who comes to mind. Since it is 2:45 in the morning (long story about why I'm STILL up), I'm kind of lazy about surfing around to find out.

Ginny, the weather here, which has been unusually cold all winter, suddenly warmed up last week. On my way to work this morning, I noticed that a couple of the fruit and nut orchards have burst into bloom. Unfortunately, we are expecting a HUGE storm this weekend, which expected to dump snow at very low elevations. I'm wondering if this will mean a freeze for all the almond and pistachio growers in the county ... and more nightmares for the citrus growers. Even if there is no freeze, really hard rains can do plenty of damage. Also, I saw the bee hives out in the orchards all along the way last week, but the farmers are saying there aren't any bees in or near them! No bees, no cross-pollination ... no produce!

BTW, I have joined the ranks of those battling the Creeping Crud. I've staved off an actual cold thus far ... but I have somehow acquired the cough, headache, and general malaise ... although that could be sheer exhaustion. My sympathies to all sufferers.



Starling - Feb 22, 2007 5:18 am (#1635 of 2990)

Just explain why hubby, who now swears that he has the bug too, can't manage to walk the dog?????????????

Cos he's a man!

Although I'm impressed by how my little man managed in the past few weeks. He's feeling better, but he's so thin he looks like a famine victim, and he's still coughing, so we hope he doesn't get pleurisy again (which is something you should be careful of, Good Evans. If you get lung pains, make sure they X-ray you and don't automatically assume pneumonia. You don't want unnecessary antibiotics!).

It's weird, my ex and my son were both ill, and they both had the 'flu vaccine. I didn't have the vaccine, and I haven't been ill.

I do know a Solitaire song, but for some reason Karen Carpenter is the one who comes to mind

Ditto! Darn, ear worm alert.



Madam Pince - Feb 22, 2007 6:44 am (#1636 of 2990)

To bed late and up early this morning... 'twill be a long day... (Random observation as I'm sipping my coffee -- the Safeway brand of Cafe Mocha is soooo way better and chocolatey-er than the fancy General Foods International Coffee Suisse Mocha, and way cheaper, too...)

Sympathies and Pepper-Up Potion to all with the Creeping Crud -- how miserable! Hope everyone is feeling better soon! (For what it's worth, Mr. Pince made his own "Pepper-Up Potion" -- a hot toddy with Wild Turkey Liqueur with honey -- and it seemed to sort him out when he was sick this past weekend... Don't know if that brand is available in the U.K. or not?)

Snuffles, what season of Lost is starting there now? Is it the third? Confusing times lie ahead! LOL!

Solitaire, I too had heard about that problem with the bees! That is a very serious problem -- certainly from the pollination standpoint, but also from a honey standpoint! We've just got to take better care of the other creatures that live here on the planet with us!

...expect he will want me to make him dinner tonight - well he has two chances on that at the moment! --Good Evans

And those chances are "Slim" to "None," right? And "Slim" has already left town... Sounds like a lovely night for take-out to me -- which he can pick up on his way home! Hope you get to stay abed all day and catch up on your rest!

Everyone enjoy the RotD and avoid the Creeping Crud!


Good Evans - Feb 22, 2007 6:58 am (#1637 of 2990)

LOL soli "Creeping Crud" (didn't creep on me just pounced on in there!) hope that yours doesn't develop in to this - keep well! yes it is the Forum in Rome in my piccie, one of the places on my list for later in the year.

I didnt have the 'flu vacccine Starling - but hubby did and he has had a perpetual cold for weeks!! but thanks for the tip, no pains only a cough at the moment I am pleased to say.

I like the sound of the home made pepper -up Madam P - trouble is I am taking the paracetamol medications (cold reemdies) and I dont want to mix alcohol with that at all, so i think I will pass.

off for next "lemsip"... **glances longingly at the Glenmorangie on the way**


Solitaire - Feb 22, 2007 8:02 am (#1638 of 2990)

those chances are "Slim" to "None," right?

Have you ever noticed that "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean about the same thing ... except that when you have a "slim chance" you still have a chance? **thinking it is far too early to be ... thinking**



azi - Feb 22, 2007 9:05 am (#1639 of 2990)

Get well soon JulieGE, Starling's son and Soli! It seems we are in an ill time of the year...

No flu vaccine for me, never yet had it anyway! **touches wood repeatedly**

I hope the bee problem gets better! I'm sure it's too early for them to be around though?

I will also answer the word Men! to the discussion of their annoyances. However, I was able to persuade my boyfriend to carry some of my bags from the supermarket yesterday (he has, however, decided he's never doing that again, despite the fact I did it all last year with a longer walking distance ).


Thom Matheson - Feb 22, 2007 9:10 am (#1640 of 2990)

Who ya gonna call with that spider on the wall? Or, mouse in the house?


Snuffles - Feb 22, 2007 9:23 am (#1641 of 2990)

Madame Pince, yes it is Season 3 that has just started after that annoying break! I have to record it as I cannot rely on my eyes staying open until 11pm


Eponine - Feb 22, 2007 9:30 am (#1642 of 2990)

The crud pounced on me too. I'm not going anywhere today. I'm just staying in bed with my laptop and the TV. I do have to finish my exam that's due tonight, though.

I hope everyone who's got the crud feels better soon!


Esther Rose - Feb 22, 2007 9:34 am (#1643 of 2990)

Thom... uh... Ghost Busters?

Sorry, earworm.


Thom Matheson - Feb 22, 2007 9:41 am (#1644 of 2990)

Or Orkin


Elanor - Feb 22, 2007 9:51 am (#1645 of 2990)

R2-D2 of course! The true galaxy's savior!

Healing Charms to everybody needing some (the crud got me too, I have Remus Lupin's voice today) and Cheering Charms to all!

Audrey **Calling: R2-D2, where are you?**


John Bumbledore - Feb 22, 2007 10:43 am (#1646 of 2990)

Audrey **Calling: R2-D2, where are you?**

**C3PO: Oh, where are they? --beep boop-- What do you mean, use the comm link? --biddy beep boop biddy biddy bop-- Oh! I forgot I turned it off!** (sure to be corrected by the Squid if I'm wrong.)

Every year people mark themselves for Ash Wednesday, and every year I forget until I see someone & think, "What's that on her head?" -- Giant Squid
At least you didn't pull a Hermione and say "Er, you've got a bit of dirt on your forehead, did you know? Just there..." -- Madam Pince

Ah! Madam Pince, if we identify which religion marks their noses with ash at the start of term for first years, then we will know what religion is practiced by the Weasley family... Right?

I do know a Solitaire song, but for some reason Karen Carpenter is the one who comes to mind. -- Solitaire (ditto by Starling)
I saw the bee hives out in the orchards all along the way last week, but the farmers are saying there aren't any bees in or near them! No bees, no cross-pollination ... no produce! – Solitaire

No surprise about the song, I am often wrong about who sang what song. My memory is of Laura Branigan in a (Macey's ?) parade singing "Solitaire" or was it "Gloria?" from a float. Since she was wearing a fur coat, it must have been a Christmas parade.

I heard about the latest bee die offs, don't know if they have figured out why since then. Well, grains and grasses are about all that would be left without pollinators. I do wonder how long before someone point the finger at "Global Warming" for this, or if at all?

   All the cards were held by you
   There was nothin' I could do
   All those nights I sat alone, starin' at the telephone
   Wonderin' were you ever comin' home

   Solitaire, it got so lonely
   Solitaire, no one to hold me
   Where were you when I played solitaire?

 - - - - - -

John, which day precisely is your birthday? (Must make a note of it!) -- Azi.

Precisely? Well it was the last Wednesday in February at 2:30 PM, or so I was told by my mum. Does that help?

As Chemyst pointed out, post # 1272 answers it for this year, it is the last Saturday in February. **Realizes now why he is so often last to arrive at appointments, he was born into it!**

Glad it wasn't a leap year, otherwise I would only be half way between my tenth and eleventh birthdays... (Sorry, I do remember Maths is not your best subject) :evilgrin: **We really ought to get that added to Worldcrossing, don't you think?**
Healing charms and prayers go out to all those feeling or

Here is part of an email I received recently. It is a little example of how our brains identify written words, and I am interested to see if our "English as a second (or other additional) language" members can read it as easily.

   Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs.

   I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was
   rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a
   rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the
   ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and
   lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you
   can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos
   not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?
   Yaeh, and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

   If you can raed tihs,

   tehn psas it on!

Well, I thought it was interesting but not enough to send it out as spam.

Oh, my. I did carry on, didn't I? Sorry about the long post, just been missing the forum lately.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Thom Matheson - Feb 22, 2007 10:54 am (#1647 of 2990)

Awesome e-mail John. The mroe I read it and got into it the fetsar it was to raed.


kabloink! - Feb 22, 2007 10:56 am (#1648 of 2990)

I forgot to tell everyone in my last post about my search for Twinings Tea. I was looking all over for it, then realized last Friday as I was in my regular grocery store (Kroger, if anyone is interested), and realized I had never checked there for it. Guess what? Lo and behold, there it was, on the top shelf of the tea section. They had Lady and Earl Grey, English and Irish Breakfast and Darjeeling. I think I may still make a trip to World Market for more unique flavors, but this will do for my everyday tea fix-and its the same price as it would have been online, minus the shipping! Hooray!

I am soo sad. I just heard that a former professor of mine's wife died in the blizzard that hit Grand Rapids last week. Its awful, if I remember correctly they have a young son, and had just had another baby this past year. He may not remember me, but I will forever remember several things from his class. It was a three hour session of American Literature 1 out at Grand Valley State University, in the summer session. That class was sooo much fun. I feel so sorry for him. I believe I will have to write him a sympathy card, even if he doesn't remember me.

Ok, I'm off to do more housework-yay for days off!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 22, 2007 11:07 am (#1649 of 2990)

How sad, kabloink, that she leaves behind such young ones! I think a sympathy card from you would lift his spirits. It is always nice to know people are thinking about you, especially from a time and place least expected - a gift of sorts. ((prayers and hugs)) to his family.

John, I had no trouble at all reading that paragraph. (That's a bit troubling.)

Esther Rose, funny, I thought "Ghost Busters" too. lol



Holly T. - Feb 22, 2007 11:16 am (#1650 of 2990)

Kabloink, sorry to hear about your professor.

Mandy, glad you are feeling better.

John, I've seen that before, interesting--kind of looks like when my son writes--he always thought he should get credit on his spelling tests for getting all of the letters right, even if they weren't in the right order.

We're having highs in the 80s here, which isn't unusual for Texas in February. But the pollen is making me sneeze.
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:18 pm


journeymom - Feb 22, 2007 11:30 am (#1651 of 2990)




John Bumbledore - Feb 22, 2007 12:04 pm (#1652 of 2990)

I now know more about Twinings Teas than I care to admit (at least among friends that don't have an obsession, unlike us Potties). I actually did an edit to the Wikipedia entry. For some reason they had Daniel Twinings as the founder instead of his father, Thomas. It was called "Toms Coffee House" after all! My source is twiningsusa.com/Twinings/HistoryOfTwinings.php and also seen at twinings.co.uk / about us / our heritage.

Home made "Pepper-Up Potions:"

Russian Tea: Place dry ingredients in a large container, add mix well.

   1/2 c. instant tea
   1 c. Tang (powered orange drink)
   1 pkg. pre-sweetened lemonade (I don't remember this, I'll mark it optional)
   1/2 c. sugar
   1/2 tsp. cloves
   1 tsp. cinnamon

Mix well and place enough in cup of hot water to taste. (about 2 to 3 [teaspoons] per cup) [Edited]

Sometimes, I just go for a hot cup of Tang (powdered orange drink).

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Elanor - Feb 22, 2007 12:24 pm (#1653 of 2990)

John, I could read the text you posted earlier, took me a bit more time but no real problem: only had trouble with one word (rset/rest) that required more thinking, no idea why, lol! That said I always type "teh" for "the", but this is all the keyboard's fault of course!

Great news Journeymom!

Sorry to hear about your Professor Kabloink!

Have a good day/night everybody!


Good Evans - Feb 22, 2007 12:35 pm (#1654 of 2990)

woo hooo journeymom!!!!   cheers  lucky lucky you!!!

hope you feel better soon Audrey - LOL on R2D2!!!!!

Thom - not on the spiders, they fall to me!!!! he wasn't great shakes on the mouse either until a severe prod was given

sorry to hear about your Professor, Kabloink

John - as pooh bear said "spllng isnt evrything" !!!! and as someone who frequently spells "had" or "have" wrongly, I feel abundantly qualified to comment!!!!!

have a lovely evening all - I am at last starting to feel better, just the cough to get rid off now - hooray! back to work tomorrow.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 22, 2007 12:40 pm (#1655 of 2990)

I got that e-mail once too John. I think it's really cool. It's funny how you don't even need to think about it, you just know what it says. Very cool. My dad went to read it and actually started to read it by letter. We had to slap him before he realized that he actually could read it.

We've made that "pepper-up tea" before too. It's really good!

I'm looking at my Weatherbug and it currently says 80F. That's a bit warmer than normal for us! 50's and 60's is average for the end of February. It must be that darn global warming! LOL

My dad is the bug guy. As we like to put: Girls don't do bugs! Then he gets the raid, and turns on the evil laugh.


geauxtigers - Feb 22, 2007 12:50 pm (#1656 of 2990)

Yeah cool e-mail John.

Hope everyone is feeling better! I'm a firm believer in the flu shot because our class trip in 8th grade nearly half the grade got the flu on it and I'd gotten my shot thankfully before we left. I am convinced to this day that that is the only thing that saved me. Not to mention I don't have a moment to spare being stuck at home sick! I have to be really sick to miss school!

Its basically almost hot outside. Ummm...its February, its supposed to be cold. But I guess it is about time to start warming up a bit, its just a bit sooner than normal. Usually we make it to March!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


Loopy Lupin - Feb 22, 2007 12:53 pm (#1657 of 2990)

Yes, Madame Pince. "Lost" gets curiouser, indeed. In the article in Entertainment Weekly, the writers promised that they're going somewhere with all this and that they're not making it up as they're going along. I believe that, but last night was the first time I found myself questioning whether anything much was done to move the story along. I don't want it to end anytime soon, but let's not drag this along. And, can we get Sayid in an episode some day? They done killed Mr. Eko, who was my favorite, ***waves to Kim*** but they're compounding it by shunting Sayid, who is now my favorite, off to the side.


juliebug - Feb 22, 2007 1:16 pm (#1658 of 2990)

About Lost: I read the Entertainment Weekly article Loopy Lupin was referring to. The writers have made a lot of promises about the way the plot would go for the duration of the series. I still have hope for the future, but currently am disappointed. The "mystery" they seemed to be most focused on last night was the meaning of Jack's tatoo. Interesting, but not that interesting. I suppose it is possibly foreshadowing Jack's standing among the Others. I have hopes that the story will improve once everyone is back on The Island. The location of Otherville could be good.


journeymom - Feb 22, 2007 1:46 pm (#1659 of 2990)

Kabloink, that is so sad to hear about your professor and his children. (Well, and his wife for that matter.)

My dear grandmother drank hot Tang throughout the winter. She was an itty bitty thing and it kept her warm. She also put half & half on her Special K. What a woman!

Mr Journeymom delights in creeping us out by picking the spiders up with his bare hands. He carries them outside and sets them free. I suppose it's more humane that way, but the spiders might be kind of kranky to be removed from their dry, warm homes.


John Bumbledore - Feb 22, 2007 1:55 pm (#1660 of 2990)

Spiders I squash first and then identify later (if possible, at all). My reason is simple, we have seen several black widows (one momma was quite large, grape sized and legs would about span a quarter) and suspected one or two to be brown recluse. Did you know, the male black widow is brown and smaller than the female? It's true.

I'm sad since I got this new computer at work I can't use the worldcrossing chat room.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Thom Matheson - Feb 22, 2007 2:00 pm (#1661 of 2990)

AAh, Tang. The drink of astronauts.


Esther Rose - Feb 22, 2007 3:09 pm (#1662 of 2990)

Tang: The college years.

I used to eat it straight from the container for a sugar jolt. Why? I don't know.


Madam Pince - Feb 22, 2007 3:58 pm (#1663 of 2990)

Loopy, I'm ready for a return back to the Lost "regulars," myself! I think Jin and Sun's storyline has the potential to be very interesting, and I love both Locke and Sayid, too. Honestly, I couldn't care less about Jack; oops, I take that back -- I suppose I care less about his tattoo...


Denise P. - Feb 22, 2007 4:00 pm (#1664 of 2990)

On Lost, I must have missed the big "mystery" that was solved. The only thing that was, it was about #578 on my list of things to find out. No worries, I didn't blank out since I doubt anything remotely spoiler can be figured out there.

We had some wind today. Woo boy. At least most of the ice/snow has melted so I will be able to run my 15 miles on a cleared trail. This means my 10 year old support crew can come along with me on her bike. She rides along, sings, talks to me and carries my water, gu and gummies. Since this will be a very long run, she will also have the cell phone.

Timer just went off...dinner is ready!


Madam Pince - Feb 22, 2007 4:07 pm (#1665 of 2990)

Denise, just look in about the last two minutes of the show (if you recorded it) for the "big answer" that you missed. White> The "sheriff" told Jack what the translation was as he was getting in the boat on the beach to return to "our" island. But don't hold your breath -- I agree with you that it sure wasn't much to get excited about...


Esther Rose - Feb 22, 2007 4:26 pm (#1666 of 2990)

Denise P. what a bonding moment that must be. I have to wait until Saturday for my long run. (And it will only be 6 miles this week.)


Denise P. - Feb 22, 2007 4:33 pm (#1667 of 2990)

Madam P, I should have put the tag on my post I just meant the big mystery was a fizzler.

Esther, my long run won't be until Saturday. Since it will take me close to, if not over, 3 hours...I really can't do it during the week. Next week is a cutback...woohoo! Only 11 miles LOL


Tazzygirl - Feb 22, 2007 5:16 pm (#1668 of 2990)

**healing charms** to all that are feeling yucky! I don't think I've taken the flu shot in a long time. I used to get the flu in California every year, but since moving here, I haven't had it once. Just strep and colds.

I have an interview tonight! It's at the movie theater. Hopefully they'll hire me, as I know they need the help. (Monday's long lines was due to only having one person at the ticket counter...)

On LOST- It's sad to say, but I am losing interest in the show! Last night's episode was more of an 'um. okay.' moment for me. Completely didn't care about Jack's tattoo. I thought maybe it was supposed to mean that Jack is going to join the Others, and eventually take over Ben's place. I really don't understand how Locke had gone around the island and didn't see any other island nearby. :frustrated: I also hope Sayid and Locke and the regulars come back. They've been showing "We've got to get Jack!" clips over and over again, but as usual, LOST is taking it's time. grrrr.

Off to take a nap, and then get ready for the interview. **crossing fingers**

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Feb 22, 2007 6:32 pm (#1669 of 2990)

Denise, oops... ***feels "whooshing" over scalp area...***

Good luck on your interview, Tazzy!


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 22, 2007 8:26 pm (#1670 of 2990)

I used to eat it straight from the container for a sugar jolt. Why? I don't know.

Probably for the same reason that me and my friends used to eat packets of sugar in restaurants until it nearly made us sick....

**Felix Felicis** to Kristina!

::Drops jaw in awe that Denise is planning on running 15 miles.:: That's quite a distance!

Grey's fans!! WOW! That episode was awsome! and sad.


Mediwitch - Feb 22, 2007 8:41 pm (#1671 of 2990)

John, hehe, your email made me smile! It's kind of like talking to my autistic kids, sometimes. One of the kids said something today about "monster, doorknob, Marley" with a couple of other mostly unintelligible words thrown in - which I successfully translated into the family watched A Muppet Christmas Carol last night where the doorknob turns into Jacob Marley's face! I don't know if the rest of the staff were impressed or scared that I understood the comment!

journeymom - The Police - you are SOOOO lucky! **tries hard not to be jealous** BTW, sometimes I do the same thing for the spiders as your husband does - but most of the time I leave 'em alone because they eat other bugs, so bring on the spiders!

**Healing Charms** to all and a little FYI on the flu vaccine - it only protects against one strain, so you are still susceptible to other strains. Like the chicken pox (varicella) vaccine, you can still get a case of the strain for which you were vaccinated, but it will most likely be considerably milder.

**sends Felix Felicis** for your interview, Tazzy!


Tazzygirl - Feb 22, 2007 9:54 pm (#1672 of 2990)

Thanks for the charms! I think the interview went well, the manager said he would call either tonight or tomorrow.

**taps fingers on table and patiently waits the two hours for Grey's Anatomy**



Solitaire - Feb 22, 2007 10:23 pm (#1673 of 2990)

**healing charms** to Elanor and everyone else who is suffering! I would love nothing better than to curl up in bed tomorrow and sleep. Alas, it is not to be!

John, I remember Russian Tea very well, and the Cal Poly SLO version did indeed have a packet of Wyler's Lemonade in the recipe. I drank a lot of it when I was younger, although it's off-limits now, due to the sugar content.

Well, the storm I mentioned earlier hit with a vengeance around 11 a.m. Winds blew trash cans around the school grounds, and it rained so heavily that the entrance to the parking lot flooded. The surprise was about a ten-degree drop in temperature over about an hour and a half. It was warm when I left for school (so warm I almost left my jacket behind ... glad I didn't), but it was FREEEEEZING in the halls by noon. A good bit of snow is expected in the Sierras.



geauxtigers - Feb 22, 2007 10:48 pm (#1674 of 2990)

Stay safe, Soli! I think that is the same 'big storm' that is supposed to be arriving here Saturday night. The weatherman showed the front will be moving in from Cali. Apparently its gonna be a nasty one. At least it won't be on a school night so I won't have to worry about no sleep, but still. Thunderstorms still scare me and I'm 16. I'll still go running to my parents' room if I get scared! LOL

I've been really bored all day. Theres nothing to do around here except go to the movies and I didn't feel like sitting. Thats what I did anyway while reading OoP and my dad popped in GoF movie, but I half watched taht too so. I'm starting to get that ant-sy feeling again from being lazy for the past few days. I'm not ready to go back to school, but arrggg! I just wanna do something! ha ha

Maybe I'll clean my room. I can't see the floor again, so I guess I should do that...just don't want to...

EDIT Thom!! I know! I can't believe it! LSU isn't normally known for its QBs (normally defense and the like other than Rohan Davey 4 years ago), but man I love Russell! He can flick his wrist and it'll go 70-80 yards. He really is awesome. But I must say looks-wise, Brady Quinn is hot. Theres no other word for it. Hes a good QB, but I think JaMarcus has a lot he doesn't. Quinn can't flick it like Russell can. I think Quinn's good, but Russell outshines him by a mile. Quinn got all the hype until the Sugarbowl when we made him.. err not look so good. Russell has been flying under the radar since he started and he finally got some lime light and showed what he's been doing for years. Of course, I am biased on all this I think Russell will go number 1 and Quinn number 2 or 3.


Thom Matheson - Feb 22, 2007 10:55 pm (#1675 of 2990)

Geautigers, You could go watch the NFL Network for the next 4 days. They are doing live broadcasts at the NFL combine drills. Your LSU quarterback looks to be the Number 1 draft pick over Brady Quinn from ND.


painting sheila - Feb 22, 2007 11:14 pm (#1676 of 2990)

Hi everyone!!

I pushed the magic button and am feeling guilty for everything I have missed. (((hugs))) to those who needed it, charms, and congrats and "missed you all tons" to everyone else.

I am almost done with Jesus Christ Superstar (Saturday!!?? yeah!!!)and will be back on to bug everyone then.

See ya -



Madam Pince - Feb 22, 2007 11:20 pm (#1677 of 2990)

***waves to Sheila!!!***


The giant squid - Feb 23, 2007 12:52 am (#1678 of 2990)

Journeymom: congrats on getting tix to see the Police. Let's just hope they can stay civil with each other long enough for the tour to actually happen.

I say this because that's what happened with one of my favorite "old" bands--Van Halen recently reunited with David Lee Roth & announced they'd be touring this summer. One of the first dates was going to be here in Vegas & I was psyched to go. Fast forward to last week, when it's announced that "conflicts" have forced the tour to be postponed indefinitely... One more for the "too good to be true" column.

I have to admit I didn't catch all of Lost this week. I watched it, but my attention kept wandering, something that rarely happens with that show. I'll have to make sure I catch the 9PM recap next week.



Madam Pince - Feb 23, 2007 6:31 am (#1679 of 2990)

The Eagles are supposed to be releasing a new album soon, their first in many, many years. I heard an interview with Don Henley not long ago, where he gave the anticipated date of album release, "...if we don't kill each other first." What is with these tempermental artists that they can't just get along? Personality / ego clashes is what led to the Eagles' original demise a long time ago... I haven't heard if they plan to tour. I know they did a "farewell" tour a couple years ago...

Steve Newton, how is Dead Man's Chest coming along -- any new revelations with the subtitles? Also, have you gotten blown away yet by all this wind? Sheesh! It was howling all night here...

Azi, I've been meaning to ask -- how are your headaches doing after the car accident? Hope you're feeling OK!

Everyone enjoy the RotD!

Edit: Why do I keep saying "album?"


John Bumbledore - Feb 23, 2007 6:31 am (#1680 of 2990)

About Lost, I just don't get it. Why watch a show that has to run a separate "Cliff Notes" "Recap" flash-back with director commentary each week?

Edit Madam Pince, maybe it was just for the season opening, which is the only one I caught pieces of, but I was sure they had commentary by writers, actors, and director. At least I saw many faces that didn't look like any of the actors. I have to admit I do not know who the director is for Lost, so I could be mistaken.

I can compare Survivor to Lost in one important way... on Lost, why is the fat guy still fat? I guess he is the only one who knows were the secret grocery store is located.

Can you tell I always "flash" past the Lost channel to something, well, else.

Perhaps it is just that Jo has me spoiled. She seems to hide all the important clues and foreshadowing right in plain site where we (at least I) fail to notice it until after the reveal.

Well, I can understand the desire to unravel a puzzle and try to be the first one to find the answer. In fact I think I'll pop over to the Potty Games thread now.

**Waves** Hope you all enjoy your Lost theories. **pop**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Madam Pince - Feb 23, 2007 6:33 am (#1681 of 2990)

A lot of previously loyal viewers are beginning to wonder the same thing, I think...

Where's the director's commentary to be found for Lost?

***is hopeless...***


Eponine - Feb 23, 2007 10:13 am (#1682 of 2990)

My refrigerator is fixed! The repairman came this morning, and now we have a working fridge.


geauxtigers - Feb 23, 2007 11:44 am (#1683 of 2990)

Glad the fridge is fixed, Eponine!

Madame Pince, album... don't worry, still used today for example on iTunes. But no one says it, we just say CD, but its still out there even if real albums aren't.

**is trying not to think that today is Friday and she has to go back to school Monday**

I guess I should clean my room. **avoids Madame Pince's eyes** Trying to get some people together and maybe go to a movie later, but problem is I have all of one friend who isn't out of town so...oh well, I'm sure we'll go anyways.

Happy Friday!


Madam Pince - Feb 23, 2007 12:11 pm (#1684 of 2990)

LOL, Tori! Don't sweat it! You should see my room right now! And at least you've got a nice clean yard now! Have fun at the movie!

Yay Eponine on the fridge! Woo-hoo!


John Bumbledore - Feb 23, 2007 12:57 pm (#1685 of 2990)

Have a good weekend all!

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Feb 23, 2007 2:26 pm (#1686 of 2990)

I admit, my room is often the worst in the house. It's the last place I clean. BY the time I get everything else time, it's time to start in on the kitchen again.

Mike, I appreciate you choosing pretzels as your snack.

Went to the children's museum yesterday. It was lots of fun, though crowded. Today was playdate day. (Diva went to her friend's house, and son had a friend here.) I managed to clean the bathroom, wash dishes and clean floors. Now baby is waking up. (I took a short break for the forum. )

Julie, is that a pic of the forum in your avatar? Sadly, I saw this and looked back up, wondering how Julie managed to get a photo of all of us. (I caught on once I looked at the picture.)

Healing charms to those who are sick!

Yeah for working refridgerators. (That's spelled wrong, but I'm sure first and last letters are correct. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042)

Hubby wishes Lost was more like Babylon 5, which had the story and timeline all set up beforehand. (Much like Jo's books.) He doesn’t like that they make it up as they go along...

Okay, think kids have been into the candy while I was upstairs on the computer. Time for damage control.


**waves to Sheila**


Lina - Feb 23, 2007 4:07 pm (#1687 of 2990)

Strengthening charms to Phelim's family!

I'm glad that the fridge is back working, Eponine.

Journeymom, I keep wondering... shouldn't Mr Journeymom be just Journeydad?

Congratulations, Mediwitch, on the well and on the house soon to be built! (that sounds like a really speedy building)

Maybe I'm missing something else, but I noticed that many people need the Healing charms, so I'm sending them in all directions.

And a

Very happy birthday to John! I hope you'll have a wonderful day!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 23, 2007 4:18 pm (#1688 of 2990)

***waves to Sheila*** Welcome back! Well, you're sort of back.

Have a good weekend all! John Bumbledore

Come on John. First you drop anvil-sized hints and then you're not even going to check for the birthday wishes??? Anyway, good luck to your son tomorrow and a Very Happy 39th Birthday to you!

BY the time I get everything else time, it's time to start in on the kitchen again. Kathy
Wow, that sounds familiar. Glad I'm not the only one.

LOL, Kathy! I have to admit I thought that about the avatar comment.

LOL, Madam Pince! Just lol! That's all I can say. Your posts have me chuckling.

Yay, Eponine! It's so frustrating when things don't work as they should. Glad your fridge is all straightened out - and it didn't cost you an arm and a leg!

Enjoy the show, Journeymom! Hubby said two shows sold out in 14 min. at Madison Square Garden.

Spider man in our house is - Trevor. Yes, but he doesn't eat them. (I've broken him of that habit.) He picks them up gently with a tissue and escorts them outside.

Thom, from what I've read, Russell (LSU draft pick hopeful) arrived at the combine overweight and out of shape.

Healing charms and safety charms all around.

Oh, and some cheering charms and Sleepy Sunday charms your way, Solitaire.


EDIT: LINA! I love the avatar!
Mediwitch, how could I forget *slaps forehead*! Congratulations on the house-building/well progress! Enjoy this exciting time!


Puck - Feb 23, 2007 5:36 pm (#1689 of 2990)

LOL, Lina! If I looked I'm sure I could find a photo of myself with similar hairstyle. I had glasses like that, too, but usually took them off for pictures. Teenage vanity.


Tazzygirl - Feb 23, 2007 5:54 pm (#1690 of 2990)

Happy Birthday John! Hope you have a fantastic Day!!

Love the avatar, Lina!

Sending lots more **healing charms** to those that need them!

I don't think I got the job at the movie theater. The manager said he would call either last night or this morning, and it is now getting to evening. I guess it's okay. I'd rather work at Barnes and Noble (). Discounts would come in handy for school and pleasure Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2752390508  . I'll be checking B&N on Monday (that's when the manager told me to come back), so keeping fingers crossed for that one!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Thom Matheson - Feb 23, 2007 6:07 pm (#1691 of 2990)

But, Russell is still able to run out of the pocket and throw 70 yards. He is the #1 QB in the draft, and Oakland needs a QB really bad.


DJ Evans - Feb 23, 2007 7:24 pm (#1692 of 2990)

Happy Birthday John! May you have a great day & enjoy it to the fullest.

Healing charms out to everyone in need. I've come down with a coughing crud...that's about the only thing I'm experiencing, a cough but one that won't go away. And it won't let me sleep at night. aarrggggh So far no cough drop or cough medicine seems to work. Quite aggravating let me tell you.

Yay on the refrig Eponine. I just love it when things go that route & you don't have to buy a brand new appliance.

Congrats Mediwitch on the well & may you have such speediness on the building of your house. My niece & her husband just finished building theirs & I know what it means to get it completed & see all of your hard work done.

Tazzy: Sorry about the job at the theater, but you never know, he still might call. I will keep my fingers crossed that a job is in your very near future. Hmmm, I think I would rather work in a book store too....just think about all of those books you could lose yourself in. Smile Oh heck, OK so I would like to work in a theater too. It would be a hard choice for me. lol

Later, Deb


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 23, 2007 7:52 pm (#1693 of 2990)

Julie, is that a pic of the forum in your avatar? Sadly, I saw this and looked back up, wondering how Julie managed to get a photo of all of us. (I caught on once I looked at the picture.) Puck

I did the same thing, except I thought it was a picture of the home page of the forum. I couldn't figure out why someone would put a picture up of something we can all already see!

Happy Birthday John!!!

Love the avatar Lina! I can't remember if I said that or not... Veryy funny! I've seen pictures of my mom will a similar look. It always makes me wonder what my future kids will think of current hairstyles.

**more Felix sent your way Kristina**


Tazzygirl - Feb 23, 2007 8:53 pm (#1694 of 2990)

Thanks for the charms, Deb and Ginny. Something will come along that will be right!



Tazzygirl - Feb 23, 2007 9:50 pm (#1695 of 2990)

Too late to edit.

The movie theater called! I'll be going in on Thursday for the orientation. It also gives me time to check in at Barnes and Noble to see what they have to say. It's all good! w00t!



DJ Evans - Feb 23, 2007 10:02 pm (#1696 of 2990)

Congrats Kristina/Tazzygirl....see I told you he still might call, you just never know. But that's management for you, making you wait like that. lol Still good luck with which ever job you decide to take.

I forgot to say "Cool avatar, Lina." too. So Harry Potterish of you, you were Potter cool before Potter was cool

Later, Deb


kabloink! - Feb 23, 2007 10:31 pm (#1697 of 2990)

Tazzy, good luck on the B & N job, I worked in the cafe for about 6 months and it was very fun (not nearly as fun as it was to work on the book floor at the double-sized Waldenbooks in Woodland Mall, but hey). My only problem was lack of hours when hubby was in the process of changing jobs.

Ok, after nine months of very little wine, my normal amount is now hitting a bit harder than it used to. Everyone have a wonderful night, and I'll post whatever else it was that I wanted to post tomorrow.

Knight knight!


boop - Feb 23, 2007 11:15 pm (#1698 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Birthday to John, Have a great day.

Congrats to Tazzy for getting a job.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Have a great weekend everyone.

hugs always



painting sheila - Feb 23, 2007 11:25 pm (#1699 of 2990)

Hi guys!!!

I am back - more than not. I have to go back in tomorrow and stitch for a few hours and then I am done with the show - except for volunteering as a greeter - and load out the last night of the show . . . and cleaning up the costume shop the day after load out. (sigh)

Happy Birthday John! woot!

Great picture Lina - I have one almost like it - I will try and scan it in. It will be my contribution to all of your good heart health! ha!

Tazzy - I am glad you got the job at the theater. You can get HP posters now!!! YEAH!!

Working frigs are he best kind in my opinion.

Today is Oldest Son's b-day. He is 15!!! That means I must have been 5 when I had him. Amazing!


Tazzygirl - Feb 23, 2007 11:34 pm (#1700 of 2990)

Sheila: You can get HP posters now!!!

**waves** I never thought of that!! The only thing I thought of was that I'd have to say I couldn't work OotP opening night, since I plan on being part of the crowd... LOL

I just got news a little while ago that my supervisor's (for my student teaching) mom was hit by a car yesterday. They said she is currently in a coma, and it doesn't look like she is going to make it. Hawaii has a huge problem with cars and pedestrians not sharing the roads properly.

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painting sheila - Feb 23, 2007 11:39 pm (#1701 of 2990)

Tazzy - I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mother. I do hope it all works out.

It surprises me that pedestrians and cars don't mix there - I would have thought it would a good place for pedestrians and bikers.

Did anyone watch the report by John Stossel on 20/20? He found a guy that did research that proved (sorta) that you are safer not wearing a bike helmet than when you are wearing all of the proper gear. People assume you are a good biker when you are wearing the proper stuff and aren't as cautious around you. Strange - huh?


Tazzygirl - Feb 23, 2007 11:54 pm (#1702 of 2990)

Sheila- we've got tight crowded streets here. And we rival California for the worst drivers on the planet (the running joke here is deciding whether Hawaii learned how to drive from California or California learned from Hawaii). I think the count for pedestrians getting hit and killed by cars this year in Hawaii alone is up to 10. The police have been cracking down on drivers who cross crosswalks when pedestrians are in the crosswalk ($150 fine and loss of driving privileges for 90 days), and also pedestrians who jay walk or cross the crosswalks when it isn't their turn. In my supervisor's case, her mom had the right of way on the crosswalk, and the SUV didn't see her.

I missed that 20/20 episode. Sounds logical- people think that if you are protected, then you are safe. Around here, helmets (bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds) are not required. Even though our speed limits are pretty low (55 mph on freeways, 25-35 mph surface streets), we've got a lot of accidents tallied. It's sad!


EDIT: Tehe, Squid Mike. I've been in the 2 AM gridlock in Vegas. Sooo not fun!

Thanks for the congrats everyone! (I kept forgetting to say that )

Ooh! Happy birthday to your 15 year old, Sheila!!


The giant squid - Feb 24, 2007 12:07 am (#1703 of 2990)

Sorry to hear about your supervisor's mom, Tazzy, but congrats on getting the theater gig. "One of us...one of us..."

California drivers overall are worse drivers than Nevadans, but the Vegas strip is much worse than the worst L.A. traffic. It's the only place I've been caught in gridlock at 2AM.

Happy birthday wishes to John, and squidly hugs for boop!



geauxtigers - Feb 24, 2007 12:32 am (#1704 of 2990)

Woo hoo for the job, Kristina!

Happy birthday to your son, Sheila!

Happy Birthday, John!

The weather is supposed to be in the words of our weatherman 'bumpy'. Great...I hate thunder storms...Its looking like I'll be pre-occuping myself by cleaning my room. Thunderstorms and cleaning my room, aren't I lucky. What a gloomy way to end the holidays...

I did go to the mall today. I tried on a super cute swimsuit in American Eagle. I didn't buy it though. I really want it and it'll be there for several more months. I might find something I like better closer to summer. I always get a kick out of how they put the swimsuits out in January. Like anyones in the mood to go swim suit shopping with a scarf, gloves and a puffy jacket on...

I think I'll hop over the pile of err stuff... to my bed and go to sleep.



Solitaire - Feb 24, 2007 3:10 am (#1705 of 2990)

Happy Belated Birthday, John!



kaykay1970 - Feb 24, 2007 6:52 am (#1706 of 2990)

Happy Birthday John and Sheila's son!

I love the avatar Lina!

Prayers for Tazzy's friend's Mom!

I finally replaced my tv that has been broken since Christmas Eve. The new one mounts to the wall so I'll be busy cleaning out and hauling off the entertainment center today. Now I have to figure out where to place the satellite box and DVD player once the it is gone!!


Puck - Feb 24, 2007 8:39 am (#1707 of 2990)

Healing charms to Kristina' supervisor's mom, and prayers to the professor who lost his young wife.

Yeah on the job offer, Tazzy! I used to work in the theater. It was fun. Plus, lots of free movies and popcorn!

Gridlock at 2 am?

Off to drink tea before it gets too cold. Think I already need a re-heat.



azi - Feb 24, 2007 10:20 am (#1708 of 2990)

Happy belated birthday John (I feel so guilty I'm late!)!

Madam Pince - My headaches are getting better, thank you! It's mainly just shoulder/neck/back pain now.

Congrats on the new TV Kay!

Congrats Tazzy!

Went to see Hot Fuzz at the cinema yesterday. Very violent and...icky...in parts, but some funny bits too. I can't believe how long it took me to realise Jim Broadbent was in it! I consider him to be one of my favourite actors but I didn't recognise him!


Starling - Feb 24, 2007 10:24 am (#1709 of 2990)

A belated happy birthday, John!

We had a train crash just north of here yesterday evening. Lots of ambulance helicopters overhead (I live near the infirmary), 1 dead, 8 critically injured, lots of others injured too. Horrible.


azi - Feb 24, 2007 10:39 am (#1710 of 2990)

I agree Starling, that was horrible! However, it's amazing how many survived with what happened. I can't believe the train's windows didn't even break...


Good Evans - Feb 24, 2007 10:55 am (#1711 of 2990)

Happy belated to John and to sheila's eldest!

congratulations to Tazzy and Eponine (on the fridge)

feeling much better, but still have a cough - hopefully it will peter out and I will be able to sleep horizontally tonight, it is starting to be a real pain this “sitting up sleeping” lark.

sorry to hear about your friends mum tazzy.

I agree that the train crash was horrible Azi and Starling, we should be grateful that the structures of these trains now are so much better that the numbers hurt were so small, being as the whole train was derailed and rolled down the ditch/ embankment. Of course this is little comfort to the lady who died's family, and those still in hospital hurt.

thoughts and prayers with anyone that had friends or relatives involved in the crash.


EDIT: I forgot to add that Luna passed her bronze good citizen award for the kennel club last night. Very proud and pleased with her I was!!!!! So "the forums puppy" is keeping you all in good standing!!!!!!!!


Starling - Feb 24, 2007 11:04 am (#1712 of 2990)

That embankment is high, a few years ago we had to stop around there too, because there were sheep on the line. One of the rams head-butted the conductor, who fell down the embankment and ended up in hospital.

Pendolinos have very small windows, which is probably one of the reasons they didn't break. I'm dead impressed the carriages weren't squashed.



geauxtigers - Feb 24, 2007 11:37 am (#1713 of 2990)

Okay, I've put this off long enough and I'm sure I'm having a major blonde moment here, but what is all this about Julie's avatar! I keep trying to figure it out and all I see is what looks like a wall thingy from Rome. Help! What am I missing?! LOL

Its quite nice out right now. Wind is very gusty, but the sky is partly cloudy. Its nice. I'm sure it's about to change but hey!

Healing charms to the train wreck.

Off to read the last chapter of OoP so I can start HBP.

Have a good Saturday!


Marie E. - Feb 24, 2007 11:49 am (#1714 of 2990)

We were under a blizzard warning for today and everyone was in a high state of panic. All we ended up with was 30 mph winds and about 2 inches of snow that just keeps blowing around. I am utterly relieved that it is not a repeat of December's storm.

Shayla has a cookie booth today in about 3 hours at a grocery store. I am hoping and praying that they let us set up inside. We couldn't possibly be outside in the wind. There would be boxes of Carmel Delites flying around the parking lot.

Happy Birthday, John!!


Puck - Feb 24, 2007 12:12 pm (#1715 of 2990)

I know people who would be happy if it started raining Girl Scout cookies!

psst, Tori, that old Roman-looking wall is part of an ancient structure known as the Forum.

Congrats to Luna! Such a good girl.

Prayers to all those effected by the train crash.



HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 24, 2007 1:09 pm (#1716 of 2990)

Prayers for your supervisor's mom, Tazzy and to all of those involved in the train crash. Interesting about the development of the train cabins.

Congrats to your lovely Luna, GE! Another source of pride for the Lex.!

w00t to you, Tazzy, for landing the job(s)! Wait, so you got the movie and the bookstore offers??

GE, sometimes it helps to sleep on your stomach when you have a cough. It prevents nasal drip settling and spurring a cough.

Thom, Quinn's work ethic and overall attitude seem much more appealing. I'm hoping he's the choice for my Raiders.

No time for anything but running around lately. Getting dizzy.



Good Evans - Feb 24, 2007 1:22 pm (#1717 of 2990)

I'll try that Maria thanks! To date it hasn't made any difference except sitting up, but i'll try!

Tori - the forum in Rome was kind of like the town hall but with the market place thrown in. lots of the cities business was conducted there as well as governance. My piccie shows what is left today and I am looking forward to seeing it in person later this year when I go to Rome. There are lots of other sites in Rome like the Trevi fountain and the coliseum (which you would have known immediately if I had put it in the picture), but I thought the "forum" was more pertinent to us here. so that is all it is.

hope that clears it up - and I am sure someone who knows more about Roman history than me can tell you much more about it!!!!!


Solitaire - Feb 24, 2007 1:26 pm (#1718 of 2990)

I'm sorry, everyone. I was the one who asked if Julie's pic was of the Forum. I mean the Forum in Rome. It never dawned on me that anyone wouldn't know what I meant. LOL

Healing charms to all who need them (including me). I think I'm going to go and ice/heat my knee. It worked well last weekend. Last week my knee was about the size of a cantaloupe. This week, it is more like a casaba ... the swelling is worse. I was a lot better Monday -- Friday, and I thought the worst was over. It's kind of discouraging.



Tazzygirl - Feb 24, 2007 1:40 pm (#1719 of 2990)

Thanks everyone! I'll pass the charms on to my supervisor.

Maria- I landed the movie theater job, but am going in on Monday to see about the bookstore. The manager told me to come back in a week when he had a chance to look at my application. He said they had a couple openings. So if they want me at the bookstore, I'd go there. But if they don't, then I'll stick with the movie theater.

**extra-strength healing charms** to those that need them! Sorry about your knee, Soli! (I knew what you were referring to when you said 'Forum'. )

Off to clean. Fun!

Happy weekend all!



Solitaire - Feb 24, 2007 1:46 pm (#1720 of 2990)

Thanks, Tazzy. Good luck making your job decisions! I think both sound kind of fun. BTW, can you sub yet? We take some subs who are still in the student-teaching phase, because we are DESPERATE for good subs around here.



Tazzygirl - Feb 24, 2007 2:03 pm (#1721 of 2990)

Soli- we can't sub yet. We've had several of our mentor teachers ask to see if we could, but no such luck. I have taken over whole days when my mentor is at a meeting or calls in sick, but have never gotten paid for it. Technically right now we are still in our 'observation only' phase with only teaching 6 lessons a semester. Our final semester (a year from now) will be when we teach Monday through Friday all day (so that is when we are technically labeled as 'student teachers').



Solitaire - Feb 24, 2007 2:09 pm (#1722 of 2990)

Wow ... very different around here. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, either.


Tazzygirl - Feb 24, 2007 2:26 pm (#1723 of 2990)

Soli, I'm in the Dual Prep program for Education. We get twice the work than just the General Education program (I believe they are only observers and student teachers for a year, while Dual Prep is 2 years).



Solitaire - Feb 24, 2007 2:43 pm (#1724 of 2990)

Tazzy, that sounds as though you are better prepared. I'm not always sure that the short stints of teaching and observing that we have here are the best way to go. In fact, I believe that more teaching experience has been added in the past few years.

I had a horrible student teaching experience--an entire semester with a burned-out guy who hated women and kids. Why he was still teaching was beyond me. I wish I could have spent time with someone who loved the job, the subject, and the kids. Even my supervisor from the college was very ho-hum ... she was angry at having so few students to supervise, so she kind of fudged on what she did with us and for us. I felt very short-changed, as did others in our small group.

By the time you get into your own classroom, you will have had lots of different experiences with different kinds of teachers who have a variety of styles. I think that is much better!



geauxtigers - Feb 24, 2007 3:34 pm (#1725 of 2990)

Ahh okay, I should have known! Sorry guys, been 3 years since I had European history...sorta slips after a while! LOL Now it makes since, I was guessing that the structure was called the 'Forum' but I didn't say anything because I thought that was just me having a blonde moment! Turns out I was right!

No rain here yet **knock on wood** Just wind, broke a branch off one of our trees. Its been coming, we're just hoping now the rest of the tree doesn't fall on the nieghbor's fence. Its not a terribly big tree, but that guy spent nearly a year to get that fence up and its brand new. We really do need to take this tree down, but that requires more skill than my dad has I think so. Its not on our top 10 list of things to do. Looks like it is now...

Congrats to Luna!

Well LSU is playing Florida right now. Best get back to the game. Don't normally watch basketball, but they were doing really well so! **knock on wood**


Madam Pince - Feb 24, 2007 5:29 pm (#1726 of 2990)

Belated Happy Birthday to John Bumbledore, and also to Oldest Son! Hope you guys had great days!

Congratulations on the job, Tazzy! I knew you'd get it!

Good girl, Luna! Good doggie! ***hands a virtual dog biscuit***

Last time I saw the score, LSU was set to beat Florida, so woo-hoo for that! Major upset there. I'm pleased because Virginia won this afternoon, too, although they hardly deserved it -- pretty sloppy play and Georgia Tech really played well. I almost felt sorry for them losing. Almost. Must be getting close to March, because Virginia is starting to play carelessly...

Minor trivia for the day: Jonathan Frakes (aka William Riker of Star Trek: TNG) was born in Bellefonte, PA, where we had the very first Forum Gathering! ***waves to Boop*** How about that?


Mediwitch - Feb 24, 2007 5:37 pm (#1727 of 2990)

Hehe, Tori, I thought about you because Mr. Mediwitch Sr. was "watching" the LSU/Florida game too! (I'm pretty sure he was really sleeping, but I could hear the game while I was working on stuff for the new house.)

Skimmed through a bunch of posts because I haven't been on in a couple of days...appropriate charms as needed!

Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday 11John Bumbledore!


journeymom - Feb 24, 2007 5:44 pm (#1728 of 2990)

"I keep wondering... shouldn't Mr Journeymom be just Journeydad?"

Lina, you know, you're right. From this point on Dear Husband shall be referred to as 'Journeydad'. Though at other forums husbands are referred to as dh (dear, damned husband), daughter is dd, son is ds. Though that could be a problem here; DH is Deathly Hallows, DD is Dumbledore.

It's been a good 20 years since I chose bathing suits because they were 'cute' as opposed to 'the lesser of whatever evils are in fashion this season'. I had a great body and didn't appreciate it. Youth is waisted on the young.


More movie trivia! Who says this, and where: "The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. "


Madam Pince - Feb 24, 2007 5:49 pm (#1729 of 2990)

LOL, Journeymom! I was thinking the same thing! If I tried on a swimsuit and it made me look "cute," I'd buy it so fast it'd make your head spin! No leaving it on the rack waiting for later thinking it'd still be there! The chances of finding an acceptable-looking one these days are sort of like the chances of Good Evans cooking dinner for hubby the other night -- slim to none! It must be nice, Ginny and Tori; enjoy it!


Chemyst - Feb 24, 2007 5:58 pm (#1730 of 2990)

Happy On-Time Birthday, John Bumbledore!  ...because my time-turner still works, and it's still the 24th.

w00f! I mean, w00t to Luna!


Denise P. - Feb 24, 2007 6:02 pm (#1731 of 2990)

Well, I finished my 15 mile run today. It totally stunk but it is done and in the books.

Mr. Denise decided to go change our cell phone plans so I have to let everyone know my new cell phone number. I have it on all the school forms too!

Ugh, looks like we have bad weather moving in again but in good (GREAT!) news...my daughter who works in a bookstore is going to see if she can find me the past pins employees wore for the various HP books. She said they just toss them into a drawer and they sit there. That would be fantastic!


timrew - Feb 24, 2007 6:41 pm (#1732 of 2990)

I don't remember if I've wished you a Happy Birthday or not, Giant Squid (also known as Mike). So, if not - Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

Also a very Happy Birthday to John Bumbledore!

Regarding The Forum in Rome. Saw it this year, and couldn't help thinking, 'It'll be really cool when it's finished'. (kidding!)

Reminds me of the tourist who said (and this is supposed to be true), 'I'm not going back to Rome - it was full of ruins'.

BTW, when I was in Rome, for only two full days, I never got to see the Trevi Fountain. Does this mean I'll never go back???


Lavandula - Feb 24, 2007 7:46 pm (#1733 of 2990)

It's been a very busy week here-lots of school work to do with very little time.

I just skimmed through the last 120 posts. I'm too tired.

Healing charms to the flu-sufferers.

Congrats to Tazzy and anyone else I may have missed.

LOL about the 'forum' picture. I too kept wondering what it was all about, but I hadn't run across the picture until the explanation came through. Thanks Ginny for asking!!!!!!

Ice storm coming tonight while we sleep. We play bells in church tomorrow morning and have to drive 35 minutes to get there by 8:15. We are also taking the kids Bowling afterwards with our adult Sunday School class. We all have families and so have these get-togethers every so often. Bowling can be cancelled, but the choir can't do without Mr. L and myself.

You know your tired and worn out when the new Alchemy books you ordered from Amazon.com arrived today and you're too tired to open them up for fear it will be hours of sleep missed.

Goodnight Everyone!!



Holly T. - Feb 24, 2007 8:39 pm (#1734 of 2990)

After much running around the past few days to deliver cookies, trade cookies, pick up cookies, etc.--my troop is done selling! After an elaborate three-troop trade involving a, at this point in the sale, hard to come by case of Thin Mints, a girl finishing a booth, then taking the cookies she had left to the next girl at her booth, etc., my daughter and I worked 6-8 at the Hollywood Video and sold the last 32 boxes. Marie--I hope you got to go inside the store! (You probably don't want to know that it was in the 60s while we were at our booth--we didn't even need our jackets.)

Hugs to all! I am so excited that tomorrow I can go to the grocery store, watch the NASCAR race, help my son with his homework, and not have to go out and sell cookies.


Nathan Zimmermann - Feb 24, 2007 9:17 pm (#1735 of 2990)

Lavandula, many thanks for the healing charms I started having flu like symptoms the day before yesterday.


Puck - Feb 24, 2007 9:30 pm (#1736 of 2990)

Healing charms to Nathan and Solitaire.


painting sheila - Feb 24, 2007 10:24 pm (#1737 of 2990)

It opened!! The show opened!! I am done until load out next week!! YEAH!!!!

(humming) . . .to be human again, to be human again . . .


Tazzygirl - Feb 24, 2007 11:23 pm (#1738 of 2990)

Thanks again everyone! The more I think about working at the theater, the more excited I'm getting!

Soli- many people are surprised by what we have to do in the Teaching Program. I'll definitely be more prepared when I finally get my own classroom.

I heard today that my supervisor's mom passed away. She was pronounced brain dead in the early morning yesterday, and then passed away a couple hours later. Hopefully she wasn't in any pain!

**healing charms** to Nathan and everyone else feeling under the weather

Princess Bride is currently on Bravo Channel. It's also currently downpouring rain and is cold outside. I think that is reason enough to stop homework and make some hot chocolate and curl up to watch the movie, don't you think? "I promise I will not kill you until you reach the top." What scene is that from??


Sheila- I just saw the YouTube video of your friend's little girl singing. She's amazing! How old is/was she???


geauxtigers - Feb 24, 2007 11:45 pm (#1739 of 2990)

I promise I will not kill you until you reach the top. What scene is that from?? **raises hand in Hermione-sih fashion!** Its the scene where they are climbing up the cliff, right? Now I'm starting to doubt myself here, it could be several scenes...

And I will say to six finger man, my name, is Indigo Montoya, you killted my faaather, prepare to die!

LOL I think I need to watch that now! LOL

The guy from the TV show , The Office, (already forgot his Character's name), Dwight Shrute or something like that, and it made me think of Maria's avatar a few months back, then of course I thought of Catherine's stapler in the lime green jello. LOL

I'm taking a break from cleaning my room. Yes, this is how I'm spending my last night of vacation, cleaning my room.

We got some rain earlier, but seems we've missed most of the bad stuff **knock on wood** All seems to be well to our north **knock on wood** But its a nasty one for some people. Both sides of it. Major storms in the south, then ice and blizzards in the midwest. Lots of wind everywhere. One place near the coast I think it was had a gust of 47mph, here we had some in the low 40s. Thats Tropical storm force, and the farther north you go it just gets worse. Stay safe everyone!

Forgot to mention earlier, but LSU won! They beat Florida, can you believe it? I can't, they never trailed! And we didn't have Big Baby! It was a great game!

Off to finish my room!


Snuffles - Feb 25, 2007 1:52 am (#1740 of 2990)

Kristina, I'm so sorry to hear about your supervisor's mum.

I hope all those affected by the storm are ok.

Lina, I love the avatar

Happy belated birthday to John Bumbledore and Shiela's eldest son.

Hope your knee is feeling better Soli.

Well done to Luna *Hands over another doggy biscuit*

*Healing charms* to all those that need it.

Went out yesterday to Flamborough and walked down to the beach. The tide was just going out so there wasn't any rock pools, so we went for a long walk near the lighthouse. It was very sloppy mud and Olivia managed to fall right in it! I looked at hubby who earlier was moaning that I had brought a whole extra set of clothes for her and why did I bother, they were only going for a walk I had a nice smug moment of 'told you so!'. Olivia found it very funny and loved being so dirty

Hope I haven't missed anything.

Have a good rest of the weekend



The giant squid - Feb 25, 2007 2:44 am (#1741 of 2990)

“Clearly, you have a dizzying intellect.”

Wait 'til I get started!

Minor trivia for the day: Jonathan Frakes (aka William Riker of Star Trek: TNG) was born in Bellefonte, PA, where we had the very first Forum Gathering!--Madame Pince

**puts that nugget away in my "useless knowledge" file**

Youth is waisted on the young.—Journeymom

Pun intended?

Hope you didn't have to brave the blustery winds, Marie. Girl Scouts can be difficult to keep in order as it is, but doing so while all of your product is flying halfway across the parking lot would try the patience of a saint.



Puck - Feb 25, 2007 6:21 am (#1742 of 2990)

Julie, having extra clothes is always a good idea!

Love the Princess bride. "Nonsense. You only say that because no one ever has."

Sorry about your professor's loss, Tazzy.

wOOt! to Sheila! (now run to 5 words. we have to finish this odd story.)

Off to read stories. Kids were late going to bed, so I told them I'd read this morning instead.


jose043 - Feb 25, 2007 8:30 am (#1743 of 2990)

Hi All

Happy belated birthdays to John Bumbledore & to Shiela's elderst son.

Went to my sons (Ross) graduation ceremony tonight & His car broke down had to get Robert to come in & get us he got a diploma in I.T

It is 12:28am in the morning so will not write much more West Aussie time.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


azi - Feb 25, 2007 8:38 am (#1744 of 2990)

Congrats on your son's graduation Josephine!

Sounds like you had fun, Snuffles! The worst thing about Flamborough is that walk back up from the beach - exhausting! I like 'I was right' moments too.

Well, it's a lazy day here. Not getting much done, alas.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Solitaire - Feb 25, 2007 9:53 am (#1745 of 2990)

Tazzy, I am so sorry to hear about your supervisor's mom. I will keep the family in my prayers.

Thanks to all the well-wishers about my knee. I wish I had better news to report. All of the "gimpy walking" around the house has caused painful knots in my right calf, hamstring, glutes, and hip joint. I didn't get much sleep last night--an hour or two, at most. I am supposed to go with my kids on a field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium on March 7th. I think I'd better tell my principal to replace me. I also think the time has come to request a referral to a knee specialist. Feeling like this is taking a toll on my spirits.


Edit: Sorry to be such a whiner.


Ydnam96 - Feb 25, 2007 9:55 am (#1746 of 2990)

Journeymom: that would be Galadriel Smile

Many condolences to Tazzy's Professor's family. That's horrible.

The weather here is amazing (not to be all hoity-toity). It should be in the 70's by mid-afternoon. Yesterday a friend and I went up to Mount Baldy to see the snow. It was beautiful. They have a ski lift you can ride up just to see the mountain (you can ski at the top if you want but it's not a resort-type skiing place). It was such an amazing ride. About 15 minutes of just silence, blue skies, and beautiful scenery.

I watched The Departed for the second time last night...it was even better. I haven't seen all the different movies that are nominated but I think Scorsese should win for this one.

Well, I should go get ready for church.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


azi - Feb 25, 2007 9:55 am (#1747 of 2990)

**healing charms** Soli! **cheering charms** as well.


Madam Pince - Feb 25, 2007 10:07 am (#1748 of 2990)

Yes, indeedy -- healing charms to Solitaire, Nathan, and all others with bum joints or flu-symptoms or whatever ails you...

LOL, timrew, about the Rome quotes! Not quite finished yet... ***snort!***

Congratulations on your son's graduation, Josephine!

Heck, just big en-masse "woo-hoos" to Holly for finishing cookie duty, Denise for running 15 miles and the pending pins, Sheila for finishing costuming, Azi for headaches going away, etc...etc... did I miss anybody? Apologies if so! Sounds like this has been a pretty good couple of days for Forumers in general (the HP kind, not the Rome kind...)

It's now snowing here with the most beautiful big fat snowflakes -- it looks like a Christmas card! So gorgeous! There's something about a snowstorm that makes me want to cook -- it's not even noon yet, and already I've made blueberry muffins, baked a ham, baked a cake, and made jello. (Getting this much accomplished so quickly is such a rarity for me that I feel justified in breaking my arm patting myself on the back... ) I feel I made good use of the electricity to get the oven going...

I have to run -- apparently Little Pince is in the bathroom conducting "scientific experiments" so he tells me...


journeymom - Feb 25, 2007 11:25 am (#1749 of 2990)

Youth is waisted on the young.

Pun intended?

Uhh, yeah! I meant to say that. Yeah! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1437562208

Ydnam96, ding ding ding! Yes, indeed, that would be the breathy, ethereal Gladriel.


Puck - Feb 25, 2007 12:08 pm (#1750 of 2990)

Solitaire, you're not whining, just informing us of your condition. Definitely time to see a specialist. Best of luck!

Madame Pince, I'm afraid you will now have to just go ahead and eat all that yummy food -after you've cleaned up whatever potion has been brewing in your bathroom.

My son is lazing on the couch watching Discovery channel. I feel like I should turn off the tv, but it's his last day of vacation, and it is a scientific program....and at least he's not doing his own experiments in my bathroom.

Lady Arabella
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:23 pm


Madam Pince - Feb 25, 2007 1:21 pm (#1751 of 2990)

Tee-hee! Well, it turned out to be a David-Letterman-sort of experiment -- he was playing "Will It Float?" in the bathroom sink. His clothes were completely soaked, and the bath mats completely soaked, but all-in-all a relatively tame "experiment," I suppose!

The snow is just now finally stopping. I'd say we've got about 3-4 inches maybe, and it is the real pretty kind that is fluffy and sticks to every single branch of the trees, so it looks like a white wonderland out there. We've had a grand afternoon shoveling and building a snowman and throwing snowballs and such -- no hills around here for sledding, alas. Little Pince suggested that I pull him around on his sled, but I pretended that I didn't hear him. Mr. Pince made us some delicious hot chocolate, so I think I will enjoy that and laze around awhile and read some more HBP...

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Puck - Feb 25, 2007 1:35 pm (#1752 of 2990)

Ahhh, lets just hope he never decides to play "Will it Flush". Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 464751818


Tazzygirl - Feb 25, 2007 1:44 pm (#1753 of 2990)

Ding Ding Ding! Tori, you've won the prize. 'I promise not to kill you until you reach the top.' was Indigo's promise to Wesley while he was climbing the cliff.

Snuffles- sounds like the walk along the beach was fun! Especially the 'I told you so' moment.

**many more healing charms** to you, Soli. I hope your knee gets better soon!

Nathaniel is going through that phase, Madam P. He loves to conduct sink experiments with various objects. Yeay on the snow!

Oscars are on tonight. w00t! Can't wait!

Happy Sunday all!



Denise P. - Feb 25, 2007 2:12 pm (#1754 of 2990)

We got about 6" of fluffy, pretty snow. My oldest 2 boys decided to take shovels and go make money by clearing walkways, parking spots and driveways yet....it is just too difficult to do at our house, go figure. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059

I have a feeling that school will be cancelled, yet again, tomorrow. Noooooo!!!!

Oldest daughter is flying into Dulles on Tuesday, none of the kids here know this...it is a big surprise to them. One did ask me why I had "Krp" on the calendar but I pretended to not hear her. Krp is her initials. Since all my girls start with K, I use the second letter as well.... Krp, Kap and Kip It makes it much easier to find pictures than searching for KP and finding a billion


Good Evans - Feb 25, 2007 2:19 pm (#1755 of 2990)

yay for all the snow - sounds lovely!!!

healing and cheering charms to Soli - sounds awful, I hope that your knee gets better!!!

anti flu charms to all who need them - just coming out the other end one full week now!!!!

thanks for the doggie biscuits Luna keeps licking her lips!!!!

have a great sunday evening everyone


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 25, 2007 4:29 pm (#1756 of 2990)

It's a gorgeous day here too. It hardly rained at all last night. It's been in the low 70's for most of the day. We washed the car for the first time in like 4 months because it was finally warm enough and it isn's supposed to rain this week. And to top it all off, we found a bag of candy in the pantry that my mom bought a few weeks ago! Yummy!

**healing charms** to everyone that needs them.

**pats Luna on the back, while slipping a nice juicy steak into her dog bowl**

LOL at the sink experiments Madame Pince! I can remember doing that when I was little! It was always so much fun!

Off to enjoy the last of the holidays! Have a great RotD!


Catherine - Feb 25, 2007 5:45 pm (#1757 of 2990)

Ahhh, lets just hope he never decides to play "Will it Flush".

Denise knows LOADS about that game!


Denise P. - Feb 25, 2007 6:05 pm (#1758 of 2990)

Catherine, you have a memory like an elephant!

Yes, I can say that a Hercules action figure from Burger King will NOT flush


Mediwitch - Feb 25, 2007 6:19 pm (#1759 of 2990)

**sneaks in and waves while supposedly helping Heather with her FAFSA** Waving 3


Solitaire - Feb 25, 2007 8:09 pm (#1760 of 2990)

Thank you, everyone, for the support and healing charms. After a day of elevating my leg and alternately applying ice and heat, I am relieved to say that my knee is a little better. It is still quite stiff and I can feel the effects of limping on other parts of my right side (quad, hamstring, glute, and lower calf muscles) ... but I am able to move around the house with significantly less knee pain. If my knee feels at least this good tomorrow, I should be able to make it through the day okay ... although I think I may have to ask our principal to let me work detention instead of yard duty at recess (a little too much walking required there).

I think tomorrow is the perfect day to leave the campus at 3:45 (instead of 6 p.m., like I usually do) and head for the x-ray department, as my doc has suggested.



Holly T. - Feb 25, 2007 8:12 pm (#1761 of 2990)

It was such a nice day today that my kids decided to build a fort by the creek. Which meant that they ended up in the creek. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059   Daughter just got her feet wet but son was soaked, with water and mud. At least they played together nicely.

My son likes to do scientific experiments in the kitchen, which I am generally ok with as long as he follows some rules--if he makes something with food he has to eat it, if he makes a mess he has to clean it up, and no using sharp knives (he cut his finger twice last year while trying to cut up fruit).

I wish I could find a bag of candy in my pantry!


Puck - Feb 25, 2007 8:29 pm (#1762 of 2990)

I still have a bowl of candy -which I am avoiding- left over from Valentine's Day. When did it become not enough for kids to exchange cards at school? Why do they all have to send in goody bags?

So, why is it the two women who starred in a movie about the fashion industry were among the worst dressed on the red carpet?


Ydnam96 - Feb 25, 2007 9:03 pm (#1763 of 2990)

Puck, I agree about the dresses

For anyone interested I took a trip up to the mountains yesterday and I took a bunch of pictures. I'll put the link behind my avatar.

How everyone has enjoyed the weekend.



geauxtigers - Feb 25, 2007 9:19 pm (#1764 of 2990)

All this talk about experiments is reminding me of what we used to do. LOL we used to make potions in my bathroom and my neighbor's bathroom usually consisting of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, hairspray, hair gel...well you get the picture! LOL outside potions consisted of mud, aleo vera, glue, leaves ect. We made 'dryer lint clay' one time consisting of dryer lint, and elmers glue. The remnants are still on the drain cover in her yard! LOL and we got a Sorcerer's stone kit and made our own sorcerer's stone. It didn't work and its still stuck on our drain cover and lemme tell ya, "it ain't comin' up!" LOL

Glad your kids had fun in the creek! If it was as warm there as it was here today, I'd probably soaked just like your son, Holly! LOL

I just saw Meryle Streep's outfit on the news! What did she do with her hair? She looked rather scraggly if you ask me! Should have worn some of the stuff she worn in the Devil Wears Prada. Now that was fashion!

So tomorrow I have to go back to the place. I don't want to, but it seems I have no choice. This week lasted quite a while it seems, weird since they always fly by, so I guess thats good, but still weird.

So I guess I'm falling back into lurker mode...and I'd finally caught up on a few threads... **heads over to horcrux thread to post one last thing before she can't anymore**

Have nice week everyone!

EDIT: Mandy, great pictures! Sure is Beautiful up there!


Solitaire - Feb 25, 2007 11:29 pm (#1765 of 2990)

I agree, Tori ... I love Meryl, but she was dressed for the wrong event. Her hair was the least of it, although I would have recommended a soft, elegant chignon. Even if she didn't want to "go designer" with her clothing, she might at least have worn formal attire. Her daughter was wearing something appropriate; I wonder why she didn't follow suit.



Puck - Feb 26, 2007 4:59 am (#1766 of 2990)

Yup, looked like she woke up and said "Oh, okay, I'll go." Then, ran a brush through her hair and grabbed the first thing in her closet. If I had to guess, I'd say her daughter dragged her to the event.

Woke up to the first day back after winter vacation -and there's a snow delay. Son doesn't leave until 10am, which means preschool is cancelled and Diva is home until Wednesday. Wish I had stopped for milk yesterday.

Off to exercise. I got up early so I would have time to do so before getting people ready for school. Guess I could have slept another hour.



Good Evans - Feb 26, 2007 5:14 am (#1767 of 2990)

Luna says "thanks for the steak" even if it was virtual!!

glad the knee is a little better Soli.

I thought there were some particularly frightful frocks last night - how many birds was Penelope Cruz wearing? I thought Jennifer Hudson looked nice - a lady with curves and not afraid to show them! She has certainly come a long way from Idol. she must be the first Idol contestant to win an Oscar? I hope they give a nod to her on the show this week, and she deserves to come back and guest like other finalists and winners have. (sigh - I didn't think Fantasia had grown at all vocally last week). Her standard is good, but she makes a lot of errors and her diction could be much clearer when singing, but who am I?? - just the public!

edit - I concur, what was Meryl wearing???? she does put some weird stuff together, didn’t she wear a white DJ a couple of years ago??? someone needs to take her in hand and give clear direction on formal attire!!!!!!!!


Madam Pince - Feb 26, 2007 6:38 am (#1768 of 2990)

I didn't see the Oscars, but I read the headlines on my homepage news this morning, and apparently Meryl Streep was wearing Prada -- it said she wore a black silk Prada coat over some kind of pants and something green, I think it said, and it said she accessorized with beads. I haven't found a photo online. Guess I'll wait until I get groceries and I'm sure it'll be blaring at me from some magazine in the checkout line!

I remember reading from a couple of years ago something about an actress, and it was either Meryl Streep or Sharon Stone, I can't remember which, that said they just wore whatever was in their closet. One of the choices was a long black silk skirt worn with a white Gap v-neck blouse with a collar. I remember being impressed that they could pull that off and that it actually looked OK. Not your typical "red-carpet glamour" certainly, but OK.

We had a HP-a-thon last night -- Prisoner of Azkaban was on ABC Family Channel from 5-8, and then Goblet of Fire was on ActionMax from 8-10:30. And I read from HBP during commercials. Woo-hoo! It's nice when dinner's already made!

Snow is rapidly melting today; it's supposed to hit 40 degrees. I knew I should've taken a picture of the snowman yesterday...


juliebug - Feb 26, 2007 6:41 am (#1769 of 2990)

That was Sharon Stone and if I recall correctly, she wasn't even wearing her own shirt. I think she said it was her husband's.


Puck - Feb 26, 2007 8:59 am (#1770 of 2990)

I only watched the red carpet, not the show. I heard about the winners this morning.

Would any of us have guessed some years back that Al Gore would be adding "Oscar Winner" to his resume?


Thom Matheson - Feb 26, 2007 9:01 am (#1771 of 2990)

Ronald Reagan, step aside. There's a new Gore in town.


Esther Rose - Feb 26, 2007 9:03 am (#1772 of 2990)

I was thinking about that (Al Gore's Oscar) when I was watching last night. I remember when comedians would call him "the Corpse" because he wouldn't move when the camera was on him during the Clinton presidential administration. It seems he has loosened up since then.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Feb 26, 2007 9:42 am (#1773 of 2990)

Had a good chuckle reading about everyone's snow, since I just came in from cutting my GRASS! Healing charms and well wishes to all who need them.

...toddles off to the threads...


Esther Rose - Feb 26, 2007 10:01 am (#1774 of 2990)

About the snow. It didn't fall here until last night. It was tough to keep up with the dog I was sitting for this morning. (She apparently LOVES fresh snow!) Commuting in it was horrendous. Great packing snow though. Perfect for Snowball fights.

And to TBE, ! Actually, I am extremely allergic to grass, especially if it is freshly cut. Which made a very interesting case against mowing it while I was a teen. Before my parents found out about my grass allergy, I would get through mowing at most three rows of grass before I had to come in to take a break. We had a huge lawn so mom always thought better of it and mowed it herself most of the time.


journeymom - Feb 26, 2007 10:21 am (#1775 of 2990)

TBE, my goodness, everything is growing like crazy! Here in northern California (the valley, not the Sierra) we had a few days of sun shine and Mother Nature went wild. I think she was a little stir crazy.

I don't know, I can't get a good picture of Meryl Streep's dress, but I love the beads. Not the usual rental jewels from Tiffany's. But I agree about the hair. Not very elegant at all.

Weren't the shadow profile performers (dancers? I dunno what to call them) fun to watch! Very clever. Ssnakes- on a plane!

I wasn't able to watch the awards very closely, as I was helping dear daughter finish her New Zealand report till 11:00!!!! ARGH! She had a good portion of it done but didn't get around to putting it into essay form until 7:00 -ish. Then I helped her sort of cut-and-paste edit it along the way as I typed it up for her. She's not terribly organized. But she did find some fun, interesting information. She wants to go to New Zealand now.

My mother, whom I mentioned a while ago is very ill, got a burst of energy and invited everybody over for dim sum, which I gather translates from Chinese as "really yummy snack-type bites that you make a meal of". Oh my word. There was so much good food. So much shrimp! There weren't enough pork bao buns, though. We had a wonderful time, and Mom loved having her grandkids around. But she was very tired by the time people left.

Healing charms to all, and to all a good day!


painting sheila - Feb 26, 2007 10:30 am (#1776 of 2990)

Hi everyone!

Three of us are down with that ugly stomach virus thing - yuck! That makes 5 of the 6 in our house. My husband is the lone stranger who hasn't gotten it. Lucky duck!

Not much else going on. I am trying to clean from everyone being so sick and clean from being gone for two weeks at work - and not feeling up to doing either on every well.

Tazzy - my little friend in in kindergarten. She is 5 - can you believe it!

Off to check 5 words. . . .


Puck - Feb 26, 2007 10:31 am (#1777 of 2990)

to TBE!


painting sheila - Feb 26, 2007 10:37 am (#1778 of 2990)

Puck - huh?

Favorite Quote from Princess Bride . . "No more rhyming and I mean it!" "Does anyone want a peanut?" and "As you wish" (sigh)


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 26, 2007 10:47 am (#1779 of 2990)

No school today! The three are outside playing in the snow. I am debating joining them, but then I really won't get anything done around here. Actually, they could have done with a delayed opening but why not - we have the days.

Love the pics, Mandy, glad you were finally well enough to get out! Thanks for sharing.

lol, TBE! is right, Kathy!

What a shame that we missed the HP line, Madam P! We did, however, get to watch The Princess Bride. I've been wanting to watch it again (nudges from the Chat Thread topic moved it along) and finally got to do it! Yay! Priscilla always watches it with me.

Healing charms to Solitaire, Sheila and all around!



painting sheila - Feb 26, 2007 11:34 am (#1780 of 2990)

Okay - the virus won. Hubby is on his way home from work.

Mandy - loved the pictures. It looked like you all were having so much fun!

Soli- good luck with the knee - but just because it is feeling better doesn't mean you shouldn't go to the doctor!



John Bumbledore - Feb 26, 2007 12:00 pm (#1781 of 2990)

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! It was the 24th, so few were late.

Anvil sized hints? Well when I turned 16, my family apparently forgot my birthday. After school (mid-afternoon) I asked my mom if we were going to have cake. She asked me why we should we have cake? My answer, "for my birthday," was met with a surprised blank expression. I also hadn't received any birthday cards by that time. I retreated upstairs to my room and did my homework. Some time later my sister, Debbie, arrived with a cake; the icing was melting because the cake was still warm. My other siblings and their spouses then began arriving at sporadic intervals over the next few hours. Well, I realized they had dropped whatever they were doing and came over to wish me a happy birthday, so I think that made up for it.

Lina, I best say nothing more than this, I know there is evidence out there that I once sported a hair style like Shaun Cassidy's. LOL

Had a good chuckle reading about everyone's snow, since I just came in from cutting my GRASS! -- TBE

Now I suppose you have the munchies, Pam?

I have seasonal allergies which have been (un) seasonably active the past month. I best get to Lowes Home Improvement for more dust masks and to the drug store for more allergy tablets. I've been avoiding the big green chia-pet elephant in my yard for about as long as I've been sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Puck - Feb 26, 2007 12:01 pm (#1782 of 2990)

Healing charms to Sheila's clan!

Sheila, TBE (Twinkling Blue Eyes) commented about having grass to mow instead of snow to shovel, thus the

I would have brought the girls out to play, but Diva woke up with an earache. She's resting, poor thing. Second ear infection this season. My kids never had them as babies, and I thought that meant we were home free. I have numbing ear drops that take away the pain. I don't like to use antibiotics unless it's necessary.

Off to quilt...for the first time since August!


edited to add Happy belated Birthday to John! (Now that you're back and will read it )


painting sheila - Feb 26, 2007 12:41 pm (#1783 of 2990)

Duh! Thanks Puck. I am slower than normal today so I didn't get TBE - sorry Twinkling Blue Eyes!

Where did you find numbing ear drops? Have you ever tried wicking her ears? YOu can find the wicking "candles" at most health food stores. It seems to work if we can catch it soon enough.

The kitchen and bathrooms are clean - yeah!! I am worn out - but it was worth it.

We are going to miss the Sports Banquet tonight for Oldest Son. He is in no shape to go and with hubby out of it on the couch, I think it best to call the whole thing a "no go". I wonder if we can get our money back for the 3 dinners?


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 26, 2007 12:54 pm (#1784 of 2990)

Oh, poor John. What a good sport you were! **makes mental note to never forget children's birthdays**

big green chia-pet elephant in my yard - John B. **Resists the urge to ask...**

Healing charms to Diva.

Happy to report Trevor is well and played outside in the snow for about an hour, so now I'll watch him carefully.


B]Puck[/B] - Feb 26, 2007 1:30 pm (#1785 of 2990)

Sheila, the doctor prescribed the drops for her last infection. You use them only as needed. They work very quickly. Basically it's pain management, as most ear infections clear on their own and are not contagious. I had most of the bottle left, as I only used it once or twice last time. I think next time I go on a plane trip with the kids I'll ask for some to take along. I don't want to go through the ear-pain-from-the-plane thing on another vacation.

Glad Trevor is enjoying the snow.

Off to find a healthy snack. No junk allowed, and I'm finding myself hungry....Alas, I was meant to go shopping today, so not much fruit left. Will have to run out tonight after hubby gets home.



journeymom - Feb 26, 2007 2:04 pm (#1786 of 2990)

Good Health to Sheila's hubby.

John, no kidding you were a good sport! Hugs to your sixteen-year-old self.

While I was out the [expletive expletive] dog pulled my fresh loaf of Swedish coffee bread off the counter and ate half of it! Insert furious emoticon here.


virginiaelizabeth - Feb 26, 2007 2:18 pm (#1787 of 2990)

While I was out the [expletive expletive] dog pulled my fresh loaf of Swedish coffee bread off the counter and ate half of it!

Haha, my cat had kittens once, and I think they managed to get ahold of at least 10 loaves of bread, before we started to put it in the pantry. I know how you feel!

**healing charms to the Sheila family**

Have a great RotD!


Mediwitch - Feb 26, 2007 2:54 pm (#1788 of 2990)

Hehe, Maria! I watched The Princess Bride this morning too! "Inconceivable!"

I love snow days! (We probably could have gotten away with a delay, too, but who am I to complain?)

Well, Heather's FAFSA is done. I think it's the first time she's ever done anything not only on time but early! WooHoo!

**Healing Charms** to Diva, Solitaire, and the entire painting sheila family!


John Bumbledore - Feb 26, 2007 2:58 pm (#1789 of 2990)

big green chia-pet elephant in my yard - John B.

**Resists the urge to ask...** -- Maria

Elephant in the room: an English idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored" -- Wikipedia

Do'h! I just caught that subtle joke on a re-read. LOL **insert wooshing sound of plane doing a close flyby at high speed.**

**Hangs head in shame**

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


geauxtigers - Feb 26, 2007 3:16 pm (#1790 of 2990)

I don't want to go through the ear-pain-from-the-plane thing on another vacation.

Trick for the ears on the plane that my mom heard from someone after having a cold on her way home from her honeymoon. Vick's vapor inhaler sticks. They are magic! You just smell it and it clears your sinuses and you can pop your ears too. If anyone has ever had a cold while flying, then you know how much it hurts when your landing. Works like a dream. No one in my family ever travels with out them! LOL Might seem weird, but trust me, it works and this is coming from someone who has the worst a sinus issues ever!

Hope Diva's ear feels better!

Healing charms to the Sheila family!

Ahh must go, I just realized I have a poetry test tomorrow and I don't ever remember hearing we had one. Then again when it was announced was the day we got out for a week, so I do believe I was probably highly distracted.

I found this list last night online- 100 Reasons you know you grew up in the 90s. One of them was "Harry Potter was the first book you enjoyed reading"! LOL The list was very accurate I must say! There are a few things on the list that aren't forum friendly, so I can't post it, but most of them are really great! I'm happy to e-mail it! LOL

So I'm off to study for my poetry test. **woo hoo, NOT!**


dizzy lizzy - Feb 26, 2007 4:36 pm (#1791 of 2990)

Hi all!!!

I got halfway through the long list of posts I missed and realised I need to hurry up if I am to make it to my 11.30 appointment. I get to sign my half of the contract for the sale of the house today!!!

So...I've sold about 14 of my 100 CD's on ebay...I'm enjoying doing so even if I'm not really selling them for what I really wanted to...

So with the proceeds of the CD sales, I have been able to renew my forum membership and have Lucy wagging her tail at you all again.

Apart from that my week has been flat out and I feel like my brains are about to fry themselves with all the stuff I'm trying to keep straight in my head!!!! The biggest hurdle is out of the way and that was to buy the ticket on the ferry to cross Bass Strait between Melbourne and Devonport.

((hugs)) to all who are in need of them and healing charms to all those who need them!!!

Now I'm off to chase up the removalist and get ready to see the solicitor's!!!!




Madam Pince - Feb 26, 2007 5:19 pm (#1792 of 2990)

Mediwitch, I do not think you know what that word really means...


Mediwitch - Feb 26, 2007 6:05 pm (#1793 of 2990)

LOL, Madam Pince! I almost put that earlier. I really love that movie, and it had been such a long time since I had seen it. All the recent talk of it here really got me in the mood for it, and what better way to spend a snow day!

dizzy lizzy, I'm glad you're having fun selling your CDs on eBay ~ and yay for the premium membership! Congrats on all the other progress you are making as well.


Tazzygirl - Feb 26, 2007 7:07 pm (#1794 of 2990)

...Prisoner of Azkaban was on ABC Family Channel from 5-8...

I was not watching it here, but my friend in California was. She ended up calling me because she was so confused on what was going on, and I went into an hour or so telling her everything behind PoA (book and movie). I made a comment about it in the YKYAHP/LFW thread.

I skimmed the rest of the posts. I've got to create a lesson plan for tomorrow and attempt to teach it- I also have to read all of Bridge to Terabithia by tonight so the lesson will be accurate. I honestly feel like I want to break down and cry. All but one lesson so far has been great. And my new (temporary) supervisor likes to jump in and help you while you are teaching, and that's just bad manners (IMO). Made me feel like I was totally doing stuff wrong today. I love the class I am in- the kids are great and the teacher is super helpful, but sometimes (like today) I feel like I am honestly not made out to be a teacher. I keep telling myself next week will be better.... :frustrated: sorry to whine and complain to you all. (The perfectionist/ over-achiever in me is sooo not happy at the moment! LOL)

... and the people next door are still working on their roof. Oh! Maria- you were so right! I found TWO nails- one in my area, and one by Aunt and Uncle's pool.

Off to read Terabithia...

Have a great day everyone!



Mediwitch - Feb 26, 2007 7:35 pm (#1795 of 2990)

**sends Calming Draught to Kristina**

You know, it sounds like your inner Hermione is struggling to get out! I bet you're doing just fine. Your teacher probably thinks she (?) is just being helpful. Is she adding to your material or contradicting it?

I haven't read Terabithia yet ~ I'm waiting until AFTER the movie on this one but I hear it's a pretty quick read, in addition to being really good. I don't know how that one ever got by me, but now I don't want to read it right before the movie and be disappointed by another book-to-movie adaptation. Hope you enjoy it Kristina! (Don't forget to take some deep, calming breaths!)


boop - Feb 26, 2007 7:41 pm (#1796 of 2990)

Healing Charms to everyone who needs them.

I had a nice weekend Mischafan(Jim) came in for a visit.

Have a great week everyone!!

hugs always



painting sheila - Feb 26, 2007 8:08 pm (#1797 of 2990)

Oldest Son earned his letter jacket tonight! wOOt!! He was too sick to go, so Littlest Guy and I went with Sweet Daughter. Littlest Guy went up for Oldest Son's letter when they called his name and got a round of applause. He ate it up - held both fist in the air and said, "Yeah, baby!"

Where it comes from - I have no idea.

Tazzy - You ARE an awesome teacher!! - already!! We all can tell by your posts about your students and how much effort you put into it. Who knows why the teacher feels the need to interject - maybe it's an insecurity thing on her part - or maybe she is just so pleased with what you are doing in the class she can't hold herself back!! Hang in there!!

Way to go Dizzy Lizzy!! YOu are doing it!!


Puck - Feb 26, 2007 8:37 pm (#1798 of 2990)

Kristina, hang in there! We all have those moments. The fact that you want to do well for the kids is what will make you a great teacher!

for Sheila's sons.

I ran out and did 20 minute grocery shopping. (I got there and found out the store was only open for that long, so I raced through the store.) Now, at least I have fresh fruit and milk, if Diva's too sick for us to get out tomorrow.

Thanks for the info, Tori! I never heard of those Vapor sticks, but will be sure to keep them in mind.

Off to read a bit of HBP and then get some sleep.

Have fun storming the castle!



journeymom - Feb 26, 2007 8:48 pm (#1799 of 2990)

Tazzygirl, here's a cyber gift card to Madame O.D. Toylette's spa in Hogsmead. Get a massage, a mudbath, a facial, get your nails done. Have some of the chocolate chip cookies. I hear they're delicious.

Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett just looked beautiful at the Oscars last night! Oh, that I could look as fabulous as Helen Mirren does when I'm 61 y.o. Cate Blanchett's dress was so elegant. It suited her perfectly.

I'm pretty sure Mr Journeymom is in love with Beyonce' Knowles. Or is it Anika Rose? Or Jennifer Hudson. Could be all three... ;-)


Tazzygirl - Feb 26, 2007 8:51 pm (#1800 of 2990)

Thanks for the support, Mediwitch and Sheila, Puck, and Journeymom. My temporary supervisor (she is from UH) gave great constructive feedback. Normally though, supervisors wait until you are completely done teaching the lesson and then you sit in the back of the class to share what went well, what went wrong, what you could have done better, and so on. I think maybe if she had asked me/gave me heads up before the lesson had started if I minded her coming in and assisting me with the lesson, I would have not been thrown off. I don't mind my mentor teacher (the actual teacher of the class) coming in and adding more to what I'm saying/teaching, I expect that. Supervisors on the other hand, are there to observe, write notes down on a paper, and then have a feedback session after the lesson. My inner Hermione is definitely coming out!

Journeymom: Here's a cyber gift card to Madame O.D. Toylette's spa in Hogsmead. Get a massage, a mudbath, a facial, get your nails done. Have some of the chocolate chip cookies. I hear they're delicious.

Thank you so much! **dreamy look** Think I'll pack up and go there now!

Since my last post (almost two hours ago), I've managed to read all but the last three chapters of Terabithia. It's not how I expected it to be- pretty good, but different.

I recorded the Oscars last night- but my cable box stopped recording about two minutes after Beyonce and whats-her-face stopped singing. Who won Best Actress and Actor?? And I also thought Cate and Helen had beautiful dresses. There was one other dress that was beautiful, but forgot who wore it. Definitely wasn't Meryl!


Sheila- Congrats to Oldest Son!!
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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:28 pm


Thom Matheson - Feb 26, 2007 9:01 pm (#1801 of 2990)

Tazzy- Just so long as your supervisor doesn't make you do lines with a "special" quill. Watch out for the back of your hand. She doesn't have a bow in her hair does she?


Madam Pince - Feb 26, 2007 9:56 pm (#1802 of 2990)

I remember those Vicks Vapor Sticks! Had no idea they still made them, though... that's good info to know about using them on a plane! Thanks Tori!

***wants to be a bug on the wall at Denise's house tomorrow to see everyone's reaction to oldest daughter's arrival*** Hope the surprise goes well!

Dizzy Lizzy, sounds like things are going great for you! Good job! I wish I could sell things on eBay -- that's one of the reasons I really want to get a digital camera. We had hoped for Christmas, but alas, it was not to be. Maybe soon, though -- Mr. Pince has some overtime coming up so perhaps we will splurge...

Yay for Sheila's Oldest Son's letter jacket! Won't he be the cool stud about school now? (When he's healthy enough to go back to school, that is... ***healing charms!***)

Tazzy, hope you are feeling more cheerful tomorrow! Like Sheila said, it's way obvious that you are a fantastic teacher, so don't let it get you down! (Oh, and I think Forest Whitaker won Best Actor, and Helen Mirren Best Actress... Where is Finn when you need him? He always knows this stuff...)

Little Pince asked me to play the GoF DVD a couple of times today -- he wanted to rock out and play air guitar to "Can You Dance Like A Hippogriff" (he likes the extended version on the extra disc), and he was also saying he wanted to play the part where they "do the boy stuff" (the entrance of the Durmstrang students when they first arrive at Hogwarts.) He thinks that is quite cool, and uses his broomstick to "bang" down on the living room carpet and then throw himself around in a gymnast imitation, ending up with a pretty fair imitation of the guy blowing fire or whatever it was.


geauxtigers - Feb 26, 2007 10:11 pm (#1803 of 2990)

Vicks vapor sticks are sold at all the drug stores down here, so I'm guessing they are everywhere! LOL Walgreens and CVS for sure.

Ha ha about Little Pince and his Durmstrang imitations! LOL Too cute!

IMy brain is fried from all this poetry stuff...ugg I'll be glad to get it over with. I'm still copying these sheets into my book because my teacher recommened it. There will probably be like 2 questions on it and one of them we won't be allowed to use our book for. I'm betting on it.

Forgot to say good luck Kristina! I'm sure you're doing awesome!

Healing charms to all.

Congrats to Shiela's son. **high fives**

Okay I shouldn't be here, just had to take a break...back to the books...

Oh we are starting a Tale of Two Cities tomorrow. I know its a classic, so on a scale of 1-10 ten being awesome, one being dreadful, am I going to like it? I have my doubts after reading the first page and it felt like it took forever for me to read that one page.


Thom Matheson - Feb 26, 2007 10:19 pm (#1804 of 2990)

You will love the book.


Madam Pince - Feb 26, 2007 10:20 pm (#1805 of 2990)

I am ashamed to say I hated A Tale Of Two Cities -- but perhaps it has something to do with being forced to read it, and to do a book report in something like two days...


Thom Matheson - Feb 26, 2007 10:22 pm (#1806 of 2990)

Obviously not the "best of times" Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042


journeymom - Feb 26, 2007 11:03 pm (#1807 of 2990)

Bah dum dum, tsh.


Tazzygirl - Feb 26, 2007 11:06 pm (#1808 of 2990)

LOL, Thom. So far I haven't seen a pink bow or black quill... But I'll keep my eye out!

Thanks again, everyone, for the moral booster. I feel so much better! **still has to write the lesson plan** I also finished Terabithia an hour and a half ago! w00t! Very sad... Easy read though! The lesson for tomorrow is basically a review of vocabulary from the book. I'm going to attempt a new game that I've never done before. **crossing fingers** that it's successful.

Madam P- I am so dying to meet Little Pince! The visual I got of him acting out Durmstrang's entrance was entertaining! Sounds logical for Helen Mirren and Forest Whittaker to win- they were definitely favorites! I still haven't seen The Queen- I guess I'll be waiting until comes to video!

Tori- I really liked "A Tale of Two Cities".



Ydnam96 - Feb 26, 2007 11:46 pm (#1809 of 2990)

Kristina: you will do a great job.

John, I would have been so angry and hurt. You must have been a pretty good kid to not throw a fit.

I'm glad you guys liked the pictures. It was beautiful. It's nice to be able to see the snow when you want and then drive home and not have to deal with it

have been feeling much much much better. Thanks for the well-wishes.

Tazzy: great news! How exciting.



The giant squid - Feb 27, 2007 12:43 am (#1810 of 2990)

Oh we are starting a Tale of Two Cities tomorrow.—geauxtigers

It was the best of books, it was the worst of books...

Okay, cheesy, but it had to be said. I know everyone says that it's a classic, but I've never warmed to Dickens' style so I couldn't enjoy it. Your mileage may vary.

Tazzy, look at it this way--if you weren't any good they'd have drummed you out by now.

Health and happiness charms to all.



Snuffles - Feb 27, 2007 2:31 am (#1811 of 2990)

**Cheering charms** to Kristina. Like Mike said, I'm pretty sure you would know about it by now if you weren't any good.

Lol to Painting Shiela's littlest guy. Sounds like he likes an audience Healing charms to all those in your house.

Helen Mirren was pictured eating a burger in a fast food joint after the oscars, with her prize on the table. I don't think the Oscar people are too happy! Apparently they think she should be showing it off at a fancy party not a burger place

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday



Solitaire - Feb 27, 2007 3:34 am (#1812 of 2990)

Tazzy, I loved Bridge to Terabithia. I taught it as a novel several years ago, and my students loved it. I am not sure I will like the new movie version of it. I do not like the few commercials I've seen thus far, but I'm not sure I am the best judge. I get too personally involved in books I love, and movies simply cannot do them justice, IMO. I connected very strongly with this book on an emotional level, and I get the idea that the movie is all about special effects. I'll wait to see it ...

It's hard to believe, Tori, but I have never read A Tale of Two Cities. I think we were stuck with Great Expectations and Oliver Twist as our Dickens pieces. I must not have had any high school teachers or lit professors who liked ATOTC. I know the opening and closing lines, and I know that part of the story is set against the Reign of Terror in France ... but that is about it. Let me know how you like it. I actually enjoy historical novels, and I may add it to my summer reading ... after Deathly Hallows, of course.

The knee is a bit better today ... tender, but better. So are my spirits. Thanks to all who have been so encouraging and supportive. You are appreciated.



Denise P. - Feb 27, 2007 6:24 am (#1813 of 2990)

Yesterday, through a series of bad choices, 2 big containers of liquid potpourri came crashing down on my fireplace mantle, spraying shards of ceramic and red liquid all over the nearly white carpeting in front of the fireplace. (It is not white, it is not beige, it is darker than white, lighter than beige) After I sent the kids running with my howl of despair and disbelief, I sopped up all the excess liquid, got out the handy dandy carpet cleaner and picked a small spot to test. It went from a red dot to a pink swirl so I backed away slowly and called the carpet cleaners. They are supposed to be here in about an hour to attempt to get this stain out. I have hopes they can since the clothes I was wearing at the time got spattered as did the clothes I had sitting on the hearth to put on one of the kids came clean in the wash. If not, we are stuck with some pink stains until we can replace the carpet with hardwood...which we eventually plan to do. Cinnamon Apple was the scent of the potpourri for those who stuck through to the end. I did manage to get it off the walls, the fireplace, the built ins and the glass door. What a mess!

School started on time today...yay! After making money by shoveling snow the other day, it burned a hole right through the boys pockets and was funneled into eBay auctions. Ryan is already pacing, even though his item is coming from England. Nicholas is feeling smug since his item should get here first, from California.

Does anyone know if Scholastic made any kind of promotional pins or release posters for any of the HP books prior to GoF? I have looked on the web and can't find anything, which means nothing.

Off to wait for the carpet cleaner and then to call the phone company. We can hear our phone ring, the answering machine can answer but we can't pick up and answer the phone using the handset. Weird.


kabloink! - Feb 27, 2007 7:00 am (#1814 of 2990)

I'm with Squid Mike-I can't stand Dickens. Was only assigned "Great Expectations" and "Hard Times" in college, and I never could quite get into them. I picked up all the necessary info from discussions and made it through the exams ok. Give me Austen or Bronte any day of the week, though.


Solitaire - Feb 27, 2007 8:03 am (#1815 of 2990)

I'm not a Bronte fan, but Jane Austen is my favorite, Kabloink. I can handle Dickens, but he is not on my top ten list. A Christmas Carol is about as much Dickens as i'm up for most years.



Puck - Feb 27, 2007 8:46 am (#1816 of 2990)

Denise, sorry about the mess. Take heart, that at least it must smell good.



Nathan Zimmermann - Feb 27, 2007 10:49 am (#1817 of 2990)

I also did not like Dickens or Lewis Carroll. I found that I enjoyed Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, and the poetry of Wordsworth.


TomProffitt - Feb 27, 2007 11:32 am (#1818 of 2990)

Been gone for awhile, hardware issues.

I have trouble thinking of classic literature that I actually liked. I was in the advanced English classes in Junior High & High School, so I probably got a little more exposure than average. Mark Twain is probably the only one I would read again on purpose. Jude the Obscure moved me at the time, but I wouldn't read it again, I don't think. Dostoyevski made an impression, but it would be too much work to try The Brothers Karamatzov again. It could be the philosophy as well, Carl Sagan is the only heavy writer I will reread and his stuff isn't fiction (except for Contact which I loved).

My junior year our English teacher had surgery and was out for about six weeks and the substitute treated us to six solid weeks of poetry. It was all Emily Dickinson type stuff, no Kipling or Poe. I have a distinct distaste for poetry now, although I may one day tackle a WWI trench poetry collection.

Hang in there with the teaching Tazzygirl. I had a horrid student teaching experience (mostly from lack of good preparation on my College's part) and abandoned the profession before I ever got started. 20 years later I still wonder if I made the right call.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 27, 2007 11:36 am (#1819 of 2990)

Poe was my favorite. I think I've made mention of this before, though. So much for a memory like an elephant. Hope you're feeling better, Nathan!

Puck, you took the words right out of my mouth keyboard! (Scourgify to your carpet, Denise!)

Kristina, sounds like you had a bout with some lousy days. Well, no one said it would be easy, right? Just remember not to let others decide what you feel/know about yourself. If you know you enjoy being around children and teaching, you'll get there. (Ask JKR how many times HP was rejected.)

**Healing and cheering charms all around**

Some late wishes: Happy Belated Birthday to Sheila's oldest son and Congratulations to the graduate, Josephine! (How's your shoulder healing up, BTW?)

I can't remember my favorite line from the Princess Bride verbatim, but it goes something like this: ". . .and we know about the sand traps, you were clever enough to discover those. . ." Sounds like the story of my life, lol.

I'm off. (No pun intended.)


EDIT: WB, TomP. My oldest (HH13) read Tom Sawyer in 5th Grade. Not because it was required but because it was in the pile I gave her. She really enjoyed it. I think she was at a good age for it.

***waves to Mediwitch - a few days late, of course***


Holly T. - Feb 27, 2007 11:47 am (#1820 of 2990)

WTG Sheila's son, sorry about the carpet Denise, hugs and healing charms for you knee Solitaire, cheering charms to Tazzy, and general good wishes for health and happiness to anyone I forgot.

My son's science fair project--"Have Fun Storming the Castle"--won first place at the regional science fair. I might have posted that already. Can't remember.

I really don't like my job. But I still have to do it. Oh well.

Happy RotD to all!


Madam Pince - Feb 27, 2007 11:48 am (#1821 of 2990)

Oooohhhh, Denise! Sympathies about the carpet! Hope the carpet-cleaner guys can get the stain out! I'm firmly convinced the guys are miracle-workers, and since the stain is fresh, I'm sure it'll be fine! ***fingers crossed!***

It feels like spring outside today! All the snow is melted except for the shoveled piles and the sad remnants of our snowman. We have lots of mud to compensate, however...

Good luck to Dan Radcliffe on his Equus debut tonight! Hope it all comes off all right! (Couldn't resist...)


geauxtigers - Feb 27, 2007 2:13 pm (#1822 of 2990)

Good luck to Dan Radcliffe on his Equus debut tonight! Hope it all comes off all right! (Couldn't resist...) SPEW! LOL

We just finished reading a English Romanitc Poetry, thats what the test was on by the way, and yes, there were exactly 2 questions about 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' on there, so the hour and half I spent writing all that stuff in my book for was useless. Wordsworth was in this mix too. I don't like poetry, I'd rather you just tell it to me straight rather than worm your way around with things that are supposed to be meaningful and understandable. I don't find half if it meaningful because I have no idea whats happening. I'm just not good at peotry.

We read Huck Finn last year, I thought I'd hate it. I actually really liked it. I'm worried about Tale of two Cities. I'm not the kind person who likes things like this. I thats why I haven't really enjoyed anything we've read this year. Its all old english and I understand French better. Its just the way people spoke in the time. Like today you would say, "the cat chased the mouse" but in the 17-1800s, they would say "the cat was engaged in the persuit of a mouse". Its not that the stories are bad, I'd just don't enjoy reading them. Harry Potter should be a classic, the second I hear a book is a classic, I'm like great, I won't be able to understand it!

Okay sorry for the rant. Its been a frustrating day.

Congrats, healing, cheering, safety, and anything else I forgot to all!

Off to attempt physics...


Madam Pince - Jan 18, 2007 11:04 pm (#1823 of 2990)

Off to attempt physics...

Oh, yeah. That'll be much easier!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059  ***hated Physics...***

OK, I thought of you girls today, Ginny and Tori. I read an article in the local paper of a neighboring county -- I was mesmerized by the headline Abbott Keeps Muskrat-Skinning Trophy...

So it seems there is this event called the National Outdoor Show which was held somewhere on the Eastern Shore recently, and it has things like a Cross-Cut-Sawing Contest, and yes, a muskrat-skinning contest. Apparently this has been a really big deal for some years, because this is the third time that the guy who won has won three times in a row, and his father before him had accomplished that stellar feat twice. Anyway, the whole tie-in to Ginny and Tori is that apparently this is a "sister" show to the Cameron Parish (Louisiana) Fur and Wildlife Festival which is normally held annually, and contestants started going back and forth to each other's shows ages ago when somebody in Louisiana said "Hey, why can't we find somebody who can beat those Eastern Shore guys at muskrat skinning?" So the Louisiana Festival used to be held at several venues, all of them schools, over several weekends, but since the Hurricane a couple years ago, the schools have been destroyed. So now the Eastern Shore Festival is making donations of the profit from their show to the Cameron Parish school system to restore the schools and to purchase storage sheds for people's belongings when their homes were lost to the floods.

Long story, but I thought it was a neat tie-in with my Louisiana Forum Friends! By the way, because I know you are dying to know... the winning muskrat-skinning time was five muskrats in one minute and 44 seconds. There was also a Girls' Beginner Class, won by a 10-year-old girl in seven minutes and seven seconds... They actually did this on a stage in front of an audience... Wouldn't want front-row seats for that one -- and you think getting splashed with water at the front-row seats at Sea World is bad!

archivist’s note:  Have no idea why the date on this post is January 18th, instead of February 27th.   That is how it saved during the archiving process.


Lina - Feb 27, 2007 2:59 pm (#1824 of 2990)

I'm pretty sure there were much more things I wanted to say, but since I procrastinated, you'll get what you'll get.

I'm glad you're back, Sheila, and a belated happy birthday to your son.

I hope you'll find out what's wrong with your knee, Solitaire, and find the way to make it better. I'm sure there is a way.

I hope your carpet will get cleaned, Denise. If not, you can always say it is a new fashion and make all your neighbors make the same stains on their carpet. "Didn't you read it? It was on the latest issue of some fashion magazine!"

Mandy, the pictures are really wonderful and it is so obvious that you had a good time. I totally agree with you about enjoying the snow if you really wish to, but not bringing it home.

Congratulations to Josephine's son! That must be a great feeling to have your kid graduate, I'll still have to wait for it...

Congratulations to Holly's son too! Yay! Even if you did post it before, I'm sure I didn't congratulate.

Kristina, you have to know that even the best and most experienced of teachers make mistakes. Who ever works, makes mistakes. The bad thing would be noticing them and then repeating them anyway. I'll take your substitute supervisor as an example. She (or he?) was rude, and all you have to do is to remember it and not do the same thing once that you become a supervisor.

I thought I'd skip the subject of literature and poetry, but Tori's rant on poetry made me think of a really great Croatian poet. I do love him and I know so many of his poems by heart, there is nothing to explain, everything is so clear and marvelous. But lately, I started to discover some really odd poems written by him and I had to learn them too because they are just too funny. I took a liberty of translating one of them for you, I hope you will forgive me the lack of the rhyme because it would take too long to take care of that too:

When a raindrop fell
on Donald's (Duck) beak,
he looked at the cloud
and said "Thank you!"

I know, you won't believe me he is a great poet, but I would never dare to translate some of his "real" stuff.


painting sheila - Feb 27, 2007 3:02 pm (#1825 of 2990)

. . . . hope it comes off all right . . . .

spew!!choke! cough - cough!!! That was a GOOD one!!

Muskrat skinning - it sounds inhumane! I know I couldn't watch!

We have had almost 12 hours of no one throwing up! Yeah! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Stains - I used this stuff to get "blood" stains out of a few costumes this past week. It was amazing!! It is used by textile dyers to get mis-dyed stains out. It is called ReDuRan Special by Stockhausen.


The giant squid - Feb 27, 2007 3:04 pm (#1826 of 2990)

Helen Mirren was pictured eating a burger in a fast food joint after the oscars, with her prize on the table.—Snuffles

Now I have even more respect for her. She's always struck me as someone who does her own thing, and this is proof. I'm glad she won.

Denise, that's rough about the potpourri. Definitely a "spaghetti sauce and white shirt" situation. I hope it comes clean.

Madame P.: There's a "Muskrat Love" joke in there somewhere, I just can't find it...



Lina - Feb 27, 2007 3:14 pm (#1827 of 2990)

Oh, yes, I remembered few more things:

Healing and weather charms all around where needed!

And a bit about my avatar... yes it is from the beginning of 80's. It was the last hairstyle that I was willing to put some effort into. After that, only combing, or no combing is accepted. And I even forgot about those glasses (I know, shame on me) until I saw some old picture of mine at my aunt' s. Then I thought - look, I was HP fan in the 80's already! Or maybe I met Trelawney on my way to acquiring those glasses? So I had to find some picture from that time and scan it.


Puck - Feb 27, 2007 3:33 pm (#1828 of 2990)

Mike, I'm sure the Muskrats weren't feeling much love...

Not to sound ignorant, but I am. So what is Equus?

wOOt to Holly's son!

Nice poem, Lina. Being a New England girl, I am particial to Robert Frost. "Nature's first green is gold...."

I think if you win an Oscar, you can celebrate as you please, so long as it's lawful.

We have had almost 12 hours of no one throwing up! Yeah!

...and on that note, I'm off to make dinner.



Snuffles - Feb 27, 2007 3:39 pm (#1829 of 2990)

Kathy, where have you been hiding????

Equus is the new West End play that Daniel Radcliffe is starring in, and he sheds all of his clothes! (am now wondering whether mentioning Dan going naked will make Catherine want to wash her eyeballs again!)

Glad the Painting Shiela household is feeling better

Denise, I hope you manage to get your carpet clean.



Denise P. - Feb 27, 2007 3:53 pm (#1830 of 2990)

In front of the fireplace has gone from looking like a crime scene to faint pinkish stains. It is still there but it is not the first thing you see walking into the room. We are going to be doing various other things to try and lift out some more of it. I really dislike light colored carpeting, stains will happen not matter how careful you are but what in the world were the previous owners thinking putting it in?? The carpet was put in AFTER they moved out. I know neutrals are in but c'mon...use a darker neutral. I am thinking this summer we are going to put down hardwood. It just kills me that we finally did it in the other house and then less than six months later, sold that house and moved.

Ugh, the streets are mainly clear of snow and ice, at least the bike path is. The running path is still covered. Do I go out for my run on the bike path or just do the treadmill. I am leaning towards the bike path because it is outside. I am only doing 4 miles so it will be an easy peazy run up to the local high school and back before I have to go get oldest daughter from the airport. Good thing the airport is less than 10 miles from me.

Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam....would be horrified at that contest. Eww. Let me just say Eww. You know, I have an old version of The Joy of Cooking and it actually details in there how to skin various bits of game for eating. I got a new version as a gift about 10 years ago and all those parts were removed. I used to read it in horrified fascination when I first got it. I wanted to look away but felt strangely compelled to read it.


azi - Feb 27, 2007 3:57 pm (#1831 of 2990)

Healing charms to all those that require!

**washes eyeballs** Men should keep their clothes firmly on.

Tazzy, from what I've heard, you are an extremely good teacher! Most teachers I know in real life wouldn't bother putting half the effort you do into their classes!

Never read a Tale of Two Cities. I liked The Signalman by Dickens though. I tried reading another of his books (possibly Great Expectations) after reading excerpts in class when I was about 11. Never finished it.

Some of you may have memories like elephants and remember me complaining about a certain GIS project I had to do before Christmas. Also, my GIS exam after Christmas will have been mentioned (I'm fond of complaining ). Well, I somehow got 65% for both. A little shocked at first, but now I'm disappointed with it, LOL!


Catherine - Feb 27, 2007 4:08 pm (#1832 of 2990)

Anyway, the whole tie-in to Ginny and Tori is that apparently this is a "sister" show to the Cameron Parish (Louisiana) Fur and Wildlife Festival which is normally held annually, and contestants started going back and forth to each other's shows ages ago when somebody in Louisiana said "Hey, why can't we find somebody who can beat those Eastern Shore guys at muskrat skinning?"--Madam Pince

Hmmm...sort of makes one wish for Squirrel Gravy.

Denise, my Mum's copy of the Joy of Cooking has the same "butchering" info, and like you, I had a horrified fascination with it.

How Harry Potter does bring us souls together.

Also for Denise, I'm a hardwood fan...can't go wrong there.


geauxtigers - Feb 27, 2007 4:20 pm (#1833 of 2990)

Abbott Keeps Muskrat-Skinning Trophy...

Ugg! I never heard of a such a disgusting thing! What 10 year old GIRL would want to do such a thing? LOL it is very funny, I actaully had to google where Cameron Parish was, I knew it was on the coast. Its right there by Texas, I just thought it was in Acadiana, closer to Lafyette. That show has redneck written all over it!! Some of the things people eat down here: squirrels, nutria, alligator, frog legs are some of the highlights. You couldn't pay me to eat squirrel or nutria or frog! NO rodents! LOL I've tried alligator before. It does not taste like chicken, but it was good. I don't need to have it again though, unless of course we are playing the Florida Gators in football. Alligator is definatly cooked by many tailgaters! LOL

Interesting show, muskrats...I don't think I've ever seen one...**googles** oh it looks like nutria to me! Gross why would you skin anything... Thats like skinning a rat, and why would you do that? LOL My teacher was telling me that her mom used to put squirrell heads in their gumbo. She apparently never ate it...I'd definatly scream, then loose my appetite. LOL

I've accomplished the unacocomplishable! I'm done with all of my homework, all of it! Make note people, its 5:16 and I'm done!

Glad everyone is feeling better, Sheila!

Err Azi...65% whats that in realations to OWLS? I remember something a while back we had this disscusion about the different grading scales! LOL

I think my mom has that cook book! I might have to go dig it out of the closet. Or maybe not, thats the closet we all stuff something and run and leave thenext unexpecting person to open it and have junk fall out on their feet! LOL

I think I'll head over to 5 words! Anyone fancy a spree? I've got 10 posts!


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 27, 2007 4:33 pm (#1834 of 2990)

I wanted to look away but felt strangely compelled to read it. Denise

To coin a phrase, "morbid curiosity" comes to mind.

Stating the obvious but I can't help myself, Denise, you did try Oxi-clean, right?

Azi, congrats on the 65! I think is it good or not good? (now you've me )

Not to sound ignorant, but I am. So what is Equus? Kathy Oh no, not again.

Nice poem, Lina. Are the others not forum friendly?

Madam Pince - ewwwwwww!



azi - Feb 27, 2007 4:45 pm (#1835 of 2990)

65% would be equivalent to a mid 2:1 in degree terms (that's good), a C at A-level (NEWTs, that's bad) or a B in most GCSEs (OWLs, that's ok, but not the best). I'd say it would rank as Exceeds Expectations. **shrug**


Nathan Zimmermann - Feb 27, 2007 5:00 pm (#1836 of 2990)

HH11, Equus, is a play written in 1973 by Sir Peter Levin Shaffer, the same playwright who authored Amadeus in 1979.

Equus, was adapted into a movie in 1977 starring Sir. Richard Burton, Jenny Agutter, and Joan Plowright amongst others.


journeymom - Feb 27, 2007 6:01 pm (#1837 of 2990)

1975 Joy of Cooking, p.515

OMG! These drawings are like something out of a horror novel!

Gray squirrels are preferred to red squirrels, which are quite gamy in flavor.

Squirrel is followed by various other critters, like beaver and armadillo.

Nice to know if the farming industry falls apart we can live on the bushy-tailed vermin in the neighborhood.


Thom Matheson - Feb 27, 2007 7:11 pm (#1838 of 2990)

Even my dogs just want to chase and the squirrels. No way will they eat them. And, if Shoe won't eat it I sure as heck wouldn't. Geautigers, you can't be done with your homework, go back and check all over again. (feeling so parental).


geauxtigers - Feb 27, 2007 8:43 pm (#1839 of 2990)

Armadillos=road kill. I dunno about yall but, I don't fancy frying up some road kill or having road kill stew.

I really did finish it all, Thom! Does this mean I'm kicked out of the procrastinators club? I'm guessing not, by the time yall cross me off the list, I'll already be reinstated.

Congrats to Azi, that is a good grade. On this side of the pond, it would be a D, nearly a fail, I'd classify it as Poor! LOL good job!

I watched that new show on Fox, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" It was dumb, they spent so much time going uhhh ummm errrr well ect that it wasn't enjoyable. The first guy, a history major, didn't know who the first president to be impeached was. I admit, it stumped me, then I remember after the question. Andrew Johnson. I did know that Nixon stepped down before he could be impeached adn that Clinton was impeached. Then one person ummed and errred for 10 mintues before finally saying that the ship the pilgrams came here on was the Mayflower. It was aggravating show, probably won't watch it again.

Hope the carpet returns to white, Denise!

Off to 5 words again!


Tazzygirl - Feb 27, 2007 9:29 pm (#1840 of 2990)

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. IMO, today's lesson didn't go as well as I wanted (kids 'bored', not cooperating...), but my teacher and substitute supervisor thought it went well. Received 4s on the grading scale (of 1-4, 4 being the best), so I guess I should be happy! I am thinking Spring Break Fever is starting to come up in the kids, and therefore it's going to be a tough three weeks...

Denise: My parents have been hesitating to redo their house in California for that very reason (moving to another house soon after). Every time they start doing something to a house, my dad gets a transfer notice. Even though they've been in California for 10 years (longest place they've stayed since I've been alive), they are still hesitating. Hope the potporri comes off the carpet!!

Armadillos and squirrels... Should not be eaten in any form.

Off to do some homework for tomorrow!



Elanor - Feb 28, 2007 12:16 am (#1841 of 2990)

Winter break has just started here, woohoo!!!!! **happy dance**

Don't worry about the teacher training Tazzi! I've always thought that there is no way the training can really prepare you to what will happen in your class because the unexpected IS what teachers do face everyday at work. Yesterday for example, spent the afternoon break sweeping up the corridor next to my classroom because one of my students (first graders) had lost a tooth while there and was desperate because the "Little Mouse" (the local "Tooth fairy") would not come to his house if we could not find the tooth again! Wasn't in the teacher training syllabus as I remember it...

Reading the previous posts just made me think that Hagrid should start and write a cooking book, stoat sandwich anyone?

Healing and cheering charms to all needing them!



jose043 - Feb 28, 2007 12:24 am (#1842 of 2990)

Hi all

Lina My Son was a matured aged student 42 now, he is the one with the 3 kids 14,10, & 5.

Healing charms to Soltaire's knees & to anyone else.

Denise.P sorry to heat about your carpet.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Marie E. - Feb 28, 2007 5:55 am (#1843 of 2990)

I was also looking for a tooth this week, Monday actually. Shayla lost one of her molars and kept carrying it around the house with her. When it came to bedtime, she couldn't remember where it was. Oh my goodness, the drama! The tooth fairy still left her a dollar. This is her second tooth in a month and she has another loose one.

This is our last weekend of cookie booths and I have five booths booked. I have actually run out of most varieties and have to pick some up on Friday. I am afraid of ending up with extra cookies. Whatever is left over the troop has to pay for. I was even having cookie dreams last night.

Shayla's birthday is this weekend and she took so long deciding where she wanted her party that everyplace is booked up. She may end up having her party after we get back from Missouri. We're going to Missouri St. Patrick's Day weekend for my nephew's first birthday. The Squid and Mrs. Squid will be there, too. I'm hoping all of their ice storms are finished by that time.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 28, 2007 8:56 am (#1844 of 2990)

***CRASH, THUD*** (pin drops)


Marie, how many boxes do you have remaining?

lol, we had such a "tooth crisis" with Olivia when she was around 7. I save their teeth (not sure why) and after a very convincing search I happened to find it. (I now know why I save their teeth )

Hooray for breaks! Enjoy your time off, Audrey!

Yesterday late morning, I was washing dishes. Trevor was in the other room on the computer (the girls were in school). My sink area overlooks the family room. Out of my peripheral, I caught this bald Voldemort-like "head" rising slowly from beyond Trevor's train table. I stopped for a moment and looked up - it had descended. I waited to see what it was (okay, I'm not that crazy to imagine such a thing). Slowly, as though rising from a grave, it ascended again - stopped me in my tracks, it did. But I had to go and get a closer look. It turns out, Trevor had gotten a Trader Joe's balloon a few days ago. It was hovering over a heating vent and since it had deflated a bit, the air, when the heat cycled on, sent it up and down ever so slowly. Moral of the story: The "Idiot in the Attic" pitch may not be so far-fetched after all!


Julie Aronson - Feb 28, 2007 9:24 am (#1845 of 2990)

LOL! So is The Idiot in the Attic anything like The Madwoman in the Attic ? I'm working with that right now...


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 28, 2007 9:30 am (#1846 of 2990)

Not exactly, Julie, lol! I may have coined the phrase improperly, but it refers to the suggestion that in horror movies, whenever a strange noise is heard in the attic, the idiot goes toward the noise, rather than away from it. (Which usually doesn't bode well for him/her.)

And so, this concludes your short story for the day. . .



Starling - Feb 28, 2007 10:04 am (#1847 of 2990)

Squirrels are cute, but strictly speaking, they're just rats with fluffy tails. Why would anyone want to eat them?

Another horror story rule: the big, safe group of people always splits up (d'oh!).


John Bumbledore - Feb 28, 2007 10:23 am (#1848 of 2990)

"Muskrat skinning - it sounds inhumane! I know I couldn't watch!" -- Painting Sheila
Helen Mirren was pictured eating a burger in a fast food joint after the Oscars, with her prize on the table. -- Snuffles
You know, I have an old version of The Joy of Cooking and it actually details in there how to skin various bits of game for eating. -- Denise P.

My Mum's copy of the Joy of Cooking has the same 'butchering' info – Catherine

What! Are you all vegan Vegetarians? Oh well, maybe it is just that I grew up on a farm and understand that eating anything involves killing. Even plants are alive and are killed either by harvesting or by digestion. It is part of the circle of life, there is nothing wrong or evil about eating in moderation.
(Note: I intend these comments to be taken in a fun and humorous way. Any issues may be sent to the email in my profile. I check it once or twice every week or two, usually.)

Yes, I know how to skin a cat [fish is the understood subject of this idiom], squirrel, (fowl can be added here: quail, dove, duck, chicken, pheasant, goose, and turkey), rabbit, deer, or cow. I have had practice with most of those, but mostly with cows. I've eaten snake, shark, squid, elk, and bear. Most of these were sampled at an annual event in Pleasant Hills (suburb of Pittsburgh) that has been called the annual "beast feast." In fact, my father-in-law is the chief cook for the event. Local authorities call him any time deer or other suitable game in usable condition has encountered a motor vehicle. So, if you consider deer, I can truthfully say that I have eaten road-kill. LOL

Okay, perhaps more than you wanted to know but it started with "butchering."

Another horror movie rule: If a female needs to run, they will always be in high-heels and looking behind them.

When was the last time any of you ladies chose high-heels when you were planning to visit a cabin in the woods?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


TomProffitt - Feb 28, 2007 10:38 am (#1849 of 2990)

In 1991 I went to an Infantry Leaders Course and one day I went through the chow line and was handed a live bunny.

If you ever find yourself in a horror movie don't walk through a door backwards.


Thom Matheson - Feb 28, 2007 10:59 am (#1850 of 2990)

and for heaven's sake don't open the closet

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Starling - Feb 28, 2007 11:09 am (#1851 of 2990)

If you've been chased around by an axe murderer, check your car before you get in it.


Esther Rose - Feb 28, 2007 11:11 am (#1852 of 2990)

If your phone rings.. oh wait. Correction: If any phone rings, don't answer it and don't look out any windows!

If you survive until the daylight hours, you're scot free. Unless, of course, you're dumb enough to stay at the same sleeping accommodations the next night. Then all bets are off.

All doors must be made of the thinnest plywood that is easy to break through with a monster fist.

Doors must be locked when you need them not to be or unlocked when you don't need to be. Which gets me to another rule.

If you are in a room and there are 5 locked doors and 1 unlocked door (other than the one you came in with) and you are not in immediate danger Do Not Open the Unlocked Door!!

All keyrings must have at least 1000 keys.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 28, 2007 11:15 am (#1853 of 2990)

EDIT: Oh, I'm so slow.
If you've been chased around by an axe murderer, check your car before you get in it.

Especially if the keys are in it. Oh, and don't be slow.

All keyrings must have at least 1000 keys. - Esther Rose


Thom Matheson - Feb 28, 2007 12:26 pm (#1854 of 2990)

Remember the old "Jaws" skits on Saturday Night Live? Candygram! Sure go ahead and open the door.


Denise P. - Feb 28, 2007 1:13 pm (#1855 of 2990)

You don't investigate strange noises, in the basement, by yourself, in the cabin, in the woods, at night....ever.

While everyone is freaky, it is not the time to decide to nap in the hammock.

A power outtage is a good sign that the ominous music is about to start and you should leave immediately, following all rules above.


Starling - Feb 28, 2007 1:19 pm (#1856 of 2990)

If ominous music starts, run for the hills.

Actually, maybe not. Curl up in a ball and pretend you're not there?


geauxtigers - Feb 28, 2007 2:05 pm (#1857 of 2990)

And if you see some suspicious trash bin where a certain snake like person could be hiding, don't investigate!

And if in the woods, don't put honey outside because obviously the bears will swarm!

Don't go through doors alone that several people before you have never returned from!

LOL those are great!

Seems like everyone had a fun day poking fun at all the idiots in the attic. OOO I heard a sound in the attic and I'm home alone, let us go investigate the source of the noise, heading towards the creaking door on the creaking floor boards and the breeze without any wind and easy throught the door backwards that 10 peopel before me have never returned from! LOL and we'll add the scary music...

Its a gray day today. Rain tomorrow. I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap before starting my homework...

Happy Wednesday!


Catherine - Feb 28, 2007 2:50 pm (#1858 of 2990)

I still haven't gotten over what I found in my basement!


journeymom - Feb 28, 2007 3:09 pm (#1859 of 2990)

So, Catherine, what did you find in your basement?

No, don't run for the hills! That's where the inbred community of axe wielding psychopaths lives.

Don't sleep in a room with antique china dolls.


Starling - Feb 28, 2007 3:15 pm (#1860 of 2990)

That's where the inbred community of axe wielding psychopaths lives.

Precisely, which is why I suggested the foetal position instead.

Never hide in a shopping mall.

Never stand close to a window with your back to it.


Denise P. - Feb 28, 2007 3:15 pm (#1861 of 2990)

I forget Catherine, what DID you find in your basement?


The giant squid - Feb 28, 2007 3:16 pm (#1862 of 2990)

The most important horror movie cliche: Whenever there are strange things going on outside & friends start disappearing, it's always appropriate to a) take a shower or b) have sex. The second one is especially good, as it allows the ghost/killer/demon to get two idiots at once.

What Marie didn't mention was that while we're going to Missouri for The Nephew Who Shall Not Be Named's birthday, my anniversary also falls on that weekend. It's a plethora of celebrations!



Starling - Feb 28, 2007 3:18 pm (#1863 of 2990)

My other half has an obnoxious nephew. We keep calling him Dudley. I can't actually remember his real name.

If you find a mysterious game, especially with lots of interesting squiggles on it: DON'T play it!


journeymom - Feb 28, 2007 3:25 pm (#1864 of 2990)

Starling- **subtlety makes a pleasant whooshing sound as it whizzes over Journeymom's head** My literal-mindedness strikes again.

One more, don't go to sleep. The pod people will get you.

So, what the scariest movie You ever saw?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) is right up there, as I saw it in 7th grade and -could not- go to sleep that night. I actually stayed up all night. I'd probably laugh at it now.

But the all time scariest movie, the kind that stayed with me for a long time, was the Exorcist. I know, I'd probably laugh at it, too. I'd still be totally freaked out.

Silence of the Lambs stayed with me as well. Anthony Hopkins was absolutely brilliant.


painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 3:29 pm (#1865 of 2990)

The Shining - definitely the scariest movie I ever saw! that old empty hotel - creepy!!

FYI - I actually auditioned and was cast in a horror movie in the mid 80's. I can remember the audition vividly - screaming and saying some very stupid lines that I thought no one would ever say if they were being killed in a cabin in the woods. After I got the part, I turned it down. I decided it would more than likely be rated R and I didn't want to be in anything I wouldn't watch. I have never gotten another role. Dang it! Ha!!


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 3:33 pm (#1866 of 2990)

LOL! Love the horror movie must haves. I'd add to the list, but I can't think of one that hasn't been said yet.

Journeymom- when I was 8 years old I watched Beetlejuice for the first time. Not a particular scary movie, but I had a huge nightmare that night. Now I have no problem watching it. The last horror/scary movie I saw was Scream. Saw it when I was about 12, and it scarred me enough where I steer clear of any horror/scary movies. It also didn't help that I watched that movie while visiting a cousin in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, at her friend's house, and having to walk about a half mile at midnight with no streetlights back to my cousin's house.

Back to class.


EDIT: Sheila- has that movie you auditioned for become well known? That's pretty neat!


DJ Evans - Feb 28, 2007 3:34 pm (#1867 of 2990)

Oh you all are in top form today. I've had several "lol" moments in reading the don'ts for when one might find themself in a horror movie.....goodness forbid they do though. heehee

I always thought if one should be so lucky to find an object that they could hit the bad guy with & luck is even more on their side by actually getting to hit them....then please don't go & stand over the person, poking/prodding them to see if they are really knocked out.

Oh & not only don't stand in front of a huge picture window but do not ever in your wildest dreams stand in front of it with your back to it.


We've been battling the crud here in our household for the past week or so. First my brother came down with it, then being the sweet thing he is, he passed it on to Mom & I. For several days there, I was having to try & take care of all of us. I wasn't so worry about him or myself, but Mom is 87 years old with heart problems, so I was worried about her & praying it wouldn't turn into something else. But the last couple of days we have all been doing much better. I wouldn't wish this stuff on anybody.

I've tried to keep up with everyone as much as I could. Glad to hear some of you are feeling better, healing charms out to those still under the weather. Congrats on all of the personal achievements.

I know I'm missing a lot in what I wanted to address, knew I should have made notes as I went along, cause now I can't remember one single thing. DRATS

Later, Deb

EDIT: Crossed posted with Starling, she had the same idea of not standing with your back to a window too.

Ooo, I forgot Mike & Marie E. were going to be in Missouri....you won't be too far from me then. I'll be sure to try & give a wave out toward the north that weekend.


Catherine - Feb 28, 2007 3:43 pm (#1868 of 2990)

I forget Catherine, what DID you find in your basement?—Denise

I found The Opossum.

Somehow, I think you have a behemoth memory and knew the answer to that question.


B]Lina[/B] - Feb 28, 2007 3:53 pm (#1869 of 2990)

Azi, I think there is definitely room for a congratulations about the GIS exam. One less at least.

Josephine, I can see what are you saying, but that makes the accomplishment even bigger. Yay!

Have a good time during the winter break, Audrey! I'm looking forward to the spring one.

And, yes Maria, those poems are totally forum friendly, I just wouldn't want to mess them with a bad translation. Do you really think I would walk around and recite not-forum friendly poems? (((hugs your way anyway)))

Have a great time while celebrating so much, Mike and Marie!

The scariest movie I ever saw was definitely the Exorcist. I think I never wanted to see any other horror film after that one, and I think it would scare me today as well. That jumping bed image is still somewhere in my mind, I expected anything else but that.

Veronika got an A in a Chemistry test today. Yay! All of you who know what kind of student Veronika is, will know how much joy and hope that brought to our home. ***happy dancing***

Healing charms to all who still need them!


lobelia - Feb 28, 2007 3:53 pm (#1870 of 2990)

First date I went on was Friday the 13th to see Friday the 13th. Not scary, what was scary the next date we went on was Children of the Corn. The Shining I think is the all time scary movie. My son’s scary movie is Signs. He is really afraid of aliens. Every 6 months or so he will try to watch is again to see if it still scares him. It does.


TomProffitt - Feb 28, 2007 3:59 pm (#1871 of 2990)

I saw Jaws when I was about ten or eleven and it scared the willies out of me.

Now when I see a horror movie I can't help but laugh at them because they are too over the top for me. So, I don't watch them any more.


azi - Feb 28, 2007 4:01 pm (#1872 of 2990)

I hate scary movies. I'm a wimp.

Congrats to Veronika, Lina! That's a great achievement!

Everyone is crazy today! There must've been a global cheering charm performed or something.


painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 4:13 pm (#1873 of 2990)

Tazzy - The movie was the one with all the teenagers getting a summer camp set up. I can't remember the name - maybe hubby does. I will ask him. I might have written about it in my journal. I'll look! I could have been a satr!! ( A dead star but a star none the less!!)


Holly T. - Feb 28, 2007 4:24 pm (#1874 of 2990)

My daughter is home today with the crud, son is whining that she is infecting him with her disgusting germs. Husband said I was a little too happy about getting to take a sick day from work to stay home with daughter.

Another rule:  When the girls are running in high heels they also should be wearing shirts that fall off easily.

My parents wouldn't let me see "Jaws" at the movies but they did let me read the book. That was quite enough and I wouldn't go in the deep end of the pool until the next summer, I think. Although that may have overlapped with my fear of being sucked into a drain in the deep part of the pool.

Lobelia--my son would probably like "Signs." He says he's been abducted by aliens. Husband was watching a rerun of "X Files" and he looked at me and said our son would probably like that show. Then we both said at the same time "we can't let him watch it." Goodness, he comes up with enough crazy stuff on his own.

Although he used to nurse and take a nap while I watched "X Files." Hmm, maybe that somehow worked its way into his subconscious and led to his alien theory.


geauxtigers - Feb 28, 2007 4:57 pm (#1875 of 2990)

ahhh Blossom!

I saw The Village first, in 7th grade. My first scary movie, I was scared and had a few moments, then when it ended with the ending, I was like, uhhhh okay. Now I believe it is the dumbest movie ever. I believe I'm in the majority here

The only other scary movie I've seen was The Grudge. That scared me. I've watched it a once or twice since in bits, and laughed at how stupid the lady in it was. 4 people disappeared behind this door, so of course she has to open it!

I haven't seen any scary movies since that. No one will go with me, they are all whimps. Including Ginny. Lot of them are rated R. Unfortunately they card you so that doesn't work. But I'll be 17 in 2 months, so I'll be old enough! LOL

I fell asleep for like almost 2 hours. I guess I should start some homework.

Healing charms to all in need!


Nathan Zimmermann - Feb 28, 2007 5:04 pm (#1876 of 2990)

I have seen a number of movies that frightened me when I was younger. I remember the first time I saw the Exorcist, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining and Seven I found them to be creepy.


TomProffitt - Feb 28, 2007 5:15 pm (#1877 of 2990)

The one that scared me the most was an episode of Space: 1999 where there was a monster in a derelict space vessel. It had this one glowing eye and lots of tentacles. Koenig (I think that was the character's name) ended up chopping its eye out with an axe. That episode wigged me out for weeks.


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 6:01 pm (#1878 of 2990)

Congratulations to Veronika!!!

Have a great break, Audrey! *jealous*

Tori- I thought the same thing you did about The Village, including the 'ummm. Okay...' ending. Then it was moved to the stupid movie pile. Signs quickly followed. (My parents love Signs... )

My 8:00 class tomorrow might be cancelled. My teacher has Jury Duty, so it's a 50/50 chance. Strangely enough, my teacher in the 8:00 class this morning has Jury Duty next week. Talk about coincidence!

Off to homework!



Thom Matheson - Feb 28, 2007 6:08 pm (#1879 of 2990)

I have one that most won't remember and at the very least wouldn't be scary by todays standards but anyone remember "The Creature From The Black Lagoon"? The scene where the creature first shows it's head. Big time step back. I do not mean the Adriane Barbeau version. That and the head through the boat scene in Jaws.


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 6:17 pm (#1880 of 2990)

Thom- I don't remember "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", but I totally remember the boat and head scene of Jaws. I think I jumped about 10 feet in the air, and landed with my head in the couch cushion. Even though it freaked me out, I never was that afraid to go into the ocean or swimming pool. Jaws is on my list of good movies. I actually think Jurassic Park scared me more. I remember sitting in the movie theater in Maryland (my family and I were visiting an uncle, and it was our first trip to Washington D.C.) completely turned around in the seat with my head buried. It took me several years to watch it again. Now I love it. LOL



Thom Matheson - Feb 28, 2007 6:21 pm (#1881 of 2990)

I saw it in 7th grade. (groan)1962. It was in Black and White I think it was made in about 1957.


HungarianHorntail11 - Feb 28, 2007 6:45 pm (#1882 of 2990)

w00t! to VERONIKA! ((BIG HUGS)) for that one, Lina! Good job to her!

Scariest movie I ever watched - a midnight showing on HBO. My friend convinced me to watch it with her at my house and we were home alone - 13 y.o. We were nearly at the end of it and my brother (nearly 3 yrs older than I) arrived home and we didn't hear him. He snuck up behind us and screamed. I left my skin behind. The movie - Phantasm. Nothing else ever came close after that experience.

Do you really think I would walk around and recite not-forum friendly poems? – Lina
Remember, you're asking someone who approached a Voldie-like head popping out from behind her son's train table.


EDIT: Healing charms to Deb and to all those in need of it!


kaykay1970 - Feb 28, 2007 7:16 pm (#1883 of 2990)

Way to go, Veronika!

I actually liked Signs. I got a good laugh at the scene where they are all sitting there with tin foil on their heads. Too funny!

Oooh! Phantasm was super creepy! I had nightmares after watching that one.

Healing charms all around!


Eponine - Feb 28, 2007 8:03 pm (#1884 of 2990)

I don't know what the scariest movie I've ever seen would be. I don't generally watch scary movies. Well, I don't watch horror films, but I will watch suspenseful movies. However, I am a cheat and will find out exactly what happens on the internet before I watch it. Actually, I do that with a lot of movies, not just suspenseful films. It annoys Mr. Eponine and my sister a lot, but I like reading spoilers (just not for Harry Potter).

When I was a kid, one part of a movie that scared me to pieces was Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. A few years ago, I was over at a friend's house, and she had recently got the DVD for that movie. So we put it in and skipped to that part. I'm not really sure what scared me so much. It wasn't scary at all.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Pigwidgeon - Feb 28, 2007 9:03 pm (#1885 of 2990)

I think the scariest movie I ever saw was "The Ring." I don't think I slept well for a week over that one. I was rooming with my best friend at the time, and we saw that one together. Neither of us wanted to fall alseep after the movie. She especially was freaked because she had a TV in her room!

Anyone ever seen either "Watcher in the Woods" or "Something Wicked This Way Comes?" Great Halloween flicks, especially if you have children, because while both are spooky and suspenseful, neither are gory or too intense.

Another freaky movie I saw was the staged movie version of the musical "Jekyll and Hyde" starring David Hasselhoff. Don't laugh -- he can sing fairly well. More importantly, he is absolutely blood-chilling as the evil Hyde. I was literally crawling up the back of my couch during one scene. NOT for younger ones.


Mediwitch - Feb 28, 2007 9:08 pm (#1886 of 2990)

Tazzy - a fun vocabulary game is SWAT! You write the vocab words on large index cards and post them in even rows and columns on the board or a wall. (Looks something like the Jeopardy! board.) Split the kids into two teams and give each team a (clean!) flyswatter. Read the definition (or give a synonym, or an antonym, or whatever your target is), and the first person to swat the correct word earns a point for the team. It gets the kids up and moving and keeps the kids motivated.

Love Mark Twain - someday I shall get to visit his house in Hartford - which is only an hour or so away!

Kathy, I really like Robert Frost too, but one of my articulation students was supposed to recite "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". I work with him because he misarticulates /s/ and /z/ sounds (like Sylvester the Cat from Bugs Bunny) - so needless to say I am a little tired of that one!

You all have been very chatty - I only missed one day and there were like 85 posts when I got on tonight! I'll be glad when this week is over - budget hearings, Hazardous Materials training class, workshops...I'm looking forward to the weekend!


Madam Pince - Feb 28, 2007 9:09 pm (#1887 of 2990)

In 1991 I went to an Infantry Leaders Course and one day I went through the chow line and was handed a live bunny. –TomProffitt

So... what'd you do with it? You can't just leave us hanging like that!

I can't wait until we have the next Forum Gathering. I'm going to bring some of my Mom's squirrel gravy and y'all will see what you've been missing! Yum... it is tasty stuff!

Tori, you asked why would someone skin a muskrat? Why, to cook and eat it, natch! Personally, I never have. However, Mr. Pince has. When he was a kid his family never had much money, and his Dad would bring home whatever game meat the people on his mail route would send along with him. Eastern Shore of Maryland, people hunt and eat almost anything -- duck, goose, rabbit, squirrel, deer, bear, muskrat, oysters (now there's something -- tell me the first person who ever ate one of those wasn't a hungry dude? Yet it's served in the finest restaurants...)

Anyway... scariest movie... I'd have to say The Exorcist creeped me out the most, and still does. Those eyes and that voice looking out of that little girl's face... ***shudder*** The "head falling out of the boat" in Jaws probably had me jumping the highest out of my seat. The book version of The Shining had me too scared to turn the next page, but I thought the movie was terrible and in no way did justice to Stephen King. (Jack Nicholson saying "Heeeere's Johnny!"? No way! The TV-movie a few years ago with Steven Weber from Wings was much better, except for the sappy ending.)

Also, I remember some cheesy Japanese-monster movie that was on TV one Sunday afternoon while I was at Grandma's house -- it was in black-and-white, and it had something to do with these jellyfish-like creatures that had invaded Earth, and if you touched them they would suck all the calcium out of your body and you'd turn into this jelly-like mass just like them. That movie scared me to pieces, and I had nightmares for weeks after. I have no idea what the title was.

Sheila! That was the original Friday the 13th, wasn't it? (Wasn't that the one with Jason, where they were setting up a summer camp?) Oh my gosh! A horror classic! And to think you could've been in it! Wow!

Lost is on. I love Hurley! I can't stand Kate!


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 9:10 pm (#1888 of 2990)

I kind of remember "Watcher in the Woods"!! Isn't it about two kids (or one) that goes to visit a relative (grandma??) and there is a person/thing that lurks in the forest, watching? (LOL, hence the title, but I'm trying to grasp the whole picture). I forgot what the ending was...

Back to the homework...


EDIT: wow, Mediwitch and Madam P. posted while I was typing my message up. Mediwitch- SWAT sounds awesome! I'll have to try it out! (My mentor teacher is always wanting new ideas introduced!)


Madam Pince - Feb 28, 2007 9:16 pm (#1889 of 2990)

Tee-hee, Tazzy, I've been typing my post for the last hour, trying to type furiously during the commercials in Lost! You know what, I think there are more commercials in Lost but there is less time per commercial break than other shows -- I could only get about 3 minutes per break in there, and I know some other shows have up to six minutes of commercial time per break! I could barely get started and I'd have to run back to the living room!

Pigwidgeon, I was afraid to watch The Ring -- the previews were too scary for me! I remember seeing Something Wicked This Way Comes when I was in college, but I don't remember much about it except it had something to do with a travelling carnival, I think.

Speaking of college movies, A Clockwork Orange was pretty scary. Very disturbing, anyway.

I'm going to go have some fava beans and squirrel gravy...


Eponine - Feb 28, 2007 9:20 pm (#1890 of 2990)

Pigwidgeon, Watcher in the Woods was standard slumber party fare when I was 13. It terrified us all, but we loved watching it with the lights off. I bought the DVD for a friend of mine a few years ago, and we watched it and laughed the entire time.


painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 9:23 pm (#1891 of 2990)

Lost - Poor Hurley! I can't tell you how happy I was that the van started! What do you think about the blue print Sawyer found? I think it has lots of clues - or directions - or whatever - YOU kow what I mean!

Friday the 13th - That may be it! It was supposed to be filmed in Alabama I think. I didn't get out my journals to look and see if I wrote it down or not.

It's strange to think where my life could have gone. I am SO happy with it now!! I can't imagine if I had chosen to do it how it might have made things different. I remember at the time it was agonizing to turn it down! I could have been Jamie Lee Curtis (but with a different name)

Lost Part 2 - John Loch needs to stop pushing buttons from the looks of next weeks previews!


Pigwidgeon - Feb 28, 2007 9:25 pm (#1892 of 2990)

Tazzy -- not quite. A family moves into this manor with a past tragedy connected to it. One of the stars is Bette Davis, in one of her last roles. The movie centers around two sisters.

Madam Pince -- is there a Forum gathering coming up?? I am sooooo behind *goes to search board*


Mediwitch - Feb 28, 2007 9:26 pm (#1893 of 2990)

Madam Pince, with a nice Chianti too?

Silence of the Lambs is the creepiest movie I've ever seen, but I'm NOT a big horror flick fan. :shivers:


TomProffitt - Feb 28, 2007 9:28 pm (#1894 of 2990)

In 1991 I went to an Infantry Leaders Course and one day I went through the chow line and was handed a live bunny. --- me

So... what'd you do with it? You can't just leave us hanging like that! --- Madam Pince

I took it back to my four man fire team, one guy killed it, I skinned it & cleaned it, we cooked it over an open fire, and ate it. I didn't mind the cleaning too much, and the eating was okay, but I'm glad I didn't have to kill it, I'm a very gentle soul at heart. I'd just as soon not kill anything that ain't fighting back (including bugs). (Mosquitos are fighting back so they don't count)


Ydnam96 - Feb 28, 2007 9:30 pm (#1895 of 2990)

Painting Shelia, was it possibly Sleepaway Camp?

Hmmm...the scariest movie I've seen...probably the Exorcisit...is that the one where they buy a house that was built on the old grave yard? I've blocked out a lot of it. I had nightmares for years.

I hate scary movies. Bleh.

I had a phone interview for the job I have applied to at Indiana Weslyan Univ. in Indiana! Fingers crossed!!!

Off to get ready for LOST Smile


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 9:30 pm (#1896 of 2990)

I know what you mean, Madam P.! LOST's commercials are super short. Too bad they are starting to just waste time during the shows... It doesn't come on here for another two hours, so I'm hoping it's a goody tonight!

I remember a friend of mine telling me at a sleep over about Freddy and a bunch of other characters from horror movies. I didn't sleep the entire night, thought Freddy was going to come through the window.

I'm stuck on my math problem. It's 8th grade level, but one of those critical thinking ones where you find the pattern. I found the pattern, now I am stuck trying to word the solution in an understanding way. So far no luck. grr.

Good luck Mandy!!



painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 9:32 pm (#1897 of 2990)

OH! Amityville Horror!

and . . . . Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds! I remember watching the birds as a little girl and being to afraid to get up and run from the room. Stupid thing is I would watch it every stinking year when it would come on - how silly is that?!

I tried to Google Friday the 13th to see where it was filmed or where the production company was from and decided not to browse to much. I had forgotten how gross that movie was! Anyway, I didn't do and have no claim to fame. The world is FULL of "almost was" people and I refuse to be one of them. I am happy where I am and glad I didn't do it! Yeah!!



Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 9:37 pm (#1898 of 2990)

The Birds!!! I LOVE that movie! My friends and I used to quote the movie everytime we were at lunch in high school. Our high school had an abnormal amount of seagulls. ick. Nasty birds. They are like rats.

Glad you didn't take the job, Sheila- means you probably wouldn't be here now chatting!


painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 9:48 pm (#1899 of 2990)

Or maybe I would have been chatting from a REALLY nice house in Beverly Hills!!

I trying to stay up and find my tabby cat - Little Bit.

He has a nasty habit of wanting into the house around 2:00am. If he can't wake us up - he has been going over to the neighbors and scratching on their deck door. Their dog does NOT appreciate this at 2:00 in the morning. Plus - her mom just recently had a stroke and is living with our neighbor now while she goes through physical therapy. Little Bit waking everyone up at 2:00 is not helping the situation.

I am hoping he comes home soon. It's getting cold outside. Maybe he will wander back this way before too long (((yawn)))

Edit - I keep forgetting to say - "Veronika" what a cool way to spell her name!


Chemyst - Feb 28, 2007 9:55 pm (#1900 of 2990)

So, what the scariest movie You ever saw? – journeymom[
 Bambi - one of the re-releases.   It was the first movie I was ever allowed to go to in a big theater (huge screen) without my parents; I went with my older sister, which probably had a lot to do with the scariness factor.   As a little kid, it felt more like an IMAX would today. No movie has scared me as much since. Not even close.


painting sheila - Feb 28, 2007 10:00 pm (#1901 of 2990)

I do not have a copy of Bambi and do not plan on having one. It is such a heart breaker! I cry every time.

I bought Flushed Away tonight. It was such a fun movie!

and I bought The Prestige - another good one. (My budget for movies is shot now for the month!)

Edit - Was the any mentioning of how Equusdid on opening night? How did Dan do. . . (can't resist). . . or un -do? (snort!!)


geauxtigers - Feb 28, 2007 10:24 pm (#1902 of 2990)

Ha ha Madame Pince!  That’s the same reason people started eating random animals here. I'd have to be really hungry before I'd eat a nutria though! LOL But I guess its like anything, you don't realize its weird to eat squirrel ect because you've never known any different. That why some countries eat things like snails and slugs, its always been there! I have tried calimari before. It reminded me of rubber bands...

Does anyone remember the TV show, "Are you Afraid of the Dark". I think it was on Nick and Nite in the 90s, and I don't think it comes on anymore. That show used to scare me! I watched it mulitple times, why, I do not know! LOL Two movies when I was little that used to scare me were Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid I was afraid of the part where they storm the castle to get the Beast, and Ursula terrified me. I never told my mom this, but I vividly remember being terrified when she put those two on! Parts of 101 Dalmations scared me too. THe stormy night when the puppies were born and Cruella DeVil comes storming in! LOL

In 4th grade when I was in Girl Scouts, we went to camp for 2 nights. The whole way there, my friend was telling me the story about the 'Myrtles" A 'haunted' mansion somewhere in St. Francisville, LA. Long story short, the Myrtles were a plantation family and when they looked in the mirror, they died or something like that (can't remember exactly)and the maid knew what was happening and once all the Myrtles died, she was cleaning this mirror and died too. Needless to say, I was not trilled to be sleeping in cabin in the middle of the woods behind a screen door and bugs crawling on the celing. My mom had to drive 2 hours in the middle of the night to come pick me up. I have apologized numerous times for making her do that! LOL Okay I found the story, my mirror version was a bit off, the mirror didn't kill anyone, but apparently haunted the place. Here the wiki article if anyone is interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrtles_Plantation I should also mention that today it is a bed and Breakfast. I'm not staying there! Dunno about yall! LOL

**high fives to Veronika!**

I downloaded a OoP movie and DH countdown from Leaky today for my desktop. It turned the color around my icons gray and normally they are clear. I spent an hour trying to change the color back and was about to get on the forum and ask for yalls help when I decided to close the countdown. Everything returned to normal. I was so mad! But I'm glad it wasn't permanent!

I think I'll go to bed now! Night everyone!

EDIT: Ha ha, Kabloink! Lets see, you are 8 years older than me...so I'd have been 4 when it started, but it aired until I was 12 or so. I used to watch it when I was 8 or 9! LOL I loved the slim shows! Legend of the Hidden Temple was possible my favortite show ever! It still comes on and I've watched it a few times and its so funny because the 'stunts' are really cheesey and simple, but man I thought they were so cool at the time! Favorite cartoons were Tom and Jerry, RoadRunner and Bugs Bunny!


kabloink! - Feb 28, 2007 10:24 pm (#1903 of 2990)

Hmmmm, Jurassic Park scared me quite a bit in the theaters at the time, but I think the most scared I have ever been of a movie was The Haunting with Catherine Zeta-Jones and a few other names. I know, its pathetic, all CGI and everything, but it terrified me. Ask my hubby, we went together back when I was in high school-he kept laughing at me for being so terrified. I still can't watch the whole movie at a time without getting freaked out.

EDIT: Cross-posted with Tori. I remember that show on Nickelodian-I imagine it would have frightened you, you would have been quite young when it aired. I don't mean to sound condesending or anything, but I was pretty young when it was on, probably not more than 12 or so, if that, and I'm 24 now. I don't remember it scaring me too badly, though. Speaking of Nick shows, does anyone remember David the Gnome, or the Grimms Fairy Tales cartoon that showed right about noon everyday? Or...Finders Keepers, Legends of the Hidden Temple, You Can't DO THat on Television? I can go on and on. Did you know that the first Nick show to ever use slime was You Can't Do THat on Television? I wen tto Universal Orlando when I was about 12 or so, and I was the only one old enough to remember that show and get the answer right.

EDIT #2-WHy did I go to that link? Now I am considerably freaked out. I do like the way it refuted most of the legends with historical documents, but still, I am highly erm gullible to stories like this and get easily weirded out for days or weeks on end...I should have known better!

Ok, off to bed. Knight knight everyone!


Tazzygirl - Feb 28, 2007 10:47 pm (#1904 of 2990)

Kabloink: ...Legends of the Hidden Temple...

I was watching that the other day on Nickelodian's re-run game show channel! LOL! Pretty cheesy now.

I also used to watch Are you Afraid of the Dark? with my sister (she loves those shows- especially "The World's most Haunted Places" or whatever that show is on ABC Family with Zelda Rubenstein as the commentator. She is my ideal Professor Umbridge, by the way). I don't remember it bothering me too much. There was one episode where there was this thing (I think it was a boy that had drowned) in a school's pool, and it would drown people. I remember if he got out of the water, there would be red mud-like stuff everywhere. I think that was the one episode that gave me the heeby-jeebies.



virginiaelizabeth - Feb 28, 2007 10:49 pm (#1905 of 2990)

I actually think Jurassic Park scared me more. I remember sitting in the movie theater in Maryland (my family and I were visiting an uncle, and it was our first trip to Washington D.C.) completely turned around in the seat with my head buried

LOL! From what I remember about seeing Jurassic Park in the theater.... A dinosaur, the seat cushion of my chair, and my mom holding me and hiding my sobbing face as we left the theater 20 minutes in.I was pretty little if I remember correctly . . what year did that come out? I was such a whimp when I was little, and I still am. EDIT: Just looked it up, it was Jurassic Park 2 that came out in May 1997, so I was barely 7 years old. Why my parents took us to see that I don't know!

I was about 8 or 9 when I can remember being scared to death of "Are You Afraid of the Dark" I used to love Legends of the Hidden Temple! That show was awesome! I used to watch Nickelodeon all the time. Remember "All That"? Loved that show to. And "Figure it Out"....I could go on and on...

The whole Girl Scout Camp incident... I was perfectly fine and happy until Tori decided that she was going ot cry and want to go home. That's what got me freaked! I distinctly remember the Myrtle story...especially the part about how we were going to have to check or beds each night before we went to bed. **shudders**

It's nearly midnight, so I should probably go to bed now!


Chemyst - Feb 28, 2007 10:50 pm (#1906 of 2990)

I'd have to be really hungry before I'd eat a nutria though!   – geauxtigers

Is it just me, or doesn't "nutria" sound like it ought to be the name of a granola bar instead of the name of a rodent?


timrew - Feb 28, 2007 11:02 pm (#1907 of 2990)

I don't normally watch horror films, as I think they're a load of old banana skins. but I tend to watch out for cliches in films........

People never lock their car in films - they leave it open for any thief to rob..........

When one man is attacked by a kung-fu crowd of people, they always attack him one man at a time, giving him a chance to show off all his kung-fu manoevures (have I spelt that right?)

When a gun is out of bullets, the owner of the gun always discards it............a $400 dollar gun!???

When two people make love, you have the L-shaped sheet. The girl always gets out of bed wearing the L-shaped sheet, so she doesn't show anything - disregardless of the fact that the man she's with and her have been making love all night............she just doesn't want him to see her body..............

There's just a few of the movie cliches I've observed. I'm sure that there are a lot more...........



Elanor - Feb 28, 2007 11:04 pm (#1908 of 2990)

I remember "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" too, or at least I think so because in my memory it wasn't a black-and-white movie but one you had to wear funny glasses (one lens was blue and the other one red) to see it in 3-D. It was on TV when I was a child once, and TV magazines were giving glasses to see it.

Jaws was the first movie that really scared me, and I just saw it before going in vacation near to the seaside... Almost didn't put a foot in water that year!

Psycho was also hard to "forget", lol! Always checking the door is well closed before having a shower in a hotel...

Not really a horror movie but I found The Night of the Hunter to be definitely scary and a really great movie too.

One more rule for the list:
Never trust anyone, especially if they look innocent: stay away from (supposedly) fragile old ladies, cute (yeah, right...) kids and even their toys...

Thanks for the happy break wishes, definitely working on it being happy!

Healing and cheering charms to all needing some!


Edit: LOL Tim! Well, you know what they say: "love is blind", they may be afraid blindness does not last till after dawn...
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dizzy lizzy - Mar 1, 2007 12:03 am (#1909 of 2990)


Horror Movies??? Can't really remember watching any movies that scared me...

I've had a busy and interesting week. I'm taking the weekend off to chill out and relax and plan my move... This means sleeping in past 5am. Maybe I'll sleep in until 7am. How does that sound????

I moved 2 trailer loads of junk to the garbage tip last weekend and gave another trailer load of useful junk to a friend. Now remember this was only from the Garage, the Garden shed and the dog kennel (Garden shed number 2)...I haven't started on the house yet!!!!!

We've been having rain and thunderstorms this week, about 60mmm (hmm...just over 2 inches) of rain in total this week, which is far more than we'd all expected and has really turned all the parks and lawns green again. Now all we need is about another 150mmm and some decent autumn/winter rain to break the drought.

Cheers to all



Lina - Mar 1, 2007 12:23 am (#1910 of 2990)

I keep forgetting to say - "Veronika" what a cool way to spell her name!

Lol, Sheila, it is not cool, it is just Croatian. Although I noticed that Veronika from Norway spells it the same way.

People never lock their car in films - they leave it open for any thief to rob..........

I noticed that, I thought it was some American habit.

I'm glad you got rain, Lizzy, and keep my fingers crossed for more. If the weather has gone upside down, let there be at least something good of it. Don't worry, you'll make it all in time until May!


The giant squid - Mar 1, 2007 12:46 am (#1911 of 2990)

The movie was the one with all the teenagers getting a summer camp set up.--Painting Sheila

A horror movie about teenagers set in a summer camp? I'm sorry, you'll have to be more specific.

Tim, I've noticed that people in movies almost never lock their houses up either, unless it's essential to the plot. Also, it's amazing how sharpshooters can kill extras with pinpoint accuracy, but when it comes time to shoot the star suddenly they're all thumbs.



Laura W - Mar 1, 2007 1:07 am (#1912 of 2990)

FYI - I actually auditioned and was cast in a horror movie in the mid 80's. I can remember the audition vividly - screaming and saying some very stupid lines that I thought no one would ever say if they were being killed in a cabin in the woods. After I got the part, I turned it down. I decided it would more than likely be rated R and I didn't want to be in anything I wouldn't watch. I have never gotten another role. Dang it! Ha!! (painting sheila)

Funny story, She. You mean you actually got a role in a movie, and you turned it down!! (shocked look) I, myself, *was* in a Hollywood movie. A really bad one. Ok, I wasn't actually in it. I was just one of the sound effects. Let me explain.

When the remake of The Jazz Singer starring Neil Diamond (I'm not making this up) was being shot, for some reason they went to Calgary, Canada to get the sound of an audience applauding and cheering. I happened to be living in that city at that time and thought it would be fun to be part of this. It really wasn't, but was bloody boring. All of us in that auditorium had to keep applauding and cheering and making other crowd sounds over and over again until the director (or whoever he was) was satisfied.

I understand that is show biz - my being VERY familiar with the world of live theatre! -, but it wasn't fun. Oh yeah, each of us who volunteered to do this was paid $10 Canadian. Guess that was the going rate in 1980. (Big grin)



Snuffles - Mar 1, 2007 1:49 am (#1913 of 2990)

Scary movies I hate them! I remember watching one when I was young. I can't recall which one it was, it may have already been mentioned! Some scary bloke in a stripy top, a hat on and huge knives for fingers *shudder* Oh and I always jump too when the head pops out of the ship in Jaws

Lina, congrats to Veronika on her Chemistry test grade Woo Hoo!

Painting Shiela, Equus was on the news about Dan's opening night. Apparently it was a huge success and everyone was impressed with his acting skills. Lots of stars turned out for the opening night too. I had to laugh about a quote that Michael Gambon said. "I hope he remembers that when he has to run across the stage, when he stops moving, certain things don't!!"

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Puck - Mar 1, 2007 4:54 am (#1914 of 2990)

Wow! Miss one day, and have over 85 posts to read!

Silence of the Lambs was my scariest. Though, in junior high I had a sleepover and we watched Poltergeist. The girl who had already place her sleeping bag in the alcove between two closets was a bit freaked.

Up way to early. I thought the clock said 6:45. After my shower I realized it was just after 6am. Yup, blurry eyes had my up just after 5:30am. The fact that it was still dark should have tipped me off. Ah, well, at leasttime to catch up here!

Holly, my son has a fear of aliens. We saw a plane while looking at the stars last summer, and he's convinced it was an alien spaceship. We had to tell him his dad installed special anti-alien locks on all the doors and windows. This is what he thinks the weather stripping is.

Denise, the carpet is likely not the best. The people here put down carpeting to sell the house, too. I would have been happier with an allowance to do what we want. I want wood, too. Alas, 8 years and still waiting....

Oh, I saw a review on the news, and apparently Dan did well with some reviewers. They say his acting was spot on. Well, I guess he can't be expected to stay Harry forever, and this was certainly different. (For some reason I wonder if it was like Denise's cookbook -you don't want to look....)

Off to crawl back under my rock.



Starling - Mar 1, 2007 6:11 am (#1915 of 2990)

I don't like horror movies. Being scared isn't exciting for me, it just freaks me out. I had a boyfriend who used to basically force me to watch them (stuff like Hellraiser). One night he had a "horror night" with a bunch of our friends, and I freaked out so badly I had a real go at them all (about a totally unrelated subject). They never talked to me again. *snort* That boyfriend has a lot to answer for.

That said, the last horror film I saw was Sean of the Dead (talking about windows and standing with your back to them ...). The reviews were so good, I had to see it. I loved it, even though I didn't like the gory bits.

The last thing I saw that was really scary was the BBC's "Ghostwatch". It was set up as a call-in show, where a TV crew went to investigate a house. As the watershed (9pm) approached, it got scarier and scarier. Since it was done with real TV presenters, people thought it was real (even though it'd been advertised as a TV play for weeks beforehand!). It was rather brilliant, actually. So subtle. One of those things you need to pause on DVD to spot the creepy person.


Denise P. - Mar 1, 2007 6:19 am (#1916 of 2990)

I don't like horror films, I do like scary ones. Things like Signs which have implied scariness I like much better than films that use several gallons of fake blood in the first 15 minutes.

One movie that really got me was Manhunter, it featured Hannibal Lector (of Silence of the Lambs fame) but it was done ages before. It was not ultra violent but when I had to step out for a moment, I was very nervous in the ladies room

I am getting ready to go grocery shopping. I normally can't go during the week since the store I go to is 45 minutes away. Since I have one that gets on the bus at 8:45 and back home by 12:45, it doesn't give me enough time to get there, shop, fill up the van with gas and get back in enough time. Since I would have two small ones with me, you have to factor in time to deal with them as well. A trip in the store that should be under an hour will probably take half again as long. I should have enough time but I also have to account for any possible traffic problems. If I am not at the bus stop, they will not let him off. Since my oldest daughter is here, she is going to watch my smaller ones and pick up her brother from the bus stop.

Today, I also need to stop in at the PX and pick up a few dress shirts for Mr. Denise. He has been making noises about getting some for weeks. I said I would get him some. He made noises about seeing what is available but when left to his own devices, he seems to have a knack for picking the only shirt color that is impossible to match to anything...always some weird shade of green. I can't tell you how many dress pants is some funky color he has, that only a white shirt will work with. I swear, they need to make Garanimals for men. Then I could just say "You have all tiger pants, make sure you buy tiger shirts"

My 10 year old, her favorite movie is Signs. She loves it although it creeps out her 14 yr old brother.


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 6:30 am (#1917 of 2990)

Tazzy, when you mentioned some movie with a boy drowning in it, that reminded me of The Omen (or possibly one of the sequels). Remember the scene where the kid fell through the ice on the pond and the camera showed him pounding on the solid ice from underneath, while the evil kid just smirked? ***shudders*** I don't like movies where little kids are evil. For example, another movie that I couldn't watch again was Pet Sematary, another Stephen King (man, that guy is the Master of scary!) That beautiful blond little boy being so... ick! ***shudders again***

One thing I could never understand about that, too, is how the parents of the little kid actors would allow their children to act in such things. I would think the kids would be traumatized for life! Especially Pet Sematary -- the kid was a cannibal, for heaven's sake, and they filmed it! Wonder how his dreams went that week?

Snuffles, I think your stripy-top guy with knife-fingers was in Nightmare on Elm Street and the following umpteen sequels. Mandy, yours with the house built on the graveyard was The Amityville Horror, I believe. (Although there's probably been others with that theme, too.) Good luck on your job interview, by the way!

Pigwidgeon, no, no firm plans for a Forum gathering yet that I'm aware of -- I was just thinking of an alternative to pouring squirrel gravy into my USB ports...

Snails! There you go, Tori! A perfect example of a totally disgusting yucky thing that supposedly sane people eat in fancy-schmantzy restaurants! Squirrel is nothing compared to that!

Denise, just curious, but when you go grocery shopping, how many gallons of milk do you buy at a time? How about loaves of bread? ***is imagining a long line of shopping carts rolling across the lot***

TomProffitt, you are a survival maniac!

Congratulations to Veronika! Good job!

Timrew, another film cliche -- when you're getting ready to shoot somebody, don't stand around explaining to them exactly why you're doing it and how badly it's going to hurt, just do it before they have the chance to turn the tables on you!


Denise P. - Mar 1, 2007 6:38 am (#1918 of 2990)

Madam Pince, not as much as you might think! It depends on what we already have. Usually, when we get milk, we get 3 gallons at a time. For bread, I normally get 6 loaves. Milk we get maybe twice a week, bread lasts us longer. I normally only have 2 carts when I go shopping. The thing that we stock up on is cereal. I get between 8-12 boxes at a shot, along with oatmeal and frozen waffles. (.99 for 18, can't beat it) Today, I already have a load of milk but I will probably get some anyway just because it is significantly less at the commissary. I also don't normally buy bread at the commissary, I get it at Sam's Club (it is less than Costco too)


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 6:45 am (#1919 of 2990)

How big is your refrigerator???? Actually, I guess you probably don't usually have many leftovers, so there's tons of room in there, right? LOL!

Oh, forgot to say earlier -- I finally saw a photo of Meryl Streep at the Oscars. Yucky-phooey on the big orange beads around her neck!!! And the hair was pretty poor for a fancy dress occasion. I think she could've pulled off the coat outfit with some better accessorizing maybe. (...said the woman who has a plastic mini-bottle of hand sanitizer dangling from her purse...)


Loopy Lupin - Mar 1, 2007 7:15 am (#1920 of 2990)

Remember the scene where the kid fell through the ice on the pond and the camera showed him pounding on the solid ice from underneath, while the evil kid just smirked? -- Madam Pince

I think that was Omen II.

May I be the first to say that LOST is starting to annoy me.


TomProffitt - Mar 1, 2007 7:42 am (#1921 of 2990)

TomProffitt, you are a survival maniac! --- Madam Pince

I was hungry. You burn a lot of calories doing 21 hour days in the field. I would much rather have had an MRE.


lobelia - Mar 1, 2007 9:13 am (#1922 of 2990)

I forgot about The Exorcist. That one freaks me out....ghosts, aliens, monsters don't really bother me, except having some unknown entity trying to take over that is freaky. Not a horror flick but the first Dementor scene in Prisoner of Azkaban is pretty scary. Someone brought up Betty Davis...One of the most suspenseful movies I even saw was one with her and she was some sort of child actor and she locked her paralysed sister in a room. It had Baby in the title I think. In black and white but a great movie.


Tazzygirl - Mar 1, 2007 9:15 am (#1923 of 2990)

Madam P: Tazzy, when you mentioned some movie with a boy drowning in it, that reminded me of The Omen (or possibly one of the sequels). Remember the scene where the kid fell through the ice on the pond and the camera showed him pounding on the solid ice from underneath, while the evil kid just smirked?

I've never seen either one of The Omen movies. Too freaky for me. The one I am talking about is Are You afraid of the Dark?, an hour long (or was it half hour?) show on Nickelodian about teens telling scary stories around a campfire in the middle 90s I think.

Puck- I woke up at 5:30 this morning too.

Off to school!



John Bumbledore - Mar 1, 2007 9:23 am (#1924 of 2990)

"Remember, you're asking someone who approached a Voldie-like head popping out from behind her son's train table." -- Maria (HH-XI)

I just thought that was Griffindor-ic courage.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Starling - Mar 1, 2007 9:43 am (#1925 of 2990)

That's Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, lobelia.


DJ Evans - Mar 1, 2007 9:55 am (#1926 of 2990)

I'm not a fan of the blood/guts/slashing movies at all either...too eeky. But I do enjoy a good supernatural movie, such as Poltergeist, some of Stephen King's, . I think about the only movie that I had a jump out of my seat/skin moment was Carrie at the very end when the hand pops up out of the ground. Not only did I jump out of my seat, so did everyone else in the theater that night. It was sort of funny at the time, cause for about 10 seconds after we all jumped we looked around looking to see if anyone else had jumped. When it dawn on us that we all had & we started laughing at ourselves. Oh & as a kid? The Wizard of Oz scared me when the flying monkeys come in & tear the Scarecrow apart...I hated that part & would close my eyes every time. Still not too crazy about it to this day.

Tazzygirl/Kristina: "The World's most Haunted Places" or whatever that show is on ABC Family with Zelda Rubenstein as the commentator. She is my ideal Professor Umbridge, by the way)

Oooo, me too. From the very first appearance of Prof. Umbridge in the HP books & the description of the character, I would picture Zelda Rubenstein in my mind. I thought she would have made the perfect Umbridge myself.

Thanks Tori for the link to "Myrtles Plantation". Interesting read. Love reading about haunted places like that.

Weather: It was 69F degrees this morning when I got up, so silly me put on a pair of shorts. Within an hour & a half I had to change them for a pair of sweats instead. Talk about a temperature drop in a hurry! We're supposed to have chances of tornados this afternoon. ***sigh*** That time of the year again I guess. We've already had one tornado (rated an F3) last weekend that pretty much took a small town completely out in the southern part of the state. Thankfully no one lost their life.

Healing charms still being sent out to those in need.

Later, Deb


kaykay1970 - Mar 1, 2007 10:12 am (#1927 of 2990)

We are under severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch until 6:00. It is supposed to get ugly around 3:00(time for school to get out). I hope they are sending my kids home early!! Safety charms to all forumers in the storm areas!


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 1, 2007 10:18 am (#1928 of 2990)

There are other films that I will not watch at night because, they give me nightmares these include Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Night of the Hunter, and Kiss of Death.


journeymom - Mar 1, 2007 10:41 am (#1929 of 2990)

Chemyst, my mom took me to see one of the re-releases of Bambi at a drive-in theater. I loved it, of course, but also bawled my eyes out when Bambi's mother died.

Timrew, I had a whole long explanation about how that phenomenon of seemingly incongruous cinematic post-romance 'modesty' isn't so incongruous for some. But I couldn't figure out how to explain that it's all about maintaining the element of mystery, glamour and newness in a fourteen-year-old marriage, without fear of incurring the wrath of a righteous moderator. So I gave up.

The Wizard of Oz was broadcast every spring in the US, wasn't it? The winged monkeys and that horrible, mocking witch flying through the air scared me to bits.

Then, of all things, a broadcast of the stage production of Peter Pan gave me nightmares. Captain Hook and the crocodile morphed into one creature and Captain Hook, with huge teeth, was climbing up the side of the ship to get me. Boy, I tell you, that whole Mr Darling/Captain Hook, Wendy, Peter Pan dynamic is pretty interesting.

Oh, one more thing, some episodes of Doctor Who have scared me silly. One that takes place in WWII London. An alien entity took over people's bodies and their faces morphed into gas masks with goggles. And they'd repeat, "Are you my mummy?" Oooooh, shiver!

That and the Satan's Pit episode, which I'm pretty sure was inspired by the movie, Event Horizon. Very scary and cool.


juliebug - Mar 1, 2007 10:42 am (#1930 of 2990)

On Lost I actually liked last night's episode. I thought it was fun and had more of a season 1 feel to it. I was OK with not getting any answers this time. It was just good to see most of the Oceanic gang back at the beach. It was really great to see Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Sawyer all together again too. I forgot how funny they can be. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like Kate. She's manipulative and a user. She gets what she wants because she's very pretty. I just don't see her as this great character that so many make her out to be. Ok, I'll quit ranting now.


journeymom - Mar 1, 2007 10:44 am (#1931 of 2990)

kaykay and all in the storm areas, best wishes to you.


Starling - Mar 1, 2007 10:46 am (#1932 of 2990)

I agree on Dr Who, Journeymom, "The Empty Child" was pretty freaky!


journeymom - Mar 1, 2007 10:57 am (#1933 of 2990)

That's the one! 8-0 :eek!:


Holly T. - Mar 1, 2007 10:58 am (#1934 of 2990)

Numerous episodes of the "X Files" freaked me out, and when I was little I was absolutely petrified of the "Wizard of Oz."

Kaykay, stay safe!

Daughter went back to school today. She's still feeling ick, but no fever. I did the responsible parent thing and dosed her with Tylenol and sent her to school. I wrote a note saying she should sit out of gym and that made her feel better too. She's at that point of being sick where she's no longer feverish but still feels ick, good enough to sit through classes but not good enough to run a mile in gym.

Mind you, unlike Denise, I never feel good enough to run a mile. ;-)


Puck - Mar 1, 2007 11:21 am (#1935 of 2990)

I saw that show after Idol last night about "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader". Not sure if I was supposed to laugh or cry in shame of being an American. The lady couldn't figure out which country has the longest U.S. border. She answered Mexico. Apparently, she's never seen a map. I guess ignorance has moved on from being bliss, and is now entertainment.


journeymom - Mar 1, 2007 1:44 pm (#1936 of 2990)

  "Ignorance has moved on from being bliss, and is now entertainment."

Puck, that's a brilliant line. The state of entertainment in the US, in a nutshell. You should get cafepress.com to print up a bunch of bumper stickers.


lobelia - Mar 1, 2007 2:09 pm (#1937 of 2990)

I absolutely concur! Great saying! I love it.


painting sheila - Mar 1, 2007 2:33 pm (#1938 of 2990)

Great idea journeymom! I would buy one from you Puck - just make sure you enclose directions for placing on my bumper.

Copyright it now!

It has been a frustrating day. As Scar from Lion King says, "I am surrounded by idiots."


geauxtigers - Mar 1, 2007 2:33 pm (#1939 of 2990)

Ha ha Kathy! I actually wrote that one down in my quote book! Its so true!

That person must have never seen a map! Mexico, really? really?

What cracks me up is on the game show 'Street Smarts' they always do one episode where the only question they ask people is 'How many states are in the United States?". You'd be shocked how many people say 49, 51, 52! Jay Leno asked highschool grads as they were walking off the stage diploma in hand the same thing. I'm like, thats one of the first things they ever teach us in school! Not to mention common sense. People who say 51 for some reason think Washington D.C. is a state of its own...LOL

Stay safe in the stormy weather! Apparently there have been some nasty storms all across the central US and south today. We are under a tornado watch, but its been partly cloudy most of the day and it looks according the radar that the front has moved past us so I think we are in the clear. All seems to be pretty far north of us so. Stay safe!

Off to do physics and gov...**jumping up and down**


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 1, 2007 2:33 pm (#1940 of 2990)

The Wizard of Oz scared me when the flying monkeys come in & tear the Scarecrow apart...I hated that part & would close my eyes every time.

As for me, the first time I watched it, I never made it past the tornado scene at the beginning. I had an older cousin who used to purposely try to scare me whenever bad weather came, and his favorite thing to do was to point out funnel clouds and tell me that it was going to be a tornado any minute and tear the house down, and such. This probably didn't help much, and I think it's the biggest reason that I'm terrified of tornadoes to this day.

I agree, Kathy, great quote! I can't believe that someone wouldn't know that! I wonder, if they are just doing that...I mean really know one who has a high school education, should be getting these questions wrong! It's really sad.

We're under a tornado watch here too, but so far, it hasn't really rained much **knocks on wood**. **safety charms to those in the path of the storm**

I'm pretty sure that I have no homework tonight!!! W00t!! I did my math yesterday, and we never have homework in French, so it's just physics, but I don't remember her telling us we had anything..I could be wrong though.

So off to relax! Have a great RotD!


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 3:17 pm (#1941 of 2990)

Speaking of the state of entertainment in the U.S., I thought I had heard it all, but apparently not. I read today that they are planning a new "reality" TV show to be based on the move to the U.S. by Victoria and David Beckham. Here's the scoop: How a celebrity transfers her support system, including publicist, stylist and personal assistant, to a new town will be a focus of the show, which also is expected to include her shopping for items like a home and car, Variety reported. I'm on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting...   Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1242194059   (Now, I would have bought a ticket to see the Denise P. family pack up and move in the space of, what? a month? That would've been worthwhile viewing...)

People who say 51 for some reason think Washington D.C. is a state of its own...

That's OK -- the people who live in D.C. think the same thing!


Puck - Mar 1, 2007 3:31 pm (#1942 of 2990)

Thanks. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2752390508

Sadly, it said the woman had been to community college and had had a 3.3 GPA. (That's a B+ average, for those over seas with different systems. A 4.0 is perfect grades. Hermione would have had a 3.9, I imagine.) It didn't say she graduated from college, but she took classes, at the very least. It must have been a poor college, to not be able to afford any maps.

Sheila, I will enclose the "dummy instructions". That's what I call it when a new hairdryer has directions to tell you to plug it in, and not to stand in the bathtub while doing so. Mr. Puck feels they are interfering with "Darwinizm".

Homework. Yes, Son has to write 5 sentences, which may be a bit like pulling teeth. I should go get on that. Now, where are my pliers?



Starling - Mar 1, 2007 3:57 pm (#1943 of 2990)

Ah, your son and my son would get along, Kathy.

He spelled "cheats" as "tsets" the other day.


Holly T. - Mar 1, 2007 4:16 pm (#1944 of 2990)

Kathy, Hermione would have had a 4.2. Or higher. I know she made over 100% in Muggle Studies.

Starling, if my son wasn't being disagreeable I would ask him how to spell "cheats." I know he would spell it creatively.

Best thing that happened to him in school was not having to do spelling tests and spelling sentences anymore. That used to cause no end of trouble. The reading teacher works with him about that now.

You would think on a lovely day like it is today a certain someone would want to get ready for baseball practice. Apparently not. I just told him fine, we'll be late, make a bad impression on your coach, and he said he didn't care. I guess I should go see if he's at least changed clothes.


timrew - Mar 1, 2007 5:08 pm (#1945 of 2990)

Hey! I've got to comment some more on great movie cliches of all time.................

Thank you, Mike, on reminding me of another cliche............

When a cowboy is being pursued by Indians on horseback...........No matter how many times the cowboy shoots over his shoulder, he will hit an Indian.........

No matter how many times the Indians shoot, they will never hit the cowboy...........



Catherine - Mar 1, 2007 5:13 pm (#1946 of 2990)

You would think on a lovely day like it is today a certain someone would want to get ready for baseball practice. Apparently not. I just told him fine, we'll be late, make a bad impression on your coach, and he said he didn't care. I guess I should go see if he's at least changed clothes.

I've had that happen to me. I sat on the couch, reading a magazine, and did not remind errant child again. Eventually she SLOWLY changed into her dance outfit and sauntered downstairs and asked me to put her hair up.

As it was already five minutes into a fifty minute lesson without accounting for the ten minute travel time, I declined. I said, "It's rude to be late. I can't make you hurry up, but I can keep you from being late and disruptive." I sat stoically through the resulting tears and outbursts, but I have never had to do this again.

Mean Mommy alert!!


Starling - Mar 1, 2007 5:27 pm (#1947 of 2990)

Holly, I've told my son several times that spelling isn't optional. He's not got the message yet. I don't get it, he reads perfectly, but obviously he doesn't note the spelling at all!

We got his report the other day, it told us that he's clever enough, but he doesn't bother doing any work.


DJ Evans - Mar 1, 2007 5:36 pm (#1948 of 2990)

Oh or what about when a an object, such as a runaway cart or whatever, starts rolling down a hill...instead of the person just calmly stepping out of the way they have to start running in the same direction as the rolling object? ***sigh***


We've had some pretty gusty winds at times during the day & some cloudiness but other than that nothing. We were lucky & the bad storms seem to have passed us by thankfully. May everyone else in the storm's path be so blessed.

That used to be one of my favorite part of Jay Leno's show, yet disheartening at the same time. When he would go out to the sidewalk in front of the studio & ask people what would be general everyday knowledge by majority of people. It always surprised me just what people didn't know...

A reality show based on the move of the Beckman's? Seriously? Is there anything they won't do a reality show on? Geeez

Later, Deb


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 5:51 pm (#1949 of 2990)

At the risk of sounding like one of Leno's Jay-Walkers...

When putting pizza dough on one of those pizza stone thingys, are you supposed to put it on the smooth side of the stone, or the side with the ridges/grooves? Somebody gave us one and I've only used it once (with rather disastrous results) and I just realized tonight while attempting to use it again that it has two different sides... Anybody know?

Found a delectable ice cream today! Breyers' Fried Ice Cream. I'm sure Loopy Lupin remembers the Chi-Chi's up on 29 North, which had pretty marginal Mexican food except for a divine version of fried ice cream -- it was a chain so maybe others remember it, but it's out of business now I think. Anyway, this Breyers is some special limited version but it's pretty good! (The original was a crispy tortilla sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and then they take a scoop of vanilla ice cream frozen very hard and then rolled in some dusted topping like maybe coconut or finely chopped nuts or something, then they quickly dip the ice cream ball into a deep fryer just enough to crisp the coating but not to melt the ice cream, then put it on the tortilla and drizzle with honey and chocolate sauce. Yummmmm....) The Breyers' version just has the cinnamon/honey flavorings with bits of sugared tortilla in amongst it...


kaykay1970 - Mar 1, 2007 6:04 pm (#1950 of 2990)

We got a bit of rain but other than that it has been a calm day. I hope everyone stays safe!
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geauxtigers - Mar 1, 2007 6:15 pm (#1951 of 2990)

Madame Pince, we have one of those things, and I'm pretty sure you put the dough on the smooth side, but I wouldn't swear on it! LOL I also think you aren't supposed to put soap on it...but I dunno why or if thats even right! We don't use ours very often.

One of my other favorite things that Jay Leno does is the "Universal Studios Free Photo Booth!" People go in and the thing talks to them. Its so funny! You can youtube it I'm pretty sure!

**safety charms to all in the path of the storm** Its been very rocky apparently. That high school in Enterprise, Alabama...so sad.

EDIT: Glad yall are safe, Kaykay!


DJ Evans - Mar 1, 2007 6:55 pm (#1952 of 2990)

Madam Pince, don't know why you would think you would sound like one of Jay Leno's - Walkers....you could never be in that group of such un-informed folks.

I don't have a pizza stone but I would think (as Tori said) you'd use the smooth side. I did a Google search & saw where the side with the ridges are just there to add strength to the stone itself without adding too much more weight.

Oh & I did find one hint that I thought was worth mentioning, if you don't have one of those paddle thingys? Use parchment paper! Just roll out your dough, place on the paper, build your pizza & transport paper, pizza & all to the pizza stone. For me that would be easier than using the paddle...my luck I would jerk half of my pizza everywhere!

Later, Deb


TomProffitt - Mar 1, 2007 7:30 pm (#1953 of 2990)

I am shocked! Shocked and disappointed with the American Idol results tonight. Well maybe not shocked, America doesn't exactly have a reputation for good taste.

And it's kind of silly of me as I really don't much care for the current pop music. I just find the process behind the show and the competition interesting.

Ali Campbell wouldn't make it to the finals on the show, so I guess my taste doesn't really matter.


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 7:54 pm (#1954 of 2990)

Tori, I'm glad you reminded me about the "no-soap" rule -- I knew that at one time but I'd forgotten! You caught me before I did the dishes tonight, thank goodness!

Thanks for the stone info! I used the smooth side again tonight (no paddles - I threw that away upon receipt because I can recognize a problem waiting to happen when I see one!) Guess what -- the pizza turned out beautifully! I think the last time maybe I didn't let the dough rise long enough -- it was too sticky. Plus maybe the stone needs to "season" or something? Anyway, much better tonight.

What scary news about the tornados today! Hope everyone stays safe, and we will be thinking about those affected...

Sorry Sheila, but my fingers are crossed for Georgia Tech tonight! UVA beat Va. Tech earlier tonight, and if Georgia Tech beats Carolina, then we'll be alone atop the ACC! GT is leading right now, so the potential for this being a good night is coming right along!


Holly T. - Mar 1, 2007 8:22 pm (#1955 of 2990)

Catherine, if my daughter is more than 15 minutes late for dance class she has to sit out (class is an hour and a half long).

Son was dressed for baseball except for his cleats, which were in my car. He has started keeping his shoes and jackets in my car, a habit he will have to break when I (and my car) are in Fort Worth all weekend and San Antonio most of next week. They were still warming up when we got there so he wasn't really that late.

Starling, my son is dyslexic. He really can't spell. He's a little better thanks to the work he's done with the reading teacher but, especially with unfamiliar words, he just can't put the letters in the right order. Or even get the right letters. He is terrible with blends.

And he gets words mixed up! He came home from Cub Scouts tonight (we went there after baseball practice--ok, he went to Cub Scouts and I went to Girl Scouts--we meet at the same place--different rooms) saying they'd learned how to crochet. They learned to play croquet.

Daughter stayed home from Girl Scouts since she has been sick and I wanted her to rest up so she can go on our field trip this weekend. So she's coughing and sneezing and her brother has started telling her that she might have the avian flu. Although he was disappointed the first time he heard about avian flu on the news because he thought it was alien flu.

Editing--I love my stones! Yes, use the smooth side. And no soap, same as seasoned cast iron. I love my cast iron too. I would probably love them all more if I ever had time to cook, LOL. Ok, I made quesadillas in the small cast iron skillet last night and I baked catfish on one of the stones on Sunday. So I cooked twice this week, woohoo.


Solitaire - Mar 1, 2007 8:54 pm (#1956 of 2990)

Oh, dear! I miss a few days, and I have 135 messages to read! I'll be working my way through them, but I just had to respond to this message:

Tori: I haven't really enjoyed anything we've read this year. Its all old english

I hate to disillusion you, Tori, but A Tale of Two Cities is not written in Old English. It isn't even in Middle English ... it is in modern English. Old English bears a stronger resemblance to German than anything, if I remember my History of the English Language class correctly.

Lina, I went for an x-ray of my knee the other night. Of course, it was not hurting as it had been over the weekend ... but isn't that usually the way? The doctor's office left a message on my machine today, so I'll call tomorrow. This must mean they found something and want to schedule an appointment, because when things are okay, they usually notify me by a note in the mail. I'll keep you posted. On the plus side, my knee has been much better for the past three days. I'm trying to enjoy being pain-free for as long as it lasts.

Mike, I love Helen Mirren. I've been a fan since I first saw her in Prime Suspect, many years ago. She definitely has class, a quality some of our younger stars are sorely lacking.

Snuffles: am now wondering whether mentioning Dan going naked will make Catherine want to wash her eyeballs again!

No, this time it is I who am washing MY eyeballs! I can only assume DR is afraid of being typecast and wants to avoid it at all costs. Fortunately, I do not even want to imagine what this is like ... because I think of Harry Potter as one of my surrogate students. No, that is an image I do not even wish to consider.

Well, I now have 112 messages, but I must read a few essays before I am allowed to get back on the Forum. I have to have 65 graded by morning. This is probably how my eyes will feel by bedtime. **sigh** But I will return!!!



painting sheila - Mar 1, 2007 9:26 pm (#1957 of 2990)

Madame Pince - I forgive you. Even the smartest a brightest take an errant path every now and again. Wink

The Stones - cooking stones that is - are great!! They also help with cholesterol and fat intake and such because you don't have to use extra oil.

I have a recipe for Potatoes Anna that you cook in a stone dish. You wash (and peel if you like) several medium size potatoes and slice then REALLY thin - you can almost see through them.

You layer potatoes and sprinkle them with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder (You can use fresh if you like)

then you put another layer of potatoes and sprinkle it with cheddar cheese.

Then a layer of potatoes, salt, pepper. . . .

I switch between cheddar cheese and Mozzarella. . . when you fill up the dish, you add cheese on the top, cover it and cook at 375 until it is done. Yum-o!!!

All the bad weather is heading this way. We have to worry about tornadoes between 1:00am and 6:00am. Yikes!


The giant squid - Mar 1, 2007 9:57 pm (#1958 of 2990)

I love Helen Mirren. I've been a fan since I first saw her in Prime Suspect, many years ago. She definitely has class, a quality some of our younger stars are sorely lacking.—Solitaire

And the irony is that she manages to show that class while eating a burger at the local fast food joint, while others fail miserably at the poshest of events.

Loopy, I've felt that the last few Lost episodes had "filler" written all over them. Yes, I know the whole Desmond/Charlie thing is new, but with everyone clamoring for them to answer questions, adding new ones isn't the best way to go.

Tim, another good cliche: the hero's gun never runs out of ammo until a dramatically appropriate moment. This is especially true in westerns, but comes up often enough in other genres as well (who knew uzis came with 5000 round clips?).



geauxtigers - Mar 1, 2007 10:06 pm (#1959 of 2990)

I hate to disillusion you, Tori, but A Tale of Two Cities is not written in Old English. It isn't even in Middle English ... it is in modern English.[

Okay you got me! I'm exaggerating a bit. The point I'm trying to make is that its so wordy that I lose focus and get frustrated. For example on the first page of A Tale of Two Cities, it says, " Mrs Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed birthday." Thats what I'm talking about. Today, we would say "Mrs southcott turned twenty five." Thats why I tend to get bored with things like this. I like to read for enjoyment and having to figure out whats going on is not fun for me. Of course, we are reading this for school, so its not supposed to be fun, I just wish it was. I completely understand that I need to be exposed to all sorts of litterature, I just don't enjoy it so much. Who knows, I may love this book! I won't know until I read it now will I? LOL

Stay safe everyone on the east coast!

We saw video of that tornado in Enterprise that ruined the school on the local news tonight. It was huge, thats so scary. I think tornados are by far the worst weather related things out there. Theres hardly any preparation. I feel so bad for all the victims there. I can't even imagine. Your life is suddenly flipped upside down.

well I hope everyone has a calm safe night. I'm off to do some sort of research thingy on what a light bulb is made of for physics...


Madam Pince - Mar 1, 2007 10:21 pm (#1960 of 2990)

LOL, Mike! Here's another for your useless trivia file: Did you know that in the opening credits of the old TV Western The Rifleman that they added in an extra "bang" sound effect so that the barrage of rifle fire would fit in better with the background music? Only problem was that this made his rifle fire seven shots, when that type of rifle really could only shoot six. (Or maybe it was eight when it should've only been seven, but whatever... Of course, nobody but Mr. Pince and probably Mike Miller would notice things like that, and Mr. P never fails to point them out because it irritates the socks off of him...)

Sheila, I want some of those potatoes! They sound delicious! You need to fix up a big ol' batch of them to take down to Chapel Hill to console your boys after their long quiet trip back home tonight! Oh never fear, they'll probably win the tournament anyway... Actually, this is one ACC Tournament I'd be willing to pay a good bit to go see -- practically anyone could win this year! It's bound to be exciting! Eponine, are you getting to go at all? Or Catherine -- didn't you have tickets one year too?

Hope the tornados stay away and everyone enjoys a quiet and restful night!


painting sheila - Mar 1, 2007 10:59 pm (#1961 of 2990)

instead of potatoes how about some Humble Pie?

Also, my sweet niece is having problems with her meds. Her stomach is giving her fits. Does anyone have some good recipes or tips for "bland" dishes? Is there and ulcer cookbook out there some where?

Goodnight - I am finally off to bed. Oldest Son needed me to make a "family recipe" for his health class tomorrow. He wanted Butterhorns so I have been up waiting for the silly things to rise (twice) and bake them. They are finally done! Yeah!

See you all in the morning-



Tazzygirl - Mar 2, 2007 1:31 am (#1962 of 2990)

Well, I am officially part of the movie theater crowd now! I went in today for orientation, received two Hawaiian-print work shirts (they aren't bad looking!), and a name badge. Let the fun begin! My first day working though starts officially a week from this Saturday.

**safety charms** to those in tornado weather!

That potato recipe sounds YUMMY!

Off to bed, last night I got about 4 hours sleep, and therefore am exhausted now.

Have a great weekend all!



The giant squid - Mar 2, 2007 3:14 am (#1963 of 2990)

Congrats, Tazzy!

Madame P., I remember hearing about Chuck Connors (aka The Rifleman) how many times he fired at the beginning of the show. He had to stand up and pantomime firing & cocking the gun to get the count right. Sadly, I don't remember what the final number was...

Solitaire, you have to remember that Tori is a teenager--to her anything over 30 is "old". And Dickens is way old...like 60 or something!



Starling - Mar 2, 2007 4:20 am (#1964 of 2990)

Ohthere sæde his hlaforde, Ælfrede cyninge, thæt he ealra Northmonna northmest bude. He cwæth thæt he bude on thæm lande northweardum with tha West-sæ. He sæde theah thæt thæt land sie swithe lang north thonan; ac hit is eall weste, buton on feawum stowum styccemælum wiciath Finnas, on huntothe on wintra, and on sumera on fiscathe be thære sæ.

That's Old English.


Chemyst - Mar 2, 2007 5:12 am (#1965 of 2990)

Tori, Tori, Tori.... I just have to jump in here.

   Dickens: Mrs Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed birthday.
   Tori: Mrs southcott turned twenty five.

If that is the way you are translating nineteenth century novels, then no wonder you are bored. You nailed the math, but left out the nuance of "attained" and "blessed."  A better rendering would be, "Mrs. Southcott had just achieved the happy age of 25."

Don't worry, at least you have your physics.


Puck - Mar 2, 2007 5:49 am (#1966 of 2990)

Leprechaun green, Chemyst?

Cooking stones also need to be preheated along with the oven, unless you have the "Pampered Chef" ones. A good way to season a stone is to bake rolls on it a few times. Mine are black from use. I used mine only once for fish, as they retained the smell. I had to clean it with baking soda, which scraped it back to it's original color, and needed seasoning all over again. (The soap thing is because it would retain the taste.)

Tom, I completely agree about Idol. There are two that should have left a week ago, and are still there. Their youth tells me they likely have friends who spend two hours text-messaging votes after the show. Poor A.J., saying the other guy did good and he understands. You know in his head he's thinking "WHAT??? I was way better than him! Jordin seemed much more nervous after that one.

We're ending the week with another snow delay. The bus isn't coming until ten, and preschool is closed. That means the girls and I are staying home. Think I'll go bake some muffins or something....

Happy RotD!



Madam Pince - Mar 2, 2007 6:11 am (#1967 of 2990)

Sez you, Starling!

Chemyst, lovely potions you've got there!

Puck, I think mine is a Pampered Chef one. I've never pre-heated it, at any rate. It's mostly still the original color, with a few black splotches from the pizza sauce from the first disaster.

Ugh, pouring rain here right now. Naturally, since it's almost time to go out in it to go to school. There's practically a swimming pool in our back yard, from all the snow melt from Sunday and now this rain. Bleah...


Solitaire - Mar 2, 2007 8:10 am (#1968 of 2990)

Thanks for the OE, Starling! It's been a long time since I've seen it written or heard it spoken. I used to have a professor who was fond of reciting favorite memorized passages of Old and Middle English ... mainly for effect. But it was fun!

To continue with what Chemyst said ... Perhaps one reason it is important that "Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed birthday" is that reaching the age of 25 was quite an achievement back in those days. Remember that Anne Eliot, in Persuasion, was considered by some as past the marriageable age ... a bit of an old maid at 28. And in Sense and Sensibility, Col. Brandon was considered old and infirm by Marianne; and her mother, at about 40, was believed by her stepson John Dashwood to have had one foot in the grave. And these were people who lived in pretty fair circumstances, as opposed to those who had lived in poverty and want all their lives. So perhaps Dickens felt that someone who'd made it to age twenty-five deserved a bit of fanfare! Just info ...



TomProffitt - Mar 2, 2007 8:22 am (#1969 of 2990)

I don't know, I think I'm with Tori on this one. The writing styles of the classics can be quite difficult to follow as the word choice and sentence structure is significantly different from what we see today.

For most people, I think, books that are difficult to read are rarely fun to read. (of course in my senior year in High School my English teacher was my Homeroom teacher and I sat by her bookcase; when on occasion the other grades had standardized tests or something to do I would read Chaucer; but it was in updated English and I was reading the bawdy tales we weren't supposed to be reading)  Alot of the stuff given to students to read isn't fun and doesn't do much to encourage reading. If English teachers want to encourage reading they need to select a broader variety of books with more appeal to the students. Aeschylus & Tom Jones, "Ick!"


Elanor - Mar 2, 2007 8:48 am (#1970 of 2990)

Just wondering... Is it my computer acting weirdly or has the forum's font changed today? It seems to me it is not the same as when I last checked it. Unless it means I am finally ready for St Mungo's?

Have a great day everybody!


Edit: the smileys do not seem to be on the same level as the writing anymore either. Strange...


TomProffitt - Mar 2, 2007 8:53 am (#1971 of 2990)

Off to St. Mungo's, Audrey, I've got the same font I've always seen.


Julie Aronson - Mar 2, 2007 8:57 am (#1972 of 2990)

I love Old and Middle English lit. In fact, I'm writing my master's thesis on something to do with Chaucer. I guess I really need to nail down a topic...


Elanor - Mar 2, 2007 9:48 am (#1973 of 2990)

LOL! That's okay! I can teach joined-up writing, I should find some students there.. (Actually, it is weirder still: I have opened another window and the font/size does not look the same in the two windows. Will give up searching why! )

Tori, if it is of any comfort, it is the same for French students in high school, except it is Du Bellay, Ronsard or Molière they have to read, and as I remember it, I wasnt' finding it was that fun to read 5 hundred years old poetry either...

Just for fun, here is some "old" French in a Ronsard's 16th century poem "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose" (and a translation I found on the internet).

Mignonne, allons voir si la rose / See, Mignonne, hath not the Rose,

Qui ce matin avoit desclose / That this morning did unclose

Sa robe de pourpre au Soleil, / Her purple mantle to the light,

A point perdu ceste vesprée / Lost, before the day be dead,

Les plis de sa robe pourprée, / The glory of her raiment red,

Et son teint au vostre pareil. / Her colour, bright as yours is bright?



lobelia - Mar 2, 2007 10:01 am (#1974 of 2990)

Additional movie cliche....just watched Face Off and everything that was a vehicle, boat, car blew up in fabulous clouds of orange and black fire. When I rolled over my car and did a 180, I still had to turn off the radio and the air conditioner. I had my son's, niece's and nephew's orange juice drinks in the front with me. (They were already dropped off at their respective schools.) They never show the actors with bits of safety glass and orange juice in their clothes and hair.

I am impressed with those who cook. Not my pleasure, but the pizza sounds really good. I have had squirrel stew before. It is not bad and at our house we have replaced beef with venison. So I have butchered a deer or two before. Makes one appreciate the butcher and the work that goes into preparing fresh meat for us. It is hard back breaking work, especially when you make ground meat. The venison has less fat and when you put the meat through the grinder you know exactly what is in the meat. One of my colleagues at work found a band aid in her hamburger last night.


journeymom - Mar 2, 2007 10:20 am (#1975 of 2990)

Ewwwww, Lobelia, that's horrible for your colleague!

I've had elk burgers and bison steaks. That's it for unusual for me.

Daughter had her first softball practice yesterday. She enjoyed it! Though she's quite stiff and sore today. We are not athletically inclined in this family and Daughter is out of shape. She and her friend are the only newbies on the team.

Softball practice brought home for me the fact that I need to be especially organized and plan ahead for dinner and snacks. Otherwise the kids are going to have eggs and toast before practice and dinner from the drive-through, four times a week until June. Yuck!


Puck - Mar 2, 2007 10:48 am (#1976 of 2990)

Bandaide burgers...yum. :closed:

My blueberry muffins were yummy. Diva had fun cooking them, and was there the moment they left the oven. Incidentally, I use a stone pan for muffins/cupcakes. If I use my metal one, the tops look perfect, but the bottoms are always burnt. They come out perfect in the stone pan.

Off to add tomatoes to my chili!


John Bumbledore - Mar 2, 2007 11:31 am (#1977 of 2990)

Pizza stone and peel (the peel is the wooden paddle/spatula thingy for anyone who would like the "dummy" translation ) Ah, now this I know all too well as I worked in a pizza shop during my college years.

To keep the pizza from sticking to the stone, dust the stone and the peel with corn meal. I have a stone (round) but do not have a peel. Since I seldom make pizza from scratch, this is not a problem. Most store bought frozen pizza comes either on a cardboard round or in a cardboard box. I use the cardboard as my pizza peel. (Note: Make sure to break open the box and fold it inside out so the bare cardboard is on the out side) The cardboad is thin yet durable enough to slide under the pizza (you may need one hand on each side/corner to create a slight bend to stiffen the thinner cardboard). And I don't have to dust the cardboard like I would a peel. (I would consider dusting the stone.. No I won't! Unless it has a backstop to keep the pizza from being pushed off the back edge!) Perhaps dusting the front half of the stone, once you get half the peel between the stone and the pizza you should have less to worry about causing an oven mess.

First time I tried to use the box I did not invert it and the printed ink left a smeary trace on the hot stone. **Please don't let Mrs. Bumbledore see this**

We have used our stone for baking other items like the breaded chicken nuggets or patties we buy. Also for biscuits and croissants. We have two number 10 iron skillets, one is designated for fish; I don't recommend using the stone for fish or for fresh chicken because the oil/fat will run and drip.

Now I'm in the mood for pizza for dinner, but that is not likely. Tonight is our the Blue and Gold banquet for my cub's pack. The theme is “Hawaii”. (Now I wonder if Tazzy has any suggestions for theme outfits? But I know we have no time to create costumes.)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Holly T. - Mar 2, 2007 12:06 pm (#1978 of 2990)

Journeymom, luckily for our family (perhaps not so much for our diets, but there you go) there is a Sonic on the way home from the Little League fields. Also, my kids are perfectly happy with concession stand hot dogs for dinner. My daughter is not playing softball this year--first time since kindergarten! My son is playing baseball, though. Although after having both of them play the past two years, which was insane (leading to me sitting at the top of the stands for his games, because then I could turn around and watch her game on the softball field at the same time), it will be nice to only have to worry about one game/practice schedule.

You know you're a slacker mom when your kids ask you at 9 p.m. "Did we eat dinner?" I figure if they are just now realizing it they must not be very hungry (I should note that they both eat a fairly substantial snack--cereal, yogurt, or a sandwich---when they get home from school).

When I cook anything that might drip (like fish) I use the stone bar pan, which has sides. And, even without using soap, I have had no problems with it retaining a fishy smell.

John, you could run by a party store and buy plastic leis before the banquet.

Congrats on the movie theater job Tazzy!


haymoni - Mar 2, 2007 12:51 pm (#1979 of 2990)

Ungrateful Son just got his first part in a play at school. It's called "Virgil's Wedding" and it looks really funny. He is playing the father of the bride and he has a lot of funny lines.

Hubby isn't quite sure what to think. "Will this interfere with baseball???"


The Beautifulest One was given a test sheet for yellow belt this week. She's only 6!! I don't know if I am ready for this. I am definitely more worried about the test than she is. Does anyone have any experience with these Tae Kwon Do tests? (Am I even spelling it right?)


aasa - Mar 2, 2007 1:21 pm (#1980 of 2990)

Hello fellow forum-ers or maybe forumists..? Anyway; hello!

I have an topic that I want to discuss here at the forum, and as far as I can find out (using the search tool) the only comment on it is Steve Newton who mentions it in the Read Along Group Section Folder => Discussion: # Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Ch 25-27. Post #1.

It's about the sign outside of the Hog's Head. The two times JKR describes the Hog's Heads exterior she tells us that the sign creaks in the wind (HP & the Order of the Phoenix chapter 16, page 299 British edition and HP & the Half-Blood Prince chapter 25, page 517, also British edition). The second time she even tells us that there is no wind!

I'm not really sure where to post this so I thought some of you might like to advice me?


haymoni - Mar 2, 2007 1:24 pm (#1981 of 2990)

aasa - there is a thread called "Things that struck you as odd".

You might try putting it there.


Tazzygirl - Mar 2, 2007 1:31 pm (#1982 of 2990)

I also have a stoneware cooking plate from "Pampered Chef". It has most of it's original color- I mostly use it for baking rolls or re-heating other food that would taste nasty coming from the microwave. I have never used it to bake fish before, and am now making a note not too (Thanks Puck!)

Went into my placement classroom this morning. The students have finished writing their pen pal letters to my mom's class in California, and are now all patiently waiting for the return letters! w00t!

John: The theme is “Hawaii”. (Now I wonder if Tazzy has any suggestions for theme outfits? But I know we have no time to create costumes.)

Tehe- there aren't much costumes for Hawaii. Short notice would be getting the fake leis, and if you find super cheap (total costume style) Hawaiian shirts, then that would work. Pair the shirt with a pair of beige shorts. Or you could just go in board shorts (swim suit), t-shirt, slippers (aka flip-flops, sandles) and a pair of sunglasses on your head. That's a standard look for any guy in Hawaii. Beachware is key!

I watched Marie Antoinette (version with Kirsten Dunst) last night. It was... okay. There is minimal talking, everything is pretty much relayed through facial expressions and music. Not kiddie friendly.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!


EDIT: Haymoni: The Beautifulest One was given a test sheet for yellow belt this week. She's only 6!! I don't know if I am ready for this. I am definitely more worried about the test than she is. Does anyone have any experience with these Tae Kwon Do tests?

I was in TKD for several years, and was training to become an instructor. Have you sat in on Beautifulest One's classes? Testings are usually a piece of cake if the student knows their forms (non-fighting step sequence), and the various kicks and hand punches. It also depends on what branch of TKD she is. Like Holly says, if your daughter recieved the test sheet, then her instructor knows your daughter is ready. Don't sweat it! The board breaking (if she has to do it, normally they have a restriction on age and belt rank...) does not hurt any part of your hand or foot unless you don't hit it right (they are trained to hit in the middle/center of the board). I used to break my boards with the ball of my foot (round kick) and with my elbow. If your daughter is breaking boards, and has been given the option of using her elbow, it's probably the easiest one. In any case, I think Beautifulest One will do wonderfully!


Holly T. - Mar 2, 2007 1:34 pm (#1983 of 2990)

Congrats to Ungrateful Son!

Congrats to Beautifulest One too! At the dojang my son goes to, the masters don't hand out testing sheets unless they think the students are ready to pass the test. If it is one of the sheets with questions on it, we'd just ask my son and write down his answers (what do you learn from Tae Kwon Do, etc.). He started TKD when he was 4 and got his black belt when he was 7 and a half. It has been great for him and he really enjoys it (although he still won't get ready for class sometimes).

If you're worried about the board breaking, same thing--the masters won't let them try if they don't think they are capable of doing it. It kind of freaked me out when my 4-year-old came running into the room after his first test holding a broken board "that I broke with my own hand, Mama!" but I got used to it. He broke a whole stack of boards at his black belt test. The boards for the younger kids are not as thick as the ones they give the older kids and adults.

I'll put pictures from his black belt test in my profile (proud mom). :-)


aasa - Mar 2, 2007 1:35 pm (#1984 of 2990)

Perfect Haymoni, I'll do that! It's amazing that you can get help in 3 minutes time...


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 2, 2007 1:41 pm (#1985 of 2990)

I wish I were back in the theater the process of getting ready for a play was so much fun. When I was doing plays in high school and college it was great fun, except for Guys and Dolls which was a walking triage unit because, half the crew had the flu.

The pre black belt testings are generally easier in my experience. I do not think the Beautifulest One will do well Im sure. The board breaking aspect is not difficult, and the instructors generally only require board breaking from older children and adults, in the case of young children I doubt the instructors would require board breaking unless they feel the child is up to that challenge and is sufficiently ready and if they do the boards are usually less dense than the ones used by adults.

I remember my tests, I amazed myself because, I have cerebral palsy and yet before I stopped takimg classes I was two belts away from earning my black belt.


azi - Mar 2, 2007 1:43 pm (#1986 of 2990)

Hope all forum members were unaffected by the tornadoes!

Congrats to your son, haymoni!

I went to The Deep aquarium today. **waves to Snuffles** It was very fun, I even sat in the 'under 8 years section' and coloured in. The rays, starfish and swordfish were my favourite creatures. I also loved the coral. I didn't like the sharks (they move so slowly and omniously compared to the other fish!). It was interesting how the fish instinctively move around in species-specific shoals.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Puck - Mar 2, 2007 2:08 pm (#1987 of 2990)

Azi, sounds like a wonderful day.

wOOt for Haymoni's kids!

Nathan, very impressive. (Oh, and I was a Hot Box Girl in Guys and Dolls. I loved that play.)


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 2, 2007 2:17 pm (#1988 of 2990)

In the production of Guys and Dolls I was part of I was responsible for the fog machine used to  create the steam and smoke in the sewer scenes, I also was the box office manager.

I have been debating for a long time whether, I should restart my training to achieve the black belt, but there is a part of me that says I am too old and have been out of practice for too long because, the last class I attended was in 1997.


TomProffitt - Mar 2, 2007 2:26 pm (#1989 of 2990)

Nathan, I suggest that you get back into it (TKD), you don't want to lose your physical fitness. I slacked off quite a bit in my thirties and it hasn't been easy getting back in shape.

I was pretty heavily into theatre in college. "Director" of my chapter of Alpha Psi Omega for two years.


journeymom - Mar 2, 2007 2:37 pm (#1990 of 2990)

I played violin in 'the pit' for our high school production of Guys and Dolls. What a blast. I loved the music.

Luck, be a lady tonight...


haymoni - Mar 2, 2007 2:39 pm (#1991 of 2990)

My daughter's instructor didn't begin studying until his own son was 6 years old, so I don't think you are too old.

There are adult men at the purple belt level where my daughter takes lessons.

It is my understanding that she does have to break a board with her foot, using her "white belt kick" - I know it is pronounced something like "upchuckie" but I don't know how it is spelled in Korean. She has not attempted this yet, but there are still 3 weeks before her test.

She knows her white belt forms and does OK with the defense techniques, although I had to point out to the instructor on Wednesday that she has only "attacked" once.

I've spoken to some of the other moms and they say that the test was more nerve-wracking for them than it was for their children. I think I'll feel better after next week.

Thanks for the info! It is absolutely wonderful to have folks that can help you, encourage you and make you feel better 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Puck - Mar 2, 2007 2:41 pm (#1992 of 2990)

**humming "luck if you've ever been a lady to begin with...."**

Nathan, it hasn't been that long! You may have to back track a bit, but you are never too old!


Pigwidgeon - Mar 2, 2007 4:30 pm (#1993 of 2990)

I love "Guys and Dolls!" I was in that years ago in one of our community theatres. I played one of the "mission dolls." Smile I remember our tech week/opening week. Our Sarah was very ill, and by the third show could barely sing (we also found out later, the last week of the show's run, that she was expecting). Two or three days before the show was to open, out Sky lost his thumb in some sort of accident, so he was wearing a cast and on painkillers even by opening. Ah well, the show went on quite well, and we wound up using a scene from it in a regional competition.

I had a friend -- a true inspiration -- who is a shade over four feet tall and legally blind. Not only that, but she has severe juvelile rheumatoid arthritis.

She's also a third-degree black belt.


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 2, 2007 4:38 pm (#1994 of 2990)

Haymoni, from the way you described the technique Beautifulest One is required to perform for her breaking, it sounds as though she will have easier board breaking requirement than I did my first time. I remember my first board breaking experience involved use of my fist, as opposed Beautifulest One who will be using a kick.


Madam Pince - Mar 2, 2007 5:19 pm (#1995 of 2990)

***is deeply impressed that anyone can break a board!*** Wow! That is really something! Some parents in Little Pince's soccer group had kids in some sort of martial arts training and they said it was excellent for improving their kids' behavior. I was sort of afraid of it, because I could just see Little Pince running around karate-chopping the dog or the furniture or Aunt Mae or whatever... Perhaps it would be worth looking into, though!

Lobelia, I know what you mean about the car wreck and the radio on! I wrecked once and the first thing I noticed after I picked myself up off the floor was that the radio was still on, and I was so shocked by that! LOL -- we are too affected by our "TV impressions" of what an accident should be like! Also, what you said about the venison is so true -- it is so lean that you don't even need to drain the meat after you brown it. We use ground venison in place of ground beef for almost everything, and it is so much leaner and healthier.

One of my colleagues at work found a band aid in her hamburger last night.

Anyone remember the movie Down Periscope? When the officer was screaming at the Navy cook about how he'd found a band-aid in the food yesterday, and then today it was a fingernail. The cook replied "Yes, sir! See, the band-aid was holding the fingernail on!"

John Bumbledore, Hawaiian Pizza is one of our family favorites! Ham and pineapple... yum! So there's a thought to combine your two evening endeavors! (I use the cornmeal trick too; it worked this last time but not so much the first time -- maybe I didn't use enough before.) The reason I don't use my pizza peel is that it just looks too thick to me -- I don't see how it could possibly slide under a pizza without making a huge mess. So explain this to me -- if you're supposed to pre-heat the stone, how do you get the dough spread out on it? Wouldn't you burn your fingers pressing it out? And I know you can't spread it out elsewhere and then shove a peel under the raw dough, can you? I would think that would be too sticky. Of course, I know someone recommended parchment paper, so I can see how that could work under a peel I suppose... but then there wouldn't be any need for cornmeal... I think I need to get a part-time job at Sbarro's so I can learn the tricks of the trade...

Thought of another scary movie -- anyone seen the newer version of Thirteen Ghosts, starring Tony Shalhoub? Man, the ghosts in that movie are some nasty-looking critters! When they jumped out of those glass walls, I came straight up off the couch!


Mediwitch - Mar 2, 2007 6:05 pm (#1996 of 2990)

All this actual winter weather has pushed our house set-date back to April 9th now. It figures, it doesn't snow or sleet or anything all winter long, and now it has to start! The good part is that the 9th is the beginning of our spring break, so Mr. Mediwitch and I can both be there when they bring the house in - that will be quite a sight!

It's interesting to hear (see?) the conversation about baking stones. I was considering trying a stone one of these days. I LOVE my cast iron pans and Dutch oven.

Congrats on the movie job, Tazzy! And also congrats to Haymoni's kids on the play and TKD. Very exciting stuff!


Tazzygirl - Mar 2, 2007 6:51 pm (#1997 of 2990)

Thanks everyone for the congrats!

Madam P.- I was sort of afraid of it, because I could just see Little Pince running around karate-chopping the dog or the furniture or Aunt Mae or whatever...

The number one rule kids learn in TKD is that they are only allowed to perform TKD when practicing, or in a life-threatening situation. It also teaches kids to remain focused in school and be a better person. You can always have Little P try it out, see what happens!



Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 2, 2007 7:06 pm (#1998 of 2990)

Tazzy, absolutely, that is first rule we learned in my training as well, one of my classmates failed to learn that lesson and was stripped of his rank and suspended from training for a year, and when he did not mend his attitude he was expelled from the program.

The hardest concepts for me to master were concepts related to proper tension and relaxation, and control of power in the sense that my coordination deficits adversely affected my ability to maintin my precision and control on certain techniques.


Holly T. - Mar 2, 2007 7:20 pm (#1999 of 2990)

Absolutely--son is only supposed to do TKD at the dojang or to practice. It has really helped him with his control (ok, he still needs to work on it, but it has helped) to where sometimes when he gets frustrated he'll drop to the floor and start to meditate and do the breathing exercises from TKD. There's a rock by the creek where he likes to meditate and do yoga. Yes, my son is weird (what can I say, it must be because of the aliens).

Need to clean house and pack!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 2, 2007 8:51 pm (#2000 of 2990)

All this actual winter weather has pushed our house set-date back to April 9th now.

Just in time for my birthday! LOL!

Tori just started screaming her lungs out. Ahh the first roach of the year. And it's only March. Probably the warm rainy weather. Oh Joy!

I've always wanted to learn karate chopping, but knowing my luck, I'd break my 3-inch around wrist on the boards cause I'm just weeny like that! So instead I steer clear of it. TKD takes hand-eye cordination. I have none. The 2 don't mix!

Went and saw "Because I Said So" tonight. I thought it was cute and funny, even if it was very predictable. Definite chick flick!

Have a great night everyone!

EDIT: Post 2000! Cool!!
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geauxtigers - Mar 2, 2007 9:28 pm (#2001 of 2990)

I've always wanted to learn karate or something of the sort. Like Ginny said, I'm just so wimpy! LOL

I'm so glad its the weekend. Its been a lonnnnng, sleepless week.

I liked Because I said so, too. It was cute and hilarious!

Yes there was a huge roach by the toaster earlier while I was cleaning the counter tops. I had the toaster in my hand when I saw it and of course I started screaming for my dad. I ended up freaking out so much I dropped the toaster back on the counter and ran. Of course we never saw the roach again... I told my dad it was his fault because he didn't get there quick enough! lol he was reading HP and tried to use that as an excuse for being late. I know the real reason...he doesn't like roaches either!

Okay my eyes are burning...



Ydnam96 - Mar 2, 2007 11:04 pm (#2002 of 2990)

wow...I just read a LOT of posts! This week has been very busy.

I had my phone interview on Wednesday and I'm waiting to hear back from the school about an on campus interview (there's nothing like travelling to Indiana in the winter ). I'm starting to get excited.

Congrats to Kristina on the job at the movie theater! Sounds like a fun job.

Do we have any forumers from the Toledo Ohio area? I woke up this morning to the news about the horrible bus accident in Atlanta involving the Bluffton Univ. baseball team (the college is near Toldeo). It's just horrible. I hope that none of our forum family was personally affected.

So, I've decided that if I do get this job and I end up moving over the summer I'm gonna get a dog! I've been looking around the shelters both here and in Indiana even though I know that the same dogs will not be there in the summer when I would be able to adopt. But I am so excited about the prospect. I want a small dog: either a Chihuahua or a Maltese maybe...I have seen some very cute pictures of some "designer" breeds that are mixes of maltese and poodles and some other mix breeds of toy sized dogs but I can't afford to get a dog from a breeder (plus I would rather have a dog that needs a home). I have decided that when I get the dog I will be litter training it. I've done some research and I think that I could do it. Anyone have any experience with that?

Well...I should maybe go do something productive (dishes or something like that).

Prayers to those in the tornado areas.


edit to add this link: such cute puppies... http://www.divapup.com/puppies_mixed_breeds.htm


Laura W - Mar 3, 2007 2:20 am (#2003 of 2990)

Talk about co-incidence! There was a cartoon in a local paper yesterday which showed a man on stage doing his routine to an empty theatre. I absolutely empathized, as I have been feeling somewhat that way for the last two days regarding this thread.

I honestly thought I was just telling an amusing little story when I posted #1912 but, judging by the fact that it has been totally unacknowledged by all, I am beginning to wonder if I offended. If so, please be assured that was the last thing I intended to do.

No need to respond. (And I mean that.) Please continue the regularly scheduled conversation ...



Chemyst - Mar 3, 2007 5:55 am (#2004 of 2990)

...it's not that Laura. It is just that if you want me to applaud your applauding, I'll need a contract for $10 Canadian.

The hardest concepts for me to master were concepts related to proper tension and relaxation, and control of power...
Nathan, it is almost scary how much that sounds like my natural childbirth class!


Thom Matheson - Mar 3, 2007 5:57 am (#2005 of 2990)

Laura, if you were offending, I should be expelled.


painting sheila - Mar 3, 2007 6:25 am (#2006 of 2990)

Laura W - I am sure it is because the thread has been so busy. I know when I am reading post I think of things I want to say in response - but by the time I get to the 39th post of the day - I have forgotten everything!

You can add "Professional Audience Member" to your resume. or "Professional Clapper" or "Professional Cheerer" HA! Have the casting directors try and figure those out!

I had another run in with a stomach virus yesterday. We had the one last week - and I don't know if this is still the same one just manifesting itself differently on the way out or what. I spent the whole day in bed - yuck! It was a gorgeous day too!~ (sigh)

SO far so good today. Who needs food anyway?



Good Evans - Mar 3, 2007 7:26 am (#2007 of 2990)

Hi folks

saturday aftenoon and I am supposed to be studying and doing homework. therefore I have cleaned the kitchen cupboards (we have these nasty small moth like fies that we cant seem to get rid of so I took bleach to the cupboards) made a nice lunch and am now on the lexicon!!!! LOL

Did I tell you that Luna chewed my mobile phone on tuesday night? I've got a new one now that all but makes the tea and I haven't the foggiest how to make texts or pretty much do anything. ho hum ...

ah well - have a nice rest of day folks...

Julie x


Pigwidgeon - Mar 3, 2007 7:56 am (#2008 of 2990)

Mandy -- a lot of the pure-bred breeds have their own rescue organizations, if you want to consider that route. I do know there is a rescue organization for Maltese. If you are interested, I can find a link for you.

Litter training (and it's been a while) is not tough, exactly, but it can be time-consuming. You have to be very consistent with your rules. You have to watch puppy like a hawk for signs of having to go. If you find a mess after the fact, punishment will be useless; dogs have the cause/effect capacities of a two-year-old (and that is often generous).

Have you had experience with dogs or puppies before? You may want to consider an older dog if you haven't.

Best of luck!


Lina - Mar 3, 2007 8:10 am (#2009 of 2990)

Happy birthday to Shayla!

I should know, because it is Veronika's birthday too. She got a wonderful present for her birthday - high temperature. It looks like flu very much. And she really seems to be happy with the present. Few days ago she was complaining about everybody being ill but her, why couldn't she skip school a little too? I told her that she couldn't afford to be ill with so bad grades at school. So now she thinks that the flu is award for the A in Chemistry.

Julie (GE), thank you, you just reminded me that I haven't seen those moths for a while at my home. Woo hoo! I don't think it is enough to bleach the furniture. You should check the food, like flour, rice and things like that because they like to be there. I think that rice is mostly their way to come into the house.

Laura, it is really not possible to answer every post. I really don't mind if some of my posts seem to be ignored because I know that I enjoyed many posts that I didn't replay to. And I also expect that all those people that don't replay to me won't mind if I don't replay to them. ?

Mandy, those puppies are really super cute! My sister found her dog in a box in front of her college. She had no idea how old it was or how big it will grow. It turned out that she was only about three weeks old then (we figured it out when she started to change her teeth) which is way too early to let the puppy leave the mum, but she did well, and she is 12 now. We had our dog left at our doorstep, so we had no choice but to accept her. But we figured out later who left her and they told us about her parents and what to expect. It is not natural for a dog to do "things" inside, so it won't be hard to train the puppy if you give him enough opportunities to go out. And if "it" happens, make sure to remove the smell. If you want them to do it in the sand for cats, just let the sand have a bit of the smell until the dog gets used to go there every time. People usually use the news paper to transfer the smell into the sand.


kaykay1970 - Mar 3, 2007 8:31 am (#2010 of 2990)

Happy birthday Veronika and Shayla! I hope Veronika feels better soon!

Soccer jamboree is today! Woo Hoo!


Catherine - Mar 3, 2007 8:34 am (#2011 of 2990)

Mandy, I have to chime in with Pigwidgeon about rescue organizations as an option. Older dogs can also be very well adapted to being left alone while you are at work, and not requiring housebreaking or being beyond the "I want to chew everything in sight" phase. My parents got a three year-old shih-tzu from a local Humane Society here in North Carolina, and boy is she spoiled rotten and loving her new life.

Also, I suppose I'm just cynical, but to me, those "designer breeds" are....cute mutts. It worries me when people are breeding for profit, and not to improve a breed standard. I have seen many such dogs in our Humane Society. I think you would be a good candidate because you don't have small children at home (many rescue organizations do not adopt out toy breeds to homes with very young children).

Good luck!!


Good Evans - Mar 3, 2007 9:52 am (#2012 of 2990)

Happy birthday Shayla and Veronika, hope Veronika feels better soon.

I agree Lina - not only did I bleach everything I threw out any open packets (semolina /herbs / spices) etc etc, I hope that I have dealt with the source but only time will tell...

I have just posted my homework - WOO HOO - so besides typing up and sorting out my personal development portfolio (PDP) I am homework free, I'll do that tomorrow.

Off to our friends for a take away tonight, so I think I will have to pop off and slap some make up etc on in a bit!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 3, 2007 11:08 am (#2013 of 2990)

Happy Birthday Veronika and Shayla! So glad Veronika got what she wanted for her birthday! I always tell my daughters they can take off when they have straight A's. So, a sick day is a way of getting around that, isn't it??

I am just getting over it, hubby is battling the headache and daughters are on the couches awaiting the worst of it. Trevor is seemingly unaffected.

Well, I can't complain, since it has been quite awhile since I've been downed like this by an illness - and it was a quick one.

Healing charms to Veronika and others in need.

Enjoy your homework-free time, GE. It sounds as though you've earned it!

many rescue organizations do not adopt out toy breeds to homes with very young children - Catherine
Yes, many children break such toys easily.



Madam Pince - Mar 3, 2007 11:15 am (#2014 of 2990)

Laura, so sorry -- hope your feelings weren't hurt too badly! As Sheila said, lots of posts = lots of times I forget what was said by the time I get to the end and ready to reply! I usually try to scroll back and edit and such, but lots of times I miss things! And I remember your post, but I hadn't seen The Jazz Singer so the "funny" I was going to say (something along the lines of "So it was you I heard in that clapping scene!") didn't seem to work...

Happy Birthday to Shayla and Veronika! Hope you both have wonderful days!

Healing charms to all who are sick today!

Lovely sunny day here today -- I hope it holds out from raining for awhile! Our ground is absolutely saturated, and here on a flat island with clay dirt, that translates into "rationing showers and not doing laundry" because the septic can only hold so much water. I suppose I could go up the street to the coin laundry, but I really hate doing that. Think I'll stay home and cook instead! The leftover ham needs to be "translated" into a casserole...

Finished another re-read of HBP last night. Guess what? Dumbledore dies...

I picked up on a lot more details, though. I really think he was dying already from the potion-stuff in the cave. He kept sliding down the wall while he was "monologuing" with Draco (see: previous discussion of movie cliches of things not to do when planning to kill someone) which I think was significant.


Ydnam96 - Mar 3, 2007 11:20 am (#2015 of 2990)

Happy Birthdays to Veronika and Shayla!

Oh, I agree about the "designer breeds" they are just mutts but they are sure cute. I would never buy a dog from a pet store or one of those websites of anything. I just think there are too many dogs and cats who need homes in the shelters (plus it's a couple thousand dollars cheaper-- can you believe what they charge for a dog now-a-days?

I would go for an older dog no problem Smile

I gotta run.

Have a great day Smile


Mediwitch - Mar 3, 2007 1:16 pm (#2016 of 2990)

Happy Birthday 11to Shayla and Veronika!

I think I am fighting off the crud or something now...I've been fighting an upset stomach all week, and today I can't seem to get out of my own way. I've gotten nothing accomplished except a lot of napping! At least it doesn't seem like anything serious, so far. Mr. Mediwitch and I are supposed to go to a banquet tonight, so I hope I get a little more energy than I have right now!


Solitaire - Mar 3, 2007 1:43 pm (#2017 of 2990)

Mandy, I agree with those who suggest checking out a rescue organization. They usually put new dogs in foster homes for a period of time, so they have an opportunity to see how the dogs interact with kids, other dogs, cats, etc. This helps the organization make the best choice of home (adults only, single pet, no cats, etc.) for the dog in question. Their goal is for the placement to be permanent. The best part is that you have a pretty good idea of the animal's temperament before you make the commitment. Also, not all rescue dogs are elderly. Sometimes you can still get a puppy or a "teenager" dog! LOL Good luck, whatever route you decide to take.


BTW ... Happy Birthday to Shayla and Veronika!


painting sheila - Mar 3, 2007 2:53 pm (#2018 of 2990)

Happy Happy Birthday Shayla and Veronika dears!!

Happy days will come to you all year.

If I had a wish then it would be,

A happy happy birthday to you from me!

I am SO sorry for those of you that have the crud It is a nasty little virus. It has been a week and I have still spent most of the day in bed. I can't tell whether I am hungry or the opposite. (sigh)

Off to attempt dusting and vacuuming.


Tazzygirl - Mar 3, 2007 3:02 pm (#2019 of 2990)

Laura- I also meant to respond, but I completely forgot! Sorry!! I did something kind of similar, but we weren't the main focus for the show. I was in the audience for one episode of the Drew Carey Show before it was cancelled. It was loads of fun to watch, but exhausting. We didn't get home from the taping until 3 am. The crew brought in water and pizza for everyone though.

I woke up about a half hour ago. Must have been super tired, as I fell asleep last night at about 10:30. 13 HOURS! When I woke up this morning, I thought it was my usual 9 am. nope.

I watched The Prestige last night. It was pretty neat- lots of mind tricks. If you watch it, make sure you don't get up or do anything unless you pause it. You'll miss something.

Off to clean. I put it off all week long, and now I have a full day to really clean. whoo-hoo!

**Healing charms** to those not feeling well, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shayla and Veronika!!


EDIT: I just found out that they are going to be building a Target store here!!! w00t!!!


azi - Mar 3, 2007 3:20 pm (#2020 of 2990)

Happy birthday Shayla and Veronika! **insert b'day smileys here (I'm at home so no access to them)**

**healing charms** to all those ill! There are too many to mention it seems...

Good luck with getting the job, Mandy! I thought the photo's you posted were lovely as well!

Laura W. - it's not that we don't read what you say, it's just that there are so many posts that we forget when it comes to writing at the end. It's interesting how much you got paid to cheer though!

I was on TV at the age of 10, singing Silent Night with the school choir. I collapse into hysterics everytime I see it now (Yorkshire accents with the T's, D's and S's pronounced!), but it was really fun at the time!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Lina - Mar 3, 2007 3:43 pm (#2021 of 2990)

Thank you all for the happy birthday and get well wishes for Veronika. I hope she'll feel better soon as well.

And I forgot to send some more healing charms in all directions where needed, earlier. And Protego and Reparo and weather charms in all areas affected by tornados. And congratulations to Kristina for the new job. I really hope you'll enjoy it!

I probably forgot something again.


Chemyst - Mar 3, 2007 4:47 pm (#2022 of 2990)

Did any of you Europeans see the lunar eclipse? Where I live, moonrise is about now, but we are supposed to be able to see the ending. Unfortunately, we also have a few clouds in that direction.


John Bumbledore - Mar 3, 2007 6:48 pm (#2023 of 2990)

We saw the moon slowly Emerge from the Earth's shadow this evening. I don't ever remember seeing anything like it before.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


geauxtigers - Mar 3, 2007 7:14 pm (#2024 of 2990)

Aww man! I missed the eclipse! I read about it this morning and I completely forgot! I just checked and it just looks like a moon so! Oh well.

Happy Birthday Veronika and Shayla!!

**sends chocolate to Veronika** Chocolate cures everything but a stomach ache!

**healing charms to everyone in need**

SO what have I done today. I'm almost ashamed to say this...but I spent the enitre day watching America's Next Top Model I think it was season before this one? I also got some Harry in too

Me and Ginnny also bathed the cat. She hasn't had a bath in over a year, so it was time for her annual bath. Well needless to say, she didn't like it at all! She bit me too! Clamped down on my wrist! It was weird, she just bruised my and only a tiny little part broke the skin. I commenced to peroxiding and soaping it up several times and got some neosporine and a band aid on it. I'm not worried, she didn't do much damage! LOL And now she smells like fruity Herbal essances shampoo! LOL

Hope everyone has a great day! I read most of this thread earlier and now I've forgotten what I was going to say!

I here the timer going off! Cookies are done!

EDIT: My dad just told me we wouldn't be able to see it because it happened at about 8:00 GMT so it'd have been 2:00 pm here. Bright any sunny, so we wouldn't have been able to see it really. oh well!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 3, 2007 7:27 pm (#2025 of 2990)

Well, the girls have spent the whole day on their respective couches with fevers drifting in and out of sleep. Luckily, no vomiting. Maybe then, they have a milder version of what Mr. HH and I had. Trevor is asleep and seems well - uh oh, should I not have "said" that?? **fingers crossed**

Laura W., I read your story and thought it was interesting but had nothing worthwhile to contribute to it. I guess you can add that to the list of reasons why some things don't garner a response, though I'm sure you get the idea by now. I'm hoping your feelings weren't hurt.

How'd the soccer jamboree go, kay?

Healing charms to Mediwitch, Sheila, Veronika and anyone I haven't mentioned.

I'm waiting to hear from someone at church to see if she can take my SS class tomorrow so I can stay home with the girls.



Ydnam96 - Mar 3, 2007 7:38 pm (#2026 of 2990)

Oh man, I was a Disneyland today...with everyother person in Southern California I think. Man, it was crowded. I stayed a grand total of 3 hours. But, I got a bit of sun so that was good.

Tazzy: is there not a Target on the Island at all? What would I do??? I would save money

I forgot about the eclipse. I missed it. Sad Oh well...


kaykay1970 - Mar 3, 2007 8:39 pm (#2027 of 2990)

Well, our team didn't do very well at the Jamboree. Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose 3/3. At least they had fun playing when they weren't sitting on the bench shivering!

Healing charms to Maria's girls!


Madam Pince - Mar 3, 2007 8:54 pm (#2028 of 2990)

Tori, you guys bathe your cat??!!! Man alive, are you ever brave! I had my kitty for over 15 years and he never got a bath once except for the ones he gave himself!

kaykay, my team didn't do well today either. ***bangs head slowly against computer screen*** Virginia, after Thursday beating our arch-rival and one of the teams tied for first place with us, now today only manages to shoot 36% from the floor and loses to Wake, who are what, third from the bottom or something? We couldn't seem to hit the broad side of a barn. Oh well. It will all make for a very interesting tournament!

We didn't see the eclipse tonight either. I remember seeing the one a couple years ago, though. The moon looked quite orange that time, if I remember correctly.

So very sorry for everyone with the crud! Mediwitch, hope you managed to salvage the evening! Hope everyone feels better tomorrow!


haymoni - Mar 3, 2007 9:15 pm (#2029 of 2990)

No eclipse for me! Plenty of clouds though!

Both of my kids have complained recently about sharp pains in their stomachs - my daughter on Monday & my son on Friday. Nobody actually got sick, but they both just wanted to lie down. I can handle that!

I just watched "A Knight's Tale" and "School of Rock". Funny stuff!

Have a great Sunday all!


painting sheila - Mar 3, 2007 10:18 pm (#2030 of 2990)

Yeah! I just got an email in my "junk file" that says I have won over a million dollars from the British Lottery! wOOt!! All I have to do is send in my checking account routing number to verify who I am, and they'll deposit my millions post haste. I'm rich!!

(No worries - I no better and am not sending them my checking account number)


Elanor - Mar 3, 2007 10:55 pm (#2031 of 2990)

We should have seen the eclipse very well here, except it was too cloudy to see anything... And of course sky is clear again this morning, and moon just plain full.

Just opened my window to check and seeing it over the tower (the one in my avatar, imagine it just up and a bit on the right of the tower's roof) in the first light of dawn is still really nice (almost 7 a.m. here). And birds are starting to sing again in the morning, spring is on its way!

Happy belated birthday wishes to Shayla and Veronica!
Healing Charms to all needing some and Cheering ones to all! Have a great weekend!



timrew - Mar 3, 2007 10:59 pm (#2032 of 2990)

Don't worry all of you who missed the eclipse of the moon, they're a lot more common than a total eclipse of the sun.

There'll be another one along soon.........


Tazzygirl - Mar 3, 2007 11:27 pm (#2033 of 2990)

I obviously did not get to see the eclipse. I was asleep. But I did see the moon tonight- it was beautiful- huge and had the clouds passing by it.

Mandy- we do not have a Target here. Just Walmart. We got our first Best Buy a year ago. I looooove Target. It's so much better than Walmart. Only bad thing about getting the Target- they are building it across the island from me, so it's gonna take about 45 minutes or so to get there. Hopefully they build one closer.



The giant squid - Mar 4, 2007 3:24 am (#2034 of 2990)

I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday! to my favorite niece!

(And yes, in May Lexie will be my favorite. What can I say, I'm fickle. )

Happy birthday as well to Veronika, and happy roach day to Tori.



HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 4, 2007 4:39 am (#2035 of 2990)

We couldn't seem to hit the broad side of a barn. - Madam Pince
Wow, I could be on that team!

At least they had fun playing when they weren't sitting on the bench shivering!
Sounds like fun, kay. What is a soccer jamboree, anyway?

You actually conveyed sarcasm quite well, Sheila. I wasn't worried one bit. . .

Well, I never heard from the other person at church so I guess I'm going in.



Starling - Mar 4, 2007 6:37 am (#2036 of 2990)

Great eclipse here. Hardly any clouds! It was a pity the moon was slightly too high, though, no big moon here. We were very lucky, this morning we woke up to cloudy skies, lots of wind and an awful lot of rain.


kaykay1970 - Mar 4, 2007 6:59 am (#2037 of 2990)

The jamboree is just the opening of the season celebration. There is a short opening day ceremony where all the teams and players are announced. All the teams in the region play in short games throughout the day. The results from these games don't count toward the season. So it is just a chance to show what you are made of or (in our case) to see where you could make improvements...


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 4, 2007 6:59 am (#2038 of 2990)

I've decided to stay home. Hubby is not yet well on his feet and girls are so-so. My first Sunday home since New Year's Eve Sunday and before that, I can't remember if I've missed a day since September. I feel as though something's missing.

EDIT: LOL, kay. As you can tell, we're not a sports-minded family. Well, not yet, anyway. There's still hope in Trevor.


Good Evans - Mar 4, 2007 8:22 am (#2039 of 2990)

Hey Tim - like busses?????????

went over to some friends for a take away last night - just as the guys went out to pick the food up - the phone went and my friends mum was not feeling well, dizzy with a headache. So we hot footed it over there, spent about an hour with her and the paramedic (who was so quick and thorough) and then she was taken off to hospital. We went back to my friends house (the guys had eaten) while her partner went up to the hospital to sit with "mum". we bolted our dinner and then hubby and I left as my friend went off to the hospital too. Wasn't quite what we had expected!!! it might sound a bit odd that we fitted in the meal break - but A&E can be a very long wait if you havent eaten and I wanted to be sure that my friend did eat. "mum" was also much better when we let her go with the paramedic, she was saying dont bother - I'll call you when i'm ready to leave - as if!!!!!!!

it turns out that "mums" blood pressure went really high and just needed bringing under control, they let her go after 4 hours. They don't really know what caused it but she feels much better today! very weird but very stressful for all concerned!

all seems to be well that ends well.

hope the lurgy is abating in the HH household and others who may need the4 charms....

have a nice Sunday everyone


azi - Mar 4, 2007 11:38 am (#2040 of 2990)

Glad to know your friend's mum was ok, Julie!

**continuing healing charms** to the ill people!

I got to see about half of the eclipse, then the clouds rolled in. It looked nice. Wasn't as good as the eclipse of the sun we had a few years ago though.

Finn asked me on Facebook to say 'Hi' to everyone and that he misses the forum! He's got a lot of schoolwork at the moment.

Which reminds me...anyone seen Regan around recently?

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


geauxtigers - Mar 4, 2007 12:08 pm (#2041 of 2990)

Glad your friends mum is better, Julie!

I have a lot of work to do today. Just cleaned my room, tons of homework, dance tonight. Its that time of year when dance is starting to kick up and 3 nights a week is back.... **grumble grumble**

I talked to Regan Friday night on msn. Hes been busy with school too.

Well I guess I should go finish laundry and clean off my bed so I can start my homework...

Happy Sunday healing charms to all!


Puck - Mar 4, 2007 12:44 pm (#2042 of 2990)

Happy belated birthday wishes and healing charms all around!

I've been occupying myself re-reading HBP and convincing certain children to clean a bedroom. Guess which was more enjoyable?) Oh, Madame Pince, DD died in my book too.

I'm now geared up to read book DH! What's the official count down?

Okay, off to quilt, then dishes and laundry.



virginiaelizabeth - Mar 4, 2007 1:11 pm (#2043 of 2990)

**healing charms to all who are sick**

Kathy, for the countdown, click on my name! It's at the bottom.

Lots to do. Can't say much, just popping in to say hi, and send healing charms and such!

Have a great week everyone!


Madam Pince - Mar 4, 2007 2:38 pm (#2044 of 2990)

LOL, Puck! I know; now I'm sort of sorry I went ahead and read HBP because it's just made me that much more impatient for DH! ***drums fingers on table***

Julie, what a shame about your evening! But I'm glad it turned out to be OK and that your friend's mother is going to be fine.

If anyone wants to read a really fine bit of writing/theorizing, hop on over to the "Malfoy's Task and the Vow" thread and read the last few entries of wynnleaf's -- very interesting and compelling scenario, I thought!     here      

archivist’s note:  wynnleaf’s entries for this time frame start at entry 144  

Welcome to all new Forum members! Looking forward to reading your ideas!


Tazzygirl - Mar 4, 2007 2:52 pm (#2045 of 2990)

**more healing charms** to those that need them!

Glad to hear your friend's mum is okay, JulieGE!

Nothing much going on here today. Going to clean and do laundry (as I somehow managed not to do all that yesterday), and prepare for a lesson on Tuesday and homework. Fun day!

Have a great Sunday everyone!



Solitaire - Mar 4, 2007 3:40 pm (#2046 of 2990)

A full moon and an eclipse ... now I know why the kids were acting the way they were on Friday! LOL


Catherine - Mar 4, 2007 3:57 pm (#2047 of 2990)

No kidding, Solitaire! This explains a lot!

Mr. Catherine and I drove to Raleigh last night for the Billy Joel concert. He put on a great show. It was great to eat out at P.F. Chang's (waves to Wayne) and have an adult-only evening.

My students said, "When are you going to go to a real concert? That's like going to see Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand!"

I found myself slipping back into 7th grade speak in my reply, "Oh, whatEVER!

I'm not looking forward to this week. I didn't realize this, but the counselor's "bird and bees" talk exactly coincides with the introduction of my Romeo and Juliet unit.

I wish Febreeze could dissolve teen hormones as easily as it does teen body odor. It should be an interesting week...I'm already seeing "chest monsters" and infatuation now that spring has arrived. One girl was so angry at her rival for one of my student's affections that she threw a Pop-Tart at her.

I guess it could be worse. It could have been a hot Pop-Tart.


The giant squid - Mar 4, 2007 5:00 pm (#2048 of 2990)

Ah, the first Pop-Tart of spring...


Ydnam96 - Mar 4, 2007 5:16 pm (#2049 of 2990)

Ah, the first Pop-Tart of spring...

Haha 🤣


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 4, 2007 6:19 pm (#2050 of 2990)

Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2007

Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:28 pm


Eponine - Mar 4, 2007 6:25 pm (#2051 of 2990)

Catherine, I was going to buy tickets for that concert but by the time I remembered it, the only tickets left were the really, really expensive ones, and Mr. Eponine said he didn't want to go that badly. (He's the Billy Joel fan, not me).

We just got back from the Carolina/Duke game. I had a good time, and Carolina won. Plus I got cotton candy! Yum. It was very very loud, though.

Kids are throwing pop-tarts now?

My spring break is this week. I can't believe it's already here. I'm wondering if it's too early in the year for all the undergraduates to go to the beach.

Have a great RotD!


Denise P. - Mar 4, 2007 6:27 pm (#2052 of 2990)

Catherine, maybe you should have your poptart throwing kids read the news about the mom who threw a cup of ice and ended up sentenced to 2 years in jail.

We had beautiful weather yesterday, today it is windy and cooooollllddd again.


Ydnam96 - Mar 4, 2007 6:53 pm (#2053 of 2990)

Wow Denise, that's 8 all together yah? Unless I can't count. There's one missing right?

Can you believe it was a little over 80 degrees outside today? It's so strange. It is March though. Stinks for the people who ran the marathon this morning though...it was already warm then. I hear the whole second half of the race was uphill! Like a marathon isn't hard enough already.


Chemyst - Mar 4, 2007 6:54 pm (#2054 of 2990)

Pop-tarts. Ice not included.


Ydnam96 - Mar 4, 2007 7:16 pm (#2055 of 2990)

Haha Chemyst! Love it!


Mediwitch - Mar 4, 2007 7:58 pm (#2056 of 2990)

Thanks, Madam Pince, we did have a pretty good time, but we came home fairly early. I didn't accomplish much this weekend at all - I think I was recovering from the marathon week last week, since I never got home before 9:00 one night last week. So now it's back to work tomorrow, and I still have loads of laundry, and the house is a quasi-mess (could be worse, could be better)...

Mr. Mediwitch and I went out for about an hour this afternoon to run a couple of errands. When we came back, his dad (who has Alzheimer's) was in the kitchen eating the (uncooked) bulgur wheat I had left on the counter from baking bread! Apparently he wanted a snack...he had also opened (and left open) a package of dried blueberries, a package of orange Craisins, and a package of yogurt-covered raisins! The fruit I can understand, but he had abandoned all of those in favor of the bulgur and was eating that when we came in! (For those who've never had it, uncooked bulgur has a texture something like uncooked rice!) I'm glad it was only bulgur and not something really inedible. Looks like our days of leaving him home by himself for short periods are numbered.


Denise P. - Mar 4, 2007 8:05 pm (#2057 of 2990)

Well spotted! We are one short in the photo. Our oldest son is currently in Iraq so he is not in the photo. What was really nice, we were outside getting photos and had the kids lined up by age so you could see the Temple behind them. A man came running over, snapped 10 pictures of us (after getting Mr. Denise and I in the photo) and then handed us a business card. He made sure to tell me several times to email him and he would send me copies. It was really nice of him and it will be neat

We have had to install a lock on our pantry door (pretty inventive since they are bifold doors) One of the kids has started getting up early to gorge on all manner of snack stuff that we have for school lunches.


Mediwitch - Mar 4, 2007 8:26 pm (#2058 of 2990)

I know other people with family members who have Alzheimer's have had to put locks on pantries and cabinets, too. We've gone two years without having to make any drastic changes, only relatively minor ones like labeling our towels and hiding the paper towels (he'd use a whole roll in one day to blow his nose, and we'd find them in every pocket of his clothes - unfortunately sometimes not until they got through the washer. )


Viola Intonada - Mar 4, 2007 8:45 pm (#2059 of 2990)

Catherine, That story gives a whole new meaning to "Pop-Tart".

FYI for Girl Scout camps: Camp Libbey near Toledo, OH is having a summer resident camp, "Hogwoods Camp of Muggle Magic" for grades 4-6 July 22-27. If interested you may email me, or Google Camp Libbey, it will pop up. Alas, I couldn't talk my two into going. There are other programs that they want to attend. Too bad they don't have it for adults! Wouldn't it be great to get together right after the book release for a week and discuss it to our hearts content?


Puck - Mar 4, 2007 8:51 pm (#2060 of 2990)

sign me up! I want to go to camp!

Mediwitch, bless your heart.

Catherine, LOL. Next year plan Romeo for the fall. (Well, perhaps the ending will teach the kids not to get serious at such a young age.)

**goes off wondering how long I have before I have to discuss the birds and bees with my little ones**



painting sheila - Mar 4, 2007 9:17 pm (#2061 of 2990)

Catherine - how fun! Billy Joel - I bet he was amazing on the piano.

You and Eponine should let me know if you ever want tickets to a NCT show. I can sometimes get them for friends and family. (That goes for anyone else in this area, too!)

It's a good day to be a Carolina Fan.

Edit: Our late ight news just said something about Harry - I will fill you in when they come back from the break.



Edit #2: Dan has signed a contract to do the last two movies!! YEAH!!! I am so happy!! It was worth being up this late to hear about it. I t may be old news to you all - but it made my day.


Edit#3 - Welcome Tina O'Connor! I am saddened by your loss, but hope you feel right at home here with your forum family.



journeymom - Mar 4, 2007 9:55 pm (#2062 of 2990)

Mediwitch, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Alzheimers sound difficult to deal with.

Denise P., your oldest son is in Iraq? Send him best wishes from your anonymous forum friend.

Viola Intonada, Hogwoods Camp for Muggle Magic sounds like a blast!! I bet they need Girl Scout leaders to, uh, help, right?


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 4, 2007 10:16 pm (#2063 of 2990)

That's news to me Shelia! Yay!! Who is that in you avatar? It's a cute picture!

I wanna go to a Hogwarts camp!! That sounds like fun! Sign me up!

Ackk! I'm still not finished with Two Cites....but I am finished with laundry! So the evening hasn't been a waste of time afterall. Time to read some more.

Have a great RotN/W!


geauxtigers - Mar 4, 2007 10:19 pm (#2064 of 2990)

Ugg how is it already 11:10 on Sunday night? The weekend flew by! I'm already behind on A TOTC...I guess I'm going to have to pull a Harry and scribble down some gibberish for the 3 journal entries that are due tomorrow. And my human antatomy teacher hinted we might be having a pop quiz tomorrow and we have a test Wednesday... Ugg its gonna be a long week...on the plus side, I didn't have any homework in math, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd already finished my math...and I cleaned my room, dusted it, wash and ironed my sheets and me and Ginny just finished folding all of our laundry! I feel like a got something accomplished even if it wasn't my homework... Its such a slow read I've read the same paragraph 3 times and haven't taken in a word of it. Its not looking bright...

I hope everyone has a good week, I think its supposed to be a great one weather wise here. Its supposed to get down below freezing tonight! ! Its already at 37F maybe 2-3C (my temp converter was deleted from my calculator when my math teacher made us all clear out our memories. Made me really mad as I had nothing in there that I could've cheated with, just a bunch of chemistry stuff from last year, temp converter included, now its gone and I need to hunt down the guy who created it so I can get it back! grr). Anyway supposed to be pretty, cool and such.

Okay I guess I should make a final attempt at this book...my bed looks so comfy right now...**tarzan jumps onto bed**

Night everyone!


Snuffles - Mar 5, 2007 1:54 am (#2065 of 2990)

Hope everyone affected by the bad weather is ok.

Azi, glad you had a good time. I don't normally work on a Friday but I had to pop in for a couple of hours. If I had known you were there I would have waved as I went past

Haymoni, I'm sure your daughter will do just great. You are allowed to worry, It's in your parent contract

Happy belated birthday to Shayla and Veronika. I hope you both had a good day. I hope Veronika is feeling a bit better too

I'm glad your friends mum is ok Julie.

I went outside on Saturday night about 11pm to have a look at the eclipse. It was very pretty and not a cloud in sight. Very chilly though. Bbrrrr!!

Hope everyone has a good Monday



The giant squid - Mar 5, 2007 4:10 am (#2066 of 2990)

Finn would be proud of me...I'm just now getting home at 3AM. The technical for our theater came by tonight (unusual, as they usually work early mornings) so I was working with him to knock some stuff out. We were chatting along when I looked at my watch & realized it was 2:30 (about 45 minutes after I was scheduled to leave)! It took us another 15 minutes to wind down the conversation so I could leave.

It's a good thing I have tomorrow off...



Good Evans - Mar 5, 2007 5:59 am (#2067 of 2990)

happy sleeping times to MIke!!!!!! (sounds all far too late for me!)

thanks for the wishes for my friends mum. She is feeling much better, we just need to see what the Dr says now.

yay on the Dan Radcliffe news She, thanks for that. I hadn't heard, all I hear about is Dan smoking on stage and going nude, it really is a storm in a tea cup here!

Oh gosh there were lots of other things I was going to comment on, but I've forgotten them -- blast!!

Like the photo Denise - very imposing statue.

and as for the first pop tart of spring - SPEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

say hello to Finn and Regan for me next time you speak to them folks, miss them being around .....

have a wonderful monday everyone Julie x

edit - welcome to the forum Tina, I am sure that your sister will be very aware of what happens in the final book, as she will no doubt be looking over your shoulder as you read it . I hope that the forum here helps you to fill the void of not being able to discuss it with her person to person. We will certainly try. And as for your IT problems, dont worry there are a lot of ITpygmys on this site - lead by me!!!!!


Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 7:09 am (#2068 of 2990)

Oldest daughter left to go back to Idaho this morning. She left in the wee hours, which was a good thing since we didn't get hysteria when she left from one of the kids. When she leaves during the day or at any time during waking hours, one of them starts boo hooing and causing an uproar over her going.

Since we were out doing stuff, I have a lot of nitnoidy things to do in the house today when I get back from running some errands.

My 12 year old finally finished OoP and has decided he wants to read HBP. I just rolled my eyes and told him "good luck" Yep, I still can't make it all the way through HBP, I just get so disgusted. I have higher hopes for HP & DH.

Ohhh...my Scholastic pin from GoF came in the mail Saturday. Woo hoo!!


Madam Pince - Mar 5, 2007 7:34 am (#2069 of 2990)

Oh phooey! I missed Denise's picture! You must not have had it up very long, did you? I swear I thought I was on here yesterday....

Too funny about the spring Pop-Tarts!

Sheila, congratulations to your top-seeded Tar Heels! I am happy for you, if not for them... Oh well, I am happy with Virginia's bracket in the tournament, and we brought it on ourselves; not able to beat Wake -- honestly!

Catherine, Mr. Pince is quite envious of your Billy Joel night -- he is a favorite! Glad you had fun.

I can hear Mike snoring all the way from here....

Everyone have a good RotD!

P.S. What is "nitnoidy?"


Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 8:40 am (#2070 of 2990)

No, the picture was up less than 24 hours. I will put it in my profile for a bit.

Nitnoidy - according to the urban dictionary Of no consequence, minimal or not significant You know, little annoying things that don't take much time or effort but pile up if you don't do them. Like.....cleaning the lint out of the dryer, wiping down the ice maker in the fridge door, cleaning off the front of the dishwasher, sweeping the back door steps....those kind of things.


journeymom - Mar 5, 2007 10:09 am (#2071 of 2990)

Lol! Chemyst, I didn't notice your pop tarts-in-a-beaker until today in the Eileen Prince thread.


Puck - Mar 5, 2007 10:51 am (#2072 of 2990)

Nitnoidy =All those things I almost never do. (Well, except the dryer lint. That I clean every time.)

I did move the couch to vacuum under and behind it. From the look of things, it's one of kitty's favorite sleeping spots.

Denise, how are you going to read DH if you haven't finished HBP? WOn't you be confused?

I had my first visit to Trader Joes this morning. Definitely will make the trip more often! Finally a bread with decent fiber content which doesn't have transfats or high fructose corn syrup.

Off to make lunch for the girls!

Happy Monday!



Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 10:55 am (#2073 of 2990)

Kathy, I slogged through HBP twice. That is enough for my lifetime. If I feel I need a refresher, I can start in the cave and not miss much. When I say I can't make it through HBP, it means again. As I am unpacking boxes, I am collecting my HP books so I can start a reread of all of them before DH....well, most of them anyway

We have a Trader Joe's, I keep meaning to go in there one of these days. They are supposed to be pretty nifty.


Puck - Mar 5, 2007 12:18 pm (#2074 of 2990)

Ahh, I had gotten the impression from your post you had never read it all the way through. I just did my second read.So long you know what a Horcrux is, I believe you are set for DH.


Madam Pince - Mar 5, 2007 1:46 pm (#2075 of 2990)

You do indeedy have a Trader Joe's, Denise! It is right next to a Silver Diner Cafe which is a good place for a kiddie-dinner-out, if you're ever so inclined -- I think maybe it's Tuesday nights they have kids' activities in the back corner of the restaurant or something? Coloring and crafts and such, to keep them busy while dinner's being prepared, and cheaper prices on kids' meals...

Nitnoidy = things I don't do much of, either, Puck! LOL!

I still can't get over this nitnoidy one that I meant to mention earlier... Tori, you iron your sheets???!!! Wow, between that and giving the cat a bath, I bow down to your sense of neatness! To me, ironing sheets is like... I don't know... ironing dishtowels or something. (Now tell me your Mom irons your family's dishtowels...)


Thom Matheson - Mar 5, 2007 2:09 pm (#2076 of 2990)

Hey watch the Iron Sheets talk. Great to sleep on. Definitely worth the effort. And yes I am domesticated thank you very much.


Good Evans - Mar 5, 2007 2:20 pm (#2077 of 2990)

**small hand raised for ironing of sheets and tea towels.... **


Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 2:25 pm (#2078 of 2990)

Iron things? That is why you have a dryer. Toss just about anything in there for a few minutes for instant wrinkle free stuff.

I will iron Mr. Denise's dress shirts and scout uniforms...that is about it. Tea towels (we call them dishcloths) and sheets...no ironing. I did date a guy in high school whose grandmother ironed everything EXCEPT socks...that was the only clothing item she did not iron each week.

Madam Pince, I know the Silver Diner and the Trader Joe's you are referring to. It is just a few minutes from here. We ate at Silver Diner while we were house hunting and I made note of the store. Heh, the way the towns run together here, I always ask which town I am in when I am somewhere because I usually have three choices of where I could be, depending on which direction I went. "I'd like to order a birthday cake. What city am I in here?"


Madam Pince - Mar 5, 2007 2:35 pm (#2079 of 2990)

I'm afraid that's one I'm going to have to take your word about, Thom! Ironing sheets will probably never happen for me! The closest I get to that is hanging them outside on the line in the warm weather, where they dry very flat and smooth and smell like the sweet outdoors! (If you have sweet outdoors smells where you live, that is!)

I did have one pair of LL Bean pillowcases that someone gave us for an anniversary gift -- 100% cotton with hearts embroidered around the edge. They absolutely had to be ironed or else they'd just be a crumpled ball. I ironed them a few times, then they found their way to the bottom of the linen closet pile and there they remain!

Edit: Too true, Denise! Sterling/Herndon/Reston/Dranesville are all just one big town, it seems to me! Great picture by the way!

Edit2: ***thunk*** <== me falling over from Good Evans ironing tea towels...


Viola Intonada - Mar 5, 2007 3:29 pm (#2080 of 2990)

I iron my quilt pieces as I am working on them, that is about it. Luckily Hubby works with all engineers, I doubt anyone but the secretaries ever notice.


azi - Mar 5, 2007 3:39 pm (#2081 of 2990)

Count me as a 'doesn't iron a thing' person. The creases tend to come out when the clothes are drying on the radiator anyway! My mum does iron our sheets, and I do find it makes for a nicer sleeping experience.

Pop Tarts are so disgusting, I'm not surprised someone felt the need to throw them.

Don't worry Snuffles, I waved randomly lots of times to make sure I didn't miss you!

Nice days to all!


Ydnam96 - Mar 5, 2007 3:48 pm (#2082 of 2990)

Hmmm...I'm trying to think of the last thing I ironed...I think I was doing some iron on lettering Smile I love Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It's great! Spray things the night before and presto no wrinkles in the morning.

Even if I did iron things though sheets and towles would not be on the list. Dress clothes for interviews or concerts or something...that's about it. I did know a guy once who ironed his jeans and t-shirts.

Oh man, I love Pop-Tarts. They are horrible for you but I love them. I don't eat them that often. Amazingly enough they are one thing that don't upset my stomach (I've got some GI issues) so when I'm sick I do tend to gravitate towards them.

Well, I'm off...ttfn


journeymom - Mar 5, 2007 3:49 pm (#2083 of 2990)

This is what I learned growing up: Tea towels: large, thin towels for drying dishes, traditionally plain white. So called because ladies used fine linen to dry their own delicate china tea sets, as servants couldn't be trusted not to break them. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?) Dish towel: smaller and thicker than a tea towel, comes in various colors and patterns, used for drying dishes. Dish cloth: washcloth-sized, nubbly towel for hand washing dishes.

My mother prefers tea towels over dish towels for drying dishes. She ironed sheets, tea towels, table cloths, napkins (serviettes?), button down shirts, T-shirts, jeans sometimes, and UNDERPANTS. She can't quite keep up now, so when my sister stayed with Mom and Dad for a week, she washed and ironed everything within sight to Mom's great satisfaction, even though Sister irons about as much as I do. Which is not much.

I love the organic strawberries from Trader Joe's. And the Madeline cookies and the Druid Circle oatmeal cookies. Yes, they're really called Druid Circle.


Snuffles - Mar 5, 2007 3:50 pm (#2084 of 2990)

I iron my duvet cover and pillowcases but not the fitted sheet as no one can see that

My SIL irons just about anything. I swear if her dog didn't move quick enough that she would get an iron too!!

azi, if on your way in, you noticed a hot tub shop with a huge inflatable polar bear in a hot tub, then I wasn't too far from there, wishing I was anywhere but near there!!



azi - Mar 5, 2007 4:01 pm (#2085 of 2990)

Alas, I didn't notice that, Snuffles (and I think I would have )! Hmm, we went through a fairly new retail park on the outskirts, along a road and roundabout composed of concrete slabs (that needs resurfacing!) and then past lots of old industrial sites. In short anyway.

I love your new avatar!

Tea towels - for drying everything. Dish cloths, for washing dishes. Never heard of dish towels!


Snuffles - Mar 5, 2007 4:09 pm (#2086 of 2990)

**smacks self on forehead** Of course, I forgot you would come in from the other end of town. Yes, alot of that area needs resurfacing.

Hehe, I found that picture the other day. Olivia was practising with her new face paints. (she is supposed to be a dog!)


azi - Mar 5, 2007 5:02 pm (#2087 of 2990)

Oops, I thought it was a butterfly! Face paints are fun anyway.

Ah well, same city. It's improved a lot since I last went, despite the dire main road we went on. The centre's looking a lot better than I remember!


Catherine - Mar 5, 2007 7:07 pm (#2088 of 2990)

Chemyst, I adore the fact that Pop-Tarts have gone into the mix...

More strange events are afoot at the Circle K than can possibly be explained by saying "teenage hormones........."

I think it might be magic. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 464751818


Mediwitch - Mar 5, 2007 7:16 pm (#2089 of 2990)

Ooh, Ydnam, we are big fans of Downy Wrinkle Release in this house too! My mother also irons everything in sight, including her jeans but I can't be bothered. Even the Downy is almost too much work! Wash-n-Wear!

EDIT: Tori and Ginny - I LOVE human anatomy! What's your topic? Want me to quiz you?


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 5, 2007 7:36 pm (#2090 of 2990)

**doesn't iron anything** Tori irons her pillow cases that are going to show. They are the ones that match her bedspread, so I guess it's a bit more understandable, but if it was up to me, I wouldn't iron them! Too much work! **walks away wondering what the point of ironing dish towels is** Tea Towel.. haha that's so cute! Very British! I'm going to start calling them that!

**feels she is missing something with the Pop Tarts** I hate Pop Tarts! Yuck! They make my stomach hurt. Too much sugar, especially in the morning.

Back to homework. Huge Human Anatomy test on Wednesday that I need to start studying for. **grumble**

Have a great RotW!


Eponine - Mar 5, 2007 7:49 pm (#2091 of 2990)

I iron my clothes, and that's it. Well, I did iron my bathroom floor a few months ago, but that was to get rid of spilled wax. I can't imagine ironing my sheets.


Puck - Mar 5, 2007 7:53 pm (#2092 of 2990)

Journeymom, Mr. Puck's grandmother irons underwear as well. I iron dressy clothes when I need to, and my quilting pieces. Iron is near sewing machine, as that is where it gets used. (I didn't iron the pieces for my first quilts, as I wasn't told to. It makes a huge difference.)

We had Trader Joes strawberries for our snack. I didn't get cookies, as the ones I ordered from Girl Scouts will be here on Wednesday.

Note: a Poptart is a breakfast pastry. It is also a term used to refer to female pop singers who show much skin, like Britanny. An altogether different kind of "tart".


edit: cross posted with Eponine. Ironed the floor?


Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 8:09 pm (#2093 of 2990)

Mr. Denise ironed the floor this evening. When you saturate a stain with Resolve, get a clean cloth and run a hot iron over it, it takes the stain up. He was working on the pink stains that are the reminder of the potpourri incident last week.

Pop Tarts are a big hit here with my crowd. They are Pop Tart snobs though, they don't like the off brand, they want actual Pop Tarts.

Girl Scouts FINALLY called back. It looks like we will be going into the troop that the leader lives across the street from us. There are two troops in her school, one is less active. She wants the more active one so she can continue to work on her signs and get her Bronze award.


Viola Intonada - Mar 5, 2007 8:14 pm (#2094 of 2990)

My iron and iron board are sitting out 90% of the time, but only to iron for quilting. I will occasionally iron clothing.

We will be visiting the D.C. area at the end of March. My FIL will be having surgery at NIH on March 21. This will be his second surgery there (for the same cancer). The last one was two years ago. Hubby has been looking into airfare and hotels. It will almost be cheaper for us to fly down and back everyday than it is to get a hotel room in the area. How odd is that?!?!?!

I'm sure the Girl Scout camp could use some Counselors who are very well versed in Harry Potter.

Edit: Denise, I'm very impressed your daughter wants to work on her Bronze Award. That is a lot of work. I'm looking into working on it with my troop. I figured it will take us two years, working mostly toward the award.


TomProffitt - Mar 5, 2007 8:17 pm (#2095 of 2990)

Too much to comment on everything.

I stopped ironing stuff when I left the service. (It takes a ridiculous amount of starch to get a Battle Dress Uniform (fatigues) to hold a crease) Of course I only actually wear clothes that might actually need an iron once or twice a year. NASCAR T-shirts & polo shirts for me. (and while I'm mentioning NASCAR I can't decide whether or not to be happy Jaun Pablo won on Sunday. I hate the "tainted" victories you some times get in auto racing)

Pop Tarts are good things. My favorite is Brown Sugar Cinnamon. But I prefer an onion bagel with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm getting tired of Heroes. The plot is developing much too slowly for me.

EDIT: I'm about to experiment with the relative merits of having beer with my oreo cookies. I'm suitably nervous, but will experiment none-the-less. I shall report back shortly. (Don't worry I am neither an alcoholic nor a chocaholic, I just have weird food cravings occasionally)


journeymom - Mar 5, 2007 8:21 pm (#2096 of 2990)

Catherine, most excellent, dude!

If we were a historical general, where would we go?

Water Lube?

Who is Joan of Arc?

Uh, Noah's wife?


journeymom - Mar 5, 2007 8:27 pm (#2097 of 2990)

Gah! Tom, you didn't think the last episode was amazing?? (Well, it's only 7:25 here, so I haven't seen today's episode.) We learned so much about HRG! And Doctor Who/Claude Rains! And Hiro's dad! I didn't see that coming. And how cool is it that he's played by George Takei?


Chemyst - Mar 5, 2007 8:30 pm (#2098 of 2990)

It takes a ridiculous amount of starch to get a Battle Dress Uniform (fatigues) to hold a crease. – TomProffitt

I have come to hold the opinion that the ironing of BDUs qualifies as a definitive example of the oxymoron "military logic."


geauxtigers - Mar 5, 2007 8:30 pm (#2099 of 2990)

Tori, you iron your sheets???!!!  Okay let me explain! **avoids Puck's eyes** My sheets come out of the dryer so wrinkled that you'd iron them too! I only iron the top hem that shows of the flat sheet and my 4 pillow cases. 2 of Which are duvet covers. It looks so much better! Its the only think I iron. I hate ironing, but my sheets. . ahhh . . .  I'm so OCD about them! I like my bed to be comfy looking and messy, but neat. I can't stand a made bed, but my sheets have to be ironed! No one in my family irons anything unless like a few of yall have said, we are sewing (you need to press the seams and such) or we have somewhere to go. LOL why would you iron underwear? LOL

Healing charms to your FIL, Viola!

Mediwitch I love Human Anatomy too! Its soooo cool! Granted we have to know so much for this test Wednesday that I'm not sure how I'm going to study for it all. Its on Blood, and the cardiovascular system. Its so cool! We are going to get to dissect a heart one of these days! So you say quiz you huh? LOL heres one **is hoping its not too easy** The cardiac cycle starts with a signal from this__________. What is another name for said thing? Where does the blood exit from after this signal has traveled? Where does the blood go? **he he he evil cackle though she realizes mediwitch is a EMS person**

Okay I should go study some more, I don't know enough about blood yet. heres one for ya, what is the most common blood type? Which type is the universal recipent and which it the universal doner?

**walks off mumbling about heart functions and blood**

EDIT: Do you know the answer, Journeymom?


journeymom - Mar 5, 2007 8:33 pm (#2100 of 2990)

I loved anatomy and physiology. It was one of the most interesting classes I took in high school. My partner and I got As for our cat dissection.
Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:30 pm


TomProffitt - Mar 5, 2007 8:35 pm (#2101 of 2990)

Journeymom, I've seen the new one and "Yes" I do enjoy the characters and the individual episodes, but the overall plot is moving (crawling) very slowly. I would rather see several plot lines moving at once with each being introduced and resolved at different times, including the main plot.

The oreos and beer was kind of a non-thing. I smoked for fifteen to twenty years (quit for just over three) and my taste buds have yet to fully recover.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 5, 2007 8:39 pm (#2102 of 2990)

Tom, I bet if you dip those oreos in Peanut butter, you'd have something different to say! One of the best combinations in the world. It's like a Reese's but 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better!

Tori where did you get those questions from?? I have no idea what any of those answers are! I guess that means I need to study...


TomProffitt - Mar 5, 2007 8:40 pm (#2103 of 2990)

The universal donor is type O negative and the universal receiver is type AB positive. I am B negative which is about 5% of the population. I have no idea which is most common, but I know my type is fairly close to the most rare.

I hated ironing my BDUs, but appearance is important in establishing authority (and discipline) in the military.


Thom Matheson - Mar 5, 2007 8:46 pm (#2104 of 2990)

I also iron my dress shirts always, must keep up appearances you know. I stay away from my dies though, I tend to burn the silk. Sent to the cleaners. They charge 99 cents for shirts and 2 dollars for ties. Go figure. Don't fear folks your iron is your friend. Just swish and flick. Off you go then. I am also not too proud to say that I am the King of Krogers. I do not clean well. I am a surface cleaner. I only clean what shows.


Denise P. - Mar 5, 2007 8:47 pm (#2105 of 2990)

Geeze, in the Army, you were not permitted to use starch on your BDU's as far back as the late 90's. Mr. Denise said the last time he had used starch on his (they went to a cleaner, I was not going to do it!) was back in 2000. He further commented that the ACU uniform can't be starched either.

I use sizing on my scout uniforms now, not starch.

My oldest daughter is O- so she gets a lot of calls to come donate blood. I can't remember what her brother is, maybe A-. The rest of us are plain ole O+.

What I found interesting is that during a bone marrow transplant, your blood type can not only change, it can change gender! A friend of ours (male) was given bone marrow by a woman. His blood type changed to hers and now his body makes female blood.


Puck - Mar 5, 2007 8:47 pm (#2106 of 2990)

Beer and Oreos?!


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 5, 2007 8:50 pm (#2107 of 2990)

I am looking to take anatomy and physiology classes because, I want to pursue a masters degree in anthropology.


TomProffitt - Mar 5, 2007 9:00 pm (#2108 of 2990)

Geeze, in the Army, you were not permitted to use starch on your BDU's as far back as the late 90's. --- Denise P

The Army reg about no starch is from the treatment they use on the uniform to help protect against chemical warfare. The starch breaks down the coating on the fabric. We were told with a nod and a wink in PLDC (sergeant's school) to say "They are heavily sized" when we were actually using starch to get a better crease. As a member of the National Guard I was pretty certain I'd be getting a new uniform issue before I went into a Chemical Environment so I did as instructed.

And I did not dunk my oreos in the beer. I ate a couple and then drank a beer. It was really not bizarre tasting at all, but I only did it because I didn't have any Martin's Bar-B-Q potato chips.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 5, 2007 9:02 pm (#2109 of 2990)

Ok percentages of blood types: 41% have A, 9% have B, 3% have AB, and 47% have O. Out of those ratios, 85% of people are Rh+, (basically meaning there is a plus sign after their blood type) While only 15% are Rh-. So the rarest type is AB- and the most common is O+. If you have AB blood type, then you can recieve every type of blood, and if you are O blood type, you can give your blood to any blood type. Pretty cool me thinks!


geauxtigers - Mar 5, 2007 9:03 pm (#2110 of 2990)

Nathan, its so cool! You'll love it! Go for it!

Okay I'll go on and post the answers to my mini triva! LOL I don't know if I'll get back here for a bit.

The cardiac cycle starts with a signal from this__________. What is another name for said thing? Where does the blood exit from after this signal has traveled? Where does the blood go? It is the --> Sinoatrial Node (S-A node) also known as the pacemaker. This is the starting point for the cardiac cycle, it travels through a few other words that I can't pronounce and causes the ventricles to contract, forcing the blood out. The right side of the heart, the de-oxygenated blood flows into the pulmonary arteries and into the lungs (alveoli), where you breath in oxygen and gas exchange occurs, at which point the now oxygenated blood flows back into the left atrium and ventricles and is then pumped out via the aorta into the rest of the body. cool huh? LOL now you have everything you need to know about the heart! LOL

And the blood types, Tom was correct, O is the universal donor, AB is the universal receiver. Type A is ~ 41% of the population, O is ~47%, B is ~ 9% and AB is ~ 3%. I don't know my blood type. I think I'm type A because my dad is and I think my mom is, since (little genetics while we're at it) blood is co-dominate, its highly likely that I'm type A and so it Ginny, obviously. I think I'm almost ready for this test! Woot!


Tazzygirl - Mar 5, 2007 9:06 pm (#2111 of 2990)

I do not iron anything unless I absolutely have too. I don't even own an iron- borrow aunt's. About two years ago I went and visited my brother while he was at basic training for the Air Force. I remember him telling me that he would use about half a can of starch on his uniform to get the creases just so. I believe now he's lightened up a little bit.

I don't remember what blood type I am. I also never donate blood, as my veins are too tiny, and I also really don't like needles (traumatized when I was a kid going in for my Kindergarten shots...)

Talk about a hectic day. I got out of school at 11, went to Sears to pick up black pants, sneakers, socks, and belt for my Theater uniform. I get home, and get a call from Barnes and Noble. They wanted me to come in for an interview- an hour from when they called. I was soooo there! Went in, got a long really well with everyone, and they hired me on the spot. I get better hours and pay than the movie theater was offering too. So, after I got out of the interview, I came home, picked up my work shirts for the theater, drove back to the mall, and told the theater that I was offered another job and said thank you for the opportunity. Good thing I haven't started training or anything there, and I was on the training probation period. So, no longer working at the theater. Start at Barnes and Noble on Thursday. whoo-hoo!

It is now 6, I have not eaten lunch or dinner, and I have yet to complete all the stuff I am doing for the math lesson I am teaching tomorrow. Sign for me to be off!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Mediwitch - Mar 5, 2007 9:12 pm (#2112 of 2990)

OK Tori - the signal starts when the SA (sinoatrial node) fires - it's the "cardiac pacemaker". The AV (atrioventricular) node can take over and pace the heart but it is not as efficient. The electrical signal causes the ventricles to contract, pushing deoxygenated blood to the lungs for oxygenation, and oxygenated blood to the body. How's that?

Here's an interesting tidbit for you (which will probably not be in your test ) - a defibrillator (AED, SAED) does not start a heart that has stopped beating. It actually stops a heart when the ventricles are beating either too quickly (V-Fib, or Ventricular Fibrillation) or too slowly (V-Tach, or Ventricular Tachycardia) to work properly. Then (hopefully) the heart can start back up in the proper rhythm.

Kristina, congrats on the B&N job - now you can get all the cool DH promotional stuff!


Eponine - Mar 5, 2007 9:14 pm (#2113 of 2990)

Yes, I did iron the floor. Mr. Eponine knocked over a candle in the bathroom and spilled wax all over the floor. I put a paper towel over the wax and ironed over it (thanks to the advice from the wonderful people here at the Forum) and the wax cam right up!

I have A positive blood, but I haven't given in a long time. I also have tiny veins, and it takes a really long time for me to give a pint. Plus, I don't react very well to the loss of blood.

Tazzy, congrats on the Barnes and Noble job!


geauxtigers - Mar 5, 2007 9:27 pm (#2114 of 2990)

Good job, Mediwitch! Almost exactly what I said! Though I was looking at my notes and you were doing it from memory! Kudos! Very cool about the difiblartor! I didn't know that! **is thinking if she writes this on her test she could get a bonus point** LOL

Congrats, Kristina on the Barnes and Noble! I'm not old enough to give blood yet, you have to be 17. I'm not sure I will though when I can. I don't like needles. Maybe eventually, but when I'm older.

Okay off to take a shower methinks, I've spent too much time here already!

Night everyone!


The giant squid - Mar 6, 2007 12:31 am (#2115 of 2990)


Okay, I know it's a simple typo but I love this word.

I'm not quite a stereotypical guy: I never iron anything, but I do know how to. I did recently iron our bedsheets after getting scolded for leaving them in the basket too long & letting them get all wrinkled. About halfway through the flat sheet I realized that my revenge was rather poorly thought out, but I soldiered through out of spite.

I thought that my blood type was AB, but if it's that rare I may be wrong. If it is, I need to donate more often.



journeymom - Mar 6, 2007 3:19 am (#2116 of 2990)

Difiblartor sounds just like something JKR would invent.

Congratulations, Kristina! When I think about going back to work I admit I always picture myself working at B & N.

So tonight's episode of Heroes was the last one till the end of April. Oh, the anticipation! Ever since noticing that the dog's name is Mr. Muggles I've been imagining parallels to HP all over the show. It doesn't help that I can't get to sleep and it's almost 2:30 a.m.


Good Evans - Mar 6, 2007 5:36 am (#2117 of 2990)

woo hoo Tazzy - Barnes and Noble!!!!

Oreos and beer? oreos dipped in peanut butter and beer? you lot are just plain weird!!!!

and speaking of weird - yes I do iron my tea towels (wink to Ginny!) but only because they need it when hanging up in kitchen. I do not iron jeans (the creases drop out after about 20 mins of wearing ) and you would not catch me dead ironing underwear or socks.

Ironing the floor - well thats a new one on me too!!!!

AS for blood type I am A+ - the rest of my family are O (although I am not sure about my mum), so go figure!! (feeling sure that mediwitch / Tori will now explain why this is OK!).

hope you are all having the most splendiferous of days.....

Julie x


Snuffles - Mar 6, 2007 5:42 am (#2118 of 2990)

Way to go Kristina. Well done you

Oreos?? Are they those black round biscuity things

I'm A+ too Julie. I think if the rest of your family are O, including your dad then your mum must be A+. I think (I'm probably wrong now) that you are the same blood group as one of your parents.

I can't put it off any longer. It's nearly lunch time and I have to go and change into my gym gear . *I will feel better for going, I will feel better for going, I will feel better for going*

Happy Tuesday everyone



kaykay1970 - Mar 6, 2007 6:02 am (#2119 of 2990)

Nope, you do not have to have the same blood type as either parent. My niece has a really rare type. An intern caused a huge controversy right before her first heart surgery when he announced to my brother-in-law that his daughter was not his! The doctor was furious! He sat down with my sister and her husband and showed my BIL why she is definitely his (not to mention the fact that she LOOKS just like him).

Edit: In their case it was actually a rare combination of the two parent types. Sister A+, BIL B (not sure the rf factor) and niece AB-.


Denise P. - Mar 6, 2007 6:21 am (#2120 of 2990)

Ouch! What a boo boo on the part of the intern! Even if you are sure that one parent is not the biological one, I don't think telling them this is a wise move.

I found such a neat program! It is called Toddler Keys. It locks the keyboard so it can't be used by little curious hands. It also locks all the drive doors and mouse. You can make it so if they hit the keyboard or mouse, it plays music and shows a picture (which, to me, defeats the purpose. Why make it cool for them to play with?) All you have to do is type in the password and there is your desktop again. This works not only with my toddler but with my almost 14 year old who is currently banned from the computer.

Ever since we moved, we wondered if perhaps our hearing was going. We have had to turn the volume way up on the TV. Normally we would set the volume at 25 and since moving, it has been up near 40. Since this was going on with both TV's, we assumed we had something funky going on with the cable. While standing by the cable box, Mr. Denise noticed it has a volume control so he decided to see what would happen. The cable box volume was down very low. As soon as we turned that up, we got the TV volume back down where it normally is. Only took us a month to figure out too!


Julie Aronson - Mar 6, 2007 6:29 am (#2121 of 2990)


I am a Montoya fan from wayyyy back (CART, F1). I was really sad to see him move to NASCAR for reasons too numerous to mention, but the biggest one is that I can't stand how many cautions they thrown down. I honestly think that was the real cause of the incident between Juan and what's-his-name. I might try to watch him on the road courses once in a while, but I find the whole NASCAR process tedious on its best day.

grumble, grumble, grumble.


painting sheila - Mar 6, 2007 6:32 am (#2122 of 2990)

I am AB+

Hubby is O (something)he gives blood on a regular schedule. I think I am in the loop with giving now too. They used to just call for him, but now we are both going in and giving.

I am DONE with JCSS!! wOOt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit- In answer to someones questions - (sorry! I can't remember who. It was 57 post ago!!!) The people in my avatar are - Lizzy (Oldest daughter's best friend), Oldest Daughter, and Sweet Daughter. The guy in green is "Sean" one of the cast from Wicked)


Puck - Mar 6, 2007 6:40 am (#2123 of 2990)

Mike, you are a universal receiver of blood, but few people can use your type, so don't stress not donating. I'm type O, which everyone can use, so I should donate.

Tori and Ginny, you also have to be over 110 pounds to donate blood. This fact saved me from several blood drives while in college.

Denise, where did you get such a program?

Oreos are chocolate cookies with a white pretending-to-be-creme lard type filling. Newman O's have real cream and are much yummier. (And proceeds from sales go to charity. Paul Newman is great. )

Yeah to Tazzy! Do you get paid in money, or can you take the pay in books?

Julie, aren't you glad you went to the gym?

Mike, I'm sure your wife has learned her lesson.



kaykay1970 - Mar 6, 2007 7:04 am (#2124 of 2990)

Hey, I found a web-site that shows possible blood types of a child based on the parents type. Snuffles is right! Finn's Mom must be A. And my niece's AB was there too. The intern might really find this site useful...

Anyway, I did what to say that I admire those of you that give blood. My Dad had to have transfusions of other people's immunoglobulins every 3 weeks for the last 10 years of his life, so I know how important it is. I can't give blood because they won't take it from anyone that has had problems with anemia.


TomProffitt - Mar 6, 2007 7:17 am (#2125 of 2990)

Julie, I like NASCAR on the ovals better than the road courses myself. I like watching where the drivers have an opportunity to pass and maybe bang the fenders a little bit. What I don't want to watch is everyone line up in single file and arrive at the finish line in a predictable order every time. (Which means of course, that some NASCAR tracks are much more enjoyable for me than others) NASCAR is entertaining for me because 15 to 20 drivers have a shot at the victory where in the open wheel stuff it seems like only 2 or 3 guys have a chance.

Oh, and I definitely don't want to see drivers die. I didn't really start watching NASCAR until after the major safety improvements were made in the last three or four years.


Julie Aronson - Mar 6, 2007 7:39 am (#2126 of 2990)

Point taken, Tom.

I've watched way too many drivers die on live TV. It's horrible. I feel the need to point out that even one is too many, but anyway...


juliebug - Mar 6, 2007 7:49 am (#2127 of 2990)

Julie, Julie and KayKay are right. If Julie is A+ and the rest of her family including her dad are O, her mother must have type A or type AB blood. Type O blood is a recessive genetic trait, so assuming Julie's dad is type O, he is only able to pass on genes for type O blood. Blood types A and B are both dominant genetic traits. The are also capable of co-dominance. This is how the AB blood type occurs. One parent passes on an A blood gene, the other passes on a B blood gene. The child has blood with both types represented. If Julie is type A and her father is O, Julie is a carrier for type O blood.

My blood type is AB+ and my hubby is O-. Little bug is either A or B and most likely is rh positive (the rh factor is also a dominant trait.) She is a carrier for type O blood.


Solitaire - Jan 13, 2007 10:59 am (#2128 of 2990)
Edited Mar 6, 2007 7:08 am

To me, ironing sheets is like... I don't know... ironing dishtowels or something.

While I must say I agree with you, I also have to say my mom has always ironed their sheets. She uses a big contraption she calls a Mangle (an electric ironer). When he was alive, my dad's T-shirts and all other items were ironed, as well. Where she got me (If I can't wear it right out of the dryer, forget it) is a mystery to all! Actually, my new dryer has a Wrinkle Release button, and if I use it, my clothes come out pretty wrinkle-free ... as long as I take them out when the cycle is done and don't leave them there overnight.

Occasionally I will steam-iron a challis skirt or a silk blouse, but that is rare. I take close note of laundry care labels when I buy these days. For me, having to wash an item separately because it will run is "high maintenance." If I could buy a self-cleaning house, I would. I also like Crockpots, because I can toss in all the ingredients and not have to measure and pour so carefully. On the other hand, I do grind and brew my coffee fresh every morning, and I cook REAL oatmeal, not the instant stuff, for breakfast. Priorities, I guess ...

Mediwitch, we lost my aunt to Alzheimer's in October. Another aunt (both wives of my dad's two older brothers) is also suffering from Alzheimer's. It is heart-breaking to watch. My prayers are with you and your family.

Pop-Tarts ... I heard Bill O'Reilly refer to Britney Spears as a Pop Tart. Hm ... I guess if the shoe fits ...

Well, it looks like I must go before I've caught up completely. I hope everyone has a great day! It is supposed to be sunny and in the high 70s again today. All of the trees are in bloom ... it is pretty around here!



Snuffles - Mar 6, 2007 8:33 am (#2129 of 2990)

Yes Kathy, I do feel better for going to the gym, now if I could just eat less, I would have something to show for it!


Puck - Mar 6, 2007 9:51 am (#2130 of 2990)

It is supposed to be sunny and in the high 70s again today. All of the trees are in bloom ... it is pretty around here

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 2775603007 from those living where the windchill is below zero today!


lobelia - Mar 6, 2007 9:53 am (#2131 of 2990)

With the divorce, the iron goes with the husband! There are so many other things I would rather be doing. I noticed there were a couple of quilters. Now that's a good use for an iron! I have used my iron lately to make sure my son has collars in the right spot and for adhering applique to sewing projects. As busy as we are we are lucky we have clean sheets, clothes and towels, the dog and lizard get fed and we make it to all activities on time.


journeymom - Mar 6, 2007 10:24 am (#2132 of 2990)

Type O negative and rh negative here. Though does saying I'm rh negative mean the same thing as blood-type negative?


juliebug - Mar 6, 2007 11:09 am (#2133 of 2990)

Yes it does Journeymom. The blood banks must love you.


Holly T. - Mar 6, 2007 11:29 am (#2134 of 2990)

I'm O+ and it's time for me to donate blood again. The blood center called the other day and I told them I would call an make an appointment when I get back in town (leaving tomorrow, not packed).

Daughter has bronchitis and is home sick again today.

Son's third-grade music program is tonight. He's playing the former planet Pluto, and he has to cry and run off the stage when he finds out he's not a planet anymore. He thinks this is a great part.

I used to do all of the ironing, which was mainly my husband's work clothes, until I had my son. Now my husband irons his own clothes. Sometimes he irons my clothes and sometimes I'll iron them. But I don't have that many clothes that need ironing. And--true Slacker Mom here--I will send some of my clothes to the dry cleaner even if they aren't "dry clean only" just so I won't have to iron them.

I'm on deadline--I have a project that has to be done before I leave town tomorrow--I just needed a break!


Puck - Mar 6, 2007 11:51 am (#2135 of 2990)

Hehe, that should be a great play, Holly. Healing charms to your daughter.

My standards of clean dropped a bit with each child. By the third I'm down to making sure everyone has clean socks and underwear, have something nutritious to eat, and a house not condemable by the board of health. We absolutely cannot have any more children. (Watch "How Clean is Your House" on BBC to feel really good about the state of your home.)

Bathrooms and kitchen are not self cleaning, so I must go.



Winky Woo - Mar 6, 2007 1:10 pm (#2136 of 2990)


I have finally got back on line! I have got free broadband from my mobile company!

So who is going to sum up what I've missed over the last 3 months?

I have really missed you guys!

Winky X X X


painting sheila - Mar 6, 2007 1:28 pm (#2137 of 2990)

Prayers please - on my way to Wonston. Dad in ICU Cardiac.

Love you guys and feel your support already-



Regan of Gong - Mar 6, 2007 1:39 pm (#2138 of 2990)

Good morning/evening all,

Like Winky, I've missed a lot as well. Yr 11 sucks. Between that and work, and cricket it's hard to keep up. Luckily the final game for cricket's this Saturday and Sunday (grand final).

Will do, Sheila.



kaykay1970 - Mar 6, 2007 2:05 pm (#2139 of 2990)

Hugs for ((Seila))! I'll be praying for your Dad.

Son's play sounds like fun, Sheila!

It's nice to see you around, Regan and Winky!


The giant squid - Mar 6, 2007 2:22 pm (#2140 of 2990)

Hugs for Sheila & family.

Welcome back, Winky & Regan. Don't worry--missing three months is about as confusing as missing 3 days, the way topics change around here.

you also have to be over 110 pounds to donate blood.--Puck

Ahh, maybe that's why I don't donate as often as I should. I generally weigh between 105 & 115 depending on the size of my last meal, the phase of the moon, the alignment of the stars and other esoterica. My sisters hate me.



Snuffles - Mar 6, 2007 2:40 pm (#2141 of 2990)

Welcome back Winky Woo and Regan

((((hugs))) to Sheila and family. I hope your dad is ok.



Puck - Mar 6, 2007 3:08 pm (#2142 of 2990)

Prayers and hugs for Sheila and family!

Welcome back Winky and Regan!

Mike, I'm sure your sisters are not the only ones who harbor some resentment....I bet bet you take 3rd helpings at meals, too.


journeymom - Mar 6, 2007 3:46 pm (#2143 of 2990)

Prayers for Sheila and Dad.


Lina - Mar 6, 2007 4:24 pm (#2144 of 2990)

Woo hoo for the new job, Kristina! Somehow, I have the feeling that you'll be called in for the tutoring job soon as well!

***waving madly to Winky Woo***

Healing charms, especially to Sheila's dad. And some strengthening.

Some strengthening charms in Phelim's way as well.

I iron only hubby's shirts and table-clothes. I don't buy myself anything that has to be ironed. I'd maybe add that I never wash anything manually. Everything can be washed in washing machine, although some things only once.


Tazzygirl - Mar 6, 2007 5:45 pm (#2145 of 2990)

Thanks everyone! Barnes and Noble is so... me. Hit it off with the people really fast, and it seems more right. The movie theater job would have been fun, but I am thinking it would have gotten boring quicker- when I went in yesterday to turn in my work shirts, there was absolutely no one in the theater, except employees. Puck- maybe I could talk B & N into alternating between paying me in books and in cash.

I taught a math lesson today- it went AWESOME!! It was on line graphing- to get the data, I had each student stand up and balance on one foot with arms out stretched and eyes closed. I timed on a stop watch how long each person could stand still. The kids had a blast. Next week is a science lesson, shouldn't be too bad, as I am just working with the two students with Autism. Oh, and my mentor teacher is taking the class Tuesday afternoon to see Bridge to Terabithia, as they are finishing the book tomorrow. Fun, eh?

Welcome back Winky and Regan! **waves**

Sheila- sending lots of charms and hugs your way!

Denise- My cable box did the same thing to my tv. I thought I was going deaf, and then saw the 'volume' buttons on the cable box. That's now the first thing I check when the volume on the tv is off. Awesome about the kid-safe keyboard lock! That would come in handy.

I think I had more... **thinking** OH! Holly- your son's play sounds awesome!! **healing charms** to your daughter!

I think that is it. If not, I shall be back!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Ydnam96 - Mar 6, 2007 6:46 pm (#2146 of 2990)

HI Winky!!!

Prayers to She and family!

I'm B+ as are my brother and sister. I don't know what my dad is but my mom is O (the one that can give to anyone) she donates a bunch.

I'm watching Inside Man, I like it...very interesting.

Congrats Tazzy on the job!


boop - Mar 6, 2007 7:00 pm (#2147 of 2990)

Sheila, I am sending prayers out for you and your family.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Weclome Back Winky and Regan!! We missed you.

I went to see Zodiac on Saturday. Its a long movie, but it was good. Looking forward to going to the movies this weekend to see 300.

Congrats to the new Job Tazzy!!

Have a great rest of the day!!

hugs always



virginiaelizabeth - Mar 6, 2007 8:01 pm (#2148 of 2990)

you also have to be over 110 pounds to donate blood.--Puck Unfortunately, I'm about 125 (on a good day!), so that's not an excuse for me. What is an excuse, is that I'm not 17 yet...at least not for another 34 days! I'm terrified of needles, and I'm not sure that I could could sit there and watch my own blood ooze slowly out of my arm through a tube the size of my thumb. I'm pretty sure I'd pass out. Everything about me is long and skinny, and knowing my luck, my veins are probably long and skinny as well, making it really hard to get the blood out. I know it's a good thing to do, I just have to get up enough courage.

**prayers and healing charms to Sheila's dad and Holly's daughter**

I remember the planet play at school. I was Jupiter, and thought I was the coolest because I was the biggest planet. Poor Pluto. It's still a planet in my book! You can't just kick Pluto out of the Solar System!

Back to Anatomy! The test is tomorrow ..AHH


Puck - Mar 6, 2007 8:10 pm (#2149 of 2990)

I'm pretty sure Pluto has been allowed to stay within the solar system, but can no longer refer to itself as a planet. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042


painting sheila - Mar 6, 2007 8:26 pm (#2150 of 2990)

Thanks everyone. I came back home tonight. They are very strict about visiting hours, so I thought a good nights sleep in my own bed would be best.

Daddy called 911 last night because he couldn't breathe. He has a long history of asthma (so we thought) and thought this was an attack of some sort. The hospital in Mount Airy didn't/couldn't figure out what was wrong and sent him by ambulance to Winston Salem. They thought it was just a REALLY bad asthma attack until they did an electrocardiogram and found he has congestive heart failure. It looks like it has been a problem for awhile - and that his "asthma attacks" of late were just the fluid building up from the congestive heart failure.

They are doing another test in the morning, so we should know better then what we are up against. Everyone at the hospital were great and very helpful with all our questions. (sigh)

Welcome back Winky and Regan, Pluto has always been my favorite, I don't iron much of anything if I can help it, way to go Tazzy on the B&N job, and charms and hugs to everyone else that needs it.

I am off to bed.

Thanks again everyone - you ARE the best!

Lady Arabella
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Steve Newton - Mar 6, 2007 8:29 pm (#2151 of 2990)

I hope that things work out for you. Take care of yourself, too.


geauxtigers - Mar 6, 2007 8:30 pm (#2152 of 2990)

So Mike, just curious, how tall are you! I haven't weighed that little in several years back when I was more like 5'3". **is hoping Mike is shorter than 5'6" so she has a legitimate excuse**

I was the Sun in our planet play! I thought I was super cool and we definitely painted the best sun in the grade! Everyone revolved around us! LOL

Pluto is still a planet! LOL My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzapies! Pluto is a planet! LOL

I'm going to side with Regan on this one, we may live in different countries, but I think we can say for certain that 11th grade sucks. I just realized that the SAT is this coming Saturday!!! What am I going to do? It sure snuck up on me! (for those across the pond, the best comparison I can give is OWLS but just math and english, and much shorter and hard to study for. Standardized test taht you have to score well on if you want to get accepted to college or get a scholarship. In other words, its very important! AHHH! I can't wait until this year is over! Its dragging like never before!

So I found our text book's web site and just took online quizzes for the 2 chapters our test is on tomorrow. I got a 68% and 69%...I guess that means I should go back to the books! I did however read everything I was supposed to read for a Tale of Two Cities! Its getting better and easier to understand. There may be hope yet! Still have to do math, so I guess I better get going, just had to take a break!

((hugs to Sheila)) It'll be Okay!

Welcome back Winky! How have ya been?


kaykay1970 - Mar 6, 2007 8:31 pm (#2153 of 2990)

Thanks for the update Sheila. More healing charms to your Dad and a nice calming draught for you...


Mediwitch - Mar 6, 2007 9:11 pm (#2154 of 2990)

Thanks, Tori! Sorry to disappoint you, Good Evans, I can't help you out on the blood types. I don't really remember too much except the Rh factors (+/-). I'm glad others here could help! I have to know the cardiac cycle because we do defibrillation (I even have a "shock box" - a portable defib in my car!) and I'm a geek like that!

Holly T: And--true Slacker Mom here--I will send some of my clothes to the dry cleaner even if they aren't "dry clean only" just so I won't have to iron them. Hehe, me too!

Winky and Regan - it's great to see you both back!

(((((She))))) Hugs and prayers to you and your family.


John Bumbledore - Mar 6, 2007 10:12 pm (#2155 of 2990)

BIG Hugs to (((She & Family))) and both many and continued prayers. One of which is that you get some good rest yourself, because you traveled a great distance of stressful highway today.

Congratulations on the job, Tazzy!

Welcome back Winky and Regan. You were both missed.

I'm an O+ type. I think tomorrow will be my first missed donation in that past three years. 54 pints since I started at age 17.

So, if 110 pounds is the minimum I wonder if I need to worry? They might look at me and think, "He ought to be good for two units!"

This winter hasn't given me much break from allergies. I have dry itchy eyes, congested head and especially ears, and just tired in general. Doesn't sound like the crud you all have been talking about so I hold hope that it will eventually respond to the allergy medicine.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Tazzygirl - Mar 6, 2007 10:28 pm (#2156 of 2990)

Sheila- keeping my fingers crossed that everything will get better!

I think I was deprived as a child, I never did a planet play. I don't think my school ever put on a play. I do remember 3rd grade music class, where we went to the college auditorium and sang in front of a lot of people. Told my teacher to please not give me a star singing spot, but of course he didn't listen. I still remember the feeling I got and that I decided then and there I would never get in front of an audience like that again. tehe.

Oh, meant to ask on Sunday- Anyone watching The Amazing Race?? I sooo would love to go on that show!



Laura W - Mar 7, 2007 12:57 am (#2157 of 2990)

Poor Pluto. It's still a planet in my book! You can't just kick Pluto out of the Solar System!

I'm with you, Ginny !

I'm pretty sure Pluto has been allowed to stay within the solar system, but can no longer refer to itself as a planet

Too funny, Kathy!



The giant squid - Mar 7, 2007 12:58 am (#2158 of 2990)

So Mike, just curious, how tall are you! I haven't weighed that little in several years back when I was more like 5'3". **is hoping Mike is shorter than 5'6" so he has a legitimate excuse**--geauxtigers

I'm between 5'6" and 5'7" (142-145cm), depending on who's doing the measuring. I often describe myself as "freakishly thin." (For our European friends, 110 lbs is 50kg.)

Sheila, some healing charms for your dad & strengthening charms for you & the rest of the family. Any time the words "heart" and "failure" are used in the same sentence, it can cause some anxiety.



jose043 - Mar 7, 2007 1:00 am (#2159 of 2990)

Hi All

Our Deepest Sympathy to Phlem & Family on the loss of your Dad.

Healing charms to all that need them.

Will try to put some photos of grandkids & sons graduation when I work how to do it under my aviator.

Josephine & Anne

Little werewolves of London


TomProffitt - Mar 7, 2007 5:34 am (#2160 of 2990)

Best Wishes to Sheila and her family.

Mike, you do realize with the new rules in effect you're going to have to give up hope on that modeling career. You must be below the BMI standard they've set now.

Anyone watch American Idol last night? Are we going to be stuck with Sanjaya another week?

And speaking of TV, what about House"? Am I the only one who recognized that House played the opening piano solo from the Boomtown Rats' I Don't Like Mondays? That House character is quite odd.


azi - Mar 7, 2007 5:37 am (#2161 of 2990)

**hugs** Shelia, and healing charms to your dad!

**waves madly to Winky and Regan** Great to see you back!

Squid Mike - I work in stones and pound with my weight. Kg is just plain confusing! So, 14 pounds in a stone...7.9 ish stones? EEK!

Had a busy day yesterday - cleaned the shower thoroughly (not my job, but I was fed up of showering in mould and I'd asked the person whose job it was to do it 3 times already). Then I changed the vaccum cleaner bag and vaccumed the entire house, including moving all the furniture in the living room. I also cleaned the windows. Two of my housemates helped me so it was not all done on my own.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Chemyst - Mar 7, 2007 5:45 am (#2162 of 2990)

 ** Scrolls up to see if thread title has changed from 'Chat and Greeting' to 'Chat and Convalescence' **
 Sending Recuperative charms to many of you.

But I think we oughtn't become old fuddy-duddies over the plight of Pluto. (No recuperative charms for Pluto.) The Cosmo mom did the fashionable thing and changed the menu from nine pizzas to nachos.

No Tom, I didn't know the source of the piano piece, but it fit the story nicely.

Yay, Azi. Cleaning is such an inspiration! I will certainly attempt to have a lovely day.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 7, 2007 6:12 am (#2163 of 2990)

Sheila, prayers in place, ((hugs)) to you and as others have said, take care of yourself! It sounds as though your dad is in competent hands.

Speaking of competent, yesterday Mr. HH repeated the procedure from December with another doctor and it looks as though he might not need surgery after all! We will know for certain next week when test results are in.

It was brutally cold walking through the city - 12 degrees F and winds blustering to 40 mph. That coupled with my 40 lb. little guy - by the time we made it into the hospital entrance, I felt as though my arms would drop off.

Congrats, Tazzy!

Healing charms all around. Sorry, I've left out so much.



Starling - Mar 7, 2007 6:27 am (#2164 of 2990)

I'm AB +

Ironing: I've got one shirt I iron, since it just doesn't look nice when I don't. In Indonesia you have to iron -everything-, though, otherwise you'll end up with scary creepy crawlies in your underwear.

Good vibes to Sheila! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And a welcome back to Winky Woo and Regan! Glad to see you both back.



journeymom - Mar 7, 2007 10:37 am (#2165 of 2990)

  "In Indonesia you have to iron -everything-, though, otherwise you'll end up with scary creepy crawlies in your underwear. "


Sheila, I'm sorry your dad is not well. Congestive heart failure sounds scary. Best of luck to him and you.


Puck - Mar 7, 2007 10:56 am (#2166 of 2990)

I second the "EEK!" **shivers**

Maria, so are you the New Jersey person who won the big lottery?

Tazzy, I've only watched a couple of seasons of Amazing Race, but I agree I would love to run it! Want to sign up?

Are we going to be stuck with Sanjaya another week? –Tom

Oh, I hope not! There's a girl -name starts with an A- that has also managed to skate through although she shouldn't. I'm nervous for Phil after last night. I hope his other performances work in his favor. (I pick him, the two Chris' Blake, Sundance, and Brendan.)



Starling - Mar 7, 2007 10:58 am (#2167 of 2990)

I could explain the EEK bit in more detail, but I wouldn't want to make people more EEK-some. *evil grin*


Ydnam96 - Mar 7, 2007 12:38 pm (#2168 of 2990)

Starling, I agree, I'm not sure more of an explanation is necessary.

Beautiful day here, I'm lovin it.

But, gotta go to work...puts a crimp in the whole day


Madam Pince - Mar 7, 2007 12:46 pm (#2169 of 2990)

Wow, I never considered ironing as a way to kill nasty critters. Bleah... ***shudder***

Solitaire, my mother had a "mangler" machine too (see: Stephen King short story for a real creepy twist on them...) -- Mom still does have it, actually. It's sitting in her laundry/storage room taking up space. I keep hounding her to get rid of it, but I think she thinks maybe she should donate it to an appliance museum or something. Apparently she used to iron all the sheets and the tablecloths and things in it -- this was before I was born, hence my unfamiliarity with ironed sheets. (Here's our family definitions, by the way: "Dishtowel"=used to dry dishes. "Dishcloth"=used to wash dishes, aka "dishrag". "Teatowel"=fancier and prettier version of a dishtowel, sometimes also used to wrap biscuits or other bread on the table so they'll keep hot. "Tablecloth"=covers the table, also used to dump everything on the table onto the floor when a toddler gets ahold of it.)

Sheila, we'll be thinking of your dad and hoping for the best with him! Sounds like he's getting the right kind of treatment. Congestive heart failure is a scary thing, and so often the person has no idea they have it.

I think a "defiblartor" sounds like the way Arthur Weasley would pronounce some medical instrument he came across in his muggle reading... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 1003735042

Viola, if you were going to be coming to NIH just a few weeks later I could offer you our guest room! But unfortunately my Mom is still going to be occupying it until about mid-April. Hope you can find a decently priced room somewhere -- spring break tourist season is a hard time to find rooms. Maybe try further out into Maryland, rather than towards DC? Did you try calling NIH to see if they have any deals with nearby hotels for patients' families?

TomProffitt, I had a friend in high school who used to eat cookies with his beer, but he ate the lemon-creme ones -- sort of like a lemon/vanilla version of Oreos instead of creme/chocolate. He thought it was a delightful combo.

Holly, I got so tickled thinking of your son's role in the play! That's so cute that he runs off the stage crying because he's not a planet anymore!

I don't watch Heroes, but I did read in TV Guide that they did a cute little "in-joke" on the show -- apparently (as Journeymom noted) George Takei plays a character, and in one scene they show him getting into or driving off in his car, which has the license plate NCC-1701!

Tazzy, congrats on the new job with Barnes & Noble! See, it was meant to be, the way it worked out so perfectly before you'd have had to make awkward changes with the theatre. Yay! Hope you get lots of great employee-discount books!

***waves at Winky Woo*** How have you bean? (you must say this in a Mrs. Weasley voice...)

Snow here today -- a light, dry, maybe-an-inch-tops-sort of snow. My front hallway is all confused -- there are snow boots lined up alongside the tee-ball equipment. Is it spring or winter?

Woo-hoo! Time to get Lost again tonight! I read some spoilers in TV Guide for the remainder of the season: Apparently, they are going to have more funerals before the end of the season -- that's plural. Also, I forgot to say about last week's episode -- it completely cracked me up when Sawyer was greeted in English by Jin, and Sawyer said "Well, well! Look who's hooked on phonics!" He really got in some good ones in that episode -- it was a fun one! Back to old times!

Well, everyone enjoy the RotD!


Solitaire - Mar 7, 2007 1:11 pm (#2170 of 2990)

Well, today has not been a very good one here. My seventh graders are all on a field trip to Long Beach Aquarium. I opted not to go because I didn't think the 3.5-hour bus trips down and back--not to mention running up and downstairs after seventh graders--would be good for my already painful knee. This worked out fine, because yesterday afternoon I began feeling kind of crummy at school. I nearly fainted during 7th period, and I was also developing that throat scratch ... so I took the opportunity to stay home in bed and fight the Creeping Crud.

This morning I had a call about my female Sheltie, Quinn. For the past 8 days she has been with the lady who gave her to me back in 2000 (a friend and also her breeder), because she needed some careful watching 'round the clock. She'd had some strokes or seizures right before the holidays, and then last Tuesday morning, I woke to find the right side of her face very swollen and misshapen. The vet put her on antibiotics and she seemed to slowly be regaining her health. Most of the dogs in her line and litter have lived to about age 18, so it was possible.

Today things really went downhill. She began coughing small blood clots and her breathing was very labored. After a brief discussion early this morning, we made the mutual decision to meet at the vet and put her down. It was so hard to do, because she was such a beautiful, elegant dog, even at the ripe old age of 15. If you've never loved and lost an animal ... well, they really are like furry little kids.

I'm a little concerned about Stoney, my male Sheltie (her nephew). He has been with Quinn since he was born. He seems to be doing okay now, but last week all he did was roam around the house looking for her. I hope he doesn't pine away. **sigh**

Edit: Madam Pince, I think the Mangle is probably a collector's item. My mom's is in wonderful (and still working) condition. I think Mom still uses it to iron big things. My niece wants Grandma to leave it to her in the will. She fondly remembers ironing days with Grandma, I guess.

Sheila, healing charms to your dad. I know from experience how hard it is to watch a parent suffer. Hopefully, his doctors will be aggressive and won't just adopt a "watch and see" attitude. My mom really had to be "in your face" with one of Dad's doctors to make sure he got the tests and treatments he needed. I don't know how old your dad is, but sometimes senior patients get short shrift. Just don't be afraid to be demanding, if you need to be. You and your family are in my prayers.


PS Cookies and beer? Delightful? Hmmmmm ...


Denise P. - Mar 7, 2007 1:24 pm (#2171 of 2990)

Viola, I got in the brochure for GS Day Camps in our area, one of them is Summer at Hogwarts! There are a lot of other options but I am hoping she will go for Hogwarts. Wouldn't that be cool? If so, I hope they send the girls a Hogwarts letter before they go off to camp.

Solitaire, losing a pet is never easy. It is even harder when they have been with you so long. Sometimes the kindest thing is to let them go. I hope Stoney is doing okay without Quinn and that you remember what a beautiful, special dog she was.


Ydnam96 - Mar 7, 2007 1:55 pm (#2172 of 2990)

Solitaire, (((((hugs))))) I'm sooo sorry. I would be devastated.


Winky Woo - Mar 7, 2007 1:59 pm (#2173 of 2990)

Oh Solitaire my heart goes out to you! They really are your babies, and you are going to have a gaping whole there for a while, but Quinn needs you right now.

Big hugs

Love Winky x x

PS see a letter to pets in my profile


kaykay1970 - Mar 7, 2007 2:25 pm (#2174 of 2990)

**Hugs ((Solitaire))**


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 7, 2007 2:37 pm (#2175 of 2990)

((((Major Huggs))))to Soli. That's always tough to go through.

I think my anatomy test went well today. Hopefully I did ok, I mean with such great teachers and all! I tried to work out a way to mention that a defibrilator does't actually start a heart, in one of my essays, but non of them really had anything to do with it. "What are the components of blood?..A defibralator doesn't actually start the heart.." Nope didn't really work for me!

They are selling Girl Scout cookies at school today and tomorrow. The ladies brought 300 boxes and sold every single one before I had the chance to get any. Shall try again tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!


Madam Pince - Mar 7, 2007 2:49 pm (#2176 of 2990)

Solitaire, I am so sorry to hear about your Quinn... hugs and sympathies. And for it to happen on top of a day when you are already feeling yucky, well that is just not right. I hope you will take comfort in the good memories of her and that your health will soon be on the upswing as well.

I didn't know you had Shelties -- I adore them! They are the most beautiful dogs! We had collies when I was young, and I have long thought that the next dog we get I would like it to be a Sheltie -- a more managable-sized version of the collies I remember!


Solitaire - Mar 7, 2007 2:52 pm (#2177 of 2990)

Thanks to everyone for the sympathy and encouragement. I know many of you have gone through this in the last year or so, as well. It never gets easier, does it? Winky, your letter to pets gave me a giggle despite the tears, so I'm feeling better. If you want to see Stoney and Quinn's pictures, here is a link to their page. (Tripod won't let me just post the pics. )



Lina - Mar 7, 2007 3:00 pm (#2178 of 2990)

((((((Solitaire))))) I read it only now. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope that Stoney and you will get used to the new situation soon.

Fingers crossed for the Twins and the test!


Puck - Mar 7, 2007 3:05 pm (#2179 of 2990)

So sorry Solitaire. (((hugs)))


Viola Intonada - Mar 7, 2007 3:08 pm (#2180 of 2990)

(((HUGS))) to Solitaire, Sheila, and Phelim.

Denise, are you going to volunteer for Day Camp? My daughter is considering Hogwoods as her 3rd choice.

Madame Pince, I believe my MIL is looking into the Hotel for NIH patient relatives for her and my Hubby for during the surgery. We have been looking at several hotels in the area, but they are booking up rapidly. We have relatives near Fredrick, MD that will let us stay there, but then we have to drive down. We still haven't firmed up our plans yet. FIL should be released before Easter (but thanks for thinking of us!).

I'm A+ and Hubby is A+. I assume my children are, too. Unless they are O's. I have never given blood. I used to take a drug that was on the forbidden list for donation. The one I take now is not, but I am still a little hesitant. (My medicine is for Narcolepsy and helps keep me awake, not something you necessarily want for a patient) Hubby donates often.

Someone needs Girl Scout cookies and hasn't gotten any!?!??!


Tazzygirl - Mar 7, 2007 3:18 pm (#2181 of 2990)

Soli- ((((((HUGS)))))) to you.

Puck: Tazzy, I've only watched a couple of seasons of Amazing Race, but I agree I would love to run it! Want to sign up?

Totally! I have only tuned into the show about 2 seasons ago (the Hippies won). I decided, if the show is still running, and I get into shape, I am totally going on the show. Travel around the world sounds soooo cool (even though it's so fast paced!).

Good luck Tori and Ginny!

Back to class...



Viola Intonada - Mar 7, 2007 3:38 pm (#2182 of 2990)

Congrats on the new job, Tazzy.

Mike: 105lbs and 5'7ish. I'd hate you if I didn't enjoy your humor so much!

Wow, you know you take a long time to compose your post when you post your message only to find out that 5 people posted since you started yours.

Btw, I have to feel a slight bit of pity for the Counselors at the Hogwart Girl Scout camps. Imagine them with our kids. "But Mom said Dumbledore is the Giant Squid, so it's true" and the Hermiones that will be at camp, "Well on page 457 in says '....' " Those counselors are really going to have to know their stuff.


Denise P. - Mar 7, 2007 3:50 pm (#2183 of 2990)

I would love to volunteer but alas, it becomes a major deal to find someone to watch the other 6 while I spend the day at camp. Last year worked well because Mr. Denise was on leave from the Army so I could bring the baby along and spend all day at camp.

Kaity has decided she wants to do Hogwarts...good girl! Now, we have to get our application in and hopefully get in. They won't accept applications until the 19th and then it is a lottery system.


geauxtigers - Mar 7, 2007 4:12 pm (#2184 of 2990)

((hugs to Soli))

healing charms and prayers to your dad, Sheila!

I thought the test was pretty easy too. I guess staying up studying until 12:30 last night paid off! I just hope my teacher didn't see me trying to draw the arteries over my own heart to figure out which way they went! Don't worry, no one could see me and if they did, they'd probably wonder what I was doing...I was just trying to decide if the aorta was a vein or an artery! Now I'm wondering how I got that confused, but you how you start second guessing yourself. I think I scratched out 3 times finially ending with what I wrote down in the first place! I hate that!

Okay Mike, I officially hate you! You are as tall as me, but weigh 15 pounds less! **I have more muscle...yeah okay I'll go with that...thats what I'll defend myself with**

Tomorrow is Thursday, so it'll be the good side of the week! LOL

I love the Amazing Race! We have been watching it here since Season 2! We even auditioned for the Amazing Race Family because the held an open casting call. Obviously we didn't get on! LOL But it was fun trying! We went really really corny, we dressed alike and had on matching shirts that said "I can't remember, am I the good twin, or the evil twin?". Hey it wasn't my idea! But usually the cheesier you are, the more likely you are to get chosen for TV. America loves idiots! LOL I'm thinking we'd have done better to make our own tape and send it in. Me and Ginny were entirely too shy in front of all those people! LOL

This round I have to say, I like Rob and Amber because I find it hilarious that after seeing Rob on 2 episodes of survivor and one of the Race, people still buy everything he says! Its so funny, these people are complete idiots! After season one of Survivor they should know how he plays the game! I have to give them credit, they are brainwashers to no end, but people listent to them! All power to em! they've come in first all 3 times so far! LOL Maybe people will get a clue this week!

Well off to do some more homework. I had to find an article for gov that shows an example of civil liberties or civil rights. How boring, I used to think I wanted to be a lawyer, now I wouldn't do it if it was the highest paid job in the world (no offense to anyone) I just don't find court cases remotly interesting. Puts me to sleep...


Tazzygirl - Mar 7, 2007 4:36 pm (#2185 of 2990)

Tori- I had no idea who Rob or Amber were before this season's Amazing Race. I'm actually rooting for them, because everyone else competing drives me up the wall. None of the teams really stand out to me, especially seeing The Hippies win.



Marie E. - Mar 7, 2007 4:43 pm (#2186 of 2990)

Whew! I made it out of cookie prison (picture me peering out from behind cases of Carmel Delites) and finally read about 600 posts. I missed you all terribly!

Thanks for the birthday greetings to Shayla. I showed them to her and she gave me a "who are these people" look. For her birthday I made her do a booth sale and she complained the entire time. After the sale was over we went to a local pizza place called Fargo's. Fargo's is done up in a Western theme, very unusual for a pizza parlor. They have an arcade, too. Two of her friends ate dinner with us. We're doing a bigger party for her at the end of the month at a gymnastics school called Art Sports. They bill themselves as the largest trampoline gym in the world. I haven't checked the validity of that claim but it's still a fun place.

My favorite poptarts are the new chocolate mint ones. Put them in the fridge first. MMMMMMMM.

Mike, your blood type is A+. At least I think so. Mine is A+ and so is Mr. E's.

Being a big history geek, I've been watching Barbarians week on the History Channel. Mr. E just sighs and walks away.

They have a Girl Scout resident camp here that is HP themed and a Day Camp. For the last day of the day camp, the local Girl Scout council rented out a theater for a showing of OoP. I am very, very, very tempted to volunteer to work at the camp. My girl's get a 30% discount if I work it. Shayla wants to attend regardless, but I've already put her deposit down for a resident horse camp. I'll have to see if I can swing the price of the day camp too.

Healing charms to Solitaire and Sheila's father.


Solitaire - Mar 7, 2007 4:49 pm (#2187 of 2990)

Wow, you know you take a long time to compose your post when you post your message only to find out that 5 people posted since you started yours.

Viola, I feel the same way!

Marie, just wondering ... do you ever feel like punching Mr. Squid, or are you naturally slender, as well? He is your brother, correct? (Or am I hallucinating?)

This Hogwarts camp thing sounds fun. I wonder if they have anything like it in California ... for adults?



journeymom - Mar 7, 2007 6:09 pm (#2188 of 2990)

I googled "Hogwoods" and found several referrences. So maybe Hogwoods has a template that other GS councils can copy.

I'm tempted to suggest it to our council. I might even volunteer. Though do you think by next summer the girls would be interested anymore? OMG, how sad is that??


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 7, 2007 6:20 pm (#2189 of 2990)

Solitaire, (((HUGS))) FWIW, it sounds as though you provided Quinn with a great life.

Sheila, you're in our thoughts - continued prayers your way.

Welcome back, Winky Woo! Your letter is funny!

Marie, did you watch the HUNS?? (Of course, I had to try.) I was able to catch part of it. I love the HC shows, too! My hubby rolls his eyes. I also switched during commercials to watch a husband and wife with 16 children.

No, Puck, I didn't win. I think you have to actually buy a ticket. Besides, if I did, I'd be arranging a HW camp that started on July 20, and had a shipment of HPDH books to be delivered to the campsite.


boop - Mar 7, 2007 6:58 pm (#2190 of 2990)

Phelim, Sorry for the loss of your dad. My prayers go out to you and your family. Big Hugs

Sheila, I hope everything turn out ok with your dad. I will keep praying for you and your family.

Soli, so sorry for your loss. Big Hugs

Have a great rest of the day!

hugs always



Puck - Mar 7, 2007 8:36 pm (#2191 of 2990)

Boy Scouts here don't have a Hogwarts camp. Not sure about the girls. I was thinking of volunteering to get the camp discount for my son. They even have a mini camp for the younger siblings if you volunteer. Problem is, the little ones need to be toilet trained, and Baby is still too young for that. So, as it's an hour ride each way, I think we've decided to skip camp this summer. We're going to have "Mommy camp" here. It involves sleeping a bit later, a few field trips, arts and crafts, and plenty of mud and water. I figure in a year or two they won't want to hang out with me, so I plan to enjoy it this summer.

The women on Idol once again outshined the men. Well, with a couple of exceptions. Just hoping the right people get to move on this week.

Time for bed. Busy day. I cleaned out the laundry closet, which houses all my paper goods and cleaning supplies, as well as paint, glue, playdough, etc... A bit of lint tends to escape each time I clean the dryer screen, so a vacuuming was way over due. Now, if only I can mange to keep it organized for a while...



Mediwitch - Mar 7, 2007 8:40 pm (#2192 of 2990)

Tom Proffitt, I missed House this week because of a meeting. I'm hoping to get to watch it this weekend. He IS a quirky character - that's part of what makes him so fascinating (that and his brutally blunt manner)!

Hooray for Mr. HH's good news - hope all goes well next week!

(((((HUGS))))) to Soli; I'm so sorry to hear about Quinn. She was a beautiful dog, and so is her nephew.

LOL on the letter to pets, Winky Woo! That was really cute.


Solitaire - Mar 7, 2007 8:52 pm (#2193 of 2990)

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes and prayers. I am doing a lot better this evening. I'll probably be okay tomorrow as long as no one asks me about my dog. If that happens, however, I may lose it.

Phelim, I am so sorry for your loss. It will be two years in July since I lost my own dear dad, and not a day goes by that I don't miss him so very much. You and your family are in my prayers.



DJ Evans - Mar 7, 2007 9:12 pm (#2194 of 2990)

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Phelim. My heart & thoughts go out to you & your family. May all of you be given the strength you will need in the days to come.

So sorry for your loss Solitaire. (((Hugs))) to you & Stoney. And I agree with Mediwitch, she was a beauty!

Shelia, though I hated to hear that your Dad has Congestive Heart Failure, I'm happy they found out what was wrong with him. May he get the care & correct meds he needs now & can get better. My Dad had it, so if you ever feel the need to talk to someone about it that has gone through it, just email me. I'll help you in any way I can. (my email address is in my profile)

We're all (thank goodness) getting over the crud finally...thought it would never go away. Though Mom has gotten really weak from it. We've got her an appointment tomorrow with one of her doctor's to hopefully get her some help.

The weather has just been gorgeous here. Of course all it has done is made me want to get out & plant some flowers. But alas earwax that's not possible till we get some major yard/dirt work done around here. And it didn't help any that I received a flower catalog in the mail yesterday. Sad

Congrats on the job Tazzy & congrat to Ginny & Tori on the test!

I'm O+ on the blood deal. And I know this is going to sound crazy but do they look for certain factors in blood before giving it to babies? Like the donor has (or hasn't had) a certain virus or something & therefore it is safe to give to babies? Reason why I asked is one time the girl at one of the places where I gave blood said something about it to me but since then I never heard it mention anymore. So I didn't know if she actually knew what she was talking about or what. Figured one of you might know.

Oh Viola Intonada I would love some more Girl Scout cookies but sadly my weight says "NO". We like the kind (called Samolas I think?) that is caramel, chocolate & coconut. Yummy I've gotten my brother hooked on those now. ::evil grin:: lol

Later, Deb

Edited for a gazillion mistakes & there are probably still more, but I give up! lol Just live with them if you find anymore.


journeymom - Mar 7, 2007 10:02 pm (#2195 of 2990)

Samoas. About a billion calories each. Each one a small candy bar.


The giant squid - Mar 7, 2007 10:31 pm (#2196 of 2990)

I'd hate you if I didn't enjoy your humor so much!--Viola Intonada

I get that a lot. Tori, it's a biological fact that women naturally have a higher body fat content than males, so it's not surprising that you weigh more than me. They're called "curves" and it's okay to have them (Paris, Lindsay & Nicole notwithstanding).

Marie, just wondering ... do you ever feel like punching Mr. Squid, or are you naturally slender, as well?—Solitaire

No, she's built like a normal person; I'm the only freak in the family. I've had quite a few bruised arms over the weight issue over the years from both sisters. It's just part of the price one pays for perfection. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 464751818



geauxtigers - Mar 7, 2007 10:59 pm (#2197 of 2990)

ha ha Mike, I guess you're right. I just assume guys have more muscle, which weighs more. As for Paris Linsedy and Nicole, I wouldn't count them as humans! LOL Nobody is that skinny and healthy at the same time....

So I just saw on the news...Pokey Chatman, the LSU women's basketball coach just quit today. No one knew this was coming or foresaw it at all. Big shocker and no one really knows 100% why she quit. I can't believe she'd do that to her team, they were headed to the NCAA tournement this month. Shame, she was a really great person and coach. I want to see if theres more to this than we know, I'm pretty sure there is.

Guess I should go to bed now. Night!


Tazzygirl - Mar 8, 2007 12:01 am (#2198 of 2990)

I just spent from the time I got home from school (4:30 forum time) until about a half hour ago helping my aunt set up the wiring for this new main control station for their TV, DVD, and CD player. The directions were not in any way written with the idea normal people could read them. What I got a kick out of was at the top of each page it said "Super easy directions below". Yeah, 6 hours worth of easy instructions. Still haven't even sat down to do my homework yet.

Start at B & N tomorrow (Thursday). w00t!!! Can't wait!



Snuffles - Mar 8, 2007 1:54 am (#2199 of 2990)

50kg Mike!! Seriously????? I hate you!

Maria, I hope it turns out that Mr. HH doesn't need surgery. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Solitaire ((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry that you had to have Quinn put down. I looked at her picture and she was a gorgeous dog. I wasn't sure what they looked like. It will be a year next month since we had to have our dog put down and we still miss her. I can't seem to break the habit of checking the grass before standing on it to hang out my washing

Good luck for today Kristina. I hope everything goes well. Just try not to stuff too much Harry Potter things in your pockets too soon!

Olivia is going to her first Judo lesson on Saturday. I hope she isn't too little!

Off to check the threads, I hope everyone has a good day.



Lina - Mar 8, 2007 2:14 am (#2200 of 2990)

Yes, Deb, they do look for some special factors in the blood for donating it to the babies. They look for them here, so I figure they look for them in the States as well. I don't know exactly what are those factors (they never explained him the details), I think it is more the lack of some antibodies (I guess that would mean less allergies), but my hubby is O- and he has exactly the blood that is suitable for the newborns. So he is not allowed to volunteer for blood donation, he has to wait to be called. When they call him, he has to rush to the hospital and usually his blood goes directly from his vein to the vein of the recipient. Actually, I think that all the tests they run on his blood before he donates it, decide only if they will call him again or not.
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:36 pm


kaykay1970 - Mar 8, 2007 6:28 am (#2201 of 2990)

I think I've said this long ago. But I think it deserves to be brought up again. I do not envy Mike's weight. I battled with being underweight until I was 22 years old. I had to take iron supplements much of my childhood and during my first two pregnancies. I never had any energy and I felt like a slug. I didn't need sisters punching my arm to cause bruises. I got enough of those in gym class. I always had bruises where my hip bones and the small of my back stuck out. I look back at pictures of myself and think "Good grief! I was a skeleton!" It was NOT attractive, I assure you all! I gained a ton of weight when I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I was obese for quite some time, but feeling better than I had my entire life! And I have never had to take iron supplements since. I am now at about 140 pounds and happy with it! I have a son that is the exact height and weight as Mike. He doesn't have the anemia problems I had. He just never sits still! So I guess I'm trying to say that you should all be happy with your weight as long as you are healthy! Now you may resume your previously scheduled chat...

Edit: Congratulations on the new puppy Denise!


Denise P. - Mar 8, 2007 6:34 am (#2202 of 2990)

Operation: Get A Puppy has been successful! Mr. Denise last night suggested we go and pick up a puppy that I have been eyeing for a few weeks now. I spoke to the current owner last night and it looks like this weekend we will pick her up. She is a tri color English Springer Spaniel (black/white/tan) who was born on Christmas day. Her litter was given holiday related names and we decided, at the moment, to keep her name Tinsel (mainly because that is what we have been calling her in discussions for the last few weeks) Now, I need to go pick up some doggie related items, like bowls, leashes (even though I have a ton...somewhere...in a box...in the garage) sleeping pillow, toys, name tag, brush etc. We already have several crates. Then I need to set up a vet check so she can be checked out and chipped, scheduled for surgery (spaying) and also a grooming appointment so she can look like the beautiful girl she is. Luckily, there is not a lot of grooming with a Springer at this age, mainly head and face trimming. I should be getting an updated picture of her later today so when I do, I will put it up. Awww...puppy face!

School was delayed 2 hours today...blech! We got some snow that then iced over night so they are being cautious.


haymoni - Mar 8, 2007 6:58 am (#2203 of 2990)

I like "Tinsel" - that's cute.

And weren't the Christmas trees at Hogwarts covered with beautiful ornaments & tinsel???? OK - so I'm reaching!!

Happy Thursday, all.

Swimming lessons tonight for The Beautifulest One. She wiggles like a little worm when she does her front crawl. It's really cute - I haven't the heart to tell her that she has to keep her body straight. She can figure that out on her own!


Denise P. - Mar 8, 2007 7:09 am (#2204 of 2990)

Here is Tinsel in her ungroomed state. She will look less shaggy, more refined when she is groomed. Those whiskers will be gone too.

Yeah, yeah...there was tinsel on the Hogwarts tree so she has a HP related name! Do they use tinsel in England?


Snuffles - Mar 8, 2007 7:15 am (#2205 of 2990)

Denise, Tinsel is sooooo cute

I wish I could persuade hubby to get a dog as quickly as you can.

I bow down to your powers of persuasion

Yes we have tinsel here in England. I love the smell of it. Don't ask me why, I'm weird like that!


John Bumbledore - Mar 8, 2007 8:50 am (#2206 of 2990)

Yes we have tinsel here in England. I love the smell of it. Don't ask me why, I'm weird like that! -- Julie (Snuffles)

Just what is it that you call Tinsel in England?  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 2 793915934

Wikipedia's entry

   Tinsel is a thin metallic strip typically made of plastic for use for Christmas decoration, particularly on Christmas trees. Originally created in Germany, Tinsel is different than Garland, which is "Tinsel on a rope".

That shouldn't have any smell to it, should it?

Wondering if we have another cookie, biscuit, roll, scone thing going on...

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Snuffles - Mar 8, 2007 8:59 am (#2207 of 2990)

It does John, honest! *looks around for the people from St. Mungo's* The thicker tinsel does anyway.

I'm not sure what it smells of, it just has a smell to it! I think I had better shut up before I make myself sound more weird



Thom Matheson - Mar 8, 2007 9:27 am (#2208 of 2990)

Do we need to call you Sniffles?


Snuffles - Mar 8, 2007 9:30 am (#2209 of 2990)

LOL - You can if you want to


journeymom - Mar 8, 2007 10:03 am (#2210 of 2990)

Denise! Tinsel is cute beyond words! She's so cute I'll go into a coma if I look at her picture too long! Lol! My teeth are aching as it is! Congratulations, she's flipping adorable.


Puck - Mar 8, 2007 10:52 am (#2211 of 2990)

What a cutie! Brave woman, having a puppy and a toddler in the house.

Diva and friends did so well at dance today. The whole group was paying attention and doing their best to follow the teacher. (Usually Diva likes to twirl and stare at herself in the mirror. Can't blame her for that.

Mike, now I know why you don't cut your hair. You like the extra weight. (This from the girl who grew up with the name "chicken legs".)


journeymom - Mar 8, 2007 10:56 am (#2212 of 2990)

Kaykay, you make a great point. Thanks for sharing about yourself.


lobelia - Mar 8, 2007 11:13 am (#2213 of 2990)

Cutest puppy! I agree with whoever said tinsel smells (not just the dog). I cannot describe it though. I always think of is with fond memories of putting on my childhood trees. Kind of warm, musky, plastic"y".....There was always a smell different from the pine tree smell.


Lina - Mar 8, 2007 12:02 pm (#2214 of 2990)

Tinsel is a thin metallic strip typically made of plastic -- now I'm totally confused!

Congrats on Tinsel, Denise!

Kate was 12th of 50 on the County English competition! When they came to the competition, there was another boy that was reading HP in English! The teacher told the kids - Don't look at him, he's just trying to intimidate you. Of course, I asked her if she started discussing the theories with him and what does he think about Madam Pince is Eileen Prince? But she thought that he might not be aware of the theories, so she didn't talk to him at all.


lobelia - Mar 8, 2007 12:40 pm (#2215 of 2990)

For some reason my son had a couple pieces and the dog got to it so I saw the inside. The stuff I saw has shiny paint on a thin piece of plastic. The dog got the shiny stuff off and you could see the plastic. It looks just like easter grass only clear and in our case splitchy silver sections.


Starling - Mar 8, 2007 12:51 pm (#2216 of 2990)

I don't envy Mike's weight either, kaykay. 50kg is awfully thin. If I was that thin, I'd look awful! Mind you, I'm definitely overweight at the moment, and that doesn't look great either.

Siiigh. The problem with food is that you can't do without. You can quit alcohol and cigarettes without keeling over. You can't just quit food!


azi - Mar 8, 2007 1:02 pm (#2217 of 2990)

**hugs** Soli!

Well done Kate! (She should have just asked him, although I never dare ask anyone I meet about HP theories )

I'm perfect weight for my height. 9 stone, which is 126 pounds, which is 57 ish Kg.

I've got myself addicted to Civ IV Warlords. I now have a headache.

Cheery days to everyone!


Choices - Mar 8, 2007 1:02 pm (#2218 of 2990)

Denise - Tinsel is absolutely adorable. I have had a Springer before (two in fact) and they are great dogs, really sweet and great with kids. Good luck with her. :-)


Good Evans - Mar 8, 2007 1:22 pm (#2219 of 2990)

WOO HOO !!!!

my friend is at crufts today and her dog has won best reserve of breed (irish setter). we are all delighted, I texted him a good luck message this morning and then my friend rung me to tell me that he won his group and then that he had gotten reserve (came second)in all the irish setter dogs (bitches are separate). so everyone toast Blitzen (real name margaretswood travelin light) for being such a "top dog" !!!

sorry I hit the "recent" button as I wanted to share my excitement!!!

edit : I've caught up now on the posts, all good wishes to sheila and family, solitaire, so sorry to hear about Quinn's passing, you know how that would start me off again. Her picture is beautiful.

thanks everyone for the blood group advice!!! welcome back Winky and Regan

Denise - puppy is gorgeous!

Well done to Kate, Lina, that is fabulous. well done her!

Julie x


Steve Newton - Mar 8, 2007 1:27 pm (#2220 of 2990)

Well done Kate! They have to be pretty good English speakers in Croatia if 11 were better than Kate.


John Bumbledore - Mar 8, 2007 2:41 pm (#2221 of 2990)

Tinsel is a thin metallic strip typically made of plastic -- now I'm totally confused! – Lina

Well, it is similar to Mylar in composition. The plastic film (nylon, perhaps) is aluminized by evaporating a thin film of metal onto it to provide a stronger, highly-reflective material.

Kate was 12th of 50 on the County English competition! – Lina

Well done, Kate!

** And you're welcome from all of us. Well many of us did provide gentle corrections on those occasions when you had difficulty with mechanics or word choice. (Or was that just me correcting your mum? LOL ) **

Mike, 50 kg, 110 lb. I would say that is to be expected from a "Giant Squid that lives in a desert" I would say it is all water weight and you should plump up when you return to water...

Might you be Fremin? You haven't named your estate Arrakis, have you?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 8, 2007 2:53 pm (#2222 of 2990)

w00t to Kate! So glad to hear that - did HP and the Lexicon help any???

Tinsel is sooo cute!

kaykay, Trevor put me into the blood donor range. I now fluctuate betw. 115 and 119 lbs.


DJ Evans - Mar 8, 2007 2:59 pm (#2223 of 2990)

Thanks Lina, now at last I know I didn't dream all of that up on the blood factor for babies. I had begun to wonder, let me tell you. lol And congrats to Kate for the well done job at the competition. Yay, Kate!

Tazzy, I know what you mean about some of those so call "easy" instructions they have with things. I always thought, after I have finally figured out what they were trying to say, that I could (or anybody with any common sense) have done a much better job of explaining it all AND in a lot fewer words. Glad you finally got it figured out.

Denise, what a little cutie pie Tinsel is. He has such a sweet face, one that you just have to fall in love with.

We had made Mom an appointment for today & wouldn't you know it, she was doing so much better when she got up this morning. But we still took her in, just to be sure about a couple of things. All went well thankfully.

Not much else going on here, just thought I'd slip in for a bit & catch up on everyone. Have a great day everyone....

Later, Deb


Lina - Mar 8, 2007 2:59 pm (#2224 of 2990)

Thanks all for the congratulations! LOL, Steve and John. I have no doubts that the Forum has its merit in it, definitely bigger than the school has. That's why I wanted to share it with you.


Denise P. - Mar 8, 2007 4:06 pm (#2225 of 2990)

We think Tinsel has a sweet face too. We had planned to pick her up this weekend but a last minute change of plans had me driving 90 minutes this morning down to get her today. While we were picking her up, the kids got to feed some lambs with a bottle. We also got to see her sister, Holly, who is being shipped to FL tomorrow. One of her brothers, Donner, went to Colorado yesterday.

On the 90 min trip back, we discovered that Tinsel gets car sick. (I think this was her first car ride) While getting her bowls, treats, toys, tag etc, she sat with Kierynn in the shopping cart and drooled on her leg. After a bath, she has been sleeping in the back hallway, curled up in a ball. We have taken her out several times and so far, no accidents.

So, Tinsel is now official ours! Now to get her an appointment to get her groomed so we can really see her beautiful face well.


geauxtigers - Mar 8, 2007 4:35 pm (#2226 of 2990)

I'm not sure what it smells of, it just has a smell to it! I think I had better shut up before I make myself sound more weird

Why it smells like Christmas of course! You aren't weird! LOL I think it smells like Christmas, or maybe its a mind game because as soon as the Christmas tree is in our house, everything smells like Christmas. And sometimes on cold days outside it smells like Christmas! LOL

Tinsel is soo cute! I want a puppy! My dog gets car sick too, Denise, the vet said she'd probably grow out of it and she has gotten better, but occasionally she doesn't. Usually if we have plans to go somewhere, we pick up her food the night before. She also does better on the front seat with the window cracked a bit.

Speaking of...shes freaking out because a cute little dog wondered up to our house this afternoon and he in our backyard waiting for the owner to come pick him up. He traveled quite a distance (not even from the neighborhood)! His name is Simba and hes adorable! He walked up to me laid down and rolled on his back! I was like ahhh! your so cute! He luckily had a tag with a phone number, so I called and we are waiting for them to come get him. He looks like a lab/golden retriever mix.

Congrats to Kate! Very cool! **high fives**

Well tomorrow is Friday. I guess I should go do my homework now. Happy Thursday!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 8, 2007 4:50 pm (#2227 of 2990)

If anyone is interested, Borders/Waldenbooks is taking votes for a Harry Potter calendar they are putting together. You get to choose 5 of your favorite 30 pics. It was difficult but I managed to get my choices down to five. It is on their website. Not sure if I can put up the link - though I'm sure the moderators will remove it if I shouldn't - here it is: http://surv.cheetahmail.com/s?n=108&aid=276579820&o=1

BTW, it says you can vote up until March 15.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 8, 2007 5:26 pm (#2228 of 2990)

(This from the girl who grew up with the name "chicken legs".)  I'm also known as "chicken legs" and "ski feet" and apparently it looks funny when I run.

Congrats to Kate! That's awesome!

Tinsel is soo cute! I love his ears! I never thought tinsel had a smell before...just smells like plastic to me!

Happy Thursday!


Tazzygirl - Mar 8, 2007 5:39 pm (#2229 of 2990)

Congrats to Kate! That's awesome!! (I so knew you could do it!!)

Denise- Tinsel is adorable!! Congratulations!

I had no idea tinsel smells... then again, I was deprived as a child, as my parents hated how the tinsel always found itself around the house.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Catherine - Mar 8, 2007 5:44 pm (#2230 of 2990)

Denise, I send a welcome to your new family member. She is absolutely adorable, and I even said, "Ohh....not fair," when I first saw her picture. (We're not in the puppy market, as it is)

New puppy babies are always so adorable. Hmmm...how did I know that Denise would outmaneuver "Operation Get a New Dog?"

Mr. Catherine knows that I see a dog, and immediately wilt with love. I think that's one reason he said, "Please, quit the Humane Society!!" Too much love, not enough resources, and not enough home space in his view.

Mr. Catherine is my hero right now. I was called to leave work early today due to Claire stomach virus (she threw up twice at school) but Mr. Catherine has to participate at "my" school tonight for "Family Science Night."

Apparently, he is blowing up things and creating bangs and smells. Snape would disapprove, but then again, my hubby has actually been popular with his students.


MickeyCee3948 - Mar 8, 2007 8:08 pm (#2231 of 2990)

Denise - Tinsel is great hope it all works out for the family.



Mediwitch - Mar 8, 2007 8:49 pm (#2232 of 2990)

Well done, Denise! Tinsel is beautiful.

Hooray for Kate! That is excellent!


Puck - Mar 8, 2007 9:18 pm (#2233 of 2990)

wOOt for Kate!

Glad Tinsel is home and her tummy has settled.

Tom, was that you I heard scream when the Idol results came in? Haley and Sanjaya still there?


Viola Intonada - Mar 8, 2007 9:53 pm (#2234 of 2990)

Congrats on the puppy, Denise! She is so adorable.

I know we've covered this before, but I can't remember the answer. Does Hawaii participate in Daylight Savings Time?


Ydnam96 - Mar 8, 2007 11:41 pm (#2235 of 2990)

Awwww Tinsel is cute. I'm so jealous.


jose043 - Mar 8, 2007 11:50 pm (#2236 of 2990)

Hi All

Denise Tinsel is gorgeous hope she works out for you & your family.

Healing charms to all that need it, get well charms also

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Tazzygirl - Mar 9, 2007 12:59 am (#2237 of 2990)

Viola- Does Hawaii participate in Daylight Savings Time?

Nope, Hawaii does not. We are currently two hours behind Forum time, and then when Daylight Savings Time starts, we will be three hours behind.

Finished my first night as a Cafe worker of Barnes and Noble. It's AWESOME!!! I asked almost immediately if my store is participating in the DH book release, and they are, and I said I am at their complete disposal. They also said the mall (where our store is located) is going to try and organize games and activities and such up until the release. I also will be one of the first to pick up a copy. w00t!!!



TomProffitt - Mar 9, 2007 5:28 am (#2238 of 2990)

Puck, the cuts for the guys weren't too bad. Sanjaya doesn't belong in the top twelve, but the two who were cut weren't that great either.

It was the cuts for the girls that upset me. I had Sabrina ranked very high in my mind. I think that she will have a record contract and be in the studio before the winner is announced. I think Hayley made the cut because she was in a genre kind of by herself while the top four or five girls are all doing R & B and that cost Sabrina votes.


The giant squid - Mar 9, 2007 6:03 am (#2239 of 2990)

So I guess I'm trying to say that you should all be happy with your weight as long as you are healthy!--kaykay1970

I agree wholeheartedly. I'm lucky in that I'm quite healthy (my doctor even ran blood tests to make sure) aside from a bit of a cholesterol problem. That's due more to subsiding on fast food & microwave meals for over a decade, though. I'm getting better--I can actually look at a salad without twitching now.

Mike, now I know why you don't cut your hair. You like the extra weight.—Puck

Blast, my secret's out. That, and since there's a history of male pattern baldness in my family, I figure I'll enjoy it while I've still got it!

Might you be Fremin? You haven't named your estate Arrakis, have you?--John Bumbledore[

Okay, I know that's a Dune reference, but beyond that I'm lost. I never managed to make it through more than the first few pages of Herbert's epic. One day I'll try again...

Lina, pass along my congratulations to Kate as well. Oh, and next time she absolutely should talk to the kid with the HP book--if he was trying to intimidate them, imagine how he'll feel when faced with someone who's discussed the books inside and out and knows all sorts of theories!



painting sheila - Mar 9, 2007 6:23 am (#2240 of 2990)

HI everyone!

Tnsel is beautiful! Ahhhh - puppy breath.

We would put tinsel on our trees and the cats would eat them. Later, in a