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Chat & Greetings 2008

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Post  Lady Arabella Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:24 pm


Barbara J - Apr 6, 2008 7:29 pm (#1301 of 2991)    

I love the Bourne books AND the movies. You just have to see the movies as "loosely inspired by" and then forget about the books entirely.

About movies...I somehow managed to miss the first installment of Sense and Sensibility, but I thought tonight's second installment was very enjoyable. I had been worried that another Colonel Brandon just wouldn't measure up, but I thought this one worked nicely. Now I have to put it on my Netflix list so I can see it from the beginning.


Chemyst - Apr 6, 2008 7:53 pm (#1302 of 2991)  
(Waiting for Chemyst to come out of her hidey-hole.)

Gosh, I'd seen that prestondave video a couple months ago and totally forgot about it. So, that's Everyday Math. I have seen kids get overwhelmed with the full-color math texts of recent years. I'm not sure how they affect most kids, but I know math-bling can be disastrous for a few whose brains are thinking 'picture-stories' instead of 'processing numbers.' Some kids learn math faster & better in black and white with old-fashioned pencil and paper.

And you are right, I was in my hidey hole. I almost came out to offer Denise a can of used motor oil, but then I decided My Little Ponies aren't into that much realism after all, and the manes are probably fine the way they are– cuter anyway.

May tomorrow be better, Lizzy; (and everyone else, as well.)


Solitaire - Apr 6, 2008 8:48 pm (#1303 of 2991)    

Is anyone going to watch part 2 of Sense & Sensibility tonight? Are there 2 parts or 3? Tonight should be good, as we ought to get pretty deep into the Lucy Steele business. I read that Jean Marsh (Rose on Upstairs, Downstairs) will play Mrs. Ferrars. I can't wait to see her again.

BTW, I just checked the Wikipedia entry on Jean Marsh, and I see she co-created The House of Eliott, a wonderful BBC series from the 80s. Has anyone else seen this series? I wish A&E, who originally aired it here, would rerun it.



geauxtigers - Apr 6, 2008 8:52 pm (#1304 of 2991)    

So I just discovered that my bed had been saran-wrapped. Ginny left her payback note for the short-sheeting, which I think is pretty bold of her since she got so mad at me! I started to pulled the wrap off and she had left the role between the bed and wall so it just kept coming out! LOL I figured it out and got it all off and wadded it up and opened her door and threw the soccer ball sized ball of saran wrap at her. LOL It was pretty good. Now I've got a new idea for next year! And for the record, I did not get mad.  

journeymom - Apr 6, 2008 11:12 pm (#1305 of 2991)    

Haymoni, the DeCluttering Cleaning Fiend! I worship you!

We watched Hitchcock's the Birds tonight. I saw it years ago. But what a great movie!. Intense, scary, creepy. The good movies stand the test of time. Oh, and it's been rated PG 13, and it totally warrants it.

After the kids went to bed Mr. Journeymom and I watched Wordplay, about the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Yes, there really is such a tournament, and yes, someone actually documented it on film. It was excellent! Very entertaining. The film is also about the New York Times crossword puzzle. Jon Stewart, Ken Burnes and Bill Clinton were featured as well. Pretty fun.

LotR Two Towers is currently my favorite. The Battle for Helms Deep is just tremendous.


Tazzygirl - Apr 6, 2008 11:35 pm (#1306 of 2991)    

Maria- we use the Lattice Method when multiplying. It confuses the kids, as well as the teacher.  The second method the lady showed on the video gave me a headache!  The division method for Everyday Math is a bit easier for me to see and teach, but the kids have a hard time understanding that they can choose a bigger number than 10 each time (so for an answer in the hundreds, the number list along the right side of the division problem is verrrry long.). I tried showing them that choosing a bigger number is better, but I really threw them off, and a five minute review turned into a 45 minute lesson.  The lady on the video showed the multiplication (6x10), while our school just tells the students to list the number (10). I have not seen the geography/map/social studies sections of the Everyday Math books for 4th and 5th grade (which are the grades I teach), and the kids do not use calculators for anything. The kids have a multiplication chart taped to their desks now, so they just have to look the answer up on that.  I don't know how many times I ask the kids what 6x2 is and I get a random number.

Sorry- I was listening/watching the video as I was typing this.  

Off to finish the Sunday night chores/planning lessons before heading to bed. 40 days til graduation!  

Have a great week everyone!



Madam Pince - Apr 7, 2008 2:12 am (#1307 of 2991)    

Hi all -- back from a quick unexpected trip to my mom's. An old friend of the family passed away and I had to make short-notice plans for the trip back for the funeral. She was 94 years old but had been doing well and had fought back from lots of health incidents that would've flattened many a lesser soul. We will miss her.

I travelled alone because Mr. P had to work overtime and Little P stayed with paternal grandparents -- it was actually kind of nice to be on my own for two days despite the purpose of the trip. One good thing was that I got to listen to almost all of DH on tape in the car. I'm up to where Voldy is about to get his just reward! (I keep coming up with inconsistencies as I listen, too -- for example, why were they so absolutely sure that Hufflepuff's cup was what they were looking for in the Gringott's vault?  It could've been anything, couldn't it? Also, I can't wait to get to the Neville/Nagini scene, because I was thinking he lopped off her head with Gryffindor's sword, but last I've heard that foul git of a goblin had disappeared with it, and I can't for the life of me remember how Neville ends up with it...)

LOL on the "floo powder incident" Denise! I bet the bath water that night was an interesting color! Oh, and as for this: The meeting was 22 miles from my house. Because of traffic, it took me 90 minutes to get there! ...Traffic was gone when the meeting let out so it took me less than 30 minutes to get back home. -- welcome to Northern Virginia!  I swear I think it's a miracle that any kind of schedules operate at all around there. It's practically impossible to estimate travel times -- any given trip can end up like your experience was. I guess everyone just eventually gets numb to it.

Also LOL at the body painting, hair coloring... who knew magic-markers were so versatile!

TBE, I had to giggle at your "bunny fryers"... sorry, Swedish Short-Snout!  

Choices, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. You and your family will be in our prayers. Waiting and watching after such an occurrence is truly a difficult thing.

Healing Charms to journeymom's brother-in-law! Hope all goes well. (Oh, and I'm in the "flush the fish" camp as well... I don't do well with things involving eyes, for some reason... bleah...)

Lizzy, the house sounds grand! Here's hoping Lucy soon gets settled in and "finds" her new bathroom!  And sorry about your rotten day -- hugs and hope it gets better! (Could you also please send e-mail hugs to Ydnam for me, too? I'm sorry to hear she's having it rough... tell her we're thinking of her here!)

Tori, I'm with you that 50 is still considered "cold."  Sorry that Ginny got mad about the short-sheeting, but it sounds like she got you back fair and square with the saran wrap!

Haymoni, I'm just breathless with all that you got accomplished this weekend! Woo-hoo! I know you're probably worn out, but what a great sense of satisfaction you must have -- good for you!

Posting at 5 a.m. -- got awake and can't go back to sleep...  

Hope everyone has a great week!


Good Evans - Apr 7, 2008 4:29 am (#1308 of 2991)    

Isn't any part of this planet warm and dry? Lizzy mentioned that the rain was coming back and that just about seems to suggest wet everywhere at the moment (whether it is white or normal rain!). All I can picture is Bladerunner - where it was always raining !!!!

We still have a bit of snow on the trees and rooftops but none on the paths and roads - hoorah!

cheering charms to Lizzy and healing to all who need them. Happy belated to your children/grandchildren Choices, and happy birthdayweek to the several that we have on here this week, I am pretty confident there are four on Wednesday???? But I am not sure if they are all active anymore, maybe only three...

anyway Happy Mondays all....

The giant squid - Apr 7, 2008 6:14 am (#1309 of 2991)    

Isn't any part of this planet warm and dry?--Good Evans

There's one...  Right now we're in that brief strip of good weather between "extremely windy" and "extremely hot." The rest of the world is being bombarded with rain & snow and we'll still end up with less water than ever come summer.

The kids have a multiplication chart taped to their desks now, so they just have to look the answer up on that.--Tazzygirl

Gosh, when I was in school we actually had to learn the multiplication tables. Having them taped to our desks would have been called "cheating." Sure it sucked as a kid, but I can still do complex math in my head decades later and I see high school kids today who can't make change for a $20 bill unless the register tells them how. It seems to me that a lot of these new methods people are coming up with just make teaching more complex with less guaranteed results.



Solitaire - Apr 7, 2008 7:08 am (#1310 of 2991)    

Isn't any part of this planet warm and dry?

As a matter of fact, it has been warm and dry for several days here in the southern San Joaquin Valley in central California. Today we are expecting temps of 70 F. (21.1 C., according to my desktop converter widget), and all last week was warm.

Like Mike, we had to learn the multiplication tables when we were very young. I can't remember how old we were--I can't remember not knowing them--but I was shocked to learn that some of our 6th graders STILL do not know them!

Mike, I remember being a waitress/cashier where we had an old-fashioned register. We had to know how to make change! Math was always my least favorite subject, but I can still accurately figure tax and tip on a check in my head. I know this because some of my companions always feel the need to check my work with a calculator, and they are always surprised that I'm right.

What surprises me is that my 7th graders can't figure out their percentage on a test when I put the total possible on the board. They just whine and say, "I thought this was English, not math!" Grrr! On that note, I'd better hit the road. It's going to be a loooooonnnng day.



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 7, 2008 7:37 am (#1311 of 2991)    

Madam P, come to the read-alone thread you are just about where we are now.

It is not at all warm here it is icy, smells, like snow, ughh!


PeskyPixie - Apr 7, 2008 9:03 am (#1312 of 2991)    

I think it's safe to say that Spring has come to Toronto. Still a few patches of snow left, but it's pretty toasty out there.

My mom started my education before I went to school, and I knew my multiplication tables up to 12 by the time I was in Grade 1 (i.e. first grade). I remember how she gave me visual examples (usually consisting of the contents of our fruitbowl!) to demonstrate the relationship between addition and multiplication. Really, once you have the basics down pat math becomes so much fun in the higher grades.

ETA: LOL, I need to make a slight correction to a post I made yesterday. "I think I'd be pretty darn nasty to a guy if he dared to reject me! I think it best if I stick to being the asked rather than the askee!" should in fact read, "I think it best if I stick to being the askee rather than the asker!" Does it even work the way I first wrote it?  

Dizzy Lizzy, I hope today is a better day. Cheering Charms all around!


Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 7, 2008 9:30 am (#1313 of 2991)  
Really, once you have the basics down pat math becomes so much fun in the higher grades. ~ Pesky

I beg to differ. Once you've learned the basics, you'll have to spend at least three years repeating them because your classmates haven't learned them, and your teacher thinks repetition is always good.
Me, bitter?  Not at all.

Cheering and Healing Charms to all who needs them.


Tazzygirl - Apr 7, 2008 9:42 am (#1314 of 2991)  
It's raining off and on since yesterday here as well...  

I learned multiplication the old way too.

Don't have time to write more- need to finish getting ready and be out the door in 10 minutes!



Herm oh ninny - Apr 7, 2008 9:48 am (#1315 of 2991)    

Hi all!

Thanks for the healing charms, but I wasn't sick. I typically work a 60hr work week, so I just needed a day to relax  

I also had to memorize my multiplication tables. It simply astounds me when I see my SAT students, who are working on Plane Geometry and higher level Algebra, pull out their calculators to figure out 9x7!!  

My day off on Friday, spent playing WII and reading parts from the Twilight books, has spoiled me. I was at work for about an hour before I turned to a fellow teacher and said "Is it Friday yet?"


Anna L. Black - Apr 7, 2008 10:22 am (#1316 of 2991)  
Once you've learned the basics, you'll have to spend at least three years repeating them because your classmates haven't learned them, and your teacher thinks repetition is always good. - SSS

'ear, 'ear!! I agree with every word.

I generally love math. It's just that today I spent the whole day doing a math assignment for the university, and I still haven't finished, so at the moment I'm in an anti-math mood
Oh, and I did learn the multiplication table by heart  


Thom Matheson - Apr 7, 2008 10:25 am (#1317 of 2991)
8 times 8 equals 64. If you subtract 1 off the 9 and add it to the 7 you get 8 times 8 again. Therefore 9 times 7 equals 64. See how easy that was? Without a calculator I might add.


azi - Apr 7, 2008 10:26 am (#1318 of 2991)  
Hmm, multiplication is one of the few things I can do maths-wise. I do have to count it on my fingers though. I loved doing long multiplication (without a calculator but writing it down) in school. Then we moved onto algebra and I've been lost ever since...I hate maths with a passion, I really do.

Only one flurry of sleet here today. Due snow/ice tonight apparently, but the council disagree and aren't gritting! My brother works for the highways dept. and was chuntering about it (he's feeling very demoralised right now).

Woo, I got some work done today! Well, 162 words.  At least I know what I'm doing.



Anna L. Black - Apr 7, 2008 10:31 am (#1319 of 2991)  
LOL, Thom  It reminded me of this picture (a lot of you are probably familiar with this one):


PeskyPixie - Apr 7, 2008 10:46 am (#1320 of 2991)
answer: x = 5; I just had this urge to answer. It's the Hermione in me, I guess!


kaykay1970 - Apr 7, 2008 11:19 am (#1321 of 2991)    

It's nice and warm here too! It stopped raining yesterday and the sun came out. It even got dry enough to mow the lawn. Yay!

The kids here still memorize the multiplication table in 3rd grade. I can't imagine trying to do math without that!

Healing charms all around!


Elanor - Apr 7, 2008 11:27 am (#1322 of 2991)    

I've always liked multiplications, especially since, when I was learning the tables as a kid, I realized that my date of birth was the perfect way to remember one of them: I was born on September 8, 1972, that is 8/9/72... 8x9=72! Write it 9/8/72 in the US way and you have a trick to remember the commutative nature of multiplication!  

It's been snowing here last night, it has melted but now some heavy rains are on their way. It should be milder but not what I'd call "spring". I don't really mind though, I just want Thursday to arrive so that I can collapse at last: our "Easter" break starts then, I really can't wait!  

Healing, Strengthening and Cheering Charms to all needing some!  



The giant squid - Apr 7, 2008 11:45 am (#1323 of 2991)  
Without a calculator I might add.--Thom Matheson


Actually, I never had a problem with my 9's. It's easy: subtract 1 from the number you're multipying by 9--that's the tens number. Now substract that number from 9 and you'll get the ones.

ex. 9x7: 7-1=6, 9-6=3. Therefore 9x7=63

Using Audrey's birthdate problem, 8-1=7, 9-7=2 so 9x8=72

This concludes today's math(s) lesson.  



geauxtigers - Apr 7, 2008 1:19 pm (#1324 of 2991)    

Isn't any part of this planet warm and dry?

Cloudless and 87F/30C here today!

Yall are making my head spin with all these confusing methods! I just memorized them! LOL And yes, I have used a calculator on the SAT for 9x7 and stuff because in high stress situations like that, I tend to get the big picture and make stupid little ones! LOL That way I know it's right and I didn't mess up on something stupid. For everyday stuff, no calculator for me! I had to learn it all the hard way and I'm really glad I did!

I can also make change as well. I worked in a concession stand for a few years. Just count backwards, it's not hard! LOL

Oh and a trick for the 9's times tables:
09 (9x1)
18 (9x2)
27 (9x3)
36 (9x4)
45 (9x5)
54 (9x6)
72 (9x8)
81 (9x9)
90 (9x10)
just write them out like this and notice that the numbers go in reverse each way. The tens place goes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and the ones place goes 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. That's what got me to remember it anyway!


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 7, 2008 3:04 pm (#1325 of 2991)    

Oooh Kristina, I despise lattice math!

Welcome back, Madame Pince. Sorry you had to leave for a sad event but glad you at least got some peace. I can't even get that in the bathroom. (Is that too much information???  )

I learned multiplication by memorization. Once I got that, I was able to make the connections. When I was old enough to teach my children, I learned the trick of the nine times tables:

Hold hands out in front of you side by side, fingers spread. Count from left to right, numbering fingers from one to ten.
For 9x1, hold left pinky (finger #1) down and you have 9 fingers remaining, hence, your answer is 9 (zero to left of bent finger and 9 to the right).
For 9x2, hold second finger down (left ring finger) and your answer is 1 (one finger to the left of the space from bent finger) and 8 (eight fingers to the right of the bent finger), so 18.
For 9x3, hold third (coincides with three in 9x3) finger down and there are two fingers to the left of bent finger (2) and seven fingers to the right (7), hence, 27.
Get it? It works all the way up to 9x10 (nine fingers to left of bent finger and zero to the right).  

LOL, wouldn't you just love seeing a college student pausing to do that during an exam?  

I have a bit of work ahead of myself. I asked Percy about her multip. tables and her reply was, "But mommy, there are so many."  I did work with her from grades 1 through 4 but it seems since the teachers didn't demand it/test for it, she didn't take my insistence seriously. She seems to know them but I will go over the stumbling blocks, such as 6x, etc. just in case.

I saw another YouTube presentation and it seems this is a widespread problem in the US.

Hooray for your school system, kay!

I am all for change but it must be for the better, rather than for the sake of change or using our children as guinea pigs.

Cheer up charms to you and hang in there, Lizzy! Your house sounds very nice indeed!



megfox* - Apr 7, 2008 4:37 pm (#1326 of 2991)    

Okay, I wasn't going to comment on the math thing, but since you are still talking about it.  Here's my two knuts, as a high school social studies/humanities teacher - My students for the most part got Everyday Math in the lower grades. I have two complaints about it (well, three actually, but one is hearsay - from the math teacher on my team). The first is that when I try to tutor students during my study hall, they are totally confused as to how I got my answer, and they can't explain to me how they got theirs'. Second, I often have them construct graphs or charts in my class, on things like population, economic issues, elections, etc. They have very little concept of things like ratios, percentages, or fractions, which makes me have to teach these VERY BASIC math skills in my high school social studies class. The third (remember, hearsay) is that the math teachers at the high school can't figure out how students got the answers they got. I think that might be a problem.  

Our math teacher has this opinion about using calculator, etc - once you have the basic skill down - long division, multiplication tables, whatever - you can do the tedious work using a calculator. However, you need to understand the theory/practice of these skills in order to understand what you are doing. I feel like programs like Everyday Math tries to teach tricks instead of teaching the actual skill.

But like I said, my degree is not in "the maths", so feel free to take what I said with a grain of salt. I am basing this off of viewing the results of the Everyday Math program with young adults who are so math illiterate, we added another year of math to graduation requirements (they need 5 years) and have created a position of Numeracy coach so we can teach Numeracy across the curriculum.


haymoni - Apr 7, 2008 6:08 pm (#1327 of 2991)    

My Slacker Mom membership has been revoked after this weekend!


PeskyPixie - Apr 7, 2008 6:27 pm (#1328 of 2991)    

Our math teacher has this opinion about using calculator, etc - once you have the basic skill down - long division, multiplication tables, whatever - you can do the tedious work using a calculator. However, you need to understand the theory/practice of these skills in order to understand what you are doing. -megfox*

I completely agree.

I feel like programs like Everyday Math tries to teach tricks instead of teaching the actual skill. -megfox*

I'm not familiar with Everyday Math, but I'll take your word on it as I agreed with the rest of your post!  

I caught a kid stealing today. I was at the grocery store this evening when a little boy (maybe five years old and with the loveliest big, blue eyes) pushed ahead of me in line with the sweetest smile on his face. I thought he was just a bored little busybody looking for something to do. He then reached over to the candy display and quickly picked out a mini Toblerone bar. I thought he was going to take it over to his mom to purchase for him, but he instead tucked it into his jeans' pocket. He sneakily looked around and caught me staring down at him. His face went grey and he yanked the chocolate bar out of his pocket and started muttering about how he wanted the candy. I continued my silent stare and he guiltily put the candy back where he took it from, and smiled at me. I then returned his smile, but have been disturbed over this all evening.  

HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 7, 2008 6:36 pm (#1329 of 2991)    

megfox, thank you so much for your input. You make a lot of valid points. It also has given me great reason for concern!

You have all helped to paint a clearer picture of what I am (and we are) up against. If you have anything to add, please feel free to!

Thanks again to all of you!


Mediwitch - Apr 7, 2008 7:22 pm (#1330 of 2991)    

LOL, geauxtigers! "Tipping the bottle" is a figure of speech for drinking, ahem, beverages which would NOT be allowed in school!

Maria, lots of the school around here use Everyday Math...I don't know too much about it except all my language-disabled kids really struggle with it as it is a very language-based program. I think megfox, Kristina and the others have given great information.

I've been spring cleaning too, but I think haymoni's got me beat!!! I spent about six hours scrubbing the house yesterday, and all afternoon filing and sorting papers today. I still have the windows to do yet...yuck!  


Solitaire - Apr 7, 2008 7:51 pm (#1331 of 2991)    

Pixie, it is scary when kids start stealing that early in life. It would have been interesting to see the mom's reaction, had you told her (or the clerk, who could have then told her). I'm always surprised when I see people pick up fruit or nuts in the produce section and eat them. I've also seen empty soda cans and drink bottles left on shelves around the market. I know someone drank whatever was in them and probably didn't bother to pay. I can't make up my mind if some people do not think of this as stealing, if they feel "entitled" to what they are taking, or if they just don't give a hoot!



Puck - Apr 7, 2008 8:00 pm (#1332 of 2991)    

My second grader has been learning his fractions with everyday math, and has been required since first grade to know addition tables by heart. They are studying the theory behind multiplication, but I'm guessing he will have to learn those by heart as well.

Mediwitch, you don't wash the windows until late June. If you do them now, they will just be coated with pollen in two months.

The GS mother/daughter went fairly well. I would have said very well, except that after being there playing for an hour while I was setting up, Diva's stomach was suddenly upset just as people were arriving. I had to take the poor thing home. I was worried, because some of her classmates have had a stomach bug that doesn't even allow you to hold down water for over 24 hours. I had to return after bringing her home to dad to run the event. I got home to discover her recovered, as she had been for an hour. She was in tears over missing the party. I felt so bad. She was sick just long enough, and at just the right moment, to have to miss it.  

I've spent the day on the couch reading Mansfield Park, as I had the bug that Toddler had last week. Hubby called at one point. When I answered he sounded confused, and asked if Kathy was home. LOL, I had to tell him it was me. "You sound sick" was his response.  

I read the posts, but don't remember much more. Off to bed.



Mediwitch - Apr 7, 2008 8:09 pm (#1333 of 2991)  
Kathy, you're right about the pollen, but by June I'm exhausted from the year-end chaos at school. I still have energy right now!!  Hope you are all feeling better.


Solitaire - Apr 7, 2008 8:15 pm (#1334 of 2991)    

Puck, I had some sort of bug all weekend. I ran a fever of 102 degrees and a major headache and stuffed up sinuses. My body felt as though I'd been worked over with a baseball bat during the night ... and my skin hurt! My hair even hurt ... well, my scalp. The fever actually started later in the morning ... the sore skin and scalp prompted me to take my temp, and that's how I found out. Apparently this particular bug is going around our school ... oh, joy!  


PS Does anyone else get the sore skin and scalp when you have the flu? Why is this?


geauxtigers - Apr 7, 2008 8:45 pm (#1335 of 2991)    

Our math teacher has this opinion about using calculator, etc - once you have the basic skill down - long division, multiplication tables, whatever - you can do the tedious work using a calculator. However, you need to understand the theory/practice of these skills in order to understand what you are doing.

All of mine have this philosophy as well. I think it's a good one, We still have to learn everything by hand, but most teachers have a "calculator section and an non-caculator section" on our tests. That way they can choose what we get to use a calculator for, which I think is a good idea.

Does anyone else get the sore skin and scalp when you have the flu? Why is this?

Soli, I think this is a symptom of the flu actually. Really everything hurts on you, so you might want to head to the doc to find out. He can give you something that will make you feel better if it's not too late. Here's a link to webmd www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/flu-guide/adult-flu-symptoms THey don't say hurting skin, but I have heard this happening to people. At any rate, hope you feel better!

Got ya, Mediwitch!

Anyone watching the basketball game? It's a thriller! Turn it on CBS! 45 seconds left in overtime 71-68 Kansas!


Solitaire - Apr 7, 2008 9:23 pm (#1336 of 2991)    

Tori, I was so much better today that I went to school. That seems to be where I caught whatever bug this is, since several of the staff either are or have been out with the same thing over the last ten days or so. Lucky me (not really) ... I always seem to save getting sick for the weekend.  Regarding the sore skin and scalp, I just wondered if other people feel this when they have a fever. Skin that feels as though it has sustained a severe sunburn seems to be a "standard" flu symptom for me. As soon as the fever breaks, the skin usually begins to feel better, so there is a connection. Very odd ...


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 7, 2008 9:48 pm (#1337 of 2991)    

8 times 8 equals 64. If you subtract 1 off the 9 and add it to the 7 you get 8 time 8 again. Therefore 9 times 7 equals 64. See how easy that was? Without a calculator I might add. Thom

Isn't 9x7 63?

The nine tables is one of the few that I don't have problems with. I think it was ginny that had the accending/decending chart


2x9=18 etc.

but also this on works

9x9=81 because 9 the multiplier subtract 1= 8+1=9
8x9=72 because 8 the multiplier subtract 1= 7+2=9
7x9=63 because 7 the multiplier subtract 1= 6+3=9
6x9=54 because 6 the multiplier subtract 1= 5+4=9
5x9=45 because 5 the multiplier subtract 1= 4+5=9
4x9=36 because 4 the multiplier subtract 1= 3+6=9
3x9=27 because 3 the multiplier subtract 1= 2+7=9
2x9=18 because 2 the multiplier subtract 1= 1+8=9
1x9=09 because 1 the multiplier subtract 1= 0+9=9

Madam Pince - Apr 7, 2008 9:49 pm (#1338 of 2991)  
Great game tonight! Wow, Memphis had it won and just gave it away... It's nice to see two such evenly-matched teams play such a great game! Congrats to Kansas (methinks they had a bit of an axe to grind against Roy Williams in the semi-final... )

Excuse me, but... are you kidding me??? Kids aren't required to memorize the multiplication tables anymore??? Seriously???  I honestly had no idea. This flabbergasts me. How can you function without knowing that stuff? (Oh, and all the "tricks" you guys mention... I remember hearing about the one Tori mentioned, but I learned them the hard way -- sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and some flash cards and drilling it out over and over and over and over. Hey, it worked!)

I think I am glad that I have a son and not a daughter -- while working at the school over the past week, I have had two girls completely dissolve into total hysterics because they made a little teensy tiny mistake on writing some sentences (we are doing a book, and they are not supposed to be allowed to make erasures because the paper is the one-and-only copy to be submitted to the printer, and it tears and smears if you try to do corrections.) One of them was actually trying to hurt herself by stabbing herself in the hand with her sharp pencil.  These are kindergarteners, mind you. I really fear for them in the future if they feel under this kind of stress at this point in their lives!

Tell me if this was an odd sight -- I was at a McDonald's, and there was this kid who was probably about 14 or so, looking reasonably "tough" as I assume he was attempting to do, wearing all black and trendy boots and such. The jeans were the kind that fall off the butt, again, as I assume they are supposed to do because it looks "cool" or something. But here's the thing -- they were exposing his underwear, and they had Tigger and Eeyore and Pooh Bear on them.  Now isn't that odd attire for a 14-year-old boy? Particularly if you think there's a chance that the whole world might observe them? Anyhow it seemed odd, but maybe that's just me...

Pesky, I had a similar experience to what you had with a "stealing" kid once. This was a young teen girl who was filching candy in the grocery store, and I did the same thing you did -- just gave her "the stare." Unlike the 5-year-old, however, she did not get embarrassed. She gave me this defiant glare back. So I just walked past her and said casually "Would you like me to go speak to your father?" because I had just seen her talking to him a few aisles before. She put it back.  I was sorely tempted to speak to him anyway, but I didn't. I still think maybe I should've -- she probably went straight back and got it again as soon as I left the store...  

OK, off to snooze...

shepherdess - Apr 7, 2008 10:20 pm (#1339 of 2991)    

It's always a tough call knowing what to do when you catch a child doing something they shouldn't be doing. It would be great if we could just say to them "you shouldn't do that", and know that they'll never do it again. But that's quite unrealistic, of course. There's just so many variables.

Should you mind your own business because it's not your child, let the child know you know and hope that will scare them into not doing things like that, let the parents know so they can take care of it, let the store know so they can take care of it? What are you teaching the child? If you don't do anything, does that mean they're going to continue that behavior and eventually end up in serious trouble, and if you do do something would it make a difference? Will letting them know you know make a difference? If you let the parents know, will they appreciate it and deal with the child, or will they resent your interference? How will the store handle the situation and is that a good or bad thing?

It really is a judgment call. Even if you figure out the best answers to the questions, there's the issue that every child is different. For one child just the embarrassment of knowing they've been caught may be enough, and getting the store involved could be very traumatic. Another child might not care whether anyone sees them or not and getting the store (and maybe the police) involved may be what they need to straighten them out.

Yep, it's a tough call, and I'm not sure there is a right answer that would work best in all such situations.


dizzy lizzy - Apr 7, 2008 11:26 pm (#1340 of 2991)    

Today was a much better day!!!!

I finally bought the phone line extension lead so now I have my laptop on my desk and my back is much more appreciative of the comfy seating.

My bond refund from my previous rental came through today as well, so I was able to really stock up on the basics when I went shopping.

We had to learn the times table by memory, but I don't recall learning the reasoning behind them....or the tricks to remember them. I have a funny feeling it may have to do with my deafness and missing bits of the classwork. Perhaps my mother thought I was having a hard time as it was with the times table, she didn't want to add more pressure by trying to teach memory tricks as well.

Lucy and I were walking past the supermarket the other night...two kids ran out after stealing something and someone else's dog tripped them up. I had a enough trouble reigning in Lucy, without paying too much attention to the people restraining the shoplifters.

I'm still very frustrated by the resume. I'm hoping that tomorrow will work better now I am sitting properly at a desk.

Have a good day/night!!!!!



Anna L. Black - Apr 7, 2008 11:45 pm (#1341 of 2991)    

I just watched that youtube video that someone here linked to, about Everyday math and Terc-something. And my response is: !!! That is completely horrible! I seems to me that the people in charge of school programs today seem to equal "kids" with "stupid" - they just assume that the kids won't be able to learn this "sophisticated" methods that are used for... what, at least a couple hundred years? ... So it's somehow better to use these shortcuts that're supposed to make everything easier, but lead to a huge gap in math knowledge and abilities...  


Tazzygirl - Apr 8, 2008 12:08 am (#1342 of 2991)    

Mediwitch: I don't know too much about it except all my language-disabled kids really struggle with it as it is a very language-based program.

As my school is an immigrant/extremely local school, this is also a factor for us. It's very frustrating. Maria- I have to teach that lattice method to students who are functioning well below grade level. It's frustrating.  

The 9 times tables are my favorite. I learned it the way you did, Tori.  The 8 times table has a pattern of 8,6,4,2,0,8,6,4,2,0. (8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72,80). I always had a hard time memorizing my times facts, so my mom was trying many ways of getting me to remember them.  

Everyday Math is the only curriculum book we use. We do not have any set curriculum for any other subject- the principal thinks it's pointless. We are also under Reformation for the No Child Left Behind Act.  

**healing charms** to Kathy and anyone else who needs them! I think my body is trying to decide to be sick or not. I have a cough that comes and goes, and I felt kind of under the weather over the last couple days. Could be lack of sleep, I don't know. I wish it would decide now rather than later- this week is week 2 of standardized testing, and therefore I can risk being out sick for the next three days.

Pesky- I'd have done the same thing as you if I saw a kid stealing. I probably would have talked to him too.

Okay, off to find an activity for the kids to do tomorrow.



Puck - Apr 8, 2008 5:48 am (#1343 of 2991)    

Shepherdess, 5 year-old who responds to a look, no need for store involvement. Teenager, a definite need for store involvement. The little one really was tempted by candy. The older was seeking thrills. (I just saw a video of some teen girls who lured a "friend" over to a house for the purpose of beating her to a pulp so they could film it and put it up on You-tube>  So, I'm in the mood to be harsh for teen offenders.)

My theory is that if affects my kids, I am free to speak up. So, if my child sees someone else stealing, I am at liberty to say something, and comment that I don't appreciate such behavior displayed in front of my little ones, etc....

Feeling better today, so I will run my errands. Think I shouldn't do too much, though, as not to relapse.  

Lizzy, glad you had a better day.  

Toddler has gotten used to "Snuggle me" while sick, so now she's calling for me.  



Solitaire - Apr 8, 2008 7:15 am (#1344 of 2991)    

I'm in the mood to be harsh for teen offenders.)

Sadly, some of them need someone to be harsh with them. I'm starting to see too much that makes me wonder if some of our kids have any kind of a moral compass at all. It's not that they are immoral ... it's more that so many of them seem amoral. It takes a lot more to get "kicks" today, I guess, than it did when I was a teen. Gosh, I sound like my dad.


Edit: It is feelings like this, about what I see so frequently, that make me appreciate the teens and youngsters who post here on the Forum. I'm so impressed with you all.  


Puck - Apr 8, 2008 9:46 am (#1345 of 2991)    

Dropped off a forgotten pair of glasses at school, booked Son's birthday party, brought the limbo pole back to GS council, and did the grocery shopping. The perishables have been put away, but I will do the rest in a bit. It was the first time Toddler has left the house in a week, and all the activity has her coughing again. And I know well that if I don't take a break, my health will decline again, too. I found my favorite tea at the store, so off to have a cup of french vanilla decaf.

edit: Mike, if you hear anything about the Speed Racer movie, could you let me know? We were going to have Son's birthday here, but then he saw a commercial for it, and he now wants a party at the movies. I've booked it, but may need to change movies if it turns out this one isn't appropriate for 8 year olds. (It hasn't been rated yet. PG is fine, PG 13 and I may have to question it, especially since I'm inviting other people's kids.)

Arrrgh! My e-mail isn't working properly. I can get messages in, but can't send them out.  


Choices - Apr 8, 2008 11:04 am (#1346 of 2991)    

Glad you are feeling better Soli. I think the only good thing you can say about the flu is that sometimes it doesn't last that long. Glad you are over yours. Healling charms to all who need them. :-)


The giant squid - Apr 8, 2008 11:57 am (#1347 of 2991)  
Kathy, I haven't heard anything specific about Speed Racer but I think it'll be OK for 8 year olds. Judging by the cartoony look of the trailers I'll be surprised if it gets a PG-13, and even then it'll be for mild violence & suspense. I definitely doubt there'll be any swearing or nudity...

It's good to know I'm not the only one here who does multiplication & division in his head.  For a minute there I was afraid it was just my math-geek-ness showing through.



Holly T. - Apr 8, 2008 12:21 pm (#1348 of 2991)    

Healing charms to those who need them!

Kathy, congrats on making it through the mother-daughter event, but how sad that your Diva couldn't go!

My kids memorized the times tables in third grade. Draco's class (fourth grade this year) reviews them periodically. I don't know what math curriculum they use, other than that it teaches long division differently than the way I learned it. Which means I make my daughter help Draco with his math homework when they're working on division. I have also learned that things like multiplication and division are very difficult for some one who is dyslexic. Think about how many steps are involved in multiplying a three-digit number by a three-digit number, then imagine what would happen if you did those steps in the wrong order.

While I haven't had a math class in 20 years and have no clue how to calculate the volume of a sphere (that was my daughter's homework last night, she knows how to do it) I do know my multiplication tables.  

Draco has Lego robot camp after school today, then drum lessons, then a baseball game. I hope he doesn't have a lot of homework.

Glad you liked the picture of my troop's pirate flag. You will also like the pirate cheer they led at the evening campfire. Troop: "Give me an R!" Crowd: "R!" Then there was the delayed reaction where the crowd realized that was it. ARRRR! LOL.

geauxtigers - Apr 8, 2008 1:12 pm (#1349 of 2991)
they had Tigger and Eeyore and Pooh Bear on them. He probably thought he was being funny. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dare. The things people do  Everytime I see someone with their pants down like that I think they deserve a major wedgie.

There is also "8 and 8 went to the store to buy a Nintendo 64!" LOL That was started spreading just after we learned them all, but I can tell you I never had to think twice about what 8x8 was! LOL

Yall have got me wanting to look up this everyday math stuff.

Lots of homework to do. I don't want to do any homework on my birthday so I'm going to set the bar high and do Thursday's work tonight. It might get me kicked out the procrastinators club.


Madam Pince - Apr 8, 2008 1:53 pm (#1350 of 2991)    

...brought the limbo pole back to GS council... --Puck

Sooooo, one might say that Puck is teaching the Girl Scouts pole dancing?   (Tee-hee... I couldn't resist...)

It's cold and drizzly outside, and we're supposed to have t-ball practice in an hour.  Don't wanna gooooo...

On the bright side, I finished the audio version of DH finally! I'm so embarrassed that I didn't remember that Neville got the Sword of Gryffindor by having the Sorting Hat plopped on his head by Voldy himself.  (Actually, now that I reflect on that, I think that was a bit of a cop-out by JKR. I suppose it's handy to write stories about magic, because then when you write yourself into a corner, you can just "fix" it and say "Hey, presto! It's magic, after all!"  But then, I've been feeling crabby towards JKR lately for some reason, so it's probably just that...)
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Denise P. - Apr 8, 2008 3:40 pm (#1351 of 2991)    

Woo hoo! Millicent got into one of the day camps she wanted to get into, we are still waiting to hear about Hogwarts though.

I do math in my head often. I learned all kinds of "tricky" things like multiplying something and then subtracting. 24x8 ....25X8=200-8=192 that kind of thing. My kids had to learn multiplication tables and a few still struggle with it. I know for percentages that are not "easy" (a multiple of 5 or 10), I still use this formula: x/100 = 32/57 Then, you can move x around where you need it to figure out the percentage or if you know the percentage, the actual amount. I am not very good at math so I tend to stick to things that work for me. I think every kid learned the nines on their fingers, I still look to verify  

This actually happened to someone I know. Customer buys a slice of pizza. Total is $3.09. Customer gives cashier a twenty. Cashier accidentally punched in $10.00. Question: How much change does the customer get?

Apparently the 16/17 yr old cashier at the register didn't know because she called the manager over and explained what happened, then asked the question and was told to give customer the $6.91 it showed on the display plus $10 for the difference. 10+10=20...you would think that is common knowledge.


shepherdess - Apr 8, 2008 3:49 pm (#1352 of 2991)    

Yall have got me wanting to look up this everyday math stuff.~Tori

LOL. While you're at it will you up "Yall" in the dictionary for me?  


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 8, 2008 3:50 pm (#1353 of 2991)  
Hee hee, Denise. Sometimes they panic though, because they're "on the spot". I run the school store for the Fifth Graders and you would be surprised at how easily panic sets in: There are 7 "clerks" standing behind the counter. One student "customer" picks up an item. . .it costs $.25. The customer hands the "clerk/student" a dollar. The clerk turns to me with eyes as big as saucers. "She wants to buy that and it costs twenty five cents and she gave me a dollar. . .what do I dooooo?" Me: "Breathe calmly. . .how do you get from 25 to 100?" Student: "Ummmmm. . .fifty, no wait!" (waving hand feverishly) "Seventy five???"

They do pick up quickly and by the time we're finished, I figure they'll be pros.

EDIT: Lol, shepherdess. Too cute!

Puck - Apr 8, 2008 4:27 pm (#1354 of 2991)    

Sooooo, one might say that Puck is teaching the Girl Scouts pole dancing Madame Pince LOL My Thursday dance classes are in a basement room with support poles. The girls sometimes hang on them, or swing around. I always want to tell them it is not a pole dancing class!

When I worked at the movie theater we had no register at the candy counter, and had to add it all up in our heads. It was all based on quarter intervals, so it wasn't difficult, but it was pressure when the movies were about to start and the lines were long.

Maria, that sounds like Son's homework the other night. We had to play store. He wrote down the price, how much I gave him, and how much change I got back.


Chemyst - Apr 8, 2008 7:00 pm (#1355 of 2991)    

Do y'all remember Number Families? ( to Tori.) This story works a little better in Comic Sans, so pardon me while I change. . .

The Snow Family
8, as you can see, is a snowman. 3 is his half-brother, (not in value but in looks; and his nickname is Lefty, but that is not important.) 5 is a blockhead, so somebody knocked a couple chunks out of him. But they are all family and stick together whenever there is addition and subtraction to be done. 3+5=8, 5+3=8, 8-3=5, and 8-5=3. Even as teenagers they still work together to help the little guy: 18-3=15, 18-5=13, 18-13=5, and 18-15=3.


geauxtigers - Apr 8, 2008 7:07 pm (#1356 of 2991)    

LOL. While you're at it will you up "Yall" in the dictionary for me? dictionary.reference.com/browse/y'all  

That's a habit I'll never break! LOL

Tomorrow is my birthday! It's also Julie GE's birthday!

I just looked up the lattice method and I have no idea how they are doing that! Noo wonder the kids are confused! That makes it 10 times harder!


Solitaire - Apr 8, 2008 8:18 pm (#1357 of 2991)
Thanks, Choices. I did have kind of a rotten day today, unfortunately. Last night around 10:30 or so, Stoney wanted outside, so I put him out for what I thought was the last time of the night. When he did not come back to the door in about 10 minutes, I went to look for him and found him lying on his side on the ice cold pavement, against the house.

He couldn't--or wouldn't--get to his feet, so I helped him up. He was very wobbly and could hardly walk, and he seemed disoriented. I think he may have had a stroke or some sort of seizure. I was up and down all night with him. He wanted outside, then he would just stand and stare back in at me. I'd bring him in, settle him, and in a few minutes he would be back up at the door again. I think I got something like 45 minutes of sleep--not all at once, though. Naturally, I was tired and grumpy today, and the kids were really pills.

Stoney seems better today, although he has not eaten in over 24 hours. But he is drinking water, so that's a good sign. Also, he was out in the yard and acted like his normal self. I hope I can get him in to see the vet in the next day or so. I also hope I can sleep a little more than 45 minutes tonight. **yawning**



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 8, 2008 8:39 pm (#1358 of 2991)    

((Solitaire)) I hope Stoney is well soon, whatever it is. Definitely put a call in to the vet. It is probably something they've seen before so they could at least tell you what it might have been-perhaps even put your mind at ease in the meantime. How is his appetite? That is usually a good indicator. Healing charms to Stoney and a good night's rest to you both!


kaykay1970 - Apr 8, 2008 8:53 pm (#1359 of 2991)    

Hugs to ((Soli))! Healing charms to Stoney! An inner ear infection could cause alot of those symptoms.


Good Evans - Apr 9, 2008 2:11 am (#1360 of 2991)    


Healing and Cheering charms to all who need them

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINNY AND TORI (IS IT YOUR 18TH TODAY? Have a great day whatever the age!)  

I am sure that there is another forummer today to, so whoever you are Happy birthday !!!! (oh its also mine! - but that isn't who I mean)

Hubby bought me a new Radley Bag, and Step Son (wonderful step son) has bought tickets to see Bryan Adams at the O2 in November - w00t!!!!

I am a very blessed and happy person today, love and hugs to all



Madam Pince - Apr 9, 2008 3:38 am (#1361 of 2991)    

Shoot, here I thought that by getting up at 6:00 I'd be the first with the birthday wishes -- I forgot about y'all across the pond!  At any rate... Happy Birthday to Ginny and Tori and Good Evans! Hope each of you has a wonderfully fun and exciting birthday and a fantastic year, with many many more to come!

Soli, I am so sorry that Stoney is feeling under the weather!  I hope that both of you are getting some rest and that it turns out to be nothing too serious. Give him a scratch behind the ears for me, please.


kaykay1970 - Apr 9, 2008 5:12 am (#1362 of 2991)    

Happy birthday Ginny, Tori and Julie! Have a fantastic day!

_____________________________________    [

B]TwinklingBlueEyes[/B] - Apr 9, 2008 5:29 am (#1363 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday to Ginny and Tori and Good Evans! I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

Sending healing charms to Stoney, and a sleeping draught to Soli.

geauxtigers - Apr 9, 2008 5:41 am (#1364 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Julie! (the other member was Stephanie M, Finn's friend, but she hasn't been around in a really long time, but happy birthday anyway! Finn can pass it along if he reads this!)


azi - Apr 9, 2008 5:49 am (#1365 of 2991)
Happy Birthday JulieGE, Ginny and Tori! The fourth person you couldn't remember is Finn's friend Stephanie, Julie.  

**Healing charms** to Stoney and **hugs** to Soli!

Puck - Apr 9, 2008 5:57 am (#1366 of 2991)    

Happy Birthdays to Julie, Ginny, and Tori!!!!

Hugs to Soli and a belly rub for Stoney.

Now to clean the house. It's being assessed today. I want it to look decent, but not all that good.



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 9, 2008 7:06 am (#1367 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday GE Julie!

Happy Birthday, Tori and Ginny!

Many happy returns to you all!


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2008 7:13 am (#1368 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday to Julie, Ginny, and Tori!

Thanks, everyone! I did sleep a bit better last night (I'm still going back and forth between the recliner and the sofa, but I did manage to get about 5 hours, and that's better than usual.

Stoney is feeling better, too, I believe. He has not eaten since Monday evening, but he is drinking plenty of water. Last night I emailed the breeder who gave him to me, and she said he is probably just doing naturally what a vet would do--cleaning out his system by withholding regular food for 2-3 days.

I think he probably has an abscessed tooth. I took him in for teeth cleaning & a teeth check, but something was wrong in his blood tests, and the doc wanted to send them to a different lab, just to make sure, before putting him under anesthesia. The office has not yet given me the results. Anyway, I think it's all connected. I'll keep you posted.

Well, I'm off to the rat race!! Happy Wednesday!



Holly T. - Apr 9, 2008 7:30 am (#1369 of 2991)    

Happy birthday to Julie, Ginny, and Tori!

((Soli)) and healing charms to Stoney!

Draco's baseball team lost again last night, but they only lost 12-8, so there is a chance we might beat this team when we play them again.


The giant squid - Apr 9, 2008 7:38 am (#1370 of 2991)    

Happy birthday, Ginny, Tori & Julie!

While I haven't had a math class in 20 years and have no clue how to calculate the volume of a sphere--Holly T.

I believe it's 4/3*pi*r³. Not sure if that's actually correct, and if it is I need to track down my old Geometry teacher & thank him.  



Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 9, 2008 7:51 am (#1371 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday Tori, Ginny and Julie!

I believe it's 4/3*pi*r³. Not sure if that's actually correct, and if it is I need to track down my old Geometry teacher & thank him. ~ The giant squid It's correct.


Holly T. - Apr 9, 2008 8:37 am (#1372 of 2991)    

See, I can't imagine ever needing to know the volume of a sphere. Or wanting to know, for that matter. I remember my daughter said something about pi. I have tried to not give her my bad attitude about math and have apparently succeeded as she is capable of figuring out things like the volume of a sphere. The downside of that is that I can no longer be any help to her whatsoever with her math homework. Oh, who am I kidding--I haven't been much help to her since she memorized the multiplication tables.  


Puck - Apr 9, 2008 9:13 am (#1373 of 2991)    

I kept thinking pi r(squared) x h(height), but I'm pretty sure that's the volume of a cylinder.

Thankfully Mr. Puck is strong in math, and I'm much better in English. Between the two of us, we should be able to get them through most of their schooling.

Thanks for that bit of info, Mike. Guess it'll be pretty safe to see Speed Racer. I'll just have to find a sitter for Toddler. Perhpas she can hang out for cake, and then go home.

The lady just came. My house assessment took all of 3 minutes. Shad counted bedrooms and bath, made sure we hadn't finished the basement or made any upgrades such as tile, new cabinets, etc..., and was out of here. It is now safe to replace the yucky rugs.  


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2008 9:40 am (#1374 of 2991)    


Hope you all have a wonderful day!  

Off to school. Should be an easy day, as I'm only teaching one math class.

**healing charms** to Soli and Stoney!



Madam Pince - Apr 9, 2008 10:54 am (#1375 of 2991)    

See, I can't imagine ever needing to know the volume of a sphere. –Holly

Well, what if you needed to know how big of a prophecy you could store?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042


PeskyPixie - Apr 9, 2008 11:09 am (#1376 of 2991)  

(((Solitaire))) + Sleeping Draught; (((Stoney))) + Healing Charms

Wow, miss one day on this thread and everyone you are totally straggling in the discussions!

I found it quite interesting to read about others' views on stealing. It is difficult to make a quick judgement call regarding someone else's child as many parents do not wish outsiders to interfere with how they handle their offspring. For example, in Canada, we've had seatbelt laws for a long time (both front and back seats of cars) and my mom's colleague (a teacher) was at a red light when she noticed kids jumping and walking around in the back of the car stopped next to her. She rolled down her window and in a friendly fashion told the adults in the front seat of this car that the kids in the back had undone their seatbelts (she didn't want to directly accuse the adults) and was told off for not minding her own business. I have just as difficult a time when I witness loving parents cooing into their baby's carriage while puffing away on a cigarette, but what can one do? Still, I'm glad the 'silent stare' worked on the little guy because otherwise, I was out of ideas.

Two years ago, at Niagara Falls, I saw a whole family brazenly steal hats from a souvenir shop, right in front of the sales clerk. The young clerk in question sort of resembled the teenage boy on The Simpsons who always turns up doing odd jobs everywhere. Anywho, our sales clerk just apprehensively watched the theft taking place in front of him. I didn't speak up because the thieving family had a mean look about them and the clerk was such a wimp that he could've easily said that he hadn't seen anything ... then I'd be stuck with a menacing gang of thieves with a grudge against me. Yikes!  Perhaps that was a very Slytherin decision on my part, but I just couldn't muster up the old Gryffindor courage and try to make the difference I so deeply value.

I've also seen empty soda cans and drink bottles left on shelves around the market. I know someone drank whatever was in them and probably didn't bother to pay. -Solitaire

I also get rather peeved when parents hand their kids buns from the bakery of our grocery store to keep them quiet while they do the rest of their shopping. I've been in line with some of these shoppers and have yet to see them alert the cashier of the baked goods their child has consumed and offer to pay for them.

I think I am glad that I have a son and not a daughter -- while working at the school over the past week, I have had two girls completely dissolve into total hysterics because they made a little teensy tiny mistake on writing some sentences ... One of them was actually trying to hurt herself by stabbing herself in the hand with her sharp pencil. -Madam Pince

I think upbringing may be a bigger factor here than gender. My mom has dealt with a few little boys who became hysterical at the tiniest mistakes (one would start shaking and saying, "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to kill myself"), and she eventually traced it back to the way in which they were handled by their fathers. Either way, it's very sad.  

I'm in the mood to be harsh for teen offenders.

Oh, yeah, I agree. I've agreed since I was a teen.

Everytime I see someone with their pants down like that I think they deserve a major wedgie. -geauxtigers

Great idea!  Honestly, I'm getting annoyed at the trend these past years, of even adults dressing to expose their underpants at the slightest bend of the body. I mean, they're called underpants for a reason and I feel I'm exposed to too much information every time I go shopping!

Customer buys a slice of pizza. Total is $3.09. Customer gives cashier a twenty. Cashier accidentally punched in $10.00. Question: How much change does the customer get? Apparently the 16/17 yr old cashier at the register didn't know because she called the manager over and explained what happened, then asked the question and was told to give customer the $6.91 it showed on the display plus $10 for the difference. 10+10=20...you would think that is common knowledge. -Denise P.

Yes, one would assume that's common knowledge, wouldn't one?  I'm sorry, but I'm in a snit today, and am not in the mood for basic 'dumbness' from otherwise healthy, young individuals.

Aah, it feels wonderful to rant once in a while. Thanks for listening! I feel much better now.  

I love Geometry. Sometimes my dad and I calculate the area and volume of different shapes for the fun of it. ***cough, cough -"nerd" - cough, cough*** My personal favourites are cylinders and cones.


Elanor - Apr 9, 2008 11:19 am (#1377 of 2991)  
Joyeux anniversaire Julie! A very happy birthday to you!

Très bon anniversaire Tori and Ginny! Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

I'm far too tired for writing more tonight but "Easter" break is starting tomorrow, woohoo!! Things should soon seriously improve, don't you think?  

Healing Charms to Stoney, special ((((hugs)))) to Soli, and wishes for a great day to you all.  


Puck - Apr 9, 2008 12:23 pm (#1378 of 2991)    

Peskie, if I let my child munch on a bagel or a muffin while shopping, I always tell the cashier.  


Chemyst - Apr 9, 2008 12:31 pm (#1379 of 2991)    

. . . what if you needed to know how big of a prophecy you could store?[

         …but of course!


Wish I had some Ent water for Stoney.


Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 9, 2008 12:40 pm (#1380 of 2991)  
See, I can't imagine ever needing to know the volume of a sphere. ~ Holly T.

Even my Math teacher said we probably won't need that knowledge. (Which, of course, is why I remember it.)


geauxtigers - Apr 9, 2008 12:55 pm (#1381 of 2991)    

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! It's been a great day! I got a new digital camera and it's pretty cool. I never realized how bad my other one was until I started fiddling with this one! LOL I took lots of pictures during my study hall where a few guys had a contest to see how many booksacks they could get on the their backs, the only rules were it had to go through thier arms and you had to be standing. LOL It was fun, and yes, we are graduating in just over a month! By the way, the record was 18 by a guy that is about 6'5"! LOL Height and armspan are key!

I'm pretty sure that most advanced math won't be useful in life unless you go into a profession where you are required to know it! LOL And even then everything is computerized now-a-days, so...!

Off to take a nap! My dad came in my room at midnight this morning and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" So loud and sharp! It scared me so badly! I was asleep and Ginny was on my computer and I started hypervenalating and like freaking out! LOL It wasn't funny at the time, but he scared me so badly! He said he thought I was going to start crying! LOL I think I know how someone can be scared to death! So anyway, I'm tired as it took my a while to calm down from that and get back to sleep!


Denise P. - Apr 9, 2008 1:22 pm (#1382 of 2991)    

I've been in line with some of these shoppers and have yet to see them alert the cashier of the baked goods their child has consumed and offer to pay for them.

I will own up to the fact that on occasion, I do get a giant cookie, split it in half and give it to the kiddies while shopping. It is a way to keep them occupied so I can get in and out. I *always* tell the cashier that I had it and have had more than one look very confused when I mention this but don't have the actual cookie. If it is something that needs to be weighed, I don't give it to them (like a handful of grapes or nuts or loose candies)

Along those lines, at Wal-Mart, they used to keep cookies out with a sign saying "For kids only" on the bucket yet I routinely saw adults taking more than one cookie from the bin! I am stingy, even when we go to the bread store, I have them cut a slice in half rather than give each kid a slice.

A few years back, I bought some items at the store yet when I went to find them at home, they were nowhere. I called the store to see if I left a bag in the cart. They could not find it but told me to come and they would replace the items (it was about 3 things) I did that. When I came home, I went to put away the new items to find....I had already put away the initial ones that I just replaced. I made a third trip back to the store to return the duplicates. I had the customer service person confused and she confessed no one had ever done that and it would have been easier for her for me to just keep it.


Anna L. Black - Apr 9, 2008 2:04 pm (#1383 of 2991)  
Happy birthday, Tori! Happy birthday, Ginny! Happy birthday, Julie!

I had the longest day today... Left the house at 8:00, went to work, where I had an "Integration Camp" (Basically, an orientation day for new employees, even though most of us have been in the company for a month already, or even more). Left at 16:30, just to go to the train station, to catch a train for my university lesson (in a campus that's a ~100km from my city... ). Now, the train station's close enough to my work, but I was walking very fast, as I was afraid to miss the train, so quickly became out of breath... (Asthma didn't help) At least I caught the train on time  Anyway, after a 3-hour lesson (18:00-21:00) I came to the other train station, only to find out that the 21:08 express train that I used to take to get back no longer exists! They've changed the train timetable a few weeks ago - they always do it twice a year - close to when the time's changed from winter to summer, but usually the times of the main lines are not changed... Well, surprise to me, this time they were  So, to make a long story short, I got back home at 22:40 (did I mention I had trouble finding parking on my street, which is usually not a problem at all? ). 14.5 hours away from home is not fun!

After all that, you'd expect me to come, eat, take a shower and go to sleep, but no - it's midnight and I'm catching up on the Forum, instead  Someone said something about addiction?  (I did eat, though )


Puck - Apr 9, 2008 3:06 pm (#1384 of 2991)    

Denise, I believe that is what you call honest to a fault.  

Most of the stores I go to now offer a slice of cheese to kids at the deli, and a cookie at the bakery. One nice lady gave me a cookie as well when I was pregnant, saying the baby needed one too.  

Anna, just be careful about eating while reading the forum. Way too many SPEW moments.  


DJ Evans - Apr 9, 2008 5:20 pm (#1385 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday Tori!

Happy Birthday Ginny!

Happy Birthday Julie!

I hope you all have a great day & all of your wishes come true.

What with all of the rain we've been having for the last few weeks, I have seriously considered doing a search & seeing if I can't find any plans on how to build an ark! Geeeeez, will it ever stop?

Mom's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow that we've already had to re-schedule once cause of the rain. Our yard was so saturated with water, that we couldn't get the car close enough to get her in it. And it looks like we might have the same problem tomorrow, as there is an 80% chance of severe storms again! ***sigh***

For those who watches the TV show Monk, I saw on-line this afternoon that the actor who plays Dr. Kroger (Stanley Kamel) passed away. Some sites are reporting that he suffered a heart attack & was only 65 years old....how sad. I can't imagine anyone else playing that part.

OK off to go finish watching American Idol Gives Back.

Later, Deb


Choices - Apr 9, 2008 5:45 pm (#1386 of 2991)    

Very Happy Birthday wishes to Ginny, Tori and Julie. {{{Hugs}}}

Healing charms to Stoney and sleeping charms for Soli. {{{Hugs}}}

Hope everyone is having a good week. :-)


journeymom - Apr 9, 2008 6:40 pm (#1387 of 2991)    

Awww! Dr. Kroger? How in the world is Monk going to cope?

And 65 is just too young.


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2008 7:17 pm (#1388 of 2991)  
Pesky, I just looked at your post #1376, in which you refer to a comment I made about grocery store thieves. Considering it in light of a post I just made on the Why did the parents allow Umbridge? thread, I think I am becoming cynical in my old age.

Thank you, everyone, for the sleeping and healing charms. I am sure they will help! Stoney is much better this evening, as well, although he is still "off his feed." But he is going to see the doctor in the morning.

I did not realize until last evening that Charleton Heston had passed away Friday. I guess that's what I get for being sick and not watching the news all weekend. Friends of mine from my old church down south--he was a motion picture art director and she was a seamstress who'd worked with the likes of Edith Head--told me that Heston was an incredibly lovely person. I know he was a fine actor. He will be missed by fans like me ...



PeskyPixie - Apr 9, 2008 8:05 pm (#1389 of 2991)    

Best wishes for Stoney's doctor's appointment.

Soli, I don't think you're being cynical at all. For the most part, I like to believe, people are honest - as witnessed by the examples provided by our forum friends. However, there are always a few who manage to spoil things for the majority, and I don't think you should be labelled 'cynical' for wanting fairness for all.

I've read your Umbridge post and I agree with what you say although I myself was a teen not too long ago. Let's face it, kids are people and each one is different; it is rather naive to assume that all children are innocent just because they are little. My mom enjoys working with kids who need extra attention. She has had many kids with ADD/ADHD pass through her hands and noticed how the kids who were able to maturely deal with their disorder and become wonderful adults were the ones whose parents worked with teachers and their child as a team. However there were always a few parents who used their child's ADD as a shield to protect them from consequences (e.g. "Honey, you have a disease which keeps you from behaving, and that's okay. It's not your fault, it's the teacher's fault for not being sensitive to your feelings."). Well, when the latter ended up with my mom she immediately saw that this kid was intelligent and knew how to manipulate his 'situation' to his advantage. My mom worked it out and became a favourite of the kid and his parents, but sadly, they continued to treat future teachers as they treated the ones before my mom.

I'm also deeply saddened by Charleton Heston's passing. I was a bit ticked off when a local newspaper ran a column which stated that if one is under the age of thirty then one only knows of Heston from Michael Moore's documentary. I don't think my being a movie buff has anything to do with loving Heston. Everyone has seen The Ten Commandments, right? Speaking of which, I've had a thing for Yul Brynner since high school! (About the same time I discovered Gary Oldman, actually!)  


dizzy lizzy - Apr 9, 2008 8:06 pm (#1390 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday JulieGE, Ginny and Tori!

I finally got down town to buy my crockpot....only thing is they are called slow cookers here!

I resisted buying a new kettle, but not the take away lunch.

I also managed to buy 30metres (~90ft) of curtaining lace and 21metres (63ft) of thermal lined curtain material. The good thing was the lace was $2.99 per metre on special and the fabric was $1m and that was on special as well (my word it was - usually about $14m). Coupled with the material I do have now, for about $110 I managed to get enough curtain fabric to do all the windows in the house.

I "cheated" on the lace it is ready to hang lace with a drop of 213cm (just over 7ft) and the pattern on the bottom is geometric with stripes. That means if the lace needs to be shortened, I just run the overlocker(serger) along one of the the stripes and I don't have to fuss with measuring etc  .

So not only do I have 3 winter dresses to make, I now have lots of curtains.

This morning was a brilliantly sunny morning, some cloud coming over now, but the house is heated up, aired and warm now.

((hugs)) to stoney.



Puck - Apr 9, 2008 8:16 pm (#1391 of 2991)    

Lizzy, I don't consider that lace as cheating. I think it's amazing you make so much yourself. (Especially the dresses. Clothes are tricky to sew, for me at least.)  

Carrie Underwood was beautiful on Idol tonight. Amazing dress!  Many of the clips had me teary.

I thought after the kids watched the Kids Choice Awards that Miley Cyrus sounds much better on cd than in person. Tonight confirmed it. Sounds like she's having some overuse issues with her voice. That's just one of many issues with being a teen rock star.


Holly T. - Apr 9, 2008 8:27 pm (#1392 of 2991)    

I just got a very long e-mail forwarded from our service unit director with all manner of information about the Girl Scout program changes for the coming year. If anyone is interested I will forward it to you.


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2008 9:05 pm (#1393 of 2991)    

if one is under the age of thirty then one only knows of Heston from Michael Moore's documentary

Um ... Michael who? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) It might be possible that people under thirty have parents over thirty who like Charlton Heston and have watched his movies. I will watch Ben Hur and The Big Country (which also stars Jean Simmons and a dreamy Gregory Peck) every time I have the chance. Heston was also wonderful in Three Violent People, The Greatest Show on Earth, and The President's Lady. And if you've never seen him in The Private War of Major Benson, you've got a treat coming! It is really a cute pic!

Yul Brynner is not one of my favorites, although I think he played Ramses beautifully. I did not like him in The King and I. I know some of you are probably having to be revived after that proclamation, but I've always thought the Rex Harrison/Irene Dunne production was far superior ... although IMO, even Rex is outshone by Chow Yun Fat. I found his portrayal much warmer and more human.

Well, enough of the movie critic! It's time to watch neat!



geauxtigers - Apr 9, 2008 9:16 pm (#1394 of 2991)  
Lizzy, I don't consider that lace as cheating. I think it's amazing you make so much yourself. (Especially the dresses. Clothes are tricky to sew, for me at least.)

I second this! I've probably seam-ripped more than sewn (sewed? Neither seems right..) Ahh it's too late for this! LOL!

Well I'm under 30 and have never seem Michael Moore's documentary. Not because I couldn't, I just don't have any desire to see it. I can't even remember what it's on, but I do remember it was controversial and at the time I said no-way. I can't imagine that has changed! LOL

So, I'm legal! LOL I can vote now and I can check those little boxes online that you have to verify that you're 18! I can order stuff of the TV now! LOL What a wide array of possibilities! LOL I can't wait to vote! It's probably not as exciting as I think, but, hey we've got presidentals in November! WOO!

I just killed a mosquito. Is it really that time of year again? I'm getting itchy just thinking about it! LOL


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2008 9:29 pm (#1395 of 2991)  
I love Charlton Heston. Ben Hur is one of my all time favorite movies.  

Tomorrow is the last day for the state tests. Then my solo weeks of teaching officially start (I've been pretty much teaching on my own since last Monday), and then it's graduation!  

I've officially started looking at apartments. I talked to one lady (her son met my parents on a camping trip last month. They thought it an odd coincidence that they met in Utah. I have not met the lady or her son, and apparently I'm already classified as a friend.) who rents to teachers. The rent is super cheap, and the apartment is on the beach. The bad side to this apartment is the location. If I moved there, it would take me at least an hour on a good day to get to work on time. I told her I'd come look at it, but I don't think I'll be moving out to the boonies.  There are a couple other places I found that I want to call about. Those apartments are actually in the area that I want to move to. We'll see how it goes.  

Tori: So, I'm legal!... It's probably not as exciting as I think...

Yeay, your legal! But yes, the novelty does wear off after awhile.  LOL (I remember feeling the exact same way you do now when I turned 18. )

Lizzy- have fun sewing curtains! That's awesome you got such a great deal on everything!

Off to relax for a bit.



Madam Pince - Apr 9, 2008 9:37 pm (#1396 of 2991)    

Anna, sorry you had such a long day! Hope you get lots of rest tonight.

Um ... Michael who? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) ***snort!***

Soli, I would have a pic of Charlton Heston as my avatar if we were allowed to change them. (Continuing my "temporary-avatar-when-someone-I-admire-passes-through-the-veil" thing...) Mr. Pince and I like the movie Mountain Men -- I don't think it's a very popular one of his, but I thought it was pretty good. Brian Keith was so funny in it! Anyway, Heston was a great actor, seemed to be a good person, and was pretty easy on the eyes in his younger days!  

Glad everyone had a good birthday -- that jolt your heart got will just energize you for the rest of the week, Tori! LOL! I know what you mean -- I hate when I get awakened like that. Nothing like three cups of adrenaline getting dumped into your system...  

Our deli gives free cheese, too. I guess I'm a mean mommy though because I don't do anything else while we're in the store. I tend to use the bribe system -- "No you can't have it, but if you're good and quiet and stay in my sight without me asking then you can have something when we get home."  

Lizzy, we here in the states call crock-pots by the slow-cooker name, too, sometimes!

Oh, I should mention... I loooooove Turbo-Tax! (almost a whole week early -- touch me! )


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2008 9:41 pm (#1397 of 2991)    

Oh, I should mention... I loooooove Turbo-Tax! (almost a whole week early -- touch me! )

Is it really bad I haven't done my taxes yet?  I have to add in the stipend I got from UH, but I don't know how. I have also never actually filed my own taxes before (this is the first time doing so in Hawaii, as I wasn't employed for the first three years), so I really don't know what to do.  



Madam Pince - Apr 9, 2008 9:42 pm (#1398 of 2991)    

E-file using Turbo Tax. They walk you through every possible scenario if you want them to.  They can even calculate depreciation, which I think is way cool, being non-math-inclined as our recent discussion indicates...

Or you could just ask Kip for help. He's probably got a lot of free time over the next few days...  


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 9, 2008 9:55 pm (#1399 of 2991)  
Yeay, your legal! But yes, the novelty does wear off after awhile. LOL (I remember feeling the exact same way you do now when I turned 18. ) Tazzy

Congratulations Tory. It's great that you are excited to vote, having that voice is exciting. However when the euphoria comes down and you realize that the teens do not continue beyond your next birthday, you can borrow my old trick, twenty-teen, twenty-one-teen...

I must confess that I filed my own taxes only once. I did an awful job and though I owed money, but was actually sent a refund, thats really bad filing.


Good Evans - Apr 10, 2008 4:20 am (#1400 of 2991)  
Tori - "I'm so legal now" - I wish I wasn't!! it does indeed wear off after a while! LOL  

Many thanks for the birthday wishes and hugs, as I said yesterday I had a great day, a wonderful lunch out and the went to the PCC meeting yesterday evening (!). ah well, some duties come before pleasures.
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Snuffles - Apr 10, 2008 5:28 am (#1401 of 2991)  
Happy belated birthday to Tori and Ginny. I hope you both had a wonderful day  You will have to pop over to the UK for your first 'legal' drink in a pub now you have turned 18!

Happy belated birthday to Julie(GE) too. I hope you had a fantastic day. Don't worry Julie, when you turn 18 you too can have your first legal drink!  

**healing charms** to Stoney. I hope the trip to the doggy doctors went ok.

I know I had more to say, but alas, I cannot remember  (must be my age )

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



Denise P. - Apr 10, 2008 5:45 am (#1402 of 2991)    

Holly, are the changes nation wide or just within your council? In any event, I am interested in seeing the email since I plan to start up a Daisy troop in the fall for Kierynn. This year, our school had no Daisy troop because no parent was willing to step up and help out. How sad is that? It always stuns me how many parents are perfectly willing for ME to step up and run a troop/den to work with their son/daughter (and taking time away from my own son/daughter) yet they won't do it themselves because they want to spend time with their child (or just drop them off since everyone knows that BSA is not Boy Scouts of America, it is Baby Sitters of America}

Got a kid home sick today and I need to take about 30 pictures to list a bunch of stuff on eBay. Will it get done before Roundtable? Hah, no. I need to also sort all our HP swaps to get them out before Tuesday since I am not going within 3 blocks of a post office on Tuesday.


The giant squid - Apr 10, 2008 6:32 am (#1403 of 2991)    

So, I'm legal!--Geauxtigers.

Yup, you can now vote, buy cigarettes and join the military. That's pretty much it for the upside.  21 is better, but I think 25 is the best age--that's when your car insurance rates drop because you're no longer "a risk".  

But, Denise...obviously you have plenty of free time. Besides, if you really wanted to spend time with your kids you wouldn't have had so many, thus diluting the quality time possible for each one.



journeymom - Apr 10, 2008 7:55 am (#1404 of 2991)
I thought after the kids watched the Kids Choice Awards that Miley Cyrus sounds much better on cd than in person. Tonight confirmed it. Sounds like she's having some overuse issues with her voice. That's just one of many issues with being a teen rock star. -Puck (I think)

In an episode of Hanna Montana she loses her voice, goes in for surgery and worries that no one will love her anymore if she doesn't get her voice back. Yes, I've seen the episode, and a few others. 😊

I think 25 is the best age--that's when your car insurance rates drop because you're no longer "a risk". - Mike

Ah, that's right! I do remember being rather more excited about that than the right to drink legally. I was never the party hardy type.


Marie E. - Apr 10, 2008 7:59 am (#1405 of 2991)    

I thought the new program changes were going to be nationwide (regarding Girl Scouts). Holly, if you don't mind, I'd like a peek at your email. My email is eppersonw@pcisys.net. I just want to see if there's anything there that I haven't seen.

We've had very strange weather here-thunder and snow together, massive hail storms, and wind, rain, snow in the span if 20 minutes. We were supposed to get a bad storm this morning, but all we have right now is high winds and light snow. If the snow gets worse, it could get ugly. Naturally, they're saying it will be 70 by Sunday.

Happy belated birthday to Ginny, Tori, and Julie!!!!

After reading all the math discussions, I had to check out which math my girls were using. They have SRA/McGraw Hill. I know they memorize multiplication tables because Lexi is almost finished with hers. They go out of order so I don't know how many she has left. I've used Saxon Math before, but never Everyday Math. And lattice math gives me migraines! It was so confusing to the kids that Shayla's teacher had them skip it.



Puck - Apr 10, 2008 10:24 am (#1406 of 2991)  
Journeymom, I've seen that episode, too. As well as one when she "helps" her best friend by electronically altering a song recording to make it sound better. Both episodes now have me suspicious.

Holly, I would be interested.

I'm still waiting for someone to come and ask me to take over Son's den for next year. The current leader was going to leave this year, but the person who was going to do it became cubmaster, and decided two dens plus that would be too much, so he stayed on. Out of all the parents, I'm sure I'm the only one who would step up to the plate. If asked, I'll do it, but I'm not bringing it up.

It is a lovely spring day here. The playground was full of Moms and Tots enjoying it, as it gets cool and rainy again over the weekend.

I just decided to take the summer off from teaching dance. I usually run a six week session, but they are changing how I am paid. It will be a flat fee instead a percentage of the income I generate. Which would be fine, except the rate they are offering is about half of what I currently get paid. Minus taxes and a sitter for the kids, and it is so not worth disrupting my summer afternoons. (My boss is so discouraged she put in her two weeks notice.)

Time to get some cleaning done before heading to work.



Holly T. - Apr 10, 2008 10:28 am (#1407 of 2991)    

Denise, as the troop organizer in our service unit, I have heard every excuse in the book about why people cannot possibly lead troops, yet they still expect someone to do it so their kids can participate.

Denise and Marie, I will send you the e-mail. The changes are nationwide, but it is up to the councils to determine when they phase in the changes. They have a two-year transition period, which means that as much as I loathe the current Silver Award requirements (Studio 2B was a Really Bad Idea) my girls are stuck with them as we are not going back to square one now that we have almost finished the prerequisites. They can use the current standards until 2010, and they should all finish their projects in the 2009-2010 program year. So we'll use the new standards for the Gold Award.

Apologies for forgetting everything else I was going to say! I think it took me an hour to type this. My boss's e-mail crashed and I have been e-mailing people for her.

Editing--Kathy, I'll send it to you too!


Choices - Apr 10, 2008 12:25 pm (#1408 of 2991)    

Oh, I just have to reminisce about Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner. "The President's Lady" was a wonderful picture among the many Heston made. As for Yul Brenner, I loved the picture he did where he played the pirate Jean Lafitte about the Battle of New Orleans. I can't remember the name of it, but I sure had a crush on him. Both men were so dashing and handsome and such excellent actors.


geauxtigers - Apr 10, 2008 3:37 pm (#1409 of 2991)
I hate when I get awakened like that. Nothing like three cups of adrenaline getting dumped into your system...

Hmm I'm thinking 3 gallons is closer to reality! LOL

You will have to pop over to the UK for your first 'legal' drink in a pub now you have turned 18! LOL I could do that! LOL Of course there is the ever exciting thing here where I can walk into a bar, turn around and leave because there's no point in going to one since you can't drink. That is the point of a bar. Man I love America! LOL But really, I'm not fussed, 9/10 times I can't stand anything with alcohol in it. My mom tells me that'll probably change in college, but for now, just give me coke! LOL

I just got back from getting my hair cut. It's super cute and it always feels so soft after!

Off to make some cookies and clean my room and car. If our Frenchy were to get in my car now he'd probably ask to get back on the plane!


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 10, 2008 6:05 pm (#1410 of 2991)  
Okay, I've caught up on the 130 or so postings I've missed in the past few days, and my head is full of Everyday math, kleptomaniac kids, Sense and Sensibility, Charlton Heston, and Girl Scout changes.

I have not heard the term "everyday math," but I know the curriculum at my daughter's school is not what I learned. I've already found myself unable to help her with homework, and she's only in second grade. I feel like Sally Brown griping about doing new math with an old math mind. In my cynicism, I sometimes wonder if the people who come up with these new curricula are trying to equalize education by making material equally inaccessible to all.

Another school incident that has me feeling old: Daughter's weekly geography assignment was to learn the four oceans. "Don't you mean five?" I asked. It turns out that the Antarctic has been downgraded. Somehow I missed that one, although I do know about Pluto losing planetary status.

Haymoni, I empathize about Ungrateful Son's room. I honestly don't know what to do about Young Daughter's room. There are just thousands and thousands of little things that defy any workable sort of organization scheme. No matter how many storage boxes, compartment boxes, etc I buy, she still ends up with an overflow of stuff. I'm planning on buying her a DS for her birthday mainly because it won't have so many little parts.

I'm so happy to be going back to my regular job in two weeks! The commute to my temporary assignment has been so fatiguing--of course, it didn't help that I had to do it in the worst winter we've had in years.


geauxtigers - Apr 10, 2008 6:27 pm (#1411 of 2991)    

I learned it as 5 oceans as well. Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and Antarctic. And that was only about five years ago! I think the most recent was 7th grade as we studied Geography, so it was still 5 oceans then! Pluto is still a planet in my mind! 9 planets in the solar system! Nine I tell ya!

Okay, my cat is refusing to let me type. She's already stepped on the keyboard and licked my hands and the keys to death. Like a dog...  So I'll go to laundry now I think!


Mediwitch - Apr 10, 2008 7:18 pm (#1412 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday to Tori, Ginny, and Julie!!

Went on an interesting call today...a guy from a tree crew got stuck up in his bucket, which was extended over the power lines. The hydraulic line broke, so they couldn't lower the bucket. Another tree crew working a few miles away came and put their bucket up, and the guy climbed from one into the other. There wasn't much for us to do but control traffic, thankfully, but it was an unusual call for us - according to the guys on the crew this happens all the time!!!  

Soli, hope Stoney's feeling better.

Hmm...my FIL just got up to go to the bathroom and greeted me with "Good morning"...it's 10:15pm here! *sigh* He'll go back to bed anyway...he'd rather sleep than do anything these days.

Vox, don't worry about it - someday she'll get a roommate who is an even bigger slob, then you can sit there and SMILE while she whines. That's what we do to Heather, who at 22 finally understands the value of picking up after yourself, since her roommate doesn't!  


Puck - Apr 10, 2008 8:24 pm (#1413 of 2991)    

I'm completely shocked at this weeks Idol results. Paula A and the contestants were as well, you could see it on their faces.

I'm thinking I may have to bring kitty in to have her put down. We were told about 6 weeks ago that she's in kidney failure. She seems worse this week. I'm worried that something will happen over the weekend, and she will be suffering until Monday, like happened to our other kitty. It's so sad. For years she never came near me, and now she's my little lovely, sitting on my lap each night. She gets me all attached just as she gets sick, making it hard to let her go.  


journeymom - Apr 10, 2008 8:38 pm (#1414 of 2991)  


Solitaire - Apr 10, 2008 8:59 pm (#1415 of 2991)    

Thanks, Mediwitch. Mom got him to the doc today, and it sounds like it is going to be expensive. I have not talked to the doc, but mom said he told her Stoney has a small mass on his liver. He wants to discuss surgery. Poor Stoney! He nearly died a couple of years ago from some sort of canine hepatitis, or something like that. He was in intensive care at the vet's for a week! I can already feel a hole forming in my wallet.

Pick, I am so sorry about your kitty. It is always hard to part with a pet, as they are really part of the family. I'm hoping Stoney's ailment is something that can be cured with little pain and not an extreme amount of money, as I am not ready to let him go just yet.

I have a question for those of you who understand conversions. My mom brought home some amoxy drops for Stoney (poor baby won't take pills), and I can't quite figure them out. The directions say 2.5 cc by mouth, but the dropper has increments of .25, .5, .75 and 1 mL (milliliter?). Can someone convert this for me? How many droppers-full will I have to give him? Thanks!



shepherdess - Apr 10, 2008 9:22 pm (#1416 of 2991)  
Soli, according to the conversion charts I found, 1 cc (or cubic centimeter) equals 1 ml (milliliter). So Stoney would need 2.5 of either measurement.


dizzy lizzy - Apr 10, 2008 9:46 pm (#1417 of 2991)    

Soli, if it is possible to ring the vets.....do so. If amoxy is short for amoxyillin (an antibiotic) then you have a little leeway, not much, but ring the vet to confirm the conversion ASAP.

((hugs)) to Puck. I cried and cried the day I realised the best thing for Macca and Sami was to put them down before I moved here to Tassie. The decision was made about 6 weeks before the move and the last 6 weeks were hard. However after I had moved and put Lucy through the trauma of the overnight ferry crossing across Bass Strait, I am relieved I made the right decision. Neither Macca nor Sami would have appreciated the crossing or the disorientation from the move, they were so set in their ways.

Today is a cold blustery day after yesterday's gorgeous weather. It's been hard to get moving and do something.



Madam Pince - Apr 10, 2008 9:51 pm (#1418 of 2991)    

Puck, I'm sorry to hear about kitty. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

I wish they could come up with a way to send school delay announcements directly to your alarm clock. We had a 90-minute fog delay this morning, but I still got up normal time.  I was tired, too...

So why am I up at 1:00? Good question... nighty-night!  


Solitaire - Apr 10, 2008 9:58 pm (#1419 of 2991)  
Thanks, Shepherdess and Lizzy ... I will probably just wait and start it in the morning, after I call the vet. I hate that I must give 2.5 droppers to Stoney. One is bad enough! He will not take pills, no matter how well I disguise them. With liquid, he refuses to swallow and then usually spits it all over me. He is such a fun dog to give medicine (NOT). I wish I knew how to administer injections! it would be a lot easier.



Vox Gerbilis - Apr 11, 2008 3:04 am (#1420 of 2991)    

(((Puck))) I am so sorry. I've been a cat owner for less than three months, and I can't believe how attached I've gotten to her.


Puck - Apr 11, 2008 5:28 am (#1421 of 2991)
SOli, it is the same. My kids were on meds as babies that came in cc, but my syringe said ml.

Thanks, everyone. It's hard because I feel like I have to make a decision, it being Friday. The only way to know how bad off she is, is by bringing her in for tests, but I think that would be too much trauma for her. I wish she would just climb up on my lap and go peacefully to sleep. Other kitty was in so much pain at the end. We don't want her to get to that stage, yet don't want to bring her in too soon.


Anna L. Black - Apr 11, 2008 5:40 am (#1422 of 2991)  


Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 11, 2008 6:09 am (#1423 of 2991)    

(((Puck))) and (((Soli)))


Denise P. - Apr 11, 2008 6:49 am (#1424 of 2991)  
Puck, it is a hard thing to have to face but you will know when the time is right. Erroll, our wayward parakeet named for a wayward owl, we had to make that choice for him a few weeks ago. He had suffered a stroke several months ago and we knew it was time the morning we took him in. Even knowing we were doing what was best for him didn't make it any easier.

Another Roundtable is over! Yay! I like being RT Commissioner but since I was thrown in the deep end of this pool suddenly, I am not entirely comfortable swimming there yet. Yes, it is true, I am not the kind of person who easily stands up in front of a group of adults to lead them in songs, silliness and fun times. I do it but I alays feel like I look incredibly goofy doing it. I would much rather get up in front of the kids. At least they laugh at the stupid jokes. Adults give a polite smile.

Firday! Friday! Hooray it is Friday! I am contemplating a trip to Rhode Island this summer for a weekend, I will have to see if Lupin is Lupin is reading along since I would have the chance to see her if she was available. I would be staying with a friend outside Boston but meeting another group in Providence during the day.


Solitaire - Apr 11, 2008 7:20 am (#1425 of 2991)  
Puck, I will be thinking of you and praying for you. It's always so hard. I am hoping that Stoney will be like Quinn (his aunt) in this situation. She had surgery for rectal cancer when she was about 10, and she snapped back and was as spunky as a puppy until the last 6 months of her life, when she began to slow down rapidly. I lost her just about a year ago, when she was 16 or 17. So there is a precedent for long life and good recovery in that line.

TGIF! It seems like the week began a month ago! I hope you all enjoy your Friday!



Puck - Apr 11, 2008 9:06 am (#1426 of 2991)  
Public speaking in Japanese? Impressive.

Denise, I now know it is the right time. She has stopped eating. (I offered her the turkey she snatched from an indignant Toddler last week, but she declined.) She's not moving much either. She usually runs away when she hears a child, but hasn't even tried to move from the couch, and that's with a two-year-old hovering. I made an appointment for this afternoon. Mr. Puck is going to come home early.

Toddler is down there saying "It's okay, Kitty, it's okay."

Soli, I hope Stoney bounces back. How old is he now?


PeskyPixie - Apr 11, 2008 9:10 am (#1427 of 2991)    

(((Puck))) You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Soli, Stoney seems to have strong genetics on his side. Let's keep hoping and praying that he will indeed rebound like Aunt Quinn.

ETA: This past weekend my aunt's kitten fell down her well. She had just taken the cover off and had turned away momentarily when she heard the pail go clanging down. She peaked in and saw the tip of her scraggly little kitten's pink nose. When she got the little girl out her other two cats began washing the little one and snuggling her.

But the kitten down the well was so classic Lassie that I couldn't help giggling when I heard the story.


Holly T. - Apr 11, 2008 9:25 am (#1428 of 2991)    

(((Puck and kitty)))

(((Soli and Stoney)))

Vox, is your kitty all well adjusted now?

Denise, I e-mailed you at your Lexicon addy and it bounced back.


Denise P. - Apr 11, 2008 9:51 am (#1429 of 2991)    

Really? denise @ hp-lexicon.org is correct. Find one of the swap emails and it is there too. I will send you an email to see if you get it Smile


DJ Evans - Apr 11, 2008 10:56 am (#1430 of 2991)
My heart goes out to you Puck! Just know you are in all of our thoughts & prayers. It is so hard to make that type of decision, you just don't want them to suffer. (((Hugs))) to you & your family.

Soli -- Hope Stoney will bounce back & be his old self soon. (((Hugs))) for you & him.

Oh man, the sun is shining here today. It's been so long since we've seen it, that it almost hurts your eyes! But I don't care, I've been enjoying the heck looking out there & seeing not only sun but BLUE skies too! Smile

Does anyone else watch TVLand much? It has always been one of our favorite channels in our household, but it seems like here lately they've really messed it up. They've changed their programming to having either movies or some show called High School Reunion at night. I hate that! I used to like knowing that if there wasn't anything else on any of the other channels, you could depend on being able to watch a favorite old show. Not anymore..... ***sigh***

Have a great day/night everyone!

Later, Deb


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 11, 2008 4:04 pm (#1431 of 2991)    

My cat Princess is completely adjusted. She walks around like she owns the place, and feels quite put out that some areas are off limits to her. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059 Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042  Thanks for asking Holly.


Choices - Apr 11, 2008 6:38 pm (#1432 of 2991)  
My thoughts and prayers for Soli and Puck and {{{hugs}}} for you both.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


Solitaire - Apr 11, 2008 7:03 pm (#1433 of 2991)    

Thanks, everyone! Stoney does seem better today. He is on his antibiotics, and that should help with the business in his mouth. I have still not been able to talk to the doctor, which annoys me. The only time he is available, I am in class. By the time the kids left and I called this afternoon, he was gone. Hopefully, he will explain the situation to one of the assistants, who can then explain it to me. I'd like to get things in motion, if possible.

Stoney certainly does have a strong family history on his side. However, he has a rather "delicate" system, if you ask me. He looks pretty sturdy, but he has had his share of problems since he came to me in June of 2000, at the age of (I believe) four. This would make him about twelve years old. Funny ... it does not seem like I've had him this long!



Tazzygirl - Apr 11, 2008 7:12 pm (#1434 of 2991)    

I went to school today and left about two hours later. I've either got a really bad cold, or the beginnings of strep. I slept pretty much from noon until about 30 minutes ago, and now I'm trying to find a doctor to go see. I changed my medical coverage a few months back, and since I can't go back to my old doctor *sniff* I have to find someone new. I called several places listed on my insurance plan, and all of them said "no can do". I am now going to an urgent care facility, of which told me they can see me, but I need to find another general doctor for checkups and stuff.  

**hugs** to Puck and her family!

Can't remember what else I read. Off to the doctor I go.

Have a great weekend everyone!



PeskyPixie - Apr 11, 2008 7:38 pm (#1435 of 2991)  
Healing Charms to Tazzy.

I've been sick for the past two days as well. I'm down with a pretty serious salivary gland infection. I'm on antibiotics, but as this has become a chronic thing for me I'm looking into homeopathic treatment.

Have a great Friday night, all.


Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2008 12:26 am (#1436 of 2991)    

**healing charms** to you, Pesky!

I don't have Strep. Just the virus that's been going around the schools and my classmates.  I called in sick from work tomorrow, so I can take it easy.

Babysat the kids tonight- watched Underdog, and then they went to bed. They are really good when it comes to going to bed- you just tell them, they say "Okay!" and immediately climb into their beds and stay there until the morning. It's awesome.  



Good Evans - Apr 12, 2008 2:40 am (#1437 of 2991)    

get well soom Pesky!!! healing charms to you.

((((hugs)))) Puck and Soli - you and your pets are in my thoughts, tough times for you both.


Elanor - Apr 12, 2008 6:12 am (#1438 of 2991)    

Ohh!!! I'm really peeved! I've just received an email from amazon.uk announcing me that a "Beedle the Bard Writing Contest" is about to start and that the prize is a trip to London to actually read the orignal book! I thought it was a great contest until I found out that the contest is open to people from 24 countries (including the USA and many European countries like Belgium, Germany etc) but not to people from France! I have posted a note on their forum asking why????  **cries**

I hope a lot of you can enter it though!  

(((((Puck and Soli))))) Thinking a lot of you!

Healing Charms to Pesky and Tazzy!
Have a great day all!  


Anna L. Black - Apr 12, 2008 6:28 am (#1439 of 2991)  

They've chosen a really strange variety of countries, IMO. Maybe it's those countries that have an Amazon office os something?  Anyway, I can't enter either  But I wouldn't have won anyway  


  Good Evans - Apr 12, 2008 6:29 am (#1440 of 2991)    

Thats a bummer Audrey, I don't see why France are excluded. Maybe it is a franchise thing???

I entered earlier today, as I also got an email. fingers crossed!!!!


haymoni - Apr 12, 2008 8:07 am (#1441 of 2991)
Not to beat the math thing to death, but when we went to The Beautifulest One's conference this year (2nd grade), we were told that the testing requires the kids to show their work. They have to explain how they got their answer.

It isn't enough to just know your math facts. You have to draw boxes or make tally marks to show that 18-6 = 12. Sheesh!

I hated having to show my work. Isn't it enough that I got the answer right? I wasn't copying from anybody - I just KNEW.


Potteraholic - Apr 12, 2008 8:28 am (#1442 of 2991)    


About showing work on standardized tests: I'm a public school teacher in NYC. 3 years ago, the NYC Dept. of Ed, in its infinite wisdom  closed school down city-wide in the city for 2 days at the end of March to score the NY state standardized math tests. In the short answer sections, we were told that children could get partial credit for wrong answers as long as work was shown. So in the example you gave, 18-6 = 12, [for argument's sake, let's say the problem was Harry had 18 chocolate frogs and Ron ate 6 of them; how many does Harry have left?], if the child wrote 13 or 11, but had tally marks or pictures to support their thinking (and that they understood they had to subtract and not add) they could get 1 out of 2 points instead of 0.

That's one reason for asking kids to show work. As a teacher, on my own tests, I want my 4th and 5th graders to show work for that reason, too. (It's also a good deterrent to cheating. )


The giant squid - Apr 12, 2008 8:38 am (#1443 of 2991)  
Oh man, the sun is shining here today. It's been so long since we've seen it, that it almost hurts your eyes!--DJ Evans

I realize it's been a while, but you do remember that you're not supposed to look directly at it, right?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042



journeymom - Apr 12, 2008 8:43 am (#1444 of 2991)    

First baseball game of the season this morning! Ds on is on the Pirates. Arrrrgh!

Audrey, that's a travesty! Maybe you could use one of our home addresses as a front to get you into the contest...?

Glad Stoney is feeling better. Continued healing charms his direction.

Kristina, those are some very well behaved children.


Elanor - Apr 12, 2008 8:54 am (#1445 of 2991)    

Ah wells... I probably had no chance to win anyways but their choice of countries which can enter the contest really seemed arbitrary when I read the list. Thanks for the proposition Journeymom though!  I'm afraid they want you to prove where you live though. Too bad! But you can enter! Wouldn't it great to win a trip to the UK to read "The Tales of Beedle the Bard"?  

It's great you entered Julie, I do hope you win!  


Denise P. - Apr 12, 2008 9:46 am (#1446 of 2991)    

Whee! We got a new vaccuum today!

I always hated showing my work in geometry, the proof. I could get the correct answer, I just could not always show the proof to justify how I got there. It was very frustrating.


Holly T. - Apr 12, 2008 9:59 am (#1447 of 2991)    

Draco's idea of showing his work is to write "I dont no." He'll get the answer, but can't show how.

Healing charms to Pesky and Tazzy!

Dh is taking the kids to the police department's bike safety day. Draco is going to go through the course and do the other activities. Daughter is working at one of the booths with student council. I am supposed to be cleaning the house.


haymoni - Apr 12, 2008 10:00 am (#1448 of 2991)    

I'd rather be an insufferable know-it-all.

(than show my work!)

Sorry, cross-posted w/ Holly.


Puck - Apr 12, 2008 10:06 am (#1449 of 2991)    

Denise, I had the same trouble with geometry. I always forgot to put some minor point that just seemed common sense in my proof.

Okay, I'll need to go search to figure out how to enter this contest.

Thanks for all the hugs. Kitty is now resting beside her sister in the backyard.

Diva has already asked for a puppy, and Son for a fish.


Ihavebothbuttocks - Apr 12, 2008 10:11 am (#1450 of 2991)  
Lady Arabella
Lady Arabella

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geauxtigers - Apr 12, 2008 11:14 am (#1451 of 2991)    

I always hated showing my work in geometry, the proof. I could get the correct answer I just could not always show the proof to justify how I got there. It was very frustrating.

He heh... My teacher once wrote on my test when he was grading it "You can't B.S. your way through a proof". LOL I didn't like them either and apparently making up stuff doesn't count as correct even if the anwser is right!

My cousin is having trouble right now with long division, not because he doesn't know how to do it, but because he's doing it all in his head. He's getting points off for not showing his work. He came over a few times and Ginny and I helped him. He's got it now and I think I finally convinced him that in this case, he needed to show his work because he would reach a point in long division where he wouldn't be able to just do it in his head. I also told him that when he gets into high school, he'll want to show his work because he'll want every half a point they'll give him! LOL He's seems to be doing fine with it now; I guess he's no longer doing 45039/ 45 in his head. LOL! Freak of nature! I always wished I could do that!


Off to clean off this desk of mine which I currently can't see the surface of... Frenchy comes tonight so I need to get towels washed and some clothes so we don't have to hide the piles of dirty laundry somewhere...


Chemyst - Apr 12, 2008 11:42 am (#1452 of 2991)
I guess he's no longer doing 45039/45 in his head.

What a pity! That one ought to be done in one's head.


DJ Evans - Apr 12, 2008 12:00 pm (#1453 of 2991)    

Oh man, the sun is shining here today. It's been so long since we've seen it, that it almost hurts your eyes!--DJ Evans

I realize it's been a while, but you do remember that you're not supposed to look directly at it, right? --Mike

Ahhhh, so that explains the white light I see when I close my eyes. ***slaps forehead....I should have had a V-8***  lol

(((Hugs))) to Puck & family.

Later, Deb


 Puck - Apr 12, 2008 2:10 pm (#1454 of 2991)  
1000.93   :Hermione:

I did that much in my head, do you want more decimals, Chemyst?  


geauxtigers - Apr 12, 2008 2:42 pm (#1455 of 2991)    

LOL You got me Chemyst! I just typed out a random number divided by a random number! LOL I should've looked at it but I didn't! But you get my point, right? LOL

Ahhhh, so that explains the white light I see when I close my eyes. ***slaps forehead....I should have had a V-8***

lol SPEW!!!!


Denise P. - Apr 12, 2008 2:44 pm (#1456 of 2991)  
Millicent finally has all the materials she needs to start actually making her quilts for her bronze project. She has enough materials for a dozen quilts! We now have to wash everything, cut, pin and then sew... She has to have 15 hours in the project, before she ever sews anything, she already has more than a third of the hours.

Puck, was it you who has an embroidery machine? I am sending you an email since I can't find anyone locally and I seem to recall you had said you would be willing to make tags for her quilts. I know I made a note about it so I hope it was you!

Beautiful day out, we turned on the AC and mowed the entire yard.


journeymom - Apr 12, 2008 4:03 pm (#1457 of 2991)    

Interesting article below. JKR and other children's author's urge action to protect children in Darfur:


Add the http://


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 12, 2008 4:05 pm (#1458 of 2991)    

Regarding showing work: I always understood the math concepts, but I habitually made dumb mistakes like writing a wrong number some where. Thus, I always wanted the opportunity to show my work.

I loved proofs in geometry: all logic, and no picky numbers, suited my abilities just fine. And it was very useful when I went to law school. Seriously--having to go step by step through a logical problem prepared me for briefing cases.

Young Daughter had a play date today. Both girls must have OD'd on silly pills. I guided them through a game of Monopoly, in which they thought it was extremely funny to go into fake hysterics every time they had an unlucky break. I was trying very hard to remain patient instead of just yelling "just pay!"


Eponine - Apr 12, 2008 7:36 pm (#1459 of 2991)    

Mr. Eponine and I went to Charlotte today to see Wicked, and it was fabulous! Our seats were way in the back, but the entire thing was just gorgeous, and I'm so thrilled that I finally got to see it. Next Friday, we're getting to see Spamalot in Raleigh, so this is a musical filled week for us. I'm quite excited about it all.

I'm procrastinating on some school work due this week. How is everyone? Anything exciting going on?


PeskyPixie - Apr 12, 2008 7:54 pm (#1460 of 2991)    

We've discovered mould in a closet. How's that for excitement? Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059

Enjoy yourselves at Spamalot; I hear it's great!


journeymom - Apr 12, 2008 8:08 pm (#1461 of 2991)    

Wicked AND Spamalot? [Stomps away jealously]


 Puck - Apr 13, 2008 4:15 am (#1462 of 2991)    

Ohh, too fun, Eponine! O would love to go to shows more often, but between tickets and sitters, it just getss to be too much. Most of the things I see have a Princess or a muppet in them. (Of course, the puppet thing was true of the one adult show I did see )

Yes, Denise, that was me. I got your e-mail, but as my is funny and I'm currently having one of those days when I can receive mail, but not send, I couldn't reply. Lucky for you, I've actually cleaned off my sewing table recently. I see what I can come up with.



Marie E. - Apr 13, 2008 7:46 am (#1463 of 2991)    

Holly, I got your GS email. Thank you! There was a lot of info in there that I hadn't heard yet.

We're supposed to have pretty spring weather this week. I can't wait to pack away my sweaters.

I recently found out that a two year old at my daycare center is a big HP fan. He picked up a Lincoln Log and shouted "Expecto Patronus"! He told me that they have all the movies at his house. I suspect his mom is the real fan. This little guy is the most articulate two year old I've ever met. He speaks clearer than most four year olds I know. We had a conversation about whether or not Snape is a bad guy.

I have to make an appointment for Shayla at an orthodontist. She has a small mouth and her teeth are beginning to get crowded. She complains that her bottom eye teeth make her look like a bull dog. I'm not looking forward to all the fun that goes along with braces. I'm also waiting for another doctor to call me back about her back. She has a slight bump or hump in her lower back that they want to look at. It's not scoliosis, I think it's kyphosis (sp?). I was picturing how attractive Shay will be in middle school with braces and a back brace.  


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 13, 2008 9:20 am (#1464 of 2991)    

Ooh, Eponine, Young Daughter and I are sooo envious. I've seen Spamalot, but not Wicked. Young Daughter has seen neither, but I've promised to take her to see both the next time they're in Detroit.

I take it you're a Les Mis fan? We're going to see a high school production in two weeks. Admittedly, I have some misgivings arising from the Lovely Ladies number, but I'd hate for her to miss such a good show just because one number isn't suitable for her age (she's almost Cool.

(((Shayla)))-- Wish I knew the right words to give emotional support to a middle school kid with a back brace and orthodontic braces.

Marie, great to hear about the young HP fan!


Puck - Apr 13, 2008 9:21 am (#1465 of 2991)
LOL, Marie! I admit being slightly disappointed today. We were talking about the "stories" of the Bible, and asked who the kids' favorite story tellers were. Authors of Magic Treehouse, Jnie B. Jones, and others mentioned, but not one said HP.  I did think it was sweet that Son told us that his sister (Diva) was one of his. She's always making "books".  

Poor Shayla! If she needs glasses, go for contacts. And may the Acne Fairy skip over her!


geauxtigers - Apr 13, 2008 9:22 am (#1466 of 2991)    

I always show my work because when you’re as "good" at math as me, you need every .25 you can get! LOL  

Our French kid is here and he doesn't talk much! He's really sweet and polite, but I need conversation ideas! What do guys like to talk about? I think he's tired of everyone in my family going through the same round of questions! "Did you sleep well?; How was your flight? ect.!" AHH! I think he's having a little bit of trouble understanding us (in English and in French! LOL)

I guess it'll get better, he's just shy at first like I was when I went there (except any awkwardness when I was there was over-ruled by the fact that I was sleeping walking through the first 3 days! LOL)

It's supposed to get cold here! NO! It's been in the mid 80s today it's only going to be 70F. Monday the low will be 32F *gasp* I believe Canada is to blame for sending us this cold air!  

Off to do some homework and think of things I can talk about with Frenchy.


Eponine - Apr 13, 2008 9:30 am (#1467 of 2991)    

Vox, I am definitely a Les Mis fan. At 8, the song might just go over her head, but I don't think you should have her miss the entire show because of one song.


azi - Apr 13, 2008 10:10 am (#1468 of 2991)    

Geauxtigers - Have you asked him if he likes Harry Potter yet?  That's not really a joke though - I found my German exchange friend through asking that and we got on great.  

I think at 8 songs will go over heads. I was brought up listening to MeatLoaf and I was much older before I realised what most of his songs are about.  I still have random realisations every now and again.

Spamalot...ooo I'm jealous too! I'll skip Wicked though since a friend told me the ending is completely different to the book. Guess what I can't abide...

Cute kid, Marie! Here's hoping that Shayla will be fine and not need anything!

*waves* to everyone.  


Puck - Apr 13, 2008 10:24 am (#1469 of 2991)    

Okay, my Northern friends, how bad do we feel for Tori and her 70 degree weather?  

I knew all the songs from Grease when I was 7 or 8, and had no idea of anything "inappropriate", except that there were certain words I wasn't allowed to use.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 13, 2008 11:24 am (#1470 of 2991)  
Okay, my Northern friends, how bad do we feel for Tori and her 70 degree weather? ~Puck
Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2775603007

azi, that is a good idea. If memory serves, didn't Tori order at least one of the HP books in French? How about taking him somewhere - Starbuck's, a rock climbing gym, rollerblading around the neighborhood? (Though you might want to bundle up since it will dip waaay down to 70  )

((Hugs)) to you, Puck. (I say go for the puppy!  )


geauxtigers - Apr 13, 2008 11:42 am (#1471 of 2991)  
Geauxtigers - Have you asked him if he likes Harry Potter yet?

Yup and he does like it! That conversation lasted about 30 seconds! LOL I thought that might spark some discussion, but he kid smiled at me and said yes. Awwwwkwarrddd! (And yes, I did order PS in French and I did read it, but I like them in English better. You lose Hagrid's character when he's talking proper French! LOL)

We are going to take him to Bass Pro! LOL We can take him to the mall, maybe, but that's like a one time deal since he's a guy! LOL Girls are so much easier! We might drive out to LSU and take him to see Mike and the stadium. Also might visit the river to show him how high it is. Just have to find the a good day/time to get over there!

I wasn't saying 70 was cold, I was saying that 32 will be! In mid April! That's unheard of down here!!


azi - Apr 13, 2008 12:00 pm (#1472 of 2991)    

Hmm, maybe you could offer him PS in French to read while he's here? It might make him feel more comfortable and at home. Is there anything like ten-pin bowling nearby? That's a sociable game. He may start communicating better in a couple of days when he's settled in.


Elanor - Apr 13, 2008 12:12 pm (#1473 of 2991)  
LOL Ginny! I bet he is fighting a serious jetlag for now and that at first it must feel weird to him to be in an English-speaking only area. He will get used to it in a few days. He just needs a bit of time to adjust both inner clock and brain. Which region is he from btw?

I'm sure he won't mind the cold btw, he will feel at home...  Weather has been dismal lately here. This morning the newspaper's headline was reading: "We want SOME SUN!". And boy they could not have said anything truer!

Discussing music and cinema may be nice too. What about going to the cinema when he has recovered from the jetlag? I'm sure he will like it (and be impressed by the size of the popcorn boxes ).

I'm so glad I am on holidays! I'm feeling really tired. I have started taking allergy meds again as pollens were starting to annoy me and I'm sure it's their fault. BTW, the med's called "Xyzall", sounds like someone sneezing, don't you think? Maybe it's a test: if you manage to say its name without having someone answer "bless you", it means it works!  

Have a great Sunday all!  

Edit: Oh, I forgot! And if you want to impress him Ginny, tell him that you know that Tom Boonen has won the Paris-Roubais race today (I don't know if he likes cycling but if he does, he will sure be impressed! ).
From wiki: "Paris-Roubaix is a single-day professional bicycle road race held in northern France starting in Compiègne and finishing in Roubaix, near the Belgian frontier. Famous for rough terrain and cobblestone roads, it is regarded as one of the 'Monuments' or Classics of the European professional cycling calendar and carries the nickname The Hell of the North, A Sunday in Hell, Queen of the Classics". http: * // * en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris-Roubaix (just remove the ** and spaces, the whole entry is worth reading, especially the comments on the race part). It is always a very impressive race and it does deserve its name of "l'enfer du nord".


Puck - Apr 13, 2008 12:20 pm (#1474 of 2991)    

Maria, we have been thinking about doing some minor construction (extending a wall, redoing the floors, new windows, etc...) Plus, we have some vacation plans over the summer. We have already decided that while Son may get his fish for his birthday next month, any other pet will wait until the fall. You know, when the house is "calm", or what passes for it around here. (((hugs))) back to you!

Back to tackling Diva's craft area. I bought a nice, inexpensive wood cabinet from Wal-mart, and I'm cleaning things out of the plastic bins and transfering them into something that will look a bit nicer in my dining room. I have a large recyle bin, and it's already half full of old drawings, etc.... I must have at least 30 coloring books down there. I'll make each child choose five later, and the rest can go. (Any that haven't been used much can go to the playroom at the community center.) I likely won't finish before I have to get Diva from her tea party, but at least I can hide the recyle bin in the garage, so she doesn't see how much has been tossed away. (She puts her heart and soul into her projects, but I simply can't keep all of them. She makes so many.)


Madam Pince - Apr 13, 2008 1:01 pm (#1475 of 2991)  
I hated having to show my work. Isn't it enough that I got the answer right? I wasn't copying from anybody - I just KNEW. --haymoni

Me, too! I am still firmly of the belief that if I got the right answer, it is completely unfair to not give me full credit. You asked the question, I gave the answer. Period. (End of story, as Mad-Eye would say... )

Puck, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.  Hope all is going OK.

Yesterday started out such a beautiful day, then right in the middle of ball practice the skies opened and it poured! I had to run through a puddle six inches deep on the way out! But we got in at least part of a good practice, and got our uniforms, and afterwards got the banner made for the upcoming parade, so all-in-all it was a good day.

Best wishes and good luck charms going out to Lexicon Steve for the next week! I'm pulling for you whether I'm in the minority or not!  


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 13, 2008 1:02 pm (#1476 of 2991)    

Regarding Les Mis and Lovely Ladies, I'm more concerned about the dance moves than the lyrics. She's already heard the song a few times because I've been listening to it in my car, and it's all gone over her head. One of the girls who's in the number advised my husband (he's a teacher at the school) that it's fairly risqué, though not as much as the professional performance. I'm really not very concerned about this. I'm certain that an occasional exposure to mature material is not going to thwart a good upbringing and parental involvement.

But I don't want her imitating the dance at the wrong moment!


Denise P. - Apr 13, 2008 1:24 pm (#1477 of 2991)    

Madam Pince, we had gorgeous weather all day but then the temps dropped. Today has just been a cold, gray, yucky kind of day.

Tonight we find out if Millicent is going to Hogwarts again this summer. She is really hoping she gets in since she had a good time. She also wants to make the swaps for it. Last year, her swaps for camp were not HP related, this year they will be. (Assuming she gets in!)

We have all her fabric washed, going to piece together and cut later this evening.

Conversation for guys - ask about Beckham, how he feels about him being in the US, what his favorite team is, does he follow American football/baseball/basketball ....guys have a thing about sports usually


Puck - Apr 13, 2008 2:09 pm (#1478 of 2991)    

Vox, I'm just surprised if the high school would allow such dance moves. We never would have been allowed.

Unless this guy is more like the ones in my house, in which case NOVA would be a better point of discussion.  (Though they are currently at a hockey game, but this is an unusual occurrence.)


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 13, 2008 2:19 pm (#1479 of 2991)    

Tori, there's always Wii.


Tazzygirl - Apr 13, 2008 4:16 pm (#1480 of 2991)    

Edited Apr 13, 2008 5:40 pm
Thanks for the healing charms. I'm feeling better today, still congested, but about 10x better than Friday.  I took sick leave at work, so I could rest up.

**hugs** to Puck and Family.

It's been raining off and on since about Tuesday here. I kind of like it, as it's cooled off the island.  

Okay, so I need to vent/share what's happening for my graduation. If you want, you can skip the rest of this post.  

UH is hosting two graduation ceremonies- one for the College of Education, and another for the entire campus. The first one is a Convocation, where they just recognize the graduates from the College of Ed. It usually is a big deal, and it's always held in the Campus Ballroom or some other facility two days before the main UH graduation (where all graduates attend). For some reason, UH decided to not host the Convocation this year. My professors and other faculty members of the COE fought back and insisted we have it. UH agreed, but said that the only way we could hold it would be to have it a week earlier than normal, at an Amphitheater on Campus. They also said that instead of them providing the refreshments and seating, they want the graduates and their families to bring a picnic dinner and blankets to spread out on the Amphitheater grass. The only thing they would provide would be 'cold water' (their exact words). Because it was either choose this or not have the Convocation at all, the faculty decided to go with it. Now, I'm grateful that the COE fought back, but I really wish they had informed us, the students, about it, as we could have helped. What really made me (and my classmates, as well as all the other COE graduates) upset was that they didn't tell us until a couple weeks ago, after all of our families already bought their plane tickets out here. Everyone had been under the impression that the Convocation was two days before the main UH graduation (because the website STILL says 'Convocation on May 16!!'), so they bought tickets for a day or so before the 16th. My parents fly in on the 15th. Which means they miss Convocation (which is on the 10th). They (along with everyone else in the COE) cannot reschedule their flights because of 1)plane ticket prices and 2)they can't take that much time off from work.

To top all that drama off, because of Aloha and ATA airlines going bankrupt and no longer operating: my grandparents, aunt, uncles, brother and sister will not be able to come to see me graduate.   They lost their plane tickets, and cannot afford the $1000+ each ticket is now going to cost to get out here.

This wasn't what I pictured my graduation to be like. And it feels like my classmates and I got the short end of the stick.  /end venting/sharing. I'm feeling really bad for all those families that got stuck in the limbo of ATA and Aloha right now! Thanks for reading that!

Off to file my taxes (  ) and try and get some lesson plans done.



geauxtigers - Apr 13, 2008 5:18 pm (#1481 of 2991)  
Which region is he from btw? Paris.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will try to talk sports with him and see how that goes. I hope he likes sports! LOL But I don't know anything about soccer or rugby! I wonder if he can talk baseball... I can do baseball and American football, soccer eh, I know David Beckham is fine! But he won't care about that  Oh and Zidane (sp) got red-carded in the last world Cup and didn't Germany win?

I plan on playing the Wii and Guitar Hero with him! LOL you know need words for that! I do think there is a lot of jet lag, especially last night. I think he is better today though. Going to France is much more jet lag wise. I wasn't right for about 3 days. I bounced back after a day here, so hopefully he will too. Oh and we are going to go bowling, just not sure when! (can't remember who said this)

((Hugs)) to Kristina.


Puck - Apr 13, 2008 6:36 pm (#1482 of 2991)    



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 13, 2008 8:56 pm (#1483 of 2991)    

Speaking of musicals, we just saw Camelot. It was a lot easier explaining infidelity to the kids than I thought. My friends 6 year old was scared of some of the scene but she did ask lots of questions. But "she isn't allowed to have a boyfriend when she is married” was sufficient for the 9 year olds and even my 11 year old. I did point out that the Arthur in this movie is "Dumbledore". They got that Merlin was the Dumbledore of this movie.

Going to France is much more jet lag wise. I wasn't right for about 3 days. I bounced back after a day here, so hopefully he will too. Geauxtigers

Yes jet lag is much worse pushing time forward (going to Europe) than going backwards, returning to the US. Going there it's the next day already, coming here you are repeating the time.


geauxtigers - Apr 13, 2008 9:34 pm (#1484 of 2991)
Yes, going to France, we had an over night flight which I did not sleep at all, so when I got there, it was 10 a.m. Paris time and 3 a.m. my time and I hadn't slept. So it was basically like pulling an all nighter only worse! I felt so rude, my host family drove me around their neighborhood or soemthing and showed me all these castle things and I think there may have been a valley with a river, but I slept pretty much the whole time! I'd wake up at random points and just say 'oui'! LOL I've never been so tired in my life!

The Wii was a good idea! He's never played one before, so we had fun. He's warmed up to us a lot, so that's good! Communication is better as well, he's saying more than 'ehhh yes!' LOL That's what I did when I was there. If I didn't understand them, I'd just say "oui"! LOL That got me in trouble a few times! I one time ended up with luke warm milk with powdered chocolate drink mix that didn't dissovle. That took some guts to choke down... **shudders at thought of lukewarm milk**

I've always wanted to see Wicked! I've heard it's great! Anyone going to see Eqqus on Broadway? I think I'll pass, I have no desire to see Dan bare all. I'll never be able to watch a HP movie the same way again!

Off to bed. School...ehhhh! Is it summer yet? 33 days until I'm free!


journeymom - Apr 13, 2008 11:56 pm (#1485 of 2991)    

Dan bare all: we may yet see Dan bare most, if not all, if the movie DH is faithful to the Kings Cross chapter.

Kristina, that absolutely stinks! I'm incensed on your behalf! Why in the world would the university think it's ok to gyp you out of that special day? And yes, with some time to plan the faculty and students probably could have held a really nice convocation elsewhere. My sister's convocation from nursing school was in a small, ornate old hall on campus and there was a nice catered lunch afterwards. I'm sorry your family is missing, as well.


Good Evans - Apr 14, 2008 4:40 am (#1486 of 2991)    

((( hugs to Kristina))) and big bat bogey hexes on the "decision makers". I think it is awful, perhaps you could sue them? I think I might get a solicitor’s letter fired off, they have published the wrong date which has resulted in loss of money (wrong flights) and / or, disappointment at missing the occasion. Boo Hiss to them!!!!


Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 14, 2008 6:53 am (#1487 of 2991)    

We had PE today (outdoors) and it was hailing. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934   My hands are still cold.



Solitaire - Apr 14, 2008 6:59 am (#1488 of 2991)    
Tazzy, Julie is right. I would check with an attorney. Was this a last-minute change? If so, why? And if it was not a change and was planned all along, why were you not told this months ago, so you could have planned accordingly? I do not blame you for being angry. This is beyond unprofessional on the part of the university. Good luck!



Denise P. - Apr 14, 2008 8:07 am (#1489 of 2991)    

That stinks Tazzy!

Millicent didn't get into Hogwarts  She is on the random wait list so if a girl can't go, she could be randomly chosen. I am hoping so many people make other plans that the wait list will dwindle to nothing and she will go. Even if she doesn't get in, we will head over there one after noon to say hello to another Forum member who will be staff for Hogwarts.

I went to pick up something from an ad on craigslist. I pulled into the parking lot and was speaking to Kip on the phone since I was a bit early. A woman approached my van and we confirmed that we were supposed to meet. (I said good bye to Kip before I hung up) I asked how she knew it was me, it was a large parking lot. She said it was my license plate. I still looked puzzled and asked how that would let her know it was me. She laughed and said "your email" It still was not dawning on me until I realized that I use a HP related email for all craigslist mail. She was a fan as well and connected my email and license plate (oblivi8). She is only the second person to comment on my plate so far. **:waves to Catherine****


Potteraholic - Apr 14, 2008 9:44 am (#1490 of 2991)    

Attention Five Worders! The story about Xeno and Luna and the Snorkacks is posted and can be found here. The new story starts here. Hope to see you soon!


Puck - Apr 14, 2008 10:28 am (#1491 of 2991)    

Hmmm, around here if it starts hailing, we change plans and bring things indoors.  **passes a mug of my favorite french vanilla tea to SSS

Someone from here is staff at Hogwarts camp? Lucky duck! There was a Hogwarts camp for Girl Scouts in my Council, but it was too far away for Diva. Plus, the Magical Kingdom of fairies which we signed her up for is much more her speed. Wish I could go to the Hogwarts one, but I'm passed the age limit. (Only by a few months )


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 14, 2008 10:41 am (#1492 of 2991)  
Kristina, I would definitely go along the lines of GEJulie and Solitaire's thoughts:

They certainly didn't mind taking your money for four years going to school there. Put together a letter, make copies and get as many signatures on the list from your graduating class as possible. I would certainly present it to them. It doesn't sound as though they have any documentation showing that they notified you sufficiently (aka by fall '07) and they didn't seem to provide a reason. Did they rent out the place they usually use? If so, it is up to them to find a suitable replacement. I think you and your classmates should not take this lying down. Also, it wouldn't hurt to come up with a tally of what this has cost you/your family for everything from invitations to plane fares. ((Good luck whatever you decide to do!))

Sorry Millicent didn't make it into the camp, Denise.

I just knew the Wii couldn't lose, heh heh. Ginny, Sorry - Tori  I'd share that story about always saying "oui" when you didn't understand and what happened with the hot chocolate, also the jet lag and how you slept in the car. I think it will close the gap a bit. Also, did you let him make a Mii?


journeymom - Apr 14, 2008 11:47 am (#1493 of 2991)  
Dd and the seventh grade class are off to Wonder Valley for a week of nature study and camp-type stuff. It's a ranch east of Fresno, near Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, so it's about 4 hours away. From the web site the camp looks lovely and fun. All green fields. I told her to expect brown fields. That's a goofy name, IMO. There is an Indian gaming casino near here called Thunder Valley. Mr. Journeymom has been teasing dd saying they're off for a week of gambling.  This is the longest dd will have been away from us!  I know she'll have a blast.


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 14, 2008 6:39 pm (#1494 of 2991)    

Journeymom, that sounds wonderful! I'd love to have my daughter go to someplace like that when she's older.

It's finally spring here, and I'm filled with my usual springtime ambitions: I'll rely on my bicycle for neighborhood transportation, walk every day, encourage Young Daughter to improve her bicycling, swimming, and jump roping skills. I'll grow my own vegetables, eat healthier, and shed 30 pounds by September. Yeah, right, sure I will. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042 But I have kept with this plan for two days now.


Madam Pince - Apr 14, 2008 7:13 pm (#1495 of 2991)
Tazzy, so sorry about your graduation plans being so upset! I agree with others here -- I wouldn't just lie back and take it, especially considering the airline situation. That is just unacceptable. Good luck and I hope something works out. (Also, hope you're feeling better soon!)

We are only four kids' drawings away from finishing our class book that we've been making in Little Pince's class -- woo-hoo! I've been helping and let me tell you it's been an experience! We should finish up tomorrow, then I start working with the Book Fair.

Thursday is teacher's conference (at 7:30am!!! I am sooooo not looking forward to that time!) and then Book Fair again, followed by an afternoon birthday party, followed by making dinner for father-in-law who just had knee surgery and sitting with him until his wife gets home at 10pm. I feel sure I will collapse Friday morning...  Then pretty much all day Saturday is Little League Opening Day -- parade followed by team pictures followed by game. Maybe I'll put off the collapse until Sunday.... hmmmm...

At least taxes are done! ( to Tazzy... ) And the weather is supposed to be really nice for the end of the week, so that's two things I guess!

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


megfox* - Apr 14, 2008 7:46 pm (#1496 of 2991)  
Hey Denise - Did you get to the post office today?  

But siriusly, no pressure if you didn't, I was just wondering.


Puck - Apr 14, 2008 7:54 pm (#1497 of 2991)    

I was thinking Denise would be better off waiting until the 16th.

Actually, I was going to head to the post office to mail Son's birthday invites tomorrow. I wasn't even thinking of the date. Do you really think it will be that bad? We e-file in February, and I just don't think as many people flock to the post office as there was in the past. I assume many people file electronically.


Tazzygirl - Apr 14, 2008 7:55 pm (#1498 of 2991)    

Thanks for all the hugs and support.

It all literally happened all at once. We found out about this a couple weeks ago. We had received an email about how Convocation had been moved to May 10th. I (and my entire cohort) sent an immediate email back asking why they had changed the date. We explained that all of our families had already bought plane tickets out here. My supervisor then sent us an email apologizing, and forwarded on the message from another professor that explained what happened. The message said that UH had cancelled the Convocation because "they didn't have the facilities to house 1,200+ people". Which is just ridiculous, as they do it every year. At last year's Convocation, I was part of a conversation with this same person who said they were looking at having our ceremony at the Hawaii Convention Center. I don't know where that plan disappeared to. Anyways, when the guy received that email, he and all of the other professors and such banded together and fought to have it reinstated. When my classmates and I found out about the date change and everything, we asked if there was anyone on campus that we could talk to about changing the date back. We were given the response to not do that, as UH might just take it away from us again.  Everytime we have had a meeting at UH though, we have brought it up, but to no avail. I think by now it's a bit late to do anything really drastic (1 month to go)- though the thought has really crossed our minds. I mean, at least serve actual appetizers or something, instead of just 'cold water'.  When I wrote my post yesterday, I was upset, and it was probably the first day that it really hit me that my family wouldn't be here for that. (Plus, my aunt has been driving me up the wall, and the sooner I move out, the better. **hair pulling out** smiley)

Denise- sorry Millicent didn't get into Hogwarts! Couldn't the Forum member who is going to be at the camp pull some strings???  

at Madam P!  I mailed my taxes on the way home from school today. LOL

Feeling a bit better today- just congested.  

I forgot I was being observed on a lesson tomorrow, so now I am off to type up the lesson plan and prep. Yeay!  


EDIT: Puck- when I went to the post office today at 3 pm, I was in and out within 5 minutes. I didn't go to the main counter, just to the side one to get stamps out of the machine.


geauxtigers - Apr 14, 2008 9:18 pm (#1499 of 2991)    

I just knew the Wii couldn't lose, heh heh. Ginny, Sorry - Tori I'd share that story about always saying "oui" when you didn't understand and what happened with the hot chocolate, also the jet lag and how you slept in the car. I think it will close the gap a bit. Also, did you let him make a Mii?

Check, check, and check! LOL He's really nice, it's gotten a lot better. Car rides are still awkward! LOL Ginny and I usually have silent car rides, but it's never weird because we're sisters! LOL I feel like every song I want to listen to is something he's not into. Especially country songs! LOL But he always says it's fine when I tell him he can pick a CD or something. Oh well! We are trying to do things with the other students so he has someone to talk to. Only problem is he's the only boy, so taking the girls to the mall everyday if fine, but I feel like he's bored! And I need to entertain him, but I've got homework and stuff! I'll figure it out, I've been letting him use the computer and stuff...

I have a proud Potter moment for yall! On my Ethics test, I got this question: What are hedons and dolors? Well, I had no idea, so I guessed: My anwser was: "Hedons and dolors, I honestly have no idea. I'm going to take a stab at it. So dolors is a Latin word for mean, evil, unpleasant, and just not good. My guess is that hedons is Latin for happiness, the opposite of dolors." LOL I knew that Dolores Umbridge got her name from dolors in Latin! LOL I got full credit even thought that was a really bad anwser! I just had a proud Potter helped me in life moment! LOL And no, I still don't know what they really are in relation to ethics!

I'm super excited because my friend from Germany sent my some Kinder Buenos for my b-day! I was really surprised. Now it is going to take all of my self control not to eat them all tonight! They are staring at me...but I want to savor them...but they are starting...but I want to look good in a swimsuit...still staring... okay, maybe just one more...

Off to bed! **not eating a bueno, nope, I'm really not**


Accio Sirius - Apr 15, 2008 4:29 am (#1500 of 2991)
I wish I had some sort of pull at Hogwarts camp--but alas I'm just a newbie. The two women running it are ex-military and have done it for years. I would be slightly intimidated to even bring up a change to their well-honed system! In fact, I totally blanked on my camp name and went with an old college nickname. Not even a HP name!!! What was I thinking?! They did tell us that for the first time ever, they don't have a wait list for Brownies, but every other age group has long wait lists--it's that popular (if you work at the camp, your daughter is guaranteed a spot). We have to choose our house colors and name, and every day there is a hunt for Scabbers , a daily HP quiz and chances to earn house points. I'm doing this for my daughter. Yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Denise, I tried to e-mail you the other day about the Brownies openings, but it bounced back. Strange.[/color]
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Denise P. - Apr 15, 2008 5:39 am (#1501 of 2991)  
Someone else tried to email me as well and had it bounce.

Yes, Hogwarts is very popular around here. Even among the non-HP fans it is a popular camp. Millicent had a good time last year which is why she wanted to go again. I really hope that so many people make other plans rather than gamble on the waiting list that we will get contacted. We are not planning on being out of town that week so she could go at the last minute. I just wish it was not chosen on a random lottery, I like the mail in registrations better because I think it is more fair. Open registration on a specific date, accept the girls as the applications come in, close it when it is full. That is what the other camps in the areas do.

I did not go to the post office yesterday since something came up. Wednesday!


Puck - Apr 15, 2008 5:54 am (#1502 of 2991)    

I think I will brave the post office. If I see a really long line, I'll just leave and wait for tomorrow. (Too bad Target doesn't sell stamps.) Though my hubby's desk is about 6 feet away from where I am sitting, and I could always look and see if we already have some. (Most of the invites are being hand delivered either at scouts or around the neighborhood, so not many to mail.)

Time to get going. My Daisies wore out my stamp pads, and I usually stamp the hands of my kids after dance class. (I prefer stamps to stickers. I don't run out as often, and they don't fall off and end up stuck to the floor.) LOL, my dancers must think my Scouts a pain. I've had very faint ink for a couple of weeks now, and last week I didn't have their favorite cd, as it was still packed in with my mother-daughter stuff.


Solitaire - Apr 15, 2008 6:52 am (#1503 of 2991)    

Puck, I buy stamps at the grocery store. They all sell stamps out here. Have you checked your local markets? Just ask your checker when you go through the line.


PeskyPixie - Apr 15, 2008 9:49 am (#1504 of 2991)    

I haven't been here in a few days, and won't be able to stay too long today ... just wanted to thank everyone for the Healing Charms.  

I haven't had a chance to read any of today's and yesterday's posts, so I'm really sorry if I'm being insensitive about anything  ; I'll make it up when I have a chance to read through everything.  

Just wanted to share something before I forget. We did a fridge clear-out yesterday and encountered a tub of ricotta cheese no one had any memory of. We opened it up (had to chuck the remains in the compost) and I can guarantee that I've never met anything so foul before. The thing had turned a pretty shade of brown (quite an appetizing colour actually) but gave of an odour of bad eggs, bad cheese and bad onions.  


Puck - Apr 15, 2008 10:13 am (#1505 of 2991)    

Well, good thing I finished lunch, or else I wouldn't want it anymore.  


Anna L. Black - Apr 15, 2008 10:59 am (#1506 of 2991)  
I, on the other hand, am supposed to eat dinner now  


Elanor - Apr 15, 2008 11:07 am (#1507 of 2991)    

I've just eaten dinner but that's ok! As a teacher I've seen much worse (just like this 4 years old who, sitting just in front of me, and without any kind of warning, threw up her breakfast all down herself...   That was truly a SPEW moment. ).

I'm glad your Frenchie is recovering from the jetlag Ginny and Tori! Have lots of fun together!  

Tazzy, this is so awful! ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) And Bat-Bogey hexes to the ones responsible for all this from me as well!

Soli, how is Stoney doing? Loads better I hope!

Have a great day all!  


John Bumbledore - Apr 15, 2008 11:54 am (#1508 of 2991)    

From way back at the end of March...

Easter candy]is so bad for you. I think for every gram of sugar, your body's defenses are weakened for around 6 hours. How about an apple instead. (awaiting dungbombs)

Olivia is home sick today.... (Maria)

Some Dragon of a mom you are. Apparently Olivia had too much Easter candy.  

I just popped in to announce the Bumbledores have a new puppy. Paws Bumbledore is about 17 weeks old, his mom is a rottweiler and his dad was what ever jumped the fence. Adopted from the neighbor of our close friends. Yes, he has big paws, thus DW named him (I countered with "Sasquatch" but I was ignored.)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Apr 15, 2008 2:11 pm (#1509 of 2991)    

John, I'm glad Mrs. Bumbledore prevailed.  You'll have to post a picture of Paws the Puppy sometime soon.


Puck - Apr 15, 2008 3:15 pm (#1510 of 2991)  
Congrats to the Bumbledore's!  


journeymom - Apr 15, 2008 4:35 pm (#1511 of 2991)  
May we discuss this here?

hpana.com/news.20422.html Add the www.

I got a little teary-eyed myself. It is not clear to me if Steve vander Ark personally wants to proceed with the case. Is it out of his hands now? I urgently hope this can be resolved amicably.


geauxtigers - Apr 15, 2008 8:11 pm (#1512 of 2991)    

I read an AP article and it sounds to me like Steve is contractually bound and it is now out of his hands quite a bit. But that is interpretation, so please correct me if I'm wrong! You know how newspapers can be! They lead you on!

I think support Jo on this, but I think I could make up my mind a little better if I understood more about what Steve's situtation is. I feel like we are getting a very one-sided story. I need more facts. Personally, I'd buy both Steve's book and the Encyclopedia, but I can see how a lot of people might 'forget' about the Encyclopedia. But they're not real fans, so they don't count do they?  

Either way, it's very unfortunate. I hope everything turns out okay!

Anyway, I'm off to bed, I think. I'm so tired!


haymoni - Apr 15, 2008 9:03 pm (#1513 of 2991)    

I've found The Lexicon to be a pretty handy thing to have around.

Jo herself has used it.

Too bad they can't work together to create an Encyclopedia.

Steve's already done most of the work.


Regan of Gong - Apr 16, 2008 12:48 am (#1514 of 2991)
Well, well, well- just read it in the Sydney Morning Herald. Such a tricky business.

Kind of reminded me I haven't been here for about a year. Apparently my subscription hasn't run out either.


azi - Apr 16, 2008 2:46 am (#1515 of 2991)    

A tricky business indeed. **waves to Regan** Welcome back.  

I was feeling pretty down about the situation (banging a few heads together is still a tempting idea) but then I read an *ahem* slightly biased article against JKR in The Guardian which made me laugh. Humour does make you feel better about the while thing.  

**waves to John** You've been away for a while! Hope all is well.  

Lovely days to all.  


Denise P. - Apr 16, 2008 6:31 am (#1516 of 2991)    

An update on SWAPS - I am in the process of sorting and taking a break. I had a bad 10 minutes where I could not find one of the swaps and actually called Shelia (yay! I spoke to Shelia!) to have her remind me what had been sent. I found it sitting in plain sight on my kitchen table, away from where I had all the other boxes. I had also been looking for a white box and it was in a brown box.  I was very worried that Mr. Denise thought the box was empty and moved it somewhere but it is all well!

I am hopeful that I will have them sorted and ready to be mailed before lunchtime today. I will keep everyone updated but I think you all will be thrilled with this batch, they are so fun! I will post a teaser picture later (making sure you can't really see anything much)


Solitaire - Apr 16, 2008 7:06 am (#1517 of 2991)    

“Authors have a duty to prevent the exploitation of their works by people who contribute nothing original, creative or interpretive. “

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something, but this statement doesn't make sense to me. Aren't there a number of interpretive essays on the Lexicon which have been written by fans? Those would certainly seem to be original and creative, as well. I also do not understand how the encyclopedic format is ripping off Jo's work. If she has seen it that way, then why didn't she say something years ago? Is it only the fact that the information is being put into printed form that is the problem?

What about other authors who have written books explaining or interpreting things from the HP saga? Are they going to be hauled into court, as well? I can't help thinking the whole thing is sad.



azi - Apr 16, 2008 7:20 am (#1518 of 2991)    

Ooo, SWAP pictures, yey!  Really looking forward to seeing what people have done!

I wrote a 1500 word essay entitled 'In Defence of Lexicon Steve' today. It felt good, albeit a bit messy in its format.  

If only I could transfer the need to write something about that into writing the mound of work I need to do.  


Eponine - Apr 16, 2008 8:44 am (#1519 of 2991)
The difference between the online Lexicon and the print Lexicon is that the print Lexicon does not contain any of the essays or analysis written by other fans. Initially, the publisher claimed it would, but now they are not included. Since (to my knowledge) none of those fans had been asked permission for their work to be included, it wouldn't seem particularly proper for them to be included. So the print Lexicon is only descriptions of places, characters, spells, etc.

Additionally, the print Lexicon differs from other guidebooks in that it includes very very little original material. If you want to see just how much of Rowling's words the print Lexicon uses, then add http :// to this. 3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/misselthwaite/?action=view¤t=000rrd1r.jpg (This is from one of the exhibits filed in the trial)

More than 90% of the book is taken directly from the HP books with very little commentary or analysis. This is very different from the books about the mythology of the HP animals or the science behind the spells. Had Steve thoroughly explored the mythology of things or the etymology of the words, or even included essays, the print Lexicon would probably not have caused such a fuss. It's because the book has almost no original commentary or analysis and consists almost entirely of Jo's copyrighted material that makes this a problem.

I think he's wrong, and I don't see any implications of this affecting true critical analysis. If anything, a win for Steve could be a very bad thing for fandom. The publishers of the print Lexicon are arguing that since she let the Lexicon stand online, then she essentially gave up her right to challenge it in print form. If this is determined to be true, authors and creators everywhere are going to crack down on online fan sites because they will not want similar problems.

I think Jo is perfectly justified in challenging this book, and I hope she wins.

So...how's everyone?


Good Evans - Apr 16, 2008 10:18 am (#1520 of 2991)    

Fine thanks Eponine!

John - Paws is a lovely name - but I quite like sasquatch too!! LOL  

***waves*** to Regan - nice to see your name again, there are a few people that have wondered off since the last book, I hope they wander back from time to time!


Denise P. - Apr 16, 2008 10:36 am (#1521 of 2991)    

Edited Apr 16, 2008 1:31 pm
Owls away! Owls have been dispatched with parcels to those who took part in the Second Harry Potter Lexicon Forum Swap! Once the owl makes it to Australia, I will post an address so everyone can see what talented people we have here on the Forum. I see them all as they come in but it really is amazing when you see over 300 of them sitting together on a table.

Here is a teaser picture of a set of swaps before being sealed in the box. I had rows of boxes lined up with names written on the flap to sort. Then, after everything was sorted, I went through the checklist of each swap before sealing the box.


geauxtigers - Apr 16, 2008 1:17 pm (#1522 of 2991)    

**waves to Regan!** It's been a long time since we've talked! Even longer since you were here!

Eponine's got it right, I believe. I've done some digging as well and I tend to agree that I'm on Jo's side with this one. I like that the Lex is an online site, it's different than having it in print. Jo's encyclopedia will have a lot of the same stuff already in Steve's book, so they would be very similar. I think they just need to reach an agreement and settle the matter.

Neither side needs this kind of press.

Got to go. Frenchy needs to be entertained... this is hard...


Madam Pince - Apr 16, 2008 2:22 pm (#1523 of 2991)    

You know it's a slow news day when the internet headline says "Martha Stewart's Dog Paw-Paw Dies of Renal Failure."  

Soli, really? You can buy stamps at the grocery store? I thought because it was a federal government thing that they could only be bought/sold through an official federal office. Wow, the things you learn here!

John Bumbledore, welcome back! I think Paws' daddy's name is "Handsome Stranger."  (from that silly 1979 western movie The Villain with Kirk Douglas and Arnold Schwarzenegger... it was called Cactus Jack in the UK according to IMDB...)

I have been following (in other venues) the court case everyone is discussing, but I have not read all the exhibits of the trial. From what I know, I am firmly on Steve's side. I hope he wins, and I want to buy his book. The Lexicon has been indispensible to my enjoyment of the series, and I would love to have the opportunity and the choice to have a hard copy of it on my bookshelf. I cannot see how an encyclopedia is "wholesale theft" of anything because it took a great deal of original work to get it re-arranged -- naturally the information comes from the books because that is what an encyclopedia is, but that is not "copying" to my mind. And if she felt it was, then why was the issue not raised years ago with the online version, instead of her praising it and admitting to using it herself? I know there are many more things on the online version than are planned in the book (such as essays, etc.), but the encyclopedic entries are there, too, and she had no problem with them before money became involved.

Although I do realize that this is not at all pertinent to the issue, I also think that probably a very small minority of "geeks" like myself would buy Steve's book, while JKR's grocery list would probably be NY Times Bestseller List, so I don't think her Scottish Book is in any danger.  

Further, I think the Associated Press reports that JKR had requested through her lawyers that Steve not be allowed to be present in the courtroom while she testifies is totally ludicrous and bordering on "diva behavior." Certainly as a party to the suit he has the right to hear first-hand any and all testimony against him, and if she finds it upsetting, then I say too bad, look the other way. I have not heard how the judge ruled on her request but I devoutly hope he did not grant it.

Finally, I feel extremely sorry for JKR's daughter Jessica right now -- in the space of a couple weeks, she has heard her mother say (in an interview) that she once seriously considered ending her life while Jessica was a baby, and now she's heard her mother testify in court that she considers a fictional character (her work, essentially) to be as dear to her as her children -- and I believe that is a quote. (Thanks a lot, Mom... )

No disrespect to anyone with a differing opinion!  We can all see things differently and that's why this issue is in a court -- so that two people with different viewpoints and equally valid opinions can come to a resolution. I agree certainly that both sides could've and probably should've handled this a little better and a little differently, but alas... that's why we have judges I guess...

OK, /rant!  


haymoni - Apr 16, 2008 3:34 pm (#1524 of 2991)    

Madam P - I agree with you on lots of points. I don't understand why she allowed the website - except that it helped readers like us and we bought more books.

If I were Jo, I would let Steve publish the Lexicon and then publish my own with all the backstories, drawings of what I thought the characters looked like, copies of the handwritten notebooks - things that only Jo would have.

I'm just afraid that Jo is going to come off looking bad in this. I don't think Steve is trying to rip Jo off - he just wants some payback for all the hard work he has put into promoting her work.


journeymom - Apr 16, 2008 3:40 pm (#1525 of 2991)    

she had no problem with them before money became involved. - But, see, I think this is the point. That's why fan fiction writers include disclaimers over and over: Not making any money! Just borrowing Jo's characters! etc etc. Because make a profit from someone else's material without permission is simply illegal.

I whole heartedly agree, both sides could have and should have handled this differently, better. And it sounds to me like the judge agrees.

“J.K. Rowling and a publisher who wants to release an unauthorized lexicon to her Harry Potter novels should try to settle the copyright dispute out of court,” a judge said Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson Jr. said the copyright infringement case was a legal close call, involving unresolved areas of American law, and was almost certain to end in years of appeals.

“I think this case, with imagination, could be settled,” Patterson said on the third day of the trial in Manhattan federal court.

ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hIGNIcztySvpGhm95iGPhNL7ov1AD9032GHG1 Add the http://

Off to figure out if there are rules about quoting so much outside material...


azi - Apr 16, 2008 3:45 pm (#1526 of 2991)  
**passes Madam P a cold compress** Everything will be ok...especially after our nice chat in the Chat Room.  I appreciated it!


Madam Pince - Apr 16, 2008 4:13 pm (#1527 of 2991)  
Edited Apr 16, 2008 5:17 pm
***applies cold compress***  Thanks! (Sorry I had to run out -- the doorbell rang...)

Doing a search on Alibris -- there is a book for sale right now by someone named Kristina Benson entitled "The Unofficial Harry Potter Encyclopedia - Harry Potter A to Z" and the cost is $94.48. It was published in 2007 by Equity Press as a trade paperback. The synopsis states "The Unofficial Harry Potter Encyclopedia: Harry Potter A-Z" studies each character in Harrys world from his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, to Lord Voldemort to Professor Dumbledore. This book is an independent and unauthorized publication not endorsed by J.K Rowling, her publishers, copyright, or trademark holders."

So why was Ms. Benson not hauled into court? (Or perhaps she was and we just didn't hear about it?) Did she not do a good enough job on her book? Not support her interpretations with examples from the original canon? So you can write a bad book and it's OK to publish, but do a good job that honors the originals it is drawn from and you're in court? I'm confused.

(That was rhetorical, by the way... I'm not looking for a reply... )

Vox Gerbilis - Apr 16, 2008 7:15 pm (#1528 of 2991)    

I know virtually nothing about copyright law. I didn't take the class in law school, and because it's an exclusively federal matter, my job, which is with state government, has nothing to do with it. So I'm not commenting on the legal issues, because I'm not sufficiently informed.

I will say, however, that JKR's attitude about this is really annoying me. Was it Madame P who used the term "diva"? I think that's spot on. Her claims about emotional distress and not being able to write anymore are just too over the top. None of this is to her credit.


journeymom - Apr 16, 2008 7:29 pm (#1529 of 2991)  
Well it sounds like her team did not make a particularly effective final statement.

blogs.wsj.com/law/2008/04/16/potter-trial-on-last-day-defense-outshines-rowling/?mod=WSJBlog Add the http://

I really hope they settle.


Solitaire - Apr 16, 2008 7:59 pm (#1530 of 2991)
Wow! The oddest thing just happened. I was cleaning up my yard and wheeling the trash bin to the curb (my usual Wednesday evening chore) when Chloe, one of the cats abandoned by my former neighbors, showed up. I've not seen her in a few years. The mean old cross-eyed cat has stuck around and become my "front porch cat"; Chloe moved on after a few weeks of hanging around. She did show up injured one evening, about 6 months after she left. She stayed on the porch for about 3-4 weeks, recuperating, and then split again. I haven't seen her for 2-3 years!

The first thing that happened was that she was attacked by old Cross-eyes! I managed to stop that and coaxed Chloe inside the fence. Cross-eyes never comes inside; she prefers to attack my feet and ankles on the porch, as I try to feed her. Chloe eventually followed me into the back yard, and I put down some food for her. She ate for a while, but for the past 15 minutes, she has been sitting in front of the back porch screen door, looking in at Stoney (who is inside, naturally). It will be interesting to see if she hangs around ...

Journeymom, I agree ... I hope it can be settled. This makes me sad, kind of like I feel when a couple who are friends get a divorce. I have enough of such sadness right now. Our beloved principal will not be rehired next year, and we do not even know why ... other than the fact that he and the super do not get along. Our staff is really hurting right now. We feel deeply betrayed by our district administration and board. To top it all, some veteran teachers are retiring at the end of the year, as well. I hate going to work these days.  



Loopy Lupin - Apr 16, 2008 8:16 pm (#1531 of 2991)    

Just coming out of the woodwork here to put in my two knuts. Madame Pince, I think JKR may indeed not know about the "unofficial encyclopedia" you mentioned So, if "her people" are monitoring this site, you may have just gotten Ms. Benson sued.  

I'm guessing JKR got all twitterpated because of the prospect that JKR's comments about the site would be plastered on the book, giving the impression that she "approved" of the book or indeed giving the impression that the "Lexicon" is the official lexicon of Harry Potter. (I have not followed the trial beyond reading a couple of articles but this aspect was just settled.)

Whatever the case may be, I'd have to say that I have jumped off the fence and landed squarely on Steve's side. I was leaning that way because of Rowling's general attitude and because her claim of "writer's block" caused me to reflexively make my "Are you kidding me with this?" face. But, I made the jump after reading some of the bile being spewed on TLC and elsewhere on the web. What a vicious bunch of lonely nerds many HP fans are proving themselves to be. I hope Steve wins hands down and I hope RDR has the money to continue paying the lawyers through the appeals process. What a righteous instance of irony it would be if JKR's suit creates enough publicity for the Lex book and makes it such a part of Potterlore that it becomes a must have and ultimately has the effect of boosting sales enough such that sales of her own encyclopedia are affected after all. That won't happen because people will buy anything she signs, but it would still be kind of funny.

Go Steve! You Rock!


dizzy lizzy - Apr 16, 2008 8:27 pm (#1532 of 2991)    

I just think it is sad that us fans (on this site at least) can discuss this issue with a whole lot less angst than the two main protagonists. I'm staying well away from other sites at the present, I don't really need to hear/read that kind of aggessive opinion on the whole saga.

I think the two places this saga will really impact on are the US and UK. Australia has some weird publishing issues, unless RDR publishes in Australia (or licences a publisher to do so on their behalf), we won't see the book unless we import it on an individual basis. So that kind of makes the whole issue moot from that perspective for me.

Having said that, I don't like what I have been hearing about JKR's behaviour either, quite unprofessional from my viewpoint. So I'm going to stay on the fence, but sway slightly towards Steve's side at the moment...

On another note...I can't wait to get my SWAPS!!!!! A whole Boxful!!!! Now it is time for me to count down the 10-14 days it will take to get here  .



azi - Apr 17, 2008 1:19 am (#1533 of 2991)    

Oh I'm so glad people are viewing the 'fans' the same way as me! Here's some of what I wrote in my essay...

...as a fairly involved member of the fandom I must say I’m disgusted with the actions and attitudes of other people from the many forums on the Internet. Their reactions to this and the way they’ve treated Steve are appalling. Throughout the Harry Potter series the themes of forgiveness, tolerance and second chances are repeated frequently yet these ‘fans’ have apparently chosen to ignore it completely.

...I am fortunate; I go on a forum with fantastic people who are determined to stay out of this court case and not take sides. Other forums are completely different in their attitudes and the people that frequent them are the sort of people that, as a long-time Harry Potter fan, I’d rather not be associated with.

I woke up to snow today! Of course, today I have an interview over 1 1/2 hours away rather than being able to stay at home. I think the roads are clear though.


Accio Sirius - Apr 17, 2008 3:59 am (#1534 of 2991)    
Do we owe any more postage for the swaps? I would be happy to pay up! Can't wait!


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 17, 2008 4:37 am (#1535 of 2991)    

I'm sure I'm missing lots of information, but I'll side with the judge on this one and say these two should sit down in a room and work through it. They're both intelligent enough. It's a shame how many they're hurting in the process. Stop blowing tax dollars on such things and rather, buy some nice new books for the schools in the state. Anyone have suggestions?  

Welcome back, John B. and congrats on your new Paws!  And yes, it was the Easter candy that made Olivia sick - I blame it mostly on the Easter candy. Yup.

Kind of reminded me I haven't been here for about a year. ~ Regan
See - every cloud has its silver lining! It's brought you and Loopy out of hiding.  Welcome back, Regan and Loopy.

Accio Sirius, I was wondering the same thing about the swaps. Denise, as I've said in earlier emails, I can Paypal you the difference. My envelope was hardly sufficient in postage and size.  

Hang in there, Solitaire! Odd about the cat. I remember you posting, saying you haven't seen it in a long while.



The giant squid - Apr 17, 2008 6:20 am (#1536 of 2991)
If it takes a legal battle to draw Loopy out of seclusion, I'll have to start suing people on a regular basis. Welcome back, LL.  



Elanor - Apr 17, 2008 6:22 am (#1537 of 2991)  
Il pleure dans mon coeur

Comme il pleut sur la ville [...] (Paul Verlaine)
It's weeping in my heart

As it's raining on the town (the words "il pleure" (unusual use of the verb) and "il pleut" are on purpose close so it almost reads: "it's raining in my heart as it's raining on the town")
Thinking of this whole trial story, which I find all in all very sad, reminds me of that poem. I do hope they find a settlement soon.

As for raining on the town, it's actually pouring and it's not likely to stop anytime soon, lol!

Congrats on Paws John! And welcome back Regan!
Have a great day all!  



Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 6:56 am (#1538 of 2991)  
Postage was fine for everyone but thanks for asking! HH, your envelope was fine. Even though we had more swaps this time around, they were smaller and lightweight.

Boy, talk about a sign you post too many places. Here on WX, we use HTML tags to change font, color, size. On another board, we use a different code so my posts would start with (color=blue)(size=2) etc. I made this post and formatted it with that code. More than once on the other board, I close tags with a  “> “

**:waves to Loopy****


Chemyst - Apr 17, 2008 7:00 am (#1539 of 2991)  
Paws vs. Sasquatch as names – I suppose you did try the screaming full names from the backdoor thing?

RDR vs. JKR – if I had the energy for it, which I don't, I think I'd be mad at both. The reasons to be mad at JKR have already been pretty well outlined here. The reason I'd be upset at RDR Publishing is that it appears that…   Oh, do you really care?   (granted, I'm short on facts here, not having seen the book) ...appears that they chose to omit the hard-fact essays which "connected-the-dots" and "made-the-associations" that originally made the Lexicon distinctive. I hope the judge convinces the plaintiffs to consider settling. The Lexicon has been some of the best free advertizing the HP-conglomerate ever got.

((Soli)) I don't know of any charms effective against administrative betrayal. I guess that it's similar to "You can't cure a Fool."


Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 8:37 am (#1540 of 2991)    

I appreciate that everyone who has made comments regarding the current court case has done so very respectfully. I do need to point out a post made by Kip on the Questions for the Host thread regarding any comments about the case. Thanks for being understanding!  

Kip - ".. I have tried to honor Steve's request to keep the complete staff of the Lexicon family (including the Forums) and each of their mediums out of the fray. It has been hard to do this, considering some of the things that have been said on other sites, but we still honor his request until the results of the trial are finalized. I hope you understand that I can not, as this specific time, allow any thread to be used to discuss anything regarding the trial or those parties involved in the trial to be discussed on our Forums."


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 17, 2008 9:10 am (#1541 of 2991)    

Oops! Sorry!


journeymom - Apr 17, 2008 9:29 am (#1542 of 2991)    

Soli, I'm sorry, that's must be so disappointing. Here's hoping the powers that be hire a competent principle. Do the teachers get to participate in the hiring process?

Drive safely, Azi.


Edited to say, Regan! Come around a little more often!  


Puck - Apr 17, 2008 10:05 am (#1543 of 2991)  
Will be watching for my SWAP! Thanks for doing all that sorting/lugging to the post office, etc...., Denise! (We all know you have nothing else to do.  

I stopped at the store between Toddlers dance class and the playground to pick up stuff for rice krispie treats, as Son's class is having a spring party tomorrow. Then I get home with a message from hubby that tomorrow is his turn to bring in the cookies for the Friday afternoon meeting. (Yes, they have "cookie time", and have been doing it every week for years.) I"m still trying to clean and organize before the grandparents arrive this weekend, and I have to work this afternoon. It looks to be a late night.



Holly T. - Apr 17, 2008 10:16 am (#1544 of 2991)  
((Soli)) Having been in an awkward situation at work for over two years I completely understand. I am still adjusting to not being in such an odd situation. It is difficult.

((Kristina)) The university should foot the cost for DVDs of the convocation and graduation for everyone and then you can share them with your family and friends later when they have a big party for you.

Nice to see you Regan and Loopy!

I can't wait to see the SWAPs!

Draco's baseball team won their first game Tuesday night! We were beginning to fear that they might not win one all year. The parents from our team all gave the kids a standing ovation.

More good news--the book I have been working on (the first one I have done at my new job), the one where we have all kinds of book launch events planned starting next week (!), etc., arrived from the printer yesterday--a day earlier than scheduled.  What a relief. We publish most of our material through other publishers and are just getting started with publishing some books ourselves, so I was the one who kept telling people things were fine and not to worry while everyone else was panicking because they just haven't been through this before (there is always something happening at the printer that could potentially mess up the schedule, for example). Then we had all of the drama about the color corrections on the file for the dustjacket. At any rate, it is here now and all I have to do now is show up at the launch events (which other people are in charge of) and smile politely.


Accio Sirius - Apr 17, 2008 12:03 pm (#1545 of 2991)
Squee!!! There was a box in the mail for me today from Herndon, VA!!! I'm waiting for my daughter to get home to open it!! Let me know when we can discuss.


journeymom - Apr 17, 2008 12:56 pm (#1546 of 2991)    

Congratulations to Draco and his team!


Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 1:10 pm (#1547 of 2991)
Wow Accio Sirius, I just mailed those out about noon yesterday. Good to see our post office is so fast Smile Of course, it is not like you live cross country from me. I think the folks in NC and MA get them tomorrow.

Argh, my ever helpful 2 year old changed the tension on my sewing machine. I was edging a blanket, got finished, turned it over to clip the bobbin thread and the entire blanket had incredibly loose tension on the bottom. Now I have to rip it all out, adjust the tension and try again.


Thom Matheson - Apr 17, 2008 1:21 pm (#1548 of 2991)    

Is that what that is for? Denise, I never knew that. AS long as I can fix a tear I'm good. I better check that out. Adjust the tension. Who'da thunk.


Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 1:25 pm (#1549 of 2991)    

If your tension on the machine is not set correctly you will get one of two things happening. In my case, the thread will be on so loose that you can literally just pull it out...no seam ripper needed at all. If it is too tight, it will cause the fabric to bunch and pucker. I didn't think to check it because when Millicent made the blanket the other day, the tension was fine. I should have remembered seeing sticky little fingers near the sewing machine.


journeymom - Apr 17, 2008 1:35 pm (#1550 of 2991)    

Denise! I found a t-shirt for you!

thinkgeek.com/tshirts/gaming/a078/ Add the www. 'Tis a silly shirt.
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PeskyPixie - Apr 17, 2008 1:37 pm (#1551 of 2991)
John, congrats to your family on little Paws Bumbledore's arrival!

Soli, those kitties are lucky to have you. That's the same way my aunt has ended up with her cats.

Elanor: "it's raining in my heart as it's raining on the town" - that's how I translated it in my head when I read it! Very pretty.

I remember trying to send postcards to my Canadian friends while I was visiting California. Each time I mentioned that I wanted to mail postcards to Canada the salesgirl (it was a girl each time) got all wide-eyed and confused and one wailed out in desperation, "I only got regular stamps! I don't know about sending nothing to Canada!" I was at the end of my trip in San Francisco when I was finally able to mail my postcards ... they reached my friends around the same time I arrived back home!  It's funny, I didn't have the same difficulty in Florida ...  

Congrats to Draco's quidditch, I mean, baseball victory.  

Azi, nice essay, and that's all I'll say about that.  

I'm now finished with school and have to get my career going. I had planned on taking today completely off as a 'me day', but as it's 'early release day' there are kids all over the place wherever I go!  


Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 1:41 pm (#1552 of 2991)    

Cute journeymom! There seems to be a surge of MLP shirts (or similar shirts) around lately. I saw a shirt at Target that I would like to get. It shows some stick figure people being attacked by stick figure flying monkeys. "It is all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack!" hee....it just struck me as very amusing. I know, simple things amuse simple minds.


Denise P. - Apr 17, 2008 3:53 pm (#1553 of 2991)    

Woo hoo! I just got an email and Millicent is going to Hogwarts!! They had a space come open and asked if she was still interested. It looks like Accio Sirius will be able to hassle Millicent in person. Millicent is now plotting what to make for her swaps to take to camp, her costume, her wand and her owl.


Solitaire - Apr 17, 2008 4:04 pm (#1554 of 2991)    

Do the teachers get to participate in the hiring process?

If we had any say, we would not be losing the guy we have now. He is a wonderful principal, equally attuned to the needs of students and teachers alike. He treats us as the professionals we are, invites our input (and actually listens to us), and is truly interested in what is happening in the classrooms ... which he visits regularly. His dismissal is ... ridiculous, IMO. No one understands why he is being let go.



Accio Sirius - Apr 17, 2008 4:13 pm (#1555 of 2991)  
Denise!! That's great! Wow this and the FABULOUS swaps make for a banner HP day!

Solitaire, sorry to hear of your troubles. Our school lost its principal a few years ago and it was a big deal. Our school then had a show down with the superintendent and things got rather ugly. Now the superintendent is gone too!


dizzy lizzy - Apr 17, 2008 4:51 pm (#1556 of 2991)    

Snoopy!!!!!! (Snoopy is an old favourite of mine  )

Way to go Millicent! I'm glad you got into your camp!

I had a great start to the morning....Lucy and I went for a very long walk, and I've just calculated it on Google maps, about 4.5kms all up and about 90 mins to do.

To top it all off, Two old friends have gotten in contact with me in the last 24 hours so I am most impressed.

It just on 9.50am and I'm off to have breakkie and get ready for the day!


haymoni - Apr 17, 2008 4:52 pm (#1557 of 2991)    

Hi all.

Was driving home from work tonight and someone had "MAD EYE" for their vanity plate.

I couldn't get a good look at the driver - male, that's all I know.

Anyone from NE Ohio know anyone with that plate?


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 17, 2008 5:34 pm (#1558 of 2991)    

I KNEW he was alive!!   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042


Puck - Apr 17, 2008 6:42 pm (#1559 of 2991)    

Never did find the body...just that eyeball.   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 464751818

Yeah to Millicent!  (Still wish I could go.)

Congrats to Draco and his team. (The year Son played soccer we felt the same way about his team. They finally won the last game of the season.

Well, I never managed to finish the cleaning I wanted to the last couple of days, but the rice krispie treats treats are made and ready to go, and Toddler has had lots of playground time this week. (Both her shins are covered with the bruises to prove it.)

My neighbor gave me a scare. The doorbell rang just after 7pm. A neighbor was come to check if his son was over my house. He had gone out to play, but when the dad went to fetch him from the house he was supposedly going to, he wasn't there. Mine was the last of several houses he visited. I went out to look while he went home to make some calls. I happened to ask a neighbor further up the road if he had seen him. "Sure, he's out back playing with my kid." I explained that his dad was very worried, that he had said he was going to be someplace else. "But they weren't there" was the response.  I was relieved to find him so quickly, as he is the kind of kid that would jump into someone's car to get a piece of candy.


PeskyPixie - Apr 17, 2008 6:51 pm (#1560 of 2991)    

Thank God the little guy is okay. Honestly, this one needs to be on a short leash until he matures a bit.

A little girl at my mom's school was hit by a car on school property today. The driver was a parent picking her own kid up from school; she was in a rush and wound up hitting someone else's child. The little girl was taken to hospital by ambulance; we're not sure about the extent of her injuries yet. Healing Charms for her, please.


Loopy Lupin - Apr 17, 2008 7:25 pm (#1561 of 2991)  
If it takes a legal battle to draw Loopy out of seclusion, I'll have to start suing people on a regular basis. Welcome back, LL.

Hiya Mike!


Solitaire - Apr 17, 2008 7:53 pm (#1562 of 2991)    

Sirius, there is a lot I could say, but this is not the place to do so. I'll just say that most of our teachers are very sad about it all, especially those of us who've worked with him for the past 8 years.

Chloe the cat is back tonight. I think she wants to come inside, but I suspect she has been living on her own since she left me ... probably outside and not having any shots. Since she lets me pick her up, I may take her for shots when Stoney goes in to have his teeth cleaned. She might make a nice inside cat. Meanwhile, I've put a little covered kitty bed for her on top of the dog crate outside on the sheltered back patio. It's getting a bit busy to run wild in our area. We are on a quiet cul-de-sac, but there is a busy thoroughfare a few hundred yards away, and directly on the other side is a brand new shopping center (not yet opened, except for the new burger joint). Traffic can only get worse.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. Yippeeee!! It's been an abominably long and difficult week.



dizzy lizzy - Apr 17, 2008 8:08 pm (#1563 of 2991)    

I've just had another run of good luck. I have finally found where to buy snaps and a snap press from in Australia. I use snaps instead of buttons on my shirts and vests. I might do a lot of sewing, but I'm an impatient sewer when it comes to buttonholes.

Also I have enough fabric to make curtains for my house. After getting the curtain fabric last week, I told you about, I found enough yesterday to do the rest of the house.

((hugs)) to solitaire for her long week and a *wave* to reagan!


Solitaire - Apr 17, 2008 8:14 pm (#1564 of 2991)    

Thanks, Lizzy.  Good luck with the sewing. I used to sew a lot--clothing, quilts, gifts for people. These days, I am lucky to run up a hem or mend a slit in a seam! Let us know how it goes.



geauxtigers - Apr 17, 2008 9:27 pm (#1565 of 2991)  
Oops on the legal discussions!  

So tomorrow, we have senior skip day! Woo hoo! We are going to head out to a park and barbeque and hang out. Should be fun. Everyone else will be in school. Let's not forget that this is our assigned skip day and it's a half day of school, which really defeats the purpose of skip day. They gave us this day to skip because it was A) a half day (that means no one will get anything done anyway, so it's a blow off day everyone else) and B) it's grandparent's day and they don't want us there so they won't run out of parking spaces. We were going to skip Monday too, just to make them mad and to make a point that skip day shouldn't be assigned, but our principal found out, so half the grade chickened out. We can't do it if only half go through, we'll get in trouble.

Either way, it'll be fun.

Last night I took Frenchy out and we taught him how to throw a football and he taught us how to throw it rubgy style. He was so cute, he kept getting all excited and we had a lot of fun. He's really opened up and just showed me some of his best friends' websites and stuff.

I've got some cleaning to do. Ugg. White tile shows every piece of fuzz that ever floated through the door. I should go vaccum the bathroom now...

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Vox Gerbilis - Apr 18, 2008 4:13 am (#1566 of 2991)  
Pesky, that's terrible! I can't believe the way parents drive around Young Daughter's school. Every week the school sends out reminders and warnings, but the problem persists. It's strange how people fret about the most remote possibilities of harm, but get careless with automobiles, probably the greatest hazard we deal with.

Young Daughter, meanwhile, has a recurring discipline problem: she keeps reading when she should be paying attention to the teacher. I'm wondering if I'm undermining my own discipline by starting our talks with "Honey, I completely understand why you'd rather read than pay attention. Believe me, there are many times when I'd rather be reading than listening to someone. But . . ."


Solitaire - Apr 18, 2008 7:07 am (#1567 of 2991)    

We were going to skip Monday too, just to make them mad and to make a point that skip day shouldn't be assigned

Tori, "ditch days," as we called them, were known ahead of time back in the dark ages when I attended high school, too. The administration never mentioned or officially "sanctioned" them, but I noticed that truancy officers never bothered anyone who was obviously out of school and running around town on "ditch day." Cutting an additional day just to spite the administration will only hurt you. Don't bother!

Pesky, I see this same reckless driving in our school parking lot, which is small, very poorly designed, and made even worse by some parents' drop-off behavior. Some parents pull into the parking lot and just sit there, in the driving lane, until the last second they can leave their kids. They seem oblivious to the teachers who are lined up behind them trying to get INTO the parking lot and park and to parents who are trying to drop off their kids and leave. Add to this mix a few buses with the sped kids. It's like a bumper-car ride with people trying to make their way through the mess.

Earlier this school year, a parent nearly hit a tiny little girl who was crossing the parking lot alone (don't ask). I just happened to be standing there, loaded down with junk but close enough to grab her and pull her back (after dropping my books, lunch, and papers on the blacktop). I was furious, because this was not the first time something similar had happened. I stomped into the office to complain. What if I'd not been there, or if I'd been too far away to grab this kid?

Our school finally put up some signs limiting which direction people can drive, where they can turn, how fast they can go, etc. We still have the same dopey parents who create a traffic hazard by parking in the driving lane, but until we get a security cop who can make them move, I guess we're stuck!

Well ... TGIF!!!


PeskyPixie - Apr 18, 2008 7:39 am (#1568 of 2991)    

It's strange how people fret about the most remote possibilities of harm, but get careless with automobiles, probably the greatest hazard we deal with.

I agree, Vox. The driver was arrested as it turns out that she was way over the speed limit. The little girl did suddenly walk in front of the van, but apparently the driver should have been able to stop or cause less damage if she had been driving at the proper speed for a school zone. The little girl has broken bones (including her leg, in several places) and was bleeding from the mouth when ambulance arrived.

White tile shows every piece of fuzz that ever floated through the door. I should go vaccum the bathroom now...

I hear you! We had all of our floors redone a year and a half ago and the area with white tiles is getting to be a nuisance (though it must be admitted that it looks fabulous)!

ETA: Soli, I hope all goes well with Chloe.

Some parents pull into the parking lot and just sit there, in the driving lane, until the last second they can leave their kids. They seem oblivious to the teachers who are lined up behind them trying to get INTO the parking lot and park and to parents who are trying to drop off their kids and leave.

Oh yeah, I can see that. The driveway (and nearby road) of my mom's school is also a walking hazard in the mornings (when parents drop off their kids) and afternoons (when they pick them up). Mind you, these are the non-bussed kids, so they are walking distance from the school. It gets a tad irritating to walk through the jungle of idling engines and hectic drivers. It's especially difficult for school staff (especially the custodial staff which works in shifts) as parents take up the school parking spaces while dropping off/picking up children.


journeymom - Apr 18, 2008 9:56 am (#1569 of 2991)    

Combining two conversations in one:

The principle at our primary school is retiring, and the district very kindly sent out a representative to meet with the teachers, and then the parents, to get our thoughts about what we'd like in next year's principle.... The retiring principle was a bit of a pill. Her mission has been safety and order, which is fine, but we've wondered about her motives. She was not communicative, she canceled some big programs without getting the teachers and parents on board. The last straw was when she tried to cancel the sixth grade field trip to Yosemite. It's expensive and requires a lot of preparation from the teachers and parents, but it's also a tremendously beneficial experience. That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. She did not have the right to cancel it that way, she treated the teachers and parents disrespectfully. Thankfully it was not canceled. I don't know how much our parental input in the hiring process is worth, probably not much at all. None the less it was nice that the guy came out, listened and took notes.

Anyway, regarding the principle's safety mission: one good thing she has achieved is order in the parking lot during drop off and pick up. She hired a full time hall monitor, and together with the teachers, they got the parking lot moving safely, smoothly and quickly. I really appreciate it, especially compared to the chaos outside of dd's middle school before and after school. Boys on bikes, it's always boys, suddenly veer in front of cars crawling up the road to the school, all the time. It's alarming.

kaykay1970 - Apr 18, 2008 10:40 am (#1570 of 2991)    

Who else slept through the earthquake this morning? I wouldn't have had a clue about the tremor if everyone I've talked to hadn't said they woke up with their beds shaking! How could I have possibly slept through that! I'm usually a light sleeper! At least that explains why all the pictures were hanging crooked this morning...

Edit: Soli-MSN website is reporting about earthquake in Illinois. Nashville news this morning was reporting damages in Louisville KY. But my Mom and sisters certainly felt it here in TN.


Solitaire - Apr 18, 2008 10:50 am (#1571 of 2991)    

Earthquake?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934 Where?  I'm in central California, and I didn't feel a thing.


Choices - Apr 18, 2008 10:57 am (#1572 of 2991)    

I think the earthquake was in Illinois or somewhere in that area.


 John Bumbledore - Apr 18, 2008 11:41 am (#1573 of 2991)
Edited Apr 18, 2008 1:02 pm
Editing out material

I remember Arthur Weasley's word, "never trust a magical object if you can't tell where it keep its brains." My expertise is in programming where testing program correctness can use similar analysis methods. (pie chart of word counts) I have no doubt that it was most likely a "computer program" that conducted the analysis of the two voluminous works.

There is very good reason for the programmer's adage, "garbage in will give you garbage out."

End of edit

My conclusion is that I can not possible draw a conclusion without weighing all the information.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜

P.S. I have missed several hundred posts, I would guess. Earth quake in the mid west? School car pool (aptly named as it is a writhing pool of automobiles ) and parking congestion! Oh! My! Newer schools around here have been designed with car-rider's drive lanes separate from staff parking. Then there is inevitably those few who feel rules do not apply to them.  

Well, I'll not catch all the posts I've missed. Please forgive me if I have missed any important news and kindly provide a link, post number, or directions for review of the missed post(s).


P.P.S. Edit by me to observe restrictions on certain legal issues.


Puck - Apr 18, 2008 11:54 am (#1574 of 2991)    

I’m never at drop off, unless we are late to school because of a dentist appointment or something, so I have no idea how crazy that gets. If you pick up you are required to park, then wait in your assigned section of the auditorium until your child enters. The biggest problem can be getting a parking space. It would be much easier if parents allowed their children to ride the buses home. I know several parents who just want to get their kids home 10 minutes earlier, and thus go pick them up rather than have them ride the bus.

psst, John, you missed a post. We have been asked not to discuss the case. Steve and Kip's request.

I was supposed to come home after the doctor and clean this afternoon, but I missed the exit and ended up at the mall instead.  Shopping was called for. Kids needed some spring clothes, and I needed a new swim suit for summer. Mr. Puck will be thrilled.  


John Bumbledore - Apr 18, 2008 12:05 pm (#1575 of 2991)  
psst, John, you missed a post. We have been asked not to discuss the case. (Puck)
oops. Sorry.  Here my first worry was that I would have been repeating something someone else had already addressed.

Let me go back and see if I can still edit out the "taboo" matter. Again my apology.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜

There. I hope I have removed sufficiently any restricted subject matter from my previous post.**psst, the curious may request a copy by email to bumbledore at gmail dot com **

PeskyPixie - Apr 18, 2008 12:14 pm (#1576 of 2991)    

Apparently we got tremors from the earthquake here in Southern Ontario as well. I had no idea until I read of it!


Denise P. - Apr 18, 2008 12:18 pm (#1577 of 2991)    

I was in the middle of an edit when you self-edited  Thanks for taking care of it.

All owls except the one going to Australia have left the owlery here. Lizzy asked me to get her something so I am waiting for it to arrive before I ship off her swaps.

Tension is all good on my sewing machine. Millicent tied her first quilt last night. I think she is a bit daunted now after having done one full quilt, taking nearly two hours to complete it. I told her she would get faster with time. She was in awe watching me do the edge on a one. I can zip through a 36 x 44 in less than 10 minutes but it is my machine and I am used to sewing where she is not. I am hoping we can get at least 2 more pinned and ready to sew this evening. She has a science badge workshop tomorrow and I have a campout tomorrow night so if we can get these two finished this weekend, that will be good.


Holly T. - Apr 18, 2008 2:23 pm (#1578 of 2991)  
Pesky, please keep us update about the child from the school parking lot. I have not missed that this year--Draco walks home. It used to take me 15 minutes to get in to the parking lot, then another 15 to get out. Crazy.

Draco says the swaps came in the mail today! I can't wait to go home and look at them.  I told him to wait until we can all look at them together.

John, congrats on the new dog!

Earthquake trivia: Today is the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


Denise P. - Apr 18, 2008 2:34 pm (#1579 of 2991)    

Wow, I guess you got the speedy owl   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 266347159


dizzy lizzy - Apr 18, 2008 4:06 pm (#1580 of 2991)    

Denise, did you ever tell us how Millicent was doing these quilts??? I'd be interested in some instructions if you can lay your hands on them easily.....



Denise P. - Apr 18, 2008 4:53 pm (#1581 of 2991)    

They are simple 2 layer light weight quilts. She takes 1 yard of woven and 1 yard of flannel or light weight fleece. Pin right sides together, sew together leaving an opening to turn. Turn rightside out, sew edge after ironing it and that also closes where you turned it. Then we stretch it on a quilt frame and tie random knots of yarn to hold the two layers together. Viola, light weight blanket that is about kid size. Here in the US, most woven and flannel prints are 36" x 44/45" I made these for my kids as babies but I put a layer of cotton batting in there.


journeymom - Apr 18, 2008 5:41 pm (#1582 of 2991)    

Earthquake trivia: Today is the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. -Holly

What do you know! How interesting. Wikipedia says it was a magnitude of anywhere from 7.7 to 8.3. That's insane. Supposedly it was felt all the way from Oregon to Los Angeles.

My grandfather came from Italy to Ellis Island in 1906.


dizzy lizzy - Apr 18, 2008 7:27 pm (#1583 of 2991)  
Thanks for the instructions Denise, I had thought you had mentioned it earlier, but I wanted to be sure my memory was correct....

I did some sewing this morning. I'm trying to clear the backlog, before I start on the curtains. I had to unpick and re-sew a seam 3 times because I was experimenting with the pattern in order to have enclosed seams. I finally worked it out.

The earthquake didn't make it onto my news site....



Holly T. - Apr 18, 2008 8:24 pm (#1584 of 2991)    

Journeymom--before I went to San Francisco last year I read two books about the earthquake and a book about an outbreak of the plague in San Francisco. I was there right before the quake anniversary last year--I was there on a Friday the 13th too--so I was thinking the odds were not in my favor.

The swaps are fabulous! Everyone is so creative!

We just got back from Relay for Life. The Cub Scouts did the flag ceremony and the GIrl Scouts handed out balloons to the survivors and helped with children's activities. I spent most of the time listening to the ramblings of the mom of one of my former Girl Scouts. She (the mom) has lung cancer, which has spread throughout her body--brain, bones, etc. And she has an abcess on her brain. She said she has from six weeks to six months left. Now, she was never the most coherent person to begin with, and having a brain tumor has not helped, so I listened to her ramble about insurance and how her older daughter (age 19) is pregnant and the boyfriend is living with them and how her mom comes and talks to her every night (her mom passed away a few years ago). I hadn't seen her in a few months (her daughter dropped out of the troop last fall) and while I wouldn't call her a friend she's someone who I have known for years--since her younger daughter (the one that was in my troop) was in kindergarten.

Anyway, Draco was the caller for the flag ceremony. They were in front of about a thousand people and the boys did great. I was kind of wishing his teacher would have been there to see him so I could say "is he acting like someone who has an F in conduct?"


Eponine - Apr 18, 2008 8:25 pm (#1585 of 2991)  
I got my swaps today. I'm very impressed with everything, but now I realize that I didn't label mine properly.

We just got back from Spamalot. It was fab, except for during the first act some teenagers behind us were a little distracting with excessive whispering and very shrill laughter. They were much better after intermission though, so I didn't have to use my (almost) librarian look on them.


Denise P. - Apr 18, 2008 8:44 pm (#1586 of 2991)    

Eponine, there really is no right or wrong as far as our swaps go. I tend to label mine similar to how I would label them for a GS Swap event. Millicent's normally would have her Troop number on them. Your label was just fine and I was impressed with your swap, those took some time!  

Holly, that is great for RFL! Ours is coming up in about a month or so. I may contact the organizers and see if they need someone to do flags, our Pack would do well. This is only the 3rd year of Relay here so everyone is still brand new. They did a really nice luncheon for survivors last year, to honor them. Devin is usually one of the only kids to show so everyone fusses over him.


painting sheila - Apr 18, 2008 10:41 pm (#1587 of 2991)    

Hi everyone!!

I have missed you all but must admit that I mashed the magic button and skipped 685 post.

Eponine - We went to Spamalot tonight too! Did you enjoy it?

You should come and see Once Upon a Mattress!

The last show is tomorrow and I am exhausted. I would be in bed except I am waiting for the cat to come back in.

I got my SWAPS today and have to say that you all are so dang clever!! I loved them all.

earthquake? What earthquake?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934 Did I miss something?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934 I haven 't watch the news in ages - well, two weeks to be exact.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1437562208


Puck - Apr 19, 2008 3:51 am (#1588 of 2991)
Strengthening charms to the scout. her mom, and the rest of the family. My aunt is suffering much the same, though is isn't acting confunded at this point.

I got my SWAPS, too! Can't wait to be able to talk about them, there's a couple I need to comment on.  

It's going to be a busy day. Dance class this morning, then off to pick up groceries before the in-laws arrive tomorrow. When I get home to I have do all the cleaning I've been neglecting in favor of enjoying the lovely weather. Plus, I must send MR. Puck off with Son to get a haircut. He's looking way too shabby for First Communion next weekend.

Eponine - Apr 19, 2008 5:27 am (#1589 of 2991)
We did enjoy it, Sheila. The older couple next to me, however, apparently did not. They disappeared at intermission and never came back. I know some people just buy tickets to shows and stuff without knowing anything about them, but I just don't understand that. Why wouldn't you at least look into the story to see if it's something you might enjoy before going?

Did you like it?


kaykay1970 - Apr 19, 2008 5:38 am (#1590 of 2991)    

I doubt the quake made the international news Lizzy. The damage was minimal so probably not very newsworthy. It was news however to those who woke up with their house shaking. That just doesn't happen much in this part of the country!

painting sheila - Apr 19, 2008 5:54 am (#1591 of 2991)    

Yes, Eponine. We did enjoy it. We are Monty Python fans though, so we knew what we were getting into. I was surprised at how small the cast was! We thought there were about 40 but there were only about 20!

There were some young kids in front of us. I wondered what heir parents thought and if they regretted bringing them - Yikes!


Catherine - Apr 19, 2008 6:04 am (#1592 of 2991)
Hi y'all!

We just got back from Spamalot. It was fab, except for during the first act some teenagers behind us were a little distracting with excessive whispering and very shrill laughter. They were much better after intermission though, so I didn't have to use my (almost) librarian look on them. –Eponine

Woo hoo! Me, too! I'm going this afternoon! My students "bid" on me at our auction and four of them are accompanying me to Spamalot and dinner. It's a big deal for them to go to Raleigh without parents. I promised them a side trip to the mall. I was hoping they'd pick P.F. Chang's for dinner, but they want The Cheesecake Factory.

Oh, well...

**waves to Loopy**


Denise P. - Apr 19, 2008 6:29 am (#1593 of 2991)  
Nicholas is turning 15 this week and he wants to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I can't say I have ever been in P.F. Chang's but since I have a tentative date with someone who likes PF Chang's....maybe we will go there for dinner before our movie in November.  

What is it with people on craigslist? They list something for sale but when I ask for pictures, they say the stuff is packed. Hello? Why in the world would I drive 40 miles to see something without even knowing for sure it is something I would actually want?

Millicent is off at a Junior Badge Workshop, I have to pick her up in about an hour. I was going through her book last night and in addition to finalizing her bronze award, she should be getting 8 other badges and 2 signs. Woo hoo!

Yay on people getting their swaps! There should be a bunch that arrive today in various places.


geauxtigers - Apr 19, 2008 8:30 am (#1594 of 2991)    

*waves to Catherine and Shelia**

I'm sunburned pretty badly. And I can hardly sit up my abs are so sore! But it was all worth it, we had a blast yesterday!

I think we wore Frenchy out as he's still asleep and usually he's up before us! LOL Poor guy, we haven't stopped since he got here! But I always remind myself that he is only here for 2 weeks, and that is not nearly long enough to show him everything! He didn't come here to sit around and twiddle his thumbs! But we are having fun, so all is good!

I think I'll clean my room. It's been a challenge for this family to keep the house so clean, but we have been sucessful so far!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Puck - Apr 19, 2008 11:10 am (#1595 of 2991)    

Mmmm cheesecake factory. I noticed yesterday they opened a new one in Natick, Mass. Not exactly close to home, but if I was out there shopping, or on the way home from Boston it would make a great place to stop.  

Never heard of the CHnag place. Must not have them this far north.

Dance class over, grocery shopping done. Time to tackle the house! (Pity, because it is such a beautiful day, I'd much rather be outside.)

Heal quickly, Tori. I meant to buy sunscreen today, but forgot again. We have last year's bottle, but you really are supposed to get a fresh one every year for optimal effectiveness.


Solitaire - Apr 19, 2008 2:10 pm (#1596 of 2991)  
We have a P.F. Chang's here, but I've never eaten there. It's too new and too crowded for the times I can go. I'll wait until the "newness" has worn off a bit.


haymoni - Apr 19, 2008 5:15 pm (#1597 of 2991)
POA is on ABC right now.



Choices - Apr 19, 2008 5:51 pm (#1598 of 2991)    

Reminder - Tomorrow (sorry I don't know the time) is the movie "My Boy Jack" with Daniel Radcliff. It's on PBS.


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 19, 2008 6:25 pm (#1599 of 2991)    

Re Spamalot: A friend of ours told us about a couple sitting near them. The husband was enjoying it, but the wife obviously was not, and kept glaring at him and everyone else who did. Now why was she even there? I find it hard to believe that someone could not have at least an idea of what Monty Python humor is like, or that someone would buy an expensive ticket without watching the movie or listening to the cast recording or doing something to find out more.

My daughter is almost 8. She can sing almost every song on the Spamalot cast recording. I've allowed her to watch parts of the movie, but not the brothel scene, obviously. I intend to take her the next time it comes to our neck of the woods. I'm proud to say that she's a third generation Python fan.

Same daughter resumed swimming classes today after being on hiatus since November. Her progress has been inconsistent since she started. She's taking Level 2 for the third time. Last time she was doing great until the last few weeks, when she suddenly wouldn't jump in the pool or put her head under. I'm hoping that she can finally overcome her mental demons and pass to Level 3 this time.


Solitaire - Apr 19, 2008 8:49 pm (#1600 of 2991)    

Choices, it is 9 p.m. here. Perhaps it is the same in other areas, wherever they may be.
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Puck - Apr 20, 2008 3:49 am (#1601 of 2991)
(pm on my coast, too. I already set up TiVO with a season pass for Masterpiece, so I should be all set.

I was baking and cleaning until about 11:30pm, relaxed for an hour, then to bed. I awoke around 5:30, and have just decided that I'm not getting back to sleep, so I may as well get up. I need to vaccum Son's room, organize the pantry, wrapped the gift for Diva's birthday party, and make the beds before going to First Communion class for 9am. (At some point I need to feed the kids breakfast, as well.) Home by 11am (thanks to the friend who offered to drive Diva to the party), put dinner in crockpot, feed kids lunch, pick up Diva from party and head straight to the ballet. The in-laws should arrive while I'm out.

Vox, how old is your daughter? My two oldest both fought a few swimming demons. Son has now chosen it as his sport of choice and is working through level 3. Diva enjoys it, but prefers to stay in level one where she can hang on the side of the pool and giggle with her friends.

Off to the races!


Denise P. - Apr 20, 2008 5:04 am (#1602 of 2991)    

Our Cub Scout camp out went ahead even though we had massive rain in the forecast. We managed to get everything done and into tents before the first wave hit about 10:30 pm. We had bouts of hard rain until about 6:10 am, when thunder started to rumble. It was incredible to see how quickly people managed to pack up and move out. We had planned to have breakfast there but because of thunder and dark clouds, everyone opted to get out while it was dry. We were home before 7:30 am and everyone is asleep still.

It was fun though. All of the boys advanced in rank, had their faces painted. Two of my tigers were not there and one didn't camp out. We had s'mores and lots of food. Iain would out totally by 10:30. I had just dozed off about midnight when Mr. Denise called to let me know Nicholas was back home (he had gone out with friends)

In a bit, I plan to go get a shower and some sleep before church. I think Mr. Denise can get the kiddies lunch and then I will help get everyone ready for church. We start at 2 pm so that is more than enough time.


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 20, 2008 5:24 am (#1603 of 2991)  
Puck, my daughter will turn 8 in May. She's finishing Second Grade (and her First Communion is next month). She's been taking swimming since kindergarten. She took Level 1 three times before she passed. She then took Level 2, and just barely passed the test. She then took Level 3, which turned out to be a complete waste of time because she was not prepared at all. Then back to Level 2, where she did very well until the last few sessions. Now she's in Level 2 for the third time.

I never learned to swim, and I've always felt I'm really missing out on something good. I tried to learn as an adult, but to no avail. That's why I want her to learn when she's a kid. She's very timid when it comes to physical activities, but she'll accomplish them with a lot of encouragement. She balked a lot at learning to ride a bike, but now she wants to ride every chance she gets.

Wow, Denise, that sounds like way too an exciting camping trip for my tastes. Sounds like you've got a really efficient group there!


Solitaire - Apr 20, 2008 8:16 am (#1604 of 2991)  
Vox, my mother was pushed into deep water as a child and nearly drowned. Consequently, she was terrified of the water all her life. When it was time for my sister and me to take swimming lessons, she finally went to the local pool and took adult beginner lessons--starting with bubble-blowing ... at the age of thirty. She was lucky and found a very compassionate, patient teacher. She is now a fish! I would check and see if you can find a place that teaches adults "from scratch," as Mom was taught.

Puck, I put some turkey tenderloins in the Crockpot yesterday, and now I have meat for lunch all week. I can use it in salads, with veggies and rice, in wraps or sandwiches, etc. I love Crockpots!



painting sheila - Apr 20, 2008 4:43 pm (#1605 of 2991)    

Hi everyone!

We are having a soggy Sunday here. I am not complaining! It's been nice to be lazy for a change.

The last show was last night. It went pretty well. The kids were all upset about it being the last show and all of the seniors were crying. It made for a rough start of the show. Lots of people forgot lines and song lyrics. Yikes! The air conditioning wasn't on so it was an oven in the audience and worse back stage. Oh well. The kids all had fun and now it is over- whew!

Littlest Guy has a fever today - 102. Poor kid. At least he isn't throwing up or any thing. Yuck!

I love all of the swaps - holy cow!! I am going to have to step it up a notch next time. Maybe I'll even paint something! I have an idea I want to do, but just haven't had the time to sit down and do it. When are we going to do more SWAPS? (Poor Denise!)

gueaxtigers - do you all have an exchange student or something at your house?

Edit - I wanted to say hello to Jasmine and Candy! Nice to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you and hearing your views.


Edit #2 - I was going to say that I have had all three kids in swim lessons and as soon as they could doggie paddle I out them on the swim team at our pool. It's a great way for the kids to work on swimming and have fun at the same time. They always fussed about "lessons" but were excited for swim team. Go figure. My sister is deathly afraid of water. She hasn't ever been able to get over that fear to learn to swim. Sad. I love the water!


Madam Pince - Apr 20, 2008 5:51 pm (#1606 of 2991)    

I was coming on here to post about the "My Boy Jack" on Masterpiece Theatre, but I see that Choices already got it -- but I can add that in some areas apparently (mine, for instance) it is re-airing at 2:00 a.m. in case you missed it or want to tape it or whatever... (this is fortunate for us because we are taping the final installment of John Adams tonight which airs at the same time as the first airing of "My Boy Jack" -- we'll tape the "Jack" at 2:00 a.m......)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was good but incredibly busy, since Mr. Pince was actually here (yay! no overtime this weekend!) and we got lots accomplished. Opening Day of Little League went well -- I got sunburned on my arms though which is really hurting right now. Little Pince also picked up some sort of coughing/sniffling thing and now has a fever of 100.9 ... I can't decide if that's bad enough to keep him home from school tomorrow or not... I guess I'll wait and see how he feels in the morning...

Looking forward to seeing everyone's swaps! You guys are so creative, I'm sure they'll be great!

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


PeskyPixie - Apr 20, 2008 6:23 pm (#1607 of 2991)
'Gigi's' mom (the same 'Gigi' you guys all gave me wonderful advice and support about) shoved me into the pool when I was learning to swim as a kid and I still freak out from the memory of the incident.  

We've gone straight from Winter Wonderland to stinky hot. It honestly feels like summer out there.

There was a centipede in the basement today.  At least, I think it was a centipede ... truth be told it may have been a Boggart.


Denise P. - Apr 20, 2008 6:27 pm (#1608 of 2991)    

You guys are swap-a-holics! I have already planned out what I want to do for my next one, I saw something in my garage and it came to me in a flash. Now I just need to figure out how to realize it. I have something else that I may do, it is easier but what I have is the wrong color.

But....I was thinking about the end part of July, mailing before school starts if we want to do another.

I need to go to the Lexicon to get details on what I am planning to be sure it is pretty accurate.

Madam P, you had sun? We had rain, rain, rain all day long.


dizzy lizzy - Apr 20, 2008 7:14 pm (#1609 of 2991)    

LOL, it seems like I'm not the only one who has their next swap planned. I've already got the supplies sorted, now to test it out  .

It is a gorgeous day outside. I decided that since the rest of the week is forcast for showers and squalls and windy weather, I'd do my washing of my Doona Covers (Doona=feather quilt) and sheets now.

I went outside to hang the sheets up, the doona covers and doonas were already on the line, only to realise that the house diagonally behind me was burning down *sadface*.

Fortunately there wasn't much of a breeze to help the fire along and what breeze there was blowing away from me. From what I can see of the house, it will have to be knocked down. But the bit that really, really gets my dander up...was the amount of gawkers driving up to have a look see *grr*.

Off to have a cuppa tea and lunch to calm down.


PS: Denise, I've camped with Cub Scouts before in the rain and it is no fun, I'm glad you got out while the going is good  .


painting sheila - Apr 20, 2008 7:50 pm (#1610 of 2991)    

Madame Pince - A bit of info about the John Adams series - a lot of the kids that are in it are kids we know! Fun stuff!! Oldest Son auditioned for a part and they liked him alot but we couldn't get the braces off in time. (sigh) Maybe next time! We don't get HBO so I haven't seen any of the episodes. I take it they are good?

Dizzy Lizzy!! I am glad your house was okay! Did they find out what started the fire?

My Boy Jack? Is that the one where the three orphans go to the beach for the summer?


journeymom - Apr 20, 2008 7:56 pm (#1611 of 2991)  
My Boy Jack: Rudyard Kipling and his wife search for their son who disappeared in WWI.

December Boys: orphans

painting sheila - Apr 20, 2008 8:00 pm (#1612 of 2991)    

OH! Thanks journeymom.

I will have to look for My Boy Jack.


Holly T. - Apr 20, 2008 8:07 pm (#1613 of 2991)  
My Boy Jack: depressing.

I want to see John Adams but we don't have HBO. Will have to get it on DVD sometime.

Right now I am putting together a movie and reading list for our summer vacation. We are going to Philadelphia for a couple of days and then a bunch of battlefields.  

Yeah, I know--war movie, depressing, battlefields, vacation. Weird.

Lizzy, what a shame about the house.

Daughter already has a plan for her next HP swap. I had an idea but someone used it this time (and did a much better job than I would have!).

Our friend who was chairman of our local Relay for Life said they made $140,000! Almost twice what they made last year.


geauxtigers - Apr 20, 2008 8:45 pm (#1614 of 2991)  
gueaxtigers - do you all have an exchange student or something at your house? Yup! Today was his birthday, so he is now decked out in everything LSU! LOL

I'm still sore from the slip n slide! I keep plopping down on my bed and it hurts! I never realized how much I plop down on things until now, when it hurts to do it. Ahh but it's good to be sore, maybe just not in this way...

The weather has be beautiful here! Mid 80s and cloudless! Well, it did rain Friday evening, but it's pretty now! LOL

So there was a roach in our kitchen, my dad is at work, just us girls here. I didn't know what to do, so I left! But I really need to set up the coffee pot for in the morning, but I'm scared it's still there! I guess I should go see **takes big gulp**


PeskyPixie - Apr 21, 2008 7:38 am (#1615 of 2991)  
Geauxtigers, try thinking of something funny and saying 'Ridikulus!' It may be a Boggart as my centipede was.  

***shudders from remembering the centipede strolling around in the basement***


journeymom - Apr 21, 2008 8:02 am (#1616 of 2991)    

Does anyone remember the short movie, The Red Balloon? It's by a French director. Boy makes friend with red balloon in 1953 Paris. There is almost no dialogue. Both Mr. Journeymom and I saw it in school when we were kids, and my parents remembered seeing it. Well, you can actually rent it from Netflix, and we did. We watched it and I was appropriately distressed at the right moments. It's a sweet movie. Though I don't know about the kid's pants. He looked like he was wearing pajamas to school. I think our kids didn't get as much out of it, probably because watching movies is routine for them and it was just another family movie. Mr. Journeymom and I both remember being very excited to see it, because it was special to see a movie in class.

Mr. Journeymom and I also watched Sweeney Todd. Well, I watched a quarter of it from behind my hands.  I liked a lot about it, but I wasn't wild about it. 13 year old dd wants to see it. She has a stronger constitution than I do, but I'm pretty sure my Good Mom card will be revoked if I let her see it.


Denise P. - Apr 21, 2008 8:45 am (#1617 of 2991)    

I remember that movie! I was always sad when the boys were throwing rocks at the balloon. Our greatest treat in school when we would watch that movie was for our teacher to run it backwards. It was always a cool day when it was announced we would get to see that movie. I think the last time I saw it, I was maybe in about 4th grade. I will have to check it out on Netflix.


Orion - Apr 21, 2008 9:08 am (#1618 of 2991)    

Pesky, vive la compagnie! Yesterday two students of mine came and huffed and puffed and used lots of excellent swear words and dug up a nice patch of grass for me as a garden. I think they are not exactly Einstein because before they arrived they phoned several times asking for directions. "We can't find you! We are now in ... (different neighbouring villages)... we suppose." And this lot will rule the country in a few years time?

I have learned that now I'll have to wait another week so that the grass which is now lying upside down has died. (Insert funeral march of your choice.) I can't wait to start gardening! I'm also rather nervous because gardening season has long begun. I need to get going! But if I start now the grass will grow through like mad, so I'll have to pull together.

Edited to add: You know the Red Balloon? It was in my reading book in primary school and totally depressing. The boy needs help. Don't show it to children, they get the shock of their lives. The misery of this story is so strong that it seeps into your subconscious, forever.


Madam Pince - Apr 21, 2008 3:57 pm (#1619 of 2991)  
Denise, yup, we had sun all day Saturday (my arms still hurt -- silly of me to be caught without sunscreen on but I don't have my summer brain turned on yet. I did think to put it on Little P, though, so I still have my Good Mom card, but the Absent-minded restriction box is checked...) The rain didn't come here until Sunday evening (thunderstorm, too, dontcha know, so that the dog could get some exercise ) and I think it rained off and on all night last night and all through today. Our yard is now in its traditional spring "pool" status. Sigh... Guess the mosquitoes have to breed somewhere...

Sorry to hear about the house fire, Lizzy. I think spectators at such a thing are just to be expected. The same thing happened when the old abandoned house on my mom's property burned last year. Most people just don't see that kind of thing every day, so it's an item of interest I suppose. One of our neighbors actually took pictures, which I was kind of glad to see those, in a weird kind of way.

Kaykay, how cool that some kids you know are in the John Adams movie! I wish your son had been in it! It really was well done. Unfortunately there are two scenes in the mini-series that are not family-friendly, which will probably (well, I'd say definitely) preclude it from being shown at schools and to a lot of family viewing nights, which is a real shame. (Unless, maybe they'll issue a "cleaned-up" version?) The objectionable scenes were pretty unnecessary to the storyline, too, in my opinion, so I don't know why they did it. "TV Guide" even commented on it -- their take on it was "Yes, we know... 'it's not TV, it's HBO.' But just because you can, does that mean you have to?"

Little P was home from school today -- coughing and a temperature.  He's just now starting to have the sniffles a little bit, so we'll see about tomorrow, I suppose.

We got a new computer screen, and I'm still adjusting to it. Our old one was the dinosaur kind -- a square-screened CRT that weighed about 30 pounds and took up the whole table. Now this new flat-panel looks like I've got too much blank space on the right side of my screen.  Plus I can't figure out how to make the fonts bigger while still keeping the full time, day, and date on the bottom of my taskbar -- if I make the font big enough for my elderly eyes, the date line disappears.  John Bumbledore, any ideas? I have Windows XP...

I just cleaned behind the computer not all that long ago when we replaced the printer, but when I got back there again today it looked like it hadn't been touched in years.  Apparently my house grows dust at an alarming rate. (Well, I guess it's not all that alarming, because I only get alarmed when I have to crawl behind the computer... )

Tori, this morning I thought of your story about when your dad woke you up unexpectedly. At 5:00 a.m., I heard this crash which shot adrenaline all through me. I went out to see, sure that Little P had been sleep-walking or something, and all it was was the phone fell off the wall hook (it's been broken and sort-of-halfway-fixed for awhile now, and you have to hang it up "just so" or it won't stay...) No chance on going back to sleep after that one! LOL!

I only saw the end of My Boy Jack so far, and it seemed like Dan did a nice job with it. Poor kid, he just doesn't do very well in the "Making Of..." interviews, though, I don't think. Same as with the Harry Potter movies...

Well, everyone enjoy the RotD!


Denise P. - Apr 21, 2008 5:18 pm (#1620 of 2991)    

I know you guys are tired of hearing about it but I just have to brag on Millicent's sewing abilities. Her first quilt took her almost 3 hours from start to finish. She finished last night. Today, when she got home from school, she went to work and she is almost done with her second one..for today! She is able to now do one from start to finish in just about 90 minutes. I told her she would get faster and she didn't believe me. Three finished, nine more to go. Some more ladies told me yesterday they are going to drop off some fabric so I will make those and just add them to the pile of blankets to donate.

I didn't see My Boy Jack .

Wow Madam P...you have a phone that hangs on the wall? It reminds me of something I found kinda shocking but in thinking about it, not that surprising. Nicholas picked up a little play phone that belongs to Rhys. It is a rotary phone in rainbow colors. He actually asked how you dial it. In his lifetime, we have only had button phones, I don't think he has ever seen an actual rotary phone. How weird is that?

geauxtigers - Apr 21, 2008 6:11 pm (#1621 of 2991)    

It is a rotary phone in rainbow colors. He actually asked how you dial it. In his lifetime, we have only had button phones, I don't think he has ever seen an actual rotary phone. How weird is that?

So how do you dial it?  I used to know this, but I've never actually used a real one, just a toy, like you said. Don't you stop at the number and let it go all the way back then after like 30 minutes you can go to the next number? LOL  

Solitaire - Apr 21, 2008 7:13 pm (#1622 of 2991)  
Oh, Lizzy! Fires are so scary. My grandma's house burned to the ground when I was about 15. It was quite old and, apparently, the wiring was to blame.  That's how most of my childhood pictures came to be burned. Fortunately, though, a few things were spared, the most important being the lives of all who lived there. I'm sorry about your neighbor's home, and I sympathize about the Looky-Loos. Can't the police or fire fighters keep them at bay? I hope no animals or people were injured.

California has terrible wild fires each year, and our Santa Ana winds don't do much to help them. So much of our forested areas have been lost in the past 20 years ... it's heartbreaking. Even worse, we know it's going to happen every year.

Tori ... two words: Roach Motel! They work! One night when I lived in an apartment in Irvine, I heard a weird noise and got up to investigate. I saw this huge black thing and thought it was a mouse (I forgot my specs!) ... except that it seemed to be traveling slowly. I grabbed my glasses and saw that it was a HUGE roach. I turned the wastebasket upside down on it, hoping it would die. It didn't. The next morning, I put Roach Motels all over the place. I caught that one and one other, but I never saw any again. Whew!

Madam Pince, I hope Little P doesn't have what I have--the flu. I had a scratchy throat when I got up yesterday. I didn't think much of it until the afternoon, when my head began to ache, and my hair began to hurt! I felt my head and it was hot, so I took my temp: 101 degrees. I called my principal, since I knew we started STAR testing today. I was lucky and reached a good sub. I went out this a.m. in my sweats and got things started. As I was talking to the sub--I hadn't gotten too close, and the lights were still off--I realized she was a former student ... from that school! Well, it has been about 12 years, and she is married. But she knew the whole "drill," so I felt much better about having to be gone. Fortunately, I was able to snag her for tomorrow. i just came from my doctor, and my fever is up. I'm not supposed to go back until it has been normal for 24 hours. Hopefully, that will be on Wednesday.

I recorded My Boy Jack, to watch when I'm feeling more attentive. Well, I'm starting to shiver, so it's time to get back into my jammies and under the comforter.



Madam Pince - Apr 21, 2008 7:40 pm (#1623 of 2991)  
Poor Soli! Hope you're feeling better soon! What did your doctor give you for your flu?

Little P's fever was 100.9 last night; tonight it's 102.9. I gave him some Motrin before putting him to bed so he will be a bit more comfortable. I know they say not to medicate just to lower temperature because the high temp is doing what it's supposed to be doing - killing viruses I suppose - but he was looking miserable and I know he wouldn't sleep well like that. I just looked in on him and he's sweating up a storm, so maybe it's breaking. He hasn't complained about aching or stuffiness or anything, but there is a cough and he sounds kind of hoarse and raspy.

One funny -- he wrote out a list this morning of the things he wanted to do today since he wasn't going to school. Here's the list:
1. set up wur war S
2. pla dragins
3. pla pokemon crd gam
4. go for a bic rid
5. pla video gams
6. lit sabr fit (use the long i sound...  at Maria...)

Odd that he can spell "Pokemon" -- he even put the little accent mark on it.  (To-do #1 is his little green army men fighting World War II, in case you didn't get it...)

What's weird about having a phone that hangs on the wall?  It's a unit that's a cordless phone/answering machine all in one -- what, am I hopelessly outdated again and didn't even know it? (Stop laughing about my 30-lb. CRT!  See, I'm such a cheapskate I hate to buy anything new unless it breaks and I absolutely have to, or until people start laughing at me, as was the case with my cell phone, which I still didn't replace until my provider made me...)


painting sheila - Apr 21, 2008 7:54 pm (#1624 of 2991)    

We have a phone that hangs on the wall . . with a REALLY long cord so you can walk around with it.

Little Guys fever was up to 103.5 I don't care if you aren't supposed to medicate a fever - that is just scary!! As soon as the Tylenol wears off, it spikes right back up there. Poor kid.

Speaking of scary . . I had a news reporter contact me last week. He had set up a facebook account and made "friends" with Oldest Son. Oldest Son thought he knew him as an old missionary in this area. Anyway, Oldest Son had our home phone number on his profile and the reporter asked if he could come over and interview us about facebook. We didn't tell Oldest Son the reporter was coming, so it was a little bit of a shock to him. I don't think Oldest Son will be posting any information as sensitive as that again. It's going to air next week sometime. Kids are so trusting some times! (and foolish!)

shepherdess - Apr 21, 2008 8:03 pm (#1625 of 2991)  
Well, if it makes you feel better Madam P, I've never even owned a cell phone. People still have to wait until I'm at home and call me there. Guess I just like the freedom of being able to leave the house and knowing I won't be bothered till I get home.


geauxtigers - Apr 21, 2008 8:29 pm (#1626 of 2991)    

We have a phone that hangs on the wall . . with a REALLY long cord so you can walk around with it.

Ahh, a Napoleon Dynamite phone? LOL That's what we call it!

Sorry to hear everyone's got fevers! Feel better soon! (I vote for playing video games  )

So I just heard on the news that a Roman Catholic priest has gone missing. Want to know why? He was trying to break a record by holding on to 1,000 balloons and apparently hasn't been seen since lift off yesterday. Do people really try this? Does this really happen? I can't decide if this is a joke or not! Anyone heard this?

Guess I just like the freedom of being able to leave the house and knowing I won't be bothered till I get home.

Or you could do what I do and not anwser it. My theory is that if it's important, they'll leave a message! LOL 9 out of 10 times I don't anwser my phone the first time someone calls.

I have a test tomorrow for my CSI class and instead of studying all night, I've been weighing my otptions and wondering if I can fail the test and still make an A for the semester and not have to take the exam. LOL I really don't care about my grades anymore. I only have 3 weeks left of school, I mean, does it really matter anymore? I think I'll just go read Harry, that's way more fun!

EDIT I found the article about the priest. He had a parachute and a floating chair. Apparently they are confident that they will find him floating in the ocean somewhere! LOL That scrolling bar on my news made it sound like he grab the balloons with his hand and just took off, like in cartoons! LOL Here's the article:



Vox Gerbilis - Apr 22, 2008 3:39 am (#1627 of 2991)    

Healing Charms to Soli and Little P!

I'll date myself a bit more on the telephone matter: When I was a kid, my parents' only phone was a wall phone, rotary dial, on a party line. Sometimes when we needed to use it, we'd have to wait until the other party was finished. (I'd better stop myself before I get going on the black and white tv set than only received UHF channels.)

Little Gerbilis is in big trouble. She's repeatedly been caught reading when she's supposed to be paying attention in class. After multiple offenses, I told her she would have to give her personal reading material to the teacher to keep during classtime, and not give back until it was time to go to latch key. Yesterday, when she was in the grip of Half Blood Prince (her first time), she decided to subvert my instructions and tell the teacher that I said she could have it back anytime she wanted it during the school day. (I'm rather annoyed that the teacher fell for this until she read my e-mail explaining my instructions.) HP privileges have been revoked for a week.


azi - Apr 22, 2008 5:04 am (#1628 of 2991)    

We had a rotary dial phone when I was younger.  One of my friends was talking about how she is going to buy one the other day so they must be a retro fashion or something.  

Lots of healing charms to Shelia's Little Guy (welcome back Shelia!), Little Pince and Soli.

Oh, and extra *hugs* to Madam Pince because I dreamt last night that I was on the forum and she'd written a long post on the Chat Thread and I read it all the way through.  I don't *think* it actually happened...

**waves** to everyone!


Denise P. - Apr 22, 2008 5:42 am (#1629 of 2991)    

We never had a party line but friends of ours did. I do recall not having to dial 7 digit numbers, we just had to dial 5 digits (or if we were at certain friends, just picked the phone up and asked for it)

I also remember our first COLOR TV. Wow, Steve Austin was a hunk in color.  

We have an ice cream social/book fair this evening at school. My Tigers are serving the last shift, 7:30 - 8:00 pm. We are going a bit early since my kids know I will always buy them books. They get a bit miffed at the restriction of books since the fair also sells erasers, pencils, doodads and other non-books. Iain has brought a list of 7 books to me, he may get one since he tends to pick books that are waaay advanced for him (He is currently lobbying to get his own copy of Deathly Hallows. He will be 7 next month)

Snuffles - Apr 22, 2008 7:16 am (#1630 of 2991)    

*Healing charms** to Soli and Little Pince. I hope you both feel better soon.

I remember having a bright red dial phone when I was young. It sat on top of the television. When I was allowed to use it to ring my friend to see if she was 'larking out', I kept getting the number wrong. I usually didn't wind it to the right far enough so it rang an 8 instead of a 9!  

Happy Birthday azi, I hope you have a wonderful day  
hugs and best wishes to everyone*



journeymom - Apr 22, 2008 10:36 am (#1631 of 2991)
Don't you stop at the number and let it go all the way back then after like 30 minutes you can go to the next number?[ LOL Ha ha!  

I bought myself a rotary phone off ebay, just because. I love it. And it RINGS SO LOUD! It's on my bedside table, so I can only sit on the bed to use it. The hand piece would make a good club for self defense, too.


Holly T. - Apr 22, 2008 10:47 am (#1632 of 2991)    

Healing charms to those who are sick!

We had a rotary phone and a black and white TV when I was younger. I remember when we got our color TV. And I was in middle school when we got cable. At least since I lived in a city we got 6 channels before cable TV. Dh grew up in a small town, where they didn't have cable until he was in high school and only had 3 channels before that. And his family's lake house still has a rotary phone. The kids look at it the same way they do a record player.

Happy birthday to Azi!

I brought my swaps in to show my co-worker who is a HP fan. She loved them.

Congrats to Millicent for the speedy sewing!

LOL, Little Pince spells like Draco does.

Draco is in trouble at school again. He came home from school crying again yesterday. He'd had to go to the principal's office again. Whenever he tries to explain himself to his teacher or the assistant principal they say he is talking back, and then he gets in more trouble for being disrespectful, on top of whatever he did in the first place. He went to get a teacher who was on duty at recess the other day when some of the kids in his class were bothering him, the other kids came over to where he was talking to the teacher and told her their side of the story, then he ended up in the office. He was so frustrated that day that he told me "I am doing what you say. I am using my words. I am walking away. I am finding a teacher. And I keep getting in trouble. Then when I try and tell the teachers or principal what is happening they say I am talking back and I get in more trouble." They threatened him with in-school suspension yesterday. I realize that he is not perfect, and that he does talk too much, but they are treating him like a delinquent when he's actually been doing really well this year at controlling his temper, and is being treated much worse. His teacher doesn't have control over her classroom and she overreacts. We contacted the counselor about it last week and the teacher has been worse this week. Dh was supposed to talk to the assistant principal today.

Editing to add: We have it in his 504 plan (and have since 2nd grade) that Draco needs a cooling off period. So often he gets frustrated because his brain is moving faster than his ability to verbalize something in the right order, so if he has time to think about it he calms down and is ok. This teacher has blatantly ignored that request all year.

Solitaire - Apr 22, 2008 11:55 am (#1633 of 2991)    

Thanks for the healing charms, everyone. My fever is going down ... although I am still coughing nonstop. It makes my ribs hurt.  I guess it just takes time.

Holly, you are right to feel frustrated and concerned. Isn't there a teacher in your son's school who is more attuned to kids with special needs? I know from experience that different teachers can achieve wildly different results with the same child ... just because they view him differently. Teachers, like everyone else, differ widely in temperament. Some are Remus Lupins who are gentle and patient. Others are Snapes who have already made up their minds about certain kids. Sadly, your son's teacher sounds like someone who has decided your son is "difficult," and she is probably not going to bother trying to make a connection with him on a personal level. This is unfortunate, because if she could find something outside school that interests him and talk about it outside the classroom (at recess, for example), she might establish a rapport that will transfer into the classroom.

The bottom line: a 504 is a legal document, and she is required to follow it. Alas, if her heart isn't in it, your son will continue to suffer. It's probably too late to move him at this time of the year (although I would give it a try, if I were you). However, is it possible to choose his teacher for next year? I would talk to friends who have had experience with the different teachers in his next grade level. If there is one who is more patient, I would apply to the principal to have Draco in his/her class next year. I would point out that he really needs a successful year, after what he has endured this year. Good luck!


Snuffles - Apr 22, 2008 2:43 pm (#1634 of 2991)    

Holly, I hope you manage to get things sorted out for Draco. *Bat Bogey Hexes* to the kids in his class who are bothering him.

I am going to have to take Poppy to the vets tomorrow. I noticed tonight that she cannot open her mouth as wide as she should be able to, earlier she tried to yawn but couldn't. She is still eating and drinking, and being as playful as she usually is but it is just her jaws. I gave her a chew stick earlier. Not a hide one but a crumbly one that she usually demolishes in a minute. 10 minutes later she was still eating it. She is using her front teeth to nibble it. She also cannot put her knot that she plays with to the back of her mouth she just carries it in the front. Her top jaw seems alot wider than the bottom one. I've never noticed it before so I am hoping it is nothing too serious like a dislocated jaw. I am sure she wouldn't be able to eat if that had happened though. Any spare healing charms would certainly be appreciated, she is only 7 1/2 months old so she is still a pup.



journeymom - Apr 22, 2008 4:45 pm (#1635 of 2991)    

Many healing charms for Poppy! Here's hoping the vet finds out what's going wrong and can treat it.

Soli, glad to hear you're a little better. I'm pretty sure dd has whatever you have, and she got it from her field trip bunk mate last week. She had a fever on Sunday, has a sore throat. It hurts to hiccup. She's coughing and her ribs hurt! She's getting better, but slowly.

Holly T. - Apr 22, 2008 4:54 pm (#1636 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Poppy!

Healing charms to Miss Journeymom!

Soli, we talked to the counselor and the principal last week about having a better teacher next year. We are now wondering if word of this reached the teacher and she is annoyed about it and has been overreacting even more. Dh tried to call the counselor and assistant principal several times today and e-mailed them and no one has called or e-mailed him back. I have him do the calling because 1) I get upset and emotional and then they don't listen to me, 2) dh speaks their language in that he knows what policy to cite, etc., and 3) he likes it when they have to call him back and remember where he works--he does school law.

The teacher did get better for a while, but she came back from spring break determined to crack down, and Draco has been in lots of trouble since. Not today, though.  


Choices - Apr 22, 2008 5:28 pm (#1637 of 2991)    

Healing charms to all who need them - especially Poppy, Soli and Little Miss Journeymom. Hope everyone will be better soon! :-)


painting sheila - Apr 22, 2008 5:56 pm (#1638 of 2991)    

Holly T - Good luck with all that mess! When I couldn't get any answers from the teacher, principal, assistant principal, I called the school board representative. They had the problem fixed the very next day. Go higher up the ladder if it isn't working in your school.

Littlest Guy had a fever again today of 103.5. I took him to the doctor and guess what?. . . It's a virus. (sigh) They said if he still has a fever on Thursday to bring him back. She said he had the "flu". Oh well. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

I need help making a book - a LARGE book. My sister wants it for something for Girl Scouts. I have a couple of ideas on how to make it, but didn't know if any one here had made one before and had any ideas.

Off to check on Little Guy.

Be back later-



Solitaire - Apr 22, 2008 8:22 pm (#1639 of 2991)    

Holly, it may be time for you to contact either a parent advocate or an attorney to speak on your behalf. Document each call you make--time and date, who took the message, etc.--and print out a copy of the emails you've sent from your "Sent" file. Make copies of these items and send them to the principal in a registered letter, requesting a call back by a certain date. Tell him that if he does not return the call by the appointed time, your next contact will be through your attorney.

I know you probably hate to use strong-arm tactics. Unfortunately, being polite is not getting results. I can't believe this teacher has not been disciplined. If a teacher in our school ignored a 504, he would be written up and a letter would be placed in his file. It sounds to me like this teacher needs to be observed for a few weeks to see if she is implementing the 504. The principal should make a habit of popping in unannounced ... and so should you. I can't believe the way you are being treated.

Journeymom, I am so sorry for your daughter. My throat is very sore, too, and my constant coughing has reached the "barking seal," gagging mode. Also, around 4:30, my temp began to climb again. It's been hovering between 100 and 101. I'm waiting for the Tylenol to take effect, so that my skin will stop hurting.  I hope your daughter doesn't have the skin thing ... it is very uncomfortable. Good luck with Poppy, too. I'm still trying to contact my vet ... who is now on vacation. **sigh**

Sheila, my doc said to call if my fever persists until Thursday. Sheesh! I hope it's gone before that. **healing charms to your son** The flu stinks.


PS Maybe it's time to make a change. Is there a nearby school with a better program? You can get an inter-district transfer if your school is unable to meet your child's needs. Also, if you want your son to attend a school in a district where you work, you can make that happen. FYI


painting sheila - Apr 22, 2008 8:47 pm (#1640 of 2991)    

Poor Soli and Poppy and journeymom's daughter, and Littlest Guy .....I am beginning to see a theme here.


Solitaire - Apr 22, 2008 8:58 pm (#1641 of 2991)    

Sheila, does your son complain about his skin hurting ... feeling sort of "raw"? Mine is subsiding a bit right now, which means my Tylenol has begun to kick in. Hopefully, I can sleep a bit better tonight. **more healing charms to everyone**



jose043 - Apr 22, 2008 10:25 pm (#1642 of 2991)    

Hi All

Healing charms & get well charms to all that are sick with Flu/virus, Anne & I have both had a virus for 2 weeks with the cough so I know what you mean Solitaire with sore ribs from all the coughing.

I have three grandkids today & Teegan wants to say something to you all.

Hello all, I have a joke for you all so I hope it will put a smile on your faces and make you feel at least a little better. A little boy goes into the school's bathroom and sees a fly on the side of the sink. 'Oh,' he thinks, 'I'll pull off his wings.' And he pulls them off. And off to class he goes. The next boy comes into the bathroom and sees the same fly by the sink. 'Oh, I think I'll pull of his legs.' So he does it and rushes off to class. The third boy that comes into the bathroom sees the fly as well and pulls off it's head and then goes to class. The last boy that comes into the bathroom looks by the sink and says ' Yum! A raisin!'

LOL funny isn't it. Unless it's my sick Teenage mind. Well good-bye all

Josephine & Anne with help from Teegan

Little Werewolves of London

Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 22, 2008 10:48 pm (#1643 of 2991)    

Healing Charms to Soli, Poppy, Sheila's son and journeymom's daughter, and all who need them.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Apr 23, 2008 5:39 am (#1644 of 2991)    

Wow, Steve Austin was a hunk in color.--Denise P.

So wasn't Heath Barkley.  


The giant squid - Apr 23, 2008 6:21 am (#1645 of 2991)    

Well, I laughed at the fly joke, but I'm a bit warped to begin with...  

painting sheila - Apr 15, 2008 2:11 pm (#1646 of 2991)
I laughed at he fly joke and plan on spreading it around. HA!! Good one!

Here is one of my favorite jokes:

A man goes to the doctor. He has cabbage on his head, carrots in his ears and peas up his nose. He tells the doctor, "Doc. I'm not feeling well." The doctor takes one look at him and says, "Well. You're not eating right." (ba dum bump)


azi - Apr 23, 2008 7:12 am (#1647 of 2991)  
**sniggers** at Teegan's joke.  

Oh dear, I think a lot of people need healing charms!  

Hmm, *bat bogey hexes* to Draco's teachers. I think if these problems continue it will be in Draco's best interests to try and change him to a different teacher. It's not just the bad reputation that he'll be saddled with because of this teacher, but if other teachers continue to ignore his side of the story there's surely a risk he'll become disillusioned with school and education, possibly resulting in more disruption? I don't know how these things work, but I think everyone should be given the chance to explain why they did something, and I know that when I was in school the teachers who asked the 'troublemakers' why they did it were the most respected. If the troublemakers were in the classes of these teachers they behaved a lot better because they respected them.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I had a great day. Went to the seaside which was colder than home but still fun! My friends and boyfriend bought me LEGO - a train, refuse truck, recovery vehicle and one of the giant houses from the LEGO factory. wOOt! Alas, I really don't have time to build the house right now! Maybe I'll save it for when work is done...maybe...

Lovely days to all.  

journeymom - Apr 23, 2008 9:00 am (#1648 of 2991)    

*Groan* Teegan, that's horrible! Hahaha!


Denise P. - Apr 23, 2008 10:32 am (#1649 of 2991)  
So wasn't Heath Barkley.

Oh yeah, Heath was as well but I never connected they were the same actor for a long time since Big Valley came on while I was at school and I rarely saw it until I was older. I liked Nick...the bad boy thing, you know  


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Apr 23, 2008 12:58 pm (#1650 of 2991)    

Remember when Nick got bit by the rabid mountain lion? Heath had to pour the gunpowder directly into the wound and light it on fire. Dude! Nick was the man!
Lady Arabella
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Madam Pince - Apr 23, 2008 1:55 pm (#1651 of 2991)    

I remember that Nick wore black leather.  

You wouldn't think it of a librarian, would you?

To this day I'm petrified by the thought of quicksand, because of the episode where Audra's horse got caught in it pit of it. I can still see that scene as clearly in my mind as if it were yesterday. It made a biiiiigggg impression, obviously. (Even more so than the black leather. Maybe. )


Denise P. - Apr 23, 2008 2:30 pm (#1652 of 2991)    

Yeah, there are sooo many quicksand pits in California near where they lived Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059  You know, looking back, Jarrod was a bit of a dweeb, wasn't he? What a dysfunctional family - domineering mother, dweeb son, bad boy son, **ahem**: a son who was an adult surprise son and a spoiled daughter. Still, I have to say, I always liked to watch the show. I am sure there is some channel that still runs it daily too.

Devin had an appointment today and I have to say, every time I have to deal with this hospital, I come away fuming. Doctor here said to contact hospital there to get copies of the records (which had been sent to here BEFORE we moved). I call hospital there for copies of specific items who then tell me doctor here has to be the one requesting it. I call back to doctor here who tells me I have to go to downtown DC to get them to request records from there. Why can't someone in the office who WORKS there be the one requesting it then? I don't want to drive an hour, attempt to find parking and then spend less than 10 minutes doing something that the doctor office should have done months ago. Arrrggghhhhhh!!!! (His records were sent to one specialty office, he was seeing a different specialty doctor today. Mr. Left Hand has no idea what Ms. Right Hand is doing, apparently)


Accio Sirius - Apr 23, 2008 2:37 pm (#1653 of 2991)    

I loved Big Valley! I remember there was an episode where some crazy guy was chasing Audra around and calling her name. It creeped me out as a kid. I'm sure it airs somewhere still, probably TV Land or WGN.

We watched that as well as High Chaparral and Alias Smith and Jones!


journeymom - Apr 23, 2008 2:42 pm (#1654 of 2991)    

Checked out Heath Barkley at IMDb. Oh my. He is manly! Six Million Dollar Man was one of my all time favorites.


Denise P. - Apr 23, 2008 2:43 pm (#1655 of 2991)    

Wild, Wild West! My dad was a fan of all those shows so I watched them. Alias Smith and Jones, which one did you like better? The first Heyes or the second one?

Dinner is almost ready...


Madam Pince - Apr 23, 2008 3:05 pm (#1656 of 2991)    

Robert Conrad also had cool clothes, especially the pants.  

Male forumers, feel free to jump in here and chide us for being sexist, and make your own comments about Audra Barkley's flowing blonde hair and heavy eyeliner in the 1870's...  (Mr. P was different for some reason -- he had the hots for Barbara Stanwyck instead. Go figure. She was a handsome woman, I suppose, and I guess it bodes well for him liking me as I get older...)


painting sheila - Apr 23, 2008 6:48 pm (#1657 of 2991)    

I LOVED James West!! The way he wore his black hat just a little crooked. I never missed an episode. I even had the Jane West doll. Did any one else have her?


Puck - Apr 23, 2008 7:24 pm (#1658 of 2991)    

Skipped a bunch a posts, so healing charms and congrats as needed.

Vox, your daughter sounds much like my Son, who will also be 8 next month. He still has the training wheels on his bike, and it took awhile to get to level 3. Very cautious child. Perhaps it was how the stars were aligned that month.  

Speaking of swimming, Toddler was swimming by herself today! It was only a couple of feet between me and the wall, but she was doing it. She was so proud, as well as surprised. "Mommy, I did it by myself!"  

Having a good week. The weather is gorgeous, in-laws are here helping with kids and dishes, and I had a blast teaching kick-boxing. Plus, I got a dinner out with the hubby.



Good Evans - Apr 24, 2008 5:03 am (#1659 of 2991)    

Belated Happy birthday to Azi!!!

My, you have been a sick lot! healing charms to all who still need them and especially to the puppy Poppy!! (give us an update Julie...).

I am study free, having passed the ECDL this week (european computer driving licence- yup I can now drive a PC on the autobahn of Europe!!!!!) I just dont know what I am going to do with myself, I haven't been study free in years.

Ah well, more time for lexicon chin wagging (or maybe finger tapping? )

hugs to all



painting sheila - Apr 24, 2008 5:14 am (#1660 of 2991)  

Julie - A PC? What exactly is a ECDL and why do you need one? Just curious.

Littlest Guy's fever is gone!!Whoopee!! He is still home from school today. The county rules are that you have to be fever free for 24 hours before you can go back to school.

Not much happening here - so far. It's supposed to be gorgeous weather so maybe I can get out and do some weeding. I feel like I have been locked inside for weeks . . . come to think of it - I have been locked inside for weeks!


Puck - Apr 24, 2008 6:04 am (#1661 of 2991)    

w00t for Julie, and an extra w00t for Little Guy's return to health!

Going to the garden center with FIL to pick out some plants to put along the retaining wall that was replaced last fall. All the former plants -which I admit were mostly weeds- were lost during the construction.


Snuffles - Apr 24, 2008 7:46 am (#1662 of 2991)    

Congrats Julie  

Sheila, glad Littlest guy is feeling better.

Thank you for the healing charms for Poppy. I took her to the vet yesterday. They gave her an antibiotic injection to try and take away the swelling in her top gums at the back. It was like she had two maltesers in the back of her mouth! I dropped her off again this morning as they were going to give her a sedative to check her out. The vet thought it was her 'wisdom teeth', or the dogs equivalent to them. I spoke to the vet again this afternoon to see how she was doing. It turns out it isn't her teeth. It is the muscles in her jaws that have tightened and she has an infection. They have given more anti-biotics and hopefully it will sort the problem out in a couple of days. Otherwise she has to go back in for them to put her back under and cut her gums/jaw  

I am now waiting for the vets to ring back with the bill total...........  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934

Off to check the threads.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.



PeskyPixie - Apr 24, 2008 8:35 am (#1663 of 2991)    

Edited Apr 24, 2008 9:30 am

Healing Charms to all who were under the weather, though I'm glad to see that everyone's starting to feel better.

Special Healing Charms for Poppy.

Oui, Orion, vive le compagnie! I hope your garden's coming along well. Ours is pretty much an aviary with starlings, doves, song sparrows, finches and robins, with the occasional blue jay and cardinal. Oh, three squirrely squirrels enjoy guest starring, and a something (we think it's probably a raccoon) has made a lovely tunnel from our yard to our neighbour's yard . The robins have actually decided to make a nest in our trumpet vine and we think they've laid their eggs in it already! We've decided to stop putting out the food that the starlings like until the baby robins have hatched and are flying about; the starlings are just so aggressive with the other birds. My mom is the gardener of the family (my dad and I assist her and enjoy the fruits of her labour!) and she's now wondering when she'll be able to do her gardening without scaring the robins, as they've nested quite close to our back door in the vine which attracts bees and needs to be trimmed.

The little girl who was hit by a van last week is now at home and on the mend.

Holly, I don't know if your son has any medical conditions, but my mom tells me that there are far too many teachers who don't know how to handle kids with, for example, ADD. It's very unfortunate that they don't realize that you should never be confrontational with these kids and that they need a 'cool down' period before facing consequences. Snapey just won't work to anyone's advantage in these situations!

ETA: We have a mounted phone in the kitchen. I've grown up with it! We had a red rotary dial phone in my early childhood, which I absolutely loved. I was dreadfully upset when my parents got rid of it, so they bought me an 'old-fashioned' cream coloured rotary dial phone for my tenth birthday and I still have it. I love it when I have someone new over at the house and the phone rings - my guest tends to jump out of their skin from the loud crackly rings!  Actually, I unhook it while I'm working in my room because one ring and I've lost my train of thought!

My parents say that they still had their black and white T.V. when I was a baby and finally switched to colour when I reached the pre-school years. Apparently I had commented on Big Bird being yellow on "Gigi's" T.V. and my parents had a 'YIKES!' moment and switched to colour!  


Solitaire - Apr 24, 2008 9:04 am (#1664 of 2991)    

these kids ... need a 'cool down' period before facing consequences

I have a number of kids who will come to me after recess or a sugar-laden lunch, and they have trouble "coming down" from the sugar high and getting on task. A couple of other teachers and I have a system to give the kids a time-out without calling attention to it. I just write "needs time out" on a piece of paper, stick it in an envelope and seal it, and then have the kid take it to one of the teachers. She will poke around and find something to send back to me, and by the time the kid is back, he is usually calmed down and ready to work, and the rest of the class is already on task. It's simple, but it works for me. Of course, it depends on having a couple of cooperative colleagues.



kaykay1970 - Apr 24, 2008 9:34 am (#1665 of 2991)    

I took the Little Guy for his Kindergarten physical yesterday. He failed both the vision and hearing screenings! We have an appointment Sat. for the optomotrist. They are doing another hearing screening at school when he goes for Brigance testing. If he fails that one then we'll have to get a comprehensive exam. The kid didn't raise his hand not once during the whole screening. I'm pretty positive that he's not that hard of hearing. Maybe he was nervous. I know he heard at least the first beep. He made his little "surprised" face and starting giggling.

He did have the clinic staff laughing half the time. When the doc was listening to his chest he asked him, "Is my heart still beating?" Then when the nurse was filling the syringes for his vaccinations he asked, "What are you going to do with those?" And then he was telling everyone in the hallway that he had peed in a cup. He couldn't quite figure out why anyone would want him to do that! He was too cute!

I dread sending him off to school in the Fall. He's just so little. He weighed in at 36 pounds and was 3'4" tall. There was a 3 year old in the waiting area that was bigger than him!

Soli: I'm surprised they let the kids have enough sugar to cause them to be hyper. Here they are pretty strict about what the lunch room is allowed to serve. Our kids can't even bring sugary snacks to school parties anymore.

Healing charms all around! Glad to hear that some of ya'll are feeling better!


Denise P. - Apr 24, 2008 9:47 am (#1666 of 2991)    

I still need to get Kierynn in for her exam but on the scale at home, she is 33 lbs. She is smaller than most of the girls in her class at church but not abnormally so. Sounds like Littlest Guy is about the same size she is. She wears a 10 shoe and I have to get her size 5 pants for the length but she needs about a 3 for the waist. Millicent wears a 10 pants for length but about a 7 for the waist. All of my kids, except Devin, seem to be long legged but thin. It is a major pain to find pants that fit.


Madam Pince - Apr 24, 2008 10:40 am (#1667 of 2991)    

Denise, have you seen the product called Cinch-Eaze? It's this little doohickey with adhesive that you stick onto the waistband of pants and makes them adjustable. I got a free sample online awhile ago because we have the same problem with Little P that you mention. So far it's pretty good - the adhesive is sticking after several washings. Even if it comes up a little, a few stitches would fix it right up I'd think. You might want to give them a try. One thing - the online store makes it look like there's only one fabric, but there's tons, you just click on the one shown and it gives you more. (They just didn't have instructions to that effect on the site when I was on there last...)

Yay that Littlest Guy is feeling better! Poor fella, he was sick for a long time! And Yay for Toddler Puck's swimming prowess! And LOL at kaykay's Little Guy's jokes -- too cute!

Snuffles, I hope poor Poppy is feeling better soon and the vet bill won't be too horrendous. It almost sounds like lockjaw that humans get -- can dogs get that too?  

Was it journeymom who mentioned buying an old rotary phone off eBay? This is how cheap thrifty my family is -- both my mom and over at my aunt's house still use the same big, heavy, black rotary phone that they've used since they were first installed (probably in the late '50's or early '60's.) They're hard-wired into the wall -- no un-plugging. Although the handsets weigh a ton they still work perfectly fine, so my mom and her sister (raised in the Depression) see no reason to replace them. *ahem - wonder where I get my cheapness from? * They did eventually have to get second phones with the tone-dial for the "Press 1 for English" thing, but still kept Ol' Blackie.  They're both by the bedside, and when they ring it'll send you straight up out of bed and clinging to the ceiling with your nails like those old posters with kitty-cats on them. It's pretty loud! Nothing like that old adrenaline rush to start your day!

Holly, I didn't get to mention before, but I join everyone else in being appalled at the treatment Draco is getting from his teacher. Poor guy -- he sounds so frustrated, and well he should be!  It must be so difficult for him to understand when he's doing exactly what you told him and is still getting into trouble. How awful to contemplate having to really crack down on the school and the administrators to get some action, but it almost seems like they've left you no alternative.  I feel for you -- good luck! And (((hugs))) to Draco, too!

Soli, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- you're a gem of a teacher! What a great and ingenious solution to the kid who needs a "calming down period" you have there! As Little P's teacher says "Pat your brain, you did a good job!"

Hope everyone enjoys the RotD!


kaykay1970 - Apr 24, 2008 10:42 am (#1668 of 2991)    

Edited Apr 24, 2008 11:16 am
Little Guy wears 4-4T. So she's probably a bit taller but slimmer than he is. The hardest thing to buy for him is shoes. We usually try on half the ones in the store before we ever find any that fit. His feet are really short, but thick and wide. He got those from my Dad, I guess. He had to special order his shoes, size 8EEE.


Solitaire - Apr 24, 2008 11:24 am (#1669 of 2991)    

Thanks, Madam P. I try hard to prevent problems before they get started. It's more effective.

Kaykay, our cafeteria is not allowed to serve sugary things, either. A lot of our kids brown-bag it, though, and you'd be surprised at what they bring. It's too bad, really.

Our cafeteria man is wonderful. He used to own his own restaurant in southern CA, and he and his team manage to make even the standard stuff that comes from the government taste good. Things aren't as great as they used to be, with the new standards ... but his food still surpasses any cafeteria fare I've ever tasted.


Nicoline Vance - Apr 24, 2008 12:02 pm (#1670 of 2991)    

I haven't posted in months and months, but I do check in now and then. I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying to keep up with the celebrations and times of grief.

My children tend to be more Hagrid-ish than Harry-like. My son will be 1 on Saturday (hooray), and he is 27lbs and 32.5 inches. My 3.5 year old daughter towers over many of her classmates. Both have very nice round tummies, which make buying clothes challenging. They have been big since birth, so I try not too worry. I just don't allow anyone to comment on their weight. When my son was about 6 months old, my husband's co-worker called him a little fatty. I had to nicely, but firmly, say that we don't use the "F" word (fat). She didn't think that it was inappropriate and had called her daughter that when she was little. Now she has self-esteem issues, go figure.


kaykay1970 - Apr 24, 2008 12:57 pm (#1671 of 2991)    

Yeah, I imagine it's hard to enforce the rules for sack lunches. I know our school enforces the no soda rule. But we have an "only 1% milk rule" and a "cookie can't weigh over such-and-such amount rule". I can't imagine they actually line kids up to have their cookies weighed! LOL

Happy birthday in advance to Nicoline's son!


shepherdess - Apr 24, 2008 3:04 pm (#1672 of 2991)    

Holly, one of the things that bothers me about Draco's situation is that the school is basically undermining your parenting. If you tell him to do the right thing, and he still gets in trouble, at some point he's going to decide that your advice doesn't work. That will be a very sad day in your relationship, if it comes to that. It's never good when a child loses faith in a parent. I sincerely hope you can find a solution for this situation soon. Best of luck to you.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 24, 2008 4:52 pm (#1673 of 2991)    

Holly, so sorry to hear about Draco! The poor guy sounds kind of desperate. He's taking your advice and it's not working for him (he's really trying). I agree with the others in that it is time to take firm action. You are strong and resourceful enough to do so. I, too, would be at the point of considering another school but I wonder if Draco would blame himself for that? Please keep us posted and let him know that your advice was sound - the people he's dealing with aren't!

Healing charms to all those with the flu! Sounds painful.

I'm glad to see some of you have recovered (esp. the little ones)!

Healing charms to Poppy, too! My initial thought was a tooth abscess. Hope it clears up so they don't have to go further.

Solitaire, I wish all teachers were like you - preventing problems rather than putting out fires. You are a very considerate person.

We had our own dealings here. On Friday morning, I decided to pull the children from school and take them down the shore since it was the first really hot day. (I know, bad mommy.) It turns out that very day a boy went to Olivia's HS with a gun and a list of targets. One of the people on the list was Olivia's friend. Very scary. I only heard about it Monday afternoon and the way I heard it, it had taken place on Monday! I called and spoke w/the principal who told me it had happened on Friday and the police are pressing charges. It turns out the boy has some health problems and I feel so sorry that someone that young felt so hopeless to come up with such a thing. I mean, it's almost May and he is a senior.

Happy belated Birthday, azi!! Hope it was enjoyable!

Happy early Birthday to Nicoline's 1 year old!

We called my little guy "chubsy" for a while (we loved his little "Michelin Man" look) and still do every so often. It just doesn't have the same appeal since he's stretched out, though.  

Some places, such as the Gap, have pants with an elastic that cinches tighter by moving it up a buttonhole.

Love the "pat your brain" phrase, Madame Pince!

Got our swaps and love 'em! Thanks again Denise for all of your hard work!

EDIT: The raisin joke was funny but I felt sorry for the fly (I'm sure no one's surprised by this) and the raisin part grossed me out. Lesson learned - never try to eat while reading the Lex.  



Solitaire - Apr 24, 2008 5:00 pm (#1674 of 2991)    

Kay, the food rules are stringent. For example, we cannot do any kind of a home room party before lunch. On "party days," we have a special schedule which brings the kids back to home room the last 45 minutes of the day for their party and treats. This year, I have the Gold Medal team of room moms. They are the best in the entire 7th grade. I had awesome room moms last year, too. Last year, my room moms brought in bottled water, really good breakfast bars, and fresh fruit for the kids daily during STAR testing week. I've been out sick all week (the first time in 22 years that I've ever missed a whole week), but my awesome moms have covered things for me.

Shepherdess, my feeling is that Draco needs to be OUT of his current class and with a teacher who understands kids a little better. If he doesn't get a teacher who treats him with a little respect, he is going to start equating school with misery. When that happens ... well, let's hope it doesn't happen.

Holly, I've probably asked you this before, but how old is Draco's teacher, and how long has she been teaching? Are you in a district which has more than one school, which would allow you to have an intra-district transfer? Is it possible to transfer to another district altogether? Just curious ...

Well, since I'm coughing my brains out again, I guess it's time for some hot tea. I think my fever may have broken in the last few minutes--my head feels like someone sprayed it with a hose, and my nightshirt is damp! Time for the thermometer, I guess.

Edit: Maria, I think most teachers really love their kids, want them to succeed, and will go the extra mile to meet their students' needs. There are, however, those occasional "sour apples" who just don't get it, and sometimes, they do wind up in schools. Fortunately, I think they are the exception rather than the rule.

I always try to work with our special ed coordinator--who handles all student study teams, IEP meetings, writes 504s, etc.--and her team, because they are awesome! Perhaps Draco's teacher needs to meet with her coordinator ... although my suggestion is still to move him. I think his current teacher has done enough damage for one year!



Vox Gerbilis - Apr 24, 2008 5:10 pm (#1675 of 2991)    

Pesky, thanks for reporting on the injured child's progress. You wouldn't believe how many times I thought of your post while dropping off my own child.

I'm back at my regular job after 12 months of a temporary assignment filling in for someone on maternity leave. The assignment was fine, and it was fun working with my old boss again, but I've nested so much in my regular place that I never felt entirely comfortable there.

Interesting about Puck's son having some of the same reluctance as my daughter. Her bicycle skills have really taken off in the past few weeks, so I'm hoping this bodes well for her swimming. It would be cool if she advanced to Level 3 at the same time Puck's son drops the training wheels.

Are kids losing interest in bicycling? When I was in grade school, everyone could ride by first or second grade--including the abysmally unathletic Yours Truly. I'm surprised at how many second and third graders I know who haven't learned to ride.


Solitaire - Apr 24, 2008 5:15 pm (#1676 of 2991)    

Vox, why should they learn to ride a bike? In my school district, many of my 7th graders have quads or golf carts to ride around by the time they are ten and motorbikes by the time they are 12! No, I am not exaggerating. Up here where I live, kids are on scooters, many of them motorized!



Choices - Apr 24, 2008 5:33 pm (#1677 of 2991)    

Gee HH11, I'm glad I am not the only one who felt sorry for the fly. He must have suffered terribly. :-(


Puck - Apr 24, 2008 6:53 pm (#1678 of 2991)    

Hmm, I missed the fly and raisin joke...may have to search for it.

Maria, My heart was racing as I read your post! Hugs to you and Olivia! Such a sad a scary thing. I assume he was caught before anything happened?

Vox, I do hope to be rid of those training wheels. Most kids around here have bikes, and could ride without training wheels by 4 or 5. My kids seem behind the curve on that end.

Diva is almost out of kindergarten, is still about 36 pounds, fits into her size 4 jeans (less than three months before her 6th birthday) and her size 10 shoes have room to grow. Son is still under 50 pounds, and I find the hardest thing is bathing suits for him. Most I find have a fake drawstring, so I can't tighten them.


Chemyst - Apr 24, 2008 8:11 pm (#1679 of 2991)    
Edited Apr 24, 2008 8:48 pm

Holly, it has been a couple days since you posted; but isn't this the same teacher who was shocked to hear that Draco didn’t like her? (at your 1st parent conference last fall)   …and didn’t you think about asking for a transfer last fall but decided this teacher was probably the lesser of two evils? (the other ‘evil’ was being assigned to the same classroom as another boy who caused trouble for Draco) My unsolicited advice is this: Don’t let your peacemaker side give her a pass just because you are coming up on the end of the year. Whatever you decide, follow through as if it was still January rather than the end of April. And the reasoning behind that advice is that it will protect Draco from feeling like you have given up.

Soli, I love ? stories like your “envelope carrier cool-down.” What a wonderful blending of compassion, effectiveness, and common sense!

Happy Birthday Azi!


painting sheila - Apr 24, 2008 8:31 pm (#1680 of 2991)    

Oh My goodness Maria!! How scary is that!! I do hope no one was hurt. Poor kid. It really makes you wonder why he feels like there is no reason to get up in the morning or why he thinks it's okay to hurt or kill people. The world is so much different than when I grew up. It was a small town in the mountains of North Carolina. We just didn't hear about things like this. (sigh)

On a happier note - Happy Birthday Azi!!!

I hope you had a great day and many many more the whole year through!!

Littlest Guy was fever free all day today. Yeah!! He still looks worn out. He lost about 1 1/2 pounds and has big dark circles under his eyes. I may send him to school if he wakes up bouncey and happy, but if he is draggey, I think I will keep him home.

We went prom dress shopping tonight. We found some pretty once that are modest. I think the line is called Eternity and then there was a line called Modest By Design. Every thing was covered and the dresses were still pretty. We didn't get one though. Lovely Daughter would like to go to the other make and look and see what she can see. She keeps trying things on and asking me if I can "make it modest". There isn't enough fabric on most of them to use to make it modest! I must be really old fashioned but I am surprised at how little some of these dresses cover. Gulp! There was one dress the sales lady kept trying to get us to buy and I finally said, "The only way my daughter is wearing that out in public is if I am with her holding a blanket around her!" The sales lady didn't see the humor in that. Go figure.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 24, 2008 8:35 pm (#1681 of 2991)    

Edit: Maria, I think most teachers really love their kids, want them to succeed, and will go the extra mile to meet their students' needs. ~ Solitaire

I'm afraid I don't share that opinion. I have seen far too many who know it is a good-paying job (in this area, at least) with great benefits, a pension, good hours and lots of days off. They tend to coast and do bare minimum. I have seen too much. Last year Olivia had a nightmare of a Latin teacher. She could barely scrape a C with him - and she had a tutor. The tutor (a Dr., by the way) could not understand why the teacher was going about teaching in the order he was using. This year, she has brought her B up to an A with not nearly the struggles, without a tutor-and it's Latin II! Next year, it seems as though the same guy from Latin I is teaching III. I am not sure how to handle it. I am ready to propose picking her up, taking her to the school where the current teacher will be teaching III (the other HS) and returning her afterward. Yes - I'm that desperate to keep her away from this rude, arrogant man. As for the others, you know the story of Trevor. And he got the better of the two. We need more Solitaires, PatPats and Kristinas out this way for me to change my opinion.


Denise P. - Apr 24, 2008 8:57 pm (#1682 of 2991)  
There isn't enough fabric on most of them to use to make it modest! Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934  I must be really old fashioned but I am surprised at how little some of these dresses cover. Gulp! There was one dress the sales lady kept trying to get us to buy and I finally said, "The only way my daughter is wearing that out in public is if I am with her holding a blanket around her!" The sales lady didn't see the humor in that. Go figure.

We have already had a taste of that trying to get Millicent, 11 years old, a dress. Most dresses in the girls section are...sleeveless or have spaghetti straps, have prints that are suited to a grandmother but not a young girl or have a low cut neck. It was unreal. The dress we finally got her has wide straps and it has a little jacket attached to the dress so she is both modest and fashionable. I am so not looking forward to prom shopping in a few years. I walked by "prom" dresses in a few stores several weeks ago and I was stunned at how much skin would be showing in them. You don't have to be half naked to look cute, fashionable and have a good time. Don't get me started on bathing suits....


painting sheila - Apr 24, 2008 9:06 pm (#1683 of 2991)    

You'll have to change the subject if you want an argument Denise. I totally agree. One dress had see through panels all over it. It would be a magician's trick to wear it and not expose the "truth". Jeez!! It doesn't help that Lovely Daughter has a 10 inch difference between her chest and her waist! She looks like she is missing some ribs.

Denise - We ( a couple of mothers and their daughters who feel the same about modest dresses for little girls) went to Hudson Belk and asked to speak with the buyer of the girl's dresses. We told her what we were looking for and how we felt about their selection and she said she would make more effort to find some modest dresses to add to their collection. It worked! You may want to try that at some of the stores near you. .. or get better at sewing.

We found a tutor for Oldest Son in Chemistry. Yeah!! He is struggling BIG time in that class. The teacher told him IN FRONT OF THE CLASS that he wasn't a favorite student of hers and she didn't like having him as student. He is okay with it since no one in the class likes her anyway, but I know it hurt his feelings. He tries to be a friend to everyone. He asked me not to do anything about it, but I think after the semester is over and nice note to her and the principal might be in order.

Chemyst - Apr 25, 2008 5:08 am (#1684 of 2991)  
We ( a couple of mothers and their daughters who feel the same about modest dresses for little girls) went to Hudson Belk and asked to speak with the buyer of the girl's dresses. We told her what we were looking for and how we felt about their selection ...

Bravo! for you, Sheila. There was a radio talk-show host that featured a group of moms & daughters who did that last spring but I hadn't heard of anything since.  Now... will someone please explain to me what is so important about a prom? I hear so many stories rooted in mega-stress and hurt feelings. . . (I'd rather have the money!)


azi - Apr 25, 2008 5:47 am (#1685 of 2991)    

Ooo, I'm going to have trouble getting a modest dress for my graduation ball! The problem is that there's a free fairground and I don't see any dresses out there that will be...suitable...for going on white knuckle rides. I wish I could just go in jeans and a t-shirt.  

Ooo, scary about Olivia's school, Maria!  At least the guy didn't manage to do anything?

**healing charms** for Poppy!

Wow, Shelia! The attitude of Eldest Son's teacher is appalling! My brother had a Physics teacher like that. The class wasn't taught the syllabus and he was in the teacher's least favourite class. When the favourite class complained they weren't being taught properly to the higher administration, the teacher assumed that it was his least favourite class and refused to teach them anything from that point on. One day he told my brother that he didn't like him and didn't want him in his class. My brother just said, 'Fine.' and walked out. He refused to go back and had many arguments with the teacher in the corridor. He, like 9 of the other students, failed the course. Only 3 passed and two of those had to resit the year.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes once more!  


painting sheila - Apr 25, 2008 7:28 am (#1686 of 2991)    

A Graduation Ball - how fun does that sound?!! Azi - Go to Modest By Design or google Eternity dresses and see what you can find. Jeans and a T-shirt - just fancy it up with a pretty scarf and rhinestone necklace and chandelier ear rings. Send me your jeans and I could put rhinestones on them! HA! How fun would that be?!

Azi - Please please tell me the teacher isn't teaching any more!

Poor, poor Poppy. ((((hugs)))))

Prom - The importance? Have no idea. I have a feeling that is will be a small let down once Lovely Daughter gets there. She was disappointed with high school once she got there. She said to me after the first few days, "it's not like it is on TV." She is going with a group of 24 kids. They are all going out to eat and back to our house for pictures, then to the prom, and to some one elses home for the after party. I think the fun is being with so many friends. The principal is pretty strict about the dancing. She has been expelling kids who dance inappropriately. It is a shock to see how some of them dance! Jeez!


Madam Pince - Apr 25, 2008 8:03 am (#1687 of 2991)    

Azi, I think I missed your birthday, so I will have to offer belated Happy Birthday wishes! Maybe the night you dreamed about me making a post, I was posting "Happy Birthday" to you in my dream? LOL! Hope you had a good birthday!

Happy Birthday to Nicoline Vance's little Hagrid!  

Maria, that's so scary about Olivia's school! I'm so glad she wasn't there that day and that nobody was hurt. Hope they can get that poor kid the help that he needs. (Also, I think I have to revise Little P's teacher's saying -- I think she actually says "Pat yourselves on the brain" which is a little cuter. LOL! They're so funny, standing there all in line dutifully patting themselves on the head...)

Sheila, I can't believe a teacher would humiliate a kid in front of everyone like that! (Well, other than Snape...) That's just nasty. Amazing to me to hear how many teachers are out there like that. It makes me realize just how blessed I've been over the years, because I was fortunate enough to have only experienced one "sourpuss" during both my schooling and Little P's so far.

Chemyst, for me the big thing about prom was getting to feel all "grown-up," I guess. Most people don't have a lot of opportunities to get dressed up fancy like that (well, except Good Evans when she goes to all her functions Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2752390508  ), and it just feels good to have a special occasion to get all gussied up. Wearing flowers, putting your hair up, fancy dress... it's just playing "dress-up" except you're big enough to really do it, I suppose.  

We just got Little P a new bigger bike last weekend, but it still has training wheels, and he's 6. Although he likes his bike (his to-do list did include "go on bic ride") he doesn't seem to have any interest in losing the training wheels. I'm probably over-protective and don't let him ride as much as maybe I should -- the little girl first-grader down the street is allowed to ride anywhere she wants (alone, and without a helmet) and while she doesn't venture out onto the high-speed main road (yet), she is out on our street all the time which still has a lot of fast-moving traffic. Personally I don't think my almost-first-grader is ready for that responsibility yet, but she seems to do fine. She also rides an adult-sized bike and clearly hasn't had training wheels for years, if ever. I guess it depends on the kid maybe. I was amazed to find that she's only in first grade.

So who watched Lost's return last night? What an awesome show! So many WOW!  moments last night! I can't believe the commando shot Alex! And Ben controls Smokey??? And travels in the "black box" to get to Tunisia, a la Bunny #15??? "Chicken Little" comment was funny... I love Sawyer. Poor Penny... poor Desmond! Do you think Sayid will be the assassin, and will he be able to do it to an innocent just for Ben's revenge? This week was supposed to be "TV Turn-Off Week" in our area, but I say they were crazy if they thought I was going to miss my Thursday.  I also taped Survivor but haven't watched yet -- can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the one who got voted off last week! Oooo, that one was classic! I thought that person had been waaaaay too cocky the previous week!

OK, so now I feel my ironing board calling me, because I can watch Survivor while I iron... Enjoy the RotD!


Solitaire - Apr 25, 2008 8:34 am (#1688 of 2991)    

Well, my fever seems to have broken. It's now below 98.6 degrees. Is that strange? I'm cold and clammy, which is a weird sensation. I keep waiting for my skin to stop being so sensitive. I wonder how long that will take to wear off.

Sheila, your account of the prom dresses reminds me of what is happening right now at school. The 8th grade female teachers are having to give thumbs up or thumbs down to the girls' graduation dresses. Since I do not teach 8th, it is a job I've never been stuck doing, thank heavens. You cannot believe what some of these girls have chosen! It makes me wonder where their moms are when the kids get the dresses. As for prom dresses ... I've seen many girls on their way to proms who look more like bunnies on their way to a party at Playboy headquarters!

Maria, I know there are some terrible teachers out there, who are just marking time. I ran into three of them in my high school years. I also had a geometry teacher who'd taught my dad--he was within a year or two of retirement--and he was one of the best teachers I've ever had. He was a crusty old curmudgeon, but he cared. When my grade began to slip, he called my mom and recommended I stay for after-school peer tutoring. He made me stay in it until I'd pulled up to a B and held there. When I got a C on another test, I was slapped back into tutoring! This guy refused to give up any kid without a big fight. Most of the teachers I've worked with are like this; however, I've known a few clunkers, too. Fortunately, most of them have dropped out of the profession.

Sheila, for a teacher to tell a kid she doesn't like him is incredibly unprofessional. Her principal needs to know this. I suppose I would feel rather hostile toward the teaching profession after so many negative encounters. Really, though, most teachers work really hard for their kids. If there is a problem with a teacher, you need to speak out. Teachers are human and make mistakes, and most want to do their job well. If they don't, maybe they need to retire.

Azi, happy belated birthday!



Puck - Apr 25, 2008 11:02 am (#1689 of 2991)    

I ran into Son's teacher from first grade the other day, and point blank told her I hope to be seeing her next year for Diva. She was wonderful! We are not allowed to request a teacher, but if I happen to run into one at the Community Center, that's not an official request, just telling a teacher how wonderful I think she is.  

My neighbor went to a prom the other day. Diva saw her outside taking pictures and thought she was Cinderella.  We just had to go over for a closer look. I was thrilled to see that long gowns are back in fashion. For years girls were wearing skimpy little cocktail dresses.

My neighbor -she's either 14 or 15- came to church on Easter wearing a tube top as a dress. Well, not actually, but it had that effect. It was clingy, and just barely covered her behind. I couldn't believe her parents allowed her out of the house. I admit, she's stunning, but I don't need to see every inch of her legs to know that.

Diva likes swim suits with long sleeves and skirts. Mr. Puck hopes that trend continues.

Healing charms to Soli!

Kaykay, did your son understand the directions for the hearing test? Son failed his the first time. It was at the end of kindergarten screening, which ran into lunch time. They want to raise his right hand if her heard the sound in his right hear, his left it was in that ear. He didn't quite grasp the concept in his tired and hungry state, and thus failed the test, despite having perfectly good hearing.

Taking kids swimming!



journeymom - Apr 25, 2008 12:07 pm (#1690 of 2991)    

Soli, that's a creative, thoughtful way of helping a student collect him/her self. Glad you're feeling better, here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Our cafeteria man is wonderful. He used to own his own restaurant in southern CA, and he and his team manage to make even the standard stuff that comes from the government taste good. Things aren't as great as they used to be, with the new standards ... but his food still surpasses any cafeteria fare I've ever tasted.

That is so impressive. When dd first started at a public school I had grand ideas about starting an organic garden at the school. The kids were going to grow the fruit and veggies and learn to love the wonderful food. Chez Pannise's Alice Waters heads up the program like this at a school in Berkeley or Oakland. I quickly realized promoting and running a program like this was much more work than I wanted to do. I was told, "Good luck with that."

Was it journeymom who mentioned buying an old rotary phone off eBay?

Yes, Madam Pince, that was me. But I wasn't being thrifty, I was indulging myself. I just thought it was fun to have a rotary phone like I grew up with. Poor Mr. Journeymom. He loves all new technology.

My dear sister and her very thrifty husband (more like cheap) still rented a phone from the the phone company as recently as maybe five years ago. I remember our phone when I was a kid was actually property of Pacific Bell.

Happy Birthday, Nicoline Jr! My 13 y.o. dd has a round tummy. It's difficult to find comfortable, fashionable pants for her, not to mention it's getting hard on her esteem. However, she's making better food choices for herself than she used to, which is wonderful.

Holly, I'm sending copious cyber hugs to your Draco. Our precious children shouldn't have to bend over backwards and twist themselves into knots in order to cope in the bureaucratic school system. My daughter, above, is dealing with a similar (but different) situation, and it distresses me that we're considering medication for her simply because she doesn't fit well with the classroom template. No doubt, NO DOUBT Chemyst has opinions about this! Lol!

never try to eat while reading the Lex. Seems to me we've experienced this before! Lol!

Don't get me started on bathing suits.  No. Kidding. Racks and racks of two pieces and relatively few one pieces. Finding a satisfactory suit for dd was a three day effort.

We found a tutor for Oldest Son in Chemistry. Yeah!! He is struggling BIG time in that class. The teacher told him IN FRONT OF THE CLASS that he wasn't a favorite student of hers and she didn't like having him as student. He is okay with it since no one in the class likes her anyway, but I know it hurt his feelings. He tries to be a friend to everyone. He asked me not to do anything about it, but I think after the semester is over and nice note to her and the principal might be in order. Sheila

I'm speechless. That had to have hurt. I'm so sorry.

TV Turn Off week: That was this week! Reminds me that along with running a organic garden at the school I was going to advocate a tv free week, too. I wasn't getting any support from Mr. Journeymom...


Oh my I'm chatty!  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1437562208


azi - Apr 25, 2008 12:46 pm (#1691 of 2991)    

Azi - Please please tell me the teacher isn't teaching any more! - Shelia

Actually, I do believe he was recently promoted to Head of Science. Did I mention he sucks up to the school's administration?  He is the teacher I identify most as being 'Snapeish'.

Hmm, what is this Kindergarten test thing? Is it just to check things are ok, or do they actually not get into Kindergarten if they fail?

I had the most amazing dinner today. I went to my friend's dad's house and it was fantastic! It's in a tiny village outside the city - no gas, shops etc. and is absolutely beautiful.  We went on a walk and saw this huge mansion house. Anyway, turns out the guy who owns it actually owns all the land in the area - it's one huge estate. He's so rich he has his own theatre! I wish I could afford a tiny cottage in a village like that. *dreams*


Good Evans - Apr 25, 2008 1:26 pm (#1692 of 2991)  
Sheila - the ECDL is a computer competence exam, you have to pass 7 exams in common (microsoft) applications - word / excel/ access / powerpoint/ general computer hardware type module / files and folders / internet and web use. - obviously not all the proper titles but you get the idea.

It is an international (well european at any rate) standard so that you can say you know how to use them and are "competent". I had failed the managing files and folders (module 2) once and had to redo it. You have to score 75%. the tests are carried out on a PC and you have to do certain tasks, so it is practical not theory. I averaged 85% on my tests and was really pleased to pass. I dont know if this is an option at school or Uni (AZI ??) but it is a really useful thing to have on your CV and the skills are quite useful too!!!

Julie x


azi - Apr 25, 2008 4:33 pm (#1693 of 2991)    

Never heard of it, although I did get an OCR Level 2 Diploma in Text Processing in college.  That involved Powerpoint, Access, Excel and Word. Very easy exams those were. I also have Level 3 Key Skills in ICT. Neither have come in use yet.  I particularly hated the Key Skills, since I had to show improvement and therefore ended up going back to my work and making deliberate mistakes.   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059

Steve Newton - Apr 25, 2008 7:08 pm (#1694 of 2991)  
Hi folks.

Every year we try to celebrate Mother's Day the week before. Much less traffic at restaurants and such. This year I ordered a Classic Smith Island Cake. Only after I ordered did I figure out that we are now 2 weeks before Mother's Day, not just one. Well, Mom liked the cake even if it was early. Next Saturday off to the Fishermans Inn on Kent Island and their excellent deviled crab.

For those into trivia the ceiling of the Everett Theatre in MIddletown Delaware fell about a month ago and some restoration efforts are under way. It is many decades old. For those of you who remember the Dead Poets Society this is the theatre that they used for that.

Take care everyone.


Chemyst - Apr 25, 2008 10:07 pm (#1695 of 2991)  
Was there asbestos in the ceiling; and is that what killed the poets?     . . .

Sorry, it is late. I should go to sleep now.  


Elanor - Apr 25, 2008 10:51 pm (#1696 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Azi! Joyeux anniversaire!, sorry to post this so late!  

It's been a very long week at school and I've been too tired to post in the evenings but I did send healing and cheering charms to those needing some while reading the thread and am sending some more now!

Steve: "For those of you who remember the Dead Poets Society this is the theatre that they used for that. "

I was just searching about that movie lately. Since a few months, French TV has started airing the House M.D. series and I'm hooked! (it's called "Dr House" here, they're starting with season 3 though... Maybe they'll show the first two afterwards... ). Anyways, I was sure that I had seen the guy who plays House's friend before but it took me ages to realize it was the guy from Dead Poet Society (which made me check the movie on the internet for confirmation). I was finding him cute as a teen when I was a teen, a "few" years later, I find him just as cute!  

It's going to be a gorgeous day here, spring has at last arrived! Rain is supposed to come back on Monday, and temperatures should drop then, but we should reach 20°C today (68°F), it hasn't happened since September! It will be a BBQ weekend everywhere in France I tell you! (Probably a "sunburn weekend" too... ).

I wish you all a great weekend!  


kaykay1970 - Apr 26, 2008 6:29 am (#1697 of 2991)    

The Kindergarten test is mostly to check the child's level of readiness. I've never heard of a kid actually not getting into Kindergarten as a result of this test. I think they separate the kids into classes based on skill level. Seems to me that the children that need more help end up with the more patient teacher.

I think Little Guy didn't understand what he was supposed to do during the hearing test. She did explain to him several times. He seemed to be waiting after each beep for her to ask him if he heard it, before raising his hand. Anyway, I've told him that he's getting another test and that he should raise his hand as soon as he hears the beep. Hopefully the next test will go more smoothly!

College Girl has chosen her major. She's majoring in Asian studies and minoring in Japanese. She's enrolling in a program through the university that will help her get a job teaching English in Japan after graduation.

 Vox Gerbilis - Apr 26, 2008 7:04 am (#1698 of 2991)    

Well, I'm certainly with all of you on the modest dress issue. Every time there's a big event at my daughter's school, such as 8th grade graduation, the parents' notes include a reminder about church-appropriate and age-appropriate dress. Most of these events are held in the church, and the graduation is done at a mass, so why do people need to be reminded about such basics?

I'm hardly a back-to-earth, grow all my own vegetables, type, but I'm really bothered by the extravagant, lavish lifestyles some parents bestow on their children. I don't see much of it in my community, but I see some, and I know it's out there. Soli's comments about kids scorning bicycles in favor of motorized equipage, and all the prom stuff really rankles me. I'm bothered not only by immodest and inappropriate clothes for kids, but also the really expensive clothes, toys, etc. How are kids with so much external stimulus ever going to develop the inner resources they need to get through tough times? How are they going to develop a responsible financial plan when they graduate college with much higher student loan debt and a much lower income than they anticipated? How can they concentrate on a less dazzling, but more edifying activity, like reading a serious book or discussing a complex, controversial issue? I often tell my husband that while I wish we had more financial security, I wouldn't want to be super-rich. It's more trouble than it's worth.

End of rant. Must clean house if it's to be half-way presentable for first communion guests next week.


Solitaire - Apr 26, 2008 9:31 am (#1699 of 2991)    

the guy who plays House's friend ... the guy from Dead Poet Society

I think you must mean Robert Sean Leonard. He was hilarious in My Best Friend Is a Vampire, which was on one morning a few weeks ago, when I was getting ready for school. I also loved him in In the Gloaming, with Glenn Close. If you watch it, though, have lots of Kleenex handy.

Vox: How are kids with so much external stimulus ever going to develop the inner resources they need to get through tough times?

A very good question ... and a scary one. Kids are not supposed to have cell phones, iPods, or other such goodies at school, but they do (I know this because they are forever being stolen). I love computers and other goodies as much as anyone else, but I find it worrisome that kids 12 years old and younger have already acquired--and become jaded by--some of the things I've had to work and budget for on a professional salary. I saved for several years to buy my laptop, because I wanted to pay cash for it. I also saved for my digital camera, and my cell phone is still the 4-year-old basic issue from Cingular.

I have male and female students, aged 12-13, who already have fancy racing motorcycles and are avid racing enthusiasts. Many of my students have their own guns and are pulled out for 1-3 weeks of hunting trips each year. Many of the boys in my 7th grade have Airsoft guns and do the paintball thing on a regular basis.

Not surprisingly, most of these kids do behave as if the world owed them anything they want. Parents who withhold cell phones and iPods until high school years are made to feel like ogres. Sadly, access to all of this "adult technology" has pushed the kids ahead in other ways. Young girls wear clothing that is way too sexy for their age, and they behave accordingly. It is sad to see kids who no longer act like kids, yet who are not ready for the real world at all.



geauxtigers - Apr 26, 2008 11:42 am (#1700 of 2991)    

Woo, been a few days since I've been here! Frenchy has left, it was very sad and the house if very quiet now. He almost started crying at the airport, poor guy, he was fighting it so much! He couldn't talk. It was a fun two weeks and it flew by, but I'm exhausted from it! It will be nice to come home next week and take my usual nap! LOL

Now... will someone please explain to me what is so important about a prom? I hear so many stories rooted in mega-stress and hurt feelings. Everything! It's so much fun! Dinner before, being with your friends, the party after! It's tons of fun! ANd just seeing everyone dressed up and the guys in tuxes is a nice change. Our prom was last weekend. My last school dance ever. Kinda sad, but it was fun! Our prom is super formal. Dresses have to be to the floor and guys have to have tuxes to get in. There were only a few outrageous dresses that people didn't need to be wearing, but over all, everyone looked nice.

Many of my students have their own guns and are pulled out for 1-3 weeks of hunting trips each year. Many of the boys in my 7th grade have Airsoft guns and do the paintball thing on a regular basis.

Ever been down south? LOL A lot of guys get hunting guns by the time they are 7 or 8. Same with airsoft guns. These 10 year old I was babysitting had target practice while I was there with airsoft guns! It's like anything else, just so long you know the rules, it's fine. They did ask if they could shoot each other (jokingly, of course, trying to see what I'd say, *sigh* boys ) at which point I said only if they took all the b.b.s out! LOL BUt no real guns on my watch! Some people even display them in cases in the living room. My uncle's got all their hunting rifles in the living room in a locked case!

I got a cell phone in 8th grade. That's when my mom started letting us go places by ourselves and she wanted to be able to get a hold of us.

I only have 10 classes periods left!!!!! Only 4 more ethics classes, so I've decided that since I have 100.6% in that class, I'm not doing anymore homework. I've never missed a homework assignment in my life and I want to look a teacher in the eye and tell them "I didn't do it" and see how it feels! LOL Something I've never experienced before, and I want to do it and not feel guilty at all! Almost free!!!!!!! I'm not taking any exams, I will have all As for the first time since 7th grade. (not that I really stretched my self to thin this year  ) Should be fun! This year has flown by, but at the same time, August seems so long ago!

I'm off to go finish putting together graduation announcements! **EXCITING!!!**
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journeymom - Apr 26, 2008 12:32 pm (#1701 of 2991)    

Smith Island Cake:  well I certainly can't let this curiosity slip by without looking it up.

Wikipedia says:
Smith Island has its own region-specific traditional cuisine. The most famous dish is a locally produced cake featuring ten thin layers filled with creme and/or crushed candy bars. The cake is iced with a cooked chocolate icing. The cake is often made using a commercial cake mix but with unique additions such as condensed milk. It can also be made from scratch using flour.[5] The most common flavor is yellow cake with chocolate icing but other flavors such as coconut, fig and strawberry are also common. Known simply as the Smith Island Cake, the dessert is baked for any occasion and not reserved only for holidays.[6] On April 24, 2008 Smith Island cake was designated as the official dessert of the state of Maryland. Sounds like fun to make! Though I've never mastered slicing even, horizontal cake layers.

Robert Sean Leonard: very cute. So cute I can't take him seriously as the philandering Dr. Wilson. That sweet face would never cheat on his wife.

We gave our daughter my old cell phone as a 12th birthday gift (I got the new Razor). I really like her having it, I like being able to contact her after school and so on. The kids are allowed to have phones at school, but they have to stay off during class. Please. That rule is broken constantly. It's not much of a temptation for dd, though, because she leaves it in her locker all day.

Off to baseball. Have a wonderful day, All.


Mediwitch - Apr 26, 2008 6:18 pm (#1702 of 2991)    

Ooh, I love House, MD. I also thought Robert Sean Leonard was pretty cute when I saw Dead Poet's Society. I should put that in my Netflix list...I haven't seen it in ages!

The horror stories about teachers are terrible. I had a rotten physics teacher in high school, who thought girls shouldn't take physics and talked more about sports than physics. But I've acquired some pretty horrific parent stories too. Here's one: I was driving past the house where one of my very young autistic students lives - it's a very large house with a very long driveway - and I saw the mother driving down the driveway with the sunroof open on the Volvo and the 3-year-old autistic child standing up in the car - head out the sunroof! Or the house I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops to in the summer, and I stepped out of the flip-flop because the floor was so gross my flip-flop stuck to the floor; I also couldn't find a clean place to sit down, let alone try to work with the kid. This kid regularly comes to school filthy; the poor kid's baby teeth all rotted out; and yes, the Department of Children and Families is involved.  It's really sad, the baggage some kids bring to school.

One of our cats is sitting on Mr. Mediwitch's lap, licking him on the arm! This is the "dog-cat", who looks like an orange tiger cat but behaves like a dog. Silly thing!  

OK, I'm off to make some popcorn and check out the threads. It's my first night home in a week. We had a couple of barns burn down in town on Tuesday - that was a big mess, as the people renting the house were illegally burning brush and construction debris and the fire got away from them - and we did standby for a mutual aid company while they had a structure fire, and I'm teaching the MRT class. It's nice to just sit on the couch and relax!


Holly T. - Apr 26, 2008 6:22 pm (#1703 of 2991)
I just wanted to say thanks for all of the support and advice about Draco and his teacher. I had to go out of town for work and then had to play catch-up when I got back, now we're in the middle of a busy weekend. Whew! While I was out of town the assistant principal and the counselor finally called dh back. Will update more later.

Hope everyone is doing ok!

Anna L. Black - Apr 27, 2008 3:30 am (#1704 of 2991)    

Seems that it's my turn to be sick... Some stomach virus has got me (or maybe I just ate something bad yesterday). I'm feeling as if I could throw up any moment  Luckily, that didn't happen so far.

Chemyst - Apr 27, 2008 7:12 am (#1705 of 2991)  
Well, we have a long driveway as well. If we had been out shopping or running errands, we’d often stop and check the mailbox before heading up the driveway. If the kids had been good and the weather was decent, we’d let them get out of their seat belts and ride on the tailgate on the way up to the house. If we had been fortunate enough to have a sun roof, we’d probably have let them stick their heads out of that too. It is one of those little adventures of childhood with a reasonably controllable risk. Now, if you had said you saw that happening on the highway . . . then  


Orion - Apr 27, 2008 7:55 am (#1706 of 2991)  
Healing charms to Anna and everybody who needs them. Poor Anna, better out than in. I hope you haven't got the norovirus, but only a little bug which goes away in a hurry.


Elanor - Apr 27, 2008 9:22 am (#1707 of 2991)    

Robert Sean Leonard, that's it! Thanks for the movies' advices Soli.  

**Healing Charms to Anna** I've been feeling just like you most of last night, and it's NOT fun!

Spring was really back and it's been two gorgeous days. I had not been wearing a short-sleeved tee-shirt outside since last September, it was wonderful!  With the first true day of spring also came back the swifts. I love those birds! Their cries and crazy ballets in the air are the essence of summer evenings here.

Have a good Sunday all and happy last days of school to Ginny and Tori!  



Solitaire - Apr 27, 2008 11:11 am (#1708 of 2991)    

Anna and Audrey, please take care of yourselves! I have been sick for a full week, and I'm still not up to par. I felt pretty good yesterday morning, so I ate a light breakfast. Big mistake! Within half an hour, I began to feel nauseated and gross. Instead of getting better over the course of the day, I felt much worse. I'm better this morning, but I'm still feeling extremely wimpy and unable to eat anything substantial. Also, my cough is bad enough that I will be calling the doc tomorrow. I have symptoms which make me believe I may have an infection (which, I suppose, could be the cause for the fever having lasted so long).

Think of me tomorrow. I haven't been outside since last Monday. Like I said ... very wimpy.



Madam Pince - Apr 27, 2008 11:30 am (#1709 of 2991)  
Poor Soli! (((hugs))) Hope you feel better soon! That is just miserable -- you have been sick for far too long...

Yesterday was a beautiful summery day, and like Elanor we enjoyed the birds and such that were busy in the yard. Last night we had thunderstorms (poor dog freaked out again) and torrential rain, and today is all gray and chilly and yucky.  The pair of black squirrels were quite industrious yesterday -- I watched them building a nest way up high in a pine tree beside the deck, so we may have little baby black squirrels soon. Squee! They will be so cute, I'm sure! (No comments about their tenderness, please, TBE ) I'll keep my mom's fry pan far away from them...

At Little P's school there is an open courtyard in the center of the school, with a pond and such. A mama mallard has taken up residence, and last week she hatched out 15 little baby ducklings! They are the most adorable things you've ever seen! We watched them after the ice-cream social that was held Friday to wrap up "TV Turn-off Week" (yeah, right, TV Turn-Off the week that Lost comes back -- who planned that??? ) Anyway, they were so cute trying to climb up the rock sides of the pond; little teeny fluff-balls that would wiggle and hop and then sometimes flop back into the water when they couldn't quite make it, but would determinedly try again. So cute.

Tori, that is so sweet that your exchange student seemed like he wanted to cry when it was time to go home! (Unless he was crying for joy... ) The time really flew by -- seems like you just posted that he'd arrived. That was a short visit, but I'm glad you guys all had fun and enjoyed the experience!

Hope anyone near Reno stays safe from the quakes -- who's closer? Maybe Soli or Squid Mike? It looks like you might be far enough away to not feel anything probably...

LOL, Orion... "better out than in." Poor Anna! Hope you feel better soon, too!

***fingers crossed for Holly and Draco...***

Enjoy the RotD!


Mediwitch - Apr 27, 2008 1:14 pm (#1710 of 2991)    

Well, it may not seem dangerous to let a child hang out the sunroof, but after my experiences in picking people off the road when they've been ejected out of vehicles, trust me, it is. What if a tire blew out? And let's remember this kid is three and autistic - lots of sudden unexpected behaviors. I wouldn't call it a reasonably controlled risk in this case - maybe if the child could follow directions or respond to his name, but this one would try to climb right out the sunroof given half a chance.

*Healing Charms* to Soli, Elanor, and Anna and anyone else needing them.

Anti-Senioritis Potion to Tori and Ginny, too!  


Orion - Apr 27, 2008 1:38 pm (#1711 of 2991)    



Anna L. Black - Apr 27, 2008 1:48 pm (#1712 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Elanor and Soli!

I actually managed to keep everything in  But I haven't eaten anything other than some toasted bread today, so I'm really hungry now. I hope tomorrow will be better  


Choices - Apr 27, 2008 2:00 pm (#1713 of 2991)    

Strong healing charms to Elanor, Anna and Soli.....and all who need them. I hope you are all feeling much better very soon! {{{Hugs}}}

This is going to be sort of a scary week for me. On Tuesday at 8 AM I am having spinal surgery. I have Spondylolisthesis and it is affecting about 5 disks in my lower back. I have been in excruciating pain for about two months and moderate pain since last August. Finally I am getting something done about it as I cannot take it any longer. The surgery can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours and I will be in the hospital about a week, assuming all goes well. If not, then just let me say it has been a wonderful ride here with you all and I have enjoyed every moment of it. If you have any healing charms laying around, I sure would appreciate you sending them my way. I thank you now and I hope to be back in a week or so to thank you again. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all.....


geauxtigers - Apr 27, 2008 2:01 pm (#1714 of 2991)    

Well hunger is a good sign! LOL, I still wouldn't eat anything, but still a good sign!

My dad never used to like us riding in the back of his truck. Occasionally we'd get to ride down the street in it. We thought we were so cool! LOL

It's rainy here. Ugg, I just want to go back to bed! We had hail last week at the house. It was crazy! We were driving home and as soon as we hit my neighborhood, it started pinging off the car! Frenchy was a little nervous, when we got home! LOL Then we went on the front porch and caught some of it and took some cool lightning pictures. I think he realized that if were out there catching it, it was probably okay! LOL He said he's never seen it rain like that! Welcome to Louisiana, buddy! But I really miss him now! We stayed up late and talked to him when he got home. We MSN ambushed him at 3 a.m. the second he signed on!

Feel better everyone!

EDIT Good Luck Choices! Everything will be fine! **healing charms and prayers**


Vox Gerbilis - Apr 27, 2008 4:13 pm (#1715 of 2991)    

All the best to Choices, and healing charms to Anna, Soli and Elanor!

My daughter and I just saw the school edition of Les Miserables. The students did a great job. A very good substitute for the professional production!


geauxtigers - Apr 27, 2008 4:22 pm (#1716 of 2991)    

We're watching Les Mis in French right now, without subtitles. I have no idea what is happening! LOL I tried to tell my teacher that I really do want to watch it and understand it, so we should watch it in English, but I just got an "Oh, la la" out of it.  


journeymom - Apr 27, 2008 5:50 pm (#1717 of 2991)    

Best of luck and speedy recovery, Choices! Many, many hugs to you. NO DOUBT we will see you in a week!


86 degrees F, currently. Earlier it was 92 degrees out at a major intersection down the road.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 27, 2008 6:11 pm (#1718 of 2991)
Choices - I agree with journeymom and have no doubt you will be back in a week or so and we'll be here waiting for you. Hugs, prayers and quick recovery charms sent your way from the HHs. I think you will be glad you had it done once you have recovered.  

Healing charms and Pepper-Up potion to Anna, Audrey, and Solitaire. It's no fun being sick when the weather turns nice!

Tori, how very sweet and moving that your visitor enjoyed his stay so much. Believe it or not, your good hospitality reflects on us all here in the States. Glad he made it home safely.

Holly, what a shame that you were called out of town during such turmoil for Draco. Hope all works out for him.

Congratulations to you, GEJulie!!! "No more pencils, no more books. . ."

Kristina, did you graduate yet?????  



dizzy lizzy - Apr 27, 2008 6:46 pm (#1719 of 2991)
A big ((hug)) for choices!!!!

It is cold here....Apparently they've already had snow on the mainland already on the higher parts. It is early to have snow now....but not exceedingly so(unlike the US, Australia only gets snow in the higher parts of New South Wales and Victoria) The rest of the country is just too flat.....

I wore mittens when I walked Lucy this morning, there were even some frosty patches around as well LOL. Tomorrow is due to be more of the same, so I'd better get my beanie out tomorrow.

waves* to all



painting sheila - Apr 27, 2008 6:47 pm (#1720 of 2991)    

Choices -- ((((hugs)))) and ~~~~~healing charms~~~~~~ being sent your way!!

We will see you in a week with an update about how great you are feeling!!

journeymom - I think the trick to slicing a cake that thin is to freeze it first. I have never tried it, but have a friend who says that is the best way to do it. Let me know if you give it a whirl!! I'll be right down for a slice.

Not much going on here. it rained pretty hard all afternoon. Thunder and lightening to boot! Good sleeping weather!

We worked in the yard at the old house all day yesterday and I am sore today! We haven't put it on the market yet. We still need to do some repairs. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it sells quickly when we do put it on the market. I had a friend whose house sold in one day last week. One day!! They must have had a good price on it.

Lost-> Holy Cow!! I thought Sawyer was a goner those first few minutes. I do have to say it was kinda funny that one person after another kept walking out and getting shot. Stay in the house you ding-a-lings!! I know Hurley saw the shack where Jacob is - but is there another reason he has to go with Ben and Loch? Ben controls the black smoke thing - what the heck is it? and why can't he send it after the guys in the camo shooting every one? We know Jack doesn't die - so who does his operation and what do they sedate him with? AND! If the doctor was okay on the ship but dead on the island does that mean the ship is behind them in time? Kudos to anyone who can answer any of those confusing questions!


Tazzygirl - Apr 27, 2008 10:05 pm (#1721 of 2991)
**waves to everyone** Sorry, I had to hit the magic button- waaay to many posts for me to catch up on!

**healing charms** **good luck charms** and **various other charms** going out to those that need them!  

Maria- I just saw your post asking if I graduated yet.  Not yet! 20 more days (and only a couple hours... ) until I'm officially done. Squeee!

I've been super busy- I have two weeks left in my placement- have been teaching the class by myself now for several weeks (I believe the end of this coming week will be a month straight). I'm trying finish up my final projects (another 150+ page lesson unit and a paper on three pieces of student work), as well as work at the bookstore, and find an apartment all within the next two weeks.  

I drove out to Ewa Beach (about a 45 minute drive from where I currently live) to look at an apartment. It was Amazing!! It had a wrap around patio with the most amazing view ever- literally a panaramic view of the ocean and Diamond Head. The house is right on the beach. It's an upstairs studio apartment, about the same size as the one I am living in now, but the kitchen is definitely smaller. I could picture myself sitting out on the patio and grading papers or just sitting there and watching the sun set. The only negative side to living out there is the 1 1/2+ hour commute to the school I'd be working at. So I'm going to look at a couple other places, but if I don't find anything, then I'll move in to that place. The rent is super cheap, utitilites included (except cable and internet), and the landlords are super friendly.

I have not found out what school I'll be teaching at yet. I haven't received any calls about it- which is odd, because the DOE told me I'd have a job before May. They only have a couple days left!  

Now I am off to create my lessons and activities for the week!

(((((HUGS))))) to all of you!  



Elanor - Apr 27, 2008 10:17 pm (#1722 of 2991)    

Thanks for the healing charms everybody! They've been working, I'm feeling much better today though stomach is a bit queasy still. More healing charms sent to Anna and Soli, good luck in school on Monday!

(((((((hugs))))))) to Choices, we'll be thinking of you, count on our good thoughts for the week to come and on a huge "welcome back Choices" we'll post in a week!  

Glad you've had such a good time with frenchy Ginny! It's raining again here today, he will probably be the only one happy to see the rain: it will remind him of Louisiana!  We're supposed to lose around 10°C though today, brrr...

The apartment looks amazing Tazzy!  

Ok, got to go to school! Have a great Monday all!  


jose043 - Apr 28, 2008 1:37 am (#1723 of 2991)  
Hi All

Healing charms to Choices on your operation.

Healing & charms & get well charms t all that need them.

Solitaire it keeps coming back that virus hope it goes soon.

Josephine & Anne Little Werewolves of London

azi - Apr 28, 2008 2:45 am (#1724 of 2991)
**hugs** and **healing charms** to Choices! I'm sure you will be fine.  

**healing charms** to Elanor, Soli and Anna!

I had a shock in bed this morning. I was woken up by my phone receiving a text message at 5.30am. It was on my bedside table and the sound of it vibrating against the wood was just so loud! Even worse, when I picked it up (flashing) to see who on earth would contact me at that hour there was no message! What on earth?!  I was slightly freaked out by that.

Lovely days to all.  


kaykay1970 - Apr 28, 2008 4:44 am (#1725 of 2991)    

Hugs ((Choices)) Sending loads of healing charms your way!

Anna L. Black - Apr 28, 2008 5:37 am (#1726 of 2991)
azi, you're sure it wasn't Peeves?  

A big vat of Felix Felicis, and Healing charms to Choices!

I'm perfectly OK today, and eating properly. **Knock on wood** I didn't go to work, to be on the safe side, and I'm trying to do my University assignment. It's difficult to do it on the computer, I keep wandering off to more fun activities  


TwinklingBlueEyes - Apr 28, 2008 7:16 am (#1727 of 2991)    

(No comments about their tenderness, please, TBE )    Who, me?  

Choices, my thoughts and prayers are with you! You'll be fine, I have faith. Get well soon and hurry back to us!


Snuffles - Apr 28, 2008 2:23 pm (#1728 of 2991)    

Choices *hugs and healing charms* to you. See you back again in about a week.

Kristina, that apartment sounds lovely. *sigh* You will have to practise your apparating skills  

Olivia had her training wheels taken off her bike just under a year ago. She was 4 1/2 and I think that is classed as early around here. Her dad does alot of mountain biking and road biking so she was determined to be able to go out with him without them. She had a few slides and scrapes before she got the hang of it but she flies along now. She ALWAYS wears a helmet. No head gear, no bike ride.

Soli, Anna, Elanor and anyone else who is under the weather. I hope you are all feeling alot better soon.

I'm glad your exchange student had a great time Tori and Ginny. I hope you all keep in touch.

I was off today with a migraine. It started 5 minutes after I woke up and once it gets going I cannot take any tablets. My throat feels like it is closing and there is no way I can swallow any tablets without them coming right back again! I managed to get Olivia to school as the flashing lights had stopped, and I drove to work where the manager took one look at me and sent me home again  I have spent the rest of the day feeling like I had a hammer smashing against my head.

Off to check the threads.

Hope everyone is having/had a good Monday.



Puck - Apr 28, 2008 2:40 pm (#1729 of 2991)    

I will try to catch up on reading posts later. The in-laws left this morning, and the older two kids went back to school. Bliss! It was very helpful having people here to help with yard work, dishes, watching children, etc..., but I miss my quiet evenings.

The weather was beautiful all vacation. MIL and I went shopping and got the children new summer clothes and I swtiched out the winter things from the dressers and closets. Now, It's cool and rainy. It was a perfect afternoon to bake cookies after school, do some water wolor painting, and check the house for signs of "fairies".  

Son was given his birthday gifts early from his grandparents, since they wanted to see him open them. He had asked for Spiderwick Chronicles and was thrilled with the boxed set, and was up a bit late last night, and then again early this morning, reading. That's my Boy!  

He also received a fair amount of cash for his First Communion. Most is going to the college fund. I was lazy and got party platters and a cake from the grocery store.

Time to make dinner and hassle people about doing homework.



Swedish Short-Snout - Apr 28, 2008 8:51 pm (#1730 of 2991)
Choices, hugs, Healing Charms and Felix Felicis to you!

Healing Charms to all others who need them.


Solitaire - Apr 28, 2008 9:23 pm (#1731 of 2991)    

((((((((((Choices)))))))))) you--and your surgeon!--are in my prayers!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and healing charms! Today was a long day. Anna, hunger is a good sign. Just be careful. I had a few bites of chicken, some steamed carrots, and a bit of fruit for lunch. The meal felt "precarious," as did my breakfast ... but I kept it down. Tonight ....

Oops! I just had a coughing "fit"--I can't call it anything else. It was so violent that I thought my dinner (not to mention my lungs) would come up, but nothing did. It was "just" a massive coughing spell so intense that now all of the bones and muscles across my neck, chest, and shoulders feel painful. Also, my face looks like it was punched. This is just a cold or bronchitis ... my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis (my dad's disease).  

Anyway, I was going to say that my appetite has become weird: bland food is about all I can take ... and for some reason I am unable to stomach coffee  or milk. I hope this is temporary. Those are two of my favorite things! Also, diet soft drinks taste grossly sweet. Today I bought club soda and made iced tea ... the only things that seem to taste good. What happened to my taste buds?

Poor Snuffles! I hope your head feels better.  

Madam Pince, do you have chipmunks as well as squirrels? I'd never seen chipmunks before--except Alvin, Theodore, and Simon--until I visited Muir Woods in 2003. I didn't realize how tiny they are. Anyway, I just wondered if they are in other parts of the country. BTW, I didn't feel any quakes. A lot depends on where the epicenter was located and what fault systems were affected, I guess.

Healing charms to Anna, Elanor, Choices, Julie, and all who are suffering!



journeymom - Apr 28, 2008 9:33 pm (#1732 of 2991)    

Soli, I was going to recommend cough syrup with codeine, but I vaguely remember you can't tolerate codeine?? Are you getting little tiny splotches on your face? They might be broken capillaries. In any case, I hope you get some relief.

Snuffles! I'm sending cyber Imitrex charms your direction.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 28, 2008 9:53 pm (#1733 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Solitaire and Snuffles!

Solitaire, have you thought about being checked for Whooping Cough? Just for safe measure.

Congratulations on your son's First Communion, Kathy! Glad everything went well!

I know there was someone else with a First Communion coming up - was it Vox?

Lots of chipmunks here and they nibble down my flowers - tulips seem to be the first casualties. They love Impatiens, too.

Hang in there, Kristina. The apartment sounds like a dream but whoa - too long a commute!



Tazzygirl - Apr 28, 2008 11:09 pm (#1734 of 2991)    

So I think I'm going to take the apartment. I'm waiting to hear back about how much I have to pay at signing the contract (I know the monthly price, just didn't know what I had to pay to start living there. LOL), and how long the lease would be for. I think I'll keep it at six months, and then move some place else afterward- or if it is just perfect, I'll stay. If the lease is good, and the start up price is doable, I'm thinking I'll be moving in this Friday. I'm trying to catch it to where I don't have to pay Aunt and Uncle's monthly rent when I won't be here for the entire month of May- especially if I have to pay another apartment's rent on top of that. We'll see how it goes.

**healing charms** to Soli and JulieSnuffles! I've got a minor headache right now- stress is starting to get to me. (On top of apartment stuff, my laptop charger has decided it doesn't want to charge my laptop anymore. Dell doesn't sell a replacement charger, and I can't find one in any computer store. I found one on Ebay. I'm using my Uncle's charger, but sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. )

Off to create lessons for tomorrow. Yeay. **almost done** **almost done** **almost done** I need a time-turner to get all of my stuff done!!  



Solitaire - Apr 29, 2008 7:18 am (#1735 of 2991)  
Great memory, Journeymom! I am allergic to codeine. I did try some Delsym, and it helped a bit. I am taking it to school with me, as my next dose will be in about an hour.

Maria, I have given whooping cough a more than passing thought, and I may call the doc on my prep today. However, I have a different emergency this morning: Stoney. I found blood all over the laundry room floor a few minutes ago, and he has blood on his muzzle. I think he may have knocked out one of those bad teeth, but he won't let me look. Mom is taking him to the vet for me ... I hope. They do not open until after I have to be at school, so I'm kind of stuck!

I called his former "mommy," the breeder, and she is going to call and find out what's going on, since my free minutes and the doc's never seem to coincide. He is her doc, too, and knows her connection to Stoney. **fingers crossed** It never rains, does it? It only pours!

Good luck, Tazzy! Let us know what happens.

Well, time for school. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.



Puck - Apr 29, 2008 8:30 am (#1736 of 2991)    

Godd luck Kristina. (I never realized you payed rent where you now live. I thought it was in exchange for babysitting.)

Healing charms to Soli and her Stoney.

Choices, I haven't caught up on posts yet, but you seem to be in need of some charms as well, so aiming a few in your direction.

Off to get clean sheets on one last bed, then get dishes from the sink. After that, I intend to sneak in a chapter of my book before lunch. It's raining, so book and a cup of tea are definitely called for. And perhaps one of those chocolate chip cookies that the rain had Diva and I baking yesterday.  


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 29, 2008 12:00 pm (#1737 of 2991)  
How frightening, Solitaire! I must say, as I read it, I was glad to learn it was only a tooth! Healing charms to Stoney - I hope your mom can help. Boy, all of what she's been through and she is still there when you need her. She sounds like an amazing lady!

Don't neglect yourself, though. If it is WC, you want to know right away, especially since it is contagious and you are around children. Healing charms to you, too.

Kathy, you just sound far too organized for me. It seems as soon as I clean an area, the children converge there as if to say, "Oooh look, a clean slate!!"  

We are off to the bookstore! Did I mention that we are on spring break this week?  


Holly T. - Apr 29, 2008 12:24 pm (#1738 of 2991)    


Continued healing charms to Soli and Stoney!

Good luck with the apartment and with school Kristina!

Congrats to Puck's son for his first communion!

Soli, I loved your idea about the way to give kids a little time out. Something like that would really work with Draco. He does well being redirected.

Draco update: He got his report card last Thursday and was making an A in everything but science (he made a B). His final conduct grade for the six weeks was an N (needs improvement). His teacher gives the kids A-F grades in conduct every week, but the school grades conduct on the E, S, N, U scale. The counselor and assistant principal want to set up a conference with them and the teacher in the next week or so (this week is standardized testing). Dh told them he didn't really see the point in another conference with this teacher--obviously we have communication issues with her (or she has them with us) and asked if we could start talking about making sure Draco gets a good teacher next year. They are hemming and hawing about how you aren't supposed to request teachers but we know people do.

Dh also had a talk with Draco about how we are sticking up for him with the principals, counselor, etc. and how he had better be on his best behavior and not act up just because he figures he will get in trouble anyway. We know he has a tendency to mouth off, we just don't think being mouthy translates into "F in conduct" or in-school suspension (which he hasn't had--they just threatened).


geauxtigers - Apr 29, 2008 1:19 pm (#1739 of 2991)    

What happened to my taste buds? Do you have a stuffy nose? Smell directly affects your taste. That whole saying "if you can smell it you can taste it" is true. We did an experiment on this in my CSI class! LOL I thought Carrot Juice was Potato Juice when my nose was plugged! Ginny thought a potato was cheese! LOL Sane thing when you have a cold, you can't taste anything.


Snuffles - Apr 29, 2008 2:27 pm (#1740 of 2991)    

We know he has a tendency to mouth off, we just don't think being mouthy translates into "F in conduct" - Holly

I had to read this twice as I thought Holly was swearing!  I do apologise!

Soli, I hope Stoney is ok. I will be thinking about him.

Thanks for the healing charms, I am feeling much better today  



Holly T. - Apr 29, 2008 3:50 pm (#1741 of 2991)    

Sorry Julie! Here an F is a failing grade. I can see where it might have been misinterpreted. My bad.


Solitaire - Apr 29, 2008 6:20 pm (#1742 of 2991)
Holly, I have used that particular "time out" method for about 14 years. It allows me to avoid "scolding" or calling attention to the unwanted behavior. Besides, all kids like to help and run errands. It makes them feel trusted and important; so it can have a positive side effect. Smile

They are hemming and hawing about how you aren't supposed to request teachers but we know people do.

In most cases, I totally agree with this policy. HOWEVER, when a student is on a 504, there are lots of issues to be addressed. Not every teacher is a good fit for every kid. Most kids can survive a Snape--or even an Umbridge--for one year. Kids who have special needs are not always able to do that. Sometimes the teacher-student rapport can have a greater impact than a teacher's actual abilities. Draco needs a successful year next year with a teacher who likes him and makes him feel worthwhile! Another year like this could potentially turn him off to school forever. He is approaching that critical pre-teen age anyway, isn't he? You hang tough! Don't let them push you around.

Poor Stoney. His mouth is better, but he has a tumor on his liver. I must now decide whether to have exploratory surgery, just let him go "as is," until he begins to feel pain, or some other option. I'm going to talk with the breeder who gave him to me and get her input. It has not been a good day.  


BTW, has anyone heard any news about Choices? Hopefully, one of her kids will post something when they know.

HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 29, 2008 6:32 pm (#1743 of 2991)    

(((Solitaire))) So sorry to hear about Stoney. Strengthening charms and prayers to get you through whatever you decide.

I haven't heard anything but wondered early this afternoon. I hope you're right and someone gives us an update on her recovery.

geauxtigers - Apr 30, 2008 5:50 am (#1744 of 2991)    

Have we heard from Madame Pince in the past few days? There were some horrible tornadoes in and near Suffolk Virginia and I hope everything is fine where she is! I'm not sure where she lives, but I still want to know that you're okay!

I think Choices said she'd be back in about a week or so depending on her recovery.


kaykay1970 - Apr 30, 2008 6:20 am (#1745 of 2991)    

Madam Pince lives in Maryland, but is originally from Virginia. I think she still has family that lives there though. Denise lives in Virginia and another forumer too, I think.


Snuffles - Apr 30, 2008 6:30 am (#1746 of 2991)    

(((Stoney))). *Strengthening charms* to Soli.

No worries Holly. It was late here and I don't think I was concentrating properly. When I read your post again this afternoon, it made absolute sense. That thought wouldn't have even entered my mind!  I hope Draco manages to get a more understanding teacher next year.

I've just had some results come through for me this afternoon. 6 weeks ago I went for a Colposcopy, as I had had a borderline change on a smear test. Turns out, the cells they took from me were pre-cancerous. They think they have got them all but I have to go back in another 6 months for testing again. They have said I don't have Cancer but if I had left it untreated, in about 10 years it could have turned into it. If anyone is due a smear test, please don't put it off.

Off to check the threads


Denise P. - Apr 30, 2008 6:32 am (#1747 of 2991)    

Madam P lives near Baltimore, well away from the area that was hit. Those of us near Washington DC (me, Loopy Lupin, Accio Sirius, Madam P's mom) are also far away from the area hit. I don't know of any forum member who lives near the area that was hit. Thanks for being concerned though  


journeymom - Apr 30, 2008 7:43 am (#1748 of 2991)    

Julie/Snuffles- that's good news, if not a little alarming! Here's hoping the check up in six months shows they were thorough. Off to have a high fiber breakfast.


Puck - Apr 30, 2008 9:53 am (#1749 of 2991)    

Julie, take care of yourself! Healing charms!

((Soli)) so sorry about Stoney.  

Maria, trust me, I am not that organized. If hubby comes home to a clean kitchen/family room, that generally the kids rooms are a disaster. (Of course, if he comes home to a messy kitchen and family room, that also means the kids' rooms are a diaster. )

I did finish Northanger Abby. Soli, I must change my favorite man vote again. Darcy I liked because his shyness around new people reminded me of Mr. Puck. Knightly is just such the ultimate gentelman. But I now declare that Henry Tilney to be not only honest with a marvelous sense of humor, but willing to stand up for his beliefs as well. Having finished the books, he's my choice. Emma is my favorite of all Austen's characters, she's so delightfully flawed. Pride and Prejudice remains my favorite of the books.


Orion - Apr 30, 2008 11:42 am (#1750 of 2991)    

Poor Stoney. I've had cats with tumors - you always wait too long.

Choices is surely in hospital already. Many ***healing charms*** and good thoughts her way.

Snuffles, scary. Is now everything okay or do you need further treatment?  

Good news for me: No cancer, mammography negative, phew. (That was a nightmare.)


Steve Newton - Apr 30, 2008 11:59 am (#1751 of 2991)    

For out annual week before Mothers’ Day we will be taking my mother to the Fisherman's Inn on Kent Island on Saturday. We hope to beat the crowds. My 91 year old mother is greatly looking forward to it.

I think that Delaware is different than most states. My boss, the State Librarian, was crossing the street the other day and heard someone shouting 'Hello.' It turns out that it was Lieutenant Governor Carney just driving by. Somehow I think that this is unusual.


geauxtigers - Apr 30, 2008 1:26 pm (#1752 of 2991)    

Madam P lives near Baltimore, well away from the area that was hit. Those of us near Washington DC (me, Loopy Lupin, Accio Sirius, Madam P's mom) are also far away from the area hit.

Ahh I knew that! LOL I knew Denise and Loopy were near DC, but I wasn't sure about Madame Pince!

I know where I'm living next year!!!! I'm super excited! Time to find a job! LOL

I have 7 more days of class left until I'm free! Only 2 weeks until graduation! Did I mention I was excited!?


Puck - Apr 30, 2008 1:49 pm (#1753 of 2991)  
Hmm, I'm suspicious that the stomach cramps I have had lately are due to dehydration. I've increased my activity level, but not my fluid intake. I've noticed that having something to drink reduces the pain, and web md says this can be a symptom of mild dehydration. I will now be drinking water every time I enter the kitchen, and hoping the pains stay away. (I was awake with them last night.)


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 30, 2008 2:00 pm (#1754 of 2991)
Kathy, there is also a "stomach thing" going around. Healing charms your way, too.

Congrats, Tori! How exciting!

Off to see Mary Poppins!!! ***waves to Finn in case he pops in the Chat Thread***


haymoni - Apr 30, 2008 3:20 pm (#1755 of 2991)    

I was just wondering about Finn. Has he left us forever or was school just too crazy??


Puck - Apr 30, 2008 4:18 pm (#1756 of 2991)    

He's been popping in and out of 5 words on the FFF. School has been crazy, and he's involved in extra curricular activities.  

Maria, was it a stage production of Poppins?

I don't think I have a virus. I had the pains off and on last week, was fine for several days, and then had the pains last night. I had taught an aerobics class after dinner. I didn't finish off my water bottle, then took a hot bath. Last week it was warm, and again I didn't always finish off my water. (I tend to drink less when I teach a class then when I attend someone else's.)


Madam Pince - Apr 30, 2008 7:28 pm (#1757 of 2991)  
Thanks, Tori, for worrying about me! But no, thankfully neither I nor any family are in the Suffolk area where there was such terrible damage from the tornadoes. (Actually, I'm not all that close to Baltimore, either... I'm probably about an hour away. And about an hour away from Steve Newton, and about an hour-and-a-half away from Denise/Loopy/Accio Sirius.  Steve, if I didn't think I'd be intruding on your Mother's Day celebration, I'd run by Fisherman's on Sunday to say hi! But at any rate, enjoy your dinner! Mr. P was talking about us going there for Mother's Day, and I was thinking about what you said last year about going ahead of time to miss the crowds since they don't take reservations...)

Choices, I'm sorry I wasn't around to wish you "good luck" prior to your surgery, but you are in my thoughts and prayers now for a speedy recovery and I do hope that this will take care of the pain you've been suffering for so long. Healing charms!

Soli, sorry to hear about poor Stoney...  Healing charms his way as well. ((hugs)) to you -- what a rotten week...

Also sorry for all the scare and worry you've had lately, Snuffles, and best hopes that all is well now.

I finally watched last week's Survivor on tape... wow. In white--> I think Erik is just cute as a bug's ear and I so hope he wins -- he's so innocent! Anyone besides me think this would've been a good move: James and Amanda should've pulled Jason aside before Tribal and flat-out told him that Nasty Natalie and "the girls" were planning the same blindside as before. They probably could've pulled Erik in, too, because he and James both looked disgusted at "the girls" pawing through Jason's bag, plus even Erik has to see that the guys are being targeted. Then Jason would've played his IC, and the four of them - James/Amanda/Jason/Erik - could've voted out whomever they chose. Actually, Jason wouldn't even have had to play the IC, because "the girls" were planning and in fact did split their votes to assure either Jason or James to go out. This seemed like a no-brainer to me, because James/Amanda/Jason/Erik have surely got to see that they are NOT in "the girls'" plans for Final Four, right? Is there a flaw here? (Other than the fact that they didn't do it, of course... ) Alas.

It was darned cold here today. Last tee-ball game was almost 90 degrees, and today I'd be surprised if it was 50. I wish it would make up its mind so I could put away my sweaters and coats finally!

Tazzy, your new apartment sounds fantastic! A view of Diamond Head and right on the beach, for a steal of a price? Take it! Phooey on the commute! Life's too short to not take advantage of things like that! (Is there a guest room? )

I thought of Finn today, too -- must be something in the air. I was thinking of that little TM copyright-design-thingy-in-a-circle and how I thought he was the only one here who knew how to make it...  

***waits patiently to see who will be first to prove me wrong...***

Tazzygirl - Apr 30, 2008 7:45 pm (#1758 of 2991)    

Puck- I always paid rent for living at my aunt and uncle's. I just received a 'family discount' and babysat to work some of the rent off. It wasn't really a good deal.  I am so excited to be moving out of here!

I've decided to take the apartment and live with the commute. I will be going on Sunday (hopefully) to sign the lease, and then will be moving in shortly after. (Sorry, Madam P! There isn't a guest room. It's still a studio apartment, but is a bit bigger than the one I am in currently.  You can stay out on the patio/lanai though! ) I can't wait to move in!

I'm so stressed right now. Between working at B&N, worrying if I'll get a teaching position (I was supposed to have a job before May. Tomorrow is May 1st. Called the guy, and he couldn't give me an estimate. GRRRR!), packing up my apartment, a ton of UH assignments plus graduation, and on top of all that my car is acting up again- I'm really scared it's going to break down on my way to school tomorrow morning. My mechanic is going to pick it up from my school tomorrow and fix it and return it to me before I get out of school at 2. He's awesome!

And I'm exhausted on top of all that.  

**healing charms** to Stoney, and anyone else who needs them!  

Steve- enjoy the dinner!

Off to tackle the massive pile of stuff I need to do on my computer before my uncle comes to claim the laptop cord.  



Puck - Apr 30, 2008 7:52 pm (#1759 of 2991)  
Madame P., I washed the kids winter coats, and removed winter clothes from drawers. Good thing I didn't actually manage to get the boxes out of their rooms, as I have been pulling clothes back out of them.  No change in site on the 10 day forecast, either.

I won't prove you wrong, Madame P. I have no idea how to make that trademark symbol.

During Son's Pokemon cartoon there was this mini-show things called "props". They film kids who are doing really well, and standing out with something. There's this 9 year-old blond boy who does stand-up comedy. Reminds me of the pictures of Sheila's kids. (I know they are into acting and such.)  

I'm off to bed. I've even done the dishes, though I should go toss the laundry in the dryer. Almost forgot about that!


edit: They charge you rent, toss you out, and take the cord for your laptop when you have homework?   You definitely need to move.


Denise P. - Apr 30, 2008 8:19 pm (#1760 of 2991)  
©️ ®️ ™️  Sorry, it had to be done Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2752390508

 We have had a lot of rain, which should be washing pollen out of the air but whatever I react to has been stirred up. I have the itchy eyes, sneezing and general blah from it. Yuck! I was hoping this far in the season that I would be safe this year.


Solitaire - Apr 30, 2008 9:10 pm (#1761 of 2991)  
Thanks for the wishes and healing charms. Both Stoney and I had a better day today. I am still coughing a lot, but I did have more energy today. Stoney seems to feel better. Mom said he was "busy" around the yard when she was here earlier. He seemed interested in the new neighbors and the cat ... a big improvement over the past two days. I know that is only a temporary thing--and I still have some important decisions to make--but it's nice to see him feeling better.



Tazzygirl - Apr 30, 2008 10:55 pm (#1762 of 2991)    

...take the cord for your laptop when you have homework. You definitely need to move.

The laptop cord is actually my uncle's. Mine is no longer working, and I have to go to Ebay to find a new one. Dell doesn't sell my specific one anymore, and I can't use a universal one. My Uncle's charger doesn't really fit my computer, but it's working. I'm probably frying the battery. Yeay.

But yes, they were charging me rent and then kicking me out. Even though they gave me several months' notice, they couldn't have chosen a better time. *sarcastic*  

Back to the work. I really want to go to bed.  

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Snuffles - May 1, 2008 3:52 am (#1763 of 2991)    

Orion, When I went to the hospital they gave me a 'loop', which apparently is when they take away all of the dodgy looking cells. These have come back as CIN111, which is pre-cancerous. I have to go back in 6 months to make sure no others have turned like that and that I am all clear. It is certainly scary and I got myself in all of a dither, so I rang the clinic and got them to explain it to me without all of the technical jargon. Basically, they think they have got rid of them all. If any more have changed when I go back, they will have to look at some form of treatment.

*anti stress charms* to you Kristina. Just think about next week when you can do your work and look at your lovely view  

I'm glad Stoney is a bit more himself. *Healing charms* your way for you both.

Off to check the threads.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



HungarianHorntail11 - May 1, 2008 6:34 am (#1764 of 2991)
((Kristina)) Regarding your uncle, you know, some people just don't realize what they have.

(((SnufflesJulie))), from what you say, they seem pretty confident. And now you know about it, which is the most important thing. I am glad to hear you went for your check up. I'd better make my appointment before I become a hypocrite. (Thanks for the reminder.  )

Here is an article that seems to explain things pretty well:

www dot irishhealth dot com/index.html?level=4&id=3044

Replace "dot" with "." and omit the spaces. I haven't read the posts afterward but the article itself leads to a positive prognosis if detected early.

((Solitaire)) I'm glad Stoney is feeling a bit more himself. Strengthening charms your way for you and your pup. Our thoughts are with you.

Kathy, yes you ARE organized. Baking cookies, doing laundry, clothes switched over already. Need I say more???  

Kathy, yes, it was on Broadway and it was wonderful. (Even Olivia enjoyed herself.) They said it was a sold out show. Right in front of us and to our left was a huge group of kids-maybe 8, 9th or 10th grade level. They were all dressed up-boys in suits with ties and girls in dresses. It was really sweet. The show was entertaining and fun. It probably helped that Trevor knew most of the songs from the Disney discs I used to play over and over again. He enjoyed it and sat through the whole thing without a problem, as I expected.

Hugs and strengthening charms all around, as it seems so many are in need lately.


Solitaire - May 1, 2008 6:50 am (#1765 of 2991)    

Stoney had a pretty good night and ate all of his breakfast. His breeder is coming by this evening to have a peek at him. She has raised Shelties for many years and will be able to give me some good advice.

I hope our intranet is back up at school. If not, I'm in trouble ... I can't PRINT anything! Oh, well ... Have a happy Thursday, everyone!



Orion - May 1, 2008 7:08 am (#1766 of 2991)    

Soli, don't worry, there's always the internet cafe or the copy shop. Good luck to Stoney.


Solitaire - May 1, 2008 8:08 am (#1767 of 2991)    

How would you like to open your work email and find this from your tech: Hello Everyone--The server that houses our files and printers died a horrible death yesterday. I just did.  


Elanor - May 1, 2008 8:42 am (#1768 of 2991)    

(((((((((hugs)))))))))) for Soli! And Strengthening Charms and a huge dose of Felix Felicis!

(((((((hugs)))))) to Tazzy and Healing Charms to all needing some too! Thanks for the ones I received, they worked very well.  

Would you believe that I am in weekend already? It does feel good! Today is a holiday (Labor Day) and kids, who usually get Wednesdays off, have had class yesterday instead of Friday so that everybody gets a 4 day weekend. I love May!  


journeymom - May 1, 2008 8:53 am (#1769 of 2991)    

We have had a lot of rain, which should be washing pollen out of the air but whatever I react to has been stirred up. I have the itchy eyes, sneezing and general blah from it. Yuck! I was hoping this far in the season that I would be safe this year.

Denise, there's a catch 22 in springtime where allergies are concerned. Yes, the rain washes the pollen out of the air. But if it is the least bit warm mold and mildew will bloom afterwards. Many people are allergic to them and the symptoms are the same as hay fever, itchy eyes, sneezing, and in my case, wheezing. And you don't always see the mold. We discovered this our first year in our first house with its drafty single-pane windows. They'd steam up in the spring rains, and mold/mildew would bloom across the top of the window frame where I couldn't see it behind the blinds. When I discovered it I cleaned away the mold and sprayed with bleach water. My wheezing and itchy eyes never came back.

Soli, hugs to while you make your decisions.

Julie/Snuffles, here's hoping the CIN111 is gone for good!

Have a wonderful day, All!


Audrey's post reminded me it's May 1st!  Wow.


Puck - May 1, 2008 9:35 am (#1770 of 2991)    

May 1st? Happy May Day! Let's all dance around the virtual Maypole!  

Soli, sorry for the loss of the files and printers. Were all the grades kept on it?

I amanaged to hunt down a sitter for this afternoon, but still need to cover the next 5 Thursdays. All the responsible kids are involved with sports, after school jobs, school plays, Honor Society, etc.... I've had a very hard time. I even called the one girl I swore never to use again. (She's perfectly fine with the kids, and takes good care of them. She just has a tendency to cancel about 30% of the time.) I'm happy with the girl coming today, but she has another job, and her hours change weekly, so she can't commit to coming every week. (I wish Olivia were closer, so she could come. It's kind of a long commute from NJ, though.)

A few calls to make and some cleaning to do before I have to head out for dance.


Solitaire - May 1, 2008 10:36 am (#1771 of 2991)    

Puck, I back up to 2 different servers, but I think a Jump drive is probably necessary. I have a Sandisk Cruzer for my Mac files. I think it's time to do the same for this school computer. It's really old, and there is no telling when something worse could happen.

Fortunately, our tech was able to recover most things from his backup system, so we are not as bad off as I initially thought. Whew! I do think it may be time to clean out my little corner of the server, however. I have thousands of files stored there!

Snuffles, your story is a wakeup call for me. I guess I'd better talk to my doc when I have my summer physical. I'm glad things worked out, but please ... stay on top of it!


Puck - May 1, 2008 11:00 am (#1772 of 2991)    

I once did volunteer work for a neurology group doing research on pediatric Aides. The computer crashed, and much of the data they had been collecting was lost. It was quite distressing. Glad you didn't lose any important information.

I have an hour until the sitter arrives. There is still clutter everywhere, but the sink is empty and all my Scout related phone calls have been made.

azi - May 1, 2008 5:49 pm (#1773 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Stoney and Soli!

Glad things were caught early Snuffles! I didn't even know you could find pre-cancerous cells.

I have finished my dissertation. wOOt!  


Puck - May 1, 2008 7:16 pm (#1774 of 2991)    

Congrats to Azi! That is impressive.  


Solitaire - May 1, 2008 7:39 pm (#1775 of 2991)    

I received this note about Choices from her daughter:

Mom is doing well. She got up and walked today. The surgery was long (8 hours) and they had to do more than they thought, but she is a fighter and will do anything to get better.

It sounds like she is up and on the mend! Choices, if you are reading this ... ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))), prayers, and continued **healing charms!** Hurry back to us!



HungarianHorntail11 - May 1, 2008 7:45 pm (#1776 of 2991)    

That's great news, Solitaire! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, continued prayers for sure.  


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 1, 2008 7:55 pm (#1777 of 2991)    

WOOT! for Choices! Continued healing charms and prayers!


dizzy lizzy - May 1, 2008 8:21 pm (#1778 of 2991)
Another ((hug)) for choices!

Also a ((hug)) and pat for stoney!



geauxtigers - May 1, 2008 8:27 pm (#1779 of 2991)    

Woo Choices! Glad for the update! Thanks, Soli! And ((hugs)) to you and Stoney.

Well everyone is talking about all this cleaning..hmmm I need to do that! Grandma comes next week and the rest of the family comes the following week! We will have 9 houseguests the week of graduation, 5 of them are kids. This should be fun! LOL Ginny will be sharing my bed with me, which should be even more fun! If I remember correctly, she's a cover hog. No one takes my covers! NO ONE! LOL  

6 more days of class left! I've just about had it with my math class. My teacher is starting a new chapter and we have 3 classes left, the last 2 of which we aren't doing anything (long story) and it's pointless because she said we aren't going to be tested on it. SO we spent an hour and a half listening to her drone on about integrals. I give up and I'm throwing in the towel!

ANd our French guy is probably going to come back this summer to visit! I'm really excited!

Oh! I get to vote this Sunday! WOOO! I dunno who's running, but that's not the point, I can vote! LOL

Hope everyone is doing well! It's now time for me to go into hiding! Catch yall on the flip side!


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 1, 2008 9:13 pm (#1780 of 2991)    

Oh! I get to vote this Sunday! WOOO! I dunno who's running, but that's not the point, I can vote! LOL

Hmm, dear, there is a point. Part of being an adult, with adult responsibilities, is making an INFORMED choice. Investigate all sides, then make a choice. Do not let your friends influence you, nor your parents, spend time investigating what you think and feel, that is the ADULT thing to do. Voting is a privilege not to be taken lightly, just because you can, your vote will influence what happens in the next few years of your life, use it wisely.

Puck - May 2, 2008 4:11 am (#1781 of 2991)    

(((((choices))))) Thanks for the update, Soli!

Ginny, it is possible to learn something new, even if you won't be tested on it. Your teacher -for some reason- must feel it is her job to help you learn as much as possible.  

I agree with TBE.


Vox Gerbilis - May 2, 2008 4:33 am (#1782 of 2991)  
Great to hear about Choices!

I haven't been around in a few days - more issues with my daughter's reading-instead-of-paying-attention-in-class problem.

Congratulations to Puck's son on First Communion. My daughter has hers on Sunday (thanks for remembering, HH!) The affair will be catered by a Southern gentleman renowned for his culinary expertise with poultry (i.e., KFC), supplemented by my own cole slaw and garlic-heavy potato salad. (My mind cannot conceptualize that there might be such a thing as too much garlic.)


Orion - May 2, 2008 4:48 am (#1783 of 2991)    

(My mind cannot conceptualize that there might be such a thing as too much garlic.) –

scratch Well, there isn't such a thing as too much garlic. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242326132

Choices walks!!!!! Great!


Denise P. - May 2, 2008 5:43 am (#1784 of 2991)    

My mind cannot conceptualize that there might be such a thing as too much garlic.

Well, my 15 yr old ordered something at a restaurant last night that most certainly had too much garlic. I love garlic and that smelled like skunk but he ate it with gusto. Speaking of potato salad, I should make some of my family's famous bacon ranch potato salad.....that stuff is sooo good.

An uninformed vote is almost as bad as not voting. If you are able to vote, take a bit of time to research the issues/candidates so you can make an informed choice. When my oldest daughter was able to vote, she asked us how she should vote. We told her how we voted and why but told her she needed to do some research before she cast a vote. Many moons ago, when I came of voting age, I just thought I would vote the way my parents did. To my shock, I didn't agree with nearly anything or anyone who would have been my parent's choice. The state where I initially registered to vote required you to state a party affiliation and I had registered with the one opposite of how I actually vote. I never cast a vote in that state so it never was a problem.

We found out that my two oldest at home are going deep sea fishing off Norfolk for High Adventure this year. I need to get them sea bands, medication and ginger candy...just to be sure.


Madam Pince - May 2, 2008 7:36 am (#1785 of 2991)    
Edited May 2, 2008 8:17 am

Yay for Choices! So glad to hear that the surgery went well, and we're sending out good wishes for a speedy recovery. (Be sure and watch the back of your hospital gown while you're going for those walks around the corridors... it can get breezy... )

Congratulations Azi on finishing your dissertation! That must feel fantastic to have that behind you. Good work! Wish I could send you a butterbeer to celebrate!

Yay Elanor on the long weekend, and yay Soli that your computer didn't lose everything!  That would've been awful!

Poor Tori... here you are so enthusiastic about the approach of graduation and adulthood and we're raining on your parade!  I'm sure you're just being exuberant, and we're just being typical grown-ups keeping you grounded! (It's our job, you know... ) You're tall enough -- you can handle keeping your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground at the same time! I'm sure anyone who can re-model her own bathroom will be responsible and try to keep learning for the sake of learning as opposed to just learning only for the sake of passing tests... and will do some research before casting a vote, because voting is important, and it's a privilege rather than a right. Too many people have died to give us that privilege for us to take it lightly. (But... stay excited about stuff! That's what keeps you young!  And tell Ginny not to hog the covers or you'll short-sheet her bed after the company leaves!  That's responsibility!)

So Lost was awesome as usual last night! I swear I never know which end's up on that show, except now I guess we know for sure about Danielle and Carl, eh? Not feeling too good about Claire...  And how about Jack, so uber-controlling he has to supervise his own surgery? Give it a rest already, buddy! Wanna bet Kate's favor for Sawyer had something to do with his daughter? Can't wait for next week.

Oh, by the way, if anyone's a big fan of Sawyer, check out p. 42 of this week's "TV Guide." Oh. My. Goodness.  

I must say that Survivor turned out fairly satisfactorily, too, don't you think? Except I think they should've axed Cirie or Nastalie (new name ) instead of Alexis. Alexis was "walking wounded" and probably wouldn't do well in upcoming challenges if there is any physical component at all, so they could've gotten her out later probably. Oh well. And I think Cirie really has Amanda fooled with that "Oh I don't want to but I'm being forced."  Bummer about James... I love his attitude, though. Fun, fun, fun. This season had a slow start but has gotten really good.

I forgot... someone asked earlier if we have chipmunks as well as squirrels. I'm sure we do, but I haven't seen any around our house. My mom's house in Virginia, on the other hand, has tons of chipmunks. They are the critters who take the birdseed and then sneak in between the walls of the house and store all of it there.  They are adorably cute, but sooooo destructive.

...the sink is empty... --Puck

Really? Sinks can do that? I didn't know that...    Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242326132


Holly T. - May 2, 2008 9:13 am (#1786 of 2991)    

Good news about Choices! More healing charms sent!

((Soli)) and healing charms to Stoney!

Congrats to Azi!

((Julie Snuffles))

I vote that we all head to Tazzy's new apartment for a graduation party.  

Congrats to Vox's daughter for her first communion this weekend!

My kids are done with their standardized tests. They may as well end the school year now as they won't be doing much else.  Maybe Draco's teacher will calm down. His class was walking to the park today for a picnic. He is hoping he doesn't have to sit by the teacher the whole time and work on a math packet.

LOL, I just accidentally pressed the s key and typed a whole string of ssssssssss and thought to myself "I typed in Parseltongue!" Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2281877974

A funny from my kids--I was signing Draco's reading log and he was telling me that he'd done his reading in the bathroom. His sister started shrieking "TMI!" whereupon Draco (remember he is dyslexic) asked why she was calling him Tim.

We're having cake at work this afternoon in honor of me and one of my co-workers reaching 10 years of service and another co-worker reached 15. I know, I just changed jobs--I changed departments--and I've been here almost 11 years but they count from May to May. So it is kind of odd. But then again, any excuse for cake.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2752390508

azi - May 2, 2008 9:14 am (#1787 of 2991)  
I also didn't know that sinks can be empty.  Full ones are one of my pet peeves. What is wrong with leaving things on the side so I can actually do my washing up?  (I should probably point out that I have great difficulty touching other people's dirty things...contamination and all that)

Hmm, when I was younger I promised myself that I would vote in every election because I couldn't understand why people didn't vote and were so apathethic. Yesterday I did not vote. It wasn't that I wouldn't have done if I had got round to ordering that postal vote, but I wasn't interested enough to travel 40 miles and back to do so. My vote would have made no difference in any event as my political views are the opposite of those in my local area. I long ago resigned to the fact that I am not voting someone in, but merely reducing the majority of the person that does get in.

Yey, on Choices walking! I'm sure she'll be fit as a fiddle in no time.  *healing charms*

Yes, I'm glad my dissertation is done. Alas, I now have 7 exams in two weeks time. Erk.


Anna L. Black - May 2, 2008 9:17 am (#1788 of 2991)    

Best wishes to Choices! And congratulations, azi  

Vox, there's no such thing as too much garlic  (But I'm surprised to see that there are a lot of people who agree with that, actually ) I've always loved onion and garlic, and I eat some every time I know I'm not going out or meeting people  


Denise P. - May 2, 2008 9:48 am (#1789 of 2991)    

Madam Pince wrote concerning Survivor: --->> I think Cirie really has Amanda fooled with that "Oh I don't want to but I'm being forced. In the voting videos on CBS, you can hear Cirie say something similar to, while casting her vote, "I'm just going through the motions, Amanda. We both know this vote doesn't mean anything." This leads me to believe that she knew Amanda had the Idol and Cirie played the others so they would not switch their vote and knock out Parvati. By voting with Natalie, Alexis and Erik, she maintains her in with Amanda and Parvati AND can maintain she voted with the others and is trustworthy. I think they should have taken out Natalie since Alexis has a bum knee and won't be much of a threat in physical challenges. <<---

Garlic: I love garlic and actually got banned from making gravy because I put so much in. It is a rare day when I say something has too much but trust me, these mussels had too much garlic.

Sinks: We have one giant sink, which I detest. I want two sinks since everyone in this family except me just tosses dishes into the sink. Rinse and stack people! Rinse and stack if your hand can't extend that extra foot to the dishwasher. If I had two sinks, I would have an empty sink to work with to rinse and load. As it stands now, I have to stack everything, then rinse and load. I should point out, I don't do this often because I make the offending party come in and rinse their plate off.


Orion - May 2, 2008 10:05 am (#1790 of 2991)    

Denise, you'd only have two sinks full of dirty dishes.  


journeymom - May 2, 2008 12:48 pm (#1791 of 2991)    

Yay, Choices! Speedy recovery charms to you. We expect to hear from you by Monday or Tuesday, like you said.

We have a two-sinker: one large, one small (with the disposal). The large sink is usually full and I find myself trying to do an emergency, 4:45 p.m. scrub of the big spaghetti pot in the little sink. I've wondered if having one big sink or two equal sized sinks would help. I doubt it.

It's Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!

Now that word looks weird...


geauxtigers - May 2, 2008 1:24 pm (#1792 of 2991)    

Hmm, dear, there is a point. Part of being an adult, with adult responsibilities, is making an INFORMED choice. Investigate all sides, then make a choice.

Don't worry, I know a good bit about the person who I think I'm voting for. What I meant more than anything is what position, I believe it's congress, but don't hold me to it! LOL The person who I'd originally wanted to vote for is out. I can't wait to vote for president! That's going to be really cool! I've always heard that you never have the same ideas that your parents have. Maybe I'm weird, but I usually agree with my parents! LOL

I also didn't know that sinks can be empty. Full ones are one of my pet peeves. What is wrong with leaving things on the side so I can actually do my washing up? (I should probably point out that I have great difficulty touching other people's dirty things...contamination and all that)

I second this! It's not hard to sit the pots on the counter! I like to be able to use the sink! I hate when people drop spoons and bowls down in a pot and it fills with dirty water and you don't want to dig in there to get it all out! ERRRRG! So gross!

And tell Ginny not to hog the covers or you'll short-sheet her bed after the company leaves! That's responsibility!)

hee hee **evil grin**

Off to go pick up a cake for my mom's birthday today.


Tazzygirl - May 2, 2008 1:36 pm (#1793 of 2991)    

I took today off from school to pack and catch up on homework. So far so good! My car is fixed, too!

Thanks for the hugs and everything!

Holly- tehe! I'd go for having all of you over for a graduation party!

Just wanted to stop in quickly- laptop battery has about 20 minutes left (nevermind that I turned it on about 10 minutes ago!), and I have to keep packing.

Happy Birthday to Tori and Ginny's Mom!!

Hugs and Healing charms being sent out to those that need them!  

Have a great weekend everyone!



journeymom - May 2, 2008 2:23 pm (#1794 of 2991)    

I can't wait to vote for president! That's going to be really cool! Me too! I agree! And I'm a jaded 40 y.o.!

I've always heard that you never have the same ideas that your parents have. Maybe I'm weird, but I usually agree with my parents! LOL Hm. I've heard both. I know that my parents political views strongly shaped my own. I did happily rebel for a while and voted their opposite. But I'm back to voting similarly. I think it's notable that every one of my siblings and I all married folks politically opposed to my parents.


HungarianHorntail11 - May 2, 2008 2:23 pm (#1795 of 2991)    

Now that word looks weird... Journeymom

Journeymom, did you use your Snapeward voice for that???

Kristina, what kind of Dell laptop do you have? I just replaced Olivia's Gateway (which they don't sell anymore) and found a few good places online.

I have a double sink. One dirty side and one clean side (for drying pots and things I don't put into the dishwasher). The dirty side is almost always full. And if we have a guest, you can bet someone will place a dirty something into the clean side.

Not too happy to see Friday, as it means the close of our spring break. We did enjoy it, though the weather was wet and cool. They will return to a week of standardized testing and then end of year activities are in full force, so busy, busy, busy until the end of June. That reminds me, I'd better order a cake for hubby's b'day. (It's Tuesday.)


Tazzygirl - May 2, 2008 11:05 pm (#1796 of 2991)    

Maria- I have the 2004 edition of the Dell Inspiron 1150.

The kids helped me pack a couple boxes tonight. When they saw the bare walls, they asked where everything was, and I told them I was moving to a new place. Syd said "But this is your home. You should stay here." I told her the new place is right on the beach, and she brightened up a bit. Aunt had told them I was moving out- wished she'd said something to me, as I got a bit teary-eyed when telling Syd everything was going into boxes. LOL



Tazzygirl - May 3, 2008 3:53 am (#1797 of 2991)    

I need to rant- so skip if you want! I'm really stressing right now- and just a tiny bit angry at my aunt and uncle. Actually, I take that back. I'm really angry at them.

When they got home from their dinner thing tonight, I asked if I could borrow one of their cars to take my stuff over to the new place. They said sure, but the best time would be on the weekend. I said great. So far so good. Then I asked if I needed to pay some type of rent while I was still here for the next week or so. They know I'm trying to move out as fast as I can. Uncle was having a hard time deciding, but in the end said by the 8th or 9th there would be no charge. After that they would come up with something. I'm currently on the 'Family Discount'. Aren't they nice? This is where I got angry. Do they NOT know that this is my LAST week of school?! Do they NOT know that I have a MASSIVE amount of final stuff I have to do for school? Do they NOT know I have no free time available to move during the week?! I barely have time to move on the weekend! Plus I am still waiting for the extra money my parents are sending so I can sign the lease on the new place. I obviously can't move in until that comes. If it comes tomorrow, then I'll sign the lease on Sunday. And most likely spend the entire day that day moving. Which just happens to be my birthday.    I hate this.  

It's almost 1 AM, my apartment is mostly packed- just need to finish packing the dishes and my clothes.

Thanks for reading that. Made me feel a bit better to get that all out.


Elanor - May 3, 2008 5:25 am (#1798 of 2991)  
Big ((((((((HUGS))))))))))) for you Kristina! You know, they're obviously not aware of that now but in time I think your aunt and uncle will miss you far more than you will miss them! If the money arrives tomorrow, tell yourself that getting out of there will be the best birthday present you could dream of (and celebrate seriously next weekend of course! ). BTW, is there a quiet place close to your new place where to Apparate when coming for the party?  

More healing charms sent to Choices, she walks, that's wonderful!  

Healing and cheering charms to all needing some!

Have a great weekend all!  



megfox* - May 3, 2008 6:37 am (#1799 of 2991)    

(((hugs))) to Choices - I hope you are back soon!

So I just had the most wonderfullest daydream abut us all Apparating to Hawaii to go to graduation party for Kristina. Wouldn't that just be a hoot? We could all help you move!!

Soli, we have had several server crashes and two deaths of servers in the seven years I have been at the high school. After the first one, I started a system that helped me save a lot of my work. Whenever I create a document or have something sent to me by a student, I make two copies on my desk top. I drag on to whatever folder it goes into (History curriculum, student work, school related, advisory, etc), and drag the other copy to folder called Weekly. Every Friday, I copy everything from Weekly onto a thumbdrive, back up everything else on the server, and then take the thumbdrive home and put all of the stuff onto my home computer. At the end of the year, I go through everything and deleted what I don't need, and copy everything else onto a CD. Its a little extra work, but I would rather do that then have to recreate a year's (or even a week's) worth of curriculum. The only problem is that my eMac at home is almost 7 years old and is starting to slow down (but has still never crashed or lost a document - I love my MAC!). I wish I could get one of those external drives to save everything to - that would make things easier. But I get by with what I have (gee, don't I sound like a Downeast Yankee Mainer ).

About Survivor -->It irks me that people who play that game (especially the so-called "Biggest Fans") cant figure things out like what Madam Pince wrote. I did not want James or Amanda to win, but I really like Erik and Jason, and Alexis, and you would think that considering all that they are doing is trying to figure out how to play this game, one of them would have a brain cell that would figure this out! This was exactly what I was thinking as I was watching last week. I want the game to be played well - which, as much as I don't want her to win, Amanda did flawlessly this week. Now she just needs to be able to figure out how to save her neck next week. Does anyone think they will have another immunity Idol this week? Its just too much fun for them not too! I love all the chaos it creates!

geauxtigers, congrats on voting. I am going to second the advice that was given, but as a high school History teacher, one of my goals as an educator is to get kids to want to vote, so I love to hear when young adults decide to vote.

Puck, you mentioned that you packed away all the winter clothes. I did the same, and since Maddy has outgrown or will outgrow by next fall most of the clothes that I packed away, they were put in a bag to donate, and for once, Andy took the donation bag right away - instead of letting it sit in the hallway for a month. Needless to say, with the poor, cold, frosty, wet weather we have had this week (as opposed to 80 degrees and sunny, capris and sandals weather that we had last week), Maddy has been wearing the same 3 pairs of pants over and over again. At least I can put different t-shirts over the same long sleeve shirts!

Okay, I have 5 more classes of progress reports to write  before I go to work tonight. Have a lovely weekend. I probably won't see you all til Monday!

Anna L. Black - May 3, 2008 9:10 am (#1800 of 2991)    

Lots of ((((((((hugs)))))))), Kristina! I agree with Elanor, I think your aunt and uncle are not realizing what they're going to be missing.... Just think that in less than two weeks you'll be able to sit in your new apartment, and enjoy the wonderful view![/i]
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geauxtigers - May 3, 2008 9:55 am (#1801 of 2991)    

((Kristina)) I'll be happy to apparate to your graduation party! LOL I'll bring those little drink umbrellas if you bring the drinks! LOL

I voted! WOO! It was actually really anti-climatic, but still cool. I pressed all of 2 buttons! LOL

Now I need to go clean my room! My grandma gets here on Wednesday! ACK! The house is a mess!


Solitaire - May 3, 2008 10:14 am (#1802 of 2991)    

(((((((((hugs)))))))) to Kristina! Moving is never easy, and you surely do not need any extra hassles. Good luck!

I had another note from Choices' daughter: “Mom had a great day yesterday. The anesthesia is finally wearing off and she did a lot of walking yesterday. She is such a fighter and is bound and determined to be home soon. She is in a lot of pain, but does whatever is asked of her. I know she misses all of you very much and looks forward to getting back to her "computering." Thanks again for your concern. I'll tell her you guys are thinking of her. “  I thought you all would like to know!

Megfox, I think it's time for me to do some purging on my corner of the server. I have saved so much over the past 9 or 10 years that keeping it all would be silly. I may invest in a portable hard drive, since I have so much to move. At the moment, I am in the process of packing and purging my classroom. I must be out by June 1st. If my part of the server is packed, you can imagine what my classroom looks like after 14 years! I have three "Mission: Organization" type students who love to clean, pack, and toss. One is my 7th period student aide, and the other two are aides for a teacher who does not always need them ... so I am getting a bit of help now and then. I may have to step it up over the next two weeks, though. I'm trying to decide what I can live without for 6 months or longer (while it is in storage) and what I MUST have (which I will store in my garage over the summer) to survive. Like I said ... moving is never easy.

Well, I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!



megfox* - May 3, 2008 10:33 am (#1803 of 2991)    

Alas, Soli, I wish that my class room was as organized as my computer! I can totally sympathize, except because of my OCD, I can't let my TA's help me organize and purge my classroom. I know where everything is, but I am also a packrat, so I have posters and projects from at least 5 years ago (reminder - these students have graduated already!) - neatly stacked by class and in alphabetical order.  With the computer, I just point, click and drag. Wish it was that easy in the real world! Good luck moving and cleaning - and just out of curiousity, why are you moving classrooms?


Orion - May 3, 2008 10:39 am (#1804 of 2991)    

(((Kristina))) Freedom waits for you!

It's true what Soli says, a portable hard drive is a blessing. I got one for Christmas two years ago and it's very relaxing and a really good investment. They are not very expensive and really worth every cent.


Tazzygirl - May 3, 2008 11:22 am (#1805 of 2991)
Thanks for the hugs, guys. It means a lot right now!  

I'll be setting up an apparating spot directly in the backyard. The landlady is gone for a couple months, so there is no need to worry about being seen!

I've got a ton of drinks on order!

Off to work!



Puck - May 3, 2008 12:34 pm (#1806 of 2991)    

(((Kristina))) Those people bug me, and I don't even have to put up with them. Aren't they planning to use the space as an office? Which means they don't need the extra rent income. You'd think they could just let it go.  

Meg, the one thing that saved me was that I had been too lazy to take the boxes of packed clothes out of the rooms. Plus, I was saving Diva's clothes for the sister, and Son's should still fit next fall, so only Toddler had most of her clothes heading for charity. I had a few outfit for "cool weather" in the drawer, and I found a pair of tights and a shirt under converts a sun dress to being appropriate for current weather.

Soli, thanks for the updates! We all knew Choices is filled with spunk and would be on her feet ASAP.  

I met my cousin for lunch today. Although we both grew up about 90 minutes from here, she has quite by coincidence recently moved to the town next to mine. I haven't seen her since my grandmother's funeral almost 10 years ago. We were close as kids, but her parents’ divorce caused troubled among the "adults", so we were separated. It was so wonderful to spend time together again.  

Toddler needs my assistance.



Madam Pince - May 3, 2008 12:56 pm (#1807 of 2991)    

Tazzy, I am so sorry you're having to put up with all that hassle. I cannot believe they are being so nit-picky over a few days' worth of rent... and from a relative!!!!  That just seems over the top to me. I know a business relationship is a business relationship, but give me a break... it's not like you're just being a lazy bum and trying to take unfair advantage or loll around their house all day for free like Kato Kaolin or whatever. I also cannot believe that such sweet kids as Syd and 'Thaniel came from... *those* people.  So sweet that the kids want you to stay! (and so totally unsurprising...) The bright side of course is that you'll soon be FREE! Yay!

Yes, thanks, Soli, for posting the updates on Choices. Glad she's still improving!

Denise, that's an interesting pick-up you got there re: Survivor. You could be right -- she may be in on it. Megfox, I agree... either the editing leaves a lot out, or else these people are dumb as posts. When talking to James, Amanda even came out and said something like "I know what they're planning... I just have no idea what to do about it..." HUH? You're kidding, right? Even I can think of something to do about it! She must have some other ulterior plan is all I can think...

I'm very sad because there's a baby bird in our front yard with a broken wing.  (Well, actually now he's in the neighbor's back yard -- I shoo'd him back there to try to keep him safe from cats.) He can hop well enough to stay away from me, but I fear it is a losing battle...

I'm picking Pyro to win the Kentucky Derby today, in honor of a Forumer who hasn't posted here in ages... or at least if so, I've missed them... Go Pyro!  


journeymom - May 3, 2008 1:28 pm (#1808 of 2991)    

...loll around their house all day for free like Kato Kaolin or whatever.

Haha! I haven't thought of that guy in ages!

Kristina, it very well could be that they're not fully aware that their request puts you in a bind. Can you just point it out to them, oh-so kindly?


Vox Gerbilis - May 3, 2008 3:45 pm (#1809 of 2991)    

Kristina, I hope that Journeymom is right, and that this might be resolved with a gentle reminder of your circumstances.

Very glad to hear continuing good news from Choices.

I'm on schedule with First Communion preps. Cole slaw is done, potato salad nearly so, and only the bathroom needs to be cleaned. Bathroom is the easiest cleaning job, because I don't have to clear away massive amounts of clutter before I start actual cleaning.


Puck - May 3, 2008 4:08 pm (#1810 of 2991)  
Bathroom is the easiest cleaning job, because I don't have to clear away massive amounts of clutter before I start actual cleaning.

Really? For some reason I always find laundry on the floor (beside the hamper), hair clips scattered throughout, a variety of toys (the Barbies like to have parties in there), shoes without mates, pens, pencils, etc....


Tazzygirl - May 3, 2008 5:59 pm (#1811 of 2991)    
Edited May 3, 2008 6:56 pm

Puck- Yes they are turning the space into an office. Your words are my feelings exactly. I'm debating if I'm going to scrub the place like I was planning on doing a couple weeks ago. Personally, I don't want to do anything nice for them right now.

My aunt and uncle completely know what my time is like right now. I've been talking about it non-stop since about Mid-April.  They are choosing to ignore it and go with what they want to happen. There is no negotiating.

I was able to come home early from work today. I was planning on using the time to get some homework done, but somebody from upstairs came down without telling me and grabbed back their laptop charger. I thought I would check my email quickly before the laptop dies. I'll print off the templates for my lessons, and the reflection papers and handwrite them out. Once I get the charger back, I can type it all up and be done with it.

I drove around Diamond Head and saw the ocean on my way to and from work. My thought was "I'll be able to see this view every day in just a couple of days." It was very comforting!

Syd asked if I was going to have toys at my new place for them to play with. I laughed. I'm really going to miss seeing the kiddies all the time!

Off to print stuff up.


EDIT: I just got off the phone with the new Landlord. I am moving in tomorrow.  Only downside now- I won't have internet for about a week (it takes that long to transfer services! ) so unless I can get to an internet cafe or the neighbor has wireless, I'll talk to you all in a week.  


geauxtigers - May 3, 2008 7:33 pm (#1812 of 2991)    

Good luck, Kristina! See you next week!

I still haven't cleaned... grumble

I just made something for a senior prank. During our last announcment meeting thingy, our student body president is going to launch into a speech about how it was great being president ect. and someone is going to call his cell phone and he's going to anwser "yeah, okay, we'll be there in a minute". Someone else is going to be working the sound board so that is goes "Dun, dun da dun!" followed by the superman song and the senior class is going to rip off their sweatshirts and underneath we are all going to be wearing Superman shirts and we'll all 'take off" and run out of the place! LOL So I just made a Superman shirt and it's really cute!

Another thing we are going to do probably is print out thousands of mini-book marks that say "Class of 2008 Senior Prank" and put them in library books and textbooks. 10 years from now, people will still be finding our mini bookmarks! LOL

Can anyone else think of a harmless prank that we could do? We are just trying to keep it fun and not get into trouble, obviously. We all want our diplomas and want to walk. We've waited too long to not graduate, but we still want to go out with a bang!

Congrats on the First Communions!


Marie E. - May 4, 2008 7:50 am (#1813 of 2991)  
Last Wednesday it was almost 80F here and Thursday it was in the 40's and snowing. Spring here is so depressing! Friday night the hospital Mr E works at hosted an employee's night at an amusement park in Denver called Elitch Gardens. Even though it was still pretty chilly, we had a good time. There were basically no lines to the rides and we got to ride most of them twice. Lexi rode the Tower of Doom twice. It's one of those rides that takes you straight up in the air and drops you fast. She's a lot braver than I thought. We let the girls play the Guess Your Weight game and Lexi choose stuffed nunchucks(sp?) instead of a toy animal. Ah, our dainty little girl.

Healing charms to Choices and Soli!


The giant squid - May 4, 2008 8:41 am (#1814 of 2991)    

Well, the weather's finally gotten warm and stayed that way long enough for me to go outside & get the AC unit fired up. I was going about this yesterday, got all the steps completed and--of course--the thing doesn't work. The compressor will run for about 30 seconds max & then shut off.  We'll be calling the company that installed it (only 3 years ago) tomorrow. They shouldn't have any trouble finding the place--we've had problems with the thing pretty much from the moment it was installed! We're at the point now where we're considering replacing it completely. The last time the techs came out they said that a lot of people were having problems with this brand/model, so anyone planning on upgrading their AC unit, don't buy a FREUS.

Marie, now I'm picturing Lexi running around the house with you right behind her yelling "Don't hit that!" over & over again.  


Puck - May 4, 2008 9:58 am (#1815 of 2991)    

Good luck, Kristina, and Happy Birthday!

Tori, that sounds like a fun, safe prank. How organized you all are. We never did anything beyond chalk in the erasers and turning all the desks around to face the back of the room. Have fun!  


Solitaire - May 4, 2008 10:10 am (#1816 of 2991)    

This morning's update on Choices, from her daughter:

“Mom is coming home tomorrow! I am so excited. She will be so much more comfortable here, and I would rather be the one taking care of her. She is walking well and is getting better each day. I told her about your emails and it makes her feel better knowing you guys are pulling for her. Thanks! “


Marie, your spring sounds weird indeed. We've had 80+ degree days here this past week, and, frankly, I am not yet ready for the heat just yet. I could stand a few more weeks of 60-70 degree weather. However, I can understand your frustration. Either stay cool or get warm ... enough of the toggling back and forth.

Regarding Stoney ... his breeder came by and checked him on Friday. She thinks I should have him x-rayed as soon as possible, to see the extent of the tumor, and I agree. If it is small, surgery probably would be a good option. If it is really extensive, however, it might be best to just let him be, as long as he is not in pain and is still eating and poking around the yard. So now I just need to see if Mom can get him to the doc this week.

Meg, our school is over 100 years old, and my classroom is one of the three original rooms. It is being completely renovated and brought "up to code." Also, a/c will be added.  Our superintendent is hopeful that these three rooms will be finished by the start of school in August, but I think it will be closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, based on the pace I've observe thus far. Then again, the workers won't have to worry about noise during the summer, so perhaps it will move faster.

Tazzy, I am so sorry things are such a hassle with your aunt and uncle. Could they possibly be responding from hurt feelings at your moving? Just wondering ... I hope you can work things out, so that you do not feel so hurried. Good luck! BTW ... Happy Birthday, Tazzy! (I didn't know!)

Well, it is a beautiful day, so I think I'll try and get out and enjoy some of it. Have a great Sunday, everyone!


Elanor - May 4, 2008 12:16 pm (#1817 of 2991)    

Joyeux Anniversaire Kristina! Happy birthday!  
I hope you can find an internet connection before the end of the week!

Soli, that's some wonderful news about Choices! ***more healing charms sent her way***

Poor Stoney! I hope he can be x-rayed this week.

It's been a gorgeous weekend here, we thought summer was already back. After such a long winter, it really felt good.  

Have a great Sunday all!


azi - May 4, 2008 1:01 pm (#1818 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Tazzy!!!!!!! Hope your day is brilliant.  

Yey, Choices! Great news.  


HungarianHorntail11 - May 4, 2008 1:04 pm (#1819 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Kristina!!!

Solitaire, fingers crossed. Healing charms and a special prayer to St. Francis for Stoney.

So glad to hear about Choices!

Hooray for nice weather by you, Audrey!

Tori, I like the bookmark prank-very cute. One on every page for the HP books, of course.  

It has turned beautiful here, too. Warm-not too hot-and sunny with some clouds. Alas, our final day off before school starts again tomorrow. *sigh*

Regarding Tazzy's situation - weren't these the same people ("landlords") who did nothing about her rat problem? Pardon my cynicism, I don't think they're stifling hurt feelings. Tazzy, whatever you do, don't blame yourself. Poor 'Thaniel and Sydney lose out the most.


Solitaire - May 4, 2008 1:32 pm (#1820 of 2991)    

You're probably right, Maria. But relatives can be so ... weird sometimes. Well, I have a few who can be very strange, anyway, and can really turn situations around, so that they feel THEY are the injured party. I just wondered if Tazzy perhaps had some oddballs, too. It's true that the kids are the ones who suffer most in any kind of estrangement, although I'm sure Tazzy will miss the kids, too. I'm curious ... are this aunt and uncle on Mom's or Dad's side? Just being nosy!



journeymom - May 4, 2008 2:25 pm (#1821 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday, Kristina! Best of luck to you.

Also, a/c will be added. -Soli Yay! Hooray for you!

We saw Iron Man yesterday. Definitely deserves its PG13. I wouldn't have taken the almost 9 y.o. ds, but I deferred to Mr. Journeymom's opinion this time. Ds seems none the worse for the wear. It was good, I give it a B. Nice to see Robert Downey Jr. back. What an excellent actor, and a cutie.


Lina - May 4, 2008 2:29 pm (#1822 of 2991)    

I have obviously skipped a large amount of posts (again), so I don't know much about what is going on.

Yet, glad that Choices is doing better and sending her some healing charms!

((((((((((((Kristina)))))))))))) about the situation you are in and wishing you a very happy birthday anyway!

Hoping your classroom will be ready for the beginning of the school year, Soli.

We have some student's demonstrations going on here. Of course, Kate was part of them and thankfully everything ended fine. Actually, I'm really proud of the kids because they didn't make any damage. Next week the college students are making demonstrations and I hope they will end as nicely as those previous. All those demonstrations are about reforms that are going on in our school system for a while already.

Waving and sending kisses and hugs to everybody!

Chemyst - May 4, 2008 4:26 pm (#1823 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Tazzy! …and if your Aunt & Uncle give you a “combo” birthday + graduation gift; or if they get you a perfectly useless graduation gift with a value equal to a month’s rent after family discount; or if they don’t get you a graduation gift at all – I think we would all be interested in hearing about it so that we can either confirm or append our pre-conceived notions. Yes, I know it is incredibly tacky to ask this of you, but I am just so curious! I can’t help myself; you have piqued my interest.

Hi, Lina!

Is it too early to welcome Choices home? If I post now, that will be one less post she has to catch up on later!  ...just trying to make recuperation simpler for you, Choices.


kaykay1970 - May 4, 2008 4:59 pm (#1824 of 2991)
Happy Birthday Tazzy!

Healing charms to Choices!

Thanks for the Iron Man review. My children have been throwing a fit to see that one. The two oldest boys have been reading the comic.

**waves to Lina** So nice to hear from you!


haymoni - May 4, 2008 6:27 pm (#1825 of 2991)  
Hi all -

Slacker Mom has somehow survived the last 2 weekends.

Last weekend was The Weekend of Ungrateful Son - school play (2 nights), baseball tournament (all day Sat. & Sun.) & Confirmation (Sunday afternoon).

This weekend was First Communion for The Beautifulest One. It rained all day Saturday. Had to move everything indoors. Today, we collapsed.

Watched OotP in the morning & POA before bed.

It was a pretty good day!

Vox Gerbilis - May 4, 2008 6:29 pm (#1826 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday, Tazzy, and good luck with your move!

Wow, Soli, a 100-year-old school building? Mind-boggling to think of the history of it all. I drive past two long-abandoned, blighted school buildings on my way to work, a public elementary school built around 1900, and a Catholic grade school I would date back to the 20s. I love to ponder what went on in them, and what became of their alumni.

First Communion was a success! I was relieved that my daughter was not the only girl without an elaborate hairdo (I'm hair-impaired), and proud of how sweet she looked. It was definitely a maternal reward moment. We'll be eating leftover chicken the rest of the week, though, because once again I overestimated my guests' appetites.


haymoni - May 4, 2008 6:37 pm (#1827 of 2991)    

We've got extra ham, pizza and cake.

With Ungrateful Son, it should be gone by tomorrow afternoon.


Solitaire - May 4, 2008 6:38 pm (#1828 of 2991)    

I know it is incredibly tacky to ask this of you, but I am just so curious! I can’t help myself; you have piqued my interest.

I guess that applies to us all, Chemyst, because I think we're all interested. Then again, I think we're all interested in what happens in each other's lives ... because we're friends, and we care about each other.  

Nice to see you, Lina!!


Holly T. - May 4, 2008 7:03 pm (#1829 of 2991)    

Edited May 4, 2008 7:39 pm
More healing charms for Choices!

Congrats to Ungrateful Son for his confirmation and to the Beautifulest One for her first communion!

(((Kristina))) and a happy birthday to you!

Draco's baseball team won again on Saturday (their second win). It was a great game. Draco caught a fly ball in center field and almost caught another one. The wind caught it and it bounced off the top of his glove. Then when he was playing catcher he got two people out as they were trying to score on wild pitches. After that the other team quit trying to score on wild pitches (this is their first year of kid pitch so there are a lot of wild pitches). Then he scored the tying run by coming home on a wild pitch. They gave him the game ball.  

Nice to see you Lina!

Soli, hugs for you and Stoney.

The giant squid - May 4, 2008 7:17 pm (#1830 of 2991)
RE: Iron Man--I saw it this morning and, as an unrepentant comic-book geek I have to say it was great! Granted, I never followed IM himself but I know the background and they followed it pretty well, making only minor changes when necessary (for instance, in the original origin story in the 60's Tony Stark was injured in Korea, not Afghanistan). Considering it starred Robert Downey, Jr. I thought they kept it rather low-key.  

Yay Choices! Good to hear she's doing well.

Birthday wishes and strengthening charms for Kristina.



megfox* - May 4, 2008 8:14 pm (#1831 of 2991)  
I think I jinxed myself by talking about the server crashes, etc, because as I was on my last class, the program I enter progress reports into refused to work. But, after an hour of restarting, rebooting, and emailing IT, it suddenly worked on its own, and I...AM...DONE!! I think that progress reports should be renamed "teacher torture". Of course, it doesn't help that I can't just copy and paste generic comments, but feel the need to explain how I arrived at each students grade, give some compliments, constructive criticism and encouragement, as well as an assessment of where they should be by the end of the year. But, you know me, I'm an overachiever.  

Soli, that should be great for you! I hardly need AC in my classroom (its only above 80 degrees here for about 2 months, and we aren't in school then), but I remember you talking about how hot it got in your room, and I can definitely see how that could make your job much, much easier, not to mention comfortable! Good luck with the packing up.

Happy birthday, Kristina!

On a sad note, my sister, who is scheduled to graduate from Atlantic Veterinary College on PEI in Canada this weekend, got a devastating phone call today. She and her husband came home for three weeks (her exams were over and there was no reason for them to stay, so she came home to look for jobs), and they were going to head back up on Thursday for graduation this weekend. As they both drive compact cars, they left almost all of their possessions at a friend's barn, and were planning on bringing everything else back in my parent's Volvo wagon and pick-up truck (my parents are going to graduation too). Well, the barn burned to the ground today. All of their possessions - her artwork, photos and photography equipment, his massive DVD collection, furniture, TV, DVD player, Dyson vacuum, all of their clothes except what they packed in two suitcases, all their wedding gifts and photos, over $5000 worth of textbooks and veterinary equipment...everything is gone. I feel so bad for my sister and her husband, who have really sacrificed a lot so that she could get her DVM, and now her graduation weekend is totally ruined. I don't often ask for people to do things like this, but if you guys could keep her and her husband in your thoughts, it would mean a lot. Thanks.

Congrats to all of the Communions! I never had one, but I remember my cousins' and I always wished that I could! I think it was mostly the dresses and the party afterwards that I wanted, but, you know, I was eight...


Swedish Short-Snout - May 5, 2008 12:16 am (#1832 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday, Tazzy!

Yay for Choices, more Healing Charms to her!

megfox, I am so sorry to hear about your sister and her husband. I'm lousy at finding words to express my sympathy, but I will keep them in my thoughts.

I just counted how many school days I have left in obligatory school. It's 26. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not. Either way, it's a bit scary, because I don't know what to do then!


Vox Gerbilis - May 5, 2008 2:40 am (#1833 of 2991)    

Megfox, that is horrible. What a dreadful loss at this crucial time in their lives.


Puck - May 5, 2008 4:12 am (#1834 of 2991)    

Prayers to Meg's sister and husband. How very sad.  At least they are safe. Will insurance replace that which is replacable. (Artwork and photos, of course, are not.)

w00t to Draco! Will will be glad to cheer for him on any major league team, except the Yankees.

Congrats to those Confirmed and Communed! (I doubt that's a word.) I tossed the last of the left overs from ours into the trash yesterday.

Time to make breakfast. I got up early as kids claimed they wanted to "jog" before school. That idea apparently left during the night, as only I was will to get out of bed.  



Solitaire - May 5, 2008 7:21 am (#1835 of 2991)    

Oh, Meg! How terrible. I suppose it's too much to hope that the barn and its contents would be insured?? Do they know yet how the fire started? I guess the best that can be said at this point is that everyone is safe. Your sis and her husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

On a positive note ... congrats to Draco!! He deserves some positive energy, doesn't he?  

Happy Monday, everyone!!



journeymom - May 5, 2008 7:41 am (#1836 of 2991)    

Megfox, wow, that's dreadful. I wish your sister and her husband the best of luck recovering from this.


megfox* - May 5, 2008 8:55 am (#1837 of 2991)  
Well, they weren't able to talk to the property owner yesterday; they got the news from a friend who lived on the property. They don't know about her homeowner's insurance, and they aren't sure what the bailment laws are in Canada (I think that is the right term). The fire was started in the most ridiculous way - there was a stall in the barn that was housing several turkeys, and someone put a space heater in the stall, and they think one of the turkeys knocked it over. Having grown up with horses, I don't know how anyone couldn't understand the danger of that.

Thanks for all the kind words. I think that Andy and I are going to put together one of those shutterfly books of wedding pictures for them. They never gave the rest of the pictures to my parents, so the only picture they have left is the one that is framed at my parent's house. I would offer her some of my clothes, but she wears a size 0 and ... I don't. At least they had brought all of their animals home with them.


Anna L. Black - May 5, 2008 9:08 am (#1838 of 2991)    

Oh, megfox, that's so sad... A lot of Felix Felicis to your sister and her husband.

Happy (belated) birthday, Kristina! I hope you enjoy your new apartment!

Hope I didn't miss anything else, I skimmed through a lot of posts quickly...  


haymoni - May 5, 2008 4:18 pm (#1839 of 2991)    

So sorry, megfox. What a blow!

Mike - we haven't seen "Iron Man" yet, but Hubby is already upset that Tony has a goatee!


The giant squid - May 5, 2008 4:59 pm (#1840 of 2991)    

Trust me, the goatee's about all he'll have to complain about.  


Madam Pince - May 5, 2008 5:54 pm (#1841 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday, Tazzy! What a great birthday gift to yourself -- a new apartment with a view of Diamond Head!  Hope the move goes smoothly. (I suppose it's too much to hope that aunt/uncle might consider getting you a compatible laptop charger for a combo birthday/graduation gift? )

Glad to hear that Choices will be home! That will be so much more comfortable I'm sure. Continued healing charms!

Woo-hoo Draco on the fantastic catch, plays-at-the-plate, and getting the game ball! That is great!

Megfox, I am so sorry to hear about your sister's loss -- that is just horrible. What a devastating loss, and such awful timing to be just at the start of a new career and to lose all your work equipment, not even to mention all the photographs and the memories. We will keep them in our thoughts.

Tori, I love the prank for putting bookmarks in all the library books! Very clever, and very... eternal.  The only prank I ever was extremely impressed with is one that you couldn't do at a school -- a friend of mine went to a store like a Wal-Mart or something, and went to the clock section, and wound up all the clocks she could and set the alarms for 10 minutes from now, then hung around to watch all the clerks scrambling around trying to turn them all off.  (See this is dating how old I am... can you even buy wind-up clocks anymore? Everything's electric & digital...)

So far I haven't gotten any requests for Iron Man, but I am hearing quite a lot about Speed Racer. We have been eating nothing but General Mills cereals in an effort to obtain all the cars from the set.  (By the way, if you get Corn Flakes these days, you can have a huge picture of Harrison Ford / Indiana Jones to watch you eat your breakfast every day...  )


shepherdess - May 5, 2008 6:41 pm (#1842 of 2991)    

Many years ago, the high school in my town was part high school and part college. So about..I don't know...forty years ago(?)..some of the college students decided to do a prank.

At one place in town, there are three large water tanks together by the highway. They painted the words "hot", "warm", and "cold" on the tanks. The city decided it was clever, and left it that way. Periodically, they repaint the words to keep them from wearing off and looking tacky.

When my step-daughter was 16, she came to live with us for a while. As we drove by the tanks, she stared at them for a moment, then asked, "but how do they keep it hot?". LOL.


geauxtigers - May 5, 2008 7:36 pm (#1843 of 2991)    

LOL Sheperdess! That's cute!

went to the clock section, and wound up all the clocks she could and set the alarms for 10 minutes from now, then hung around to watch all the clerks scrambling around trying to turn them all off I've heard about doing this at school. Put them in lockers and the celing ect. The only problem is, no one at our school uses out lockers and we don't have any interior hallways except one (and it's mostly occupied by little kids). So this sort of got shot down a bit. And I'm not sure if we are doing the Superman thing anymore. It sounds like a lot of people didn't get the word. So I'm planning on playing it by ear tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about the barn, Meg.

Back to cleaning...


Eponine - May 5, 2008 7:55 pm (#1844 of 2991)  
Mr Eponine and I saw Iron Man yesterday, and we both loved it. It's one of the best superhero movies I've seen in a very long time, and I highly recommend it.


dizzy lizzy - May 5, 2008 8:52 pm (#1845 of 2991)    

A (hug) for Choices on her good news so far!

A (hug) for tazzy for all her stress created by the move, relatives and graduation.

A (hug) for megfox's sister, ouch that's gotta be hard to restart all over again...especially when they are trying to start out....

Cheering Charms and (hug)'s to anyone else who needs 'em  .



Solitaire - May 5, 2008 10:21 pm (#1846 of 2991)  
Madam Pince, your clock prank reminded me of something Dad did when he was young. He used to hate when the preacher would go on and on and on, way past noon on Sundays. One day he decided to do something about it. He got one of those old ringer alarm clocks--the really loud kind--and set it for about 11:55. Then he and his best friend drove to church early and hid it in a cabinet in the sanctuary. After Sunday school, they were very surprised when they walked into the sanctuary and saw that there was a guest preacher! Dad knew there was no hope of stopping the clock. They could only hope the guy finished early. He said the speaker really did seem to be aiming for noon. He had just wound up and walked down for the altar call, when ... RINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! No one could figure out where the noise was coming from. When they finally found the clock, apparently there was no doubt as to who had done it. I am quite sure Dad would have been in cahoots with Fred & George, had he attended Hogwarts! (That was one of his nicest pranks!)

When I was in college, two guys in our Bible study pulled a great April Fool's Day prank. These guys lived across the street, and we were all friends; so my roommate and I had been at their apartment several times over a period of a few weeks. I'd noticed these big, brightly-painted, cut-out letters leaning against the wall kind of back in the corner of the kitchen, and one night I asked about them. They were explained away as part of a project exhibit they were doing for a class. Apparently they moved the letters, because I forgot about them. On April Fool's Day, they made their debut! My friends had arisen in the wee hours of the morning, and they hung the letters, spelling out AURORA and LIONEL, on the main train trestles that ran through San Luis Obispo! It was very funny!

My dad pulled lots more pranks, but I'm not sure they wouldn't get you into lots of trouble ... so I'll keep them to myself!



Anna L. Black - May 6, 2008 12:28 am (#1847 of 2991)    

When I was in 9th or 10th grade, my class pranked a teacher by putting a cellphone in the ceiling just above the teacher's desk, and calling it every few minutes. No need to say, it drove him crazy  He thought it was in one of our bags, and kept trying to understand which bag that was
He was a friendly teacher, so he wasn't too upset when he realised what was happening  


journeymom - May 6, 2008 8:44 am (#1848 of 2991)    

10th grade, cellphone... nope, those two things don't go together.  


Orion - May 6, 2008 9:05 am (#1849 of 2991)    

The cellphone prank couldn't happen to me because you'd have a hard time getting up to the ceiling - my classroom is the school's concert hall and climbing up there would be suicidal. Quite sad, I love pranks. The students never prank me - I'm too boring.  You dad's prank on the preacher sounds terrific, Soli - was his left buttock ever the same afterwards?  When will we hear from Choices again? *analgetic charms* her way.


Denise P. - May 6, 2008 9:11 am (#1850 of 2991)    

Oh Journeymom, that is such a hot topic in this house. Both Mr. Denise and I feel that it is not necessary for the kids to have a cell phone but if they want one, they can pay for it. We have cell phones, with minutes on it, that the kids take with them when they go off elsewhere but it is a bare bones phone, no bells/whistles. Nicholas bought his own phone, paid for his minutes and promptly ran out 2 days later because he was texting constantly. He feels it is grossly unfair that we refuse to sign a 2 year contract in his name for him ("But I will pay it!" he would but what would happen in 6 months if he decided to quit or didn't like the phone? We would still be liable for the bill each month) and we won't put him on our family plan (we share minutes) We did offer to put him on our plan with unlimited text if he wanted to pay that ($15) He refused and said that since he knows EVERYONE ELSE has parents who pay for their cell phone, he doesn't want one until we pay for his. Hello face, here is the nose that has been cut off to spite you. So...he has to take the basic phone and complains bitterly. He does have a job and I don't think it is unreasonable to ask him to pay $15. Of course, he also wants a $200 phone and any free one that comes with adding him is just junk (in his eyes)

The last of the swaps went out today to Lizzy in Australia. They were delayed while I was waiting on something Lizzy ordered to arrive here so they could be shipped together. They should be to her shortly and once they are, I will post a link to pictures so everyone can see the awesome swaps that our Forum members made this time around.
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journeymom - May 6, 2008 9:47 am (#1851 of 2991)  
Lol! I was only picturing myself in 10th grade back before cell phones. And yes, it sounds to me like your offer to Nicholas was quite fair!


Puck - May 6, 2008 10:32 am (#1852 of 2991)  
My 5 year-old has already asked for an ipod.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059

We did the clock thing when I was an exchange student. There was a guy who lived on our hall who went home every weekend. He also left his alarm set. With no one there to turn it off, it rang for 2 hours straight every Saturday and Sunday morning, when the rest of us wanted to sleep late. One Thursday he came home after a bit much to drink. I snitched his key from his jacket pocket -the perfect opportunity for Helen's master plan. She had borrowed several travel alarm clocks from people. We got in the room, hid them in various places, then went to tell him we had found the "lost" key. That night they started ringing. Every 15 minutes one would go off. He would have to hunt it down, turn it off. Just as he was drifting back to sleep, another would start. This lasted well over an hour, by which time he was just sitting up waiting for the next one. Helen's last piece of genius was to set his clock an hour ahead, so he was actually up and headed to class a full hour early. Take into consideration his condition the night before, and it was sweet revenge. (We were a great team, Helen and I. She had fabulous ideas, and I was the one who found the right times to put them into action. )


Solitaire - May 6, 2008 10:41 am (#1853 of 2991)    

Orion, that prank was mild compared to some of the things my dad did. I have wondered, on occasion, how he escaped being arrested for a few of them! I guess he was just too darned loveable!

Puck, I saw iPod Shuffles advertised in a Walmart flyer yesterday ... for under $50. Five does seem a bit young, however ... or am I just being a fuddy-duddy?



John Bumbledore - May 6, 2008 11:54 am (#1854 of 2991)    

Edited May 6, 2008 12:42 pm
There are adults that get along just fine without cell phones. I see no need for my children to have one.

I remember cellular phone or (car phones, then) but they were the size of a brief case and had a separate battery pack about as big. (My tenth grade was long ago, I guess.)

Oh, way back 136 post ago Azi said, "I did get an OCR Level 2 Diploma in Text Processing in college." OCR to me means Optical Character Recognition, which does seem to fit with "text processing" but isn't it called "Reading" when humans do it?  

Speaking of acronyms, did you know that when a regular word is given an acronym meaning it is sometimes called a reverse-acronym?

Case in point:
My DW drives a F.O.R.D. Windstar and recently has had some trouble with it. First was when three wheel studs sheared off. Just last week a rear tire blew out. It is now starting to live up to these reverse-acronym of FORD:F ound
O n
R oad
D ead F ixed
O r
R epaired
D aily. F ord
O wners
R ("are")
D amned F ind
O ther
R eliable
D rivers

If the kids had been good and the weather was decent, we’d let them get out of their seat belts and ride on the tailgate on the way up [the long driveway] to the house. If we had been fortunate enough to have a sun roof, we’d probably have let them stick their heads out of that too. It is one of those little adventures of childhood with a reasonably controllable risk. Chemyst
I'd agree with you. I rode my bike (bicycle) in my youth with out a helmet and never feared a head injury. Single speed bicycles are slower (usually), but at least twice I went flying over the handle bars. My parents first taught us how to fall properly before letting us on the bicycles. To fall properly you must know how to tumble and summer-sault; I think the "tuck and roll" skills saved my brain on many occasions (some off the bicycle).

Like one time when we were riding the hay wagon back to the barn, crossing the rutted farm road the wagon tipped too far and half the bails fell off with me at the top (top was some 12 feet/four meters above the ground.) No injuries but we had to stack all the hay back on the wagon again.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


HungarianHorntail11 - May 6, 2008 1:34 pm (#1855 of 2991)    

Welcome back, John.

meg, so sorry to hear about your sister and her hubby. Prayers and strengthening charms go out her way. Maybe their church can take up a collection and surprise them with it? Such things really can help to heal the heart.

Kathy, I'm not sure if you were telling us with the intent to buy or not but according to Olivia and Percy, the Ipod Shuffle can be difficult to use only because there is no display and if you have loads of songs on it, it is difficult to find particular songs. You have to scroll through the whole list by waiting to see which song starts then move to the next if that's not it, etc.

Funny you should mention Ipods because the girls spent hours and hours loading hubby's old disks onto his new nano for his birthday today. He will be annoyed that we spent so much on him but it's been in the works for months and months (saving for ages) and I know in the end, he'll love it - he likes his music and spends a lot of time driving from job to job.

The pranks sound like fun! Solitaire, your dad sounds like he was one in a million. I'm glad you have such fond memories of him.  

The day the Twin Towers went down, I found out very late (around 2 pm) that all of the schools in our district had bomb threats. My daughter (when I thought she was safely in school) was about three blocks away with teachers and students and nowhere to go. The next day I added her to my plan and Priscilla got one as soon as she started school (that's right - K) with full instructions that they keep them in their pockets at all times and if there is any kind of threat or emergency, they are to call me immediately. I haven't had a chance to get Trevor on board but will do so in the next few months before September. I have never had a problem with either one wasting minutes, texting, etc. It was given to them on the premise that it is for emergencies. Yes, they use it to call me if they don't see me after school and no it's not an emergency, but I think their discretion has been wise so far. They also know it can be taken away. I know I survived w/o one when I was growing up, though I was a latch-key kid, but I cannot really compare this day and age to when we were growing up. We had fallout shelters, etc., but it was not as real a threat as those in today's schools.



TwinklingBlueEyes - May 6, 2008 7:56 pm (#1856 of 2991)    

Hey all!

Choices, hope the operation relieved you of your chronic pain and that you will soon be back with us.

For you teachers, I just had to post this, it's too cute!

'Spell Checker Blues'

Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word And weight four it two say Weather eye am wrong oar write It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid It nose bee fore two long And eye can put the error rite Its rarely ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it I am shore your pleased two no Its letter perfect in it's weigh My chequer tolled me sew.



geauxtigers - May 6, 2008 8:05 pm (#1857 of 2991)    

I can see that, Maria. I didn't get a phone until 8th grade. Most people now have them starting about 6th grade. It doesn't really bother me when people have cell phones. Times have changed and it's not going to go back in time, so they are here to stay. Still shouldn't abuse the privlege, but by the time you're 16 and can drive on your own, you should have a cell phone.

As for ipods, I've always wondered what the big fuss with little kids having them is. It's not much different than a portable CD player except that it's smaller. You can get MP3 players for pretty cheap nowadays. It doesn't have to be an iPod. Granted I don't see how little kids could fill an iPod with music, but that's irrelevant. LOL It's just fun!

I got my graduation dress back from the alteration place today!! It's gorgeous and could not be more perfect! I'm so excited! Only 3 days left! Now I'm going to go add up all my points in my ethics class and see what the lowest grade I can make on my test tomorrow and still get an A and not have to take the exam! LOL I plan on no studying at all. I'm done! WOOO!


Lilly P - May 6, 2008 8:06 pm (#1858 of 2991)    

Choices, I hope you are feeling better!!!

OK, so I totally STINK for abandoning the forum while I moved and got settled. I deserve massive dungbombs!!!!! I hope you all are well and much belated charms and well wishes to everyone! Please forgive me for the long absence!!! I missed you all so much!


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 6, 2008 8:28 pm (#1859 of 2991)  
Welcome back Lilly, you have been missed!

It's gorgeous and could not be more perfect! I'm so excited! Only 3 days left!.

So where's OUR picture?  


Tazzygirl - May 6, 2008 9:11 pm (#1860 of 2991)    

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone- you all brightened my day!  

I am at Aunt and Uncle's house right now- I came to watch the kiddies, thought I was going to watch them for a couple hours. Turned out it was only for one hour, and when they left to bring the kids over to aunt's parents' house, I stayed behind to catch up on internet stuff and charge the laptop.

I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment. I'll be getting internet on Thursday, hopefully. (Now I just need the computer cord, and I'll be all set!) I need to buy a desk and a bookcase, too. As soon as I can, I'll post a picture of my view.  I'm still in a daze- it hasn't sunk in yet. I'm more on auto-pilot than anything else. School ends Friday, projects are due by next week, and the graduation events start this weekend. w00t!

To answer all the questions/wonderings (I'd be curious too, if my situation was someone else's! LOL  Plus, I don't mind sharing!): My uncle is my dad's brother. Aunt is no relation. (thank goodness...). They are a bit complicated- aunt says stuff that she doesn't realize hurts, and sometimes gives the idea that it's my uncle who makes all the decisions. He's more laid back, and only sometimes makes shocking statements (like when he told me to be out by the end of the week). I lost all respect for my aunt when she told me to my face I was a 'terrible tenant'. Mostly because she had no reason to say that. I paid the rent, watched the kids whenever they wanted me to, was always quiet/never had people over, etc. So, as of right now, the only reason why I am on speaking terms with them is because of the kids. Aunt likes to act like she's part of the elite group of Honolulu, and therefore treats many people like they are below her. On my birthday they did not acknowledge it- not until 7 that night and I had dropped off their car and said I went to get birthday ice cream with a friend. Aunt was shocked and said "Your birthday was today?! I totally spaced!" and had the kids sing to me in the driveway. Uncle text messaged me a couple hours later. They said it was totally pushed aside, because they just considered it 'moving day' for me.  I had been talking about it all week, 'moving day' was decided last minute. For family, the day stunk. We'll see how it goes for graduation (which they might succeed in, as my parents are flying out next week. My dad does not like my aunt, so this should be interesting...)

Syd and Thaniel keep asking when they can come see my new place. I told them in a couple days.  

One of my friends helped me move into the new place. To celebrate, we ordered pizza and sat out on the lanai/balcony. We saw two sea turtles within a couple minutes of sitting there! It was awesome.

Congrats to Draco, Holly!

**healing charms** to all those that need them, and an extra pat on the head to Stoney. And thanks for sharing the news about Choices, Soli- I'm glad she's on the mend quickly!

**waves to Lilly and Lina** Long time no see!!!

I was not allowed a cell phone until I got my driver's license. Even then I was only allowed to use it if there was an emergency. Many of my fifth graders have cell phones now.  

Meg- sending hugs to your sister! That's awful! Hope they like the shutterbug album- it sounds so nice!

All righty, I need to go catch up on a couple other sites before packing up and heading back to my place.  I'll post again in a couple days!

Again, thanks for the birthday wishes and thoughts! **HUGS** to all of you!  


EDIT: Sorry for the long post!  


Chemyst - May 6, 2008 9:13 pm (#1861 of 2991)

TBE, I ran your poem through my spell check; and while it did pass that test, the grammar check insists that “Steaks” is a proper noun and needs to be capitalized.  Obviously, I should have gone to bed a half-hour ago.


Solitaire - May 6, 2008 10:57 pm (#1862 of 2991)  
Maria, I do not object to kids having phones to keep in contact with their parents. What I object to is their use of them to plan field parties where they go to smoke, drink, and engage in other activities that are inappropriate for 12-14-year-olds. I'll leave it at that, since I'm not in a particularly great frame of mind after the content of a racy note I intercepted in class today (7th graders).

One of the problems with iPods--according to a couple of articles I read recently in medical magazines--is that kids tend to put the volume so high that many are experiencing permanent hearing damage. Still, if they do not mind being stone deaf by the age of 25, I guess I shouldn't let it bother me, since my ears are not being assaulted.

LOL Chemyst! Go to bed ... now!



dizzy lizzy - May 7, 2008 12:18 am (#1863 of 2991)    

One day down to wait for the swaps....

Good to hear from you Tazzy.

Cell phones equals Mobile phones here in OZ. But the same problems caused by easy access to phones and the inability of kids to turn them off in class exists here as well.

I got the samples for my snaps. Man! they come in many colours, even a bright chudley cannons orange!!!!!! The site I got my snaps from is a nappy (diaper) supplies site LOL and I'm the one without kids. I find it ironic....

I've heard that about iPods as well Soli. I just think that they are going to get a such a rude shock when they realise they can't hear all that good, and it costs big money to buy hearing aids......

I'm off for an early night, I have to pick up the Niece from work at 7 (it's 5.17pm now) and I would like to get some tea before then!



TwinklingBlueEyes - May 7, 2008 12:26 am (#1864 of 2991)    

LOL! Goodnite Chemyst!


azi - May 7, 2008 5:32 am (#1865 of 2991)    

I couldn't read that spell check poem...  

Don't worry about your aunt and uncle forgetting your birthday, Tazzy. My father doesn't know when mine is either. He actually had to ask when it was while bringing me back to uni a couple of weeks ago, despite my mother going on about it the week before. I think he's just about grasped my age now. Mind you, it was his birthday yesterday and I completely ignored it (no, we don't get on).

I don't like ipods because everyone has them (why would you all want the same thing?). After getting through a couple of cheap MP3 players (did the job but broke after about a year) I decided to treat myself and buy a Song Walkman (on offer naturally, I wouldn't pay full price). I think it was well worth it. Much easier to use than an ipod and brilliant sound quality. Video quality is also amazing. And, just for Soli, , it has a function where you can limit the volume if you wish to avoid hearing damage. I don't see why a 5 year old would need one of these though. Aren't they busy being loud, boisterous and learning social skills? Being hooked up to an MP3 player constantly is not a social thing to do.

Remember, adults are just as bad at turning phones off as children! I once went to a conference (adults only) where they had decided to fine £20 to anyone whose phone went off (to go to a charity of their choice).

Which reminds me, I was on the train the other day and there was an elderly man who had travelled up north from Bath (near Bristol, JKR territory) to see his son for the bank holiday. His daughter had paid for it and he'd collected his tickets at the station and travelled up no problem. On the train back, the ticket collector came round and refused to accept his tickets. He had the email confirmation, his daughter's card (which he couldn't use but needed to collect the tickets) and the seat reservations, but not the actual ticket! He didn't realise that he hadn't got everything because he rarely travelled by train. The conductor insisted on charging him over £80 (>US$150) to get home, which being an elderly gentlemen he couldn't pay because he didn't have a credit card. He only had around £15 cash which paid to get to Manchester (up north). So, an elderly man with no money or mobile phone was being chucked off the train in an unfamiliar place. I was so angry!  I realise that he didn't have the actual ticket, but he had everything else to prove he should have, so why not give the benefit of the doubt? I think it's appalling to treat someone like that. Anyway, I had found £10 on the floor when I got on the train and held off giving it to the conductor in the hope someone would claim it (I don't like to give more money than necessary to that train company) so I gave it to the man in the hope it would at least enable him to phone someone and tell them what happened. The poor guy was crying in his seat when I approached him and had no idea how he would get home.  

Well, that was an essay. Lovely sunny day here and I'm stuck inside working! Hope everyone else has a lovely day.  


journeymom - May 7, 2008 7:43 am (#1866 of 2991)    

Oh my word, Azi, that's horrible. I'm shaking my head.


There are only 22 days of school left!  


Madam Pince - May 7, 2008 9:58 am (#1867 of 2991)  
Azi, that's just awful! That poor man! I can't imagine someone being so heartless as to just pitch him off the train like that. Was the train jammed full without an extra seat to spare? (Not that I think that should've mattered anyway...)

Welcome back Lilly P! (And I am like Tazzy's aunt -- I "totally spaced" because I meant to wave at Lina and say we missed you, too, but I didn't.  So... ***wave*** to Lina... and a "way to go, Kate!" for being a mature, responsible protestor. Hope the school issue is resolved favorably.)

I think probably the hearing-loss issue is one of the big reasons parents object to iPods for very young kids, at least it would be for me. Sometimes younger folks lack the ability to tell when something is too loud (present company excepted, I'm sure... ) and the risk is definitely there. I, too, can't imagine a 5-year-old wanting to listen to music necessarily, but I can imagine them wanting the "latest thing" that an older sibling or older kids around them might have, just for the sake of having the same thing, maybe.

Cell phones... I think I'm in the boat with those who think it's OK to have a very basic one that you borrow from your parents if you're going to be dropped off somewhere and need to be picked up or whatever, and also when you start to drive, but if you feel the need for a more "fancy" one, then you pay for it yourself. I know times have changed and security issues have changed around schools, so I can appreciate the feeling that kids might need them in emergency, but they don't need the texting 24-hours-a-day. As with everything else, it would just need to be governed by parental rules of when you can use it and when you can't. I know I only broke down and got my own cell phone (probably 12 or 13 years ago?) because the route I had to travel frequently for work had a serial killer on the loose there for awhile (he was telling lone female motorists that he had observed smoke from their car, and offered them a ride to a garage, and then several of them disappeared... to this day I can't believe how many of them got into a car with a stranger. Hello??? What is the very first thing your mother told you???)

I read today where a Dartmouth professor is going to sue her class for being rude to her -- she said it was incessant and abusive. Made me think of you teachers who have to face down a daily barrage...

Tazzy, did your aunt tell you why she thought you were a "terrible tenant"? I can't imagine that; I would've just had to ask her. You took care of their kids, put up with stuff (ie: the rodent issue) that no tenant would take from a landlord, and were quiet and out of the way. Doesn't sound terrible to me. Sounds like they made out like bandits. But I can see why your dad doesn't like your aunt so much. LOL! I don't even know her and I don't like her! Graduation should be... interesting!  (Cool about the sea turtles, by the way!)

Beautiful day here today -- in the 80's! (Sending warm sunshiney charms down to Lizzy 'cause she's just starting autumn...)


Puck - May 7, 2008 10:05 am (#1868 of 2991)    

My niece got an ipod for her sixth birthday. She had the volume so loud, the people sitting around her could hear it clearly. We do have an extra mp3 player around. Hubby won it in some charity raffle, but already had one. (He only bought the ticket to support the charity.) I figure she can use that one for long trips, etc... I don't want them to have them around the house yet. They ignore me enough as it is.

Tazzy, so glad you're settling in nicely.   to aunt and uncle.

TBE, loved it!

Lizzy, what are you doing with snaps, and how do you put them on diapers? I wonder if it's a language difference, because we have what I think of as snaps on jackets, pants, etc..., but in my vast diaper experience I have never run into one.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Today was my last baby swim class ever. I started with son 7 1/2 years ago. It feels like the end of an era. (As of next week we are moving up to the tots class. I just can't keep her in with the 6 month olds now that she's starting to swim by herself.)

Azi, that is absolutely appalling! I hope the guy took note of this conductor’s name, so his daughter can mention it to the train company when she calls. (I can't imagine her not calling to complain, demanding both a refund and an apology. And the conductors head on a platter.)  

Hello and welcome back to Jamie! (Seriously hoping I have correctly remembered Lilly P's name.)


azi - May 7, 2008 10:23 am (#1869 of 2991)    

The conductor said it was company policy and that there was no point in the guy complaining; he had no chance of getting his money back. I can confirm that - every time I've complained to that company they've never bothered to even acknowledge I've made it. The train was not full, far from it!

I read today where a Dartmouth professor is going to sue her class for being rude to her -- she said it was incessant and abusive. - Madam P.

That's odd, I heard just yesterday that a student at my university was overheard by a lecturer complaining to his friends about a computer programme they had to use and was suspended. Apparently he has a disciplinary hearing in a couple of days. I can't see how you can be suspended for that - this is university and you are perfectly entitled to complain about unsuitable programmes if you wish! How is a course supposed to be improved if criticism isn't allowed? Goodness knows, I think well over 3/4 of my year group (including myself) would be facing disciplinary hearings if this was normal. We had huge problems with one lecturer this year, so much so she broke down crying at the Board of Studies meeting due to the complaints. The head of department had to go through people's marked work and put scribbles and stickers over her comments because they were so 'unacceptable'.


Solitaire - May 7, 2008 10:32 am (#1870 of 2991)  
Being hooked up to an MP3 player constantly is not a social thing to do. Azi, it isn't a very good thing for anyone to do constantly, is it? I agree that adults are as bad with cell phones. My youngest niece used to receive numerous calls when we would be at lunch or a family dinner. It drove me nuts. I have a friend who is "always on," as well. I've been to dinner with her and had her receive as many as 10-12 calls in an hour ... and carry on conversations. And, yes, I think it is rude.

I also dislike being in a line at the market (or pharmacy or bank) or at a table in a restaurant and having someone loudly carry on a personal phone conversation 10 inches away from me. I'm not talking about a quiet, discreet conversation; I'm talking about one so loud everyone in the general vicinity can hear all of the one-sided details. Ick!

BTW, I agree it was bad about the old gentleman being chucked off the train. Too bad the office couldn't have called his daughter and straightened out the mess. Oh! I, too, have heard about this regulator for the iPod earphones. I just wish every parent would use it.

I wish I could sue some students for being rude. **mentally making my list** Too bad my kids are too young to be sued. I have 2-3 who would qualify for Rude Dude of the Year!

Well, kids are coming, so I must scoot! Welcome back, Lily!



Madam Pince - May 7, 2008 10:40 am (#1871 of 2991)
I took a bus once from DC to Charlottesville (don't even ask... ) Anyway, this absolute drill-sergeant of a bus driver started loudly lecturing the entire bus as we were pulling out of Union Station, and he said that if anyone used a cell phone at any point for any reason on his bus, that they'd be thrown off the bus immediately.  Mind you, these were adult customers he was talking to, not like a school bus driver or something. He was very menacing. (Me being who I am, I was sorely tempted to challenge him on the constitutionality of this, but I didn't.) Anyway, so we picked up some passengers at a mid-point stop, and he did not repeat his little "lecture" so the new travellers did not know the "rules." One guy got out his phone and made a call -- it was not loud and he was not being obnoxious. I never even noticed he made the call in fact, until the bus driver went completely mental and started yelling "Next stop -- you're OFF!" The poor guy was stunned. At the next stop, the driver marched back and basically threatened to physically drag the guy off the bus unless he "cooperated." The guy did get off the bus but he managed to sweet-talk the driver I guess, because he got back on eventually. The thing was, we were over two hours late on our schedule, and I had people who were to meet me at the bus station upon arrival, and I felt very strongly that we should be allowed to make a call to correct pick-up arrangements. After all, it was the bus company's fault that we were so far off schedule. We made one more stop, and the driver got off the bus to go in the terminal, but he growled (yes, literally growled) at us passengers that we were not allowed to get off the bus. So... we're not allowed to make phone calls on the bus, but yet we're not allowed to get off the bus during a ten-minute layover/break in order to use the phone off the bus.  This guy was unreal. So anyway, while he was in the terminal, I used my cell phone on the bus and called to let my pick-up know I was going to be 2 hours late. Nyah.  

Can you tell I still have a grudge against this jerk? LOL!  Maybe some drivers/conductors/etc. just have a power-trip thing going on... I agree about what Soli said about loud and rude and obnoxious cellphone conversations, but this guy was just out of line. I think he could've just as easily said he'd throw you off if you became an annoyance on the bus, but not for any call at all.


Holly T. - May 7, 2008 12:37 pm (#1872 of 2991)    

Welcome back to Lilly P!

Megfox, how awful for your sister!

Good luck with the new place Tazzy!

Azi, the poor man, what a story.

Draco's baseball team lost last night (they played well though), his copy of The Battle of the Labyrinth didn't come in the mail yet, he was back in the principal's office today, and he might not get to go on the fourth grade field trip tomorrow. Sigh.

I got my daughter a cell phone when she started sixth grade and my son got one when he started fourth grade. They walk home and have after-school activities. They don't have text or anything. Draco will go weeks without using his, but I'm glad he has it just in case he needs it.

Draco wants an iPod. Specifically, he wants his sister's iPod Shuffle. She wants an iPod Nano. I keep pointing out to Draco that he doesn't like earbuds or headphones. Yet he is always using my (ancient) iPod (it doesn't play video, no color screen--a dinosaur, truly) if he can hook the dock up to a speaker. Daughter doesn't listen to that much music, though--her Shuffle isn't even full--so I keep asking her why she needs a larger and more expensive Nano. She has yet to come up with a good reason.


Madam Pince - May 7, 2008 12:41 pm (#1873 of 2991)    

Silly Holly! The reason is... "everyone else has one!"  

(((hugs))) to Draco... poor kid...  

I didn't know iPods even had video screens... sigh... (***feeling uncomfortably dinosaur-ish...***) Who am I kidding, though, I barely know what an iPod is, period! (It's like a Walkman, only better and smaller, right?)

Just did a load of laundry, and the washer won't spin.  Perhaps I'll be getting an appliance for Mother's Day...  


Denise P. - May 7, 2008 1:18 pm (#1874 of 2991)    

Lizzy, what are you doing with snaps, and how do you put them on diapers? I wonder if it's a language difference, because we have what I think of as snaps on jackets, pants, etc..., but in my vast diaper experience I have never run into one.

After Iain was born, I made and sold cloth diapers on the internet. The two most popular ways to close were aplix (velcro) or snaps. I still have a snap press, big heavy thing, loads of snaps and snaps with my business logo on them (useless since they ordered the wrong color, you can't see the logo and then they never offered the deal again) A lot of people who still make cloth diapers use snaps. I came to prefer snaps since they don't normally wear out and having a snap press, easy for me to replace. Of course, some people still prefer to pin and in that case, I just left off any fasteners.

Wednesday night is the night most of my kids have activities. So far, three of the four with activities has been cancelled and the remaining one has two activities she is scheduled for at the same time.  


Holly T. - May 7, 2008 1:21 pm (#1875 of 2991)    

Madam Pince, she's in middle school, isn't that the reason for everything--silly me. Sorry about the washer. Dh and I got a dryer for Christmas.  

My iPod is slightly larger than a deck of cards. In addition to being an excellent way to store and listen to music and audiobooks it is also a 20G FireWire drive. Meaning I can save things to it and move them back and forth between computers. Like a flash drive only a lot bigger. My old laptop only had a 20G hard drive.

So last night after the baseball game daughter and I went walking down by the creek near our house. She has a science project to collect and identify at least 15 wildflowers. No problem, except that, once she realized the prickly pear were blooming, wanted to have a prickly pear flower. No problem, except I am taller than she is. Guess who got to reach across the rest of the cactus to get the flower? I had a cloth to protect my hand but I still got cactus spines in my fingers. They are feeling better today but boy was I making her feel guilty last night.


dizzy lizzy - May 7, 2008 4:48 pm (#1876 of 2991)    

I'm using the snaps for my shirts etc. I just think it is ironic that a child free person, can only get them in Australia off sites who specialise in Nappy supplies.

When it comes to buttonholes and sewing on buttons, that is where my patience tends to run out  

Lovely day outside today, I'm of to the Doctor's to get the Flu shot!

I went to the physiotherapists on Monday and I have been referred to Hydrotherapy (yay!). I'm to go for 2 sessions a week for 4 to 6 weeks and then a weekely maintenance session for pretty well the rest of my life. Due to my fused spine, my neck and shoulder muscles are very tight and I crick my neck on a regular basis. So the hydrotherapy will help loosen them nicely and help me keep all my mobility strength etc going.

I couldn't do this in Moree (where I was living before) no resources as it is isolated town and if they were available, the waiting list was long and only for the worst cases.

I'm off for the day!



Puck - May 7, 2008 8:01 pm (#1877 of 2991)    

Thanks for the explanation! I always think of pins with diapers. (I'm usually fairly into conservation and recyle all that I can, but admit I went don't the disposable route with diapers.)

Lizzy, glad you are getting the help you need.  

Why can't Draco attend the field trip?  

I give out my cell number only for "need you now" things. Hubby and babysitters, schools, etc.... I don't use it for casual "So what's up" conversations. I imagine my kids will have them by junior high. I'd like to find some kind of family plan so that we can call each other as much as we want, but the kids have to pay if they make calls outside the family.


Holly T. - May 7, 2008 8:25 pm (#1878 of 2991)  
Draco spent all day in the principal's office.  But they decreed that to be sufficient punishment so he gets to go on the field trip tomorrow. If there's an upcoming field trip the school usually jumps at the chance to use that as a consequence.

Lizzy, good news about the therapy!

We had a personal trainer/yoga instructor speak to my Girl Scouts tonight. They did yoga for half the meeting and had a blast. They pronounced it one of the best meetings ever.  


journeymom - May 7, 2008 10:32 pm (#1879 of 2991)    

Oooooh, Holly that sounds like a great idea! I'll suggest it to my co-leader.

I used disposables with my older child, but I used cloth all-in-ones with the younger, at least till he started solid foods.  I loved them! Yes, I got a kick out of using cloth diapers, washing them and hanging them out to dry. I bought them off the internet from some mom working out of her home. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042

Someone here mentioned the movie Anna and the King, months ago, because little Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) was in it. So I rented it and we watched Sunday. Excellent movie! Chow Yun-Fat is one of my favorite actors. And Tom Felton was so cute, I wanted to pinch his cheeks!

No more goofing around on the 'net. Take care, All.


And Choices, here are more healing charms your direction. We expect to hear from you soon!


Solitaire - May 8, 2008 12:11 am (#1880 of 2991)    

Someone here mentioned the movie Anna and the King, months ago, because little Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) was in it.

Hehe! That was me--or should I say, that was I. It was the little Draconian voice that caught my attention!


Potteraholic - May 8, 2008 3:44 am (#1881 of 2991)    

Attention Five Worders! The story about the manticore is finished! The new story, #75 has begun! Why don't you take a look?


Anna L. Black - May 8, 2008 6:19 am (#1882 of 2991)    

I don't know what's happening to me lately, but I'm in need of healing charms again... I just spent two days lying in bed with a pretty much constant temperature of ~39C (~102F). The strange thing is, there are almost no other symptoms - no sore throat, no coughing... My stomach is giving me problems again, so (again!) I haven't ate almost anything... Today was a bit better, the temperature got down (after taking a pill, obviously) and I was feeling strong enough to get out of bed for a while, and turn the computer on. But I'm generally dizzy when I try to stand up  And I couldn't really see a doctor, because we're on holiday these exact two days. So, like it's not bad enough that I'm sick, I also missed the festivities  I spent the whole time reading HBP (I just got it back, after my mom's co-worker borrowed it), and yesterday moved to DH


Solitaire - May 8, 2008 7:23 am (#1883 of 2991)    

Anna, you sound as though you have what I had two weeks ago. It was awful, and the fever lasted for nearly 6 days. I was very "wobbly" and had a weak stomach for nearly a week after it all. I'm back to fairly normal eating this week, but it took a while ... and I still have not had coffee yet. I hope you're feeling better soon! **healing charms**



journeymom - May 8, 2008 7:30 am (#1884 of 2991)  
... and I still have not had coffee yet.     Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934

Take care of yourself, Anna. I hope you're better soon.


Puck - May 8, 2008 9:25 am (#1885 of 2991)    

Healing charms for Anna!

I bought them off the internet from some mom working out of her home. Journeymom, any chance Denise was that mom?  

One of our troops had a Yoga meeting. (I helped to find them an instructor. Glad to hear she did such a good job.) My group will have to do that one sometime. Just be sure you find someone who is certified for that age group. Yoga can be done starting from birth. (I highly recommend it for young children. It is very soothing.) However, class are quite different for children -obviously. It's best to have someone who knows which moves are appropriate for your group.


Denise P. - May 8, 2008 9:45 am (#1886 of 2991)    

WAHM (work at home mom) diapers are about the best out there if you are going for fitted or all in one diapers (AIO..cover AND diaper) I still have most of Kierynn's cloth diapers, including a custom embroidered one with her name, birth info and date on the bum. There is a huge secondary market for well made used cloth diapers or prefolds (the more "traditional" fluffy rectangle that is pinned).

We are having a cake auction tomorrow night at church so I made a cake for the boys to decorate. I made a chcocolate chocolate chip cake for them. We have a spaghetti dinner and then auction off cakes that the youth have made and deocrated as well as parents contributing. This funds the youth camps for the summer. Last night the achievement girls (8-11 yr olds) had a pedicure night for moms. Good thing I noticed that Nicholas is finished with his early morning class on the 29th since he has not bothered to tell us that. Yay! After the 29th, no more getting up at 5:30 am until September...when 2 will be going.


Puck - May 8, 2008 10:45 am (#1887 of 2991)  
Has anyone ever used one of those dairy-free egg-free cake mixes? It was the only box mix in the store without yucky chemicals in it. I usually bake from scratch to avoid them, but son wants yellow cake, and the recipe I have always comes out too dry.


megfox* - May 8, 2008 11:10 am (#1888 of 2991)    

One of the boys at daycare is allergic to pretty much everything, so any time there is a birthday, his mom always makes the cupcakes. She uses a boxed mix, probably the same or similar, as I think they are kind of hard to find and we live in the same geographic area. They turn out pretty good. Then again, she usually makes chocolate, so I can't vouch for the yellow cake mix.

geauxtigers - May 8, 2008 3:00 pm (#1889 of 2991)    

I would just like to stop in and say that I was 1, yes, 1, day of school left!!!! WOOO!

I made a funfetti cake for our English class today. It was super good! I didn't even know there was such thing as dairy/egg free boxed cake mixes!

Hope everyone starts feeling better!


Puck - May 8, 2008 4:52 pm (#1890 of 2991)    

Possibly it is the same, Meg. This box also says "peanut-free", so it would be a good one to use for that. It does contain wheat. (I really didn't care about the dairy or eggs, as we use those. I was just trying to avoid hydrogenated ingredients, and this was all I could find. I like my chocolate recipe, so that one I will make myself.

w00t to Tori and Ginny!  


Vox Gerbilis - May 8, 2008 5:09 pm (#1891 of 2991)    

I hope you're feeling better, Anna!

I've been working in my current job almost six years, and I've long suspected that I'm allergic to something in the building. Periodically, I get a sneezing fit, which sets off sinus pain, and then virus-type aches in my arms and legs. It happens sporadically, and I haven't been able to pin down a pattern. It never happens anywhere but work. I recently spent 12 weeks on a temporary assignment in a different building, and it never happened there. Two weeks ago, I returned to my usual place, and it happened again on Wednesday. This building is about 80 years old; the building where I was temporarily is about 10 years old. Also, my building has a basement-level concourse that connects to the building across the street, and the tunnel reeks of mold. If you know of any charms for choosing the right sort of physician to help me find a solution to this, please send them my way. It's not a debilitating problem, but it's not pleasant, and it does slow down my productivity a bit.

I just caught my cat playing with a piece of bubble-wrap. Cute!

Madam Pince - May 9, 2008 4:53 am (#1892 of 2991)    

Bubble-wrap... irrisistable to those from 3 to 93. And to cats.  

Poor Anna! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Same for Vox -- hope you can figure out what's going on with that illness. I've heard that mold allergies can be really tricky.

I ordered a new orthopedic dog bed yesterday -- she's getting older and I figured it can't hurt. Also ordered one of those Storm Defender (insert TM-circle-thingy ) capes which is supposed to help calm them from thunderstorms, since 'tis the season. The local pet-columnist lady swears by them.

We have rain, rain, rain, rain. Apparently lots of flooding expected on the Virginia side -- some area near Fredericksburg got 5 inches of rain last night within a very short span of time. Our yard is a pool. Normally this would mean I can't do laundry because of the septic tank, but because the washing machine is still broken,  this doesn't matter really. The repair guy has yet to call me back. At 9 a.m. I'm calling somebody else. So there.  

Anyone watch Survivor? My forehead hurts from banging my head against the wall...  What a complete and utter goober. (Or as Hermione would say: "Wot... an.... idiot!") I kept thinking of that scene from Galaxy Quest where Sigourney Weaver wanted to go help the nasty little alien guy, and Fleegman asked incredulously "Did you people ever WATCH the show???!!!"  

Puck - May 9, 2008 5:53 am (#1893 of 2991)    

Madame P., that was officially the Dumbest. Move. Ever. (I loved James comments from the jury box. I wish they would do some kind of picture in picture thing so we could see this jury the entire tribal, because their reactions have been priceless.) In white... Seriously, how did they convince him the jury was all against him. He wasn't one of the people who betrayed Ozzy. Natalie was the one who took down Jason. Did he not know this? Plus, good chance he would win the next challenge, so why???????  Guess this was that big "Immunity Idol" bad move they were talking about. I'm sure at least one contestent was hiding under the covers last night, refusing to watch with friends/family. That will make for interesting reunion conversation on Sunday night.

Rainy weekend for us, too, though not as wet as you are getting further south. Still, very glad Son's birthday is planned for inside a nice, dry, theater, and not at my house.

Good luck to Vox in sorting out that allergy, and to Madame Pince for sorting out her washer.



Madam Pince - May 9, 2008 6:21 am (#1894 of 2991)  
Puck, the only thing I could come up with is this: He's young, and he just wants everyone to like him. They got in his head and laid this big guilt trip on him for "losing their respect" when all he did was have strategy conversations which is no more than anyone else ever did. I agree that I can't see why he didn't think through the issue of "jury hate" -- I guess he's just so innocent that he believes anything he's told. His reasoning seemed to be that he wanted to "gain the respect" of the four women with him, but in terms of the game, only two of those four should matter a hoot anyway; the other two theoretically would be sitting beside him at Final as his competitors, so who cares if they hate him? He's young -- it was a "youthful innocence" kind of mistake. But... I think he just grew up a lot!  Poor kid. I felt so sorry for him when everyone -- jury as well as tribe -- was openly laughing at him before anyone had even voted yet.  You're right; James has been redeemed.  


Denise P. - May 9, 2008 6:22 am (#1895 of 2991)    

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny....What a maroon! Seriously, could there be any move more dumb in the history of the game? While James is still in the Hall of Survivor Shame for dumb moves, he is no longer the reigning King of Dumb Moves. I was at Roundtable last night and immediately came home, hit the Tivo to watch Tribal Council. As soon as he did it, I certainly knew what was coming. I really, really hope that ----> Cirie wins. She has just played a masterful game. on CBS, you can see everything they say during the vote. Most of what Cirie said made the edit but after she said the thing about using her mind, she kinda shook her head and muttered "You touched the stove!" LOL <-----

Rain, rain, rain...lottsa rain here. No flooding but we got plenty of rain.


Madam Pince - May 9, 2008 6:30 am (#1896 of 2991)  
Denise: I guess I have to pull for Cirie, too, although I don't like her personality and I still think that the "survivalist" element should somehow enter into choosing the winner. I hate to see someone win who absolutely can't do one single thing as far as truly "surviving" -- can't fish, can't swim, can't help the team in any challenge that has anything remotely physical about it, doesn't seem to do much around camp, etc. (Well, she did hunt for those crabs once... maybe it's just editing.) But she certainly has been the mastermind at just about every single ouster so far. If the three young gals don't boot her at next tribal, which surely they should, then she's a lock. But she may be able to talk them into assuming that Amanda is tougher and should go instead of her -- she surely has a silver tongue! The immunity challenge will be interesting. (By the way, speaking of "do-nothing," how about Parvati "working on her tan" instead of searching for the idol!!! I was almost thinking that was going to turn out to be the "dumb Idol" move, because usually this season when someone's gotten cocky, that's when they've gotten the axe...) This has been a fun season, that's for sure...


Denise P. - May 9, 2008 6:52 am (#1897 of 2991)  
Madam Pince, that could very well be an edit and that was not all she did there  That would not surprise me in the slightest....but it would not surprise me if what they showed was all that happened.


Holly T. - May 9, 2008 8:21 am (#1898 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Anna!

Vox, mold allergies are weird. Could be that there are different kinds of mold in the building and you're not allergic to all of them, so you only have the symptoms when the specific mold spores you're allergic to are in the air.

I haven't watched Survivor yet but I already read the summary on Reality News Online and all of your white type. I can't wait to watch it tonight!

Draco has developed that barking seal cough and says his chest hurts when he coughs. Sounds like bronchitis to me. I am picking him up from school early today to take him the doctor. I could have got a later appointment, but I thought he would appreciate getting to miss part of the school day.

He went on the field trip yesterday and when they were supposed to sit down he was sitting down and one of the kids who has been picking on him gave a loud sigh and said something to the effect of oh no I can't believe you're sitting near me, whereupon Draco did what we and the assistant principal have told him to do, which was to get up and go tell his teacher that someone was bothering him. His teacher told him to quit interrupting and go sit down. Sigh. We e-mailed the assistant principal. Poor Draco was like "I am doing what everyone tells me to do and I still get in trouble." I think his teacher has been getting talked to by the assistant principal and now she is taking that out on Draco. On the other hand, if the teacher is going to write him up and send him to the office almost every day, then we are going to put stuff in writing too.

And here is the worst part, which she should be utterly ashamed of as a teacher, if she knew, which she doesn't, because Draco didn't want to tell her because she doesn't listen to him and just tells him to be quiet and because the other kids make fun of him when he is an insufferable know-it-all. The farm they went to visit to learn about Texas in pioneer times (fourth-graders study Texas history for social studies) was originally part of a Spanish land grant, part of Stephen F. Austin's Little Colony, Anglo Americans who settled in Texas before independence and statehood. The family that lives there now is not the original family, but they talked about the family that had the original land grant. The Spanish would give land grants to women, usually widows with families, as well as men. The land where that farm is was originally deeded to my husband's grandmother's great-great-grandmother. So that would be Draco's 5 greats-grandmother. Her son fought at the battle of San Jacinto (which won Texas's independence from Mexico). Her great-grandson (dh's grandmother's father) is who Draco is named after. But Draco sat there with his hand down and his mouth shut and didn't say anything, even though the people who run the farm would have probably thought it was really cool (dh is going to e-mail them).


Puck - May 9, 2008 10:33 am (#1899 of 2991)  
Denise, they had a clip of her saying she didn't see the need to go look. I agree with who should win. Do you remeber her first season when she was afraid of leaves? She's come a lonnnnnngggg way.

Good Mom, Holly. Who wants to sit in school with a cough like that? Hope he's better soon. (I am trying to figure out how to work hermione's bird charm and set them on his teacher, but my wand isn't working properly.)

I've got to say, although teacher's are supposed to have a favorite, if I was still teaching and he was in my class, Draco would be mine. He's the kind of kid I always missed the most when they moved on.  


Madam Pince - May 9, 2008 11:53 am (#1900 of 2991)    

On Survivor, Nasty Natalie made a comment about something she would like to do to one of the other contestants, and the comment was not very nice. I have to say, though, that I would like to do the very same thing to Draco's teacher.  I can't believe that woman has not gotten fired. It sounds like she is directly disobeying instructions from the assistant principal. Draco is not even my kid and I'm ready to go off all "Molly Weasley" on the woman... Kudos to you for keeping your cool, Holly!

That teacher and Tazzy's aunt would get along great, I'm sure...
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Holly T. - May 9, 2008 1:23 pm (#1901 of 2991)    

Back from the doctor and Draco does not have bronchitis, most likely just coughing due to allergies. But good to have it checked out.

My parents and mil are retired teachers and fil is a retired principal, my sister and dh's sister are teachers, so I have tried so hard to give this teacher the benefit of the doubt. I know how hard teachers work, etc. And I know plenty of my daughter's friends who had this teacher three years ago who all (with one exception) did fine in her class. I really think it is a serious communication problem and general stubbornness on both sides (as evidenced by her remark to him that she isn't going to let a 9-year-old talk back to her). My friend's daughter (who did not do well in her class) is an active, mouthy (yet really smart) girl (one of my daughter's best friends) and my friend thinks that this teacher simply doesn't know what to do with active kids. So I don't think she is necessarily a bad teacher overall, but I think she is a bad teacher for my son. And I do have a problem with her not following his plan. That's the whole point of having it.  


Vox Gerbilis - May 9, 2008 2:41 pm (#1902 of 2991)    

Thanks, Holly. I'm sure you're right about different mold spores being in the air at different times.

Sorry Draco had such a rough time with his teacher. At least the school year is almost over. I hope he feels better, too.

Puck - May 9, 2008 6:16 pm (#1903 of 2991)    

Yeah, but being a decent teacher to well-behaved motivated kids is much simpler than getting the "active" ones to sit and listen, and helping those who are struggling learn. Sounds like she wants smooth sailing, which is a pipe dream and she should get over it before she does permanent damage.


Solitaire - May 9, 2008 7:10 pm (#1904 of 2991)    

Holly, you make ME want to slap Draco's teacher! How long has she been teaching? Is she an old timer who is just marking time until retirement, or is she fairly young in the profession with many years to go? Does she understand the concept of a 504?

I honestly believe you have a legal grievance against not only the teacher but also the principal who is not enforcing the 504. I would call someone in educational law and find out what your options are. I know it's easier to just let it go ... but if someone does not make her follow the law, she will continue to flout it. At the very least, she needs a signed grievance or complaint placed in her file. JMO, but I really hope you pursue this. She should NOT be able to get away with an entire year of disregarding her legal responsibilities. Teachers like this give the profession a black eye.



painting sheila - May 9, 2008 8:04 pm (#1905 of 2991)    

Hi everyone! Long time no see.

I am so glad to hear that Choices is doing well and so sad to hear that poor Draco is still having issues with his teacher. That woman needs a new career!

My dad is doing great and is able to drive again. He was marking the minutes until he could get behind the wheel! He still can't mow the grass, so guess what I am doing all day tomorrow?

Oldest Son had to have his appendix out on Tuesday - so that was wild and exciting.

Oldest Daughter is pulling up her precalculus grade nicely and Littlest Guy is on a camp out with dad tonight.

That's about all the news from here.

Tazzy - I am on my way. I will sleep on the deck with no complaints.

gueaxtigers - Those are the cutest senior pranks I have ever heard of. I have passed them along to my daughter in hopes she will live up to your standard.

I missed you guys and am happy to be back!



Puck - May 10, 2008 5:14 am (#1906 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Oldest Guy! And slow growing charms on your dad's grass. Glad he's feeling better.

Off to teach dance! I need to be there early to open the studio. The woman who helps me with my classes (owners mom) usually does this, but she's in Florida.


Easy for me to remember, as my Son is 8 years old today. I'll be back tonight with a review of Speed Racer.



Potteraholic - May 10, 2008 5:19 am (#1907 of 2991)    

Have a wonderful birthday, Kip! And many more!  


Solitaire - May 10, 2008 6:32 am (#1908 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday, Kip!  



HungarianHorntail11 - May 10, 2008 7:04 am (#1909 of 2991)  
Unfortunately, I am reaching the time of year when things get very hectic. It is very frustrating for me because many things that I feel are important get pushed to the wayside. I have been trying to keep up with the posts. (Priorities firmly in place.  )

Holly, I agree with Kathy in that Draco's teacher is certainly not one to take kindly to challenges. Why be a teacher then???  I thought that part was a given. I also agree with Solitaire's advice.

Kristina, I hope your move is going smoothly and that you are completing all of your work without any hitches. Not much longer - hang in there. Also, I think the kiddies will love your new place and their new favorite pastime will become "visiting cousin Krisina".  

Congrats to Draco for a fine game played!

Lina, I hope the college demonstrations went as peacefully as Kate's and also that their cause did not go unheard. ((Hugs)) to the Linas from the HHs.

Hi kaykay and RPS (and Lina) - I miss our chat times! Maybe I can get some time in before the end of June.

Can we clone the Tazzys and Solitaires (and other teachers on this thread) and send them out into the world to teach?  



Kip Carter - May 10, 2008 7:19 am (#1910 of 2991)    

Thanks to each of you who remembered my birthday and passed along greetings. For a now sixty-eight year old grandfather, I am honored to have such a great group of lovely ladies (and I sure, some gentlemen) wishing me a Happy Birthday.

For your own information, I am visiting my daughter in New Jersey and will be here for the next six weeks or so. My son-in-law, John, started a new job in Boston this past Monday, the 5th, and I came up last Saturday, the 3rd, to spell him. My daughter Lu leaves for school at 6:15 each morning and my granddaughter Bethy does not have to leave until 8:20 for her school; therefore I now get Bethy ready each morning and take her to school. In the afternoon, Lu had been picking her up; however now I pick her up. The first week has been great and I am really enjoying being a grandfather.

Last night we three (Lu, Bethy, and Kip) traveled up the Garden State Parkway to visit Lu's best friend and her husband. Pam had cooked delicious Swedish meatballs and we had rice and green bean casserole finalized with a Chocalate Creme Cheese birthday cake made from scratch (no mixes). I am very fortunate to have such a great extended family. This morning, we called my wife Cindy, who has to stay in South Carolina being her school is still in session. She was a little under the weather, so maybe my being up here will allow her to get some much needed rest this weekend.

'Nuf said about my personal life. Again, thanks to each of you for the Birthday Greetings!


Accio Sirius - May 10, 2008 8:39 am (#1911 of 2991)    

I hope your wife feels better soon and Happy Birthday! That meal has me drooling!!

Daughter accidentally stepped on the cat and may have broken his ankle. It's hard to tell who feels worse. I was at the vet before I even brushed my teeth, so it's been a hectic day. We're waiting for more info!

Holly, I'm with Solitaire on the teacher front! I would file a grievance.

Best wishes to all.


geauxtigers - May 10, 2008 8:44 am (#1912 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Kip!!!

Happy Birthday to your son Kathy!!!

**cues music** SCHOOL IS, OUT, for summer! LOL It was a bit sad though, I've been at my school since first grade, that's 12 years. Most of us have been there since we were in lower school, so it was a bit sad to think that I'll never go back there as a student again.

But it was a good last day, (for the most part). My math teacher gave us a research project to do! Can you believe that?! Our last day, and it was on college dropouts and how much you make with your high school degree vs. college degree! We fought with her for about 20 minutes and lost. I think we all left on bad terms, but thats what she gets for giving us a project on the last day. Then we made Crépes in French and I convinced our ethics teacher to let the seniors who weren't taking the exam leave. (He was doing exam review). Then we formed a line with cars and had a honking parade out the parking lot and around the bus circle. The we had a shaving cream fight and slip n' slide party. It was sweet. Then we all rode our horns down the street! LOL It was great! Been waiting years to do the horns!

Now I'm a little sore and my hair still smells like shaving cream even though I washed it. That's about it in my life. I graduate in a week! **SQUEEEEE**

Hope everyone is doing well. I sort of skimmed the posts because there were a lot! I agree about Draco's teacher. That's just horrible.

Good luck to anyone trying to finish up the school year with exams and such!


The giant squid - May 10, 2008 8:57 am (#1913 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday, Kip! (representing the "gentlemen"  )

Congrats to the twins (even though one of them doesn't seem to stop by much anymore...) on the end of high school. It's all downhill from here...  



Puck - May 10, 2008 9:37 am (#1914 of 2991)    

I like Tori's math teacher. She takes her position seriously, and crams in as much knowledge as possible. And finding a way to incorporate major life lessons into math.  

Healing charms to Accio Sirius's kitty and Kip's wife.

Kip, glad to here you are enjoying the grandfather position.  

I had an odd HP moment. Son's scout leader has a goat. We were at his house last night for a project. I Gave the animal a few pats. It took four hand washings and a shower to get the smell of my hand. I kept thinking how bad the Hogshead must have smelt.  


Elanor - May 10, 2008 9:47 am (#1915 of 2991)  
Joyeux anniversaire Kip! A very happy birthday to you!  

Happy birthday to your son Kathy as well!

Congratulations Ginny and Tori, that's wonderful !

Have a great weekend all!  


Solitaire - May 10, 2008 10:19 am (#1916 of 2991)  
Maria, I am not trying to set myself up as a perfect teacher. I am hardly that. I have my challenging kids and classroom struggles just like every other teacher. I even have a few kids whose absences are like little holidays. That probably takes the shine off my star a bit. The thing is, when I signed my contract, I knew I was taking on ALL of the kids who walked through my door, not just the perfectly-behaved kids. Even when I have kids who drive me up the wall--and this year I have two or three of the rudest students I've ever seen--I try to separate the behavior from the kid. I try hard to be fair, and I'm lucky to have a pretty long "fuse."

I asked Holly about the age of Draco's teacher for a reason. Because I am nearing an age where many of my peers are retiring, I take stock of the things that really bug me on a regular basis. I do not want to become one of those relics who stays in the classroom past my expiration date. Kids and classrooms are very different from what they were even ten years ago. Regular classroom teachers must wear an increasing number of different hats. Teachers with 5-10 years left in the profession are having to return to school to learn how to handle new technology, new clientele, and new challenges. Some are up for it; some are not.

Among my peers, some have simply retired a few years earlier than they initially planned, because they felt the cost of the required classes would never be recouped in the few years they had left in the classroom. Others have gone on to meet the new challenges with energy and creativity and will probably teach until they can no longer hold a piece of chalk. A third group is passive. They do not take any classes and continue as they always have. Eventually, they will probably be told they must retire, because they have not fulfilled the requirements they were told they must meet.

Young teachers like Tazzy have all of the technology, differentiated instruction, and CLAD requirements embedded in their credential programs. They will enter the classroom armed with more tools and, hopefully, better ways of doing certain things. Dinosaurs like me--I possess a clear lifetime credential (which is no longer awarded)--must return to school to make up these deficits, usually on our weekends and holidays. Eventually, it all becomes more work than it is worth, and the oldies start dropping. This is why I asked about Draco's teacher's age. She might be there already!

Solitaire (sorry for the essay)


HungarianHorntail11 - May 10, 2008 10:38 am (#1917 of 2991)    

I did forget in my last post but my wishes are sincere:  

Happy Birthday to Kip and Kathy's (not so little) guy!

Kip, hope your wife enjoys the quiet. You are in my neck of the woods. If you find yourself in north NJ (and the time), I'd love for you to come and say hello! We are about 25 min. outside of NYC. Feel free to email me.

Solitaire, if your posts have been sincere (and I believe they have been), then I can only tell you that the impression I have of you is of a caring, kind, intelligent, and patient teacher. After so many years of teaching, you haven't thrown in the towel or turned a deaf ear to your students. That to me is amazing. I'm just calling it as I see it. I think you're wonderful.  

Accio Sirius, healing charms to kitty and (maybe-not sure what charm to use) strengthening charms to your little one. Accidents happen - that's why they're accidents.  

Congratulations to Ginny and Tori! Yay, you're finished!! Stay safe! Lol to Kathy's comment about the teacher. I don't understand though, if you're finished, to whom do you hand in the work?


Edited for clarity.


Solitaire - May 10, 2008 1:38 pm (#1918 of 2991)    

Yes, Maria, I am sincere. And I truly do feel for Draco, because it is my honest belief that his teacher this year has done damage that may not easily be undone. It is possible that a truly compassionate teacher who actually likes him can undo a lot that has been done. However, I think it is going to take a while before Draco trusts a teacher again. Holly, I'm curious to know if you've spoken to your district superintendent. It's possible that you have a principal or vice principal who is not doing his job!


Madam Pince - May 10, 2008 1:51 pm (#1919 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday, Kip! Hope your day is really wonderful!

Also Happy Birthday to Kathy's son!

Sorry about the kitty, Accio Sirius.  Hope he'll be OK! (and daughter, too -- I know she must feel awful!)

Congratulations, Ginny and Tori, on finishing up with high school! Sounds like you had a great last day! (And I agree that I think your math teacher is awesome -- quite honestly that is a GREAT final project although I'm surprised she didn't do it earlier in the year when you were visiting colleges... I agree with Maria, though -- who do you turn the project in to? Or if you don't have to actually turn it in for a grade, why did you guys waste 20 minutes and a bunch of hard feelings arguing with her about it? ) Anyway, congratulations on finishing high school!

Puck and Soli both make good points about Draco's teacher -- it's wonderful that she's a good teacher for nice cooperative kids, but unfortunately that's not what the job's all about. Teachers have to teach all the kids. And in fact, it's not just teachers -- it's any job. What kind of sales/marketing person would only approach people who have already decided to buy? What kind of account representative would only deal with nice friendly cooperative clients and throw away the files of the "pains"? Doctors can't only agree to treat the patients who follow their instructions to the letter and who are thoughtful enough to not get any tricky major diseases. It just doesn't work that way -- in any career. You have to take the difficult ones with the easy ones. So just because Draco's teacher is a "good teacher" when it comes to the easy kids, it doesn't make her a "good teacher." I think Soli has good advice, for my two knuts' worth. I don't know, though, about the timing of a complaint. There might be something to be said for waiting, especially since the end of the school year is so close and since apparently there is a real possibility of retaliation on her part. That would be a shame, because poor Draco has had a rough enough time of it already.  His experience with her is already "shot," as it were, so things probably can't improve for him in the month or so left. Sigh. Very thorny situation. I feel for you.

I'm a bit like Tonks today -- "not quite getting the hang of the householdy-type spells."  I had put a freezer bag of ribs in the refrigerator to thaw, and the bag leaked meat juice all over the 'fridge, so I had to take all the produce drawers out and the bottom shelves and scrub everything. Plus I scrubbed some long-standing stains out of the sink, which took forever. And the washer repairman can't come until Thursday, so I'm washing clothes in the other sink. I'm quite the char-woman. (But on the bright side, the ribs now smell delicious!)

Twenty years ago today is when my father passed away. On the one hand it seems like it was just yesterday, and then again it seems like ages. I really do miss him.

Hope all the Forum mothers have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow! And hope everyone else enjoys the RotD!


Potteraholic - May 10, 2008 2:02 pm (#1920 of 2991)    


Happy 8th birthday to your son!   I needed to show 2 cakes for the 8 candles! )

Sorry for forgetting in my previous post!

Edit: Hope Speed Racer was fun!

Anna L. Black - May 10, 2008 2:26 pm (#1921 of 2991)    

Happy birthday to Kip and to Kathy's son!

Thanks for all your healing charms! Yesterday my temperature went down, and today I was practically as usual (just a bit tired...), so they must have worked  


Madam Pince - May 10, 2008 3:11 pm (#1922 of 2991)    

Bad household-y day continues...

I was distracted listening to Little P and neighbor boy having a bit of a disagreement, and I proceeded to put some dirty dishes in the dishwasher... with the clean dishes, because the cycle had just finished.  I mixed them in good, too, filling in the random empty spots. Now I get to try to decipher which ones were cleaned and which weren't.

I forgot to put the sink strainer back in after scrubbing the sink, so when I rinsed the macaroni I'm fairly certain about 15 pieces of macaroni went down the drain.  That should do it a lot of good. (We don't have a disposal because we're on septic...) Then when I was putting the cheese on before putting it in the oven, I spilled cheese on the hot burner so it immediately melted black onto the stovetop.

I'm thinking I should've popped open a butterbeer and ordered take-out... Sigh...

Solitaire - May 10, 2008 6:54 pm (#1923 of 2991)    

Madam Pince, just run the rinse cycle on the dishwasher. If there is no food on the unwashed ones, the rinse cycle will just sterilize them and they'll be fine. I'm sorry you're missing your dad. I can appreciate that. My dad passed away in July 2005, and I miss him terribly. In addition to being a terrible prankster when he was young, he was quite the Biblical scholar. We used to have such lively and intense theological discussions. I miss them--and him--every day of my life. **cheering charms to all who are missing loved ones**




TwinklingBlueEyes - May 10, 2008 7:47 pm (#1924 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday to Kip and the younger Puck. Since I have to work in the AM, HAPPY MOTHER's Day to all you moms out there! I'm pooped, goodnight all!


geauxtigers - May 10, 2008 8:58 pm (#1925 of 2991)    

I agree with Maria, though -- who do you turn the project in to? Or if you don't have to actually turn it in for a grade, why did you guys waste 20 minutes and a bunch of hard feelings arguing with her about it?

We had to turn it in, I'm guessing for a grade, I don't remember her saying, (and I don't think I want to find out?) What was so stupid about the whole thing was that we didn't do hardly anything last class, why not assign it then instead of our last day? It was just busy work and it was like she was trying to make up for being "easy" on us all year. If she really wanted us to know this information so badly, she could've just told us. Trust me, if you knew this teacher and her teaching style, after a whole year of mathmatical torture, you would agree with me. It's hard to put into words this teacher's style. It was a very odd, out of character thing for her to do. Anyway, it doesn't matter, I'm done and I never have to go back to her class again! WOO! Now I'm sure I'll be wishing I had her next year though....LOL!

Madame Pince, sounds like you could use a few chocolate frogs.


dizzy lizzy - May 10, 2008 8:58 pm (#1926 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday Kip! I'm glad to see you are enjoying spending time with your family.

Happy birthday to Puck Junior as well!!

I had an email from Tazzy last night. She is still waiting on her internet connection. I'm rather hoping that her internet gets up and running soon.

I rang my mum for mother's day, we spent an hour on the phone. I got some good news. My Aunt had major Liver surgery on the 3rd May. They removed 95% of the liver, 2 tumours and 1/2 dozen cysts and she answered the phone to my mum this morning. If she continues to progress this well, she will be released from hospital next week. The tumours are secondaries from the bowel cancer she was diagnosed and operated on last August. I know I talked to Tazzy about it, but can't remember if I said anything on here.

Mum said my aunt was sooooo pleased to be able to answer her children's/grandchildrens phone calls. So that really made my day as well.

Pretty cold and gloomy here today. The sun decided to hide behind the clouds...

Happy Mother's day to all the mum's!!!



jose043 - May 10, 2008 11:59 pm (#1927 of 2991)
Hi All

Happy Birthday to Kip glade you are having time out with your grandchild, hope your wife gets better soon.

Happy birthday to little Puck.

Healing charms & get well ones to all that need them.

Congratulations to all the ones who have finished high school, hope you all got the marks you wanted.

I have been to Dr's about my Ham-string injury & She has sent me of to the specialist that did my shoulder last year. He said that I have torn the ham-string & need to go to the Physiotherapist for a month to get treatment, also told me that the last 5 of my vertebra have bad arthritis. Had my 1st appointment on Friday he did some acupuncture,seems to have settled it down.

Anne & I took my Mum shopping on Saturday so she could get some long sleeve shirts for her self Mum bought Anne some cloths she wanted & for me bought some nice T-Shirts with collars for me.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London

Steve Newton - May 11, 2008 5:52 am (#1928 of 2991)    

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone!

We took my Mom out to Fisherman's Inn on Kent Island last Saturday. No crowd and we got a finely placed table. They told us that if you really love your mother do not take her to the Fisherman's Inn on Mothers’ Day. At least an hour and a half wait and they do not take reservations. My Mom had a great day.

The Delaware Diamonds Library Book Cart Drill team had their 2008 premiere on Friday at the Delaware Library Association Annual Conference. Things went pretty well for our first performance and will help us at ALA in June. Alas, Delaware, along with many other states, is having money problems and may not pay for staff to go to the convention so I may not get to attend. But, on the good side, even without our staff we will have enough people to field our team. We're going for the gold. We were very well received.

I had hoped that Choices would have returned by now. I hope that she is doing well. Of course, I may have missed her and she is back already.


Potteraholic - May 11, 2008 6:29 am (#1929 of 2991)    

Happy Mother's Day!!!
***more healing charms to Choices*** Looking forward to your return!


haymoni - May 11, 2008 8:55 am (#1930 of 2991)    

Happy Mother's Day all!

Quiet day here - Ungrateful Son has baseball games all day, so The Beautifulest One & I are going to watch "Indiana Jones" movies all day!


Solitaire - May 11, 2008 9:45 am (#1931 of 2991)  
Yikes, Lizzy! They took 95% of her liver? That sounds scary, but I am glad she is doing so well. **continued healing charms to her**

Josephine, good luck with your hamstring. I've pulled mine before, and it is painful, I know. I'm curious about the acupuncture on your lower back. I have severe degeneration in that area (degenerative disc disease, I think it is called), and I am hoping to find something that helps. I'll be interested in learning more about this. **healing charms to you**

Happy Mother's Day to all moms on the Forum!!



 geauxtigers - May 11, 2008 9:54 am (#1932 of 2991)    

Happy Mother's Day!!

HungarianHorntail11 - May 11, 2008 11:52 am (#1933 of 2991)    

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmoms and aunts!

(((Madame Pince))) and Reparo charms to your washer. I won't tell you how long it took the bungling repairmen to fix ours - unless you ask, of course!  

Wow, Madam Pince, I didn't know about your father. My 20-year marker was at the end of December.

Hugs and healing charms all around for disks, knees, hamstrings, surgeries, and anything else I've missed.



Elanor - May 11, 2008 12:17 pm (#1934 of 2991)  
Happy Mother's Day to all the forum's moms!  

Healing Charms to all needing some and special ((((hugs))))) for Choices!



Holly T. - May 11, 2008 2:10 pm (#1935 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday to Kip and to Puck's son!

Happy Mother's Day!

Healing charms to everyone who needs them.

Congrats to Ginny and Tori for finishing school!

Thanks so much for all of your support with the whole thing with Draco's teacher. I will try and answer what I can remember. Soli, she's been teaching for about 20 years. I am now wondering if she is having trouble with her adult son, because Draco says she'll say things to him and the class like "you can't act like this when you're an adult" and "you won't be able to do things like that when you're a parent," etc. As for contacting someone about education law--that's what dh does--and possibly part of the problem, as the teacher was surprised when we found out that not only does dh know the district GT coordinator, but dh has served on a committee with her. So I think she might be kind of trying to make it clear (from her point of view) that Draco is a discipline problem so we can't (again, her POV) complain too much about how she did a terrible job as a GT teacher (meaning she will say she was doing what she was supposed to but he wasn't behaving). Madam Pince, I think you were the one who said something about the school year being almost over. Right now we just want to make it through the next 3.5 weeks and concentrate on things being better next year. We will probably be writing a letter to the district.

And now for the good news! We were talking to daughter's fifth-grade teacher at church this morning and she's going to be teaching fifth grade again next year! She tried to work part time this year helping the reading teachers and concentrating on her other job (she runs a bakery), then in the middle of the year she ended up teaching fourth grade since one of the fourth-grade teachers died (cancer) and realized she much prefers being in the classroom. Her son is daughter's age and in a lot of daughter's classes. She already knows and likes Draco so we are really hoping that, especially after all that we have been through this year, that they will quit giving us the "we don't let parents choose their child's teachers" line and put him in her class.

We let Draco open his birthday presents today when I opened my Mother's Day presents (his birthday is tomorrow). He has since disappeared upstairs all afternoon except when he comes out to show us what he has programmed his new Lego robot to do. He is beyond thrilled with it.


Madam Pince - May 11, 2008 2:20 pm (#1936 of 2991)    

Tori, you're right, chocolate frogs would've been in order as well!  (Thanks for the hugs & thoughts, Maria & Soli!)

Today is much better! We went out for lunch at this steakhouse / sports bar (because we figured most of the "post-church-Mother's-Day" crowd would be headed more to the fancy brunch-type places.) Mr. Pince's aunt, cousin, and cousin's daughter accompanied us. There was no wait at all, the food was fantastic, but the topper was that when the waitress gave us menus, she told us that "all mothers eat free today."   I've heard of free dessert or free appetizer maybe, but the dinner??? (True, you had to choose from three entrees, but they were a sirloin, chicken, or salmon, with two sides and their bread which is fantastic.) I had a 10-oz. sirloin, huge salad, and enormous loaded baked potato -- for free. We also got a crab dip appetizer. I was so stuffed I had to bring half of my dinner home with me so it'll make another meal as well. Can't beat that with a big stick. Mr. Pince came out smelling like a rose.  

Steve, good luck on the Book Cart training! (You know, I've often wondered this about Fisherman's and them not taking reservations -- they said "if you love your mother then don't bring her here on Mother's Day" right? How about this: "If you guys love your customers then why not take reservations on special holidays instead of making people sit in the room with the aquarium on the hard benches for an hour-and-a-half????" I have never understood that.)

Lizzy, glad to hear your aunt is doing well. Get-well charms to her, and to Josephine, too!

Early Happy Birthday to Draco! (*Snort!* to the "we don't let parents choose the kids' teacher" line... I think I'd say in my best Snape-voice "You'd better let these parents choose this kid's teacher, after the year we've had, or else the educational law people will be hearing more than you want them to hear!" )


painting sheila - May 11, 2008 2:33 pm (#1937 of 2991)    

Happy belated Birthday Kip!! and many many more!!

((((hugs)))) to Madame Pince.

Woohoo!! Way to go geauxtigers! How did the senior pranks go?

Happy happy birthday to Puck's son!! 8 is a great age!

Anna Black - I am glad to hear your fever is down.  

jose- Ouch!  

Steve - Can we find your performance on youtube?

and last but not least. . . . .

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the women on the forum!! There was a great talk in church today about mothers and how some mothers never give birth but the love and nurture people every day. Some of those women have had more influence in my life than they will ever know!! (((((Hugs))))) all around!


Solitaire - May 11, 2008 5:56 pm (#1938 of 2991)    

Holly, it sounds like you have things in control and your course mapped out. I do hope it works out for Draco to get the teacher who likes him already. I think it will make a HUGE difference in every aspect of his school life. I also hope it serves as a giant "in your face" to this year's teacher.  BTW ...

Happy Birthday, Draco!  



geauxtigers - May 11, 2008 6:54 pm (#1939 of 2991)    

How did the senior pranks go?

Hmm, well, now that you mention it, neither happened. Turns out the word didn't spread very far about the Superman thing and the people who did know didn't want to do it because another school had beaten us to it and they didn't want to copy. So I'm pretty mad about making a shirt that I'm not going to wear ever again, but hey, whatcha gonna do bout that, eh? The t-shirt was cheep, but still, the iron on paper wasn't... As for the bookmarks, the idea didn't really catch and frankly, we ran out of time! LOL But I still like the idea! We did play The graduation song by Vitamin C on the PA system. But it wasn't really a prank as several of us, myself included, gave our principal puppy eyes and he let us do it. It made a lot of people cry including my English teacher.

We have one more prank that's up in the air. I think I told yall about our prom t-shirts from last year, the James Bond ones? Anyway, it had the James Bond gun on it and a martini glass, it got approved and then apparently they decided that these two thing were just awful and took them all back. Our super strict old lady college counselor came running in her high heels and snatched them out of our hands and told us they hadn't been approved or that they must've been changed after they were approved. (Which is a lie, especially if you knew our class president. She's like Hermione and wouldn't have gone behind the administration's back and changed the design) Anyway, we are getting the shirts reprinted and we are going to wear them under our gowns at our Senior Chapel service (yes, we wear gowns here but not at the actual graduation). At the end we will all take our gowns off. That's the plan anyway, we'll see if it falls through or not. This one could get us into trouble, but I really don't care! LOL That was 400 dollars worth of t-shirts that we never got back into our class money thing. This is an Umbridge vs the students and staff here. Our lovely headmistress has already run off 15 teachers or so. It is known as the mass exodus. Oh and teacher have gotten in trouble for talking about her to parents and each other. Sound familiar?

Ahh sorry for the essay!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Solitaire - May 11, 2008 7:11 pm (#1940 of 2991)  
Today I heard from Choices, who said she really has not been able to sit long enough to be online. Her surgery turned out to be more extensive than originally planned. She sends thanks to all of her Forum friends for their prayers and words of encouragement. She goes back to the doctor on Tuesday for x-rays and a followup. Hopefully, I will hear from either Choices or her daughter how that goes.



painting sheila - May 11, 2008 8:45 pm (#1941 of 2991)  
~~~~~healing quicker charms~~~~~ for choices!!

Supperman shirts -> You could always go as Supergirl for Halloween. Wear it like Clark Kent getting ready to bust out of the phone booth!

Some heavy thunderstorms moved through here. I hope every one up north and east are doing okay. It looks like that's where they were headed.


Puck - May 11, 2008 8:57 pm (#1942 of 2991)    

Hope everyone day a lovely Mother's Day!

Hubby took me out to pick out a new set of dishes, as mine were starting to look as if they have been through the wringer. The kids made me cards and gifts from school. I ran into a friend, and we were both wearing our new beaded bracelets.  Plus, I got to watch the Finale for one of the best season's of Survivor ever.

Son enjoyed his day. Speed Racer was long, but good. There was plenty of action, so if the kids got restless, it didn't last long. We gave Son a fish tank. We're going to let it acclimate this week, then go buy some fish next weekend.

Continued Healing charms to Choices!

Wish me luck! I start adventures in potty training tomorrow. I am so over this diaper thing.

It's about midnight, so I guess I can say Happy Birthday, Draco!



Elanor - May 11, 2008 11:37 pm (#1943 of 2991)  
Happy Birthday Draco! Joyeux anniversaire! And many wishes for a better next year at school and before that for a great summer break!  

More healing charms to Choices. Thanks for giving us some news Soli!

This is going to be my favorite kind of Monday, one that is a holiday.  (Well, technically speaking, it is only a holiday for the kids, we teachers have worked another day in winter instead of today) but a Monday at home is always good news!  

Have a great day all!


Snuffles - May 12, 2008 2:19 am (#1944 of 2991)    

Holly, I'm sorry Draco is still having a rough time at school. I hope next year he gets a more caring teacher. Happy Birthday to Draco too. I hope he has a wonderful day  

Happy belated Birthday to Kip and Kathy's son. I hope you both had a great day.

Accio Sirius, *healing charms* to your kitty. I hope she is better soon.

Congrats to Tori and Ginny on finishing school. I hope you enjoy your graduation day.

**healing charms** to Choices. I'm glad you are on the mend.

I hope all of the forum mum's celebrating yesterday, had a wonderful day.  

I'm on my own in the office this week, so I really should start on some work!.......

Happy Monday everyone



Good Evans - May 12, 2008 4:55 am (#1945 of 2991)    

I have been very neglectful of this site the past week or so, My apologies to you all!

Happy belated to Kristina and Kip and all the forum children that have celebrated.

Felix to Megfox's sister - how awful!

healing charms to all who need especially Choices.

LOL Ginny - only pressed two buttons to vote! WE still mark an X in a box with a pencil this side of the pond!

Azi - well done you on being such a good samartian to the man on the train!

I am grumpy, as my kitchen CD is slowly dying the death, I am trying to listen to DH at the moment but it keeps sticking and wont accelerate past the half way mark, so if I put a CD on I have to listen to it start to end, If I finish in the kitchen when it is half way through I either have to start the CD again or move to the next CD and pick up the story. boo!!

Hubby is being made redundant (boo to the nasty dementors at his work place) so I can't justify buying a new one yet, we need to see where our finances are after next month. Hopefully he will get a new job soon.

ah well, thats about it

waves to everyone (special wave to Lina!)

Julie x


Puck - May 12, 2008 5:55 am (#1946 of 2991)    

Julie, I suggest making a cup of tea and sitting in the kitchen until the CD finishes.  

Job finding charms for Mr. Good Evans!

I was lazy yesterday (I refuse to do housework on Mother's Day), so I have a large mess to take care of. As it is rainy outside and I'm staying home so Toddler can be near her potty, I may actually get something done.


Steve Newton - May 12, 2008 6:33 am (#1947 of 2991)    

Madam Pince, since the Fisherman's Inn seems to be crowded most of the time I guess that they figure that reservations wouldn't help them. We picked our time to minimize crowds, Saturday at 2, and it worked out splendidly. There are other pretty good restaurants nearby but I do not know their crowding/reservation status.


Solitaire - May 12, 2008 6:58 am (#1948 of 2991)    

I was lazy yesterday (I refuse to do housework on Mother's Day), so I have a large mess to take care of.

Oh, Puck, how unfair! I should think the family would have handled all chores yesterday. Just leaving the mess for you to clean up today wasn't very sporting of them.  After all, you have a hard week of potty training ahead. Good luck!! (My oldest niece will be starting that little project soon with her daughter.)



Puck - May 12, 2008 7:17 am (#1949 of 2991)    

Between taking me out to pick up my dishes, mowing the lawn (first weekend day it hasn't rained in two weeks), and taking us to dinner, Mr. Puck had little time to help with any chores. The kids aren't big enough quite yet to handle washing clothes, etc... The rest is just general clutter, plus Son's birthday gifts that have to be put away. I told the kids that they cannot invite any friends to come play after school, since their bedrooms are a mess. They will come home to clean. Hopefully the downstairs will be in good shape by the end of the day.


painting sheila - May 12, 2008 7:53 am (#1950 of 2991)    

I used the ideas in the book Potty Training in Less Than a Day for my kids. Works like a charm - Ha! A Potty Charm!!
Lady Arabella
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Potteraholic - May 12, 2008 7:57 am (#1951 of 2991)  
For those who play Five Words over on the FFF, it's been a bit quiet on that thread lately.  If you're thinking, "It's too late for me to join the story now; it's well on its way and I don't know what's going on. Never fear! Just check these links to get caught up to the story, as it stands so far (give or take a few posts ):   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


Denise P. - May 12, 2008 8:28 am (#1952 of 2991)    

Shelia, that is the method I have used on all my kids. I need to get a new copy since I have no idea where mine is...I probably gave it to someone and Rhys is about to make the transition to big boy undies. He has already picked out Lightening McQueen underwear to wear.


Puck - May 12, 2008 8:39 am (#1953 of 2991)  
Hmm, if this doesn't take, I may need to get that book. I was hoping for warm weather, as it is May. I planned to let her run around in just a t-shirt and her "ballerina" undies. Trouble is, it's a bit cold.

I have plastic drop cloths on the couch, topped with old beach towels. Of course, she sat on the one chair I didn't cover.  I'm hoping it'll "click" at some point soon. I have stickers and a basket of other little rewards. We also have a doll with a potty that we can use for demonstration.

PAH, doing my best to keep 5 words moving today!


journeymom - May 12, 2008 9:08 am (#1954 of 2991)    

Happy Birthday Kip! Thanks for all you do for the Forum.

Happy eighth to Puck Jr! Eight is a wonderful age.

Madam Pince, hope you have a quiet moment to contemplate your dad.

Oldest Son had to have his appendix out on Tuesday - so that was wild and exciting. -Sheila

Now, you can't just drop something like that in a nice chit-chatty post without explaining. So is Oldest Son OK?

Steve, learning that there is such thing as a library cart drill competition was one of the coolest things I have learned upon joining this forum. Keep us up to date, will you?

Happy Birthday, Draco! Holly, is that one of those Lego Mindstorms robots??

I thought about my mom a lot this weekend, go figure! Anybody watch Battlestar Galactica? Wasn't Friday's the loveliest Mother's day episode?? *sarcasm* Actually, it was really touching.

Mother's Day dinner: Saturday night we went to this local Mexican restaurant down by the river and got in almost immediately. I had fabulous fish tacos. Yesterday (Mothers day) I grilled salmon and served some little red potatoes and swiss chard with it. Again, fabulous, if I do say so myself. Yes, I wanted to do the cooking. The kids did the dishes. Sort of. We sat and watched an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventurers together, the perfect end to a nice day.


Steve Newton - May 12, 2008 9:52 am (#1955 of 2991)    

Sure, no problem. We will be at ALA in Anaheim at the end of June. I can't remember the date of the competition. We want the gold!


Puck - May 12, 2008 10:46 am (#1956 of 2991)    

Journey, for one who has watched several family members pass away from cancer, it was kind of touching.

How was that Sarah Jane show? Son and Hubby watch Dr. Who.

We went to Outback last night. We can't grill until the tanks get refilled with gas. I have no idea what to make tonight, as Monday is usually grocery day, but as I mentioned, I'm keeping the little one home. I will shop tomorrow night after aerobics. Alone. With no children. It will be joy. I may even make it my new habit. (Especially during the summer, when I have all three.)



Madam Pince - May 12, 2008 1:15 pm (#1957 of 2991)    

Woo-hoo, Puck! You are in for a treat! Shopping alone... you might even say it will be a potty... errr... a party!  

I got to watch the finale of Survivor also -- as per usual, the one person that I thought didn't stand a snowball's chance is the one who won.  Every time Mr. Pince walked by muttering "mindless tripe" under his breath, I just smiled serenely and said "Pffffffttt! Mother's Day, you know!"  Our power went off right in the middle of the last immunity challenge and I thought I'd have to throw a hissy fit, but it came back on after about 30 seconds, so I didn't miss anything. LOL!

Steve, I'm sure that Annie's takes reservations, but I'm not positive about The Narrows. It's really good, too. The pecan-encrusted catfish with fried green tomatoes is divine.

If we wanted to mow our grass we'd have to use a boat. Seriously. Our yard is like a lake. We're supposed to get 4 inches of rain total, I think, since Friday. Bleah.

Can't remember if I posted this or not, but the tornadoes that went through North Carolina last week completely demolished a house that my cousin and her family once lived in.  They moved about 5 years ago. She was so shocked to turn on the news and see their old house in splinters. There wasn't one upright piece of wood on the whole thing -- you couldn't even tell it had been a house. Hope that Catherine and all the other North Carolinians made it through OK? (We've heard from the rest of them, right?) Seems like a lot of bad weather everywhere these days -- hope everyone stays safe.

We have a birthday party tonight at a bowling lane so that should be fun. Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Good Evans - May 12, 2008 1:25 pm (#1958 of 2991)    

LOl Kathy, I don't normally hang around in the kitchen once the work is done - but I am becoming more apt to! double grr!!! though as tonight the blasted thing refused to play any of CD 14 and 15 - I missed all of the raid on gringotts, getting in to hogsmeade, dumbledore mark 2 - and picked up from being in the ROR, boo hiss!!!! I am just going to have to listen in the lounge instead!

Thanks for the charms for hubby too, I appreciate it.

And best of luck with the potty training of your little one!

LOL Sheila, a potty charm!!!!!!!


journeymom - May 12, 2008 3:40 pm (#1959 of 2991)
Sarah Jane Adventures- they're fun. 13 y.o. dd really like the protagonist, Maria. Sarah Jane Smith is the Doctors Who side kick from the days of John Pertwee and Tom Baker. Sadly, K9 is not a regular. I can't imagine why not, he'd be perfect. The show isn't behind-the-sofa scary like Doctor Who ("don't turn your back, don't blink," anyone?), though it has its moments. Pretty much appropriate for kids.


Solitaire - May 12, 2008 7:03 pm (#1960 of 2991)    

I had a quick note from Choices this evening. She misses us all and can't wait to get back to the Forum. She goes to see the doc tomorrow and will let me know what he says. Please send all the **healing charms and Felix Felicis** you can spare, so that she has a great report!

Lots of **Felix Felicis** to all potty trainers and trainees, as well!



Puck - May 12, 2008 7:27 pm (#1961 of 2991)    

Here, Soli, I dug out a spare bottle of Felix. Can you pass it along to Choices? She needs it more than I do. (Even if the potty remained empty all day. There's always tomorrow.)

jose043 - May 12, 2008 8:20 pm (#1962 of 2991)    

Solitaire could you Email me your new Email address as I tried to Email you last night.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London.


Solitaire - May 12, 2008 8:46 pm (#1963 of 2991)    

Josephine, I have emailed you from my ISP email. I didn't even think about that cox address being kaput! I guess I should change it next time we get the okay.


painting sheila - May 12, 2008 9:31 pm (#1964 of 2991)  
journeymom- Oldest Son is doing fine. He went back to school today and seemed to do okay. He said some kid hit him in the stomach and it hurt but that he was okay. Have I mentioned I hate public schhols? GRRRR!!!

On a strange note we found out another kid at church had to have his appendix out! That makes three boys between the ages of 12 and 16 that have had to have their appendix out in less than 10 days. Don't you think that is odd?

Denise P - If you want my copy I am happy to send it to you. Is it even in print any more?

jose043 - May 12, 2008 10:45 pm (#1965 of 2991)    

Thanks Solitaire have sent it off all ready.

Healing charms to all & Happy birthday or Annivresary to all

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Madam Pince - May 13, 2008 4:49 am (#1966 of 2991)    

Steve Newton, are you floating? I read where they're evacuating people from your neck of the woods, in the coastal areas...  Hope you've no worse damage than maybe moss on your feet...


Denise P. - May 13, 2008 6:26 am (#1967 of 2991)    

Shelia, it is in print and through the wonders of half.com, I have a copy on its way to me for .25!

Only 7 more days of seminary! Not that I am looking forward to sleeping in or anything....


Steve Newton - May 13, 2008 6:48 am (#1968 of 2991)
Nope. Even though I am only about a mile from the Delaware River water has never been a problem. Except in the basement, of course. One of my co-workers woke up yesterday with only water surrounding her house and her car almost awash. That was in slower Delaware, however.


Puck - May 13, 2008 7:21 am (#1969 of 2991)    

Steve, do you live in fast Delaware?  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042


painting sheila - May 13, 2008 8:53 am (#1970 of 2991)    

Denise P - I think hubby has more seminary days than that. How did that happen! I am not sure if he is counting down the days or not - but I am! I miss having him around longer than 8:30 at night!

Fast Delaware (snort!)

Does anyone remember the song that had states names in the lyrics? "What did Delaware boys? What did Delaware?"


Steve Newton - May 13, 2008 9:30 am (#1971 of 2991)    

Well, in Delaware the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is the dividing line between upstate and down state, not the county line. To emphasize the different, more rural and agrarian, life style down state they have changed lower Delaware to slower Delaware.


Puck - May 13, 2008 9:41 am (#1972 of 2991)    

Thanks, Steve. I thought it was just a typo.  


shepherdess - May 13, 2008 10:42 am (#1973 of 2991)    

I didn't think it was possible to divide Delaware into smaller portions.  


Steve Newton - May 13, 2008 12:11 pm (#1974 of 2991)    

Hey, I can name all of the counties in less than 10 seconds. 5 seconds. New Castle, Kent, Sussex. Ta DAAA!


Denise P. - May 13, 2008 12:42 pm (#1975 of 2991)  
Shelia, maybe we started at different times? The only way I know the end date was because during achievement girls last week, we were in the YW room (where Seminary is held) and it was written on the board. The reluctant class attendee certainly didn't tell me that the 29th was the last day and graduation is that Sunday at 7:00 pm...I just hope it is not at the stake center since we don't even get out until 5 pm and then if we hustle (not likely since we have to clean up the building) we are home by 5:30 pm. That makes it a really tight squeeze to eat and get to the stake center in just over an hour (takes 20 min to get to the stake center..barring traffic)

I can see the sun! After several days of nothing but rain, the sun is out!!!


Madam Pince - May 13, 2008 12:53 pm (#1976 of 2991)    

Della wore her New Jersey, I do remember that...


Potteraholic - May 13, 2008 1:13 pm (#1977 of 2991)  
I remember reading a post on this thread a while ago where a forummer mentioned York, Maine, either living there, or visiting there. Well I'll be visiting there myself in the 3rd week of August. My sister has rented a house there for the week for her and her 2 kids. It's 3/4 of a mile from the beach. I was wondering if anyone who lives there, or has visited those parts, could recommend places to eat, things to do, etc. Thanks!

As a teacher, I've been dismayed to hear about the troubles some folks' children have been suffering in school this year, esp. due to unconcerned teachers. But this little anecdote about school is guaranteed to put a wee smile on everyone's faces. A Pre-K/K teacher (Debbie) in my school told a little girl in her class that she was part Native American. At dismissal, she heard the same little girl tell her mom that Debbie was "part teacher and part Native American."  


PeskyPixie - May 13, 2008 1:59 pm (#1978 of 2991)    

I don't know if anyone's noticed or not, but I'm back after long break ! Family emergency had come up in the past month.


Also, Happy Birthday to anyone else who celebrated a birthday this past month.

Healing Charms to those needing some. (Special ones for Stoney and Continued Healing for Choices who is doing so well. )

Hugs all around! I've missed you all!


Choices - May 13, 2008 2:10 pm (#1979 of 2991)    

My dear, beloved forum friends - never can I tell you just how much your good wishes and prayers have meant to me. I have longed to get back here and have missed you all so much. My surgery turned out to be bigger and longer than I had anticipated. Repairing two disks turned into repairing four disks and then the doctor had to repair two holes in my Dura caused by one of the four Epuidurals or two Facet Blocks I had between Sept. and about two weeks prior to the surgery. The surgery took eight hours and I was positioned in such a way that my left arm went numb and stayed numb from shoulder to fingertips for about a week. Then "someone" forgot that I am allergic to Betadine and I am still contending with the huge, quarter sized blisters all over my back that itch like fire. (Am I having fun yet?) LOL Due to the holes in my Dura I had to spend two days following the surgery flat on my back to avoid one of those spinal fluid leak headaches. It definitely has not been fun and turned out to be way more than I expected. I don't think I would ever choose to go through this again. However, I am trying to spend a little more time each day catching up with my forum friends. I went to the doctor today and had x-rays taken and 30 staples removed from my back. The doctor will review my x-rays and call me tomorrow with a report on how I'm doing. Tomorrow afternoon I will be fitted for a bone growth stimulator to help my disks heal quicker.

Thank you again for your love and good thoughts - they have sustained me through some of the darkest times. I am also trying to get off so much pain medicine and that has left me feeling like a "twitchy little git" and often not able to put together a coherent thought or remember what I did five minutes ago. Hopefully that will get better soon. :-)

Love, {{{hugs}}} and more appreciation to you all than you will ever know.


Steve Newton - May 13, 2008 2:12 pm (#1980 of 2991)    

It sounds as if you have had a tough time. I hope that you feel better soon.

By the way, welcome back.


Potteraholic - May 13, 2008 2:19 pm (#1981 of 2991)    

Welcome back, Choices! Here's to a speedy recovery!


Snuffles - May 13, 2008 2:20 pm (#1982 of 2991)    

Welcome back Choices. You have certainly had a rough time of it. I hope you will start to feel better soon. **Healing charms** to you and take my spare bottle of Skele-grow for your disks.

Julie(GE), sorry to hear about your hubby's job. I hope he manages to find another one soon.

Welcome back PeskyPixie  

Well, I'm off to drink my hot chocolate and then crawl into my bed.



Choices - May 13, 2008 5:12 pm (#1983 of 2991)    

LOL Snuffles, you're a genius. Who needs a Bone Growth Stimulator when a big bottle of Skele-Grow would do the trick? :-) My mind really has deserted me. LOL

Thanks everyone - it's wonderful to be back among you!!


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 13, 2008 6:34 pm (#1984 of 2991)    

((((((((((((((((Choices)))))))))))))))) It's soooooo good to "see" you back. Take care GF!


Holly T. - May 13, 2008 7:36 pm (#1985 of 2991)  
Welcome back Choices!!!! ~~~healing charms to you~~~~~


Puck - May 13, 2008 7:44 pm (#1986 of 2991)    


Hi, Peskie!


Solitaire - May 13, 2008 8:18 pm (#1987 of 2991)    

(((((((((Choices))))))))) Good to see your smiling face ... well, your smiling avatar!  I'll bet it felt good to get those staples outta there! I remember how mine felt, poking me every time I moved! BTW, you can ignore the email I just sent. You've answered my questions here.  

((((((Pesky)))))) Welcome back! Thanks, too, for remembering my fur baby! He is doing okay at the moment, although I do need to make a decision about what to do for him. I'm just postponing the inevitable for a while, I guess.

Well, time to put my feet up and relax! Enjoy the rest of the evening, everyone!



dizzy lizzy - May 14, 2008 12:14 am (#1988 of 2991)    

Yay!!! for choices! Good to see that you are up and moving around!



Swedish Short-Snout - May 14, 2008 1:20 am (#1989 of 2991)  
Welcome back Choices!  And Pesky, too!


Snuffles - May 14, 2008 2:31 am (#1990 of 2991)    

I need some ideas guys!!

Olivia has to take to school on Friday, something made from fruit!! It can be an animal, person or an object like a space ship. I'm trying to think of ideas. I've got the usual ones like a caterpillar made from apples, with orange segments for the legs, but I was hoping to come up with something different. There are so many creative people on this forum, I thought one of you may have a fantastic idea.  

Your help would be much appreciated.



Puck - May 14, 2008 3:54 am (#1991 of 2991)    

Julie, as it so happens I was about to go find Son's library book that has such photos in it. I will give you the title and some ideas when it is found.



Vox Gerbilis - May 14, 2008 4:27 am (#1992 of 2991)    
Welcome back, Choices!


Anna L. Black - May 14, 2008 4:41 am (#1993 of 2991)    

Welcome back, Choices! ***Healing Charms*** to you  

Pesky, just yesterday I've wondered where you were - Welcome back!


Elanor - May 14, 2008 5:00 am (#1994 of 2991)    

(((((((((Choices))))))))))! It's great to hear from you!  More healing charms sent your way!

Pesky, good to see you back as well!  

Julie/Snuffles, what about an army of red ants made of cherries or strawberries?

Julie/GE. When I read about your CP player problems, first thing that came to me was: "Did she try giving it the old one-two?"  I've sort of given that treatment to the school CD player the other day and it made wonders...  

Have a great day all!


megfox* - May 14, 2008 5:11 am (#1995 of 2991)  
Welcome back and get well wishes, Choices!

Hope everything is well with you, Pixie!

Potteraholic, I live in York, Maine. I am excited that you are coming to my lovely neck of the woods! There are a lot of great places to eat and fun stuff to see. Let me know what you are interested in - do you want a lobster bake, see a lighthouse, go hiking, etc? How old are the kids? How far are you willing to drive? Any other things that you want to do, besides go to the beach?

Btw, I forgot to mention it before - Happy Birthday, Kip!

Andy and I went to the Boston Marine Society Ball last night with his dad and his brother Fred (Dad graduated from King's Point and was a Merchant Marine captain for many years, and his brother works on a tugboat in Boston Harbor). We had a lot of fun, good food, a live band, some dancing, etc. The speaker was a ship-salvager/historian, Barry Clifford, who has salvaged the first verifiable pirate ship in the world off of Cape Cod, called the Whydah. It was fascinating - he showed a slide show of some of the artifacts they had discovered and shared primary source documents that helped them prove it was the right ship and that it actually was a pirate ship - six of the men who survived the wreckage were hanged in Charlestown for piracy, while the two who hired Cotton Mather as their lawyer were acquitted. I guess even in the 18th century a good lawyer could save your neck.  Apparently, they have never been able to verify that any ships that have ever been salvaged have been actual pirate ships until this one. They found the ship's bell, which was engraved with it's name, so they are 100% sure it is the ship they were looking for, and have collected more than 100,000 artifacts, including several tons of Spanish and French gold coins and bars. I was totally enthralled, although I think Andy and Fred fell asleep during the slide show.  


Good Evans - May 14, 2008 5:18 am (#1996 of 2991)    
LOl Audrey - it has had one or two "of the old one two"!! unfortunately that just makes it cut out altogether!

Sounds interesting to me Meg, but of course to some folks it will be "dull as dishwater", so I can understand their dropping off. Hubby watched something about the building of an A50 (???) airbus thing - "bored to tears" here, left the room instantly.

Nice to see a post froom Choices, keep the recovery up!


Puck - May 14, 2008 5:32 am (#1997 of 2991)    

Julie, it was called "How are you Peeling?" It's children's book with fruit used for the illustrations. They used black-eyed peas for eyes, and carved faces with an exacto knife. Cute, but unless you are talented at carving pumpkins, it might be too complicated.

If you dip pears in white chocolate and use mini chocolate chips for eyes they look like ghosts. I do this one at Halloween sometimes. You can also spread celery with cream cheese and top with raisins for the traditional ants on a log. Fruit kabobs are fun, too, especially if you add a few marshmallows.

Ooh, Son would love that Pirate thing! Is there a place near Boston where you can go to see any of it?


megfox* - May 14, 2008 5:59 am (#1998 of 2991)  
He said that the bulk of it is on tour and is currently booked until 2015 (!), but I believe that they have a few permanent displays. He mentioned something about an exhibit in Provincetown.

Okay, I just googled it, and there is a museum in Provincetown. I think I might have to go down there! Now if I can just convince Andy that it won't be as "dull as dishwater" to go see real pirate treasure...


painting sheila - May 14, 2008 7:39 am (#1999 of 2991)    

Who needed the ideas for veggie animals?

I just looked on line and saw a cat made from a pear and a tangerine. The tangerine was the head - use raisins for the eyes, peel a little back of the peel for the ears. The body was a pear with a stem. Nestle the tangerine up to the pear and have the stem of the pear sticking straight up. It looks like a cat crouching down ready to pounce. You could cut the back legs out of fruit leather and use raisins for the little front paws.

here are some more ideas 0 just put in the appropriate dots and w's.


Welcome back choices - whoohoo!! (((((hugs))))) where it doesn't hurt!

Hi there pesky - we missed you!! Hope all is well at home for you.

I am trig to help a couple of kids find jobs for the summer - any one that lives by here have any ideas?


painting sheila - May 14, 2008 8:15 am (#2000 of 2991)    

I am sorry this is so big but I can't figure out how to make this smaller. This is my daughter and her date for prom!
Lady Arabella
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azi - May 14, 2008 10:52 am (#2001 of 2991)

Wow, your daughter looks so grown up, Shelia! I swear she looks older than me, but I must be about 3 years older than her!

Continued healing charms, Choices! I'm glad to hear you're back on your feet.

Welcome back to Pixie!

Good luck to your hubby on getting a new job, JulieGE! Job hunting is not fun.

Pirate treasure sounds interesting. Why wouldn't you be interested in that? Airbus planes are a different matter...

Hmm, fruit that looks like an animal. Maybe you could watch endless episodes of Big Cook, Little Cook for ideas.

I'm feeling a tad stressed about exams. I'm finding it impossible to concentrate for any length of time. Yesterday I managed to crash my bike into a hedge (apparently, heavy library books = extra weight on bike = odd weight distribution and different reaction times required to control said bike). Just have scratches and splinters fortunately. Finally snapped yesterday evening and headed home for a few days. Did better today with revision but have had a banging headache for most of it. Seeing the doctor tomorrow about my asthma (another worry, I'm on my Ventolin every day at the moment - the one I should only take in 'erk asthma attack' situations). Time for a hot bubble bath to relax me! I really hope it does...


Solitaire - May 14, 2008 10:56 am (#2002 of 2991)

I am sorry this is so big but I can't figure out how to make this smaller. This is my daughter and her date for prom!

All I see is a grey square. Sad


Puck - May 14, 2008 11:46 am (#2003 of 2991)

Lovely Picture, Sheila!

Azi, relax and take care. I'm sure the exams will go fine.


Steve Newton - May 14, 2008 12:04 pm (#2004 of 2991)

Edited May 14, 2008 12:53 pm
Solitaire, I was just going through the old Marietta thread and was reminded that you were there. Ah, the war years.


Choices - May 14, 2008 1:18 pm (#2005 of 2991)

Beautiful daughter Sheila - what a handsome couple!

Many thanks and healing charms from me to all who need them out there. Love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


Holly T. - May 14, 2008 1:32 pm (#2006 of 2991)

Great picture Sheila!

Welcome back Pesky! Hope everything is ok.


((Azi)) Stress can cause asthma to flare up--you might need an adjustment in your meds to get you through exams.

Dh went to a conference at Draco's school this morning. I didn't go because I get too emotional at those things and dh can keep things focused and use school policy terms that make them realize he means business. Also, I missed almost the whole day of work yesterday chaperoning the fourth grade field trip so I really didn't need to miss today too. Anyway, dh says the assistant principal had a lot of good suggestions to help the teacher communicate better with Draco. As there are only 13 days left of school I hope she and he can at least come to a truce and not end up with any more referral forms to the office.

Puck, how are your chairs holding up? Still damp?


journeymom - May 14, 2008 1:48 pm (#2007 of 2991)

Julie/Snuffles: check out any of Joost Elffers really well done food photographs. Very amusing and creative. He did "Play With Your Food". Similar to "How Are You Peeling"


Beautiful daughter, Sheila!


Puck - May 14, 2008 4:28 pm (#2008 of 2991)

LOL, Holly. I have old painting drop cloths and beach towels covering most of them. That's not to say she hasn't climbed up on one that isn't covered. Fortunately, both of today's "oops" moments were out in the backyard. She stayed dry in the car and at the piano teachers house, so that's good. We still haven't managed a single success, but I'm hopeful that once she does, that will be (near) the end of it. I look at some of that "in a day" stuff, and it says not to use it if the child has a stubborn personality. As far as I know, this leaves out all Toddlers everywhere. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059


Solitaire - May 14, 2008 6:34 pm (#2009 of 2991)

LOL Steve! Yes, I was there. **sigh** I was not one of Marietta's fans, was I?


Tazzygirl - May 14, 2008 7:13 pm (#2010 of 2991)

Hi Everyone! **waves frantically** I hit the magic button- there were a lot of posts!

I finally got the internet put in yesterday, but I still don't have a laptop charger- which means I may be MIA over the next couple of days. The new place is coming along nicely. I need to buy a desk, and then I am all set.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tori and Ginny!!

Happy birthdays to all those that I missed!

Healing charms to those that need them!

I just sent in my final paper for UH. I am officially done! Squeee! My parents fly in tomorrow night, and then graduation is Sunday. *dances* It flew by so fast!

I'll try to pop in here again really soon- if I get a charger today, then I'll be back tonight. LOL



Steve Newton - May 14, 2008 7:20 pm (#2011 of 2991)

Solitaire, neither was I. Ah, the good old days.


jose043 - May 14, 2008 7:30 pm (#2012 of 2991)

Hi All

Healing charms & welcome back to Choice hope everything is going well for you.

Welcome back to PestyPisky.

Healing charms to anyone else who needs them.

Tazziegirl glad you have your internet up & running.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 14, 2008 7:52 pm (#2013 of 2991)


Soli and Steve, I too remember well the war years. I have never written so many "tongue-in-cheek" posts in my life as I did on that thread for fear of being Kippendo'd. Ahh, yes, the good old days...

...toddles off fondly remembering the good old days...

See, just the memories have me toddling again.


Solitaire - May 14, 2008 8:14 pm (#2014 of 2991)

I miss the speculation about the books, don't you, Twinkles and Steve? Either Jo needs to relent and write another volume (REALLY LOUD HINT, JO!), or we need to find another series to dissect. Do you think World Crossing could handle another Forum? It would have to be here, so the same people can get to it! I love my Forum friends!



dizzy lizzy - May 14, 2008 9:27 pm (#2015 of 2991)


OK: calm down lizzy... Try again!

I got my swaps! Yay!!!!!!!

They're brilliant!



TwinklingBlueEyes - May 14, 2008 10:34 pm (#2016 of 2991)

I miss the speculation about the books, don't you, Twinkles and Steve? Either Jo needs to relent and write another volume (REALLY LOUD HINT, JO!), or we need to find another series to dissect.

“Get out of my mind".

Eragon is looking good, among others.


Denise P. - May 15, 2008 2:53 am (#2017 of 2991)

Edited May 15, 2008 6:54 am
Yay! If Lizzy got her swaps, that means everyone has them now and I can share the URL so others can see them. members.aol.com/HPLFSwaps/swaps2.html

The third book in the Eragon series is due to come out soon. The author released a spoiler the other day although it was so vague, I am not sure why it was considered a spoiler.

I created a deviantart account to put all my custom My Little Ponies up on. Right now, most of the ones I have done are up, a few still need to have their photoshoot. If you would like to take a look, ravenclawprefect.deviantart.com I really like the Neptune pony I just completed for a mythology swap. He now lives in County Cork, Ireland.


Accio Sirius - May 15, 2008 4:27 am (#2018 of 2991)

Yay! We can talk about the swaps! They were all so fabulous. I think I'm going to make a house banner to pin them all to (and then take them to our Hogwarts Camp this summer for all to see!)

Holly, we liked your wand better than ours. How did you do make it?

((Choices)) glad to see you on the forum again.

Thanks everyone for the healing charms for kitty. He's limping around now after several days of hiding and constantly hissing at his own leg! We're giving him lots of extra treats and love.

We're off to our end of year Girl Scout trip this weekend for a Beach Jam in Wildwood NJ! I've got my fingers crossed for good weather!We're camping on the beach!


Puck - May 15, 2008 5:08 am (#2019 of 2991)

TBE, I'm about ready for an Eragon re-read.

The new book is due out in September.

I had comments about the SWAPS, but mention them later. Need to get ready for Toddlers dance class.


Solitaire - May 15, 2008 7:00 am (#2020 of 2991)

Um, I haven't read the Eragon books.


Steve Newton - May 15, 2008 7:15 am (#2021 of 2991)

You know, I find the Eragon books to be a tad ponderous. Maybe I'm getting too old.

I think that JKR said a while ago that she wouldn't do a sequel because she would have to create another major bad guy. I don't think that I follow. I would just like to revisit the world and the problems don't have to be earth shattering. I still fondly recall Dudley's "See you, Harry." A great lead to a sequel.


journeymom - May 15, 2008 9:25 am (#2022 of 2991)

The SWAPS are brilliant. Y'all are very clever. Sheila, yours made me laugh out loud.

I'll say it again, I think a book of short stories would be a great addition to the HP world. JKR could write about a nice day Luna had with her mom. She'd already developed Dean Thomas's character quite a bit but cut him to develop Neville. She could write about how Peter Pettigrew got involved with the Death Eaters. She could write about Hermione as a little girl, doing some accidental magic.

Edited to add, it would be wonderfully satisfying if she'd give us a glimpse of the days after the Final Battle, where Harry contemplates what he learned about Snape, and explains to Ron and Hermione his change of heart.

Informal poll: What do you think was Hermione's first act of accidental magic? How old was she? Were her parents present or was she alone? How did she respond?


Puck - May 15, 2008 10:01 am (#2023 of 2991)

I'd like to read about the adventures of Fred and George. Imagine their first few years at Hogwarts!

I think Hermione's first bit of magic would have been as a tot. She would have used it to get one of her board books that was out of reach.

Journeymom, if you go here http://wc1.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@@.1de7d326/305 you can read the 5 words version of when Hermione first discovered she was a witch.


painting sheila - May 15, 2008 11:17 am (#2024 of 2991)

Thanks for the kind words about Lovely Daughter. She does look grown up in that picture. On a daily basis she looks about 16! Love it.

Sorry you couldn't see it Soli. I was doing good to get that picture in. I am not sure I know how to do it any other way.

I LOVED the SWAPS this time around!!! YOu all are so stinkin' clever. I am planning on painting my next one. I may need to start working on it now so it will be ready in August. I may paint what I want and then color copy the painting to put on the SWAPS. Would that be okay?

I am working on a display board for the Capital Awards (like the Tony's but for our county schools) We did not get nominated for costumes (sigh) but a school that rented the Disney Beauty and the Beast costumes and set did. How is that fair? I guess we need to spend $28,000.00 on our set and costumes next year in order to be able to compete - not!!

Off to crop pictures. I am horrible at trying to get my little cutter thingey to cut. Anyone have any good ideas?


journeymom - May 15, 2008 12:15 pm (#2025 of 2991)

Puck, I forgot all about the 5 words game. I actually made 9 additions to that particular story!

Sorry, Sheila, I'm scrapper impaired.


Puck - May 15, 2008 7:02 pm (#2026 of 2991)

There's a school that can afford that kind of money for costumes? That kind of money could pay for a part-time music teacher, books, computers, etc....


Solitaire - May 15, 2008 7:13 pm (#2027 of 2
I would just like to revisit the world and the problems don't have to be earth shattering.

I agree. I'd like to know more of the ups and downs of the Hermione-Ron and Ginny-Harry relationships, how the Weasleys (George, in particular) coped with Fred's death, etc. I'm interested in knowing how Neville fits into the Hogwarts faculty and what happened within the Malfoy clan to at least lead Draco to a semblance of civility. I do not think there has to be a super bad guy, either. It would be interesting to see how the three schools work together now. Has Durmstrang changed at all because of what happened? And isn't there still a lot we do not know about the founders? I wouldn't mind knowing a lot more details about their relationships before Hogwarts, during the good times, and after the split. And I still bet there are things we do not know about the Chamber of Secrets and what its original purpose was.

Steve, I would like to know more of what happened to the Dursleys during their time in hiding, as well. I'd also like to see whether and how the relationship between Dudley and Harry develops. Enquiring minds want to know!

I agree that a book of short stories would be great. The nice thing is that she probably has enough unused backstory on many of the characters to have the bones of such a book already.

Sheila, don't feel too bad. I can't see anything but grey squares when anyone adds pics other than their avatars.



Lilly P - May 15, 2008 8:01 pm (#2028 of 2991)
Edited by Denise P. May 16, 2008 6:17 am

Hello and welcome back to Jamie! (Seriously hoping I have correctly remembered Lilly P's name.)

Yes you did! Thank you!

Things are good here, just hectic, the in laws are visiting from Connecticutt in 3 days! The new bed for the guest bedroom is set to be delivered the day before they get here, good luck charms will be appriciated that there will no mix ups at the factory!!! I will catch up to you all later, after they leave! Love, Jamie!

I just fixed the code so the entire post was not in italics Denise P.


Solitaire - May 16, 2008 7:13 am (#2029 of 2991)

Just 8 more days after today! TGIF!!!


Madam Pince - May 16, 2008 7:15 am (#2030 of 2991)

Sheila, what a great prom picture! Your daughter looks lovely.

Sorry about the stress and the asthma, Azi. Hope you feel better soon! There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Holly, good for DH's performance at the conference -- let's hope it will help the school year to end on a nice note. (((hugs))) to Draco...

And while I'm at it, (((hugs))) to Choices, too -- hope you're continuing to feel better!

Glad to hear you're settling in, Tazzy. Congratulations on finishing out the year, and I hope you have a wonderful graduation weekend!

Either Jo needs to relent and write another volume... – Soli[

You mean like, ummm... oh... say... "Tales of Beedle the Bard"??? (Sorry. Couldn't resist. Still ticked... )

Accio Sirius, your kitty is hissing at his injured leg?!! How neat is that! I mean... you know what I mean... Poor little fella, he knows something there is not quite right but his little kitty brain can't get all the way around it... awwwwww...

That kind of money could pay for a part-time music teacher... –Puck

Where I'm from, that kind of money could pay for a full-time teacher! Wow. I can't imagine spending that to rent costumes. Isn't part of the point to be creative and do things on your own?

Gray gloomy drizzly day outside again, after two nice sunny days. I got a good bit of yard work done yesterday and all the planters out front are full and looking nice. (Except the one daffodil bed that still has the straggly greens... maybe I'll get to it Sunday.) I have a bird feeder on the deck that's filled with nyjer seed, though, and it is absolutely covered in bright yellow goldfinches this morning, so that definitely brightens a rainy day!

Off to check out the swaps... (Edit: Ooooo! They're so clever! Good job everyone!)


Denise P. - May 16, 2008 7:47 am (#2031 of 2991)

Our family is expanding once more! For Mother's Day, Nicholas informed his dad that I wanted a kitten while Millicent informed him I wanted a blue quaker parrot that is incredibly overpriced that I visit in a petstore each time I am there. Mr. Denise actually asked me if I wanted the bird. @@ I said that I thought HE didn't want any more pets. He told me he would rather I get another bird than a kitten. I think he is feeling a bit guilty that he recently bought a new bike (bicycle) even though his current bike is less than 2 years old (but hey, he gets home a whole 4 minutes faster on the new bike!) and a new GPS system for his truck.

Naturally, this means I am going to run with this and am planning to add a quaker parrot to our existing flock of 3 birds. NOT the $600 one, that is insane and I won't buy from a petstore. You can get a nice hand reared quaker for less than 1/4 of that, with health guarantees and extras. I found an aviary near me and am on the waiting list for a baby quaker once he is weaned. Mine will be green though, not blue. They are sweet birds. I have located a cage and may drive out to see it this weekend. I am debating on getting a DNA test on the quaker to get gender but I think I will just decide the bird is a he and name him Zazu. Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie and Zazu is much easier to say for the kids than Sirabe (Simba's mom)

How about Lost last night??? Wow!


Puck - May 16, 2008 8:21 am (#2032 of 2991)

Of course, you know what my first thought was on reading that Denise's family was to expand once more. Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042

Congrats on the bird! Still hoping that come fall hubby will allow for a pup and a kitten. She much better to let them grow up together, right?

Will watch Lost tonight.

One of my parents blabbed. We are having a surprise ice cream party for my Daisies today, as it's our last meeting. I sent out notes asking each parent to bring a topping and come to the party. It was labeled "Shhh, it's a secret." Son's friend came over to wait for the bus, asking if my Son would be there. Mom had told him and sister. I had carefully planned a scavenger hunt, making out "Daisyclues", so I can send them around the school, picking up bowls, spoons, napkins and finally ice cream. Hopefully this child doesn't tell all the others.


geauxtigers - May 16, 2008 11:40 am (#2033 of 2991)

I love the swaps! They were so cute!

I'm currently on my new Macbook! I love it! My parents gave it me for graduation and I'm 100% in love and I don't think I'll ever go back to a windows! LOL It's great!

I graduate tomorrow! It's a bit scary, but I'm excited! We currently have 11 houseguests and I'm about go crazy!!!!! The kids are driving me up a wall! One of them never stops talking and goes from happy to mad on the drop of a dime. And the first morning they were here, the opened my door and sang two obnoxious songs and woke me up. The next morning it was an air horn. And I was sharing my double bed with Ginny and we were hot all night and basically didn't sleep. Not fun. So we moved into the guest room last night with 2 twin beds and locked the door. My mom actually stopped them this morning and told them not to barge in and sing. Thanks mom! LOL We've been going and going and going all week and had dance everyday. So I got to sleep in today. They went down to New Orleans today and luckily we have somewhere to go, so we couldn't join in. LOL I really do love them, but its hard having so many obnoxious family members living with you when you're stressed out.

So thats the only reason I was able to get on the computer; they are all gone! LOL we don't have wireless internet, so I have to be in my room to get online.

I remember I used to tie up with Weeny Owl a lot on several threads, and I can't remember which ones! LOL I really do miss all the discussing and theorizing! I was reading over my predictions the other day and it was so funny the stuff I was so sure about!

Oh and in case y'all were wondering, my cousins are all obsessive Harry Potter fans as well. LOL We've had a few discussions including how 13 of us will be going to dinner one night. The first thing I said was "when 13 dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die" LOL and my I asked my cousin if he knew where that was from and he couldn't remember and got all upset and walked into the bathroom and slammed the door... I didn't bring it up again. He doesn't like to loose.

Well, I was just checking in with yall! Sorry for the essay! Next time I'm here, I'll be a high school alum! Weird! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Glad to see Choices back! Sorry for anything I missed! I had to skim, there were a lot of posts!


Potteraholic - May 16, 2008 2:04 pm (#2034 of 2991)

Edited May 16, 2008 2:41 pm

All the SWAPS were amazing! Well done to all those who made them! You all deserve an O.


Vox Gerbilis - May 16, 2008 2:53 pm (#2035 of 2991)

Denise, congratulations on the bird. Sheila, that's a great photo of your daughter and her date.

I would love for JKR to write something on how the Muggle and Wizard worlds are reconciled when a Muggleborn enters Hogwarts or a Wizard weds a Muggle. If I had a hand for fanfiction, I'd write about the Hogwarts Extension Center, where Muggles coming in contact with the WW get an orientation (following administration of a Credulity Charm).


Puck - May 16, 2008 4:28 pm (#2036 of 2991)

One of them never stops talking and goes from happy to mad on the drop of a dime.

Looking around to be sure all my children are here, and haven't gone off to Tori's house.

So, two Moms didn't feel the need for the party to be a surprise and told their children. Then, one showed up at 2:45, instead of at 3:10. She was upset when I said that she and her Son couldn't come to the first part of the meeting, that we would meet them at the appointed time. She stormed off, skipped the ice cream party, and was short tempered when she rushed in and out to picked up her daughter. She "Saw no need for it to be a surprise." That's fine, but since I'm the one who did all the work of planning the event, plus sat up last night thinking up little poems to put on paper Daisies which I made for the scavenger hunt, then I think it should be done my way. On the way to find clue #4, I saw a bunch of Moms waiting for us in the hall, when instructions were clear we were to meet in the auditorium if it was raining. (The girls weren't supposed to know parents were coming. Finding them was the last stop on the hunt.) I made the Moms go to the appointed spot. It may have seemed pointless, but I didn't want to get to the end of the hunt and have nothing there. Plus, I want the parents to understnad that "3:10 in the auditorium" means just that. /rant. Sorry, they just drove me crazy today. I had planned it all out so carefully.


Denise P. - May 16, 2008 6:06 pm (#2037 of 2991)
Puck, that would have made me mad as well. Apparently they don't realize "surprise" means don't tell.

We had Pack Bowling tonight. As Tigers, all of my boys are never supposed to be without a parent there yet 3 of my boys, who has a parent who is a leader, were solo on the lane and running wild. The moms were sitting and chatting, totally ignoring the kids. Since these boys belong to the Cubmaster, Asst Cubmaster and Webelos leader, I really can't say anything but I would really like to point out the hideous example they are giving the parents who DID stay and participate with their boys.


Puck - May 16, 2008 6:56 pm (#2038 of 2991)

Not a great day for Scouting leaders all around, then. I think you win, though, since my kids were well behaved. (The one who I said couldn't come until 3:10 was a hyper-active older brother. We had a Brownie speaking to the girls about bridging before the party, and he would not have sat well. I did feel bad his mother's snit caused him to miss the party, as I know he was looking forward to it. Then again, giving him sugar in close quarters might not have been all that great of an idea.)

The Cubmobile looks likely to be cancelled. (basically a go-cart race) It's been raining. Not sure if Son would have made it anyway. Hubby has a a problem with his foot, I'm working, and the friend I would normally ask to take him is the same Mom who stormed out of my Daisy meeting. Add to that that Hubby would have to deal with the potty thing while out in public for the morning, and I'm kind of glad about the rain.


haymoni - May 16, 2008 7:11 pm (#2039 of 2991)

Puck - I thought the same thing as you about Denise!

Lots of running around tomorrow - shopping, sports physicals, etc.

Anyone else trying to figure out how to make the most of their trips without burning through the gas???

Why are the car manufacturers even bothering to make cars that aren't hybrids? What a mess we've gotten ourselves into.

I think I might try to convert my car to one of those that runs on used oil from fast food restaurants. I'm getting desperate!


Holly T. - May 16, 2008 7:21 pm (#2040 of 2991)
Edited by Denise P. May 16, 2008 8:16 pm

Goodness, something must be in the air. We have a troop that is splitting and they cannot bring themselves to do it amicably and the two leaders are now trading snarky comments about each other and one of them is trying to get me on her side and the other is trying to get our SUD on her side. SUD was trying to get me to go to the troop meeting tomorrow morning to try and get them to talk to each other and to find out what the parents want to do (whose troop they want their daughters to be in). I said no, as I will be at the baseball field. SUD isn't going either and we are letting our MDE from council go and report back. Then we have another leader who thinks council overcharges for stuff and this offends her so much that she considered quitting as a leader. The other assistant SUD talked her into staying.

Congrats to Ginny and Tori for your graduation! Congrats to Tazzy for your graduation!

Congrats to Denise for getting a parrot! That will come in handy on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Dh had a conference with Draco's teacher, the counselor, and the assistant principal the other day and it went pretty well. After the conference the teacher took Draco outside at lunch and they ate together and talked out at the picnic tables. It's only been two days since then, but she has been doing better. Now, where was this attitude say in October? The good news is Draco got an A in conduct this week.

Accio Sirius, to make the wands we used "elegant" toothpicks (LOL) that we found at Target. Daughter was all excited because they kind of looked like wands. To stain them we soaked them in coffee but it didn't make them dark enough (they still looked like toothpicks) so we soaked them in diluted brown tempera paint. I didn't want them to look like they'd just been dipped in paint. Then to dry them out we put them in the toaster oven. (Those of you who don't make swaps are now thinking "this woman is crazy.")

And when we mailed them daughter's swaps looked like this:

I guess everything vanished in the mail!


Snuffles - May 17, 2008 1:07 am (#2041 of 2991)

Thanks for all your ideas on the fruit animals. We made a dog out of 2 bananas in the end. A whole one for the body and then a half for the head and brought the peeling down either side for ears. It did look cute when we had finished. When we are allowed to put a different avatar again, I will put it up.

Congrats Denise on the future new arrival. I thought the same as Kathy and Haymoni , sorry.

Holly, I'm glad Draco and this teacher seem to be getting on better. Like you say, pity it didn't start at the beginning of the year. Yay on his 'A'.

Can't wait to peek at the swops.

Soli, how is Stoney doing?

It has been glorious weather for about the last 10 days. Today is grey and cloudy and alot cooler . Glad I didn't put all the jumpers etc away.

oh well, better go and check on Olivia. I sent her to get dressed about 1/2 hour ago

Happy weekend all.



Solitaire - May 17, 2008 9:15 am (#2042 of 2991)

Snuffles, Stoney is sleeping, at the moment, on the cold ceramic entry tile, where it is cool and dark (his favorite spot is against the front door). It is very hot outside--our weather jumped from temps in the breezy 70s on Monday through Wednesday to 100+ on Thursday and Friday--and we are expecting 104 today and 103 tomorrow. Stoney has never liked hot weather, and I do not blame him. I don't like it, either. It's especially hard on older animals when temp changes so drastic. Given his somewhat fragile state right now, I'll probably have to rely on Mom so that I can keep him indoors next week.

Right now, I am waiting to hear from the doc about having an ultrasound done. I think that's probably best. If it turns out that things have gone too far for surgery, I've decided to just watch him day-to-day and see how he get along. If he stops eating, has more "mouth problems," or seems to be in pain, I will probably have to put him down. Heartbreaking as it is, I refuse to let him suffer. That's not fair. So ... **sigh** It's sort of "wait and see" for the moment.



Good Evans - May 17, 2008 2:18 pm (#2043 of 2991)

for ladies and gents of a certain age.... I am revelling a in Neil Diamond concert that was broadcast earlier tonight on BBC Radio 2 - it is fab. would someone tell me where the last 30 years have gone please? although they do show on Neils face! Earlier today I watched the Jazz singer, so I am well in the groove. for all the Neil diamond fans - "Money talks, but it dontn sing and dance and it dont walk!" for all those who haven't a clue who he is, Shrek used "I'm a believer" in the animated cartoon and he wrote that!

my personal favourite - I am I said, (oh and Brooke white sang that on American Idol this season).

have a great night all, I am off to bed!

julie x

edit: charms love and hugs to Stoney and Soli. It was two years last week that we lost Nova, still hurts! Luna though turned 2 this week and the love she brings is fantastic. Our four legged friends, where would we be without them?


Solitaire - May 17, 2008 2:32 pm (#2044 of 2991)

Julie, I just lost my other Sheltie, Quinn, around Easter last year. Having Stoney eased the sadness a little. This time will be harder.



Puck - May 17, 2008 2:55 pm (#2045 of 2991)

Luna is two already? Wow! I remember us all trying to guess her name.



Vox Gerbilis - May 17, 2008 5:11 pm (#2046 of 2991)

Good Evans, I know Neil Diamond's music very well, as my mother is a great fan. I'm glad that he's finally starting to get the respect he deserves.

Soli, I'm sorry to hear about the hot weather and its bad effect on Stoney.

I'm declaring tomorrow a gasoline-free day. My daughter and I will walk or bicycle to church, the supermarket, the ice cream shop, and anywhere else we might go. However, my husband drove to Pennsylvania for the weekend for a reenacting event, so I can't be too smug about this. I'm alarmed at how gasoline costs are cutting into our cushion for "extras."


Potteraholic - May 17, 2008 5:53 pm (#2047 of 2991)

Attention Five Worders! The story about James, Lily, and Sirius vs. Voldemort is finished and will be posted in a few hours. A new story will soon be starting and an impromptu posting party is scheduled for Sunday. Here's a chart to help with the various timezones:

(from left to right - NYC, London, Jerusalem, Brisbane)


journeymom - May 17, 2008 10:18 pm (#2048 of 2991)

106 F degrees today. Whew!


dizzy lizzy - May 17, 2008 10:54 pm (#2049 of 2991)

106° F = 41° Cel. That's hot!

Current temp here: 11° C = 51° F

Been a nice day though, the sun came out of hiding today, the house got cleaned and the non-existent wind started picking up in the morning making it a breeze to hang clothes out to dry .

It took me 4 goes to get the degrees sign to work. I kept forgetting the semi-colon after the "°" like so "°"



Potteraholic - May 18, 2008 12:44 am (#2050 of 2991)
Edited May 18, 2008 1:28 am

Attention Five Worders! The latest story is finished! The new story will start soon. Why don’t you take a look?

Verity Weasley, I'd like to pass story-starting privileges on to you. Hopefully, you'll see this message before the posting party scheduled for Sunday. I'll start if you can't make it in time, but I do hope you can make it!

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Puck - May 18, 2008 6:32 am (#2051 of 2991)  
106? that just sounds dangerous! I'm hoping for temps in the 70's on a regular basis soon. We seem to skip spring lately. We've gone from cool and rainy to hot and humid, missing those pleasant in between temperatures the past few years.


Solitaire - May 18, 2008 10:15 am (#2052 of 2991)    

Journeymom, it sounds even worse up there than here in "baking" field. Have you had much of a spring up north? We haven't. It's been cool ... and then this! I've been in Sac when it was that hot, and it was terrible. In 2003, starting on my birthday (June 30), a bunch of Tnet chatters met in Disneyland. One chatter from Australia and another from FL were staying with me, and we arranged meetings up and down CA over a period of two weeks ... during a big heat wave. I'll never forget driving north, from San Diego to Bakersfield, in the frying heat. It was July 3rd, and it only took us EIGHT HOURS!!! (What is that usually, a 3-4 hour drive?) Anyway, on the 5th, we headed to Sac, where it was even hotter, if that is possible. Fortunately, we spent several days in San Francisco, where we actually had to wear jackets! It was lovely.

I'm wondering if this current heat wave is simply "regular summer weather" arriving several weeks early ... or just a heat wave that will be over in a week. I hope the latter. Usually May and even June still stay in the 90s most days, with a few 100+ exceptions, and that's hot enough. It was already over 90 at 9:30. I think it will be indoors all day for Stoney.



journeymom - May 18, 2008 7:47 pm (#2053 of 2991)    

I'm wondering if this current heat wave is simply "regular summer weather" arriving several weeks early ... or just a heat wave that will be over in a week. I hope the latter. -Soli

No kidding! I hope so, too. Weather was beautiful until a week ago. It's supposed to be in the 80s right now.

I made ratatouille tonight and the kids liked it! Actually, I made this: smittenkitchen.com/2007/07/rat-a-too-ee-for-you-ee/

minus the goat cheese. It's a little prettier than traditional ratatouille, and simpler to make. We had it with couscous, I had grilled salmon and the kids and Mr. Journeymom had grilled chicken. It was quite tasty.

And now I'm going to look for the [user agreement violation] episodes of Avatar that have already aired everywhere else except in the US, and we're going to gather round the Mac and watch them. And have root beer floats.

Yes, I know, you folk on the other side of the pond think root beer tastes like cough syrup.


Solitaire - May 18, 2008 8:09 pm (#2054 of 2991)    

Oh, I used to LOVE A&W Root Beer floats in those big, frosty glass mugs. Mmmmmm! It was a favorite treat when we were kids. There is a combination Long John Silver's/A&W drive-in located down on the highway, about a half mile away. Unfortunately, I have not yet indulged in a float. I'll have to try a sugar-free one someday, I guess. It probably won't be the same.

Journeymom, it is 97 degrees right now, according to my Mac weather widget, which links to accuweather.com. Weather.com has severe weather alerts for the area, as well. Oddly, they claim a drop to 77 degrees on Wednesday. Hmmmm ... I hope they are right.

I was in and out all afternoon, as I decided to flood the row of trees on the west side of the house. I put two hoses into that bed area and just let things fill up. Since the entire corridor is shaded by very tall trees, I'm hoping there was minimal evaporation and some nice, deep watering. My fig tree has only begun to show fruit, which is a lot later than last year. I want to make the most of what there is. I love fresh figs!

Well, time to get up and change the channel. Those Bridezillas are driving me nuts! It's a good thing the weddings have already happened. If the future bridegrooms saw some of this stuff before the weddings, I bet more weddings would be called off! **shaking head**



Tazzygirl - May 18, 2008 10:21 pm (#2055 of 2991)    

Hey Everyone!

Ginny and Tori- for some reason I thought you guys were graduating last weekend. LOL, in any case, CONGRATS again!!  (I don't have that many people here for my graduation, but my aunt is more than enough...)

Soli- sending a pat to Stoney!

Denise- congrats on the new furry member of your family!  

Graduation ceremony today was pretty awesome. I was in the very front row, and my parents were sitting in the audience directly up from me. We were sitting there and doing sign language back and forth. LOL I was the second out of the College of Education to graduate. What was really cool was they broadcasted the ceremony on the internet, and so my brother and sister were able to watch in California.  After the ceremony we all went out to Cheesecake Factory for lunch/dinner. YUM!

I'm officially done with school! w00t!!!

I still have no computer charge cord. Laptop has no battery left, and I'm still searching for a replacement cord.  I'm currently looking on Ebay. (I'm using my dad's laptop right now.)

Off I go! Talk to you later...



Puck - May 19, 2008 5:35 am (#2056 of 2991)    

Congrats to Kristina! I'm so glad about your brother and sister getting to see the ceremony.  


The giant squid - May 19, 2008 5:46 am (#2057 of 2991)  
Tazzy, at this point it might be less stressful to just replace the laptop... Congrats on graduation, though. That's cool about your sibs getting to see the ceremony!  



Solitaire - May 19, 2008 6:48 am (#2058 of 2991)    

Congratulations, Tazzy!  

Mike, if it is 104-106 over here, what kind of weather are you having? Just curious ...



Puck - May 19, 2008 9:00 am (#2059 of 2991)    

Gee, I wish you could send us 15 degrees or so, Soli, that way we'd both be more comfy. It's currently 57 with a strong wind. I'd be thrilled with that in March, but by this point in the season I look so temps in the 70's.


geauxtigers - May 19, 2008 11:37 am (#2060 of 2991)    

Congrats Kristina! I'm done with high school as well! It still hasn't really hit me yet, because I'm still so excited! The night was great, we had a class dinner and casino night after. I won an iTrip for the car and Ginny got a George Foreman and Blender combo. It was tons of fun and we got home about 4:30 am. Then we had a crawfish boil yesterday and that was good too. All in all, the family was nice to have around, it just would have been more fun to have them here at a less stressful time. They all left today and the youngest one wanted to see the dog so I brought her out there. She started bawling about missing Pepper. It was really cute, but kinda sad  Anyways, I'm back in my room, so I'm happy about that! LOL

It is currently 92F/33C here today. Hot, muggy, still day. I guess that means summer has offically arrived. We were lucky that Graduation day and night was perfect weather. I was a little hot in my dress, but otherwise we couldn't have had better weather.

I just realized that it is Victoria Day in Canada! A whole day about me!  LOL Bit of a joke in our family for a long time now!

I'm off to clean and do the huge pile of laundry from the past week! Hope everyone is doing well!


Puck - May 19, 2008 12:58 pm (#2061 of 2991)    

Okay, so at 2:30 the school nurse calls to say Diva wasn't feeling well. School ends at 2:45. They thought she may be sick if put on the bus, so I had to awaken a sleeping Toddler, and drive out to the school to pick up a child who -when I arrived- was absolutely fine.  On the upside, the bookfair started today, and being there the first day we had lots of choices.


The giant squid - May 19, 2008 1:37 pm (#2062 of 2991)
Mike, if it is 104-106 over here, what kind of weather are you having? Just curious ... --Solitaire

It hit 105 yesterday, and they're predicting 107 today & 105 tomorrow. (In Celcius that's 41/42). Naturally, this is the weekend our A/C system decides to crap out on us again. The Missus & I finally said "to hell with it" and are replacing the whole system. It's pricey, but after 3 years of dealing with a questionable system and an even more questionable service company, we're going with something more reliable in both areas.

Of course after tomorrow (when the new system will be in place) the temps will drop to the upper 70s/low 80s as a rain system moves in...  

Happy Victoria Day, Tori!  



Anna L. Black - May 19, 2008 2:49 pm (#2063 of 2991)    

While a lot of you are graduating (Congratulations to Tazzy, Tori and Ginny!), I'm starting to study in a new university  Until now, I was a student in the local Open University (for those of you who don't know what that is - it's a university that allows you to study from home, basically, as most of the learning is done individually, out of books that contain all the needed material. It's especially convenient for high school students, soldiers, people who work a full-time job, etc...). Now, I transferred to a "normal" university (and one with a better reputation, I might add ), and the second semester of the year started yesterday (you could join at any point, so it doesn't matter that it's the second). You might be wondering how can a semester start in May, when summer should be a vacation - most unfortunately, there was a teachers' strike during the best part of the first semester, so everything moved, and we don't really have a summer vacation (it's in September-October instead, and the semester itself is also shorter than it should be). So I started yesterday  I also started working while waiting for this happy moment, so now I have to combine study with work (but it's a part-time job anyway). I really hope it won't cut too much of my Forum time!

Weather charms all around, seems like a lot of people need them!  

PeskyPixie - May 19, 2008 3:09 pm (#2064 of 2991)
Just dropped in to wish a HAPPY VICTORIA DAY to any other forumers or lurkers who may be Canadian (I think I may be the only one) ... and to Tori! It's been drizzly out there all weekend, so I have no idea what's happening with fireworks tonight.

(((Soli and Stoney)))

Great prom photo, Sheila.

Thanks for the 'welcome backs' about a week or so ago ... I'll be back later on this week and fill you all in on what's been going at the Pixies'.


Madam Pince - May 19, 2008 4:06 pm (#2065 of 2991)
Cooling Charms to Soli and the Giant Squids.

(Hey, that sounds like a good name for a band...)

I spent the day getting caught up on laundry since the repair guy fixed it. (It took him a grand total of about 10 minutes to replace this little plastic doohickey, and the cost was about $150.  I suppose that's better than a new washer.) So far our "economic stimulus check" has been doing what it's supposed to do, I guess... within days of getting it 1)the washer broke, 2)the lawn mower broke, and 3)the roof started leaking again. Here I was thinking we were going to get to do something fun and stimulating with it... LOL! Silly me!

We went to see Speed Racer yesterday -- that's $22 we'd like to have back. (Well, I guess Little P liked it OK, but even he wasn't thrilled.) I did not research it as well as I should've -- I was being lazy because I thought I read on here that somebody liked it. We thought it was definitely NOT for little kids. The whole theme of corporate treachery was way over their heads, and although the rating said "mild language," we thought some of it was pretty harsh, plus there was one shot of what JKR refers to as a "rude hand gesture" (and this from the littlest kid in the movie!) I will say this -- it was very colorful!  It was neat to see an actor from "Friday Night Lights" in the role of young Rex Racer.

Hope everyone's doing well -- congratulations on all the successful graduation celebrations! Healing Charms to Choices!


journeymom - May 19, 2008 4:12 pm (#2066 of 2991)  
Congratulations to various and sundry graduates!

Yes, it was much nicer today, 100F instead of 106F.

Sadly Jimmy the goldfish, who developed pop-eye a while ago and seemed to be poking along just fine anyway, has a red patch next to one gill. He may have simply scratched himself, but there's nothing sharp enough in the aquarium, really. More likely it's septicemia.  I'm going to have to have a sad conversation with dear son.

Off to prod the kids to practice piano.


shepherdess - May 19, 2008 9:30 pm (#2067 of 2991)  
I have strep. I can't remember the last time I felt so horrible. Went to the ER and got a penicillin shot about 22 hours ago. So far I can hardly tell any difference.  I won't be going to work tomorrow. Maybe I can talk my manager into letting me work a day later in the week when I was originally scheduled off.


dizzy lizzy - May 19, 2008 11:57 pm (#2068 of 2991)    

Healing charms to shepherdess!

Congrats to our recent graduates, Tazzy, Ginny and Tori.

Tazzy: I was thinking the same as squid mike....replace the laptop!

A scratch and a hug for Stoney from Lucy!

Nice day today, windy as anything, so the dog towels/bedding got dry. Besides a windy day means the dog hair still on the towels and bedding after the wash get blown away  .

I started a work experience program yesterday at the local Tech College Library. It is for 13 hours a week and I modified the hours to fit in the Hydrotherapy.

The local Adult Education College put out its quarterly supplement today.... I'm seriously considering doing the Tai Chi and "Lino printing without the press" courses.



Accio Sirius - May 20, 2008 4:34 am (#2069 of 2991)  
Congrats to our grads and healing charms to all those who need it.

Madame Pince, I feel your pain. A large chunk of our stimulus check is on our cat! He's fine now, back to his old tricks. The only problem is he still wants to climb everywhere he used to except now he knocks over water glasses, and everything else! Thanks for the info about Speed Racer. I really didn't have much interest, but now I feel like I can give my daughter several good reasons not to see it if she's so inclined.

Holly, thanks for the info on the wands!

We are still recovering from our Scout Beach Jam weekend. We were on the beach in Wildwood NJ in the cold rain and gale-force winds. If anybody got more than a total of five hours of sleep all weekend, it would be a miracle. Yet, despite that, the girls had fun, earning an Oceanography badge, riding the rides on the boardwalk (Saturday was cool but pretty) and meeting many other scouts. Once again, the only problem was a parent, who was supposed to help chaperone but instead of ever helping, took off to find a motel while we put up the tents in the rain, disappeared for hours, showed up in the mornings with full make up and hair and STILL complained about everything not the least of which was not sleeping well in the motel. Of course, her daughter is the biggest behavior problem. Suffice to say, she will not be invited to "help" again!


Puck - May 20, 2008 5:47 am (#2070 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Shepherdess! Strep can feel mild or just horrible. Hope the medicine kicks in soon.

Lizzy, sounds like you are all settled into your new environment and having fun.  

Sorry, Madame Pince. We were the ones who enjoyed Speed Racer. We went for Son's birthday. Of course, these kids were all 8 or older, and having fun sitting together with friends. I was just enjoying not having to clean up after the party. I was glad that Diva went to a friend's party instead, as it would not have been appropriate for her.

Accio Sirius, those parents can be the worst part of the Scout thing. Funny, at last night's leader's meeting another leader was saying that the showers are always cold at one particular camp sight. My response was "You shower when you go camping?" (Of course, I already told my girls we can never go camping. It rains everytime we have a meeting. I can't imagine what would happen if we tried to sleep outdoors. )


Madam Pince - May 20, 2008 6:02 am (#2071 of 2991)  
Oh, no problem, Puck! It was my own fault for not reading reviews and such. I got sucked into the "they're-putting-the-toys-in-kid-cereals-so-it-must-be-a-kid-movie" marketing ploy.

Sorry you're feeling poorly, shepherdess! Healing charms to you! (and also to Jimmy the pop-eyed goldfish and Stoney the sheltie...)

Congrats on starting the new work program, Lizzy! And LOL on the dog hair -- isn't it so frustrating that you wash everything and when you're done it's still covered with hair? We just got our dog a new bed because the old one was beyond the point of removing the smells anymore, and plus it had gotten pretty flattened and she has really needed a new one for awhile now. We splurged (another "economic stimulus" ) and got her an orthopedic one for her old bones. Mr. Pince complains that she now has a better bed than we do.  I gave her a bath yesterday so she'd be all clean for her new bed, and so naturally today it's pouring rain and the yard is all muddy.  

Puck, I agree -- who showers when you go camping??? I thought it was against the rules...


Solitaire - May 20, 2008 7:30 am (#2072 of 2991)    

Poor Mike! I hope you get the new system installed with a minimum of headaches. I've noticed that some of my neighbors have been replacing their systems, so I suppose that is a joy I'll have in a few years (I hope it's longer than that). I just had my system serviced last weekend, and the tech said it looks good. I had to replace the coil several years ago, and that was expensive ... so perhaps it bought me a few extra years. Also, I have my system serviced each year, so maybe that will help lengthen its life. I hope so.

Puck, I'm glad Diva is okay. I wish we'd had a book fair. I don't think we had one this year ... although perhaps I am forgetting. Fall was a long time ago. We sure didn't have much of a teacher appreciation day. The "new guard" must not appreciate us as much as the "old guard" did. We used to get a nice lunch from the district (none this year) and a fancy coffee bar from the PTA one morning during Teacher Appreciation Week (none this year). We did fruit, bagels, and muffins in the lounge one day ... but I miss "the old days."

Oops! I interrupted my posting, and now I must run ... literally!



journeymom - May 20, 2008 7:42 am (#2073 of 2991)    

Speedy healing charms to Shepherdess!

I forgot (really!) to discuss Jimmy the goldfish's ailments with ds yesterday, so now it needs to wait till this evening. I won't eliminate the fish until I've discussed it with ds. Sigh.

Soli, are you still heading up the AVID English class? How's that been?


Puck - May 20, 2008 10:23 am (#2074 of 2991)
I can't believe what I just did. I was making soup for tonights dinner. My crockpot has this metal rack that you can put over the stove burner, then you put the stoneware pot insert on top of that. You use it to saute onion, etc... when you start something, then move it to the body of the crock to do the bulk of the cooking. This is supposed to be fine, as the pot is not sitting directly on the burner. I've done this plenty of times. So today I had it preheating when I chopped, and I heard a "POP!" The stoneware had gotten too hot and cracked. Luckily Toddler and I -who were both nearby- were not hit by and shards of glass. I removed the stoneware from the stove, placing it on a pot holder on the counter. I vaccumed the floor to pick up any bits of glass. When I looked again, the stoneware was sitting almost flat on the counter. It had burned through the holder and left a large mark on my counter. Now, I have no crockpot, a ruined countertop, and the house smells toxic.  At least it's warm enough for the windows to be open. I may want to check the smoke detectors, as they never went off.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2351571793


Holly T. - May 20, 2008 10:40 am (#2075 of 2991)    

Healing charms to Shepherdess!

Oh, Puck, what a day! My sympathies.

Congrats on the new AC Mike.

It's supposed to be 99 here today. It was 97 yesterday and is supposed to cool off (LOL) to 93 tomorrow. But that is pretty normal for this time of year.

I bought my daughter a new T-shirt the other day with a planet earth wearing sunglasses. It says "If only the planet was as cool as me."

Draco's teacher has finally shaped up and he hasn't been in any more trouble since the conference last week. There are only 10 days of school left.  

My in-laws are coming to visit since tonight is daughter's band concert and tomorrow Draco has a baseball game. Which meant we had to clean the house last night. Just how dh and I wanted to spend our anniversary, LOL.

I also had a bad mom moment. Draco and I were eating dinner and watching "Dancing with the Stars" (had to eat before we cleaned house) and he asked me "what time is my piano lesson?" Um, 7:30. It was 7:22. Luckily, piano lessons are 5 minutes away. I completely forgot it was Monday.


Puck - May 20, 2008 11:35 am (#2076 of 2991)    

Happy belated anniversary to Holly and Hubby!


Madam Pince - May 20, 2008 11:50 am (#2077 of 2991)  
Yes, indeed! Happy anniversary, Holly! (And yay for Draco -- and a teensy-tiny yay for Draco's teacher, I suppose. Glad they're getting along -- fingers crossed for the next ten days!)

Puck, sorry about the crock-pot and the counter-top.  That's a bummer. Well, on the bright side, at least nobody was hurt.


megfox* - May 20, 2008 12:15 pm (#2078 of 2991)    

Puck, I can commiserate. We had a new stove, and the knobs were opposite of our old stove. Andy turned a burner onto high to preheat a skillet. On the back burner was a glass bowl. After a few minutes, when he put the onions in the skillet and nothing happened, he realized that the back burner was red-hot. He went to pick up the glassbowl with a potholder. It was so hot, he got a second degree burn through the potholder. He put the bowl on the floor, and it burned a huge hole in the linoleum. And the glass bowl shattered. We still find pieces of glass in the bottom drawer under the stove.  Hopefully you can fix it inexpensively? Good luck!

Happy anniversary Holly!


Tazzygirl - May 20, 2008 12:26 pm (#2079 of 2991)    

Thanks for the congrats everyone!  

Ginny and Tori- glad your day went so well! My grad night was a Disneyland a long time ago. It wasn't that much fun, as they had a bunch of other schools go with us, so it was pretty much a typical Disney day of lots of people. We were at the park from 9 pm until 5 am.

**cooling charms** to those that need them. It's been a bit warmer here lately, only because the tradewinds were gone for a couple days. We also have Vog. Nasty- half smog, half volcanic fumes from the Big Island. It's almost cleared up after about a week.

Puck- sorry to hear about your countertop and crockpot.  Hope it's easily fixable!

My parents leave early tomorrow morning. I leave for California in a week.

Off to do touristy type things. LOL



Puck - May 20, 2008 12:27 pm (#2080 of 2991)  
Well, it's a cream colored counter, so I let bleach soak on it for awhile, and now it's just a yellow tinge. IT's a solid surface, so perhaps it can be sanded. That's the worst of the damage. Of course, now I look and wonder why I didn't think to put the stone insert into the crock-pot base. It was sitting right there on the counter.  The smell seems to be gone, which is good, because it's gotten colder and I needed to close the windows. I made soup in a regular pot on the stove. I'll have to look up the company later and see how much it would cost to replace the stoneware. If it costs too much, I just may get another crock-pot, though this one is only a year old.


Vox Gerbilis - May 20, 2008 2:18 pm (#2081 of 2991)    

Sorry to hear about the crock pot incident, Puck. As a person who's exploded three - count 'em, three! -  Pyrex baking dishes, I understand.

My daughter was fine when I dropped her off at school this morning, but two hours later I got the call to pick her up because she had thrown up. She threw up a few more times at home, but she's better now after a long nap.


geauxtigers - May 20, 2008 2:26 pm (#2082 of 2991)    

Kathy, that **hem hem** sucks. I can't think of a better word so... At first I thought you had something like formica countertops and that the countertop had melted, but it sounds like that's not the case. LOL That would be horrible because there wouldn't be anything you could do about it!

It's a beautiful summer day here. Cloudless and blue. 94F/34C with a light breeze. Ahh time for those easy still, summer days! Woopee!

Happy belated anniversary to Holly and Husband!

I'm off to fold laundry... fun fun fun.... **grumble**


I Am Used Vlad - May 20, 2008 2:34 pm (#2083 of 2991)
I thought that the new Narnia movie might bring Finn back to this thread. What's up with Edmund, anyway. That lady was nice enough to give him candy in the first one, now he's stabbing her in the back.

Belated happy birthday to Kip.

Congrats, Tazzy.


Solitaire - May 20, 2008 8:27 pm (#2084 of 2991)  
Journeymom, I have been teaching an AVID elective this year, and after a lot of thought, I was planning not to teach it next year. I don't think I've done a very good job, for a variety of reasons, and I thought maybe it would be better for someone else to take it over. Anyway, after a meeting with our regional coordinator this afternoon--during which I had an opportunity to talk about the problems and ways I might address them more successfully--I think I am going to take another crack at it. You know me ... I hate to just give up.

Yikes, Puck!!! I'd check those directions closely, and if you followed them, I think I'd report this incident to Rival. It sounds like your Crock might be defective. Oddly, the whole thing sounds like something that I might do. (Perhaps you might get a new quartz or granite countertop out of it ... or maybe a new Crockpot.)

Holly, hurray for Draco!! Has she also made an effort to actually be pleasant to him and seem interested in what he has to say? Or is that asking too much, given the situation? BTW, Happy Anniversary!

Ginny and Tori, I am glad you are having fun!



Elanor - May 20, 2008 10:25 pm (#2085 of 2991)    

Congratulations to Kristina, Tori and Ginny! I'm glad you've had some fun!  

Strengthening Charms to Soli!

Happy anniversary Holly and anti-melting charms sent your countertop's way. You should ask the crockpot maker if he is related to the guy who thought time was ripe for cheese cauldrons...   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042

It's been a busy week here and today, though being Wednesday (no kids in school), will be a busy one too. I even have a curious mission on my plate for today. A few days ago, I came back from work to find a weird message on my answering machine. It was from the secretary of the town's Hospital museum (set in the 18th century old general hospital) asking, I quote: "if I had any idea where the Serbian government letter was". ... Played the message twice, just to be sure, but it was saying the same the second time, lol! So called back and it appears they're searching for a letter that had been sent to the hospital's nuns after WW1 to thank them for taking care of injured soldiers.
Years ago, I've made an inventory of the whole archives of the hospital (I needed it for writing my master's thesis) so I asked them if they've checked the inventory as they, of course, have a copy of it and secretary answered me: "Oh, an inventory, that's an idea! It would be handy!"  So going to go there this morning and help them search it as, as we say, they "wouldn't find a cow in a corridor".  

But what I'm really looking forward to is tonight: the new Indiana Jones movie is released here today (movies are always released on Wednesdays here) and I will go seeing it tonight, woohoo! I've read some critics that were rather lukewarm but I'm sure I will enjoy it. First of all, those critics are in Cannes and they're all cranky there (must be because they're all fighting major hangovers with all the parties going on there ) and they've always (or almost) been cranky about Lucas' work anyways. They just don't understand pure fun! Think I'll be singing Indy's theme all day long!  

Have a great day all!  


The giant squid - May 21, 2008 6:13 am (#2086 of 2991)    

Well, the new central air system is in & running. It took two techs 9 hours to get the old stuff removed & the new pieces installed. Luckily our house holds temps well--by the time they were done it had only gotten up to 87 in the house despite the 100+ temps outside. I slept soundly last night for the first time in ages.  Now I just need to survive the crazy winds that started up yesterday...



Solitaire - May 21, 2008 7:08 am (#2087 of 2991)    

they "wouldn't find a cow in a corridor"

This can also apply to students, particularly when I am trying to get them to find the answer to a social studies question on the page in front of them! LOL Thanks for the new idiom! I'll be sure to use it often.  

Yeay, Mike! I love air conditioning, don't you? Do you have lots of trees to help your house retain the cool? I have a row of elm and ash trees all along the west side of my house, and for the past two years--since they have been tall and full enough to create a shady corridor against the house--they have made a huge difference in my cooling bill during the summer months. BTW, we had a lot of wind here yesterday afternoon and evening, as well. This morning, it is actually COOL outside. I hope it stays that way!

Well, have a great Wednesday, everyone!



Steve Newton - May 21, 2008 7:17 am (#2088 of 2991)  
Every year I keep an eye on a family of geese in a pond on my way to work. After being missing for 3 weeks I finally had a spotting. Two parents and 4 fuzzy little goslings. Its good to know that they are doing OK.

Dover is already getting ready for the Nascar race in about 2 weeks. Dover Downs is setting up and have erected the largest ugliest sculpture I have ever seen. Maybe I just don't get it.

People have been complaining about their high temperatures. Around here we seem to have decided to have April in May this year. Cool and rainy.

Ihavebothbuttocks - May 21, 2008 7:31 am (#2089 of 2991)    

Steve, Are you telling me that you don't get a large concrete monster holding a race car? *sarcasm* It's obviously meant to symbolise that people who hold auto races are blockheads!


Steve Newton - May 21, 2008 8:04 am (#2090 of 2991)    

That's the one.


journeymom - May 21, 2008 8:45 am (#2091 of 2991)  
Puck, what kind of counter top to you have?

Happy Anniversary to Holly and Mr. Holly!

Yayyyy Squid/Mike! A new, working AC!

Have a wonderful day, All.


shepherdess - May 21, 2008 10:14 am (#2092 of 2991)
Thanks for the healing charms and well wishes, everyone. Normally when I get strep, the doctor gives me a shot and a prescription for Amoxicillin. This was a doctor I'd never seen before. She just gave me the shot Sunday night. Tuesday afternoon (when I still hadn't seen any noticeable improvement) I called the ER and got them to call in the prescription for me. Today, there is a significant improvement. Still not a 100%, of course, but much better today.

In other news, last Friday was my son-in-law's birthday. My daughter (some of you may know her as Kowalla) gave him a card that said "Happy Birthday" on the outside. Inside it said "Know that today is special because you are." She added "..." and an arrow indicating he should turn the page. On the other side, she wrote "going to be a DADDY!" His reaction was priceless! So it looks like I'm going to be a grandmom, for the second time, sometime in December.


Puck - May 21, 2008 10:21 am (#2093 of 2991)    

Journeymom, the counter is Corrian. Plain cream, not speckled or anything to help find stains. (I didn't choose it, it was here when we bought the house. Poolyr installed. I can stick pennies in the gaps between the counter and the wall.) This is the first time I tried that trick on my new stove, I believe. I imagine it heats a lot better than the old one.

“couldn't find a cow in a corridor”    ROFL! I love it.  

Healing charms to Vox's daughter.

w00t for keeping cool and siting the family of geese.  

Off to search for info on the Boy Scout Camp. When the brochure came, Son wasn't interested and chose a week at the Community Center instead. Diva and I went to an open house to check out her Scout camp, and since learning his little sister will get to go boating, he's suddenly all into going to Scout camp.

edit due to crosspost. w00t! to Shepherdess and the new grandbaby!


Choices - May 21, 2008 10:28 am (#2094 of 2991)    

Thanks to Madam Pince and everyone for the healing charms and I am passing them along to Shepherdess and others who need healing. Get well soon everyone. {{{hugs}}} :-)


Madam Pince - May 21, 2008 10:34 am (#2095 of 2991)    

Oh, Shepherdess! Congratulations! How wonderful... and what a cute and creative way to tell the news! Hugs to Kowalla for us.

Glad to hear about the new A/C system, SquidMike! Nine hours to install?  Wow.

Steve, how cute about the geese and goslings. I saw at our school this morning that Mama Duck has apparently spread the news amongst her MOMS group about the way-cool, predator-free digs she has found, because another mama duck has moved in also and had another brood, so there are now "teenage" ducks and more tiny fluffy baby ducks swimming around.

Elanor, I've heard the same lukewarm reviews about Indiana Jones that you have, and I share your views of them. I think people are just too cranky sometimes. It has Harrison Ford in it -- how bad could it be?  I'm already humming "the tune"... (if I had one of those fancy phones, I'd make it my ring tone...)

What's up with Edmund, anyway. That lady was nice enough to give him candy in the first one, now he's stabbing her in the back.[
LOL, Vlad!


Vox Gerbilis - May 21, 2008 10:58 am (#2096 of 2991)    

Shepherdess, congratulations! What wonderful news, and what a creative way to deliver it! And healing charms for the strep!

My daughter is quite well now. She probably could have gone back to school today, but I let her have another day to fully recuperate.

I just studied the rest of the school year schedule and realized that I'd better do something about the dreaded June "gap." My daughter's school gets out two weeks before my husband's school district and before her day camp begins. That means I have to scrounge around for two weeks of child care.

I enjoyed the cranky critics complaints. Quite right!


Anna L. Black - May 21, 2008 12:37 pm (#2097 of 2991)    

Shepherdess, that sounds so sweet! Congratulations  

I finally bought a new computer yesterday, after months of suffering from my ancient one, that was so slow it drove the whole family absolutely crazy. Now I have a brand-new, shiny, FAST, wonderful computer  So I'm sitting and copying all the important (and some of the not so important ) stuff from the old hard disk.


Elanor - May 21, 2008 1:57 pm (#2098 of 2991)    

Well, I'm just back from Indy IV and I've absolutely loved it! It's 100% pure Dr Jones and a great moment of fun. Closed my eyes once or twice, and jumped quite a few more, laughed a lot and almost said aloud "too good" a fair few times too (there are many wonderful nods in it, starting in the very first seconds).  I can't wait to see it properly now (I've had to watch the version dubbed in French ). So, my critic is: it's worth every cent spent on the ticket!  

Well, I'd better go to bed as it's almost 11pm here already! Have a great day/night all!  


journeymom - May 21, 2008 4:12 pm (#2099 of 2991)    

Mama Duck has apparently spread the news amongst her MOMS group

Lol, MOMS group for ducks! I used to be in MOMS. It was the human variety.

So looking forward to seeing Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian! Both sound like great fun.

Puck, my dear mother-in-law said that you can sand Corian to some extent, because it's a solid piece, same color and texture all the way through. So perhaps you could sand and buff out the burn mark? Perhaps MIL is deluded, certainly wouldn't be the first time. Maybe just get a new counter. Our quartz counter is nigh indestructible. You can definitely move a pan straight from the fire to the counter with no problem.


I am reading Deathly Hallows finally for only the second time, slowly and contemplatively. A couple of passages are completely unfamiliar. Maybe those were the ones I read at three or four in the morning.  


Madam Pince - May 21, 2008 5:03 pm (#2100 of 2991)    

LOL! Isn't that funny how you miss stuff? I swear I never noticed all the many many references to Ron's eating and/or being hungry throughout the entire series, until I started listening to them on tape. At first I was disgruntled with the whole "grumpy hungry Ron" in DH, but after listening to the other books I see that she actually did lay the groundwork. . . .

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Accio Sirius - May 22, 2008 3:56 am (#2101 of 2991)    

I agree. Upon the first read, I was really irritated with Ron in DH, but upon reflection, I realized Harry is used to being hungry and miserable--or at the very least has experience with it. Plus, Ron just had a bit of maturing to do.

Okay. So I was irritated at the Girl Scout mom who abandoned everyone this past weekend, but now am positively fuming as I heard from another mom that the leaders should expect an e-mail complaining that her daughter isn't in enough of the pictures and didn't get to bond with the other girls. Perhaps that was because she was in a motel the whole time!! Just when I think I've heard it all. This woman is a complete stranger to reality!

Sorry for the rant!

I'm looking forward to the weekend and the new Indy movie. We saw Prince Caspian on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, I kept thinking (and daughter agreed) that Prince Caspian would have made a good young Sirius too!

Almost the weekend, almost the weekend...


Madam Pince - May 22, 2008 4:47 am (#2102 of 2991)    

Accio Sirius, maybe you could forestall the forthcoming e-mail by sending one of your own before she gets a chance to. You could say something like "We just wanted to touch base with you because we're a bit concerned that daughter didn't get to participate in as many of the mother-daughter activities because you weren't able to be with us for most of the weekend. How do you think we can approach a fix for this?" That isn't too in-your-face confrontational, it's the truth, it puts the ball in her court, and (bonus) it would take all the air out of any forthcoming complaint from her. If she does send her e-mail, you could say "Well, yes. That's what we were saying."

Aren't I evil...   Suspect


Accio Sirius - May 22, 2008 5:19 am (#2103 of 2991)  
Actually Madam Pince, I think you're brilliant! Thanks!


The giant squid - May 22, 2008 6:32 am (#2104 of 2991)    

Do you have lots of trees to help your house retain the cool?--Solitaire

No (not a lot of shade trees in the desert ), but our house has no windows on the west side, only a coule of small ones on the south and on the east our neighbor's house blocks most of the morning sun, so that all helps a lot. Plus one of the few things the builders did right is use plenty of insulation.

Glad to hear about the new A/C system, SquidMike! Nine hours to install? Wow.--Madame Pince

Most of that was removing the old furnace/fan and installing the new one. It's mounted in the attic, which is rally just a glorified crawl space, so there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver. The AC compressor part that goes outside was a cinch in comparison.

I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night--special sneak preview before the midnight showing. One of the perks of working for a theater chain.  To me, it didn't have a lot of the "Wow!" factor I remember from the other ones, but then I was 9 when the first one came out... It was fun, though, the story was good and Harrison, of course, rocked. Shia Lebeouf's character wasn't as annoying as I expected either. All in all, a good show.


Denise P. - May 22, 2008 7:10 am (#2105 of 2991)    

Yep, put the ball into her court before she has a chance to put you on the defense. I think Madam P has a good idea in what to say.

I have one dad (who is moving out of our school and pack for next year) who complains he doesn't know when things are taking place. I tell at every meeting the upcoming events, I email a list of upcoming events, I send automatic updates 3 days and 1 day before the event, I send an email the morning of an event, the pack list (everyone should be on the pack list as well as the den list) sends at least 2 reminders and I forward those to our den list. This means he is getting at a minimum 6 to 8 notices about upcoming events. Short of hand delivering an engraved invitation, I don't know what else to do with him. No one else seems to have this issue...funny.... We tell everyone up front that email is our main mode and to always, always, always check their email AND the group page to be sure they have current info.

Our town does a series of concerts on the local park on friday evenings though August called Friday Night Live. The rising 6th grade class has been going and selling glow necklaces at the concerts. Tomorrow night is our turn so I will have Millicent and Devin there to sell. Mr. Denise decided to take the day off so we can go to Mt Vernon to see the gardens and not listen to 3 complainers. Our teen boys don't appreciate being taken there so it will just be Mr. Denise, me, Kierynn and Rhys. We can take our time to actually read the signs, tour the house and see things. I have been there twice and have yet to make it to the slave cemetery. The weather looks like it should be nice too.


Solitaire - May 22, 2008 7:19 am (#2106 of 2991)    

not a lot of shade trees in the desert  . . .

LOL True ... although I remember seeing some places in Palm Springs that had more than a few.

Continued **healing charms** to all who need them!

Congratulations, Shepherdess, on your good news!



journeymom - May 22, 2008 9:04 am (#2107 of 2991)    

Shia Lebeouf's character wasn't as annoying as I expected either.

Praise, indeed!

kaykay1970 - May 22, 2008 9:26 am (#2108 of 2991)    

I'm coming out of "lurker" mode to post about the Little Guy. He took his Kindergarten test yesterday. He made a 93.5. Yay! Anyway he did pass the hearing screening. WooHoo! But he failed the speech screening. I'm not sure if they'll put him into speech therapy yet as she says that some of his mispronunciations and missing sounds are normal until age 8. They are giving him an evaluation with a speech therapist once school starts.

Oh, and I posted on the recommended reading thread, but it's in the group folder so thought I'd post here too. I just finished reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. It was an amazingly beautiful story. I really enjoyed it! Mrs. Meyer is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!

Congratulations to Tori and Ginny and Tazzy on graduation!

Congratulations to Shepherdess and family!

Glad to see Choices is feeling better!


Puck - May 22, 2008 10:34 am (#2109 of 2991)    
Edited May 22, 2008 11:07 am

Journeymom, I'm pretty sure your MIL is correct about sanding the counter. You don't have to say I said so.  

Madame Pince, diabolical and brilliant!  (After last week’s angry mom at my meeting, I sent out an e-mail apoligizing if there was any confusion, and mentioned the time and planning that had gone into the scavenger hunt.)

I still have a few parents who haven't signed up for yahoo. One called me last week, and I asked if she had checked her e-mail, and let her know that was to be main method of communication from now on. I sent reminder e-mails saying if they haven't signed up for the group they will be missing important information. Haven't heard from her. Bet she still hasn't checked the e-mail.  Also bet she will be calling me Monday morning asking about plans for the parade.

Yeah for Kaykay's son! They likely won't start any therapy this time of year unless the situation is serious. Easier to wait for the new school year.

Hubby's company is off watching the new Indiana movie this afternoon. Tough day at work, huh.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1242194059


Madam Pince - May 22, 2008 10:57 am (#2110 of 2991)  
Speaking of happy campers, I bet your A/C installers weren't in that category, SquidMike. Installing something in an attic crawlspace in the desert when it's over 100 degrees outside? Yikes. Poor guys!

Glad to hear the good reports about Indiana Jones from Elanor and Mike. I saw Harrison Ford on "Regis and Kelly Lee" (as Letterman calls it) this morning -- he was his usual deadpan self, but he was very complimentary of Shia LeBoeuf. He said the kid had had to learn some "arcane skills" that he compared to his whip-wielding, so I'm anxious to find out what that might be! Can't wait to see it! (But I'll have to -- it'll be at least a week I'm thinking...) He said they have about 50 versions of "the hat," but that the whip he uses is the same original one from the first movie. I thought that was cool.

Have fun at Mt. Vernon, Denise! And enjoy the town center concert -- I've never been to one of them yet. You know they have a Farmer's Market there too, right? I think it's on Saturday mornings maybe?

Some people just seem to have a "thing" about e-mails. It's like they're stubbornly resisting technological advances or something by not reading them. (My mom is like that, but then again she's 84, so it's probably a lot more common in that age group, and hey, she's entitled, I figure! She maintains that "if anyone wants to talk to me, they can pick up the phone and talk, and if I'm not home, they can call back if it's important enough." She won't have a computer or an answering machine.)

Yay Little Guy!


Puck - May 22, 2008 11:11 am (#2111 of 2991)  

Madame Pince, at 84, your mom is entitled. At forty something and having 3 children in a variety of activities, just get with the program.

By the way, you would have made a good teacher as well. I remember saying things like "Your child was a bit frustrated today, and forgot to use his words instead of his hands to show how he was feeling." This -of course- is code for "Your devil of a nightmare child punched someone in the face."


John Bumbledore - May 22, 2008 11:49 am (#2112 of 2991)  

wouldn't find a cow in a corridor.   Elanor

I like the alliteration, is that a literal translation, Audrey?

Soli, is it a "new idiom?" or do we have an alternate translation as "couldn't find a cow in a barn."

Either way, alliterative or not, it does seem to best fit with children and especially teenagers!

They do seem to go through daily life "with blinders on."
(Blinders, also known as blinkers or winkers, are a piece of horse tack that restrict the horse's vision of the rear and, in some cases, to the side.)

This reminds me that my youngest son has recently began exclaiming "that's an idiom" when I use one. Which of course first occurred when I was heatedly scolding all my children. Since it sounded near enough to "idiot" my response was and immediate and angry shout of "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

Which also reminds me I need to look up "idiom" to "refresh my memory."
(A phrase which makes me wonder if it is an idiom from the field of computational electronics.)

What really brought me out of lurker mode was my confusing Jackson Pollock with Kurt Vonnegut ...
No, it was actually what that lead me to find. I found the ALA Top 100 list of books most often challenged (for banning), which may explain why I never read Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five (number 69 on the list). Combined with the knowledge that Hogwarts practiced book banning (if not evidenced by the restricted section of the library, then by Dumbledore's "educational decree" banning books or teaching about Horcruxes.)

I then saw that Harry Potter (Series) 7th on the "most challenged" list. Jo was in good company with

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
My thought was "Does this forum have a related thread?"
Perhaps, "Book banning at Hogwarts: Dumbledore's censorship of the subject of Horcruxes"
Are there other examples in the series?
Is there a lesson Jo is trying to teach in exposing that subject was banned at Hogwarts?

The ALA list is at URL www.ala.org/ala/oif/bannedbooksweek/bbwlinks/100mostfrequently.cfm

Edit to add, I've come full circle back to "wouldn't find a cow in a corridor." I've found HP Book Banning Court Case in Georgia, USA

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Elanor - May 22, 2008 12:37 pm (#2113 of 2991)  

John: ""wouldn't find a cow in a corridor" Elanor
I like the alliteration, is that a literal translation, Audrey?

Glad you all like it!  Yes, it is a literal translation. Actually, original phrase is "Il raterait une vache dans un couloir", that is "He would miss a cow in a corridor" (implied: when shooting, i.e. he is a bad shot) but it can also be understood, and used, as: "he wouldn't see/find a cow in a corridor" of somebody who as you say "goes through daily life "with blinders on."
There are many many phrases in French that use poor cows BTW such as "To speak French like a Spanish cow [does]" (meaning speaking a very bad French) or, of someone looking at something vacantly you say "like a cow that looks at trains passing by". Not to mention the "la vache!!!!" (the cow!!, you pronounce it "la vaaaaache") that is "blimey", always useful! It has even become an adverb: "vachement" ("cow-ly") that is used in sentences to mean "really" (a bit stronger than "really" though) or "like mad". No wonder the "Laughing Cow" is famous here then , is it?  

Mike: "To me, it didn't have a lot of the "Wow!" factor I remember from the other ones, but then I was 9 when the first one came out... It was fun, though, the story was good and Harrison, of course, rocked. Shia Lebeouf's character wasn't as annoying as I expected either."

I agree! Though I did get the "wow" effect but maybe is it because I rarely go to the cinema these days. When I do, it is for movies I really want to see on a big screen and I think I enjoy it more than when I was going there more often.

I think I'll need to see it a second time before comparing it to the other movies of the series (I'm sure I've missed a lot the first time, there's so much happening so fast!). "The Last Crusade" will probably remain my favorite though. It will probably come just behind it with the "Lost Ark", "Temple of Doom" coming last.

Harrison Ford was great but I've also loved seeing Karen Allen again (in white): the scene in the sort of quicksand is wonderful, knew there would be a snake at some point! . I really liked the whole movie, it was like meeting an old friend not seen in years, and Spielberg's filming is just like a treat, the care for the details, the nods, etc. In a word, it feels good seeing it!  

Have a great day all!


Holly T. - May 22, 2008 1:48 pm (#2114 of 2991)
Elanor, I am laughing at all of the French cow sayings.

Congrats on the new computer Anna!

Congrats on the new grandbaby Shepherdess!

Hope Mount Vernon was fun Denise!

Kaykay, good news about your Little Guy passing the hearing screening. For the speech, a lot of it is developmental but for things like mispronouncing words and having trouble with blends you might want to keep an eye out for reading problems. It can be a sign of dyslexia. It can also be his age, I'm not trying to freak you out. Just something to keep an eye on. (Nice to have you back, btw!)

Nice to see you too, John Bumbledore!

Puck, did you try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the countertop?

Madam Pince, your idea for Accio Sirius is brilliant. Puck, one of my assistant leaders doesn't use e-mail. It drives me nuts. Same thing--40-something mom with two kids in lots of activities. Use e-mail. They have a computer--I'll e-mail her husband and he'll print it out for her. Not efficient.


Solitaire - May 22, 2008 4:44 pm (#2115 of 2991)  

Some people just seem to have a "thing" about e-mails. It's like they're stubbornly resisting technological advances or something by not reading them.

My mom refuses to get a computer, too. I was going to give her my Dell desktop, but she won't have it. Quite honestly, it would be great even just for lots of typing jobs. I guess it's easier to coerce me into doing them. She does at least have an answering machine and a Bright House DVR, however, so she isn't completely resistant to technology.

John, Elanor's idiom may not be new, but it's the first time I've ever heard it. Also, it is not in my book of idioms. I've heard several more colorful ways of expressing the same idea ... but I will not repeat them here.  

Well, time to go and get ready for a retirement dinner tonight (I just got home and must turn around and go back), after which I must input all of my final grades into the data base. I thought it was so considerate of them to have grades due the morning after a school bash. **grinding teeth**



journeymom - May 22, 2008 5:08 pm (#2116 of 2991)  

“They looked on with bovine disinterest.” I love that line. I think it's from one of Douglas Adams's books.


Tazzygirl - May 22, 2008 6:15 pm (#2117 of 2991)
I finally found a charger!! I meant to comment on that in my last post, but ended up not having any time.  Dad packed his computer away before I could get back to it. I was seriously contemplating just getting a new computer, but I don't have the funds to do so. I will get a new one when I start teaching in the Fall. The charger I found that actually works with my computer was a pure luck moment. It also has an adaptor for the car and airplane (not that it'll be effective on the airplane, as I've never seen a computer plug thing on an airplane. LOL). But I have a charger and internet, so life is good now!  

**healing charms** to those that need them!

Glad you can cool off now, Mike!  

Congrats to your Little Guy, Kaykay!

I haven't heard from a prospective school yet- I'm thinking I'll be one of those people who hear a week before school starts.  Nevermind the fact the guy told me I'd have a job before May. Oh well.

I'm dying to see Prince Caspian, Indy, and Ironman. And a couple others at which I am drawing a blank. Haven't been to the movies since January.

Ooooh!! Shama-lama-dingdong is coming out with a new movie! It sounds even worse than The Village!  

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



PeskyPixie - May 22, 2008 9:08 pm (#2118 of 2991)  

I'm not completely sure whether the next movie title is forum-friendly or not, so I'll be cautious and just say that I am really excited about the S-- & the City movie. It's opening here on May 30 - can't wait! I really should start getting some girlfriends together to make an entire evening of it.  

I also want to see Prince Caspian and The Dark Knight.

Hope everyone's doing alright. Healing and Cheering Charms, Happy Birthdays and Congratulations, to all they apply to. Good night.  


Tazzygirl - May 22, 2008 9:42 pm (#2119 of 2991)  

Pesky- I want to see that movie too!  



geauxtigers - May 22, 2008 10:21 pm (#2120 of 2991)  

We know you're not a very enthusiastic camper, bless your heart...

Madame Pince you're cracking me up! We have this saying down here that it's okay to insult someone as long as you put "bless your heart" at the end! LOL "That kid is so bad, bless his heart!"

I want to see a lot of movies. What happens in Vegas, Indy, Prince Caspian. But I'm currently up to me neck in stuff! I've been putting together packets to give to people to write my sorority recs and I'm trying to hunt down a job. I've applied at two places and still nothing, but I'll be calling one back tomorrow because I really want the the job. And I've been writing a gazillion thank you notes to people for sending graduation cards ect. But I am enjoying summer! LOL It's been perfect and warm with the exception of today (rain, rain, go away, come again another day...). And I'm back on my natural nocturnal schedule! Bed at 2:30, wake up at noon! LOL

And I'm probably going to go shopping tomorrow for some stuff for next year. I need dishes and sheets form my bed. I might go to the fabric store and look for something cute to make my bed spread out of. We decided that we are just going to recover our old down comforters instead of buying new ones. Lord knows we've got enough comforters in the house!

And this was the message on my dove chocolate and I think everyone should do what it says; it sounds like everyone is stressing a bit.

It's definitely a bubble bath day.

There you go, take it or leave it! If I were you, I'd take it! LOL


Tazzygirl - May 23, 2008 1:43 am (#2121 of 2991)  

If anyone watched Grey's Anatomy tonight, I'm dying to talk about it!  Tori, Ginny, and I started a forum a looong time ago to discuss the topic (as many points are not HP Forum friendly), so if you want pop on over to it and let's chat!  


Tori- I like that Dove Chocolate saying!

I'm also adding The Dark Night to my want-to-see movie list.



Potteraholic - May 23, 2008 2:57 am (#2122 of 2991)  

For folks who play Five Words over on the FFF: If you feel like it's too late to participate in the current story (which started on May 18th), because there are a lot of story posts to read, it's not!  

If you want to read a compiled version of the story that will help catch you up, click here. Hope to see you in Five Words soon!


Chemyst - May 23, 2008 5:53 am (#2123 of 2991)  

I don’t have any other forums to promote, but ‘Yea!’ for Kristina getting a charger!

Sam, the White Witch is in Prince Caspian, you say? Am I forgetting part of the story or did they add that for the movie? Maybe I should do a quick re-read before seeing the movie, but it’s a dilemma ~ would that make the movie seem more annoying when it doesn’t match the book?

Interesting Banned Book List too; I don’t know what over half the books on it are about, but of those I do recognize the “logic” for filing complaints seems inconsistent. I guess that is because people who get easily offended up-front tend to be the ones who don’t think things through anyway.

I just HAD to run Audrey’s translation through Babble Fish – not because I doubt her, No! But because I wanted to test how Babble Fish translates compared with a real human. (FYI, they were nearly identical except she said, He could not find a cow… Babble Fish said , It could not … )
Actually, I did see a cow in a corridor once; it was an end-of-year fraternity prank when they brought a calf into our all-girl freshman dorm. Come to think of it, that is a recycled chat thread topic from several years back when the discussion was about cows being able to go upstairs easily, but down – not so easily.

And I haven’t told Tori congratulations yet so, better late than never, Congratulations on folding all that laundry your high school graduation!


Puck - May 23, 2008 6:16 am (#2124 of 2991)  

w00t for Tazzy getting a charger! Missed you!  

I want to see the Sex in the City movie, as well. I heard the women on the news who went to a preview say they loved it, and the audience gave a standing ovation at the end.

I'm staying home today, and tonight we are having a family movie night. Diva and I don't have dance tomorrow, so it's okay to stay up late. (I assume we don't have Boy Scouts, as no one has called to tell me we do -or sent an e-mail. Our den leader is kind of backing out mid-year for personal reasons, so the cub master has taken over. It's been a bit inconsistent the past couple of months.)

Max and Goldie have joined our household. Hubby took Son out yesterday to choose the fish for his new tank. It was a great way to get him out of bed this morning. "You need to feed your fish."

Potty Power video is about over. Time to see if it's worked it's magic.  


Solitaire - May 23, 2008 7:12 am (#2125 of 2991)  

Pesky, I've followed the entire S&tC series, but I'll probably wait for the movie to come on cable. I'm curious to see it, but ... even I got a bit weary of Carrie's neurotic behavior and Samantha's language. I have a lot of single women friends, and I have never had one like either Carrie or Samantha. Miranda and Charlotte seem more realistic, to me. Carrie and Big have an interestingly symbiotic relationship ... but I can't see how marriage is going to fix what is "broken" in either of them. She is a commitment-phobe, and he is a narcissist, IMO. I suppose there will have to be another movie down the road to deal with the inevitable break-up. Okay, rant over.

Here's to a 3-day weekend for those lucky enough to have one! TGIF!!



azi - May 23, 2008 8:23 am (#2126 of 2991)  

Congrats on your new charger, Tazzy! I hope you get your job soon.  

Never watched S&tC. Methinks it was slightly before my time as I'd be a kid when it was first shown.  

Three exams over, four to go. The 3 were 'meh' and I have one day per exam to revise the last four. Did I mention I broke down crying in one exam because I couldn't take the pressure anymore? I feel like Hannah Abbott in OotP. Even the class swots are struggling to learn everything they need to. *sigh* (I would love a bubble bath. Unfortunately we don't have a bath )

I did, however, find time last night to watch the last two episodes of this season of House. I thought it was a great ending, but I can't believe the season's over! In white... I agree with my housemate that it would have been better to cut off as House got off the bus after talking to Amber because the last few minutes were...a bit of a downer. And talking of the bus...did anyone think it was similar to King's Cross in DH? I really thought it was the same concept.

Anyway, I hope everyone is great!  


journeymom - May 23, 2008 8:35 am (#2127 of 2991)  

I finished my second reading of Deathly Hallows. The epilogue read better this time. I still object to the name 'Albus Severus' on principle, even if, simultaneously, it makes me all soppy. But the childish tone I objected to, that contrasts so much to the rest of the entire book, is okay. It is appropriate. And I wanted to hug Albus Severus and pinch his cheeks.

Yup, lucky enough to have a three day weekend!


Azi: I thought that, too. Things appeared on the bus as House needed them.


PeskyPixie - May 23, 2008 9:06 am (#2128 of 2991)  

S&C, now that's a safer way to put it.  I watched it in my early twenties ('Gigi' hooked me on it), but I chose to rent it from Blockbuster as only a highly censored version (which cut out many storylines) was aired in Canada.

Soli, I agree with your points. Actually, Carrie irritates me a lot. Also, I'm single and in my twenties and don't find that any of these four women represent me, nor do I aspire to emulate them in my thirties (Yikes! Now that would freak out my family and friends! ). I watch it as light comedy and absolutely love it as such.

I wanted to hug Albus Severus and pinch his cheeks. -journeymom

Yes, he reminds me of Harry. I couldn't stand James Sirius. I wanted to send him to his room!


Puck - May 23, 2008 9:13 am (#2129 of 2991)  

I watched the TBS version of the show, as we don't have HBO. It was censored, but not as much as what they currently play on WB. Still, it was enough to soften Sam's language a bit.

I think the tone of the epilogue goes back to the tone of the first book, rounding things out.


journeymom - May 23, 2008 9:59 am (#2130 of 2991)  

I think the tone of the epilogue goes back to the tone of the first book, rounding things out.

Exactly! That's the unformed thought that was floating around in my head.

Mr. Journeymom and I got into SatC after we already had two kids. I loved it for a while. But I was really getting into motherhood and family at that time, so the way Miranda treated Steve bugged me, and the way they acted when they went to the baby shower in the the 'burbs bugged me. So shallow and selfish. All the shoes and witty humor couldn't make up for it.


PeskyPixie - May 23, 2008 10:36 am (#2131 of 2991)  

Some of the moms at the shower actually annoyed me!  Or am I confusing that with Miranda's shower?  Weren't there a few moms who felt that their kids were 'gods'? Not that I agree with the foursome's views either. I guess I just don't take it seriously at all and enjoy it for what it is and don't even try to connect it with reality as then I'd have some serious ranting to do on both sides!  

Oh, the episode where Tatum O'Neal guest starred was one of the ones where I wanted to yell at both parties. First of all, in Canada we don't wear shoes which have been worn outdoors inside the home, and for good reason - it's germy out there! Carrie's a moron for not comprehending the germ factor. And I hadn't heard of registering for baby gifts. I don't like any form of gift registry (for myself) as it just seems so tacky and greedy, but after someone has been spending money on gifts for your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary party, baby shower (for three kids), baby's arrival (for three kids), you can't 'afford' to replace the designer shoes she lost at your party? Everybody's got different priorities in life and it's a shame when those who are single by choice are viewed as shallow for living life the way they choose, even if that choice is a pair of nice shoes over a baby.

I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but I'm sure my forum friends can sympathize with my irritable mood of late as I am one of those young women for whom marriage and kids is not a priority and as my friends have now begun to get married I'm tired of being 'pitied' for choosing to be single. I wish everyone would just understand that I am as baffled with the choice to get married in one's twenties as they are with my decision to focus on other areas of my life. However, I am supportive of others' decisions and would appreciate it if the same was done me.

Okay, rant over. BTW, Journeymom, none of this was directed at you. Your post simply led to something which has been bugging me for a while and I needed to share it. Thanks for listening.  


John Bumbledore - May 23, 2008 11:07 am (#2132 of 2991)
Audrey, with your "cow in the coridor" I would pair "he couldn't hit the broad side of the barn even if he were inside it." (He is a poor shot)

How about, "he couldn't see the forest for the trees." (So busy with the details he couldn't see the big picture.)

Who had a cow in their college residence hall? I would guess the cow couldn't take the elevator?  


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 23, 2008 11:10 am (#2133 of 2991)  

It's not just cows. I once knew a fella who was so bow-legged he couldn't hem up a hog in a ditch.   Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042


journeymom - May 23, 2008 11:22 am (#2134 of 2991)  

Pesky, glad my comments inspired more! Hope I didn't offend. My eventual objection came from the way these fictional characters behaved. I wasn't passing judgement on real life single, career minded women. This was about six years ago and honestly, I don't remember details, just my conclusions. There would have been no show without the tension stemming from the single life vs. committed life issue.

By the way, I got married when I was 26, eight years later than my mother-in-law and all her daughters and six years later than my mom.


Tazzygirl - May 23, 2008 1:27 pm (#2135 of 2991)
Pesky, I'm kind of in the same thought as you. While I would like to get married, I am in not that big of a rush. I was focused on school, now I'm focused on getting a job, so the last thing I'm really looking for right now is a relationship. My friends are all getting married and having kids, but for many of them that is where they are in their lives. My sister on the other hand... she should not really be getting married right now- 22 going on 12. I won't meet the fiance until the wedding. How's that!?

I can almost see myself as Charlotte several years from now... LOL I don't relate at all to the other three.

I work today (at the coffee shop). I haven't actually worked in about two weeks, feels almost weird! LOL


EDIT: I thought I'd share- I just called the Hawaii Dept. of Education to change my phone number and address. The lady who I first talked to sounded like it would be a chore to do so, and was having issues with simple directions. She passed me on to another lady, who also had an impatient tone. The new lady was shocked that the first lady had transferred me to her. I can't wait to deal with them in the future...  Ironically, the guy I had talked to who told me I'd have a job before May had the same impatient, rude tone on the phone when I called asking about any openings.  :mad:


Puck - May 23, 2008 2:24 pm (#2136 of 2991)  

My children have already been told I don't even want to hear about them getting married before age 25. I felt pressure to get married and have kids ASAP. I'm glad I waited until 28 to marry. I would have missed out on so many great things! Plus, most of my friends who married early ended up divorced.

couldn't hem up a hog in a ditch . . . .  Huh?  Hem up?

edit: Just tasted one of the cookies I made with Nestle caramel/chocolate swirl chips. WOW! Super yummy, highly recommend them. Just follow the recipe on the bag.  


Solitaire - May 23, 2008 6:16 pm (#2137 of 2991)  

Pesky, yes ... people do register for baby gifts, just as they register for wedding gifts. I like it when people register. Then I know I am getting them something they want instead of something they will have to schlep back to the store and return. BTW, I am definitely over 30 and have never been married or had kids (not a conscious choice; just the way it happened). Interestingly, a lot of my married-with-kids friends envy my singlehood. They see me as the mistress of my own time and money (not to mention the remote control) who has only my own feelings and choices to consult. It is true, of course ... but I'd still trade it for the right relationship.  The thing is, no one seems to pity me. You are young enough that marriage was (and probably still is) the primary focus for most of your friends ... and they are projecting their feelings onto you and assuming you feel as they believe they would feel in your place. If you're happy with where you are, however, don't worry about what they think. When they express pity for you, ask why ... and then laugh heartily at what they perceive you are missing. Soon enough, it will stop, as they see you are genuinely content whether you are married or single.

As to replacing Carrie's shoes ... she tends to buy designer shoes that cost well over $400/pair. This came out when she was in a dither over how to come up with a $40,000 payment for her apartment. When Miranda found out that she owned 100+ pairs of shoes that cost over $400/pair, she said, "There's your $40k down payment." I am not willing to leave my shoes outside, either; I'd probably have stuck such an expensive pair in my bag (although anyone wearing such frou-frou shoes would probably not be carrying my HUGE Healthy Back Bag). Like you, Journeymom, Pesky, and Tazzy, these women bear no resemblance to me at any stage of my life thus far. Charlotte seems romantic, like I am, but she is too materialistic. Miranda was mean to Steven in the past ... but I think they may turn out to be a fairly normal couple. Steve, after all, seems pretty down-to-earth, and she married him!

School is out for 3 days! My grades are in! I have 3 kid days left. All I must do now is finish packing my classroom. Oh, boy ... I can hardly wait.  



Vox Gerbilis - May 23, 2008 6:40 pm (#2138 of 2991)  

I'm a big fan of registries. It's a pressure-free way to pick out something the recipient can really want/use, that's in my price range, that no one else has bought. I'd much rather quietly study the list in the store than have to play mind games trying figure out what someone wants. (And I'll confess, when I was getting married and having my baby, I was glad to get useful gifts instead of a slew of cute, sentimental knick-knacks.)

I've only seen bits and pieces of SatC, and it didn't impress me. I've never known any women who were remotely similar to the characters. And although I sometimes entertain spinster fantasies, it's never about that sort of lifestyle.

Gasoline prices are really starting to worry me, so next week I'm going to try taking the bus to work. It won't be entirely convenient, because I'll have to transfer, but I'm hoping the inconvenience will be manageable. It could really save me a lot of money. Plus, it will be READING TIME!


Chemyst - May 23, 2008 7:29 pm (#2139 of 2991)  

The thing is, no one seems to pity me. – Solitaire

...     ...     ...   OK, I am going to assume you don't really want us to compare you to Gollum or Wormtail.  If it helps any, I had an aunt who married for the first time at 54. No one in the family saw that coming!


Holly T. - May 23, 2008 8:23 pm (#2140 of 2991)  

I never watched S&C. When it was on I was busy having kids, being busy with the kids, working, and going to graduate school. Not a lot of time for TV. I got married at 22 and had my daughter when I was 26 and my son when I was 29. I didn't feel pressured to get married and have kids, that's just how things happened. But I only have one friend who is exactly my age--most everyone else with kids my age is 5-10 years older than me or 5-10 years younger than me.

My parents, sister, and niece will be here tomorrow for daughter's dance recital. At least the house is still sort of clean from the in-laws' visit.


geauxtigers - May 23, 2008 9:09 pm (#2141 of 2991)  

So 10 years younger than you would put them at what 16, 19?  Hmmm... are you sure?  My parents were 28 and 27 when they got married and 28 and 29 when we were born. I don't think age really matters much as long as it works. My parents just happened to be 5 months apart.

It was a hot steamy day today and it tried to rain a few times. I had a ton of errands to runs and so I got up early this morning an Now I'm really tired. I might go on and head to bed.

If anyone wants to discuss Grey's Anatomy, go to our forum via the link in my profile! I have it set as the homepage! We need some discussion! Right now it's just me and Kristina!


Madam Pince - May 23, 2008 9:30 pm (#2142 of 2991)  

Ooooh!! Shama-lama-dingdong is coming out with a new movie! It sounds even worse than The Village!

I saw that, too, Tazzy! I meant to post it a few days ago but I forgot. LOL! It truly does look awful.

(((hugs))) to Azi... awwwww... please don't cry anymore!  I hope the rest of your exams all go great! *Anti-Stress Charms*...

First of all, in Canada we don't wear shoes which have been worn outdoors inside the home, and for good reason - it's germy out there! --Pesky

Really? That is interesting... so it's a common universal thing in Canada? I would have to say that it's very unusual in the parts of the U.S. where I've lived, so in that episode of S&C I thought that Tatum O'Neal was weird.  (What about the people with athlete's foot or toenail fungus? Ewwww... I think I'd rather have the shoe germs... )

(By the way... I have a hard time empathizing with Carrie because I would never pay $400 for one pair of shoes, let alone all of my shoes, and I never forgave her for dumping Aidan... and I laughed insanely when Berger insulted her stupid-looking hat after she'd insulted his writing... and yes, Miranda is mean to Steve, and Charlotte is just too much, and Samantha is... well...  but I enjoy watching them. Why, I'll never know.)

Oh, and registering for gifts -- yes, I'm in favor of that one too. I'm very practical, so I'd rather purchase (and get, for that matter) things that were actually wanted so I know they'll get used. Only thing... it puts a real cramp in re-gifting...  

Here's one: "He couldn't hit the water if he fell out of a boat."  And here's my only "cow" one: "Wow! It's dark as the inside of a cow in here!"  

I was wondering about the White Witch in Caspian, too... someone said they saw it in a preview or something. Not sure how they're going to do that one...  

We're going home for the weekend for a family reunion... hope everyone enjoys a great holiday weekend (if you have one!) See you Tuesday probably! *waves*


Solitaire - May 23, 2008 9:32 pm (#2143 of 2991)  

I am going to assume you don't really want us to compare you to Gollum or Wormtail.

LOL Chemyst! No, thanks. Well, I don't know who Gollum is, exactly ... but since you have him in the same sentence with Wormtail, such a comparison can't possibly be a good thing! I was just thinking that, since no one seems to pity me, it will probably just take a few years for Pesky's friends to get to that point. But they will, eventually!

Edit: Madam Pince, I agree that Carrie was an idiot for dumping Aidan, but his character was far too well-adjusted, transparent, and unselfish for her, I guess. LOL about Berger and the hat! It was stupid-looking! Then again, I think a huge amount of her wardrobe looks incredibly tacky, so I apparently have no fashion sense. As for spending $400 for shoes ... they'd better be extremely comfortable and specially made for my own personal, hard-to-fit feet!



Elanor - May 23, 2008 11:24 pm (#2144 of 2991)  

I've never watched S&C but I do know how you feel Pesky! I'm 35, living alone, and I can't count the number of times I've gotten the "yeah.. sure..." look thrown at me when truthfully saying I was perfectly happy that way and having a fulfilling life. Just ignore them!  

**Strengthening Charms and (((((hugs))))) to Azi** Hang in there!

LOL at the phrases everybody! Glad to know my English matches Babble Fish's!  (BTW, apart if someone's talking about a rusty old robot of the Trade Federation, I don't see how one would use "it" and not "he" or "she/they" etc in that "he would miss a cow in a corridor" phrase, lol!).

Madam Pince: ""He couldn't hit the water if he fell out of a boat." "
Good one! We have one very close: "He wouldn't find water in the river." (Works only of course in regions where "river" implies "water in the river" **waving at my SoCAl friends** ).

Puck: "I think the tone of the epilogue goes back to the tone of the first book, rounding things out"

Exactly!  That's the ouroboros symbolism: the snake "bites its own tail", the circle is completed. See the alchemy thread for (a lot) more references to it in the DH!  

About gas, prices are really awful here as well: about 1.42 euros for a liter of gas, which must be $2.24 for a liter. Online converter says a gallon (US) is 3.785 liters so, to compare, it would make something like $8.48 for a gallon.

Have a great weekend all!  


azi - May 24, 2008 4:34 am (#2145 of 2991)  

I see nothing wrong at being single in your twenties. My mum got married at the age of 30-something.  There was a problem when it came to me being school age because she was about 10 years older than all the other parents, but that's the other parents problem.  

A scary number of people at my age are suddenly getting married and/or having children. I have noticed that it's generally those that didn't go to university, while most university people I know are single and childless. I suppose the non-uni people got jobs and grew up quicker than the uni lot did. I would have been happy being single - in fact for a long time I said I would be (friends often comment on how they can see me living alone with a cat when I'm older ). Somehow I fell into a relationship though.  My dream is still to have a little house of my own and live there alone.  I doubt I'll ever be able to afford that, but I can dream!

Petrol and diesel prices are high here too. It's about 116.9p a litre of petrol (around $2.32). My non-mathematically-inclined brain doesn't want to work out gallons.  

Lovely days to all! Thanks for the hugs! *hugs back*


Elanor - May 24, 2008 5:38 am (#2146 of 2991)  

I've had a shock when going to the supermarket this morning when seeing that the liter of gas has actually reached €1.50 (the €1.42 price was only a couple of days ago, and it was a record high already)!  That makes $2.36 per liter, $8.93 for a gallon. I've actually gasped when seeing it. Going to use my feet for the rest of the weekend! It will be good for me anyways.  


Denise P. - May 24, 2008 6:42 am (#2147 of 2991)
I got married when I was 19 but I was never pressured to get married. We will celebrate 24 years in June.  I never have watched S&C and have no real desire to.

Yesterday was a lovely day to go to Mt Vernon to see the garden in bloom. Madam P, there is a short film before you go out on the grounds that features a reenactment of a battle during the French/Indian War....did Mr. Pince take part in that by any chance? I know it is the "wrong" time frame but since he is local to here... Rhys thought the movie was boring while Kierynn was quite upset about the horses, she thought they were being hurt (as they were "shot" you could see them lay down...looked like they laid down, not shot)


Vox Gerbilis - May 24, 2008 6:43 am (#2148 of 2991)  

Yikes, Elanor, and I'm fretting over $4.10 (U.S.) a gallon. (Not mathematically inclined enough to any conversions, sorry.)

I'm giving my daughter a small, gasoline-free birthday celebration today. (Well, one girl will need a ride to get here, so not entirely gasoline-free.) We're going to walk to a local pottery shop to do a project (you paint an unfinished piece, they fire it), come back here for lunch, croquet, and other backyard games. I just hope my daughter handles the croquet well; she urgently needs to learn to lose more graciously.

I married at 27, which is pretty typical around here. I was 33 when my daughter was born, which also is typical. With a few exceptions, most of the parents of other kids in her class are about the same age as my husband and me. I don't regret at all waiting until I was 27 to marry, but I do regret not having a child sooner. I found it very hard to adjust to motherhood, and I wonder if I would have done better if I had been younger and less used to a child-free marriage. But, that might just be me.


Chemyst - May 24, 2008 7:05 am (#2149 of 2991)  

Well, I don't know who Gollum is, exactly ...

Gollum is a character (created by J.R.R. Tolkien,) who had been 99% corrupted by the evil power of a magic ring. The key quote from Gandalf (the wizard) is, "My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many." Between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gollum is shown pity by both Bilbo and Frodo, the heroes. The lesson: Showing pity to someone who did not deserve pity turned out to be the very thing that spared the heroes. The literary comparison in HP is that showing Wormtail pity at the shrieking shack in PA set up a future life-saving pay-off in the Malfoy dungeon. Since both Gollum and Wormtail end up dead, I assumed you did not want too much pity!


Holly T. - May 24, 2008 7:20 am (#2150 of 2991)  

Tori, people who have 10-year-olds like I do who had them when they were anywhere from 19-25 are now 29-35. I am 39, so they are 5-10 years younger than me. But most of my friends are about 45.

(((Azi))) Hope you are feeling better!

Madam Pince, Denise, Accio Sirius, anyone else in the general vicinity--my family is going to be in northern Virginia area the afternoon/evening of July 18. We are probably going to be meeting some friends in Arlington for dinner around 6:30/7, but we should have a few hours before that if you want to meet up somewhere. Any ideas? E-mail me if you want: holly z t at yahoo dot com
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geauxtigers - May 24, 2008 7:39 am (#2151 of 2991)
(BTW, apart if someone's talking about a rusty old robot of the Trade Federation, I don't see how one would use "it" and not "he" or "she/they" etc in that "he would miss a cow in a corridor" phrase, lol!). Maybe I'm misunderstanding or just really tired (it is early after all) but doesn't " Il and Elle" also mean "it" as well as "Him and her", just that the "il and elle" are the masculine/feminine forms of the subject? I think I just confused myself...

As for shoes coming off when you come inside, I've found it varies. We don't take ours off when we come inside, but my neighbor does sometimes. And when my family from Washington was here there was a huge pile of shoes in our laundry room. They also don't go outside barefoot. I usually never wear shoes in the summer unless I'm going somewhere. They found that weird...

Almost 9 dollars a gallon!? That's crazy! And I've been complaining about our $3.70/gal! What's more amazing than me is for starters 6 years ago I can remember gas being 99 cents a gallon! I know that pretty much everyone here remembers putting nickels and dimes in the gas, but in just the past 6 years they have skyrocketed! Heck, in February of this year it was under 2.50/gal and it's gone up over a dollar in the last 3-4 months! That's insane! And we don't have a choice here! The stores are 5 miles away! It's not like you can just walk, you'd never get back with everything! We need some sort of mass transportation down here (other than the very unreliable bus system that doesn't run half the time). All this talk about global warming and gas price and no action. It really doesn't seem that difficult of a problem to solve! Hmph! okay sorry for the rant, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent like that!

Tori, people who have 10-year-olds like I do who had them when they were anywhere from 19-25 are now 29-35. I am 39, so they are 5-10 years younger than me. But most of my friends are about 45. Ahh got ya! I knew I misunderstood. I seem to be misunderstanding a lot these days... I'm really not an airhead, that's Ginny! LOL

Well I'm off to take a nap as I had to get up at 8 this morning for something and I stayed up way too late last night stalking people on facebook... (oh you know you do it too!)


Solitaire - May 24, 2008 8:00 am (#2152 of 2991)  

Elanor, when a couple of our staff members were griping about gas prices in the lunch room yesterday, I pointed out that even our highest rates were still at less than half what you are paying in Europe. I do not think this comforted them much. Interestingly, those in the business of prognosticating are saying that they do not expect more than a 5-10% reduction in summer travel, even with the hike in gas prices. So the griping is just that--griping. BTW, I noticed yesterday that my station's gas was UP from the night before!!! I'm heading into town for a massage in a few minutes. I'll pass 4-5 gas stations on the way, so I should get a pretty good idea of things in the "name" companies' prices. I do know that here in Bakersfield, Chevron is generally 2-3 cents more per gallon than other companies.

Since both Gollum and Wormtail end up dead, I assumed you did not want too much pity

Actually, Chemyst, I do not want any pity. I own my own home, free and clear (well, except for taxes each year), and not many people my age can say that! Not many people a lot older than I can say that around here! I am able to afford everything I need and a lot of what I want. I have good friends, family who are close, and nice neighbors. I work in a school environment that is safe, even if it drives me crazy sometimes. I have many blessings, so ... no pity, please!  

Okay ... Happy Saturday, everyone!



Eponine - May 24, 2008 8:07 am (#2153 of 2991)  

Who was talking about House? I thought the two final episodes were fantastic, but I can't believe they actually killed Amber! My heart just broke for Wilson, and I'm curious to see where they're going to go with this next season.

As for the new Shamalama movie, I have no intention of seeing it because, well, it's Shamalama but I did happen to see some spoilers, so if you want to know the "twist", highlight It's KILLER PLANTS! No, really. I'm not kidding.

I was married about 2 weeks before I turned 25, and we've been married almost 5 years now. I do get asked when we're going to have children, but since I'm still in graduate school at the moment I have a good excuse for why we don't have any yet. Both sides of our families already have grandchildren so we haven't been pressured by our parents, but I do get bugged about it every once in a while. All the pressure people put on couples about marriage and children reminds me of a greeting card I saw once. On the front it said, "Congratulations! You finally got married." and inside it said, "So...when are you going to have kids?"

Mr Eponine and I saw Indiana Jones yesterday, and I have to agree with the others. It was good and enjoyable, but the WOW factor wasn't there. I was singing the theme song all day, though.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great RotD!


Puck - May 24, 2008 8:29 am (#2154 of 2991)  

Nope, sorry Tori. Never been on facebook.  

We take our shoes off when we come inside. I have kids friends do it for playdates, but never ask grownups to do so. Many do anyway, when they see our shoes by the door. After stepping on a bee, I try not to go out barefoot often.

Most of my kids friends seem to have parents around my age. Of course, when I go places with Toddler many of those moms are younger. I'll be 41 by the time she starts kindergarten. (She has to wait an extra year to go, since she has a birthday in September. You have to be 5 by August 31st here.)


Chemyst - May 24, 2008 9:29 am (#2155 of 2991)
I think I just confused myself... Tori

I know you are really not an airhead! Babble Fish is a popular AI (artificial intelligence) translator that is free online. I think the default translation for English is the gender neutral “it.”   …then again, maybe it just 'thinks' so highly of itself that it believes everyone should be an it! Anyway, you can see that if you had ever tried to use it for a homework shortcut, you would run into a few bugs. But you are done now, so whew!


journeymom - May 24, 2008 9:56 am (#2156 of 2991)
Who said it was difficult for her to make the transition to motherhood? Me too. It was rough. But it was going to be like that for me one way or another. I was in no place to be a mom when I was younger. My sisters-in-law who got married and had children younger are all great moms who were comfortable with that roll.

And to shift to the topic of singlehood, I was a bit jealous of my single friends for a while after I got married. (How is that French sounding word, starts with 's', spelled? Means to shift from one related subject to another. Segway...? Not that personal transport thingy.)

I think it's fabulous that woman aren't practically doomed to a miserable life if they choose not to marry. Think Jane Austen's main theme. The young ladies were almost frantic to get married before they became spinsters at 21. Statistically speaking I will out live Mr. Journeymom, and I'm preparing for that eventuality.

Shoes in Canada: at a parenting forum I frequent there was a whole long thread about who does and doesn't wear shoes in the house and who asks guests to take their shoes off. The Canadians on the thread said the same thing, they take their shoes off and expect most people to do so.

I take my shoes off sometimes but it's not for cleanliness. I have kids friends do it for playdates, but never ask grownups to do so.

Same here. I wouldn't mind getting in the habit, but I've got flat feet and my poor feet get very tired and sore without sturdy shoes.

Have an excellent weekend, All.


Puck - May 24, 2008 10:11 am (#2157 of 2991)  

Funny, because my flat feet feel best when allowed to be free.  

I sometimes think about how I would spend my weekends if single. Usually when I'm running to 3 birthday parties and coming home to a pile of laundry, wishing to still and read a good book.

My husband's parents have been a couple since age 13, and married right of high school. Hubby was born 9 months later. Yes, they are happy, but I think that's rare. Plus, I notice hubby's mom and my mom are both lost now that kids are grown. They never knew adult life without motherhood. I think that makes the empty nest thing a harder adjustment.


Choices - May 24, 2008 10:26 am (#2158 of 2991)  

Well, dear friends, I can definitely confirm that when it rains, it pours. My recovery process is going way too slow for my liking. Last night I spent the first entire night since my surgery in my bed - usually I switch back and forth several times a night between the LazyBoy and the bed - I just get so uncomfortable lying flat on my back all the time. I still have to walk with a walker and must wear a Bone Growth Stimulator for 4 hours each day for the next 6 months. Anyway, the old LazyBoy was moved from the den into my bedroom so I could move easily from the bed to the chair during the night. So, my daughter went out and bought a new LazyBoy for the den....at this point it was only sprinkling, but not for long. Early this week I asked a friend to take my car in for an oil change and general check-up. Before it was over, the check was up to $1200. Now it is raining! But wait, the pouring is about to begin...... Night before last we had a swarm of Formosan Termites choose to settle in our neighborhood. Today the Orkin man took care of the problem to the tune of $1700. OK, I'm ready for it all to STOP now! Even standing on my tip-toes I can barely keep the water out of my nose. Please, someone wake me up!


kaykay1970 - May 24, 2008 10:50 am (#2159 of 2991)  

Hugs to Choices!

I've known my Hubby since I was 11, married at 18, and June 16 we celebrate our 20th anniversary. College Girl was born 2 weeks before our first anniversary. Before I had kids I always had younger siblings, then nieces/nephews, so I definitely don't look forward to that empty nest thing! I even dread sending the Little Guy off to school. I've done the "stay at home" Mom thing for so long that I don't know what else to do!


Puck - May 24, 2008 11:13 am (#2160 of 2991)

Kay, that makes you and I the same age. I'll be 38 this summer. Funny to think of my peers having kids in college, while my oldest is still in grade 2.


Solitaire - May 24, 2008 12:11 pm (#2161 of 2991)  

Journeymom, I think the word you are looking for is segue. BTW, I have very flat feet, as well ... although my right foot has a miniscule arch. My left is so flat that it gets tired and achy much faster. My left ankle is also generally swollen during the school year and feels "raw" in the joint. Massage felt wonderful on that ankle today.

Puck, I take my shoes off immediately when I come inside, although I always wear shoes outside ... now. Some years ago, when I used to go barefoot around the yard, I really burned the soles of my feet on the hot cement. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I've had some numbness occur in a couple of those burned spots. I know that neuropathy can be a problem for diabetics, so I have become much more careful about going barefoot, even indoors. For example, I no longer do it in my classroom, although I did formerly. Here at home, I used to always keep a pair of flip-flops by each door; but I stopped that when I got Stoney and Quinn (the shoe-eaters). Now I keep a pair atop the dryer and the rest of my shoes in my closet, although I doubt Stoney would chew anymore. But you never know ...

Choices, after my dad was shot (hunting accident) and had reconstructive arm surgery (back in the 80s), he had to wear a bone stimulator. Mom got him a 100-foot (possibly longer) drop cord, so that he could wander anywhere in the house (and a few places outside) and still be "plugged in." LOL He wore that thing many hours a day, although I'm not sure it was any more effective than 4 hours would have been. I know what you mean about sleeping between bed and recliner. I do the same each night. Please do not mention termites. I noticed what seemed like more termite damage in a fence post out by my garage. I need to talk to the bug man and find out if he has been doing anything about it, since that is his job, and I pay him each month to do it! I haven't noticed any tell-tale inside signs yet ... but I'm looking. BTW, it's sure good to see you back here.  

Well, time to shower off the massage oil and go run a few errands. Happy Saturday, everyone!



Tazzygirl - May 24, 2008 12:30 pm (#2162 of 2991)  

My parents married at 19 and 21- they tell me it was more of a necessity (she had the apartment and uni residency, he had the car), but I think that was my dad just exaggerating. Mom did say they were best friends, though. They had my brother and me at 26/28, and my sister 28/30. They will be celebrating their 31st Anniversary this year.  

It is the custom in Hawaii to take your shoes off before entering a house. Sometimes it isn't very sanitary (there are some houses here that have disgusting floors. *shudder*), but most times it's okay. I personally don't care if you wear your shoes in my house or not. My dad enforces the no shoe rule in California. He's got a thing against dirt.  (nevermind that the oils in your feet cause the carpet to get really dirty too...)  

**hugs** to Choices! It will get better! **healing charms** to you!  

I've got a busy day- need to make cookies for a BBQ, then going out tonight with a couple friends. I have to meet up with my landlord at some point to give him my spare car keys and various instructions for my apartment- I leave Wednesday for California, but I'm spending the night at Aunt and Uncle's house so they can drive me to the airport early wednesday morning. I work Sunday and Monday, so the only time I really have to talk to my landlord is today.  

Tori- there are a bunch of us on the Forum who are on Facebook.  Look me up if you want!

Off to start being productive!



Anna L. Black - May 24, 2008 2:16 pm (#2163 of 2991)  

My parents married when they were 20/21. They had me when they were 24/25, and my brother at 37/38 (yep, a big difference!).

Anyone from Europe watching the Eurovision? What did you think of the songs?


geauxtigers - May 24, 2008 2:23 pm (#2164 of 2991)  

Anyway, you can see that if you had ever tried to use it for a homework shortcut, you would run into a few bugs. But you are done now, so whew!

Haha, we used to attempt free transaltion.com in middle school until we realized that it didn't translate every other word. "Bonjour, my appelle Victoria. J'aime cats!" LOL Half the time they don't work that great, but my widget works pretty well. They are good for looking up single words.

I got a bunch of stuff for my apartment today! I'm super excited! I had to fight Ginny not to get the Hello Kitty shower curtain at Target. Yes it was very cute, but it was Hello Kitty and I want to make friends in college, not turn them off by having a bathroom fit for a 5 year old! LOL

I think I'll go take another nap. My head is killing me from all the crepe myrtles that are in bloom right now....


Tazzygirl - May 24, 2008 2:45 pm (#2165 of 2991)  

Tori- when do you and Ginny go off to Uni? Sounds exciting buying all the apartment stuff!  



Choices - May 24, 2008 3:56 pm (#2166 of 2991)  

Someone told me to "cheer up, things could get worse." Well, darn if they weren't right - I cheered up as I went to the mailbox and there were my house insurance and car insurance premium notices. I wonder what comes after "pours"? Floods. I'm trying to laugh....just slap me if I get too hysterical. LOL


PeskyPixie - May 24, 2008 4:19 pm (#2167 of 2991)  

Alrighty, lots of things to touch on ... Journeymom, you didn't offend me at all. Your post just led to a frustration which had been building up in me and, 'no time like the present', to let it out. I knew my forum friends would understand.  

Tazzy, glad you're not feeling the pressure. I agree that different people are ready for different life steps at various times in their life. I haven't ruled out marriage either, but it is definitely not a priority for me at the moment. There are so many goals I've set for myself and I wouldn't want to resent someone in the future for holding me back in the present. My parents and best friend understand and support me, it's the 'yeah ... sure...' ones , which Elanor describes, who are purely irritating. However, thank for the advice. You too, Soli. I'll try my best to take things in stride, stay confident within myself and laugh it off.

Azi, I hope your dreams come true.  I've also noticed that practically nobody in my university classes were married, but many of the kids I went to junior high school with (most of whom did not opt for post-secondary school education) were single parents by their early twenties (none of their relationships worked out ). While every relationship is different and I'm not passing judgement on anybody, this is definitely a trend in my generation, one which has especially led me to focus on growing as an individual before settling into a relationship (if I ever do at all, that is ).

Marriage can work out at any age if the parties involved are mature and aware that the wedding is only the beginning of a marriage, and they have made the choice to get married, not family, peers and society. In fact, my parents married quite young; they finished their degrees after marriage and didn't have me until they were well into their marriage (my mom still under thirty and my dad just over!  ) and could afford a baby and had already enjoyed newlywed life. They are still happily married and just celebrated their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary two days ago!

Madam Pince, as far as I am aware, we take off our outdoor shoes when entering someone's home throughout Canada. Of course, I've only lived in Ontario and visited Quebec, but we've had visitors from the Prairies, the West Coast and the Maritimes, and they've all taken off their shoes when coming into our home. In fact, we've had to tell many guests to bring their shoes into the foyer and leave them in the closet, to which they've refused vehemently and I've had to sneak their shoes in after they were settled elsewhere in the house. Our front porch is enclosed, but we don't like the idea of a guest leaving their shoes 'outdoors', especially in the freezing winters.

LOL, an actor friend of mine has been spending quite a bit of time in the States and has started wearing his shoes in his own home. When he told my friends and I to leave our shoes on when we visited his new condo, we were like, "Why would we do that?!"  On the other hand, a friend of my parents moved to the States many years ago and has regular rows with his son about not wearing shoes in the house!

But yeah, in general, we don't wear outdoor shoes inside the home. People are free to borrow a pair of slippers or bring their own from home if they so wish. At a backyard BBQ, you can carry your shoes through the house and put them on at the patio, or you can walk to the backyard around the house and through the outdoor gate. (Foot fungus is an honour system thing! ) Thus, I only wear my best shoes (and some do rival Carrie's footwear!) to parties held at banquet halls or restaurants or in some public place where I'll be able to show 'em off and there is very little chance of someone running off with them! Of course, after wearing those fancy creations for an entire evening my big feet are screaming with agony - but it is soooo worth it!  

I carry teeny tiny purses as well. (Sorry, but I'm just not all that practical about these things. ) I can barely fit in my driver's license, car keys and a lipstick. In my high school prom purse I literally carried nothing but a tissue! My lipstick, ID and cell phone were distributed among my friends' purses.

Regarding Carrie's shoes, if she wants to wear expensive shoes, let her. I only have an issue with it when she can not seem to figure out where her money went when she needs to come up with money for her down payment. As for the incident with Tatum O'Neal, as a guest I would personally never expect my host to pay me back for the shoes. However, as a host who has received over $2000 worth of gifts from my guest, I would pay her the money for the shoes she lost at my home because whether I agree with her spending choices or not, she lost something very valuable to her due to my choice to have guests remove their shoes (which seems to be uncommon in New York). The way I see it, if I were to attend a party where guests are expected to leave their earrings on a tray in the foyer and pick them up when exiting, I would expect a bit of empathy if I lost my diamond earrings, regardless of whether or not the other guests wore costume jewelry.

I was also irritated with Carrie for treating Aidan so horribly. He's too good for her! I never liked Berger, though. I always liked Big.

... and yes, Miranda is mean to Steve, and Charlotte is just too much, and Samantha is... well... but I enjoy watching them. Why, I'll never know. -Madam Pince

Oh yeah, me too! Personally, I'd be depressed if I had any of these women's lives. The title of the show alone turned me off and I didn't begin watching until the series was over. But I ended up loving it for some weird reason I have yet to understand!

Oops, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone with my comments regarding gift registries.  I wasn't judging others' beliefs but was rather expressing my views on why I would prefer not to go that route for myself. From my upbringing I'm not comfortable with asking others for things I want. In addition, we believe that weddings, anniversaries, new family additions, etc., are opportunities to share our happiness with others and acknowledge each guest's presence as a blessing and their good wishes as the greatest gift possible. Preparing a list of gifts I want, from which my guests can buy something for me, implies that gifts are expected in return for my hospitality and that takes away from the ideal of appreciating my guests for sharing my moment with me, feeding them well and being the best hostess possible. I really don't feel that I have the right to tell my guests to buy things for me just because I'm inviting them to celebrate with me.

For gift-giving, we buy tasteful presents or give a large cheque to 'get them started' in their life together (Gigi got both ). For babies, clothes are always an idea, and for the bigger gifts it's not hard to ask around among friends to figure out who's giving the new parents what. I love giving gifts, however, I just don't appreciate being given a list to purchase a gift from as I don't believe that gifts should be such a huge obligation for guests. In my background, the host's role is to invite the guest, feed them well and be hospitable. The guest decides what they wish to bestow upon their host. Not practical, but not everything needs to be orchestrated for maximum gain (for me). If I want something, I buy it myself. If I can't afford it, I can do without it. I don't feel that it's my guests' duty to provide me with these things. Once again, these points apply only to my family and myself and I intend no disrespect whatsoever towards those with different beliefs. It takes all sorts of different traditions to make up our world, after all.  

ETA: (((Choices))) ; Cool! I have flat feet too!!  ; The funniest translation


PeskyPixie - May 24, 2008 4:33 pm (#2168 of 2991)  

I wrote so much that my final sentence was cut off! It was supposed to say, "The funniest translation from French class was 'Frappe la rue, Jacques!' I'm sure that was full of spelling errors, mais, c'est la vie!"


geauxtigers - May 24, 2008 6:30 pm (#2169 of 2991)  

Err, Hit the street Jacques? Am I supposed to get that? LOL Lost in translation! Okay battery is about to die and I left my charger at home, so best go before it cuts me off! I'll be back, there's lots more I wanted to say!


PeskyPixie - May 24, 2008 6:52 pm (#2170 of 2991)  

'Hit the road, Jack.'  


Vox Gerbilis - May 24, 2008 7:23 pm (#2171 of 2991)  

Choices, were you using "floods" metaphorically, or did you mean you also got a flood insurance premium bill? If so, I empathize.

My daughter's mini-party went well. All three girls enjoyed themselves and got along harmoniously.

My husband has been at an all-day bachelor party since this morning. They played 18 holes of golf, had dinner, and have poker scheduled for this evening. Does this seem excessive to anyone? Admittedly, I'm an introvert and I get social fatigue after 3 or 4 hours with other people, but I can't imagine why anyone would want to socialize like this for 12 plus hours.


TwinklingBlueEyes - May 24, 2008 7:34 pm (#2172 of 2991)  

((((((((((((((Choices))))))))))))) hang in there girlfriend, remember, somewhere there's a silver lining!


geauxtigers - May 24, 2008 7:38 pm (#2173 of 2991)  

Haha Wow! Hit the road Jack! It really has been a long day! LOL I stole Ginny's laptop.

I'm watching PoA on ABC Family right now. Emma Watson drives me crazy in this one! In fact, they are pretty annoying. I swear I'm about to not be able to watch them anymore! I can't enjoy them for the nippicking! LOL

I now can't remember anything I was going to say earlier...

Ahh! stupid wrackspurt!


journeymom - May 24, 2008 10:06 pm (#2174 of 2991)
Choices, continued healing charms to you!

Mr. Journeymom is on a martial arts movie kick. Last night was Danny the Dog/Unleased, a Jet Li movie. It was surprisingly good. Tonight it's House of Flying Daggers. Also really good.


Solitaire - May 24, 2008 10:51 pm (#2175 of 2991)  

I carry teeny tiny purses as well.

I've always envied those who could get away with small purses. I'm not sure if it was growing up with Mom (who could have produced any old thing from her bag on Let's Make A Deal) or just all of the paraphernalia that went with being ME that did it, but I can't seem to get rid of the big purse. Until an eye injury a few years ago, I wore hard contacts. This necessitated all of the contact supplies, plus glasses ... plus both regular and prescription dark glasses, depending on what might be needed. Now that I wear glasses only, and technology has devised a small magnetic "dark lenses" clip-on for them, a lot has been eliminated. Of course, I now carry all of my diabetic testing junk, as well as meds and snacks ... just in case. I just can't seem to get away from a big bag.

LOL Tori! You're showing your age ... or lack of it! **feeling old** Have you never heard the song: Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more! Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more! Yes, it's old, but I hear it occasionally on those "oldies-but-goodies" CD collection advertisements. Okay, I see you do know the song. **giggle**

Journeymom, watch out for stray karate kicks and flying ninja stars.



geauxtigers - May 24, 2008 11:20 pm (#2176 of 2991)
No I've heard the song a billion times, Soli. That's why I was feeling pretty dumb for not putting two and two together! LOL If I'd have translated 'rue' into road and not street, I'd have gotten it, but in my sleepy stupor of the day, it just didn't click! LOL

Speaking of, I'm off to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep tonight. I've been laying awake for the past few weeks with my mind racing. Too much excitement in the past few weeks. I just wish my brain would slow down some! I'm tired!

((Choices)) Everything will be okay. Tomorrow is a new day!


Elanor - May 25, 2008 2:12 am (#2177 of 2991)  

((((((Choices))))))) and a barrel of Felix Felicis! Hang in there! Sending you more Healing Charms too.

Pesky: "'Frappe la rue, Jacques!'"

ROFL! It took me a minute to understand, till I started translating it in English actually. This is too good!  

Sorry if I've been confusing about the he/she/it Tori! It's very difficult to compare English and French when it comes to articles and pronouns. French does not have any indefinite pronoun/article when it comes to things (everything is either a masculine or feminine word). The only indefinite pronoun that exists applies to people and is the "on" pronoun which either stands for "one" ("one would think...") or a generally speaking "we", or "they" if used in an indefinite manner in English. I think everybody learning French or English must be struggling with that particularity, so now wonder Babble Fish does as well!  

Have a great Sunday all!  

**waving at Julie/GE if you visit here: thought of you yesterday when seeing it was Eurovision time again!**



Puck - May 25, 2008 7:19 am (#2178 of 2991)  

Soli, my handbag is HUGE. I picked it out before Christmas, and gave Mr. Puck the store card with the item number on it, saying it was what I wanted for Christmas. It was a splurge, but I love it. I know some moms who now use a diaper bag as a purse. I just toss diapers into my pretty bag. (Though I can hopefully stop that soon.) It's nice having pockets for cell phone, etc...and even a clip for my keys so I don't lose them inside the cavernous bottom.

Anyone know any good books to read to kindergarten age children about dealing with the death of a parent. My niece and youngest cousin were in a dance recital last night. It was cousin's first. So sad, because my aunt is very sick with cancer. She was there to watch, knowing she likely won't see another. (Cousin is 5 1/2, my aunt 47.) Anyway, I would like some ideas about talking to the little one about whats going to happen. If anyone knows any appropriate books, please let me know. Thanks.



Denise P. - May 25, 2008 7:30 am (#2179 of 2991)  

I stopped carrying a purse when I had it stolen out of my shopping cart while grocery shopping a few years ago. I don't carry any pictures in my wallet either. I carry my ID in a mini wallet and my phone...both go into a pocket. A purse drives me nuts, I always forget it so it works out much better for me to just have my wallet.

I just found out that school is letting out 2 days early due to budget cuts.


Puck - May 25, 2008 8:30 am (#2180 of 2991)  

Can they do that? Isn't 180 days mandated?  


Solitaire - May 25, 2008 10:05 am (#2181 of 2991)
good books to read to kindergarten age children about dealing with the death of a parent

I'm not too sure about books, but I thought the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium did a good job of addressing the topic of death with children.

School is 180 days minimum (181 for our school this year, why we don't know) in CA. A district can opt for more days, but not fewer, as far as I know. In our district, budget cuts would come in the form of cutting hours of classified workers. I'm surprised that there is a budget run-over at this point. Someone must have miscalculated!

Oh, heavens! I just got up to get the remote control when I saw something dark and small going across the carpet. I didn't have my glasses, so I quickly grabbed them and saw that it was a teeny little frog! They are everywhere outside--I can't drive out of my garage without flattening a dozen--and I guess Stoney brought one in when he was outside this morning. It was so much fun getting it outside. It wanted to hop and hide under things, and I didn't think I'd ever get it out of the little "trench" in the door threshold ... but I did. Now I'm wondering how many others are inside ... and whether or not I'll step on them when I get up in the dark.  Well, I guess I'd better go and do frog patrol! Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 793915934



Choices - May 25, 2008 2:23 pm (#2182 of 2991)
It is good to be reminded from time to time just why I come here. Could there possibly be a nicer group of people anywhere? I do love you all and appreciate your words of encouragement. You help keep me going! Also, it is your diversity that makes you all so interesting. I love to hear about other cultures and customs or how other families do things. This is just the greatest place and you are the best!

I feel that I am making progress in my recovery - slowly, but surely. The big Betadine induced blisters on my back that itched so badly, have almost completely healed. The last two nights I have been able to sleep all night in my bed - hopefully no more switching from chair to bed to get comfortable. I am almost completely off the heavy duty pain medicine - usually Ibuprofen will do the trick. I feel like I am coming out of a fog and I am now able to stay awake all day and actually watch TV, movies or be on the computer for a bit.

Thank you for just being here when I need some companionship and thanks for lending me a bit of your strength when I need it. Love and {{{hugs}}} to you all.


Chemyst - May 25, 2008 5:19 pm (#2183 of 2991)  

Puck, if you are looking for a storybook kind of explanation, there is Water Bugs & Dragonflies. It does not specifically talk about a Christian heaven; although it is not wholly incompatible with it. (I think it was based on a Native American Indian story actually.) It promotes the idea that we go to a 'better place' and that while people there cannot come to us, we will go to them someday. The book has been around awhile so there are different versions with different artwork. Spoiler: The water bug changes into a dragonfly.


Soul Search - May 25, 2008 7:00 pm (#2184 of 2991)  

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Choices. But, the time for lollygagging around is over. We only allow three days for back surgery; we expect you to get back to your usual insightful analysis and comments. There is some good action on the Snape topic and the Deathly Hallows Read-A-Long. Even the "Slytherin Should Be Disbanded" topic is moving along. We need you. Back at it. No excuses.


Steve Newton - May 25, 2008 7:05 pm (#2185 of 2991)  

Choices, glad to hear that things are improving.


Potteraholic - May 25, 2008 8:40 pm (#2186 of 2991)
US Forumners, wishing everyone a peaceful Memorial Day.


Accio Sirius - May 26, 2008 6:52 am (#2187 of 2991)  


Unfortunately I know about those kinds of books all too well. The hospital gave my daughter a book called The Next Place, from which we all took a lot of comfort. It's pretty broad in its generalizations, but very sensitive for kids. Leo Buscaglia wrote a book called The Fall of Freddie the Leaf which is geared toward younger kids. My daughter also keeps a copy of A Blue Day and Lifetimes near her bed still. We gave copies of all of these books to my daughter's school library after the school counselor gave her book on the death of a cat, which I guess was her idea of sufficient help!?!

Choices, healing and cheering charms are on their way!


Solitaire - May 26, 2008 10:46 am (#2188 of 2991)  

(((((Choices))))) I'm so glad you're back posting. Things just didn't feel right here without you. Congrats on using the bed all night. I wouldn't mind doing that myself. I'm hoping that when school is out, I'll be able to switch back to bed full-time and use morning exercise to work out the kinks. With school, I do not have the time I need to do it that way, unless I get up and 4 a.m. ... and I'm just not up for that yet. I'm hoping that physical therapy, swimming, and long, gentle walks over the summer will put me in better shape for next fall.

At the moment, my biggest challenge is figuring out how to pack up and empty my classroom, when I can't lift anything or use a ladder without pain. Also, I need to bring home the manuals, pacing guides, and things I require to set up lesson plans, just in case nothing is ready in the fall. I do not want to have my essentials stuck in the back of a C-train for the first 3 months of school. I can do without the "frills" for a year, if I must. I just hate reinventing the wheel when it isn't necessary. At the moment, however, I am enjoying the day off.

Journeymom, what is your weather like up north? At the moment, it is 55 degrees here in Kern County! I can't ever remember having such cool temps in May (almost June). It has been drizzly and overcast, almost like Pismo or Morro Bay. I love it! I just hope non-frying temps continue. It will make Wednesday kind of weird--we have a swimming party planned, which may have to be scrapped--but the rest of the week will be more pleasant. Oh, well ...

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  



Puck - May 26, 2008 2:04 pm (#2189 of 2991)  

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I have written down the titles and will look for them at the library. I have the cat one -The Tenth Good Thing About Barney. While I found it helpful to read to the kids when our kitty died, I just didn't think it was what I was looking for now. It's fine when read along with other books, but when a little girl loses her mom, I just don't think it will be the best option. I just want the poor girl to be prepared for what's coming. They haven't wanted to burden her with all this, but at some point she must be told how sick her mom really is. If I lived closer I'd likely be the one to do it. As it is, recommending a few book titles may be the most I can do. If they want me too, I'll drive up to speak to her when they are ready. I just can't imagine any of them being able to do it. She's the same age as Diva, and I can't imagine having to say something like that to her.

(((all of you)))



journeymom - May 26, 2008 2:26 pm (#2190 of 2991)  

Journeymom, what is your weather like up north?

Much, much better! Currently 79 F, cooler yesterday and rained on Saturday. We spent yesterday at my sister's home in San Francisco, where it was lovely and breezy.

Have a wonderful day, All.


Choices - May 26, 2008 4:16 pm (#2191 of 2991)  

It is wonderful to be back, but (Soul Search), I confess I am still not up to much more than general comments and agreement with what others have said. I have never been one to take much pain medicine - Ibuprofen being about my limit, but for about two months (one before and one after my surgery) I was eating Oxycodon or Percaset (sp?) like candy - not that it really helped the pain, but it did "dull" it a bit. I'm afraid it is going to take me awhile to get it all out of my system and be able to come up with any even semi-intelligent thoughts. LOL I am definitely working on it, though.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day and paid honor to all our fighting men and women. May they all be safe and sound back home soon!


Holly T. - May 26, 2008 7:45 pm (#2192 of 2991)  


We went to see Indiana Jones today (loved it!) and before the movie we saw a preview for "Twilight" and I have to say that Cedric Diggory is looking all Gothy vampiry hunky, if that makes sense.  

Most of our weekend was taken up with ballet recital  but that went well and daughter did good. To reward Draco for his patience in putting up with all of the ballet and fussing over his sister, etc. I took him to the IMAX last night to see "U23D." If you have an IMAX near you and are a U2 fan this is a must see. We really enjoyed it.


Puck - May 26, 2008 7:46 pm (#2193 of 2991)  

I just saw on the news that the young man who plays Marcus B. in HBP movie was stabbed to death in a fight outside a bar in London. How very sad.  


haymoni - May 26, 2008 8:36 pm (#2194 of 2991)  

Puck - My mother passed away when Ungrateful Son was only 4 and someone gave us the "Dragonflies/Waterbug" story. It was a big help. Made me feel better too!


Snuffles - May 27, 2008 12:58 am (#2195 of 2991)  

((((hugs)))) to Choices, azi and anyone else needing some.

I thought about Julie(GE) on Saturday with Eurovision on. I think she normally has a party. England had their usual success. We came joint bottom (wey!!). I don't know why we bother entering. We only get in every year because we fund some of it!  

It has been on our news about the HP actor who was killed. Apparently 4 others were injured too. They have caught a couple of people, so hopefully they will get what they deserve.

I can't wait to watch S&theC. Alot of my girlfriends don't watch it or are too pregnant to sit there for that amount of time. Hubby has said he won't go. It's a chick flick . I think my niece watches it, I will have to ask her.

I love all these sayings you guys have. My favourite one is similar to the one TBE mentioned. My brother in law is a bit bow-legged. He needs some operation to fix something in his knee. We always say he 'couldn't stop a pig in a passage'  

Olivia started gymnastics on Sunday. Her name has been down since whe was 2! She thoroughly enjoyed herself and after all the stretching she did, she ached the next day! She has a calender on her wall and she is crossing off the days to her next lesson. She also asked me to write when my birthday is so she can make sure she has made me a card  

Off to check the threads.

*Healing charms and Felix Felicis* to all those in need.

Happy Tuesday everyone



Lilly P - May 27, 2008 9:15 am (#2196 of 2991)  

(((Choices))) Hope you are feeling better. The in-laws left yesterday after a long weeks visit. We are having a nice rest today. It should be a law that you can't have house guests while you have morning sickness! It looks like we will have a Christmas baby this time around. Annemarie has informed us that under no circumstances what-so-ever is she having a brother. Only a sister! We'll see!

Lilly P.


Choices - May 27, 2008 9:30 am (#2197 of 2991)  

I just got back from my weekly doctor visit. I made it on my walker this time - last time I went in a wheelchair - ahhhhh, progress. :-) The lower end of my incision has finally closed (where the drain was) but they still want me on another round of two antibiotics (both at the same time). They told me if I feel comfortable, I can drive. Wow, I'm getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Yea!

My next door neighbor and I have not gotten along for years. A couple of days ago her house got hit by the Formosan termites also, plus her red van refused to start and her silver van refused to go into reverse. She called the tow truck and guess what, when he got here his truck refused to go into reverse. LOL Now, my family is accusing me of spending some of my past sleepless night putting hexes on her vehicles. The nerve! LOL Just because my wand is still smoking slightly is not what I call proof. ;-)

Hope everyone is having a good week. We have a warm, beautiful day today and I am heading out to sit in the sunshine on the patio. Love and {{{hugs}}} and charms for all good things coming your way. :-)


Holly T. - May 27, 2008 9:51 am (#2198 of 2991)  

Congrats to Lilly P.! My daughter wanted a little sister too (and still does--she would happily trade her brother).

Choices, glad to hear you are feeling well enough to put hexes on your neighbor!  

WTG Olivia the gymnast!


Solitaire - May 27, 2008 9:57 am (#2199 of 2991)  

Ouch, Choices! Better make sure they do not know the Priori Incantatem! spell!  Actually, the cars not starting or working funny reminds me of the play we read in class last week, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, an old Rod Serling Twilight Zone tale. Good luck!

I'm glad you are feeling more yourself. Oddly, we do not have much in the way of sunshine today. It's kind of overcast and cool--beach weather, not Bakersfield weather (not that I mind).



Madam Pince - May 27, 2008 12:46 pm (#2200 of 2991)  

Yay, Choices! Glad you're feeling better today! (And for the record, I can't think of anything better to keep yourself occupied when you're recuperating from surgery than hexing annoying neighbors...  It's bound to improve your mental outlook at any rate!) Someone told me to "cheer up, things could get worse." -- always remember "Young Frankenstein"... "Could be worse... could be raining!"  

Denise, no, Mr. Pince is not in the orientation film at Mt. Vernon (although he has mentioned he might like to get into French & Indian and/or Rev War stuff someday... just what our closets need -- another era's worth of period clothing... ) He is in the orientation film for the new Gettysburg Visitor's Center, however. We haven't seen it yet but a friend did and said he was in a couple scenes.

Holly, a meet-up would be fantastic! That is early days yet for us to know our schedule right now, but it looks pretty good as far as I can see... ***fingers crossed***

It seemed to us that the traffic was significantly less on the roads this holiday weekend, presumably due to gas prices. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the roads to the beach were practically empty, which is unheard of around here. However, last night the traffic coming away from the beach looked pretty heavy (like normal for a holiday weekend), which makes me wonder how they all got there.  Perhaps people made a full-week's vacation of it, rather than the shorter three-or-four-day weekend? There were a large number of motorcyclists touring around in my Mom's hometown, though. I think a lot of people are switching to motorcycles whenever possible to save on gas.

I can't deal with a small purse. As far as I'm concerned the only reason to carry one is for it to hold the things I need, so I definitely need one big enough for some stuff! LOL!
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Tazzygirl - May 27, 2008 1:59 pm (#2201 of 2991)  

Congratulations, Lily P!

Choices- glad to hear you are healing. Sending more **healing charms** to you!  

It is very sad about the HP actor who was killed. I heard about it a couple days ago. Another sad thing- I couldn't remember the character he portrays in the book.  

I am packed for my trip to Cali. Aunt is coming by sometime soon (don't know when...) to pick me up. She's bringing Syd and Thaniel so they can finally see my new place. I'll be spending the night at my old place, and then my uncle is taking me to the airport at about 6 tomorrow morning.

Talk to you all soon...



Solitaire - May 27, 2008 2:44 pm (#2202 of 2991)  

Tazzy, when will you arrive and how long will you be here?


Madam Pince - May 28, 2008 3:19 am (#2203 of 2991)  

Another sad thing- I couldn't remember the character he portrays in the book. --Tazzy

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. When I first read the post about it where it said he played Marcus B in HBP, I thought "Surely that's a typo? Did she mean Marcus F in SS?" (And I'm even listening to HBP on tape right now...  I think Slughorn usually refers to him as "Belby" only, so the "Marcus" part didn't sink in with me maybe...)

It will feel strange to watch him the movie now, knowing this. It doesn't really make sense, but it's harder somehow, when it's a younger actor who has died tragically. I don't usually watch the Batman movies anyway, but I think it would be really weird to watch The Dark Knight this summer with Heath Ledger in it, knowing that his "getting into" that particular character played into Ledger's inability to sleep and thus led indirectly to his death. It just feels sort of... morbid? or something? to watch that now.


Puck - May 28, 2008 6:11 am (#2204 of 2991)  

Congrats to Jaimie!!! (((hugs)))  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2942856553

Choices, love that you have your humor about you.  

Madame Pince, they obviously apparate in, then lost their wands in the sand, and need to rent cars to drive home.  

I know what you mean, Madame Pince. It was odd enough watching OotP knowing which characters don't survive the series, never mind knowing that an actor is gone in real life.

Big Kid swim lessons this morning. Mommy on side of the pool instead of in it. (But not way up in the balcony as I am for older children.)

2 days with no potty "oopsies"!  (just jinxed myself, I'm sure)

Michaels craft stores have nice Scout scrapbooks, by the way. They take coupons from other stores, so I used a 50% off one to by a Brownie one for Diva yesterday. Just deciding whether to give it to her for her bridging this Sunday, or wait until her birthday. Funny thing, this morning she out of the blue said she needs "one of those books to put pictures in". She's never mentioned it before.


Steve Newton - May 28, 2008 6:28 am (#2205 of 2991)  
This is race week in Dover. Nascar fans are already flooding the area. The many acres surrounding Dover Downs are already awash in RVs. Last week was a more classic look with fields of portapotties.

The fun part is that the book cart drill team is supposed to practice in Dover on Sunday. We have tried to schedule so that we will be gone by the time the race is over but just a few minutes off could nail us.


Madam Pince - May 28, 2008 7:16 am (#2206 of 2991)
***trying to envision ways the book cart drill team could practice by negotiating around RVs and/or race cars... hmmmmm...***

I totally missed LillyP's announcement the first time around (so thanks for the big colorful letters, Puck!) -- Congratulations on the news, LillyP!


Holly T. - May 28, 2008 7:31 am (#2207 of 2991)  

Steve, I think you are missing a golden opportunity to have NASCAR drivers help you with your book cart routine.

Madam Pince, we saw the trailer for the new Batman movie before Indiana Jones and the scenes with Heath Ledger gave me the heebie jeebies. Incidentally, I saw somewhere the other day that they can't keep the Joker action figures modeled after him in stock. Now that is morbid.

Puck, the past few years two of my goals for the summer have been 1) clean and organize my home office and 2) finally put together a Girl Scout scrapbook. Perhaps the third year on the list will be the charm.

Madam Pince, yes, definitely e-mail me if you think we can plan a meet up this summer. My e-mail address is holly z t at yahoo dot com (take out the spaces).  


journeymom - May 28, 2008 1:21 pm (#2208 of 2991)  

Congrats, Lilly P!


Denise P. - May 28, 2008 1:40 pm (#2209 of 2991)  

I detest scrapbooking. I love the result but I find putting it together enough to make me scream. Luckily for me, I found scrapbookflair.com I was able to download a free program with templates, backgrounds, balloons, embelishments....and the ability to import/download more. I made my Tigers a scrapbook using pictures I have taken through the year. I print one copy and then took it to Kinkos for color copies. Now, each of them has a nice scrapbook and I didn't go nuts doing it. I am redoing Iain's to make it a bit more Iain-centric since the one I made for everyone is pretty generic. I didn't think the other parents would really want Iain featured prominently on each page.  

Mr. Denise was hit by a car today as he was biking during his lunch hour. He was riding on a major road (Sunrise Valley in Reston, Madam P), on the bike path, crossing the street. A car turning left failed to see him already in the crosswalk and failed to yield, hitting his bike in the rear tire. It bent the tire all out of shape and threw Mr. Denise pretty good. His dignity, knee and elbow all suffered scrapes and cuts as did his brand new pants and one of his nicer dress shirts. All considered, it was minor compared to what it could have been. He is going to have to drive to work while his bike is being repaired. This is a brand new bike that he just got about 6 weeks ago and he had just had it tuned up and everything adjusted over the weekend.

Holly, I will try to email you..making a note to do so....but if you don't hear from me, it just means that I am forgetful. I think it would be great to meet up.


Choices - May 28, 2008 2:09 pm (#2210 of 2991)  

Well, now I am feeling a bit guilty about my neighbors and their problems - I am putting my wand away for a while to let it cool off. LOL I was out in the front yard as they got in their van and the mister warned me about gas theft - he said last night some "thugs" came right into his driveway and tried to syphon the gas from his van. Yikes! I had heard of license plates being stolen and used to steal gas by filling up and then driving off without paying. Of course, the police trace the plates and you get the blame. Something has got to be done about this gas situation....until then, guard your plates and your gas tank.

{{{Hugs}}} to all. :-)


haymoni - May 28, 2008 5:11 pm (#2211 of 2991)  

They used to put locks on gas tanks. Might be worth the extra $$$ to have one installed.

Sorry about Mr. Denise and his bike. Does the driver pay for the bike repairs???


Puck - May 28, 2008 7:58 pm (#2212 of 2991)  

Healing charms to Mr. Denise. Ouch!  

denise, the scrapbook will be Diva's project. I bought some GS paper, so she just has to add photos and a few embellishments. She's a creative soul, so I'm sure she'll have fun with it.


dizzy lizzy - May 28, 2008 9:38 pm (#2213 of 2991)  

I'm glad the bike accident wasn't more serious!

Fuel theft from cars made the front page of our local newspaper yesterday. The bigger problem is from rural areas and work sites. Petrol prices in North-West Tasmania are $1.55-$1.60 per litre.

Google says 1 Litre= 0.26 US gallons and $1.60AUD =$1.53 USD.

I'm not mathematically inclined to compute the rest of the equation...any helpers??

I have a brainwave last night...I have 3 ideas for the next swap round...now to work out which one would be most effective.




Elanor - May 28, 2008 9:59 pm (#2214 of 2991)  

Bonjour everybody!  

I've just read something wonderful on the website of the Guardian newspaper and thought I'd share at once:

JK Rowling has written an 800-word prequel to the Harry Potter series which is likely to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity at auction. The handwritten short story, featuring the fictional wizard's father James and his friend Sirius Black in their younger years, fills both sides of a piece of A5 card and is signed by the author. A 93-word teaser card carrying plot clues sold in 2002 for £26,680, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a book of fairytales which plays a central role in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, made £1.95m last year.

Rowling, who has earned £560m from the seven Potter books, is determined the latest instalment will not be developed further, writing at the end of the story: From the prequel I am not working on - but that was fun!" Last year she said that if she did write another Potter tale it would not be for a decade." (whote article to be read here: http:** // ** books.guardian.co.uk/harrypotter/story/0,,2282533,00.html (just remove the stars).

Let's hope she will soon want to have more fun!  

Healing charms to Choices and Mr Denise, and congrats to Lilly!



Tazzygirl - May 28, 2008 11:13 pm (#2215 of 2991)
I have arrived safe and sound in Cali. Plane was overcrowded and extremely smelly (sitting near the bathroom is not a good idea on an airplane! ). It's been great seeing the whole family together again.  

Soli- I'm here until July 7th.  

Madam P.- I was thinking maybe it was a typo in the article about Marcus B. I know a Marcus F. LOL

Denise- glad Mr. Denise wasn't seriously hurt in the accident!  **healing charms** to him and his bike! (I hope the person who hit him pays for the repairs!)

I wish JKR would release the prequal book for everyone, and not just for auction!  

sigh. I guess I'll head to bed. It's only 8 pm Hawaii time, but as usual I will be getting up at 6:30 am forum time (3:30 am Hawaii time) to take mom and brother to work so I can have the car later on during the day.  Mom actually asked if I was coming with her to school in the morning. I know she's super excited about me being here, but she asks me that every single time I come home. She should know by now that I am still on Hawaii time, and therefore waking up at what my body knows as 3:30 am is not my idea of a 'welcome home!' moment.  

Have a great day/night everyone!



jose043 - May 29, 2008 3:36 am (#2216 of 2991)  

Hi All

Hope Mr Denise is all right & his bike doesn't take too long to get fixed.

Healing & get well charms to all that need them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Madam Pince - May 29, 2008 5:16 am (#2217 of 2991)  

Tazzy, they are going to publish the cards that JKR (and others, who didn't get as much headline for it, LOL) wrote. Apparently they're going to compile them all together and publish it. So that's good news at least! (Glad you're "home" safely!)

Denise, how scary about the bike accident!  I'm glad it wasn't more serious, and hope he isn't sore and beat up today. Bummer about the bike and the clothes.  

Choices, you're just a more effective "hexer" than you thought you were, LOL! The big "theft item" for ages around here has been metals. Thieves were even digging up buried power lines at playgrounds and ballfields (at night) to get the copper out, which they would then re-sell at a scrap yard. Sheesh. The biggie lately has been sawing the catalytic converters off of vehicles to get the platinum out of them. They caught two guys in our community recently so maybe the spate of crimes will tail off a bit. They like to hit big Toyotas (like mine ) because they're easy to crawl under and apparently the converter is located in such a way that it's easy to cut off. I know three people who had theirs stolen in the past month.

Denise, that reminds me of something I read about Craig's List, and I know you've used that. Apparently there was a scam going on about it -- someone would list an apartment for rent, but would be "on vacation" or otherwise mysteriously unavailable to show the property, but they'd post pictures. Apparently people desperately anxious to rent would agree to rent it sight unseen based on the pics, and would forward a month's advance. Then they'd show up on moving day, only to find out that the house/apartment was not even up for rent at all and the owners/occupants knew nothing about it. The scammers were just grabbing the photos online from places that had sold recently, then re-posting it on Craig's List as a rental, collecting the month's advance, then disappearing. This has also happened on there with other items as well, the article said -- they list something "popular" or hard-to-find, then ask for a fee to "hold" it, then it's not there.

Today is Mr. Pince's birthday -- he's taking off from work and we're going to see Indiana Jones -- woo-hoo!

Gotta run to the bus!


Mrs. Sirius - May 29, 2008 6:16 am (#2218 of 2991)  

I have now seen Prince Caspian twice and I am very happily surprised to say, I loved it. Way back when Vlad, I think it was, said "What's wrong with Edmund, the Witch gives him so candy and he goes and stables her in the back" waa ha ha ha.

Hi everybody, it has been ages but with school, scouts, dance, etc. winding down, it's so hectic.

Happy Charms to all!


Snuffles - May 29, 2008 6:57 am (#2219 of 2991)  

Happy Birthday to Mr. Pince. I hope you both have a wonderful day  

**Healing Charms** to Mr. Denise. I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt. I hope the car driver has to pay to mend his bike etc.

Kristina, I hope you get a well earned rest while at home. Look forward to 'seeing' you on 5 words again hopefully  

It amazes me the lengths some people will go to steal things! We have had a spate of thefts in this area of people stealing the lead off church roofs  All of the churches in the area now have anti-theft paint sprayed on them. It is invisible but will show up under ultra-violet light. I find it very sad to think that even churches are targets for theives now.

I have been out and bought Olivia a leotard for her gymnastics. Hubby did tell me to wait a few weeks to make sure she still wants to go! I feel there will be a stern look and toe tapping in my direction when I get home!  

Off to check the threads



journeymom - May 29, 2008 7:27 am (#2220 of 2991)  

Denise, how is the Mister feeling today? Speedy healing charms his direction.

Oh, my word, only seven more days of school. I am so ready for this to be over. It's been a very challenging year for seventh grade dd and we need time to regroup.


From that article Audrey sited:

Copies of the What's Your Story? cards will be displayed in branches and online after the sale and will be published as a collection to be sold by the chain in August, with profits going to the charities.

Other authors include Margaret Atwood, Nick Hornby and Doris Lessing. The article doesn't indicate if that's a definitive list.


Holly T. - May 29, 2008 8:37 am (#2221 of 2991)  

Happy birthday to Mr. Pince!

Healing charms to Mr. Denise! Does he have insurance on his bike?

Julie Snuffles--my husband and I have an agreement now--he does not want to know how much daughter's ballet leotards, tights, or shoes cost and I do not tell him.


HungarianHorntail11 - May 29, 2008 8:50 am (#2222 of 2991)  

Hi! Just wanted to pop in and give a round of healing charms to Choices, Mr. Denise (so glad he walked away from it) and those in need, offer my congratulations to Tazzy, Ginny and Tori and wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. Pince!

Congrats to Jamie and family!

Felix Felicis to Steve on their practices.

Very cool about JKR - will have to look into it for more info.

So sad about the 18 y.o. boy.

Saw Caspian and Indy. Loved both but I feel the bottom fell out plotwise w/Indy.

Lol, Vlad about the White Witch comment.

Speaking of witches, Choices, it is evident you don't know your own spell strength, hee hee!



Accio Sirius - May 29, 2008 12:28 pm (#2223 of 2991)  

I too thought Indy was a lot of high-action "fluff." Enjoyable popcorn fare, but not particularly memorable. There was a good piece about Karen Allen on CBS Sunday morning. Apparently she creates her own knitted clothing line now.

Denise, thanks for the scrapbook site. That's a great idea, especially for end of year stuff. Sorry to hear about the bike accident. I'm sure the broken bike stings more than the injuries. My dh rides to work downtown everyday. When his first bike was stolen, he was very Pee-Wee Herman about it!

Speaking of hubby, he had to take off for a week to Puerto Rico for a work convention this morning--which also happens to be our 15 year wedding anniversary! Sad Needless to say I expect a fairly decent souvenir!

The prequel news is very exciting. I would love to know more about The Marauders!


Choices - May 29, 2008 12:45 pm (#2224 of 2991)  

LOL at HH11.

A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Pince and mega healing charms to Mr. Denise. {{{Hugs}}}


azi - May 29, 2008 1:43 pm (#2225 of 2991)  

Happy birthday Mr Pince.  

Great to hear you're getting ever better, Choices!  

Eeek about Mr Denise! He is lucky to only have cuts and scrapes. Cycling on roads is horrible and I stick to off-road bike paths where possible. It's a braver person than me who cycles on roads.  

Well I've finished my exams. I don't feel good right now! Just 'meh', tired, exhausted. I've sprained my writing wrist/hand so I'm wearing a support. Bleugh! And the stress is not gone from the house - 3 of my housemates start their exams tomorrow. Of course, one was in tears about how little he knew 10 minutes ago. He just went back to playing Grand Theft Auto, like they all have all week.  I had a couple of female friends over for my 2nd official birthday and it was nice to have people around who aren't obsessed with that game! Maybe after some sleep I'll feel free!

Lovely days to all! It was hot and sunny all day and then went cloudy during my exam at 4-6pm. It is pouring with rain now...


Tazzygirl - May 29, 2008 1:51 pm (#2226 of 2991)  

I thought JKR's cards were for auction only?  I read an article that wasn't very clear yesterday.

My mom and brother were helping cleaning out my sister's room, and they ran across a ton of HP stuff my sister collected when she was obsessed with it about 10 years ago or so. There is a Harry doll that looks like it hasn't been opened (it was sold at Blockbuster Videos), a figurine of the troll, a snow globe with Harry catching the winged key, pens, address book, stationary, and two picture frames. Oh and three posters dealing with the first couple books. If anyone is interested in any of it, let me know. I can send it to you.  I think I'm going to keep one poster, for my classroom reading corner.

Mom and brother let me sleep in today. Woke up at 11- when brother called to tell me I had 45 minutes to get ready and meet him for lunch. Mom had taken the car to work this morning, so I had to walk a couple miles to the school to pick up the car. Pretty much lunch with brother was shot, and we'll try again tomorrow. LOL  

Off to play with the doggies.



Denise P. - May 29, 2008 2:54 pm (#2227 of 2991)  

Thanks all, Mr. Denise *was* riding on the bike path but it crosses streets. The guy that hit him was not even aware the path was there. Truly, I don't know how ANYONE in the area can't be, it is posted at regular intervals. Mr. Denise headed into the doctor today so you know it had to be hurting (a guy, going to the doctor without a bone visible?). She said it was just a bruised bone and muscle and will heal on its own.

Yay! Yay! Today was the last day of seminary! I don't have to get up at 5:30 am until September. Next year I will have two that I have to cart daily up to class since Ryan will start.


geauxtigers - May 29, 2008 5:12 pm (#2228 of 2991)  

I'm super excited about the prequel as well! I was under the impression that in August there will be a book put together with the other authors that are supposed to be doing the same sort of thing as Jo. This will also go for charity. Anyone know if we can pre-order? I need to go pre-order the special 10 year anniversary edition of SS soon here. That comes out in September. I also still need to get the my own copy of SS and CoS as Ginny and I have been sharing them all these years and I want an original cover of SS in case for some reason they were to discontinue that version and replace it with the new cover. I doubt it, but I'll never forgive myself if they do! LOL

Hope Mr. Denise is feeling better soon! That must've hurt!


Vox Gerbilis - May 29, 2008 6:29 pm (#2229 of 2991)  

Oh, Denise, how frightening! I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it might have been (shudder).

Today was my daughter's 8th birthday. (Can I give her a nickname for forum references? Gerbilette, perhaps?) We got her a DS, which made her very happy. I have some misgivings about it, because she's already very computer-addicted. One factor that tipped the scales in favor of getting it is my ongoing frustration with toys that consist of tiny little parts. There seem to be beads, Polly Pocket items, Sweet Street items, cards, board game pieces, jewelry, etc crammed into every nook and cranny of this house. At least the DS is small and self-contained.

Tomorrow I try riding the bus to work. I'm worried about coordinating the departure times, connection times, and Gerbilette's drop-off and pick-up times, but I think I can manage it. The primary benefit, of course, is savings on gasoline, but the other great benefit is reading time!


Puck - May 29, 2008 7:35 pm (#2230 of 2991)  

Happy Birthday Mr. Pince!

Happy Anniversary to Accio Sirius!

Happy Birthday to Gerbilette! I like the DS when taking kids on trips, etc...

I'm sure Olivia will use the leotard even if she opts out of gymnastics. Diva runs around the house in them putting on shows all the time.

Denise, I feel the same way when my hubby goes to the doctor. It must be painful, as he hates to go. Glad it's not serious.


Potteraholic - May 30, 2008 4:11 am (#2231 of 2991)  

Attention Five Worders! The latest story, 'Dumbledore's Army: Alive and Kicking', is finished! The new story has just started. Why don't you take a look?


Eponine - May 30, 2008 6:08 am (#2232 of 2991)  

Hello, all. This has been a rather busy week here. Mr. Eponine's grandmother passed away on Tuesday and the funeral was yesterday. While it was expected, it's still been an emotional week.

I hope everyone here is doing well.


journeymom - May 30, 2008 8:17 am (#2233 of 2991)
Tell Mr. Eponine I send my sympathies. I hope his grandmother passed peacefully.


shepherdess - May 30, 2008 9:12 am (#2234 of 2991)
What exactly is an A5 card, and how big is it?


Puck - May 30, 2008 9:27 am (#2235 of 2991)  

(((Eponine Family)))

Rest in Peace to Harvey Korman as well.


azi - May 30, 2008 9:41 am (#2236 of 2991)  

**hugs** to Eponine.

A5 is half the size of A4.


shepherdess - May 30, 2008 9:53 am (#2237 of 2991)  

LOL; thanks, Azi. Unfortunately, I have no clue what A4 is either. I've never heard of A5 or A4 card. Maybe it's a British vs. American thing?  


azi - May 30, 2008 9:59 am (#2238 of 2991)  

Lol, I wondered if there would be a clash after I posted! A4 is the standard size of paper here if you were to buy a writing pad. Here's an article on Wikipedia, just put http: //... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A4_paper_size

Hope that helps.  


shepherdess - May 30, 2008 10:05 am (#2239 of 2991)  

Wow! Well that must be an extremely short story then! Bummer!


painting sheila - May 30, 2008 10:41 am (#2240 of 2991)  

Hi everyone!

I mashed the magic button and skipped about 185 post. Sorry if I missed anything important!!

I missed you all but it has been crazy around here!

Lovely Daughter graduates on the 10th so everything is the "last this" and the "last that". Whew. Is it over yet?

Oldest son auditioned for Chorus line (the county and Broadway Series South are doing it - like they did with Les Miz last year) and he got a part!! A part with a name!! We weren't too sure about the story line and the content of the show, but we sat down with him a discussed it all and even though we are still a little nervous about it, I think he will be okay. He is "Larry - the assistant choreographer". Terrence Mann's part if you have ever seen the movie.

Littlest Guy is getting ready to graduate from kindergarten. Yeah!!

I am off to eat lunch and get cleaned up. I have been working in the yard all morning. I am covered in dirt and stink.

((((hugs)))) to everyone 'cause I missed you so!!



Holly T. - May 30, 2008 10:43 am (#2241 of 2991)  

(((Eponine Family)))

Happy Anniversary Accio Sirius!

Happy Birthday Gerbilette!

Fourth-grade awards day was this morning. Draco managed an A average in all subjects for the year, woohoo, plus he got the "principal's award for social studies," which is their lame way to give everyone an award. They either give you the principal's award in a subject that you don't do very well in but have worked hard, or in a subject you like but aren't the best student (which would be the case for Draco and social studies). His best friend, who got the award for having the top grade in social studies, was shocked. He asked Draco "why didn't they give it to you?" LOL. Whenever they had a group project the two of them worked together. Draco is ok with his friend getting the award. Daughter would always come home from those ceremonies with a stack of certificates and medals, so Draco always feels like he hasn't done well when he just gets two certificates, with one being the award that everyone gets. At least they quit calling the cop-out award the "I did my best" award. Every kid at the school knew that was codespeak for "loser." Editing to clarify that I don't think the kids who only get that award are losers--you just can tell by the way they roll their eyes when they get it and how they react and everything that they know it is just a cop-out so everyone can get something.


I Am Used Vlad - May 30, 2008 11:23 am (#2242 of 2991)  

I don't remember if the White Witch part was in the book or added for the movie. It seemed added to me.


Choices - May 30, 2008 1:55 pm (#2243 of 2991)
Ah, so much going on. Sympathy to Eponine and family. More healing charms to Mr. Denise. A very Happy Birthday to Gerbilette and a lovely, romantic anniversary to Accio Sirius. {{{Hugs}}} for all.

My lucky niece (Tara) received a Wii and several games from her Aunt Joy. It is so funny to me, but my yourngest daughter (Tara's Mom), has never cared one whit about video games, has now gone bonkers over the Wii. Every night, she and Tara spend hours playing. I think it is so cool she finally sees how much fun video games can be. LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend - love and {{{hugs}}} to all. :-)


Puck - May 30, 2008 2:18 pm (#2244 of 2991)
Are my allergies getting to me, or is Choices still taking lots of pain meds? If Tara is your niece, then her Mom would be your sister. Or, if the Mom is the daughter, then Tara would be a grand daughter.  

I keep meaning to read the Narnia books. I got them from Christmas years ago. I was trying to read them with son, but didn't get very far.

Toddler is grumpy. She didn't eat much lunch or snack, so I'm hoping she's just hungry. If it's allergies, I have several more weeks of grumpy to go. (Hungry is a quick fix. )

We have 2 birthday parties, dance class, 1st Communion reunion party, and the bridging ceremony this weekend. Time to hold my breath and jump in!



Vox Gerbilis - May 30, 2008 6:56 pm (#2245 of 2991)  

Condolences to the Eponine family.

Congrats on Draco's end of the year awards.

Gerbilette tells me about every half hour how much she loves her DS. She only has one game so far (Cooking Mama), but she's really absorbed in it. She's looking forward to trying out the message feature when her cousin spends the day here tomorrow.


geauxtigers - May 30, 2008 8:57 pm (#2246 of 2991)  

Holly I know what you mean about the cop-out awards. The used to give those for sports. "For participating in Volleyball" etc.. I always got those. They give them k-12th grade. Everyone treats them like that and it's always been like that. A little different than academic awards, but the idea is the same. Sports awards are more important to some people than they are to me, but I've never been a fan of awards. Maybe because there is no award for being average at everything! LOL  Anyway congrats to Draco on his awards!


Speaking of video games...I think I'll go play some Tony Hawk. It's been a while!


Eponine - May 30, 2008 9:04 pm (#2247 of 2991)  

Thanks for the sympathy and hugs. She did pass peacefully, and thankfully, it was not a long protracted suffering.

We have a Wii, and I recently bought the Wii Fit. I haven't had the chance to use it but a few times because of everything going on this week, but I do like it quite a bit.


Elanor - May 30, 2008 10:50 pm (#2248 of 2991)  

((((((hugs))))) to Eponine and continued Healing Charms to Choices and Mr Pince.

Happy birthday to Gerbillette! (Cute name btw! )

Congrats to Draco too! We don't have any awards ceremony here, and no award given at all for that matter. Most of the time we even don't give the grades aloud either. It is supposed to have the kids feel less pressure about the results and they don't want to turn learning into a competition for awards. This doesn't work so well IMO, kids always find a way to compare their grades.

We're up for another rainy/stormy weekend here. It's been raining a lot lately here (in the whole Europe actually) and floods are starting or threatening in many regions. Sun should be back at the end of next week though. I hope forecast is right because on Friday we're taking the kiddies to a park where we're supposed to walk in the forest, discovering trees, and see wolves and a show involving eagles and other birds of prey. Maybe we should have chosen to visit an aquarium instead!  

Happy weekend to all and happy start of summer vacation for those who start it soon! We have another FIVE weeks of school to do here. Not sure how we're going to survive them, lol!



dizzy lizzy - May 31, 2008 12:37 am (#2249 of 2991)  
Today was an absolutely, brilliantly, gorgeous day!!!!!!

The Sun finally got sick of hiding behind all those clouds and came out to play LOL.

So Lucy got to sunbake in the sun and I got all my washing on the line and dry by mid afternoon. And I spent plenty of time sitting in the Sun with Lucy and a cup of Tea.

This week has been interesting at Work Experience. I'm glad I'm doing it, but unless I do a Library Technicians course, I won't find work in that industry.

I was covering books yesterday and opened a book on calf rearing up in order to stamp the pages in the middle.....and the page opened up to the instructions on making a 44 Gallon drum of yoghurt to feed calves. Apparently calves do well on getting a yoghurt supplement of about 1 cup a day LOL.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!



azi - May 31, 2008 2:22 am (#2250 of 2991)  

I remember in primary school (5-10 years old in my case) they had a 'dud' award called the Improvement Cup, which was handed out every week. I never got it until the last couple of weeks I went there when the teacher went through my entire year group (only 10 people, mind) and made sure we all got it. I figured I was too good to improve anyway.  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 1003735042

Eugh, I agree with the grades thing, Elanor. Everything is far too exam-orientated for my liking. I realised yesterday that the last time I didn't have important exams which affected my education was 9 years ago! And that was just a year's release as the year before I had my year 6 SATs (not the same as US SATs). In SAT years *everything* is orientated towards you passing English, Maths and Science. All other subjects get pushed aside and the focus is on the exam content only. No wonder you're getting young children with stress because they're not as good at spelling as other people! That's not to mention the extremely constricted education you get when everything's so exam focused.

Oh, anti-rain charms to you as well, Elanor!

Glad to hear you've had nice sunshine and a good work experience, Lizzy! I wouldn't mind some sun right now!

Nice days to everyone!  
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Post  Lady Arabella Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:24 pm


Snuffles - May 31, 2008 4:36 am (#2251 of 2991)  

((hugs)) to Eponine.

Woo hoo to Draco  Well done.

*passes Kathy a time turner* It's just in case you need it.  

Eponine, you will have to let me know what the Wii fit is like. I have hinted for one for my birthday next week from hubby. I am keeping my fingers crossed he took those little hints  

*passes azi a cold compress* it sounds like you could do with it for a while  

Holly, I think I will adopt your dance clothes thing with hubby for Olivia's gymnastics. I will tell him not to ask questions, he may not like the answers!  

Hubby has gone to fit a new sink in a friends bathroom. Olivia and I are eating M&M's and watching Charlie and the chocolate factory. The original one with Gene Wilder.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.



HungarianHorntail11 - May 31, 2008 5:05 am (#2252 of 2991)  
Edited May 31, 2008 5:37 am

HHs' condolences to you and your hubby's family, Eponine.

Kathy, you weren't the only one confused about Choices's post. (It's okay, Choices, we know you're in recovery mode.   )

Julie Snuffles--my husband and I have an agreement now--he does not want to know how much daughter's ballet leotards, tights, or shoes cost and I do not tell him. ~ Holly

LOL, Holly!

Maybe because there is no award for being average at everything! ~ Tori
Well then, we are in good company. As intelligent as they are, my children are by no means over achievers. I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  

Vlad, I don't remember the White Witch part in the book. Then again, I sat down in the theater fully expecting The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I have no idea why. Imagine my surprise when the Caspian story came up instead.  

Continued healing charms to Choices, Mr. Denise and I know I've forgotten someone! (sorry  )

I am taking Olivia and four of her friends to Borders Books early this morning for the special release Twilight book which includes the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. For those who are interested, the cover pic has been released. It is of two chess pieces - a white queen and red pawn. Hmmm. . .  

Only one of our chicks in the incubator hatched this year. Another has been trying for over a day to make its way out of its egg but I don't think it's strong enough to survive. If it makes it out, it will prove me wrong. *fingers crossed* The children are saddened by this but I have maintained that it will happen for the best either way. That's how we dragons are.

Interesting about the calves, Lizzy. I am a wee bit jealous (not in a bad way, though) that you get to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun. Sounds like some wonderful "down time". Cheers!  

Happy Birthday to Gerbillette! Wait - you are actually surprised she's enjoying her DS??  Cooking Mama is a fun game - we have it for Wii. Percy is best at it. I can't remember how old you said she was but I am thinking she is in the age range which she might also enjoy Tamagotchi.

Congrats to Sheila's daughter and to son for his role! I did not see the movie but I did see the play in NYC when I was 11. Yes, they did have it out 31 years ago. *sigh* I thoroughly enjoyed it and remember being shocked when they sang a song about some of the standards they look for when choosing the dancers. I can't use the words on this forum but both consist of three letters.  

Congrats to Draco!  Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 2775603007 to his teacher. (Sorry, I just had to.)

Don't have time to get into it but Trevor had another negative experience w/teacher. Why is it that some have this aura as though they are all-knowing?

Tazzy, enjoy your visit and sleeping charms your way to fend off the jet lag. (Though you're probably over it by now.)



geauxtigers - May 31, 2008 7:22 am (#2253 of 2991)  

*passes azi a cold compress* it sounds like you could do with it for a while

You know, I was reading azi's post thinking that it sounded like we needed to break out the cold compress again and how it's been a while since we did, but you beat me to it! LOL  

If anyone wants sun, just come down here! It's only been in the mid 90s with 70% humidity and no breeze with very few clouds! It doesn't feel like a sauna at all **insert sarcastic smiley** This pattern will continue through the week and we aren't supposed to get rain for another week.

LSU steamed Texas Southern last night in the baseball game. I hope they can keep their streak up and make it to Omaha. People have been tailgating like crazy everywhere. Wish I could go to the game, but they are sold out. Geaux Tigers! Let's make the streak 21 games! *knock on wood*

Off to eat breakfast... there's some Mississippi mud pie in the fridge that's calling my name!


azi - May 31, 2008 8:28 am (#2254 of 2991)  

Thanks for the cold compress! Yes I do need it. I don't cope well with change and the next few months will involve a lot of it. Too many unknowns for my liking! The problem is that my parents don't seem to realise I'm not coping and badger me constantly, which makes me feel a lot worse.

But mmm pie! There's always a bright side, and yummy food is one of them.  

Poor Trevor.  Hopefully you can get things sorted Maria!

Madam Pince - I saw an advertisement for a play entitled 'An Honorary Yorkshireman - A new play on the life of James Herriot' today, and thought of you.  


journeymom - May 31, 2008 9:10 am (#2255 of 2991)  

I keep meaning to read the Narnia books. I got them from Christmas years ago. I was trying to read them with son, but didn't get very far.

I'm of two minds about finishing books. I think it was Nancy Perl (Book Lust) who said never think you should slog through a book you aren't interested in, just put it away and go on to another book. Life is too short, and there are too many good books, to waste effort trying to finish a book you don't like. I like that. But if I'd thought that way I'd never have finished Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, because, honestly, it didn't pull me in immediately.

Some friends gave Mr. Journeymom a gift certificate to Chili's in exchange for some work he did on their computer, so we had dinner there last night. All very tasty and everything. But now I feel the need to go vegetarian for a week to do penance. I had the Monterey chicken and I know better. Bacon and melted cheese on top of an otherwise virtuous piece of chicken. Bacon and cheese covered mashed potatoes. I hope my body forgives me.

We're having oatmeal for breakfast. Maybe that will counteract the cholesterol creeping through my veins this very moment.


Choices - May 31, 2008 11:55 am (#2256 of 2991)  

I am glad ya'll are trying to keep me on the straight and narrow - LOL. I do still get a wee bit confunded from time to time even though I am off all pain medicine. I'm sure it will take a while for it all to get out of my system. In the mean time - Constant Vigilance - don't let me get by with goof-ups. :-)

We have such a small family I still am not used to saying nieces and nephews and grandchildren. Me with grandchildren???? Hard to believe. Anyway, Tara, my granddaughter, got the Wii from her Aunt Joy (my eldest daughter). Hope I got that right this time.


HungarianHorntail11 - May 31, 2008 12:23 pm (#2257 of 2991)  

Yeah but Narnia. It's a wonderful series and a pretty quick read - the books aren't long at all, esp. compared to the HP series.

I finally started P&P because I had the chance to watch it on TV at 1 am not long ago. Never had the patience for it in HS. I was put off because I trudged through Wuthering Heights and that did me in. I know it's a different author but for some reason I categorized it as a similar type of story. I am loving P&P. Not sure if anyone would agree but I felt so sorry for Darcy throughout the movie and am finding myself the same way in the book.

Quick journeymom! eat an apple.  

Just returned from the book store with 5 teenage girls. Needless to say, they had fun, read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, etc. Hey, I can't complain when I suggest a trip to the bookstore to teens and they excitedly accept.  

What with all of your anxiety going on it is so sweet you take the time to wish Trevor well, azi. Thank you for that!  Last week while rehearsing their graduation show, Trevor went to the bathroom (which is in the older kids' hall) and he was not able to get the door open, resulting in a terrified boy screaming for help in the bathroom. Two of the fifth grade teachers came to his rescue. I know it sounds cute but he was a bit traumatized. His teacher never even told me about it - Trevor finally told me. I asked her about it (not at all in a challenging manner) and she suggested I take him to public bathrooms and teach him how to open and close the doors. I asked her if it would not also be helpful if she sent such young ones in pairs rather than alone.

This week, I was in the school volunteering when he saw me and ran from the stage crying and clung to me. Apparently, he was still upset. He told me he had to go to the bathroom, so I took him to the same one and stood outside to learn where things went wrong. He was able to use his body weight to push it open from the outside but was not strong enough to pull it open from the inside. After he made several attempts to get it open to no avail, I opened it for him and we returned. Olivia was with me and helping at the time. She told me that she had to help a little girl in the same hallway who could not get the girls' room door open.

I went to the office and spoke with the secretary (the nurse was there, too) and told them the door was too heavy for the little ones. The nurse told me the teachers are supposed to send the little ones to her office for bathroom trips. After speaking w/the teachers, the nurse told me they said they didn't want to send children past the lobby (which is locked and need to be buzzed in to enter) and did not send two because she thought they would fool around. My thought was, 'okay, so rather let children lock themselves into the bathroom than take a chance that they may fool around enroute?' These are kindergartners, they are usually sticklers about adhering to the rules. I also found out that after I asked her months ago to try to keep Trevor and the boy who was bullying him separated, she has, at every occasion paired them together. (I advised Trevor to stay away from him and he told me he can't because they're always put together.) When I learned of this this week, I asked her if she could split them and she told me they were great together (yes, as long as bully is getting his way) and since they're the same height, they have to stand together on stage. I've seen their lineup - it's not such a big deal to move him. Don't get me wrong, sometimes bully can be nice to him but most of the time, he is belligerent, if I can say that about a 5 y.o. This week, he arrived and stepped in front of Trevor in line and stared at him. Trevor told him he cut and the boy yelled at him and told him he was out of line (which he wasn't). Things like that happen all day/all week long. It's a wonder I can even get Trevor to school any more, though he does put up a fuss. I know these points seem trite but to him it's constant antagonism and he's not used to people treating him that way. So, I feel for you, Holly, when you tell us of Draco's encounters and no proper support.

EDIT: LOL Choices! We love you, you know that, right?

Yay, another chick hatched. Now Orly has a friend!  


azi - May 31, 2008 1:40 pm (#2258 of 2991)  

Aww, poor Trevor! It doesn't sound silly at all. I've had a couple of occasions where the door got stuck.  I think it's a bad idea to send a child of Trevor's age to the toilet alone at any rate. In today's safety-conscious world you'd expect them to say it was against health and safety! Does the teacher know what the bully has been doing in detail? If she does I'd expect her to be able to pick out little changes of behaviour that indicate what's happening. I think the problem is that it's not the obvious 'beat them up' bullying, but more subtle. Some people are absolutely blind to things like that. Not that that excuses her response. Is it possible that she put them together to try and make them work out their differences? If so, it obviously isn't working and perhaps she should change tack. You've already told her this though. *sigh* It's just horrible that Trevor's having all these bad experiences so early on in school (and I didn't think twice about feeling sorry for Trevor. He doesn't deserve the experience he's getting at school).

I'm reading Wuthering Heights at the moment. While some parts are 'trudging', others are much more interesting. I particuarly enjoy the Yorkshire accents (being from the area I'm very good at them ). I expected a better sense of isolation in the description of the lonely, wild, bleak moorland than I've got so far so I am disappointed with that. However, a friend who studies English told me that the isolation is actually seen in the Cathy's rather than the description. I can sort of see it. I think the thing that's made it better for me is that I know the area and therefore know what the farmhouses and moors look like and how it feels to be up there. The description is all in my head.  That doesn't discount the fact that every single woman in the thing, except Mrs. Dean, is extremely annoying and/or naive.

Well I've rambled on a while...I think I've spent far too much time on here today! I did go on a walk and visit my grandma though, so I have moved from the laptop.  


Vox Gerbilis - May 31, 2008 2:54 pm (#2259 of 2991)

HH, I am so ticked off to hear about Trevor's teacher's attitude toward bullies. This is a subject that enrages me a great deal, because I was bullied as a child and got no support from the school administration. How can elementary teachers be so blind to the dynamics of bullying?

Gerbilette's school hired an anti-bullying consultant who gave a very good presentation on bullying patterns. She gave a thorough debunking of all the usual justifications for ignoring it (the victim deserves it, they're all equally guilty, etc). I'm too much of a cynic to expect that the school was really going to follow through on this plan to oppose bullying, but I wondered how they would worm out of actually doing something after setting up such high expectations. I found out when my daughter complained that two girls kept picking on her and even threw grapes at her during lunch. When I took this up with the teacher, she told me that they couldn't do anything because no one else saw it happened, and the other two girls denied it. I mentioned that persons can be convicted of felonies and sent to prison based on the uncorroborated testimony of one witness, and wondered why first graders facing a time-out should be afforded a more stringent degree of due process. I never got a satisfactory response.

But I'm glad to hear you're reading Pride and Prejudice! No, it's nothing at all like Wuthering Heights, although they often get lumped together as 19th century romance stories.

I read Wuthering Heights when I was 16 and again when I was 32. When I was 16, I was deeply moved by the larger-than-life characters haplessly driven around by passions too powerful for anyone to control. When I was 32, I thought, "what a bunch of pathetic morons."


Solitaire - May 31, 2008 3:24 pm (#2260 of 2991)  

Wow! I am stunned at all of the bullying that is allowed in some schools. We have a no-tolerance policy on bullying in our school--well, we have one at the moment, anyhow. Violators can get detention and suspensions. Now that we will be getting a new principal, of course, things may change ... although I hope not. Our current principal has worked very hard to stop bullying, and anyone who is accused of it makes a trip to his office. My guess, Vox, is that there were plenty of witnesses to your daughter's incident. Unfortunately, they have probably been "warned" that if they speak out against the bullies, they will be next. I hate tattletales, but they can be helpful in situations like this.

I do not know what to say about Trevor's teacher. Are she and Draco's teacher sisters?

As to Trevor and the heavy bathroom door ... you might think about calling OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) ... or at least suggesting to the superintendent or head custodian that OSHA come out and check the door. Schools do not want to be caught in violation of any safety codes, and it sounds like a door that is too heavy to be opened by the smallest person using it is a violation. You'd be surprised at how simply and quickly things can be fixed ... if it means keeping the authorities away.  Let me know how it goes.



Madam Pince - May 31, 2008 4:10 pm (#2261 of 2991)  

We went to see Indiana Jones for Mr. Pince's birthday (thanks for all the nice wishes, by the way!) It pains me very much to say it, but I have to agree with all the critical reviews I read before seeing it (and here I was pooh-poohing them by saying critics just need to lighten up...) Honestly, the main emotion I had when the movie ended was that I was sad. I felt like a good friend had died. I think I sort of feel like Indiana Jones has died, or maybe my youth has died, or something...  The critics said there was far too much unbelieveable action (agreed); that you have to completely suspend belief in order to watch it (agreed); that George Lucas' dialogue is painful to listen to (agreed); and that there is practically no character development (agreed).  I thought Harrison Ford's performance was "phoned in" and he had absolutely none of Indy's usual charisma and charm. I think I only laughed once during the entire movie, and now I can't even remember what I laughed at. There was zero adrenaline-surge. The action/stunts were so over-the-top-fantastical that you couldn't "feel" them. I am so bummed.  

On the other hand... the season finale of Lost? WOW!!!  It's killing me! Best. Show. On. TV. Bar. None.


Puck - May 31, 2008 4:15 pm (#2262 of 2991)  

Yeah for the Little Chicks. (Sorry the others didn't make it.)

Sorry about the teacher trouble. Did you hear about that Autistic boy whose teacher had the other students vote him out of the class? It was on the news. I was shocked. At the time the school hadn't done much of anything, but now that the word is out, the teacher has been suspended. They actually stood the child in front of the class and had each child say what they don't like about him.  

Never read Wuthering Heights, but as a recent fan to Jane Austen, I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying P&P Maria!

Our schools start the anti-bully campaign in preschool. We have a full curriculum designed to teach children how to handle frustrated situations. The hope is that they will learn early how to handle conflict, and thus won't even resort to bullying. There is one girl in Diva's class that I hear from my scouts is "mean". I've met the mom. The apple isn't far from that tree.


Choices - May 31, 2008 5:03 pm (#2263 of 2991)  

HH11 - "EDIT: LOL Choices! We love you, you know that, right?"

I hope so, cause I sure love all you guys! {{{Hugs}}} :-)

We had a cleaning day at my house today and it is a rule that cleaning day is also Harry Potter Movie Marathon Day. We start with SS/PS and go through them all. It's fun, especially because we say all the lines with the characters and when we take a break, we watch the movie instead of just listening as we dust, vacuum and mop, etc.Usually we take our breaks to watch our favorite scenes which usually involve Snape and Voldemort. LOL


journeymom - May 31, 2008 5:26 pm (#2264 of 2991)  

Indiana Jones: after we saw it Mr. Journeymom said it was laid out like a video game. Then there was an article at mtv.com saying the same thing. I thought there were a few situations they survived that strained credulity.

multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2008/05/29/indiana-jones/ Add the http://


Chemyst - May 31, 2008 6:37 pm (#2265 of 2991)  

I know these points seem trite ~ HH11

Not to me they don’t. In fact, I think that teacher is slyly bullying you. Did you read what you posted? You said, "I asked her if she could split them and she told me they were great together." Um, sweetie, it sounds like Trevor has a teacher who can justify lying to her students' parents. If she disagreed with your request, she could have explained her classroom policy rather than try to pass off that tall tale. Telling you that "they were great together" is her attempt at intimidation.

Am I too blunt?


Vox Gerbilis - May 31, 2008 7:22 pm (#2266 of 2991)  

I should have mentioned that except for the due process issue, my daughter's teachers have been pretty good at addressing girl-bullying. (Girl-bullying is very different than boy-bullying, and I have no experience with the latter.) Gerbilette has been gratified that her regular nemesis has gotten several notes home about various incidents. (This girl wasn't involved in the grape incident. To be more precise, I'd say she's not so much a bully as another word that begins with B and describes a certain kind of unpleasant female.) It annoys me that the girl's mother has never acknowledged any of this when I've met her on other occasions. Whenever I talk to her, I'm thinking "You know your kid picks on my kid, and you know I know that, so at least show some embarrassment over it!"

And yes, Soli, I'm sure other kids saw the grape-throwing. I've instructed my daughter to immediately make a fuss when something like this happens, in order to get an adult witness ASAP.


Solitaire - May 31, 2008 7:56 pm (#2267 of 2991)  

Chemyst is right, Maria. My guess is that no one else wants to work with the little bully, either, and those parents probably made a bigger fuss than you did! You don't have to accept this kind of treatment from any teacher or school, private or public. It is ridiculous. It sounds to me like the teacher might be trying to play amateur psychologist ... or she may be trying to convince you that Trevor's complaints were groundless. Since her classroom is intact when the kids leave, she may be fooling herself into believing that there is no problem. Still, putting Trevor with Bully Boy when she knows there is a problem is really foolish on the teacher's part, for a variety of reasons.

If it is possible, you need to start making some unannounced visits to Trevor's classroom. Document what you see and hear. If Trevor comes home with accounts of problems, document the time/date/task when those occurred, as well. BTW, have you talked with the principal about the problem? I always think parents should try to resolve any issues with the teacher first. If the teacher ignores your concerns, however, then you need to ask the principal to sit in on a meeting.

Vox, does your daughter have a teacher or adult lunchroom monitor who is in her corner? If so, that teacher/adult might keep closer tabs on her (or better still, on the offenders) in the lunch room. Then she would see what happens without your daughter having to make a fuss. Usually, by the time a teacher arrives on the scene, so to speak, the perpetrators have stopped the behavior and the same old thing happens ... nothing. Just a suggestion.

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Chat & Greetings 2008 - Page 3 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2008

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