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Chat & Greetings 2007

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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:42 pm


Tazzygirl - Mar 12, 2007 4:23 pm (#2351 of 2990)

Lots of posts, so little time!

**strengthening, healing, good luck, and all the other charms** to those that need them. (((HUGS))) and Congratulations too!

I never had to take the SATs. California only asked for SAT scores when you apply directly to a Uni, so I went to community college. When I came to Hawaii I had to take the ACT for teachers. That was it. Personally, I think the SATs and other tests should not be what schools look at when looking through applications. Some people (like me) are not fabulous test takers, no matter how much they spend studying.

Lina- love the avatar! It's beautiful!

Tomorrow I am going with my Mentor teacher and her class to watch Bridge to Terabithia at the movie theater. So exciting!

Back to the pile of homework that somehow managed to escape my attention over the weekend. (I somehow thought I didn't have any... )

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Mar 12, 2007 5:47 pm (#2352 of 2990)

OK, I know I've said I don't watch TV game shows, but... tonight there was nothing else on and so we watched Deal or No Deal. If you're in another time zone and still have a chance to watch the older gentleman who was retired military, you should watch. It was like watching a train wreck... my nerves are shot!


journeymom - Mar 12, 2007 7:17 pm (#2353 of 2990)

I get nose bleeds. I never used to. Very annoying. As I get them at the same time of the month every month I'm pretty sure I know what's causing them.

I can hear the guys mumbling to each other from here, "Hey, how 'bout those Giants?"


Mr Journeymom and I like to watch Jeopardy, but we never think to turn the tv on at the right time. And I had to laugh at the two of us. The last time we watched we both fell asleep before the first round was over. IT'S JUST LIKE MY PARENTS! AAAHH! We're only 38 y.o.! Too young for this kind of thing! Lol!


Thom Matheson - Mar 12, 2007 7:19 pm (#2354 of 2990)

Sounds like a bad case of sniff-a-liss. How bout those Tigers?


geauxtigers - Mar 12, 2007 7:50 pm (#2355 of 2990)

LOL journeymom and Thom!

The only time I ever got a nosebleed was when I took Day Quil because I had a horrible sore throat at the beach. My nose kept bleeding, so I of course stopped taking it!

AHH Madame Pince! I was watching it too, 2 people in one episode! I couldn't believe it! If I'd have been them, I'd probably have kept going, honestly, the odds were in his favor, for both of them! My heart was definitely pounding thats for sure!


Mediwitch - Mar 12, 2007 7:58 pm (#2356 of 2990)

You guys have been very chatty since I was on last night! Sending plenty of Healing Charms all around.

journeymom, how wonderful that you've gotten to spend so much time with your mother. You will always have that to hold on to!

I used to get occasional nosebleeds when I took a high-dose decongestant daily for my allergies. It was hard to stay hydrated enough to compensate for the medications, but saline nasal spray really helped.


kaykay1970 - Mar 12, 2007 8:01 pm (#2357 of 2990)

It's entirely possible that the ASVAB had the "What does this look like unfolded?" question. I remember lots of diagrams of belt and pulley systems or else a series of interlocking gears. The questions would be something like "If gear A turns clockwise, in which direction does gear D turn?"


Puck - Mar 12, 2007 8:29 pm (#2358 of 2990)

You need to show ID to take the SAT? Do twelve year old even have ID?


Ydnam96 - Mar 12, 2007 8:35 pm (#2359 of 2990)

Hi Kip!


geauxtigers - Mar 12, 2007 8:40 pm (#2360 of 2990)

You do need an ID, Kathy. In 7th grade I just brought my yearbook! LOL

Supposed to rain through Thursday

I just saw on the news that some guy in Missouri paid his 500 dollar power bill in pennies! LOL

Me and my dad just got our NCAA tournament brackets filled out earlier. We of course are dreaming big and picked Washington State (my dad graduated from there) to win it even though we both doubt they'll make it past the 2nd round. LOL It was fun anyway and I reminded him about George Mason last year. Even LSU made it to the final four and I didn't think they'd make it out of the first round alive. Goes to show anything can happen But I'm ready for basketball to be over so they'll actually put baseball on tv! I can't wait for baseball! The Football/baseball gap is so longg!!

Well I think I might go to sleep now.

Have a good week everyone.


Chemyst - Mar 12, 2007 8:47 pm (#2361 of 2990)

— did they include a section where you had to figure out what a 3-dimensional figure would look like when it was "unfolded?"

Well, since we are all bragging here, I did get a perfect score on that section of a major test we took in 10th grade. I'm not sure how that would convert into a high paycheck skill for real life, but I am a whiz at loading a dishwasher. I can get more stuff in there without overlapping items than anyone else I know. I am also pretty good at guessing which storage container is the smallest one that still holds all the leftovers. Ah, it's the small things that add zest to life!


painting sheila - Mar 12, 2007 8:49 pm (#2362 of 2990)

It's a good day to be a Carolina fan. Yeah!!

journeymom - Have you ever thought of taking a tape recorder with you when you are with your mom? You might could get her to tell you some stories from her younger days and such. If she doesn't like talking about the past, just having her voice on tape might be nice to have someday. Hang in there!!

Not much else happened here today . . . except that my new furniture came!!! I think I pulled every muscle in my back and arm trying to get all the old stuff out before the new stuff came. There wasn't anyone home to help and it all had to be out before the other stuff came.

The old stuff is in the driveway. We look like the Clampetts.

Hope everyone is doing well. . . oh! Congrats on the medals to Steve Newton's son.

Tazzy - how is work going? Have you gotten the espresso machine down pat yet?

edit - Chemyst - I did well on that part too!! I am a "beast" at loading the dishwasher and packing a suitcase. wOOt!!Maybe we could start our own reality show . . . . . "The Dishwasher Loader Masters". It could be a timed event with bonus points if everything in the dishwasher actually can get wet.Ha!


Chemyst - Mar 12, 2007 9:04 pm (#2363 of 2990)

It could be a timed event with bonus points if everything in the dishwasher actually can get wet. Ha![

LOL   Yes, the greater the volume of water that passes over the surface the better. And then all concave surfaces must face down to drain freely.


The giant squid - Mar 12, 2007 11:50 pm (#2364 of 2990)

I took an IQ test once, and failed.

Hey, Kip! It's good to see you get a chance to stop by that doesn't involve berating someone.



Tazzygirl - Mar 13, 2007 12:14 am (#2365 of 2990)

She: Tazzy - how is work going? Have you gotten the espresso machine down pat yet?

Work is fantastic, absolutely LOVE it. And I do have the espresso machine down pat! It's now more of just trying to remember how many shots of espresso go into each size cup. And remembering it's not small, medium, large drinks- but tall, grande, and venti... Who came up with these names???

I guess I should get going on a powerpoint that needs to be created by tonight. sigh.



Marie E. - Mar 13, 2007 4:58 am (#2366 of 2990)

SquidMike is kidding, of course. I feel Eponine's pain about having a brother who is ridiculously smart. He was in the gifted program in elementary school and let's just say they never invited me to take the entrance test.

It's supposed to be 74F today! I may even wear capri pants!


painting sheila - Mar 13, 2007 6:19 am (#2367 of 2990)

SqiudMike might be super smart and thin - but how does he look in high heels! HA!


Eponine - Mar 13, 2007 6:42 am (#2368 of 2990)

So, anyone interested in buying 4 tickets for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament in Winston Salem this Thursday and Saturday? My father in law bought the tickets last year, but nobody in the family is able to use them, and he's going out of town this weekend.

Having a little brother who's smarter than everyone is annoying. It's even more annoying when he's actually wrong about something (and you can prove him wrong too) because he refuses to admit that he's wrong.


John Bumbledore - Mar 13, 2007 7:10 am (#2369 of 2990)

Lina - I love your new avatar! Pag looks so pretty! — Azi

I think Pag just looks wet...

But Sirius-ly, most of you have great taste in avatars.

— did they include a section where you had to figure out what a 3-dimensional figure would look like when it was "unfolded?"

Well, since we are all bragging here, I did get a perfect score on that section of a major test we took in 10th grade. I'm not sure how that would convert into a high paycheck skill for real life, but I am a whiz at loading a dishwasher. I can get more stuff in there without overlapping items than anyone else I know. I am also pretty good at guessing which storage container is the smallest one that still holds all the leftovers. Ah, it's the small things that add zest to life! — Chemyst

What, no mention of the most famous and challenging of spatial puzzles, the Rubik's Cube ®️? Edit: I had a nice animation of that Professor cube you see here as my Faux avatar, but it is an applet in Java and apparently isn't allowed by world crossing's servers. Alas, earwax. (I'll try to update my homepage to include this and some other spatial puzzle cube animations; look for a link in my profile. Just don't expect it too soon, I may need an hour or a day to work it out.)

I am also one who get the "beast" at loading the dishwasher and packing award. If any of you saw what I had in my College dorm room and was able to pack into my little AMC Spirit, you would think I had acquired a "Ministry" car. At least that is a wizardly translation of what my muggle friends had said at the time. They spoke more of warping space-time or pocket universes and that my car was like (in the language of the old "Dungeons & Dragons" roll playing game) a "bag of holding."

I took an IQ test once, and failed. — The Giant Squid

Well, Mike, any poor performance by you on an I.Q. test was probably due to a bipedal bias against cephalopods.

Being both a spouse of a Special Education Teacher (or is it now "Teacher of Exceptional Children"?) and a nut for mathematics, I understand the I.Q. scale as a tool.

I also know my I.Q. score but (similar to Chemyst) will refrain from sharing.
So as not to upset
Neither you nor me,
Whichever the case may be.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


TomProffitt - Mar 13, 2007 7:11 am (#2370 of 2990)

Having a little brother who's smarter than everyone is annoying. It's even more annoying when he's actually wrong about something (and you can prove him wrong too) because he refuses to admit that he's wrong. --- Eponine

As the little brother who got into many arguments with the older sister it was also frustrating on our side. I'm not claiming I was smarter or anything, either. It always seemed to me (and still does with both of us in our 40s) that she was never satisfied with me saying, "Oh, okay, you're right." But what she wanted was, "Oh, I'm sorry, I was wrong, you were right, I will never again question your superior wisdom, knowledge, and expertise, and I guess I should go serve penance or commit hari-kari or something now."


Puck - Mar 13, 2007 7:15 am (#2371 of 2990)

My brother -smarter than I (Only saying that as I know he will never read this) but didn't like school- got praise for a report card that didn't include any D's. If I got a single C I was asked what went wrong, as I actually tried for good grades. Annoying.

My MIL needs dishwashing loading lessons. She is helpful, but inefficient. I can always get twice as much stuff in there than she does. It's like a challenge, to get everything in and not have anything left in the sink.

Off to grab a quick shower while Seasame Street is still on! Hopefully I can get the upstairs vaccumed too, so I can use Baby's nap time to quilt. (I keep planning too, but something else always needs doing.)



Starling - Mar 13, 2007 7:53 am (#2372 of 2990)

Ah Puck, your brother is like my son. He's very smart, but won't lift a finger at school.

I have no dishwasher, but I'm a champion at making piles of washing-up as small as possible, so they don't cover the entire worktop and I can still fill the kettle in the sink. *looks proud*


Madam Pince - Mar 13, 2007 8:33 am (#2373 of 2990)

LOL, Puck! My Mom is like your mother-in-law. After she's done loading the dishwasher, I go in after and get about another lunch's worth of dishes in there. Same thing with loading the car with Mr. Pince for a trip anywhere. He starts fretting when he sees me start packing suitcases in the bedroom and we joke that as soon as I get one case packed he starts with the ominous "We're never going to fit everything in there." I used to let him pack first, then I'd go out and un-do what he did and re-pack efficiently, but finally even he realized how counterproductive that was, and now he just waits for me to be ready and I do it all;  we pack the car together.

However, I always seem to lose out on the "guessing how much leftover food will fit which container." It either overflows or barely covers the bottom. How could that be? It's the same basic principle. I think the problem is just that I have an insufficient variety of plastic containers.

Tori, wasn't that show just awful to watch!? I felt so badly for those poor people! I would've been tearing my hair out. As it was, I just kept repeating "Oh I can't watch, I can't watch, it's too terrible!" as they kept flipping over those low numbers. Arrrrgh! And they seemed like such nice people too. I'll bet the bagpipe guy divorces his wife when they get home. LOL!


haymoni - Mar 13, 2007 8:50 am (#2374 of 2990)

Tom - I think that is what every Big Sister wants.

Bow down before me, Little Brother! Kiss my feet and pledge ever lasting belief in my superiority over you! Swear your allegiance to me and never question my authority! Even when we're in our 40's and you make more money than me!


journeymom - Mar 13, 2007 9:34 am (#2375 of 2990)

Being the youngest, with two sisters and a brother, all sharper than the average bear, I know how it is to feel simultaneously superior and inferior to them all.

Sheila, recording my mom is a wonderful idea, and I wish I'd thought of it a month ago! Between the morphine and the Beast itself, Mom is pretty out of it.

Between algebra and geometry, I got less awful grades in geometry. I've always had a better sense of direction than most, and I frequently repack the dishwasher. And yes, I take pride in how many dishes I can neatly pack into one side of the two-basin kitchen sink.


Viola Intonada - Mar 13, 2007 9:36 am (#2376 of 2990)

Very early in our marriage, Hubby and I came up with a line that the person in the wrong has to say to the person who is correct: "You are right. I was wrong. I apologize." It has gotten easier to say over the years. (We are pretty even in the number of times it has been said) It helps to keep Pride in its proper proportions.

Also, at the beginning of our marriage I was by far the pro at packing suitcases and the car. I had a lot more experience at it as compared to Hubby. Over the years he has learned how to pack the car much more efficiently. He has a tendency to forget who taught him. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1242194059

Loading the dishwasher is now the eldest child's job and unloading it is the youngest child's job. I try not to pay too close attention to how they do it, so that I don't get upset and discourage them. Just as long as they don't put anything it that would get destroyed over time. I don't allow any wood in the dishwasher, nor do I allow my pots and pans; they take up too much room. It was my duty to empty the dishwasher when I was younger, so naturally, I detest doing it now. If I ever get a new dishwasher, it will be the two-drawer type. I will probably allow my pots and pans in it. My in-laws have one and it is fantastic!


Mrs. Sirius - Mar 13, 2007 9:51 am (#2377 of 2990)

I just saw on the news that some guy in Missouri paid his 500 dollar power bill in pennies! LOL

I think we should enjoy these last few shining moments when we can use tangible tender (or coins). Pretty soon we will only be using electronic forms of exchanges. My children only know money because they are required for lessons and we make them put money into their bank accounts.

There is nothing they can buy in the store for change or small amount. Candy starts at about $.75 a piece. When we go shopping I use an ATM or card of some form. Rarely is cash exchanged. I have to make a huge effort to get cash and find things they can buy. When I was a kid (back in the cave man days) we could get penny candy. Bazookas 3x $.05!!

It has been ages since I have posted. I finally had to just get to the end of this thread there were hundreds of posts. It's nice to see that everyone is still around.(Where everybody knows your name and are always glad you came)

As usual conversation is stimulating. Nice to see Kips in here too.

I had to drop out again of my book chat on the read along thread, I will do a rapid catch up on that too. Happy birthday, Anniversary, Happy Spring.

Edit: I have given myself permission to use the dishwasher on a regular basis. I tried not to use it for environmental reasons and to teach the kids work ethics blah blah. It saves me so much time I have been an idiot. This Saturday was the 10th anniversary of my mothers passing so this is a new me. I am going to be much more pragmatic and live my life according to what is best me and my family today. So I am emptying my house of my mother's antiques and furniture and all my old clothes. Wish me luck  - -this is a lot harder to do than to say.


Holly T. - Mar 13, 2007 10:54 am (#2378 of 2990)

**waving madly to everyone**

I spent most of last week out of town for work and now am trying to get caught up at work (things just don't stop piling up).

San Antonio was lovely, as always, the little I got to see of it other than the hotels we were in. I can now say that I have walked along the Riverwalk before 7 a.m.--the time we had to leave the hotel we were staying in to walk to the hotel where the conference was for the most ill-conceived idea in perhaps the entire world--7:30 a.m. breakfast meetings. Ack.

My kids are on spring break this week, lucky them. At least there is less traffic and more available parking spaces this week.

Hope everyone is doing well! Hugs to those who need them!


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 13, 2007 11:09 am (#2379 of 2990)

Holly, the Riverwalk in the morning is very mellow. I was born in San Antonio. There is a street band that often plays there called Wayanay Inka. they have a most distinctive sound.

I hope you had an opportunity to go to Mi Tierra mexican restaurant they serve the best enchilladas con mole in the state.


Puck - Mar 13, 2007 11:09 am (#2380 of 2990)

Mrs. Sirius, good luck with your clean out. I remember finding my mom crying cleaning out closets of wedding gifts she had never used 20 some years later. (My Dad passed away less than 26 months after they were married.) **passes over a box of tissues**

Viola, I wish I could get my hubby to admit to being wrong. Never heard him say it. He usually turns it around and says he had been the one saying the correct thing all along. I look like this a lot around here.


haymoni - Mar 13, 2007 11:10 am (#2381 of 2990)

Way to go, Mrs. Sirius! Using the dishwasher will give you more time to think of ways to save the Earth!

It is hard to let go of things and clothes, though. Maybe doing it a little at a time will be less painful, but there is something to be said for doing it all at once.

Change is hard.


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 13, 2007 11:27 am (#2382 of 2990)

Mrs. Sirius I remember the difficulty my grandmother had going through my grandfather's things. It took several years but in the end most of his valued possessions remained in the family. But, his clothes were donated to charity as he wished them to be.

I agree with the others and applaud your efforts. Although, I tend to think that the antiques collected by your parents could still serve a purpose as tangible reminders for your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren of your family history and heritage.

One of my most treasured items is a cash register my great great grandfather purchased in the early 1900's and used by him, his son, and his grandson in their business. It is one of the few pieces belonging to him I was given.


John Bumbledore - Mar 13, 2007 11:38 am (#2383 of 2990)

By all means, Use the dish washer! Studies have shown that running a full load once a day uses less water and power (since you heat less water) than hand washing dishes after every meal. (Source: something I heard somewhere from what I believe is a trust worthy source.)

**not that anyone needs my permission, just saying you are right! It does make more sense to use the dishwasher and spend that time on more important endeavors (like time with family)**

Anyone practice a family game night (FGN)? We started some few months ago with a weekly FGN but have become too "busy" recently.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Mar 13, 2007 11:40 am (#2384 of 2990)

Ah, we had family game night for a while, and family movie night as well. I don't know what happened but they fell by the wayside. Thanks for the reminder, John. We need to do that again.


Holly T. - Mar 13, 2007 12:12 pm (#2385 of 2990)

Nathan, the only people out on the Riverwalk before 7 a.m. are joggers and people who have to hike to another hotel for a breakfast meeting. I love Mi Tierra, but didn't go there on this trip--traveling for work, no time for fun.

In our house family game night tends to turn into family fight night.

I am trying to fill out my travel expense form. I hate to sound like a stereotypical female because I know women are capable of doing math and science and all sorts of other things that they are stereotyped as not being able to do, etc. But I really hate math.


Starling - Mar 13, 2007 12:22 pm (#2386 of 2990)

I hate math too, I completely failed it at high school. However, if I'd had a better teacher, I would have done better. I had a better teacher for one year, and my grades skyrocketed. I went from 4/10 to 8/10. And then I got my old teacher back . He was a Snape. If you couldn't do it after he'd explained it (badly) once, you were deemed to be a dunce. He was nasty,

I also had a Snape for history. He would deliberately fail me. I was not bad at history, I passed the final exam (set by the state, not by History!Snape) with flying colours.

It was my duty to empty the dishwasher when I was younger, so naturally, I detest doing it now.[

I had to lay the table on Mondays and fill the dishwasher on Tuesdays. My eldest brother had to lay the table on Tuesday and fill the dishwasher on Weds. My youngest brother had to lay the table on Weds and fill the Dishwasher on Mon. This pattern repeated itself on Thurs, Fri and Sat.

As you an see, we followed this pattern for years, because I can still remember it


haymoni - Mar 13, 2007 12:59 pm (#2387 of 2990)

I washed the dishes on Friday & Saturday - do you know how much worse the dishes are on Friday & Saturday then on the other days of the week???

I am certain to this day that it was because I was the only girl.

Mom did them on Sundays, mostly because we used the good dishes and she didn't trust us.

My kids are great at loading the dishwasher and emptying it. I don't know what they'd do if they had to do it all by hand like we did.


Denise P. - Mar 13, 2007 1:16 pm (#2388 of 2990)

My kids switch chores each week. One has kitchen duty, one has living room duty, one has bathrooms duty and one has other - which means they get tagged whenever I need something done. This means if I ask them to unload and it is not their week, they still have to do it. We keep a list up on the fridge of exactly what is expected of them so they can't say "I didn't know I had to do that!"

One specific phenomenon has always made me wonder. One thing that the kitchen person has to do is sweep the dining room floor. I have never understood why under the table somehow doesn't qualify as the floor since they are always shocked when I tell them to pull chairs out and sweep under the table too.


juliebug - Mar 13, 2007 1:22 pm (#2389 of 2990)

John, I remember hearing that bit of info on washing dishes by hand vs machine. I think I heard it on an Earth Day special. It's probably been stated by other sources too.


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 13, 2007 1:35 pm (#2390 of 2990)

I hate math too. but, I love history. I used to bore my parents to tears because, every time we went to San Antonio I had to see the Alamo so my granddad would take me and we would have lunch at the Menger or the Guenther Hotel an interesting little Mexican restaurant that had the most diverse staff I had ever seen. The manager was an Italian man, the chief chef was a Mexican man born in San Antonio and the chief matire'd was a sixty-five year old Chinese man whose family had emigrated from China to Mexico and come to Texas in 1910 just prior to the Mexican Revolution.


geauxtigers - Mar 13, 2007 1:36 pm (#2391 of 2990)

What, no mention of the most famous and challenging of spatial puzzles, the Rubik's Cube

What are you talking about, john? I've solved them so many times! Why you simply turn one section so that its no longer square with the rest and break it apart and put it back together again! LOL Its much easier than taking the stickers off! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

Dishwasher, I'd say I'm a pro at cramming it, but my mom is the expert. We've been doing dishes since we were tall enough to reach the sink and put thinks away! LOL My parents do it sometimes, but we still have to. We've been putting our clothes away since we were old enough to walk and hold the clothes at the same time! LOL Everything else is just kind of a spur of the moment "if I ask you to do it, do it" kinda thing. Speaking of...I'm supposed to pick up the living room

I think it makes sense that a dishwasher is more effiecient. If you think about the amount of water that you run doing them by hand then the about how the dishwasher has a lot more control of the water it uses, it probably does use less.

Okay I need to go do homework. Its a gross sticky, muggy, sleepin' day. That'll motivate me let me tell ya...motivate me to fall asleep.

Happy Tuesday!


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 13, 2007 1:41 pm (#2392 of 2990)

Rubik's Cubes, and Perfection are the inventions of fiend who wants to see me turn into a combination of Severus Snape and Dolores Umbridge.


TomProffitt - Mar 13, 2007 2:44 pm (#2393 of 2990)

To solve a Rubik's Cube you need to know six different sequences of about six turns on the cube. (Someone taught me the moves, I didn't figure them out on my own) Someone who knows the moves can teach you in about a half hour or so. I haven't touched a cube in at least ten years, but could probably figure it out again. It really isn't hard, anyone with a little patience can learn.


Snuffles - Mar 13, 2007 3:28 pm (#2394 of 2990)

Mum and dad still have a Rubik's cube at their house. Everytime I go round I twist and turn it so everything is muddled up. Then whenever my brother goes round, he solves it in about 5 minutes . I try to solve it, but within 10 minutes I could quite happily throw it under the wheels of the next passing vehicle!


The giant squid - Mar 13, 2007 3:42 pm (#2395 of 2990)

SqiudMike might be super smart and thin - but how does he look in high heels! HA!--Painting Sheila

Let's just say I won't be performing as Dr. Frankenfurter anytime soon...

Well, Mike, any poor performance by you on an I.Q. test was probably due to a bipedal bias against cephalopods.--John Bumbledore

LOL! It's a conspiracy, I tell you! And they only let me have one pencil instead of ten!

Dishwasher: I have been informed...repeatedly...that it's best to let the wife do it. She loads, I unload. It's similar with laundry--she washes, I fold. I'm sure I could theoretically wash a load of laundry without destroying anything, but it's not a chance she's willing to take.

Speaking of the wife, she's been grinning ear-to-ear for the last day or so... Last Wednesday her car (a "lovely" '95 Geo Metro) died. She noticed that even the used cars she was looking at were priced at around $20,000 and saw a Mini Cooper on one lot for $19,600. She's wanted a Mini ever since she visited a friend in England ages ago. Fast forward a couple days to the only Mini dealership in Nevada, where we found a brand new 2007 Mini Cooper S for only $4000 more than the used one. A bit of financial finagling and she has a brand new car, my car gets paid off and we're paying less per month than we were before. Sometimes the good guys win.

Of course, now her lead foot can actually do something again, so I have to be careful...



Starling - Mar 13, 2007 4:02 pm (#2396 of 2990)

I don't use a lot of water when doing the washing up. I put the water in a washing up bowl, and that's all the water I use.

My ex was very good at shrinking the laundry in the drier. He'd dry it until it was bone dry and all stuck together. It was especially annoying when my son had new clothes bought to fit him for a while, and after one wash they'd be too small.

But Mike, new Minis aren't mini anymore, they've gone rather Maxi (as has my beloved Nissan Micra. The new model drives like a tank, apparently).



azi - Mar 13, 2007 4:10 pm (#2397 of 2990)

Dishwasher's make things easier until it dries food onto your plates.

When I was younger, me and my brother had the job of either setting/unsetting the table or drying the pots every day of the week. Both of us quit because we felt we didn't get paid enough (£1.50 per week, 30p off every time we missed).

Congrats on your new car, Mike! Mini's are cool.

I have spent all day working on stats and data. So tiring! Hopefully I'll finish tonight though, so it's just interpretation tomorrow. It's quite difficult working here because 3 people in my house have no lectures this week, and one of them has a father ill in hospital so obviously there's a lot of worry. He got taken in because he had an epileptic fit and a stroke. A CT scan today showed a brain tumour 4cm x 7cm. He was due to be operated on tomorrow, but the hospital that was supposed to be taking him 'lost' his scans in a 'technical error' and have run out of beds.


haymoni - Mar 13, 2007 6:00 pm (#2398 of 2990)


You got paid????


azi - Mar 13, 2007 6:03 pm (#2399 of 2990)

Yes, but my friends got paid £5 a week for making sure their room was tidy. It just wasn't fair...


Denise P. - Mar 13, 2007 6:04 pm (#2400 of 2990)

The allowance thing for doing chores comes up every few months here. I am willing to give an allowance but then the kids have to buy their own stuff. This means if they want a book, a soda, batteries, a folder, a cool t-shirt...whatever...they have to save their allowance until they can afford it. They also get deductions for not doing chores. If they choose to not take an allowance, then they get stuff they need or want, as long as it is reasonable. Once it is laid out, they always choose no allowance but it still comes up again.
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Chemyst - Mar 13, 2007 6:41 pm (#2401 of 2990)

Mrs. Sirius, I do send you ease-of-release charms for your mother's things, but since you have four children, I'd suggest keeping at least four items. I love my few relics.

w00t for the Squids' cars.

When my eldest turned three, we moved all the everyday dishes to the base cabinets so he could unload the dishwasher. As soon as he could hoist an 8 lb. milk jug and pour without spilling, we moved the cereal boxes to the base cabinets too, so he could reach them to make his own breakfast. He is in his 20's now and moved out; and even my youngest is nearly a half foot taller than I am, but...  yep, we still keep the cereal and the everyday glasses & dishes in the base cabinets. Now it counts as daily exercise to keep my knees flexible.


Tazzygirl - Mar 13, 2007 6:55 pm (#2402 of 2990)

**shudders at the chores memory** My parents decided that us kids would start cleaning the house when my brother and I turned 10 or so. I remember vividly thinking that it wasn't fair, as it was my birthday. We were paid $5.00 every two weeks, and I was bumped up to $10 when I learned how to cook (I cooked two days a week). We had the weekly cleaning chart up on the fridge, and would rotate jobs just like Denise's family.

Went and saw Bridge to Terabithia with my students today. It was very interesting! Had one kid that was soooo excited bouncing off the walls, and when we got into the theater somehow managed to buy a large popcorn, supersize soda, a hotdog, and candy. His parents had given him about $50! Talk about 4th grade responsibility....

Yeay on Mrs. Squid's new car!

John- my family used to do Family Game Night. Then we hit the uppergrades in high school and we felt it wasn't cool anymore- or rather, we all got jobs, so it was hard to find a common night to be together. Sunday afternoons were usually reserved for a big family dinner and movie. I loved it!

Have a great RotD/N!



Eponine - Mar 13, 2007 7:08 pm (#2403 of 2990)

When Mr. Eponine and I got married, he and his father were assigned the task of packing the rest of my stuff into my car for someone to drive to North Carolina after the wedding. There was quite a bit of stuff, but I was pretty sure it would fit in the car. When my best friend and I got back to the house after getting our nails done (only manicure I've ever had, btw) we found they'd put less than half the stuff in the car and insisted the rest wouldn't fit. It took us less than half an hour to rearrange everything so it would all fit in the car.

Speaking of my best friend, I've found out she's moving to Afghanistan next year. She's going to teach English in a school over there, and she's planning on staying for at least a year. Needless to say, I'm a bit scared about this. I will get to see her this summer before she goes which will be nice since I've not seen her in a while (she lives in Alaska now). I'm hoping she'll be able to be here in July since the two of us have been to the last two book releases together. I'd like to do the last one with her too.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


Viola Intonada - Mar 13, 2007 7:14 pm (#2404 of 2990)

Our family game nights have fallen to the wayside due to soccer and basketball. The rare night that we have had free lately, everyone has been too tired to play anything. I miss our family game night. John, I know what you mean by family fight night. That's what we had growing up. To prevent them now, Hubby and I make sure that we don't hold back. If one child wins and the other one doesn't a fight breaks out. As long as Hubby or I win, there is no fighting (at least not between the kids).


painting sheila - Mar 13, 2007 8:45 pm (#2405 of 2990)

Chores - my kids have to do them and (dun dun dun) don't get paid for them! Hey - it is their duty as a part of a family.

We have three main chores - clean the kitchen, clean their bathroom, and take out the garbages. They rotate through the chores all during the week with Sunday off for everyone. (Which means mom does it all on Sunday)They can get tagged with other chores if they are in eye sight when I think of it. hmmmmmmm - maybe that explains why they hide in their rooms all the time.

They do get an allowance. We only dock them for things like not wearing a seat belt, etc.

I have a huge crick in my neck and back. I feel like I am walking sideways. I need to go lay down on the heating pad. Glad I am going to bed early tonight (snort!)

Edit - Azi - I love your avatar. What is it?


Mediwitch - Mar 13, 2007 8:49 pm (#2406 of 2990)

John Bumbledore - we do a family game night when my step-son comes home - both of my step-kids are "on their own" but we still love to play games. (My step-daughter is not as interested though.) It used to be Monopoly and Uno, then Scrabble and Yahtzee, now it's Carcassonne.

Mr. Mediwitch is on my, uh, bad list. We have two real estate agents coming this week and loads of unfinished "projects" to finish before we list the house, and he goes and schedules a drill on Sunday morning. I was pretty calm about it, until he said, "Why? What has to be done?"! Never mind we've spent the last few weeks deciding which projects have to be done and which should not be, and last night prioritizing the list!!! GRRRRRRR!!!


Madam Pince - Mar 13, 2007 9:45 pm (#2407 of 2990)

Guess Mr. Mediwitch hasn't shown you his "Procrastinator's Anonymous" membership card yet... He'll probably get around to it...

I thought Azi's avatar was a big piece of mouse-cheese like her second line of info...

Yay Mrs. Giant Squid on the new car! Woo-hoo!

Mrs. Sirius, congratulations on your new outlook and good luck with the "sorting-through and getting-rid-of" project! Being a packrat myself, though, I have to second (third? fourth?) the opinions that you should try to hang on to a couple nice things for your kids. To me, anyway, it really means a lot especially to have something that was used by, made by, or worn by (as in jewelry, not clothes) of a grandparent. I have an onyx ring that was my grandfather's, which I had re-styled so that it looks a bit more feminine (OK, still chunky, but definitely not a "man's ring") that I wouldn't trade for anything, and the quilt of my grandma's and the afghan of Mr. Pince's grandma and some paintings and fancy needlework done by various relatives -- things like that are really special to us. But you're also right in that clinging to too much "stuff" can be a drag-down rather than an up-lift, so good luck to you!

I finally have a vindication for being a pack-rat, though. The other day I broke the coffeemaker carafe while washing it. I felt so smugly triumphant when I pulled out the old used carafe that I had stashed in the cabinet over the fridge years ago when the old coffeemaker died and I insisted on saving the "perfectly good carafe!" At the time Mr. Pince had a major eyerolling fit. But HAH! Who's laughing now, I ask you?

Rubik's Cube -- I tried for a day, maybe, then did what any respectable librarian would do... went out and bought the book that showed you how to solve it.

Tazzy, sounds like you're having fun at the bookstore! I can't believe you put yourself at their disposal for the DH release, though! What if they make you work the whole day after and you can't start reading??!!

John Bumbledore, I have heard that same thing about dishwashers, that they actually save water and energy. But to make it really true, it has to be a good enough dishwasher that you don't pre-rinse the dishes, because that just defeats the purpose. (It was a happy day for me when I read my dishwasher instructions which specifically state "do not pre-rinse", let me tell you.) I cannot convince my visiting mother of this, though. She practically pre-washes the dishes. Sometimes when I'm re-arranging them after she's done them, I can't tell whether they've been run through already or not.

Chemyst, you let your three-year-old unload the dishwasher??!!?? Wow! You are brave! Or else you just wanted new dishes? LOL! Little Pince now helps us set the table and he is still at the stage where he loves it and thinks it's great fun. He also "helps" vacuum and dust and sort the clean laundry, but he hasn't gotten the folding thing yet. He has already figured out that "toy-picking-up" is not fun since the novelty has worn off, though.

I bought some new floor cleaner stuff and used it yesterday. Now, it could have something to do with the frequency of my mopping, or it could be the new cleaner, but it turns out that my kitchen linoleum is not really supposed to have the dull matte finish it has had for years. Huh. Imagine that -- who'd have thunk it?


Tazzygirl - Mar 13, 2007 10:41 pm (#2408 of 2990)

Madam P- But I just know the bookstore will give me the day off after DH is released- we'll be up until about 3 or so in the morning, and I highly doubt my supervisor (she makes the schedule, not the manager)will ask the people who worked until 3 or so in the morning to come in later on in the day. Plus, I told them I wanted the day off! (I covered all my bases! tehe!)

I just woke up from a very deep sleep nap. Am trying to maintain the waking up sleepiness so that it'll be easier to fall asleep at 10. Not sure if it'll work... As my head still hurts, I think it won't be a problem.

My friend currently has the crud. She emailed our teacher that she won't be coming to school tomorrow, and we have a presentation. I therefore am super hoping that our teacher postpones the presentation to next week. The powerpoint I worked on until 1 am is complete, however, I need to put some animation into it, and create my notecards. I have no motivation whatsoever to write up my notecards.



journeymom - Mar 13, 2007 10:58 pm (#2409 of 2990)

Taking lots of parenting notes here.... I like the chore plans. Our kids get an allowance to learn how to use money, and it's not linked to chores.

Eponine, wow, your friend is going into a very dangerous situation. I wish her the best of luck.


Solitaire - Mar 13, 2007 11:04 pm (#2410 of 2990)

LOL about the dishwasher packing! It takes me several days to fill it, since I live alone. I use flatware faster than everything else, as I take a setting to school each day (I hate using plastic utensils) in my lunchbag. I usually wind up adding all of the dog dishes to fill 'er up as full as possible.

I can, however, pack a car trunk so tightly it looks as though I've used a shoehorn--a talent I learned from my dad. When I travel, my trunk always looks like one of those wooden puzzles that must be disassembled a piece at a time, in exactly the right order! At the moment, however, it looks sort of like a closet on wheels.

Mrs. Sirius, good luck with the de-cluttering, or whatever you call it. I need to do the same ... and I have a hard time letting go of things that were given to me (mirrors, furniture, other accessories), even if they are not really my style.

I have never understood why under the table somehow doesn't qualify as the floor

Denise, I run into the same difficulty when I ask my students to police their desk areas before leaving the room. Some kids look me straight in the eye and tell me their areas are clean ... when there is clearly trash and other debris under the desks! I have to be very specific: Pick up the floor area under and around your desk and toss all trash before leaving the room!

On a similar note, I am surprised I haven't heard any remarks about my latest syllabus (the kids are usually very quick to "get" my sarcasm). I gave a vocabulary assignment and added this little direction at the end: Please follow the correct format; if you do not know what that is after twenty-seven weeks in my class, please ask me. It had to be done ... you wouldn't believe the junk they'd begun to hand in to me! I think we are all ready for spring break ... SOON!

Azi, what is the your avatar picture ... besides the back of someone's head? Ah! As I've moved along, I see others have commented on it, as well. Perhaps I'll find the answer ...

Whoa, Eponine! Safety charms to your friend. I would be frightened for her, as well. Is this a "done deal"?

Healing charms to Tazzy for the headache. I've had one on and off for a few days now. It isn't a migraine, though, so I am coping. As everything is in bloom--not to mention I've been burning the candle at both ends for days--I figure it is allergy and stress-related. At the moment I am just exhausted. An eleven-hour work day followed by 2 hours of errands before coming home is too long a day. Time for bed, I think!



Ydnam96 - Mar 13, 2007 11:12 pm (#2411 of 2990)

Tazzy, great to hear the job is working out for you. Liking your job make such a big difference in life.

Mrs. Sirius: strengthening charms sent your way.

We never got allowance. Chores were part of being a member of the family. I don't remember having assigned days or anything. We just did what we were told to do. We did not have a dishwasher. They weren't standard issue in Navy housing back then (but then again neither were air conditioners...my how things have changed).

Just finished watching The Holiday. Great movie if you haven't seen it.

Off to bed. SO so tired.


The giant squid - Mar 13, 2007 11:24 pm (#2412 of 2990)

But Mike, new Minis aren't mini anymore, they've gone rather Maxi—Starling

Ah, but remember our recent conversation about the size of American cars vs. the rest of the world. Even my "compact" Chevrolet Cavalier is a giant next to her Mini.

I highly doubt my supervisor (she makes the schedule, not the manager)will ask the people who worked until 3 or so in the morning to come in later on in the day.—Tazzygirl

You'd be surprised what supervisors will do. As long as they don't have to come in the next day all bets are off.



Mrs. Sirius - Mar 13, 2007 11:24 pm (#2413 of 2990)

Thanks for all the encouragement guys. It has been a long hard road. My husband is a pack rat, I am a pack rat and my mother as an antiques collector went beyond pack rat, the other title for antiques collectors is "CRAZY"! So in fact for the past 10 years I have had antiques dealers come to my house, I have been visiting Goodwill, I actually drive to 2 shelters in Middletown with stuff every few months to get rid of junk. Now I am just in fast mode to clean out and de-clutter.

I finally have a vindication for being a pack-rat, though.

Yup same here, talk about ironies. My friend called to ask to borrow a doll for her son to use at the Invention Convention. These are 3 foot tall walking dolls my sister gave the girls for Christmas. My friend had always advised me to throw out these dolls (they are big and the girls took their clothes off and never played with them). We have had these dolls for about 6 years. I finally made the decision to throw out these dolls. Today is garbage pick up in town, the day I finally throw out the dolls she ranted I should get rid of, SHE needs them! Irony!

Yikes, my kids have daily and weekly chores, but they don't get paid, it is for the privilege of being part of the family. During the summer I do pay them to weed the garden.

I have kept certain special things, but if the "thing" is electric, I tend to pitch it. Somehow things electric just aren't worthy of "antiques" title.

Mike congratulation to your wife for choosing that car. I always wanted a small car like that too (it will never happen for us now, minivans are a minimum)


Starling - Mar 14, 2007 2:56 am (#2414 of 2990)

I hate to worry you even more, Eponine, but the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse. A friend of mine does research there, and he's cancelled his trip this season. And women generally aren't treated well in Afghanistan at the best of times.

I didn't get paid for chores, I just had to do them. My brothers only had to lay the table/empty the dishwasher, but I had to do other chores, such as the ironing (hatesssss it). My mum is a politician (a member of the Liberal Democrats). You'd have thought she'd be more emancipated than that. My brothers can both cook, though, because they wanted to do it. My youngest brother can even iron, he taught himself because he thought it would be useful for when he moved out.


Marie E. - Mar 14, 2007 5:13 am (#2415 of 2990)

We have the chore/allowance debate going on in our house at the moment. One of my good friends does allowance based on the chores. Another keeps them completely separate. I'm leaning toward keeping them separate and having them buy all their own stuff with their own money. I think it would eliminate all the "gimme's" at the checkout counters.

We leave tomorrow for Missouri. I guess Mr. E might be picking up the Squid's at the airport on Friday. My sister was asking for Friday afternoon off from work, but it looks like it won't work out. It's supposed to be colder in Missouri than here in Colorado. It finally warms up here and I'm driving right back into rainy/cold. Bleah.


Chemyst - Mar 14, 2007 5:37 am (#2416 of 2990)

Madame Pince, when he was 3, nearly all our everyday stuff was plastic/melamine, some had pictures of airplanes, and the cereal bowls had built-in straws. Some was Corelle and yes, we taught him to be "very careful" with it. Over the years, my husband has broken as many dishes as three kids combined.

We never did much with family game nights. Mostly, I believe, because with our home schooling lifestyle much of it would have been redundant. In a normal week we'd be doing a puzzle or playing one game as a family anyway. Ok, so they were usually rather sobering games about colonial trade, Latin roots, or electrical circuits... but as first graders they did play Blackjack because you really get to know your sums to 21! Anyway, in that lifestyle one can't allow the sibling fight-gene to take root. It would be misery! We did the inverse of having family nights and scheduled others–socializing nights.

Traveling charms to Marie.


Loopy Lupin - Mar 14, 2007 6:05 am (#2417 of 2990)

Let's just say I won't be performing as Dr. Frankenfurter anytime soon... – Squidmike

Oh come on, Mike! Don't dream it, BE IT.

Something tells me you would make a mean Riff Raff though.


azi - Mar 14, 2007 6:18 am (#2418 of 2990)

Shelia (and others ) - the building is Clifford's Tower in York. My friend got in the way before the second flash (I was in night mode). The tower looks very pretty at the moment because the mound is covered in daffodils. I was tempted to put a picture of cheese though! Or maybe a worm...

No family games night for us. That's a weird concept! Sometimes we played Scrabble at my grandma's.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Good Evans - Mar 14, 2007 6:24 am (#2419 of 2990)

Mrs Sirus, I am wishing you the best of luck with your new outlook.

*************waves to everyone else**************


Solitaire - Mar 14, 2007 6:59 am (#2420 of 2990)

<------ Incorrigible packrat!

Sometimes I think it is connected to being a teacher. Throughout my career, there have been times when I've had to scrounge so hard to get things I needed that I am afraid of letting them go, even when they are in terrible shape ... because ... What if I need it someday and can't find another onet? Can any other teachers relate?

Paper, in all of its shapes, sizes, colors, and various forms--such as books, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, etc.--really is my biggest problem. I wonder if there is a 12-step program for packrats ...



Denise P. - Mar 14, 2007 7:09 am (#2421 of 2990)

Solitaire, when we moved, I had a very hard time going through all the teaching materials, bulletin board stuff, calendars, wall decorations, fun worksheets and such that I had collected while in college and during my student teaching. I literally had boxes of stuff that has sat for 14 years because I have been home with my kids and not in the classroom. I had all kinds of manipulatives, early childhood games...you name it and it was there. Someone on Freecycle made out like a bandit since I knew it would just be sitting until Rhys is off to school.

I had to do the same thing with my fabric. I went from about 20 huge bins down to 4. A lot of my fabric had never even been cut yet.

Books are another thing I tend to get a lot of. I will buy a book and put it in my “to read” pile. Then I will go buy a book that sounds good, bring it home and discover I already have a copy there. I am on a book buying ban until I finish a cross stitch I am working on though.


Elanor - Mar 14, 2007 7:11 am (#2422 of 2990)

**Putting my hand up and pleading guilty of packrat-iness **

Healing and Cheering Charms to all needing some! Have a great day!


Holly T. - Mar 14, 2007 7:58 am (#2423 of 2990)

My husband and I both grew up with moms who were kindergarten teachers. Consequently, we save all sorts of things--paper towel rolls, egg cartons, oatmeal containers, etc. because "you could make something with that." Luckily, with us both being Scout leaders, we often have the opportunity to use some of this stuff, or know someone who does. You have to love the Scout leader listserv where someone will post that they need egg cartons or whatever for a day camp, craft, etc. and could we please bring them to the next leader meeting. The whole closet in my home office has shelves in it with bins full of assorted craft supplies--everything from socks to old CDs (the AOL kind you get in the mail) to plastic lids.

I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off from work so I have tons to do today. Including writing more rejection letters--I need someone to submit something good for a change!


Denise P. - Mar 14, 2007 8:06 am (#2424 of 2990)

Holly, I can't begin to tell you the amount of craft and *stuff* I donated to my Pack when we moved. I already started collecting here. I found some stuff and was going to donate it and then said "Wait, Iain will be a Tiger next year and since I will be Den leader, we can use this to do that!" Mr. Denise just rolled his eyes, he is resigned to this phenomenon.

I love seeing the emails that say "We need 200 film canisters with lids, bring them to Roundtable please"


John Bumbledore - Mar 14, 2007 8:23 am (#2425 of 2990)

I love seeing the emails that say "We need 200 film canisters with lids, bring them to Roundtable please" — Denise P.

And with "almost a baseball team" I bet Denise can fill about half that order. Unless you gone completely digital...

The Mrs. teaches elementary exceptional children (EC) so our pantry has a shelf full of egg cartons, cardboard rolls (from paper towels and toilet tissue rolls), and assorted other bulky craft supplies. Smaller stuff is kept in two (or three) craft boxes in our walk-in closet.

Edit by me: minor word choice (there and three use the same letters but in this "unusual" case the order of the letters does count!)

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Chemyst - Mar 14, 2007 8:51 am (#2426 of 2990)

The Mrs. teaches elementary exceptional children (EC) so our pantry has a shelf full of egg cartons...
...for eggheads?


journeymom - Mar 14, 2007 9:08 am (#2427 of 2990)

HAPPY PI DAY, EVERYBODY! 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510.....

Except, I suppose Great Britain never gets to celebrate Pi Day! That's- that's- SAD! I invite all you non- month/day designated people to have a big slice of pie today.

We'll listen to Kate Bush's 'Pi' and have apple pie for dessert today.


Heh! Chemyst, your avatar is looking very festive.


Puck - Mar 14, 2007 9:19 am (#2428 of 2990)

I forgot about Pi day! (I have a friend who is a math teacher who introduced me to the concept.)

Mike, yeah for Mrs. Squid's car. Will you be allowed to drive it? Oh, and did you get to watch the building implode the other night? My son thought the video was

Haven't started the whole allowance/chore thing yet, though we should. My kids do help with cleaning the tables, feeding the cats, etc...

I do have a few egg cartons stashed away. Fabric is my big pack-rack problem. I've been trying to use mostly stuff from my stash when starting a new project.

Okay, off to clean my room while baby has a short nap. As Diva won't do the carpool thing anymore (she's not getting along with the other little girl), I need to go get her mid-nap. That means only an hour at most for the little one to sleep and me to get some work done.



juliebug - Mar 14, 2007 9:24 am (#2429 of 2990)

Thanks for the reminder Journeymom. I've got to get cookin'!


Ydnam96 - Mar 14, 2007 9:31 am (#2430 of 2990)

I got a call this morning from my sister who had to put her kitten down. It had some form of a tumor that was causing seizures and all sorts of other problems. She is quite distraught and understandably so. I'm so sad for her.


journeymom - Mar 14, 2007 9:56 am (#2431 of 2990)

I'm so sorry! Condolences to your sister, Ydnam.

Apparently those who don't use the US format celebrate Pi day on July 22. The reason is not clear to me, though really, who needs a reason to have pie?

Today is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Now, how cool is that?


Tazzygirl - Mar 14, 2007 10:24 am (#2432 of 2990)

There's a Pi Day???

Looks like I'm not doing the presentation today. w00t! Friend is still sick.

Sorry to hear about your sister's kitty, Mandy. ((Hugs)) to her!

Our allowance was partly for chores, partly to help us learn how to manage money. I was better at saving than my brother and sister.

Off to class!

Happy RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Mar 14, 2007 10:47 am (#2433 of 2990)

Oh, poor kitty! So sorry, Mandy...

Spring has officially sprung here, I think! It's 70+ degrees outside, and I saw my first daffodils yesterday and this morning I'm pretty sure I saw a forsythia blooming in a neighbor's back yard. Woo-hoo! Gotta love that first bright yellow!

OK, here's a question for you more-experienced-parents-than-me: we're having Little Pince's fifth birthday party Saturday, and it's the first one we've had where we've invited other little kids -- prior to this it's just been family. So we invited the ten kids in his class, for a total of 11 including him. I ordered the party supplies online and got 12 sets of everything (craft activity, placesetting, goodie bag), thinking that probably not everyone would be able to come, and just in case I broke something setting up or whatever. So far, everyone has RSVP'd yes except still waiting to hear from three, but Little Pince tells me they said at school that they're coming. Still OK so far, right? Except, two moms have asked if they could bring little siblings along too, otherwise they'd have to get a sitter. That was really fine with me, because we're having it at this indoor play place and I had to pay for a minimum of 15 kidlets anyway, but what should I do about the goodie bags, etc? I can't order more at this late date. I could put together something from the dollar store, but it won't "match" the rest of the dinosaur theme bags -- will the sibling kids howl because theirs is different? Should I care? I'm not good at this mom-thing, I fear...

Never heard of Pi Day, but it sounds good to me! Any excuse for pie. I loved Andie McDowell's song about pie in the movie Michael. (Also her other song about all her ex's, too -- thought it was adorable and she was too! That whole movie was good...) Anyway, Happy Pi Day!

***goes off for a bike ride singing "Pie, pie, me oh my..."***


journeymom - Mar 14, 2007 11:00 am (#2434 of 2990)

Oh my, Madam Pince, if you start worrying about matching goody bags you will quickly drive yourself insane. Maybe I shouldn't advise you about goody bags, though, as if it were up to me I'd dispense with them altogether. Get thee to the dollar store.

There were no goodie bags when I was a kid (during the cretaceous period); it didn't even occur to me to expect to get something when I went to a friend's party.

By the way, I've no doubt you are an excellent mom. The fact that you worry shows you care.


Holly T. - Mar 14, 2007 11:02 am (#2435 of 2990)

Sorry about your sister's kitty, Mandy!

Madam Pince, don't worry about getting extra goodie bags for siblings. They're getting to come to the indoor play place, which you are paying for, having cake (or whatever you're having at the party), which you are paying for, and they weren't invited. It is very nice of you to even let the parents bring the extra siblings. Because if you had said no, they probably have someone who can watch the kids, they are just thinking cool, my younger kids would like to go there and play too if someone else is paying for it. There is also a good chance that the kids who told your son they were coming to the party will not show up--if that's the case, hand out the extra goodie bags to the siblings. But I wouldn't go buy anything extra.

For my son's birthday party last year between baseball and soccer commitments no one could come (and we planned it around my son's baseball schedule, and invited people from his team). We figured the party was off since no one had said they were coming then at the time of the party one boy showed up so we went ahead and took him and our son to the IMAX, which was the party plan, but it was embarrassing all the way around. Apparently the other boy's mom had asked the boy's dad to RSVP to my husband while the boys were at baseball practice. The mom and I decided that moms should be in charge of all RSVPs.

I think I'm about ready to stop having kids' birthday parties. The kids will probably object. Note to those who haven't started a family--don't have kids in May or June. It is next to impossible to find a good date for a birthday party. Not that that should be your only consideration, but it has been a problem. ;-)


Madam Pince - Mar 14, 2007 11:04 am (#2436 of 2990)

Me, neither, journeymom! Hence my confusion about all this! Also I was an only child, and Little Pince is an only child, so I have no experience at multiple situations, but I know I've been told that sometimes when all the kids have one type of thing, then the others get upset because theirs is different or whatever. I know with bringing snack to school, we're asked to bring all 11 drinks the same -- heaven forbid we'd have a ten-pack of apple juice boxes (which is how they come - 10 to a pack, naturally we need 11) and then have to fill in the last box with fruit punch, because either the fruit punch kid would be upset, or all ten apple juice kids would be...

Edit for cross-post: Thanks Holly!

Cake? Who said anything about cake?

LOL! Just kidding! It's dinosaur-shaped and everything...


journeymom - Mar 14, 2007 11:07 am (#2437 of 2990)

Dear son's birthday is June 21st, and I get what you mean, Holly. Though we have a pool so it's nice to have a built-in theme for his birthday.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 14, 2007 11:09 am (#2438 of 2990)

Now that I'm caught up, I scarcely have time to comment!

Congrats on your wife's new car Mike! ***tosses virtual change in for good luck***

Sorry to hear about sister's kitten, Mandy.

It's a beautiful day here, too. I took my little guy to a little farm/farmer's market. It was lots of fun. Brought back some apple cider doughnuts for the girls as a surprise and hubby's favorite salsa - hot peach.

Time to go pick up the girls. Yay!


EDIT: Both of my girls are in June and both hubby and little guy are May. Ditto on the pool, journeymom.


haymoni - Mar 14, 2007 11:31 am (#2439 of 2990)

I am always appalled at the rudeness of people, yet as Dumbledore points out, it happens quite often.

I understand that folks have more than 1 child and at 5 years old, you just don't turn your child over to someone you barely know, but sheesh!!! You can't find ANYONE to watch your other children for a few hours???

You hate to be rude to these people and stoop to their level, but wouldn't it be nice to say: "Oh, sorry! I only have room for you and your child! But you can drop the present off anytime!"

Of course the Slacker Mom in me probably wouldn't have had goody bags in the first place, so it probably wouldn't have mattered!


Tazzygirl - Mar 14, 2007 12:12 pm (#2440 of 2990)

I think I'm coming down with the crud. I'm super sleepy, head hurts, and overall not feeling all that great. I think I'm going to finish off this class (hour and a half to go), and then go home- skipping my next class. We aren't doing much in that class today anyways- just editing videos of ourselves teaching.



John Bumbledore - Mar 14, 2007 12:49 pm (#2441 of 2990)

Apparently those who don't use the US format celebrate Pi day on July 22. The reason is not clear to me, though really, who needs a reason to have pie? — Journeymom

Oh! Oh! I know! Because 22 July when written as 22/7 looks like twenty-two sevenths and that is an early approximation of Pi. Since 22/7 = 3.14285 71428 57142 85714 28571 42857... (I used Windows Calculator for that).

So, Journeymom, do you have Pi memorized to 50 digits after the decimal or did you, erm, cheat? I can only recite the first 25 from memory then I get them mixed up. Last I read, a mathemtician had correctly memorized and recited Pi to 30,000 digits. (I think, checking numbers..)

Happy Pi day, everyone!

Edit by me: I must have been thinking of Rajan Mahadevan (India) who in 1985 memorized and correctly recited 31,811 digits. There have been a few new record holders since then...

40,000 Hideaki Tomoyori (Japan) 1987
42,195 Hiroyuki Goto (Japan) 1995
67,890 Chao Lu (China) 2005
(From www dot recordholders.org/en/list/memory.html#pi )

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Lilly P - Mar 14, 2007 12:59 pm (#2442 of 2990)

831 posts! sorry, I had to fast-forward through them! I actually found a computer to borrow for an hour or two! I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying spring! We are all doing well since the move and are looking at some promising houses! I hope I can check in more frequently, but if not, I hope you all are doing well!



Denise P. - Mar 14, 2007 1:10 pm (#2443 of 2990)

As a mom who sometimes is forced to bring extra kids along to a party, I don't expect or ask the birthday parent to provide anything for the extra kids. If we are at the Giant Rat Palace, the extras and I go to a nearby table and do our own thing. Same goes for a park or any other public setting. I would not dream of expecting something for the uninvited kids. Now, if as the party giving parent, I had someone bring extra kids, I would hand out something if there was extra but not go to any kind of effort to make sure I have something for them.

I also don't give small gifts to the nonbirthday kid to prevent a howling fit. It is the birthday kid's special day, they get the present. I don't care how "unfair" it may seem, the others just learn to deal with the fact that one is getting a locker full of cool stuff that they don't have to share (for a few days) and that they can be selfish with for a short time.

Don't get me started on goody bags, I think they are an evil and unnecessary thing. Going to a movie/skating/ceramics/pizza parlor and getting ice cream/cake/pizza while skating/seeing a movie/making something/playing on games is more than enough. I don't think they need to bring home a bag full of stuff as well. Guess who doesn't do goody bag?


Lina - Mar 14, 2007 1:29 pm (#2444 of 2990)

I started to give my kids money weekly in order to teach them managing it. Veronika would spend all the money on Mondays buying the candies that she would share with her friends. Then she would wait until next Monday to do the same. I didn't mind that. But Kate didn't spend so much money, she put it apart, then she added some money that she got from her grandmother and bought the hamsters. The worst part is that she asked me if she may buy them, I told her "No" but she bought them anyway and even managed to hide them (with help of a friend) for a week. Since then, I give them only money to buy sandwiches for the breakfast and no extra money.

When it comes to chores, Kate went through a phase "If you behave well, I'll let you wash the dishes" (Mihaela is in that phase now too), then she moved to the making pancakes or supper for her and her sisters and now she is in phase that she does only what she is told to - nothing more and nothing less. I don't push her too much because Veronika hardly finds enough time in a day to make her homework (she got B in Chemistry today, BTW ) so I don't want to turn Kate into Cinderella.

Madam Pince, I can only tell you that my girls usually like better to get different things because that way they can play with both, instead of having the same things. Whenever one of my girls would be invited to the party, I would never ask for her sister to be invited too, but I would be thankful if both of the elder two would be invited because the other one wouldn't be jealous then. That goes for Kate and Veronika, because they are just too close and the fact is that they used to have friends in common. Mihaela is younger enough that she really wouldn't fit in their company or the other way round.

I'm sorry, John, but I was never willing to call people, who can memorize big numbers or multiply them without pencil and paper, mathematicians. They are just people with a good memory. And yes, Pag is definitely wet, since it is an island. The cheese from Pag is known for having a special taste because the sheep there eat very salted grass.

Comforting charms to Mandy and her sister and healing charms to all that feel not so good!


Puck - Mar 14, 2007 1:42 pm (#2445 of 2990)

Mandy, so sorry for your sister and her kitty.

I agree, don't get the extra goodie bags. Just hand each parent a bag on the way out. (They can decide how to divied it up when they get home.) I've already decided to skip goodie bags at son's party this year. They'll have a craft to take home, that's enough.

One of son's friends has a twin brother. He's in a different class, but I have in the past told his mom he is welcome to come. She always declines, saying she doesn't expect people to invite both because they are twins.

Here, here, Denise! I totally agree about the birthday child being the only one to get gifts. I had a hard time of convincing grandparents of this, but they have to learn it's someone else's birthday.

Haymoni, you're too funny! "You can drop off the present". LOL

A beautiful afternoon, over 70 degrees. We spent a couple of hours on the playground. Hopefully all will sleep well tonight.

Okay. Off to find my kitchen counters so I can start dinner.



geauxtigers - Mar 14, 2007 2:18 pm (#2446 of 2990)

Goody bags...I remember getting them, but thats about it. I remember the parties, not the goody bags.

It was supposed to rain today... **looks out window at the blue sky** Looks like some clouds may be rolling in though. It did rain this morning, and they are saying this should all clear out by Thursday night...Looks like its still sitting over Houston dumping loads of water there. Its also warm today. 74F out. nice!

Went and got a snowball too. Yumm! All the stands are starting to open again! YAY!

Had over 40 posts, so I honestly don't remember half the stuff I read...sorry guys!

Pi day. We never 'celebrated' it at my school, but I think they do now in the lower grades because all the 5th graders had Pi symbols pinned to the jumpers and shirts...guess they started that after I was out of 5th grade! LOL

I need to go start my homework. I'm actually sort of liking a Tale of Two Cities. Its not quite as bad as I expected. Its a bit slow at times, but overall not terrible.

Well is just started raining! LOL talk about fast! 5 mintues ago it was sunny!

Happy Wednesday!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 14, 2007 2:29 pm (#2447 of 2990)

My advice MP, just give them to the kids that were invited and be done with it. The other kids shouldn't even expect to get one if they weren't even invited! I realize they're little, but they've gotta learn some time!

There's a Pi Day??? Kristina

That's exactly what I was thinking! I've never heard of it before! LOL! The only numbers of Pi that I know are 3.14, and I don't care to know the rest! What a waste of time!

It's been rainy and humid all day today. Yuck! I didn't even bother straightening my hair last night and I'm glad I didn't waste my time doing it! I look like I have lion's mane because my hair is curling up around my face! LOL.

Happy Wednesday!


haymoni - Mar 14, 2007 6:27 pm (#2448 of 2990)

3.14 is all I remember about pi also.

I don't remember getting goody bags. I remember playing games at parties - pin the tail on the whatever or dropping clothes pins in a bottle - and the winner would get some small prize and the rest of us would get nothing. I think goody bags started because folks thought it was unfair that not everyone won a prize. Sorry about your luck!

I did do goody bags for a couple of birthdays. I ended up spending almost as much money on the goody bags as I did the rest of the party!

One easy thing to do is a candy scramble or a pinata. Whatever they grab, they get to take home.


geauxtigers - Mar 14, 2007 6:41 pm (#2449 of 2990)

Ahh Did anyone see Idol just now? I'm so mad that they got rid of BRANDON! Hes so cute! So what if he err forgot his words! LOL I just love him, hes got such a cute smile! I wish Sanjaya would go, hes just boring, he doesn't have a stong voice.

I finished all my homework **go me! jumping up and down**

I hear thunder in the distance, so I guess we are finally going to get that 90% chance of rain we were supposed to have today. Hope everyone in and around the Houston area didn't get flooded in! I think thats Nathan and Mickey Cee...

So America's Next Top Model, I was a bit surprised at who left. But it was a good show, I like all their new hair cuts, except I'm not loving Brittany's longer red, I thought it looked better before, but they didn't ask me soo...LOL And Renee is such a errr **insert inappropriate word here** She needs to realize that the world revolves around the sun, not her. She also needs to realize that she can't always have her way and that shes the one acting like she 13! Grr, but of course she is doing well in the competetion, and the judges never see behind the scenes and the goings on at the house. I wish she could get kicked off for arrogance!


Puck - Mar 14, 2007 7:19 pm (#2450 of 2990)

Tori and Ginny, are you two really living in the same house? Tori says how it's been blue skies and warm, then Ginny says it's been raining all day. LOL Suddenly reminded of the two headed monster on Sesame Street.

I'm also a bit disappointed in Idol's results. Mostly because the one person who has been consistantly boring and should have been voted off the first week is still there! Sadly, he'll be putting me to sleep singing again next week.
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:53 pm


geauxtigers - Mar 14, 2007 7:51 pm (#2451 of 2990)

Ha ha Puck, it was gross all morning and then it cleared up a bit and we saw a fair amount of blue skies. It was long enough to dry the pavements and such and I had to put my sunglasses on for a bit, then it got overcast and gross again. It didn't stay like that for long! LOL Now its raining again...woo Its amazing, one warm week and a morning's worth of showers and all the azaleas are blooming and suddenly everything is green again. It was all brown and dead last week! LOL I love spring! "Its raining today! Where is my umbrella?" **waving to Audrey, she might know that line!**

I agree about Idol. Said person is a good singer, he just seems more like choir boy to me. He doesn't have any enthusiasum, he just kinda blaaa. Hes a good singer, but he needs a couple cheering charms and loads of caffine to wake up the audience! LOL

So who is everyone picking to win the Basketball Tournament? Like I said, my dad and I are picking Wazzu because hes an alum, and if we could have our dream season...they'd win it! LOL but I think it'll come down to Florida, Kansas, North Carolina and Memphis for the final four, but I'm not keeping Maryland, Georgetown, or Vandy out there either! Washington State will win it all! Cougs will conquer! LOL **is dreaming b ig but at same time remembering George Mason**

I also spilt my coffee all over the white carpet. I guess I should remember not to leave it sitting on my desk in the mornings...


painting sheila - Mar 14, 2007 9:17 pm (#2452 of 2990)

Hi everyone!

Mandy - So sorry about your sister's little kitty. How sad. (sniff) (((hugs))) to her from me.

Denise P (?) or Puck (?) - WHAT did you do with all of your fabric? I will drive and get it - I am a certified fabric freak. I used to live in a town that had a store that sold fabric by the POUND! Yes, that is right - by the pound!! DO you have any idea how much fabric you can get in a pound - mmwwhahahahahaha!

The kids middle school celebrated pie day. Sounds like a good reason to go get pizza. HA!

Tori and Ginny - I think your rain is coming this way. Which could prove to be a big mess for us. Some of our new furniture came on Monday and all the old stuff (from this time and the time before) is sitting in the drive way. I have asked hubbie (repeatedly) what he would like to do with it, and have now turned it over to him. It will be a shame if it all gets wet and has to go to the dump - but I am done worrying about it. The ball is in his court -

Speaking of balls in courts (I know - I know - wrong metaphor) but go HEELS!!

Oldest son had an audition today. We got t go to Wilmington - wOOt!! It was a pretty day but still kind chilly on the beach.

LOST -> Oh my gosh! Can you believe Claire and Jack are half brother and sister? I wonder how they will finally figure it all out. AND what is up with Locke? I think he is sabatoging things on purpose. The German guy knew him and I think Locke was afraid he was going to say to much - that is why he threw him in the sonic-laser-killing-ray-thing. And why if Jack having a picnic with the others when everyone thinks he is in mortal danger? I can't wait for next week!

Off to check five words -



Tazzygirl - Mar 14, 2007 10:29 pm (#2453 of 2990)

Count me in the crowd of wishing Sonjaya gone. I am seriously thinking that Idol is rigged... I did really like Melinda's performance last night though. Tonight's episode hasn't aired here yet.

They've been saying here we are supposed to be getting a lot of rain- flash flooding and all that. So far, I haven't seen any rain, just overcast and extremely humid. The beaches are getting about 15 foot swells too!

I don't think my mom ever gave goody bags out for birthdays. I did plan a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my sister when she was into HP and I wasn't. Everyone got goody bags (If I ever stop being a teacher, I think I'd be a party planner/caterer). Count me in the group of giving goody bags only to the kids invited to the party, and also giving a gift only to the birthday kid.

Hoping to go to bed in the next half hour or so. Soooo tired!



Solitaire - Mar 14, 2007 10:37 pm (#2454 of 2990)

we save all sorts of things--paper towel rolls, egg cartons, oatmeal containers, etc. because "you could make something with that."

LOL This is the theme song of most teachers I've known!

Oh, Mandy ... I am so sorry about your sister's kitten. I know how hard it is to make that decision.

Healing Charms to you, Tazzy! I've been trying to stave it off myself, but my students are dropping like flies. A few of them have been out more than ten days already, and they do not appear to be coming back any time soon. One is a bit of a hypochondriac, but the other two are generally in their seats every day. Both have been undergoing tests to see what is wrong.

We are hoping it is not another round of San Joaquin Valley Fever. We had a bad time with it about 6 years ago in seventh grade. My two students who were affected both had moms who were former teachers, so they were able to keep up with their work and come to school on and off ... but a couple of the kids lost a whole year and had to repeat. I always worry when it becomes an issue, because I had Valley Fever as a child, and it is possible to get it again (although I don't think it is contagious ... you don't get it from another person). I still test positive for it.

Pi Day? I would love a piece of pecan pi.

Well, I've been rearranging and moving living room furniture all evening, so it's time to hit the sack. I am wiped out! Have a great Thursday, everyone!



journeymom - Mar 14, 2007 10:39 pm (#2455 of 2990)

The apple pie with freshly grated nutmeg, and an oh-so buttery, flakey crust was FABULOUS if I do say so myself.

Forgot to listen to Kate Bush, though.


Ydnam96 - Mar 14, 2007 11:22 pm (#2456 of 2990)

Thank you all for your well wishes. She's doing okay. She did go and adopt two new cats (they are brother and sister and came as a package deal) I think it's helping her to keep occupied. And I think it's good because she's a teacher so she's gone all day and that way the cats can keep each other company. It doesn't make the loss any less real but I think it will help in the healing.

My birthday is in the middle of July (16th, had a great birthday present from Jo!) and so I never had parties as a kid. Just cake with the family and some close friends. Absolutely no goodie bags. I had never even heard of that until I was a teen.

San Joaquin Fever? I'm gonna have to look that up on Wikipedia. I've never heard of it.

Feel better Tazzy.

Edit to add: Oh, and She I agree about LOST. Wow


The giant squid - Mar 14, 2007 11:57 pm (#2457 of 2990)

I guess Mr. E might be picking up the Squid's at the airport on Friday.--Marie E.

I hope so...it's a long walk from Kansas City to Warrensburg...

Something tells me you would make a mean Riff Raff though.--Loopy Lupin

It's astounding...time is fleeting...

Mike, yeah for Mrs. Squid's car. Will you be allowed to drive it?—Puck

Theoretically, though I have yet to put that to the test.

Oh, and did you get to watch the building implode the other night?--Puck again

Unfortunately, we missed it. The wife woke up to the fireworks they set off beforehand, but when the actual building went down it was obscured by some trees. It wasn't until after it was all over that I thought to turn on the TV...at which point we got lovely footage of a huge dust cloud. I'm sure they'll replay it just before the next implosion...they always do a "top 10 casino implosions" countdown. It's kind of macabre if you think about it.



Snuffles - Mar 15, 2007 2:08 am (#2458 of 2990)

Congrats on your wife's new car Mike. I love Mini's. I used to have a (mini) Mini when I first passed my driving test. I think I used to put in about £10 worth of fuel and it lasted me about 2 weeks

Eponine, *Good luck* charms to your friend.

Sorry to hear about your sisters kitten Mandy.

Hope you are feeling better today Kristina. *Anti Crud charms*

I took Olivia to see Charlotte's Web at pictures yesterday. It was the 11am showing and we were the only ones in there!! Olivia loved it as she had the pick of seats and was able to chat to me without me saying Ssshhhh!. I bet the guy showing the film up top wished we hadn't gone in though. When the film finished, the credits just started to roll, we stood up and the film was turned off! I couldn't see a thing!

Looks like another lovely Spring day today. I had better make the most of it though as the weather people think we will have snow in a couple of weeks

Happy Thursday everyone



TomProffitt - Mar 15, 2007 4:37 am (#2459 of 2990)

Well, America has done it again. I just don't understand why people vote for Sanjaya, he's not going to ever cut a record that people will buy.

I liked Brandon, but it was fairly obvious to me that he wasn't on the same talent level as the folks competing for the win. Sorry, that someone else didn't go before him, but not very sorry that he had to go, he wasn't going to win.

And why isn't Phil more popular? I'm surprised really. Give him the right songs and he is excellent. He's got a lot more going for him than Chris Richardson. At least in my opinion.

Done with Idol rant.


Denise P. - Mar 15, 2007 5:02 am (#2460 of 2990)

On Lost, I totally was not shocked or surprised since I read speculation on a board last season about that very same thing! Will the two in question ever figure it out since one never got his name...

Yay! Two went to school today!!


Good Evans - Mar 15, 2007 5:41 am (#2461 of 2990)

Yay on the two school goers Denise!!!!

Mandy - I am sorry to hear about the kitten, strengthening charms to your sister.

Pi day???????????????????? why pi day? I had not heard of it before but think "pie" day would be much better!!

have a great day all


painting sheila - Mar 15, 2007 5:51 am (#2462 of 2990)

Feel better Tazzy!

Stay away from the creeping crude one and all - yuck!

I am off to get my passport. Yeah!


Marie E. - Mar 15, 2007 6:11 am (#2463 of 2990)

One of the parents at the daycare is a math teacher and her shirt read "(Pi symbol) irrational but well rounded". I thought it was funny.

LOL Denise, on the Giant Rat Palace. I hate that place. Except for Skee Ball. I love Skee Ball. I am also one who is totally over the goody bags. They are a waste of time and money, in my opinion. My friend Melissa bought all the guests a mini diary with stickers to decorate it at her daughters last party. I don't know if I'll even do anything extra for Shayla's party. Ten year olds don't need a bag of candy and plastic junk.

I am also a pack rat. Right here in my office are four coffee cans "just in case". And tons and tons of children's books. It really is a teacher thing.

We leave for Missouri in about an hour. I just had to check to forum one last time as my sister doesn't have internet at home. See you all on Sunday!


haymoni - Mar 15, 2007 6:19 am (#2464 of 2990)

I picked Florida to win it all. No particular reason. I fill these things out every year. I came in 5th one time. I just like beating out the guys.


Puck - Mar 15, 2007 6:21 am (#2465 of 2990)

Sheila, it's Denise who rid herself of some fabric. I don't think I could do such a thing. (I have given some to the school for projects and stuff, but need to hang on to most of it. What if I need just one more 2 inch square of green?

I think Chris R. has major appeal with the teen girls. He is nice to look at. I don't think it's rigged. The judges always look shocked at the decisions. Honestly, I think most of the contestants did better with the songs than Diana did last night. Of course, she does have about 40 years on them, and she looks fab!

top 10 casino implosions They have enough to show a top 10?


Loopy Lupin - Mar 15, 2007 6:44 am (#2466 of 2990)

That was really fine with me, because we're having it at this indoor play place and I had to pay for a minimum of 15 kidlets anyway, but what should I do about the goodie bags, etc?-- Madame Pince

Goodie bags are a nice touch, but not required. It is the little tykes who attend the party that should be learning the joy of giving a gift to the guest of honor and not the joy of receiving "stuff" from the birthday boy's mom. As for the moms bringing extra tag alongs, I smell a giant rat. Surely, it is not lost on you that Saturday is the second round of the NCAA tournament, so I couldn't help but speculate whether need to "find a sitter" for a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon really means that dad has plans that involve basketball and beer. But, of course, at this age parents tend not to want to drop little Johnny off into the hands of, more or less, complete strangers, so if that means bringing little Susie along, so be it. As an uninvited guest, however, Susie gets bupkus. Don't fear, though, as the kids get older parents will gladly drop off only the invited guest. Then the etiquette question becomes how long you have to wait after the party to call said parents and ask if they're coming to get their child or not.

Oh, leave Sanjaya alone. There's so much more he can do with his hair that we've yet to see.

Edit-- LOL. Juliebug, my short comment was a test to see if I remembered how to do white font. Oh, and speaking of basketball, I have Florida and Ohio State meeting for the championship just like in football.

Lost--- At least this is starting to get interesting again. Next week looks so good; I can't wait. But, I'm wondering if there's a piece to the puzzle I've missed somewhere or if I'm supposed to be confused. Mainly, what I'm thinking is as follows: So, the Others aren't the Dharma initiative, but people that the Dharma initiative brought to the island who then revolted against Dharma and now live there?


juliebug - Mar 15, 2007 6:45 am (#2467 of 2990)

On Lost: I actually was not surprised by learning who Claire's father was. There had been speculation about it on some Lost fan boards I check ever since a flash back scene where Christian Shephard was leaving the home of a blonde haired Austrailian woman who resembled Claire. Ana Lucia was waiting for him in the car. I am a bit confused about how Jack went from being kept in a cage to playing football with Tom. I guess it's all part of that he walks among them but is not one of them tattoo business. I'm glad Desmond is still trying and able to keep Charlie from kicking the the bucket. I'd really hate to see him go. I'm am looking forward to next week. I've been hearing for a long time that the story of how Locke ended up in a wheelchair is really something huge.

Edit: cross post with Loopy. What a short and rather cryptic comment. Care to elaborate?


painting sheila - Mar 15, 2007 7:15 am (#2468 of 2990)

Lost -> So far we have Jack - doctor; His dad - doctor and Claire's father; Ana Lusia - with Jack's dad seeing Claire's mom; John- in a hospial with some sort of injury that prevents him from walking - Jack's dad again?. . . Maybe Jack's dad is the bolt holding all of these nuts together? How many more of the flashbacks is he involved in?


juliebug - Mar 15, 2007 7:34 am (#2469 of 2990)

More Lost: How many more Christian Shephard flashbacks . . . probably at least a few. We will probably learn when and how his alcohol abuse problem started. It seems likely that Claire's mother's accident was a part of that. More back story will probably be revealed when Claire and Jack learn that they are brother and sister. Maybe Jack remembering his father talking on the phone or a fight between his parents. There is also the fact that Christian's body is still somewhere on the island. In the first season, Jack found the casket that had been holding the body, back when he kept seeing visions of his father around the island. The casket was empty. I've always thought they would revisit this story line. Also when Christian and Ana Lucia visit the house in Austrialia, Claire's mother would have already had her accident and become comatose. It probably was not her standing in that door. I'm guessing that was the aunt (Lindsey I think) who was with Claire and her mother at the hospital. She was very angry when she saw Christian at the hospital. I'm guessing there is more to that too.


Esther Rose - Mar 15, 2007 7:43 am (#2470 of 2990)

I'm lost on Lost. So I have nothing to add. I am however anxiously awaiting for April 23rd to roll around for the next episode of Heroes. (Torturous)

However my free thought for the day. I did not realize how much more rich whole milk is compared to skim. I forgot to bring milk for my oat bran this morning so I had to go to the cafeteria at work for milk. They only had low fat chocolate or whole milk left. I decided that whole milk will have to do today. I felt like I was eating my oat bran with cream this morning.


haymoni - Mar 15, 2007 8:12 am (#2471 of 2990)

It feels decadent, doesn't it?

I remember after my parents would have a dinner party, the next morning my dad would always take the leftover cream or half-n-half and poor it over Rice Krispies. He said it was like eating melted ice cream on top.


juliebug - Mar 15, 2007 8:21 am (#2472 of 2990)

Oh, I forgot to add about Lost Another castaway with ties to Jack and Claire's dad is Sawyer. They had a drink together in a bar. This is where Sawyer first heard the Red Sox will never win the World Series line. Jack, Claire, Ana Lucia and Sawyer. Makes you wonder who else has stumbled across Christian Shephard's path. Me thinks Sheila's theory on the man might be on to something.


Chemyst - Mar 15, 2007 8:46 am (#2473 of 2990)

Don't stress too much over a kid's party. It's counter productive. Puck's advice was excellent, "Just hand each parent a bag on the way out." It is the "on way out" that counts so that pieces of them aren't left behind. And of course, Miss Manners is properly correct about the uninvited getting bupkus (bupkiss?). Families with many siblings get adjusted to pecking orders. As for Little Pince being an only child, I'm sure you are handling his socialization just fine. Sometimes it is the parents of 'twos' that bend over backwards to try to make things "fair." Folks with three or more realize this is not possible.

My ISP sends out e-letters to its customers with tips and oddities. A while back they gave a link to a Parents' Support Group for Out-of Control birthday parties. Get real: they needed a support group to help reassure them they don't have to pay thousands of dollars? It was funny, and a little sad, to read about parents wasting spending thousands of dollars to 'out do' the other kid's parents.
That said, for I'm sure this would run into hundreds of dollars too, (but since you are in the DC area,) I remember one idea that looked cool. The National Zoo does parties. Kids get safari hats, a guided tour, and there was a choice of a Rainforest or a Lion's Den theme.

** wonders if Sibyll is related to the seer who warned Caesar to be on his guard against a great peril on the Ides of March (today).**


I Am Used Vlad - Mar 15, 2007 9:01 am (#2474 of 2990)

I finally got around to reading HBP again and have to say that I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I did the first time. It still would have been a much better book if the old Potions book had turned out to have belonged to Draco's grandfather, but that is neither here nor there.

Speaking of HBP, by this point prior to its release, didn't we have a few chapter titles, the passage about Rufus, pictures of the covers and stuff like that. This time, nothing.


Puck - Mar 15, 2007 9:22 am (#2475 of 2990)

It's the final book, so it may all be kept secret. I'm really not expecting any teasers.

My baby is now 18 months old. I guess I should start calling her Toddler Puck. I keep reminding myself that no more babies means no more nightime feedings, etc.... Plus, if I had another, that one would grow too. Perhaps I should follow Denise and get a puppy.

I occasionally run out of skim milk and put some of the kids whole on my cereal. I only use a tiny bit, as it is too rich for me.

I must say, Loopy, I wondered the same thing about the party being on a Saturday, but being from a single parent family myself, I know that sometimes there isn't anyone else to watch the kids.


Loopy Lupin - Mar 15, 2007 9:25 am (#2476 of 2990)

And of course, Miss Manners is properly correct about the uninvited getting bupkus (bupkiss?).

Of course Miss Manners is correct, but she wishes she'd looked up the spelling for "bupkus." She'd have found that it is actually "bupkes" which is Yiddish for "nothing."

This time, nothing.—Vlad

Bupkes, even.

I must say, Loopy, I wondered the same thing about the party being on a Saturday, but being from a single parent family myself, I know that sometimes there isn't anyone else to watch the kids. –

Which is why the answer to the issue was not to tell mom to leave her other kids home alone, but to cheerfully say "Certainly, the more the merrier." Indeed, Miss Manners is well-aware that some moms are single, even if only single long enough for dad to finish serving his country. ***daintily waives silk handkerchief in Denise's general direction*** Those exceptions do nothing, however, to cover the still lingering smell of the giant rat. It also occurs to Miss Manners that Madame Pince should be aware that in future instances in which she may not have "overbooked" the party, informing would-be party crashers of the cover charge will likely solve her problem altogether.


Esther Rose - Mar 15, 2007 9:45 am (#2477 of 2990)

Very decadent Haymoni. Not to mention I had also put a smidgeon of caramel extract in my oat bran. All of a sudden my oatbran tasted like an oatmeal craisin cookie with walnuts. (I put dried cranberries and walnuts in my oat bran too.)

Now, I get to do this again tomorrow since I only used a half cup and there is a half cup of milk left!


journeymom - Mar 15, 2007 9:48 am (#2478 of 2990)

I understand there is also Mole Day, October 23, usually celebrated between 6:02am and 6:02pm. I don't quite understand what this is about, I actually understand Pi better. But I bet Chemyst gets it.

I think we'll have some nice grilled chicken with a mole sauce that day.


Catherine - Mar 15, 2007 10:20 am (#2479 of 2990)

As always, Loopy's Miss Manners advice is spot on.

Much ado at work this week, plus many folks out sick. I'm at work sick due to lack of subs. I am showing Romeo and Juliet, so it's a relatively low-impact day, fortunately.

Pssst to Journeymom....check your email


Puck - Mar 15, 2007 10:32 am (#2480 of 2990)

plus many folks out sick   ...including my babysitter!  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 3276373137

Luckily, baby has taken an early nap, and a very reliable friend is home and willing to take the girls. Son will be picked up at school and dragged to ballet class with me. (Friend offered to watch him as well. However, I don't want to leave her with 3 extras, plus by the time he is out of school I'll be pushing it to get to work on time even without stopping to drop him off.)

I suppose I should go call the school and tell them not to put him on the bus....



Chemyst - Mar 15, 2007 10:33 am (#2481 of 2990)

Ah, we have a case of dueling dictionaries then. When I looked it up, I found:   bupkis/bupkiss is a borrowing from Yiddish, where it literally means 'beans'. The reference is to how inexpensive and common beans are. The word bupkis is first found in American English sources in the early 1940s, but it did not become common in non-Jewish-related writings until the late 1960s. It did not say what the Yiddish word was, so I thank you for including that.


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 15, 2007 10:36 am (#2482 of 2990)

I could do with a nice plate of enchilladas topped with mole, or hedgehog omelette, for those who do not know what a hedgehog omelette which is an omelette stuffed with mushrooms.


Mrs. Sirius - Mar 15, 2007 10:39 am (#2483 of 2990)

Loopy who is that on your avatar?

Skim vs. whole- I, the milk lover (non-meat eater) have developed a "sensitivity" (it is not lactose problem but skin) to milk and cannot have it in any form, no milk, no cream, no cheese and most importantly, NO ICE CREAM. whaaaaa

Marie E have a safe trip.

Hi Vlad

healing charms Tazzy

On the kids party Madame Pince, I too started my kids first "kids" birthday parties at age 5. Because our house is small and I am not the domestic Goddess:-), I usually have the parties elsewhere. Some of the places have provided the gift bags which makes things really easy.

Other times I scour $1 dollar stores for something different and useful. Last year I found classic children's books on CD. I added flower seeds and a few other outdoors activities and games. Usually when my kids come back from a party with gift bags full of candy and noise makers I pitch them the moment they turn their backs.

As the paranoid parent who wouldn't let my kids to go to other kids parties without being within arms reach myself, I don't mind if other parents stay and bring the other kids. Although I will often prepare a couple of extra gift bags to avoid misunderstandings, tears I don't stress out about having enough for the extra kids.


Loopy Lupin - Mar 15, 2007 11:20 am (#2484 of 2990)

Loopy who is that on your avatar? -- Mrs. Sirius

Heavens to murgatroid! That is Miss Manners (a/k/a Judith Martin). Quick! Where's the cold compress!! Miss Manners' relevance has been implicitly questioned!!!

I am showing Romeo and Juliet, so it's a relatively low-impact day, fortunately.

Oh, I love that movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Daines had great chemistry.

Ah, we have a case of dueling dictionaries then.—Chemyst

It would seem so because now that you went and got me all curious about it, it seems that you can find some source to support any number of spellings of the word: bupkes, bupkis, bupkus (as I originally used it), bupkiss, bubkes, and bubkis to name a few. Quite a few words signifying nothing.


painting sheila - Mar 15, 2007 11:55 am (#2485 of 2990)

We do birthday parties on their "important" birthdays. (They are all "important" but the 10th- Double Digit Birthday; 12th - enter into the youth program at church; 13th - YEAH! You're a teenager!; 16th - Yeah! You are a teenage pain!; . Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042. . . you get the idea.

We also can have friends over on our birthdays - but don't call it a party. Just invite one or two and eat cake and ice cream and hang out more or less. With 4 kids the birthdays happen faster than I can bake cakes it seems!

Beautiful day here! 80+ degrees! wOOt!! it is supposed to rain tomorrow . . . and the stuff is STILL in the driveway. (sigh)



I Am Used Vlad - Mar 15, 2007 11:56 am (#2486 of 2990)

Hi, Mrs. Sirius.

Loopy, I take it you are also fond of Mel Gibson's Hamlet.

I tried to start a new thread about my big book 7 theory, but I had a computer malfunction. Oh, well, I guess it will have to wait.

Where's Finn, by the way? All he seems to do now is vote, although I shouldn't criticize anyone for not posting enough.


haymoni - Mar 15, 2007 12:05 pm (#2487 of 2990)

So far I have predicted 3 correct wins, but it looks like my streak may go down the tubes with the next few games of the NCAA Tourney.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Ides of March!


John Bumbledore - Mar 15, 2007 12:46 pm (#2488 of 2990)

I understand there is also Mole Day, October 23, usually celebrated between 6:02am and 6:02pm. I don't quite understand what this is about, I actually understand Pi better. But I bet Chemyst gets it. – Journeymom

I should hope Chemyst, of all people, should recognize why Oct. 23 is Mole Day. And the times of 6:02 AM/PM is part of the reason.

But since she hasn't commented on it here is a quick quote.

One mole of anything contains 6.0221367 times ten to the 23 power of that object. This is known as Avogadro's number.
˜ 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


Catherine - Mar 15, 2007 1:27 pm (#2489 of 2990)

Oh, I love that movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Daines had great chemistry. --Loopy Lupin[

I'm doing the Zeferelli 1968 version. The kids laugh in all the right places, and were very good during the "lark vs. nightingale" exchange.

One very funny comment happened when a student who had been absent returned, and said, "Whoa--they are wearing TIGHTS! Forget the tights!"

Another boy chimed in, "I've already seen this version. Believe me, you'll wish Romeo had kept the tights on!"

I had to smile behind my hand on that one. But they were very good when the scene came up.


geauxtigers - Mar 15, 2007 2:13 pm (#2490 of 2990)

Wow yall have been super chatty today!

So far we have 3 correct predictions too for the tournament. More games should be finishing up, in fact I should check that.. **checks espn** 5 correct out of 6! So far so good! LOL even though there are like, a million more to be played! Only one we missed was Tech and Boston College, we picked Tech for the upset. No such luck.

Don't have time to write much more. Lots of homework to do. Grey's Anatomy tonight!

Happy Thursday!


Mediwitch - Mar 15, 2007 5:03 pm (#2491 of 2990)

So I changed my avatar in honor of the weather change we're supposed to have tomorrow. It actually cracked 70 degrees here the last couple of days, and tomorrow and Saturday we're supposed to get anywhere from 8-16" of snow, depending on how much sleet mixes in. Gotta love New England weather!

We had a pretty good meeting with the real estate agent yesterday. The listing price he suggested was just a little bit less than we were hoping, but he thinks he'll have no trouble selling the house. We're meeting with another one tomorrow (unless the weather is really bad).


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 15, 2007 5:04 pm (#2492 of 2990)

I was going to explain the Mole day, but John beat me to it! I didn't know that one existed either, but unfortunately, I remember what a mole is. That number made my life miserable last year in chemistry...."if there is 48.2348 moles of Carbon dioxide in a 44ml balloon, then how many molecules oc CO2 are in the balloon?" ERR I don't know, nor do I care! LOL

Got to go! Lots of stuff to do. Ahh it's 7:00 and the sun has yet to go down. I like it like that! Makes me think of summer!

Grey's Tonight!!! DON'T FORGET!!!


Holly T. - Mar 15, 2007 5:53 pm (#2493 of 2990)

I have never heard of that kind of mole before. Perhaps that is why I did so poorly in chemistry ...

Son and I saw the OotP trailer at the discount movie place today when we went to see "Happy Feet." Not the new trailer, of course, and we'd seen this one online. But still nice to see. We hadn't seen "Happy Feet." Daughter saw it at the IMAX with a friend's birthday party back in December.

Son and I also walked down to the creek to see how high it was after all of the rain. The fort he and his sister built on the bank washed away (it wasn't much more than a pile of sticks, but they called it a fort). The water was still moving very quickly and it looked like it had been over the bridge at one point, judging from the debris.

I have a lot of Girl Scout work I told people I would catch up on over spring break. I guess I should work on it, LOL.


journeymom - Mar 15, 2007 5:56 pm (#2494 of 2990)

Ah, cookie money is due tomorrow in our neck of the woods!


haymoni - Mar 15, 2007 6:06 pm (#2495 of 2990)

I hate Marquette. Everytime I pick them, they stink. Everytime I don't pick them, they do great.


juliebug - Mar 15, 2007 6:36 pm (#2496 of 2990)

See you at the GA forum Ginny


Tazzygirl - Mar 15, 2007 6:42 pm (#2497 of 2990)

It was funny, and a little sad, to read about parents wasting spending thousands of dollars to 'out do' the other kid's parents.

You just summed up the culture here for kids' first birthdays. It's absolutely ridiculous! They won't remember it...

I think Vlad asked where Finn was- last time I heard from him he was buried under homework and school activities.

Thanks for the healing charms. I think they've helped hold the crud off- head ache still comes and goes, and still super tired, but not feeling as bad as I was yesterday. Sending **healing charms** to Soli and everyone else who needs them!

I don't work today, and as I don't have school until Wednesday next week I plan on doing nothing today except lounge and read. The public schools (where I student teach) go on Spring Break starting Monday, so I get Monday and Tuesday off. I have classes at Uni Wednesday, and was going to have class Thursday but my instructors cancelled. So I guess I can now say I am on Spring Break! w00t!!!

oh- Lost: I actually wasn't surprised when Jack's dad told Claire he was her father. Did Jack mention to someone in last season or the first season that he knew his dad had a second family or something? I don't remember. The one thing that is honestly bugging me about this show is that several of its characters had gone off to explore the island and- How on EARTH did they not see the 'security system' or the other island or the Russian guy and the cows?!?!?! I know it's just a show, but... grrrr. Jack seemed pretty happy to be with the Others. Freaky bunch of people... I am also thinking that they were leftover from the Dharma initiative and have a major case of island fever. Oh, Claire's mum on the show was a former Mrs. Hawaii (random fact, if interested! LOL)

Grey's Anatomy tonight! w00t!!! **has to wait 4 more hours**

Happy RotD/N everyone!



Viola Intonada - Mar 15, 2007 7:01 pm (#2498 of 2990)

Well, just as I finished reading this thread last night, but before I could post, our power went out. It was 9:30pm. It didn't came back on until 10:45pm, by then I was too comfy in bed to catch the last 15 minutes of Lost. I also decided I would probably feel more "lost" only having seen the last 15 minutes of it. Woke up this morning to the newscasters making jokes about the Apocolypse (sp?). In the past four days in Northeast Ohio we have had 70 degree weather, an earthquake, a tornado, flooding, and we woke up to about 1/2" of snow on the ground this morning. (We are fine in the Viola household)

Happy ROTD everyone!


painting sheila - Mar 15, 2007 7:17 pm (#2499 of 2990)

It's a hard day for Duke fans. ((((hugs)))) to all of you out there - and I mean that sincerely. It was a hard way to go down.

Oldest Son was very upset (Understatement of the century here!)


geauxtigers - Mar 15, 2007 7:27 pm (#2500 of 2990)

Ha ha, Haymoni, I picked Michigan State for that one! LOL **is still shocked Duke lost** Have they ever lost in the first round of the tournament?

Wow, Viola! That is quite a combo isn't it? Glad you are all safe. And hopefully everyone else from the Ohio region is too. I haven't heard about the quake. How big was it? Will I sound stupid if I say I didn't think that earthquakes typically occured there? Apparently LA sits on a fault, but I think the last quake we had was October 13, 1988 when TOmmy Hodson hit Eddie Fuller in the corner of the endzone to win the game for LSU vs Auburn! LOL The crowd cheers registered Earth tremors on a seismograph on campus! LOL Ver cool! I would have loved to have been there, but alas earwax, I wasn't even born! LOL

Okay, spent too much time here, shouldn't have, have to go read, Grey's fansm check out our Grey's Anatomy Forum ! People should be starting to post by now in the central and eastern states! All... 6 of us!

Lady Arabella
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Post  Lady Arabella on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:55 pm


Puck - Mar 15, 2007 7:31 pm (#2501 of 2990)

bupkes, bupkis, bupkus (as I originally used it), bupkiss, bubkes, and bubkis to name a few.

Seems like Much Ado about Nothing, to me. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

Sorry about the loss of ice cream, Mrs. Sirius.

Mediwitch, I'm not looking forward to the snow. My yard finally got down to just a few little patches, and now it will be covered again. *sigh*


Viola Intonada - Mar 15, 2007 7:57 pm (#2502 of 2990)

The earthquake was Monday evening and registered at 3.6. It was on the other side of Cleveland from me. Earthquakes are rare in the Midwest. The last major one was 1812, though I am unclear as to where the epicenter was and how big of an area was affected.

Oh, I forgot to include that the Buzzards officially returned to Hinckley, OH today. (This refers to Turkey Vultures. The Metropark in Hinckley always host a large breakfast and have several activities related to the vultures migrating back to the area every year.)


juliebug - Mar 15, 2007 8:33 pm (#2503 of 2990)

Glad you're OK Viola. Earthquakes do tend to really flabbergast us Midwesterners. I (in Indiana) have only really experienced 1. It was over 20 years ago and very mild, but I still remember it vividly. Absolutely no damage was done. My grandma thought my uncle was shaking her chair to be silly.

On Lost I can buy the never came across Otherville thing for two reasons: it's taken the group over a week to get there, none of the other exploratory missions lasted that long and the smoke monster kept them away from certain areas of the island.


Pigwidgeon - Mar 15, 2007 8:48 pm (#2504 of 2990)

Hi Viola! **waves** Yeah, I guess the earthquake was pretty mild. I was actually at my parent's house -- further south than the area hit -- when it happened, so I hadn't a clue about it until the next day. My best friend thought someone was going by her apartment with a large shopping cart, but didn't think much of it.

But Ohio's weather and events tend to be goofy. You can get a year's worth of weather in one week. Sometimes, in one day.


The giant squid - Mar 15, 2007 9:01 pm (#2505 of 2990)

bupkes, bupkis, bupkus (as I originally used it), bupkiss, bubkes, and bubkis to name a few.--Loopy Lupin

Clearly, 'tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury.

Okay, last login before I try to snag a few ZZZs. Our plane leaves at 6:45AM--not pleasant when your body's used to going to sleep between 4 & 5AM...

Lost:So that's another thing that Locke apparently missed on his mapping walk around the island (along with the fact that there's other islands)... I wonder if he might have been taken by the Others early on & has been a plant ever since? His behavior is the last two seasons is definitely more erratic than it was at the beginning...



Solitaire - Mar 15, 2007 11:23 pm (#2506 of 2990)

Get real: they needed a support group to help reassure them they don't have to pay thousands of dollars?

I can't even begin to count the number of kids in our school whose parents take not only their own kid but half a dozen of his friends out of school for a day (sometimes two) to Disneyland, Magic Mountain, some major league sporting event, a play (okay, this at least has some redeeming cultural value), or shopping and lunch down in LA. Since our school is only about 2 hours north of Los Angeles, this is not an isolated, infrequent occurrence. Since the kids are often worn out from the excursion, they generally miss an additional day for "recuperating." Alas, it is not usually the A students who do this ... it tends to be kids who can ill afford to miss a day, even for sickness.

Whatever happened to staying in school during the week and having one's friends sleep over on Friday night ... as opposed to an expensive hotel suite with room service? It must be nice to have "deep pockets." Okay, rant over ... I think.

Oops ... maybe it isn't. Tazzy said, You just summed up the culture here for kids' first birthdays. It's absolutely ridiculous! They won't remember it...

At the risk of offending and alienating parents of preschoolers and kindergarteners everywhere, I kind of feel that way about putting kids in caps and gowns for "graduation" into and from Kindergarten. And, yes, it happens here. (Sorry ... but this stuff is coming up now for teachers.) We do use robes for 8th grade graduation as a way of eliminating the "dress competition," but I think the full regalia with tassels, cords, and mortarboards should be something special to mark the high school graduation. I realize those other milestones are important, but I think putting Ks in caps and gowns diminishes the meaning. Okay, rant is really over. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!



Lina - Mar 16, 2007 12:09 am (#2507 of 2990)

Of course, I had no idea what would the mole day be about (I was thinking about the animal that makes tunnels in ground or the birth marks...) until John explained it so nicely. Actually, I was very fascinated by the moles when we were learning about them in school, they are something as beautiful as the sun rising that I'm just watching... The reason that people came to the idea of establishing that number is that the same volume of any gas at the same temperature and the same pressure has the exactly same number of molecules.

I think that the idea of children getting presents at the birthday party even though it is not their birthday, was introduced here by Mc Donald's. Although I noticed that a friend of mine uses birthday parties to get rid of the toys that her children don't use any more. So I tried to do the same thing few times, we would collect all the toys that the girls don't care about and organize a tombola at the birthday party.

I Am Used Vlad: This time, nothing. ... yet.

I hate earthquakes, although they happen here from time to time and last time they did any damage in my area was centuries ago.

Healing and good weather charms in all directions.


Puck - Mar 16, 2007 5:31 am (#2508 of 2990)

I remember one earthquake growing up in New England. I guess it was 20 years ago. Minor, but I remember it quite well.

Solitaire, I have a preschool "graduation" coming up. Basically a party with the kids singing a few songs, and possibly releasing some butterflies, if they hatch at the right time. No caps or gowns. That is way over the top.


haymoni - Mar 16, 2007 5:52 am (#2509 of 2990)

I felt the earthquake - I live near Kent, OH - it shook the whole house. Hubby ran downstairs thinking our pipes were exploding or something. My first thought was that someone's house had exploded - gas leak or something. But once I thought about it, it was a low rumble, like a train. Nothing was damaged.

I feel a little better about last night - Xavier pulled it out. They are another iffy team for me. Of course, I've left my brackets at home so I'll be lost here at work.

Leaving early today to finally get our taxes done. Might be able to wrangle dinner out from Hubby! We shall see!


Loopy Lupin - Mar 16, 2007 5:53 am (#2510 of 2990)

Another boy chimed in, "I've already seen this version. Believe me, you'll wish Romeo had kept the tights on!" – Catherine

Right and are you done with your copy of this yet?

I like Squidmike's theory about Locke. It would explain some of his more doofussy moves in the past. As for the island, I think we're just supposed to understand that it is BIG, at least for people who have to travel on foot.


Denise P. - Mar 16, 2007 6:06 am (#2511 of 2990)

Okay, on Lost ----->I can buy the Lostaways don't know about some things on the island, they have been there less than 3 months but the French woman has been there well over 17 years and SHE has never seen this stuff? It is not like there is a whole lot to do on the island other than explore. <-----

I just got done cleaning 4 lbs of fresh strawberries. Sam's had some very nice looking strawberries so I picked up a bunch. Now if we only had home made ice cream to pair with it.

I have to wonder if my kids have a native language other than English. Perhaps I word things wrong. Can anyone explain to me how this: Do not let Tinsel loose in the house until you see her use the bathroom. If you don't, put her back into her crate Translates somehow to: Let Tinsel out to roam free in the house and if she uses the bathroom inside, just ignore it and put her back into her crate.

One of the older boys will let me know if she went to the bathroom but the other one apparently is blind, can't smell or understand simple English.


Solitaire - Mar 16, 2007 7:03 am (#2512 of 2990)

Puck, that sounds like an appropriate K graduation. I love the idea of the butterflies. But i am serious ... every year I see and hear parents in a dither over their pe-schooler or Kindergartener's cap and gown and how it fits!

BTW, I live in Earthquake Central (California). Although it's been a while since we had a serious shaker here in Kern County, we have felt the rockin' and rollin' from those with epicenters in every direction, as far away as 100 miles. When I was living down in Orange County, I experienced three different quakes in three different high-rise buildings. Now, there's an experience I would gladly forego. This was probably between '88-'90, and all were centered in areas in or near LA. Anyone who lived in Southern California and is old enough probably remembers the ones I mean. I was already living back in Bakersfield when the big quake ('92?) hit near Saugus, and it did damage all the way up here. That one was scary! Ohio gets tornadoes, don't they? Isn't that enough? Do they have to suffer earthquakes, too?



haymoni - Mar 16, 2007 7:07 am (#2513 of 2990)

Ohio gets tornados, earthquakes, floods, droughts, blizzards - I don't think we have hurricanes though!


Solitaire - Mar 16, 2007 7:08 am (#2514 of 2990)

Yikes! That sounds like a dangerous place to live!


haymoni - Mar 16, 2007 7:14 am (#2515 of 2990)

Sometimes, but we get real season changes and it doesn't get too hot or too cold. Hubby wants to move someplace warmer, but I can wait a bit.


Puck - Mar 16, 2007 7:20 am (#2516 of 2990)

Umm, Solitaire, doesn't California have mudslides and wildfires as well as earthquakes? I don't see the midwest being any more dangerous.

I did come early from shopping. I have some things to return, but will wait until next week when it's warm again. I was teased with a taste of spring early this week, and hate going back to wintery weather. I got my dishwasher soap, so I can now do the dishes, and the rest can wait until next week. (Also pick up Diva a cute Easter hat while at Target. It was only $1, couldn't pass it up. )

Solitiare, the butterfly idea started when my son was in that class. We bought a butterfly kit for the classroom. It happened that they hatched just in time to release them on "graduation" day. I mentioned it to the new teacher, and she loved the idea. I just hope we can work out the timing.

A toddler is about to unfold my laundry. Bye!



Starling - Mar 16, 2007 7:24 am (#2517 of 2990)

A friend of mine is in Japan.

Latest message from her:

blah blah blah

(ooh, earthquake)

blah blah blah

Something tells me she's not bothered *g*

We had an earthquake in Manchester a few years ago, I remember it. We were in a pedestrian shopping area and realised that even though it felt like it, it wasn't possible that a large arctic lorry had just gone past.

Weather forecast: snow. I'll believe it when I see it.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 16, 2007 7:31 am (#2518 of 2990)

but the other one apparently is blind, can't smell or understand simple English. – Denise
Now I remember why we haven't gotten a puppy yet!

Snow here is coming down, roads are slippery and my daughters are in school. Early dismissal, though. I feel as though I've just arrived home and will be setting out soon to pick them up. I told them to consider this a 'free' day. Attendance taken without the work. Even Olivia's class will spend the day watching movies.

***waves all around***



journeymom - Mar 16, 2007 7:48 am (#2519 of 2990)

The Sacramento area (northern California) floods regularly and gets the occasional twister, occasional snow, and we feel the occasional earthquake. Occasional, like, every 20 to 30 years. Though we're getting more twisters...

I was working in Sacramento (95-ish miles from SF) on the second floor of a rickety old office building in 1989 when the Loma Prieta (San Francisco) quake occurred, and we felt it. It happened during World Series warm-up between the A's and the Giants. Whole elevated freeways collapsed and an upper portion of the Bay Bridge collapsed onto the lower portion. The tv footage was scary to see. I've got two siblings who live in the Bay Area and I was scared for them. They were fine, though.


TomProffitt - Mar 16, 2007 8:31 am (#2520 of 2990)

In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (where I live) we get a tornado about once every ten to fifteen years, but they are little ones compared to those Tornado Alley ones. While we get several snows a year we almost never get one big enough to shut things down more than two days in a row & total accumulation only gets above 30 inches about every twenty years. Hurricanes come our way fairly often, but they've always been deflated by the mountains (little hills for those of you in the Rockies) and don't amount to more than high winds and a lot of rain. Flooding happens a lot, but only in certain low lying areas, so damage from them is usually negligible and the flood is only an inconvenience. I have never actually felt an earthquake here although I think I was "supposed to" have felt one a few years ago.

I live in a nice safe place, just not quite warm enough. At least not for me.


Thom Matheson - Mar 16, 2007 9:17 am (#2521 of 2990)

Just saw on the news last night. HP and the Deathly Hallows has now sold over 12 million copies so far. Are you kidding me? 12 million presales? That is a record by far. Where's that critic with all the bad press?


haymoni - Mar 16, 2007 9:22 am (#2522 of 2990)

I thought it was that they were going to PRINT 12 millions copies, but who knows?

I haven't ordered mine yet.

Don't kick me off the Forum for that!


MickeyCee3948 - Mar 16, 2007 9:47 am (#2523 of 2990)

Yeah, Scholastic said they have never printed 12 million on a first run for ANY book. Not bad for JKR. Watch out Bill Gates, J K Rowling is on your heels.



Eponine - Mar 16, 2007 9:50 am (#2524 of 2990)

I haven't ordered mine yet either, haymoni. I'm waiting to find out when my best friend's training session is this summer. If she can be here, then we'll likely go to a midnight release party at Barnes and Noble. If she can't be here, then I might just pick it up from the Walmart down the road. I can be home half an hour sooner that way, but I've been to release parties for the last two books, and I'd really like to do it for the final book too.

My in-laws are out of town for a few days, so Mr. Eponine and I have been given the task of feeding their cat. We were supposed to feed her once in the morning and once in the evening, but yesterday morning, Mr. Eponine reminded me when I was still asleep. Last night, at close to midnight he happened to mention he hadn't fed the cat that night. Of course, I hadn't fed her either, so I threw on some clothes, jumped in the car and drove down to their house to feed the poor thing. When I got there, she ran to meet me at the door, and I felt awful for forgetting. I did remember to feed her this morning, though, and she insisted on me staying and petting her for a while. She's a sweet cat, but I'm slightly allergic, so I was glad when she'd had enough attention.


Puck - Mar 16, 2007 10:32 am (#2525 of 2990)

We're having an early school closing as well. Diva was invited to a friend's house for today, but is returning early as well. I was hoping to get the little one down early for her nap and have a couple of hours to alone to get stuff done. Earwax. Toddler Puck just fell asleep, and others are due any minute.

I haven't ordered my book either. Also waiting to confirm plans. (I still want to meet, Maria and Mediwitch, but just need to find out when the family gathering in Illinois is going to be.)


Starling - Mar 16, 2007 10:36 am (#2526 of 2990)

I thought it was that they were going to PRINT 12 millions copies

Yes, Scholastic. But what about Bloomsbury?


juliebug - Mar 16, 2007 10:42 am (#2527 of 2990)

Little Bug and I just got home from the St Patrick's day parade. Apparently, the city of Indianapolis decided this year that one day just wasn't enough to celebrate everything Irish, so we started on St Patrick's day eve. Little bug collected lots of candy and many strings of green beads (this has become a custom in recent years and Little Bug loves it, she wears them all the time.) Now we just need to get warm again. The sun was shining and the skies were blue, but the winds were cold and strong. Have a great day all!


John Bumbledore - Mar 16, 2007 10:45 am (#2528 of 2990)

Just need to find out when the family gathering in Illinois is going to be. – Puck

Oh! Are we having a family gathering in Illinois? Maybe you didn't mean "forum" family. Sorry Sib's. My mistake.

Oh, would that make Lexicon Steve the Dad and Kip could be our Step-Dad! What's that make Denise: Mom, Step-mom, or the Nanny?

Alice! The butcher's here for your date.

Yeah, I think were a "bunch" all right...

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Mar 16, 2007 12:52 pm (#2529 of 2990)

Heh! The Science Friday guy on NPR is talking about spiders and mentioned HP. He must be referring to the critter Moody/Crouch 'engorgio'd' in GoF. The spider expert says they're actually very maternal. *shudder* Let me emphasis that: *SHUDDER* I'm an arachnophobe.

Ewww! I've got heeby jeebies now.

Anybody like sardines? I do, but they're rather gross looking. I think the key is to not look too closely. Tiny little back bones dangling off the cracker is a bit icky. Just don't think about it and pop it in the mouth and enjoy thoroughly. I'm alone in the house (aside from the dog) and cracked into the can of sardines. I had them on crackers. Yum!


Edited to say, you guys are definitly like a second family to me!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 16, 2007 1:20 pm (#2530 of 2990)

Love sardines. I put them on a slice of wholegrain bread and toast it. Hubby likes 'em, too.

Priscilla asked me if your avatar was the Holy Grail. Who said Monty Python isn't educational?

John, the more the merrier - well, for the book release gathering, that is. BTW, sheila, are you planning to meet up with us?

Cool avatar, Mediwitch! Definitely suits today's weather, doesn't it!

Love your avatar, too, Lina. Looks like a nice getaway spot.

***Safe trip charms to Marie E. and Squid families as they travel***


geauxtigers - Mar 16, 2007 1:39 pm (#2531 of 2990)

ITS FRIDAY! WOOO! And we have a 3 day weekend here because its the end of 3rd quarter!

Louisiana weather, at least South LA, tornadoes aren't common **knock on wood** We get them occasionally if theres are really nasty storm, and they are normally small and some don't even touchdown **knock on wood** The biggest problem by far I'd say is flooding. And Summertime heat. (and sometimes Hurricanes) Our winters are great and "snows" about once every 15 years or so, maybe a little more, snowed 3 times in the past 16 years. LOL I like it here, I wouldn't live very many other places except perhaps Seattle. I love it there too! I've never been to California, I want to go there some day! But lets face it, anywhere you live isn't the safest place on earth, so you just deal with it! LOL

I pre-ordered my Deathly Hallows a while back. I'm going there and getting my book ASAP and getting out of there! LOL I dunno what the plans are before hand. I'm assuming there will be a party of sorts at the B and N, but I really don't know as I've never been to one. So if I'm there, might as well join the fun, right? LOL then I'm outta there! No spoilers for me and I'm locking myself in my room and reading it until I crash!

Hmm, I think I'll go take a nap! Tomorrow is St. Patty's day! Do they throw vegetables like cabbages and carrots and potatoes anywhere else? Or is that just New Orleans and their hem hem eccentric style of doing things? And of course St. Patty's is just an extension of Mardi gras in the sense that people party and are dressed up in costume and beads. LOL

Happy Friday!


Mediwitch - Mar 16, 2007 2:50 pm (#2532 of 2990)

Puck, I should have warned you that I'm a walking jinx. No snow all winter in southern New England until February, right? Then snow or freezing temps until this past week, and now snow again. Why, you ask? Because they were supposed to start digging the foundation hole for our house this week! The original set-date for the house was March 19, so this is just one more delay (not that we didn't expect them with such an early set-date in New England, but really! It never snowed until February!) Sheesh!

No school here today. I'm just as glad, as I think I'm nursing another sinus infection. Mr. Mediwitch Sr. is a wonderful carrier - he's worse than my kiddoes at school! (They argue less when we make them wash their hands.) I think the next time he gets sick I'm quarantining him in his room!

New England weather is lovely. If you don't like what you're getting, wait a few minutes. No kidding - we cracked 70 at least two days this week, and now I've got about 6" of snow in the yard and it's still comin' down like crazy. Like Puck, the only snow left in my yard this morning was a couple of piles left from plowing. (I had lots of mud though!) I love it though - having four seasons is the best. When you get sick of being hot, it's time for fall. When you get sick of raking leaves, snow falls (well, in most years). Once you're sick of snow, spring arrives. It's a beautiful thing. (We do get blizzards and nor'easters, hurricanes, flooding, and occasional tornadoes and earthquakes, too.)


Puck - Mar 16, 2007 5:11 pm (#2533 of 2990)

The best is that the 6 inches plus of snow is now getting a good coating of sleet on top of it. Very glad I'm done teaching my Saturday morning class. I'll just hang out and continue on with my closets while Mr. Puck clears the driveway tomorrow. (I never finished the closets this week, as I first needed to get to Target to find some things to help organize them. I'm determined MIL will be able to find stuff when she comes to watch the kids while hubby and I are on holiday next month.)


painting sheila - Mar 16, 2007 8:32 pm (#2534 of 2990)

Hungarian Horntail - I would LOVE to get together with the Forum Family - just tell me when and where! I am still saying we need t rent a few beach houses and turn into brown HP slugs!

It has rained here all day. I feel like ai ran around like a crazy woman but don't have anything to show for it. (sigh)

I need tos of help with the costumes for Kiss Me Kate - but no one I know sews. Jeez!!


Solitaire - Mar 16, 2007 8:44 pm (#2535 of 2990)

Puck, the physical geography of California is incredibly diverse, so yes, there are areas that contend with brush fires and landslides ... but I live in a flat area where there are no hills to slide (even assuming we had enough rain to make them slide) and no brush to burn. High-rises are uncommon where I live, too. I'm sure there are other natural disasters that could wipe us out--the Isabella Dam is in terrible shape, and a lot of Bakersfield would be wiped out if it burst--but I still find tornadoes far more terrifying. Could it be that we are just used to living with our own particular threats and nightmares?



Viola Intonada - Mar 16, 2007 9:30 pm (#2536 of 2990)

I have not pre-ordered my book yet. I'm waiting until after Mother's Day, just to give my family a chance at getting me a "no-brainer" gift.


Pigwidgeon - Mar 16, 2007 9:46 pm (#2537 of 2990)

Ohio gets tornados, earthquakes, floods, droughts, blizzards - I don't think we have hurricanes though!

Actually, haymoni, yes we did, once, get a hurricane. It was a freak incident, but sometime in the 1970s, Ohio *did* get socked. I'm rusty on the details, but if anyone is curious, I can look it up. It was Hurricane Agnes, I think, and it came through New York, or somewhere thereabouts.

Also, don't worry -- I haven't ordered my book yet either. Not sure what my plans will be that night and where yet.


journeymom - Mar 16, 2007 11:12 pm (#2538 of 2990)

I didn't order a Scholastic edition. I did order an adult version of the Bloomsbury edition.


Ydnam96 - Mar 16, 2007 11:28 pm (#2539 of 2990)

I'm waiting to order mine...depending on where I'm leaving I will either reserve one in advance of a midnight opening or order for home delievery on that day. I would rather get it at midnight.


Tazzygirl - Mar 17, 2007 1:43 am (#2540 of 2990)

**safe trip charms** to the Squids and Marie. Have fun!

I ordered my copy of DH a month ago or so, but am now having to cancel my reservation at 'the rival' Barnes and Noble and put the order in again at my Barnes and Noble.

Off to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow! w00t!

Happy weekend everyone!! (and HAPPY ST. PATTY's DAY!!!!)



haymoni - Mar 17, 2007 4:26 am (#2541 of 2990)

So the giants visited Ohio, eh? Well, why not? It's a great place to be!

Went to the Tax Man last night. Getting a decent refund, but I have to see what kind of "energy-efficient" home improvements we can make in 2007. Those kinds of deductions are too good to pass up!

Went to Applebee's afterwards. Ordered my Weight Watchers Tilapia. It was really good, but not as good as the Weight Watchers dessert - Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce. The whole thing was only 8 points - Hubby ate half the dessert, so I'm only counting 2 points for that!

Paid some bills this morning - I just love online banking! - and I'll be off to the grocery store soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Good Evans - Mar 17, 2007 5:03 am (#2542 of 2990)

Denise - I can so sympathise my - boys (being 16 and 18) are still blind to a doggie "doo doo" in the yard that needs cleaning up. mind you they also think that the plates wash themselves or the dishwasher fills itself up and starts itself off! so I dont think the deaf and blindness is necessarily related to the puppy!! I even had to remind the household at large that the dog is fed at 5pm. whether I am home from work or not, in otherwords, dont expect each other to do it, someone take responsibility!!!!

happy saturday everyone


Puck - Mar 17, 2007 6:28 am (#2543 of 2990)

It's a male thing. My son walks past an empty cat dish far more often than my Diva. She says "poor hungry kitties" and runs off to fill it.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

The wee Leprechauns showed up at our house last night. Moved furniture around, left out paper with green crayons, build a kitchen fort with chairs and a blanket, and left a trail of dominos to the "treasure" -a box of Lucky Charms. When I came downstairs there was also cereal on the floor, but that was not the Leprechauns.

I may have to try that next time we go to Applebees. Love that carside to go. I can pick up dinner without taking anyone out of their car seats.



Catherine - Mar 17, 2007 9:16 am (#2544 of 2990)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Well, I feel lucky today. Last night was the main fundraising event for my school--the auction. Teachers were encouraged to donate time for an "Adventure" out with students. I donated a trip to the movies and dinner out at a Japanese Steakhouse for up to six students...and someone bid over $900 for my time! I even beat the autographed golf shirt that had 30 signatures on it, including Tiger Woods's autograph.

My friends nearly died. One of them said, "Catherine, we really like you, but we would never pay that much money for you. We can eat with you for free!" The other one said, "I can't believe you beat Tiger Woods!"

Well, I don't have much golf game, but it's good to know I could beat Tiger this once!


painting sheila - Mar 17, 2007 9:46 am (#2545 of 2990)

Go Catherine! wOOt! It feels good to be loved!

Not much happening here. The little kids had an activity at church this morning. We used a bunch of my costumes to act out some biblical stories. Cute! The lions in the den were a little too enthusiastic and made one of the presidents of King Darius cry. (sigh) Mean old lions!


 Choices - Mar 17, 2007 9:49 am (#2546 of 2990)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone. May the luck of the Irish be with you! {{{hugs}}}


Ydnam96 - Mar 17, 2007 10:22 am (#2547 of 2990)

Wow Catherine! That's so great. You know your students must love you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Winky Woo - Mar 17, 2007 10:31 am (#2548 of 2990)

Hi Guys! May the luck of the Irish go with you!

Hope Everyone is having a great weekend,

Love Winky x x x

Edit: Whoa! thats big! I'll try and resize it...


Puck - Mar 17, 2007 10:32 am (#2549 of 2990)

wOOt for Catherine! (I wonder if she'll feel differently when she discovers which 6 students she'll be spending the evening with....)

Well, it wasn't great snowman snow, the top layer of ice took care of that. We did manage to get out for over an hour before the littlest one and I came in to start the grilled cheese and soup.

edit for crosspost...Winky, I know many who would love that self-filling pint of beer.


geauxtigers - Mar 17, 2007 12:32 pm (#2550 of 2990)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

Last night we went to Blockbuster to rent a few Wii games, Zelda and Wario Smooth moves. Blockbuster has a new poicly where you can only rent Wii, Xbox and PS3 games if your account is opened under a major credit card, no debit cards. How dumb is that? I don't have a credit card nor does anyone in my family! I was like "can I give you cash?" And she was like no. your account has to be -reopened under a major CC thats not a debit card! I couldn't belive this. So instead we went to Best buy and used a 30 dollar gift card to get Warrio Smooth Moves and "Wii Play", which is an expansion pack of the Wii Sports and came with a 2nd controller! It was a good deal, we got 11 games and a controller for the price of a controller. Both are really fun! THey are stupidly addicting and really random, but they are fun. I want to get Zelda, but I need to wait until another babysitting job comes along. Anyone have it? Is it good? I really wanted to rent this one first because I'm nervous about if I'll like it. And we've gotten a few other games that we thought would be fun but turned out not to be so fun, and I don't want to waste my money.

Target has their 2.99 flip flops out now! Yay! A pair in every color! The best deal you can find! And they are cute and go with everything! We got the brown and black pairs, but the other 3 colors were out of 10s, so we'll have to keep trying until they get our size back on the shelves!

I think I'll go read HBP, I haven't read anything in it since mardi gras, so I need to get a move on so I can be ready to finish it before summer so I can start my re-read so that OoP finishes just before the movie and I finish HBP just before Deathly Hallows!!

Have a great day, the weather here is beautiful!
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Tazzygirl - Mar 17, 2007 2:16 pm (#2551 of 2990)

Whoo-hoo to Catherine!! That's awesome!!

I got to sleep in this morning!! w00t! Haven't done that in a long time! Now I can lounge around for a couple hours before heading off to work. **dreamy look**

Winky- great avatar!

Have a great day everyone! (if anyone is going out tonight- be safe!)



painting sheila - Mar 17, 2007 2:39 pm (#2552 of 2990)

geauxtigers - Zelda rocks!! We are HUGE Zelda fans and the Wii Zelda is the best so far. It is so cool to have to swing your sword and aim your bow. It was worth every penny. Link (next to Harry) Rules!

Went shopping today. Oldest Son had out grown everything! Macy's was having a great sale, so we spent more than we should have but not as much as we could have.

I bought a skirt and blouse for me - very fun and summery. I need to lose weight! They had so many cute clothes that would look much better on someone smaller than me. (sigh) Is there a magic pill some where? That's where Fred and George could make some money - magic weight lose pills!! Sign me up!

Happy St. Patty's day everyone! Pinch yourself for me if you aren't wearing green. ; 0

Winky Woo- Great picture!


Viola Intonada - Mar 17, 2007 2:49 pm (#2553 of 2990)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone!

I'm scrapbooking this weekend. I'm working on my trip to England. Does anyone know where I can find Harry Potter stickers?


Solitaire - Mar 17, 2007 2:57 pm (#2554 of 2990)

No pinching! (I bruise easily!)

Viola, you can find HP stickers of all kinds at shop.com!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!



azi - Mar 17, 2007 4:05 pm (#2555 of 2990)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Mine has been toned down compared to last year, since term ended yesterday and half my friends have gone home! I did eat too much food in Weatherspoons though.

Winky, you look a bit like Amanda Holden I think!

Viola - in the UK I've seen HP stickers in Borders. You might find some there in the US...


Puck - Mar 17, 2007 4:18 pm (#2556 of 2990)

Do you get to use your Miis with the expansion pack, Tori? I was boxing with Moldy Voldy yesterday.


Denise P. - Mar 17, 2007 4:43 pm (#2557 of 2990)

How nifty Catherine! I love those Japanese steak houses. I don't like shrimp and am usually the only one at the table who doesn't order any. The cook usually feels sorry for me and slips me some shrimp. Then I have to smile and get it to DH before it contaminates everything on my plate.

We went searching for a pencil skirt today..no luck. We did find several pairs of jeans and a shirt at Kohls for under $20. I also got Mr. Denise some dress shirts and a tie at Burlington Coat Factory.

I went into a grocery store I had not been in before and hit the meat department heaven. They have all manner of weird cuts..which is good since Tinsel eats it. I just have to get over the heebie jeebies of chicken feet..they look like little hands. It was not helped when someone posted a picture of their dog with a chicken foot in his mouth...the chicken foot had painted toenails!

We ended up getting 1.5" of snow yesterday even though we only had rain forecast. Tinsel is a snow dog, she raced around in it, snorted in it and had a grand time. I didn't have such a grand time when she wanted to play in it during her walk...I wanted to get in out of the wind.

Finally saw Casino Royale. It was good, I liked Daniel Craig but really, it was not much of a stretch. There was not a lot of dialog. I still liked it though. Tonight, we are finishing up season one of MI-5.


juliebug - Mar 17, 2007 5:48 pm (#2558 of 2990)

Happy Saint Paddy's Day to all

I wish it were a happier day here. Little bug has been wearin' o' the green, on her face. She is keeping everything down now and (I hope) is asleep for the night but it was a rough day. Top o' the evenin' to all.


Choices - Mar 17, 2007 6:16 pm (#2559 of 2990)

Geauxtigers - I have the Zelda for Gamecube - it is great. I just finished playing it through for the second time. I love it! I have been a big Zelda fan since the first one came out. :-)


geauxtigers - Mar 17, 2007 6:19 pm (#2560 of 2990)

Awww, healing charms to littlebug! I hope she is feeling better soon!

Yep, Kathy, you can! Me and Ginny played each other as ourselves and all the Miis came up as choices! Harry, Ron and Voldy were on my team today in baseball and Ginny got Hermione. Ron (aka me) hit a triple! Pretty good for a wizard eh? LOL! We are having a lot of fun with these new games! They are very amusing and really quite stupid, so if you are easily amused, they are so much fun! I can see little kids having a blast with both, they are both very easy to play!

And thanks for the info on Zelda, Sheila! Thats all I've been hearing! The sword sounds like fun! I can't wait until OoP video game comes out! THats going to be so cool, you really will be able to do 'swish and flick" LOL! I think I might get Zelda the next babystting money I get! I'm broke again! I'm so bad at saving up my money! LOL

Chicken feet? errrrm may I ask why they even sell them? LOL But I guess thats the same difference as Turkey necks, which is what we used when we went crabbing last summer. We strung a string between two poles out in the surf and hung the turkey necks from the string. The day we were there we caught like 3 because the surf was really rough, but the day before my uncle caught nearly 12 dozen or something like that! But still chicken feet...maybe its just my foot fetish...I hate feet, they are gross, especially toes **shudders** I wear socks almost 24/7

Off to check the hangman!

EDIT: Thanks, Choices! I think yall have sold me on it! I just have to have it now! LOL


Puck - Mar 17, 2007 8:36 pm (#2561 of 2990)

Thanks, Tori! Perhaps son can get one for Easter.

Get well charms to Little BUg!

Bathroom closet clean and organized, finally. I just have a couple of drawers to tackle, then the floors and woodwork and it's spring clean. (Hubby wants me to leave some shelf space for when his parents come to visit. Do other people do this? I don't have much space as it is, how can I leave empty closet space for visitors? What does Miss Manners think? I sure she would find MIL rearrange my closets so she can put her stuff in there rude, but is it rude of me to fill up my closets with that which belongs to those who live here?)



Ydnam96 - Mar 17, 2007 9:47 pm (#2562 of 2990)

Puck, do you have a guest room? Once I moved out of the house my parents changed my room into a guest room. The closet itself it utilized (stuff full of whatever) but there is a dresser in there my mom leaves empty for when we have people over (mostly my grandparents but occasionally one of us kids).

That said, I don't think you need to have space for visitors to store their stuff. That's what suitcases are for But if it will make Mr. Puck happy enough to do some cleaning of his own or at least buy you some flowers or something then maybe you should try it


journeymom - Mar 17, 2007 11:10 pm (#2563 of 2990)

Chicken feet- my Italian father just mentioned yesterday how his mom used EVERY part of the chicken, including chicken feet. In the soup.

Casino Royale- Liked it a lot, but didn't love it. I think I heard every man in the audience cringe during the torture scene. I have high hopes for Daniel Craig. He's playing Lord Asriel in "Golden Compass".

MI-5 - Enjoyed the first season, but didn't watch other seasons. That second episode featuring a deep fryer was very disturbing, though. Even Mr Journeymom was upset.


Tazzygirl - Mar 18, 2007 2:18 am (#2564 of 2990)

**healing charms** to Little Bug!

I still technically haven't seen a Wii. Just on commercials, and only on the mainland. How weird is that??

Just got off work, and am now going to tackle dishes and go to bed. fun!

Have a great Sunday all!



Good Evans - Mar 18, 2007 6:36 am (#2565 of 2990)

hmmmm Casino Royale, I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, but I dont hold out much for it as I have seen a good few trailers and the guy seems to only have one expression. If this is the case (and coupled with the above comment about not being much dialogue) i dont know that I am missing anything.

ho hum

Happy mothering sunday to all in the UK or elsewhere celebrating (I know the US have a different day). I was touched as my step sons bought me a lovely card with a golden retriever holding a daffodil in its mouth and a box of choccies. Also got a posey at church this morning - how sweet!!!

Did anyone see "making your mind up?" last night(deciding the UK entry to the eurovision song contest in Helsinki next month) - oh how I laughed when Justin Hawkins (ex the darkness) stormed off when he was told he had not made the sing off. and how I roared as the presenters managed to name two different artists as the overall winner!!!

Can't stand the emerged winning song - camp / trite and gimmicky ... this is where the non europeans can have a good laugh and be delighted that they dont take part. I feel a nil point coming to the UK in a few weeks

I hope the Croatian, German and French entries are better Lina, Detail Seeker and Elanor!!

have a great sunday

Julie x


juliebug - Mar 18, 2007 7:08 am (#2566 of 2990)

All the well wishes for Little Bug seem to have worked. She woke up this morning and looked like she felt much better. Still not eating much, but she never does. Thanks everyone


Eponine - Mar 18, 2007 7:10 am (#2567 of 2990)

We picked up Casino Royale on DVD yesterday because Mr. Eponine wanted to see it again, and I must say that Daniel Craig is fantastic. I am a huge fan of the Bond films; I've seen almost every one, and Craig is tied with Connery as my favorite Bond. The one thing I really liked about it was how everything was much more realistic. There were no satellite lasers from space that could destroy the world. There were no invisible cars or other completely ridiculous gadgets. It was a much grittier film than the other recent installments, but I loved it. The torture scene is pretty rough, though.


Puck - Mar 18, 2007 7:43 am (#2568 of 2990)

Mandy, a guest room? No, we have 5 people and 3 bedrooms. Every bit of space is taken up by someone. I'm now working on getting a dresser for the kids, never mind for guests. (Notice your parents did not have such a thing until after you moved out.) We have empty dressers and such at his folks' house when we visit, but they have four bedrooms for only two people.

Glad Littlebug is on the mend.


Mediwitch - Mar 18, 2007 9:10 am (#2569 of 2990)

I know what you mean about space, Puck! Since both step-kids technically have their own apartments, it's a bit better with three of us and three bedrooms (although one bedroom is really small), but when they both come home it's a bit snug. And we have only one bathroom!!!! It's a bit of an issue when Mr. Mediwitch Sr. gets in there in the mornings and forgets some of us have to get ready for work! Thankfully, our new house will solve many of the problems - four bedrooms and three baths! It will feel like the lap of luxury.

For now, though, we always feel lucky to find room for everyone's bags when visitors come. Sometimes I've managed to clear a spot on the closet floor for guests' luggage, but that wasn't always the case when my step-daughter occupied said room. We were usually afraid to OPEN the closet door when she lived there!


Snuffles - Mar 18, 2007 10:08 am (#2570 of 2990)

*more healing charms* to Littlebug.

Julie, I have to agree on the Eurovision. I too had to chuckle at Justin Hawkins. He was billed as favourite so I think he had himself already in Helsinki!!

I too loved Casino Royale. I wasn't looking forward to watching it but I changed my mind. It makes a change to see James Bond getting a slap or too. All the other films made him out to be invincible!

Happy Mothers day to all who celebrate it today. I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a home made card. Hubby is at this minute making tea. I know it is Swordfish but I'm not sure what else is going with it

Happy Sunday everyone



Winky Woo - Mar 18, 2007 10:18 am (#2571 of 2990)

(((((Healing charms and hug to Little bug)))))

I laughed my socks off last night at Eurovision too! Poor Terry looked like he'd been hit with a confundus charm!

Hmm.. Do I look like Amanda Holden Azi? Thanks for the compliment!

Having a lazy Sunday. Refusing to do anything energetic. Just made a big pan of Scotch Broth, perfect for the wintery weather and curling up with a good book...

Right thats my mind made up. I'm off to read OOP...see ya later potato

Love Winky XXX XX X X XX X XX X X X X X X X X X XX X


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 18, 2007 11:26 am (#2572 of 2990)

Nice to hear about all of the thoughtful things being done for the mommies. Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating!

So, it seems as though we have Puck, Mediwitch, Sheila and me (and HH13) for this meet-up. Sheila, we were thinking Farmington, CT. How is that for you? I will go wherever, so the three of you can check the map, pick a spot and let me know. (EDIT: If it is near enough to me, I can find a suitable book store.)

Torture scene??? One more movie off my list.

We just rented Nightmare Before Christmas from the library and watched it for the first time. (Yes, we do need to get out more.) It seems as though they've gotten right to the heart of my little guy - music, anything Halloween, a "hero", a pretty girl and of course, Oogie Boogie. (sp?) I lost count as to how many times he has replayed the part where Oogie Boogie has Santa. . ."I can't believe my eyes. . ." I think I will have to break down and buy the dvd for his birthday.

Sunday School seemed to go quickly today.

Healing charms and hugs to those in need! Glad little bug is feeling a bit better.

I will check out the chat room later.

I typed this up before and my computer went black on me. Had to reboot. Sorry if I've left out anyone.


Chemyst - Mar 18, 2007 12:07 pm (#2573 of 2990)

Puck, just in case Miss Manners is out of the office, I'll jump in and ask, 'Are your parents coming to watch the kids while you and Mr. Puck are gone on vacation for more than three days?' (In which case I'd say if you could temporarily store some of your stuff in a box or Rubbermaid unit to free up one drawer it would be nice, but not mandatory.) If it is only for a weekend, then living out of a suitcase is not that much of a hardship for them. (The trick is to find where the hardship of them not having a drawer exceeds the hardship of your clearing one out; I'm guessing three days breaks even.) As for closet space, have you ever tried those over-the-door hangers? They give enough space to allow you to hang up a coat and a couple shirts. I got one to use as a "guest closet" once, but then it moved to my laundry area and became a permanent fixture because it is so handy.

I think I also missed the Squids' anniversary yesterday, but since they are off swimming out of state, perhaps the greeting wouldn't have been read anyway.

Happy Mother's Day to those in the UK.


Solitaire - Mar 18, 2007 12:12 pm (#2574 of 2990)

We just rented Nightmare Before Christmas from the library and watched it for the first time. (Yes, we do need to get out more.)

Don't feel too bad about it, HH. I have never seen it, and it is on HBO all the time! I just tend to skip over it in favor of other things.

I hope the LittleBug is on the mend. Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating it today. To everyone else, enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am off to my sister's birthday luncheon! She used to be my younger sister, but I've decided to let her be the oldest now, which is what she wanted when she was a kid. Isn't that nice of me? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042



juliebug - Mar 18, 2007 12:23 pm (#2575 of 2990)

Thanks for all the good thoughts Little Bug had a really good morning and is currently napping. Juliebug is currently enjoying the peace and quiet Have a great day everyone and thanks again!


Puck - Mar 18, 2007 12:24 pm (#2576 of 2990)

Solitaire, a heart of gold you have.

Chemyst, the over the door thing is a good idea. They usually visit for 10 days or so. We are going out of town this time, so they will have our room. Normally we are all here together.(7 people in a three bedroom house.) Usually they stay on airbeds in the kids room. (We'd give them the kids beds, but they don't want to climb into the bunks.) I tend to leave them some room in the hall closet for hanging and a suitcase.

Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate today!



Good Evans - Mar 18, 2007 12:36 pm (#2577 of 2990)

Maria - I absolutely love "a nightmare before christmas" - so glad that the littlest one is enjoying it!! I love oogie boogie too

Juliebug - glad the littleone is giving you a rest!!!!

Julie - yes poor old Terry, confunded was just about it!


Detail Seeker - Mar 18, 2007 1:20 pm (#2578 of 2990)

Julie, somehow being disappointed about the Eurovision Song Contest entries seems to be a common feature. But acutally, I have never liked one of ours. My personal style was not present and would not be accepted there, either. It would be so much better, if the songs at least represented an ongoing development of all the national musical traditions rather than an internationally standardized style. Our entry is purely the ameican style.

So my statement need not be representative. At least, enough people must have voted for that one.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 18, 2007 2:04 pm (#2579 of 2990)

You are too kind, Solitaire!

GE Julie, you know, if there is an FYE-type store near you, they do have Oogie Boogie stuffed "dolls". Trevor spotted it from the door, and it was all the way against the back wall of a very large store!

kaykay, they also have Kingdom Hearts figures.


Good Evans - Mar 18, 2007 2:38 pm (#2580 of 2990)

***wonders what Detail Seekers' style of music is*** - hmmm

I've never seen an Oogie doll Maria - but then again I amnot convinced that I need or want one actaully, I'll just watch the video whenever I need an Oogie "fix"


Puck - Mar 18, 2007 3:05 pm (#2581 of 2990)

I remember chat room conversations about this Eurovision contest last year. Seems like this years is just as good.

Stopped at this new Mexican place for take out on the way home from Lowe's. (Hubby is pretending to be pricing wood for the dresser.) I had a yummy barbeque pork burrito. Delicious! Even better since I don't have to cook or do dishes tonight.


Holly T. - Mar 18, 2007 4:05 pm (#2582 of 2990)

Glad to hear littlebug is on the mend. Healing charms to those who need them!

Happy mother's day to those who are celebrating today!

I loved "Casino Royale"! I would get it on DVD except I don't want the kids to watch it. They are quite upset as they love Bond movies, but I said no way to this one. It is very much right on the line of still being a PG-13. I do let them watch some PG-13 movies but not this one--too violent.

My in-laws are coming to watch the kids while hubby and I go to San Francisco next month. Actually mainly MIL will be staying. FIL has to work. But we have a guest room with its own closet. Both are full of junk right now as I have been cleaning out the other closets. I have a few more weeks. A few years ago we moved from a 1400 square foot house to a 3100 square foot house. Which sounds great until you realize it is twice as much to clean. I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning house and didn't even finish the downstairs. I make the kids work on the upstairs but their cleaning standards are more along the lines of what can I shove under the bed or sofa instead of actual cleaning. On the other hand, my decluttering method tends to be what can I stuff in the guest room or guest room closet so I guess I shouldn't complain about them.


azi - Mar 18, 2007 4:25 pm (#2583 of 2990)

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Naturally I forgot, and have kept forgetting all day. I think it's Saturday.

Well, I came home from university today for the holidays. I thought 'it's getting nice and warm now, so no need to take my hat and gloves home with me'. How wrong I was - it's SNOWING! Am happy about that though.

**healing charms** to all ill people!

I hate Eurovision. When I was a kid I loved the tackiness of it. Now I regard it as some form of hell.

Count me in on the 'behind on films' people. It's rare I've actually seen a film.


MickeyCee3948 - Mar 18, 2007 4:31 pm (#2584 of 2990)

Happy Mother's Day??? Did I fall asleep for two months or something? Know I'm old but dang, losing 2 months would really be bad. Only thing good about it would be 2 months closer to DH release date.



Catherine - Mar 18, 2007 4:44 pm (#2585 of 2990)

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent, and is unrelated to the Mother's Day holiday celebrated in May in the USA.

I'm assuming that Azi refers to this particular event, and not "Mother's Day" as American Forum members may assume.

I'm still amazed that some of my students will actually want to spend time with me outside of class, and that their parents paid money for this. YAY!


geauxtigers - Mar 18, 2007 5:24 pm (#2586 of 2990)

Its Sunday night and I don't have to go to school tomorrow!! (teacher in-service) Bad news is that its the end of 3rd quarter and grades are due. My Physics teacher decided she'd update our grades this week for the first time. Needless to say when she did it was only half of what needed to be entered and I freaked out because my grade was horrible! So I'm scared to look, honestly, even though she said there were lots of things to be added like labs, which basically they only way not to get a 100% is if you don't do them...I'm still scared. And of course terrified about math as usual, but at least in that class I've accepted defeat.

Happy Mother's Day to the forumers on the other side of the pond!

We had a really good dinner. We tried these hamburgers from Whole Foods. They are called the "bacon and green onion hamburger" or something close to that. My mom put them on the George Forman and they were really good! Lots of flavor! tasted a bit like steak, but it was a hamburger (without the bun). Very Yumm!

My cat is trying to take over my keyboard again. Yesterday, she somehow caused everything I'd just typed to become highlighted and I was at the point of pressing, "backspace"! I was so mad! She deleted everything! Well shes staring up at me with this saftisfied look, so I guess I should go check the hangman and pay her some attention! LOL

Happy Sunday!


Catherine - Mar 18, 2007 6:19 pm (#2587 of 2990)

Hmmm...my school would NEVER let me get away with not entering grades until the last minute.

I grade tests and quizzes the same day, and enter grades same day--it keeps one honest.

I really like having a computerized grade-book--it means that the grades are transparently obvious without my doing a single calculation!


Lavandula - Mar 18, 2007 6:40 pm (#2588 of 2990)

Just popped in to say hello to everyone!!!

It was the end of the grading period this past week, so I have been so busy these last two-three weeks with grading and finalizing all those projects, etc. Grades done as of today and on the report cards. wOOt!

Sickness going around our house - me last week and this week with a terrible cold trying to go into something worse. I never did get bad enough to go to the doctor. I'm too stubborn to admit that I'm sick. Mr. L has it now, but he had to get some antibiotics as it went straight to his lungs with colored &^$@**^^... Anyway, he should be okay in a couple of days.

**Waves to Viola** I went scrapbooking on Friday night for a late nighter and tried out that new Cricket (spelling?) machine. It's way too cool. I don't know where you can find HP stickers, but Archiver's in Fairlawn is a good bet. They have lots of great/unique items.

Great Sunday to all. I'm off to early bed - Still worn out from busy week and being sick.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 18, 2007 7:04 pm (#2589 of 2990)

On the other hand, my decluttering method tends to be what can I stuff in the guest room or guest room closet so I guess I shouldn't complain about them. –Holly

LOL, that sounds like our house. The guest room is "that room" where everything without a place is thrown. It's usually clean laundry that we put off folding, but there's lots of random things that are quite literally thrown in at the doorway until someone comes to stay and we have to clean it out!

I'm still amazed that some of my students will actually want to spend time with me outside of class, and that their parents paid money for this. YAY!—Catherine

Consider it the best compliment you can get! Congrats BTW!!!

I didn't think that our teachers could get away with not putting grades in until the last week of the each quarter, but maybe I'm wrong. It's incredibly irritating, to find out you have a 75% in a class, and no time to try and make it better. Especially when you think you've been doing decent, but have absolutely no grades to confirm with. GRRRR. How hard is it to grade papers and enter the grades into the computer?? Every other teacher manages it in a timely manner! Even enlgish teachers who have to read 60+ research papers get those grades in before she does! I mean really, physics is basically math, it shouldn't take 4 weeks to grade a 10 point quiz! ok sorry.

**healing charms to those who are sick**

off to relax, as I have no school tomorrow!!!


Denise P. - Mar 18, 2007 7:19 pm (#2590 of 2990)

Tomorrow is a half day here, it is always a half day on Monday though. I have to take Tinsel to the groomer by 7:30 am ugh! Can you tell that she is an unhappy little puppy?

Ryan, my little rockhead, got an invitation to join the Junior National Honor Society at his school. Woo hoo!

So Catherine, when is your big $900 date with the six students? Inquiring minds want to know..

A friend of mine recommended a tea called Bengal Spice. Oh yum, even if you did not like it (it is herbal), you could use it as potpourri since it smells yummy too.


Puck - Mar 18, 2007 7:30 pm (#2591 of 2990)

Great avatar, Denise.


Elanor - Mar 18, 2007 10:54 pm (#2592 of 2990)

LOL about the Eurovision Julie! Truth to be told, I have no idea what the next French song for the Eurovision will be, all I've heard is that it will be "very different" from the previous ones, which I hear "lousier" - something I didn't think was possible... **shudders** But this is only IMO, lol!
My favorite type of music is very different as well. At the moment, I keep listening to South African Johnny Clegg's music, I've been loving his half-English half-Zulu music since I was teenager and his last album is really great. Veeeery far from Eurovision!!!

Snow is coming my way too Azi! A pity after some spring-like weeks here. Temperatures have already dropped. **more shudders**

Well, I'd better get ready for school! It's report cards season here as well. I've handed them over to my students on Friday and I expect some "waking up" from parents today...

Have a great Sunday evening / Monday! Healing, Cheering and Felix Felicis Charms to all needing some!


PS: BTW, isn't the Forum server based in California? My post says 9.54 pm, but shouldn't it say 10.54 pm?


Laura W - Mar 19, 2007 12:17 am (#2593 of 2990)

Maria - I absolutely love a nightmare before christmas"" (Good Evans)

So do I, Julie!

And I, too, like South African music, Audrey.



Tazzygirl - Mar 19, 2007 1:14 am (#2594 of 2990)

Audrey: PS: BTW, isn't the Forum server based in California? My post says 9.54 pm, but shouldn't it say 10.54 pm.

It should say 10:54 pm, but since we did the time change earlier than what it has been, none of the computers are set to change until the old time change date.

Tinsel is too cute!



dizzy lizzy - Mar 19, 2007 2:09 am (#2595 of 2990)

Hi all! It has been a busy couple of weeks. The buyer of my house has been a real pain in the neck as she has hummed and haahed and changed her mind and asked for quite silly and pedantic clauses in the contract. She has now been given an ultimatum by my solicitor to sign the contract and get it to them by this Friday or withdraw from the purchase!!!

So it has been stressful as well as busy... I've been doing plenty of selling on eBay and have sold 76 CD's with 15 more to go. So I have started to load my phantom comics and cookbooks and games and my hardbacks will be loaded on this week before Thursday.

I leave for my 8 days in Tasmania 2 weeks from tomorrow and I don't want any auctions still going while I'm away as I won't be able to send anything out to the winning bidders.

I've sold some furniture and have potential buyers for the rest, but I daresay most will be sold at a garage sale on the 14th April.

So things are moving along quite nicely for me.

Oh I remember some discussion about dishwashers...I have one...me!!!

My clothes dryer is my clothes line...even in winter...

I iron my work clothes and everything else gets worn as it is.

We were given an allowance (pocket money) when we were kids, but wholly unrelated to chores. We did our chores with much grumbling I might add! We were never bought any on the spur of the moment...whinging in shops didn't work...we got yelled at at home for bad behaviour. Gifts were for birthdays and Christmas, if we wanted something badly, well that is what the pocket money and money earned from odd jobs, babysitting, and saturday morning jobs and mowing lawns for friends/neighbours was for!!!

Birthday parties consisted of no more than 8 children and a nice afternoon tea and games. With no goodie bags etc. Siblings of guests were included in the invites...

((HUGS)) and cheering charms to all those who need them.



Loopy Lupin - Mar 19, 2007 5:56 am (#2596 of 2990)

What does Miss Manners think? I sure she would find MIL rearrange my closets so she can put her stuff in there rude, but is it rude of me to fill up my closets with that which belongs to those who live here? – Puck

This question more or less depends upon the length of the stay. If it is long enough that one has packed a suitcase, then it would be very gracious to create some space for that visit. But etiquette would not require that you "hold" empty space for any unannounced sleep overs. There is also a more practical motive at work here: assigning space to visitors shrewdly heads off their rummaging through your closets under the guise of looking for a place to hang a skirt.

(Pssst. Catherine, the Sunday Washington Post has a couple of "dueling" articles on the "authorship question." Thought you might be interested.)


Starling - Mar 19, 2007 9:28 am (#2597 of 2990)

Oooooh! *tickles Denise's avatar's tummy*


Puck - Mar 19, 2007 11:16 am (#2598 of 2990)

Thanks, Loopy (Miss Manners). I do usually make some room for them to hang a few garments. Hubby once grumbled that after living here over a year I unpacked the last boxes and filled the last empty drawer. Was I -who live here- supposed to live from boxes so others can unpack a suitcase? Personally I'd rather have clean towels in the closet for guests, rather than clear them from the shelf to make room for the large bag MIL fills with bathroom supplies.

Okay, now to scrub that bathroom floor. It's time for a good on the hands and knees toothbrush in the corners kind of clean.



Solitaire - Mar 19, 2007 11:21 am (#2599 of 2990)

Tori:My Physics teacher decided she'd update our grades this week for the first time.
Ginny: I didn't think that our teachers could get away with not putting grades in until the last week of the each quarter

It couldn't happen in our school, because the parents would call and complain if more than a week went by without an update. My question to you: How often did you ask your teacher to update grades? When it didn't happen after a few days, did you ask again? If so, when it still didn't happen, did you tell the principal (or whatever Big Cheese is in charge of such things) that the teacher had not updated grades?

Electronic gradebooks have made it a fairly simple thing to "weight" grades (give more credit to some kinds of assignments than others), so that is no longer a reason not to be able to get a current grade for a student. IMO, it is bad form for any teacher not to update grades and make them available at least a couple of times throughout the quarter. I suppose there are situations where a grade depends on a single assignment, which might make that impossible; but the student should be aware of this ahead of time.

Then again, any student who checked online grades regularly would know if a teacher was behind and could ask for updates ... or have a parent request them (a parent request sometimes gets better results). However, if a student waits until the last week of the term to check his grade, only to find out he has a poor grade that can't be fixed, then the student must accept some of the responsibility.

For the record, our parents can request a progress report be sent home every other week (every week, in some cases). This permits a pretty close watch on kids who are at risk. Our teachers are also required to update grades to the web once a week. The principal checks, and shirkers get a note or an email from The Man.



geauxtigers - Mar 19, 2007 12:42 pm (#2600 of 2990)

Dunno Soli if they have a requirement to update once a week or so. I really don't want to cause a problem with her because she is one of my favorite teachers and is very helpful outside of class as well. She is a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to grades though. I don't want to be a pest, so I try to keep my "are you planning on updating our grades?" questions to a minium. Usually after mid-quarter, which my school doesn't really do anymore. THey don't even send out report cards, we all have these online things and the parents are given user names and such. THey'll send you one by mail if you want though. But its really very aggravating to fins out that I have a horrible grade 5 days before the quarter ends and can do nothing about it. The whole point of this online thing was so that we could keep up with our grades in all of our classes throughout the quarter. Not updating it is kinda defeating the purpose. I'm sure she has updated our grades at this point, but now I'm too scared to look...

Okay, now to scrub that bathroom floor. It's time for a good on the hands and knees toothbrush in the corners kind of clean. **hasn't done this in years....** LOL speaking of cleaning, my mom asked me this morning to vaccum the laundry/kitchen/living rooms....and I need to clean my room and bathroom and do laundry...oh why am I here! I have homework too! AHHHH!
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Puck - Mar 19, 2007 2:46 pm (#2601 of 2990)

Don't feel bad, Tori. That bathroom is the only room in the house that is clean. There are still groceries to put away in the kitchen, general messiness in the bedrooms, water color paints on the dining table, and various toys and puzzle pieces scattered through the family room. I'm really hoping that I'll have things fairly organized before Mr. Puck and I leave on our trip. I'll give me a good jump on the spring cleaning to have closets, freezer/ fridge and such done.


Catherine - Mar 19, 2007 3:39 pm (#2602 of 2990)

Hmm...seems like Tori and Ginny and I are on a similar schedule. This is the last week of our 3rd quarter. I still have two grades not entered, and both of them were writing assignments turned in late last week. Otherwise, I'm all caught up, and boy, do I LOVE the electronic gradebook. It keeps me organized, and mathematically sound.

I don't know when my "Big Date" night is--the winning student will have to tell me. The rumor at school today was that my Adventure sold for more than $4000. Give me a break! Although...that would have been something to write home about!


Mediwitch - Mar 19, 2007 5:06 pm (#2603 of 2990)

Wow, Catherine! Your value has increased to more than it already was! That's very cool that your students wanted to spend time with you.

It's snowing again. We'll probably only get a couple of inches at the most this time. I hope it melts fast!

Stupid cats. I let one out about 3 minutes ago, got all comfy on the couch again, then another one whined to go out! The second one has a nasty trick, though. As soon as you open the door to let him out, he runs away. Stinker. I caught him this time, but now he is standing on the Adirondack chair on the front deck staring in the window at me - he's only been out for about 60 seconds! Pretty soon he'll knock on the window with his paw - which is actually pretty funny.


Viola Intonada - Mar 19, 2007 5:18 pm (#2604 of 2990)

Lavandula, where did you go scrapbooking on Friday night? I did not see any HP stickers in the Archivers in Fairlawn.


Ydnam96 - Mar 19, 2007 5:21 pm (#2605 of 2990)

Hey Lizzy!!! You've been missed!!!


Puck - Mar 19, 2007 5:36 pm (#2606 of 2990)

A couple of inches, Mediwitch? Darn, I was hoping it was just a flurry. Less than 24 hours until spring.


boop - Mar 19, 2007 5:37 pm (#2607 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!!

Healing charms to anyone who needs them.

We had snow, sleet and rain today. I am so looking forward to spring weather.

Denise your puppy is so cute. My parents have the same type of dog. He is a big baby.

I hope everyone has a good week.

hugs always



Chemyst - Mar 19, 2007 5:43 pm (#2608 of 2990)

Electronic gradebooks have made it a fairly simple thing to "weight" grades   Solitaire
Ohh, so that's your secret! You had mentioned weighting grades a while back and here I was in quiet admiration of your thoroughness.   Never fear! Your dedication is still impressive.

May I ask a related question which any teacher possibly will answer – now that gradebooks have gone electronic, what kind of security is involved on the school's part in keeping grades & records confidential? I am somewhat familiar with the student side using ID numbers & passwords, but what happens on your end?

Congratulations Catherine. And aren't you glad no one has (yet) suggested tipping on the rumored amount?

((boop)) - I thought you might need an extra while Mike is gone


journeymom - Mar 19, 2007 7:54 pm (#2609 of 2990)

Denise, are Springers supposed to be hyper? Once, when we first got the Journeydog, somebody said Springers are hyper. This dog is the most laid back, lazy dog we've ever had. He's been almost perfect, aside from separation anxiety when we first got him. To be expected since we got him from a foster home after he was found wandering in a diner parking lot.


Denise P. - Mar 19, 2007 8:12 pm (#2610 of 2990)

Tinsel is the 4th Springer we have had, sorta the 6th (we had 2 foster springers) and without exception, they have all been fairly laid back. They tend to go through a snotty teenaged phase but then recover quickly. Tinsel has been one of the most laid back, as shown in her picture. She is a people dog, she likes to be where I am and generally flops at my feet when I am doing dishes or reading emails. I imagine there are hyper springers but I have never met one.


Marie E. - Mar 19, 2007 8:40 pm (#2611 of 2990)

We're back and trying to recover from driving across Kansas two times in four days. I am thankful that my girls are old enough to amuse themselves and do not aggravate each other like they used to. The DVD played also helps. I must report that Shayla read four chapters of OoP this weekend. I told Squidboy that when she finished the chapter where Harry gets detention from Umbridge she closed the book, looked at me, and asked, "Where did Umbridge get that quill?" Ahhh, she's one of us.

We had a lovely time in Missouri. Nephew did a great job of getting frosting all over himself and even knocked his cake on the ground (there was a separate cake just for him). On Saturday we all went roller skating, even my mother. The rental was extra for Mike, what with all his tentacles. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042 The only downside was the chilly weather. Naturally, the day we left it was warm and sunny.

I breezed through all the posts and resisted hitting the magic button. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.



Solitaire - Mar 19, 2007 11:02 pm (#2612 of 2990)

Chemyst, we use Making the Grade, the Windows version of Gradebusters. I maintain all of my grades on my PC and back up to a couple of different places. I also print a hard copy of my gradebook each time I make changes, just in case something were to happen. That way, I could reconstruct everything. I then send the grouped files to the web.

Parents and kids can pull up individual progress reports for each class. My grades are weighted, and I've set up my reports so that kids and parents can see where the weak spots are (writing, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, daily class work, homework, etc.) and address them accordingly.

About security ... all teachers at our school use the students' ID numbers, so the parents can always find them. Kids' grades are only as confidential as the kids themselves are. If they share their passwords with all their friends, forget confidentiality. That is pretty much up to them, isn't it?



The giant squid - Mar 20, 2007 1:49 am (#2613 of 2990)

I think I also missed the Squids' anniversary yesterday, but since they are off swimming out of state, perhaps the greeting wouldn't have been read anyway.—Chemyst

The thought is appreciated nonetheless.

((boop)) - I thought you might need an extra while Mike is gone--Chemyst again

It's good to know you've got my back when it comes to having boop's back. Just in case, here's a ((boop)) from the original.

The only downside was the chilly weather.--Marie E.

...Says the lady from Colorado. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1242194059  When we boarded the plane in Vegas at 6:45AM Friday it was in the mid-70's; we debarked in Kansas City at 1:00PM and were greeted by low 40's. It was bitterly cold & windy all weekend until, as Marie said, it warmed up the day we left.

The irony is that 15 years ago when I lived in North Dakota I'd have been outside in a short-sleeved shirt; it was still above freezing after all...



Starling - Mar 20, 2007 3:47 am (#2614 of 2990)

Goodness, the temperature has dropped over here. I'm considering wearing a hat inside the house. Oh, the curse of having too little hair.


Puck - Mar 20, 2007 5:34 am (#2615 of 2990)

Solitaire, what about the security issue of kids hacking in to change their grades?

Welcome back Squid and Marie. Can't believe the Nephew of much name debate is already a year old. Sweet of you to make such a long journey to mark the occasion.

Gee, Mike, when it hits forty degrees here this time of year I think, "Yeah! It's warming up!"

Marie, you're raising her well.



Snuffles - Mar 20, 2007 6:47 am (#2616 of 2990)

Happy belated anniversary to the Squid's.

My mum had to go to the hospital today for her check up. She had some more bone marrow taken to see how her blood cells are doing. Dad just rang and said that the doctor's are really pleased. She is doing better than anyone could have hoped. Instead of having her bone marrow checked in another 6 months she can wait 12, and she doesn't have to go and give blood every 4 weeks now she can wait 8 weeks. . They caught her Leukemia really early, and because of that her treatments seem to be working really well.

I agree Starling, it is very cold here too and it has started snowing again. I don't think anything will come of it though as the ground is too wet. I hope our spring weather comes back soon. I have a christening to go to at the end of next week and the clothes I have bought for it I will freeze otherwise

Julie (GE), how did your meal go last week? Was Rory Bremner a good host?

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday



Solitaire - Mar 20, 2007 7:14 am (#2617 of 2990)

Puck, the kids would have to get onto my actual computer and get into the database to change grades, because I don't do the original work on an online computer. I never let them near the computer that has my grades or databases for tests, etc. Even if a kid could tap into the database, he would have to have the program software installed and running on his computer in order to open the database.

I am not going to say the program is foolproof, because nothing probably is. But as far as I know, no one has ever managed to hack into it on our campus. If the kids could get my password and steal my computer, they could change the grades. Of course, all I'd have to do is look at my hard copy to see what had been changed and take my backup CD and upload the original grades.

I suppose a kid could pull up his progress report and go in and change the grade that is seen on the webpage and then print it ... but that would not affect the database. All a parent would have to do is go back to the login page and pull up the kid's number again ... and he would have the real grade.

If you're curious, go to the Gradebusters.com site and read about it. I've been using the software for about 15 years, and I really like it.


BTW, Happy Belated Anniversary to the Squids!


Puck - Mar 20, 2007 7:35 am (#2618 of 2990)

Great news about your mother, Julie!


journeymom - Mar 20, 2007 7:49 am (#2619 of 2990)

Julie, what a relief for your mom!


Holly T. - Mar 20, 2007 8:14 am (#2620 of 2990)

Good news about your mom, Julie!

Happy belated anniversary to the Squids and a welcome back to Mike and Marie.

I can check my daughter's grades online but she also usually brings home a middle of the six weeks progress report. Since my son brought his progress report home yesterday, I guess I should ask about her grades. Last six weeks she had a 100 in everything but math, and she had a 97 in that, so I am not too worried.

Son came home in a snit yesterday--he doesn't like going to the reading teacher, it isn't fair, he knows how to read, he doesn't think he really has dyslexia, he has good grades, the most AR points in his class, etc. I read him the list of spelling words the rest of his class has this week and asked him if he could spell them. He couldn't. (He gets his own list of spelling words from the reading teacher, which his regular teacher uses for his language arts grade.) And I pointed out that a lot of his AR points are from tests he took on books he listened to, books that are too hard for him to read (such as OotP). So he got mad at me. One of my friends, who happens to work for the school district's GT department, referred me to a web site about gifted kids with learning disabilities. They call them "twice-exceptional" children. I think a better term would be "causes of mother's gray hair."


painting sheila - Mar 20, 2007 10:01 am (#2621 of 2990)

Hi everyone-

Did you hear that Emma said she doesn't want to do the last two movies? She isn't signing the contracts - can't say that!  I am too heart broken. . . . now if I could just get my daughter an audition. . . . . .


journeymom - Mar 20, 2007 10:23 am (#2622 of 2990)

Hmm. What's the source of this factoid, Sheila? I don't believe it.

No doubt she's tired of the whole process. I wouldn't blame her if she wants out. But the little bits of headlines I see once in a while seem fall in the rumours catagory.


John Bumbledore - Mar 20, 2007 10:26 am (#2623 of 2990)

And Which Emma is it? Thompson or Watson?

Oh, I am so bad with names; I hope I got their last names correct.

Edit in response to Jenniffler's comment.

Long ago, it seems, I did a google on Hermione or Emma Watson (can't recall) but was shocked at one website I saw. The man had photos of himself and proclaimed his love for Hermione. The scary part was the count down timer showing how long before Emma Watson would be a legal adult.

I found it very upsetting and sought out an address (WB and/or Bloombury) to alert them of it.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


painting sheila - Mar 20, 2007 10:35 am (#2624 of 2990)

It was Emma Watson (Hermione) and it was reported on our nightly news here. They said she hasn't signed the new contracts because she is tired of being "type cast" in the Hermione role.

I have loads I could say about this - but do not want to offend anyone - so I will keep my opinion to myself.



Jenniffler - Mar 20, 2007 10:39 am (#2625 of 2990)


WB says they are confident she will return. you can find links on the Mugglenet home page. But that's tabloid fodder. What's more important is that my local news yesterday reported she had some man bothering her and he had to be forced to leave her alone (through restraining order or arrest I don't know) because he really thought she WAS Hermione.

Now, that's stress.

We may be superfans, but we know these kids are just kids and need to be treated as people first and not as the fantasy they portray. If she needs to stop HP movie to get her head around some issues, I would rather she take give herself a break, and should repect her choice one way or the other.


Puck - Mar 20, 2007 10:46 am (#2626 of 2990)

She was so young when she started, doubt she had any idea what she was getting into.

Oh, those with pets, be sure to check you're not feeding them any of the contaminated foods. My mom just called upset. She hadn't seen the news yesterday, but heard someone discussing it at work. She checked, and has been feeding her old kitty from tainted cans. (It's all from the same factory, but sold under several brands. Causing kidney failure.) You should be able to get a link from any of the major news websites. Moms cat seems fine at the moment, but she's watching her for signs of trouble. The vet is so busy she can't get her in until next week.


journeymom - Mar 20, 2007 10:54 am (#2627 of 2990)

Sheila, I wasn't confusing your opinion of her portrayal of Hermione with the facts! Lol! Rumours are usually based on a seed of fact. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Watson wants to quit. But this particular rumour has been circulating for- a year, maybe? If Emma Watson herself announces she has refused to sign on for HBP and DH, and WB announces they're recasting the part of Hermione, I'll believe it.


Holly T. - Mar 20, 2007 11:07 am (#2628 of 2990)

Our evil kitty's preference for Fancy Feast may be a good thing, as the store brand she turns up her nose at is on the list and Fancy Feast is not. I hope your mom's kitty is ok, Puck! Heard from FIL today that one of their kitties was killed by a car. We offered our evil kitty as a replacement.

That is creepy if Emma is being stalked by someone who thinks she's Hermione. John, those countdown things are so icky--I know someone had one for Hilary Duff before she turned 18.

Speaking of Hilary Duff--she has dark hair now. I saw a picture of her in some magazine--Us? Star? It wasn't People--in the checkout line when I was reading about Johnny Depp's daughter being hospitalized with an e-coli infection.


John Bumbledore - Mar 20, 2007 11:07 am (#2629 of 2990)

   Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is certain she will do the last two Potter movies, despite reports claiming she told film bosses she wanted to quit.
   A spokesperson for Warner Bros., who make the films, told Newsround: "We're extremely confident that Emma will be back for films six and seven."

BBC News Round (Last Updated: Sunday March 18 2007 12:15 GMT)


John Bumbledore - Mar 20, 2007 11:47 am (#2630 of 2990)

Hey! I wasn't sure where else to put this. DH is going to be 784 pages! Longer than HBP but shorter than OOTP. And it'll be on mostly recycled paper. — Gina R Snape


Don't know if they have or not, but Green Peace and the lot should go after the telephone companies about the yearly phone books and "yellow pages" directories they MASS publish each year. There is certainly more then 12 million copies printed every year. Why I had at least three different copies (meaning from different publishers) dropped in my front yard this past month. I kept one set and tossed the rest in the recyle bin.

Well, like Gina, I didn't know where to post this, but though it more a discussion topic.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜

P.S. Sorry about the double post. Edit time had run out and I am not this verbose very often.


Good Evans - Mar 20, 2007 12:30 pm (#2631 of 2990)

Hi Julie (Snuffles) - yes Rory Bremner was very good and an excellent awards host as he got through the business very well. His political satire / impressions was also very funny. The meal was delicious!

Glad to hear that all is well with your Mum too, as that is really good news!

I heard that Emma Watson was definitely returing to the movies and that the weekend newsreports were untrue ah well who knows what to believe!

have a great day everyone - off to lent group - and I managed to finish my assignment for thursday - the day is good!!!!


kabloink! - Mar 20, 2007 12:43 pm (#2632 of 2990)

I am sick. Sorry guys, I got behind, and while I can keep up with about 30 posts a day so long as I do it everyday, 347 is just too many. So, I hit the recent button.

However, from a few weeks ago-a sesquicentigenarian, or however you would spell it, John, would be someone who is 150 years old, though I'm sure someone else already answered it. MSU celebrated their 150th year in 2005, when I graduated. Speaking of MSU, how'd all of you UNC fans enjoy Saturday's game? I don't think we expected to win, but I'm glad we made ya sweat a bit!

Tazzy, congrats on the B & N cafe job. I worked at the cafe in Lansing over the holidays of '04. They would have kept me on, but between no hours, my hubby changing jobs, and a HUGE miscommunication involving my grandfathers funeral, I left. It was a lot of fun, though. I really wished I had been able to work the bookfloor, though. I did that when I worked for Waldenbooks. Best job EVER!

Ok, off to sit in front of my spaceheater at work, sipping my Lady Grey, wishing, more than anything, that I could go home sick...unfortunately I work for my parents, and my dad seems to believe that I'm getting better. "She sounds worse because its just loosening up." I think he's deaf, as I sound no looser than yesterday. I sound worse because my cough seems to be traveling downward towards my lungs! Arg. It really doesn't help that there's only 3 of us running an optical office that deals with over 7, 000 patients, and we have at least 30 parading through here today.

Ok rant over. Perhaps I'm just upset because I just want to be at home reading "Eldest." I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

PS Denise, Tinsel is adorable. How big do you expect her to get, weight-wise? I'm just curious. We're moving, and were thinking maybe we should move somewhere where we can have a dog, as Ian loves all the doggies he sees when we go to visit family.


Denise P. - Mar 20, 2007 12:51 pm (#2633 of 2990)

Full grown, she should be about 19"at the shoulder, around 40 lbs. A nice, medium sized dog.


Starling - Mar 20, 2007 1:38 pm (#2634 of 2990)

Tinsel's got such big paws, I love big puppy paws.

Emma Watson has said she doesn't want to do it anymore so often, I'm beginning to be reminded of the boy who cried "wolf".


Puck - Mar 20, 2007 2:09 pm (#2635 of 2990)

Feel better soon, Kabloink!

John, that is a large amount of books, especially since it's so easy to look up numbers on-line. The super-size packaging on items bothers me, too. Why does a game the size of a deck of cards have to come in a shoe box size container? We have recyling available here at curb side, but it's amazing how few people take advantage of it.


Denise P. - Mar 20, 2007 2:21 pm (#2636 of 2990)

Office Depot delivered to me today: 10 reams of paper in one box and a single box of paper clips (100 paper clips) in a box that is 8x18x12, with 6 air packs....all for a box of paperclips that is maybe 2" x 3" (it was a package deal, the 10 reams of paper and box of paper clips were under $16, shipped) Did those paper clips really need that big box and all the protective packaging?

Since I don't feed Tinsel dog food, no worries about the recalled stuff here. Tinsel eats like a wolf! Grrrrooowwwwllll


azi - Mar 20, 2007 2:27 pm (#2637 of 2990)

**healing charms** kabloink!

Girl who cried wolf...just what I was thinking.

I am annoyed. I just got an email from my landlord saying they never got my January rent. One of these days I will slaughter Royal Mail.


Starling - Mar 20, 2007 2:37 pm (#2638 of 2990)

One of these days British landlords will catch on to either direct debit or standing orders.


azi - Mar 20, 2007 2:46 pm (#2639 of 2990)

Well, they do give that option, but I only had an account with a building society back then, so a cheque was my only option. I now have a bank account and will use it in future.


Tazzygirl - Mar 20, 2007 2:55 pm (#2640 of 2990)

**healing charms** to Kabloink and all others feeling under the weather!

Happy (late) Anniversary to the Squids!

Interesting stuff about Emma Watson.

Hope your landlord gets the rent check, Azi!

Forgot what else I wanted to say. As usual.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



Mediwitch - Mar 20, 2007 3:11 pm (#2641 of 2990)

Although I work in the public schools, because I'm in speech and language, I don't use the electronic gradebooks (Rediker/GradeQuick) - we do our IEPs online though through a secure site (https://...). Mr. Mediwitch uses the electronic gradebook, and as he was sitting here, I asked him about the security. He says it's not on every computer in the building, only ones in departmental offices. First, you have to have a key to get into the office, then log on to the computer as a teacher, then into the gradebook program (hopefully teachers have different logins/passwords for each). It's not easy to hack in, although it's probably possible. Determined hackers can get into just about everything.

Marie and SquidMike, glad to hear your trip was safe and fun! Would have loved to see a squid on skates! *high fives* Shayla - good girl! And

Happy Anniversary to the Squids!

Snuffles, I'm so happy to hear the good news about your mum! That's wonderful!

*Healing Charms* to kabloink! Hope you're feeling better soon. It stinks to be sick and at work. My principal took one look at me today and told me to go home...unfortunately the first time I saw her today was 2:50 pm as the kids were getting ready for dismissal!


Lina - Mar 20, 2007 3:59 pm (#2642 of 2990)

Julie (Snuffles), that's great news about your Mum. I hope she will forget that she was ill as soon as possible!

Sheila, don't you think that your daughter would be the best for the role of Fleur or Gabrielle? I say that because of the hair mostly, I guess she should work on the accent a bit.

Healing charms your way, Kabloink! Take care! I'm sure your parents don't plan to run the office on their own and add to it visiting their daughter to the hospital. I hope you feel better soon.

I'm sure there was much more I wanted to comment but I'm just so old...

And Happy anniversary to the Squids! I wish you many of them in the future!


boop - Mar 20, 2007 5:29 pm (#2643 of 2990)

Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Squid. Thanks for the hugs too.

Julie, great news about your mom.

Healing charms to Kabloink, I hope you start feeling better soon.

Welcome back Mike and Marie.

Have a great rest of the day!

hugs always



Tazzygirl - Mar 20, 2007 5:36 pm (#2644 of 2990)

That is great news about your Mum, JulieSnuffles! Hope it continues to be that way!



Chemyst - Mar 20, 2007 7:42 pm (#2645 of 2990)

Kristina took the words right out of my mouth: That is great news about your Mum, JulieSnuffles!

Thanks for the explanations about electronic grading.

For anyone with a Dunkin' Donuts in the neighborhood, March 21st is FREE Iced Coffee Day. (16 oz.)
...and Rita's Ices has free Italian ices Wednesday too. (although those stores not as common – yet)


Gina R Snape - Mar 20, 2007 7:56 pm (#2646 of 2990)

Hey John. Thanks for reposting here.

Isn't anyone excited about the length of the book? We've been speculating, but now we KNOW we are in for a decent length of reading.

Thanks for the reminder, Chemyst. I fully plan to pick up mine tomorrow on my way to class! And maybe another one at a different Dunkin' Donuts afterwards.


journeymom - Mar 20, 2007 8:13 pm (#2647 of 2990)

Yes, Gina! That is exciting! It could only be better if DH was longer than OotP.


Mediwitch - Mar 20, 2007 8:21 pm (#2648 of 2990)

I'm thrilled about the length of DH! I was hoping for a nice, fat, juicy book - the thicker the better!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 20, 2007 9:06 pm (#2649 of 2990)

I'm a bit disappointed in the length, I was hoping for around 6,000 pages.  (No I think it's great!)

**healing charms**

Happy Anniversaries to the Squids.

My dog eats dry food, so no worries there. But I must say, this is getting a bit out of hand. What's with all the contaminated food. In the past 6 months we've had to throw out spinach, lettuce, peanutbutter, and now dog food! What's up with all of this?? Are we going to have to start boiling everything before we eat it? These companies need to figure out what the deal is and get their act together! It's crazy!

I'm with journeymom on the Emma Watson. Until Emma or Warner Brosofficially announces it, I'm not going to believe it. The only thing that would bother me about her leaving would be that Hermione wouldn't be the smae person in each movie, and that would annoy me realllyyy badllyy! On the plus side, they may find someone who can actually act without flaring their nostrils every 3 seconds!

OH yeah.. I almost forgot...

I hope your mom's kitty is ok, Puck! Heard from FIL today that one of their kitties was killed by a car. We offered our evil kitty as a replacement. -Holly

This made me laugh. Y'all are soo sweet and thoughtful!

Ok I've spent too much time here already! Night!


geauxtigers - Mar 20, 2007 9:46 pm (#2650 of 2990)

I'm thrilled about the length!!!

All I really have time to say for now though! I sorta skimmed the past like 40 posts! I just finished my homework and I also think that if America doesn't get rid of Sanjya on Idol this week, I'm not watching it anymore. Anyone know what was up with that girl who was like balling during his whole performance?

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Glad to hear the good news about your mum, Julie!

**collapses into bed**

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Tazzygirl - Mar 20, 2007 10:19 pm (#2651 of 2990)

Just finished reading Eldest from the Eragon series. It took me almost 2 months to finish it!! sheesh. I must say though, I am holding out hope that the last book will be better than the first two. The ending to Eldest seemed very promising. Anyone know when the Third Book is coming out??

I am soooo glad to hear DH is going to be a long book! More chance for me to savor every minute of reading.

Puck- I hope the kitty is okay!

Off to finish prepping for a presentation for tomorrow. Then I'll be able to relax on my Spring Break. w00t!!



The giant squid - Mar 20, 2007 11:56 pm (#2652 of 2990)

I chalk up the Emma rumor to someone having gotten a hold on Rita Skeeter's quill...

784 pages, huh? Well, it'll have to do. To me, it just confirms that JKR wil end up writing that Encyclopedia of the Wizarding World, as there's no way she can fit everything that needs to be covered in that few pages.

Thanks again for all the well-wishes.

Tazzy, what happened to your font? It's all big & green...you do realize that St. Patrick's Day was two days ago, right?



Solitaire - Mar 20, 2007 11:59 pm (#2653 of 2990)

I have not seen anything about dogfod on the news, but my mom gave me just enough info to scare me. I tried to watch the news, but I fell asleep before I could find out anything. Does anyone know the problem brand? **officially worried**

Julie, good news about your mom. Healing charms to Kabloink!

About Emma Watson ... it would be a shame if she dropped out as Hermione now, although I'm sure the series would survive. I know it's tempting to want to get on with new and different things, but she needs to remember that Hermione is the role that put her on the map. Besides, it will be over in a couple of years, and if she goes the distance, she will not have to worry about having upset and alienated her fans. I hope she reconsiders ... although maybe the story is just a tempest in a teacup.



Tazzygirl - Mar 21, 2007 12:03 am (#2654 of 2990)

Squid Mike: Tazzy, what happened to your font? It's all big & green...you do realize that St. Patrick's Day was two days ago, right?

LOL, I figured since I had been using the old color and size for year now, it was time for a change. The pink reddish color was starting to bug me. Green is more my color, but I am still deciding on exactly what shade of green and font I like more though...


EDIT: Soli, there are about 53 wet dog food brands tainted. Dry dog food is safe. Here is the website for the complete list of recalled wet dog food brands: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html

Oooh, I like how the italics look in this font! awesome!


Denise P. - Mar 21, 2007 5:04 am (#2655 of 2990)

Cat food is also being recalled, not just dog food. There are a huge number of brands that are being recalled.

I would be more thrilled with DH if it were longer than OoP. I don't know how JKR is going to wrap things up in a shorter book. Of course, no matter how many pages, there will still be loads of unanswered questions that fans have...enough to keep us debating and discussing for years.


azi - Mar 21, 2007 5:22 am (#2656 of 2990)

At least DH is longer than HBP. That was disappointingly short.

Love the avatar Denise!

We've had a few food scares in the UK in this last year, mostly with chocolate.

I got my cheque thing sorted. Landlord did the maths and found I must have paid it, but she didn't write it down. However, one problem to another...you may remember my parents had to have the gas mains refitted last year, with a bad job on the drive resurfacing and problems reconnecting to supply. Well, it gets worse. My parents had noticed the meter was going backwards and so called someone out. He says the whole thing was a terrible bodge job anyway (with pipes connected in the wrong place) but that we'd tampered with the meter and were stealing gas!!! He said it just wasn't possible that an engineer could make that mistake. Anyway, my mother phoned the gas company and they say it'll be three months before they'll get it contact to fix this and we have to pay their estimates on the next bill, which is £100 overestimated a time!

Happy days to all!


Loopy Lupin - Mar 21, 2007 5:54 am (#2657 of 2990)

784 pages, huh? Well, it'll have to do.-- Squid Mike

Hmmph!!! What a gyp! I was hoping for at least 1,000. Alas.....

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Squid!


Solitaire - Mar 21, 2007 7:04 am (#2658 of 2990)

Thanks, Tazzy. I've used Iams, Eukanuba, and Nutro dog foods before (all of which are on the list). I'm currently using Avoderm. It is recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and I'd say Stoney qualifies there. The cats, fortunately, are eating Purina. BTW, my mom said dry dogfoods were also under suspicion.

Azi, do your parents have any legal recourse? Here we have the Better Business Bureau, which can sometimes help when business is sticking it to a consumer. It would be hard going against a utility company, but the BBB would search out who did the repairs and see if there have been other complaints against the guy. It might be worth finding out if the gas company ever uses subcontractors. If they were especially busy when your parents' job was done, they could have farmed out the work and the guy cut corners ... you never know. They do need to find out if there have been similar complaints against them. Good luck!



painting sheila - Mar 21, 2007 7:28 am (#2659 of 2990)

784 - let's see if . . if I read VVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY slowly, I can make it last for a good 24 hours. (sigh)

Thanks Lina - for suggesting my daughter is pretty enough to be Fleur!! We practice our accent often (to the embarrassment of anyone else that is with us) on a regular basis.

I am off to drive to Durham to pick up fabric from my brother-in-law that got it from my sister that bought it for me in Greensboro. Jeez!! I needed a few more yards of one kind of fabric to make Zoot suits for the school musical. I am so desperate for help with this!! I can't see how I can get it all done -

with that said - BYE~


azi - Mar 21, 2007 7:51 am (#2660 of 2990)

Soli, in the UK nearly all work like this is contracted out to subcontractors by the gas companies. We know exactly who did it. We also have in writing some promises the gas company made which they have now taken back. It's just a case of waiting until Friday when they come round to decide if we've tampered or not. If they still think we have, then we can complain to 'Ofgem', who regulate gas and electric suppliers in this country, or 'energywatch', the independent watchdog, who give advice on matters like these. We'd probably have to go to 'energywatch' for something like this.

Good luck with all the work, Shelia!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 21, 2007 7:51 am (#2661 of 2990)

Julie, that is awesome news about your mother! Continued healing charms and prayers so that one day this ordeal will be just a memory.

Healing charms to Mediwitch and Kabloink. I agree with Lina. Take care of yourselves or you will need someone to take care of you.

Happy Belated Anniversary to the Squids.

I'm sure there was much more I wanted to comment but I'm just so old... Lina
Yeah, you are. Sorry, I just couldn't pass that one up, you know!

Gina, I kind of figured it would be along the lines of OotP in length. If you consider Harry needing to find all of the horcruxes, she really has to get him around from place to place and that is one of the reasons OotP was so long. But it is always exciting to get another tidbit about the book!

So Sheila is in for a meet up on July 20/21. That makes five of us so far (including HH13). Anyone else? **Glances Gina's way**

Sorry to hear about the kitty, Holly. So nice of you to offer your evil kitty - I think.


EDIT: azi, Felix Felicis sent your way. It sounds as though you all can use it. I hope everything works out in your favor.


Thom Matheson - Mar 21, 2007 9:19 am (#2662 of 2990)

784? Too short. Like you Denise I ana't see how she will fit all the unresolved issues into only 784 pages. Especially of there is an Epilogue at the end. So is it really like 750? 740?


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 21, 2007 9:45 am (#2663 of 2990)

Thom, perhaps the epilogue is the final chapter or better yet the final few pages of the of book.

I doubt that J.K. Rowling would put in a Tolkienesque epilogue. In a sense the appendices in Lord of the Rings evolved into after Tolkien decided against including a formal epilogue in the published narrative, even though he had written several drafts of one.

I tend to think that J.K. Rowling would be more including to cover the major remaining issues throughout the narrative and resolve the minor ones in the final chapter.


Puck - Mar 21, 2007 10:08 am (#2664 of 2990)

Solitaire, I think you jinxed me. I went to the Board of Directors meeting for the preschool last night, and it looks like Diva gets to wear a cap and gown for graduation. (I was the only one who thought this over the top.) The were even thinking of using the auditorium at the elementary school so they could go on stage. I hope it doesn't come to this, as it's a totally different place. I think it would seem strange to have the final ceremony be at a different school.

Jordan was so great on Idol last night. Wow! Sanjaya had surprising energy, but his vocals were horrid. If he could just sing decently and perform well at the same time....


TomProffitt - Mar 21, 2007 10:25 am (#2665 of 2990)

Must sneak in & make an Idol comment. I couldn't stand to watch Sanjaya butcher The Kinks so I had to leave the room, it was worse than watching Brass in Pocket destroyed a few weeks ago. That said I expect Sanjaya will be around another week at least, I don't think that there are enough votes out there for all of the R&B singers that are left, one of them (Stephanie I guess) will go, or maybe one of the guys (Chris, Chris, & Phil all being more or less in the same genre).

By the way, I would love to take Tony Stewart grocery shopping. COT this week end at Bristol (yea!). (If y'all don't understand these two references it is a NASCAR thing, don't worry about it)


Holly T. - Mar 21, 2007 10:30 am (#2666 of 2990)

Daughter had fifth grade graduation last year and they had caps (made out of posterboard) but not gowns. When the kids finished preschool they called it a "learning celebration," not graduation, and they all got medals (made with painted CDs), no caps or gowns. I think it would be odd to have the preschool graduation at a different school--will all of the kids even be attending that elementary school?

Azi, hope your parents get everything straightened out! What a mess.

As for HP books, the longer the better, I say.

I don't watch Idol, but I do suspect the little crying girl was staged. I watched women's basketball last night--NC State defeated Baylor in overtime, oh well, at least I won't have to watch any more basketball until next year.

Editing--Tom, our orange cat (the stupid one, not the evil one) is named Tony, after Tony Stewart. I am also looking forward to the race!


Viola Intonada - Mar 21, 2007 11:23 am (#2667 of 2990)

Happy belated Anniversary to the Squids!

Are we sure that the book is 784 pages and not just the first chapter?

It is very sad about all of the recalls there has been on food in the past year. (This dog food one is very scary. Our dog gets dry food.) It is the price we pay for cheap, mass produced food. A recall on Chocolate in England?!?! That would just be downright horrifying!

FIL is having surgery today. Hubby is there with his mom. The girls and I will join him on Saturday and leave on Tuesday.


Holly T. - Mar 21, 2007 11:46 am (#2668 of 2990)

I just reread my previous post and, since it is too late to edit, must clarify that our cat is named in honor of Tony Stewart and the fact that said cat is none too bright does not reflect our opinion on Tony Stewart in this household--we like Tony! Our cat Tony (we like him too) is just short a few brain cells. At least he is not mean like his evil sister (our black cat who only eats Fancy Feast and hates everyone but our daughter, which is why we can't just get rid of her--the cat, not the daughter).

Have a safe trip Viola!


kabloink! - Mar 21, 2007 12:54 pm (#2669 of 2990)

Yeah, so we bought and tried to watch "Eragon" last night...I have one question-did they even read the book? Ok, back to work, just had to ask.


Detail Seeker - Mar 21, 2007 1:21 pm (#2670 of 2990)

784 pages means 20 pages story and 728 epilogue, doesn´t it ?


Gina R Snape - Mar 21, 2007 1:50 pm (#2671 of 2990)

HungarianHorntail11, there are going to be a host of parties on "DH eve" and I fully intend to get a group together to travel around to each one before settling into a small store for the actual purchase of the book. This is what I did on HBP eve and it was a BLAST.

Feel free to email me privately if you are interested in joining the party hopping.


geauxtigers - Mar 21, 2007 1:56 pm (#2672 of 2990)

Ha ha, Holly! We had a siamese who was the sweetest cat in the world, but she brought the term "lower intelligence" to a whole new level! LOL She was just dumb, and pigeon toed and cross-eyed. She started spraying in our house randomly so she became an outside cat and she was always squatting in our flowerbeds. It got to be a joke, everytime we drove up the driveway, she was squatting in a flowerbed! LOL She used to take rides in my dad's truck bed, he came to school to get us one day to find her in the back of his truck! She did it several times, and also rode on top of my mom car a few times. She had to get out and shoo her off the roof at a stop sign once. How did we come to loose Hazel? I think I've told this before, but she was in my mom's car and and when she was at Wal-mart one night getting pillow stuffing, she opened the back hatch and Hazel shot across the parking lot. We never found her. It was sad at first, but we are confident that she was okay because the first person to feed her, she was there to stay! LOL Sad as first, but now its really funny, and if you knew this cat, trust me, its the perfect fit to losing her. In the Wal-mart parking lot! LOL

I don't think I need a forklift to bring home DH. Man! Me and Choices reserved our forklifts last Janurary! LOL **waves to Choices**

My grades turned out to be really good, and I somehow managed a B in Math, something I haven't achieved this year, so I'm really happy about that! My only C was in physics, but I try not to be too hard on myself with that as its an honors class and its not exactly easy, so I feel like I did my best and thats all I can ask for really.

Okay need to go do homework! Happy Wednesday! Only like what 2 weeks? til Easter! WOOO!


Puck - Mar 21, 2007 1:58 pm (#2673 of 2990)

Kabloink, I actually paid to see it in the theater. Waste of a good night out with the hubby! Drove me nuts that it didn't occur to them that one of the main characters being an elf and having magical abilities was worthy of mention.

Holly, about 11 out of 17 will be going to that school next year. A few live in another town, and several are not even moving on to kindergarten as they will not turn 5 in time. (The will participate and then "graduate" again next year.) No one else seemed to think this was all a bit much. It's even a night time ceremony. I Definitely preferred something simple on the last day of school. I'm sure son will want to know why he didn't have such an elaborate graduation. (We had a different director that year.)


Tazzygirl - Mar 21, 2007 2:02 pm (#2674 of 2990)

Puck and Kabloink, I completely agree with both of you on the movie version of Eragon. It was awful.

I have one more class to get through, and I'll be on Spring Break. **taps fingers impatiently**



Lina - Mar 21, 2007 4:21 pm (#2675 of 2990)

Congratulations on the good grades, Tori! Keep on with the good work!

Have a great time on the break, Kristina!

Sheila, which is the accent that you are actually working on? British or French? If you wish, you can come here, I'll give you some Krum - accent tutoring.

Healing and recovering charms to your FIL, Viola!

Maria, !


Mediwitch - Mar 21, 2007 4:55 pm (#2676 of 2990)

Congrats on the good grades, Tori! You should be proud of yourself. *pats Tori on the back*

Hey Holly, if you find a home for your evil cat, will you let me know so I can send our evil cat to join her? Ours is a long-haired domestic (read: mutt) and she is plain nasty! She's got this beautiful thick fur that just begs to be touched, and she'll come and rub against your legs, but if you touch her - WHAM! - she'll get you. The only person she likes is my step-daughter (note: she's ostensibly daughter's cat, but daughter has moved out and cat has not! ) She growls when she is really annoyed, and sometimes just because! She growled at my sister-in-law the first time she ever saw her (and SIL loves animals); SIL has only been here once since then and evil cat growled again! SIL calls her a very non-forum-friendly name regularly now!


juliebug - Mar 21, 2007 5:35 pm (#2677 of 2990)

Folks, it's been a rotten day out here. The check out lady at the supermarket messed up my purchase and I had to go check out at customer service, my car key broke off of my key ring and I had to call a friend to pick my two-year old and I up at the supermarket, but I just heard the kicker. Apparently, there is a drought in Africa that causing havoc to the cocoa crops. This combined with a growing consumer demand for dark chocolate is predicted to cause an increase in the price of chocolate. Boy today just stinks!


painting sheila - Mar 21, 2007 6:49 pm (#2678 of 2990)

((((hugs)))) to juliebug and all other of us chocolate lovers. Some days it just pays to stay in bed.

Lina - I am on my way!. . . oops! Maybe I need to get my passport first. I know!! Why don't you come here? I would love to have a visitor. . . do you sew?

I just handed off three of the millions of skirts (slight exaggeration there) to a friend. Yeah!! I have another friend that I am going to get to help me make shakesperian head pieces for the men and the women, and another mom that said she would sew on snaps and such for me. Yeah!!

We had an evil cat once. His name was Sylvester but we called him Satan Kitty. He would hide behind stuff and jump out and attack you - and not the playful "attack you" but the "I want to eat your leg" kind of attack you. When Oldest Daughter was just a toddler he took a piece of cheese right out or her hand as she put it in her mouth. He then growled and hissed at all of us until we left the room so he could eat it. We found him another home - and we all were much happier.


Viola Intonada - Mar 21, 2007 7:12 pm (#2679 of 2990)

Thank you for all of the healing charms for my FIL, he is really going to need them. It hasn't been a great day. (Mental note to start stockpiling chocolate)

On a lighter note, I wanted to share youngest's science project with you. She had to demonstrate a physical or chemical change in something. She chose to do Peep fights. The project turned out rather cute. I'm curious as to what the teacher will think. (And yes, this project was inspired by the Forum ) {Peep fights are when you put two marshmallow peeps on a plate, each with a toothpick to act as its "sword", then put them in a microwave and let them dual)


geauxtigers - Mar 21, 2007 7:12 pm (#2680 of 2990)

SPEW!!! Sheila! My cousin has a cat like that, I don't think it has a name though or if its even their cat, but it will jump out and attack you too. Too funny about the cheese! LOL When I was little we had a sort of 'evil' cat, at least she could be mean every so often, perhaps its because at the age of 2, we hung her from our crib with a 'leash' around her neck and raised the railing, broke her tail from trying to catch her by it, stuff her in a humidfier when playing hide and go seek, and hmmm lets see by the time we were 4 we were constantly putting doll clothes on her and making contraptions with robe ties and laundry baskets to catch her. I think we may have been a bit harsh in saying that she was mean! LOL My friend wanted to give her cat a jaccuzzi, so she put it in the toilet and flushed it, thankfully the cat survived! LOL she also strapped the same cat in a stroller and let her go down the stairs...

I finally caught a pre-season baseball game tonight! I was so excited even if the Astros lost! But thats okay, its only pre-season, not like its for real or anything.

I think I'm going to go take a shower nnow, I just realized its after 9 and if I want my hair to be dry in the next 3 hours....

((Juliebug)) At least theres a new Grey's tomorrow!

Sheila I dunno how you do all that! Perhaps some felix felcis?

Hope everyone feels better soon!

EDIT THat so cool, Viola! I love putting peeps in the microwave! We just put on in pressure thingy the other day in Human anatomy! LOL **makes mental note to stick toothpicks in the peeps next time and let them duel**

Peeps are the nastiest most wonderful candy in the world! I truly hate them, but I just can't help but like them! Does that make sense? I usually just eat one a year at Easter, and you just have to bite the head off first!


Holly T. - Mar 21, 2007 7:36 pm (#2681 of 2990)


Congrats on the grades Tori!

Cool project, Viola!

Ok, high gas prices are one thing, but an increase in the price of chocolate? Yikes. ;-)

Our Girl Scout service unit campout is very conveniently the week after Easter again this year. The girls have specifically requested that I purchase them so discounted Easter candy (especially Peeps) to turn into s'mores. Only thing is, there's a burn ban, so no campfires. I suppose they could roast them over a camp stove, but it's not quite the same. Not my problem, LOL! While they're off camping, I'll be in San Francisco with my husband. :-) I have awesome assistant leaders who are taking the troop.

Mediwitch, our evil kitty is also a long hair. She's almost a tortiseshell, mostly black with just a sheen of orange. Very pretty. She hates us. If you try and pet her or pick her up she growls at you. Daughter picks her up and she purrs and daughter says she's a sweet kitty and the rest of us are mean to her. Evil kitty will also just walk by and hiss at her poor mentally challenged brother for no reason, which confuses him even more than he usually is. We've never had a long-haired cat before and I do not recommend it. We didn't know she was a long hair when we got her because, well, all kittens are fluffy--who could tell? Mama cat wasn't a long hair. Sigh. Stupid confused brother kitty is a short-haired orange tabby. Yet, in spite of said cat's evilness, we only buy her Fancy Feast and we paid an arm and a leg to the vet to get her fixed up last year after she fell from upstairs and dislocated her jaw and broke two teeth (the broken teeth are why she now only gets Fancy Feast).


Puck - Mar 21, 2007 7:40 pm (#2682 of 2990)

How long do you turn on the microwave for? I'm sure to be getting some here on Easter. Son would love to see them duel.

On Idol Sanjaya still around? Stephanie gone and Chris in the bottom 2? This is just nuts! I do wish they would say who's in the top 3 each week.

Happy RotD! Kathy


geauxtigers - Mar 21, 2007 7:56 pm (#2683 of 2990)

Really, Kathy? That was the results? I can't believe it! I forgot to watch too. I think Simon needs to step in. Its getting a bit ridiculus if you ask me.

As for the peeps, just put them in and turn it on for like a minute, but it won't need that long, don't keep them in too long that they explode...lol theres probably nothing worse than marshmallow stuck to the inside of your microwave! They can get pretty big, but you'll be able to tell right before it blows so...

Holly, for the smores, you could always use a lighter! Last summer when we went fishing with my aunt and ucle and cousins, we ended up lighting our marshmallows on fire with a lighter to make our smores because it was raining and we were stuck in the hotel! THey were good! LOL perhaps it was just the fact that we really wanted those smores!


Puck - Mar 21, 2007 8:04 pm (#2684 of 2990)

Okay, now I can't wait for dueling pink bunnies. **insert evil grin here**

Yup, Tori, that's how it went down. I guess it helps to be in a different genre from the top singers. Or to have fab hair. It was Chris R. that had the trouble, which surprised me. I would think the teen girl vote would pour in for him -he is eye candy. Plus, he gave an excellent performance. Phil seem thrilled not to be in the bottom of the pack again.


geauxtigers - Mar 21, 2007 8:30 pm (#2685 of 2990)

hmm, I'm not a big fan of Chris R. He sounds like Justin Timberlake and sorta looks like him a bit too. He sounds like a girl when he sings, and it drives me crazy! There is nothing 'hot' about Sanjya or his hair. He just doesn't have a strong voice, hes more of a choir singer type, not a pop-rocker type singer. My mom made a point that Sanjaya has a crew of 11-12 year old girls voting for him unfortunately it seems. Anyway Chris R isn't ugly, but I don't think I'd call him eye candy, but I can see alot of people thinking the opposite. I just don't like his voice.

I like Lakisha, and Melinda, they have wonderful voices, but I don't see them winning it from the perspective of who is voting. They are older and it is a slight strike against them. I don't see them selling millions of albums afterwards, yeah they'd be famous, but more than likely not have the kind of success that Kelly Clarkson has had. Its a bit of a shame, but American Idol broadcasts to a lot of the 'younger' crowd, so that who is going to be buying the albums ect. I could see Chris winning it possibly, even that guy with the big hair (whats his name?). I thought he did well last night, but hes not my favorite.

Hmm lets see, oh wait, I know whose gonna win it all! Jordin! Shes awesome! Shes only 17! Shes the kind of person who can win this competition and sell lots of albums after.

Okay now that I've wasted more time talking aloud to myself on the computer about who I think should win!....LOL I'm off to watch Jay and read HBP!


Tazzygirl - Mar 21, 2007 8:35 pm (#2686 of 2990)

Chocolate prices rising??? I think I'll be stocking up on chocolate too!!

My parents had an evil kitty before I was born. They told me it used to corner people in their kitchens, and my mom would get frantic calls for her to come get the kitty. The kitty would also attack my dad for his sandwich if he was sitting on the couch. When they finally had enough of it attacking everyone and everything, they called my uncle over to help catch it so they could take it to the vet (it was that evil). They handed him thick leather gloves to protect his hands, and he said he didn't need them. The cat scratched up his arms. When they finally got it into a grocery paper bag, it was sticking its claws through the paper. That was the last time we ever had a cat.

American Idol hasn't started here yet. It's very strange how the show is turning out... I did see Melinda perform last week, and I think I am rooting for her. lol

I want to watch Peeps duel!!! How fun!

Off to lie down and read HBP (Tori's reading it too. How many other people are reading it now as well??? LOL!!)



kaykay1970 - Mar 21, 2007 9:05 pm (#2687 of 2990)

My niece got her wheel chair today! It was about time too! It's been nearly a year since they ordered it. It is so cool! The lift system is much better than the old chair and she can recline this one. It looks much more comfortable!

Sorry I didn't read all the posts. I was behind because we've had stomach virus and computer problems this week. Hope everyone is doing well! Healing charms to all who need them!


Holly T. - Mar 21, 2007 9:50 pm (#2688 of 2990)

Very bad for you snack idea--but also very tasty--sandwich a Peep between two Caramel Delite Girl Scout cookies (aka Samoas). Yum.

Just confiscated a plastic Easter egg from evil kitty. It was making an awful lot of noise on the tile floor. She hissed at me.


Solitaire - Mar 21, 2007 10:20 pm (#2689 of 2990)

Don't you people ever work? Sheesh! I came home tonight to 30 new posts! **sigh** I am having a hard time keeping up. Of course, that's what you get when you stay at school until 7:15 p.m.

I should have known better ... tomorrow we have parent-teacher conferences. I'll have kids from 8-12:30 ... and parents from 1-7:30 p.m. It's going to be a l-o-n-g day. I'm dreading it this spring, too ... for the first time in my 21-year career.

Well, I suppose I should finish grading my vocabulary papers. That's right ... 10:10 p.m., and I'm not done yet.

Puck, I can't believe they went for caps and gowns. What is this goofy world coming to?

Azi, good luck to your parents. Please keep me up on what happens. I'd really like to know!

On a sad note ... the older brother of one of my students was killed this weekend in a car accident. I hadn't heard the name of the victim until today, so I just realized this kid was related to my student. What I cannot believe is that the student was in class yesterday and today! He is so quiet ... I think he must be in shock. I'm kind of worried, because his cousin (also a student of mine) says he has not really reacted. Is there anything I should watch for, Mediwitch (or anyone, really, who has had experience)?



Elanor - Mar 21, 2007 10:34 pm (#2690 of 2990)

LOL on the evil cats stories! I've never met an evil cat, I've always loved cats and I usually get along pretty well with them. But I did have to face an evil rooster when I was about 5. I was often going to my aunt's farm and I was dreading to cross the yard because there was that evil rooster which always tried and attack me, or rather attack the cookie in had in my hand. **shudders retrospectively**
Didn't bring it luck though... We ate it for my 6th birthday... **evil grin**

Read that quote about cats the other day BTW:

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. (R.Heinlein)

Congrats on the good grades Tori!
Healing and Cheering Charms to all needing some!


Edit: Solitaire, this is such a sad story! Maybe that it helps your student to be in class as usual. Has he any close friends? They may be the ones you could talk to and tell them to keep an eye on him, and ask for help if/when they think he needs it.


Tazzygirl - Mar 21, 2007 10:54 pm (#2691 of 2990)

That's so sad about your student's brother, Soli. Hope he pulls through okay! and **strengthening charms** to you for your long day tomorrow!

Thaniel is turning 2 tomorrow (Thursday). How time does fly!! We are all supposed to go to Buca de Beppo for dinner, but I cannot go, as I have to work. Oh well!

Fantastic news for your niece, Kay!

Back to reading...



Snuffles - Mar 22, 2007 1:46 am (#2692 of 2990)

Thanks for all the wishes for my mum. It means alot

azi. I hope everything turns out ok with the gas company. Honestly, if you had tampered with the gas supply, you would hardly ring to tell them! I hate gas/electric companies. They are quick increase charges, but if you are in credit, they take forever to give you any cash back. Good luck.

Viola, **healing charms** to your FIL, I hope he recovers quickly.

Tori, congrats on your grades

**healing charms** to Kay and her family. I hope you all feel better soon. It's fantastic news that your niece has got her new chair. I can't believe she had to wait a year for it though, at least it will make her more comfortable.

Solitaire, I'm so sorry to hear about your students brother. At least he has such a caring teacher to think about him. I'm sure he will appreciate it.

Happy birthday to Thaniel. Hope he has a fantastic day.

Off to check the threads

Happy Thursday everyone



TomProffitt - Mar 22, 2007 4:34 am (#2693 of 2990)

On Idol:

It helps to understand the voting if you think of it as certain groups of people voting for their favorite type of music. For example, Gina Glockson isn't all that good of a singer/performer, but she's the only rocker so she'll be around longer than people better than her (like Stephanie). On the other hand when you have several contestants in the same genre (like R&B) those people are in trouble. Chris R was in trouble because most of the guys are competing for the same votes. Sanjaya is in a special place all by himself and will be hard to get rid of.

Also remember that these people don't have to win Idol to have great careers, just look at Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, & Clay Aiken.

Done with Idol rant.

By the way I am currently unemployed and have an opportunity to get a job where they are printing DH. I probably won't do it as I have done that type of work and am tired of it. I would also get fired for sneaking peeks at the book anyway.


Denise P. - Mar 22, 2007 5:14 am (#2694 of 2990)

We have not had cats in almost 10 years. One of our last cats, Toby (Tobayashi Maru...where did we get her name? And yes, I know it originally started with a K) suffered a lack of air at birth, we think. As a result, she was most certainly not the brightest crayon in the box. Our other cat, Boo Boo, was a cool cat. She used to like to lay on the edge of the bathtub while I took a nice, long soak. Notice I said used to...that is because Mr. Denise found it amusing to push her into the water with me. Cat, water, claws, soaking in tub does not equal a happy Denise or Boo Boo. She had her revenge though. She would sprawl on her back, for all the world looking like she was inviting you to rub her fluffy tummy. Then she could grab your hand, bite it and pummel with her back feet.

Idol - Sanjaya has the worst voting for him since he is currently votefortheworst.com's poster boy. That will keep him around longer than he should be.

Lost ---->I was not at all surprised when Locke's father was there, I figured it out when Ben asked for the Man from Tallahassee. Jack, Jack...get over Kate! I was shocked when Locke was defenstrated. I didn't expect it. I also have to say, I much prefer present day Island Locke over Flashback Locke. It will be interesting to see what Alex does, now that Sayid has said something about her mother. Good casting to find someone who actually does look like the French Woman. <------


Chemyst - Mar 22, 2007 5:23 am (#2695 of 2990)

By the way I ... have an opportunity to get a job where they are printing DH. I probably won't do it
TomProffitt, you are such a tease...

The bloodroot is in bloom, and I consider it a true herald of spring. Most of the blooming around here has been cultivated, but these are wildly independent blooms.

Soli, people grieve in different ways. My brother was killed by a drunk driver when we were in our teens and at that time I found people, who really had the best of intentions, to be quite hurtful. They would say things that made me feel like my grief wasn't "good enough" for them. I guess they needed some kind of wailing show or a good fainting to make them happy. Let him know you are available, and then give him space.


Puck - Mar 22, 2007 5:39 am (#2696 of 2990)


Strengthening charms to SOlitaire's student and family. (Your class is having a rough year.)

My mom once had a cat that would literally walk into a corner and wouldn't be able to find it's way back out.

Kay, yeah for niece's new wheel chair!

Okay. I'm supposed to be doing stuff. I just came on the computer to get an address. (Which wasn't even here. I never put in the new one when my brother in law moved. Birthday gift destined to be late.)

Happy birthday to Nathaniel!



juliebug - Mar 22, 2007 5:56 am (#2697 of 2990)

Hugs to all us chocolate-lovers!

So sorry to hear about Solitare's student's family, how very awful.

Yes, I am feeling a little better knowing I have a new Grey's to look forward to. I can't to talk to all of you about it!

On Lost: Wow! The writers and a few of the actors said this was going to be a good one and they weren't kidding. I was not real surprised to find out that Locke's dad put him in the wheelchair, but I sure did not expect to see him behind that door. Then of course, there was the exploding sub. Just when I think Locke is basically a good guy, he foes something like this I can't wait to see how this changes things with the Others. I wonder if what Sayid said will cause Alex to go and dig for answers about her mom. I also don't think we'll get a lot of answers next week. The next show is supposed to feature Nicki and Paulo (those two random people who started getting screen time on the beach just before the hiatus. According to the writers, their episode is supposed to be really good and cancel out all the negative viewers have for these two so far (they have actually been called Ana Lucia squared.) This next episode, however is supposed to bring them to "iconic" status. Not sure if I really buy that, but I'm still excited to see next week.


Eponine - Mar 22, 2007 6:25 am (#2698 of 2990)

Soli, my condolences to your student. I know that has to be hard for them.

Mr. Eponine's sister and her husband have a demon cat. His name is Winston, and every time I go over there, he knocks my stuff off the table. He also once bit my husband's granny, who is the sweetest woman ever. Anything evil enough to bite Granny is just pure evil.

Ah, peeps. I think we go through this discussion every spring. I found chocolate flavored bunny peeps at Target the other day, and they are SOOOOO good!

Well, my sister and her kids, as well as a friend of mine are here for the weekend.

I hope everyone has a great RotD!


painting sheila - Mar 22, 2007 7:06 am (#2699 of 2990)

Soli- Art therapy is a good way to get things out. Drawing pictures, working with play dough, that type of thing. You could have all the kids draw a picture of something that happened to them this week (or something along those lines). You could give the young boy his special folder to put his pictures in - a place where no one but him will ever look at them. You could give him an envelope to put the "picture of the day" in so he can take it home with him if he would like to keep his special folder at home. He may feel the need to keep these pictures "secret" which really means "private" to you and mea.

If he isn't playing on the play ground, I would suggest having him come back in the class room and draw. If he can't (or won't/doesn't feel like drawing) find a pattern picture for him to color or create a swirly picture and have him color each section (do you know what I mean by a swirly picture?)

There have been studies that working with art helps to calm and soothe feelings in kids. It is also a way to show what they are feeling with out having to say it out loud. He may not know how to say what he is feeling - he may not know what he is feeling.

You could even give him a blank journal book for his art work. Have him put the date at the top and then have him draw for that day. A new box of crayons might help too.

Don't push him though and don't try and analyze his work. There may be days when he "forgets" and is acting like a normal kid his age and days where you think he might break from being so fragile. The main thing is to let him know you are there with out making a big deal about it. Don't even ask him to draw what he is "feeling". Just approach it as time to sit and color.

Poor kid. I am sure he has lots of questions but doesn't know ow to ask or even what the questions are to be able to ask.

Lost -> Locke's dad showing up is really weird! Does that mean that his dad isn't where he is supposed to be on the mainland or is this "another" version of his dad? If they have this great box - why can't our guys go in and ask for a computer or something along those lines to communicate with the rest of the world? Jack is going to kill Locke because he blew up the sub! Who do you think is dead next week? Sawyer was digging a grave - and Jin! What is up with her!!??ANd what did you think Ben meant when he said he wanted to help Locke and Locke said why and he said "Because I am in the wheelchair and your not" I understood it when Locke said it to Ben, but not when Ben said it to Locke - sorry I am working on 5 hours of sleep and am not as clear headed as I should be! ANd do you thin Jack would have really made it back to the main land? and where is Michael!! WHY hasn't he came back with help!

Off to get dressed for the day and sew sew sew. (sigh)

Edit - Sorry for the huge post Soli - but I wanted to major in art therapy in college! I am sure you can find lots of suggestions on line if you look up "art therapy for children"


Solitaire - Mar 22, 2007 7:17 am (#2700 of 2990)

Thanks for the support, everyone. It is appreciated. Chemyst, I do understand what you mean about grieving. The fact that this was an older brother who died reminded me of the surviving brother in the movie Ordinary People. I guess I worry too much.

I know the family is very active in their church and has a good support system there, so people who know this student are probably watching him closely. His cousin (also in my home room) was the one who told me that things didn't seem to have registered with him, and she is pretty close to him. I'm sure her parents will be in today (they always come to conferences), so perhaps I'll get a better fix on what is happening.

Well, it's time to face the day. I hope I survive all those parents! LOL


PS Thanks, Sheila. I think this student may be in the art elective, so that would provide a good outlet. I'm going to reread your post this evening, when I can give it some closer attention. I'm out the door right now, but I wanted to say thanks.
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juliebug - Mar 22, 2007 8:43 am (#2701 of 2990)

Lost: I don't think the box Creepy Ben was talking about was actually real. I think he was just making cryptic allusions to the fact that he knows everything about Locke's past. I could of course be wrong and come to find out next week that there really is a huge magical box on the island. It certainly wouldn't have been the strangest thing they've done.


journeymom - Mar 22, 2007 9:00 am (#2702 of 2990)

Sheila, your Satan Kitty story made me laugh out loud. When my parents were newlyweds in a $30 a week 5th floor New York City flat, communal toilet down the hall, they had a kitty nameed Dee Da. Dee Da would wait on top of the book case next to the front door and pounce on my father when he came home. Only my father, never my mother.

Peep fights- that's hysterical. I'll tell Mr Journeymom about it and he'll get a kick out of it.

Solitaire, I'm sorry to hear about your student's loss. That's heartbreaking.


Good Evans - Mar 22, 2007 11:33 am (#2703 of 2990)

Oh gosh where to start

((((( juliebug)))) rotten day, about the chocolate!!!!!

kaykay - yay on the wheelchair for your niece!

Solitaire - symapthy to all affected, it is hard.

Tori - well done on those grades!!

Sheila - sewing charms to you!!!

I had college today and passed my Human Resources analysis presentation - I am really pleased as it was a very nerve racking situation with the whole class in the room listening to the presentations - we all passed which is great as no one would have wanted to do it again! Hopefully we have passed the module too, wont know that for a week or so I suspect, anyway that was about it! hooray no homework this weekend - next module starts in two weeks and it is Finance - yuck!! my worst subject never did "get" accounts and I have passed two exams in it!

hope everyone has a good day - nearly the weekend!


azi - Mar 22, 2007 11:48 am (#2704 of 2990)

Soli - I hope you can survive the day! I also hope your student will be ok, this can't be an easy time for him. I agree with the above posts - everyone reacts in different ways.

Snuffles - we also have problems getting money back! I also felt their claims were weird. If I could tamper with it, why wouldn't I just change it back every so often so I merely got a lower bill that I would have got? It's a non-sensical way to commit a crime - you'd get caught by the next bill!

Congrats on the new chair, Kay!

**hugs** juliebug - sounds like a rubbish day! By chocolate while you can?

Congrats on passing JulieGE! Is it bad I enjoy giving presentations?


The giant squid - Mar 22, 2007 12:30 pm (#2705 of 2990)

Soli, my sympathies go out to your student as well. Like everyone said, don't push, but be available for him.

Lost: I got distracted in the middle of the episode and I missed some of the "box" conversation, so that stuff seemed a little confusing to me. Other than that, though, it was a pretty good episode. I'm actually glad we're back to Jerk Locke. Guru Locke just didn't feel right. I'm sure the stuff with Alex & Danielle will come to a head before too long, and Ben's comment about Alex hating him "so I might not be the best hostage" made me chuckle.



Choices - Mar 22, 2007 1:01 pm (#2706 of 2990)

Chocolate prices going up. :-(

I can feel the dementors closing in now. Arrggghhhh!


Holly T. - Mar 22, 2007 2:10 pm (#2707 of 2990)

Soli, condolences to your student.

Congrats to Julie GE!

My husband is in Dallas so that means tonight I am in charge of a joint meeting between my Girl Scout troop and his Cub Scout den. His assistant den leader has to be at his son's baseball game so he can't lead their meeting. Half his den have older sisters in my troop, which is why we meet at the same time. Usually we keep them separated.


Viola Intonada - Mar 22, 2007 2:22 pm (#2708 of 2990)

Prayers to your student, Soli.

Good luck, Holly. Just having one troop gives me a headache. I can't imagine dealing with two at the same time.

*Waves hand wildly in the air* I know the answer to Denise's cat's name. It's from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". It is from a test at Star Fleet that has no winning scenario. I have to admit, I knew it was from Star Trek, but had to ask Hubby exactly where.


Denise P. - Mar 22, 2007 2:31 pm (#2709 of 2990)

Viola, you are correct. The Kobayashi Maru was the no win situation that Kirk was the only cadet ever to beat..because he reprogrammed the simulation. We just decided that Tobayashi Maru was a nice name for the cat. Toby was a very pretty long haired tabby but alas, not firing on all of her pistons.


Tazzygirl - Mar 22, 2007 2:42 pm (#2710 of 2990)

**healing charms** to those that need them!

I might have to go in search of Chocolate Peeps...

Congratulations, JulieGE! That's great!

'Thaniel says 'Thank you' for the birthday wishes

Lost: This episode was definitely better than before! I thought the guy that pushed Locke out the window had been pretending to be his dad to get his kidney. I didn't think he was actually Locke's dad. Ben- he's just soooo creepy!!! And Jack is so going to hurt Locke for blowing up the submarine (I think Kate, Sayid, and everyone else are going to be lining up behind Jack too).

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



painting sheila - Mar 22, 2007 2:48 pm (#2711 of 2990)

Great job Good Evans!! wOOt!!



Winky Woo - Mar 22, 2007 3:50 pm (#2712 of 2990)

Oh Julie bug! What a rotten day!

I had cravings for chocolate last night, the local store had shut (well it was nearly 11pm) I decided to drive to the garage... only to discover that they have changed the opening hours! By then the craving was a physical withdrawal type feeling (Worse than giving up smoking :evilgrin:)I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW! I finally found somewhere 4 miles away and I bought 2 dozen bars of different chocolate! I can leave the stuff for weeks on end but when I want it I have to have it!

Sounds like I was lucky to stock up on the stuff! (By the way if you get the chance to get a chocolate called Heaven it is the best chocolate I have tasted in years, I think its by Nestle)

Fantastic news about the wheelchair Kaykay. Healing charms for the virus and the computer ((((hugs))))

Great Grades Tori!

Soli- sorry to hear about yours students brother, it's wonderful that you are there, if or when he needs you.

Elanor- was the “Roosters Revenge” a dish served hot or cold?

Julie GE- well done on your presentation! Are you doing a CIPD?

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

Has anyone had the cold compress recently? If so pass it onto Holly as I have a feeling she may need it later!

I know I have missed loads that I wanted to say! Boy we are a chatty bunch!

***waves to Lina and Azi**** just for the fun of it!

I should post a little more often and shorter!

Speak to you all soon!

Love Winky x x x


azi - Mar 22, 2007 3:59 pm (#2713 of 2990)

**waves back to Winky** Two dozen bars??? Wow!


juliebug - Mar 22, 2007 5:07 pm (#2714 of 2990)

Chocolate withdrawal symptoms- Ah, I knew I was among my kind of people. Sounds like you had a tough time there too Winky. I'm glad your story had a happy ending!


Mediwitch - Mar 22, 2007 7:07 pm (#2715 of 2990)

(((juliebug))) Some days you just wonder why you even got out of bed, but hey, at least you got on the forum!

Holly T, we've sworn to never get another long-haired cat. You can always see exactly where she lays - bleahhh. Our evil cat is getting on a bit in age and has arthritis in her hips (which has NOT helped her disposition!) so she's not as fastidious about grooming herself as she used to be, so a couple times a year we take her to the groomers for a good cleaning and shave (the lion cut is HILARIOUS looking on a cat!). The groomer thinks she's an angel - HA! I try to pick lint or something out of her fur and she leaves scars on my hand.

Kristina, I started working my way through the series again, so I'm only on PoA. I should finish just in time for the release!

Soli, I'm so sorry to hear about your student's relative. That's always so difficult. Watch for major changes in behavior, acting out or withdrawing a lot, not eating, etc. Just let him know you're there for him. Even if he doesn't appear to be acting differently and seems OK, a little extra attention and TLC is still important. It's good that he has a support system in school and through his church.

*passes Holly the cold compress and some Advil* You are a brave woman!

sheila, "ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?" Charm that sewing machine to work for you! (hehe, love that line from PS/SS!)

Oh yeah, kay, that's great news about your niece's chair! The right wheelchair can make all the difference in the world.

They're going to start digging our foundation hole this weekend, and pouring concrete next week - WOOHOO! So far we're still on for that April 9th set date for the new house.


journeymom - Mar 22, 2007 7:19 pm (#2716 of 2990)

Get out of bed? Haven't you a laptop? *snicker*

Denise- so you have experience with fur babies (dogs). Do you spot clean your carpets? Do you rent a rug cleaner? Do you own a rug cleaner? Any recommendations?


Denise P. - Mar 22, 2007 7:47 pm (#2717 of 2990)

We spot clean as needed, we use area rugs and we get them professionally cleaned once a year when they run specials like "2 rooms and a hallway for $75!" Once they are out of the puppy stage and house trained, then it becomes much easier. I have never rented a cleaner from a store, like the ones you see in the grocery store, but I imagine they work. Resolve and a scrub brush work well enough for most spots.

I have come to the sad conclusion that apparently everyone in the house is blind to her signals because she rarely has an accident for me. If I am not home, it is a given that an accident is going to occur. She is signalling her need to go out but her signs are subtle unless you are watching for them. Even if she is not indicating a need to go out, I take her out every 90 min or so. ::: sigh::: I even put a sign on her crate that says "Do not let me loose in the house until you SEE me go potty OUTSIDE!"


kaykay1970 - Mar 22, 2007 8:13 pm (#2718 of 2990)

Condolences to your student and his family Soli.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel! Yours is soon too Tazzy if I'm not mistaken?

Congratulations Julie! WooHoo!

My niece loves her new chair. When she was told it was bedtime last night, she reclined it all the way back and reached for her pillow! She was not happy that her mom wouldn't let her sleep there. lol

Wow! My puppy is back already. I only just paid the premium an hour or so ago!

On cats: I love them as long as they belong to someone else. What can I say, I'm a dog person...


painting sheila - Mar 22, 2007 8:20 pm (#2719 of 2990)

journeymom - We have a Bissel ProHeat carpet cleaner and I love it. I stood in the store by the carpet cleaners for about an hour polling everyone that came by and it was the hands down winner. We love it. It's easy to handle and gets the job done fast. It also sucks a good deal of the water back out of the carpet so it dries pretty quick. We just use it with hot water - no soap - and it looks great.

Lina - What I wouldn't do for a good wand to bewitch my machine!! I swear the new machine is magic compared to my old one - so I really can't complain. I am even going to go to bed in about 15 minutes since I got so little sleep last night. Littlest Guy is going to a friend’s so I can sew with no guilt all day tomorrow. Yeah?

I have one Zoot Suit done and have to say it looks pretty good. I will take a picture of it on the young man that's wearing it tomorrow and post it for you all to "Oh" and "Ah" at appropriately.

Costco is having a clearance on their canned food storage units. They are usually $50.00 plus but are on sale for $20.00 something. wOOt!! Gotta get me some to organize all my soups and stuff.

BC is sitting beside me licking my ice cream bowl. You have to love a cat that loves mint chocolate chip ice cream.

We found out Littlest Guy didn't get a call back for his Nickelodion audition - bummer. But the kids that did get calls backs are as cute as they come!! Maybe next time for us.

Off to check 5 words.


Edit 1 - Please don't be offended all of you gentlemen out there - but I just saw this quote and thought I would share. It does not represent my feelings on the male species - it just made me laugh! - "Honey, a man is like a slinky. . . . not good for much, but you can't help but laugh when one tumbles down a flight of stairs." Gladys and Friends (American Greetings Cards)

Edit 2 - For any of you that are in this area (Raleigh, NC) I have a friend that is looking for a location for a shoot. It is for North Carolina's most wanted and they need a ranch home with not too fancy of interior. There is money involved. Email me if you are interested.


Solitaire - Mar 22, 2007 10:42 pm (#2720 of 2990)

Yeay, I survived!! I am VERY tired of sitting, however. My first parent arrived ten minutes early, and it was nonstop action from then until our too-brief dinner break. I had 3 parents waiting when we resumed, and I was busy until the loudspeaker broke up the party for the night! On the plus side, the day zooooooooomed by and no one was mad at me! I also had an opportunity to meet some new parents and a few "veterans" who usually do not show up for the conferences.

It was kind of fun to learn that I have several fans among the 6th grade boys in my social studies class. I can only hope their admiration continues through 7th grade language arts!

On my way home, I treated myself to a Starbucks sugar-free Caramel Macchiato. I then sat down and wrote out all of my social studies lesson plans and study guides for next week! Since I put together everything for language arts last night and handed it to our supply clerk, I am officially prepared for next week. This means I can leave school tomorrow at about 12:45, when the buses pull out. It will be the first time since before Christmas that I've been able to leave when everyone else does. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!



Mrs. Sirius - Mar 22, 2007 11:11 pm (#2721 of 2990)

Hmmph!!! What a gyp! I was hoping for at least 1,000. Alas..... Loopy

Yup, couldn't agree with you more.

Belated Anniversary greetings to the Squids.

Despite my disappointment at how skimpy the book is, I feel pretty confident that JK will adequately tie up the loose ends.

My question on this pet food recall, is all of these brand names that vary in price and “status”, are they all the same food just with a different name? certainly they are using the same ingredients.


(Mental note to start stockpiling chocolate) Viola

Oh but for the days when I still could eat chocolate, sigh……

Let him know you are available, and then give him space. Chemyst

Yes, we do all grieve differently and one person’s methods and comforting words may not work at for someone else. When my mother died the only thing was truly a comfort and did not hurt was food. My mother was the greatest cook and loved cooking for others. After she died, I ate for comfort but somehow I did not gain weight.

Tomorrow I have parent teacher conferences all day. The girl’s teachers are great, they coordinate their schedules and send us dates to approve before they schedule the rest of the third grade conferences. So we have first pick and can do all 3 girls at once. I don’t know if they coordinate with my son’s teacher too or if it is just luck that we him right after. Of course 4 teacher conferences in a row is not the best way to spend an afternoon (apologies to all teachers).


haymoni - Mar 23, 2007 6:17 am (#2722 of 2990)

Hey all -

I saw a neat thing on the internet. Search for "Portion Distortion". They'll show you how our serving sizes have changed over the past 20 years.

No wonder I've only lost 3.8 pounds on Weight Watchers!!!


Solitaire - Mar 23, 2007 7:13 am (#2723 of 2990)

No kidding, Haymoni. I think restaurants do this in an attempt to justify the ridiculous prices they charge. Heaven forbid they should bring the portions to a reasonable size and lower the prices! That would make too much sense!

I can't remember the last time I left a restaurant without a take-away box containing enough food for two more meals!



Holly T. - Mar 23, 2007 7:24 am (#2724 of 2990)

Hooray for Soli for surviving conference day--good luck to Mrs. Sirius for your kids' conferences. We don't have conferences with daughter's middle school teachers--I only met them briefly on back to school night. Son's teacher conferences always take at least an hour.

Thanks for the cold compress! The meeting actually went very well--I didn't allow any down time and just went from one thing to another pretty quickly. I wouldn't want to have a combined meeting every week, but it went well. I got home to get a phone call from another troop leader, though, so I needed the compress for that! She only has three girls left in her troop and wants to merge with mine. I'd talked to her before about maybe doing some activities together, and she interpreted that as I was interested in merging. Now, she's my friend, but we're very different styles of leaders--her troop opens every meeting with a flag ceremony, I tend to open mine by tossing markers at people and telling them to get to work.

Puck, I saw this in the newspaper's advice column:

   This is the method recommended by Binney and Smith — makers of crayons. Place the stained surface down on a stack of paper towels and spray with WD-40. Let stand. Turn over the fabric. Spray the other side. Apply liquid dishwashing detergent and work into the stained area. Replace towels as needed. Wash in hot water with laundry detergent and bleach or Biz for about 10 to 12 minutes (use heavy soiled setting if there is no timer on your machine). Rinse in warm water. Clean the drum of your dryer to remove any wax residue. Spray a soft cloth with WD-40, and wipe the drum. Run a load of dry rags through a drying cycle to verify the dryer drum is clean.


John Bumbledore - Mar 23, 2007 7:47 am (#2725 of 2990)

Ranch style house, not too fancy. — She

Now if you add, "constantly kept cluttered and messy by four children, a dog, cat, and cavy" then I might have a chance. LOL

Search for "Portion Distortion". They'll show you how our serving sizes have changed over the past 20 years.

No wonder I've only lost 3.8 pounds on Weight Watchers!!! — Haymoni

Thanks for the tip, but I've always had a surprising ability to find what others have lost... Now I know who to blame! **waiting for it**

I did well on WW, three time! LOL See, the Mrs. and I joined together and then fell into a SCARY cycle:
* Join WW, lose weight, get real close to goal, Mrs. gets "the crud" like symptoms, we welcome our new baby to the world, (Repeat from * three times) ! !

We have four children and are fat because we don't want seven or more children... (Doctor said chance risk of another multiple birth after twins and considering our age, would be 50% or higher).

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


journeymom - Mar 23, 2007 9:08 am (#2726 of 2990)

Portion Distortion- my mother-in-law mentioned how when they got married 40 years ago they'd go to McDonalds and get a meal each, which was one hamburger, regular fries and a soda. And this was the McD's regular hamburger, which really isn't very big, and the servings of fries and sodas weren't huge, like now, a bushel of fries and a bucket of soda.

Solitaire, you work like a demon! Good job getting all that done.


juliebug - Mar 23, 2007 9:09 am (#2727 of 2990)

Well John, that's not an issue I've ever seen brought up in the commercials, but probably something I'd keep in mind if I were in your shoes


Denise P. - Mar 23, 2007 9:12 am (#2728 of 2990)

How about the feedbag of popcorn when you go to a movie? Everyone is compelled to get the large one because it is less (in the long run) and free refills. Do you honestly need that much and truly, I don't need a 55 gallon drink either.


journeymom - Mar 23, 2007 9:21 am (#2729 of 2990)

Not to mention you need a line of credit on your house to pay for the stuff.


haymoni - Mar 23, 2007 10:06 am (#2730 of 2990)

Did you know that a serving of Pringles is 14 chips??? Hah!!!

My group leader goes shopping and puts everything in single-serving portions - chips, pretzels, etc - right away, so that she only takes the right amount.

Which, of course, is why she is a group leader and I am not!

I have been trying to just fill an empty yogurt cup instead of eating out of the bag, which of course I will empty if I am not careful.

Drink more water, drink more water, drink more water, drink more water...


Puck - Mar 23, 2007 10:23 am (#2731 of 2990)

LOL, JOhn! That's the same reason I no longer teacher CCD, and am very glad they aren't making any more Star Wars movies. Each pregnancy I taught Sunday school, and the last movie we went to see before each child was born was one of the recent Star Wars trilogy. (Hubby wouldn't allow me to use the name "Luke" for a boy, as he figured people would take us for fanatics.)

Thanks, Holly! I'll make a note of it, it case there's a next time. (This round things have been washed and dried several times, and baby is almost outgrown some stuff anyway.)

Off to get organized. Solitaire is inspiring me. Plus, I forgot to send in the candle fundraiser due at school today. A friend offered to turn it in for me when she goes to her Girl Scout meeting. I should have it ready for her.



painting sheila - Mar 23, 2007 10:49 am (#2732 of 2990)

Jeez!! My sister just called and said a Girl Scout Troop trip she had planned to Georgia is turning into a fiasco. Two of the mothers found out who was going to be in their daughter's room and is having a fit. They don't want the other little girl to go. . . . if she does go and their girls are "forced" to room with her, it will ruin the trip for them. (I will say it again - JEEZ!!)

I told my sister I would go with her and she can leave the other two moms home - wouldn't want to ruin their weekend or anything.

Can you believe there are adults that are like that - AND that they actually open their mouths and say out loud the ridiculous things they are thinking!


haymoni - Mar 23, 2007 10:52 am (#2733 of 2990)


That is certainly not the way Girl Scouts (or their mothers) should react!


Anna L. Black - Mar 23, 2007 11:34 am (#2734 of 2990)

It's like Veruca Salt in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - "Daddy, I want another pony!". So are they, probably - "Mommy, make her not come to the trip!!".

(just watched the first half of the movie a few days ago... )


Holly T. - Mar 23, 2007 11:35 am (#2735 of 2990)

They don't want the other girl to go at all? Goodness, what is up with that? Is this girl a problem? Did your sister do the room assignments? I'm sure she had a reason for putting people in specific rooms--I know the kind of effort I put into something seemingly as simple as who is going to ride in which leader's car, even now that I no longer have Problem Girl (a bullying thief), who inspired a whole bunch of new troop rules (and always ended up in my car so I could keep an eye on her, yet she still managed to lose the toll road money she was supposed to hand me when I asked for it--lose it as in "accidentally" dropped it into her purse). Oh second thought, maybe Problem Girl needs to go on a trip with these girls in your sister's troop and then the moms will think the first little girl they are objecting to is great in comparison.


Puck - Mar 23, 2007 11:37 am (#2736 of 2990)

Quite sure the other girl feels the same about rooming with them, but is polite enough to keep such information to herself. How old are these girls? Junior High, I imagine.


haymoni - Mar 23, 2007 11:50 am (#2737 of 2990)

I would never suggest that another child not be allowed to go. If I felt THAT strongly about my child rooming with her, I would keep my child home.

I'm guessing if things are THAT awful, the troop leader already knows about it. Maybe she thought by putting these girls together, they would be able to find some common ground.


Tazzygirl - Mar 23, 2007 1:01 pm (#2738 of 2990)

Mediwitch- I would love to restart the series and end right when DH comes out, but as it's taken me about three months to read 10 chapters of HBP, I guess I'll just work with that. I've got no time!

Kay- my birthday is the first week in May.

I almost got a cat when I moved here. Then I found out my uncle is severely allergic to cats, and I remembered that I also am allergic- though not as bad. My place is too small for a dog. Guess I have to wait!

That's so sad about the girl scout 'drama'! I agree with you, Haymoni. If it was that bad, I'd keep my child home.

Off to get ready for work...

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!



geauxtigers - Mar 23, 2007 1:27 pm (#2739 of 2990)

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a horrible week. And to add insult to injury, my teacher informed us today that we have to finish a Tale of Two Cities by Tuesday (about 70 pages), find 40 examples of personification/metaphors/similies, or I should say, type them up because we've known about this, so I've found them all I think, and Tuesday we will have an "in class writing assignment" aka a paper on the book, that will in turn be our test. Then Friday we have poetry test! AHHH I might go crazy! and I have like a million math problems due Tuesday and a Human Anatomy quiz! Its going to be a short weekend.

On the dog/cat food recall. http://menufoods.com/recall/index.html lists all the recalled brands and the specific types of food recalled. Both our cat and dog food checked out okay, but mostly because the recall is nearly all wet food. When I was looking through the stuff, all the ones I saw were canned or pouch foods. beef cuts/with gravy and the like. If you feed you pet wet food, you need to check out the list, there are a lot of brands on that list. Apparently it was rat poison that contaminated the food, but I haven't checked to see if thats true, just heard it from someone.

Okay I completely forgotten what I was going to say...I sorta skimmed that last like 50 posts or so...

Happy Friday **drops back into lurker mode**


azi - Mar 23, 2007 1:48 pm (#2740 of 2990)

Good luck with your work, Tori!

I'm glad I don't have to diet. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508

Shelia, that sounds a horrible approach by the parents involved! I agree with everyone else - if they aren't happy they should skip the trip.

Good news on the gas front - the inspector came today and said there was no way we were stealing gas, the man who said we were was completely wrong in his actions and the person who fitted the meter should be stripped of his Corgi licence (a certificate saying they're competent at fitting gas pipes etc.). In short, they couldn't believe what had happened. A new meter was installed within half an hour. Now our only problem is our gas supplier, who owes us money. My parents will still most likely to be making a complaint about everything that has happened though.

Happy Friday! I'm eating crisps in front of the TV.


Puck - Mar 23, 2007 2:36 pm (#2741 of 2990)

Sounds yummy, Azi! Watching anything good? Oh, and glad things are working out with the gas company.

I'm waiting for my pizza dough to rise. Pizza and a movie night here. Good. Because I'm already tired enough to go to bed, and it's barely 5:30pm. A quiet evening and early bedtime will be perfect.


azi - Mar 23, 2007 2:43 pm (#2742 of 2990)

Puck, I'm watching Ugly Betty. We're a while behind you in the UK on it.

Mmm, pizza...homemade as well? Impressive!


Steve Newton - Mar 23, 2007 3:54 pm (#2743 of 2990)

Tomorrow we are having the big blow out for my mother's XC birthday. There should be around 45-50 people. This includes some relatives that I haven't seen since the 70s. I get the honor of giving the greeting remarks. Being loud does come in handy now and then. And we are expecting much rain. Last week it would have been snow . . . .

Busy weekend coming up.


Lilly P - Mar 23, 2007 4:22 pm (#2744 of 2990)

Hey all, just stopping to check in, I should have a home computer again in 2 weeks! I cant wait to catch up with you all! Although, since I just got a promotion at my new job to full time, I might not get to check in as often as when I was a stay at home Mom! There is not much new to report, We are still house hunting, but have a few interesting leads. I took a cooking class downtown last week and will post the recipes on my forum when I get the chance (yeah, right! at least I'll try to) it was fun, but they served 3 courses of food and five of wine. It's embarassing being nearly 30 and having to call your mother for a ride home! There was just NO WAY I was going to drive home after that, although some people did. anyway, I wish you all the appropriate charms and cant wait to be able to check in on a reg. basis! Happy spring!



painting sheila - Mar 23, 2007 5:58 pm (#2745 of 2990)

Hey Lilly P and in behalf of everyone on the road the night of your cooking class - Thank You!!

Scout Drama- the little girl (We will call her "Ginnie") in the middle is ADHD with a single mom and a lower income than the rest of the girls. There is also a little bit of a learning disability. My sister told all the girls to write down 3 people they wanted to room with and she promised them all they would get to room with at least 1 of those people. The two girls in the room with Ginnie requested each other and Ginnie in question requested both of them - so it seemed to be a good match. The moms are the ones feeding the flame - we suspect. The girls have never had a problem with Ginnie before - just the usual stuff. I haven't heard from my sister so I guess that I am not needed. From what I understand is one of the mom's is a bit of a snob and is the kind of person that is always trying to take over. The other mom is a follower - without a backbone it appears. The sad thing is that if any little girl ever needed the Girl Scouts it would be Ginnie - and these moms are trying to not only not take her on the trip but kick her out of the troop!!

Yeah!! Azi - I am glad the gas problem was fixed. Whew!

Hang in there Tori - you can do this. When is your spring break?

Pizza sounds good - we had Asian Tacos. Good - but not pizza good!

Happy Birthday to Steve Newton's mom!!!! Hope you have enough cake.

I am off to sew some more. I am almost done with the second suit jacket - yeah. ("yeah" in small letters because I am too tired to type in caps.) sigh



Puck - Mar 23, 2007 6:00 pm (#2746 of 2990)

**waves to Jamie**

I almost always make my own pizza. That way I can use whole wheat flour in the crust and limit the oil, etc... (Make pancakes and waffles from scratch for same reason.) Plus, the only delivery place around here changed owners and the new recipe is yucky.

Happy Birthday to Steve's Mom! I'm I right in thinking she's turning 90? Not great with Roman Numerals once you hit double digits.


edited to ask Sheila what's in an Asian Taco? (And I should be sewing too. That quilt is just not making itself for me.)


Steve Newton - Mar 23, 2007 6:06 pm (#2747 of 2990)

90 is it. I started using Roman numerals when I thought that she might not really want people to know her age. Turns out to be no problem but it is sufficiently pretentious to be almost humorous.

My sister ordered the cake. There should be lots.


Solitaire - Mar 23, 2007 7:46 pm (#2748 of 2990)

Can you believe there are adults that are like that - AND that they actually open their mouths and say out loud the ridiculous things they are thinking!

Yep, Sheila, I sure can! Remember, I had parent conferences yesterday, and did I ever get an earful from some of the parents. I sometimes think the parents keep a lot of the "girl feuds" fired up, when they would probably run their course and blow over if left alone.

If I felt THAT strongly about my child rooming with her, I would keep my child home.

That's because you are a logical person with a functioning sense of proportion, Haymoni!

Happy Birthday to your mom, Steve. I am not too good with Roman numerals, but I think that is 90 ... what a milestone! (Okay, as I have progressed through the posts, I see I was correct.)

Good to hear the whole gas thing is getting sorted out, Azi. Perhaps your parents should bill the gas company for what they are owed! hehe

My hard work paid off! I didn't get out as early as I'd hoped (12:30 p.m.), but I was out the door by 2:30! I stayed and worked in my room. It was pretty messy in the back area, since I have no desk or real work area.

Anyway, I wanted to be organized, so that I don't have to work over spring vacation, if I can help it. I have put together a binder for each quarter, with tabbed dividers for each of the 38 school weeks. In each weekly section, I keep a copy of my detailed lesson plans, a hard copy of grades, the kids' weekly syllabus, and each handout, quiz, test, etc., all with notes about what worked and what didn't and what I wish I'd done. In case I get several different subjects to prep again next year, I won't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak ... I hope.

Well, I'm officially tired, so I think I'll put up my feet and pet the dog! That should lower my blood pressure. Happy Friday, everyone!



Holly T. - Mar 23, 2007 7:49 pm (#2749 of 2990)

*waving to Jamie* Cooking class sounds fun!

~~~sewing vibes to Sheila~~~I just sewed the Little League patch on my son's uniform since they just got the uniforms today and opening ceremonies, team pictures, and first game are all tomorrow. With the messed-up tendons in my index finger that is about all the sewing I can do these days.

Happy birthday to Steve's mom! One thing about reading a lot of footnotes is that I am really good at translating Roman numerals (a lot of journals do their volume numbers in Roman numerals).

Sheila--your poor sister. I hate it when the moms are more trouble than the girls. Not that it will help your sister, but I am copying the info into the running file of notes I keep for the next time I go to trainer training (I train new leaders and we have to take classes to keep us on our toes for the questions the new leaders throw at us).

I played baseball with son for an hour while daughter was at ballet. I am kind of offended that he keeps being amazed that I know how to throw and catch the ball. He said I could catch better than Daddy, LOL. But now I am very tired.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 23, 2007 10:14 pm (#2750 of 2990)

Hang in there Tori - you can do this. When is your spring break?

Not until the week of Easter. We have Good Friday and the following week off. Too far away! LOL

That's awful about the GS mom's.

**waves to Jamie**

Babysat tonight...really tired! Going to lay in bed and read CoS until I fall asleep. Night!
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Tazzygirl - Mar 23, 2007 11:31 pm (#2751 of 2990)

**waves to Lilly P**

Happy Birthday to Steve's Mum!!

Funny story that happened yesterday: While working at Barnes and Noble, a man came up to me to place an order for a drink. I look at him, and it slowly dawns on me that he is a guy from the 2004 Summer Olympics. Couldn't remember his name at that particular moment, but I did remember he was in the relay race (remember the huge competition between the Aussies and Americans??), and had already won 8 medals (most of which were gold). I looked at him, and he kind of smiled at me, and I took it as "He so totally knows I know who he is!". So, I start shaking and finish ringing up his order. He used his debit card, and I didn't get a chance to look at his name (bummer!). 15 minutes later, (he is still in the store) a manager comes up to me to see if I needed any change or whatever for the cash register. She sees me shaking and asks if I am all right. I went into the spiel about how I just knew the guy was from the Olympics. She agrees with me, and calls up another co-worker to see if she could help us figure out his name. I soon figure it out and blurt out "It's Michael Phelps!!!!" which instantly gets my manager excited. She asks if we should ask for his autograph, but neither one of us had the guts to go up to him and ask (he was reading a magazine). So we decide we'll just look from a distance at him. 45 minutes later, another co-worker comes up to me, with Michael Phelps' autobiography book. Turns out, after raising the alarm around the bookstore that Michael Phelps was in our store, the guy wasn't him. And what I find hysterical about the whole thing, I usually don't lose my head when I see a celebrity (like when I saw Evangeline Lily and Dominque Monaghan (sp?) from Lost), and I completely went nuts over this guy who turned out not to be famous at all! LOL...

Glad you are able to enjoy your Spring Break, Soli! I think you deserve it!!



Chemyst - Mar 24, 2007 12:51 am (#2752 of 2990)

Tazzy dear, I know there has been a lot of new research published about the benefits of caffeine and the anti-oxidants found in coffee; and I know you're a dedicated employee who would want to sample the product first hand, but... you may want to consider cutting back on the coffee just a bit.   So, you work with a Hermione-type who looked up his autobiography before raising alarms? Cool.


Tazzygirl - Mar 24, 2007 12:55 am (#2753 of 2990)

SPEW, Chemyst! I'm ashamed to admit, but I didn't have any caffeine in my system (don't like coffee and most teas, but yet I work in a coffee shop. LOL). I have no idea what came over me! It is funny to look back on it though (especially if the guy comes in again!)



The giant squid - Mar 24, 2007 2:45 am (#2754 of 2990)

That's awful about the GS mom's—virginiaelizabeth

Yeesh, on first glance I thought this referred to me and thought, "What happened to my mom, and how does Ginny know before me?"

Denise, I agree about the excessive sizes at movie theaters, but in this case it's a cart before the horse thing--due to a number of factors I won't go into here, the majority of a movie theater's income comes from the concessions stand (not the box office). Since we need to charge a lot to cover costs, we figure the least we could do is give you enough soda and corn to make it seem worthwhile.

Besides, who doesn't need a 54oz drink and a 170oz tub of popcorn? With "buttery flavored topping", of course...



Denise P. - Mar 24, 2007 5:34 am (#2755 of 2990)

Mike, I wasn't the one who complained about the prices (this time) As it is, I bring baggies (empty) and dole out the feedback to everyone I bring with me. I generally don't eat the popcorn because I don't like butter on it and everyone else likes a bit of popcorn with their butter. Same with the drink, I generally share it with several kids. If it is just DH and I, my drink comes home with me.

We got woken up by the Cub Scouts delivering mulch this morning. The packs around here sell mulch as the fundraiser rather than popcorn and today was delivery day. Now, I have the fun task of driving nearly 30 miles to the commissary and do my monthly shopping. Whee.


Puck - Mar 24, 2007 5:41 am (#2756 of 2990)

I stopped getting "butter" on my popcorn after working in the theater and discovering what was passing for "butter".

Ahh, I went to bed early, slept through 8 hours straight (a rare thing, as I almost always wake in the night.) When I saw 6:30 on the clock, I almost got up, but then realized it was Saturday, and rolled over for some more sleep. Feeling quite chipper this morning!

LOL, Tazzy! I wonder if that guy gets it alot? My BIL heard from FIL for years that he looks like Matt Damen. "Right< Dad." was his usual response. Then, going through the airport, BIL was surrounded by some giddy girls, asking for an autograph!



painting sheila - Mar 24, 2007 6:23 am (#2757 of 2990)

Tazzy!! Maybe he is your one true love!! wOOt!! If he comes back into the store, you HAVE to talk to him. (sigh) Ain't love grand?

Once when I was younger I was asked if I was Meg Ryan. I just laughed (snorted really) and the person asking walked away. I have been told alot I look like Faye Dunaway. The grocery store I used to shop at had a guy that worked there that was a huge Faye Dunaway fan. He would follow me around the store - lurking behind displays and stuff. Weird.

Off to start laundry . . . where do ALL these clothes come from!

John - Have you heard from my friends about your house yet?

Edit: Asian Tacos - I cooked a pork roast in the crock pot with some Caribbean Jerk marinade. When it was done, I took it out of the pot, shredded it and put it back in with the juices. We took whole wheat tortillas and layered black beans, fried rice, and the shredded pork. We used a soy ginger sauce as the salsa to make it all run down your arm. They were yummy - but not very "Asian" .


juliebug - Mar 24, 2007 6:35 am (#2758 of 2990)

When I was in my teens, people used to tell me I looked like Dana Plato (Kimberly, the big sister on Different Strokes.) It was always kind of hard to take that one as a compliment, because of her rather questionable lifestyle. People would usually follow it with, “oh - -  back when she was cute and not a criminal.” But alas, now she is no more and I don't really get likened to any famous people anymore.


Puck - Mar 24, 2007 6:50 am (#2759 of 2990)

I don't get likened to anyone famous, but everybody always has a friend, cousin, etc.. that looks alot like me. Guess I'm pretty typical.

Sheila, you have what, 7 people in your house. All changing clothes, using towels, sleeping on sheets....Oh, yeah. I suppose I have laundry to do as well. Thanks for the info on the tacos! Mr. Puck would try it, but kids would never touch it. (They like shells, unseasoned meat and cheese. Son is adventurous and adds lettuce. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1242194059)


painting sheila - Mar 24, 2007 7:26 am (#2760 of 2990)

wow - lettuce! Iceberg I assume? Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

You are right Puck - there are an awful lot of us. The sad thing is that most of them belong to Oldest Son. He must change clothes in his sleep!

Welcome Mudblood and Proud! Hope to see some post from you soon -



Solitaire - Mar 24, 2007 10:44 am (#2761 of 2990)

After visiting Rubio's, I learned to like finely shredded cabbage in my tacos and taco salads. I now use it exclusively. It is a good way to sneak fiber into the diet, and the angel hair cabbage stays crisp and crunchy. I put a bit of Ken's Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressing into it to mimic Rubio's flavor. Mmmmmm!

When I was younger and wore my hair in a "wedge" cut, I was told I looked a little like Dorothy Hamill. Before that, I was told I looked like Sally Field in her Gidget days. If only ... This is a pic of me now. I took it with the camera built into my MacBook. Somewhere in town, there used to be a girl named Julie who looked enough like me that I was continually approached by people and called by her name. This happened over a period of about ten years, when I was in my 20s and early 30s. Alas, we have never met.



Puck - Mar 24, 2007 11:46 am (#2762 of 2990)

Great picture, Solitaire! Much like I pictured you, in fact.


The giant squid - Mar 24, 2007 1:03 pm (#2763 of 2990)

Nice to have a face to put with the name, Soli. Now I can finally stop picturing a cat typing away at a keyboard...

Sorry about the mixup, Denise. I need to be a little better about checking my references. Honestly, I'm just impressed (again) by your parenting abilities. If I saw a woman come into the theater with 7 kids in tow I'd expect mass chaos to ensue. Heck, these days anything more than two (one for each arm) is pushing it.

I'm like puck, in that I look like someone everyone knows. It's weird, because I'm extremely skinny and have long hair--two things that are kinda off the norm, and yet I constantly get ,"Oh, you look just like my friend/cousin/this guy I knew 20 years ago."

I did have someone tell me once I looked like Charles Manson, but I was just having a bad day.



HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 24, 2007 1:22 pm (#2764 of 2990)

Happy 90th to Steve N's mom! (When my grandmother turned 90, I sent her one rose for each year. I figured she earned them.) I hope all goes well with the gathering in her honor!

Happy Birthday to Nathaniel!

Solitaire, love your picture! I can see why people said you look like Dorothy Hamill.

SPEW Mike!

The 5 of us share a medium popcorn. I let the girls each pick a candy and we get water bottles (though I usually bring my own). One for Olivia because she is going through that "eww, did anyone drink from this" stage, and one for Priscilla because she doesn't want to share with Trevor (I don't blame her). Trevor and I usually share a water bottle because he leaves "sea monkeys" behind and the girls won't have anything to do with it. That usually keeps price in check and prevents wasteful leftovers or gluttonous overindulgence. (Hey, is that redundant?)

LOL about the pseudo-Phelps, Kristina!

Our spring break is late April.

**waves to her almost-Hungarian friend**



geauxtigers - Mar 24, 2007 1:23 pm (#2765 of 2990)

Kristina! I actually gave a bit of a squeal when you said you sorta 'met' Michael Phelps! I would have freaked, but probably not say anything just like you. I'm a bit shy when it comes to that! Too bad it wasn't him! But still! He a looks...erm very err nice in swim suit!

I've never been told I look like anyone famous. I'm just kinda normal looking. LOL

I got a really cute swim suit today at target! 12.99! Can you believe it? For the top and the bottom! I thought the girl didn't ring it up right at first. Its black with pink and white polka dots. And I got a pair of shorts too that are super cute. They were in sale too

I guess I should go start my english homework, its liable to take me until Tuesday to finish it all.


Puck - Mar 24, 2007 1:24 pm (#2766 of 2990)

Hmmm, I'm thin and have long hair...maybe Mike looks like me? (I'd put a smilie, but not sure if it should be , Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508 , or Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 793915934 )


Tazzygirl - Mar 24, 2007 1:33 pm (#2767 of 2990)

Sheila- Tazzy!! Maybe he is your one true love!! wOOt!! If he comes back into the store, you HAVE to talk to him. (sigh) Ain't love grand?

That would be an awesome sign!! LOL I think he is a regular in the store, because he seems really familiar yet I can't place him... (Asian tacos sound yummy!!)

Puck- too funny about BIL looking like Matt Damon. Have to ask- did he sign autographs for the girls or just tell them he wasn't Matt Damon?

My brother always told me I look like Julianne Moore. Besides sharing the massive amount of freckles, I honestly can't see how he thinks that. Soli and  Madame P. both said a long time ago that I kind of look like a blonde Christina Ricci.

Love the picture, Soli! I think I saw a photo of you a long time ago in your profile, but now I definitely have a face to your posts!

I choose to ignore how bad Movie Theater Popcorn is for you. I get the smallest size with a tiny bit of butter, as I never finish the entire thing anyway. And I always get water, as I don't like soda.

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!


EDIT: Wow, in the time it took me to write this post, three people managed to post before me. LOL **waves to Puck, Tori, Maria** (LOL Tori!! )


haymoni - Mar 24, 2007 1:46 pm (#2768 of 2990)

Whoo Hoo!!!

The Beautifulest One broke her board!!!!!

It took her about 30 tries, but she did it in the end. She started to cry a little after about 20 tries. It took all I had not to get out of my seat and smash that board over someone's head!


Tazzygirl - Mar 24, 2007 1:51 pm (#2769 of 2990)

Yeay for The Beautifulest One!! I knew she could do it, Haymoni!



painting sheila - Mar 24, 2007 1:52 pm (#2770 of 2990)

Yeah Beautifulest One!!!! WOOHOO!!

and YEAH!!! to haymoni for controlling herself!!!! Double WOOHOO!! WOOHOO!!!!

30 tries - what perseverance!!

Solitaire - love your picture! You look like someone I know . . . hmmmmm

Tazzy - I am NOT kidding! You have to at least smile at him next time he comes in. I guess you should first look to see if there is a ring and then gauge what kind of smile you will send his way - a "I am cute and I would like to know you better", or a "Thanks for coming in. . . again" smile


azi - Mar 24, 2007 2:10 pm (#2771 of 2990)

Soli - you look so friendly! (but we already knew that! )

The Beautifulest One broke her board!!!!! – Haymoni

Is that martial arts or something? I feel I must have missed something...

I don't look like anyone. However, I keep getting told about people who look like me.


Solitaire - Mar 24, 2007 2:13 pm (#2772 of 2990)

Thanks for being kind. I normally don't like to post my pic because I really am not photogenic. Oddly, this one turned out better than any I've taken in the last twenty years, even when I was dressed up, made up, and professionally coiffed! Hm ... do you suppose the DMV would let me take my own Driver's License picture? The ones they take usually look like they belong with the mug shots on the post office wall!



Holly T. - Mar 24, 2007 2:16 pm (#2773 of 2990)

WTG Beautifulest One! (Azi, it was a martial arts test.)

Son's baseball game went great this morning! He played third base for two inning and first base for one inning (sat on the bench the last inning as we had a big lead). While playing first, he caught a line drive for the third out. He also got three singles. :-) The past few years he's been the one stuck in the outfield most of the time and only got to play in the infield if the team had a big lead. It's not that he's had a sudden improvement in his baseball skills (although he is better)--but thanks to the league cutoff date he's one of the oldest kids on the team. At any rate, he had a great game. But he has to miss the next game because of the school's academic fair.

I'm supposed to be packing ....

Editing--Nice picture Solitaire!

Once Time magazine had a picture of a refugee from Kosovo on the cover who was nursing her baby. That woman looked like me. When daughter was about three we found a picture that looked just like her in the back of a magazine--one of those "please adopt this poverty-stricken child from the Appalachians" ads. My husband has been told that he looks like Boris Becker or Phil Simms.


haymoni - Mar 24, 2007 4:17 pm (#2774 of 2990)

Holly - way to go on your son's game! Those line drives always scare the heck out of me, but the kids usually know what to do.

When I was younger and had a certain kind of haircut, I was told that I look like Gloria Estefan (Miami Sound Machine).

Hubby looked like John Mellencamp when we first met. He would let his hair get really long on top and comb it over - he had beautiful, thick, wavy hair. Now he wears it really short (hides the grey!). I tease him that if he'd let me dye it black and spike it, and if he was willing to wear heavy eyeliner, he'd look like the lead singer for Green Day - Billy Joe What's His Face.


Puck - Mar 24, 2007 4:30 pm (#2775 of 2990)

When I first met hubby he reminded me of Michael J. Fox. He says I don't look like Sarah Jessica Parker, but my personality always reminded him of her.

wOOt to the Beautifulest One! Is she going to change her title to The Strongest One?

wOOt to Holly's son on a great game. My son will also be one of the oldest this year, as he turns 7 midway through the season. I probably could have moved him up with his friends, but we decided he wasn't really ready. Better to be one of the older ones, especially being so small for his age and inheriting his mother's athletic ability.


kaykay1970 - Mar 24, 2007 4:38 pm (#2776 of 2990)

Way to go Beautifulest one and Holly's son!

Soli, love the avatar!

Little guy had his birthday cake at the park today! He had a Percy (Non HP related, Thomas Tank's buddy, lol) cake! He had a blast playing in the sand until filthy. And his brother was kind enough to catch a crawdad to show him before releasing back to the creek. He wanted me to play slide racing with him, which he always won on account that he got to use the "little" slide. Next weekend we're taking him to ride a real train with the Easter Bunny! Should be fun!


boop - Mar 24, 2007 6:30 pm (#2777 of 2990)

Hi Everyone!!!

waves to Jamie

Happy Birthday to Steve's mom and to the Little guy!!

Soli, love your picture.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

hugs always



Mediwitch - Mar 24, 2007 7:02 pm (#2778 of 2990)

Yeesh, I skip one day and come back to 60+ posts!

*high fives* all the athletes out there.

Soli, what a great pic! And congrats for getting through conferences! You are incredibly organized - I admire that. Everyone says I'm organized, but sometimes I feel like a bit of a fraud!

The excavator dug out three monstrous rocks where one end of the new house will be. I didn't see them yet but Mr. Mediwitch said one is as big as his truck (he has a Toyota Tacoma). Yikes!

I'm cooking dinner for 7 tomorrow (somehow that seems so paltry after thinking of Denise's crew but it's usually just three of us.) My step-daughter is bringing her new boyfriend to celebrate her birthday with us, and my parents are coming. New boyfriend doesn't know what he's in for because my step-father would get along really well with Fred and George! Well, Heather has been advised to provide the standard warning, so I hope she did!

Happy Birthday 11to Little Guy and Steve's mom!


Viola Intonada - Mar 24, 2007 7:41 pm (#2779 of 2990)

Tazzy, if Sheila is right and the guy is your "true love", you will have a great story to tell about how you met. I always get tongue tied with famous people (not that I meet any very often) and always had a horrible time with the guys I had a crush on. If I guy I thought was really cute said as much as "Hi!" to me, I would panic.

Great picture, Soli.

I must look like Puck and Mike because I always hear that I look like someone else they know. I have long hair, but I'm not as skinny as Mike.

Today I survived a six hour drive with just me and the kids. The only bad part of the trip was no rest stops on the Penn. Turnpike for 91 miles. They should at least set up some port-a-potties somewhere. It never ceases to amaze me how we can drive past rest stop after rest stop and not need one, but as soon as there is a large distance between them you can't get to the next one soon enough.


Puck - Mar 24, 2007 8:11 pm (#2780 of 2990)

LOL, Viola. We have a very interesting story involving a stretch of highway with no stops, an empty juice bottle, and a 4 year old who "had to go, now". Will stop there, before the mods come after me.

Happy Birthday to Kay's Little Guy!

Mediwitch, it's New England. Dig and thou shall hit stone. Happy Birthday to your daughter as well!


Mediwitch - Mar 24, 2007 8:18 pm (#2781 of 2990)

LOL, Puck! Do you know what the #1 crop in New England is? Rocks,of course! Thanks for the birthday wishes.


Solitaire - Mar 24, 2007 9:41 pm (#2782 of 2990)

LOL Mediwitch! I am so disorganized! I know what you mean about feeling like a fraud ... really, I do. I have some good organizational systems in place, but I lack the space or time to make them work as well as they should. And remember what I said a week or so about being a terrible PACKRAT? Well, that contributes to the whole problem.

Today, though, I started with my house. I cleaned the large walk-in closet and the armoire in my room. I filled 6 large bags with things I no longer wear or use ... and tossed a lot of stuff that is so raggedy I don't wear it, even around the house. It was hard ... I am not a tosser! But I can finally see the closet floor, and all my shoes are in their shoe organizer ... instead of on counters, the dryer, or wherever the doggy can't get them! Anyway, my back seat is loaded and I will drop the stuff at Goodwill on Monday. That is my first step!

The next step is going to be much scarier ... it is my office. Gulp!!! It looks as though it was hit with a paper blizzard, and there is no more room in my files. I would love to hire an expert organizer to come in and help me there. I have a nice office, and I think an organizer could help me get all my work stuff off the dining table and back into the office where it belongs. I may see if such a person is available in town ... it might be worth the cost of a consultation.

Okay, back to work!



geauxtigers - Mar 24, 2007 10:10 pm (#2783 of 2990)

So who watched SNL tonight? It was a really great one! To all you Idol fans, "Sanjya" interrupted Weekend Update with a very cruel, but accurate impersonation. They even had the crowd crying! LOL A girl in pigtales along with a few others. LOL Like I said, cruel, but accurate and very funny. I also enjoyed the remake of Dora the Explorer, which I believe nothing they said on it I am permitted to say here! LOL it was a good one tonight! First new one in a while.

Ha ha Kathy about the road trip thing! We have one of those, but it involes 7 year old, a camping trip middle of the night, restroom very far away, had to go now and a bucket! Like you said, I'll stop there! LOL You can probably fill inbetween the lines!

Okay Back to 2 Cities...I just had to ask about SNL!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Little guy! He is too cute!

And too your daughter, Mediwitch!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 24, 2007 10:40 pm (#2784 of 2990)

Like you said, I'll stop there! ---> Tori says this because it she was that 7 year old, who had a date with a bucket. I'm just sorry I was asleep through all of it. Would've been quite entertaining to watch. **ducks dungbombs**

Like the new avatar Soli! I've decided that you look like my 7th grade social studies teacher! Kinda weird since that's what you teach too!Right?? I know you teach English, but I think you've mentioned Social Studies before...or is that someone else? lOl!

SNL was great tonight. If you didn't watch, you really missed out! Very funny stuff. Dora (AKA: Maraka) the Explorer was extremely funny! And as Tori said, the Sanjay preformance was extremely accurate! lOl.

Off to check threads!


geauxtigers - Mar 24, 2007 10:48 pm (#2785 of 2990)

**throws dungbombs at Ginny** I was 7! Actually no, I was still 6! That was in first grade and the camping trip was in December, so I was still 6! LOL

I have way more blackmail on Ginny anyways, so watch out! Better pull out that sneakoscope and foe glass thingy or you might just find I've short-sheeted your bed or put toothpaste on the toilet seat!

Yep, Soli, you do look a bit like our old socail studies teacher!

Okay so instead of reading. I've been sitting here playing with silly putty....


dizzy lizzy - Mar 24, 2007 11:22 pm (#2786 of 2990)

It's 4.23pm on a Sunday afternoon and I am wondering where my weekend went to!!

I worked as an election official yesterday. Started at 7am and finished at 10.15pm. Came home and checked out my emails etc and went to bed at 10.15pm. Nope! not a typo. Daylight saving finished last night for us Aussies ( well for those who live where it is followed) and it was easier to put the clock back before I went to bed. As it is I didn't get up until 9am (not counting getting up and letting dogs out at 6am) and I still feel very yucky.

So Happy birthday and good wishes to those who are celebrating!!

Cheers to all



Tazzygirl - Mar 25, 2007 12:03 am (#2787 of 2990)

Viola: ...and always had a horrible time with the guys I had a crush on. If a guy I thought was really cute said as much as "Hi!" to me, I would panic.

I know that feeling. I hate it. It's probably why I haven't really gone on a date in a while, I get so flustered! The guy didn't make an appearance today. I work from 8:30 to 5 tomorrow (sunday), so hopefully he shows up! I did manage to pour boiling hot water from the coffee maker onto three fingers. That was fun. The areas around the cuticles are red and look like they are going to blister.

Happy Birthday to Little Guy and Mediwitch's step-daughter! Sounds like Little Guy had a great party! Hope Heather has a good time, Mediwitch!

**Anti-packrat charms** to Soli! Good luck with cleaning out your office!

Off to bed. It's only 9 pm, but it feels like midnight.



Snuffles - Mar 25, 2007 1:38 am (#2788 of 2990)

Phew, I've just read through 90 posts!. I know I am going to forget something

Love the avatar Soli, you look like someone I know too

Kristina, *healing charms* to your fingers. I hope the guy comes into the store on Sunday. *fingers crossed*

Way to go to Beautifulist one. I'm glad she managed to break her board.

Happy Birthday to Kay's little guy and to Steve's mum. I hope they had a wonderful day

Azi, I'm glad you managed to sort out the gas problem. I hope your parents still complain. As we are always told that the conversations with them are recorded, they should be able to find out who accused you of tampering with the meter!

*sleeping potion* for Lizzy. I hope you have an easier week this week.

The Daniel Radcliffe interview on BBC1 on Friday night was very funny. As I thought, Jonathan Ross asked a few questions that no other host would dare to do

I know I have missed some things, so apologies to those I have.

Happy Sunday to everyone



The giant squid - Mar 25, 2007 2:20 am (#2789 of 2990)

Hmm...I think Tori found SNL amusing tonight. I'm surprised her "L" key still works.

Congrats to Beautifulest One. I probably would have given up before I got to 30...either that or I would have kept going to 50 just out of spite. "I refuse to be outsmarted by a piece of wood!"



painting sheila - Mar 25, 2007 6:35 am (#2790 of 2990)

Happy Birthday Little Guy!! Make sure you take pictures on the train - we would love to see them!

Happy Birthday to Mediwitch's daughter - make sure you take pictures of the boy friend looking scared and running out the door - we would love to see them!

This time next week I will be at the beach - (sigh). Our spring break is next week. There are 4 families that are going. We have rented two beach houses that connect. They have a direct access to the beach, a hot tub, and 3 master bedrooms in each house. (sigh) I may have to take my sewing machine but at least I can look out the window and see the ocean while I sew!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!



kaykay1970 - Mar 25, 2007 6:45 am (#2791 of 2990)

Happy birthday Mediwitch's daughter! I hope you have a great time together.

Happy Birthday to Steve's mom! I knew I forgot something in my last post.

Sounds like a great vacation you have planned Sheila, minus the sewing machine at least! lol Make sure YOU take pictures, WE would love to see them...


Steve Newton - Mar 25, 2007 6:48 am (#2792 of 2990)

Well, my mother’s 90th party is a thing of the past. We had 44 people. Out of 48 that's not bad considering the number in the 80s and 90s. My Mom had a great time. She got to chat with people that she hadn't seen for many years. The BBW* made a magnificent slide show in Powerpoint and also a board of pictures. We had pictures of her as an infant, 1917, (I wouldn't have guessed that cameras were that common then.) and shots from every decade of her life. The overwhelming favorite was of her, at about age 4, sitting on the steps feeding a bunch of the scrawniest chickens you ever saw.

The farthest travelers came from North Carolina.

No casualties reported except that I seem to be getting a cold.

It was a great day. Did I mention that my Mom had a great time?

*Beloved, Beautiful Wife


Puck - Mar 25, 2007 6:53 am (#2793 of 2990)

Ahh, the first snowfall of spring. I awoke to the lovely sight of tree branches with a fresh dusting of white. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1242194059

Also found some white stuff melting in my kitchen. Not snow, vanilla ice cream. Mr. Puck didn't see fit to put it back in the freezer last night. (I likely had him flustered with my comments that a serving of ice cream should be the size of your fist, not your head.)

Glad to her from you Lizzy! Get some sleep.

Tazzy, hope those fingers heal soon. Remember, a well timed smile can do wonders. And, hey, you already have a funny story to tell the guy, and it's about a subject he'll surely enjoy -himself!

I wonder if TiVo taped SNL last night....


edit: cross posted with Steve. Glad your Mom had such a fun time.


geauxtigers - Mar 25, 2007 10:36 am (#2794 of 2990)

Hmm...I think Tori found SNL amusing tonight. I'm surprised her "L" key still works. at Mike! What can I say, I have a boring life, things like this require lots of LOLs!

Glad your mom's party was fun, Steve!

**off to read some more, do laundry and finish homework**

edit: Kristina, I forgot! Hope your fingers get better. I like what you added to the Grey's Forum too!


Tazzygirl - Mar 25, 2007 11:15 am (#2795 of 2990)

Glad to hear your mum had a wonderful time, Steve!

Thanks for all the healing charms. Fingers feel much better today. Puck- I did have a guy tell me the other day that he hadn't seen a smile like mine in a very long time. Too bad he was probably the same age as my grandpa.

Thanks Tori!

Guess I should be off to work.

Have a great day/night everyone!



haymoni - Mar 25, 2007 11:35 am (#2796 of 2990)

Sounds like your mom's party was wonderful, Steve!

Hubby's mom turns 80 this year. She's a scream. She is still substitute teaching!! The kids love her. Maybe I'll get her a Chippendale's dancer. He won't be able to keep up with her!

It is a beautiful day here in Northeast Ohio. I really should get out and enjoy it, but the peace & quiet here in the house is too good to pass up!

Have a good week everyone!!!


Solitaire - Mar 25, 2007 11:41 am (#2797 of 2990)

Yep, Soli, you do look a bit like our old social studies teacher!

Yes, Ginny and Tori, I do teach 6th grade social studies some years ... when there are staffing issues and changes in enrollment numbers. I always teach 7th language arts and probably will continue, until such time as I can talk the principal into a shift to 6th grade language arts. After 18 years in that subject, I think a change might provided me with a new perspective. Just so I'm not stuck with 8th grade ...

BTW, I don't mind looking like your teacher, but do you have to use the word old, Tori? How about former? LOL As I said when I uploaded the pic, I think I must just have "that kind of face ..." It must be a sort of "standard issue" that is slapped on most girls, since it looks familiar to so many people in so many different places!

Steve, I am glad your mom enjoyed her birthday bash!

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating!



azi - Mar 25, 2007 12:10 pm (#2798 of 2990)

Your mum's birthday sounded great, Steve!

Kay - I had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake once when I was younger. Love the programme! Happy birthday to your little one!

**healing charms** Tazzy! Also **good luck charms** for that guy to come back in the store!

Soli - I haven't worked out where I recognise you from yet...

I went walking on the moors today. Did around six miles and feel much better for it. Can breathe clearly for the first time in a while! My feet and face aren't so good - blisters form my mum's boots and wind/sunburn.

Apologies to everyone I forgot, memory like a sieve.


geauxtigers - Mar 25, 2007 1:42 pm (#2799 of 2990)

Well not that you are old, Soli, just meat old in the sense that she is a former teacher, not that you are old

Wow azi, I should go take the dog on a walk or something to make up for my current laziness, but that would involve getting dresses and its warm outside too. Plus I'm taking comfort in the fact I have dance tonight, so I won't be entirely lazy today, now will I?

**back into lurker mode accompanied by 2 cities**


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 25, 2007 2:06 pm (#2800 of 2990)

w00t to Beautifulest One! Talk about tenacity!

It is a beautiful day here in Northeast Ohio. I really should get out and enjoy it, but the peace & quiet here in the house is too good to pass up! haymoni

Same here. Just a bit cool in the shade but a beautiful day nevertheless - and I'm inside because it's quiet.

I just ordered my Easter egg hunt items. I think I've made the Procrastinator's Club by a margin. I had to pay extra to make sure it arrives in time for us to actually stuff the eggs.

Has anyone ever used the audiobooks library via internet (library cooperative)? Do I need a reader or will an MP3 player work for it?

kaykay, Little Guy is so cute and looks like he's having so much fun! **virtual cheek pinch**

Steve, it sounds as though the party was a success. It sounds like you did a great thing for her.

(I likely had him flustered with my comments that a serving of ice cream should be the size of your fist, not your head.) Puck
Funny, Mr. HH thinks a serving size of ice cream is the container it comes in.

Tori, sounds like we missed a funny episode of SNL. Maybe they'll show it again.

Mediwitch, those rocks make for great landscaping additions. We have one in a flowerbed that came from our pool area. The kids love to climb it and well, I do too. If you have an idea as to where your gardens will be, you might want to consider keeping it.

I must look like Puck and Mike because I always hear that I look like someone else they know. I have long hair, but I'm not as skinny as Mike. Viola
Add me to that list.

What a lovely smile you have, Solitaire!

Shredded cabbage sounds like a great alternative in tacos, Solitaire.

Enjoy the rotd/n, everyone!


EDIT: Sheila, is CT too far for you for the meet up?
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journeymom - Mar 25, 2007 2:22 pm (#2801 of 2990)

Solitaire, I love the new avatar. You look lovely.

Steve, your mother's party sounds like a great success. I bet her favorite part was chatting with people she hasn't seen in a long time.

Dear daughter's opening day of softball was yesterday. Sounds like it was a baseball kind of day all over! I was so organized, except- the sun screen. My shoulders and the V of my chest are burned. Ouch! However, Coach beaned Daughter in the lip and split it. Boy, lips sure do bleed a lot! She had quite the swollen lip. She was shaken and was quiet for a while, but at the end of the day she still said she had a great time!

Mr Journeymom is coaching dear son's baseball team again and they went to a clinic yesterday. This really gives the impression we're baseball fanatics. I'll be honest, baseball is my least favorite sport. I poo-pooed sports fans growing up. But the kids seem to have stumbled into baseball/softball as their organized sport of choice. We have a pool and two summers ago I put the kids on the local swim team. They liked swimming but getting to meets at 6:30 in the morning and spending the whole day sitting grouped by age-level in the blazing heat was just unacceptable (I was a volunteer for the six y.o. boys' tent.) Then Daughter's friend, who invited her to join, went to a more competitive league. So we just didn't re-join the next year.

Guess I was chatty!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!


Solitaire - Mar 25, 2007 2:41 pm (#2802 of 2990)

You guys are so sweet ... but now I am getting self-conscious!


Puck - Mar 25, 2007 4:09 pm (#2803 of 2990)

Journeymom, Hope Dear Daughter's lip heals quickly! Our baseball season doesn't start for another month. I also thought swimming would be a good sport. Here it's usually indoors, so no rain, cold or bugs. Plus, when a bunch of kids pile into your van after a meet, they're all clean. Of course, baseball and soccer will take up my time this spring. (Diva is not old enough for softball until next year, so she'll be doing soccer this spring.)

**waves to Maria**

Time to get people bathed and into bed so I can start the muffins. Diva's turn to bring snack to school tomorrow. Blueberry bran muffins, if I have enough milk. I'm low on everything come Sunday, as Monday is my grocery day.



Mediwitch - Mar 25, 2007 5:47 pm (#2804 of 2990)

Ouch, Kristina! Glad your fingers are feeling better!

Wow, Sheila, sounds like a great set-up at the beach. Hope you get to enjoy it!

Steve, I'm glad your mom had such a great day. (And you too!) *Healing Charms* for your cold, and to Journeymom's daughter's lip. OUCH!

LOL about the ice cream, Puck! I think that's Mr. Mediwitch's standard too. I keep telling him you ought to get more than three servings out of a half-gallon!

Maria, there will be no shortage of landscaping rocks at the new Mediwitch house! We will definitely use lots, because I love gardening with rocks (they are my "garden art" - no statues or gnomes in my garden), but the excavator knows someone who might want to buy some of them...can you believe it?

So the birthday dinner went well. New Boyfriend seemed to have a good time, and so did Heather. She was picked on unmercifully (what else can you do but tease someone who once screamed that an earthworm bit her? ) but she is used to it. NB did not run screaming from the house, so no pics, sorry! We'll see if he ever returns...!

EDIT: I changed my avatar to a pic of one of the big rocks I was talking about. You can kind of get a frame of reference from the trees in the background.


Steve Newton - Mar 25, 2007 6:17 pm (#2805 of 2990)

Thanks for all of the congratulations but my wife did most of the work. Fortunately, my mother had to sleep late this morning.

Yes, she very much enjoyed chatting with people that she hadn't seen for ages.

My cold is.....still a cold.


painting sheila - Mar 25, 2007 6:45 pm (#2806 of 2990)

Hey all you Forumners that have a Wii - my Oldest Son just told me that in July they are coming out with a HP game that uses . . . . . . (are you ready for this) . . . . a MICROPHONE!!! YOu have to actually say the spell - say it correctly and wave your wand correctly to make what ever you are trying to do work. How cool is that!!!???

We watched Ant Bully today. Pretty cute. I couldn't place one of the voices until credits ran - it was Meryl Streep. HA!

Tomorrow is a Teacher Work Day. Littlest Guy is over the moon that Oldest Son will be home. wOOt!!

Talk to you all later-


PS Thanks for all the well wishes for the beach. I am sure it will be a blast!! A bad day at the beach is better than a good day any where else.

She (again)


geauxtigers - Mar 25, 2007 6:56 pm (#2807 of 2990)

OMG SHEILA! are you serious!? I'm headed to Wii.com right now! That is the coolest thing in the world! I already thought it was going to be cool to be able to do wand movements and the like, but we actually get to say the spells! How cool is that!!

Mediwitch, cool rock! LOL Or I guess I should say boulder, as its hardly small enough to be classified as a rock! LOL

So who just watch the Amazing Race? --> That whole ordeal with the airlines was insane! I feel really bad becuse that was just pure luck really most of it, except for Charla and Mirna. THey kinda irritate me, but kudos to them for taking that risk. We've all decided in my house that the Guidos probably got there after Charla and Mirna and Danny and Ozzy left. I wouldn't doubt they were 12+ hours behind simply because of the airplane things. Sheese!

Back to reading.......

Okay, I found a site, though I don't know much about it so I'll link it in my profile instead. It says that its very possible and its already been confirmed for the High School Musical game. People got to go play OoP game for the Wii but they signed something that doesn't allow them to spill anything about it! Oh this is so cool! I mean seriously! Summer can't get here fast enough!


Tazzygirl - Mar 25, 2007 8:59 pm (#2808 of 2990)

Sheila- I hope you have a relaxing time at the beach! I shared a cabin with my mom's side of the family one year for skiing. It did not have enough rooms for everyone, and all us kids were thrown about the living room. It was actually quite fun!

**is starting to wish she had a Wii** That HP game sounds AWESOME!!

Tori- haven't watched Amazing Race yet. Doesn't come on for another couple hours. Who are you rooting for? I'm at a toss up between The Blondes and Uchenna and Joyce. Oh, and the Married Parents team (forgot their names).

No sign of the guy today. I think he actually comes in Thursdays or Fridays. LOL

**healing charms** to Dear Daughter! Ouch!

I think I'm going to take a walk around the park tonight. I'm tired, but I feel like I've been eating waaaay to much bad stuff lately (trying out all the food items at work). Plus, all I have in my kitchen food-wise right now is a loaf of bread. Maybe I'll go grocery shopping instead...

Love the 'rock', Mediwitch! LOL



Eponine - Mar 25, 2007 9:11 pm (#2809 of 2990)

Well, I just registered for my summer class sessions. I'd been warned that summer registration can get pretty cutthroat, so I was staked out on the site waiting for 12:01 to roll around. As soon as I was able, I signed up for the two classes I wanted, and when I went to look at the class list seconds later, 7 of the 10 spots in one of the classes had already been filled. I'm just glad I tried tonight instead of waiting until morning.

Good night, everyone!


geauxtigers - Mar 25, 2007 9:31 pm (#2810 of 2990)

Hmmm who am I rooting for? I also really like Uchenna and Joyce, but the only negative is that they have already won it, so I'd kinda like to see someone else win this go round. I like Danny and Ozzie, the crack me up for some reason! I liked Rob and Amber, but as they aren't there anymore...hmm I don't mind Dustin and Candice. Ones that I really don't like are Guidos and Charla and Mirna. They play dirty then get mad at people for palying dirty. And the Guidos are just annoying frankly! I don't mind Terry and Ian, but they can both do really stupid idiotic things sometimes.

Wow, I just realized it was like 11:30! I guess I should go to bed...

Have a nice week everyone! I doubt you'll be seeing much of me. Its going to be a week from you know where...


Ydnam96 - Mar 25, 2007 9:39 pm (#2811 of 2990)

I tried to make it through all of the posts but I just couldn't read them fast enough to catch up...so I pushed the magic button.

Man, the last two weeks have been quite stressful. Thank goodness this is the last week before all the kiddies leave for spring break.

On Lost: I don't think that Locke blew up the sub. I think he just wanted everyone to think he did...

Anyway...I should go to bed. I'm exhausted.



Tazzygirl - Mar 25, 2007 10:44 pm (#2812 of 2990)

I don't like the Guidos or Mirna and Charla for the same reasons as you, Tori. They are very annoying!! Yeay! It's almost done recording, which means I'll be watching it in 15 minutes. w00t!

Sending the cold compress to Mandy. I bet it's been crazy!



Snuffles - Mar 26, 2007 12:43 am (#2813 of 2990)

Sheila, your Spring break sounds wonderful. Do you have to travel far?

Steve, I'm glad your mum had a lovely time.

Yikes Mediwitch, that is one BIG rock

I love reading all the white posting on Lost. We are a week behind you guys, so reading up helps me look out for things

I'm off to Olivia's school tonight. She starts in September, so it is a chance to meet the teachers and have a look around. She goes for one morning in July and then for an afternoon, then it's straight in for the full day when the term starts in September She will be so exhausted. Hubby is taking her first day of school off from work so he can come with me to drop her off. I think I will need him to guide me back home through my floods of tears!

Oh well, off to check the threads before the Dementors come into the office building!

Happy Monday everyone



The giant squid - Mar 26, 2007 2:16 am (#2814 of 2990)

journeymom, your daughter has just learned an important life lesson: when something comes toward your face at a high rate of speed, duck!

Tonight was my seventh day straight, but I have the next two off. I intend to do an inordinate amount of sleeping.



painting sheila - Mar 26, 2007 5:39 am (#2815 of 2990)

Hi Snuffles - the beach we are going to is only a couple of hours away. We are in a great location - 2 2/2 hours east and we are at the beach, 2 1/2 hours west and we are in the mountains. Perfect!

Yndam - Why don't you think that about you know who on Lost? (I guess I could have written that in white - but oh well!)

I need to call the elementary school of Littlest Guy today. (gulp) I don't know if I have it in me!I am right there with you Snuffles - I always cry buckets!! With the older kids it is tears of joy - but the little one it will be tears of sadness. (sigh)


Denise P. - Mar 26, 2007 6:05 am (#2816 of 2990)

Boy, not me. I send them off with a hug, a kiss and then it is party time! Yesterday was the first time Rhys could go to nursery at church. I had to stay with him since he had a fit about me leaving him but boy, I am looking forward to the day I can sit in class and not be Mom the Human Jungle Gym. Maybe I could even hear the lesson!

When we moved, while I was unpacking my sewing machine, the presser foot fell off. I didn't notice it at the time and had to get a new one. I think the eBay seller had to mold it himself or something based on the time it took to get here. It is finally here so now, when I am done with my morning stuff, I get to sew the pile of little projects I have. I have Girl Scout patches to sew on, Boy Scout patches, shirt repairs, a snood to make for Tinsel (to keep her ears out of her food while she eats), blanket repair and a few little other odds and ends.

On TAR, I actually liked Terri and Ian this time around, Ian really has calmed down since the first time they were on. I am rooting for the Guidos only because I have them in my pool. Mr. Denise has the Barbies. If I had to pick a team, now that Romber is gone, I would say Danny and Oswald. Charla and Mirna, good grief...they give Americans a bad name. What is with the fake accent they use everytime they speak to someone in the country? Do they think it makes them easier to understand? Ugh, I didn't like them the first time around either.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 26, 2007 6:48 am (#2817 of 2990)

Oh Julie and Sheila, you too! After all of these years with a little one in the house, I'm with you. Not looking forward to September.

Mediwitch - yes, people pay money for those rocks! That one looks like a good one to climb.

Tazzy, fingers crossed and Felix Felicis for Thurs. or Friday.

I'm off and will pretend September is not going to happen - not just yet, anyway. . .


EDIT: LOL Julie! Just don't let him run toward the doctor with the scissors!


Snuffles - Mar 26, 2007 6:53 am (#2818 of 2990)

Maybe I should drop hints to hubby about extending the family!

*cups hand to ear* Was that the door slamming and the sound of footsteps running down the path?



painting sheila - Mar 26, 2007 7:57 am (#2819 of 2990)

Julie - You crack me up!!


geauxtigers - Mar 26, 2007 9:19 am (#2820 of 2990)

I'm in French right now... being sneaky and well sneaking on! LOL

I just had to say that thats what annoys me so much about Mirna and Charla. Whats with the accent? I don't understand it. They'd be far less annoying than usual is they just left that stupid accent thingy behind. They go to France and think tjat everyone there speaks spanish, sometimes I wonder if they are just doing that to have something to do? They annoyed me the first go round too though so.

Okay I have to go


Puck - Mar 26, 2007 9:49 am (#2821 of 2990)

Good luck with that, Julie! I find the key is to make him think it's his idea. (I realized hubby was open to the idea of a third when I thought I was pregnant, but turned out not to be. He seemed disappointed at the test results.)

I'm looking forward to having kids home for the summer, but am equally looking forward to September, when 2 will be in school full time and I have just one at home.

Has anyone else noticed that many of those who ended up on Lost island had horrible fathers growing up? Locke, Sawyer, Kate, the Doc, Claire, etc....

Went to Walmart Supercenter for the first time this morning. It just opened. Great prices, but the selection was limited. (I very picky about groceries.)

My sewing machine has a petal as an option, but you can also turn it on by pushing a button and adjust the speed on the front of the machine. I love this, as it keeps the speed constant, and I don't have to worry about going too fast while using the walking foot, which does better with slow speeds.

Okay, time to get some work done. (In theory.)



HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 26, 2007 10:00 am (#2822 of 2990)

(I very picky about groceries.) Puck
Okay Kathy, you've been spending far too much time watching Cookie Monster.


Puck - Mar 26, 2007 11:02 am (#2823 of 2990)

Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2775603007 to Maria.

I guess I'm not quite as picky about my typing. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

(And, yes, the little one has taking a liking to Sesame Street.)


haymoni - Mar 26, 2007 12:28 pm (#2824 of 2990)

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me...

I love Cookie Monster.

The Beautifulest One claims she is too old for Sesame Street. Sniff!


I Am Used Vlad - Mar 26, 2007 2:08 pm (#2825 of 2990)

784 pages. Splendid! Splendid! Now maybe she'll give us a few chapter titles.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 26, 2007 2:41 pm (#2826 of 2990)

Vlad, I'll take anything at this point.


journeymom - Mar 26, 2007 2:53 pm (#2827 of 2990)

Mike, my daughter learned she needs to hold the glove up between the hurtling orb and her face. I, however, would duck.

Mr Journeymom took a day off and we saw "Wild Hogs". Great cast of talented guys. Funny. It's an under achiever. It kinda seemed like William H. Macy, Tim Allan, Martin Lawrence and John Travolta decided to get together and ad lib a movie. I recommend it on dvd. It was a good date movie. Except the hyena sitting behind Mr Journeymom. You can insist people turn their cell phones off in the theater, but you can't insist they don't laugh like idiots.


Tazzygirl - Mar 26, 2007 3:05 pm (#2828 of 2990)

Today is a holiday in Hawaii. It's Kuhio Day, and everyone has school and work off. I have absolutely no idea what the holiday is about. It doesn't really effect the 'no school' policy, as everyone is on Spring Break anyway.

Tori and Denise- I was going to make that same observation about Mirna Shmyrna. I think they have it in their heads that everyone speaks Spanish, no matter they are in an African country. I can't stand the way they treat people. I think I'm going to officially root for Uchenna and Joyce. I didn't know they won already- I thought the current teams were all people who were sent home and the teams that did win could not compete again.

Off to the grocery store! whoo-hoo!

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Mar 26, 2007 3:46 pm (#2829 of 2990)

Back from lurker-dom! I've kept up with reading mostly, but haven't had a spare to sit and post anything.

Thanks for all the birthday party advice! It worked out well and a great time was had by all. The best advice was to hand out the goodie bags at the very end -- here I was thinking I'd put them at each place setting (silly me!) We had one kid unable to come so the numbers worked out fine. I was very, very afraid about the craft/activity I had chosen (an "archaelogical dinosaur dig" with a dinosaur footprint of molded sand that turned out to be practically concrete, with only flimsy wooden "tools" to excavate the hidden "dinosaur bones" within), but it worked OK if you added water to the sand to soften it up a bit. Thank goodness I tested one out the night before! Anyway, after it was all done I came home and slept for three straight hours! (leaving Mr. Pince to all the "toy assembly" duty -- we have enough of that plastic tie-wire stuff to circle the globe, I'm sure.)

One thing I learned from the experience was that it's helpful to write "From Brian" or whatever actually ON the packaging of the gift you give -- in the feeding-frenzy-chaos that was the gift-opening (every kid swarmed and grabbed every present), I will be amazed if our thank-you notes even remotely reflect the gift that was actually given, because the cards got completely separated from the gifts. Oh well! I knew about half of them and just made educated guesses about the remainder.

Did you have that problem at your Mom's party, Steve? It sounds like it was a fantastic time -- you and your family were so sweet to do that for your Mom! I bet she enjoyed it so.

Woo-hoo to Beautifulest One on breaking her board! No matter what, that kid will be a success at whatever she attempts in life -- anyone with enough dogged determination to keep on trying 30 times, in front of others, and through tears... well, she's a hero in my book! Good for her! You guys must be so proud of her!

Let's see -- it's been about ten days' worth of posts... what can I remember... Soli, your picture is lovely; Azi, woo-hoo on getting the gasline fixed and hope they can get your parents' money back soon; Holly, if hubby looks like Boris or Phil then I see where the flaxen-haired children come from ; Tazzy, either you've found your soul-mate or else his smile was just that fixed one that naturally happens when you fear the person looking at you might actually be a stalker ; Mediwitch, that's one heck of a rock you've got there, and I think three servings per half-gallon of ice cream sounds about right to me; I think those Girl Scouts' moms should be tarred and feathered; Sheila, have fun on vacation and sorry about all the sewing; and the whole concept of getting grades via the computer is so totally alien to me -- my last experience was when the teacher had a black leather-bound spiral notebook with columns where the letter grades were recorded. ***takes deep breath*** That's all I can remember; apologies to all the very interesting posts I didn't respond to! I'm sure I meant to!

Oh! Two Lost episodes: I've enjoyed the last two a lot! The one with Claire left me thinking Wow! she has beautiful eyes which I never noticed before! Also, I was loving Locke and Rousseau and very tired of Kate. That episode made me think that what had been disenchanting fans for awhile about the show was the presence of Jack -- if he's not in the show, it's better for some reason. I really don't like his character, and I don't think Matthew Fox is such a hot actor, either. Anyway, next episode too bad about that -- I was thinking WHY in the wide wicked world can't Kate EVER do what she's told to do???? She's always getting everyone else into trouble because she just can't follow directions. Jack told her to stay away -- why didn't she do it? Grrrr.... I think that's an interesting thought that maybe Locke didn't blow up the sub, but I still think it's kind of funny that he did, and then says "Sorry, Jack!" Sheila, I agree that I didn't understand the second "Because I'm in a wheelchair and you're not" comment. I think Locke is desperate to keep everyone on the island from knowing that he used to be paralyzed for some reason, maybe in order to continue to benefit from "island healing" without a lot of hoopla? I am not buying the Others' contention that the fail-safe thing ruined all their communication and navigation, but I think it's a cool HP-parallel that supposedly now the island(s) are "unplottable."

We have had to resort to the discipline I was using back in... November, was it? where I was mean ol' Mom and took all toys away. Apparently Little Pince has been being disrespectful in school (not really malicious, they tell me, but totally not listening to the teachers.) Here I was all impressed because he's been behaving better at home, but apparently he's transferred the naughtiness to school-time. Today is the first day in over a week that he has been allowed a TV show, and it is just one movie. He really has been trying very hard. It is amazing what an incentive it is when all your brand-new birthday prezzies get locked away...

We had our first tee-ball practice this past Saturday in the cold drizzly rain. It went well, although as usual Little P is one of the littlest/least experienced ones. One of the kids looks like he's seven years old or something, and he can hit all the way deep into the outfield! Our opening day is not until April 21st.

I just discovered that his last day of school is May 4th, when I thought it was June 15th. (They told us the pre-school schedule follows the regular school schedule, but apparently not with regard to the end.) They're having a "graduation" on May 16th and I am praying that it doesn't involve caps and gowns and such nonsense. It's pre-school, for goodness' sake! Anyway, this is messing up our vacation plans, so my next project is to re-do all our reservations and such. Bleah.

At least taxes are done! ***day is considerably brightened*** And my closet is half-way cleaned / season-switched! Woo-hoo! Now where did I put that half-gallon of ice cream...

Everyone enjoy the RotD!

P.S. Just read an AP News article which referred to paparazzi trying to catch royals in "uncompromising" positions. Shouldn't that be "compromising" positions? Grammar Gods?


haymoni - Mar 26, 2007 4:41 pm (#2830 of 2990)

Maybe it is harder to catch them in an uncompromising position than it is to catch them in compromising positions!

Any ideas on what to do with the 2 pieces of broken board that they have given us? I noticed that the yellow belts didn't get to keep their broken boards, so it must just be a "gift" to the white belts. I thought about mounting it on some sort of plaque thingy. I've seen those belt holders that they sell in the Lillian Vernon catalog. If she decides to go beyond yellow, I will get her one of those, but I'd like to do something with this broken board.


Denise P. - Mar 26, 2007 5:00 pm (#2831 of 2990)

I assume the board was originally a rectangle, so it should have the part broken in the middle with two smooth ends? Glue, attach, put together the two smooth ends to form the rectangle again, with the broken bits on the outside. Stain it, mark the date and event or burn it in, put her name on it and display it proudly after you polyurethane it to keep it nice and shiny. If the Dojo has a patch, you could put that on there, a piece of a white belt.... I dunno...


Puck - Mar 26, 2007 5:39 pm (#2832 of 2990)

Madame Pince, great to see you around! Glad the party went well -and is over.

Great idea about the board, Denise.


Nathan Zimmermann - Mar 26, 2007 5:39 pm (#2833 of 2990)

Haymoni, my dad made a bedside table from one the boards I broke and between the glass and the board he placed a picture of me in my uniform.


haymoni - Mar 26, 2007 5:46 pm (#2834 of 2990)

Great ideas, guys! Thanks!

Of course, you both know that The Slacker Mom in me will not touch the broken board until the 4th of July sometime....


Ydnam96 - Mar 26, 2007 6:26 pm (#2835 of 2990)

On Lost: I can't claim the theory about Locke and the sub as my own. I saw it on the Lost boards on ABC.com. Someone brought up the question of why Locke was all wet if he put the C4 inside the sub...And if you pay attention the explosion was straight out from the end of the pier and the sub was on the left side of the pier when Locke got there. It's at least an interesting theory to think about. Why would he blow it up when he can keep it and use it in the future as leverage or something? I think it's curious.

Man...does life just get more stressful as you get older? Cause if that's the case I want to go to Never Never Land.

Off to about 3 1/2 hours of meetings. (yes, it is 6:30pm)

Thank goodness spring break is next week!!!


boop - Mar 26, 2007 6:31 pm (#2836 of 2990)

Madame Pince, I had to change my email address because I can't remember my pass word. Here is my new email address boop_196078@hotmail.com. I can't get your email address now. Its good to see you back again.

I hope you all have a great week!!

hugs always



Holly T. - Mar 26, 2007 7:10 pm (#2837 of 2990)

Haymoni, we put all of my son's boards in a box. Some of them the master labelled with the date and the kick or punch he used to break it, sometimes we remembered to write the date. Some are just pieces of broken board. We have one of those belt holders from Lillian Vernon, but FIL had to add extensions to it since it didn't have enough spaces for all of the belts. There's a picture of my son with all the boards from his black belt test in my profile--I think it was 12 boards total.

Welcome back Madame Pince! Glad the party went well!

Thanks to our flying trip to East Texas (and the current nonworking status of the timer part of our VCR) we missed the NASCAR race on Sunday (although, as Gibbs Racing fans, this is perhaps a good thing) and the Amazing Race. Thank goodness for online recaps.

I think I mentioned that my husband and I are going to San Francisco next month. Over the weekend I read The Barbary Plague, about a black death outbreak in 1890's-era San Francisco, and then Disaster!, a book about the 1906 earthquake and fire. My husband says "most people just read travel guides."


Madam Pince - Mar 26, 2007 7:42 pm (#2838 of 2990)

Haymoni, when UVA recently built a new basketball arena and closed the old one, some clever marketing person got the idea to mount pieces of the old wooden basketball court onto fancy cherrywood plaques with some computer-generated-laser-engraved background art, and then some facts about the old arena. Beats tossing the old wood into a firepit somewhere, and it's recycling! (They really know how to appeal to us aging baby-boomers... and yes, I had to purchase one. It turned out pretty nice, although personally I think they could've done a bit better job for the price they charged -- they used black lettering against dark cherry wood, which doesn't show up very well.) Anyhow, basically it was just the piece of wood flooring glued onto the other finished wood backing, with a picture hook on the back so you can hang it up. You might try the same type of thing, and you could get a disc engraved with her info for pretty cheap at a Mail Boxes, Etc. or a trophy place, and then attach some clear plexiglass to cover a picture of her in her (uniform? what do they call your karate clothes?)

Pretty much the same idea Denise had. But if it was me, I'd mount the wood with the smooth ends out like it was before she broke it, and maybe at an angle going down with a little space between the broken ends, as if it was just being broken. And if you really want to commemorate her tenacity, you could burn the number "30" into the space at the break...

I guess this depends on how big the board is that you're dealing with -- if it's big enough to make an end-table out of it like Nathan's, then a plaque will probably not work. You could always polyurethene them, mount hooks on the back and drill holes and glue pegs in on the front, and then use that actual board for the thingy that you hang your belts from, a la Lillian Vernon.

LOL about Holly's reading and hubby's observation!

Off to re-watch the end of Lost that I taped last week (I noticed he was wet, but I just assumed he put the C-4 on the outside -- duh! Your idea is much better! I didn't notice where the "blowup" was located on the dock!) and send an e-mail to Boop! (That's the same e-mail address I had for you before -- is that right?)


geauxtigers - Mar 26, 2007 8:30 pm (#2839 of 2990)

I skimmed today's posts, but Madame P is back **waves**

I just wanted to say that I just finished reading A Tale of Two Cities and I really liked it! The ending was so surprising I didn't see the 'switch' coming at all, I felt sure that--> Charles Darnay would die, I was shocked! When Carton opened the prison door and told Darnay to take off his boots I audibly yelled, "noooo, hes not! Hes not switching places with him!"

But it was really good, sad, but one of those books you walk away with that feeling that you can't really explain. Kinda like at the end of HBP, it was sad, but there was that feeling that was kinda like "wow"

Okay now I have to go do my journals for it!


Madam Pince - Mar 26, 2007 8:36 pm (#2840 of 2990)

***waves back***

Thanks for the "welcome backs" -- as Luna would say, "it's almost like having friends!" (OK, all together now, awwwwwwww....)

Oh, and haymoni, LOL about the difficulty of finding them in an uncompromising position!

Denise, my mother just came upstairs from listening to the news and said there was some sort of contamination of the public water in your area -- just in case you didn't hear. It's nothing too dangerous it seems, but they just said you may need to run your water a lot for awhile to clear it out. Ammonia or something? Anyway, just FYI...


haymoni - Mar 27, 2007 5:27 am (#2841 of 2990)

geauxtigers - there was a movie that was out - oh, I don't know when - called "The In Crowd". It focuses on a smart, teenage boy in the early 1960's who wants to be on one of those dance shows, like American Bandstand. Anyway, he falls for a beautiful girl on the show, who is dumber than a box of rocks, and he tries to get her to read "A Tale of Two Cities". The ending has a sacrificial twist - not quite so dramatic as the book, but it was an OK movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon. You might want to rent it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Denise P. - Mar 27, 2007 10:14 am (#2842 of 2990)

I didn't see anything on the news about our water. I rarely use tap water anyway but let it run some when I used it to refill the dog's water dish.

It is beautiful out today, in the upper 70's. The kiddies are currently sounding like they are being skinned alive in the backyard. I am not sure why playing involves blood curdling screams but apparently it does.

Yay! We FINALLY close on our old house tomorrow. We will be rid of it totally and not have to worry about anything with at all now. This also means we can take about 95% of what we made on it and plunk it down on our new loan. We are going to do some things here though. I really want to yank out this light colored carpet and put hardwood down. Of course, we also need to finish the unfinished part of the basement. I think I have a new washer and dryer on my horizon too.


journeymom - Mar 27, 2007 10:19 am (#2843 of 2990)

Denise, that's sounds like a big relief. Isn't it nice to get rid of debt? Your avatar 'cracked' me up....

Yay, our pathetic, leaning fence is being replaced today! Now we won't look so much like THE messiest home owners on the block. 😊


Tazzygirl - Mar 27, 2007 12:41 pm (#2844 of 2990)

That's fantastic about your house, Denise!

On Lost: I didn't even realize Locke was wet! Interesting. I'm excited about this week's episode.

**waves to Madam P** I'm so glad Little Pince's birthday party went so well!

I am going to the beach today! w00t! Haven't been in I don't know how long. **dances**

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!



Puck - Mar 27, 2007 2:20 pm (#2845 of 2990)

How long has it been since I've been to the beach....let's see, August about 7 months ago. Won't be warm enough here for another 3 months..... to Kristina. Hope you had fun. **I am not jealous, I am not jealous**


juliebug - Mar 27, 2007 2:30 pm (#2846 of 2990)

Hey all. I spent a long weekend visiting family, so now I'm playing catch up with all the messages. Still have 250+ left to go.

Lost: I have read some truly wacky theories out there on places like abc.com and msn.com. The craziest yet has something to do with Locke being in some kind of time warp like Desmond and that he's not in a wheelchair because his accident hasn't happened yet. It includes a long and complicated story about what actually happened to the sub (that he really only pretended to blow up.) It's good to know I'm not the only one out there with crazy ideas . Very interested to see tomorrow's show. It's supposed to endear Nikki and Paulo (a couple of Oceanic passengers who hadn't managed to get any screen time until this season. We shall see. Can't wait to hear what you guys think


boop - Mar 27, 2007 5:14 pm (#2847 of 2990)

Madame Pince, my email address was boop196078@hotmail.com and now its boop_196078@hotmail.com. They are almost the same.

hugs always



Mediwitch - Mar 27, 2007 5:22 pm (#2848 of 2990)

Welcome back, Madam Pince! Glad the birthday went well.

Hooray for Denise and closing on the old house - what a relief that must be!

Last night I was in bed at 8:45 pm! (I'm usually up until 11 or 12.) If I'd been home, I'd have been asleep even earlier. I think I'll be heading to bed early tonight too...I'm still coughing from the remnants of the sinus infection and it is wearing on me. Off to check some threads first, though!

EDIT: Another sure sign of spring - I heard a single solitary peeper this evening! I love when the peepers sing.


Madam Pince - Mar 27, 2007 5:23 pm (#2849 of 2990)

Re: Lost-- As far as Nicki and Paolo go, I have a semi-Dumbledore observation: "I'm afraid that we have got rather enough to be going on with as it is." There's enough characters and mysteries already, what with our original Oceanic survivors, the Tailies, the Others, all the flashback people we have to keep straight... enough already! Who cares about Nicki and Paolo??? I'm really disappointed that they're bringing in more characters for what seems like just a desire for eye candy... OK, /rant...

Yay on the house closing, Denise! Have fun fixing up the new place!

Today was absolutely gorgeous -- I think it hit 80 degrees. Little Pince has been good so we got to go play in the park. The final clue that spring has arrived is that we're now having a thunderstorm. The dog hates them, so our annual spring ritual involves enduring a couple weeks of her barking frantically and chasing her tail like a whirling dervish, which can create some chaos when the dervish weighs 80 pounds and has a tail that creates a disaster zone for about a five-foot diameter. I just love spring thunderstorm season...

The other somewhat yucky springtime clue is the hoardes of blackbirds that descend. They have a period there of a couple weeks between their arrival and when the farmers plant the cornfields, so they demolish everyone's backyard birdfeeders. After the first couple years, I learned the lesson and now I just take the feeders down when I see them coming. The new-ish neighbor across the street (the one who is not too friendly and who lets her dog run loose in the neighborhood) apparently hasn't learned this yet, and her front yard is black with them. Is it very wrong of me to find this ever so slightly amusing?

All this is balanced by the beautiful daffodils and forsythia and redbuds which are now starting to come out! Yay!


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 27, 2007 5:58 pm (#2850 of 2990)

Welcome back Madam Pince! Glad the party went well!

The blackbirds around here (I think they're Grackles - sp?) nest in my neighbors' trees and when their chicks hatch, they leave the "mess" all around our pool side and sometimes even drop them in - that is how they "clean house". It is quite disgusting for a couple of weeks. We are constantly out there hosing the edging. It's really strange too because we have this bullnose type of coping separated with cement and they place a "bundle" in the center of each one like a pattern.

I just don't get it. How can anyone not be friendly to you, Madam Pince? I don't know about your area but around here, dogs aren't allowed to run loose. Even if the dog is friendly, Little Pince is a stranger to him and I would just keep an eye on it.

It was really warm here today, too! The air smelled sweet with all of the new buds!

Healing charms to Mediwitch and others needing them.

Felix Felicis to Denise and Dizzy Lizzy for smooth house sale-ing.

HH13 says "Hi!"

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Mediwitch - Mar 27, 2007 6:13 pm (#2851 of 2990)

OK, I do NOT watch American Idol - never have - but it was still on when I turned the TV on to watch House. I have seen you Idol fans commenting on Sanjaya, so I have to ask - WHAT was with that hair tonight????

EDIT: Tori, I didn't see his performance, just saw the hairdo. I say again: Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 793915934


geauxtigers - Mar 27, 2007 6:22 pm (#2852 of 2990)

Huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that we done with 2 Cities...paper we had to write today wasn't terrible, but I'm sure I confused things or said something wrong, but oh well. In the past 2 days, I've only gotten about 12-13 hours of sleep, so I came home and crashed in my bed for 2 solid hours where I had a dream that I was in possibly Croatia, **waves to Lina and Kate** but I'm not sure if its Croatia or not, it started with a "C" and thats all I remember.

So needless to say, I'm with Mediwitch, I'll be turning in early!

Spring is here too, though its been awfully warm even for us down here. Normally in the mid 70s and its been 80 + for the last few weeks. And little rain, though it did rain today a bit, but just enough to wet the concrete and frizz out my hair. I think its supposed to rain Saturday...s'okay, we need the rain, everything is drying out here. And the birds are all a twitter again, right outside my window at 6 a.m. everyday But its nice during the day!

Well I think I should go finish my physics so I won't have to do it at lunch tomorrow!

Have a nice week everyone!

EDIT: Mediwitch, I didn't see Sanjaya tonight! How bad was his performance? Fill me in people! **crosses fingers that he will be gone come tomorrow**


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 27, 2007 6:23 pm (#2853 of 2990)

Man...does life just get more stressful as you get older? Cause if that's the case I want to go to Never Never Land. __Mandy

Ohhh can I come too??? 2nd star to the left and straight on till morning! I'll bring the pixie dust!

Sure signs of spring for us usually involve caterpillars. Not the stinging ones, but the non-stingers and when I say the tree trunks around here literately turn black from them, I'm not kidding! It is soo gross! I refuse to walk under trees, and always check my booksack for them before I pick it up. The crazy thing is that once they all disappear, there are never any butterflies around! I mean what's the point of a nasty yucky caterpillar if you don't get to see the butterflies after they leave the cocoon?? It sucks. They generally last about 3-4 weeks. It's disgusting!

I like 2 Cities a lot as well. I'm adding it to my list of favorite books. It was tough to get through, but it was worth it in the end.

Lots to do but as I haven't popped in to say hey in a while, I thought I would!

Happy rest of the week!

13 days till my birthday!! (the countdown has begun!!)

EDIT: yeah Sanjaya is awful!! I saw his hair tonight too, and all I can say is what was he thinking...clearly he wasn't! He looked like an idiot! He keeps changing his hair style...I guess he thinks it's cool or something! I think he looks like a ___________ fill in the blank with your choice of words! That means he'll be around for another 6 weeks... **grumbles**


Puck - Mar 27, 2007 8:13 pm (#2854 of 2990)

I think Sanjaya does weird stuff to his hair because the judges have commented that's what's keeping him in the competition. His stage presence has gotten better, and vocals were better than last week, but still not in a league with the others.

Tori, you think 12-13 hours of sleep in two days is bed, wait until you're a mom! When I had a new born I thought it was great when I got 4 or 5 hours a night. An hour or 2 in a row was heaven.

No flowers here yet, still a bit of snow on the ground. It was up to 70 degrees, today, though. I took the girls for a ride in the wagon and some puddle splashing. Alas, it's due to cool off a bit over the next several days.

Trying to decide if I should try to go dress shopping tomorrow. I'll have the baby with me, and would have to hope she's good about me trying things on. Hubby and I are going for a nice dinner on our trip, and I need a cocktail dress. I have a couple, but they are all from before children, and although they still zip, they just don't look the way they used too.

Off to catch some sleep.



Madam Pince - Mar 27, 2007 8:34 pm (#2855 of 2990)

In the past 2 days, I've only gotten about 12-13 hours of sleep...-Tori

***is rolling on the floor laughing***

Only? That's 6-1/2 hours a night, right? That's a great night's sleep around this house, what with Mr. Pince's shoulder keeping him awake (and thus me, to hear the heavy frustrated sighs) and then the early morning pitter-patter of feet followed by sounds of the kitchen chairs being dragged across the floor (...what is he getting into now????) and various other "must-be-investigated" noises. (Because of recent birthday candles, he figured out where we keep the matches. Don't even ask...)

I'm just teasing you, Tori! I do realize that teens need more sleep than that, for sure, and with all the studying you guys have had to do lately, you must really be worn out! You should at least be getting some O.W.L.s this year, with all y'all have had to do! Keep thinking that summer is coming... summer is coming...

Where is Finn, by the way? And Kate, too. Both swamped with school, I suppose. It's that time of year...

Oh, and by the way, I forgot this earlier... for being able to walk into a store and walk out without trauma having bought a swimsuit for $12.99 ---

Maria, it's not just me she's unfriendly towards -- she's just unfriendly in general I think. And it's also a law here that you can't let dogs run loose, but apparently nobody has told her that yet, however. I was going to put a flyer in her mailbox that advertises electric dog fences with a note that she should consider this, but I didn't. I'm almost ready to re-think it, though. Her dog is huge and comes bounding up with a big deep aggressive bark to both my 83-year-old mother and to Little P, and really I would prefer not to see either of them take a fall. If neighbor happens to be out in the yard (which usually she's not) she always calls out reassuringly "Oh don't worry he won't hurt you." Thanks so much... I've seen him follow a mother with a stroller down the entire street, barking the whole way. The law here actually is that a dog can be off-leash, IF the dog is "under complete owner control." So if she calls him, he's supposed to instantly obey. Well, that never happens. I can't count the times I've seen her out there chasing him around yelling "Beau! Come here!" while some poor hapless neighbor is nervously walking their (leashed) dog past her house.

Off to bed... perchance to get more than 6-1/2 hours of sleep... Everyone enjoy their RotD!

Edit: (Cross-post with Puck) -- I know, what is that about closets? They shrink things, they do, yes they do...


geauxtigers - Mar 27, 2007 8:49 pm (#2856 of 2990)

Ha ha, yes I know being sleep deprived is not as bad as it will be. I hear college is even worse, though I can't imagine! I went to bed at 1 on Sunday and last night I finally crashed at about 12:30. Problem is, I need a penseive. I get in bed and no matter how tired I am, my mind is usually racing and I can't fall asleep, so I end up tossing and turing. Once I'm asleep, I'm good, but I usually sleep like 11 hours on weekends. What can I say! I've got to make up for all the sleep I missed during the week!

Lets see, its only 9 days until we get off for Easter! YAY! Down here spring break is Good Friday and the following week, but everyone seems to have it at a different time...Then after that, its the home stretch! I can't wait, May 25th...I'm dreaming of that day when I can walk out of my government exam and start jumping up and down in a fit of silent excitement! LOL People usually still finishing exams, so you walk out of class and everyone has to be quiet, so we all just jump up and down looking stupid making no noise. LOL I can't wait! Spring fever is setting in, how am I going to concentrate?

Okay, Now I'm going to bed! Night everyone!


Ydnam96 - Mar 27, 2007 10:40 pm (#2857 of 2990)

Well...I've been watching season 3 of 24 for the last two days. I think I've watched 4 episodes in a row today! Talk about something that is highly addictive!

But, I was productive while I watched. I've been making jewelry and I got 4 bracelets, two necklaces, and three pairs of earrings in 4 hours!

There's a link behind my avatar for the photo albumn if you are interested.

I hope everyone has made it through this crazy weather day (at least it's been really crazy here in the LA area).


Tazzygirl - Mar 27, 2007 11:20 pm (#2858 of 2990)

back at Puck! LOL I had a lovely day at the beach. I taught my friend how to boogie board, and only got a little sunburned on my arm (that is, unless I wake up tomorrow and see the total effects!). We've decided that we need to go to the beach at least once every other week or so as it totally de-stresses us from school.

Madam P.- I would so leave a note in that neighbor's mailbox telling her about the dog supervision rule. Sounds to me like the dog is not neighbor friendly.

I had more I wanted to say... Haven't watched Idol tonight yet, so can't comment on Sanjaya (who just needs to leave the show). I agree with you Madam P.- LOST needs to quit introducing new characters and just work with the ones already focused on in the last couple seasons.

Oh, and Finn says hi. I messaged him a week ago or so, and he said he's been swamped with school. I think his spring break started this week, and he said he's hoping to make an appearance here soon.



The giant squid - Mar 27, 2007 11:43 pm (#2859 of 2990)

You're much nicer than me, Tazzy, I'd just tell Madame P/ to call Animal Control the next time the dog's running around loose and let the neighbor sort it out with them.

I'm with Madame P. as well on Lost: to heck with the new faces. What about Rose & Bernard? Then again, since Bernard is the only Tailie left maybe his fading onto the background isn't such a bad thing...



azi - Mar 28, 2007 2:59 am (#2860 of 2990)

Tazzy - I also got sunburnt yesterday! I thought at first it was just my face, but various splodges have appeared now, including a particularly nasty bit on my lower back.

Great bracelets, Mandy! The tourquoise (sp?) ones are really pretty!

Hope you get some nice sleep, Tori! I like 9/10 hours a night, but alas, that is not often possible.

Eek, Madam P! I'd be scared to leave my house (I have a fear of dogs, particularly barking ones)! I'd inform the neighbour that it is illegal to have the dog off its leash.

Speaking of neighbours, I am absolutely fed up of mine. I have been woken up almost every morning this past two weeks by their eldest daughter's music. It just completely ruins my day waking up to that! Yesterday, it was on from 8.30am to 1.30pm solid at a level you can hear all the words (after 1.30 I went outside to do some gardening and it had miraculously turned off when I went back in...)! Anyone know how to stop this from happening? It would make no use going round there, because she'd either turn it up to annoy me more or start a fight with me (she was a bully in school, and tried to start on me before, but I've seen too many people like her to be concerned). Her mother has even been in the past two days when this has happened and made no attempt to stop her! In fact, I think some of the music yesterday was her mother - how many 18/19 year old trendies (people who insist on the latest fashions, music etc.) listen to Rod Stewart?

Hope everyone has a lovely, non-annoying neighbour free day!


Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 5:32 am (#2861 of 2990)

So sorry about your neighbor, Azi! That's the trouble with it -- really the only sure thing you (or me) can do is to report the problem to the law, but then the neighbor will probably figure out who it was that reported them, and then be even more difficult in other ways which are legal but still annoying, while now actively hating you in the bargain -- two negatives instead of one. At least, that's why I've hesitated so far. What can I say -- I'm a weenie. Well, at least for fairly minor stuff. If it crossed the "big" line (don't ask me what it would be, but I'd know it if I saw it) then I'd definitely report mine.

Our dog is dog-aggressive, so she is locked in the yard at all times and definitely leashed when I have to take her out to the car to go to the vet or whatever. Problem there is, if neighbor's dog is running loose while I take our dog out front on a leash and neighbor dog comes running over to bark aggressively as per usual, then I would end up with a dogfight between two 80-pound animals and a dislocated shoulder probably. So I always have to check carefully that the coast is clear before taking my leashed dog out -- which I shouldn't have to do. One time he was loose, and I had to leave or I was going to be late for our vet appointment, so I went over to neighbor's door and knocked to ask her to please bring him in until I could get my dog in the car. It took forever for her to come to the door, and when she finally did, she was all annoyed that I'd bothered her because she "was just getting ready to get in the shower." (Great -- turn your dog loose on an unsuspecting neighborhood and then get in the shower so you're not supervising and available to head off any problem, not to mention that the poor dog could be getting hit by a car or something and you'd never even know it.) That was my best opportunity to tell her that he shouldn't be loose in the first place, but she was so irate that I'd interrupted her shower, and I was almost late for the vet appointment anyway, so I lost my nerve. Ah well, opportunity lost...

Mandy, your jewelry is beautiful! I like the pink/purple cluster necklace and earring set, and also the greenish pearl earrings. Nice work!

Edit: I don't watch American Idol, but I just read that Simon Cowell said that if Sanjaya wins, he will quit the show. For that reason, I hope Sanjaya triumphs. The little I've seen of Simon, I despise... Don't know how accurate these "threats" are, though -- I'm still waiting for Alec Baldwin to move to Canada...


juliebug - Mar 28, 2007 6:20 am (#2862 of 2990)

More Lost: Oh, I agree, we don't need any new faces. I also miss Rose and Bernard. They are my favorite island couple and I really fear for Bernard's safety as he is the last of the tallies. I've just been intrigued about this week's story ever since I read about the plans fors it in the Feb 16th Entertainment Weekly. The writers know that the two random outsiders thrown in the mix are hated, really hated. They promised to make up for that. They actually said that Nikki and Paulo would become "iconic." I'm not expecting to go that far overboard, but they also really hyped last week's episode, and I personally was not disappointed. I hoping for a really good show tonight though not anticipating any real change in my feelings for everyone's most hated island residents.


Mrs. Sirius - Mar 28, 2007 6:21 am (#2863 of 2990)

The art work has been announced - -  we have great clues!!!!


azi - Mar 28, 2007 6:26 am (#2864 of 2990)

Madam P - you hit the nail on the head. I think, however, I can safely say we are hated by our neighbours. I hope things get better with your neighbour! I don't think I've heard of anyone who would leave their dog outside on its own while they showered! That is very irresponsible!

I already gave my views on the covers on the Book 7 thread.


Eponine - Mar 28, 2007 6:43 am (#2865 of 2990)

I love the new cover art!

I'm jealous of the people who are getting their Spring Break when it's actually nice outside. Ours was almost 3 weeks ago now. I had to wonder whether the undergraduates all went to the beach because it was way too cold for beach weather.

Mike, I know you've got one of the giant Lego Star Wars sets, but have you seen the new giant Millennium Falcon? It's definitely out of our price range, but Mr Eponine and I still think it's way cool.


Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 1:08 pm (#2866 of 2990)

My, one mention of "cover art" and the chat thread goes suddenly silent...

We read in our local paper today that one of the teachers from Little Pince's former school was arrested for something very very bad involving a computer and children's pictures. Yuck, yuck, yuck. He was not in that teacher's classroom, but he was under his supervision occasionally on a substitute basis. You cannot feel safe anywhere, it seems...


geauxtigers - Mar 28, 2007 1:34 pm (#2867 of 2990)

SQEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about the cover art!

I hope yall sort the neighbor things put, Madame P, and Azi! We don't have any annoying neighbors...oh wait we do have a guy across the street who walks his dog probably 30 times a day. And he conventently brings this dog out when we bring my dog out. Its like clockwork, We bring the dog out, he comes walking out with his dog, and of course our dog goes nuts and we usually have to take her inside to calm her down. LOL But its not that big of a deal, at least the dog is always on a leash!

Okay, I have to go do homework!


Denise P. - Mar 28, 2007 1:57 pm (#2868 of 2990)

Tinsel is always on a leash when she is out. There is this one terrier mix, her name is Sweetie and she is a sweetie but...she is also a wild woman. I always cross the street when she is being walked by the older man in the house because Sweetie gets so excited that I am afraid she is going to pull him right on over. She does the same things if the kids come by as well. He is an elderly man, he probably should not be walking such a strong dog.

Tinsel is still an ill-mannered little thing on the leash, forever tugging. We are currently working on keeping a loose leash and staying marginally on the left side. I say marginally because I am not asking her to heel, just to not cross in front or behind me. We are also working on sitting politely when people greet her, when kids are getting off the bus and to lay down behind the stroller while at the bus stop. She is a submissive pee-er so any time she gets over excited, we get a puddle. By having some rules, she will outgrow this stage faster and be less excited about everything. Tomorrow she goes in for her next set of shots and maybe to be microchipped - not sure what age they will chip dogs since my other dogs were chipped as adults.


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 28, 2007 2:11 pm (#2869 of 2990)

ROFL at you're avatar Denise! That's too cute!! And I know what you mean about submissive peeing. My dog has wet her self a number of times when she meets new people, but she's ten times worse when it comes to baths! She get's so scared right before her baths, that she generally stands there quivering and shaking like mad until she pees all over the floor. It's sooo sad, and makes you feel like a horrible person. I've never known a dog to hate baths so much!

WE HAVE COVER ART!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!! I love the US cover! very cool. Not crazy about the British one though...I think Harry looks like a 40 year old man in it! But it does give us more clues and hints! I'm soo excited now! I've been sqeeing all afternoon!!

*sighs* kitty is in the middle of my desk napping on top of my anatomy notes...she looks so cute, I hate to move her...maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't take notes!


painting sheila - Mar 28, 2007 2:12 pm (#2870 of 2990)

Cover Art!!!!!! My comp has been down for two day s and then this happens!!!

Talk to you later - off to view the art-



Puck - Mar 28, 2007 2:14 pm (#2871 of 2990)

Loving the return of the chocolate bunny avatar, Denise!

Well, I got a dress. Baby was very well behaved. I was not. Went over budget, and thus didn't purchase shoes to go with the dress. (I was tempted, but as the shoes I wanted were also over my price limit, I thought it best not to send Mr. Puck into heart failure before our trip.)

Feeling sleep deprived myself. Diva came into my bed at about 1:30 am, and proceeded to kick me for the remainder of the night.

Off to check for cover art!



Lina - Mar 28, 2007 2:44 pm (#2872 of 2990)

I've been really tired these days and couldn't conjure enough concentration to post all that I wanted to. I guess I really don't like the daylight saving time. And some people have been so kind to organize a gathering of the Math students of our generation. It was a very nice gathering and we really had a great time together, but it was exactly at the night of changing of the time and we had to drive all the way from Zagreb after that so I went to sleep around 4 a. m. by the "new" time. I'm still sleepy, but I needed to say:

Happy birthday, Kay!

And belated happy birthday to Kay's youngest (I'm glad you had such a nice weather) and to Steve Newton's Mum (I just love the family gatherings).

I'm also glad that the gas situation is at least partially resolved, Azi!

And I like your avatar Soli!

Since you are asking about Kate, Madam Pince, I can tell you she is very busy. I'm not sure she is busy with school, though, but busy she is. I can rarely see her, but she still manages to talk to me a lot, so I'm not worried.

Wow, some really nice jewelry, Mandy, I'd like to have some of it.


I Am Used Vlad - Mar 28, 2007 3:10 pm (#2873 of 2990)

Cover art. Splendid! Splendid!

**runs off to check out that thread**


Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 4:58 pm (#2874 of 2990)

A new Lost tonight! Prepare the white-out!

Glad to hear Kate is doing well! Hi to her from us!

Puck, perhaps you should try modelling the new dress for Mr. Puck before you leave for your trip. He may be so ga-ga over your glamorous new look and the prospect of an evening out sans kids, that when you sigh tremulously "Yes, it would look perfect if only I had the right shoes..." that he would tell you to rush right out and buy them, by all means.

Be sure to bat your eyelashes and pout the lower lip a bit...


Laura W - Mar 28, 2007 5:06 pm (#2875 of 2990)

Don't know how accurate these threats" are, though -- I'm still waiting for Alec Baldwin to move to Canada..." (madam pince)

I understand your reference, MP, and I remember that too. No further comment - since politics are not allowed here, and rightly so -, but I just wanted to acknowledge your comment. (wink, wink)



HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 28, 2007 5:13 pm (#2876 of 2990)

HI Kate!!

Did I miss something - it is Kaykay's birthday??

Happy Birthday kaykay!!

Hooray for the new dress, Kathy! Model it in old cruddy sneakers. Trust me.


Mediwitch - Mar 28, 2007 5:32 pm (#2877 of 2990)

Whoa! Cool cover art. *feels completely overwhelmed at 95+ posts already on Book 7 thread*

Kathy, I like Maria's idea of the old sneakers. It wouldn't happen to be in Mr. Puck's favorite color, would it? Mr. Mediwitch is such a sucker for anything I want to get in his favorite color (red) - fortunately it's also my favorite color! Grinning Devil

Happy Birthday 11 to Kaykay!


kaykay1970 - Mar 28, 2007 5:43 pm (#2878 of 2990)

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes!

I got my new glasses today. I think I won't wait so long to have my eyes checked again! It is like trying to get used to wearing prescription lenses again for the first time! The floor looks so much closer that I feel like I shrank at least a foot! And they are making me nauseated.

WooHoo on the cover art!


T Brightwater - Mar 28, 2007 5:50 pm (#2879 of 2990)

Hi all, just thought I'd drop in for a quick hello. (Waves at Lina) Work's been frantic. I'm not sure what parallel universe my mother is in, but rattlesnake seems to be served for dinner rather often, someone's using her backyard to butcher pigs, the ranch house I grew up in has mysteriously acquired stairs, and my father (who died in 1991) is working as an electrician. (Saints preserve us - I remember some of his do-it-yourself wiring jobs...)

Gotta run, got a student coming over, but I'll try to visit more often. Greetings, Cheering Charms, and birthday wishes to everybody I've missed!


Holly T. - Mar 28, 2007 6:15 pm (#2880 of 2990)

Congrats on selling the old house, Denise (and I love the avatar).

Happy birthday Kaykay!

Madame Pince, yikes about the person from Little Pince's school. Ick.

Congrats on the new dress, Puck! (The Sierra Trading Post web site has really cheap prices on very nice shoes.)

I got to gloat about having already seen the cover art to my daughter when I picked her up at school--she went from there to ballet so it was after dinner before she got to see it.

Kristina, I was wondering how Michael Phelps could have been at your bookstore when he is in Australia breaking records. ;-) Maybe he stopped on the way to make sure he had something to read.

I need to get ready for Girl Scouts tomorrow night.

Have a great RotD!


geauxtigers - Mar 28, 2007 6:16 pm (#2881 of 2990)

Happy Birthday Kaykay!

Anyone watch Top Model? It was a good episode! I'm sorta sad at who went, but thats mostly because I hate Renee so much, I just want her gone, so anyone who leaves when she doesn't makes it sad. Natasha cracked me up!

I agree Kathy, go with the tennis shoes! **sigh...if only I had a pair of shoes to match** LOL

And I've decided I'll be getting a premium membership soon because when DH comes out, 10 posts just ain't goin' cut it! LOL Ugg, my weatherbug says the high tomorrow is supposed to be 88F/31C! wow its been warm! But a cold front is coming through Saturday I think and we should be back to normal in the mid 70s, but sheesh!

I'm still super excited about the covers!

EDIT: I don't believe it, Sanjaya wasn't even in the bottom 3 again! What is wrong with America? I mean seriously!


Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 7:05 pm (#2882 of 2990)

Happy Birthday, KayKay! I hope you had a wonderful day, and have many many many more!

OK, so I just watched the first five minutes of Lost, and now I feel really bad...

Edit: Annnndddd... now I watched the next ten, and I don't feel bad any more... I love this show! Tee-hee!


dizzy lizzy - Mar 28, 2007 7:17 pm (#2883 of 2990)

Well...I finally had some good news on the house...The purchaser finally signed the contract last week and we were able to "Exchange Contracts" today once the deposit came through.

Now I have to wait until settlement and I am anything but settled...it is cutting things very fine and I really do not want to settle on the 31st April and leave town 2 days later....

It gives me almost no time to pay debts and bills etc, but if that is what happens...then that is what happens.

I am glad after all the shenannigans this purchaser has done, that we have the first half of the legals out of the way.

Apart from that all is well and I am looking forward to my 8 days in Tassie. Hopefully I can line up some housing and/or temporary/casual work to give me a little bit of a head start.




Ydnam96 - Mar 28, 2007 7:46 pm (#2884 of 2990)

Good news about the contract Lizzy. I hate legal mumbo-jumbo (no offense to the lawyers out there). I hope the rest goes more smoothly.

Thanks for the compliments on my jewelry! I'm enjoying it but I wish I had a craft room so that I could leave everything out. It gets annoying to have to drag everything out every time I want to make something.

About the dogs: I hate it when "wild" dogs are running around the neighborhood. My little tibetan spaniel was killed by a dog out. I get scared now when I see unleashed dogs.

Off to watch some 24 before Lost.



Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 8:14 pm (#2885 of 2990)

Congratulations on getting the house business settled, Lizzie! Hope everything else works out just right for you!

What a shame about your spaniel, Mandy! Shortly after I first moved here, I was puppy-sitting a friend's dog and was walking her around the neighborhood, and a group of about four big dogs running loose came up to us. I was scared to death because things got a little tense there for awhile, but they finally left us alone. Poor pup-pup was terrified. Unleashed dogs in a city or suburban neighborhood are just not good.

Had to come post re: Lost -- Awesome, awesome show! I loved it! I take back everything I said earlier! Wonder what will happen to them???!!! Think the "island healing" can handle burying alive? *snort* Best quote of the show -- when, after seeing Boone and Shannon in the airport, Nikki said to Paolo "Promise me we won't end up like them!" Sorry sister, bye-bye! LOL! This episode was so different from the others because it was satisfying -- all the questions we had were all answered in one neat one-hour show. See? It's not so hard to do, writer-guys! LOL! (Except one question I still have: what was Paolo staring at over the water right after the crash, when Nikki came up to him and asked about the bag?) And after a good show like that, previews for next week show we get more Jack, Kate, and Dr. what's-her-face... Bleah! Back to boring! (OK, so I said the same thing about this week's show last week, but...)


Ydnam96 - Mar 28, 2007 8:54 pm (#2886 of 2990)

Madam Pince, it's been about three years...but thank you. It just makes me angry that people would bother to have pets but they don't care for them. It's horrible. When I had cable I would watch that show on Animal Planet- the one with the ASPCA Cops. I had to stop because it would infruiate me how people would treat their pets.

On to happier topics: I finally went and reserved my copy of DH at the closest Barnes and Nobles. I'm very excited Smile And we got cover art today. Perfect.


juliebug - Mar 28, 2007 9:02 pm (#2887 of 2990)

Lost: Wow! Not what I was expecting, but wow! An interview of the show's writers in Entertainment Weekly said that Nikki and Paulo would be getting an extreme makeover and that we wouldn't feel the same about them any more. Was not expecting the murderous sleazeball makeover. Great episode! It was just fun to watch. I found myself thinking, yeah right at a few of the more far fetched flash backs (e.i. Paulo finding the Pearl, over hearing Creepy Ben talking to Juliet and snatching the walkie talkie) but over all,really liked it.


Tazzygirl - Mar 28, 2007 9:05 pm (#2888 of 2990)


Holly- I was also wondering why my supposed 'Michael Phelps' would be here. Vacation was the first option, but then I thought he has to be super busy training and breaking World Records and all. LOL.

Puck- hope you can get your shoes! Grungy sneakers might do the trick!

So my sunburn has turned into a work of art. I used the spray on sunscreen, and somehow managed to spray just a spot on my arm. I have little circles where the stuff dripped, and a big circle with a line from where I started spraying and moved down my arm. LOL. I managed to evenly coat myself on my other arm, back and face, but not my right arm. Oh well. *cooling charms* to Azi's burn!

Speaking of LOST- guess where I went today?! Went up to North Shore and stopped to see the set for LOST. They weren't filming there at the time, but they did have a guard standing watch, and an orange construction zone type netting around the perimeter to keep people out. I managed to get some pictures. Avatar is of Sawyer's 'house'. Cool, eh?? The guard said if they were filming, they actually shut down the entire beach. I think I'll change out the pictures so you all can see them, if you'd like. Tonight's show isn't on for another three hours. Bummer!

I really should do some homework, but all I want to do is lie down. I'm so sore from the ocean yesterday!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Madam Pince - Mar 28, 2007 9:07 pm (#2889 of 2990)

One more Lost (I'm re-watching the tape... ) So cool that Vincent the dog knew they weren't really dead and pulled the blanket off them! I totally missed that! And I hate it that Sun's trust/liking of Charlie and Sawyer is now broken... Odd to see Arzt and Ethan again. And what a cool "nod" to the fans to have Sawyer keep asking "Who the heck ARE you?", etc., over and over. The directors or whomever really did a good job of integrating these "new" folks into the old crash scenes that we're now seeing from different angles -- or were these actors hired as far back as then? Now I'm trying to look more closely at all the "blurry people" that are always in the background... LOL!

Cool that you get to visit the Lost sets, Tazzy! And I sympathize with you and Azi, because I always tend to sunburn/tan in uneven splotches too. Most attractive. It's the price we fair-skinned lovelies pay, right? Double


Chemyst - Mar 28, 2007 9:18 pm (#2890 of 2990)

Work's been frantic. . . .   — Nice hearing from you again, T Brightwater. 'Funny, but I never considered "lute music" and "frantic" as a matched pair before. I hope your mom's universe is at least a happy one. Caregiving is easier in a happy universe.

Godspeed charms for your move, Lizzy. It sounds exciting.

I'm looking forward to your avatars, Tazzy. Sets can look so different in real life.

Stephen Fry (HP audiobooks) was a guest star on Bones again. 'Just a small role, but the best part of the show.


Lina - Mar 28, 2007 11:03 pm (#2891 of 2990)

****Waving back to Brightwater**** It is so nice to see you! Sending you a lot of strengthening charms and a bottle of Patience potion (if it doesn't exist, it should be invented) and (((((((((((hugs))))))))))).

I'm glad your move is going forward, Lizzy. I'm sure you'll be doing great in Tasmania.

Kate says HI to you all as well.


painting sheila - Mar 28, 2007 11:38 pm (#2892 of 2990)

Lina - Your avatar makes me happy every time I look at it. Thanks!

Lost:  Was anyone else creeped out by the woman still strapped in her seat belt in the lake Paulo was diving in?! EW!! Do you think they will dig them selves out? Do you think the dog will? Was Nickie really trying to say "Paulo lies? or trying to tell them where he was? So many questions - sorry!

I am off to bed. It is 2:30 am my time. I will pay for this int he morning. It looks like I am going to have to take my sewing machine to the beach. I am too far behind - silly things keep cropping up that slows the work down. I am starting to panic a little!

Tazzy - to bad Sawyer wasn't there - wOOt!! He is a cutie in a bad boy kinda way!

G-nite everyone-


PS "HI" back at Kate!


Snuffles - Mar 29, 2007 12:57 am (#2893 of 2990)

Happy Belated birthday to Kay I hope you had a fantastic day.

Kathy, I agree, go with old shoes/trainers with the dress. Hopefully it will work

Madame P. What type of dog have you got? 80lbs , you aren't hiding Fang in your backyard are you?

Kristina, I love your avatar *I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous*.

Lizzy, I hope they aren't asking for you to complete on 31st April!, there is only 30 days in that month . I hope everything goes ok for you.

Tori, the guy who walks his dog 30 times a day and just happens to do it when you are out. He doesn't happen to be your age at all does he? Just wondering if there was more to his intentions that keeping his dog exercised

Went shopping with mum and dad and Olivia yesterday. I have been looking for a coat for Olivia for the Christening we are off to on Sunday. You would not believe how hard it was. Everything is either too casual/scruffy looking or too wintery , The only one I did see that I liked was from Monsoon, hence the £55 price tag! She is growing so quickly, she just wouldn't get the wear out of it. Besides which, I don't think hubby would ever get over the shock at paying that much

Off to check the threads and look at the art work

Have a good Thursday everyone



Tazzygirl - Mar 29, 2007 2:12 am (#2894 of 2990)

Just had to come back and post my two cents on tonight's LOST. Chemyst- the set definitely looks different from on the show. I think I'll change the avatar every couple days or so. I only have about 5 good pictures. Thanks for the comments on the avatar! (I think I embarrassed my friend when taking pictures. She doesn't watch the show, so didn't understand what I was all excited about. LOL)

Okay here's my take: I didn't understand what this had to do with The Others or anyone else for that matter. To me, there really wasn't a link to what's been happening on the show previously. Sure, it shows 'The Pearl' station before Locke discovers it, the airplane that has the drugs in it, and almost everything else that has happened, but I don't think it links anything together. We saw a lot of past characters come back (Boone, Shannon, the Science teacher...), but again, I don't think it helped us figure things out. While I agree that this episode was a relief from the same old story that has been happening with Jack and Kate, I think they should have made it answer some questions. From the commercials I thought Sawyer was working for the Others, and managed to get caught. Oh, and- WOW! Being buried alive and not being able to move. I hope Vincent uncovers them, or they manage to dig their way out! If they are paralysed for 8 hours, it must have taken Sawyer and everyone 8 hours or so to dig the grave. **shudders**

I think that's it!



Denise P. - Mar 29, 2007 5:10 am (#2895 of 2990)

On Lost ----> Nikki was saying paralyzed, not Paolo lies. Sorry, I do like them now...that they are buried alive and should die shortly.

I did like the fact that Creepy Ben named at least 3 on the list...I just want to know why Kate and Sawyer were on the list. We know Jack was because him big chief doctor fix backs. (And yes, I used poor English there on purpose)

Yay Vincent!! Yay Sawyer "Who is Nikki?!" I also found it amusing that he and Hurley are playing ping pong.

And how many women want to be pregnant like Sun? Never show, never have a day where you just feel crummy. <-----

Tinsel is off to the vet this morning for some shots. I am sure she is so looking forward to it.


Chemyst - Mar 29, 2007 5:16 am (#2896 of 2990)

...and a bottle of Patience potion (if it doesn't exist, it should be invented) – Lina

Oh yes, it's been invented; it just takes a very, verrry looooong time to start working!


juliebug - Mar 29, 2007 6:36 am (#2897 of 2990)

Tazzy, that is so cool. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! I can't wait to see what else you caught on film.

More Lost: I don't think they were going for answering any questions in this episode. Yeah, I know, big switch there. We never see episodes of Lost that don't provide answers to the questions. I think it was more about pleasing the fans. Kind of a symbol of how they are cutting back on the fluff and fillers and focusing more on the overall story and providing real answers.


azi - Mar 29, 2007 6:49 am (#2898 of 2990)

Happy Belated Birthday Kay!

**waves to Lizzy** Great to hear things are getting back on track!

Snuffles - I can never find a decent coat either! I've given up and just wear hoodies.

Oh my god (I don't usually use that phrase but this time is justified)! The best thing just happened! You remember yesterday (Or the day before? Time flies) I complained about my next-door neighbours and their noise? Well, today, a For Sale sign went up! YES!!!!!!! The parents have been on the verge of divorce for a few months and it looks like it's going through! **dances happily** Me and my brother just had a little screamy-dance in the hall.

My day just got considerably better.


Loopy Lupin - Mar 29, 2007 7:07 am (#2899 of 2990)

The parents have been on the verge of divorce for a few months and it looks like it's going through! **dances happily** Me and my brother just had a little screamy-dance in the hall. – azi

Goodness. I don't suppose a little schadenfreude ever really hurt anyone, but the karma police may have their eye on you.

Just thought I'd throw in me 2 cents on Lost:

I found last night's episode entertaining as sort of a stand-alone, twilight zoney kind of thing, but my question, as always lately, is what did this episode do to move our story along here? So, Charlie confessed to Sun and ratted out Sawyer. That probably could've happened in any number of contexts without Nikki and Paulo. Paulo was useful in that he overhears Ben speaking freely and we learn, what? That Ben manipulates people by exploiting what they love? Well, duh. I suppose there might have been a lingering question about whether, somehow, Ben's motives were other than malevolent, but it wasn't one of the big mysteries. What is a mystery to me is whether there's some other entrance to the Pearl Station I forgot about? If the above ground hatch was the only entrance, did we see Paulo pull it closed behind him when he went in there to hide the diamonds? (I had to step away from the TV for a couple seconds last night, so this may have been shown.) Wouldn't an open hatch have alerted Ben and what's-her-face that someone was in the Pearl Station? All in all, it was pretty entertaining, but I'll be glad when we get back to Locke and his Dad. All the real action seems to be on the other side of the island.


Snuffles - Mar 29, 2007 7:16 am (#2900 of 2990)

Hooray for you azi. *does another happy dance for you*. Perhaps you should set your speakers near their house and play Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'.

“And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain......”
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Madam Pince - Mar 29, 2007 7:22 am (#2901 of 2990)

On Lost: Sheila, I agree that those dead people strapped in their seats at the bottom of the lake were pretty creepy! They looked like Inferi! We had seen them before, in the episode where Kate and Sawyer first found that lake. And I agree with Denise -- Nikki was saying "paralyzed," I assume to try to tell them "Don't bury us! We're just paralyzed!" LOL! It is too funny that Sawyer is still trying to beat Hurley at ping-pong, and you just know he'll never do it. About last night's "purpose" -- I don't really see how it advances the overall story either, but I still just thought it was fun. It was almost a way to do a retrospective clip-show, to remind us of things that have already happened, without using the standard old tired methods. Maybe some of the scenarios will be even more important later, and that's why they were reminding us? I had actually forgotten about the whole Sun/Charlie/Sawyer/kidnapping thing. Another potential purpose may have been to remind us viewers that we can't always figure things out because they're not what they seem -- I mean, here Sawyer is convinced that Nikki and Paolo were working with the Others and drawing completely wrong (if perfectly logical) conclusions from the presence of the walkie-talkie, etc. And Hurley was convinced that Sawyer murdered them. Maybe the writers are showing us viewers "See? You think you do, but y'all don't know nuthin'!!!" Cool idea that Vincent may dig them up -- I hadn't thought of that. Remember Locke's words to Paolo -- "Things don't stay buried on this island." Maybe prophetic...

Yay, azi, on the neighbor's potential move! Woo-hoo!

Snuffles, our dog is a yellow lab mix. She's not fat, she's just a biiiig dog. Wonderful with people and well-behaved in the house, but I feel pretty sure she'd dislocate my shoulder if she saw another dog go by when she was on leash.


azi - Mar 29, 2007 7:26 am (#2902 of 2990)

Hehe, Loopy, quite possibly! I haven't enjoyed their slanging matches in the early hours of the morning over the past few years. I remain in hope we will have neighbours better than our first ever neighbours - a burglar. The only problem we had with them was the police accidently raiding our house instead of theirs.

Snuffles - good idea, but now the sign is up I want to remain ultra-quiet so the house sells quickly! They've been quite quiet today, so I'm having quiet-time.


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 29, 2007 7:49 am (#2903 of 2990)

Glad to hear about the For Sale sign next door, azi. It's sad about the divorce, though.

***waves all around***

EDIT: Madam Pince, I have experienced all too often, "I should have said/done something" as I contemplate my child who has been hurt as a result of my inaction. If you need to gather strength from somewhere, picture a bad-case scenario where Little P is hurt as a result of this dog. You don't have to be rude, (and I know you're not) but she is endangering what is most precious to you and she should be made aware of that. You're not doing anything wrong in expressing your concerns. I can't envision her guaranteeing Little Pince's safety, can you? /lecture.



painting sheila - Mar 29, 2007 8:12 am (#2904 of 2990)

Dear Azi - maybe YOU all should be the ones moving out? burglars? Noisy rude bullies? Yikes!

On noisy neighbors - When Hubby and I were dating, his upstairs neighbor was in the habit of paying his music really loud. If we banged on the ceiling he just turned it up even louder. After a few tries of this hubby and his room mate and I put on ear protectors and took Hubby's BIG speakers (he was a DJ and had speakers that were so big, I could not lift them. They were higher than my waist - HUGE!!) and held them up on the ceiling. I started the song "We"re Not Going To Take It Anymore" at FULL blast for the length of the entire song. Pictures were jumping on the walls! Long story short, he never had a problem with loud music from upstairs neighbor again.

Lost--> Using a coloring book as an example - I think the writers have out lined the picture and are now going back and coloring it all in. I think there may be some "diamonds" in the mix of last nights show. I need to watch it again to see what I missed. I also wonder who will dig up the bodies (if Vincent doesn't do it) to get the diamonds. I thought it was strange that Sawyer poured them in there with them. Do you think they have all given up hope of being rescued? AND the previews for next week! Oh my gosh - Kate is taking out some aggression I think!


Holly T. - Mar 29, 2007 8:13 am (#2905 of 2990)

Good news that your neighbors are moving, Azi!

Lizzy, your big move is so exciting! I was kind of jealous last year when my sister and her husband packed up and moved to California--like they just got to start all over.

Mandy, how sad about your dog! I cannot stand it when people just let their dogs run wild, or train them to be mean.

When my daughter was born we lived in a shabby rental house next door to another shabby rental house. The neighbors had a big mean dog that would run along the fence and bark furiously whenever we were out in our yard--front or back. We had a pretty big yard but we couldn't really take a toddler out to play in the yard since the dog would start lunging at the chain-link fence. It was a big dog, so it would put it paws on top of the fence and kind of shake the fence while barking. Neighbor would also put the dog in his truck in the driveway, which was right outside daughter's window, and the dog would bark there for hours. Sometimes we'd have to put daughter in the car and drive around so she could take a nap. My husband said if that dog ever came into our yard, either over or around the fence, he was going to shoot it. He talked to the neighbor, who said he needed the dog "for protection." We finally started using our "drive around while daughter is napping" time to look for another house. Whereupon our new neighbors, naturally, had a pit bull, which they used to keep chained in the front yard until my husband called the homeowners' association on them. In the back yard, we had to move daughter's swingset to the other side of the yard because the pit bull would lunge at the fence and bark. Needless to say, for quite some time, daughter was terrified of dogs. She still doesn't like dogs, especially big dogs, but some of our friends have nice, well-trained dogs that have been good for her to be around to let her know all dogs aren't trying to get her. She used to have nightmares that dogs were trying to get her. Our current neighbors have dogs, but they are two elderly, friendly bassett hounds. They do bark at us through the fence, but it's more of a "hey, throw a ball over the fence" kind of bark (we pretty much met our neighbors on all three sides thanks to frisbees, balls, etc. going over the fence) rather than a "I am going to kill you" kind of bark.

Editing--Sheila--that is hilarious!


Denise P. - Mar 29, 2007 9:14 am (#2906 of 2990)

Tinsel did very well at the vet, she didn't even whimper when she got her rabies shot. Of course, we have to start her shots totally over since the vet won't honor the shots her breeder had given her. Because the shots were not done at the vet, they said they don't know if they had been given or stored properly. Whatever, it is all covered under her yearly plan so I am not paying extra for duplicate shots/worming. I ordered her heartworm medication online, about 1/3 the price that the vet had it. The vet gave me websites so they are not too upset about you not buying there. Now, I just have to get her licensed in the county. Once she gets *that* tag, she will have some serious bling around her neck with her name tag, rabies tag, microchip tag and county tag. I think I am going to get her a clip on ID tag for her collar and get rid of a few of the hanging ones. She doesn't need to sound like a team of horses with sleigh bells when she walks.

Loopy, I love the avatar! hee hee.....I so want Phreaky Phil gone but Sanjaya needs to leave sooner.

We live on a corner of a street and a cul de sac so our next door neighbors on one side are on the far end of the backyard, we rarely see them. The other neighbors are moving to FL but keeping the house empty so no worries there either.


journeymom - Mar 29, 2007 9:27 am (#2907 of 2990)

Congratulations, Azi! What a relief! Sorry the neighbors are divorcing, but I feel your pain. I'll have to add my "pain in the behind neighbor" story sometime.


Loopy Lupin - Mar 29, 2007 11:44 am (#2908 of 2990)

LOL Denise. Yes, I may have mentioned before, but this year I've been sucked into AI. I watched a few during the Clay/Ruben days, but haven't every really watched, much preferring the Washington Post recap: "American Idol: We watch so you don't have to." All that being said, I'm more or less only interested in Melinda. If her humble routine is an act, then I still like her and look forward to her future Oscars because she's got a lot of people fooled. I like Lakisha too, but honestly she's not done anything goose-bumpy for me. Yes, she started off the show with "And I'm Telling You..." but I wasn't that impressed, but that's probably just because I've seen a bazillion versions of that song lately. I like Jordin sometimes, but the others, collectively, not so much.

Anyway, yes Phil is phreaky and I've finally remembered what his eyes remind me of: http://www.calvintang.com/albums/Philippines/lg/big%20eyes4s.jpg


The giant squid - Mar 29, 2007 1:09 pm (#2909 of 2990)

On Lost: Right at the beginning I thought Nikki said "paralyzed", so it was gratifying to see that I was right. Like the rest of you have said, this episode didn't seem to move things forward much, but it did a very good job of showcasing some of the other people we saw stumbling around the sand back in episode 1. I'm tempted to dig out my DVDs and see if I can find Nikki in the original shot.

Speaking of shots, that shot of Nikki's eyes opening right as the dirt hit her was perfectly done. As Locke said, nothing ever stays buried on the island, and I think the reactions of the rest of the group at seeing a couple of dead people walking back to camp will be worth a "filler" episode.



virginiaelizabeth - Mar 29, 2007 1:30 pm (#2910 of 2990)

He doesn't happen to be your age at all does he?

LOL he's about 60-65! No he's just a rude person in general. I'll admit that We always try to get Pepper to use the bathroom in his yard **goes off to iron hands** He also has an annoying habit of mowing his grass every single day during the summer, and in the fall, he's out there everyday with his leaf vacuum, sucking up all the leaves. He's just annoying! And purposely come to the side of the street you're walking down...but only if he sees Pepper walking on just her hind legs and barking and panting and such. It's like he gets some kind of sick joy out of watching you try to hold a struggling dog in your arm while you get scratched up all ove the place. GRR!

SPEW at Loopy's avatar!! LOL! That girl was phsyco!! I still don't get why she was crying..... that chicas got problems!

Still laughing at your bad neighbor story Shelia! Those speakers are huge!!

Okkk soo I forgot what else I was gonna say....


geauxtigers - Mar 29, 2007 1:38 pm (#2911 of 2990)

Tori, the guy who walks his dog 30 times a day and just happens to do it when you are out. He doesn't happen to be your age at all does he? Just wondering if there was more to his intentions that keeping his dog exercised

Errmm, not hes old, I'd say in his 60s at the least. He is very annoying, my neighbors who we are really good friends with all agree that he conveniently brings his two yippe beagles out every time we step out our doors. He also compulsively mows his grass, even in the winter to suck up the leaves. It's one thing if there are lots of leaves in your yard, but if he sees 2 leaves fall to the ground, he out there on his riding mower in his front yard which is mostly flower beds, a huge tree, and a driveway. He hardly has any grass... Other than that we have good neighbors!

SPEW!!!! LOOPY! You seriously just made my day! I love the avatar! I'd still love to know why she was bawling like that, you'd think her goldfish had died or something....

I'm glad there is a for sale sign up, Azi! LOL I'd probably be dancing in the hall too!

When I got to school today, I asked a fellow Potty if she'd seen the new cover! She hadn't and so I pulled it up and we started talking about it and were getting some stares as well! LOL we were almost late for class! LOL

LOL Sheila!

Off to do homework!


Tazzygirl - Mar 29, 2007 2:02 pm (#2912 of 2990)

That's great news about the neighbors moving, Azi! Sad about the divorce though.

Sheila- LOL on you and your hubby's way of turning down the neighbor's noise!

My mom's dogs are pretty well mannered when they are out front. Luckie glues himself to my dad (sits curled up in the garage while dad works on motorcycles and such), while Beanie will snoop around the yard and then just go back in the house or crawl up to my mom's shoulder and sit there. If a dog comes by, Beanie will play with it or just ignore it. Luckie might bark, but he doesn't get close. My aunt and uncle's dog, Mousse, on the other hand... She's weird. She doesn't like people coming into the backyard unless she considers them friends (which is a good thing, but then again the pool guy and landscapers are not in that catagory, even though they come every week), and she does not get along with any dog whatsoever. I think it's because she's getting into the doggy old age where they are just crabby all the time.

On Lost: I also thought Nikki said "Paolo lies!", but "Paralyzed!" fits much better! I'm with Denise though- I hope they stay dead, as then we won't have more characters coming in. You could tell Charlie was very sorry for what he did to Sun. I would be slapping Sawyer around too.

Oh, and on American Idol- I tuned into it this week. I thought they made the right choice when they took out Chris, but I really wish Sanjaya would leave. It is sooo not fair to the other contestants who actually have talent. The guy who sang 'Every Breath You Take' sounded exactly like Sting, IMO.

Off to do laundry and do at least two homework assignments today.

Have a great RotD\N everyone!



T Brightwater - Mar 29, 2007 4:04 pm (#2913 of 2990)

Thanks, Lina! Hurry up with that Patience Potion, will you? Hi, Chemyst, good to see you! Actually, it's not the lute music that's driving me mad, it's the music engraving, my freelance day job. I wish I were doing more lute playing! The quartet's new CD is out, btw.

I've also got a temporary part-time job at a native plant nursery. I get to play in the dirt, work with growing things and talk to more-or-less sane people - oh, yeah, and I get paid, too! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508


boop - Mar 29, 2007 5:29 pm (#2914 of 2990)

Happy Birthday to Kay!! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Welcome Back T Brightwater, its good to see you around.

I wish Sanjaya would be kicked off, but they keep voting for him. That web site is really helping. I wonder what Sanjaya thinks of being the center of votefortheworst.com.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.

hugs always



Madam Pince - Mar 29, 2007 6:37 pm (#2915 of 2990)

***waves to T Brightwater***

Lost---> Awwww... come on now, Tazzy! Sawyer is sorry for what he did to Sun, too! He's just had so many trust issues in his life, starting with that awful horrible thing with his mom and dad, that he has to act "prickly" as a defense mechanism -- he's learned not to show his feelings, and he thinks he always has to be on the offensive or people will take advantage of him. Of course, I also feel that way about Snape, too, so you can take that for what it's worth! (But methinks Sawyer looks better sweating shirtless while digging a grave than Snape would...)


Mediwitch - Mar 29, 2007 7:01 pm (#2916 of 2990)

Ooh, congratulations on signing the contracts for your house, Lizzy! Hope the timing works out for you.

Unleashed dogs in a city or suburban neighborhood are just not good.

They aren't good in rural areas, either. Mr. Mediwitch was out splitting wood when the neighbor's dog came running into our yard, growling and barking at him. He ignored the dog, then yelled at it, but it wouldn't back off. Just about the time he was ready to use the wood as a bat it finally took off. *shudder*

I hope your mom's universe is at least a happy one. Caregiving is easier in a happy universe.

I'll second that! Mr. Mediwitch Senior seems to be moving into the paranoid stage of Alzheimer's. He's particularly possessive of his handkerchief, which he regularly loses because he puts it in different pockets. He generally gets nasty and blames Mr. Mediwitch for taking it. So I really hope your mom's universe is a happy one, T Brightwater.

New house update: The driveway is finished and we officially have power! The power company turned our power on today, so Mr. Mediwitch told me I can go plug my hair dryer in at the pedestal. I told him I needed the bathroom first! It also looks like the set date might get delayed a week because while the snow is pretty much gone at the bottom of the mountain, up on top where we are building it is still melting, and thus pretty muddy.


Ydnam96 - Mar 29, 2007 10:04 pm (#2917 of 2990)

Birthday wishes to Kay.

Azi that's great about your neighbors. Hopefully it sells quickly!

Mediwitch: yay about the power. Sad about no bathroom. Sad


HungarianHorntail11 - Mar 30, 2007 4:45 am (#2918 of 2990)

Wow Mediwitch - It's great that they are sticking pretty close to the date they set! (I really thought you'd end up with nearly a month's delay.) I'm glad to hear they're moving along so quickly.


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 5:26 am (#2919 of 2990)

Moving must be in the air, I know a lot of people are selling houses and moving.

Yesterday we went to the school book fair. The kids had been during class time and had a list of books they wanted. Even though prices are reasonable, I didn't have a spare few hundred dollars to get everything on their lists They did get to pick 2 each though. I managed to snag the latest Artemis Fowl book, in paperback!, for under $5. I had contemplated getting it a few weeks ago and decided to wait for paperback. This is a special edition put out for schools since it is not in paperback in stores yet. I also got a new one by Eoin Colfer, not Artemis. One of the kids got Bridge to Terabithia so I suppose I will read that as well.

I am on a book reading hiatus at the moment until I finish a cross stitch I started a few weeks back. By book reading, I mean recreational book reading. It is hard going because I itch to pick up a book to read. My "to read" stack is getting bigger. Even though I can't read them yet, it doesn't stop me from getting more books!


Marie E. - Mar 30, 2007 5:33 am (#2920 of 2990)

Lexi was so upset when we watched American Idol. She really liked the person they voted off.

Last weekend I babysat my friend's four kids. I was a little worried about having six kids between the ages of 12 and 7, but it went pretty smoothly. We had one big fight between two of my friend's daughter's and once the 12 year old called her mom to say goodnight and didn't realize it was after 11pm.

I don't know if anyone remembers the story from last summer when our behind-neighbor shot a BB at Shayla with a sling shot. Yeah, they're not my favorite people. All my other neighbors are either so quiet I don't notice them, or very friendly.

I must have bragged about our lovely warm weather too much. We had temps in the 20's yesterday and snow flurries. I guess March decided to go out like a lion.

Shayla's birthday party is tomorrow and Slacker Mom keeps forgetting to order a cake. That is my only task for today.

Has anyone heard of Webkins? They are these stuffed animals, sort of like Beanie Babies, that come with a secret code that you can use to play games on their website. One of the kids who stayed over last weekend had one and my girls both had to run out and buy one, too. Shayla has a frog and Lexi bought a golden retriever.


haymoni - Mar 30, 2007 5:50 am (#2921 of 2990)

The Beautifulest One has a Webkinz - my father bought it for her. It's a really cute white dog that she has named "Tina". We haven't been to the website in about a week, so I'm not sure what we'll find when we go back!

Ungrateful Son tried to see "The Last Mimsy" last night, but it was sold out. He & his buddies saw the Turtle movie instead - he said it was dumb. I told him that at 13, he was not exactly the target audience!

Hubby fell asleep to COS last night. He doesn't like it. "How could they not notice a giant snake moving around the school? And just how big are those pipes? I've never seen pipes big enough to hold a snake like that! What kind of support structure is in the walls of that castle?" My comments of "It's magic, dear!" do not seem to satisfy him!


Madam Pince - Mar 30, 2007 7:28 am (#2922 of 2990)

LOL, haymoni! I think your hubby and I would get along just fine. In college I had a similar rant about one of the Superman movies -- I can't remember exactly what it was now, but it had something to do with Superman flying backwards and changing time in order to rescue Lois Lane I think. My roommates were all "Just let it GO already!"

Just got back from a little tour of our new grocery store. It's one of the very fancy new Safeways with the pretty wood shelving and kiosk-style stocking stations and a cafe and the whole works. Two restroom areas, front and back of store, woo-hoo. The bakery is very nice, with a wood-fired stone hearth for the fresh-baked breads, and you should see the cakes! They also have a nifty thing known as a "nut bar," where you can get every kind of nut or seed imaginable, roasted as you watch or not, and you can choose whichever and grind it right there in these neat little grinders and make your own peanut butter (or almond butter, or whatever...) It's very chic! I felt quite underdressed.

Everyone enjoy the RotD!


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 8:53 am (#2923 of 2990)

This just came across several of my dog related lists. It was initially thought that dry food was safe from this. The FDA released the information that a dry food may have received the contaminated wheat gluten that has killed so many dogs and cats.

They would not release the name of the food.

So, if you think your pet may show signs of having eaten contaminated food, please get them to a vet pronto!


Puck - Mar 30, 2007 11:27 am (#2924 of 2990)

Denise, just dog food? Our cats eat dry Science Diet.

I would love a store with a nut bar like that, Madame Pince!

Well, I forgot that March is when Mr. Puck gets his annual raise. He found out about it yesterday. I commented that I am going to get shoes. I found a cute pair on-line that is about a third the cost of the ones I saw in the store. And yes, the dress is red. I won't show it to him before hand, as I want to WOW! him on vacation.

Lost: The buried alive freaked me out, as it is one of my biggest fears. Worst way to go, in my opinion. You know, if she hadn't been so greedy as to bury those diamonds, she would have been back in time to tell people what happened.

Son mentioned Webkins last week. I guess you were lucky to get them, as they are supposed to be hard to find. I'm hoping to find a couple before Easter.

Off to bake cookies for tonights Pack meeting.



journeymom - Mar 30, 2007 11:40 am (#2925 of 2990)

Shhh! Don't mention those webkins too loudly. Sounds like something my son would get into.


Ydnam96 - Mar 30, 2007 11:48 am (#2926 of 2990)

Denise, that's horrible! I can't believe they wouldn't share the name. I am starting to think you have the perfect idea: making your own food.

Haymoni: I saw The Last Mimsy and was disappointed. There is a lot of potential in that story but I don't think the director/writers did it justice. I say wait for the dvd.

Madame Pince: that sounds like a wonderful grocery store. I think that Safeway and Vons are now the same stores...at our Vons the "store brand" is Safeway. If only they would make it all nice like yours! I love going grocery shopping....

Well, off to work.



The giant squid - Mar 30, 2007 12:23 pm (#2927 of 2990)

Madame Pince, that Superman bit you mentioned had had the comic book community in a snit for decades. It didn't help that the release of the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II placed it as the ending of S II "where it was supposed to be all along". I don't care where it was supposed to be, it's silly.

And yes, I realize the irony in referring to something as "silly" in regards to a man who can move faster than a speeding bullet, stop a locomotive and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

haymoni, your son may have been the wrong demographic for TMNT, but possibly not the way you think. A lot of my 20-something riends have seen and liked it. Apparently it's geared toward those folks who grew up with the cartoon & movies in the 90s. Personally, I like seeing the confused & shocked faces when I tell folks that TMNT started out as an underground black-and-white comic book (thus the reason each turtle uses a different weapon--to tell them apart).



Marie E. - Mar 30, 2007 12:32 pm (#2928 of 2990)

I can impress my kindergarteners with the knowledge of which Turtle wears what color bandana.

There's a Safeway up in Woodland Park (about 40 minutes north of the Springs, past Pikes Peak) that's done in the fancy new style. The front of the store has hardwood floors. The wood isn't polished to give it a rustic look. I always feel like I'm not dressed up enough for that store.


haymoni - Mar 30, 2007 12:37 pm (#2929 of 2990)

I asked my son if the movie went into the origin of The Turtles and he said no. It must be as you say, Mike - it's the 20-somethings that are going to see it out of nostalgia and are bringing along their little ones, if they have any.

Sort of like when we dragged Ungrateful Son to see the new-&-improved Star Wars. "But I've seen this before!!!!" Poor kid!


Tazzygirl - Mar 30, 2007 1:43 pm (#2930 of 2990)

Lost: Tehe, Madam P.! Sawyer just has problems. I think when the Others did that 'experiment' with him, he slightly changed. Puck- being buring alive is also one of my worst fears as well (that and drowning).

We have Safeway here, but I don't go there. It's more expensive than the local chains. When I go back to California I shop at the Vons (which is Safeway) because it's been my family's grocery store since we moved there almost 11 years ago.

I want to see TMNT, for the very reason that I remember watching the cartoon and then the movies back in the 90s and want to see what they've done now. lol I might wait until it goes to video though.

Thanks for the heads up on the potential dry dog food hazard, Denise! Wish the complany would tell what brand it was though.

Mandy- I finally got the chance to look at your necklaces and I think they are beautiful!

Glad you found the shoes you want for cheaper, Puck!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!


EDIT: Here's my next Avatar from the LOST set. Not all that good (the smaller the picture got, the harder it was to see everything). This picture shows the 'kitchen area' on the show, as well as one of the tents.


Puck - Mar 30, 2007 1:54 pm (#2931 of 2990)

Ugg. It's beautiful outside, and the last lovely day we're expecting for a while. On this lovely Friday afternoon, I should have the kids outside, but I've still got cookies in the oven. I have at least two more trays. By then it'll be time to start dinner. Anyone have a time turner? (I didn't plan well. A regular batch would have been long done, but I did a double, since it's all the boys grades 1-5 in the pack. Plus various family members.)


Madam Pince - Mar 30, 2007 4:03 pm (#2932 of 2990)

LOL, Mike, about the Superman thing! I think that was my roommates' objections as well: "This is a Superman movie for crying out loud! It's not REAL!" The more I think of it, I believe my ire had something to do with that in the beginning of the movie, we had been told by some "Dumbledore-ish" source that if he did the whole fly-backwards thingy, then he would die or lose his powers or something. So then when he did do it, and then didn't lose his powers, I was all in an uproar. It's the whole ESTJ thing coming out again...

Marie, this store has the same dull-finish hardwood floors! It was the only thing about the place that didn't look brand-spanking new. At first I thought "Wow, grand opening day and they didn't even get the construction dust cleaned up off the floors?" LOL! Puck, I knew you and (is it Chemyst who also uses the natural peanut butter?) would love the idea of the nut bar! I've gotta say, though, that I'm a bit worried about how "fresh" it will actually remain. I'm really kind of surprised that they are putting a store of this caliber in our area -- we are kind of small and actually fairly rural (remember, this is the place where people eat squirrels and muskrats and such... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042 ) so I just wonder if the Nut Bar will get enough business to keep it profitable to keep stocking fresh ingredients... Case in point, we had a lovely new exercise place, great new machines, lovely decor, nice showers with every amenity of home, the whole bit. I went there six months and loved it because there was hardly ever anyone else there. Oops. Nobody there = it closed as of February 1st. Ah well.

Thanks, Denise, for the info about the dry dog food. What is with them not releasing the name!!! Phooey on them. We use Nutro Max dry, so I'd thought we were safe although Nutro wet was one of the ones with problems earlier. Alas. Well, I'll be checking with the vet and keeping a close eye!

Puck, good luck with the Scout meeting! Woo-hoo on the shoes!

Edit: Worst fear = getting eaten by a shark. Involves drowning and being eaten alive at the same time. Seems pretty bad to me.


Holly T. - Mar 30, 2007 4:22 pm (#2933 of 2990)

Woohoo to Puck for getting new shoes! Could you have put the cookie batter in the fridge until after dinner and then finished the cookies later? Or is pack meeting tonight? Our Cubs' pack meeting was last night. My Girl Scouts meet at the same time and we baked cakes to contribute for the desserts at the service unit father/daughter dance this weekend. So we tortured the Cub pack and the weight loss group that meets in the room next door with the smells of yummy cakes. We meet in the kitchen!

We've been having rain, rain, and more rain all week. As it wasn't raining after we dropped daughter off at ballet, son and I walked down to the creek to see how high it was--pretty high! Not over the bridge high, but definitely would have been over my son's head, not to mention was moving so fast it would have washed him away, a far cry from the shallow, I don't mind if the kids wade in it creek that is usually there. Of course, my son had to jump and splash in every puddle along the way. I told him just to stay on the path, where at least the puddles were just water and not mostly mud.

I got a flyer in the mail that says our local grocery store just added an olive bar. There is a chi-chi grocery store not too far away that already has an olive bar, a nut bar, sushi, etc. Honestly, I would be happy if they would just quit rearranging their shelves so I could find the canned olives. A Super Wal Mart just opened very close to our house--it is now the closest grocery store to us. I hate Wal Mart and normally refuse to shop there. But I went to check out the new store. It is nice (nice for a Wal Mart). And close. And brand new. I might have to shop there until late next year, which when I think they are supposed to open a Super Target across the street from it. We have a Super Target that I go to a lot (some might say too much), but this one would be even closer.


Madam Pince - Mar 30, 2007 4:26 pm (#2934 of 2990)

I think this store has an olive bar too. What are those all about? Honestly, how many different things can you do with olives anyway? Is there really any need for any more than just your basic little green ones and basic big black ones? I can't think of any...


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 4:30 pm (#2935 of 2990)

Dry cat food recalled! Hills Science Diet...

•Prescription Diet™️ m/d™️ Feline dry food, 4 pound bag, 52742 42770 (all lot numbers)

•Prescription Diet™️ m/d™️ Feline dry food, ten pound bag, 52742 42790 (all lot numbers)


Mediwitch - Mar 30, 2007 5:16 pm (#2936 of 2990)

LOL, Maria! I was sure we'd end up with a month delay as well! I'm really impressed - I mean let's face it, New England winters/early springs are not known to be builder-friendly!

One of the cartoonists who worked on TMNT grew up in the tiny town I live in. He created the Rat King, apparently (which means nothing to me as I'm not a fan). His parents and sisters still live here - I've been on a couple of committees with his mother.

Way to go on the new shoes, Puck!


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 5:20 pm (#2937 of 2990)

My oldest son was a huge TMNT fan. I had to suffer through the movie when it came out, I think we still have it on VHS. Donatello was always my favorite...it is a purple thing. None of my current crop want to go see it.

During spring break next week, we are going to attempt the National Zoo and one day, I think we are going to attempt Meet the Robinsons. It is also the Cherry Blossom Festival so Washington is going to be busy. They want to go to the beach but since Mr. Denise will be working, I am not driving 3+ hours solo, trying to ride herd at the beach and then drive +3 hours back. I'll pass.


Madam Pince - Mar 30, 2007 5:32 pm (#2938 of 2990)

Too cold for the beach yet anyway, isn't it? The water would be frigid!

Somebody gave Little Pince a TMNT action figure for his birthday. We've never watched it, though, so he doesn't really know what it's all about and doesn't seem interested in the movie previews on TV.


journeymom - Mar 30, 2007 6:27 pm (#2939 of 2990)

TMNT- Mr Journeymom took seven year old son to see it on Sunday. Son is now devoted. Thus, a new generation is indoctrinated. My high school boyfriend (1986) showed me this neat comic book he picked up the year before, in black and white, about these cute ninja turtles. My nephews, 26 and 24 years old, were fans of the show the first time around.

Olives- I don't know about olive bars. Sounds silly. But my father can do quite a bit with olives. He's Italian and every year he brines a few gallons of olives. They are divine. Garlicky, salty, yummy. Sometimes he mixes in chili flakes, sometimes he brines the black ones and bottles them "Greek" style.

Superman- not silly! Mike, have you read the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay? Superman is the Jewish messiah, come in the time of great need, WWII. Superman Returns was drenched in religious symbolism, leaning towards Christianity. But, yes, I think it's a truth universally acknowledged that Superman's time turner episode should be resolutely ignored.


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 6:34 pm (#2940 of 2990)

Madam Pince, since we are used to water temps being close to 90, I think even at the height of the summer, the water at the beach will feel cold to me!

Olives, I will pass. I lived in Greece for two years and that cured me of liking olives. Occasionally I will eat them in something but not often. It also cured me of liking lamb or drinking milk but oddly enough, it got me to eat yougurt. There is a really yummy Greek dish made with yougurt, garlic and cucumbers. It is so strong that if we were traveling, everyone in the car had to agree to order and eat it or no one could. We had it every thursday at dinner and we would heap bowls full of it and eat it with bread. I always felt for those at school the next day who declined to eat it because the smell of garlic was so totally overwhelming. A friend of mine who is greek gave me a recipe for it, I should make some of it. Yummo!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Mar 30, 2007 6:41 pm (#2941 of 2990)

ROFL at your newest avatar Denise!


Ydnam96 - Mar 30, 2007 6:52 pm (#2942 of 2990)

Oh my Denise that is quite a picture. A bit sad for the Easter Bunny.

I feed my cat Perscription Diet Z/D. Now I'm worried.


Solitaire - Mar 30, 2007 7:58 pm (#2943 of 2990)

Okay, I skipped the last 77 posts. I try not to skip posts, but it has been a difficult week. Just a few things ...

Denise, whatever is that in your dog's mouth? It looks alarmingly like a rabbit.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all whose celebrations I missed this week. I hope they were festive and wonderful!

All I can say is ... boy, am I glad spring break has arrived. I just wish I didn't have projects to do. I could use a week of complete and utter vegging out and catching up on the Forum. Well, TGIF, everyone!



Finn BV - Mar 30, 2007 7:59 pm (#2944 of 2990)


How have y'all been? I've missed the forum so much! And in just a couple weeks it will have been my two year forumversary, meaning the same time since my addiction to Harry Potter began! The forum (and the Lexicon) are what got me hooked. I can't believe it!

I searched my name on this thread (I know, rather vain ) and I must thank Tazzy and azi for sending my Facebook waves. I'm finally on spring break and for the first time in my school career I really appreciate the time off. I always liked being on break before, but now I cannot tell you how much it means to me – the workload has certainly increased from 8th to 9th grades, and I was literally about to collapse in that last week before we got out. I've actually been on break all of this past week, but have been in and out of New York doing some projects and having a good time with friends (which I have not done since the summer, honestly!), that I've ended up being on my computer less than when I am during school. Unfortunately, I'll be away in Maine to see my aunt next week from Sunday thru Friday morning that I won't be posting, but I am glad just to be checking in now. **waves again** Thanks also for all your thoughts of me while I was gone! It makes me feel really good. (And wow, I remember all the smilies too!)

By the way, Squid Mike, I'm starting to know what you feel like at 3AM after a lot of work… eek…

Amongst the search of my name, I came across a couple posts from Vlad… how ya doin'? Yes, it probably wouldn't be best to meet up, but we may just "randomly" cross paths at the DH release… just kidding. And I have really only been posting since whenever I'm able to come to the Forum, it's the fastest thing I can do, but it still gets me involved. I really haven't even looked at a thread in at least a month and a half, including Potty Five Words, which I swear I will try to catch up on tomorrow!

Snuffles is right! Finn's Mom must be A. --Kaykay back here

Hmm? What's this about my mom?

Anyway, I think the DH covers are absolutely gorgeous… at least the US one is. What's up with the UK cover? I'm sure there's some perfectly rational explanation to it, but I can't figure out why it's so cartoony!

Any spectacular theories out there that I should know about? This is certainly the time to accumulate them!

All right, I'm heading out to do some reading, probably not too much posting (except voting), but I'll try tomorrow, Sunday morning, and when I get back next week!

And I'm going to try and make a vow to post at least once a week on this thread, Sunday night, and more often, if possible. But school has been tough, and I've been doing a lot in terms of extracurriculars—school paper, track team, glee club, mock trial (waves to Loopy, it's been a lot of fun and I've thought of you lawyers!) … you name it


Denise P. - Mar 30, 2007 8:27 pm (#2945 of 2990)

Soli, well, it is not the entire rabbit...just the ears. You can get a 15 pack for under $5...what a bargain! I am sure the rabbit was done with the ears before this dog got them though.


geauxtigers - Mar 30, 2007 8:44 pm (#2946 of 2990)

**waving madly to Finn!!**

Glad to see you back! You get two weeks for spring break? Lucky! It sounds like you need it though! I think you need some calming potions! LOL Have fun in Maine and get some R&R! Oh and we wrote a really odd story on five-words! THe one we are writing now was moving along but now its slowing down, but so far its a good one!

What I've been doing since last summer, I come home check mugglenet, Leaky and Jo's site to make sure I don't miss anything. Then I do my homework (sometimes after all I am a procrastinator ) and then I reward myself with the forum if I get it all done! LOL This semester has been eaiser because I don't play a spring sport too.

I keep telling myself Easter is in one week...one week...we only go until Thursday...I can make it! Then I'm almost done!!! WOO! But I highly doubt I'll be here much either after Easter. You know how exams always look much closer on the other side of the break...

So we are supposed to be getting all that rain thats off in Texas tomorrow. yay I don't like rain, I like it when its pretty! But we need rain or will be facing the "d" word (drought) which is what we had all last summer... But its bringing a cold front through and it'll drop to the low 70s brrrr! Might have to pull out my jeans again...

Sunday is April Fool's day! Fred and George's Birthday! I'm going to have to think of some good tricks...but its harder because we aren't going to be at school...its also Palm Sunday. The bunny comes in just over a week! **is already dreaming about cadbury caramel eggs and blue peeps**

Hmmm lets see, what else did I miss? Oh forget it, I've been reading these posts since about 2:30...I can't remember anything! LOL

Okay I hope all those in the plains region weren't affected by that nasty weather Wednesday! Charms to all!

Have a good weekend, I've got a busy one, so I probably won't check back til tomorrow night or Sunday!



virginiaelizabeth - Mar 30, 2007 9:08 pm (#2947 of 2990)

**waves madly to Finn** Good to see you around!!

We've had an interesting day today... There is this kid at school who is a bit crazy. Well last week he was drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and a 3rd grade class came by, and walked over the picture he was drawing. Apparently this made him mad because he cussed out the little 3rd graders and kicked and shoved them. Needless to say, he got in BIG trouble, and the school suspended him for a few days and today they decided to expel him. This wasn't the first time he did something crazy like this. I'm shocked they didn't expel him before now. So he lives in the school's neighborhood, and decided to walk to school to say goodbye to his friends. Well he had this suspicious long skinny looking bag in his arms, so one of the science teachers ended up locking down the entire science building so that he couldn't get in and possibly shoot us all. It was pretty crazy and scary. The bag turned out to be one of those folding chair things that have their own bag. But he clearly wanted to make it look like he had a gun or something in that bag. It was crazyyy! I feel really bad for him because he clearly needs some sort of counselling, but rumor has it that his parents claim there's nothing wrong with him and he's fine. Which is just as sad as he's not going to get help himself. Another school spent about 5 hours on lockdown too because there was a murderer holding hostages inside a house across the street. Weird day. I'm just glad our "lockdown" was a false alarm.

Denise all I can say about your avatar is Poor Bunny!!


Tazzygirl - Mar 30, 2007 9:18 pm (#2948 of 2990)

**waves to Finn** Have a safe trip to your aunt's house!

Denise- they actually sell rabbit ears?!?!? **shudders**

Glad nothing serious happened at your school, Ginny and Tori.

I should be taking advantage of today and do my homework. But it's my last day of Spring Break, I work tomorrow and Sunday. I really don't want to do anything. I don't have anything due Monday or Tuesday, so I think I'll be more in the mindset to do homework then. I wish it was summer already! (I have one month to go until it's summer break for me! w00t!!)


EDIT: **Safe traveling and fun charms** to you and your family, Sheila! **healing charms too!!**


painting sheila - Mar 30, 2007 9:21 pm (#2949 of 2990)

Hi guys and "'bye guys!"

We are off to the beach for Spring Break.

Glad to see you again Finn!!!

Poor Poor Bunny Rabbit!

I will miss you all and try to check in while we are gone!

Glad you are safe and sound twins! whew!

Love ya -


PS The Painting Sheila Family could use some of your prayers and healing charms. Thanks in advance!

She (again)


Ydnam96 - Mar 30, 2007 9:26 pm (#2950 of 2990)

Prayers and well wishes to the Sheila family!

Nice to see you Finn. Just reading your post makes me exhausted. Are you sure you are just a 9th grader???

Kristina, I say take a break! But I'm not the one who has to do the work later...

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Madam Pince - Mar 30, 2007 9:28 pm (#2951 of 2990)

Tazzy, don't you feel a tugging on your leg?


Tazzygirl - Mar 30, 2007 9:34 pm (#2952 of 2990)

Hey, I don't belong to the Procrastinator's Club for nothing, don't ya know!

March of the Penguins is on Hallmark channel right now (for me anyways). Never saw it before, and am actually impressed with it!



Finn BV - Mar 30, 2007 10:11 pm (#2953 of 2990)

Goodness, Ginny, a murderer holding hostages across the street? Just another normal day…

**waves back to all**


kaykay1970 - Mar 30, 2007 10:22 pm (#2954 of 2990)

Sorry Finn. I think we were talking about Good Evans Mom's blood type. I have no idea why I typed your name instead...I must be getting old! Anyway, glad to see you posting again!


geauxtigers - Mar 30, 2007 10:33 pm (#2955 of 2990)

Finn I think it was a guy who shot a cop and hes been on the loose and they somehow found out he was in a building really close to this school. They got him arrested, so thats good. I'm just glad it wasn't anywhere near us! Other than the crazy kid...but that turned out to be innocent, but people were freaking a bit as these sort of random things never happen...we'll have something to talk about for the next month...LOL What can I say, thats what happens when you go to a small school...theres never anything to talk about...nothing ever happens at my school. I hope nothing serious ever does but...

Like I said, turned out to be innocent, he just want to scare people, and he did. I actually don't think most of the school knew about it, just the people in one building. Come Monday everyone will know! As DD says...what happened is a 'complete secret', so naturally the whole school knows! LOL

My allergies are driving me crazy! Theres too much pollen in the air! LOL

My cat is now laying across my arms...Come to the chat room people! There is a party of...3 people..! LOL


journeymom - Mar 30, 2007 11:10 pm (#2956 of 2990)

Finn, it's great to 'see' you!

Ginny, interesting day is hardly the word!

Prayers and good vibes for Sheila's family.


The giant squid - Mar 30, 2007 11:30 pm (#2957 of 2990)

Welcome back, Finn! I hope to see you around more often.

Mike, have you read the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay?—journeymom

I actually haven't read that one, though I've always meant to. I'm not sure how much of the symbolism in the Superman stories is intended & how much is read into it after the fact, but there are plenty of parallels that can be found. The fact that the epitome of "truth, justice and the American Way" was created by two Jews from Jersey just prior to WW II is a good place to start...

Ginny & Tori: Gee, we never had to worry about those sort of things when I was in school. Granted, that could be because half the class had gunracks in their trucks and if anyone tried to start something they'd wind up with buckshot in their backside...



Good Evans - Mar 31, 2007 4:37 am (#2958 of 2990)

LOL Julie (Snuffles), clearly a 14 (?)year old boy from NE USA is interchangeable with a 37 year old girl(!) from SE England - LOL!!!!

Nice to see you back Finn - I thought you had grown tired of us!

FUME!!!!! got to the gym this morning to be advised that I had not booked for this mornings LB&T class. but I was booked in for next week - it is hardly my fault that they can't follow instructions (I book for the following two weeks every week- so that I am three weeks booked). The class was full, so I had to wait until someone hadn't turned up (and the class had started) before they would let me in. I wasn't so bothered about that - but they couldn't bring themselves to acknowledge it was their fault - an apology would have gone a long way. If the class is full and there has been a mistake - I have to live with that - but if it is due to their error they could at least acknowledge a mix up and say sorry!!!! customer service???

hmmmnnn ....... anyway that was the start of the day, the sun then came out - hooray - so we went to the garden centre and picked up a new canopy for the swing seat, hoorah !!! (the old one had pretty much disintegrated and we were having a devil of a time being able to replace it - but when we told him our model, he said that they kept in stock replacements for that one as the canopy wasn't vey good, it has now been upgradedand should last much longer.

so we get home and put the new canopy on .... and the sun goes in.

ah well - not my day!!!!

happy Saturday all ..

Julie XX


Chemyst - Mar 31, 2007 5:35 am (#2959 of 2990)

they actually sell rabbit ears?!?!? **shudders**

It used to be you could pick them up at Radio Shack. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 464751818
It used to be you could make a pun by describing them as "tubular." (a little generation gap humor)


Denise P. - Mar 31, 2007 5:56 am (#2960 of 2990)

Yep, they sell 15 pack of dehydrated rabbit ears, you can get a similar pack of rabbit feet. For people who feed raw food, to cats, dogs, snakes, birds of prey etc, there are all kinds of online places that sell all manner of food. Tinsel's page has a bunch listed, one of my favorite names for a site is ratsicles.com ...the name just makes me laugh. The bunny was no longer using these ears when they had been given to the dog.

And you can still get rabbit ears at Radio Shack, we picked up a few for the kids. They use them on the TV though, they don't gnaw on them in the backyard

It is shaping up to be a nice day...the first decent saturday that we have had since moving so we can clear out the garage!! While Mr. Denise does that, I am going to trim the grass. We have a load of trim to do. Since we are on a corner, we have a huge stretch along the side of the yard that we have to do.


T Brightwater - Mar 31, 2007 8:48 am (#2961 of 2990)

(Waves at Finn and Madam Pince. Anybody seen Timrew lately?)

Mediwitch, Mom had a little trouble with paranoia last November - she got suspicious of her caregiver at the time, started getting aggressive and hostile, and the first medication we tried made it worse! So she got a new caregiver and new meds, and has been doing better since then. Fortunately her current caregiver, a young woman from Mongolia, is a pearl beyond price - patient, reliable, very kind, smart, and best of all, she likes Mom and vice versa! I'll be loaning her HP after she finishes what she's reading now.

Mom keeps warning me about the bears that are hanging around the garage (probably after the bits left over from the hog slaughtering). I tell her they see me and run away! It's a lot easier if I don't argue with her; I try to find an explanation that makes sense from her perspective.

I've been reading to her since she had the stroke (and every time she starts in on wanting to go to sleep and not wake up, I remind her that she wants to find out what happens to Harry!) Only trouble is, now she has started incorporating odd bits of what I read to her into her hallucinations. I think she saw a Feegle shortly after I read Terry Pratchett's _The Wee Free Men_ to her, and I'm pretty sure she got the rattlesnakes and possibly the bears from the latest Aunt Dimity mystery.

Cheering Charms and some of Lina's Patience Potion to all involved in home improvement!


Solitaire - Mar 31, 2007 9:43 am (#2962 of 2990)

Welcome back, Finn!

Um, T Brightwater, what's a Feegle? Is it any relation to a Muggle? Just wondering ...

I don't think Stoney will be getting any rabbit ears for Easter. I think we will stick with Trader Joe's soft, chewy peanut butter cookies for him! Those rabbit ears give me the creeps!



journeymom - Mar 31, 2007 10:38 am (#2963 of 2990)

Tubular. Totally.


Solitaire - Mar 31, 2007 10:48 am (#2964 of 2990)

Hey, Journeymom ... are you from The Valley? You sound like a Val. Totally!


journeymom - Mar 31, 2007 11:13 am (#2965 of 2990)

I'm about 350 miles from the Valley, but my girlfriends and I certainly sounded like Valley Girls in junior high. Like, OMG.


I Am Used Vlad - Mar 31, 2007 1:03 pm (#2966 of 2990)

.**waves to Finn**

Denise, I must have missed something in my absence. Do you live near Loopy now?


Denise P. - Mar 31, 2007 1:08 pm (#2967 of 2990)

Sam, yep. I am about 20-60 minutes from Loopy. With low traffic, it could take me about 20 minutes, on heavy traffic days, could take me over an hour. We moved in January.


I Am Used Vlad - Mar 31, 2007 1:13 pm (#2968 of 2990)

When I'm in the D.C. area, I usually travel with several blow-up dolls so I can drive in those HOV lanes. It usually cuts down on travel time.


Denise P. - Mar 31, 2007 1:28 pm (#2969 of 2990)

I am rarely driving solo so I can use the HOV lanes. Between my house and where Loopy is, I don't drive on any major interstates. It is mainly a 4 lane divided highway...with traffic lights.


Madam Pince - Mar 31, 2007 7:51 pm (#2970 of 2990)

It's a lot easier if I don't argue with her; I try to find an explanation that makes sense from her perspective.

T Brightwater, you've definitely hit on it there. A doctor told us that was the way to handle my aunt, and it is so true. Even if you aren't arguing but just gently saying "Now, now, I'm sure that there really aren't bears" or something similar, it is way better to say "Bears? Really? Hmmm... what do you think we should do about them? I'll certainly be more careful. Look over there, a rainbow!" Agree and distract. Agree and distract. That was our mantra... (Big hugs to you and Mediwitch and all the others who are caregivers in this situation. You guys are pearls beyond price, too!)

OK, so my leg was the one being pulled! I was sure Denise had been photoshopping pictures in preparation for tomorrow! I didn't think those were real rabbit ears! (By the way, Chemyst, Bwa-ha-ha-ha on the Radio Shack! ***wipes eyes***)

Mr. Pince came home with this little novelty item thingy he got from a trade show at work -- it's a clear rubber super-bouncy ball that's about two inches across, and it has an electronic gizmo in it so when you bounce it three times, it glows with a random sequence of red lights. When Little Pince saw it, he said "Daddy, what did you forget?" Mr. P was confused, and Little P said "It's a Membery-All, Daddy!" I got so tickled! It really did look like a Rememberall after he said that, but I would've probably never thought of it on my own. Too funny! (I am going to sneak it into my collection of HP stuff along with my Time-Turner necklace and Hermione's wand...)

***I will not say anything about Vlad's dolls...I will not say anything about Vlad's dolls...I will not...***

Cross-Post: Kaykay, what an adorable picture! So sweet! He is really precious!


kaykay1970 - Mar 31, 2007 7:52 pm (#2971 of 2990)

The Little Guy had so much fun today! He was super excited about the train ride. We got to see alot of the back of his head today as he was looking out the window much of the trip!

LOL Madame Pince. Little Pince says the cutest things!


Mediwitch - Mar 31, 2007 8:00 pm (#2972 of 2990)

*waves to Finn* You make me exhausted just reading about all you're doing! Hope you enjoy your break.

*Prayers and good wishes* to Painting Sheila and family.

Ginny and Tori, glad you and all in your school were safe.

T Brightwater: It's a lot easier if I don't argue with her; I try to find an explanation that makes sense from her perspective.

Oh, you are so right about that! My father-in-law often says he's not hungry but if we just say "Oh, that's OK; eat what you can." he'll clear his plate. If we insisted he eat, he'd get mad and refuse to. Keeping your sense of humor helps too!


Denise P. - Mar 31, 2007 8:03 pm (#2973 of 2990)

I stand corrected, those were not rabbit ears after all. They were deer ears.

We just watched Children of Men. Interesting...not riveting but interesting. Boy, you could tell it was made in US made..prolific use of certain words.


Madam Pince - Mar 31, 2007 8:12 pm (#2974 of 2990)

I know this sounds totally "yeah, right!" but truly, when I first saw that avatar, I thought they looked like deer ears! But then I thought "Nah, this close to April Fool's and with all the preceding avatars about Easter? Has to be rabbit ears..."

I wish I could scan my all-time favorite comedy card to share with you guys -- I thought of it when I saw Denise's avatar for some reason. It's for St. Patrick's Day, and it says "Why did the leprachaun cross the road?" and then on the inside it says "We'll never know..." and the cartoon is two hillbillies in a pickup truck driving over a flattened-out figure attired in green, and one hillbilly is saying "What was that, Billy Joe, a rabbit?" and Billy Joe replies "Dunno. Funny shoes fer a rabbit..."

See, it gets lost in translation...

My favorite Easter card has a little girl sitting with her cat, daydreaming and thinking to herself "I hope the Easter bunny has lots of pretty colored eggs and chocolate candy!" and the cat is thinking "I hope he has a limp."

Yes, I'm sick...


T Brightwater - Mar 31, 2007 8:19 pm (#2975 of 2990)

I tell Mom the bears run away when they see me coming!

Solitaire, the Nac mac Feegle are a race of little blue men (pictsies) who were thrown out of fairyland for being drunk and disorderly. Their creator describes them as "little Scottish Smurfs who've seen 'Braveheart' altogether too many times." At any rate, Mom was seeing little men who got under people's feet. I'm pretty sure she got that from _The Wee Free Men_. I should know better than to read Terry Pratchett to her - he only gives her more ideas.

Denise, any time your dog would like to try the live version, he can come over to my place. The *&^%$#@! varmints have even been eating the daffodils! (Not more than a couple of bites, but that's supposed to be one flower they absolutely won't touch. Of course, they're not supposed to eat lilacs either, but somebody forgot to tell this bunch.)


Mediwitch - Mar 31, 2007 8:23 pm (#2976 of 2990)

LOL, Madam Pince - I like your sense of humor, it's strangely like my own it seems!

T Brightwater, the stinking varmints will also eat holly, another plant they supposedly won't touch. (And the particular holly they ate is directly against our front deck - they're bold!)


Madam Pince - Mar 31, 2007 8:24 pm (#2977 of 2990)

Steve Newton, is your heart lifting in delight at the start of baseball season? I thought of you when I heard games start tomorrow!

Florida vs. Ohio State for the basketball championship Monday, and the football championship was the same teams! Now what could be the odds of that happening in the same year? Too cool!

Tee-hee! Thanks, Mediwitch!


virginiaelizabeth - Mar 31, 2007 8:37 pm (#2978 of 2990)

When Little Pince saw it, he said "Daddy, what did you forget?" Mr. P was confused, and Little P said "It's a Membery-All, Daddy!"

AWWW!! I swear I'm going to start writing down the things that come out of his mouth! He is too funny!!

Don't feel bad about the rabbit ear thing Madame Pince, I thought it was a joke too..at least until a few minutes ago!

We had a garage sale today, so I spent most of the day outside on the drive way finishing up CoS. Well, as I was sitting there, under a tree reading, a bird decided to poo right on CoS. I freaked out and nearly started crying. But because it's a first addition of CoS, I went ahead and wiped it off, then I purrelled it and covered the entire spot with scotch tape. If it had been any old book, I'd have chucked it straight in the bin where it belongs! LOL. So now I can officially say that I'm the only person with a copy of CoS that has been pooped on by a bird. I mean really! what are the odds! If it had landed on me, it would have been much better as I could have jumped in the shower but nooooo it had to land on a hard to clean surface!

Heading off to check threads!


geauxtigers - Mar 31, 2007 8:39 pm (#2979 of 2990)

Madame Pince! Little Pince is too cute! "what did you forget?" LOL I'm still laughing at that!

Looks like Little Guy had a great time, Kaykay! Too cute!

**is excited about baseball season!!** Basketball won't be the only thing on tv anymore! YAY!

Had to get up really early and ended up taking 2 naps because of it... it rained a fair amount today, which is good, we needed it. But its supposed to keep this up through Tuesday, then we get cooler weather! WOO!

Its been a quiet day on the forum...I guess everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I agree, very cool how its Florida vs Ohio state again! LOL I hope Flordia wins, but honestly I don't really care! LOL I just have to cheer for the SEC, its an unwritten rule! LOL, but I'm really not biased because its just basketball...


Thom Matheson - Mar 31, 2007 8:44 pm (#2980 of 2990)

Actually MP it has never ever happened. Also should Florida win, that will be the first time one school has held the titles in the same year for both Football and Basketball.

Denise, I am a zoo freak. Enjoy the National. Not the best zoo I have been to but ok. Down the hill on Connetecutt, there is a great restaurant, called Cesto Censa. The absolute best Tiara Misu(sp). If memory serves the Red Line stops right down the hill from the zoo.


Finn BV - Mar 31, 2007 11:14 pm (#2981 of 2990)

Madam P, not only is that extremely cute of Little Pince, it shows tremendous promise of his being a hardcore fan like us! Not the average fan will remember (ha, no pun intended) a Rememberall.

It's 2:15 am (hi Mike!) and I still haven't packed for my train ride later… oh well. See you all on Friday!


Tazzygirl - Mar 31, 2007 11:56 pm (#2982 of 2990)

I have been gone since 8:30 this morning. sheesh. First work, and then drove the 45 minutes into the boonies for Thaniel's birthday party, at which I only stayed about 2 hours. The party had started at noon, and I got there at 5. When I left people were just starting to leave.

Rabbit ears, deer ears. Same thing. Still look nasty!

Oh! I found out one of my co-workers is a huge HP fan. We were talking about the options of working opening night or not. Another co-worker said the line was solid for three straight hours at the last book release, and they had 5 people sheduled to work the cafe alone- they ended up grabbing a couple people from the book side of the store to keep things moving.

I really must meet Little Pince! How cute!

Kay- glad Little guy had a great time on the train!

Finn- you are off to a roaring start to your relaxing break... LOL!

Off to bed- exhausted, and I have to work the morning shift tomorrow. whoo-hoo!

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Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 Empty April Posts

Post  Lady Arabella on Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:53 pm


Good Evans - Apr 1, 2007 1:23 am (#2983 of 2990)

OH My goodness, have you read the news this morning, Emma is definitely NOT signing on for the last two movies!!!!

she was interviewed on sky news and says she wants to put Hermione behind her and move on.

Gosh - now the casting must begin. No comment from warner bros as far as I can see at this point!!!!!!

for those of you about to search the news web or fell for it in the slightest.... APRIL FOOL - POISSON D'AVRIL HEE HEE - may all your jokes be harmless and fun today!!



Laura W - Apr 1, 2007 1:37 am (#2984 of 2990)

Ok, I'll admit it. You got *me*, Julie.

(Now, where are those Crumple-Horned Snorkaks?)

Laura (feeling sheepish)


haymoni - Apr 1, 2007 8:47 am (#2985 of 2990)

Go to Mugglenet - they've got their "Fool" on!


Laura W - Apr 1, 2007 8:56 am (#2986 of 2990)

Too hysterical, haymoni !

Today, in my so-called real life, I will be working on a particularly sad and depressing - albeit very important!! - gig. It's great for my soul to be able to laugh and be otherwise uplifted by the Mugglenet "fool" before I get started. I still have a grin on my face. Thanks for alerting us to it.



Steve Newton - Apr 1, 2007 9:09 am (#2987 of 2990)

Madam Pince, yes indeed, life begins anew on opening day. Oh, to not have to go to work and be able to watch a bunch of baseball games.


Nathan Zimmermann - Apr 1, 2007 9:20 am (#2988 of 2990)

I am not sports enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination but, I am curious, what is the difference between baseball, rounders, and cricket?


Solitaire - Apr 1, 2007 10:05 am (#2989 of 2990)

Here is a page that explains the differences between Cricket and Baseball, Nathan. Here is a link to a page that explains Rounders.



Denise P. - Apr 1, 2007 10:06 am (#2990 of 2990)
Edited by Kip Carter Apr 1, 2007 10:06 am

Oh ugh, we woke up to an icky April Fool's. I heard whining at our bedroom door, a thump and then a hissed voice do the stage shout/whisper thing "TINSEL!" One of the kids had let Tinsel out of her crate, who made a beeline for our room so she could come see me. She jumped up and I reached out to pet her. Her ear was all icky and stiff so I blearily opened my eyes "What is on her ear?" POOP! She had an accident in her crate and rather than put her outside so she could get cleaned, she was let loose!!

Well, we shot out of bed and while still in pj's, I got Tinsel up into the laundry room sink to give her a bath. She was not very thrilled with it. I had one of the kids hold her while we used the hair dryer. Now, she looks (and smells) beautiful. Her crate is cleaned and since her collar had to be washed, she is sporting a duplicate collar with a bone shaped tag (rather than her pink heart)

Madam Pince, how cute of Little Pince to know it was a Rememberall. What is Mr. Pince thinking, not making that connection?

For those of you who like to print out your emails, go check out www.gmail.com Google is now offering a print out service for your emails.

A new thread, #14 Chat and Greeting Thread for Members is now available for your chats.


-- Chat and Greeting Thread (1 Apr 07 to 5 Jul 07)

Edited Jul 10, 2007 6:28 am

This thread is established for each of you so inclined to chat on the main discussion threads. With this thread, I hope that all chat-type posts will no longer disrupt the other threads.

Please Read the Following Four Paragraphs

The four paragraphs below were initially part of the initial post to start the thread that began July 27, 2006; however I have also included them at the beginning of this new chat thread for those who visit this thread for the first time or for those who failed to read this when it was initially posted. – Kip

A lot has changed since this series of threads began. This thread has cemented numerous friendships and has fostered my belief that we are a true, loving, and interesting Forum Family. I read every post on this thread because I feel it conveys really what is happening in our Harry Potter World and it provides priceless information as to where we are heading and what is really important to our Forum Family.

Being that we have new members coming on board on a regular basis, modifications of some of our guidelines are necessary. Remember we have a worldwide membership from many different cultures and backgrounds, many of whom English (whether it is American, the Queen's, or other variants from around the world) is not their primary, or even secondary, language. Often in our friendly chats, words or abbreviations are used that many have no idea of their meanings. Some of us enjoy being a sleuth and searching to figure out what is the true definitions of what is posted; however many are turned off and skip the post or even quit reading the thread altogether.

I am sure that many of you know what I am relating. On 11 July 2006 I established a thread, # Controversy Originating from "Tell About Yourself" Posts, which later opened up a discussion on abbreviations with the fourth part of Vulture's Jul 15, 2006 9:02 am message. I strongly suggest that you read and understand what is produced in this thread.

The thread, ** Commonly Used Abbreviations for the Lexicon Forums, is reviewed often and sometimes modified; therefore I suggest you read it as well. Check back often to see how the updates affect you. I do not want any guidelines to destroy the family atmosphere; however I also do not want the use of unknowns to keep those away from enjoying our camaraderie. Our Hosts can only do so much and we leave the rest up to you as Participants. Always remember you can use the thirty minutes following your post to edit the content. Try to consider how your post appears to others.

This is the fourteenth thread provided for chat-type posts since September 25, 2003. The first -- Chat and Greeting Thread (25 Sep 03 to 26 Feb 04) had 2752 messages before it was closed out February 26, 2004.
The second -- Chat and Greeting Thread (25 Feb 04 to 15 Jun 04) had 2912 messages before it was closed out June 15, 2004.
The third -- Chat and Greeting Thread (15 Jun 04 to 2 Sep 04) had 2954 when closed out September 2, 2004.
The fourth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (2 Sep 04 to 30 Nov 04) had 2977 when closed out November 30, 2004.
The fifth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (1 Dec 04 to 14 Mar 05) had 2956 when closed down March 14, 2005.
The sixth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (15 Mar 05 to 6 Jun 05) had 2981 when closed down June 6, 2005.
The seventh -- Chat and Greeting Thread (6 Jun 05 to 31 Aug 05) had 2967 when closed down August 31, 2005.
The eighth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (31 Aug 05 to 12 Jan 06) had 2980 when closed down January 12, 2006.
The ninth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (12 Jan 06 to 12 May 06) had 2983 when closed down May 12, 2006.
The tenth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (12 May 06 to 27 Jul 06) had 2979 when closed down July 27, 2006.
The eleventh -- Chat and Greeting Thread (27 Jul 06 to 6 Oct 06) had 2976 when closed down October 6, 2006.
The twelfth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (6 Oct 06 to 3 Jan 07) had 2989 when closed down January 3, 2007.
The thirteenth -- Chat and Greeting Thread (3 Jan 06 to 1 Apr 07) had 2990 when closed down April 1, 2007. Eventually the thirteenth thread will join the first twelve threads in the = Archived Discussion Between Members Group Folder!


Solitaire - Apr 1, 2007 11:01 am (#1 of 2988)  

Happy April Fool's Day!


Denise P. - Apr 1, 2007 11:13 am (#2 of 2988)  

Woo hoo...a new chat thread.

I am having a hard time with my self imposed no reading ban. I got a new book yesterday since the author was in the store signing and it looked interesting. I cheated, I read the first two pages while waiting to pay. Now it is sitting in my "To Read" basket. Pretty soon, it will become my "To Read" storage chest


geauxtigers - Apr 1, 2007 11:23 am (#3 of 2988)  

I admit it, Mugglenet's thing really got me! I always go there first to make sure I didn't miss anything and to my surpirse I read it and the only line on my screen after spoiler was the one that said , "Dumbledore's triumphant resurrection, complete with the gaudy descent from " At which point I was like No!!! And said a choice word about mugglenet and then I came here to complain and whine you yall when I saw Julie's post about Emma not doing the last 2 movies and AAAHHH double freak-out! Then of course I hit myself on the head for forgetting what today is! LOL

So happy April Fool's Day! Hey! Look over there! **puts fish on back** **waves to audrey and fellow Frenchies!**

Ahh omg, I still can't believe I fell for that! LOL


Ydnam96 - Apr 1, 2007 11:27 am (#4 of 2988)  

Wow Denise...you have a lot of patience with your children (I'm sure that is the understatement of the century). I think I would have flipped out if one of my children let a poopy dog run around the house. In fact, I'm sure they neighbors would be on the phone to the police it would be so loud.

You know, I really honestly thought tomorrow was April Fools Day. For some reason I thought that today was the 31st. Either that or I thought that March had 32 days

Tazzy...can there really be a "boonies" in Hawaii? I mean...where I'm from a 3 or 4 hour drive to a place where Maw and Paw run the library and the gas station is the boonies. It seems as if you would run out of land


Tazzygirl - Apr 1, 2007 11:54 am (#5 of 2988)  

Mandy- yes there technically is a 'boonies' here. North Shore, Waianae (pronounced Why-a-ny) coast (where I went), and mountain towns are considered the country/boonies. Lots of dirt, trees, and little grocery stores.

New Chat thread! w00t!!

Off to get ready for work. Last day of Spring Break. bummer!

Happy April Fools Day everyone!



Elanor - Apr 1, 2007 2:01 pm (#6 of 2988)  

Happy April Fool's day!

LOL on the "Poisson d'avril!" Tori!
This is a tradition kids really love here: to put paper fishes on people's backs without them noticing (or pretending they don't notice... ) and when people find out what's stuck on their back, kids say "poisson d'avril!" ("April fish!" - also goes with any mischief managed today btw). A loooooooong day for a teacher when April 1st is a school day, I tell you, lol!



Solitaire - Apr 1, 2007 2:29 pm (#7 of 2988)  

LOL about the boonies, Mandy! I'm with you ... "Boonies" up here means there is nothing ... not even an old Mom 'n' Pop gas station or grocery store. There may be a few old shanty-type houses four or five miles from the nearest jiffy-mart type store ... but that is about it.

Elanor, I was so grateful that April Fool's Day was NOT a school day ... it was like getting an extra treat for spring vacation!



Puck - Apr 1, 2007 2:37 pm (#8 of 2988)  

Got me, Julie!

Sadly, I have yet to play any jokes. The kids and I will have to think of a way to get daddy.

I guess I missed an interesting avatar from Denise. So, were they or were they not dried rabbit ears? Was that an April fool?

We watched Dead Man's Chest last night. Depp was fantastic! His mannerisms are terrific, quite funny.

I suppose I should work on laundry/dishes. I haven't been home during Baby's nap the past couple of days, which has cut down on my work time. (Yesterday I was getting my hair trimmed/highlighted, and today the older two had a birthday party.)

**Waves to Finn! I'm sure you'll see this when you do a search for your name.

I meant to keep Baby Puck away from chocolate until age 2, but alas, we have older children. She got a hold of choclate cookies once when Daddy was "watching" her, and at that point I gave up. The kids brought goodie bags home from the party, and she just had her first M&M's.

Hey, the Flintstones are on, the one where Bambam and Pebbles get married.

Laura, hope your day went okay.

Madame Pince, does your son have any Trout Fishing in America CDs? I think you'd get a kick out of them.

Charms and prayers to Sheila and family!



Denise P. - Apr 1, 2007 3:01 pm (#9 of 2988)  

They were not rabbit ears, as originally thought. They were deer ears and no, they were not photoshopped. The dog had actual ears from a deer in her mouth.


Steve Newton - Apr 1, 2007 6:19 pm (#10 of 2988)  

They're off! The baseball season has started. Life is good again.


journeymom - Apr 1, 2007 7:30 pm (#11 of 2988)  

I have sad news to share. My mother finally let go last night (the 31st) and died, 76 years of age. I mentioned here a while ago that she had lung cancer. It was inoperable and she wanted to stay and die at home, so we made that happen. Kaiser Hospice services has been amazing. Her nurse is an angel on Earth.

NO DOUBT she would have lived till she was 100 y.o., gardening, traveling, decorating, wall papering, sewing, baking bread, creating, searching our family tree, bickering with my father. What an amazing woman. Only a monster this powerful could bring her down.

Please, folks, cancer sucks. Don't smoke. Take care of yourselves. You want to be with your family and friends for a long time.


Steve Newton - Apr 1, 2007 7:38 pm (#12 of 2988)  

journeymom, sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like you took care of her how she wanted.

Take care of yourself.


Lavandula - Apr 1, 2007 7:41 pm (#13 of 2988)  

I've been away for so long that they started a new thread. I don't even want to look at how many old ones there are to read, so instead I'll just say "hello everyone!!!!"

School and other things have kept me away, but alas there is no school tommorrow due to spring break, so I finally get a chance to get caught up.

I had a dream about all of you guys a couple of days back. I won't go into the really strange details, but I kept saying that I couldn't miss the get together with the Harry Potter Forum members. I had waited so long to see everyone...anyway I did get to some kind of gathering and we were laughing so hard about how we were able to match up people to names.

I usually don't have much comment about movies, but I just saw Wild Hogs and it was well worth my Saturday night out. I haven't laughed so hard in a theater for so long...the crowd loved that film. Not appropriate for kids, but a good humorous look at middle age (only for those of us old enough to be there).

Lots to read and catch up one.


Edit: I forgot to add that not only is it a blessing that April Foool's Day falls on Spring Break, but so does the full moon. Teacher's everywhere are rejoicing toniht!!!!!

Edit again: ((((Hugs to Journeymom)))) I'm so sorry for your loss. We must have crossed in posting and I just now saw your message. My prayers are with you and the rest of your family. I lost both grandparents to lung cancer. Neither of them smoked though. My grandfather worked in the steel mills with asbestos and my grandmother actually had colon cancer that traveled to her lungs. I remember their struggles so well.


Solitaire - Apr 1, 2007 7:43 pm (#14 of 2988)  

(((((journeymom)))))) I am so sorry. My dad passed away in July 2005 at the age of 80, and even though I knew it was coming, it is never easy. Like your mom, he wanted to be in his own bed in quiet and familiar surroundings. Our hospice folks were wonderful, too. It takes very special people to serve others in that way, I think. You and your family have a lot of decisions to make and things to do over the next few days, and I'll be thinking of you. It sounds odd, but they kind of helped me keep it all together. You and your family are in my prayers.



Ydnam96 - Apr 1, 2007 7:57 pm (#15 of 2988)  

Prayers for the Journeymom family. I'm glad you were able to honor her request to spend her last days at home. Remember to take care of yourself in the next few weeks.

Blessed Passover to all!


Viola Intonada - Apr 1, 2007 8:25 pm (#16 of 2988)  

Sorry for your loss, Journeymom. Prayers to you and your family.

Lavandula, you didn't by any chance go scrapbooking at the Radisson at the intersection of I-77 and 18 on Friday, March 16 did you? You had said you were out scrapbooking that evening, I went to a scrapbooking retreat that weekend and was just curious if we were at the same place.

Tonight is the last night of Spring Break, school starts back tomorrow. Ugh. After spending a long weekend visiting my FIL, I wanted to do some improvement to the house. Originally we were going to lay down a new floor in the kitchen and livingroom. I haven't even got Hubby to decide on a floor with me, so that didn't happen. On Thursday I decided I was going to pull down the wallpaper in the kitchen, repaint it and paint the ceiling. Well, nothing ever goes as planned. I had rented a steamer to remove the wallpaper, but the wallpaper came down easily without it (still have to clean the paste off of the wall). Since I spent the money to rent the thing, I wanted to use it. So, I removed the wallpaper off of the upstairs bath. It definitely required the steamer. In pulling off the wallpaper, I had to remove the caulking at the top of the tub so Hubby doesn't want to use the shower until that is replaced. Soooo, since we can't use the shower anyway, I decided it is a good time to replace all of the moldy caulking in the tub. To keep a long story from getting longer, I now have two rooms that are in semi-usable order and the project is suffering from the snowball effect.

April Fool's Day and I haven't pulled a single prank.


Pigwidgeon - Apr 1, 2007 8:37 pm (#17 of 2988)  

Journeymom, I'm so sorry to hear this (((((((Hug!)))))))) You are in our thoughts.


Holly T. - Apr 1, 2007 8:50 pm (#18 of 2988)  

(((Journeymom))) So sorry to hear about your mom! My best friend's mom died of lung cancer a few years ago. Prayers for you and your family.

I was supposed to clean the house today and I didn't. I stuffed eggs for the church Easter egg hunt and got both kids' Scouting patches and insignia sorted out--son is about to cross over to Webelos and daughter is bridging to Cadettes. Have decided to pay someone to do the sewing, as I would like to be able to have the use of my hand--if I use it too much it sewlls up again and hurts. Hey, I cleaned the shower yesterday, so at least I got part of the house clean. Sigh. I so want a maid. Or to learn those householdy spells.


Lavandula - Apr 1, 2007 8:51 pm (#19 of 2988)  

Viola-"Lavandula, you didn't by any chance go scrapbooking at the Radisson at the intersection of I-77 and 18 on Friday, March 16 did you?" No, I wasn't there, I was at one in Alliance. I sure wish I had been there though because then my dream about meeting forum members would come true.

I'm going to spend one day of my break scrapbooking at a friend's house. BTW, did you ever find those HP stickers you were looking for?



kaykay1970 - Apr 1, 2007 9:15 pm (#20 of 2988)  

Hugs (((Journeymom)))


Viola Intonada - Apr 1, 2007 9:17 pm (#21 of 2988)  

No, I haven't found my stickers yet. But it looks like it is going to be a while before I get to scrapbook again.

I've come to the conclusion that I would love to have a time turner, though a house elf or two would be nice.


T Brightwater - Apr 1, 2007 9:20 pm (#22 of 2988)  

Hugs and prayers to journeymom.


Puck - Apr 1, 2007 9:23 pm (#23 of 2988)  

(((Journeymom))) So sorry for your loss. Yes, hospice workers are wonderful.



Tazzygirl - Apr 1, 2007 9:43 pm (#24 of 2988)  

**hugs** to Journeymom and family. I'm glad your mom was able to have her wish, though!

Last year's April Fools Day joke- the local radio station announced that Hawaii was going to be changing clocks for the Daylight Savings like everyone else. Almost everyone I talked to believed it.

Work was soooo chaotic today! We had maybe 20 minutes where no one came in. The rest of the time was a non-stop line. Some way to end the last day of Spring Break! lol

Off to do laundry and the various other 'Sunday Night Routine' tasks before it gets super late.

Have a great week everyone!


EDIT: OH! My mom went to Josh Groban's concert in Los Angeles last night, and she said it was awesome. I really wish I had been there too!!


Nathan Zimmermann - Apr 1, 2007 9:56 pm (#25 of 2988)  

Journeymom, you and your family will be in my prayers.


geauxtigers - Apr 1, 2007 10:07 pm (#26 of 2988)  

((hugs to Journeymom family)) You'll be kept in thoughts and prayers.

My mom got us some crawfish today. They were super yummy! Thats my eventful day. Crawfish...oh and I got rid of a dresser in my closet that has been broken for oh I dunno 5, 6 years? And has been holding junk, all of which I was able to throw away along with the dresser itself. Its amazing how big my closet is now! ANd Ginny did laundry...no I don't feel guilty for not helping...I brought her some hangers...like 3 whole hangers. LOL

Okay, I've been procrastinating my gov notes since about noon... Its sure to be a brutal week. They love trying to crame 100s of pounds of stuff on us right before a break. Joy!

Have a nice week everyone!

I have a question for Denise! That thread you created earlier about JKR *has* said who will die or whatever it was, is that a joke? I'm too scared that it might not be a joke and I'd find something out that I don't want to know, but at the same time, it conveniently appeared on April Fool's day! So I think its a gag, but I'm not brave enought to read it! LOL


DJ Evans - Apr 1, 2007 10:30 pm (#27 of 2988)  

My thoughts & prayers will be with you & your family Journeymom. May you be given the strength you will need in the days to come. I'm glad your Mom got to spend her last days at home with those who meant the most to her. (((hugs)))

Later, Deb


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 1, 2007 10:48 pm (#28 of 2988)  

(((hugs to journeymom))) We're thinking about you.

Not much going on around here. Fixing to go to bed, just wanted to pop in and say hey before the week starts all over again!



Laura W - Apr 2, 2007 12:13 am (#29 of 2988)  

Thank you for your wishes, Kathy. I am fine. It's just that, in my work, I frequently have to deal with "the worst things wizards can do to each other," - or whatever it is that Barty Crouch Jr. said - but it really is what I choose to do.

My sincere condolences, journeymom.

Viola, I'm sure you would be one of those witches who are kind to their house-elves.



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 2, 2007 12:21 am (#30 of 2988)  

This is NOT funny! Repeat, t-h-i-s-i-s-n-o-t FUNNY!! Leaky Cauldron

Oh my goodness! This was me! I sent this message to Leaky yesterday! For about 3.5 seconds felt terribly betrayed when I read this last night, until I realized the date. I then sent them this dead-pan response in keeping with their dead pan seriousness. Of all their e-mails they choose mine. he he he he

When I woke this morning I did tell my husband about my first April Fools gotcha, he of course just shook his head. he he ha ha

Edit: <>


Laura W - Apr 2, 2007 12:46 am (#31 of 2988)  

   Of all their e-mails they choose mine.

Congratulations on being "the chosen one", Mrs. Sirius. (chuckle)



Tazzygirl - Apr 2, 2007 12:47 am (#32 of 2988)  

**Laughing** That's AWESOME, Mrs. Sirius!!!



dizzy lizzy - Apr 2, 2007 12:51 am (#33 of 2988)  


((hugs)) to journeymom.

I'm off to Tassie for 8 days tomorrow to scout around, suss things out and check that the temporary accomodation etc is OK.

My Mum, bless her, came down from Brisbane and is spending her holidays here looking after my three dogs.

So have a wonderful Easter/spring break/Long weekend everyone and I'll see you sometime on the 12th April....



Snuffles - Apr 2, 2007 1:04 am (#34 of 2988)  

Tori and Ginny, I'm glad your lockdown turned out to be a false alarm.

Hope you have a good break Sheila

Madame P. Little Pince is too cute. A membery-all. Tee hee

Julie(GE), I read your post today (2nd April) and was totally sucked in about Emma

Journeymom, my thoughts are with you. We lost hubby's mum to lung cancer a few years back. ((((((hugs)))))). Take care of yourself.

Have a safe trip Lizzy. Hope you manage to find somewhere.

Olivia managed her first throw in Judo on Saturday. She has been a bit shy and always given up and let the other person throw her, but we watched her grit her teeth and get stuck in. I think the other girl got a bit of a shock!

We were at a Christening yesterday. I had bought a dress and thought on Saturday evening I would put some expensive, no streak self tanning spray on my legs just to give them a hint of colour. I followed the instructions perfectly, not putting on too much and rubbing in with my hands. Dry in 1 hour it said. 3 hours later they were stick a bit tacky but hey ho, it will be fine. I got up yesterday morning and my legs looked like they belonged to an Umpah Loompah! I freaked out and shot in the shower and started scrubbing at them. I managed to make them fade slightly but still didn't dare wear the dress by itself. Luckily it was one of those that you could wear trousers underneath so that's what I did. I was gutted. I don't think I will be trying that spray tan again Apart from that the day went brilliantly!

Better check the threads before anyone rings me!



jose043 - Apr 2, 2007 1:42 am (#35 of 2988)  

Hi All

Journeymom our deepest sympathy on the loss of your Mum.

Healing charms to all that need them & happy birthdays & anniversaries to all that have had them.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Good Evans - Apr 2, 2007 4:59 am (#36 of 2988)  

Journeymom you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie (Snuffles) LOL on the oompa loompa legs!!!! WE've all been there and done that - and you just dont expect it with the more expensive brands!

I need to buy some moisturiser, I ran out yesterday and could well shrivel to a prune if I dont get some on my face by the end of the week. Have you ever noticed how hand cream will simply not do! why dont they make a universal mosituriser? hands, legs, face etc... life would be much more simple.

Ah well back to work, LOL to all that fell for the April Fool, I am surprised there weren't more posted (or have I fallen for someones??). I was going to post that only George was wished Happy Bday on JK's website to really get the theorists going, but there were already notices on the thread so I didn't think I would get away with it!!!! anyway, harmless fun!


Denise P. - Apr 2, 2007 5:37 am (#37 of 2988)  

Heh, I didn't even read that article on Leaky yesterday.

I am off to the post office, gotta send a package to Australia, get stamps and mail a few letters. Since I will be in that direction, I am going to check out a grocery store. Then, it is back to the house to get my Monday list of things done.

The kids are home for Spring Break this week and a little owl told me that a Forumite may be calling me today so we can meet to say hey. This Forumite and I have met before but this time, she will have offspring with her. She is listed in my cell phone as Name - Forum Name so I know who she is.


mona amon - Apr 2, 2007 7:32 am (#38 of 2988)  

Denise, that was a great joke! I've never been so April Fooled in my whole life!


Denise P. - Apr 2, 2007 8:39 am (#39 of 2988)  

Heh, you know, if there really was a site like that and it looked to be remotely legit, we would have yanked that link quicker than you could shake a stick at a cat. I did get almost 100 views of the page this year. Last time I used it was in 2004 so it was time to bring it out again.

Got the downstairs vaccummed, got the kitchen mopped, got laundry started and two loads done, got the package mailed to Australia and got the run to the store done. Now...I just have to do the upstairs, spray down tubs and fix lunch. Mr. Denise has to go into Washington DC after work today so he gets to deal with the lovely traffic, which means he will be home much later than normal. I think we may do a breakfast dinner tonight...pancakes!


Snuffles - Apr 2, 2007 8:43 am (#40 of 2988)  

Count me in as one of the people that fell for the link Denise . I stood hovering over the link for ages before deciding to check it out and finding out it was a joke. I'm still not sure if I'm relieved or not



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 2, 2007 8:59 am (#41 of 2988)  

(((journeymom))) hugs and prayers to you and your loved ones. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is exactly what you all did.

Prayers and Cheering Charms to Sheila. Hope you are able to enjoy your getaway.

Hang in there, Finn. You're nearly there!

I played an April Fool's joke on my girls. They awoke at 7:45am to my shouts of "The Easter Bunny was here!" Priscilla was all the way down the stairs and Olivia at the top before they caught the expression on my face. I are an evil bunny. ^^

kay, your little conductor and Madam Pince, Little P are both so cute!

Felix Felicis to dizzy lizzy - hope things continue to move ahead smoothly for you. You make it sound so easy!

Snuffles Julie, I did that last Friday! Except my expensive self-tanning lotion burned (yet it didn't tan ). Washing it in the shower didn't help. Needless to say, I tossed it.

A blessed Passover to all who celebrate it.



Jenniffler - Apr 2, 2007 10:06 am (#42 of 2988)  

Hugs to (((journeymom))) My condolences, I hope the funeral goes smoothly for all your friends and family.


Elanor - Apr 2, 2007 12:09 pm (#43 of 2988)  

(((((Hugs))))) and prayers sent to you and your family Journeymom. I hope you will find some comfort in thinking that your Mom's last moments have been as she wanted them to be.

**waves to Finn** Good to see you around again!

It was a great idea Denise! I haven't been fooled because I was actually waiting for some kind of fun thread to appear on the forum yesterday. I was remembering the April Fool's threads of the previous years which were hilarious and hoping for one to be started this year too, so my first thought when I saw it was "woohoo!! The April Fool's thread is back!"

Have a great night / day everybody, healing and cheering charms to all who need some!


Edit: if you have never read the "Norbert is hot" thread, check here, you won't regret it! Norbert is HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!


Choices - Apr 2, 2007 12:19 pm (#44 of 2988)  

{{{HUGS}}} to Journeymom. I am so sorry for your loss. My Mom is 98 and I look after her. She is bedridden, blind and deaf and has dementia. It is heartbreaking when our parents become old and sick and dependent on us. It is wonderful that you could grant her wish to be at home when the end came. My prayers are with you and your family.


Good Evans - Apr 2, 2007 12:37 pm (#45 of 2988)  

LOL Denise - I just checked out your thread.


John Bumbledore - Apr 2, 2007 12:39 pm (#46 of 2988)  

Deepest sympathy to Journymom and family. May your pensive be ever full of the cheerful and funny, even embarrasing and frustrating moments you shared with your mom.

Someone mentioned the juxaposition of April Fools day and today being the Full of the Moon. Just yesterday I mentioned to my beautiful, beloved wife that "Oh, look, Monday is the full moon."

Since she is an elementary school teacher and chair's their special education department, her comment was "I wish you hadn't told me that."

I guess that I, like Hagrid, had spoken without thinking. LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


geauxtigers - Apr 2, 2007 1:21 pm (#47 of 2988)  

Oay Denise...I'm going to go check your thread now! LOL I was too afraid to look or read any posts, but I was pretty sure it was joke! LOL

That is so funny, Mrs Sirius about the e-mail! LOL Of all people, they picked yours! Leaky's didn't get me, but thats because Mugglenet's (only read the first line about Dumbledore being resurrected before I closed the browsers, if I'd have kept reading I'd have known it was a joke) and then here I got fooled by Julie GE, so by the time I made it over to Leaky, I'd figured it out! LOL Thats so cool that you made it on their site! "However, our favorite e-mail came from a frantic person who wrote "THIS is NOT Funny! Repeat, T-H-I-S-I-S-N-O-T FUNNY!" LOL So you are that franctic person

Okay I have to go check out Denise's thread and do homework. Only 3 days until I'm on spring break! WOO!


Puck - Apr 2, 2007 1:27 pm (#48 of 2988)  

I am in awe of all Denise managed to accomplish before lunch. Beginning to suspect she is originally from the planet Krypton (sp?)and can move at the speed of light. It's nearly dinner, and I've done less than half as much. (As Denise's youngest is the same age as my little one, I can't claim the baby as my excuse.)

Ginny, forgot to mention that I'm sorry about your CoS book.

I didn't check the threads carefully, so missed both Denise's and Leaky's April fools. Would love to go look, but Denise has made me feel a total slacker, and I should go do some work before hubby gets home. (He may be late, as I have sent him on a Webkin hunt, with hopes of getting a couple before Easter.)



virginiaelizabeth - Apr 2, 2007 2:13 pm (#49 of 2988)  

I got up yesterday morning and my legs looked like they belonged to an Umpah Loompah!

LOL! That has happened to me before! I've found that the "gradual tanners" work much better, as they only put a hint of color on with each application, so you can stop when you like the color your at. It generally takes me about 2-3 applications before other people can see a significant difference. I'm so pale that my legs glow in the sun, and if it works for me it can work for anyone! I like Neutrogena Build-A-Tan the best, but I'm not sure if they have that in the UK or not.

LOL about your e-mail being picked Mrs. Sirius! That's too funny!

**wanders off to check out Denise's thread now that I know it's only a joke!**

Happy Monday to everyone!


Puck - Apr 2, 2007 5:33 pm (#50 of 2988)  

I thought of a sunless tanner before my trip, but decided against on the fear my face would turn Umpah Loompah-ish.
Lady Arabella
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Puck - Apr 2, 2007 5:33 pm (#50 of 2988)  

I thought of a sunless tanner before my trip, but decided against on the fear my face would turn Umpah Loompah-ish.


boop - Apr 2, 2007 5:34 pm (#51 of 2988)  

journeymom, ((((((HUGS))))), sorry for your loss. Glad you were able to grant your moms wish about being home. I will keep you and your family in my thought and prayers.

Cathy, enjoy your spring break.

Everyone have a great rest of the day!

hugs always



Thom Matheson - Apr 2, 2007 5:52 pm (#52 of 2988)  

Denise, I am telling. You guys, she has a wand. There I said it.


Denise P. - Apr 2, 2007 6:08 pm (#53 of 2988)  

I just had Madam Pince, Little Pince and Grandma Pince over for a visit! I had met Madam and Mr. Pince in 2004 at the PA Gathering. Little Pince is a cutie and I think Kierynn was taken with him, they have matching boo boos on the same elbow.


journeymom - Apr 2, 2007 6:23 pm (#54 of 2988)  

Julie/Snuffles, what brand of lotion did you use....? *crosses fingers and toes*


boop - Apr 2, 2007 6:24 pm (#55 of 2988)  

Denise, Way to go, I am jealous., heehee. I bet the kids had a great time together.


Lavandula - Apr 2, 2007 6:45 pm (#56 of 2988)  

Thanks, Boop for the break well wishes!!! It sure is nice to be thought of. (I know...poor grammatical structure.)

I was so excited to get on here tonight and share with everyone my very productive day, but then Denise beats me to it and takes the wind out of my sails. I am absolutely sure there are house elves at her residence which she treats with great respect. LOL How does she do it?

I was able to accomplish two loads of laundry and two tons of sand picked up in my little truck prior to lunch along with lots of phone calls, calendar organizing, and getting darling daughter to and from track practice. My poor little truck let me know that it just hauled its last load of sand. But little guy still plays in that giant sandbox, so what is a mom supposed to do? I was able to partially weed my strawberry bed and till up the rows during the evening along with piano lessons and baseball practice. Thank goodness Mr. L got dinner ready tonight.

Spring has definitely hit Ohio...the lawn mower made its debut tonight.

Go Bucks, beat Florida!!!!!!

Have a great ROTD/N everyone!



Denise P. - Apr 2, 2007 6:55 pm (#57 of 2988)  

Oh, I do a lot but it is a losing battle. Even though I did all that today, it doesn't look like I did. Just imagine what it would look like though, if I DIDN'T do it. :::sigh::: I finally got the lesson through to at least one today. While I was cooking dinner, I had one clean the front door glass. It is a storm door, all glass. He cleaned it off and it looked nice. Then came Mr. Rhys with his hands and grubbied it up. I heard him say "No Rhys! I just cleaned that!" I just grinned at Devin and said "It stinks, doesn't it, when you clean something and then someone comes right behind you and messes it up again" LOL


Mediwitch - Apr 2, 2007 7:02 pm (#58 of 2988)  


I missed all the April Fool's jokes yesterday, but I remember the Norbert thread...I was barely lurking then!

Denise, that's wonderful that you and Madam Pince (and some of your families) got to meet.

I have never tried sunless tanning, and listening to all of you, I don't think I ever will!


Lavandula - Apr 2, 2007 7:07 pm (#59 of 2988)  

Denise, I totally agree. Why is it that this job makes you think like you haven't done anything at all after collapsing at the end of the day?

One good thing happened today with darling daughter. For the first time, the kitchen was actually totally clean when I came in from working in the garden at 8:30 tonight. Usually pots and pans and other hand washing along with counter tops have been left untouched. So in my exhaustion, at least I didn't have to finish the kitchen.

By the way, you do know that the rest of us slacker moms are just totally absolutely jealous of your energy and ambition!!!! Wink


Puck - Apr 2, 2007 7:23 pm (#60 of 2988)  

Cathy, you do the pots and pans at night? That's not slacking. I often leave them until morning. (I did do them tonight, but only because I managed to finish before putting the kids to bed.) Once they are tucked in I watch the television while folding that days laundry.

I have made the following comparison to Mr. Puck. Imagine you spend the day at work, and you get tons done, accomplishing several goals. You get up the next morning only to discover that 95% of what you had done the previous day had been deleted. And this happens everyday. That's what it's like being the Mom.

Off to sleep so I can do everything again tomorrow. (Which will definitely be less than Denise manages to get done.)


Viola Intonada - Apr 2, 2007 7:33 pm (#61 of 2988)  

Today I had a productive day, but not as productive as I hoped. I am horrible at estimating the amount of time it takes for me to do something. After Preschool I went to Home Depot to buy paint and chaulk for the bathroom. I did four loads of laundry and painted the ceiling of the bathroom. I couldn't believe how gray the ceiling looked as I rolled on the fresh, bright white paint. It really, really needed repainting.

I looked and looked for an April Fool's type thread yesterday but couldn't find one. I can't believe I didn't find it.


Holly T. - Apr 2, 2007 7:51 pm (#62 of 2988)  

My co-workers without kids don't understand why I think it is a relief sometimes to come in to work. At least no one is screaming at me and I don't have to drive anyone anywhere. At least not usually! LOL.

Today--after work--I took daughter to ballet and son to baseball. Husband and daughter met us at the baseball field after ballet. Since we got home I've been online or on the phone registering the kids for summer camps and making reservations for summer vacation. My parents were teachers so someone was always home in the summer. I have 13 weeks of summer to fill for both kids, only two of which will be taken up with family vacation (first week and last week, as it turns out--we kind of have to take the last week before school starts off, as there are no camps open that week).

Daughter is going to be on a mission trip with the church youth group when DH comes out. She has been lobbying the youth director to make a stop at a bookstore but the youth director said no. To her credit, daughter still plans on going on the mission trip. ;-)


Chemyst - Apr 2, 2007 7:52 pm (#63 of 2988)  

Viola, did you buy 'ceiling paint' for the bathroom? Or are you painting white paint over a ceiling that had been painted with ceiling paint before? Because... if you get paint labeled ceiling paint, it will be a tiny bit naturally gray and dull on purpose because the grayish off-white hides the dust better over time.

A hug for journeymom.

Puck, I think that your 95% figure for deletion of what you had done the previous day is pretty accurate; unless you went grocery shopping and left a teen in the house, in which case it might be a bit low.


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 2, 2007 9:17 pm (#64 of 2988)  

OK I've come here for a bit of a rant, so feel free to pass this up. On the local new station's web site, they have a poll that says: Do you think Louisiana should follow other states and ban the term "Easter Bunny" instead calling it the "Spring Bunny"? Ok seriously! How ridiculous has the world become?? The Easter bunny comes on the eve of Easter! It can't be called the Spring Bunny, if it comes on Easter! Easter is a Christian holiday, and if you aren't a Christian, there's a good chance that the Easter Bunny doesn't come to your house anyway so what's the point? What's next? Are we going to start calling "Father Christmas" Father December? It annoys me that everything has to be so politically correct. Why does it matter? If you don't celebrate Easter, but the bunny still comes, then call it the "Spring Bunny" if you want, but why should it be changed because "not everybody celebrates Easter"?? Surely the vast majority of the people who do the Easter Bunny thing are Christians who celebrate Easter every year. I just don't think it's reasonable for them to legally change it to make the minority happy. Things seem to be taken too far these days. It's a bit annoying. Thankfully the poll results say that 96% of people agree with me on this issue. Does this annoy anyone else besides me?

OK now I feel better! Got that off my chest! I guess it's back to double check that I did my homework, then off to bed. Night!


Elanor - Apr 2, 2007 9:48 pm (#65 of 2988)  

LOL Ginny! Here, it is not the Easter Bunny who comes on Easter, it is the bells, "coming back from Rome"! On Maundy Thursday, bells become silent and tradition is to say that they then fly to Rome (was believing it hard as rock when I was a kid, lol!). They are supposed to come back loaded with chocolate eggs and drop them in people's gardens on their way back. Imagine how relieved kids are when hearing the bells pealing out again on Saturday evening, during Easter Vigil!

I have fortunately never heard of people here thinking the Easter Bells are offending. Mind you, I guess the tradition is only very present here for the kids living in villages and small towns, where the old churches are numerous and bells still ring at least three times a day (Angelus Bell). But I'm sure chocolate eggs still find a way to find all kids!



geauxtigers - Apr 2, 2007 10:05 pm (#66 of 2988)  

I agree, its a bit riduculus about the rabbit. I will say this, this country was founded on freedom (religion being one of them). Everyone has the freedom to do and call it what they want and believe what they want, which is a truly wonderful thing. I hate to see people take it too far simply because they can. Can't we all just get along? You can believe what you want and call it the Easter Bunny or the Spring Bunny if you want, but I think for all intense purposes, it started as the Easter Bunny, who comes on Easter Eve. Its a Christain Holiday just as Hannuka is a Jewish holiday ect. Leave it be, and if you choose to call it something else, so be it, you have the right to call it what you want. I'll stop here as I think I might've gone too far already. **ducks Denise's dungbombs and Kip's Kippendo**

Cool about the bells, Audrey! You know Ginny and both saw the Easter Bunny one night! LOL He was right outside our window! LOL I can't wait for him to come this year! Cadbury Caramel filled Chocolate eggs! YUM! He sure knows what I like!

Okay, I have to go to bed, its after midnight now!

Have a great week everyone!


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 2, 2007 10:36 pm (#67 of 2988)  

I am in awe of all Denise managed to accomplish before lunch. Beginning to suspect she is originally from the planet Krypton

I am beginning to get suspicious of her (I think she has a replicator). I have less than half the number of kids she has and we do only half the activities, theatre, dance, piano and now baseball. But even as a procrastinating slacker mom, I can barely get the minimum done. Denise shuttles her kids, heads the scouts, and cooks and CLEANS her house! In my house that is -either/or-

Wow! Every one is posting so much activity! it must be spring.

Hi to Finn. Missed your posts over the past few weeks. Are you in Connecticut for your vacation? We don't get ours for2 weeks


Chemyst - Apr 3, 2007 5:01 am (#68 of 2988)  

Personally, I think if someone has a problem with the Easter Bunny, they should take it up with the Easter Bunny and leave me out of it. What concerns me is the woolly thinking duffel-head who believes language can be legislated that simply.

By the way, do you all know how I can propose a law that says "freedom" offends the bully, so from now on we must call freedom "authorization?"


Puck - Apr 3, 2007 5:35 am (#69 of 2988)  

The Easter Bunny wants to change his name? What does he want to be called, Harry Cottontail? (Perhaps he's an HP fan. too.) Well, I suppose if he personally walks into the courthouse and files the paperwork, then I will have to honor the name change.

We went to see the bunny this weekend. My little one was not fond of him. In fact, when we went to the card store yesterday they had a large (bigger than her) stuffed duck. She must have had a flashback to Saturday, because she was eyeing it suspiciously and became quite clingy. Then we went to the candy factory where we saw the bunny to stock up on stuff for Easter. She stayed close and kept glacing at the corner where he had been sitting. Fortunately, like dementors, a taste of chocolate fends off any effects of coming into contact with E.B.

Still no luck on webkins.

I have errands to run and a couple of dance classes to teach today. Hopefully I'll accomplish something here as well.



haymoni - Apr 3, 2007 6:28 am (#70 of 2988)  

What other states call the Easter Bunny the Spring Bunny??

I've never heard of such a thing!

Well, Florida won, but I missed money in our pool by 2 lousy points! Ugh!!!!

Yes, I know that I live in Ohio and should have chosen OSU, but my priorities have been sorted properly - my bank account! So I picked Florida.

I put up the Easter decorations yesterday after work - didn't do anything else...but the Bunny has definitely arrived at our house!


azi - Apr 3, 2007 7:19 am (#71 of 2988)  

**hugs** journeymom!

It should be the Easter Bunny, although EB isn't really a done thing in the UK. Only in the past couple of years have Easter cards and such-like filled the shops. The chocolate has always been around though. I *love* Easter in France - when I was there all the kids in the villages made paper/card Easter eggs which they hung up on trees in the village centres. There were also the most amazing chocolate animals...

I went to Liverpool at the weekend. There's lots of building and roadworks at the moment because of the preparations to be the City of Culture next year, but I went to a museum with Egyptian mummies, Roman glass and lots of other artefacts. There was also an Australian themed bar which sold kangaroo meat - do people really eat kangaroo's?

I just made a list of the things I need to do...EEK!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Snuffles - Apr 3, 2007 7:26 am (#72 of 2988)  

Kangaroo meat . Don't think I'd try that.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2830478367

On your list of things to do azi, does it say visit the 5 word thread??


azi - Apr 3, 2007 7:48 am (#73 of 2988)  

No it doesn't! **quickly writes it down**


Holly T. - Apr 3, 2007 7:56 am (#74 of 2988)  
Edited Apr 3, 2007 8:49 am

I almost always forget to get out the Easter decorations and then I figure it's too late so why bother. I didn't get them out this year. Husband's grandmother does ceramics and so we have umpteen ceramic bunnies of all shapes and sizes, not to mention that she has made each of the kids hand-painted ceramic eggs every year of their lives, sometimes more than one if she had a cute idea. And I have some beautiful hand-painted cascarones I got from a friend that are much too pretty to break over someone's head, so when I get out the decorations I put them in a basket. But not this year. I don't even know where the Easter decorations are. Probably the attic.

I haven't bought anything for the kids' baskets yet but I am going to fix that tonight when I stop by Target after I get my hair cut.

Ok, I still have time to edit ... I just found out from my boss that there's going to be a meeting of head honchos later today that is supposed to decide the fate of our office. Mind you, this is about the fifth time in the past two years there has been such a meeting, with still no decision. Word is I'll still have a job no matter what, so that's good (not everyone here will be so lucky), but if you could send charms, thoughts, whatever toward there being a solution and not another year or so of "we're not sure."


haymoni - Apr 3, 2007 8:46 am (#75 of 2988)  

Yes!! Slacker Moms Unite!

I have not purchased anything for baskets either.

Phew! Thought I was going to be the only one...


journeymom - Apr 3, 2007 9:21 am (#76 of 2988)  

Thanks for the best wishes and condolences, everybody. Mom passed away on the 31st and it was kind of comforting waking up to April Fools Day after that really rough night. Nice to know out there in fantasy land it was my favorite scoundrel twins' birthday!

Not a single thing for Easter baskets yet procured. Though those Lindt eggs and bunnies I saw at the grocery store look awfully tasty...

My parents were not religious folk. When I was a kid we dyed eggs and my parents hid them, and there was no story about the Easter bunny breaking into the house and hiding our own eggs for us. We also didn't get a basket full of toys and candy. Now I think of it, I'm not sure why they bothered dying eggs. Except that they're both artistically minded, and probably enjoyed the process themselves.


2BMcsmom - Apr 3, 2007 10:05 am (#77 of 2988)  

When I signed into the forum to check for new posts to threads that I have read, I was very happy to see the chat thread had started over. I was not looking forward to reading over 2000 posts. It is my goal to read all posts on the current threads. I have a long way to go. There is not alot of time for reading posts with all the things that have to be done day to day.

I must say that I enjoy alot of the posts. You can tell that alot of thought and research went into most of the ideas. I am looking forward to getting to know the forum members better as I read more threads.

Journeymom, may you and your family find peace in your hearts during this difficult time.

Puck, what are webkins?

May the Easter Bunny keep his name until he chooses to change it.



John Bumbledore - Apr 3, 2007 10:23 am (#78 of 2988)  

"The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
I don't love my mom or my dad, just the bunny.
The bunny, the bunny, oh, I love the bunny
I gave everything that I had for the bunny."

Ginny or Tori, the Bunny (as Bob can tell you) has nothing to do with the Christian Holiday of Easter.

Now, Lambs! There is a common thread with Lambs. But I suppose PETA and SPCA would have a fit if we all started eating lamb for Easter. Now, wait a minute! Why don't those animal rights groups object to the practice of biting the ears of of bunnies.. (looks askance in tinsel's direction, oops that right, you said they were "Bambi" ears) ...

But I see your point and Chemyst point also. It is silly to think such a thing should be the subject of legislation.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


haymoni - Apr 3, 2007 10:23 am (#79 of 2988)  

Is the Easter Bunny a "he"??? - Just kidding!

Hubby read our annual Easter story to The Beautifulest One last evening. It is the story about the Country Bunny and the Golden Slippers. She has a ton of kids, but she is chosen to be one of the 5 Easter Bunnies because she is kind and swift and wise. She is given the task of delivering an egg to a very sick little boy who lives on a mountain and is given a pair of golden slippers to help her get up there.

I remember the story from when I was a kid, so it has been nice to share it with my children. I can't recall the author right now, but it's loaded with "girl-power", which is rather funny since it was written in the late 1930s.


Tazzygirl - Apr 3, 2007 10:26 am (#80 of 2988)  

Just a quick pop in before off to school-

Azi- From what I've heard they really do eat Kangaroos in Australia. I heard from an Aussie a while ago (my mom's old teaching assistant) that they taste like hamburger. When I eventually get down to Australia (1 year w00t!!!), I might try it...

Welcome to the forum, Sonya! Hope you like it here as much as us!

Have a great day/night everyone!



Puck - Apr 3, 2007 10:33 am (#81 of 2988)  

John that's one of my favorite Veggie Tales movies! I love the song that is sung by Jr. Asparagus.

Sonya, Webkins are some kind of stuffed toy that you can link to the internet and chat with other webkins -or something like that. I just know that all the kids want one, including my first grader. (Which is the only reason I have any clue at all.)

Time to start the laundry and put baby down for a nap. I have 90 minutes before I leave for work, and hope to move the the house at Denise-like speed.



John Bumbledore - Apr 3, 2007 10:35 am (#82 of 2988)  

Google helped me find Webkinz dot com and they have a parent section and a store locator.

From there FAQ, general questions about Webkinz

   "Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code that lets you enter Webkinz World and play with a virtual version of your pet."

I was curious yesterday, so I looked them up.

Kathy, I believe they changed the lyrics to "The Bunny Song" after the first release. Seems many parents were shocked to hear Nebby K. Nezzer's song sung by their children. I checked on it once long ago and have forgotten the specifics of what they changed.

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


2BMcsmom - Apr 3, 2007 11:15 am (#83 of 2988)  

I have been reading the book 7 thread. At present everyone is discussing the book covers. What is the difference between the UK adult and the UK childrens books?



azi - Apr 3, 2007 11:41 am (#84 of 2988)  

Sonya, the only difference between the UK books is the cover. It was felt that adults would not want to read a book with such an obvious children's cover on it.

A friend is trying to persuade me that there is a copy of book 7 on the net. I don't think JKR would be so stupid!


journeymom - Apr 3, 2007 12:09 pm (#85 of 2988)  

John, isn't "The bunny..." from Rack, Shack and Benny? *shiver* One of the Bible's creepiest stories! I was surprised that Veggie Tales chose that story. But if anyone can make it kid friendly, they can.

Haymoni- thanks for reminding me about "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes". Written by Du Bose Heyward and pictures by Marjorie Hack. That country bunny is a heck of a mom.

My daughter wanted "side-swept" bangs, so I took her to get her hair trimmed this morning. We went to Ulta, and I have to admit, that's a fun place. She has such thick, stubborn hair, the young lady worked hard to get it to cooperate. (I tipped 20%. Sound reasonable?) I think the bangs are a little goofy. They hang across her left eye. She's going to have to keep them clipped out of her face most of the time. But she LOVES the cut, so that's what counts.


haymoni - Apr 3, 2007 12:34 pm (#86 of 2988)  

Yup - that's the book. 21 baby bunnies. She was busy! I love the line when she starts to teach them their chores - "And now we're going to have some fun!"


geauxtigers - Apr 3, 2007 1:26 pm (#87 of 2988)  

hmm I don't know any Easter stories unless you count Peter COtton Tail! LOL And I know the bunny isn't the point of Easter, its just what goes along with it. I just think its stupid to have it legally changed, everyone will still call it the Easter Bunny! LOL so theres really no point!

Only 2 days left until I'm free! WOO! Can't wait for that week off!

Glad your daughter likes her haircut, Journeymom! Thats sort of how mine is, but I told the lady I had to be able to tuck my bangs behind my ears. Its great because it looks really good down and up! GLad she likes it!

Okay, I have to go start homework. I think I might have a government test tomorrow....


Puck - Apr 3, 2007 2:05 pm (#88 of 2988)  

Yup, it's Rack, Shack, and Benny. Yes, the Veggie Tales made it kid friendly. The song I like is "Stand up, for what you believe in". What a great message!

I never heard of that book, but may have to look for it.

Okay, back out one more time. I have a dinner to deliver for someone from church.



Snuffles - Apr 3, 2007 2:51 pm (#89 of 2988)  

Journeymom. I used Garnier Ambre Solaire self tanning, no streaking spray It cost £12.99. Not the most expensive out there, but certainly not the cheapest and I know the brand is good for sun tan lotion, so I thought it would be ok for the self tan! Apparantly, it's used by all good Oompa Loompa's everywhere



Lina - Apr 3, 2007 3:06 pm (#90 of 2988)  

(((((Journeymom and family)))))) It is so nice that you were able to make her wish come true and spent so much time together. You will have a great memory to cherish forever. Prayers for you and your family.

Yay for Olivia (Snuffles) and the beautifulest one for their progress in the martial arts!

I'm so glad that Denise and Madam Pince families met (again). Those are always great moments. Yay for you! Now we can understand better why Denise did the turbo cleaning.

Ginny and Tori, we obviously can get all along well on this forum. Now if we could only find the way to teach the rest of the world to do the same... The best revenge to those that are pushing the line is to stay calm and be happy!

Office charms to Holly!

Welcome to the chat thread, Sonya!

Blessed Passover to all that celebrate!

Maria, I'm sorry I couldn't meet you in the chat room, but I'm too sleepy right now. I hope you had company.


Caius Iulius - Apr 3, 2007 3:12 pm (#91 of 2988)  

Belated condolences for Journeymom and family. Lots of strenght-charms heading your way.


Ydnam96 - Apr 3, 2007 3:35 pm (#92 of 2988)  

Here are a portion of the "new and improved" lyrics for "The Bunny Song" from Veggie Tales:

Bob: Now kids we're gonna sing along with one of my favorite songs the Bunny Song
Jhon Claud: Misear Bob we're not supposed to sing the Bunny Song
Bob: Oh ho ho! Thank you for pointing that out Jhon Claud but this is the new and improved Bunny Song. This is the one we're supposed to sing
Jhon Claud: I see

The bunny
The bunny
Woh I ate the bunny
I didn't eat my soup or my bread
Just the bunny

Notice the italicized and bolded words. They are in place of "I don't love my mom or my dad"


The giant squid - Apr 3, 2007 5:07 pm (#93 of 2988)  

Just popping on to state my piece on the Easter Bunny thing: This will go the way of Freedom Fries & Holiday Trees. Some PC moron gets their bloomers in a bunch & tries to get their 15 minutes of fame. It'll all be forgotten by Independance Day...



Chemyst - Apr 3, 2007 5:39 pm (#94 of 2988)  

...waiting to see Mike dance in 'de pen.


Lavandula - Apr 3, 2007 6:37 pm (#95 of 2988)  

I will now spend the next hour or so humming the "Bunny Song" and every other Veggie Tale song that comes to mind. Thanks John B.!!! Darling Daughter grew up with Veggie Tales along with Barney, so I know every single song inside and out. Little guy was not so wild about them and we never knew why. I guess he loved his Toy Trains videos better.

Welcome to the forum, Sonya!

Let the Easter Bunny live I say!

I took my poor little truck to get mulch today. I managed to get my whole perennial bed by the house all cleaned up and mulched before Mr. L made it home. Between manure on the garden Saturday, sand in the sandbox Monday, and mulch today I can hardly lift my arms. Good exercise for sleeveless blouses and shirts this spring and summer.

It was 79 degrees F today, and tommorow the forecast calls for snow. How unfair is that? Love living in Ohio.

I only have two items purchased for Easter Baskets and those get the credit from Mr. L and not me. I also have no new Easter outfit for Sunday for anyone in the family. SLACKER MOMS UNITE!!!!!!!

Have a Great ROTD/N everyone!



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 3, 2007 6:54 pm (#96 of 2988)  

Welcome, Sonja!

Aww, thanks anyway, Lina! Get some sleep already! I was called away shortly afterward and didn't get back for nearly an hour. (Does that surprise you? )

I was ready for the chocolate store but the chocolate store wasn't ready for me. I ordered some chocolate crosses and Easter bunny apples which will be ready Thursday. I think all is set except I don't know what my oldest and youngest are wearing Easter Sunday. (I just knew the slacker in me would rear its ugly head.) Oh yeah, and we have loads of eggs to stuff for our egg hunt.

John, I finally recognize the reflection in Harry's glasses! It's ET.

Denise and Madam P, that is so great! I can't wait until next month!

Oh, and I watched American Idol tonight. Daniel R. has joined the fundraiser. Also, after watching tonight, I know where Big V goes during the off season.



Viola Intonada - Apr 3, 2007 7:14 pm (#97 of 2988)  

Chymest, I did not use ceiling paint this time since it was in the bathroom. I have had problems in the past with mold growing on the ceiling so I bought Kitchen and Bathroom paint to resist the nasty black stuff. That explains the big difference in color. Thanks.

I don't have to give up my "Slacker Mom" title just because I have bought everything for the Easter baskets, do I?


Tazzygirl - Apr 3, 2007 7:46 pm (#98 of 2988)  

I love Veggie Tales. Madam Blueberry's "I'm so blue!" song is my absolute favorite.

Okay, need to rant: For my uni cohort (aka class), we have monthly meetings where all of us meet at the various schools we student teach at. It's partly to get an idea of what each school looks like, and partly so that we can all touch base and talk about experiences. Whoever is currently placed at a school is in charge of scheduling the time and date. So- it is my turn to schedule the when and time at my placement. A month ago, my supervisors told us that we would skip over my school as there is a problem with parking, and would instead meet at another school unless I had an idea. I said that I was thinking of having all of us (about 20 people) meet at a restaurant near my school. Everyone said "Great!" and went with the idea. Noooooow, less than a week before we are supposed to be meeting up, and I have already made the arrangements with the restaurant, I find out my supervisors do not want us to meet at a restaurant at all. Why didn't they tell me this when I actually said "I was thinking of all of us meeting at a restaurant?"???????? It would have saved me time and energy, and it's too late for me to say nevermind and have my other classmate schedule the meeting at her school. grrr. /rant

Now I am off to write a paper on the Writing Program used in my classroom. It would be so much easier to write if there actually was a writing program in use in my classroom.

I am so not happy at the moment. Thanks for reading!



Puck - Apr 3, 2007 7:47 pm (#99 of 2988)  

I have stuff for baskets ans outfits, but never put up my decorations. I might have to take out one or two, as Easter is at my house this year. But, as hubby and I leave 5 days later, I don't feeling like pulling it all up just to take it down before we go. I've got enough to do.

My red dress arrived today. Just waiting for the shoes to come. Hmmm, thinking I might need a clutch to go with this outfit.

edit: crossposted with Tazzy. Ummm, do the supervisors object to the idea that people might eat something? I don't get the problem.

I'm trying to figure out what Dan R. is going to be doing on Idol. Does he sing? Oh, and I will say that I think Phil is toast tomorrow night.

Cool and damp this week. By the weekend, cool and windy. (Cool being in the 40's)


Mediwitch - Apr 3, 2007 7:49 pm (#100 of 2988)  

Welcome, Sonja! Hope you enjoy the forum!

So the newest crisis in the Mediwitch household is that Ryan (the 23-year-old with the brand new M.S. in Computer Science) broke down on I-495 last Thursday. He was driving my old '98 Subaru Outback with 160,000 miles and blew the head gasket because of a problem in the cooling system. He found out it would cost as much to repair the car as the car is worth. So after many phone "consultations" and joint online browsing sessions, he is the proud owner of a new Toyota Prius. He was really hoping to get a few more months out of the old car since he's only been in a "real" job for a month, but apparently it was time! *goes off wondering what the next crisis will be*
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kaykay1970 - Apr 3, 2007 8:39 pm (#101 of 2988)  

Grrr! It was 83 degrees today. I actually bought sun screen before going to the soccer game. Tonight we had tornado warnings. The tornado touched down just north of here! I don't think there was any major damage, mostly downed trees. We have been sitting in my sister's basement with only a candle to see by. The electricity just came back on. Tomorrow night it is supposed to dip into the 30's!

On the plus side, the kids have played 3 soccer games thus far and are still undefeated! WooHoo! We have tied twice and won once. It would have been difficult to win today as we were obviously playing against the referees as well!

Sorry to hear about Ryan's car! But Congratulations on the new one!

The only thing I bought for the Easter baskets are the baskets themselves! I bought those the night before the train trip because there was an Easter egg hunt once we reached our destination! We haven't even decided if we're staying home or visiting the mountains for Easter this year!


Ydnam96 - Apr 3, 2007 9:36 pm (#102 of 2988)  

Hey, there's a HP quiz on EW.com. It's kinda fun. I missed two. I'm so embarrassed.


geauxtigers - Apr 3, 2007 9:55 pm (#103 of 2988)  

Ahh Mandy, I missed two as well! I missed the one about Draught of Living Death because I thought it was asking what wasn't an ingredient, as which point, "wolfsbane" jumped out at me and a I clicked it! LOL Then I had no clue Mary Grand-Pre worked on movies! LOL Oh and Peeves definitely isn't a ghost! Gosh! Get your facts right EW! LOL He is a Poltergeist, not a ghost!

Glad you are all safe, Kaykay! Thats so scary! At least you were in a basement, though. And candles are always good. I was actually thinking about yall when I watched the news because there is quite a band of rain from Texas to Kentucky! I hope everyone stays safe! THats headed our way, but its supposed to die down as theres only a 30% chance of rain to begin with, but by tomorrow night we should be in the upper 40s! Brrrr!

As usual, I've forgotten everything I was going to say...sorry guys, my brain is fried. 2 more days...2 more thats it...you can do it ** drags feet across floor**

Okay midnight, just got a surprise physics thingy done that I'd forgotten about, so I think I'll go study gov some more until I crash.

Have a good week everyone!


Solitaire - Apr 3, 2007 10:04 pm (#104 of 2988)  

Journeymom, the sideswept bangs that hang like a curtain over one eye (and sometimes both) are all the rage in the hairstyle books ... and among my 7th graders. I am soooooooooo tired of seeing one particularly obnoxious girl roll her one visible eye at me every time I ask her to do something unreasonable like put away her makeup and get busy on the assignment at hand. (I know ... I'm such a drag!) **sigh** If only the moms of my students would require their daughters to wear the bangs clipped back out of their eyes ...

Yikes, kaykay! I'm glad the tornado passed you by. Every time I see them in movies or documentaries, I always think they look so scary. Thank heavens you are all safe! I hope no one else was hit by it.



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 3, 2007 10:49 pm (#105 of 2988)  

I don't have to give up my "Slacker Mom" title just because I have bought everything for the Easter baskets, do I? Viola

Don't worry about failing to uphold your slacker status, Vi, some of us are still holding up the banner. When Eastern baskets were mentioned to me "my response was "oh, it Easter already, I thought I had another week" I am still rather clueless as to what I will do for baskets.

. . goes off wondering what the next crisis will be* Mediwitch

Well, I know what the new crisis in my family is..... My newly found and reunited brother, (he has lived in the USA a short time and I was raised here) has had some sort of heart episode. With the language barrier we are not sure if it was a stroke or a heart attack. My brother was the strong one in his family. He is a very nice man and has taken great care of his very sickly wife and done everything for the kids. When they took him to the ER, he had the episode right there and had to be resuscitated. Unfortunately the children saw their father hooked up to machines being electric shocked. This affected their son who has suffered breakdowns watching his mother suffer over the last years. He had a meltdown at school was himself hospitalized. His mother worried about her husband, took her son out of the hospital against doctors orders so that when her husband can home from the hospital he would not be stressed out by their son not being home. She was scheduled for surgery yesterday and could not avoid that so she checked herself out of the hospital after the surgery to try and hold things together at home. This is a very condensed versions of events over a period less than 7 days.

I know that one day we will look back on this and laugh but it will be a while. I live just over an hour from them, which is too far to be of help on a daily basis as I have to get my kids on and off the bus. The only real contribution I could make was to have our sister come from Florida, stay with them!

My brother is a pastor so members of the congregation have been helping but goodness!

On advice I saw here last week from Solitaire and other teachers I gave my nephew a drawing pad and markers and my niece a writing journal.


Tazzygirl - Apr 3, 2007 11:09 pm (#106 of 2988)  
Edited Apr 4, 2007 12:20 am

I don't understand either, Puck. I know it's something minor, but I guess the main thing that bugs me about the whole thing is that my supervisor should not have waited until now to tell me what she thinks.

Mediwitch- I am glad Ryan didn't get in an accident! When my car broke down on the freeway, I was terrified someone would come up from behind and slam into me.

Mrs. Sirius- strengthening charms to your family! Hope everything with your brother's family is okay!

It was actually somewhat chilly here today as well- I left the house in a sweater!

I still haven't written that Writing Program paper yet. Guess I should get to it!

Oh- yesterday I took Sydney to the mall, and when I was getting her out of the car, she says "I love your shoes, *she sighs* I just love you always Auntie Rae!" I thought it was so cute!


EDIT: I think WX time limit in editing is messed up again, because I can edit! LOL

tehe, Squid Mike!


The giant squid - Apr 3, 2007 11:42 pm (#107 of 2988)  

Journeymom, the sideswept bangs that hang like a curtain over one eye (and sometimes both) are all the rage in the hairstyle books ... and among my 7th graders.—Solitaire

And I'll bet not one of them has a clue who Veronica Lake is (she popularized the look back in the 40s).

Mrs. Sirius, healing charms to your brother's family. Sounds like one heck of a week...

Tazzy: Okay, everyone, repeat after me: "Awwwwwwww!"



haymoni - Apr 4, 2007 6:20 am (#108 of 2988)  

I think that if you have already purchased items for Easter Baskets, but said baskets are still not assembled, you can still be a Slacker Mom!

I haven't purchased egg dye yet either.


2BMcsmom - Apr 4, 2007 7:31 am (#109 of 2988)  

Am I too gung ho because I start buying things for Easter baskets at the end of February? By the time Easter gets here the baskets are over flowing. I have the all but the candy filled eggs in the baskets already. And I have had problems this year coming up with something for my husbands basket.

No new outfits for anybody for Easter yet. Does this mean I can be a half slacker?  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

Going to try to finish reading the book 7 thread today.



Holly T. - Apr 4, 2007 7:37 am (#110 of 2988)  
Edited Apr 4, 2007 8:48 am

Ok, I purchased basket items but I don't know where the baskets are (I am guessing the attic). I won't assemble them until after the kids go to bed Saturday night. And we don't dye eggs. I use plastic eggs.

I bought my son the DVD of Monty Python and the Holy Grail for his Easter basket. Daughter is getting the new Hilary Duff CD, a bag of beef jerky (she gave up beef jerky for Lent), and Peeps (son doesn't like Peeps so I got him those chocolate-dipped dried blueberries instead). Daughter gets a white chocolate bunny, son a dark chocolate bunny. And they both get other assorted candy, some of which I hope they will share with me. ;-)

Haven't heard anything yet about this big meeting from yesterday. Either nothing happened or I am completely out of the loop. Editing--just found out that the big meeting to decide the fate of our office has been postponed until next week. I will be on vacation then, so I asked my boss to call me if anything actually happens. They have had several of these big meetings, each promising to have an answer, over the past few years, with so far the only results being stress in the office!

Mrs. Sirius--strengthening charms to your brother's family!

Mediwitch--glad Ryan is ok--congrats to him on the new car.

Tazzy--how cute!

I got my hair cut last night. My daughter, who has appointed herself my fashion consultant, says it looks nice.


Solitaire - Apr 4, 2007 8:48 am (#111 of 2988)  

Mike, I know who Veronica is, but you're right ... not one of these whippersnappers (or probably even their parents) would know who she is. I'm sure my eye-roller thinks she invented the hairdo.

Just for the record, TCM is my favorite channel. When I lived down south, there was an old movie theatre nearby that showed strictly classics. Given the choice between a current (or at least somewhat more contemporary) film and an old b&w Bette Davis or Cary Grant classic, I generally go for the oldie 80% of the time. I can't help it ... I think most old movies have more class than most new movies!

Speaking of class, however ... did anyone watch the E! channel's (a very classy network *cough*) show on the world's richest women in entertainment? Jo came in at number 2, second only to Oprah. Oprah is so rich, she could start her own country. It would have no national debt.



Puck - Apr 4, 2007 9:27 am (#112 of 2988)  

Tazzy, it's all about the shoes! Oh, and needing a sweater does not qualify you to say it's cool. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2775603007

Maria, did you say something about Easter Bunny apples? What's that? Oh, and also, do you put lemon slices and bay leaves inside the turkey when cooking? Trying to remember from the holidays....

Baby was up half the night. (Crying madly, but quite happy to play once Mommy came in ) The bus was early getting here this morning, so son missed it. Luckily my neighbor is a teacher at the school and was just leaving, so she gave him a ride.

Mrs. Sirius, healing charms for your brother and his family.

Holly, perhaps the powers that be at your office are just trying to keep everyone on their toes by keeping the threat of cut backs looming. Not very nice.

Baskets will be assembled on Saturday night.

Off to make brownies for sons school party tomorrow. I was going to clean out the freezers, but just looked at the calendar and realized I promised to bake.



Loopy Lupin - Apr 4, 2007 9:37 am (#113 of 2988)  

And I'll bet not one of them has a clue who Veronica Lake is (she popularized the look back in the 40s). – Mike

Did you have a clue before you saw L.A. Confidential ? I'd probably heard the name prior to that but couldn't then or now name anything she'd been in.

By the way, Mike, did you see Lookout ? I liked it much. I think I've asked this before, but do you work for a theater chain? Is it AMC?


Chemyst - Apr 4, 2007 9:38 am (#114 of 2988)  

Amazon has pictures of Easter bunny, chick, (and frog?) apples http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000P087HS/ref=dp_image_text_0/002-1341578-3775269?ie=UTF8&n=3370831&s=gourmet-food

I assumed this is what Maria meant...


Tazzygirl - Apr 4, 2007 9:59 am (#115 of 2988)  

:pbpt:back at Puck! It was totally chilly (69 degrees Fahrenheit, with 50% humidity, so it felt about 65 F yesterday morning)! LOL

On Easter baskets- my mom used to give us Easter Hats instead. She would buy each kid a hat, and then stuff that with all the usual candy and stuff when younger. It was pretty cool! Bunny apples sound cute! When we got older (12 or so), the candy started making an exit and socks started to come in.

Holly- hope everything at your work turns out to be nothing! *crossing fingers*

Soli- I also love TCM channel- I can go through entire weeks with just watching that channel.

I think I win an award in the Procrastinator's club. That paper I was supposed to write up last night only has one paragraph. The class starts at 11 today, so I have a couple more hours to finish it up. May I just say I have no motivation whatsoever to write it?

Off to try and type up the paper. I guess. sigh

Have a fantastic Day/Night everyone!



Solitaire - Apr 4, 2007 10:11 am (#116 of 2988)  

Did you have a clue before you saw L.A. Confidential ?

I certainly did, Loopy. I've known about Veronica Lake since I was a child ... probably because my mother or dad called me by that moniker one day when I walked into a room with my hair draped over one eye!

I also know who Tallulah Bankhead was. You see, I have a low contralto voice (singing and speaking), and when I have a cold, it gets even lower. My dad used to call me Tallulah whenever I insisted on talking with a cold!


PS I've never seen L.A. Confidential.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 4, 2007 10:37 am (#117 of 2988)  

Prayers to you and your loved ones, Mrs. Sirius. Sounds very stressful.

Oooh, ooh, Tazzy - maybe this will help - Priscilla's writing program is the Four Squares program. I know they use a more basic form of that prior to Fourth Grade to get the students prepared for it - usually around 2nd Grade and continue through third. Maybe you can do a search on it? The general idea is that there is a square in the center, surrounded by 4 adjacent squares. The main idea or question goes in the center and a supporting idea goes, one in each of the surrounding squares. The center idea gets written onto the essay page first, followed by the other four. It is easy to build on as they get older and their essays/assignments get longer. Hope this helps.

Kathy, I brine my turkey the night before - it has many benefits, including keeping the meat moister, the skin turns an even golden brown and it draws out any "gamey" taste it may have. I put quartered orange pieces into the cavity, along with apple, onion, rosemary, sage and thyme. Salt in and out. I slide whole bay leaves under the flesh on the breast. It adds a nice flavor and looks pretty when the skin tightens over it. Fresh bay leaves work best. I'll try and put the brine recipe behind my avatar by tomorrow.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny apples - Chemyst has the right idea, though our local chocolate shop makes them differently. (Chemyst - those are really fancy.) Candy eyes, chocolate cover, licorice whiskers, etc. They're cute and delicious. (And it gets Olivia to eat an apple - shhh, don't tell her, she'll never know! )

Still haven't stuffed the eggs for the egg hunt. Actually, I order them stuffed and like to add novelties and candy. (The children and I used to do all 1000 by ourselves.) We also have 3 prize eggs with a ribbon in it. Prizes are a lge. choc. Easter bunny, sidewalk chalk in the shape of something Easter-y and usually bubbles for the little ones. When the neighborhood children saw us delivering the invitations, they ran to the car - it's really cute how they look forward to it. I really didn't think it mattered much to them.

Still no outfits for my two for Easter. Why oh why did I schedule dentist appointments and orthodontist appointments Holy Week!

Off to boil several dozen eggs for the hunt. Enjoy the rotd/n, everyone!



haymoni - Apr 4, 2007 10:38 am (#118 of 2988)  

It's a good flick, Solitare - a bit extreme on the violence, but I love good-cop-bad-cop movies.

I watched "A Bronx Tale" for the umpteenth zillionth time - It was on AMC. I actually got to see the whole thing - I usually come in somewhere in the middle. It's nice to see Robert DeNiro NOT play a gangster.


Puck - Apr 4, 2007 11:17 am (#119 of 2988)  

Thanks to Chemyst and Maria! Those do look cute. You can make similar ones with pears and white chocolate at halloween -they look like ghosts.

Brownies in the oven. I may be a few minutes late leaving to pick up my son, as the second batch won't be done until then. He's always the last one out, anyway. (If I had my double oven, I could bake them all at once. Plus cook the turkey and rolls all at the same time on Sunday.)



The giant squid - Apr 4, 2007 11:32 am (#120 of 2988)  

Did you have a clue before you saw L.A. Confidential ? I'd probably heard the name prior to that but couldn't then or now name anything she'd been in.--Loopy Lupin

Actually, I've never seen L.A.Confidential (don't worry, Soli, it's not just you ). My first exposure to the name came from a comic book, of all places, and eventually I looked her up so I could get the joke.

By the way, Mike, did you see Lookout ? I liked it much. I think I've asked this before, but do you work for a theater chain? Is it AMC?--Loopy again

I didn't see The Lookout but I've heard very good things about it. I probably won't get to it this week either, since I get to deal with the Rodriguez/Tarantino juggernaut that is Grindhouse. Yes, I work for a chain but no, it's not AMC. I'm an occasionally proud employee of Regal Cinemas.

We're not doing much for Easter at the Squid household. With no kids & recent dentist visits, there's not much call for chocolate bunnies & jelly beans, and as I mentioned I'll be working all weekend. Besides, Easter is rapidly approaching Christmas with its over-commercialization and lack of reference to the original purpose.



Viola Intonada - Apr 4, 2007 11:52 am (#121 of 2988)  

I hear you about Easter, Mike. I thought it was a bit much when Hallmark came out with Easter ornaments.

I'm glad I don't have to give up my "Slacker Mom" status, especially since I don't think I can maintain the non-slacker lifestyle. Even though I have all of the candy, the baskets have not been filled nor have I gotten out any Easter decorations.

Mrs. Sirius, hope everything goes better for your brother and his family.

Tazzy, your supervisor is just trying to prepare you for life under a Principal. Hope you get everything straightened out. You could still have everyone "unofficially" meet at the restaurant.


Ydnam96 - Apr 4, 2007 12:19 pm (#122 of 2988)  

I agree with Viola, Tazzy. Stinks though.

it is a beautiful day here in Sunny Los Angeles. We need rain desperately (as evidenced by the three fires in the last week). I wish we could have a couple of good storms. Y'all over in Texas want to send us some?

Why is it that I like my job most when the students aren't here ?? Haha

Well, off to work...not too bad today we are going to have a Bocci Ball game in the middle of the day. I'm not too good at it but I'm going anyway.

LOST tonight! Yay.


edit: I was crafty last night and made a display case (of sorts) from stuff I found at Salvation Army. I'll put it in the photo albumn behind my avatar. I'm quite proud of myself.


Loopy Lupin - Apr 4, 2007 12:20 pm (#123 of 2988)  

Yes, I work for a chain but no, it's not AMC. I'm an occasionally proud employee of Regal Cinemas. – Mike

That's right; you told me that. I like Regal.


journeymom - Apr 4, 2007 12:31 pm (#124 of 2988)  

Mrs.Sirius, oh my! Healing vibes to your brother and his family.

   "Journeymom. I used Garnier Ambre Solaire self tanning, no streaking spray."

Whew! I bought Neutrogena tanning lotion. Here's hoping it doesn't turn me into an Oompa Loompa! (Sorry!)

Didn't Farmer Hoggett, inventor of the warp drive, play a gangster in L.A. Confidential? He'd make a good Rufus Scrimgeor.

That's one of those movies, like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men, that I really want to see but won't because they're too violent. Though I might have to struggle through Pan's Labyrinth. I really want to see it.

I took the kids out for breakfast today. We played hangman with the ubiquitous crayons. I challenged Daughter with "I'M A PRINCE", but she didn't figure it out before I filled in the last finger. (I include eyes, nose, mouth, shoes and fingers. Sometimes hair if my son is playing.)

Okay, rambling now.


Denise P. - Apr 4, 2007 1:48 pm (#125 of 2988)  

I don't do new Easter outfits or hats. They are lucky if we color eggs.

The entire gang went to the National Zoo today. We spent about 4 hours roaming the place and attempting to find animals. A lot of the exhibits were empty or had animals hiding. We did see the pandas though...kinda hard to miss. The gift shop near the panda exhibit is enough to give you a headache with the blinding assortment of panda related items. I caved, I admit it. I have a panda mousepad now and got Rhys a panda dinner plate.

We had brought lunch with us and that worked out very well, not getting lunch there. We brought grapes, chips, cheese, sandwiches and drinks. They went through 3 pounds of grapes while we were there!

Now, I am whipped and just want to sit down for a few minutes and not move.


Solitaire - Apr 4, 2007 3:14 pm (#126 of 2988)  

Journeymom, please let me know how you do with Neutrogena. It scored pretty well with testers last year in Prevention Magazine. Here is a link to a chart of several bronzers and how they were rated by the users.



geauxtigers - Apr 4, 2007 5:00 pm (#127 of 2988)  

Not much going on here, but its supposed to get really cool for the next week. In the upper 30s by Saturday night. I'll believe it when I see it! LOL

Sunless tanner, the kind I use is on that chart, the Neutrogena build a Tan stuff. Coming from someone who is very pale, it does work really well. At least I don't glow white when I step outside! LOL! Its good because it puts a very light layer on and you add layers a day until you are the color you want, so you can stop before you get the chance to turn orange. Anything in a spray bottle scares me! I had a friend get a spray tan once because she got burnt in splocthes and streaks where she didn't get sunscreen and such. This was right before dance pictures and she got the spray tan in hopes if looking less brunt. BAD idea! She turned Orange in all the spots she was burnt and muddy brown in the spots where she got sunscreen. I don't recommend it! LOL

Okay, gotta jet, America's Next Top Model in like 2 minutes! And homework!


haymoni - Apr 4, 2007 6:31 pm (#128 of 2988)  

Mike! How did you miss "L.A. Confidential"?

The Beautifulest One received her yellow belt this evening. Baseball practice was cancelled because it is 36 degrees here, so Hubby & Ungrateful Son were able to attend as well. She forgot to say, "Yes, ma'am!" when one of the black belts called her name, but she did really well.


Puck - Apr 4, 2007 6:48 pm (#129 of 2988)  

Yea for Beautifulest One!

It was a lovely spring day in New England. Hail, sleet and snow. It's supposed to clear up, but not get much warmer. Glad I found a sweater to go with Diva's Easter dress!

I really should go clean out my freezer before bed. I meant to do it this afternoon, but reme,bered the brownies. After piano lessons we were out side shoveling the slush off the driveway before it had a chance to freeze. (Neighbors likely think I'm a slave driver, as I had all three kids out there with me, including the 18 month old, each with their own shovel.)

Somebody please go to five words! no one has posted there since I had lunch, and it's nearly bedtime!



Mediwitch - Apr 4, 2007 7:00 pm (#130 of 2988)  

Oh, Mrs. Sirius, (((((HUGS))))) to you and your family and a BIG dose of Felix Felicis!

Erm, Kristina, 69 degrees F is NOT chilly! Desktop Weather tells me it is 35 here right now (it wasn't much warmer when I left work this afternoon) and we could get an inch or so of snow tonight!

Mr. Mediwitch and I went out to dinner at a really yummy Italian restaurant for our anniversary tonight. I had found the perfect card for him (usually I make cards, but it's been too hectic lately with planning the new house and getting this one ready to sell), but when I went to sign it I realized I had actually bought a birthday card! What a ditz - and no, I'm not even close to blond! It's been a loooong week - you can tell it's a full moon.


Ydnam96 - Apr 4, 2007 7:31 pm (#131 of 2988)  

I just posted on the five words thread for the first time ever...I felt so much pressure.


Puck - Apr 4, 2007 8:22 pm (#132 of 2988)  

C'mon, Mandy, just try it. Once won't hurt. You can't get addicted that quickly. Thanks for playing!

Happy Anniversary Mediwitch! And, hey, I say you get credit for buying a card. Glad you enjoyed the dinner.

I can here the sleet falling on the roof. Can't wait to drive tomorrow. **checks the calendar to be sure April has indeed arrived.**


Solitaire - Apr 4, 2007 8:29 pm (#133 of 2988)  

Happy Anniversary, Mediwitch! About the card ... it's the thought that counts! (That's what you'd tell hubby if the shoe were on the other foot, right?) Oh, and about Tazzy's interpretation of the weather ... just remember, she is in HAWAII, where 69 degrees is chilly!



Tazzygirl - Apr 4, 2007 8:55 pm (#134 of 2988)  

Happy Anniversary, Mediwitch!!

Sleet, snow, 39 degree weather... Yup. Compared to you Puck and Mediwitch, 69 degrees isn't chilly. But Soli has it right! Slight humidity drop here and anything below 80 degrees here is considered chilly (direct words of local weather man "the next day or so is going to be chilly and crisp").

We solved the problem of where to meet for my cohort meeting Monday. One of the girls in class volunteered her house, and therefore we are going there. Now I no longer have to worry. Thanks for the advice/thoughts!



geauxtigers - Apr 4, 2007 9:19 pm (#135 of 2988)  

I'm with Kristina on this one, 69 is chilly! LOL The high for us tomorrow is....68 **joins Kathy in checking that its actually April** We went from unusually warm to unusually cold... been weird.

One more day... thats all.. and my mom mentioned candy for the baskets in her room...I've being good and not snooping, but man the thoughts of chocolate bunnies is starting to get to me.. **dreamy look**

SAT scores are up now. Except I have no idea where I stand because I don't think the essay has been scored, causing the total score amounts to be different. And since they changed the scale for class of 08' (class curse) I have no idea where I stand. I think I did fairly well, but honestly, I dunno, so I guess I'm going to have to ask tomorrow...for all I know, I might've done terrible! LOL It all depends on what its scored out of...They sure don't make it easy to understand, they just confuse you!

Happy Anniversary to the Mediwitches!


Solitaire - Apr 4, 2007 9:48 pm (#136 of 2988)  

IMO, high 60s to mid-70s is perfect weather ... but then I hate the heat. Given my climatic preference, where do I live? Smack in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California, of course! My dream is to someday be able to afford a place on the central California coast ... where the weather is perfect!



journeymom - Apr 4, 2007 10:26 pm (#137 of 2988)  

   "I hate the heat...where do I live? Smack in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley... "

But, aren't you conveniently located, just 2 hours from the ocean, 2 hours from Yosemite? But then, I guess you're 2 whole hours from the ocean and 2 whole hours from Yosemite... ;-)

Last summer when Sacramento had 2 weeks of 100 degree plus weather, and my dear daughter had SCARLET FEVER on top of that, she vowed to move to Mendocino when she grows up.


Marie E. - Apr 5, 2007 5:06 am (#138 of 2988)  

They are predicting rain and snow for our weekend. Snow in April is just not fair.

I used to do new Easter dresses for the girls, but they don't seem to be into it anymore. In fact, Lexi asked me if she could just wear nice capri pants instead. I haven't bought anything for the baskets except Peeps.

I have tomorrow off so I'm looking forward to catching up on threads.


Puck - Apr 5, 2007 5:25 am (#139 of 2988)  

One snowfall in April is to be expected around here. Farther up into New Hampshire and in Maine they have about 3 feet! (Very happy to only have an inch of the white stuff outside.)


azi - Apr 5, 2007 5:27 am (#140 of 2988)  

Aww, you poor people with snow! We have sun and blue skies (slighty hazy). Max is apparently 16 C (is that 61 F?)

Tori - you get your Easter chocolate on Good Friday? We always waited until Easter Sunday!

Mrs Sirius - I hope things get sorted out with your brother! It sounds like a horrible time!


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 5, 2007 6:40 am (#141 of 2988)  

Happy Anniversary Mediwitch!!


Holly T. - Apr 5, 2007 8:02 am (#142 of 2988)  

Happy anniversary Mediwitch!

We were having great weather earlier in the week--highs in the mid-80s. It has gotten cooler, though, and the high today is only supposed to be in the high 60s. But it is supposed to rain and have a high of 50 for the weekend! This does not bode well for the church Easter egg hunt on Saturday--last year was the first time in three years we managed to have the hunt outside--we keep having cold and rain on Easter weekend.

All of the parking lots were full this morning at work--well, there was one spot open but the truck on one side and SUV on the other were way too close to the lines and, while it is otherwise pretty easy to turn and park, there was no way my minivan was fitting in that space. So I had to pay to park in the parking garage. Sigh. Mind you, I have already paid for a parking permit for the lots that don't have enough spaces.


Denise P. - Apr 5, 2007 8:29 am (#143 of 2988)  

We had temps in the high 80's, beautiful and sunny. When Madam Pince came over, we sat on the back deck. Now, it is cold, windy, not even 40 and a chance of snow flurries tomorrow night! Saturday it is supposed to be even colder.

Parking - anytime I have to go anywhere in a parking garage, I have to swap vehicles with Mr. Denise. My van won't fit. I tried it once, in the oversized parking area. The overhead is fine but the parking spots were too close together. In order to back out, it would take me moving a few inches at a time, blocking traffic during that time. It was a nightmare so I have never done it again.

After yet more delays, our house is officially closed and out of our name! We no longer have a double mortgage and any issues are not our problem anymore. Yay!!


Ydnam96 - Apr 5, 2007 9:24 am (#144 of 2988)  

Happy Anniversary Mediwitch!

Congrats on the loss of your house Denise!

I found out yesterday that the director of our University Choir and Orchestra (an award winning group...a few Dove awards) was taken to the emergency room because he was having a seizure. It lasted over 20 mins. After they did an MRI they found that he has a tumor in the right hemisphere of his brain. He isn't really conscious and when the swelling goes down they are going to try and do surgery. They do not know yet if it is malignant or not. This has deeply effected (or affected?) the student body here. He is quite a beloved professor. The group is supposed to go to South Korea in May for their summer tour. Prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. His name is Rod.


Puck - Apr 5, 2007 9:30 am (#145 of 2988)  

Prayers and healing charms for Rod. (Charms for the neurosurgeons as well.)

Denise, yea for closing on the house! It must be a relief to only own one.


Denise P. - Apr 5, 2007 9:35 am (#146 of 2988)  

Oh, we didn't mind owning two houses, it was the paying for two houses that we didn't like!

We have snow flurries outside!! It won't stick but how bizarre to see snow out there.


journeymom - Apr 5, 2007 9:45 am (#147 of 2988)  

Healing vibes for Rod. That's rough. How scary for him and his family!


Solitaire - Apr 5, 2007 9:52 am (#148 of 2988)  

But, aren't you conveniently located, just 2 hours from the ocean, 2 hours from Yosemite? But then, I guess you're 2 whole hours from the ocean and 2 whole hours from Yosemite...

Convenience--like beauty, I think--is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, I am about 2 hours from the ocean--if there is no traffic on Highway 46 (which is mainly 1 lane in each direction) and I can drive 70 mph all the way. Alas, driving back and forth each day is too much for me. Unless I can stay in my cousin's beach house--and I need to make arrangements MONTHS in advance for time during the warm months--I must limit myself to about a week each year, due to costs. Motels are always an option, but the affordable ones book up fast in the summer, and it isn't always possible to get one at the last minute. Besides, they are expen$ive.

As for Yosemite ... I think it is farther than 2 hours from here, but I'm not sure. Also, when it is 100-110 degrees in the Central Valley, it probably isn't too much better up there. Besides, I don't do "camping out" anymore (especially by myself), unless it is in an RV or really nicely outfitted trailer. I used to LOVE camping! Then, when I was in my mid-twenties, I camped out in northern Europe (Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, East and West Germany) for six weeks in the wind, rain, mud, and muck. My clothes were damp most of the time, I had to put up and break down my tent and blow up/deflate my air mattress every time we moved from one spot to the next. I also had to do my share of the shopping (in foreign languages), cooking, and cleaning up after 50 people for the entire six weeks. It was enough camping out to last me for a lifetime.

LOL That's more information than you ever wanted to know! The point is that I hate being stuck in the Valley during the heat of the summer. My sister and I are looking at small vacation mobile homes in Pismo, Cuyucos, and Morro Bay. We figure if we and my mom can each put in a chunk of cash, maybe we could get a place. We haven't given up our dream just yet!



2BMcsmom - Apr 5, 2007 9:54 am (#149 of 2988)  

Prayer for many blessings for Rod and his family and friends.

To everyone getting snow:   Prayers for everyone having to drive in it.



geauxtigers - Apr 5, 2007 1:24 pm (#150 of 2988)  

FREEDOM! Woo hoo!

Snow! Really? Cool! LOL So lets see, I think everyone with this cold weather can thank Canada **thanks Canada** LOL The high today was 67F ~18-19C, and Saturday night...get this, 32F 0C is the forecasted low! Surely its never gotten this cold in April before! LOL so I looked it up, On April 13, 1940 it got down to 31F ~ .5C. It it looks like we will break a record Saturday night by a few degrees. In 1939 it was 34F and its forcasted for 32F! I just feel bad for all my friends headed to the beach, its not supposed to be much warmer than it is here! brrrr! I'm not getting in a swimsuit in 60 degree weather!

Tori - you get your Easter chocolate on Good Friday? We always waited until Easter Sunday! No! We don't get it until EAster Sunday either, my mom just told me she has it all back in her room and I really want my chocolate bunny! LOL But I'm being good, I haven't gone back there!

I'm being really dumb and eating a snowball... why we chose to go get them I don't know...its too cold! LOL I'm chattering!

Gotta go! Prayers for Rod.

Have a great evening!

EDIT: ha ha, Soli! Very cute! Only thing that would make that better is if they were solid! LOL
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Solitaire - Apr 5, 2007 1:41 pm (#151 of 2988)  

Tori, since you want your chocolate bunny, I am going to send you a cartoon about chocolate bunnies! Check your email!



kabloink! - Apr 5, 2007 2:08 pm (#152 of 2988)  

Okay, so I finally caught up, but it took me so long that now I really don't have time to post. Its snowing here. Has been since last night, really. Last night as my mom and I were leaving the bookstore, it was almost blizzard-like conditions, so 60F sounds fabulous to me.

Gotta go-will post more later!


Puck - Apr 5, 2007 4:56 pm (#153 of 2988)  

60 degrees means capris pants and flipflops.

One week from tomorrow I leave for Florida. That's one week to clean out the basement, pantry, my bedroom and bathroom, the kids rooms and closets, plus make Easter dinner and do the holiday thing. Oh, and I need to pack. Vacation will definately be needed.



haymoni - Apr 5, 2007 5:07 pm (#154 of 2988)  

I have to make a shopping list. I need to buy things for the cannoli and pizzelles that I make for the neighbors, items for the Easter baskets and ingredients for pretzel salad, which I have to take to my Dad's on Easter.

I have to Weight-Watcherize the pretzel salad recipe (the one with the strawberry Jello). I printed out my recipe and the one on Weight Watchers website to see how they differ.

Now I know why I need Weight Watchers!

I think I am going to buy "Happy Feet" for The Beautifulest One. It is just mere coincidence that a certain trailer is on there. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 464751818

The kids are off tomorrow. I've taken a half day so I can get a jump on things.

It is freezing here! We've got snowflakes the size of galleons coming down right now and everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive during our brief stint of 60 degree weather.

Maybe I should bring soup to Easter dinner!


kabloink! - Apr 5, 2007 6:05 pm (#155 of 2988)  

Okay, so here is my HUGE update. Hubby got a new job. Turns out that at the old one, they were going to demote him and cut his pay by $6,000/year. :mad: This was not going to happen!  Luckily he had a job offer on the table for Burger King, unfortunately this job is in Detroit. Not only Detroit, it down by Metro Airport, so it is about an hour and a half away, given average traffic. Typically 1 hour or so in good traffic, no idea how long in bad traffic. This could be worse, but he does work 10 hour days, on average. Many families do this, we don't want to. So, come June when our lease is up we will be moving, AGAIN. Probably down to Clinton Twp or Chesterfield Twp, for reference to anyone who knows the area, this way we both commute, but only for half of the time.

We went to St Louis for the weekend a few weeks ago to visit my brother-in-law at Scott AFB. It was fun, two of my hubby's closest friends were down with their wives, as well. We went to the Anheuser-Bush Plant, and Ian got to see the clydesdales, we also went to Arch Park, but didn't go up.

Tazzy, I remember working the day after Thanksgiving at B & N Cafe, I was in front of the register from 7am-or was it 6-til after 1pm without a break or anything-nonstop lines. It does make the day go fast, though.

Ok, I'm off-Ian is making it quite clear that he no longer wants to be in his exer-saucer piano thingy. Have a great ROTD everyone!


Lavandula - Apr 5, 2007 6:55 pm (#156 of 2988)  

It is not only snowing, but it is down right cold here-wind chills of 11 degrees F and a high of 29 so far as I can tell.   *shiver*  It feels like February, not Easter. My daffodils look so dreadfully sad...I think they are done for since it will be several days before it gets into the 40's or 50's.

Great night last night visiting with friends that we haven't seen socially since before school started. They have two teenagers and never find free time when we have it. But last night darling daughter's track meet was cancelled and so was baseball. It was the perfect opportunity to give them a call. Pizza, fun, and good conversation.

Today I scrapbooked all day with my friend. I got six pages done! Woot!!!

I did manage to stop and purchase the little guy new pants, shirt and sweater vest for Easter. I just might be ready in time.

My goal tonight is to read some of these threads. Off I go...




Mediwitch - Apr 5, 2007 7:12 pm (#157 of 2988)  

Yay for Denise on no longer paying for 2 houses!

*sends prayers and healing charms for Rod*

MMMM....haymoni, I LOVE pretzel salad! I think I have to make some this weekend now!!!!

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! Mr. Mediwitch is going for all the mileage he can get out of this card thing. That's OK, his turn will come! The best news is that the excavator started digging the foundation hole and the crew is coming Monday to put the forms up for the concrete! We are signing with a realtor tomorrow, so our house will officially be on the market. Anybody wanna buy a house in Litchfield County CT?


The giant squid - Apr 5, 2007 8:22 pm (#158 of 2988)  

Mike! How did you miss "L.A. Confidential"? –haymoni

Well, it came out before I worked for a movie theater, and there's no way I could afford to pay to see a movie...

Speaking of which...ow. My feet are killing me. In addition to working my usual shift--consisting of a lot of walking back & forth threading & starting projectors 25-30 times--I also got to build 3 prints of Grindhouse. When they say "two full length films", they ain't kidding. It took me 6 hours to finish all three (I can usually build one print per hour), on my feet the entire time.

And, of course, my next day off is Tuesday.

When it gets down to 69F here, I actually start shivering. I prefer temps in the high 70s-low 80s, but can tolerate the 100+ temps we get here in the summer. After 18 years of living in North Dakota, I've had enough snow for a lifetime.



2BMcsmom - Apr 5, 2007 8:47 pm (#159 of 2988)  

I do not remember it ever being this cold at Easter. It is supposed to be in the 20s here Sunday morning. I prefer the cooler weather but that is a little too cold for me. I start shivering just thinking about making it to sunrise service on Sunday.

I am up late trying to type up my resume. I have not wrote one since I was a senior in high school (1993). So this is going to take me a while. During the times that I have no clue what I am doing I will be popping in here and the "Why did DD have James' cloak" thread. I only have 1200 more post this thread.

If anyone has any suggestions for a resume, I will gladly listen. I hope to have it in the mail on Friday. Just found the job ad today.



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 5, 2007 10:45 pm (#160 of 2988)  

Happy Anniversary Mediwitch!!

Anybody wanna buy a house in Litchfield County CT? Mediwitch

Would I like to? yeah I would love a house in Litchfield but noooo, no way to afford one :-) Middlesex, Shoreline is expensive enough!

Oooh, Easter snow storms. The one back in 1981, I went home for the Easter recess and took my beautiful spring clothes. I was working in Manhattan and was wearing heels, a think silk dress and a spring jacket. We had a surprise snow storm. NY was paralyzed. Buses were delayed, traffic was tied in knots. It took hours to get anywhere.

Mike I'm with you on the temperature. I am always freezing. My finger tips turn blue in September, at night my feet are like ice cubes. It's so pathetic I actually turn to my kids for warmth. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042


jose043 - Apr 5, 2007 11:29 pm (#161 of 2988)  

Hi All

Happy Easter to every one.

Healing charms to all those that need them.

Happy Anniversary to Mediwatch, also happy Birthday to any we have missed.

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Puck - Apr 6, 2007 5:42 am (#162 of 2988)  

Good luck with the resumes, Sonya. My last was about ten years ago, so I can't be of much help. I should start thinking about one for myself, though.

My kids are downstairs belly dancing. (I have one of those exercise videos, and Diva loves the extra footage where they wear the fancy costumes. )

Mike, I suppose you're too much of a guy to get a pedicure. They make your feet feel great!

Good luck with the next move, Kabloink!

Yeah for Mediwitch's house!

I never heard of pretzel salad. I may have to google it. Sounds yum. My friend makes a broccoli salad with bacon that is devine. (Her hubby says it would be perfect if she would just agree to leave out the broccoli.)

I have declared this the day the scary room that the older two share gets clean. If you don't hear from me I'm likely lost in the debris or caught in the vortex of their closet.



2BMcsmom - Apr 6, 2007 7:15 am (#163 of 2988)  

Kathy, as the mother of a 16 old boy I completely understand the scary room. I sometimes think things will begin to walk out on their own.



Holly T. - Apr 6, 2007 7:38 am (#164 of 2988)  

Good luck with the move Kabloink!

Good news about the house Mediwitch!

Pretzel "salad" is one of the few concoctions involving Jello that I will actually eat. I think of it as more of a dessert, though. Yes, I really am from the South, even though I don't like sweet tea, barbecue, or Jello salads.

We had our bridging ceremony last night at Girl Scouts--the girls walked along the path by the creek reflecting (not very quietly, but they assured me they were reflecting and not just talking), wrote down personal goals on a piece of paper (my only criteria was that the goals not involve boys), then they walked together across a bridge over the creek, then used the paper with their goals to make wish boats (a piece of bark we'd drilled a hole in--usually you use a candle in them but since it would be bad for the environment to float a bunch of candles down the creek they just rolled up the paper with their goal on it), then we set the paper on fire and let the wish boats float down the creek. They embellished their boats with wildflowers and leaves, and, while the paper didn't flame as spectacularly as they had hoped, they agreed that it was nevertheless symbolic. It was fun. Too many mosquitos, but fun.


haymoni - Apr 6, 2007 7:57 am (#165 of 2988)  

Yes - pretzel salad is DEFINITELY a dessert! Especially my non-Weight Watchers version!

I've never considered Jello a salad. I don't think of fruit salad as a salad either - it's dessert also.

I have to find decent ricotta cheese. The Sorrento stuff in the tub is OK for lasagna, but I need something drier or my cannoli filling will ooze out of the shells. There aren't any Italian stores near me, but someone suggested a party supply store nearby called "RSVP". They supposedly have the Sorrento ricotta in a large 1.5 pound block - we'll see. With my luck and my Slacker Mom procrastination, they'll be out!


Esther Rose - Apr 6, 2007 8:00 am (#166 of 2988)  

Say haymoni,

Can you drain the sorrento stuff in a cheese cloth to dry it out a bit? It may not be slacker mom worthy but it is el cheapo single chick worthy. lol


azi - Apr 6, 2007 8:04 am (#167 of 2988)  

Good luck cleaning, Puck! My brother's room is always messy, and smells. He says it smells of sleep!

**healing charms** to your feet Mike!

Happy belated Anniversary to the Mediwitch's (he'll slip up sooner or later, they always do ).

Sounds like you had a great time, Holly! I remember lighting candles on large leaves and floating them in a lake at my initiation ceremony to guides. It was fun.

I went to a shopping centre yesterday and everytime by boyfriend brushed against me we both got static shock! It was so weird! On the plus side, his mum gave me the largest Easter egg I've ever had and some posh chocolates.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Good Evans - Apr 6, 2007 8:17 am (#168 of 2988)  

Sounds like you and your boyfriend are very charged Azi! LOL

happy anniversary Mediwitch (belatedly)

I am so surprised about all the snow, it is glorious here - a bit chilly for just a T shirt but fine for a shirt or light sweater. Weill be walking doggie a bit later and she will have a great time in the fields as usual. Easter blessings to all of you, whether you celebrate or not, whether Easter means chocolate or has a more spiritual meaning, I wish you all a blessed weekend.

Julie x


haymoni - Apr 6, 2007 8:24 am (#169 of 2988)  

Esther Rose - Slacker Moms don't own cheese cloth. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 464751818

I'm lucky if I have cheese and a cloth.

The stuff in the tubs is actually kind of creamy - I think it might just all go through!


Puck - Apr 6, 2007 8:32 am (#170 of 2988)  

And yet, self-proclaimed "slacker" mom is making her own cannoli?????

There is cheese cloth in my house.


Holly T. - Apr 6, 2007 8:32 am (#171 of 2988)  

Haymoni--You can use a coffee filter instead of a cheese cloth. Put one in a colander, place colander over a bowl, and let it drain.

Too funny about the static, Azi! Last winter my son started refusing to kiss me goodbye in the car when I'd drop him off at school because we kept shocking each other. "I love you, Mama," he said, "but I don't want to get electrocuted."


Chemyst - Apr 6, 2007 9:15 am (#172 of 2988)  

Brrr, we have frost in the forecast; but on the upside, procrastination + cold temperatures are at least a financial, if not fashion advantage this year. I do need a dressy spring/summer outfit but now I can wait until after-Easter sales.
And last year I was so on top of things; I'd even gone all Martha Stewart and planted real grass in baskets and decked out the garden egg tree with hanging eggs & ribbon. This year the plastic eggs are just lying under the tree in the mulch and collecting a fine coating of pollen.

He says it smells of sleep! — Azi's brother

What an image. I may borrow that line sometime.


geauxtigers - Apr 6, 2007 9:24 am (#173 of 2988)  

Well I don't even know what a cheese cloth is! LOL

My aunt makes really good broccoli salad with grapes, broccoli, and bacon. I would never try it because I thought it was weird for having grapes, then one day, I did. Its really good!

LOL about shocking, Azi! I hate that! Especially getting out of the car and shocking your hand trying to close the door! I try to remember to touch my key to the door first, but I never do...

Smelly rooms...hmm mine smells like my lotion! LOL I walk in and it makes me want to go to sleep! Ginny always walks in and lays down on my bed and smells it...I told yall she was weird...!

Its freezing in my house! I'm bundled up and its not even 60F outside yet!

Well I hope everyone has a nice Easter if you celebrate!


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 6, 2007 11:10 am (#174 of 2988)  

Aww, what a lovely sentiment, GE!

It is snowing on and off outside and tomorrow is our egg hunt. Well, at least the children don't mind. They're usually too excited to notice the weather. (I still have sooo much to do in preparation.)

My hands and feet are almost always cold - Mrs. Sirius, I'm with you - I usually end up snuggling near one of my little bears they're always so warm!

Sorry I can't remember who asked about the ricotta (was it you, haymoni?) but you can substitute Farmer's Cheese (I think Alexrod's makes one). It is usually in the refrigerated section near the cream cheeses and sour creams, etc. It is in a soft blister pack rather than a plastic container. Ask if you don't see it - you probably haven't noticed it before. It is very dry and that is what I use (I sweeten it with sugar and add a bit of lemon juice) in my cheese blintzes. It should work well for you.

A blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to all from the HHs!



Puck - Apr 6, 2007 11:18 am (#175 of 2988)  

One a Diva's school friends was here on Monday, and commented about his toes being cold. I said mine were, too. Diva, who wasn't even wearing socks, said her feet were fine, and never feel cold unless snow gets in her boots. The little boy reminded her that if she's always hot/warm, then "You're a hottie!"


journeymom - Apr 6, 2007 11:34 am (#176 of 2988)  

  "I think I am going to buy "Happy Feet" for The Beautifulest One. It is just mere coincidence that a certain trailer is on there." Haymoni

Is there a HP trailer on the dvd?

Kabloink- so glad your husband got a decent job, sorry it's such a horrendous commute! Sorry you have to move again!

Healing charms for Mike's feet.

Static electricity- I just don't remember getting shocked every time I got out of the car when I was a kid. I have a poor memory, but is it possible that auto upholstery is different from 30 years ago?

But it's better to shock yourself on the frame of the car before you go to pump gas...

“His toes were cold, tiddly dum.” House points to anybody who knows what I'm referring to.


Edited to say, Happy spring festival of your choice, everybody!


Puck - Apr 6, 2007 12:54 pm (#177 of 2988)  

”His toes were cold, tiddly dum.”  House points to anybody who knows what I'm referring to.

***waves hand in most Hermione-ish way***

I know, I know! Pooh Bear used that line in a little hum he was humming!


Ydnam96 - Apr 6, 2007 1:03 pm (#178 of 2988)  

Well, I'm hooked on five words! Three of us just posted at the exact same time and had to go back and edit. Kind of funny! haha

It's chilly here today. It was supposed to be warm and mostly sunny. I have on shorts and a tank top...I will be changing because my toes (along with my arms and legs) are getting cold. I guess brisk would be a good word but I'm not sure if you can use that word when after noon. It seems like a morning type of word.

Kitty has his annual vet appointment today. Shots. Fun times. Getting him in his crate is near to impossible. He's a big cat (15-ish lbs) and it's just me. But getting him out again at the vet is really impossible. We have to dump the crate (I have a soft one that you can not take the top off of. I used that once and it was not good. He made nasty hissy noises and tried to bite us all). Now I have to use the kind you can take the top off of and the vet has to pull him out. It's amazing how strong cats can be!

Well, off to change. Blessed Good Friday to all who celebrate.



haymoni - Apr 6, 2007 3:01 pm (#179 of 2988)  

Puck - I haven't made the cannoli yet!!!!

We just finished coloring eggs.

The Indians are desperately trying to have their Home Opener but the snow keeps coming down!

journeymom - my sister-in-law told me that the trailer was on the DVD. She could be mistaken.


kaykay1970 - Apr 6, 2007 4:46 pm (#180 of 2988)  

Yes that trailer is on the Happy Feet dvd. We rented it for Little Guy.

It is snowing in Tennessee in APRIL!! Amazing!

**Waves to Lina!**


Puck - Apr 6, 2007 5:03 pm (#181 of 2988)  

Oh, the eggs. Guess we'll color them tomorrow.

Good news. The kids' bedroom has a floor. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

The rest of the house is a disaster of course. Better get back on that.


geauxtigers - Apr 6, 2007 5:17 pm (#182 of 2988)  

Snowing in Tennessee, in April? AHHH that made me loook at my weather bug. This is exactly what it says! "Cloudy. Chance of light rain... possibly mixed with sleet after midnight. Chance of precipitation 40%!!!!! AHHH! Sleet in April in Louisiana? What a wonderful birthday present that would be! LOL **knock on wood**

Ahh well I got so excited about the possibility of sleet that I forgot what I was going to say! LOL

Somebody throw some snowballs for me!


The giant squid - Apr 6, 2007 6:55 pm (#183 of 2988)  

Mike, I suppose you're too much of a guy to get a pedicure. They make your feet feel great!—Puck

Yeah, I'm not much of a mani-pedi person. I have the sort of feet that people run in fear from.

Day 2 of Grindhouse Week went OK, but my scary feet still ache a bit. I think it's time for new shoes. I mentioned that to my wife & her eyes lit up in an unnerving way... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 793915934



Denise P. - Apr 6, 2007 7:00 pm (#184 of 2988)  

In 2004, we had snow in April in Tennessee. It melted quickly but it covered our deck. Here in NoVa, they are saying we could get 1-3" of snow by morning...how insane is that?

I really need to finish this cross stitch, my no reading ban is starting to make me twitch. I should clarify, it is no recreational reading but I still read my scriptures. I found a really nifty method for color coding it and it is making it much easier since you don't read it in order, you read it by topic. My oldest daughter showed me how she was doing it while she was visiting so I started.

Now, I am waiting impatiently on an eight colored marking pencil from eBay. It was $10 less than the local store here wanted. That was surprising since it was that much less even after factoring in shipping from Hong Kong.

Okay, off to watch some more MI-5. I am trying to get through the second series so I can discuss it with a friend.


Puck - Apr 6, 2007 7:25 pm (#185 of 2988)  

Wait, did someone say shoes?

Actually my new ones arrived today, and my eyes did light up when hubby brought the box in with the mail.  cheers  Now I just have to decide which go best with my dress. (I ordered 2 pair in hopes at least one would fit and be comfortable. Both together were still half the price of the ones I originally found.)


painting sheila - Apr 6, 2007 7:26 pm (#186 of 2988)  

Hi everyone! I hit the magic button by accident!!

Sorry to everyone I missed.

Today is our last day at the beach. We have had great weather until today - it was too cold to be on the beach, so we sat on the deck and read. Then we have played games all day. fun!

I have some good sun - was a little burned on the first d ay but it has soaked in nicely. Yeah!!

I am off to look at 5 words!

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates!



kaykay1970 - Apr 6, 2007 8:33 pm (#187 of 2988)  

It didn't snow for very long and it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Yay! Hubby tried to convince me earlier that it snowed here 3 years ago in April and I told him he was crazy! I guess he is right since Denise remembers it as well! LOL


2BMcsmom - Apr 6, 2007 8:42 pm (#188 of 2988)  

Resume is in the mail and I am praying for a good response. Do not understand why the post office must send a letter to another city 1 1/2 hours away, so that it can come back to the post office it was mailed from the next day.

The cannoli and different salads and desserts all sound like they are wonderful. I will not have to worry about cooking for Easter. Mr. Mc has decided that we will be having fish for Easter dinner. He does all the cooking when he wants fish. This comes from having gone fishing 3 days the week of Easter.

Will color eggs tomorrow for Sunday.

Mike and Puck - good luck with the shoes.


Edit: Denise, it must be very hard having a reading bann. I would probably get more done if I did the same.

I have not got the hang of remembering all the stuff from post that I would like to respond to. Does it get easier?


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 6, 2007 8:53 pm (#189 of 2988)  

We dyed our eggs this evening. The hotpink and blue dyes were the absolute best! So awesome, that me and Tori decided to dye our hands with them. We were pretty successful and my mom freaked out a bit when she saw what we did. I'll put a picture behind my avatar. My hands are pink and Tori's are blue! It was pretty fun! It was amazing how dark the stuff turned our hands! And because I know someone is bound to ask, it came off very easily with soap and water.

So far today that's all we've done.

Good luck with your resume Sonya! **Felix** and no remembering stuff doesn't get any easier! I find that sometimes it's help full to copy paste stuff into a Word document, but I'm far to lazy to do that most of the time!

Glad the beach has been fun Shelia! I'm heading back over to 5 words right now to see what's happened in the past few hours.

2 days till my birthday!!! WOOTT! I can't wait!!


kabloink! - Apr 6, 2007 10:02 pm (#190 of 2988)  

Sonya, if I find as I'm reading that there are a lot of things I want to comment on, I will starting jotting down brief notes on a piece of scrap paper (my desk is covered in junk, scrap paper included...sometimes). Then I will type my response once I get to the end of the posts. Note, I only do this when I have a lot to say to a lot of posts, and I'm feeling ambitious...none of this happens too often. Usually when there are that many posts I want to respond to, I get tired or distracted before I can finish reading them.

Ok, off to bed. Its 1am, and I have to be up by 6am. Fun fun.

Knight knight!


The giant squid - Apr 6, 2007 11:41 pm (#191 of 2988)  

As if my feet weren't bad enough already...one of my toes failed to dodge the stairs earlier and is now either broken or sprained. It's sore, swollen & turning a lovely shade of purple just below the toenail. Tomorrow I plan to whine, plead and cajole the other managers to let me sit in the office & do all the computer & paperwork instead of running all over the theater for 8 hours...

kabloink, I do the same thing, though I use Notepad on my computer. Cut-n-paste is a wonderful tool.



Ydnam96 - Apr 7, 2007 1:26 am (#192 of 2988)  

Sonya, sometimes I open up to internet windows...I read the posts in one and type my response in another and then when I've caught up I close the one I'm not writing in and hit post. I'm strange. I know

I just got back from a friends house. We watched Akeelah and the Bee. I wasn't really looking forward to it...but it was excellent. Such a great movie!

And, my friend was telling me about this crazy song she heard on the radio...something about picking ticks off a person. So I looked it up and it is indeed a song. Brad Paisley has a song titled "Ticks". Am I the only person who thinks that a love song should never include the word tick? That's gross right?

Anyway...I should go to bed. I have to drive to LAX in the morning.



Chemyst - Apr 7, 2007 4:35 am (#193 of 2988)  

Whining, pleading and cajoling charms to the giant squid.  (Boy! This forum makes me do strange things.)

Ginny, I thoroughly enjoyed your picture of the dyed hands in the unbreakable vow grip. And I'm happy for your mom that it did not require Mrs. Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess-Remover. **fondly remembers the year the kids dyed each of the puppy's paws a different egg color**

I agree, Mandy. Gross love songs can “tick” people off. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 464751818


kaykay1970 - Apr 7, 2007 5:06 am (#194 of 2988)  
Edited Apr 7, 2007 5:46 am

LOL Mandy! I heard that song on the radio the other day. I agree! Pretty gross! Clearly the song writer has never had lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever or taken a child to the optometrist to have a tick removed from his eyeball...


Good Evans - Apr 7, 2007 7:28 am (#195 of 2988)  

Puck - it is winnie the pooh yes? but which part I am not sure! I am having a great saturday afternoon - I have had a glass of wine, and cheese and fresh bread for lunch, and I am all on my own - wonderful!!!!

We have blinis and quail eggs and I have some tomato and goats cheese mini quiches for dinner, oh Spring has arrived - it truly is glorious today so "spring" charms to all who are suffering snow and cold.   SE England is spring-like and beautiful.


Puck - Apr 7, 2007 8:00 am (#196 of 2988)  

Julie, the book is in Diva's room. I will look it up when I get the chance.

Hmm, perhaps the song about ticks would be the one we should sing to Moaning Myrtle. (See the April Fool vote thread.)

Kay, please tell me none of your kids had a tick on the eyeball. **shivers squeamishly**

Oh, I have been humming "The Bunny Song" ever since John mentioned it.

Okay, back to work. Baby's room is next. I'm feeling a bit Denise-like today. I've done my Yoga, made pancakes, done the dishes, boiled the eggs and baked a cake. And it's still morning!


Choices - Apr 7, 2007 8:21 am (#197 of 2988)  

Happy Easter everyone. The Easter Bunny visited me last night and brought me a new grandson. His name is Tyler Brian and he weighs 8 pounds 2 ounces. I was in the delivery room and was the first to get to hold him. He's even better than chocolate! :-)


kaykay1970 - Apr 7, 2007 8:32 am (#198 of 2988)  

Kay, please tell me none of your kids had a tick on the eyeball. **shivers squeamishly**

-Afraid I can't do that!

Congratulations Choices!


Jenniffler - Apr 7, 2007 8:40 am (#199 of 2988)  

Felicitations Choices!!!

Do you dare tell your grandbaby he shares a middle name with Dumbledore?

LOL at the image of Denise P and her many colored (but highly readable) scriptures. Good luck with that meticulous process, especially with the rest of the household catches on.

Edit: Choices, glad to help.


Choices - Apr 7, 2007 8:57 am (#200 of 2988)  

Oh my gosh.....you have made my day. I didn't even think of that. I was too ticked off that she wouldn't name him Harry Potter. LOL Now I can be at peace because he has a HP name. (Huge grin!)
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Anna L. Black - Apr 7, 2007 9:04 am (#201 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Choices!!


Ydnam96 - Apr 7, 2007 9:44 am (#202 of 2988)  

Oh what a wonderful Easter present Choices! That's great.

I can't even think about ticks and eyes. Oh man!


journeymom - Apr 7, 2007 10:14 am (#203 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Choices! How neat to be in the delivery room. Hope his mom has a speedy recovery. 8lbs 2 oz is substantial!


TwinklingBlueEyes - Apr 7, 2007 10:39 am (#204 of 2988)  

Congratulations Choices!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!


geauxtigers - Apr 7, 2007 10:50 am (#205 of 2988)  

Congratulations Choices!

I remember the tick in the eyeball Kaykay...**shudders**

Thermometer reads 45F/7C supposed to only make it to 52F/11C. Brrr, We have attempted a fire, but the wood isn't dry enough, so its not really burning. I've already had my hot chocolate!

Okay I need to go wrap my cousin's present, his birthday is today but I won't seee him until tomorrow, but anyway, I need to wrap this thing before I forget!

Hope everyone has a warm, spring day. Or as warm as it can befor those of us East of the Rockies!


azi - Apr 7, 2007 11:15 am (#206 of 2988)  

Congratulations Choices!

Also a warm day here Julie! Almost feels like summer.

Well done on a productive day, Puck! I was asleep until midday.

Lovely Easter weekend's to all!


Eponine - Apr 7, 2007 11:24 am (#207 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Choices! That's a lovely Easter gift.

It snowed here last night. Just a teeny bit, but all the roofs had a thin layer of snow. It's just nuts that it snowed in North Carolina in April.


Tazzygirl - Apr 7, 2007 11:32 am (#208 of 2988)  

Congratulations Choices!!

Skimmed the posts, and since I have to be at work in 10 minutes, can't comment on everything.

I actually saw a real famous person at work two days ago! I saw Sayid!!! I walked out the main door, and he came after me. I held the door open, he said "Thank you" and I said "You’re Welcome". Didn't freak out or anything. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508

Have a good day everyone!



2BMcsmom - Apr 7, 2007 12:11 pm (#209 of 2988)  

Congratulations on the new grandson Choices.

Went to the local festival today so that the youngest could hunt eggs. How do you hunt eggs when they are dumped on a baseball field? They had prize eggs. I cannot get over the adults that were standing at the fences looking for the prize eggs before the kids were let inside. This is just so that their kids could win a store bought Easter basket. 4 prizes per age group. And most of those parents looked (and I do know that looks can be deceiving) as if they could more than afford baskets for their children. Where is the fun for the kids in getting to pick up the eggs if you have your parents yelling at you to go this way and that. Sorry for ranting, I just don't get it.

Now to dye eggs for tomorrow. It is a good thing the youngest does not read these post, ya'll would have him thinking about bringing in the rabbit to dye as our dog is way too big.



Solitaire - Apr 7, 2007 12:55 pm (#210 of 2988)  

I actually saw a real famous person at work two days ago! I saw Sayid!!!

Okay, I'll bite ... who is Sayid? **feeling terribly old and out-of-it**

After reading about snowstorms and the terrible weather many have been having, I haven't wanted to talk about our weather. For most of the week, it has been in the mid-to-high 80s, feeling more like summer than spring. I've been in T-shirts, shorts & flip-flops all week. Last night, I came home about 9 p.m. from a Good Friday service. (I'd gone to hear my sister sing. She sounds just like Sandi Patty, for those who know who that is. I figure this is why I sound like Tallulah Bankhead ... all of the talent genes in the family went to her!) Anyway, when I walked into the house, the A/C was on! This is pretty bad, because I have it set on 80. I'm sorry to complain when so many are freeeeezing, but I think that is a bit TOO warm for INSIDE the house ... at 9 p.m. ... in the first week of April!

Tori, I am glad you finally received my bunny pic. I was wondering ... hehe! I agree, though, that solid chocolate would be better!

Mike, good luck with the feet. I have "problem feet," and when they are in pain, I feel miserable all over. I've also suffered the stubbed, broken toe problems you describe. These days, I generally wear some sort of slides or slippers inside, too, to help combat that tendency. A badly broken toe will take a few weeks to heal (mine did) ... and you may not be able to wear anything close-toed in the interim. I couldn't.

About shoes ... My feet used to be normal, but my rheumatoid arthritis changed all that. Instead of the pretty shoes I used to wear (and I had a closet-full of pretty shoes to match every outfit), I now must wear rather ugly shoes. They are not Birks, but they look just as clunky. I watch Clarks, Naturalizer, SoftSpots, and SAS like a hawk for any remotely pretty or feminine styles. To help compensate for the "clunkiness factor" of the shoes I do wear, I always keep my feet pedicured and my toenails painted with a beautiful OPI color that goes with everything, since I wear open toes most of the time. I confess, though, that no longer being able to wear dainty, beautiful shoes has really been hard for me. Beautiful shoes were always a part of my "personae," if that makes sense. Shoes really can affect how a woman feels!

Okay, on that note ... back to work! I still have a ton of junk to do for school. I've been buried all week ... I don't even feel as though I've had a vacation.



haymoni - Apr 7, 2007 12:57 pm (#211 of 2988)  

Parents should be banned from Easter Egg Hunts.

We colored eggs - ate 3 of them because they cracked while boiling. Went to Good Friday services and came home and collapsed.

I made pizzelles - Ungrateful Son helped - and shaped them into the tubes for the cannoli. The ricotta I bought was perfect! Except that Ungrateful Son doesn't know how to properly manipulate an electric hand mixer, so the extra thick ricotta burned it up!!!

I had to run out and get a new mixer, but Kmart (which is the closest store to me) had kids' turtlenecks, long-sleeved T-Shirts and polos and light weight sweats in solid colors for $1.99 each!!!! I stocked up for next year and for those evening baseball games. And of course I still had to buy the Easter candy and the "Happy Feet" video and "Borat" (don't ask!) and I had to buy candy for my nieces & nephews that we'll see tomorrow...so my $19 handmixer (on sale!) ended up costing me almost $100. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1437562208

I'm tired, but the cannoli are done and distributed. Pretzel salad is half-way done. I haven't made the Jello yet.


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 7, 2007 1:34 pm (#212 of 2988)  

Sonya, sometimes I open up to internet windows...I read the posts in one and type my response in another and then when I've caught up I close the one I'm not writing in and hit post. I'm strange. I know –Mandy
Actually, I think that's the best idea ever! I have 2 windows open now!

Okay, I'll bite ... who is Sayid? **feeling terribly old and out-of-it**   I was wondering the same thing!

Well I'm officially freaking out because the warmest part of the day has already passed here and it only got up to 46 It doesn't do that most days during December and January! This sucks because it doesn't feel like it's almost my birthday. Normally I can wear shorts and such, but I'm going to be bundled up in jeans and a sweatshirt. It just doesn't feel right. **wonders what Al Gore thinks about global warming now**

Congrats on the new grandson Choices! Cute name!

LOL about dying the animals. I didn't think of that....Kitty and doggy are black and white.. I think Pink is more their color! :evilgrin:

Off to read and watch TV and such!


Denise P. - Apr 7, 2007 1:49 pm (#213 of 2988)  

Okay, I'll bite ... who is Sayid? **feeling terribly old and out-of-it**  

I would hazard a guess it was Naveen Andrews, who plays Sayid on Lost. *I* would have known who Naveen Andrews was but most people who follow the show would immediately know Sayid. Sayid, who needs to chill just a bit lately.

Years ago, I followed a TV show and would often call the lead actor by the character name in conversations with other fans. I was totally cured of that after meeting the actor, seeing and hearing him. Not only did he not sound like the character, he was shorter than the character (seriously, the character looks about 3" taller than the actor) and didn't look like the character! I can look at photos of this actor now and tell you if it is a candid shot or of him being that specific character. Before I met him, people told me I would never be able to confuse them again and they were right. I find it incredible how good actors can make such a distinction between themselves and the character.

We got a light snow covering last night and had snow blowing through the day. Mr. Denise has been moving boxes from the garage to the basement so we can go through them. One of his boxes got damp and mold into it...some of his high school wrestling trophies are totally ruined and no hope of salvage. Now, it smells horribly of mold in the garage. He is washing stuff but it just reeks in there.


Good Evans - Apr 7, 2007 1:55 pm (#214 of 2988)  

Yup, I'd guess Naveen Andrews too! - quite exciting though Kristina!!

Congratulations Choices! wonderful news

Solitaire - I am so sorry that you can't indulge in fabulous shoes. I know exactly what you mean - the higher the stilletto and the pointer the toe, the happier I am, but I suspect my days are now numbered too.....


Holly T. - Apr 7, 2007 1:57 pm (#215 of 2988)  

I hit recent to tell you that we are having sleet in Texas the day before Easter.   Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 793915934  Yikes. Some friends of ours are visiting from England and they apologized for bringing the rain and cold with them, LOL. It is supposed to be back in the 80s by the middle of the week, which is when I leave for San Francisco.

Sleet! We hardly ever have sleet in the winter.


Catherine - Apr 7, 2007 3:14 pm (#216 of 2988) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Apr 7, 2007 3:39 pm

Mr. Catherine informs me that early this morning (I slept in ) it snowed, but briefly.

We have the possibility of snow tonight--how crazy is that? It was 90 degrees here on Wednesday!

Something weird this way comes....


Eponine - Apr 7, 2007 5:26 pm (#217 of 2988)  

Tazzy, you saw Naveen Andrews? *swoons* I'm a bit jealous now.


boop - Apr 7, 2007 6:40 pm (#218 of 2988)  

Hi Everyone!!

Congrats on the new grandson Choices.

Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

hugs always



Ydnam96 - Apr 7, 2007 7:13 pm (#219 of 2988)  

Oh my goodness. I just watched Blood Diamond.

If you haven't seen it. You should. Quite a lesson of our times.


geauxtigers - Apr 7, 2007 7:22 pm (#220 of 2988)  

Okay, so forecast for tonight: Light rain, sleet and or snow. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. But the little icon actually is a snowflakey one! LOL Too weird, we are only at 39 at the moment, but **crosses fingers and knocks on wood** there is hope!

I keep going outside to check and make sure there isn't any sleet. So far nothing, just really cold rain.

Been reading all day by the fire. In April...

Hope everyone has a good Easter tomorrow!


Tazzygirl - Apr 7, 2007 7:34 pm (#221 of 2988)  

Oops. My bad! I did indeed see Naveen Andrews. LOL I was in such a rush to leave this morning, that his character's name on LOST came out instead of his real name. Apparently he is a regular at my store. LOL- I didn't even get all nervous and shaky like I did for my supposed Michael Phelps guy.

It was non-stop busy today! But I am definitely 10x more confident making drinks and ringing people up than I was a week or so ago.

Sonya- good luck with the resume!

I haven't been to an Easter Egg hunt in a long time. Won't be able to see Nathaniel or Sydney hunt for eggs tomorrow either, as I am working noon to 6. Easter kind of snuck up on me this year.



geauxtigers - Apr 7, 2007 10:14 pm (#222 of 2988)  

It sleeted! SQUEEE!!! We spent about 30 minutes outside collecting it in an umbrella and off the car and put it in a plastic Easter egg and put it in the freezer so we can show my dad! It was so cool! Its still only 37F outside, but the weather guy told us that its because theres a layer if frozen air thats causing it to sleet! Well it did, and pretty hard too! Got a little wet as well because along with the sleet there was rain. No snow that we know of, but if it does snow, we'll probably never know it because I'm not sitting outside all night waiting for it! And its not going to stick anyways. I'm just glad it sleeted! It was a good early b-day present, but its still hard to believe that its April!

Cool about that actor guy, Kristina! **didn't know who it was** LOL!


Elanor - Apr 8, 2007 12:21 am (#223 of 2988)  

Congratulations Choices! How wonderful of the Easter Stork to come and help the Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter to all! Joyeuses Pâques!

Here, spring has finally arrived and today should be as sunny and mild as it was yesterday. **Weather Charms to all needing some**

Have a wonderful day everybody, full of chocolate and fun egg hunting!



Lina - Apr 8, 2007 1:22 am (#224 of 2988)  

I use the notepad too, Mike and Kabloink, but not always.

Healing and strengthening charms to Mrs. Sirius family and to all other that need them!

Congratulations, Choices! I agree it is much better than chocolate although there is not a big difference in the smell! Enjoy!

Sorry about the bad situation in the garage, Denise. I hope you'll be able to fix it soon.

I feel pain just by watching high heeled or too tight shoes.

Happy Easter to all that celebrate! We do not do any egg hunts here and we do not make separate baskets or buy any special presents or buy Easter dresses. But we do get big chocolate eggs with a surprise inside. I guess that is an Italian custom since all the chocolate eggs that we can find in our stores are imported from Italy. (My grandmother was Italian.) In Italy you even have the chocolate factories where you can bring the gift that you want to put in the chocolate egg and they do it for you. We went to all the services in the church this year. The youngest fell asleep at the midnight services this night. And we had 7 adults being baptized. ***waving to Kay***

The kids are on the holidays next week and I got just two days off as well!


Solitaire - Apr 8, 2007 1:26 am (#225 of 2988)  

Whew! I finally finished that SDAIE/ELD portfolio I have never had time to do (from the class I took last fall). I just wish it hadn't taken my ENTIRE holiday to accomplish it. Now I feel as though I've had no time off at all. Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I only hope it passes muster. I've talked to several who've had their portfolios returned for changes. **cringing at the thought**

On the plus side, I only have 38 more student days until the end of the year. Yeay!!!!!!!! I hope I can last that long!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Ginny and Tori, don't eat too many chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Well, it's late and I'm tired! When I said I finished my portfolio, I mean I JUST finished it ... at about 1 a.m. I've been working for days, and I'm a bit bleary-eyed. Sweet chocolate dreams, everyone! **humming Here come's Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail ...**



Caius Iulius - Apr 8, 2007 3:24 am (#226 of 2988)  

Happy Easter everyone!

Choices, such wonderful Easter bunny news. I expect your grandson to sleep in a basket now Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508


azi - Apr 8, 2007 4:54 am (#227 of 2988)  

Congrats on finishing your portfolio, Soli! **perfect first time** charms!

Happy Easter everyone. For some reason, I have more Easter eggs this year than ever before! I thought you were supposed to get less when you got older.

It's colder outside today due to a strong wind. I don't intend on stepping outside though.


geauxtigers - Apr 8, 2007 9:12 am (#228 of 2988)  

Happy Easter!!


Ydnam96 - Apr 8, 2007 9:20 am (#229 of 2988)  

Happy Easter!

It rained most of the night which is great news (well, not so much rain as mist/sprinkle) we need the moisture so badly. (Rr is it so bad? Grammar is not my strong suit).

As I live by myself I have no Easter Basket or chocolate. But I did buy some spinach dip for myself.

Off to church.


Good Evans - Apr 8, 2007 10:31 am (#230 of 2988)  

Easter blessings to all

went to walk dog at 6.30 this morning, we had a great time ambled through fields (some with horses and some without). We went wrong only one but got back on track and we managed to find two different tracks that took us from our house to the church, so we went one way and came back the other. Doggie was very tired when we got back.

Then went to church and I decided as it was Easter I would wear a hat ! and why not indeed!!! it was the only one there and I ended up in the front pew - typical! normally we sit about three or four back - but it was packed, we didnt even park in the car park as it was full when we got there.

just been to play badminton - girls won 5 -0 - unheard of we normally scrap for an edged victory!

now sitting down to catch up on the forum, my feet hurt but that is from the running around court in sensible running shoes, perhaps I should have worn stilletos?!?  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

yay on the spinach dip Mandy - I didnt get any eggs either, but spinach is much better for you.


Mediwitch - Apr 8, 2007 12:18 pm (#231 of 2988)  

The ham is in the oven, the rolls are made, and Mr. Mediwitch is peeling potatoes, so I'm sneaking on for a few minutes as I haven't had a chance all weekend. (Never did make pretzel salad, though. ) We listed the house on Friday, and the agent showed it on Saturday. The person who came really liked the house and will be applying for a mortgage this week. We've got a couple more showings Monday evening. WooHoo! Keep your fingers crossed and send some Felix Felicis for a fast sale!

Sheila, glad you've had a great time at the beach!

Tori and Ginny, I showed Mr. Mediwitch your hands (he teaches high school) and all he could say was "Oh - my - God!"

Sonya, I often view this thread in "ALL MSGS", then I can scroll up and down and type comments in the message box then scroll back to the post I was reading. When I'm all finished I just hit "post message".

*healing charms* for that toe, Mike! I broke my pinky toe last fall and man, that hurt!!! I wore nothing but Crocs for about 3 weeks, and even then I couldn't wear sneakers tied up for another week or two.

Ooh, Choices, congratulations on the Easter Bunny's delivery! How wonderful to be right there!

And congratulations on finishing your portfolio, Soli!

Happy Easter! Easter Bunny


Tazzygirl - Apr 8, 2007 1:43 pm (#232 of 2988)  

Happy Easter!



Lavandula - Apr 8, 2007 3:16 pm (#233 of 2988)  

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

My mother has left from spending the night last night and day with us, the dishes are done, and I am sitting down to get caught up on some forum reading.

It has been extremely cold and snowy for Easter. Darling daughter and I went to get pedicures yesterday to wear with our Easter dresses, but it was way too cold to go without hosiery this morning. My mother had 2 feet of snow at her house yesterday. (She lives in the snow belt near Cleveland.)

I've been listening to HP and the Half Blood Prince on tape this week whenever I've had the opportunity. Easier than reading when there are too many chores to accomplish.

Yes, there is the HP trailer on Happy Feet. I just saw it today for the first time!!!!!!! I can't wait now.

Congratulations Choices on the new arrival. Babies are better than chocolate.

Love the colorful hands Tori and Ginny!!!


Denise P. - Apr 8, 2007 4:46 pm (#234 of 2988)  

Iain lost a tooth today! We knew it was loose and the silly boy swallowed it while eating his lunch, he never even noticed it was out. LOL

The bunny said it was just too cold this morning to put eggs out so he entrusted Mr. Denise with the eggs and Mr. Denise put them out this afternoon when it was above freezing.


painting sheila - Apr 8, 2007 7:07 pm (#235 of 2988)  

Hi everyone.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.


kaykay1970 - Apr 8, 2007 9:49 pm (#236 of 2988)  

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Easter while it is still Easter!! It is 11:49 here. lol

We had a fabulous time in the mountains, but it was SO cold!! Hubby's family always has a huge fish fry before the egg hunt. It was great seeing some of his family that we've not seen in a couple of years!

Every time we visit the mountains we always drive by the hotel where we spent our honeymoon. This time it was not there!!


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 8, 2007 10:29 pm (#237 of 2988)  



Elanor - Apr 8, 2007 10:41 pm (#238 of 2988)  

It is April, 9th already here so....

Happy Birthday, Joyeux anniversaire Ginny!!

Joyeux anniversaire, Happy Birthday Tori!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

I hope you all spent a great Easter. Here, Easter Monday is a holiday, and it should be spring-like again, woohoo!



geauxtigers - Apr 8, 2007 10:46 pm (#239 of 2988)  

I know she hasn't been around in a while, but just in case she checks in today . . . .

Happy Birthday Stephanie M!

**waving to Audrey** I'm an adult in the wizarding world! LOL I can apparate, and as the final book approaches...my 7th year at Hogwarts does too! Really is perfect! Of course I have to make it through the rest of April, May, June, and much of July before that happens

Glad to know everyone had a good Easter! We went out to my Grannies where us girls were out numbered by all my cousins...We had some confetti eggs that were made of wax and had confetti inside. We thought they'd crack easily until we started throwing them at each other. I took one to my side courtesy of my 11 year cousin. After the youngest one cried and everyone else whined, we stuck to cracking them, then throwing! LOL Note that we still play with confetti eggs in my family even though 6 of the 9 are over 14! ha ha t'was fun.

I keep trying to hide my Easter basket from myself so I won't eat any more candy, but the problem is, is that I know where I've hidden it!

I should go to bed, its nearly one!

Happy Monday! **does not have to go to school....jumping up and down!!!!**

EDIT Its Julie's Birthday too? Happy Birthday Julie!


Good Evans - Apr 8, 2007 10:52 pm (#240 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday Twins (Tori and Ginny) - I knew I celebrated with someone on this forum!!!!!!! (I was just about to look back to last year when I saw Audrey's post, April 9th here!!)

off to walk dog, it is 6.50 am here!

Hubby bought me some beautiful swarovski earings and I had an OWL from JKR - it doesnt get better does it (now, where is the advance copy of Deathly Hallows?) ..... have a great day everyone!

belated happy day to Stephanie M


The giant squid - Apr 8, 2007 10:55 pm (#241 of 2988)  

Birthday greetings to Ginny, Tori, Stephanie & Julie!


Elanor - Apr 8, 2007 11:01 pm (#242 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday and joyeux anniversaire too Julie!!!

And belated happy birthday to Stephanie as well!


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 8, 2007 11:20 pm (#243 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday to Julie and Stephanie!!!!

WOW! How weird that 4 people have the same birthday! We should have a party!! I'll bring the cake and party hats...someone else can bring the presents!


Good Evans - Apr 9, 2007 12:11 am (#244 of 2988)  

I'll bring the butter beer Ginny... (and a nip of Ogdens old fire whisky)


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2007 12:17 am (#245 of 2988)  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ginny, Tori, JulieGE, and Stephanie! Hope you all have a fantastic day!!

Swarovsky earrings?! I'm so jealous!

Ginny and Tori- you had some very bright pink and blue hands!

How sad that the hotel is gone, Kay!

I have a kind of weird schedule Monday and Tuesday- my students are doing the statewide testings both days, and as I am a student teacher, I am not allowed to even be in the same room with them. So, tomorrow I don't have to be anywhere until noon, when I have that stupid meeting with my cohort. Then Tuesday I won't be going to see my students until 12:30, when the testings are over, and everyone is back on the normal scheduling.

Off to watch Desperate Housewives and Amazing Race, if they aren't reruns.


EDIT: Crossposted with Soli. **waves**


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2007 12:17 am (#246 of 2988)  

Thanks for the charms, Azi! I will be sooooooo glad to wave good-bye to that portfolio! It would have been so much easier if I didn't have to borrow students who fit the English Learner profile. That has been my hold-up all year ... no qualifiying kids from whom to pull work samples. Thankfully, a friend has "loaned" me some of her students to satisfy the requirements. Whew! I don't know why things have to be so complicated. Oh, well ... I hope it all works!

Happy Birthday to Ginny, Tori, Julie and Stephanie!
MAY all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!



journeymom - Apr 9, 2007 12:25 am (#247 of 2988)  

Happy birthday to all, and to all a good night!


kaykay1970 - Apr 9, 2007 5:16 am (#248 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday Ginny, Tori, Julie and Stephanie!!


Chemyst - Apr 9, 2007 5:22 am (#249 of 2988)  

Parents should be banned from Easter Egg Hunts. – haymoni

Yes, isn't it amazing how many parents neglect to properly instruct their children about greed and aggressive avarice in a timely manner and are consequently forced to scream last-minute commands from the sidelines?   Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1242194059  My sons ran into an example of that this past weekend as well. They are too old for the actual egg hunt but they were in the skit earlier and helped give the little kids rides in a garden cart. So when they noticed the director's three year-old daughter refusing to run and fill her basket, they asked her why she didn't want to participate. They got a remarkably sensible answer, "I didn't make that mess, and I don't want to have to clean it up."
(... don't you bet she has heard that somewhere else before?)

Congratulations, Choices!

Completion Kudos to Solitaire.

Happy Birthday, (in no particular order but just to mix things up,) to Tori, Julie, Ginny, & Stephanie.


kabloink! - Apr 9, 2007 5:54 am (#250 of 2988)  

Hehe, Ydnam, you'd think that the song was gross, but its actually cute and really kind of funny. I'm a huge fan of Brad Paisley, and while "Ticks" is a bit more off the wall than his usual, I don't think its any worse than "I'm Gonna Miss Her" where a guy chooses fishing over his wife, even though he never catches anything...

On each of his CD's he also does a hymn. On his second disc he does an absolutely wonderful version of "Old Rugged Cross," Its just gorgeous.

Congratulations Choices! That's awesome!

My son has learned to babble. It is soo adorable. Right now he is blowing spit bubbles (audibly) and sort of chanting "blah blah, ba ba...occasionally he even gets in a ma ma.

We drove down to visit hubby's grandma on Saturday. Ian had a blast. Now that he's older, he and Grandma had a great time playing together-that woman has stamina! She out peek-a-boo-ed him. That is impressive. But driving back, we hit some of the worst icy roads we've seen all winter. We passed 10 cars off on the side of the road, spun out within a 1/4 mile span. (Later, they actually closed that section of I-96, because of the black ice). We also got slowed down by a 20 car pile-up just before our exit to get to my in laws. Well, that is what happens when people drive 80 mph on icy roads...

I used to love to wear funky high-heeled and platform shoes in high school (I only graduated in 2000), but since then I've gained about 50lbs, so those shoes just aren't so comfy anymore.

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating!
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azi - Apr 9, 2007 6:07 am (#251 of 2988)  

So many birthday's!

Happy birthday to Stephanie, Ginny, Tori and JulieGE!

(Can you tell I ran out of birthday smiley's?)

Julie, I am jealous of your Swarovski earrings. I stare longingly at their jewellery every time I go past the shops.

Your son sounds cute, kabloink!

Nice days to all! Bank holiday here!


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2007 6:47 am (#252 of 2988)  

Since I never waste an opportunity to indulge my earring passion--fortunately, I don't have to wear corrective earrings--I had to check out these Swarovski earrings, as I'd never heard of them before. Very nice! I wouldn't mind a pair or two ... although I am a Holly-Yashi girl myself. One of the best things about wearing short hair is flashing pretty earrings! I love 'em!



Denise P. - Apr 9, 2007 7:05 am (#253 of 2988)  

I am earring impaired, I can't wear earrings. I can't wear pierced earrings since I get keloids. Basically, my body overproduces scar tissue so it is not a pretty sight. Because of this, clip on earrings won't work on the scar tissue. If I ever go in to have the keloids removed, then I would have to wear magnetic earrings to prevent more scars from forming. Because of all this, I just don't wear any...which is a bummer because there are a lot of cute earrings I would love to wear.

All but one of the kids stayed home today, sick. I am pretty sure that Mr. Denise contemplated staying home too. I suspect it was the deviled eggs since this smacks of something food carried. I need to go run some errands and since they are all in bed, I can leave the 14 yr old in charge for the short time it will take me to go do this stuff.


TwinklingBlueEyes - Apr 9, 2007 7:13 am (#254 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday Ginny, Tori, Stephanie & Julie! Hope everyone had a good Easter. Got another birthday today. I got home from work this morning and my mare had a brand new little Medicine Hat colt! He sure is cute! Will post pictures as soon as I can, right now am going to bed.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 9, 2007 8:52 am (#255 of 2988)  

Hey everyone! Had a little break between my classes today and decided to hop on and see how things were on here. God knows it's been forever since I've been on and it seems like everytime I decide I need to make more of an effort to get on here, some new, huge thing pops up in my life and leaves me with no time for anything!!

Anyway, I hope everyone's well and hopefully I'll be around more now!!



journeymom - Apr 9, 2007 9:45 am (#256 of 2988)  

Nice to see you, SMFSirus!

Solitaire, I think you asked for a review of the Neutrogena Build-a-Tan lotion. I've never used a self-tanner before and have now used it 3 times over 3 days. It's okay. I don't look like an oompa loompa, but I think it's difficult to apply without streaks. I started with lower legs only and at first I was very sparing with it, so the 'tan' didn't develop everywhere I intended. Next application I used more product so I was sure to get it everywhere. But it still streaked a bit. Not sure what that's about, except that it must be user error. The tone is fine, but it's also more orange than natural. When I tan naturally there's no hint of orange.

Oh, and I didn't realize I smeared a bit on the inside of my very pale arm, until I noticed an orange streak. Looks like I've got a small, specific area of jaundice.

I'll probably use it a few more times to see if deepening the tone improves it, and see if I can smooth out some of the streaks. But I probably won't use it again next spring. Getting a tan just isn't that important to me!

There! More than the entire Lexicon forum needs to know about my experience with a self-tanning lotion.


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2007 12:29 pm (#257 of 2988)  

Congratulations on the new baby horse, TBE! That's so exciting!

I tried the self-tanning lotion a long time ago, but it didn't work. I think I was nervous about it getting everywhere/turning a non-complementing color, so I put it on lightly. Now I embrace my non-tanning super freckly skin.

**waves to Jenn** Long time, no see! Welcome back!

I had my ears pierced when I was little, but ended up having them close up, as I wanted bandaids on them the entire time (4 years old). I just got them repierced about 2 years ago, and so far my favorite earrings are little hoops (stud earrings irritate my ears).

Off to run some errands before my meeting. fun fun fun!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Marie E. - Apr 9, 2007 12:35 pm (#258 of 2988)  

We were under a deep freeze all weekend. The trees were very pretty, though, with all snow and ice making them look like they were dipped in frosting. We usually go out to eat on Easter so I hadn't planned on staying home. We ended up eating egg salad sandwiches.

My day off was a bust because I ended up being sick. I did sneak out of the house and have lunch at Olive Garden with Mr. E. He has Fridays off so he was home and bored of watching me blow my nose.

It's up to 57 now, so I guess Spring is back for the moment.


haymoni - Apr 9, 2007 12:43 pm (#259 of 2988)  

The Beautifulest One asked to get her ears pierced. Hubby shot her down right away. I don't think he's comfortable with his 6-year-old-baby-girl having piercings.

I wonder if they could tattoo earrings on someone. Something that just looks like you have diamond studs in your ears.

I have problems with cheap earrings. I need the real stuff!

Of course when I was younger, I put safety pins and flowers with really thin stems through my ears. Stupid!


Lina - Apr 9, 2007 2:06 pm (#260 of 2988)  

Happy birthday Julie, Ginny, Tori and Stephanie!

I wanted to ask at least one of the twins (not sure which one) why do you say my birthday? Wouldn't the twins be used to say our birthday?

Wow, TBE, you have some wonderful dress and all the outfit for the DH release!

I love the earrings. And I think that one piercing might hurt less than a tattoo. Not to mention that you can change the earrings while the tattoo is always the same.


Puck - Apr 9, 2007 2:08 pm (#261 of 2988)  

Congratualtions, Choices!

Happy Birthday to Julie, Tori and Ginny! Hope everyone had a good Easter. It was colder than it was on Christmas, but we had a nice time. Made a ham and a turkey, so we had a big dinner -11 of us all together. Toddler Puck has discovered the joys of M&M's. (She found a few eggs -hidden in the living room- but then noticed the baskets full of candy.)

Diva asked about piercing her ears. I told her it was like getting a shot at the doctors office. She changed her mind before Daddy had a chance to Veto the idea.

As Easter was the 10th anniversary of my first date with hubby, I got a lovely silver bracelet. I also got to drive into the city to pick it out, as hubby forgot his wallet at home, and couldn't come back on his own, as he had no money to pay the parking garage. SO, I spent my Saturday afternoon driving into Boston with the kids to bring him his money. TheI trip to the jewelry store put a better spin on having to stay up until after 1am to do the cleaning I didn't get done that afternoon.

Solitaire, I just saw a talk show and one guest was a woman who designed truly comfortable and feminine shoes. They had woman who never wore heels and had on-your-feet-all-day jobs try them out. All results were favorable. I'll try to find the name of the designer.

Okay, break over. Back to the zillion things I need to do before my trip.


edit, Solitaire, they are Kristen Lee SHoes, though they are expensive.


Ydnam96 - Apr 9, 2007 2:12 pm (#262 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday to Julie, Tori and Ginny! And congrats to TBE on the new horse!!


Winky Woo - Apr 9, 2007 2:15 pm (#263 of 2988) Reply
Edited by Denise P. Apr 9, 2007 2:21 pm

Happy Birthday Julie! May all your birthday wishes come True!

Ginny and Torri Many Happy returns!

Well done Soli on completing everything at last... Enjoy Easter Monday evening, put your poor feet up and indulge yourself.

Congratulations Choices! The bunny really did bring you a special Easter Gift!

Spring has truly sprung! Babies everywhere! Spring has truly sprung! Babies everywhere!

A foal! How exciting TBE! We all wait with baited breath for a HP inspired name

Waves to everyone else!

Love Winky x x x


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 9, 2007 2:29 pm (#264 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Choices! What a great name! I can't believe how quickly the date came - it seems as though you just announced it not so long ago.

Happy Birthday to GEJulie, Ginny, Tori and Stephanie M!

Congrats on the colt, TBE!

My day off was a bust because I ended up being sick. I did sneak out of the house and have lunch at Olive Garden with Mr. E. He has Fridays off so he was home and bored of watching me blow my nose. Marie E.

Kind of puts a whole new spin on "Spring Fever" eh, Marie?

After spending the last two days outside running egg hunts, I too, as well as my children, am sporting a cold. This too, shall pass, though and it was well worth it. The children had a great time. They're so cute - I love to see their faces light up. We also collected a good amount of food for the food pantry. Hubby will have to transport it in his truck bed.

I am now very much behind in all of my duties, including keeping up with the house. Lina, you're lucky to be off! I wish our week off was this week but I'll be happy in 2 weeks if it's warmer. It has snowed the last 3 out of 4 days here.

You had me LOL, with the hand-dyeing, puppy paw dyeing and the little girl's comment, Chemyst, Ginny & Tori.

Mike, I broke my big toe when I was expecting Priscilla. Very painful for several days and I wouldn't even take a Tylenol. I can predict the rain days before it happens.



painting sheila - Apr 9, 2007 2:35 pm (#265 of 2988)  

Pierced Ears- We made our Oldest Daughter wait until she was 12 to get her ears pierced. I took her to the pediatricians office to have it done (yes, they do that) They numbed her ears with a gel substance and then pierced them perfectly. They even had very pretty earrings to choose from. I was very worried about the kids at the mall not doing it right/having them be crooked/getting and infection from the person(s) before us, etc. It was expensive - but safer!

Happy Birthday to everyone!!You are all a bunch of Spring Chickens!


Viola Intonada - Apr 9, 2007 3:02 pm (#266 of 2988)  

I never thought about having the pediatrician pierce ears! I won't let my girls get their ears done until they are 13.

Happy Birthday Ginny, Tori, Julie and Stephanie!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! It was an unusual one for me. Hubby went to Maryland to see his dad in the hospital. We debated about everyone going, but decided the girls would get really bored in the hospital all day. So I took them to visit my family. I don't know if anyone saw it in the news (but I heard it was even on CNN), but the church that burned down Saturday morning in Indiana was the church I grew up in. Hubby and I were married there. Five generations of my family have been parishioners there. It was very sad to see.


Winky Woo - Apr 9, 2007 3:14 pm (#267 of 2988)  

Oh Viola I am so sorry to hear that! What happened?


Thom Matheson - Apr 9, 2007 3:23 pm (#268 of 2988)  

long sad Holiday here. Both dogs, GSP's, got out the front door before we realized they were gone. No tags, lic etc. Didn't expect them to be out. They were found 2 miles away and were together. They were both struck and killed by cars. The police and animal control identified them by their micro chips. I don't know what we will do without Shoe and Didas. They were as much a part of this family as my kids and grandson. We take solace that they went together, and according to the AC people did not suffer as they were probably dead  instantly after being hit. Someone suggested replacements but I just can't face that again right now. Wife just wants to hug their tug-a-war toys and cry. Thanks for letting me vent this out. After all my kidding and joking around, this is not what you all have come to expect from me. Damn, it's hard.


Viola Intonada - Apr 9, 2007 3:37 pm (#269 of 2988)  

Oh Thom - My condolences.. Very sad.

Winky, arson is suspected but they just don't know yet. The fire was discovered when Sister went to turn on the heat for the church to prepare for services on Sunday. Smoke poured out when she opened the door. She immediately closed it and went to call 911.


Pigwidgeon - Apr 9, 2007 3:57 pm (#270 of 2988)  

Oh, Thom, I'm so sorry. That is terrible! You are in my thoughts...

Viola -- wow, how sad! If it was arson, the minds of some people...I'll never understand it.

Happy birthday, one and all! Lots of birthdays this month!


Puck - Apr 9, 2007 4:01 pm (#271 of 2988)  

Prayers and condolences to Thom and Viola.


Holly T. - Apr 9, 2007 4:14 pm (#272 of 2988)  

Viola--I'm so sorry about your church. The church where we got married had a fire about a month ago--didn't burn down but lots of damage--and, since it was at a church it is being investigated as a hate crime. Not sure if that is a state or federal thing.

Thom, I'm so sorry about your dogs!

Congrats to Choices!

Happy Birthdays all around!

I'm headed off to San Francisco for a week--think non-earthquakey thoughts for me! I really am not paranoid about it, or at least I wasn't until my friend's daughter (the girl my son refers to as "the most evillest babysitter ever") pointed out that I would be there on Friday the 13th. I have to find her a really tacky souvenir.

See you in a week. :-)


boop - Apr 9, 2007 5:38 pm (#273 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday Ginny, Tori, Stephanie and Julie!! I hope you all have had a wonderful day.

Congrats TBE to the new colt.

Waves to Jenn, good to see you around. You have been missed.

Michelle, so sorry to hear about the fire. I hope they catch the person(s) who started it.

(((((THom))))) Hugs to you and your family.

hugs always



kaykay1970 - Apr 9, 2007 6:00 pm (#274 of 2988)  

Hugs ((Thom and Family))

So sad about your church Viola!

Congratulations on the new colt, TBE!


Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 9, 2007 6:08 pm (#275 of 2988)  

Hugs ((Thom and family)) and hugs ((Viola))!!

I had a pretty good weekend. Fiance and I went drove out to Baltimore for his friend's wedding in which he was the best man. We had a blast, and enjoyed a few days break from the foot and a half of snow we currently have in Northeast Ohio!!

Anyway, Happy birthday to all I missed (seems like I missed a lot)!!



Choices - Apr 9, 2007 6:16 pm (#276 of 2988)  

Gosh, how sad Thom. I have four dogs and it would break my heart to lose any one of them. I have had dogs all my life and have lost many over the years and it is always so hard. {{{Hugs}}}

Viola, I am so sorry to hear about your church. I pray they can rebuild and come back stronger than ever.

TBE - Congratulations on the new foal. I hope it grows up to be a real beauty. Horses are such beautiful creatures and so majestic. Enjoy your new baby!

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes for my little grandson. He and his Mom came home today - both are doing great. :-)

Happy Birthday wishes to all having birthdays.


Ydnam96 - Apr 9, 2007 6:28 pm (#277 of 2988)  

((((((((Thom))))))))) Thom that's horrible. I am so sorry for you and your wife. I know how much that losing a pet can hurt. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Viola, I'm so sorry to hear that about your childhood church. Who sets fire to a church?

Off to more meetings.


haymoni - Apr 9, 2007 6:31 pm (#278 of 2988)  

So sorry, Thom. Both of them. Sheesh!

Jenn - I wouldn't have believed the snow in Cleveland if I hadn't seen it for myself. Just 40 minutes south, I have nothing - green lawns, clear driveways. Weird!


journeymom - Apr 9, 2007 7:09 pm (#279 of 2988)  

Thom, I'm so sorry. That's heartbreaking. What a hard loss for you and your family. Fur babies really are members of the family. Hugs and condolences.


geauxtigers - Apr 9, 2007 9:02 pm (#280 of 2988)  

((hugs to Thom))

Sorry to hear about the church, Viola. It really is sad what some people will do.

Didn't really have an eventful day. I woke up to 17 balloons in my room courtesy of my parents! LOL She does it every year, one for every year old I am. So my floor is covered in blue balloons.

Was supposed to be getting a new phone for my birthday, but when we got to the Cingular place, we found out our contract isn't up for renewal or whatever until July. So the girl told us we could pay $250 for the phone I wanted or if we waited til July when it was time to resign our contract, it'd be $30. So needless to say, we left phone-less! Isn't that ridiculus? I guess thats how they make their money though...oh well, I can wait.

Then we spent the day furniture shopping with my aunt and cousins. Of course, being the mature 17, 15, and 11 year olds that we are, we sat in every chair and every couch and tested everything in the store. I'm positive they were glad to get rid of us! LOL

Then we went to the book store and we got 2 Agatha Christie books, Murder on the Orient Express and I forgot the one Ginny got. We have to do a free reading thing for English, and I'm not going to lie, my teacher told me her books were short, so thats what we got! LOL I don't have time for big long books! Anyway, I hear they are good books anyways, even though I'm not a big mystery fan, muchless murder mystery, but hey I figure its worth a shot.

Congrats on the new foal, TBE! Very cool!

Have a great day and thanks for the birthday wishes!


Tazzygirl - Apr 9, 2007 9:05 pm (#281 of 2988)  

**HUGS** to Thom and Viola. I'm so sorry!!! Viola- if it does indeed turn out to be Arson, I hope the people responsible are caught.

I have so much stuff to do, but no time or energy to get them done. I have to create a book from scratch, four reflection papers, prep for a science lesson, create an entirely bogus I.E.P./lesson plan/assessment for one student in my class (requirement for my special education uni class), and finish various small assignments for my math class. Not fun. Scary thing- the IEP project is due the first week of May. My mentor teacher says I cannot give tests to the student until the last week of April (the only part of the project I can't make up). I then have to create the entire project in less than a week. (Think along the lines of that one project I did a year ago, where there were almost 50 pages total and I wrote the entire thing in two days. so NOT fun!)



virginiaelizabeth - Apr 9, 2007 9:09 pm (#282 of 2988)  

(((((((((((hugs to Thom and family))))))))))))

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Had a lovely day with the family, ate wayy too much of everything, and am thinking about going back for another round of cake here in a few minutes! Yum!

Congrats on the baby horse! How cute!

Still a bit chilly out today, but I went ahead and wore shorts, polo and flip flops anyway because I've never not been about to where that on my birthday, and it already didn't feel right that it was cold, so I tried to pretend it wasn't really cold!

** anti earthquakey charms to Holly**

I can't wear any ole earrings either. It has to be either a 24 karat gold or sterling silver. If it's not, my ears break out in awful grossness. Needless to say I have about 2 pairs of earrings that I can actually wear. I'm allergic to nickel and most "cheap" earrings are made of nickel, so that usually makes my ears go nuts as well. Very annoying, as I can't wear hardly anything. I think I got mine pierced when I was 7..maybe? I was little, and I cried. Go figure.

Off to check threads!


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 9, 2007 10:34 pm (#283 of 2988)  

((thom)) so sorry.

Welcome back Jenn, when one of us goes missing I always wonder (I however am often MIA)

Happy Birthdays to all celebrating.

Denise P, are you of Norwegian extraction by chance? I have a friend who has keloids in each of her ears, she says they are very painful.

I, over the last few years have exhibited some strange allergies. I can only wear gold jewelry. Any earring but gold make the skin on my ear lopes flake and peel. My watch itches so much I can't bear it and my wrist discolors. I even had to stop wearing my 14k wedding ring a couple of years ago because it was making my finger discolor and swell.

All this is on top of milk allergy (also of my skin) so that I cannot eat cheese, yogurt, ICE CREAM! or add cream to coffee. Non-dairy creamer contains whey which is milk based. All baked goods of course are suspect. The upside to this is I mysteriously started to lose weight. After much analysis I decided it was due to the lack of milk. I never really cared for meat so my calories came from milk fat. I am in the odd position of having to eat meat occasionally to keep my weight -up!

PS On the milk allergy, I have chronicled here the long road to a proper diagnosis of my milk allergy of the past several years. I took over 4 years many medications and treatments including a biopsy. I was properly diagnosed by my mother's helper's mother who is a chiropractic!


Solitaire - Apr 9, 2007 10:38 pm (#284 of 2988)  

((((((Oh, Thom!))))) I am so very sorry about your babies. What a horrible thing to happen. I lost a pet a few weeks back, and it's like losing a part of the family. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Viola, I am really sorry to hear about your church. So much family history is often tied up in one's church that it is a huge loss. I know it would be that way with us. I hope they find the culprits. What kind of person would do such a thing!

Haymoni, I have very sensitive skin and cannot wear a lot of metals. I used to wear necklaces, but I began to develop rashes, so I've cut back to earrings. Good ones don't cause any problems. I have had really good luck with Holly-Yashi. The earrings are lightweight titanium or niobium with 14k wires ... and they are beautiful! You should check the website ... really nice stuff! BTW, I tend agree with your husband ... 6 is a bit young for pierced ears. Then again, I think some things should be saved as rights of passage, as kids get older.

Puck, thanks for the heads-up about the shoes. I checked out her website, and she does have some cute flats and low heels ... but she has some stilts, too, that look a bit dangerous. I need to see the sizes ... especially widths.

Tori, I loved Murder on the Orient Express. I have a class set and would love to have time to teach it to my kids. So far, we are too jammed up with "standards" to find time to cover it. Grrr! You'll love it, though. I am a HUGE Poirot fan.

Well, it was a LONG 12-hour day at work, so I am ready for bed. I just can't skip a day here, or I get too far behind. This is a busy thread! I hope everyone else has a great Tuesday!



Good Evans - Apr 9, 2007 11:39 pm (#285 of 2988)  

Thom, I am so sorry for the loss of the dogs, as you say Darn, its hard. I know how hard it would have been to post it let alone say it. I am coming up on a years anniversary since losing Nova and it still hurts. I know it is hard, new dogs / pets will help but they dont replace, they never can. I would be lost without Luna, she is a star.

Jenn, lovely to see you back - do update us on what else has been going on in your life!

TBE - what lovely news, a foal.

Viola - so sorry to hear about the church being burned down, that is terrible. Sad for you not to be able to relive memories of your wedding day in years to come with a visit. What inspires anyone to burn down a church??????

I had a lovely birthday with friends for lunch and dinner (takeaway). another friend made me a birthday cake – chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, It was very sweet (in all senses!!) and I was so touched, no one had done that before for me.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, .... psst Ginny and Tori, I'm just about to start cleaning up the butterbeer bottles and streamers, would one of you run the vacuum cleaner around please...


The giant squid - Apr 9, 2007 11:43 pm (#286 of 2988)  

Thom, my condolences. Anyone who says losing a pet isn't the same as losing a family member has simply never had a pet. My heart goes out to you & your family. I would recommend getting another pup or two, but only after a sufficient mourning period.

Marie, too bad about your Sunday. If it's any consolation I had to work, so you weren't the only family memebr having a "blah" Easter.

I got some really good news today, but it's not 100% official yet, and I think I might do something wacky & tell my family before I leak it to my Forum family, so tune in tomorrow!



Snuffles - Apr 10, 2007 1:04 am (#287 of 2988)  

So many posts. I'm sorry but I skimmed through about 50 , apologies to any I have missed.

*Healing charms* to your director, Ydnam. I hope he recovers soon.

Congrats on the house sale Denise.

Happy belated birthdays to Julie, Ginny, Tori and stephanie. I hope you all had a wonderful day

Thom, I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs.

Viola, I hope they catch whoever set fire to your church. I cannot believe some people would do such a thing.

Oh come on Mike, just a little clue???

We have had a lovely Easter. The weather was lovely and warm. It's just a shame it passes so quickly. Oh well, at least it's a short week

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday



Puck - Apr 10, 2007 3:51 am (#288 of 2988)  

**goes off speculating about Mike's news**


azi - Apr 10, 2007 3:59 am (#289 of 2988)  

**hugs Thom**

**waves to Jenn!**

Viola, I hope the fire was an accident rather than arson! It's a terrible thing to happen!

I had my ears pierced when I was 14. My parents refused when I was younger because they felt kids who had pierced ears when they were babies were not the sort of people I should be hanging out with. I wasn't so fussed anyway. Fortunately, I have no allergies in that aspect...just all the others. *sigh* My arms are currently covered with an allergy-related rash (I think it's hayfever) and my skin is still blemished from my sunburn. I really need to ask the doctor for an allergy test, but I'm not sure you can get them on the NHS unless you're having an operation. I find wearing haematite bracelets helps my arms. I think the coolness of the metal makes it less itchy or something.

I got no work done yesterday! I was reading OotP all day, and found that I really miss Sirius as a character. For all his faults, he was still a great guy!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


kabloink! - Apr 10, 2007 5:07 am (#290 of 2988)  

Hmmm earrings. I got my first holes when I was 4, and I think I have 9 holes between my two ears, but two or three of them are closed up. It would have been an even number, but I could not seem to keep the 4th hole in my left ear open. I think its because it was right on the edge of the cartilidge. Anyway, any guess how many pair of earring I wear in my many holes? One, my diamonds that were my wedding present from hubby. Sometimes I'll show off the holes when we go out, or if I want to look especially nice for work, but its rare.

Viola, that's terrible about the church. I don't know quite how I'd feel if something happened to St Joe's, and I haven't even been there in years (I went to the elementary school there).

Thom, I am so, so sorry to hear that. Its so hard to lose a pet.

Yeah, I thought we had it bad here in Michigan, but Cleveland-wow. You guys are troopers.

Umm don't the parents have more to do with it than the kids when the ears are pierced as babies?


Denise P. - Apr 10, 2007 5:24 am (#291 of 2988)  

Mrs. Sirius, nope, no Norweigan descent here. English/Welsh mainly, a scattering of German tossed in there. Keloids aren't painful, just really ugly. It is not very common for Caucasians to get them, it is more likely in African Americans.

Both my girls had their ears pierced as babies with no problems. Kierynn, who is 4, wears dangly earrings and ignores them. Yes, I decided to do it. My 10 week old babies didn't look at me and say "Hey Mom, I think I would like pierced ears"

Whatever everyone had yesterday has cleared out and they all made it to school today. Yay!! I can do a bunch of stuff that I never got done yesterday since it was a marathon of sheet washing...then washing the clean sheets yet again.


Winky Woo - Apr 10, 2007 5:34 am (#292 of 2988)  

((hugs to Thom))

Winky x x x


Pigwidgeon - Apr 10, 2007 5:51 am (#293 of 2988)  

I got my ears pierced when I was in second grade. My mom's idea, actually -- I was completely ambivilant. I can't remember the last time I wore earrings. While I like sparkly stuff, I was never much for wearing jewelry.

haymonu/kabloink -- NE Ohio's weather is defined by weird, eh? Yeah, Friday, I was looking at 2 inches of snow around my neck of the woods, but I know the infamous snowbelt area really got socked. NOT good timing for Easter egg hunts or home opener games!

Ah well, off to work... have a great ROTD, everyone!


painting sheila - Apr 10, 2007 6:59 am (#294 of 2988)  


I am so sorry to hear about you sweet babies Thom. You and your family are in my prayers. Keep the chew toys around - I found it helps. I still have some dog food in the pantry - I just can't get rid of it yet. It makes me smile sometimes when I move it to get to something else.

Hang in there-



Solitaire - Apr 10, 2007 7:09 am (#295 of 2988)  

Anyone who says losing a pet isn't the same as losing a family member has simply never had a pet.

You are SO right, Mike! I still miss my first little Sheltie, Sadie, after 7 years. I had her from the time she was small enough to zip inside my sweatshirt and take to choir practice, and she went with me just about everywhere but to work. As Julie said, new pets help--and they do make their own places in our hearts--but they don't replace the old pets.

BTW, Mike, I tuned in this morning to see your big news, but it isn't here yet ... and now I have to go to work. Oh, well, I guess I can wait until tonight. **pouting**



Denise P. - Apr 10, 2007 7:31 am (#296 of 2988)  

Thom, sorry to hear about your dogs.

I took the plunge today and ordered clippers, thinning shears and nail clippers so that I can groom Tinsel on my own. For the cost of two trips to the groomer, I got all the necessary stuff. Hopefully she won't look too dorky until I get the hang of it. Thank goodness that most of the clipping is on a very small area of the dog! Face, throat, ears and neck...that is about it. The rest is just thinning and trimming.


juliebug - Apr 10, 2007 7:42 am (#297 of 2988)  

So sorry Thom. I'm just glad to hear that the poor things probably did not suffer. I hope that very soon, you can find a way to get back to your regularly scheduled good humor. Until you can, it will be sorely missed.


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 10, 2007 7:44 am (#298 of 2988)  

I got my ears pierced when I was about six months old, I had no say in the matter, tradition in the Dominican Republic. I have no further piercings however, I have enough holes in my head. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2281877974

Yes, Denise keloids are most common to people of African descent, with of smattering of descendants of European travellers like the Vikings and some Sicillians. I knew a pilot of Norwegian descent who also had a tendency to get keloids, he explained that history to me.


azi - Apr 10, 2007 7:54 am (#299 of 2988)  

I just looked up keloids. Wikipedia has some icky pictures! I've never heard of them before.

Denise, I'm glad your kids are better! It can't be nice having so many ill!

I didn't mean to offend anyone with my comments. It's just that here the people who pierced their kids ears were what we would now call 'chavs' (tracksuit wearing, no jobs). Of course, it is a different situation in different areas. Culture is a good thing, and if it is what you do in your culture then no one can say it's wrong.

**also wants to know Mike's news** Is it a job promotion?


Winky Woo - Apr 10, 2007 8:50 am (#300 of 2988)  

Azi,I fully understand what you are saying, my Mum was exactly the same! In different places it doesn't have the same kind of trashy image. On my 13th Birthday I used the money I had got from Aunts and Uncles to go out and get my ears pierced, and hair cut very short and all spiked up! (It was the 80's!) When my Mum had stopped laughing from the "surprise" she had to admit it suited me.

Unfortunately I can't wear any type of earrings as the glands behind my ears swell up like huge plums even with gold etc. I find clip on earrings hurt too much so I just don't bother.

As for other allergies, I love Kitties but I am allergic to cats, and red wine sends me loopy! Seriously a single glass and I am swinging from the chandeliers

**************Where is Mike?****************


Winky x x
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Jenniffler - Apr 10, 2007 8:52 am (#301 of 2988)  

Hugs to (((Thom and family))) sad loss.

Hugs to(((Viola)))

Best wishes to the birthday ladies, Julie, Tori, Ginny and Stephanie. My little Jo turns two tomorrow, the only April birthday in the whole family.

My sister's engagement ring is platinum, no nickel. but it is really plain so she can wear it while she works on her degree in ceramics. She is a potter.


journeymom - Apr 10, 2007 8:58 am (#302 of 2988)  

Fine, Mike. Leave us hanging.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 10, 2007 9:40 am (#303 of 2988)  

(((Hugs))) condolences and prayers to you and your wife, Thom. It is difficult to lose a pet. We never got another dog, though I admit I would have if hubby hadn't been against it.

Viola, sorry to hear about your church. (((Hugs)))

azi, I was thinking promotion, too. Then again, he is still young enough to become a daddy.



Puck - Apr 10, 2007 9:41 am (#304 of 2988)  
Edited Apr 10, 2007 10:58 am

Journeymom, what's that in your avatar? I can't quite make it out.

Winky, I would never trust myself to drive after having a glass of wine with dinner. Once I had 2 glasses while out with hubby and MIL had a good chuckle at me when we got home. (She was watching the kids.)

The piercing that most shocked my Mom was my navel. She found out several years after the fact as I was about to get married. Alas, pregnancy had me remove my little silver ring.

I guess Mike is still sleep. It's not even 10am in Vegas, and he works the late shift.

Time for lunch.

edit for Crosspost: Maria, I was thinking the same thing about Mike, but didn't want to "type" it out loud.


journeymom - Apr 10, 2007 9:49 am (#305 of 2988)  

Puck, it's Monty Python's Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. It's my little pun on the green and purple bottles on the Bloomsbury edition of DH. The Holy Hand Grenades of Hogwarts.


Hm, I'll go put some bubbly in the fridge. Even if you're wrong, it's nice to have bubbly in the fridge.


haymoni - Apr 10, 2007 9:50 am (#306 of 2988)  

I'm guessing a work thing also.

I think he would have said "We received some good news..." if there was a Baby Squid on the way.

Although...Marie is very quiet. Aunt Squid?


John Bumbledore - Apr 10, 2007 9:53 am (#307 of 2988)  

((Thom & family)), you have our deepest sympathies for your loss.

I'm headed off to San Francisco for a week--think non-earthquakey thoughts for me! — Holly T.[

I guess that means no J-E-L-L-O for a whole week then!

Happy Birthday Ginny, Tori, Stephanie and Julie!! — *from what seems like everyone but me so far...*

Happy Birthday Tori, Stephanie, Julie(GE), and Ginny!

Congratulation to Choice and TBE for their new additions to each of their families.

pierced ears — File this under best laid plans of mice and men (or how ever the idiom is phrased)
    My wife and I discussed and agreed that our two daughters should wait until they were teens or so before getting their ears pierced. But those plans were abruptly changed when the youngest (at age 2 or 3) took a fancy to Momma's earrings and tried to pull them out using her teeth. — After punishment and first-aid was taken care of, momma asked youngest daughter why she tried to take her earrings. Daughter pointed to her own ears. We then explained that it would be painful, but youngest daughter wanted her ears pierced like mommy. Oldest daughter then chimed in that she also wanted her ears pierced and it wouldn't be fair if younger was allowed to get earrings before the oldest.

That weekend we took both of them to have their ears pierced. We let both sons observe and neither wishes to go through the pain. So, in our family, only the girls have "extra" holes in their heads…

Yo! Squid Boy! How dare you tease us like this! Do tell, surely you have had plenty of time to tell your family...

Well, this year's pollen counts have a new record; And I've been weasing for the past week or two.. still plenty of doses left in my rescue inhaler. With the new year and new insurance, I have to find a new family doctor that participates in the plan before I can get a new prescription. Maybe I should move to the cold, snowy North so I can breathe easy?

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


azi - Apr 10, 2007 10:02 am (#308 of 2988)  

Awww, cute story John!

It didn't hurt when I had my ears pierced. Think it hurt my brother though - he has two piercings in his upper cartilage which are meant to look like fang bites.


Winky Woo - Apr 10, 2007 10:09 am (#309 of 2988)  

I got a new job! ***does happy dance***

I am no longer being made redundant! I am simply transferring to Liverpool, which is great as that’s where I am originally from, so most of my family and friends are there!

OK so plans to make… ANOTHER forumer moving house! There is definitely something in the air!

I don’t know when I’ll be moving, the 2 offices are negotiating when I can be released…. W00t!

***Waves to everyone, dancing around her desk at work1***

Love Winky x x x


azi - Apr 10, 2007 10:31 am (#310 of 2988)  

**hugs** Winky!!! That's great news!


Puck - Apr 10, 2007 11:01 am (#311 of 2988)  

Hooray for Winky!


journeymom - Apr 10, 2007 11:15 am (#312 of 2988)  

Yay, Winky!

Forum friends, can somebody explain to this American how the seasons of Doctor Who are playing out? The last episode I saw was the last one with Rose, and it ended with a preview of something about an angry bride. I thought that Doctor Who broadcasts in the US a season behind the show in the UK. Is this still true? It's (more than) a little annoying that I have to wait several months after the season premiered to get to see it, but fine, I'll cope. But has the 'new' season started in the US? I'm all confounded. Now I see the good Doctor referred to HP and JKR and I'm hoping I didn't miss it, it's still to come in the US.

Help! I need a cup of tea.


Marie E. - Apr 10, 2007 12:39 pm (#313 of 2988)  

It's been my understanding that the Squids are not planning on any baby Squids. I'm as mystified as the rest of you. Mike, don't you dare call mom before me! You know she'll call me and ruin it.

We had a freak snowstorm this morning that suddenly turned into a sunny sky. It was so bizarre. Now we have 20mph winds and it's only 35F outside. Of course, I believed the weather man who said it would 60F and sent my kids to school in little hoodie jackets.


Tazzygirl - Apr 10, 2007 12:40 pm (#314 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Winky! That's awesome!

**taps table impatiently** Oooooh Miiiiiike! Wake up and tell us your news!!! (I was hoping with the 30 unread messages that the news would have come out, but nope!)

Anyone watch "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel??? I tuned into it last night and WOW! It's absolutely amazing. Great White Sharks in slow motion jumping about 5 feet out of the water... **speechless** I guess it took the filmmakers 5 years to create the series, and they use special filming techniques to capture everything. Highly recommend watching the show if you haven't seen it yet!

Off to finish prepping for my science lesson.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Puck - Apr 10, 2007 2:06 pm (#315 of 2988)  

I'll have to watch for that one, Kristina. My son would love it.


journeymom - Apr 10, 2007 2:43 pm (#316 of 2988)  

Yes! We've been watching Planet Earth, and it is beautiful. Though I could do without Sigourney Weaver's dreary narrative. "Because the polar ice cap has shrunk the male polar bear has to swim farther and longer to find food. This male hasn't eaten for weeks and if he doesn't kill this 2,500 pound, battle-hardened bull walrus with 3-foot long tusks, by the end of the day he will probably die..."

That shark footage was spectacular. Poor seal was swallowed up whole! *shiver*


Mrs. Sirius - Apr 10, 2007 2:43 pm (#317 of 2988)  

Mike, something *wacky? are you starting a collection of rubber legged glasses wearing squids? a chain of all Rocky Horror all-day showing movies?

Congratz Winky.


geauxtigers - Apr 10, 2007 2:56 pm (#318 of 2988)  

**waiting for Mike's news too**

I don't have a problem with ears pierced young. I'm not sure I'd let my kids get them pierced until about 1 or 2, but I've seen little babies with pierced ears and its really cute! I don't think I ever asked to get mine pierced...I think my mom just did it! LOL I don't really remember it, I think I was 5 or 6 because my first grade picture in the hall, I have earrings! LOL

Weird weather here too. Woke up to rain and thundery stuff and it kept that up much of the day. THen when I was out earlier the sun was shining brightly overhead as the hardest rain of the day pounded my windshield. Now there aren't any clouds in the sky!

Congrats on the new job, Winky!

I wiki'ed keloids too. **shudder**


Tazzygirl - Apr 10, 2007 3:10 pm (#319 of 2988)  

Journeymom- that was the first 10 minutes of "Planet Earth" I saw a couple days ago, and it didn't thrill me. Last night's episode I managed to catch right when it had begun, so I was able to really get into it. I had no idea Sigourney Weaver did the narration.

Off to teach the science lesson.



Lina - Apr 10, 2007 3:25 pm (#320 of 2988)  

Thom, my condolences and hugs to you and your wife. I can't think of a better comfort than to take a new puppy. I had a male dog who liked to run away from home which never happened with our female dogs. But I have experience only with pure blood mutts.

Sorry about the church, Viola. I hope they find those who did it. But maybe I'd just like it better to be an accident. We had a situation recently when many things were broken inside one church, but the door remained intact. And many people started to complain that it was a real act of brutal hatred until they caught the culprit. It was a marten that entered the church through the window and didn't know how to get out.

And sorry about the hotel too, Kay!

I must say I feel odd reading that a HP fan is not a mystery fan... Is HP not mystery? With Agatha Cristie, you just get the mystery solved in only one book...

Strengthening charms to Kristina!

Congratulations for a new job, Winky! Enjoy Liverpool!


geauxtigers - Apr 10, 2007 5:17 pm (#321 of 2988)  

Ha ha Lina! I'm actually really liking this book! Its good so far! I'm not a big fan of mysteries, granted HP is one giant one, but its a different kind of mystery, you know what I mean? One might also find it odd that a huge HP fan like myself HATES most fantasy/fairytale-ish/lets go kill the dragons/ Lord of the Rings type of books, but alas earwax, I read the Hobbit in 7th grade because I had to. I think its the first book for school I never got through. I hated it and I cannot bring myself to even watch the movies. LOL

Mike still isn't back! YOO WHOO! come out, come out, wherever you are!


Viola Intonada - Apr 10, 2007 7:47 pm (#322 of 2988)  

I think Mike is enjoying a taste of what it is like to be JKR and lurking to find out what our theories are. Maybe we should put it on the vote thread. hehehe My theory is that he won the lottery and he is buying us all copies of DH when it comes out.

Lina, I love the marten in the church story.

Thank you everyone for your support. The saddest part is that the church was built in the 1920's when the town was very prosperous. I doubt the parishioners will be able to rebuild to its former splendor. It had a beautiful rosette window. Alas....


Solitaire - Apr 10, 2007 7:59 pm (#323 of 2988)  

Dang! I can't believe I raced home from school before 8 p.m. just to read Mike's news ... and he hasn't even given it yet! Now he's probably at work, so it we won't find out for hours and hours! Hrmph!

I had my ears pierced when I was 18 and in college; my younger sis went with me, as she had to have everything I did at the same time I got it. My mom had hers done a few years later. When Dad bought her some diamonds, she had a second "set" of holes pierced, so that she can wear them always. So ... Mom has out-pierced us!

My oldest niece ... well, perhaps I shouldn't go there. I think she has about 10 in one of her ears. It was done during her "rebellious stage." Both nieces had studs in their tongues (yuck) for a long time, but one's piercing became infected and the other got tired of having the darn thing in her mouth all the time. I don't think anything else is pierced. (I could be wrong. One of them may have had a nose ring ... but I can't remember.)



Puck - Apr 10, 2007 8:29 pm (#324 of 2988)  

Off to bed. I came to find out Mike's news -the big tease! Perhaps when I get up in the morning it will be posted.

Busy days ahead. Inlaws arrive tomorrow, and hubby and I leave on Friday. (Yes, we are flying on Friday the 13th.) Still plenty of cleaning/packing to do. I'm so going to need this vacation after all the work getting ready to go on vacation!



Ydnam96 - Apr 10, 2007 10:22 pm (#325 of 2988)  

Hmmm....It's 10: Pacific Time and still no Mike...

I'm guessing he won some sort of lottery or actually played a round of slots and won!?! (I mean, in Las Vegas they have slot machines in the airport...they could have them at gas stations...or even his movie theater ).

I got my ears pierced when I was younger. I think around 7 or 8. I don't remember it hurting...but we did find out I am quite allergic to Nickle. I got second holes in college (My sister and I went together one year. I think I was a junior in college?). When I was 23 or 24 I got my cartilage in the upper part of my right ear pierced. That was painful. That's enough peircings for me. (Although I do have a tattoo that I got last summer ).

I watched SS today. The actors look so young in it!

Well, off to read before bed.

Oh- Congrats Winky on the job/moving!


The giant squid - Apr 10, 2007 11:58 pm (#326 of 2988)  

SORRY! My day got all kinds of sidetracked and I didn't get a chance to call anyone until it was too late (No way am I calling my mom at midnight her time...). So, y'all will hear it first. Yup, you're special.

Is it a job promotion?—azi

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winnah! After a couple of years of hinting not-so-subtly that I'd like to move up in the technical side of the company, yesterday I got the news that I'm going to be the 2nd tech for the Las Vegas area. This is a good thing, as I don't have to move & I have someone to fall back on if something gets out of hand. Most importantly, no more angry customers; no more dealing with unintelligent, unmotivated 16 year olds who expect to have things handed to them; and NO MORE NECKTIES! You gotta love a job where the uniform is "a pair of jeans & a shirt you don't mind getting grease on."

Sorry, haymoni, but as Marie said there will be no little squids... The mrs. & I both agree we're not parent material. I'm sort of the anti-Denise.


Lina - Apr 11, 2007 12:11 am (#327 of 2988)  

I was just thinking - what are they expecting? THIS is the time for Mike to post and then Mike's post appeared....

Congratulations, Mike, for the necktie-less promotion!


Tazzygirl - Apr 11, 2007 12:59 am (#328 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Mike, on the promotion!! (Sounds like you are excited... ) **feels special that she is the second person to see the news** LOL



Solitaire - Apr 11, 2007 1:20 am (#329 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Mike! See ... it does pay to fall asleep on the sofa with the computer on and then wake up in the middle of the night to have to shut down before going to bed! **yaaaawwwn** Now I can really get some sleep! G'night, all!



TwinklingBlueEyes - Apr 11, 2007 2:31 am (#330 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Mike! Am happy for you!

For those interested photo of new arrival is now at bottom of my intro page.


Puck - Apr 11, 2007 2:55 am (#331 of 2988)  

Not first to see Mike's news, but I was the first to see TBE's beautiful new foal!

Congrats to you both!

It's not even 6am. I'm up to finish the cleaning I didn't get done yesterday. (Well, some of it. The upstairs I can do tonight. I just want the downstairs done before Hubby's folks arrive this afternoon.



Lina - Apr 11, 2007 3:26 am (#332 of 2988)  

Wow, TBE, they are both so gorgeous!


azi - Apr 11, 2007 3:44 am (#333 of 2988)  

Congrats Mike! That sounds great!

TBE, your foal is beautiful! I also love your DH dress!

Good luck with cleaning Puck. Up before 6am? I struggled to get up at 8am this morning...

Back to revision!


kaykay1970 - Apr 11, 2007 4:22 am (#334 of 2988)  

Congratulations on the promotion Mike!

TBE, the foal is absolutely gorgeous!


Good Evans - Apr 11, 2007 4:36 am (#335 of 2988)  

congratulations Mike - woo hoo for the job that you want!!!!! Congratulations Winky for exactly the same!!!!!! TBE - sensational ricochet! fabulous name and beautiful foal.

Soli - why didnt you go to bed - naughty girl sitting up all night and dropping off in front of the PC!!

oh gosh there were other things too... hmmn

on ear piercings - I have only one in each ear, that is enough for me! I had them done when I was about 8 - I think it was my mums idea, I was happy enough though!

edit: JOurneymom (?) DR Who - if the last one you saw had a "bride trailor". That reffered to our "christmas episode"- and was really good. We are only two weeks in to our new series (the christmas episode was a one off, and then a long break). So no, you haven't missed the Dr Who with the HP references!

bleh on the snow Marie - they are saying nice and warm this side of the pond for the weekend.


Marie E. - Apr 11, 2007 4:41 am (#336 of 2988)  

Congratulations, Mike! Mom will be furious that I know before her (evil laughter). Mr. E has a job that lists jeans as the "uniform". So not fair.

The foal is adorable, TBE. I want a pony! (read in Veruca Salt voice)

I have three holes in each ear, which seems like a lot now. I had the first set done when I was 14, a second hole in the left ear when I was 15, a third hole in the left ear when I was 17, and two holes in the right ear when I was 22 to even my ears out. I am very allergic to nickel and unfortunately most gold earrings have some nickel in them. I can wear most sterling silver and platinum.

They are saying snow for Thursday and Friday. Bleh.


jose043 - Apr 11, 2007 4:52 am (#337 of 2988)  

Hi All

Mike congratulations on your job promotion.

TBE the foal is adorable.

Happy birthday to all those who have had them in the last few days.

Healing & cheering charms to all that need them.

I Have a question on how to put some photos I have under my avatar if someone could please tell me. Have tried but have not succeeded as of yet .

Josephine & Anne

Little Werewolves of London


Lina - Apr 11, 2007 5:51 am (#338 of 2988)  

Josephine, if you make a search for pictures in the "How do you" thread, you might find many useful informations.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 11, 2007 5:55 am (#339 of 2988)  

Congrats, Mike and Winky!

Mike, will your working hours stay the same, or do you get to join the general population?

TBE, the colt is beautiful!


B]haymoni[/B] - Apr 11, 2007 5:58 am (#340 of 2988)  

Congrats, Mike!

But will you still be able to give us bad movie warnings???


Denise P. - Apr 11, 2007 6:15 am (#341 of 2988)  

TBE, what a beautiful foal! My 10 year old would give her right arm to have a horse.

Mike, congrats!

Tinsel is off to the groomer for a bath today. While she is getting her bath, we are going to get stuff for dinner. I am making 2 dinners this evening.

A family at church moved this week and had a baby over the weekend so we are bring dinner over to help out. I just had to be sure that there were no allergies before I make anything. I decided it is just as easy to make two so my family is eating the same thing this evening. I generally take over a macaroni/hamburger casserole (recipe behind avatar if you are interested) that is not spaghetti or lasagne like. I have only come across 2 people who do not like it and both are notorious picky eaters (and both adults!)

My cross stitch is slowly but surely getting there. As long as I am done by June 5, when the next Anita Blake book comes out, then I am okay.


Solitaire - Apr 11, 2007 7:17 am (#342 of 2988)  

Soli - why didnt you go to bed - naughty girl sitting up all night and dropping off in front of the PC!!

I had a rough day yesterday ... on my feet ALL day with almost no "sit down" time. All classes but one were in the computer lab. This means constant "trolling" to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Anyway ... I had to run around after school to try and send that pesky portfolio where it needs to go. Alas, I ran into trouble. UPS doesn't like to ship to P.O. boxes. So today I must try and find a "physical address," as they call it. Alas, it is hard to do a lot of this when stuff doesn't open until after I go to work and needs to be shipped off before I have time to get back to this area. So Mom is going to try and handle it all for me.

Bottom line ... I got home around 7 p.m. and had chores to do. When I sat down to eat around 8:30 p.m., I left my computer connected and pulled up a TV tray to the sofa. I guess I fell asleep sometime during my dinner (some food was still left in the dish). Something woke me around 1 or 1:30 (perhaps the pounding headache I'd developed). I got up to get some Arthritis Strength Time Release Tylenol and go to bed. I figued I'd better shut down the computer. I saw that I was still on this thread, so I checked to see if Mike had posted ... and then I went to bed! Voila!

Unfortunately, I got up late, so now I am woofing down breakfast and getting ready to race out the door! **waving to everyone!**



Mrs. Sirius - Apr 11, 2007 7:25 am (#343 of 2988)  

Woooa TBE, that foal is so beautiful she is a pleasure to look at, even in picture.

Congratulations Mike, your own line of rubber squids is still not out of the question though, right?


Winky Woo - Apr 11, 2007 7:40 am (#344 of 2988)  

Congratulations Mike! How wonderful!

TBE that foal is so sweet!

Winky x x


DJ Evans - Apr 11, 2007 7:59 am (#345 of 2988)  

Congrats Mike! So happy for you & your soon to be naked neck (((Yippee no more neckties))). Maria asked the question I was interested in, will you have different hours now?

TBE what a cutie...congrats on the new little one.

Happy "Belated" Birthday's to Ginny, Tori & everyone else I've missed here lately.

We finally have the sun showing its face again today. For the last few days it's been cloudy, cold & rain at times. So it is nice to see spring like weather again.

Later, Deb


Snuffles - Apr 11, 2007 8:13 am (#346 of 2988)  

Congrats on your new jobs Winky and Mike.

Soli, hope you don't get indigestion from gulping down your breakfast!

I think I had my ears pierced when I was about 8. My mum had them done a few weeks before me and I nagged and nagged until my parents gave in. I went on to have them pierced 2 more times but now I only wear the first ones.

I had my belly button pierced a couple of years ago but it took me a while to tell my parents! (guess you are never too old to worry what your parents will say )

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday



The giant squid - Apr 11, 2007 8:19 am (#347 of 2988)  

Thanks, guys. Yes, as you can tell by the timestamp my schedule will be shifting slightly... Starting this weekend, instead of going to bed at 5AM I'll have to get up at 5AM--the Tech shift is 6AM-2PM, plus we're on-call for emergencies at all times. I've been gradually adjusting my schedule all week, setting my alarm an hour earlier each day. It's almost working... I definitely won't be screening stuff on Thursday nights anymore, but I'll try to keep up with the big openings at least. If nothing else I can quiz the staff of the various booths for reviews.

Okay, I'm off to find something caffeinated to get my brain working...



Chemyst - Apr 11, 2007 8:26 am (#348 of 2988)  

Congratulations on the 2nd Tech promotion, Mike. (and even though you and the Mrs. may agree you are not parent material, the mix of humor, commonsense, and insight you have posted here makes it quite hard to believe that you couldn't do an admirable job there too.)

Congratulations, Winky.

Sidsational Ricochet is beautiful!

Shipping charms for Soli's mom, (but in the American usage of shipping, natch.   )


Loopy Lupin - Apr 11, 2007 9:00 am (#349 of 2988)  

Most importantly, no more angry customers; no more dealing with unintelligent, unmotivated 16 year olds who expect to have things handed to them;-- Mike

Well, I'm not sure if one can every truly be free of the latter. Anyway, congrats! Like Chemyst, everything I've seen indicates that you'd do well with little squids. Plus, there'd be more reasons (as if you need them) to buy more legos.

So, I think that Nosferatu, I mean Phil, will get the yank on Idol.


Denise P. - Apr 11, 2007 9:03 am (#350 of 2988)  

Oh, one can but dream, Loopy! If not Sanjaya, let it be Phreaky Phil. He creeps me out to the point I can't watch when he is on. I had that reaction last year with Taylor. It got bad enough I could not even listen to him anymore he annoyed me so badly. Pretty much, they all stunk last week. It will be interesting to see if dialidol is correct, if so, there will be a collective outraged scream across America.
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journeymom - Apr 11, 2007 9:06 am (#351 of 2988)  

cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs, MIKE! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2942856553  Mr Journeymom is quite jealous. No tie, jeans and you get to do the technical stuff you enjoy! (Mr Journeymom got promoted so now he has to wear a tie at least once a week and doesn't often get to do the technical stuff he enjoys. It's all meetings.)

(And I agree with Chemyst's assessment, while supporting your choice entirely. For what it's worth. )

TBE, the foal is beautiful and adorable. I'm sorry I don't remember, is this a she-type or a he-type? Called Sid, for short? Those are some wild thigh-highs, there...

Good Evans, thanks for the Doctor Who clarification. I never saw a Christmas episode, so I'm going to have to hunt it down.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 11, 2007 9:14 am (#352 of 2988)  

Hey everyone!

Mike and Winky- congrats on your promotions.

Loopy & Denise- I hope Phil doesn't get kicked off! I know he's scary looking, but he's a better singer then a few of the others. I swear though, if Sanjaya doesn't go soon, I'm never watching again!!

Tazzy, I've been watching Planet Earth every week and I love it!! It's so pretty and some of the stuff those animals do is pretty amazing!

Let's see...there was other stuff I wanted to comment on, but I had over 60 posts to read, so it's hard to remember...

OH! Ear piercings...I got mine pierced the first time when I was six. I had just found out I needed glasses and I was so upset my mom said if I stick it out and wore them everyday like I was told to, I could get my ears pierced. My second holes in each ear came when I was 12 and was a birthday gift from mom. My dad was so mad, he hates piercings of any kind. When I was 18, my roommate and I went out and got our navels pierced and then got tattoos. I also got my cartilge in my right ear pierced the same day! (Talk about pain!) I've since taken out the cartilege and the navel ring!

So, to fill everyone in on what's been going on here...

I transferred to Cleveland State from Ohio State this past semester and moved back in with my parents. I'd been living in Columbus with some friends but it wasn't going really well.

I got engaged of Christmas Eve to my boyfriend Dan, who I went to high school with. We're jsut starting to plan our wedding and looking for a place to live, but everything's kind of slow moving since I'm in school and he works full time. I can't wait for the wedding, but we promised my dad we'd wait until I've graduated from college...so ti's not until June 20 of 2009!!! It seems like an eternity away, but everyone keeps telling me that in the end I'll be so happy I had 2 years to plan the wedding!

I think that's about it, so I'm off to check the threads! Have a great day everyone!!



haymoni - Apr 11, 2007 10:25 am (#353 of 2988)  

Sounds like a plan, Jenn, although I'd stay away from guys named "Dan".

Just kidding!

Hubby is a "Dan" and we've been married for 18 years.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 11, 2007 10:54 am (#354 of 2988)  

Haymoni- my brother's name is Dan as well. In fact, he and my fiance have the same middle name as well. It gets a little confusing at times!!



azi - Apr 11, 2007 11:09 am (#355 of 2988)  

My brother's name is Dan too. I like to call him DanDan just to annoy him.

Congrats on the engagement, Jenn!


geauxtigers - Apr 11, 2007 11:13 am (#356 of 2988)  

Congrats on the promotion, Mike!

Congrats on the engagment, Jenn!

As for Sanjaya, *&*%^$^@)%(#)@* is all I've got to say on the matter, none of it would be forum friendly. He needs to go! NOW! I don't like Phil either.

So today the high is already at 80F/27C. If you remember 3 days ago, it was sleeting outside!

OKay as usual, I can't remember what I was going to say.

I cannot believe its already Wednesday. Its just not fair, spring break is slipping away so fast! NOOOO! I won't have anymore breaks after this week is up. Its straight through may 25th...And I already have so much to do, I don't even want to think about whats in store when I go back to the bad place! Okay no, vacation, not going to think about any of that just yet!

Have to jey, I have dance and I've got to read some!

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 11, 2007 11:18 am (#357 of 2988)  

Congrats Jenn!! Isn't that exciting!

Congrats to Squid Mike!! I'm sure you'll get the job done in half the time with all those tentacles!

The foal is absolutely adorable! I love her coloring! Soo cute!

Not much going on here. Another lazy day. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!


Tazzygirl - Apr 11, 2007 11:18 am (#358 of 2988)  

Sadly, I do not know anyone named Dan.

Mike- those hours aren't bad! Good luck!

TBE- That foal is gorgeous!!

To all you Five Words people out there- I promise the story will be posted by this evening! I don't have school tomorrow, so I can focus on the story when I get out of school this afternoon. Thanks for being so patient!!

Have a fantastic RotD/N everyone!



Mediwitch - Apr 11, 2007 11:35 am (#359 of 2988)  

Happy Birthday 11 to Ginny, Tori, Julie, and Stephanie!

Congrats on the colt, TBE! He's beautiful.

Oh Thom, I'm so sorry about your dogs. We've had two cats killed by cars, it's so hard.

Viola, that's so sad about your church. My brother is a firefighter in Henrico Country, VA and went to a number of church fires in the Richmond area a while back. They had a whole rash of church arsons. I hope this one was accidental.

UGH, Kristina, good luck on all the projects! Let me know if you have IEP questions - I will be spending the next 9 weeks working on IEPs for next year for all of my students!

Hooray for Winky and Squid Mike and the new jobs!

Sooooo, we accepted an offer for our house! *jumping up and down with excitement* It's only been listed since Friday, and the agent showed it four times. The first showing made a decent offer, we countered, and he accepted! I am SOOOOO relieved - no more showings! We can start packing superfluous stuff (like pictures and the good dishes) now instead of having to keep the house looking like something in Better Homes and Gardens.

The excavator was nearly finished digging the foundation hole on Friday and he hit ledge. As of yesterday, he had most of the ledge out except for some around the edges, but was still trying to borrow some kind of drilling machine as he doesn't want to blast the ledge because it's too close to the well. So that's slowed down our set date - now we're back to May 4th. I hope it's really a go for that date, especially now that we've accepted an offer for the house!


Madam Pince - Apr 11, 2007 11:41 am (#360 of 2988)  

****waves to everyone*** Hi, there -- we're back from our trip taking Mom back to her house for the summer, and getting settled in and finally reading all 200+ posts on the Chat thread!

Going back a ways, but sincere sympathy to Journeymom in the loss of your mother. What a blessing that you could be with her and that her passing was as she had wished it to be. Hope you and your family are all doing well, and big (((hugs))) to you.

Congratulations to Squid Mike and to Winky on the new jobs! Woo-hoo! Sounds like both situations are ideal! Good work and good luck! Squid Mike, hope your toe is feeling all better now -- a broken toe is nothing to sneeze at... er... well, you know what I mean...

Congrats to Choices on the new grandson Tyler -- what a wonderful Easter present! Same to TBE on the new colt -- he is a picture! I love the four white feet with the one brown leg just like mama! (Also love your DH release-party outfit -- makes me feel ashamed that I am probably going to have to get away with a pink hoodie and a Time-Turner necklace! )

Belated Happy Birthday to the twins and to Good Evans, and belated Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Mediwitch! Continued ***fingers crossed*** for the house moving along as planned!

Mrs. Sirius, so sorry to hear about your brother, and I hope that he will recover quickly. We will be thinking about you and yours.

Thom, I am so sorry to hear about your dogs -- big ((hugs)) and sympathies. What a shame that it should happen to both of them. I suppose it is some comfort that they didn't suffer, but I know how very hard it is for you and your family. Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry too, Viola, to hear about your church. Let's hope that the congregation is able to do something, though, that will approximate the original. After all, the spirit of a church isn't really in the building itself -- it's in the people who gather there, right? So that same spirit will still continue!

Kaykay, I still can't get over the "ick factor" of a tick on an eyeball. That just gives me the creepy-crawlies! I am not good on anything to do with eyeballs, period.

Squeee! Tazzy saw Sayid... Tazzy saw Sayid!!! I would possibly have swooned.

Puck, I know exactly what you mean about the pots & pans sitting until the next day. Of course, the reason is that they "need to soak." Right? Yeahhhh, that's the ticket! (That's what I always tell myself anyway...)

LOL, haymoni, about cheesecloth! I never have any of that stuff, either. If I come across needing it in a recipe, I just quickly turn the page. "Cheesecloth? Who wraps their cheese in cloth anymore? And where would you buy such stuff, even if you did happen to want some? I've never seen any at the local Safeway, even the new fancy one!" (Oh, I was there yesterday and got all excited because there was a sign in the bakery area that said "Muffins and Scones" -- but when I investigated further, all I saw were muffins. So still haven't gotten to taste scones...)

Mandy, my cat used to always suspect that we were going to the vet when he was put into his crate, too. Poor thing, he would cling to the inside walls by bracing his little feet into the holes, and we'd have to shake the crate like a ketchup bottle trying to get him out. Clouds of fur would come out, too -- apparently stress makes their hair fall out. I don't think he ever trusted the vet after he got "fixed" ( Hmmmm... imagine that...)

Ginny and Tori -- hopefully you will love Agatha Christie as much as I do! She was a fantastic writer. You have one of her best already if you're reading Murder On The Orient Express -- another all-time classic is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which set a standard for murder-mystery novels and is probably my favorite. Other goodies are Death On The Nile of course, and also Curtain, but you aren't allowed to read Curtain until you've read all her other Hercule Poirots, because it makes way more sense if you know all the characters inside and out.

I have written down here on my cheat-sheet: "LOL Chemyst and egg mess" but I can't remember what that was about now. Getting old. But at least it made me laugh. Maybe I'm at the point now where I can go back and read it again and it'll make me laugh all over again! I do remember that I agreed with whoever was talking about parents at egg hunts -- what is that all about??? At the one we went to, I was so proud of Little Pince because he was "sharing" his eggs(I had drilled into him beforehand not to grab eggs from under the noses of the littler kids, so he was putting some of his eggs in littler kids' baskets), and then here he ended up with fewer eggs than anyone because all the other kids were following their parents who were running ahead of them and yelling "Here, look over here!" But anyway, Little P. didn't care, and I was very proud of him for sharing. He just wanted to get home quickly to eat the candy he did manage to scrounge...

So we enjoyed a lovely visit with Denise and her family last week! It was a gorgeous evening to sit outside, and then here we had snow the whole following week! I am hoping that Denise doesn't hate me too much, because I didn't notice until too late that Little Pince had transferred his Silly Putty from its regular egg-shaped storage thingy (left at home) into his Easter eggs that we were taking to Grandma's, and that said Easter eggs were in his backpack of toys which he just *had* to bring along to Denise's to show to his new friends. (***Feels Catherine's hot breath, knowing her love for Silly Putty...***) I swear I will pay for any carpet-cleaning that might be needed... (Denise: I found more of it, by the way, when I combed Little Pince's hair that night...) Now I feel so terrible reading here how Denise cleaned and cleaned all that day, and then here comes my son and I bearing Silly Putty... Of course, Little Pince was quick to say "It wasn't me! It was Kierynn!" But when I asked him "Who gave the Silly Putty to Kierynn???" he had no answer. Oh, and little Tinsel is just adorable, and also young master Rhys is absolutely the cutest thing on two feet -- so happy and grinning all the time! Both of them were smaller than I'd pictured from seeing Denise's pictures that she's posted, so that made them even cuter! Naturally the whole rest of the family was cute, too, of course! (I have to say, though, Denise, if that recipe you posted will feed your entire family on one pound of hamburger and one box of noodles, then I'm definitely going to give it a try! ) At first the house was relatively empty because the older kids were playing at the creek, but then when they started to "come out of the woodwork" it was like watching one of those clown-cars at the circus with 25 clowns inside! Mr. and Mrs. Denise are definitely stellar parents to raise such a fine bunch and do such a great job! (Oh, and I can report that the infamous red potpourri stain is practically invisible, so the carpet-cleaner guys did good work! )

Hope everyone enjoys the RotD!

Edit: Egad, I know I'm long-winded, but this turned out to be ridiculous! It's what I get for being gone over a week... Well, I'll still add "welcome back!" to Jenn and congratulations on your engagement!


Jenniffler - Apr 11, 2007 12:19 pm (#361 of 2988)  

I guess I’m in the Dan club, because that’s what I named my son!

Wow Mike, I hope the job change offsets the schedule shift and the throbbing toe! In my experience a foot or hand injury indicated a big change is coming. How’s that for a silly Trelawny-like statement.

TBE, is it okay to want place a big kiss between the eyes of that pony. Sooo cute.

It’s good to see Jenn posting again. Hi Jenn, I’m Jenn.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508 Congrats on the engagement. Also, on the school transfer- Only transfer once. More than two universities on your transcript is a nightmare to coordinate!

Denise P. that recipe looks yummy. Charity never Faileth isn’t just a motto, it’s delicious.


Denise P. - Apr 11, 2007 12:52 pm (#362 of 2988)  

It really does feed all of us, I usually have leftovers of it. It doubles nicely too. I have one pan cooking now, to deliver in about an hour and then the pan for us goes into the over. We usually toss a salad and some bread with it.

Oh pfft, you have to hunt to see where Silly Putty is down on the rug. It is in the basement, I doubt Mr. Denise has even seen it. Like I said at the time, Little Pince can't possibly do anything that mine haven't already done or will try at some point.

TBE, what do you plan to actually call the foal? Like we call the dog Tinsel but her registered name is Spirit Hill Christmas Lullabye. Are you planning to keep her?


B]Madam Pince[/B] - Apr 11, 2007 1:00 pm (#363 of 2988)  

If Mr. Denise ever does happen to see it, perhaps you can just tell him "Maybe you dropped something yucky out of those moldy boxes when you were carrying them in from the garage?" Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

OK, I looked back, and there were two possibilities for Chemyst's egg mess -- one was the puppy's paws being dyed egg colors (!), and the other was the little girl saying "I didn't make that mess, and I don't see why I should have to clean it up," in regard to an egg hunt. Both equally laugh-worthy! So thanks!


Loopy Lupin - Apr 11, 2007 2:29 pm (#364 of 2988)  

It will be interesting to see if dialidol is correct, if so, there will be a collective outraged scream across America. – Denise

Oooooooooh!!!!! If that is correct, it will shake the foundations of all that is holy. Ok, that might be a little hyperbolic there, but it would be quite a shocker. ****waves to Catherine on this interesting day of events in North Carolina****


Ydnam96 - Apr 11, 2007 2:54 pm (#365 of 2988)  

Congrats on the engagement Jenn! That's great.

And Squid Mike that's great news about the job...although I think winning the lottery would be even better

Nice to see you Madame Pince!


journeymom - Apr 11, 2007 3:16 pm (#366 of 2988)  

Ah, yes, nearly missed that one. Congratulations, Jenn!


Stephanie M. - Apr 11, 2007 4:40 pm (#367 of 2988)  

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to thank you for all of the birthday wishes!! I had a great birthday! And happy (belated) birthday to Ginny, Tori, and GE Julie!

This school year is almost over, so I should be back here much, much more regularly once the summer begins.

Congratulations, happy birthday, happy anniversary, and my condolences to every thing that I have missed in the past couple of months!!

I miss you guys and I should be back soon!



Choices - Apr 11, 2007 5:27 pm (#368 of 2988)  

Best wishes and congratulations to Jenn - much happiness to you.

Congratulations on the new job Mike - hope it's as good as you think it will be.

The foal is beautiful TBE! Also, the walking stick (dragon claw grasping crystal ball) is the very same one I got when I tore my Achilles Tendon a few months back. I love it!! :-)


boop - Apr 11, 2007 5:41 pm (#369 of 2988)  

Congrats on the job promotions Mike and Winky.

TBE, the new foal is so cute and beauitful!

Welcome Back Stephanie.

hugs always



Doris Crockford - Apr 11, 2007 6:33 pm (#370 of 2988)  

Hi everyone! It's exam time for me, so I've been reading the chat and book 7 thread as a method of procrastination (although tomorrow and Friday I actually need to study as I'm trying to memorize an entire textbook for my elective). And I figured I need to catch up on all the fun theories before DH comes out.

Congrats on the promotions Mike and Winky! I hope they make you as happy as the offer has made you!

TBE, that foal is gorgeous! It's been awhile since I've been anywhere near a horse, and those two are really nice!

Viola, I was so sad to hear about that church burning down. It's sad when buildings you have so many memories attached to get torn down, let alone the possibility of arson.

Thom, even though I'm not a big fan of dogs, I have had pets, and I'm sorry you had to lose two of them at once. Remember the good times you've had with them.


Solitaire - Apr 11, 2007 8:08 pm (#371 of 2988)  

Mediwitch, your comment about the ledge reminded me of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, an old Cary Grant-Myrna Loy comedy. The guy drilling the well is trying to explain the difference between a rock and a ledge.

Okay, a recap, in case I missed anyone. I've been kind of preoccupied with that pesky portfolio the last few weeks ... but it's now officially on its way to its destination! Yippeee! Now, to important matters ... CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE, JENN, TBE, WINKY, & CHOICES!

Madam Pince, I haven't read Curtain, so perhaps I'd better get busy, too! I love Hercule Poirot! Is it the final one? Is that why I must read all of the others first? I'll have to sit down and figure how many I've read ... because I can't remember them all right now.



Tazzygirl - Apr 11, 2007 8:26 pm (#372 of 2988)  

**waves to Madam P**

Five Words group- the story has finally been posted!

Congratulations Jenn!!

I seem to remember Doris Crockford posting a long time ago, in any case- welcome back!



Denise P. - Apr 11, 2007 8:33 pm (#373 of 2988)  

Wowie, I ordered some stuff from dog.com yesterday morning, before noon. It arrived here this evening! Now to work up the nerve to use the clippers on Tinsel....

I just signed up for a women's running series. I am in serious need of some running buddies, I really detest running alone.


Madam Pince - Apr 11, 2007 8:46 pm (#374 of 2988)  

***waves back to everyone, again*** Welcome back Steph and Doris Crockford!

Yes, Soli, “Curtain” is the final Poirot, "drawing the curtain on the play" blah, blah, blah... It's quite good -- hope you enjoy it! And yay on finishing the portfolio! (I loved Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, by the way -- so funny! Myrna Loy is the best.)

Is that Ryan, Denise? What a handsome young man! Are Happy Birthday wishes in order? I thought Tinsel looked lovely without a haircut -- don't scalp her!

Re: Lost tonight (I still haven't finished watching last week's which I had to tape...) Is it just me, or does anyone else want to slap Jack up 'side the head and ask him "Who died and made you king???" Honestly! He just barrels over people like they HAVE to listen to him or something! And so we see tonight that he isn't even RIGHT! That Juliet... I swear she is something else. When will everyone start trusting Sayid's gut instincts? He didn't survive a war for nothing... From now on I'm treating Sayid like he's Dumbledore or Hermione -- JKR told us that when she wants us to know something as a truth, she'll have either DD or Hermione say it, so...



virginiaelizabeth - Apr 11, 2007 10:20 pm (#375 of 2988)  

**waves to Stephanie** Nice to see you around!

psst....Madam Pince, for more egg mess click on my name and scroll down!

I'm reading "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" it's quite good. The front jacket says that it was her first published mystery novel. To be honest I chose it because it was short and the jacket on it is hot pink. But it's turning out to be really interesting! I plan on reading "Murder on the Orient Express" once Tori finishes with it.

I just remembered that I have to take the ACT on Saturday. Urggg. I soooo don't want to!

I completely forgot what else I was going to say! Oh well...night everyone!


geauxtigers - Apr 11, 2007 10:28 pm (#376 of 2988)  

**waves to Stephanie and Madame P. and Doris Crockford**

I'm flying through this book! It really great! I just have to find out who killed Rachett! I have my suspicions! But I think I'm wrong, I never figure out who the bad guy is. My mom keeps telling me that its a really great ending.

Its been lovely weather today! Clear and warm, almost hot, but I shouldn't complain yet, it'll be 15 degrees warmer by the time we hit June!

Saturday is supposed to be awful yucky weather. Which is great as I have to take the ACT (same thing as SAT but a different 'company' for lack of a better word---for those across the pond). Why is this lovely weather just perfect? Because I have to drive there, and having not got my first choice of testing centers, I have to go farther than I want. Not to mention that I will be tired because it'll be early and I can assure you that I won't get to bed at a decent time. And it'll be raining, while I'm taking a test, to further increase my drowsy-ness. And it'll be thundering most likely, which will make me nervous because I'm a wimp when it comes to thunder storms. I still go sit with my mom! LOL okay

I think I'll go read some HBP now as I'm probably not going to get it finished before school is out so...I need to make sure I get the whole series read again before DH comes out!


Snuffles - Apr 12, 2007 12:45 am (#377 of 2988)  

Congrats on your engagement Jenn

TBE, your foal is soooo adorable.

Fantastic news on your house Mediwitch. It seems everything is just falling into place

Did I read that Kristina has met Sayid? Is that meet and stop and talk to, or see across the street? Either way, I'm jealous!

Lost: I agree about Jack. Why is it everything he says goes!. We are a week behind you guys, and in the episode last night, Kate was handcuffed to Juliett. That woman has to be a plant. Why stay handcuffed to someone when you have the key to get away!!. She lied about not knowing about the scary smoke, so what else is she conveniently forgetting?, And what has happened to Locke?, bring back the old Locke please.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 12, 2007 5:11 am (#378 of 2988)  

Ooh Mediwitch, so great to hear about your house! It must be in immaculate condition if it sold so quickly - they say it's a buyer's market and should only get worse for a bit. Now you can focus on packing and moving ahead without worrying if there is soap dribble on the counter or a towel out of place, etc.

Welcome back, Doris, Stepahnie and Madam Pince! So nice to see more people coming around to post - that is a great thing about this time of year. In the coming weeks, people return.

My aunt has kindly and generously offered to come stay here while I am chaperoning Olivia's trip next month! (waves to Madam P.) This is a load off, because I was concerned as to who would watch my little guy and Percy while I was away and their dad was at work all day. I really didn't want to send them during the school week to sleep somewhere else! Those of you who have family to speak of nearby, count your blessings!

Jenn (Soul Mate for Sirius), I don't think I said congratulations yet, so Congratulations! Don't wish these two years away too quickly, though. Enjoy making the plans and finishing up school. The time will pass no matter what.

Okay Tori, you've convinced me, so I will add Murder on the Orient Express to Olivia's reading list. She can tackle it just after the Ender's series. (waves to kay)

It's raining here but maybe it will melt the remaining "dirty" snow.

Enjoy the RotD/N everyone!

**waves to Lina and all around**



Denise P. - Apr 12, 2007 5:59 am (#379 of 2988)  

No fears, Tinsel will not be scalped. The only thing the average person would notice that was clipped is her ears, they will be clipped 1/3 from the top so they lay nice and flat. Everything else, people won't notice.

I liked Lost last night! Good ep...


Loopy Lupin - Apr 12, 2007 7:07 am (#380 of 2988)  

Jeezuz!! What does it take to get rid of Phil for crying out loud!

Very pleased with Lost: Madam Pince, someone pointed out to me that Juliet might have been lying to Ben so who knows what she's up to. Maybe she's even playing both sides as much as she can until she figures out how she's going to get off the island. I'm a big Sayid fan, but hasn't he turned out to be wrong on a couple of counts during the course of the show, so he's not necessarily the best barometer. Also, I seem to remember some time ago everyone more or less looking to Jack to be the leader, so now he's being the leader. They shouldn't complain. Anyway, only 5 more episodes to go. Ben said, he'd see Juliet in a week so I guess the others are going to make a move on the Losties during the season finale.


The giant squid - Apr 12, 2007 8:29 am (#381 of 2988)  

Mediwitch, your comment about the ledge reminded me of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House—Solitaire

Soli, your comment about Mr. Blandings Builds His DreamHouse reminds me of the new Ice Cube movie, Are We Done Yet? But that's just because it's a thinly-veiled remake.

Thanks again for all the well-wishes. Tazzy, you may not have a problem with my new schedule, but it's still kicking my butt...

I don't watch Idol & taped Lost last night, so I haven't much else to contribute at the moment.



Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 12, 2007 8:39 am (#382 of 2988)  

Hey everyone! Thanks to all for the congrats.

Maria (HH11)- Don't worry, I'm not really wishing the time away, just anxious and excited!! Hehe!!

Loopy, while I agree Phil needs to go...why isn't anyone saying anything about Senjaya?!?!!? He's terrible and SOOO annoying! I hate the way he tries to "play up" the camera like he's hot stuff. He's only like 16...so he's WAY too young to be doing that...Okay, rant over, sorry if I offended anyone who may like him!!

I don't watch Lost, so not much to add there.

Today's going to be a long day. I have a huge paper due tomorrow that I should have started at least a month ago, but, like the good little procrastinater I am, I STILL haven't started it!! So, it's looking like tonight's going to be an all-nighter, which means I'll probably be wandering in and out of the forum at all hours today looking for a distraction!

Have a good RotD everyone!!



Denise P. - Apr 12, 2007 9:23 am (#383 of 2988)  

Go Ryan, go Ryan!! I just went and got the mail, Ryan has been accepted into the National Junior Honor Society at his school!! He had to fill out an application and write an essay (which I think stunk) but it apparently was okay. He had some problems at his previous school as we were leaving and it carried to this school for a time so I was worried that would have a negative impact on him being accepted even though it was not academic (The fool went and changed text on the yearbook right before we left but signed in under his own name...BUSTED! We had to attend a hearing here to determine if he could enroll or had to attend an alternative school. They pretty much let it go and he was enrolled)

Tinsel got clipped, she doesn't look too dorky...all the boo boos are ones that I see and probably no one else. I didn't get her neck quite right but that will come with time.


Madam Pince - Apr 12, 2007 11:22 am (#384 of 2988)  

Yay, Ryan! Congrats on the Honor Society invitation!

The Mysterious Affair at Styles...the front jacket says that it was her first published mystery novel. --- Yup! It was also the first Hercule Poirot novel (for non-Agatha fans, she had a couple other "hero" detectives, the most notable being the fluffy old lady Miss Marple, and she also had Tommy and Tuppence Beresford who I always thought of as "The Thin Man" couple, and one other guy "the man in the brown suit" who didn't amount to much...) Anyway, one other cool thing about Curtain (the last Poirot) is that she made the setting for it back at Styles again, so she did the whole full-circle deal!

Re: Lost: You're right, Loopy, I don't think we can trust a word that comes out of Juliet's mouth -- she could be playing anybody and everybody. I can't remember times when Sayid was wrong, but it's certainly possible -- I don't have the DVDs and mostly have only watched episodes one time. I still like him, though! I agree with Snuffles, too -- I want Locke back!!! Wonder what he's up to? Let's start a petition -- kill off Jack and bring Locke back! Oh, and did anyone else notice how much the guy who recruited Juliet resembles the young Anthony Perkins in Psycho? I kept expecting him to don a dress and a granny-wig and whip out a big ol' butcher knife... "Don't run down to the fruit cellar!!!"


Denise P. - Apr 12, 2007 12:25 pm (#385 of 2988)  

Madam Pince, if you watch the preview...He Who You Want Back...was shown so your wish may be granted!


Loopy Lupin - Apr 12, 2007 12:34 pm (#386 of 2988)  

Anyway, one other cool thing about Curtain (the last Poirot) is that she made the setting for it back at Styles again, so she did the whole full-circle deal! -- Madame Pince

All these characters are giving me a hankering to watch Murder By Death again.


Catherine - Apr 12, 2007 1:14 pm (#387 of 2988)  

As a matter of fact, I am teaching Murder on the Orient Express to my seventh graders this spring. They were pretty excited. They are a bright bunch, so it should go well.

Congrats to Squid Mike!

I spent way too much money today on shoes. I bought some called "BeautiFeel" in different syles and colors. They are definitely "teacher shoes" (ICK) but don't look as orthopedic and dorky as some do. My feet have really suffered this year, along with my knees and back, so I figured I might as well suck it up money-wise and pride-wise and just do it.

I'm enjoying spending some of our spring break in Richmond with my mother. Tomorrow is kid spring wardrobe shopping day. It's really much easier to do it here than it is to order everything and have it shipped to NC, which is what I usually do.

Off to check out Denise's sure-fire picky eater recipe...

::waves to everyone::


Madam Pince - Apr 12, 2007 1:41 pm (#388 of 2988)  

I saw that on the preview, Denise! I need to watch it again more closely, though -- I couldn't tell which "camp" he was with! I thought the way the preview was worded made it sound like next season is going to be the last season, which I had heard rumors of anyway. They said something like "...the last five episodes are the beginning of the end..." or similar. Of course, it could just be the end of this season they're referring to -- it's Lost after all, why should actually hearing words tell us anything remotely connected to what's really going on?

Thunderstorm outside... dog is going ballistic... I love spring...

Edit: I think I might try the noodle casserole tonight, too! The cinnamon is making me nervous, though...


Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 2:24 pm (#389 of 2988)  

Snuffles: I held the door open for Sayid (aka Naveen Andrews) at my work. He said 'Thank you' and smiled, and I said 'your welcome' and smiled back. So I didn't technically 'meet' him, but we exchanged words, and I could have impulsively hugged him, but I didn't!

Squid Mike- give it a week or two, and you'll be on a normal sleeping schedule!

On LOST: I almost jumped on to the Forum last night to see if anyone was here. I don't think Juliette is a danger to the Losties, as she really wants to get off the island too. I think she is lying to Ben (who someone really needs to take out, as he's just so messed up!!!!) and I really hope she shares everything with the Losties, because then there could be some way of getting back at the Others. I didn't see the preview for next week, my recorder stopped taping two seconds into it. Oh well.

Have no school today, so I fully intend on getting all of my homework that is due in the next two weeks done. I have 2 1/2 weeks left of school. EEEEEK! Partly excited, and partly wishing we had at least one or two more weeks more just so then the pressure of the final IEP project (thanks for offering advice/help Mediwitch! Good luck with your IEPs!!) wouldn't be so big.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!



Snuffles - Apr 12, 2007 3:03 pm (#390 of 2988)  

That recipe sounds lovely Denise. I have just one question though. Here, we don't use 'cups'. How many oz is in a cup?

Kristina, I would class that as meeting . Well done on the hugging restraint by the way. It must have been very difficult

We have added another 10 members to our family today. I collected some tadpoles from a friends pond, so Olivia can watch how they turn into frogs. I have explained though that once they start to hop, they must be returned to the pond they came from. I think she understands

Have a good day/night everyone



Denise P. - Apr 12, 2007 3:45 pm (#391 of 2988)  

There are 8 oz in a cup as far as measuring goes. Please keep in mind, the measurements are a good guess. I have made this for so long that I just eyeball it and guessed. I probably use more parmesan cheese, maybe less milk or more cinnamon and I have left the butter out more than once. Leaving the cinnamon, as I found out, make it taste different.


Mediwitch - Apr 12, 2007 3:58 pm (#392 of 2988)  

Congratulations to Ryan! And I think I missed Jenn (SMfS) in my last post - so congratulations to you and your fiance, too!

We had a student recently get kicked out of NHS - got caught plagiarizing.

Also, we could use some prayers and healing charms - a student in the high school where Mr. Mediwitch teaches (who also lives in the same town we do) has been hospitalized with Influenza Type A and has been given a 50/50 chance to live.

For some better news, though, we signed the contract for the sale of the house! So hopefully everything will go well with the inspections (I expect they will) and the buyer's mortgage (he's pre-qualified, so that should be fine too). Oh, Maria, thanks for the comments on the house, but I can assure you it's not perfect! I think Mr. Mediwitch gets bored with projects, so we have a LOT of unfinished ones - like the interior trim missing from the bay window installed last year, and the molding around the ceiling is still not up from when we painted the kitchen two years ago...you get the idea!


Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 5:15 pm (#393 of 2988)  

Congratulations to Ryan! (I completely forgot to say that in my last post. Sorry! )

Everything seems to be working out perfectly, Mediwitch! Sending **good luck charms** just because! **healing charms** to that student. Hope she makes it!

Did I mention that I have a rat currently making himself at home in my apartment? I've stuck traps out, put all pantry food except canned goods in my fridge, and everything is clean, yet he hasn't decided to move out or get caught. He hasn't made an appearance in my living space, but I hear him in the walls, ceiling, and bathroom cupboard. Aunt cleaned out their attic a couple months ago, and all the little pests living there decided to move down into the liveable part of the house (they've caught 4 mice in the last month) and my apartment (just that one rat). Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of them?!

I'm feeling rather productive today- I managed to knock out 4 math assignments in an hour. w00t! Next on my list is three lesson reflections, and then create a book for my writing class.



Mediwitch - Apr 12, 2007 5:21 pm (#394 of 2988)  

Kristina, ask Hermione if you can borrow Crookshanks! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

Good on you for getting all that work done today! And thanks for the healing charms; I guess I didn't mention it, but the student is a girl.


HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 12, 2007 5:44 pm (#395 of 2988)  

Prayers and healing charms to your HS student, Mediwitch.

Kristina, it sounds as though they're getting in somewhere. I recommend that your uncle finds out where the little critters are getting in and patch up the hole (make sure there's only one place). Chances are, they're getting in somewhere around the foundation of the house - as small as a 1/2 inch hole. After that, just keep trapping them until they no longer fill the traps.

Congratulations to Ryan, Denise!


boop - Apr 12, 2007 5:44 pm (#396 of 2988)  

Welcome Back Doris!! Good to see you around.

Mdeiwitch, I am sending prayers to your husband's student. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Denise, Congrats to your son Ryan.

hugs always



Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 5:54 pm (#397 of 2988)  

Mediwitch- what exactly is Influenza type A? Is it the same as the normal flu that is currently going around?

Maria- I know I have one hole that leads into my pantry- I've surrounded it with sticky traps as I can't reach the hole (shelving doesn't come out, and the hole is back about two arm lengths. I used a stick to push the traps close enough so that the rat would only be able to walk onto them). Think the exterminator would have better luck?



HungarianHorntail11 - Apr 12, 2007 5:59 pm (#398 of 2988)  

Getting and exterminator is a good idea. He/she will find out exactly where they're getting in. I talked to my husband and he said it is totally the landlord's responsibility - to keep his rental places habitable for his renters.

EDIT: That is a good angle to approach it from - unsanitary, as well as the fact that they could be bitten.


Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 6:04 pm (#399 of 2988)  

Completely agree with you and your Hubby, Maria. I think I'm going to start bugging my aunt (uncle tends to steer clear of rodent issues. ) to get the exterminator to come and take care of it. I'm also thinking along the lines of Syd and Thaniel- who would want wild rodents running around with little kids?!



Madam Pince - Apr 12, 2007 6:43 pm (#400 of 2988)  

Ewww... I just had a horrible memory... someone here on the Forum used to work in a movie theater that had rats, and the management wouldn't do anything despite Forumer's complaints, until finally a patron was actually bitten during a movie, and when she came out with a bleeding leg, he still wouldn't do anything, as I recall? Anyway, the Forumer then quit. Who was that, anyway?

I read an article in our paper recently -- I think it was one of those "home improvement" articles that is syndicated in many papers. Anyway, it was about "roof rats." I never knew there was more than one kind of rat, but it said this particular type of rat apparently never leaves the house it lives in -- its feet never touch ground -- it lives in the walls and attics and eats anything and everything including the paper around the attic insulation. Basically, their suggestion was just to set snap traps in the attic, along a wall if possible, because that's where the rats like to run. DON'T use poison, because when they crawl off somewhere and die the stench is unbearable.

Wow, this has been a pleasant post... Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 3276373137
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Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 7:03 pm (#401 of 2988)  

Madam P- I think that is the type of rat I have. I haven't seen any droppings or anything. I can just hear it. Which is annoying. They do have that poison out there that makes them dry out or something- so if they do manage to get inside the walls and such, they won't stink. This morning the rat was chewing something up near one of my windows. It was inside the wall. I banged on the window frame, and you could hear the rat scampering across the ceiling. It's not fun. LOL

I remember that movie theater rat story too. Was it herm oh ninny? I think the name started with an H... not sure though.



Mediwitch - Apr 12, 2007 7:27 pm (#402 of 2988)  

It's an avian (bird) flu, Kristina. It spreads via contact with infected birds or surfaces. I don't know the girl well at all, so I don't really know if she's traveled to more susceptible areas, or what happened. The symptoms can look like regular flu, but apparently are quite variable. Interestingly enough, I work with someone who was also diagnosed with Influenza Type A yesterday, but she was coughing a lot (which has mostly subsided) and now it looks like she has thrush (an infection in the mouth/tongue). Totally different presentations, but I guess there are a few variants on the Type A strain.

I remember the rat in the theater story, too, and I thought it was someone whose name starts with H too...haymoni?


2BMcsmom - Apr 12, 2007 7:43 pm (#403 of 2988)  

I have been spring cleaning most of this week. If it has a surface I think I have scrubbed it.(Feels that way at least) So have not been keeping up much. This thread gets big in a hurry. I hope that I remember everybody.

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Mike and Winky on the new jobs. TBE the foal is beautiful. Denise and son Ryan, well done Ryan. Jenn, enjoy the long engagement. Madame P. on the house. And anybody else I have forgotten to list.

Thom and family, I am very sorry about the loss of your pets. Viola, I have never understood why someone would want to start fire to a church. If it was arson I hope the person is caught.

Happy Belated Birthday to all that have recently celebrated.

Had my ears pierced when I was around 10. I had gone to visit my Grandparents and Aunt. They let me get them done, my mom was not happy at all.

Kristina, could you possibly have a squirrel in your attic instead of a rat?

How long does it usually take to be contacted about a job that you have sent in a resume for?



virginiaelizabeth - Apr 12, 2007 7:48 pm (#404 of 2988)  

Ewww.... I remember the rat story too. I think it was Herm oh ninny... Anyway gross! I hope that you solve the problem Kristina! That can't be fun! BTW...... Grey's is new next week! We had scenes at the end of tonights episode! I'll post my excitement about some of it over on the forum! It's gonna be good!

**healing charms to Mr. Mediwitch's student** That's scary. I hope she gets better soon.

Cute family picture in your avatar Snuffles!

Off to check threads!


Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 7:56 pm (#405 of 2988)  

Sonya: Kristina, could you possibly have a squirrel in your attic instead of a rat?

I wish it was a squirrel. I like them more than rats (but I wouldn't eat them. at Madam P!). LOL. No, we don't have squirrels in Hawaii- just mongoose. Wouldn't be a mongoose either, as they don't like being seen. sigh.

Does that mean we have the Bird Flu in the States now? (Or has it been here and I've just been under a rock?)

New Grey's next week??? W00T!! I won't be able to see tonight's highlight episode until Saturday- Hawaii has that Merry Monarch Hula Competition tonight and tomorrow.

Strike 2 of 3 reflections off my list of homework! w00t! Just have one reflection and the book to do now. Book should be fun- I have all the stuff for it, I just need to figure out how I want to put it all together.



geauxtigers - Apr 12, 2007 7:56 pm (#406 of 2988)  

Anyone have ideas on how to get rid of them?!

Well perhaps Catherine could go to your house and scream? That'd get rid of them! **avoids Catherine's sweeping hand as she remembers Blossom** LOL

Congrats to Ryan!

I'm almost done with Murder on the Orient Express. Its really good!

I got a lovely bruise on about 3/4ths of my knee today at dance when I somehow managed to slip or something doing a turn and landed squarely on my left knee. It sorta hurts..

I hope the student gets better soon, Mediwitch. So umm would a flu shot protect you against this strain? I know they are different each year, but I'm curious to know...is it rare to get type A? Weather still looking bad for Saturday morning. I really don't want to drive through that mess. But alas, earwax, April showers bring May flowers and its bringning pretty spring weather behind it. **crosses fingers that it blows through pretty fast and nothing severe comes our way** **knock on wood**

Happy Thursday!


Solitaire - Apr 12, 2007 10:27 pm (#407 of 2988)  

I have a huge paper due tomorrow that I should have started at least a month ago

Wow, Soul Mate ... I've procrastinated on projects all my life--the late, great portfolio being only one of them (and I was actually amassing pieces of student work over the last 6 months or so to use in it)--but I think this one may beat anything I've ever attempted. Yikes! What sort of project is it?

Congrats to Ryan and Mediwitch!! Way to go!

I echo Tazzy's query ... do we now have Bird Flu in the US? This does not sound good.

Tazzy ... can you have a cat? My two "garage cats" drive me crazy (I wish they would go and live with their REAL owners!), but I have not had a mouse or anything since they've taken up residence in my yard and garage. The abandoned cats that live on our school grounds have also cut down on our rodent population.

I am watching the most interesting documentary on the Travel Channel. It's called Europe's Largest Aquarium, about the Science Park in Spain. We have a lot of international members and globetrotters here on the Forum. Has anyone ever been to this Aquarium? Just curious.

Mike, I guess I'll have to watch Are We Done Yet? since I loved Mr. Blandings. Then again, I'm not sure any modern adult trio could top Cary Grant-Myrna Loy-Melvyn Douglas. They just don't make 'em like that anymore!



Tazzygirl - Apr 12, 2007 10:45 pm (#408 of 2988)  

Soli- I don't have a cat, but my neighbor's cat likes to hang around (I fed it about 6 months ago, and it still seems to think I'll feed it again. LOL). Yesterday when it followed me to my door, I explained to it that if it catches my rat, I'd be forever grateful. I don't think he understood.



dizzy lizzy - Apr 12, 2007 10:49 pm (#409 of 2988)  

I'm back....

I'm very tired and feeling pretty grotty. I picked up the cold from the kids while I was away and I feel very yucky.

Everything else is moving along relatively smoothly now...


Lizzy (I wish I had a "sick and feeling grotty" smilie)


Good Evans - Apr 13, 2007 12:13 am (#410 of 2988)  

healing charms to Lizzy - I've forgotten everything else that was on here ....

I love murder on the orient express - glad you have enjoyed it Tori!

Kristina - squirrels are not nice in the attic - we had them for months - rats with furry coats on, I am afraid - having said that I am glad it wasn't a Rat :shudder:

have a great Friday everyone.............


Lina - Apr 13, 2007 3:05 am (#411 of 2988)  

Influenza type A is one of regular types of flu and actually the most common. It can be mortal if the person has bad immunity. The most known is the case in Europe after the World War II when the flu actually killed more people than the war itself. It was called Spanish flu and it was Type A. The Avial flu is also a variety of type A but it has usually an additional code. The most known one is H5N1 although it can have other combinations of digits with the same letters. So, flu, being just the type A doesn't mean that it is Avial immediately. I hope it is not and am sending healing charms to the student.

2BMcsmom, my experience is that any time span for getting the answer to the resume is possible. Some companies send it right away, some wait for months. Yet, it is possible that there is more order in the States than here.

Kate left for the country shooting competition and she won't be home until Sunday. I'm enjoying the two days off that I took at work.


Marie E. - Apr 13, 2007 4:41 am (#412 of 2988)  

What a lovely discussion we're having! I've never seen a rat, but I'm pretty sure I'd freak out if I saw one. We have mice in our garage, but I've never seen them. They ate a bag of grass seed last Spring and left a lot of green droppings (the grass seed was tinted green).

We are waiting for a gigantic storm to arrive. At first they said it would hit at midnight, but now they are saying daybreak. We're supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow and 30 mph winds. In anticipation of a snow day both of the girls' teachers sent home their Friday Folders yesterday. Right now the school district is just on a two-hour delay, but they have plenty of time to cancel school if the weather gets bad.

Let's hope the storm hits soon and I won't have to go in to work.


The giant squid - Apr 13, 2007 6:06 am (#413 of 2988)  

Soli, don't bother with Are We Done Yet. From what I've heard, it manages to lose everything that was good about Mr. Blandings. From the trailers it looked more like a low-rent Money Pit (and that was pretty low-rent to begin with).

Finally watched Lost last night (after CSI--it was an intense couple of hours ). -->I think that Juliet's playing both sides too. To spend the entire episode showing how much she wants off the island to turn around & show her working with Ben like that doesn't gel. She's biding her time to see who's going to come out on top of this conflict & side with the winner. At the very least, the show's getting interesting again!



Solitaire - Apr 13, 2007 7:10 am (#414 of 2988)  

Tazzy: Yesterday when it followed me to my door, I explained to it that if it catches my rat, I'd be forever grateful. I don't think he understood.

One question: Did you let him in? If not, then you can't blame him for not going after your rat!

Soli, don't bother with Are We Done Yet.

Mike, I immediately went to imdb.com last night and checked it out. I only looked at the number of stars it received in the first few reviews. Let's just say not one piqued my curiosity to see the movie! A couple of people felt the title should have been Is This Movie Over Yet? Doesn't engender confidence, does it? LOL One reviewer, however, had this comment in his tagline (24 January 205): If the kids laugh, it's funny. Given some of the cruel and disgusting things I've seen kids laugh at in recent years, I found this guy's comment more disturbing than any movie could be. *rant over* I still can't imagine anyone as funny as Cary, Myrna, and Melvin in the major roles ... although I wouldn't mind seeing Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and (maybe) Tom Selleck, respectively, give those roles a shot.

I love CSI, too, although I haven't managed to stay awake for the new ones. I usually see them in reruns on Spike or A&E (CSI: Miami). I take a lot of ribbing from the male teachers in the teachers' lounge for watching Spike TV (CSI: Las Vegas). I suppose it's because you probably couldn't find anyone less "spike-y" if you searched the planet! LOL I was sorry to miss the episode with Lady Heather, though. I think her character is always an interesting counterpoint to Grissom.

Well, time to scoot! I have about 90 personal student brochures coming at me today (I hope), after a week in the computer lab with all of my language arts classes. I wanted to do something different than the typical biographical essay, so I thought this would be fun and teach them how to use Microsoft Publisher. I hope I'm not sorry!

Have a great day, everyone ... TGIF!!!!!



Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 13, 2007 7:40 am (#415 of 2988)  

Hey everyone!

Kristina-Sorry to hear about your rat problem. We had a rat and a few mice in our house a few months ago, and it was the creepiest thing to listen to them run around in the walls at night while I was lying in bed!! Good luck getting them out!!

Solitaire-I actually tend to pull all-nighters more then I should thanks to my procrastination. But, I managed to get my paper done my 2am last night and still get 5 hours of sleep before classes this morning! I really need to try and break this trend, I think I'm getting a bit too old to stay up all night and still function the next day!

Anyway, today's a busy day. I have class all afternoon, and then Dan's band is playing a huge show in the Flats, which is the "nightclub" area of Cleveland in front of a bunch of record executives and like 1500 people. The guys are so excited, but I'm really nervous for them. They haven't really had a chance to practice much this week!! They're really really good, but still, trying to play a show when you haven't practiced in a week is not the best idea. So, it's looking like it's going to be another late night for me tonight! I guess I'll survive though. I surprizingly don't have to work on Saturday, so I can always sleep in!!

Anyway, I'm off to check the threads really really quick before my next class!!

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



2BMcsmom - Apr 13, 2007 8:25 am (#416 of 2988)  

Jenn, Good luck to Dan and his band.


journeymom - Apr 13, 2007 9:18 am (#417 of 2988)  

Healing charms to Lizzy!

Rats- there were rats in our first home. Not long after we moved in we'd lie in bed at night listening to them scampering through the rafters in the attic, and squeeking at each other (they were probably fighting). It was a great big ol' rat party up there.

Earrings- Mom let me get my ears pierced when I was 13. I told Miss Journeymom I'll take her to get her ears pierced when she 'gets' another significant first event in her young life. As a rite of passage kind of thing. When she was a baby I had all kinds of ideas about how to acknowledge that special event. I was going to take her camping with her aunts and grandmothers and have her do some sort of community service project and give a speech at church, a la Bat Mitzvah. Whew! Bet she feels lucky I gave up that idea! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2752390508 I was quite the crunchy granola mom for a while. Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 464751818


Loopy Lupin - Apr 13, 2007 10:19 am (#418 of 2988)  

Hello all. Just thought I'd say have a nice weekend. Also, I needed an excuse to show off my new opossum avatar for Catherine. I imagine her furry boarders will be back with us soon.


John Bumbledore - Apr 13, 2007 10:56 am (#419 of 2988)  

I also remember the story of the rat in the theater/cinema where a customer was bitten. though I don't remember the member who worked at the theater.

Well, the Cub Scout camp-o-ree is this weekend. Camp site isn't far from home (35 to 45 minute drive) but it is a "roughing-it" camp site with out facilities. The Scout Council is bringing in porta-johns (portable loos).

Hope I don't forget anything. I'm still making my list so I haven't even checked over it once, yet. Can you tell I'm fretting a bit about it? LOL

John Bumbledore <)B^D˜


haymoni - Apr 13, 2007 11:21 am (#420 of 2988)  

I remember the rat bit also.

Jenn - what is the name of Dan's band and what kind of music do they play?

It has been years since I have been to The Flats. I spent every weekend there when I was in college. I even remember some of them!


Tazzygirl - Apr 13, 2007 11:26 am (#421 of 2988)  

Soli- the cat will stick his head in my entry way, but other than that, no luck in getting him in my apartment. Rat parties- mine periodically sounds like he is having a rat race- racing around the ceiling, then sliding down behind my shower and into the bathroom cupboard. The first time he did that, I laughed. It's now gotten old. LOL

**healing charms to Lizzy**

Jenn- good luck to Dan's band! On procrastinating writing a paper- I did that a year ago, and swore to myself I wouldn't do it again. So far, so good!

Love the avatar Loopy!!

Have fun camping, John!

Had more I wanted to say, but the time for me to go to work has approached. Bummer.

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



Madam Pince - Apr 13, 2007 12:07 pm (#422 of 2988)  

The only "real rat" (ie: other than in a zoo or pet store) I've ever seen was when we were in New Orleans. A bunch of tourists which included hoards of giggly girls were leaning over a bridge/overpass-type thing which was about 20 feet over the river, exclaiming "Oh, aren't they cute! Look! They're just the cutest things!" Someone in my group asked what they were looking at, and one of them replied "It's a bunch of kittens!" We inspected, and one guy in our group said "I hate to tell you, but those are not kittens -- they are river rats." Screams and squeals and general mayhem ensued. (It really was pretty gross -- the ground was practically teeming with them down at the water's edge.) I've probably told you guys that story before...

My mom's house has chipmunks that live in the walls (at least, we're pretty sure that's what they are...) They pack their little cheeks full of birdseed from her birdfeeders, and then head inside through the foundation somewhere, and then they hold their little version of the Olympic Games in there. One night Mom and I just got the hysterical giggles listening to them -- it seriously sounded like they were running races. Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter-pat across from one side to the other, pause, and then pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter-pat back again. Over and over and over. As Tazzy said, it was funny at first, but it gets old in a hurry. My Mom wants Mr. P to shoot them whenever they're out by the birdfeeders, but I think they're too cute and so I usually manage to peck on the window and scare them away before the deed gets done. She doesn't want to quit feeding the birds because she enjoys them so much, so I think it's just something she'll have to deal with.

***fingers crossed*** -- Good luck to Kate on her shooting competition this weekend! (My mom could provide her with some rodent moving targets to improve her scores...)

Good luck, John, on your camping trip -- sending *warm-and-dry* charms. Mr. P was supposed to camp out at a living history thing this weekend but he decided against it because his rotator-cuff-afflicted shoulder doesn't do well with cold, wet weather.

Marie, hope your snowstorm isn't too bad! I saw on the news last night that Denver was expecting 5-8 inches of snow, and I thought of you!

Denise, the casserole was excellent! We had it last night. I have to admit that I would've never thought of cinnamon in the context of a meat dish, but it really "worked" and it made the whole thing stand out as different from your basic lasagne-ish meat/noodle/tomato sauce casserole! Mr. Pince was so funny -- he sniffed it suspiciously before eating (he has a streak of Hawkeye Pierce in him), and then after he tasted he asked "Is that cinnamon in this?" When I told him it was, he said the same -- he never would've thought of it but that it was good. (I can also see where it would feed your whole family -- who knew a whole box of noodles could weigh that much? It was a substantial weight putting it into the oven!)

We got Happy Feet from the library today after trying unsuccessfully for a week. I'm glad I didn't pay for the movie, but it was way cool to be able to watch the Order of the Phoenix trailer frame-by-frame! Little Pince watched the whole thing with rapt attention, then his only comment was "Looks like Harry combed his hair." He'd fit right in on the online boards where everyone obsesses about all the characters' hairstyles!

(Speaking of rats, it looks like one has been in my pantry while I've been typing, judging by the Easter-candy-wrappers on the floor...but I think this rat is a little over 3 feet tall... )

Everyone enjoy the RotD! Happy weekend!


Solitaire - Apr 13, 2007 12:11 pm (#423 of 2988)  

Tazzy, perhaps he is afraid of rats. My Sheltie, Stoney, is afraid of the cats who live in my garage. He will not come out into the garage with me if he sees them. I figure he must have been smacked in the face by one of them ... he has a long memory! LOL I was sort of hoping he would chase them away!



Marie E. - Apr 13, 2007 1:23 pm (#424 of 2988)  

So far we've just had two inches of snow, with high winds. They did end up closing school. Shayla slept in until 9am, but Lexi came to work with me at 7am.


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 13, 2007 2:13 pm (#425 of 2988)  

More snow! Wow! **melting charms to those in the snowy areas**

I'm sooo happy! I finally got my dress for Prom! It's next Saturday so I was under a bit of a time crunch, but I got and I'm sooo relieved! I actually had a horrible dream last night about me not being able to find a dress! It woke me up at 10:30, and I couldn't go back to sleep (yes I know, 10:30 is pathetic but I was up until 2!) ANyways, it's black and floor length, and it has roucing (sp?) on the top part.It's a V-necke halter top and The back has criss-cross straps, and it dips down a bit. It's sooo pretty! I lovee it! Now I'm really excited!!! WOOO HOOO!!


journeymom - Apr 13, 2007 2:58 pm (#426 of 2988)  

Well then Ginny, you should post a picture of the dress if you can!


Chemyst - Apr 13, 2007 3:44 pm (#427 of 2988)  

Herm oh ninny's rat story ...also said she should graduate next month, which might explain if she has been too busy to post.

I guess I have a good news/ bad news varmint story too. This one was a squirrel. Notice the past tense...   it chomped into an electrical line. The bad news is that it blew out the living room and kitchen circuits. The good news it was electrocuted for it's effort.

I thought someone ought to point out that the days wait for DH is now down to double digits.  Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 266347159

Cinnamon is very good in chili too.


Thom Matheson - Apr 13, 2007 4:26 pm (#428 of 2988)  

Hello all. Just a note to thank all of you, (how big is this forum) for all the thoughts about Shoe and Didas. For those that sent personal notes, bigger thanks. You all are an awesome bunch of friends. Believe me when I tell you if you are new to this Forum, it is truly the best run and well maintained ever. Mrs. Thom is still quite upset and I am concerned as all she wants to do is hug dog toys still. Should I entertain a new dog so soon? I should put that in Sarah Jones's vote folder.

Jo if you are reading this, I could be greatly consoled with a copy of Deathly Hallows if you are so inclined. If not I will continue to delve into this forum.

Sorry for that, don't show this to Leah. Again thanks for all your support.



geauxtigers - Apr 13, 2007 4:35 pm (#429 of 2988)  

No more ACT tomorrow. We made an executive decision a few minutes ago. 1. the weather is supposed to be really bad. 2. I'm terrified of thunderstorms/bad weather and would likely not be able to concentrate on the test and 3. My mom doesn't want us driving through that.

I'm very relieved! And I also found a prom dress today too! Its really simple, brown halter neck. It came with this awful belt around it, so the guy hepling up out at the store today suggested a sash to go there instead. So thats settled, we are going to the fabric store to get some 'bone' colored fabric and I'm going to make a sash for my dress. It should look really good!

Okay I'm going to clean my room and try not to think about the bad weather headed our way. **safety charms to Holly and others over in Texas and Oklahoma would are currently getting slammed** And if yall could cross your fingers for us here that'd be great!


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 13, 2007 4:38 pm (#430 of 2988)  

Journeymom, I'll post a picture of it next weekend, when I have a cute picture. I look like I rolled out of bed at the moment! Seriously! My hair is doing that weird psycho “stick up everywhere in a lion mane” form. LOL!


Madam Pince - Apr 13, 2007 4:50 pm (#431 of 2988)  

Nice try on the book angle, Thom! (Still sending hugs and thoughts your way -- it can take a long while. So sorry for poor Mrs. Thom. I know part of it is probably just the sheer suddenness of everything, because you all surely weren't expecting this, and certainly not both at once.)

I don't know about advice about when to get a new pet -- when I lost my cat who was my first really close pet, my-own-and-mine-only kind of thing, we already had a young dog that we'd had about a year, and then Little Pince came along the very next month, so I had a lot to distract me. I guess I would say that it is a good thing to be distracted, so maybe something new would fit that bill? How about this for a thought -- does your area have a program where you sort of "foster care" dogs for awhile? I have heard of such things both for puppies that are destined to be seeing eye dogs or other companion dogs, and also just sometimes rescue shelters are looking for foster care. That might be something to distract you and give you a little furball to care for, while you're not really "tied down" to making a decision on one you want to keep permanently. I don't know if you have to have any special training, especially for the seeing eye dogs, but I think I read an article that you don't really, because very early on all they are looking for is a home where the pups will get love and constant attention and human interaction -- no specific training yet.

Catherine, might you know more about this? Don't you work with a humane society or similar?

Good luck with whatever you two decide, Thom!

Glad to hear about the prom dresses, Ginny and Tori -- they both sound lovely! I just got off eBay looking at ones for my niece... sigh... I miss shopping for fancy dresses! It's been quite a while!

Chemyst, we "lost" a squirrel that way this Christmas too, when he chewed through our lights outside. My, but he was tasty! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 2281877974

(Just kidding... ...he was already overcooked by the time we got to him... )


journeymom - Apr 13, 2007 5:48 pm (#432 of 2988)  

Cheering charms and (((BIG HUGS))) for Mrs Thom.  Madam Pince, I was thinking the same thing, foster dogs.

Tori, I required a picture of Ginny's dress, so the same is true for you!


Tazzygirl - Apr 13, 2007 7:55 pm (#433 of 2988)  

SPEW on the B-B-Qed squirrel stories. Poor things!

**safety charms** to Tori and Ginny and everyone else in stormy weather! (starts humming the Stormy Weather song from a loooooong time ago)

On when to replace pets- I had hamsters and guinea pigs, each time a hamster died, I would go out that same day and get a new one. I couldn't stand not going to sleep and not hearing the usual hamster noises. Same thing with Guinea pigs, although I've gotten used to no guinea pig noises now (not allowed in my apartment. ), and I have only one guinea pig remaining at my parents' house. She's getting sooo old! She's about 7 years old! **hugs** to Mr. and Mrs. Thom! I think if you kind of look around, and you see a dog that clicks with you, you'll know it's the right time to get a new fur baby.

Ginny and Tori- can't wait to see your Prom dresses! My sister's was black and white, kind of like the dress Julia Roberts wore to the Oscars several years ago. Mine was a periwinkle blue. I made my own wrap to go with it.

Good luck to Kate!



Lina - Apr 14, 2007 12:05 am (#434 of 2988)  

Protecting charms to all being threatened by storms!

Thanks for the good luck wishes for Kate.

Thom, I agree with Madam Pince that every distraction is good after a loss, yet some proper grieving might be helpful too.


Snuffles - Apr 14, 2007 12:50 am (#435 of 2988)  

Thanks for the information on oz and cups Denise.

Marie, I hope the weather near you isn't too bad.

Lina, good luck to Kate. Tell her she will have to come back to the forum and let us all know how she did

Tori and Ginny. I second/third the request for pictures. My niece has her prom in July. They have only been doing the Prom thing here for about 4 years. The kids seem to be having theirs when they are 16, as it's not compulsary to stay on in school until you are 18 (yet).

Olivia has woken up with Chickenpox this morning It has been going around for ages and she never seemed to pick it up. We thought she may have had it a couple of years ago as she came out in a few spots but alas, it seemed she didn't! So far the spot count is 8 but my mum says they keep appearing for a few days! **goes off hunting for the Calamine Lotion**

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Sorry if I have missed anything/anyone.

Hope everyone has a good weekend



dizzy lizzy - Apr 14, 2007 3:33 am (#436 of 2988)  

Well I'm starting to feel a lot more better and human. That cold was a nasty one and pretty short lived...

My week away was very good. We sorted out a lot of things and I have a temporary home, and it looks as though some contract work will come through in time to help with expenses.

The cooling off period for the contract exchange has gone through now. So even if the purchaser pulls out (which wouldn't surprise me at all) I get to keep the deposit. Settlement is legally supposed to happen on the 8th May, but the purchaser was amenable to the 1st of May the last time I checked with my solicitor. Which would be a good thing as I leave town on the 2nd May... Talk about the sale going through right down to the wire!!!! I'm not too happy with the purchaser, all the negotiations etc have doubled my legal bill *sad* but the result has been worth it. I'd have never got the house sold if it weren't for my solicitor keeping in touch with things.

Cheers to all as they start their weekend...



Catherine - Apr 14, 2007 5:55 am (#437 of 2988)  

Loopy Lupin, Mr. Catherine dared me to go in the basement last week and naturally, I refused.

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if some folks eat possum. My mother-in-law brought back an oppossum fur sweater from New Zealand for Mr. Catherine. I keep hoping that sweater will run away from home or be hit by a car but no such luck as yet.

Catherine, might you know more about this? Don't you work with a humane society or similar? --Madam Pince

Often times there are foster situations with local rescue organizations. Realize that any reputable organization will call your veterinarian and check up on you, and will call your references. I'd check your local shelter and breed rescue if you have a special affinity for a certain breed.

I'm leaving Richmond in a bit to return to real life in North Carolina. I have 25 essays to grade and a poetry unit to finish planning...I'm ready for the school year to end. I need another Spring Break!!


azi - Apr 14, 2007 10:30 am (#438 of 2988)  

Healing charms to Olivia, Snuffles! I suppose pretty much everyone will have chicken pox in their life....(it's possible to have it twice by the way - my aunt has!).

Great news on the house, Lizzy! I suppose the deposit could cover the legal bill?

Good luck Kate!

Cute avatar, Catherine.


Soul Mate for Sirius - Apr 14, 2007 12:01 pm (#439 of 2988)  

Hey everyone!!

Snuffles, healing charms for Olivia. The chicken pox really stink. I had a really bad case of them when I was younger! Hopefully she won't get more then her eight spots!!!

Okay Ginny & Tori, I agree on the dresses. You totally have to post pictures!

So, Dan's show went pretty well last night. The name of his band is Syndicate and they're a thrash metal band. (I'm not really a big fan of metal, but I like them!) Dan plays drums for the band. Anyway, the guys sounded amazing but there were a few problems with the management at the club, and how the show was run. Oh well, all that matters is that we had a good time and the band sounded really good!!

Besides that, it's a pretty lazy day today. Just hanging out and relaxing after a long few days! I'm off to check the threads...

Have a great RotD/N everyone!!



Solitaire - Apr 14, 2007 12:04 pm (#440 of 2988)  

Oh, Snuffles ... poor Olivia! I hope she stops at 8 spots. I actually remember when I had chicken pox at the age of 6 (back in the last century). I had them so severely that my case has become a "family anecdote." Whenever anyone in our immediate circle of friends and family mentions that a child has them, my mother launches into my history ... and I think she still has the pics! I had them in my mouth and every other uncomfortable place you can imagine, and Mom made me wear white cotton gloves to prevent too much scratching and scarring. I also remember being put into "cornstarch baths" and "oatmeal baths" to soothe the itching.

To really add to the mayhem, I broke out with Rubella on Thursday of that same week! I ran a very high fever during the worst of the mess. I was one miserable kid for about 3 weeks. Just as those two things were clearing up and it looked like I might be able to return to school, I was hit by whatever flu was going around that year. That one was so bad it took down everyone in the family but Dad. He had to take care of me, my sister, AND my mom (who was rarely "allowed" to be sick). I missed about 4-5 weeks of school altogether. On the bright side, I don't think I was ever absent again until high school. Bottom line: I hope Olivia has a light case. **healing charms going out**

Glad YOU are feeling better, Lizzy. **continued healing charms**



The giant squid - Apr 14, 2007 12:20 pm (#441 of 2988)  

I remember the stories about my chicken pox, too. I Don't remember if they were on the roof of my mouth, but I did have them between my toes... Marie & I got them at the same time, and our mother has a picture of us bathing in Calamine lotion--unless Marie managed to snatch it away & burn it.

Speaking of Marie, I think she needs more snow! It's the runoff from the Rockies that feeds the Colorado river, Las Vegas' main source of water. We're running a bit low lately (read: the past 5 or 6 years...) so Colorado needs to step up & give us some more water! Chat & Greetings 2007 - Page 3 1003735042

Well, I survived my first day on the new job. The worst part was just the anxiety the night before made it hard to get to sleep, so when that alarm went off at 5:30 I was less than thrilled. If I can get my body trained to fall asleep when I need it to, I'll be fine.

On the plus side--I get weekends off!!!!    Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've had a Monday-thru-Friday job? It's crazy! Once I get settled in, though, I'll be on-call every other weekend, but that's still pretty cool.



Good Evans - Apr 14, 2007 12:28 pm (#442 of 2988)  

What a glorious day we have had today - the weather has been fabulous. Really warm and I walked the dog in just a T shirt and cropped trousers - no coat or cardy - lovely!

Just been out for a Chinese as we have house visitors to dog sit for us tomorrow (Hubbys brother and sister in law). While we fly up to Scotland - back on Tuesday afternoon. Just a flying visit to Edinburgh (If only I could find JK's house I could hang the meetings I should be at and ransack it for the new book instead???? oh blast she has said she doesn't keep it there!)

anyhow - have a lovely rest of weekend folks and I shall be back on Tuesday...


Lina - Apr 14, 2007 2:06 pm (#443 of 2988)  

Healing charms to Olivia! It is just a good thing as long as you can count the spots!

Jenn, I keep forgetting to say: it is so nice to see you around and posting! Congratulations on your decisions, I hope you'll be able to make all your plans work!

Lizzy, I'm glad the moving is going OK. Sending you some Felix Felicis to find a suitable job and healing charms as well.

Mike, woo hoo for the free weekends! Take some chamomile or hot milk before sleeping.

Have a good time in Edinburgh, Julie! And keep your eyes wide opened!


Tazzygirl - Apr 14, 2007 2:38 pm (#444 of 2988)  

**healing charms** to Olivia and Lizzy! Hope Olivia's chicken pox doesn't get any worse than what it is! Glad to hear you are feeling better, Lizzy!

I kind of remember having chicken pox. I don't think I itched that much.

Have a safe trip to Edinburgh, JulieGE!

Off to work!

Have a great weekend everyone!



geauxtigers - Apr 14, 2007 3:20 pm (#445 of 2988)  

When I had chicken pox, I was covered. I still have scars on my stomach in some spots. Its really the only time I truly remember being sick, it was itchy and I spent wayyy too much time in oatmeal baths! Be careful with the calamine lotion though! Ginny had them first and my mom smeared her in the stuff and after it dried, the itchy-ness was times 10. So don't cover her in it! LOL She never put it on me. It could have just been Ginny, because I've never heard of it doing that to anyone else...one of my random memories! LOL Any way, I hope she feels better!

I think we had about 5 total rumbles of thunder. I could have gone to take that stupid test, but the way they were carrying on last night you'd have thought we all needed to be on the lowest floor of the Ministry of Magic to be protected from this thing! Oh well, I'll be taking it this summer... woo hoo

I need to go look up my homework because I know I have a lot of English...not looking forward to it as it involves a research paper. I'm just glad I finished this independent reading thingy-ma-jig...

Have a good weekend!


Mediwitch - Apr 14, 2007 5:09 pm (#446 of 2988)  

Thanks for the healing charms, everyone. Unfortunately, the girl did not make it. Her parents could certainly use all the prayers and charms we can give them.

Glad you're feeling better, Lizzy, and *Anti-Itching Charms* to Olivia!

Well, we're finally on Spring Break, so I'm tackling the basement (again) and starting packing. Mr. Mediwitch is a terrible packrat, so the basement doesn't even look like I cleaned it this summer. GRRRR! I get so mad when I go down there!


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 14, 2007 5:24 pm (#447 of 2988)  

(((Hugs))) and prayers to the student and her family Mediwitch.

I remember chicken pox like it was yesterday...ack! Not fun at alll! I also vividly remember going back to school when I was better. I still had a number of scars from some of them, but I'd been cleared by the doctor...well there was this eviilll teacher that saw me on the play ground, and thought I had chicken pox. So instead of being nice about it, she came over and grabbed me by the top of my arm and I'm not kidding when I say she picked me clear off the ground and drug me into the principles office. The whole time I was trying to explain that I wasn't sick and what not, but she wouldn't listen, so then I started to kick her in the shins.. yeah I know, but as I was dangling from her hand, it was my only defense, not to mention it hurt like you know what! The principle took one look at me and said she thought I was fine. Then my teacher came and rescued me. It was awful. I also remember hiding from her on the playground for the rest of the year. This was the same teacher who acused me of tripping a kid in the hall, when his shoe laces were untied. I was terrified of her!

I'll have the pictures up next Sunday, after Prom is all over with!

I too must go look up what my homework is....YUCK! The last 6 weeks of school are always the hardest, and the longest!


Catherine - Apr 14, 2007 5:26 pm (#448 of 2988)  

Well, we're finally on Spring Break, so I'm tackling the basement (again) and starting packing. Mr. Mediwitch is a terrible packrat, so the basement doesn't even look like I cleaned it this summer. GRRRR! I get so mad when I go down there!—Mediwitch


I always steer clear of the basement, meself, but choices are choices....

Just because Loopy Lupin made an issue...I should say that even Daisy, my youngest shih-tzu was ready for possums this spring. Mr. Catherine confessed that while I was gone this week, there was a minor blip in our sewer line, so that the toilet made awful noises while the dishwasher was..washing.

Even Mr. Catherine thought the noises from the potty sounded similar to Blossom's noises, and he realized that Daisy was poised outside our bathroom closest to the basement, teeth bared and ears back. Which is NOT a usual stance for a shih-tzu, I must say. Quite alarming, actually.

Turns out we had a minor clog that was resolved through an intervention. No possums, according to Mr. C. Yeah, right.

Daisy and I both are ready to put our ears back and growl if we see the slightest thing out of the ordinary....


Solitaire - Apr 14, 2007 5:30 pm (#449 of 2988)  

Gosh, Mediwitch, how awful! I'll be remembering the girl's family in prayer. Are any other family members in danger? Is there a quarantine in place until they figure out what is going on?



Mediwitch - Apr 14, 2007 5:31 pm (#450 of 2988)  

LOL, Catherine! I'd like to steer clear of the basement, but since we'll be moving in about 3 months or so (and the last few weeks of school are always so hectic), I need to get started!
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Denise P. - Apr 14, 2007 5:44 pm (#451 of 2988)  

My kids love our basement. They think it is pretty cool and want to show it off to anyone who comes in the house. Of course, we are possum free down there. We do have an incredibly fat squirrel who hangs out in the backyard and sometimes comes on the deck if Tinsel is not outside.

Am I the only one who thinks the DH cover, US version, bears a striking resemblance to the cover of Watership Down? I opened a page that was HP related and walked away while it loaded. When I came back, my initial thought was "Why is this on a HP page?" Look at it!


geauxtigers - Apr 14, 2007 6:14 pm (#452 of 2988)  

Aww, Mediwitch, I'm so sorry about the girl. Prayers to the family.

Catherine, is that Daisy in your avatar? Shes sooo cute!

I still haven't looked at my homework. I'm going to be paying for this tomorrow.


Madam Pince - Apr 14, 2007 6:19 pm (#453 of 2988)  

You're right Denise -- same colors exactly! That cover of Watership Down was shown on Lost last week, by the way -- did you catch it? Sawyer was reading it...

Mediwitch, so sorry to hear the news about the student. What a shame.

Catherine, the puppy face is so cute! And I agree that after what you've been through, you're perfectly entitled to avoid the basement entirely!

Soli, very belated sympathies on that horrible 4 weeks you had as a kid with the chicken pox -- that's just about the worst one I've ever heard! You poor dear...

Ginny, your teacher story reminded me of a Mr. Pince story -- I'm so glad to hear that someone else (who isn't a juvenile delinquent) has kicked a teacher in the shins! Apparently when he was little, there was this notoriously nasty teacher named Mrs. Legge. One day he was sitting in class and, hearing a commotion, looked out into the hall. There went Mrs. Legge, dragging his screaming and crying younger sister down the hallway by her ear. Naturally, Mr. Pince (being the heroic knight that he is), ran out of class and into the hall, dealt Mrs. Legge a swift kick on the shin, grabbed his sister by the hand, and the two of them ran out of school and down the street to Grandma's house. Today, that would no doubt get them expelled and the teacher fired, but back in the early 1960's apparently everyone agreed that dragging a child by the ear was not acceptable and the whole issue was declared a "draw" and nothing came of it at all. (I used to be appalled that Mr. P did this, but I feel better now that I hear you also kicked a teacher in the shins, so thanks! -- and apologies to all Forum teachers out there who would naturally never require/deserve a swift kick in the shins! )

SquidMike, I'm so happy for you in your new job! The freedom will be wonderful! So glad you got the promotion you were hoping for!


virginiaelizabeth - Apr 14, 2007 9:03 pm (#454 of 2988)  

LOL Madame Pince! I think I'd have done the same thing! That's really the only time I think I've screamed kicked, and back-talked a teacher before. I don't remember getting in trouble for it....I'm not sure they did anything. If my mom had known that at the time I'm sure I'd have been lectured about it. It made me feel better anyways! I was soo mad. This was one of many mean things that happened at that school. We only stayed there for kindergarden, then we changed schools. It was an awful place! With mean teachers. My teacher was really nice and had to "rescue" me from that particular teacher on a number of occasions. I think she had some sort of problem with me, as she always "caught me doing something I shouldn't", and that's probably the reason that I had no trouble kicking her in the shins! LOL! And I say "go Mr. Pince!" That teacher clearly deserved it too!


2BMcsmom - Apr 14, 2007 9:51 pm (#455 of 2988)  

Ginny, That teacher sounds as if she could have been another Snape.

Madam Pince, Good for Mr.P! I have always felt very protected due to my older brother.

Mediwitch, Her family will be in our prayers.

Snuffles, I hope that Oliva's chicken pox do not become to bad. For her as well as you. I think it can at times be as bad on the parents trying to take care of sick children.

I do not remember having the chicken pox, but my mom sure does. I had them before I learned to walk, at the same time as my brother and sister.

Ginny and Tori, looking forward to seeing pictures of your dresses.


Ydnam96 - Apr 14