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Chat & Greetings 2004

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Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2004

Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:05 pm


Angel of the North - Jul 10, 2004 8:22 am (#601 of 2955)

Hi, I'm new round here, although on WX I'm around Le Cafe Dangereux quite a lot.

I'm Angel, English, and a bookseller. Anyone else seen the new adult covers - they look absolutely fantastic, and way better than the old ones. I'm tempted to buy a set, or even just CoS which is really beautiful.


Prefect Marcus - Jul 10, 2004 9:19 am (#602 of 2955)


I've heard a bath in tomatoe juice will help remove the stench from the dogs.

Hopefully things will air out soon.



Leviosa - Jul 10, 2004 11:17 am (#603 of 2955)

I just wanted to say that I'm back from Budapest now. I'm sorry but I haven't read all your posts yet because I'm drop dead tired. I have to catch up sleep for a whole week. So I'm off to bed now.


septentrion - Jul 10, 2004 11:23 am (#604 of 2955)

I can imagine how it is Denise. It wasn't a skulk but a dead rat which was found in some wall of the place where my husband works, but it was found because of the odor. Beurk !

Thanks Dumbledore for the History lesson ! My question was in fact : is the french 14th of July called Bastille Day in America ? Because here we just say "the 14th of july", and yes it's like 4th of july in America. BTW bienvenue en France ! Today the weather was rainy and sunny, not too cold.

Thanks Tomoé for the link. Maybe I haven't seen it because I use the text version.


Pinky - Jul 10, 2004 12:49 pm (#605 of 2955)

Welcome back, Leviosa! I didn't get a chance to add my well-wishes before you left, but I hope you had a great time. I visited Budapest for a couple days 6 years ago and loved it.


anbigin - Jul 10, 2004 1:22 pm (#606 of 2955)

Dead skunk in the middle of the road
stinkin' up the highway!

That is the song my family always sings whenever we smell that horrid skunk odor wafting around while we are driving on some road. It is horendous, although, it could, also, sometimes be compared to the smell of a "bad river" day - when it smells really sulfourous like something crawled into the seaweed and died which is probably what has happened.

But any ways, I've always heard the 14th called Bastille day here - at least that's what my French teacher called it in High School. However, I can see how most French people would call it the 14th of July. It's like the American holiday where it's officially called Independence Day but everyone just calls it the 4th of July. So I guess it's just another one of those cultural difference thingies:)

Oh and congrats to all those moving, traveling, and those having other special events happening in their lives:) I wish someone would come and visit me here in Greece it's kind of getting monotonous - but at least its gorgeous:) Peace - Kat


Denise P. - Jul 10, 2004 1:57 pm (#607 of 2955)

The smell has somewhat toned down. The dogs got a power soak in a mix of baking soda, perioxide and Dawn dishwashing soap (tomato juice just make them smell like a skunky tomato) followed by a rinse of liquid fabric softner. This will be repeated tomorrow. The concrete and side of the house were sprayed down with liquid fabric softner. The living room smells very strongly of cinnamon at the moment since I baked cinnamon in the over AND have liquid potpourri going.

It would be best to open the windows to let a cross draft in but it is over 90 out with incredibly high humidity so it is not an option right now but this evening, I will try to get them open.

Since it appears that the skunk came under our fence, by the house, I am thinking it was looking for water. The dogs water dish is right there and it could have smelled the water and not realized the dogs were there since they would have been in the back part of the yard using the bathroom.

I had the skunk hauled off with the trash, now I wish I had kept it to be sure it was not rabid. I don't believe either of my dogs was bit since they are currently blowing coat and are like wooly mammoths shedding and I also only saw blood where the skunk was laying. They are vaccinated but you can never be too sure.


Catherine - Jul 10, 2004 2:12 pm (#608 of 2955)

That's an interesting dilemma, Denise. Maybe a call to the vet, just to be sure? I don't know the protocol for rabies. I know for tetanus that you can require a booster shot once you have a bad cut/puncture to keep the immunity high, but I don't know about rabies. It's just that skunks are in the high-risk category of spreading the disease, at least they are where I live.

Good luck to you. We'll all try to be extra good and quiet on the Forum so that you can take care of things :-) Right, everyone?


DJ Evans - Jul 10, 2004 2:32 pm (#609 of 2955)

Oh Denise, so sorry to hear of your "skunk" problem!!! My sister had the same thing happen to her about 4 years ago. We had to take the skunk in to the Health Department for it to be tested for rabies--her dog had a scratch that couldn't be explained away. So to be on the safe side, they told her it would be best to get the skunk tested. Luckily, all test were clear. As far as the smell? Lord, it seemed like it was weeks before it went away!!! Seriously, it wasn't that long, just days really--but it seemed like it took forever to go away. And I have heard that skunks are attracted to wet/damp areas--so the dogs water bowl could very well have been what it was after. Also, I've read that if you have an open area under your porches--to be sure and close the area off underneath, they love to bed down in such places!!!

So glad to see you back Leviosa!!!! Can't wait to read all about your trip!!

Everybody have a GREAT weekend!!!

Later, Deb


Catherine - Jul 10, 2004 3:14 pm (#610 of 2955)

Hi, Denise and everyone else,

It's me, the dog-lover. I thought about emailing this to Denise, but I thought this was worthy of being made public! Just so people know!

Anyway, the AMVA says on its website that if bitten, "Dogs, cats and ferrets that are currently vaccinated should be revaccinated immediately, kept under the owner's control, and observed for a period as specified by state law or local ordinance (normally 45 days or more). Animals with expired vaccinations will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis."

We've had several local people, mostly those who live in rural areas and have limited financial resources, who failed to vaccinate their pets in the first place have to "put down" their dogs who were bitten by rabid skunks, raccoons, and foxes. In many cases, these pets were quite beloved by the family and it was so very sad. Many cities, including ours, have low-cost vaccines available, so it's worth inquiring about.

Sorry if I have been tiresome, but I thought it needed to be said (not to Denise, of course, who did the right thing in the first place! :-) )


Madam Poppy - Jul 10, 2004 3:32 pm (#611 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 10, 2004 3:32 pm

..."and not realized the dogs were there since they would have been in the back part of the yard using the bathroom." Gee Denise, I'm impressed, your dogs have their own bathroom? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)



Ticker - Jul 10, 2004 3:33 pm (#612 of 2955)

Ewwwwwww, so sorry Denise. We have skunks in our neighborhood too. I try not to let my dog out when I smell one stolling by, but I know it's not a fool-proof plan. Hope your pets return to huggable again.


DJ Evans - Jul 10, 2004 4:09 pm (#613 of 2955)

Oh and Denise, I forgot to warn you (& others) if it was a baby/young skunk, most likely it's family is close by as well!! So be on the look out for any other places they could get in your fenced yard. Hope that helps some from any other future happenings.

Later, Deb


Flame Alligator - Jul 10, 2004 5:43 pm (#614 of 2955)

Hey everyone, I'm back. Only gone a few days and I have so much to catch up on. It's a good thing my highschool taught speed reading. My computer is CLEAN!! But my scroll wheel is weird and I my computer guy is spyware crazy. Uh! That means I have to drop a bunch of fire walls to download anything. But hopefully things will go smoothly until I get a new computer.

Well, I am off to catch up.

Doei (bye)


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 11, 2004 8:07 am (#615 of 2955)

Unfortunately, we have skunks here as well, though my dog has thankfully never been sprayed. The smell is truly rancid, I hope you're able to rid the stench from your house and dogs soon, Denise.

Thanks, Sue! We move next weekend; I can hardly wait! By the way, did you get my email?

It seems that young Dumbledore is not intending to replace some things in our house, rather he seems set on repairing them. This will not fly, so I suppose I will have to have a talk with him tomorrow. Yet I do feel bad about arguing with him, as he does look so much like a young Dumbledore.

I'm glad your computer is functioning again, Flame!

Welcome back, Susi! I hope you had a wonderful trip.


VeronikaG - Jul 11, 2004 8:08 am (#616 of 2955)

I'm glad we don't have any smelly things like skunks in our back yard. It's bad enough with those mushrooms that pop up over the summer and stink like rotten meat.

Good to see your computer is clean, Flame!


Leviosa - Jul 11, 2004 11:31 am (#617 of 2955)

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I was so tired yesterday that I slept for about 15 hours but that still wasn't enough to catch up all sleep. Now you probably can imagine how tired I was yesterday.

I liked Budapest and had a wonderful time there, even though there were sometimes big and small problems.

The city itself is very big and impressing, especially for me living in a 130 000 habitants city. Everything is much bigger and also more hectic.

We visited a lot of great builings like the Parliament, the Fishers' Bastion (sp?), the Matthew Church and the Castle. We've also been to the "Sissi"-castle Gödöllö and made a boat trip to watch some knight games (which was the thing I and most of my class mates liked least).

The most dangerous thing probably was visiting a cave system because the "visiting" turned out to be dangerous climbing through and over big rocks and small holes, so that one teacher just wanted to come back to daylight again. But most of the others, including me had incredibly much fun.

Another quite dangerous thing was crossing the street because the Hungarians don't care much for traffic rules and zebra crossings are only for decoration.

There are so many other things to tell but I'm better not boring you more with my stories.

Have a nice day!


septentrion - Jul 11, 2004 12:14 pm (#618 of 2955)

Hi Susi, you don't bore us with Budapest and Hungary ! tell us more !


Tomoé - Jul 11, 2004 12:42 pm (#619 of 2955)

draco all the way, I still remember you as well. ^_^ Your schedule seems to sucks though, but don't kill yourself in frustration you will miss us.

Petunia is so cute Denise! but for the skunk, all I can say is "Eurgh!"

Sue, I don't know for the US, but in the East of Canada skunks are quite common. As snow melt away, laods of them get smashed to death along the road, that just smell like spring. ^_^ Catherine, I second your description and your sympathies for Denise. I also second what Denise said, the smell is really strong, stronger than a smashed bottle of fragrance.

Veronika, I had a dsl connection with the Canadian state phone corporation and my modem kept overheating, though I didn't wait two months to get it.

That was pretty good azi! Je voudrais un pain au chocolat s'il-vous-plaît?

And welcome Angel!

Edit : yep, tell us more Susi!


wormsé - Jul 11, 2004 2:25 pm (#620 of 2955)

Welcome back, Susi! I'm glad you had a good time. Smile I had a dream about you this morning... you came back to my house after your trip, rather than your own... It was quite odd. I'll tell you the details later, whenever I see you online. Hehe!


timrew - Jul 11, 2004 2:47 pm (#621 of 2955)

I won't be here for a few days, you guys. My Dad died today. He would have been 84 in two weeks.

He was born in Hamburg, Germany.

He left school and walked down to Hamburg Harbour when he was 14 (in 1934), and signed on as a cabin boy on a trawler. He needed to contribute to the income of his mother and father who were poor and had 8 children.

When WW2 came, he was conscripted into the Merchant Marine and spent a few years ferrying supplies to the Channel Islands. His ship pulled into Dieppe, France, and Dad was sent for supplies. Then D-Day happened. Dad's ship set sail without him, and he was captured by the Americans. He was shipped over to the USA (in luxury) aboard the Queen Mary, and then spent the rest of the war picking cotton in Mississippi. In London, a few years ago, he met the singer, Jimmy Ruffin, who was born in Mississippi - they became firm friends.

After the war, he was shipped back to England, where he met my Mum, who he dated and married. By this time he was 24 years old. He never went back to Germany, except on holidays to see his Mum, sisters and brothers.

He fathered me, my brother Paul, and 19 years later (the old devil!), my sister, Christel. He was a lovely man, and I'll miss him.

You have just had a potted life of my Dad, Hans.

Rest in Peace, Dad.


I Am Used Vlad - Jul 11, 2004 3:07 pm (#622 of 2955)

I'm sorry to hear that, Tim. You have my condolences.


Catherine - Jul 11, 2004 3:19 pm (#623 of 2955)

Tim, we will miss you while you are gone. You have our family's sympathies for your family's loss. Your dad sounds like he was a great man, and I am sure that he is already on his next great adventure.

Raises goblet to Tim's dad, Hans To Hans!


shepherdess - Jul 11, 2004 3:31 pm (#624 of 2955)


I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly do understand; I lost my mother six years ago. Losing a parent is very hard. There's nothing I can say that will make you feel better, so I'm not going to try.

But if I may offer a piece of advice-when a little time has passed, and you feel comfortable doing it, you should write about your dad-facts about his life, your feelings about him, memories you have of him, things you learned from him. This will help the grieving process, and give you (and your family, if you chose to share) a wonderful way to remember him. His life will be preserved for posterity.

Now go do what you need to do, with the knowledge that you have many, many people who care about you and are here to support you in any way we can.

Take care~shepherdess


Denise P. - Jul 11, 2004 4:35 pm (#625 of 2955)

Tim, please accept my sympathy on the loss of your beloved parent. The loss of a parent touches us deeply, no matter how old we are and even though we may be a parent ourselves. Warm thoughts to you and your entire family. {{{Tim}}}


boop - Jul 11, 2004 4:55 pm (#626 of 2955)

Tim, I am so sorry for your loss. I have not lost a parent, but I can't even think what you must be going through right now. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Just know we are all here for you Tim. Here is a great big hug to you.


Chemyst - Jul 11, 2004 6:28 pm (#627 of 2955)

Thanks, Timrew, for sharing such a poignant story of your Dad's life. It's as if we got to know him a little, even though we never met him. For you to write so fondly of him, he surely must have been proud of you as well.


Kip Carter - Jul 11, 2004 6:44 pm (#628 of 2955)

Tim, you have been a friend on this Forum for a long time and a true supporter of good cheer here. I can see a lot of your father in you and I know that he is looking down on you with pride and pleasure knowing that his son is a true man and a gentleman. He raised you extremely well. I know that you are extremely proud to say he is your father. He is now remembered by many on the Harry Potter Lexicon Forum. A toast to your father and the family he created!


DJ Evans - Jul 11, 2004 6:59 pm (#629 of 2955)


A death, any death, is life changing for all of us--more so when it is a parent. We somehow expect them to be around forever, then one day they aren't. It reaches and touches us in the very depth of our souls the loss we feel when they are gone. Yet, that special place they hold in our hearts will never be filled by any other--that is their place till we finally pass. And that special place that they hold? It will bring you comfort in the days to come, it will bring you the warmth and fond memories that you have of your Dad. I know, I lost my Dad 7 years ago this coming January and I'm still in touch with those warm and fond memories of him. I draw on them quite a bit at times.

So Tim, please take comfort in knowing that you and your family are in all of our hearts and prayers at this time. I wish I could have met your Dad, as he sounded like a very special person. You did him proud in your eulogy of your Dad.

Later, Deb


Hem Hem - Jul 11, 2004 8:14 pm (#630 of 2955)

Condolences to you, Tim. Thanks for sharing a nutshell of your father's life with us. I hope his life continues to be an inspiration to you and others for years to come.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 11, 2004 8:34 pm (#631 of 2955)

Tim, condolences to you and yours. These times can be difficult, but we all care about you and wish you the best when times are the worst.

Most deepest sympathy, Leila


Pinky - Jul 11, 2004 8:39 pm (#632 of 2955)

Tim, I can't add anything others have not already said. Thank you for that eloquent glimpse into your father's life. You have been a great member of the forum family, so in a way, we have all lost a family member today. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 11, 2004 8:47 pm (#633 of 2955)

Tim, my condolences on the loss of you father. As other have already said, losing a parent an any age is not easy. By the humour you have shown us here, there is quite some of your father in you. My sympathies to you.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 11, 2004 9:04 pm (#634 of 2955)

Tim, you have my deepest symapthies. Your father led a full life and did many great things; he reared a hilarious and thoughtful man, for one. I hope you can find comfort in your memories of him, in your family, and even in your forum family here.


Tomoé - Jul 11, 2004 9:35 pm (#635 of 2955)

Ditto everyone, my sympathies to you and your family Timrew, no matter how old we are are how old or unhealthy they are in the end, it's always hard to lost someone that close.


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 11, 2004 9:40 pm (#636 of 2955)

Tim, one more thing, I have found at these times the most comforting thing is to do something that I enjoyed doing with that parent. With my stepfather it was watching silly television shows, with my mother it was food, my father was looking at family pictures. With every person passing you need to find what's comforting for celebrating that individuals life.


Julia. - Jul 11, 2004 10:27 pm (#637 of 2955)

Tim, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. He raised a wonderful son, and I'm sure lead a very full and happy life. Although there is little anyone can can do or say to make the pain go away, if there is anything. be sure to let us know. *hugs Tim* I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 12, 2004 2:21 am (#638 of 2955)

Tim, my deepest sympathies to you & your family. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your Dad's life... he sounded like a truly amazing individual, & even more so if he passed on his sense of humour to his family. Just to let you know you are in my thoughts & prayers. A big hug to you & your loved ones at this time.


Leprechaun Jack - Jul 12, 2004 5:13 am (#639 of 2955)


My deepest condolences, although I have not lost a parent, my brother was killed in an auto accident at 22 years old. Your father seems to have lived a full and wonderful life. The most strange and wonderful thing happens after the passing of a loved one... all of the good memories come to the fore of your mind and you get to re-live them again. Sharing those memories helps lessen the pain of the loss and increase the joy of remembering someone special.

You and your family are in my prayers.



Doris Crockford - Jul 12, 2004 5:52 am (#640 of 2955)

Tim, I'm so sorry. Your dad sounded like a really nice guy.


Neldoreth - Jul 12, 2004 6:00 am (#641 of 2955)

Tim, sharing this difficult time with us is also what are friends for. I hope you get through this peacefully, be assured of my prayers for you and your family.


mike miller - Jul 12, 2004 6:04 am (#642 of 2955)

Tim - To you and your family, my deepest sympathies. Know that you are in our hearts and our prayers. Hold fast to your memories. Your father sounds like a wonderful man and he has given you that sense of humor that we all enjoy. Through you he has touched our lives as well.


haymoni - Jul 12, 2004 7:09 am (#643 of 2955)

Tim - We will be thinking of you and your family. I lost my mom to cancer 6 years ago and I can still hear her voice. Your father will be with you always.


septentrion - Jul 12, 2004 7:20 am (#644 of 2955)

Tim, I have nothing to add to what have been said except I was moved by your father's story. I'm sure he's gone with all the good things he has done/given in this world, he has gone with them but also has let them in your heart.


scully jones - Jul 12, 2004 9:20 am (#645 of 2955)

It's really hard to say anything that would help you feel better Tim, But I share the sentiments of the more eloquent members here.

Thank you for telling us about his life, and I agree that maybe a memoir would be a good idea.




Padfoot - Jul 12, 2004 10:23 am (#646 of 2955)

Hello all, I am finally back from my vacation in Minnesota.

I am so sorry Tim to hear about your dad. *sending hugs your way* Ditto to what everyone else has said.

Sherbie, congratulations!!!!! I couldn't be happier for you. Clappy


mollis - Jul 12, 2004 10:58 am (#647 of 2955)

Tim - My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You father sounds like a wonderful man who lived a very interesting life - writing his life story would likely make for a very entertaining read for you and your family - but also for people like us who weren't fortunate enough to meet him.

Sherbie - Moving next weekend?!?! Holy cow! I hope you've been packing! And I hope we get a little break in the heat levels around here. I think OK is usually as hot or hotter than it is here in KC - and this would be no fun to move during (114 degree heat index)!

Safe travels to all who are vacationing! Please drive safely and be responsible!


Imoen - Jul 12, 2004 11:18 am (#648 of 2955)
Edited by Pinky Jul 12, 2004 12:14 pm

Imoen, welcome to the forums! I edited out a small part of your post. Perhaps the translation from French to English just didn't work quite right for the particular sentiments you were trying to express. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at pinkylexiconfan@yahoo.com. I'm very glad you are a part of our Forum. You'll find we have several other French members as well. Have fun exploring the Forum! ~Pinky

Tim , I'm so sorry about your dad but I won't tell you " It will be OK, everybody dies one day, he's got a great life and now he has deserved a time of rest " because all these sentences are cliché. I'm sure you would prefer him to be alive and live his life again with you. Nevertheless , do never forget that cliché that says " your dad is still living in your heart " because that is tru ; your dad is still living through you, even though it's painful at the moment, it will be a support all of your life. So , leave your life as best as you can and you will feel your dad proud inside of you. I hope you will understand what I mean and won't think i'm disrespectful to your feels and to your pain. I wish you good luck Smile


Kerstin - Jul 12, 2004 11:47 am (#649 of 2955)

Tim, my deepest condolences to you.

From what you wrote your dad had had an eventful life and he seems to leave a big hole in his family. My sympathy is with you and your family.


Leviosa - Jul 12, 2004 12:31 pm (#650 of 2955)

Tim, my deepest sympathies to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for sharing a few bits of your father's life with us.

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Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 Empty Re: Chat & Greetings 2004

Post  Lady Arabella on Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:58 pm


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 12, 2004 1:24 pm (#651 of 2955)

Welcome back, Padfoot! I take it your vacation was a good one? Thanks for the congrats; I couldn't be happier for me either!

Mollis, it is terribly hot here too. I don't know what the heat index is today, but it feels like a humid furnace outside. Luckily, most of our things are in a storage facility, so the move should be relatively smooth. However all of our bedroom stuff is here, but being a packing procrastinator, I haven't yet begun to assemble boxes.

My discussion with Dumbledore went well. Our sod is being laid today and our garage door opener should be in tomorrow. Almost everything else we asked for is being done with the exception of our tile being extended out, though they are giving us several rows worth so that we may do it ourselves later if we wish. We bought a refrigerator yesterday, it's not the stainless steel that I wanted (too expensive) but it's nice all the same.

Have a great day, all!


Padfoot - Jul 12, 2004 1:36 pm (#652 of 2955)

Yes my vacation was very nice and relaxing by the lake. I wish I was there now as it is 93 degrees and rising here. It's going to be hard to get back into the swing of things at work. So that's why I am here at the forum.

I forgot to mention to Marcus that I like his picture. You do look a lot like Alan Alda (I remember you mentioning that once somewhere).


Detail Seeker - Jul 12, 2004 1:38 pm (#653 of 2955)

Tim, as everything, I could give you along, have been said already, I just can tell you, that my thoughts are with you now. May your father Hans be on his next adventure. He lives on - in you.


Dr Filibuster - Jul 12, 2004 3:14 pm (#654 of 2955)


I was so sad to hear about your father.

You wrote a wonderful and affectionate potted history of Hans' long, action-packed life. I can see where you got your twinkley eyes from.

All my sympathies to you and your family.



timrew - Jul 12, 2004 3:18 pm (#655 of 2955)

I had to come on-line and thank you, everyone, for your tributes to my Dad. You don't know what they mean to me right now. I was so moved that I sat my mother down in front of the computer and showed them to her also. She wants me to print them off and display them at Dad's funeral service on Friday.

She has also asked me to thank you all. She thinks that it's wonderful that people from all over the world now know about her husband, Hans. Thanks once again, you guys.


Anna Osipova - Jul 12, 2004 3:37 pm (#656 of 2955)

Tim, I'm very sorry for your loss. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already, so I'll just leave it at that.

Sherbie Lemon, I hope the move goes smooth. I hope you set up your computer fast, too. Personally, I love moving. You get to redecorate the entire house :~D.

Padfoot, I went to the lake yesterday (my brother's friend has a boat) and I got burned so badly. I was also dead tired and I'm so sore! Still had a blast though, and I'm sure you did too.


D.W. - Jul 12, 2004 3:48 pm (#657 of 2955)


I just wanted to add my deepest symphathies to those of the other forum members on the loss of your father. Thank you for sharing with us his story. The loss of a family member or loved one is something a lot of us here can relate to, and sympathise with. Best wishes to you and your family.



Accio Sirius - Jul 12, 2004 4:59 pm (#658 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 12, 2004 5:00 pm

Tim, My heart goes out to you and your family. Embrace each other through this tough time.

Sherbie, good luck to you. I fear moving and try to avoid it at all cost, convincing myself that I don't need more space despite overflowing closets. I've also been dreading turning 40, but alas, it is the big 4-0 today. Not too bad so far. Last night my hubbie took me and a bunch of family and friends to dinner and then an outdoor concert with Shawn Colvin and The Cowboy Junkies. It was great. My real birthday treat is reading the forum with no interruption from the kids!


Madam Pince - Jul 12, 2004 5:48 pm (#659 of 2955)

Tim, you and your family have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your father. Thank you for sharing with us a bit of the life of this wonderful man. He did so many wonderful things -- not the least of which was raising a terrific son. We will be thinking of you and remembering you in our prayers.


Anna Osipova - Jul 12, 2004 5:51 pm (#660 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Accio Sirius! I wish you all the best.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 12, 2004 6:18 pm (#661 of 2955)

Happy Birthday, Accio Sirius! 40th 40's a big milestone, you should use this momentous day to reflect on all you've accomplished, after downing a big bottle of firewhiskey of course.

Thanks, Anna. We've moved 6 times in 5 years now, so the excitement of moving has lost its thrill a bit. But this time it will be into our own house, which is quite an amazing feeling. I can't wait to arrange things, yet I'm dreading the actual move.

I'm glad you had a good time, Padfoot. Mom and I are going to Abbey Road on the River (again!), which takes place in Cleveland. Last night we checked the weather channel's site and it said on there that the highs are around 80 during the day, and the lows around 60 at night! Woo hoo! Here it is 98 with an unholy heat index. I can't wait to have a breeze that doesn't feel like someone is blowing a hairdryer in my face.
Boiling Hot

The people on here are amazing, aren't they, Tim? I found that out during my house crisis. Even though I think we all wish we could do more for you than expressing our condolences, I'm so happy to hear that it helped you to know how much you, and through you, your father, means to this forum family. We'll be here whenever you need us.


Ladybug220 - Jul 12, 2004 7:09 pm (#662 of 2955)

Tim - my deepest sympathies. You and your family are in my prayers.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 12, 2004 7:28 pm (#663 of 2955)

Accio Sirius, have a wonderful celebration on this anniversary of your most blessed birth. Have tons of fun


Tomoé - Jul 12, 2004 7:53 pm (#664 of 2955)

Happy birthday padfoot!


boop - Jul 12, 2004 8:10 pm (#665 of 2955)

Accio Sirius, Happy Birthday, I would have posted it but didn't know. I am trying to get a list of forum members birthdays together. I post when I have someone on my list. So I have added your name so you won't be missed next year. I hope you had a great day.

Tim, your father was a great man and we have gotten to know him through you. Thank you for sharing that information about him. Just remember we are all here for you.


Viola Intonada - Jul 12, 2004 8:27 pm (#666 of 2955)

I'm back!!! And over 500 messages on the Chat thread, sorry I won't be able to read them all. I had a wonderful vacation with my family. We are actually all still speaking to each other!! We just got back last night. I hardly saw my children today as they were going up and down the neighborhood playing with all their friends for as long as they could.

I'm sorry I didn't get to stop and see you, Marie. Hubby's brother and wife took us up into the mountains for a couple of days. We were so far in, that we didn't go back to I-25, then to further inhibit any travels that direction, our youngest got sick that day. I was really bummed. I hope all has gone well with your move.

I did get to have lunch with Ticker in Rapid City. Aria is so adorable. It was great to meet you and your husband, Ticker.

Tim, I'm very sorry to hear about your father. You and your family are in my prayers.


Julia. - Jul 12, 2004 8:34 pm (#667 of 2955)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACCIO SIRIUS!! Have a butterbeer on me. *hands Accio Sirius butterbeer*


Gina R Snape - Jul 12, 2004 8:48 pm (#668 of 2955)

Phew. 150+ messages to catch up on. Let's see...

Sherbie, congratulations! Snape drinks all round. When's the housewarming party?

Tim, I'm sorry to hear of your father's death. But I must admit I was grinning ear to ear reading your history of him. He sounds like he was a very cool guy who led an incredible life. I'm glad your mother took some comfort from this board, even if I'm too late to be added to that list.

Septentrion, what can I say? I'm just so, so, so relieved and pleased to hear that a Detention with Snape! Club member will be translating his page to French.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Accio Sirius!


Dr Filibuster - Jul 12, 2004 11:21 pm (#669 of 2955)

Happy birthday Accio Sirius.

Accio birthday cake, Accio candles, Accio presents, Accio party, Accio adoring friends and family, Accio Half blood prince (ok got carried away there). Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 2752390508

Hey, this Accio spell is great isn't it?


Ozymandias - Jul 12, 2004 11:32 pm (#670 of 2955)

Tim, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Just from reading your brief biography of him I can tell that he was an incredible man who has truly touched the lives of all around him.

All of the kind words from those who have posted here were wonderful to read, and I'm glad they have brought comfort to you and your family. What a wonderful community you all have established here. I feel honored to be a part of it.

Sherbie Lemon, congratulations on the new house! I can relate to your tales of frequent moving, since living the dorm life necessitates moving twice a year. I hope your house will be a home you will enjoy for a good long time. Good luck!

And finally, happy birthday Accio Sirius! *breaks out the HP party hats*

EDIT: I missed Padfoot's post about Marcus's new avatar. Marcus, you do look like Alan Alda, though I had a pretty strong mental image of you as that hairy-chested linebacker guy. Guess I'll need to revise that one.


The giant squid - Jul 13, 2004 12:03 am (#671 of 2955)

Tim, I know I'm a bit late here but I'd like to offer my condolences as well. I can tell from your posts that you are--generally speaking--a happy, fun-loving, quirky guy and I can only hope that this loss hasn't permanently damaged your funny bone. I think continuing to laugh at life (and especially the odd people in it) would be the best tribute to the man that taught you to do just that.

Happy Birthday, Accio Sirius! And no, I'm not giving you my Sirius signpost as a present. Wink



Tomoé - Jul 13, 2004 12:33 am (#672 of 2955)

I did mess up Padfoot and Accio Sirius ... I'll iron my hands then. Happy birthday Accio Sirius! ... or is it book 6 now? ... am I mess people again?


Neldoreth - Jul 13, 2004 12:53 am (#673 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Accio Sirius! Enjoy this special day

Tomoe, dont iron your hands, you'll need them to post here...

Have each one of you a wonderful day, here the sun seems to finally trying to appear after a week of rainy, dark, depressing weather... excellent!


septentrion - Jul 13, 2004 1:15 am (#674 of 2955)

happy birthday Accio Sirius !


Fawkes Forever - Jul 13, 2004 1:34 am (#675 of 2955)

Tim, I'm touched to hear that these messages have given yourself & your Mother some comfort.

Accio Sirius.... Happy belated birthday.. hope it was a good one.


Ozymandias - Jul 13, 2004 2:20 am (#676 of 2955)

I'm sorry to burden and/or annoy all of you with this post, but as you'll see I don't really know who else to say it to. This is going to sound incredibly whiny but I need to get it off my chest.

I am a loner, an outcast, a recluse and a socially stunted human being. I find this very depressing.

I'm 19 years old, and I don't think I have a single real friend. I have kept in touch with perhaps a dozen people from high school, and I would only call two of them real friends. One of them has changed so much since I knew her that we have a hard time relating to each other any more. She was my best friend in high school. The other would be a great friend, and he is, but we're still recovering from an awkward time when he wanted to take it farther than friendship and I didn't, so I don't feel as comfortable around him as I once did.

I have never once been on a date. I have never kissed someone who is not a member of my family. I have never been asked on a date.

I feel like, outside of my immediate family, I'm not at all close to anyone. I don't mean to downplay my family. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and my brother, but they all have their own social circles and I don't. I've got lots of acquaintances, but I don't even feel comfortable asking them to go to a movie or something. I'm completely paranoid that nobody I know likes or even tolerates me.

I'm feeling like this is abnormal for someone my age. Or for anybody. I have this horrible vision of myself in 50 years, living in a shack somewhere talking to the furniture. I imagine myself dying and nobody cares. Or even notices.

I don't know what to do about it. At least part of my isolation is self-imposed. I'm not a very social person; going out and interacting with more than about two people is hard work for me. It stresses me out and wears me down. I know it's ridiculous to expect to form relationships without spending time with people, but surely there must be some sort of middle ground. If so, I haven't found it. And it's doubly hard because I differ so much from the majority of my peer group. Going to parties, bars or nightclubs is pretty much the social scene, and I despise all three. Surely there are people who share my feelings, but how to find them without going door-to-door?

What do I do? Is this normal? Is it healthy? Am I destined to be alone?

I'm sorry to place this rant on all of you. I assure you that I'm not fishing for sympathy, at least not consciously. It's helped just to get these feelings out. If you've actually gone and read this whole thing, thank you. Any advice you have would help a lot, especially if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation.



septentrion - Jul 13, 2004 3:12 am (#677 of 2955)

Ozymandias, having relationships with others is taking a risk, whoever you have a relationship with. What you need is taking some risks by asking some of the people you know and who seems the more likely to understand you to do things with you (having a drink, going to the cinema...). Maybe it'll be a wonderful time, maybe it'll be dreadful but if you don't want to be totally alone, you have to do it. I'm sure there are more people than you'd believe to who don't like to spend all their time with people, going to bars or clubs...but of course those kind of people aren't as much visible as the others. You're not meant to be alone, don't expect too much from yourself, and don't think it's so difficult to meet people who share interests with you.


Marè - Jul 13, 2004 4:23 am (#678 of 2955)

First of all, Tim, what can I add that hasn't been said allready? Take care, of yourself and your family. Best wishes to all.

And Ozymandias, I don't know what you are doing right now, but starting a new chapter in life and moving out of your old neighbourhood and start living on your own might change your circle of friends. A new job, a new education, a new city might do worlds of goods.
Also think about joining a sportclub, a painting course or anything where you meet new people, whom share at least one interest with you (or they wouldn't be there..)
Take a look here: http://www.witchinghour.org/getinvolved/preevents.html.
These people seem to have Harry Potter parties all around the world. So you can meet HPfreaks in real life.

And further I can only back up Septentrion, the first times you go and hang in clubs might not be the most fun because you might feel a bit uncomfortable. But it gets better!


mike miller - Jul 13, 2004 5:55 am (#679 of 2955)


Ozy - You're normal! As humans, we are all very good at putting up barriers around us to protect us from pain. As Septentrion said, it means taking a risk. I echo the advice of Mare', find something you would like to do anyway (painting, yoga, archery, collecting), anything that interests you. Having common interests drastically reduces the stress and the risk of meeting new people.

I went through a similar trial in my teens. I was so self-conscious about wearing braces and the general awkwardness of being a teen that I was tongue-tied around girls. It wasn't until I went away to college did I start to get over it. It seemed easier to open up with people who had not known me during my self imposed exile. This too will pass, give it time, take a chance and find something you have passion for. You will find others that share your passion.


haymoni - Jul 13, 2004 6:03 am (#680 of 2955)

Ozy - I didn't really talk with anyone from high school after high school ended. We all went our separate ways and, quite frankly, most of them were idiots.

As for dating, I think I could use a Time Turner and say "no, thanks!" to just about all of the jerks that I went out with before age 19.

I can tell from your posts that you are intelligent and thoughtful - people will learn this about you, but you have to give them a chance. Take a class - any kind of class. Volunteer - pick something you could really feel passionate about. I'd avoid the bars - try a health club - you don't have to pick a really expensive one - see if your city, town, university has a community recreation center. Go to a children's hospital and read Harry Potter out loud to the kids with all the expression and accents you can muster!

I would also discuss your situation with your physician. I am no doctor and I don't even play one on TV, but sometimes we need a little help when it comes to getting over our fears. You may be surprised at what your doctor is able to do for you.

You'll find a kindred spirit and I'll bet they will show up when you least expect it!


Flame Alligator - Jul 13, 2004 6:21 am (#681 of 2955)

Tim, You and your family have my deepest sympathy. I know what it is to lose a father. Especially, a persevering, great guy like your dead seems to have been. "hugs for you and your family*

Accio Sirius, Happy Birthday.

Sherbie, Congrats on the house.

Fawkes, Top of the mornin to ya.

I will be busy this week substituting for the Pilates teacher........ again. *sigh* Oh well, I can use the extra cash. I will, however, not get behind on this thread.

See you guys tomorrow.



Gina R Snape - Jul 13, 2004 6:56 am (#682 of 2955)

Ozzy, I noticed in your profile that you are going to school in SF. Might I suggest you do a few things...

1. Join some clubs at your school. You'll find like-minded people and make friends;
2. See if your school has free mental health counseling, so you have a chance to explore your feelings and relationships in a healthy supportive place;
3. Take advantage of SF. There are loads of people, places and things in SF to get involved with. I met some people from the SF costumers guild when I was there recently and they were great fun and welcomed new people gladly. A little odd, as costumers are...but hey I was wearing a Slytherin costume at the time so who am I to talk?
4. If you see someone you find attractive, ask him/her out! The worst they can do is say no...

Oh, I nearly forgot...Marcus! Y'know, I did start to create a mental image of you as the big hairy-chested cartoon. Heh, heh. Nice to see your real face. Does this mean you won't be residing in your cartoon castle anymore?


Accio Sirius - Jul 13, 2004 7:07 am (#683 of 2955)

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a good one. I'll admit I was hoping Mike would share some PoA booty... ; ).

Ozzy, Your post was very touching. I think you might be surprised at how many people feel the way that you do. And there is no set timeline in life to learn new things or have new experiences, so don't feel bad if you haven't met some imaginary deadline. There's a good chance that most people lie about things that they've done or--especially when it comes to relationships--regret that they've done things too early. Maybe it's the recently 40 year old in me talking, but with age comes knowledge and with it a certain contentment. So you in waiting, contemplating and seriously evaluating all relationships, will bring a much deeper bond when you do form them. And that's exactly what people are always searching for no matter what age. I wish you luck.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 13, 2004 7:24 am (#684 of 2955)

Ozy.... first of all take a great big hug.... *HUG*

As already said by some of our more eloquent members of the forum... you are normal. We all go through phases like this... it is normal. Like Haymoni, I haven't kept in contact much with those I went to high school with. Indeed the first year after high school (which I think is were you are at now) was kind of tough. Going off to college, having to make new friends & taking on new challenges. The main thing was I had to take a chance when meeting new people.... I joined a few clubs & the like just to get out there to meet new people.... Also you're not going to click with everyone you meet, but there will be some people out there that you will mesh with quite well. Anyways, all we need are a few good friends... more so than a load of well... okish (if thats a word ) friends.

As for dating... now I don't in any way claim to be an expert... LOL far from it methinks.... but it's the same as making new friends, sometimes you have to take a chance... sometimes it pays off... sometimes it doesn't (usually the latter in my case ) However I try not to let that put me off....

We all put up barriers to stop ourselves from getting hurt, thats human nature. About six years ago I lost my closest childhood friend in a very tragic accident & I closed myself off to many people. Unfortunately I lost a lot of friends in the process, as I wouldn't share my feelings, let them get close & I cut them off, all through what I thought was self preservation. However I realised I couldn't spend my life shut away. If my friends death taught me anything it was that life is too darn short, & to use a cliche... life is for living.

It was difficult & I must admit that even now it still can be.... somedays I find myself putting the barriers back up to prevent people from getting close & I need to remind myself that its ok to let people in.....

Making a few changes is all it takes.... I moved to a new city to start a new job, & it was the best thing I did. I'm not suggesting that you upsticks & move.... but start with something small ... like join a book club, or a sports club. From your posts you seem like a warm caring intelligent person, just try not to be afraid... take a chance on people .... they might surprise you. If you do feel like you need some extra help... then perhaps going to your doctor for a quick chat might help... Good luck... I wish you all the best!

Sorry for rattling on so much folks..... if you've made it this far take 10 points for your house

Hi Flame *waves madly*


Padfoot - Jul 13, 2004 8:49 am (#685 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Accio Sirius! Make A Wish

Ozzy, I would like to send you hugs too. I can get easily depressed (runs in the family) too and have thought many of those same thoughts over the years. Everyone has given you some great advice that you should try. I have only one friend that I went to high school that I still keep in contact with and she lives across the country. The friends I've made since high school are much more important in my life than those silly girls I knew way back when. Getting involved in any activity/club is worth it. You might need to try a few out before finding something you really enjoy doing, but try something. It's hard at first, but it does get easier the more you are in social situations. I am shy too, so I know how you feel. And once you start opening up to people, you find that you are "normal". I have noticed that the older I get, the more self confidence I have. So hang in there and go find some fun activity where you can meet new people.

I have found that having a pet in my life has helped me immensely (the best decision I ever made). If you have the option of getting one, I would recommend it. That unconditional love just can't be beat!


Julia. - Jul 13, 2004 9:15 am (#686 of 2955)

*Hugs Ozy* Don't worry Ozy, as everyone else said, what you're going through is very normal. I'm almost your age, and have simillar experiences (except that I'm still very close with my high school friends). I'm not a very social person. I spend the vast majority of my time sitting infront of a computer or doing school work. The number of true friends I have (not counting Forumers and family) is less than ten, and at least three are teachers from high school.

Being that I am so close with my friends from high school, things were very difficult for me when I went off to college last year. I was so used to having everyone around and then suddenly they weren't. I pretty much locked myslef in my dorm and got very caught up in being anti-social and sorry for myself.

I joined one group on campus...Hillel. I met some very cool people there, all of whom were Jewish and most of whom are into simillar things as I. It was hard at first, because I really only saw them two days a week, but after a while of feeling each other out, we saw each other all the time, and became friends. No one expects you to become a social butterfly over night, but honestly, eating dinner alone every night isn't fun. My suggestion is that you find something you're into anyway, see if there's a club for it on campus, and join up. As previously noted by everyone else, you're likely to meet great people who are just as wonderful as you are.

As for dating, don't worry about that. You're talking to someone who wasn't properly kissed, or had a proper date until 18. My parents didn't meet each other until they were 25. Love will happen for you, you just have to be patient. Also, don't waste any opportunities. If you see someone who you think you might be interested in, as 'em to dinner (OK, the dining hall isn't exactly the most romantic place, but I'm sure it'll work, just offer to swipe her (er, for non college folk to swipe for someone means to take a meal of your card so that someone else can eat)).

Hope this helps Ozy, and as always, you know you're free to unload your troubles on us any time.


icthestrals - Jul 13, 2004 9:26 am (#687 of 2955)

Ozy, my heart goes out to you. I have to second what everyone has suggested to you. I did not have friends in school or my first go round at college. I never had a date before the age of 20. I was never asked and the one time I asked, I was turned down.

Getting out around people in an environment you feel comfortable in will help. I worked with horses for years and met some very interesting people. Somehow being around animals helped me relate to other human beings.

My isolation was also self-imposed through depression and not trusting people because I had been emotionally hurt by them. Once I got to know people, I found that they weren't all that bad.

I didn't talk much to others, but now I'll strike up a conversation with people while waiting in a line. Having a sense of humor helps, too. I'm now 36 and am still not comfortable around large groups of people, but I understand that that is just me.

Be patient with yourself and don't give up. You have much to offer!


Celestina W. - Jul 13, 2004 9:54 am (#688 of 2955)

Ozy, I know how you feel. I'm 17, have never been on a date, and have very few close friends. I know what it's like to be isolated because few of my peers are interested in the same things I am. All I can really tell you is to give it time and trust that things will get better. Try to find some activity where you can go out and meet people -- volunteer work might be good. I really hope our messages will help you some. Here's another hug from me. *HUG*

Padfoot, I'm curious, what part of Minnesota did you visit on your vacation? I'm guessing it wasn't my area, since you mentioned a lake and we don't have too many of them in the southeastern corner of the state. But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed you trip.

Shepherdess, on the Tell about Yourself thread you said that you remember me, which is really cool since I didn't think anyone would. So I just had to say thanks!


icthestrals - Jul 13, 2004 9:57 am (#689 of 2955)

Celestina W, I remember you, too.


Padfoot - Jul 13, 2004 10:00 am (#690 of 2955)

Celestina W, I was much further North than you are. I was in a town called Gull Lake. Curiously enough it was next to Gull Lake! It's near Brainerd. My mom's aunt has a cabin up there. It was very pretty to watch the fireworks go off over the lake.


Courtney22 - Jul 13, 2004 11:19 am (#691 of 2955)


Though I have not personally gone through what you are right now I still feel I can relate. My brother is much the same way you are. He's not into Bars or drinking or the many of social things that a lot of people do. He has always been very shy and he used to get panic attacks, especially before going to school. He started taking anxiety medicine and the improvement has been vast. He still hasn't got a ton of friends or a girlfriend but he is becoming more comfortable with himself and that is the most important first step.

The important thing is to hang in there! Taking classes of any kind is a good idea in my opinion. I have met so many interesting and diverse people in college. You don't have to go to school to get some kind of degree you can do independent studies just for fun and if you take classes you are interested in you are bound to run into people with similar interests. Plus in a classroom setting its not as awkward to start up conversations, you always have the class to talk about.

My heart goes out to you and I hope everyone's advice will help you in some way if its only to let you know that you have friends here!

XOXO Courtney


Ladybug220 - Jul 13, 2004 12:23 pm (#692 of 2955)

Ozy, I completely understand. I had my first date at 17 but didn't have another one until I was 23 (got my first kiss after that too). There are some great suggestions from others out there as to what you can do but also know that you are not the only one out there. Relationships in all forms take risks (I think Tomoe was the one that said that) and some are worth the risk of getting to know someone. Start slowly and keep working at it. Feel free to email me at anytime (check my profile for my email address).


VeronikaG - Jul 13, 2004 12:57 pm (#693 of 2955)

As usual, I have been off a few days, and I have a lot to say now.

First of all, Tim, My deepest sympathies. Your Dad sounded like a great man. Take care.

Ozy, I think I know how you feel. I was about your age before I started going to parties where there was drinking. Fortunately, most of my closest friends were a few years younger than me, so I had a couple of extra years before I needed to go to them. I still only go to parties with people I know and like. Going out on bars was scary for me at first as well, as I'm blessed with being surrounded by nervous people who always talked about how dangerous going out was. I was afraid the first times I went out, tried to go away from all the strangers. But after having been out a couple of times I felt more comfortable, and joined in dancing (which I'm as bad at as anybody) and talking to my friends' friends.

As friends go, I have no contact with most of my childhood friends. (But I have told on the forum earlier what they were like...) The last five years I have changed social circles twice, due to starting college, quitting and starting again. My friends from high school didn't go to college, so most of them are now settled with jobs, boy friends, children and houses. This makes me seem like the younger of the old gang now, as I have neither of those things. So don't really share any interests any more. But I have promised myself that I will keep in touch with the friends I have made during this second time around in college.

And to cheer you up a little further, at 24 I still have yet to have a lasting, successful relationship with a man. And I don't do dates. I'm not a bit romantic, so even if it is intended to be a date it ends up as just a day out. And besides, the older and more mature you are when you start a relationship, the greater the chance it lasts.

I hope my hopeless advices make you feel a little better.


Tomoé - Jul 13, 2004 1:03 pm (#694 of 2955)

I wasn't me, it was Septentrion (what a relief, I'm not the only one who mess people ^_~)

Only one of my secondary school friends is still close to me, there's another one that I see from time to time, but I'm really no good for keeping in touch. I didn't had much friend back then as I could had made competition to Eloise Midgeon. I had a really low self esteem back then and couldn't even see myself as date-able. I still never had a proper boyfriend or even properly kiss, but it's for lack of trying. I was victim of a car accident in December 2001, and I become tired very easily when I do intellectual stuff like talking with people, so I give up on boyfriends until my brain get better.

I second what everyone said about clubs and stuff, I have a good bunch a good friend and good time in my medieval re-enactment group, and have a lot of good moments with people on this forum. ^_^

Edit : by the way, I'm 25.


Ladybug220 - Jul 13, 2004 1:25 pm (#695 of 2955)

Oh well, too late for me to edit. Septentrion gave good advice and so did Tomoe!


Leila 2X4B - Jul 13, 2004 1:56 pm (#696 of 2955)

Ozy, look up and see all of these past posts of people who never have met you, but care very deeply about you. You are funny, charming, and obviously intelligent. I am sure that given time, and a little risk taking on your part, you will find that people that you meet will respond to you similarly. When I was 17 I felt like you, then I got a pet and then pregnant. Oops. Although having a child is tough, and I wouldn't recommend it at your age, taking care of one makes you feel loved and allow you to meet new people. I say volunteer reading to children, or something similar. You can meet people and feel good about yourself while you get to know others. Listen to everyone's posts, they come from love and experience. :BIG HUG: P.S. kitties are always helpful when your lonely.


Leprechaun Jack - Jul 13, 2004 2:25 pm (#697 of 2955)


I had very similar feelings to what you described when I was your age... but I went in a different direction. I became very loud and out of control to make up for my feelings of loneliness and isolation. I needed to have everyone think I was too good for them and everyone was beneath me. Of cause that worked out real well (NOT). As some time passed I found out that who I am is more important that how I'm perceived. That kinda' took a load off me and little by little I was able to remove the wall I had built around myself and start to make some friendships. I know it sounds very cliché but you need to be a friend... to have a friend.

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but why not look for a Harry Potter group for grown-ups. We have one in NY I've only had the chance to go once, but it was very easy to talk to everyone as we had a common interest. As a matter of fact I met our own "Gina R Snape" at that meeting.

Be ready for some bumps and bruises on the road. Never treat someone in a way you wouldn't want to be treated, and always try to be the one to extend the hand of friendship, it may be slapped away once in a while. But the new friends you make will be worth it, and who knows one of those new friends might lead to something more (and if it doesn't happen that’s Ok too). All things happen in their own time.



Catherine - Jul 13, 2004 2:38 pm (#698 of 2955)

This may sound a little touchy-feely, but I am so proud of the Lexicon Forum right now!

I've seen so many people offer such good advice from several different viewpoints to Ozymandias, and I will just ditto their posts.

I also was touched when I read the responses to Tim's post that his father died.

You all are an amazing group!


Ozymandias - Jul 13, 2004 3:16 pm (#699 of 2955)

I'd like to thank you all for your kindness and support. When I came onto the forum this afternoon, I was actually a bit embarrassed at having posted what I did, but after reading all of your wonderful advice, I'm glad I did. Just seeing all the support I have here, even being a new member, made me feel worlds better.

I'm glad to hear that some of you have gone through the same thing I am experiencing, and I'll do my best to take the advice of each and every one of you to heart.

Thank you!


Celestina W. - Jul 13, 2004 4:06 pm (#700 of 2955)

Wow, icthestrals, that makes two people! Pretty good considering I never posted much anyway.

You're right, Padfoot, that's nowhere near where I live. I have been up to Brainerd once, though, for the state Knowledge Bowl tournament. It's a very pretty area.

I, too, am impressed with how supportive this forum family is. Ozy, you're welcome, and I'm glad you feel better. It's amazing how much it can help just to talk (or write) about your feelings.
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Marè - Jul 13, 2004 4:15 pm (#701 of 2955)

Ozy, feel free to rant away, there are so many different people here, that this is a very likely place to get good advice.

And Celestina, make that three! I remember you too.


Accio Sirius - Jul 13, 2004 5:57 pm (#702 of 2955)

Padfoot and Celestina, is that Brainerd as in the movie Fargo?


Marye Lupin - Jul 13, 2004 6:09 pm (#703 of 2955)

Ozy, your post sounded very familiar to me. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I am going through something a lot like that at the moment (and have been for some time). I come from a family that has moved around alot (foreign service) and am terrible at adapting to new environments. As a result I am incredibly close to my family but have a great difficulty making friends. I have very few really close friends and always feel out of place at parties. I am also almost 18 years old, about to go to college and have never been kissed.

However my situation has been improving over the last two years and I owe most of that to my involvement in after school theater. It not only allowed me to meet some wonderful people but being able to contribute to something as fun and exciting as theater (something I have really grown to love) made me feel appreciated and boosted my self confidence.

Before I became involved in theater I had a lot of free time on my hands and I spent it feeling sorry for myself, I felt like I was useless. I really can not stress how important I believe it is to go out and do something. Having something to do and feeling like my efforts were really appreciated has made a huge difference.


haymoni - Jul 13, 2004 6:22 pm (#704 of 2955)

I really wish that I had gotten involved in theater. I worked after school, so I couldn't really stay for practice or anything. In college I was busy taking my business courses. Looking back, though, I think I would have enjoyed it.

That would be a way to meet some really creative people that have lots of different kinds of talents - acting, directing, costuming, set-building, etc.


Viola Intonada - Jul 13, 2004 7:24 pm (#705 of 2955)

Ozi, I know how you feel. I went through a period in my life much like yours when I was in college. I would give you the same advice that everyone else has given you. (I joined my college's juggling club)


Celestina W. - Jul 13, 2004 8:28 pm (#706 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 13, 2004 8:35 pm

I couldn't tell you, Accio Sirius; I've never seen that movie. Happy (belated) birthday, by the way.

Yeah, three people!

EDIT: So how 'bout that All-Star Game? Anybody else watching it? Joe Nathan, the lone representative from my team, the Twins, put in a good inning. Looks like the American League is about to wrap it up.


Pinky - Jul 13, 2004 8:55 pm (#707 of 2955)

I'm number 4! I love your name, Celestina, and I'm glad you're back.

Ozy - me too! Nuff said. Oh - and I like your quote. I recognize it, but I can't remember where it's from.


Julia. - Jul 13, 2004 9:42 pm (#708 of 2955)

Twins, eh Celestina. I'm a Yankee fan from Connecticut, and I'm quite happy with the result of this evening's contest. I was extreemly happy to see Roger Clemens get touched up for six runs in the first inning. Serves him right.

Glad to hear you're feeling better Ozy. As I think we've expertly demonstrated that anyone can feel free to post their troubles and receive support from our family. This Forum is quite an awesome family, and to echo Catherine's earlier post, I'm extreemly proud of this forum right now! Everyone have a butterbeer on me! *Pulls out butterbeer and passes bottles around*


Ozymandias - Jul 14, 2004 12:05 am (#709 of 2955)

Pinky: it's the Kenmare Kestrals team motto. I'm a huge fan of gratuitous violence in sports. Wink


The giant squid - Jul 14, 2004 12:52 am (#710 of 2955)

Ozy: fear not. I know it may seem like things are at an all time low, but trust me--by the time you're thirty this'll just be a bump on your road to happiness. I never dated until well into my 20s, and I was my now-wife's first boyfriend (we started dating when she was in her early thirties). Sometimes things take time.

Accio Sirius, they are indeed talking about the Brainerd from "Fargo". And not all us North Dakotans talk like that, don'cha know? Wink



Fawkes Forever - Jul 14, 2004 3:00 am (#711 of 2955)

Ozy... glad to hear you're feeling that little bit better. Our forum family are amazing aren't they... so proud of you guys right now.... lord knows they've put up with my rants & raves over the past 10 months or so *GROUP HUG EVERYONE* (sorry to shout, just so proud of everyone) *glugs down Julias butterbeer*

Talking of Kenmare... I was planning to go to Kenmare next bank holiday weekend.... not because it has a gorgeous beach & is a great little tourist town, but because I might catch a glimpse of their Quidditch team... LOL! I've already been in Ballycastle numerous times over the years ..... alas no sign of Barney or the Bats


boop - Jul 14, 2004 3:44 am (#712 of 2955)

Erin I am glad you are feeling better. I am so proud to be a member of this forum. Everyone comes through when support is needed. That is what makes this forum so special is the family we have here. I just want to say thank you Staff for all your hard work, if it wasn't for you this forum wouldn't be the same. Just want you all to know how much each one of you are appreciated!!

Everyone have a great day!!!!


Pinky - Jul 14, 2004 4:52 am (#713 of 2955)

Ozy, thanks! I knew I knew it! Ok - how about the abstract avatar you're using. I keep looking at it and trying to figure out what it is. Am I being dense? Is it obvious? I love the variety of avatars people have. (Julia, your current one is absolutely precious!)


Flame Alligator - Jul 14, 2004 5:20 am (#714 of 2955)

Ozy, I am glad you are feeling better.

Fawkes, top of the mornin to ya.

I am way too busy this week. I am, however, excited that I, Robot the movie comes out this week. I am a big science fiction fan and Isaac Asimov's short stories of I, Robot is one of my favorite books. The movie looks like it is going to be fantastic. It will be my treat for myself at the end of this grueling week. Are any of you big sci-fi fans?

Well, I am off to visit my favorite threads.

Goedemorgen y'all!


Chemyst - Jul 14, 2004 5:33 am (#715 of 2955)

Ozy, even though you were feeling depressed when you wrote about your forlorn love life, there were some incredibly positive things going on in what you said. First, you have a desire to develop friendships; that is healthy even if it's not comfortable. Secondly, you don't have all the baggage of a horrible dating history where one repeats the same mistakes over and over. People who start dating too young often build bad habits and develop the undesirable skill of breaking up when real life happens. Thirdly, you say you despise nightclubs and bars- that can be a good thing too since they tend to be populated with a 'misery loves company' crowd. Fourthly, you have a wonderful relationship with your parents and your brother, which means you have and respect a good foundation for building personal relationships. And even the fact that you have so many misgivings about relationships at 19 indicates you are normal. That is a lot of positive stuff for such a depressed post!

I know you said, "interacting with more than about two people is hard work for me," but that is a positive thing too. Right now you are down because you know you have to go out and find other people, but bit of hard work can be good for you. Take the other forum members' advice and find a group to be involved with. Once you have learned to be happy with yourself in a group, you will find that your happiness attracts others. Once your happiness starts attracting others to you, you don't have to go out and find people anymore. It's a paradox.


Catherine - Jul 14, 2004 5:37 am (#716 of 2955)

Hi everyone!

I'm going to answer Tornedo's question "Any way, Catherine-- say Happy Birthday to Daisy. Just one question: Isn't Daisy 4 years old? So, how come she turns one on July 14? " here instead of in the Luna thread. Thanks for asking, Tornedo!

Daisy is the dog in the picture, and she has "officially" left puppyhood behind her as of today, although probably only technically. Tornedo, you are right that I have a four year old, but she's my human, fur-free child! I also have another little girl who will be nine very soon, which makes me feel very old. My other furry child, Phoebe, will be turning 11 in a few weeks.

So I think Daisy and I will head out to Petsmart later today and buy her a small birthday treat.

Have a good day, everybody.


Ticker - Jul 14, 2004 5:46 am (#717 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 14, 2004 5:47 am

I agree with Pinky, Julia! You are a cutie-pants! (er, even in a diaper)

Tim, if you actually catch up on all these posts & read this one, I want to express my sympathies as well. Your father must have been quite an incredible man. May your memories be fond & your heart grow wiser through this profound experience.

Ozy, a belated "thanks for sharing" to you. There has been a ton of great advise here & clearly you are not wierd. (Unless most of us are too, which, though probable, it is not because we share a similar life experience.) You have shown yourself to be a very thoughtful & well-spoken person. This experience may seem eternal, but you will grow from it. Hang in there. All I want to add is that romantic relationships can be highly over-rated. Hold out for a person you know in your deepest being that you can spend your life with.

Celestina - I get to be #5. I tooo remember yooo. Good to see you again.

Mike, are you sure you don't talk like that, because when I moved to SD no one here thought they had an accent either?


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 14, 2004 6:16 am (#718 of 2955)

Happy July 14 or Bastille Day to our French friends!

On that note I would like to ask some advice from anyone in Montreal or familiar with that city. We are going there on vacation next week. Now we have been there before, but not with 4 kids (ages 5 and Cool. Can anyone make good recommendations? We are staying in an apartment at McGill, so we will be pretty central (I think).

Also are there any favorite must try restaurants? When it comes to food we are an adventurous bunch.

Ozy there has been some really great advice here.  As my mother in law says, "keep your chin up but not out!"


Loopy Lupin - Jul 14, 2004 6:39 am (#719 of 2955)

Ozy. I'm coming a little late to your post, but there was great advice all the way around. I am a little *cough* older than you (I only say that because even now I kind of hate advice that begins "In my day..."), but much of what you said reminds me of age 19 for me. Let me just tell you that it wasn't until that time that I made any real friends. These days, not only am I still in touch with my college friends, we now live around one another and see each other on a regular basis. I know it does little good to say "things will get better," but they will.


Padfoot - Jul 14, 2004 8:41 am (#720 of 2955)

Padfoot and Celestina, is that Brainerd as in the movie Fargo?

Yes, as Mike has said, it is the same Brainerd don't cha know. Actually I heard no one talking like that while there. Of course I was surrounded by family that was from the South most of the time.

Happy Birthday to Daisy! Give her a hug from us Catherine.

I want to get on the bandwagon and thank the hosts and moderators too. I realized last night I have only been on this forum for about 4 months and yet I feel very comfortable with this family atmosphere. This is such a wonderful place, with supportive and caring people. And that is thanks to you for keeping the trollers away while allowing us to be silly now and again. Thanks!


Julia. - Jul 14, 2004 9:05 am (#721 of 2955)

Thanks Pinky and Ticker!

I too will jump on the host thanking bandwagon and say a great big THANK YOU to STEVE, KIP and DENISE and all the other MODERATORS for everything they do to keep our little Forum the happy, family enviornment that it is. We love you guys! You can have extra butterbeer. *pulls out butterbeer and passes it around to the mods and hosts*


Leviosa - Jul 14, 2004 10:25 am (#722 of 2955)

As always, I'm very late with this but reading all of your stories has helped me, too, and also made me want to share my experiences with you.

I'm 17 now and I also had similar problems like you, Ozy, especially in elementary school and during my first years of high school. Even though I had very good friends then (and most of them still are!), I always feared every minute I wasn't with my friends because I was afraid someone would make fun of me (this happened a lot in the early years). I was also afraid of speaking up in class and things like that. I feared talking to people besides my friends because I thought they would not want my companionship. At one point (maybe 4 or 5 years ago) people stopped making fun of me but it took me years to become more self-confident but I have greatly improved this year and now I don't care that much what other people are thinking of me. I also have not so much trouble anymore speaking with people I don't or only hardly know. But I have to stress that I have always had good friends and I still have. I don't know why exactly I have become more self-confident but I know that the forum here has been helping me a lot, too. About a year ago, I was embarrassed to say that I read and like HP. About half a year ago I was embarrassed to say that I'm reading on this forum. Now I'm showing everyone my HP socks and tell them more about HP than they ever wanted to know *evil grin*.

As for boys, that's a complete different chapter. I've never had a date, a boyfriend or a real kiss or anything like that. To top that I have a best friend who is the most beautiful girl in my class and has more admirers than she likes who do almost everything for her (including falling on their knees in the middle of the school(one guy), admiring her for two years and losing at least 20kg of weight in a few weeks (another guy)). And another guy told me quite some time how sweet she is. Sometimes it's really hard not becoming jealous but she the best friend in the world (Budapest) and she hasn't asked for all that admiration and is very uncomftable with it (Budapest!!!). As for me not having a boyfriend, I just tell myself that one day I'll have one, seeing as most people around me have one, too. And I also try not to think about it too much, it's less depressing then.

I hope I haven't bored you too much (here's my inferiority-complex again) and I hope sharing my thoughts could help anyone a bit. One thing was that I always tried to be friendly to everyone so that people were thinking good of me. I can't add more than everyone else said. And I think it's good, Ozy, that you shared your feelings with all of us. This shows that you aren't that isolated you think you are, even though this is only on the internet.


mischa fan - Jul 14, 2004 12:54 pm (#723 of 2955)

Julia: I'm a Yankee fan from Connecticut

Julia, does that make you a Connecticut Yankee?


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 14, 2004 3:25 pm (#724 of 2955)
Edited by S.E. Jones Sep 8, 2004 8:15 pm

Ozy, hang in there. I promise it gets better. Often you're better off without a boyfriend than with one, as they can be the cause of many headaches. Sometimes you find that if you've had too many, or have too many guy friends, you feel as though you are being used, or that the inner you is not valued or appreciated. In many cases, girls who have a lot of admirers or who have had a lot of boyfriends feel as badly (sometimes worse) about themselves as those who are single.

When I reached my sophmore year of high school, all my friends graduated. I was left with my best friend and my boyfriend. It was pretty lonely, especially as I was in honors courses and my companions were not. We even had different lunch hours so we never ate together. Like you, I was always more comfortable in smaller groups. That changed however, when I withdrew from high school to do correspondence classes and broke-up with my lousy boyfriend. I met a girl at work who had gone to a rival school, and she introduced me to her large group of friends. I connected with them at once, in fact, my future husband was one of the members of my new circle of friends!

I've told you all this to say that sometimes forcing yourself to be around a group that you are unfamiliar with can pay off immeasurably. The first time I was invited out with Kelli and her friends, I almost declined, but eventually decided that I had nothing to lose and went. I had the time of my life that night and am still in touch with that group today. As Septentrion said, life is full of risks. Many of them pay off beyond your wildest dreams, many end in heartache. But you'll never know how a risk will end until you take it. And the pay offs far outweigh the heartaches.

Gina, thanks for the Snape drink and the congrats! Our housewarming party will be in August; hope you and Severus (and everyone else on the forum) can apparate down for the occasion! Originally we hadn't planned on having one, as we've amassed more stuff over our years living together than we need. However everyone keeps asking when it will be, so we decided we'd have one, but request that no one bring anything...except beer of course.

Welcome back, Viola Intonada! How wonderful to meet a fellow potty!

And welcome back, Celestina, I remember you as well.


Ozymandias - Jul 14, 2004 3:28 pm (#725 of 2955)

Pinky: my avatar is a tapestry that I made. It's a phoenix, and I promise that it looks a lot more like a phoenix when it isn't a 10kb file.

And thanks again to everyone for their advice and butterbeers.


Julia. - Jul 14, 2004 3:41 pm (#726 of 2955)

Why yes Jim, it does :smile”

Oh! I almost forgot! Happy Bastille Day to everyone in France! *insert cool French-guy smilie here*


Celestina W. - Jul 14, 2004 4:58 pm (#727 of 2955)

Wow, I am very well-remembered. Thanks, everybody!

Just for the record, most people in Minnesota don't actually talk with the Minnesotan accent you might hear in movies or on TV. The example I'm thinking of here is the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, which is set in MN; I watched it once and spent the whole movie thinking "We do NOT talk like that". We do refer to drinks such as Pepsi or Mt. Dew as "pop", not "soda", but that's not just us, it's a Midwestern thing.

Ozy, you made that (the phoenix)? It's really cool.


Pinky - Jul 14, 2004 7:46 pm (#728 of 2955)

Ozy, that is really cool. And I can see it too - even the claws. It's a tapestry you made, huh? That's cool too!


Gina R Snape - Jul 14, 2004 7:55 pm (#729 of 2955)

Happy Bastille Day to all of our Beauxbâtons members!

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé.
Contre nous de la tyrannie
L'étendard sanglant est levé.


Tomoé - Jul 14, 2004 9:45 pm (#730 of 2955)

Belated happy 4 juillet for all the French members among us!

You made that tapestry Oza, cool! (I knew it was a phoenix ^_^)

Celestina, I must admit I remember your name, not who's behind the name. I'm a bit ashamed of it -_-

Mrs Sirius -> On that note I would like to ask some advice from anyone in Montreal or familiar with that city.
Why do I feel concerned? ^_~

Just on the top of my head, I'll suggest you the Céramic Café-Studio (4201, rue Saint-Denis), it's a restaurant where you and your children can buy raw ceramic pieces, like café mug, plates, lamp, etc and draw something on it with ceramic paint. When you're done, they varnish it, bake it and you can go home with your masterpiece. ^_^

May you give me more hint of what's your family like to do while in vacation?

That's all for tonight, I'll be back tomorrow with a more ready-to-work brain. ^_^


The giant squid - Jul 14, 2004 9:51 pm (#731 of 2955)

Flame Alligator: Be warned--on the promo material for I, Robot it says, "Suggested by the book by Isaac Asimov." (italics mine) The story has been heavily Hollywood-ized. Not that we have any experience with that sort of thing... Wink

  Mike, are you sure you don't talk like that, because when I moved to SD no one here thought they had an accent either?

No, Ticker, I actually don't. Even when I lived there I managed to refrain from the "ya know"s and "you betcha"s. Top that with three years living in Georgia, another three in southern California and closing in on three here in Nevada, and I'd say my accent is sufficiently neutral--or at least so thoroughly muddled as to be undefineable. Smile

My sisters, on the other hand...  :pcpb:



Mrs. Sirius - Jul 14, 2004 10:37 pm (#732 of 2955)

Tomoe, it's hard to say what my family likes to do on vacation as this is the first time since my son was born that we have partaken in that sort of activity together. Sunshine Don't be afraid we are only but so rowdy.

My husband doesn't change much however, he likes to read, read and read. So I know we will be looking for book stores. We do like to sample the everyday sort of things, rather than the extravaganzas. So we'll walk around town a lot I'm sure. There are 2 activities just heard about, a Merengue festival and a dragon boat race, we'll probably go to those events.

We are a bit bohemian so walking around Greenwich Village in New York, hanging out at the park was about our speed. I guess visiting parks where people just hang out and street fairs, (food fairs are the best) are the things we would like to see like Interesting libraries, the underground walk ways. Basic everyday life kinds of things, and of course at least one nice restaurant that is family friendly.

Thanks for the tip on the clay house my kids do love that so we'll certainly put that on our itinerary.


Akaisha - Jul 14, 2004 11:31 pm (#733 of 2955)
Edited by Denise P. Jul 14, 2004 11:39 pm

LOL! Hi Gina I heard that I should join 'Detention with Snape' since I am a Snape fan, but the thing is I did not find it. But, I searched and your name came up, and the same people told me that your are also a Snape fan. So I say you: 'hello fellow snape fan'. And I'm wondering if there really is a dentention with snape? Because I would be more than willing to attend!

I moved the portion below from the "Tell About Yourself" thread. Denise P.

rettoP yrraH: I don't knoe if you remember me, but we argued with some guy that came on to the chat area. I just messaged you to tour e-mail because I saw that you signed in and out of the chat room. I was surfing the web and didn't find anyone either. I am actually surprised no one was in there. The last few days I have been a member here, usually it's full. But, oh well... See you around sometime...


Caput Draconis - Jul 14, 2004 11:49 pm (#734 of 2955)

Hehe, Julia - a while back you commented on Clemens in the All Star Game? I (in Au) obviously get limited baseball coverage and even less press, but I've always followed the season as much as I can, particularly the Yankees...just because they're on a lot, and I take what I can get. Anyway, I watched Clemens on Leno the other night, and he was saying that everyone in NY was cool with him going to wherever he went (Houston?) and I was sitting there thinking 'hmmm, that doesn't seem right'...so twas lovely to read a real live Yankee fan's reaction to his performance in the All Star game, hehe.

Akaisha, do make sure you check out the long and winding journey that is the Snape thread...packed full of Severusy goodness, it is.  Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 858139975


septentrion - Jul 15, 2004 12:37 am (#735 of 2955)

thanks for the Bastille day congrats. I spent it very quietly, doing almost nothing except a bit of ironing. Well, the weather wasn't really encouraging for going out.

Gina, you know the Marseillaise but do you understand its meaning ? It's a rather violent war song IMHO.

Julia, am I to understand you're the very cute, gorgeous baby on your avatar ? as my mother'd say, "on la mangerait" (we'd eat her) no cannibalism in it, just a way to express how cute we find a baby.

Ozy, I'm glad you found comfort here, people here are so friendly.

Akaisha, the "in detention with snape club" is a joke born on the Snape thread some months ago, you're welcome in it but you'll find hard to have a day with Severus : Gina has the week-end and I have the fridays.


Ozymandias - Jul 15, 2004 12:45 am (#736 of 2955)

Thanks for the compliments on the tapestry, Tomoe, Celestina & Pinky. It's always great to hear that people other than my mom and grandma appreciate my artwork. Wink

I really want to do a whole magical creatures series, but I'd probably need my own loom for that, as they take ages. Anyone have several thousand dollars I can borrow? (Hey, it was worth a try...maybe not.)


Fawkes Forever - Jul 15, 2004 1:56 am (#737 of 2955)

Ozy... I must add to the 'that’s a cool tapestry' comments. Then again it is of wee Fawksey... so I doubly love it

I forgot to wish all our French Buddies a Happy le 14 juillet. I'm going to attempt some French now... be warned

Bonne fête de la prise de la Bastille!

Forgive me if that's not correct... I'm afraid I didn't get the chance to learn french at school & the little I have was picked up from phrase books & visiting France on summer holidays with my parents It was usually this time every year we would go..... ahhh, those where the days..... My entire family cooped up in a car travelling through the French country side.... too bad we didn't have an enlargement charm for the car, ala Arthur Weasley.... it would have stopped some interesting arguments anyways

Celestina... I remember you as well... another thing I forgot to say yesterday... oh I've too much in my brain... I need a pensieve

I laughed out loud at the comments on accents, it's funny how movies can give the wrong impression.... I know all about that... being from Northern Ireland.... I can safely tell you we don't all speak like the movies.... (nat instead of not & so on) Some people do, but fortunately I don't. Indeed many people are shocked when I tell them where I'm from.... they expect the big strong accent from the movies instead.

Right, enough rambling..... later


Anna Osipova - Jul 15, 2004 2:15 am (#738 of 2955)

I think many of us could use a pensieve, Fawkes Forever :~D.

Happy Bastille Day (although where I'm at, it's already over). Next holiday is Wiener Day (seriously! June 18th). Hehe.

Ozymandias, you really are talented :-). I wish I were able to see your other works, if you have them.

Does anyone have a good remedy against peeling from a sunburn? :-S.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 15, 2004 2:24 am (#739 of 2955)

Anna, try Aloe Vera, it's quite good, or a vitamin E cream, or Coca Butter.

I remember there is an aloe vera gel you can buy... called banana boat or something. Its a green gel... & it's very good for treating sun burned skin. It's also a great moisturiser. It can be quite expensive.... think about 10 to 15 euro for a bottle... but its a good sized bottle & I find it lasts a long time.


Ozymandias - Jul 15, 2004 3:20 am (#740 of 2955)

The aloe vera is well worth the price. I haven't found anything that works better.

Thanks Fawkes and Anna! And Anna, I'll try to get some of my other stuff up there. I think it's time for a new avatar anyway. I've had this one for ages.


Flame Alligator - Jul 15, 2004 3:41 am (#741 of 2955)

Fawkes, Top of the morning to ya! What?! You don't have a heavy Irish accent? I am disappointed.

Mike, The Giant Squid - Thanks for the warning about I, Robot. I realize they are combining the short stories and I am........ braced for one of my favorite books to be "Hollywood-ized". From the trailers, the movie looks exciting.

Julia, I am late with this...... your avatar is adorable.

Two more days and my week of teaching Yoga and subbing for the Pilates teacher is done. This wouldn't be so bad, if the streets of my city weren't all torn up. The city is replacing all the large pipes for the main water line and gas lines. Uh! This means when I walk to work I have a maze to go through and it changes every few days. Plus, there is a preponderance of dust and dirt in the air. I take my frustrations out on the Pilates students, lunch time housewives. I work them EXTRA hard. Hey, I have to amuse myself somehow. After all, I am not being paid extra.

We have had thunder storms every day for the past two weeks. Now, I love thunder storms but they are interfering with my long distance calls. This is driving me crazy. Right in the middle of a call, lots of static or the call breaks up. *doing calming deep ujjayi (up the throat and out the nose, mouth closed) breathing*

Have a lovely Thursday.



septentrion - Jul 15, 2004 4:28 am (#742 of 2955)

Fawkes, you wrote it quite right, no mistake ! are you sure you never learned some french ?

Anna, what's Wiener day ?

Flame, the same with you about the gas lines, water lines...there are digs everywhere here too and the maze changes sometimes during the day. The morning the passage is open, and it's closed in the afternoon.


Chemyst - Jul 15, 2004 5:41 am (#743 of 2955)

Anna, if it's already peeling, you're too late for this, but next time your are sunburned, use very damp tea bags (ordinary pekoe) as a compress. The tannic acid in the tea helps if you can do this in the first few hours. Then you need to follow up with the aloe vera gel.

Flame, we've been having summer thunderstorms here too. I've shut down the computer and pulled the modem several times because of all the lightning. The summer before, we lost all phone service for a week and Internet for another four days because of lightning. I felt so handicapped then-- like, "Eww, there's nothing to do but watch TV?"


Gina R Snape - Jul 15, 2004 6:28 am (#744 of 2955)

Akaisha, welcome to the forum. Yes, please do take a stroll over to the Severus Snape thread... You will have to prove yourself worthy of detention WITH the Potions Master of course. Otherwise you might wind up with Filch.

Septentrion, no I do not speak french but I understand enough German and Spanish and Latin to have gathered the meaning of the poem (if not shades of meaning). I thought it was about storming the Bastille. The cheer. The revolution is upon us... I apologise if you took offence. I saw it on a French site.

Nymphadora is excited because I am home late this morning. She is jumping on my lap, sending purry hellos to all.


mollis - Jul 15, 2004 6:29 am (#745 of 2955)

Hey all! Just thought I'd poke my nose in for a bit or relaxation. I am having one killer of a week. My stolen moments on the forum during work have been decreasing (certainly not by my choice) and I am spending what little free time I have consoling a friend whose husband recently requested a separation. Total shock - never saw it coming. So she's hanging out with me for a few days until he figures out what he wants. I don't want to start any guy-bashing here - but really - what's the deal with the mid-life crisis?

Anyway, I'm not looking for well-wishes or sympathy, I just wanted to agree with what people have said previously. This is a wonderfully supportive family. Just being able to type this is making me feel better. You all are great!

Ozy- Hang in there. You've been given some great advice. If you follow even some of it and keep your same positive attitude - you'll do great!

Anna- As a self-proclaimed sunburn expert (blonde hair, blue eyed kid who loved playing outdoors - need I say more?). I recommend liberal amounts of lotion. Any kind you can get your hands on, although aloe or Vitamin E enriched is best. Apply as many time a day as you can - at least 2 or 3. And don't stop when the burn goes away. Do it for a couple of weeks. That's the best way to prevent a peel. For the pain - an aloe gel works great. And for the future - use sunblock!

Flame - Sorry to hear about all the rain and construction. Here's a rainbow for you: Maybe things will calm down over the weekend. Sounds like its about your turn to have someone teach your classes for a week!

The weather here has finally cooled down a bit. At least the heat index was below 100 yesterday. I am hoping for a cool weekend so that I can get some flowers planted.

Everyone have a great day!


Flame Alligator - Jul 15, 2004 6:59 am (#746 of 2955)

Anna, Might I add that if you happen to know someone with an aloe plant, all the better. The fresh gel from the plant tongues works even faster. Once cut, just wrap in foil and keep it in the refrigerator between applications.

Hey Mollis.

Akaisha, Where does that name come from? Is it by chance from Anne Rice's character in Queen of the Damned? I love Akasha from the movie of the same name. When she is angry, she sets people a flame. I love that!


Accio Sirius - Jul 15, 2004 7:02 am (#747 of 2955)

Celestina, I'm originally from Pittsburgh and they say "pop" too for sodas and cokes. They also say "yins" which is some strange contraction of you ins or yous guys or something equally grammatically frightening! Good people though. Michael Keaton is from P-burgh (went to grade school with my brother)and he once described Pittsburgh as containing the antibodies to Hollywood's pretension. A pretty good summation. Happy Thursday to the forum. I was never a chat or board member before and I have to say that joining the forum has been really a wonderful experience! And it's such a well-run, well-organized site. Other places lose my interest, but I just can't stay away from here! So a big thanks to Kip and Steve and all the moderators for all they do!


Devika - Jul 15, 2004 7:25 am (#748 of 2955)

Hi everyone! I'm back again. This is actually getting pretty ridiculuous.... here I thought I was back from one nice long vacation all set to get back to forum biz, when my dad, (who hadn't come on the vacation) decided to surprise me with a surprise holiday to Kerala, which is like the most beautiful Indian state.. they call it "God's own country"... ! So.. I took off once again, and I hope to be back by Sunday or Monday. I'm having a blast here, and well... I think I'll just give up on the catching up and so if I repeat stuff that has been said or if I ask silly questions or seem extraordinarily uninformed please please forgive me!!


Flame Alligator - Jul 15, 2004 7:51 am (#749 of 2955)

Hey Devika, Glad to see you back!

Correction: I said I don't get paid extra. Not quite true. I get paid for subbing as in per class which I guess is extra. But I think I deserve more, seeing how I am so very sore from demonstrating during all these classes.


Padfoot - Jul 15, 2004 9:02 am (#750 of 2955)

“Severusy goodness”   Lol, love it! Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 858139975 Although detention with Filch is downright scary. *shudder*

Akaisha, I also would like to know where your name comes from.

So Mike, your sister Marie has an accent? From Colorado?

Have a good Thursday everyone!
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Post  Lady Arabella on Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:07 pm


Julia. - Jul 15, 2004 9:03 am (#751 of 2955)

Julia, am I to understand you're the very cute, gorgeous baby on your avatar ? as my mother'd say, "on la mangerait" (we'd eat her) no cannibalism in it, just a way to express how cute we find a baby.

Awwwwwwww. *blushes* Thanks Septentrion! And thanks to Flame as well. That is indeed me. Someone (my mum, no doubt) took a picture of me while I was sleeping. The flash must have waken me up, and as you can see, I was not happy about it!

Not much to report on this end, except that after a week of Jim the Computer Guy having my computer, I get it back today!! Hoo-ray! *dances* Finally, I will have my MSN and AIM back! I'll be able to function again!


Denise P. - Jul 15, 2004 9:04 am (#752 of 2955)

My husband grew up calling it "pop."   Where I grew up in California, ALL brands of carbonated soda were called "Coke" no matter what it actually was. By the same token, all brands and manner of pain reliever was called aspirin.

What kind of Coke do they have?
Pepsi, 7-Up, Root Beer and Orange. What do you want?

I don't know why we called it all Coke but we did. Now, in our house, we call it "soda"


McSnurp - Jul 15, 2004 9:07 am (#753 of 2955)

Anyone here for soda? Wink


Padfoot - Jul 15, 2004 9:10 am (#754 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 15, 2004 9:40 am

All soft drinks are pop. Although I will call Pepsi and coke both Coke

Edit: I have lived in the South, West and Northwest. Most people I have met call it pop unless they are from back East.


Julia. - Jul 15, 2004 9:15 am (#755 of 2955)

I call it soda, but that could be because I'm from the Northeast. I was in Michigan about 6 years ago, and it took me a while to figure out that 'pop' meant 'soda.'


Leviosa - Jul 15, 2004 9:34 am (#756 of 2955)

I'm completely down today. I learned that it is very very probable that I'll have a bad English teacher the next two years. I knew perfectly well that this could happen but I still hoped for the better. It's still not completely decided but I guess tomorrow I will know for sure. This is so bad because every grade this teacher will give me in these next two years will count for my graduation certificate, so I'm completely dependend on this teacher. To make it much much worse, I will probably get a very bad history teacher, too (history is, together with English, my core subject). This came completely out of the blue because it has been fixed for a long time that I will get another, very good, history teacher, but there are rumors that she is pregnant and can't take our course, so bad teacher will take over. And I'm also running the risk of getting a bad math teacher as well, which will be even worse because I'm complete rubbish at math. I'm so desperate because all these horrible people will decide about my future and make the two years, that might have been fun, a hell for me.

Sorry, just had to get that out. *screems*


VeronikaG - Jul 15, 2004 11:24 am (#757 of 2955)

Poor Susi! I'm glad I'm over the stage where the teachers can put my name next to my face, and remember me personally from class to class. We have had a really bad teacher both years at my recent college, and just when we finally thought he was retiring, rumors have it we're having him teaching web-design! He has already proved to us that he doesn't know anything about the subject! Grr!

Is Fargo the strange film with the Scandinavian Americans, the fake kidnapping and a pregnant police officer named Gundersen? I liked that film. It really had a Scandinavian feeling to it, dark but kind of funny. Just like watching a crime story from Norway or Sweden. Gundersen is one of the most ordinary Norwegian surnames, by the way.

Brainerd, funny name. Sounds... intellectual.


septentrion - Jul 15, 2004 12:07 pm (#758 of 2955)

Gina, no offense for me. It's just, even if I like to sing the Marseillaise before a soccer game, I wouldn't have chosen it as a national anthem. For more information (background, history...), and a translation, here is a link : la Marseillaise.org.

Susi, so sorry for your having bad teachers. I could give you only one advice which helped me when I was a student : concentrate on the subject, on what you'll learn and not on the teacher and his (her) way of teaching. And in English, you'll always have HP and the forum and the fanfiction to improve yourself !


The giant squid - Jul 15, 2004 12:56 pm (#759 of 2955)

Veronika: Yes, that's the movie. If you liked it, I'd recommend checking out the other films by the Coen Brothers (O Brother Where Art Thou and Intolerable Cruelty are the most recent). They all have the same kind of feel to them--like you said, dark but funny.

Padfoot: No, Marie doesn't have a "Colorado" accent, she's still clinging to remnants of her ND one. Smile Our younger sister now lives in Missouri (or as she says it, "Mizzoura") and refuses to admit she's got a Southern drawl.

Susi, rough luck with the teacher. One thing I've learned over the years, though, is that you'll get out of a class as much as you put into it. English teacher stinks? Form a study group or haunt the library. There are ways to learn what you need to, it just takes a bit more effort sometimes.

Of course, I never practiced what I just preached. I was too busy learning all sorts of things I'd never need. The more useless the fact, the more likely it's still stuck in my head somewhere. Smile



Anna Osipova - Jul 15, 2004 1:04 pm (#760 of 2955)

Thanks guys. I'm going to go out and buy some aloe vera later this afternoon.

Ozymandias, yay! I can't wait to see them!

Leviosa, I feel your pain. Last year, two of my teachers had absolutely no idea what they were doing, and two others were sociopaths (seriously!). I'd suggest getting together with a couple of friends once a week after school or so and just having a little study session where everyone can get their questions answered.

Denise P., you're so right. I've never noticed that. Californians do call soda "Coke". Weird... :~S

Flame Alligator, we might not have the rain here, but there's a road that they've dug up like two weeks ago, and they're still not finished! It's a major street too. There's always tons of traffic on it. I guess they ran out of money to continue. :-(

I can't say I'm too sure what Weiner Day is, but I'm guessing it's the Day of the Hot Dogs. I found a list of all the holidays on http://www.msn.americangreetings.com/index_msn.pd Quite amusing :~D.


The giant squid - Jul 15, 2004 1:07 pm (#761 of 2955)

When I lived in Georgia, all carbonated beverages were "Coke" too. I chalked that up to Atlanta being the corporate headquarters of Coca-Cola, Inc.

I'm not sure how they refer to it here in Las Vegas, as I always ask for Dr. Pepper. And no, Mr. Pibb will not be okay... Wink


haymoni - Jul 15, 2004 1:23 pm (#762 of 2955)

Mike - how long do movie theaters keep their movies?

I mean if POA has gone from my local theater, would they still have the movie stashed away some place or do they have to send it back to the distributor within a certain time period?


Padfoot - Jul 15, 2004 1:31 pm (#763 of 2955)

I was too busy learning all sorts of things I'd never need. The more useless the fact, the more likely it's still stuck in my head somewhere.

Ditto. I never cared much for learning about math and science. But I remember "learning" about the Beatles from my 7th grade choir teacher. Whenever the teachers would break away from their lesson plans, that's when I learned the most.


Julia. - Jul 15, 2004 2:28 pm (#764 of 2955)

I feel for you Sisi! *hugs Susi* I've had some pretty horrible teachers in my day, and make no mistake about it, they are not fun. Mike is right, you can get as much out of a class as you want to. If the teacher's not teaching you, learn it your self, or go to another teacher you trust to get the information you need. Trust me, it works everytime.


wormsé - Jul 15, 2004 3:36 pm (#765 of 2955)

Susi, I can definitely relate. My classes science teacher was sent to Kuwait and we were left with a total of 12 "permanent substitute teachers" over an 18 week period. *rolls eyes* Needless to say, we didn't learn a thing. The last teacher we were left with was completely insane... having majored in English (placing her as a science teacher???), and requiring us to read 2 chapters every night, and answer about 40 questions on the subject... then taking the test the next day. She even went so far as to tell us we acted like 'a special education class'.(And not the gifted & talented kind). Considering the fact that my brother has severe mental/physical disabilites, I 'went-off' so to speak. I said quite a few choice words, but don't remember the majority of it.... Anyways (sorry for rambling- I needed to vent) like everyone else has said, I suggest working with a group of your friends and studying on your own and such. It takes an extra effort, but in the end it's worth it. Smile


haymoni - Jul 15, 2004 4:07 pm (#766 of 2955)

Ah, yes - I see a DA in the making. Your own teachers aren't competent enough or are horrible, so you take matters into your own hands!


Celestina W. - Jul 15, 2004 5:08 pm (#767 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 15, 2004 5:37 pm

Oh dear...look what I started with the pop thing. But while I'm at it, do any of you non-Midwesterners know what a "hotdish" is, or do you call them "casseroles"?

Susi, that's too bad about your teacher situation. Last year I had an English teacher who was not exactly bad, but rather boring and uninspiring. I was pretty disappointed with his class, since I love English and plan to major in it in college. He didn't have us read any novels or long works (except one play), just short stories and exerpts from our textbook, and the only thing we wrote all semester was one speech. I'd suggest reading and studying on your own as much as possible, and you should come out all right. Good luck!

EDIT: Yay, my new avatar works! It's the first time I've tried one, so this is pretty exciting -- sorry. Isn't it a cool pic, though?


DJ Evans - Jul 15, 2004 6:23 pm (#768 of 2955)

Celestina W., anything with Sirius is in my opinion!!!! You definitely have good taste!

Later, Deb


Anna Osipova - Jul 15, 2004 6:36 pm (#769 of 2955)

Celestina, love the avatar :~D!

I know what a casserole. My grandmother (who's Ukranian and Jewish and fits the stereotypical grandmother type :-)) is an amazing cook and so every time we have a family dinner, there is always some sort of casserole on the table. And usually, it's the highlight of the dinner, besides dessert that is :~P.


Catherine - Jul 15, 2004 6:42 pm (#770 of 2955)


I am an ex-English teacher. Or perhaps I should say an ex-teacher instead.

I definitely made my students read long works, and write more than one essay.

I got in "pseudo"-trouble with an American Lit class, because I wanted them to read Mark Twain and The Catcher in the Rye.

My school district made sure this did not happen by throwing away the copies of The Catcher in the Rye.

It was claimed that it was a mistake, and that if funds came through another year to buy copies of The Catcher in the Rye, then I "could" teach it.

Oh, well....

I am being bitter here, which is not helping you. Please email me if you would like any feedback, and best luck to you.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 15, 2004 7:00 pm (#771 of 2955)

Hey all! It's been quite a day on the house front. The painter finally came today, as did the fence guy. At about 5:00, they changed our locks (again, finally!). Tomorrow then, is practice moving day, as we'll just take the stuff that's over here and pick up our chair and entertainment center from my in-laws.

I spent most of the day dumpster diving for boxes and arguing with the refrigerator store. Then, about an hour ago, my parked car was smashed into by a neighbor. How ironic is it that it was hit only one day before it would finally reside in a garage? Ah well... At least the neighbor came over and apologized. At least it wasn't hit by some deliquent in a parking lot. But now we're short a moving car.

Earlier there was a discussion going about mosquitoes and their victim preferences. I, like many of you, am eaten alive by the nasty beasts every time I step outside. My husband, on the other hand, is rarely bitten. Well, as I logged in to the internet today, I saw an article on MSN about why mosquitoes prefer some people over others, and how to prevent the bites. Here's a link if anyone's interested: Mosquitoes find you tasty?

Mike - I always ask for Dr. Pepper. And no, Mr. Pibb will not be okay... Wink

Hear, hear! Can't stand that Mr. Pibb stuff! I'd go thirsty before I'd accept that syrup water over Dr. Pepper!

Unfortunately, I won't be around much (if at all) this weekend. We won't get our cable, phone, and cable internet installed until *shuddering* MONDAY! It'll be Gilligan's Island over at our place: "No phone! No lights! No motorcar! Not a single luxury! Like Robinson Crusoe, it's primitive as can be!" Palm Tree

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Oh, and Susi, hang in there! It's awful to have a bad teacher, I remember having my share. But you're a smart girl and I have no doubt that you'll be able to teach yourself far more than they could!


Leila 2X4B - Jul 15, 2004 7:39 pm (#772 of 2955)

Susi, The best remedy for a bad teach is a good tut(tutor). I have students come to me all the time because the teacher lacks something that they need. Remember, your teacher may be someone's else's favorite. It could simply be learning vs. teaching style. Give it a chance. If she is horrid, you can e-mail me. I am a certified English Tutor.


Viola Intonada - Jul 15, 2004 8:01 pm (#773 of 2955)

Okay, I have to add in my two knuts worth about soda. I'm very relieved to find out that there are other places in the country that refer to all soft drinks as "Coke". I grew up in East-Central Indiana. The first time I ever really "mingled" with people outside of my geographic area, the "What do you call soft drinks?" question came-up. Every one else in the group called it "soda" or "pop". Ever since, I have thought that maybe I grew up in a strange backward place. I'm so glad to hear that it is actually normal!!!! (and all that money wasted on psychiatric treatments....just kidding!)


Pinky - Jul 15, 2004 8:59 pm (#774 of 2955)

Hey Sherbie - an idea for finding boxes. Try the local nursing homes. I work at one, and they have great sturdy boxes with handles. They usually do not have some sort of box crusher like a lot of grocery stores do, but you do need to catch them somewhere near their delivery day, or they throw them away.


Ozymandias - Jul 15, 2004 10:12 pm (#775 of 2955)

Leviosa, so sorry to hear about your bad teacher. At least with English you can accomplish a lot on your own. Just keep on reading, even if the teacher doesn't assign anything worthwhile. As for the math, a tutor is everything. Just having someone explain the material to you in a different way can help a lot. Hang in there, vent your problems here, and remember that for each bad teacher there's a fantastic one waiting in the wings somewhere.

Catherine, they threw away the books?!? That's just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!  Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 793915934 And it's ten times worse that it's Catcher. That is such a fantastic book! Ah! What kind of cretin throws away books? (sorry, getting carried away here)


Tomoé - Jul 15, 2004 10:32 pm (#776 of 2955)

Mrs Sirius, there's the Just For Laughs Festival from July 15 to 25. I'll come back Tomorrow for the park thing.

That sounds bad Leviosa, hoping you'll get through nevertheless. Do a Hermione of yourself and everything should be all right! (I never succeed to do a Hermione of myself, like Mike, I was too busy learning all sorts of things I'd never need. When was the last time heraldry save anyone's life!)


Fawkes Forever - Jul 16, 2004 4:09 am (#777 of 2955)

*sings Dr Pepper song*

Just to add to the bizarre chat about soft drinks. We called all cola drinks 'Coke'... All other carbonated drinks where known as 'minerals' or 'lemonade', e.g. 7up & Sprite are known as lemonade... even though strictly speaking, they're not real lemonade. My Nan used to call fizzy drinks 'pop' but I always thought it was an English thing.

Susi, I can relate... my Irish Language teacher was sick during my GCSE (OWL) year, so we had about 15 sub teachers in the space of a few months .... most of the class lost heart & I ended up scraping a pass in my final exam. I then had a pathetic teacher for my A-Level (NEWT) Biology. This time round I was better prepared (& dare I say a little more mature about the whole thing), so a group of us formed a study group... We used the school Green houses to meet... we even got some assistance from the other biology teacher in the school. I'm pleased to say we all passed with flying colours Good luck Susi

Mike & Tomoe... learning stuff you never need.... thats pretty much everyday for me..... I have a 'talent' for picking up trival & other bits of useless information .... makes me popular when my friends are entering a pub quiz however


icthestrals - Jul 16, 2004 5:17 am (#778 of 2955)

Sherbie, other places to get boxes are Wal-mart and liquor stores. I have never had any trouble locating boxes for moving when going to these two places, usually I end up with too many. Wal-mart is great because you can get big TV boxes that your linens and other light stuff can fit in. Good luck with the move and too bad about your smashed car!

I have a question for you guys. Does anyone out there watch Star Trek: Enterprise? I don't have cable or satellite, so I depend on a coworker to record episodes for me, but she doesn't always get all the episodes. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in recording the show for me. I would provide the tapes and pay for postage. Anyone interested can email me. Thanks

Happy Friday everyone!


The giant squid - Jul 16, 2004 5:20 am (#779 of 2955)

haymoni: I'm sure it varies depending on the theater chain, but where I work once a movie is pulled, it is sent back to the distributor right away. For instance, I just pulled two movies tonight--Stepford Wives and one of our copies of Dodgeball--and a courier will be there in the morning to get them. It's very rare that you'd have a print sitting around for while. Basically, if PoA is gone from your theater, it's gone from your theater. Sorry. Sad

Sherbie: unfortunately, my theater carries Pibb, not Pepper. I drink it mainly because I need the sugar & caffiene to stay awake...but I always crack open a can of Dr. Pepper when I get home! BTW, did you know that one of the main ingredients in Dr. Pepper is prune juice? Scary but true. Just another piece of useless trivia for everyone. Wink



Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 6:19 am (#780 of 2955)

Thanks for the useless trivia Mike.

Mr. Pibb? They still make that stuff? And no, its not an acceptable substitute for Dr. Pepper at all. And while we're at it, no, Pepsi is not ok when I ask for Coke.

I'm originally from southern Virginia on the border with North Carolina. (Yes, that is a necessary distinction because Northern Virginia, where I live and work now, pretty much considers itself a separate state and not a part of the South. And "the South" is generally pretty ok with that.)

Anyway, I've never really noticed it before until this discussion, but my family does tend to say "Coke" as a generic term for all kinds of carbonated drinks. My mom will tell me to bring her back "a Coke" from the store and I, of course, will bring her a diet Mt. Dew. However, its not uncommon to just use "drinks" as a generic phrase as well because it avoids protests from those who don't like Coke, want diet this or that.

Some people I know say "soda," but I never hear anyone say "pop." And it has always been "casserole." "Hotdish" where I'm from means that the plate is hot, so careful you don't burn yourself.

Now all that was pretty much based on my upbringing in the South. Here in Northern Virginia, we don't say Coke, we say merlot.


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 6:22 am (#781 of 2955)

Thanks, Mike - yes, nobody is showing it around here so I'll have to wait for the DVD to see it again. Every once in a while they re-release a movie - maybe that will happen with POA.

I say "casserole" but they always tell you to bring a "covered dish" when you go to one of those pot-luck dinner things.


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 6:35 am (#782 of 2955)

Loopy, my mom is from a North Carolina/Virginia border town too. I used to visit, and hear the older folks ask for a "Co-cola" (Coca cola to the non-Southerners here), although my mother does not say that.

What's weird now is that Eastern North Carolina has the dubious honor of being the birthplace of Pepsi. So it can be hard to score a real Coke here, as Pepsi has exclusive contracts with so many people in town.

True Story: The first time I visited the town where I live we were staying in a hotel while house-hunting. The hotel was hosting--get this--a Pepsi convention. Not a business people type of convention, but a big gathering of people who really like Pepsi. Really, really like Pepsi. They all brought their Pepsi antiques and Pepsi bottle caps and Pepsi clothes and Pepsi...everything. Even things that you didn't think could possibly have Pepsi on it. Some people had even taken their children out of school to attend this gathering. No, I am not making this up.

I thought maybe this story would make some of us who are way obsessed with Harry Potter feel better!

Have a good Friday, everyone!


mollis - Jul 16, 2004 6:38 am (#783 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 16, 2004 6:41 am

Loopy Lupin - " Here in Northern Virginia, we don't say Coke, we say merlot. "

I am so glad I hadn't just taken a drink of my coffee when I read that! It would have been an unfortunate morning! Where in southern Virginia did you live? I just spent the past 2 years in Hardy, VA (dinky, nearly non-existant town) on Smith Mountain Lake.

Sherbie- Good luck with the move this weekend! I'll be thinking of you. And I second the vote on the liquor store for boxes (both empty and full ones )!

Flame- Hey chickadee! Long time no talk! How are you?

Edit: Oh and I was raised to say pop, but I sometimes say soda now ( I think that was the Virginia influence). I think its funny that people apply 'coke' to cover all soft drinks. I guess I'd just be too afraid I'd actually get a coke instead of a Mt Dew or whatever I really wanted. Oh, and Pepsi is so much better than coke!

(Hee, Hee - okay, really not trying to start a debate here!)


Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 6:50 am (#784 of 2955)

Catherine-- Ah, yes, "Co-cola," how could I forget. A Pepsi convention doesn't sound tooooo bad. Just be glad we live in this day and age. I can vaguely remember "Tobacco Festivals." Yeeeeeee Ha! I did have a great aunt who was the odd ball of the family and drank Pepsi. However, I think she liked it because it helped with her chronic dyspepsia.

Mollis-- I spent a week of every summer from 4th grade until a couple years into college at 4-H camp on Smith Mt. Lake. (From age 13 on I was a teen/adult leader; just thought I should clarify that.) I grew up in Henry County. Yeeeeeeeeeeee Ha!


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 6:58 am (#785 of 2955)

I think she liked it because it helped with her chronic dyspepsia.--Loopy Lupin

**Catherine snorts her water and makes a gurgling noise that alarms her dog when she reads Loopy's comment about Pepsi**
I hope that worked out for her!

Tobacco festivals, huh? I seem to vaguely recall something of the sort in the town where my mom grew up. Tons of tobacco were grown in that area, and we actually have rather a lot of tobacco growing around here as well. It's kind of amusing when someone from a Northern state drives through here and asks, "What the heck IS that stuff growing in that field?"

Is Smith Mountain Lake where the film “Dirty Dancing” was filmed?


Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 7:11 am (#786 of 2955)

I meant to ask you, Catherine, how far east are you in Carolina? Because it occurs to me that if you're in like Moyock or Coinjock, there well could still be Tobaccy Festivals. Smile (I had friends who used to live in Coinjock/Waterlily and one of those friend's mom runs a bed and breakfast down there now; and, of course, I drive through those areas when I go to Nags Head.)

(I dunno where "Dirty Dancing" was filmed. However, they did film "Meatballs IV" at Smith Mt. Lake.... Just kidding.)


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 7:20 am (#787 of 2955)

I live in Greenville, which was actually built around tobacco farming, although that has declined even since we moved here.


mike miller - Jul 16, 2004 7:20 am (#788 of 2955)

It seems ever increasingly difficult to keep up with all the post! Miss checking one day and it takes 2 days to catch up.

On the soft drinks front, growing up on the West Coast of the US it was always "Pop". It was "Soda" in the Eastern US. I never realized the more regional variants before. By the way, does anyone else mix soft drinks when you fill your own. I'm partial to the "Spoke", 2/3 Sprite and 1/3 Coke. The Pep-Up version is good too!


Leviosa - Jul 16, 2004 7:24 am (#789 of 2955)

Thanks for the support all of you!

It's now sure that I will have the bad English teacher and what's even worse, I'm the only one of my whole class who will be in this course. All my class mates (who chose that English course) will be in a different course with a better teacher. At least I have a good friend from a different class who shares my fate in both courses (English and history), so I'm not suffering alone.

My friends and I had a kind of study group this year in math. The math teacher was about the worst as you can imagine! We taught us everything ourselves and my friend and I now have absolute top grades. Still I'm not sure how much this will help me next year and as this year's teacher was so bad, I need a good one for the next two years, especially because he will decide about my graduation grades.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 7:28 am (#790 of 2955)

Catherine-- Don't know that I've been there, but I've heard of Greenville.

Oh, by the way, that's very cool that you're a Shih Tzu rescue house. My mother and father aren't "officially" rescuers but they have three basset hounds and a beagle.


Flame Alligator - Jul 16, 2004 7:46 am (#791 of 2955)

Today is my last day of subbing. YAY! As a treat to myself, I am going to see I,Robot today and then again tomorrow with my godson.

Mike (giant squid), I am ready for the movie. I love big Sci-Fi special effects movies. Since they are combining several stories, how bad can they mess up the plot. Oooo...... bad question.

Fawkes, Belated top of the mornin to ya.

Hey Mollis! I am feeling excellent. Thanks for asking. I would love to chat with you.

Sherbie, I am so sorry to read about your car being smashed. I take it to mean all is going to go well and the bad luck gods had to take one last shot at you.

I have such a busy schedule today and here I am on line. I have Yoga and Pilates classes, hair cut, a visit to the "Stepford Tanning Salon" and then a movie. Hmmmm ........ I have to leave something out. I guess I will see the "Stepford clones" on Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody.

Goedemorgen, y'all!


Doris Crockford - Jul 16, 2004 7:51 am (#792 of 2955)

Oh, Leviosa, that really sucks. But at least you have one friend with you, because you will need someone to complain to a lot. English and history are the two courses you can most easily do yourself, though(voice of experience). I had an awful year with teachers this year. My English teacher needed surgery, so she was gone pretty much from mid-december until June, and we had the worst supply teacher ever. He was terrified of us all, and we learned absolutely nothing, because he thought that we were all really stupid. He felt the need to explain to us 16 and 17-year olds that black is the colour of mourning. My French teacher was in a car accident, and so we had a supply teacher who didn't speak in French much, and who gave us free time every class for the whole class. Our Chemistry teacher was fired because she couldn't teach, and the replacement had a family health issue, so she wasn't there much. Our History teacher was gone for two weeks because she had a stomach problem and needed surgery. But on the plus side, I had the best Math/Physics teacher. Anyways, sorry for the long rant. It was a really bad year, but it's over now.

Accio Sirius, happy very belated birthday!


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 7:56 am (#793 of 2955)

You aren't missing much by driving past Greenville, Loopy!

I'm jealous of your location, though. We love visiting my brother-in-law who lives in D.C. The choice of restaurants that AREN'T chains! Ah, I can feel myself drooling just thinking about it....

Your parents may be as obsessed with their breed of choice as I am! Our locale Humane society sees a lot of beagles and beagle mixes (there was a very cute basset hound there, but she's in a forever home now, thank goodness) coming through. It's always weird to me that this happens, as beagles are basically great dogs. I think a lot of people get dogs based on what they look like without actually considering what the breed's temperament is, and what it was originally bred to do.


icthestrals - Jun 29, 2004 7:53 pm (#794 of 2955)
Edited Jul 16, 2004 8:04 am

Mike Miller, when I was a kid my sister and I loved mixing Sprite and Coke. For some strange reason we called them suicides!?

I am now firmly a Dr Pepper fan with an occasional Mt Dew here and there.


mollis - Jul 16, 2004 8:06 am (#795 of 2955)

“What about Bob” was filmed on Smith Mountain Lake.

I love useless trivia!


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 8:17 am (#796 of 2955)

Thanks, Mollis! I love useless facts, too!

Here's one: I just looked it up, and yes, “Dirty Dancing” was indeed filmed at Smith Mountain Lake. So, more trivia!


anbigin - Jul 16, 2004 8:21 am (#797 of 2955)

Yea, we always called mixed sodas "suicides" too - must be a Florida thing:) I was always partial to the Orange and Sprite mix, but now-a-days I love it when they have the juice machines and then I can mix cranberry and sprite - mmmmmmmm..... and I must say that while Orange and Grape sodas are my favorite, I absolutely love the Dr.Pepper as well.

Yea, bad teachers really stink. I remember in High School our Chemistry teacher whom we had had for 2 years already quit to follow her daughter to Harvard (bbbooooo). So, the genius school system hired a man from Egypt to teach us the last year and my goodness talk about a BAD teacher - the man couldn't even speak English let alone teach us what we needed to know for our IB tests. On the plus side one of the kids from my class had a father who worked with chemistry everyday so we were able to have him teach us on Saturdays so we could still pass our higher level chemistry test.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 16, 2004 8:49 am (#798 of 2955)

Would I be right in assuming that your teachers influence your final grade for graduation? Woah... I couldn't imagine that at all... what would happen if you didn't get on with a particular teacher (bit like Harry & Snape) Is there any way of preventing an unfair bias? I had a Snape'esk teacher & I'm so glad she didn't get to decide on my final grade.... my exams, GCSEs & A-Levels (OWLS & NEWTS) are set & graded by an examinations board, which is state run. Sorry if I'm rambling... I'm just a bit in shock by the thought...

Flame... how are ya girlie... *waves* Top of the mornin' (well its 4.45 here )

I remember putting ice cream into coke & calling it a 'coke float', was pretty nice actually.... *yum*

Have a great weekend everyone... my parents are in town, so it looks like a busy one for me


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 8:58 am (#799 of 2955)

My favorite will always be red pop. I don't care who makes it. Or what the red dye does to my insides!

Creme soda is good too. And I always like Vernor's (a rich ginger ale).

I remember an aunt of mine always had Squirt and 50/50 - haven't seen those around.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 16, 2004 9:03 am (#800 of 2955)

“Suicides” aren't a Florida thing, we called them that too. I remember my little brother's baseball teammates mixing the most sodas they could together. It was pretty disgusting.

Thanks, Mollis and Fawkes! I hope the bad luck gods go back to New Mexico where they belong (er, no one here is from New Mexico, I hope)!

I got two estimates on my car today. One was $1900 and the other $2100. Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 793915934 I guess my neighbor caused more damage than we originally thought!

Thanks for the tips on finding boxes, Pinky and ICThestrals. I was able to snag some great ones outside a Hastings and liquor store yesterday. After moving as many times as I have, you learn the tricks of the trade pretty well.

Mike - PRUNE JUICE?!  Sick!   Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 2830478367   I had no idea. I love useless facts though, they usually prove to be more entertaining than useful ones. Did you know that June is the most popular month for weddings because that's when people in the Middle Ages would take their yearly bath? In fact, the reason the bride carried a bouquet was to further mask the smell.

This will probably be the last time I post until Monday. "I shudder to think what the state of my in-tray" will be when I get back! I feel quite sorry for those who have to go weeks without checking back here! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and keep your fingers crossed that the bad luck gods stay in Albuquerque for awhile!
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mollis - Jul 16, 2004 9:14 am (#801 of 2955)

Good luck again Sherbie! Bad luck about the car - but at least its not the house again.

And Fawkes - I love coke floats! But nothing can beat a good old fashioned root beer float.

Okay, I really need to get serious about this whole work thing. I seem to have a very serious case of the Fridays - at least it's almost lunch time!


Denise P. - Jul 16, 2004 9:21 am (#802 of 2955)

I hate to tell you, that vile dreck called Vernor's is so NOT ginger ale! My husband grew up with Vernor's and I almost sprayed him with it the first time I ordered ginger ale up in Michigan and was served that foul stuff. Yuck, yuck! Most of my kids like it but I am the lone hold out in the family, I refuse to drink it.

I would dearly love to find Barq's French Vanilla Cream Soda, I found it once and it was so yummy! Another good soda but not a huge amount is Steward's Orange and Cream Soda. It tastes just like those orange sherbet/vanilla ice cream pops.

Faygo Red Pop - sorry, I just can't stomach a soda that tastes like bubble gum. I won't even buy bubble gum flavored toothpaste (a pet peeve of mine...try finding a kid toothpaste that is NOT bubble gum)

Well, I just mowed my front yard, trimmed our Crepe Myrtle bushes, cleaned off the driveway and hauled trash down to the road. Now, I still need to clean out the garage so I can park the truck in there, sew 3 dresses, finish laundry, get down sleeping bags, change the lightbulb in the attic and get down the container to cart food with us. Oh yeah, also go watch a skit at Day Camp for my little girl scout and do dinner... but hey, there is still time left today!


icthestrals - Jul 16, 2004 9:25 am (#803 of 2955)

Yikes Denise!!


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 9:27 am (#804 of 2955)

Denise, house elves have nothing on you today! Are you planning to eat or sleep anytime soon? :-)


Flame Alligator - Jul 16, 2004 9:37 am (#805 of 2955)

Sherbie, Thanks for the "bride's bouquet" fact. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love that one.

Don't worry. Usually when the bad luck god's take that last shot nothing else happens. I had stopped doing good fortune mudras and mantras for you when your house deal made it through. You think the car smash was my fault for stopping? If so, I'm sorry. *doing mudras and mantras for Lindsey*

Have a great weekend everybody!!


Edit: Denise! Take a break!

Btw folks, they sell good tasting sodas, pop whatever you call it, at your local Health Food Store. Quit drinking the toxic ones. I want my forum buddies to live long and be healthy.


anbigin - Jul 16, 2004 9:48 am (#806 of 2955)

EDIT: Yea, yikes, Denise - You are my hero:)

Yea, I figured there had to be someone else out there that called them suicides - it was just funny at the time that only the people from Florida on the forum were calling them that;) Oh and I will never trust people who do car estimates again cause when I had estimates done for my brother's accident (a little dink to the back bumper) the range of estimates were from $200 to $1600! *Sheesh*

Well the final grade thing is a bit over stating it for the states system (at least the part I've been exposed to). I got grades for each individual class two times every school year and then on top of that we had our overall GPA (grade point average). They would give each grade a number and then average all your numbers over four years (A=4 points, B=3 points, etc.). This overall number is what they use for college entrances and what have you (of course they send in transcripts giving individual grades for each class for each semester but they usually only look at the GPA)

On top of all that there are some special programs that people go into where they take tests and go through other training in their last few years. One is called AP (advance placement) testing where people can choose which subjects they want to test in (they have all kinds of subjects to test in: American History, Art, Sciences, etc.). There is also a system called Duel Enrollment where certain students can get permission to take classes at a local college and get both college and HS credit. We also had the option of going into the International Baccalaureate program which is more of a whole academic regieme;) Students have to write term papers for every subject they're in to be graded by an international committee, do special projects, do 400 something service hours, take special classes (like Theory of Knowledge - a stupid philosphy class), and also take a total of 6 or 7 tests at the end of their Junior and Senior HS years (you know after studyin for 4 years on certain subjects). This system also has two levels of testing for each subject Standard level and Higher level.

Dudes I am SOO sorry that this turned out to be so long (*meep*) and almost convoluted;) Peace - Katrina


Celestina W. - Jul 16, 2004 9:52 am (#807 of 2955)

When I was little and liked to mix pops (OK, I still do it sometimes) I called it "swamp water". I have heard it called "suicide" though. I think it's best with just Coke, Sprite and Mello Yello, or Pepsi, 7-Up, and Mt. Dew. Once you start putting orange or root beer in there, it gets kinda yucky. Haymoni, I think you can still get Squirt and 50/50. In my family we make what's called a "summer thing" -- chocolate ice cream and Squirt or Fresca. That probably sounds gross, but they're actually really good. For some reason, root beer floats give me an upset stomach (talk about useless trivia...). Oh, and I think the only decent ginger ale is Canada Dry.

Sherbie, best of luck with your move!


Padfoot - Jul 16, 2004 10:01 am (#808 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 16, 2004 10:01 am

Happy Friday everyone!

Sherbie, it's probably too late but I always went to the grocery store to find boxes. However for unusual shaped boxes (for brooms and things) I would go to the hardware store. Sorry to hear about your car. Oh so close. Hopefully your (old) neighbor will pay for the repairs. Happy moving!

Never much a fan of Catcher in the Rye, remember reading it in school though. I can not imagine a school throwing out the books! I mean I didn't care for it, but it's not that bad.

Not a fan of Dr. Pepper (I had heard about the prune juice but I thought that was just a rumor). I have never tried Mr. Pibb, Jolt or Mtn. Dew as all look questionable. I prefer Coke and yes I can taste the difference from Pepsi. But I will take Pepsi if there is no Coke available. (I have never mixed pops before) I have been trying to cut down on my Coke consumption. I have heard that if you drink 1 Coke (pop) a week, that if you quit you will loose 10 pounds in a year. And that is without changing anything else in your life. I don't need to loose the weight, but I figure there is enough junk in there I shouldn't be adding to my system. It's far easier to cut down on Cokes than say, chocolate!

By the way, love all the useless (useful) trivia!


Doris Crockford - Jul 16, 2004 10:32 am (#809 of 2955)

Anbigin, you were in IB? I am now, I have one year until my exams. It's only 150 Creativity, Action, and Service hours, so it's not that bad.

I like Dr. Pepper, but I'm not sure if I'll have any more now. I used to love mixing soda when I was little, but my older brother thought it was disgusting.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 10:39 am (#810 of 2955)

but hey, there is still time left today! -- Denise P.

Today??? I would need a week.

Query: What about Sun Drop and RC Cola? Are those anywhere else but the South?


Padfoot - Jul 16, 2004 10:49 am (#811 of 2955)

I have seen RC Cola in the West and Northwest too. Never heard of Sun Drop.


icthestrals - Jul 16, 2004 11:12 am (#812 of 2955)

I remember RC Cola. I haven't had one of those in years!


Chemyst - Jul 16, 2004 11:23 am (#813 of 2955)

Oh haymoni-- Vernor's --yes, now you are talkin'! When I was little, the label said "Aged four years on oak barrels," then they changed it to "Aged for years in oak barrels, and the last time I checked. the label read, "Flavor aged in oak barrels." So if it doesn't tickle your nose like it used to, that is why.
My son loves "suicides" (sans tea), and we have discovered that roughly three-quarters of waitresses who work around here are familiar with that term.


VeronikaG - Jul 16, 2004 12:20 pm (#814 of 2955)

Useless fact: in Norway all dark sodas are called "cola".

Putting ice cream in soda? That is actually something you do? I remember how we did that in birthday parties when we were little kids. Then we usually were not allowed to drink it because it looked so disgusting.

Is Dr Pepper a soda that has caffeine in it? We have gotten it in our stores just recently I think, but never tasted it. Costs 50% more than a regular soda. I know it's a legendary drink in the US, but is it OK for everybody to drink, or is it like Battery and Red Bull that kids should not drink because they can actually pass out?

Mike, I saw "Oh brother where art thou". Loved that one as well. I seem to have a taste in dark humor.


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 12:24 pm (#815 of 2955)

I heard that Dr. Pepper had raisins in it.

Raisins, prune juice - who cares? But it does answer a lot of questions about my husband, who loves the stuff!

Denise - you are right, Vernor's is NOT ginger ale - it's much stronger.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 16, 2004 12:27 pm (#816 of 2955)

Is Dr Pepper a soda that has caffeine in it? – VeronikaG

I'm sure Dr. Pepper does have caffeine in it. I've never heard of "Battery," but Dr. Pepper is not quite "Red Bull." Anyway kids drink it all the time in the U.S.


Padfoot - Jul 16, 2004 12:28 pm (#817 of 2955)

Veronika, you never had a root beer float (root beer + vanilla ice cream)? They are so yummy, especially on a hot day.

Dr. Pepper is a regular pop (in the same category as Coke, Sprite and the like). Kids do drink it here, as far as I know there is no reason why they should not.


mike miller - Jul 16, 2004 1:22 pm (#818 of 2955)

Dr. Pepper does have prune juice! The high caffeine drinks are Mt. Dew, Mello Yello and Jolt. I've switched to the caffeine free Pepsi. I prefer Pepsi because I think the bubbles are smaller than Coke. I've never heard the term suicides but I still like to make a Spoke or Pep-Up when I can.

Veronika - Padfoot is right, the root beer float is a classic, especially if you use A&W root beer. When I was young we could go the A&W drive-in and get gallon refills of root beer to go. We always brought back the gallon bottle and exchanged the empty for a full one. And yes, they brought your food out on a tray and hung the tray on your car window. The "car-hops" (waitress) did not wear roller skates, I'm not quite that old.


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 1:24 pm (#819 of 2955)

We still have an A&W drive-in, Mike.

They have creme soda too!

No gallon exchanges though, that I know of.


dobbyiscool - Jul 16, 2004 1:54 pm (#820 of 2955)

Wow, I just opened a DP (Dr. Pepper) before I opened this page.

Bummer! The only A&W drive in anywhere close to where I live closed two years ago. Whenever we went to the Black Hills, we'd stop there on the way out.

Useless fact: in Norway all dark sodas are called "cola". My friend moved to TX a year ago (we live in SD), and when she came back for a visit, I asked if she wanted a 'soda' (which isn't what you usually call pop in the midwestern US), and she was so excited someone called it something other then "coke." She says she'll order a coke and then they ask "what kind." It drives her nuts b/c she wants a CocaCola.

OK, the last time I was on (about two weeks ago), I had mentioned that Ken Jennings had broken the record at Jepordy for most day's in a row on the show. He's now won 31 days and over a million dollars. It is so cool. He was on the Late Show the other night, and he did the top ten list of "the top ten things contestants would like to say to Alex" or something like that.


DJ Evans - Jul 16, 2004 2:25 pm (#821 of 2955)

Sherbie, so sorry to hear about your car!!! But I am so thankful that it wasn't a car accident where somebody got hurt. Hopefully this will be the end of your bad episodes!!! Also, here is hoping you have some "cooler" temperatures for all of your moving!!!!

Though it is most likely too late for Sherbie to see this, one thing that I've found that comes in so handy to move? Wal-Mart sacks!!! They are just the right size for so many things--plus you've got the nifty handles for carrying!!!! You won't be so tempted to overload one and end up making it too heavy to carry--like I did back in my "stupid, I know everything age". I know the first time I ever moved, I got those BIG ol' boxes and packed them to the top with stuff. Yep, you can see where I'm going with this. Yes, even though I had fewer boxes to move--I also had boxes that were either too heavy to move or too heavy for the box itself and the bottoms would split open!!!!!

Hmmmm? Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, Mt. Dew, etc... I have to admit that I'm in with the Dr. Pepper folks by default. Though I was raised on Coke (we had a Coke machine in our family business shop--which made me very popular with the neighborhood kids!!) and would most likely still be drinking it to this day. But once they changed the recipe for it, I never could take to the new taste. Then I moved onto Mt. Dew and it's my all time favorite still. But with all of the caffeine in it, I had to go off of it--it was either that or never sleep again. So I only have it once in a blue moon now. That's where the Dr. Pepper comes it. I know I drink too much of it and shouldn't, but I cannot stand water. Never could acquire a taste for water!!!!

And to this day I still call my choice of drink as "Coke"!!!! OK, here is a question for all of the real Coke drinkers out there. Did any of you used to &/or still do (or have done)--put salty peanuts in your coke? I can remember as a kid, that was "the" thing to do. Get yourself a small bag of shelled peanuts and pour them into your Coke bottle!!! Talk about something good!!!! I think it might have been more of a "southern" thing though. Just as a RC Cola and a Moon Pie was--anybody remember that combination?

icthestrals--You mean there is another "Star Trek: Voyager" fan out there? Fantastic!!!! I know out of all of the Star Trek series that one is the least liked one and so with me being different, it's my favorite. I so wish I still got it and I would have been more than willing to tape it for you, icthestrals, but our satellite provider doesn't provide any channel that is airing it. Get this, to show you how my luck went. I was used to watching it on one of our local channels. Then we moved out of the big city and moved to the country--a little ol' town in the base of the Ozark Mountains. We couldn't get cable so we had to go to a satellite--of course we weren't allow to get any of our own state's local channels for the first 3 years that we lived up here. And last year, a law was finally passed where we could!!! I was so excited, I would finally be able to start seeing my favorite Star Trek series--I couldn't wait. And for about a week, I was in heaven--seeing all of the ol' faces/characters again. Then that channel stopped airing "STV"!!!!! What a bummer! How could they do that to me? But if I'm not mistaken, I do think they are offering the first season on DVD now. So you might check on that?

Here's hoping everyone has one of the best weekends that they've ever had!!!!

Later, Deb


Padfoot - Jul 16, 2004 2:55 pm (#822 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 16, 2004 2:56 pm

Did any of you used to &/or still do (or have done)--put salty peanuts in your coke? Ewww... yuck!

Just as a RC Cola and a Moon Pie was--anybody remember that combination? That sounds really, really, really sweet. How can you eat something that sweet and drink a pop at the same time? Yuck.

I would drink water any day over the peanuts in Coke or the Moonpie/Coke combination.


Tomoé - Jul 16, 2004 3:01 pm (#823 of 2955)

First, Mrs. Sirius, I get a tourist guide of Montreal (and I suggest you to get one as soon as get in Quebec, look for the white question marks on a blue background). About festivals and street life:

1. Fireworks every Saturday in La Ronde, July 17 is China's and July is France's It's a firework competition, each team represent their country.

2.Fantasia Film Festival, mainly subtitled sci-fi/fantasy movies from all over the world and a lot Japanese animation! not really family friendly though. ^_^ (July 8 to 31)

3. International Nuits d'Afrique Festival of Montréal, African and Caribbean musics, more than 500 artists from 20 countries, workshops, African market, exotic cuisine. (so says the book, because I never went there or hear from people who went there) (July 15 to 25)

4. Just for Laughs Festival as I told you in my last post, The world's largest and most renowned comedy festival ? I knew the English part was big, but not that big. Anyway, 2,000 performances for the entire family including 1,300 free outdoor shows. If you do go there, you should know there's hidden camera jokes around there, so CONSTANT VIGILANCE! (July 15 to 25)

5.7th Festival International GALA Choruses, not family friendly this one, gay, lesbian, bisexual and trasgender choruses. (July 17 to 24)

6. Saint-Catherine Street Celebrates - Sidewalk Sale. Always loads of people on that street, restaurants, boutiques, all have special sales on this occasion. (July 17 to 18)

As for parks, there's Botanical Garden, a big one. The Mount Royal Park, also a big one on the mountain. It should have some nice little parks in Westmount too.

As for restaurant, I like Pacini (Italian) and Scores (rotisserie) a lot, but I strongly suggest you to try random restaurants, it should be all right. ^_^ You can also ask people who work in the Tourist Information Bureau (where you'll get your guide) They should have suggestion as well (I worked in a Tourist Information Bureau once).


scully jones - Jul 16, 2004 3:41 pm (#824 of 2955)

Wow! I've finally gotten to the end of these posts!

Pop to me, though I'll refer to it as soda any time. It's the same here in Michigan as it was over in Idaho. I grew up in Arizona, though... Dr. Pepper, Grape and Orange have always been my favorites.

I tried Verner's once, because someone told me it helps with naseau, and I spit it out, it was horrible.

Useless fact: Coca Cola's translation into Chinese sounds almost the same, and means something similar to "mouth thirsty".


Catherine - Jul 16, 2004 3:44 pm (#825 of 2955)

I wish I had been as involved with this forum when I was due to go on Millionaire! Maybe I would've won more Galleons!

You all sure do know your useless facts! And I love that about you!


Hem Hem - Jul 16, 2004 3:51 pm (#826 of 2955)

Another useless soda fact: I've read that every single Japanese can of Coca-Cola has the following English slogan on the label: "I feel Coke and sound special." Not only are most of the consumers absolutely unable to read the sentence, it hardly resembles making sense! This just absolutely cracks me up.

I read this factoid in Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue and I'm wondering if anybody can verify/disprove it.


Julia. - Jul 16, 2004 3:56 pm (#827 of 2955)

I love grape soda as well Sarah, it's my favorite, but I never get to drink it.

Betty, have a great vacation! Enjoy your change of scenery. Say hi to and hug everyone for me. I hope you have more fun than is legally allowed.

Anyway, I'll see you guys after sundown tomorrow, so a good Shabbos to those who observe, and a happy Saturday to everyone else!


Leprechaun Jack - Jul 16, 2004 4:00 pm (#828 of 2955)

I'm from NY and I've always called it soda,but my family who grew up in California calls it POP. However my favorite soda has always been "Manhattan Special" It's an espresso soda, made with real coffee.

What about "MOXIE" has anyone ever tried it? I'm told it taste like carbonated motor oil.



I Am Used Vlad - Jul 16, 2004 4:02 pm (#829 of 2955)

Hey, everyone, I will not be around for a while because I am going to the beach. And by the way, I am the ultimate mosquito magnet. I once visited an abandoned village in the Outer Banks where they warned you ahead of time about the mosquitos. I wore jeans and a sweatshirt, dispite the heat, but the mosquitos just bit me right through my clothes. I looked like a Survivor contestant after about ten minutes.

Anyway. I will miss the forum and all its members while I'm gone. Bye.


Tomoé - Jul 16, 2004 4:04 pm (#830 of 2955)

Now, about pops, soda, cokes, or whatever you can call them, I never liked those, I'm a water, milk and tomato juice drinker. ^_^ My grandmother makes the very best tomato juice I ever tasted (maybe it's more the fact she is the one who makes it). For the milk, my family had cows when I was little, so I'm use to have milk as other have water, except that I had to remember to shake the bottle before pouring it in my cereal if I didn't wanted dairy cereal (Eurgh!). I still surprise myself shaking homogenized milk bottle, it's hard to get rid of the habit. Water came years after, I don't know why exactly. As for the suicide thing, isn't it a kind of alcoholic drink too?

Sherbie -> Did you know that June is the most popular month for weddings because that's when people in the Middle Ages would take their yearly bath? In fact, the reason the bride carried a bouquet was to further mask the smell.

Codswallop! People of Middle Ages washed themselves much more often than once a year. There are many reasons why that belief is so well settled. It's all because of the confusion between "wash oneself", "take a bath" and "go to the baths".

Many people didn't have a bath at home, so they used a basin and a washcloth instead, some of them could never had taken a bath in their entire life but washed themselves daily nevertheless.

They are records from monasteries in which the superior wrote that none can "go to the baths" unless sick. The said baths were often Roman terms, if not medial wood bath house, where men and women alike could go take a bath. I mean together and bare naked in the same bath. So you'll understand that monks didn't like it that much. Especially around the 14th century when those place became literary brothel.

In the Renaissance, the doctors discovered that water could spread diseases. To take a bath was now becoming a dangerous, unhealthy and barbaric way clean oneself. And don't even think to drink it! That was likely the most stupid move the western civilisation never took, but people stopped to washed themselves with water, using Eau de Colongne instead and scented washcloths. That's around the 16th or 17th century, I can't remember right now, the dirtiest era of history.

Of course, those Renaissance blokes claimed they were clean people and their ancestor were wildly dirty. Their opinion stick to the Middle Ages even if our conception of "clean" is closer to the Middle Ages one.

I feel better now I vented out.

Edit : Hoping you'll be back soon nimrod. I'll be at my parent's for the week-end, maybe I'll succeed to get the computer there. I'll be back Sunday or Monday.


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 5:18 pm (#831 of 2955)

Tomoe - I shake my plastic gallons of milk too and I never lived on a dairy farm.

I have no idea why I do it - I think somewhere I read something about breaking up the milkfat - stupid, I know, but I do it everytime.

It can be disastrous when the person who had milk before me fails to secure the cap properly.

Talk about a milkshake!!


Courtney22 - Jul 16, 2004 6:33 pm (#832 of 2955)

I have just had the worst day ever and need to rant a little. My parents have a cottage in North Carolina and I was supposed to go down there for the first time this summer. We were told on Thurs by a neighbor that there was a leak and the water had to be turned off. Me and my dad went down there thinking worst case scenario it would be a couple hours of work cleaning up. It turns out that water had been pouring out of a pipe for days(over 8,000 gallons worth). All the floors in the house are ruined and need to be replaced. Mold had already started growing. We have 3 mattresses on the ground in the loft area and they are all ruined along with the bedding that was on them. Half of the sheet rock ceiling downstairs fell down and was all over the floor. All the kitchen cabinets are ruined. I spent all day trying to salvage stuff and cleaning up when I was supposed to be out on a boat water skiing and getting a good tan. Sad I now am dirty and smell like mold. Also the cottage is basically uninhabitable for the rest of the summer so I won't get to go at all this year.

On the bright side the insurance covers the damage so at least my parents are only out the $250 deductible. I was glad I was there to help my dad but that really sucked!!

I'm behind on the posts but I wanted to tell Susi that I once had the worst English teacher you could imagine. Though I tried really hard and was an excellent English student I would get 0's on assignments that I did and I failed tests for books I read. He had some insane grading scale so I ended up with a 110 average in the class. The worst thing that happened though is he called my entire class a bunch of racists and went on a tirade about how Americans were lazy and other countries were way better (He was American though so it didn't make much sense). So as long as your teacher doesn't say awful hateful things about you and your fellow students be thankful for small blessings.


anbigin - Jul 16, 2004 6:57 pm (#833 of 2955)

Hey Doris, yea, I was in the IB program at Cocoa Beach! I was part of the second class they had to graduate. All of us except for one kid got our diplomas and that one guy couldn't get his diploma even if he had passed all of his tests bc he had cheated on almost all of his Chemistry Lab reports and project (stupid kid! - ruined our perfect stats :p ) Any ways, I realize that for most IB schools only require 150 hours, but for my school since we were so new and bc it helped with getting a state scholarship they required us to do at least 300 hours. (sorry about the over exageration to 400 hours - I said that bc I think I ended up with something like 390 hours *argh*)

Hey, I remember RC cola - it was the best stuff .... every now and then I still find it somewhere. We still have an A&W in my mom's home town in Mississippi.

I just have one more thing to spew out to all of you - I am so extremely CONTENT/HAPPY with the Sci-Fi channel right now bc they are bringing back my FARSCAPE!!! YIPPIE!!!

EDIT: Courtney, I am SO sorry to hear about your bad day - and I thought spilling a small amount of Red dye on a rented carpet was bad - but your day just sounds downright horrid! Oh, and just thought I'd ask if there was anyone else out there that was alergic to milk itself, not just the lactose intolerance most peps have?


Celestina W. - Jul 16, 2004 6:58 pm (#834 of 2955)

Courtney, I'm sorry to hear about your cottage. That sounds like an absolute nightmare. Glad the insurance will cover it, though.

My family raises beef cattle, not dairy, but for the last few years we've been getting whole milk from a neighbor. The cream is on the top and you have to stir it in or shake it up before you drink it. I thought the taste was a little weird at first, but now I'm so used to it that skim milk tastes like water to me.

I've been watching Ken Jennings on Jeopardy, too. I keep saying I should go on that show, because I usually know just about as many of the questions as he does. I think his trick is that he's fast on the buzzer.


Courtney22 - Jul 16, 2004 7:11 pm (#835 of 2955)


That Jeopardy guy said that the reason he does so well is because he times the buzzer for the exact time they finish reading the question. I personally just can't think that fast.


haymoni - Jul 16, 2004 7:28 pm (#836 of 2955)

I think he should get to take Alex's place.

Sorry about the cottage, Courtney. It must be impossible to know where to begin to start cleaning up. Hope you didn't lose any personal items that can't be replaced.


Gina R Snape - Jul 16, 2004 9:56 pm (#837 of 2955)

Well, I don't mix fountain sodas. But sometimes I'll take a diet coke with a splash of regular coke in it just to sweeten it up a tiny bit.

Tomoe, isn't it amazing about water? People up until really quite recently didn't drink water at all. They would brew weak beers, ales, etc for consumption by the whole family. It boggles the mind. The connection (in the U.S. anyway) to boiling water didn't happen here on a widespread basis until the Civil War, when women volunteered to tend the soldiers and address the large numbers of then dying from infection due to unhygenic settings. They didn't even know to separate their food and water from where they eliminated.

As for milk, I don't even drink regular milk anymore but I've been known to shake a container of soymilk out of habit. When I was a child we used to have milk and sodas delivered (we had bottles of syrup and bottles of seltzer and had to mix them! My faves were pineapple and fruit punch). This was in the 1970's, in Brooklyn NY yet it still seems exotic to me for some reason.

Even though I'm only 35, I also remember when it was normal to buy Coca-cola in glass bottles. It really does taste soooooo much better out of glass than out of plastic or :shudder: cans.


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 16, 2004 10:56 pm (#838 of 2955)


Thanks! This was great!. We'll try these spots and thanks for the camera warning! We'll be on the look out. I don't actuallyspeakFrench so hopeful no cameras will find me. Jim's French is pretty good. I'm beginning to wish we've left already. Everyday the kids wake up "how much longer mom my?" can we leaving today"

We finally got the apartment confirmed, they were having trouble getting my fax so it took nearly a week. Well look out, Canada here we come, one ultra calm husband, 4 bouncy kids and one frazzled mom. If you see us just wave!

Anyway to weigh in on the drinks debate, it's "soda". I grew up in NYC. It's all soda, all the fizzy drinks. When I was a flight attendant we had a course on the different names that people used throughout the country. I was once on a trip and asked for a soda and the waitress came back with a club soda, I could not figure out why she did this strange thing.

In NY we had a "mom and pop" soda shop around the corner from me. I saved my dime, and everyday after school, I'd get an egg cream. Syrup, club soda and malt, and that was beaten with a long spoon. They also have all the great sodas in bottles like Gina mentioned Birch beer, cream sodas, root beer and the tiny cokes.

Have you noticed how sodas are getting bigger and bigger? First they were 8 oz., then 12 oz, 16 oz, and now they are selling the 24 oz size like the standard size. No wonder we're all gain weight!


The giant squid - Jul 17, 2004 12:16 am (#839 of 2955)

So...many...posts... Smile Less than 24 hours and there's almost 60 new posts. I can't imagine what it'll look like when I take my two week training trip to Knoxville O.o

Let's see if I can remember what I was going to say 60 posts ago...

Mixed sodas=suicides where I grew up. My personal favorite was Sunkist (orange soda), root beer & milk. Sounds disgusting, but tastes really, really good. I can't remember if it was called 'soda' or 'pop' when I was growing up, though. I do know we were a Coke household, because we had a Coca-Cola bottling plant literally right across the street. Every Christmas they'd give us a six-pack of the glass quart bottles. Too bad they don't make those anymore. Sad

I, Robot was actually really good. Let's see if someone who's read the books (Flame Alligator) agrees, though...

A&W just recently built a store down the street from me. There was much rejoicing. Wink Their burgers tend toward the not-so-good, but you cannot beat their root beer!

Courtney: that, um...sucks. Can't really come up with anything better than that. Sure the insurance company will cover the repairs, but can they compensate you for lost water-ski time? What's the deductible on lost tanning time? Smile Hopefully your next trip out will go much more smoothly.

I'm sure I missed something in the mix there...



Sticky Glue - Jul 17, 2004 12:55 am (#840 of 2955)

Man o man, I was only in here last night and there have been nearly 40 posts since then. I see some of the theme of discussions are on drinks. Well here in New Zealand (NZ) we don't call them soda's or Pop's they are called FIZZY drinks Still hoping to find some other New Zealanders on this forum


Gred-n-Forge - Jul 17, 2004 1:02 am (#841 of 2955)

Just had to add a little bit on the Great Soda Debate...

When I was a young child growing up in southern California, I always heard "soda pop" or "soda". The only brands I ever knew about were Coke, and Shasta (my mother LOVED the stuff). Then, I moved out here to Kansas, and everywhere, all I heard was "pop". Plus, it was like Coke didn't exist, it was Pepsi everywhere. (Probably because we have a Pepsi bottling plant in the area).

Oh, yes, I have heard the term "suicide" for mixing flavors of pop. A REAL big thing around here in southeast Kansas is to go to Sonic and get different flavorings added to your drink. Before my husband found out he had diabetes, his favorite drink was a "Cherry-Vanilla-Dr.Pepper". Yuck! I tried a sip one time and was still trying to fight the aftertaste after I recovered from the sugar coma!

A&W! Haven't seen one of those for years! It seems like they were all over the place in California, but I've only seen one in Kansas, in some tiny town in the central portion of the state (I think Burlington, maybe?), and that was 17 years ago, so it may not even be there anymore.

I have to admit, though, I do like mixing cranberry and sprite.


Madam Poppy - Jul 17, 2004 1:41 am (#842 of 2955)

....Last week my computer hard drive overheated...lost everything on hard drive...computer sort of working...all my Favorites are gone...had to go to Google to even find The Forum...mixed up my work schedule on Sunday and did not go in to work...no one called...worked till 11:00 p.m. last night...had to be at work at 7:00 a.m. this morning. It's been a rough week. Sniff Sniff.... Sad   Poppy


septentrion - Jul 17, 2004 2:13 am (#843 of 2955)

Tomoé, you made the answer about water I'd have wanted to make but I don't have time to build such a long answer (still working on the french translation of the lexicon).

Poppy, hard what happened to you. No forum for a week !

Courtney, I really hope you'll be able to use the cottage next year as it seems impossible this year.


Pinky - Jul 17, 2004 4:30 am (#844 of 2955)

Hey Sticky, I'm not sure about other New Zealanders being here. You're not the first one, but I don't know if any of the other ones we have had are still around. You'll just have to do some recruiting!


Sticky Glue - Jul 17, 2004 4:34 am (#845 of 2955)

Hi Pinky, Thanks, I'm trying to recuit some of my friends. I hope they join up soon. But I'm quite like talking to the rest of you from around the world as well.


Pinky - Jul 17, 2004 4:40 am (#846 of 2955)

Sticky, if you are able to recruit, we often recommend that you point them to the Lexicon first, and let them come to the forum through that site, instead of linking them directly to the forums. Although... there is the distinct possibility that they could get lost in the Lexicon - there's so much to read there! Which reminds me.... I need to go check what's new on the Lexicon.

Oh - and yes - we are quite a global family. There are a lot of people from India, a few Aussies, I think there was someone from the Phillipines, all over Europe, the US, Mexico, Canada, the list just keeps growing!


Accio Sirius - Jul 17, 2004 6:56 am (#847 of 2955)

I'm all for pop in glass bottles. I agree with Gina in that it just tastes better. I'm off for a week to Wintergreen, a resort in the mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. I've never been, but I'm hoping it's not too hot and I can read often. I'm more of a beach girl than a mountain one, but we'll see. Supposedly there is a waterfall slide and really nice swimming. I can't imagine the number of posts that will face me when I get back, but look forward to reading them. Enjoy the week everyone!


Kwikspell - Jul 17, 2004 9:55 am (#848 of 2955)

I'm from the Midwest and it's either "soda" or "pop" here. When I was a kid, mixing a bunch of sodas together was called a "kamikazee," though I've also since heard it referred to as a suicide.

In response to Leprechaun Jack's question, I LOVE Moxie. I got turned on to it by my brother's ex-wife--a Mainer. I'd describe the flavor as something like a combination of root beer and Dr. Pepper with a VERY strange aftertaste that takes a while to get used to. It's the only soda that actually created a word in the English language. Yes, the term "moxie" meaning someone who is full of spirit and verve comes from the beverage "Moxie." (Didn't believe it myself until I looked it up in a dictionary.) Any other Moxie lovers out there?


Elanor - Jul 17, 2004 9:57 am (#849 of 2955)

Hello again ! Thanks to Septentrion and Kwikspell for their answers. You know, it is the 1rst forum I ever joined so I must be a little clumsy, for example I sometimes don't know in which thread I have to write. Don't hesitate to tell me when I'm not where I should be...

By the way, I read your portrait Septentrion, and we have the same passions : I also love Tolkien (I'm sure you know what "Elanor" is) and detective novels (James D.Doss, John Case, Lilian Jackson Brown...).

I've always prefered seeing movies in original version, and realized that translations were too often betraying a work. So I tried to start to read the books I really loved in english. The first book I ever read in english was The lord of the rings, and the difference was amazing, though it is not as difficult as I was afraid it would be. Then, when I discovered the Harry Potter books and loved them too, I did the same, and even read the Order of the Phoenix only in english after that. Now, I don't think I can't go back and read it again in french, it would flabbergast me of reading about "Poudlard" or "cracmol" again!

Was it the same for you ?


Penny Lane. - Jul 17, 2004 10:28 am (#850 of 2955)

I'm in Michigan, and I've always said soda. Granted, I've received a few strange looks, and many many people who get seriously ANGRY about it. Personally I find the entire thing funny, watching people get all angry over whether a pepsi is a soda or a pop.

Anyway, to everyone who is having moving problems I can totally emphasize. I recently moved my parents from a 5 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom. As it is summer, i've been staying with them so I had to help; too. It was the WORST experience ever. The movers came early, broke things, ran out of space in their truck, took things we asked them not to, etc. At the new house, it turned out that the basement leaked, the garage door was broken, and thats not to mention the bugs. So, I understand your pain.

Oh,I've been reading PoA in Spanish to try and learn something while I'm on break from college. Do any of you native speakers have any books that are written by a spanish speaker that you would like to recommend? I'm looking for something that isn't just a translation of a book i've already read, I want something that I can't find in English. Thanks in advance!
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dobbyiscool - Jul 17, 2004 11:13 am (#851 of 2955)

Glass bottled soda is the absolute best. You can still find IBC rootbeer in the grocery store in glass bottles. We get them on occasion. When they released COS in theatres, you could buy Coca-Cola in glass bottles with a CoS logo on it. I still have the bottle from one in my room.


Courtney22 - Jul 17, 2004 11:44 am (#852 of 2955)

Mike--- Exactly insurance doesn't cover water skiing and tanning time! that made me laugh Smile So thanks! I also love sunkist thats all I'm drinking right now.

As for the mixed soda thing When you mix coke and sprite it always tasted like ginger ale to me so thats what I'd call it. If I wanted ginger ale and there was none I'd mix some sprite and coke.


haymoni - Jul 17, 2004 11:53 am (#853 of 2955)

Sticky - when I read "fizzy drinks" all I could think of was "Fizzy Lifting Drinks" from Willy Wonka.

I could do without the burping though! Gross!


Flame Alligator - Jul 17, 2004 11:54 am (#854 of 2955)

Giant Squid, I did indeed enjoy I,Robot. I think they did a pretty good job of combining the stories. I like the way they updated it but I have one complaint. It is going to be more than 35 years for our world to become that advanced technologically. The ending, however, was left ambiguous. The book is darker and is more of a warning to humanity about being dependent on technology......... ha ha ha....... too late. We cyber geeks are sooooo addicted. I am going to see it again, today, with my godson. I need to see it alone first. I definitely intend to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I thought Will Smith was superb...... so natural and cool.

Have a great Saturday everyone!



Loopy Lupin - Jul 17, 2004 1:03 pm (#855 of 2955)

Even though I'm only 35, I also remember when it was normal to buy Coca-cola in glass bottles.-- Gina R. Snape

Ditto for me, Gina. (Literally, every word of that sentence is a ditto for me.) I sooo miss glass bottles. Even back in my home town the only glass bottles I see anymore are the little 6 1/2 ounce cokes (we call them "baby Cokes") or bottles of Sun Drop.

To drop back to something DJ Evans said, I do remember people putting salty peanuts in their Cokes. I believe it is a Southern thing. There again, I don't see many doing it anymore when I visit home. Perhaps its not the same experience in a plastic bottle.

I don't know Flame. 35 years is *cough* a lifetime to some people. Think about where technology was in 1969 and where it is today. I haven't seen "I, Robot" or read the Asimov stories, so I don't know exactly how advanced things are portrayed there. But, who knows?


The giant squid - Jul 17, 2004 1:18 pm (#856 of 2955)

Madame Poppy--my heart (and CPU clock) goes out to you. Come to think, there seem to have been an awful lot of computer meltdowns lately... :\

dobbyiscool, I managed to get a whole six-pack of those CoS Cokes. They actually sat in our office for over a year because I thought someone else wanted them. When I realized I was the only Potty around the mysteriously vanished... Smile

Flame: I'm glad you liked it. You're right about the advanced tech, though. Actually, the sad thing is we're not to far from that level of tech right now, but there's no way it'd become commercially available on that scale in the next 31 years. They'd have to be introducing the prototypes now, and as far as I know, no one's offering cars that roll sideways yet. Smile

Loopy & Gina: "only 35"--how old do you think I am, anyway? Wink



mike miller - Jul 17, 2004 1:40 pm (#857 of 2955)

Poppy - Sorry to hear about your computer and work schedule difficulties. No fun!

Courtney - I hope the reconstruction of the cabin goes well. I know several people who have had difficulties with cabins when no one is there for extended periods of time.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 17, 2004 1:48 pm (#858 of 2955)

Loopy & Gina: "only 35"--how old do you think I am, anyway? Wink -- The Giant Squid

Well, as you're a giant squid, I don't know how long those things live. If you are, in fact, DD, then you're about 150. :-D


The giant squid - Jul 17, 2004 1:51 pm (#859 of 2955)

Touché, Loopy. Smile


timrew - Jul 17, 2004 2:44 pm (#860 of 2955)

Hello, you guys,

We had the funeral service for my Dad yesterday morning. For music we had the German carols, 'O, Tannenbaum' and 'Stille Nacht', sung by The Vienna Boy's Choir - not in person, you understand, on a CD!

Dad loved Christmas, and always made sure we had a good one, so Christmas Carols at a funeral were very appropriate in this case.

All your messages pertaining to my Dad, Hans were copied by my son, Matthew, right down to last one from Ticker on post 717. He then had them laminated, and displayed them at the reception afterwards.

You would all blush at the compliments you wonderful Forum people received. Your comments and messages of condolence were read by a lot of people, and everyone said how compassionate and kind-hearted you all were.

Matthew is now going to make a book out of your messages to give to my mother, and I know it will be something she'll treasure.

Once again, thank you all!


Catherine - Jul 17, 2004 3:06 pm (#861 of 2955)


Welcome back to the Forum. You've been in our thoughts, and we've missed you.

See you around the Forum, I hope!


haymoni - Jul 17, 2004 3:55 pm (#862 of 2955)

Tim - I'm tearing up reading YOUR post. I wonder if any of your relatives will come and visit us here!

You have been missed and I'm sorry you haven't seen POA yet!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 17, 2004 4:03 pm (#863 of 2955)

Wow, go on vacation for a week and come back to 247 posts on the chat thread alone! I've done my best to read them all but must admit to skimming a few--but whose they were I'll never tell

Let me just say there is no cottage big enough to accommodate a rainy week at the beach plus 3 small children. Also, it was brought home quite forcibly to me that I can no longer tolerate the mildest of amusement park rides. I actually had to hold my seven year old's hand on the ferris wheel, not because he was scared, but because I was! I still hold out hope for my old favorite, the Tilt-o-Whirl, but I suspect it too, will leave me nauseous. So sad.

I've missed so much this past week, but I need to address the following:

Tim, I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I am glad that everyone's kind words were such a source of comfort for you and your family.

Ozymandias, I am sure you were able to see from all the posts that you are by no means the odd man out. So many people feel disenfranchised at some point in their lives. I believe Gina gave some very good advice and was it Loony Lupin who said, this shall pass? Because it will.

Hem Hem, I was so happy to see that someone here had read Bill Bryson's The Mother Tongue! I spent many hours this winter curled up in my favorite chair at Starbucks reading that book and garnering very strange looks from the patrons whenever I burst out laughing. Bill Bryson affects me like strong wine.

Lastly, I have to get in on the Coke/Pop debate. I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned and I can only assume Rebecca would have beat me to it if she wasn't at camp--but here in Massachusetts, all soft drinks are referred to as tonic. As in, "Would you like some tonic?" I have seen Moxie and even tried it on one occasion and if there is a more foul tasting drink I have not met it. I too, remember Coke in glass bottles--you could buy them at the local gas station when I was a kid. It was one of those old fashioned vending machines where you opened the door and took out the bottle. Ahh, the memories.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 17, 2004 4:17 pm (#864 of 2955)

I'm so sorry for your loss Tim. I too am glad all the messages from people here were a source of comfort for your family.


Chris. - Jul 17, 2004 4:32 pm (#865 of 2955)

It's sad to hear of your loss, Tim. My thoughts are with you and your family. It's good to see you back on the Forum.


Kowalla - Jul 17, 2004 8:32 pm (#866 of 2955)

Wow. I didn't think I would ever get through all these posts! So many things I wanted to comment on, now I can't even remember half of it!

Tim, I am so sorry about the loss of your dad. I do think that is such a wonderful idea to make a book out of all those posts. I'm sure that's something your mother will treasure forever.

Now, I couldn't help but join the soda discussion. I love hearing all about how different areas have different words for the same stuff. So interesting. For everyone that has been looking for RC Cola, all you have to do is head to your nearest Wal*Mart. I sell tons of it everyday. For everyone that likes experimenting with "suicides" (that's what I've always known it as too) you can now get special flavoring to add to your soda! So if you ever wanted to try a vanilla Dr. Pepper, now you can! Wow, did that just sound like an awful commercial or what! I did think it was a great idea though! The raspberry went REALLY well in lemonade too.

I wish we had an A&W drive in to get a gallon of root beer! That would be heaven! We do have an A&W restaurant though, with great hamburgers, & of course, the old fashioned root beer float!


DJ Evans - Jul 17, 2004 8:53 pm (#867 of 2955)

Tim, so glad to see you are back with us, you've been missed by all. It's not been the same without you!!! Glad to know that our posts gave some comfort to you and your family at this hard time.

I hope I'm not out of line here, but this forum was started, I believe, with the purpose of bringing together HP fans. Fans who wanted to discussed and theorized on all of the ins/outs of HP. What came out of that one simple thought as an extra plus, is a family. I feel we've all become one big huge family on here. And as a family we stick together, give comfort when needed, offer advice when asked for, etc... When one of us is hurting, the rest of us feels that hurt or when something good has happen--the joy is felt by all. I don't think there is another Forum around that can even touch what we have here and I'm proud to be a very small part of it. We've got a great leader, some wonderful Mod's that keep us all on our toes, and the most amazing members to be found!! Gosh, I didn't mean to run on there, like that--but I just wanted everybody to know how "this" member feels about you lot. You're all wonderful and I wouldn't trade a one of you for anything!!!

Courtney22, I can't even imagine what all you & your Dad went through when you walked through the door and discovered your cabin in that shape. I just hope everything can be replaced that was lost.

Loopy Lupin, yes I believe the salty peanuts in a Coke is definitely a Southern thing. I can remember doing it mostly back in the days of when we had the "original" Coke. But I am glad to see that somebody else remembers the combination. I was beginning to wonder if it was only in our area that we did it.

So Mike & Flame--so you recommend seeing "I, Robot" then, I take it? I'm a huge Will Smith fan along with Sci-Fi, so really how could you go wrong in that, right? Will was on the "Regis/Kelly Live Show" this morning and he was saying that most of the movie is done by CGI. From the clips that I've seen it looks like it would be pretty good.

OK, everybody have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Later, Deb


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 17, 2004 8:54 pm (#868 of 2955)

Penny I'd forgotten that you read Spanish. Off the top of my head I can recommend anything by Isabel Allende, she writes in Spanish and many of her works are translated to English. Gabriel Garcia Marques is wonderful, I've read his short stories in Spanish. His full novels I read in English though. When I read in Spanish I often like to like have the English text handy as a reference. Oh and Mario Vargas Llosa, I actually have not finished anything by him in Spanish, halfway through I've had to switch to English, but he is great writer.

I will give your question some more thought, my husband is actually the great reader in Spanish, I'll ask him for more author. He is currently reading Por Favor Rebobinar by Alberto Fuguet which several days ago he recommended to me.

Oh Tim welcome back.


JK Powers - Jul 17, 2004 11:03 pm (#869 of 2955)

I'm writing to introduce myself, this is my third post. I had to post a Neville theory first, and then I felt inclined to comment somewhere else (2am, I should be in bed, I already forgot where I wrote). I've been reading for weeks, I finally realized that I wouldn't get approved to post until I e-mailed the Lexicon.

Anyway, my name is JK, I live in Delaware (US) and finally saw the PA movie last night.

Just saying hello.


Leprechaun Jack - Jul 18, 2004 12:02 am (#870 of 2955)


Welcome back you were missed. I'm glad that your mother was able to get some comfort from our comments. The book sounds great. If you ever need a shoulder etc... don't hesitate to e-mail.



The giant squid - Jul 18, 2004 12:15 am (#871 of 2955)

Tim, welcome back. I, too, am glad that what little we could offer (condolences are good, but they can't beat a good hug) helped to ease your and your family's pain.

JK, welcome to the forum. We have a "tell about yourself" thread that is usually reserved for introductions, but I suppose this one will work as well. Smile See you 'round the threads!



draco all the way - Jul 18, 2004 1:53 am (#872 of 2955)

WOW! Almost 280 posts!

Tomorrow's my maths test and yet here I am. So, if I fail, I BLAME YOU, yes YOU!

When I was in Virginia we called them soda and in Nebraska it was pop, but I prefer soda. Pepsi is my favourite, though I admit I see no difference between it and Coke! Here, in India we call them cool drinks and its still very common to get them in glass bottles.

Tim, I am sorry. Your father seems to have lived an action-packed life and I hope he's doing well where ever he is.

Yesterday, a horrible tragedy took place in my state. 90 schoolchildreen were burned to death when their school building caught fire. The pictures were horrific and the entire country is in shock. But nothing we can do can bring back the children. The most disgraceful thing in all of this is the fact that the teachers RAN AWAY! Not one teacher died and it was the general public who risked their lives to save the children.

Me and the other kids at school talked about it and first it was shock that was expressed but in the end it was anger! How could the adults who were responsible for these primary children just run away!

Of course, as always there are some moments of beauty in times of trouble. The entire town- Muslims, christian, Hindus- are all pulling together in mourning. Despite the fact that it was the country's negligence that caused this tragedy, it is times like these when I am proud of being an Indian - a true secular nation.


boop - Jul 18, 2004 3:20 am (#873 of 2955)

Tim, welcome back you have been missed. I am glad to hear that our posts help easy some of the pain for you and your family. I think that is a great idea making a book for your mom. Here is a hug for you and one more to pass on to your mom.

Deb, I couldn't agree with you more. This is a special group!!! I do feel like everyone here is part of my family. I have been going through some personal issues and I have found help here among family members. I am very proud to be a small part of this wonderful group of people.

Jk welcome to the best forum out there. Enjoy yourself here and can't wait to read your ideas.

draco all the way, That is so awful to think of what those poor children must have gone through. What were the teachers thinking of? Leaving the children behind, its just so sad. Well those teachers have to live with the thought of watching the children burn, while they saved themselves. I wouldn't want to have that on my shoulders.

As for soda which is what I call it, diet coke and diet sprite are my favorites. I remember mixing different sodas when I was a kid. Some of them tasted pretty awful, hehehe.

Everyone have a great day!!!!


azi - Jul 18, 2004 3:47 am (#874 of 2955)

Draco - I heard about the tragedy on the news and thought it was awful, I felt so sorry for the parents of the children. I think it was mentioned that the headmaster and kitchen cooks may be brought to justice wasn't it?

In my area of England we say fizzy pop. Coke can count as either coca cola, pepsi or cheap alternatives. I myself prefer coca cola as pepsi and other brands tend to make me sick. The only fizzy pop I call soda is cream soda but its hard to find. Unfortunately, we don't have glass bottles of coke in England. However, in France they do (at least in the Alsace region) and every time I went into a cafe there I'd get a coke in a groovy glass bottle. There isn't much better than sitting in an outside cafe in Strasbourg watching the world go by while drinking a coke. Smile Coke also tastes better in France and Germany than in Britain, even if its in a plastic bottle.


Flame Alligator - Jul 18, 2004 4:39 am (#875 of 2955)

Hey D.J.Evans it is good to see yet another SciFi fan. I do indeed recommend I,Robot. It was even better the second time around. I am also looking forward to viewing Alien vs. Predator.

Loopy Lupin, as far as technological advances go..... When I was a baby girl, they told us we all would have flying cars by now. Need I say more? Robots that can evolve to become sentient....... in 35 years?......... I don't think so. It is true we have had a lot of technological quantum leaps since 1969, but this is after centuries of knowledge accumulated.

Tim, Welcome back. I missed you. Ditto on the condolences being a comfort.

Draco All The Way, What a horrible, tragic story! As for those teachers who ran.......... COWARDS!!

I am up early today. Mainly, because I DO NOT have to sub this week. *jumping for joy* I am catching up on my house elf duties and then I am going to the "Stepford Tanning Salon" for a quick tan and a bit of rockin' music.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.



Marè - Jul 18, 2004 5:39 am (#876 of 2955)

So many posts, pfff, where to begin?

First of all, welcome back Tim! What a lovely idea to use christmas carols to remember your dad. So many times with a funeral people choose sad and "appropriate" music, which doesn't resemble the deceased in any way...

second, Courtney, the story of your strange teacher made me remember something. A few years ago, I was in a youth hostel in south Brittain and my friend and me met these two canadian girls. We decided to go to the pub with the four of us.
Apparently our accents draw the attention of the local drunk, who saw his chance to join our table and loudly tell us how great our countries were, how stupid his own was, how stupid the English people, etc. etc.
There was no stopping him and he was talking so loud that the entire pub was looking at our table at some point. And they weren't too happy.
Luckily for us the bar owner told him to leave at some point, which he did (yelling more insults to the people around us).
I guess you have rude people all around the world. Luckily this man didn't look like he was a teacher.

And third: Draco, I read about that school, front page news in our paper too. But it said that there were some teachers who tried to save the children. I guess they were wrong, how horrible that is!

And I have to agree with Flame on the technological debate. During the industrial revolution, there was time and money for just tinkering around. Leading to some amazing discoveries. Nowadays people need to know what they want to create, slowing the process of finding new things down. (Am I making sense ?) Technical advance isn't going so fast anymore, it seems to have centered around improving things that we already have.

PS for all you soda interested people, how do they call diet coke in Brittain?
Because over here they call it Cola Light (Or Pepsi light or Fanta or whatever) which is a bit odd, seeing how they adopted an english word, that isn't used in that same context in the english speaking world...

And now I'm off. Love and groetjes (for Flame, new word.)


Chemyst - Jul 18, 2004 6:00 am (#877 of 2955)

Deb (DJEvans from post #867) was commenting on how much this forum feels like a family. Since we've had so many "babies" adopted this month, I would like, first of all to say welcome, and then to encourage those who have not done so, to go back to your change preferences page (the link is in the top right teal bar just beneath the "you are logged in as ---") and add a line or two about yourself. Just a teeny clue as to who you are and what you're about will strengthen the "family ties." The "Tell us About Yourself" thread Mike mentioned (#871) is a good start too, but for those of us with less than perfect memories, appending your preference page is better.


draco all the way - Jul 18, 2004 6:51 am (#878 of 2955)

Yes, the headmaster has been jailed and now all the schools with thatched roofs are being inspected. You might of all seen the story in the papers but I don't think any of you have seen the pictures or the videos from t.v that I've seen. Indian television has hardly any censorship when it comes to news. The things I've seen on t.v especially after 9\11 are things I wish I had never had the misfortune of seeing.


Flame Alligator - Jul 18, 2004 7:16 am (#879 of 2955)

Mare, Thanks for the new word. van hetzelfde (correct?)


Marè - Jul 18, 2004 7:27 am (#880 of 2955)

Very good!


septentrion - Jul 18, 2004 8:21 am (#881 of 2955)

Elanor, glad to see you found your way to this thread ! I'm like you, reading the HP series in english now, but lately I had to put my nose back into the french version to translate some pages of the Lexicon. I'm even reading OoTP in french, and I must say, even if a translation isn't like the original version, we don't have a bad translation here. I haven't read LOTR in english yet but they're waiting for me on my shelf !

Tim, I'm glad with the others to see you back and to know our few words helped your family.

Draco ATW, I haven't heard of that tragedy (no time for the news these last 2 days), and it seems to be horrible. 90 young dead people ! That shouldn't have happened !

About the soda discussion, well, in France, we call them "soda", but we don't have such a choice as you seem to have in the US. And people don't make the difference between coca-cola or pepsi, they're both called "coca". Marè, we also say "coca light" for diet coca.


VeronikaG - Jul 18, 2004 9:21 am (#882 of 2955)

Draco ATW, I thought about you when I heard the news, hoping it wasn't your school. Luckily it wasn't. You say you have been to school in many countries, which ones have you lived in? Are you in a military or diplomat family?

Courtney, I had a teacher who resembled yours. In each class he'd rant on about everything that was wrong in the world. If we were happy when we walked into his classroom, we were depressed walking out. And this is what he managed to tell a Korean girl who had been bullied and nearly killed herself when she was younger: "If I had been 10 cm taller, I'd have been the nazi ideal! You, on the other hand, "Anne"...." (I'm not typing her real name here).


mollis - Jul 18, 2004 9:24 am (#883 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 18, 2004 9:24 am

I would like to second haymoni's post Tim. Your post brought tears to my eyes, and that's not easy. I am so happy that our posts brought comfort to both you and your family. Welcome back!

draco - That is awful what happened to those children! I admit, I haven't watched much news this weekend, so I hadn't heard about that. If those teachers truly left the children to fend for themselves, I hope they are brought to justice.

As to the technology advancement slow down - in my opinion, it is primarily do to the almighty dollar. Inventions don't get the time of day anymore unless companies are sure they can make a profit.


Detail Seeker - Jul 18, 2004 10:28 am (#884 of 2955)

Picking up the soft drink sub-thread again: While the information, that the whole set of carbonated, sparkling soft drinks is calles Brause in german might be useless here, it might be more interesting, though as useless trivia as the former, that we still do have glass bottles here for those - sometimes at least. The german soft drink industry agreed long ago on a common type of return bottle, so that they are interchangeable between the different brands of soft drinks. That reduces the logistical effort needed to redistribute them to the fillers. For the PET-bottles, it seems, the have just done the same. Only CocaCola and Pepsi want their own bottle form...


Loopy Lupin - Jul 18, 2004 10:50 am (#885 of 2955)

Sounds pretty efficient, Detail Seeker. Very Happy

Coke and Pepsi having their own bottles made me wonder if you've ever seen "Good Bye, Lenin!" Not exactly "on topic" here, but I was reminded of that movie for some reason.


The giant squid - Jul 18, 2004 1:24 pm (#886 of 2955)

mollis, that was what I was trying to say, re: technology. Back in the day, folks were able to invent for invention's sake; it was simply a matter of, "Look what I've discovered!" These days, it not only has to be innovative, it has to be lucrative...and most investors will take old and profitable over new & exciting. Sad

I want my flying car!!



Flame Alligator - Jul 18, 2004 2:18 pm (#887 of 2955)

Laughing out loud Mike (Giant Squid). Awwwww sorry. I want my flying car too.

Thanks marè.


DJ Evans - Jul 18, 2004 4:37 pm (#888 of 2955)

Draco, I too saw on the news about that school burning and all of those sweet innocent lives being lost. I instantly thought of you & prayed it wasn't your school. Still, it saddens me to think of what those kids must have gone through. I can't even begin to think what those teachers should get as punishment for leaving them like that. Thankfully you are OK!!!!!!! I am sorry that you had to see it all on the TV--I think sometimes they go overboard on just what all they do show sometimes on the news.

Betty, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through some things, I hope it's nothing too bad/serious and that everything will work out for you. I'll be sure and keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! Remember, we're here if you need us!!!

Chemyst, that's a wonderful suggestion that you made to the new members that haven't given us a bit of information on themselves, to do so on the "Change Your Preference" page. It would even be a good idea for us older members to check up our own and see if anything needs to be updated on our own profile!!! Thanks for thinking of it & making the suggestion!!!

As far as the technology that we have today? Hey, I'm still remembering how I just knew they would have the machines out by now that fixed all of our meals, dressed us, cars that folded up to the size of a briefcase, etc.... I can remember being a kid and watching the cartoon "The Jetsons" and couldn't wait till I was older & would be able to enjoy all of that stuff!!! hee hee Don't we wish?!?!?!?!? I just wonder what someone from the 18th century would think of all of the technology that we have today? It would blow their minds for sure, I would think!!!

Later, Deb


Susurro Notities - Jul 18, 2004 5:25 pm (#889 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 18, 2004 5:35 pm

Thanks for the Hello Sarah. Needed a break but think I will be back for a while now. Missed you all.


S.E. Jones - Jul 18, 2004 6:07 pm (#890 of 2955)

Well, it's great to have you back Susurro!!! I can't wait to start hearing more from you on the threads, I've really missed your quick mind and eloquent way of phrasing things. And I know I'm speaking for others when I say that..! Welcome back!!!


Kowalla - Jul 18, 2004 6:34 pm (#891 of 2955)

You know, I have often thought of the same thing, DJ. It's really quite amazing if you stop & look at everything around you, through the eyes of someone from the past. Just look at the clothes people wear, the vehicles they drive. Can you imagine their reaction to a washing machine & dryer? or a dishwasher? Think about television, or cell phones. They had to wait forever to send a letter to a family member, now we can talk to people half-way around the world!

Draco, I am so sorry to hear about those poor children! I saw a headline in our newspaper about it, but didn't get the chance to read it. I feel so sorry for all the families that have lost their children in such a horrible way. They will all be in my prayers.


Hem Hem - Jul 18, 2004 8:50 pm (#892 of 2955)

Hooray! Good to see you again, Susurro! (You see, Sarah was not only speaking for herself! )


Ticker - Jul 18, 2004 9:21 pm (#893 of 2955)

My life of "leisure" is over - Aria crawled for the first time a few minutes ago!


Leila 2X4B - Jul 18, 2004 9:24 pm (#894 of 2955)

Yikes. Crawling is definitely no good. Mine is five and EVERYWHERE!! Anyways. Congrats on the milestone. Get lots of pics. Sending Hugs and Tylenol for the(re)newly busy parents.


boop - Jul 18, 2004 9:53 pm (#895 of 2955)

I want to wish Brandon and Chemyst(Laurel) both I hope you both have a wonderful day!!!!!

Ticker, aaawww that is so cute have lots of fun. Now she can follow you all around,hehehe


Julia. - Jul 18, 2004 10:14 pm (#896 of 2955)

HAPPY BRITHDAY BRANDON AND CHEMYST!!!!!!!*insert cool smilie here* Hope you both have a great day and a great year! *pulls out butterbeer and passes it to Brandon and Chemyst* Have a good day everyone, especially you two!


Hem Hem - Jul 18, 2004 10:23 pm (#897 of 2955)

Wow, Ticker, it's so crazy that Aria's gotten so big. It seems like she was only born a couple of months ago (when was she born actually -- November?)

Happy birthday to the birthday boy and girl! If I'm a few hours early, then please allow my good wishes to extend into tomorrow! Have a great day!


draco all the way - Jul 18, 2004 10:34 pm (#898 of 2955)

School's closed in respect for those lost in the fire today. I KNOW I shouldn't feel happy, but no school, no maths test, no homework...what can I say?

Did I ever say I lived in alot of countries? No, I've only ever lived in the U.S and India, but I've moved between the 2 countries quite alot. An let me tell you it's hard on a teenager to move around so much, especially between 2 countries which are SO different. You never fit in. Remember Jess from Bend it Like Beckham- that's me!

Also, thank you for thinking of me when you read the news, but really my school is not like the school in the news. Those are rural schools with thatched roofs and mud floors. I live in Chennai, an urban city where the schools have a much better infrastructure.

Ticker, my cousin just started to crawl and let's just say I'm not so fond of babysitting her anymore. HAVE FUN!

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst!


Ozymandias - Jul 19, 2004 1:05 am (#899 of 2955)

Happy birthday to Brandon and Chemyst!!!


The giant squid - Jul 19, 2004 1:07 am (#900 of 2955)

Ticker, my congratulations to Aria and my condolences to you. Wink Time to really child-proof the house, if you haven't already. I can always tell the home of someone with young children--there's nothing grab-able below 3' that isn't made by Fisher Price. Very Happy

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The giant squid - Jul 19, 2004 1:07 am (#900 of 2955)

Ticker, my congratulations to Aria and my condolences to you. Wink Time to really child-proof the house, if you haven't already. I can always tell the home of someone with young children--there's nothing grab-able below 3' that isn't made by Fisher Price. Very Happy



boop - Jul 19, 2004 3:10 am (#901 of 2955)

Mike, LOL like that never thought of it that way. Thanks for the laugh!!


Devika - Jul 19, 2004 4:00 am (#902 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst!


Fawkes Forever - Jul 19, 2004 4:21 am (#903 of 2955)

Happy Belated Birthdays Brandon & Chemyst

Tim, welcome back... your input has been missed on this forum. Again I am touched to hear that the condolences from your forum family were a source of comfort to you & your family. Makes me even more proud to be a part of this family. The idea of a book for your Mum is really lovely... again, my thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.... give your Mum a great big hug from me!

Anbigin, thanks for the info on the grade system... sorry if I came across as being a bit thick... I just never knew how the grade system worked.... thanks for filling me in ... It makes so much more sense now

Ticker... Aria is crawling.... look out world.... I can't believe she is crawling already.... well as they say Tempus fugit when you're having fun eh!

Draco ATW, I also thought of you when I heard the news over the weekend. Glad to know you are ok.

Welcome back Susurro... you too Devika

Flame & Mike, about the flying car... too bad we can't ask Arthur for a loan


VeronikaG - Jul 19, 2004 4:28 am (#904 of 2955)

I want a flying car too! The problem is I don't even have the license to drive a rolling one, so I bet they'll not let me drive one that flies!

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst.

Congratulations on having a mobile baby, Ticker. This means that in a few months she'll walk, and then she'll run, and you'll need to grow eyes in the back of your head. ;-)


Doris Crockford - Jul 19, 2004 5:16 am (#905 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst! Only 2 more days til mine (July 21)! I got the POA soundtrrack, and so far, it's great! I'll have more time to listen tonight after my first day at Driver's Ed. I'm really nervous, and I have to leave soon. See you all later!


Leprechaun Jack - Jul 19, 2004 5:23 am (#906 of 2955)

Happy birthday Brandon and Chemyst. Happy birthday to anyone else I missed so far this month. And a very Happy Early birhtday to you Doris Crockford.



B]tracie1976[/B] - Jul 19, 2004 5:26 am (#907 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst!!!


Catherine - Jul 19, 2004 5:28 am (#908 of 2955)

Happy Birthday to Laurel (Chemyst) and Brandon!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 19, 2004 5:56 am (#909 of 2955)

Aria crawled for the first time a few minutes ago! – Ticker

Congratulations, I suppose. Hehe. Get used to the phrase: "Where's the baby?"

Happy birthday to Chemyst and Brandon!


mike miller - Jul 19, 2004 6:18 am (#910 of 2955)

Tim - Welcome back. Know that you were missed and that you and your family were in our thoughts and prayers.

I have been so impressed with the quality of people on this forum. The support and caring seen here has bolstered my belief in humanity. Normally, you can look around and find many examples where it seems somebody's "peed in the gene pool". I am honored to be a proud member of this family.


Ticker - You've just hit a major milestone. Look out, the ride is just beginning!

Betty - Stay positive, everything goes in cycles.

Draco - The news of the fire and deaths saddens us all. Let's hope that this tragedy will result in some changes that will prevent this from ever happening again.


icthestrals - Jul 19, 2004 6:37 am (#911 of 2955)

Hey DJ, sorry it took me so long to respond to you. I wasn't on the computer all weekend. I would have been a Star Trek: Voyager fan, but my local station carrying the show had its tower struck by lightning during the first season. They didn't repair it until the last season!! (I couldn't get the station in from where I live.)

I asked for Enterprise recordings, but Voyager would be welcomed as well. I live in the country, so no cable and I don't have a satellite because I can't afford it. So...I'm at the mercy of generous folk. Beggars can't be choosers. Thanks for thinking of me!!

Hello to everyone else and have a great Monday!


boop - Jul 19, 2004 6:43 am (#912 of 2955)

Deb and Mike thank you, things are starting to improve for me. I still a ways to go, but one day at a time.


scully jones - Jul 19, 2004 7:37 am (#913 of 2955)

Surprise Happy Birthday Brandon and Laurel!

Gosh, there sure are a lot of posts I've missed. I went to Cedar Point yesterday, rode a couple rides. Wicked Twister wasn't as scary as it's made out to be, really.

I got a cool pic drawn of me! Like it?

I've got some pictures I'm putting up on my site, none from the park though.

I shudder to think of what those children went through, and I hope someone is duly punished. These things should not happen. I can't imagine what the parents are going through.


Marè - Jul 19, 2004 7:52 am (#914 of 2955)

Icthestrals, I wished you lived in my country. I have most (missing maybe five) Voyagers on tape. (Somewhere, okay, so I still need to sort them out.)
I don't know what kind of internetconnection you have, but you can also find all them hanging around the web somewhere. The enterprise series as well I guess.


icthestrals - Jul 19, 2004 8:18 am (#915 of 2955)

Thanks Marè. I use my wonderful, up-to-date computer at work (he he) to read the forum and surf the net. My computer at home is a dinosaur and I have let my internet subscription expire because I could almost clean my entire house before a site would load!! Oh well, perhaps when they come out on DVD, as DJ suggested, I could buy them as a box set.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 19, 2004 9:04 am (#916 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Brandon and Chemyst!

Have lots of fun and butterbeer.


anbigin - Jul 19, 2004 9:16 am (#917 of 2955)

Hey ischestrals, I'm in Greece for the summer but when I get back I would be more than happy to record them and send them your way as I too watch them when I can:) Just let me know what you want me to do - I should be getting back and settled in the middle of August.

Oh, and Fawkes, I didn't think your inquiry was anything other than "cultural differences" realted. Actually I completely understand where you're confusion lays as I have no idea how the system works in your neck of the world.

Happy B-day to all that deserve it Wink *insertion of evil grin here*

Baby on the move - hahaha - that's pretty hillarious, but yea, any ways, congratulations Ticker on the moving life form:) should make life more interesting for the next say 20 years (muahahahhahahaha)

To all those with horrid misfortunes (i.e. death of a parent:(, death of wee ones): AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I scream a hundred horrors and hurt a thousand times over for you and those involved. Death always hurts, probably because it tends to be so random. Just know that my thoughts are with you and what have you. Peace - Kat


icthestrals - Jul 19, 2004 9:21 am (#918 of 2955)

anbigin, Hey thanks. You can email me and we can set up the details when you get back. Click on my avatar and you will see my email address. Put Star Trek in the subject line or that you are from the HP forum, otherwise I will delete it.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 19, 2004 9:25 am (#919 of 2955)

I am actually really tired today. On Friday my daughter had an appointment with the Allergist and we found out she has a 3+ allergy to DUST. Yikes. She can barely sleep at night cause she keeps coughing herself awake, thus I cannot sleep either. Help. What do you do aside from the "wash the sheets in hot water" I know what the Doc's say, but I would like some TRIED and True suggestions. It is eating into my Potter time(Just kidding) Seriously, I want her to be able to sleep at night. Any suggestions?


icthestrals - Jul 19, 2004 9:59 am (#920 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty, I too have been diagnosed as allergic to dust mites. I am also allergic to cats, dogs and horses. My allergies are not very severe, but I do make sure that my bed linens are washed in hot water every other week. If my clothes hang in the closet for longer that a week, I wash them before I wear them.

I am not the cleanest person, meaning I don't dust and vacuum as often as I should because the dust makes my sinuses go crazy! I have someone else clean my house, but when I do have to do it, I jump in the shower as soon as I'm finished.

I feel for you and your daughter. I tried plastic on my bed and pillow, but that just doesn't work. I refused to get rid of my cats, dogs and stay away from horses. I just suffer through. I tried allergy medications also, but they didn't do much for me. Hope some of this information helps.

EDIT: If your daughter sleeps with a stuffed animal (don't know how old she is) you might want to find one that can be washed and dried.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 19, 2004 10:22 am (#921 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty, I don't mean to presume that you haven't searched the web already, but here's a link that seems like it might be helpful:



haymoni - Jul 19, 2004 10:37 am (#922 of 2955)

I am allergic to dust and my mom removed the stuffed animals from my room. I wasn't emotionally attached to any of them so it wasn't a big deal.

I had hardwood floors with rugs so that the carpet wasn't holding a bunch of dust. My mom vacuumed a lot though.

I still sneeze like crazy when I clean, but fortunately none of my children seem to have my allergy problems.


D.W. - Jul 19, 2004 10:40 am (#923 of 2955)

Sleeping beauty, you can buy covers for mattresses and pillows in most stores that sell bedding (at varying prices). Now-a-days these are made of fabric, not plastic and can help a lot with night time dust allergies (we have them on all our mattresses)you can also buy pillows made with some type of man made filler which is better for allergy sufferers than down or any type of feathers. (you may already have these) Washable night time toy companions are usefull and I've also heard/read somewhere that if you freeze these it will help (though I've not done that myself). Good luck. Donna.


Catherine - Jul 19, 2004 11:15 am (#924 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty,

I will ditto the fine posts that preceded mine, and tell you that I have emailed you something. I decided to do that because the post was so long that I didn't think anyone else would even bother to read it!

I've been in your daughter's situation, and I hope you can find ways to manage her condition.


septentrion - Jul 19, 2004 11:22 am (#925 of 2955)

happy birthday Chemyst and Brandon !


DJ Evans - Jul 19, 2004 11:29 am (#926 of 2955)

Ticker, oh how great that the little one is crawling!!!! Gosh, before you know it, it will be prom night!!! They just seem to grow up so fast. All I can say, is to enjoy each and every minute/second of her at this stage--cause it won't last for long!!!!

Hey, Brandon and Chemyst?


Hope it's the best birthday that you've had so far!!!

Mike---"....and find many examples where it seems somebody's "peed in the gene pool" Thanks for the chuckle of the day there!!!

Betty, oh I'm so glad that things are getting better for you. Hope each day is a little bit better and to keep good thoughts coming your way. Here's a great BIG ol' HUG for you!!! armsBETTYarms!!!!

Icthestrals, oh I'm so sorry that I misunderstood you. I guess I'm such a :Star Trek: Voyager" fan, that whenever I see Star Trek, that is where my poor ol' little brain goes. I don't ever watch the series "Enterprise" myself. I don't know, but it just doesn't seem to have the flair of the other Star Treks or something to me. Maybe because it is going backwards in the series? Anyway, I do see where anbigin can copy them for you! Fantastic!!!!

Later, Deb


virgoddess1313 - Jul 19, 2004 11:30 am (#927 of 2955)

Just wanted to pop on here and say hello to everyone. I've been away from the forum for over a month and am completely apalled at myself for it. The amount of posts I have to catch up on is disgusting. I guess its a good thing I don't have anything to do at work today.

Hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon!!!!


Padfoot - Jul 19, 2004 1:40 pm (#928 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 19, 2004 1:42 pm

Happy birthday Brandon and Chemyst! Birthday Balloons

DracoATW, I heard about those kids and immediately thought of you. You are older of course, but I wondered if it was near you. Those poor parents, having to go through all that grief. Those teachers who ran away should be ashamed of themselves.

Welcome back Tim! We have missed you and your funny comments. You always make me smile.

Sleeping Beauty, I too suffer from allergies. Well I try not to let them get the best of me. I am allergic to dust, grasses, molds, trees and anything cute and fuzzy. For a while I was taking allergy shots (6 years or so). Now I have built up a tolerance so I don't feel the symptoms as much. At least in Colorado that is. I figure that whenever I move to another state, I will need to resume allergy shots once again. I also take medication everyday and have for 20 years. My first allergist recommended we get rid of the family dog! Can you believe that? I laughed in his face at that stupid suggestion. I am allergic to horses the most, followed by cats. Growing up my best friend had two cats and a horse. LOL.

Betty, I hope you feel better soon. *Hugs* You were one of the first people to welcome me to this forum family. So I always think of you as one of the moms of this forum.


boop - Jul 19, 2004 1:50 pm (#929 of 2955)

aaawww Padfoot that brought tears to my eyes, that was so sweet. Thank you so much you have no idea what this means to me. I am feeling better just going to take time.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 19, 2004 2:06 pm (#930 of 2955)

Didn't know you were feeling poorly. Hope you get better too. Smile


timrew - Jul 19, 2004 4:01 pm (#931 of 2955)

Happy birthday Brandon and Chemyst! And get well soon, boop!

Thank you all once again for all your kind messages. The members of this Forum have helped me (and other people, too) through a hard time.


Ticker - Jul 19, 2004 5:37 pm (#932 of 2955)

Thanks all for the words of encouragement & sympathy about my new crawler. My hair is permanently windblown from the speed of the last 8 months. (Well, maybe it looks that way for other reasons as well...)

Tomoe, you shared something about yourself a while back about your daily challenges that I would never have known you faced. You mentioned it while encouraging someone else. It's so far back, I can't find it. I meant to thank you for spending some of your wonderful creative energy with us. It means even more to me now.

Betty, you truly are like a mom to us here. I always picture you with a platter of sandwiches in one hand & a box of butterbeer in the other. (I secretly think Julia has access to your stache.) Thank you for always making us feel so welcome & loved. Glad you're feeling better.


Susurro Notities - Jul 19, 2004 6:16 pm (#933 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 19, 2004 6:17 pm

Happy birthday Brandon and Chemyst

Oh Ticker - can she really be that big already?

Thank you for your welcome back Hem Hem and Fawkes Forever. Amazing how one can make wonderful friends through a love of books and a bit of electronics!


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 19, 2004 6:22 pm (#934 of 2955)

Well, we're in! Whew! I think these last four days have been the longest of my life, though they've been some of the most exciting/frustrating too. On Saturday night, we discovered we had no cold water feeding the washer. The "pumblers" finally came out today and had to tear out parts of my walls to get to a kinked line. My beautiful walls! While they were here, the cable/phone/internet guy, along with the tile layer, foreman, and my father all came out to do repairs. We had a full house, to say the least. But we're all settled in and I can now enjoy my cable and internet! As soon as my car gets fixed *grumble grumble*, things will be pretty darn good.

I'm glad you're back, Tim. Your father's service sounded beautiful. It warms my heart to know that your forum family could bring comfort to you and your family.

Welcome back, Susurro and Virgoddess! How nice to see you both! It's hard enough for me to catch up here after only being gone a few days, I can't imagine how many posts you two have to go through!

Betty, I agree with everyone else. You are a wonderful mom for us all! I can always count on you to offer kind words when I'm in need of them. I'm so happy things are looking up.

Birthday Balloons, Brandon and Chemyst!

Wow, Ticker, what a milestone your daughter has reached! Congratulations to you both! Even though you'll probably be even more exhausted from now on, seeing her little personality really shine through will be totally worth it.

Perhaps it wasn't the Middle Ages then, Tomoe. Perhaps it was during the Renaissance. I read it in some useless fact book, anyway I think. Who knows how accurate their information is?

My husband had a job interview today. It's between him and another person. The job would mean a big raise, though quite a bit more work and a great deal of traveling. However, we wouldn't have to struggle nearly as much as we do now and I could finally go to school full time without having to work as much. So, if I haven't permanently crippled your fingers, cross them again for me!


Leila 2X4B - Jul 19, 2004 6:33 pm (#935 of 2955)

Sherbie, give your hubby loads of four leaf clovers for me. Crossing my whole being. Thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful and reassuring advice. You make me feel not alone in this.

Boop, get well, please.

Tim, good to hear from you again and am glad that the Forum has been a comfort to you.

Thank you everyone on this forum for being wonderful to everyone else on the forum.

Ticker, don't worry she'll be walking and running soon enough and, scariest of all, talking. It sure will put the crawling in perspective. Babies are the best.


Susurro Notities - Jul 19, 2004 6:52 pm (#936 of 2955)

Oh please. Cross fingers, pray, cast a spell or whatever it is you do for luck do for me. My husband is running in a local election. Would really like to see him win.

Will pray for your husband Sherbie and thanks for the welcome back.


Ticker - Jul 19, 2004 7:18 pm (#937 of 2955)

Su - I forgot to say Howdy! (& thanks for the nifty crawling baby - I guess it's a smilie. It sure made me smile.) It is nice to see you again.

(Crosses fingers & says a prayer for both Su & Sherbie)


Julia. - Jul 19, 2004 7:35 pm (#938 of 2955)

*runs in breathing heavily* Long day today, very happy to be on my beloved Forum Sherbie, I'm crossing every part of my body that it's possible to cross. Would you like me to Imperio the guy who decides between your husband and the other person?

Betty, get better soon! We need our Mommy to feel good.


boop - Jul 19, 2004 7:43 pm (#939 of 2955)

Lindsey,Ticker,Tim,Loop Lupin,Julia and Sleeping Beauty, thank you so much don't know what it means to me.

Lindsey, and Sussurron Notities I will keep my body parts that can be crossed for you.


Susurro Notities - Jul 19, 2004 7:44 pm (#940 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 19, 2004 7:48 pm

Gina. Thanks. No haven't been around in a bit. So nice to see you, Ticker, and boop again. Thanks boop. You too Ladybug.


Ladybug220 - Jul 19, 2004 7:47 pm (#941 of 2955)

It's nice to see you back Susurro!


Chemyst - Jul 19, 2004 8:07 pm (#942 of 2955)

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I've had a nice one. ('Special thanks to Boop for keeping track of those sorts of things)
Nice to hear you are settled in, Sherbie. All that moving and no house elf to help!
Tim, nice to see you back on boards.


Kowalla - Jul 19, 2004 8:21 pm (#943 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty, I feel for your poor little girl with her allergies. I have to deal with that as well. I haven't been tested to see what all I'm allergic to, though. (I'm rather scared to) I know the list will more than likely be VERY long.

Boop, I hope you get feeling better soon.

Sherbie & Susurro, just thought you might want to know that it is VERY difficult to type with your eyes crossed, let alone fingers, toes, legs,.... Good luck to the both of you (& your spouses)

Doris Crockford, your birthday is the same as my sisters! Mine is one week from today. (Starting to get excited)


Chris. - Jul 19, 2004 8:28 pm (#944 of 2955)

Hi everyone. I get up after not being able to sleep, and what do I do? Gte on the Forum, of course!

Boop, hope you are feeling better soon.

Sherbie and Sussuro, my fingers are crossed for the both of you, but like Kowalla said, it's very hard to type. 

Happy Birthday to people I've missed! Which brings me round to the question: do any of the Forum members share a birthday? Mine's 24th September, anyone?...

Bye y'all!


Leila 2X4B - Jul 19, 2004 8:41 pm (#945 of 2955)

I do share mine with my Gramps, but he don't know Potter . It is August 13, and falls on a FRIDaY this year. :yikes: Leila


virgoddess1313 - Jul 19, 2004 8:44 pm (#946 of 2955)

Prongs... you almost share a birthday with me.. 6 days difference though. My boyfriend Will's is on the 24th. I'll be sure to remember yours now as well .


Ozymandias - Jul 19, 2004 8:49 pm (#947 of 2955)

Wow, 50 posts since yesterday night...let's see if I can remember everything.

Draco all the way, I'm so sorry to hear about the fire. Those teachers should be ashamed of themselves. Glad to hear you're in safer conditions, though. (But it'd be better if everyone was...)

Betty, sorry to hear you're not feeling well and hope you are better soon.

Sherbie, congrats on the successful move and good luck to your husband. (Good luck to yours, too, Susurro, what's he running for?)

Ticker, congratulations to you and your daughter!

My birthday is Feb. 16, and it's the same as...um...Levar Burton (Geordi from Star Trek).

Did I miss anything? Sorry if I did.



Susurro Notities - Jul 19, 2004 9:08 pm (#948 of 2955)

Oh - mine too - Feb. 16! Hi birthday mate Ozy.


Julia. - Jul 19, 2004 9:13 pm (#949 of 2955)

Mine's September 8th, same day as Gil Meche, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. On the Jewish calander it's the 26th of Elul, i have but no idea who else was born on that date.


boop - Jul 19, 2004 9:17 pm (#950 of 2955)

AAAWWW GEEE Guys I feel so special. Kowalla, Prongs thank you for the get well wishes. I don't know what to say, so just say thank you so much.

Prongs I will put you on my list I am making of forum members birthdays. As I get a date and name I will add them. I know I miss lots because I don't have the dates. I try and post in the morning of the members birthday so all members know its your birthday and can share in the birthday wishes too.

Sinister Kittens(Jules), this is just for you and a great big hug from me. Surprised)
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Celestina W. - Jul 19, 2004 9:32 pm (#951 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 19, 2004 9:42 pm

Wow, you guys post too much. I was gone for a weekend and I had over a hundred posts to read on just this thread! Now I might be gone for most of the week (got company coming) so I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I get back.

Birthday wishes to all! Mine is April 2 -- same day as Sir Alec Guinness! I've always thought that was cool. It's also Hans Christian Andersen's birthday and International Children's Book Day, which is just perfect for me.

Those of you who've seen I, Robot, would you recommend it? I might go and see it this week. I thought the previews looked really good.

One more thing to add to the pop discussion; has anybody ever had 1919 root beer? It's the best stuff ever, but I think you can only get it by the keg. People have it at parties sometimes, and a few restaurants around here sell it.


The giant squid - Jul 19, 2004 10:40 pm (#952 of 2955)

I just realized I completely forgot to send get well wishes to Boop and birthday wishes to Chemyst and Brandon (and anyone else who had one in the last few days). I was thinking of you all ,I swear...I just forgot to write it down. Neutral

Sherbie, one of my projectors broke down today, so things may bode well for your husband's new job. Wink

Fawkes Forever: You know, in all the talk about a flying car I can't believe I didn't make the Weasley connection. Excuse me while I club my head against a wardrobe... *repetitive thudding sound*

Celestina, I'd recommend I,Robot, as long as you aren't expecting anything more than a summer popcorn movie. Get a jumbo Coke ('cause they don't sell Dr. Pepper), a big tub o' popcorn and enjoy! Smile


For the record, my birthday is January 31st--Harry's half-birthday. Wink


Neldoreth - Jul 20, 2004 12:50 am (#953 of 2955)

Hello everyone! Coming back from a great weekend holiday in Switzerland (even got a sunburn : coup de soleil... that hurts...), this being the first time since I joined the Forum a few weeks ago, what the surprise when I notice the 1500 new messages on the Forum... Well, I suppose I'll have to use the "Mark as read"-button...

Elanor and Septentrion, as a french, I agree with reading Harry Potter and Tolkien in english: its quite a different experience! As Septentrion, I go back to the french version currently to come forward in the lexicon-translation and its quite enjoyable actually! But my heart will always go first to the original version

Happy belated Birthday to the concerned people (Chemyst, Brandon, any others perhaps?) and Boop, mine is on March 27th

I wish to all of you a wonderful day (hem, here its raining after a beautiful monday) and all the best for the week!


Marè - Jul 20, 2004 1:40 am (#954 of 2955)

Sunburn! (Looks outside to the rain..)

And I recently reread Lord of the rings in english. O it's just so much better that way! But the difference between Harry Potter and LotR is that Harry Potter has far more jokes, and some are a bit hard to understand for a not-native-english speaker. So I'm glad I started with Harry in dutch. (Wish I had started with the trilogy in english though..) Do not read old-english translated into old dutch! (think Jane Austen: The translations are pure horror.)
When I came on the forum however, I had a hard time because all the names are different. Now, I have a hard time discussing Harry with all the people here who read it, because I can't remember what the people were called in the translations.

It's just never right...

My birthday is July 15. At least I can say I was born in the same month as Harry!

PS, Now I still forget. I second Fawkes: Hugs and well wishes to Boop!


Fawkes Forever - Jul 20, 2004 1:42 am (#955 of 2955)

Boop... I didn't know you were poorly (sick) ... so sorry that I didn't wish you all the best before now... after all, you've been one of the forum members who has consistently been there for me when I'm down.... HUGE HUGS to help you feel all better. I also think of you as one of my Forum Mums.... I hope you don't mind *another squishy hug for Betty*

Happy Birthday Jules.... haven't seen you in a bit.. I suppose you're busy with the new shop.... and Happy Birthday Doris

Talking of birthdays, Mare.... happy belated for the 15th.... you should have let us know... we could have had a party in St Mungos *sneaks off to grab butterbeers from Boop & Julias secret stash*

Sherbie.... fingers are still crossed..... Susurro... might have to cross my toes... if thats ok... *makes mental note to ask Flame if crossing your toes is (a) possible, (b) perhaps could be a nifty new yoga posture or (c) Perhaps I'm just a bit nuts*

Mike.... I have a bit of a soft spot for the 'ol flying ford anglia as it reminds me of my parents.... their first car when they got married was a blue ford anglia... alas it didn't fly.... unless they know something I don't


Tomoé - Jul 20, 2004 1:49 am (#956 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Brandon, Chemyst and Doris!

Draco - I didn't watched the news over week-end, 90 students burned alive and the teachers ran away, leaving the poor kids all by themselves! That's so awful!

Courtney - Talk about bad luck! I hope you and your family didn't lost anything un-replaceable.

haymoni - I had caused disaster with lousy capped milk bottle too. ^_~

Sherbie - I thought it was likely a trivial fact from the Renaissance instead of Middle Ages, but couldn't knew for sure. As Gina said, it took centuries after that for the water to be "politically correct".

Poppy -> I'm sorry for the stuff you lost with your computer (that make me think I should do a back-up copy of my stuff).

Ditto to everything everyone said about this forum being like a family.
So, JK Powers - Welcome home! ^_^
And Susurro - Welcome back! ^_^

Ticker -> Life of "leisure" is over, but the best is yet to come.^_~
I meant to thank you for spending some of your wonderful creative energy with us.
  *blushing* er .. thanks. Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 1437562208

Sleeping Beauty- I'm so sorry about your daughter, I hope you'll manage.

I didn't do much this week-end, I read Song of Susannah by Stephen King (Miréimé let me borrow her copy). I can hardly wait until September 21 for the seventh and last book of the series! I also went to my Uncle summer house, that was nice. ^_^

I'll have a medieval wedding this wedding this week-end, I must finish my new robe before Saturday, I'm not sure I'll manage though. There's also a march Thursday for my favorite radio station, the Canadian governmental broadcasting bureau decided to close the station because they received 48 complaints in 8 years about one of the talk man. The station did take some measure to correct those thing! and some of the complaints come from anonymous e-mails (almost half of them if I remember well)! I didn't thought I had to march for freedom of press in Canada in the 21th century!

Edit : I hope you'll get better soon Betty, let me give you a cyber hug.


Devika - Jul 20, 2004 2:20 am (#957 of 2955)

Hi everyone!

Boop and Betty, hope you get ok soon...

Sleeping beauty, I'm really feeling bad for your daughter. I hope she develops resistence soon...

Happy Birthday in advance Doris!

This weekend I spent mostly cleaning up the home with my mum, since we returned after a long holiday... lots of laundry, and washing up and cleaning up to do! But I joined my University again on Monday, which was lovely. I had really been missing my friends a lot and it felt good to get back to the normal routine.

For the record, my birthday is October 28th. That's the same as Julia Roberts... makes me happy since I quite like her!


boop - Jul 20, 2004 4:10 am (#958 of 2955)

Mike, Maire, Fawkes, Tomoe, Devika, and everyone else for the well wishes. I know this is going to seem hard to believe but true, I am dealing with depression. I have been put on medicine so my bad days are becoming fewer. Everything just caught up with me. The Love I am feeling from everyone is overwhelming. This brings tears, but not sad tears. I have felt every single hug that I have received. I'm proud to be called the Forum Mom, what an honor that is.

Fawkes thanks for the Laugh

Marie I am so sorry we missed your birthday, so here is a late

Thanks for the birthday dates I have added them to my list.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 20, 2004 5:32 am (#959 of 2955)

So Mike, your birthday is January 31st? That makes you a yin to Harry's yang (or vice versa) which, if you've been reading the Long Theory on Harry's Family thread could make you Lord Voldemort. I wonder if Jim's aware of this.

Sleeping Beauty, love the quote! I'm not a big Monty Python fan but my husband is and that's my favorite skit. It's a De-Parrot!

Happy Birthdays all around. Good Luck to those who've asked for it. And Betty, we've already talked, so you know I'm thinking about you.


mike miller - Jul 20, 2004 5:34 am (#960 of 2955)

Sherbie - Hooray!!! I'm sure you'll find getting settled takes some time, but I'm sure you're enjoying your new home. Fingers crossed for your husband.

Sleeping Beauty - If you haven't checked out the work of Dr. Andrew Weil, I highly recommend checking out his website and his books are great. He advocates integrative medicine which recognizes the full breadth of treatment options (diet, accupuncture, meditation, etc.) depending on the ailment. I seem to remember something from one of his newsletters about removing dairy from the diet for children with allergy problems. It may be worth checking into. (dodges flying cheese from Wisconsin)


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 20, 2004 6:23 am (#961 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty, thanks for the four leaf clovers! I'm sure my Irish husband will appreciate them!Clover

Susurro, I'll definitely pray for you and your husband. I hope he wins! When is election day? Thanks for praying for mine.

Julia, oh please, please, Imperio the supervisor for me! That would solve it all!

Unfortunately, I was the house-elf, Chemyst! Although, I actually kinda enjoyed cleaning the house. It made it mine, somehow. I'm sure that will be the last time I like doing it, though! Glad your birthday went well.

Thanks, Betty, Ticker, and Ozy! Sorry, Kowalla and Prongs if it's hard to write! Just keep em crossed until Friday! Perhaps after that, you can keep your toes/legs crossed for Susurro. Although, Fawkes seems to be having a difficult time doing that! By the way, thanks Fawkes!

Mike - Sherbie, one of my projectors broke down today, so things may bode well for your husband's new job. Wink
Yippee!!! Sorry about that, Mike, but if you could just, I don't know, get it repaired tomorrow and then have it break again on Friday, that would be terrific! After that, you can send me a bit of it back, I promise!

Mike M., I have Dr. Weil's cookbook. I'm quite fond of the holistic way of practicing medicine; in fact, I get accupucture every month. It's terrific.

OK, maybe one of you can help me. Today I woke up to find tiny (about the size of a pin head) little beads on my sheets as well as stuck to my body. Are these eggs of some kind?!!! I just cleaned the house Sunday! I immediately washed the sheets in hot water and vacuumed the carpet in the bedroom, but what else should I do? What are these things?! I am so disgusted right now.


haymoni - Jul 20, 2004 7:15 am (#962 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty - I'm August the 13th too! We Leos need to stick together - especially since it will be Friday the 13th this year!

Boop - I'm thinking about you. It looks like you are headed in the right direction. No easy roads on this one.

Happy Birthday to everyone!

Sherbie - Best wishes with the house and hope things go well with hubby. Sorry - I don't know what the little white things are.


mollis - Jul 20, 2004 7:20 am (#963 of 2955)

Okay - way too much to catch up on!!! First and foremost - Welcome back Susurro!!! I am so happy to see you posting again! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were gone forever, and then surprise for me, you had posted by the time I get back on. Good luck to your husband in the election! I'll cross one set of fingers for you and the other for Sherbie.

Not sure about those dots Sherbie - did you try to break one open? To be the voice of logic and reason here - is it possible that in the midst of unpacking you (or your hubby) got something stuck to you (like little styrafoam beads or wax beads) that may have just rubbed off in bed? If its eggs of some kind (ewww!) they would probably have been squishy.

Happy birthday to all that I missed! Today is my twin brother and sister's birthday (must remember to call them!).

I know there was more I wanted to say, but I've completely forgotten. A lack of sleep can do that I guess. Well, how about a round Congratulations, best wishes, I hope you feel well soon, and its bound to get better to all who need it!


Leviosa - Jul 20, 2004 8:32 am (#964 of 2955)

Thanks for all the support everyone! It seems like I get some decent teachers, at least I hope they will turn out to be ok.

Courtney, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope things will get better for you.

A very happy belated birthday to everyone who had one! I know, I'm always late with such things but better late than never, right?

Sherbie, great you have been moving in!!! As for the dots, I have no idea, sorry.

I finally have my pictures of Budapest! But most of them are quite bad unfortunately, not sharp enough or too dark or the persons are too small. Luckily I can get a lot of good pictures from my best friend.

Have a nice day everyone!


Tomoé - Jul 20, 2004 9:02 am (#965 of 2955)

Happy belated birthday Marie!

Good luck for your husband Susurro!

Merde for yours husband as well!

Edit: You'll get a decent teacher in the end Leviosa? Cool!

Depression Betty? Ouch, I really you'll get better soon.


anbigin - Jul 20, 2004 10:25 am (#966 of 2955)

WOW! I feel really dense now - I didn't catch the whole Aug. 13th being a FRIDAY THE 13th until it was blatently spelled out for me as such:) even though Sleeping Beauty said her b-day was on a Friday this year and that it was Aug. the 13 ... I still didn't connect the two dots! This laying around on the beach all day doing nothing but reading and sleeping is not good for keeping the higher brain functions alive and kicking Razz

Sherbie - I hate to be the one that brings this up but what color are these little beads and how small are they exactly, cause they could be *cringe* cockroach pooh (le sigh) if they're really small, hard, round, brown/black, circles.

EEK, any ways, I just have to say to mollis that I always love reading your posts because the color you use is so soothing and relaxing for me:) And just to say publicly how exciting it is to have the same b-day as someone - Sept. 8th. I wrote Julia an email the other day saying something along those lines and she of course was very nice and tolerant to me - the weirdo who got all jumpy and stuff over something as little as a similar bday hehehehehehe:) So, thanks, Julia for the kind words:)

Ok, time for some gushing from me: I can't believe how many posts there are everyday on this forum! It's completely amazing how much this forum has changed since January of '03 when I first signed on. I soon got addicted to reading but not posting much and then lost my way for about a 7 month period where I didn't even come and read posts:( (just a few brief sign ins to keep my account) and now I'm back and I can't believe at how much Kip and the other mods have done. This place is SOOOO organized and beautiful and (not that it wasn't before - it's just that there are so many more people than there were before) friendly! Ok, now that I'm finished with the tears and such I will leave you all to read more interesting and delightful (non-run-on) posts:) Thanks for it all guys and of course: peace and stuff -Kat


timrew - Jul 20, 2004 10:30 am (#967 of 2955)

We share the same birthday, Prongs, 24th September; but whereas you'll be 15 this year, I'll be 55!


VeronikaG - Jul 20, 2004 10:38 am (#968 of 2955)

Welcome back to Susurro and Virgodess. Get better-wishes to Betty, and fingers and toes crossed for Sherbie's hubby.

I called my ISP today, and it seems my subscription order had not been registered. So now I have made a new order, and should get the modem in two to three weeks. Until then, I'll try to be on-line as little as possible, to avoid the last bill from my recent subscription from skyrocketing. I doubt I'll be able to stay away from the forum, though.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 20, 2004 10:54 am (#969 of 2955)

I just about spit out my lunch when I read that, Anbigin! Sickened If there's any bug I hate, it's roaches. Compared to them, spiders are downright cute! Thankfully, they were white, almost translucent in fact.

Mollis, I hope that I'm just freaking out for no reason. I've been racking my brain today trying to figure out what else they could be. The beads weren't squishy, really, but they did give when I pressed on them. EWWW!!! Happy birthday to your twin siblings! Do you have any other brothers and sisters, or were you the odd man out around them? I expect it'd be hard to have twin siblings, but maybe since they are different sexes growing up with them wasn't bad.

Thanks Haymoni and Tomoe!

Susi, I've got my fingers crossed that your new teachers turn out to be better than you anticipate. For me, expecting the worst and hoping for the best usually makes me feel better.

Veronika, bad luck with your ISP. I know how frustrating that must be. Yesterday, when I was doing the self-installation for my cable internet, I had to call the company 5 times because they did not give me the correct information. Each time I called, they gave me a different master user name and password.Bang Your Head Finally, I made a girl stay on the phone with me until we both corrected the problem.

Well, after 5 days and dozens of phone calls, I got my car situation straightened out. Luckily, the guy that hit me has been nothing but helpful in trying to force his insurance to take some responsiblity and pay up!! I haven't been able to drive my car for 5 days now, as the trunk won't close and duct tape is not really a good barrier against auto theives. So tomorrow, I will be take it to the body shop after getting it inspected by his insurance. Whew, one hurdle down!


Edit: Yay, Mollis! I'm sorry you’re having the same font problem I am. It's weird, isn't it? Hopefully, our eyes will adjust soon without doing damage to them. Ah well, the forum's worth it, right?

Edit II: Looks like we did it again, Mollis! Glad to hear you came out of your childhood with little scarring! I feel sorry for your sister though!


mollis - Jul 20, 2004 10:58 am (#970 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 20, 2004 11:03 am

Thanks, anbigin! A patented dancing sunflower for you:

Oh and Sherbie - I am having the same text size issues as you. I got a new monitor (actually a whole new laptop and docking station setup at work - mobile Harry Potter Lexicon access! No more missing out on everything when I'm sent to the field for 2 weeks! Yeah for me! Okay, tangent there - sorry. I got a little excited. Its been a long time that I've been trying to get the dementors to give me a laptop! Back on topic...). And the text is either too big or too little. I am in the process of trying to train my eyes to read the smaller print. I just hope it doesn't end up hurting my eyes. On the bright side, I can see a lot more on the screen now.

Okay...back to work for me. Well, maybe just one thread before I go...

Edit - Looks like we cross-posted Sherbie. I did have an older sister - so that kindof made me the middle child. The twins were a handful - but it was mostly my brother’s fault. When they were still in cribs, my mom had to put nets over the top of their beds to keep my brother from crawling out and roaming the house. But still, one night, he climbed out and gathered a glass of iced tea and a potted plant and dumped both into my sister's crib. Talk about a mess!

I had about 18 months on him, so I had a pretty good fighting chance. My sister has several scars she can attribute to her loving twin. 


Padfoot - Jul 20, 2004 11:08 am (#971 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 20, 2004 11:09 am

Happy Birthday Sinister Kittens! And to anyone else I may have missed! Birthday

So Sherbie, despite the mysterious white thingies, the cold showers and all the other hassles of moving into a new home, are you happy with your house? I hope so. House

Betty, I know what you are going through as I have been there and done that. It's a rotten feeling. You have gotten a million hugs from the forum, including one from me. But when you feel that way, there can never be too many hugs. So here's another hug from me! Hug

Last night the video place had a rent one, get another free deal going on. So I watched (for the first time) Love Actually in which Snape is married to Trelawney. And Timeline with evil scientist Lupin minus the mustache. So many movies have been mentioned here that I need to catch up.

Edit: My birthday is May 4th


septentrion - Jul 20, 2004 11:30 am (#972 of 2955)

Happy birthday to Jules, Marè, Doris and the others who may be concerned (do it in a whole, won't have time to log much the next few days)

Boop, I completely understand what you're living for my husband has been through the same demented illness for a long time. Just take one day after the other and be sure I have many thoughts and hugs for you.

It seems some of forumers need fingers crossed, so I cross my body again for those who need luck. Well, I'm trained now after having been crossed in every part of my body for Sherbie (and it worked !)

Susi, I hope you'll have a great year at school.


Courtney22 - Jul 20, 2004 11:44 am (#973 of 2955)

I would like to thank everyone for their warm thoughts it was nice to see how many people genuinely cared. I have only been on the forum for a short period of time and you guys treated me like an old friend and that makes my heart happy Smile

I would also like to say happy birthday, congratulations, good luck, and my deepest sympathies to all of you with joys and sorrows, you know what phrase best applies to you Smile


James T. Kirk - Jul 20, 2004 2:46 pm (#974 of 2955)

Hello folks, This is my first time at these boards since becoming a full fledged member. I hope to have many happy times here talking about Harry Potter in the novels as well as the movies.


Ticker - Jul 20, 2004 3:33 pm (#975 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 20, 2004 3:33 pm

Well, welcome! I hope you do too.

Since you all have such fantastic imaginations here is my Happy July Birthday! smilie

:pretend it's inserted here:


Julia. - Jul 20, 2004 4:09 pm (#976 of 2955)

Wow, lots to say here, first off, welcome back Susurro, I missed your pretty brown font.

Sherbie, I would be more than happy to Imperio the guy who makes the decision about your husband, so long as the MoM doesn't find out.

A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DORIS AND MARE! Hope you had great days, and here's some butterbeer on me. *pulls out butterbeer and passes it to Doris and Mare*

Betty, I talk to you all the time, so you know my feelings on the sujbect. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we're thrilled to hear that you're doing better, and we hope you are entirely better soon.

Siobhan, why are you sneaking into my private stash of butterbeer? I would have given you some had you asked.

Well, must be off, I have a lot of catching up to do! Have a good evening everyone!

EDIT: I almost forgot, I'm writing to Becca (Accaber)who's still at camp. If anyone has anything they'd like me to pass on, either post it on this thread or email me!


Catherine - Jul 20, 2004 4:19 pm (#977 of 2955)


I only just met you "personally," so when I found out that you were dealing with tough stuff I wanted to gather my thoughts.

Thank you so much for my warm welcome on the chat thread--I'll never forget it.

I come from a family that is TOO prone to depression, and I cannot tell you how brave you are for seeking help, and taking your medicine, and telling us about it.

We're all here, and you will be in our thoughts, and I'm sending you my very sincere prediction from gazing in my orb: You are very loved and you will be well.

Just ask anyone who knows me...I'm an insufferable know-it-all, so of course I'm right!

I'm blowing you a kiss from North Carolina, and both my Shih-Tzus send you a long lap cuddle.

Many, many cheers! Catherine


Marè - Jul 20, 2004 4:28 pm (#978 of 2955)

Weeew, thanks everybody for the birthday wishes. You almost helped me over my childhood trauma of everybody forgetting it: vacationtime is no fun birthdaytime.

And Boop, feel free to come here everytime you feel not so well. We will bury you under hugs so you remember your worth in this world!

Meanwhile I'll cross everything I can find for all the people in need of good luck.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 20, 2004 5:14 pm (#979 of 2955)

Happy Belated Birthday to all whom I've missed. Boop, I also have a family that has similar afflictions with that nasty little beastie, depression. Just know, and I feel comfortable speaking for all here, that we care about you and are always here for you. You are so brave to even talk about and for that you have my admiration and respect. :Big, Huge Hug to Boop:


Kowalla - Jul 20, 2004 6:02 pm (#980 of 2955)

Lots of hugs to Boop. Do you need some extra chocolate sent your way? We have proof that it really does help! I know this is something very difficult to deal with, but just so you know, we love you very much. Hope you feel better soon, but still keep popping in here, I always enjoy seeing you in here.

Mare, I am going to have to disagree with you on the vacationtime birthday. I think this is the perfect time of year for a birthday! Just think, the weather's perfect for a picnic, or a pool party (well, at least here it is) and best of all, it's nowhere near a holiday, so you don't end up getting a birthday/Christmas present, or something like that! You also don't end up sitting in some boring class waiting for school to get out so you can enjoy your birthday.


Julia. - Jul 20, 2004 9:14 pm (#981 of 2955)

My birthday is right in the beginning of the school year. Unfortunately, I don't see my friends nearly as often as I'd like to during the summer, so I don't have time to subtley build and give hints, which I really need to do because my friends are all horrible with things like brithdays. One year I actually sent out a mass email about two weeks before my birthday saying 'Hey! My birthday's in two weeks! Don't forget!' I've decided that really the best time to have a birthday is at the end of the school year, just as all the work and classes are winding down. All the classes are review, there's no homework to worry about, weather's nice, perfect time to have a birthday.


scully jones - Jul 20, 2004 10:20 pm (#982 of 2955)

You're right Julia, June 8th is the perfect time to have a birthday. I'm sure if I had more friends, more people would have come to my parties as well.

You know I'm here for you boop, just a call away.


The giant squid - Jul 20, 2004 11:42 pm (#983 of 2955)

Sherbie, I should have known you had some good news today (the car, not the weird spheres)...one of my projectionists just put in his two-week notice. Naturally, his last day falls right when I'm off in another state for training, another guy is transferring to a different theater and the third is on vacation (booked months ago). My next couple weeks are going to be a flurry of training newbies how to not break the movies. Smile I did manage to fix the problem from the weekend, though, so at least there's something. :\

Kim, re: my possible Voldie-ness...are you starting a new theory? I don't think we've seen the VIGS theory yet... Wink

Betty, Here's another hug for you. And watch out, there's a lot more where that one came from. I'll keep throwin' 'em at ya as long as you need one. I mean it..I ain't scared! Very Happy


EDIT: S.E. Jones, sorry about dragging the "Questions For The Hosts thread into chattiness. Who knew a simple "&" would cause so much trouble? Smile


Ozymandias - Jul 21, 2004 2:12 am (#984 of 2955)

More hugs for Betty, just because I can! (And you helped me out when I was feeling down, so it's nice to be able to return the favor.)


boop - Jul 21, 2004 3:19 am (#985 of 2955)

This is meant for Everyone: I just don't know what to say. I feel lots of love, and I can't began to express what this means to me. So I guess I will just follow what Julia says, here everyone have a butterbeer!!!!

Doris Crockford, Today is your special day Have a wonderful day!!!!

Hugs for everyone


Elanor - Jul 21, 2004 3:32 am (#986 of 2955)

Hi Julia ! I wanted you to know you're not alone : my birthday is also on september the 8th, though I will be 32 to soon now (booh hoo !). I know it isn't easy sometimes to go back to school (or work now) on your birthday (and it happened to me a lot of times too !), but it is one of my favourite times in the year : sun still hot, but milder, and a very special light in the air as to say the summer's not finished yet but falls coming soon. And, to cheer you up, don't forget all the famous people who were born in september, especially the literary ones, beginning with Hermione and Bilbo and Frodo Baggins of course ! Not bad, isn't it?

My best wishes and strengthening thoughts to all people who need them. It is good to have such a comforting place to tell what's on our mind !



mike miller - Jul 21, 2004 4:35 am (#987 of 2955)

Good Morning to all!!! Another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Happy birthday to Doris and anyone else celebrating life today. Being 45 years young, I've past a couple of those birthdays that people often dread. Come on in, the water's fine! I really like some of the thoughts shared here (Mike - growing up is definitely optional!). I'll be in meetings most of today, so it may be difficult to check on the "goings on" here on the forum.

Betty, know that you are very special to all of us. There are hugs a plenty here. My wife has been dealing with depression ever since our daughter was born. It can be a challenge, stay strong and let us know when you need those extra hugs. There is an infinite supply from your Forum family.


tracie1976 - Jul 21, 2004 4:51 am (#988 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Doris!!


Flame Alligator - Jul 21, 2004 5:13 am (#989 of 2955)

Doris, Happy Birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday to anybody I have forgotten.

Giant Squid, Didn't you like I, Robot? The movie did lack the darkness of the book but I would not call it a "popcorn movie". Perhaps I misunderstood the term. Explain please. I found it to be a scarey movie but of course, the book had the same effect on me. Perhaps, it is the underlying message that disturbs me. I would love a sentient robot. But maybe a house elf would be better.

Celestina, I definitely recommend I, Robot if you like sci-fi action that is other worldly.

*doing good fortune mudra for all who need it*

Fawkes, goedemiddag. Yes, you can cross your toes if they are long enough but you will have to use your hands to do it. I, however, can not cross my toes. They are too little. But I do have yoga feet.

Virgoddess - This is late. Glad to see you back. Still love seeing you love birds.

Boop, May your problems be resolved swiftly. *hug*

Veronika G, Girlfriend, I am so sorry about your DSL being "lost in bureacracy and ineptitude. I loved our chat, btw.

On Allergies: I ditto Mike Miller........... if possible find a natural way to fight allergies. I use to have terrible allergies as a child and I am, for the most part, allergy free. I am very careful about what I eat and what I use on my skin. Once you find what works for you, the natural way is a good way to go.

I am recovering this week from all the Pilates classes I taught last week. Yesterday, my yoga class fell asleep again and I zoned out. We were 15 minutes late ending class. We did work very hard and then a lot of very relaxing flexibility postures. How could they not fall asleep? And I just enjoyed the music and lost track of time........ silly me.

Have a great day everybody!!!!



Leprechaun Jack - Jul 21, 2004 5:31 am (#990 of 2955)


Hi I just wanted to let you know I understand some of what you’re going through. I also suffer from depression. It’s taken a while and several different medications to find the right one that worked for me. But it does get better. I’ve gone through some very difficult times over the past 4-5 years trying to deal with my depression.

Just to give you a little background I’ve always been a bit somber compared to my friends and family. I just thought it was my personality, then in March of 2000 my 22 y/o brother was killed in a car crash. That following January I severely hurt my back at work I was an EMT. I can no longer lift, so I can’t go out on the road anymore. That’s when I started to spiral out of control. I spent days staring at blank walls and not taking care of myself, when I would go to work I would be “on” so that no one would think anything was wrong. Then get home and just sit and cry.

After seeing my Dr. about my back pain, he asked me how long had I been suffering from depression. I started to laugh and said I’m not depressed that’s just me. Well, he sat me down for a nice long talk and started me on medication. Several different prescriptions and doses later I have found the right meds.

Things aren’t HAPPY, HAPPY,JOY,JOY. But now, at least I have a choice of having a bad day or not.

Just thought I’d add my two knuts.



icthestrals - Jul 21, 2004 5:36 am (#991 of 2955)

Wow, we forum folk have so much more in common than just HP. I have dealt with depression off and on for the last 20-odd years. I know what y'all are going through and my heart goes out to you. Hang in there and share with those who understand.

Have a great day everyone!


boop - Jul 21, 2004 5:51 am (#992 of 2955)

Mike and Jack thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for the encouraging words as well. I am very thankful that I belong to such a great forum family. I know if I need help that I have lots of friends waiting to be there for me. I didn't have the best day yesterday, but today I am going to the Cleveland Zoo with Tracie and her family. This will be lots of fun. My bad days are fewer than before at least I can go day("s) without crying. I am taking one day at a time, and this seems to work best. Going on vacation has also helped leaving issues home to deal with later. Just want to say again many thanks to everyone, you all mean so much to me!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Padfoot - Jul 21, 2004 8:10 am (#993 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Doris Crockford! Happy Birthday

Wow, we forum folk have so much more in common than just HP. -icthestrals  Yes we really do! The longer I am here, the more I realize we all go through similar ups and downs. It sure is nice to be able to share with each other and feel not so alone with our issues.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 21, 2004 8:20 am (#994 of 2955)

Coming with a big supply of hugs... so I've even more hugs for Betty and hugs for all of you that need them....

Delighted you feel honoured to be one of the Forum Mums Betty... 'cus thats how most of us view you... You're always there for us when we are down... so I want to say likewise.... we're here for you.... with plenty of hugs & a comfy shoulder if required.. May supply some cyber tea if you like... or a nice cup of coffee (decaf if preferred)

Happy Birthday Doris....

Sorry so brief (first for me).. bit busy at work *grumble grumble*


mike miller - Jul 21, 2004 9:21 am (#995 of 2955)

Flame - I wish you were closer, I would love to take yoga classes with you. An extra 15 minutes of relaxation at the end would be a bonus. The athletic club I belong to changed the night they offer the yoga class. The new night works better for me, unfortunately, not for the yoga instructor (he also teaches ballroom dancing). I've been very disappointed in his replacement. Can you recommend any good yoga tapes?


Flame Alligator - Jul 21, 2004 9:39 am (#996 of 2955)

Mike, Give me a day to research what is out there and I will recommend some tapes. What kind of yoga class do you like? Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Asthanga, you get the idea. Or just tell me what kind of practice you like.

I send my strength to all who are depressed. *a loving hug to all of you*

*waving at Fawkes*


virgoddess1313 - Jul 21, 2004 10:08 am (#997 of 2955)

A big hello and a huge hug to my forum mom (because I promised I would!) . Hope you're having a wonderful day!! And everyone else of course.

Thanks for the "welcome back"s as well, from everyone who has said it. It is very good to be back into things. I forgot how much I enjoyed it here while I wasn't posting. It's about more than just the books, it's about the family too. I'd better stop before I get too mushy at you guys.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 21, 2004 10:49 am (#998 of 2955)

*Pulls out wand and yells Expecto Patronum to chase away all the nasty dementors that are harassing some of my forum friends.*   By the way, it is in the form of a lovely Disney animated princess.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 21, 2004 1:25 pm (#999 of 2955)

Hooray! No eggs (or whatever the heck they were) on my sheets or my body *shudder* today! I was up late last night on my hands and knees scrubbing madly, muttering quietly "I hate bugs...I hate bugs" over and over. My husband was seriously considering having me committed, but as he wasn't the one with bug eggs on him, I don't think he can understand my fervor.

Birthday Balloons Doris!!

Mike, I'm sorry to hear about your employee (kind of )! No, really I am. Perhaps today was good for you though, because I seem to have had a bit of my old luck back. Today when I got into my car to drive it to the insurance inspector, I found that it wouldn't turn over! Wonderful! So I had to call the adjuster and see if she could get me in at a later time. Luckily, she could and luckily, my car problem turned out to be the battery, which my father (Dads are great) bought for me. The estimate from the insurance was too low, but now it's the body shops problem. They hooked me up with a cute little rental though, some kind of new Chevy I'd never heard of before. After that, my father continued to be in a giving spirit, so he purchased some really nice computer speakers for me and paid for my lunch to boot! I think he misses me a bit. So I guess my entire day wasn't bad, I just had a pretty rotten morning. Which leads me to believe that your day started off well and is getting worse by the second. We've got to find some "nobody" out there in the desert to whom we can channel all these bad luck vibes.

Mike M., as a big yoga fan and an occasional instructor, I reccommend Brian Kest's Power Yoga three box set. He teaches Asthanga yoga, which is power yoga, so you really work up a sweat. He's fluid, supportive, encouraging and challenging. In fact, I never take classes myself, I just do his tapes. Plus, he's not bad to look at either. You can order them from Amazon.com. I typically use the "Support the Lexicon" link when I order from Amazon.


Ticker - Jul 21, 2004 5:01 pm (#1000 of 2955)
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Post 1000! Woo-hoo!

Ok - I know that was childish, but...
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Pinky - Jul 21, 2004 5:41 pm (#1001 of 2955)

Yes Ticker, that was very childish, but we can attribute that to the creepy-crawlies that are going on in your house right now. *grins at Aria* I would never indulge in such foolishness....

Post 1001! Look - I can even write it backwards: 1001!



~*howls of laughter*


Leila 2X4B - Jul 21, 2004 6:22 pm (#1002 of 2955)

Welcome back Prefect Marcus. I've missed you and your posts. Leila


Prefect Marcus - Jul 21, 2004 7:53 pm (#1003 of 2955)

Thanks, Leila. It's good to be back.



The giant squid - Jul 21, 2004 8:12 pm (#1004 of 2955)

Flame Alligator, I don't consider "popcorn movie" to be a bad thing. I use it to differentiate from the "touchy-feely, slice-of-real-life,über-dramatic" stuff I'm seeing so much of these days. Sometimes, you just want to go to a movie to enjoy yourself, not look for some deeper meaning or make discoveries about yourself... Was I, Robot a cinematic masterpiece that will sweep the Oscars and change people's lives? No. Is it a good movie? Yes.



DJ Evans - Jul 21, 2004 8:24 pm (#1005 of 2955)

Betty, hope you had a good day today!!! Just know that we've all got you in our thoughts & prayers. You are a vital member of this family & we all care about you. Take as many "hugs" as you need and then have a couple of more!!! As far as I'm concern--a person can never have too many hugs!!!!!

virgoddess1313--A big WELCOME back from me too. It's been lonely without any of your postings and I have to admit that I've missed seeing the pic of you & your beau!!! Hope he is doing well too?

Marcus--Glad to see you are back too!!!

Matter of fact, WELCOME back to everyone that has been gone for a while for one reason or another. Good to have you back!! Also, wanted to wish all of our new members a warm hearted WELCOME too!!! Hope you enjoy the family atmosphere that we have on here!

Jules & Doris---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Sherbie--So no more eggy thing-a-ma-gigs? Great!!!! I know you must have slept better last night after doing a good scrub down. Hey, I know I would have or that would be the only thing on my mind the entire night--therefore "no" sleep, which would also mean no sleep for hubby either!!!!

Later, Deb


virgoddess1313 - Jul 21, 2004 8:50 pm (#1006 of 2955)

Deb, he is lovely.. and thanks for the welcome. He's going into surgery for his knee on Wednesday and is quite nervous. But so am I, so I can forgive him that. This will be the third surgery he's had since we've been dating, which is about 2 years. The boy is falling apart. Boys and they're sports... sigh. Oh well.

I'm in a good mood tonight, for no reason at all really. Hugs for everyone, just because I feel like it.


Sticky Glue - Jul 21, 2004 9:20 pm (#1007 of 2955)

Hi Prefect Marcus, I thought I had better move the chat over here from the new members, before we get told off for being in the wrong thread. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with know it all teenagers.

Hey, you've changed your picture! not bad


Safia - Jul 22, 2004 2:22 am (#1008 of 2955)

* jumps into the 'NEW' wagon*

How is everyone?


boop - Jul 22, 2004 4:47 am (#1009 of 2955)

Welcome Safia, I am having a good morning thanks for asking.

sticky glue, I went through that with my girls, but they all turned out just fine. They learn from their mistakes, and there still are times they don't listen and my kids are 26,25,23. Now I have 3 grandchildren ages 6 going on 16, 5 going 15 and 3 months old. They are fun. It is funny to see the faces they make at you like rolling their eyes and putting their hands on the hips,hehehehe. I tell my daughters they are just seeing themselves through their kids. They both act just the way their mothers did growing up, hehehe.


icthestrals - Jul 22, 2004 5:27 am (#1010 of 2955)

Hello, everyone. Have a great Thursday!

Pinky, thanks for the laugh!! Great way to start the day!


mike miller - Jul 22, 2004 7:07 am (#1011 of 2955)

Sherbie - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check into it.

Flame - My old instructor used to combine elements from several styles but the basis was Iyengar. I grew rapidly as an early teen (6'2" by age 13) so I need to work on flexibility/stretching in my legs and hips. I enjoy all of it though. As an aging athelete I need to do anything and everything to keep myself capable of playing at the level I expect from myself.

I'm about to take a week’s vacation, and this time I'm going to try to check in with the forum so I don't get so far behind. My mother-in-law lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so we try to get there a couple of times each year. Not a bad place to "have" to go to. We get a chance to see 2 of my wife's brothers and their families, so it's lots of fun.

Have a great day everyone!! Remember we all get to choose what kind of day we're going to have. Why some people choose lousy is beyond me.


Flame Alligator - Jul 22, 2004 7:15 am (#1012 of 2955)

Giant Squid, Oh..... now I get it. I agree with you. I, Robot is a good "popcorn movie". There is a deeper meaning but maybe I am projecting the book into the movie. I, personally, don't care for touchy, feely bring kleenex movies.

Ticker, Childish yes....... but aren't we all? Hey, I never get a land mark post. *pouting*

Virgoddess, I am so sorry your sweetie is having surgery......again. Can't you do anything to stop him before he cripples himself? Not that I would ever come between a guy and his chosen sport. *eyes rolling* May it all go well. I hope he has a swift and smooth recovery. *healing mudra for your guy*

Sherbie, I am glad you got rid of the thingees. My flesh was starting to crawl reading the posts about them. Sending good fortune your way. That was a great tape you recommended for Mike Miller.

Mike Miller, do you do asthanga? For variety, I recommend you go to www.yogazone.com. Their tapes, dvd's are great. Detailed instructions and very good relaxation tapes you can use after your basic practice.

Fawkes, *waving a belated Top of the mornin* :silly grin:

It is pouring down rain today. I got soaking wet mailing a letter today and I used an umbrella. I just hope it stops by the time I have to go to work.



Padfoot - Jul 22, 2004 7:58 am (#1013 of 2955)

Morning everyone! I am in a good mood and hope you all are too.

I think I am the last person in the world who has yet to try yoga. Maybe one of these days I will.

Have fun Mike on your vacation!


Julia. - Jul 22, 2004 9:01 am (#1014 of 2955)

No you're not Padfoot, I haven't tried yoga either. Have a good time on your vacation Mike, and get me a keychain! (actually, you don't have to get me a keychain, but I tell that to all my friends when they go on vacation) Have whatever kind of a day you all feel like having! (I myself will have a good day, weather's nice and I get out of class early. )


Flame Alligator - Jul 22, 2004 9:05 am (#1015 of 2955)

Mike Miller, Yoga Zone combines 15 different kinds of yoga. Perfect for the older athlete. Have a great vacation. Didn't you just have a vacation?........ I'm jealous.

Padfoot and Julia, I hope you don't feel any pressure about yoga but I would just like to say, "come on in, the water is fine." There are so many kinds of yoga, there might I said might be one you like.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 22, 2004 9:23 am (#1016 of 2955)

Oh I'd recommend Yoga to everyone... I just love it... I just talked my big sister (who's expecting another baby ) into going to some yoga classes that caters for the mums to be. (btw, not the same sis who had a baby a few months back ) She loves it!

I've been talked into another 'work social event' after work today... hopefully dementor free.... this time it's an inflatable sports day, (I know I know ) that is Inflatable Human Table Football (foosball), Inflatable Obstacle Course & Giant Inflatable Twister, & it looks like rain. I'm a bit apprehensive... inflatable twister.... hmm, adults & twister shouldn't go together... should they .... I'm hoping my 'ol yoga postures will help me out there....

Hee hee, why do I get myself roped into these things.. Oh well... should be a laugh... it's a great way to meet some new people .... and it's all in the name of charity... for the Childrens hospital... so.. it’s all good karma

Hey Flame... *huge grin & wave*


Loopy Lupin - Jul 22, 2004 10:00 am (#1017 of 2955)

Interesting pic there Marcus. Pugs are quite cute, IMHO.


Padfoot - Jul 22, 2004 10:04 am (#1018 of 2955)

There was a show on last night (PBS I think) all about Pugs!


Catherine - Jul 22, 2004 10:09 am (#1019 of 2955)

Hey, Padfoot! Was the show called SPUG?

I will agree with Loopy Lupin and say that I like your new avatar, Marcus. It might harm your "big softie" image, though. Or perhaps you are lulling us into a false sense of security.

Hello to everyone!


VeronikaG - Jul 22, 2004 10:17 am (#1020 of 2955)

Yay, I can post!

Somehow I had deleted my e-mail from my profile, resulting in getting my membership status changed. Luckily I was notified, so I could put it back. I thought it was to read only, but I can still post. My posts needs to be accepted first, it seems.

About the current topic, Yoga sounds way to tough for me. I can touch my toes, but that's on a good day.


Padfoot - Jul 22, 2004 10:20 am (#1021 of 2955)

I do not remember what the name of the Pug show was. Parts of it did not interest me, so I changed the channel. However the part where they showed the puppies made me squeal like the girl I am. Well who doesn't love to see a puppy?


mike miller - Jul 22, 2004 10:36 am (#1022 of 2955)

Flame - Thanks for the insight. I'm familiar with YogaZone having purchased a mat and block from them before, just no tapes yet. I'll have to change that!

As far as the vacation goes, you're right. I took a week in mid-June and the original plan was for the second week to be in August. We re-arranged our schedule to be able to see more family. In Charolette, South Carolina, the schools start up again on August 9th. I think it's rather ironic, they end schhol at the end of May because it's too hot for the kids to sit in school in June and then make them come back in August. One advantage of having tenure with the company, I get 5 weeks’ vacation.

Julia - I'll see what I can do about the key chain! Maybe one of those little viewfinders with Viggo Mortensen in it.


mollis - Jul 22, 2004 10:44 am (#1023 of 2955)

Okay, I'm jealous Mike - I want vacation! Too much time and money being spent on moving and home repairs/remodeling to afford one though, I'm afraid. And way too busy to justify taking off. Oh well, leaves more time off for Christmas.

I wish I had time and energy for yoga! I did it once - not such a great class, but I think with a proper teacher, I'd love it. Flame - will you move to KC so I can take yoga classes with you??


DJ Evans - Jul 22, 2004 11:10 am (#1024 of 2955)

Mike Miller, you better be careful there!!! Cause if you get Julia a key chain with cutie Viggo in it--then you'll be having us all want one!!! He is quite popular--I know he is in my crowd!! They start school classes on Aug. 9th? My stars, I can remember when I was in school (too many years to count!) we didn't start till the week after Labor Day and it seems like we got out for the year toward the last of May sometime!!!! Sure made for a nice long summer vacation though! Anyway, Mike have a very nice vacation. And if you should run into any of the NASCAR guys--tell them I said "HI!!!!!"--especially if you should see Dale, Jr!!!. (There are NASCAR drivers/teams all throughout NC. SC, TN, etc...)

virgoddess1313---His 3rd surgery? Wow!! I can't imagine having to go into the hospital that many times within 2 years!! Though times I've been in for surgery for either myself or someone in my family, I've only had good experiences, it's just that there is nothing like home and your own bed!! We'll keep y'all in our thoughts and prayers that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Just remember to take several things to keep busy while you are in the waiting room. I've been known to take a couple of books, something crafty to work on, hand held games, etc...--I never know what might keep my mind busy while I'm sitting there waiting. Oh, and plenty of quarters for the snack/soda machines!!!

Safia--Welcome!!! Love your avatar of the cutie pie there!!! Is he yours? Just love his (or her) expression!!! Reminds me of "You looking at me? What?" hee hee

Sure wished we had some of your rain Flame!!!! It is so "you-know-what" HOT here, that a cool rain would help so much!! I'm not a fan of hot weather to begin with, so I think that just makes it all that much more worse on me.

Everybody have a FABULOUS day today--just remember the weekend is "just" around the corner!!!!

Later, Deb


Courtney22 - Jul 22, 2004 11:27 am (#1025 of 2955)

I'm going on vacation soon as well...going from hot but rainy Virginia beach to just plain hot Mexico...Cancun actually. I love that I'm old enough to sit on the beach and drink frozen concoctions that take me away (to quote Jimmy Buffet) but still young enough for my parents to pay to take me along on their vacations. Life is good :)I'll make sure I say a cheers to all you forum members with my little umbrella drinks Smile


Ladybug220 - Jul 22, 2004 11:30 am (#1026 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 22, 2004 11:35 am


I can sympathize with your honey as I have had 3 knee surgeries myself (I used to play soccer). What kind of surgery does your he have to have?

edit: Courtney - love your new avatar and phrase!


Catherine - Jul 22, 2004 11:33 am (#1027 of 2955)


I'm feeling your school start pain. We start August 9th also in Greenville, NC. My youngest child doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day, so that's almost a month of having one child home all day alone. My husband is a college professor, and even HE doesn't start until August 23. Our NC legislature is trying to pass a bill that prohibit’s school starting until after Labor Day. I'm hoping it passes. Our school system has over 20 workdays in the current calendar. Unbelievable!


virgoddess1313 - Jul 22, 2004 12:42 pm (#1028 of 2955)


He's having orthoscopic (I'm not sure how that's spelled) surgery to repair the torn cartilage in his knee. No one has figured out yet how he hurt it. He's a pitcher, so his shoulder needing surgery made sense, but that was just confusing!! Especially since he was benched this season.

Wish I got to go on vacation this year... I'll just imagine, though. I have the forum to live vicariously through.


scully jones - Jul 22, 2004 1:58 pm (#1029 of 2955)

I am typing oddly today because I sliced my index finger open while cleaning blinds today. Blood everywhere, very scary. I squealed like a girl! Wait... I am one...

I cannot WAIT until my two week vacation in August! Only 23 days away! I'm going to see my friends Sarah G. and Colleen, and I'm going to my brother's wedding. Bridesmaid! She's going really casual though, she's wearing a blue dress. I'm wearing a very beautiful cream colored one, knee length. It was a gift, very pretty!

In the meantime, on the 27th we're switching apartments. We have to move everything in ONE day. We still haven't called Comcast to get the cable internet switched... Oops... It's going to be so hectic around here, but after that's all done I can sigh in relief and look forward to my vacation. May it never end!

Good typing on here again, missing talking to you peoples!


megfox - Jul 22, 2004 2:01 pm (#1030 of 2955)

virgoddess -

being a softball catcher for eight years and horseback rider for fifteen (when I was in HS) I needed orthoscopic surgery in both my knees for the same thing (torn cartilage). It’s actually a pretty common sports-related surgery - my freshman college roommate played soccer at the University and she had to have it at the end of her first season. It’s one of those injuries that is exacerbated by even just walking - In fact, I was told if I wanted to walk when I was forty, I needed to have the surgery when I was 18 (although I thinking jokingly)! He should recover fast though. I am wishing you and him) good luck!


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 22, 2004 3:34 pm (#1031 of 2955)

Well, Mike, you didn't say if you had a good night last night. I'm betting you did, as I set fire to my new kitchen. Fire

I've always had electric stoves and ovens. My new house has gas. On an electric range, the little drawer underneath the oven door is used for storing cookie sheets and such. I always put my trivets there too. But for those of you who do not have gas - NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN THERE! It turns out that little drawer is a broiler.

As the oven was preheating, my husband asked, "Do you smell hickory?" A few seconds later, smoke was billowing out, blackening my stove and over-the-range microwave. I opened up the oven to see flames shooting up the sides. My husband called the fire department while I attempted to stop the blaze with baking soda. That didn't work. So I opened the broiler to find my trivets ablaze. Just as the 911 operator was telling my husband, "No, don't pour water on it" I poured a bunch of water on it. Thankfully, it went out. The fire truck came and removed the black trivets. I hid in the bathroom, totally embarrassed. We were up all night cleaning the kitchen and stove. There is no visible damage, but our kitchen still smells like smoke. Lesson learned.

I would love to know, however, if you are ever supposed to see flames coming from the broiler while baking. Apparently, that's where the heat comes from, as there are no coils (duh!). But is it normal to see flames, or is it just supposed to get hot in the oven? I'm too afraid to use the oven or stove right now, so it's cereal tonight. Any tips on how to operate and what to expect from a gas oven would be most appreciated!

Meg! Glad to see you back! How was your wedding and honeymoon? Do you have pics yet?

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, Virgoddess. That sounds horribly painful. I wish him luck.

I have a Yoga Zone DVD too, Flame. I use it to relax, mostly. It's divine.

Not a trace of those little balls, Deb, thank God! I think I'd have to move out if they reappeared. My husband still thinks they were some kind of packing material, or my exfolliator beads, but he didn't see the eggs, nor did he wake up with them on him, so I don't know whether or not to believe him.

We should hear something about the job my husband interviewed for tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and keep those fingers crossed!


Catherine - Jul 22, 2004 3:42 pm (#1032 of 2955)


I really don't know what to say! I am so sorry that you um, set fire to your new kitchen. Since excess alcohol would NOT be healthy or useful, I will send you an "Obliviate" charm to erase this moment from your memory and Mr. Sherbie's. Then, I will send you a butterbeer and a cheering charm and a good "Scourgify" for your kitchen!

My best friend from high school (Lisa F.) would say that your current bad luck would definitely increase the chance of Mr. Sherbie getting this new job. My legs, hair, fingers, eyelashes, knees, and toes are crossed.

I having a hard time moving, but wishing you the best.

Cheers! And "Obliviate!"

(Lisa F. would also say that Fate owes you a really good hair day for all for all of the Dragon Dung you've recently been through!)


Padfoot - Jul 22, 2004 3:43 pm (#1033 of 2955)

Oh Sherbie, LOL. I don't mean to laugh at you except that I just did. The mental picture of the flames shooting out of the broiler is just too much for me.

Seriously, I am glad you were home and didn't run out for an errand while the oven was on. At least your kitchen was not ruined. Hey, at least you have learned something new about your kitchen! I just have a simple electric glass top stove (with storage underneath). But I have seen those broilers or warming ovens underneath the regular oven. You can get that option on an electric stove too, not just gas.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 22, 2004 3:44 pm (#1034 of 2955)

Sherbie, I just read you oven mishap to my husband as he drove home from work. It had him LOL. I'm glad to see you survived this mishap. I guess the perfect housewarming gift for you would be new trivets.


Courtney22 - Jul 22, 2004 4:07 pm (#1035 of 2955)

Sherbie, my experiences tell me that bad things happen in three's so I hope three bad things have happened so your luck can turn around:)I am usually a lucky person so I'll try to send a little of my luck your way Smile


Marè - Jul 22, 2004 4:13 pm (#1036 of 2955)

Sherbie, I'm not getting all off the details of your story. (trivets is not something my dictionary recognises for example) but we have a gas oven here, and if we don't see flames, than our food remains very cold and gas pours into the kitchen.
Are you smelling something too? "Must be the neighbours..."
Yeah right, lucky we have a big kitchen and a 24 hour a day ventilation system...

But anyway, yes, you see the flames.

PS If it helps you a bit, some time ago I managed to set fire to a tea towel and a wooden spoon, after putting them both, maybe ten minutes apart, on the same gas ring I accidently let burning.
Now about that donkey and the stone...


Ozymandias - Jul 22, 2004 5:32 pm (#1037 of 2955)

Oh no, Sherbie! Those poor trivets!

But don't be embarrassed, you're not alone. I've actually managed to set a potholder on fire. Yes, a potholder, the things you use to pick up hot things that would normally set you on fire. Don't know how I did it. Guess I'm just talented.

Glad there's no permanent damage (except maybe to your ego.) Lucky thing you were home when it started.

Hello to everyone else, too, and sorry you just get the one sentence Wink.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 22, 2004 8:35 pm (#1038 of 2955)

Thanks for the charm and butterbeer, Catherine. I hope Lisa's belief about luck will prove to be true for us! I'll be looking forward to my good hair day too, as today it appears that a damp wig has affixed it’self to my skull. Perhaps this is the third bad thing? Thanks for keeping everything crossed as well. As soon as we hear something, I'll let you know so you can disentangle yourself.

I'm glad you were tickled by my catastrophe, Padfoot! And I'm pleased that I gave your husband a laugh, Kim! But honestly, reading both your posts actually made me see the humor in the situation and have a good chuckle at myself. Thank you Kim and Padfoot, I really did need that!

Courtney, how's this for three bad things:
1. My car gets smashed
2. On our first night here, we found that our washing machine wouldn't work and the plumbers had to come out on Monday and remedied the problem by smashing open my walls
- or -
2. I woke up with eggs (?) on me
- or -
2. When we took our vacuum out to clean the floors, it exploded and died and we had to buy a new one.
3. I set fire to my oven.
So yes, Courtney, I think I'm covered with the bad luck! Where's The Giant Squid when you need him?!

Mare, trivets are basically blocks of tile or stone or (in my case) wood that you set hot dishes on to protect your countertops. Thank you for telling me about the flames! I would have freaked out and called the fire department at the first sign of a flame had I not read your post! You made me feel less stupid with your story. Thanks!

Ozy, thanks for sharing your embarrassing story with me too. At least I'm not the only one who's set something on fire! Though I did set my entire oven ablaze. Perhaps I'm a bit more, what did you call it? Ah, yes, talented. That's my new word for it!


Tomoé - Jul 22, 2004 10:05 pm (#1039 of 2955)

Welcome Safia!

Bon voyage Mike and Courtney!

You set fire to your brand new kitchen Sherbie? The bad luck is sticking then.

As for myself, I did today what was right instead of what was easy. I'm back from the march to change the decision of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) to close a radio station in Quebec City. It was hot, we walked for more than two hours, we were 50,000 according to the police's estimation and I'm exhausted, but we hope we'll find some support from the gouvernment. I mean, they close the station because they don't like the way to morningmen talk! Canada is not a banana republic! Or at least I thought so ...

Here a article about the event.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 22, 2004 10:26 pm (#1040 of 2955)

Tim, remember what I said was the worst thing about parenting in the Chat Room. Wish Granted. Trina Bean just vomited all over me, the couch, and pillows after getting out of bed with a upset tummy. Yeesh, it was as if she read my mind. Kidding. I hope she feels better soon. It is terrible to such a troubled tummy. Leila


boop - Jul 23, 2004 12:03 am (#1041 of 2955)

Lindsey, Glad to hear that your fire was only to you oven. I also had a little laugh reading Kim and Padfoot's post. I will keep everything crossed until I hear different. Makes it a little hard typing and need to stretch out, hehehe

Leila, Aaawww hope Trina is feeling better real soon.


The giant squid - Jul 23, 2004 4:33 am (#1042 of 2955)

Sorry, Sherbie...I should have remembered it was my turn for the bad luck. Guess I was hoping the guy in Albuquerque was fielding it this week. Yesterday (Wed.) was good in that I started training a couple replacements for the projectionsists who decided now would be a really good time to leave, and one of them was practically a savant. She looks poised to break my record of 6 weeks from New Hire to Manager/Projectionist...

On the other hand, I had to screen Catwoman tonight. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, but anyone who's thinking about seeing it should catch the matinee--it's not worth full price. :b



boop - Jul 23, 2004 4:43 am (#1043 of 2955)

Good Morning Everyone, it’s Friday, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Today Jim and I are going to the Natural History Museum and the Art Museum. Should be a fun day.

Mike good lucky in the training area. BTW where is your sister anyway, I miss her.


The giant squid - Jul 23, 2004 4:46 am (#1044 of 2955)

   BTW where is your sister anyway, I miss her.

Your guess is as good as mine. I haven't heard from her since before she left on vacation. According to our mother, she's been home for over a week... I might have to call her this weekend & let her know we're all looking for her. Smile



boop - Jul 23, 2004 4:52 am (#1045 of 2955)

Thanks Mike, I haven't even seen her on line to IM her. Marie must be pretty busy with the girls.


The giant squid - Jul 23, 2004 5:10 am (#1046 of 2955)

Random HP pun:

If Tonks, Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt are sitting around telling jokes, would that be a Comedy of Aurors?

Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week. Wink


icthestrals - Jul 23, 2004 5:21 am (#1047 of 2955)

Thanks Mike!! You made me LOL at work. Good one!!

Have a great Friday everyone!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 23, 2004 6:05 am (#1048 of 2955)

On the other hand, I had to screen Catwoman tonight. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, but anyone who's thinking about seeing it should catch the matinee--it's not worth full price. :b--The giant squid

Well, Mike, judging from my husband's reaction to Halle Berry's costume every time he sees the previews on tv, I don't think many people (read men) are worried about the plot.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 23, 2004 6:07 am (#1049 of 2955)

On the other hand, I had to screen Catwoman tonight. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, but anyone who's thinking about seeing it should catch the matinee--it's not worth full price.-- The giant squid

The key phrase there is bad as I'd expected. I'm expecting it to be pretty bad and will, therefore, wait for someone else to buy or rent the DVD and watch it at their house, maybe.


anbigin - Jul 23, 2004 6:13 am (#1050 of 2955)

AHHHH!!!! gotta love the ...uh .... what's it called... oh yea that's it - humor, Mike:) Well, I did hear that "they" were once going to just let the Catwoman film go straight to video but since they had spent so much money on it they had to put it in the theaters! I personally don't care how bad it is as I am still going to love it because it has so many KITTIES in it:) Though I might just wait for it to go to the dollar theater to see it.

Boop- I love museums, especially the natural history ones! I'm so excited for you. I volunteer at the Tallahassee Museum of Natural Histroy and Science (aka the Junior Museum) and it is the best place EVER. It's kinda like a natural habitat zoo/ art exhibiting place/ park/ farm. Here's the site for it: Fantastic Place

Sherbie - Sorry to, uh, have "scared" you over the cockroach stuff, it's just that it's happened to me before. I spent the next 72 hours, at least 50 gallons of water, 20 bottles of cleaner, 2 gallons of sweat, and 1 bottle of bleech cleaning that place *ick* Oh, and don't feel too bad about the oven as I know how easy it is - I "almost" burned down my grandma's house - luckily it ended up being just a small part of her kitchen. I had left a pan on the stove to dry it off, but didn't realize that it hadn't been cleaned yet so it still had all this olive oil on it - talk about a blaze -> 55 hundred dollars later we sorta had the place looking back to it’s usual self. You know ... bad luck tends to come in doublets of threes for me ... but they tend to only show up in a span of one year and your's has happened in a span of a month or so - so I'd say that you of all people are bound to get some good news comin' your way fast:so Here's to your hubby - may he get that beautiful job! and Here's to everyone - Peace to you all -Kat
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Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 23, 2004 6:33 am (#1051 of 2955)

Just confirmed my husband's reaction to the Catwoman movie. His exact quote: "There's a plot?"


megfox - Jul 23, 2004 6:55 am (#1052 of 2955)

LOL, Kim. I bet that would be Andy's reaction, too.

I've been back for a while, Sherbie, but not posting so much... I've been on the phone with three different insurance companies, two dealerships, and a lawyer every day for the past week. Turns out that my car was worth far more to me than the $1800 the insurance company wanted to give me in real dollars for it. It’s amazing that I can be in an accident that was completely not my fault, have my car totalled, spend a day in the emergency room, a day on the couch with ice packs and painkillers, get married two days later, return form my honeymoon to find out I hnc anymore :p), sales tax and registration in Maine (almost $1000 by it’self! *gasp*) So, when I get my head on straight - sorry, my neck still hurts - I will most definitely be fighting with my computer to get those pictures up for you guys!


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 7:56 am (#1053 of 2955)

Meg, I'm sorry to hear about your car issues. I feel like sending a major hex to the insurance company--is an Entrail-expelling curse too harsh? :-D

I've been laughing at the Catwoman comments, especially Kim's husband's question, "There's a plot?" I just got back from a meeting this morning in which one of the attendees (who has an amazing figure and favors outfit’s not unlike Catwoman's) got a cell phone call in which, instead of ringing,meowed very loudly. Turns out her husband changed the ringer unbeknownst to her, and was the one calling her at the meeting in order to make a Catwoman joke. We were all ROFL. (Boy, I lead such a wild life--NOT!)

Have a good Friday. My own has improved dramatically since I woke up this morning. I was thinking I was going to have to drive a couple of hours to get a Shih-Tzu puppy out of an Animal Control facility, or it was due to be euthanized today, but someone adopted it at the last minute. Woo-hoo! (Although, let me get on my soapbox and say that this dog was dumped at the shelter because the owner was moving. He didn't even attempt to find a breed rescue person, or a no-kill shelter. I felt like sending major hexes out when I heard this.)

But things are fine, and I wish everyone a good weekend!


Flame Alligator - Jul 23, 2004 8:08 am (#1054 of 2955)

Sherbie, LOL LOL I am sorry to laugh, like the others here but, OMG. You remind me of a roommate of mine, who wanted to reheat a pizza and put box and pizza in the broiler and set our kitchen on fire. I was flabbergasted. LOL The landlord threw us out. LOL I am glad you and your hubby are alright. Yes, you see flames when you turn the gas oven on. You also hear it light so don't let that hissing sound scare you. You are better than I love Lucy. Hubby is definitely going to get that job.

Btw, Yoga Zone has good power yoga tapes, too.

Sarah (Scully) Ouch! Venetian blinds are so dangerous, some just like razor blades. Hope your fingers heal soon. I miss your posts. I was glad to see you today. And thanks for the enjoyable chat the other day. I love your wit. I am absolutely done with Pierce Brosnan.

Giant Squid, Glad to get your opinion on Catwoman. I want to see it during matinee. Did you like the catfights? I want that outfit. Let me know about Alien vs. Predator, OK?

Veronika G, Girlfriend, yoga is fun. You take yoga so you become more flexible. You don't have to be able to touch your toes to start yoga class.

Speaking of yoga class, I am so proud of my students. We flow and do Asthanga postures to all kinds of music. If I put on easy yoga music, my students say, "Flame, that is way too mellow for us....... let's rock!"........ and we do. My newbies are now into yoga for a year and I have them at intermediate level. I am particularly proud of the over 40 students. They are so tough. I wish I could have all my forum buddies in my class. It would be so much fun. Then I could make HP references. Plus, I could get everybody in shape. The best thing about yoga........ you don't have to do the postures perfectly for them to work. My students do complain about one thing........ I make them laugh too much. They always tell me to cool it when they are balancing and I sort of trick them into postures they think they can't do. They are so busy listening to my detailed instructions; they are in the posture before they realize it.

Fawkes, *big wave* a special good weekend for you. Twister for adults...... hmmmmmm....... sounds like fun. Don't hurt anything. no wait........ you won't, your yoga will protect you from injury. Have fun!!

It is Friday........ YAY!!!!

Goedemorgen everybody!!


Padfoot - Jul 23, 2004 8:59 am (#1055 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 23, 2004 9:00 am

Morning everyone, it's finally Friday! Cool

If Tonks, Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt are sitting around telling jokes, would that be a Comedy of Aurors? Hey Mike, are you channeling Tim now? I hope Marie is ok, maybe she got bored with us? Nah.

Meg, wow you have had some exciting times there. I hope things get better for you. How did your dress turn out? Oh and congratulations on getting married!


Chris. - Jul 23, 2004 10:13 am (#1056 of 2955)

Hello everyone! Waving As padfoot said, it's finally Friday! Woo Hoo!

I've been of the internet for a few days, due to sore eyes. Too much time on the Forum! But my mum thinks it's hayfever. Achooo!

Bye everyone!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 23, 2004 10:41 am (#1057 of 2955)

but someone adopted it at the last minute.-- Catherine Allen

That's good, but I bet having a puppy around would've been fun.


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 11:02 am (#1058 of 2955)

I know, Loopy, and shih-tzu puppies are truly the cutest things in the world! Cuter than pugs, IMHO! *waves to Marcus*

It probably would have been fun, except that these rescue dogs can be like a box of chocolates--(lots of little brown things to pick up)--it's hard to know what you're going to get. This particular one was matted and looked pitiful, and I wonder if the previous owner ever bother to do any house-training!

BUT, he got adopted, yeah, which is great for him, and saved me a day's drive to bring him here!

*Catherine does a happy dance and waves to the unknown person who adopted dog number 2087*


Ladybug220 - Jul 23, 2004 11:30 am (#1059 of 2955)

Catherine - great news for the poor dog!

Sherbie - I have to admit that I laughed too but I did set a dish towel on fire once when I was babysitting. I couldn't find an oven mitt so I used the towel instead and it caught on fire. Thankfully the kids were watching a movie and never noticed.

Good news!! I have a job interview in North Carolina! It will be in about a month and I am already nervous as I have managed to walk into the jobs that I have had without a real interview.


Padfoot - Jul 23, 2004 11:37 am (#1060 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 23, 2004 11:38 am

I never set anything on fire while baby sitting, but I did do something very stupid. This was years ago. I was going to run the dishwasher but could not find the detergent. So I used dish washing liquid (the kind you use in the sink). NEVER do this unless it it made for the dishwasher. Needless to say I was shocked to see bubbles everywhere! They did not stop coming, so it was a mess to clean up.

Congrats Ladybug on your upcoming interview. I am sure you will do fine.


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 11:38 am (#1061 of 2955)

Ladybug, best of luck for your interview! Look for my new Harry Potter license plate while you're here in NC!

I've done bad things in the kitchen, too, but mostly they've been cooking disasters! Only one injury, and that was the dog (some caramel exploded out of the pan ,over the stove, and a little bit splattered on the dog, and gave her a little burn about 1/2" diameter where her fur didn't protect her. I felt so terrible that I've never attempted that recipe again!


Ladybug220 - Jul 23, 2004 11:44 am (#1062 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 23, 2004 11:45 am

Thanks! Where in NC do you live, Catherine?

Well, in a different babysitting incident, I also burned microwave popcorn because they had a rather powerful microwave. It cooked it much faster than I thought it would and I was distracted because I was playing with one of the kids. Well, smoke poured out of the microwave. We had to open the windows to let the house air out some but the house still smelled of the burned popcorn. There were also 2 light brown spots left in the microwave after I spent about 20 minutes scrubbing the heck out of it. The kids still like to remind me of that.


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 11:54 am (#1063 of 2955)

Ladybug, I live in Eastern NC, in Greenville, about 1 1/2 hours east of Raleigh.


Ladybug220 - Jul 23, 2004 12:20 pm (#1064 of 2955)

I'll be in Durham/RTP for my interview, but I will look out for you in case you are in town that weekend - I would love to see that license plate!


Gina R Snape - Jul 23, 2004 12:45 pm (#1065 of 2955)

Hey, everyone. I think I'm the first to say... Happy Birthday Dan Radcliffe!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 23, 2004 12:51 pm (#1066 of 2955)

Gina, I think you are the first one. But I still don't think he's gonna let you and Alan Rickman stand in for Cho and him. And for those who don't know what I'm referring to, you would if you'd been reading the Vote thread.


Aisha Ahsia - Jul 23, 2004 1:26 pm (#1067 of 2955)

Hi, I'm Aisha. I've only been posting at this forum for a week or two, and I'm VERY relieved to see that the people here are a nice gang! I was worried at first for comments such as: what the H do you know?, shut up, that's the dumbest thing I've heard in my life, etc... But none has come yet.Smile So, anyway, I think it's fun to see how many of you people are adults. I'm only 16 myself, and have always thought it's sad that grown ups don't read the Harry Potter books because they think it's for children, bla bla bla. Even people my own age here in Norway are reluctant to read them. But I was pleasently surpised when I saw this forum.Smile I did try to make my mother read them. She read the first one, but now claims that she hasn't got time (yeah right, she is a house wife with insomnia, she can read at night!). But the first book is probably very much like children's books, more than the rest anyway. At least I got my older brother (18) who has NEVER read a book in his life, not even cartoons read to all of them and love them *proud:)*

Anyway(let me know if I overuse that word), sorry for the long and pretty much meaningless post... I tend to go on and on and on, unless someone stops me:(


Prefect Marcus - Jul 23, 2004 1:39 pm (#1068 of 2955)

Aisha - I tend to go on and on and on, unless someone stops me:(

Why should we stop you?



Chemyst - Jul 23, 2004 1:39 pm (#1069 of 2955)

Well, if Daniel does let Gina & Alan stand in for him & Cho, I'd like to change my vote to A.

Welcome Aisha.

...some caramel exploded out of the pan - Catherine   ...which is why I recommend chocolate, the safer choice, straight from the package for instant gratification, no cooking required.


Padfoot - Jul 23, 2004 2:01 pm (#1070 of 2955)

Aisha, I got my mom to read the first book and gave her the second one (which I hope she is reading now). She is not too interested as she thinks it is a children's series. But I am not giving up. One day she will realize her book obsessed daughter knows a good book when she sees one.

One of the nice aspects of this forum is the friendly atmosphere with people of all ages. We are all children at heart, no matter what the age.


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 2:02 pm (#1071 of 2955)


About the chocolate, that is very good advice indeed. You just can't go wrong there! I've been looking for a boulder sized piece of chocolate like Madame Pomfrey uses to treat the kids in PoA!

I'm sure with a name like "Chemyst" that you've never had kitchen explosions or cooking disasters! Maybe some broken glassware, but that's probably it!

Sherbie, don't feel bad about your kitchen. I just remembered that my husband and his graduate student set their laboratory afire 5 years ago, the fire department was there for hours, and the entire building had to be evacuated for two days! *Catherine debates hiding from her husband after this confession--will probably have to go live in a cave*

And Aisha Ahsia, welcome, and I don't think that you will find a nicer bunch of people who could talk about Harry Potter all day :-) You certainly won't find ugly language or cruel comments here. There might be some cheeky sorts, but we kind of encourage them them in their cheek, as they give us a good laugh when we need one *waves to Loopy and Tim*!

Have a good weekend!


timrew - Jul 23, 2004 2:49 pm (#1072 of 2955)

Catherine: *waves to Loopy and Tim*!

Tim waves back!

Mike (Giant Squid). Comedy of Aurors! LOL. Nice one! That has to fall into the category of, 'I wish I'd said that!'

Which reminds me of a true story. A group of gentlemen of the Victorian era were sat in conversation when James Whistler (yes, the guy who painted his mother) came out with something extremely amusing. Oscar Wilde, who was present at the time said, 'I wish I'd said that, Whistler'.

To which Whistler replied, 'You will, Oscar, you will'.


Liz - Jul 23, 2004 3:12 pm (#1073 of 2955)

Oh no... I broke my piccolo... I was playing it and then the pinky key got lose, and then I tried to re-screw it in but i striped the hole the screw goes into...

Well I called the company I bought it from today and if I write a letter saying what happened and what's wrong with it... and they look at it... then they "might" send me a new piccolo... I hope.

In any case, I was so sad when i found out what happened to it and that it was broken... that I practiced my harp a lot.

*Note I practice my harp really hard non-stop when I'm sad, and practicing really hard causes blisters on your finger tips*

Also... I'm going to play my harp at a party of my mothers friend... and out of that I get a cell phone from my mother, and a cell phone card w/ minutes on it that I can use... instead of paying money each month you just pay for the card and use the minutes that are on it.[Tis cheaper for me Wink ]

Well that's all my hassle at the moment... see you all around.


DJ Evans - Jul 23, 2004 3:49 pm (#1074 of 2955)

We made it----it's here, ":FRIDAY!!!" Hurray!!!!

Betty--How was your trip to the Natural History Museum and the Art Museum? Sounds like it would be a very interesting trip. Hope you are doing well? And didn't you say that you were going to the zoo? (or did I dream that?--as I've been known to do) I love and hate zoos. I love seeing all of the animals that otherwise I would have never gotten the chance to see, yet it breaks my heart to see them caged/penned up. It's been years since I was last at our zoo.

Ladybug220----Good Luck on your job interview!!!! Hope all goes well and you get it.

And may I be the 2nd or is it the 3rd to wish Dan a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

Sherbie---From the all of the stories that we've heard on here today, it sure seems like we've all an accident or two at one time or another. I know I've had my share (and I won't go into them here ), so it just goes to prove it must run in the family--as we all "are" a family on here!!!! hee hee

Good Weekend To All!!! Deb


Gina R Snape - Jul 23, 2004 3:58 pm (#1075 of 2955)

Thanks Chemyst!


ShelterGirl - Jul 23, 2004 4:10 pm (#1076 of 2955)

Catherine- I work for the SPCA in Wake County. We are in the midst of a plan that will have the entire county "no kill" by 2010. We almost NEVER get small dogs. A puppy like 2087? would have been snapped up in a heartbeat.

To everyone else: You're a great bunch of people. No one has been mean to me yet. Smile There's such a diverse group here, and it's a joy to read. So thanks.

ShelterGirl aka Julie (who wishes today was her "Friday...")


Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 4:32 pm (#1077 of 2955)

Hi Julie,

This will probably bore everyone else, so I will ask that all you HP fans who are not obsessed with animals "talk amongst yourselves!" Pretend we're not here!

Shelter girl, let's talk business! The muggles (anyone NOT reading further) are gone.

We in Pitt County face some interesting challenges. We have no animal control laws, per se, so even if the NC Pet Food Tax bill goes into effect---according to the President of our local Humane Society, we will get no funds from it. We have a lot of rural land that is used for hunting, and we've been in the papers lately about private landowners trying, in vain, to have a law passed that prohibit’s people running dogs on private land. We had a local ordinance that got overthrown (thankfully) because it contradicted state law--the law was trying to excuse those people who run their animals on private land for their own purpose.

We have hunters who lose dogs only to show up at shelters to claim the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) collars, but not the poor hounds who were wearing them. Many of these individuals resist laws to restrict breeding and running of animals.

The reason I care is... there are lots of funds that WE, in Pitt Co., could be getting, that Wake County IS getting. You are lucky to live in a relatively progressive county that really is trying! And I commend this SO much!

I hope that we, in Pitt County, get where you are!

Cheers to everyone!



ShelterGirl - Jul 23, 2004 4:52 pm (#1078 of 2955)

Once again-- Boredom Alert for everyone else...

Catherine: The real issue is that the SPCA of Wake County is a non-profit organization that relies entirely on donations from the public in order to operate. Where are all of the rich people in the state? Raleigh and Charlotte. Who, besides students, generally lives in Pitt County? You get the picture.

If you'd like to discuss the vagaries of our Great State further, or even just talk dogs, let me know. I'll open up my email address for you.



Catherine - Jul 23, 2004 5:01 pm (#1079 of 2955)

*anti-Muggle charm*

Shelter girl,

Click on my name, and my email address is shamefully available! I would like very much to hear someone else's perspective!

Also, there is no Eastern NC Shih-Tzu rescue, so I'm available.

*lifts anti-muggle charm*


Eponine - Jul 23, 2004 8:40 pm (#1080 of 2955)

Hello all, I've never been on this thread before, but I thought I'd just wander on over and see what's being chatted about. Ladybug, you will be very near me when you go for your job interview; we regularly go into Durham to shop (because there is nothing where I live) or to the movies. Good luck on your interview! I don't really have too much to say, so just hello to everyone.


Ladybug220 - Jul 23, 2004 8:51 pm (#1081 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 23, 2004 9:01 pm

Thanks Eponine! I hope I get the job there because I have an uncle in Hillsborough and some friends in Durham. I like Birmingham but the only thing keeping me here is my current job and I would do much better jobwise in Durham.


Eponine - Jul 23, 2004 9:29 pm (#1082 of 2955)

I'm currently working in Hillsborough, but not for long, the people I work for are moving away.


boop - Jul 23, 2004 9:55 pm (#1083 of 2955)

I had a great time at the zoo, and both the Natural History Museum and Art Museum. I have had a wonderful vacation and hate for it to end Sunday. I have met up with forum members and enjoyed spending time with each of them.

LadyBug220, I will keep my fingers crossed for you with the job interview.


The giant squid - Jul 23, 2004 11:29 pm (#1084 of 2955)

   Hey Mike, are you channeling Tim now?

No offense to Tim, but I've been a punster much longer than I've been a Potter fan. It's just that most of the time I'm the one in the "I wish I'd said that" seat behind Tim. Smile He types faster, is all...

Betty, it's good to hear you had fun this weekend. Just hang on to the happy thoughts for those days when things seem bleak.

Ladybug220, good luck on the job search. Likewise for "Mr. Sherbie", for that matter. Wink



Marie E. - Jul 24, 2004 2:20 am (#1085 of 2955)

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!!

Sorry, but I've been without internet for over a month now. I have had serious withdrawal symptoms. We had to switch to cable internet from DSL since the line in our new house didn't qualify. It's been agonizing! I read through all 700+ posts to this thread and feel somewhat caught up.

Viola, sorry we missed each other and had to play phone tag. Hopefully we'll get to meet in person sometime.

And for my brother's information, I do not still have my North Dakota accent. Or at least it's not as bad as it used to be.


Marè - Jul 24, 2004 2:46 am (#1086 of 2955)

Padfoot!! My housemates and I went on a weekend trip last fall and the house we rented had a washing machine. And we did the exact same thing as you did. It was a bubble disaster.

You know I like these stories, it's nice to know I'm not the only klutz around here.


boop - Jul 24, 2004 3:33 am (#1087 of 2955)

Thanks Mike I will remember what you said.

Marie, *runs over to Marie and gives her a great big hug* Welcome back I have missed you!!!! I hope everything has been going good in the new home. I will try and catch up with you on line. I can't get into the chat room here won't let me.

I hope everyone has a great day. I get to go have lunch with Michelle(Viola) today!!!!!


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 5:13 am (#1088 of 2955)

I don't own a dog. I have never owned a dog. Truth be told, I am a cat person. (Don't tell Catherine. She'll never speak to me again.) –Marcus

Hi, Marcus! *waves to Marcus*


Loopy Lupin - Jul 24, 2004 7:48 am (#1089 of 2955)

Anyway (let me know if I overuse that word), sorry for the long and pretty much meaningless post... I tend to go on and on and on, unless someone stops me:( -- Aisha

Don't worry; as long as you're nice (and on topic) no one will stop you. Post away!

Truth be told, I am a cat person.—Marcus

Not to start a cat v. dog debate here (I'm still reeling from Pepsi v. Coke), but surely you people realize that dogs rule! (Especially Basset Hounds!)


B]Catherine[/B] - Jul 24, 2004 7:58 am (#1090 of 2955)

Not to start a cat v. dog debate here (I'm still reeling from Pepsi v. Coke), but surely you people realize that dogs rule! (Especially Basset Hounds!)--Loopy Lupin

Dogs do indeed rule, Loopy! Even JKR has a dog! I don't hate cats, but I'm so terribly allergic that I can't really get to know one. My neighbor, who has always been a "cat person," decided that my Shih-Tzus are "cat dogs" and adopted one from the Humane Society. We named her "Lily" (after Lily Potter, of course, and to continue the "flower theme" with my Daisy).

I hate to say this, but does this mean that I'm a closet cat person? Egads!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 24, 2004 8:13 am (#1091 of 2955)

I must confess that I, too, don't hate cats per se in the strictest sense of the word. However, I am friends with a couple who are cat people and I am very fond of their two cats. I think that would make me closer to being a "closet cat" person than you Catherine. Whereas you participated in the naming of a "cat dog," I actually, on occasion interact with "cats." Smile


boop - Jul 24, 2004 8:17 am (#1092 of 2955)

I like both cats and dogs just don't care to have one. This way if I want to pick up and go I don't have to worry about a pet.

Loopy Lupin, Basset Hounds, hehehe cute dogs

Catherine, hehehe closet cat person could be


Prefect Marcus - Jul 24, 2004 8:20 am (#1093 of 2955)

I like cats because of their independence. You have to earn a cat's respect. It isn't given automatically.


Eponine - Jul 24, 2004 8:21 am (#1094 of 2955)

I agree with boop, I like animals, I just like them much better when they belong to someone else.


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 8:36 am (#1095 of 2955)

Maybe I could take a leaf from Eponine and Boop and say that I'm ok with cats--as long as they belong to Marcus or someone else. Anybody else besides me!

The irony of this is that cats seem to love me. I can't decide if cats are passive aggressive or just don't know or care that I don't want to be around them. I seem to attract them at other people's houses. They're probably laughing to themselves to see how quickly I have to leave in order to keep my throat from closing up.

I'm sure that Marcus knows more about cats than I do, so I'll stipulate to the independence and respect that he wrote about. With dogs, they might love or like you unconditionally, but they certainly don't bestow respect unconditionally. That's why I make sure I'm always 'Top Dog" in my house!


Prefect Marcus - Jul 24, 2004 9:03 am (#1096 of 2955)

LOL, Catherine.

Actually, that is a well-known phenomenon. People who dislike or are uncomfortable around cats enter a room where a cat is. The cat will then proceed to single out that person for special attention.

It has been explained by pointing out that the person avoids looking at the cat. The cat is then not intimidated by the person staring at them, so they feel comfortable in rubbing up against them and even crawling into their laps. It is a funny process to watch. :-)

Actually, I am allergic to cats now. I didn't use to be. Whenever I pet a cat, I have to wash my hands soon afterwards. :-(


VeronikaG - Jul 24, 2004 9:11 am (#1097 of 2955)

Catherine, if you want cats to stay away from you when you are at friends' houses, try looking them straight into the eyes. That is a sign they interpret as "stay away". Narrows eyes and the head turned away signalizes to the cat "Come on! Jump up in my lap!" when it's done by a stranger.

And here comes a little rant. In my town we had an animal shelter, which was closed down. Then it got new owners, but they didn't want to accept animals that weren't neutered, spayed and had had all vaccines. The people who brought them in, had to take them to the vets themselves to have that done, which is very expensive in Norway. So you couldn't just bring in that poor little kitten that had been hanging around your house for three weeks. As a result, nobody brought in any more animals, and the shelter was closed again. Then some other animal lovers, (was it the previous owners, I can't remember) broke in to it and started up again. They ran it for over a year, taking in any cat or dog there was, and getting them new homes. Then the present owners realized that they were losing money, and had the new (possibly old) managers thrown out. The shelter was empty for two years, the owners didn't start it up again, and it got in a bad state. In the end the district vet claimed it was unfit for having animals in, and most of it had to be torn down and rebuilt. Then the case disappeared from the local news papers, and the last thing we heard is that somebody is running it at present, but I'm not sure who it is. They say that people who love animals will never fight with each other, so obviously there were somebody here who didn't really love animals.

I'm a cat person, but you can say I'm also a closet dog lover. Unfortunately my favorite breeds are Siberian Husky and Border Collie, and it will probably never be possible for me to own a dog of those breeds. They are working dogs, and need to work, or exercise a LOT, else they become cranky.

Edit: Marcus knew about the "look" as well.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 24, 2004 9:31 am (#1098 of 2955)

The irony of this is that cats seem to love me.-- Catherine.

Edit: Marcus knew about the "look" as well. – VeronikaG

Well, you learn something new every day. I was going to remark to Catherine how funny it was that cats run to her because I've seen that too. My friends with the cats have had other friends with allergies and, sure enough, the cats make a bee line for those people. Sort of interesting: If you look at a dog and act interested, he'll generally come to you, ready to lick face. If you look at a cat and act interested, they want nothing to do with you. I'm not sure cats are smart so much as obnoxious. Razz


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 9:49 am (#1099 of 2955)

Thanks, Marcus and Veronika! Like Loopy, I have learned something. I'll make sure that I look really hopeful and interested as part of my "cat repellant" plant!

I don't want to offend cat lovers, but cats are coming across as fairly contrary!

Veronika, I wish people were like you and actually understood the needs of the various breeds. We've had some really neat Border Collies and Border Collie mixes end up at the shelter because the people got them because they are such intelligent dogs, but many people don't understand them and think that the dog is trying to drive them crazy, when really, it’s needs for herding, exercise, and problem solving have not been met. (Actually, dogs need owners at least as smart as they are!) We used to live next door to people who had Huskies, and those dogs were VERY funny to watch. They used to jump on the kids' trampoline, and pull the kids on skateboards around the neighborhood.


Liz Mann - Jul 24, 2004 10:03 am (#1100 of 2955)

I need a place to rant.

Don't you just hate official websites?? Nobody keeps an eye on them, nobody notices if there is an error, and they don't give you a proper place to notify them to any errors. I've just had that problem with the Petz Central (the official site for the PC game Dogz 5) website. I had to send an email to the technical support address in the end, which was probably the wrong place. Sigh! Quite frankly, fansites are better run, especially when it comes to forums (i.e. this one is loads better than the one over on harrypotter.com).

Has anyone else had problems with official websites or is it just me?
Lady Arabella
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Chemyst - Jul 24, 2004 10:15 am (#1101 of 2955)

Well Liz, I've have some pretty favorable experiences with official websites that wanted me to continue as a customer. But I have noticed the “How-to-contact-us” in often tucked in a margin in very small print.

Hm, I have an iguana, and I suppose you could say it is independent. But it is probably more accurate to call it lazy and self-absorbed. She just moves between her heat rock and log to take naps. Actually she is more of an interior design element than a real pet because her terrarium home is more interesting than she is. I also have a half-day beagle. (Note the use of the hyphen. - cf. HP6: the Half Blood Prince thread)) The dog technically belongs to my son, but since no one else around here gets up early in the summer, she's mine until mid-morning.

Cats never bothered me. I always thought it was because they are good at Legilimency and could read my mind to stay away. Because that requires eye contact, maybe it's real!


haymoni - Jul 24, 2004 11:03 am (#1102 of 2955)

Wow - 91 posts - we are a chat & greet kinda bunch, aren't we?

boop - did you go into the Knight Room at the Art Museum? My favorite painting in the museum is "Cupid & Psyche".

Mike - liked the Auror joke and the Knight's Tale reference - that has become one of my favorite quotes.

Gas stoves are scary - it looks like a big blow torch under there, doesn't it? I purchased a new gas stove and it has the broiler inside the oven just like the electric ones do. My cookie sheets are where they belong - in the drawer on the bottom of the oven.

I took Friday off - went to the water park - it was wonderful to sit in the wave pool and pretend I was somewhere more exotic than Northeastern Ohio. I'm thinkin' Corona commercial!! Courtney?? Where are you??

Have a great weekend everybody!


Brandon Christopher - Jul 24, 2004 11:39 am (#1103 of 2955)

OK it's been like... um... well a very long time everyone!

First off I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a great day and got an awesome present also. After four weeks I finally got a call back from the school and I got the job!!! My dad laughed at me because I literally jumped for joy. Needless to say that was a great birthday present. And to see all those birthday wishes from all of my forum family (whom I have been neglecting) was a wonderful thing.

So now I have that job to look forward to, only two more weeks of school, and a much anticipated vacation in three weeks. My august is packed: I've got that long vacation, going white water rafting for a few days, climbing Mt. Whitney, and going to two weddings! Don't think I've ever had an august like this one - it's gonna be lots of fun!

Happy birthday to everyone I missed. And just to put in my two knuts - dogs rule cats drool!!!

Tim, I realize that I haven't been around, but I wanted to wish you my condolences. I think everyone stated it very well, you are a great guy and I'm sure your father was very proud of you. I'm glad that everyone on the forum was here for you, you are a central part of our forum family. I'm sorry that this is so incredibly behind but had to say what an asset to this forum I - and many others obviously - think you are.


Gina R Snape - Jul 24, 2004 12:02 pm (#1104 of 2955)

Congratulations Brandon!
Welcome back Marie!

Catherine, I have seen this phenomenon as well, with allergic friends. It is an odd thing, I concede. Nothing will get a suspicious cat running faster than trying to attract their attention. And vice versa...

Now, just to bother you cat-loathers out there... here is a recent picture of my precious 15 1/2 year old cat Fabergé.


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 12:10 pm (#1105 of 2955)


Faberge is a lovely cat, and just the way I like to see cats--in a picture, not causing me to have hives! Really, I don't loathe them, I just hate going to the doctor because of them :-)

It's very interesting to hear about the cat eye-contact. Chemyst, I burst out laughing with your Legilimency speculation! I guess the cats don't like what they hear in YOUR mind!

Are people just fundamentally "cat people" or "dog people?"


Flame Alligator - Jul 24, 2004 12:46 pm (#1106 of 2955)

Thanks for the kitty pictures Gina and Prongs. They look so sweet. I love the look on Faberge's face. I am still grieving over Sami. No new kitty yet. Your pet's pictures cheered me up. Thanks

Leprechaun Jack, I e-mailed you.

Have a good weekend everyone.



Marie E. - Jul 24, 2004 1:00 pm (#1107 of 2955)

I spent the morning being somewhat productive; hanging pictures on the wall, straightening up, ect. But the siren song of the Forum called to me so here I am. We still have piles of stuff in the garage to go through but all the big stuff is put away. It feels like home now. As a surprise, we're getting the girls a trampoline next week. (Uncle Squid, be on the alert for nieces with broken bones.)

I went out to Walmart last night and bought school supplies for the girls. It seems early (Our district starts school on August 19th) but I remembe last year some items ran out quickly. I got Lexie her coveted My Littly Pony backpack and I'm pricing the wheeled backpacks for Shayla. Both my girls will be in school this year. Sniff, sniff.

As padfoot will confirm, it is still raining cat and dogs here in Colorado. We actually have mushrooms in our front yard. And the front yard is rocks, no grass! That is a persistant little fungus. Hopefully it will dry out soon so we can take the girls out on a weekend.

Have a great day, everyone!


Dr Filibuster - Jul 24, 2004 1:19 pm (#1108 of 2955)

A..A A...Atishooo!!!

Who let all these cats in here? I only discovered the eye contact thing a couple of years ago

I had no internet access for a few days, so sorry that I missed loads of birthdays etc. Glad you had a good one Brandon.

Betty...I'm a reserved Brit and don't get "touchy-feely" too often, but I want to give you my first ever internet hug....HUG Betty HUG. Hope you had a lovely lunch today.

Lindsey...what a bloody awful week you've had! As Flame said, you're worse than "I Love Lucy"

Can I be the first to say congratulations Jo Rowling. Jo's third child is due next year.


Accio Sirius - Jul 24, 2004 2:10 pm (#1109 of 2955)

I hate to admit it, but when I read about JKR expecting again, I thought two things in rapid succession: "Good for her. Good God, we won't see book seven for ages!! Especially if that means two kids still in diapers! She is in for it! Happy belated birthday to everyone, including Virigoddesses' boyfriend! All those posts! You all are so prolific! I was gone for a week and wow! Had a really nice time on vacation--there was a wonderful lake full of large, inflatable toys--a floating trampoline with a sort of slip and slide attached which was a gold mine for Funniest home video shots. I drank half the lake laughing so much. And in the dog versus cat debate, I like both, but prefer to live with cats! Sirius of course would be the exception!


Gina R Snape - Jul 24, 2004 2:32 pm (#1110 of 2955)

Accio, I had the same guilty thought. PLEEEEEAAAAAASE JRK, think of your fans. BOOK creation...not procreation please!!!!

But of course we don't really mean it.

Anyway, she's got enough money now for loads of assistance with nappies and such. She can write and bond with her children and still have time for other things...


timrew - Jul 24, 2004 3:09 pm (#1111 of 2955)

Brandon, Sorry to be late replying to you. This thread seems to get triple the posts of all the others! Thanks for your sympathy on the death of my Dad. It's much appreciated. You and the rest of the Forum members have been a great comfort to me and my family.

On a lighter note, I finally got round to seeing POA the movie today. My son, Matthew, works part-time in a cinema over here, and he gets four free tickets a day (!) to go to the movies.

So today, my wife (Jane), my mother-in-law (Margaret, who's well into Harry Potter!), myself and Matthew went along to see it.

I know a lot had to be left out, but I thought the film was brilliant, although Matthew and myself are divided on Michael Gambon's performance as Dumbledore - I thought he did very well, Matthew didn't.

Also, to continue the dog/cat debate that's been going on recently, can I add that it's my birthday in September, and I want a hippogriff!


Gina R Snape - Jul 24, 2004 3:18 pm (#1112 of 2955)

Hmmmm. I dunno Tim. I suppose those of us in the States could chip in and send one via air mail. Should we crate it or just tag it and have it follow the owl post?


timrew - Jul 24, 2004 4:42 pm (#1113 of 2955)

I don't care, Gina, as long as I get one!

BTW, did you think that the bit where Harry is riding Buckbeak, and raises his arms in the air and yells "Woohoooooo!" was ripped off from 'Titanic'? I was expecting Harry to shout as an afterthought, "I'm the king of the world!"


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 4:49 pm (#1114 of 2955)


The Harry riding Buckbeak scene might be just a teensy bit like Titantic

So, hope you have a good supply of Pettigrews *ahem* dead rats to feed that Hippogriff we're sending you! Look up on the roof if you haven't seen it yet!

Oh, and before I forget, I must BOW, not to a Hippogriff, but before the King of SPEW!

We love you, the king of SPEW!

Cheers, Tim!


timrew - Jul 24, 2004 5:03 pm (#1115 of 2955)

Thank you, Catherine. I have to go. There's something dislodging slates from the roof!


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 5:15 pm (#1116 of 2955)

Dear me.

What could be bothering Tim :-)

Hope the Hippogriff didn't get there too early!


Marye Lupin - Jul 24, 2004 5:53 pm (#1117 of 2955)

My birthday is on Monday and I'm freaking out! I'm scheduled to take my driving test on that day and I'm scared to death of failing. I'll be 18 so needless to say I am a little bit behind the rest of my friends... If I fail I have to take driver's ed over again because there's apparently this rule in Maryland that you have to take the test within a year of your first day of driver's ed (which was August 4th of last year for me). To top it off we have to schedule the test like three weeks in advance because it's summer and everybody's taking their tests now so I can't just retest the next day if I fail! I've been practicing parallel parking all day but I'm still only getting it about 3 times out of 4.

I really don't want to have to worry about driver's ed and everything next year at college.

...18 is way too young to be dreading your birthday ;-)

Sorry about this but I needed to vent. Everybody seems to automatically assume I'll pass which just makes it worse because it will be more embarrassing when-- if-- I fail.

Aaaahh! You ever have that feeling where you just want to skip a day? Like if I could wake up tomorrow and it will suddenly be Tuesday and I will have already passed or failed and I don't have to keep worrying about it?

On a side note: That scene with the Hippogriff in PoA made me almost choke on my soda :-) I got some really strange looks from the people around me as I tried to recover.


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 6:09 pm (#1118 of 2955)

Dear Marye, I am a terrible parallel parker myself, so I am sending you a humongous "Quite Excellent Parking" Charm. Best to you, and every part of my body that is not necessary for typing is crossed for you!

Me, I prefer broomsticks or Apparating, don't you? Smile Muggle driving is SO frought with problems and regulations!

I had a really good "Atta boy" today, and I thought I would share. I wrote our local Humane Society's usual plea for funds for Mother's Day. Normally, this is a fund drive for spay/neuter.

In the past, the mailing nets about $300. This year, I wrote the letter and we've so far exceeded that, it's unbelievable!

One check alone was for more than $1000. I'm getting all these kudos, which is wrong, because really, it's people seeing that they help so many animals by paying for their surgeries!

Thanks for letting me share this....


Penny Lane. - Jul 24, 2004 6:13 pm (#1119 of 2955)

Marye Lupin - Good Luck on your drivers test. I can understand why you feel nervous.

I'm 22 and technically, I don't have a valid license yet. To top it off, I live in Michigan, land of cars - so not having a car is a really big deal, as Henry(?) Ford and other "entrapreneuers"(sp?) have hindered our public transit systems as to sell more cars.

Also, I failed my Drivers test twice. The first time I knocked over all of the cones when I was parallel parking, the second time I was caught going 26 in a 25 school zone, even though everyone around me was going about 40. That tester was kind of an idiot.

Does anyone else here ever watch Clean Sweep? I just watched them make this woman get rid of all of her books except for one shelf, and I just wanted to cry. If they ever came to my house, I would throw a fit if they told me to narrow my books down to 10. Plus they would probably ask me the all important question of "why do you have 2 hardcover set of the Harry Potter books, and a set of Harry Potter paperbacks?"


ShelterGirl - Jul 24, 2004 6:18 pm (#1120 of 2955)

Penny- I used to be addicted to Clean Sweep. Then I slapped myself. My main trouble was that very thing. If some unfeeling person told me I had to get rid of most of my books I would end up shoving them back into the Clean Sweep Mobile and sending them off with their brakes cut.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 24, 2004 6:24 pm (#1121 of 2955)

That's because the standard for the world of interior design has become a still-life. We've elevated our homes into museums and forgotten that they're there to serve us rather than us serving them.

Hey, I'm as big a fan of Vern Yip as the next person, but if the design is going to be ruined by the Sunday paper strewn across the coffee table, then it's not good design.

***looks around*** Someone took a grumpy pill, didn't they?

EDIT: For the record, I hate coffee tables. I'm always walking into them.


Julia. - Jul 24, 2004 6:52 pm (#1122 of 2955)

PHEW!! I go offline for one day and come back with all these posts! First off, Marye Lupin, good luck on your driving test! After you pass you can have a butterbeer on me, so long as you don't drive until it wears off!

*runs over and hugs Marie* MARIE!!! Welcome back, I missed your pretty avatar!

Just for the record, if I may quote the movie "Homeward Bound" I believe it was Sassy the cat who said "Cats rule and dogs drool, cats rule and dogs drool!" I am totally a cat person. When I am a big girl and don't live in my parents house or a dorm room, I want to have 2 cats, Andromedia and Remus

Also, JKR, I know you're reading this, so Mazel Tov on expecting your thrid child! I know you said it won't effect the writing of book 6, but what about book 7!? I'm happy for you and all, but come on! As Gina said, book creation, not procreation please!


Catherine - Jul 24, 2004 7:05 pm (#1123 of 2955)


No, you didn't take a grumpy pill because reading material doesn't count! My husband has to ask, "Why do you need ALL the HP books at your side?"

I just say, "Well, BECAUSE I DO!"

The point is, if I can have 5 books stacked up (and neatly, in order) beside me, then you are allowed to have the current day's paper strewn somewhere.

To anyone who questions this, I say, "Ah, you great Prune! Dry up, why don't you?"

--From Catherine, the anti-neat freak!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 24, 2004 7:12 pm (#1124 of 2955)

Thank you Catherine. **breathes easier**

you are allowed to have the current day's paper strewn somewhere.

Excuse me while I run around and collect the papers from the previous 3 days. Ah, I see, there's the comics under the ottoman and the Living section next to the bed. Oh dear, is that Thursday's front page hanging over the towel rack in the bathroom. Must remind hubby to stop doing that.


Eponine - Jul 24, 2004 7:12 pm (#1125 of 2955)

Marye, good luck on your driver's test! When I took mine, I was making a left turn and turned way too wide into the wrong lane, then I over corrected and went up on the shoulder. I still passed though. I think she passed me out of pity, because I started crying, plus I had to get my license as my mother had just had brain surgery and couldn't drive for 3 months. I'm a much better driver now, though.

Penny and ShelterGirl, I watch Clean Sweep every now and then, but it always makes me mad when the organizational "experts" make them get rid of childhood things. Once, they took this woman's Pound Puppy, and I wanted to cry for her. I could never have them come to my house though, I have far too many books. They would ask me about the multiple Harry Potter books, but they would definitely be appalled at my collection of The Secret Garden. It was my favorite book growing up, and I have quite a large number of different copies of it. I do realize that I'm a crazy book person.


Celestina W. - Jul 24, 2004 8:04 pm (#1126 of 2955)

Hi, everybody!

First of all, Betty (and everyone else who is dealing with depression or other problems), you have my best wishes, prayers, and lots of hugs.

Sherbie, sorry to hear about your kitchen mishap, although I admit I did have to laugh. You're not alone; my grandma has burnt potholders before, and I myself have scorched microwave popcorn.

I went to I, Robot on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely a "popcorn movie", but I love those. Now I'm looking forward to seeing The Village. I just watched a preview for it; looks scary, but in a really cool-scary kind of way (if that makes sense...).

I'm a cat and dog person. I have one dog, one house cat, and several barn cats, and I love them all. I think each species has it’s pros and cons: cats are smarter, less smelly, less slobbery, and a better size for lap sitting (my dog is about 100 pounds), while the dog is friendlier, plays more, and is less cranky.

Marye Lupin, I feel your pain. I'm 17 and haven't taken my drivers test yet, because I have a rather bad case of driving-phobia, and I can't park. My uncle, who's a driver's ed teacher, was here this week and gave me a parallel-parking lesson, so I think maybe I've got that down now. It's just a matter of me biting the bullet and actually scheduling my test, before my learner's permit expires and I have to renew it (again).

Penny, they threw away her BOOKS?! That's just horrible. My books are among my most precious possessions. I just got a new bookshelf in my room, so now they have a nice new home.

Wow, long post -- sorry! Think I'm done now.


Marie E. - Jul 24, 2004 9:37 pm (#1127 of 2955)

First off, hello Julia!!!

I can't believe they would make someone throw out their books. I've known people who have weeded out their book collections but I could never narrow my books down to 10. I have a set of HP hardback, a set in paperback, a set of Jane Austen, all of Nick Hornby's books, all of Helen Fieldings books, all of Terri McMillian's books, the entire set of Maud Hart Lovelace books, ...and this is just one bookshelf! The sweetest thing my husband has ever done for me is build me three oak bookshelves. When he said we'd build bookshelves over the fireplace of our new house, I got all quivery.

This is not to say I don't have other clutter that should go, but honestly!


virgoddess1313 - Jul 24, 2004 9:47 pm (#1128 of 2955)

Marye, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully on your test. When I took mine I was driving an itty bitty little VW Beetle and still couldn't quite make the parallel parking. Bit sad really, but I passed all the same, much to my mom's chagrin.


Ozymandias - Jul 24, 2004 10:18 pm (#1129 of 2955)

Hi Brandon! *waves and grins* I was starting to wonder where you were!

Marye, good luck on your drivers' test. I had the same problem with nerves as you did, because I stupidly agreed to go out to dinner with a friend who was taking her test the same day, and was terrified that I'd fail and have to ask her for a ride. Luckily, we don't have to parallel park here in California, because that would have failed me for sure. 3 out of 4 times sounds pretty good to me, so I'm sure you'll do fine.

Those decorator people would be appalled at my house. My dad and I just went through our book collection to weed some out, and between the two of us we filled the entire living room floor. But I love my books, so decorators, stay away!

I shudder to think of the state of the forum when I get to it next. I'm going to the beach for a week on Monday. I'll be thinking of all of you as I reread GoF.


boop - Jul 24, 2004 10:28 pm (#1130 of 2955)

Sus and Celestina, thank you so much.

haymoni(Monica) Yes we did see the whole museum. I had a great day yesterday and today. I met Viola and her husband for lunch and then they took me to the visitor center of Nasa. Then I got a visit from Jimmie and Sarah. This has been just what I needed. I got to see alot of forum family and enjoyed spending time with each of them. I pack up today and head home.

Marye Lupin good luck on passing your driving test. I will cross my fingers for you.

Well it’s almost 1:30am so I am off to bed, have a good Sunday everyone!!!!


The giant squid - Jul 25, 2004 12:36 am (#1131 of 2955)

I could never weed myself down to 10 books. Besides the Harry Potters, my Heinlein collection is more than quadruple that! (Only 2 more to go & I've got them all! They're like Pokemon for sci-fi geeks Wink ) I've watched Clean Sweep a few times, and I've come to the conclusion that they're pure evil. Some people have a reason for keeping all that stuff. To quote Chris Knight in Real Genius: "All my filth is in alphabetical order. For instance, this was under 'H' for 'toy'."

   Mike - liked the Auror joke and the Knight's Tale reference

I made a Knight's Tale reference? Yeesh, I'm getting so bad at this movie reference thing I don't even know I'm doing it!

Marye, good luck! Just relax and you'll be fine. Three out of four is better than most of us licensed folks can manage. Smile

For the record, I am a cat person as well. Cats & I seem to agree with each other--they don't bother me and I don't bother them. My lack of interest in dogs comes from two things: I hate being slobbered on (and don't tell me your dog doesn't slobber; it's like the eye contact thing, they know I hate it...) and I'm horribly allergic. I once managed to survive almost two hours at a friend's house without an antihistimine, but it was a near thing...

Marie: "Uncle Squid"? Very Happy


pricing Hippogriff Chow for Tim


boop - Jul 25, 2004 4:13 am (#1132 of 2955)

Sue and Celestina thank you so much.

Haymoni, yes we saw the whole museum. It was really nice enjoyed the court yard so beautiful. I could have just stayed there all day. The history museum was nice as well.

I have had a great vacation. The people here in Ohio were very friendly to me. The hotel was very nice. I got to meet up with alot of my forum family members. I enjoyed meeting everyone. I want to say thank you everyone I met for making this visit special to me. I didn't have a day where there wasn't something or someone around. I am leaving today, but not until I go to the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame. It’s going to be lots of fun.

Marye Lupin, good luck with the driving test, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Hey Marie *waves* nice to see you back have missed you. Here is a hug for you too.

Have a great day everyone!!


Flame Alligator - Jul 25, 2004 5:33 am (#1133 of 2955)

Accio Sirius, Welcome back.

Marye Lupin, To ditto what others have said....... just relax and take your time parking. You'll pass the driver's test.

For the record, I am a cat person. I like dogs but I LOVE/ADORE CATS!! They are genuine in their affections for you since they are not usually pack animals. And I have been amazed at how intelligent the cats I have had have been. They are trainable if you take the time but be warned, they have to love you to allow you to train them. My cats always came when I called and showered me with kitty affection when I come home. Plus, they don't slobber/drool. And I love the purring. There is nothing more soothing to me on a stressful day then a purring kitty sitting close to me or in my lap. Being a dancer, I love to watch cats move. They are poetry in motion. As a yoga teacher, I know that a lot of our postures (asans) come from animal movements. Two of my cats use to do yoga with me everyday once they recognized what I was doing. I am not kidding, they did. They would do all the sitting and reclining postures. The best part was during relaxation....... a kitty purring next to me. Am I right cat lovers?

I am in a very good mood today, giddy even. I send joy to all my forum buddies.

Happy Birthday to all who's birthday it is.

Sherbie, I am doing good fortune mudras and mantras for you today.

Goedemorgen y'all!


megfox - Jul 25, 2004 7:07 am (#1134 of 2955)

Marye, I was in your shoes when I was 18, and it wasn't fun! I was the last person in my grade at school to get their driver's license. EVERYONE else in my class of over 300 had their's by then end of Junior year - I however, got mine the Moday after I graduated! I was so sure I was going to fail, too, because I had to parallel park, and I never practiced it...but I did okay. You will too. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. With all of this good luck being wished upon you, how could you fail?


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 25, 2004 7:35 am (#1135 of 2955)

Oh, oh so many post!

Sherbie, according to my mother everything that happened to you means that from here on you'll have good luck in your new house. How much more damage can you do right? Don't feel too bad about your learning experiences, I grew up with gas stoves yet as a teenager when trying to light the oven, I went in search of a match because the self-starter wasn't working, when I found the match I went back to the oven stuck it in and a huge fireball flew out at me. I lost my eyebrows and was a bit wiser. Moral-Never turn the gas on and then come back with the match to ignite the oven, not a good combination.

As for setting the house on fire, last fall when my children started school and I was establishing my industrious routine, I cleaned my house, took 2 mile long walk and prepared dinner all in time to go out to lunch with friends. While at lunch I was happily explaining my new routine my other moms whose children were also newly off to school, but I suddenly couldn't remember if I had turned off the oven. I got home and didn't see smoke so I though everything was fine. However when I opened the kitchen door, it was filled with smoke. Unfortunately I was making beans. Burnt beans reek!!! It took oven a week of washing all the clothes in the house, the walls, the floors and boiling herbs in the stove to finally get the smell out. We nearly had to call the insurance company to have everything professionally cleaned.

Countney enjoy having your parents pay for your vacation, we are on vacation with our 4 now, they are a little too young to really appreciate it.

Tomoe, good for you I'm all for freedom of the press. I prefer to know what other people think, what ever that might be really. I arrived in Montreal on Thursday and boy was that hot! I was 1000 degrees in our apartment and the restaurant we found was un-airconditioned. But thanks for you help it's been wonderful here.

Julia thanks for your help.


SarcasticGinny - Jul 25, 2004 7:45 am (#1136 of 2955)

Hello to all!

I'm still waiting for my father to network the computers in our home so I can see you all a bit more often. Right now, I share a computer in a very cold basement with four other people, so I can't "lexicon" much. I miss all the theories!

Not too much new on my plate...the middle school opens at the beginning of August and I will (eek) start getting my classroom kid-ready. I've started horseback riding lessons, and I love those. Anyone here ride? Also, an upcoming trip to Montana for my cousin's wedding, so for anyone in the western US, I'll wave from the plane.

Hope everyone here is doing fantastically!!


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 25, 2004 8:00 am (#1137 of 2955)

Thanks for all your stories about setting things on fire, guys. That does make me feel better! I'm still avoiding cooking anything near that thing until I get an electrician or someone from the gas company to examine the lines. On Friday, I used my crock pot for the first time and despite everyone I know telling me I could safely leave the house with it on low, I sat there for 8 hours, staring at it warily Waiting

My bad luck string hasn't seemed to slow, unfortunately. My husband didn't get the job and my mom has found a suspicious lump on her back. Sometimes I feel like jumping in my horrid little rental car and driving as far and as fast as I can. Let's just hope this is one of those times when things have reached their worst point and are going to start getting better from now on.Please

Welcome back, Marie! It's nice to see you.

You'll do fine, Marye! I remember being horribly nervous during my driving test. However, my anxiety was greatly increased by something that happened in the parking lot while my mom and I were waiting in her car for the driving inspector. About 5 minutes before my practical test was to begin, we were hit by another car. Caused quite a bit of damage and I was horribly shaken up. Nevertheless, I drove that car and despite floating a stop sign and forgetting to signal when I parallel parked, I passed without a problem. So if I can pass, so can you.


Catherine - Jul 25, 2004 8:47 am (#1138 of 2955)

Sherbie, I'm sorry about your round of bad luck recently. I know it's terrible to wonder if something might be wrong with your Mom, and I'm hoping for good news. Tell Mr. Sherbie that his time is coming, I just know it.

I've been very amused to read about the cat vs. dog debate, and it's been informative. I have concluded from reading the cat lovers' posts that my shih-tzus are probably "cat dogs," and that my brother, who has always jokingly called them that, may be right. Shih-Tzus were bred in China to look like lions, and they do have a very feline look with their short muzzles. My shih-tzus don't slobber at all, they love to cuddle like cats do, and they like to lounge on top of the sofa and snooze in the sun. They also don't bark, except when their food or water bowl is empty. My dogs also will bark if their water is not perfectly crystal clear, which is understandable, but I've never seen other breeds be this picky.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!


Marie E. - Jul 25, 2004 9:39 am (#1139 of 2955)

It is still raining here in Colorado. As I type, we are developing plans for an ark in the backyard.

I have a stove story, Sherbie, which may make you feel better. Our first night in this house was so hectic, with still moving things from the old house and all, that I thought we'd just grab a "take and bake" pizza for dinner. I rushed in after work, preheated the oven, and started running around the house unpacking. When I smelled a terrible odor, I remembered that we hadn't used the brand new oven yet and the instruction manuel, wrapped in plastic, was still inside. There are still bit’s of burned plastic on the bottom of the oven that we can't get off.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Julia. - Jul 25, 2004 9:50 am (#1140 of 2955)

Sherbie, I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Sherbie not getting the job and the bump on your mum's back. Wish I could tell you everything will be ok, but really I can't, as no one knows. I can however tell you that worrying about it will not do anyone any good, least of all you. I know it'll be hard, but try to not worry about it so much. In the meantime, have some butterbeer and chocolate. *hands Sherbie butterbeer and chocolate* As always, if there's anything we can do, let us know. *huggy huggy*


Acceber - Jul 25, 2004 10:38 am (#1141 of 2955)

I'M BACK!!!!! Well, technically, I got back yesterday a bit before dinner time, but I didn't have any Internet time mostly because my little sister was hanging onto my leg (literally) the whole night. Then, after dinner, I conked out on the couch because I was so exhausted-my cold had drained me. I woke up a few hours later, watched part of a James Bond movie with my parents, then took a very relaxing shower before getting into a bed with a mattress (!!!) and falling asleep. This morning has been devoted to unpacking and reading this thread. 1000+ posts---not too fun, but I did, like the obsessed geek I am, read all of them.

First off, I would like to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Welcome Back, or Happy Anniversary to anyone who is worthy of praise. There have been too many to name you all, it's nothing personal.

Now for special notes to people who don't fall into those categories:

Mike-we share the same birthday (January 31), yeah Aquarius! We're birthday buddies with Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan and Ernie Banks (all baseball players).

Ozy-I can kind of feel your pain. I'm in your same boat, but I'm 6 years younger, so it probably isn't as unremarkable. Your and many other Forumers' stories, however, have made me realize I'm not that much of a late bloomer. So thanks everyone.

Tim, I must express my deepest sympathies to your and yours, even if they are belated. Your father seems like he was a wonderful man and if he has passed some of those trait’s onto you, you will leave a mark on your family as well.

Kim mentioned I would probably call soda "tonic," which I DON'T. It's just plain soda here. Sorry to disappoint you, my friend.

Lastly, I'm a cat person myself, which is probably evident by my avatar and past ones. Speaking of avatars, I plan to change mine into a picture of me at camp, if I can get it working. We got a slideshow on a CD-RW disk of pictures from camp and if my slim knowledge fo computers holds forth, I will be able to transfer one I love to my avatar.

I'm going to switch my avatar now, then have a late lunch. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Avatar's up...it's a bit blurry, but you can still see it.


Julia. - Jul 25, 2004 10:42 am (#1142 of 2955)

WELCOME BACK BECCA! We missed you while you were gone! I think this calls for a good party. *pulls out butterbeer and passes it around* Good luck catching up on posts, but at least you weren't completly HP deprived at camp Good luck on changing your avatar, and have a good lunch!


Pinky - Jul 25, 2004 11:36 am (#1143 of 2955)

Welcome back!!! I had to laugh when I saw your picture for two reasons - 1) I remember how much fun camp was, although we didn't do pie-eating contests. We did occasionally eat spaghetti with no hands though. 2) Er - you look so young!!! Ok, I know you're one of our younger members, but everytime I read what you have posted, it comes across as sounding much older and "adultey." So congratulations on your writing and interaction skills.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 25, 2004 11:44 am (#1144 of 2955)

Welcome back Becca! What do you mean you don't say tonic? **looks shocked** Everyone says tonic.

It's so nice to have you back. So, how was camp?


Aisha Ahsia - Jul 25, 2004 1:01 pm (#1145 of 2955)

Phew! I've just spent an hour(!) reading through the posts form July 23 till the most recent one. I'm exhausted.

Marye- I'll follow the lead of so many before me and wish you good luck og your driving test.

Eponine- Secret Garden was my favourite book growing up too! Haven't read them for years though. Feeling a bit nostalgic...

VeronicaG- good to see that I'm not the only one from Norway here.

Have also enjoyed the cat and dog discussion that's been going on here. LOL! I like both myself, but I really want a dog, a golden retriever. I just want to be loved:)

It's so much fun to read through these post and the ... shall I say Interesting discussions and comments you can't find anywhere else but here. I've also read through many of you profiles, and it made me realize that mine was just a tad too dull and Percy-ish... Ah well, I can always change it.

Anyway, still working on getting my mother to read Chamber of Secrets. She still won't budge... Any ideas anyone? A friend of mine has promised to read the first two books after months of endless nagging:) I'm happy. I guess they're right: Once you set your mind to something, you can do anything you want. (Word of wisdom for the day, I've got a calender full of them...)


anbigin - Jul 25, 2004 1:38 pm (#1146 of 2955)

Kitties - most definitly kitties!!!! Goodness, I can not express how much these furry, little, persnickety creatures mean to me... For example, I am willing to "suffer" through Catwoman just to see them, and I will be moving to a new residence just so I can get a kitty.

Ok, Clean Sweep makes me nervous cause every time I see them weed the books down to say 10 or "one crate" it makes me sick to my stomach! I mean what if they showed up to my place and made me weed my books down *cringe* Whoever said they'd send those TLC people a-packin' - you guys rock;) Welcome back Rebecca - Pinky's right though cause there's something missing between how young you look and how mature you're posts sound - It's fantastic.

Boop- I'm really glad you enjoyed the museum/zoo so much. I was just wondering if it was a natural habitat zoo or was it just a regular cage with really neat looking animals in it zoo?


Kowalla - Jul 25, 2004 2:31 pm (#1147 of 2955)

Marye your birthday is the same as mine! Are you counting down yet? less than 8 hours to go!!! Good luck on your drivers test. I'm sure you'll do fine. I just hope your instructor is a little bit nicer than mine was. I remember it vividly. I was informed that in order to take the test, I had to call & make my appointment the same day, at exactly 7:00am, not one minute earlier. I called at 6:59, & got a busy signal. I set the phone for auto redial, to let me know when the line is available, & waited 23 minutes! When I showed up there, I met a very stern looking woman (whom I really doubt knew how to smile). We went on our little drive, with her saying nothing except "turn left at the next corner, pull over & park at that house, turn right at the next corner" no expression in her voice. Then, after it was over, she immediately informed me that I came "THIS CLOSE" to failing because I made too wide of a right turn, ONCE! *shivers* I'm was never so glad to get away from there.

Honestly, I think you'll do fine. So, go take your test, then go drive all your friends out for a great birthday celebration! Well, maybe it would be better to offer to drive your mom to the hospital. Hope she comes out ok.

Sherbie, I just wanted to add a note in here, that I would be MORE than happy to trade ovens with you! I have an electric stove & I HATE it! I have always used gas, so I can't seem to figure this thing out! Everything I try to bake burns! I haven't managed to make one batch of cookies turn out right yet, & I've lived here for almost 2 months! *sniffles* I miss my gas stove.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 25, 2004 2:51 pm (#1148 of 2955)

For example, I am willing to "suffer" through Catwoman just to see them, and I will be moving to a new residence just so I can get a kitty—anbigin

Ok, packing up and moving to a place that allows cats is perfectly understandable, but Catwoman ? Sheesh!


Lisaren - Jul 25, 2004 3:15 pm (#1149 of 2955)

I have been missing for about 5 months, but it feels so good to check back in. I couldn't read 5 months worth (my family would kill me), but I have read the last month.

Tim, very belated, but still heartfelt condolences about your father. Your synopsis of his life showed a good man.

Betty, even though I didn't post a lot, I read everything before my drop out and I felt as if I knew everyone who posted regularly and you are the momma of the Forum.

For all the birthdays I missed HAPPY BIRTHDAY (happy shout).

I myself am a cat person who loves someone else's dog.

On the soda/pop issue -- here they are just called drinks. As a matter of fact when we went to visit my family in Wisconsin, my husband mentioned he wanted a drink at 10:00 am and the family began to wonder what I had gotten myself into until the soda/pop/coke/drink issue was resolved. According to them, the rest of the USA uses drink to mean alcohol.


Marè - Jul 25, 2004 3:21 pm (#1150 of 2955)

Marye good luck on your drivers test, and Penny, don't worry too much about it.
I only got mine last year and I'm 24. And although I'm a good enough driver to not crash into things, I never park my car in a parking space. My parents car (the only one I ever take) is quite big and I don't really feel comfortable enough coming near other persons cars...
So I'll just wait till I found a job and find myself a nice mini cooper or something in that size area.
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timrew - Jul 25, 2004 3:52 pm (#1151 of 2955)

Becca, Lisaren, thank you for your messages. Although belated, they are still read by myself and my mother, and we appreciate the warmth and compassion of our Forum family.

And I'm still waiting for my hippogriff!


Eponine - Jul 25, 2004 4:06 pm (#1152 of 2955)

Okay, I just had to mention this. I was watching a thing on ice cream on the food channel and they were talking about an ice cream place in Venezuela that sells over 700 flavors including tuna fish, shrimp and beer. Tuna fish ice cream? Does anyone else find this as disturbing as I do?

Tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been a year already. I finally got my husband to read the books about 3 or 4 months ago, but it took him a long time to get through them as he is a very slow reader and dyslexic. He really enjoyed them, but he thinks I'm a bit nuts about them.


anbigin - Jul 25, 2004 4:55 pm (#1153 of 2955)

HEHEHEHE! Lopin - I know, it's really quite SAD but ... I mean - they're KITTIES!!!! I love them so *tear* Smile

But seriously, I must have gotten REALLY lucky with living in Florida cause since I took the Driver's ED class one summer I didn't have to take the practical test just the written one. *phew* Although, we did have to parallel park and all that - it being FL and having all those old small villages;) I think the only thing I had problems with was staying "two car lengths" away from the car in front of me while driving! OH well, it was a fun summer actually. All though learning stick shift from the father unit in his old '76 BMW that had a problem with the second gear not engaging was the most nerve racking experience of my life.

Oh, one last thing - Eponine, I've heard of HORSE flesh flavored ice cream, talk about shudder enducing. But yea I know what you mean about the Tuna being odd - and I love Tuna but *eek* and Congrats on the Anniversary:) VERY cool.


Eponine - Jul 25, 2004 5:02 pm (#1154 of 2955)

HORSE??!! How do you flavor such a thing? Wait, never mind. I definitely do not want to know.


timrew - Jul 25, 2004 5:03 pm (#1155 of 2955)

Okay, the ice-cream man comes by, and asks you what flavour you want, tuna, shrimp, beer or horse.

And you tell him to bend over and.......

Or you ask for vanilla.


Caput Draconis - Jul 25, 2004 5:31 pm (#1156 of 2955)

ROFL, Tim. I'm reminded of the sardine flavoured Bertie Botts bean, *shudder*. Fish doesn't belong in anything that's not...fish. Especially nothing to do with milk.

Just to clarify; I'm a cat person, my kitten is currently running in circles around my house, being adorable. Coke wins over Pepsi, and in descending order tastes better out of glass bottle, can, plastic bottle. And it's soft or fizzy drink for us here, too.

Marye, good luck! I'm 20, I only got my licence 6 months or so ago. Waiting in that little room for the RTA (or DMV, I know that from the Simpsons, heh) lady was the worst part, the it’self was pretty uneventful. I didn't indicate on my curb stop, that's all. Oh, and I got bonus points for not hitting a stork type thing that was standing in the middle of the road. Yay. And Mare, I'm the worst parker in the history of the world, I feel your pain.


Marye Lupin - Jul 25, 2004 6:00 pm (#1157 of 2955)

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck! I'll let you know what happens. It's actually a little strange because the test is set on a course instead of on actual roads which in some ways is better but in some ways it is also harder because they give you a lot less leeway. The list of stuff I've heard "automatically fails you" is neverending (although I've never actually seen this list so a lot of it's probably just exaggeration but still...). I'm driving stick shift so my biggest fear is that I'll cut the engine-- I know that that fails you. I still do it when I'm under stress sometimes (like at traffic lights when I have to start suddenly) and I can't think of a more stressful scenario than my driving test. It's not really fair-- the kids that drive automatic don't have to worry about this... *pouts*

The funny thing is that in Maryland the curfew for driving is lifted as soon as you turn 18 regardless of how long you've had your license so my friends who have had their licenses for almost two years can't drive past midnight yet but if I pass my test I could. It's actually a pretty scary thought. I'm a lousy enough driver in the daylight.

Kowalla, I am excited about my birthday (whenever I can get myself to forget about the test anyway). Only three hours and five minutes to go here in Maryland...


anbigin - Jul 25, 2004 6:53 pm (#1158 of 2955)

my kitten is currently running in circles around my house, being adorable - Caput Draconis

*CRY* You guys are my people! You see how cute kitties are? Oh and Eponine that is EXACTLY what I said about it! I actually read about in an article - something about a convention like thing in Japan - I saved the link on a different computer so I'll have to post it later. But until then I think it's safe to say that, as Tim says "ask for vanilla" Wink


Kowalla - Jul 25, 2004 7:14 pm (#1159 of 2955)

Well, as far as the cats vs. dogs issue, I would have to say that I am a cute fuzzy animal person. I had a dog growing up, loved her very much. I wish I could have got another dog, but at the time I didn't have a fenced in back yard, & my husband & I both work all day. So, I got a kitty cat. Now I have 2! I think they are quite adorable. I always loved sweet little kitty cats. I also like dogs too. And rabbit’s, & hamsters, & mice, & ferrets.....


scully jones - Jul 25, 2004 8:31 pm (#1160 of 2955)

So many posts to catch up with. I'm a cat person who would love a big dog if I had one. I had one when I was a small child, and he was my protector. I miss him very much.

Gee Brandon, I've missed your rootbeer avatar so much!

Sympathies and Congratulations where required... And as to the driving test... I'm 21, and I'm currently trying to probably study to take the test to get my permit so that maybe I could take the road skills test to possibly get my license as well.


Julia. - Jul 25, 2004 8:36 pm (#1161 of 2955)

YES! I am not alone! I am not a strange deranged freak! My mother will be so happy (sort of)! I'm 18 and I don't have a driver's licence either, although I really do need to get cracking on that, or my mum won't drive me anywhere


Leila 2X4B - Jul 25, 2004 8:53 pm (#1162 of 2955)

I am almost 23 and no license. Between Katrina and college I never have time with someone over 21 to practice with. No one seems to be awake at 2am. I am happy to report that Trina Bean is well now. No more pukey. I love dogs, but own a little kitty named Abraham Delacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley, O'Malley the Alley Cat or you can just call him Tommy. He is worse than a child - eventually even Katrina stopped opening the door when I was going to the bathroom. I love him anyway. As for the ongoing, and humorous, soft drink debate. I call it soda or soft drink. I am addicted to Coca Cola. I am so happy to see all the new and old people on the forum. Yeah us. I also wanted to state how very happy I am for Jo. No worries about the progression of the books here.


The giant squid - Jul 26, 2004 2:00 am (#1163 of 2955)

Ambigin, Loopy is right: The kitties aren't in Catwoman nearly enough to justify paying for a ticket. And some of them are CGI, to boot. I mean really...why would you want to CG a cat? O.o

Catherine, I probably would love your shih-tzus, if it weren't for that pesky allergy thing. Long hairs are the worst, whether cat, dog, ferret or moose. Smile



Fawkes Forever - Jul 26, 2004 3:07 am (#1164 of 2955)

Argh, so many posts! Hope you all had a nice weekend... I finally got round to seeing Spider Man 2... pretty cool actually!

Happy Birthday Kowalla, & Marye Lupin happy 18th, oh & good luck on your drivers test.... I didn't learn until I was 21.. & I failed first time.. so don't worry. I also have my moods with parallel parking... hey, don't we all!

Eponine - Happy Anniversary

Virogoddess, Marie, Brandon & Lisaren - welcome back

Morning Flame *big waves*


Flame Alligator - Jul 26, 2004 4:29 am (#1165 of 2955)

Becca, WELCOME BACK!!!!!! E-mail coming. :silly grin:

Fawkes, Top of the mornin to ya! It's noon or so where you are, right? Goedemiddag.

Eponine, Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to all who's birthday is today.

Sherbie, I am so sorry to read about the "bump" on you Mom's back. And I feel bad that your hubby didn't get the job. Perhaps something better is just around the corner.

I am in a good mood today even though I have some boring errands to run. I would rather stay on my computer until time for me to go teach yoga. It looks like it is going to storm today. We have had a storm everyday for 3 weeks now. Uh!

Goedemorgen everybody!


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 5:20 am (#1166 of 2955)

Hi everyone!

Great Monday, already JKR's updated her site! Woo-hoo!

Catherine, I probably would love your shih-tzus, if it weren't for that pesky allergy thing. Long hairs are the worst, whether cat, dog, ferret or moose. Smile --Mike

Mike, I hear you, but I'm going to write the following anyway, in case it helps someone else! I myself am desperately allergic to horses and cats, so I know how it feels. But, Shih-Tzus, along with a couple of other breeds, are in the "relatively" non-allergenic class. No animal, including humans, are non-shedding, but these breeds "shed" like people--which is to say small amounts per day, and when the hair is long. They don't shed seasonally, and constantly. I myself am very allergic to some breeds, but not to Shih-Tzus. A friend of mine desperately wants to get her daughter a dog, but my friend has horrible skin reactions around dogs. She came over and rubbed her hands on both my dogs and no reaction. She came over another day for 2 hours, and had no ill effects. She has since tried the same thing on my other friend's shih-Tzu, and really has stayed well. She's not running out and getting one this minute, but she has told her daughter that a dog may yet be possible!

Cheers everyone!


mike miller - Jul 26, 2004 5:57 am (#1167 of 2955)

Well, I'm trying to learn from my last vacation and trying to keep up with the Forum, only two days and over 100 posts. I'm using my mother-in-laws PC while everyone else is asleep. So here goes..

Good Luck Ladybug!! Sorry to hear about the "Mr. Sherbie's" job possibilities. I'm sure something better is coming.

Catherine and ShelterGirl - It pains me to hear stories about people who don't respsect their animals. I'm particularly sensitive to the "hunters" who mistreat their dog. We hunters have enough unfounded, misinformed "bad press" to deal with without having "true stories" adding fuel to the fire.

Let's see, we need to develop anit-flame and anti-soap bubble charms. I'll get right on it!

I'm a cat person by the way, our newest little girl (Jasmine) is recovering from spay and declawing. Doing very well, if she could just get Tigger to stop hissing at her.

Chemyst - LOL on the legilimency comment. Maybe those wizards in the Dept. of Mysteries who are studying Muggles come disguised as cats.

Brandon and Marie - Glad to have you back, we missed you! (dodges streams of root beer from the West Coast) Also, congrats to Brandon on the job front.

So Tim wants a Hippogriff... better check with Catherine to see if anyone's turned one in to the shelter. I tend to follow the books on the Hippogriff question. I think Harry's right in preferring his broomstick. I want a Firebolt!!!!

Marye Lupin and Kowalla - Happy Birthday!! Marye, good luck on the driving test. By the way, where in Maryland do you live? I'm just outside of Bel Air.

Boop - I'm jealous, I'd love to spend a day or two in the RNR Hall of Fame. I still have to wait a couple of year before Stevie Ray Vaughan be inducted. You have to wait 25 years from your first record lease before you are eligable.

Eponine - Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!! My wife and I celebrated our 16th in June. LOL on the whole ice cream thing. I can't image any kind of seafood ice cream. I still remember the first time I saw the words "fish taco". My mind immediately flashed to a little trout laying belly up in the bottom of a hard taco shell, covered in shredded lettuce and cheese. I don't like any kind of seafood (I love to fish though), so the image in my mind was too much.

Well off to try to keep up with a couple other threads, it only took 2 hours to catch up with this one!!!


boop - Jul 26, 2004 6:08 am (#1168 of 2955)

Kowalla and Marye, Hope you both have a great day!!!!

Lindsey, aaawww sorry your husband didn't get the job. I will keep your mom in my prayers, and she just had a birthday right?

Becca welcome back,* runs over and gives Becca a great big hug* I can't wait to hear all about camp.

Anbigin, thank you and the Zoo is set up like they are kept in their natural habitat. It’s a really nice Zoo.

Lisaren, Thank you so much. I have missed you welcome back big hugs to you.

Tim, LOL thanks for the laugh needed some stress relief. Now I will think of beer, tuna flavored ice cream, hehehe and BTW where do you want the Hippogriff delivered when I locate one?

Eponine, Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!

Well I am back home safe at least. I didn't have a very good ride home. I was just only about 20 miles inside the PA line when a trucker that was passing me decided to come over to my side. I got off the road as far as I could without hitting the barriers that were on the other side. We were on a bridge when this happened. I was so so scared thought for sure he was going to hit me on the side of the van. To tell you how close he was to the van, he broke my drivers door mirror. I could have reached out and touched the side of his truck. Now all I keep seeing is this truck coming over and over. I didn't stop because if I did I wouldn't have wanted to drive the rest of the way home. So when I got home I cried and cried. I was dealing with anxiety yesterday anyway, but that just made it worse. I feel a lot of anxiety today too, and I have to awful headache to deal with. I am sure it is just from stress. When I close my eyes all I see is this truck coming over and over. I have no idea how I kept from getting killed. Someone was looking out for me thats all I can think of.

I hope everyone has a nice day!!


virgoddess1313 - Jul 26, 2004 6:11 am (#1169 of 2955)

Argh!! I am a nervous wreck this morning. Not only did I spend a lot of time last night trying to convince Will that he would live to see the end of the day on Wednesday, but I got a job offer last night. One of my friend's mother offerred me a job at the bank she works at. It's a little less money, but it’s closer to home and the work is easier. So, I guess I am going to quit today. Bit nerve wracking... I've never had to quit before.

Of course... if I can get the ever so cheap attorney's to give me a raise, they might conviunce me to stay. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

EDIT: Posted at the same time as you Betty... here's a big hug just for you *HUG*. I hit a guy on a motorcycle the other day, so I sort of know how you feel. It was terrifying.


Eponine - Jul 26, 2004 6:15 am (#1170 of 2955)

Oh Boop, I am so terrified of truckers. Well, not the truckers, just the trucks. I can't imagine what that must have been like. I am glad that you are okay and did not run off the road.


Fawkes Forever - Jul 26, 2004 6:16 am (#1171 of 2955)

Aww Betty, that sounds so scarey.... I'm just glad you're ok... and thats the way to look at it... so long as you're ok.... heres a *BIG HUG* for ya

Ladybug forgot to say in my last post.. good luck with the job, & Rebecca WELCOME BACK!


megfox - Jul 26, 2004 6:21 am (#1172 of 2955)

When I was younger, we used to breed and show Siamese cats. I ahd my very own (his name was Astro, because his ears were so big he looked like the dog from the Jetsons). Then, we discovered that my asthma was induced by my allergies to kitties, so we had to sell most of our cats, except for the stray that decided to stay at our house, but really lived outside.

Then, my parents started in with dogs. When I was really little, we had a German Shepherd, but when I turned 12, we got a Golden Retriever, and then a miniature Daschund, and then my sister got a Beagle, then another stray (a beagle mix she rescued fro the shelter at the animal hospital she works at) then my mom just bought a Corgi. Last week, we bought a beagle puppy to live with us at our condo. Her name is Jetta Bug (Andy's family is obsessed with VWs), and she is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. And I am not one bit biased. Of course, all of these dogs and cats live amongst birds, hamsters, rabbit’s, mice, horses, and the occassional lizard. It’s like a menagerie at my parent's house, and my condo is becoming a little crowded.

Needless to say, with a sister who is (almost) a vet, and a mother who has never meet a four legged animal she didn't love, we never have to have the dogs versus cats discussion. We love them all!


icthestrals - Jul 26, 2004 6:28 am (#1173 of 2955)

Boop, that's just great. Just what you needed, right? My partner has to deal with anxiety all the time. She is trying deep breathing to relax. Perhaps that could help you some. Flame and some other yoga folks out there could give you better information than me, I'm sure.

Marye Lupin: I'm driving stick shift so my biggest fear is that I'll cut the engine-- I know that that fails you. I still do it when I'm under stress sometimes (like at traffic lights when I have to start suddenly) and I can't think of a more stressful scenario than my driving test. It's not really fair-- the kids that drive automatic don't have to worry about this... *pouts*

I must disagree. I drove a Mercury Zephyr for my driving test and if you turned the steering wheel too sharply, the car would stall. Well, I had to do a 3 point turn around on a street and, you guessed it, I stalled the car out! I also bumped the back cone when I was parallel parking. My sister told me that they didn't test for parallel parking any more, so I didn't practice very much. I got my driver's license anyway much to my surprise. I couldn't wait to take the test when I turned 15. I was ready to hit the road!!

SarcasticGinny asked if anyone here rides. I did and would if I had the opportunity. Now I only get to announce at a local hunter/jumper horse show a few months out of the year.

About kitties vs dogs, my avatar says it for me I think.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


septentrion - Jul 26, 2004 6:38 am (#1174 of 2955)

I'm back from a week-end in Lorraine in eastern France and, well, I just skimmed through the 136 posts I found here. I'm a cat person too but unfortunately I'm allergic to them. Gina, I used to have a cat like Fabergé 12 years ago, I mean exactly the same. She was so sweet, so lovely but she died of poison in the farm in front of my parents' house. The poison was for rats but the cat ate it, my father found her corpse.

I think I'm gonna keep my body crossed because there's always someone here who need luck and encouragements especially in this moment (sorry if I have forgotten somebody) Ladybug, Sherbie, Betty, Virgoddess...


mollis - Jul 26, 2004 6:44 am (#1175 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 26, 2004 6:44 am

Betty - That is awful! I am so glad to hear that you are okay. I was almost run off the road by a truck myself once - no fun at all! I hope that you are able to relax today.

I too love riding horses. (Not eating horse-flavored ice cream though. Eeeewwww!) I am able to ride a friends horse from time to time, but usually not more than once or twice a year. Just too busy.

Happy Birthday to everybody who's birthday is today!

I really hope this is a good week. I have tons of work to get done, and I decided to start re-finishing the wainscotting (SP?) in my living room yesterday - so I'll be sanding wood every night this week. Hopefully I'll be able to stain the wood before the weekend, because I'd like to paint the upper walls over the weekend. So I'll be working day and night all week.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 26, 2004 6:58 am (#1176 of 2955)

How sweet of you to remember my mom's birthday, Betty! Yes, she turned 45 on Saturday. My father turned 53 four days before her. I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal on the road. I know how scary that kind of thing can be. My mom and I are driving up to Cleveland in a couple weeks (it'll be about 2400 miles there and back) and I sincerely hope to avoid any situation like yours!


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 7:06 am (#1177 of 2955)

Oh, Betty! I am so sorry that happened to you! I know just how you feel, as the same thing happened to me last Wednesday, and I thought I was going to throw up and pass out! You handled it well. You didn't panic too much, and you got home safely. Take 100 points!

I was driving on a rural back road in our county with nothing around but tobacco fields and big drainage ditches. This 18 wheeler comes barreling at me from around a curve in MY lane! I kept easing over and over as far as I could without toppling into a drainage ditch (I have an Expedition, so I was afraid I could overturn). This guy in the truck would not get back in his own lane, and went WHOOSH beside me.

The reason I'm telling you this, Betty, is that I actually sat there and cried in my truck and was shaking all over and couldn't remember how to get where I was going for nearly fifteen minutes. You have definitely handled a crisis under pressure VERY well, much better than I did!

So I'll send out a "safe-driving charm" to all Forum members, and a headache cure to Betty.


tracie1976 - Jul 26, 2004 7:07 am (#1178 of 2955)

boop I'm so glad you weren't hurt from that ordeal yesterday *hugs*

On a brighter note I now can call my computer mine. My husband has a lap top now (which I'm using right now so I can have it in the room where I'm cleaning) I'm so happy I can now go chat in the chat room in the evenings which I miss so much when hubby's on the computer.

Have a good day and hopefully I'll see you in chat tonight


Padfoot - Jul 26, 2004 9:02 am (#1179 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 26, 2004 9:04 am

Betty, I am glad you are safe.

Welcome back from camp Acceber!

Sherbie, Sorry to hear about your husband not getting that job. And your mom finding a suspicious lump does not sound too good either. When it rains it pours! I don't believe in good/bad luck, but I am starting to wonder about all your mishaps. Things have got to turn around sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. At least you have the forum to vent. We are all here for you.

Marye Lupin Happy Birthday! Birthday I hope you do well on your driving test! I got mine after my friends all did, when I was 17.

As Padfoot will confirm, it is still raining cat and dogs here in Colorado. -Marie It's now sunny! Yea! Welcome back Marie. Sun 3

That's because the standard for the world of interior design has become a still-life. We've elevated our homes into museums and forgotten that they're there to serve us rather than us serving them. -Lupin is Lupin HEAR HEAR!!! As an Interior Designer I heartily concur. And I would never throw out anyone's books. A bookcase was the first piece of furniture I ever bought. If anyone touched my books I would kick them out of my home.

In the cat vs. dog debate, DOGS of course! Cats are Ok, they just do not do anything for me. Except I do attract every cat in the vicinity when I enter a cat person's house. Yes I have noticed some good cats (they act like dogs). I just do not want to worry about washing my hands all the time because I am allergic. I plan to have a dog one day when I have a house with a back yard. For now in my condo, I have two ferrets which I love. They are great condo/ apartment size pets that are a nice cross between cats and dogs. Only I am not allergic to them!

And in the dog versus cat debate, I like both, but prefer to live with cats! Sirius of course would be the exception! -Accio Sirius Well I should hope so!

Unfortunately my favorite breeds are Siberian Husky and Border Collie, and it will probably never be possible for me to own a dog of those breeds. They are working dogs, and need to work, or exercise a LOT, else they become cranky. -VeronikaG Our family dog (who lives out of state with my parents) is a Husky. She is a wonderful dog who needs exercise, especially when she was a puppy. She sheds like crazy and is very affectionate. She is spoiled rotten (as all pets should be), you can tell that by her name: Czarina. And she is treated as such by my mom.

Edit: Sorry this post is so long.


Gina R Snape - Jul 26, 2004 9:39 am (#1180 of 2955)

Oh, Sleeping Beauty I love Red Dwarf! Nice avatar.

Septentrion, what a sad story. Your poor baby died by accident. It could happen to anyone. I of course live in a city flat, not on a farm. But I do not allow the exterminators into my home. On the rare occasion a critter enters (usually an errant roach or fly), Nymphadora squeaks and squeals and hunts it down.

As for cats acting like dogs...well, both Fabergé in her youth and now Nymphadora are avid fetchers.


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 9:43 am (#1181 of 2955)

As for cats acting like dogs...well, both Fabergé in her youth and now Nymphadora are avid fetchers. –Gina

Good for you, Gina. My dogs will rarely play fetch, unless they, of course, initiate the game. That's why my brother calls them "cat dogs."

I'll have to tell him about your cats!


Ladybug220 - Jul 26, 2004 10:00 am (#1182 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 26, 2004 10:01 am

My cat Lizzie also fetches and she usually instigates the game but she will definitely play if you start it. When I give the cats those fake mice to play with, Lizzie (and Firenze too) will growl at the others when she has one and they get too close.


Acceber - Jul 26, 2004 11:57 am (#1183 of 2955)

Thanks for the welcome backs from all y'all who gave them. I feel so very loved. Kim-you said so naively "How was camp?" This can be done in one of two ways: A few words or a twenty page paper. The first one: Awesome, amamzing, getting better every year, the best five weeks of my life, funny, tiring, side splitting from laughing so hard. If anyone really wants to see the second-well-you won't be able to because I'm not taking the time to do it .

Boop-I'm really sorry to hear what happened. I'm just glad you're OK, I (and I think a few more people who are reading this) would definitely not like to lose you.

Happy Birthday to Marye and Kowalla!

Happy Anniversary to Eponine!

And a very Happy Monday to all!


Round Pink Spider - Jul 26, 2004 12:07 pm (#1184 of 2955)

Hi, I've never posted to the Chat thread before, so I don't really know people very well. Happy birthdays and Mondays!

I've had cats, and love them. My husband told me his father put a curse on him that he would marry an English major who had cats, and it happened. However, a lot of my family have allergies, too. And I promised my husband after my last cat passed away, we would get a dog. We now have a standard poodle, a girl, named "Stitch." (This is what you get for letting the kids name the dog.) A lot of times we call her "Snitch." Standard poodles are wonderful with kids, but they're REALLY PROTECTIVE!!! Anybody that ever tried to hurt me while I was out for a walk with her would be sooooo sorry!


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 12:14 pm (#1185 of 2955)

RPS, Hi! Nice to see you here.

I think it's a "Stitch" that your dog is named "Stitch." My kids love that movie, so I'm sure that if they had the opportunity, that's what they would've done! I didn't know Standard Poodles were so protective. I've learned a lot about animals the last few days on this chat thread! I've heard that poodles can be a good choice for allergy sufferers.

I'm sure that your hubby is not "cursed" with an English major who had cats! Sounds like a blessing to me...well, about the English major thing, anyway!


VeronikaG - Jul 26, 2004 12:22 pm (#1186 of 2955)

Welcome back from camp, Becca. Good to see you had a great time.

Boop, I'm sorry to hear how you feel. Being nervous and depressed is horrible. It usually only happens to me when something's up, but it's bad all the same. And having a near accident doesn't make it any better. Sending a feel better charm.

Hi Aisha! Finally someone from Norway here!

I'll be 24 this Saturday (yes, I'm born on July 31th, 1980) and I don't have a drivers license yet either. I really want to drive so badly I dream about it at night. Dream that I find a car and try to drive it, and keep bumping into everything because I don't have the license. I have had about 25 driving lessons, but my teacher was not of the best, so I didn't get anywhere. I would never have gotten a driver's license before my money ran out, I'm sure. Biggest problem is that my family doesn't have a car, we're bus people, so I can't practice. I have to pester a friend of mine to take me out driving. I hope he doesn't buy a nice car for a while.


Round Pink Spider - Jul 26, 2004 12:23 pm (#1187 of 2955)

I just met a Shih-Tzu the other day (really nice little cuddly dog, liked him a lot). Believe me, Stitch was a very appropriate name, especially at first. Now that my baby is 1 1/2, he loves to try to play with the dog. He especially loves her little stubby tail-puff! The other day, he was trying to stick his face into the puff as it was going back and forth in front of him, because it tickled.

More about Standard Poodles: Miniatures were bred down from them...they were originally bred as hunting dogs (Poodle is a corruption of the German word for puddle, because they were water dogs)...they were used in circuses, because they're one of the smartest of all dog breeds...and yes, like Shih-Tzus they have hair, so they're good for allergies, also.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 12:31 pm (#1188 of 2955)

Sounds like a blessing to me...well, about the English major thing, anyway! -- Catherine Allen

HEY! Let me just say that "I dont' agree." Razz  Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 2775603007


shepherdess - Jul 26, 2004 2:23 pm (#1189 of 2955)

Happy Birthday, Kowalla!! Sorry you had to work on your day.


The giant squid - Jul 26, 2004 2:29 pm (#1190 of 2955)

  As for cats acting like dogs...well, both Fabergé in her youth and now Nymphadora are avid fetchers.

As Marie E. can attest, her cat Samantha was quite a fetcher in her day, though only with plastic soda bottle caps. Alas, age and dealing with two rambunctious children have slowed Sam down a bit...

Betty, that's awful about your trucker experience! I get anxious whenever I pass or am passed by a semi, or if I'm next to a concrete barrier. Being stuck between the two definitely gives me the heebie-jeebies...and I'm usually a pretty calm guy.

Speaking of driving, I finally got my travel itinerary for training session I have to undergo for my promotion. They're flying me to Knoxville, TN, and I get a rental car to get from the hotel to the corporate office, and around town if I feel the need. The only thing is, I hate driving in a strange town, especially if there's a deadline involved (i.e. "Be at the office by 9 AM"). The topper is I get to chauffer another guy, simply because his plane lands later than mine.

Add to that the fact that I'll be three time zones ahead, which means their 9 AM is my 6 AM, and it'll be a very interesting week. They'd better give me a really big raise for this! Smile



Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 3:39 pm (#1191 of 2955)

Sounds like a blessing to me...well, about the English major thing, anyway! -- Catherine Allen HEY! Let me just say that "I dont' agree." Razz pcpb --Loopy Lupin

Hmm. I guess I'm prejudiced because I was an English major and I think anyone would be lucky to be married to an English major! Smile What was your major, Loopy? Did I say something wrong? Keep in mind that I married a chemistry major, so I can't talk. The joke I was making was about the cats!

Tim, no luck finding you a Hippogriff just yet, but you keep practicing your Disillusionment Charm just to be ready for when it comes!

Hi to everyone!


Eponine - Jul 26, 2004 3:47 pm (#1192 of 2955)

Well, I was also an English major as is my best friend; so I would have to agree with Catherine Allen about how lucky our spouses are. My husband was a history/political science major.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 3:50 pm (#1193 of 2955)

Kim-you said so naively "How was camp?" –Acceber

Naive, huh? Well, I can't remember that word ever being used to describe me, Becca. But, since I've never been to camp, I'll cede the point.

Hmm. I guess I'm prejudiced because I was an English major and I think anyone would be lucky to be married to an English major!--Catherine Allen

As an English major, I heartily agree. Except for his wife's obsession with this website, I consider my husband extremely lucky. ***quick looks around for typos***

Sherbie, if I sound out of breath, it's because I've spent the day trying to blow away that big, black cloud that's been hanging over your head.

Betty, sorry about the BST (big, scary truck). I have a friend who finds them terrifying and certainly your experience was. But it sounds like you handled it beautifully. Give yourself credit.


Prefect Marcus - Jul 26, 2004 3:54 pm (#1194 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 26, 2004 3:58 pm

Well, my wife thinks that Engineering majors make the best spouses.

(That's her stand when I am within hearing distance, that is.)



Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 3:57 pm (#1195 of 2955)

Well, my wife thinks that Engineering majors make the best spouses. --Prefect Marcus

Oh, Marcus. That's a whole other thread.


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 4:03 pm (#1196 of 2955)

Well, my wife thinks that Engineering majors make the best spouses. (That's her stand when I am within hearing distance, that is.)

Yes, that pesky hearing distance thing! :-)

My husband maintains, in my hearing distance, that he thinks it's good that we come from different academic disciplines. He shows me how to look at the world in a more scientific manner, and I help him proofread his grants and papers (I must love him; BIG YAWN!!). He also respects an English major's rhetorical skills, and says that I've showed him how to be a better lecturer and writer. He also doesn't tease me TOO much about spending time on the Forum, even though he thinks that is a BIG YAWN! Oh, well, somehow it works out.

We both agree about our children and our Shih-Tzus!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 4:10 pm (#1197 of 2955)

Did I say something wrong? Keep in mind that I married a chemistry major, so I can't talk. The joke I was making was about the cats! -- Catherine Allen

D'oh. Well, I was an English major and, fittingly enough, I completely misread your post. LOL. Sorry 'bout that. *goes off to iron hands*


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 4:22 pm (#1198 of 2955)

Well, Loopy, fairly enough, it might have been a lame joke anyway. I forbid you to hurt yourself!

By the way, I always kind of assumed you WERE an English major, although I'm not sure why. It must have been the rapier-like wit! Yep, we English majors are pretty darn awesome!

*Looks around for tomatoes before darting behind cover*


Marye Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 4:57 pm (#1199 of 2955)

I passed! It was close though-- I missed quite a few points on the parallel parking. Thanks to everyone who wished me luck. It's reassuring to know that there are others out there who didn't immediately run out to get their licenses when they were sixteen. :-)

The girl in front of me in line to take the test had the worst luck. She pulled out, got to the stop sign and failed immediately because she forgot to put her seatbelt on! I felt so sorry for her she must have been more nervous than I was (my leg was shaking so hard on the clutch during the parallel parking that I was afraid the woman testing me was going to think I was having a seizure or something... I couldn't even bring myself to talk properly for at least five minutes after she told me I had passed).

Well now I'm 18 and I have a license-- funny I don't feel any different. Maybe if I had a car... ;-)

As to the cat/dog debate: I am a dog person who pretends to be a cat person. I love cats but dogs just have this certain something they makes them so wonderful...


Loopy Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 4:58 pm (#1200 of 2955)

It must have been the rapier-like wit! Yep, we English majors are pretty darn awesome!-- Catherine Allen

Yes, yes, the wit is a dead give-away. Yes, yes, we are, indeed, great, and it’s about time some of these engineering types around here started worshipping us.

* looks around to duck flying tomato from Marcus*

EDIT-- congrats on the license. Yay. I must say, that your test sounded harder than mine, nearly 20 years ago. (Ergh!) You didn't have to parallel park and you didn't have to test on a standard transmission.
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ShelterGirl - Jul 26, 2004 5:07 pm (#1201 of 2955)

Marye- Congratulations. Although I have been following your saga, I have not posted about it because I didn't want to jinx you. For some reason when I wish people luck they do miserably, so I stayed out of it.

Having your license without a car is handy. You can now drive in an emergency, but no one will be bugging you for a ride. Smile


Marye Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 5:12 pm (#1202 of 2955)

I appreciate that then ShelterGirl!

Loopy Lupin- actually most people don't have test on a standard transmission but my dad is very much against automatic transmission (don't ask why- he's just like that) and would never ever buy an automatic car so I only had a standard transmission available to take the test in.


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 5:12 pm (#1203 of 2955)

Yes, yes, the wit is a dead give-away. Yes, yes, we are, indeed, great, and it’s about time some of these engineering types around here started worshipping us.

Tee hee! I guess little piglets will fly over Hogwarts before THAT happens!

Marye, CONGRATS! You passed! It's done! Woo-hoo!

I will tell you what I didn't tell you before, which is that I was such a Hermione-perfectionist that I refused to try to get a license until 2 months after my 16th birthday. My father drove up to school while I was playing on the tennis team, and "kidnapped" me. So I had my picture taken after playing tennis for 2 hours, and I had the meanest woman in the world as my examiner.

She wore a black trench coat, never smiled, and took me to all the local roads that had work being done on them, so that I had to "wing it." The good part was one of the roads was by the local library, and I practically lived there, so I already knew about the road work, so I was able to ask the Hag/examiner, "Should I go around, or do a three-point turn here?" She made me do the three-point turn, but HA! I felt like I had a one-up on her.

I swear that she looked very sour at this, but I did pass. She also didn't laugh at any of my jokes, wouldn't shake hands, and never told me her name. Sad

I wonder if The Simpsons had it right about DMV?


Celestina W. - Jul 26, 2004 5:14 pm (#1204 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 26, 2004 5:21 pm

Hmm...well, I should hope there's nothing wrong with marrying English majors, as I plan to major in English and I also hope to get married someday. And now this discussion has somehow gotten the song "An English Teacher" from Bye, Bye Birdie stuck in my hand. Thanks a lot, guys.

Sherbie, I hope you get good news about your mom, and soon. I know how awful it is waiting to find out what's wrong. You'll be in my prayers.

Betty, that sounds SO scary! I hate having trucks follow or pass me. I'm really glad you're OK.

EDIT: Congratulations on passing, Marye. And Happy Birthday to you and Kowalla!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 26, 2004 5:26 pm (#1205 of 2955)

She wore a black trench coat, never smiled, -- Catherine Allen

Perhaps she was mad that she didn't get to call you "the weakest link" and say "good bye!"


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 5:47 pm (#1206 of 2955)

Perhaps she was mad that she didn't get to call you "the weakest link" and say "good bye!"

Ooh, Loopy, that is hitting WAY below that black belted trench coat.

For your information, I had the quite lovely Meredith Vieria as my host for my game, and all the guys, rightfully so, panted after her! She is quite superior to the "Weakest Link" chick. Who made me worry about things even through the TV!

Maybe we on the HP websites should be clamoring for a game of our own? Or clamoring for a charity-based game featuring us?

I have to say that "Millionaire" was fun enough to do without a check. What if we could actually raise money? JKR is sincere in her desire to raise money for worthy charities. By the way, I also support people causes, not just pet causes. I just feel more comfortable, privacy-wise, talking about the pet causes.

I'm in that mind frame right now. I found out that the newsletter I wrote for the Humane Society raised quite a bit of money, way much more than usual. In fact, so far, at least five times as much as usual. So I am feeling powerful at the moment, and I'd love to extend that for other causes!

Kip, Steve, I don't want to overstep any bounds here, so apologies if I'm out of bounds.

EDIT: Erm, I really am an annoying Hermione after reading the above post!


Chemyst - Jul 26, 2004 6:17 pm (#1207 of 2955)

'Glad you're OK Betty. My bad-semi story seems mild by comparison. It blew a tire while passing me. Very loud.   And earlier someone asked about the zoo - did that question get answered? Was I reading too fast and missed it? When I moved from there about 16 years ago, they were doing major renovations. They had finished the conversion of the African Savannah habitat, but there was a Rain Forest habitat that was still under construction. That looked like it would be really cool. Was it?

Congratulations Marye. (And how do you pronounce Marye?)

Catherine, I will let you hold on to the honor of having the meanest woman examiner, but I had the meanest male. After filling out a very lengthy form, it required a signature at the bottom. My normal handwriting is a cursive italic style (looks a lot like manuscript printing but most of the letters connect). The officer tore up the form and told me I had to do it again and use a proper signature -- which, of course, looked nothing like my normal writing. Then I took the road rest and parallel parked. I did everything well and he had already marked me down for passing with 98 out of 100 points. He then gets out of the car (it is still in the parking space) and motions for me to pull out up and to the right. (To pull out of a real parking space one would have to back up a little first and then turn to the left to drive out, but this was made of cones in the middle of a lot). I didn't really know what to do but decided to obey his signal, which of course, knocked over a cone. So he changed my grade to fail. An English major is too good for his kind, I hope he was married to a High Inquisitioner.
By the way, the next year, a state law passed that said if you usually print, then that counts as a valid signature.


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 6:20 pm (#1208 of 2955)


I so totally agree. I am thinking that Hermione's bluebell flame is WAY too mild for such a man!

See, Marye, we all have driving trauma. Good thing that Harry can just "Apparate!"

Edit: Chemyst, upon even further reflection, I have the horrible impulse to torture this man. Maybe he should repot Mandrakes for a year!


Kowalla - Jul 26, 2004 6:26 pm (#1209 of 2955)

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. Marye: CONGRATS!!! I knew you'd do it! By the way, I'm jealous, your birthday started one hour earlier than mine! :p So far, it's been a pretty nice day, even if I did have to work today. My husband did come up to work & bring me some lovely roses, & some of my co-workers got me a bunch of balloons & sang at the top of their lungs to me. Yeah, that's always great right in the middle of Wal Mart. lol

Betty, I am so sorry to hear about your awful experience with the truck! My sister had a similar thing happen with a school bus trying to switch to her lane & ran her out of there right as she was going through a tunnel, she had her video camera in the car & taped the whole thing, including where the bus hit her, & where it shoved her into the curb, & the scuff marks from the tires all the way down the curb. It actually dragged her car down the road for a while! I am so glad that didn't happen to you.

Good luck to everyone that needs it, & I hope everyone has a great Monday!


SarcasticGinny - Jul 26, 2004 6:29 pm (#1210 of 2955)

Big congrats Marye!

Betty - what a near miss! I'm so glad you're okay.

As for the cat and dog issue, let me put in another vote for dogs. Cats are okay, but the whole allergic-sneezing-itchy crying eyes thing keeps me more of a dog person. Oddly, though, my schnauzer-poodle mix named Molly is a bit cat-like. She is prissy, aloof, plays favorites with people, curls up in warm places, and hates the water..hmm...

I had no idea there were this many past, present, or future English majors here! (Me too.) I find in coupling that a "wordy brained" person like myself fit’s well with a "techie brained" person like an engineer, a scientist, or at least someone who is more analytical than myself. It's a nice balance.


Gina R Snape - Jul 26, 2004 7:01 pm (#1211 of 2955)

Congratulations Marye! I think for anyone who has ever taken a road test, it is one of those things you never forget...

And now, just because I feel like it,

Nymphadora guarding a toy

and Faberge snoozing on my windowsill.


Catherine - Jul 26, 2004 7:05 pm (#1212 of 2955)


You already know that your ladies are very beautiful, but may I offer my compliments just the same?

And I do like how you do not extoll their virtues. You let their pictures do their meowing....

Quite nice, even if I as an extreme dog person have to say so....


Gina R Snape - Jul 26, 2004 7:19 pm (#1213 of 2955)

Thank you, Catherine. I believe all animals are only as beautiful as you treat them. I love my kitties as though I had birthed them myself. I take my 'parenthood' seriously with what I feed them and making sure they get proper medical treatment.

But I do think I have two particularly attractive animals though


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 7:27 pm (#1214 of 2955)

Well, Gina. I have to say, that has to be the sexiest (can I use that word here?) picture of Alan Rickman I've ever seen. **must resume breathing**


Ladybug220 - Jul 26, 2004 7:33 pm (#1215 of 2955)

Gina great pict of Alan and your Nymphadora looks eeerily like my Firenze. Too bad I don't have any digital picts of my cats.

good job Marye!


timrew - Jul 26, 2004 7:38 pm (#1216 of 2955)

Thank you, Rebecca, for your comments.

And Kim, are you saying that Alan Rickman is Hot-t-t-t-t!?


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 7:39 pm (#1217 of 2955)

Why yes, Tim, I am.


Gina R Snape - Jul 26, 2004 7:51 pm (#1218 of 2955)

I know, Kim. I know... You can see the beginnings of that fretful vertical crease between his eyebrows. But it's the curl of the bottom lip that screams 'Severus Snape', no?

I believe he's about 30 in that photo. Email me if you'd like the larger version, or just go to the RADA site here and click on 'Faces and Anecdotes.' The photo was taken for their Centenary celebration.

*Forgiveness beseeched from all for my obvious shameful fangirlishness and momentary lapse of composure.*

EDIT: Kenneth Branagh, Fiona Shaw and Timothy Spall are featured there too, for all interested.


Marie E. - Jul 26, 2004 7:55 pm (#1219 of 2955)

Gina, I can't believe how big Nymphadora is getting! She's not a little kitty anymore.

Mike, when someone mentioned cats that act like dogs, didn't you think of Tyler? When my brother and I lived together in Georgia I had a cat named Tyler who thought he was a dog, I think. He greeted me at the door, followed me around the house, slept at the foot of my bed, just weird things like that. Samantha was more of a Garfield type, looking at Ty and shaking her head. Ty also loved the fact that Mike worked in a barbeque restaurant. He was always licking Mike's work pants that has sauce spattered on them.

It was sunny today. I am cautiously optimistic.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 8:06 pm (#1220 of 2955)

Thanks Gina. I don't think I need a larger version. **laughs at the thought of my husband's face if Rickman's came up as my screen saver**

But I do like him very much as your avatar and would put in a request that you don't change it any time soon.


Gina R Snape - Jul 26, 2004 8:09 pm (#1221 of 2955)

I shall take it under consideration.

But I do think you need to at least see the larger version...

BTW, Acceber, when I was 13 I went to sleep away camp and I loved it. Thanks for reminding me how much fun it was!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 8:11 pm (#1222 of 2955)

Oh, alright. Twist my arm.


McSnurp - Jul 26, 2004 8:48 pm (#1223 of 2955)

Hey everyone! Just got back from vacation... I should really start to read the posts on here... hee. Umm... for anyone that wanted to see me dive card here it is! I think I'm getting a cold, so I'll have time to read some posts!




Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 26, 2004 9:01 pm (#1224 of 2955)

Gina-- I went, I saw, I admired.

What a hottie!

*waves to Tim*


Caput Draconis - Jul 26, 2004 9:43 pm (#1225 of 2955)

Gah. GAH. Gina, your cats are lovely, but your avatar...I...I mean...the eyes...the eyes...

You know I came on today planning to change mine to the black and white pic of him on stage as Antony, twas over on LJ a couple of days ago (I lurk, hehe). All swarthy and bearded and whatnot, but I fear I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the posts with his RADA pic added to the mix. I actually wanted to put the Private Lives program one up, but...well, waaaaay to distracting.

ANYWAY, moving quietly on, congrats Marye! Don't let scary road stories freak you out, just remember what you learnt and you'll be fine. GL, I just sounded like my mother...


Madam Pince - Jul 26, 2004 10:42 pm (#1226 of 2955)

Well, I've been gone for about ten days and just now finished the 500+ posts in this thread that I hadn't read. Whew!

We spent the past week trying to make a dent in cleaning out my late aunt's house, which is about an hour and a half from my house. We just stayed over there rather than going back and forth. Made a little bit of progress but there is soooo much junk in there yet to go. I am trying to use the "Clean Sweep" team's method (three piles - Keep, Sell, Toss) but somehow it's not working quite so well as they do. However, I agree with the other comments here about that show -- I get so mad with those people when they 'force' the homeowners to throw away things which have sentimental value. I'd tell them where to put their little "Toss" sign if they tried that on me! And I have another pet peeve about those type of shows -- too often the designers just design a "pretty" room that they (the designer) likes. For example, that guy Doug is always copping a big old attitude about "I'm the designer -- their wishes don't count." Whereas to me, a good designer recognizes that the room ought to fit the needs and tastes of the homeowner who is actually going to use the room. If he was such a talented designer, he could figure out a way to do that and yet still utilize his own creativity.

I didn't get as much done last week as I'd hoped, in part because I've had some sort of stomach flu / virus since last Tuesday. I feel like I'm starving, but every time I eat anything, I pay a steep price! The Ask-A-Nurse hotline told me not to bother going to a doctor because it just has to run it’s course. Bleah. I feel like I got hit by that truck that almost sideswiped Betty. (Glad you're safe, Boop! And here's a big hug and best wishes that you'll feel better soon! {{{Betty}}}

Meg, congratulations on your wedding! I was so sorry to hear about your car wreck right before, however. Like you really needed that extra hassle right before your wedding day! Hope you're better.

Brandon, congratulations on the new job! I knew you could do it! Have a fun August!

Caput, I love your AR avatar! Quite distinguished looking! And Gina, yours looks almost exactly like some fan art I've seen of Sirius -- I'm sure Prof. Snape would NOT appreciate that! What a great shot of AR, though! Very Severus.

Marye, congratulations on getting your driver's license! Yay! Don't worry about parallel parking so much -- I've been driving for almost a quarter of a century and I still only get it right about 3 out of 4 times.... (well, on the first try anyway.) I'd venture to say that's probably true of most people.

Accio Sirius, sounds like you had a great time at Wintergreen. I lived very near there for about 15 years, and we often went up there for a nice dinner or a business meeting or just to get away. One of my best friends and her husband got engaged up there at the fancy restaurant (is it called the Copper Kettle or something?)

Sorry to drag out the Great Coke Debate again, but I'm so bummed I missed out on that discussion! I agree with Loopy Lupin that calling everything "Coke" is more of a Southern thing, or maybe a "country" thing. I grew up in rural Virginia, and no matter what brand of soft drink you were discussing, it was called "Coke" or "Co-cola." Or sometimes, as Lisaren noted, "drinks." (My two-year-old refers to them as CO-colas; he has the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble, but he's getting there.) My family has always liked the "baby Cokes" in the small glass bottles -- in fact, I am right now sporting a lovely deep gash in my shin as a result of said son shattering one of those glass bottles down on the concrete garage floor when I told him he couldn't have it. Thankfully he wasn't cut, but there was nasty glass everywhere.

Leprechaun Jack, I remember reading about Moxie in the 'Trixie Belden' books I read as a teenager -- I knew it was some type of soft drink but had never seen it or heard of it anywhere other than in those books.

DJ Evans, you aren't the only one who remembers "an RC and a Moon Pie" -- and also peanuts in a coke -- yummmm! Padfoot, I know it might sound yucky, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it! My grandfather used to run a small country store (you know the kind if you've ever lived in a rural area -- it's a post office / gas station / grocery store / TV repair shop / local hangout all in one.) He sold Planters peanuts in those long skinny cellophane bags, and it was practically a requirement to tear the top off the bag, sipping a little Coke out of the bottle first to make room, and then stuffing the bag top into the bottle to dump the peanuts into the drink. Quite often that served as lunch! (We were such healthy eaters! ) And it requires a great deal of skill to drink out juuussst the right amount of Coke so that it doesn't fizz over when you dump the nuts in, yet still giving you at least one peanut per sip of Coke until the bottle is empty. As I said, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

VeronikaG, I can't believe you've never had a Coke float -- you don't know what you're missing, girl! I personally prefer mine with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla, but then I also put two teaspoons of sugar in my tea and coffee, too. (I can see Flame cringing right now....)

Sherbie, I swear to pete, you've had the worst luck of anybody I've ever seen. I don't mean to laugh, but your incident with the gas stove just cracked me up. I know if I ever feel like I've been having a bad day, I can just read one of your posts and it makes me feel like my day wasn't so bad after all -- so thanks! So sorry about your car; that is just too ironic that it would happen right before you were going to put it in your new garage. Sigh. If it makes you feel any better, I'd bet lots of galleons that those "bug eggs" were just some sort of packing material detritus. The first time my son's disposable diaper got a tear in it, he was covered with these sort-of gel-like granular beads, which freaked me out because I didn't know the diaper had torn. What's more, I never really thought about the stuff that's inside those diapers anyway, which is basically padding that's absorbent. Thankfully I figured out what it was before I totally embarrassed myself by calling the pediatrician screaming "What IS that on his behind???" Anyway, here's hoping you have much better luck upcoming.

Well, this post is quite long enough, I think. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all those celebrating things; condolences and commiserations to all those bummed out about things; and good luck to all those facing upcoming nerve-wracking events!


Madam Pince - Jul 26, 2004 10:57 pm (#1227 of 2955)

Oh, I forgot one other thing. Catherine, you asked whether people are just fundamentally a cat-person or a dog-person -- I tend to think so, and it seems generally to follow the personality of introvert vs. extrovert. Has anyone ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? It was big in the "corporate-world-feel-good-about-yourself-human-resources" field about a decade ago. Basically you answer a bunch of questions and your personality gets categorized along four lines, one of which is introvert vs. extrovert. Seemed like most of the introverts preferred cats, and extroverts preferred dogs. My Type Indicator (ESTJ, if anyone cares) was just barely over into the Extrovert line, and that is consistent, because I pretty much like both cats and dogs equally. They each have their good and bad points, I think. There's nothing to beat the feeling of a cat purring on your lap as you read a book and drink a cup of hot tea -- but then there are the hairballs, too, to be stepped in during the bare-footed early morning stumble to the bathroom. Dogs are just so dang loyal and friendly, but they cannot be left on their own for a day or two if you have to go on a short trip. My kitty Indy, rest his soul, was so great. I had one of those "time-release" food and water stations, and he was so independent that he was perfectly ok for up to two nights away from home. Our Annie, a yellow lab, is adorable, but much more high-maintenance and kind of big and rowdy. I love them both.

Gina, your Nymphadora and Faberge remind me of the cats my babysitter had when I was little. A little tiny black female kitty showed up one day, and a few months later she had four kittens, all Toms. We named them Number One, Number Two, Number Three, and Number Four -- because they had perfectly round white spots at their throats in descending sizes. It was really pretty remarkable how exactly in proportion each succeeding spot was, and they were solid black otherwise. All four of them would pile up together in the same cardboard box to sleep, even when they became huge big-boy cats, making the box rounded also and looking like it was full of a bear-skin rug. They were so great.


The giant squid - Jul 27, 2004 1:30 am (#1228 of 2955)

   Well now I'm 18 and I have a license-- funny I don't feel any different. Maybe if I had a car... ;-)

Heh, I know what you mean, Marye. I got my license at 16 (on the third try...) but didn't get my first car until I was in my 20's. I spent a lot of time being nice to the guy with the car...

If Shih-Tzus are "cat-dogs", then Marie's cat Tyler was definitely a "dog-cat". Not only would he follow us around, every time someone stood up he'd dash to his food bowl, assuming we were going to feed him. Never mind that the bowl was quite full already & he'd just done the same thing only moments before...

Madame Pince: I think that may be the first time I've seen anyone make a View From The Top reference. Kudos! Smile



Chemyst - Jul 27, 2004 5:22 am (#1229 of 2955)

Oh, Madam Pince, you are so right -- a good designer recognizes that the room ought to fit the needs and tastes of their client. A much more rational approach to getting organized is found at flylady.net . They have a fourth bin in their keep/toss/sell system -- Give Away -- to benefit others as well. They emphasize keeping the things you love. And they do it in "babysteps." I hope you are feeling better.

Thanks Gina & Caput for all your research into avatars. I'm sure it is tedious *work* It is really nice to have forum folk who can give me my daily fix in a thumbnail so I don't have to spend time surfing movie sites and embarass myself by coming off like a girlie fan.


ShelterGirl - Jul 27, 2004 5:29 am (#1230 of 2955)

Madam Pince- I missed the Great Softdrink Debate of 2004, but in reading your post I got the giggles. I live in NC, and the Peanuts in Coke thing was something I just HAD to try. Wow. Yum. And it really only works in the glass bottle...

And Gina- Thank you for making my morning. That's all I'm gonna say, as I don't want to come off as a girlie fan either. Smile

*goes to pop Galaxy Quest into the player...*


Marè - Jul 27, 2004 5:56 am (#1231 of 2955)
Edited Jul 27, 2004 6:59 am

Heh, I know what you mean, Marye. I got my license at 16 (on the third try...)

I already had this discussion a while ago with some pottie-people (Hi Caput!) who were in the middle of getting their driver’s license. but it is funny to see how much differences there are between countries.
For instance, even if I would have liked to, I wouldn't be allowed to learn to drive till my 18th birthday. And over here you don't learn to drive with your father/mother/other person with a car. You learn to drive with an instructor, in his car. (Expensive...)
And when you have your test, you drive in your instructors car too, with your examiner. The lessons and the test are on the streets (no cones, just the real thing) preferably in the city. There is no such thing as a learners permit. You either have a license or you don't... allthough they did start a debate about trying out something like that. I failed the first time by the way, I started of with a traffic sign after ten meters and forgot to stop for the red light... You can guess I was nervous didn't get much better after that.

And on the interior design discussion; They broadcast some of these american shows over here, and Oprah sometimes has these theme shows too. I'm always in shock, because I have so far never thought any of the endresults an improvement. The things these people put in other people’s houses... yuk!
I'm wondering if it is a cultural difference in taste, or a total loathing of interior "design" in general. (these people are often sooo fond of themselves).
I should check out a local "rebuild some-one elses house" show to check if I like those houses better.

PS Peanuts and cola????? Might have to try that one.

Edit: congrats Marye!


Penny Lane. - Jul 27, 2004 6:23 am (#1232 of 2955)

Are you saying to put the peanuts in the Coke? Why does that not sound even halfway appealing to me? BTW, we still have Coca-Cola in glass bottles here, and not just at Christmas - but it's expensive. I actually like the cans better, because it seems like it’s the only way that soda is cold enough for me to drink.

Congratulations Marye - I felt the same when I turned 18. It was the whole "am I supposed to feel special, because I really don't?"

I hate to admit it, but I cried during "Trading Spaces" on Friday. They were doing Habitat houses, so the show gave each designer $12,500 instead of the usual $1,000. Well, both designers were WAY under budget, so one of the family's got a trip to Ireland, and the other ones got more than one room fixed up, plus a bunch of stuff for their baby. See, while my hatred for these design shows may have sparked this discussion (Clean Sweep throwing out books) I can't seem to stop watching.


Catherine - Jul 27, 2004 6:34 am (#1233 of 2955)

When my youngest was born I got hooked on those home-remodeling shows on HGTV.

Now that we totally remodeled an older home (it took 15 months, was brutally expensive, and I almost went mental), I CANNOT watch those shows. The people always looks so healthy and normal in the beginning. I start yelling at them through the TV set, "Don't! Don't do it! It'll be like The Amityville Horror meets The Money Pit. Trust me! Get out now while you can!" Then, during filming, you see these people gradually become beaten down and frustrated and frantic. I'm left shaking my head at them, throught the television screen, murmuring, "I'm so sorry, so sorry, but I DID tell you so!"

I love what we did to our house, and we did get the house of our dreams, but it was a nightmare to get to the end. So I just flip right on past those shows on HGTV and say, "I don't need to watch; I've lived it!"


Accio Sirius - Jul 27, 2004 7:09 am (#1234 of 2955)

Wow. I swear I read this thread before I went to bed and yet so many new posts and Gina's new avatar---WOW! Just a thought--what if Alan Rickman played Sirius?

I too was an English major--with a minor in photo journalism. I still work the trade so to speak.

Catherine, funny you should mention those reality shows. I just watched extreme home make over, fantasizing that someone would come and fix my house problems--most of which are cosmetic and junk related. We had some work done last summer and even a few small jobs were enough to make me insane. The toilet in the hallway for a week; the washer-dryer in the dining room. I am by no means a perfectionist, but some of the things the workman did were just asinine, so on top of waiting for it to be done, it had to be done over again correctly. I thought choosing paint colors would be fun, but it was a nightmare. I wanted sort of a creamy, refreshing citrus orange (very light) in our main bathroom and went through South Beach and Creamsicle and Aspergum before concocting a mellow peachier blend that I'm sure I will never again be able to duplicate. Good luck to anyone doing any home repair and remodeling. You can come and camp out at my house and drink Margaritas. That's what got me through it!


Flame Alligator - Jul 27, 2004 7:19 am (#1235 of 2955)

Marye, Congrats on getting your license. I too took my first driver's test on a stick shift. I also learned on a stick shift. In this country, not too many "girls" drive a stick. I use to love shocking guys when they saw that my firebird was a stick.

Madamn Pince, LOL I won't cringe if you use raw sugar which is delicious, btw. I am so glad you are back. I missed you.

Fawkes, *waving at you*

On remodeling and decorating shows I have one comment: *SCREAMING REALLY LOUDLY*

Birthday Greetings to all who were born today. Enjoy you are only getting better.

Have a great day everyone.


Edit: Am I the only health nut on this forum? I feel so alone.


Marye Lupin - Jul 27, 2004 7:44 am (#1236 of 2955)

Congratulations Marye. (And how do you pronounce Marye?) – Chemyst

My name is actually just Mary. I added the 'e' as a joke because when I went to the french school everybody kept spelling my name Marie. E is also my middle initial.

It's funny 18 is supposed to be such a big birthday so I feel like there should be something I can do now that I couldn't do two days ago but I can't think of anything (other than driving and there's still that pesky car problem...). When I turned 17 I immediately wanted to go see a rated R movie in theaters. Unfortunately the theater near my house never cards anybody. I almost felt like demanding that they check my ID :-)

Ah well... maybe when I'm 21...


haymoni - Jul 27, 2004 7:50 am (#1237 of 2955)

Mary - a friend of mine was in the same boat - 18 means nothing anymore - so she went to her local Catholic church and played Bingo!

My husband does home improvement - painting, tile, etc. - and he believes that all of those shows are fake. He refuses to believe that "Trading Spaces" can make those kinds of transformations in 2 days. "That color will take at least 3 coats to cover, it won't dry in time, when will they have time to install the shelving/cabinets/built-in couches...blah, blah, blah."

Has Harry Potter taught him nothing??? It's MAGIC!!!


Padfoot - Jul 27, 2004 8:32 am (#1238 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 27, 2004 8:32 am

Congratulations Marye!

I remember reading those 'Trixie Belden' too. I had forgotten all about them until you reminded me Madam Pince.

Gina, thank you for that picture of Alan!!!!! He looks so young there. That is probably the best picture I have seen of him. He does look rather Siriusy there.

You are right haymoni, there is a lot of off air time that those remodeling shows do not air on tv. It looks really cool to see a remodeling show that makes a fantastic transformation in days. In reality, there are permit’s, design time, lead time on furniture and always unexpected mishaps. But it's much more view able to see it condensed in only a few days.

Since Gina posted pictures of her kitties, I want to post pictures of my ferrets. Here are George and Emma, my fur babies.


Lisaren - Jul 27, 2004 8:44 am (#1239 of 2955)

In two days, good grief 100 posts. Betty, thank goodness you came through the ordeal with the truck OK. Me, I would have pulled over, shook uncontrollably, and maybe been able to finish the drive after 30 minutes of sitting trying to calm down. Mary - Congratulations on passing the drivers test. I should have failed mine at 16 (a long time ago), but I got a fill in examiner and he gave me a break because I told him everything I had done wrong during the test after the test was over. Actually, he said I was harder on myself and reported some things he missed. Gina, absolutely adorable kitties. I currently have no digital pictures of my two kitties, but I love them just the same. Padfoot, I have always loved ferrets and yours are just the cutest.


Catherine - Jul 27, 2004 8:45 am (#1240 of 2955)

Oh, George and Emma are so cute, Padfoot! I'm a little upset right now with JKR for turning Draco into a "bouncing ferret!" Your little furbabies deserve better.

Haymoni, yeah, the guys who worked on my house would get so annoyed with those remodeling shows. You could tell that they watched them just so they could sit back and criticize! I guess it was a sort of sport with them! :-) I also think they hated them because it gives a false impression of just how long even simple remodel jobs can take. (Are remodel jobs ever "simple?")

I could probably use the organizing help. I've been cleaning out my pantry this morning because, unbeknownst to me, my daughter spilled goldfish crackers in there. I went into the pantry and -loud gasp- I have icky ants everywhere. Let's just say that I am NOT happy at the moment! ACK! How can so many ants come from nowhere!


Julia. - Jul 27, 2004 8:53 am (#1241 of 2955)

Beats me Catherine. My parents always warned me to use plates but did I listen? Of course not. You can imagine the shock when I felt a gigantic ant crawling up my leg while I was reading the forum.

Marye, lets see, 18. On my 18th birthday my dad took me and two friends to see the Yankees play (we won by the way, over Boston! ) Now that you're legal, you can buy cigarettes, er, inappropriate things, lottery tickets, and probably the most important, you can register to vote. Actually, the latter was the only one of those things I did when I turned 18. It's a really great year, so enjoy it!


Padfoot - Jul 27, 2004 8:58 am (#1242 of 2955)

Julia, I was excited about voting when I turned 18 too. Most of my friends thought that was funny as they didn't care about voting at all.

Thanks Lisaren and Catherine! I think my ferrets are cute too, but I may be biased.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 27, 2004 8:58 am (#1243 of 2955)

In another life, my husband used to work construction. The words he most hated to hear a homeowner say were, "Well, I was watching on This Old House...".

Catherine, I couldn't sympathize more about the ants. I absolutely despise them. I've been battling them these past few springs and, with hopes I don't jinx myself, I think the tide may be turning. However, when ant season arrives I'm like a madwoman with the vacuum and my children know to steer clear until I'm done sucking the little buggers up.


anbigin - Jul 27, 2004 9:47 am (#1244 of 2955)

Ok, to set the whole Catwoman thing straight: I will only be spending ONE whole dollar on the whole event as by the time I get back state side it will have moved into the dollar theater in Tallie. HEHEHE! So I don't feel too guilty going to see it:) (Heck, that's even cheaper than waiting to rent the movie)

As promised here is the Horse ice cream article: Neigh!

And just a comment to the whole turning 18 discussion: I too felt almost nothing while turning 18 except that I was now able to vote. I was extremely excited because I was still able to register in time (2 months before actually) to vote in THE 2000 Presidential Election. Although I was lucky enough to be in a county in Florida that had competent voters and a good voting system, I still felt very disappoint and ashamed of my whole state when everything went so badly:( I wish I could post pics of my kitties! Peace- Kat


virgoddess1313 - Jul 27, 2004 9:51 am (#1245 of 2955)

I didn't feel particularly excited about my 18th birthday either. In fact, it was more a pain than anything. My friends go me a bunch of rude gifts and my ex-boyfriend spent a great deal of time begging me to buy him some cigars, and didn't understand why I would not. It had a few perks, viting for one, but overall, I didn't find it was such a big change.


timrew - Jul 27, 2004 10:32 am (#1246 of 2955)

Sue (Doc Filibuster), you asked me to e-mail you a copy of the panto, but your e-mail address is private!

If you want to send it to me, click on my pic and you'll find my e-mail address.


Marye Lupin - Jul 27, 2004 11:07 am (#1247 of 2955)

Well I live in the DC area and almost everyone at my school is fairly politically active so I've actually been registered to vote for over a year. (you can register whenever as long as your 18 by november)

I am excited about this year because I'm going to college though! I'm practically counting the days until I leave.


boop - Jul 27, 2004 11:53 am (#1248 of 2955)

Gina, your kitties are so cute.

Padfoot your ferrets are so cute too.

Thank you everyone, I am glad to be safe. I got my mirror replaced today and it only cost 21 dollars so that wasn't to bad. I am just spending the rest of my vacation at home, relaxing not up for a trip to my sisters in NJ. I just not ready to get back on the highway with all the trucks and deal with them for 5 hours.

Have a nice day everyone.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 27, 2004 12:33 pm (#1249 of 2955)

I am just spending the rest of my vacation at home, relaxing not up for a trip to my sisters in NJ. I just not ready to get back on the highway with all the trucks and deal with them for 5 hours. -- boop

I don't blame you. Let me also extend my belated emphathies for your bad experience. I say "empathies" because although I've never been in your exact situation, I find myself travelling long distances quite often and big trucks are just the absolute worst. You just rest and take it easy. :-)


Caput Draconis - Jul 27, 2004 2:50 pm (#1250 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 27, 2004 2:50 pm

I never realised the driving type differences between countries either (hi Mare!), so yay forum. A guy from California in my class was quite confused at the concept of having 'P' plates on the front and back of your car, red for the first year, green for the next two-ish. They just kind of restrict you, ie I can only go 90 (k's) on a freeway, so aforementioned scary giant trucks are constantly overtaking me at alarming speeds. Zero b/a limit too, which is a good thing, me thinks. Except if you need to take cough medicine, or something.

18 for me means you get to do stuff; you can get your license when you're 17 or so, but 18 you can vote, drink, smoke, get into R movies (that's like NC17 for me...erm, but 18) and stuff - it's pretty much the 'legal' birthday. 21 (fast approaching for me, I'm nearly with Tim & co, Sep 23) is ridiculously sentimental, giant keys and random relatives and stuff. So there we go.

MP and Chemyst, hehe, I spend half my life coming off as an embarrassingly girly fan. Tis hard work, but someone's gotta do it...
Lady Arabella
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Eponine - Jul 27, 2004 2:56 pm (#1251 of 2955)

Madam Pince, I also remember Trixie Belden. My dad would take us to the book store at the flea market and buy us copies almost every weekend. I loved those books.

My 18th birthday was in August of 96, so I got to vote in that election. As for the rest of my birthday, I was able to take control of some money I had inherited from my dad, so I bought a car. Not a nice car, mind you, but a car that I ended up spending more to repair over the years than the darn thing cost in the first place, but at the time I was thrilled just to have a car.

My husband and I are getting ready to move in a couple of weeks into a bigger place. Of course just about anything is bigger than our tiny one bedroom that we are in now. Decorating shows are interesting, but I agree that most designers just do whatever they feel like. Whenever I see the end results, I always wonder what it's going to look like after the cameras leave.


Madam Poppy - Jul 27, 2004 4:31 pm (#1252 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 27, 2004 4:34 pm

Congratulations Marye! The only thing worse than anticipating your driver's test is waiting to have surgery!
Unfortunately you all may still have to take your driver's license more than once or twice! I've had to take the test 4 times over the years. I failed my very 1st test because the examiner said I didn't yield to some left turners. (I think he just sensed I was terrified.) I had the same guy the second time I took the test. He showed no signs he recognized me and passed me with few complaints. I didn't renew my license before we moved (to save the $$) and found out I had to do the driving test again in the new state. (dumb..dumb) Then again just after moving to another new state, my car was broken into while we were at the beach and someone stole my wallet from the glove compartment. Since I didn't have a current license from my last residence to turn in ....you guessed it, I had to take the driving test all over again. You'd think that the test would get easier to take, right? No! I do not ever parallel park and can not understand why it is a requirement.


ShelterGirl - Jul 27, 2004 5:43 pm (#1253 of 2955)

Gosh. 18th birthdays... It's good to see that so many people were excited to be able to vote. I registered immediately, even though my first presidential election wasn't going to be for another year. On my 18th birthday, many years ago, my mom took me to a Phillies game so that I could have my first legal beer at the Stadium watching my team. It was a nice day.

And regarding home improvement shows, if anyone ever comes near my sofa with an electric carving knife, well...I won't be held responsible for my actions.


Catherine - Jul 27, 2004 5:45 pm (#1254 of 2955)

I should hope not, Shelter Girl!


Pinky - Jul 27, 2004 6:48 pm (#1255 of 2955)

Just a note to those posting pictures - as fun as they are, some people still use *cough* dial-up and it may slow down their surfing. I luckily just got DSL, so it's not a problem at all. If you have a link to a personal website, that might work, or just do one picture at a time, so that someone with a slow modem can manage to see the picture within a reasonable length of time.


Brandon Christopher - Jul 27, 2004 7:13 pm (#1256 of 2955)

Although I didn't register to vote right away I really wanted to. I was afraid that if I registered to vote I would have to register for the draft at the same time. And seeing as how I did NOT want to go off to Iraq if the draft got reinstated I stalled as long as possible. I waited until I got my six month warning from the military before I registered (if you fail to register after receiving one of those you can get up to seven years in prison.) I had registered to vote by then though because I had found out that registering to vote and registering for the draft are two completely different things. I have voted in every state and local election I could since I turned 18. So even though I waited to register I didn't miss anything. My family has always been very politically active and I wasn't going to miss my first chance to vote.

So um yeah... this was sort of a pointless post...

*runs away from the topic again cackling madly*


Leila 2X4B - Jul 27, 2004 7:27 pm (#1257 of 2955)

I registered to vote immediately. I couldn't wait. It is funny because my mother and I are at the opposite of the political spectrum. I favor the right(not Right) party and she favors the wrong party. It pains me that I missed the Clinton/Dole election that was too much fun.

Julia, sorry to hear about your 18th birthday. It must have been terrible watching the Sox lose.

Congrats Marye it is good to get capable drivers out there.

I think waiting for grades is the worst thing. I had such a panic over one class, Writing History, it was a 4000 level and so hard. I earned a 4.0 in it and overall, but the wait nearly killed. My family threatened to cancel my internet service if I logged on again merely 5 hours after I handed in my final.



Julia. - Jul 27, 2004 8:36 pm (#1258 of 2955)

Actually Leila, it was great! That game was Mike Mussina/David Cone round 2. The week before Mussina pitched a near perfect game in Boston. That day they went at it again. Cone only lasted four innings and gave up 5 runs to Tino Martinez on 2 run and 3 run homers. He left to a standing ovation from us Yankee fans.

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening!


Tomoé - Jul 27, 2004 9:15 pm (#1259 of 2955)

I left for the week-end, I come back and I'm 150 posts behind!!!

Congratulation Marye!

I got my license at 16 on the third try too Mike (I suppose that make us partner in failure ^_^)

Por, por Madame Poppy, driver license four times!

I'm glad your vacation went all right Mrs Sirius!

And for the record, I like cats, I like dogs, as long as they don't belong to me. Lack of attention I think.


The giant squid - Jul 27, 2004 11:20 pm (#1260 of 2955)

   You can come and camp out at my house and drink Margaritas.

Careful AS, I may just take you up on that offer! Wink

As for the infamous 18th birthday...I too registered to vote right away, and have regretted it ever since. Is it me, or are the choices getting less and less appealing every election year?

   I got my license at 16 on the third try too Mike (I suppose that make us partner in failure ^_^)

Works for me, Tomoe. Very Happy



Solitaire - Jul 28, 2004 12:16 am (#1261 of 2955)

Greetings, everyone. I just joined the HP Forum the other day and this is my first post on this thread. I believe it is the one Boop suggested to me. Thank you, Boop.

I have already posted on the Remus Lupin, McGonagall, Wormtail, and Umbridge threads. In fact, I think the Giant Squid reminded me that just because Umbridge was evil didn't mean she was a DE, a point I'm willing to concede. Oh, and for the record ... no, it isn't just you. The choices really are getting less and less appealing with each election. Or maybe we are just getting more perceptive and less gullible ...

About my posts ... I know Sherbie Lemon rebuked me soundly for suggesting that Willy Widdershins squealed to Umbridge about the DA instead of Dung. Oh, well ... I guess that's part of the game, right? I believe a couple of my other ideas were believed to contain some miniscule shred of merit, so I guess it evens out. heeeeeee

Oh! I meant to ask ... are there no threads on Gilderoy Lockhart and Mrs. Arabella Figg? I couldn't find any. I find a lot of comments about them mixed in other threads, and it would seem they each need their own. Just an observation ...

I love being able to obsess about Harry Potter & Co. without being ridiculed and teased. Since I was a child, I've always had my nose stuck in one book or another whenever I have free time. For me, books represent the ultimate escape ... to the inside of my head! No one can be admitted without an invitation. Smile

I'm not always sure my students understand this passion, although I never stop trying to communicate it. I honestly think that it just takes one great read to snag someone for life. It's just a matter of finding the right book to make the connection. Over the past year, I've come to think that Harry Potter may be the series that captures a generation of nonreaders. I've seen several kids who hate to read get hooked on the series in free reading time ... much to my delight.

Perhaps this is why I enjoy the fact that there seem to be so many young posters on this forum. Yes, I read the stuff linked to your names. Anyway, thank you so much to those who make all the fun possible.



The giant squid - Jul 28, 2004 12:35 am (#1262 of 2955)

Solitaire, welcome to the chat thread. things get a little looser here; in fact, the last 500 or so posts have had nothing whatsoever to do with HP--that's what all the other threads are for. Wink

As for the Lockhart & Figg threads, there used to be threads for both, but they have gotten "mulched"--threads that receive no new posts for more than 30 days are auto-deleted. If you have some particularly poignant thoughts, feel free to start a new thread, otherwise there's the ever-useful "Not Covered In Other Threads" thread, found here: Liz Mann "Not Covered in Other Threads" 7/27/04 4:02pm

Oh, and don't feel bad about Sherbie's rebuke. She's just been having a bad day...for a couple months now, it seems. Wink I'm getting worried--it's definitely my turn for the bad luck, and I have a long plane flight coming up this weekend... o.O



Solitaire - Jul 28, 2004 12:52 am (#1263 of 2955)

Oh, dear, Mike. "Long plane flight" and "bad luck" are not phrases that should be used in the same sentence. Let's just hope Sherbie and the airlines aren't in "cahoots" to put a damper on your weekend. ;-)

I'll check out the thread you mention. After reading "the rules," I was a wee bit hesitant to talk about inappropriate characters on the wrong threads. I'd hate to be banned at this stage of the game.

By the way ... where are these margaritas you mentioned? I could use one ... with a Midori sidecar! In fact, if I were you, I'd have one on that long flight. Smile



Marè - Jul 28, 2004 3:44 am (#1264 of 2955)

Don't worry too much Solitaire. when you make a post that would fit better in another thread, it gets moved. And the longer you hang around here, the more you get to know the forum and where to discuss all the things you are interested in.
To get really banned takes a little bit more than just making one off-topic post.


septentrion - Jul 28, 2004 4:23 am (#1265 of 2955)

My 18th birthday was great : registration for voting, bank account and credit card ! 1st step outside the parents' home. As for the driver license, it took me 4 essays before to pass it at the age of 21. in France too you're not allowed to learn driving before you're 18, except for 16/17 teenagers who learn with their parents, but they cannot drive alone until they pass their exam.

For those who like the french accent, I'd recommand to see Vincente Minelli's "Gigi". I was amazed to see Maurice Chevalier, Leslie Caron...speak and sing in english with a such obvious accent ! The movie is a little old (50's) so I don't know if it's easy to find but I really had a good time watching it.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 28, 2004 5:58 am (#1266 of 2955)

About my posts ... I know Sherbie Lemon rebuked me soundly for suggesting that Willy Widdershins squealed to Umbridge about the DA instead of Dung. Oh, well ... I guess that's part of the game, right? I believe a couple of my other ideas were believed to contain some miniscule shred of merit, so I guess it evens out. heeeeeee Solitaire
I'm sorry if you took my post the wrong way, Solitaire. In all honesty, I was simply defending my theory in what I thought to be a light-hearted manner. Believe me, I have been rebuked far more "soundly" than that over my months here. Unfortunately, the thread that was home to my rebuking has been mulched, but Prefect Marcus may remember a bit from the Voldemort/Dumbledore's Mistakes discussion. So yes, tearing down theories, supporting theories, shooting theories full of holes, and finding bit’s of information to add to a theory, is typically how it's done here.

She's just been having a bad day...for a couple months now, it seems. Wink I'm getting worried--it's definitely my turn for the bad luck, and I have a long plane flight coming up this weekend... o.O Mike

Lol, yes my bad day has lasted a couple months, I'm afraid. Don't worry about your flight, Mike. I'll gladly handle more bad luck if your plane makes it alright. I'm pretty terrified of flying (though I do it somewhat regularly) and wouldn't wish plane trouble on my worst enemy. I think it's the knowledge that I'm totally out-of-control; that my life is in another person's hands completely.

Madame Pince, welcome back! Your story about your son's diaper made me feel better, as did your belief that my eggs(!) were simply packing material of some sort. I have to laugh at myself sometimes too. But this recent spurt of bad luck is quite trivial when compared to the winter of 2001. Now that was some freakishly bad luck! In fact, my entire family seems to have worse than normal luck. We call it The Brown Curse" (Brown was my maiden name). However, my family has recently concluded that it sticks with the cursee through marraige too. I was hoping to shake it when I took my vows, but unfortunately it appears that my husband is afflicted by my luck now too.

Congratulations, Marye! I knew you'd do fine! Though after reading some of these stories about the instructors from hell, I was beginning to get a little concerned.

Thanks, Celestina, for your prayers. My mom went to the family doctor Monday (who is a quack, but hey, he has the Cursed Browns for patients, so what could you expect?) and was told that she was fine and that he had three of those lumps and offered her ammoxicillian (penicillian). That's his response everytime you go to see him: "Dr. Quack, what is this deep, bloody gash in my head? Do I need stiches?" "No, you're fine, I've got three of those myself. But just to be safe, here's some ammoxicillian."

I appreciate your efforts, Kim! I think it may be lifting, slightly. I'm going to Abbey Road on the River in a week and I finally got my car back, which looks absolutely beautiful, good as new! Though to add a bit of bad luck to the mix, when I changed my battery, my stereo went all funny and is now saying "CODE" to me. I can't turn on the radio or put in a CD. I suppose I will have to call Mit’subishi and find out what the heck my car means.

OK, I need the help of a gas oven pro. I am still so afraid of this thing that I have trouble leaving the house. I am not comfortable with an appliance that has the power to kill me or explode. All we've eaten is cereal for almost a week now. So here's my question: Where exactly are you supposed to see flames when you turn on the oven? I'm seeing them when I open the broiler drawer (not STORAGE drawer) from a long, pipe-like tube under the oven floor. The flames don't continue all the way down the pipe, just from the front of the oven to about the middle. Also, I smell gas when I use the oven or burners, is this normal? I freak out every time I turn either on and turn them right back off again. And one more; when I turn one burner to "lite", the others pop too. I called the Whirlpool service people and the impatient-sounding woman on the other end said, "That's normal, ma'am." But is it?

Edit: Oh! Birthday Balloons to all I've missed!


virgoddess1313 - Jul 28, 2004 6:08 am (#1267 of 2955)

Hello everyone!!

My nerves are quite on edge today. Will's knee surgery is taking place right this very moment AND I have another job interview this afternoon. Rather stressful. And I didn't get a great nights sleep because Will called me at 5:30 this morning. I appreciate the fact that he called before he went in, but I'm still awfully tired.

Well, I guess I'm going to go do my best to make it through the day with my sanity intact.


mollis - Jul 28, 2004 6:21 am (#1268 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 6:23 am

Oh Sherbie, I sure hope things turn around for you soon! I am certainly no gas oven expert - but I know a few things. The small flame in the broiler drawer is your pilot light. That should always be on. The pilot light is what your oven uses to light the burners (so you don't need matches like the old days). Smelling a little gas is probably normal. As long as the burner is lit - it is burning the gas and thee will be no explosion. If there is a strong smell of gas check your pilot light - if it is out, then you may need to shut off the gas for awhile to let it air out before re-lighting it. Did you get a manual with the stove? It should explain most of this. At least you didn't burn yours up like the other unfortunate soul (sorry, don't remember who it was).

Mike- Good luck with the plane ride. Hopefully this bad luck will exhaust it’self son and neither of you will have these problems any more.

Solitaire - Welcome! This is an absolutely wonderful group of people, so you should have no troubles at all. Any questions there are usually 5 or 6 people around ready and willing to answer.

As for my day, I woke with a splitting headache that still hasn't gone away. I think I'll just curl up under my desk for a nap if anyone needs me...

EDIT: V-I hope Will's surgery goes smoothly. You're welcome to join me under the desk for a nap. Plenty of room. I'll just shove all these maps out of the way!


boop - Jul 28, 2004 6:24 am (#1269 of 2955)

Good Morning Everyone, hope everyone has a great day!!

Lindsey, I am glad to hear that your mom is going to be fine. Sorry I can't help out with the gas stove those. I don't have gas, so I don't know what would be normal and not. I know someone here will be able to put your mind at ease. I am still wish good luck to start coming your way.

Mike, Have a safe flight. You are going for training right? I hope you can have some fun too not all work.

Sara, I have your honey in my prayers. Here is a hug for you hope it helps while you wait. Keep us posted on how he is doing. I will keep my fingers crossed for you with the job interview today.


Doris Crockford - Jul 28, 2004 6:44 am (#1270 of 2955)

I got woken up nice and early (actually, it was only 8:30, so not that early, but still..) by the window repairman, who was here for a total of 2 minutes. Grrrr. (My brother's window has about 5 huge cracks in it, so we need to replace it)

Mike, I'm always terrified while flying, so I hope your flight goes well.

Virgogoddess, I'm sure that Will's surgery will be fine . I know several people who have had knee surgery, and there were no complications for any of them. Good luck on the interview!

Sherbie, I'm glad your mom is OK. I was really nervous about it when you told us, and it's a relief to know she's fine.

Solitaire, don't worry about your ideas being proven wrong. I've been here for about a year now, and I love this place, even though people disagree with about half of the silly ideas I've had.


Flame Alligator - Jul 28, 2004 7:01 am (#1271 of 2955)

Welcome Solitaire!!

Virgoddess, Will's surgery will go well and he will be back at his favorite sport in no time. Good luck on your job interview.

Fawkes, *big friendly wave*

Mike, Have a good flight. I hope you have some time to enjoy yourself on your "work weekend".

Happy Birthday to all born today. Enjoy and don't party too hard.

Goedemorgen everybody!!


Catherine - Jul 28, 2004 7:04 am (#1272 of 2955)

Hi everyone.

Does anyone remember what happened with Sweepstakes from TLC? How many of us entered it? Has someone won it yet?

Just wondering...

Best wishes to everyone for safe, healthy, happy day.


Marè - Jul 28, 2004 7:29 am (#1273 of 2955)

Sherbie, I'm sorry I can't help you with your oven problems, our oven needs matches like the old days.
I think looking in the manual is a good idea, or maybe you could google gas oven.
I think the best you can do is decide to cook a very challenging meal in your oven. Anf if you're not 100% comfortable, just put the window open and the fire extinguisher next to you. I'm sure that once you started using your oven more, you'll get less scared.


haymoni - Jul 28, 2004 7:51 am (#1274 of 2955)

Sherbie - when I turn on my burners there is a brief smell of gas, I hear a clicking noise, (that's the burner lighting) and then the burner lights.

On my stove there is a spot when you first turn the knob which is where the burner is lit. The next spot is "High" so watch it! You don't want to be looking too closely at the burner. You may lose an eyebrow or two like Seamus!

You might want to ask around to see if there is anyone who would be willing to come over and show you how to light it. Once you see them do it, you'll get the hang of it. I know it is scary, but I'm sure you'll be OK.


Accio Sirius - Jul 28, 2004 8:05 am (#1275 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 8:05 am

Sherbie, You should get a carbon monoxide detector--that will at least make you feel better until you get a handle on things. I wish I had a gas stove--mine is an electric circa 1970 avocado green horrible thing. I burn everything. It's the stove, not me, yeah, that's the ticket! LoL.

And Mike, as for the Margaritas., I would hope that if any of my pals from the Lexicon were in the DC area, they would look me up!! Have a safe trip! Personal DVD players are the only way to travel.

As for registering to vote--I think it's a very important duty, if only to have the right to complain about who is in office. If you don't vote, I don't want to hear it. For a while, my mantra was vote, volunteer and give blood. I was trying to come up with some catchy phrase like the three v's (vote, volunteer and vampirism, but it doesn't quite work! Kudos to all those involved in the political process!


Flame Alligator - Jul 28, 2004 8:21 am (#1276 of 2955)

Sherbie, I have used the old gas stoves where we had to light the oven and the top burners with matches. Now THAT was really scarey. My stomach would turn over every time I had to light the stove. Cause if you took too long to light it........ say your match went out......... flames billowed up in your face when it finally did light because of all the gas in the air. My sister set her hair a fire once. The new ones are much better. They self light. The clicking noise and the swosh of the stove lighting means all is well. Don't worry you will get the hang of it.

Once you do get it, it is the only way to cook, in my opinion, because you can control the flame. You can get it just right. Where as, with electric stoves *sigh* you are stuck with a few settings.

Oh yeah, I hope I did not heighten your "stove anxiety" with my comment about my sister catching her hair on fire. Her face was not burned. She just needed a hair cut to balance things out. I told this to say that today's stoves are much safer.

And for those who know that I only prepare raw foods now. Mainly using really good knives, blender, juicer and my trusty food processor. I was quite the conventional gourmet cook before I went raw.

Oh yeah I love those cute little ferrets. I forgot whose they are..... sorry. Anyway, they are so cute. How do you keep from kissing and loving them to death?



Padfoot - Jul 28, 2004 8:24 am (#1277 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 8:26 am

virgoddess1313, I hope Will's surgery goes well. I had a college roommate who had both knees done within a month. Her surgeries went well and everything is Ok now. I hope your job interview goes well today!

Is it just my imagination or is there a lot of bad luck going around here on the forum? If so, Sherbie gets to wear the crown as the Queen of bad luck. As far as the gas oven, I have never used one. I have used a gas range before. There is always some gas smell and the pilot light is always on. We had this stove years ago. My mom would light the pilot light (when it went out) with those long fireplace matches. Then she didn't have to get too close and kept her eyebrows.

I hope everybody's day picks up and all stress and anxiety flies out the window!

Edit: Thanks Flame and Boop! Those are my ferrets. I chase them all over my home kissing them and hugging them. They must suffer through it.


Gina R Snape - Jul 28, 2004 8:29 am (#1278 of 2955)

Flame, you asked earlier about others who are 'health nuts' (or something to that effect).

I am not a health nut, but I did start the South Beach diet a few weeks ago. As a Type 1 diabetic and a vegetarian, it's offered some very good options for me. The biggest is an emphasis on really fresh foods. I am eating more vegetables these days and pre-processed foods have all but disappeared from my diet. I've lost 5lbs so far. And my blood sugar levels have been impressively good.

Unfortunately, I have to do things the 'hard' way (though I'm not finding the diet very hard per se) as a certain someone is refusing me a simple diet potion 'for my own good...'


Penny Lane. - Jul 28, 2004 9:03 am (#1279 of 2955)

Sherbie - maybe we can trade ranges and ovens- I grew up with gas, and now I'm faced with my first electric range, and I really hate it. It takes longer to cook, and I'm always afraid that I'm going to burn something afterwards. It's one of those EZ-Clean types where you are supposed to wipe it off. Well, the first time I used it, I turned on the wrong knob, and couldn't figure out why nothing was cooking. Also, it has this weird smell. Anyway, once you get the hang of gas, you will like it SO much better - and the broiler - oh, I loved it. Great for just warming things up and so forth.

I have been really wary of these diet crazes, such as Atkins. It doens't seem very healthy to me. Granted, I pretty much live on pastas and rice, so asking me to give up that and eat meat? EW!

Oh, I noticed a few posts back that someone mentioned the Trixie Beldon series. Well, I've been collecting those since I was 7, and I have all the originals series, but the newer ones that were released in the 70's are REALLY hard to come by. I saw one on Amazon.com auctions that I wanted, but I didn't want to pay $250 for it. So... if anyone has some laying around... *hint*

Flame, are you saying that you eat raw meat? Or just raw fruit’s and vegetables?


Julia. - Jul 28, 2004 9:05 am (#1280 of 2955)

Sherbie, I'm so glad to hear that your mum's going to be fine, although her doctor reminds me a lot of the nurses at my camp. 'Have a cough drop, put some ice on it, and come back after dinner.' I have a humongus gas stove in my kitchen, and IMHO, it rocks. That little flame in the brioler is the pilot, and as Mollis said, it should always be on. If it's not on, that's when there's trouble.

Sara, I'm sure Will's surgery will be fine, doctors know what they're doing. Have some butterbeer while you're waiting for news. *pulls out butterbeer and passes it to Sara* Good luck on your interview, I'm sure you'll do fine!

Grr, my parents are comming back from vacation tonight, so I won't have the house to myself anymore. No more wild parties and loud music at 2 in the morning. *tear* (OK, I was kidding about the wild parties, the closest I came was being in a chat and saying '*pulls out butterbeer and drinks a lot*') Have a good day everyone!


Padfoot - Jul 28, 2004 9:08 am (#1281 of 2955)

Oh, I noticed a few posts back that someone mentioned the Trixie Beldon series. Well, I've been collecting those since I was 7, and I have all the originals series, but the newer ones that were released in the 70's are REALLY hard to come by. I saw one on Amazon.com auctions that I wanted, but I didn't want to pay $250 for it. -Penny

No way! They are worth that much? Now I wish I owned copies of them. Unfortunately I just borrowed them from the library back then.


anbigin - Jul 28, 2004 9:52 am (#1282 of 2955)

Sherbie - I'm really afraid of your family doctor - being allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin isn't fun especially when you have strep throat as often as I do *argh* But I'm glad to hear that your mum is doing better:) Always a good thing to have happy, healthy parentals.


Eponine - Jul 28, 2004 10:41 am (#1283 of 2955)

Penny, did you know that they are starting to re-issue the Trixie Belden series? If I want any of the books, I am going to have to buy those, because my older sister is getting all of our old ones. Which ones were worth that much? We have quite a few old ones, plus I see them in used book stores from time to time. I love used book stores. That's one of the things I miss the most about Chattanooga, the great book stores we had there. Oh well, I'm going home in a couple of weeks, and I'll visit them then. I always stock up whenever I go home.


VeronikaG - Jul 28, 2004 10:46 am (#1284 of 2955)

Hi everybody. It seems some good luck wishes are in order. *spreading little green lucky clovers* To Sherbie, Sherbie's Mum, Sara, Will, Boop, and Mike. Hope I haven't forgotten anybody.

Speaking of healthy food, no, I'm not a health freak. I eat burgers, drink soda/pop, drink alcohol (not to excess, may I add), eat chips, eat candy that has lots of ingredients named E-... and I eat bread, which is the newest poison. But I have a strange fear of eating food other people have prepared. I just don't know if any of it has been on the floor before being cooked, if the cook sneezed while cooking, forgot to wash her/his hands after the last toilet visit, and other horrible ideas. I know where they come from, though, these ideas. It's my mother who has fun telling cooking horror stories.

How is it with Americans and potatoes, by the way? Are they still considered healthy, or are they pure poison that you can't avoid being fat if you eat, no matter how much you work out? In Norway potatoes have been the basis of all dinners for the last 200 years, and have status as almost sacred, so when doc Lindberg comes and tells us that we are fat because we eat potatoes, it get's reactions. Actually, Norwegians are among the slimmest people in the Western world. Before Lindberg, that was a matter of concern for the Norwegian health department, because they couldn't understand why we weren't as chubby as all other Western people. It was almost a spoken fact that 70% of the women and girls between 15 and 40 were anorectic. There were campaigns (by women's groups) where folders showing smiling, chubby teens were handed out, telling that being slim was not happiness, and that more Norwegian girls girls died from dieting than from all other causes. (Not a statistical fact, I believe) This was only 5 years ago, and now we have a health dept. who wants us all to be slim, and has suggested that you have to be 18 to be allowed to buy candy. We are a bit crazy, aren't we?


Eponine - Jul 28, 2004 11:07 am (#1285 of 2955)

They want you to be 18 to buy candy? Why? Is chocolate a controlled substance in Norway?  duh????

I don't know about the rest of America, but I love potatoes. I could never go on the Atkins diet, because they won't let you eat potatoes, rice, pasta, bread...basically everything my diet consists of. Actually, I'm not good with any diet at all. I just like food too much. I like to bake, but I usually end up giving most of it away, because if it is in the house, I will eat it. I'm not a total junk food addict though. I do eat fruit’s and vegetables, plus I go to the gym almost every day. I guess, as long as I keep everything balanced, I'll be okay. Although, I have gained a bit of weight since I got out of college, but that's what the gym if for, right? Anyway, I'm not a health nut either.


Padfoot - Jul 28, 2004 11:19 am (#1286 of 2955)

Potatoes are good, as are all carbos. I am not into dieting. Basically because I have no willpower and love food. I am very thankful I have good genetics and a good metabolism that keeps me slim.

You might have a law that restricts a person to be 18 to buy candy? That is where most of my baby-sitting money went when I was a teenager. Chocolate and books were what my money was spent on. Um, Ok I still spend money on both.


Tomoé - Jul 28, 2004 11:20 am (#1287 of 2955)

No candy before 18! Now that's a bad idea, I mean ... you know ... it's just ... it's kinda ... okay, I'm a bit out of argument, but it doesn't feel right! ^_^ I mean, what's next?

I forgot Betty yesterday, I'm happy you got out of it physically all right and I think you managed the situation like a pro! Trucks somethimes ... ¬_¬

I hope your flight will be all right Mike.

By the way, the medieval wedding went all right last week-end, I was helping in the kitchen so I washed a lot of dishes (there were muggles among us who are not used to use only one bowl for the whole dinner, and we don't have enough bowls for 44 persons x 5 serving, so we had to wash while the other were eating. Hopefully, it's always fun to wash dishes when wearing costumes! ^_^)


Penny Lane. - Jul 28, 2004 11:34 am (#1288 of 2955)

Oh my. No candy before age 18? Wow. Well, I never touched fast food or potato chips until I was 20 - I just never liked it much until then - now I can't get enough. Also, I gained a few pounds since I found out how nice vending machines are - I mean, you put a small amount of money in, and it gives you an instant treat!

Eponine - The Trixie Beldon books that were first published in the 1980's - numbers 35- 39 I believe - are the ones that are REALLY hard to find. I heard that Random House was re-releasing the first 4 or 7 or something, but nothing further. The first 7 are the easiest to find, as they were originally published in the 1940's and re-released at least once per decade after that.


DJ Evans - Jul 28, 2004 11:36 am (#1289 of 2955)

Sherbie--Hmmmm, wonder what you'd give for an electric stove right now? hee hee Seriously, as everyone has been telling you, if you aren't getting a "strong" gas smell when you first turn your burners on, then everything should be all right. Most times you won't even smell anything really. Just read your manual and if after using it a couple of times, if you still aren't comfortable with it, by all means call in a service man and have him check it out. I would much rather you feel safe using it, than to take a chance that there "is" something wrong with it. Just because it is brand new, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with it. And I'm so glad about your Mom doing OK. But if you don't feel secure in your doctor, I would definitely get a 2nd opinion. Or at the very least, keep a close eye on it for sure.

Virgoddess1313===Hope Wil is doing great!!! I've been thinking about y'all today. And don't drink "too" many Butterbeers before your job interview!!!! (which I hope goes perfect for you!!)

Trixie Belden==Oh, yes!!! I thought her series of stories were so good. As far as I was concern, they beat the heck out of the Nancy Drew series. I've got about 6 or 7 of them that my older sister handed down to me & a few that I bought back in my day. Hmmm, I guess I need to pull them out and see when they were published. I think the ones that I bought would fit right in the 70's era--my sisters would been in the 50's I believe. But I don't know if I would really want to get rid of them. Hmmmm, decisions?!?!?!?!

And as far as one of those Makeover shows coming in and even "thinking" about touching one of my books, well all I can say is they would get a boot in their rear ends quicker than you could blink!!!!! Hmmmm, I think it would only be fair to let the homeowner go into the decorator's own home and just see what they could "chunk" out and see how they liked it. All that tells me when they do that is they aren't a reader themselves--which is sad really.

Mike, I hope your flight goes well too!!! I will keep you (& whoever else just might be flying) in my prayers for a safe trip. Hope you have a wonderful time while you're out there. Remember: All work and no play makes Mike a dull boy!!!!!

LOVE THE CAT & FERRET PICS!!! I've never had a ferrett but I've always just thought they were the cutest little things there were. They remind me so much of Meer Cats, which I think are the ultimate in cutness!!!!! Cats? Gosh, up until 3 years ago, I've always had a cat & when I still lived at my parents we always had both when I was growing up. My last cat, though, I had to put down--which just tore me apart, I still feel SO bad about having to do it. But he was 13, just shy of being 14 years old and his health had gotten bad. I just couldn't see him suffering when there was nothing to be done. Like I said, I still have problems with having to put him down. He was my best bud!!! As far as the Cat/Dog debate? Hey, there is no way I could say either way. I love them both--heck, I'm just a BIG ol' animal person---never met one that I haven't liked.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

Later, Deb


Professor V - Jul 28, 2004 11:49 am (#1290 of 2955)

Good morning everyone. This is my first post on this thread, but I have a strange feeling it will soon become my favorite.

I'm a nearly 30 now, and I have to tell you I have no idea how I feel about that. My life is a little like a circus/zoo, in that it is full of a variety of animals. I have always considered myself a dog person, I have two beagles, Saren and Makenzie, though I have often thought of renaming them Who and Dini (combined to sound like Houdini) simply because they are great escape artists. You name it and they have escaped from it. I have had Saren since she was a baby and I started teaching when I was 21. She was the first to have the an escape artist hobby. Makenzie, started her life with me with an escape from the pound, I was supposed to be her 'foster mom' until another home could be found, that was almost 6 years ago. I don't think she is going anywhere.

Like I said I've always considered myself a dog person and then 2 years ago I found this little scrap of mud and fur under my front porch and meowing so loudly I could hear her in the house. Turns out I don't mind cats at all, Emma Jane (previously known as the scrap of mud and fur) introduced me to the world of cats. Emma once clean was an absolutely beautiful little thing and so polite, you couldn't help but love her, even my dad likes her - a minor miracle. A year later I discovered another little scrap of dirt and fur this time under my car. Once she was cleaned up she was anything but pretty, she was absolutely a mess, you name it and she had it wrong with her, she even sounded like a duck. I gave her what I thought was a pretty name, Chloe, because I thought she needed something pretty in life. Thankfully she is like the ugly duckling and grew into a beautiful swan

You might wonder if there are absolute wars in my house between the cats and dogs, but they get along great. It helps that the dogs are scared of Emma and that Chloe loves everything and everybody. What is truly an adventure is when they all travel with me, which we do alot in the summer.

I love to read a wide variety of books, everything from romance to thrillers and so much in between. When I'm not teaching, I spend my time doing lots of different creative things. I also like to volunteer and sponsor a group of kids from my school, called Helping Hands, that do community service projects during the school year. I also love to follow politics and racing. (By the way, I seriously recommend volunteering to be a judge of elections to anyone who is interested in how voting works.)

If something can go wrong, in my world it does, not horribly mind you but it usually leads to funny things happening. Like the time this summer I was packing for a trip and literally tripped dumping a big glass of milk into my packed suitcase, needless to say the suitcase and everything in it needed to be cleaned. That wouldn't have been a problem except that I was supposed to leave within the hour. Or the time I tried to make beef stew for a friend who was recovering from some burns. You should know that I had never made beef stew before and was trying to follow my mother's recipe. I did an excellent job with only one small mistake. My mom had said that if I wanted the stew to be thicker I could add tapioca. Now I have to tell you when I asked her what that was, she told me, "You know the stuff you can make tapioca pudding with." Well so when I went to the store to get all the ingredients I bought tapioca pudding. As it turns out tapioca pudding does absolutely nothing to thicken beef stew, but it does make it awful sweet. Well I think you all get the idea.

I can't wait to get to know all of you better. Ruby


Eponine - Jul 28, 2004 11:50 am (#1291 of 2955)

Hmm...I'll definitely have to check the Trixie Belden books when I get home. I agree with DJ Evans about Trixie vs. Nancy. Nancy was always too perfect with her perfect hair, perfect car, perfect boyfriend, blah blah blah. I liked Trixie because she wasn't perfect.

Speaking of books being worth money, my husband and I were having a conversation regarding this the other day. As I think that people here are most likely crazy book people (just an impression I've gotten), I would like to know what you would do if you found out one of your books was worth ridiculous amounts of wealth. Would you sell it or keep it? My husband said we should sell it; I said we should keep it. Hypothetically of course, I don't think any of our books are worth that much. I told him that if it was his book, we would sell, but if it was my book, we would keep it. Of course most of my books come from used book stores anyway. I prefer to rescue abandoned books that are in need of a good loving home instead of buying new books. So, if you found out one of your books was priceless, or just worth a lot more than you thought, what would you do with it?

Edit: posted same time as Professor V, is your name really Ruby? That's my baby nieces name! Also, I think some of the people here would get a real kick out of this website http://www.rinkworks.com/bookaminute/ Nancy Drew is what made me think of it. They have very short, very humorous summaries of books. They have PS/SS too. It would be under bedtime stories. Anyway, when I told my best friend about it, she was reading them in the computer lab at school laughing hysterically. Someone asked her what she was laughing at, and she said, "book summaries". Of course, the questioner was not an English major, so did not see the humor, but no one's perfect!


Catherine - Jul 28, 2004 11:56 am (#1292 of 2955)

Hi Tomoe,

A couple of us were wondering where you were yesterday when a certain 'Ship Uniting the Houses thread was heating up!

Glad to see that you are out of the kitchen, and not having to be a house-elf anymore!

On another note, I am having a "D'oh" kind of day. I was weeding a flower bed and was carrying the pulled weeds to the curb for the city to pick up when I noticed that the "weeds" smelled much more aromatic and yummy than usual. Grrr! I had pulled up over half of my sage!

Am off to sulk about this!


Professor V - Jul 28, 2004 12:01 pm (#1293 of 2955)

Eponine, Ruby is my nickname, well at least the only one I'll respond to. My real name is Robin.

Catherine, sorry about your sage.

I gotta run, I think Emma is about wreck vengeance on her one and only enemies - the turtles.


Padfoot - Jul 28, 2004 12:22 pm (#1294 of 2955)

Deb, I have a picture of Meer Cat lounging on a rock as my computer wallpaper! He is in a yoga type position. My favorite animals at aquariums and zoos were the otters. Perhaps that is why I got interested in ferrets. I have never had them before I got the two I have now. Always grew up around dogs and guinea pigs.

Professor V, I could not help but laugh at your beef stew recipe. Sounds like something I would do.


DJ Evans - Jul 28, 2004 12:46 pm (#1295 of 2955)

Padfoot--Seriously? A Meer Cat as your wallpaper? How cool is that? Anytime I see one of the nature shows highlighting the Meer Cats--well, let's just say I will be watching it. Doesn't matter if I've seen it several times already!! I just think they are the cutest things around. And I have to admit, Otters aren't far behind them in the cutness department.

Ruby, I see in your post that you mentioned that you follow racing. May I ask what kind of racing? I know I couldn't be so lucky to have someone besides myself (I think) who is a big NASCAR fan, could I?

Hmmmm, would I sell one of my books if it turns out that it is worth a bit of money? I'd have to say it would "greatly" depend on which book it is and most important the value!!! Hee hee Big help there, wasn't I? I mean, if it was a book that I wasn't that attached to, to begin with, and the money being offered is up there in price--then heck, yes I would sale it. But if it was like one of JKR's 1st edition of HP that "she" had signed or something----hmmm, that baby would stay with me, most definitely!!!! (Now, if I only had one of HP's 1st edition with her autograph!!!!!)

Oh no, Catherine!!!! I know you could have kicked yourself!!!! I didn't know you were a gardener too!! I am also, so I know how much work and effort goes into growing your own things. If you got them up by the roots, is it too late to try and replant them, do you think? I've done that at times--by mistake too, but thinking what the heck, it's worth a try at least and most of the time, they just keep on growing. Oh, they might look worse for wear for a couple of days, but then they perk right back up and it's like nothing ever happen!!! Like I said, it might be worth a try.

Later, Deb

P.S. And YES --- Trixie Belden "rocks"!!!!! hee hee


Solitaire - Jul 28, 2004 1:17 pm (#1296 of 2955)

Thank you to all who have made me feel so welcome on this board.

To Sherbie ... I was just teasing about having been rebuked, and I knew you were, as well. As to the remark about being "in cahoots," it was a goofy nod to a comment the Giant Squid made about my suggestion that Umbridge was possibly in cahoots with Uncle Algie (he liked the word "cahoots"). I was just being silly. I guess I should be more careful until I know people and they know me better. Then I can let my lunacy run rampant. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

At the moment, I am worried about this chocolate law. I hope nothing like that is ever passed here. I am not only a woman, I am a junior high teacher! Chocolate is essential to my continued existence!!

I can just see myself, after a terrible day of supervising detentions, doing recess duty in the broiling hot sun, attending a long and boring staff meeting after school--and facing 180 literary response journals that MUST be graded before I go to bed. There I'll be, lights out, cowering in the glow of the refrigerator door, resorting to squeezing the contents of the Hershey's syrup bottle into my mouth--and fearing the knock of the Chocolate Police on my door any moment. Oh, the shame! On that note ...



Celestina W. - Jul 28, 2004 1:21 pm (#1297 of 2955)

Sherbie, glad to hear that the doctor says your mom is OK. And virgogoddess, I hope your boyfriend's surgery goes/went all right. My cousin had knee surgery a couple of years ago -- it took her a while to recover, but now she is back playing sports like before.

I am very disappointed that I won't be able to vote in this election. My 18th birthday isn't till next April. Only five stinkin' months too young...

I'm not what you'd call a health nut; I love junk food as much as the next person. But my family's farm is certified organic (we raise beef, chicken, and eggs), and we try to support local producers and buy organic or naturally raised foods as much as possible. We do a lot of our shoppping at our local food co-op and farmer's market, where we also sell our products. My mom is currently on a diet called the Fat Flush Plan and she's done very well on it. I tried it in the spring; couldn't keep it up over the summer, though. My cousin has been on Atkins and done well on it, but I think it's a little too extreme for me.

I could never sell a book that had sentimental value to me, no matter how much money it turned out to be worth. For example, my HP books, Tolkien books, Chronicles of Narnia, and Anne of Green Gables series are mine forever. I love to shop at used bookstores. I always feel like I'm giving poor, unwanted books a good, loving home, almost like I'm adopting a pet. I know, I'm nuts. But I'm saving money, too; it seems like new books have gotten so expensive these days.

Wow, gas ovens sound terrifying. We have an electric, and I've never had any problems with it. Although I never cook much besides macaroni and cheese, so maybe I shouldn't talk.


boop - Jul 28, 2004 1:32 pm (#1298 of 2955)

Norbert(Leah), I almost forgot it’s your special day.

Today had not been one of the best days for me. I have had alot of anxiety and have felt sad most of the day.


icthestrals - Jul 28, 2004 1:40 pm (#1299 of 2955)

Boop, you've come to the right place. Stick around and we will cheer you up or die trying! Just kidding!

Hang in there.


Madam Poppy - Jul 28, 2004 1:57 pm (#1300 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 2:03 pm

One of my favorite childhood books was Shadow Castle by Marian Cockrell. It was one of those paperback Scholastic books you could order through school. I found one copy at a used book store 2 years ago for a dollar. I was recently looking for a second copy on Ebay and found one going for $25.00 dollars! It originally cost 60 cents! I wouldn't part with my copy for less than $100.00!

P.S. I was a Nancy Drew fan because I loved the mysteries she solved. She was so brave and smart. A real role model for me. I tried to read one of my old books last year and it was very difficult to get through. So much of the language and activities are out of date.
Lady Arabella
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Tomoé - Jul 28, 2004 2:24 pm (#1301 of 2955)

Celestia, you'll see you'll have brand new ideas about politic next April, it will be a epiphanie on your 18th birthday morning. ^_~

What! 110 next posts in Harry's 'ship uniting the houses. thread! I really should leave the chat thread and read the real stuff!

Welcome aboard all new members!


Eponine - Jul 28, 2004 3:24 pm (#1302 of 2955)

As far as selling books go, I would also never sell any books that had sentimental value to me either. I collect the book The Secret Garden, and I seriously doubt that I would ever sell any of those. I do have a couple that I have two copies of that particular edition, so I might sell one of those.

Madame Poppy, speaking of out of date books, I found one of my old Bobbsey Twins books a couple of months ago. They were trying to build a volcano and were going to use a mountain from their model train set. I quote "'Good for you, Freddie,' Bert agreed. 'They're asbestos and won't burn.'" I don't think I've laughed that hard in quite a while.

Boop, I hope that you have a better day tomorrow. Sends a hug to Boop. Have some chocolate, it'll help!


Padfoot - Jul 28, 2004 3:27 pm (#1303 of 2955)

I could never part with any of my books either. I would love them to be valuable, to me they already are. Actually I have a few books that I think are probably worth quite a lot. But I have had nothing appraised as I have no intention to sell or give away any of my books.

Boop, I hope you have a better afternoon than morning. I sent you an e-mail.


Liz - Jul 28, 2004 3:39 pm (#1304 of 2955)

I thought I'd write about my uneventful life in a fashion easy to read.

1. I have gotten a harp gig, and I will play for filthy rich snobs, make 50 bucks for 20 min. (that's 150 an hour). This is at a 4500 square foot home (It's HUGE!)And these rich snobs have a fashion show and free food etc.

2. (Need to make business cards for this event)

3. Bought a beautiful dark red dress for harp occasion and 9th grade formal... if she gets a date to that formal by April...

4. (Hopes a new guy is gonna go to her school so she can go w/ him to the formal)

5. Fed-Xed her broken piccolo to IN to have the flute company look at it and HOPEFULLY SEND ME A NEW ONE!!!

6. Watched sis' get her ears pierced yesterday... everyone watched her hysterics...

7. I offered to make everyone look away and the moment I said that everyone looked in every other direction... hee And sis' had the people doing the piercing at Clare's Accessories do both ears at one time.

8. (Wishes she didn't squirm and get sickly after 1 ear was pierced and then have the other done, and wishes she just would have had both done at once like sister did... I'm so jealous)

Tis all... Happy Birthday to all... sorry about any loses...

Liz *The red lady*


Catherine - Jul 28, 2004 3:46 pm (#1305 of 2955)

Liz, your life was way more eventful in the last 24 hours than mine was. Congrats on your gig; I'm sure you are feeling proud. Not to mention the new dress, which all of us ladies like every once in while. I myself favor red...

Deb, thanks for the "sage" advice. Looks like it was too late (we were in the mid to upper 90s, and the plants were already stressed.) I am not really a gardener; more like, "Plant-a-mort." But I try! I do have a question about an unnamed clematis, and pruning. If a forum member knows what I'm talking about, then I would be happy for advice.

Sherbie, I'm thinking that eventually you or Mr. Sherbie will get really hungry, and decide to try the oven. You got good advice here. Just keep your eyebrows out of harm's way! :-)

Boop, one day at a time. I'm thinking about you and rooting for you.



Celestina W. - Jul 28, 2004 4:05 pm (#1306 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 4:28 pm

Boop, here's an e-hug, and here's hoping for many better days in the future.

Liz, congratulations on the harp gig. I've always wanted to learn how to play the harp. But since I've never found an instrument that I actually like playing, it's probably best if I just stick to singing. Good luck getting a date to the formal, but just remember if you don't, it's not the end of the world. You can always go with friends, can't you? I didn't get a date to prom this year and ended up just not going. I don't feel like I really missed much, though.

Catherine, LOL! "Plant-a-mort", I love it. I'm sure you're not that bad.

On a completely un-related note, the Twins just swept the White Sox and now have a 3 and a half game lead in the AL Central! Excuse me while I do my Happy-Twins-Baseball-Victory-Dance. *dances* OK, done now...

EDIT: The Alan Rickman pictures are all well and good, but the forum seems to have a lack of avatars for my generation. Here's one to start with.


Liz - Jul 28, 2004 4:30 pm (#1307 of 2955)

Yes!!! Worst case scenario... I go with a friend of mine... I have a few friends that are guys so... no big if I just go with a friend.

I am going though Wink


Professor V - Jul 28, 2004 4:48 pm (#1308 of 2955)

Deb - Yes I'm a NASCAR fan, big time. Do you have a favorite driver? If so, who? Personally I've decided that I'll support an entire team rather than a single driver.

Boop - I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Your in my thoughts and prayers this evening.

Liz - Congrats on the harp gig and that great red dress. I play the flute and piano (neither very well). Do you play any instruments other than the piccolo and the harp?

Solitaire - The thought of a ban on chocolate, well lets just say yikes!!! You said that you teach junior high, what subject(s) do you teach? I teach junior high science and some very basic computer applications.

As far as the collecting of books, I have none that are worth anything, except to me. The books that I will always keep are the ones that introduced to new worlds or genres. There are some books that I get multiple copies of just so that I have one to lend out and one to keep for myself.

Later, Ruby


DJ Evans - Jul 28, 2004 4:50 pm (#1309 of 2955)

Catherine, I'm fairly new to gardening myself---I'm the type of gardener that is basically the sort that if it looks like it needs watering, I water it. Or if it looks like it needs a little plant food, then I feed it. In other words, I tend to stay away from all of the gardening books and such -- just do what feels natural. I will check something on the Internet once & awhile to see how/when to plant something. I think I get this "natural feeling" of gardening from my Grandmother, she was such a nature when it comes to gardening & so far I've had good luck in doing just that. Anyway, as I've had no experience with Clematis, & most likely couldn't help you that way, I did a web search on them and here is one site that had a bit on pruning them. Pruning , also here is a Google search on pruning Clematis' that might give you more options: Search Results . I hope this helps you some? If not, feel free to ask me--you never know.

Later, Deb

EDIT: Ruby, you were posting at the same time as I was. Oh, I'm so tickled to hear of another NASCAR fan on here!!! Let's see --- favorite driver? In mine book there is no other driver than Dale, Jr. At 1st he was just a carry over favorite from his Dad's day (& I have to admit Dale, Sr. will always be my all time favorite!!!) but Jr. has grown to be his own man/driver & I'm behind him all of the way. As I said, he is my "favorite", but there are several who I back/root for all of the time. If you are like me, you have 2 or 3 different lists of favorites. 1= your top favorites, 2= you like them & then there is the #3 group=well, let's just say they aren't quite your favorites but you don't want anything bad to happen to them if you catch my drift? hee hee A NASCAR fan, all right!!!! What about you? Who are your favorites?


Caput Draconis - Jul 28, 2004 4:51 pm (#1310 of 2955)

LOL Celestina, I'm pretty sure I'd be of your generation...just weird.

Hee, I never heard of the double piercing thing, tis a good idea for the squeamish. I have my ear pierced through the...um, middle inside bit, it has a name that escapes me, anyway it's a constant source of cringing for members of my family who are alarmed that I'd inflict such horrors on myself.

It's weird seeing people excited about voting, it's compulsory here. You get fined if you don't participate, democratic obligations, not rights. Thus election days are half people who care, half people who've had to get up early on a Saturday and are less than impressed, hehe.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 28, 2004 4:55 pm (#1311 of 2955)

I used the oven and am pleased to announce that nothing blew up or caught fire, phew! I also used 3 of the 4 burners, and that went smoothly too. I glared at the range the entire time and finally made my husband stand in the kitchen with me and stare. Everytime I'd hear a "whoosh" from the gas reigniting in the oven I'd shout, "What was that?!" My husband had to explain to me over and over that the oven will turn off and on to maintain the correct temperature, but I still wrung my hands and hopped from foot to foot while that thing was cooking. I continue smell gas quite strongly when I preheat the oven, but the operator's manual says that an "odor" is common during the first few uses. Also, the tunnel of flame is actually the ignitor, which is supposed to flame. The pilot light, I discovered today, is also on the ignitor tube but in a different location. Despite my new knowledge and success tonight, I'm still cautious. I have a headache right now which makes me think that the beast is now emitting carbon monoxide and I will die typing on the forum. Oh well, I could think of worse ways to go.

An interesting thing happened to me today. I'm not sure if you would consider it bad luck, good luck for the foreman, or just plain weirdness. After getting my hair cut today, I ran home to let the dog out and eat something. I also decided to wash my hair as the stylist always uses too much product. So I raced in the door, threw an english muffin in the toaster, tore off my clothes (all my clothes) and ran back into the kitchen to grab my muffin while it was still warm. I was at the point of spreading peanut butter on my toast when the doorbell rang. I should tell you that my house has a very open floorplan and my front door has a large, decorative glass near the top. It's too high up for me to see out, but it's exactly eye-level for a man of Dumbledore's stature to see in. I looked at the front door to see my foreman cupping his hands around his eyes to see into the house. We made eye contact. I sprinted to the table and threw on my robe and walked very slowly to the front door where I found young DD standing far, far away from the porch and looking quite red. When I told my husband this, he laughed hysterically and made me stand in the kitchen while he went to peer through the glass. You can see in perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who is trying to send me good luck. Keep doing it! Yet I cannot say I'm totally surprised by everything that's happened; I knew I'd have to suffer through some bad luck after we closed on the house.

On the great cat vs. dog debate, I'm afraid I will have to choose dogs only slightly above cats. I have both, but I like that my shepard/lab/boxer mix alerts me when strangers are near the house and scares the living daylights out of people who try to come as close as the porch. I also love her undying loyalty and constant affection. My cat, while affectionate, is lovable on his time, when it suit’s him. He is wonderful to nap with and gripe to, as he always answers back with a sympathetic "mew," but he is a companion only. My dog, on the other hand, is a companion as well as a protector and exercise buddy.

Am I a health nut? Not a complete health nut, no. I eat 5 pieces of Dove chocolate every night, drink Diet Dr. Pepper like it's going out of style, eat the occasional waffle fry from Chick fil'a, have never met a cookie I didn't like, and eat an entire french silk pie from Tippin's by myself, without sharing so much as a crumb, every year on my birthday. But the bread products I buy are always whole wheat; I consume organic produce and meat whenever possible; I eat only eggs from free-range, grain-fed, hormone-free hens; and I monitor my calorie and fat intake. I also exercise.


drippan - Jul 28, 2004 5:22 pm (#1312 of 2955)

Way dogs and cats differ:

Dog’s way of thought. You feed them, water them, play with them. They think "you" are a God!

Cat’s way of thought. You feed them, water them, play with them. They think "they" are a God!

I too also own both. Four dogs and three cats. It is just my wife and me so the pecking order is like this:

1. Wife

2. Dogs and Cats

3. Me

Well, at least I'm number 9 on the list!!



Liz - Jul 28, 2004 5:57 pm (#1313 of 2955)

I play the flute, harp, and piccolo... and I'm in the top choir at my school too... hopefully I'll make regionals this year.

*Regionals is this state choir/band/orchestra that is put together by the districts holding auditions for high school students.*

I'm going to be a freshman... and there are hundreds of flutes auditioning... and I really am a lot better at choir... not that I'm not good at flute... but truly... I have a lot better chance with sight reading music voccaly than with an instrument... even though there are hundreds or choir people auditioning to.

Singing is what has helped my sight reading the base clef. By using intervals instead of finding what the note name is and painstakingly transpose it to the strings on the harp and put the right fingers on the right strings.... so I made my own method of just finding one note and seeing how far apart they are on the staff lol.

*I cheated lol*

And so... *Hem Hem* I'm better at sight reading music vocally, and music for flute that I'd have to play is too hard... I'm more advanced choir wise I guess...

That's not stopping me from getting experience auditioning on the flute though Wink

Liz *The Red Lady*


Catherine - Jul 28, 2004 6:10 pm (#1314 of 2955)


Your post made me laugh. My dad and brother are constantly evaluating their own rank.

According to THEM, the rank is as follows:

1. My two girls, Hayley and Claire

2. My Shih-Tzu Phoebe

3. Me

4. Daisy, the "new" Shih-Tzu (but only b/c she hasn't had a real chance to show that she deserves to be equal with Phoebe. Never mind me, in between Sad

5. My father. This was a matter of debate, but Dad wins since he retired recently, and took over the grocery shopping. This leaves...

6. My brother. He's a smart, funny guy, but really aggravated my parents and me, and since WE're the ones doing the rankings....

Well, you get the point. I am below the oldest Shih-Tzu. I pretty much accept this....


Leila 2X4B - Jul 28, 2004 6:21 pm (#1315 of 2955)

Sherbie Oh my. I couldn't stop laughing. Poor foreman, or lucky, poor you.

Liz congrats. I am so proud. how is your piccolo?

Boop BIG HUG and even Bigger PINT O BEN AND JERRY'S

My computer will go into the shop tomorrow. Ah me Hopefully I will find another computer to use or I will face 1 million posts upon my return.



Professor V - Jul 28, 2004 6:26 pm (#1316 of 2955)

Liz, Good luck with the auditions, when are they? Are you nervous?

When I was in high school, I was never that nervous for my flute auditions. But then again, I knew I wasn't very good. I was always surprised when I did ok. Now my choir auditions were another story altogether, I was so nervous, of course it meant more to me. My choir director always told me I should wear a long dress for auditions because my knees would literally being shaking.

All this talk of rankings in the household reminds me of my dad's opinion that he was always at the bottom of the list. Poor man, he was the only man for miles, well actually acres, even our pets were all girls.

Sherbie, that sounds so like something that would happen to me.

Later, Ruby


Celestina W. - Jul 28, 2004 6:45 pm (#1317 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 28, 2004 6:47 pm

Liz, I've auditioned for All-State Choir (probably similar to your regionals) the last two years, but unfortunately haven't gotten in. I put it down to the fact that there are way too many first sopranos out there, and that I'm a miserable sight-reader. I've always thought I would be a better sight-reader if I played an instrument, so it surprises me that you think it's easier vocally. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I don't usually get too nervous for singing in front of people anymore. But sometimes after I'm done and go sit down, my knees will start shaking uncontrollably. Good luck when you have your audition!

Caput, sorry, didn't mean to call you old or anything, but you know what I mean, right? I didn't know you guys had compulsory voting there. That sounds like a good idea. I think it's just awful how many people in the U.S. don't vote.


Liz - Jul 28, 2004 6:47 pm (#1318 of 2955)

I was playing me piccolo and then all of a sudden the pinky key got loose... I tried re-screwing the screws in it and i striped the hole the screw goes into... so i'm hopefully going to get a new piccolo when i get that package in the mail... the other alternative is that they sent it back saying that they can't help me :'(

I'm not nervous for choir auditions... flute is another story... I'm not that great at sharp key signatures and I don't think i'm at the same level as Seniors in band you know... however I think I'm a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sight singing, and I think I have the necessary stuff to be in Regionals.

*We do have a regional and All state thing here... Regionals is the district one, and then if you made it in the regional choir you can audition for all state.

I do hope i make the choir one though.

Liz *The Red Lady*


Caput Draconis - Jul 28, 2004 6:56 pm (#1319 of 2955)

Celestina, I do, hehe. I'm constantly getting mocked for my...mature tastes. Alan's only 37 years older...never mind.

The thing with our voting is that we replace your people who don't vote with ours who couldn't be bothered, and just write 1,2,3,4 down the ballot. Watching candidates fight for the top square on the paper is highly amusing.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 28, 2004 6:58 pm (#1320 of 2955)

I personally Love Anthony Hopkins, hence my email address, and he is 5o some-odd years older than me. so don't feel bad for taste in older men.


Celestina W. - Jul 28, 2004 7:05 pm (#1321 of 2955)

Sleeping Beauty, do you like the movie Shadowlands? I absolutely adore it. Definitely a pass-the-Kleenex kind of movie.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 28, 2004 7:07 pm (#1322 of 2955)

Own it, love it. Titus is my favorite. I own 20+ movies of his. Love him Love him


Ladybug220 - Jul 28, 2004 7:22 pm (#1323 of 2955)

Oh Sherbie - I laughed very hard! Thankfully, I had swallowed my Dr Pepper just before reading your post otherwise I would have spewed it all over my monitor and keyboard.


Caput Draconis - Jul 28, 2004 7:25 pm (#1324 of 2955)

OH Good Heavens Sleeping Beauty!! Sir Tony had my heart even before Alan...I've met him too! Erm, apologies to those who've heard this but he was here for the Red Dragon premiere, I waited for a copious amount of time, called him from the media to me. He said 'hi', I said something that could have been hi but was probably aagghghghg, he signed my 'The Edge' poster, I asked for a photo, he said 'yar' in that Welshness of his, twas VERY exciting. I was on the news with him too...ah, good stalking times. Oh, and I touched his shoulder. Heee.


Leila 2X4B - Jul 28, 2004 7:28 pm (#1325 of 2955)

I could just DIE with envy. Accio your Tony memories and/or experiences.


The giant squid - Jul 28, 2004 7:36 pm (#1326 of 2955)

ACK! Poor Sherbie...but lucky foreman. Glad you've at least got your oven woes mostly sorted out. Solve one thing, move on to the next. My suggestion: change the glass in the door to stained or marbles glass--still lets light through, but it's really hard to make out shapes... Wink

Betty, consider yourself utterly hugged by me. You'll make it through, I promise. Smile

Let's see, what else was covered in the 50+ posts since yesterday... Oh, the potato debate. I don't think potatoes are the problem, so much as the oil we fry them in or the crud we glop on top of them. Then again, I'm 5'7" and weigh about 105 lbs., so I don't pay too much attention to diets anyway. Wink

As for my flight, I think I'll be fine. The bad luck comes with the fact that I'll be away for a week with no internet access. Durn no-star hotels... I mean sure, the company's paying for it, not me, but still--depriving a man of the internet should fall under the category of "cruel and unusual punishment". As if dealing with being three time-zones ahead won't be bad enough. I'll be getting up when my body wants to go to sleep...

Enjoy your good week next week, Sherbie! Wink



Leila 2X4B - Jul 28, 2004 7:38 pm (#1327 of 2955)

No Net Mike? *sends butterbeer to ease the pain*


Solitaire - Jul 28, 2004 7:38 pm (#1328 of 2955)

Ruby, I have a degree in English and a minor in history. I currently teach 7th grade language arts, but I've taught 6th & 8th, as well as all four grades of high school English. In addition, I've taught 6th grade social studies for the past three years. I have my first two levels of CTAP certification, so I have also taught a computer tech class and a few workshops for the teachers.

Sherbie, I do not know the saga of your stove, but I have a funny one of my own. Two years ago, at about 3 a.m. one morning, my glass stovetop mysteriously began cracking into a bazillion pieces. The noise woke me up! It was as though it was possessed! Pieces of glass were popping all over the place. It had been off for hours, so I don't know what caused it. Neither do the manufacturers ... but it had happened before, and that model is no longer made.

Hey, I got my hair cut today, too. It's kinda short and spikey ... which helps disguise the cowlicks all over my head! LOL Even my dogs went to the beauty parlor ... and boy, do they look and smell great!



The giant squid - Jul 28, 2004 7:40 pm (#1329 of 2955)

It's not too bad, SB...I was just getting ready to reread OotP anyway.

I'm not sure what I'll do for the other 4 days, though. Smile


boop - Jul 28, 2004 8:04 pm (#1330 of 2955)

Drip Pan, thanks for the laugh I needed it.

Lindsey, LOL you poor girl. It’s just one thing after another. At least you can sit back and laugh at this one. I agree with what Mike said about changing the glass. Thanks for the laugh as well.

Thank you everyone for the support, hope for a better day tomorrow.


Julia. - Jul 28, 2004 8:28 pm (#1331 of 2955)

*huggy huggy Betty!* Don't worry, things'll get better soon!

Liz, what's wrong with going to a formal with a friend? I went to my prom with a really good friend, and I had an absolutely awesome time there. Woo. The rest of the forum calls, see you all later!


Marie E. - Jul 28, 2004 9:38 pm (#1332 of 2955)

The next you all see my brother bragging about how skinny he is, feel free to smack him!

All this talk about voting has reminded me that I need to call the county clerk's office about my new address. Wouldn't it be awful if I forgot and they wouldn't let me vote?

Today I took my seven year old daughter in for yet another dental visit. This summer has been has been filled with weekly visit’s, poor thing. Today the receptionist called out cheerfully as I paid my co-pay, "Only three more appointments left!". See, she has always been afraid of getting x-rays because the thing they put in your mouth cuts her gums. Now she has like four major cavities, one which actually broke apart the tooth and one which caused a massive abscess on her gum. Now she has a shiny silver crown and will get another crown next week. Poor baby.

# Huggles to Betty*

Liz - Jul 28, 2004 11:43 pm (#1333 of 2955)

Nothin's wrong with going to the Formal with a friend... but there's nothing wrong with having someone as a date either.

And quite frankly I think I would have a good time either way, don't you? Wink


icthestrals - Jul 29, 2004 5:40 am (#1334 of 2955)

Sherbie, thanks for the laugh!! I laughed so hard at work, some folks came to see if I was alright. I thought your dog was supposed to alert you of people coming near the house. Ha!

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Boop, one day at a time Mom.


Chemyst - Jul 29, 2004 6:02 am (#1335 of 2955)

Corny joke to cheer up Boop:

What goes Ha ha ha, thump?

Highlight for answer -   A man laughing his head off.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 29, 2004 6:36 am (#1336 of 2955)

I never mind sharing a story that gives people a laugh at my expense! Certainly, I give myself and my husband plenty to chuckle about. My dog did alert me, ICThestrals. I left out the colorful details of me wrestling her into a bedroom before I grabbed my robe.

Enjoy your good week next week, Sherbie! Wink Mike

I hope so! Next Wednesday we leave for Abbey Road on the River, and I hope I don't have any experiences like Betty recently had on the journey there or back! Unfortunatley, I don't know when/if I'll be able to be online either. The hotel has high-speed internet access but alas, I do not have a laptop.

Good luck, Liz!

Your story does make me feel a bit better, Solitaire. However, you didn't make your stove top crack. I, on the other hand, set fire to my oven 3 days after I moved in. At least you can blame yours on a freakish manufacturers defect. The trivet mishap unfortunately falls on me, and me alone. Yet I could possibly blame my wedding guests.Ponder The trivets were a gift from someone and that someone chose to purchase wood trivets, rather than iron or stone. So...

Sorry to hear about your daughter, Marie. I'm sure her recent experience won't make her any keener to visit the dentist!


[haymoni - Jul 29, 2004 7:36 am (#1337 of 2955)

Chemyst - I liked your joke.

Boop - you know we're all here for you.

Sherbie - too funny! My husband would have laughed at me too. He also would insist on coming in through the front door from now on!

It's a boring Thursday here at work.

Hubby goes out tonight to divide our Cleveland Browns tickets up - we have Dog Pound seats that we share with 3 other people. That means I only have to freeze my butt off 2 times a season, but it really is a lot of fun. No - I don't paint my face or wear a dog mask. I do scream my head off though and I really do enjoy the tailgating!

Have a good one. Friday is almost here!

Solitaire - Jul 29, 2004 7:55 am (#1338 of 2955)

Well, Sherbie ... I think we all go through times like that, when we seem to be touched by the bad fairy. I didn't tell you that the same week my stove went pffft! I had to buy a new air conditioner coil ... to the tune of about $1,000 (expensive week). I live in a very HOT area of California, and it had already reached temps of 100 (which is how I found out in May that my a/c was not working). The a/c man was checking for leaks in the system and found one ... in the coil (expensive part).

Before that, however, he knocked a hole in the east side of my house looking for a leak. It's still there, because they refuse to fix it. That came after I refused to pay for a second call to my house for the repairman to fix something he'd installed backwards the first time out. The error was causing coolant or something blue to leak out and stain the WEST side of my house. They tried to charge me $100 for that house call to repair THEIR error, and I refused to pay. They have refused to fix the big hole. So ... I guess one of these days, I am going to have to fix it.

I also found out yesterday that my dogs need to have their teeth cleaned. That costs a few hundred $, because they must be anesthetized. While the male is out, I am supposed to have him "fixed," since testicular cancer runs in his litter. *sigh* It never rains ... it only pours! I'm just glad I can handle it at the moment. However, my digital camera will have to wait a bit.

Okay, time to go to the dentist and have my braces adjusted. Ugh!



B]megfox[/B] - Jul 29, 2004 8:07 am (#1339 of 2955)

Professor V, I just wanted to say that I love the picture of your beagles! My sister has two, and we just got a puppy two weeks ago, and she is the most devilishly tricky little blighter ever! But she is so cute, and is currently licking my toes because she wants attention. She does manage to get into everything, and loves to snooze in the laundry. Beagles are so much fun!


septentrion - Jul 29, 2004 8:10 am (#1340 of 2955)

I'm very busy these last days so I don't have time to read this thread properly *sigh* Just say hello everyone, have a good day !


Padfoot - Jul 29, 2004 8:19 am (#1341 of 2955)

Wow Sherbie, you lead an exciting life! I couldn't help laughing at your story too.

Well my work e-mail did not working all day yesterday and not working today. Yet everyone in the office has properly working e-mail. Since we are all on the same set up, it is particularly weird. So I need to figure that out today.

Everyone have a good day today! Sunshine


mollis - Jul 29, 2004 8:55 am (#1342 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 29, 2004 8:55 am

Sherbie - I just don't think my day would be complete without hearing one of your amusing stories! You lead a very exciting life, and now, so does your 'dumbledore'!

Mike- Find a local library when you get where you're going. They are great for internet access on the go without a laptop! And please try to have a lousy time so that our poor Sherbie can relax for a week.

Catherine - If you have further clematis questions that couldn't be answered on the net - feel free to e-mail me (it's public) and I can hopefully help you out.

As for the dogs versus cats debate - I am definitely a cat person. Hubby, however, really wants a dog. We will soon be having many long discussions about this. I just don't want the hassle of a dog or to torment my poor kittie. She is finally calmed down after the move, I hate to think of what would happen if we brought a dog into her home!

And thanks padfoot, I think I will!


Professor V - Jul 29, 2004 9:23 am (#1343 of 2955)

Meg, What is the new puppies name? Beagles are definitely alot of fun. Saren loves fresh laundry. Once when she was still a baby and already and accomplished escape artist, I couldn't find her anywhere in my apartment. I was really racking my brains trying to figure out how she got out of my 2nd story apartment when all doors and windows were closed. Just as I was reaching the point of true panic, she stuck her head out of the open dryer door. I had been in the process of folding towels when the phone rang, by the time I got off the phone she had climbed into the dryer and went to sleep.

Speaking of sleep I didn't sleep well last night, thanks to some of my less than successful students. Starting at about midnight they prank called me like 4 times. The truly sad thing is that I'm sure they thought that they were being clever. Unfortunately for them, I have caller I.D. and they were "bright" enough to use their names in the messages they left on my machine. This is not a good omen for the upcoming school year.

Have a great day all, Ruby

Edit: Loopy Lupin, I love the names. I'd love to see pics.


Loopy Lupin - Jul 29, 2004 9:38 am (#1344 of 2955)

Ruby, I love that picture of the beagle babies. When I get my parents a digital camera, I'll have to post some pics of my "siblings" (my parents have grown tired of waiting for grandkids I guess) who are three basset hounds (Flash, Roscoe, and Lulu) and one beagle (Cooter). (Yes, they are all named after characters from the "Dukes of Hazzard.")


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 9:53 am (#1345 of 2955)

Loopy, I had a small spew at the names of your canine siblings. I was already thinking "The Dukes of Hazzard" before I got to the end of your post, so woo-hoo! I guessed correctly.

I grew up watching Dukes of Hazzard when I was *ahem* much younger. It's frightening what you remember. I got all nostalgic and everything. I am growing quite sentimental...

Mollis, I did email you a question, so thanks for offering.


Madam Poppy - Jul 29, 2004 10:47 am (#1346 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 29, 2004 10:50 am

Poor Sherbie, at least it wasn't your regular mail carrier or UPS person! Then you'd have to hide out any time they came to your house.
We have panels of clear glass on either side of our front door. Several years ago, I used a frosted glass spray paint to cover them up. We live in a split level house and you have to walk by the door to go downstairs. I didn't like be "on display" day or night. The spray paint isn't the greatest product. It can run and can be scratched off.
They now make large window coverings that look like stained glass or frosted glass. Older versions were like stickers--more permanent. Newer versions are like a huge vinyl decal. They are easier to apply or remove because there is no glue.(*end of commercial)
Which reminds me, when I was in our Ross store on Monday buying a new purse, a woman asked the gal ringing up my purchase if the store carried any little white Christmas lights? She said no. I spoke up and said that I worked at Fred Meyer and we didn't have them either. I then asked if she was interested in lights for a wedding? (I'd had this request before) The woman replied yes. So I went on to tell her about some pretty butterfly lights we had at Fred Meyer. The woman left and the Ross sales clerk smiled at me and said, "You're good". I had a laugh last night when I got back in to work. The seven boxes of expensive ($30.00 ea) outdoor butterfly lights were gone! They'd been there in the patio department for weeks.


Padfoot - Jul 29, 2004 10:59 am (#1347 of 2955)

Poppy, what a saleswoman!


virgoddess1313 - Jul 29, 2004 11:06 am (#1348 of 2955)

Hey everyone!! Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!! I really appreciated them, and I'm sure Will does as well. Hard to tell though. He's pretty medicated right now.

The surgery went well. They got in there and there was as much damage as they were expecting, so it was fixed pretty quick. He's been awake and moving around. I went over to visit for a few minutes yesterday but ended up staying the whole evening so I could take care of him while his parents had a wel deserved rest.

As for the interview *rolls eyes*. The manager of this place told me to come in and talk to him yesterday afternoon. I went, with my application filled out, looking (I thought) rather nice... and he wasn't even there. I was a little upset, but my brother is going to give him my cell phone number and see if we can work things out. I hope so. I'm so ready to leave the law firm. It's drving me mad.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Flame Alligator - Jul 29, 2004 11:07 am (#1349 of 2955)

Penny, *choking, gagging, retching* NO, I do not eat raw meat. I eat raw fruit’s and starch-less vegetables. (meaning no potatoes, rice, legumes or grain foods (bread, pasta, cakes, cookies etc.)

Gina, Good luck on the South Beach Diet. Sounds like you are doing fine. I am always happy when someone eats healthy. Quitting processed foods........ excellent. If you need support........ just chat me up and I will be your cheerleader.

Veronika G, No candy til 18. That sounds good to me. Because all the candy I ate as a child costs me "killer" dental bills. My dentist would hate the idea of "no candy till 18".

Sherbie, I am delighted your Mom is alright but your family doctor with the antibiotics........ shame shame shame. Antibiotics are for emergencies only. He is irresponsibly prescribing them. This is the reason bacteria are becoming resistant. They mutate and then the antibiotics don't work anymore. We already have some "super bacteria" that no antibiotic can stop.

As for health eating........ it does work. Once your taste buds are clear, you taste every delicious nuance of healthy foods. I weigh the same as I did when I was 14. I have lots of energy. I just wish I had started eating the way I do now back when I was in my 20's.

Oh yeah, for the record, the hardest food for me too kick was chocolate. I finally broke that addiction last year. Now when I eat it......... it makes me sick.

OK.... now everybody hates me.

I have been having computer trouble........ again. It may be my Internet connection. I hope I don't have another virus. My computer guy is taking pity on me and working me in his schedule Saturday afternoon.

In spite of the above, I am in a very good mood and send joy to you all.



boop - Jul 29, 2004 11:11 am (#1350 of 2955)

thanks for the well wishes. I wish I could say this day has turned out better, but it has not. I am feeling more down today, and I hate the feeling of only sadness. It’s an awful feeling. The worst part about it, I can't even tell you why I feel this way.
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Denise P. - Jul 29, 2004 11:16 am (#1351 of 2955)

Wow, I just made it through almost 700 new posts on this thread alone. I didn't take notes but..

1. dogs rule, hands down. I like cats well enough but given a choice, a dog will win out. Catherine, it also irks me when people don't research a breed before getting it. For heaven's sake, don't get a Border Collie and expect a couch dog...or get a Basset and expect to make it to the Agility finals for the US.

2. didn't get a drivers license until after I was married. I lived overseas in my teens, no need to drive. I also much prefer a standard but my van only is made with an automatic.

3. don't plan to see Catwoman, never did

4. I have melted a huge tupperware bowl in my oven, after I put it in there and forgot, turned on the stove. Horrible mess and smell but no firemen were involved

I am sure there were other important things I didn't comment on but as I said, I didn't take notes.

Our trip was dandy, we went out to Utah and back to visit family. My kiddies are good travelers so it makes things go much more smoothly. We still stop every 200 miles or so for a break and they run around the grass for a bit. We left Salt Lake City on Monday morning and were back in our house on Tuesday night...power driving!

Now, I am off to read the other 4,000 unread messages on the Forum.


wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 11:17 am (#1352 of 2955)

I'm trying to break the habit of eating junk food. I don't really like candy anymore, but am still stuck to the chocolates. It's gotten so if I eat too much junk my taste buds get irritated for several days. Sad Thank goodness I no longer eat like I used to...

Flame- Sorry about your computer! I was having all sorts of problems with mine and finally had to delete the hard drive and start from scratch. It's worked beautifully ever since.

Betty- I hope you get to feeling better soon! You know where to find me if you ever need me. Smile

Denise- Glad your trip was good; it's nice to have you back!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 29, 2004 11:40 am (#1353 of 2955)

or get a Basset and expect to make it to the Agility finals for the US.—Denise

Hey! My "siblings" can waddle with the best of them. Smile I would agree that it’s very upsetting to me when people get a dog based on what they think is "cute." For example, beagles and bassets are darn cute, but they are hounds. This means they bark and yowl at things that you're quite sure aren't even there. This also means they do this barking and yowling at 2:00 a.m. or whenever the mood strikes them.


Padfoot - Jul 29, 2004 11:44 am (#1354 of 2955)

Antibiotics are for emergencies only. He is irresponsibly prescribing them. This is the reason bacteria are becoming resistant. They mutate and then the antibiotics don't work anymore. We already have some "super bacteria" that no antibiotic can stop. –Flame

I have wondered about this. A few years ago there was all this talk on the news that bacteria was getting stronger. Now I hardly hear anything at all about this. I try not to buy antibacterial soap. For a while I had a dermatologist prescribe amoxocilian for me to take for years. (This was before I heard all the hoopla over not using it.) Anyway, I am not on that anymore. My question is, are bacteria getting stronger or is this a myth? If so, why is practically everything antibacterial now days?

Welcome back Denise!

Sorry to hear Boop that you aren't feeling any better. Have some chocolate! Chocolate


Flame Alligator - Jul 29, 2004 11:47 am (#1355 of 2955)

Wormse (Lindsay), Thanks for the computer info. I will do just do just as you say when I get home from teaching yoga class.

Sherbie, LOL, A treat for the foreman, eh? I have had a similar experience lately. My godson came bursting in with his friends while I was uh........ au naturel in the kitchen, just put my robe in the washer, and was finishing a smoothie. Then he said, Isn't she cool? And she's 53. I just love little boys, don't you? lol

Time for me to start getting ready to teach yoga to the Feds. I am in a good mood which means I work my students EXTRA hard. *evil cackle*



wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 11:56 am (#1356 of 2955)

Flame- I also bought Norton Internet Security. I downloaded it, as well as got a disk in the mail... granted it was about $80, but I will say it's worth it. The download caused my computer to have even more problems, probably because it was over run with viruses to begin with, but I just re-installed it with the disk from the mail after the hard drive was deleted. Now I'm problem free, and have been for over a month. Just thought I should throw that in before you deleted everything. Smile After all, I am far from being a computer pro, lol.


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 11:58 am (#1357 of 2955)

Hey! My "siblings" can waddle with the best of them. Smile --Loopy Lupin

Of course they can! While we're talking Agility trials, Shih-Tzus are not well represented among champions. They're just not the speediest dogs, and they have personality "issues" with agility. I've heard stories where the dog will stop dead still because people are applauding another event because they think the people are clapping for them, and they want to enjoy it. Or they will stop what they're doing and go over and beg for a tummy rub from the judge. Or they'll decide suddenly that they are hot, or too tired, and will bolt away to go lie underneath a chair in the shade. :-)

After we saw the movie Babe (cute film about border colllies and a pig who thinks he is one of them), my husband started joking about our dog Phoebe, saying to her (as the mother dog says to the piglet Babe), "Your job is to stay here and eat your food." This line has eventually become, "Your job is to took cute and eat your food!"

Looking cute and eating food are two things that Shih-tzus do well.

Hi, Denise! Welcome back!


Prefect Marcus - Jul 29, 2004 12:12 pm (#1358 of 2955)

Welcome back, Denise.


Solitaire - Jul 29, 2004 12:13 pm (#1359 of 2955)

Flame Alligator is right about antibiotics and resistant bacteria. My doc told me many years ago that this was why it was so important to finish a course of antibiotics instead of stopping as soon as we feel better. When we stop before the infection is completely wiped out, it tends to strengthen and flare up again. Then the same antibiotic won't work against it and something else (stronger) needs to be used. Just imagine this process over a period of years.

I hate taking antibiotics for any reason and will always ask for an alternative treatment, if it is available. When I DO have to take them, my doc always requires a follow-up to make sure the infection is completely gone before stopping the antibiotic ... just for that reason.

Padfoot, I think all of the antibacterial stuff has probably contributed to the problem of resistant bacteria. I think people are fearful, and that creates the big market for the stuff.

Honestly, I have found that being diligent to wash my hands with good old soap and water frequently during the day--and keeping my hands away from my face--can help me avoid colds and flu. From what I understand, doctors and researchers say the same thing.



haymoni - Jul 29, 2004 12:21 pm (#1360 of 2955)

Yes - I'm a bit worried about all this Purell stuff.

We played outside in the dirt all day long - drank out of the same cup - put our mouths on the garden hose - you get the picture!

Kids are sanitized now. I'm all for covering your mouth and washing your hands, but it seems as though we are taking things a bit too far.

One good bug and we'll all be wiped out!


Accio Sirius - Jul 29, 2004 12:31 pm (#1361 of 2955)

Denise--welcome back. You've had my admiration for mothering such a large brood and working the forum, but taking them all on a road trip and keeping your sanity--you rule!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 29, 2004 12:38 pm (#1362 of 2955)

Denise--welcome back. You've had my admiration for mothering such a large brood and working the forum, but taking them all on a road trip and keeping your sanity--you rule! -- Accio Sirius

Indeed and hear, hear.

Denise, I'm curious as to the ages of the "near baseball team." (I know Ryan is 10, right?)


Dr Filibuster - Jul 29, 2004 1:41 pm (#1363 of 2955)

TIM...message for TIM

I've tried to contact you for a few days but all messages are returned "mail not allowed" "service unavailable" etc.

Just wanted to say thanks for sending me the panto stuff....but I couldn't read any of it. As you may know, I don't have a computer, just one of those Argos Bush tv box thingies. It lets me participate on the Forum and I can even do little smiles (although they only look like coloured dots). Unfortunately I cannot access any attachments sent with e-mails. Maybe you have some kind of security on your PC that won't let dodgy non-computers through?

I shall just have to imagine the script with loads of Tim-isms in. Don't forget to tell us when the new one is ready and when/where it will be performed. Have you finished your 1st draft, like JKR? Will HBP be finished before it?

Welcome back Denise, glad you had a good holiday. Are you really going to read every single post? I have to admit defeat these days and press the "Mark as Read" a lot.

Lyndsey, Lol is there a blush smiley? Oh and you reminded me that I still haven't bought my first Beatles music.

Must go out tommorrow for computer and whole Beatles back catalogue. OK, that's me done, just one more thing...big happy hug for Boop, (( Hug Betty Hug )). See, I'm losing my reserve.


Padfoot - Jul 29, 2004 2:02 pm (#1364 of 2955)

Sue, does this mean you do not own any Beatles records (cds)?


Denise P. - Jul 29, 2004 2:06 pm (#1365 of 2955)

Okay, the ages of the team are, from left to right, starting in the back:

Alex (21), Nicholas (11) and Kristen(22)
Devin (Cool, Iain (3), Kaitlyn (7), Kierynn (17 mos) and Ryan (10)


Loopy Lupin - Jul 29, 2004 2:12 pm (#1366 of 2955)

Thanks Denise. My "nieces and nephews" who are 15, 12, 11, 6, and 20 months, and their mother isn't exactly sure that she's through. EEK!


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 2:32 pm (#1367 of 2955)

Denise, you have a beautiful crew. Thanks for sharing their ages with us.

Loopy, if you have all those nieces and nephews, what they heck do your parents need your beagle and basset siblilngs? :-) You should send the mother of your nieces and nephews flowers, because she has so totally gotten you off the hook!

Guys, I just want to tell you that while I don't want her to be inundated with email containing plant questions, our own Mollis is one smart flower and boy does she know plants. Woo-hoo for Mollis!

EDIT: Thanks for keeping the Simpsons, Loopy. VERY amusing...


mollis - Jul 29, 2004 2:35 pm (#1368 of 2955)

Catherine - Aren't you sweet!?! I'm glad you got my e-mail. I hope it helps. And I'd be happy to help out anyone who needs it!


Loopy Lupin - Jul 29, 2004 2:58 pm (#1369 of 2955)

Oh, I should explain. I say "nieces and nephews" in quotes because I have not brothers or sisters, but I have friends with kids. That particular brood above I have known since all of their births and I am called "Uncle." There's actually a picture of them all on my desk at work. I introduce them as nieces and nephews and they introduce me as uncle. We're not blood relatives but at this point, we don't bother to explain most of the time.


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 3:15 pm (#1370 of 2955)

Ah, alas, earwax.

NOW I get it. Thanks for explaining, Loopy. I didn't mean to be thick.

Yes, well maybe you should be buying the dogs flowers, then, since they are getting you off the hook.... ;-) Hmmm, no bad idea. Perhaps liver treats for the pups??

Where do you rank in the dog scenario? My brother complains that since he is unmarried, he ranks below me and my children and my husband and my dogs. We're all kind of insulted, though, because I think my mom ranks my shih-tzu Phoebe first after the "human" grandchildren....oh well.

No wonder I need more chocolate.


Padfoot - Jul 29, 2004 3:19 pm (#1371 of 2955)

My brother and I have long known that both of us rank below the family dog (Husky). Of course my brother and I live in different states than my parents and the dog. Still, we feel we should rank higher than her. My mom told me once that when I greet her in the same way that Czarina (the Husky) greets her, she will consider ranking me higher. As there are no grandchildren yet, they have to be content with grandferrets.


timrew - Jul 29, 2004 3:51 pm (#1372 of 2955)

Sue, (Doc Filibuster)

I haven't sent you my panto, so what you are trying to access is beyond me!

Send me another e-mail, and put in the subject box, 'Panto', or 'Sue' or 'Doc Filibuster', or somesuch. I delete any mails I don't recognise!


P.S. I will send you last year's panto (Jack & The Beanstalk) embedded in the e-mail, and not as an attached file, if that's what it takes!


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 4:13 pm (#1373 of 2955)


I have serious trauma. No, not life or limb, or even serious illness, or Dementors.

But trauma just the same. I picked up the "puppies" from the new groomer. Keep in mind that I usually get my shih-tzu groomed in my hometown, not where I live. But trips to the Chesapeake Bay and beach necessitated an early visit. And, I groom our dogs fairly well.

I went to pick them up, and thought, "Why the heck did they put THAT dog next to Phoebe? Who the heck is that dog?"

Awful realization: this was my beautiful puppy. This was my sister to champion show dog. This is my dog who was supposed to get a haircut, not a SHAVE. What the double-heck???

Groomer's answer: She looked hot with all of that fur. The groomer was actually PROUD that she made my dog look like a chihuahua.

I really can't think of an appropriate thing to do to this woman. It's not like I can sue her for "wrongful fur shaving."

Daisy is shaking, hiding behind chairs, and has refused food and water. I've tried cheering charms, but so far, no luck. And I need one too.

Boop, if you need something to laugh at, maybe I'll send you a picture of the new Daisy. I need a laugh myself!


wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 4:36 pm (#1374 of 2955)

Ohhh, Catherine! That's awful! "She looked hot with all that fur.." That is a pathetic excuse! I feel deeply for you and your dog! I send hugs your way.


ShelterGirl - Jul 29, 2004 4:51 pm (#1375 of 2955)

Oh NO Catherine. I am so sorry.





Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 4:54 pm (#1376 of 2955)

Lindsay, LOVE your avatar. Yes, he IS rather adorable, isn't he!

OK, I'm still hyperventilating, as is Daisy. She won't even take a treat; when she sees us looking at her shaved bottom, she sit’s down and looks sad. Poor puppy. This person, contrary to instruction, shaved her face and eliminated her cute facial puffs. No wonder Daisy is hiding.

My neighbor, who upon my advice adopted a cute shaved shih-tzu, was almost in tears when she saw my poor girl. We can't believe it. This dog is now "Bald-a-mort" or "Shitz-a-mort." Flat faced and bald.

Keep in mind, this was the dog, except for her personality, was almost the dog chosen by the breeder for show purposes. Her sister looks (well, LOOKED) exactly like her. Except that the breeder thought that Daisy was too naughty for the show ring. And she is :-)

I know it is ridiculous to mourn fur. But I am still amazed at the sheer awfulness, and sheer gall, of it all.

With major Sighs...



ShelterGirl - Jul 29, 2004 4:57 pm (#1377 of 2955)

Catherine- You didn't pay them for that shave, did you? Or at least they gave you a discount?

Please tell me they at least offered a discount...

By the way... we just got a shih-tzu in at the adoption center...
* dangling the carrot...*


Chemyst - Jul 29, 2004 4:58 pm (#1378 of 2955)

Oh, no! The poor puppy doesn't look so hot now...
and chocolate isn't good for dogs so I guess you'll have to eat Phoebe's for her, Catherine.


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 5:19 pm (#1379 of 2955)

Shelter Girl, and Chemyst,

I was so outraged that I was awful myself; I paid quietly, while still crying in their presence. It's not like me really, but I did have children waiting in the car in 95 plus degree heat, plus I know you can't hot-glue fur back onto your poor little girl.

Chemyst, I warned hubby b/f he got home, and we stopped by the grocery store for chocolate. Phoebe. as the "elder Tzu," just looks satisfied at poor Daisy's ugly turn. And ugly it is. Multiple breed, and dog lovers, have looked at this, and are frightened.

Shelter Girl, despite my deep sadness, I am intrigued. You would warn me, if someone was in imminent danger, would you not? I will drive to go get said Shih-tzu or mix.

Now that my letter got such good results, I have a teensy, small "in" with the Humane Director. Also, for rescue purposes, you should know that she herself has a huge weakness for German Shepherds, and English Setters!

Cheers! We are not cheerful, but contemplating our own baldness. And feeling tragic....


ShelterGirl - Jul 29, 2004 5:31 pm (#1380 of 2955)

No one is in danger Catherine. Once they come to the adoption center they live there until they find a home. Smile

I just wanted to let you know there was a pitiful little girl who will be going up for adoption at some point. She's quite sad, really. In all honesty, we most likely have someone on the wish list for her. However, as she's terrified of men, it might be difficult to find a match.

And I would have been crying too, if I were you. That's awful. "Looked hot" indeed... I'd show them hot.


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 5:43 pm (#1381 of 2955)


She's been groomed there before. I had our "requirements" on file, or so I thought...

Note: take NOTHING for granted. SPECIFY everything. Growl at everyone...

Shelter Girl, I'm not surprised. Most of the Shih-Tzu females I know, except for my Daisy, VASTLY, and I am not exaggerating, prefer human females. My dad complains that he doesn't have a chance. The dogs I've fostered were also really prejudiced in the favor of females! Zeke, the foster-tzu, barked at my husband every night when he came home, and acted really anxious until I kissed my hubby and let Zeke know that the hubby was ok!

I'm not really certain that it's really a gender thing, but maybe a body-language thing. These dogs are super smart at reading people, and women, I think, are more "open" with their body language. In general, I think the dogs "feel" smarter and more in control because they know what to expect.

Edit: Read Shelter Girl, and let her know AGAIN that for fostering, if need be, I am here. Smile For adoption purposes, let your heart be your guide. Shiht-tzus are all heart.

And I'm here, and love these dogs. :-D


wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 6:37 pm (#1382 of 2955)

Catherine- Yes, indeed... the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'm going through another one of my Orlando Obsessive phases due to the fact that he was filming the movie "Elizabethtown" right outside of my county. And still, I didn't get to at least catch a glimpse of him... *sighs* I assure you, I pitched quite a little fit over that one... It's just not fair! And, I think I'll stop right about here, or else I'll go on and on about him, my future plans, and how my dreams were crushed. LoL... rather boring. Smile Unless that kind of thing really intrigues you, hehehe.


Marie E. - Jul 29, 2004 6:43 pm (#1383 of 2955)

Lindsay, I was going to tell you that we passed through your lovely state on our way to Viriginia. I thought of you and our joke of the birdcalls. We had a scary "blankie moment" in Kentucky where we thought Lexie had left her blankie in a gas station 30 miles behind us. My husband was all "we're not turning around" and Lexie is sobbing then I checked under the driver's seat and there she was! (yes, blankie is a girl) Shayla denies all knowledge of the whereabouts of blankie.


wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 6:45 pm (#1384 of 2955)

Was that you!?! I thought I awoke to an odd noise outside of my window... Smile


Solitaire - Jul 29, 2004 6:48 pm (#1385 of 2955)


I am so sorry about your poor doggy. I have Shelties (also fur-balls), and I know what happens to dogs like this when they are shaved.

First of all, it was inappropriate of the groomer to shave your dog without your permission. Second, a groomer should be aware that some dogs NEED that thick coat to keep cool; undercoats on certain dogs do serve that function. I'm not a groomer, and even I know this! Third, certain dogs really are humiliated when their "crowning glory" is removed, just like some people freak out over a very short haircut.

My first Sheltie, Sadie, had an infected bite at the base of her tail. In order to treat it, the doc had to shave part of her tail. She stood in the corner and hid until she realized she still had tail hair. She was embarrassed. When she did finally begin to mingle again, she kept her tail "swung" to one side to cover up the bald spot. She did this for months, until the tail hair grew in. Don't tell me SHE didn't know what was going on!

Your groomer owes you a full refund ... or a free grooming, assuming you ever darken her door again. I'm not sure I would. *sending a hug for your traumatized baby*



Celestina W. - Jul 29, 2004 7:03 pm (#1386 of 2955)

Oh, Catherine, your poor puppy! How could the groomer not know any better?! Well, on the bright side, at least it's not permanent. How long will it take for a Shih-Tzu's fur to grow back?

Lindsay, love your avatar.


wormsé - Jul 29, 2004 7:23 pm (#1387 of 2955)

Love your avatar, too, Celestina! Smile


Catherine - Jul 29, 2004 7:24 pm (#1388 of 2955)

I agree that I am due a "refund" or credit. I will never darken her doorstep again. I usually pay a lot more to get my dogs groomed in Richmond, where we have NEVER been treated this way. Part of the problem was that I, who usually am quite a "know it all," was deprived of speech at the travesty.

Daisy is traumatized. Her fur is a huge part of her self-image. She finally shook herself to sleep (Note to men: we ladies take our haircuts VERY seriously), and I hope the dementors don't torment her in her dreams. Her fur will grow, I hope.....

My husband came home and was so upset himself that he cooked dinner almost by himself, so that I could love Daisy and pout with her. He keeps asking, "Well she is SORT OF cute even now, isn't she?" My four year-old asked, "Is Daisy a poodle or chiahuahua now?"


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Jul 29, 2004 7:56 pm (#1389 of 2955)

Sherbie, I know this is a little late, but that story was hilarious.

Catherine, I'm so angry for you. I react the exact same way when those things happen. I get so angry I can't speak because I know if I do I am totally going to lose it.

Regarding (Note to men: we ladies take our haircuts VERY seriously): Years ago, when my husband and I were first married, I went to have my hair cut and I told the stylist, "Trim the bangs and leave the length in back." Well, of course, she never touched the bangs and chopped all the rest of my hair off. I was speechless. Until I got home. And then I just went on and on and on about it to my husband. "How could she do that? I spent a year growing that out!" Finally, my husband, in a misguided attempt to comfort me suggested I go back to have it fixed. I stared at him and said (actually, I was probably yelling at this point), "What are they going to do, glue it back on!"

You would have thought said husband would have learned his lesson. But a short time later, a classmate, with lovely, long hair, got a permanent. She hated it. My husband (innocently) asked, "Can't you just go home and wash it out?" She replied, "No Richard, that's why they call it a 'permanent.".

Since that time, he avoids the whole female/hair thing entirely.


DJ Evans - Jul 29, 2004 8:31 pm (#1390 of 2955)

First off, Denise --- WELCOME BACK!!! Glad the trip was as smooth sailing as it sounded & fun was had by all!! You've really been missed around here. Here lately it seems like so many of us have been away on one vacation or another.

Virgoddess --- So happy to hear that Wil's surgery went so well. Now, may his recovery go just as great AND be a "speedy" one at that!! Just tell him to definitely lay off doing any tap dancing that he might have to urge to do!!! hee hee OK, maybe a slow (very slow) dance with you will be all right in a few, but "no" fancy steps yet!!

Sherbie --- What stories you will have someday to tell your grandkids about all of your adventures!!! Plus, just think of the ones that poor ol' DD will have to tell now!!! Your posts are a joy to read and just reminds us all how much we can relate to each other. I've yet to see one of your tales go by where at least one person hasn't come back with a story of their own like your's

I'm in the camp with the majority of you on this antibacterial, antibiotic, preservatives, etc... in many ways they are going a bit too far in some areas I think. I mean if you think back to our parents, grandparents days they didn't have most of the "new & improved" stuff that we've got now. And in some/many ways they were in better health. I'm not saying they don't have any value by any means, but nowadays our systems just don't have the resistance that we should have that they had back then to a lot of things.

Catherine, I'm so sorry to hear of what happen to your cute little fella. Surely the groomer wasn't the owner? To me that would make the whole situation even worse to know that an owner would just take it upon themselves to shave a dog like that. It's bad enough that an employee did it, but hopefully the owner would have had more sense!!! I can't even begin to imagine what I would have done when I walked in and saw my poor little guys hair all gone!!!! I'm sure you handled it much better than what I would have. And I'm so glad that Mollis was able to help you with your gardening question!!! I knew I had no experiences with Clematis', that's why I put those 2 gardening links in my post --- hoping at least that would help you if you couldn't find any other help. Plus, I'm so happy to hear that we've got someone on here that is an experienced gardener!!! Yeah, Mollis!!!!

Celestina & Lindsay --- Hmmmm, that guy looks familiar? Very nice looking - oh - wait a moment ---that's the guy that has wandered in a couple of my dreams!!! hee hee Great avatars!!!! Though he isn't Viggo, I have to admit Orlando is definitely right up there!!! Yep, right next to him in the looks department!!

Kim --- At least your husband was trying to be comforting!! As a lot of the guys that I know couldn't have cared less. Looks at me like "What"? Must be that Mars/Venus thing? But I have to admit, I'm the same way when one of them gets on a bit about their hunting/sports/etc... mishaps.

Later, Deb

NOTE: Ruby, you never did say who your favorite driver/drivers in NASCAR are. I hope you saw my post where I said Dale, Jr was mine. I had posted at the same time that you had, so I went back and edited my post to include my answer to yours.


Professor V - Jul 29, 2004 8:34 pm (#1391 of 2955)

Catherine - the horror of it, that groomer needs to go and iron her own hands. Poor Daisy!!!

Edit: Deb - Sorry I missed the edit. Also sorry about Jr's burns, did you know that he won't be driving the whole race again this weekend. One of my sister's, Jamie (aka - Pete) is also a big fan of Jr's. I am a Hendrick's motorsport fan. So I'm quite happy that as far as the championship goes my guys are in first and second.

2nd Edit: Forgot to say this the first time around - Celestia and Linsay, love the avatars. Is he not the stuff dreams are made of.

Earlier this summer, I had a similar hair cut experience. I have really thick hair and in June it way to short to pull up in any way but long enough to be really, really hot. I should also mention that for years I've been having my hair highlighted or colored, so much so that no one, not even my hair dresser knows what color it is. I went in to have it highlighted and cut for the summer. I wanted it to be a shorter version of the same style, so that it would grow out with ease. About half-way through the hair cut I knew there was a problem. You see, all of a sudden I could tell how short she was cutting the back, but at that point it was too late. By the time she was done I didn't have a hair longer than 2 inches on my head and unfortunately the highlights which were meant to blend in with what was supposed to be the ends of my hair, now stood out in stark contrast to the rest of my hair. It was all I could do not to run out crying, especially when she tried to tell me that she had only cut off an inch or so. I wouldn't leave the house for days and now more than 6 weeks, I still do my shopping at midnight to avoid the possiblity of being seen. To be fair, the haircut it’self wasn't that bad, I just felt scalped.

I'm sending out a request for good thoughts tomorrow, as my new short haircut needs to be trimmed up and tomorrow is the big day. Ruby


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 29, 2004 8:35 pm (#1392 of 2955)

Oh Catherine, it sounds like you're getting some of my freakish luck! I'm sure her fur will grow back. Maybe it would make you feel better to hear my hair horror story? I know I felt better after the Great Trivet Disaster of 04 when I read other people's oven related accidents.

Last year, I went to my "stylist" for a simple trim. I brought with me pictures of the hairstyle I wanted. She seemed to understand the look I was after and even pointed out a few similar styles in a hairstyle magazine. Well after about an hour, when she turned me to the mirror so I could view her "work," I was shocked to see Adolph Hitler staring back at me! I paid as quickly as I could and got the heck out. I spent the following four hours crying my eyes out and downing tequilla shots. When I called her to ask for my money back, she refused. So I stopped payment on the check. After a year, she is still trying to get that money out of me! Eventually, my hair grew back and my likeness to Hitler vanished. So I feel confident in saying that your furbaby's hair will also grow back and her likeness to a chiahuahua will vanish too. Watch out for stopping the check or demanding your money back, though. I believe you should, but be prepared for possible future problems with the groomer. I got my hair mutilated last August and didn't hear anything from the butcher until late November.

Sue! Go out and get a Beatle album! Any album will do, they're all incredible!

I'm glad you're enjoying my crazy stories, Mollis! I have 23 years worth, so if ever I have a dull day, I'll just post one of my past "adventures" for you! Today was actually pretty normal, well, as close to "normal" as my life gets. I was pulled over for speeding but I didn't get a ticket.
What else... I've become OCD about my house. Every day I check the burners and the oven about 5 times before I leave. Then after making sure the stove is completely off and the oven bears not the faintest gas odor, I sit with my elbows on the bar, staring at my range for an entire minute. Then I check all the doors 3 or 4 times and leave. After getting half-way to my destination, I turn around to make sure my garage door is shut. Tonight, I'm making a list of things to check before I leave. That way, I can just X out the "closing duties" and check the list later if I start feeling anxious. Embrace your quirks! Today was pretty dull; I suppose there's always tomorrow!

Betty, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had another bad day. I hope you start feeling better very soon. Depression runs in my family as well. I would reccomend not taking Efexor (sp?). When my mom tried to go off the medication (gradually, as you're supposed to), she hallucinated and had withdrawls similar to those that a heroine user experiences. I wonder if exercise would help. When you work your body, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel happy, hence the term "runner's high." I know working out has certainly done wonders for me and has made my stress much easier to deal with. I remember reading a study not long ago that found regular exercise to be as effective, if not slightly more effective, than Prozac for depression sufferers. Plus there are no side effects with exercise, unless you count weight loss and a healthier heart? Perhaps it is worth a try?

Love both your avatars, Celestina and Lindsay!


Denise P. - Jul 29, 2004 9:25 pm (#1393 of 2955)

What a twit groomer, Catherine! Any dog person knows that all the fur keeps the dog cooler. Now poor Daisy is prone to sunburn and heatstroke without her protective fur. It really irks me that around here, groomers advertise for the yearly shaving. Brush the poor dog out regularly and you don't need to shave out the matting. My two are blowing coat right now but at least they do it at the same time....it looks like another dog is on the ground when they stand up. Yay! They seem to blow coat about twice a year.

I have been fighting with a remote this evening. I am following the directions and the darn device light will NOT stay lit for me to put in the remote code.


anbigin - Jul 29, 2004 9:53 pm (#1394 of 2955)

WOW! There really are quite a few posts on here today, which is always fantastic:) Just wanted to comment on a few things:

First of all, Boop I really hope that things start looking brighter for you soon - life is definitely a fun place to be even on the worst days because it means you can read more books;) Just know that there's a lot of support here on the Lexicon for you!

Also, the whole Bacteria debate has been making me very angry with the world all over again. I say that the most advanced system that people take for granted ALL the time is the Human Immune System. I mean seriously, this genius system has been keeping people alive for thousands of years. Unfortunately, these days, even though our immune systems have so much extra help, there now exist some problems that can't be so easily solved as things once were like Alzheimer's Disease (something I dream of curing), AIDs, and over population problems (there are almost 7 billion people now). This isn't to say that help when needed is such a bad thing and PLEASE don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to say that older people shouldn't exist (I wish to become a geriatric doctor) or start a huge nasty debate on that subject, but all this was just to say that trusting your body to get you through the worst is usually the best way to go. In fact, the way alot of drugs work is based off immune responses (i.e. they feed the immune system a dead memory of a certain cold tricking your body into thinking it's already had this cold and that it knows how to respond and kill the invading baddies.) Sorry if this sounds too much like a bad rant or what have you:(

On a happier note, I must tell Chemyst that I love your new avatar - very neat!
I, also, love the thrift stores when I'm looking for new books because they allow me to find really good books cheap, like once I found Catch 22 for a whooping 10 cents.
I love hearing about the instruments that other people play - it's fantastic that we have such talented people here on the forum. I, personally, play the Bassoon and the drums.

Edit: I've edited this post so many times trying to make the middle paragraph sound a little less harsh because I really didn't mean for it to sound so snooty - so I'm sorry if it does:( But I think if people are reading with open hearts they'll understand where I was trying to go, but if it's still horribly offensive to some one then please by all means delet the paragraph/post - Thanks everyone:)


Julia. - Jul 29, 2004 11:00 pm (#1395 of 2955)

Oh my mother! Catherine, I'm so sorry about your dog! That groomer is such a git! Let me know if you'd like me to crucio him/her/it. Her fur will grow back eventually, I hope.

Kim, your husband is right to stay out of the hair thing. WE women are very attached to our hair. When I was 13 I was yutzing around with a comb, and it got stuck in my hair. I tried everything I could to get it out, I even woke up my mum and my dad at midnight go try to get it out, but nothing worked. I had to cut my precious hair. It went from the middle of my back to just below my shoulders. I cried for hours. Needless to say my dad certianly wasn't helping, and my mum just couldn't find anything to make me feel better. Thank Merlin, it's all back now, and I've learned my lesson about playing with combs!


Fawkes Forever - Jul 30, 2004 1:48 am (#1396 of 2955)

Denise good to see ya back... you too Madame Pince.

Wow... so many posts.. have been a bit busy at work this last few weeks & have just popped into a few theads & the number of unread posts are piling up. I fear that I'm going to have to do something I promised myself I'd never do... hit the 'mark as read' button for the forum I know it's silly... but it feels like I'm cheating

Betty.. sending more cyber hugs your way & a few 'virtual' chocolate frogs. Just know that we're all thinking about you & sending happy vibes your way.

Hey Flame *big big waves* And... Top of the Morning to ya... hee hee... haven't said that in a bit

Sherbie... don't know if you sorted your car radio yet.. but that happened my dad a few years when he replaced the car battery. It's looking for the security code for the car stereo, so if someone stole it, they couldn't use it. The code should be in your stereo manual (I think) at least, thats where it is for my car! *sending more good luck your way*

It's a bank holiday weekend here this weekend & I'm in holiday mode... the sun is shining & the forecast looks good. Alas I've a million & one things to do before I leave work today... but no doubt due to my holiday mood I'll be sneaking back unto the lex before the day is through

Happy Friday everyone.


The giant squid - Jul 30, 2004 4:09 am (#1397 of 2955)

As everyone else said, Welcome Back, Denise! After a "vacation" with that brood, I'm sure you could use some downtime with this one. Wink

Catherine, I may not be a dog person, but even I know better than to shave a dog like that. If the butcher--er, groomer in question was just n employee, I'd contact the owner and make sure they know what incompetence they have working for them. If that was the owner, call the Better Business Bureau and basically say the same thing.I mean, come on...a groomer not knowing the proper way to groom a dog is like a chef not knowing how to cook. It's her freakin' job!

Marie: I'm glad the "blankie moment" passed without any permanent emotional damage. As for Shay's teeth, I guess she inherited them from her Uncle Squid. I think I have more filling than enamel at this point...

Finally (yay!), regarding haircuts on people--no one ever got my hair right. Which is why I haven't gotten a haircut since '94. Yup, this September will be my ponytail's 10th birthday. There will be cake.

hrm...I just realized the picture I've given y'all of me...short, skinny, bad teeth, long hair...quite the prize, huh? Wink



Catherine - Jul 30, 2004 5:02 am (#1398 of 2955)

Thanks for the support, everyone. I have been replaying the whole "instructions" thing in my mind, and I never agreed to have her shaved. Ladies, thanks for the hair support. You know how important hair is!

Crucios sent to "B" are appreciated. She is such a git.

Deb, thanks for the clematis advice and gardening links. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier Smile

Mike, I'm sure you are a prize squid, and happy 10th to the ponytail. And many more.


Kerstin - Jul 30, 2004 5:36 am (#1399 of 2955)

Hello to you all.

I'm not posting very often on this thread, but I want to let you know that I'm going on vacation. I'll leave Germany in about 12 hours and spend the next two weeks in the US!! (And I'm soooooooo excited about it!!!)

We're going to have a round trip, starting in New York, passing New England, Canada, Niagara Falls, Washington and back to NYC. "WE" actually means me, my partner, two aunts and a cousin. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it!!!

But unfortunately I can't take my laptop with me, so I'm afraid there will be so many posts for me to read when I'm back *sigh*. But it's worth it!

Bye Kerstin

EDIT: OH NOOOOO! I just realized that I'm going to miss whatever will happen on JKR's site on July 31! Hopeful that someone will discribe it with every single detail on her thread.


boop - Jul 30, 2004 5:41 am (#1400 of 2955)

Today is Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Catherine, That is awful, your puppy must have gone through. I would make sure the owner knows what happened. I think that they owe you big time. I don't know that I would take my animal back there. I would differently tell anyone who asked who shaved the puppy. Maybe if they lose some business they will take more pride in the work they do. The hair will grow back but, that is not the point. I still can't believe that someone would take it upon themselves to do that with someone else pet.

Mike, My brother is very tall and has a very long ponytail. His ponytail goes pass is butt. I can't remember the last time his hair was short. He does DJ jobs on the side so I guess it kind of fit’s the image. Happy Ten years to your ponytail!!

I feel a little better today. I am going to see a movie and hopefully make me laugh, that is something I could sure use.

Edit: Kerstin, enjoy your visit to the USA. So you have something to look forward too when you get back, hehe catching up on the forum. Have lots of fun.
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Loopy Lupin - Jul 30, 2004 5:47 am (#1401 of 2955)

Oh no, Catherine. I'm so sorry. My parents’ dogs are all short haired so the most they do is take them to get baths; I can't imagine the wrath if they did need trims and got shaved. And, no, I don't think there is a "wrongful shaving" lawsuit anywhere, but you'd definitely be within your rights to give this groomer a piece of your mind and tell everyone you know what happened.

* crucio* groomer


Penny Lane. - Jul 30, 2004 6:27 am (#1402 of 2955)

Julia - I couldn't help but laugh, as the SAME thing happened to me when I was 12... Except I happened to get the comb stuck in the front/middle, right before Cheerleading camp - and it was SO embarrassing, because it made my bangs all uneven and part of them start from the middle of my head. I have a picture somewhere from the camp. It was the first year I didn't win a spirit award :-(

A word on the bacteria thing: Not all bacteria is bad, some is good and helps fight disease, but somewhere along the line people got this idea that all baceria is this microscope stuff that crawls on your skin and infects people. While some of it is bad, the antibacterial soaps, lotions, bug sprays and creams do not differentiate between the "bad" bacteria and the "good" bacteria. Plus, to make matters worth, they only kill the surface bacteria which allows the bacteria that might be underneath or elsewhere on your body to build up a tolorence to the chemical. The best way to avoid cold and flu season is to wash your hands several times a day, drink lots and lots of water and eat healthy. Also, wash your hands before eating and after using the washroom. I can't believe how many people don't wash their hands in public washrooms.

Oh, hey, Why don't my similies work like everyone elses?


megfox - Jul 30, 2004 6:48 am (#1403 of 2955)

Professor V, didn't mean to ignore your question, there were just so many new posts on here today! We are such a chatty group!

The baby's name is Jetta Bug. Our last name is Fox, so she is named after three VW models. Andy (my husband) and his family (he has three brothers) are obsessed with Volkswagen. We are the only "branch" of the family that doesn't own one although I was hoping when I had to buy a new car because of the accident I could get one, but they were all too expensive. Anyway, she is constantly getting into things that she shouldn't be, or shouldn't be able to. I came upstairs today, and she has ripped apart two books - they were on my computer disk, and the chair was pushed in all the way, and there is very little room for her to wiggle her way onto the desk from the chair, never mind pull down two books onto the floor directly above the room I was in, but she managed. Fortunately, they were only paperbacks, and old ones at that.


Denise P. - Jul 30, 2004 7:02 am (#1404 of 2955)

I never got a comb stuck but I did get gum stuck in my bangs (fringe for those in the UK) I was about..6 or so...and my grandmother was watching us. I was amusing myself by sticking gum in my hair and then taking it back out again. The inevitable happened...it got stuck. I tried in vain to get it out but didn't dare go to my Gran for help. Being a resourceful 6 year old, I got the BIG scissors (and I do mean BIG...these were HUGE shears) and calmly chopped the wad of gum out, quite certain no one would notice a bit of missing hair. My mother was horrified when she saw my hair and didn't take my assurances that "Grandma cut my hair" (Hey, it should have worked...my Gram DID cut my bangs on a regular basis). Looking back, I am sure that I had a gaping hole right in the middle of my bangs that looked as if I had been partially scalped Now, if my kids were to ever attempt this, I would try the peanut butter method before resorting to scissors.

Yuck, I tried 5 babysitters and all of them are not available today so I am dragging 6 kids with me on the trip down to see the pediatric opthomologist and oncologist. We are going to be meeting a billionaire who has wanted to meet Devin but it is still going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day!


Catherine - Jul 30, 2004 7:15 am (#1405 of 2955)

Ok, you all are making me laugh out loud with the hair stories. I actually did lose sleep last night because I was stewing about Daisy, but it was nice to read the sympathy posts and get a few laughs about other people's hair trauma. Denise, your story cracked me up!

At our house, we call a scalping or terrible haircut a "Nadine" or call the person sporting the haircut "Nadine." This comes from my college days and my lovely friends. I returned from a visit home with the world's WORST haircut (at least it was the worst until Daisy's yesterday). I was so depressed that I didn't want to leave my dorm room, especially after my boyfriend commented, "It doesn't look that bad."

My friends got me an evil sympathy card that showed a woman named Nadine, with awful hair who was in a hormonal rage strangling a man who didn't understand why his comment about her hair sparked such an emotional response. My poor boyfriend at the time, who has since become my poor husband, learned the hard way not to tell me that my haircut didn't look "that bad."

Now he knows that "Silence is Golden." Especially if you've been "Nadined."

Edit: Good luck today, Denise :-)


boop - Jul 30, 2004 7:25 am (#1406 of 2955)

Denise, hehehe thanks for the laugh. So did you tell your mom the truth what happened? Sorry to hear you couldn't find a sitter, if I was there I would help you out. Good Luck, I will be thinking of you.

Catherine, glad you didn't lose sleep last night. How is Daisy this morning, hope she is feeling better today. Please give her a hug for me.


Gina R Snape - Jul 30, 2004 7:46 am (#1407 of 2955)

Oh, Catherine. That is dreadful! I chime in with everyone else that a refund and harsh complaint are in order!


Kerstin - Jul 30, 2004 7:58 am (#1408 of 2955)

Catherine, what about borrowing Umbridge's pen and let your (ex-)groomer write: I will never nadine anyone's pet again.

Boop, thanks for the wishes, I know, that I will enjoy it.


Gina R Snape - Jul 30, 2004 8:28 am (#1409 of 2955)

Oooooh, Kerstin that is a fine idea!

BTW, Denise, I hadn't realised quite how busy you were when I e-mailed you. Should I email someone else about my fanfic queries? Sarah perhaps?


Catherine - Jul 30, 2004 8:47 am (#1410 of 2955)

Kerstin, I love the way you think. I've decided that Daisy is not hiding in the house. Oh, no, we are going to be seen everywhere, and we'll be sure to mention who gave us the 'do.

I'm attempting to post an "after." You can see her in my avatar as before. Now, here's the new Daisy:

Her skin is showing through. She no longer has her beautiful eyelashes or her beard and mustache.

Arggg! Must send the Butcher *ahem* groomer a huge curse as soon as I find a big enough envelope. First, I must give Daisy a treat for posing for this shot, and then I need some chocolate.


Kerstin - Jul 30, 2004 9:00 am (#1411 of 2955)

Catherine, what a poor little thing. But she is not running away from the camera, that's a good sign. She looks like she wanted to say: Look at me, here I am, unbroken, such cannot bring me down for long.

For the groomer I furthermore recommend bobotuber pus, then we will see what to do next...


Julia. - Jul 30, 2004 9:00 am (#1412 of 2955)

OH, Poor doggie! Catherine, I agree with Kerstin, Umbridge's pen would not be out of place for this. In the meantime, I suggest undiluted bobtrutter puss, and the post office usually has huge boxes that should be big enough to send a curse in. *sends Catherine hugs and chocolate*

Denise, that story made me laugh quite a bit, good thing I'm not drinking anything at the moment. I used to get gum stuck in my hair all the time. I couldn't stop chewing it and I couldn't stop blowing really big bubbles. I learned the peanut butter method very early on in life, right along with those important lessons like 'you gotta put down the duckie if you wanna play the saxophone.'

Have a great day eveyone!


Eponine - Jul 30, 2004 9:12 am (#1413 of 2955)

I did the same thing with gum in my hair when I was younger. I believe I cut a huge chunk out of my hair as well. I had a teacher whose daughter cut her bangs with pinking shears right next to her scalp. So, she had zig-zag bangs that were about half an inch long standing straight up.


Padfoot - Jul 30, 2004 9:13 am (#1414 of 2955)

Catherine, I can hardly believe any groomer would be that stupid! I'm all upset just thinking about it, and she isn't even my dog. She is still cute, but looks completely different. Poor baby. I would never go back to that groomer if I were you, except to complain to the owner. Show before and after pictures and demand a refund. What that groomer did was inexcusable. She had no right to do that. Grrrr.... If I were there I would give that groomer a piece of my mind. I would be so tempted to grab those clippers out of the groomers hand and give her a haircut and see how she liked it. Give Daisy a hug from me.


Catherine - Jul 30, 2004 9:23 am (#1415 of 2955)

Eponine's story about the pinking shears has really got me thinking...

And the bubotuber pus idea is right on. Excuse me, I am off to find my dragon skin gloves!

EDIT: Thanks, Padfoot! I would love to demand a refund, but I feel physically ill at the thought of going back there. I might need to get my courage up.


Eponine - Jul 30, 2004 9:48 am (#1416 of 2955)

Catherine, are you going to hold the groomer down and pinking shear off her hair because "she looked hot"? If you need any help, just let us know!


Acceber - Jul 30, 2004 10:03 am (#1417 of 2955)

Catherine, that is so awful about your baby dog. You need more than a refund, you need a written apology that is sincere from the person who Nadined Daisy.

Speaking of hair stories, here's mine. It's not embarrassing, but I think you'll enjoy it. As some of you probably know (actually all of you, just look at my avatar) my hair is currently in the middle of my back and still growing. But, for all of my elementary school years (I'm currently going into eighth grade, American system) it was down to my waist. Of course, you didn't exactly know this, as it was usually up as to not be a burden to me. So, the year I was due to go to camp, my mom told me I had to cut it, as I couldn't take care of it by without her helping me. I knew deep in my heart I would have to cut it, but I didn't want to. My hair was part of who I was, in a way. But the adult always wins with things like that, so the end result was my single braid, parted from my head for the first time in my life. I sulked afterwards, not letting anyone I knew look at me (I was due at camp in two days). Like all hair does, however, it grew back out and I learned to take care of it as it grew again. So now I have hair that I love, is manageable, and will be donated to Locks for Love, a foundation that makes hairpieces for kids with cancer. But for now, I'm happy with the messy ponytail down my back.


Catherine - Jul 30, 2004 10:05 am (#1418 of 2955)

You guys are the best!

I know that there are much worse problems in the world than reckless dog shaving, but I really can't help being upset by it all the same. I appreciate the support!

Boop, maybe seeing Daisy's picture gave you a giggle. She looks so naked in it that maybe I should draw a bathing suit on the picture!

EDIT: Acceber, after reading your post, I am again reminded that there are more important things than hair. You deserve major kudos for donating your hair. I am proud to know you. You are a true Gryffindor at heart. Smile


boop - Jul 30, 2004 11:18 am (#1419 of 2955)

aaww Catherine, Daisy does look naked, but she still is so cute. It put a smile on my face. Even know Daisy had a bad day yesterday, looks like she is proud sitting there with her head held high. I totally agree letting everyone know who gave the do.

Becca, that is great you did that with your hair for kids with cancer. I am proud of you.


Safia - Jul 30, 2004 11:23 am (#1420 of 2955)

I'm currently trying to grow my hair, but I keep getting it cut shorter. :\ Your dog looks really cute Catherine, I saw one just like that on the bus today, lovely thing but I'm allergic to dog fur (and my own) so I sneezed all the way home.


Marie E. - Jul 30, 2004 12:10 pm (#1421 of 2955)

I cut my hair with pinking shears when I was six. I had hair down to my waist and it was very hot in the summers in St. Louis. I had been begging my mom to cut my hair and she wouldn't. I waited until she took a nap. She must have put a curse on me because Shayla has cut her hair twice and Lexie cut Shayla's hair once.

The only time I'm in favor of the hand sanitizers is when my kids are playing in a fast food restaurant play area. I don't even want to think of all the germs in those places. I make them use it before they can eat again. At the girls' school, there is hand sanitizer on the supply list of the second and third graders. I found that pretty interesting.

Mike: She also inheirited your teeny jaw. They will be pulling some teeth later this year to avoid braces. Sound familiar?

I feel the need to post a picture of Giant Squid. He really didn't paint a flattering picture of himself. And he has had the ponytail trimmed. It's not infested with split ends and such. He has nicer hair than me. And prettier eyelashes. I hate him.


septentrion - Jul 30, 2004 12:16 pm (#1422 of 2955)

I say : "poor Daisy" with the others ! I prefer dogs with fur than without and well, I understand why you were upset catherine.

About hair : I just have my hair cut this afternoon (must be a coincidence you've been speaking of hair-cutting in this thread) and, well, the result isn't to bad but not what I wanted. Some of it has been too much cut, and the color isn't exactly what I wanted. And with that, hairdressers are so expensive !


virgoddess1313 - Jul 30, 2004 2:04 pm (#1423 of 2955)

Good for you, Becca, donating to Locks of Love!!! I did the same thing a few years ago when I cut over a foot off my hair. I was broken hearted after I'd done it, but happy that at least my hair would help someone else be happier. Besides... it's all grown back now anyway and is on it’s way to being longer than ever.

Hope everyone is having a great day!! Mine has been stressful and I'm completely worn out from taking care of Will and working. At least I have all next week off though. I'll be taking care of Will all on my own so his mom can go back to work. Hopefully I'll also be able to catch up on some posts, as this is the only thread I've been able to really keep up with.

Hugs for everyone!!!


Denise P. - Jul 30, 2004 2:57 pm (#1424 of 2955)

Gina, you are fine to email me stuff about fiction. I should have a response for you later this evening.


The giant squid - Jul 30, 2004 3:27 pm (#1425 of 2955)

   She looks so naked in it that maybe I should draw a bathing suit on the picture!

Congratulations, Catherine...I nearly SPEWed all over my computer! Very Happy

Becca, I like that Locks of Love idea. If (yes, IF) I cut mine I'll probably do something similar. If I'm not using it anymore, may as well let someone else get something from it.

   He has nicer hair than me. And prettier eyelashes. I hate him



Denise P. - Jul 30, 2004 3:42 pm (#1426 of 2955)

Kaity has hair down to her waist, it has never really been cut, just trimmed. When the day comes where it does get cut, we plan to donate to Locks of Love.


McSnurp - Jul 30, 2004 5:52 pm (#1427 of 2955)

Congrats Becca! My sister was going to do that but I don't know what happened with that idea. I know someone else when her hair gets a bit longer that she will do that too. Judging by how short my hair is (see picture) hee... see?

My fish died today *sniff*


haymoni - Jul 30, 2004 6:06 pm (#1428 of 2955)

Catherine - I think you should send your before and after pictures to the Butcher's boss.

We've never cut my daughter's hair - she'll be four on the 20th of August. I can't bring myself to cut off the baby curls that are still at the ends. Everyone says I am crazy for leaving her hair so long - it is a lot of work, but it is so pretty.

I was carpooling with a girl who got a round brush stuck in her hair right before I came to pick her up. The whole way to work, when we were at stop lights, I tried to get it out of her hair. It was hopeless. Her mother had to come and get her - it was awful - she was in the fast-tracked internship program and the whole company ended up hearing about it. Hee-hee!

Yes - I am EEEVILLL!


Chemyst - Jul 30, 2004 6:10 pm (#1429 of 2955)

Not everyone says you're crazy, Haymoni. Not me. Sometimes the enjoyment is worth a little work.


wormsé - Jul 30, 2004 6:26 pm (#1430 of 2955)

To all who complimented my avatar- Thank you. Smile And Catherine- As awful as it was for them to cut Daisy's hair... I must say she is still quite adorable now. By the way- I have a golden retriever named Daisy.


haymoni - Jul 30, 2004 6:27 pm (#1431 of 2955)

Chemyst! Is it time for the Meteor shower? Has it started? Things are pretty cloudy here tonight so I doubt that I'll be able to see anything.


Gina R Snape - Jul 30, 2004 6:51 pm (#1432 of 2955)

Oh, I've been meaning to ask! What is with that? Can it be seen only in certain parts of the world at a certain time?


Sir Tornado - Jul 30, 2004 7:45 pm (#1433 of 2955)

It is already 31st July in UK. So, I'd like to be the first from this Forum to wish Harry a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Harry, you just turned 24, 3 hours ago.(Assuming you're still alive that is)


Gina R Snape - Jul 30, 2004 7:58 pm (#1434 of 2955)

Aaawwwww. Happy birthday Harry and Jo Rowling!!!!!!


Chemyst - Jul 30, 2004 7:59 pm (#1435 of 2955)

You haven't missed it, Haymoni. Earth entered the meteor shower zone a week ago and will be passing through until about August 23. But peak viewing will be around August 12. Click on my avatar and there is a paragraph of explanation.

...and Happy Birthday, Harry. Gee, I don't think I've ever wished a fictional character Happy Birthday before1


McSnurp - Jul 30, 2004 8:30 pm (#1436 of 2955)

Huzzah! Happy birthday to my two favorite people in the world! hee.

Is everyone ignoring me?

*throws confetti around everyone*


Sir Tornado - Jul 30, 2004 9:03 pm (#1437 of 2955)

I forgot to wish JKR. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jo.


Mrs. Sirius - Jul 30, 2004 10:51 pm (#1438 of 2955)

Nearly 200 post just read, boy do you guys make me laugh! With some of these I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Catherine while I understand your distress, she really doesn't look that bad especially if you hadn't seen how cute she looked with all her hair before.

Sherbie your story reminds me of when my triplets were born. In the mornings I nursed them in the kitchen at the kitchen table. To save time I nursed two at a time. The kitchen door has a glass window in which you could get full view, I was never actually seen by the anyone, but boy you should have seen me trying to scurry with two babies attached when I heard someone walking onto the deck. Eventually I did stick curtains on the window even though I hate curtains.

When I turned 18 it felt really special, I'm not sure why because I didn't smoke or drink, and as a non-citizen I wasn't eligible to vote, and as a New Yorker, driving was not even on my radar of things in life that mattered. I guess it was just the knowledge that if I 'd had the desire to smoke or drink or go into a bar, I could.

The voting thing was important and the moment that I was able to rectify it I did. I now vote in every state, local and national election. I also worked for campaigns before my children were born and I had the time to do so. I'll go back to that when the kids are older.

Denise you have all my sympathies, I know what it's like to have to take all the kids when it would be so much more convenient not to.

Yes Happy Birthday JKR and Harry.Birthday Gifts


Solitaire - Jul 30, 2004 11:09 pm (#1439 of 2955)

Excuse me ... I need some assistance. I'm reading the Lucius Malfoy thread, and there is a post that references the House elf thread, but it has no link. I've looked in the list of threads, but I can't find it. Has it disappeared? Thanks for any help!



Dr Filibuster - Jul 31, 2004 12:15 am (#1440 of 2955)

Sorry Solitaire, I don’t know what happened.

TIM...a couple of days (about ten thousand posts) ago you said you hadn't sent me an e-mail about your pantomime.

I can only assume you were lining up a gag. What else can I say but; "Oh yes you did!" You may have forgotten and moved on with your day to day life. In other words...it's behind you!

I can't e-mail you. It gets instantly rejected and things like "message not allowed" pop up. I deleted your post because I couldn't access the attachments. Perhaps I should have pressed "reply to sender" first Ah well, it was probably too big to receive anyway.

Poor puppy Daisy. You should ask Hermione to knit a few dog-coats Catherine.

Happy (39th?) Birthday JKR.


Madam Poppy - Jul 31, 2004 12:19 am (#1441 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 31, 2004 12:21 am

Regarding the removal of gum from hair and fabric? I used peanut butter till I had to remove my son's gum from his uncle's borrowed down sleeping bag. I thought "What's in peanut butter?" Ground peanuts and oil, right? It is the oil that breaks down the gum so you can remove it easily. My brother never realized my son's mistake. I'm sure it was due in part to only having to remove the oil and not the smell of peanuts too.

Catherine, you might consider writing a letter to the shop explaining why you will no longer use their services. A letter to the editor of your local paper, might warn other dog owners. How about you and your naked pooch going back and picketing the shop? I'm sure the Forum Members could come up with some clever sign ideas?


The giant squid - Jul 31, 2004 1:05 am (#1442 of 2955)

Solitaire, I think the House Elf thread in question got auto-deleted (received no new posts in 30 days). Lately all the house-elf-related stuff has ended up in the S.P.E.W. thread, I believe.



boop - Jul 31, 2004 5:21 am (#1443 of 2955)

Veronika, Hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Saturday Everyone.


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 31, 2004 5:38 am (#1444 of 2955)

LOL, Mrs. Sirius! I don't care much for curtains either, yet I may have to do something about that little window.

Birthday Balloons Veronika!

And, a very happy birthday to JKR and Harry, of course!Star 18

Oh, Catherine! Poor Daisy! She doesn't look too happy in that picture, does she? Well, who would be happy after having all their hair shaved off? As I said before, It'll grow back. I remember my girlfriend and I using something called "Tail and Mane" shampoo (yes, I believe it was for horses) to get our hair to grow quickly. It worked too. Maybe you could try that when it's time for Daisy's bath?

Speaking of dogs, I think mine has fleas. I've never really seen fleas before, but I did discover a tiny, jumping dot in the garage that I couldn't succeed in squashing. I'm going to get Maggie some Advantage today, is it neccessary for me to bomb the house too?

Second time using the gas oven! Well, third actually, but let's not count the first time, alright? I was supposed to broil the salmon, but I'm waaayyy too scared of that broiler so I baked it at 475 instead. It took longer than normal, but it worked.

Have a good weekend, all!


Catherine - Jul 31, 2004 5:41 am (#1445 of 2955)

Hi Rebecca,

Hi everyone! Daisy says thanks for the excellent advice, and so do I Smile We're realizing that life goes on. Although Daisy still balks at going outside (formerly her favorite thing to do besides eat and sleep) and sit’s down if she thinks anyone is looking at her rear end.

We're celebrating both family and friend birthdays today and along with JKR's and Harry's! Happy Birthday to all the birthday boys and girls in the Forum!



septentrion - Jul 31, 2004 7:26 am (#1446 of 2955)

Happy birthday Harry, Jo, Veronika and all the others !


tracie1976 - Jul 31, 2004 7:47 am (#1447 of 2955)

Harry, Jo, and Veronika.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!


Solitaire - Jul 31, 2004 7:50 am (#1448 of 2955)

Thanks, Mike. I will check S.P.E.W. Happy Birthday to Harry, JKR, and anyone else celebrating the day. I hope Harry really DOES get to live long enough to celebrate his 24th!



Emily - Jul 31, 2004 8:11 am (#1449 of 2955)

Happy Birthday, Harry, Jo, and Veronika (and anyone else lucky enough to have their birthday today)!


azi - Jul 31, 2004 8:17 am (#1450 of 2955)

Happy birthdays to everybody who has one! I'm recovering from a party last night (I suppose it could have been to celebrate Nevile's birthday) in which I only got two hours sleep. Bleugh! Then two stupid 14 year olds drank too much and were sick everywhere, including on peoples shoes and my trainers. Fortunately my trainers were not soaked in the stuff. I could go into a rant on how 14 year olds are irresponible and immature but I can't be bothered. Needless to say, my friend has banned them from all her future parties because of their irresponsible behaviour. I can only hope they have horrible hangovers today which will teach them not to abuse alcohol like they did last night.

Catherine, I feel so sorry for you and your dog. I admit I'm scared of dogs and most animals and are also allergic to fur but there was no need to shave all the fur off! I do prefer cats to dogs as I've never been chased by a cat, snapped at or jumped on by cats as with dogs.


Denise P. - Jul 31, 2004 8:19 am (#1451 of 2955)

If your animal has fleas, you have to treat their bedding and the house in order to prevent a reinfestation. If you are leery of chemicals, I would suggest Borax 20 Mule Team laundry supplement. We used it for years and it worked like a charm. You sprinkle it in your carpet and the pet bedding like carpet freshener. Leave it sit overnight and vaccuum as you normally would. It is not toxic to the pets and has no odor. It kills the flea eggs though. You may have to do it more than once. Here is another remedy that I have never tried.

Mix equal parts of table salt and baking soda together and sprinkle over the carpets. Instruct several children (or volunteers) to run all around on the carpets until the soda and salt is no longer visable. Let set overnight. Vacuum carpets carefully, going over it more than once. All adult fleas should be dead or too thirsty to breed. Fleas go through at least one life cycle in which they are impervious to nuclear devices, so you will need to salt and soda your carpets two more times to kill all the fleas and potential fleas. Dusting your dog with baking soda several hours before a bath will kill a lot of fleas and a lot of odor. But be sure to wash or rinse the baking soda off the dog or the dog could be at some risk of skin trouble. Caution! Do not try this on a rainy day! You will wake up to wet carpets as the salt pulls the moisture out of the air. If you live in a damp climate, sprinkle soda and salt in the morning. Vacuum 3 - 5 hours later.


Jim the Potty - Jul 31, 2004 9:08 am (#1452 of 2955)


I'm back (again). Going back a few million posts, cats are better than dogs - as Marcus (I think it was) said, you have to earn their respect. Catherine, I feel so sorry for your poor dog! It looked so cool with all the fluff around it’s face before the incident. Have a look on eBay, see if anybody's selling bubotuber pus...or maybe something a little stronger...

Whoever it was that mentioned bacteria getting stronger a couple of days ago, in Britain we have almost daily reports of 'superbug' MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which is resistant to many antibiotics. Sorry if somebody else mentioned this, I didn't read every post.

Happy birthday Harry!!! and JKR!!!! and anybody else!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Jim the Potty. :^)

Proud to be Potty about Potter!


boop - Jul 31, 2004 9:31 am (#1453 of 2955)

Welcome Back Jim the Potty, we have missed you!!!

Harry and Jo hope you have a great day!!!


VeronikaG - Jul 31, 2004 11:48 am (#1454 of 2955)

Happy Birthday to Jo and Harry!! And thanks to all of you who remembered mine. I guess I have the most easily remembered birthday on the forum. And I do believe Harry is alive and partying today in the Wizarding world.

Poor little Daisy. Actually, she's still very cute, but she must feel so not herself. Argh! It's funny that dogs can feel ashamed over a bad haircut. I'm not sure how it is with cats. Rufus had his fur get full of ice lumps after spending a winter's night outdoors, some years ago. By morning, the ice had melted, leaving his fur all cluttered, impossible to comb. He'd scream and bite every time we tried, and the fur getting messier and messier. When the weather got warmer, we had him shaved down to his skin on both sides of the body. He only had a mohawk, so to speak, down his back. It didn't seem to bother him too much. Sandra, who's a little bit Persian would probably feel worse about such an offense.


icthestrals - Jul 31, 2004 12:16 pm (#1455 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Harry, Jo and Veronica!! Have a great weekend everyone.

And Catherine, poor puppy.


Aisha Ahsia - Jul 31, 2004 1:50 pm (#1456 of 2955)

Happy birthday Harry Potter!!!!!! I've been busy all day, and I worried I wouldn't get time to come here and congratulate him, but I finally did!!!!!!!!!

And happy birthday to Veronica, who (if I remember correctly) was also born on this day in 1980. (I'm in a hurry, so I didn't have time to the hundreds of posts that have appeared since I last visited this forum)

Many of you have congratulated J.K.R. Is this her birthday too, or are you congratulating her because of Harry??


Sherbie Lemon - Jul 31, 2004 2:23 pm (#1457 of 2955)

Yes, Aisha, it's JKR's birthday today too.

Denise, you're a lifesaver! As a matter of fact, I am leery of chemicals so your advice was perfect. I will definitely try the Borax tomorrow. Thanks again!


Chemyst - Jul 31, 2004 2:42 pm (#1458 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Veronica!

..and for those of you who have had the misfortune to have a comb stuck in your hair, instead of cutting your hair, it is better to try to cut the spine and the teeth of the comb with a toenail clipper or wire cutters. Clip parallel with the tangled strands and you may get lucky and lose only a dozen or so hairs instead of a large chunk. Trust me, I know these things.


ShelterGirl - Jul 31, 2004 3:27 pm (#1459 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Harry, Jo, and Veronika! And to anyone interested in such things, tonight is a Blue Moon. It's the second full moon in one month.

I'm only alerting you all, because if there's something that you only do "once in a blue moon," today you can. Smile

My mom just called me from NJ to tell me that I can take a bubble bath today, as when I was small I was very allergic to them and she told me I could only have one...well...you know.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine starts tonight.

And Catherine...the shih-tzu, whose name is Bella, is MUCH better. She is a love muffin. She is the sweetest thing ever, and she is opening up to the men on staff now. I'm certain they'll decide she's "adoptable" soon. Unfortunately, due to the condition of her fur, she will need to be shaved. She and Daisy can commiserate.


timrew - Jul 31, 2004 4:31 pm (#1460 of 2955)

Sue (Doc Filibuster), I was not making you the butt of one of my jokes.....no way!!!

If I sent you the panto script, I have forgotten. I delete these e-mails as soon as I send them, to save memory.

If you want to send me your e-mail address again, I will try to send you the panto again.

You can get my e-mail address by clicking on my avatar - it's freely available for anyone.


haymoni - Jul 31, 2004 4:53 pm (#1461 of 2955)

Chemyst - thanks for the meteor shower update! My birthday is the 13th so I know to look for them around then.

It's like having your own personal fireworks show!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Did anyone actually throw a B-day party for The Boy Who Lived?

I think I may have a Harry Potter Film Festival tonight to celebrate.

I'm sure I've got some Bertie Botts floating around the house somewhere!


Acceber - Jul 31, 2004 5:13 pm (#1462 of 2955)

Happy Birthdays to Harry, Jo, and Ronniekins!

To all who commented on my hair: I think I wasn't clear enough in my too-long post before; I cut my hair two years ago but I kept the braid and when I do cut it again, I'll donate the remains to Locks for Love. So thanks for the congratulations in advance .

PS If anyone wants to see the braid, I'll gladly take a picture for you and email it to you, but I highly doubt anyone actually wants to.


wormsé - Jul 31, 2004 6:08 pm (#1463 of 2955)

Happy Birthday to Harry, Jo, and Veronika! Smile


Julia. - Jul 31, 2004 7:27 pm (#1464 of 2955)


To answer your question, I did not have a birthday party for Harry, although I did wear my T-shirt from the Forum gathering As soon as the clock chimed midnight I started singing 'happy birthday' and my friend Margaret said "BOOM, Where's the cannon?". I was happy

I too am recovering from a party last night, although no 14 year olds got sick on my shoes. That's probally because there were ono 14 year olds or alcohol there. Me and my best friends in the whole wide world got together for dinner and movies last night. I had the best time, my friends are awesome! We watched 'Clerks' 'Repo Man' (that opening scene was so cool!) and 'Fame.' Yeah, I know, bit of an 80s thing, but by the time we got around to 'Fame' it was 1:45 in the morning and we needed a mindless movie Contrary to most sleep overs, we did sleep a lot (we went to bed around 3:45 and woke up when Heather said 'er, guys, it's quarter to one'), but we slept on the floor, which is never good for sleeping on. My back is killing me. I should probally go ice it and read the rest of the forum...


Celestina W. - Jul 31, 2004 8:22 pm (#1465 of 2955)
Edited by Jul 31, 2004 8:23 pm

Hello, everybody!

Happy Birthday to Veronika, Jo Rowling, Harry and (yesterday) Neville!

I'm afraid I haven't got any haircut horror stories to share. I rarely get my hair cut, and when I do it's usually nothing more interesting than a couple of inches taken off -- partly to avoid ending up with any horror stories! But I am planning to grow it out longer again and maybe next time I'll have enough cut off to donate it.

Azi, that really makes me mad about those 14-year-olds. I hope they learned a lesson. Underage drinking is a huge problem in my community and school and there are few things that bother me more.

Thank you to everyone who liked my avatar.


I Am Used Vlad - Jul 31, 2004 8:28 pm (#1466 of 2955)

I just want to say hi to everybody. I've been missing for the last two weeks, and have several thousand posts to catch up on, so I think I'll say bye as well.


Ozymandias - Jul 31, 2004 10:56 pm (#1467 of 2955)

Same here. I just got back from a lovely week at the beach (Sherlock Holmes and seagulls...quite relaxing) but now I have a million posts. So hello everyone!
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Sir Tornado - Aug 1, 2004 4:03 am (#1468 of 2955)

Hey Catherine... why don't you get Daisy into a doggie-jumper? Might cheer her up. My Dad's friend is nutty about Dogs. (personally I'm afraid of them. Been bitten twice and stay yards away from them) He gets some cute sweaters and jerkins knit for his Dogs and gets them to wear it in winter. I should say they seem to like it.


Catherine - Aug 1, 2004 7:02 am (#1469 of 2955)

Tornedo, I think Daisy definitely needs clothes, like a house elf! She has started to take matters into her own hands. I have high hopes that she is slowly returning to "herself."

Here's a picture of her wrapped up in my daughter's dress-up feather boa! Maybe other clothes should follow!

We've enjoyed our birthday celebrations here, but I think we're getting a massive storm, so I'm heading out in a little while to stock up on essentials in case our area floods per usual. We were in the area about five years ago with Hurricane Floyd that devastated our area so much that the public schools didn't have class for 3 weeks. We take our storms much more seriously now.

Have a good Sunday, everyone!


VeronikaG - Aug 1, 2004 8:39 am (#1470 of 2955)

I just have to say thanks again for all the birthday greetings.

About the "no candy before 18" law, it's just a suggestion that our former minister of health made before retiring from his post. It has yet to be seriously concidered. And judging by the physical shape of the majority of our ministers, we don't need to be afraid yet. A few chocolate addicts there I bet. They spend all their time in meetings, and never have time to exercise.

As Aisha probably can confirm, this has been a cold summer up here. But today it is so hot I'm melting wether I'm inside or outside. Two more weeks to build a tan before we go back to school. Hiding the fact that I became addicted to the Sims (and I don't even have the expansions) and spent a little to much time in front of my computer instead of in the little sun there has been.


Gina R Snape - Aug 1, 2004 9:22 am (#1471 of 2955)

Aaawwww, Catherine. She looks positively radiant. You know, the fur over her eyes, in that angle, makes it look like she's wearing incredibly long eyelashes! What a diva.


megfox - Aug 1, 2004 10:11 am (#1472 of 2955)

Rebecca - I did that too. My hair was down past my bottom my freshman year of college, and I cut it to my chin. I kept the braid (I think my mom still has it in a plastic bag at their house). As my hair grows as fast as most weeds, it was again halfway down my back by Senior year, and I again cut it, this time donating enough hair to Locks of Love to make three (yes, 3!) wigs. My hair is so thick, it can barely be held in one of those super extra large industrial strength elastics, so even ten inches is a lot of hair from my head! If any of you ladies ever decide to cut your hair really short, and you have enough to make a decent size braid, I suggest that you donate it. It’s a really great program.

As usual, I am slow on the uptake, so, Happy Birthday, Harry, Jo, and anyone else celebrating this weekend!


Penny Lane. - Aug 1, 2004 12:18 pm (#1473 of 2955)

I have hair that is halfway down my back, and I've been thinking about cutting it - but I was told that Lock of Love doesn't take hair thats been chemically treated. My hair doesnt' have split ends, nor it’s it frizzy or damaged by all of the highlighting and coloring (I have a hard time with decisions) but it has been treated. So, does any one know the rules on that?


azi - Aug 1, 2004 12:27 pm (#1474 of 2955)

My hair has now finally (after the last fiasco at the hairdressers in which they lopped 7 inches off when I said a trim) back to waist length and I am most definitely not getting it cut! For some reason I cringe when anyone cuts my hair and get close to freaking out.

I've never heard about Locks of Love before. For the posts I gather you give hair to make wigs. Is that it, or is there more?

Hope everyones having a brilliant day!


Chemyst - Aug 1, 2004 1:11 pm (#1475 of 2955)

azi -- just google locksoflove.org   The photos say it all.

Here are the rules:

We accept 10" minimum hair length (tip to tip), not wigs, falls, or synthetic hair  
Please bundle hair in ponytail or braid.  
Hair needs to be clean, dry, placed in a plastic bag, then padded envelope.  
We need hair from men and women, young and old, all colors and races.  
Hair may be colored or permed, but not bleached or chemically damaged (if unsure, ask your stylist).  
Hair swept off the floor is not usable.  
Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail.  
Hair that is short, gray, or unsuitable for children will be separated from the ponytails and sold at fair market value to offset the cost of manufacturing.  
You may pull curly hair straight to measure the minimum 10".  
The majority of all hair donated comes from children who wish to help other children.  
Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails for donation.

Please call the salon to schedule an appointment and confirm that the haircut will be free of charge. Also, keep in mind that salon participation is voluntary and the stylists are forgoing income to donate their expertise and time.
(participating salons are listed on the website)


McSnurp - Aug 1, 2004 8:33 pm (#1476 of 2955)

Hey everyone! Here's a pic I drew of Ginny Weasley, just wanted to share it. Wink


Marie E. - Aug 1, 2004 8:35 pm (#1477 of 2955)

Cool picture, spiders. I can never draw people who actually resemble humans. More like stick people really.


Ozymandias - Aug 1, 2004 8:36 pm (#1478 of 2955)

Very nice, spiders! Do you have a larger version? It's tiny on my computer, and I'd like to see more. (I've been drawing fan art lately too. Maybe I'll post my Ginny.)


Celestina W. - Aug 1, 2004 9:06 pm (#1479 of 2955)

Spiders, that's really good. I wish I could draw, but alas, I can't manage much more than stick people, either. (You should see me playing Pictionary...)

Catherine, I think the boa is an excellent look for Daisy. And here's hoping the storm misses you this time.


Sir Tornado - Aug 2, 2004 2:43 am (#1480 of 2955)

Spiders; that's a very good picture. I'm hopeless at drawing. Catherine, don't be disheartened; Daisy still looks cute; better than my neighbour's dog anyway.


septentrion - Aug 2, 2004 2:55 am (#1481 of 2955)

I spent my yesterday evening consolating my old neighbour who has lost her dog. He has been hurt by a car and nothing can have been done. My neighbour lives alone and was accustomed to have her dog on her heels wherever she went, she'll have a hard time to try and get accustomed to this loss. At least, I hope her hard time won't last too much. She's really a sweetie and I hate to see her crying.


Sir Tornado - Aug 2, 2004 3:47 am (#1482 of 2955)

I'm really sorry for your neighbour septentrion. Give her my condolences.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 2, 2004 4:53 am (#1483 of 2955)

Hey, wow! Another spider! I like your name. Does this mean you're secretly dangerous?

Chemyst, my oldest daughter donated her black, waist-length hair to Locks of Love. She was so happy she could do it!


megfox - Aug 2, 2004 5:06 am (#1484 of 2955)

Penny, my hair was highlighted when I donate it. As long as it isn't damaged because of the treatment, you should be fine. Your stylist can also cut out dead or split ends for you before you donate the hair.


Pinky - Aug 2, 2004 6:12 am (#1485 of 2955)

A big "thank you" to all the pet owners on the forum. I have a friend who just moved to a new home this weekend. One of her kitties disappeared and couldn't be found. I am not a pet owner, but despite that, I was able to sympathize with her over her loss, and then be happy with her when the kitty finally showed back up again. I relied a lot on the words of comfort and encouragement that I had read here when some of you went through the same thing. My friend seemed so surprised that I "knew" what it was like and how nice I was being. Hee, hee - it was only because I had learned from all of you! Thanks for teaching me to be a better friend!


icthestrals - Aug 2, 2004 6:54 am (#1486 of 2955)

Awww, Pinky. That's great!! And I'm glad the kittie showed up.


Padfoot - Aug 2, 2004 9:01 am (#1487 of 2955)

Happy belated birthday Veronika! Birthday

Catherine, Daisy looks very cute dressed up. Definitely a feminine girly girl.

I hope everybody had a good weekend. I took my 95 year old Grandma on a drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road (the highest paved road in the US). It really feels like the top of the world up there. I do not remember the elevation, but it's at least 2 miles high above sea level. It was so pretty up there, very green with lots of wild flowers. Flower Flower Flower


Sir Tornado - Aug 2, 2004 9:24 am (#1488 of 2955)

Hey, wow! Another spider! I like your name. Does this mean you're secretly dangerous? -- Round Pink Spider.

RPS; are YOU secretly dangerous?


Leila 2X4B - Aug 2, 2004 9:49 am (#1489 of 2955)

My computer is finally out of the shop. I am glad to be back. So much to catch up on.


I am so sad. They are cutting back hours at my job so in the fall I wont be able to tutor as much


Essidji - Aug 2, 2004 10:11 am (#1490 of 2955)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Hope you haven't forgotten me, co's I've been missing you all. Not a single hour since June to sneak in here, and what do I see? More than 1500 unread messages, just on the chat thread!

I'm really glad to work now, though all is not as idyllic as I had imagined first... Especially concerning the relationship with my boss : sometimes I feel he is a horrible dementor! He does everything he can to give me as little information as possible and loves humiliating me when he sees I have done a mistake... that kind of things. He loves cars and money, likes criticizing the appearance of persons (women in particular), and he believes he is a sort of Don Giovanni. Just to portay him shortly... Fortunately all my colleagues are nice and it matters a lot.

So, the main news is : who on earth could the Half-Blood prince be, uh? Not a clue, my dears... but I might get an idea tonight.


Good Evans - Aug 2, 2004 11:14 am (#1491 of 2955)

I used to work for a dementor too. Clearly all bosses turn in to dementors at some point !!! I hope I dont though!!!

my first post on the chat thread. Anyone there to chat?


Padfoot - Aug 2, 2004 12:34 pm (#1492 of 2955)

Essidji, sorry to hear you are working for Dementors. Keep lots of chocolate around just in case.

Good Evans, welcome!

Well I just had some excitement at lunch today. I went to my bank drive through area and got backed into by a large Range Rover. My poor car is smushed in the front passenger side. I was able to drive it away, so it looks mostly like body damage. I got the insurance information from the man driving the SUV. I hope everything goes smoothly as I have not filed a claim against anyone before. It's amazing how much body damage a car can have when someone back into it. My poor Lexus looks so sad and pitiful. Oh well, it could have been much worse, and he does have insurance.


Good Evans - Aug 2, 2004 12:40 pm (#1493 of 2955)

OOH dear padfoot - sorry to hear that - I had someone run in to me in january - that wasn't much fun either, but it all comes out in the wash - so long as you are ok - machines are replaceable - harry potter fans aren't!


septentrion - Aug 2, 2004 1:10 pm (#1494 of 2955)

Padfoot, I had once such a kind of trouble. No harm to anybody, that's the most important, but a loooooooooot of "tedious papers". I hope it'll be simplier for you. BTW, do you know how we call the front passenger side here ? (maybe you have the same expression ?) : "la place du mort" (the place of the dead). I should consider driving Voldemort on the front passenger side and provoke and accident ?


Padfoot - Aug 2, 2004 1:48 pm (#1495 of 2955)

La place du mort, how sinister and creepy! Well I have talked to his insurance company and mine and to him as well. See this man who hit me owns his insurance company. So things may get sticky. So far he is acting nice, we will see how long that lasts. I am waiting until tomorrow to have his insurance claim adjuster call me. Then I find out what to do next. This is such a hassle. Argh!


Ozymandias - Aug 2, 2004 3:31 pm (#1496 of 2955)

Septrention, I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. It's so hard to try and help someone who has lost a loved one. Your neighbor is lucky to have you there to help her.

Padfoot, that's awful! He owns the company? I hope he doesn't try to pull a fast one on you. Good luck.

And to add to the bad news list, I found out today that my family's mail was stolen on Thursday. The credit card bill was in there, and someone charged $15,000 on it! Luckily, we don't have to pay anything, but it's still a hassle. Plus, I'm pretty sure that my housing packet with all the information about moving into my dormitory was mailed to me on thursday too, so now I have to call the school. Grr. Ah well, no lasting harm at least.


Flame Alligator - Aug 2, 2004 7:43 pm (#1497 of 2955)

Veronika, Belated Happy Birthday, girlfriend. I wrote you an e-mail.

I got my queue cut and the rest of hair cut too, today. My friend, also salon owner and stylist, cut off 2 feet of hair...... eek! But it looks very cute if I do say so. Now I look like I Dream of Jeanie with a tattoo. I will donate my braid to Locks for Love. The great thing is she pulled it straight and cut all the split ends out before she cut it off. I had not read the posts about Locks for Love yet.

To all who have a birthday today: Happy Birthday, have a good one.

I did a marathon shopping trip today. The worst part is I tried on a lot of dresses found nothing I liked. *sigh*



Julia. - Aug 2, 2004 7:51 pm (#1498 of 2955)

Awww, poor Flame. All those dresses and noting. Keep at it girlie, you'll find something! Also, yay for you for donating your hair to Locks of Love

Woo-Hoo, only six more days until I go to Yankee Stadium!


Sir Tornado - Aug 2, 2004 8:33 pm (#1499 of 2955)

Padfoot; I'm really sad about your poor car. I hope your insurance claim goes well. They do usually. My uncle also has had an accident recently. His van had crashed into a pickup and had upturned. The entire left side of the Van was completely smashed. Thankfully, we have the driver's seat on the right side in our country so he wasn't hurt. Just a few broken bones in his hand; nothing serious.


Celestina W. - Aug 2, 2004 8:36 pm (#1500 of 2955)

Padfoot, sorry about your accident, but I'm glad nobody was hurt. Hope the insurance works out all right.

Yankee Stadium, Julia? Now why on earth would you want to go there? Just kidding. I'm sorry to have to tell you I'm a dedicated Yankees anti-fan -- I root against them at all times, except when they're playing a Central Division team that's close to the Twins in the standings (like the White Sox). I went to the Twins game yesterday, and they beat the Red Sox, which I suppose made you happy. Anyway, have fun when you go.
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Post  Lady Arabella on Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:26 pm


Caput Draconis - Aug 3, 2004 2:55 am (#1501 of 2955)

Gah, la place du mort, seriously? That is creepy...

Yankee Stadium...too cool. It's like some mystical place of far away excitement, the prospect of actually physically going there is...surreal. Have fun!


Elanor - Aug 3, 2004 5:28 am (#1502 of 2955)

Hi Septentrion ! I was glad to read you're an historian too, what was your favourite subject in Contemporary History ? You're right, being a student was really great and that is true, we forget what we learnt easily : I think I have forgotten the Merovingian genealogy we had to know by hart for an exam the day after it ! But I don't know why, some other things remains : I'm still able to recite the roman emperor's list till Marcus Aurelius (quite useless, I know, but funny !). And sometimes, things you thought you had forgotten come back suddenly, like when you ear a question in a TV game and the answer comes all alone. But, the most important thing is certainly that, even if we have forgotten details, we still know where to find them if we need them, don't we? By the way, what have you done after the University, are you a teacher?

About la place du mort : we are so used to this expression here in France that we don't think much about it. It's more like a joke sometimes, as when you say "Ok, if you're not afraid, we take my car. Who wants "la place du mort"? Come on, I'm not that bad a driver..."


Chemyst - Aug 3, 2004 5:36 am (#1503 of 2955)

That is so true about what we forget and what we remember! Sometimes I surprise myself and wonder 'How did I know that?'

About la place du mort : Where I grew up, everyone called that the "suicide seat." I haven't heard the expression in awhile.


Accio Sirius - Aug 3, 2004 5:50 am (#1504 of 2955)

Julia, from your avatar, you look like a little Natalie Portman!! How cute! I'm enjoying the series, BTW!


H4RR7P0773R  - Aug 3, 2004 5:58 am (#1505 of 2955)
Edited by Kip Carter Aug 3, 2004 6:00 am

Hi all , Just a note to let you all know that I am back in town. Missed alot of stuff on the fourum when I was away. Looking forward to HBP chat soon.


luv Neil

I edited this post. - Kip


Catherine - Aug 3, 2004 5:58 am (#1506 of 2955)


I am so sorry about your car. I'm sending a cheering charm and best wishes for an easy insurance settlement. Let us know if this guy balks; we'll send him lots of hexes if he tries anything! Maybe you can drive a loaner turquoise Ford Anglia in the meantime! ;-)

Kudos to those who have donated their hair to Locks of Love. Daisy is happy that if her story about a bad haircut prompted discussion about this wonderful charity, then it was all worth it. Even if Daisy does look like a house elf.

We've been inundated with rain here, and I'm getting a little tense. Alex hasn't hit us yet, but in our area, we worry less about the winds than the flooding. Our area was the one in the news for weeks about 5 years ago. We were without power for days until finally we found a road that the water had receded from and went to stay in Virginia. I was pregnant, and the utilities people were saying that you had to boil the water before drinking from the tap but that infants and pregnant women shouldn't drink the water at all. I had friends whose toilets wouldn't flush for weeks. UURGGHH! I really don't want to be trapped in the house with my husband two children, two dogs, and no electricity or running water. If you want an amusing picture, imagine me standing outside during the eye of the hurricane trying to get my dog to use the bathroom before the winds start up again.

I'm a right ray of sunshine today! :-)


ShelterGirl - Aug 3, 2004 6:10 am (#1507 of 2955)

Major excitement over here! I have some form of respiratory cooties, and I'm home from work today! I'll get to wade through all of the posts!

Padfoot- I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I think of my car as my baby, and the slightest hurt to it, even though it is fixable, makes me sad.

Catherine- I was in Greenville during Fran. We didn't get hit too hard then. During Floyd I was in Angier. Dodged a bullet there too. I keep thinking that sooner or later my luck is going to run out. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the Tar River stays where it's supposed to be, and hope that all of you make it through today alright.

Oh, and our dog Bailey was a 16 week old puppy when Fran hit, and I had to take her outside to go right after the major part of the storm stopped. The poor thing was standing there bracing herself with her ears flapping in the wind. The puppy photos I have of her show giant X-es of duct tape on the windows in the background.


septentrion - Aug 3, 2004 6:20 am (#1508 of 2955)

Hurricanes : glad we don't have any of them round here, even if older people remember to have seen a tornado once or twice.

Elanor, I work in the ANPE (job office), so I don't use any history knowledge for my job. I studied more particularly social contemporary history, and in history of arts, medieval churches. I still love churches, cathedrals...but now I spend more time in reading novels, being on the web, going to the cinema, translating the lexicon...What I remember is the greek alphabet, which I studied at the age of 13/15. Weird what's stuck in our heads !

If you want to see me, click here


ShelterGirl - Aug 3, 2004 6:24 am (#1509 of 2955)

Septentrion- You've been to Karnak???? I humble myself before you...


Neldoreth - Aug 3, 2004 6:28 am (#1510 of 2955)

wow Septentrion, you've been travelling around a lot you lucky girl! thanks for those pics, they are great!

I've been very busy lately so i missed a lot of news around here

Welcome to all the new members and I hope everyone is all right!


Sherbie Lemon - Aug 3, 2004 6:47 am (#1511 of 2955)

Catherine, I'm planning on sending you the strongest Drought Charm imaginable just as soon as I can find an envelope big enough! Poor Daisy, she's been throught enough without having to try and go during a severe storm. Though I hate having as many tornedoes as we do here, I think I'd rather them than hurricanes or earthquakes. At least tornadoes can be tracked and are over quickly.

Padfoot, it sounds like you're getting some of my bad luck!  Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 793915934  I had that very same thing happen to me 2 weeks ago. The guy who hit me was apologetic and sincere, his insurance company, on the other hand, was a bit of a problem. But I got it all sorted out in the end, as I'm sure you will too. Now my car looks as good as it did before the accident. Don't worry about yours. Body shops can do amazing things. Just be persistent and keep calling his insurance; don't wait to hear from them. Also, as a precaution, you could find if any of the tellers happened to see the accident. That way if his insurance company does try to play dirty, you'll have a witness. And, as we know, "there's nothing like a good witness." Good luck!

Poor Ozy! I'm glad the damage isn't lasting and your parents don't have to pay that outrageous bill! I bet ol' Mike is having a pretty good time on his business trip.

My bad luck continues somewhat. For a few days now, I've been having severe allergy attacks, despite my use of OTC medicine. I get these sneezing fit’s in the shower where I have to sit down in the tub because I can't catch my breath. Yesterday (2 days before I leave for Ohio!) I began running a tempature, my throat began to hurt and I developed a bit of a cough.Sicky NOOOO!!! Luckily, I went to an after-hours care place, got loaded down with allergy medication and feel quite a bit better today. No sneezing yet! Allergies can make you feel so darn miserable.

We're leaving tomorrow morning for Abbey Road on the River, so I won't be able to read or post for an entire week! We all should plan our vacations at the same time, that way no one has to come home to mountains of posts!


septentrion - Aug 3, 2004 7:20 am (#1512 of 2955)

I'm glad you liked my pictures. I love travelling and can't do it as much as i'd like to because of money. I'd still like to see Brittany, Morocco, Firenze (Florence), Roma, Andalousie (Spain), Iran, USA, Croatia, Canada...and see again Venezia, London, Auvergne...

Sherbie, your idea is good but I doubt we could all go on vacation at the same time.


Padfoot - Aug 3, 2004 8:43 am (#1513 of 2955)

Thanks everyone for your concern over my car. I took it into a body shop this morning for an estimate. They are going to fax that information over to this guy's insurance. I will call them later today to be sure they got the information and find out about renting a car. If anything new develops I will keep you posted.

Other than that, everything is going well here. We have a full week of 90+ weather. Makes me appreciate air conditioning. Sun


Elanor - Aug 3, 2004 9:02 am (#1514 of 2955)

I've really liked your pictures Septentrion! I love travelling too. Just like you, I visited Egypt, Turkey : I specially loved Egypt (2 marvelous weeks on a cruise on the Nile...). I also visited Canada (from Niagara Falls to Baie Ste Catherine), the USA (beautiful national parks in the west, Las Vegas, San Francisco - I felt in love with it ! - and Los Angeles).

There are so many other places I'd want to know, but for now a year and a half, I have to stay quiet because I have serious problems with my back (a sciatica that doesn't leave me, and since awful surgical corsets I had to wear for 4 months, muscles of my back are as hard as wood !).

Besides, I wanted to sincerely thank all of you on this forum because you really have made my life happier these last weeks. It was really hard for me to finish the school year, I was exhausted with the pain added to the work, and holidays were not to be encouraging for I can't walk or drive for a long time and have a lot of reeducation to do. But this forum has given me happier thoughts, a lot of interesting researches to do and really cheered me up ! Thanks again everybody, I am glad I have met you all ! And I am confident : I will climb the Grand Canyon again !


azi - Aug 3, 2004 9:06 am (#1515 of 2955)

Wow, lucky you Padfoot! Hot weather! I have...errr rain. A friend living about 10 miles away commented that it was thundering every 15mins or so but I haven't heard any. It was muggy yesterday but not particuarly nice.

Elanor, I hope you get loads better quickly!

I've decided school holidays are boring but I still don't want to go back to college. College means I have to do homework and therefore my Harry Potter interests have to be temporarily abandoned and I get deprived. *sigh* I'm sure I will be worse off when I enter the world of work. Smile


Julia. - Aug 3, 2004 9:31 am (#1516 of 2955)

Padfoot, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, I'm just glad you're ok and there's no major damage to your car. If the insurance people give you a hard time, I'll just Imperio them and tell them not to do that.

Catherine, booooooo for too much rain. I mean, rain is good, it helps flowers grow and if you get caught in it, it's like taking a shower outside while fully clothed and not getting clean. But I guess too much isn't good. I really hope you don't get flooded!

Sherbie, I'm so sorry you're sick! Two days before you leave, what horrible timing! *sends Sherbie lots of extra Pepper Up Potion and hugs*

Accio Sirius, you think I look like Natalie Portman! Now that's one I've never heard before. I assure you, I look nothing like Queen Amidala. I do actually have a pic of me now that will be my avatar at some point, but, alas, it's the last one in the series, which, by the way, I'm thrilled that you're enjoying.

Grrr, must get going, I have class in half an hour! (What? Class in the summer? Oh, the joys of college, at least it's over in three days.)

Have an awesome day everyone! *huggy huggy all around*

Do I seem like I'm in a good mood? I am, and I'll tell you why. A) only five days until I go to Yankee Stadium, and B) my friend Etai got into Rabinical school! Yay!


Chris. - Aug 3, 2004 12:56 pm (#1517 of 2955)

Hello everyone!

Just celebrating my brother's eighteen birthday tonight. The candles were just blown out! Yay Hay! The cake looks good! Yummmmm!


Jim the Potty - Aug 3, 2004 1:07 pm (#1518 of 2955)

There is cake to be eaten and you're posting on a Harry Potter forum? Thats one for the YKYAHPFW thread...


Leila 2X4B - Aug 3, 2004 1:11 pm (#1519 of 2955)

Hi, just got back from my daughter's allergist. She doesn't need shots yet so She does need a pill thoough. I never thought they gave pills to 5 year olds so I hope she cooperates. The rugs must go apparently. I am too broke for that, so I need to get some overtime at work. Failing that, I could try to break into Gringotts. Well have a great day. Julia, don't worry Rain Delays happen.



Catherine - Aug 3, 2004 1:25 pm (#1520 of 2955)


My daughter has epilepsy and had to start taking pills at 5 also. At first they gave her chewables, but she hated them so much that she tried the "swallow" kind and she did great. Good luck. I know replacing carpet is expensive, so my best to you on that as well. Maybe Gringott's is an option after all!

I had to hit the bookstore and the video store to stock up in case Alex really socks it to us. It has already rained nonstop for the last week, so I start to get antsy.

Thanks Shelter Girl for the encouragement. I hope your luck with storms doesn't run out. Hope you kick the cooties! How's little Bella?

Today is my oldest daughter's ninth birthday, and she picked out a....Harry Potter cake! Yeah! I confess that I am as entranced with it as she is. Her favorite present was the Lego Knight Bus, which she had already assembled by 9 a.m. this morning! We're off to celebrate in a little while.

Hope the folks in the coastal Carolinas stay safe and dry, and best wishes to all on the Forum!



Marè - Aug 3, 2004 1:28 pm (#1521 of 2955)

So, I just got back from London, and decided I would come in here and bore you all with a long post. after this I'll probably be quite for awhile because I have a lot of reading to do (over 200 posts on this thread alone.)

You will all be very proud of me when I tell you that the first official thing I did when I was in london was drag my mother to platform 9/3/4 to look and take a picture.
I tried to walk through, but alas, I didn't work for me...
It is funny to stand there and look at all the different people that just come there to take a picture. They come in all ages, which just proves again that it is not just a childrens' book.

The next day was July 31st (Happy birthday Harry!) and because it was Harry's birthday and I was missing all the potential fuss on jkrowling.com and the forum I celebrated by dragging my mom into King Cross again!
This time I went to the actual platforms 9 and 10, which are the ugliest platforms the station has. There is no wall between them and it is obvious Jo had another station in mind when she wrote the books.
We took a look at the wall where the movie was shot, I think I got it right, it is now decorated with a lovely bright orange (hurt my eyes!) security poster...
I took a picture of the bridge where I think Hagrid and Harry stood. It is covered with some plastic thingy from the inside. I think I got the right bridge on picture, but I can't remember, so I might have to go and look at the movie again. But it is going to take awhile before I will be able to do that.. Was there a clock somewhere?
BTW The first thing I did when I was on the forum again, was check the JKR site thread. So nothing happened, blast it! Thanks to Sarah for posting the pictures of Harry's and Nevilles birthday wishes. (And happy birthday to Neville too!)

I also took pictures of St Pancras, which outside is used in the movie. It is one big construction site now, so I hope there aren't too many metal pipes on it. (guess we won't be seeing it in the GoF movie).
Furthermore I tried to nick a yoghurt commercial which had the headliner: Potty! (didn't work) and had a nice discussion in the top of a dubbledecker with a little dutch boy about Harry Potter. "Had he seen 9/3/4 yet?" "No" Shame! We directed him to it and he was all excited (I'm not sure about his parents) My mother and he had a nice conversation about the movie (couldn't join in, still haven't seen it...) And I forgot to tell him it was Harry's birthday.
Silly me. Then again, I already think that the parents thought me a bit nuts.

As told I went to see "The mousetrap", and I took Madam Pince's advice and didn't reread the story before I went to see it.
So we were in the uppercircle, but I could see it very well and loved the decor!
But anway I was enjoying myself a lot, looking at the play trying to pick up clues, figuring out who did it, when one of the players had this little conversation which was supposed to "prove" it's innocence. It made me think "but hey, what if" (I have this nasty habit of guessing plots way before the end of a book of movie...)
And something from the story which I have read years ago came back to me. So I was stupid enough to nudge my mom (who had reread the story) and ask her if the murderer was said person, hoping she would say no and I could continue my guessing.
But it was. And allthough I still enjoyed the play a lot, for who-ever is going to see it, don't read the book beforehand. It's much more fun when you can still guess and have to be suspicious off all the persons on stage.

Anyway I had a lot off fun, got a great sunburn and will probably be reading posts for the rest of the summer.. (So many!)
A great day (or night) to all off you, see you around!


True Love - Aug 3, 2004 3:14 pm (#1522 of 2955)

Greetings from Ottawa (Canada) Just got word that I can now post as well as read the messsages on this site. So cool! Of course now that I have the opportunity I haven't a clue what to say because, frankly I think a lot has already been said or speculated on these books but I am sure something will come to mind as I read through the threads again.

I am pleased to see that I am not the only "adult" HP fan. I am in my late 40's and have considered seeking professional help, only confessing to my nearest and dearest about my obsession with everything HP. My friends, are as true as Hr/R/H are - having lent me their books, their videos and gone to see the 3rd movie with me again and again. My husband (who also read the books) debates the stories with me as best he can bu I certainly can use another venue to hear me out. Glad to be on board.

Stay tuned - more to come from this capital city!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 3, 2004 3:29 pm (#1523 of 2955)

True Love, I thought of The Princess Bride when I saw your screen name and lo and behold, when I clicked on it, I saw it was part of your email address. Great movie!

Enjoy posting.


Gina R Snape - Aug 3, 2004 6:16 pm (#1524 of 2955)

Azi! The woman in your avatar would make a perfect Bellatrix LeStrange.

Maré, how happy for you to visit London. I miss it so...


Sir Tornado - Aug 3, 2004 11:52 pm (#1525 of 2955)

Catherie- how's Daisy doing? Found some new clothes for herself?


septentrion - Aug 4, 2004 12:28 am (#1526 of 2955)

Marè, you lucky girl !

Elanor, back aches are terrible ! I'm glad we could help you to ease the pain.

I've seen my neighbour yesterday, she seems a lot better. She's so strong ! Thanks


Leviosa - Aug 4, 2004 1:29 am (#1527 of 2955)

Hello everyone! It's quite a long time since I last posted but I hope you haven't forgotten me. My internet connection is a real pain these days and often breaks down every few minutes. I don't know what's wrong (besides that my whole computer is completely messed up) so I hope that one lovely day everything will work properly again...

I have vacation now, finally. YAY! I'm glad I have more time and can relax and the weather here is fantastic as well

Happy belated birthday to everyone who had one! I hope you had a great day.

Marè, your trip to London sounds like fun! I want to visit London, too, but I don’t know when I’ll have the money, so I don’t think it’ll be in the near future.

I hope you’re all having a great day!


Crystal Moony - Aug 4, 2004 3:30 am (#1528 of 2955)

hi everyone.I am Crystal Moony.this is my first time out here and I have to say,this site is so cool.I would like to post a thought on CoS and many other things that are bothering me.i dont know whether someone had the same idea and have posted it already.so,sorry if you have seen it there,heard it before. I think JKR has said that book 2 has some clue that tells for the whole series.let's see. 1)Lucius helps to bring out his master. in GOF Wormtail aids his master for his second(or third,if you consider Lucius's ploy) rising. 2)Tom awakens the monster and goes muggle-borns hunting for a while.then he turns his attention to Harry. Voldie goes prophesy hunting in OOTP.since the series is near ending,I think he will now turn his attention to Harry in the next 2 books. 3)Tom calls the basilisk to fight Harry.Fawkes comes for help(not for rescue).when Harry is mortally hurt, Fawkes gives life to Harry. in GOF Fawkes' song gives Harry moral courage.in OOTP Voldie with his DE try to kill Harry,fawkes' owner,Dumbledore saves Harry from AK. 4)but in the end Harry has to rely on his own resourcefulness,and kills the memory with the basilisk's fang. in OOTP,Harry's own love fights off voldie. what I am trying to say is,Dumbledore will NOT give him the ultimate weapon,but an aid which (I feel) is so different to the point of ridiculous(like the sorting hat) ,will save Harry at some point,and then leave Harry to do his bit on his own. and that the ultimate weapon will be the weapon that Voldie uses.(see basilisk).it maybe a spell,even DE or even Wormtail. I dont think DD will die,anyhow.I dont want him to die. I think that however powerful he is, he is one yearning for a peaceful life (and death) like the life of the small village priest (like the villages in Agatha Christie's minus the murders) ,if the sherbet lemon & socks incident are held as insightful. I would like to post some questions too.if Voldie can read Harry's mind wont he learn about the prophesy anyway?and since he shares Harry's blood, he can attack Privet Drive now,cant he?wont he?since I am a non-english,I can't understand what DD means by "remember my last".last what?warning,letter,promise...what??? I read about the timeline on the Weasley family.well,Charlie can't be the youngest player as Harry is he one.my suggestion is that,Bill and Charlie are 2 years apart.but Percy maybe born a little later.can anyone fix this with JKR's,that the brothers are 2 years apart,each and the Weasley timeline?(I am a bit weak in maths) the DIGS thread by SP was scintillating,to say the least.can anyone tell me if there is any thread or essay for my questions?i am looking forward to see and hear from you cool guys and gals.


Pinky - Aug 4, 2004 4:49 am (#1529 of 2955)

Whew! Welcome to the forum, Crystal! We can't even begin to answer all your questions on this thread -- this is actually the one thread where we rarely discuss Harry Potter! The best I can recommend for you to do is to read the titles of the many threads below here and see if any of them look like a good place to post your questions. The threads are sorted into categories to help make it a little easier to find the right place. By the way, you may recall from your registration process that we try to post with no netspeak, etc. I recommend that you 1) put a space after the period at the end of the sentence, 2) capitalize the first letter at the beginning of your sentences, and 3) capitalize the word "I". That will make it much easier to read your posts.


Flame Alligator - Aug 4, 2004 5:57 am (#1530 of 2955)

Sherbie, I hope you are feeling better. If not, I hope a remedy is coming soon.

Padfoot, How are things going with the repair of your car?

Fawkes, Goedemiddag (Good Afternoon! Where are you? I miss you.

Happy Birthday to all having one.

I go on vacation soon and I can not find anyone to teach my yoga classes for me. My students moaned when I said I would be gone and hope to find a "sub". Not one yoga teacher here is available to teach flow. As Julia sometimes says, "Oh, bother!!" I may have to just cancel the class and add an extra one when I get back. I did work them extra hard yesterday and will do the same with my other classes.

There is one bright note. A number of my students travel a lot in the summer. Some "go in the field" as archaeologists, vacations and jobs that require international travel. They gave me the sweetest compliment. They said, "Flame, your class is the best. We do more in 20 minutes of your class than other yoga classes all over the world do in 2 hours." We are strong and fit yogis because of you." Isn't that sweet? I told them to remember that when I am kicking their butts during class. But I was so pleased that they appreciate me and best of all, that I get them in shape.

I have errands today. *boring* I still can't find a dress to go dancing in. This is getting frustrating. I hate having to try on clothes, ad nauseam, in stores anyway.

Have a great day!!

Goedemorgen everybody


Loopy Lupin - Aug 4, 2004 6:14 am (#1531 of 2955)

True Love, I thought of The Princess Bride when I saw your screen name and lo and behold, when I clicked on it, I saw it was part of your email address.-- Lupin is Lupin

Wouldn't it be "Wuv, Trwue Wuv?" I wuv *cough*...love Princess Bride.

Anyway, I've been away for a few days’ vacation and, as expected, there is an astronomical number of posts everywhere. Looks like I won't get much done at work today! Smile

In parting, let me say that what I don't love (or wuv) is "The Village." Sheesh. IMHO, M. Night has shown himself to be a one trick pony and this horse is dead, dead, dead.


Catherine - Aug 4, 2004 6:15 am (#1532 of 2955)

Hi to everyone!

Mare, I'm so jealous of your trip!

We had a nice little birthday celebration for my daughter, and her Harry Potter cake tasted as good as it looked. There was a little consternation over the candles, as one of them tipped over at the last minute, and looked like it was going to set Harry afire. I was thinking, "Oh no, not like Cedric with the dragon," but fortunately, Harry was not flammable. :-)

We stayed much drier than expected, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Hurricane Alex went back out to sea. It's good that everyone overprepared this time. Sometimes we get complacent, and then Mother Nature really socks it to us then.

Tornedo, thanks for asking about Daisy. She's still deciding if she wants to wear a jumper in the summertime. Did you see the picture of her in her boa several days ago? She likes that diva look the best!

I'm off to catch up on all of the posts I've missed over the last few days. Have a great day, everyone!

EDIT: Saw that Loopy Lupin posted while I did. *waves to Loopy* Was it a good vacation?


Loopy Lupin - Aug 4, 2004 6:56 am (#1533 of 2955)

Yeah. Fishing (read: drinkin') with the boys. Fun.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 4, 2004 7:12 am (#1534 of 2955)

Wouldn't it be "Wuv, Trwue Wuv?" I wuv *cough*...love Princess Bride. --Loopy Lupin

As you wish, Loopy. As you wish.

Happy to hear you had a good vacation. I wondered where you were.

EDIT: My husband went to school down your way and did a bit of fishing--catfish, mostly.


Padfoot - Aug 4, 2004 8:24 am (#1535 of 2955)

Welcome back Loopy!

Flame, I still am waiting to hear about my car. The auto body people were supposed to fax the estimate over to this guy's insurance company. I just called and they still have not done it yet. So I have to wait some more. Waiting

True Love, that is one of my favorite movies (and book) of all time.

Everyone have a great day!


Kasse - Aug 4, 2004 8:41 am (#1536 of 2955)

In parting, let me say that what I don't love (or wuv) is "The Village." Sheesh. IMHO, M. Night has shown himself to be a one trick pony and this horse is dead, dead, dead. - Loopy Lupin

...I could not have said it better myself!


Loopy Lupin - Aug 4, 2004 8:49 am (#1537 of 2955)

...I could not have said it better myself! – Kasse

I must confess that what I said was a rough paraphrase of what Stephen Hunter (The Washinton Post critic) said. Did I listen? No, I had to see for myself. No wonder Ebert gave it 1 (yes, ONE!) star.

Sorry, for the venting but that was 2 hours of my life and 8 bucks of my money that I'll never get back. Ack!

EDIT-- Aw, thanks Lupin is Lupin. Smile


wormsé - Aug 4, 2004 11:54 am (#1538 of 2955)

Hmmm... I myself liked The Village. Maybe I'm just weird that way... I just thought it was a bit different from most movies I see, and rather enjoyed watching it.


Kasse - Aug 4, 2004 11:59 am (#1539 of 2955)

Wormsé we share a love for HP (of course) and Mr Orlando Bloom, but The Village is where we part ways......


wormsé - Aug 4, 2004 12:10 pm (#1540 of 2955)

Hehe! Ah well, that's alright. I think the Orlando Bloom can make up for our differences. Wink Did anybody at least like Bryce Howard (the actress who played Ivy Walker)? I thought she was good, especially for a first movie.


Kasse - Aug 4, 2004 12:16 pm (#1541 of 2955)

I liked her - she is very talented. Did you know that they guy who played August in "the Village" (Brendan Gleeson) will play Mad Eye?


wormsé - Aug 4, 2004 12:24 pm (#1542 of 2955)

No, I didn't... At first I didn't know who you were talking about, so I looked him up. He's not exactly what I pictured... I think I should see another one of his movies before I decide if I think he's right for the part. I'm sure he'll be good, either way, though. Smile


Kasse - Aug 4, 2004 12:36 pm (#1543 of 2955)

I suggest 28 days later, that was a good one


Loopy Lupin - Aug 4, 2004 12:58 pm (#1544 of 2955)

I think Bryce Howard was great. Her look throws me a little though. She's the spitting image of her dad, but somehow still kind of pretty.

So, anyway, we must part ways on the Village. Let's let it be "The Bad Movie We Do Not Speak Of."

(P.S. Don't worry. That little joke didn't give away any of the movies secrets, but trust me that if I did give them away, you'd give them back.)


Catherine - Aug 4, 2004 1:09 pm (#1545 of 2955)

Loopy Lupin,

You are making me spew with your comments about this movie. I almost want to see this movie so that I can decide if it is really that bad. You know, the movie that must not be named.

Tee hee!

Edit: Loopy, do your very best not to scream...actually I don't know what this means. I just nipped over to IMDB and it's the only memorable quote they have for this unnamed movie! Maybe it works...


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 4, 2004 2:02 pm (#1546 of 2955)

I haven't seen "The Village" yet, but loved "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable." Is it really that bad?

Edit: Loopy, since "The Significance of Halloween" thread is no more, I've switched my avatar back to Buster.


Madam Pince - Aug 4, 2004 2:04 pm (#1547 of 2955)

Hi everyone! Back again....have been gone for a week (again) to attend yet another family reunion, etc. So many posts to catch up on!

Catherine, so sorry about poor Daisy's haircut. But if it's any consolation, I think she still looks darling. (Of course, this is coming from somebody who knows absolutely nothing about dog grooming, so....) Anyway, you asked a long time ago (I think) about pruning a clematis plant. Again, I'm no professional, but I've always just been fairly ruthless with pruning my clematises (is that the plural?) down to just about nothing every fall, and they come back like gangbusters every following year. Now maybe they are just extraordinarily hardy or something, I don't know. When I first got them I was too timid to prune much, then I read somewhere to really let 'em have it, so I did, and it turned out great. Hmmmmm... just occurred to me that maybe you could let Daisy's groomer work on your clematis plants.....

I'll have to go back and look at my Trixie Belden books, which are still at my Mom's house. Just off the top of my head, I'd guess I have maybe the first 25 or so in the series (naturally, just shy of the "rare" ones #35-39 -- that would be par for the course for my luck.) It is funny to go back and read those old books which are now somewhat "dated," isn't it? I found a non-fiction (?) one over at my aunt's house entitled "The Army Wife" which was written in the 1930's, I think, and I was in hysterics over the advice on how to be a docile, supportive, gracious-teaparty-hostess-type Army wife. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been very successful, unfortunately.

Boop, hope you're having a good day today. I know you're not necessarily looking for advice, but here's some anyway -- years ago when I was working and was totally stressed out and would feel the anxiety level going up, I would go and do some volunteer work at the local Ronald McDonald House (they provide housing near area hospitals for the families of children who are receiving various long-term health treatments at the hospital.) You might think that it would be depressing to be near sick children and to hear their stories, but for some reason it always worked the opposite way for me. I was always uplifted and inspired by their courage and their outlook on life. And if I felt like I was having a bad day, well... it was nothing much compared to what they were going through, I can tell you. So it always made me feel better to do what little I could to help. Maybe that would work for you, too! Just an idea.... Anyway, I am thinking of you and sending you big hugs!

Sherbie, your story about the see-through door just cracked me up! I wonder if that foreman went home and told his spouse about the incident? Tee-hee! Well, you have a good attitude about it!

That reminds me of something that happened to me when I was in college. We lived in a dorm that was divided into suites -- central living area with about 6 bedrooms coming off it, and the door from the outside hallway opened directly into the central area. Said door was sometimes locked, sometimes not. My suitemates and I had our ironing board and iron set up out in the central living room just for convenience sake. Well, one evening when we were getting ready to go dancing, I was out there in my bra and undies ironing my outfit for the evening (admittedly, not a great idea), when the outside door opened and in walked a very handsome (naturally) upperclassman (naturally, again) in a tuxedo (even more naturally), arriving to pick up our counselor for a formal. We both froze for a few seconds (me completely humiliated by being definitely the more "under-dressed" of the two of us, and contemplating whether I should scream and run for my room or just die of embarrassment right on the spot.) I finally decided that running would just be silly, and would make me feel more uncomfortable than him, (which of course is a state never to be wished for), so I decided the best course of action would be to just stand there and keep ironing and pretend that I was fully dressed. So I said "Hi there, Mike, how are you?" and he sat down in the corner of the room and became very engrossed in studying the pattern on the lampshade and stammered some sort of reply. So I finished ironing, my counselor came out of her room and gave me a very odd look, (probably thinking "Tramp!"), and they both left and I went to my room and collapsed.

Come to think of it, I don't think he ever asked my counselor out on another date again after that -- at least, I never saw him again. So, Cathy, wherever you are, I hereby apologize if I was in any way responsible for you not getting to marry Mike the handsome pre-med student. Sigh.....

Oooooooo....gives me an idea for a topic (not that we need one) -- what's everyone's most embarrassing moment? Um...I've already gone. Next?


Celestina W. - Aug 4, 2004 2:25 pm (#1548 of 2955)
Edited by Aug 4, 2004 2:40 pm

Madam Pince, your ironing story just had me absolutely shaking with laughter! It sounds like you handled it in the best way possible, though. I feel sorry for poor Mike, he was probably just as embarrassed as you!

Well, I had been planning to go see The Village, but since I haven't really heard anything good about it, I'll probably just wait and rent the DVD. If it is a waste of money, I at least won't be wasting as much that way. That's what I did with Signs, which also turned out to be a disappointment, I thought.

EDIT: Missed the last part of your post. My most embarrassing moment? Wow, that's tough. I'll have to go with the "bubble incident". When I was (barely) five years old, my cousin and I were flower girls in our uncle's wedding. After the ceremony when the bride and groom were leaving the church, everyone got little bottles of bubble solution to blow bubbles at them. (This is done at some weddings instead of throwing rice or bird seed.) I wasn't very good at blowing bubbles and I got frustrated (again, I was barely five). So I had the brilliant idea to throw my bottle of bubble stuff right at the couple, and it hit the bride, my new aunt. As far as I know, her dress wasn't damaged, but my mom has never been so mad at me, before or ever since. She threatened to not let me go to the reception and just take me straight home, and I'm still not sure how I avoided that punishment. Anyway, the embarrassing part of this story is not the actual event (that was embarrassing to my parents, I suppose, but not really to me), but the fact that it gets brought up at just about every family gathering, even now, twelve years later. My cousin says that she threw her bottle, too, right after I did, but that doesn't help because everyone only remembers me. Fortunately, my aunt doesn't seem to hold it against me, but I still don't think I'll ever be able to live this down.


Padfoot - Aug 4, 2004 2:28 pm (#1549 of 2955)
Edited by Aug 4, 2004 2:28 pm

Madam Pince, that was a great story. LOL. I would not have had the guts to stay in the room. As far as my most embarrassing moment, I will have to think about that. There are so many to choose from after all. There is nothing nearly as funny as your story though.


Padfoot - Aug 4, 2004 3:08 pm (#1550 of 2955)

Off topic here, but I finally got the estimate for the body work on my car. It's $1,986.04 for a fender bender! Yikes. I sure am glad I do not have to pay that. It will be interesting to see what the other insurance company says. The estimate is broken down into great detail. Still, it's hard to believe that it costs that much to fix.
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Eponine - Aug 4, 2004 3:31 pm (#1551 of 2955)

When I was in first grade, I wore an unruly wrap-around skirt to school, and it fell down in the middle of the lunch room. Plus, I seem to remember that I had on day of the week panties on the wrong day.

That's the most embarrassing moment I can think of.

Edit: I thought of another horrible moment in my life. When I was about 13 or 14, my mother had two friends who would call our house who both had the last name. One of them was a much older lady while the other one was younger and rather overweight. The younger one called one day, and I answered the phone. I told my mom that Mrs. Smith was on the phone, and she asked which one. With the phone still in my hand, I yelled across the room, "The younger one; you know, the fat one." I still cringe when I think about saying that. I felt so bad! I did apologize a few days later, though. I was too embarrassed to say anything then.


scully jones - Aug 4, 2004 3:44 pm (#1552 of 2955)

Going back quite a few posts, don't we call the suicide seat that you guys were talking about "shotgun" here in the U.S.? "I call shotgun!"

Let's see, embarrassing moment? Kindegarten, I was new at the school and was too embarassed to ask to go to the bathroom, seeing as how someone had just been told off for asking. Alas, being five years old, I could not hold it long. I was hoping no one would notice, but after a short time, my teacher came over and tapped me on the shoulder.

Sarah, do you need to use the restroom? asked Mrs. Shroeder.
No, why? said sarah meekly.
Teacher points silently at floor, drawing all the students' attentions to the long flowing puddle leading from my chair to the center of the room.

My friends still remind me of this. Oh the horror.


Catherine - Aug 4, 2004 3:50 pm (#1553 of 2955)

Eponine, I'm so sorry, but that is a funny story, what with the "wrong day" of the week undies. At least Snape wasn't wearing day of the week underwear when HIS showed!

I have so many that it is difficult to choose. I once threw a pretty awful public tantrum when I was wacked out on hormones right before I got married. I believe it was over an orange-cranberry muffin. :-) It turns out I didn't react well to a certain medication and had decided that the cafe's lack of said muffin constituted betrayal and incompetence. What can I say? I really was looking forward to that muffin. I did apologize for this, and my medicine was changed immediately!

Then there was the skirt tucked into the pantyhose in a fraternity house bathroom which, fortunately, was spotted by someone before I emerged. :-)

Or, recently, when I was "going off" about a school board candidate and realized that the earnest young man to whom I was speaking was, most unfortunately, the candidate's son. Sad

Truly, the most embarrassing thing I can remember is my oldest daughter when we lived in Texas. She about 18 montths old, was sitting quietly in the grocery cart in the midst of a VERY long check-out line, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she says, "Look, Mommy!" On the end of her index finger was absolutely the hugest "bogey" anyone has ever seen (I think they grow them bigger in Texas). She said, "I got the big "boogy" out!" She was quite proud. Of course, I had no tissue, and was looking helplessly at this disgustingly huge and slimy artifact on my child's hand. She was quite proud and was waving it around, until a very nice old lady several people behind me handed me a tissue so that I could wipe it.

I really hoped that the floor would open up and swallow me, but it didn't. I have concluded from this that embarrassment is seldom fatal.

Cheers. Hope you didn't read this over dinner. Smile

EDIT: Mrs. Schroeder might need a teensy belated "Crucio!" Sorry that happened!


Loopy Lupin - Aug 4, 2004 4:04 pm (#1554 of 2955)

Is it really that bad? -- Nimrod 2000

As for the "Significance of Halloween" being no more, ah well, that's how it goes. Chaplin still rules though. Razz


Denise P. - Aug 4, 2004 4:29 pm (#1555 of 2955)

My most embarrassing thing was when I was newly married. I was making mashed potatoes and put in too much milk...they were incredibly runny. Being a novice cook, I recalled what my dad did to thicken gravy. It certainly did the trick to those runny potatoes. Yes, I added a huge sum of FLOUR to the mashed potatoes. My gallant newly married husband choked down several bites without a murmur before I took a bite, spit it out and told him he didn't have to eat it LOL


Catherine - Aug 4, 2004 4:53 pm (#1556 of 2955)

He sounds like an officer and a gentleman, Denise. Smile


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 4, 2004 5:49 pm (#1557 of 2955)

Denise, if that's your most embarrassing moment, I'm a nun.

***feels sure you are keeping the really good stuff to yourself***

I have a most embarrassing moment too, so embarrassing I refuse to share it with anyone.

Regarding The Village: I have every intention of seeing this movie (loved Signs and The Sixth Sense) and loving every minute of it. Not another bad word about it! ***looks menacingly at Loopy***


Kasse - Aug 4, 2004 5:51 pm (#1558 of 2955)

Lupin I am not going to say another word I just wanted you to know that I too loved Signs and The Sixth Sense, all I will say is be warned......


Madam Pince - Aug 4, 2004 5:58 pm (#1559 of 2955)

Come on, Kim, do tell!


Catherine - Aug 4, 2004 6:04 pm (#1560 of 2955)

Obviously Denise and Kim are holding back on us.



ShelterGirl - Aug 4, 2004 6:12 pm (#1561 of 2955)

Mine is not suitable for mixed company.

And it isn't what you think. But I'm not telling anyway. Suffice it to say that I walked home from school one day in 9th grade with a huge piece of cloth wrapped around my waist.


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 4, 2004 6:13 pm (#1562 of 2955)

Come on, Kim, do tell --Madam Pince

The Cruciatus Curse wouldn't be enough to get it out of me.

Nice try, though.


Madam Pince - Aug 4, 2004 6:14 pm (#1563 of 2955)

Drat those pesky moths! Nibbling away at wool school uniforms has always been a problem, hasn't it, ShelterGirl?

And Kim, I was thinking more along the lines of "Imperio!" Tee-hee.


Leila 2X4B - Aug 4, 2004 6:22 pm (#1564 of 2955)

My most embarrassing moment is when I was breast-feeding. My daughter was nursing and I was talking to her father, in public. She had pulled away and squirted someone with my milk before I knew what happened. OR was it when Linda, Katrina's grandma, took pictures of the birth, including crowning and then showed my "entirety" to Katrina's grandfather.



ShelterGirl - Aug 4, 2004 6:22 pm (#1565 of 2955)

If only we had HAD school uniforms. There might have been some extra ones in the building somewhere...


Madam Pince - Aug 4, 2004 6:29 pm (#1566 of 2955)

Well, I was only posing an 'alternate theory' for you ... that's what we do best here, right?

Oh, and one other thing I forgot earlier -- Giant Squid Mike, (as opposed to Mike-the-pre-med-student) I think you gave me kudos for something which went completely over my poor tiny head. If I made a reference to something from "View From the Top," it was made unawares, I'm sorry to say. Do you mean the Zig Ziglar "View From the Top" (in which case you might be meaning the Myers-Briggs thing, which he may have referenced but I'm not sure because I never read it), or do you mean the Gwyneth Paltrow "View From the Top" (in which case I have no idea whatsoever!)

Anyway, thanks! It's always nice to get a compliment, even if totally undeserved!


Ozymandias - Aug 4, 2004 6:31 pm (#1567 of 2955)

Aaaaah! Don't hold back! Then I will be all alone with my hugely embarrassing story! Nooooo!


Pinky - Aug 4, 2004 6:35 pm (#1568 of 2955)

Er... folks... embarrassing stories are great fun and all... but let's be careful with the TMI (too much information), ok?


Professor V - Aug 4, 2004 6:40 pm (#1569 of 2955)

I've been away for a few days, I had a mini-reunion with some of my friends from college. True to form - nothing in my life happens without incident. It all started last Friday, when I had yet another hair disaster, (the last time I went to get my hair cut I had asked for an inch or so to be cut off I ended up losing more than six inches, leaving me with the longest strands on my head only being two inches & that's being generous). This time I went in to get my highlights updated before the mini-reunion. I should tell you that I have always loved the way this stylist colors my hair. I wanted a combination of blonde and strawberry blonde highlights. What I got was patches of carrot red hair. And with that hair I had to go see my friends some of whom I hadn't seen in at least 6 years. Most of them were at least kind enough not to say anything about my hair, but it was hard to miss their looks of astonishment.

My life seems to be filled with embarrassing moments from carrot red patches of hair to not realizing I pulled my pants on inside out as I hurriedly got ready for school one morning (luckily, I noticed before anyone else). But near the top of the list is the reason I stopped quickly sketching illustrations for my class. A few years ago my eighth graders were discussing weather and air pressure, to go along with the discussion of air pressure we talked about the different types of barometers. Our book gave a great description of a very basic mercury barometer, but no picture. So I quickly sketched one on the board. This particular barometer was basically an inverted tube in a petri-like dish. When I looked back at the picture my first thought was that it looked like a crude drawing of a hand giving someone the finger. At which point I exclaimed something like, "Sugar-beans!" and made to erase it. But before I got the chance the co-teacher in the room and my class all gasped and then started laughing. I quickly erased the picture. I had no I idea why they were laughing, but in the end we were all laughing. It wasn't until later that I learned they had all thought that the picture resembled certain male anatomy. Needless to say the story lives in infamy.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Ruby


ShelterGirl - Aug 4, 2004 6:40 pm (#1570 of 2955)

Ok Madame Pince. In that case, my new motto is...

Blame the Moths!


Ozymandias - Aug 4, 2004 6:44 pm (#1571 of 2955)

Er... folks... embarrasing stories are great fun and all... but let's be careful with the TMI (too much information), ok? –Pinky

Sorry, I guess I just got so used to that being brought up ad nauseum in high school that I'm immune to it now.

Second most embarrassing moment: posting an embarrassing moment that's way too embarrasing. Now...to delete, or not to delete...


Denise P. - Aug 4, 2004 6:44 pm (#1572 of 2955)

Let's keep in mind that we have all ages who read this thread, please be sure it is a family friendly embarrassing story you tell.


Leprechaun Jack - Aug 4, 2004 7:00 pm (#1573 of 2955)

Ok I'll let you in on a very embarrassing. moment ( and I do believe I take the cake on this one)One time when I was in College I had become friends with this very lovely young lady, who sat next to me in one of my classes. As some time passed, she would pop up more and more often and stop to talk to me and I started to think that perhaps she might have a bit of a crush on me. Not knowing what to do about it (as I was in a relationship at the time)I decided to take her out to lunch and explain to her that although flattered, I was with someone and she would find a nice single guy soon.

Well she laughed so hard that tears ran down her face and she was holding her stomach from the pain. After calming herself down a bit, she explained that even though I was a nice guy I was not her type. She was a Lesbian and was actually interested in a friend of mine that I was usually with. As we were in the same class she could talk to me and find out if my friend was interested in her or not.


They have been together for 17 years now.

Top that



Sir Tornado - Aug 4, 2004 8:26 pm (#1574 of 2955)

My most embarrassing moment... well, I just don't know what to say. I guess it was when I was 11 and scared to go to the Saloon to cut my hair. So; one fine Afternoon, I cut my hair myself without looking in a mirror. The result? My hair looked as though it was eaten in some places by mice. To top it all, no one told me this and were all laughing behind my back. I did not know about it until my english teacher pointed this out to me. The whole class exploded with laughter. Apparently, I had completely shaved my head down in the middle and had left it untouched near the edge.

Well; I'm really glad that some of the others have more embarrassing moments than me. BTW; I loved the Sixth Sense and Signs. I'm dying to see the Village, though my Dad probably won't let me see it on the big Screen; so, I'll have to wait for the DVD.


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 4, 2004 10:52 pm (#1575 of 2955)

Most embarrassing moment, oh there are so many. Well, this is embarrassing only to me I think.

When I was about to graduate from college as a theatre major, it was tradition for the junior class to do a comedy parody roast of the graduating class. Well we sat through the whole skit and I knew we were approaching the end and I realized that not a single reference was made about me during the review. I was beginning to feel very hurt and left out. The final scene started the lights dimmed and the cast took their places on the stage. As the lights come up and the music started, (Canon by Pacabel,) I immediately recognized the character on center stage. She was in a navy and white leotard that I had favored, and lent to my roommate, although I was baffled why she wanted to borrow my leotard. Now the program at our school was heavily performance oriented and each morning was started with a balletic exercise called the "Checcetti Positions" which was set to Canon. This was supposed to help us improve our grace and balance and coordination.

(Now you need to picture what I look like: I am rather on the tall and thin side. I have very long arms and leg. Many people just assume that I am the very picture of grace and coordination and dance. But looks can be verrry deceiving, in my case they were.)

As the skit continues the central character does her Checcetti routine looking graceful enough, but, the other characters are slapped, kicked, stepped on, and eventually the entire class is knock out by the navy striped clad character, bowling style. The skit was a cross between, Swan Lake, the Three Stooges and boxing.

No words were spoken through out the skit, but no words were needed. In the audience everyone was on the floor laughing with tears in their eyes. It's still a bit embarrassing to know that anyone who knows me knows I'm are a klutz. But at least I hadn't been forgotten.


septentrion - Aug 5, 2004 2:45 am (#1576 of 2955)

LOL, ROFL...well I've got embarrassing moments too. Once my skirt was stuck in my pantyhose and I crossed the entire school like that. By luck I had a long coat so the damage wasn't too bad and could be repaired before I took my coat off.

That's not the worse. For my job, I have to visit enterprises to know if they have job offers (I work in the job office). I saw the director of a store (Mrs XX), discussed with her, and then I went on vacation for 15 days. When I came back from vacation, the very 1st day I was back at work, I had schedule to visit that store again. I met the director's assistant and when leaving, I told her : "please give my salutations to Mrs XX". She suddenly shut the door and told me : "Mrs XX is dead, her daughter is in the next room". My mouth staid opened for at least a minute and I'm sure I had the palest skin of my life. Of course I didn't know what to say except "I'm sorry". I still feel horrible when I think of that moment.

On a lightier note, I have trouble to find the expression "to pull a crouch". I'm sure one of you could find at once and tell me in which book and which chapter I can find it. Thanks in advance for your help !


Leprechaun Jack - Aug 5, 2004 3:44 am (#1577 of 2955)


It's from GOF. I don't have the book with me but... I believe It's Ron who says it sometime just after Crouch Sr. disappears and Krumm is attacked on the grounds by the Forbidden Forest.



Fawkes Forever - Aug 5, 2004 4:33 am (#1578 of 2955)

Hey Everyone... still mental busy at work... so not getting much of a chance to login these days, plus I've been on training most of this week so even less time.. I'm just going to lunch ... thus I'm sneaking a quick hello in

Flame.. aww thanks for missing me.. so sweet! I'm missing you all too & not being able to post so often these days.... the unread posts are piling up & *shock horror*... I've had to skim read this thread (feel guilty). I'm barely getting to lift my head these days.... oh well it's nearly the weekend. Something to look forward to... hee hee. I'm actually meeting up with some friends for dinner tonight... one I haven't seen in ages & she just got engaged... but alas shes moving to Munich at the end of the month... so it's a 'congratualtions & sorry you're leaving' party...

Padfoot.. sorry to hear about your car... sending some goodluck vibes your way. Also sending goodluck & cheering vibes to all who need it (hee hee... I think I'm turning into a giant carebear...lol)

So my most embarrasing moment story.... hmmm, I really have too many to recall.... seriously! Hmmm, let me think about that & I'll get back to you guys on that one.... especially when I have time to post properly....

Happy belated birthday Veronika... hope it was a good one...


septentrion - Aug 5, 2004 4:52 am (#1579 of 2955)

thanks Jack, it will narrow my research.

Speaking of embarrassing moment...I've just been having one. I went for lunch with my husband in a great commercial center, and after eating, we did some shopping. We got separate to win time but we missed our appointment : when I came to the coffee stand where we were to meet, he has already left and paid his purchase. I waited, searched for him in the whole store (which is enormous) three times when I meet one of his colleague who told me he was outside. I found him near the car and of course we were late to resume work. But the worse is all of our colleagues know what happened : I lost my husband in the store ! I think I won't go out of my office for the rest of the day !


Loopy Lupin - Aug 5, 2004 6:00 am (#1580 of 2955)

Have fun at the movies Lupin is Lupin. ***cowers in the face of LisL's menacing glower power***

Now that I've had a couple days distance, I still hate "The Village," but I want to dispel any possibility that someone may think that I simply don't like M. Night, his style, or that a movie has to be well-reviewed for me to like it.

When I saw 6th Sense, it was, unfortunately, after a lot of buzz surrounding the ending had already developed. No one gave it away to me or even gave me a hint. However, knowing that there was a surprise ending, I couldn't help but try and figure it out. I did rather early on in the movie. BUT, I still loved it. It was rather the same for me with "Unbreakable" and "Signs." Those two movies had plenty of detractors and some bad reviews, but I thought both of them were great. So, I had an open mind going into "The Village." Alas! Earwax.

*deftly avoids the embarrassing story topic by ignoring it and continuing to speak of the movie we don't speak of****


Catherine - Aug 5, 2004 6:17 am (#1581 of 2955)

While Loopy Lupin is deft in discussing the "movie that shall not be named" instead of confessing an embarrassing moment, SOME of us may have noticed this omission. *Hem hem*

Some of us have become more curious as a result. Hope we don't have to resort to peeking in a Pensieve to find out! :-)

*Catherine scurries around hoping that Loopy left the Pensieve out*


Loopy Lupin - Aug 5, 2004 6:32 am (#1582 of 2955)

My most embarrassing moment. Mmmm. I guess it would have to be the moment I walked out of the theater realizing that I'd have to admit to the world that I paid money to see "The Village." Razz


Catherine - Aug 5, 2004 6:42 am (#1583 of 2955)


Cute, Loopy. I'm still looking for that Pensieve....


Elanor - Aug 5, 2004 7:14 am (#1584 of 2955)

Well! My most embarrassing moment was certainly when I was a student. As a summer job then, I was guiding visitors on the differents sites of my town (we have 3 abbeys, a silk and an hospital museums and an historical city center !). One of them is an old Cistercian Abbey, XII th century, beautiful but very austere and difficult to explain because you need to really tell the details of the strict cistercian rule to understand it properly. Anyway, not the most funniest visit of the area, most of the people who wanted the guided visit were in fact real cistecian art enthusiasts !

That day, I was waiting for group of visitors and the only thing I knew about them was that there were 30 people in it. So, I was there, on the church square, when I saw coming them, it was a huge group of bikers : there were not 30 but 70 of them, all wearing leather and studded jackets, tattoos... And me, all alone on the square, feeling suddenly extremely small, with a little voice, and lonely ! It was what we call here "un grand moment de solitude" (a time of great loneliness) ! I think it was the most difficult visit of my life, but yet interesting. One of the bikers was really well-informed on the cistercian art. He told me why after the visit : he was prison officer at the prison of Clairvaux which was once a cistercian abbey ! From that day I never forgot that one shouldn't judge by appearances ! (well, not for all of them, I can't tell you the details about the visit if children can read that, but trust me, I was glad when it was finished !).

By the way, I loved your stories !


VeronikaG - Aug 5, 2004 11:32 am (#1585 of 2955)

My most embarrassing moment... There are two that stand out. They both took place in my middle year of high school, and both include the same Spanish teacher.

The first one resembles Sarah's, but I was 12 years older. It was the break before the last class of the day, and I really needed to go to the bathroom. Knowing that there was always a long line of girls waiting to get into the way too small bathroom by the cafeteria, I instead went to the other that was hardly used because few people knew about it. It was located on the opposite side of the school and was only accessible from the school yard, not from anywhere inside the building. I was a bit paranoid about sitting on the seats in there, so I decided to do what I had to do standing above the toilet. A little to late I realized the lid was still on. Oh the Horror... There was a cleaning assistant right outside the door. I quickly threw a bunch of toilet paper on the floor... and panicked! I ran out so fast I hope that cleaning assistant, who is the mother of my earlier classmate, only saw a shadow. I panicked even worse when i noticed I had accidentally gotten a wet spot on the leg of my jeans. I ran through a puddle in the school yard to get an alibi for that. My plan was to sit very still during the last class, hoping nobody asked about the wet spot on the back of my leg. So all the more terror when I came into the class, that I was already late for, and the teacher tells us we are going to do the Macarena. Eeeeeek! "Oh Señora Mikkelsen, I think I need to go home! I have a terrible headache!" I held my hands on my head, and tried to look like it hurt. Señora Mikkelsen, who is a very kind woman said that of course I could, and I got out of there fast. If Señora Mikkelsen reads this, she now knows what really happened.

That was in the autumn, the next blushy moment was in spring, when we were supposed to have a Spanish test. First we were told that the test was off, and then that it was back on. That last message escaped my ears. So on the morning we were supposed to have the test, I just went into the classroom, took up my books, and started doing the grammar exercises we had been working on the day before. And when I work with something involving letters, either reading or writing, I can't hear! After about 15 minutes I leaned over to the girl in front of me and asked about something. Señora Mikkelsen came over to me, looking a bit confused rather than angry, telling me I couldn't speak to Elisabeth in the middle of the test! TEST?! So it was on after all! I couldn't speak, just make some funny squeely noises. She had to take me outside and calm me down, get my head working again, before we decided that I would go through with the test, and she was sorry I had not heard the message. Despite of everything I passed the test, but I felt so stupid.

OK, you can delete the first bit if it's to bad.


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 5, 2004 11:53 am (#1586 of 2955)

I just found out a guy I know might be going to play for a football team in northern England, possibly called Carlisle United. I'm hoping someone from that area can answer a few questions.

Is there a team by that name?

Where exactly is Carlisle?

When is the football season?

Can I sleep on your sofa if I come over for a match?

I'd appreciate it if someone could answer these questions. Well, the first three at least.


psipsina - Aug 5, 2004 3:34 pm (#1587 of 2955)

Hello people,

This is my first post here on the chat thread, and I have to say I have really enjoyed reading your posts for some time now.

As I live in the north part of England, maybe I can answer your questions nimrod:

1. Yes there is a football team called Carlisle United here in England, but I'm afraid I am not entirely sure in which division it plays.

2. Carlisle is a town in the north of the UK, near Newcastle, and on the way to Scotland, on the West coast of England.

3. As far as I'm aware, the football season runs more or less like the school term, starting around end July, beginning of August, and ending arounf April-May. For all the football fans out there, I apologise in advance if I am mistaken

As for your 4th question, if you decide to come to the UK, I am sure that as a fellow HP fan, we can always arrange something for accommodation

Kisses to all!!!


Celestina W. - Aug 5, 2004 4:00 pm (#1588 of 2955)

Hi, everybody! I love all the embarrassing moment stories. But it seems like there are quite a few people who haven't shared anything yet...

Well, today I had my senior pictures taken. For those who might not know, it's common in the U.S. (or at least in my area) for students going into their last year of high school to get some nice photos taken to give to friends and relatives. Anyway, I just had outdoor pictures done today at my house, and I might get some in a studio later, I'm not sure. I got some nice poses with trees, flowers, etc, in the background. I think they went pretty well, and I didn't have a sudden acne outbreak or an extremely bad hair day or anything like that. But you wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to have your picture taken for an hour and a half. When I was having trouble smiling on command, I thought of the everyone's funny stories and that helped.


I Am Used Vlad - Aug 5, 2004 4:31 pm (#1589 of 2955)

Thanks for the help, psipsina. I couldn't find Carlisle on the map, but it turns out I wasn't looking far enough north.


Accio Sirius - Aug 5, 2004 5:00 pm (#1590 of 2955)
Edited by Aug 5, 2004 5:00 pm

I don't get out to the movies much and when I do, it's usually with a seven-year old. So I snuck out last night to see The Village and rather enjoyed it. Can't say it was great because like everyone mentioned before, you're waiting for the big "tada," but I have disliked other movies much more. Low expectations. The bedfellow of desperate mother! lol!

Most embarrassing moment: My first job, a women called me at my sister's house where I was staying to arrange an interview. I was sure it was my cousin playing a joke on me. So when she formally asked me to come in for an interview, I said "liar, liar pants on fire." There was a very long pause and she explained nicely that she indeed was who she said she was. Believe it or not, I eventually got the job!


Doris Crockford - Aug 5, 2004 5:44 pm (#1591 of 2955)

I had a really good day today. I went canoeing, and for dinner we had leftovers of Lebanese food (my dad's family is from Lebanon, and Dad's cousin was over on the weekend). It was sooooooo good. And yesterday, I saw The Bourne Supremacy. I was disappointed, I didn't feel like there was much of a plot, but the theater I went to was really nice. It was a house which the owners turned into a museum of movie history, with a ton of old projectors and posters.

My most embarrassing moment was probably in grade 5, when I went to this guy's birthday party. I didn't really like him, and my mom made me go. At the party, they decided to play Truth or Dare. As it turns out, he had a crush on me for about 3 years (which MY MOM knew, which is why she made me go), so his friends dared him to kiss me. Personally, I thought that kissing looked really gross (with all of the germs and stuff), so I kinda ran away shouting "No!". It took the others at the party about 5 minutes to calm me down. I still feel really bad about how I handled that (but at the time, I didn't know he liked me). Wow, I'm blushing now at the thought of that.


Brandon Christopher - Aug 5, 2004 5:45 pm (#1592 of 2955)

My most embarrassing moment... Gotta be a tie between two baseball events actually.

The first happened when I was like 10 years old, give or take a year or two. Well I was playing little league and got a nice long pop fly. I ran and got under it waiting for it to come down. Well, my left fielder called out that he had it at the last second and I took my eyes off it to glance over. Well that wasn't the brightest move... The ball came down and nailed me right square between the eyes. Needless to say most of the guys on that team were ones that I played baseball with all through High School. They never tired of pointing that out if I ever missed a ball.

My second embarrassing moment as I stated before is also a baseball moment. I had gotten put in as a pinch runner late in the game because I had the most stolen bases on our team. We had two outs and I was on first base, my coach didn't want two force outs so he gave me the steal sign because the other teams catcher didn't have a good arm at all. I took off and got a great jump on the pitcher. BUT about halfway down to second base I happened to step in one of the strategically placed bumps on our field and fell flat on my face. I was already over halfway to second so I got up quickly and kept going. But sadly the ball got to second just before me (that's how bad the catcher was!) I had time to fall down, get up, and keep going and still almost made it. But to this day I still feel humiliated, getting thrown out as a pinch runner is a big no - no...

Those were kinda long embarrassing moments... Anyways, as you can see I'm still alive and kicking. Just poking my head in here to say hi everyone!


Magika - Aug 5, 2004 6:00 pm (#1593 of 2955)

Well, here I am! I've been working for 16 hours today, from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.! I'm barely alive...

My most embarrassing moment will have to be when I was in Oslo to see the world premiere of "The Lord of the Rings: The return of the king" (Andy Serkis, Bernard Hill and Viggo Mortensen was there, though not where I was, luckily...). I was standing beside a huge 3-dimentional cardboard Aragorn, when my friend accidentically tumbled into me. I had my head completely elsewhere, no balance at all, so I stumbled into the huge Aragorn-thing. It fell, straight into the mass of people, and made A LOT of noise, not to mention the chaos. Quite a nasty shock for the poor people standing there, waiting in turn, and then suddenly have Aragorn falling at them...

I blushed a LITTLE while trying to raise the darn thing...!


Leila 2X4B - Aug 5, 2004 9:41 pm (#1594 of 2955)

Everyone this is my baby, Trina, last X-mas



Hem Hem - Aug 5, 2004 11:03 pm (#1595 of 2955)

What a cutie! How old is she?


Leila 2X4B - Aug 5, 2004 11:05 pm (#1596 of 2955)

She is 5 now and 4.9 in the pic.



mike miller - Aug 6, 2004 5:04 am (#1597 of 2955)

Good Morning all! IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!

It's been very difficult to keep up with everything that has been going on with evryone. One week of vacation followed by a difficult week back at work. We had about 50 people in from our field selling organization for training on next year's plans. I was one of the presenter/trainers.

Padfoot - Sorry about the car/insurance challenges. The quote was probably not that far out of line. My friend had almost no visibile damage but still cost over $2,000 due to "things unseen" Cars today are design to "crumple" on impact to absorb the energy and protect the occupants. Consequently, a small impact can cause significant damage.

Catherine - Daisy's boa look is great for now. I hope everything grows back before it starts to get cold.

Flame - Enjoy some well deserved time off. Speaking from the student perspective, you will be missed but we all need to be more self-sufficient.

Betty (Boop) - Hope all is well and you're feeling better. Know that you have hugs a plenty here. I was thinking of your travel experience as I was driving 10 hours back from Myrtle Beach.

Happy Birthday to all I've missed. Have a great weekend everyone!


VeronikaG - Aug 6, 2004 5:22 am (#1598 of 2955)

So, I see my post made it through censorship.

Hello, Magika. Nice to see another Norwegian on the "Lex". I've been alone here for almost a year, and now we're up to three, if Aisha comes back. Where do you live? I'm from Arendal(Cough*Rudebilstasjonen*cough!) Which is why I am like I am. Environmental damage.

Happy Vacation, Flame.


septentrion - Aug 6, 2004 5:34 am (#1599 of 2955)

does anyone have an idea about when the fanfiction forum will be available again ?


Loopy Lupin - Aug 6, 2004 5:47 am (#1600 of 2955)

Happy Friday to all.

EDIT--- Woot! Post #1600
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Flame Alligator - Aug 6, 2004 7:54 am (#1601 of 2955)

Mike Miller, Welcome Back!!! I missed you.

Thanks for the Happy Vacations!!! I found some subs for my classes. Yay!!! My students can use a change of pace. I worked them extra hard this week.

Just dropped by to say Hi........ HI!

Goedemorgen everybody!!


Padfoot - Aug 6, 2004 8:49 am (#1602 of 2955)

Finally it's Friday at last. This has been a loooong week. Besides dealing with insurance companies and car repair people I am trying to refinance my home. This week I have felt way too much like a grown up. At least I can come here and have fun.

Well this other guy's insurance has accepted the estimate and has agreed to pay for it. So I called the repair shop and they are ordering parts. They said that sometime next week they will call me to get my car fixed.

Oh, I saw the article on TLC interviewing top HP web masters. It was great to see Lexicon Steve being interviewed!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Good Evans - Aug 6, 2004 11:15 am (#1603 of 2955)

I second the "it’s been a long week" it’s been hard work this week. Really glad it’s the weekend.

Am feeling a little sad though as lots of the new lexicon members are from Maryland and I used to live there too (Rockville - about 20 years ago) but I still miss it and so wish I was there now. Still England when it’s hot is nice too. Oh well hope to chat with some of you some time.


Liz - Aug 6, 2004 12:19 pm (#1604 of 2955)

Yes... I have school next Thursday Sad but I am totally ok with that because now I get to see my band geek friends in the band room before school each morning Wink

I have an ok avatar now... I'm going to try to undestort it and make it so you can see me with my harp... in my red dress... 'before' I got my hair cut.

Yes I got my hair cut... twas too long and messy to try to untangle it all the time...

Well tis all.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.



Accio Sirius - Aug 6, 2004 2:16 pm (#1605 of 2955)

Good Evans,

Don't go back to Rockville (in joke for R.E.M. fans). I'm in the DC area (Alexandria, VA) and have friends from Rockville. It's changed a lot. Jake's on the Pike is gone. But it's still a great place. Let me know if you need any back home updates!


Magika - Aug 6, 2004 4:41 pm (#1606 of 2955)

Hi, VeronikaG! I'm from a little town 20 minutes drive outside Oslo. I joined the Forum in June. I know The One is Norwegian too, so I think our number's up to four! That's huge, about a 1/1.000.000 of the population of Norway is here!

I didn't know about Aisha.

Enviromental damage... LOL. I drove through Arendal on my way to Kristiansand earlier this summer... I don't think it did much harm to me, though...

But that might as well be because I'm not sane usually... Razz


True Love - Aug 6, 2004 6:26 pm (#1607 of 2955)

Oh, OK. So first we come here and say we are going to go to the chat room then go to the chat room. I am abviously new to this. So here I am! Bye.


Pinky - Aug 6, 2004 7:01 pm (#1608 of 2955)

Almost, True Love. You'll get it one of these times. *grin* This thread is actually for "chatting" -- for conversation. The thread below this one titled "Chat Room - Who is There Now " is actually the thread for posting to say that you'll be in the chatroom.


Tomoé - Aug 6, 2004 7:12 pm (#1609 of 2955)

Hi everybody! I've been away for a week now (I don't know exactly why though), I was at my parents' with Miréimé and I don't know, time just flew away and I realise it was a week later ... I'm 300 post behind in this thread alone and I won't read it, I'm late enough on the regular threads.

Boop, are you getting any better (I give you an extra hug just in case)?

Happy Birthday to anyone I missed.

Welcome back Mike!

Nice avatar Elizabeth!


Courtney22 - Aug 6, 2004 9:36 pm (#1610 of 2955)

Hello everybody I'm back from Cancun! I now have entirely too many posts to try and catch up on. I have just realized what busy little bees we all are:) I'll be spending my weekend back catching up. Well anyway I hope everyone is doing well!


Sir Tornado - Aug 6, 2004 10:03 pm (#1611 of 2955)

I don't live in England but am a big fan of English Football.

Is there a team by that name? -- Nimrod 2000

Yes there is.

Where exactly is Carlisle? -- Nimrod 2000

Carlise is in North England.

When is the football season? -- Nimrod 2000

Football season starts tommorrow (Aug Cool-- Man U vs Arsenal (Comunity Shield match). However, the English leagues start a week later (Aug 14-15). Carlise Utd are in the 3rd division (at least they were there last season).

For more information about English football, visit www.4thegame.com.


Denise P. - Aug 7, 2004 8:20 am (#1612 of 2955)

Today, I get the joy that every parent dreads...going shopping for new school clothes. It actually would not be too bad except for my daughter, Kaitlyn. Any parents of a 7 year old girl will tell you that clothes targets at that age range are just sooo inappropriate. I actually buy her pants in the boy section because I object to her wearing pants that ride low on her hips and it is impossible to find girl pants that don't. Let's not even discuss the shirts that someone feels a 7 year old should wear...maybe a 27 year old that is in a profession I would rather none of my daughters ever enter into but not a 7 year old. Ugh! Once they go back to school next week, I can scout other stores while they are not with me to try and find some shirts that Kaity can wear.

What happened to plain ole shirts, with stripes maybe or a shirt with a fuzzy kitten on it? Why should our little girls dress like they are 20 years older than they are?

Have a great day all and I will check back in later this afternoon.


Kasse - Aug 7, 2004 8:23 am (#1613 of 2955)

Hey Denise, man I know what you are talking about I see how some of the kids out there dress today and I am constantly shocked. I guess it is lucky that I was (and still am) more of a tom boy so my mom never had to go through that.

Hope you find some decent stuff that is not too expensive.


septentrion - Aug 7, 2004 10:53 am (#1614 of 2955)

Denise, it seems that problem has spread out in the entire world ! In France too little girls are dressed as if they were women.


Denise P. - Aug 7, 2004 10:59 am (#1615 of 2955)

I was able to find her some shirts but I am still disturbed at the slim selection of shirts that I think were more age appropriate. Isn't it strange, in the women's section are shirts that would be okay for her to wear, if they were the correct size yet in the girls section are shirts that would be more appropriate in the womens section. She is happy with her shirts though, mainly stripes, a few solid colored ones.


Magika - Aug 7, 2004 11:01 am (#1616 of 2955)

Here too... I worked at a summer school for diabetics earlier this summer, and half the girls (ages 8-12) were wearing things I wouldn't even have thought about wearing at that age. We're talking short skirts and shirts!!


Lupin is Lupin. Natch. - Aug 7, 2004 11:22 am (#1617 of 2955)

Denise, I can't remember if I've recommended this to you before, but have you tried Lands' End or LLBean? It's not exciting but it's decent. And, if memory serves, reasonably priced. Good Luck.


Tomoé - Aug 7, 2004 11:24 am (#1618 of 2955)

It had been ages last time I scouted in 7 year old girl clothes section of any store, I didn't know it went that bad! O.o I mean, it's not like low hip pants are any good for 7 years old girls, that doesn't fit their usual activities (playing around, running, jumping, crawling, etc.) and 7 years old girls are not interested in boys in the same way 15 years old are. Hope you'll find something better Denise.

There's a party at one of my friends tonight, we'll plan a trip to Ottawa on Tuesday, to try to save what's left of freedom rights in Canada. I thought 50,000 people walking in protest in a city of 500,000 inhabitants would be enough, but the Prime Minister Paul Martin didn't get who elected him or what's the consequences to let a comity of 6 non-elected persons decided what's in good taste and what's not, what should be talked and what should not. Sadly enough, there's a lot in common between Harry's trial in OoP and the way the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) took the decision to close my radio station, so I'll try to plug Harry Potter around. ^_^

So how was Cancun Courtney? I heard there a lot of Mayan ruins around there, is that true? How was the weather? How were the people?

Edit : You succeed to find something Denise, good!


Accio Sirius - Aug 7, 2004 11:43 am (#1619 of 2955)


I hear you. I have the same problem with my daughter (who is also seven). Luckily, the public school she goes to has uniforms and it is great. She wears cute little navy jumpers and pleated skirts and such. It makes life a lot easier, but she tends to over-dress for all other occasions. My little guy wears lots of hand me downs from my cousin who adopted two boys from Russia. They have so many clothes that she sends me stuff that often still has the tag on them. When we are done with them, I pass them on to friends. Sometimes I get tired of just buying stuff all the time. I never understood the appeal of minimalism until I became a parent! : )


Catherine - Aug 7, 2004 2:11 pm (#1620 of 2955)

I can relate to the girls' clothes problems, Denise. It can be very difficult to buy clothes for girls once they hit size 7. I remember my shock at how provocative some of the clothes seemed (and still seem) to me. I was surprised when I realized what other parents allowed their daughters to wear. It's a constant struggle to find something that doesn't label your child as too "different" or babyish while not allowing them to dress like Britney Spears.

We just got back from visiting my mom and taking the girls to Water Country, USA in Williamsburg, Va. I hadn't been there for 20 years. I hurt all over today, but we had fun.

Hope everyone is well.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 7, 2004 3:42 pm (#1621 of 2955)

Denise, I use Lands' End and LLBean, and also the second-hand clothes stores, which can sometimes provide less expensive appropriate clothes. I've got lots of kids, so I know exactly what you mean. Fortunately, most of my kids wear uniforms to school. I've had luck finding decent blue jeans at Sears, too.


Leila 2X4B - Aug 7, 2004 5:44 pm (#1622 of 2955)

I don't know if someone already stated this but our most beloved Harry Potter Lexicon was quoted in a Movie Magic edition of Life Story. The quote comments about certain Harry Potter characters like Percy Weasley. SO COOL.



Marie E. - Aug 7, 2004 9:48 pm (#1623 of 2955)

My, my, we have a lot of members with seven year old daughters. I have had the same joy recently as Denise. I found some decent polo shirts and t-shirts at Target, which is always priced decently.

My big shock was discovering that over the summer my five year old skipped a shoe size. This means she needs all new shoes for school. I guess wearing flip flops all summer masked the massive growth spurt her feet were engaging in!

When is the start date for school in your area? Ours starts on August 19th, though one district near us started on August 5th.

Hi Ludicrous Patents Office! *waves*


Round Pink Spider - Aug 8, 2004 4:40 am (#1624 of 2955)

Yeeeeccchhh! In AUGUST? Where do you live?

Of course, not every place is as miserable as Minnesota in August...some places are worse!

Ours starts August 30th this year, and there's plenty of griping about that. Usually it's the beginning of September.

My sympathies on the shoes! We only get one pair per kid (6 kids!), although sometimes we get a few pairs of sandals to replace worn-out ones at the beginning of the summer. But we make the kids wear hand-me-downs on sandals and boots whenever possible, until they wear out. Around here, we have to do snowpants from around November on, since the windchill during the winter gets to -60F quite regularly, and the kids have to wait for the bus in that. So all our snowpants are basic black, and the kids grow from one pair to the next.


mike miller - Aug 8, 2004 5:58 am (#1625 of 2955)

Denise - I empathize with you on the clothes. As a father of a 9 1/2 year old I find myself becoming increasingly aware of young girl's fashions. It becomes even tougher when that's what they insist on wearing. It seems that some parents have given up the fight and let their children wear almost anything (inmates running the asylum). I guess if any of us need perspective/advice on children, between your family and RPS's, there's a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Accio - The hand-me-down thing is great. We have one child, so we are pleased to be on the giving side. Coincidently, we have a neighbor who has adopted 3 Russian children, 2 girls and a boy. The husband is Russian so there's a real strong connection. The children all have very Russian names, Natasha, Boris and Tatiana. We give them clothes for Tatiana, she's only 6 and very small for her age.

Everyone have a great day! I'm off to review a couple of threads quickly before going to church.


True Love - Aug 8, 2004 6:33 am (#1626 of 2955)

When I read and hear about the difficulties people have dressing their kids today, I realize why my parents were so keen on school uniforms. Personally, I hated wearing them but they did level the playing field. Not much competition in school about who has and can afford the coolest clothes. The closest we came to that was the type of shoes we wore or blouse but since the standard fare was the jumper (as in the dress), white blouse, knee highs and sensible shoes. To this day, I have never bought a dress that even looks like a jumper. Not even a plaid skirt and vest (which was the high school uniform). Have any of you thought of taking up sewing? Children's clothes can be made easily and at a very low cost. They you can give them the colours of their choice and add any cute stuff (kittens, puppies, wizards) to them.


VeronikaG - Aug 8, 2004 6:58 am (#1627 of 2955)

OK, I'm a little confused about this clothes thing. Not to try to seem thick here, but exactly HOW bad is the stuff kids wear in the US. Are we talking transparent? Glitter? I know many people, mostly children's grandparents, in Norway complain as well. And as Magika said, lots of little girls wear short skirts and shirts. My cousin has daughter aged 11 and 6, and she always buy fashion clothes for them. But it's no worse than what I wore as a kid, in the mid 80's. Back then nobody reacted if a kid was wearing very little clothes in summer, because there had been no big abuse cases yet. I used to wear shorts that hardly had legs at all, shirts that were only tied around my back with laces, or not wear a shirt. Back then girls who had not hit puberty didn't need shirts. My mother was probably one of the most conservative moms in our neighborhood, she wouldn't have let me wear it if it was concidered harmful or unethical. In fact she made me wear it to get some sun on my back and blend out the white markings after my bathing suit. Magika, who is 6 years younger than me, grew up after a huge child abuse scandal in Norway, which turned out to be all lies but that scared the life out of all parents. After that parents became more aware of what their kids wore. As usual, I hope I didn't offend anyone. It just keeps surprising me how something that one person thinks nothing of can totally shock others.


Good Evans - Aug 8, 2004 7:01 am (#1628 of 2955)

RPS - I am really impressed that you do hand me downs on shoes. I have two boys 15 and 13, I have never been able to hand down shoes as the oldest is so heavy on them. mostly it is throw out rather than pass on (after about 3 months tops!) what is your secret!

Good E


Denise P. - Aug 8, 2004 7:27 am (#1629 of 2955)

RPS, I hear you on shoes! I have 8 and my 3 middle boys are close enough that I can't do hand me downs on shoes. They currently wear sizes 1, 3 and 4. They do communal shirts but each has a few that are theirs alone. My two youngest have a load of hand-me-downs though. I just went through the older boys closets yesterday and got a huge bag of stuff to put away for a few years until the 3 yr old can wear the shirts (pants never last long enough to hold). I have been a big fan of school uniforms and wish our county would adopt them. Another schools system near us has it and it is khaki pants and polo shirts....I would love that!

How bad are we talking with clothes, Veronika? I don't mind glitter but I object to shirts that are designed to be a second skin, low cut shirts, bare midriff, sleeveless and shoulders exposed shirts. I object to shirts with sayings like "Available" on them. I don't like low cut pants or pants that have cute slogans written across the bum. I think our little girls should dress like little girls, not college students who are out looking for dates.


Magika - Aug 8, 2004 7:51 am (#1630 of 2955)

Veronika - I, too, remember how it was to be little in Norway. I remember walking around the neighbourhood in my underwear... Children on the beach were bathing naked. But I agree with Denise too, small children should not have 'inviting' messages in their clothes. I don't mind bare shoulders, though.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 8, 2004 7:51 am (#1631 of 2955)

Great-looking family, Denise! Good Evans, don't misunderstand -- it's the sandals and boots that get handed down. Our kids usually wear their sneakers out. We don't get good shoes for them (except second-hand, sometimes) until their feet stop growing, so they use sneakers or sandals for everything.

True Love, our school uniforms are very simple, ordinary clothes: red, white or yellow polo shirts, navy blue or black pants (shorts when it's hot), and plaid shirts (or jumpers) for the girls in good weather. My oldest daughter was always glad to be able to wear a skirt or jumper when it was warm, and my youngest loves her jumper.

I do sew, but I'd spend all my time sewing, and right now I'd rather be writing!


ShelterGirl - Aug 8, 2004 8:11 am (#1632 of 2955)

My mother works in a school here in the US and she's constantly mortified as to the clothes the girls wear. The school goes up to 8th grade, which means about 14 years old. As girls are developing physically earlier and earlier it seems the clothes they are wearing, even as young as 5th grade, keep getting more and more suggestive. Most schools here have dress codes, but it seems they have to be revised each year. My mother sees 12 year old girls wearing skin tight shirts with plunging necklines. I often think about how I dressed when I was 12, and remember that I actually looked like a little girl. I remember when Madonna first hit the scene, and one of my best friends started dressing like her, wearing see-through tops with only a bra underneath, and I was embarrassed by it. I do remember wanting to be a grown-up, and I'm sure that the girls today are no different. But it seems sad to me that kids today are hustled out of childhood as quickly as they are. What's wrong with being a kid?


Round Pink Spider - Aug 8, 2004 9:08 am (#1633 of 2955)

The stores wouldn't sell it if no one would buy it. So I guess all we can do is speak with our $$$, and hope local stores take notice. Fortunately, catalogs and the Internet make it a lot easier to find other options...

I agree with you, ShelterGirl. But, if parents are willing to take a stand and put up with the irritation from their children, it doesn't have to happen. And I think our kids would rather know that their parents have a certain stand on subjects to which they will stick, no matter the arguing. It gives the kids something to hold on to when faced with peer pressure. "Well, I can't, you know, Mom and Dad'd go nuts if I ever got caught..." But you can sure get tired! Our son argued with us for hours about getting an X box, but we said no. We won in the end, but we came out of it a little grayer!


Good Evans - Aug 8, 2004 10:21 am (#1634 of 2955)

It is absolutely sweltering today in SE england, Just under 30 C in the house with the fans on !!!! Oh for domestic air conditioning. Far too hot to go out again (6.20 pm). I went for a swim earlier today and now feel that I need another! Whats the weather like accross the globe? anyone got a decent 22C ?


septentrion - Aug 8, 2004 10:25 am (#1635 of 2955)

not in Northern France, Good Evans. We seems to have here the same weather than you. Couldn't move even a toenail for the most part of the day.


True Love - Aug 8, 2004 10:41 am (#1636 of 2955)

It is wonderful here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada - high of 21C - went for a nice long bike ride this morning. When ever we have cooler weather we scoff at the mention of global warming. But Canadians love to talk about the weather, that and hockey! Go Sens!


Accio Sirius - Aug 8, 2004 10:47 am (#1637 of 2955)

Beautiful weather today in the DC area. I can't remember the last time we had the air conditioning off in August! It's usually like a swamp here! My daughter loves Hilary Duff and she loves the clothes her older cousin buy her, but they sometimes are way beyond her age. Still, she's always been a fashion maven. Before she could talk, she would pick out her socks and purposely pick two different but outfit-complementing colors. She doesn't mind the school uniform, which I agree, levels the playing field. But I have a heck of a time talking her out of outfit’s that aren't weather or age appropriate! As for my son, a woman commented on his outfit because it had a touch of pink in it, although the over all design was geared toward boys. I thought that was a little much! I wouldn't put him in a dress but I am not going to dress him in blue only.


Hem Hem - Aug 8, 2004 11:03 am (#1638 of 2955)

It hasn't hit afternoon here yet, but in Seattle it's about 20C right now...high 60s Farenheit and absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday, the temperature didn't get above 72F, although today it should be a fair bit hotter.

Denise, I definitely hear what you mean about girls' clothing. I used to have terrible luck shopping when I was a girl--I never wore sleeveless or low-cut or anything that had writing on it-- and things have gotten far worse since then.


VeronikaG - Aug 8, 2004 11:30 am (#1639 of 2955)

Oh, boy. Almost all of my T-shirts had some writing on them when I was a kid. I never thought that could be bad. Not like I was allowed to wear clothes that had anything dirty written on them. And I never thought of sleeveless shirts (as in tank tops) which I have always worn, as suggestive. Please understand, I'm no "Britney" and have never been. I've always been more of a tomboy. When I hit puberty I was furious, because I didn't want to grow a female figure. :-) Not that soon anyway. I always reckoned it wouldn't happen until I was 18.

Here it is 28 C, which is a decent temperature, But now it's half past eight in the evening, and during the day temperatures come up to 40 C!! HOT! It's almost impossible to sleep in a bedroom that has the sun all day.


Celestina W. - Aug 8, 2004 12:53 pm (#1640 of 2955)

Round Pink Spider, I just have to say Hi -- it's great to see another Minnesotan on the board (as far as I know we're the only ones).

The weather's been very nice here lately, except for a little rain. Yesterday morning it was actually kind of chilly. I guess fall's coming. I can't imagine having to start school in August. I'm complaining enough because we start before Labor Day this year, on September 1st.

I don't know much about shopping for little girls' clothes, but I get pretty disgusted with the juniors' section sometimes. It's so hard to find anything that I consider decent and will actually wear. It seems like all they make these days are t-shirts with inappropriate (or just plain stupid) sayings, pants that are ridiculously low-riding and wide-legged, and tops that bare the midriff. My school has a dress code, but it doesn't seem to be enforced very well. I can't believe some of the things that people wear.


Marè - Aug 8, 2004 3:14 pm (#1641 of 2955)

Okay, is it just me or did The Leaky Cauldron just vanished???


Round Pink Spider - Aug 8, 2004 4:19 pm (#1642 of 2955)

Hi Celestina! What part of Minnesota are you in? We live in Rochester, just a couple of miles from the Mayo Clinic.

Our weather's been great. We had a few hot humid days last week, but since then it's been absolutely beautiful, one of the nicest Augusts I can remember! (So sorry for those in Europe with the heat, my sympathies.) We have a thunderstorm south of us right now, so it's a bit humid and very cloudy, but the temperature is in the low 70's (sorry, don't know the Celcius on that...) Just took our big puppy dog for a walk, it was nice to get out.


Courtney22 - Aug 8, 2004 5:00 pm (#1643 of 2955)

Tomoe, Cancun was beautiful but the weather was SOOOOO HOT!! I live in Virginia Beach so I'm used to hot weather but the sun down there is just so much more intense. There are lots of Mayan ruins and I got to see some of them I went to one of the most famous ones in the area and climbed up a big castle pyramid thing it was really cool and I got some great pictures.

What is also funny, to add to the little girls dressing beyond their age discussion, while in Cancun I saw some girls at this restaurant slash bar with their parents. The oldest couldn't have been more than 11 but I don't even think she was that old, and the group of them were dancing as suggestively as I, a 23 year old woman, dance. I must say that I found it a bit shocking. I wanted to dress and act more mature when I was younger but I don't think I was as bad as some girls today are.


Mrs. Sirius - Aug 8, 2004 7:21 pm (#1644 of 2955)

Oh good Maré, I glad it's not just me not finding The Leaky Calderon.

Denise, how you made me chuckle. Even in my own teens I used to buy men's clothing for myself. Clothes for girls seemed to be so absurd to me. I shopped in Amy/Navy stores to get pants long enough and comfortable enough.

In the town I live in now, everyone does hand me downs. Which is great because with triplets, I really can't do hand me downs. We get some really great hand me downs, many still with tags. After we get done using our hand me downs, I pass them on to another mother of three girls and she split’s with her neighbor. I am very selective though, no words on the clothes, certainly nothing written across the bum. No low or tight pants. Bathing suit’s are the other make you nuts faux pas. Lately, I've tended to give them the suit’s that either have little skirts on the bottom or are the short pants. Any yes, Lands End has wonderful stuff, not outrageously expensive and they even run great sales.

We lost our summer a few days ago, the weather here for the past several days has been mid-fall like. The kids went swimming at a neighbor's, went in for a minute and came out, too cold, too cold. I hope things warm up soon.


Julia. - Aug 8, 2004 7:41 pm (#1645 of 2955)

Woo-Hoo! Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Connecticut, about 70 F, and perfect for baseball, and I should know, because I went to the Yankee game today. The Yanks beat the Blue Jays 8-2 and Bernie Williams hit a grand dlam home run in the first. It was goodtimes.

When I was a kid i wore short shorts and t-shirts with writing on them all the time. Never had anything written on the shorts, especially not across the bum. T-shirts usually had names of cities I'd been on them, or baseball teams, or other such innocent things. I never wore tight cloths, and even now I still don't.
Girls today do dress way too old for their ages, and that includes high school girls. Their cloths are way too tight and way too low cut, and way too suggestive.
Hand me downs are great, as the oldest I was always on the giving side. First my sister got them, and when she out grew them my cousins got them. It was always kinda cool going to visit and seeing them in my cloths.


Gred-n-Forge - Aug 8, 2004 7:45 pm (#1646 of 2955)

Boy, I can thoroughly relate to the girls' clothing problem (my daughter is 6). I mean, really, what little girl needs to be wearing hot pants?? (Yes, I saw hot pants for little girls at Wal-Mart this summer!!)

I wind up getting the most conservative clothing I can find in a size larger for my daughter, so that she isn't wearing skin tight clothing (she has a lot of knit’s in her wardrobe). I also consider myself lucky that my daughter prefers to wear dresses and skirts; normally I can find decent lengths on clearance.


Leila 2X4B - Aug 8, 2004 8:30 pm (#1647 of 2955)

Gred, I can relate. Just took my 5 year old shopping and they have clothes for her age that my mom wouldn't let me wear at 15. Oy. I just stick with sponge-bob tee-shirts and close my eyes hoping it is just a bad dream.


Gred-n-Forge - Aug 8, 2004 9:17 pm (#1648 of 2955)

Me, too, Sleeping Beauty...and I can't say that I'm very fond of the Mary-Kate and Ashely line at all.


Ozymandias - Aug 9, 2004 12:18 am (#1649 of 2955)

I have to second what Celestina W said about the clothes problem extending to juniors as well. I just went shopping the other day, and couldn't find a thing that wasn't skintight or plastered with some idiotic saying. Who wants to wear a t-shirt that says "Available" or "I Kissed Justin"?

Something is definitely bad when I see "I Love..." shirts for people I've never heard of. I kept wanting to say "kids these days"...and I'm 19.

For the little girls, you might want to try craft store t-shirts. They are conservative without being overly large or mannish, and they're cheap. Plus, it's always fun to decorate your own shirts. I made myself a Hogwarts t-shirt over a year ago and it's held up really well, especially considering it cost me $3.


azi - Aug 9, 2004 5:07 am (#1650 of 2955)

I agree with everyone on the fashion thing. I see these kids of no more than seven walking around in skimpy clothes, looking pretty stupid in my opinion. But thats the 'tweenager' business for you. When I was younger I was a tomboy (in fact I still refuse to wear skirts and dresses) and never wore anything trendy and skimpy. I got teased for it yes, but didn't really care. I've never been fashionable.

Ozymandias, you got a Hogwarts t-shirt for $3? My grandma bought me one a few years ago and it must've cost her aound £15! Warner Bros really rip you off.
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Chemyst - Aug 9, 2004 5:18 am (#1651 of 2955)

A Mini-Pep Talk For Any Parent Frustrated With Provocative School Clothes Choices.  

Bravo! Honor has its own beauty. Bravo to you who have chosen to train your children's character and have not abdicated your parenting crowns to the merchants, ad men, and bankers! In this current great adventure, you know moral relativism will fail you. Dressing to entice is participating in idolatry, following after false or hollow values. Teaching your children to dress honorably will benefit their self-image far more than allowing them to learn to conform to vacuous fads ever could. I commend you all for rising to the challenge of being responsible parents.
... and for the teens & young adults who are making their own anti-skank choices: good for you, too!


Fawkes Forever - Aug 9, 2004 5:30 am (#1652 of 2955)

Weather has been nice over here too.. except yesterday when we got the reminants of Hurricane Alex... ok, so it wasn't a hurricane anymore... but it was very stormy. The sun is back today.. just in time for me to be in work. Still very busy.. but sneaking this in (well it is nearly lunch).

I completely agree about the range of clothes available for little girls these days... I tried to buy my niece an outfit for her 2nd birthday, shes quite tall, so I had to look in the 3-4 years section & I was shocked to find all the cropped tshirts & singlets for kids, as you said Ozy, some with rather inappropriate messages!

Thats one positive side to having to wear a uniform to school.. at least everyone was in the same boat & it was less pressure on my poor mum. Even if I did grumble at the time. Now I look back at my old uniform & think... hmmm, looks just like a Hogwarts Uniform

Ok my most embarrassing moment... there are a few... in fact I probably have a top 10... seeing as I manage to make a fool out of myself at least once a day. Take for example last thursday, whilst walking down a crowded O'Connell Street in Dublin... the strap of my sandal broke & I tumbled into a group of unsuspecting Italian Tourists However the one that sticks out in my head happened in my 6th year at school & still makes me cringe.

The school Formal (Prom) was rapidly approaching & as usual, the entire 6th & 7th year classes were obsessed with, who was going with whom & so on. One day at home time, a few weeks before the formal, I was walking out the front doors of the school, when I heard someone call my name. When I turned round I saw that it was a lad in my class (whom I'd been informed had a crush on me & was considering asking me to the dance). With this in mind & the fact that I didn't fancy him, (indeed I found him a little bit intense so he scared me slighly ), I panicked & did the only 'mature' thing I thought of ... yup that's right, I turned & tried to run away (very mature for a 16 year old). Of course in my haste I bumped into a litter bin & fell to the ground in a heap.. my school books everywhere.

This grabbed the attention of the entire school yard as they looked to see what was going on.. my friends were creasing up laughing at this point. The lad caught up with me & helped me up. At this point I was mortified & thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. It did. Now with the entire school yards' eyes upon us, people where begining to 'cop on' to what was happening. I thought into myself... 'please don't ask me... please don't', but he did, in front of the entire school, he asked me if I 'would like to go to the formal with him'? I froze on the spot... all I could hear were giggles & wolf whistles emanating from our audience. I honestly couldn't answer him I was so embarrassed, so I just mumbled "Ummmm, thanks, can I think about it"?, picked up the remainder of my books & sprinted as fast as I could out of the school gates to an applause from said audience. When my mates caught up with me, they couldn't speak for laughing... mainly at my reaction.

Of course being such a mature individual, my embarrassmentturned into anger the following day, when I was being teased by my class mates. So much so, I told the guy that I couldn't go with him & made up a completely lame excuse. (I'm a bad person what can I say). When my anger abated... I felt so bad about what I'd done... (still do actually). I felt so bad about the whole thing & how nasty I was, that I ended up not going to the school formal at all. Instead I sat at home...

However, the good news is the next girl he asked... they ended up dating for several years & where very happy together. Thankfully he got over his crush, so he wasn't as intensely scarey in my presence & we ended up being really good mates. He did bring up the subject again a few years back, & said it was one of the most embarrassing moment of his life... which I agreed with. I apologised for being so horrible & for my behavior. He said it was ok.. I was forgiven.... however I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for being so horrid. I still cringe at the thought of my reaction to it all... now that truly was embarrassing.

Well... you probably all think I'm a right nasty cow... so I'll slink off to go read some posts... I mean do some work! Just thought I'd share one on my most embarrassing moments, seeing as some of you where brave enough. Please don't think I'm a bad person


septentrion - Aug 9, 2004 5:37 am (#1653 of 2955)

As Sirius said, we all do stupid things when we are 15 (or 16) that doesn't make you a bad person


ShelterGirl - Aug 9, 2004 5:38 am (#1654 of 2955)

You know, it just occurred to me...

I'm 33, and I still find myself occasionally putting a shirt on for work and getting ready to go out the door and then thinking, "Nope," and using a safety pin on the inside of the shirt to give me more modesty.

Chemyst-maybe we could all get some bumperstickers that say, "Anti-Skank..."


boop - Aug 9, 2004 5:55 am (#1655 of 2955)

Fawkes, Those stories made me laugh. I can't say I blame you for doing what you did. I think if the whole school yard was watching I would have done the same thing as you. That is great the two of you have become friends and now you can even laugh at how it all came apart with you falling over that bin.

I agree about the little girls clothes. It is hard to find clothes that are suitable for their age. I also find it hard buying clothes for Taysha because they make everything for skinny kids and not all kids are skinny. We usually end up buying clothes two or three sizes bigger just to get them to fit, and then the pants are way to long. I don't buy many clothes now since my daughter's are grown but when they were teens the clothes weren't much better then today.

Everybody have a nice day!!!!

Edit: I just wanted to Thank everyone for all the support you have shown me. I can't began to express what it has meant to me. I am doing better. They increased my medicine so things are improving. Also want to say thank you so much for all the hugs I have felt each and everyone of them.


Fawkes Forever - Aug 9, 2004 5:56 am (#1656 of 2955)

Hey Betty, glad to know I made you laugh with my embarrassing story... theres plenty more where that came from... maybe later Until then... have another *hug* & I'm delighted to hear that you're feeling so much better

EDIT : SJY.. hee hee, sounds so familar.. glad to know I'm not the only person that reacted in such a 'mature' fashion


Susanne - Aug 9, 2004 5:57 am (#1657 of 2955)

Fawkes, I had such a laugh at your embarrassing moment! Not because I was laughing at you but because something really similar happened to me.

I was 17 and was outside doing playground duty (supervising the younger kids) with this guy whom I knew had a slight crush on me. When he asked me out I didn't know what to say so I mumbled that I was already seeing someone, which I wasn't. He started asking me questions about my 'boyfriend' and before I knew it, I had made up some details. Unknown to me my classmates and so called friends had been listening from an open window in the common room, soon everyone knew about my imaginary boyfriend, including the poor guy who had just asked me out!

I haven't thought about that in ages but I am cringing writing about it. I am not all bad, honest!!


Round Pink Spider - Aug 9, 2004 6:09 am (#1658 of 2955)

Ooooh, most embarrassing moment...I've got one!

I think I was 19 or 20, in college at any rate. I had taken an elective science class in astronomy the year before, and had become quite good friends with an older woman (40-50 yrs. old) who was taking the class also. I had really enjoyed the class, so I decided to take another, this time what my mother would call "Physics for Morons," that is, a class that covered physics without getting deeply into the math. My older friend wasn't in that class.

Our teacher was obviously very very knowledgeable but...well, let's say Prof. Binns didn't have a lot on him. His voice was very monotonous, and although I was interested in the topic, I found it a strain sometimes to stay awake (a problem I'd never had in school before, that's how bad it was).

I happened to see my friend in the library, and she asked me how I was doing, and if I was taking another science class. I told her about Prof. So-and-so, and how boring he was. She protested that he couldn't really be that bad. I assured her that, although he knew his stuff, he really was sleep-inducing. Just then, I saw Prof. So-and-so. My friend went over to him, took him by the arm, brought him over, and said, with a big smile, "By the way, I'd like you to meet my husband."

I really would have liked to sink through the floor at that moment and never reemerge. I had a chance later to apologize, and she took it with quite good humor, but it was one of those "I'll never live it down" moments. Even now, more than 20 years later, I feel a little queasy when I think of it. But it taught me never to talk other people down again!


Kasse - Aug 9, 2004 6:47 am (#1659 of 2955)

RPS - oh my goodness I think I would have died!


Loopy Lupin - Aug 9, 2004 7:04 am (#1660 of 2955)

Happy Monday Everyone.

I agree that clothes made for little girls are absolutely appalling. Unless they are the type of girl who likes to wear a dress all the time, there's very little that's age appropriate. Don't even get me started on teen/tween attire.

Reaching back to some past movie themes: I saw "I, Robot" and was actually entertained. I generally hate action movies for no other reason than the characters feel the need to be witty in the middle of very dangerous situations. The one-liners were somewhat kept to a minimum here and Will Smith was pretty good. Of course, I have not read the Asimov story, so I don't know whether I should actually be outraged or not.

Pulling out the whip to beat a very dead horse: 100 points to the first person who can answer this trivia question: "What new movie by a possibly overrated director suffered a 67%(!) drop at the box office this weekend?" *cough* word of mouth *cough*


septentrion - Aug 9, 2004 7:18 am (#1661 of 2955)

RPS, that's just the kind of things I could do !


Kasse - Aug 9, 2004 7:22 am (#1662 of 2955)

Loopy Lupin - What is The Village ?


Loopy Lupin - Aug 9, 2004 7:29 am (#1663 of 2955)

Yes! *ding, *ding, *ding! 100 points Kasse!!!


Round Pink Spider - Aug 9, 2004 7:37 am (#1664 of 2955)

Kasse, yes, I just about died on the spot. (Ultimate humiliation.) I can only talk about it because it taught me a lot (and also because it was 20 years ago, that helps too...)

Loopy Lupin, I have read "I, Robot," and I was not outraged. There wasn't really much connection, aside from the existence of Dr. Calvin (who was quite similar to the character in the movie), the three laws, and the idea of robots evolving. But I found the movie quite entertaining. Right now, mostly I'm looking forward to "Princess Diaries II," since I really loved the first one, and I know they have the same actors and director. Hey, lightning could strike twice!


Loopy Lupin - Aug 9, 2004 7:42 am (#1665 of 2955)

There wasn't really much connection, aside from the existence of Dr. Calvin (who was quite similar to the character in the movie), the three laws, and the idea of robots evolving.-- Round Pink Spider

I see. Your comments brought something to mind. Could you imagine if one of the HP films could be described as not having "really much connection" with the books except that Harry's a wizard, goes to a school, and there's magic involved? Some of our members would have conniptions.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 9, 2004 9:05 am (#1666 of 2955)

Yeah, but "I, Robot" was a collection of short stories, so about the most they could have done was taken one short story and added a whole lot of detail to it (a challenge at the best of times...). And I did sort of have conniptions about the liberties they took with LOTR The Two Towers, although I got used to them eventually...so yeah, I know what you mean, but I just can't see Isaac Asimov's short stories generating the same kind of devotion as Harry Potter.

Since we're on books and movies, I thought the recent movie version of The Time Machine was better than the book (but then, I believe it was directed by Wells' great-grandson or something). That's probably the best safeguard for quality: have the author or a representative involved. Disney's Holes was the best adaptation I've ever seen of a book, and I believe the author wrote the screenplay.


Padfoot - Aug 9, 2004 9:11 am (#1667 of 2955)
Edited by Aug 9, 2004 9:13 am

Morning (or afternoon) everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend.

I had to laugh at the conversations about little girl's clothing. Since I do not have any kids, I have not paid particular interest in what they are wearing. But every now and again I will see "little Brittney Spears" in the malls. When I was that age I would have died if I had to wear low cut or tight shirts. Not that my parents would have let me. I was not a tom boy, I have always liked dressing up for church in dresses even when I was little. But some of my favorite outfit’s in 4th, 5th grade had penguins or dogs on them. Haha, not very grown up at all. I remember the Madonna fashions too. I was allowed to wear those jelly bracelets, nothing else of Madonna's style.

As far as embarrassing stories, I can't tell you how many times I have put my foot in my mouth or been klutzy enough to knock over people. More times than I would care to admit to. Heck, just yesterday I managed to spill communion wine down the front of me.

RPS- I really enjoyed the movie Time Machine too.


boop - Aug 9, 2004 9:29 am (#1668 of 2955)

Puja- Welcome to the forum and and Have a great day!!!


Mynn - Aug 9, 2004 9:30 am (#1669 of 2955)

Hey Everyone,

Most embarrassing Moment? Pick a moment in my life, and that's about it. I never have learned when to shut my mouth. Maybe Someday. *sigh*

I too am appalled at some of the clothes 'little girls' wear and/or what's available to them. No wonder morality is such a problem any more. (another sigh)

Now, movies/books... I could talk all day about. I Saw the Village and I'm partly to blame in the 67% decline. It was slow moving and toward the end laughable. I Robot, was great, I thought. You can't ever go to action/adventure movies expecting to much depth and this one was surprisingly thoughtful. At least in my opinion. I really didn't like the time machine though...but you can't win them all and my favorite book(s) to movie(s) are Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is one instance where the movie, though leaving out a few details, really added to the story rather then took away. The second set that tied is Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Well, I guess I said a mouthful. Later.



Kasse - Aug 9, 2004 9:47 am (#1670 of 2955)

Hey Mynn I love anything and everything Roald Dahl's!!


Penny Lane. - Aug 9, 2004 11:17 am (#1671 of 2955)

As I am not a parent, I probably can't add much to the "girls fashion" debate, other than to say that I went to a private high school through my junior year, and a group of us tried to get them to give us uniforms, as the dress code was so difficult to deal with. Every August they would send us a booklet with the do's and don'ts of what we were allowed to wear. They wanted everyone to have a collar on their shirts, shirts needed to be tucked in, dresses needed to have sleeves, etc. No Jeans, or cargo pockets. Pants needed to be one solid colour. Shoes much not be open toed or open heeled. Anyway, all the restrictions left us with not much choice, and it was really difficult to find clothing that would fit the restrictions, and still leave us with money to buy clothes to wear after school. So a group of us asked for uniforms, and basically all the rich kids got their parents to tell us we were stupid.

As for movies vs. books. I really liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a lot better then the movie.. but the movie was still good. I don't want to see I, Robot. It looks like every other summer released Will Smith movie, but combined.

I loved the Time Machine, the new one and the 1969 version. Both have really good things to them and I think the older one is more faithful to the book.

I think the worst adaptation to the silver screen was Jurassic Park 2, "The Lost World" I really enjoyed the book, but the film was NOTHING even similar to it. The only thing they had in common was the main character and the dinosaurs. The film did have One redeaming quality, and that was Vince Vaughn. :-)

Oh! Most embarrassing moment. I have a lot, you know. Two or three that I absolutely can not tell on this forum... But I will tell you about this time I went out to lunch with my english professor. It was just me and him, and we walked across the street to eat at this little pizzaria across from campus. I was interviewing him for a couple of newsstories I was writing for our student newspaper... Interview is going okay, I guess. I didn't know what to say to him, as I was no longer in his class, he invited me to lunch, and I was suddenly not myself. Yes, I thought he was the most attractive married professor I'd ever had. So, he's talking, and I'm trying to eat and write stuff down and ask intelligent questions, when I realized I was trying to write with my eyeliner. I fluster a bit, and dig into my purse and find a pen. Thats when I knock over my soda. After all that, we start the real interview. It was about "Rate-my-professors.com" (It was assigned to me) I asked him if he ever looked at it, etc. His response was no, what it about. Which led to a discussion of how he had a little chili pepper next to his name. (That means that most student who rate him, think he's hot) And thats when the Dean of the English Department walked by and decided to join us - apparently it appeared that we had an improper relationship. So I then had to explain to him what we were doing, and while i was doing so, I managed to spill yet another drink.

And that is why I no longer have beverages while giving interviews.


Good Evans - Aug 9, 2004 11:21 am (#1672 of 2955)

Excellent embarrassing story Penny L - absolutely loved it!


Dr Filibuster - Aug 9, 2004 12:06 pm (#1673 of 2955)

One of my most forum friendly embarrassing moments happened last year;

My best mate (who emigrated to the USA) rang and told me that her cousin had suffered a heart attack at work. He'd been rushed to Casualty (ER) where he had another cardiac arrest. "He actually died in hospital", she said.

The call was then immediately cut short because of a minor emergency with one of her kids. Due to the 5 hour time difference between them and here in the UK, and the fact that they were out all the time because they had 6 family members over on holiday, it was impossible speak again for a few days.

Although I was only on nodding terms with the cousin, I know some of my friend's family very well indeed. This includes the cousin's sister and elderly parents. They all live in the same house.

I tried to ring them a few times to express my sympathies but there was never a reply.

I sent a bereavement card. This is not an easy thing for me. I agonised over choosing the right card and writing a heartfelt message.

I got a phonecall 2 days later; "Hi Sue.....er....we got your card. (Big pause) You do know Rick's not dead don't you?"

ARGH!!! I was mortified. I'd sent a sick man and his elderly parents a card about him being dead.

He had "technically died" in hospital, but the medical staff had revived him after a couple of minutes. He's doing fine now. Mercifully, neither he nor his parents ever got to know about the card.

His sister, my friend and her husband still tease me about it...mostly because they know how embarrassed I was. Sometimes it's a good job your best friend lives several thousand miles away. I could have throttled her!


Loopy Lupin - Aug 9, 2004 12:44 pm (#1674 of 2955)

It looks like every other summer released Will Smith movie, but combined.-- Penny L.

Well, at no time, does Will Smith appear in drag doing a belly dance routine as he did in Wild Wild West. Aliens are also nowhere to be found. So, it at least has that going for it.


Celestina W. - Aug 9, 2004 12:59 pm (#1675 of 2955)

RPS, that's so cool! I live near Lewiston, not far from Rochester at all! I went to see PoA for the first time at the Chateau theater, and I go shopping in Rochester pretty often. Just think, we could have seen each other in Barnes and Noble or something once and not even know it.

Padfoot, your post reminded me of another embarrassing moment. I don't know why I didn't think of it before -- probably because I try to blot these things from my mind as soon as they happen. Sorry if this borders on too much religious talk for the Forum (go ahead and delete it if it does). I was in church one Sunday, shortly after we had transferred there from a different church. It was time for communion, and at the new church, they do what's called intinction. You take the wafer and dip it into the cup of wine before you put it in your mouth. But at all the churches I had ever been to before, you put the wafer in your mouth first and then drink the wine from either the common cup or an individual cup. So I went up for communion, took my wafer, swallowed it, took the cup, took a drink -- not thinking there was anything wrong with all this. Except one of the people helping serve communion was giving me a very odd look. Then my mom whispered to me, something like "That's not how they do it here." I felt so completely stupid, because I knew what I was supposed to do, I just hadn't been thinking about it. I don't think many people noticed, but it was still horribly embarrassing.

I have to disagree with anyone who likes The Time Machine. (The recent version, that is, I've never seen the 1969 one.) I thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and a classic example of a book-to-movie adaptation gone horribly wrong. I was so disappointed, because I loved the book, and they could have made such a good movie out of it if they hadn't messed with the story so much. But oh well, you're entitled to your opinions, too.

Mynn, have you heard about the new adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that's being made? Johnny Depp is in it and I believe Tim Burton is directing. Should be good stuff. I think it comes out either next year or 2006.

I'm going to be visiting my grandparents this week, so I won't be able to keep up with the Forum for a few days. Is it too much to ask for you all not to post very much so I don't have a lot of catching up to do when I get back?


Mynn - Aug 9, 2004 1:06 pm (#1676 of 2955)

Celestina W. Says: Mynn, have you heard about the new adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that's being made? Johnny Depp is in it and I believe Tim Burton is directing. Should be good stuff. I think it comes out either next year or 2006.

Oh yeah, Baby! I am so stoked! I was doing dances when I heard about that. I think it will be very unique, with both Tim Burton, who has a unique outlook on most things anyhow and personal touches from Johnny Depp. He's a very very good actor.


wormsé - Aug 9, 2004 1:09 pm (#1677 of 2955)

Ohhh, Celestina... I heard about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I think that Johnny Depp will be wonderful for that movie! He's my favorite actor... Smile

I'd contribute to the embarrassing stories, but honestly I don't really have one. Or at least that I can remember. This doesn't make me too terribly happy, though, because I know my day is coming... hehe.

Betty- Glad to hear that you are feeling better!


Madam Pince - Aug 9, 2004 1:28 pm (#1678 of 2955)

Round Pink Spider, your story was hilarious! How mortifying! Good thing your friend had a sense of humor! But then again, if her husband really was that boring, she probably knew it already -- ha ha! I wonder if she ever told him what you said?

I thought of two more that I was reminded of by some of the above:

1. In college (again) -- rainy day -- wearing those horribly-ugly-but-very-utilitarian-rubber LL Bean bootees we called "duck shoes" -- leaving after class with nice looking young man from class who had finally noticed me -- began walking down marble stairs crammed with students changing classes -- slip on wet marble -- shoes no good -- aaargh -- grab desperately onto hand railing -- aaaargh -- desperate grab only serves to make me fall awkwardly in sloooowwww motion down the entire staircase, clinging to rail the entire time, in front of about a hundred people. Entire fall probably took at least a full minute. Didn't even get injured so could garner sympathy. Nice-looking young man never looks at me again, naturally.

2. This one is actually on someone else. I grew up in a very small town where everybody knows all the "local happenings." It was about a month or so after my grandmother had died, and I was at a softball game. A friend/acquaintance of mine was chatting with me, and very sympathetically said "I was so sorry to hear about your grandmother. How is your grandfather taking it?" I couldn't resist -- I paused a minute, then said "Actually, he's thrilled." After a shocked silence from my friend, I continued "Because he died a few years ago, so he's glad to be getting to see her again." I think my friend almost died too, he was so mortified that he'd forgotten about my grandfather. I just laughed at him -- we still laugh about it today.


Marè - Aug 9, 2004 1:39 pm (#1679 of 2955)

Okay, embarrassing moments that are suited for this forum. Well I have enough of those moments of all sorts, because I can be quite the klutz.

When I was 5 or 6, I was dragged along with my parents to visit some friends of them. They were the kind of far away living friends that you visit once a year. So for me they were more like strangers. It was an evening visit and I was suppossed to sleep in the guestroom while the adults chatted away the evening and part of the night.
When we arrived at their house it was dark but not entirely night yet.
The first thing the company did was take sort of a look to the garden (isn't very handy without sunlight..). But all I saw was a rather large grassfield, which was perfect to run on for little girls who just sat several hours in a car...
So I ran around a bit and before anybody could say a word, managed to ran into the duckweed covered pond...

I didn't even fall in it, I just never saw the difference between the green grass and the green waterplants and I simply ran into the water.
I was wet from the tip of my head to the end my toes and had weed on top of me, in my clothes, in my ears... you get the picture.
After the initial scare everybody thought it quite funny except me, and the fact that everybody was laughing about it didn't make me feel better.


Madam Pince - Aug 9, 2004 1:54 pm (#1680 of 2955)

Mare, I can still remember the laughter of the group of adults from when I was a little girl and I hugged the legs of someone I thought was my Dad standing in the group, but it wasn't. I couldn't have been more than three, but I can still hear that laughter and remember how embarrassed I was. Isn't it funny how things like that stick with you, even from a young age?

Kind of makes you understand Harry's remembering what he does of that night in Godric's Hollow, doesn't it? I mean, it's quite a bit more emotional than just an embarrassment, but still, it's along the same lines...


Penny Lane. - Aug 9, 2004 2:36 pm (#1681 of 2955)

Madam Pince, you don't know how many times I've found myself in a similar situation. I've never worn rain boots, but I used to wear sliders (sandles that you just sort of slip on, kind of like flip flops, but not) all the time. Even when it was raining, i'd be wearing those, run inside, slip on the tile and land on my bum, back.. my shoes have flown off. Anyway, I laughed, cause I know how embarrassing that is... even if I've never fell in front of a hundred people, it’s been close.

Oh, how many of us have been talking to our mothers in a supermarket, turn around and find that we are in fact talking to some strange person?


Catherine - Aug 9, 2004 3:16 pm (#1682 of 2955)

Or have been pushing a cart in the grocery store to realize, suddenly, "Oh my goodness, this isn't MY cart!" I do this rather frequently, and it gets less embarrassing all the time. Smile It's awful, though, when a little old lady has to say, "Excuse me, but that's MINE!"

I sometimes think that I live to be embarrassed. Smile


Marè - Aug 9, 2004 3:16 pm (#1683 of 2955)

Mare, I can still remember the laughter of the group of adults from when I was a little girl and I hugged the legs of someone I thought was my Dad standing in the group, but it wasn't. I couldn't have been more than three, but I can still hear that laughter and remember how embarrassed I was. Isn't it funny how things like that stick with you, even from a young age?

How about standing in a store holding hands with and chatting merrily to your father, only to see that same father walking into the store suprised as why you didn't follow him out.
O, I remember the laughter of my dad, the stranger I was holding onto and the rest of the people in the store... Yes I do!


Denise P. - Aug 9, 2004 5:49 pm (#1684 of 2955)

Okay, I can recall an embarrassing moment, I just happened to think of it. My friend, Shelly, has long, waist length blonde hair. I was in the store one day and I saw Shelly with her back to me. I snuck up behind her, grabbed a handful of hair and gave a playful tug, saying "Boo! Gotcha!"

Imagine my horror when Shelly turned around and it was not Shelly! I stammered out an apology and got away quick. It did cure me of doing things like that unless I was 100% certain it was the person I think it is.


Round Pink Spider - Aug 9, 2004 6:22 pm (#1685 of 2955)

RPS, that's so cool! I live near Lewiston, not far from Rochester at all! I went to see PoA for the first time at the Chateau theater, and I go shopping in Rochester pretty often. Just think, we could have seen each other in Barnes and Noble or something once and not even know it.

Well, Celestina, it's not like most of Minnesota is a raging hotbed of population! But I am surprised you're not from the Twin Cities; that's what I was expecting. Yeah, I go to the Barnes and Noble at Apache Mall for books, it's a great store. :-D

I have to disagree with anyone who likes The Time Machine...I was so disappointed, because I loved the book...

Well, that explains your disappointment! I never cared for the book; I thought it was depressing. I've always preferred stories in which people learn and change, and I felt that the book The Time Machine ended on a very hopeless note.


True Love - Aug 9, 2004 6:35 pm (#1686 of 2955)

Has any of you read the fan fiction about HP? I've been reading a few - some of the writers as quite good but most are pretty lame and I totally avoid the same sex stuff - yech! If you can recommend any half decent stories to read, please let me know. I print them out and read them on the bus on the way to or from work. Some of the ones I've read a pretty lame or far fetched and I find myself getting mixed up with the real stories. This is somewhat embarrassing when discussing HP with family and friends. It is like, "no, I don't recall reading that..."


Penny Lane. - Aug 9, 2004 6:45 pm (#1687 of 2955)

True Love: we have our very own Fan Fiction forum! You will want to check it out, none of them are same sex relationships, and it’s very friendly.


Leila 2X4B - Aug 9, 2004 6:45 pm (#1688 of 2955)

YEAH. Just posted me first thread. It is HP Related Trivia. I hope people will enjoy it.



Gina R Snape - Aug 9, 2004 7:30 pm (#1689 of 2955)

WOW, you guys sure got chatty the past few days!!!!

Denise, I don't have children to dress. But when I ran a homeless shelter for families a few years ago we received some donations for Christmas presents. And there were dolls (I think of a girl band--Destiny's Child maybe). Anyway, the dolls were dressed so provocatively, I wouldn't give them out to the girls for presents.

It amazes me that some people think it's ok for their children and their children's toys to look like hookers.


Celestina W. - Aug 9, 2004 7:43 pm (#1690 of 2955)

Oh man, don't even get me started about dolls. They make some now that are called Bratz (what a name). Why would anybody want such a skankily dressed doll? I mean, what kind of example does that set for little girls? What ever happened to decently clothed Barbies, I ask you...

By the way, Gina, what do the words say on your avatar? I can't quite read them.


Denise P. - Aug 9, 2004 7:54 pm (#1691 of 2955)

Bwahahaha, before my girls get Barbies, we buy them clothes and get them dressed since even Barbie shows too much bare midriff LOL


Gina R Snape - Aug 9, 2004 8:14 pm (#1692 of 2955)

My avatar says "And to think, all he needed was a little Breck shampoo!"

Is it that hard to read? I suppose I could rework the graphic.


Celestina W. - Aug 9, 2004 8:20 pm (#1693 of 2955)

Thanks, Gina. That's cute.

No, it's probably just my computer, all the pictures look a little fuzzy to me (for that matter, maybe it's my glasses...).


Gina R Snape - Aug 9, 2004 8:23 pm (#1694 of 2955)

Thanks, Celestina.

I don't know if you remember the old Breck commercials from the '70's. But the hair toss made me think of it, when I saw this pic today. I tend to enjoy amusing myself. Sometimes others join in...


Celestina W. - Aug 9, 2004 8:33 pm (#1695 of 2955)

Nah, I tend not to remember much from the '70's, seeing as I was born in '87... Anyway, I have heard of Breck shampoo, though, (just another one of those odd bit’s of knowledge bouncing around in my brain), so I got the joke. I guess Severus took Wormtail's advice from the Marauder's Map to heart.


Gina R Snape - Aug 9, 2004 8:41 pm (#1696 of 2955)

'87, eh? Heh, heh. Well, I would bet one of those commercials will show up on a VH-1 "I love the 70's" show sometime...


Julia. - Aug 9, 2004 9:00 pm (#1697 of 2955)

Well everyone, the clock's just chimed midnight here on the east coast, which means that I get to be the first person to say...


Hope you have a great day and an awesome year! Love you lots!


McSnurp - Aug 9, 2004 9:01 pm (#1698 of 2955)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY!!! YAY!!! *Confetti falls* WHOO HOO!!!

Have a brilliant and lovely birthday my dear dear Betty, my second mum! Blessings to you on your birthday!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


septentrion - Aug 9, 2004 9:05 pm (#1699 of 2955)

Happy Birthday


happy birthday Betty ! Have a great day, forget your woes at least for 24 hours ! It is YOUR day !


Leila 2X4B - Aug 9, 2004 9:10 pm (#1700 of 2955)

Happy Birthday Betty!!!! Accio Butterbeer. Accio Ben and Jerry's. Accio friends. Let's celebrate.

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Julia. - Aug 9, 2004 9:16 pm (#1701 of 2955)

Yes, party in the entrance hall! Everyone can have a butterbeer on me. *pulls out butterbeer and passes it around to everyone* Has anyone seen Abby lately? We need some abbyfetti!


McSnurp - Aug 9, 2004 9:34 pm (#1702 of 2955)

Remember Betty, a chocolate frog a day keeps the witch doctor away Wink

Eat lots of them today! *gives Betty a handful* aren't they good!




Ozymandias - Aug 9, 2004 10:10 pm (#1703 of 2955)

Oh, Happy Birthday, Betty! I hope you have a wonderful, worry-free day that is filled with friends, family and Harry Potter goodness. You deserve it!



Mrs. Sirius - Aug 9, 2004 10:15 pm (#1704 of 2955)

Birthday Cheer Betty! Chat & Greetings 2004 - Page 5 1609556105

Barbie, sheesh! Barbie is not welcome in our house. I have been accused of prudedishness and jealousy of Barbie, but whatever the reason, I won't let my children have Barbie. My sister once bought one Barbie for each of the girls, but some how the dolls just disappeared.... "I don't know where it is sweetie"Angelic


Liz - Aug 9, 2004 11:20 pm (#1705 of 2955)

wow I would be the person on the west coast to say happy birthday Betty on midnight but i don't think I can stay up another hour.... however it must be 20 min. after midnight somewhere right?

***!!!Happy Birthday Betty!!!***

*gives Betty a virtual online gift, and when she opens it there is a Harry Potter riding a broom card saying happy birthday and then inside is a cyber Harry Potter cell phone since I have my mind hooked on getting a cell phone me self* Wink

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Betty



Marè - Aug 9, 2004 11:44 pm (#1706 of 2955)

Happy birthday Betty! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Now I would love to add the discoball for you, or any other festive picture, but my picture holding server is a bit down....
So it's just going to be words and virtual hugs for you!


The giant squid - Aug 10, 2004 1:24 am (#1707 of 2955)

*drags himself panting and heaving from the depths of Tennessee...*

I'm back! Finally! What's more, I'm surprised that y'all only posted 270 times since I left. The whole week prior to my trip this thread was getting around 75 posts a day...I was almost dreading coming back to it. Wink

Sherbie, sorry for your blah-ness earlier last week, but I have a feeling that you had a pretty good Saturday. Neutral I can't go into details, but let's just say that I got to review dinner...which kinda segues into the "embarrassing moments" topic nicely, I think.

   I tend to enjoy amusing myself. Sometimes others join in...

Gina, this is pretty much my motto. I learned a long time ago that most people just don't "get" me, and I'm okay with that. Smile

And, last but most certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETTY!!!!! Consider yourself not just hugged but über-hugged! Very Happy


Fawkes Forever - Aug 10, 2004 1:39 am (#1708 of 2955)

Mike : "I learned a long time ago that most people just don't "get" me, and I'm okay with that"

Hee hee Mike, you have no idea how many times I say that (about myself that is )...

Thanks to all who shared their.. 'Most Embarrassing' stories... made me laugh... & thank my stars that I'm not the only one on the planet who managed to be so clumsy, awkward & downright goofy on occasion... well I tend to make that a way of life


Sorry I'm late.... BIG HUGS & loads of butterbeer, chocolate frogs & pumpkin pasties & loads more sweets. I couldn't find Mare's disco ball for you I'm afraid.... it was last seen lurking around the corridors of St Mungos... yes lurking.. Methinks it has taken on a life of it's own since a lime jello related incident during one of the several May birthdays over in St Mungos... so is this a party in the entrance hall or what... come on people... lets boogie


The giant squid - Aug 10, 2004 1:44 am (#1709 of 2955)

Y'know, most people would be confused about a discoball being involved in a lime Jell-O incident...but to me it's just another day in the looney factory. Wink



Marè - Aug 10, 2004 1:47 am (#1710 of 2955)

Over here we start worry-ing when unsuspicious items like discoballs don't get involved in lime flavoured accidents... Who are you calling looney factory???


Flame Alligator - Aug 10, 2004 4:27 am (#1711 of 2955)

Belated Happy Birthday Boop.

I have so many embarrassing moments I don't even care any more but I will share one that still sticks out in my mind. I was at a rock concert, when I was in my 20's. It was an outdoor concert. Kiss was the